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Ep. 237: A Face No Longer Attached

2020-09-07 | 🔗

Steven Rinella talks with Ben O'Brien, Spencer Neuharth, Ryan Callaghan, and Janis Putelis.

Topics discussed: how Cal's got turned down for a Victoria Secret's pink credit card; Steve's very special method of making sucker cakes out of the fish that his kid keeps bringing home; Spencer's Bar Room Banter series and the Zone of Death; the remotest place in the lower-48; the most Instagrammed outdoor places on earth; Ben's coverage of an insane bear attack story and a face no longer attached to the skull; saving your dad with a pistol; when you kill a charging grizzly; choking on your own flesh but remaining very with it; loving the gore of plastic surgery; that time when Steve's brother talked to a guy in the woods who got mauled by a grizzly later that day; the jaw-spread eye-zap trick; and more.


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The a shirtless severely beaten in my case, underwear of the meat eater podcast. You can't predict anything presented by an ex hunt creators of the most comprehensive digital mapping system for hunters, download the hunt app from the itunes or google play store, nor stand with annex so now you know people had been anxiously awaiting any sort of news on your theft hannah, you recover and all your things that were stolen from your house when you very judiciously or or you know the opposite of that- didn't shoot the people as it as they stole your stuff.
but you recovered zone. It turned up, yes, pals, stolen goods, yeah and in folks out there. If you ve been anxiously waiting for news of this. You are doing a lot better than I was I'd just fully given up on anything, but I got a couple of things happen. I got a letter, from the credit bureau. Let me know that I had been turned down for a victoria secret, pink credit card due to my credit being frozen, which is something I did. Than any sort of fast becoming outlines. Well, for me, I'm not understand where tommo saw a bunch. My personal information was stolen, rat So it is trying to refinance my place and get all my tax has done and that was just in our major scoop that whole package up took off with it all
Then they masquerading as you tried to get a victoria's secret, pink credit card. Correct, I didn't know there was such a thing. Neither did all of the benefits are great. I, and so that One thing that happened and so called bozeman pity and air has gone on in there, I a little while later or several months later, saw him back in and July. Fourth weekend Yes, the monday after July. Fourth, we can, I get a phone call from a bank in buildings, Montana. hey? We have your passport here. Did you try to cash check on friday? No And like yeah, we thought it was a little suspicious and when we said it was suspicious the folks trying to cash the check through the drive thru just took off. I was like ok
unlike whether they have your passport lander they're, going to your checks, know they had so they they had forged check from a local gas station. To me like, like a paid like a paste, check payment check with my name on it and then attempted to cash that using my passport as a valid id, and so I was like well that's good information and have them call the police and gave them the case number. Then I called the police and and then and all of a sudden they became pretty interested in it. Because then you get like elevated the crime a little bit and cause now they're out forging checks and they ultimately did make an arrest
and it was just really- and I just learned of this today, because I finally got Gaza back yeah. Are you going to have to confront them? I doubt it, but it was so funny cause the detectives. Like yeah. I would really watch your credit cuz. I this guy told me that he's been doing this five days a week, eight hours a day, he puts a full week. He puts in a full we use? I just like you are clock and in the office is like he has been for Jeanne checks, eight hours a day. five days a week, yeah how local lizzie, look of the sea. The do the day she stole your shit or do they give yourself this dude? I'm telling from what I saw happen in my garage, they would have had to have found a new path and life still the criminal line of things, to elevate to check forgery?
from what I saw in the garage, the vote to rob the garage, I don't think you're capable of the forward again the forty eight hour week, forgery in the forty eight hour week, for so you might get me someone involved in this criminal enterprise. It's the ads possible for some reason. They want me to test fire some like that. No of or you heard this story, the flip love letters grandad had a cabin in some criminals, some crooks robbed is hot cabin later the cops caught the guys- and this is the internet. Remove. The cops then bring the guy over just drive him over now to visit with the grandfather so says that his grandfather gets a cop, comes to the door and says hey. We got the guy that robbed your place. He's here
and covered in the back of my car. So that's graver gets to go out. To lay his eyes on him. Poke him with a stack just yeah and says said that his grandfather said to the guy. You know: outta killed you if I caught you and as how they left it. Wow That that its great spread hardly of joy always tell that to him to be light boy. You just don't know who you are. Yeah it'd be like boy about to shoot. I didn't have it in me to shoot you, man yeah. What if just a funky deal but anyway passports back so as a fine evolved, the detective, our dust that they were, they did yet. So it has dust in it for finger and did have a fingerprint on it or it did yeah yeah, I assume not mine, and so so is it cool to stay. Apartment you get to keep on using your passport, even though it was like it attitudes. Might I ask passport number,
so, no matter what kind of shenanigans they were trying to pull with your passport is valid credit card. Where they'd like issue you a new one, all of a sudden correct you get to keep running, I mean you can go through jump through a bunch of groups and get like a new, so security number new passport number, but it it yet take some some effort and that from what like, I called the social, social security administration and actually just phenomenal customer service, but that the fell. I talk to you like you now This is what we ve done for you like its flag in the system and the way this works as a little funky is, I get still going be very frustrating to you What we see is somebody's going to hold down a job for a year and not pay their taxes with your social purity number and then we'll call you and me
Why aren't you baynard your and. then you ll say well. Actually I have but here's and then look back in your record, will see the thing and you'll be fine, he's eggs we found you knock until I get, but you'll be fine. You really it all does quite well kale. I think it's or out of my hands I got things to worry about it. This is like five months and making their march yeah yeah. Spends you dont have see one niner adult now fresh the testing gr I had approved the greenest bill of health in this room for covered. Imagine well when they come in and tell you dont have a love, it give a ski. Did you ever scare
Well, my wife and I had cold symptoms over the weekend, but the issue with care of it rises. If you look up symptoms, it's like everything except stubbing. Your toe is on the list, so body ache headache cough and if there wasn't a global pandemic, you would just be like. Oh, this is ahead, go and fight enough to like even go into work, but we have a wedding coming. Up in three days, wanted to do the responsible thing and get tested. So we did, and he writes deep, like I didn't, have any anxiety leading up to. We were pretty confident but then, like that fifteen minute wait between like getting swapped and then like them coming in then it like starts to build and build and build oh yeah, and you get free they're going to throw a false positive. We met fifteen minute, wait, you can you can get rapid testing right? There's like standard our testing. That's like five to ten days yeah. I have the three days: yeah yeah, the state of alaska now won't accept rapid tests and they did say it's. It is less accurate than the other ones. The throws a lot of fault.
I have heard I heard, are sort of you get the throws a lot of false positives. Well, this guy that's got a reputation of it's true or not. I would come to me for your kobe information. We shoot. So I was telling countless. two nights ago was a two nights ago. We were down over my kid fish suckers. A spear gunpowder and Out into the garden I respect your gun and, like you could see about twelve inches, so the spear guns like two feet long So all the soccer zipping in front of your face like sorted between you hold this spear going back behind your head and reach back pull the trigger in order to shoot the dockers that you can see. Schoon across Europe phase mask as you dive through the hulls somewhere on the manual. I recommend against that just an average.
I've been I my buddy gregg fancy saulsby centimeter new hawaii a real stubby, I wanna short knows why and sling I got an eight foot or in the garage. I need a snub, nose, wind slang for close work. So we by then that water, so poor. it was hot. It was ninety seven degrees by kitten think it was called the kids I dunno what the problem is they get in the cold waters. I know it's cold, I was so. Can I couldn't breathe in my snorkel too, because we were one. We were where one creek. Where a small mountain stream flows. you a bigger stream and the bigger streams, much warmer small. Mountain stream is flowing in all silky in old, Suckers are all lay in the whole created by the internet, so when you die I've done a whole yeah. I got in here I'd like force myself to build breathe through snorkel those that cold. Now the follow up questions.
