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Ep. 206: Hey, Icehole!

2020-02-03 | 🔗

Steven Rinella talks with Spencer Neuharth, Corinne Schneider, Phil Taylor, and Janis Putelis. Topics discussed: fact checking; does hunting half-tame pen-raised critters count as hunting?; oviparous vs. viviparous; do you really lose all that body heat through your head?; measuring turkeys as trophies; getting rich selling taxidermy to big-assed box stores; does gutting an animal really make your farts smell like guts?; Phil catching the second fish of his life; and more.


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the tonight show us severely beaten in my case unaware of the meat eater podcast he can't predict anything presented by an axe hunt creators of the most comprehensive digital mapping system for hunters download the hunt app from the itunes or google play store nor stand with annex the know you probably want to be like within a foot from the bottom and then when you feel it you just kind of like jerks happen and pull it in you and you like an exaggerated set in motion the it's always this short
it's a normal national language steve as always there is the custom daddy and like what's the logic about there really short rat who's your friend such close quarters long a variety has to be ten feedback you know they drop but download videos when you're on leave it don't move it don't move it oh you scared him have him hit him hit him that why you ain't up at the sky yeah he lift them up grin closer to your face first goes through the ice first time on the ice allow our ever fish before then you're all set up here by welcome we are giant
jimmy gas ask him ice shanty fishing the by off this this is what this shared is bigger than our podcast studio skull the fat fish it's got like well it's like the fat fish something i just saw the vat fish its line person i write a night we overfishing one two three area worker on miles yeah the goodbye and that's why you need to bring a little mini game that was the whole the whole the whole what about that my soup ladle thing used to scoop the ice out of the holes
little doubt aware you know that the skimmer the skin if you are you must have some thick ass were the skipper sent with skimmer the boys on off we got some some cameras down we got a camera down look so good it's like what the mob conquest hd it's like wife where will you go off the superbowl on this thing right for large blue girl give my little boy of the stair down regards jimmy angiogenesis he's just looking better than the pot gas through your area nine persons janni we're attack especially explained the maid therein do explain what the yom explain the fact checker series
lesson was on the pipeline should call the ball buster the americans people do not get a whole you get a whole different sworder go ahead last i was unpack yes we covered some of the recent fact checkers but i had written like should you drink urine and survive ass if the answer is no our daddy long legs i as a polar bear girls is entire careers based off a false no yeah yeah i know that we talked about our daddy long did sir or teddy long legs the most venomous spider in the world the answer is no and there's a whole bunch of things wrong with that statement go back and listen to that the silver daniele an eye for you wanna hear more about those guys to do so
those are some of the things we cover in fact shaggy seriously like a guy in the backyard question do do you like one of the fat what have you like yes in fact it's true do less interested in no no figures wanted the warlike ones were it's wrong i like that i think within we have only had a handful that are true one of whom was one that year best body amateur restore oh be misled twice before worry it come on board your watch and the goods are one of the tools that we recently covered was one your rogan other repeat and that's that during world or one they had ever ceasefire to be down the wolves that were moving
and yeah and that's like a legit story that one was true in nineteen seventeen there were a bunch of newspapers like the el paso herald the new york times the oklahoma city times i think those are the three places our reporter on this this dispatch came out of berlin talking about how the war that was fought in like these rural areas had displaced large packs of wolves heading them moving into like these small villages and self new taking down a bunch of goats and cattle in two incidents children they killed children the wharves also ended up like just going to the front lines in eating on wounded fighters and it was all true historians estimates that they can hundreds of wolves during this time the tv isaac a break from shooting at each other to yell war they without idead non wounded people they decided to have cease fire if this were to happen in any did happen tsar to focus talking to some of these
it is only a little of it a little bit it was so bad that they described the wolves as a plague and in that one was true it hard to believe but that what happens you're some fact jaguars aren t you european wolves are sort of a different kind of groove man in romania yet like you know them inclined european what it is they're more inclined to mass very hard do very hard to host while you're while almost need to put down a rug to get another one or do i'm just like on fire european rules more inclined to buy books one of the court i teach seventeen zero times article said poison rifle fire hand and even machine guns were secured tried in attached to eradicate the nuisance career the world fighting on fish do not a rod supposed to do
i got a correct yeah you did nobody doing i'm doing this like ok like he has to marry when fishing to not point the rod at the scattered rightly discard use using for a sort of like and what i think of the issuing sort of a ninety degree angle cat between the that the yeah i see what you're doing you're you're moving so that your rod is occasionally someone who's the vocabulary to explain what i mean i can explain what i'm doing so like instead of moving the rod vertically kind of hair in parallel exactly i m like whipping my wrist back so that the rod is like add
what is this your long renovation pillar to the ground i have never seen one i've never seen someone do that i think that is capable of b i feel like a boon of guiding steve tell me how these there's only more right so more more welfare charter should be discussed later so but you said these european wolves like to buy why we want the new york times article is the wolves nowhere to be found here so large and powerful as in russia were desperate in their hunger and regardless of danger so it agrees with you there like that did this placement and all this warfare had driven home to die or measures here and then the two sides had to die or measures and
i started fighting the wolves instead of each other so what got you interested in that fact checker was rogue was it rogue yeah yeah yeah many times like i i surely hope this is true because that's a large audience that's hearing that that purging the house just nail and now he's tearing up you want to keep that one but you only gave this one a couple these were talking about regret like i got some like comments i did i tried to keep them mostly ah ice related your watch it's it's you can see some elastic your system hosting okay some very flexible hosting i one i just can't figure out maybe someone could help me how to make it seem relevant to up to the ice one is this one need help on we're too near the about ethanol and gas than what it does like borders and one of the guys
steel chainsaws rodeo some clarifications look why don't you see when you look a station you see like the big signs ethanol free or low f and on all that in return what degrees at all like to do you know like old engines didn't like ethanol that modern engine supposing talent the guys who still chainsaws were sad that ethnic star break down and separating from fuel in as little as one week there saying that when running machines for extended periods of time you can use the e ten fuel with the right oil mixture because the ethanol there's no time to break down he's somewhere like vehicle like your iran to be a gas new vehicle quick enough where it's just not you know not lingering said the number one problem with small equipment seems to be falling from ethanol when it breaks down can come up the carbon fuel system and break down the rubber hoses
they say if you're using ethanol feel they recommend you run the fuel all the way out of your engine before you start for an extended period of time they say that i e the for for equipment say that non ethanol feels preferred and steal actually makes pre egos on say this that still makes pre mixed fee with no ethanol called modal mix so they make like a premium you are now a regular feel with no ethanol modal mix understand that when you bodies cans of this stuff it has a shelf life of over ten years when unopened nice yes they do that we're doing i look how to fish bass on first one farmer of basque coming out big mouth billy big mouth billy coming to see taken dreams
it is fighting so hard that miles is cameras rocking back and forth but i'm on the one oh i think you're stupid ass tangled my rod fills a yet no all they struck me man miles as long fibre of lucy i read very league lane saw very loose drag get a big mouth that means that angle giant now make a bride the hour and i'll keep why would we not keep it daddy please miles caught as his verse decide i don't need to fish it if if hu i carry old people like us no jimmy s people i care those big battle gnp mild i saw you drop it i don't understand why we would let her go
