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600: Metta World Peace | Mettaphorically Speaking

2021-12-16 | 🔗

Metta World Peace (@MettaWorld37) (aka Metta Sandiford-Artest, aka Ron Artest) is a former NBA All-Star, author of No Malice: My Life in Basketball or: How a Kid from Queensbridge Survived the Streets, the Brawls, and Himself to Become an NBA Champion, and host of the Mettaphorically Speaking podcast.

What We Discuss with Metta World Peace:
  • How did Ron Artest become Metta World Peace, what were some of the considered alternatives, and why did he later change his name to Metta Sandiford-Artest?
  • Growing up with anger management problems that arguably culminated in the infamous Malice at the Palace Pacers–Pistons brawl, how does Metta positively channel his passion these days?
  • Why Metta chose to work a part-time job at Circuit City after practice while pulling in a million dollars a year (albeit before taxes) for the Chicago Bulls.
  • Why Metta made a point to thank his shrink when he was playing for the Lakers and they won the 2010 championship.
  • How Metta has advocated for mental health awareness by donating a portion of his NBA salary and auctioning off his 2010 championship ring.
  • And much more...

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let's get a taste of everything we do here on this show just visit: Jordan, harbinger dot com, slash start to get started or to help somebody else get started. And of course I always appreciate it. When you do that, world peace formerly run. Our task is here on the show today the malice at the palace. This is an incident a while ago. Were players actually attacked fans in the stands after an encore incident? If you watch any sports, which I don't, but I mean you limbs hard to avoid this news, it the International NEWS, because it was kind of insane meadow, later missed. Eighty six games, which is the longest suspension for an Encore incident in NBA history today, he's not only the different name, but a very different outlook on life and especially on mental health and we'll be exploring what it's like to have your worship self on public displayed and what it's like to try and turn around a lifetime of negative programming,
an interesting conversation, even if you're, not an NBA fan. Most of you all know, I'm allergic to sports myself. It just rare to get it inside. Look at the life of somebody with this type of bringing public profile am grateful got to do it and if you're wondering how I managed to book all the great authors, thinkers and creators and athletes every single week here on the show it's because of my network, I'm teaching you how to build your network for free over at Jordan, harbinger dot com, slash, of course, most of the people you see on the shelf. They subscribe and contribute to the courses well come join us you'll, be smart company. Where you belong now, here's met a world. Peace you started off as run artist? Rightly trainer named met a world peace in two thousand eleven, now better Sandford Artist in twenty twenty. So why the change to world peace of all things there was a while he I saw always tell people, will chair Johnson changes. They matter that was cool and when you play sports you're me something to act.
Did you see that the same or who team causing you know, amateurs momentum so and to thousands having seven or eight. I was going to change it to her so heard I changed, the quays where Thysel Hood Man get off on the streets. Dang targeted I saw, and then every year, I can evolve into different things. I was really is still lacking. Self learn more about myself. I sound like any The little narcissistic does right away. You say by way of getting round, to learn more yeah. Seventeen when you get the true down lemon is ok. I was really intimidation at this time. So do matter came from about We learn about thousand acres, maybe five hundred aims whose we like me of honour these included at different names from him. I that culture- and it was all Buddhists names and there we kind of now it down. We got the matter that we did have a lasting, so initially gonna be a Buddhist last, but everyone
Two boys names- I want first them unless it so they were a patient. But literally like one of the first things I popped into my head and I will marry RO the sounds really try sounds kind of cool. I call do it. Did you leave? We changed at an early age and had you write in order to get on the jersey and not in order to get it on the jersey illegally ginger? I guess people can hate, run artists but nobody can be like I hate world peace only that goal our either way honestly but yeah yeah. It makes it harder for people to save it, things like public. If your name is what these any change it back from world peace and utter is world peace is too, tenable. These days are what you gave up. I got married yeah. I married then my wife lessening the sand, afford and let me just both took each others. Are you already lesson here? That's very like twenty twenty one of you to tell lies name and vice versa. Road I must go. I thought it was great and I was kind of unwanted if more peace you now but
You didn't want to change it from that, not initially bug you know. What's she like? Come on in Basically I knew it. I am not going to believe what first now Maya, I'm not gonna be Maya world. These are not doing this yeah she's, like that's fine. When you're a basketball player, you get media attention for me, I'm just gonna have to explain that everyone everywhere yeah them when you have kids die of cancer, that, with your current, no you're, not yet so then there came there. They will be well she's, like I'm not doing here, there's a lot of pressure to be an airport rural priests, boys report. That's can, let's even extra confused. What like that can't be the name the? say it out when I'm on a call at the Bay who name is. It as many people speaking minorities? No, we need to speak to them personal also account there's a thousand like I said really just me,
the personnel of the cap. As excuse me, my name is better world peace. This is me and we want more ready to you like do google it man person that you probably would have heard of it have the time you're talking to somebody who's like living in another, nl I gonna watch basketball. Just tell me your name is such a newly names from sound. You get people say is this: the matter will connect Yes, lonely one. You knows me only one exactly are we talked about it a little bit on your show, but you know, for the sake of my audience, you grew up in. Would you say it's if I say it's the projects is that a fact therefore, is that not all roads on advertising? Ok, you grew up in the projects the aliens bridge like rough area. What was that like? As a kid you know, we did touch on this a little bit before we spoke of air, but I'm, I think, a lot of people. I don't understand what that means to grab like that. What a man like driving a project, amines opportunities to get involved in Jos today involving violence They involve New York city. Wasn't guy is gangs now and sustainable.
