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Ep. 229: The Atomic Oryx

2020-07-13 | 🔗

Steven Rinella talks with Karl Malcolm, Mike Ruhl, Jeremy Romero, and Seth Morris.

Topics discussed: Jewel and being attracted to snaggle teeth; Teen Wolf; how the Flip Flop Flesher no longer fleshes squat; White Sands Missile Range as the original introduction site of the African oryx; mildly radioactive Trinitite for sale; use of the word skookum; getting stuff your mom makes vs. getting Nike shoes, Doritos, and Michael Jackson jackets, or how Steve's parents didn't buy their kids stupid shit; the etymology or etymology; a broken horn hunt and a once-in-a-lifetime hunt; the ins and outs of hunting oryx in New Mexico; hunting hogs at the fence doors and other fence stories; dragging around 300 pounds of ice in coolers; the Amish machine gun; kid Steve being gifted a model 94 like it's a favor; that time when Seth stepped inches from a coiled up rattlesnake; and more.


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The shirtless severely beaten, in my case, underwear of the meat eater podcast. You can't predict anything presented by an ex hunt creators of the most comprehensive digital mapping system for hunters download the hunt app from the itunes or google play store nor Stand with annex good
Karl Malcolm set the scene for us here what's going on. Well, we are here at oryx camp, twenty, twenty we're in south central new mexico at a camping spot that I have come to be very familiar with and fond of over a number of years now I've probably been camping in and around this particular spot for close to a decade of hunting a variety of species and, over the course of those hunts. I have encountered oryx in this general area at a number of occasions, so we're here just just outside the periphery of the white sands missile range in south central new mexico, which is the place you want to be. If you're looking for the wily and elusive african oryx, I think that you might have even expressed at one point here,
You intimated that you may have even seen one very near where we're out right now, if you were to take a straight line, distance from where art, sisters around these seats right now I have seen and oryx no more than three hundred yards palmer sit right now, right shoot range tambo debts hear you. mike rules on the show for people wrote in the guy makes our comment where he said: man maggie sounds just like tombow to hit hit. It might be, like I said, dude sounds just like tombow debt, so do a tambo debtline this stumbo debt for motel, six we'll leave the light on for you. That's pretty good man, nice job! I really rest back tombow debt. So I really took that as a compliment. Yeah yeah mike is actually like a tambo debt fan that that I think that'd be fair. Yeah he's got a great backstory
homer alaska, tied in with the the singer jewel It was her tune, shit, one super famous tuned in. She had a bunch of good ones and you're your michigan guy. She up. She did some of her training at that interlock and fine arts camp. While I been there. I saw gordon lightfoot their own. The first time I saw Gordon lightfoot, but the the interlocking camp is part of the whole story about tombow debt and duel and the connection oh really yeah, homer alaska is the hometown of but well tumbled. That's not from homer I think, but but he'll be moved up their rights and an they fundraiser descend this dual individual to interlocking to interlock. in tambo debt donate money towards correct. I got one jewel thing one july and its role in or out of my head appreciates that
who will save your soul. There was her big here. That's the pilot came under the name of the song, but here in her little her voice kind, a crack and a little bit. If she thinks that meat I totally had a jewel crush gone on for sure, Really! Yes, yet you know she had that. Like the imperfection of that one crooked tooth on the up on our top top shelf dunham, trademark yeah, it was like kind of like Cindy Crawford. She had that birthmark right here. My wife's got one snag, a tooth: does she so I found that I found that the fact that she wasn't just like this perfectly polished don't be staring at my wife, I'm not talking about your wife. Talking about you start talking about my wife's nagging.
No I'm talking about jewel, but I like the fact that you know she's like in the in the spotlight of hollywood and she's. Just out there I mean she's, a beautiful woman, of course, and very talented and always found it appealing that she had this imperfection that she was not sufficiently vain to want to pursue. Like a correction, you know I saw that is just like a level of authenticity that ought to be very attractive. She's big Joe fan, huh yeah for sherman, I thought yeah, I loved the music, I loved her voice. I thought she was just a cool person in the alaska thing too. I'd never been to alaska. At that point, my life was like man, shania twain to same kind of thing like this woman from the rugged north who's, just beautiful and has an incredible voice, and so talented, he's a northerner yeah shania is out of alaska too: oh, no, no she's, she's, canadian or canadian okay. But like that rugged northern thing, it's not even american. That's alright really
if my buddy Ronnie was all excited because shania twain has the same kind of dog, he is okay in italian Bracco, wonder if she has more as pretentious people would say a Brokaw italiana, yeah, ah Jeremy, he say where you are allowed to say where you work, yeah, absolutely hit it I worked for the national while a variation on the regional connectivity Courtney weeks is that, like the government, we gave you sly about where you were right right along trouble, I'm happy I'm had aroused. I got it right. I am a conservation professionals, Not currently representing any organization on this podcast yeah, Amy romero correct now that you, the new mexico.
I well, I work at a new mexico, but I represent you know a regional level. I work out of the national wildlife federation out of the rocky mountain regional center, so we have quite a few states that I that I work to promote and protect wildlife corridors, connectivity gouge, which is a hot thing in conservation right now, yeah, absolutely you know, as as we know, wildlife move across multiple jurisdictions, and so, when you're going to sit down and really protect and prioritize these efforts, you really need to bring a robust group of stakeholders to the to the table and that's something: that's that's a pretty hot topic and we've been pretty successful in doing here in the landscape, great and and and south yep, the flip flop. No longer sure who's fallen incredibly behind. Yet it's I blame it on covert yeah when you fly to fevers at the office, yeah in covert comes be reflection, grinds to a halt. Yup, which I could do my garage, but it's just fun to do that. Work. Hot and yeah I like when people are complaining about it,
office. You know I recently played teen wolf for my kids. We have movie night. I tend to. we're moving, I want to like they want to pick by mother while pick so I pick movies that I remember from being like in high school northern pre an element, We elementary and elementary yeah, but somehow I don't lie in it outright so I'll be like. Oh, I remember a movie when I was young has some scenes in it. The the you know, through some scenes in it yup and While watching team wulf the rhythm, the regional team of Michael J Fox, know about this movie, I don't think it's our only regional deal. The I was the duties easy like turns a new area, and then it gets like people like these, a dork vanessa, werewolf, yes and these rural basketball
there's a girl. He really is a girl that, like the neighbourhood girl, somebody like her really really like that. She's, a good forum, heater and you're, a werewolf get super good basketball the mean girl like zoom, then he'd, like self? discovers right. Yup anyone's up the neighbourhood girl watch it s, taken that we could do that same movie caught the flip flop pleasure where it's like you're, just a normal dude, then you become the flip flop, fashion, think you're cool as shit right, yep because this is a big part of GMO where Michael J fox he can win All the games they need- teammates, but his teammates getting bombed out so that in the end they play the championship any place it and he does turning to the werewolf to win the championship did you read all teamwork. So what would I win just when, at last she blushing kind
as for south africa, you'd tremendous as you another with web browser knows. I'm going to inflation. Is one s f, brow like it. Explained white sand missile range in greater detail. Who wants to take that one? We could probably tag team in a little bit. I mean we've been doing a little bit of homework It's interesting story, man. It is an interesting story, so the white sands missile range is this massive chunk of country about in the neighborhood. million acres, hotter thirty miles by what we figure out. You do the math one twenty north. Where's earth nor nor south about one twenty and east west was roughly forty. Think yes,
I can tell you there is a long ass time to even drive around part of it yeah, especially if you're like a midwesterner by birth- and you get out here and to see like how vast the expanses and that's kind of the point. So when the department of defense was trying to figure out places to do things like test missiles, detonate the first nuclear bomb atomic atomic bomb, thanks, they were looking for places where there weren't a lot of. I can't tell you the difference between those two things I think elegantly same thing, but I'm not nationally. I don't think that they harm me Isn't like a vision, fusion kind of thing you know me, I'm sure there'll be some physicist two ways and others we can. We can see that the absence of urban in tenth grade I was in science. Class I know a great as in belgium or lose a lot of faith in my teacher excels. Like is it possible that you could hit? You could be split and firewood and hid it just right the split and arabic splitting adam and causing atomic explosion and look
They were not able to answer that question. I think it's tough question.
I now understand that you no matter how much firewood you split, you're, not gonna, split, not split an atom yeah. I dunno man like if you were to say, drop a nuclear bomb and drop an atomic bomb. In my mind, it's different, so that's something I'll take at face value, so they're looking for a place where they have enough open country to be able to do some of this stuff. That would be real dangerous if you have a bunch of people in proximity, and so when it comes to you know the history of things like testing atomic bombs. A lot of that were cap in places like the arizona strip places like the trinity site, which is not terribly far from where we are right. Now, the trinity site being the place where they detonated the first of those bombs, and so the white sands missile range is an area where there there are all manners of testing of missiles, aircraft and all kinds other stuff that the the general public, including myself, probably has no idea about. But it's a vat.
chunk a d o d country, and it's also the site of the original introduction of the african oryx, which is the species. We've been hunting. Let's back up one step, because I wanted to tell people if you want to read a really fascinating story about american history and warfare, the story of the manhattan project, leading up to the trinity site test and the level of. Secrecy and manipulation. They had to go into doing a surface test of an atomic weapons. While having no one knows what you just did that. Even people who were in the military in the area at the time thought I think that they thought it
they munitions, train, exploded or something like that. They had some cover story likely to hug off. an atomic bomb like the same bond, they used to destroy what does like a little boy and big fat boy, your enemies same bound, they used destroy hiroshima and nagasaki. They touched off a version of it in new mexico in key and it remained a secret that they had the weapon, yup yeah and that spot is a different place back. Then it was a different, a different time for sure in that,
That spot, where that occurred. So when I started with the forest services down on the lincoln national forest, where the headquarters spaced an element order new mexico and the regional offices up an advocate, he sought oftentimes be travelling between economic order and albuquerque and there's a stretch. A highway called highway three eighty, because along the north side of the white sands missile range- and there is very little human development along that- how it's pretty open country so long. How I feel
katie. The route that I would take between alamogordo and albuquerque as you go along the north side of the white sands missile range and among the very few human developments along that stretch of highway, is a rock shop and the thing that the rock shop advertises on the side of the road most prominently is that they have trinity's available for sale and trinity is this mildly. Radioactive glass that was created by the detonation of that first bomb test scene go out there and there's like fragments of this glass at the bomb site and I've. I've never yet had the opportunity to do the tour, but I know a couple
a year and the white sands missile range offers public tours to go back and actually visit the trinity site. Oh really yeah, especially on the anniversary, I believe, is that right. Yet I've I've heard that that you know the dates coming up and it hasn't lined up to where I could come down and make it happen, and I feel, like I've missed, missed an opportunity. A few times do that, but that site is, you know, as the crow flies not terribly far from some of the. I took a poker lookin for works. Do you understand why? What's this yeah how it came to be that they decided to cut some orcs loose in the white sands missile range. So the history is that the state of new mexico, back in the late sixties and early seventies, in an effort to try to provide more big game hunting opportunity, was trying to identify portions of the state that could potentially support other big game hunting opportunities but were essentially unfilled.