because the bass in pass in here who want to come down those there are very few bass and all your limited numbers a perch blue gill i'll keep i promise i will keep all the bluegill blue euphoria buddy burma let the basque go but people i d those things you kind of in a local town part here you don't wanna you're too we'll town pond in the air if you keep it but if you get your love five day about here is a good one it's all i what do you get your looks like you're loan up a lot over there on your baby you know why because i'm hosting and when i'm hosting are not able to pay as much attention as i'd like and they can strip me so trying to find some way that i'd keep in the game and their mind wasn't making shit under my worms anyway the triangle something over there that might help me catch some fish to know i'm just trying to keep in the game when i can be inattentive alright he may get ice are you
i i know how political make the little monsieur engine up as if you drop it through the water and near feel that not lawyer drop it into the ice better sandy you dropped we're tumble who drafted the most expensive thing down the hall i saw a lot of sports go through not lab strive seed spots go through we want i dropped to three thirty kind of bear down through a hole in the ice trap beavers but we were able to get it back out with a long pole but you lost your rangefinder and put a rangefinder down one i think like any good midwesterner you seamlessly transition from hunting season inefficiencies but not the skiing seas of now goes under you go in the fishing season so you were the same warm bibbs that your hunting with in december and then your fishing in forget you inch binders in your jacket you lean over range fighter down the hall
how does it happen vila realize you did you make any attempt at retrieval now i think you is like twenty some food or water or again now back you know we ve been covered is i'll royal situation so like i'll royal in my is is in my home state it's an island of lakes period if you look at a map it looks like it's more like belonged to ontario that got kind of screwed it seems it's ok this measure the its america's ireland kind looks like it should blonde ontario my own body most perch nice perch i'll royal we've talked but you should go back and listen to the whole library episodes within the six hour was kind of crazy were historically talk like way ass ago i mean in in the modern era of the united states i'll royal and lakes appear here was a lynx caribou island which created to think about but
i'm a transition stuff like comes a goes across the ice and as point i'm this law becomes firstly how this happened fish on at in reviews for a second aids and can you give me one of those eyeballs we villanies eyeballs here mountain technically no yeah he's a soccer eyeball document i have all the baltic when the more so i'll royal historically out lake superior northern michigan was had links and care one and at some point it's a little bit like as loaded debate about how this happened but moose i'll be the lake frozen moose walked out and got on the island and at some point in time later when the in the winter when ices frozen this got colonise by wolves and people kind
like fell in love with the sort of moose war situation out there and it sort of became this thing where like i was like oh it's so great we have moose and wolves on a mile royal and it's all great and happy but overtime you had kind of wild fluctuations and right now you they diminishing wolf pack whether the existing law packet out there got down like two wolves so when i had the great idea of to increase the naturalness of this place they were just truck new wolves out there and they truck new rules out there the first thing the new rules do is kill the two existing walls lived out there and theirs can i get them whose population under control so this this state refugees the name stephen jars information means our seventy second district he sponsoring some legislation in the state
that's moving out of committee and passing through the state house there could be a resolution so that it is basically a thing that when the conversation were a resolution suggesting that the national park service should be using hunting to win the wolves on i'll royal and some people got all their they're all worked up about this when he points out that this will be a thing that the national park service has done this they use hans to control all the while those populations in the past you can't i had this little bit like aquarium situation out there i feel where i know it is its is small almost like experimental little place and i have great idea because we are talking about there's too many walls they eat themselves out of out of house and home people behind to go home there the whole thing
come along right now to be a quick solution to the problem some people are freaked out the does one upon the wharves and do extinction but he points out that they monitor these moose very closely and they could just decide if their numbers get down they can decide some your job by two issues zero permits at all so he's our offer to come on the shores of town talk about this there we got an email from a waterfowl researchers like a duck researcher whose doing work on doc inbreeding there are things where things are looking at it's kind of interesting as you're looking at the implications of what's called game farm ballard's and up until a couple of years had not there is such thing but we're in chesapeake bay or do we want security right that's right and we off this bridge just getting a famous darkened area that we are in an onlooker
britain has always mallard that like for being deering hunting season and in a heavily hunted area these mallow just colleague sitting in acting weird in weird place and i commented on it and a friend of was pointing out how those like game far mallard which people call look man i want to get a dog i don't care italy ray these matters up a let him go on people kind of pretend to hunt them both the locals turn they had a term for those ducks remember this is dummy ducks dummy ducks than might have been a camera yeah you like it like you can like the sounds a hunting but you're not actually any good at it or you don't have patients will you do it go and have a guy may die if you like hunt see we're hunt and you want to go hungry oh but you weren't you can figure it out so use hunted chickens instead of a farmer but in this case they raise docks up and in the ducks it looked like a wild dog and then people pretend that they're hunting them when in fact that this kind of shooting them so this guy is looking at
what does this mean for wild duck populations have all these dogs from museum specimens they ve got museum docks i really do genetic work on the go back to a hundred fifty years ago and i got a couple of things when they're looking at like how what what is the relationship of black ducks and mallards in earlier they there was this earlier work that suggested that black ducks with we get as more more mallory came into new areas that it was making the black doc through hybridization the black that was a vanishing of becoming a mallard through like inbreeding not everybody participation with mallard and their father trade that does not actually true but the interesting thing is is these like fake doc farms the dummy duck farms are in the atlantic fly way and in looking at
they find that these fly ways are actually like the western fly way so they go in and look at what we're mallard like yes track on i'm saying here i'm following the railroad look like what we're mallard like a hundred and fifty years ago and then what has happened since people started doing these game farm mallards and they found it in the western u s the mail words are the same as historical mallards okay so special from a hundred fifty years ago still resembled docks in the western u s but davis i believe that in the eastern north america on the western part of the country where you have these game farms that matter words are not genetic the same thing as they were one hundred fifty years ago in writing with release game far mallard is the source of the unique genetic signature now
in the high abundance across the atlantic flyaway and sadly that's me say sadly not him too extent now being found in the mississippi flyaway the eastern mallard formalities and the eastern u s are becoming a game farm wild hybrid swarm there if you kill a mallard in the eastern u s there is only about a ten percent chance that that doc is peer north american mallard that's the bottom ninety percent chance that son of a bitch is part fake mallard game farm stocking practices but bomber their heart and should be easier so of it do sitter what we're doing right now fisher me because our fish and introduce fish yeah i made it sounds like if we're gonna say that hunting for introduced ducks doesn't count as hunting
they now was nyjord rate higher if what was it in a little you you go to sport show and they have a kitty pool filled with trout yes do i think that's fishing who had guess no and i would remind the house fishing gear far mallard are not it's like preserve pheasants and wild pheasants gotcha your fishing wild fish nah they were introduced in this moment we are but where there are plenty of places where you're fishing for hatchery raised fish that have been planted there are tons of put and take stocked fisheries all over this country yeah i would call those semi fake fish you would call a semi fake but here's the thing sure that you're in a place where you already have something good you have malware give while ours but you're taking something its existing in there
