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603: Mike Rowe | Dirty Jobs and Peripatetic Moments

2021-12-23 | 🔗

Mike Rowe (@mikeroweworks) of Dirty Jobs and The Way I Heard It podcast (and book) fame joins us to talk about the skills gap, The mikeroweWORKS Foundation, authenticity, and life experiences possible outside the comfort zone. Just don't tell him he's following his passion. [Note: This is a previously broadcast episode from the vault that we felt deserved a fresh pass through your earholes!]

What We Discuss with Mike Rowe:
  • Did you know Mike Rowe started his show business career in opera — to get women?
  • What are Anagnorisis and Peripeteia?
  • Discover how Mike broke a pattern of commodity hosting by approaching the profession as a tradesman.
  • Bromide busting and the problems with conventional wisdom.
  • Why finding and filling a niche may ultimately be better than chasing what you think is your dream job.
  • And much more...
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Coming up next on the Jordan Harbinger show this idea that the job of your dreams, the idea that it even exists, is fascinating. The idea that exists at a pay rate that will satisfy your style is doubly fascinating and the idea that it will exist at a period that satisfies your lifestyle in your current zip code is the height of madness. Welcome to the show. I'm Jordan Harbinger on the georgian Harbinger show what he called the stories secrets and skills of the world's most fascinating people. We have endeavoured conversations with people at the top of their game. pronounced, and entrepreneurs, spies and psychologists. Even occasional journalist, turn poker champion Russian is by or economic hitman each episode our guests, wisdom into practical advice that you can use to build a deeper understanding of how the world works and become a better critical
thank if you're new to the Show- or you want to tell your friends about the show we have episode, starter packs. These are collections of favor, episodes organised by popular topic to help you listeners get a taste of thing we do here on the show just visit Jordan. And your dot com, slash start to get started or tell somebody else get started for, say always appreciate. when you do that today, one from the vault, with Micro, I've watched and read just about everything that he is created. He started the opera believe it or not to get more popular with the opposite sex and that was kind of a door for him to get a sad card screen. Actors Guild Guard make a little bit money. What I think he's man, I think false Ceta, a Viking had, I don't know about you later he spent time on shopping network and made fun of the product's during the late shift, which doesn't get you very far in that industry has also done just many. So many interesting things on television and beyond and one of the central
it's a big show as y'all know, no advice, maybe give it a must that person has direct or nearly direct experience with the same or similar situation. What are the reasons why I admire MIKE? So much is because he's getting the experience. The whole time, We have seen dirty jobs right. It's not a documentary where he's foaming, other porch loves, do in some he'd, never subject himself to his knees. even if sometimes literally, there's a lot here if you're wondering how I managed to book all these great authors, thinkers and creators every single week, it's because of my network and of teaching you how to build your network for free over it. George harbinger, dot, com, slash course, by the way, most of yes on the show, subscribe and contribute to the course come join us we'll be in smart company where you belong now. Here's MIKE rub my when he found out that I was gonna interview you he said you know you should do is where some dirty close, because Europe we're in the guy from dirty jobs, and I thought TAT the automobile that was the last straw.
two on the nose. Yes a little bit much she's afford guy. By the way he wanted to make sure that you're still driving that truck. They gave you for one s, it's eleven years old. Now isn't really yet Canada is portrayed downstairs and again I've. Never in my life bought a new car ever really and I haven't purchased a piece of clothing, probably at least fifteen years. maybe more because you keep getting things for free or because not steal it asylum. I for one thing, though I would ever do that, but their service unspoken saying on air like on a commercial should they bring in wardrobe He knows what you gonna where, but I was where the same crap on put at all play, bring alternates everything else and that the internet just taken Ok, then I'll care that are so happy. We had a good day now to keep a close. So that's why I'm almost always dressed in and out of it. The millions of people to see me
it always is weird. That's why it's a recognisable support at one and the same thing I went without the hat today, though, which is a bold departure. I think for me, surely about your budget when the show first started. It was about taking off the social mask. The representative that everyone meets when you first put yourself. there and when I was in law school was like you in order to get a job. What you need to do is this. Is this this in this in the interview- and I thought wait, isn't that not going to work when I'm spending twenty five hours a day with every single person in this office, they're going to figure out pretty quick that me coming in dress in a certain way speaking a certain way with perfect? I contact and affirm handshake only lasted forty minutes on a good day which is proves you ready, manual, which is maybe what they want when you're becoming an attorney yeah protocol, but not good for spending time, an airport
I just wish other people were equally miserable. No, but there lies the economy. This idea that, if you're in compliance then you're in good graces, as I would have liked, with OSHA with safety, the idea that if your income I ain't your out of danger is fundamentally a specious. That's not true! that organization must have multiple issues with. What you ve done over the past few years. I would imagine we inspired what I called an army of angry acronyms left in the wake of dirty jobs. I mean OSHA, certainly, off more than a few strongly worded memos. The EPA was constantly and highlight. Angry Peter was probably the biggest source of congenital predictable raid you. May society was right there, even the F B, I heard from you have guy and a couple occasions: what do they want? Lose a crime scene clean up thing. Amazing. They heard some things see. The thing is today, as you know, the inner Webster populated almost entirely
by correctors, the world is coming by now to tell you that you got it on shore and thanks to our devices, we can immediately find proof that we're right and the other person is right. Of course, they can find prove too, because there's no end right. There is no end to the sources that can gain say the other source, and so we ve just become this extraordinarily pedantic people, and I think we ve confuse noise and sound. argument with conversation communication it first. It was I, while this micro guys really funny and then it was like, while his fans are including us even ridiculous. At some points I mean the letter you got from fleet week. That was like it's just annoying. I see the water on this day like because there's a battleship in front of you, full of veterans, just came back from a war zone. Sorry data just kind of risk and are low for you. That's all. I know it must be very knowing very distracting. Yeah. Listen up your view. Sorry, your dog!
