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Ep. 200: ‘Faced on ‘Nog: The Holiday Special

2019-12-23 | 🔗

Steven Rinella talks with Anthony Licata, Ryan Callaghan, Phil Taylor, Mark Kenyon, Samantha Bates, Corinne Schneider, Ben O'Brien, and Janis Putelis. Topics discussed: Trippin' on nutmeg; cutting corn with Doug Duren; Cal as the ultimate elf; how MeatEater's Whiskey makes the best eggnog in the world; Christmas hunting and fishing traditions; why you should buy Kenyon’s new book, "That Wild Country"; Santa reads a hunting poem; Latvian lead throwing as a way to predict your future; and more.


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merry christmas everyone we ve got a different kind of podcast experience for you today today is our christmas abbott ganz of variety show system now talk holiday hundred issuance first was this is worse gives ever and famine ask me pay a little bit plus we ve got our very own meat eater carolyn choir sing into so hang around us four grand old time the alright everyone is the sum bitch and christmas episode now we're going we're going to do drinks ready if drinks we're gonna predict futures yeah in guide us through predicting our futures by
the latvian traditional melted down led an thorn in new bucket that's right then you take the lead our ones is cool and you hold to alight and cast a pan puppet near them i've got some cold water in it if is why how it cools down you make a hold up and make a hand puppet with that's right in this it tells you what's gonna happen to you we're not essentially shape but everybody else in the room it's looking at the shape will then tell you what they see in that shape and tell you what's gonna happen to you now now do i'll do my best okay were also filling in with our special song we got a whole big thing to do most importantly though we're gonna run do our introductions i'm anthony lakota when someone says happy holidays what comes to your mind chris
i will say that christmas comes to mind but i'm a fourth of july man myself is the perfect holiday for me fireworks summer bonfires doesn't get any better than that gal moran colleen yeah i enjoy holidays but i like him for the time off that's so if you liked the ones that include some time off yeah where i can go hunting and fishing i read you some cooking and laundry and whatnot i also wish that everyone who heard this right now could seek out girls gotta elf get up on with big ears analysis having to cede dvd us out of chronic ways and in conversation with counters two things to me one this is hardly like argue with someone dressed up as a l to imagining the cow had all these reindeer friends and the
his community was being annihilated by some of and the ways in which that was imperative emotionally your backyard but over a mine so i do think that too i like their ideas like you necessarily need to hear christmas or hanukkah whatever when somebody says a happy do it she is more like a gear enough of a shit about you to say i hope you have a good time doing whatever their war you could start doing is san if you have some time off hope you enjoy it i'll go outside gives giant rita hayworth enjoy your whatever time off you might begin from work this out that after unfilled
yeah i i think of christmas i grew up with christmas love the smells the food the lights yes i see my favorite holiday when someone says happy holidays or what am i think of authority georgia winner sources you i don't one you mark any yet you stole my thunder there kenyan or you want to say next march engineer yeah i'm a faint at christmas and being mary for whatever you want to celebrate but i'll say that about christmas what i think it's got over a lot of other fourth of july type holidays is the music i'm a christmas music man debbie your year of billy joel man yeah i got pigeonholed into that unfair that billy joel man you want to know the the rest of my there
we are talking about using you i know what i hear the piano man that's the noise that enters my head when you talk about music now that i know you're billy joel man here's the thing that point where we said mark what do you like remarks that i like billy joel and that is not true that if i do recall though you listed off a whole bunch of billy joel songs just as many as i could produce during that conversation you're back and also lose my enemies fair enough this like the axis powers do world war to whom you like on christmas music greece is not like this i mean i'm with you mark that you samuel way it was your favorite christians artists the billygoat now frank sinatra
they are being now opening craftsman mile these worlds and more of our mile man love because while we have time to allow the low sinatra bright eyes blue eyes are really call right now not a bad ban but well blue eyes probably never wrote a thing he never wrote a thing he dislike would interpret people's songs whatever that means he did it his way steve did that's very true sam hi my name's sam i'm sorry i'm on the show first on the show very now my we're only those the first time he added when i think of holidays i think of christmas we our typical catholic family went to church every chris the blue coming you now i dont get gifts for anyone for christmas you you like you know you want to strip the commercialism right out of it yeah notices not really a good gift give her so i really wanna give a gas that everyone's just gonna hey anyways knows good but this
i'm gonna make money i should just i'm going to make turkey from my dear this year you know my brother made for everybody for christmas this year he bought a thing to make i think he makes fifty tubes at a time and he makes dear fat chopsticks good idea with all natural seventy percent dear fat got bees wax and various oils like essential oils and he doesn't believe in essential oils but said he use it for his chapstick and it's a wonderful product and he's able to make fifty at a time and a special little tube holder he's got this stuff is are these foresail anyway he's not selling them and he didn't put glycerin in it he saw or about the shell stability that's it that's it got there there's a ethical the listener glass or something of food safe deserved we use it make trap and ate like you could start you take some meat catmeat whatever it down and import glycerin and to stop the rock and the members of food safety
he's not using it so i know about the shell stability dear tallow chaps dick bedewed you put this on your lips is goods ask me the utter render it dear annoying rendered it s a wonder he rendered it i'll put the bees wax near puts mathematics and air all natural i can deal with it like oh yeah it's like the tom and jerry's chapstick man how is that not in the meat eater store right now seems like something we absolutely need to have well i think there's probably some kind of fd a component to it what does tom and jerry's of chapstick mean all how they they i got polyglot real simple ingredients i've been in jail engineers at their uncle times the order was deodorant
times are made from my using terms of main where the famous book uncle times care of my kids we recently really at any time and ours you know those guys jeff you know but maybe it's even briars who is it as they make a big deal out of his any ice cream it is probably ben and jerry barlow started out we're gonna make some drinks korean war we're going to have was our holiday drink the special holiday special our holiday drink is eggnog we're going to use our meat eater straight bourbon whiskey and and i'm going to basically dump all the ingredients into our western blender and it's going to be like a five minute nuggets and
from scratch from scratch roy eggs raw dry eggs nutmeg cinnamon half in half heavy cream milk sugar and are an hour bourbon we're regards asian before we get started in incurs you make this drink is it i know from reading tom robbins what is the one that has the tar sands in tom roms novel where he's going it's like tarzan is triphaena nutmeg any encounters jesus in the desert sounds crazy i know the drug reference for malcolm x because when malcolm gets thrown in the clink like his can a mentor
in there gets him a level headed on nutmeg and warns him it's it's the only don't ask him for it again oh okay yeah ah it trips you out it's electric and robitussin right i dunno but read up on feel how much nutmeg maybe get eat trip this christmas this holiday season thing is not actually a lot but a little bit that goes a long way if you ve had it and so p there's a i looked it up people of theirs history if people trippy i'm a nutmeg at least since the length of the fifteen hundreds is the first document it again a woman a ten nutmegs nuts not magnets felt and somebody already trip and on pilgrims came to america he had
and so the reason is that there's a there's a compound and called mirror station which and gets turned into a drug called m m d aid which if that sounds familiar no there's a it's gotta very close relative called m dna which has ecstasy so near by processing at it change them changes the merest eisen and into this always energetic drug so yeah it's ok so you're magazine nutmeg gap a jar of its holiday season you bakers i'm not making a jar the little nuts the mags how many those eat eat before you're where you eat all your your aunt has like a snake coming out of her nostril or or something like that i'll if it looks like a probably probably about two or three to really i feel it is their right yeah so that's a lot of class or drone by that point in time so anyway at ten that makes i mean
yeah it's a lot about gmos aggregated gmos that had a cow put edna off do you eat them or do you snort them or you smoke them i am asking for a friend it's it's just eating you just grind it up so i mean so there there there are documented cases of of of kids just downing jars of ground nutmeg try to get one i got one i got one right now i'm gonna take an an ok well we'll update throughout the podcast see how you're doing yeah that's gotta be very difficult mealy yeah yeah i'd have to snort i'm so yea mind you will feel a little deaf when no one that's why you're ways not wasted on christmas eve grand out so you are you a little bit by king i kicked off the worn vomiting comes with the high grade
it's hopefully they think is non toxic like there's only been one documented death from eating too much nutmeg and it was from an eight year old kid who ate i think three just three nutmeg and died but that sounds like it might have been something else we're not as what was a doll daisies and when i have no i don't know question we had is what's up with them no gone awry eggs because member chips and i know you don't remember chips i am aware there are motorcycle ships ships but there's a part of most episodes where either poncher john i can't remember would drink it was like a stick it's yiddish i think critters at yiddish stick yep that's the dish trying to keep multicultural here shtick was to drink a glass of eggs you guys remember this you do
how did you avoid being sick all the time so a really raw eggs domain and the one that makes magnet speaker so there people think that it can the egg whites can block absorbed absorption vitamin b seven on the that's not a really high concern the main concern is actually just salmonella that's the only thing that people are concerned about rags is that and is just the higher iq higher chance of salmonella the nutmeg and my mouth is ruining my christmas special class gaza jo leinen rudeness told us that he ate right eggs for years that's how you didn't listen i don't exactly our argued and as our chips does and i actually don't think that it does make you sick because my mom when i was a little boy made our own that was one of our traditions
