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Ep. 165: Whole as Hell

2019-04-22 | 🔗

Steven Rinella talks with Jimmy Doran, Sam Lungren, April Vokey, and Janis Putelis.

Subjects discussed: Houdini, the Moore Theater, and a tragic death; Jimmy Doran as ageneralist Seattleite outdoorsman; an excise tax that sticks it to non-hunters and non-anglers; fishing for ducks; how to stay married; killing marine mammals to save marine mammals; preg checking cows and freezing whole salmon; what exactly is a “huntress”; another problem with King salmon; an ethics conundrum; is bowhunting really more ethical than rifle hunting?; which hunting skill do you wish you could master?; and more.


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the show was severely beaten in my case unaware it was a meat eater podcast you can't predict the get up here we're doing to think out sound jack and we found out that will jimmy doorn all excited about eddie better in jumping around appear rate dairy but all right all right they're more where there is houdini be news on this stage it's right about here a few times my brother always likes to talk about how houdini died
houdini felt that gives notice that he felt he could like clinches stomach withstand any blow and some kid was like while try in part killed a man like hidden well we got when we were discussing that we thought you are part of the conversation but you obviously weren't listening to the manager told us that yes that happened but that's not what killed them yeah it did it would rupture his opinion he tried to do a trick after that no water tank right yeah round and round it through is act he couldn't get those act with back wouldn't go to the house but are sought my dad and died wasn't this stage back when he died they said they cut cut out to be under a stage that still cut from his acting like nineteen o five dini more theatre on my introductions
the eagle young and jimmy doorn from belgium p if you spend the if you want to if you want to patronize the time pizza under jimmy dorians command your time no then you a long time to patronize jimmy pizza restaurant hopefully not download shown how many years been don't don't be sixteen then their seventeen that yeah then run it for own for fifteen and then yeah hopefully winding down so either not me even if he has a say anything tonight that's all they i told he is now saying that we want to be represented by a generalist
seattle light outdoorsman i fit this guy he likes to he likes to catch salmon he likes to shoot dear you like the route it like a like every dude i know in seattle like ray guy in seattle he's like oh yeah but i like to see hawks long time ago it is like to see us and they sought been very fortunate that suck anymore my ferris i think so you tell my jimmy's turkey huh how egg overnight became an expert turkey hunter just walked up on turkey's that's good story if we were actually driving back from a set in the morning where we had set out froze our asses off and didn't thing and we were two weeks into that disease and i believe the guide took us to a place where everything had been shot in guide
weird is literally driving back these i k i want to check this little sliver of public and now we are is taken a meandering route through this one little sliver around the polio area and we came around a corner and there was literally eight tom's in the road and we basically jumped out of shot we gonna taxis like tat was a hard about this year as our idea really got to hide i call them more of a shoes today again gets a good work a very own sam london you sam same rights bottle sam rights by all kinds of stuff horse was people are taught i don't know those really island in those those guys or man or tell where you're from you
i consider myself a general a satellite hunter although i'm now are you carrying montana you quit moved the accurate move they grow up on whidbey island in washington until twenty two april vote he's not only not starting from today a country what was the town they tell where you're from and in her yours apologize even i always say don't tell me what i think is very sorry were don't tell anybody else goes only votes do not get it sir you don't tell anyone snivel everyone no one knows was it hard you saw a happy anniversary we have ross and meghan sharp you guys here alright there's a bunch of like there's a bunch of guests there's a bunch of people you would know from the show tommy edson
here is another show tony collar grass he's gonna show tony great glass give it and on this i think my friend bowman's here and let him come on an end down from joint base loose mccord south wheeler who are met earlier so heaven is teammate you're here it's been in and out of war zones for a long time now as reduced discussion in it i used to kind of be i like a temporary seattle light i understand your kids we rented a thousand years ago its air beavis monica hotel you like it's like an apartment building in like an highrise apartment which looks down on my main most important squid chicken spot we got super nostalgic about that
and i didn't realize how much i was going to miss it i moved in august and i got to thinking about razor clams jig and squid and the thing i like most and this is why i don't trust any one in this audience is because when i here i discovered that you guys are sitting on the continent's greatest yellow perch fishery now don't do that don't do that because i'm tellin you me my little boy hit it hard and we never once saw a serious perch fishermen on that lake not like i'm talking about big ass lake and as you catch fish sigh clones of perch come up with the one you reeling in its unbelievable it people because you guys are still had in salmon snobs i had to i had to like defend myself constantly as a perch fishermen
they should get but now a guy from or you with a bow so that we can get out their efficiency forget it out our body had to drive up with a boat from portland to take his perch vision will that guy he ate his first ever small mouth bassa leg washington await you in that backbone one will remember this work support the and that was matt elliott elliott special bass boat he came out to fish bass but i've billed as a lie well up approach will they haven't opened the soccer season for such a damn long time maybe people she just get into purge instead what yet what is what does this when was the last time that doesn't six i believe no sockeye fishery no they haven't collateral and embassies and since two thousand the last time the last time it was opened my dad and i ran our boat down from we'd be through the locks through the union in the lake washington and fish sockeye for a couple days and then went off way back
it's crazy when that when that i hope it happens again someday because it's such a shit shit it's it's amazing to watch you look so you'd walk all the way across the lake from both the boat canoes next to yachts next it like drift boats and they bought another thing for them too people mostly trolling bride i dunno now imagine you could jag them too because of the fraser we used to line up with like bouncing bettys and then twenty foot leaders through an floss right right i don't know if the washington people always talk about how soc i don't don't eat don't grab stuff that people always floss numb but but we troll big flasher with a bare red hook behind it yet another hammer that bears
their red octopus hook like size two in the cell you can do that here yeah you're not snagging to eat it yet we we weren't allowed because they would eat a bear hug but it was illegal and nbc so we had to put like a little tuft of green dumb laws nbc you have to pinch your bias there's a load of them all laws in washington to to play fair yeah but this they got wicked laws that uses tells about the explain about if you're if you're not around you can't yeah this is recent but if you're a non resident of british columbia you can't fish on weekends in the skeena system or on several classified rivers when i fish the bulkley i had to pay forty bucks a day for thursday on friday in and they take me off and we had to keep under i get a majority the residents d actually dont support at it's a long story in its very political but it was the guide movement that push that not us the guy because if in future the guide you could do
weakens yet i don't got anymore so don't don't point i mean let him isn't there others some streams that are completely closed like tat actually there there are rivers that are busy resident only so it is not as can eat there are yet like the tugela but even though as someone from a bird i can't fish that well now you've gotta be a bc resident can you imagine trying to pass a law like that in the united states mila mix we believe in american right yeah yeah all these people we can accomplish madison up to say i'm all you can you break down the thing i told you to break down happening here in washington which thing was that you get three days you get a break down this is the first one about the well the build that will never pass but washington's backpacks yeah ok cool it exempt in the the proposed yeah yeah this is something i just read about this week that there's legislation in the washington state legislature that there
seemed to have what what's broadly been talked about the backpack tax in hunting fishing it world which basically have people who enjoy the benefits of what we hunters and anglers pay for with their excise taxes through the pigment robertson act in the dingle johnson act so their proposing is to have a tax on outdoor equipment over two hundred dollars in washington state no no no no no wait wait wait two or two tenths of one percent but you would be exempted from said tax if you show if you could display a hunting or fishing licence these are doing good idea i completely support because they know that you ve already pay ten percent tax on upon your equipment and so now we were gonna pony up and it goes into wildly fund yeah it's great red washington is a hell of a lot more people who are enjoying looking at why
