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Ep. 163: Wildcatters

2019-04-08 | 🔗

Steven Rinella talks with Adam and Brenda Weatherby, Ryan Callaghan, Spencer Neuharth, and Janis Putelis.

Subjects discussed: hot marriage advice from Weatherby; love stories and reasons not to die; adventures that give you sweaty palms; when steel shot pellets meet MRI machines; Spencer Neuharth scores the antlers from Bambi’s dad; high ballistic bullets; are short mags out of fashion?; fire forming, wildcatting and the confusing world of naming cartridges; California's vineyard bucks; a family legacy; length of pull and bouts of global transient amnesia; life is too short to shoot cheap guns; and more.


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The show was severely beaten, in my case, unaware of the meat eater podcast. He can't predict the game are joined today by Adam Weatherby, like the actual weatherby When I hear weatherby, I'm thinkin weatherby right, that's that's who we are other other, whether these run around, who are whether be seen others summer in California, where we came from that had a furniture company so in encounter here, moved, wyoming but he says: are you ever be with the gun company? I say yes and out there they, sir, you with the furniture company yoga less than two weeks to the statement reality to it does in your ear year, why Brenda carbon
Am I being presumptuous? Are you brett? What's your last name Brenda That's whether her! Well, you know always. Then there are some whim, out there. Who d? honour their man. Speaking to my wife, I know she is proud to have the whether it be named because the furniture company right that's right. She thought cool we're getting calls so first things and now she's a hunter but yeah. We are school sweethearts. Actually, so we ve been together for like twenty three, since she was three year fourteen and I was fifteen and now you're married twenty three together, twenty twenty. You get started dated fourteen and fifteen yeah and I didn't know what a weather be was when I started daisy. Shooting up in a partnership at no clue she liked for other. I do you know what I are you in fourteen and fifteen fifty freshmen in high school. I really isn't like have little brain
Never now parents had to drop us off like our first date is like a valentine's day who stay cows at an amount of money. He ran out of my axe and typical stuff was foreign. Do me so I had to call my dad. He came down to pick us up and help pay the barrier red laughter. No it's a little local thing called a J spurs Well, you did you date. You took on the red laughter. we do not allow John silver and no burdens since fourteen and fifteen years ago, the hot to get a hot too from aired of friends, really be really get. That is now Adam was going to say, be passionate friends have a vast yeah we're just we are we're just best friends, we've just always even in high school, whatever we just we've just been. friends in our run enough third generation family business together, so we do that together, sorts. Late at night, like ten thirty and she wants to talk about some aid
our thing I want to talk about a new product and its like no boundaries. Also, as you say, yes, to use and boundaries, we try to how about it. At certain times, like hey, we're not going to talk about business right now, but with this move the last year and everything is just a lot going on and so will do that. when I entire business so quiet we're both like. Why as something could we just will really quick. That's what's on your mind, yeah yeah guess, as invites fights, are we're have real fighters. Actually, call him now, there's a maritime areas, twenty their ears very toward the ears dated four five years order: no fights coma like little disputes. Yours, you love. Her or ah to love her mother staff. Currently little is evil. Careful? Dear mother, we re going with this strike fund
chinks in the armor, may annuity, there's their steady streets here, my mother too, but like the things that bug him up My mother, but me about my mother, because her friends about that yeah yeah. We like kind of an area about that and it's ok. I mean we got kids, we love them, but guess what they tell you. Some ams too, and we bug each other. Sometimes it's just life or how many kids you guys go to to high school, a junior boy and sophomore girl, yep yep. They get a lot of trouble now get kids good kids. So I guess you'd have a like a program by the white picket yeah. We don't we used to know, I mean they're, still: kids, they're teenagers, but yeah yeah. My question is We're are getting now real serious with somebody starting to get real serious on the dating scene that your that your son in law are in California. Right now on spring break. Visiting france and
times. He gets than shape about this and I say Adam what were we doing when we re fifteen or sixteen That's not what we're going to discuss either like oh yeah. No, that's different, and I'm like no change me. I know times have changed. I will tell you when I went down and checked out the weatherby facility, the new weatherby facility and shared a couple of weeks ago. You know as grabbing folks running around. and quizzing them like yeah, you know that atom, Israel, energetic, is always bouncing around and you should see Brenda and I like both of those guys. They just go hard and yeah. So I think I think that probably fault helps out. friendship, category two. They moved the same pace nerves, the annual this from non by us third parties. Mind you, lady. We dispute, Are you cornered? Yet
gravity, hungarian, ranging from us pass. When we move to, I mean last year, we just said: hey, we want to learn, learn right in our backyard and in some local general units and all that kind of stuff, and we just got it out and the two of us just rented mules governor market and I came on to film slash, handle Brenda's mule when she did want to, and so the tool We just went a little tv, tent winton back country together in like she's hard core. Like I mean we just mean we're at ten miles whatever? So we even do we do hard stuff together a fun city or we lead the business together. So we just are teammates, that's exciting stuff. I just touch on real quick. One of other interesting thing is you guys, flew up in your plane from sheridan and molson? Do you guys. Did you guys, sort out who's, not take our kids, some bad avenue, yeah yeah yeah? yeah because flying together in a small plan, or does that Crosser my I think of it as being risky.
That's life is that our risk, I'm nothing. I would I would think of it as being risky, so he's a risky guy, You just said. I would of course, be least no, no he's not a risky pilot. That's different he's a risky guy and I learned how to like, like beer riskier person, but I would ever I dont get that like that's just I feel like. I live more of light because of that and the flying thing is the little funky. But I can I go. You know what, if it's my time to go, then it's my time to go and your fatalist, god is gonna, take care of my children and who they are with them. I have family enough now to were going to see the path right right, I'd be like bummer, but I like, when it comes to those type of things, are not that not a dare devil pilot guy
Look I don't lie, fly low and vast. I fly high and slow and my role is like get up there and get bored is quick as you can so like. I'm also not they can only do that stuff, because I do have also not only cares a business ways and just to live like now. When I die neither but is also with reasons not to die, with reasons not to die, and so I don't do like I've, just not that type of pilot. So if you go up with me, it's going to be pretty boring. Probably, but you don't you, don't try to beat the weather and stuff now, if I get out ahead but I don't be through it now, even with whether, like my minimums, I kind of stuff and try to be totally conservative, I think I've adrenalin, madam, is a genuine involved or is it like driving a vehicle? For you know it depends on the day, either by the weather or traffic. So, like you find out there's adrenaline cause you're, just like cool theirs. what he said in there's a bunch of your own army on the radio like it's crazy,
or if you are in certain you a kind of whether I came in the linen lucan, I'm vps says maria. We were down with show this year, and so we came back and reflect two hundred and thirty of the nazis, nelega private jets. Nineteen. Seventy four cessna, two o six right. So it's lion. Seventy four. Seventy six Of so many ways we are on the way back, I'm aldermen, we ask me advice we rid on flying. Oh no, Mary. Eleven years anyways we came in elated airport. It was like writing a book in both like just the winds in Japan. it's sweaty and think not that, like I'm not going to land it but like, let's hope, somebody's, not filming this landing type of thing and your palms get sweaty, and so there's still that and we all like a little bit of the palms sweaty like red on the edge
stuff in life re do, but we also sherman yeah yeah, but you pick your flavors yeah. So what do you do? That gives you that palm sweaty risky feeling no desire to fly a small plane. I fly in them, but no desire to fly on right because I have recurring nightmares about crashing crashing morning. Phone wires phone wires. Bad phones now like well did they have, in nairobi, come honestly and still see wires. Rodya recurring nightmare, my man to be flying a plane, Also, oh yeah and all of a sudden, all the wires and there's no way to get through all the wires gifting. You see your wreck when you were a kid yeah song in wires hitting wire nope. burrowed into the woods are by my house: some dragged to people out little parts where little kids will this great. Where do we find back this afternoon? We switch subjects.
The question I am: do you have any particular activity and knowing why did you do that you know is gonna it's my at some point. Give you like that, higher endorphin had things that run around in small scarce and southeast alaska fast I've been there? I've gotten soil problems with you in some icelanders terminal, whether turns ass. Nearly sixteen or eighteen foot skip that In fact, as now, it is now at last an attic big mountain people. You know like mountain years who watched their whole social network. It whittled away over the years, and until then you die to amuse like run around us given solve these last. Isn't that but its there's little things like that? Now there is a higher coloured and be there, though, when you're in that scare finance water, tampon everything governs the governments now
spencer, say something again just say: steve yeah, that spencer neuharth and the truth is what it's all about and going to get back to the weatherby situation. One What we're talking about! He gets me everytime about a guy saying how he had ingested a shot, pellet steel, shot. Pellet. Remember is continuing to do an mri and he was so thankful. He was like expressing thanks today Did an x ray. found the shop pellet before. We're going into an mri and we were too about, we were speculating about whether if you had a shot palestine shop hell any non ferrous really call it. Did the mri magnets were dragged through your body and pull it out
Yeah we're even talking about what, if they put the magnet at the top of your head and suck that bb right, yeah. Well, a guy that a doctor that of federal magnetic metal, a doctor. The runs one of these lord. In said, it's just now works at all like he was saying it, if you had a shock and pellet. If you had a steel pellet in your brain, where he's the heat, his brain material from doing autopsies, he'd lichens your brain material to be like tofu, and he said there is a possibility that that shot, pellet would shift and potentially D image something around it reveals in long, but it could potentially shift a little better soft areas. Yo but he said that he was after hearing us talk about it, even that an experiment where he took a shot pellet importer
sighed the mri to feel around. He couldn't even detect the movement of that pellet from those magnets He said if you had just gotten shop The wound channel is still open and it was at the surface you might have enough to papa back out its own channel knock and ascended up through your skull, and you know era sink with, what's reason there, I had one or two long on a really. I can only make you take off. All your model must be some other it's kind of like when you board a plane and you're not allowed to use cell phones. It's like he goes on to say he goes on to say it's not not! Now that sarah I'm doing a horrible, it's a big longing, very expertly written. We said the man the metal can cause significant artifacts on the images acquired
so that alone can be a reason not to do the mri if you ve got some lonesome madeleine around. I have also seen a few key. where a patient forgot that they had been shot with be begun years ago. Only the have images degraded by artifact, that's cool. I like this guy's effort, but I also kind of dislike it because. Last time I got a concussion or really get an mri as a great. How much I two thousand bucks My group will not do that. You ve, taken just put one on and play be reasons I want each badge go and see. If you can give you can jump in their real quick next time you playing on the asked there could have been long term damage they're, good or bad, but whether they can do about it now, so you just get a room with your jar of spencer's. You just got one, If we want to bring an expert to handle listener, question. The guy road any over this ready guy,
and he's like what would bambi and babies dad score, boon, crockett, score and he'll. It was a curious about it but I wonder bonica, like of all the trouble that the guy that shot bambi dad has cause for hunters. thanks then movie bambi in non right up. There worth worth is: where does unites bach designated yet yeah and a unique dear, so you this question of marketing I and we'd better back and forth and we took away to serious. Probably I like I thought he had wicked mass he doesn't weaken mess. Is that what I said in the email? Yeah yeah, I'm looking at a picture right now of baby's dead in like amazing frame That's two honoured engineer frame, but he's for by four, like he's, got gray brown gray g to use, split, reduce the helps these get super weak g threes
Nor is there a suitable like he could have filled out to be a two hundred and bought for sure yeah. If you had my guide you three g, forty five, there have been a giant fisher. He still a big so mark, and I kicked around some numbers with a great mass, a great frame, but the four by four thing, asserting him worthing. Like low one. Sixty fish mark was thinking closer to one. Fifty our thinking like I want sixty cell will settle around like one sixty four, not bad boy, it's a good dear. especially for anyone to be proud of alive, as if I were a fool's iron hawaii, like some people freak about giant for about forty, a mainframe, before that two hundred and sixty sounding edges, that's a good idea for sure, but better. He wasn't like nearly he didn't live up nearly to his dad's, like baby to live out
His dad's did, we ever see bambi with iraq through Iraq. He had a three year old wreck. Didn't did he was used to be about three so I did it. I didn't google and morgan. I kicked around those numbers as well for bambi and images that we saw you like a spike. Basically is probably like it. I don't know. Eight inch spike or something out of the picture in front of me and really poor with or whatever, but by the product of all the measurements. Are you get with a boon crockett system like you get for mass measurements? No matter what the miami pointed dear has we we figured he'd fall around like sixty inches or so, or one hundred inches shy of a stair. That's why he never gets shot yeah yeah people- probably ass, the most yeah, but nobody would pass a baby's dead fisher.