We grew up and was again those like you has and close friends. When you move that far will you move that twenty, not even twenty movement I find syn. What caused people was never wasn't gangs you, don't and then you have opportunities to enter certain clicks. If you wanted. And then you had the opportunity to go to school. and learn something to get you to go off. We got our colleague here and we talk about how we re talking about community college and then something You may need someone them. I want to sponsor you hey. Maybe you can stay on track. You gonna happen on a temple, but that but very light tat, was very rare so those are all the opportunities. Your hair, I mean Obviously it is the family within some of the downfall. Was you don't know as a family right now is a lot of stuff. Happily, yeah. I know how do you raise a family under so much pressure? Yeah, you had your first kid at sixteen right. I was sixteen, and you said I heard you say you planned,
yeah, so that was on purpose happen again and went out into the baby authority that solar, now? Do you not think? Oh, this is a little bit early, maybe canal families. I got my sister. One must have a kid has for another. One has three: As for my brother has five, then I have four Then my mom has eight. You should know that. One that you We hear about turn on my cousin. We talk about him out of the hospital. Ok, I gotta get to him home with us and then we deny what am I nephews have five babies, whereas is naturally my family tat babies without thinking about how you gonna raise these we support these babies. Good thing you went into the NBA because I would imagine there's a lot of people like so we need borrow some, so he'd go to school stay out of trouble, I mean, did they come to you for that, and you will have
Maybe I guess what you do take a firm. Absolutely. I saw you at any attack got you know whereby there is such a big family, where I had ventured to restructure our help, a firm yeah, otherwise everybody's gonna go where, even if you do makes fifty million years that healthy to just give money now is now. How did you get money as much as you want We always wanted deadline and experience, you wanna give some education goes way from other might enable descended with flat screen tv is an xbox and maybe some food, and that its back to call and you on your phone. Absolutely I thought was a big mistake. I may tell you know I was ok, all Monday's enough. You get this everybody we gonna, arrest everybody verses, Mohammed, it your math, but I'm asking you to private school yeah. I'm it get you a tutor re only eighteen, we're going to church, grade school? You know verses. Nobody gets give no gifts, yeah- I guess just dismiss progress having down
better, but I was young. I was nineteen point I made in India nineteen. I was so irresponsible at that age. Imagine you probably also worried that age, our very possibly like there was time round We have to carry out its drew out a killer, and I took you Mustn T with eighty, and the matter was at twenty unbelievable mufti. Without wanting to so they're all adults now thought it does. I might point out that crazy on me when I have a tumor whirling the same age, and I have a two and a half year old and a baby on the way. Long. Every are like that's how he staggered our kids like how different our situation in life right now and you haven't gets here. You grew up rough. I know- and I have you quoted as saying I play basketball. So I wouldn't fall into selling guns are drugs I played so I wouldn't go to jail. Yet I was sure, as you know, is easy. make some money there was allowed townspeople. My neighborhood I was gonna. Tell would decide, give me my dear now. Just I don't do nothing really
yeah, my friends and I thought you were gonna- run bond with a lot of people. They will give me money, they make sure I don't get in trouble or they would If you money just to keep, you know, I was there is even a dollar arguments. I buy it for distant bag of chips and I'm happy for you a couple hours per year, outside all day is nothing else to do. We play basketball, we set our sights on a bench than you do doubling out of trouble. You get in trouble, different types of trouble here and then and then you can in trouble in trouble, can go back court, your personal forbore feeling all your friends house, ok What type of trouble am I going to get into today? You know what level of trouble am I going to get into some people stay at the high level I knew I was always right under the mid level, you know I will not let me and then tat means I dunno, maybe a fight you know I did flow was selling drugs a couple of times flirted with robbing with robbing knows as a couple times when we tabled
Zella breaking into someone's car how language? Well, you always think about these things any. Options available. What we friends are when your friends are doing things I'm gonna take this morning today, I'm going rather's guy you're, ok that one on the menu? What are those still some food or go to the store, takes a different story? Ali Ali options. You know how man it seems like it's really easy, then, to go from taking a bag of chips from the sea. and then your friends are like YO. This guy he's got a lot of money, let's break into his car and always, got in there. We can sell you. Ok, you don't like you, don't think about and then suddenly realized. He does robbed a drug dealer and are in trouble. The last time I took something we took food from however, there was real. I felt really bad. We took food from someone out outside thirteen. We thought we were just won't, take a food and go so we take the food and then this person was following us was passed. Sure yeah right, follow me, my boy, you we were young there
although we were taller beggar, but they were definitely men and it follows backing The nearby we literally haven't go upstairs, even though he was home here. we can rely on eight August and are unable to do anything, but we want at all what is done is following us back to the neighbour pissed you now just like deliver here and now that the last time I do, I'm not gonna do this anymore. Norway gave a downwards Oh yeah, I mean that if he had caught you before, you got home possible, somebody butterfly than bad women than it would have been, my god what happened. While we took the food here, yeah Minafer Summer Soldier over the last, doubling double all about her. That you learned how to cook crack growing up his address Oh yeah, I learned about maybe talk dirty and there I mean that's offering you really. That's kind of crazy love back out. It is crazy with time well remember, policy knocking on the door My mom got married your face, the one tat. I guess you like my boy,
The sun will crack well, you know Gaza, you are your parents, Duranno Italian, What do you think she knew and was just being dunno way out a dogma, but re? Ok, so she wasn't like no wonder: turn a blind eye. She was like our no way out what I got my book or she would have found out the issues that is your mouth, solar, energy. Yes, do you think she's does she know about this? Now I mean about the butter. nobody out, but only one person, my arrival, motherlike learners, nephews. You know she might have yet the Indian Ocean over the year that man, what's the matter using my mom, what is there for that? I haven't. You started play basketball on the suggestion of a councillor who saw that you had what like an anger, management problem and does not always play about know best. What started I got really good and I'm not I'm better nine and a half to eleven.
I thought I was playing our times. I was kept just better, but then you know I was always angry problems, young, even as a kid yeah since Since you know how I got suspended from pre school, you got to say we risk. Why do you think it's always go canny? Guy he's not can go first, every year I was ill school. I understand it prevented. Did you get suspended? Everything's gonna be MBA or not not every hour, maybe overseas every season it maybe I was gadget other This is a theme every maybe not in the market, where the air market price progress than are going to have this work is suspended Collins Key Largo to great unaccountably school. Now they don't stand for that other spending. Does go like having to spend it. once I Mccarthy School longer than I was. It didn't want timing college minimum always for fighting everything with the five year. Okay. So where did you get there? He had a fight all the time. You must have been angry for reason. What you have
you look like people Bigger people. Try to touch you yeah, so as the appointed time where somebody else alone. If you tell me, you got a chance to get really hurt. You don't say that most of them are vital. One guy get me in front of a lunch line and I went to work on That's not normal right. Like you know, in unknown, we only do askin me one guy, follow. I wasn't like undetermined gorgeous you're right, it was always a customary do something really small and I just took it to the next level, but it would have caused, has grown up as a kid. You just playing tag with you having fun today, people PIC Pic Pic and then it's like. Okay, I won't point in time. Are you going to stamp Fatima Mine ass. It always new visa Never let anyone boy you never let it won't pay body so like I was always ready to go. Do you still get in red?
