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Ep. 146: Bigfoot

2018-12-10 | 🔗

Bozeman, MT- Steven Rinella talks with journalist and podcaster Laura Krantz, along with Janis Putelis of the MeatEater crew.

Subjects Discussed: “Wild Thing” podcast; the newest oldest hunting weapons ever found in America; Clovis hunters; what good is a squirrel’s tail; Steve stands corrected on Pancho Villa; the other kind of knocking boots; old Bob Milligan’s game dinner; a critique of Teddy Roosevelt; the Four horsemen of Sasquatchery; burning a village to save it; what a bigfoot nest looks like; the two types of bigfoot believers; the Patterson-Gimlan film; a 1-million-dollar bounty for a dead bigfoot; the human need for the unknown; and more.

For the show notes featuring the historical documents referenced in this episode, please click here.

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stand with annex k we're here laura grants i call you big for export if you don't like that i'm not but i mean i just wanted to say it yeah you can say it it is a teaser or do something else or do something else before we talk about this i thought if i could say there's a bigfoot expert there is an important would you like to go back you know i know you don't like i'm a journalist year but right but you ve developed a little of expertise what bigfoot means i got compared to the general population i've develops and expertise compared to the big but experts i have a long way to go you yeah who was it it was jack hit you know the writer jacket the names familiar but keep going
he wrote a peace one time talking about how the study of dinosaurs like dinosaur things how he's like incredulous of of dinosaur research in general because he's like how seriously can you take it discipline where the people that know the most about at tend to be twelve tend to twelve years old yeah i wouldn't say that about little but he's a humorous dry media jacket like makes points now he also has ray spirited argument about what an irresponsible ma our julia was but he does i e argues these kind of like insane points could also say that moses his mother was irresponsible at the end of your jack jack he would probably like that he's a humorous buy in one of his pieces he was like deconstructing on the web talking about dinosaur study oh because from my perspective as someone who is like decidedly now
just a disbelieve ruhmer like anti bigfoot what so you're a month stairs so from my perspective i would say that someone with your perspective has more whose taken like a sort of trial they an impartial look to me that would be more like being a big for expert than someone who is a is die hard like believe this is true your ideas for not realizing so you're my kind of i don't want to be one reluctant you can call me a reluctant bigfoot or relax at bayfront expert on talking about a handful of things before we start talking to you laura but chime in alright chime in like some feedback we had a cumbersome who elect covers the cover some feedback special corrections places we make mistakes impasse that brazil has absolutely he's not a correction just just something interesting so
we like if you listen to the show you here that we often talk about if you listen show you'll here we often talk about folsom hunters and clauses where's your yeah that all the points he added old dieter presage yeah i say towners fuel use a thing like that for long and the oldest stuff we knew about was clovis so clovis would be thirteen thousand five hundred years ago yeah that's nathan m and when we talk about the clovis cultures is kind of like that that there's this there's a projectile point they made a spear point this is the bone arrow hadn't been invented yet they made a very peculiar particular spear point and the spear points are so particular that the regarded as being diagnostic so if you were to dig down and find a clovis point they were so particular about how they made them
that when you find one it itself as diagnostic of its age so it's a carbon dating yeah well it's different that flemings like a carbon date sort of like if you find it in a certain layer of archaeology like oh i know exactly where we are exactly like those dude made their points in a way no one else made em before no one else made him after they would have had like a trademark now yes though to train rich and they would be
it's like a it's the most one of the most beautiful projectile points so that's like eleven thousand five hundred b c e or b c whatever your pickens annette little bit of lingo and but they just did they just did a big excavation near austin texas and found what is now the oldest stone tools that they've that have yet been recovered here in what is now the united states of america they found a bunch of stone tools that are fifteen thousand five hundred years old so setback what was interesting about this that people used to think that people used to argue about did the clovis hunters arrive here as clovis honours because all the sun
around thirteen thousand five hundred years ago you see this like these projectile points are all over the country and does not it's hard to find stuff that's much older than that so people used to think that there used to be this argument that it was clovis first meaning that the clovis hunters must have arrived here that their ancestors having crossed the bearing land bridge they must have very rapid the colonized the mid continent and arrived here as a sort of fully formed culture they are assuming they came across the land bridge which they might not have now listen listen there's no more assumptions any other there's a lot of little idea is to give all around this is fun little idea collar salute tree in connection that it was in fact western europeans somehow come over because they were making projectile points thirty forty thousand years ago that looked similar to clovis point idea that western europeans came over time
the native americans hata may cool looking arrowheads i'd alley yeah just i came over his shoulder mezzo americans are to build pyramids right but that it couldn't have been formed here and their ideas father the polynesian may have island thing is that a pollination type people an early forgery of polynesian might have somehow landed in south america but if you look linguistically genetically technology like technology the scholarly consensus remains that the first americans came by way of eurasia and arrived
here by coming across brings you did well there's one a lawyer and skin bout we ask it to say they may have followed the coastlines they may not have yahoo for getting out of the full land bridge at that point they may have gone up the northern coasts in eastern coast of russia yes and then come across in trying to keep land and site which is what you would do it over yeah i'm comfortable with that okay i thought you were going to the urine argument there are other aliens aliens drop those hills that i'm sure there are there are some people who think there is an alien influence do you wanna to talk about them now there too i buy hospital as the verbal time this world and read about all of the crazy theories yap in and i think that you said the scholarly consensus still the americans the first americans arrived by way they were siberian in arrived here
and so there is this idea that the clovis showed up like a fully formed culture but then we have these these older dates that keep popping up and so now there's an idea that there were there were pre clovis peoples here so now we have a date or like a like a a date that has scholarly consensus like all the experts agree this is a legitimate date of fifteen thousand five hundred years old what are the chances that you found the first place anyone ever camped in north america and it happens to be down in austin texas there's a lot of stuff we're missing yeah there's a lot staff from this in many many miles between austin texas in berlin jia whom they have campsites that no one's found these fifteen thousand five hundred year old projectile points were not clovis so now the the the fashionable idea is that close
the clovis culture which want spreading all around the country and they hunted they were begun hundreds one megaphone it certainly a all kinds of seeds and vegetable matter and see food storwell in the archaeological record but that clovis was a distinct north american creation people showed up here in developed into the clovis culture in the clovis culture was sort of this like unify culture there was widespread and this puts another nail into the coffin of the clovis first idea i'm gonna hit yoga yeah i should have i up a little bit more than i do as we were going we had a conversation that we had a conversation about squirrel tales and we are talking about what it was like to episodes rita were one one one hunting squirrels that aids worlds tail often betrays the squirrel up in the tree like you know there's a noticed in the tree somewhere and you look inform looking for and
women in when he can't find them in the orchard binoculars and you find em usually quite often you control the detail flicking now just catch in the sunlight dislike he'll plasters body he'll like plasters body against the trunk or a limb but his tail gives them away because blown in the breeze or just catches the light is like a halo effect it's over time but what a liability squirrels tailors and a couple people took offence this in one road in about how you need a watch how it take a squirrel works is tail when he's around a predator what he's doing is created he's creating a false target he's as watches grow run on the road from your car when israel nervous the cars common he's got his tail up and is working and want to see
its nervous about it a predator being nearby he'll have his tail up workin on he's running he's got his tail up and he thinks that predators that he's luring the predator does something that's non vital liked as extra eyes that are on the back of certain amphibians or butterflies or and he says when you're up hunting watching squirrels notice how many squirrels are missing a chunk of their tail and he thinks that when something's on it it's drawing the attention to it and it will take the blow from a hawk or a fox grabs the tail and misses the main body you think the hawk or the fox would have figured this one out by now i mean there's been several thousands airs of being able to like will probably works would like neophytes like the ones that have done it you need help to an ermine does that to you right with the black tipp on his tail could be in the winter could be used as it is now seems like a nose but it's not never trouble
physiologies you'd never know the real answer if there is there is there is no real answer could just be pretty yeah can be pretty can be sexual like a sexual selection thing like there's all kinds of things animals have we look like why does he have that it's like only because it's the only because it's a gesture or assembled other creatures but it's useful still yeah but look how vulnerable look at a gobbler gobbling that does not make
am an utter a wild turkey out gobbling in the woods does not make him bigger faster it's a it's a real vulnerability that gets you killed but sexually it's so important so you can't be like what is the advantage of gobbling in terms of fitness you know it's just that like it's a necessary evil he has to do it to breed but it actually doesn't like benefit the individual it only benefits the individuals ability to spread his lineage authorities for instance on his researchers one time and they had a bunch of a bet a bunch of gobblers that they had trackers on the gaba is a great all winter
spring came they started goblin all five or dead fad bobcats yeah and when your call on turkey to call on all kinds of stuff no guy road and about the squirrel thing in this is his thing on it he says he was recently sitting up in his tree stan and it was forty degrees twenty five miles an hour gus from the south east i observed a screw sitting on a branch face down wind on the we word side of a tree so he's using the tree for a wind buffer and facing away from the wind he was sitting upright and had its tail up and over itself like a hood then he said he's at this girl sat there were twenty minutes unmoving the sun broke from the clouds is the hidden side of the tree he then went around to the sunny side of the tree and pasted himself
out in the sun on the sunny side of the tree he sat there for ten minutes and then went about his day eating so his feeling that they also are using their tail for that a guy is it into a real old park as is moving on from squirrels nobody is put at concluding far on the squirrels like those are both great points but doesn't change bag that is a real detriment it's reliability it's a liability to use union for you yes but they were saying that i guess the their perspective on it is yes it's a liability with do is looking for you with twenty twos but others however people have been lookin forum with twenty two is on bananas it is long enough to drive any particular evolutionary trait cable and how much squirrel hunting is there i mean and a percentage of the population looking at squirrels how many people are actually going after them with a twenty two and banal i would love to know what percent of the nation's squirrel
even if you remove urban squirrels though what percentage of the nation squirrels that are on haunted land are subjected to some amount of hunting my your hunter boldly all subjected the summer so you're not colleague concerning my backyard slingshot honestly and even if you like even gonna run out if you're going to like exclude so just like what percentage of like horrible squirrels are hunted i'd be shocked to hear that it's i i'd be shocked to hear that it's more than two five percent and this on its own cannot work for not a lot of pay off in terms of there's a thriving squirrel on culture i don't doubt that and you can cover lot aground on squirrels so exposed to some degree of hunting like what percent of squirrels unhandsome land had a squirrel honour pass within one hundred yards of them is i don't know yeah we call to allow the with no