i've just there were just enjoying the idea of wildlife there's a whole lot more of them than there are of us now i haven't seen any pulling data permitted venture to guess at this it's dead on arrival but it's a good idea if the i want to mention i should have mentioned it actually pivoted when you guys were talking about bare hooks as want to throw this out because i was just we just spent the weekend in san martin down in the st martin in the caribbean for a for a birthday party and i flew down with like hooks area bag but down there you can carry on to a plain official and up until very recently in canada you couldn't carry on their fishing like your line and in australia still you cannot carry line on because you're gonna do some i've had to gut reels in aeroplanes
but shoe strings neckties are fun this just like what the hook because these are like small hooks i was like the worst you could do is you could get it in someone's clothes you like agitated get out his arm find a way to create the bar with every area lost their leatherman at tsh check ins they won't be able to correct the bar and then you'd like to the advantage of the confusion and fly the plane somewhere but like if that's the case you should be able to bring gum on because that shits annoying when it gets too close too close like i go figure out i want to touch on is you how urban like like i'm sure everyone knows the story of the guy colorado not to long ago that strangled them outline like like that that story no fall to the guy that did like heeded break it up but that story has got less and less interesting
now it's now that it was a three month old amazing aided twenty four pound orphan mount line kit that's like the media love that story i think the lion attacked the jogger the jogger attack the lion instead of the other way around like it's been reported it was a kid indicate that do didn't break it up on that same legs old it is felt that it was it but the story is and as this less interesting there's less reporting i haven't heard a word about it pretty soon is going to be the he strangled a therapy rescue poppy airport that's the only there's only thing left you lose and i had to corpses donovan first this guy don't want media even say state happened in but then he came he warmed up to me
say what stage have happening but you know washington that a very dirty thing go and made it that year you're not allowed to use hounds to pursue mount lights he's still her mobilise let's check this out there's a dude in in this they i don't want they worry is we're heap he peaks careful to say tat he did not pioneer this technique where he's been goin out we exchanged and emails he's been going out and cotton mount lion tracks in the snow so he does the same way that the hounds man does way the right amount of snore covers on the ground and he goes out cuts of track and he disbar was that track and ways of life look right and he sits down and uses a predator call and then he follows the track and use the predator call and he just got a nice big time doing it hundred and sixty pounds that's awesome dude that's awesome their security hunt man yes working for it was that workin for it yeah
their guy yeah we're also working in the difficult system that you get play and i remember that happening when they ban hunting with lines with hounds the life gave him lemons and meda lemonade lemonade out of a hat guy recorded about this lobby the only guy that's gonna appreciate this i previewed it with you guys me how do people here run a stand up freezers that of a chance because a smart audience this guy this guy you right now that you know you get all your stuff in air in it at all falls out when you open the door by so spring loaded on curtain rods and crimes everything in there and it puts a spring loaded kurt rod and near to holders while the cylinder so don't come out prevent the meteor to launch how does he do it as he hold a one armed man and then try to adjusted maybe he has his wife alt mode i dunno what he done a lot he's price more but like
we will get all excited about like you know the iphone ten shit like that i'm like man that's all as i think that's the real new tech quick they don't want to touch onto a guy as a chat with recently was talking about ice fishing and he had the observation that ice fishing is just a place where people to do whatever they already normally do well even better resign guys like tart they just talk better and more guys like to drink they three more we would like to this fish more an echo serves because that means that my kids are only good getting wet and cold because they do that even more out there
i northern touch on the honesty we've talked about this and i'm going to put it to bed after this but if you don't mind for like the nineteenth time breaking down your advice your marriage advice thing there's two final thoughts i have about about but i want you to tell everybody every up spies wish i remembered to use it as often as you asked me to tell everybody by advice because now i'm like and i'm like man last week has been really good bring up the one to ten scale game of soccer dollar from when dire who daddy used to not really forces visa and make us listen to wayne dyer tapes mostly i would just fall asleep but every now and then you'd pick up something but he's got a thing where if you're in an argument most arguments with spouses really that all that important about like who's gonna win error is going to be right it's just that you raised
get through it so on his way to do that is to stop and everybody is as a value to how important they think the the argument it is now important like avenant go there way is on a scale of one to ten and so you just the argument and and throws a number out there so it's really that importance do you throw your too and for the other person they might throw eight or nine and you just stop and to go on in and you go there direction right and this is a you wait a quick arguing and move on and you said of funds is work for you because i realized we ve been is going to be proven our marriage man yeah i may be honest i make you spain is every week this last sunday you explain it but there's two thoughts came in because you have been writing a lot about merit uses and annoy you stole from some ombudsman call your thing you're married everything in one guy is enough of rising
in a fight what his wife because she likes to put vinegar in the soap in the dishwasher and he's arguing that have if this sort needed vinegar there does put it in there in the factory so what's weird about it if you like but the trick worked because like i actually didn't really care once i thought about it now through three and she threw like a nine so she winced but he sits down and writes me a diatribe like this explaining how stupid it is to put vinegar and salt another guy roared in about he's he didn't even get into what is fight was but he gets it a big fight and he's like he wants to do yarns trick to get out of the fight and he throws a too and they get in trouble for how little he cares
so it's like yeah absolutely be the biggest concern is under estimating somebody else's anger yes right those exorbitant your visit to new needs and nine i might just be dig up my whole even deeper finally like without it at that point it has also you don't care does do what we are all about irrational behaviors were this vinegar in this wash your count them no i don't really know about that there might be like a great idea i years ahead with vinegar i've been fry a in the house lately gregg i'm a bitch new heard over my story you know i was blasting and frying and it's it's working but it's still not like completely diffusing all you know greece is so i think it's impossible it is barbara
afterwards i should say my wife jennifer does is i don't know me a the copper to have some vinegar with a splash of lavender oil and it's in a pan and throw is that stop and just it simmer unkind disappear and that is does the house right back in oh really well yeah very nice the other problem we had all through your marriage yeah cause i remember we used to live in a we used to live in a small apartment and being from michigan i fry a lot of fish and my wife be like how is it that even the bath towels smell like fried the thing i wouldn't want to smell like fried fish get out of everything else is fair game but the irrational behaviour there and i don't mean to be pinned this is not like a guy over this is like you don't like a guy verses wife deal but
of guy wrote in were use complaining about just coping with irrational things where he kills dear gods it and in rents is the chest cavity out with i love those crick water creek water out and see the actual body of water but is it out with quick water and now she refuses to eat the dear for fear that it has been contaminated by quick water anymore voice i have no advice that but in this situation it only point out other activities like like other things that seem irrational that you need to cope with and i think that the reason this i was so much in the in outdoor pursuits is getting dealing with so many unknown ones and untested things right just practices to get and down over time and things
really you can't replicated in the laboratory like certain orders you might encounter that you could never make so they did it breeds it like breeds uncertainty what do you have encountered encountered in personal lives were you you ve had it is live with someone else's irrational belief system my husband doesn't hunts and i am obsessed with it and so we are constantly we don't see eye to eye on anything with hunting but in particular the range finer situation so he thinks that a range finder is unethical more ethical do not know how far away it is here so it's a constant battle filling an arrow guess he needs to just come with me so he can see what it's all about but yeah so i feel like i'm just constantly bashing my head against the wall with some of these theories and opinions yeah yeah the one