was the rags nor ever got sick kind of tradition was that in ignoring our ignorance there are no should make egg logger right yeah dislike for christmas eve should make ignored our eggs the noon we didn't all just sit around puking en masse in our brain you go to a nice restaurant you have steak tartare raw egg in that yeah good point sam any thoughts about that well that's just the raw yolk i thought it was the egg white that was the issue oh the egg white is the thing that might block absorption of vitamin but that's an issue either way quicker and quicker correction while we while he was doing get made countless pertains you do that in keeping with the holiday how they theme here we have a cracked
come from our friend he sent has informed the christmas card where doctor and sent in a correction and i told him if he could to try to make it fit with our christmas episode that he could give it a christmas theme so he the eu including it as a gift and it has to do with his annoyance when people say particularly when i always say cut corn meaning i was hunting out any cut cornfield or what are they gonna cut that corn so here's dogs correction which he sent to us as a nice little audio files in dark i point out in the entire history of this show and the entire history of this program only one person is that true jani only one person has ever been given call in credentials i believe that to be true doktor yeah here is a steve its character and calling to wish you your family
mediator gang merry christmas happy new year and a prosperous twenty twenty look for the next time we're together i also called make little correction cut corn don't like that expression its incorrect it sounds foolish ah corners either chopped pit or shelled when its harvested what's left in the field is corn stubble corn fodder or even more correctly corn stolliver the stubble is the stuff that's left when it they chop it off and the fodder and the over is the stuff that's left when they just take this the ears of corner the shelled corn so please in the future can you make that correction got me pulling my hair out thanks and happy holidays can't count when you heard that i i know where he emailed that initially emailed that complaint i felt that you rolled over like a dog
also did you read my response yeah you said never again in my life or something like that no i know i said he said please in the future like make this correction and i said i will not i then i am going to stand by cut corn so he said kelso never in my life authority other he rolled over like a dog than men never in my life will i use that phrase again no no i meant i'm sticking by category oh i see i could accept capitulated i capitulate now like man he's right what do i know i'm no farmer and are not an end i call them to hear him out on it and be driving around someone's got quite egg background and they were isn't it on my call a dog and he says well it was not concord i don't know what the hell to examine call it that my entire life and this guy knows his way around a cornfield
and i noticed too and dogs thing he catches if you listen carefully until you can patches in dogs forming a sentence any there's a slight pause he's like and when they get done shopping majority businesslike bonds gesine almost i'd like the more or less to the more catch it here almost says cut but corn but corrects himself swings biogas bill the stubble is the stuff that's left when they travel love there are already ways now it's now it's like by this place already smells poison smell does go folks and for some reason i can picture is somebody miss and a finger and you're like hey what happened to your finger they all
cut off no actually going hears jonathan things left is the stolliver instead of a job for you know i think that began yeah give your theory about outward dogs come from an island more tolerable of dog morrell of jani moreover a little pause in that sense too maybe it isn't just how random theory that i just thought of five minutes ago is that maybe dogs thinking as because we're dog comes from they alone region there around cause no view inside a population of three hundred eighty five year end like half of amr dirt and like you said earlier either there's cousins around a he doesn't even know that exist
and these get roads named after him near maybe just there in their region its new jobs court because if you like he could say this in my family we say chop court because there'll be synonymous with in my community hmm jeez doug you're a guy what do you mean everybody's built as well yeah areas by these people are small on the first day of christmas my true love gave to me the crock pot second day of miss my luggage the day of christmas my true love gave to me
drivers to present their level man you ve enunciation is not good do you know what they're saying could breasts tripped out about the one the coupe raised which is wrong with the reservation clear hats after the choir on us really good thing nowadays in the choir yeah he really regards himself as rig of self pretty highly as a character as old a lover of caraway but not as a character and made a distinct near like earlier i was on the phone with my mother talkin about latvian christmas folk songs from outer similar for you later and we're gonna settled i want and i could i wanted the one that had the right what to call this is called the refrain in english
yup easing over and over at the end of a segment course course news the courts was the refrain refrain would be that thing that comes at the tail end of the song that you insert that we didn't start the fire yeah anyways so i she sang the melody i saying the melody she said the melody i finally said you guys do she says you know it's going to be the most important for you is that maybe someone else where are you supposed to start and then you go from there like while he has any meaning room is gonna know the the tune fur sidra juliet immediately tuning coordinates so you're only is that he's a carolyn enthusiast rather than a good character bill who was in the car we ask the united there is hans cell fellow like our conductor he's a mirror look what measures and their highly do find his did you find that you can
accentuate his is part of the dominant listening back to the files i'm not even positive view a singing i think that you have just there for show probably mouth and these merely vanilla not do things and all right old dune merely vanilla as i know the name i don't know how a man or a tune in and get new references for culture i had tickets to see billing and early ass you know deriving where they got me if you want a slightly more modern reference you could say like actually simpson on ass i now know argue that jacket old man or now hopped up on that when talking about the way things were are you guess feebleness this nutmeg no see like that would people tell me disease i feel like i've got their day my boy they would say about his body whose the capillaries in his fingers are dying and so he has real hard time keeping his fingers warm and
what time is telling me i'm trying to he's like all talk about how sad he is for his body cause this is like could be like a terminal thing but i'm not even listening and i'm not caring about the body i'm just sit know he's he's going to irma announced that it'll be like how do i have that i hope that your pardon so now that ada nutmeg i feel like a champion or hey it's it's a creepers sneaking up i feel a yawn his eyes are turning like blood blood color and he's like sending me messages is that it be massive santa hat and stop you're finally getting it every years these like worship the devil here and there i will laughing cited this morning as fastened round and round it's like hey remember bring in your christmas sweater but it's anything can be chris sweater if it's a thing that you're wearing a christmas i feel like you that is your christmas what is this my christmas water
by this specifically border erasmus is your christmas matter knows things classy is ugly missus sam features which prefer ladies gentlemen girls work this is a real bright roads water the gauze viana do i underneath why do you have a sure underneath it well i did bring my dickie that's what you were there we need that dickie when you get to its like it it's like it's like look on tie of dislike the clip on tyre the turtleneck yes well eternal their sweater minus the sweater no minors it as your letter underneath no it's the turtle met we use where most bishop its turtleneck
just pull over and it's got a little flap that hangs down front and back oh meant to be worn on her sweater yeah but we warm ice fishing yeah just to keep your neck warm yeah you put your dickey on not like what you're thinking lower anyway i got this is not made the a gold mine in catch matter which fear every lookin any ghana old man type of stuff that's real good place to go so these has advised me as a good one for you like my used made as good as better mars burial gave dragon hand were ordered to move on real quick does have like on holiday you know food traditions culinary traditions yes go there not minute they're not necessarily neil centred around while game having started data
my neighbor on the other hand though has smoked deer ham his new hunter only killed two deer and smoked deer and the last two years urgh and the other night told me the easiness that is going to be his thanksgiving tradition to smoke your hands that's pretty good enough for me it's paper coworkers and peter rugg be dogs paper cougars latvian ginger reg cookies but that all look or taste i d gingerbread there's ginger in there which is why i use that comparison but tat the very thin waivers could you out there call them moravian christmas cookie does out the various had those in that light the closest store bought thing i've ever seen to lobby in june
breaker cookies and was alive i weren't actually means pepper cookie people coolby so they're very spicy with black pepper lots of ginger thin i great uncle used to love all the burnt ones year you get a pan is burnt and their allies who knows we mile does we caught him in christmas shaves with little la bored passes a christmas shape ammonia folks a tree guys looks like a fir tree star a move traditional amir yeah movement we be of moons you guys think of a moon as a christmas shape and applies overcrowded no i would say is the moon somehow being along the sun to come alive job dubai our holidays we do how do things
what are you gonna grid one was not ours but every year old woman you know when you're a little kid you have grandparents' day at school yeah our grandparents live too far away and then they were dead but we had grandparents would show up for grandparents day vivian coma and one zero man's name in these folks reduced just container barney vivian coloma would always come to grandparents day and pretend to be our grandparents nice people on the planet vivian cucama would always have my dad give her a deer neck or too she would take the dear next cook him down and make mincemeat pie filling in it jar the mincemeat pie filling in glass jars and then she ran ribbon around it miss you bring it around and give it out as christmas presents and we will get jarring smell gave her the neck but there is one thing but the
