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Ep. 174: Bo Jackson’s Smoked Raccoon

2019-06-24 | 🔗

Steven Rinella talks with Bo Jackson, Matt Cook, Guy Zuck, and Janis Putelis.

Subjects discussed: The gar pike exists and Steve is way wrong; Bo Jackson’s lessons for parents and married people; hunting chickens on Saturday; Tarzan as inspiration; speed like a spooked deer; Bo’s beloved momma; George, the hunting mentor; a visit to the hog barn; the protective brain cushion of a woodpecker; Bo Knows loyalty; and more.


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the show was severely beaten in my case unaware of the meat eater podcast you can't predict the gay were joined by a very special guest bo jackson new york government while we talk was most of sixty seconds you get there you can weigh in ok that's what i want i want about this that i feel so ashamed i feel so shamed by something that has happened that i want i want the whole i want everyone know i'm sitting here from my home state and as the guys from my home state name guy named guy was
was the once upon a an expert turkey hunter retired export turkey hunter guy is tat me about a fish that he knows about right unlike missing michigan or in the lake officially knows about and i went so far as to say there is a fish here that i dont know about and was adamant adam did the fish you're describing is a fictitious fish a legend but it turns out i was as arthur fonz rally says that was rude or wrong and the fish does existence i want i want a publicly apologize you guys are public apology taken
spotted gar spawning spotted gar which is like people nor long nose gar short now knows gar alligator gar i said the only gar that is here is the long nose gar but there is a guard it's way less garlic and called garp which you've heard folks describe as gar pike gar pike does exist yet you are right i was wrong not technically i was wrong i was just as long as you were yes you are what do you mean you learned the true then i got proved wrong were and there was news story from last is really interesting this has happened so three dudes three eggs go out too jack island bears but also about the story
they got to korea i got no it's not this doesn't go where you think it's going to go aka the minute i see that i'm like oh someone got killed by bear on kodiak island but not three let's go hunting on kodiak island it rains windy the whole time there's just this does happen may its raining and windy you know thereon bears just happen what else are they behind i dunno if they had other seasons open this time of year like what other than gris would you mean example i dunno what else would they have opened i guess black bear but they don't have any bite bears on kodiak either nope no we still haven't talked about bears i just said bears tsuneo it's thirty grouse okay they could have been i dunno if they cut by thirty girls are one of them as a miserable time the whole time he's in the tent does molly
tat an all does complain about the wind in the ring and he wants to leave a week early and they called afloat plain to come pick him up the plane can't come because the weather so the way the way in which eventually he gets and a half and storms grabbed the rifle and storms out of the tent and says i'm going home so as he is of heads like the guy is bodies hunt body explained so this has happened before and he'll dissolve get man get up believe in i don't think much of it and they take him putting again yup it took them off again apparently don't they much of it eventually the plane comes to pick him up and is two of the three now el the pilot well he wandered off no one's heard from him
so one of the han bodies decides to go home after all he goes back home one of the guys the size will not stay and look for my body and he spends the six days have gone by he walks to a nearby village to ask if the body they haven't seen him and turns out that events you find the guy dead a mile from the tent to get a slept the item is only a mile away a mile away dead yet he was young no delay postulating maybe had a heart attack or his body points out this guy had a habit of eating things he found to see if their edible and in his pocket is a chunk of root where he
carved off the outer layer of the route in order to nought but they don't know yet and he says his body of head of the deceased says some stuff i don't know and i won't put my mouth and he'll cut a piece off and try it for he says of his body then what kind of route was it doesn't say it break news man or the tune back in later to any bear not not attack not mauled lane right next to rifled so is one of the two heart attack he a rumour poison route or what bruno they're gonna do not autopsy on the guy as a cautionary tale one hunting cautionary tale moving on bo jackson you you ve got all kinds documentaries made about you yes i think i was watching one of these documentaries
and it was saying that when you are grown up you developed and are some proficiency with slingshots gasoline shahan find that true slingshot and homemade bow and arrow what was your interest there something to keep busy stay in trouble was this was this a rural villages where you grew up did you grow up in a rural located very rural low income area and you'd like a boatload of siblings i have four brothers and sisters you get we run down the woods no no we a neighborhood similar to where we are now but it's a low income neighborhood my mom worked two two hour jobs she she raised all ten kids by herself god bless us all and and the younger kids we had to find something to do to occupy
a time doing today an older kids my i'm not mistaken my two older brothers one again after the military might sister was married next it all this brother was in chicago also there about seven kid around the house at the time and now being one of the youngest the eighth of ten the only thing we had with a tv with retails there no internet a net know anything so way to make our own so we go get em in or to promote tire from a carter get some nylon uncovered and make slingshot we go out now would a lamb skin it been it puts them melancholy around it make a born air yet you tell me how you your tongue i made those arrows botanical detriment well cousin and i jason we were now
in the neighborhood s frank and jesse james because we always state in trouble one the same year we're about two months apart and and we would go out and make this bow and arrows and we'd go out in the weeds and find these little twigs that's about the size of a pencil and we'd get them we have to find the straight ones and we get them and we take bottle caps from off of a coca cola with a bottle opener a new and we would take that get the hammer and been that bottle caps around the tipp of that like folded over around followed it over because once you fall fault followed that bottle cap up over you have a point on it and we take a chicken feather split that twig down the back stick that chicken further down get three it just rapid and tied up and my girl and we want my uncle's chickens we got the crab be that of us were well that's one chicken that had about
ten feathers on a rooster they re a skeleton and we couldn't it should read skeleton that shit was a risk out with aim at risk in this chicken would get in this all rushed power that was by wire an old mattress springs and car tires and a big jump through any get in that junk pile and we couldn't get them out so we chase them every saturday and he would beat us to that jump well and we don't know what ever happened to red skeleton but one day he disappeared where you guys like what you want when i was a kid if you went out and made a bow you might and this you know at the time you would say that you're going out to play indians or you're going to play daniel boone but it was like what were you guys subtle were you doing a thing because it was in reference to some
you know like reference to some bygone lifestyle it was your motivational our long ablaze you hunted our no our motivation was to kill shit that's all we kill straight cats in the neighborhood seriously people would drive through the neighborhood drop off stray cats stray dogs at unit but we won't kill the dogs we we chase a cat out i almost cut my foot off one day from chasing the cat because we because we were going to torture it yeah and and what we would just being young kids with it knowing about was the war was the guru you drawing from me like if you didn't know people that hunted well let's just get to this because tarzan yeah that was a big show on back there should be like playing outside we will be playing outside we
across the street climb up in the tree and we've got a bit kudzu vine at the bottom of the at the base of the tree and we get twenty twenty five feet up and die about it at two in a cut in and act like a big spring hit the kudzu climb back up the tree africa there we made our own trampoline advocates that so we we literally made our big because everybody in the neighborhood was very low income problem let a minimum wage in the money your parents may from work and you had to keep the light on keep what food get by on the table and keep a roof over here period yeah you talk about your mother lot like being being my mother is the my mother is a backbone of not only me but all my siblings and we lost her too early at the age of sixty so