well i should say it's uninformed but you know we are going to later giveaway we're going to play a game we're going to give away a range finding binoculars so that was a good that was good too nice as good i said weight off there if you ll notice saying tat like irrational i didn't come up with anything for this because you know that rational person nobody you'd never your soul you're still available this egg way now mary lover you you've never had a relationship that there are making a model that is what i ok so so it's not that i didn't come up with anything for this i didn't come up with anything that i could say publicly to our audience of hundreds of thousands if of listeners there's nothing that is like it's a weird it's a weird grey or what what we're talking about here is a weird grey area of like cute irrational where there's like
crazy irrational that you just don't really want to live up to that extent we wanted to tell who it is do you like this are you talking about i get ex girlfriend ok of what like category of what category like what life cannot did the irrational things fall into i don't even know it's ex girlfriend talking about here later listen why isn't gonna part this divide renovation less divide the world in daylight rooms of the house via our yet where yeah what are your area of one's existence that the irrational behaviour at manifest ex girlfriend who would clean like deep clean her apartment every week and
would like she would go as far as pulling everything out of her freezer this too like scrape out the freezer of ice every week out among other even ass like it's there there is complicating circumstances that was that was not the reason it ended peter phone number of these i guess that's organised baby but but i'm like whether he puts over in the freezer like you hang onto it to preserve it to hanging onto it for awhile and a guide stacked it full of elk and like why you poodle pulling all of that out there it's defrosting in your fridge or in your in your sink right now so that's good i found that to be highly irrational is jimmy i don't have a lot to add to this
i'm i'm fortunate unfortunate hello o commander you talk me into it you have to play ball here although i did what i told him i didn't want to talk about i am but let's enough my significant other who is sitting right over there is very rational grounded i find very very seldom i find cards area things it'll get me in a twist i mean she moves things around i can't figure out why we're always looking for things that i know right where tat but in the grand scheme of things that is a one on the arguments scale as opposed to a tense i'm very fortunate i no no no ship lorry may has now boring is rational is meaningless battles now you just chose well i did shows as usual yeah i'm extremely fortunate so you'd let me just add nothing no come on
he's only come up here like food already a rational behaviour by my wife that's what you're asking me didn't like things as she does if i might like that might bug me but i our colleague irrational behavior in one hour see there's something like that where i'd done something like rinsing dear alice creep water she's like mary not that cause that was so much different this other comes out of the fossil rolling down rocks or something and it's dirty yeah i said stop it at that point and say we've got to have a conversation and see this thing i'm going to cook this meat logan i have been talking about in my mother tongue bobby the one day my wife call me let my kids cut up pumpkins with a machine she feels it feels that would someone's holding a machete earned acts or something that is gonna like inexplicably like
out of their hand which i thought was right but then one day callaghan who he is holding a cleaver and she keeps being afraid that is going to out of karl heinz hand it so i feel like it like what she sees a large blade she feels that it will fly out of the users hand and it strikes me as on par with this at all yeah i'm not sure if he's here or not there's a guy whose vision up narrows park not far from here on the gig harbor side near this bridge and he writes about how he's around nor guides fisheries that catch one this guy here has do diamond are going eagle so he finally hooks affair and it s all excited for a couple seconds until pops a diver duck that he has hooked
and as you are real and across servers an eagle eye because the level detail golf clubs allows in grabs his diver dark off the surface we we used to be steel are ducks when we're we're out dugout canoes is darts fly sing you drag out titans drag yanks it gets dark back it like it is from the eagle is there bring it in and he's gotta superficially hooked on hooks it unless it dont go on the docks fine that's a bit story does register another guy those where the dog gets back to the cat tails these i e they're not even so i dont even
don't even ass will ever know that forty that's like a duck go to his whole life and nothing really the exciting happens remember what time moreover the mountains and we had hung of all our hung over our food up in a tree takes so bears won't get into it and then some matters like a cheese it didn't get hung up in the tree is my brother got up and so the collect talk the black a cheese opener like on top the game i open a tree and we come back later anders in squirrel who's discovered the block of cheese which that's operational every one thing is entire life and also he fines cheese which has seem like really unusual for that too large by people creatures after and chase it through the woods cycle
it rains it pours man you know because i'm out here every day nothing ever had ever seen that one before have you ever this is super inappropriate and i apologize to children in the audience but have you ever seen a duck's penis what about this yesterday they have excitement everyday do that if you don't know what i'm talking about you need a google this only three percent of birds these have one penis yeah coworkers dog has some ducks one longer than they are today off site just our bikes i noticed the vagina oh yeah there's a guy spiraled inspite yeah so why why do they have the spikes just two if they don't want their partner to get away the biological reason it all right no no it's it's a startling it's a startling thing and it's so funny cause we talked we discussed this at length last night and it's serious business
well the pacific northwest theme are you talking to me pacific northwest the guy i like the way this thing starts as he writes in that his brother pregnancy checks or preg checks cows arm up and you feel around intelligence praying or not and he gets paid in salmon what what the salmon he gets have never been got it is their frozen got in sam and he was not this is a normal thing or not i think that is not normal was a guy commercial fishermen are a recreational fishermen jim tomb commercial say that's normal nuts level when i was a kid i was commercial fishing we never got the salmon use roles game we rarely reality we really know
i mean i don't know anybody projects cows but we'd friend you know every sound we catch in the same just get spilled into the official and freeze to death and thirty four degree so refrigerant seawater so the processor gods yet so he describes the processor yeah mean if you're doing if you're saying correctly you never touch the fish and they freeze got in no one believes that so i mean it's like obviously there's a lot of types of of of commercial fishing and that we are primarily targeting pigs so it's it's like en masse and then we we pull up alongside a tender usually like bering sea crab boats they take crane with a vacuum pomp and swing it over rapid in our hold and put in a return tube and just over the course of an hour just suckled fish out there we have to keep the water level just right
the end i'd have to go down there and hip boots and a shovel and get up in the corners of the fish holden in me while the fish are often try to like scrape them when they get frozen up against like the refrigeration unit it was really gross is my least favorite part of the job but are you allowed to take fish on duty he's been lazy or anything he sneaking in that without being allowed to take what i mean i wouldn't i wouldn't know but i imagine will you washington it's it's either seeding or gill meeting in which case you always deliver those fish hole to processors and enemies in your usually freeze on as soon as you as you catch on because you just catching so many i mean like biggest day ever had we caught seventy three pound seventy three thousand pounds of salmon pigs and in about two hours in the morning then we're on limits so it was pretty pretty cool be like i just made grand it's not even ten a m yet good
this delay lashing nor is it what do you know what the commonly end product is for those so you're having its dog food and n n n n yeah and a lot of like supplements can salmon is is a good a good part of the high quality stuff but i mean they they also they also fillet some pain man i wish i know new i have a lot of blood friends in that industry by but yeah me it's not like it's not like showing up on fancy restaurants four francs anyway and and we're kings typically get cheap simply get caught in trolling the situations or gill matting where there be treated with a different light full of care and there is also there's a big growth and in the kind of the it's not farm did
stable but it like your boat to table actually just had a guy hit us to do that and bozeman yeah yeah i know i know a couple of those guys and this guy just hit me up from sitka who is all about like know your fisherman and and he like they do straight like from the boat and so those guys are like catching their feet processing their fish flash freezing male is like it's a giant pay me ask me that it's cool see that kind of thing how hard it turns do yeah like these guys were choices that israel has described these fishes whole as hell this is the voters doesn't matter and yes i don't know like any bleed him and that makes a difference on the quality of the meat but does a man like you have the guts in freezing defrosting got frosting got at had it wasn't he's trying to figure out do gave him all these fish having so i wouldn't think that guts would be polluting the meat if it's all frozen linking scrolls quit i've got to for a whole week trout frozen my four