main corner it tradition is my mom would make this thing called sticky bonds it's like you cook a bunch of what they are do you though right and it's got all has a sugar and so do it it makes cinnamon roll kind of thing yeah and there's so much sugar and caramel on the bottom then you flip it over and all the well shit loads of caramel and all of the stuff is settled to the bottom is then on top and it dries and you wake up and eat that we do this thing where my parents boil a huge pot of polish kielbasa christmas morning you guys your poor or your poll my mom's side of the family minsky my dad felt that the polls and drank too much that could be true that could be true
but it has a horrendous smell if you don't like polish kielbasa very very strong smell and my wife came into the family not having that polish background or background maybe some german some english not important yeah feel you might think the germans their mortal enemies once upon a time were but their buddies at one point as well no cause but yes she came into this not prepared for that smell ever more than christmas and she almost when she was pregnant the other year your baasa he had asked for the smell fills is a danger of the keel baasa so that's our thing polish align egg sausages so you get a powerful boiled fast it is then what unites the wish you just a boy
the kielbasa for your breakfast suppose you guys could do so unless we make em whereby on bottom at a traditional little polish market you might have boils mop boils everyone she's got a pretty easy day don't you then you dip in cocktails us word now that's that's what they did you can be sure no reviews and rip with care i can't i can't i can say i mean he's married can join the kent in the pores canyon household you guys boy what did the store buy some kielbasa boils up dip it in cocktail sauce yeah i'm not going to sit here until it's good but it's just what they do we did sell rate to me the wheels gonna get how they once holiday corner my grandma marian mom am side of the family but she always makes law to cook you know there's lots of good food but there's always a little chunks of beard in my mouth
for from your beer elsewhere elf beard yorkshire pudding if milieu with that very day not a hogs blood no no this was like very confusing as a child because it's called yorkshire pudding but it comes out and it's like that it's a muffin that burned on top and then it has kind of like a custody consistency when you like pull the top off and ours were always like a very savory thing so you'd put like you'd like it's like mop up meat juice cause we were always always making beef with their minds how can you have any pudding if you do hm made it made my body yes but like as a kid you're like this a muffin where's the pudding
oh yeah you get all excited the kids are like oh some putting com and then also knew lay that out there are savory muffins say eat this and then the pudding comes or not but yeah that that's one of those like nostalgic christmas eve type things so i bet anything i would say unfortunately my family wasn't the most traditional i think the biggest she was we change it up every single year by the one thing that we had always get is ignoring but we never made it we always thought the southern comfort ignored it s hand pre marriage when you guys were in high school did you guys call it soco oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah and so this is bringing me back thanks friend it's better than the store bought me about your anger we are really good this area get guarantee you this is the best he water stewed again is the best
ignore drink of around my entire life it is very had agreed unfortunately some you guys have minus vanilla i forgot to put in vanilla first round what do i do vanilla or any the top you off its at super simple it's just eggs heavy cream milk you can do half and half or not nutmeg sixteen sixteen all about more many more on bogeyman whose we got plenty here here yeah nutmeg cinnamon some sugar good eggs vanilla and the mediator bourbon which makes it through those held during your tastes like you
just kept to adding ice this would just be ice cream young antigone up tastes like santa himself makes a man i'd really like to have eyes queues in mine and let it than out a little bit more by europe we have to use a heavy drank may i don't even have to naivetes better than the first acknowledge cocktail you have every year nine days worth in the last man i get burned out oh yeah about a gallon for us as it you're more like a court was procured out after a gown had no agreement in romania do i do a holiday footing church what here because it'd be all over much your sir so my mom is chinese and shaming gray to the united states from beijing way back when an my dad is jewish kid from
when so that's my background sortie guys goes around christmas it depends da the baker business depending on the year sometimes we would get together as a family just the three of us i don't have any siblings the three of us would go out to a very christmassy only child only child yeah yeah i grew up in new york city so there are plenty of very holiday festive christmassy type traditional dinner as if we are too lazy to cook and what the
jews normally do for christmas as they go out and eat chinese food because chinese restaurants are open i've actually participated in that one tap so sometimes that is a tradition and sometimes it's gotten together with the jewish side of my family and celebrated christmas slash hanukkah you don't you don't really have like a specific day on which you celebrate hanukkah is an eight day thing but yes we're kind of just depend upon the year you don't want you dont know this but i'll tell you one time because of the international day i'm an airplane i missed christmas oh did you like you flew made exe in that light i was flying west across the international dateline and they're like in a timed out where they're essentially was no christmas day that that was that the worst year of your life is that
north armitage zeal they want to be in they want more memorable christmas and re its absence made it be memorable and it was in the it was just in and there was that the it was the time when the pre nine eleven era ah oh you only want to talk about that oh yeah but to tell about the different food things he has he's chinese food yeah we would sometimes do chinese food on christmas we sometimes do very christmassy traditional you know my their common from google circle more right now i wasn't come from coming from my mom either although my mom so the family does celebrate christmas what was your mom from beijing christian now now she wasn't my so her grandparents my great grandparents were buddhist her mom and my grandmother was i should say a little bit more on the philosophical confused
and side gotta do you feel that you have a christmas sweater on right now i have a christmas errors at how this one it is a christmas where right now cause rude offs on it he's got a red nose and white three d like proof ball that's coming off the edge of his hat and this is so wiggly it it's amazing it lights up oh how can we don't have a little alright cause cause that would be really so distracting i don't think anyone would hold on current sweater has a battery and come on let's get waiting for that year ago ha there's no it straightened her keep yeah i have lights on my sweater that change color in flash constantly we realise mr just below her collar bones are a diesel is a line of lights right where her dickie would be
for regular dickey would taper off the national debt yeah hey i'm going to keep this going ok i feel roles worthy christmas zone for christmas my true love gave to me as the vice president mr grosch christmas my true love gave to me yes as the author is not present there is no margin to say
vice president has moved on workers and special christmas holidays special yachty an instagram app how do you do it used to be latvian hundred pronounces at jana's patel us that's right with an underscore in there too johnny is so unbelievably close to having one hundred k followers get that man my time here hearing this of reach yeah he does realise how much life changes here i haven't above all things that happened at that point but it's gonna blow your mind it's like a whole all secret world algeria honey i can't wait yawning asked on instagram able to share with us the worst christmas present they ve ever in their entire life you're out kid there now one arm
a bad i have a christmas gift story then television is psychiatry this is this combines two things as a christmas gift story answered tradition dark as my tradition to tell us or if you are in the presence of my brother because it makes em so depressed thousand or kid they had a think i'll see santa's workshop yes this was it was a venue for children who didn't have access to a vehicle to go opting for their family in such a way that their family were now they gotta because a new law kid how do go shopping for your mom pre buying on the internet he pictured the trouble how hard it be right because your mountain in the store do you ever do you mean something series outer mikey they'll mentoring now by saying what i shouted it's it's a fundraiser kind of deal and it's called seekers anus worship i think they are met secret
just say his workshop near me may i add that so you get used to it still kind of like it still kind of cons your mom a little bit because you still gotta get money from your parents but you bring the money down and you get credit and then you buy junk for your family and you could get like a job when i was looking can you could get like a gigantic racer all kinds stuff i got a boy all my money and i didn't give a brother anything inside man a sheriffs a plastic sheriffs badge shaped like a star ah those rules about it that night at dinner my mom ass how was saying as workshop to which matt reply as it was so stupid in fact it was so stupid did they say little plastic sheriffs badge i was so upset i ran into the living room in wept wept heap else
bad to try to make me feel better he let me add actually went through with this were here would start a pin collection based of his new sheriffs badge pin size story are yours megan depressed all over again so did he follow through because have little collection i think that we did actually start a short lived little pin collection as are him be like i was wrong i didn't see the potential in fact we start a collection and this sheriffs badge could be the first that's great step that's a good story it's either to the most depressing thing in the world you like good ending agreed and i tell you to stop this may all be listening
the ruins is curious that he hasn't had a good christmas that he has had a good christmas since he was eight yeah worst worst present you have ever gotten one i got a dark shape hot dog kircher bonds steamer makes a bargain sound when you're dialogues done guy eyes and maritime of the gatt about his aunt was fairly tract of not their guy but another guy is game blog dow when he went away she jury out kid finally opened up and friendly ma am in the gotta engrave christmas ornament his name's brian but when he got it dead spelled his name suggests is brain dude some i made him a hand mitten for cool my junk with flip relating to these the heads he says it's