in corrupting it by adding like an easier version of it it's not the same thing so i mean we'd we do have an example that profession lay not me i would say all the stuff in practices that are happening on the west coast with an atmosphere fish with your steelhead with your salmon those are contributing to a population decline in the wild fish but people love to catch them and they want to be able to take those fish you've got a whole industry built around taking fish yup and as a result of that you've got a diminishing wild population then condemn it that's that's a tough thing to do when you condemn that eurozone advice perch when you can win damn that your sexual shutting down any kind of harvest from those fisheries because the wild stocks or so down they can sustain i'm ok i that may
and i agree that there are a lot of areas with fisheries and even some areas of hunting that are confused ok but i dont feel the need to be so consistent but i can't point out a version of things that i think is is kind of perverse and i think that that having in an area that has wild ballads in wild duck hunting to have it that year and in athens native bird i absolutely native distinct bird in europe rob thing that in the east axiom landscape where survives it'd be like let's say you had let's say you had in air or here's a great example is for example take gould's turkeys down in southern arizona can you have these island mountain chains that have had these historic populations
girls turkey's that someone said goulds cool but this is not that many of them and they started just dumping shit loads of pen raised eastern turkey's into those mountains would you feel that that was a travesty and for the remainder lost the goulds turkey for the record not for in favour of the product you're doing that and i'm not happy about this change or that the information is laid out it was or like a semantic conversation about you that doesn't count as hunting when sort of thought like i'm sitting your catching completely non native fish out of stock pond think it does this kind of fishing rights i think there are these very fine lines that you have to look at her you can talk about how introducing certain species to build a hundred fish them has negative impact on the the native species and that's problematic right
that's one argument but then to say that introduce species don't count as as hunting like that gets to be problematic i think for people they begged to be an issue that can be censored linking to rub people the wrong what is our change my words around i'll say same thing but use different words ok in this case i think that that is is trying to say different words arts where words but what will let it rest yeah though i'm sticking by my analogy okay let's say this let's see this one you here in the rocky mountain west let's say you had some pristine high mountain lake that had some beautiful native cut throat that had been there for thousands the years doing its own thing and their rare and are hard to catch but are there
in some days some guys like you know make this lake really great vision is let's dump a whole bunch of a different kind of cut throat honour because they get bigger in their easier to catch and then a hundred fifty years later someone lurks in says you know what that unusual like endemic well that was found nowhere else doesn't exist anymore because some guy thought it was too hard to catch absolutely and i mean the habits this is not what we're talking about hypotheticals but a lot of the the fish species of trout species around here were put in because they get bigger and they're easier to catch or maybe not easy to catch but more fun to catch than the natives do they are competed once they bid one ass little ass your feedback routine about the i unicorn arrives i the gnome catching a mermaid shirt the controversial nome catching a mermaid shirt
and the guy's wonderin our mermaids or vivid you know that means now i just can ask you both of those words mean you know o vaporous viviparous in vipre is this guy that asked this question is his signature line you know you'll have a sinner july it just tells you like what you do for life or whatever july as a college student do they breathe underwater reproduction so are those creatures reduce living young instead of eggs from within the body oh no in the manner of nearly all mammals many reptiles and a few fishes overboard our animals that lay eggs with little or no other embryonic development within the mother of of
they're so like a perch for instance here would be an oviparous egg creature yeah got it but the vigorous like that yeah there's some years see some sharks that have like an egg sac that they have like a very developed believe me like like them her like very little shark inside it please while mermaids that's a great question because i dont know what i dont even understand the orifice scenario on a mermaid like i don't know what orifices or on a mermaid and what they do and how many there are do they even eat they may not reality why they live in ass world new maybe they serve
of dreams what what do you think you think they like there's no sex for mermaids ask them it's now think i like to think that they have that as part of their lives that's ever loser feedback now specialist just because our i want to back into the fact jaeger situation about factor there is a series are you the only personal rights vouchers brody henderson has written a few at shirkers a series where you take things that everyone knows to be true because they were told that it's true by their grandfather who learned it from their grandfather yep and pass law of regeneration and you just know that it's true right outdoorsman specifically yeah these are doors factor outdoorsman things that we all know are like of course
everyone knows that that's a buck shit yeah that'd dog shit yeah or adds backtrack as that door track or that little spike corn will never become a big huge giant buck because he's a spike corn that's right everyone knows that a spike is never going to be a big bot or hey that's a six point he must be to all things that are like just widely accepted among sportsmen full moon s no good for hunt them recent one that we covered who is about spencer i was so distracted the of fish almost took my rod but it in but didn't i was it just the time go on the most recent one was do you lose half of your body heat through your course
do i think are guiding worrying parents have repeated that their chill ivory as much as seventy five percent while yeah when i tell my kids for though like i'm cold i put you had a but cold i'll tell them are your body he goes perfect i like my my i'm cold put your mittens on my hands aren't cold or my hands are cold put your gloves on but my hands are cold or i'm sorry my hands are cold like put your jacket on but my hands are cold they they think that each thing has it's own little life hm yeah so for these fact checkers i always try to track down the origin of where these things might have started and it's often not very easy but this one was very specific about you losing half of your body heat through your head in it to the debate
the earliest the earliest mention this is for me the u s army field manual in the nineteen fifty's which said is therefore a lot like weird bowl rely on stuff now could there be true because of the nineteen fit is this was oh do they use a lot of ideas that have just fallen from favour yeah yeah so so this was from the nineteen fifties it said you lose forty to forty five percent of your body heat through your head this idea has been revisited since with better science more specific science i i don't even know what they were basing this off of it was something about some arctic studies that they had done where they had people bond a whale believed their head not bundled and then they tracked how cold they were getting but but it wasn't very accurate the more modern studies have shown that the
is it not true you actually lose seven to ten percent of your body allow that significantly through had not produced only about preserving now nope it's it's actually pretty simple it's it's just like the amount of skin showing the proportion of that to the body he that you lose so like your head is like seven to ten percent of the skin on your body you also then that is the amount of heat that you'll i saw it so it's like simple if you were wearing shorts in the winter then heat is escaping through your legs if you're not wearing hat in the winter then heat is escaping through your head what if you have like a lot of hair and you take a shower and your hair is wet and you go out and it like is cold enough for your wet hair turns to icicles which sometimes will happen with me is that
is like the head some kind of conduit though for its good work hard in temperatures or something just because there's maybe the modern studies look at in showering simply put the amount of heat you lose is proportionate to the amount of skin showing ok interesting we will another want everyone are that i know is true another one so big box stores find out along said you tell me okay i had a hard time with the transition there can go on because i'm trying to fix my boys fish ok so another one that all adores have heard at some point is that it but he kills a big giant bach oh yeah that then their phone is blowing up with