B. Will what are you doing with suckers soccer kicks? Yes, I think you should explain soccer cakes as I've. I've had some of that year, amalgam us dip between year, multi species bag that you get some time while I'll get to the soccer, kick thing a minute yeah, but I'll walk through that. So when you dive down and follow the bottom contour of the hall like I said she is soccer's like kind of like banging into your facemask, but you can't do anything about it. Ano sell my kid. If you miss identify it hit a whitefish, you may don't fish again for the rest of our lives or whatever cause we'd be in via a serious violation because gamefish anyhow, we bailed on that much to his disappointment and came back then tonight with rods and reels, and after micro scouting like we know that this whole had suckers, but our understanding that whole improved to wear like. Like most say I, like I'm, look at my laptop right now. I used to know,
or suckers, like the laptop but now I know that the suckers are at the letter G. and we were back last night ban bam. He went back at his neighborhood body this morning by a ban bam you're, gonna, suckers and our fridge. Now we always talk about the big game world of like. If, for a second, you could just suck all the trees off the mountain, just real, quick. because you know there's some there, but it just be nice know exactly where I have a different version of that If all the animals you do by species so like all black bears, had to shoot a flare up in there, a pink one. Here's, your green one- and I would just like color blind people Jani be tough. so yes uncle what are whatever some kind of beer thing, this news that this support will you lay mark? Can you give
this way? Yes right, everyday colleague lying about our youth, eighty or air, and we talked about it back in the days of package. You just imagine just if you're a giant needed is pick up the mouth. That we heard a lot and shakers turned upside shake it. Didn't you see what fellow s kids are lake. I augur back my soccer story, but the lake we grew up on our dream was that complicated, because it required that everybody had to go away. Everybody lived on a lake had to leave because we didn't want another people seeing what we were about to see Everyone would leave and our lakewood drain and we would an hour or so to run and see what all his they're just to take stock, not even to pick anything but to take stock of what there and which I, but this a lot My kid is nobody's about this and we're up at our fish shack and he was sant, went to be amazing,
we can, during all the water out of a go, see what's in there. I think What they do is you're always leg. You are you fish a little bit harder when you're like, I know just try a little some different or whatever they come in a fine like that big one, you when you just be disheartening, if you like oh, turns out the perch in this lake, do only get no six inches. We I know, there's a guy named MR playing Live he had a cabin across miles is mostly summer cottages. At time, MR playing had developed a pint You're too technology called speed trolling. He liked stroll real fast for northern. and he had one of those old fish minors that took a pencil woe, You ever see those we used to have one too I dare when I was little kid, it's like a pencil and at the end of fission you can take the one damn scroll paper and walk round, showing people the scroll, its
sought a never ending six inch, wide scroll paper with the pencil, mr playing used to run around with a hunk of this scroll showing the he's like there's a five foot northern and that lake and everybody believed them cause like technology, doesn't like a big pencil mark by mr
playing scroll. So if you drain he be able to be like, is it or is it not the guys? Catch shitload pike. I tell you what speed trolling we had a version of that. That is not quite as satisfying as just like draining the entire water body, but whenever the? U s, fish and wildlife service, we had a lake in southeastern south dakota that he got to overrun with trash fish like, but we're every type of carp, grass, carp, common carp, silver carp, bighead carp, and then they just like cleaned out all the vegetation was an incredibly popular body of water for people in that area, so decided to kill off the entire lake. So we went out there with wrote known which is like takes. I think it takes the oxygen out of the water and it kills all the fish and then everything around the service. Well, what is it.
It's derived from a south american plant all in it inhibits the fish's ability to remove oxygen and water. So it's like it's like messing with their gills. There are no mediocrity of fish like that. Yeah I've seen the video yeah, but we did that and it's like in the old poisoners. We did that in this entire lake and you're, like oh, a twenty seven inch walleye in here like oh man, there are way more Perch, then you'd think in thy wall like this, so Rana rosier picture than what you expected with the exception, being dead right. and they don't they don't come back to life like when you shocking and when well. that may or may not be because where we witnessed it, the effects where off, They will go to aside slew enable rock off the tributary. Lebanon sides, whew poison, decide slew
and they were saying that if you open a backup and let water come in, the official pull out be fine. Yet the net was part of this. This lake had some like natural springs, that we had to constantly keep road known like right there, where that fresh water was coming gotcha to keep it lethal. Yes, have you were shocked fish when you're in that old job earlier plenty near centre as you that you can, you can shark fishing not kill em, but you get your settings a certain way and a beaver combine you'll like waylay that beaver yeah, because the voltages it will be lethal for a beaver but not lethal for a fish. One of the rare the like surprising part to those we shot for flatheads specifically one day, and they take like a much lower voltage than most fish. At which was agar really surprising. You would think that, like like okay, we're going to go, find panfish right. So, let's just like crank this thing down, but now we're going to go, seek out flatheads, so we got a cranky way up and just make sure we're like shocking everything in the area. But that's not
guess I know about the bigger ones lower like if you jumped in there, you be scurvy caracas, small fish, goodbye soccer situation on shocked the south fork of the snake extremely extremely popular stretcher river, on south fork of the snake in idaho and shocked with idaho fishing game, and with the head of fisheries and brent high bred, high and use he's like a local blackfoot, idaho guy and I'm just amazed at how many fish come up to the surface in this very small side channel that we won shocked and he's like. Oh yeah he's a gay everybody talks about how there's four thousand trout per mile you like, but there's also seven thousand
whitefish per mile? Go is like an and then you just kind of like went on and on and on it just in insane amount alive, but it is, yeah. Unless you get to witness shocking it's it, he like he just can't fathom how much life is in some of this stuff. I was in the philippines and we are doing on azure magazine story well as with his crew, and they are doing like a first descent. You know down a river which is cool, has fun and in the central highlands of luzon island and one day we're just can't down the riverbank and we're with this is this area? That's like the klingon tribe lives there, so you had to kind of get permission from the klingon. The klingon would make you take other like take klinger dudes. We are these two dudes, these two killing dudes with us, this trip and some guy, they know we're can't on a beach in some guy comes law. They knew the guy was in it
guy comes long. He's got a giant he's, got a backpack made out of a giant thing, of a giant detergent bottle like if you bought a huge square thing of laundry detergent kind of container right and he had made into a backpack with ropes and in it he had car batteries. Common off the car batteries. He had two handheld wants and he's got a dude with them. Has like a bee pack and two batteries got back two batteries to carbon, that's a heavy lamp not and a backpack, two metal wants and he's got a dude wear them. Who's got many beach saying hooked unto sticks, and these guys. Come down the river and he would. Up on a rock and his body to get up on Iraq and in his body
Stick that beat sane down below the rock and then he would those ones all around under that rock coming late? I do too that beat sane up, shit load the shrimp and crabs in her like electro shock and monitor how, while they got a big it's a long story. We want with a bunch of stuff. I would imagine yeah the guy's got a big big log burning. And a roll, the log oversaw its ember side up, then just lay all that shit down at lard on the glowing embers as lay there for awhile, then at great move, no air- and I had all my fishing equipment- will make sounds like I'll catch. So many fish like first ascent of a river like this man, there's not a thing in the rivers, everything is dead. You go to a fish market there. It's like their fish market is stuff the size, your pinky, like oh and a whale shark, but life
there's no certain, like all the things, because a fish with poison fishes explosives, it s like the myth that the myth that, like developing nations, would somehow have. you know pristine resource pools, bismuth people are hungry, men latest kill, everything? Anyway, you get your hands on it. Buddy minus in the andaman islands, which is like the camera border a series of islands owned by India and there the guy was explaining The fishery like why that's bodies so goodies, like yeah no arsenic fishing here and now
Michigan kid buddy of mine is like arsenic, fishing gear. No arsenic like gives a big deal is a guy yeah. I would imagine it's better back. My suckers required that That's what they will make it a video tonight with my kid on how we make soccer cakes. So hear me out. If lay the soccer yes soccer, flight Then you remove the rib from soccer, disliked, take the ribbon off. Then you skin the soccer. Now you have a soccer flayed still riddle with The insane number of bones that live in soccer plays, then we keep it up and like half inch pieces, put that raw packet into a food processor raw- and you put a bunch of trout near to
Pack, if you want pack it in the food processor and turn the food process around and leave it in there until that raw fish has turned into a batter. It's like a batter of raw fish. Why making that face cut it's not here, then sounded very advertising, goose. Ok, we put this way and then you make a moose them or u s, embassy. you. Have it still memo you, as I see, but at a rough, is mousses thought of that? I was but I'm on phone version where raw fish batter doesn't sure it's going to get good. This is the best recipe. Perhaps the best recipe ever invented I'm not telling you there's! Nobody right now is now listening in their car and when you described food processing soccer me in, drought me rather like that
my raw fish, and I pull it out, and I put it into a mixing bowl, to which I add breadcrumb eggs, prepared, horseradish, mayo herbs and all kinds of other good shit to eat little sour cream? If you feel like it, whatever hot sauce, how does the fish batter smell? It smells very clean, clean, okay, yeah smells very clean and if they are a wonderful, the the problems with sock, russia click start by saying that the problems with suckers are that the texture people, not people, are not crazy about the texture and people are definitely not crazy about the bones It's a mushy piece of fish that is bony, but by going through this process that I'm here talking about those things become not an issue, so I got my breadcrumb a good soft eat horseradish and all that then a little less
tv flattened patty. I take I make about what you'd meatball. I make a meat ball with this better. I flattened the meatball into something that resembles a sort of dimensions, the relative dimensions of a pancake but is much smaller, fits in the palm of your hand. Then rule this and coat that pancho. Then I cook it in a pan. Until the pan calls golden brown, then you now have some in this light, if the people at long John silver is actually knew how to cook it's. That chris be right crispy, outside beautiful, like fluffy inside you've, taken us you've transported. This dude is one of the best recipes to ever be invented and I'm think about film it tonight. So what fish can't you do this with do with anything
where we going soccer cakes varies a baby, no eyes. I screwed up a big junker halibut that you gave me the other day By the way you I mean I'd, do it the same way as you just get sick, a bag and fish? But my god, that's a huge. or giant portions, of how those are those are barely paxman, that I've ever a single man. So I take you know, I'm like. Wanted to take on the challenge of cooking. This the whole huge chunk I'll bet you now perfectly, and I had a thermometer in there and was doing it on the trigger, which I believe, you even more leeway and consequently pulled it before the thing even got temp. Accordingly,
aperture, who I just knew something wasn't right and sure enough. It was super dry, but I turned that into a you know, basically like a fish sandwich. Salad, yeah and I absolutely phenomenal, Very, very good to the point where I'm like this is what elements should be good yeah? I feel like with those big chunks you gotta slice them in half sideways, yeah, no spencer explain I can't figure which of these things aren't used wafers. Oh bad news for the and the squirrels eat nuts off of the squirrels. You shouldn't even reveal this well now that I think is for another time spencer, has not like that. You even brought it up: okay, spencer, has not found a researcher yet, who knows These are the kid
you didn't do what you do, science when you get it Answer you don't why you go to the researcher. Eventually wonder you do you do a corporations, do? Is you need to go higher researcher entail I need you to damage straight to mean that acts is true got it like got. It will be that and hang our article forthcoming on, if, if squirrels bite, the knots off of other squirrels I want to say that, yes, knowing that they do it'll be exploration of arm of the truth of that. Yes, the truth that new, better keep workin until you find the right person to talk to her sad five, my curiosity, but in the meantime, explain.