as whenever i talk ninety nine percent of the time it's going to be about my mom all my strength all my courage of my knowledge come from her she was a hard lady she was a hard lady and when i said heart lady she could whoop your butt worse than any man could so and be in the april ten kid i got more not spanking not but what i got ass weapons with an extension korda mine and bill whatever she gonna handle and this was on a good week i would only get about for weapons that was good for me or not you have kids do you feel it you're gettin weapons or things you weren't warranted no it was warranted your bag it every time window got broken and enable it i did it every time he had got hidden the hit with a brick i did it when shield in the car i did where they did not know
i did it i did it really we were bad we would have crab apple battles and i'm that and you can i say this it would be fix key it against me we are still apples for my neighbour street measure long green heart apples they were right be at their green and heart by the savage gulf balls and i twenty apples put in and put him in my short in those get apples and they would run out of apples because i got scars on apples at me so i could pick up their appleton thrown back at him in eventually run them all home guys thought that they were safe once they got on the porch and got inside the house will screen door close apple shot to the screen door they call my mom she get my the sisters
she would tell my older brothers and sisters if you don't catch him and bring them home you gonna take his but whip and have you ever seen the tv show the wild dogs on africa where how they chase animals the well dogs how they chased them in like and where they would be twenty wild dogs and they'll send three out chases animal been when those dollars get tat three more fresh ones get on and they run that animal to death yeah they catch him in what does that tell me brothers sisters did me they within two the ones at me and they chased me around the block and when backed by the house they would be allowed to france it would chase me and drag me lol my mom would beat the crap out of me and the god they must love and track stars at the
one time we were the neighborhood baseball and softball team but seriously we were we were a dubious favorite given what's the quickest way to just like everybody knows who you are but was the quickest way to like sort of sum up your athletic career gaga no no no give me like the you know what happened you weren't playing professional football like a baseball at the same time that whole thing just kept got a lot of young whippersnappers won't put it to you like this i was blessed to be able to run like a spook dear and throw a rock like somebody shot it shouted out of a cannon and i grew up doing that and my mother wouldn't let me play sports and junior high school because you that i didn't make the great so i was not here when the great wooden doing a junior high she wouldn't let you play i did
i did not play football until out in a night great oda and i didn't play baseball i think out in eighth grace let me play baseball and from from their own the rest is history but she told me if you don't make the grades you can't do nothing at the school you're going to bring your butt home and work you have to bring you back home and do this and i stop hanging with the crowd and i hung out with an because you want to play yeah i was one of the grades you were getting like how bad can people's grade in seventh and eighth grade put it to you like this if i got a c like women the lottery this was when i was being there but most of my grades were were these make up that just wouldn't put forth effort not that i didn't know i wouldn't put forth effort just being just being on knucklehead i want to be one or one of the cool kit hang out with a cookie is not do our homework not do this forgot flock
all my quizzes and just do enough to get by just just to do enough to where i wouldn't have an f on my report card that was going to var yeah that was overextending myself i had to save that energy for mischievous stuff on the weekend so my mom said no you can't play period she said until you improve your grades then i'll think about nuclear and that's what i did and she's all this pretend give think it out of tickets nobody ever got sent to jail nobody got in any serious trouble we neighbourhood fights with wet with neighbours in relative but now nobody got the first person that got in trouble serious enough was one in all new authority me and my gain me my gang of about will we were gonna walk across the mouth
to swim in all strip mining pick other man they man iron around our town and they had old pits full of water and we know what within violent and tell me where i grew up regret decimal alabama that's between birmingham in tuscany oh be he saw thing you need to do lay out like like lay out your ear professional career super fast oh you won the heisman trophy won the heisman trophy and called college and got drafted by the tampa bay buccaneers in the first round and i told them to go themselves because they screwed me out of my senior baseball year because at that time i was touted to be the first college player picked in the baseball draft and the first player pick in the football draft so i i got drafted by the tampa bay bucks
years after i told em don't rapidly in the first round and eighty six and i turned him down and i had to sit out that year in which the candidate arose dragged me in the supplementary baseball drought and they me and they took me in the six round only because my college coat was a picture for the rules and the general manager and
at scout who is still alive today he is the oldest scout in the country named art stewart lived in kenosha wisconsin who who scouted me and they dropped he drafted me for the roles and i ended up with the royals the year after that after my time expired with the tampa bay bucks the raiders came calling so started to play baseball during the summer football after baseball whenever baseball season was over that was the agreement i had with the l a raiders at that time the raiders were was in los angeles at the time and i did both for four years and until i until i dislocated my hip my fourth year with the raiders and i retired from that
recovered from hip replacement surgery well enough to i came back and play baseball and now my purse at that i had a home run this is i got trade affirm the rules to the life sucks so hit that's where i live now no one will have been there for almost thirty years when you are what you brought you here had you hip injury did you know that second i knew it i knew it all this now no no no no no no no no it wasn't all this and now this i look that that i i say about first twenty four to forty eight hours yes i was upset because i got injured then i got to the point i was afraid not for me but i was that i couldn t have the time like that i wanted with my kids because they were young and i want to do things with my kids and so forth and so fortunate enough for
me the man upstairs allowed me to rehab well enough to where i could live a normal life with my kids and my family and also come back and play baseball so i did that i played baseball on an article should help for about four years with the kansas city royals and the california angels note with the chicago white sox and the california angels so my andrey everybody stood up and said man i wish that you had never gotten hurt you could have been the best disabilities i never got in the professional sports to be the best at anything i never got in professional sport to make it to the whole thing i was good enough to make all starting an arm i never said i got goals have been in a holiday somebody just wanted to end the reader i played sport so might want to give your truck load of money
do something that i've been doing since i was a kid which just made it easy for me baseball football was never the centre of my universe it was always family business then probably sports somewhere down the road so far me knee jerk in that chapter two calls that book on sports was easy so big i always had something up all back on my poor you at college i i got the best out of the four years meaning i have a full right first in my family to ever go to division one call it or just caught his period really on a full scholarship fight it take advantage of this because i've heard too many horror stories about at athletes going to college for years they come out and they could barely spell their night but they are all star football players all alter baseball player than this net and they can't read on the fifth grade level