phone calls from outdoor stores lake sports warehouse where ask bass pro gain around all clamouring to buy the antlers from whatever you just killed which i know is true if you've heard this before met one yeah i know a guy that sold i'll tell you when you're done i'll tell you the story because might be the exception to the rule would go on it too big bargain i'll send you get rich to sell you a big box on about you about this every year on year you're not my whole life yeah the earliest one that i they rodent when i was a kid one of my buddies in his house his dad had this enormous whitetail rack above their fireplace it was a perfect four by four and it's the biggest four before i've ever seen in my life and i had been told that cabela's had called them every year offering them more and more persistent yeah and they just turn them down like no it's a family heirloom our grandpa found them on the farm and we're not interested in giving them up
i would not let a rationale let it rest does the earliest example getting over this but every all my mind it gets you so let's combated out at the end of our like what nope what kind of money where they get and offered a lot of the myth i dunno okay this was a middle school memory that i century visited when i called his dad see if that was reality or not but i put out a calling to other people have killed big giant box big giant elk to see what their experience has been in one of the guys who get back to miss joshua bruce he killed the second his whitetail in mississippi state history oh wow and then it was shortly after he killed this deer he got to the da jeff foxworthy nadal's georgia sarah recently killed like an arch or some kind of biggest archery buck for the year didn't know that gone
so joshua bruce he killed the second biggest balkan mississippi's state history shortly after that he got an offer from a local sporting goods store owner for thirty to thirty five thousand now for real wow thirty i want to know is it for the originals or does it deliver ass kale for the original wow so joshua was mauling over this offer and he had taken his time had taken about a week to decide if he was going to accept this offer and before he was going to go back to the sporting goods or honour this local chain the south bass parole approaching with quote on called a better offer in the contract oh shit but they want to buy it by it is like mine the up yoga in the contract that joshua signed with bass probity in and abilities it was agreed upon that he couldn't disclose what the extent
exactly was so joshua or can we protect the market yak joshua couldn't tell me what basque pro paid but he said it was a better offer with a better offer may large exchange of money they then gave him some replicas as well and they are now displaying that book in their museum in springfield misery so he did the sale he did well this is the interesting thing too because you can't sell game meat for yourself part so that it's a great example of this and josh killed his dear i believe it miles islander guiles ireland its world famous d in deer hunting island that its position between mississippi in louisiana you can halt there with a tag for either one he had a louisiana tag
that he killed this dear with and when it came time to sell it to hit a snag because in louisiana you are allowed to sell antlers because they considered like a piece of art gun but in mississippi it considered part of the game well so you can see he couldn't do it so he had to actually end up getting like a written letter from local game wardens and the da allowing him to sell this now yeah and it was some amount of money more than thirty five grand so he he couldn't a guy asking that specifically can say yes or no cause he signed a deal never did a school but he said it was a better offer to him so he could have had something to do with the replicas that he was offered it was also very valuable to him to have it in that king of box display at the museum so i i don't know the exact amount of money huh luke rooster he recently killed so so this is one of those fact checkers it's true yeah yup in but
i think it's rarer than people put it this okay gone the story version of how this went yeah but go on luke rouser recently killed a world with that he recently killed the world record whitetail that's what he's famous for yes so he's not someone i should know prior to that nope he killed this world record whitetail in illinois in two thousand and eighteen he was offered a blake check basically for his dear right now true i could have put down three billion dollars in no i don't think so well known her joy there oh yeah yeah i like it i didn't want to interrupt earlier but now i will is my second purchase of the day i got a slow start was picking up for me he made it very well known that he wasn't going to shop his dear and so we just hasn't got any offers
he's hanging onto yes he's not interested in giving somebody the real thing even if it meant he could have a replica of his own he's a fool but where the replica parliament's rayner asking my heart the deal's i'll make you a replica of your dear i utterly interest somebody else who didn't want to be in the article that and what their name used like they interview and who as they tell they gave me all these details i don't like being reality when he's vision because here's a care so many but then he is painted standing amory saga about were gone so i am i pray see i wouldn't write about it but i'll give a few deed help you promise yeah good fences a man but i will not
legit journalists sometimes i don't even want to say what kind of animal he killed because it might be too easy to figure out in recent years this guy killed one of the biggest of this critter in the world wow color is it sea became an acronym he there got offered a hundred thousand dollars really any turned down he was interested recently shot the biggest something jani that i don't that kind he didn't want me to discuss this in the article because he didn't you say there's crime in the area he lives and he didn't want to be out there they were the hundred now then so be it break in and thief it ok so that's that's why he didn't care to have their written about or
i have any specifics he didn't want word out but one hundred thousand dollars is what he was offered doesn't want to do it wouldn't do it and i just doesn't even want it known that well that's cool i i respect you but it's kind of hard for me to picture oh yeah when i was writing like i just take a bunch of pictures get the replica maiden and take the one hundred thousand dollars and go hunt my ass off my wife tested me she asked me she's like what costs for someone to buy like your biggest year mount three hundred bucks our dialogue that reassure them out and seldom before that man i gotta tell you now hurry place very soon also oh hell here you you're we now know why you're why'd you have the shoulder mounted on the first place if you sell librate like having it ok maybe that three hundred five hundred how about that
the purpose of the unused it's not it's not so important to me that i can't possibly not have it i have the memory of the pictures like those things ok medallion way more people ever see the pictures of the deer then they will be examined there's i want to know what we're talking about i want to go back to let's say spencer if you killed the state record whitetail for for know south dakota would you sell it i could give you an example i killed the state record rio grande turkey with my bow in south dakota i'm really or non i believe your buddies don't believe thence i don't believe that believe in turkey reassuring of turkey it had three bayonets and had three beards we'd like twenty three
i have all this documented not going to be a good counter argument because no one really state record to just people and we have to help people so there is a thing there's a there's a form of mental masturbation called turkey measuring turkey measuring rod spencer it's the turkeys way it's some it's like they in some expression weight of turkey's wait spurlock length of his spur and in the length of his beard both the turkey gets multiple beards and you measure them all so that some have turkey beer in the twenties i'm on my uncle had a beard that eleven nine and seven so twenty seven inches beard wow which is like the that's the big multiply
it's ok it's ok let's get to you so you have a world right i'm a record to stay wreck i think it's like another state record archery turkey has often things i think like thirteen in the world in rwanda what kind of what kind of offers have you been fielding i have tried to give it away i called the smithsonian natural history museum they're not interested in it i've tried giving it to bass pro and cabela's they're not interested in it haven't mounted though like i have all the the fan the beards the spurs all that self is preserved so although you have you have what you need to get him out and then they would just mount it and pay the five hundred bucks or whatever it is to to mount a turkey but nobody's interested in and that was also part of the factory
is that one guy who didn't want me to give his name was a former trophy curator for bass pro shops cabela's he said the displacer sitting on such a big inventory of mounts that a lot of them will just never see like a showroom floor because it's they're not like clamoring to have odd just like average critters any more and sell to them a rio grande turkey with three beards is just like nah don't donate it yeah it will now tell you the story that we know who yandy tied into his third fish of the day jani will now tell you the story reno and i'll have my thumb up or down depending on how good of a job i think he's doing at remembering the details so my thumb is level right now i think you should just tell it i don't