real knows i'm cold there is when you ice vision or glass and freeze near balls off another guy road that is dead game before ten with bent barrel when he was a kid and told them im the mountain the long run yeah that's pretty good guys over from his grandmother in law three years in a row running now has received the same piggy bank that is in the shape of a but an farts when you put coins and guy road into the guy gave a beaver tale guy roared in their eyes for me in laws he says for our people are we actually get some letters to people who allude to having ghana divorce look he points out my former in laws didn't know about hunting or fishing amber there bob i am presence that he thought he would like and ease looking back on it felt as other shopping strategy was ram shopping cart into the shelves at kabila's and git him will ever have
the fall in the cart i feel like those of a good piece of writing i read that i really i really liked that because it immediately i was there picturing how he got his presence they got him at one time a camo do read he got a deer drag system i don't want a lantern you gotta call silencer after he got an apple sent a deer lower that he afraid to put anywhere that dear could actually eat it because it was poisonous the guy who's his aunt uncle game socks with their pictures on let me tell you opens his sock quote there they're watching me do this let pass the redesign look like blue jeans do say is wife he told his wife he knew too hot pants she told her laws needed hot pants and so they got pair sweats there dear out of this a doorway elephant gift ideas yes through my
i used to do this thing worried give you a full body goose decoy like add to the to the spread near like yes for body used egos great then he'd be like if you like that yeah like so maybe you could do a bit better on the grades this year and always live can be like gotta wish we didn't do browser what did he mean now i give you got straight stray you might a dozen i you know i never read into a very much or guts radiation nor got straight ass i never never figured out now just hold it out there rather days could get spectacular that was the best borneo my favorite of all the worst christmas present they came in on the old instagram was a guy i believe this he came in more than once a guy
a half of a bottle of whisky with a bow on it where there have come on that's the best browser is a year you think about it a second and you realize what happened the night before oh yeah i got the meda ignored so yeah i guess it can be a trip to a sad story for some people but i like to think about how someone like yeah let's go follow his key and then a little while later while we're in here we will be happy with half a bottle as you know is very on jani about that did you say half empty like europe border you just said half bottle whisky oda there were only get you used to run an ethic order alan's galvanise good lad badge
that's it sam what what was the worst arm gives you ever got i mean i think it depends how you look at it because it's not really the worse by the staff meaningless random random for right before i one to know what that that's it that's a generational word random europe because peace oh my age don't confer don't they know what random means that has happened they happen in people ten or more years younger me have no idea what the word random means okay so anyone you describe it as the odd gift odd gift random we're gonna get out ok
so you got arena as you folks say you got random meaning all he actually in mining on it was random because she never sent gifts and then just one and am year you'll be all right if i was you usually me a gift and it was a taser and a box of condoms this group getting at what's the order of operations are which go to war in order there is someone a legacy given zone to be begun in babies you'd be like oh don't when they open i was that is the kind of those ruin it open on first no she was even present over the opening in the gatt and she may know the had them all together in one big package basic law but let me warn you said later new calder
call a writer note thank you thank you my mom is very important mamma we do that and we re notes and you said arm i really appreciated the condoms another taser did she get confused because your name samantha but you go by sam that would actually be you're his eyes like distant bathers she has i thought you were dead you some guy named sam but why does and views very weak that's makes it ran very virile a week virile you learn how to do it makes sense to you this is the logical conclusion i could come to but she would not seem birth control appropriate gender appropriate birth control form an entity
in case he was weird things my prayers unless things get random monthly packs up things got ruined and with this guy and i had to tease him i haven't had to use the taser yet oh yeah it lets you tell me how to charge a properly in the cars is like certain offer best and worst case scenario zog when you go to the bar it's things are resorting to bring with me and i just lay on the bar come out but the note run its course current words are behind a government just keep is in this spirit this
i think you get eight presents do you feel that they did that so that you could kind of like best the christians well who just get presents for like christmas eve and christmas morning right so historically hanukkah does not really have a tradition of gift giving i know and then kids built bombed my as the kids were bombed and they're like oh you want to do presents i will do the best you will best you by a multiple of four yeah yeah which is quite significant and so a lot of jewish children get many presence over the course of over right it's like eight christmas so then spain the christian kids were laughing at them but now they laugh at the career ladder and now hundred yards residents
no like in what years well what i've read is that when christmas became a national holiday in the united states in the late nineteenth century there was a shift to if giving for hanukkah yard you so near a little girl would you give them some time we have built a big expectation than it fall off the next year you know my feeling is really inconsistent with thing so sometimes my father might light a couple of candles during the eight days but he might skip like a day or two and sometimes i would get hanukkah gals which is there that chocolate rather oil in seattle and somebody zadig somebody's gonna works chocolate yeah yeah it's like pipe really corn sir be its normally like milk chocolate doesn't really i like dark chocolate but yeah so we were we were inconsistent with celebrating that's a sometimes i might get multiple presence
times you know but they never they never ruled out for you all eight no no not consistently and that was fine with me i i i wasn't like a huge like give me gifts i would like to think that i was not a super child spoil run were to do a thing for four people the burgundy like a hot hanukkah oh the siege of the age so there so i don't i don't speak hebrew but the trans liberation i think there's kind of stiller back and forth between spelling it h a an u k k age and then see age a n you can
ea to join hear me speak hebrew baruch ata no brugada thai ella hey hey new to deny yeah that's what i'm saying is that where you're pretty impressed yeah that pretty good do it again for a tad annoying no i guess eighty drona as and that's not even remotely hebrew deserve that amateur soulless a safer use jewish listeners who to do the hanukkah tradition go to immediate or store the media store and here's a great give list can day one did that's a loved one hour nome packing out a unicorn t shirt which is unknown the severed unicorns head strapped whose backpack and he's got his crazy known bow date
get them are on grave mediator cotton board day three and give them the complete set of mediator spices our charismatic mega spices day or you get him of our nome real in a mermaid shirt which is it eyes emerged as a somewhat controversial shirt we talked about this it's a nome its create same known cod they kill the unicorn is out fishing and he's reeling in a mermaid whose fighting hard people have thought that that is that it saw suggestive the people eat mermaid meat and they felt that is controversial i've i dont know what's happening between the norm in the mermaid does it of its land of fantasy almost gets my brother look and he thought that the mermaid was gonna pull a no man and eat the gnome i thought that it was an elaborate courtship ritual but either way the gnome real in a mermaid we also for the fifth day
with hanukkah you get a latvian eagle teaser genuinely honesty shirt explain living eagle laura and prepare for this one it's the eagle symbolizes latvian eagle and then it's it's sort of like the it's we use there's a crest there's a latvian crest that we use the three stars from and the three stars represent the three regions of latvia so that's part of it and then says the latvian ego and meteor on it it's simple really on the on the sixth day you can get them you know me unreality le loup bag mean yeah you're right around for present renault we're not le subtropical hard or not better hunting and fishing for amerika to rinaldo we're almost twenty twenty campaign slogan of course is better hunting and fishing for amerika you can fall long campaign we gotta
and pay released video we came out with theirs i heard tellers negative add of armenia and come out soon binding well put together a a negative attack ad about mignon and i i told you they are going to come at us from both sides and yeah they they teamed up to come after me and jani salvages a lot you get bolivar stickers you good get ranelagh protests only twenty better hunting and fishing for america teachers get all after that person then seven day you get him a norms ask watch sure now our same crazy no it's mine after the old picture of all grizzly bear whose country of tagging amount man but he's got his bowie knife out and he's like clearly gonna best the grizzly others yet yeti ask watch big it has a group on the nome and the norm is about turn the tides with his bowie knife an end the eighth day you get any number of our bandana series are instruct
well bandana series we have how a fish how to go to dear and to kill dirty work everything you need to know about turkey's all bandanna at first we run into real real scratchy sort of cotton but now tell me that is the only got a new micro fibre one is the world's largest lens why in the world can be summit cited kids underneath that tree s for veronica yeah that's what i said yeah maybe i missed our candles candle burn candles in the windows sitting here all that meat eater merch you know i was going to mention that i i think that he he levels out because the jewish kids that i knew growing up they didn't get presents every evening they got a present and so at the end of it they got a present what you don't think your kids are getting a presents a piece i said morning while sandy clause bring some mom and dad bring sound