get when they do fly over the fighter jets from pilots that have been getting shot. I've got people, it's just what you did love I mean it is enough to make you crazy, but the truth is you have to keep reminding yourself if everybody thought your way and we really weather is politics. Social whatever. It is if everybody agreed on everything why get out of bed again we would be in North Korea so basically have to get out of bed. For other reasons, if you had a bad it's cold up there, it is, and they all talk different. They do that border. Definitely true! I've been in what I have. I've been aired four times Why? First time I went because I thought this place is weird. I gotta go check it out. This is almost ten years the second time I went was because I thought got it on the show that we're doing right now and people said, you can go check that place out. I said yeah I can we go towards- and you can see it for yourself. So I brought a group a show fans and friends with me to North Korea talked about that on this,
It is well known that filled up another trip and then another trip, but when I go there, I bring people to talk, and need, a culture and engage at the people has, as you might imagine, there's a lot of normal people there that live in every gene that they now at some level is not working out for them at every single level. When you go there they for things like here with a camera that you're using the work in your explaining to them things like ipods cameras, phones, there look at this he owes and they can't believe it and they ve heard of Facebook, but they ve never seen it and Every time we go there. The guides will say the games on this because they may be never played one and said Bell said their play all day. You know are used to read all the time like back in the twenties and theories accounts. of civilizations or or tribes being discovered. You know who had never seen anything post, industrial, raw ocean and obviously is harder and harder to find that today, but I remember like fifteen years ago, I was
king from Cuzco too much appeal to my dad. Did that the great height we were held up to take our carbon along the way we took the side hike we hired some not sure it was over there, but we just hire some help. We have a ton of gear. You know we were lazy and we would just slumming it these kids hump their crap for about four and a half. and they were just amazing, I mean they would run. They would sleep in. Like would start around seven they'd get up around ten and pass us around ten, thirty or Levin, and then make our lives by the time you got there with all your you're still argue in sandals running. I can still hear them running behind me was like compromise a compromise and they run by anyway. We took them obviously, but I had this old walkman results. Only walkman and sound garden had just found here right sure social Brunner, wrappers them either. Listening to that- and I put these headphones
on this kid, and I said, hey what do you think of it, because he bled played the flute right some sort of wooden thanks to the first Have you ever heard? Electric guitar is the first time I ever heard that big screeching ten, her harmonies time. You time he heard a drum kit like that, and you could just see his head exploding. He couldn't have looked at me with more wonder. Had I pulled my own head off and presented it to him while it was still talking, so I salute keep it in Oaxaca yeah enjoy the album enjoy. The thing but then, when I left, I was like crap. What have I done? You know like the colluded there. Well is like the prime directive on STAR Trek. You messed with something and would happen with batteries ran out or like. Is there a giant monument now there somewhere looks like a walk man. Did you know of eighty nine first version, one Sony Walkman with like the futuristic. Digital fine on the front right. So you know the ultimate arbiter of knowledge. Is Chris Cornell right right. We have to consult the of the Oracle, the records that,
The boy scout rule is what take only pictures leave only footprints and possibly a walkman sound gun, Cosette in it? Take all you want either you take. This ten years ago or over ten years ago now, I'm watching tv and my friends base. And were essentially, I was living in studying for the bark SAM and I'm miserable, as can be starting for then your bars and- and I see this guy's taking his hand deep inside some animal Remember thinking this is really cool and me. How do I get that job? And at this point You have your hand up a bulls ass, though I should have probably taken a cue about my career choices from that thinking the whole. Compare contrast back then. In retrospect, twenty twenty I inside you ve got the parapet here and agrees is imperative. That's right! I only get the last part else. You know. Anna Greece's is a greek word for discovery. Paraplegia is a form of discovery. Aristotle basically argued that all insight comes through a series of discovery.
And great narratives are informed by an egg, a that led to a parity and that's a discovery there. changes, the direction of the narrative right, so when Bruce Willis realises at the end of the sixth sense that he's dead, The parapet you right now, along the way he has all these beggary spoke when he makes that can a realization, that's when the narrative of the story changes. That's what his life changes that just like one out of this rises. He hasn't accuracy. Oedipus does an act to when it meets this hot older check and I start to make love all in love, and then they have babies. You know and they're married all at inaccuracy at five. He realizes that I also check as his mom parity Rang teaches, the direction of an active, so mine would have been
sitting in an office in Manhattan checking for commas in it a hundred page document and going. I wish I had my hand in the bulls, but somewhere, like my room, yeah, I mean look. People would look at thirty June and find whatever they were seeking yeah. You can look at that show. You can look at that segment and see a big cautionary tale. You know a lot of people that a lot of people watched it with their kids to Stacy could be worse, could be that guy, but equally passionate among the viewers for the people, who watched and said, see, there's dignity in that you know how important it is. To put your hand up the bulls ass, it's kind of critical, That's where you insert the proud that stimulates the prostate that ultimately triggers the ejaculate which allows you'd artificially inseminate a hundred gals you take artificial insemination out of modern agriculture and Mcdonald's, isn't feeding billions and billions right there is a dogma happened, so you know that show was a hot mess. It was a scandal. Logical rob it was exploding toy
put some misadventures in animal husbandry, but we were always able to find a peripatetic moment either from me I mean that was really my job and I wasn't a host. I was more of the same avatar, a guest sure it was very, very liberating not to have to tell the viewer the truth of the thing you know not to be judged by one of the characters we were talking about the rather try it as an apprentice. What I'm afraid I am do best, maybe right maybe wrong. What do you think would be I'll, say things like oh yeah. I watch your show with my kid, so I can tell him what happens if he doesn't go to college. I mean that at some point, if I were in your shoes, then I would I would be annoyed by that I mean you can't afford to be dirty jobs. First and foremost was an entertainment proposition, so when people stop me because they know me where they want to talk about the show, I've never look at them as fans, I've looked at them as my boss, in also like what your boss,
dogs. You to talk about your work. Therefore listen he added, I like it, but you have to listen used to tell the story and Newark. I got off the plane. I was walking through the terminal and the first go to stop me? He was on a ladder up in the ceiling and came down from the ceiling. In said, hey man, I just tell you my boy: my kids, and I we watch your show, and it's just so great, because I can show them opportunities that they didn't know existed and I can use what you're doing as proof positive, that opportunities not dead and then fifteen feet later a guide Brooks Brothers suit. Stop me while street type. In only said, I know the type watch, your show with the wife and kids every Tuesday, it so much fun, you're very funny, and I can point to my kids. They see see what happens if you don't go to college, but in the end that showbiz, yet the boss analogy works.
