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Ep. 183: All For a Flashy Mule

2019-08-26 | 🔗

Steven Rinella talks with Clay Newcomb, Kevin Harlander, and Janis Putelis.

Subjects discussed: double-battered buttermilk squirrel; shit on a shingle; fell, or the skin under the skin; Kevin raising Steve's hog; MeatEater and First Lite as kissing cousins; anteater boots; say no to flip flops; when a boy horse and a girl donkey do it; doggin' on traditional bows; the time when Clay's arrow touched a bear's nose; what is meant by "fair chase"; Oklahoma bear oil; and more.


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the show was severely beaten in my case unaware of the meat eater podcast you can't predict anything presented by an axe hunt creators of the most comprehensive digital mapping system for hunters download the hunt app from the itunes or google play store nor stand with annex alright first thing i want to do clay and clay knew go right off the bat just to get it started like a cold open man you've moved the cold open in show business do a tardy biogas fix squirrels donor in the ozarks like the number one if you had to eat them the rest of the one way the rest of your life simple answer that there's there's only one answer as fraud
what is more trying right well i mean that's it well i like to double bathroom yes you use like buttermilk milk and if you gotta take this new filled with you gotta have a low preparation sums up like bags one nobbut buttermilk flower mixed the back back the last bit more yeah ok we don't know of your if there's already is arguing about or mill so you got your honor if gaseous squirrel quartered these also you thought you ve also got the ribcage in mid sexually got five pieces a squirrel when you're when you're cookin squirreled you do discard i mean the actual ribs lab united that right well none as a hat to to the squirrels are usually cook
usually the great liberal and an artichoke as some squirrel back straps on there you know yeah oh yeah but but of soul but typically you would just see the quarters yeah well the quarters and the like the whole bottom trying to think of with the vocabulary of fatal isn't it yeah the saddle saddle the four legs and then from the right in front of the pelvic bone right up until about the second third rib yeah that kind of like oyster like with a spine in the middle you know saddle this saddle satellite works for me but you take cook the ribcage too well i mean if were if we're cook in the field i would but there's not much meat there now there's not much meat there and they really were talking about four quarters but not thrown a saddle out well i mean
it's i guess it's it's a less process just a cook oliver does cook the saddle with the ribs oh with this you just got this big of a saddle handle yeah fine for you so you got five pieces their families so what i would do is i would i would take those pieces dip them in buttermilk have a ziploc bag with flour if you're at your house would be a no pan or whatever bat put the put the butter squirrel into the flower in a perfect world is so calm in the bottom milk you know i'm gonna be honest here i never have but i've never squirrel with that merge site for thought god jobs it's just like hey we killed some squirrels let's eat them yes typically the you that i do it so i have not like done that but so buttermilk and then put them how can a flower for the double the double balance you say to go buttermilk flower buttermilk flower give eureka care
fish by gone you go flower then egg because it gives the egg the eggs dixon flower and an cornmeal sticks of the egg i've never done the cornmeal first i would have done the egg first and flower korea cornmeal well known and so your access and like actual white flour yeah you take those who take the fish and put it in flower ok dusted flower all of these then world an egg could then they get than the egg is like you stick in the floor the squirrel egg the flower the corn meal the egg and you're doing you stick in the flower to the squirrel no you stick in the bottom notice squirrel then flower and stick it in warm water milk and the flour the back and getting yet more flour his second dip is where the magic happens because that's when you really get the thick batter i like a good thick you know that battery you know deep fried defined as it could
that all that falls wake you got too much on rallied sent you properly maintained seventy per the batter your own bodies and sadly thirty seven thirty eight arrest of its dislike crumbled in the bottom of the pan burns gives by an opportunity at a later so that makes the gray the idea that the key though to way that i have learned an act and i can't i won't lie and say i've been doing this my whole life but bear oil sitting there holding ladies gentlemen clinical was holding a scissor jar barrel which has half pint which is a pure white protocol that pearl i'd go so far as to call it pearly white i've got a question for you about this later
but let me should i were left with reality and it is also mineral so so i would i would i would fry that squirreled double double battered squirrel in some type of pure am alarmed me if he didn't have barrow if he d said like pork lord i would fraud in that you know fry you know i'm amid a mid kind of guy you don't want to you're not deep fried and you don't need it like an inch deep but you don't wanna skimp on tunisia big classic mid bright mid fra sooner at you know i mean right that deep bride he added the shallow fry because any lower than a shallow fry accounts is just starting now i wanted or honouring whereas joshua cry i pictured the oils common halfway up ok it private that never heard amid because barrow such precious commodity you don't wanna wasted
spin you know what i mean dude i have you ever hear the chef and he's a friend of the program jesse griffiths texas okay he was i knew this like a thing people did but i just kind of forgot about it he fries as fish and be fat be fat there he by at a restaurant rise everything is restaurant he buys beef fat renders his own beef fat fills his friars full of beef fat fries as fish in there wow yeah i don't like the smell of the fat it's heavy duty it's heavy duty so then very are your parboil don't double fry it so you like a good chewy hunger squirrel you know i can't i can't say that i am like the ultimate squirrel chef that's just the way we do it
and that was my question how do you do it yeah yeah that's that's the way we do it i've had some squirrel and some like new brunswick stew that we've made kind of like a you know where you would boil it and then add it to a stew with you know carrots and onions and all kinds of stuff but those are the main what i mean there's really only there's really only one way to eat a squirrel in the south add three four ways we cooked it as a kid and i don't think any of them like none of them are traditional he had gray squirrels michigan fox angry fox and grow now and then bolt will do as it were euralia black phase gray known very very little like squirrels like you killed black squirrel you're gonna get him all yours interesting like in my mom's yard and my mom's yard over the course of my lifetime been before he went from very rare to
black face grey squirrel been in her yard right to now it's rare to see a grave face really what happened to our competitors ebbs and they got a grey squirrel can have a litter the has gray phase and black phase in the same letter it is this trend in towards buyer loya jirga predators pick up on the current members and the black ones yeah it could have something to do remember how we were just talking about black and white squirrels or black or white and brown or could be that some there's some mildly proficient squirrel hunter natural doesn't like blackface grace you'd have to think that that would be pretty significant change in terms of this that dumb animals number one long defences its color it really would be in it i mean i wish i could tell you some hard data on what has happened but well who sail our traditional traditional cooking is does not like
from from is that a lot of people think of like traditional fried fish is traditional there but traditional a lot of places but we had for like mama do four things in one was like something that everybody did back then with wild game which kind of fell out of favor as you would take a crock pot and put all your squirrels in it and then you don't cream shroom soup yeah oh yeah i'll bring that back and then turn the crockpot on minnesota same thing you didn't say the latest stew that's kevin harley under hello u more do you like harland are hard hard lander you know that depends i guess at a harley owners great highlander yeah and yeah cook in there and then you would put it on egg noodles okay you'd put it on toast oddly shit single with scorn realize what you call knows angle being the toads god fearing southerners ever done that we have reached
any noodles are put learn toes both really the best better barely cooked out and risk is different a can assume that they have yeah i think so but you would never put it on a piece of toast you'd put it on a biscuit cause i know damn sure you do that yeah well try it on toast culture is right i'm sure it's great the shingle been noon the toasted and you put the gun guy we would do that my mother would and my mom had a recipe card i'll bet she still has it she had a recipe card that she got from her mother and her mother got it from the package that some frozen rabbit came in from the store really nineteen thirty so like a horse and pfeffer using right and i was like hey here's what you knew the rabbit illegal respite card my mom said was stuck onto a package
i liked it so much she cut it out and that's how she would cook cottontail rabbits if she was cooking them and she cook squirrels and weedy hassan forever with him and then we would eat them in my dad's deep fry or a lot and and sometimes my mom would brown i'm like you're saying do exactly what you're talking about this is how my brother matt likes to cook them still do then you're done by night he doesn't know the doesn't do the double dip chrome double dip deal single dip singled it in a pan then finish them in a three hundred reopen aka for a long time covered in oil and its a tender as them but that works can be renowned a little bit you get on that yani well i did have one follow up on cooking squirrel go ahead way you treat a young squirrel and an old squirrel the same
you wouldn't if you want them to taste good oh now it may more again my squirrel cooking has been we kill the squirrel we're going to eat it we're not going to be that worried about you know the culinary aspect of it the the joy inside of this is just who killed a squirrel and we're going to eat it since that simple psych so sometimes if you cook it the way that i have described as my buddy michael lanier says big squirrel hunter with some as he said when he'd get one like that it is pitched to the dogs but tough one yeah how does he know it can be a tough one well he bite it oh so he's a oh i gotcha i gotcha nah and on yeah and if if it's just super and then i will be and sometimes you get completely tell but
older squirrel so i don't have any tricks for tenderizing older squirrels if that's where we were going you know are you familiar with go ahead oh and i always to say that my mileage requisite i look out like that one is a giant go into the slow kircher vile and now as a young tender one in al fry it or grill air whatever if familiar termed the fell the felt no we used to have a really old neighbor miles city montana this guy was so old and traffic just a couple of that describe how old he was this way that i hold he was he was so that he wants ever saw firewood will they saw mill blade there the wheel offer truck and jack the back of the truck up while and run a saw mill blade by putting the accelerator on the truck turn saw blade its impressive
he is using the saw blade and cut off his thumb like back where he took the base of the thumb with it and his brother flick that thumb in the hard pen in the haug aid no just to get rid of it you that's all house so that alone is that has had now as you know it is people know to run off to the path of always you put in buttermilk airport just no doubt you cut off if you cut off anything i put it in buttermilk it's what i've always heard and he was a butcher i use it'd cost them slaughter work has no way to tell how old he was october this gallup but he was all the he used to shoe horses shoot wild horses and fat and hogs on him and was reluctant to send them off to market with the belly fulla horse meat because how it might look to the slaughterhouse people so he'd
given barley for a while before selling them so that no one knew he fan and a man horse me and he said condition worsened while you and barley their tail wouldn't have a tide of a corkscrew to it in their high did lose a little bit of it just sayin is that a correlation they are good the media's outside the said that it was a big proponent of so he worry vat and he was a little bit he felt like this practice was a little bit shady he he expressed being reluctant to send them off with a bellyful a horse me i'm gonna get a guy hey that's all he was we all know what he's got ninety three but when i and the timer passed away so he described he would talk about the fel on rabbits or the fell on squirrels and to be like the skin under the skin hmm you know what i'm saying like that what what what sits between the muscle in the hide when you pull it off
he would talk on rabbits they had the fel was too thick and he felt that was a rabbit that wasn't very was would the fell actually be like the layer of like fat man knowledge a memory is that without this queenie yeah the connective too you this queen membranous thing and he would point you re we talk about the had a thick fell and wasn't gonna be good rabbit marianne merriam webster defines as a thin tough membrane covering a carcass directly under also use right his i had no idea he got it right oh i just thought it was like his oh the fel it can also be a synonym for skin hide or pelt really or if if you fell off your bike and scrape your film or if the squirrel fell out of the tree
good taking a break break from that vermont cabin yeah speaking of hogs isn't that transfer house nice that's what they call segue you are visiting the phone call the pivot i like to think of it as a segue of your fans hogs jerome have you ever been a lifelong hardware no no so i grow minnesota both my grandparents from dairy farms so that dairy people so why was the appearance beer wine parents and very very far sell my grandpa my grandma abundant farms married they move our neighbour and arms yeah oh paul and wholly for minnesota germans one town pollution here they provide a animosity between us i don't think so i think that there is an area that later laid down on the trail usually more do her heard of it not so at that point
pride is new immigrants to the country into exile zaire third generation together there certainly in a group of farmers yeah met each other fell in love moved to saint communist era so i got away from the farmer yeah my grandparents got away from farmer yeah yeah well my grandparents got away from farm and they moved off my my grandad's strong telephone wire the third quarter down to all surrey so they had to get away from farmer did yeah for like economically i think so i think so and my great uncle still runs the the farm he's like ninety two i think so he's still up there he's got two thumbs he has two thumbs so yeah so today we had started reason i was last year as a twenty eight so we just started here in europe was at your at your girlfriend the your partner up with an hargraves area actually user her folks level