grandma brings a pickup load now the kids really make the kids that really make out are the ones that have a christian mother or father and a jewish mother or father like my buddy saw from high school matt always i'm not a climate role right three days ago and then be likes we order what's gonna be under another truck loader presence here man the media emerged that do great as a child of divorce i can say i was pretty lucrative as well there they're they're trying to outdo each other it was great liner did you did you play it too realize you're pretty special i mean now dad i'm not like that you you're special i wasn't that bad no i spent so many years living out of my truck that i could never quite get across the fact that i couldn't i i enjoyed the thought behind presence but i couldn't really accept the presence because i'd be like ooh
is a great frame picture look awesome your wall and i'll appreciate it whenever i'm here as the annual reporting here am i supposed to like screw up to the roof of my drugs so when everybody gets their presence anything this this is true for people who celebrate hanukkah workers christmas to get their presence and inevitably you know many p who for hanukkah git gift cards sure yeah i guess that's what dazed your parents decide they got no there is no about it yeah stick a gift card near exactly everybody gets gift cards and then everybody gets returns so yeah no you can't amazon gift card whatever or you get some stupid any return it and you get it
ash credit so that leaves you know awkward position and also you might be listened to this after christmas so none of us has any relevancy to you but you sit there a gift card your name is gift card so now you're wondering boy i dunno what to do with my gift card so now our canyon a very special and lovely marking is gonna have suggestion for what one might do with their gift cards is holiday season justice shameless plug yeah call me on well marks much anticipated book you could pick up that wild country in epic journey through the past present and future of america's public glance wrote a book the first i would try to bring this book up margo he feathers some bad will happen if you talked about a too early altogether publishers it's like you'll jinx it or something yeah but but it's out it's out there that wild country yep tells her tell us all about it mark put a christmas spin on it oh boy now you throw me for a loop know i would try something like this i would say am
everyone knows the joy of receiving a gift while there is no greater gift in america's public glance is very true twice on like that but just to to get a gift means i think but to understand the thought behind that gift maybe let's recall the history behind that gift as good it means that much more and that's what i try to do with this book that's wonderful work i do have passed i mean do come again for people it's good it's good the cliff notes on the book was that i love public lands but didn't understand how we got these places you know chosen fifty
two thousand and sixteen there's space yeah you wonder you know how do we get to this point that it was such a contentious issue and that i had places i'd go hunt fish camp etc so i decided if i didn't know that story if i didn't understand how we got to this point there's probably a lot of other people out there who were in the same boat especially if you didn't live in the middle of them say here in montana and so i started diving into that myself trying to understand that story that history and what was going on presently and then went and spent as much time as i possibly could in those places to kind of have a physical contact for that how many states to travel to at least eight or twenty eight and ten i think for that so yeah ranging from montana pack rafting and fly fishing the bob marshall wilderness up to the u p of michigan backpacking picture rocks down into arizona and utah and north south east west a little bit of everything everything from hunting and fishing to backpack
camping and peak begging when you are doing the boy did you as you do know your research all long were you think like oh that makes sense that makes sense or did you hit some parts you like what there were definitely moments of i didn't know that that that explains things and more of those types of moments whereas ha now i get it yeah this is all kind of coming together and it's it's no surprise to me now that they are so contentious and controversial in certain ways because one of the things that makes them so special which is that there for all of us they're co owned by all of us we can use them for so many different things that's also what makes them so challenging to work with so if there's a whole lot of stakeholders with a whole lot of different ideas about how to use them and manage them that makes them tricky but special now you're in the book jar as he approached it with a bias right lol you didn't set out to be like should we have public lands
it's like you came at you you're a lover of public lands and so you set out to write a book explaining them right in advocating for them did you come away from the whole project more sympathetic to the anti public and sentiment or did you come away more baffled by the end by anti public land sentiment
i would say it i would not call myself sympathetic to but understanding of some of the challenges and complaints around it when you look at there was a trend in public land policy that might have made things more difficult for some users of public lands and i came to better understand that iran but i guess you could say sympathetic to some of those users who might now be viewed as anti publicly to degree ma am but i'm not sympathetic with the most radical of those elements you ve got folks like the bundy's who take it so much further than i think it ever should but sure i'm willing to listen to some one who wants to use these lands for some form extraction or some form of using or whatever it might be those are good honest americans that have a perspective to do so you gotta approach it with a little bit of an open mind we say you know you you typically you try to like put
spin on your adversaries and oftentimes put a spin on your adversaries that they're not comfortable with like we talk about people who are against public land but the people who are against public land don't say that like they don't say like i am against public land they say something different i tell them it like tell me how they would describe like what is an anti public lands person from his perspective while it's typically going to be someone who is more so anti federal government and a lot of ways believing that there's an overreach of regulation taking them freedoms or something like that they might say that we are restricting their use or restricting their economic freedom the founding fathers never intended rights although though never attended common fight to build go outside and right of lobby that
i think they very rarely will come right out and say oh well you're keeping me from making more money and big business at least but but yeah i mean everybody everybody comes to this though looking at it from their own individual lens of how you use these lands so it is it is easy to be biased and i like you said i've come to realize and then trying to as much as possible step outside of that a little bit and try to understand but it's hard to do that given the passions and the things that we love to do but what i found is that what we're in now has been going on for decades and it will continue to so there's never going to be a happy ending i don't think it's always going to be a push and pull and i think that might have been my great takeaway was that we just better be prepared for that tug of war to continue and it's incumbent on us to stand up and poorly are did you and enduring the book did you feel that the that the part is an aspect of it was cumbersome to deal with because most
i'm in the week i just like anti federally manage public land sentiment is in recent years it's sleigh it's like a republican thank right either over the party at a like that they needed to give this up in my mind hardly but they had a thing where there is a sort of a plank in the party platform is this you know like nascent opposition to federally manage public lands and at that embody every person in that party but the party in general so when you re in the book ever feel like you're sort of like picking out one political party at the expense of another i'm sorry picking picking on certain political parties praising certain political parties because right
now it is sort of this partisan debate unfortunately yeah that was the mess that's me saying it's unfortunate that it gets terribly unfortunate no i was gonna say that was the most frustrating aspect of the whole thing was that a i hate that has become parson b i don't understand how they're how this could be because of this this is about as american of an ideas i can think of that being democratized land and in a resource like this that all americans can use and benefit from so yet frustrating it's also challenging to build conversations around parson issues without half of the group just shutting off yeah when i was reading your book that a thing that stuck out me and michael like the father of the american public lands system was no republican but as to your different time right the same way i mean that the party you know what i mean republican change radically three years ago so yeah and read the book i can't be like ours kind like on four like when you look at it whose behind one who is doing what it was like unfortunate made me feel like really man we have discussed
i thought these guys got to pull it together dude and that's the thing i tried to make clear though in the book was that i don't think it should be a republican or democratic issue and i approached it from hey i'm right in the middle personally i came from a conservative republican background i certainly do still support some things on that side i support some other ideas too and i'm going to stand with anybody who's willing to stand up for these places so i try to make it clear within the book i am not attacking the republican party under attack am attacking i am an idea there right now the republicans for supporting that it thinks a big mistake on their per year and as of change all time like us they like three years ago that there was a party of free trade yeah right now right like magic is not altogether yeah it could it hopefully will change around me at least lamar canyon were originally going to say you don't even read the book just go buy it or if you don't buy march but none of us know
for kill jani yeah if you don't buy a mars bar wow so think about that that is not a very good winter solstice is going to be horrible and we're going for i was very nails out now the guy telling about this long a duty on e new a journalist who used to work in washington state and he is working on a story about these these there is little meth group so math watching group and they had fallen out with one other associates kind like a feeder grew various very very similar to what they are in rather than the production of drama there production of math and they had fallen was one of their associates and they tied him up to tree on the words and covered him in bacon think that he would be torture he killed by a bear
wrote a piece about this but then it won't be and the guy who was able to get the bacon in canada wiggle it down around the ropes and was able to greece has risen in greece is ropes slip out of the hold of the robes thanks to the baking greece and it was a spare story you ever wrote that every year around tommy regimes and on facebook while they don't know that export giuliani like that everybody by my so you want to keep you on your live send us a picture holding mars book and will not where we're going prior to dare to poland the finger nails were broadcast his cries of agony and and and and i and i imagine sales skyrockets will take your gift certificate how much is the boat fifteen bucks fifteen bucks steal learn about public where there weren't you sit around what are you talking to some eurobonds that's yiddish i think i've never heard that word