if somebody like cut you off on the highway knew too old to be thinking about that. I think but most of my passions and aggressions are goes towards days. I love like. I want to be successful but then slop put all that that I've got me into some like I want to be successful, yeah I was in it ass light and swore TAT makes sense in fired me for dwelling on their right put a lot of a global put in passion, but they don't hate people, or people out or get in trouble? I get suspended or things I got. So I'm wondering. Did your parents fight at all growin up like what you seeing a lot of all and I was in the streets and all my parents if by some time those noble fuels will be both, but in the street Jemmy streets is different I mean you role would collect Oh you're, all by itself is a different type of person. You're gonna, be you don't, even though you know you can chew right right out what people by some founded you get too deep involved here.
right. Well, you gotta somehow build your own personal army, we're just you. You gotta be ready to go, go out for yourself, the inevitable your friend I was always like. I'm gonna protect myself here. This sounds I mean it sounds like something you evolve when you grow up in queens reservoirs of place like that, like you, don't just go ammo that roll off my back, because that that's a bad reputation that be the person who doesn't it fight back now. Usually bill has too many times. Twitter logo. it's all you do is you were some volume I got so mad when amount to my room. I still have one thousand scissors and other ok You'd almost don't go right in front of the crude eyes by myself with themselves this satellite there. Is ready to go that's not gonna do I'm new, but now my I want to hear the ozone layer, but the thing was like us, but people the discipline,
I'll, be unable you know. No, what somebody's going to even though you be received, go outside. We see children laughing, but you know what that person is going to do. now saw, but it seems that we are going to the same things. Are we not in We're not gonna do that today. I have been a good day today. that was the wrong person the Bali today here, but now that MRS Diamond, I have been big bigger facing you almost stab somebody was sailors were needed, therefore right, but I urge that it was at the plenary. It is like a plan was to go. Yeah plan was was rock. I don't know how different your life would have been if you had done some of the things that you are even just thought about new and is a good one. I was very aware to soar I was aware I mean so many times during situations especially will allow from so many times some some of the greatest Basle. I have my neighborhood was essential situations.
Talking, I'm talking mainly players. I pro scale level. You grew up nearer Lamar Odom right in fifteen twenty minutes away. we're not sure there will be a guy can either play with. Daniels, Irascibly, ok, we're Carmelo re. He took on this type of attack, you know the shining rise, a that's awful ray, you, don't say I knew in my answer. You just stand in the heart and a high school game tat. Is he the one who I killed on the record. My lady, that's off by the sheer remember his name. Gregor he got killed with a broken table leg right my body leaky is Doorn Documentary on Queens Ridge and he's amount documentary he alarm about him, he's clockwise ridge kings. Are you learning more about lie? why are we idolize law I lifelong learning, but this is the time of day That is what was happening and we have just told Euro just like what the hell, was happening. How do you navigate this life?
It also allows ok, I'll just be ready. Just a minute also use that mindset onto the court of course, because why wouldn't you are you grew up and that I mean it arguably didn't service Well some of the time right I mean you ended up what we'll get to this, but one of them you are well known for is things like the malice at the palace, which is probably not something that you consider one of fine moments right and is a moment. I don't really care about it. Honestly, there has been a while. I'm in your friends are the guy is a whole thing. Now it's like it's been so long, but there's a lot of it's interesting to hear that you sort of made peace with that, so you're too, two years old, it said, and this is just Cerveza, my research correctly, where it's wrong is. Of course nobody has the insight to your bank account, but twenty two and you get a forty two million dollar contract extension after going from Indiana to Chicago Sea or twenty two years old, you're, looking at forty two million dollars, but you already had a bunch, probably cause you. Would you already three?
The area may do so. You say I actually panicked. Why for the third package, like I just like when I find I did, while the deal for they do that's relating to you anyway. It's a video or not in comparison to my challenge now by two of that person. Am I tell a level? Was there again ten twelve at that time, but it was bitter the forty two million dollars. I do not want to do anything to another from literally for any one of anyone. No one in the world is gonna, go that's a rip off ray, I mean yes, maybe NBA blazed will set us really that's of coal. I guess that makes it worse. The revival of by now we think. My life here like Europe must. This is crazy, like never in my wildest dreams, you no doubt they will be able to take him a family, and we will do everything. So and meanwhile is suspended the fresh air into the contract man. You know afresh, drug
good Lord. So when you get suspended, I take it. You just don't get paid very diverse. Yet these are something of Jack. That's the whole point of the suspension, yeah. Otherwise, nobody. the terror radiation score? Why did you say I actually? What was that all about the thing? I dare say you know color. My ears is changed from time to time, but I think what happened was deadly and what happened No, it doesn't hurt there. That's imitating the Earl you do. What do you do with it? You never really prepared to forty two million doubts now. Twenty one after tat, smoke money, but you just knew that railway cause you're gonna wait a minute I will get have ended. A man could have a conversation about, Yet I can never breakdown, though at age twenty one he said you had a level over to the side of the road. This is my maybe before you signed, but you said I'm trying to escape something. What is that? It was a new and now I know the brig downwards right. Wasn't at that point. It was our house twenty one thousand league and I knew I was approaching, contracted
so that was on my mind then I also was Young and the industries in China. figure out. What what are you gonna? Do you gonna be any strengthening only play basketball said Alice I was juggler were loaded then not really addressing suppressed issues, so then we will really have with alcohol. Could I think, drink alone. That much up all, I think, those because I was literally been so you were drinking. even during the That seems like a hard thing to do nothing you go on we shape our car and I can go to any amount of paying so fairly tired as a Dane yeah right, there hung over the re. Longer was not a day. I returned were a couple times from told with Jordan Brackets really was. For a while? Only John you're coach must have been like snow lack of funding,
ribbon. Allow call man, but I'm coming to swear out. As I go on sweated out, it may wait you This is all allowed. None and I'm here I'm here we working on finding work. But that being said, we talk about the alcohol pipe youngest. What love, but it's the present rate of already has a down the down right. So, as Father been down, you don't feel down, so the alcohol is not make anything better right. Ok, I searched every object. Go every day to say you know what I'm not gonna, whereby any problems in a number of other issues. I miss military from alcohol and also go let's go out here. You do solved not yet you just post pointing abroad, but when you're twenty one twenty two airily think it will not get about that, but as a major problem, major powers me your lesson.