in eastern oregon where we moved from and then they've got a little chocolate ground we've been raised in some hogs so it's been great this the second year second year yep it's going well so i hear i've been too much very easy then how did you know that i purchased one of these hogs now we would give you a bunch of it no but what a crew surprise under his share my language share my hog on share my heart of the people that i work with less generous and he's going to he's gonna include all the fat yeah so when i make when i grind up venison caught in my opinion do it right we tell these pigs are in east nor yet historian right now but you live in catch him that we just moved in may so we this was a pox or purchase price to move so bitterly now we're going yet
and move your hog operation closer to home or you have to get out of it oh man i think we're going to try to keep in it but we'll see we gotta move out of catch and we probably gotta go down to haley or bellevue or something like that just gets you one of those good practice since back there we should back yard we shared salami dogs are you fat and three right now and you call a phantom i think we just where does call raising them just raise no sound of schools i know what i mean is this a business or is this a hobby far hobby so it's a hobby however but you're born there were given the little now just like you too turn it into a we're just covering costs because he's like no i bought it from him but i'm saying i don't think that if you asked him what he did for a living he'd probably say he works at first light i doubt he says he's a hard man that's right that's right i ll never under those words action like i'm not a chicken in particular i am but you do but i've been i've u
and no wonder legs go to cover costs nasa were all about showing sky the gardens really awesome because we had a dollar ground for the normal and that's what i'm interested in yeah so we took the bacon eggs and i shouldn't say i do this my friend jake hines who owns a butcher shop in the grand oregon whose phenomenal cutter and he add added all the the hog bacon from one of our hogs to all bacon ends bacon eggs now tell me my anger and eggs creating an excellent the of just cut end he added all those who are our guide it's delicious also he smoked it then you made your own bacon outright have you noticed when i've done that in the path of ball specifically bacon before you notice that almost grind ignores and mostly like when you do some like a burger but that you almost get like it almost like firms
the burger up a little what did the sausage up if you get enough of that actual pork meat in there and we've been kind of messing around with different percentages and you know different percentages of pork in the actual okra but what do you what do you what do you what are you going in i think like ten to fifteen percent is pretty good that's what i feel if that's industry standard but that's not full fat that's bacon and so you're gettin regimes and muscle there as well so it does add a little bit of firmness to that burger we actually just did a little video clip at first sight about making burgers over an open fire so that was elk with with your your porker and report your own raised for tat my brother got all love he got also for a while and didn't wanna put need any domestic me into his wild meat which is that i get it back now put eggs and shit near but the mean but yet chickens to though
but he put eggs and air to try to bind it but just to help it helps but just help said that fat we eyes would do ten you know know some guys maybe like audi fifteen or twenty but when you get too much of it a top was for it feels like it stops being wild game become something else like a fifty fifty blend is like that wild game i dunno yeah we feed a lot of folks that come through and friends of ours that don't eat a lot of wild game so i feel like a little bit of bacon in there is always a good entry level especially with alec you hardly need it but good entry level piece of wild game to serve those kinds of people how big's my pig going to be alright you're like two to fifty somewhere on there and then are you to charge me the half gods in everything or limiting its base out anyway so what are you charge me i don't know yet garlic the books that's more silly as the priority to start following the commodities market had you set it off that you set it up global port prices that's all
last year in the driver's seat of ghana you got the sale before you and told him the costs yeah i wrote right in front of hog the lawyer on track man i worked at a brewery before first light and didn't handful things and we get all that spent grants are that barley actually with all the sugar out does like all start over again guenaud we used to work at bury her at our first light there's stuff called spent grounds we what that is i used to work at a brewery i worked at we were actually cilia my girlfriend worked at the brewery as well she is on the front and tell me her name again celia celia well that seelj yup she's from norway her family's from norway oh yeah yeah i met her yeah i liked her she's awesome i see you guys used to work at a brewery yep and and so i worked business side and and i would take all spent grain which is very grand mash that's been brood through and bring it to the
dogs and i love that it has some nutritional values just a little bit all the sugars out of it but it's kind of just like a filler a factor if you will so work pretty good where do you in mind they're getting a a bland from this ganim what he wore a few races barley and what he wolf what are you wolf that's a good name yeah greg he's in the lower allow a valley he actually raises order the grain for the karmann corey commons hog operation which is in no allow counties there's others i would know about probably she does a lot like grass the beef and that sort of thing she's entered and quite a few markets without products ogre never hogs i'd do i do not feel in any kind of restaurant slobbering nah a little bit of compost here there you know ends of like salad greens and things like that so and then how you gonna kill it
there's a guy named taylor who's got a mobile slaughter operation it's pretty awesome he comes through kills it skins it brings it to jake and jake dick takes care of the rest so how much space is my pig have to run around on a quite a bit it's like acre and a half there's three of them so it's pretty good that they tend to want to stick into the shade this time of year cause it's pretty we hot so heavy name my big now now boy out you know the one is mine i yeah i think so i said i know i'm just kidding hey i'm going to advise that you feed it a little bit of asian food right before you slot okay like what what happens i just i i just here people i hear people talk we're hogwash universe malaysian food to fatten them fattened up flavors among their her uncle yoke and all alone he said these who said that he didn't freedom any like trot slot boy do you're doing
but a source of slough three weeks before he's ok give it a little asian food or msg the point of the grandma story was they used to take the skim off of their milk like the the thick you told me about this and they they would throw that in as as their main food source without mixed with old oats so that was probably pretty delicious pork i imagine i think way to bring it back thanks to dallas he should horses thing now bell's good appreciate it but you know what was bad about it as you took so damn long that it wasn't fresh in people's minds that why you were talking israel so you have there than anybody with first light lessons about may start with those guys actually just as as we were kind of marrying up these two operations were cousins now yeah i think we are i think we are kissing cousins oh alright
and then you like it over there loving it the best job i've ever had for sure really oh yeah hands down i mean i just got back from a week in texas axis deer hunting so it's pretty damn good and you were at work yeah i was at work i can't i probably can't talk about it but we looked at a bunch of the new first light stuff coming out yeah i guess we will talk about just that it's there it's in development so we're working hard on that and we've got a whole new robust program for gear testing and i'm really excited about that we're going to get it to a lot of key guys and so there gazing unaware it somewhere this week you're done somewhere yeah had not me my wife and children brody anderson and his wife and children in my wife's body in her husband and children sweep are gone out to our fish shack guillaume none unaware that new summertime wish let's get away put in their new summer time regime into too much broader
our going has landed gasoline and into the texas market yes we have been spent over time it just i can tell you i can tell you guys been hanging out in texas got some clothes that are like yeah we're getting close like it'll be sweet or that wasn't hot texas at the latest gear me and they're like so what do you guys think about some elephant skin boots yeah that's a rhino roster chew yeah that was yeah that was the one of the more shocking things about texas is all the things you can make boots out of man it's that kind of thing in that direction yeah i dunno man i didn't know if i could really pull it off like wearing boots of all different character types if i was sitting here and you said that hey where those boots made out of and i was like elephant yeah i feel like you'd be like that i was a little bit of a poser well being from michigan i work our boots once in a while but they're just leather you know just made out of cowhide yeah i just got easier
maybe you and i are you know about a bargaining pull that off yang be the harder part more than worried about what species it was it just be like are you comfortable in some high heels this year what choice though your neck of the woods the comfortable but you have rightly said i have the right personality in everything for it prompted and these are just listen i mean why you didn't like the gas wherein like the aim eater boots are they ate or goods or not grown up monocles mining is made out of an doors oh yeah my cat means icicles i remember as a kid sitting around in the guise to wear shorter pants they do now so my uncles would have their legs crossed and so you could see like almost the entire boot you know when the their legs crossed like the upper leg over the knee the boot is then exposed under my dad veinlike look at his an eater boots
and they were to me it was just that as top level so you know you made a very anyhow i've never had anything leather though everywhere in our life there i mean i had but as i started wherein cowboy boots proudly eight or nine years ago i mean like where where an casually and where they cause warlike right off the bat like try to morrow and inquired it's an acquired taste i mean it's partially i mean i am of the firm belief that a man ought to be wearing leather boots leather shoes of some sort at all on almost all the time i'm your packer uncomfortable like i have sandals i may not like sandals don't get me wrong you'll enjoy measured at my feet office for you you'll see me with sadness but not how do i quit wherefore fobs few days ago while in for the same reasons a year ago ok well
why do you wear leather boots men who's gonna ways you defend your family man i'm serious when i wear these i feel like i'm wherein like armor i i was yesterday i was gonna to fine appear i was like man i'll just wear my tennis shoes i have some shoes for like running and different things and i was like man i can't do it i'm gonna wear the boots i made if it if it goes fisticuff somewhere i need the yeah i'm ambience here i'm not gonna run your name i wanted job around ebay many ways all start now he like yeah i hope ass himself my ready for a volcano to erupt and we he kamer he has some crazy word flip but anyways he's like i just don't feel like i'm ready for that occurrence and they re a long time for an online carbon not with four forever
with cinder we were having dinner and i had flip flops or is it may i just like really surprises me to see you in flip flops and he's from montana that hurt she didn't or you're not gonna see this friend is dave mckay so they mackay montana and he was wife and new york once again they went into comedies store cameo right watch could stand up and the stand up guy sees dave and days got footpath on in a year where you from not from here is several montana and he goes here and defend your wife and those shoes and got tomb men him pointed out to me got me that like you're not ready for action through i regret i only strap bonds though i gotta now i'm ready for action being move in
are you sure about my life bring over and defend a manoeuvring flew fallen over slip ups oh i forgot does the day we went to dinner i had tripped twice in my flip lapse fell off herb and trip coming through a doorway i heard about it was tat of mine they didn't go i didn't know that other people shared my sentiments about shoes i mean i've never i don't know that error like verbal asthma we recognise that it was very real the first guided ever brought this to my attention dying a wild man mcconnell died about before was if the guy that would sew pistol pockets into his leather vest that the guy that's the guy that says he wouldn't do anything he won't even get ready for bed yeah i said he does lay down there wasn't a sleeping bag on his bong and i do always try to when i was just starting there i'll always steal that boggley by noise dies bark is he forgets there's like nothing here
i then asked where was empty co uk has an empty budweiser and that was how his day went was when he when he would finish the day with budweiser and some cigarettes and he would take his boots off and lay down yeah with his forty four in his pistol barking in awe and then when your alarm go off you'd get up and we'd spend fifteen minutes getting our shit on and getting all geared up and brushing our teeth and ebook diet breakfast you know and he just it up for his boots on the cigarette crack and coke and the guy ready for the mitch hedberg joke he wanted to get clothes made out of blankets no you need only then my thing about running babe you guys notice that yoda trumbo is now a trumbo trombone
you're speller simon mexico or greece now you know not tacos l past or is not really you again for your man just go with the hero now easiest way to way under the spiral ok i was delayed until i engineer knows what he was doing serious granville and take girls lace up son and he's ready for a goal shit hits the fan feels going to spring out of that little booth there and coming back curtains cause y that feels going to be coming to the rescue so it's like you take if you slice a bunch of meat or a thin thin slice not cut woods rice raw meat then slice the marinate it and then put it in you stack this skewer is our wines are being on the skewer in the shape of a giant pineapple
that because they often put slices pineapple in there and then turns vertically and spit and you gotta either propane burner or charcoal that's oriented vertically and this thing turns on a spit with a vertically oriented heater and it was signed like and then you just ready that things is running round the clock guy so you put that we used it when we start first our travel to mexico we call it pork raw because it looks like a giant rock made out of pork and and that spit turns you gotta make a taco you just hold the taco up against the rock of me in and it's all stack like if you put one hand on top of your hand and another hand on top it looks like there's a solid piece of meat you can't really tell but then you slice also vertical slices off so you just
in the ends of all this stuff that the part that's cooked yeah and he sliced the cook part onto a taco or you slice it into a euro and in that device that cooking piece of equipment i recently learned is that even though i owned one trumbo ok so ronnie bain when i got married all those years ago we are all you'll have a party now we adopt the day i got married before i got married we had a party before the party and at this party my brother took a bunch of deer meat and ronnie being world of desert trumbo out of stainless steel and it was a hand turn kind yet hand crank it so we cooked a bunch of venison tacos like this and then i kind of forgot about it for eleven years but i was just home mom's and found trombone nepal barn brought back here and had a fabricated here bozeman aim travis barton whose firemen yanina