niches from a big game, hunting perspective too severe, can the conditions, yeah and then and then essentially, mary up the canada ecological niche that was perceived to be available with a species that had the ability potentially to thrive in that portion of landscape there is a kind of matchmaking going on in a lot of energy or on the idea of trying to bring in exotic species to exist in portions of the state in there's a handful of examples and the oryx being one that they successfully introduced like taking an african analogue suited to deserts, yeah yeah, and then they took the barbary sheep. Yet the barbarism There is an and north Africa right omonia from north africa, and then there are two different ibex species, the persian in the siberian that they brought in all these are all like: drought, tolerant species.
imho and they looked at some and decided against it as well. I think they looked at the kudu and the cudi was having some issues contracting diseases from cattle, so the kudu didn't work and with the species that I did want to release what I've read. Is that there's a federal law that prohibits the importation and release of exotic wildlife in the way that the state worked around? That was to bring 'em in and establish experimental populations and propagate offspring in captivity, and then they were able to release the offspring of those imported or x. For example, and there's a spot cut on the west side of the miss orange and red rock, where they were doing the initial care if breeding the propagation of those first, ninety or so works that they brought out unreleased under this orange. That's how may they cut loose was ninety, yet was nineteen
Ninety ish- and you know guys correct me if I'm wrong here, you know brushed up a little bit on this. Ninety three so and it wasn't all at once. They were like adding I'm in kind of overtime, supplementing the population and then pretty quickly. They got to be self sustaining, and you know ecologically one of the things that's cool about. Oryx is that you know they are able to reproduce year round so they're, very productive, know a cow will conceive, carry the pregnancy deliver. The calf raise the calf for some period of time, then she'll cycle again, but there constrained by seasonality. The way out of the arguments that were used to thinking about north america are: did they start so they brought him in the sixtys and seventys. Yet they explode in numbers on this giant missile range. What was very limited hunting, And then, at some point someone must have an uneasy with what was going to happen, because it is let em over on the whole. Damn state gather the history
Initially, the motivation for the whole programme is to provide hunting opportunity and the fact that they intentionally selected the white sands missile range, as the release site, suggests to me that the intention was to have some hunting opportunity on white sands missile range and whether not that's the case I mean I'm. I'm not super school come on all the details here, but it certainly the case that the original population came very well established on white sands. Miss arrange and has provided a lot of hunting opportunity over the decades, since in two years
point. The objective was to keep the population primarily contained to the white sands missile range gotcha. So that's how we're here on what? What in local vernacular everybody calls the off range orexin, a quick backup, a moment to your use of the word skookum yeah. Ah, what's your what? How do you define the skookum? So I would think of Skookum as being like. You are totally on point on a given talk topic in alaska, particularly southeast alaska, and that's where ethic that, where might come from maybe that'd, be interested, know the history, but don't check that you check that out. Seth was sitting there while you're sitting there with real bad cell phone service and all good skookum is good.
it'd be like that's a skookum rig for fishing someone's like h, I try this yacht a skookum rig. Okay, good rig allow the hell, it means as a curious yeah. I've always I've. Only ever I I've only ever heard. Salt is last, if only I overheard it mean good. So I took took note when you just use skookum to mean like a good understanding of yeah, like I think about it being like you're on point. So when it comes to nuclear this is a tonic bombs do not scoop. No less. Google I'd want to learn a little bit more about that. I looked at up. Would you look up atomic verses nuclear about different atomic bombs? Are nuclear weapons, but not all nuclear weapons are atomic bombs. Hydrogen bombs are thermo nuclear weapons to the different category, determine oakley sunglasses used to advertise, as through thermonuclear protection. Now remember that you do that liked autocles alive
like a certain type, a guy in high school liked, oakley the lot and would have ugly stickers on his truck and whatnot, and one of the stickers you'd put under truck window would say: ogilvy thermo nuclear protection as though the implication being that should whisky, whisky, three break out in you, had your oakleys on. You would not be blinded and would be able to see yourself. Shortly thereafter die of relations with radiation poisoning in britain and when you argue that the sun ass, like a form of thermonuclear, did. They mosher area thing on the on oakley's. You know they had those stars in the mall,
where you'd walk in and they were like all the rage and in the grant. The grand traverse mall in northwest northwest lower peninsula Michigan was like begging, my mom, to get a pair those sweet shades. When I was in late elementary school, like maybe fifth grade and finally for my birthday, she broke down they just ridiculously expensive lawyer, family budget and that she broke down and bought me a pair, and I thought they were so cool. I could not. Wait for like recess- and it didn't matter for his raining out at recess. I'd wanna have those sunglasses and like strong ground and show everybody my red oakleys. I could name off that I could name off the deeds in high school who had ovaries about imagery article I could name off and they they also had this. They were the kids who got to have nikes their demands by em there, the kids it got to have sir individually bag doritos in their lunch. There are two kids, a guy
they have, or they put the cheese one compartment and crackers near requirement. We recalls things legible and they were the kind kids that had like levi by actual levi genes, not tough skins and wranglers dead. nike shoes, doritos. like all kinds of store, bought shit nor launch bag and not like after my made. You know what about started do dude. I was a little girl started jackets and the other one is not nike. Is that but it away- back out a name right now argue their last name stands steve. I can all these all your last name like I've gotta remember me still day they had michael and air. Does Michael Jackson, jackets, Ok, I can increase ankara in georgia through that can moment. But you know the shades, like the reason is notable to me is that such such a stretch, because we had typically like not a bunch of the store, bought lunch ingredients, for example, but the other things besides starter jackets. It wasn't the ninetys, it was the
data sandbars now yet it on bus, where I was I'm just saying like samples and starter jackets. That was those were the kids, those girl versions of the guys, I'm talkin, about an reeboks, but we have also had probably slightly slightly differently it's real subtleties to our respect, even though we're same state plus I'm a little bit of heavier. That's what I'll tell ya. well I'll, tell you. I wanna get back to top model works as much as the next guy, but I'll tell you a horrible story, so I was never allowed to have any kind of nice stuff. I thought we were poor but turns out my parents weren't, stupid, I grew up, I grow thick it I poor, even though I absolutely not poor know we're like boats. Parents to new cars. We had a big nice house by thought. As a young kid I thought we were poor because I couldn't have stupid shit. Does not because they couldn't get it. There were annoyed by it baby
yet we wouldn't get with those in no way we're dragon atari machine, Video game is knowing the parents whereby one of those. there's no way their biogas. Nice television, there's no by revising reeboks and what not and I remember one time we done empty sporting goods. And they had a pair of mismatched navies in a box for like no money because one Shoe the right one, rail, One of them had read. Swoosh marks in one of them had dark, bert orange, smart. And it was a subtle difference, but there was a difference and we could get for like twenty bucks and empty supporting it. So here was a mouse file like fuel. in exile by those ones, for you know, like normal, knows no notice. I wasn't in the fifth or sixth great I wasn't at the school house, five minutes
Some unnoticed all stand, nay, Steve yeah. They picked up on it like flies on shit. They were just like they knew it. That's brood enable they'd, let you know mercilessly keep wire grammar man, probably I do remember there being like a little bit of a plan where my mom was going to try to darken up that other stripe. Somehow yeah, oh it's horrible! We'll being apparent, do you find that you have some of those same tendencies with your family now? that depends why they want what they want. no I'll buy em like good outdoor stuff. So a box of two to colored shoes you in it Oh, I I do lots of just a mess with them, though, like make them eat, so they don't want it. Just I just do the as do mean stuff to them. Disorder. Like I tell him sunday when you're in college, you tell him stories about how mean your dad was you'll be glad. I did this because you have a funny story. There you
so there are working documents. Where were we oryx sputum good? skills in law, school gomorrah. Yet a schoolroom story about works. Am I doing his job usenet low, o k, yeah m, yeah, strong, brave or impressive? Does it give the etymology of the word? No, that means look up. The etymology about homology will not end tomorrow. You just tell me word: history study words, where, where they come from, where they etymology of the word. We will. Then I ordered at a mild. You flip what pleasure I say. Well, he flashes inflict lops mid nineteenth century chinook joergen. oh shit. Our jargon chinook northwest pacific northwest. That's a tribe in the pacific northwest.
But that's why the guy I know it from is simply gene and they price tag. big canoes and fight each other. If I had to guess the same gene and the chinook aka, but he simply when he met his, his people must have picked it up. Chinook hider seem shan people to start using more often spoken. You good and strong. Given topic, impressive scoop story, the oil semi school common history of oryx do my real quick for people to the east, back into the conversation about orcs. Do you my real quick laying out what one of these things looks like? Who wants to do that might give us that tombow debt will now explain? Oh man, what does an orcs look like dig deep into your bio
biology training. Well, they are in terms of size like a mature bull. Oryx is roughly the size of a cow Elk, I would say yup. They are probably slightly shorter in their body but deeper like when you look at one their their their chest, particularly like. If you come up the leg it, they are very deep from the bottom of the chests at the top of their back. They kind of look like a like a billboard, yeah. You know standing there and and they have really distinct markings. So we we say that they have like a clown face. They have a
instead is is black and jelic white right with with striking white alongside the black yeah as her face mostly white, or mostly black, I'm trying to think of it. Now it's got more, a little, probably a little more white than a lag. But what does the butterfly is that that same blast Well, that's why the butterflies way, but ok, it's like two triangles that kind of meet at the middle of the face. Yeah. I just second one, but I can't remember it wrapped around. The turn of your skin makes his way up to its ears were already there or their bodies are tan, mostly tan. In color, their bellies are white, but they have a black stripe that runs along their belly, and that is As headgear, they got big, sweat socks on yeah, oh yeah, they have big white sox, have black legs and then big white, like a big white band like a sock band, reminds me the old baseball socks I used to wear literally yup.