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while ago that I did it honestly, and I did a few hours after practice- are just going to the streets and whatever else just like I got it, something else to do I'll say you were worried, you're gonna get in trouble. sure I need some Moussa do cuz I'll do anything. You know what's a year. you're playing for the bulls in your working at a circuit city in light, is it like in the city of Chicago, was anonymously patches facility, so people heading come in and be like. You kind of look like run our test. Those you yeah did that cost disruption or were you like now? I hear that others have done and also for dementia is all yes do you wanna take like you, I like. What do you see? There is a great she read. This is a vcr light, dvds, you wasn't they the dvd, such as right. Here did travel that rod. Our test is also sellen tvs. It research, age, did travel, yeah, sure travel when you
you said we would. I have time I get into trouble. So that explains why you got the job, but when you said that I had to we wine a few times because another interviewer it as you why you got a job at circuit city, and you literally said- and I thought this has me was you said I wanted the discount politicians push only to realize you're only lighting, or did you laid eyes on this and when I was making a million, which is five hundred thousand attached bachelor mortifying two thousand, but This is when I got my first answer right so number: I don't like you, ok making a million plus dollars a year. Ok, fine, five hundred thousand after taxes, which is like what a surgeon makes it ass, beautiful and you're like pray. The discount familiar this incredible because you know he's mean nothing about something came up. My family, that's true right, so I can't just by anything. I want right this point in time. So let me, Nineteen, when you got enough money, you think this is the most wanted were right by the shark S. Little not hurt you so for me, I'm like a wound which here, but
Why am I worried about something that could five thousand dollars from such a really reject right? I'm looking at the numbers in the monies leaving the accountant, so Mama, I'm just like I need is disco. Do they not limit how many things you can buy, what you're discount? I guess they figured you probably also, a boy dvds. Without yet a boy stereo system for my apartment, and I was very much two thousand and one for I was very those distant from my private, But for my part, I want to stay. about car boy Dallas. Mainly boy. That's really funny that you are. You eventually had to leave because I think that with the league said, hey Manasseh view wasn't really was very, very costly y y. You work in a circus city like I don't wanna get arrested. What did you tell him about wanting? I know not as a joke, I can go back, the general manager sort of city was incredibly nice. Is it you want,
because I, like the worker, is no the papers and yeah, I'm I'm sure he thought that you were men and women. at some point I am in Canada Firstly, regarding gaming papers and while Gregor that's it, I'm surprised has needs. they'll been there. Maybe they wouldn't go out of business with all the money you were thrown back into the company, our IP circuit city. I know that's gotta be a first version be a pleasure to have a part time jobs do in retail sales. Some people still go to college Robot is different. That's different than me and, like I want to sell Britney spears. Some people should yet I think you would you like a jelly, Megan! Thirty, five thousand here you know and you go you. Maybe what did you think? Maybe the NBA would go away and it was good that you had a job. Was there any sort of like this? Is my back at play? I'm always woman. As always in an between streets, education, a ball back so
thirteen us and I want to be urgent message and I was not going to make thirty five thousand dollar thirty. Five thousand be enough to give us some food and are the amount teacher and perfect only the industry's no guns, no drugs, now good. So that's my sorrow. Take there serious? I became better. Basketball has alarm bucket achievable pro, but then, when I was first going to college major architecture to outside nodded saying genes Miami. Why am I M University and Providence positive? of course, our good as rules and architecture, is a really really tough major for people who don't know is wrong. It's not really ray. It's almost like trying to your own daughter is, unlike that oil Italia. Miami had a great architect programme, not a day. I had a great architect programme and they were ready, the point I want to ask Ellison, I'm not agree students, I'm I'm gonna put at work, but then who's in jars and have a great programme. Providence
Great programme and the man who I didn't have a great programme for architecture, architecture, Saddam, Epic, Miami to Miami. But then the day when I was picking change, you're, ok, yeah through the village, I mean you had to choose basketball over architecture. If you get a chance to go Prodi and there's no architect that makes us much is what I actually what they actually put me in engineering school. They put me in engineering coma first semester, I'm ok cool, I'm engineers go out, but, prior to their five forty five, a him So I was really hard to do that and outside is drafted man. That's a lie. of Work man, I mean that, as you know why you say that you got the parts I'm job, because if you have time you get in trouble, but then I read: look he's drinkin hennessy cognac in the locker room at half time, while with the bulls during games. I imagine that I met twice. Ok, because that tone, you don't need a lot of time to get into trouble. That year there like,
whereas there was a one time I was just like whatever with this mba stuff. You know why I just lucky. You know I think it was I think for me. I didn't have a chance to pause and reflect and really just assess. You know the problem that always you'd, probably roads more from yeah. Well, that's interesting! So little problem, cut. It sounds like they overwhelmed you a little bit, does anyone know if you do not want it? Please it is the one. That is why you randomly made a little thing happens. I just religious get over, you know, yeah word is driven You had some antics that made the news right, not just the fighting in step with theirs in February, two thousand, for you were a bath robe over your practice, uniform to a patient's practice as a symbolic reminder to take it easy, which I honestly that idea has legs. I must start by casting a bathroom but some of these antics going out to Jimmy killing your box or shirts like what's goin on here. What that was that for it alive we mean that
there's a lot of me. While I go on tv that are fully clothes Ok about says, incurs. Ok, that's that we all face roaring pants. This interview, I don't know I mean I urge fellow who cares Jimmy's grave, I will let you know you put on your blog. So you go on tv payment model. Pitcher long billboard because they were boxes, but it just like is the same right of areas. Moreover, I would just like I don't fly witnessing today how they want to work moreover, how does one are all about. I was in bed began to a meeting this. In my mind, that is not the right way to approach. It sure nothing, a programme of answer in my mind, is like. I don't need you to tell me what we're gonna, wanna title that gazette we're going with idle. you guys later. I mean You could understand why people Morocco, is he ok right, like probably a lot about. It was a Masood I was in the air or like you, shop and Jimmy Catalonia boxes which, by the way people lived in it, was funny clip, but it was almost like does he know,
this is funny I role really great shape. Also during the shapes, what I was among other things, all right. I got a lot of good Shiela. Women were like. Oh, let me pay attention that wasn't part of you know. I just haven't When I worked out for me aroused outward. Will you write your prime, like all my gun is yet they are seen as world as well and you got it- you got the most out of life when it came to the media, I think but I wonder what it was like. what it is like as your life for a while not for- always before a while was based on some of your worst moments or one of your worst moments, especially now that the powers which have enough for a million the people of Europe for people don't know there was like the all this reason is going on. You ended up on the stands in and hidden a fan. While
at the wrong guy, but the guy who you didn't hit one in the wrong. I was actually work. I was our guy. Ok, the story is that it was wrong ones stories out, there's a bunch it's hard to get. It streamlines the guy who had he been John. Fifty dollars that guy right, so they were both available, but like Nero that made international news. Millions of people saw it I think we can agree not one of your finest moments right and you elbow James hardening ahead in a separate incident. He got a concussion there's a lot of light, by the way, if any of my questions get on your nerves, just know that getting punched in the face live on a show might be the big break I need, but like what I'm getting at here is what's going on your head during those days you mentioned that you can't you had troubles, like dealing with anger. Obviously that's the case, but what goes your head? Is it just blank at that point now really I mean the brow was, though, that a simple familiar me yeah, that's right, you know was simple solution to a problem, someone present about you, you just dollars, and I on the latter.