me too he did a lot of the metalwork on his house when yeah remodelled he raise that on higher legs and put a rotisserie motor seed only to hand turn more single single speed can you regulate the spin out singles beat my ecb has bought this fast man like it sounds like a but smooth like oh no man and i'm gonna make a mountain lion ooh i'm gonna make a pork rocket mount lennon nice alike it was can be good like it as you know we are largely at latest gentlemen gate how do you describe do say you're from the ozarks there live in the ozarks now hunt in the wash it all
saw someone to bring some but let's kevin you oughta be pronounced that mountain range the washed off show you know i didn't i didn't see the spelling are called the hour cheetahs yeah he saw the spell and is spelled owe you a c h at yeah you mentioned how we mispronounced it the gout venture to try to prevent well i don't want to name any names here but it was a guy that was from the ozarks and humanist pronounce well you bet you miss pronounced it and he didn't correct you and he was at tat s the way who was manner also care remember it was on when the turkish episode you did with the brandon butler but there was either one no it wasn't brandon i'm not throwing brandon and was it a guy that was a guy the other our friends steve jones the wild game chef i don't parker hall no one parker
it is when you were narrow and there was a guy they honest was eternally hunter he was describing how called turkey's with his mouth it was kind of felt like it was i didn't really know but it was kind of just like yeah that's the way said like isaac was that guy zach may have been so you're so polite you don't want to say who did it well i mean i just hate to throw the guy under the bus at the same time got pretty thick skin avowed to my people that if it ever came to it i would i would would bring back to honour the wash it does is a owe you a yes it's his eyes he eyes with w here was the outsiders looks like what cheaters oh which either our cheetah today wash it talk like with a hard w wash
in washington a ch is a she not yeah julia yeah why don't you guys just spell it different men we didn't suck we're just the messengers man this is a choctaw well actually say things that they that they say that first of all it it is a trans liberation of a o indian word for wash at all spain kedo indian just a this system type of native american that lived we all south east i augur cato indian yeah try like choctaws cherry ideas like when you one day toggle language types like prado indo european or carried out as a trans is a french trans liberation of the way the catapez said wash it all and they said it with a w but it's a bunch of french guys over here that said oh we're gonna spell it oh ach idea it actually means good hunting grounds nor should there there's three things the there's an
other guy that says that the owe you a sea is the chalk tall word for follow in it actually means buffalo hunting grounds now given a throwback to the woodland buffalo which totally was in markets my wooden butler and then the third there's three possibilities and there's no agreement on truly what it means the third one is a another choctaws word that they think it means far away hunting ground go that's that's why i got over the ozark men the french like named a bunch of stuff back in that country
the word ozark describes a bend in the arkansas river arkansas river flows it doesn't really flow north but there's a north trending bend and arkansas river and they called it ox ark they called this region above the arc ox arc know a u x arc french and so the transwell grew into the ozarks so the ozarks our north there above the ark so those are the two messages i like em all does little to those are the two mountain ranges in arkansas and their very different i could we no doubt about the differences and ideologically are culturally geologically boy dazzles are inseparable laura their similar enough in size and in non several me like the geology shaped culture in some ways are absolutely there now
the wash jaws were are in east west running mountains formed from uplift when the when the south american continent bumped into them the american continent bill it's the only mountain range between the ep elections and the rocky mountains that runs east and west and so on happens when you're hunting in the washer towels as you have two very different types of terrain because you have the southern facing slopes in the north facing slopes because the mountains are running east and west yeah he with me so the north is like really thick moist vegetative not as much direct sun the south sides are arid have a lot of pie and blueberry a little bit more open gotcha that critters use that different terrain in different ways
insisting that you go on along the rim where you're kind of tapping into both yeah it well that's the other feature these mountains is that they're formed by uplift so there these like hogback ridges so there's these real distinct tops which are usually fairly flat but but small so either walking straight up or you're walking straight down the other side but there'll be these flat tops and there's travel on him so you hunt the tops of these mountains quite a bit you know why you are talking about all that stuff at remind me two good pieces of barroom banter one being double the buffalo hunting right you know where that word comes from within one of the ways they think that buffalo came about read your book i should know but good for making buff leather hmm but there's even occurrences where people called manatees buffs mm thick leather and buffalo wasn't the native american word for it no this was an english word yeah they would call them buffs you spell all kinds of different ways
events became buffalo bill southern good for making buff leather leather like thick leather you know the earthen you tom talking about like the geology have you ever read annals of the former world now by john mcphee that explains all the geography in the u s won a pulitzer prize a different differently west they want wanna pewter prisoner ass thing in air were your alaska cannot be created and die up as a bunch of islands is a big mishmash shit the decree didn't docked up against our continent and in roared north and transform fault and a camera again eighty seven million years japan will have a created all of the illusions and slammed into alaska while now all embarrassed and everything
going to be in japan which is in alaska yeah how'd you get not mad i grew up it just grew up with it my dad always say that my dad was bow hunting before bow hunting was cool he so i mean i grew up bo hunting for why tell dear my dad got into how does dick both know now that's new my dad as i totally a compound like speed guy mob ma movement in the traditional artery probably as a little bit of a throwback from his his cut them the intricacies and he took it takes tune and bows now this kind of to the extreme i never really liked sign up and i wanted it to be simple and so are still shoe compound and love it now my dad shadow rigour before compounds came out and then he rolled into account
it's hard to see that's the way these guys think though like my dad is like why the heck would you want to go backwards because that's where he started to shoot in these traditional bows that they couldn't kill anything with and and so to go backwards as do said now those bad quivers full a forty year old there what did you do yeah yeah yeah we grew up i have a place in northern minnesota so we kind of grew up in the north belt country of just saw hunting small racked big bodied white bills and then really got into waterfowl hunting in high school because it was accessible where i lived near one right from the get go yeah yeah right right away it's been a part of my family for a long time cause you had access to those farms yeah yeah lotta good pheasant hunting i'll get duck hunting pretty good deer hunting not as good as iowa on the worst actually scrape can be seen not as good their waste in northern minister
oh yeah i'm with you so pretty good though great from a camaraderie sense from the dear camp sense not as big a deal for sure about great brigades population certainly are you guys in wolf area yeah yeah certainly has it changed a lot for real or can you even look at it for real because you're so wrapped up in the main differences that's a loaded question i think if you talk to people up there they'll say it has impacted it tremendously but i think in my case i haven't seen it to the point where it's made the deer hunting in my lifetime that that different mill feels different yes certainly thrills there were the area and i would say that my experience in the west specifically in oregon with with wolf reintroduction has been my experience in the short time i have lived out there is changed from trauma like pretty dramatically where will we go out why like into our own name an example like what's the sole priority com
the thing you've seen change i think in eastern oregon specifically is just the the bounceback between the ranching community and and sort of the introduction of wolves it's obviously a slippery slope conversation but they've been impacted in a different way than there haven't been last fifty years am from one hunting standpoint a lot of guys will say all is ok aka quieter in this area now which i think i've had a few experiences with that although it's anecdotal it's not based off science so i think my experience and an scene was to have seen a couple on eastern organ that's different than when i started hunting their vows nineteen i'm not in sea walls until two years ago
there's quite a few now you started on an oregon when you're nineteen yeah yeah i was out there to fight fire when i was in college so that was the first time ever step foot in oregon for real suspending mostly about may through end of september there and then go back to school now so i heard my first wolf from my deck couple of nights ago really just to to howls and haven't happened out there watching a small heard elk and every single one of those metallic ours was looking down the hill and across it it's really was a nobody other has down everybody was staring you're kidding me when that wolf was out but he all it only it how twice now that they perked up such different sound too it's pretty remarkable clay you got like you granville's behind my grandfather was a coil ah he hung really it's he hated be shit look now the air there
the governor well so there was a time in the south when i'm in the hay day of quail hunting would have been from the forties too well nineteen eighty as the regard yourself as being from the south yeah it's really i mean i do being from arkansas but i mean you know i can drive twenty miles immigrant will be in the forty miles forty miles in the zuri yeah yeah yeah arkansas as it's definitely not deep south where i live but i live in northwest arkansas the mountains and so the mountain culture truly is not deep south you get into the arkansas delta you absolutely would feel like you're in the deep
south gotcha this is very different but also my my grandfather he was a renowned bird dog trainer and that's all he did i mean they would they would go out there were i mean he talks about going out and you know finding nine cubbies a coil in the day and you know several guys killing their limits a coil and then about nineteen eighty the quail world distorted dry up and i had bird dogs when i got my first bird dog when i was in the sixth grade got it from my grandpa or and we actually had two or three cubbies a quail back behind our house and my dad wouldn't let me take the shotgun at that time there are some houses that was kind of suburban rural arkansas and so i would take that dog out and we pointed quail during the winter i mean i probably didn't go out every day but i feel like i did with snow underground nah not
not in arkansas really now thorburn hills you google snowy do you get a little bit but not a lot of a lot just a few days a year will go vast there i got you he is so he he is the one that really and release my dad he's my grandfather did some squirrel hutton but he was he was a bird dog man i mean just like in the south that was like up like a nobleman sport you know and then he was a trainer and in all the affluent would tell what you mean by that was he when you say what was the word used i said it was a nobleman sport i mean like athlete was he wealthy no no no he was a he was a biology teacher for public go on a pastor of a church ignore what an if this noble in the sense of i this is a now not like ability not now not good clare good clarification thereby but he and in part of truly what influenced still influences made it
day is that i watched my grandfather the last twenty five years of his life lament the demise of the animal that he loved really i mean i didn't know that conservation was cool i didn't know that that means just what happened before but every time i talked him and man back and any was it wasn't like you embittered against at our he like he hunted just the same when where no birds as he did when there are lots of birds i mean it like his i am gone rather dogs we're coil get any he had a delta it didn't onto the day his dad was ninety four but but he was a he's a good man good good dog trainer what i want to ask what his idea was about what happened with the coil but i want you take away the coil whereas only ever versions you know i mean do dear member you read something that i sent to you one time in its various lying about the fire ants no but
have a habitat man had to do with invasive grasses vince post so we basically back day there was no festoon bermuda grass and because the cow calf operations that all these far have turned to in the last forty years calcraft operations in arkansas need festooned bermuda graph is just the best and those grasses bail it that's just is just hardy augurs its nutritious it grows like easy now that they definitely seed in anathema to everything is i mean right now you go and look at any grass and it's going to be some type of fescue or bermuda which are both invasive grasses and their turf top grass which means they grow by rhizomes so what quail would have been used to back in the day before these invasive grasses would have been clump grasses and so clump grasses provided places for the birds to move through
we a club like all here you've met on bunch grasses their pretty depressing i mean just the native grasses of arkansas like orchard grass and some of the sum of the sage would have they would not have grown and like these continuous patches like no even if it looked like a continuous patch if you open it up you'd see ground underneath it and so basically habitat was destroyed by those two invasive grasses and then with the advent basically modern brush hog and machines and just people cannot taken better care of their farms people have tea post fence rose now when back in the day private just strung barbed wire between trees in pubs and wooden fence but not that would or metal makes a difference but basically they had these robust edges that protect provided habitat for coil were
windrows in in in we don't now we have t posts and with a t post fence you can mow right up beside in rat you mow within six inches one side and six inches of the other you know i mean like a two sided fence so that that was big meadows really are the it's it's it's habitat degradation but the other thing that's happened in arkansas that's crazy that has to do with the ground nesting birds are quit our turkey populations are down like six percent since almost like there's this furs of nobody knows really what's goin on the ground nest and birds other than that they're doing really bad and we have article we ran on the meat dot com about declining turkey numbers in some states and is confined to piss people i really feel you can warm but my house we got plane tickets to make i'm sure you do man but i mean there's certain