my dad had three primary insults he would call people you know one of mingle immortal and i've checked with italians i would like to have heard of it mingled more there would be some one who is dead blow the waste a very certain type of person thanks would be a horses ass now is a very specific type of person in people would be a ya bots which was the very specific type of person in his mind my father's time horses ass much now hyper gal yours very type a guy was worse than you just look at the opera don't don't factor that was how i just want to know what it means by means like what you are if you don't buy mars book
why was it tat it is probably has so little time oh yeah about as for fifteen by not in tune in that way you can share one if they are there grew i got some questions about this public land stuff you say you know what read this and yeah i don't know when you talking to some jar box in your argue with him about you are you talking to some horses ass and you argue with him about public lands music he did would you be we're gale and with facts learned on mars but there on the other your hand up now i do not i think you're supposed to wear hussein has had that way the alpha oh oh that's all they were how am i because the balls in the front others lubber gases in that christmas wrap your stuff the airlines well the aid man
on the seventh day of christmas my true love gave to me housing visa gruber it makes me buy three by the cry that christmas my luggage the first six sheets a jesus river go it's been three to fill it is with the hit everyone had our listeners with our with our tradition song from pillar of the roof not occurs as right these the people to give us their favorite is a holiday on did you grow up
a lot of pillar on the roof yes maybe you're carrying did a mile admire my lineage sir i watch a norm the model jimmy stewart was jump off the bridge yeah yeah to want to go the fiddler on the roof at all were you raised to watch fiddler on the roof and nah not really i mean my high school put on fiddler on the roof as a play does he know about it i know about him the highschool put it on yup a year the senior class at all because you were raised in new york i was raised in new york that's cool yeah my brother loves that movie we did a episode once where we sang it we sang it is about how to get hot and and we did that we do permission permissions remark i do remember that stuck in my had ever since arrogant
if the so we resolve the people on instagram ass the renault and afterwards here with us their best know about vast we just their own envisioned visions television holiday traditions are outdated person like weird one we're link funding something's those walls are picked yet faster we pick the ones our christmas like christmas is probably the words they hon planet every christmas we will go out why did the worse day where i lived just horrible hunting it was horrible hunting the condition if you like the way is now way down to crouch deep snow time all the dumb squirrels or dead it's not like great for rabbits yet i rabbits good get good later when you get caught up compact and snow you could walk around on sergeant sunny day days is target longer ravished mombi out
a short ass day all the jones grew or dad just smart squirrels all the leaves are down some squirrels see you come from a million miles away hunt net you don't scrub or jack pine the only way we will aid and our stuff i've never had out into the cold and snow and if it if we fine was pounding hard and we got a squirrel or too would be happy to do those are the house are the two years every good ones a lot of our own hutton no only vision regions i had one this is one that a lot of our audience ordained about gas for pennsylvania pennsylvania has a traditional flintlock muzzle overseas and flocks only patch round ball buckthorn sites
the day after christmas rights over christmas break sent like a piece of flint strikes a piece of metal and shoots through a little hole you cannot use a cap lock that was too modern for pennsylvania how to be a flynn so what was cause cause in the things you said it was always deep snow shitty conditions dear been kind of pounded right but a very traditional gift was a flintlock muzzleloader kit wright said wouldn't use it that year when you start saying stand in that day right and sorted by the time next christmas came you could take last year's present out and do the flintlock on are you to force the sisters ellen force but i would strongly encourage them to come out and do a quick bird had with me at moms place where is that in shepherd montana outside of buildings
and where they are my raised sheep in shepherd funny there's an intentional was tradition now there was the fact that those two our very fiscally conservative and they found the ugliest i urge that what had already been sheep fast and but every dash d made trillion physically concerns motors frugal very frugal but you these are no place now yeah well the nice permission it is bright eyed dad you not give up girls who shot and we'd go walk the ditch fur pheasants and they were there sisters were all very very safe to the point where there is always at least one reached around the ditch we work in their about off and the
it would get up the girls were to track the bird with the shot gun never squeezing the trigger and now as the entire because there are just not trigger happy rather just a man i know what's going to happen if i hit this charter is fun no i don't we have a common vision tradition or your it's all there i appreciate the sentiment we didn't have a tradition that is a tradition the mark yeah well ours there were you guys like you around your bots well you know my one chris are hunting and fishing related tradition i guess on christmas i always got a hunting or fishing magazine that i'm about but it's one year but it was christmas and mom said stay and ass we asked these people now
sky seventy gotta polygon for christmas i he goes to you as is he goes out and starts just a harvest and birds he calls it a opportunistic hunt and priests he's coming back with a sack contains and blue jays doves pigeons and appreciated woodpecker oh it is grant is more comes out freaks out and says make you even everyone else he says i am we need them anyway and his grandpa came out and said me too is grandpa who was bordering the the depression sat down in india other birds not every year they do what he calls again they were doing opportunistic hunt for christmas another guy wrote in christmas day did i ever eyes on some hours dallas he is responsible a lot of dogs that congregate in parking lots of businesses and says they knew the businesses were closed on christmas day they hit those spots
not a guy wrote in area he makes plans at his body to go on every year is body cancels the plans and then every year he has a real good hot and he's come there there's some kind of higher jude you at play here so now whenever his body calls cancels he gives real excited he's gonna get sultan gases one guy says they always have unfilled game tags on the christmas tree this guy's my old step dad's family treated the first day of squirrel season as if it was a holy day by always having a this is kind of like a playoff christmas eve did have a squirrel z family dinner and celebrate the night before then it get up a meat at waffle how's the three i am an ngo get em these also like down the holidays i d go shoe pages out of the barn to be age they go gone and spooked the pigeons hearing
they met anyone in bullet holes in the barn roof a guy says these to hang their quivers up stated their stockings though santa ask and give new arrows i love that one stone guy says i take the old lady in the hound out and shoot down our christmas tree with twelve gauge guises we forgot received our second guy we shoot down the shotgun we call a christmas tree hun another guy says we ve been doing this for pro twelve or fifteen years it started my dad i went lion hunt with the secondary objective cut down a christmas tree while out we found a treaty i was but realise we forgot assad acts so we download dad's thirty three splinter tradition ever since a guy wrote it they pickled time but the thing he brought it was boxing day gizmo boxing day is is that canadian yeah today after christmas in canada box others should up i don't know what the
i say they all fought with someone told me that they do that he thinks it's because you box or yourself up go home to holiday they announced by not having a canadians and the office i know about the tradition gao has data i save his he shot in the fall so he could use them to make reindeer tracks outside that's good yeah that's key i had that happen to me when i was kid woke up one morning and there was a reindeer tracks all over santa rosa message in the snows your was white tailed tracks well some kind of as you should know by the time i didn't come into he didn't hold on christmas so you weren't that dedicated i was easily fooled yeah it was fun i enjoyed that can we jump back the opportunity hunter yet altogether as all the songbirds what is gramps yeah they are gone not poaching its opportunity honey that's what he's grandpa from the depression would call it how is gravel called option is the
point i dont know what do i do i need to take the time to point out the one shouldn't go out and on christmas day and kill palliated woodpeckers and eat immature gramps yeah you know it's hard to back up not that i'm supportive of it you know this was funny story now grown supportive of it i just tell it like it is he wrote it i'm not speeding officer i'm taking advantage of the opportunity of a road going very fast have a nice day opportunistic it's an audition yeah where are we guys and that every christmas eve so his mother had a dealers maya to wrap up the presence so man amanda take em out to fish in under the bridge bridge margo where's marble floor floor so guys markov lord
christmas eve comes around mine needs wrap up all the presence dared taking the fish nook under the bridge wanted there are other on christmas eve and his old man they get a sting ray and get it into some also man is the barb through his thick leather but on the other side so he cuts ding raise barb off even old stock in is like largest shows up with a sting rhubarb his leg nerves on dirty some algae the idea to put hot water on neutralize the pain but uses such scalding hot water that it thoroughly blisters the old man's for they ve educate the bar about he shows up back home and he's got the stingray bar which they extracted tighter his neck is a necklace it's as long as you remember christmas two thousand and two yeah this guy says what they like to do on christmas as they bond by going out