but even a hard core like illinois solving all night, and now I'm going to keep harping on that a giant for by for like a deal with that frame, everyone, skill, netbook good babies dead, but he had more potential that it could have been like a hundred. Eighty two might much. I thought you'd, like already like the monarch of the wood, so we looks like you're going downhill the next year, uh. You know you're going downhill with dog burns nice bottlenecks, here he could maybe like babies, dad color. it is always all white tailed peak round like six or seven years old, sir, going downhill after that's how you doing and he's dead age. No if they do a remake, that movie be sweet to have the hunter pass them up a couple for a couple years. Like any sensual walking by too young, and then a little family and be like mare. That's not the one
sort of the velvet wrote in there's your answer as all nice babies dad was okay back to this. Back to our main thing, you stick around with us ray spencer. Yes with that voice, why wouldn't you know what's going on and not having to say his name, there's something you were telling you and I cut you off before we got started what do and then I'm going to pivot on a segway this into something else. We talking about how certain fads? come up with the cartridges right and I want- and I want to get into why, like the proprietary cartridges, that weather is known for, is it fair to say whether it was known for a lot of proprietary cartridges Truly how we started me on my grandpa started: nineteen forty five lake on autumn, I got so that our common lay pre question. Are you ok, really towards my and what was my question and now you're fat.
the question why you to get whenever you want to hit us is: you are starting to explain we're talking about fat, yeah yeah, and you were talking about one fast, yeah we're not a five year term at one thing that you keep, thinking will fade, but it's remains parlour, and then I brought him the short mega that short, mag, craze release? I felt it was created, I bought into it it and why they didn't stick it's true, there's certain ones that so like a lot of our country we're fourteen proprietary cartridges, most of which were designed fifty to sixty seventy years ago. It's amazing, how long some you know stand the test of time or a thirty aught, six or whatever I mean we're talking ages decades decades old. Most of the things we're shooting. I think there are some that kind of stick around. So the shore mags like had a couple issues the people had with them. The guy developed em like as far as opening it
in allowing everybody to kind of chamber, ed and handling dies and all the different things that come with it. The short mags had some difficulties in kind of allowing everybody to do that, and certain patents on its there are some dim since there are also some feeding issue because it was so kind of short and fat. There are different feeding issues that a lot of folks and apparent on short mag, so it no kind of depends on both the functionality of it, not since, as well as the use of it. So is it you you you tend to have times where exploit ashore, maggie's rockwork, its short mag No, it's going to be for had her her hate. Taking the same saying it's gonna be bigger in I have a rather than kind of long and thinner, it's short and stubby you're right, so you're still using a magnum bolt face if you would in order to fit on the case head but it's shorter, so guys can have kind of lighter wait guns and have a shorter action. So it's kind of a short mag. Therefore, because its that's the heavy,
Often the heavy is part of a gun, I'm sure they. What is this all thy selling so our right, so our action like our mark finally other its laguna nine look. I mean it's a pound difference between those two guns, oh really. A lot of it is weight. So I want something I ain't going to that country with their hunt with the three and a win mag or like hey. I want some a little bit shorter. I can save myself, maybe a pound. Why do I need all that bolt? Throw right? I can get a shorter bolt and kind of pack that thing in there and that was a draw was what made those interesting right, was it also. There is something with ray of powder burn, making for more consistency in this accuracy in the net shaping their argument. Accuracy do you know their place in a minute it's gonna be the accuracy, it's gonna, be the design of it. Gaddi quote. Efficiency of it are so many things that go into a cartridge been successful. I groped, for we are describing the six five creed more than in the past. Five you is just absolute blown up as far as its popularity, it's in inherent accurate. You know it's not super fast, but
are using it in hunting using competition. The very versatile So there are a lot of people and then it depends on how ready available. The ammo is going to be the affordability of the ammo, so there are so many different factors. I think that come into it really taking the Often, then, really what gun companies are going chamber for it I think, kind of comes into play as well. How popular it is. So I mean, I think, in the last. Decades certainly mean the six five creed more there's, nothing like even second place to it I mean it's just in popular, correct yeah I mean in in gun. Sales is just absolutely nuts what it's done across the board. You know, because in a It is because that six and a half millimeter bullet ballistic coefficient how technical we get techno yeah, so the bbc, if you would you know that the technique gee for more ladys, just real quick just before her. Yet here we have, we got a lot of land norms, goals assurance shall so bullets are gonna fly
through the air and have a different ballistic coefficient, inevitably the higher the ballistic coefficient, which is measurement taken, other bullet to really talk about its aerodynamics, k alike, and so, sir, things. Certain bullets are going to be, even if it's the same weight Same caliber size of bullet, it can be a different shape and therefore be more aerodynamic right ends. Oh in square, is not aerodynamic That's why we're square! Now. Now, in reality used to be round round is better than square, and we ve done well and worse with round bullets, but but yes, Hilda went all those worse. All of us. Now What's popular now are higher bc bullets, meaning that a lot you have a lot of longer bullets that are seated out farther closer to where the rifling is there in the chamber, so folks are seeking out further in that
b c in the bullet, yearly, algae and some are explained. Ursa coefficient now explained the bible, seated outlaw ok, so people can picture like an empty case like a shell, Kate, yes, and then that showcase cramps on the ball adding some people. Like my kids Harry idea, I feel if they think that the whole damn thing is a bullet bullet. casing that all comes out and I'll explain that's one of martin show my right. What actually happened said the two bullets in the case of yours and it the bullet truths further from the casing and actually touches. The right word gets close of course, so that erasmus, john pic reducing the gap from when will you pull the trigger a firing pin goes forward it. It's the the case where the primary is primarily night already number impotent right. So you pull the trigger the. and fingers forward. It hits the primer, the primary ignites, the powder. That's what
in the case in it launches the projectile out forward. If everything works well right, and so all of that that happens, I mean we're talkin its sixty sixty five thousand p s. I that's taking place, in their. In order for this to happen in a split second that thus taking place, but a Lot of your accuracy happens within that. You know France a fraction of a second there is that bullet launches forward in their different, you know, powders. The burnt current rates in so all of the things and then you get into barrels and rates a twist lands and groves and again pretty there's a lot of technical things, because if you think about it, these guys are shoot. One thousand yard stuff is just super popular, but an to do that. Like all of those things from the cartridge itself, the chamber the barrel the way everything
is lined up even the way that the barrel was trued up next to the action all of those things if you're off half an inch at one hundred yards the time's up by ten right. So I mean, if you shoot a two inch group at one hundred yards just multiplies the further you get out there and so the what's the popular he is off a lot of this long range, shooting and so rifles ammunition? All of that has to be so precise right now. I think, in order to kind of kind of I dunno follow up with this trend, that's happening for long range. I totally got off on a tangent. This is what we do. not figure to afghan nerds language. You your turn up, but I get tired. I sure. Ok, I just want to touch on this little pet subject to my room. our short legs. Now I totally out of fashion. No therein they ve of had ever resurgence so people
and still shoot em and be cool. If that's what you're high all one- and I don't want people look down on me- one now solution with the absurd night- I can I kind of over a sort of captain. I collect it now right. The one I have you're, saying we're tommo proprietary cartridges, walk me back to the to the infancy share of what be sure you are seen as how you guys got started yeah it wasn't even guts. It was ammo, so grandpa Roy weatherby. So this is like your legit grandpa. Your father bob. My father's father, girly edward weatherby, the redbird weatherby junior at the roi, but I do have middle name edward, some still in their right, so I'm of their generation. So grandpa born and nineteen ten rural, kansas, seven older sisters, sharecropper I like doesn't own the shirt on his back type of guy. They kept going. They wanted a boy, so bad yeah. They got Roy, they got Roy eighth, try right
and I actually had in older brother that died at a very young age. So he grew up is the only boy but actually had they been a large household. Yes, with pretty much no house sharecrop in cotton orbit everything it's out a Selina Kansas, which I white tail hunted with my dad. We want two years ago on the same creek where he started trappin and shoot and kroes for neighbours in love for the out worse hundred years ago, we went and hunted the same, creek, probably downstream five to ten miles school and I shot my first kansas whitetail cool yeah flows, yeah, so anyways group, a group out there on a better life, moved west went to california brought my grandma camilla k are women's rifling named after Mcdermott camilla located in move to think you told me thereby think forgot it already. It's a good story. You should remember it on so we gotta this time, so they moved out either
hardly on anything started selling insurance and was still like into the outdoors kind of grown up in kansas on the farms stuff like that, got invited to go hunting and started getting a hunting a little bit with people, because back then it just was pretty simple way of life rate and he went. I think it was. He went out of state to utah, went on a high injured, a deer and that's what drove him to his high velocity fear in philosophy that he had the back. Then it was just big bullets. Were the thing in was like. No, I think velocity is actually the thing and that that's going to produce energy. What back, then? They called that hydrostatic shaw in all those things is that velocity mean she physics right? Why wise back, then, is that of the people will say that now they do
but back then so we re seventy four years from now and all the cartridge development or just modern science and all those different things that were there I mean with there, was no real magnates like around. So there was not a mean these magnum pushing bullets fast. It was heavier bullets moving slower and that its like gotta, have the big bullets. So his thing, catch a glimpse of some of those things where let's say how you could catch a glimpse of them were shooting one of those old sharps buffalo rifle. Oh, you mean actually see the bullet, yeah yeah and a bright sunny day where shoot and also catch like you'd, see it right had now arking out blue yeah arkin, so he started taking existing cartridges and ok that were already there was called fire forming. So if you get a chamber in a rifle k in a barrel
in its say, slightly larger, a different shape. You can not wrecked, do not try this at home disclaimer, but you can. If you put your do it, then you fire form a case. It blows that case out and then you make that case into a different cartridges called firefox Really, my grandma was known as a it's called a wildcat. Her in a wild catarrh is one who plays with things dangerously, like my grandpa did in his garage, so he took like the three: at h and h, a cartridge that was around back then said: let's pull this thing out and make a bigger one of the things that he did was he took the the water Shoulder the cartridges you move up towards the bullet. There's the shoulder He rounded it is called the vent. Weatherby venturi shoulder. So our fourteen proprietary cartridges, if you look at em, have those rounded shoulders pretty much There are no short, there's, no heart sharp angle in part of that, was the way that the powder kind of runs in there and flows out, and they are also really kind of blows it makes a bit larger and you use a little bit more capacity and fit more powder in there with the cartridge feeding do exactly it's. It's smoother ramp on the way
so he started writing There's two editors magazines and just things like this: it's just so passionate about his philosophy of bullets. Moving faster, we can the things further and the energy is going to gather further and it's got to go fast fast fast. He wrote a letter to the editor sports afield in the early forties, and they put in their magazine just like the guy's. Remember bambi right and then here we are talking about so they did that sir Roy Weatherby started and from their nineteen. Forty five efficiently started where he was re, chambering people's rifles for his cartridges and it all initial from nineteen forty five to nineteen, fifty eight for the first thirteen years. It was really about customer. Full builds on like german, these mouser actions in these other things that he was using those and he just had his cartridge. Isn't that
it put us on the map. First was what we call a well be ballistic superiority, in other words or stuff moves fast. I'm a little bit confused K fire forming like okay, so grandpa grandpa royton has he makes a change understand. What's he, starting with nazi winding up with sure forrest gun wiser. He has, he has. He has an existing, he has. The show was like whoa. Tell me a cartridge back then that he could have started with to try and solve there's one, that's really similar to another one. That sitting you look up. Look at a book, archers, look how many there are right or sammy. Is the governing agency as a m? I am getting real technical here right, but that's the guy in agency over, like all these things about cartridges names- and you know all this, in the pressures and a really as governing agency, we gotta play by by rules in order for everything everything say say you look in the book, like all