And then they got some horn and then that yeah, the headgear is like a really striking element of of them a long straight. It's like two sword sword like corns, head and they're there, for especially from a distance. I think that the horns look jet black when you get up to them once you've harvested one. I think they look almost a little bit more dull yeah, but maybe they're just a little dusty too. Once you know once that business is done, there's an aged piece to it too, with the darkness that aliens I didn't know that yeah the the juveniles will have like have a relatively kind of dusty. Looking horns for the one, the one that you shot is relatively young. Yep bull will get into those those details a little bit more. But when you look at the tips of those horns, you can you were that initial sheath is starting to wear away and if you get into one that's, that's an older animal it'll have more of a smooth and polished and darker o connor horn to it. In a long horn on works by Jeremy, you
the works, thirty eight inches long some of the longest horns or females guess yeah. You know that the females tend to have, in my experience, some pretty long thin horns and you know the bulls tend to be a little shorter hold a little bit more. Mass like yours did, unlike in, like karl said the older. They get, they get a little bit more polish thea the female hours. You know lucky enough to harvest handsome. She was thirty, eight inches long. She flared outright at twenty four, not to put numbers on it, but it was just a beautiful specimen. She was polished all the way down and she even had a little bit of like I Dip there at the tipp of her horns, aura yeah, yeah, real, pretty and a big whoppers mid forties. Well yeah. I mean like, if for bulls, If you shot a forty inch bull, people would be like bad as you know that into that is the order of of a lifetime. Kindly
that's the that'll, be the deadline to underage meal. Dear one. Eighty whitetail right now gushing that thirty to forty is what I'm seeing is being the average yeah yeah and where were we in terms of the one you got? No, oh in terms of the story. I just wanted a real quick Tell people want to look like what I think MIKE's doing an awesome job of lining out the appearance of the orcs and one one piece that we haven't talked about, those that paint brush tail yeah. I was in awe that something that's something that always stands out and especially when your glass and forum they've got this tale that, like the tip of the tail, it looks like it could almost drag on the ground, and it's got these, maybe twelve inch or longer hairs that extend from probably halfway down the tail to the tail tip the whole. The whole length of the tail is probably in the neighborhood of eighteen inches
so and then those hairs extend significantly farther beyond that. It seems like when they're on their feet that tells us constantly swishing so that at times in your glass and especially once the heated the day has picked up and you're. Looking through that heat mirage new trot you your search images like that that kind of cream, colored body, and if you see that that flickering tale that fly, fly swat or tail kind of blocking out a portion of the shape in the distance. That can be one of the tell tale things that you're looking at an oryx as opposed to a similarly colored cow, and we have encountered a number of cattle on this trip that have some striking resemblance to lurks in various ways. But but the tales one of the things that can definitely give him away from a long distance like it's been back to a couple of the numbers, some of the population
then out. So they said between nineteen sixty nine nineteen, seventy seven, ninety three, as you mentioned car, were released. They expected that reach about six hundred animals. Whisper and by two thousand will be. A white sands belies, enjoy sands, miss arranged by two thousand and one the population at peak to about between four and six thousand, and now we're looking at it and they say. Currently, the population is between three to four thousand. Oh and the information juries calling out from under mexico department a game in fish wildlife. Note. So somebody's really curious what they look like. That would be a place to go, get a painter to information about works in mexico and see a picture on, did it does it? You guys know what you they started allowing people to hunt for what they said. They already
the men. Ninety nine is the overabundance had prompted the game department and whispered to start to create hunting opportunity, logo so What they we say that under your hunt, right now on for fireworks, drew? What's called an offer, ancient Carl mention offering transmitted to go so or exciting leg and in the general vernacular of or its hunting, if you say like, I drew and org tag. people in the no we'll know that you're talking about new mexico They will say to you immediately offering drawn range. On range is otherwise it's cool, but aren't you It is much more difficult to draw cracked correct and why is that What is, there is a whole bunch of will
a whole bunch of em and a course white missile range, is an act of military installation, and so there are a lot of things going on on an installation and saw any of the han that are on the range require really close coordination between new mexico game and fish and missile range, and you know that level of complexity, to kind of work, hans and around missions, and I think, makes makes it really difficult to hold lots and lots of punts on the range. So there are much you know. The hunting opportunities are far fewer on the range and so there's more oryx on the range, because you know there there's just not as many tags as many hunting opportunities as what you drew here.
Off range when you so have you drawn on range oryx tag, which means you draw a tag to hunt on the white sands missile range and. you and everyone with you- has to go through a background check yeah, so my wife drew a once in a lifetime han having now we're getting, I got sway net ok! Now do that or do I think I can handle this one? There are a variety of hans that occur on white sands. Miss arrange there are broken horn hunts. And you can apply for this- anybody listening to the show, I think can go if they can pass back a ticket. What do you need that people need to pass a background check to apply by it? But if you get drawn ok, let's say they can apply alone. I u minority. When I go on here and fill out the thing and say I want to apply for waste management and on range haunt, you can apply for a broken horn hunt
which means you can only issued an order with one busted horn. That is not once in a lifetime, meaning you can get it again later Apply for a non once in a lifetime or exxon, which means you pick any words. You want. Then, when you draw that you're done for your life, the abbot you're shaking my head out, all that was correct. Now, can you go from getting the once in a lifetime to a broken weren't, yes, so which, which I think is one of, If you look at drawing odds, were broken horns. It's not like. Oh man, it's you know it really easy to draw on range, broken horn hunt because everybody ever drawn once in a lifetime range Heine then becomes more likely to apply on the range for broken. Ornaments do so. and it is also hans as anderson now there are
all manner of hans that the military puts they put on a hunt. They have tags Annabelle to Iraq and Afghanistan veterans right, they have tags. available to people that work there there there. Maybe I have to look at the book there. There may be an active duty, veteran hunt, although that a special, for there are also oryx on some other military installations in new mexico, like the macgregor range, which is part of four bless yo, and so I get a little confused on the detail. Sometimes, regarding active duty, HANS and- and the return in iraq and afghanistan, veteran hans, but there the there are a number of opportunities for military folks, and then there there are population management or ex hans.
That you have to have the clear and to go. You have to have security clearance to go on range, which generally means that you are somebody who, in some capacity works on the range and as already- past all of the security. So if you actively hold security clearance, there are certainly these emergency haunts where you can go out and they use it to go out and get orcs that are they don't know that I have stuff call necessarily emerge. See what their use as the population management tool bill, when you apply and you and your land, so you apply and you get an arrangement which now we have. You get an iron range hunt, then you got to submit and go through security clearance, yeah you and your own bodies. Then you have a three day season. Well, so. I mean it's, you do a number of things through that application process awesome, pre training about
being on the missile range. Where there's always a concern about unexploded ordnance yeah, they told you if you didn't drop it, yet I don't pick it up, My favorite awoke from the training of the guy was like pretty much. This boils down to like. If you didn't drop that thing, don't even think about picking catalonia But yes, so you, my wife, signed, so she drew but once in a lifetime hung on the range we show but the gay early in the morning. You know they tell you to be very end up in a big line of cars with all the other How many tag holders are rolling in there on that day? I think around fifty. is my reckon. They all got to bodies with ever three proudly like the hunter max, nor is right, it is a man one of the hunter plus three guests so that its basically never more than for all the guess. I did a background check. I ever
but he has to be checked and they, like you and others, is our project. Yeah, yeah that's all ahead of a time than you shop at the gate. You know they may May I want an enormous amount of work for somebody right and you have to like. You have to do things like submit the cereal, where the firearms that you're gonna take it are you're not allowed to take additional arms outside those. Your limited to rifles, no photos, no recording equipment right. Check your firearm, one you get on range, I I do not recall that we got check, but I have certainly heard stories of people getting checked. I know I've heard stories of of folk showing up like in having their cooler color down their camp in or whatever you don't. They have some beer in the cooler. Well, that's against, arrange rules, so they won't let you off with that beer in our europe. You gotta throw that away, so it's pretty rigorous right there at the gate. just getting on and they check everybody n and look at everybody.
Ideas and they do all that stuff. And then you proceed to a little or a high organization area, and everybody gets out their tracking, and then you stand there and listen to a briefing. So they really thought of repeat all the stuff already provided you written material on it all about a little bit about works in their anatomy, so that your effective that at shooting them, which I think will relegate into, but it all also again about unexploded ordnance and being very careful. And they were of your hunt map with you, because there are places on the range that require but their either are closed because they
are known to have unexploded ordnance, you know and a high density of it and you can't go in there because dangerous or that there are some active b, l military exercise or or like to do not operate like spare. My aliens- and I don't know about that- testing alien aircraft itself, but also there's, there's still a number of places, even when you're on reigned like if you, if you are caught going in there, you will immediately be escorted off the range and probably lucky, if that's the only cause once that that comes of it anymore, you lee they look at your phone, I'm you know I've. I've heard that another sort of thing that I've I've heard has happened it. It didn't happen to us,
like known reviewed, your your net and my my recollection and again. If, if you draw one of these hans, don't listen to pod, guess and and not really if any of the information they send you on Skookum. They also go on all day. Let me go. I actually recall that they they now. I believe choir you to have a cell phone so that if they lose track, view or some other roads on the range are as rough as things that we drove to that this week. You know, if you get stuck back there, you have a better chance of of getting help and my recollection is they told us you can take a photo of. You can take photos of the oryx, but they don't want anything in the photos like they don't want big, panoramic, skyline kind of stuff. You know it's like it. Your stand there kyle looking down at the oryx, you know if, with dirt yo
reverse whatever it s kind of the ground. That's ok, but you know don't don't driver, and take photos of anything other than your oryx don't take. Any video period now and when you do take pictures of the oryx make sure that that those photographs are just that limited to the that source, all feel the view? And when you go through all this rigmarole. You drive out there and all of a sudden it's just or standing everywhere. I don't know that I say that that was necessarily are experienced, success rates or in the nineties. It it's it's interesting because, of course, you saw one thing to come back to a quick as you in three days. So my wifi- and that was what are all that I just described- was friday morning and then we had I believe we had to be off range by the
shooting light on sunday, so rich I mean, and really the briefing and stuff take up most of that friday morning. So it's really about two and a half days of hunting that you get on that once in a lifetime hunt, so there's some there pressure. I mean by the end of my wife shot her, on Saturday afternoon by saturday afternoon, a guy like you know what we want to make some work out. Erica's the once in a lifetime element, doesn't have anything. Do with whether you actually harvests and animal or not so did she get like a big giant toad now she, I wonder, similar to those to the one you harvested this, but that, as far as what it was like, it's getting. Thing because of course, now you got fifty hunters right at the briefing area and there's a there and be a bit of a race to their trucks too kind like get out there and fine. You know the oryx close to the road
we we gotta opted out of that we were the skylight. You know what we'll mosey back to our trucks, will will let this you know this rush of of folks, clear out and then we'll take off to some areas that we had gotten advice from people will look at and we'll leave the light on we're right, and so we got we. You know we did get back there the first afternoon and got up kinda. On top of the you know, cooler in the bed of the truck and broke out some glass and pretty quickly found some animals and and we spent, I have actually probably never spent that much time within two hundred yards of a group of animals that we wanted to harvest. One of
and we never got a shot because what they were and are really wide open area, and we made a good start, but the the shooting conditions were such that the grass was tall. If we couldn't, she couldn't lay down and shoot off of her pack, so we had to try to get up just a little bit, but but I mean like there's really nothing between us and the oryx other than the tonnage tallgrass and so trying not. The obvious, but but getting high enough. solid enough or ass to get her a shot and then, What would happen would be. There were enough animals that one that we would want. You know it get out and the perfect spot, and by the I'm, we got set up and she got on that one another when walk
from it back into the group, so it just. It was one of those weird kind of situations where you're you know you dislike for two hours, you're like any. Second, this is going to all come together. This is a comfortable range. You know this is really sort of competent shooting area for my wife, who's quite handy with a rival, but it it just never happened, and then we as it was getting dark. We tried to get a little bit more aggressive and, of course through it, which I tried to get more aggressive and and get it to come together and it didn't. They have a reputation for going down and get up runnin off. Well, you know Karl may actually be better to tackle the anatomy, but but they are they. They have a very