and you can't ignore there's a lot of states that have for the for like for the first time in you know a decade or so you're seeing like declined turkey numbers of people could ear i dunno it's like a weird thing to get irritated about yeah it's like no one said like turkey hunting so you're seeing like a like using a widespread decline in turkey numbers and in certain parts of the country yeah well i figured skies like i can go back to some of my good spots that may there is a sixty percent decline in turkey numbers and i can still hear a turkey gobble from there but there's not aid of them more theirs one you know saw me like if god is really not paying that much attention he goes in there and he kills that bird and he's like i kill the bird last year gilbert the year before that don't you tell me about my turkeys yeah that's good honest answer yet now missouri oddly missouri is totally different or zero men you go in this what's bizarre i can't blame in the commission
i mean i don't think it's anything there doing but any direction you go from arkansas turkey and gets better quick huh no doubt i mean even where you are hunting with with brandon butler yeah i mean that's a couple of hours from my house like three hours bill in a dramatically better turkey hunting up there are talk about this i'm sure we saw this interesting thing hunting in kentucky which is another area i used to have great quail hunting quail are gone kind of gone and we're out with our friend kevin murphy he was explained that when he haunts small game he likes to hunt on the amish farms cause he said they don't clean farm they they they they they still dirty farm and you go out there and have so funny the whole time run around with them those plays we saw quail was on an amish farm i got scrubbed dirty farmin i've heard you say it before but well leave like they'll pick we're leaving for the winter so they'll pick corn
the ground covered all winter they were all have big rose like big huge wind rose and they don't winner till they leave crop coverage on the ground in the winter and so he was saying you with any of the dealer part of it is he said he says they're hell on predators yeah so they provide habitat kill predators and it's like small in golds he goes way out of his way to haunt the amish farms because that's where all the good well the game has me it sounds good yeah did i did your grandpa hunt quail and mules no no no he didn't but how did you get into putnam mules you know my dad didn't her meals we actually did not grow up have an equal and animals
i mean i grew up being in rural arkansas i grew up with horses and stuff i mean just people had them you know buddies had em and we'd ride and stuff but it wasn't till about four or five years ago that i just said it's time to get a mule and it was it was a it as you know i'd give you the short version or long version of that but oh yeah tell me what a mule lives a mule when a donkey horse do a meal is harboured cross between a male donkey called a jack in a female horse called a mare and it produces a what in the ba biology world so how how how's the how's it work with the gender again so it's a a a mule is a male donkey a jack and a female horse the opposite is what a genie mew that's ok that is when it's a man
we'll get i'm gonna makes it i'm not extra but it's a different animal when you do the inverse when it's a male horse and a female donkey it produces a different am for if it is gave me what that is it's really rare people don't do it worthwhile jenny mule is or whatever after that yeah there's a phrase for it and i can recall where it is ginny these g hopefully i so the cool thing about will come back to the cool thing about a mule is that it is a classic example of hybrid you know the phrase hobbledehoy until the phrase hybrid video i bread harboured hybrid vigour
i breathe but i mean i know it in terms of eg yeah yeah so so basically you take the strengths of these two animals which both have great strengths like a donkey like a donkey strength would be like hard feet nimble very strong for its size and and you would take a horse which would be it strengths would be it's it's speed its train ability and basically inside of a mule you get you get the best characteristics of both animals and one animal and there s fascinated me the mule will live longer than both a donkey on horse live long i mean a duck and they're not sexually viable they're they're not you still gelban europe they have all the same desires but no no real ammo there so you got it you got you gonna cut a mail or he'll want to breed females and stuff but won't do me any good
there me to good that will do him good but he didn't know that yeah yeah which find henny h i one a one boy that's when a boy horse stallion in a girl donkey a jenny they may do it they get a hinny correct any male horse female donkey was the opposite what your time was right and it's a different animal different they're usually not as big and for some reason people just don't do that very much is not historic will guys more stature shore ear star legs and a thicker main meal guys you produce mules for the mule trade they just that they have some donkeys asthma
well you did but you would have a set of i'm let's say there's a guy that was actually a mule breeder nearly a set of mayor horses that would be a mean if he was they would be selected horses based upon then be in a good horse now be inter annabelle being not kicky be in to good feet and we have always i traits are you a good horse and then he would have he would have jack that suited and produced what he wanted inside of a mule and so a lot of guys use mammoth jacks which a mammoth jack is like a jack that's over fourteen hands can be up to like seventeen hands which is huge and it looks like a dinosaur you gotta look up a mammoth jack looks crazy but so you describe you'd have you one or two breeder jack's and in its just like any type of animal breeding you make across a maybe produces a meal that's really good now that's tempered right that's built right as good feed that strong nets
colored the way you want it to there's a lot of work sighed the meal world too see really hard to get a mule bread with color like actual the fur color of a meal typically tends to be solid who cares about that well for everybody buddy yeah it drives me crazy it's just a it's just a it's just a like for instance the mule that i that i trained in one like in the meal were on cigar that's a flashing meal amazed i dislike your boat i mean like you want a bow that you like the looks of it yeah my new beau malleable all balls are this way no malls but i got a new mathews in it's sought out there flat black looks man it looks menacing man yeah oh yeah verdicts and every everyone's one of them flat black but bows because it looks like a killer remember fridge pair in the fridge perry oh the football player yeah yes i remember nineteen eighty four you know they won the super bowl as kinds of last for
game i watched or a touchdown mama was from chicago he wore black shoes back on the rails i choose and he was saying he wore black shoes because people looked at him i think they are going to that is going to be slow but then he just slam them with black now why would black shoes make you think they're slow let's do this is nineteen eighty women we just thirty some years ago i love you out there who knows that's what was his theory on that blackboard the point as my black bullocks fast jet black box menacing man a shit the same color bow mean bow if i had a guy pop up to shoot me with an arrow and he hit one yet i get to choose whether he had a camel bow or black bow i'd go with camel if he's shooting at me because i'd be like yeah oh you raise the avonlea adage flat black boat menacing
we are in flip flops yeah i do shoot my bowl and flip a little bit of how much is a mule man that's just like every other hang on the planet when you deal with a commodity there's all kind of variations i mean i just last week's summit asked me how much are paid for the meal that i have which our train mom you're susan untrained mule i mean basically she was told the untrained so no one knew what it had no one knew what it was the only thing the only reason i bought the mule that i did traded and bought and i'll tell you what i gave for it was because it was a flashy mule the right size that i wanted to you wanted of you and i ve no apologies for want of flash met if i'm going to feed that thing and see it every day from my house i wanted to look good let me tell you i don't want a flourishing meal does he get a flash emu guy
it winds up being a shitty mule people are going to be like that guy he does when all the rules they can those all cooler in an area of policy have a shitty look at meal any that shitty meal it will be like a guess i'm all me alone oh well who doesn't dirty says it was like a lot of effort they really have you really fancy sports car then the minute you take it out you crash it people it's more funny to people there's going to be more funding it's kind of like you bought an old junky car and crashed it so you're more like gonna head your bets on like the social is a social aspect like manila blot early meal it turns out that stupid mule does work good vermin what zagreb well yours same as guide union stance will see the thing about the owl i'll try to be brief here i can leave arrest you you bought a cool look a
right is using right you can you can you can pay ten thousand dollars for a meal easily based on what it looks like based upon a whole bunch of starter mandate the complexity inside of the animal world especially on that you're gonna write you are so you may like right at the point at which its broke right yeah you know you know intelligences and you'd never by like an untrained ten thousand our meal there is not what can you been like oh you can spend been twenty is that chileans sure sure yeah because of the resource industry in some of the stuff but but no the reason that i bought the mule that ideas can i like the way it looked right size and nobody had ever messed with it which has one thing with a mule is that their easy mess up they're so that both the stronger easy to mess up their violence you start messing with a very so you don't want to get a meal from a god it's like i train smiled a little bit
you know our do for this much you don't know what's happened without mule no such the one negative people type by samuel better formed a really bad impression on paypal they their highly unforgiving but in the same sense that's what makes a mule great is that if he trusts if you'd training right if you do it right here be an incredible animal forever abbreviated like zaga simple thing it's i've a complex situation but i want our meal that nobody had messed with an one of mistakes to be your own dear i did i wanted to know because i got him i had a meal before that that was green broke and grain broke is basically just a way of saying this thing ain't trained and i had what was greeted with me this brought were great road means technically like you could put a saddle on it and get on its back its train enough
that and could ride a little bit but its broad term but broke in my book means highly dangerous really you don't know this animal has had some bad experiences with them with a green broke meal so i wanted to train one arm one in i i i this has now become my friend but a guy in southeast oklahoma had this mule craigslist meal what is dangerous is one other types of mules oh yeah i do it almost every meal almost everyday yeah start a morning in the he had this meal a lot about he wanted fifteen hundred dollars for an untrained meal which is you could buy broke meal for fifteen hundred dollars but the mule special basically are traded in nineteen ninety four honda for tracks for wheeler in old russian world war two rifle those worth about seventy five dollar one of those and woe what man i was also what com
given to me as a gift and fired some odd caliber it's like was like seven six to like when i seven six to there i grew up trying to deal with one of those afore whaler what are those rifles and farming dollars cash and he he took me to the cleaners really i'm not a good negotiated when it comes stuff like that and will to nice claude a five hundred bucks and i got a meal you've gotta and man it was an incredible incorrect experience training want we'll just for hot none there there is thy six mules for sale on the ball on the bozeman craigslist right now
him look play if you wasn't dead deer on that same page well mule deer you get the cow on there oh you want to have a fuel cell a mule deer kawasaki mule four wheeler do a lot of digging to buy a mule has a lot of nuances in the craigslist meal world that guy has to get tuned up on whoa that's pretty interesting man like the thing about hunting with mules down where europe is and is really like an access issue you know they what can you get you on a mule he you get to and you're in truck well that's good questions legitimate i we don't have the wilderness that you guys have in the west and we just don't but we do have we do have big but we have to point two million acres national forest in arkansas and lot of its fairly remote fairly well all of its pretty rugged we have eleven wilderness areas in arkansas that are you know limited to foot travelling on travel
i designated wilderness wondrously capital w allow whom you have eleven what like we have bigger than the biggest ones thirty thousand acres ochre there the smallest it is probably six seven thousand is it thirty thousand acre one fairly contiguous there's a boss it all up in two thousand contiguous really oh yeah no kidding we have we the south or you south are eagerly for considered arkansas the south which it is we we have some incredible rugged i mean well it is wilderness wilderness no don't you know what i call the sword in his name that big rulers area is the buffalo wilderness that's the biggest one and nor can i can't remember gets barometer i i've never hunted the buffalo wilderness because the buffalo wilderness has become a hot spot for tourism because of the buffalo river which is the nations first national river
does incredible the buffalo river is probably the most rugged true rivers station at ozarks that there is an but it's become a hub verb tourism big time since it is a positive thing i don't really want to go there and hunt hunt i i gotcha near it's good to see the lot of non hunting tourism does it does but so they would been an issue of access like it's not like i'm rod my mule like eighteen miles back into the wilderness to hunt that that's just not gonna happen but definitely i go places that other people don't go in stay longer i mean that's the whole point of it is go further and stay longer in a lot of times are now learn this technique from you so that i am the lord s echoes of first like man you know but is but it's so i mean that alone as good as mine fired one of my
i call him a friend but he's almost is more than a friend got him down aims lawrence james is he he grew up hutton and wilderness in arkansas and what he would do and this in he taught me how to do this that's kind of what kind of a lot of what i do i'm trying to do what james did and that's just where i like to do it but he would the pan yard and lead a horse in with all his gear on four man day so long he d source in with tax on and then once they got to ask yup unload always stuff and then he'd ride the horse go now and i like tat thou way as my fellow members i saw one of the one your videos you made your good writer man thank you like you're right like the the narrations well i like it it's well done and you can shoot off that mule yeah he has even give a shit their shit