explain the zone of death situation. The zone of death is part of our barroom banter series and unbiased, but our barroom mad yourself is my favorites If on the media, your website- and I shall make a number two pet dirk in anything peddler can write- is number one. That's my favorite environment herself is my second favoured and barroom bad. It is meant to be wisdom. That'll make you seem smart and interesting from a barstool when you're shooting the shit with your buddies and you're like well. Did you know this gino's squirrels yep will actually bite like that stuff, like that yep exactly yeah, it was bruce pointed my toes. Oh yeah, sorry. So the the of of death. First, when you talk about yellowstone national park in its mapping, if you're not from,
I don't live in boas been like us, you might. I know this, but yellowstone extends into three states. Ninety six percent of it is in why arming two percent is in montana in one if centers in idaho- and this is bad- never heard the percentages before this is be like, but it predates the states. Yes, okay, eighteen, seventy two yellowstone national park was created. It was until twenty years later that those three states gained statehood. So does unless I've never understood as well either. But are you going to explain how like, where the, how the like what the state's role actually is in these states that the states don't have much of a role at all turns out and that's that's all sort of part of what creates this zone?
ok, so I I remark. I would one of them. I would argue that the most interesting part of yellowstone. Is that one percent in idaho display not having a road it. It has one road that sort of like ghosts, the very corner of it, and that's it other than ass trails. It doesn't Amy campgrounds ha. It has like one notable lake it botz upton smothered like normal things, like donata falls, it's very popular hiking death. nation in that part of yellow soon, but it's not technically in idaho or the zone of death cell phone Ok, when wyoming was created, the? U S, court system decided to give all of yellowstone to Y,
record. So the entire national park, including the sections that are in montana in in idaho, are part of the wider roaming court district of god got it. But shall I say my questions and I think so I think so all right. So so all of all of yellowstone is in the wyoming court. District cat looks utterly baffled. I'm waiting patiently, yeah, all of yellowstone is in wyoming's court district. Despite the park being in three different states: Now here's what would happen in the zone of death. If you murdered somebody again say We in the idaho portion of yellowstone in you murdered somebody. How do we get? There this. This will explain lower america this this looks like I say: isolated Jani, I'm, ok, no good huckleberry spot the up
I'm gonna go there monday at ten I'm more men like explaining district courts to murder. You ok, so this this hypothetical says it. While you drive this decide with echo, were stephen yard allows only then the logical well, you know about the states, the percentages and then the killing of another human being the other. Obviously you think I've yellow stolen Ok, so yeah affords a connection to forge a connection addresses place. There's this place and I Stephen Jani are looking for huckleberries over there illegally. I imagine you can't go pick huckleberries it! No I do the loudest yellowstone is a place where you can go to not be able to do things, but I believe that you can I think we all die and pick a berry. Yes, they are different and I was just there are the park biologist and we found
several arrowheads bunch of shared antlers, we financial assets. I can't I can't touch shed antlers cancer. Schools. I believe you can say wait, you can catch fish in certain areas and keep them like. In fact, the catch lake, trout and yellowstone lake. You can't not keep it out. The the fish is a good comparison. That's the only way you can eat a berry in that park. Okay, I'm not sticking up for the park. I wish just become national forest weakens we insert, I go to it, get on ideological grounds, so it is a! U guy, murder you guys are legally or illegally looking for huckleberries in item was portion will say: let's keep the story girl and you say that you- don't know what we're doing with I, but we are looking for huckleberry not necessarily picking and never done, identifying huckleberry right,
An idea. How is portion of yellowstone national park is fifty square miles to really small she's a little slavery barely even see on the map. You guys are really in prague. Berries, steve, kills Jani. Why Just look at it now disagreement over whether you now yes can eat algal barriers that exist jealous of how she taking those barriers. It's more entertaining like years of angst on who's killed, Steve kills ani details reality, I think years banks like I I like. How do I do it hands to strangle, lad, out, strangled elderberry bush then I barium as they do in the woods any eyes nor mcdonald points out. It's always a shallow grace. That's great! Michel, graham nostalgic schoolroom arbitrarily can catch. The greens is going to come. Dig me ass, right and see faces up to it. Immediately, he says I did it,
these are highlighted. It is worrying that I did it. Everything that you hearings to Steve tells that to some sort of law enforcement they take you to cheyenne turn again, cheyenne is giant wyoming giant wyoming. That's a stay capital that is the hub of the district of wyomings court, system, okay, why is it not a federal crime, because all of yellowstone national park is in the wyoming court district, not felt yeah, okay, okay, the entire thing, so they take you four hundred and seventy miles southeast to cheyenne, wyoming and then Steve says. Well. The sixth amendment allows
me to have a speedy and fair trial right, so then they're like okay. Well, here we go we're going to get this trial set up now. There is also the vicinity clause, which means that you have the right to a jury that comes from the district. And the state where you committed your crime. So what we now have is incredibly tight. Van diagram of the state were you committed, the crime is idaho, and the court district, where you committed the crime, is wyoming. So now that the prosecutors have to find a jury within that fifty square mile stretch of ida. I want to be in on the jury, yellowstone. No he's not the other guy, those very it. There is no real there's, not a single person that lives there. So
if you you are now allowed to go free because they cannot give you a fair draw, a fair trial made up of your peers that came from the court or excuse me that came from the court district and the state, because they could only exist in that fifty square mile area you know you run the fact checker series, the young around the bowery banner series. I think that there needs to be sort of a post, modern sort of mash up. Where fact checker fact, checks bars. So this because I just don't I dont believe it This legal loophole was brought up by a mist. And say law, professor two thousand five in an article that he published. I called him yesterday to talk about this and I had asked him
like if there's been any more worthy, publish it in the george towel and let me find the georgetown law review or something georgetown law journal ca, two thousand and five brian Kalt, name and he's like he wrote a peace, be lay hey, you know what you're in order real pirkl. If someone murders someone initially, he was looking at how If you commit a crime within a certain distance of like a county line in a lot of states, you can actually be tried in the other county, despite it not happening in that county, and he was looking at how that can cause issues with the example he was looking at was a crime that happened detroit. There was like kind of in the suburbs but sort of in an urban area and who had a lot of racial tension in that area, and so, depending on where this crime was prosecuted at would like totally change what the outcome could be. Yup, that's what he was starting to look at and then he came across
this whole thing with yellowstone in this issue now this would not happen say you guys had the same scenario, but this happened in the montana portion of yellowstone at two percent of the yellowstone national park. That is we'd whatever we'd have be. All people from gardener does actually forty one people, forty one adults that live in that zone, so they can in a fairy country? Have you tell me? You'd have gone that your jury pool? Yes, they really have defined so in this. This was actually brought in, without doubt still looks like you. You know what I just battery is: if this ever happened, it could only be it can only be right a finite amount of times, because the first thing they ask you Your juror interview is: have you ever served on a murdered You could try. You could do it three times assuming that all forty. Those people are eligible jurors.