the details of that year and gave an italian about bug story here man give you very very let me let me hear what you got i'm here to get very very abridged version of it do you remember the circumstances under which he was hunting know i remember you mean that he was guiding somebody wasn't he wasn't but i thought that he was guiding somebody and then they didn't kill the ball right that's correct yeah as a giant whose ideas you should really kill him and the guys didn't like something about the bulls antlers didn't have enough rough times there wasn't wide enough or something that bucks like you're an idiot later box out hunt by himself and he's like you know no he's just hunt by himself you remember is really well and happened to you remember better than i do except forgot the part about the client come across the same bowling and buck wasn't looking for that bull that happened to come across that same bull and shot it
and then i don't know how it all went down but somehow you have given a large sum why it's some crazy giant on whether or not a giant moose he would bring it is he would go down to the harris harrisburg the on board any so yeah he's out there next week so he would go to the hairs bourgh show and he would to cook to book clients and he'd bring this big ass moose gold honor to be like hey look at the giant moose that come off my place right you can picture this he's as like an advertisement well way tells it one of the cabela's brothers after the gulag dick cabela's wherever sees it
and he's like man do i like that mousse so sends one of his fellows over there to negotiate and then bach sold it for like a pretty good chunk of money tens of thousands yep i don't remember how many tens to tens whatever was he's probably pissed cause he didn't ask he got a good chunk of introduced thing thinking and he knows worth on display now here and if you want a badly enough he could have replica made of it and still come out ahead
why do you know where where did you why did you do that one like where did that one come up from just your own mind yeah because that that's just like such a common thing you hear at the bar or the guys drinking coffee every weekday morning at eight am talk about whatever and like i said back to that middle school example of my buddies antlers on the wall like all these dead when i was working on this because i thought that would be the best way to track down if this is reality or not and he said no he had never gone offered any amount of money for those hours that was just like a schoolyard rumor the only offer that he ever got from a guy in town offered him a brand new wash machine the antlers huh he said no turn that down three or four grand i dunno i dunno was the wash machine costs dishwasher clothes washer what like clothes washer your brand what model
adele now forget that the guy the guy owned a furniture store and the guy with the antlers tell me like yeah you know i just think if if our why do you bother we'd both get divorced because his wife would be upset that he was offering a wash machine for antlers and my wife would be upset that i turned him down not taking a new washing machine for antlers oh that's a good point so they had to keep a secret yes but it was not it wasn't like i remembered it middle school rebellious was blown up their phone every year offering the offer being i got some point he's got a crack yup yet this it actually happens but not like is prevalent is you think we're every year so and so and your county kills a big something and then cabello says you show up with fiscal decay
your bass pro can hit me with the next one now i still want to know if a spencer if you cure the the record south dakota record south dakota record you'd sell it or keep it i'd sell you how much the five thousand dollars that's what about getting much de i sell itself or sure yeah because they're just stop material things souls money money can be turned into experiences i am with the or the land it'd be i dunno whatever you know but it's just like i dunno but there still has to be a point at which you would or wouldn't do it i don't want to belabor the point but percent like like i have a nice meal i've amelia that i am very happy to have is someone said there gimme a couple thousand dollars for it i wouldn't take it you in
four thousand dollars i went about like fifteen thousand twenty thousand yeah yeah gets up there did do me the rapporteur alright twenty sure we used to play a much worse version of this and that it was basically like at what dollar figure would you do various things might involve larry king ma martha i get it easy i think i can i can i came in surprisingly low we were shocked at how low i came in it to do nigeria larry king came in i once basil this is another one that when i talk to eradicate world team we had people from california to south dakota pennsylvania everyone has heard this and it was just like an accepted deal and it said baby rattlesnakes are more injuries because they can't or not i lie you aka because they have
oh baby venom and is more potent and they haven't yet developed the mechanism by which you stop the flow venom so that when this baby rattler gets a hold of you he just in this spasm of lost let's all of is venom india and you die calendar or centre right in on the contrary that that assumes that a a large were adult rattlesnake would control that and wooden throw is much too these more mature in writing and they need urgently need light they we need something in the reserve for later because if a rattlesnake doesn't i ran over it ass interesting but not just for the potential explanation the reality is all true it's false of course it was true tat i told you that through all my life i've ever heard
so young rattlesnakes and old rattlesnakes alike can control the amount of venom that they throw and the probability of you getting a dry bite which is a bite without venom is just as likely whether it's a one foot rattler or a five foot rather oh really so like if you're out and you god forbid have a snake bite you it's very possible that there is no venom in that and there's yeah they they get they can choose to not throw any venom at all oh really like he makes a choice yeah i thought it was i thought one of those dry by i didn't know that it was a conscious decision of the snake i thought it was like just the whatever you know like the circumstances or he was low on venom or so he can just be like i'm going to get you but no venom yep so age
is an indicator of er excuse me age is not an indicator of whether or not they'll give you a driveway and if i remember this correctly they're more likely to throw dry bites on when they're like feeling defensive like get the hell out of my face sort of thing more likely to throw drybar yes whereas if they want to kill something that they're going to eat like a snake yeah er excuse me like a rabbit or whatever then they'll use their venom to kill it and it helps with the digestion i believe the venom does so if if they're like defensive more likely to be dry the other interesting view something is prey then it's more likely to have the venom friends on one i wonder how many there we get them up w oh i wonder how many people get bitten by a rattlesnake and don't need the anti venom for it because because there's no vat
and they're all like right lying in a well you see a rattlesnake by you and your lyra guy like holy shit i got thereby rattler yet saudi there do then there is some truth in that small stakes smaller snakes have more potent venom but venom has over a hundred active compounds and various base our number things like age diet location how long ago a date stuff like that yeah i saw a baby rattlesnake could potentially have more potent venom but adult snakes store twenty to fifty times more venom so like a simple way to put a bow on this is that the bigger the snake the bigger the consequences even if a baby rattlesnake has more potent venom it is not alway the fact that a large rattlesnake can throw so so much more venom at the load sizes or different yup
hmm you know one how many you got right now i got a few more gives you more let me know jimmy get a body i gotta play all day all day so another one is you can identify a buck verses adele by this get yes this not one yet this one you ve heard i've heard you gonna divide barbarous though this get but more than that i've heard that in her something to this that you can tell that there's a difference met yo yo yo with this winter scant summer scat difference was not actually that it's just like whether their eating brows were green feed global role the whole thing will what i want ya you this when you referred to yeah well you data proud vapour having so i've heard it said sometimes between balls in cows
one would cut what's it if one comes out like a big go on another one comes out you know in power reservoir them and eat yeah i think so that's that's a widely believed thing is that a pile of scat that's in pellet form would be from a do whereas a big pile of like lumpy scat would be from a book yeah and i heard this from like one of the smaller dear honours i know when he heard it from his grandpa so that like walk arouse whole life like there's a box gatt yes he he is good of a white tailed killers i know do ok go on someone ass if you believe in this in turkey's yes begone again
so like that that was the order can you tell if you start let's go to clean it up or make it s out of this can you tell a box shit from a doze shit now the reality is that when you have the pellet piles that is an indication of what they ve been eating so when you have the palate piles if they were eating firmer foods drier foods like leaves twigs more of a quorum of rough rains and the lumpy piles of scat means that they're eating softer more moist foods like grasses fruits clover yeah they were on a fresh hay field you're likely to find clumped up clumpy poops and it has nothing to do with the sex of a deer it's not that boxing does have different digestive tracts so