paragraphs you kids at twenty two years and my dad bought up the pack rat mount so everybody can shoot oh that's good fun family fun do you eat pack you didn't he didn't say my guess would be the airline do speak form this guy says i ignore my family are efficient instead this guy says that every year grants we get out of jfk those guys get dude he says your grandfather get out whisky imports shot down there of single single shot twelve gauge use thanking rob again brought as deepen touching my grave jane my dad neo quillan we couldn't quit until we our daughter limit there was the hunt was terrified i have result vienna sausages that he put down by the pick ups or he did a warm up here is as mr salteena go with them
this guy they like to shoot not quite sure to issue by rockets the outhouse this guy one that's what about those was holidays are all about this guy is old man's got a cannon he likes to pull out it's a miniature can and in a perfectly fits twenty gauge shell so it takes the poor the shot out leads the world in the powder primer intact instead of where the fuse would go he shoves this shell up in there and with a hammer dirt horses louder hell christmas my true to me
time's up goes to revise the stairs as much as me then gator sliders nine by the time tacos a car awesome peppers grouper that makes me pause the courage to smoke present us why i cried
on the eleventh day of christmas my true love gave to me the sliders nine the tacos a corn awesome buffer so streets of the us the crime i got a little story hotel there is a kind of power we are just talk about about dear priests using dear prints on this snow side when we were kids my parents who get the neighbors they were they were they had like a leather is like a half of a bell that a bunch of bells on it i know what you call a big like hang it off of a door in a young you open the door the bells jangle that thing was partly christmas kit
is that what you guys with it there were get the neighbours do you have all the presence we had no presents christmas morning under the tree there a zero we open a bunch christmas eve like they were from each other christmas morning no press it's under the tree then you'd be sitting around and having some breakfast and then all of a sudden you hear a jingle jingle jingle and we but what is go and i window every grown at the window and then by some other window year jingle jingle jingle daylight out near daylight and then and then all sun at the front door there'd be like a really big jingle noise and whatever and we'd run to the front door you open the door and there'd be a giant sack full of presents cool who would drop them off the neighbor sailor withdraw from one right now you're guises judaism built as well as nice thanks for sharing all right dude do you do that in your family no we haven't
my kids are already like there's no such thing may do you tell the truth yomiuri as i'm paying taxes yeah yeah it's really odd about our houses that we have like the staunchly are are nonbelievers of santa claus in karma i try to i have karma and then the other day and they're like that's the craziest ever like if some guy does this to some guy does his job offering a search did not believe they lose a tooth they are all right to weave named pearly white pearl i forget which only use but they are all in a right now ladder and they are very serious and later there's no questioning whether or not the fairy comes in trades out teat dental work for cash but die santa claus and out karma they're not into it yeah you speaker that did you hear that noise what is their noise it wasn't bells
well it's sort of a christmas miracle the move so that's karma do you like santa special leave especially nowadays basil boys and girls this is called the kids corner of the special holidays vessel we get a vision from big man himself view people who may not appreciate how best santa hit or does the sunlight revisit this is this some stats for spy magazine many years ago this establishes how miraculous did is and a clear just how special does have mere this man in our this man here in our presence he every year services an estimated three hundred and seventy eight million christian children
if you imagine that fifteen percent of those christian children are bad i think so he doesn't need to doing form and you give it you have a whopping three point five christian children per household dismay still is visiting every year ninety one point eight million homes with the rotation of the earth he's only got thirty one hours of darkness to get it done this man in our ports right writer business here today can pull off a hundred and twenty two point six home visits per second it takes him a thousandth of a second to pull off a single visit not count transoceanic legs of his trip this man travels seventy two million five hundred twenty two thousand miles every christmas he's gone six hundred and fifty miles per second he's going three
thousand times the speed of sound he would only bring each kid a measly two pounds of presence this man poles three hundred and twenty one thousand tonnes of toys behind him in his slave his lead reindeer his leave reindeer at these speeds is absorbing fourteen point three quintillion joules of energy per second these were normal reindeer he would be slopping off these are no refers first these little reindeer he would need two hundred and fourteen thousand in two hundred reindeer to pull that load in four point six thousands of a second two hundred fourteen reindeer at this speedily slopped off into char those speaks steve stephen i'm not a number answer wonderful this man sitting here today is subjected to centrifugal forces
seventeen thousand five hundred times greater than the earth gravitational force he is pinned to the back of his sled with four million three hundred seventy five thousand in fifteen tons of force at those these ladies and gentlemen santa claus if he can do that if he can't do that then he damn sure wouldn't be able to write a good poem damn right listen steven i hear you have killed three children three children have the correct one girl and two boys that is that correct that's correct i'm not www with your programme the others were telling me all about sounds lovely they told me you have three children one bowl one girl dubois etc as gregson europe first boys name is ryan incorrect your girls name is genocide
then your second boy's name is mark because that's not your right that's correct that's correct that's lovely you have a television program i've not seen it either yes it's not a national exam netflix that's a lot that's that's wonderful i very proud of all of you made christmas and you're not looking at the north pole the elves tell me that you kill reindeer on occasion i have we won't speak of it what need now for me very busy for kids around our kids corner in the first annual special holidays special we would like a poem you would like i'm in no one the incredible feats are capable of i feel like that's a small thing i've just written it just now are you ready i am ready it's called twas the night before deer season i've just written it in the last minute
are you ready anthony i'm ready sooner you're naughty twas the night before dear season when all through the woods the hunters we're prepping all of their good quiet i it's even scientists talking you shush at the base layers were hung in the wall chant with care in hopes that first light soon would be there yoenis or janice was nestled all snug in his cart with visions of crosshairs and taking the shot with a child in his lip broom stephen his wool they each had a bottle of whisky to pull out of the darkness arose such a sound stephen sprang from his chair to see what was around
to the ten flap taking immediate flight he threw back the canvas and stepped into the night within ellie de lab strapped to his head he saw in the darkness a book in its bed and what do his wondering i should he see the box giants rack had rubbed every tree its frame was wide and taking one more look it was a book boon and crockett would put into their book it is time how they twinkle his muscles how tents his animals like the pickets and the most wonderful fence the big giants a broad soggy belly that shook when he laughed like a bull full of jelly gone down market
yeah you seem to be excited sweating your brow is filled with santa doesn't sweat do i get very busy but i do not sweat you are sweaty or i'm mulligan this you should get a handkerchief he was chubby and plump with of cold fighting fat though the mediator man had ruined his now sir dream to be shouldering a naming his gun gripping and grinning sure wouldn't be for the book pissed honest tassels with a twist of his head let's stephen no there would be nothing to dread these down the trail looking just like a missile and the way he flew like the down of a vessel but the hunter exclaimed as the book ran out of you i hear those in spite box
have tasty about straps too whoa whoa hey there i just wrote that now sixty one minutes and twelve seconds valuable time required else let you out of the works of worsted thank you so much to drop by there ends the the end of the kids corner of the special holiday special saying if you'd like we're going to step out of this room oh and we're in do the latvian holiday tradition of melton lead in breathe all those toxic fumes and any threat eleven new bucket its abundant water it's lullabies the crazy shape you hold the shape up and make a finger puppet with it in a nap
it's your future if you'd care to join us i have no idea what you're talking about yeah that sounds dangerous i've never been to a lot of you but it sounds nice go on go on i was again do represent a busy man goodbye goodbye he's wanted right now at four thousand shopping malls gay adi what do we need to know you know said now to do this well which need to know first that all these traditions lay i said earlier swell brick celebrating the winter solstice silly christmas and the water sources is like that it's a new year basically on like a calendar there
nature provides right so you just throw out december and january is looked at like what when the year sort of flips over four days mighty short exile because all the press days are down again so all of this it sort of has like a finish up with one thing start a new thing theme going throughout the whole thing and before we've talked about the u lock which i think now to doing some research on the yule log it's not exactly the same thing but the log that we like total to around the house with a rope while we're singing latvian folk songs yeah i've been to this you've been to a that's right eat
eat everybody at your shop why i was no camera what i did and we drag the log around the house three times to rid the whole homestead of any sort of bad juju bad spirits anything that might be negative like surrounding like the place itself though then so that the humans can participate or getting rid of their own demons miss sab if there's anything bad you want to sort of forget from the last year and put it behind you and have and be able to look forward the clean slate you can do and i read recently that you can use multiple ways into the log you can stop it which is what we do gallagher i walked dynamic yards down its status john earlier and i worked in jobs into the long you can also do style of string around the world we could do that