Read because intrusive, you treat sounds like they owe you something you won't have them for very long. Nobody likes a kiss ass right. Emmanuel trouble: why are you always running towards the thing that makes you uncomfortable. I mean that's something you mention and some of your posts and in some of the shows. Why is that sort of personal motto? Well, it's not really, to be honest in real life that doesn't for my every position, but in tv it does because in tv I believe, certainly in two thousand and one the discover Channel was completely reliant on a fiction model that elevated the host and the expert to a level of absolute privacy right. So if you saw somebody on discovery, it was because they knew what they were doing. They knew what they were talking about, it could have been, could be shock Cousteau.
be David Attenborough. You know it didn't matter, but fundamentally they were an arbiter of accuracy in the wake of that I feeling was they had an opportunity to be an arbiter of authenticity is a different model. It does require host, it requires a guest, it doesn't require an expert and requires an apprentice so the idea of saying look I want to do is show that phenomenon These challenges, the underlying perception you have of your own brand, that's a tough cell, but they gave it try to their credit, because dirty jobs is still fundamentally rooted and curiosity, we're still satisfying curiosity, but I had assumed this different sort of mode decipher of sorts and that changed everything it just means I didn't have to ever
right. Did you come up with those kind of rules for the creative process? There was that something when they re look, we need somebody's gonna. Do it this way in nailed it? Well. It certainly wasn't that met as much as I'd like to tell you that all this is the result of a well executed plan. I kind of forest gummed my way into it. I knew I didn't want to be held to the same standards as a house than I've been freelancing as a host for fifteen years. Before that your San Francisco even magazine, you know him and that's what I did for ten twelve years. I would go out and I would hope to show from a restaurant or winery or someplace and hosting reporters. There was respects their anti suits commodities and sailing uptown. What we're interchangeable I mean it. do you imagine the news looks the way it looks in every market. Why does
I'm radio sound away, it sounds in every market wants to codify the system, and then you start putting humans at all. They can really do to find certainty and our life is something derivative. They have to imitate something that they saw before. That makes us their brain. So pretty soon, all the DJ talk like that. What the hell is that why that happen? well as a host. I was doing the same thing. You know I San Francisco, my grow here tonight on evening. Maisie blah blah pilots of those old tape, some like cheese. What we do it. They are painful What are you doing? Why are you wearing maker? Why do you look at a prompter and read it in an attempt to convince some one you're not reading there? It does make sense, berries, Aventis, so anyway, all of that sort of informed the first episodes of dirty jobs and once people started to work It became foresail. Why the emphasis on authenticity, ministers even the show What did I do all the time,
the intro. Nothing is gotta, be scripted because it just comes across as plastic and people want to get in Nowadays, people want to get to know you. It's not! Nineteen, forty radio, where Europe disembodied talking voice or a tv host was the evening magazine. It seems like swam upstream. in some ways trying to become authentic in a market that wasn't necessary, Please thinking that they wanted that at the time you did, but don't confuse. It was like in a bravery foresight. I swam with the salmon, I was gonna say the salmon of showbiz well before dirty jobs? I was right in the middle of the herd. It took me fifteen years of sort of mastering my tool box and understanding what works and what could get me paid in. I was basically paid to impersonate a host for fifteen years and I became facile added. I was never properly acquisitive Lugano, Timbers, IRAN and in no time headed big as a house, I went as far as I wanted to go as
The Clark hired me I'd. I work for a lot of guys, but to me the most interesting thing doing the traditional role was to approach hosting and tv like a tradesman. Would a project so short term small bites don't get stuck with a hit. God knows you wanna hit, then you're gonna be you're just sucked in forever and yeah. I felt really smart and clever for about fifteen years working on jobs and projects that were so doomed, so poorly conceived that no amount of luck or talent could possibly salvage them. I would attack self to those projects, essentially like the titanic. Looking for an iceberg- and I knew they would fail, but I would do the best work I could, and so I never took heat for it- and in that way I was able to work and take a lot of time off and feel all clever about it. Dirty jobs is to miss counting vision where you accidentally made something that people really like
that went on for a long time. I made a deal with the network that allowed me to marry their big tent. Poles shows, you know like planet, earth and big bran friendly, shows and go on these various expeditions, and they said, let's do something you want to introduce you to the viewer and I pitched what was at the time called somebody's gotta do it, which I did here in town MR well, let's call a jobs and see if anybody cares, they had no idea anybody would watch and they were horrified when they did to tell you the truth fly for the same reason, the GEO P was horrified when Donald Trump was standing in the middle of that stage. For the same reason, because there's a cognitive dissonance and big brands hate that so discovery in two thousand for the Chevalier two thousand three it is through the roof. They took it off. It was off brand, it scared the hell out of them and I went back to going to Alaska and
I ve been doing these other shows, but then about eight months later this cry. You can't make us, they had Steve her wound and they had a Miss Busters mad, a bunch of new talent, a bunch of old talent, and they wanted to get a sense dead like eighteen new shows develop, so they set them all to Vegas and walked like five hundred people in a room for weak enemy, then watch everything, big focus, group August Gruber somebody. Somebody at discovery took an old episode of dirty jobs off the shelf and threw it in this pilot stuff, really just as fodder. The results after the focus group were deeply disturbing to people who were in the business of predicting results era. The dirty jobs was by far the number one show, and I was rated very, very favourably, as
post would should my world is avatar guessed that kind of thing that's when they ordered the series. What were you thinking when they said? Look? We want to do more dirty jobs, were you elated when they wanted more dirty jobs are real. I got crap, I'm stuck with this now yeah, it was very, careful carefully wish for moment because remember a contract. You know I just had three one hour versions of jobs and in all the other stuff that we really made a deal for, that's where the focus was, dirty jobs happened because my mother called me here in San Francisco shoes in Baltimore and my granddad was ninety one or ninety two at the time he was dying, and this is a guy who collect build a house without a blueprint. You know he was my inspiration is a kid and I wanted to follow in his footsteps really want the seventh grade, but
master electrician, a plumber steam for Piper Weller mechanic right so he's diet, and she calls and says Michael. It would be so nice if your grandfather could turn on the tv before he goes and see. Something that looks like work had to see you do something that looks like we're. So that's why started is very personal that was doing jobs that we would make my grandma the laugh. But of course that's exactly why words, because when it aired people saw those jobs that all man you should talk to. My brother sister uncle cousin grandfather, dad mom right added. This became very, very reliable overnight. When they ordered more. I was flattered that people would like it, but that show was hard right. I'm here you can't you On that show, the big advantage I had was, I didn't, have to be competence, and I didn't have to be correct, but I had to try, which means you know you shoot from
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another Obama shaft you go in the shaft, you know you have to go to where the workers, and so that was the great trade and the beauty of dirty jobs. I had. One job to try my best and right under that was savings that would amuse your best friend. If you guys were watching this together so most of what I said was an attempt to amuse myself and most of what I did was an attempt to keep up. Very anti bromide, which is another reason why that Europe really great fit for the shell, because cliche Isn't this little bits of advice, and things like that are meaningless. In my opinion, are things you like to pick up in that we like to pick a pardon chewed platitude down, dissect the frog and find out that it has no guts when the most common bromides that we here, especially my generation in my field of of worth Dodge for New worship field or whatever you hear these things like follow your past and follow your got. Follow your dreams, don't ever quid! I know
you don't agree with that as much as I also don't agree with that, as my pet peeve, essential well, look anytime, wisdom becomes conventional and then read on a piece of parchment and then framed and some cheap mahogany and then hung in some God forsaken conference room. where you ve crossed over now you have a platitude, bromide trope people are so desperate to have a playbook that they gravitate towards one. But, of course, it doesn't exist and, following your passion, with special dirty jobs, called dirty truth were essentially I walk through an old office building and hung all of my least. favored bromides on the wall, and then eventually tore them apart, one at a time using dirty jobbers as proof you know to contradict the convention wisdom, never follow your passion, always follow. Your passion was the first one. I remember:
It was like a rainbow at a flower or like from maybe some butterflies and a waterfall and abandoned without talking about international waterfalls and butterflies, but this idea, whether its work or in romance in the idea that your happiness is correct. Agent upon finding the job that will make you happy, your dream job France'S- is not so different than finding the girl that will make you happy. You know your soul. The one not have seven billion, if she's out design for you she's out there and if you're not really enjoying your life right now, you just have to find her I'll, be ok having a bad day at work site you, you need your dream job, so never ever give up on your passion. That's what we tell people and look. There are times when its excellent advice four times what is the worst advice in the world and that's why it becomes a sacred cow. That's fine!