but it was. May I was painted, as he was stressed, and he was depressed they'll painted as that, but when you look at it framed by frame, You can never pay someone in a light were, as someone has done, then they had someone back said. The person I had the person back is under mental pressure. There was a boy of course made consulted that happens. Right here has caused a defence everywhere. Yeah I mean we're in such a big profession, and the industry in sports was profession the industry. So from that perspective. You know it's not right here right, but also the person's trying to get away. Are there no longer threat you're not supposed to go after that sort of the exception to that? But why are we so unable to
ah says that kind of angry man you were laying underscoring tables are trying process the wayward. What did happen quick, I got hit, and then I reacted. It wasn't processing nothing. It was just like I've got reaction, I mean if someone get punished You smiling a passionate phrase. I don't think they take five minutes to think about it generally, not but people were running ever like I've run away there may last year. I am aware that my group, always I'm gonna, sit there just below. Ok, I just push my face. What should I do about it? We had a lot of stored in a grocery dietary folk know. It's like I just got pushing my face. Could how did it s? Life is like nature and you gone. He bought a diet. Coke knows where appear other now, that's right. It was a beer. And yet no, I saw the video me. What was the video and shone out? People who are in this situation would be really. Yes, it does not like not just a moment
like, when you that way off the court as well, particularly not the guy like my life, is Canada differ from whom the court, but did you get in fight off? The court, is well at that time. The fate of the court in the- but I was like that say that guy and you go to a bar someone steps on your phone now, while I was plain and in view of the Gore really ok, so this is, mostly only during the games, are we sought to serve aggressive behaviour. Hop ever do so. Were intimidated, not on the side of the coin in Vienna. Ok, in the fight for the high school. How do you have like a real. Besides I can on a court. an aggressive, I'm going to have failed to did. You say you were intimidated by some of the other players. I can't remember who was maybe like you know. I have drawn a blank urine, today by some of the other star Blair's, so you had to be kind of meaning really a grant. No, I wasn't that it was. I used to play you summoned him. They play before him
Ok, you don't know what I was going to then be I'm a disguised. You know some light in autumn I may not survive you gonna write fight, you, ok, you also eightys and the seventies, and there wasn't. I grew up it. But ever so I might like. I'm will be ready for this, especially goddamn it I'll do I'll be right? Are you ready for this have asked basketball? He said wish. I was Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, but I'm not. I have a lot of emotions going through me. I think you re talking about emotional management, not necessarily basketballs asked the wall. Street but I ask myself what would be the best models is never to be light. You no second, you know some people goals are to be debating fundamentally because will be the best known economists models was to be the best yeah yeah. I didn't I mean that's, that's a chance. That said, I still to this day on asked me to come down from that. Have a mindset, you don't own here, with the exception of I'm. Ok would not be the best. Could I do my career?
the stats are what it is, and I'm ok with that. But There are still no. When I was a kid I you know, I want to turn. I wanted to be the best way to allow us to have that. Do you know any the woman the sort of like over achiever or competitive anyway. I've heard it is imperative to have that was like podcasting. Ninety, have you know I don't have a park as a package? Was farmers are not true and the way the number one partner this. Doesn't I just the top yeah? I did but it's over my edges and totally Oh yeah, you're gonna get industry for that. You get a sports doktor to help you relax. Do you think that if you had better emotional, management back then you could have achieved more as a player out for sure I killed a ton as employee did yeah. I would. She's out a double data yeah, I was sure downloaded a central. Instead of just stay out of trouble, you gotta go beyond what you had gone beyond what you ve done. I mean We talk about the numbers of the words I have about,
if it's player the year now talking about these guns, so grateful than aware of these at least, but I'm differs, wait a year all start first him all different. First him all day. The second theme, seventy turf team or India That's it so then, now you can wait a brawl year. That was yet another all star nother, all defence another all seem eleven. Another potentially differs widely award threats, twelve and then you go to the next year. Not an extra suspended from the pace is now like you don't mind, allowed detrimental to the tea for another night. Another philosophical or star has thirty at another, all differences Maybe maybe right yeah, that's fifteen, and then I was traded and then I was coming from, fears, but let us say I stayed in Indiana for us at least to all stars.
At least one more all can be Write. Tell us about you talking about another twelve award. You know, that's not counting like two thousand and nine two thousand and ten, when I was in my so who knows for nothing for you. I particularly only a third all really also the mantle it's interesting. So in your head, you have like a pass when you didn't make all those sort of mistakes and another path where for sure and I'm fine with the motorway, I'm so happy what should or could it because this is a real shouldn't. What could it goes on? I feel really been about it. I feel I am really happy that I, What I am really happy. Just always thinking about Could I have another war after six and everything holding the fog suspended and that could have been I always wanted to do him. Vp get it, but you want to know something about.