a military guy was listening do an old podcast and he said he found it disturbing disturbing that i would have defined black jack pershings push in mexico in pursuit of partial view as a failure he says yes it failed to achieve its primary mission of capturing poncho via but set about conditions that weakened his influence in depleted manpower signet we have also set conditions to force diplomatic relationships between the u s and mexico mexico didn't desire for with the u s and start to take pro active measures to deter cross border raids and persevere so many of today's targeted operations against specific leadership of terrorist organisations in places like iraq and afghanistan is a clear them quoting right now yes sometimes you don't get the individual but operational pressure pressure can neutralize their influence and capabilities effectively nullifying them
so i stand corrected on pancho villa now another guy was saying this he wrote in to say he's ninety nine point nine nine percent sure these called into different bull moose by not boats now i know knock and boots as a euphemism for love making but he's using knock and boots as like banging the more off his boots could you think like a bull may like a bull moose during the rock goes you don't ones are yet and i could see how the thought of a virus saw caked with mud it's a kind of noise you can buy a leather that's attached to it a little more soprano than like beating boots together has more of like clapping sound but but use when people also not a move that i know people all people do this is something that happens people call and moves by bang it like
incidentally colin moves by hitting trees or accidents so really because when you hear it's so it's such a weird sound that you can't you're not sure you're hearing it okay and here's a weird thing too as all my kids my kids were here in a bowl they didn't know what it was but their singleton way off and i can't hear and it was only a k it was only when they kept talking about it but i'm going to write is that what is what is not high it just like it's like when you hearing it it's like you feel it we it's like you your where the hearing it but he can't constraints it yeah constraints so you say he got hit it has happened he's being indisputable ball those up he's hunt in the yukon an end of one shot up twenty
later no one believed my theory of why he came in but sure enough i tried again a couple of days later in another bowl strolled in grunting right next to camp two more the guy was listening and he had the east somewhat idea that that older animals like lose their quality like like palatability hunters that possibility is better with younger animals so someone you're like a little back he'll be like was just a little one in people to save his ego would say like oh it's a good eater though this is very common in the hunting world cause she's more tender because they haven't gotten all ropey an old yes that's that's how that's the thing even though there are no that makes me feel better because i'm about to hit forty which means i'm less likely to be cannibalized because you will be like oh that's not a good eater so this guy to say that he has a problem with our us saying
like waterfowl that the eu should the older waterfall was less good because he saying that the best goose he ever ate was that the that i'm breeding this guy's email cause i like some of the lingo he uses the best goosey ever ate last year at court old bob millions game dinner he brought a goose that he's he brought a goose that bomb illigant smoked and he said that this goose was tagged so he had a bit and a goose there was banded and james bay fifteen years earlier as a mature bird has an old birdie so he brings it's at least sixteen years old over to bob milligan 's bob milligan smokes it says it's melt in your mouth tender like you would think it still had the yolk sac attached
and he goes on to say i highly doubt this had anything to do with bob smoking technique as his smoked venison is like eating an old boot last point quick make some will say that we got mart like my talking about us mark twain mark twain was the pen name of samuel climate so the author apart fin times or his name is same climate we adopted the name mark twain we're tabar mark twain comes from when you the river men on the mississippi river would have a line that was marked and what i now know to be one fathom increments of fathom being six feet of water does a guy whose job it is to stand in front of the boat with a rope and await and he throws the rope on the way out
it swings down hits bottom and he calls to the captain the depth and mark twain is to marks meaning to fathom so you have twelve feet of water and twelve feet of water was safe passage for the boat this guy goes on and say that that's not quite right he teaches twain and he says that it's for it it's precarious twelve feet of safe passage and when you hit mark twain you're like saying it's safe but who knows the next mark can be much shallower and he talks about that twain his choice of that word was symbolic and that he occupied the precarious space around safety endanger the guy whose job it was to throw the rope has a rope that goes to four fathoms or twenty feet after that he yells out no bottom if he feels down it doesn't hit he says no bottom these deeper water
would be considered much safer than the call of two fathoms or mark twain so his choice of two fathoms halfway between twain zero and for suggests waters that are safe for the moment but could change to become more dangerous or more safe with the changing level the river bottom therefore clemens choice these reflect his views of america at the time in his writing writings well in general he also goes on to say that twain hated it he talks about how we're always celebrating theodore roosevelt twain hated theodore roosevelt really yup here's what twain had to say about roosevelt in the in nineteen oh seven mr roosevelt is the tom sawyer of the political world of the twentieth century always showing off always hunting for a chance to show off in his frenzied imagination the great republic is a vast barnum circus with him for a clown in the whole world for audience he would go to halifax for half a chance to show off
he would go to hell for the whole one while that is an awesome cloak didn't like like you don't hear many critiques nope him hey do while get big foot here we go how do you want to start out your sorrow tom about your relative yeah it was a big foot expert yeah i think that's because otherwise people like this woman's crazy he was a budget bigfoot expert he was and he was also jet anthropologist and he probably would have had a lot more to say to you about clovis points than i can possibly i want the elder listened to anything he said because he was a big for personnel unfortunate because he actually did make good findings in the field of anthropology but then the gate of them do you think so i dont think you tell me so
the one finding i do know about ass he called it tells me his name is grover grants in reading up in starting up to talk to you you can type in like no big for evidence about finding out about grover couldn't write his he is considered one of the four horsemen obsessed lottery which is a phenomenal phrase that i would like to try and use every day from here on out as possible there's him and three other old dudes all of them are dead but one a guy named peter byrne who is ninety three years old and still looking for big but spent his formative years in the himalaya looking for the yeti this guy he's got do an interview with him a bonus one and like his stories are crazy or can you explain that quick yeah is how goes is that the euro is from down south and then no note the south come on the lake the mayor oh no hey there have been bigfoot sightings in every state but hawaii because bigfoot can't swim now
far right yeti basketball yeah yeah that's what i'm asking about and their cousins they're there if the if if they're real the idea is that they're sort of branched off from some part of the tree way on bat and that's a white bigfoot yeah i'm not sure entirely what the what they did some do turn off the top of a yeti his head headway here on it like you i don't know this like eighty percent of all bigfoot things that was a hoax legged demonstrated to be ass well no surprise there i i have heard that story there is a story about someone turning up with a hand at one point in fact it was pure burn
fun here even without even the himalaya and was at some buddhist temple and nay said hey we ve got a steady hand come take it at check it out and came and looked items is huge hand that these giant nails on it and he's like i want to take that back in their like no no no it's a wholly symbol you can't have it and he tells the story way better so he flies back to london this is in the sixtys when the hell are you doing is cabling back and foreigners is one big fools good fashionable this is yeah this is before he even knew about big but this was still
addy there was a guy named tom slick who was a texas oilman who financed all these expeditions verson in the the himalaya and then in the united states he died in a plane crash in nineteen sixty two and his family was like okay we're done with this poll all the money and that was the end of those those particular expeditions cause other hand yeah so the hand ah peter piot burn as guy i talked to cables tom slick says they've got this hand up here and tom says well can you bring it back this is kept all cables going back and forth and peter's like no you know that this is a wholly relic for them and he said come to london so they go to london they meet with the protector of the london zoo and the guy says here give them this hand
instead pulls a hand out from under the table where they're having lunch in a brown paper bag and so peter takes that hand back to the himalaya and gets a finger off of this hand that's there the supposedly as he yeti hand brings it back to london and that's a whole story in and of itself but i'm going to it involves jimmy stewart and smuggling stuff out of the country it's crazy she resort yeah you ever see how the west was won know do do i need to yeah okay sure i read that down he plays a frontiersman someone i i'll i'll forget that christmas movie right it's a wonderful life i've never seen it i flouted the box of did it really is a whole people like a production company went out of business over what a failure is what everybody talks about what a great movie it what was it was resurrected i've never seen it and every time i say that people think i'm a communist yeah i think so yet you strikes against you
how can i get a curse is has the same story that it was a it was a flop the leg limp yeah i think i'm putting my pc now all of a christian story yeah flat there isn't one of their life flop and it was made by returning you know more as the director who is returning from world war two really yeah and he had been profoundly impacted by things he saw in world war two and came home and made it's wonderful life and that flop that was like devastating but then it became a classic every american family watches every year yeah except mine every american should watch well we're reading we're busy reading karl marx yeah buzz
getting way jimmy stewart threw me for a loop yeah there jimmy stewart's involved in this yeah okay so anyway jimmy stewart helped smuggle this finger out back to london where they you know examined it and the guy at the zoo said i know this doesn't look like any specimen i'm familiar with put it in a drawer and then it disappeared for years and years and years and years and years free genetics yeah well then they found it and it was in his private lab at the back of some building in the zoo and they i dug it out and they ran genetics on it and it was peter burns dna that was all over it which was really kind of interesting so even though he'd handled it decades before i think they did the dna testing in two thousand and thirteen his dna still i coding it withdrew fascinating stuff stuff is very little room they think it was whom i think it was human since like some guy will really big hand
oh i know right not forgetting the ledge india does italy has helped feed the ledge who for decades right anyway back to grover my relative over cramps rover cramming war crimes same a last name in what is the what is the relationship he is my grandfather's cousin so i didn't know who he was he had gotten this big write up in the washington post because he donated first he donated his body to the tennessee body farm which is where they run forensic analysis they'll take bodies that have been donated now leave him in a field or in a pond or in the trunk of a car and see what happens to them as they decay and then they use that stuff
to do forensics on crimes and you know missing persons when they do find the body that kind of thing yeah so he did that first and then his skeleton went to the smithsonian along with the bones of his three irish wolfhounds yahoo icky and clyde clyde was his favorite and the washington posted this huge article on him and that's how i found out about them i had no idea who he was and then at the last section of that article there was this sort of i dunno three or four paragraphs about how he was known for driving around the pacific northwest with a spotlight and a rifle searching for sasquatch dr yeah you mean to tell me the older grover you're kim and he was prepared to
well he's prepared to do the unspeakable oh yeah yeah he he actually came out and told a reporter this because he knew that for science you have to have a type specimen to prove the existence of a species to get it put in illinois and system to get it categorized you have to have in the equivalent of a big foot stuck in styrofoam with a big pen like them like the butterfly like same kind of thing so he told a reporter this that he was prepared to shoot one for the purposes of science that story indicated in newspapers all over the country and grover got so much hate mail that they had to resort to a form letter as did washington state university where he was a tenured anthropology professor they were sending out letters left and right saying you ve misinterpreted this but people were angry even people who didn't think big