and i didn't want to be one of those as they say dumb jocks and now my roommate and we made a pact that we're gonna get up and go to class if i don't do going to class you gotta make make it up and a class of evil going to class i'm gonna make you gotta go declare only reason that we're not in class medical reed and we did that and now and i didn't graduate in four years when i left all when after my senior year i had six ways to compete to complete after lettering in three sports in college and i put it off because this baseball football thing and when i went back was right before me whether path she asked me what i got to go back to cars and i think that what is what ages what i also at the time i got my hip
i think i was i think i was twenty no no i lost my mother articles twenty eight so you a bit cause you really i waited on aim is and i came on the continent a eighty five i went back the comedy ninety five in finnish ten years ago but else sit in classic everybody else do our homework but that was a hard for people to be to focus on their work as users do like bone all right i mean why stood near your second class not really because everybody knew me and and i never did anything bring attention to myself i live right there are four campus and now i just go to clear the jet moved down over my family in everything now being
the state i had a house there in order that we may have the house to analyses it so so yet i went back to school and i've been is because was my mother that i would and then she asked me was i going to go back and play baseball and i said if i do the first hit i get is going to be for you and my first year and i got that all mounted in a case of acrylic both to redress or at home to this date but about dishonor reels yes and well i lost my mother three weeks after i had hip replacement surgery in ninety two april of ninety two and then not you are back were invited back to give the commencement address it auburn i was if i'm not mistaken the second none none faculty in the history of the school together commitment so i take probably
more pride in that than my sports cars listed as one of the one i was looking at all before i i wasn't aware of it is when i was looking up read about it before talking to you how it's listed as sorta one of the great it's one of the great commencement speeches of all time a lot of people a lot of my friends it in these just buddy talking like you sit around with your wedding donated how in the heel you get up there the do a commencement speech and you start are worth the male tell us because and here the starting from my father i into sisters in college i would not do an interview after a football game because i started i get stuck on a word and ah my sport information director symbol you're gonna have to start off into the media because if you don't it doesn't matter if you run for five hundred yards on saturday in
were praise you in the paper on sunday but if you don't do any views with them they are gonna look at you in a different light and think that your cocky and think that you're but all and they said and on monday they can cut you down so law with european that you have to stand on a step ladder to scratch snakes belly because they're assumption in yugoslavia and do that i don't want to talk about an and yet so what i did was i interviewed myself every morning in the mirror around six with my to brush and pierce my roommate are they because he try to get some sleep and i'm in the bathroom and am interview myself i'm talking allowed in i'm studying and i'm stammering i'm trying to get to the point where i'm relax enough to talk in front of the media
and one thing that i learned with stutters i have been asked to join a joiner jonah stutters association bore the chairman of the studies are safe and bore i have a lot of things went on i would love to do something with it and i got too much on my plate but the thing that i learned is that starting as like swimming and you're gonna worry that you have to hold your breath and before you hold your breath you gotta go your lungs although there is the same talking a lot of people don't know it because they its natural before we speak we always inhale get along the polar bear and people that stutter don know how to exhale while they're talking exhale all that era watson that's how they get stuck on the work i have had people older people in my community to say do you want to see
if stuttering get a dime and put on your tongue hill at swallow that done because i'm just so hyper that didn't work was too poor to give a speech therapists so forth and so on so i figured it out on my own and that's across the board like most stuttering is just because of that reason people don't know how to breathe properly when they start talking and they get excited and when they get excited they exhale all the air and they still try to get that last word out and they got no air left they get stuck on it and what i say before you speak think of your think of yourself you are about to go into water swim the length of the pool fill your lungs full of air and just let the words flow off your mouth and exhale slightly as your talking and when your long
have depleted inhale again contain the top we seem to the army's you got like now yeah practice my ass off in the mere with that brush off so yeah i just make the songs because you said you like grown up in and i'm gonna get back to whatever happened in this quarry we gotta remember making assumption that the you grew up bunch siblings mom dirt poor dirt low income area you at the do do do you feel that you had to like self develop a lot like the allow the discipline you talk about with or like a commitment to go to school you know like a commitment to overcome your starter and be able do interviews or do you think some you carried something with you from the way you were brought up and the way your mom raised you to teach you to be like
i only imagine the level of discipline it requires to play professional sports right this is all this is all the discipline for my mom period and my mom told us philip go out and get in trouble to where you go to jail you will stay i'm not going to take my hard earned money that i got to keep my lights on keep a roof over here keep food on the table to pay to get your dumb ass out of jail i'm not putting up your bill and she said that all of her kids we never habitable big big because we knew a mammal serious her work with golden does she told but she was gonna do something she did period a period that is how it is and i'm at airports in it wants went to college and when i was a yankee at every by looked at me as the community's worst nightmare cardiology terror and people would let me come over the house to play with it and now i was label
i was twenty one to either be imprisoned or in the cemetery i was dismayed and i knew that i knew people thought that way make someone so when i got the scholarship to go to college i think i'm gonna make something out of this and the last thing that i wanted to do was disappoint my mom do where she got to go to church and have the people injured there she asked did you hear about assign getting kicked out of college org put in jail or of what it all i didn't want to bring that type of shame ridicule not only to my mom but to my family to my friend it's over it's all so i walked that's right now bear and i was determined to make something out of myself i hadda i had an eyelid thing went out i said what i grew up i'm gonna never moved back home evil even though its home is where my heart is i'm never going to move back home i might have continued go for it
i wouldn't get get out of this neighborhood either by going to the military to learn how to fly jets because i'm a airplane fanatic or i'm going to go to college well the military thing did work out but i had four mighty wanted to pay for me to go to cut it in and a change they wanted me to run up and down the football field for him so i helped them fill the stand i use them to get an education and get him back this their strip it thing the swell you need to get back after tea yes you're a big crew had a bit when we were in we were going swimming well we had to pass this we had to pass this peak period on our way aboard hottest during the summer picked up a rock and threw at the pig and it was fun
the next day with the same thing they got worse and worse and about two weeks we had killed about rikiu about thirteen thousand dollars worth of this this guy's he didn't live in the neighborhood you live with us tat rock with rocks with sticks with areas i feel so bad you just killin we we we murdered this man's pigs because that's what we did i have my aunt my game i gang didn't do what i did they got beat up so if i threw rocks they hovered around i picked up a stick and whack hog they had a pickup sticking like a hawk the barber the neighbourhood barbara the man that cut my hair from the time i was one euro until i left to go to college his house what about a block from that peat pierre and he heard the pig squeal it and he came down and we were working on this big