nobody knew moves into the area as well. What is O'Brien called brought up this issue in his two thousand and five or article, and it was actually used in a court of law. I think was in two thousand and seventeen innate somebody killed. An Elk in Montana is portion of yellowstone national park ca, and his lawyer, who is now deceased, had brought up this brian called paper about his own death and how his trial should have to take place in the yellowstone portion of montana, because that's where the crime happened at and how they would have to get a jury from that area and the prosecutors had acknowledged that, like this is an issue we. This is going to be like a lot of work for us to make this happen and like bring charges on this person who shot this elk, and so they offered this guy. A plea deal basically saying that, like you can't
fights any further and- and you know, if you take this- then it's over with right, but he had said that, like this issue came up then- and it was a big problem and it was left unresolved, it was left unresolved and I said we're in me: kill him yanni. I could do I'll do aggravated assault while not do a murder, nebula cabo it it would be. Would it would like certainly drag out much longer than that in this guy shot? This also chose that option. He chose not to drag it out and just took the plea deal, but this Brian caught believes that he could have ah forced their hand and made them have the trial in this portion of Montana, where he killed. The Elk now asked Brian if he would feel responsible for something or like what what his feelings would be. If Steve did, gil go, kill, Jani while researching for huckleberries, and he said
it's been, it's been fifteen years. He would be really really pissed off if this happened, because the government has not acted on it and congress, he said if they decide tomorrow they wanted changes. They get changes. It would take like three lines. He his example is said to take. Five minutes would literally take five minutes, but he said he would take five minutes. That's how quick this would be to fix this issue who stopped at the zone of death he did because he discovered it and in his discovery of this, has like it. It inspired a best selling novel, the new york times best selling novel called free fire. An author from wyoming. got a book were an attorney goes any kills for campers in a zone of yellowstone that has no jurisdiction over huckleberries. I don't know it also inspired a movie. I can't remember what it's called like one provision, or something like that, and now people are telling me. Are you guys familiar with the the tv series,
bluestone, yes this, yet that dismantling his way into that show it. It came up in the sunday episode like three days ago. They talk about, they refer to it as the train station. I believe so that it's not for a lack of awareness that the government hasn't changes. He said they just like drag their feet. They don't think it's a big deal. They think that if something did have and they could still like manipulate wording and understandings to still get a prosecution, and he just basically said that's no way to to treat the constitution, and so he would be really pissed off. If something happened, but basically said, the blood would be on the government's hands, not his own. Hmm, the dark yet very work on your hypotheticals, though cause you just had killing Elk and it would have been fine share- has worked on this. This is more exciting. Now the murder I think it's not that it's not this one. Not this one of Elk death are right and they're like okay, the cost to the
money or the state of wyoming in ordered to prosecute this. The way it should be, he is going too far, exceed what we We can afford basically, so I I asked Brian, if, like their lack of changing, this is just pure laziness or what it is, and he said it's it's a lot laziness, but there is point to be made where someone did it for inspired to change this a few years after Brian brought everyone like national attention to india's invite, and he said when they looked into changing it, that what would then happen is yellow sand. would have some portions that are now in the ninth court circuit and not the tenth wyomings in the tenth montana, in idaho or in the night and when it comes to like environmentalists user. That could like cause a lot of problems and open up like some potentially big things. That could happen because now yellowstone thing
skin like, but that already have a very bring into the night search they'd they bring that they bring those losses to the night. They know, though, the the to answer. Hunting crowd brings lawsuits to those at the night. It's a mozilla yeah. Like, if you sue and against the grizzly, bear delisting or soon against wolf delisting. You always want to make sure lands in missoula because then you'll get a judge who is like? Oh, I don't want anybody to hurt those poor things If you soon lands wyoming lobby like while we're gonna go with states, rights man, while their management
that was. That was never the intention of this to like. Oh we're going to manipulate this, so it gets in the tenth court district or anything like that. Just like now, a proud product of it in a reason that they likely will never change it came to more geographical ones. On yelp walked me through mic farthest farthest. Have you guys heard of this before from you, buddy? Okay? Oh you didn't coin. That term now, nope a statistic did in two thousand and nine: he coin mic farthest: statistician, statistician, no good correction.
he coined the term in two thousand and nine when he was looking for what he thought might be the most remote place in the lower forty eight. How how would you guys measure remoteness? Oh I've been to the most remote place on the continent. Now we're talking lower for all. I can tell you they did. There was a lot of factors that went into it. There was like proximity to human population proximity to road proximity to fuel, and they came out with this thing that it was. You know in the If you go up the call back river to the head of the coal black river than over top of the brooks range and get the I side, I think you wind up in this law area. They call it the remotest place and the continent
I don't know he goes by eagles by how far it is from a mcdonald's. That's that's what he wanted to say, there's a number of different ways. You can measure this right like if you wanted to for this. You can get from a road now a segway here that would actually land in yellowstone in the other corner of the park. There yeah yep in the southeast corner, where the zone of death is in the southwest gotcha. So that's that's one way you can measure it. Surprise, like wind up in the you'd wind up in the thoroughfare hm sheriff that zones called bill otherwise. The best part is from a road yet the furthest from road in the lower forty eight in the southeast corner of yellowstone. If you wanna look for the least populous county, this really surprised me and landed in texas. La county has one hundred and thirty four people at point, one: six: seven residents per square mile, no shit.
Yeah that sounds like kelly's kind of place. Is that the panhandle of texas, or in the you know the staked plains there couldn't tell ya? Jano was estacada, loving, county texas jani. If you're gonna find it no kidding, yeah, so tables alaska doesn't have colonies. They boroughs, that's a couple ways. We can measure remoteness, but this this person decided to further. You can get from mcdonalds. In the cool thing about. It makes his job really really easy. The cool thing measuring remoteness. That way is that it can move around then in whatever that spa would be, is then mic furthest. So in his first version of the map in two thousand and nine, he found that MC farthest landed in northwest in south dakota, which is basically say mary when we talked about three tells the wolf or where human-
scam: old right there on the grand on the right right there you up, that's where the first inclination of MC farthest landed. But then he looked back at the data about a decade later in realised that there is a mig downloads closure in nevada. That then moved this worthy clothes of adults. touched on this in the boardroom better. I went to their yelp page, which still existed despite there being closed for a number of years, and it had like Missouri it had fifteen yelp reviews averaging one point: five stars grew amateur, read you some of the quota year from from the relevant is a great job on spencer's glaring eg. You thank you. So windy said she said quite possibly the worst mcdonald's on the planned paul said atmosphere, three stars food, one star service, two stars, but I it.
I hope the whole brand promise that Mcgowan's zero east. I know its thick it's a saying, no matter where you go, I hardly mess it up is going. I couldn't we give you the giant bag of rise. You take the rise and put it in our proprietary oil blend in our proprietary friar. This does not rule out a smells like a hang out. Human error deceive diseases like culture thing like it just in didn't, work there. Jason in his room. He said my worst mcdonald's experience and though What's dinner, as your the recent reviews is they're coming people who, like me, got their coming, chronic mcdonald's. They say no, the baseline of mcdonald's shitting desire people like I had never heard of this place, but my god, these are play people who are like let down let down by the mcdonald's experience at that particular mcdonald's. Go on my favorite movie.
They came from Alison is one of the last review left of this mcdonalds she said, the cash you cody was more stoned than a bolder. He had hickey over his neck. Well, don Quixote girlfriend so that was Latvia's unlikely. Why this mcdonald's, gotcha so make far this because this mcdonald's clothes Moved eleven hundred miles south west from north western south dakota, two half between las vegas in reno and had this new local, you can now get thirteen miles further from a big mac. There was that exact locale look like the exact location. It is on now on blm land and it's actually right on the edge of area. Fifty one so you can. You can go reached this place if you wanted like a wild horse in a martian. That's right, stay
an error now? This is what the person road and twenty eighty when they opted to make far this location. They sit at its centre by my calculations for the minutes of wash board south from the extra terrestrial highway and a few clicks to the civilian side of the greater area, fifty one perimeter fence you'll find lower forty aids current mc far this spot a sandy swatch of silver gate sagebrush, just over one hundred twenty miles as the crow flies from the nearest mcdonald's was citizens one hundred twenty miles? No shit, it was actually pretty surprising. You would think that you can get further than a hundred twenty my from mcdonald's yeah. That's it do remember. Now I don't oak. Is the region mcdonald's really struck me when we were on one of the key member? I think obama too steps to normalize in our normal as relations with cuba. Which are? They eventually have exotic people. Most people in america have forgot,
they forgotten. Why were real mad at cuba? Is there a gun? I think that the hatred, the hatred wanes, but ever hear, and it s not a big island. I remember reading article that was about western, you know, or american corporate worlds plans, for normalize relations with cuba, memory in the big mcdonald's was planning on going into cuba lightly, with twenty four stores or like some plan. That was like that's light. So then I thought there must be disallowed. Mcdonalds is around man. If you want to go visit me farthest, I put it. I put a pin for it in the article on our websites, barroom banter, Colin macfarlane. for this, you can get from mcdonald's the closest down the mcdonald's at close its tone. Oh papa nevadas. So if you do go there, are you still in good shape? Because there is a burger king and a subway in that town?