real were like pissed off i usually argosy both sides can you tell me what why do i see both sides because sometimes you need to burn a village to say yep if he were to prove me now if you were to prove definitively that there is this species it would no doubt led to a lot of protections yep legal habitat otherwise i'll would have to reckon with this reality that grover believed in so you're killing one and people like to have this idea that big foot is like a thing it's like a singular specimen but you'd have to have used here's
this this is where i start this is one of the many areas in which i start to not believe in bigfoot is that you'd have to have a breeding population that has survived here for tens of thousands of years and so that there must be a couple thousand of them in order to carry on that's one of the theory what if you look at it i got that you look at what it takes to support me we're talk about something that six eight hundred pounds enormous in any way what we know about other animals of that size its very our two halves it's very hard to maintain stable populations of large mammals that are in that you know you can't carry on for ten thousand years with just two or three of running around you to breeding
relational right but people like to have this idea that is is this loan wandering thing i think that part of that idea stems from tabloid stuff what idea the idea that there is just one on because i hear that a lot from from people who aren't bigfoot experts where they just say oh is he still alive but as people who are really steeped in this world they believed that there is a breeding population the idea is roughly two thousand soldiers but then has been bigfoot sightings and all fifty states i don't know how many of those came out of a bottom of a whisky bottle okay so so so big we're getting ahead of ourselves the big thing for people bigfoot believers they don't like to be called believers what did i become i don't know i haven't figured that out yet but the term belief is a bit of a they they can they put that with faith
well that's what we're gonna be brought the i want you to supply me supply me i know i don't have a letter on either and i actually far i had a lot of conversations about this i've just saying that building it's a hard word for them to swallow but they actually end up using it because they don't have a better one bedroom yeah so bigfoot believers like the the top tier bigfoot researchers are are saying that like let's just let's go down to the core bigfoot country northwest northern california or again washington is he's a big foot gear the euro is the olympic peninsula washington i'd say up into canada to up again if you are going to consider so that their their suggesting that there are two thousand big foots runnin around that turf is it bigfoot or big feet big
i don't know what they would go what are they going to i say there i'm running a pole on this right now there seems to be tied between big foot and bigfoot as an bigfoot like dear you're good big foots two thousand big foots how many grizzly bears are in economic growth bears in montana while me in idaho five hundred no about two thousand ok you know often people run into those things how often lot many people every day men people every day you're not you know everything there is very good at it by cards they sharpened chicken coops therein people's backing hard to dine at yellowstone national park lingering around they're nowhere near as elusive as the big four but i will get back to him shooting one so at least all sides will first up you will you ensure that a big for you ran into one thinking about we're especially after
need to lorries park as deadly kazoo just you and kill a big for you have to have a specimen yeah do i never would do that because otherwise you use we ve this conversation before otherwise you come back back in just then the another agenda there guy you're gonna be like that guy was cool but now i'd consider him crazy and in talking about this before us that if i saw one i wouldn't absolutely not kill it and i would never tell me one that i thought i fear i had the same problem because if you see one and then you like i can't tell anyone about this they're gonna like just think i've gone the deep and i've been out in the woods to long or i've been around bigfoot people too long know if i could befallen dead just we get out now i'm gonna have to wrestle added on our national moved out but i wouldn't kill a big foot why not because you of all people
all real all people well i'm just saying because you don't believe in when you want people to i wouldn't kill one because i just don't go off shoot and guns and whatnot at things that i don't have legs now what i'm saying i just because you don't because you don't believe when if you did see one and knowing what this sort of general populace thinks of this or what people would think if you were to come back and say you just wouldn't tell anyone you just and then you'd what bury it in the back of your mind and never think of it again yeah that's what i would do okay what else have you seen
there that you're not telling us about thankfully thankfully nothing okay thankfully nothing but no i wouldn't kill one you honest i'm disappointed you kill one i dunno i feel like you'd be in some trouble is that not true well it's not like it's a protected species i believe grover's saying wasn't i don't know if i have this correct but he's the first person who shoots once you get a metal the second one should go to jail gotcha so he really from a science perspective he felt you needed to have a specimen in order to prove it's existence now dna would change that to some degree because if you got dna off of thank you and that was significantly different from anything else in that file a genetic tree then you might have more of a case but even then i dont think they allow you well i don't know that for sure you might be able to name a species based on dna alone now but for you
do it for footprints you can't do it for other stuff you mention the name system who that's like us being homo sapiens kingdom phylum class order family jean exists that's like art when you see like the the name or something called the lad name for animal and theirs by binomial nomenclature yeah a refresher on high school biology when i started doing that the second episode which is on evolution you're real we have an established this ok the you you show oh right i have a show yeah tell you about the russo the grover thing got me interested and then i kind of sat on the story for a few years i didn't really know what to do with it but with the back
in radio and then when i was living in denver when i moved to denver i found out the growers fourth and last wife lived about thirty miles away and i thought you know what i'm just going to go talk to her and she had some good stories about grover that weren't necessarily bigfoot related they were just like about an interesting really kind of a fascinating guy and then she put me in touch with a few more people and by that point i was realizing that these interviews were really pretty compelling and pretty fun to do and as like i'm going to do a podcast and so that's what i decided to do so i had a podcast started october second called wild thing and it's about grover this relative of mine about the people who are looking for big foot and who are spending all kinds of time and money and energy and then it's sort of suspending disbelieve in saying ok if bigfoot is a thing where would fit in evolutionary tree how would we what does the evidence look like what are some of the encounters that people have had and then it's also
king at the cultural significance of big foot because even for people who don't believe in bigfoot dumping big what's real think it's kind of silly there is a fascination and a lot of companies have tapped into that too i mean in a big foot beers and bigfoot bikes more cooler company called you eddie you haven't a spaghetti toto differ that's the only area odin learned and began i mean there that the getty i think falls into the same category in terms of this miracle yeah yeah what's the word crypto crypto zoology crypto studying stuff it doesn't exist crypto wealth kind of sea i guess i don't know the full i didn't really do the etymology of the word yeah oh i want to move on from grover count but biased and like you the genesis of your interest came from him
came from realise and you were long lost relatives with the leading bigfoot researcher yet not many people get the claim that by one of our planet's on them but i'm gonna pick it up but grove and care for wives right the way to the other three resources bigfoot ate them big were killed him i know the first to the first sabre divorces i don't think the first two lasted very long the third one didn't really either and then the fourth one he was married to diane for over twenty years so saw a bunch of spouses who donates his body to be to learn how to study rotting corpses his bow his his dogs gotta smithsonian i'm getting the your painting a picture to me a person who has an like outsize perspective of themselves and who is any centric and wants people to know about it i think that is probably fair
which is also not what you're generally looking for when it comes to a researcher that there is some truth in that however i did talk to students and friends and people who work him and he was very well liked and well respected his classes were always full people loved him as a professor so i dont think he was just you know egomaniac shown running around look at me look at me look at me you and ultimately i feel well be this isn't the case some you know some show men they do stuff because they want people to like them and they want people to pay attention to them and respect them and think that their great i think grover didn't really care what people thought he just had kind of your ideas and liked to pursue them no one point he was trying to figure out why certain human ancestors had the sort of prominent brow ridge permian bro
and so he took a piece of styrofoam and he are styrene and he carved a brow and he glued it to his forehead and he walked around campus for a couple of weeks like that just to kind of and understand why what the point something like a shrewd and his eyes so you had one while his hand i think that ultimately what he decided as you know it served as an eye shade which may not have been enough for it to stick around as a residual evolutionary train but on the opens yeah good now get this holiday season when you make yourself a whole made honey glazed ham using a jewel severe you will put that hamper forty eight hours and so the most favourable and tender holiday him very experienced could remove jewel means zero guesswork soul be venison
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three a m d m e twenty three and me dotcom slash meeting again twenty three in me dot com slash meat meat eater onward where did you sit on what was your sort of feelings knowledge about an opinion on big foot before you realize that you had a the year related to a big for research i thought this is tinfoil hat stuff like all the way was i mean just kids heresy theory and like people who are a little unplugged from reality you know it's tabloid it's like big foot had my baby no headlines weekly world news and the national inquirer in my one movie that i've ever seen was harry and the henderson's as this will be your relative
the guy with the gun trying to kill big that is the guy who supposed to be closer to grover is walter what is his last name he's the nice guy the older guy who's like i'm never going to see a big foot in any like turned and looks and there's harry ready i forget what his name is those your relative supposedly loosely model longer over in the gun guy was modeled on a guy named renee to hindon who was a swiss immigrant to canada and was supposedly a little unhinged but i also don't know how closely these huge are actually ugly but maybe inform the yeah psych in jaws and jaws the that though shark honour is modeled off of frank mundus who the guy and mine talk who take people out to kill bigger sharks and where the teeth and i don't think i knew that like you use he was spielberg modeled ok took attributes from frank mundus
yeah i'm call the monster man informed that yeah the informed that character so is there are concerned you mentioned like you thought of as conspiracy theory stuff but there's no conspiracy that big there are big what people think the government's hiding the truth well so here's the other thing i learned bigfoot people from the outside its a monolith when you start investigating a little bit more it kind of starts to divide in the smaller groups so there is a group similar to grover who are looking at this you know bigfoot as a undocumented primate its flesh and brought blood it's beholden to the same laws of physics and nature that the rest of us are then there's a whole group bad are like big foot was dropped off by aliens it can move through dimensions which is why you don't see it because you'll like see the rustling and then it moves into another dimension and then you're not seeing in any more but i can still see you and i can now it's got telepathy in
gotcha yeah i know you know mitch the comedian mitch hedberg yes about big foot and his blurry around the edges that is just this which i didn't know that joke and i use that i've like thought i was so clever as like look at this funny joke that i wrote and i put it into the third episode and then someone's like mitch hedberg wrote that joke ruth britain or to allow new material out i was reminded of it by the third dimensional like the third dimensional idea that that so there are well that dimension actually can be moving through all yeah your three dimensional freedom okay so there's that so does the school though that grover occupied is a species yeah it's just and it's been an undocumented subject all the things that were subject to her and then there's people who are like no it's it's superman troll paranormal but you know it it's not beholden to the laws of physics and nature which i just i didn't spend any time looking into that because if you decide to suspend the laws of physics for big