you're right now you girls on the ice have because i throw their their frozen the second we pull him out of the lake and i got home and i run out here and i want i don't want to defrost these things so i can get them so i can freeze them again because that's going to be even worse on the flesh to freeze and thaw and freeze and thaw so i did i did think about this for quite a while and i was like you know and i'm just going to stick them in the freezer i don't have time i've left that's in grouse and age them for seven days and then ate them yourself thing in europe may i tried both i tried with the guiding and then as long as it's not a gunshot i've left the cuts in and i've aged both for seven days i mean it tastes cleaner if the guts i've been out but it wasn't bad and aid firstly they made all the difference in the world it was like cutting sushi when it has cut him up whose home was that with fish because i'm off we're sure muslins exile of girls oh i know it's milton browser known for heaven especially weird
elon gutsy i wanna get it i want to get into salmon numbers because that's like a real thing like dominates mercedes around here is confusing as hell like lay out like i picture like someone from mars some outer space planet with a the superficial understanding of the world was listening to the conversation they were be confused because you have where king salmon numbers are really love it so people keep proposing different things that we might do different things we might try to kill off or reduce in order to salmon numbers so they all we're gonna kill seagulls ceiling harbour seals what else squatter this corner i would also like name brain
bran see me and caspian turns biggest name brand sea mammals that you'd reduce numbers to get salmon numbers up but there there's another name brain see mammal killer whales what's all the conversation i tonight i'm gonna killer whales stick with it so the killer whales are suffering from the lack of fish and no one's proposing any nothin but king to my knowledge nor has proposed shoot nothing's yeah not since the seventies but everything else is on the list meanwhile people were like okay another problem of kings it i'm not a subject matter expert here this is my odds like another problem that kings have is they're getting too much competition from hatchery fish in the river so that's that's a concern and in the oceans in the oceans
but because the one marine mammals not getting enough fish there now putting more hatchery fish in to make sure that that marine mammal the orca gets enough and then get rid of the other ones like it like is it it is confusing as is the it is in its like right as w w is kind of finally coming around the idea that that their intensive crazy hatchery programme has not necessarily been the greatest boon to wild salmon and steal had especially steel now the governors come in and telling them to start pumping out more hatchery should for the whales for the whales so it's it's it's just it's complicated as all hell i'm from mars and i don't even understand is supposed to be a band aid not a long term solution yeah well that's like it seems i mean this is this i one of the areas where the conversation balsamic it's interesting inside still it is because you have
like it's no secret what the main problem is the main problem being like like a system of dams the blocks fish migration yesterday i like you officially builder go from its natal stream out the in three days now it takes twenty some days and in certain river systems so it's exposed to some more predation but they're doing badly in rivers that don't have dams too that's a good point yeah so it's it's it's bad timber practices it's over harvest it's changing ocean conditions there is a will there is a lot dams being a definite primary but i find that like looked like some people like calling in this way has argued this where some people like if you have this system this large systemic problem being yet this large prom with dams and they don't want to entertain the micro fixes the like i dont want do i don't want to condone micro fixes cause i want to just focus on what the main problem is big if you lost your job and had no money in it
you found a dollar on the street you pick it up but but cow would be like to pick it up because you have a job so like i feel it i feel the frustration of people who are wanting like we can't control that like that's like a huge long term problem there are small adjustments we could make in it it's like it makes people extremely upset you'd that you'd entertain the idea of reducing harbour seal populations are reducing see lion populations in order to try to keep this thing hobbling along well we get out the political and public will two like actually get around to addressing the main problem yeah absolutely and if you look at it historically all these things are really closely tied together territorial legislature of washington it was you legal to block and address fish passage that was passed in the late eighteen hundreds when they built the dams on the law that were recently removed they
they built the lowest damages some three miles from the from tie water with north with no fish ladder no nothing just off one of the greatest chinook runs ever known but they made a deal that was later codified in law that like oh we'll just make a hatchery and solve the problem just pump out enough fish to make up for the ones we lost in that was taken words into the rest of the pacific northwest that wherever we hose salmon run we just we do mitigation is anyone it still word that's just thrown around left and right but that we're all derives from wherever we were after we ruin a salmon run we're just going to put in a hatchery and solve the problem that's going to be all better what were you guys saying like what was it a call percentage of was deal head what's the percentages deal
if they're wild born and had you then me and i was out number my ass before but is probably lesson a quarter anymore that are better like needed like of all the steel had their return to fresh water every year in washington i bet a list a quarter of an hour deposed here not in the skinner is so the skinner region has the healthiest population of being sent salmon in the world that islam the columbia is to have the best still had fishery yeah and what we don't have any of that in the skinner so reaffirm the order while do cause you if you'd like cut your teeth as a steelhead guide and build your career off being a steelhead guide if you had if you had a picture of crystal ball how old's your daughter now not not sixteen months sixteen months if you if you had to make a guess like gods got to go your head and you gotta make a guess when she's your a don't don't play like what you want i think about this everyday with a hearing that your age will she be fishing steel
and you have to get it right or else you die some thirty seven so in thirty six years in the skinner i think they'll be here i dont think they'll be here in the number is that they are i think the i mean through the most i think it'll be less yet a resilient i think that among the most resilient animals errors fish out there but they definitely be here unless less numbers really scary have you everyone it in your own ghana yes and the shifting baselines really scary and these people we fishing you know they ve been fishing for ten years say in their like our well you know ten years it has been a major difference but they're just they don't know what the baseline was a hundred years ago they and and unfortunately a lot of people in my age group they don't want to learn the history if they don't want to learn about what happened before them so yeah i'm pretty terrified we had a guy one time describe it the shifty shifting base
they ve got its shifting baseline syndrome yeah where but but if you don't there you would lose your mind yet we know that talking about shifting baseline with your perception like that what our pursuit like normal constantly you have to or else it'd be you el the continue being alive you know yeah well i don't know what it's gonna be likened in thirty six years honestly steve i spoke to a lot of the government biologists and they pulled they come over i don't live in syria anymore you guys i live on the balcony up in the skin a country and the biologists will come to buy and we ve had enough off the record chats about the fact that if you're not gonna be here unless we seriously put our foot down but we have to make some interchanges and i don't think that the sports community or the england community is ready to make the changes what are the changes they don't want to make fishing for them mean they they like to fish for yeah yeah have you quit
no i mean yes and no like i don't look i don't want to look like i'm sitting on a throne and be like oh yeah stop fishing for them because i think everyone makes this decision in their own time i personally have cut back immensely i probably catch to steal had a week maybe and if i can i still had a day i go home but to understand i live on the river about their every single day i don't i don't expect people to make the same the i do so i'm really close to stopping especially because more that i the more that i hunt and the more that i spent outdoors are killing animals the more i start to question my own reasoning for catching release when you start to question why you catch released for me anyway again everyone makes this decision at their own time and but for me it was catch and release because i'm selfish and i'm ok being selfish two degree i'm in a humane i'm an animal i don't mind being a little selfish but i'll have she's the number on the scale and ask myself you know how much more important
this to me and when i say feeling like i'm battling or like i'm compromising my integrity i start to just take a step back that's where i met now so i think i'm really sawfish out there these days in order their day we're we're vision and we were mess around with some turban and no one that you're not going do anything if you catch it when it came off i couldn't make myself clear their because you weren't going to do anything with it anyway and you don't want a photo of oil school yeah see later though one another like damn cool to hook into it but when you don't you think of it like the accomplishment and then came off there was noticeable have you landed a turban though i've heard three miles for my life looked one i really want to hold one the first two i hurt i didn't even they can out of the water noticed at an even i was the fishing at that point i was shocked