They have a two: they have it. I didn't die now down it's a little cutesy. So little cutesy You need to find another way to figure out the remotest sky. I like this one I really like this one. It's a little far its little outside of our we'll house. Here at me either, but I think that a good fact, checker spencer, when he throws up the squirrels khaled by how they do by the balls off squirrels, would be an ideal would be. Are there really want four ingredients or whatever the hell. It is in mcdonald's, french fries and it will add, know if I've heard that claim that, like some old marketing that I wouldn't be familiar, I don't think it's a thing that they're proud of it's damn sure not a potato. Alt doyle. If they make a slurry make a slurry and then for that slurry back in
Through the shape of a french try that gets frozen and pride, Nineteen ingredients, nineteen that true love a good one for you and I love and counting was in the panhandle good. The analysed carlo stick planes for you. People speak that whatever language analyse cargo is one more for expensive one. More worthy I'd like you to explain: ok, v, most instagram, two places outdoors
raises in america. This is another article that I wrote as part of our bar room, banter series, and this. This isn't something. That's like new coverage in the usa today has looked at a similar thing before other websites have looked at this. They boys looked like the most instagram places in the world. The most instrument places in the united states things like that, but nobody has looked at the most instagram outdoor places in each
yeah. So that's that's why this list was unique, and I gather this by looking at what the usa today had already done some other websites and then also using data available from instagram with hashtags and tags, and things like that. I looked at the most instagram places in every single state use. Here's another segway wyoming's was of course yellowstone national park, so dark next dodger got. It did. Did you guys look at this listed all of most instagram instagram places in the wind turbine looking at right now Okay! Is there anything that stands out to you like what you think of Michigan's michigan's is silver lake sand dunes state park? No, that doesn't checkout know that. That doesn't surprise me shock me yeah. So from the fifty that I gathered here, there are fifteen state parks, ten national parks, eight beaches, six lakes, three city parks, three national forests or monuments, and then five,
miscellaneous locations and that the miscellaneous ones were. Examples like I think, Hawaii had a volcano. What was other one. Somebody had There is some some odd balls like that, but my favorite miscellaneous ones were in Nebraska and I will end as south dakota I'd like to rag on those states. Any chance I get in this list made a real real easy because nebraska is most instagram outdoor place is boundless pumpkin patch show that was really wait really I really enjoyed. Why is that a wonder? I dunno, especially when you look at the states next door right like like south dakota, is, is a badlands national park, which is an incredible area, and then you just go a little bit south and you have valid pumpkin patch in Nebraska iowa's. Paul converge might be one hell of a place. Maybe I'm I'm so intrigued by fire, It out. I wanna go next simum of drive
It was as the bridges of madison county yeah and there's a picture of these in the article. Did you look at the picture? Know it's it's six of these rural bridges that are apparently very popular to go, take pictures in front of and tag, certainly like probably the most unique place. We know that old love movie the bridges madison county. I did come across at looking this, isn't that now at an off, that's when slide is or if this is just like. That's that's totally has totally what's because the old love movie, the bridges, madison colored, how old is adele and is it is would like from my lifetime. what we are when lies. They delity in twenty. Some appreciate that I think this is like sorority girls in nearby colleges, that, like thing it's cool place, I don't make some old movie is a good point, because the people, their love, that movie probably aren't.
Programming too much now white sands, national monument in new mexico surprises me a little bit because there's so little it's a hard place to get to know so little traffic going through their its stunning. You can see it. Unlike you know, you can see it from outer space you see if real, high satellite imagery like this, like weird ass patch of white in the state, but it surprises me that people that that it's that its difficulty to get too didn't change that didn't make it a lower score. That's fairly, one of like there's, not very many examples on this list were like. We would act want wanna go to hang out. These are like very popular areas. Obviously, as as you can see on the list, the lakes, the lakes were like a cool example, though, because
pretty much. Every lake on this list has like really quality fishing lake martin in alabama, like norman in north carolina lake of the ozarks in Missouri lake minnetonka, minnesota, kentucky lake and dougie. Those are all like regular spots for bass fishing tournaments. They all have like some of them have good walleye fishing so like as far as places we would actually want to visit. I think the lakes are few, of the few. The examples on this list did when you pull this list together. Did you feel proud? of your fellow man, or did you feel disappointed by your fellow man in his predictability as a good question. part of the list there was like also manipulated by me. Lay I could have left our beaches in city parks. If I wanted but there was just like an over oil, unlike what you would call as the ardour plants. There's you so
an overwhelming amano states where those were like head and shoulders above something like a state park or national park, or something like that. So when you see all the city park on the list and the beaches, it's a little bit disappointing that, like those her you don't, some of the most popular instagram places. Many anyway for new york's to be central park is the central park count as an outdoor place. Right right. I think the people who go to central park. They would argue that it very much does that's what I'm saying fought for some people like the beach or a city park is the outdoors. So I felt like that's why those were worth, including, if you want to see the full list of fifty of these again. This is on our website. Barroom banter, the most instagrammed out we're places in each state. They very much. I really like the the graphics someone did from, Our room banter now as a whole, big conspiracy, Alex grandma, was the conspiracy. That is
He's off that burma and miles sitting on is it it is there. He told me that greece has spent a great deal of time and at one what is employer who did it? The montana bar it's just called the montana bar stun reopen the bison bar. Ok I pray, you live there, the window they have a lot about and they have a full size mile of what's regarded as an ex as an extinct, bighorn sheep species. The on the item on sheet, which now They also got a lot of stuffed heads of trail, steers that used do that the days the run on the trail runs from taxes up to Montana, for the double winner. They got some lead, steers and air theirs, a bullet hole Air still from one so there, some kind of shootin there there that's. The thing you could do to is famous bullet holes and bars, because you know who's deal is frequent in many of them.
The slippery noodle independently annapolis visible. Oh John dillinger lake into its independence lake by market michigan, you know the robber traverse the right and he row anatomy of murder. no story, anatomy of murder. No, the anatomy of a murder is base often actual murder. It's like in Jimmy Stuart. They did Elm and Jimmy Stuart played the prosecutor in anatomy. it was written by a novelist who hears avid fishermen, the roll out of our fishing but he actually not he role of a novel zation of something that actually happened to him in his life. In there was a guy in a woman living eta campground and the guy was
Station there to work like on a so kind of military insulation and his wife and he's off work and very jealous husband, he's off workin and supposed He gets concerned that his wife is running around with some other duties: lynette campground out of the murder. She like sees a bear in the campground ground gets, will scared by the bear I could be, Certain parts is wrong by been all these places I slept in the can't round, went to the bar. He she is It was about a black bear hanging around the campground and that's why she explains she had to head down to the bar. That's her story, the airs and campground. Therefore, I went to the bar other folk believe that Was down in the bar because she had taken to she had In summary, I wish to know in a more is that that the right word amorous and air
this relationship with some local heavy. The irritated husband. Goes down, there kills the guy and the bullet hole if the palsy is still in the bar. When I went in there- and I said I want to see the ball hawk, the guy said well problem is you know this is the whole array says, is the ball behind the bar, but back in the bar will run out wall. So he's I are. because lie you know: you're, not the first guy to come in here, asking about the bullet hole in the bar, but yeah agree movie, anatomy of murder, Jimmy stewards, any the ice fishing brook shot wrapped him up a newspaper never seen this, never seen it, I'm in the I'm in pnc bridges of madison county. I don't think this is Robert trevor. He he's written some of the most beautiful stuff about fishing, What are you looking at me like that? I made them mob nokia.
that is a pen name. What's his real damn name, homes pull this up. People need to know about this. I'm gonna answer your question about the the graphic for ballroom as it was made by hunter spencer, who is a listener, a reader, a watcher of meat eater, and he is awesome at what he does. cleaner up did job honour. His name was John D. Vulgar his pen name was Robert trevor. Go on out of bar tender for actually telling you what what, instead of just being like, oh Here's the bullet hole guinyard Happy about it waiting for that five dollar tip that twenty. You're here someone aurora Travers famous courts about vision. He says I fish because I love to. Because I love the environs were trial or found which are invariably beautiful in haiti.
environs, were crowds of people are found which are invariably ugly? I got so tell you are you telling them? I already told them. It was the scandal about the sign. Well, that's just the way that spencer told me. It's like. I found this guy and he's really good at it design and art, and his name is hunter spencer. I just thought, oh, I thought billy his name's hunter spencer right sure I wouldn't buy that we should yeah. We should pay him to do the art. For my stuff, I was like oh yeah, it turns out turns out. Wrong. Did you get hold of me out what we are against your diversionary? We idea for while we that we had, we identified one of our internet trolls recent I think it was the pleasure yeah, because the internet troll would know things like how do you know that and then, as like sifnos
at everything that starts to add up or like everything that he would say, we'd be like guess what we're announcing next week and he'd be like it's up there. You don't have a son of a bitch who would possibly know this set would know that. The car when the owner was talking about it he's got a must. Random. Oh yeah, you do. He get real hot. It's real hot when we'd bring it up like the raw like the kind of heart that only made me more issues. Have you disproved cause we were able to disprove. Hundred spencer is a real guy, a big fan of mediator, shot at him, wonderful job smells like hunter spent, would prefer to just have a larger it to him. There's a chance that it's a long con and Sarah spencer has created an instagram account and been doing it for years.