that's the safer way symbolize that way yeah no we was there we were at a place where we didn't have room for the log or whatever and so instead we all just wrote things down on a piece of paper on like sort of like a scroll and roll and then everybody would just pitch a minute or so like urban parents who aren't comfortable with their children wielding an axe you can have him go tyo yeah that's right and so you've got a big bonfire going and so once everybody's done shopping or tying their thread or string onto the lie you pitch it into the bonfire write a note unstring no justice drink well because you know what it means that's right and again it's just that it's the the traditional is just symbolic of you know leaving the bad stuff behind from the last year editions tradition bilbil i want you guys law hut trivia tip as this might come as a very neat is holidays is such a thing yeah i think so now
why aren't you like a little you're a trivial player phil whence you like the additive way is like a tent that might come in handy during the x files rising that could come up trivia i'm good anybody know where and when the first christmas tree was erected germany back i thought they called it the old town in bomb yeah they didn't about a hundred years after they erected one in the capital city latvia rig though there is a law and that's why you tell your own resource a i'm not here to debate it at this moment to give you guys a little salami the latvians came up with the christmas tree men of the local merchants guild decorated a tree with artificial roses danced around it in the marketplace and then said
fire to it can you guess dramatic social areas are so dramatic humming bird in areas like them this goal the decorated bargain sounds like all his word and fire here oppenheimer area holiday wrong bird then decorate bonfires that guy sent us a thing about latvia's the most introverted country what about it said that latvia he saw something at latvian embassy that latvia's the world's most introverted near aren't you intervene so i talk about their introvert nervous
i bet you guys have such like flamboyant expressions around the holidays it just doesn't strike me as introversion introvert i think it just seems flamboyant because you've never heard of it you know if if someone had never heard of your christmas traditions i told him about it for the first that's a good point i'd be like no a huge dude comes down a chimney and then you take some raw eggs and mix them with milk and cream and whiskey and drink it weird they are gale of china as a good boy that order well i got a latvian box on here not literally a traditional nea mozart needed somebody else to tell me what's no to start on but that we will have anyway it can help me out no no no no no no no no no no no no no no shit being alliot danish leah carla did now i missed it here's one listen to my mom
how do you do with your mom like music is mom doing to do it it's not it's listening to the let me just listen to her for just a second i have none and being ally at the inch leah carla do kind of law do zia my slack over god i e color do carla do the cc keyshot guy a color do karla do it's beautiful i know you're not you wasn't good german would have gone now your father some who does sodium unemployed your mom because now those beautiful known you gotta get out now
the start let them go high and draw being oh yeah th leah carla do carla do via moss vat go god i carla do carla do as as wonderful you become more lexia i like it when your matters that is a little more melody and harmony in all those things associated with what music is would you like to hear in music let me hear it again fills going to dance remakes version is reviewed or held why so jude or held while johnsing thanks the sis ii gave jog carrying a karla do karla do see being new visa karla do karla do the
soon knock day sets his dagger karla do karla do see being i'll look dude was a car do karla do wonderful wonderful couple more now there's only one more anyways you want to know what the words mean how come they told me power up a pom pom you got the rubber pump pump it yeah just the course so collar do the same in english as it is isn't latvian but tat a silver reign was falling winter solstice night all that teeny tiny ranches gave the silver a ride ganders candles burned all night long in silver candle orders the moon shows the way to those bringing the sun's daughter the son gave her daughter from the land of the deceased to this land cheese
sure if it's the nutmeg but that's true that yanis translation of the song so someone else might give you a different version but so too are looking to the future and we have what's called linus leona which if you translate that literally it means pouring luck or pouring happiness leash and of being the verb pouring in lima being luck or happiness and researching for today i don't think i'd ever personally defined what line it was to me but it come
come to find out it's very hard to define let alone translate the latin philosophers have sort of like battled and debated over this for hundreds of years because it's not just like happiness but it's more of like a state of being there's like other emotions attached to it from simple satisfaction to great joy and some theologians and philosophers describe it as living a successful and good life rather than a simple emotion so it's deep so what's you're about to do encompasses all that you're not just like sort of forecasting like what might happen we were sort of like how you might feel and be for the next year but you can see why i like it because basically if you've got liner you just have like a general good positive attitude about life i believe if you have that you know life should be pretty smooth for you you know because you perceive it as such that's right so i
we can roll and ports and lead so cyrano some like we walk as do the process roquat yes ok so we this is how we always done it and you bases have a small pot they usually go to the thrift store and buy cars once you melt lead in it you're not going to use it again to cook noodles for your kids anymore so he had to have it's simple you don't need a law has invested in one of those lead but my man had one of those led melton looks like a bull scrotum whether spout no i don't get sophisticated get sophisticated about if you like to have a spouse them i like chip the actual thrown kind of like like dictate your future that's right ok gone so yeah some fishing thinkers is what we'd by you need a bucket but any gas it is do it like in your seat
destroy up with cold water i think if you had a minimum of six inches that's probably enough so that by the time it hit the bottom it's not going to adhere to the steel then see a small pot and a way to heat it up and melt the lead that's it and so once you have a pot full and i'm trying to think how much we're going to it's been a few years since i've done it but i'm guessing like a two or three ounce fishing sinker or that amount is going to be enough to produce nice poor of work yeah you don't want to project too much of your future now i mean now the next ten years let me tell you about a year per so yeah you haven't melted in the pie over the bucket of cold water and in quickly in one motion spill it into their in there pour it into there and then it amelie it makes kind of a loud popping noise and immediately solidifies and you pick it up out of there and the fun starts
did you guys like to throw the shadow of the candle or a flashlight candle for sure because then you get the movement of the floor data every dance and lawyer i withdraw mark that is a giant oil yeah it'd be like a martyr of these going to get a big one but he doesn't realize that he's just going to get stomped to death that all your heavy like every minute of two goldfinches was stomping on my head here it might be a whole herd big giant bug yes around and see a big buck don't get excited cause you're not gonna know what it means steering clear of the back forty yeah i know better than to go out there i saw my lead poisoning lead a piece of land
inside a little tin looking pot the milk is starting to run down to the bottom that's no removing terminator two the guy that gets off the bench so yeah it gets back up again does it looks like this the second terminators in their fight years andy let alone again it will go on for years though this does not look like a fast and holidays we're here the picture
in the shower it's too early so you can evolve you can do both the excellent nor is the ideal we wonder i like one absolutely the right so we are now how do we have poured the lad and now correct me if i'm wrong yards but we are examining the words through
looking at its shadow that cast on the wall with a candle as the light and now we interpret what the lead shape means for mark's future i like to remind everybody that morale is saying how lima is like the the easiest way to translate his happiness so this is and this is your future and a very fun and positive way i see like an olive branch banzai tree branch like peace back bragger of that's it will go back backing maybe he's got somethin he's already its mark in a backpack he's single public glands i'll see something reader i see is a very arthritic hand an arthritic hair
with a growth a man with a knife sticking out of his chest so we see sir knives and shares in whatnot those thoughts he decided to throw out your had the will to reality with all due respect me this crazy as latvia led shapes do not look positive using think get just seem to have a better imagination so there's that arthritic thridded can begin steve breyer's orator lady an old monk arthritic arm the unit antonio yadda come on these futures and in disarray or disorder no no boy with a fire boy in the back there's an old arthritic worm let's think about what's kells problem is his future is greatly
egg shattered almost a shattered future some might say some might say it's started to put a little more positive nancy maybe it doesn't have a shattered future maybe he has a i diverse diversified drop my future on the ground share it maybe has viewed your shattered in many ways let's get current out there korean what are you feeling kind of looks like a well i was alone tat was injured it's totally the wrong where she might invite ere i was looking at the bright woolly big head maybe a bigger little lady this year is me that's martyr grand rains get bigger north riddick old
remember as our standards and this will be the third salmon remind you guys been line is happiness we're forecasting our happy future positive vibes positive that you strangled a turtle come here and steve will tell your fortune you know like yours you're worm yes questioning i'll drive out on sidewalk all dried our vision based mining it looks like plant under the ground growing no no yeah thrilled excited i'm excited hopefully it looks some very now the ventilation in esteem everything which is finger does
the security oh my god you're garnier mustache back this is about i gotta know better scar on his lip and it killed the hair growth then he grew a mustache i feel do we have time for me to go to the eagles gotta help this deal man if we were to go what is a man carrying another body over his shoulder steve steve it's a kind of dried out carcass am i carrying steve up a mountain or down about we're just carry on metaphorically carries do in the future ok lies german their concludes these special holiday special first and
the mediator by gas i want everyone out there know that we want them to death or painful riddick death noticed we does love unto death thank you very much for join us in next holiday season brother special christmas basil yes christmas my true love gave to me the gators liars gaiters button nine a poem in the ass rewrite the well
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