off over his head dude i once time got on a horizontal most loader enamels works cross corners i i'll down the grounds fast so hard man eight that just seems not shoot it it's your own if you walk in his peripheral vision as boogie a man of a horseman the lipped out now leyla rock we were the outfit well yeah walls on a reservation cells with some tribal members messner say again animals not gonna do that steve you're gonna desensitize it i mean like spend what does do you know was forty the guy knew enough to know that he knew no know that arm they might not like that say that you shouldn't but you shouldn't you shouldn't put somebody on my sister in law it takes my daughter out ride and she picks a horse that she thinks is suitable for my daughter yeah she's like this'll be a good horse for her yeah because of x y and z
i was like this would be a bad horse for their let's go hurry put them on that tours and you guys aren't raccoons yes yes i raccoons i mules yes we're gonna dodgy jason with i've got plot hounds so your user squirrel dogs know now what our own hound hound a it's a u k c registered breed of dogs dogs parties l p l o t t apply plot is it like a walker is it like over the phone i mean it's a it's a hound and it's a it's a fascinating story like a lanky long legged deal nah it's a pretty compact me my dogs are like fifty to sixty pounds females in the forty five to fifty pound range males in the sixty to sixty five pounds if it wasn't black it would look like a hound israel leftwing your own raccoons with do you bet listening was ever had a who like was the dog and what to think the other kind of a brindle dogma that one of my dogs black but
what long may endanger the plot hound is the only breed of hound that didn't descend from european foxhounds so walker blue take red take english all his dogs dissent from europe fox have all been tainted by europe well the plans were too plants came from germany but they were big game dogs in germany and they were ought over in seventeen fifty by sixteen year old boy name your highness plot in your highness plot he his father bread these dogs for a nobleman in germany he sent his son to the new world and what he sent him with was five hounds which were the original plot hounds they came in your highness plot was sixteen years old brother dad on the journey over he is too breton one other brother came painted the north carolina with these five dogs them in there plot hounds that there was just there last night and they were just hunting dog here to make some males and females presumably yeah and so the the story as is that the plot how breed descended directly from those five dogs
the plot hound is living that's true it's it's absolutely true degree there's some like real hard core plot men that are like the plot red has never been bred by anything outside of those five dogs but clearly when you look the history and culture i mean dogs on tethers out and people's yards and these mountain people they were breed another dogs and new but in general they stayed true to that too that plot lineage enough so the plot is the national dog or the state dog of north carolina in only hound that your janis read it married in a north carolina is essentially for north carolina ochre that but the plot the plot and is the only breed of hounds that is directly associated with by dogs some insight bear down it's me hutton coon's with with plots is actually primarily
because we cannot run big game in arkansas with hounds and so i wanted to have plott hounds and what we can run as raccoons and so a tree dogs a tree dog they'll chase anything with fur and they've just have that tree and instincts of the different when a bare dog and raccoon dog is very different than had been well one nerd out about it but you could take a bare dog and trying to be a raccoon down why are you guys call it what it was want to treat squirrel coon taps a tree jumps one tree the next why do you call that he timbered the tree i guess i say tat because as jerry clarice possible description of steve timbered convince what else we have heard for the lake i dont know miss abigail the taps the tree tops the tree when i hear the word taps a tree to me that means that this that the record
squirrel whatever went halfway up the tree then came back down went to another free though you know that might be with jerry clouds out and about their that's where you are you yeah on january san he tapped the tree yesterday amber because there now that only timbered out yeah he timber like we didn't have a word for where i'm from we didn't have a word for that you'd say something like he jumped into another tree yeah very little yeah you'd have to settle with something like that so that's what tat like he tapped it but didn't client and that happens a lot that a lot of people would think that they did that on purpose of the dog i don't think that have as i think that the we're just moving around and maybe went up that tree for a little while and goes to another one so what happened the dog sees all we want the tree and so the dogs birch tree and on that tree you get there there's no animal in the tree and the guy goes i tap this tree you know in the coons not there that's good yeah yes
no not allow me to get the kids i have eaten them but it's not the norm are you sellen hides right now you know an hour and saw a raccoon hard i think the average market value last year per targets are game fish commission report that they give was less than two dollars a pair of that law i mean it's sad southern raccoons yeah that we just don't have good for density it's just not that good of a it's just not that good of a hard so i mean you know the we take so many people raccoon hunting i have this like spiel down like a science when i take people because we do skin hard i've got a bunch of hard right now at a tannery in the in i get the adds tan flush result yeah yeah i know and give yeah you send up or we can you an exchange programme
i'll send you i'm not gonna get him back to like december or my raccoon hide or my gesture do come out of nowhere trap coming out of the dog during the barn oh really well come of as his grain silo yeah he obviously reasons that wanted in there yeah well we you know so i talked to people that i take her new hunters because we take a ton of new hunters raccoon and we really do and you know i talk about how this this hunt is is your there's two birds being killed with one stone in that this is a conservation hunt and depredation hunt and of we're trying to remove an unnatural amount of raccoons that are here there's an unnatural amount of right now because agriculture brag because of agriculture because of all the things are going on logically
we're trying to remove them because of their suppression of ground nesting birds you know and the and we are we just don't we just don't eat raccoon that much it's laborious to cook you do the game retarded the raccoon they usually do two or three things to it like you cook it this way then you cook it that way we like slow cooked one you know and then finish it on a grill was not bad though yeah it's not bad beef like cooked it over an open fire roasted it dad's open fire yet ass he ran up minnesota now you re direct going on i have not
you don't you don't remember anybody eating them just the last guy told me he was eating raccoons and still making them or cooking them was bo or elsewhere yeah that was that was the name of that podcast yeah no that was the last the most reason he still eat them hm hm i'd like to cook another nope there's a million them around here each year especially come to arkansas say it's pretty similar to beaver no greasy grease your beers think it's not a ton different than bear meat even though i think bear meat is better but it has that same kind of greasy feel diets fairly similar yeah but died i really don't think it's that it it could be eaten but it's just not it's just not what you do you know anatomy those foreigners today i was thinking about you know when you're looking at youtube videos i was wondering how
fixed the ratio is of likes and dislikes on youtube videos this lay ass you go into my head today and i was like man it'd be interesting to take an analysis of all youtube videos and add up the likes dislikes because it's like i feel like it's like less like generally runs less than ten percent all likes dislike yeah i feel like ice i was you like it's such it's so weird that there seems to be such a fixed ratio again the boy our videos you look at the thumbs up and thumbs downs did like all its fish dry overwhelmingly positive but always ran stay true yeah review and one year videos that that's golly one point eight million views and more dislikes and likes there the shattered my operate were shattered the theory that i had just been thinking about that day let's make your very own tom about her you top dollar what's up
jason that's amazing about that i've been tracking that video now for about two years holds a video i'll it up the thing in september of twenty seventeen so almost two years in israel your have not now yes this is very unlike so that the i tell you bills were like dislikes were within a hundred of each other for you some ten thousand eleven thousand or know why it's it's a star can i go now been still very close year as i say i want to start like column my friends i would like this video i almost forty i don't we need to pull back over like it would help me i tipped her over yeah ok there was a time when i want to say it was below a hundred difference between
and it was just like it's amazing that there's this this tug of war but it actually stayed above on the positive side and just in the last like couple months it's kind of tipped over there yeah it's tough tough being a you where do you think of yourself as a youtuber nah man never wanted to be on youtube intentionally state off you tube two years ago because we are creating the credit video content for five years and we want to be on you do that to me you too was i forbid cellphone videos and stuff you can watch and bad stuff if you want to watch that report it yes yeah i had a buddy in the garbage game i mean that's the way that was my perception but just one recently told me that every minute i don't know if it's true or not
i got this from judging by the source i think it's probably true every minute four hundred hours of content are uploaded to youtube i believe that yeah it's crazy that one hundred hours per minute crazy incredible i i had a buddy old video well yeah i'm just going to continue how i got there get all how you asked me if i felt like i was really has no more we need to get around a what's in it we're goin yours you used the word you to didn't i and someone calls himself a youtube i don't really consumers over you too but i do have to contact you do you know but yes well day because you wouldn't be like com his word and ate like if you're a musician right in what you wind up that most your money comes from spotify do you call yourself a spot a fire just a platform for we are really yeah and so is that you just it always felt weird for me to be like like oh want to use be like itunes store of all
i too energetic though i feel that you tube made youtube errors and not the musicians made spotify spoke i won't existed oppositions that's what i'm saying that lad form create a platform of every age at a table content producer yes and it wont let me this is like a recent make our businesses we now we distribute that way as in the way that that youtube handles creators cannot choose nor do they handle creators you bet you get if you use israel you mean like i am but i don't think of them as like hey i wouldn't say they handle well they feel like they're trying to help creators like with the best possible ways to do things and to upload and create content and so they kind of created this culture of hey you guys are youtubers yeah but i don't necessarily identify with that but but now so do we talk about the video when you're ready i'm ready
so it actually surprised me that you brought this video up why are you not to me what brought it up because of the really supernatural thing as britain not supernatural like train like above natural right right like exceedingly natural there that i was thinking about the ratios then and then i was like before we came and talked i was like oh my god it's funny yeah yeah no no it is the year the people don't like it more of men at this video is taught me a lot in vilnius and our skin big i can imagine tell us about and unit video you now i'm not want me to do about it now you tell me about it i was very countenance the scotch one baron and sketch one i believe and i like the way you pronounce it's scared now you're gonna have some dude like you calling in and talk about how he didn't say it right sketch one
cats graduate though heartening to sketch one with it is a wilderness based boat hot so we were boat and back in like on these these canadian rivers and men canadian wildernesses incredible dolly no player on their man like legitimate wilderness not classified as there but we i was twenty one miles from the nearest road and we're hutton bear over bait and that in hampton yeah they i i mean we were camped closer to the road system but we were going we were traveling by boat twenty one miles a day to get one way to get to this particular spot how do you get in there before it gets darker forgets light in the morning you don't i'll get you just typically are hutton in the evenings days was then you all now the dark ages yeah i was out of time to malta in june and northern schedule hardly dark now so you just it is kind of navigate out and you leave
gotta give up on the idea of hunting from dawn till dark yep and that's a hard on for some of us no tax breakfast yeah or sleep so in that's the the key component videos it was true wilderness did it to the other direction from me according to my body was the altvater the closest roadless fifty six miles so we're twenty one miles away from this road and then the other direction the closest road is fifty six miles i mean this is like a seventy five mile block of wilderness now there were there probably would have been like snowmobile trails and stuff in there but like you could taking a motorized vehicle back in there yeah yeah and so is the alaska review headed west you won't hit a road to get into siberia yeah yeah first day of the hunt we come to this is a bite site and nobody's hunted there that year and he peter
please i man there's a big black mare come in here that's that's what you're after and so i was looking for big black mare he's bay knows what oats these are oats in greece up in northern sketch one oh yeah yeah that's practice primarily what they use so he goes round restaurants essays other reason and paused on top oats yep i met a guy that long ago that was and with them i don't know if it's the same brand but no jolly ranchers barrels of that sirop the hardens in jolly rancher bear popsicle you're out of your actions that man put some ever cleaner upper air so since the first at heart the miss bear bare so this video shows a ton of bare interaction miss this bear like bright twelve yards with the traditional hunting with it national bower heine off the ground there the trees up there
two small patrice stands in and so no why onwards traditional bow same reason around a meal alike it is hard can't fake it like doing stuff that you can't fake i mean you have exerted peyton bears one might yeah i'd love to talk directly about that when i say when i say fake it that's probably a a hard term but like in that's not why i do it but you can't fake being a traditional archer like you can't just go pick it up and it's probably a harsh term i don't want to well we charge a guy yesterday that they been doing this they been trained in new hunters up and shooting crossbows in three hours they can have you ready to kill a deer why would that takes in three hours they're ready to kill a deer i was you could do that with a compound boat today paul i disagree man ran it three aims