That we have no other choice, but to be ok boy, you, I guess you don't matter about it. I guess you get me one another. I do get rid of all my words, but I know that you got rid of all that and you even sold one of your rings. Talk about that. In the end, I wonder how much goodwill, but you you don't get the sports doctor so to helping you handle stress differently or help angles, pornography sports, thereby to hang handle the angry different do you think a lot of players need the help that you saw it and the help you got, but maybe they were afraid to ask for it I mean it was. play if you look at the history of sports here as they India history and the players. documented problems here so without documented problems. I think you know, I wonder, This was the beginning now yet, and I wonder if these plays actually looked searched watched every. I love was there a lot of the people that I interview on the show we'll say things like man he knew how to handle interviewed a famous mobster
and he said if they knew how to handle learning disabilities. When I was a kid I would never have joined the mob and he's a mob hit man. You know you're, saying hey: this is what I probably would die if I had been able to control my anger, but it is interesting to see mental health become a focus of people as they get older. Especially, but who have achieved or mental health is a hot topic very lucrative industry, yeah yeah yeah I think that now look or to industry and the most important parliamentary office foundation and that the foundation as the family rights or the stronger the family, the less likely some gonna grow and mental health issue, because you always have your dad about always go back to get that role in vice, right. Did that real love that role advise a cave remind came from the day. and not everybody have that. So with being said, then you have things that power which turns into depression turns excited. Then it's so much. It turns into
Illness attorney, not even illness, be before the elevators into your mind is an occasion to suppress therefrom suppression you either born with a chemical, unbalanced or you're gonna develop a mental illness. Can just so much going on you in your brain, your brain, you know so the foundation of the most the most important piece that I coming. Talk about everyone talks about how nice you are now which is kind of a lot less, isn't it from from back. In the day you felt, like you, had to hate your opponent to play ball. Everyone from the fence. the camera man to other players. I've heard you say something along those lines for sure. That's more like a boxing match How did I hear when I went into a room largest I normally did not like anyone, but it just great because I was so competitive I'll even allows competitive at our just so over the top crazy. Yeah, I was, I decided to give you a rational levels of offshore, because I copious competitive by you. so you re ration right there for sure
I was very rational. I'm a look. Tat are making context, but I've never put it like that, but it just it was unnecessary. yeah yeah, I'm in practice and I'm just so home. I see them who play on its on a bench. The thirteenth play, a China make drastic I just want to demolish. Don't you know I want to give them a shot. I mean they're, taking the boar from these kids. Does China made the tea? The money was every single person at touched. His flock. Why? Because, How does a viable more, like you know them? into the game is the same things on a day to say these are red, I'll, be apprised. One thousand probably recall out he said run for now. We know today rolling over twenty percent twenty his upper his lungs, and am I I I
Let's just go Obama when we ask that already has other rebound myself attack like in practice. If I told you to flow You might have been a to slow stop and I would just like my group. I need to get one hundred percent today. if you were insecure. Is that why you did that? Thousands of your offers things up- and I don't know- does and when you everything adds up right here. I just the way I just stood there and I don't work hard and another thing is over. Doesn't I felt like I feel I don't go heart. It was something I couldn't get over. There was a really were felt very on. What would you call it? Not even unprepared scare, like a very demanding. Wasn't it I don't know. I think I was scared, a loser, because Did you feel like it? I'm something about you. If you lost your mind, I can handle advocacy most about most of my issues. How do you do the math came out the loss yeah? You said that
you're, a sore loser in that you're right, a lot of the big threat of negative immense work from a loss like with the assumption of them I would start we were winning side was ok, but when you look at the next internet, when the night, when I broke the camp, when I was at a loss, we gotta go in time. We lost the. The airlines to over Manchester broke picture than the large room after love, her Chicago broke pitches. You know, Peter tone of the warlike men. Might be Georgia's pitches, take it off the wall. You know, beginning to the plain we lose against dollars. I take the food and all food on the fly about food down on the floor, like you, I guess I was and how lose even in practice gets so mad and I thought like it was great and healthy, but then it's like okay practice, those imagine if I'm so pissed off after losses practice is over and I just can't get over it. So I'm just I'm thinking about this for tomorrow,
all day, yeah, that's it then I said: that's it. That's no way to live. There arises no one went away if someone is trying to think back, and probably other people were pry passed through other food on the floor. There are hungry after the game like we lose now, I can't even eat couple I did at once may want to twice per minute when I thought my purpose, we spoke about stopped me. Basically, someone would be the best like the ok with endless. I need a balance on safer. the point of my career. I took away all that stuff that made me great toning down to tone it down so some days we will lose the guy who happy the at all. Happy! That's tough vote. As you are aware and are red spot of words of this. Is the Jordan Harbinger show with our guest met a world. Peace will be right back this episode, sponsored in part by cuts clothing. Thank goodness work. It
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clearly one off the rails, but now he's an advocate for not only getting back on the rails but staying on the rails, and I'm, I think, that's admirable. You know too, where some of the most embarrassing and unpleasant events in your life on your sleeve so that other people can take lessons from it. That is kind of a boss move, and I got a hit to him for a common on the show and being that vulnerable like that, and I think it really does show that he doesn't necessarily value ego as much as he values these sorts of teachable moments and good for him. For that, honestly, I gotta handed to us thanks as well to Glenfern for making these types of shows possible skilfully. Crafted enjoy responsibly, Glenn Thick twenty twenty one imported by Willy grant and ink New York New York now for the rest of my conversation with meadow world peace. So you, when this and then championship. You thank in zoos and other committees coming down. You're with this jersey, seed is still sweating, they put the head on Euro area of this user. You thank your shrink, who say thanks to buy doc
help me relax or something along those lines or not. A lot of people through shout out their shrink during the press are after a championship. It does take. Straits too should have where the most vulnerable part or even the most damage part of yours. Obviously, if saw giving profit for that, I think a lot of people were like. While you know allowed me that you're crazy. A single am, I was, were involved people from a yard. ouch amount of Urundi. I got all that about this moment gap. His lady was incredible. Yes back, it's also like you're kind of pass that right, like. I, don't think it's a secret that you had. I think most people giving cry. forgetting treatment of those war. We just you're the credible, so I got tons. Our colleagues our caught enough we're empathy for some time moments. I was worried about you much like worried about the winning now I'm worried about I'm not present when you're in a moment, you're not thinking about whether you're thinking about what you don't do right now. Ok, that's really! Did you too, when I say so, I would never present
You were never per icy there. We were thinking about the winter the laws and was taken you out of here, get much for the last two years. Working with her. Have you looked in my serious. It is the Lakers before that religious everything was gone and well sure, bore every twenty twenty two twenty five to make that point. So well, I'm not gonna got your latest. I was worried about you when I had a big shot. I want to celebrate what it was. I always tools she gave me. Will you afraid during your career that, like therapy medication, might hurt your game because you take, it maybe gave you an adjective mother. I know it's a modification, don't matter anymore and I think must I touch us or national TV shows a psychologist. She touched me after ass. She said Thank you, but did you know that if I tell you that all I could do this, I carried out that yours, my psychiatrist, no I'm just a colleague of all,
what's the difference between the day or whether they will argue that point in time. I never thought about what a difference motion. If I don't know that there is a difference, but I thought it was a great favour because a show people, I thought it might have been even bigger statement. I mean it, no tat kind of did she ever recommend me? She can't proscribed medication, but did anybody ever DV medication, nor Orangemen medication, no early, mercury early to Mercury Yearbook, but I thought you did that those who was TAT was diagnosed at home and then intimidation. What are they diagnosed with regarding your management, approaching, there's a depression, depression? Ok! Well, It wasn't really was assured. The pressure is eighty shore without it. Yet I was pretty much. It suddenly turned aside to do a lot of turkey. yeah over her will. You are a man of contradictions, Ray you're, crazy, aggressive in fighting on the court than you change, your last name to world peace. You had to give up a pet dogs because of various said
I said about an end, then you end up in a Peter. Add represented like a lovely girl, was crazy, saw a book. I loved like it I'll handle noise, we are, you were in the commercial within my lad, was thought about, in Indiana what about a hundred and five hundred twenty five thousand on Mr Byrne for my dogs rights I built this morning my dog giant, doghouse giant, don't house, gates around my property. So when I told the guy though the gate I say hey, I wouldn't let my dogs out, so I need you to build these gates when ingress and I paid for it right so then he built it. My neighbour defended come now. Those who love the way. My daughter, I hereby track the trail and that's a little public. I riddled by trying to trick my other puppy I hit by attract the trailer right. This is what happened and our colleague ass? I knew how to fix this. Man is ridiculous here
dogs and dying out on the street and I got the big property. I have twenty dollars saved. The dogs named anxiety and I can't pass Youtube. I don't have dogs anymore because I lost too many dogs. You know I was Maybe three or four do twenty dogs priority dollar twenty dollars, people an MBA, collect cars and several collecting two hours they all its even fully may decide before. Did you put down so we just take a moment. I can then this group. Pillar, dog killer all killer. so well that when it happened, allows a court they shopping? In my mind, I wanted to say the Kurds, these people out there so bad like unsafe and does not kill a guy. You gave us even though, obviously, as one that does not come in, please believe me right now they were right No, your lies nerve. They want malaria, so do not move the Sacramento. It was crazy. Thousand Indiana we're not happen. I moved to Sacramento. I put my dolls. Let me once again I build a kill us all.