you probably have to do it for everything else to a native american man explained could we dog on big for luck native american man explained to me i wrote a letter to me once in trying to explain sort of the position that that didn't call big but there is an there's a native american tradition about this large is there a lot of them yeah and he explained it in that way like he used the term bow shape shifter like a a sort of magical creature and that was the way it was disgust yeah and i dont know that there is a lot of creatures in native american folklore in the native americans worries that our everyday creatures that are imbued with these kinds of magical qualities grover's theory was well with those of you strip out all the magical stuff you have the animal so he thought maybe bigfoot would be the same kind of thing like coyote
the trickster who would or revenge or you know thunderbird they think was the candour which apparently should be extinct according to john well i oh i guess you around or does it is only right that from the record no the one i've immunity but more at some point more kind or thoughts we got a lot condor feedback retorted is there another variety given that the magic the metaphysical bigfoot and then within there also some people who think there is an actual government or logging industry cover up the idea being that similar with the spotted owl is something like bigfoot actually is proved to exist in the forests of the pacific northwest well shit you're can it be can i swear yeah i'll drink had it aren't you carried away words fine ok we we can't go in there and log anymore it's going ruined our industry i mean if they did that for the owl
are they going to do for bigfoot so there's a theory conspiracy there's a conspiracy idea that either the forests this or the logging industry is somehow involved in covering this stuff up because they want to keep on business as usual yep but that brings up something that brings up a real problem for me with something in the show that i feel it needs better explanation ok early on and that without given too much weight listeners early on in your series on big foot yahoo you go out with some fellers who to investigate some big foot nests and they explain to you and i had a very our time with this they explain to you that a timber cruiser like a person who assesses timber ahead of a timber higher residency like your timber cruiser go out would be like cutting is cutting here warranted harmony board feeder here was examined
around the tree accessibility of the timber yet that a timber cruiser goes out and fines bigfoot nests and these individuals bigfoot people suggests you that they then called off the timber harvest in order to give them a couple years to do research on the big foot ness and lock off all access to the area on the olympic peninsula locked off all access to them area in order to allow them to carry out the research and only they can go into the area really that's true the land was already gated and was private timberland so it wasn't like it was for us i wasn't warrior hauser it was private for
and this guy was out and it's his family's land and so this guy was out doing you know looking for timber and figuring out like what the cut was going to be on this particular plot and then came across this stuff phone the mess down the nests called and department of natural resources for washing and called on the olympic project now my feeling is if you called in the olympic project is probably because you already have some sort of ideas about bigfoot in in your mind because their big for recent arabic what research group very ice people very down to earth they run some really interesting programmes that actually where we can get it later but i like the idea that some of the stuff that happens with bigfoot research is people get trained to recognise animal calls to recognise things in the woods there not assuming that everything out there is a big foot that's kind of a sidebar anyway de in our came out and elaborate project came out and everyone's can eliminate these things thinking i don't know what they are and so the timber guy because it's his family's
and said we know will log somewhere else you get five years what why would they allow anyone to photograph the bigfoot footnotes oh they well they just wouldn't let me how far the big you inevitable www google bigfoot nests olympic peninsula you'll find them online no problem pictures of oda house gauges gives a rough sketch what these i'd say yeah eight nine ten feet in the ep diameter like they're pretty there there woven there like a birds nest now i saw them two and a half years in three years in after they had been found and they were pretty degraded but you could still tell that they had been woven up the edges besides in why has no one is wrong why isn't it on genetic swabs on these things i have her that's in the pot cast their lives there and yeah and would have won what what is the this isn't running until after december forthright correct ok what's species is it left the
they found any kind of species you would have expected in the pacific northwest the only primate they found was human real human human human not close to human and then they found horse which was kind of weird but somebody probably track that in on their boots and so it was emanation so these were run at a lab in new york or progress who ever made the nurse or these guys out their cut samples out of it because here it's gonna be very unless you go in like you're and even crime scenes get cross contaminated all the time unless you going in and like a fool level for bio hazard suit you you have any negative if that finger that peter burn touched seventy years the yeti hand still had dna on it that stuff could have been there for who knows but when you usually when you call dna from a bone
you should go in you know you go into a very controlled atmosphere and pull material from inside of the bone where you don't have as much surface contamination while they did they took big pie shaped wedges out of the nests they back them up but there were some problems with the material so having moisture in it so you know that hastens degradation of samples and that then they also did not do dna testing on the nests immediately they did a few years so wind and rain and sun and all the rest of that had also done some some damage to it so you know and that that sort of has people holding out hope that ok maybe these samples were contaminated and so we didn't get everything
faded out of it or maybe whatever bigfoot is it so closely related to humans that were perceiving this human dna as contamination but it's actually bigfoot here can you lay out as i like totally like a straight face never mind my negativity like lay off me what in the in the big for can any one of the biggest like in the big foot community what are the right now sort of the hop pieces of evidence like right now what is the you know if you really going sit down and present at a conference of of of of scientists okay you're gonna present and you get the best brightest mind who from the bigfoot world world and he needs the comment and be like this is real we need to pay attention to this what are the three or four things
he's gonna lay out for us and the patterson gilmore i don't mean i'm not he or she will lay out for the patterson gambling film will always come up this is that nineteen sixty seven footage extremely shaky was shot in the six rivers national forest area of northern california are sort of near eureka willow creek though and that is always held up as being a piece of evidence and what's a colleague has caught called the patterson gamblin film and you have seen it everybody has seen it or they ve only seen the still from it which is the big foot sort of one hand in front one hand behind looking back over her shoulder but didn't that didn't bigfoot re wasn't that person they were going out to fill me bigfoot they were out is so i heard patterson yeah i know roger patterson and bob gamblin were down there looking the tracks there had been tracks found in that area around some and logging equipment that have been put in over a weekend
and though loggers came back in on a monday morning and there were these tracks and everybody got all kerfuffle about this so roger patterson and bob dylan tat came down from the yakima washington area and spent three weeks three or four weeks out there just kind of looking around ass the fact that they were out looking for big foot and roger happened running a camera mad questions to it the flip side is no one has ever brought the suit out the suit that was and in that film the others them and their actions about something that is seen like someone can see a clasp and they argue that it was dry dung sticking to the view that's a new one i heard that one i don't know but this is the thing if you go to the if you go to the matters in greenland wiki wikipedia page we'll see you next year like you will be
in there every link that could put you could possibly imagine is one of the deepest rabbit holes i've ever spent time in and i just finally i was like i can't i'm done i have to move on to something else and but three different people have claimed to be the guy in the suit no one's details match anyone else's details this there's a lot of lake questioning about it in the same way that there is about a lot of the other other evidence like what is real what is not well why they still hold that famous because no one has disproved it so they still put it up as being a significant piece of evidence there were also footprints taken from the creature that day there's plaster casts and those are around as well and seen as there's a i think it's the ah met it is at the meditation break it basically is the break halfway in the foot where it would be bending whereas if it were fake feet they would
and you know flat on the ground and this has a break in it so looks like it's got pressure so that you know the annette foot anatomy and and the mobility is is brought into play there gotcha yeah so it's like these little i bits that those are the kinds of things we are like well in this hang in there yeah that's a hang on about one at least a moron you know the other the other thing that a lot is how many footprints there actually are and the idea that someone could be hoaxing all of those and being you know out there with fake feet seems impossible so if you ve got one one hand all these fake footprints they're all fake and on one on the other hand it's like big foot both seem equally silly but what seems more likely well they they tend to think big
it is more likely and what are some of the other ones i mean the dna there's a lot of hope being held out for dna stuff and who knows if that will ever turn anything up it would be helpful if they could actually get samples of something that is she is different from you know bear poop or human dna or a deer hair because a lot of samples get sent in and then some guy saying oh i saw this weird thing the words and intends in the sample and then it ends up being the same is not me i'm not i'm nothing unusual yeah i want to come back to good people lest any other many more other in a real singers right now lead to thousands of loud weren't there and i was the body print from two thousand were silent while some fruit bait o yet it slipped in it
is another body and appreciate the but print i think that one's call i can't remember what in someone proposed the scum cast that's that when someone propose there he the big for in getting the bait didn't want to leave trap that they don't like to leave tracks so he approached the bait somehow laying down in some pointed out well if you molly footprints it seems that he would also not want to leave a large body impression of himself bear that was in two thousand and that was researched by the bigfoot field researchers organization are you familiar with them yes that was a a group started by a guy named matt moneymaker who i know it's not a great name is actual name
did he was on the finding bigfoot that tv show that was you know ran like nine seasons seven years nine season something like that and was extremely popular we were talking about dna yeah and if if more evidence comes out let's come back to evidence about dna which brings up this question of what is the idea of like what is it how did it get here do they believe that it dna no no i was like i can't help a species okay again imagine the the big four people are in explaining yeah in a in a you know in a symposium they're sort of two theories on this that i found sort of i mean i i can do stuff i did and this was very big foot one on one so there's much more elaborate theories out there but the way i saw it was there's people who think that huh that bigfoot would be closely
they did to humans would be descended from an ancient human ancestor there's a guy named jeff meldrum who is a professor of anthropology idaho state university he's kind of picked up the mantle from grover my relative as being the academic bigfoot guy and he thinks it is probably descended from an ancient human relative and renal branched off couple million years oh and passed through the bearing land bridge repass through brings you in writing your head of humans no when you know i don't remember what he said about how it ended up in ya know i would have come here around the same time as humans it would have been following along the same time as everyone else so the interesting one of the interesting things i learned during this process was about evolution and the idea long time was evolution was a straight line that we know it was