or they're throwing out different scared and i'm also like i want to be cautious when i'm writing these that i'm not creating a scarecrow man for some of these meaning that i'm not like taking something that isn't really widely believed and just like throwing this out there so i can then in pretending that is widely believed rare but this this is more this is one that i was fearful of that it was like making a scarecrow man but what you feel like it's not discussed enough i thought maybe this one and actually that widely believed in its use giant bass right now allow me at this point something these are the way it's an old boot yeah you're right that way you're what are we gonna get him after all now just jump weeds
tell me about turkeys now what was so hold on no so i wanted like i was worried that this might have been a case of that that i was creating a scarecrow man to like tear down exact with this but man did people come out in the facebook comments like we had five hundred facebook comments the first time this article was saying like oh say computer nerd that's not right i spend more time i know this is true and in one of the theories as to why this is true is that a book spends more time in it's bed so then it has the crap building up in his system or later just comes out all lumpy were as do is they're just moving around all the time shit and then their crap just comes out of this spraying out and pellets five hundred and facebook positive are compacted into a long that that was just what many many people want to spend more time in the world you'd notice that's right yup
so then afterwards i felt vindicated that is there's something many many people believe there's no scarecrow man and before you like right in disguise for me or whatever about half those five on our comments were people saying that the only way to actually tell his taste i heard that funny joke many many times guy just wasn't funny anymore so no need to tell us now and again i do believe maybe you should check into the now a firm believer from my experiences that i can smell the difference between not now dose and box but bore in cow urine oh i buy that put that on your list i feel like when you can win even in the woods you when you smell elk you can smell a bowl or you can smell cows
sometimes i want to i want to thank the bulls urine is brown or a more concentrated for dismissed one i had a virus targeted by you know i really do believe that i can but alan in iraq war when i got your grand guys around each other hon laboratory look about fish there's a both jigs i've never seen that i know what he's coming on chartreuse twice wow cake rempel what a gluttonous fish tight you drag down your whole mess greg greg greg greg greg greg oh that's your line stop yeah you're good
man that mean someone is not efficient well because our fish had to move a long way to detect i'm not you know two things at the same time focusing on spent with spencer browsers back up no man those funds so another one that i covered was does getting a crater i bet i went back okay are you going to fact check is your next picture you're going to be called can you honestly tell a ball python because python we can do that we could try any or the turkey thing but i know it to be true that a hen turkey has a different shit than a tom yeah
the tom fills a j her chip you know why because something about how it's something to do with the shape of the claw acre in like the reproductive organs and whatnot in the hen has a little squirt in a in a gobbler throws a j hook toured you by that fact that i do buy that i should fact check this because i need i can't always be like nope this isn't true your dad was wrong because this one would be like yeah yeah throw that in your fact checker your haunting mentor was if you don't feel that your fact checker i got them all day long for your man one on one jersey sure that you heart shot a skunk he won't spray because they're widely understood phil donahue do you understate that's right true the first i've heard of it i got it another when i wrote that was inspired by you was disgusting something make your farts smell i got no yes
people listen not not inspired by somebody inspired you i would say very people are ready to over this yes issue almost cause we do in life podcast it almost caused a riot in the audience and when i said that no people know that there's room farts doc parts now let's drink edge is pretty good it a drink and yeah that you got something and then later you will pass gas out okay let's let's here's a scientist answer because i'll try to lay out with the theory that's good yeah i'm glad i did still all those people that want to fight about this i just know a child okay go on so i want to do some like some polling for this i reach out to ten of my body said the biggest hunters i know and i asked him if this
ask me every true unions me besides you guys who d une is sick the ten of them said it happens to them why he asked me to get you texted me about this so i assume that you were like confirming this is something that happens to you know all the servants nokia what yeah yeah i soon guiana was written i see you there dial up all the people in an old ammonia narrative wait only when i can add to the polling so now it's six out of eleven jani this avenue no no mackay six or twelve six of them
twelve biggest are your you know that that's a very statistically significant change yeah yeah it's so six or twelve said it happened in them and a few of them specifically said that like birds are the worst like ducks and pheasants they create the worst god farts later on got parts i then found a forum that had discusses a handful years ago it had over a hundred responses the question was just getting a bird than me your farts smell like got this responses to it twenty three percent said that happened to them all up monotony currently don't got a lot of things now i doubt is this as your hearing this are you think i am
this also now it sound like a complete nonsense i mean what do you like that lots of an animal release into the air and your skin pours suck vat the our system and somehow turns in the latch of interior intestine yes into air pockets in your intestines and turns to fire can be explained the winner don't you know just as well have announcements are giving his borders explanation so the answer is foolish explanation for this the answer is no no what's getting something does not then make here because the problem is how is this whose researching this
so maybe maybe it's like there's some kind of smell or some something that's release into the air that is like stuck in your old factories stem and then in his language for her lonely like can't for only the parts can deliver yet what does she say that stock all factory and late
were you your buddies far because it's in there you smell it and you go oh thats what i mean although okay picture this especially there's a half dozen and a half dozen people hanging out that guys is with men and women mixed yeah they both for men a large group five of them the day before have been gutting rabbits the sixth was else that they couldn't go but now they're here at this they're here drinking beer now the five who were gutting rabbits their flatulence will resemble the smell of the rabbits if it's trapped fart partner stuck in your knows that are then liberated by farts then debbie awaited
no you see i'm getting dirty way to test yet because they don't have those particles stuck in their nose the sixth person but yeah that's a fart would enter their nose that just sounds like a normal foreign smell just smells like all of mine i read you so you you tell me about this at the end of october i don't want to clarify a point yeah i texted you this will be a good thing to look into it now i know so you text me at the end of the end of october i had killed a deer that weekend and this this is what happened to me before you take me about this i then had a bow movement later that day and it smelled like the mule dear guts so at that moment i knew like deal cycles ran my hair is there because steve just brought this to my attention about movement
in that had never happened before word smelled like that it really could have inside us so then the real reason you use that word often though those two words bowel movement now now a thought for your listeners appreciate the best young years here jimmy and so the forests are composed of swallowed air and then a cocktail of gases like we're dioxide hydrogen and other trace gases so this is going to be a reality i had two theories bar has allowed at nice fish up you're not going up oh yeah oh jimmy's unwanted nowhere
oh god i'm high five jimmy perch and bluegill okay so so flatulence is composed of swallowed air swallowed air not a mix of noxious gases yup career and give yourself some slack you're going to poke yourself and what else just open the bail just like a cocktail of gas and swallowed air go gotcha so with that my theory was then that this could either be like a transitional thing where you're handling the guts whole bunch and somehow it like seeps through your skin and she's so powerful that it then affects your guess that that can be one thing or another thing you're having these fumes so much why you're getting an animal that because their swallowed air that creates your farts that like the smelly air is then changing how your fort smell