no you don't depends man but not now now not not now i'm with you i can see that but you can get him shootin accurate wake yeah you really can that's a good thing that's a dude i'm not i'm not like yet and walk and real careful here because i know not i'm dog and on your boy crossbows because everybody those at their own both way to go i think you're right now and you like me as the right way yeah okay so anyways there you are a whole new traditional bow on the ground recover longbow this was a hybrid longbow which is just kind of in between a recurrent along yeah i get confused with those bows along bow this most simple way to think about is the longboat has pretty much straight lambs recurved bo has the curved limb tipp known as the simplest way to think about and suddenly alone
it's been kind of like you could call it crossbow but then it'd be like a mean cross like little bit of each that'd be a little confusing it'd be confusing as hell in a mirror so i missed this bear and then a different bear i miss a bear that never killed the ogre big like big boone and crockett potential type bear and it is broken off yeah he ran off he did he never came back like the noise he knew it and that all the bears no that you're there that's that that's like i want to talk about their all the story will reveal this there so what didn't jonah videos that almost all those bears walked up to us not much different than the bear
these these bears they see you is so far in the wilderness that they are there not they're not that alarmed by human presence in umbrellas i'm digging myself a whole bowed loved it taught myself out of it but after i tell the story yeah so the bear us have you ever seen this video of a bright blonde will have a sow bear comes in a bright blonde sal bear beautiful bear comes in another bear comes in and they begin to frolic the ground whole year aid i made it was incredible the watch em i dont think you really ever better it was like early summer as late june which is i'm time right you know so these bears are frolicking around and literally row lean on each other and he'd kind jump up honour and act like his gun breeder but never really did it in
all of a sudden off down beyond the bait i see a c a b have a big color phase bear coming up the hill has got to his lip was drooping and had loud and dripping from his lips may he did not like the looks of that one bear get on that female he saw i mean they were literally he the big the black bear was on top of the south and they were decide oh hey you busted he charged them and these three bears just run right past us and when i saw the color of rosebery i was like i want that's the bear a spare one shoot that's a shooter older age class male that's where i'm at forty three seconds later the bare comes back in the colored bear and they don't really look at your amid his car pray heard people talk about this was like grids attacks and stuff they he didn't you didn't dislike look at me but
you could tell he was he totally knew we were there and he basically does kind of like starts walking towards us but kind of at an angle and then he gets about eight yards away and at that point he directly looked at me and then he turned and started to to to walk into a place that was going to project him to be about five yards from me broadside he's just walking this way and i'm thinking here's my chance you know what's better than a bear at ten yards at five you know when you got a traditional bow and so i mean i got three fingers onto the knock i mean this is about to happen you do three hundred you do want over two hundred now three under zephyr suckers to do one over overdo it it's now meridian won over to under is the traditional wade should a traditional by it as i made my kids do it all really that one over to under now let him three under water
we didn't where kids are areas that fit our strings these are all the american it's you on them all day long and bite knocks down but you still like had pinched honor why do you like three fingers and you can shoot better at it transform mass shooting when i when i just one day started shooting three under cars you can draw that era right beneath your i o the u n or some shit rheostat your fingers to write you count down yeah that is don't get tat people do that but that's not normal and hunting that's more like olympic style target shooting stuff that you really know there honey verrier said the bears come at me in when he gets to like this place we're just about be broadside five yards away he does turns and just comes at me comes out you like to the point where plenary comes touches year oh dear how do you no he's not going to these knock
abdul anything he's not going to try to get a bite a year or get pissed then scratch you when he's that close to get scared and and take a chomp idea this was the only situation thus far in my hunting career a situation got out of control i can say that way up well he touched the end of my arrow i thought i was in the driver's seat because i thought he was going to turn i thought he was gonna cut a wheel in about two or three yards discuss spin and go because he weighs quite a bit more noon yeah there's probably you know it was it was probably at two hundred and fifty pounds where i mean you could tell somebody it was four hundred and they probably are as wild as it was probably two fifty in when he didn't stop coming in and out i i subconsciously use the tip of the arrow to like i didn't poke him but like i positioned my arrow so that i mean imagine a dog like attacking you and you've got a bow and arrow in your hand you're not going to shoot him in
they use what you had in your hand to keep the animal in between you away from you arrow touched his nose that's when i said oh crap literally it's well said anna and our back peddled in it startled him and he raised up on his hind legs about three quarters i like it stood straight up but he he can have reared up stuck his head in the bond and discuss smell this and then drop down and in tat you feel that there was his first encounter with humans absolutely and and there's a couple of back things behind it to them colby morison had never seen that bear before him and these are stations that they they they know what marriage coming in never seen that bear before i am confident that barrett never encountered a human and that's why he did what he did which just like who are these guys they what is
but who are these guys and i is the only time my life that i i didn't think he was going to eat me i was just reading him i may i just didn't think he was going to attack me and eat me yeah but i yeah now that he's coming that tension but what is that pollsters no room right those like the minute he gets scared on top of the eu to see in an old like like a grisly would be a very bad situation you and let that happen but yeah black couldn't write because when to get scared aid late i shall answer think i have libraries get scared iran but at that close it is hard to rule out he's not gonna get scared and in neutralize where he's also allow us in that's thought that's what was can happen after i said oh crap and i stepped back i thought it's like you know one time i was and it was like slow motion like oh this is what it feels like to drowned in that moment i thought oh this is what it feels like right before you reft up my bare
i thought he might discover like whack me swipe you have done martin knocked my bow out of my hand or something it as it was scary but it but a lot of people were like what were you thinking what were you thinking i was trying to kill that bear i did not have another thought in my mind other than that super i feel and i was in i was in modem that's what i'm gonna do yeah surprise me how much you kept your composure to then take the shot man that's what i took a ton of heat for even from bow hunters what the shot well we can talk about that later but yeah so he talks these cause he's like two feet away man you go read some of those comments i i
i made a conscious decision not to well i understand that it well that's another know what i'm trying to like and take in well formed well thought out sentences i don't typically go to the youtube comments yeah i hear ya i hear a lot of people a lot of people had a sentiment of that bear gave you spared my life's and then i took years what a year terrible thing boys bear july o steve it's incredible how many people i mean bet since i've been in bozeman someone has made a comment that bear spared my life and wada expletive expletive expletive i am for sure and how cowardly it was for me to shooting muncie turned its back on me i'm not i mean hundreds hundreds of come
sentiment the hunters have no no okay what i took for our flag for the shot was and this goes just a shot placement stuff people said that was a terrible shot shot him in the bud or something man that was full length chef thirty eight where thirty and long shaft i got seventeen inches of penetration steep cordon away angle hid it in the last rib it is totally immortal shot given that we were like i you shouldn't get because i made a follow up shot is better than the first shot did the ferrajo have when you shot again man he strolled out i saw you i can tell what their or did i d tendering them here there they are either here or to kill either air but you know i mean he's he's he just he just kind of stretched it out there like nothing happened but he didn't he met in its are just like well what do you do when he keeps walking you shoot him again how far was it the second time about twenty four dude watching it it's unsaddling man it's like answer
psyche light while you know but then the thing i think is it's also yeah it's unsettling because you're sort of washing it through other people's eyes yeah but anything like you're hunting the the objective is the objective is is to get a bear yeah you gotta bear yeah what does it remove the objective of the bear it comes up and touches your arrow right yeah would you if you had if you had a if someone was hunting deer in a buck came up and sterile and the gas shot that's not gonna annoy people threat it don't you i mean i've may i mean i know somebody wouldn't annoy eleven thousand i am able to make ever made these people they had complaints happier if i shot the bare ten yards which ted and making a difference but not as there is a lot to this in an obviously people don't understand bathing in instead oscillate
this is often the ram ask conversation because i have been torn at different times i feel like up created ma ma position which i assume you would agree with hopefully maybe but decide where first but that up i thought is this good for hunting for this to be on youtube because of how misunderstood was yeah and from a guy that's running a small business and you know i mean like this has been good for my business and you know i'm like why am i gonna get me i really wrestled with that because man first few had that up outside this bizarre i mean peep talking about my mama people talking about my i've thought about my my kid just people signed up your mom dies hoped she does if i may desire yeah oh yeah they talk about you do the oh so it s what my kids come on
other but now i just don't have my leg lay all cut in order means but i get karmic bad you there's a badge mama his name is judy so my kids guard jude you so we we joke with my mom we're like youtube age you so they were like i hope your mom because their light is udine will be bad enough i want your mother to die yes yeah it anyway it it thickened up my skin for awhile i had the comments closed down cause i was just like this is crazy that's a great feature closing comment yeah but then i then i decided to open them back up and i've just left them up in in the you know again
as do with just how much time i have but i've gotten to where i respond to some people if they have it if i can discern that they have a genuine like question of why we do it or you could write a book off the off the comments that are made to genuine people about the north american model for wildlife conservation hunting older mature males being selective bear numbers are thriving all across north america most of these people think that i killed the last black bear on the planet actually they think i killed the last grizzly bear on the planet because of what color it was all of these grisly oh absolutely they were like how dare you kill a grizzly have you ever you killed a bare rebate nowhere just time others have you better i have never killed a bear he's never killed now cause we're going to swap the how'd you void baron i think the the biggest part of it was in in minnesota i was always playing baseball and springs i played college baseball so we were really at carried you quote sure we pull it up
go on finish talking yes i guess it just wasn't a thing we grew up doing and then when i came out west i've been on bear hunts i haven't killed myself but when i hear a quote from jim harrison sure in the spring and summer the boys in the town carry either baseball mits or fish poles on their bicycle to different types are being formed and though they might merge or very at times most often they have set themselves up for life i see you brought the trend yeah we used to have cello jimmy were he was wrong but yeah thanks we are baseball weary salaries by said on racks on our bikes and we biked baseball practice one hole fischer odd one who had been ass good ass he's a little rigid they're out of our signal about that is what happened was only about this youtube video but their day my boy for the first time he's now
i and we let them stray too far but his bodies the neighbor kids twelve and they both liked the fish and so they want to go fish where they had a ride off a mile away or whatever and i said as you go but i took the twelve year old boy has need of these harrison pictorial boy that's it you're in charge in then that's great you guys go together by one make sure you come back together like don't you split leave him and in australia and they wrote together with their backpacks and they rigged around backpacks and road i gather duels heartbreaking i bet but he didn't want me to go but he was like didn't want me to go he will but they have the tat is it was also real concerned about what is his tackle box or not if it was rod or was not
oh come were bright jesse the sheer just like we're out here you can't i you don't want to go and it took off perhaps we ought to go get a zipper airbag verse fish and iter down the road and i put it on the video taken off on instagram and i thought about jim harrison quote i put that jim harrison and coordinate doodles heartbreaking just wait wait there's going be shatter apps disappearing on your tackle box thing all i grounded in last night we lost a bow my colleague lose a boat ooh actually losing arrows but he'll lose the bow for that stuff or disappear now it's starting to come back around but yeah he found and got one grounded but i could but i had to like try to find a way to express the hope that it was not acceptable to lose the whole bow man anyhow play baseball neighbourhood now yes
we on bare sell me on bear bait there so anywhere that you can harbours over bade it's a management tool for the powers that be that have the data that want to achieve the harvest objective of taken out a certain number of bears that's the way that's the only way they can do it i mean you you look at in a place where it's legal to bait bears in it is a management tool spot and stalk hunting could not take out the number of bears that they need now so they use baiting as a management tool for bears to tell your story about the first bear i ever saw in michigan yeah grew up there there's bears there my brother drew bear tag we put out a live their whole lives never saw dan bear he put us out of bait pile within a couple days osama first bear you know what i'm saying it works yeah they just flat thick
greer wild game fishing these need to reduce the numbers of bears out just a may dislike every other there's a suitable amount of habitat i mean you know like we ve got x number of available quality habitat forebears those bear that bear population will remain healthy if it stays at these numbers bear populations increase by percent per year if you don't if you don't harvest these bears then overpopulation isn't like the end of the world but you know if if a block habitats posted can can easily hold ten bears and it's got fifteen in it all fifteen or compromised in some way so are not take out those five balance it and have a population that stay one is just just like any other species