slowly evolving line from primitive this to perfection and more complex radio and that's not the case that it's just its shrub basically there's all these different offshoots and branches and things that like you know look like they were promising and unjust proof kind of died out and at one point in time there was as many as like eight or nine hominid species walking around the planet at the same time yeah you do in the area of of around the southern mediterranean and the middle east in northern africa all right do denisov ends and neanderthal and humble frenzy and this and i mean there's just lots of different things it's kinda like nature soaring spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks to some degree boatmen these things a lucky normalcy long no like neanderthals were in nanda towels
it's like you know what you mean there are certain things you know they're right and you don't care anyway but you don't do it because it just winds up making a statement about itself like this certain we're just drove with like like niche or it's niche wait so you want to be like can i get a i understand those let's do it this way like buffalo and bison yeah i'm careful and buys a struggle with it all the time and so i'm just going to go ago neanderthal okay that's fine as long as they're not going to judge you knowing that i should that i'm not saying it right that they had that they occupied europe for our longer yeah the modern humans about their therefore when there were four six hundred thousand years it was a column of failure rate by what measure right but i'm not saying their failure necessarily that's not what i trying to apply in normal in the least but what's interesting and what they found out in recent years as they may not have in fact died out they may have just in bread roto an
well like you can do those dino twenty three and me ancestry dot com dna tests and people are like oh i'm twenty percent neanderthal i have i have less than average oh do i have less than one average neanderthal introgression and it turns out that and what does that mean for you nothing but was surprised the dickens out of me was always thought as one fourth sicilian oh and you weren't well i like twenty three per cent italian two percent north african oh interesting yeah and it's this august so i mean this is this all gets so complicated because there's all kinds of how accurate is that all kinds of things in your lineage that don't pass down you know friendly like it's it's just it's all their conversation but i took note of being less neanderthal than average for the number of people who have submitted themselves of the testing was still there oh yeah the neanderthals yet they didn't was like the last one one day
faded away and die right there's some our interbreeding with modern humans yeah so anyway the aid is that maybe bigfoot is another one of these like relic hominid species that is existed in an travelled along damn ways well pretty much most most hominids did travel fair distances but that's a long way
is a long ways and in the other theory is that bigfoot is descend is further back on the evolutionary train is more closely related to primates and is descended from an ancient asian ape called gigantic pythagoras of which there is very little information they have some jaws and like several hundred teeth several thousand teeth and that's it they don't have any long bones they don't have any anything that would really help with descriptor so some people think ok gigantic pythagoras look at the size of the jaw look at the size of the teeth this thing must have been huge and some people say this thing a lot of course grass and fibrous plants and needed a big jaw and big teeth to be able to
get through that kind of food and probably wasn't that big but nobody knows though everything all this this stuff is just theoretical what is the most fashionable idea in the community about what they eat bad same stuff is bears very omnivorous that's what i heard over and over again is like if its if an area can support a bare population it can support a big the population in there then too there will kill any me i think so now there's a guy i want to have an insult these alaska and i bought it from a guy who bought it from a guy who bought it from
i who had had a big foot who had found a nest who really prince wailed island ok and he found an asketh he found ass because he could smell it i've heard the bigfoot smells very bad debts is actually something that come up in so you end is rumoured that part in those parts that the this big for population that exist on this island whose creates a whole problem for it so limited
resources unless it's getting they got jon boats it's a huge island like it could support you know sports thousands and thousands of blackbirds but yeah there's a stump these folks feel that there's a sustainable handful of people that i've run into feel there's a sustainable population of mouth or or that that that's that's existed over the eons that they like the stick dear up in trees i've heard of that stash their deer up and trees cougars do that too though don't they know they don't stash my trees they don't know leopards do that yeah it's true but cookers doubt they bury him at the basis of the scratch up dirt and sticks and leaves and where'd you hear what i want to draw up on the rocks under so their cashing em and you say under onto onto the that but that doesn't surprise you got him
that i've never heard of a mountain lion dragging a deer up into a tree will say this then someone's gonna have a bunch i get it you're going to get a letter yeah but leopards stash them in trees where was i going with that are you a guy had a cabin well he was a believer in the nes but i had another thing about that what about it what was it what was the mail you're talking about the smell the smell that he he went by that he located it based on its odor bears i hear don't smell very good either though there is a there is a grizzly attack in the park like two years ago yellowstone national park and and is actually the kid of a friend of my parents i think and he just got ripped to shreds lived but he said the things he remembers the most was how bad it smelled of smelled all man are bears how do they smell i haven't found it to be pleasant nor have i found it to be an unplug
ok just depends what have you been into yeah guess how dependent close your favorite could have sent the day i was surprised that would have something all over its further might smell you didn't have like a bad luck like they don't have liquid general order following a skunk or offering at all so i've the smell thing a number of times and you asking about evidence the one other thing that still sort of makes me question is the eyewitness accounts that i've heard some of them are just crazy typically he can hold onto that because an over the top what we're talking about like the diet so diet would be similar to a blackbird yeah that's the thought they might eat meat fish and pretty much anything they can get their hands on yeah i was also told that they like
pis zero yeah i remember reading the thing that researchers the bigfoot researchers will try to lure me with watermelons oh that's a new one i'd heard like fruit pies but my feeling is that he put a fruit pie out you're going to get raccoons i mean anything anything out of the sun and campers nearby like yeah anybody nobody's gonna walk in the door of the four year and if anything they eat something has excrement how they explain the lack of yeah they clean up their own droppings yeah there's a theory they might bury them oh but yeah there is now
so there's a guy at new york university who's a molecular primatologist and it is you know he's an anthropologist and he works in dna and he does not think bigfoot israeli said the chances are adjacent to zero but he's one of these guys is just fascinated by the phenomenon and he will work with a few very select researchers if they raise the money and send them hit their samples he will run tests on them and he says i just get so much bear crap cause people send it in it'll be like i found this and then he'll run it through the test bear the over and over and over again nothing nothing different is it true that right now someone still has a million dollar reward out for a dead bigfoot that's a distinct possibility
there is a guy named tom discarding who i think put up a reward for that for a carcass yeah what do they feel that the people you interviewed what are they feel is happening to the big foot carcasses but there are having just there saying you know how often do you see a bare carcass in the woods and see i've never seen one from birth schools because they all time low phone a bunch of bear school okay well bunch of bear remains the idea their their theory is that you don't find bodies of animals in the woods very often that they get scavenged that the porcupines eat the bones that the bones get scattered as the animals you know it dies it's eight hundred pounds of stinking meat and it just gets eaten up
no that's their theory but i have not as as someone who's hiked and camped pretty much their whole life not probably not as far into the backwoods as you've gone in fact i'm one hundred percent positive of that but i have only ever seen one that dead fall dead skeleton ever it was deer and it was gone by three months later but the but the but but bones are captured in the paleontological record your la la brea tar pits they are and they're not this was actually another interesting conversation i had with a guy named ian tattersall who is the is a anthropologist out at the american museum of natural history in new york
he said it is incredibly hard to become a fossil but things managed to become vos they do but we are what we have available to us is only a very small fraction of what the full fossil record is because if you think about it you have to die in the right place at the right time under the right conditions it has the right kind of material that your buried in and then
to be uncovered at the right moment and that the contend that the elements and the conditions can't be wearing it down and you have to be discovered by someone yeah but it's a whole thing about this form of ah ha we're talking about a population of give or take maybe two thousand things that weigh eight hundred pounds six eight hundred pounds there is no other large mammal that exists in north america that we don't find the remains of all the time all of our large mammals get hit by cars every year even when you had fifty florida panthers when the population was as low as fifty multiple ones would get
on the highway every year in florida it's like you can't say that you can't look someone in the eye and explain to them why the two thousand animals that have coexisted with humans here not just remit like never mind the court coexist with native americans for what we now know to be these fifteen thousand five hundred years coexisted with euro americans here for hundreds of years that no one's ever found a bone as we find like all of our other large mammals are well established in the paleontological record you go to la brea tar pit deliberate tar pits dozens of mammoths hundreds of dire wolves every creature that we know would show up there routinely
it is a real problem say that there is a thing that's alive right now that we don't have any bones for because the porcupines got em all i know these are here today and i know he had the one other thing that has been presented to me that the dna analysis on a lot of bones is fairly recent so if somebody found bones before and they ended in a collection somewhere they are not running and ian tattersall told me this i said you know well what if we've got all these you know hominid species that we're finding now what else is there what have we miss identified in these collections of bones in museums have he said that nobody's going back and digging through those collections because there's no glory in that essentially it's like if you find the new thing out in the world that's exciting but who wants to go back to the store
it'd be the guy sorting through the bones and running analysis on those yet it may use some of that man's most of an eight hundred pound person yeah or like a you know this is a weird barebone and then ends up in some locker somewhere and nobody ever does anything with it i'm not saying that that's the case but i think that you know people will find reasons to make this creature real no can we talk about sightings yeah there were discussed here and i bet you will i want to get around it took while you're gonna get letters about this i wanted you round a wild with other i would as yet i heard what you perspective these are actually the hardest thing for me to throw out because some of the people i talk
you're in a thirty year you asked for a service fish and game be alarmed like their outside all the time familiar with wildlife familiar with the ecosystems that therein and then they see something that completely alters their view of the wild life out there and their beliefs yeah their beliefs and it's hard for me to throw that out because they clearly had an experience that shook them whether its big foot i dont know i wasn't there i didn't see it i wasn't part of it but it clearly is something that has just rocked them to their core did you talk to a lot of people who had eyewitness accounts you tell me about a couple there tell you what a couple the ones that like surprised relay while this seems like a sane rational bs so one of them came from a guy named john minds and ski
he is he lives down and wyoming in atlantic city if you know where that is the way the city wyoming yeah nor don't teeny tiny it sort of its not far from pine they'll lugano bundle yeah i'll civilization you'll ever need according to their sign and here i was working for must have been the forest service at the time and it was his turn to go out and run this sort of scouting thing they were doing research on bighorn sheep's sheep not sheeps zoo the big feats and he went in got his gear from the the depot and grabbed his stuff and unlike headed out into the woods and on the way out the door this guy yells to him hey i spilled bacon grease on that tent just f y i so he goes out and this is why all does not bigfoot contriving ere it open while not all of it there's forests it's pretty aired in open a man general as a sitting he was in the winds