interesting anatomy that is substantially different from north american deer species. Yeah I mean they. They do that that deep chest that mike was talking about. I think it leaves you a lot of opportunity to place what you think is a good shot and have it not end up being lethal and in there also just a tough animal. You know so that that build that they have, and the advice generally that that you hear when it comes to shot placement on an oryx, as if you think about like on a white tail, for example, putting those crosshairs of
tight behind the shoulder. You'd want to be farther forward with that and maybe even a little bit lower and and then, when you take that first shot. If you're fortunate enough to put the animal down, I think it's very advisable based on a lot of anecdotes. I have both heard and personally experienced to be ready for a follow up shot, because I have I've personally seen. Animals be knocked down off their feet by a shot, lie there on the ground for a handful of seconds and then kick their feet. A few times jump back up and then run to the horizon, so a high degree and conservatism with your your willingness to follow up like err on the side of multiple shots. I would say liberal with your follow up shots be liberal. With your follow up shots, that's a good way of putting it yeah
Servitude with year celebrations, yes, pressure So we adds that breaks down. That's pretty good job! I am really oh yes more to lie on real Carl's anatomy lesson there. I would say that, but added in addition to their chests being very deep, their necks were very deep occasion of their spine, actually dips kind of far down into their body and soul. This big hump of shoulder that makes up in other than the dep that you're looking at them in profile has processes. Or like almost fin rays of bone that stick up off of it, and I think that not on thailand spinal process he's only they comment there. I think I think it is not uncommon for them to get here
up high in those processes of bone sticking off the spine and that kind of create shock in the spine knox them down, give them the appearance of being stone dead and then, as a lot of white l. Hundreds even have experience. You know if you shoot just above or just below the spine with a rifle like you can add that happened right the dear this looks dead for a minute or two minutes, and then just pops up runs away. So I think My suspicion is that that is a kind of a common thing that occurs with oryx, so we had, we didn't, have the on range on for everybody else who doesn't have another year than you'd apply for when you go online, do apply you play for the broken horn on rains that once in a lifetime on rains, yadda yadda or you just get a straight up off range tag
an the tag is good for the entire state except the range spaces good. For anyone who is not a bunch yeah and those those other military installations. And, of course, you can go on all the places that are specifically excluded there. Some research areas and adoption so good yeah, it's good for not on the military installations. Not any kind of thing that would otherwise be closed to hunting, but it's good for all public lands in the state, Oh, the activity in the populations have centred around the missile range private land off range, private and anyone can go, buy a tag at any time and shoot and oryx on private land year round. I didn't know that little detail till yesterday yeah so where you get an off range tag like what I had it's good
private or public off range and they run the hans they used to run the hans year round. So every month every month they issue about a hundred fifty and sixty two eggs they now only run at ten months of the year April They take it off for whatever reason, as you want to turkey on they take turkey season on. I think it's it's associate with the draw because you have to apply for a licence, so there has to be a period in all aware. Like so our draw is in April right, while they couldn't, we couldn't call, they couldn't call you up in in april basically and say I it's a twentieth, April and andrew and oryx give it is easy to see. That's not the point, the answer, because that is the case then you would just do, Draw an issue April and may further a whole year ahead
but the nightingale now on hunting license because the vote, the hunting, license expiry anxiety, for I think that you they really is related, that that's bout that been my standing. I again, I maybe not totally school come on We are not now you put it that way. I like it. I think that you would have without divulging details about you. I think you would have reason to understand her through proximity, To have a lifetime reservations about putting what about hunting and fishing and relaxing with people who are very knowledgeable so every month, ten months a year, they hand out right now what one sixty one sixty think about a hundred sixty tags and you tag is good for one month, So in a lot errors you get used like dear seasons, whatever its among long to muslims it is always or season, and those oryx that are off range,
seem to be very aware of the fact that people are trying to get them because they live with that year round its always oryx hunting season and they really really overreact to sound, of trucks or you desire they respond appropriately. Here it is probably a dude perched up on a safari iraq in the back of a pick up right will Is cause for leaving not only the area but the cost for leaving the county draw proportionate response the orange order concerning the range exceedingly wary in perhaps they have a sense of where it safe to be. It would seem that way, a relatively safe anyway. They have a sense of what direction to go. When you get after him, so we showed up to hunt and I had one
These guys have called themselves- and I stand by the autumn results by is probably the first of first I'm a first time or ex hunter who was being able to hunt with. three friends who all are seasoned oryx hunters. But how many have you been on Jeremy, probably about a half dozen six or seven? And how many have you gotten personally, I've gotten one personally, a new. Ah, I've gotten two and probably about a half a dozen others, the other hans that worse. As for yeah, I would say, I mean similar sub shot. One and I've probably been out with half a dozen hans total, and you know I certainly would acknowledge. There is a ton of people who have like infinitely more experience, but the team that we've assembled, I think, there's good chemistry in a in a just, a good degree of like the right personalities.
And some people that have good game eyes. So I would say, like we're, probably not like the varsity level in terms of oryx experience, but we're we have a a trio here. People have spent a lot of time, glass in and know what we're looking for some sure there's a bunch of people listening to this, who would be more skookum than we are when it comes to oryx hunting but- I would say like at a at a proficient level, ha describe oryx hunting. While to be honest with you the time I've spent looking at oryx and has I probably spent more time, looking through glass at oryx when I've been hunting, deer or Elk than when I've been hunting oryx. So a lot of the same strategies like trying to get out there find a good vantage point, and you know I think in an ideal situation, you would identify the location of oryx before they see you
I know a lot of people spend a lotta time, driving driving roads and looking for them from the vehicles. I think you know and we we've spent a lot of time driving around just because the area is so vast and the places that we want to hunt are far from each other, but I like the idea of getting out away from the vehicle getting up high, look at through glass hopefully finding an animal before it's detected, you, which is one of the downsides, I think, of essentially road hunting. You know often times you're going to be jumping up and oryx with a truck and and hoping to bail out and get a shot at it, and to me like, I would prefer a hunt where you're standing on your feet. Looking through a pair of binoculars on a tripod, finding an oryx planning a move.
And getting in there. I think MIKE Mike put it really well. He said something like getting in there and tangling with them or you just gotta get in there mix it in there and mix it up. I think that that puts it really well, man and- and that's you know for me- and I think for for us like that's the that's the way that we liked hot man, but that that gets a little bit that gets a little bit complicated because of the landscape, oh yeah, so the first big time, the resistance, the other first oryx we found on this trip that wasn't on range, we're up on a glass and where no man half way, you're looking ass on range were actually tearing down the fence line from on high and you like, you're looking down as a result, fence line, has been cleared, a very clear demarcation line and half, or we can see
on range: half where we can see is off range and there is a big difference. I mean there's a bunch orcs on range yup. Maybe I dunno what we saw that the the at first afternoon and next morning we saw six cause. You're, coming with there is seventeen at one point time all visible on one side fence, but suddenly area of our continent. We have seventeen that want basically at one time and then might finally finds one Maybe two hundred yards on the other side of the fence. We felt far from three and a half miles away, and you think I these even three and a half miles way must be wide. Open was not the case. It's like you get glimpses of stuff, way far away. If europe hired ever used these little glimpses as you might only. The thing might only be visible like five percent of the time one percent of the time I dunno you watch for hours
one moment when there it is and then it's not, but then you get down on it's level and there's nowhere to get up and like kind of like sniping at them, there's nothing. You can do. You've got the when there is also a higher than your head. caught some little random bland glimpse through the gaps in the stuff at the end of they gotta get in there, there's like no place to go away there, just their violent mozilla com to you. You gotta makes it a day, I mean you're going to get him, you know he's not going to you're not going to get them at the old crossing. You know what's difficult, you know being kind of somewhat of a spotter to you know. You see these animals, you know the the hunter and whoever else takes off after the animal to put on it potential stock and as a spotter, you really want to be. You know that sit on that animal and provide the most entailed too that hunter to make sure they can. They had that they can have a successful start.
And when you're sitting behind the glass, the contour of that landscape looks so flat. but when those animals start moving, they just almost instantly disappear. You know, and so it can get real fur trading as a spotter as you're, you know trying to lay down the groundwork for that hunter, closing the distance, but you lose sight of those animals and you lose sight of them, for I think mike, and I you know, as you guys were, hunt as you were stalking in on your oryx, There were moments where we would see the oryx completely broad. You know as plain his day and then he would disappear and we would, for ten, fifteen minutes have have no idea where he was and you it must be panning across and every now and then no going back to corals. You know the polishing of the horns. You would see these yorkers going back and forth and shaking and then you would receive a little shine with the tips of the horns and you would occasionally You know and then the oryx would move, and then there is a couple instances where we were like. Well, I think they're gone you know,
international arena do, but all of a sudden you would see something barely you know, flickr in, and you would think and it was the wide open and if there were an oryx ere, you would see it but he's just behind the contour. That makes him almost invisible. Yeah the one with the one we got onto where we went in after it. We spoke that probably fifty yards, I think when it jumped up it was probably sub fifty and when it crossed out in front of us at at a gallup and I, like elected, ever bigger gallop when that thing move, renewing coast where we ve seen it, and there are probably three or four seconds of hearing galloping hooves before we could see the thing, and there was no question like that's the or x rated, be a beef cow lumbering out of there. It was like the prompt and it came across a gap at
Fifty or sixty yards in front of you, you and you re. Looking at a big long tail fly an albino europe, and that was that there was a big body bolder. He didn't have very large, like very long horns, but the body on it was like a tank of an oryx in you know. You made a good decision that situation not to shoot and one of the things we talked about after the fact is the tendency of that animal to want to look back at whatever spooked it. You know kind of like when you think about a mule deer starting away and wanting to pause and look back and occasionally give you a shot. Opportunity and oryx are notorious for kind of wondering like what the heck was that and so no, that particular individual did stop. Unfortunately, in an area where we could not see it and as we pursued the direction that he had galloped off, we end up spooking him again at a farther distance and watched him disappear again into the vegetation which, in that particular example, was some kind of scattered
fairly thick juniper trees, one seat junipers, where the the thing given us fits at in that animal german ice it up on the glassing knob to try to keep an eye on it and and loss at oryx about twenty minutes after You guys laughed in order to cover by vehicle and then foot this three and a half miles which we knew it take at least an hour, and we lost it where you jumped it was probably within a hundred yards of where, we had last week last saw just disappearing ersatz. Spook, though no we never saw him after he spoke there when we, I d go check out the other side of this law ridge and went over their pope popped into one. The second when we saw this woman four hundred yards already dead on us. The staring at a sword is like crew,
but about the top topic that forty hours and lock down to us than gone. Then I was like man, it's not gonna, be super easy. Because a lot of really hard to draw tags one being easy, but is not the case here that I think this like a really interesting tag? The hunt, because it's not easy. But when you look at the success rates not bad. It's not like you know it's not like him. A bull montana in the general season. Twenty percent success, right. I mean what do you need a twenty year somewhere, the yeah yeah? So I think this highness, like fifty or sixty percent success rate, so like if you hon, em real you. If you put days in a new kind of grind it out. You know I n, It you will very likely have an opportunity. So it's not like it's not hard from the sense that, like you, never see an animal, you know what I mean, but but it's hard from the sense that, like you, have to
A lot of right, correct decisions, you know in in the whole process, there really get it. There were one state post success rates for the hunt. Are they only giving you last year's success rates, or is it like an accumulation of years? Probably just last year's success rates right, like you, can look it up year to year and we're talking like if you look last year, I think it's like a forty to sixty percent window across those ten months of off range haunts is kind of the ballpark another factor there is that you've got a month to do it. You know, and you and I were chatting a bit when the find out. You drew the tag you're like what would you? What would you recommend as a way you could come down here and we might end up getting one in a day or two, but I think like a week of grinding it out, if we hit it hard, you will very likely have a good opportunity hit hard for a week in your. We got one our fourth day, fourth day yet another