so many cartridges and are out there and happened is a lot of them are made and then there's a parent yes and in their stuff will similar and that's the funny thing about these colonies counters these hand loaders in these kind of ballistic guises, like they kicked out maybe someday that's not into it. It's like the smallest change, but it's like oh my gosh, its revolutionary. They freak out about it right. So, took it. You can take a case and if you make have a barrel made kay And so you can have a barrel made with reamers right. Actually just machine shop right, so my grandpa could say I want the the chamber in the barrel to look like this? I'm gonna call the three hundred weatherby magnum, am going, make a chamber or wait a minute roy there's, no ammo for that woman. three hundred and eighty, that's what I was trying to figure out. I know yeah, I'm going to take this three hundred each in each case was really similar. It's got
straight angled walls, shoulders right where it comes up towards the bullet straight angle: there's not rounded, but then what? can do and its maybe minds a little bit longer, but I think all the dimensions line up, then I'm gonna put this. go in there and will you pull the trigger is go now. Powder is going to say much that brass brash has is to it. If you were right as a technical, isn't true, almost hastily liquefied stay everytime you pull the trigger and then solidifies again orphans right. I don't know, now, let me turn to the point that it lily there are ever is in right, so What it does is it goes. Here's my chamber, you get sixty thousand p s. I that's a lot right, I mean I dunno. I gathered think it sounds like about your your tire on your truck. What is it fifty yeah? That's good point right. There were think about. I dunno, even like a scuba tanks. What like three thousand sixty thousand
I almost saw more than scooby take more than a tire by long shot, geologic pressure. So it's like two, so that brass will stretch. Then, when you eject it often, if not try this at home, though most people when Roy would eject it he'd pull that bolt up. It's like whoa, okay, bolts, a little sticky. I pull it up and eject it out. I just my own, your shape. I just made mom brass outer somebody else's by having so may, make a barrel What was your my sense? What was the visual customer base lotta dear hunters or bored shooters. What yeah interweave always predominantly been really hunting focused, Ah you know we say like our vision statement as we exist to inspire the dreams of hunters and shooters our fluffy phrase. We say right as we believe our products are out there and its more than just the products we its memories is taken your kids out its being grandad. It's, as you know, cow we're outlets, actually pheasants, memories, more, it's more just a tool, and so for honey. And I think that happens-
and I was shared haunts me, my my kids, my dad. We make a product, it just happens to like bees. part of that anger passed down, generations like grandpa, whether bees first thirteen years, his customer base walk people were reaching out to them, are noted. I wasn't around got guts lotta gun nuts and then a lot of guys that what then, when he started doing, is right when, like commercial airlines just took off and he was a t w H were those ones printed it in your project on my grandpa, she was a history major cause. You really did. Did you meet? Did you meet him or do you have any guy didn't he passed when eighty, but I did get to hang out with camilla. I bet she actually superseding the archie we had a close relation yeah, my grandma had alzheimer's and stuff, so she lived with us last few years and brendan her twin sister took care of yeah yeah yeah. She is special lady was that pretty rough
yeah? Well, I didn't really know her before alzheimer's actually met her. When I was fifteen, I went to her house and she dragged me around showing me things but for some reason she always just took a liking to me, even though she didn't really know who I was and then in I later on in life, got to take care of her says she has rediscovered that she liked you every time she met you, I mean she just to snuggle up to me and people go like shit. What does she doesn't do that to anyone? So she was special. She is very special, so my grandpa did He then starting on africa and planes, game of which then was and still is many parts there's a lot of it there s a lot again
in so he wanted to see what what this actually did and the higher velocity and the differences and bullets and all those different things is, is how his whole thing was. I want to provide a quicker, more humane, kill on these animals, and that was what drove him was more one shot kills and and at greater distances, especially back. Then it was just so close up with those heavy moving bullets, so he did several trips to africa. We have old, hilda real, like in line with the directive on things and all these ike recordings tons of memorabilia cast, I mean he he did it. I mean it was pretty faces in the fifties. Basically, however, you do that and then he would come home and share them with anyone and everyone recorded experience. He would actually go and yeah visit these, groups and show them old reels and people Go! Oh my gosh! I ve never seen africa before so it was like they were living legally sound.
We have on dvd in italy Number, you don't really get a little. He heard the thing enough, there's roy any kill. Someone goes up to it and you noticed it's pretty cool, so that really kind of validity. coming back to the question. It was the shooting but he's a passionate hunter and really. The drive for the velocity was out based off of hunting in based off of ethical hunting in that's what drove him and I think that's why we got such a following from the hunting committed So was he? What's it called? When you are you pay you can patent around? I gather yeah ours. Aren't I mean it's a? What happens if you come up with that particular shape of that cartridge of which then the barrel chamber is going to be, then you name it something what's funny? Is naming of cartridges historically confuses more new hunters in anything else, like me in trying to explain it. They're certain people like I'd, try to when did you like nine times, and I consider myself
decent communicator and, like I fail at it because of the way the change from its in it won't work. happens. Is there like? Ok, it's a thirty cow bullet in like was three o eight thirty. Six or sooner when magazine or weather, be like you start to go down the list of thirty thirty you're trying to go into that's all the same bullet, but then you show him the cartridges and they all look different and they just like the brain blows up, people that are to the shooting. Hunting community? You don't I'm saying no, and in so what happens really is when you come up with a cartridge, swift, three or whether we magnum right, you name that cartridge in when you name it, you stand but on their says three inner w b. Why mag that saying that cartridge? which happens, to be the size and shape and hold this much powder and will fit in this gun two on the side of the rifle or inside the barrel. It needs to say three hundred weatherby mag and it's shooting a thirty cal bullet. So you could go develop a ranelagh, something something
just go develop something and then sammy that aid organization- I was talking about kind of advice, get it Sammy serve other like this. Is it but there's a lot of these still kind of wild cat in things and guys make barrels forum and all those things you just need to make sure that where says in that case it is says on their barrel those two things after match cause it's the shape. You need the shape of that cartridge to go inside of it but then you get into bullets in your like. That's when I try to explain You know the people that are new K. Well, then, you have different size, bullets is really just the diameter of the bullet, not the case, going back to what your kids believe right so take that bullet diameter. So a thirty caliber bullet is dying. point three zero eight inches, but you can stuff that in a hundred different pieces of brass cases right and that's what people sometimes get hung up on, but it's so that's why you can have a three hundred whether be a three way- winchester a thirty three. Seventy eight weatherby authority odds.
it's all the identical bullet that you're putting in different sized cases and just people. I grew up with it this easy to other people they're like that's, really confusing, but when you look at of thirty or six k, so it's a thirty caliber bullet and in nineteen o six. Rather, there is like a weird version of an algerian zonia carter's uses, a name like that, here they made. I don't know one another, one that has the year trying to think of hand thirty authority is, is the grains of powder after the thirty growl caliber surrender, the orders, no consistency to the naming of cases of my grandpa took, but any, but any tom, dick and harry, or igor harry yes go and make in sl thirty six bots, no bullets, you mean printer cartridges, I asked right, but they can't make they can't make itself heard were again yet again I mean the federal has its rina weatherby. They sell. So when they say oh four hours than usual,
term of proprietary and not just because it carries the name correctly. We designed it we desire? That was you do what you do get aren't against other manufacturers from reducing the ammo? No, in fact, that's ok, though, because it uses- It's our name around they might by our ammo and put it in their. So if other people make em we're, like that's cool gotcha, It wasn't aware that others, some things you could protect and in all that you had to give the permission to make it yeah that's worth. Actually, though, shortly had some things unless there are a few, but for the most part it's pretty wide open. Let s just a Yeah chamber dimension. He put that cartridge in there and it's kind of way. It works. Quick side. Note of when you know a chemical compounds, you don't patent the compound you patent, the use, meaning I could have like. Let's say I had some chemical compound that I realize control some plant species like a weed and you take the same chemical
and I'm like, and I'm a herbicide company- and I patent that, but you take that compound and you realize that it polishes glass, you would then go and patent it for polishing glass, even if it's the same chemical compound that as you get use, ah people find new uses for stuff all the time in a grab up and patent. The use of that compound cause you can't patent. The compound I did not know that and but I also know that now I'd be doing a little bit of a bad job explaining it, but it's not I'm not do no harm, we'll job, so the soda, that's how you get started and it comes up with a bunch of these rattle. A few If the folks would know the three under weatherby right to veto, Evan weatherby smug, ramps favorites, normally been the number two selling. Both your number two seller yeah. We came up the six five three hundred, so we neck down the three hundred weatherby to take a six five bought a smaller bullet move faster, just back to kind of grandpa's route.
there's a copper guys. The work here, that's in Burma. Yes, that is the big cats me out. One! That is the true one rifle it's. So it's fast and pushes energy out there really far and that's what we're gonna known for a while that considerable was that that's a lot of time considered a wildcat. What actually was there actually, my grandpa actually maybe called it a to sixty four, whether be magnum cause to sixty four, the interest for the six five right, we know that I was going to ask why how come you guys went six five instead of two sixty or two sixty four mm right, because especially with this, I've cream or I now a lot of people, just understanding that I think the newer too Nah people are and six fives there's an old to sixty four win: mag nausicaa, there's the twenty six nobbler they're, all six five bucks
It's only those that there's a gazelle insects, fires, a lobby as many as there are thirty- can still more thirties, but there's a lot of six fives that are out there. So we will excite is to six for correct one point: two: six four cents. and like a seven, no metres to eighty four, so the inactive is why you gonna call it inches or millimeters whatever. I want to call it the metric equivalent to a three or a or no exact or no exact cartridge that carries a metric name no yeah. I mean the military guys. You know, times. You know use more the metric, times is the way you know traditionally its men but with I mean usually, this have millimeter was always most of morocco. Of a millimeter, then once it was like to eighty remington or whatever different things that are more off the inches but she's funny it's. Why do I don't know that word is act? We are equally act
two. Eighty ackley to eighty ackley said of the milanese. So what he would do is he would take, even if he's kind of like your grandpa, exactly wildcatter, yep yep and as wildcatters in the oil industry too, is there yeah that guy's gone wild cat? Are speculators trying to strike little yup prove out little chunk of ground. Seven. Six two is the answer to your question. Six to seven like when you hear that we know what it is yeah. I remember like guys. I remember bodies growing up, really cheap. Three o eight ammo, you going to store- and it says seven, six: two, that's just old soviet style, millet military version of the three late, so you know up to forty weatherby as well right.
Correct and that things a scream ass, any man can only three winchester but faster in the two. Forty three is also a six millimeter. So there's a new six moment, your creed more, but the two forty weatherby is the fastest to forty three production round so choose to forty three bullet fast or anybody else does in a production around the two. Fifty seven weatherby shoots what they got: twenty five calibre bullet faster or sixty three hundreds of fastest or thirty. Three. Seventy eight weatherby is actually the fastest thirty council to huge case neck down to a thirty caliber bullets faster than the three and or whether we that came up late nineties and went like bizarre for a long time. It was kind of like the six five three hundred is now it was to us in the nineties. So she has taken these cases and play with them in trying to do is get stuff moving faster and allow. It's a lot of low development, because speed can come at a price of accuracy, and so it's really make an both of those things. Work together is a lot of the name of the game.