in this last when i lay held together forgot minutes but its impressive you ve called those probably huntress is just hit me hit me so you will like you reached our april because you're gonna run you gonna write a piece about like our use what is the height of the much wider and ovarian models that are hunters is well there are actually know well hang on the ground is don't have i didn't writing this articles i'm still accumulating my data but the word hunters has actually been around for a lot like since eighteen hundreds because by definition a hunters is simply a female who huts but emma doesn't have social media and social media is today's in that shit like if you really mad your argument were admiring your inner like i'm a hunter me i don't have it is like fishermen is more problematic well hang on hang on hang them my art
i don't have an argument because we're going on but i know you don't have an hour i put up a dying to get to the part of guy is going well you're putting me on we haven't actually read the article yet as we have come up with conversion develop why you can't write to you think if i think about all the time i am i am by definition a huntress i guess i yeah but i don't call myself a huntress because i dont identify with modern day use of the word today attempt trysts seduce just like all these stresses are very sexual eyes endless drew and look a mistress i don't know i just i just so sexy and i think there is like a comic book series with lake trust or something like that and again i haven't i'm right in the middle ages the me under the me by the way but yeah i i just i'd i i think that hunter is so gender neutral and we're talking about this earlier we're in this excuse me age where there's all of this
i why don't you know how to talk politically correct anymore because everybody is a familiar something no i'm talking now but like i just i mean an end in general in general it so hard to refer to different people about what they are because you don't even know what people's gender is so in my point is is in today's age in today's age we do we have this word that is so be you to fleece simple right like eu hunter and you are a hunter is on a hunter man or a hunter hunter woman you are a hunter like we have the most per package of a word and it's still not good enough like i just give up when even one one ones working it's no good there three under the three that brought us up is someone actually roared in i love you saw this but someone wrote in like here is a question for april but rather to be answered to night but not this one by one the baby think of this one
because this purse was recently at what they put it there at a orientation event at college in eastern washington and those like the personage seeing the crowd wood was trying to seem to be paraphrasing is seen to be their tendency was to say you guys you got you that's what the heads which to you all and so the person's warlike like this the persons asking you like do you take offence but me saying you guys to you now because you all is ya it's very soon as soon as the politically correct of an early they came over your as like a gender space neutral they didn't i mean i know it's an offensive but i honestly can relate to a lot of people who are affected by this afternoon i just don't i don't understand the thought process have you guys read the subtle art of not giving a fuck
read it is a good beginning is awesome yeah do you fishermen fishermen bother you know i know i get it i do get it like i understand if someone wants to call me an angler and that makes everyone more comfortable that's cool but angler i'm not gonna be like an english anglers ings angstrom what is it like a fisher s sisters that's annual godfrey vicious that's later from one of the things that i asked all these women i reset between different woman from from spear fishing hunting and fishing all age groups our interview the woman who fish bikinis and in other women who in every don't even own bikini i asked them in a what is your name the new age i asked them what the fish version is and there is no fish version of a huntress mean some angler angling woman will call themselves huntress but actually i interviewed and as a sixty year old female angler
and she says she doesn't like being identified as a fisherman or an anglo because you said it made her feel like she didn't have a vagina so she he likes to be called i know but i can't i can't really lucy wants me a fish are women and as a sixty year old woman who is my senior like i'm i'm i'm i respect your opinion but no fishermen doesn't offend me or or any of my girlfriends were early into it that's worth if um what number depending on the audience like i'll be riding and i'll catch him self to be inclusive i'll catch myself using hunters and anglers it is still really clear like we're not pioneering new words were using words that have been accepted meaning for effort is not clunky is that like clunky to say hunters and angers doing a story not long for outside magazine and there are it is therefore what
way to say sportsmen and people are have snow clunky its sports men and women which i get the sentiment but it just like it doesnt reflect only natural way of talking sportsmen sounds like sportsmen to me i don't know oh man but it's hard because human human human whatever not going to introduce it as you hear womenkind mankind i mean i don't know how they ve i don't know how they fix that voluntary organizations reborn sport north is i picked up the accept were now sportsmen women but a problem like everyone we're topic is the bitch about pc stuff which like i understand but like a problem with it i think a problem is coming into culturally with words is people are now measuring people people now measuring one someone morality sums world someone's worldview only
only on the words they like under his the words of the use of historic words that come out of her mouth and not anything about like what they that the over content but like what trying to say doesn't matter that the sum package of what you're saying doesn't matter it just like scanning for the wrong little thing that comes out of your mouth to condemn that rather than like that the gist of what you're getting at and i think i like it that's the thing a mindset make community about this but i do do now i d say hunters and anger because i like in my heart like an inclusive anybody but then at the same time i dont like things that sound weird whoever said it had to be gender specific i mean i was there when i call them fishermen that means that guy's fishermen that guy knows what time it is our that woman's a hunter like she knows what he's doing is like it's a term of like it's
sugar i lost my train of thought i i hear you man and to me it's like unnecessarily divisive it's like it's like i'm stoked that that one hunters are female hunters and largest like grow like theirs for the more growth in that than any other demographic within hunting in the last recent decades as awesome glad i'm glad to see that but about the why why why do you want to be doing something different like why do you want to go out like huntress seeing why can't you just come hunting with the rest of us is it just feels like its drawing lines when they are like trying to become like if women are trying to get in and try to become part of the community like joined the community like beeper be part of the club don't like have your own thing it's but the battle you get is the web and then we'll drop it but the battle you get is the woman i'm hearing from who enjoy the word hunters are bad ass like org and you never know that they call themselves hunter says but they have identified
that word for forty years because the word is around for a long long time where'd you strip that from them i get it and i know bad ass female hunters who of that word i i this girl who with a long and kills dear and elk every year and and i heard her red a poem about how her blacker huntress heart and stuff every time she says that i just cringe a little bit i'm like don't really worried like i dunno if i can be convinced otherwise i'm excited to read the story i'm excited to write it for you read it but i feel like now you've got a lot of material that a lot of material the free threw me under the bus our get into this thing that it's come up a new york it's the really bill scan exciting a o o seven too to which does this it's interesting provides that it should be on law for citizens the state to new york far away but so are you know continent and everything is to be unlawful
for any person to organise sponsor conduct promote or participate in any contest competition tournaments derby where the objective of such contest or competition is to take life so it would be illegal to have a salmon illegal they have a salmon derby illegal to have a perch derby a squirrel hunting about all these people competing for follows on instagram is that technically illegal yeah abel brought a point that would kill social media right brought up is my dad i always used to play a game first biggest most dollar a category and i love that when i was a kid like new maybe carter when we're out why would i want any fonder how many like will share edible fundraiser written three bucks between a dad amazon like all the charitable fund razors that iran is dubious but i know
they're gone and for that is its its sloppily written law what their gunning for is like the curtly the enemy de jure which is like hunger kyle contest in there i think also like shark tournaments will there there is legislation new mexico right now that's me may narrowly tailored than that specifically going after cairo hans i believe but your their dislike all of it to do it's a budget gets bigger perch no you don't know it's a bomb will that that all the whole squirrel hunt debacle in new jersey did you do is oh yeah we used to hire thea you guys talk about the yeah that was wild like the just i see in the news coverage of that and seeing all the signs that people have lining the road because there were at times many protesters is there were people do is like a kid