and he was camped out there in and forest somewhere and had gone to sleep and woke up to the sound of something breathing and for a while thought it was a bear and then he said sounded different from a bear sounded like maybe a sick bear and then whatever it was kind of came up to the tent and pushed its its basin he thought right where that bacon grease spot is and he's like well damn it's bear so he like yells and like wax it on the nose to try and scared off and it runs off back behind the sort of do it the dog hair pines that were on the edge of his camp and here's it breathing again then it comes back a second time it does the same thing and he does that hits it again then it comes back a third time and this time it's
look it's over top of the he can silhouette see silhouetted over the top the moon was full and he thinks it's holding onto the large pull pine above his tent and he standing their country sitting in the tent trying to figure out what is going to do to sort of scare the thing off and then another face or presses itself into the bacon greece spain and he's like well it's imala baron or cub look this is the worst possible situation to be in but he wants to sort of like get them away from the tent so he wax it again at the time it's not soft like a nose it's like rock hard and if whatever the sing as he throws it off it's balance and it comes crashing down onto the tent he's getting out of the tent and trying to wiggle his way out of it and then the thing takes off and it's big that's all he can tell and it's hiding behind these pines on the edge camp and he's sitting by the fire with a blanket over him and his forty five in his
and just thinking what the hell is this thing and then whatever it is starts lobbying pine cones adam and logs thirty forty pine cones and he's not in any hurry to get away from the fire and then the thing can adjust shovels off next morning he gets up and he looks to see if there's any footprints or in a bare tracks or anything like that and there's too much pint of so he can see what it is so egos get gets up his stuff goes back into the station and tells his boss about it and as is its is boss who says i think you might have had a big foot encounter because apparently there's been a bunch of people who
imported something similar in that area over the past few months and this is a guy who worked on the lunar exploration module in the sixties when he was like a you know a graduate student or an undergrad in college he'd worked in fish and wildlife he worked with blm he's very soft spoken he's not grandstanding and the like rational like you is just like the kind of guy that he just so down to earth and he tells you the story and you're just like what was it and he's like i still don't know to this day i still don't know hit me with another one okay i like this
if you had to listen to episode four they're full of em and another guy i talked to was a guy named derek randles who is up in the olympic peninsula and he's actually one of the best bigfoot country yeah and he is one of the founders of the olympic project because of an experience he had in the eighties where he'd gone out camping he was back they were in the back country he and a couple of friends and and they were setting up they were getting ready to set up camp on this sort of ridge line maybe a quarter mile half mile off the trail that they'd taken up and something started throwing rocks at them first they were all coming into the right of them then they were all coming in the left and then they could hear this thing sort of coming through the trees at him and they all flipped out grabbed up their packs and like took off down the trail and then derek remembered he had a gun in his bag and and so he you know pulled off the pack pulled out the gun and then he saw this thing standing in the trees just staring at him and i asked
well what was it and he said it was eight feet tall it was just absolutely enormous and he just said just scared the bejesus out of him and these are the kinds of stories i heard were people were kind of out doing their own thing they're used to being in the wilderness they grew up being outside they're not the kind of people who are going to be easily startled by the animals and the things that they see out there and this just really changes everything for them you do your background as a journalist i do new jar journalist yes and why is it that journalists what is it about journalists attraction to people who believing bigfoot like i am obviously part of this i want to talk to you gases like like for me too
about it i got talk about to someone like you if you want to talk about to the actual people who have more of a difficult time you need to have a little bit of genetic separation like the buffer yeah because i can because i could just get the questions i have been better if there's like a layer between yeah that but but why do journalist like the story i well i think part of it is it is it is a colorful story no matter how slice it like there is a lot of color to this there was a you know last fall there was a well this fall it is still fall there was a big foot festival held in north carolina and probably six differ similar better alot of every state every sedate every step in hawaii there's probably like six or seven journalism outfits that showed up because it's you know it's always any it zany and its you're gonna talk to care
turn right enemy interests they care and you know especially i think right well anytime anytime when the news is difficult and hard to swallow and there's a lot of hard things going on you're looking for stories that world get people interested but won't necessarily turn into like a political knife fight i got you and i will say bigfoot as a fairly universal topic i you know aside from my accountant there's on and you who hates bigfoot no it's been i have not had a conversation yet with anyone who's not first sale like laugh or they'll kind of joke about it and be like oh this dumb but then they have all these questions so yeah yeah so there's something about
put the people do find appealing and journalists are among them does the thing i talked about a bunch i need to go like reread it to make sure i'm getting it right but no doubt you're familiar with the writer joan didion guy early it's early in slouching towards bethlehem or early the white album i think it's early and slouching towards bethlehem and she talks about a way in which people in this she's writing pre internet so she wrote this before the internet came out but she's talking about a way in which people rebel against information and i'm paraphrasing what she's saying but there's people who as information becomes so available and we know about so much and we can find out about so much there's a way to rebel against information
i like tenaciously grabbing onto rumours and myths and conspiracies because gives you a sense of knowing something that everyone else just can't see the same like i know the truth i'm sorry i'm inside i am i am aware and all the rest of you people are not aware and i get that that's the conspiracy theory thing too i think that just gets taken to the sort of a very extreme level but is this idea that somehow i have knowledge about things that you don't and that makes me special you're rebelling against widely held information to become that like you know the truth but no one can see it yeah and it's like a type of mind frame or it's a mindset yeah and i find that mindset in europe in the time you spent with bigfoot believers yeah i mean i think
you know i've i've found that in a lot of the different people that i've ended up talking to over the course of my journalism career as people like to feel like somehow they have knowledge somehow they're different somehow they stand out somehow they're they're able to separate themselves from what society is trying to make you do or what the government's trying to tell you to do or what you know conventional wisdom is and the part i've never understood is why why is there that need to feel special special i mean we all have it no i think and and to some degree pretty much everybody wants to like therein individual their different there not just thinking things because someone has told them to think those things but yeah where to where that comes from i dont know is the big foot world predominantly mail i exe
it had to be more male than it was there were quite a few women and actually next summer i've been invited to go in and all women's month long bigfoot expedition you do i'm gonna do i think i'll prodigal and part of it these some women i met before really nice and part of what they really want to do as i just want to educate people about being outside to like you know that screaming sound is not a big foot that is an owl you know that this is how you set up a proper camp like part of it is wilderness education in some ways which is part of the reason i think i also like bigfoot his cause it's i don't know i'd rather if people go out look for bigfoot then play video games i think that's a more valuable use of your time when you are doing your research for your podcast tells the name of the pockets are we going to hit it multiple times wild thing while singular two words two words singular
when you were doing the research did you you came into it thinking it was holcomb did you vacillate through your journey a little bit like the first time i saw those nests i was like this is weird like this is not something i've seen before and you know again i do not have the level of expertise that you guys have with being out in the woods but i grew up in idaho camping and hiking being outside and this was not like something i had seen before and then you would if someone would show you they'd be like oh i've got a picture of a bigfoot footprint you gotta see it and you'd get your hopes up you'd like this is going to be it and it would look like a puddle and you're like oh that nothing so there you know there was a lot of kind of this back and forth and especially like i said when i heard those stories from people those those were hard for me to dismiss because it's hard to say to someone you didn't see that like you're just making stuff up like that they did this wasn't that kind of situation the jew did you find yourself
needing to act like you were more of a believer than you were now me i when i went into this and no matter what i went i made a very clear i'm going coming into this is an objective observer you know tell me what your experience have been tell me what you ve seen tell me about your evidence but i haven't made up my mind one way or the other would the people you talk to feel that it was a betrayal that you right now you know like the way we like to put it i can put a gun to your head loud said is big for real or fake you you'd say fake in this situation right yeah would they feel like it's a betrayal
that use that you'd say then though they miser like it is like a horde of honor here where you're supposed to believe when you're in the community no i don't think so because i would ask question i asked people a lot of questions you know and i asked them to like how can you keep going out day after day or year after year and look for the thing when there is so little when there is no physical evidence and they say you know sometimes it's hard but i just i really think it's out there like i think they understand too that what they have is very tenuous there are peep some people who are adamant that there is proof but a lot of people i think are quite shaky on it but it's something that they want do they feel protective of it let's just say for a minute let's say from all of a sudden one gets hit by a car okay he's crossing high five you know where it runs up
through washington it's like down in l a bummer know is migrating eastward he's like the spokane wise wyoming has them yup there's gotta be some genetic exchange there i mean there can't be a thriving population in wyoming's gabi they they migrate he's headed east on olympic peninsula gets wipe hit and hit on the highway it's a pregnant female whoa right gets rich right pregnant female also it's like wow they were right with the people you met would they be like great and in the end the real scientific community comes in because this whole thing where it would lose its lustre i think there is an element that i think there is some recognition that if bigfoot was emphatically proved to be a real species that year your citizens ask biologists ear
your amateur big footers they're going to get kind of cut out of the cut out of the game yeah cause it's going to be government scientists and you know primatologists from all the finest research institutions and all these forests are going to be off limits and you know all of a sudden that it is going to be it's going to be a very current thing if that were to happen and i imagine i'm sure they've thought about the fact that if bigfoot is in fact proved to be real then what what do you do then you're not going to be able to pursue it with the same abandon or are you familiar with the comedian joe rogan yes joe feels that he spends he spent some time looking at
hmm similar to you but from it from a comedian perspective dip digging into the world i don't want to use the word that he used but he used the word that like he found that bigfoot researchers are white men that people would not want to make love to oh that's me yeah he had a term like i own a boy i'm i'm i can guess yeah and that there was a that there's like a better as a sort of that did that that there's a of pulling away from that there is a sort of pulling way from the normal exchanges and and that make up our lives among this community i didn't feel that no i mean i thought that it was actually a very robust social community link everything i went to would like a big family reunion and but would come in from all over and they were bodies and