what you're talking about a little bit different situation when you were talking about a big predator that there's a low cultural tolerance for a bear being on your back porch eating your bird seed as opposed to deer so i mean i think they're with iran and we just had a bear in our neighbourhood is not alive anymore yeah he was killed by honour see i mean that's that's the thing bears are going be taken out of the population see us why wouldn't we use hunting in arkansas so arkansas reinstated bear season in nineteen eighty so from nineteen eighty to two thousand and one there all you can do in arkansas would be equivalent to a western spot and stalk hunt okay i mean you just had to go this item no united successfully do that now by choice there i do that now by choice i'm giving examples over twenty one years you could only in that way in arkansas and they killed i dont have the exact
but i'm gonna get less than twenty bears a year i mean because it's just such a tough hunt is just such a low odds hunt i mean it bears ring killed this bob happenstance walking past dear hundred year was worth eight years was the where these were opportunist opportunistic dear hunters killin bears so basically the bear appalachian got to a point where they said man we've got to take out three hundred bears a year how are we going to do that well in arkansas the furthest you've seen any directions about fifty yards in most places that's not by spots darken and they said we're going to use bow hunters over bait on private land to manage the bears in arkansas the same thing as se oklahoma is one where people have a problem with it is this emotional sense that some way it's not fair to put out bait and draw baron my position on it is is that if if
goal of conservation is to strategically take out animals bear baiting is has the opportunity to be highly selective can be highly selective not everybody is but you have the opportunity to be highly so they watch and animal for long period of time for you can you can sex it you can tell its age you get a general estimate you can make a wise decision that we're gonna shoot that bear out argue that that spots canada is the least selective tabal honey autograph that releasing operates like if you said it does it will what chance does the hunter have the mat what whether he acts on it or not in what answers the one hundred have the maximum capability known what was going on i'd be like a tree house hunting yeah and in bait probably think serves as a moat trees you how to get a good look at him and the third being spot start here
if you talk about what who's the conservation hero because i've been out among both sides of it when i killed i don't want to get too far away from what i'm too about but like that's the number one foundational thing that i think gives us is that this is a management tool but what nobody people can buy that they can't buy or what people have a hard time under standing and it's because of a skewed foundational understood of wildlife as they feel like that this is somehow unfair to do this and i feel like steve that were shooting ourselves in the foot by hunters it's almost like we are giving in to the emotional propaganda that a wild beast is is you know like you shouldn't you shouldn't caliber charismatic megaphone you
i kill a bear it's okay to kill a deer but you shouldn't kill a bear like totally emotional propaganda this is an animal that just we have this emotional connection to and i i kind of feel like that hunters play into that a little bit like light yeah martin over bade aren't you mean a day the hunters are like all ok i'll give you give up on that one year in inheres of legitimate too far ahead steve brilliant job tomorrow i feel like that we start to use a hashtag called guard the gate guard the gate right now the biggest threat to hunting i mean there's lots of threats you no access to land and habitat and they things but where the most direct that's threats as anti hunting community massively coming in on us and bear hunting is the gate for they d hunting community get into our space would you agree with rapid and bears the average yes there is so are
stance is why wouldn't we want to create and for and i am open to for input but i wouldn't we want to create and form this powerful narrative for why that we do what we do why do we use hounds why do we use bait because a lot of hunters stan lotta hunters would be our we could give that to him honestly i think a lot of hunters would this be like hey what are we just give em just given the hounds and the bait this let him have that but we all know that that will not solve the problem because they're not just after hounds and bait it's just the law what's wrong on the ladder is just the it's just that easiest thing that's easy enough to sell and so if we could sit down in a perfect world with anti that the powers that be an anti hunting community and could truly say hey we stop harass and our way of life if we will give this
i wouldn't i wouldn't do it though well i wouldn't even make the day even if i knew as like even if like if somehow like an enforceable deal yeah i wouldn't want to do the deal well but the thing is is that they wouldn't i mean like if we give them let's say let's say that i mean let's just say it was somehow was possible right every was possible the you'd make a true subject shall forfeit forfeit these two things but you'll ever mass with us again there are how do i get it i wouldn't i wouldn't make the deal here make that deal that's why i think sometimes we're missing when it's not me we have been what really my personal i mean i would rather kill a bear in the national forest in arkansas with my trad bowed out in the mountains so it's not like i just have this love affair with baiting bears but i feel like that it's a critical component of this whole mechanism of hunting that we have to guard this thing and so guard the gate you know
that does that's that's my main my main thoughts what annoys me a little bit and you in a handful things as people will take someone said almost it's almost like i'm almost done more to bring it up right up let's say a hunter says and i we desire to shoot a bare of beit people take to be a condemnation ochre and i would have no people like other they like idle humble than they are so people really all he must condemn a hours i don't want longbow do also they i condemn longbows it's just like i just feel like this a bit of a partner sensitivities people want is people want if there's a practice that the broader public my view is being controversial that somehow you not prepared the painting in it is supporting vat
do you get when you could have very much like i think they're typically would be i haven't hunted that way i haven't gone out and booked a trip to go do that do i have a problem with it absolutely not but there are a thousand things to do in this world is a thousand hans to do all kinds of once in a lifetime you'll get your hundred as all as does that mean i hate her now i think that's probably a symptom of being bottom rung on a ladder maybe your lou insecurity sensitive area they do i get it i get it but then if you take someone like another beleaguered group will be trappers travers don't get pissed at people for not travelling yeah but i don't think i don't think bear hunters are upset for people for not hunting bear over bait i think it's just a a general
general stigma and not everywhere but in some places that just it's like taboo to do this you know one of these people mix up a whole bunch of things people mix up the like and we top of this all damned how it out by yesterday ethics right but like ethics and what do you need i ethics meaning the challenge the hunter or somehow something do with ethics mean the experience of the animal the experience of the animal you not doing the animal service or disservice but one way or another except her was most effective if you re look and say like what is most ethical say ok in terms of the likely success in terms of like sort of like what's the most ethical way to dispatch an animal i think that if you're saying the most ethical way to dispatch an animal to be bait because you have the greatest chance for a really good shot opportunity yep so appeal bilic honey or base not ethical i'm like what what part of this utah
about right because getting a twenty yards shot at a stationary animal this broadside you that you can make a good judgment on what's goin on in place your arrow carefully ass pretty damn ethical yeah if the goal to kill a quick yeah but that's not that does not people another time of it that that's ok that's why haven t we used word was hate like the word ethics i don't hate it i hate when it's like described in that way like i've had so many people call me and say oh i home with the boats is more ethical like to play devil's advocate we are i think the thing we've brought up before bay that can trip people up is that you changing the animals natural behavior or national patterns but then somebody would argue this one a whale washes up on the beach and has twenty bears feeding off it is the whale guilty of changing their natural patterns know what's natural is a big big cache of food out in the woods as an elk carcass
if you like if you look butcher in l can leave the gut pie on the bear eats it have you changed the bear's natural habits he's out in the woods big dundee in euro zone needs your capitalist and upon a natural thing that a bare does i mean a bare interacts with a bite cite the same way that he interacts with a wide oak acre covered ridge i may he pounds until the food sources gone i mean like your friends yeah i'm in here i mean i'm just do the whole devil's advocate and there were two devil's advocate and hey can i can i paint story that i'm not gonna stepan obeys tells but it could i think it's a things legit they really rhetoric the issue especially with hunters is is an issue that i think be characterized by fair chase people say it's not fair chased them i'm going to start this door by saying that i love western response darkening headed montana killed a bear montana hall my meals appear this year and hunted do yourself deal i love it
but let me wondering there i killed a bare man brahma meals of markets are where'd you go oh western then i'll tell you right where after off the year and i don't know you're out here hunting the spring yeah hamid you see a lot we we saw bears almost every day like i do kill to kill them a nice boar show me where amounting to exact i'm just curious nah i'll i'll show you so what's what's more fair chase to hunt with a high powered rifle with accustomed turd on it have technological mapping
abilities that absolutely are supernatural compared to the schuman navigation abilities we have i'm talking about having like an app on your phone having a four wheeler and having optics which greatly radically increase your natural ability to see what's more for fur chase resemble ever tumble success rate at nobody about fair chase like farewell we are therefore way oh we're them away were finally checking it if its success rates it still better to have a debate over us cut me right that you should know that you're good now so yes oh you you give me those for things which optics and we're gonna get plug for annex huh
ask cause they are awesome i wouldn't kill the bear i did without onyx that's the truth good job of in a you know a four wheeler a map yeah or you got a bucket of bait and a mule in a bow which one is which guys more fair chase again it's a difficult word to work with because we don't know what it means if we mean that it makes it really if we what way makes it harder to kill a bear which i think is what some people are kind of talking about air leggy evans the playing field and you to me which are those people a guy with the quad an annex
op in a high powered rifle and optics in a non bate state compared to a guy with bait and a bow in a bait state the guy with bait and a bow will have a higher success rate than the guy in a non bate state but i don't know that that's what i don't know if that's what people mean when they talk about this kind of elbow leopold think i haven't i slip this end roquat the moon in prague basely says the fair chases is in it in a manner that does not give the hunter and improper or unfair advantage over the game animal again it's slippery a very boutique rocket is all and can't define it basically well they're they're totally cool with baiting hounds boone crockett is i am too yeah i'm glad to hear that man
i am well aware one of the women have ever said or done on that make you feel it was beside saying was interesting to me there now i get it you know i think we are well i'm way there are other unworthy of example we're probably probably a little maybe a little and secure for real like a rise again randal we recalls the persecution complement year we do it was the are persecuted i mean we really are so yeah i have my brody our body brody he won't you did a hound hunt this year now loves lie on a model as the hounds haven't had of our two miles got tomorrow will go home bears a lesser lay humble hounds you dont like do you do
very interesting to come with me to new mexico on a meal based hound hunt for bear you do that i'm going to get around a little bit oh yeah you bounce around yeah yeah i'll do that it's it's going to be a lot i'm really interested in hounds were like how a man made like all the stuff i mean like how much stuff those people know yeah so yeah it's powerful for us to get a good even just a small hat tip from a guy like you steve farrell kevin be like the first barrel rate was my brother first pisa buried i rate we we bear down to the nubbins was a bear my brother danny kill over a pound he drew a bear to michigan it's our second bear every one of my other brother killed over a bait pile of michigan this this is what we say and i say to maybe i've never heard you say but we have absolutely got to defend every legal method of hunting that and in a mob as as traditional use every legal method of hunting that's legal today and twenty nineteen it's been
and through the ringer of all the things you know it science based as it is at that and we ve got nothing left to give the anti hunting community well my my perspective moses i met my present them as like i said you know i support people's right to have a legally ordained and legally managed way of extracting natural resources that have sustainable populations of wildlife of use to populate like healthy populations of wildlife where there's public demand and use for it have you that we have a right said it's a system set up by which we determined the resources viable and it can withstand x amount of pressure and we allocate that through a democratic process and give people the right to go out and utilize forces in an bears a part of that they desire always has been if you want frontier settlements they shot dear for hides nay bear me now
in a lot of places that's just the way to go about it like traditionally that's all we'll have done it i wish i have no i see that be taken away from them this version places where your effectively killing bear hunting and they know effectively killing browning in iraq you know i love i want to say that i'm not like i mean i enjoy baden bears i do but you know i enjoyed one stock wareham just the same i mean i see what about people there we stand that have never baited bears how difficult that it is truly and it may sound crazy but if you ve never done it in difficult in terms of not just kill caliber by killing the bear that you're after since i got in a big white too difficult people don't understand that do it the same way to understand that hunting a cat behind her hounds is difficult it takes a dedication of a lifetime to be able to do that