How we bought some cows paper, one or two years or so of security. I wish I was, I doubt if he does, he does not some job and you gotta be seeing more of his stuff on our website. You come up with some good shit man. And barroom bantered is also powered by element We have a new title, sponsor I'm drinking series outbreak, do I dislike dislike, x. Is the total sponsor this? Your pod gas element is the title sponsor a bar romantic. They make it up small steve. I know you like their staff Ben really likes or stuff. Maybe too much yeah snorted right off the table. you ve heard about Israel hydrate, it's what I'm telling you and then you know now that you're well hydrated you're in the hot seat, now give us a walk us through the brent. But the the brent bone bear attack story, brett, brett bomb. Now. This is what you get from reading stuff and not here to here, not not know it.
Yeah we've had a few guys on our team that have helped me work on the same longer helped me work on this and he was calling him brett bone for for about six months before I corrected it, but bond and brett bond insane story. This yeah, I'm not I'm! You know I'm impressed with you, have a computer in front of you they're expensive, and I don't want to go too far behind the scenes. I do I don't so I'm just going to recall this from memory, so it may not sound quite as slick spencer's stories, but during borrowers can be. No, no, I gotta get. You guys have all seen what will just call it's hard to describe, although we try to describe it and in the pied cast everybody seen the picture. Everybody seen the buy up. It's like the kennedy. Sazen nation. nobody knows they were when they saw the picture yeah. I can tell you where I was yeah matt Cooke said to me, and I said bull shit. Yes, that's the Hard about this that every eye when I first saw it
miles, no pay, I'm sure all you guys, all the guys in our crew saw this photos. I walked around shown at the people, as I'm sure you invariably due to get the reaction. Most people's react when they see the photo. It's not a brett bonnets of his father. Glenn bought his, he was it act by the bear and now highway in Alaska the bear ripped through with it's jaws and it's claws ripped through the kind of took a chunk out of the center his face. You know, I'd put it. How would you put it yeah, you thought about it. A great deal. Imagine that you're the imagined year are not as yet, to do this in any way the would to be disrespectful. It be like opening up a person's face like a pair of but cheeks yet.
I leave our thanks to their young, yet a comment on a trip to I mean stripped away, steal away like a pair of, but it's not anything like that. I think about it, yeah. So, let's restart, and so we know it's not too hard to describe, and I just little I came up with it's. I mean it's like basic anatomy and I think there's been enough sort of like gore. Media, by dawn that so that similar, it's like someone's phase, has been taken off and is sort of like you can still tell that there is life. It's it's almost like a skull with still muscle attached to it and there's eyeball. You can tell of life in them and there are, or teeth there that you can filter attached to jaws that work, but there is no skin and it is like a it's like a skull more of a skull with flesh on it, as opposed to like a human face with skin their customers. Them please,
I just. I only want to take nurse there because the the opening of the butt cheeks on dude- that's not right it's not even a lower. I gave her a boy I'd. Have you like this transport, this man next step? Can it be like if you took your skin a knife and made an opening caught up the centre of someone's face, they start below their chin and make your opening incision like you're? Getting a deer up up up up up and then skin down each side a little ways how big ways? the skin down a ways I leave, combine yanis than yours, you have but gianna and remove the butt cheeks. You got what it is, and I think, that there's a couple of aid. I said no, I said that's like a note. That is, let's that's like a fake thing. I think there's a few
I want to start with the emotion amity of seeing the further than others. Videos swell brett tells me there's a minute plus video that, because this was all begin, there's a minute plus video of his dad talking and in. If you ve seen a photo, you invariably seen the clip that breccia Is this a gram of his dead talk, shards of flesh hanging down over what would be his lips, keep our guidance for the. What exactly the point attack or are you gonna get there ya get there? I mean you know if you gave me the jurassic where this, because you said on the highway and I think that that might lead people yeah the this it. So I think you were this all starts is the imagery, because this is the thing that that brought meet others that brought most people to visit, certainly brought me to. It illustrated strategic omission: yes we'll get there and it seems but leave it with fast ass, the ship.
want to show steep how wrong you. We shall certainly how little reason to do a quarter to have you here by cheeks. Look like that. You get a bigger problem and listened in this book either. He looks like you feel when you like heavy rifle. His shoulder shoot a deer, and then you skin away the hide like what you have left there. It was just like that kind of carnage as good, so the video that that brett Bonn so we'll we'll just start here, Brett Bonn earlier this year march, mid march. Twenty one prep on shares a series of images and videos on his instagram as at bbb alaskan. You can go there and look at this time. Guys got couple of hundred followers. Eight nine hundred followers. He shares this video and this photo.
and there's another there's. There's a series of, I believe, seven images, one of the images as his dad sitting on a snow machine with his big eight foot, grizzly bear lane in front of kind of dead, real dead, the neck, that's the leading photo. But then, if you scroll past that you get to see the photo of his dad without a face scroll even further, you get to see his dad talking speaking rather normally muffled because of the shards of flesh that are hanging down over what would be his lips, which are peeled away. The shards of flesh they're hanging from what would have been his nose, which is peeled away. One of his eyes asked me not it's gone. His face is attached to his skull anymore. It s more like a curtain yeah, it's it looks it's it's the most
surgical it. It almost looks surgical. As you said, you could take your skin a knife slide down the middle and peel. That thing away. Has this like weird violence to it, but also look surgical, and this is important for later on, because it's how he recovered is it's it's important that we know that this way Not this bear didn't really harm any the bones in his face and cartilage is just kind of skin and flesh peeled away. So now it looks like a horror movie where his through the shards of flesh and blood. You could see his teeth moving. He almost see the the bone above his teeth, his gums are kind of peeled away and he's explaining that this bear came. He said it came fast came at me fast, there's other clips, I've seen where he's he's explaining where the bear was as so. This is the first time officially anyone has ever seen this officially.
ever seen this shared by the person who actually is revealed by this dude git. Yes, so this is early this year. I got sent this to me. I'm sure everyone here did a hundred times the I find the dams down any dams, and these important note that it's, the first emotion, is bullshit no way not sure because he has to call my body mac code to tell them that they are now here he was coming to me for like. Could this be the expert inside to adjust like there That's a lie.
It's what makes us think so, there's that there are so many elements to this, but one of the things that makes it so amazing. So one of the other photos in in this seven photo run on instagram is a photo taken in a place and while silicon diamond d, custom, leather and it's the the owner of diamond d, glenn and brett- and it is roughly I think- nine days after the attack and if you look at it- okay glen bond seventy seven year old, father of fr at bonn, looks like he got attacked years ago. When you see the nine days after his face, looks like it's completely gone, there's no way that it could be reconstructed that he could survive. nine days later. He looking pretty get. What nine days later. He happen he shop and he's got
mac visiting a leather store, he's going. That's where I wind up. Haven't that! That's where I do. You know this, but that still is puzzling to me there is there is. There is a cascade of puzzling events that you each time you like Norway and I've talked to and other people in this, our team of have talked at Joe for an auto and sam longer, and the plastic surf there surgeons, we talked author, you have you yet. We ve talked to the rescue pilot, who rescued him and we'll get to that. We ve talked to other hunting guides that were on the scene. We talk to retired sheriff my arming, who on the scene when they arrived back. The lodge with talked brett glenn, their mother Lorraine. I mean so we ve covered everything that you think might not be true cost. A lot of this will sound like it's not true. We covered off on it, and theirs People involved that are credible will have no reason the lie and can confirm basically every insane detail this and we had to do it cause yeah like quadruple,
because you had to time you hear it usually there's no way. It's impossible anyway. when that funny born you, like a funny thing as journalists to be that someone tells you something, and you have to be yet say on and with all due respect here, thought only cause people to make, here, you're telling me the truth: it's awkward yeah! Well, there is an element. Is there someone that can corroborate this this guy? Well, what are you saying? Well that brings up the Porn element of this story of of the many things we gotta go through to get through this, so the photos won't take and this year they weren't taken last year. They weren't taking the year before the photos were taken in twenty sixteen four years. He sat on him for four years, for you He sat on him as he describes.