I spent a money. Please do to throw away all my talk together, how he had had a big day, I'm on a row. I got a call from a neighbor, your great danger sky, hit by track the trail, how my cat ray every bone is then the brook. Are you kidding me? That's terrible! Oh, my goodness. It was worth time alike. There was so bad. That was a man of general, my daughter again, no matter who tell Mama guys build the deal fenced right here. then I would raise it to me. I was really tough that I have no more dogs, I'm so traumatized from Ruth Soggy, all my dog back to different people. Many society Without that does Canada story. there are the ether. That's really really really really sad, Tommy but your focus on mental health and what you're doing here? What do you hope to achieve? You know why? Is it so important to us very important vote for me personally before I came out
and then everyone would like you to something really great tat. Was that the plan did not know that was unhappy, but for me personally and point because they want to pay for their way merest housing, parroting class. I was an old habitable, as some people can afford a rifle. How can you our people to be able to afford mental health services? So that's like some does really point to me. Then, too, that the foundation when you look at some like me are the people of athletes anybody, just internal business people, don't don't draw their ability to it. So you look at how did you grow up right? So the foundations is the foundation of those support, So now what we did was chasing mission statement from I test University. My father was a dreamer focuses on mental health. We change it to take an importance on parity in a partnership to load it because the kid is learning how to treat women
this is what they were. How did you feel a woman like those in and these in her right? Well, you treat women hold a meal. You may go baby. What that person? Do you got this pitching reminder to different, well, what are you doing? You have a baby new bearing on the right track. What is that baby gonna? Do we are going through this arguments and maybe just like writing. You start you're trying to focus on a family how dreadful get on the phone. I think that the most important piece I think, decimals appointees, still Mitchell, because you have your power to family early everything else and tools to get to adversity. You know what about his time when that point comes. Where is either stick it out of the wars in these Helen, stubbornly gotta thirty five year, I'm sure you have these moments. Yeah from should add these moments. He aware it was the first time
good forty together and looks beautiful I'll. Show you how to issues. How do you get to that point? Was that reference point? How do you make it that far and in all their children merrily than the dollar twenty another kid. It's right, a senior say an interval it creates. a good pattern for the rest of the family, the ILO, and it sounds like you didn't grow up. Necessarily with that. I did initially some Paris what, together with the church every Sunday? I grew up like that, but in a separate that thirteen. But before that time it was like different things. They were going to as apparent only to tell a story about things important people know They were going to things and we see the stuff you. I know your dad was gonna, be hard guide alive with the early. Both parents were not only with great and then why, of course, its next began enables a boxer and kind of like a rough
though the rough on you when you re on his well he's a very great demands on me, was he just maybe I can do? It was incredible, but you know from the perspective of the family, but you gotta understand tat. Kids watch her name is watching- does was at birth and glass on the Isle of Wight. Wasn't you took apparent in class shore of lousy? Two thousand. I wasn't return decisions back to back and remains with marriage, Townsend Parity Class career good for you your attack in the problem. Just so you don't, a bunch of here and be a salary from the twenty eleven twenty twelve season toward met. All the whereas charities, you auctioned off your championship, ring donated approaches to various mental health charities nationwide. That's a real commitment! That's not like going on appears a commercial media like mental health. Hashtag would have yeah. I feel like a passionate guy right, yeah my mind, I'm like we're going to do a five hundred and one c three we're going to raise so much money for paper
now, my dear, but when I realized it was so difficult, always gonna be easy, but you see I'm really passion about there. You see people any help. we're gonna get me a million dollar dollar glitt ring It's not that easy bright was more like I'll start. Let us do it. Ok, we got a brain. We did this icons roughly off. Let's start, let's get this process We must not waste any more, and that was what was do you ever watch videos of any interviews of yourself or anything like that and just kind of wonder. What's going on a mask and because you there's goods on Youtube over of water asking if she should call you wrong or better- and you said in a pair of raising, wasn't Jesus release for designing human, so they lose their babies when their children, instead of adults, because adults would look really weird with baby to thank you. then go. The EL was, I think it now is. For me it was but also a light. Are you ok, man? Beside that one's home, I was. There was a family. Ok love comedy I'm not in the mood anymore, ok, but so when I was doing all this,
by its on television. It was to really get the attention of people Ok then otherwise. I use the media. I used the NBA media off doing it, because I always wanted to be retainer the problem. Without you trouble, so I wasn't it. Things I don't wanna, be conceivable, read our ability before even to music. it's my last making a joke, maybe coming funny how you know stuff like that, so I used often my debts, hyper stuff, actually went on how many times ah interest, they actually went improbably. They find me to account here s a little bit of their understanding. The comedy road is right to say: ok, that makes more sense, because if you dont know that- and you see these videos- you kind of thinking my watching this guy have like a break down right now or always beginning of like a mental health crisis, because that's not like normal replied and I go out and got picked up. So much did he about millions of views at that point. In time yeah denouncing and people were laughing
a lot of people like smoke, criminalizing comedy: ok, you don't say so, then he was not a book in me. You know what he shows and start doing because how many high quality skill is literally, are very war. He has a different set of skills. It might look easy when somebody's just up performing, but that I really love and what is more. We are like, like anything like anything, you learn a lot from coal Ryan about how to manage yourself on the court. Basketball skills, but also you mentioned that you were almost mentor by him with business skills and things for retired. How do you know who to trust in your life when it comes to business money, and things like that is a lot of people want to take advantage of guys. position or you don't think I would say some people might some people would like to see your generally see the successful just talk about from athlete perspective there thank the more educated. You are early, the better decisions you can make you don't. I guess I wasn't really focus on at the moment. Is the early my career age, great agents? Sometimes you can get
Roger I negative, revise great ages. Re manages you know what I mean very fortunate you're going out and got lucky. Not everybody does now some people get raw blind re. Some people do it, but it can also the full five. Having a good age, the manager it doesn't always allowing a career and I'll show you how this is what you want to do something, and then someone else's knowledge, genus right for your business for every a creative energy, entrepreneurial spirit they probably trying to keep it from doing comedy, read more, maybe out another man, and I mean it. I remember I wanted you to focus. I would imagine on our planet browse really intriguing, how athletes automatically how do you really taking all of your stuff? So I'd rather not retiring those governments? The reason you what is it? so when I retired I was gonna, do one of fourteen class it. What are you gonna? Do I'm into full time from oil euralia? There's a guy huh so our was ready rat full time.