to push against american Idol has to be one of the most amazing shows ever there's so much about it. I hate, but one of the things but I loved was early in the season. the early auditions where they go to a town and thousands of people show up. Thousands of people show up following their passion. We ve always wanted to be a singer pop star and are going to give it a shot. It's not alarming that they can't sing. What's alarming is that they discover it so often for the very first time on national television, it twenty years old, their whole life, they ve been told. Look if you want it bad enough. It's gonna work out. If you passionate about it, it's gonna work out, you're, my precious little boy, you're gonna, be good.
Go for it go get him. I just think it's a massive disservice to tell people that the proximate cause of their vocational happiness is contingent upon their ability to never change course I can agree more. I mean, I think, the fact that we are telling the young people. This is especially alarming because when we get older and we find The hard way, depending on how I guess plastic you are with the ability the to the truth, you can find self in a world hurt, you can find Health and a real world heard, even if you're a good hard worker and you can at work, all that are smarter than you, which was my competitive advantage growing up. Essentially, you still find yourselves swim a sharp when you're a lawyer- and you go- oh my god. Not only do I not want this, but I worked so hard to get here and maybe her passion ship. There were a lot of people in my class who thought I want to be a lawyer for sure, and two years later there Emily me here, you hiring the uck, as this is terrible. So even when you get
what you want. You not always going to want your passion, there's a terrible inertia around passion and religious living. You no way leads on to way. As Frost said, I love that because it indicates a crooked road, but this idea real inertia that just pushes you further and further down the path that your on, and so, if you're, not sure what you want to do with your life, and you're eighteen years old. Well, you got a problem because society today is gonna, tell you you need to decide and then they're gonna say well. You need to go school, and then I got to say just any school. You need to get a four year degree, so you decided eighteen or are your: whenever was I'm gonna be a lawyer? Where do you live? I went to undergrad of Michigan and then I try to get a job at best buy their said. Now you have to sell cities, you can't can't build computers, even though I was building appears at the time for neighbours and friends. They said you sell cities first, then you can move up later, and I thought well the answer to that. This is clearly more education. So then I applied to us,
when I went to Michigan Law- and I thought, want to be a lawyer, but more education is for sure the way to get around that in all be able to do anything with this great lot agree what it cost you undergrad plus grad at least two hundred thousand dollars minimum, so there it is you're held at this point when you get out of when I got out a law school twenty six years old, I graduated at with a just sold crushing amount of debt. This is what we're doing to our kids man, and it kills me because, while the world would anybody ever be forced to decide what after do, when their twenty years old, his I'm still figuring it and unaids, just an unhealthy, unrealistic, unnecessary amount of pressure. That pressure becomes inertia because once you decide, then you declare major and now you ve written the first check and then the first semesters by than the second our rights now with every passing day.
Its harder and harder to call an audible and go. You know something. Maybe I'm picking up a rope here, maybe this isn't for me, but no thirty Grand fifty Grand Eighty grand a hundred one twenty two hundred thousand dollars in a whole looking for a job now as you describe, and a tat knowledge were now. Those jobs only exist anymore. I don't exist, but the thing that kills me the most, isn't the fact that people have to live with the consequences of their decision. But it's the money. It's the debt and its the pressure to borrow an unlimited amount of money, we're one point: three trillion dollars and the whole one point three trillion there is by no metric anywhere, that I've seen a shortage of lawyers, but their five point. Eight mill, jobs right now that exists that people are trained for that don't require for your degrees and their and our sitting, and so we are so completely out of whack. With the opportunities were encouraging
and the opportunities that exist. Surprisingly, none of those five point three or five point: eight million jobs that exist not were discussed with us in our orientation at the university, though, because two earlier point, those jobs are optically cautionary else very, very few people very few parents who didn't work in the skilled trades go to bed thinking cash, I sure hope Johnny turns out to be a plumber or a welder. They don't wish for them. Guidance councillors don't wish for them. We ve doesn't guys go to our programme welding, making over a hundred grand a year. You can't get the stories are and what people Rita Mental believer and when they believe em they struggle that looks really hard, yeah sure so shut up. It's a problem. It's a mindset, its societal systemic, so follow your passion
The verdict of this. It seems like yours, you're, just not a fan of that little Dingle bury of twelve o advice. Thank you for that word by the word. It's gotta get back in a lexicon. If we do nothing else, but re introduce Dingle bury binoculars, but you know, I think we can take some credit for that. No, I would never simply go out say all passion is no good. You know, I would never say, don't follow your passion. What I said was: don't follow your passion, but always bring it with you This is why the world would you want to do anything you weren't passionate about seal dirty jobs example, for example. This is the reverse. Can you this is the salmon were talking about the salmon aren't following their passion, although they are trying to sport?