We do tell people what is slow and what is fast like lizzie take us. It's five creed, more, which is inefficient, accurate cartridge, really popular, the six five three hundred weatherby, let's say with that Thirty forty grain bullet to measure bullets, which has a curfew, units of measurement, correct like I said everything in that he didn't grow up in it. It's like what is this like a grain? What are you talking about? I can't remember, do you remember the definition of grain, and so I knew that once upon a time on the scale look at Well, maybe I really originally did start from grains and open. It's like the definition of it. So a sick I've creed, moral shewed, like a hundred forty grain bullet this out of my head, so feeble google it. They can probably correct me twenty six hundred, maybe twenty seven hundred feet it get wherewith that same when we're pride, thirty three hundred feet a second same bullet and so different swing. In about six hundred feet per second faster,
now at a hundred yards. Yet matters further yards, that's everything! So what it does. Is it because your pounds of energy, that's measured of wine and bullet impacts. Obviously if it starts faster and if you have a high bc bullet going back to what you're talking about and as aerodynamic and it carries a velocity further its carrying that energy out their further and then therefore providing for a quicker, more humane ethical kill. Yet as thing we ve talked about it him or why we're talking about not long ago, but you know bullet needs to do something when it hits meaning it needs to expand, correct and inform a mushroom shape, or else it's not it's. It's lethality that a word lethality drops off greatly right. So carrying that speed. Lets that thing do what it needs to do garage a greater range
right instead of getting so slow right, adjust pencils and there are starting to fast to vast, too vast and blows up or what I can go to fasten or it can just pencil hole through it too. So in their different constructions of bullets, well we're not a bullet manufacturer, so we have a rounds and we use other good bullets like say a hornady bullet or a nasir bullet or whatever we're not bullet manufactures. But the construction of bullets mean there's all copper, lead, free bullets and there's you know, obviously, there's lead in most of them, but then the way that it's actually constructed depends upon how its weight retention, in other words like if you find it sometimes in the backyard of an animal or whatever, when you recover it, how much weight retain, rather than it rang, meaning and kind of blowing up, or sometimes it can just pencil hole through so so really there's a lot that goes into the physics behind bullet making. Why so important, especially important to try to ethically
you know, kill an animal and you know you're not destroy, so I've had animals before you have the wrong combination of all that I can ruin a lotta meat is aware man, so I'm in your private homes to shoulders our staff right. What goes on there and if it hits bone gnats part problem is certain bullets if it hits bone, thus one's gonna fragment and then, if you found bullet, you find not only bone, but you fine in fragments of bullet to sober, look like a hand. Grenade went off right, it's perfect. If you find it. Perfect mushroom bullet on the back. You know that back cape and you just take it out and it's a hardship There's nothing like ages, pull it out new right, that's what this was made to do. So how did so wasn't it transition. So he he's making these wild cat rounds and made means makes a maintain from wild cared to mainstream, and he said I wanna make I gotta make my gun like I want to make the
world strongest, most reliable action that there is in nineteen. Fifty eight we launched smart five distiller fletcher product today and that was, he took what standard had like in the bowl and he just redefined it like from the ground up. What everything else at the time had a bolt lift of ninety two, you mean you, you would lift that both of ninety degrees, before the locking logs up in the chamber, came off. So you can pull the ball back and are marked by Has nine locking lugs three groups of three up front that locking the actually the bolt into place and I was just like Nobody'D ever dining like that, and therefore the bolt lift his fifty four degrees, his largest cards. Floods in europe at the time was a four sixty weatherby mag k, which obviously use in africa on anything right and Ah, it was maize made till I did I'm gonna to take. So that's up to a five hundred grain bullet, so we're gonna put baby.
That is all I want an over built, super strong, reliable, this short bolt, throw which could make We chambering rounds quicker type of thing and that was developed in nineteen. Fifty eight now was really his next step and then bein in California, he leverage the soul. culture is market hers gone? Then they or their chamberlain was in the four sixty now he had probably six. Eight cartridges I cite came out here so then he ll bridge benin, California, which most recent more of a challenge for us, but the forties fifties sixties, I got to know John wayne and roy rogers and gary cooper. I guess a communist shopping What's now, the ghetto and sturdy use them to really leverage things, his trip to africa, and then he made these real high and would exquisite stocks lake. But a lot of you still see today is whether be as being is
real high and walnut and mabel rose word in these in lays and started to be higher custom really craftsmen, both the wood and the metal work and then just started making like really nice beautiful rifles. And so then like really there. fifteen years by probably their early fifties it out his cartridges, developed, developed own rifle had his own unique look. The shape of the stock, the monte carlo, is that cheek pisa comes up on the stock was unique. He had these people, inlaid diamond, shaped things on the pistol grip. Was an
what if you walked into a store in the early days, if it didn't have that diamond it wasn't a weatherby hey. You know I used to have when I was a kid. I had a pump up, bb gun daisy like ten pomp, and I had that diamond really easy. Now they put a plastic with the black border yep and the white pearl. Yet that was the thing that had that in there is a nice daisy, then so yeah. So we got into Hell themselves the mark five. Would you get storer right? It just looks a little different, Do you know the back story on the other cheek these? Why chose a lot of it from a performance standpoint was it's to better aligned yourself. You know optically and antidote to get. You know your your your neck and cheap placement on a better and then a lot of it is he's just a market ingenious tune. Just wanting
be different, and so nobody was doing that at the time and so a lot of things that he did. He just really. He wanted. He wanted what he had done to stand out. You know in their early days in the fifties in his fifty four, he created the weatherby big game, if the award, which is still there today, which now today to be awarded the weatherby award, takes conservation and your character and different things along with your honey accomplishments and so so anyways. He felt that nineteen, fifty four and he'd have celebrities come in, so he just built the I mean it's, the classic post world war, two entrepreneur drive in his dream and a poured every ounce of his body, mind and soul in everything in the building the business and that's. Why we're here today with you? So it's we call it.
it's a legacy. You call it what it is and it's like it's it's cool to be a part of. So when did he? How late was? How long was he active and and how did your dad become active? My dad had obviously grown up in the business dowd was born in fifty one, so he he grew up in it think he became president whatever and eighty three, my grandpa passed away in eighty eight. you think he saw the first fiberglass stock was my dad's idea, which were the think when the first, if not the first companies, have a non, would stock. Oh really, okay in the early eighties was my dad's idea in my grandpa hated. It cause jascha with a rifle looked at His rifle machine had my dad these writer willoughby junior, by an governs like that's horrible, serious elbows, I'd like to really aesthetic YAP is closer to the beautiful, lloyd plastic. So anyway, disorderly welcoming going to like it yeah now eighty five You know what we sell, probably at least, and we
So more would percentage wise and probably a lot of folks because we're known for that, but it still in a composite materials always what were you think approximately wasn't? It went from where was it? Fifty fifty when placid cod, Well, but ninetys. It really took off really yeah I'm sure they. I remember my lifetime. Ever people talk about how you well they're ugly as hell, but these synthetic stocks are pretty nice. Those are still a thing, you'd hear people say and now they look clinical yeah, yeah nausea. It's it's been funny to watch that transition. So on Has the company always been bad? I know now will talking about how you just moved to wyoming and why that is, but it was just always out at the same place in California, my dad in the early nineties, so after you've been on for almost fifty years. Shortly after my grandpa passed away, we move from southern california
the central coast. He knew he needed to get out of the l, a area just wasn't a good place to have a gun business arm and so moved it up to the central coast to California, which it was up till we just moved to wyoming yeah and what the what happened. Like, like I mean I, I guess you could sit and think, like. Oh California, doesn't seem like a logical place for for a gun company, but why or what right lots of things it means kind of funny cause. We ended up going. If you look, you can end up going to die. opposite. Sometimes you feel over pain. So we went from the state is forest, it's regulations on guns, it's like the most regulated to wyoming, which pretty much is not that we went from the most populous state at what thirty seven million to like little over half so to most popular, to least so we started to go. Ott
worse taxes to make three years in a I mean, like best taxes, no income tax, while also it's it's a business thing. People thing cost a living thing for our employees operating fences turn on the lights. You know everything that we then we did along too the regulations that were just getting extremely onerous on firearms and so the writing was on the wall, that it was not a good place to be, and it wasn't a place for us to grow friend, and I are the type of leaders with the business that we don't want to put this thing on cruise control and just kind of do what's been done in our industry. We really can't afford to do that. We, you have to be innovative. You gotta come out new stuff, you've got to be building and growing, and we knew that the we'd had an excellent past in california and a lot of great tenure.
employees and- and we missed a lot of them dearly that were unable to move, but we knew for the future, whether it be there was no option. It was just a matter of time that a lot of people want to move with. You yeah Brenda heads up all our people and a weatherby, and she can. She can speak to the people, but I think there is a lot who wanted to move. But you know when you have you have a family or split custody or you know those kind of things and I think probably fifty wanted to move, but we only got about twenty two out of the seventy five go. a third? It could have been worse than that, but it still bynum big pain point in order rehire and retrain two thirds of the workforce. We got a lot of amazing people. Oh yeah sure you rose, I met all those hunter percent against this move because you're, like the rest of my going to work in California, I work at whether this day the whole thing we had. We had a gentlemen. You came to my grandpa.
Is eighteen years old, first job right out of high school, and he just finished with us, fifty seven years later or at the end of February yeah. Fifty seven and a half years, seven years, yep gone smith Oh, he worked in a variety of things from customs shop to customer service. A tech support to be supplied conservation, sales, I'm he just yet he did everything they the rounds yeah. I was recently saying how wyoming's the best state in lower forty eight, while including hawaii so best state in the forty nine states, excluding alaska, and you were like well as personal opinion. I think it's is an objective reality. we we had things this way. Jani Johnny Y know as we want to be out of california, and we want to be in the west because in our roots, are too we are, and we looked at least half a dozen states and we ended up.
I mean I mean we gotta go, will be the last day to get screwed up. I think we're at the kabila's zephyr alaska. Lascaux. While we get screwed up somehow unalaska illegal everyone, fall off the cliff sooner or later, but we are at the caboosa. Now you got billions of years for evolve. Who does fall off into the ocean. We remove about three quarters of an age to the northwest every year, so we gonna while and ethical, do the math, but we gotta go reggie time, there's other things that you they're more risky bob subdued subject, but what does a gunsmith that actually works in your factory or their days? like. Why were they mostly the clear, not building every no gun that you guys everything from customs shop to service work? You know, so it could be bone custom. Like recently we had this commemorative in a rifle.