and we sang i get everybody out hunting and stuff and there was some vicious shit about about hunters that hard hard even to repeat when years ago like the first the first assignment i did for four hours don't i begin right over the years ago is the cover a shark tournaments in new york or make o madness and i enter viewed proponent of make madness and he was just saying that earth sorry an opponent didn't like the tournaments and his take was i dont like applying carnival atmosphere to like the killing of game which is their respective yeah but he wasn't a fisherman right you was a fish
he was that's interesting veto yes you don't do you actually serve me some make or shark ok ok well that's interesting then because i feel like theirs it is deeper conversation we had there because i've always been kind of uncomfortable with like bass master classic in that kind of that thank you that kind of thing because i thinks fishing is is is a bit is kind of a spiritual activity to me it's like where you go to find peace and calm and call really you know why on your thoughts in your life loss if he and deal with things and be with friends and commune with nature and into the sea people two hundred horse outboard on the back of the sixteen foot both its governing glitter in i mean when i was a kid when i was eight if you'd asked me what are you going to do with your life i would have said professional bass fisherman yeah but i heard they're not hurting the resort they're not hurting the resource and it's all catch and release i mean
the way they hold the bass by the libyan crank their neck like there's some science new science out that saying that's not the best handling practices that's not my that's not my issue but the carnival thing like i mean that that resonates on some level that the two to put can unnecessary competitive car yeah just it's so it is also seem so loud and is to it but i still a pole i oppose the limits i oppose the restrictions because i am always look and i when i think about something like this amazed looking like what does the end game what does the end game of the person pushing yeah and i think that i think i don't agree with their end game and so does no more fun
well i i disagree with the unintended consequences perhaps more because i mean are they going to ban like the little cute trout derby as they do in central park yes yeah exactly like who's that hurting united camp it's you can't even stapled assigned to a tree anymore about it here someone dan courtesies here tonight is life grace they gotta go the law in question i'm trimming down to align what is the level of etiquette that a hunter should expect upon gifting prime time meet to someone primetime like high quality mine is high like i expect like like when i give something if i give someone the gift of fisher vision game i have very little for them to please me
i need to see a high level of care and nbc prompt use the the nice things when i was living here in magnolia i had my neighbour on their side my neighbour on their side my neighbour across me in them all a lot of fish and game and they all cooked it real quick like and they would share with me sometimes even with photographs what they had done with it that's good practice an hour the next day bring more stuff like our i would counsel brings up over these guys good i'll see in that return if you give something new for in their freeze or six months later i've taken it back i've just up at my parents house my mom hi dad i want you to know that i have started to check your freezer and and i see that you still have my elk and so
issuing a rule that you i'm not giving any more until i find that its depleted got it and she sends me great photos of of the and she's an amazing pastry chef in does really calls for that and sends me actions were whatever the process and that i love that i think that's a great feedback loop that encourage people to implement as we're really good home permission timer guy levy on its place his farm and i just ask squirrels on your farm no one else upon squirrels and i squirrels and went home and made dinner with the squirrels and texted at him a picture of what i may with his squirrels he texted me back hunt during work on his place or do dear in turkey's on this plate you saw a brow while people like to see it
well it takes how to score your next deer hunting permission right there stephen text the a picture of a dead squirrel and he'll let you on his place yeah i was going to say if i like i gave some meat recently to some folks and haven't heard back from them but it got me thinking because i'm going to ask an ex emma bonino and you know what do how was it whatever has recently i did that with some other folks that have given me to maybe six months ago and i was like hey what did you do with the halibut somehow that you've given me and i got it answer like yeah we ate it i was like you just say that that's all you got we cannot in my life or like are you're that sell the story that wake is that better reflects that better reflects what the question was because the question was bought a give and there was no you know you're so how was it
no you want the person to be like as i wait a second so you re gifted his halibut though yeah i know he didn't dig it so how do you feel that on re gifting your handled it well you know i i i don't think that's fine i just i only care about the end if i gave someone something and then they gave it to someone that person came it was like this to me that's great it's just knowing that because in my mind i'm doing people just a normal good turn but i am also doing like i'm also l of trying to like publicly ellen the status of the resource so that people will look at the water look look at the mouth nord ever and they'll be like oh there's that thing this thing this giant beautiful thing that produce this wonderful thing
that i ate and therefore i recognise the value of the of the producing habitat how to get that animals are kind of trying to be taken they do for you like bringing out like elevating the resources elevating the things that promote the resources so i don't give a shit who in the end winds up right yeah you have another question like a red like you in our time in april united talked about this one lot a long time ago but this this is the good this is the ethics conundrum where someone that dont dont was that thing like dont like hill in the messenger be managed the messenger tells you that i'm reading this sum paraphrasing a thing it due to say how the pursuit of white tales with a bow is one of the only times an inferior implement considered morally superior using spear would be further
inferior and difficult but there are very few advocating the moral purity of spear honey that's a very legitimate point so people your great about using a ball but not a gun but then if you use a spear you lose sponsorships maria do that you have to celebrate meals beer cans celebrate whom they got blackball seriously complain about these holes like rifle this kind of moral all this kind of moral spear can do where's that i'd never understood that a little ho that ladles in some in some states you can help there but it's just not done he's not going to likewise a person could choose to commute in a model t or handsaw lumber for a home construction project making those choices certainly make the task more arduous but i doubt it
one considers the model t commuter stock in the least in total de morally superior to those in air conditioned cars choosing away which increases the perceived personal reward level for the hunter at the expense of a quick inhumane kill is a dreadful selfish act his words let the hunt be challenging let the train be difficult the game reclusive unwary the location parallel perilous access at difficult to leave the hunt in places where the quick despair if an animal doesn't hang in the balance when it comes time to complete the most important task of hunting choosing a weapon with the highest likelihood of an ethical and immediate kill is the highest moral ground so what's the question like this the question is you would express to me before diet
i stand here before you question about unemployment while you're at it because that like that i've got a lot say yeah i put i hold i i struggle with how to i know that i can tear his argument down i just know that it's it's hard to do it look if i'm going to do it do you want under try go for it governs it'd offers well i had ass steve when i had stephen my show i'd ask eve if it was more ethical to kill with a bow or a gun because i hear conflicting reports and i've only hunting for four years so for me i was hearing all sorts of different reports and people are telling me that a bow was more humane and the more i looked into it the more i was finding those actually kind of a grey area so knows not agree well do you think a bit like look of capital punishment do you feel that you could
imagine a situation where they administered capital punishment with artery equipment right we as guillotine roundheads big nine cutting blade guillotine since leaving you and and looking more into like this year i went out with a gun i was gonna fully try to get on with a gun i get stuck in limited situations when a when i've got my baby on my back i'm obviously stuck with a bow i'm not going to take a shot with her on my back with a gun and do some of the properties that i hunt like an australia especially i can't have again so i'm limited to the bow same with obviously different seasons but if i can taken from me i wanted to be the most most ethical shot post i know we had a conversation you said the animal doesn't care you know it's gonna die but i would like to get as close to the animals possible so i know
making the most accurate shot as possible i don't care if it's a gun or a bow but i need to know if the most humane shot that i can make it a situation whereby the baby or whether i've got property access look when i think about the questions i think about why like i see what he's getting at is one thing i think about it i think that he's he's stripping the like really complicated thing down to a simple thing he's it's only has many inputs and considerations and act like the one consideration is like is is how quickly one can administer death to this thing you're trying to god for it i guess you i guess just to give a really honest answer about it is i have a lot of other factors that are considering in and you also