Suppose you could make a case for it with some passion involving there's. Some passion, but when I, when I think about you, know like the sceptre tank workers I met, there was a guy in the first season less once it was his name up and was concept. I wound up at a tank with him one of these pumping station on the side of the road like up to our nipples. Other people's filth, knocking cholesterol off the side of the walls can about a hundred, and when it agree environment. It was truly heinous and I looked at him a one point I should less. Let me ask you something: what did you do before the sun is happening? You listen. I was there. I was guidance counselor in high school and then I was a psychologist, and I said you got to be kidding me why this, but I'm missing a beat. You said I could deal with other people shit, but
You know, aside from the obvious laughed line, the joke is really on. The rest of us goes back to his house at the end of the day, his summer house, by the pool with margarita machine and his two trucks and his five employees once again a guy don't think most people are gonna, do creating not just a job for himself, but a business, and his whole rap to me was look. This was never my wish fulfillment, but I got to a point where I said: let's just put the opportunity before what I want or what I even think I want. And again, I don't want to say it with certainty, because then it will sound like a bromide, but the idea when I say the reverse can What I mean is start with the opportunity figure out how to be great at it and then figure out how to love it. So the passion comes from
becoming great at your craft yeah or deciding that you're going to love it. I mean. I know that sounds glib. This is a bit of a stretch, but why are the divorce rates among arranged marriages so much lower than in the West yeah. I mean there's a lot of theories about that, but I think the reason is because in cultures, or one of the reasons is because in cultures where they have those arranged marriages, they realize look. This comes before the love part and the love part, comes into the marriage later. We build that through hard work, instead of just hoping that it falls from the sky. even the either so I dont need to say that anybody marry anybody live happily ever after chemistry matters that thing we call passion that bet basic attraction at basic willingness to do a job that has to be there, but this idea that that person is responsible for your happiness, for the bad job is responsible for your success.
That's a non starter. It's a trap. Hysteria, which has got engaged actually a few months ago, could render assess as part of it since she and as such, fans of your work. I thought what do I have to do this somehow involved MIKE row in this particular element of the story. I am I gonna marry you guys it was haven't I well since your offer? I think it's a great idea. I think that's a great idea. What were you gonna? Do it here it's around here. if I can actually perform the nuptials are recorded song perfect, their heartfelt message familiar This is so excited now that by the way was not planned. You hit the big time. and if I can throw that word around their relatively late for a lot of showbiz people were this all here. Often what you're early forties is. Forty four: when jobs we went on the air but again aggressive way to what do you tribute If not well, I'm following my passion, the tv thing, or were you doing Just that happen to work out again. There
is a real element of Forrest, Gump, every God in this you know, but I come to a point in my life, where I was actually my smugness with respect to my business plan regarding touching everything like it's hot right like I was doing infomercials a lot of them. I was doing guest spots on so Bob. I was doing animated projects it didn't matter. I don't care what it was and I didn't want to know what it was. None of that was german. I just wanted to get paid and do good work and then forget about and the truth, is that can only last you back to passion. My passion was in fact
during out an overall lifestyle and congratulating myself for having five months of the year where I could do stuff. I really cared about the switch that flipped on dirty jobs, just meant that there was no more time off so now. The thing I'm working on it has to satisfy both my bank account and it has to satisfy my time, which is now completely consuming, and I have to love it You know so I didn't have to work hard to love it because there was enough contrariness in the show like again here. I am remember back the GOP in the discover I'm the guy at discovery, with the show that discovery does not want you to like in the same way the GEO. Please look at those seventeen people on stage gone yet. Look there
is the job of we want you to like him and maybe that guy over there are many her anybody, but have not the guy in the middle dirty jobs for the first season really was like that and it was so much fun. to go to work every day, and now that I was in this place, a real cognitive dissonance is a fun showed promote. Was a fund show to do, and it just gave me permission. Really two way in on any kind of work because we tried it all so dirty jobs was the Donald Trump of Discovery channel your words, not mine, and there have been other since thirty two shows have come out of dirty jobs You could draw a straight line back to the garbage pickers in thy Lastra Swamp people lice road truckers, all that stuff acts men in all Those were all segments on dirty jobs, even that dynasty. Yes, there right now not that dynasty, fundamentally different format, but all of a sudden
dynasty shows up on any. No one knows what it was confusing, not withdraw. The body are where's the art, whereas here I'm right through to this tension between Brandon Programme men, friends who fall deeply in love with their own bro Meidel version of themselves always interest me because that twenty most vulnerable, the GEO P, knew exactly. Who their constituents we're gonna vote for, except they were totally wrong and discovery knew nobody would watch a show whether Millay, Smart Alec, making poop jokes and a sewer clubs. Now what better? Stick your hand up a girls, but german happens season. Twelve. Still region in the merest feces out every speech That's right! That's right! I made the mission watching the Lamb testicles episode shortly before pressing for this as one of the most memorable episodes, at least for me, because it caused it
visceral fetal position, not repeated convoy. Just kind of a dry heave, Newsday recoiled, recoiled yeah, it's normal any time. Someone removes the testicles from a creature with her teens testicles yeah. You have to step back and take stock. That was probably one of the most important absurdly did was that because it was my first attempt. to do everything right now I mean I'd. Had this really passiveaggressive relationship with the network, they were getting flooded with planes from OSHA and Humane society and PETA, and we sort of had this daytime, you know and we're going to keep the show going, but I'm going to be a better team player iso. I go in I say luck. I want to do this story on landing in I want to do all the parts of landing and putting that's gonna, be castration and admissible.