egg and he came now and you hey and shot in the air heat it should adopt buddy shot in the air to scare us because a minister came to watch all because sunlight was killings pigs and he came and then shot in the air in error i looked in the gathered in arab thirteen kids guess who he recognized the kid whose hair has been cut me and jumped the fit and i'm on it now the day before it rain like the dickens that's why we were going to limit as we knew the strip it was full of water and jumped the fence of the pig pair and i'm running and i know that dare a ditch victims about about ten feet down a across of about twenty feet i ran and cleared it later on does it make and we have red clay downtown and the bank was still saw
up to my calves in the red clay when i laid it on the other by poor my feet out my she was stuck in their we found a got my shoe put it on asshole got home when on the sabbath the house rinsed off my shoes and everything when went upstairs changed clothes but my medical and here i am in the hamster under the underneath the regular pretty close so one's own like that's gonna save me i'm sitting there watching one of them sitting on my bed at home or your car pulled up and i look out the window and i see the barber in his truck and the sheriff's car behind him and i'm like oh shit cause my mom said and i'm thinking if you get in trouble you're going to jail i promise you and they walk in the door and about and i hear mama and she call me better better
down here she said yep i have to come up there and get you i'm going to throw you down the stairs the sheriff will sit next shift into a appear and came in there and i'm looking and she said mr magruder said he s name magruder mr mccord mister magruin and said you and your friend killing this man's pigs and me when i last are an old man till he came out bigger and i couldn't even get to reward up and she said of all she fit were officer if he did it mr magruder say that he saw him because he has been cutting his hair and see what europe is a boy don't you know i know your faith
is it when i shot that pistol up in there all it turned around and looked at me he's a what pointed out the tourist our pants that you were way and yellow cut our genes that you away where'd you sneak up i bet there full of milk and i went down and look where you jumped over the fence in over the dayton where you landed on the other side in your feet you need to think in the mud and muscles when about my shoes writhed might offer the sad but they re a clay was underneath in the girls in my mouth and adding evidence may criminal evidence and i start cry and ask wheeled on everybody i turned the dam on everybody that was with and luckily the owner of those pigs were a minister crossed out and he said i'm not going to send them all it about what i am going to allow they are going to have to pay me back they all going to have to get a job you can't play summer bass
well you gotta get a job and my mother mom said you better get that law more running on the side of the house because that's the only way you're gonna make money to someone you better fix your bicycle and get that lama rented and you're going to cut grass you are going to cut grass friday evening saturday and sunday and you are not gonna playground and play baseball so i miss a whole summer of baseball because the payback i think have to pay back like all almost eight hundred dollars either make eight hundred dollars before school start what are you what are you what was dr you'd want to kill the pigs just boredom thus put it to you it's you view because do you view like now and at some point you told me about the first time you went deer hunting do you feel that it is hunting to you like now that you'd like to hunt this hunting do you feel different than what that did
one hundred percent because i'm hunting to get away from being the celebrity that i've become come back then i did what i did at a border india's mischiefs near we re just like where you angry wasn't angry just for there was nothing to do there was nothing i don't matter we sat and we had we say and we had we we had free lot sooner we had what's her down thing and we have free lunches then once the lunches we're over we had into to do we go on erects and get free lunches and right that there was nothing that we could do so we had to make our own fun and we did that by doing whatever we did we ended up killing the man's pigs
was at the last big trouble got into that would only trouble i got into aka so that was our i knew because my others that my eldest brother to reforms when he was sixteen because he wouldn't go to school dress him nice he wouldn't go to school so she got the judge send him to reform school to make and he had to stay there till he was twenty one years old and even when then when he got out at twenty one but the judge told him you're either gonna go listen to the armed forces or are we going to send you to the big house take note that your mother has instructed me to tell you you're either going to go the armed forces make something out of yourself or go to a big house take your pick it doesn't matter to me a week later he know at about two and a half weeks later he was in basic training and he was in basic training i think in fort benning
and i knew that that she would sit me there there she would sit does he stay in the service he said in service for while yes yes yes my oldest brother and he told me the horror stories just from being the new kid in the reform school and he was sixteen and he had to beat up the bully he had to literally walk up to the bully and hit him as hard as he could and break his nose and they put him in solitary for a week and sent the bullet at the hospital to get his nose and when he got out first day he got out leading up to that the bully and its bodies for like all week straight tried this automatic in prison end and other reforms will and the cow twenty years old and he was sixteen and and
when he got out of his punishment for being a week went to the cab went to the kapital aid is light when in dumped his trade kept the tray walk up to that bully and whacked them again across the nose with that trait again again to let that bully know that he isn't to be messed with ever again and everybody respected him from that porno cause they say that cats crazy don't mess with him but they never tried to mess with him again they never tried to mess with it again so you have to break the bully's nose twice to let everybody knows that he's gonna be messed with tell and i know that my mom would have sent me there and i don't want no part of that straightened out their lifestyle no i don't want their lifestyle so i straight no period in that's that it was my scared straight moment at thirteen
been walking the straight and narrow ever centre in like it is because the last thing that i wanna do is disappoint my mother so tell me about i can't be that you got you mentioned earlier first time you were invited to go deer hunting when you were freshman in school freshmen school how did what was interest you drawn to and how did the invitation come about and in what was your sort of perception of what was going my freshman year we live in a football door and upon her name louis colbert louis colbert was out in the yard shooting his bow and i was fascinated with both his make mine and i ve never seen a comfortable and he was shooting of compound bow and they will shoot list our former cup from about twenty five yards away and he would you
i couldn't see the arrow but i would say that cop where the air what hit it and sticking to grab that cut moment dm he hit occur i want to make it and i was fifteen minute and he kept that got people follow six air without and go back and stand near stand on the picnic table shoot that cup and while i like i went down and can you show me how to shoot that immediate took my five minutes with your honor to the end i wasn't at the time he showed me how to shoot that bow and within five minutes i was hit mecca i was fascinated with love so i was looking for every sunday evening because we play on saturday every sunday after we watch feel our i was looking forward to getting with him to go shooting when you say watch filmy tom i watch and realize we played together we would go and showed his bow and i'd go home
do a little tranquil alex examined or city alabama call it alex city there the highway that goes from open to birmingham to aid and alex idiot onto it i thought there alone voting list are there in the first boat that everybody wants a free it bear because sixty three dollars with the arrow to this day i still have that people with the same string on it that i bought on reliable pulling back talk about italy about ten pounds a compound its compounds are you an instinctive no i had sites on it could i couldn't shoe instinct and i've puts because shot his bow anything me you you look to this law people here and you put that popping up on what you want to hear this
yours forty we're or tumble you mentioned someone shootin instinctive of the compound i haven't forgot about it but the first dear i shot first couple drivers several derive shout shot bow that's all we were taught to shoot we shot fingers no releases we shut angers and no sites and shot instinctive with comparable with the flip arrest i remember flipper s of course i never like great heard about site pins arrest on my book but the man taught me how to heart the first time what having his name was lord mayor he's probably one of the most famous bo hundreds of and the state of alabama and he taught me how did he get how did he get interested either i got interested in him i think through our team doctor doktor hung on his property he had a lot of property right i've had all right outside the campus dont know more than