yeah i mean i think in any group i don't know i've just seems kind of mean to me i hope it will use the angry i now like is ok you know i didn't we i made the joke that like why is no one mad at bob marley for having shot a sheriff it's a good question right he's just he's just a comedian yeah specifically went in with the idea that i didn't want to be making fun of people and being mean i can see point but there's a lot of sub cultures in american society that are filled with a similar descriptor like i think you can i think it's unfair to just be like a big peep bigfoot people are not the kind of people you'd want to have a relationship with you know i am not going to say anything else because i don't want to get hate mail but sure there's a lot of there's a lot of subcultures that are filled with people you might not consider conventionally attractive or interesting or socially adept
in silicon valley's like loaded with them and i bet you a lot of people would say the exact same thing about hunters right yeah big game hunters do but abroad broad stroke of folks it wasn't like a particular demographic he found white largely white some native american but i would say that that like if you had to do a demographic term for it it's it the oh wider phenomenon yeah yet i don't think there's too much you really read into the access to a community that says a lot to do with demographics demographics distribution rural right and the pet kinds of people
who are going to be out in the woods to begin with actually had a really long conversation with a woman named rue mapp who started a group called outdoor afro which is to get more african americans comfortable with going out into the woods and she and i had a big conversation about this and she said look you know up until very very recently for black and as for african americans to be outside in the woods that was that was a sketchy prominent proposition not because of bears or cougars but because of like other things that would potentially cause a lot of harm so you know it fits all its relative on who's gonna be out in the woods and and doing those kinds of things to begin with a nod or read out a relaunch one is there things and the is i haven't asked you about the way that you wish i was going to ask you don't just do those things for a minute state the question within your answer statement question within my answer
things that really ought to know about like things you're dying to talk about that we didn't touch i feel like we got to a lot i think the one thing i do kind i want to talk about is what the appeal comes from like why people do want bigfoot to be real careful not yours i know i actually yeah me too this also gets to why i want bigfoot to be real okay because my feeling is is and if you can't imagine the possibility of bigfoot you can't imagine a landscape that is like i old enough and and all i can that they can hold something like bigfoot that everything's already so mapped out and pruned and paved in like you know it's all on google maps it kind of sucks the magic out a little bit like there's something i don't want to talk about magical bigfoot but there is something magical about bigfoot about something like a creature that's clever enough to elude us that can exist in this wilderness out there that has a lot of appeal i hadn't thought of it that way yeah
that is a belief that it's a belief and wilderness yeah when you say that to me i haven't thought about it but what comes to my mind pretty quickly is that right now pondering wildlife in ponds in the wilderness i think that realism is real important i think that that that instead of exaggerating it's potential it's really important right now to look at it as a finite thing that is there because we're making
a commitment to having it there and it is not this unknown unconquered thing that's something that we get and we can count it yeah down to the acre and we can watch it vanish or we can protect it and it is not lightly anything that fosters this idea of it is a thing you fire the thing you find often with people our colleague people like like outsiders or people who not accustomed to being in wilderness thinking about wilderness that they look at i sometimes they have a naive perspective about what its potentials are you know that it could that what we have left could harbour a six hundred pound primate
like it's not like that anymore man we're down last little nobbut see even use the term vast any more and in our wildernesses almost a stretch right but it's not gonna depressing we are confronted with people using vast when they know the relative picture there trying to present is like i use it to but to be i think it almost like over cells where we're at right now that it could hide the greatest ape that ever lived there that it could hide two thousand cars look at what's going on with the with the giant gorilla go on tell me about the jank gorilla they're vanishing you're talking about the girls in africa yeah yeah silver sailor backs this very few they vanished we find him dead all time is no mystery their soil
is a mystery for a very long time now for thousands of years there was a list there was a mystery around panda bears and species do crop up from time to time although they tend to be more ocean species than industrial yeah i even read for awhile someone was comparing the hunt for bigfoot with the hunt for the giant squid okay that in the here's the giant squid man a very mysterious thing lives deep in the darkest zones of the oceans it was a mythological creature but now and then now and then every now and yet one of them son bitch is washed up on there it is and then he got wrestle with the fact that where the yeah
am not saying that it's a a logical belief but i think that it does touch on something that's important to humans and important has been important for a long time he told me this this idea that something outside the campfire ring the the thing lurking in the woods that maybe we're not in control that maybe were not the toughest species out there on the planet that maybe you know you like that will at least most people i know sort of like that that thrilled on the back of their spine and a little sense of mystery and a little sense of of the unknown and even if that is not the reality anymore people still want that but why can't they be maybe this my group why can't they be happy and inspired what is there i think a lot of them are but i think we want more i think
were they always love never is enough i mean look at us is a species what we have is never enough that's good but we want robots that would drive our cars we want we want to have the blood of younger people so we can stay young we want tick bottle our consciousness live forever like it's never enough we're living at the best point in time you could ever live for humans and still they want more you never enough never enough would you would you like a big boy to be real i don't have an opinion about if all someone got hit an eye five it would cause i can't say that i would like it
caused me to re evaluate everything i've ever thought it would change everything for me then it would shake me up there would shake me up our also become i had at that point would become obsessed would you invite me back to talk to you again yes i will become i will become obsess and i would in my primary thing would be how is it possible that we missed it right and then i would hold these people grover grover krantz grover krantz i would also thank the he was an american hero in a genius and i go to more and out like scrub someone's face off their and chisel about their own take over
we are down but someone would yeah would be like what a visionary then that would everything will be different but i'm not worried about one getting hit on at five what else we got the idea that other more points you wanna bring up keep you want to you want to plug the podcast little bit about how people can go find it yeah because learn way more doing that and they will listen to this that that's a good that's probably a good point you're comfortable that yeah i'm comfortable attempt yeah that's fair so the pot gases avail on pretty much any platform you get your pod casts on i too apple podcast seeking collar i itunes anymore apple by gas sticker tune in for the sports people out there google play has it and others another one that i'm forgetting i heart radio wherever they are and
yeah it's available in all those platforms you can also if you don't feel comfortable with pike ass you can find it on our website which is wild thing podcast dot com streamed work yep now and that we also some cool tee shirts there is little thing and i feel comfortable with apple partner well i think if there are some p full who maybe are a little older and don't quite either don't have a smartphone or don't necessarily know how the technology works it's just easier to go and you know we're trying trying to be open to all or not ageist yup gotcha ah you there's a facebook page wild thing pod we're on twitter which you know twitter wilding pod instagram wilding pod there same and then that people with a couple that people the couple titillating details about things they'll find if they listen
that we didn't cover well you'll learn a little bit more about grover cause he's a pretty fascinating dude you'll get some more you have some fun stuff about evolution and we'll talk a little bit about the different evidence it's in there you get to hear more of these eyewitness encounters and they're way better told by the people who actually experience them than they are by me and there's a whole bunch of stuff about dna which we didn't really get into but there's a lot of really cool info about dna that's not even necessarily bigfoot related this just like blow your mind science which is pretty awesome i go on a big for export and join me on that and we get into the sort of cultural taboo around big foot
and the the all the different companies that use bigfoot as the year you know the mascot or the name or in there there're and label somehow and why there is the sort of cultural or this commercial appeal and all these companies have realized that even if a cve here doesn't think bigfoot is the neatest thing since sliced bread there's a lot of people that do and they they'll spend money on those kinds of products marketing for marketing i saw the exploitation of yeah here's the other thing of big forever it realises just how much exploitation is going on i would not be surprised if it comes out of legends like pay out as emu litigation trademark infringement wild things oh so you know that while the wild thing round
i gotta say i was listening over the weekend prepping and how much my oldest my daughter was dislike followed because i just put in my back pocket you know i was in the pile gas and walker doing stuff she's like follow along okay well hold on you know what i'm saying she's seventy no she can't quite grasp everything so there's a lot of stopping and pausing and asking questions but it was i found it to be very only friendly cause i enjoyed having conversations with my daughter about what she was here and now the other thing i know there are some swears in this one i think there's like there s word i had not drop like ten times over the course of the episode there's a couple little risque areas but i am going to release a clean version could i know a lot of people would prefer not to have swearing acute really yeah well it'll be it's basically going to be the same thing but i'm gonna cut out the swear words and some of the sexy stuff and the and have that available starting in january
i think you're my last thing man oh yeah you good yeah yeah does make me nervous hardly how you i keep thinking you dressed up are legit only think differently tucked assured in we're makes me nervous you something go brash that like something going on your life i don't know about you stuck asserted now however special gas exert address i know embarrassing aiming at a monopoly looks very nice she also discuss a u adequate sexy stuff and enough there was oh here's the thing erotica can you tell no you tell me what the big for community had to say about this like a trail cams man i now real caves of rewritten the story of wildlife in america this is my question dystrophy like just distribution issues in like not the murk all around the world its rewriting
understanding of where of the distribution maps of certain species and what they're doing what is it what do the bigfoot guys have to say about the lack of trail came for the jet their smart enough to avoid them or bigfoot his blurry and invest could be invisible the fourth dimensional one because never knows take chaotic picture of ghost yeah you can though isn't like some wasn't recently show that was like pictures of ghosts or something like that survival but get the aura yeah they explain it away trail cams he atley they dogs the they can hear some high sort of high frequency something or other going i dont know how there must be thousands of trail came set specifically to catch bigfoot at this point in time right now we i'm guessing right you did did you pay tied to people that say yes i own hundred
i have said to catch big these yeah i mean i'm on i mean the amount of money that gets spent on some of the gear its like son heizer mike it's an flier and night vision and you know high end recording devices and trail cams and you know we're talking like tens of thousands of dollars that gets spent on gear and we don't have anything they're bringing trail cams into the fight oh yeah weather but but they're developing the idea that ah he knows and he avoids it or she or it or they females yeah of course we wouldn't have any so that should a known big for you can't catch him could be a good source for some hunting spots if you know if you live in that area you know a big foot person
oh you have you really hey i run a big earlier you think ok here's the other thing is that the big for people though often art just out doing bigfoot they're out hunting like big foot to sort of its content on the side in addition to the other stuff that they're they're doing out there like there i think the first love in some cases is often the woods and just being outside and this becomes part of that experience i do got one last question for you okay is anyone in the community now still walking around with a gun is there's still guys that would drop one if they saw a couple of the ones i've talked to who are scientists said yeah like you're unless you have a body or a big piece of a body you're never going to convince anyone and nay condone the idea of sea and want to kill him some of them do you know she a lot of today in a lot of carry guns though for other wildlife producer protection yeah but they