What's that involve- and I said well, let me tell you what I did. I called a humane society and Peter and they both told me the same thing. I said the approved method of removing the testicles from a lamb is to take up a rubber band and put it around its sack, thereby retarding flow of blood to testicles, and then they turned black over a couple days and then they fall off. How like? Oh, my god, really so that's the peat approved when I got that's the way we do it, and I said ok now in my mind, I'm thinking you don't visually this'll be good tv weird, but I've never were banned on the testicles of anything my species area. Having should perhaps so we get there in our way, but basically get all the lambs together and we start the process and Albert around
during pulls out a knife and he grabs the programme between his thumb in his finger. He pulls toward him and he cut the tip off the scroll down and then he pushes it back, and these two pink thumbs emerge from this Fleshy sacking of ragged stop and redundancies bent down and invites them any snapped his head back and rip them by the route here. Comes that singular beyond the bullshit, but imagine me, I get free cameras role here and I'm standing here thinking. You know something I this is not what the journalism mind so I might get. Oh. Ok! Stop Albert you're doing this thing right The people do in reality, tv you're trying to shock me have ended up there. You know he was a great guy, they all moustaches wife melody of two of them are just like when he talked about like you, can't
but also a sheep toward a family, Shoreward tuna, twenty countries whose what would you want to do. I used a rubber badges o the rubber band. My oh yeah, the rubber band, said okay, so we put another sheep up their melody spreads legs and our goes and puts on the rubber band with especial device it widens it, and then you put him over the scrub. Still see my head anyway to put the bland down on the ground, he looks at me exact. we with the exact expression you would have if you were Lamb that had a very tight our band, run you nuts. I knows it is troubling. Any staggers takes a couple of steps away and then stopped and looked back at me over shoulder. Then he walks, a quarter of the pen, makes a circle and adjust lies down, starts quiver and Saint Aubert. My chief, I was just gonna, go on he'll, be in hell for about two and a half days. That's terrible! Meanwhile, the one he had just you know bit down on her prancing around. This is literally two minutes later not occur in the world. No blood
You know hanging out with his mom and trotting around, so that episode was important because right there on international television, we had proof that you know the business of being in compliance, but not a danger that all I suffered time Warner. I there is. I went to the expert. I was told precisely how this works precisely what to do and I was absolutely wrong. The way already been doing it for generations was kind to the animal. It was more efficient in the field you needed to people instead of there's a long list of logical reasons, the by the balls off. She is actually more sanitary too. If you can believe how can it be true costume those testicles here to think. well the scroll them they ve never been. Algeria check that you don't linger down there, you don't get it begin. I get it help poof Bob's your uncle anyway aperitif. Yes, it was a pair botanic moment when you realize you once again everything I thought I knew about. Removing the
from a lamb, was wrong. What else am I wrong about, and if you can ask yourself that question honestly didn't you, find answers. Azure, yeah, I'm sure, if biting the testicles the lamb is wrong. I don't want to be right, t shirt sure go ahead or both possibly why genes some do in the show, and one tat is true. I heard you do in one take yeah, I mean we did look back Brussels, where I was actually doing a version of wraps and I would occasionally circle back and get those and we have we shot lots and lots of food. Is it was never user, so we see out takes it the show. That's always what that is, but I insisted on two things. The first was never second dig, because the second take, by definition, has to be a performance, right sure it's three doing something that happened, but the affords We did a left or you know clean up your language, stuttered alone. There are some bull crap direction thing right. That's what tv does take two three, four five, ten fifteen until somebody somewhere says it's perfect, yet it's perfect
it's a performance, so I wanted to show to be a love letter to take one. That was the thing and you know the argument was well. What if we have, a technical problem would have a plane flies over health care, so we got a thing called the truce camp which was just an extra cameramen, was behind the scenes, camera who always stayed wide. So if dogs camera broke or Troy's or somebody somewhere had a problem, I can always turned the truth. Can step out of the scene and sort of married or chronicle. We didn't use it in every scene, but we use that in every shell and towards the end. We used it. We relied upon it because you know that camera prove this was before you saw behind the scenes share star. So the second thing was tied to that. I need the crew in the show they don't need to be there
aim, crew, it doesnt matter, but we are in the process of shooting a shell and so to pretend that were not that's a fundamental fiction with the viewers right. The best way to make sure that take one is used is too, contemporaneously make sure the crew is allowed to be shot and away it. I'd say I got shoot again cuz I got you know I got Troy's leg or I got you know. Jones's boom was in the shot. I don't care of his bones in the shop until we're in a sewer, we're up on the Mackinac Bridge six hundred feet up, you know changing nuts and what matters you know what matters is the it's not the shot. It's the work, this. Is the Jordan Harbinger show with our guest micro, we'll be right back this episode, sponsored in part by better online therapy. We talk about better help and therapy. A lot on the show this month were discussing some of the stigmas around mental health. We ve been taught at least I
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when you're in the sewer in San Francisco and these super old, the brick round, tunnels the episode this rather the cross over your leg or something like that and you just gotta freak out, Little bit- and I thought why is this thing- consumer rights that cracks the heretofore, impenetrable micro, veneer of cool you're, talking about in its cut into the open in the show goes by and about a second? The truth is that episode was the first one we did and that moment that's something. I talk about all the time around the country. When people ask my transformation, my paraplegia from a host to a guest happened in the sewers of San Francisco. I was trying to host even magazine down there. The very first episode of somebody's gotta do it, which became dirty job. That's me in the sewer trying to look to the camera and welcome the viewer into
There were, but at every turn I was thwarted. You know I was thwarted by a lateral that exploded next to my head and covered my camera man with crap on the side of my face, I was thwarted by roaches the size of my thumbs, thousands, tens of thousands of them everywhere and the final moment that rat appeared on my shoulder. The great mass, like the sizeable over brio his pigs. Granted. I read in Moldova My shoulder into my up in my lap- and I was right- these thigh high boots and if you squat down and via high boots, they gap right. So the rat goes into the gap and starch burrowing southbound rational man. I jump up scream hit my head on the ceiling, a shower of roaches comes down. I fall faced forward into this fast, moving chocolate, tile, truly disappointing effluvium and face first Senate
you're not a push myself up and I spent something out of my mouth. It never should have been in my mouth and I turn to the guy was working with Jean crews and he said in that moment the thing the changed my career, he said when you're done. Scroll around with the local wildlife once come over here, give me a hand, and so that's what I did rather imposed the shell. We replaced rotten bricks and the sort of San Francisco I was watching that episode and another one on an airplane. Recently under this woman three, those are two rows behind me goes. You have seen the sky before keep his fingernails clean, the public's dying to know. How do you keep your your nails good, I mean how do you go to dinner after that and go man, my umbrage yeah, you don't got when we were shooting that show it really and truly was a? It was a band of brothers kind of thing. When you go to nice places, we stayed in motel six as we stayed in Super eight. We stayed at hotels with numbers in the title:
if you see a number and the title of a hot like four seasons like no not at all, if the number is spelled out Oh, you are red great, but if it's the for the number for now, don't go in there. The super aid, the motel six numbers, for whatever reason, don't scream five star luxury, but I lived in a super a motel for years, shooting that show- and I can't tell you how many times not your point about dinner, but just now you come back to the room and you smell like ass merits or something world wars I believe my clothes and my shoes in the tub I would sign, I had shot and leave twenty bucks and letter of apology for the name, because I couldn't take them home. There's no way. I can take those how you left him. Therefore, Rosalie Asher Man, that's what to say. I have a blog close in fifteen years. So if your humble tell six- and you saw feces covered or worse, covered pair of gene and boots, and I had shown you're wondering who the squiggly autograph respond.