for while mean in its a fancy, would gonna? U gotta checkerboard knobs K and its fine line like old school gunsmith. Checking that worse we're still doing. so might be something like that? We also service seventy four years of guns, so it might be repairs and replacing parts, those sorts of things, so people send in old stuff- and you guys work results? We have service centres as well, but we do we do a lot which has been tough during the transition. So if of Ulysses, you're going to their mother. You before you call us their border where I started by yet we see my inner stuff. It's like that's the thing you better annulling time. It's like you know it doesn't matter how old your gun is, if it says weatherby on it, we're gonna answer the phone ready to help you. So it's not like if you just ran it over with your truck, we're going to give you stock for free. But if it's something that you know broken your gun
May we stay behind it, Jim gotta, shaggy and stolen thirty years ago, police department just turned up about two years ago: now it is only whether bianca and he was not in good shape, yeah. He sent it back in. He has totally redid the shotgun really yup. He was like best goddamn customer service on the planet. That's interesting he's a big shotgun guy. Let's we are not happy about that I know there's I'm happy. We have happy customers from a revenue stamping out of his pocket, Did you guys want much in California yeah I mean there's, no surprisingly, some decent hunting there's not a lot of good public land. There there's a lot of people there
in the area, wherein there's not a pig honey? You know turkey dove quail new blackmail or coastal mill. Dear so they called it So one of actually an interesting one out there Brenda's first bottom up. Your first bucky shot out there for this. yeah, so they have this Vineyard and obviously and central coast there's tons of vineyards and so most of the vineyards and fence these deer out, but this vineyard is kind of a eggs hunting, so they left the dear come in, which does provide great hunting access for people, but also it can destroy some of their crops. Dear our money, The great yes, so these dear leaves more that the leaves lines not actually the grapes tender shoot them, so they will lose a lot of grape yield from it, but these dearer happy there sitting in the shade, it's like dear resort to drinking like drip their offensive deadlines,
from all the other vineyards, and typically black telling our foreign is not the best venison, but this venison is the best It has in our life current onto when she shot her her first bach I was a vineyard right and resolute airy, that's what are known as there are in your lawyer, honey in the hours you're you're. Turning your head. Looking down the rose, I shall in one year's well because it is so good, so they actually take after you shoot it there What if it's in them are low area, they take a bottle of them, are low and they took up the heart and you have the heart and merla sauce and the the sooner it underlines whatever you did right then, and there, just do heart, just art it is and I'm not kidding you- I had pull over his sir. I have wine that came from the hilary leah cattle I mean I've had people taste ass, a typically our coastal calvin. Blackmail or coastal meal dearer depend on where they are as far as bordering it. What species there
is usually very tall in pretty good. It's not phenomena unless you really. I do a lot of stuff to it. It's not the best, and it is this particular I mean you put it next to elk backs trapper tenderloin or I've had it next to, and I mean the white tale from farm lands in everything and people will taste s wise they'll pick this raising its really gets up so amazing and part of its like very rare, thou, there's a conservation peace behind it to of like what about these dear, that are getting into there's all these population coming out, and then you take these vineyards. So, even when we were kids just even there. years ago, there's like three wineries within, like a thirty mile radius of our old place in california rights they're everywhere. So what does the wildlife? tend to do and where they live, and always always when all of the land of their friends and all the while they ve out right now and it used to be ranch willingly I'll use witching hour. Had origin is the one year gap, but good
Why? Why did you say you ve been exposed to shooting in firearms for twenty some years? Why did you ll need so recently start out near you, This is interesting because when I met Adam and definitely after we got married, there is. like the women warned in the family, weren't hunting the lot. So I didn't come from a family of hunters, so I can adjust followed suit. I was like well, guess is what you do the guy's got honey in the girls. Don't you know so, and really I didn't- I always one of hunting in the fall, and that was just always a fun time, but I did until my daughter actually wanted to get a hundred safety and so I was kind of worried. She wasn't going to pass her test literally and I'm like. Why? Don't we do it together? You know cause, I thought it would be better. Do that together and be able to go through the class and all that and so, as soon as you would like to help her cheek
one I didn't know she's a test figure. I just had to like walk her through that only link. So you know what age should do it. She was cool, loving, her twel eleven ten and something like that, somebody that and as a mother daughter activity. Yes, yes, and so after we got what I forgot my and our safety, the and he was actually just lie Jeanne the idea of this women's rifle and so really came at a pivotal time. For me, as I had this like purpose, to then help launch this rifle we women of whether beat I was kind of what we called. It was really about mentoring, a kind of them hooked up with a few mentor, lady hunters and they me out and helped me learn and that camilla rifle just kind of gave me a lot of opportunities to hunt for myself
and it wasn't that I was going out actually most of my hunting. The first couple years was not without em. It was with other women, so it was just a and with my daughter, so it was a really learning fund sperience no pressure you now so it was just. It was really, I would say, with wasn't further camilla rifle, I probably wouldn't be the hunter than I am so there was kind of things like push things lined up. My ass, I voice burn, is always there caution about cooking, oh yeah, and about eating my elsie and who knows a family of this kind of thing? So I think that part of it was always natural, but her too, and so that I think was one piece that pulls you in as well yeah. I remember my first pig hunt. That was my first big game animal and if you call pig big game but yeah man yeah, but also yeah, that's a big pig I meant, but I didn't know like they're like do you want to do this and I'm like? Well, I guess
should try. I don't know what I'm going to feel afterwards and everyone says I could never do that and I well. I don't know if I could do or not, but I guess I'm going to try and then I can always say no that didn't work out. For me So, but after I shot my first pig, I was like pokes awesome that was so weak positive experience, and then I took home all this meat- and I was like this is so cool. So meat part like actually put me over, Fence way more than the then really their experience, I mixed hearings was awesome, but, like I get to enjoy this meeting cook it for my family for like months This is an amazing lends a nice satisfying validity to the whole. When you know I never like less fire t bone again like ours, amazing S is tangible thing that comes from it. Yes, you hold your daughter, much yeah? She enjoyed. She doesn't right, she's, a very busy girl in high school
sports doing this at that, but she is she's, credible, firecracker. She, yes, she can just random, like no one she's a great shot and shell carry anything on our back a lot longer than you ever think she could calcium possess and Dana water shall analyse this last year and in she just cause you wanna. Do guys with her, but she had slew slew the elbe on her back it carries the whole thing adjusted and she packed it outright. Three quarter of a mile on her back the whole animal yeah sure I mean just a purely off of where I want to do more, because you know have annual upon not yet more can social great stock and super fun an inch thick. Well. Can I help I get this ban as like all stuff that thing you're back back for you
do up and it was like the highlight of my hunting season. It was awesome like her attitude and she's like she is going to stop and just back a couple of times and lifted up and gave her a break once or twice, and she said: okay yeah. It was so cool. How really cool sixteen yep she'd been fifteen. Then no one's. When you say a woman's rifle has a like what how's it actually differently than oh yeah yeah, wherever I've been time against a lot. Brenda the other camilla economically is different, so the stock itself is different, so shorter length of Paul slimmer grab your to explain why. Sorry length of paul, so this Is I'm I'm probably butcher linked the pole, I mean not just explain it like. It is. So. Your arms are shorter, most women's arms are shorter and so of full length. Rifle feels really big and feels off balance to them.
We need the bedside to sell on your shoulder and where your finger bowls of traditions from the end of the star to the charter criteria, so when we are designed in it, we had five different women there all of different kind of statures, and we want it to experience, hunters, Jia and guides and stuff, and so we basically took all of our measurements and we tried to come up with something that would you know it's not. Some rifle because everyone would have a different length of pull, but it was, you know, a similar, so it would fit that person even just at the curves of it the shape of it. The the women's typically longer take well, so we, the actual in a cheap pieces different and the actual, a pistol grip is is narrower to actually and in your distance, not only the linked to pull back from your shoulder. If you went out to the trigger, but also that grip, the grip to trigger, is different, mention. So it's it's not just what a lot of people do for you quote: youth or women case. They just change the link, the pulse of they hack, the ball back, the buds dark off,
everyone else has a saint. Everything else remains the same, but in our experience when women a purchase things. I don't like to buy things made for men, but slightly smaller. They like things to be shaped, specifically fit earner economically designed for them, and so we did that and packaged in something that is done. really well for us, because there's just not a lot out there and there are a lot of women like Brenda who are maybe newer things, and so it some we've found a lot of women to really identify with and a lot of different ways, I think the biggest feature is the cheek wild, so its set cheer cheek up you're. So you're not cranking your neck down and that's been the biggest change, at least for me. You know a lot of times. You turn out, find your wave. Your scope picture emerges is really difficult, and so that scope, I meant for new hunters sometimes difficult right, you're and actually get your eyes. I heard a single year take forever killer,
How many already goes digging you kids on their first act like there's big big year, whatever type the scope of the popular number one notably discuss it on your honeymoon hunter at that. Typically, the problem there lived in their head up and down love there, and so that's that's the biggest. I think most women would say that the biggest feature that they like yeah, but in a lot of calibers and or modify their vanguard rifles and a lot of different ones, so it just keeps expanding because it's just been really popular cause. There's not a lot out there specifically designed for women. Hard, because you're making a product for only ten like you're you're automatically, limiting yourself too president of the eurogroup. However, here's the difference is premature area. Gun company out. There is building guns for the ninety per cent. So every time I build a regular guys, reifler or whatever you call it competing against. Everybody will compete against very, very little people for their space,
a lot of people who see that and we love the idea of new nurse in coming in in enjoying the outdoors- and I think you know people like Brenda that have experienced that like we want to make it great experience for them and often things that you purchase help you get into that right. I mean, like you, start to get into something like while their rifles like made for me, I'm in a minute my own rifle a lot of women come into it in their using boyfriends, dad's, uncles or whoever stuff in it's just you tend to get more anything's once you start little bit of money on your having activity? Are right, get your gear They don't like to wear guys just like women's. clothing gear, the same thing: we do not want to wear guys close some sort. They thing do
we're in in the firearm business where those people seem like new stuff right and you have all these new companies that are making these like small run, customs and stuff. Is it? Do you feel that's hard to let the years have you ever have like a legacy brand right that that every it's like everyone in the not everyone, the country, most hunters who been hunting a long time. I can recognize it and know the name, but you feel that is like a confirmed. Landscape right now, because there's so much. You know there used to be just this, like small handful of gun, manufactures another's hundreds right there with them like what is it like to exist in that landscape yet you gotta, find your unique space right like power, we unique, and how do we stand out and I think we spent a lot of time as a team,
in some ways. We have that brand name now recognition everybody. What we hear a lot of times is whether we always want one a weatherby or man. I remember my dad's weatherby collection or that it's that so we have the brand prestige. That's there And then it's ok once we have a brain like how do we? How do we stand? part of it is you're sitting here talking to Adam and Brenda weatherby, there's very few left in her industry, where you could say that about of any company has been around for longer than a decade or two, and when there's something personal about that in a in american owned, you know firearms and ammunition company. That I think a lot of folks are industry appreciates there's some uniqueness about that, and I think that you know the bullets superiority thing. We talked about a little bit different, so we always need to come back and go okay. We gotta, remember grandpa, started this thing with with ammo and, like the speed game is something that we do. We do hear a lot because that brand prestige about the quality craftsmanship, but you start to go there in the accuracy, and everybody starts to claim that
with stuff right and we kind of find ourselves in a miller's lot of the small gunshot guys nears, maybe the large large competitors that tons of resources? But here we are We can be more nimble because of our size and so weak I really just take advantage and go. Who are we in space. And how can we take our and prestige or quality craftsmanship are ballistic superiority, the things that are different about us, the family owned aspect of it in really leverage that we can't ever we're not gonna have guns as cheap as a few of the large. U s gun manufacturers is not good for our and and will lose money. So for two reasons: it's not a good idea into We need to focus on that space for a lot of lot again at a good value with our premium name on. It were also not the custom a guy that only makes a hundred a year and so like we're, never going to have the quality that you are on, like a porosity shotgun, that's like one hundred thousand dollars or something we're not going to compete there we're also not going to have a rifle for two forty nine. So we have to figure
I like who we are in all those those spaces and kind of do that when we do that, it gets really less crowded really quickly. If I said that right, yup, what's the what's the sweets bottom on, many will oftentimes have you become, and people are coming to us they're trying to figure out by an arrived and the trainers stand. What do I get for three hundred box? And what do I get for? Seven thousand And yes, and where do I need to land and they're? Absolutely like you kind of you kind of find, like you mentioned, you're not going to have a two hundred and forty nine dollar rifle rifle, and you know: what's Yes, I guess where does the word of the returns? Yes, where it is you're getting really started. Drop off sharply now makes it as you get into the add local dollar round. Yet I think first, is what's funny is there's a lot of guys who, a lot of those who own a lot against so then spend a lot of money on any particular one gun right. So a lot of people,
on. A firearm own fifteen firearms are hit, but then they did when they violate the crazy thing, is they'll complain about the difference in times between three hundred forty nine dollar gun in a four ninety nine dollar gun three, fifty and five hundred dollars in egypt, but then it's like wherever you get a smartphone and it's Didn t you! These are like generational pieces that you're like making memories with travelling throughout the world, harvesting game. Possibly hitting them down to your great grandchildren in your complaint fifty dollars. So I think there is a certain point for me personally speaking, that you want to have a little bit of of pride in their product, another different uses kay. truck gun you throw it around and you've got a rancher. He wants you to coyote my beetle, the different right in it. So it depends what you can do with it? But even if you didn't just a deer rifle it you're gonna? How for a long time. You want something that has that quality feel to it and it doesnt rattle around and philanthropy speech. How do you know?