to his. While hunt is oryx, don't jump fences or go under fences and their bag, and they don't fit just under any offence, so. The other thing is well known among orcs hunters is that you defined the they'll use they'll, know of crossing spots, gunner fences or whether it's offense that will put them back into the mist and into the safety of the missile range or or just range fences out on the opt out and be a lamb land, like our everything, rogersville sana olympus, so range fences be a and they'll have known crossings. Bosnia seeds is from my observations, Ebay. They like washouts. yeah, where flash flooding or at ever scours out makes a significant gap under fence and, though use those spots, I was, I knew it out, fitter sam. When he's seen people archery hot successfully artery hunt, did he ever say So you see people get shots, he hasn't
any clients off range has there off range clients get one with a bow for, but on range clients get him of both by the use in off range is happy, we'll get shot, and those have been by finding a crossing under a fence and then posting up awaiting waiting on that crossing under the fence and the thing that they like to do. He was explaining, as they do they brush out all the crossing. So you can tell the vintage of tracks coming through now also does take tyres and stuff and drag tyres down the road. To scrub the road of tracks, and in the morning you your drive, the scrubbed road I've seen people do this by pulling old box brings behind their like or dislike. Bed springs he might groom out a baseball field or ever air ticket chain link fence. The idea scrub, it all out in the morning, go drive and pick up a track. The peculiarity of this area, which would not be hard for people to picture the live in other parts of the country when you,
following a track in the desert. You can pretty much run. You can pretty much run and follow it once you know what you're looking at there's, not so many tractors confusing it would be like fire white tales in the snow were all there criss and in zigzag and here's another group of six and then seven or across the track and Started hang out with five woman split off and you can ever do is like its sparse others few enough lifeforms around there. When you get on that track, you gotta run that track down, and They were dr long. We hit where there's a whole look a little hole down in the road and we got out and I stood out for quite a while and events you found where the track he'd come in mingled around the roar long time, when, under fair Then we're gonna track and file that track in you're. Just
most of the time, you too have like a maximum shooting dozens of fifty yards most time. For like a clear shot but use they will fall on track foulness or extract. He went to us We recall embedding areas but the like sent post areas from one to the next, I think you might have for spots in the spots are all the same, big shade tree, tons of shit scattered around the shade three part of ground and obvious beds and the net track and leave. and even go off some our direction. He another one of those spots and we followed him in a gigantic backwards. Ass, that's exactly
at which point I was like one hundred and three degrees, and we gave up on the track yeah that s mean the way you described. It is exactly if you imagine just the mirror image of a giant s that, from top to bottom, was about one point, four miles tall, so the length of that s. We probably tracked that thing for two two and a half miles, and it was this securitas route that intersected with a number of those sent post spots along the way it was cool because there are other no, like other places where multiple animals might come together and broken. I've put upon very hard, and I felt like at one point we might have got off, and it is certainly up to recall that we created, except us, also the track we're on our way. You'd get confused that these sent areas, and fell ill used right adviser. I feel our track as I ever so slightly bigger them on the run earlier and interesting but the reason I was hard to keep optimism about the track was that we found
we're cairo had stepped in its track. My ok. did a concept in its track. Five minutes ago we on a daily attract from the evening before and then we found our bedded but work added. A lizard had walked cross and, unlike ok, did he just get up and a lizard happened to then just run across, or is that been there awhile now you know what I mean that shook my confidence a little bit yeah and on the flip side, though, we had a couple, we found a couple of fecal piles that you know a few chipped away at the top down at the core. There was still like some mucus, moisture down in there and in the way that son is cooking down. Like I dont think, a pile of scat like that could stay put fir tree
four hours and not get baked to dried all the way out, cause that and they were out in the wide open sea unite like independently. I think we reached a similar conclusion that that the tracks we were looking at were probably from like the afternoon or evening of the before and then you're wondering like. Okay, you know the gate of these things if they're just cruising obviously uncover ton of ground, but if they're in the process of you know, like kind of checking out these different scent post areas bedding down from time to time fees, in like maybe we're gaining ground, but one thing is sure in your mind, you, like I know what beyond out of a doubt. At the end of this trail, yeah. There is an oryx, and I don't How far you, and if you are the stamina and in it didn't get over the fence into the writ range like you would eventually spoke it or find it. all their track, an ordinary thing about
it is like when europe glassing so Jeremy, explain your safari rack. Well, I think I think he has been oh, bring up a great point right, there's no perfect away to hunt oryx. You know we did. We tracked. We got up a knobs and we glass and we trust, safari rack- and you know about ten years ago, when I first started huntin oryx with some friends of mine, we kind of to that same scenario, where we were in the vehicle green trying to track trying to get to knobs, knobs, two glass and leaders being productive. We weren't weren't up a lot lot animals and we realized you know with the contour the landscape. We needed to get a vantage point. You know they're. The hat tat is so expensive that you know in order to cover that ground, you want be doing it efficiently, and so we, you know. I have two really good friends, my my two buddies. They, you know put in the a hard work in creating this safari or they took an old scheme a video grew welders
Yeah hey! This is from the world's worst welder, although there I've, never welded and then, as me, world's worst welder everything up from their eyes like I can give you run for money. I've got my high school lag teacher more or less. Just like ask me to stop please my my way. I would like you to start using the well there. You are just give you a passing great by the way to do it anymore. I that is really a of accurate portrayal of my ex my experience and not to beat the welding thing to death, but there's like form and function right and when it comes to function that right help through of gazprom sensitive were insensitive tide. We're in a sensitive time is in every one right now and I'm talkin nationally,
now's oversensitive and were struggling with our sensitivity. I'm just make a joke. Abbas and lobbyists like a well- is there on the spot, iraq and appoint that I was very aware of these, because the rules are very rocky and when you up supply rack and the driver tips a little bit too the right, because its thing here, like an a in the. What do you call it? An attitude about today are the two. So two foot seas in a tuna tower feels like it's. Eight foot seas it's good, but someone down on the deck is acknowledged, supersedes like how can it be to put these I'm swaying ten feet I decide sceptical at this hour, added to the world's held the sea, clamp did guy. I think I am a little split. Could we broke into how others is like other white woman? Was the come loose either going, don't know broke you say not only. I too hot I do not from the heat of the sun and burst the metal, but listen
At the same time, everyone is sensitive about everything, the wealth they hold great. I'm not I could do better the wells or shitty. I'm gonna disagree, but they help and it struck me as funny. Absolutely be up there, swaying back and forward looking at their wealth, There are a lot of ours surrounding. Are that bag burma in the area of law? It's the type of thing where you know the first time you you make it eve, learn what you can add to it to make it that much more comfortable in this system. fortunate that we have had the time to make it work. As a letter joy, he found he found a former ski lift bench, get any fix it to the top of a contract, rent yeah perfectly. It gets job during the ideas when you're trying to get two point. Eighty point b, you know get on those high spots. The extra you know six six feet on top of that, racked just spend some time, glass
in the breeze to does you now you get you get the driver? Decrees that fifteen twenty miles an hour. You told him alone through your area, lawyers comfortably miserable up, but you know it's. It's been something that, as has helped us tremendously in covering ground and being able to turn up x and but, like I said, will be and what else get about this far Iraq would run hot methods, but when we're tracking in oryx, we never got like terribly far away from the zigzag and round reality We cannot wait for got one point four miles from the where the truck was your ear up there and you glasses, and you like all, there's nothing here, looked none here, let's move and then you get down into that shit. the supply Iraq on the track of how high they spoke about in the theater with you down into that shit, you're six feet tall yep, the safari rack is probably high as the survivor
seven feet tall any realise that almost no time can you look and see that thing and you like carpet, like you said, I think they will we're glass and this stuff were probably maybe we're seeing ten percent we're, having like if there's an orcs there, like a one in ten of seeing it and to to bring that to highlight We ought to a spot, you guys gonna before and world now, just solid like you know over one hundred and eighty degrees of no a one hundred and eighty degrees of like great stuff, we're kind of up by a stock tank. We are a hundred eighty of just flat, edward, some high noise, and I did so flat than those that year when Jeremy glass, the only really messed around too much binoculars yet so flat. You can just take your spot in scope and you can basically get everything from
hundred fifty two hundred yards out to infinity in one frame soon to take, spot scope, paste it out and is moving. And for that there's no ike uptown movement. You ve got the whole damn seen as you swoop, along. ah we're sitting there all of us glass and plastic. And all of a sudden in order is so hundred yards away. Standing on a sand mound. No one saw it is right and sought front of us. So everything left everything right, I caught a glimpse of where and how it came from. Nor is it popped up in the frame of my binoculars as I'm looking in my binoculars, seeing no oryx, all of a sudden in oryx just emerges from below full body upon
it's snob looking at in order to stare at us in Oregon. Seven hundred yards is already like very aware of us yeah. I have a theory that that oryx was close way, closer minutes before that or seconds before that, like it was cruising along, towards where we were where we heard us, whatever the sauce bolted then, was doing that like what the heck is goin on back there from seven hundred yards away, and that's when I saw it because that for it to pick us up we went back down and seemed to have a contract. It just didn't make sense. So that's my theory on that one. So we went our goal was to say and the oryx you know if, if you mad, in the way that we're looking, I mean the oryx at twelve o clock It's not like off the side if it no exactly the way that everybody his face had been waiting there or less. It had been waiting there all day it somehow pass. Traveled through some amount of stuff in front of us emerged, became visible, then gallops off
No one catches, a glimpse of leaving we go out, its track and alouettes track, and what does it do? It doesn't look like from where we far from where we picked up the track. It looks like it trotted in a b line and crossed into the missile range. It was like it had a particular spot in mind and we got to that place. It was a spot where you know that bottom strand of that barbed wire fence on the edge of the missile range ordinarily, probably like Shin Hye, and at that spot it was like mid thigh high and that it's like without breaking stride, just a doctorate under at that spot, as we were like follow the track, and I could see the missile range boundary coming up. I'm thinking that we're all fake, like it'll, hit the fan but the little I was yet the travel and I'm trying to forget like is the cut left or right, maybe we'll catch it going down the fence line some trying to find work cross, but
had already knew where I was gonna cross and hit the fence atta crossing in book back safety. And it did all tat. I was like these sons of bitches hard. It did all that with any without any of us, seeing it cover like what four hundred yards, while you think you're sitting there glassing the area right. Let me well you're glassing it so well back that one can run through four, hundred yards of the stuff in front you and no one lays than right it disappeared off the sandman jeremy picked it up one place to the left, so we knew was going back direction and then nobody ever saw it again we are looking in the range to re. We expected that animal to make its way in there and do the old fashioned look back. You know, and an hour later, we're still for that further imo on ranging, never found it a german. I continued to spy
from where we had originally say the animal in a while. You guys tried to put a tract out on it and nobody, neither of us ever but Lovely speculated on a couple times. I want other relationship to the fence. In two ways, I wonder about the relation to the fences. Huh onerous. Do they view like how annoying is to cross. Because of you in prague weren't. You often find that a spook price horn will get really confused at a you know like a four five strand fence, if they hit the third out of their normal routine and they get bombers. Boop some hon. They don't want to be spooked and they hit a fence, they'll be like cut because they don't the russians, they don't they. They will care for. For all you, people they're going to send in videos of analogues. Oh, yes, pronghorn will jump a fence one in one hundred that they'll jump the fence
Do they like to do they do annoying. I generally want to go under fences, but that they are capable of jumping fences, but I've watched them hit fences, and then run for a mile down the fence off it's like second guess themselves and start coming back and running down. It sounds like when you want a deer going to cross the road and hit your car that they'll just parallel in your car now and then- and it seems so illogical. I assume you crazy shit up against fences likes varied disoriented. also, what is the oryx relationship to the fence in that way? And what its relationship to knowing that the safety of the other side of the fence, and I think that they're not terribly annoyed by getting across the fence. They have. space or awareness really know like the crossing, and I and my just little pet theory, which is like completely arrogant amateur theory. Is it they are on.