yeah yeah those are the two things that that is what else could it be what else could it be so i reach out to dr alan lazaro nope been on the podcast before and he said firmly no and he said what's happening here described his day job who that is and he said i remembered his email it's not my favorite part of it was dating improve yeah it's not one hundred percent explain but it's one of two things going on either remnant got pile particles are resting on your nose harrier mustache you beard hands whatever i liberated by someone else's fart career so you're saying i don't let us make any sense that could be one night had i guessed another is that the memory of game got order is triggered in inhabitants is an mammal everybody's after smelling another
similar smelling far down the yes his quote was at all factory signals which control our senses smell go through the hippocampus and mallory bodies which are integral to memory formation and recall so it similar to like if you smell banana bread and it makes me think of your mom it's like that you're your memory smell are very very closely linked like a megabyte the bunch a rotten eggs they elements rotten eggs in the us all free in another a couple days they are someone rips one in your like star right here just you just writ rear remembering how nasty those rotten eggs were so days up who i love that an end when we posted this on facebook there were many many people they volunteered to have me smaller farms so then i would know that this is in fact whatever
there are so many people have volunteered their wives to confirm that their husbands gas smells like rabbit for aura are there art the same people i you to eat the pellets same people sell my needs in two years people wrote in to say go ass my wife yes my flageolets smells like a rabbit that i got it was she there for the gutting out assume not and that's that's why they felt so strongly that when their wives could confirm that mid november their husbands farts smell dank like dear got that this has to be what's happening
no i want to say that you put a nail in the coffin on this one but i can't say for now because i think there's a lot of unanswered questions i feel pretty confident that it's in your head no doubt i don't have this problem other than my nose my nose isn't heavy enough to hold the old particles that are liberated game y'know expensive another one is looking at if the farmers' almanac is accurate yeah art are still holdouts that think that it is that there's multiple of these there's the old farmer's almanac and the farmers' almanac both of which have sold tens of millions of copies like these are still very very pop who puts us out the farmer's almanac the old farmers almanac also they built that like the name of the arrests their separate publications but they both kind of dabble in the same thing the farmers all night in the old farmers almanac imagined we were like while take the old one so i like
you familiarity with the farmers almanac i've never read one my familiarity we would always have them when i was young and my familiarity let me living our speech it this way like a growing up people have a thing like that attitude about the flowers almah was kind like you argue all you want i how they do what they do but right yeah yeah like david defend it and they enable like why i can't explain is beyond explanation i don't know but it just always something to it and they just like exist in a grocery store checkout aisles where you pick one of them through by like a bunch of stupid stuff what celebrities think about the farmers on it yeah yeah and like when they come out and this is still a thing that new stations cover them and say the farmers' almanac just came out
we are in for a long while waiter think that was the example that that was used this year that is going to be a really rough winter i wanted to look in because i i liked these things and like i took value in them when i was a kid if my grandfather would say something about the farmers' almanac that they had next to the toilet about and there's gonna be a lot of ice for ice fishing this year yeah or or shoot the sluice you can freeze out because of how nasty of a winter it's going to be so that's how it related to me as an outdoorsman but they also have tons of all their self and there like when you should plant your tomatoes how to heal mosquito bites yeah stuff like that
their big thing are these super long range forecasts about what the year's weather is going to be like yeah it's kind of in the same i feel like the the gopher groundhog comes out yup so both of these publications started in the late seventeen hundreds and early eighteen hundreds wow and they won't give up what their formula is how they come up with what the weather's going to be eight months from now but they will say that it's an exclusive mathematical and astronomical for me
well that relies on sunspot activity title action planetary position and many other factors i didn't know they even made up i didn't know they even went that far that they'd want to give you the whole formula but a little bit of proprietor right the farmers' almanac actually claims to be eighty to eighty five percent accurate each year that's from their own editors and publishers that's their number is at their their forecasts are that accurate and how these really came into popularity i was in what year was eighteen sixteen they inadvertently but correct
we predicted that there was going to be snow in july and what had happened was there was a volcano in indonesia that exploded and it caused a summer that had like rain sleet and snow so they correctly predicted ah this weather forecasts that was determined by a volcano and leverage that into hundreds of years of misinformation they said look at this and then it just became a thing that oh they they are onto something here so that when how it gained popularity in the early eighties i didn't know that so i reach out some actual meteorologists to ask them about this can i ask a quick question has it been owned by a family or the same company switched hands made time data that are not sure sure about so actual meteorologists they
an agreement that this is not accurate at all the ones that is difficult enough to do a five day forecast like let alone a six month forecast or an eight month forecast or even attended for gas so it's not that easy to pull off and when it comes to those secret formulas like solar activity whether experts point out there no scientific backing for those methods at all there is no scientific acting for translating sun spots in the one is actually yup that's not something that modern day meteorologists use it all now go and like the simplest way to put this is at these almanacs are two meteor ology as to what asked reality is
the astronomy oh so they're recreating these horoscopes that are just vague enough and broad enough that they could be applied to almost anything with some amount of accuracy my wife just went through a tarot card reader and boy was he off about a couple of things including that she was single she would have her wedding ring on that day he's laying the ground with your single stick now i'm married and i have three children yeah same kind of science so did they did they come would like is therefore about how right are they were like numbers that are out there as far as them being eighty to eighty five percent accurate that's internally that's their own numbers so they can say whatever they want like i said that is vague enough that it could apply to any winter that we ever have now
we have a book where you can look up your birthday and it tells you about you and it's kind of like a it's like astrology but little bit different to bin every description someone reads everyone's like if you confuse it like when it's your birthday and you really like oh my gosh they're like not at times your pre nice guy but sometimes you're not a nice guy and i'm like dude how'd they know but then like you could trick people and on their birthday read them some different birthday thinking like oh my god so true just like a lot of times you have good luck but sometimes you have bad luck you're a good friend but when you add enough you ve had enough from people like my guns that hit home that's everybody so what's was an extra fact jacket i don't know was not only want to do you scared to do now occurring besides there is a good example
one that i like i would love to know the answer to you but when i've looked into it i've just never came away confident that i could like report on this well and say one way or the other that this is a fact or fiction okay that being does a rotting bark taste worse i'm like can you taste the rot in a buck yeah and that's that's one of the things that make this makes his heart is like what is a rotting book like how do you define a writing bug is it only is it only in that week where they're breeding or is it a book killed in mid october or early december and yet it doesn't make it taste worse doesn't make it taste different and although things like kind of make that a difficult one to tackle and when i did start looking into this i got
into like the beef industry yeah where when these critters are going through and getting slaughtered occasionally they have dark cutters yup are you familiar with that yeah red carter dark cutter yeah it's where the meat is so dark like like a a healthy and i guess cow's meat would be like i dunno a pink to light red what would you say that that's accurate a dark cutters like almost purple and as the stress levels right exactly yup and they've looked into what causes the stress of these critters is it the poking and prodding with the tools is it like the loud noises at the slaughterhouse is it transporting them is it the lack of feed like what is the number one cause is unknown because they're in the line of death and they can hear their friends bellowing ahead of them they know that death is imminent so what did he