also have like resource level things where the lack of efficacy if like if both if a bow was less less effective than a gun the lack of efficacy allows more people to participate activity that's why in some places you can get an overt everybody that wants can go archery hunting for something but ever the body that wants can't go rifle hunting for something is because the efficacy does it so if we were really gonna play the game to the end it would probably be that you had to put out like a specific bait laced with like lays with a sleeping agent in a poison if you're really there only goal was always at the only thing that hunters cared about we're just like administering death as quickly as possible use grenade law what i think about it so i know said if you
in a chase that if that's going to be the only thing you care about the only thing you chase i don't know that we've really arrived at the right answer i don't think we have because it's just more complicated and i do think like if you factor in that that if you it's over with a bow and you get a shot you double long it it has enough time to go twenty yards and die or it falls dies much more quickly i think that cloning is like that there's a selfish act what you like you doing a thing for a bunch of personal reasons and in war in the reward one gets for doing it in a in a way like a difficult way like a bow and the amount of discipline and skill that it takes it's it's a it's a cold calculation maybe that reward that one feels ways that three seconds of x ray like that gain for you and your calculus outweighs the three seconds of stress at the thing has
crosses the stage and dies or mania for some people not for me i would take any weapon that i feel i can get the job done with most efficiently fastest i just have i started with a bow and just kind of stock from there first gunnar really shot was your house and i still shut that motherfucker in your backyard whatever our no win born became a morally but or do i even actually it's we more people you say evil but what people they are name names are going to do brasil like a group or i can break it down and i feel like non hunters are more likely to hold that piece in the wall street journal what i'm hearing sam just hit it on the head and same reason with why i started with the bow hunting is that i was everybody would be like or people i meet me like oh yeah hunt but i'm a beau hunter so as a non hunter someone looking to get into it
kept hearing this and i thought well that's just mean it's the rednecks whose shoot guns and i heard someone just say fly fishermen and that that is for me it was a lot of that a lot of these five fishermen were getting into our into bow hunting and they would they would say that there were parallels and that it was the equivalent to fly fishing and they just made us like it was more ethical and that's why i asked you is it more ethical because these by hunters we're saying to me are you dont interrupt the the environs you know what the sound which is verdict that's because i was both hunting all fall and i can hear guns everywhere they kid didn't make a difference where i was but the more i think about just the i just i don't know i don't see how it is more ethical can you guys prove me it's really not radically levelling the playing field somehow doing that
i don't hunt that's all you're giving them you know oh well i had to sneak up instead of just you know you got guys now eight hundred yards away and you know the whole people you know non hunters i you know i live in seattle i'm surrounded by them you know there's lots of ways pass judgment but it's easier way do gains sort of intimacy to it being like well it's hard to talk seriously its board the stocking ends hardy let's be straightened out harder for media hard worry lot we are isn't laughable hard is not ethical to bring dates that you're asking the question as to why is relevant an end it is it is a lot of non i think this and bring forward and i also think that like new hunters to i guess i've got a lot of my friends you have got into hunting there lay twenties early thirties in been fascinating to me to see the issues they
after wrestle with that have never you know never bothered me like you know that you're a group like like shoulder deepen salmon guts and in your bank in fish on the head and helping your dear and in all that so like the death part has never it i think i kind of well walked over that threshold before i had quite the mental capacity really wrestle with it so it's always felt very natural but people we're coming into later really have to surpass some of these difficult questions like how they feel about taking a life just for the sake of sport and sustaining their own life and i think some people and a lot people feel better about that if it feels more fair too and what i always say is rifle hunting for elk is plenty fair lake
i mean washington it's going to be less than ten percent of of people who buy no matter where you go to every forty per cent successful absolutely so if you want to be hard only walk backward like only ward backward with a rifle is really challenge and yet or be already there are responsible rifle hunter lake it like you guys do it like a rule you guys have adopted of not taking shots past four hundred i mean having taken a shop has three hundred and one long long time it's the closing the gap that's all it works for me was closing the gap is still if i have a gun in my hand would rather get closer i just for me it's all closing the gas the fun part you could if you could snap your fingers in autumn
medically be an absolute master of one hunting and fishing skill what would the skill be stocking sneaking up on stuff totally okay yeah figuring out how to stay quiet stake keep my heart rate under control just like deep breath see what i'm doing get the wind right not let my the excitement of the moment just taken a deep breath and figure now are the winds this way i need to go this way like my once i can go god knows i can smell like once i mean it all the sudden my old game plan every magazine a or book or podcast thing that i've read goes out the window like my heart rates at like one forty and i'm like you know and then you trying to do everything correctly yeah if i could just stay calm for a minute that would be my er are you hip to
guys i've been using beta blockers to do that define creative locker said pretty much tried everything not less what what else that's like there's a medication the case for some reason then finally they don't get buck fever anymore really anything you're not like this it's a ban substance like people to shoot competitive pistol shooting and stuff they can he's beta blockers ok calms down too much and aviation looking debated block yet guys how about you know dude say that their doctors the romano beta blocker and also they realise that when i bought comes in they don't get panicky nares panic i don't get panicky ideas it you know in the moment you're there i just wish i was better if the one skill quiet and just quiet as a generality mentally quiet mentally quiet and then also just to be able to read the sick of the circumstance the one thing like the thing that i missed out on his arm and was late
about is all forms of calling because i always was whatever reason would be someone who is better at than me and then let them be the one that did it nobody riparian that later went on and on that when i'm not a now here i would like my fortys and i've always liked my early when i look at my pillow it is a really good collar so we heard dirty this call a shut up is danny is good at it and like a hot over the years the gray collar so he does calls yeah missing out like that it is never too late but that that i didn't cultivate that scheme and i'm only now just like you don't get better at it suck at it but may i make up for it in other ways a little bit but yeah uh that's been a real mess man i learn them sorry etc but the process
this is fine by me i get this game i enjoy playing the game is thrown out something that we can just like not have to learn and experience to get better if what i sit here and if we don't enjoy like going through learning buck fever and how you know get over it in learning calls for i mean yeah we've been at it for twenty years now of i was frickin latex and glue in our mouths just yeah you know this over and over and over and and but like you got to enjoy that they're not being good and becoming good i think that process right yeah like the journey was seemed hard for me you know that's my it is a way no i didn't enjoy jan one yea i if i could and snap my fingers become a master or something i'd improve my my archery shot i've been doing i've been doing archery league at that level shot down the street from the office it
i've been a mess i guess archery right has always been like a solitary thing for me like either shoot my backyard growing or go to the range and zulu by myself but shootin with the last week they had like they had like a steel barrel on a swivel that would like go both ends were cut off in it would like it wasn't it wasn't like a slow spit oh my god it through meta what else that's both well i don't i dunno like as like an l passes through the gap oh isn't a fish in a barrel yeah yeah exactly yeah but i mean having a bunch of people around in like you know coming into it cold like the first day i i rolled up and i was already late everybody had started and i like pull out my bow and get ready i'm like oh all broadheads in one still has elk long all over it and i just i just thought i could do so
to be a better bausch i've been doing it for fifteen years and still like i have a long way to go to reach the yellow that ten thousand hours or reach mastery one last thing i want to touch on another report are gonna get to go oh used did you know most my thing now is gonna be the process com i was just enjoying go across all three times i don't care go ahead he was he was the master enjoying the process of learning things no yet please if i go to sleep my fingers and lie one thing at his master in the whole hunting and fishing will just be had a man india's conjure up animals like when i look at that here and there i was their stations is dead nose out of me and if i know in all seriousness it be tracking