there are aware of that there that they get screwed, with less over there, which every other kind of began animal definitely figures that kind of stuff out yeah. I don't think there's any doubt about that. I think they understand. You know that they're safer on the rain side of the fence. I've seen those animals cross in front of us at a fence line and, and they will cross under a fence- almost At the same speed at their approach in that fence or if they're in about a gallop, I've seen those it's amazing how fast and origin down to the ground. You know we think about ourselves. Trying to crawl under of the bottom strand barbed wire known you're on your knees in your are heard and I've seen those animals just dip in their under that fence and their maintaining the same momentum out of there, so they their prettier
warwick I'll I'll share with you, a fence story that I I've shared before. But it's worth it's worth telling again. We knew this guy in Florida read on a turkey hunt in florida. One time we ran into these guys like to run pigs, dogs, And they were like: oh yeah should come out with us tonight. You know this guy's family's cattle ranch, a bot. The nature preserve in the between south has been traditionally grazed. The difference between like what's been traditionally grazed, which is all these hammocks, so it's like just grasslands of these palm hammocks in it very open and greys very low. It's just been grazed for whatever couple hundred years, I dunno. The bird preserve is a comparatively a jungle. So was amazing to see this juxtaposition between something that has been raised and, however many decades and something that traditionally has like very different landscape. So
on the border between the cattle ranch and the preserve is a fence. The cattle ranch has ah a problem with hogs digging it up to bed, so he put a hog proof fence someone had put historic. I want to put a hog proof fence, but there are all of you argue. While there really is no high proof fence, but like kind of a hog proof fence, though this final ways to get in and around it. What this guy we're doing this guy. Like the hunt pigs, he put little doorways Into the hard proof fence is the rangers kid. He puts doorways into the hard proof fence in the hogs can come under the ranch and let you and get used to the holes. So we go to hunt hogs. The first thing he does is Let me go clothes all the doors.
He then drives down this big ass long fence. Closing all the doors once it's about midnight, then we start a hunt and guess where the dogs catch the picks at the doors and the doors, so the little hunting method. There's a research used to live on in southeast michigan. When I was an undergraduate at the university of Michigan and there was a a deer herd on the properties of famous deer herd, the george reserve is the name of this place and the fence had fallen into tremendous disrepair.
and I worked one summer help and to repair that fence line, and there are some places where white tailed, dear trails were coming on and off the reserve and one day in the middle of the day. I just closed up apportion that fence and there's a mountain bike trail that goes along the outside of the reserve and a mountain biker had spooked. A whitetail doe, and so I'm standing there along the fence, just mending mending a portion of the fence and twenty yards to my left is the spot. I just fixed in this dough comes tearing through the woods smashes into that spot. The fence- oh relax up, smashes into it again and then stands there looking at the spot and then races off the other way down along the fence line, so they get keyed into those crossing points, etc. images like this normally works. I mean she hit it hard, like I'm standing there at the fence, and you know if you imagine like an outfielder going for a home, run and crash into the fence. That's what it sounded like that big ching of the you know the the chain link and then in the back.
And did the same thing again like I know this is the spot without a shred of down your mind. while in biker comes by around here. I was. Which you run from you know, and then there's the spirit and secondly, when it comes to do not amount by unaware, the of this right now. But I want to get back to what we're talking about, but I got a buddy who's, a surveyor and he was surveying in michigan's upper peninsula and he put up those little contraptions that used to look at each other, the two surveyors yep. He said that it's on it's in the wintertime and the doll, deer starve and shit in the wintertime, and they got to go through and caught a sight line through the hemlocks in these bit late. But what will they come like cedar, swamps up? There is the hemlock or cedar up there. I've heard. I think it's cedar, swamps, okay, so they caught the sightline and then he gets on his little thing in there are guys and his little thing, and he said that, and change our runnin or the cut sideline those dear to show it Here the chainsaw come running, so he said you get served deal near the hustle
we, then all this and all the dear be failing in eat now the junk they knocked down and someone had the run along trying to scare the dear her dear out of away enough, then go back and try to do your survey, work, yeah, yeah, nay, ways not see their lives down to catch dear is like a bait source, and I was darting dear from a grand project. Really winner yeah, you could just you could just trim a couple lower limbs that we're just out of reach of the brows line, and it was just as good as haven't any other kind of bail out there for brain in the dark range. Then triangle of ah ah the one we got the one I got the works we got was very similar to one I like very similar to an antelope hunt situation, at least for me. I would agree in general terms other than the vegetation. No, but in terms of there's some yup job, early drifting regulator, caribou antelope kind of set up. I feel like like there's some. Far away generally,
Lifting in some direction on a somewhat identifiable land along is somewhat identifiable vegetation zone and you strike off at an angle and try to get to where you think they will arrive but again far off it, they are there some oryx moving along in areas and areas and areas and areas, and then you get down in it shit, and so I have no idea what is going on and we are using this far off power line like whose, by you spotted again like well yeah, I mean every game. I was a real group effort, though, to keep up with that will not abuse the first I picked it up. Yeah I write in a way of dealing with real rv. I mean this one was like an easy one. It just sort of like corals where it was like. You know scanning something scan ten times looks like no question. When will it right? There's an work
in a way that I love is a power line in Israel, be like there's a trail. see how eight power poles, and so, when we struck off we, when an angle and nl point got lucky because we're so Get like you know one where they are, and then we eventually catch a glimpse of one. and we had to be like light- was they were facing some way than we have Be that they were gonna, be us appearing at one o clock if we're lucky and were recognised, point: two, like earnings very far away. I can't see shit like not familiar gotten knives check of his sharp. You know you know who knows but we are local antelope on blind, colorblind blind looks like a cow set up and are line was offer. They changed course and
One corals got one at what distance I would say at that point. It was probably like one, fifty pickles yeah picking us off at one fifty yeah yeah and in most you know, our attention had been focused to be imagine looking at, like twelve o'clock is where we're thinking we might see these aurochs, Try to make it a point to do like three sixty every few minutes, because we are also seeing a lot of last ran in their private, most tracks. We'd senior- and I was thinking like we ve- got these this group that we ve seen of three or four and who knows what else is in here so too I keep heads up with. What's going on around, you had even said, like we're, just going to often have one staring at us, yeah we're sneaking in what caught my attention. So again, if you're thinking twelve o'clock, I happen to be looking towards, like let's say for thirty off over my right, shoulder and spotted that swordlike horn.
immediately dropped down without any question in my mind about whether or not that was an oryx and I whispered each guy individual, unlike do not move because that thing was dialed dialed in and it went from. What I saw was the like: the parallel of one horn and it turned, and-
the two horns. So I saw you know the the fact that the sydor staring at is facing at us and I never. I could not see the face at that point. I could just see these to the canter mommy like antennae and insect, and I could just see the tips of those two sword like horns and could not see the face of the animal and I'm just kind of like peeking up. So I tell it has like no don't move. I've got steve on my left with the rifle at seth on my right, we're all kind of packed in behind this decoy, and I start trying to get the shooting sticks set up and then carrying around a set of shooting sticks. Because that's one lesson: we've learned the hard way you know about trying to get steady from a standing position, you're always trying to work through all that vegetation. So it might my chief responsibility. This trip
It's been chased steve round with the the shooting sticks so they're at the ready. So I get the shooting sticks set up at a good height for steve to be like in a kneeling position. He sneaks around behind me peeks up over the top and as we rise up in I'm thinking, there's probably like a twenty percent chance that the oryx is still there. It's been quite a bit a commotion ryanair. I hear that cows got a gun, I gotta go on second thoughts, so so yeah, you know I'm thinkin. I know like what Zactly, where this thing is, I dont initially relocated, but within a couple ticks. There are two oryx trotting from left to right and at that point,
in order to gain like a good shooting wayne. We abandoned the decoy, we get up on our feet and we shifted to the right when you think like fifteen yards, maybe you and we get this nice gap where the oars We are now stopped doing the oryx. Look that he did where he shouldn't have done. Yes, he did do. We should not have done, nip stop the two hundred and thirty yards and stared yup. The problem was, though the shooting sticks were set for the kneeling the kneeling shot at that point. So we drop a couple of the legs that still wasn't quite stable enough. We got the third leg out, got him ranged steve took his time, pouch blatche and the thing was the thing it was interesting about that is or I'm at yours plugged trend do good job of protecting my head,
one thousand one and yeah you're asking me for a range of my ears, close range with range with range. Will, let me ask you this motor bank Carl's guy's ears, like extra flogged. Let me is what range or use zeroed on that rifle. I dont know how big they are. Two hundred yards- zero. Ok, like. There's no question: you don't need to worry about rise shoe, though, because the certain maybe in a novice, Europe's hunter, And not have a sort of like a very fixed mental images, how big they argue and hearing all these stories about big there s. I was like, if you had said three fifty I wouldn't have been shocked. Hooker
it's good to know. It's a very disorienting landscape. It's it's like flat, ass desert with brush in it. It was an amelie. Don't know how big it is yup. You can see it from like the brisket up yup- and I just was you could have said three thirty yep, while so my thought process. In that situation like in that instant, I was thinking like. Don't you you're not worrying about adjusting anything like that that more in terms of where your point of aim would be, if you're zero to two hundred issue, that animal somewhere right, not ballpark scientists the hour, I would only be a minute, I would be a minute low. well admit yeah in hindsight. Maybe but the other thing I wanted to know, and so I noticed your your lips move and I've got my ears like plugged with my fingertips, and I unplug my ears you're saying range to twenty eight you're like perfect and don't you know,
I imagine don't just anything in adjusting aimed at on so I've got ears like plug plugged fingertips over those little Flapper is pushed way down in there and when you pulled that trigger the sound of the impact was what stands out my mind. It was such a distinctive wop and in I wasn't, exactly sure which of the two you might shoot at the one that you shot was the one I expected, but I thought you might shoot it either one potentially and they were closed. Enough together that I saw one of them run away, so I wasn't certain like which you know what exactly had happened at that moment, but I definitely heard a very distinctive, whopper or buds who are back on the glass heard that to you. I liked the water
yeah and I liked the only one ran away and there was a. There was a big cloud of dust too, like instantly. There was this plume of dust. I know if you saw that, but did not see the big brown plume of dust, and you know we, you are in the right mindspace at that point, cause you're like we need to get to where I can be ready for a follow up shot, and I was sitting there with a good line where there are a couple of sort of like semi, distinctive bushes, lined up where I felt like we could. we could keep a good line to get in on that thing, but we kind of split up a little bit worked our way into the area where we were. We thought that oryx might be, and you very quickly identified the location and that animal had not taken a single step from right down to going right down. We did shoot him in the neck, yes, it was hard, tell, were very dynamic and they were little church. I well. I think that the right word liberal, with the fall of shot, live
I mean the stories you here like yours, we heard another one that data we did and that's later they return or in other words, honor He was one hundred right now he had one hundred orcs in the past. It's all know the story. You got me to recount that yeah guy was talking about being out with his his so called friend and knock in an oryx. That's right It's not your friends over! I I don't blame the guy man and I'm sort of haunted by the situation with my body to, and I can tell that very quickly as well, but the situation the guy told us was. He shoots in order that works is on the ground. They walk in there trying to herman whether or not a followed follow shot is necessary and his friend unexpectedly decides. The best course of action is to throw a stick at the down or ex know the guy want to shoot it. Yeah he's he's like: maybe stick follow these are now. I dont does that eighty five stead and steady chucks a stick at the down or ex, at which point the oryx jumps to
feet and runs to the horizon never seen again and just real quick. While around the topic I've got where my dearest putting bodies ganem ryan, who we're out on his off range or accent, and we worked hard we suffered together. We earned a shot opportunity where he had an oryx knocked off its feet and we were both so elated and so rookie in our or ex experience. That were standing there, you know just like giddy looking at each other, like yeah yeah and the oryx is laying there and the next thing. You know the thing kicks it's feet back under itself and just gallops to the horizon. and there you see me there never to be seen again went down. There found a couple little spots, blood and that works. I mean we followed it, like. You said the tracking conditions. You can basically walk at a fast walk and we followed at four miles up in over hill after hill and it never even slowed down so there. Yet. The
dia of being liberal with follow up shots, makes sense. And when I got around to where I could see what what was the exit point of your shot, it was up at the base of the neck, so you'd made it you'd made of a solid, shot on that works, and I do not believe that works would have gone anywhere, but when I saw the hole at the base of its neck in the fact that you know the oryx was still breathing a little bit, you could have could have been and yes below are the prices I saw that hole on the neck. I just said shoot it again and we went. We went back and forth three think three different times. We like really like again again, just just be safe, and that's that followed shy, took it didn't. Do a tunnel meet extra meat and outside of the neck yeah, and so I feel like a shot in the neck, then for a minute was scared that I blew the horn off exec crowd. So he doesn't matter. I did says
and I stand I stand by that because that ran all of those horns. Yet that was one that was one of the most sickening experiences with with my buddy ryan, and I I take responsibility for that because I should have just said, like you know the same, as I said, use chamber around and just keep your crosshairs on a thing, and if there is any question in your mind about whether it may or may not get up like a fit blinks wrong tick file shot. We spoke to a guide who express to us that the glory days. Of off range or funding in new mexico are winning that is getting harder have the big ones around anymore, and it is like their whittler. We think it is fair to say that kind of willing away Adam I mean you just read the numbers.