it means that the number one thing that causes a dark corridor is the interaction with unfamiliar animals when they get to these slaughter facilities and all of this adds a leading contributor of stress for for cattle to be a dark carter as the number one thing that cause dark cutters that he gets mixed in with a bunch of animals he's not familiar with right whether that be like unfamiliar cattle or it could be pigs i guess all the bison it could be elk who knows i guess it didn't i don't i don't recall at expanding yeah how'd you know your first was your record my for the progress studio the engineer was europe picture in nashville i got an oven as grateful it goes heads
it makes him look like an engineer or pilot you're the only person whose photo photos not in this area can go on though so yeah being around unfamiliar animals was number one so if you talking you to do apply that dear and say like would that stress our dear during their out they run in all kinds of like unfamiliar dear they haven't seen before but there has to be a difference between like an ox that was domestically created over ten thousand years then a wild white tail duking it out in the rod doing something that they always done i think another interesting to look at when you get around this when you talk to meet scientists is be that leading into their reproductive season there has to be a girl you some kind of hormonal shift going on tat account
there is like an you know an increase of some hormones and a decrease in other hormones in it that could obviously have some kind of the empire the taste i had a guy in scotland one time tell me that in the jury marcie norway's eyes like here like otto i guess you gain that when it comes like in germany when their buying red year for commercial sale they like stags during the roar so maybe they're on right fetch it goes on to business yeah and that was they might be operating under some kind of erroneous assumption about what makes meat they like in there there is like part of that that makes this difficult is like i said what what is tasting worse or taste more gamey as i think during the slaughterhouse studies it's like one percent of american cattle are considered dont cutters applied in europe is like three percent or to visit that they
have more stressed out animals or do they have a higher tolerance for being a dark cutter so that's death also something that makes this i heard they have a lower tolerance or they're more likely to declare an animal dark carter in europe correct yeah that's what i meant because i'm guessing the dark cutter gets pitched i think it's to get started like dog food probably depends on what facilities but that's one that i wouldn't feel i could do justice to the question do you not doing it probably won't cover it because it would be too hard ah to nail down sure they could have right answer one way or the other than your hand you like to come in clean yes i will someone to read it and then feel confident that what they read is in fact factual the straight no there's gotta be a mean blood
study meat it's gotta be other things other than just dark cutters that events studied by meet scientists yeah i'd like you to talk to cover meet scientists before you give this one up do your due diligence again now i ve told before they won't be able to read about at the meeting what are some days people can look forward to more fact checkers never giving specific you don't have it in your pipeline they will if if you want if you have an idea for a fact checker oh write to us at fact checker at the meteorite com f a c t c h e c k e at the mediator dhaka give do the ones that are like so usually wrong but it still something you hear about like a fork pike and throw its quill yes it's so i guess it on you like dump juice not do those cause they're so stupid i'm the dainty like as they create a scarecrow man for these
there was one that i was really intrigued by but i'm like this is so stupid that but why would i even put any time into writing this and that was that the moon phase when you're hanging in aging meat affects the quality of the meat oh wow that's not worth doing all i know and that that's an example cause it to be a full moon said the moon dust phones down to add the extra flavor sure have you know we ve written about this we ve covered this but we have covered in fact check reform and to be like recycling an old idea but it might be time again because lies new research coming out about high winds what do you high winds due for dear movements what the full moon due for dear movements i think you could keep whittling away at that death those are changing things all the time
yeah the things we could certainly cover for the fact checker that i i think we've covered in other parts of our website whether it be mark kenney on the podcast exactly where something pat durkin has written but yeah there there are as many misconceptions around white tail movement as are i think anything else in the outdoor community you you could also fair check the honest true outdoors what is now the thirty yards is really not his yacht is really not true outdoors and then once you kids came to conclusion there you could then compare who is more of an outdoorsman stephan stephen area a good smiles going to add to your email if you fag checker you know either to write in but if you're still stuck on me the got smell moves you should just attach your gut
fart smell in an email and send it in and we can all see it tears from a bottle it up love it real quick i mean janusz will run for president does not change campaigns going to heat up later now get myself i our teacher khazar remember all the proceeds profits how do we have to put it always forget over access basely all all mine and when we launched an access project yeah report and access roger with all reminded that renault patel's twenty twenty raises camp the slogan idiotic better hunt and efficient for me i don't know of renewal of tells twenty twenty sign and drag nice and i use blaze orange duct tape to hold it up like it so people walk in they notice it there i probably all sold out private time this area might be all sold out alone
values are sold out we have an eleven city to our common up me wonder those down in mesa sima if you wanna go somewhere warm the spring maybe check out that can you the immediate or live off the air a lot of my soul sold out all you vip tickets are gone everywhere but there might be some taketh left i know yeah you never know what to say by the time the neighbors maybe we currently there are a number of venues still selling two years and maybe we'll add a couple of dates you never know check in so come check it out where's my me when i try to roll an element of fact checker under people can shout lies and then more live there also try workout deal i remember this dollar dance with the cow for twenty bucks for conservation i am when you brought that i've got no idea how that'll work i couldn't believe that like everyone else had not heard of it before
dance yeah that's just like a stable at weddings my wifi and a half times leave me really and she grew up in the same state aid it while you what do away as a couple things that happen at weddings there's della dance my wedding for a buck yeah is that a dollar yes you won't be dancing theresa try to raise money duty as areas you what did you take spawn bag material entire cocktail peanuts in those past the colored mints in a sponsor now what i know it's not me back now means not being that no one in the old days when i was a boy when i got marriages prove you got me you go and on your plate would be like spawn bag material like the mesh spawns some use bond bag and it be full of those rights cocktail peanuts in those little pastel colored pink and blue minutes and you a beau on and i was like an appetizer snack waiter
your seat and you'd eat that and then you d old people's ones then eaters eventually there'd be the dollar dance play a party favor and then some ones uncle would get wasted and ties ty around his head the time you home sounds like most weddings yeah right in your factor things how to pull off dollar dancing i offer twenty bucks for conservation because cows very stressed out about it the logistics of it but i have a feeling i have a vision in a feverish dream it came to me that this is something that needs to happen the live shows i have also been talk of my body from back home who he was here to cover ban we're in high school and a big about have him for our maybe for our detroit show by having him crafted up a on a quick run you have all of nutrients
things that are relevant to hunting and fishing for open form conversation about those said songs later we lay the german media off the air you join us on ice right now and in the big giant ask emotion is bigger than our park ask through you fill com sec fish ever in black means of a whole new good luck charm hey don't my sons were slain old nea jimmy's definite come more fish than anybody else on this quit vision remember also go and support our other park ass in the media podcast network moriarty go check out and got his third vision was like any lights why you must die village he's gonna play later i feel killed adverse riot galleons cows weaken review but all brian's the hunting collective remy warns dow care
i know that one cutting the distance market aliens wired to hunt run of rest it's all done for the year done for the year amos that yeah the late john we gotta go gotta do surgery on a bluegill thanks join
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