I really learn how to do it. I wasn't emissaries ever would study for coach and the approach which I didn't stop there. Are they didn't Martin digital targeting ground at the college? Will while you CLA, So what do I do? Insurance for? You know like what keeps me happy that island. when I was a user layer school hours, I was ugly. Study and I got really loved it? I really got it So what are you doing now? What pay the bills are just scenario: investments from your NBA cash is a couple days. It also. What religion, companies that are easier? We milsom prayers together, He doesn't want our brains, but a clause we started looks nice without this company when it was early stages. Here are not its companies doing. revenue of the sheer like really growing. I got a couple other companies, individuals from
from the digital market, whirl downward away back up a surgeon. I've been management company. It is that a big company. but we got some boxes that you know come about that. You know the new taxes I dont have fairly do that part. I started having invested with company here what does put Koala. Good luck is me around source. We got some basketball players, we got some. We had a baseball, they will have meaning or its wanna go longer. I now that companies, but not ages. You know you're undiscovered, advising on many other, equally the company. I really like it. eleven learn? A lot from these young players sounds like you still are injured, then, in learning in drawing in moving forward. You're, not just retired, Watchin, Netflix and gone on trips, no not at not. I mean Andrea Rifle. I'm just really grateful for MBA basketball, and I don't know- and have been done I gotta. Now you know
the point of view, I think probably you're. Probably right here. Do you think the NBA too soft? Now his back? That's what I was there I don't know we only nine thousand nine arrows humbly. We receive two thousand in through two thousand five still but the embryo of cracking down on certain things, two thousand five, two thousand ten you know I was there. still aggressive, but none of the nineties ejection suspensions for anything fighting them from my two thousand thirteen to two thousand and sixteen seventy sauce. Not the players, the role of the roles, ok out, a rule that the blaze their rule, the thought I never about seventy eighty four now it's back is very fiscal. His back. I love it. Do you think someone like
Of course it would have been as much of a star in your era. I think he would have been a star in any area. I think I don't think he would have been hidden eight threes because you can hold, but he would have superstar he just one at that. One minute in as many trees in aids, and I know you can't risk missing some shots, does it not only possession scattered? better! Thank you! So much man. This has been a really interesting interview. I know it's hard to know what to expect from a got. You keep well. I guess I'll give you that absolutely here, but I appreciate a matter, namely very good you if you're, king for another episode of the Jordan Harbinger show to sink your teeth into here's, a trailer with Dennis Rodman, one of the greatest rebounds ever to play professional basketball with five NBA championships under his belt and who is just as well known for his off court antics, instances and author and actor a reality star, wrestler and an unofficial dip
format to North Korea. This latter stores- I can tell you, I got a lot of thought until all about a lot of things. I know your dad who bowed thing is when you are three shut up to a game. Once I was company, I was literally as farmers. They proprietors that was fun again to the gate, and it's like one of my blog is starting to wonder. What do you want? I just wanna tastes denizen, I'm your father ass, great ass, though you got they for practice. Did you even believe it out and what has another France? When we you there's this incident? Will you go to the court and destroyed and your gear the parking lot? They ve got in your lab at an you. Just fall asleep. I live mainframes, you didn't like it. I like it so I ll just show border what a guy and has set up was loaded decided on really. Protein plants, started. I fell asleep and I'm a super because with a story, my life to now. What is they have a dialogue on the plane,
no perish, look up to God and hope in any case I want to see my life less a me. What you think, there's like me and I'm thinking about that I'm talking about for a long time in general are playing a parachute and terrible. There was a lifeline to follow me What did I do wrong? How can I? How can I be happy someone a kiss me for more? Dennis Rodman, including marrying himself. The pros and cons of fame and risky birthday toast to Kim Jeong Hoon over in North Korea check out episode. Two hundred and fifty eight of the Jordan Harbinger Show man. People come back from injuries. People come back from a little bit of a rut. People come back from a lot of things, but not many people come back from what looks a little bit like. Is he so profit to him for that really and to come back and then, where the whole journey and the whole thing on your sleeve, so to speak, so you can help others in the same situation. I actually find that really, admirable, but does but a he's used to discomfort. He was on dancing with the stars and he was the worst answer the season. So that's all
because I was in there to take that honor, I'm pretty sure, but really truly prompt to him for a common on and being so open about all this, I dont think everyone would do that, links to all things better. World peace will be on the website in the show notes. At Jordan, harbinger dot com, please use our website links if you buy books from guests and things like that, he met it doesn't have a book for sale, but you know a lot of the guests on the show do so. This goes for every guest here. It does help support the show when you use those links and yes, they work for audible as well, and, yes, they work in other countries. Transfer turn the shone out. There's a video of this interview going up on our Youtube Channel at Jordan, harbinger dot com, Slash Youtube, I'm at Jordan, Harbinger on both Twitter and Instagram or you're. Welcome to connect with me on linked in his well. I'm teaching you how to connect with
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