there's a thousand fewer and when all the top about four or five thousand and thousands a lot, but we're still over the objective rate. I'm not saying I'm an objective but the good old days are waning. I mean I for one. I can't speak to the good old days calais. I wasn't fortune of to hunt at those times, but the the hans that I've been fortunate to be on. You know weave we turned up works, and I can tell you it's a lot of oryx. It's a little oryx. I dont know how to you know quantify that to past experiences in the nineties, but I think you know that the direction of of. you know the way the population is being managed. They want it to be at a lower target rate, but I I I think the hunting is good. Still. He know I I would find it hard to that its dwindling down to the expectations that we might have gotten from the individual,
yeah. Well, let's say you had two billion dollars and then all of a sudden you had one billion, and I observed man, you have a less money. You will then be like, but a billion is a lot and I'm like yes, but you have less That's all I get that I'm not saying is bad and say he seemed to think that used to be like WHAM Bam. Maybe even true. There is like a real good old days problem the hunters, some reform in general, and I you know I've. Never, that is simple is like everyone. members, just me now something about less turkey seas, in my mind, all I did was call back and forth at high gamblers. How much they haven't couple types. But my head is like dude ray, you know you forgot all like the days. Nothing happened,
in your minds like turkey on. Oh, yes, great man, workin organ, you know so whatever it might just be his you don't you would be the first I did tell you that things used to be good right. I mean you know he spent a lot of time hunting in those good old days and I'm sure a lot has changed since then. As far as tag allocation and pressure in those types of things that can be, you know there can be many more contributing factors to you know, maybe that that dwindling down of the of the experience and I've I've never looked at those data. But you know we do post harvest success, data that includes cars, so, like you'll, have report on this harvest and beyond all identify the sex of the animal that you killed. I don't think they'll ask you anything about the horns, although I care at all, but they I ask you how many days that you hot so you could. I mean from off quality of that
not talking about necessarily from the number of animals in the population standpoint. But if that's ok larry to the quality of the hunting. I mean you know the good old days. You could look at those data and ask how much what percentage of people are being successful and how long is it taking them to be successful yeah so that information exists, so you find this all out and the range on change hans. They do record the length of the horns on animals the year there was a jr, a dream. You could see, there's a drift, their rights You know. Maybe it will tell you anything about offering, although I I think I think the animals that you see on an offering time. Many of them also spend a lot of time on the range yeah. I don't think
they have, I dunno what they didn't, buy his eyes lit each other up and ok, you guys are off range range right now, don't get a sense! It there's like. Really high level of know, fidelity to a particular area is like org job, one, they said they don't get bob. They hang around there for a while but then they might is all take off, walk in and go ten miles back onto the ranger or wherever I'm not like bad mouth experience mean we had interact works over the day we I, and only when all the afternoon we had intervened actions, unlike opportunities. Yet- and I even had the the day we got here- where we're at right a dark we ran out daylight earlier found one where it was like you could walk there. Anyways multiple opportunities after that to absorb like
not bad mouth in it too, and is sharing a thing that guy set in a take for what take her. Fourth were yet I only right that the air of offering the approach that, if some you know that, if, if we are really interested in that question, you could, via the informations publicly available now so We had opportunities tuna, these everyday got one morning of our fourth day. You could a base discuss all your given away on seven. This disowning find like the most basic internet search would reveal to you. You wanna within our dunno ten twelve miles of the missile range across the northern and western sides and if you think, I'm narrowing down, I'm talking one hundred and eighty linear miles of a ten mile wide stretch of ground. So play and placed the hot. Well, yes, I do I mean right, cellular
are some stories early reached out through some guide. Semi, add screens alive and on it have an ex I'd. Like go on an ex and kind of figure out where it was, but it was on the east side. Oh, he said look here: if you're struggling really, ok! So maybe there is one thirty, two sixty two ninety What do you want? I looking at other twenty linear miles of a ten mile strip. That's my heart following on actual. It seems that that he sighed there's not as much ground. The hunt was seen to be a little bit more checker boarded yeah, but you know they ve. They ve seen em, you know really far, nor do they have seen em. You know south as well, so that three hundred sixty degrees around there. I think that's, that's really good. I heard tat would be like five to seven miles around. It
perimeter of than this orange yet potential bump into, and there is an enormous amount of beef and lamb. Yet there is no need millions of acres, there is no need to feel like You know you don't have spots. Amene state be alarm, linear space, another hot tip is pretty serious about that missile range boundaries. Shelf haven't you have an annex or some other mapping out through a so you're common and where it is, it's pretty well mark, but yeah I leading down at one time I leaned on it in and quickly withdrew. My fingers I that my fingers and wrapped around the barbed wire into it, probably
if the relic reading my mind right now is some kind of contraption, but then, of course, there are some private in holdings around some ranch in holdings. You know and in amongst a lot of blm and state lands, and you gotta be careful at those as well. I I think, one of the biggest tips I can give to folks that may be lucky enough to draw that tag is not only do you get it for willy DR vehicle yeah, I mean from getting mona, Sooner than off from a map it looks like you can get from point a to point b very easily, but what you there on the landscape. Your quickly understand that you know time really erodes those roads and of a quick, thunderstorm can really have a lasting impact. Flash fall. Flooding is a serious issue, absolutely especially this time of year in june, yet monsoon they just like make the rivers turn in the roads turned into rivers, sprite these guys, travel with lots of water
the extra twenty gowns of fuel and fuel hands you're repair stuff shovel what not overtake axes, and then you want to have like your ears camp gear and keep you stuff in your truck so role from there, and I have an extra spare time. Like I bring to areas to spare but terms we have to spare and he run ten ply kevlar side I allowed tie, gets those crew. Those muskie thorns will will will measure tires tyres, The general and threads I'd like good, solid tyres are are of huge advantage, yeah, my buddy, who built that safari rack one time we are hunting and he pop tyre put spare tire on a couple of hundred down hope couple hundred yards down the road. You start hearing some air and sure enough. He popped at that same tire that we just replaced so multiple
my only around attires we had to make a trip back in the town to get those tyres, and I also of american pressure. Following a little. We ve got to comprehend implored nine years and all of it gabby rig. If you rig up like that, if you re got, we gotta goodbye truck and rig up of fuel water food camp gear. I got one more for you if we were to count up. The number of folk where's of ice that we ve been as I just they may. I forgot exam honoured its a hundred degrees and later we probably have at least half a dozen coolers with us. Some of them are giant that we had hundreds of power. Look at what we pay. I had three hundred pounds. I I thought I had two fifty in my head, noble yet I think three hundred forgot that until that is, if you got a picture put in at the top end, yet picture put Four hundred foreigner, fifty pound bull part it out, and if you want to keep the hide their sweet that you need to be
I use that thing because you're a long way from any kind of town and you're long way from replenishing ice, and so you need massive amounts of ice in coolers cause. It's a hundred degrees, it really alright, it's it's the men over a lot of this time. It was over a hundred degrees. In the middle of the day of you, she won at eleven o clock, Klux taken you, you gotta get that thing. Well, down yeah you're, just not going to be like if you gotta, carry it a mile or two and then like get in your truck and then drive to your screwed right like the the bull you killed. If only we are Jeremy and I again and hung back the the spot, you guys went in and killed him and then You're. Not normally would like you guys. were quick photos. I would imagine, then you know we were able to make our way there. You guys were you know in the middle of it of get that animal farm, and you know
or maybe would have been a little offended in some situations like. I would like to get a picture of the animal like not like that thought. Never crossed my mind like no, the you just gotta get to work and get that thing. Taken down. Where is alarmingly warm yeah, I mean those quarters were often it's like put him in a bag. Let's go will listen note, as Carl was getting that thing, just the the stomach like second by second at sea light was just narrowing ballooning, in my hands using up your time by the time Jeremy had a cape spoil in two hours right, yeah, the the oryx. I was lucky enough to harvest in august within a couple hours and it was nowhere near as hot as it was when we are able to hear wrestlers yeah the hair was already slipping. You know, I I took the cape home and I I wanted to donate it to a taxidermist and I called him and he said, do me a favor and go ahead and take a clump of that hair and just give it a pool.