dad that skill just light without even bending over from six but too well as you probably at six be just to look down we'll just see you know it's way way ahead for follow you know the bag the best people i know attributes that refer travers yes agri agree like four hours every day hours every day day you being one of those people in little teeny clues man little teeny clues we got do our deal how we gonna u dont we didn't do summit at an hour with new given way to to to do seeing through the bullshit right over there but it's a real quick so if you are written about it like this this is one of those years designing but we theirs
we people write about a border wall on our side and border like what is a border wall mean for wildlife every day someone writes in the box has been in the news so much about what they're going to build the boardwalk or not but i find that people get mad like people want to hear the answer they all want to hear about it because they don't want to challenge harbour they feel it because you can have a you could have there's a very legitimate arguments we made you want to build a border wall and you should be able to think that while knowing everything that would mean right like if you're saying if you're talkin with your spouse you gonna go on vacation use i like we're gonna go on vacation and then some points our vigo be go working have less money and our savings account no one mad at you for pointing that out so
does the wall affect wildlife how could it like absolutely does it cuts off like people keep writing about like some kind of mystery denying access to water to certain things in preventing the movement of animals and since since the on of time wildlife is move freely back and forth across the border jaguars come in and out also its committee now does big horns prong horns coups dear mule dear in some places even bison and historically you had species that would like for instance at that they think that at the end of the pleistocene we lost mount lions and was now the lower forty eight mb outlines only lived the south and recall as back and forth so it is we spend this exchange going on and if you are saying you wanna if
gonna build an impenetrable wall you going in the exchange but that does not like solving the question of whether needs to happen in my mind was like a factor that one as way but like people get pissed when you bring it up i think you could bring it up and realize that that's the truth and still think that that's what you want to do but it's just the reality i know guys who hunt that border country you live down there where super worried about it think we're here what do you think's think it's gonna mess up their dear hunting i don't be you're worried about people come across kind of those people in that danger and worried about the danger of wildlife it just a big it's a big it's it's a messy issue but people write in acting as though like there's like this are debatable answer but i think it's like not debatable there would be they would have implications
well both but like doggie doors or something to yeah that's what i keep wondering about man i haven't heard the guy i really heard a guy making the case or special code that the animals argue door for desert mule deer and code doggie door a little thing i've even heard people talk about the implications for low flying birds and insects the authority door those guys i'm talking about a hard core quail hunters who like right down by the border and i i can't imagine quill couldn't figure it out they don't tend to fly super high so you might be problematic i don't know how are we going to pick someone play seen through the bullshit i gotta figure it out do it all combine it with our other they never do oh you are that a love it and i was going over the upper end of the year
alright so a couple of things we're going to do tonight well i'm just gonna bring everybody down first okay if it's your birthday today tomorrow night yesterday but today come down to the stage is there anybody in the house whose birthday is it today oh yeah days i was birthday burger too that's it we need the oldest person is having a birthday now but then you qualified you're disqualified from the other thing you get for having a birthday ours is gonna be super nice to them and enhance mom zurich now how many we legislate icy more more move how do you change thirty five zero older and thirty five today fired is there that will be about an hour and down here tell the rules for and through the motions
play a game called seeing through the bullshit you might also know as a i've never played the drinking version of two lies and a truth of you know anybody here because oh how old are you the already that he's thirty five thirty five as i hang out now that we have where they re alone down from the old time recovered from a pie again so its own rules so whoever fruit juice take we're gonna tell you guys to lies in one truth and then if you can guess which one is true story then you ve seen hu the bullshit seen through the more serious as broadly might more tax gets take arm is brand new pair of fury laser range finding binoculars that will laser range find reflect to stop at five thousand yards endear at a thousand plus
steve was handsome coups dear in january that like eleven hundred what these suckers gear lifetime orgy hold you now how do you don't you know you'll be there it's coming up i'm good okay you have enough response i am gay so will have nor a person she's gonna come and she comes comeback coming upstairs there come on out what's your name i gotta see we re here i think my see the happy birthday haven't so what's your name clary gay
or we're going to tell you at close somebody just so she knows i'm going to sit close to her so that possibly they can pick up her voice on my microphone are you comfortable with that okay for you you're not american england the english welcome all these stories are distinctly american how have you been here ok you're going to be did you hear the rules of the game get your reservoir them out of the running i tell you who's on seven april el story april's gonna tell us bono sailing under gel story it sounds good tell a story jaska tell a story one of them is true you need to identify the true one star with the us every knows that you can take goats and permanent pen and goats yes
and force them to eat nap weed and other types of weeds and then you can let them though the sword accustomed to now become their diet when you cut him loose the wild though eat the weeds they don't eat the native and that's the way that we here in the states get rid of weeds out and you know why pastures in the forest that sounds like each other it is withdrawn it gets better so wait there's a problem here in washington where there's a part of workers you may have heard of the southern parts of southern residents southern resident pod there only each and accent salmon ryan we heard about this well a woman you people just you guys are only allowed to help later religio waiter but let us get these areas before you start you all you all
i would ask them quite yeah they have no idea hundreds and hundreds of hunters hunters is this so so even you irrational ones out there so there is a state of washington that they got a problem with these orcas because there's not enough salmon for them to eat so they're getting skinny and they they're they're not doing well so theirs part of workers out that they go up and down the coast the eet mammals like see lions seals and what not so what doing is making a net and encountering a few these southern part workers now making seals are they ve caught and like cut a fairer to conquer the tale putting it in the put the net with these workers to sort of start getting there does this feed armies the seals too then turn
into predators at work for seals and not be just we know so what i'm looking for a reply i rely on the salmon they're just look into that time now you ve no state awhile roaming gate is a big reservoir called flaming gorge and welcoming a dude as their efficient any cuts his thumb off on his boat prop in july gay that winter a feller sufficient through the ice in catches a lake trout opens its got up in fines of foam and it's got they connect the fellow the law system with the further found the thumb
the guy comes and has a look and he says i think that's my thumb and he now keeps the thumb in a jar formaldehyde on his mantlepiece the i so sorry familiar catalina island offers california so far very long time they ve had problems with feral goats eating the yes big big problems they can't you read about it's a big island very rugged terrain they ve tried all sorts of different solutions for getting rid of them back in the seventies the u s fish and wildlife service proposed planting coyotes on the island would naturally kind of take care of the goats but
obviously there are worried about creating a new invasive species so what they were to do was plant a subcutaneous cyanide pill in the coyotes digestive tract that would break down over the years so after they done their jobs they would expire i thought sire the echo somebody other he he any and they died you maybe unfamiliar with the goofy stuff wild game managers of turn in this country i thought seventies on animals were harmed in the making of movies and that's when they were capturing on his phone bag from the belly of a lake trout or the oracle project our feed them new up seals again and turn them into better predators or
these cyanide pill filled kyle's what the fuck you gotta ok here's the thing they are someone in australia is looking at how to do a time capsule death dingo that's where we got it from those we got now it won't have in us what do you do those you fries really
his price there is a pair of binoculars that have a laser rangefinder built into the i was just going to ask are you sure you came to the right the second yeah that's coming next the don't cry for me argentina the ball one
thank you
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