thirty minutes from the campus and our team doctor what are any took me and dumped me and i set up in a tree stand with the rifle the first time on about one acre wheat field and he said you sit here if you see a buck taken if you want to take him take him and don't get out of the tree until i come and get you well i'm thinking well but walked out right before dark bow dropped him right on the spot and i'm sitting there in the stand about twenty six seconds later breathless shot that dear my niece dark shaken and trim what a hills book fever leg shaken and water that that under control it got dark so i'm thinking well he's going to come and get me six o'clock around because dark at five thirty during the fall seven o'clock comes around you know george coming at me eight thirty comes around and you can't see nothing
if you're still walking around the woods and i've never been deer hunting before my life is my first time so i get down from the stand i got the rifle across my shoulder lemme get now from the trees to hear i can hear still walk and then i'll stop walking stop and i put one foot on the ground in a dear blue at me never mind i don't know what it was and i went back up dead they got back in that state chamber around cause i'm thinkin bigfoot i think it every monster in the world that you could think of at that time is waiting on me to come down the steps i want to and i said i try to go back down and again in the same thing happen back that the are interested so he ended up come and get me what he did he sat he dozed off rocking chair honest report so he did not come get me to nine o'clock
but i didn't get out at the entries to until i saw the light of his truck coming through the woods came to the words life led up to it they were dear everywhere there were dear everywhere we got down got my dear and ass the this is also key taught me how to heed taught me how to really shoot level but my first there was the right where did you then take often start hunting all the time or digitally sort of tend to your career and then come back to it later no but i hunt and fish that was my way of getting off a camp i said that was my way back then still getting away from being bojack i get with him we talk because he would make his own arrows and he shot these big these eastern arrow everything the simmons brought that that radical salmon it's one piece of its one peace deal roddy that's about two hundred and twenty grams bravo that is called a simmons land shark no big brought here and
he flesh his own arrows these eastern these are like twenty five seventeen they look like doubt your first great pencil that these were telephone call an issue think it and he has killed every animal that getting up with that and he taught me how to her he taught me how to her and so forth and so on and now it was just one of the things so till this day all my hunting skilled all of my hunting now is that i know is a credit of george p p man dead or alive he he passed away about six years ago he better about six seven years ago yes where he taught me how to her
when you were coming up through year professional career did you did you speak openly about hunting or was it is not something that came up for you shot awakened going about it i spoke openly about hunting to people that that wanted to talk honey period but no i didn't go around and brag that well i'm a big time hunter and anything like that that was that whoever brought up honey in a conversation openly talked about it that was my just like i say that's my escape that's one of my escapes from my professional life has it taken out more relevancy now though later in life you kids or no ah my oldest son he likes a pheasant hunt with me he's a horrible shot but he goes out with me
and and my other tools have interests in my youngest i've had my daughter my orders he goes sometimes with ray did you try to get amendment they didn't want to get into it one thing that i one thing that i've never done i've never pushed my kids at anything but but education if you want to do it you can do it if you want to pursue something you aren't going to pursue it for a week and then give it up because it's too hard you will stick with it so both of my son they played during her football in every by the expected them to be bold jackson bulge acts and type which they work
and i never push them at it and i just despise parents that sit up and push their kids and push their kids and push their kids because in the end when they get to be teenagers they are going to hate that sport and they are going to despise your parents for pushing up in that sport you gotta let the kid makeup is his or her mind if they want to pursue that sport or not because that's kind of a funny thing about the way you're describing your upbringing is your you have something you know you're someone who many people cite as the greatest athlete of all time and your mom was holding you back from plants or rather than put you in all the travelling camps and now the movies didn't have a mind to we have a lovely baseball team which was free you sign up to play an idea at ill eleven years all little
and nobody was an ep everybody was afraid to catch to be the catcher i said ok at one day i caught the next day i pit next day i played shortstop next they are caught and that little league season was a month we play four or five games we played on saturday and we played on sunday and the season lasts about a month month and a half mac then when that was over i moved up and play pony league team i played with the i play let's say i played with the i i played with the thirteen sixteen year old and when in the middle other pauling leaks either that
pitcher for the men's semi pro baseball team wreck on his motorcycle and broke his leg guess it was a catcher at eleven years old for the men's at my protein and i was throwing them out on my knees really and i was getting hit at eleven years old and when we got off to when we if we would go to the next town to play we didn't have buses and they write africa we go on the back of a pickup trucks we ride in the bed of the pickup truck go to the next town and play and i get off an apple on the catches gear and all the other team hey you are gonna get that he had hurt you gonna get take hurt you don't need to be plan with us and a culture of this you always were and i'm catching and i'm calling signals and and i'm gettin like me julie catch i'm picking stuff out of the dirt and their speed
serve for the other team got on bait and tried to steal on me i threw him out for my knees and they were like what and when the game was over the coach from other things i hate it if you can play for my team next some out by your brain i yeah i will buy you a brand new bike to apa your brand new ten speed up by your brand new to me but was it you've successfully raise kids now and they didn't know like you mentioned people would say to you like oh they're going to be just like you are the next generation whatever i say did you have some that you harbor any kind of like even if you did act on it did you have hopes about
like rituals ask you about right like whether your kids grow up like in the hunt and fish as you did and you're saying that he didn't have expectations there and didn't have a desire to push him in any direction it is just that you didn't act on it but you still hoped it urges you know even hope no no no no no no no i wanted i came to be successful at whatever their hearts desire i'm not i i it the only thing that i'm gonna push you at is being a good student you have to sooner because your mom graduated call it with a doctor you're dead graduated college with the bs and if we did it you gonna do what you have done in clinical psychology i read where'd you i think i read somewhere that you said you wouldn't want your kid kids play football not now
a what the it's just the game this violent the game violet and an arm the game will use you up in a pale stands not for long but you don't eat about head injuries or to spit hip injuries had had injuries yes more and more young kids now ever i want to is by tackle football and not in not realizing that a young child brain is not fully developed until he's in this twenty and this it'll get brain damage from so your constantly banging the fact that the only animal that god has put on this earth that had a protective cushion around his brain is big horn sheep no
well your door that's what i was going to get to do come on protective cushion around their heads and their brain and horn a big horn can withstand the blow forty times i'll take to crack your school but that's not a big horn can still have brain damage come on around their brain second squad you you all think of it because mat sitting like a deer cotton ahead like he really maggie's low profile over the i don't know you don't know coloma do you know alligator no go back gotta sleep come on guy do you know i do not do you know what it is nah man i dunno a woodpecker ah woodpecker is the only animal a god has made that has a protective cushion around his brain every everything else has liquid between the brain and michelle oh