but there's guys out there right now in the community it'd be like i would kill if i saw it do you want to see a blow up on social media and i'm not i i do not want to step into that mess you're welcome to go you go let me how it goes san marino bad guys gonna get major job in the name of science will that's what happened if you want me to read the letter that grover got or some of the letters i've got him on my computer you want to can we put him up on our show notes the i don't see why not literally the best thing for us okay i'll send them to you i'll send you a couple although having the show notes yeah than any other kind of great stuff will put up the big foot video the famous thing from the fifties or sixties sixty seven will put the show notes will flip links for your stuff okay yeah i've got all kinds of photos and illustrations too
and i'll show him to you when we're done what in your mind from from what you looked at cape he his thing i got to with the email i might establish quick okay just give me yes or no okay do you believe do you believe
is the the the big four in the way that we're discussing it not the one that passes through dimensions in space and do you believe that there is the the bigfoot as a living breathing sustainable like like species or as just a fluke freak occurrence that was dropped off by an alien ship like do you believe that it's true or not right now yeah arena down here right now you don't know but i based on the evolution stuff and the long history of native american stories there may have been something like bigfoot one opponent once upon a time that's sort of where i am but here's the thing and this is what i get to in this last episode based on the evidence no i don't think bigfoot is real
but i still really want bigfoot to be real because i like that idea so much and i think that's where a lot of people come down yonder is not as hell i'm with you there yeah of those same way this is the way you feel about aliens like right like there's no evidence we all know that is not very thing but you have one follow really gray unless they're going to oil used those are trying to kill you but inevitable with aliens is that it's it's a totally different conversation because you get into questions of of infinity you know me like me paradox or older or like more planets oh yeah than millions of sand earth you get into this like right it's a toilet but here it is your job you're doing such different com the scale and the early but the fact you know if aliens existed where are they why haven't they reach us out to us by now or are we the most advanced species and some in the end
higher galaxy or we totally alone like there's a lot of lake questions around that to measure in the top of this a bunch for with aliens is that if you removed the physiologist jared diamond yeah yeah he talks about this idea that with with life in other places that life takes many different forms and and planets have life cycles and these have life cycles and that of all the species that have ever existed on earth only one has developed the ability to transmit signals electronic transmission of a signal after tens of thousands upon thousands species one did that we haven't been doing it for very long right our future as a species is probably not terribly bright me like are we are here in ten thousand years every self obliterated so the fact that on some other planet
that you'd have another species contemporaneous with hours trying to transmit electronic signals at this little blip in time that we are right it opens up like if you even if you can get over the hurdle of imagining other life who that it would somehow be content brain is ours and have motivations in a bill is using electronic signals to talk it could be similar to ours entirely like we don't know it life could look like that coffee cup like we don't it could be coffee cup planet and they don't look like that and we don't even know how to talk to him so he doesn't put it out as ever you can't put out the lack of communication as evidence that it's not their right because both science can't prove a negative
yeah wishes the wishes the argument you hear with bigfoot right but also hear that some people in reading about books that i hear some people say it's the biggest piece of evidence against bigfoot is all of the evidence because it's so contradictory the track i've heard that argument to the tracks but people can agree on how many all of the tracks that show up as they have five tolls as they have six tools as they have for toes what does the size and structure the tracks people like that's a big for track but there's no commonality between the big foot tracks descriptions of size descriptions of diet descriptions of sound it sort of they clearly contradict take foot he pies is thing of like unknown things and so people take they haven't known concept of this thing bigfoot and they take unknown things enforce it into a shape the come
stop being bigfoot to account for the unknown why why is that the shape that is another question that i kind of am interested in exploring too is because so many cultures have something like bigfoot think about green like beowulf did you read bailiff like going back and they grew grendel the epoch of gilgamesh like these giant harry human like creatures like there is something about that shape and you're talking about that fascinated what is that and in a in any other final concluding thoughts embrace bigfoot guys do it i mean it's it's it's a embrace the mystery embraced the mystery and embrace the fun of it i think that's part of it too as it's meant in some ways it's meant to be there's a lot
fund that comes with this you know there's a lot of silliness and there's a lot of stupid stuff but there's also just like there's a lot of interesting science there's a lot of interesting people and it's been a big part of american culture for a long time so their dino it's it's worth spend a little time roughly four and a half hours to listen to my podcast wild thing would be to this yeah yada yada he concluded no other than ah you should definitely go listen to it i thought i found it thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable though nice way to pass the time listening and yeah
bigfoot tears me up why can't why can't it become fun for me do i dunno why can't it just not that kind of guy and try to make it more fun for me instead of just something that makes me pull my hair out but obviously here i am sitting here i now see even people who think bigfoot is the dumbest thing they've ever heard of they end up asking me all kinds of questions to help you say you can't i can't help myself you hurt him know like i heart bigfoot or you it maybe it's a frenemy thing maybe you know it's probably a friend yeah you're right it's like i'm one of those people that well i'm one of those people that they get like a real axe to grind and they're like primary thing in life is like fighting you get something then you realize that that's what they do at night right and you're like oh i get it now yet it was like the self loathing years yourself about self loading bigfoot lever yeah
you just can't we can start to support your eyes like a flame you can't be honest probably you know we can have on my meetings and help you walk right it helped me it helped me get to a point where i can just come out and say you know what i just love bigfoot and i love target i should probably notice listening over the weekend but what's like the first recorded bigfoot sighting or evidence or anything how how am a sports fan of years we talking about that this thing has been been around well then there's tons of native american stuff and some of them are sightings some of em are just more part of the mythology and but the one that i think most people stands out for most people came in the fifties in california
so it's free new thing then for like modern american culture yeah i got seventy six yeah the first the first time the term bigfoot was actually used was in the fifty's fifty eight i think yeah fifty eight while i was going to make the point that i feel like had you been around maybe in the sixties it'd be just so much easier to dismiss it write something new it's crazy like whatever but now that it has seventy years behind it have nothing yeah well other than thirty years of leads i'm a believer now about it why i just think a lot of things that i also don't have a lot of like true solid evidence but they have people now believed in for many many years and they sort of become more real and easy to believe to latch onto the more time goes by but you must have i mean at the hunting community is full of these stories what source bigfoot stories i have talked about
it's like you get that you can make a real no but i'm just saying you must have been like hearing about this from people listen to your show all the time why i used to live in michigan's upper peninsula very short period of time and it was a thing up there and even here here in montana like let was a year ago or two years ago a guy jumped out in front of a car or the big foods bigfoot sudan got hit by a car killed him what you think there's a north was montana yeah i remember hearing about that so like you could try to pray pray you you traumatize someone who's not going to live with the idea they hit and kill and also you're dead yeah but it'd be great let me now move like but that that's it you're ok we get back out that's your own call to make right that's your uncle you want always if you want to put a in front of from a car that comes with inherent risk because i think that anyone could point out to you but i'm just after you wanting a person you're putting an order is and in a situation of having had a live at the back they killed you right
i'm wondering have you heard stories from some of the hunters that you've interacted with and talked to that are similar to what i am talking about where it's the stories that are really sort of shaken them to their core i've heard stories from a lot of hunters about seeing inexplicable things in the woods okay but not that in particular i no doubt hang out with people who i have a friend who tells a story a meal dear they can ball bullets away by going so yes i know and hang out with an associate with people who are open to the metaphysical but but i do not tell me more about this meal dear i don't know a lot about you than actually my next me my could be season two i was told about one last thing for me we're for me well here they were glad though brought of a father i had that make a note of but is there is their season to do you see our own big mature big this is a one season thing
on to the next thing was the next thing not the loch ness monster not the yeti efficient in likeness or did you just so here's an interesting thing so there's a scientist out in scotland right now who says okay i am going to look for the loch ness monster he doesn't think loch ness is real but i want to do this by doing dna environmental dna analysis of the lake and we will see what else has been in there i think the chances of me finding a lock ness monster are slim does europe but who knows what else has been in there because they can get so much information out of these teeny tiny piece of dna now that it's like they can they might find dna of ancient sharks they might find all kinds of stuff so that's one of the other cool things about this courtesy ology stuff is often you will use something like that es or bigfoot or the yeti as the hook to get people interested and then you go out and find out all his other coast yes the allurements of bullshit within teach him something something real and interesting yeah
where do we stand we don't nicely i built a really long wrap up go i have to say that like a good thing if the end result is that people know more about science wildlife outdoors and whatever it's great the amount of the words together you're running no one lou remember something that's not one a lure men with if we're gonna talk about washington state these are all the above one at loo remind the problem of the fact that like at this very moment may or may not be a grizzly bear on the u s side of the the on the u s side of the northern cascades near it has a great question that gets a certain segment of the population excited big forget other people and there because there we got a thing that really is mysterious it really does need some protection and really is something that we need to get me
on board with or the fact that we now do not have any caribou in again bigfoot central washington we do not have any caribou that cross into washington state though your fathers and grandfathers lifetime there were we don't have any care breathing ass an idle and in your life lifetime there were no great this plan a rare wildlife out there to apply are you know emotions and science to direct the constructive fashion aurora europa laura was gonna answer what's next i'll show you i thought you were like nah i actually i don't know what's next i have some ideas that are like very nascent but they are not ready to be shared with the world so we're kicking some
yeah but i just need to figure out like if they're even feasible at this point from a getting access to information point of view nor are they all do what no my life i'll tell you later on a particular real quick where you go not you just other people oh the people listeners real quick i got a handful of errors need to do one go to the meat eater dot com please and subscribed to our newsletter that's real important me for reasons are not get into going do that a young apple podcast make sure to go in and give this year digital ray your programme a review its simple go and click the right most are cecil stars lined up go to the one
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right and i will share your story a future episode of the show thanks for listening and thanks for having me on
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