I think it's disappointing may when you have something feels like guys, we rattled in it drives me nuts, though the lights over like a hundred bucks personally guys like you, just want, but a big, interview cassio last weekend, like that difference cottages by two a piece you had for fifty years and had pictures within your walls and like ended your grandkids, like so passionate right, that's what I do and I get that some little thwarted, but I you get into a certain price, but there's a lot at the bottom. In the last five years there has been a lot. This come out at the very bottom. There are decent good shooting. And at the bottom of the pile well under five hundred dollars for a deer rifle they did not exist. Ten years ago, under five hundred bucks ten together the a lot of good stuff. There are some good shooting guns that will shoe well and harvest dear or whatever your shooting, I think from there if you're looking to get beyond that at all. There are their values and features it's the quality. It's the way. The bolt feels its durability, surcoats, real popular, which
coating on the gun and all whether coding gin brings. the color aspect. There's do you wanna muzzle break? Do you wanna detachable maggie we you start to get into a little bit of their features. You know that are on their, but the difference between like a three methodology. Fifty in a seven year. Fifty dollar gun is everything like from a quality and feature standpoint of what you get in the in the difference of those. If that makes sense, and in just even the tolerance is, and you go to mount a scope of, and sometimes things are off. It's like all of those type things just China can, I add up there, but they were we're doing like our vanguard line. Then get starts at about maybe mid forest five, her box, but as cheap as you'd go in a rifle that as a weatherby name on it,
but we weather trend has gone. The last five years is actually towards more the value added stuff that we're selling a lot in the seven fifty eight hundred, eight fifty, where they're like man, I get Sarah coated in my match, with my camo, like that. First lie vanguard that we have right and he was pushing about one thousand bucks. It's only crazy for us because you're, like I got flutes in the barrel, which helped the barrel to cool well that better plus it makes it look, cool, looks cool and is supposed to make it more rigid, more accurate, all this kind of stuff right but plus, then you have the full sara coated flat darker that matches with the colors on the first lie and it's gotta a break, reduces recall by fifty percent, all those things you're adding up, again. It will sit around the shirt camphire with people you're like eternal little biased, deploy your whether being you like this is. This is
pretty cool, and there are other brands out there they're like that too. Obviously, I think that are on par with that, but you certainly do get those features along, not just the brand, but I dunno as my sales pitch, but I like to do this for a living, so I'm pretty passionate about it. I'm just, I think, life's too short, to hunt with an ugly cheap gun unless you have to so you're economics may okay, if that's the case there, like a city like as job and money on, green tv and all these other things dennis just two priority manner and at that point, get a smaller. get a nice rifle for colonel. I think there are small smaller to older Do they're, just six thousand dollar pick up and the forty dollar by knows his eyes for a fee always throw is much the same way yeah or you get have real nice objects and bad rifle? versa. So it's all very lobbyists They can afford a decent rifle most. The time I find
not true. It switches, spend it on this brutal overture and I feel like a horror if things go, get it it's hard sell for beginners mostly I find out really find that talking with an inexperience hunter, they really get that too. for some reason with beginners I've always liked Are you really shouldn't go there for ex finds the z and natives don't tell you just have to have a certain amount of experience to be like? Oh ok, I understand why that bolt, throw this He was better in my inner and many more deadly in the long run, because its faster and smoother or whatever buying as fish reels rifles I guess certain things like over the course of your life. You realize certain things just warrant the extra expenditure, a pre spool deficient,
while sitting there and it comes with line and all say, untangle and lower tight on the end already yeah, the more stuff is attached to it. When you purchase that it's actually seems better, but it's actually much worse spent. You call right now. Do you think gun technology has peak like our no law more about the artery industry. Like decade ago it seems like the materials and the camp systems, and things like that. Just hit a wall, and now vertical bows having gone much further in, like a decade, has at benny it's like in the gun industry, or do you think you're close to that? I think it's actually rounding a corner right now, technologically- and you know, let's say carbon fiber barrels right, which had still steel cages. Everybody knows that it's carbon fiber wrapped around steel, so the
bullet travels through still steel, but you see on those on a ton of rifles right now right when you get proof research up your montana. That's ten years ago it was like really rare to see the and so you starting to see, I think, you're, going to see more materials with a lot of material technology and composite technology, different things I think, actually, because I think the firearms industry is really slow. I mean you start you look at the technology in a firearm, or you know like I always use the example of a nineteen. Eleven pistol is like a half. A million have made a year. It is one hundred and eight year old design, our flagship product was designed by an engineer in the fifties, like me, but on the moon. If you start to look at this, it's like a lot oh, I mean you're, taking a cartridge. How long has it been around. You've got a chunk of brass. You put a little detonator thing in the back called a primary filled with some powder in your system. Four and lead the end of it. It's been that way since, before we All born you look it. You know smartphones
vehicles in so many different things means podcast this all internet thing not in the same scenario, islamic age through the internet age, the fundamental scammer guns MA am the fundamentals are just the same think there's a lot of room in the next decade going to see a lot laser. We hired, we hired a guy, from aerospace, dead sleep here here I did get a rocket science. We did literally guy an engineer. They built a spacecraft, went to mars but he comes in and he looks at our industry. Isn't he just like left he's like brouhaha, like guns, are funny: let's build real cool stuff, and so he is taking, though, and I think bringing those outside things in rather than us. That grew up with inciting it's going to be this way or a bolt action corroborate. Just this way. bringing in those outside folks a really gonna help it as well as more folks. More people in the industry makes a competitive, very competitive way. Now a market
a great that drives people towards innovations? I think there's actually gonna be a lot to your question spencer. I think there's gonna be a lot of based? The next decade is one summary is far from being yeah, there's guy starting to make polymer cases their brass like theirs. You look at the technology in in you know the the polymer type of stuff in plastics and the you know the chemistry and all those things I think. Ah, you know from, ox to recoil reduction optics- is starting to see a lot more electronics and in there- and you know you mean just even here arrange funny stuff to your ballistics of how you run dad in your apps on your phones. I think, ten years from now it's going to be quite a different solution, hold off like a decade before that to buy a gun now yeah. I think one of the things that, because the the slow movement is you know I mean hunters are like you know
I know, there's a lot of people buy guns aren't hunters right there. Most most guns are not bought by hunters about by shooters, but you guys say that you always have a strong hunting focus hunters are like kind of anachronistic airline. Its traditional does does. Does view that iran ignoring technology, but there is a strong tradition component and even mentioned. you value the fact that your business is a family business. You value that your grandfather was a ball you're talking about like a gun that you can hand down right. Does all these these Themes come up of some kind of yo legs legacy. Attributes right is that these will not allow the left like that. No, no, I like to think about this phone man is one. I give this phone, my grand my email, and he makes a call on you like no one right right. There, no
there is it I mean hunting out. Its roots is very relational yeah, it's relational with, people, but it in so usually you technique you gonna goes away and you get me outdoors to escape technology these days right. So there is part of that as well, hunting itself in the taking of game and harvest of an animal in cooking, it is a very old Women tradition like suggest the roots of doing that and getting your hands messy like it's a very just old thing, and I think, there's part of us as humans that want to give back to our roots a little bit. That way you know I was down in florida messing around with some guys one time, and I had one of these or one of those rifles where you have a laptop set up and the laptops actually tied into the rightfully known tamo.
and I even just watching it baby feel dirty. I feel like follies of hustler magazine did when we were kids man, it's just like watch as a guy, I dunno getting real easy feeling like. I want to turn and look the other way like something about it made me too yeah. I was like man, I dunno dude laptops. Should we be plugged No, our guns thou feels like now is that we will do that in our task and I think we have an underground rail. Saward testing is accompanied turned to put good, safe, reliable act, in a vast shooting stars. So we need to have that type of stuff, for consumer. It is true- and I that same as some people who run to it enthusiastically by saying with me, you know just its approach is that money is not even a condemnation of the thing, but, as I mean personally, I see it and I don't I'm more and an old cows. This way,
when I see so like there- I more- I don't like lean into a more kind lean away from it a little bit by you, I mean use a laser finder sure I think- and I think there, sir, Deng's wanting nine passion about is hunters, is hunters and conservation and getting people outdoors is. We do need to stay as united as possible and there are people that are going to be like say: anti technology in those type of things or some people are gonna, gravitate towards it or away from it. If it's legal, if it's ethical, if it's good for the wildlife, the conservation of habitats, all those things line up, then, like think when you be okay gone yeah. You can use that piece as cool for you, but like even the long range hunting conversation. I get asked the question all the time right and how far is far and all those different things of like what that is, but technologies the ways and it's like. So what is a magical number? Is it four hundred? Is it nine? Fifty? Is it many? Those are the answer.
But people are looking for that to go. Where is that ethical and there's so many things that people want to know why a number to a real bad, oh yeah, all the time and there's people that I know that can shoot aigner yards burnt alive, you can chew three hundred yards flemings, I'm like they're. U wandered, push from what exactly it depends on their equipment. It depends on the persons I think in general. I don't know, I think a devil I wanna come against, like you said, has for me, you know like I liked. It feels weird feels dirty.
But then you know shane Mahoney ever hear him yeah from speaking, so I had dinner with him one time not long ago either. First time ever hung out with him and he was talking about the technology question and one is about. Like future generations are people who grew up in the outdoors wanting to engage their kids in it and get their kids excited, and he feels that all this, this language, I'm a little bit hope he doesn't hear this and feel like I'm misrepresenting his perspective. I think I'm getting it. Is it all of this sort of this anti technology rhetoric about needing to get kids away from technology? He feels like you're you're, setting up an unnecessary obstacle for yourself in having your kids involved, where you're putting them in this situation where they have to either it's like I'm making it be that you have to choose tech, which is
all of american society is pushing you or you have to choose my thing, which is non tech, and he feels that if that's the game we're going to play and how we're going to frame this conversation up and position, this you will lose. We will is that the smart, that it's accepting, that you can love nature and want to engage with nature and want to be outside- and that doesn't mean that you have to know shove, all these other interests of years away and that there is room to have these two worlds. Come together in some way that it like. Is it increasing now getting bow? What you said about six rattling from his perspective is like this. Like is it increasing, is some better than none will be one way of putting it right, and so is the thing like I think about all the time.