And you'll you'll learn even more about this. This is informed by another thing that happened to prep on. He sat them because they're a private family. They did not want any fame from this, and you guys will know we cover bear tax. All the time bear tax our chance to get seen to tell your story. People want to know, especially something as insane as the photos and videos that brett barnett on his phone. So for four years these things were sequestered. Basically on his phone, peed may have texted him to a few people. He may have shown them the few people, but it took to his admission: that's where they stayed. Unfortunately, at the diamond, the custom leather, which was let's say
for years before, where they took that photo nine days after the attack, Brett's mom, Lorraine, phillips who's there with them at the shop asks, if Brett doesn't mind, sending some of these images to some of the family members that are there for custom of the owner of custom, the leather that he makes he makes holsters the eye he makes holsters and and brett was using wearing guy you will get it. He was using. One of these holsters brett was when he saved his dad glens life from the bear, and so there there and they text a couple of these image specifically the one that you'll see of them in customs and and the leather shop, three of them and the photo that we're just describing of the non but cheek, fully removed, face
So these two things essentially leak out onto the internet, because the fat, the mother, wants to to be kind and share some of these images with some of the folks that are there in the shop that day, particularly, I think the owner's daughter. But this isn't a mac. It's not clear exactly what happened. We talked to the current guy, who runs that shop and he confirmed this happened, the rain philips confirm this happened. They share these images on a message board. We don't know what message board, we don't know exactly what did I shared the images at the time that they were taken? So twenty sixteen zero talk in April, twenty sixteen believers like April twenty fifth, when they are in the shops or somewhere in this general time. They share. These images out onto a message board You guys all know. I'm asteroids are The internet is ended in and we were born, go through all the details, because we ve also sum this up pretty far.
in the four years following that message board share these images that brett bond shares himself for the first time four years later become an urban legit. They are trafficked on many Besides, there's fake stories about them, they were assigned to a gentleman in west perkins, who was attacked and very much the same way as Glenn Bonn believe in two thousand and eleven so west perkins. Somehow we were never able to like nail down the exact moment when someone said hey, that's, what's perkins the book, the bond family believes they know who it was an and their suing that person, but this is what kind of get to the point where brett bonn wants to share these images now, because for years later, this thing has been called a hoax.
then sign to another man. It's been spread around the internet for click bait. It's been, it's been mistreated in this way, because the real story isn't out there. Can I, as what makes them get this all, you have to use a lot and in any anyone else who might just as well double check a couple things. The timeline yep, the mauling happens. He takes pictures of day of the mauling nine days later, takes pictures at the double deep diamond, a diamond Right away the diamond d people like hey, we see those pictures. He shares the pictures. Then the pictures spread out over the course of a year. Seers here and is, but is the kid the pictures is he aware. So he's aware, as it were, for those he took her being he's.
misconstrued and it's oh okay, agitated by it. He knows that this is going on extremely aware of it agitated by families. So it's not a surprise now they're now, like oh, we didn't know. I got disease like what the hell, that's my dad to the whole. This gave this. Fellow well, that the did somehow take ownership and make some sort of monetary gain off these pictures. No, so how's he getting sued the this is within that we've not nailed down, so I don't want to bring people to get sued, and then it turns out. There's no standing there. West isn't getting sued sue the reporter that the bond family believes fabricated. The last perkins story connected to the imagery is getting jawed as possibly getting suit jackets So now I'm on a label, easy fabricated. The story then sold at other allies to make money. That's what they believe. So he be up rising using the west perkins story in the bonn images profited, which I mean are, was perkins view. We won't go through west person's entire story, but if you
If you read his story, it is early similar to that of glenn bought, but this dude knots gets to off track here. But if this dude this journalist He was using pictures to which you didn't have permission gap in this area, and I will mention all the website, some of whom you will now their and our industry and we ve talked of people at these websites journal journalistic. They saw these things as click bait, right, Wes, perkins man with no face west perkins man with no face all the way up. and I will mention this guy's name. Tom miranda has no time railway area. I introduce myself, you want. We are too few months into this investigation and it was legitimate investigation and shout the joe and sandford for help him at this time, a random post, this is after this is months after Brett bond is posted. These images on his instrument, Tom, a random posts, images on his instagram and says check out west perkins, this
This is a month ago check out west perkins no eyes by Tom miranda's d, not dvds, vs gestate, When I was a kid I had like water trapping with Tom miranda, so tumblr is the best. Just imagine for me like that. It just highlights the fact that the internet- you just put this stuff in the blunder- that is the internet and its shoots out weird things: weird times, and so we ended up just saying: hey, I just bought by the by Tom nope you're, using someone else's images you're, attributing them to something. That's not true for to get some traffic on your instagram. Time think about that he so I got it from this story from the american shooting journal. It was passed on me from an outfit or in africa so well that american, like that america is yes and then americans, many journal article. If you google today, I think brett bond bear attack it. It might come up. It comes up in the first page,
So are we going to get to hear the actual bear attacks door? That's where people complain when we did a podcast about this, that it took too long to get to the very top but there's so much on, like all, is a grey area so area so now, the point where we have the first element of this, where there is a conspiracy there is this internet urban legend around these image. All the stuff has happened, brett Glenn them their mother, slash, wife, Lorraine. They know about this is agitated to them, so this, among other things, leads to bread chain. These images and when he shares the images Does he share a man has set in there? Good straight man no he shares them as I. A highlights? Bear safety he's train. Secondly, strange you take a very constructive, very helpful tone. He takes a very constructive, helpful tone, saying, like hey, you bear country check this out.
he doesn't. I mean I don't want to give a spoiler alert, but the dudes were hunting grizzlies, yeah, okay in there and you're you're, inviting us proximity that's a home of there There are some. The you run into oxymoronic stuff here, but this there's this is so detailed and so deep that there's almost no way you're not going to run into stuff that he hasn't really tried. This story in. I stole this from someone down the road, but this is one of those stories that makes its own gravy yeah. It's it's full of gravy, so, if you want to, if we wanted to go back to the actual Back and will go through this briefly cause. It's got a lot of stuff that its lingering its lingering you wanna know what actually happened. So guy has no face Then he we know the us is it gives us face ripped off. We also know that, nine days later, it he's doing. Ok, generally, ok, walkin around talking people taken photos. So now, though, those of the kind of facts, the structure, what we know well
I if you want to get to know Breton Glen bond, Glen bonds, a retired teacher they're, both natives of the solo alaska, prep prep on his thirty three year old hunting guide, he's been hunting guide, bases whole life. you go to instagram, you look around the students in alaska alaskan. Like he's hunton fission, that's what he does he guides all year round. He guides bears. caribou what everything you know it to be available in alaska, this guy done it pretty hard core outdoorsman. His dad is a similarly hardcore outdoorsman, but he was a retired teacher and also a hunting guide and its rita. These guys have had scrapes with bears over the years. Has it that his dad was charged by bear with a client one time. There's this whole story, though you can read about her list two and our pike asked so these he has no their way around this country. There not rookies there, there's no way to think that they don't know exactly what they have to do. In fact, Glenn bond has killed a charging grisly before so
knows he knows what to do so. These guys they behind together sense, breathless. Seven is now thirty, three, that seventy seven and They decide that they want to go on a bear hunt. It's in April think I want to say, aprilia center, it's in early April bears are just coming out of their dens or on their dense. There could take a snow machine up the dynamic highway into the mountains, not on actual highway. From a large twenty five miles, they went on snow machine so short speed. This up does take twenty five miles of snow machine, they're gonna they drive, he describes in
detail that morning said it was. It was a beautiful morning. It was just starting to get warm, so the snow was starting to melt, so they didn't want to get too far away cause. I didn't want to get into a situation on to snow machines where they couldn't turn back. If the snow was to melt too much and so breton gland come upon what they think is a din hole in the side of a hill. This this hill is pretty as a pretty steep slope going down to where they have parked their snow machines and they see betsy's tracks going in and then possibly tracks going around. The backside of this dense hole inside of a mountain, so they have this conversation. What are we going to do? They're looking for a bear, the pressure there might be one in their brett decides he's going to go back and check for the check for these tracks exiting tracks to see he goes up this hill up the slope around the den his check for tracks.