It was. My grandma was made the tasteful letter of apology to the Meda. My cash at celebrities get alot of her send them. Free food, free travel, free clothing, a lotta might show Fans wanted to know what the biggest part was, but I seem to recall, will you being granted some special vip, Porter potty privileges on short notice? Are you talking about the show are you talking about a very disappointing? Oh, I know what you're Turkey S sick bastard? Why would you I went for a jog back when I used to care about exercising, this is probably seven years ago. I left my apartment and gal hollow and I judge across the Golden Gate Bridge is: what does he thought it? Yeah I want to do is get a rare glimpse into the lives kind of class with this one. So what happened for me was dragged across the globe. gate I done my normal routine in the morning, I I had as much coffee is. You can sanely drank and I had a big old breakfast. An eye for the past couple of days had been not struggling, but aware of some disappointment,
I lowered gee, I tracked nothing that would preclude me from taking a job, but I was aware of it. Anyway: it was a beautiful day, a giant across the bridge. I was half way back and it felt like an ice pick was stabbed in my lower abdomen couple steps later at fell. I felt it again and it knocked the wind out of me and my knees buckled and it was so horrible. You know I Think of was got. It all comes down to the already. You know that if the gasket, the dignity of the species that all just comes down to your ability to control this tiny, I and I'm doing the math and my head. You know at this point two miles from home: it's like labour paints, the stab is now coming like every ninety seconds, if IRAN seven miles an hour or two miles away. Twenty minutes. You know I'm just now
like an Gamala Kennedy, the numbers, but I gotta get off the bridge because you know appeal a celebrity who soils himself on a national monument. That's the kind of press you dont need recover from that. To you I got off the bridge. I came around the presidium and I realize I'm gonna make it I'm. I've gotta make it I'm. The ultimate humiliation is going to I've been right there on Lombard and I walked right around the corner on Scott and I honestly don't know what I was gonna do. I did not. I was just going to stand there quietly and grab. My parents were actually pull my pants down. I didn't know what to do here. It was idle. Lost. My peripheral vision, I was hearing a buzzing in my ears, would like nothing mattered, except except keeping that damn over and close, but like from Providence. You know there was three construction workers putting in amazingly a sewer line and they had a port a potty next to them, and it was
locked caused in San Francisco. You chair, they locked the porter by somebody. Eleven, therefore Dinah get in those. So I said I'm case in point done anything? You don't have any money on everything, but I just a guy Skype, please get in here and a guy like me. hey you're, that guy yeah, I'm like please move quickly. He opened at thing I got in there, and I mean it was his closest close can be. I bet you sounded like best, yielding now, when I came out, they were waiting for me what their gammarus also three selfies, with three sewage workers who really whatever dignity. I have I've left at this point, but completely safely, every selvages small, price to pay. I repeat anything I'll give him a finger. Are you ok back that you're a role model that so many people I mean intentionally or unintentionally through Facebook, television doesnt matter is that chain.
Your behaviour at all in real life or online? Well, I guess it has. I guess yeah, it's odd, because so much about dirty jobs was subversive. You know, but I was ten years ago, I'm not sure how funny it is for me to be a silly, and irreverent. As I was saying, I run a foundation now and I do some of the things now site. People don't really know exactly yet what the default position is for me, like honest podcast, I'm doing you're right I didn't want the other day on the guy who invented a famous food and he was a preacher irreverent and his entire world was a rat against masturbation. Ah, yes right so I told the story this man and the way his beliefs informed his diet and the way his followers ultimately adhered to, what it was he was getting out, but in the course of telling the story, you have to say the word
masturbate like fifty times round sure- and I didn't want to do that, because some little grass is not crass. It's just. The problem is its. Neither crest nor proper, its clinical sure sure suicide testicles today make people weirder than balls were her head cause. It's like this is something horrible about the special the city of it. So I just came up with every euphemism. There was no four cork in your own batter out into space Herman the worm or whatever you call it spilling your sin sauce you none of that thousand of them and he's got peppered through the entire thing. Well, my podcast is patterned after the late great Paul Harvey. Who would really never talk about spilling one he's in the stew, so I got a lot of calls. People going hey. Maybe so much with the last remaining were really we listen to that one several times you would got it already. Others their dirty couple issued pausing outweigh ok, I get this one.
What is this one? May I mean we knew that they meant that an m explaining the physics of like corking a bad about, for example, yet my goal with that part. Yes, I have several but bringing young lovers closer together as their nuptials approach through short stories, fraught with self abuse. That's certainly an aspiration goal, a consummation The valley to be wished top three purpose of the chauffeur yet willing to show the shone out. As well for people listening to this in one it was in my grows, pie, gas, but tell us about the foundation. Is wild cells which deal with that and whites important personal? It's called micro works. It evolved out of dirty jobs in two thousand.
As you might recall, the economy gonna grab the bed. I remember I got laid off best thing that ever happened to me that you are- and this now so by two thousand nine unemployment is nine. Ten eleven percent over country every single day. That's a headline every single day. All these people can't find work and the narrative aim because opportunity step on dirty jobs. Everywhere I went in every single state. I saw help. One size is everywhere. I mean all fifty states and I just started to feel I dunno, I think, maybe you there's another narrative unfolding here- that nobody writes about and you don't have to dig far back in two thousand nine. There were two point: three million jobs they wide open and we have skills gap. There was an inconvenient truth,
for the prevailing narrative, because how can opportunity be dead? If companies can find two point, three million people to do the jobs they have clearly opportunities, not that something else is so. Micro works began as a pr camp really to call attention to jobs that actually existed, and that's really all was ever supposed to be, but then fans and shall started writing in all these Friendships, another job training programmes and things that existed in our state, so we built a trade resource centre where anybody could go in two thousand nine ten eleven and see what opportunities in their state exist that you never appear about a readable, and then we started awarding work ethic scholarships to people who wanted to avail themselves of those opportunities. So I started Putney arm The big companies are started, selling crap out of my garage, collectibles, rare and precious Sierra pay. The acronym force, our crap out
You know what kind of a throwback to my my old pvc days. he raised and gave away close to four million dollars so far out in these work. Ethic scholarship, so to say legacy is a disaster precious, but microbes you ve all day. Thirty jobs. Its main function today is to provide work, ethic scholarships and make us persuasive a case we can, as we can, for the jobs that actually exist. that's what we're gonna jobs exists, that people want finding welding in sort of trades, you are discussing should be a with welding. I work for this. in southern ITALY, My call him tat. They got a call from Newport NEWS shrouded in Greece. All ran shipbuilders. How many can you get us this month that while we got fifty, how many do need eight hundred Mcguinness so that yeah it's all day long all day long? We think about work and we think about jobs in a country like you know their these.