If I take my kids out, if I take them out, jig and halibut which, on a bad day, is one of the worst things that a person could ever do as jig halibut on a day where no one hooks a halibut. So if they're with me out in a boat Suffering in all the ways I want them to suffer and they get bored and pick up a kindle in play, a game. Now act like somehow. This has all been a failure there still by the day and both suffering. want we are making in the bay here there's still in it and seeing it around it. So is it that bad right, it's like ours, look at that and I kind of like on one hand I hate to see like I'm like, oh man, why do you gotta do that, while you've been out here six hours. The memoranda seasick gary ran, we ran out of thirty two hours, yeoman so like it. Still, ok like do this, and it'll. Be you know, war integrate or entities uneconomic going to create a dichotomy. You have a lot of people that are, though, now in like
been likes. I use a garment in reach right for being able to take to render the business I'm gonna things in cuba, that, although you get our doors to say done. Everything and like the abbot with my business, I'm out the back country. A lot just doesn't product or with media are different things and I need to do that to continue my business checking my famine sure. Ok, so I check and it doesnt ruin my hunting trip. So if I take man reached for ten minutes a day it and then in the EU have those I gotta get off the grid, I'm like well, then I wouldn't be to go hunting as much cause. I got a business to run. You see this thing. This allows me to be out hunting yeah. You know I'm here I'm here, because I'm trying to run this business, and so you have to like know where people people just anti that to give you a communication Why has drawn for fourteen days and he never.
calls me then he's not going to be gone. Forty days of questions arise, yes, things that one needs feedback on come up during those time periods. So what do you like? Wyoming, awesome, guess putting in for some tags and whatnot no, no, we yet the they take a residency real, serious now, just not area twelve months. No, what we ve been there for nine months to twelve you have to be the twelve months and oil to the day of a month. Can't put into four dead. You can apply for tax for limiting quota, so in other words, by the time it he sees arose around I've been I'd, have lived in the state allowing for sixteen months. I'll hunt is a resident with general tax, but I cannot for limited quota in make, as I moved here and no more than that, the time of application and to be illegal, rosettes correct, and I ask the director fishing game for the,
it just to make sure, I think that's all we're out It took a long time, but I don't think that's like too much feeling ass. If a boy One of them- and we heard somebody I think, the last days of around six months, yeah montana sex in the alaska was at six or twelve feel like everything's six, we're like five years now, I'm just kidding it's because we're here's the thing, there's so much amazing general season, hang will be able to do this fall anyways. I man, I liked those states that take it real serious, though man that I liked those states that guard the resource will jealously like they take it seriously it's true. You know, and it's I kind of get the sense to really resonate in wyoming's a privilege and you gotta earn your privilege yeah. There's a lot there's a fair all. All these all the destination states deal with quite a bit of fraud. People trying to get
residency and getting residents are just like all. The rest is a really stupid way to save a few hundred bucks right, but people do it right and by you know, people buy a vacation home and estate just to be able to buy resident tags in the state. You hear all this kind of stuff all the time, especially like in alaska one cause. I recently moved states and when it came time to do it like I went down with all my staff. Here's all my stuff, you tell me And my crew- and I quote there- you know captain gaming fishermen, you have it, I got it cause it. There's all these. There's all these things about how you how state finds residents, so I want to be now. I don't want me education where I was bring it one way and would encounter warden who viewed it another way right and then then the media to follow,
There is no better story. If there's one story, americans, like it's a person with- hunting show any trouble with the law with regard to hunting rules. that story, people or somebody running a gun company. Two that I marry a pretty good secret. Like that store yeah, ah what was in the future like, and you know, who's going to do, do have you? Do you have an heir? Do you have an heir interested in the business. You know, we don't know we don't wanna sick. My dad didn't it on me and you know we were just taken a data. if you don't bring it up. While we talked about things, you know as a family and all that kind of stuff, but I knew when I was in highschool. I was thinking are lots of things, so you know we let them think about that, but I think. So your dog does one path, and this will inevitably and as we know it didn't work out so well. Actually about a month ago, she was at the office because she came over did
I quote: we ran to go home, on the way home yeah he's doing homework and any ways we drive home. And on the way home, chagos man. I thought the work at whether we put tat job looks really stressful. I don't know, do, as I say, offers all my work back to back cause, as well as well she's here- and this is just part of the planet. Our better was really comes down. My totally fun stuff right, exactly what we do out and provided that they are where the periodic my office authority workers, work, thou, wert, learn every x amount paid the employer. but before they had stuff like that,. but if you had to guess again, gas Do they want a year
I don't know, I don't want to see all your honour because I dont want. I don't want to tee. I want them to do. They have to make their open exactly airlines. I wouldn't want meaning that we do tell determine that cause. I wouldn't want that me. My dad was really cool about that zero. My grandpa stronger personnel first generation entrepreneur is one started it and so, like my grandpa was just you know, diehard the business which is awesome to our here today from dad huge family guy and just really you know, I think the pendulum swung a little bit so he's like you know with us. It's like paced business and it's a blessing. It's an opportunity. It's a legacy brand and all those things, but, like you got one life in them. I can tell you how to limit your perspective. Yeah yeah people would like to ask me like what are you gonna? Do if your kids don't like the horn as much as you do or sell most people
don't yeah right! It's true and that's the thing like you know we just yeah. I think it's important as parents I mean we certainly don't want to one apparent that way. You know just same thing with you when you have were leading the business it's fairly well known and you're doing the same, and it's like the same time like I want him to be connor and Dana who they are right now. My eight year old thinks he wants to work here. Yeah six year old wants to work at or her on her aunt's ranch. She's got her mind made up about that. Can you can you plug something? you like any like of cool thing, sir, don't you want to anything near me just last week we
launched a new shotgun, so excited about that and o's are unpackaged on social media, their meat eater, pretty good on packaging of the product. I got a good laugh about what the thing when you touch like. I like a lot here is: there's the odd when you touch the stock and it's got a nice grippy, but not too grippy, I just use the word. Tacky symbols like well tacky has a negative connotations like I don't think any honest is life he's ever declared something tacky negative way. Lay some one would not something He says tat journey, the seattle go to its got the life, but not too much, because sometimes people do that, and it gets like gown, sticky, yes or doesn't likes. It doesn't move
jimmy like to slide through you on interest lies in your hand. It won't that's what I'm trying to say like it like. It was a field like on you when you're move skin brings your skin, but much help me I'll. Get it like your skin grabs, twists and stuff, but this is like grip, but not too crazy, dickie ray you hit the right, you really in it I dunno. If it's the would be taking, don't some of you guys focus on it, but you really hit the writing tagging some sure someone thought about there is no use. Actually those yogurt accidental tat. It is. I mean how looks, is really important. Typically, people purchase a firearm without firing it you have to sell it on other things, so you go to again stored like we always laugh at the bolt action. Rifle first thing: everybody does. And will be a gun shows, and these are good year. Buyers for big customers are these things you had a tomb where they do and examine editor cycled airport, they pull back and they can't do that. A future
ams, and then you give him another model with a different colored stock. They do the same thing. It's the same darn action and you give them five and they got a cycle is just different, colors right and so you tender there's something out it economically, though, with a firearm of how it makes you how it feels is how it looks first on the gun, chauvinist second, how it feels to the touch, and so I think it important and then, obviously, when you hide budget, rarely do ever huh or shoot a product before bind it most of the time. It's just how it feels in your hands, that's really good pointer ere? I never thought of that. Man like the thing that it's supposed to do you haven't, journalist has dealt with it, you can go down and in drive a truck, usually get test drive and there are few play You can do that, but ninety winning percent of the time. There are ranges right there for you to use me there are. Those type of thanks must and there's not so, I realise as true, but I really thought about the
at times mean you're. A bolt action gun won't even have a scope on it, so you just thrown it up and serve pretending that we were legit. We used to have a copy of an ad here's, a walmart ad. oh yeah, he remembered ass. I was I wasn't. I gave member that ireland is not important. Somebody must stop and marketing or- and I had a bad and it was like getting geared up for dear season, but they had to do with the areas hold. The rifle openness Where you stand, no scope will not admired sites like yeah who's eating. What I believe in the same, the outside marketing firm is like. Where do you see those the other thing that has all the time as you're? Looking at some thing, where someone's trying to sell lawn chairs or something there's like the fishing scene and the dude has the open face reel? That's up and you realize that the art director is in over there. Waiters yeah
that's cute. I like the designs. Why did you guys name the new shotgun? What you named that I don't have a problem with now. I know what you know it's funny because Naming meetings are always artist when you design a product design a whole product you get to the end ad, Either all the names have been taken in a billion, industries right, bought, flare, bright, and I got in there funny is even in the in the fire. World like how many are in aid. Seventy originate. Seventy remodel, winchester model. Seventy, a nineteen eleven bunch of lightning numbers and letters- and you try to come up with something cool. That's you know. I don't know that whatever named there's something in our names are always all replace the place. It's something like you try to like do. It does tell a story, though, so we had like a semi auto. They came out in two thousand and eight. It was the essay await guy with the PA await. This is the eighteen I developed and in eighteen we launched at nineteen
at the time we named it. We are hoping to launch an early on inertia because its inertia driven. Instead of our other semi autos or a gas driven on where they gases in there, are actually wet cycle the shot gun for enough inertia is actually the recoil that cycles. At semi, auto and so that inertia system so to the eighteen I developed in two thousand and eighteen inertia system. So that's one thing: we notice, if you take it and gently tap it correct little, dec a little right. The bottle will kind of go and that's why it's so much easier to like bring a boat back in an inertia semi auto than in a gas semi auto, because it's made to come back easy and cycle that way and as the recoil that d causes it to cycle once you shooting a nurse so my auto for me compeers, I switched over from a gas one in its just it's just smooth like feeling nothing economically. I think
Iceman man, yeah yeah, you guys got one of the the black synthetic windsor yeah and they already took a crack or his last letter. Twenty six arouse intertwined. It is with three and a half inch no soon two and three quarters, but actually I got thrown quick thirty bullets no only one turkey round, I was shooting shooting around just get a dirty, get in a perfect yeah. We if our last night yet again when it add, and then we got it sweet, would one that I really like that. Tell you shot right up. There would one it's got a silver receiver of some kind of hand, engraving and staff and its it's pretty cool so that there was up one specific right yeah yeah. It's me I remembered for three and a half inch for the big waterfowl kind of guys. So, thanks to him so that duchess, just launched we're going to launch more rifle stuff, more cartridge stuff later in the year, so we have the new,
The wiring commemorative models been kind of fun. We just said: let's make a really nice expensive rifle with all sorts of bio, mean stuff on it at your daughter and just make it blink. Steamboat does eight. I like this. The state symbol member yeah so universally while, like mass got home ass got there stats on there in gold, and so that's it we're starting our serial number prefix on our modifies with w wiser as hers or a one, and we had number eighty seven went to a conservation banquet, a wildlife conservation banquet and it went for auction, for thirty, eight grand now it was actually on them, are eighty seven. So it's like people, in while mean just love the move, we feel just or group resilient oversight. With open arms, wyoming sportsmen's group w s g, it's local in northeast wyoming, and they do a lot up there locally, all the all the fun stay there locally or people in wyoming, pretty receptive to guys moving her and believable it. so cool that income from where we came from and is just we its.
and not just shared in community but wyoming I mean a former governor Matt mead was a big part of recruiting us. I mean it's the whole he's good dude mellow day a lot Do you like it or lump it? Not even outside of lichen holds out of politics. Is hanging album. I unequivocally somewhere. I only arise here and did you just feel like you just a real dude, you know Oh, yes, we just, we couldn't feel more at home. We just in both say that all the time like we just there a lot that went into a few years of searching. You know where to move a seventy seven year old business and we just are like we nailed it in sheridan wyoming. We did didn't. We have it it's. It's amazing, like I do like the interim. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, a lot of work together, but were come along long. The finish line here, gettin are often
I moved a couple of years. It's just you know to to do that. Move your manufacturing, lose employees, train new ones, build a seventy five thousand square foot facility like it's just it's short term pain. for a lot of long term gain in the long term. Gains like going to start now in the short term, pain, we're hoping they need soon. It's just a lot. It's a it's! A baby because in the midst of doing all that, like you, still have to be competitive the launch new product you still got a market is to mean business doesn't stop for two years. So it's in addition, a kind of the normal everyday think that's out there, so we'd. Never moved a business and its heart, but weatherby me so much better for it. Yes, we're neighbors, dare we love a man just write down the road in people s our stuff that, while the whole me
inter universe, you'll be seeing a lot more stuff from weather, because we're gonna be working pretty closely together, which is real, exciting for all of us people this last week. So we can oppose the ranch, are working with you guys. More people are in hindu media rifle already asking about fun stuff, so can shoot lasers? dude technology, yeah. No scholar is going to use a lot of this old old style things. Yeah we're going to use really old technology to make local. You know it's funny, you mention when you see someone pick it up and they worked the ball. What do you look for like when you see someone pick up a rifle? What are you? What do you want to see them? Do the trigger. like. What do you see when you like he'd, he's? That's a discerning I I don't know I like to like. I asked I the ball cautious, you wanna see like us house closely.