And I pulled it in I was. I was pulling off handfuls of hair off that cape. Will he even ours? Oh yeah, he was like how and when did you? When did you kill it? I said about three thirty: it was you know four, five, thirty six somewhere around there, he said, go ahead and just pull some hair. I pulled in he's like that. Coming off, I said yeah he's like totally retook a giant coup. put sixty pounds, the ice in the cooler and then put down a con. Your bag and laid the hide meet side down. Now. Thank kigali. Loosely folded. Yet turned it around get packs. All and like you here, you will say, oh has didn't get this year will say, like put me in water and sure when in a perfect world like if you go into a slaughterhouse, they don't put what he called the cool poultry, as we now know an ice bath, but an appropriate, ignoring the slaughterhouse puts me in the water to cool off, but I found
then really hot places. Hunters don't hesitate to put me in the water because wet me is better, me. Well in hawaii everything goes and ice water to take a shitload of ice put water on it submerge. It is like well but I don't like it: one is rotten I'll, take where I'm just thinking it was lower in our water bottles. With ice, I mean you would fill analogy container full of ice and by the time that sucker hit your lips. It was already all melted, though and the meat highly regarded man, it seems. Like you know. A lot of these are good of episodes are no good like people that owe a big buck milder. I love them. My wife likes them or likes them, but some people like to shit talk them but are orcs. Everybody says it's good oryx axis deer, sika deer,
everybody says it's good yeah it's. It would be like a really common reaction, like if you ask a nine hundred and new mexico. Like oh, do you like, while gaming it'd be like I like oryx it I mean that's. It's got that good of a reputation. I think it's more. I think it's just for a mile, yeah yeah, I wouldn't say I mean it glad. You said that because I would not say it's my favorite for that very reason too mild. I feel like it's a little bit too mild. I think that's why I, like milder alike, you know I don't mind a robust, flavor yeah. I mean I only like abiola, warn you if you like, about wild game, be organic and most of the van
majority, while gaming in this country is not organic, not even close and orcs no way they're, not organic. What would be a thing that would make them not organic if they got into maybe if they got into some of that one of those cattle spots where there's some kind of supplemental out there. That can be, but I I agree with your point, but there there may be the occasional exception in the ones that are on the missile range, promote, probably almost the individual, because they don't grazing livestock on the range right, not to my knowledge, so organic
Yup you're dark your mallard know you wait till per hour or not, but these are organic works, yup certified yep. Ah what else man fill me in Amy? Mr? Well, I think on that logistics piece. You know we. We talked a lot about ice just now and in the fact that now I think this kind of hunt really lends itself to teamwork in terms of the haunt itself, but also logistically. I think going out
a country with a single vehicle I'd put like I would put like an extra vehicle as america as a valuable part, because if you get buried like we've, all got to straps and there's just peace of mind like some of the stuff that we were driving over, there are some places. I thought I thought that one night that Jeremy's truck was going to tip over in that in that wash out man, and if something like that happens in your way, the heck back in here and there's places where phone service is spotty and you cannot. You cannot exaggerate the vastness of the landscape so having an extra vehicle, I think, is really smart and then also you know just having another person in case. Something goes wrong. You know: there's snakes, it's hot, there's, all kinds of stuff that you know might happen from a health and wellbeing perspective, so I would suggest
at doing the hunt. Solo have been my my my other piece of advice yeah, but if you rigged up properly two rigs couple bodies, outfit em, all away, you could let me type of thing. in a hundred thirty miles north south, you good, for go your way just on washed out to try. x and whatnot finance or your way for days, social bunch, over the top or wherever you're doing stop and at every high but the look and to spend your time, and it might be worth noting You know somebody who has no idea what they be the what this landscape is like in the vegetation like if you bring brand new, sixty thousand dollar pack up around here you gotta get instrument may end up spending stephen anger, email, arizona, arizona, pins, raise you just do get scratches it's it's
real good ever capable truck, that's already broken in broken man and gas, a few dents and scratches because you're going guys took offence, and I call them arizona, pinstripe right history, The best thing I heard lately, as was the was the rifle you we're time of their day those old remington remington remington slide action rifles. What were those the amish machine guns are like seven or eight seven, six and sixty seventy six hundred the guys that, like if you were when we were kids man like yet like Love you or your hand, me dollar, thirty, thirty right or whatever, but the thing to get was: if you can those remington slide action rifles and they get the word through MAO
yeah, so you had the iron sight porn site on the bottom and then like these, like plastic models, you could look through. Then you had your scope on top, so it was like a brush gun and a field gun. I grew amish machine gun man to get a lot of rounds. Downrange, quick seth and I both grew up in pennsylvania and I don't think the is an exaggeration at all to say, like in in the heyday of our deer camp, when there were twenty plus guides there at least fifty percent of the rifles that people were hunting with were sly pump, action, remington rifles and the other fifty percent were were liberation. Thirty thirties yeah, I mean you know some guys were starting to hunt with bargains yeah I was on school. I had there either model ninety four thirty, two special, the peep sight nice and had the producer so as you said to carry that reduce around your pocket, you know in the morning he had to take the producer out those two dark, but there was a guy good light. You collect screw that region
the extra accuracy I started getting does it take to reduce or bad breath with those down at that thirty times at a buck or two that thirty two when special is a good one. Then how so stupid I sold that thing and it was given to me there's this guy when my one of my mentors is a kids guy, eugene growers, and he had in his eighties. He had gone for ever. He let he made a point to have a gun for every year. He'd been alive and he kept them in this overhead racks and his house, those houses like the ceilings a drop ceiling, there would like it, but what his life dan area allowing a drop ceiling of firearms. three of my whatever up there and it super generous nice dude. I'm ever to have, but he was a big admirer of these- are all world war two guys? No, but he's a big admirer of like centerfold from a you know like old, whatever to help playboy precursors
were tiger magazine or at every know, and he had always decorated everything with these and kid and in one rather, you know, like man, must also look at the clearly l butler alma dares hotels, related areas, They have guns and. He was such a nice dude the way instead, but but ah. he gave me a bottle. Ninety four, let him sale. I oughta give it to you as nice guy he presented it to me to be like I got to counting I realise that I have an extra gun man, what a guy and I like to have one for every year, I'm alive. So please take this. and positioned it to me as a kid that I was doing him a favor by taking that gun. That's such a cool thing and then I took it shot a bunch deal with it. We're on the yard. Some someone, the milk.
got full water and put it out there at seventy five yards and hit the milk jug full of water, and it was like that was like the tests you known as like hunting and then later on sold it. Do that of woodstock, a gunshot, woodstock shop soul when you gave me three under fifty bucks, for I wanted a trap and Ghana, those twenty two, did you twenty gauge overlanders savage mile twenty four here later realized. I was grossly underpaid there for that model. Ninety four near my fault, Anytime, you sell a gun later on, like to think, because you forget what it's like to be out of money and then you just think you're being stupid. Bod like to have that thing back, I got something we forgot good, while it's still fresh in my mind,
I mentioned snake had just having to look across the table with seth at data. I don't want to take your story from me. Yeah be careful where you step out of your real estate, it pulled up. They were just pulled up to a glass and spa. closer glass, but I swung the door open and stepped out and walked over It's been a bush in the door between the bush and the doors, not very much space, and I walked over to Jeremy struck. That was in front of us, and we know we exchange word and stuff, and I turned around to get back in MIKE's truck and right where I stepped out. His coiled up rattlesnake in a little dish in a little dish, civilian old. I think it was like an old cow track, Something that you got washed out. Undismayed is perfect little dish and yeah I stepped inches from it. I mean it really would be difficult. The step closer to the snake without
actually step, and he didn't give a shit. Though no I got a video. I put a video on my of your instagram at stephen ranelagh yep. Is there one at. signs underscore where still before, resolve these change. Your thing to assess, if you can find you were at the foot of pleasure or answer, I to us who would know, I Who would know how to look up. I want to talk to the just type my name and it comes up. Oh, I wanted does anyone rather about like if that makes a difference, but changing your. We assess the texts that sets the retired shakespeare photographs. Thank you. Your honor, following at signs were signs on score. Wes, yes was not. His name is just I've left underscore, maybe needs up, did Can you that data one last thing another good sat ism is tagged out on their call this. We should call this episode talk out.
Because road and say we tagged out, says, would say retard out in scotland you're kidding right. I heard togo. Togo were all tug out, like I dunno. That sounds perfectly normal to me all togo love it all tug out gate jeremy You tell me to find out. If you will go. If you look at the work, you guys do well, you can go to asked wildlife federation or nwf dot. Org, you know from there. Clinton, friendly conservation, absolutely yeah. You know the national wildlife federation focuses on a lot of conservation issues, but one of the things that I and a lot of my you know team prides ourselves in doing, or you know, conservation, that's related to sportsmen and sportswomen, advocating for things like land, water conservation fund, the great american outdoors at kino accessed. As for sportsmen and sports,
in the public lands lot of those issues that we hear a lot about on this show you know the national wildlife federation- and you know the team that I am fortunate enough to work with. You know really does a great job of you know working hard to protect these. These traditions that we, you know value that allows us to be here I can about. You know, and so folks want to learn more about. As you know, the national, while I federation itself, is a nonprofit that were also made up of state affiliates. So in offering you max, coney drawn oryx tagging. You want a little bit more information. You can always go check out the new mexico wildlife federation, but me I'll go to what you have taught Oregon. You can really start to see and all the different angles that we focus on in conservation and kind of start to you know, learn from there and kind of really divulge into the many different state. You know affiliates also focused on more specific issues here, when I say a hunting friendly conservation group, that like a thing that I think is really important for you'll understand, because when you
or hunting friendly conservation groups, urine you're getting in bed with people who want there to be a there what they want there to be great habitat. They want there to be a lot of wildlife and they support your right to use that wildlife when there is enough of it to warrant some consumption and other conservation groups that might really support the habitat and support the wildlife and ah want to starve you out and so are they always lend your support.
the the hunting friendly ones, because, if not you just you're you're helping the long game but screwing the screw yourself in the short term as matti sense, it might just got nothing to say I got nothing to say and you've concluded Karl. Ah, I would just like to express gratitude to my two buddies, these guys taking time off of work and beating the crap out of their vehicles and know cooking, some incredible food in I just like you. I think you guys both have an appreciation, steve and seth at this point for the roll out the red carpet yeah but roll out the red chili sauce. At that point, I want to make as it's not because it's not because it's not because you were the guy coming to hunt, but that's just kind of guys the they are
If, if you were any other old, Joe buddy of mine coming from out of state gone and oryx, aren't that would have gotten the same kind of treatment, because I'm lucky enough to have friends like these to celebrate precious you guys. Jeremy, might thank you hear anyone draws an oryx tag. Jerry might be happy to take. You know I mean you guys. Don't even worry about bringing a truck you guys are are thoroughly welcome. This was this was an absolutely enjoyable five days are just bombing around with with people that you know really feel like old friends at this point until absolutely brilliant, authentic experience and just a heck of a lot of fun. So I appreciate the time together great doubts on nice, guys
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