own pack of dogs to know the cats to know where they are ass to know what you need a hound mean occasional lifetime is laughable and someone you know and on the upper edge of an apple or through the cross border tree shoots dear which i am all for god bless you but when they're like oh think it's ok to spend your life train an upper house dog learn how to find a damn outline is like that doesn't take any knowhow man sadly the whole area of a glass half the hound and then that we ve gotten spends in time with have always been the best be no overall outdoorsman you can't make it in the woods and are the best woodsman that we ve ever met the trackers my god that's right i mean it
kate there their lives to you can't where people have you lay down the one thing that you shoot some aunt regret when they boil the whole thing down to the part that they care least about there is such a traditional method to them in like the huntingcoat culture of north amerika was built not totally on the backs of hounds but i mean they ve been doing it since the beginning at least european european hunting on this continent highly traditional no approves helmsman like don't view the kill ass the thing is i don't care who does the shooting now who and they don't even ass labor had yet some guy that pattern some big white tailed finally cracks code on some big wait till we turn around and go tell you what bob wants you get up there and gets shot tell no husbands like do all the work is getting it catching it i really dont care like they don't care and not more out of all get to where they dont you darling don't you
they release way more way more animals than they take almost all of them almost every hounds when i dunno i got one last quick question for you how do you how do you how do you spot stock bear arkansas what are they doing so we are in the fall and the man i'm lookin for wider oak and bear son bear scat and white oak acorns you were well your ambush hot so i do a lot of what i call slip hunting which is just slowly moving through places covered a lot of ground with the wind in your face moving into discovering a ton ground is trying to find better and you might kill a bare while you're doing that you might see a bare before he sees you and then europe will put a stop i'm
or in your rambling you find a ridge top or a finger or a flat or a saddle that's covered in bear scat and bear trails and white oak acorns and maybe there's not a bear there right then but you come back in the next day and hunt him like a deer hmm that's the that's the essence of it i'd say it's it's one of the toughest big game hunting in america have you been successful doing that yeah yeah it's it to me it's the it's the sheep haunt of the south yeah yeah now one of my one of my greatest most personal the arab achievements inside a hunting was i killed a bear an ark and saw with my bow spawned stock actually killed it over water and in the next day i went in oklahoma did the same thing kill the bear that both this stark and for two days or and it was because i just
william wasn't on hunting it's its hollow the story but i'd gone in scout made a big span found turn a bare sign luckily i bow i mean i i wouldn't even going to bring my bow and nab it's on video as the youtube video that youtube shut down and probably have it it's got like six hundred thousand views right now but they shut it down because of graphic content a sad story the but soon found the all the acorns that year was her so in our mountains like mass crop varies based upon things that happened in the spring like freezes different except that you're all acres were up ha i didn't know that this was going to scout this area found turn a bears and kill the bare pact about had oklahoma bear tat so the next day i went and oklahoma which was just the exact same terrain the wash atolls run into oklahoma and the ozarks in hours i well if their high in arkansas them behind
homer and man i went up there and killed another bear spawning stock on the ground the next morning by ten o clock was at a place he had been in before not in oklahoma dark and saw a place was the oakland place was got honour what what's graphic about what's more graph about that video nothing the human that decided it was graphic from youtube that flagged you know it could be as a volume of a volume or complaints it may be a couple hundred hours a minute man there's a ton of artificial intelligence using that stuff yeah yeah you're right they shut it down though he was getting fifty thousand views a day to eat and they shouted down in it and since that time it's gotten like maybe fifty thousand views in two years the know they for whatever reason they cherry pick now what do we want i don't know if you want to give it if you want a pool put it on our website if you want if people want to come check it out yeah
i mean you say like my youtube video like gear content now we dislike put the video like the rapporteur i mean there doesn't go to youtube they shouted down right alessi decide put it on your website absolute did i dare i say right away that you're a little mad that seed that video to me is the is the epitome of of hunting i mean the bears were not in this again goes back to it's not selective to be spot and stalker and in both of these bears were there were not large bears that were just average bears but man you hear me say that i can watch videos this bear out of water bear standing in the water eight yards on the ground to ten ring this bear in i say i would rather kill that bear that occur yeah brown bear that bear a didn't my turf in the thing is is it just nobody's doing that
how many likes and dislikes they have i don't even know no serious do you want to put it out just so listeners can go see the video we could like hosted you're saying it's back on youtube it is on youtube oh now it's on youtube but you have to be eighteen years old or older to watch it and what happens when youtube flags when your videos as they quit promoting it so these algorithms fifty thousand views so now they don't prompt anyone if you liked this you'll oh okay alright yeah we'll just have to link up there like if if you're but if someone under eighteen or a someone tried to watch the video and they weren't logged into youtube they couldn't watch it who got it because youtube has no oh this person's over eighteen so you actually have to have an account know like if you logged on and tried to watch it right now
are things he not first light he now is how are you people start buying stuff that's crazy just like internal run one fourth of july i think we were like this you two fireworks off than they was neck like oh elk seasons i was here it's the same thing with archery shops attack to my friend john who runs aren't you shop and ensuring that man is not so in here and now real all the way to like august twenty fourth he's said be will come in as speak our guy joe ferrigno is here joe for an hour myra my arrows now man he's got a couple bill myself i'm excited things are not like overcome with common sniffing around looking to gear here we have more people to swing about office this show room now sir oh really yeah oh yeah oh yeah they want to come in and buy stuff yup we sent webs though you guys siloam yes a lot more like mountain stuff before you start selling the way till self i do i tell due to wait a little longer had a million i think the most guys at are getting gear
right now we're kind of getting geared up for november already are starting to starting to get ready but i think the majority of the purchases right now are from our two two thousand and nineteen line that just kind of came out so most of that stuff has hit the website as of the areas where we can half ago was the hardest selling item man as requested by question the brooks down sweater that's a great one this year but i think we are each other saw we hot yet tell you what i was wearing them hunt down an old mexico and our group and through that does like now he's hog man every else comes i care com ski outlets i got a feeling gabriel i got a feeling lay out we went down we'll go downturn we ve been there are quite a few times january to hunt goosed here in the desert and and i got the feeling that this can be a lot more those pants on the ground
come this january then there were less that my legs are the only ones not ripped up yeah there that's an incredible pair of pants the best part is it's not like a thick canvas band where you can actually they're breathable for the hotline live it's very morning i just prefer all the southern listeners guys are talking about briar breaches yeah we to this day that's awesome should have called that a bribe riches briar pants brush pants but now things are things are getting pretty heated up and at first sight people are getting excited yeah yeah we're coming up on it lf season starts in august fifteenth i think you guys all have analog three equipment yeah yeah you guys last year's over here threat should be fought on actually eric you'll never able to bow so so by our the sawbuck pants is like a lot of bird hunters are bad aim i mean they're belpher for for the bird hunter sandra hunters and then folks like that but actually a lot of folks in texas are buying them i was wearing them squirrel hunt missouri sweet if i get sick of getting scratched up by the brush yeah yeah hundred
and eliminates the need for greater on the bottom of his heart crawling out of the river the other day with anyone oh boy to climb through the rose bushes and thistles cited im over my shoulder inclined of through their gas legs all up here majority pants on eu cars were coming out of crayfish and oh nice yeah make those shorts happy that this gap and that irish maybe i'm already are eating final thoughts i do man we know we need to finish up on the barrier oil watson ok barrel gods has as i myself that's ok that's that is an ogre name for oklahoma i brought a bright you got some barrow jani and steve invaders this oklahoma barrel was slow side i did a test on how to render fat whether there was any
france and rendering slower writ rendered it slow and low this hiring ass this is not visit is not the airtime that was going to be my question to you after i'd tell you a few things about this so i brought you this barrel oil to use at your pleasure but this is a testament to black bear conservation because black bears were brought and arkansas is considered the most successful reintroduction large carnivores in the world's reintroduction of bears into arkansas zara and these the oklahoma bears are bears that have infiltrated into oklahoma from arkansas now have a humble population a thriving that was a five hundred fifty pound o connell black no sir yes sir ogilvy blackberry head on and do better one of the few people on the planet beside the irony of course home a bomb
the barely orono why not only do you get that but i'm gonna give you this sir bear greece whether chart then you can use what ever you hurried out it's in a magazine were magazine is africa as this warehouse magazine we wrote an article this letter we publish and argued in ride it about an oh god new mexico named gordon whim sat he died and like nineteen eighty gordon whim sat was nationally known for sixty years of watching and forecasting whether based upon bear oil forecast absolute he could forecast whether with a high degree of success says this article and this is personal chart and so this discharge shows i mean you know one if the barrow looks like that
go heavy and bottom no changes for several hours clear amber too there is a slight bulbs in so barrel for people with no housing that bear match or pressure well he give you read this article three resembled in earthquakes with this does it bother you visit the i mean i like it i believe that he believed right but it doesn't bother you that i'm not i'm a hundred percent with you ok but just drilled hurled thoughts is just eccentric it's cool i love study i agree since it's a cool it's a cool article about that olga gordon windsor my fridge is going to set up like a rock yeah well my question is how do you render fat that's clear because i have rendered bear fat steve that was totally clear once it gets warm it's clear i mean it looks like pisco
yeah but somebody told me that has to do with what the bare eight and actually like the the chemical make well the boy yeah you know like when you get like a you know sometimes just like you know i've seen it on on when i killed a buffalo that was in certain areas has a lot of carotene yet orange like orange goddamn orange orange fat but that is this as me that the that i know i know because i i pee or contests but it's true not one therefore not blueberries the fat takes on a tent from that coloration right well just my question isn't what i was trying to decide by doing different temperatures is i have rendered it before when it was almost clear all the time like if you put in the fridge where it would have solidified up but look like olive oil now you were even look at once when i was in your fridge it was clear yeah even after their heart and oils possible yes
you know that logo ago tsar whale fat motor the skin and fat well that's mokhtar grown up i've think part of the skin out either way we're eating whale fair as interesting pretty good a good looking magazine so you get bear tells again bear hunter yeah berhad magazine yeah we've been in print for twenty years i've had the business last six years but we're making a yup that's us print magazine six times a year we'd all balbir greece for the up the editors know and this one is titled guard the gate of be good lawyer one last ah ganni thoughts come for antelope season cows get those guidelines pass their sweet that's a good one come on out there all right now on the website can be hot
then when you get those get yourself a merino t shirt what's the light one call the wicks the the new wicks yeah i have keep me in a deal i'm gonna do it next time climb up baldy we've been going up all the every thursday and i wear my wigs t shirt and air realises wherein lies a teacher plus another layer and i start off the hare chile which is always i should start a mountain ebola star coleman by the teacher makes it through the whole experience starting at fifty degrees or so and by the time we get down it's probably well and seventeen were run in and it's hot and that t shirt just it spans at whole you know variance in temperatures and you get up top on baldy in the winds howling even swen and trying to blow through it but it dries out and it still keeps you warm i feel like everybody should have that as their
great as your first me no peace on our skin green greed those animals here including thank you might include or as i think now that these these guys pointed out a little problem other yadda work up a price on at hard i'll see what i can do tee nineteen twenty bucks a pounding things for us all back over there and i'll pot drop it off and get it cut and wrapped cotton wrapped like a pro i'm gonna be generous with it thank you not fair for myself yeah yeah it's a good get plan log of young you of that they're always know roger will jar now if i by my have committed split and i want to ask is not share o how these straight up right now logic on they shouted meaning out of your hands i loved area for the bulk of their lives or clay gaiety file but man i've said enough prejudge emmi on truly do you do your job
thank you the stakes opening thank great mrs through the sweet go this video phones dear how they are man made we may reverie works really hard we could tipp back over your direction would help the great was called a fake the title emily it took us a bit like clay new com bear hunt well i think it's called bear bumps in traditional archers arrow i greet we tried it describe in the title but if you just go to the bear hunting magazine youtube channel and hit popular like there's a tab up there somewhere the most popular videos you'll see three or four come up and it'll it'll be there yeah but i'm more proud of the squirrel hunting mule videos and stuff like that then that's a good one everybody should watch that one too steve and i both enjoyed that our man next coming on a month
pleasure thank you very much the
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