i know that see you learn two things today and since you said your kids weren't woodpeckers didn't want them and don't want them in football know what you now know now does it feel money for you to say that you feel like you're all do now will you be like trader no not at all i love my kid my kids grow tablets are normal lie i want is ever normally i know do you know what one you see the light go watch the movie concussion go from so what's that movie and get in touch with me apt do you want it and see because most of the guys that they talk about in the movie i e the plate with or played against and i knew them and i didn't know that they were dead until i saw the movie guy until i saw them and i know players right now famous players hall of fame player
that has twenty four hour helpers because if they leave the house they don't know how to get back did you have any concussions one i know i want plainly ass a writer and i don't know who we're plan but i just i think i think we're plan i think we differ a mistaken as this is my second year with the raiders first year we ran up why that was designed it wasn't it tal sweep to the right the whole thing swept right because we know that the deep it dont want me to get on the corner caught about beat you to the corner i'm gonna beat everybody to the over so when we ran the tools we had a plea that call the reverse sweep so we keep pits about me running right i take too the stop and pivot got everybody spread to the satellite and beat everybody back with this allah while the corner stayed home
who with a gun in my card and whose friend of he stayed home for them and only at him to get path to political were at will that be everybody around they sat and up on me and i fake right or and ran right open broke his collarbone in and score the next year we ran the same play and that season delivering what my car he got traded to the radio so he was now my tape and i we ran that's amply fainting happen burst ran over the corner back as i'm running over him after i hit him he didn't necessarily so out of me is part of the plan you run over the coroner back well either well i couldn't run around and because he was right on the satellite and i have pursued come in this way so just goes straight go north no east and west here go nor am i
when the guy over i can't think of who it was announced i've been on trying to get in some comes up behind me in hits me right behind the ear they're here my home right by the ear and if i somebody somebody just turn poor but short circuited me i just went numb and lip and ball fell out but i fail on the ball and i had enough still here to say get the ball back get the ball back they want that realized that i had the ball that i didn't lose it and a fumble i'm telling myself get up you can't let these mf know that you hurt killer get up get to the sideline it just rest just get up and get the sailor so i get up in my ears they say you got eighty thousand people just understand i can hear nothing about the pig in my ear and i get up i just get to the sideline i'm on
doing my chin strap and walk through our work my way through the crowd were teammates go go to sit on the bench now used are profoundly the word here by far the degraded i will i work my way through the crowd and i go to sit on a bit and i saw my butt touches a bit so my degree my arming gang website you know the sad mother fucker ices areas where the push me i want to feel it i'm walking to feel and i looked down at my feet are my feet at touching the ground i'm levitating off the ground and i see the train was run across a deal you know how you in that love story to what you see both couples on the beach running toward each other in there
taught me in slow motion like that and i'm just looking out of the mountains are just lay really come and get me take me took a bit and i don't know jack they just sitting on a bit in asking questions until he gets they asked me in they asked me simple course and then i should know they ask me what that mary i didn't know they asked me how the kid i had of it one three they ask me who are we plan to i figured that i cheat and look out of it and i saw red and white but it was all in blue i thought we were at a buffalo it's a hell no we plant differ because that was the score i said better use could be the first to touch doubtful school was twenty one said i didn't know that they asked me a litany of crisis and steve bertillon with a backup quarterback so sat beside me and i sat between deeper lend my full backing these men
and they were ask me questions and i didn't know anything and they do you know your wife's name i am i mad i was just a guy and other that brought me back after they asked me about fifty question steeper and see we inspected monday i knew and i said it just like that monday and when i that because we also try the wise to police running the stadium because rate or fans fight if you come to come to come to the colosseum and pool for the team or anything bad about the rate of the fence fight sold up to run in trying to break up five so well watching the catch roman ever ask me questions in a gunshot older and i a dark i and everybody run it and i'm like where's
instead myth colonists maybe i've just where are they is everybody go somebody shoot he said enough time for yeah so i say where is everybody going to the locker room where the locker room he said grab on to my jersey to hold on by grabbed onto his jersey item to the lottery i had one concussion in that way i remember it like it was yesterday and the day through that everybody they got into gotta go and get treatment on monday i'm driving back home i lived in ply adele right at the time outside the mountain of where you can overlook the beach and everything not too far from the oil refineries as behind ellie ex airport and now i have to go down
lincoln boulevard took a home and there's a supermarket right that i think is that our buttons right there and i knew that will determine at that our britain's but i didn't know i forgot how to get to my house and this is when they had a big black fault that big ball knows about power that look like a military walkie talkie i had that ball call my wife i looked at my wallet got my wife's number i called her and i said i don't know how to get home she stopped playing i said i'm serious i said i'm at the corner of someone's onto though and i forgot how to get back to the house that we were renting and we had been there for a month and hair i totally forgot and she got her car came up and brought the suitor with her suitor drove my car i got in the car with my wife and she took no and
that was only concussion so yes and we have and there are players that have had a dozen one was enough for me and now i didn't know it at the time but i went back and plate third quarter other guy not trying to say anything negative about the sport but at the time with something that was pushed under the rub and they didn't come out nobody talk about it trust in talk about but he knew and now so when they ask me and i watched the delors friday night tax the football game they have on national tv between the level lakes and in that movie concussions they show these we can warrior coaches cottons little kid and i get him twenty yards apartment when he had already with each other this how the movie and these two key it but if i ground they knock each other out
yet the same wife the malta i think what's your how long you been married how long have i been married it'll be thirty two years this september what's your what's your best piece of marriage advice hmm what's your best piece of marriage advice yes yeah yeah that's what you run with you this really is roll over yes there really is honey give me an example give me an example given example you wanna go to movies with made to watch yes dear yes don't ever oil all those years i all one yes often one yet we have a friend name randy who i think that
if he made it up but his thing was for his marriage advice as you might not get him randy newberg he has a hunting show he he goes by one piece before justice which okay when i apply it works really well but it's very very difficult for me to not pursue justice as well as peace meaning you are going to pay for what you did and it's hard to not it's really really difficult for me to bury the justice part to make a long story short i wish i could tell you what oh man told me that i can say on the radio i'll tell you wouldn't showed up before your time it had something about you've seen them in action