B and weird. It is apparent that I'm interested in the trigger did those are the two things and a lot of people will shoulder it even if a dynamic go. they want to silence how shoulders and that in about obviously with shock in particular, but it was the rifle to think people are orator, we've learned the triggers yeah the and trigger the only two things that move that you can actually manipulate. Otherwise you just sit there and fondle the thing you know Tag EU stock did I ask us enough tack, inert would that having the right tack, I think that the mark five has a heal. They already have for awhile library wants everything. So damn light yeah, but you don't want it to be heavy, but I think people like the light thing has gotten a little another. You probably have a lot of customers really want. Ultralight, ultralight, but there's still like there's still there's the carrying it.
Shooting it there's a sweet spot is an intersection there. It's true where I think it, though I think, lands well, because I've add some I've had. I had a custom rifle few years ago that I actually guy made it, and I went back to get a heavier barrel because it was. I felt it was like two light when it came to shooting it like, I shoot off my backpack all the time and when I laid that thing in my backpack it just didn't. Have that, like funk like it, didn't, lay on my pack in the way where I felt like it was laying there it just felt too light yeah. I love light chop sticky. I love light, but I agree, but that's the difference. If I hunt I don't mind that because the trigger hopefully wants. Sometimes a little bit more, but hopefully once but I carried around four hours upon hours upon ours have now because I
I think I had one to light this last season, you know just as for your right. I feel good or told them rounds great walkin, but it was bound from a little bit and I was like a brother he's ever rivals: thirteen power, Lastly, as it was like a soup up rifles garbage, but he'd Israel so when I lay that thing down man I feel like it's like kills. yeah, I'm not going anywhere just like every other consumer product, we have a little bit light and a little bit heavy and a lot in the middle cause. It's everybody's got personal preference. It is we're going to get some turkeys with the new shotgun cool cool. Where you guys going
everywhere: okay, we're not texas. First hunter are michigan. Turkey hunt just got kind of screwed up. Okay, we're hunters in texas. Go hunt. Turkeys here, go, hunt turkeys, I dunno, I'm gonna go to wisconsin. Take our kids on turkeys are allowed to hunt yet much there. I remember when we took our kids, turkey hunting so for turkey, hunting you're supposed to be quiet, depend on the age of kids. We took our psych sub five and, like all they do, is like sneeze and sniffle. Unlike yell at each yeah yeah only time. I would ever shoot a turkey when they were along came along, as once we scare them away. We just random and gundam, which you're not supposed to do, but that's not bad. We ve kids, we now. I did my little boy when I came here. I think he's three or four. First, I'm it took him out. We sit in the woods. It's just get light. Nosek may he's taken ass. They look you sleep and since you all got it all, went down. It's down, let him take a bath,
that morning, my friend dog will take a slingshot out to this old, dilapidated house. He's got on his property and let him shoot all the windows out with a slingshot in his rundown house, and so I thought of it as a turkey trip, but when he would recount the trip to people like when I was in wisconsin shooting the windows out with a slingshot yeah is a repetition we're guys, the guardian, the only any final things want to throw in their stuff. You wish we asked. No man just excited, at hang out more with you guys and and look forward to seeing the stuff on the turkey hunts. Look for the avenue goes down and just plain body knows to wear after
june thirteenth we're going to have like visitor center and just lobby for people to come by. So some schwag and people can visit us and see us right off the interstate they're, very northern wyoming. So when you're on your way to bozeman from somewhere south, you come right by replace you can see from highway. So you know so that's a lot of people are asking about that. Oh you may come. I visit every us that they want tours. There are answers right now like I need to make guns, so we're not going to give you tours, but maybe later, are you guys going to put like some old pieces up in the Irizarry, oh yeah, oh yeah, we're gonna have show room what a lot again. they can see historical current brenda has been in charge of an outfit in so rivals. Roy memorabilia from africa Is you gonna? Let people go shooter cartridge does not supposed to be in a certain gone just three size. The case
no fire forming labs, yeah, just mix and match, though we do have a couple of underground ranges, though right under it. So I'm kind of jealous of that hat and well. We can get you hats I thought today anyway, the way like it should have brought some stuff we're still like moving so little were our offices are separate from our manufacturing, so I actually thought about it. I'm like I, don't even know where to go to find a hat, except for my closet. You want this one or the website. Here you go there. You are which I can't trade anything Quick signs are something that one's been worn. Cookbook amen. I recently traded a my shirt with another got. Really you swapped
If we could swap shirts australia them, he he traded me a quilted flannel for a hoodie. I just did it for no other reason than I thought it was a good idea that sounded fun yeah. So you didn't, you guys, got screwed because, giving thing we're not gonna get. It could put you drink of one of our leave arrogant. One of our look. There is here and acting a lot of artery. Do you sell refugee? we conclude or anything you wish I'd. Ask you about concluding cleaning russian, verandah europe think about what he thought it. I guess our no one to go to while game meal is in the weather we household gosh well you're the one on the wine as you wish. these? Are just lanka marinate from her first africa trip is that a land western while western while game all the time I mean really good, that's where they go to that's probably go to
but I do mean antelope currie. I do I mean Elk very popular in our house. Would actually you know your? Let us rap thing the union with the amount mine, so I did that would pheasant Just because I didn't have any tell me, tell me more land. Let us wraps yeah is awesome, but I did the chilly sas and allow can you read that kitchen. I was yeah and I'm like. Oh my gosh. This is great. I'm going to talk to this up, so we we gotta cook in the weatherby kitchen, which is quite jealous of it's sweet, sweet layout. I gotta get some blinds on there for filming, though that's amount view view, he keeps saying that I'm like no we're not putting ten there's a window tint you can put up. Oh okay, you still see the mountains. We get. One of our guys. Tell you how to do okay, but yeah. We had a great time cooking, so it didn't come like larb lettuce, wrap, dion, then larb
What's that mean that basically, it's like a hand grind dice wait until lettuce wrap the meat, the the lettuce, that's gonna hurt edward yeah yeah. I believe it's ty yeah. It was like a thailand's main reason, make a lot. That's one of the things that my kids would love to. Have maiden forever or do we put the? Could you put some cocoanut near? I did peanut at some point to make some make some lettuce wraps the kids eat their big time like fidget was stuff yeah. Is that a word or an acronym laura? It's word. Look it up, be honest check them. You never got back to what you're supposed to be checking earlier, There's a jack and we re means I gotta told me and is also research. As you all know, it's difficult to interrupt, sometimes Brenda read it out. Lion out and you didn't last sandwich. I didn't get the sandwich I d go to work was trying to make pork chops
sandwiches out of my lions. Man turned out way more like a chick fillet sandwich and horrible. Oh man, apparently there water, the fans, a chick fillet out there. People are very excited about that when I posted it up the other day, while Jonas As research, I'm gonna tell you remember. We are talking about length of pull yeah I'd, say a quick length, the full story I had I suffered from lyme disease some years ago, and I had a lot of problems with my nervous system. While this is going on and in one problem that really surprised me- and this is, as I was just beginning, to figure out- that I had lyme, but I had written, I needed to measure my length of pole, so I had written l o p on my hand and I'm sitting at my desk I'm sitting at my desk and also now look- and I dont know what that means. Your wife there and I had a
amnesia about that lasted about two hours. Were I've lost track of about twenty four? hours of time. So I didn't know when I looked at miles working as writing, and I had- and I was writing a reading- a document and I look at the document and nothing on the document makes sense, and I can't figure out where it came from to where I think someone wrote it on my computer. They knew what I was supposed to write about, because I knew that I was supposed to write about. I could remember that I couldn't remember writing it, so I started taking passages of what I wrote taking blocks of it and putting it into google trying to find where it came from, because I thought I must have cut and pasted someone else's article and I couldn't find it and I started taking shorter and shorter chunks and putting them into google, and I couldn't
and those combinations of words as weird- and I had a book on my desk with a sticky note with the guy's address on it, and I knew who it was, but he had texted me or whatever that morning to send them the book. So I wrote the address down. I couldn't figure out why I had a book laying there with that address and then it just started expanding outward and outward- and I couldn't remember anything but yeah. The first glimpses like what the hell does, o p mean it's fish it out later common for lyme disease know and they they say down. Yeah things like that can happen is lot m sort. Mysterious parts with that and when they diagnosed it, they diagnose it as global transient amnesia. But it's never happened to me. I've been alive forty five years, I had lyme disease for five months and it just strikes me as unusual that, at the same time, that my elbows were nominees or not, I couldn't go downstairs the holding the hand rail,
all these other problems like like. How would it be that I had a two hour amnesia bow within the worst of that five months. That was not related issues strikes me as say: how could it not related so what happened like the two hours, like literally, was it like that next minute everything came back to or it not like gradually back left instantly, okay instantly, like just snap and then it trickled back in intersting, and I left I was working at our the production company that makes meat eater zero point zero and I was working in their offices for the day and I got so nervous and was so disoriented. I didn't tell anyone what was happening and I left there and then other parts like I couldn't figure out how to get home so that wasn't like a yesterday thing, but I very much knew who I was and write what I did with my wife, but at other things slipped like I couldn't. I had
I couldn't think I couldn't quite think of how to get home, but I knew enough to call my wife you in the cia: no, no okay, but for a minute I wondered if I was yeah you're jason bourne to do so. Then, once I got to the emergency room, stuff was coming back, yeah and maybe an hour or two later it was all back and everything made sense. I'm like oh, I was going to send mark boardman this book. I need to measure my length of pull. I remember writing the thing it was wow. If there was a drug you could take. That would do that to people. People would take it just to be tripped out. Of course, wow or get lyme disease, and the call like to call your wife am I I don't understand what. But something is happening. Yeah, that's scary and she's, like where tell me somewhere, you guys, don't move yeah if they don't try to do anything, I'm around it's going to stand here, but something wrong is happening. Yeah I'll, doodle, scary,
find it the first questions, caille right or wrong. He's, I mean it. This is a cop can be a complicated recipe, but yet it's most of the recipes were thai and it's basically like a large adverse version of like a chicken salad in this doesn't have a wrapped in. Let us but see why you couldn't but yeah crunches as other legged, toasted, sticky, rice or nuts and then all sorts of fragrant herbs, yet the lines there's theirs: china, where large slaughter on many fish, cocoanut lime, juice, is chili flakes screen, scallions, cilantro steve. If you're looking for a recipe, Daniel pruitt has one on the meat, eater dot com for thai venice and lettuce wraps, but does use the word larp. I feel like that's, here. They should it out of the north of looking at it does
was in the new hearth. Household was hot right now for cooking, and I just got a sous le ciel lot of soupy stuff experiment that whole deal yeah, and I I do all the cooking, so I can like throw it in the soup pot before I come for a come to work trolley when I get home. So big fan of that you got same setup where my wife doesn't like to cook I like to cook. So we were, it works out good for us yeah. I enjoy it given your thing yet tell me what a grain is required. The aging grain rearing from one culture to the next was defined as the weight of a designated number of dry, wheat or other edible grain colonels. Taken from the middle of the ear it ended up being the original basis for the medieval english inch, which is defined for instructional purposes, is a length of three medium sized barley, corns place and end, which ends up being about two point. Five four centimetres, which I believe two point two is one inch
Their damn fluctuate way back in the day they go. It's it's sixty five houses of a grand or one seven thousandth, of a pound. One of our camera gas was workin on our side project in it was a bow people trying to define what a kilo is. He because just the importance of having it be standard because things that you like. Let's say you have the object- and you like this: this is a kilo like this object will define what a kilo means. That thing sheds molecules. So it was getting later something like robin like what like. How do we decide like what is a killer, or how do we decided? What exactly is a second, you can look up numbers in the dictionary,
No, I don't have that much time. The definition will always tell you. The definition will always tell you what precedes it and what comes after, really too well it's after one before surgery that is crazy, good, the definition of for water. It's one of the beauties of the definition for waters acts as an almost universal solvent because stuff man, you guys, are glad you made the trip now when you fly at home, think about their right. You should think about where you gonna destroy these leave. First realisation: hives law gave me a rapid a thank you very, very much for coming out there. Thank you great, it's not, as most of you had driven because you flew into plain, but it's still, you risk life and limb to be here to peer so worth it thanks guys. Thank you very much,
and the the.
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