Derek things that exist in a vacuum jobs might but opportunity is not that, and so many of these jobs require you to do. A couple of things that are really out of faith like retool, retrain reboot, but mostly relocate their not right. There necessarily waiting for you and it's really not to bash on millennials by any stretch, because whenever bathing have to say about a minute to simply product to the people who raised assure the absolutely. But this idea that the job of your dreams, the idea that it even exists is fascinating. The idea that exists. add a pay rate that will satisfy your lifestyle is doubly fascinating and the idea that it will exist in a pay rate that satisfies your lifestyle in your current zip code is the height of mad that I told people expect a lot of I run into it all the time. Yellow this opportunity sounds great, but would you want to move towards the girl?
how soon can we get here? I got, doesn't do people do it every month we want to go to the Gulf yeah, that's where they make an hundred forty dollars an hour right now. Well, while I mean so yeah, you got to go there and here's the thing it's hot and cold at their word, concern San Francisco right here, where it often is cold and not at the same time, on the same day, so we can work ethic scholarships because we make our applicants make a case for themselves got ve make a video. You gonna write, an essay, you got, provide references, sign, swept ledge, sweat, pledge, twelve point statement of belief. One night after I drank a bottle of wine. If you're not willing to sign it, then it's entirely possible. This pilot free money, might not be for you before you read like I've got a story for you in the format may seem a little familiar. This is based on a letter I'm a fan of the show. The letter reads as follows: Dear Jordan,
grants on intervening micro. However, I've been harbouring a secret vendetta against micro for years. I think once you read this you'll understand why in fact, I'm quite interested in what he has to say for himself. If you get a chance to tell them long story in the year twenty, then I was the intended recipients of a pair of world series game. One tickets, courtesy of the company for which I worked original, my friends, father, one of the companies executives had planned to go, but at the last minute something came up in the ticket for once again available. I called my friend to see if he was up for the trip if we could somehow play hooky from work and pull it off, but by the time I went to blame the tickets. I was informed. They were already gone after a bit of prying. My friends, Father told me that he had given them to his friend MIKE Row, who already lived in San Francisco. I of course objected on two counts: It was not made clear that the ticket lottery was opened. Anyone outside the company and too I'm sure of micro
wanted to go to the game. He could have gotten his own damn tickets, so reasonable. It's important, that I harbour no ill will toward my grow. In fact, my wife and I only donate to the Micro Works Foundation every year, because it's the only organisation we can both agree to give money to signed Matt but there's more of utter man- Hey Jordan, quick update, hope this makes it in time. First, I've called my Father get more details for you and it seems but the story about Micro. Getting those world series tickets is actually not true. As it turns out, the tickets were actually given to the brother of the sea, the reason he told everyone that he gave them. My grow is because every one thing so highly of MIKE. Nobody would be angry about him being the recipient of the tickets. In other words, the tickets were snipe: and he used MIKE role as a cover to make that happen. Sorry for the confusion. I guess you don't have it
away from my girl. After All- and I apologise for that- but oh contrary Mr Piazzi, because MIKE as it turns out this time, you are recruited for one final dirty job, the filthiest of them all, serving as a scapegoat for take it hustle perpetrated by a mattress company executive. An executive went past life served in another highly esteemed position, that of your college. Roommate, Mr Might Thompson Anyway, that's the way I heard grief my Thompson, unbelievable good grief that was a long run for a short slide. The heavy call my Thompsons kid goes to our, but now I think- and so his friend probably does to add another that's hard to know what to say too that, except at last time, I heard my Thompsons name. We talked a couple years
he reached out of the blue, but he was a guy, you sort for blackened dagger and Baltimore Maryland, and this guy he was, he was afraid of nature. He looked like he fell off a weeds box and he also looked like every quarterback for every winning a college team. You ever seen. I always looked at him with something akin to naked envy. I'm happy always in a mattress business good for you, MIKE, like David Cameron, created ideal if you're looking for another episode of the Jordan Harbinger show to sync your teeth into here's, a trailer of our interview with MIKE row, host of discoveries, dirty jobs and returning the favour on why the advice follow your passion is complete bs, so stay tuned for after the closer the shell followed your passion as bromide is precisely what knight? percent of the people. Do who audition for american Idol and their lined up thousands of people who have been told
believe something deeply enough, and if you want something bad, if you truly embrace the essence, the persistence and your passion your passion lead. You stick with it, while following your passion is terrific advice, give the passion is taking you to a place where opportunity and instead of skills, will be able to coexist. Passion is something all of the dirty jobbers that I met possessed in spades, they just work doing anything, look desperate so it was confuse. The guy and applied should submit a cappuccino that doesn't make sense, will guess what neither does septic tanks cleaner, with a million dollars, a gate, a million business. I the counter them up once I could be wrong by a couple, but I put over forty people that we It should on dirty jobs as multi millionaire passion isn't the enemy. It's just
Not the thing you want pulling the train, but look I dont say: don't fall. passion, I say, never follow your passion, but always bring with you for more with my including a behind the scenes, look at some of his shows and why we shouldn't view a blue collar. the pursuit as a cautionary tale check out episode to sixty four right here The Jordan Harbinger show great big. Thank you to Micro, podcast, is called the way I heard it if you haven't heard at the format, will send a little bit like the way I ended. This shell was not clever, but really such Amazing. Guy really appreciate talk with him. Always I kind of wanna be micro when I grow up, but I don't think I'm probably ever gonna grow up and if you're also inspired by, what micro is doing. The Micro Works Foundation is amazing. A very worthwhile charity, that's micro, work dot. Com will link to it in the shout. They focus on helping people get jobs that actually exist, these days are probably the best kind of jobs to have links to all things like
I will be in the show notes at Jordan, harbinger dot com. Please use our website links if you buy books are anything from our guests that does help support the show you It worked for audio books. Yes, it works and other countries transcripts or in the shut out there's a bit EL. The interview on our Youtube Channel at Jordan, harbinger dot com, Slash Youtube, I'm at Jordan, Harbinger on both Twitter and Instagram. You can also hit me on Linkedin. I'm teaching you how to connect with Greece. People and manage relationships using the same system, software and tiny habits that I use. That's our six minutes networking course. The courses free it's over. Jordan, Harbinger Dotcom, slash course. I'm teaching you how to dig that well before you get thirsty, Most of the guests on this show subscribe and contribute to the course come. Join us you'll, be in smart, come where you belong, the show is created, socio with podcast one. My team is Jen Harbinger Jays Sanderson, Robert Fogey Milly Ocampo in bared, Josh, Ballard and Gabriel, Ms Raw. He remember. We rise by lifting others, the fee for show is that you share it with friends when you find something useful or interesting, fino somebody's
Micro fan are interested in jobs. It actually exist in focusing on those. Please do share this episode. What am? I hope you find something great in every episode of this show, please the show with those who care about in the meantime, do your best to apply what you hear on the show. So you can live what you listen and we'll see you next time.
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