i've seen em an action he's give me some good advice past above maintaining emerge one is he is very organised person he keeps it tight household would you like a nice clean household man i think refurbish in the living room right now clean very organized and two as he cooks a lot for the family i am the cook in the house use the cookie mouse that's an enormous advantage yeah well i do there's other that is i dunno that that really hasn't helped you maybe you don't know how much it helps it has to really know i'm in there cooking up a storm man my stock price would just go through the roof if i could cook so that's an enormous part is i know his family the other thing i would add about him is he is very thoughtful around the details with his wife interest universe
bring the important things and he's always bring in stockholm etc lower boy more than you think yes absolutely you have you have to make sure you have to make it work let me ask you got nothin i'm curious about gone from going from grown up there as you said tom sudden become and through through professions boris contracts becoming the final well anyway wealthy by anybody standard financial because there was a heart heaven not seem like a model of how to manage that kind of stuff no it's hardly visualize the money now you know something i say like this you can't miss something that you never here and
my mother always told me when you get to the point where you start to look down your nose at your fellow man it's gonna be the day of your down the beginning of your doubtful and shows on the tree people like you one between be treated know no no i had my business manager the same business manager then when i left all went over thirty five years no kin this manders dame financial people the the in one and the same attorney you lot loyalty to people well well if you do right i put it to you like this one
i let you in my little circle it's up to you whether or not you stay in a circle on very and i've had some people that i had the exile from matter and so forth and so on and and and i with that i dont look back from that because i am a type of person that i will get but my beard at three in the morning and drive hundred mile to pick you up when your car breaks out on them that's how i am that that that's me me if you need some if i got it you can add i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth ah the manner
i guess it's just i think he blessed me a little bit more than others and i thank him for that oh yeah right now we are on target this morning and turkey s'more and you are hunting with a crossbow hunting with a crossbow you and your dear harbouring old injury no i'm sure a regular bow yes but i had showed replacement surgery it'll between two you shoulda replacement slash rotated recall rotated cuff reconstruction same morning then is that a residual effect of europe of spats not football battle baseball entry i don't care about the entrepreneurship and dislocated my showed this is in
the conversely the roles played that new york yankees in yankee stadium and this was after this was after my third bad this was after my third confession if home run that night i did three home runs and had seven rb eyes went to the outfield dove at a ball deion sanders set which i got my butt above my head which is a no no in baseball when you dive at a ball but it was a low screamer don't get your bought above your head yet don't dive at an angle down you always die with your butt lower than your so your torso can hit first and you rock because when you dive at the ground head first this part is going to hit the ground first and that's what happened this hit first dislocated his shoulder
and i left a gay the unfinished gotta triple out other help when you wake up in the morning now with your here shoulder like much of the day is a physical reminder of none nine period i i liked the quality of life that i get so i'm so i am willing to put forth the effort to do that as far as rehab as far as therapy i have a wonderful and i'm not gonna let artificial here of artificial shoulder slow me though now some morning i wake up but i laughed when people look at me as a bow you hurt you can still play by am i in that man up
the most left in a policy that either you or based on local border golf fishing small cars drive my motorcycle if my wife left me and so forth at all so that's what i look forward to lasting and then whatever else you to if you've got zany also want to get into tell people about all the different sorts of businesses you're involved no display a low no i still have that hyper acted
it's one that i had when i was a kid and if i'm idle i'm usually getting in trouble so do i have my marketing company which is called bo jackson enterprises i have bo jackson signature foods which i have a line of i have my own line mistakes my own line of burgers my atlanta seafood and they're in retail and food service around the country and i have my line of sports complex complex in the mud illinois cobo jackson elite sports and lamont illinois another one in hillyer ohio right right outside how state state of how to columbus an integrated break ground on my third facility and displaying eleanor not too far from her airport i got that going on among the nest
speaking tour i've been on a national speaking speaking tour for about a little over twenty six years oh okay i go around the country speaking touring and i got my hand and about four or five different other business inches right now that's on that's on the burner so i what are pretty yeah and this is only the second package and i've done in my life was always better which one was better no other way to gotta wait at answer and i would add something because i know from the food side of his business you very well well very ethical does this man you talked about loyalty he has a lot of partners these for a long time he also it should be noted that he has
big charitable all eu africa summit that is something that is near dared his heart so maybe you could take a second talk about the whole yes i'm glad you thank you met for a moment i have a couple of charity that that i hope that i have taken out the first one that idea was after two thousand and seven when the big tornadoes went to the state of alabama and the loss of life was almost four hundred people cross estate the tornado state on the ground in the mississippi alabama border to the alabama georgia state line so i i think it was a category four tornado stayed on the ground f for tornado f five which is strongly said they can get and when it was over the aftermath it left over three hundred and the sabbath sabbath seventy five alabamians day
from that and now doing a super bowl of that year i called the governor at half time and we talk how happy i told him that i wanted to do something they go back to my
wait i said i i said i need to do something i said i just don't feel right unless i do something and i need your help and the governor got on board with the idea of a charity bike rack bicycle ride across the state and i call people like trek bicycles who is one of the leading bicycle manufacturers in the world and the owner he came on board i called the owner of nike he came onboard i called executives of coca cola they came on board i call owners of different companies big big communications out of birmingham trek travel which is a team that put on all of the stuff for the professional riders for a trek bicycles for the tour de france and other big right so i got all these people and companies
in ball and the first year in two thousand and twelve we wrote across the state in five days and every day we cover from anywhere from fifty to seventy five miles per day and have you ever been to i wrote every day and we had every at a time of celebrities come in we had though kin greatly junior scotty lay at arm strong you name we had it peekaboo street we had celebrities we had a pair of police
the former one race car drivers to come in to ride with this we have a couple that have come in for the past two or three years from england to read in the rat because they saw it on a line that was the first year within five days and now we ve got it down a one day it's on saturday on the campus up auburn we have to write that morning one starts at six a m which is sixty might arise and we have a lot in itself out every year in the second round start at ten a m it's a twenty mile rap because we have riders from five years old to eighty five years old how much money did you guys raise that first year oh we raise little over three four hundred thousand dollars and within eight years but we raise a couple of dollars and all that money goes to bill community tornado shouted out across a state and a bullet
tornado warning systems in rural areas where there aren't any and we've helped establish at least at least seventy five to eighty community tornado shell shelters around the world are around this day and those are for like this role community here a twenty countries by that live within it three mile radius can get in the storm shelter and get out of the way
storm i'd say i have a model is that mother nature is undefeated she's unabated you can't fire the only thing you can do is get the hell out of our way and by constructing a shout of staff what we do and we ve been very successful at it i have another charity for the alumni of my university where we raise money for different charities out the university then i put on it s late country club i have a charity and chicago that's cobo jack don't give me a chance foundation where we where the foundation it it benefits inner city you we want the inner city you to learn sport through education which means and in order to be a part of our group you gotta make the great and ought to be a member at my sports complex you gotta make the great first you gotta carry yourself
in a manner in which quit is proper to be a part of my group we have rap sessions we have this we teach kids from the inside out not only to how to be an athlete but also how to be a respectable teenager a young adult and we've set over thirty kids to college in the past ten years as oppressive so that's those are some of the philanthropic things that i do and you got equations what's your go to every year what's my vote hot like there don't miss i just love honey i can do anything i can do anything do you prefer like big game over small game became
small game it doesn't matter right now a buddy and i we are planning a trip to the uka for two thousand and twenty to hunt moose and probably moose and bear or moose and caribou whichever comes first or take a week and have two weeks ago up to do that and but around around the continental united states or anything so does your family like to eat while damn if i don't tell them what it is they just don't ask me well my oldest son well my kids will try anything but my wife no no my kids will eat anything we gotta trick your wife or what you had a tricker i don't trick yesterday yes there is that while they see that happening
but no no i i cook the only the only the only in from the wild that she would eat it's fish are okay as fish yes so but everything else i have actually i have actually cook everything i've actually cooked everything from raccoon to you name it and i had a buddy that i play with for the raiders that i play with with the raiders he was a receiver named chris woods he came over for christmas since my first year with the raiders and we invited them over for new years he and his wife in his in his and his son we invite them all to our little little house in auburn for for new year
and down south for new year's it's a custom in the black community especially the older community and i used you but you cook or smoke a raccoon for new years and you have black eyed peas for good luck and i learned that from my grandpa and i went out week before harvested a raccoon down at my buddy's place down at my coaches my coaches are rent at his farm harvester echo and clean it up real nice
it's got the little smoker that that i got where you got the fire in the water and the grill put all my foot apple juice water put all my fruit and everything in there and let and kept water in that pan and cook and i took that raccoon eye sees in it but potatoes sweet potatoes and the cavity put a bunch of vegetables in it wrapped with nylon court and smoked that raccoon on that smoker for about six hours and kept that he kept and kept liquid in that plant which most aroused at meat which made it tender and less and when i served it to my buddy but they never eaten while came before this lie he thought it was roused me he thought it was wrong to me and my wife looked at him back us first thing daddy's it please tell me let me pick up my wife was lookin anyway if even if what you read
and he was their black ip their current bringing to cornbread and stopping and that any said and my wife told him what he was and he looked at me you got me either because countries cornbread sailing and uneasy is more and he too late because they were called for new year's so so so but people that that haven't tried something i automatically dislike it they shouldn't they should try it first to always try it before you oh yeah always try it before you you this you could allow the traditional saw them
black dishes are cooks soul food i cook italian food food you name it i could do you still keep that tradition new year should is now actually i am at war with well i used to be at war i should reckless right out of my right out of my backyard because i have that in chicago yeah in a gated community and i have a dole that have two fawns behind my house per year and during the winter i kind of feel sorry for him so i put corn out for it and they come up and eat but the record come up and run him off in a day or a bad guy was a one night there's just that that morocco to remedy that she did some control work relocation twenty two pillar i in our quest for you
then we'll let you get back to turkey but it was his boys got it but you gotta be followed thoughts to do ok the arm d is it still further heavy grown tired of bow knows that still fun reminded as we are talking about whether money because we like you know little about owes turkey's bono moneymaker so easy to you a money maker when i was on my laptop their early before we started out in over a contract with both old and when they make up a recognised as great
that guy guys got any follow up thoughts no you know everybody's got bodies that show up they don't have boats or they forget their gloves or whatever you know it's a pleasure on with bone and fish because he's always got the right gear shows up ready for ready for game time so i think that's worth advertising we ve done we've had a lot of adventures together and he's a guy to spend time with thanks for coming to see the reason he is complex make of that drove him up like a two hour is driving miss daisy and he'd make days and just talk and talk i want to tell you though he he he mentioned the you at times drove little aggressively how he drew out his affairs that were there the word i consider it right here i believe someone says this is a brand new dodge five hundred to come turble diesel
do i barely got fifteen hundred miles let's see what the thing can do before i put a new chip in it yeah so i'm just breaking into an before new chip in a bigger exhaust on breed by letter guy got equations some say what my pleasure on what you saw for thank you on try to get my style back tonight and i am right now the body of bone right now guy is over he is over one is eight times more it scared the hell out every turkey we have on the phone you gotta give them that one then you gotta you gotta conclude that final thoughts about what you wanted a wedge in there that you haven't gotten the chance to wedge in anything man oh what oh no live life to the fullest
be happy and i always miss your commencement address theme step outside your comfort zone step outside your comfort zone do something that you would not ordinarily do i tell people do something for a stranger do something ice with somebody you dont know period seen him do that multiple times even in spain so practices way it is what was once an example that you do too like completely random that you're in spain and you pick out a stranger woody odor i'm a story about tax would in spain we in spain and now what we are on our way to pollyanna only combat now we're gonna wait i bit we were wait there i think you're right where we was the night before and we went out and we were on our way there and now we went the local mcdonald's there which is wholly different than i mcdonald here and there was a
there was an elderly lady sing there and for some reason she reminded me of my mother and she and she was just sitting there and she had coffee and she was just sipping on her coffee and she was just sitting there and i didn't notice he was homeless or what so i didn't speak spanish by but are all day that was with the who is another make battles exit i was talking to him and i told him but i think there's something about the lady this parliament and i think will you go over and ask her and just tell her and tell her that she reminds me of my mother and i would like to buy her her dinner
per night so he went over to her and she said oh oh and in a very sweet voice she told him in spanish that she was waiting for her daughter and our daughter was late her daughter was late and she had been sitting there for about forty five minutes and i i said well i will buy you dinner i will buy you and your daughter dinner and i think we will stay here until your daughter comes to make sure that you get there and i don't know i think i think i gave her i think i gave him one hundred dollars to get to her so she and her daughter can buy and it just remit and i got emotional i dont know if i'm in my own instead i'm going through menopause or what but i
i'm serious and and she reminded me a lot of my mother and this lady in spain that that i'll probably never see again i'll never meet again older ladies actually was in her seventies and i just i just bought a dinner and she said thank you and we got up and left when our daughter came so it it's it's just simple things some simple things you have to do if you have been bless it's only right for you to play it for play it forward to somebody so that's life thank you i feel bubble that i will be the big bob now let's go harvester turkey guy vague very much bow jackson i got an answer
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