He hears screaming. His father is, as he's distracted me behind him. Maybe a hundred yards, maybe less down a slope. Glenn bond is sitting on a snow machine like facing the den. Basically, this bear comes essentially charging out of the den. Brett remembers, hearing glenn, saying he's coming out, he's coming out he's coming out and before he can turn he sees just a flash for this. Eight foot, grizzly comes out of the den and and basically as Brett describes, that takes his father like a rag,
one just throws him down the hill, but his dad's lineup tried to get a crack at it, so his dad. So his dad has had this happen before he's got a rifle in his hand, he gets a crack at it as the bears run and he pulls his rifle up and again he's done this before blouse blanche well turns out. The bear had just dipped down into a little depression in the space between Glen and the den and he shoots over the back of this spare hm and he's got you know seconds and it's on him and they had their rolling down the hill together and so brett turns around and see this happening, and the reports from the frozen investigated the same state fit while the fifth vasquez since it his footprints. Look like an olympic track athlete
He doesn't you know as he would describe. It, isn't really remember what exactly he did. He pulls his three fifty seven pistol from his diamond, the holster three fifty said. I think it's three, fifty seven I don't wanna get. I might be wrong about that. He pulls his pistol. This is where the this is, where the Where the internet trolls, yeah they're, going to say no they're like oh three, fifty seven, he was three through five. Sorry, bread with I'm wrong, already or mag means you don't have to shoot twice or you don't I'm sorry if it was, if it wasn't a three fifty seven I'll get I'll I'll amend this. If I need to, we can look it up, but pulls his pistol and just sprints towards us towards his dad his dad. At this point, the bears on top of his father, all that Brett can see is the bear and his dad
add and blood. Then this is theirs, but may lay there screaming, as you would try to imagine what might be happening here, he runs to his dad pulls up his pistol, I think through fit. These are three. Seventy five, some hadn't. He dumps a couple rounds into the vitals of the bear and at this point the bear kind of stumbles off his dad stands up. He shoots it in the chest. It comes down a little bit at some point in all of the shoots it between the eyes as its common at him and he describes is like I knew. I just knew I d give between down the bear, and at some point I knew if I didn't, if this shot didn't go exactly where needed to you, I was dead. My doubt it
And this is all I mean this is, you know, imagine this happens in a span of thirty seconds, forty five seconds, who knows there's no way to time it out so that all of this happens, and if you you know, if you think about like. It's it's! Here's, a guy, that's trained in survival. He is he's trained in back country, medicine he's a guide. He kind of understands this, so I think some of this for him. If I was just judging his actions, some of him is just what he would do for anyone, but there is an element of he gets this done as he does
tribes that he describes in a pretty calm way. Like hey man, I ran down the hill and boom boom boom. His bears dead so bears dead. He describes thinking he's going to seeing his dad and pull of blood thinking he's going to arrive to his father being dead or the last moments of his father's life, the a one or the other, not thinking that so he gets over there and he says that his dad is while his face is torn apart. He's got some injuries in his wrist. His dad is complaining about his wrist injury, not really understanding. I don't think, what's going on with the face.
And brett tries to do a bunch of things. He checks his father for bleeding. He he determines that. There's no arterial bleeding he's not going to bleed out in any way that the major damages to the face. So he takes off his handkerchief tries to tied around his dad's face, as you might try to repair the damage his dad immediately begins to choke on his own flesh, and so at this moment at this point, his dad is talking fairly coherently doesn't seem like other than him complaining.
what is risk seems like he can. He can have a conversation with his son. The physical act of talking, though, looks like it would be really hard yeah and there's a whole bunch of other as we get down the the road, the swords, a whole bunch of other things that happen that you just you, don't think with an injury like that that he would be able to pull off being that cogent or at the physical act of moving your mouth up and down when your tongue up and down and making the words come out, yeah, not just the mental state but like actually being able the physical arm words, physical part, so you're fast forward. Two. How this video gets made. Glenbard never loses control once I think he realizes he's not going to die. Brett realizes he's not going to die in the moment. Glen bon is the toughest person I've ever heard of. He never loses control he's extracting his son. What to do he instructs his son to take this video so his mom, so they can in case he dies or something
his mom will know what happened so there somewhere out there's a minute long, video of a man with no face this. Explaining these things explain what happened essentially and so a bunch of. His habit takes him about an hour. I believe I'm recollecting that right about an hour to get on the snow machine and head back to the lodge where they were staying. It's about twenty for a little bit over a twenty four mile ride on a snowmachine slip, so brett loads, his dad up behind him when they ride. I think it takes another hour to get back to the lodge all the while his dad has his back there with you can't cover his face up. There's there's not a whole lot. You can do other than just read the snow machine and to this point again the reread this guy is with it. He is telling his son what to do he's telling me
it sounded like we got to calm down. We gotta stay calm. We gotta do this. What we gotta do this with able to radio for help editor? Yes, I believe that they did because, while they they radio help, but their stay in a large. That's pretty far out there in the store that were working on were detained work when we talk about exactly how far the lodge is from the nearest town and then the town from the nearest hospital, this all comes into play when they found we get back to lodge. They meet a guy. There named dan asked us who the sheriff in wyoming, then he, I believe, is Brett's godfather he's got a relation to the family he's there. He knows them he's the first person who sees them come back. He this is a guy who's been a sheriff he's retired he's been a share for forty years. He's seen some shit. He seen some people shot. He seen some awful things,
He says the worst things ever seen his life by the time they do a twenty four mile ride back to this lodge the the skin. The flesh that was you can see in the video is now sloughed off of his face as they described it to me, the chin is exposed like the chin, imagineering, the bones, underneath your chin is now exposed. So they now have to go to they go to the others. Eliza start calling from Annabel helicopters come taken to hospital. days, so they do all this. While this is happening, they can't get anybody to commit to come. I think they, the owners, the lodge said they went through two or three phone calls before they could get somebody to commit via weather timing location that they were safe to come in
I'm up and fairer than the hospital. While this is happening, Dan ss is out there trying to keep everybody calm. He tries to give. He describes as more is trying to give he's asking glenn bond hey. What can I do for him? Glenn bosses I'd like to get a sip of water. He puts to get some water put a straw and it tries to give it the glen Glenn can't get the straw in his mouth can't get the shawl through the shore, the flesh, through the gore and into his mouth and he can't drink. So that's just a moment that I'll from that from here in that conversation a moment, I remember cause just like the notes how ridiculous all this really is. So at this point they finally get a hold of a guy named Brett westcott who's, a medlife alaska pilot he's, an us army pilot in Iraq and a bunch places great dude, bad ass dude. He agrees that it's safe, that they can fly they're going to go pick him up at the lodge and ferry them to providence hospital. The the
at the hospital in alaska, most of the they're going to go. There pick them up taken there. He lands. He describes he's got two flight medics on hand they land there. He described similar this guy seen some shit as well. He's he's been through war, he's very special operators and omissions. He seen some stuff same thing says: I've never seen any. Like this, my life, I thought this person is gonna die. There's no way at this point you really like the pictures are, true yeah, and this is where that's. Where is important, because I'm I we are continuing to say like there's, no and we're not even to the most amazing point. I don't think, but there's no way and then you get These people have no reason to lie, but have no reason.
because we I won't. I won't mention the names of the people along the investigation. We ran into people. That said this is bullshit people in high ranking spots in alaska, fish and game other places. They won't say this on the record: we've had lab biologists they're, saying that the photo is bullshit yeah yep, a southerner thing that looks like enema. He had your chance any of that, so this Brett white wes got another really good interviewed, really talks about what happens when it comes to pick him up and you show him the picture and he says yeah. Oh yeah, yeah, it's worse, He just doesn't do it justice, that's what he says. He says by the time again by the time all this is hours later when he arrives all this skin. That was kind of newly ripped open, ripped off of the skull of blend. Bonn has
kind of through a snowmobile ride through time laying around trying to drink water. All these things has kind of like peeled itself away, fallen away, the weight of the flashes pull it away from the face, and so he he describes this as they're. Getting aren't sure how to turn this over, but as they're getting Glen onto the helicopter. Bread bon, who is has been a hero to this point, is taking photos as a cell phone at is taking photos of the badges of the flight medics and the pilot. There's a quick ver. I had to do a quick version of the story that would take a whole nother podcast. To tell at this point said, when bread is taking photos of these people's name tags, the plan is to take glenn to
providence hospital, which again, as is a top hospital in alaska. If your face is messed up, you're going to want to go there, probably glenn and brett both refuse to go there. They want to go somewhere else, they will not go to providence, and I admit I have to go through the
quickly apologies to anyone that was involved in this. That really wants to the true story out. There will get it out promise the what happened years before brett bond is on a bear hunt years before five, six years before this twenty sixteen attack he's on a bear hunt. He has incredible: insomnia, doesn't sleep for ten fourteen? Doesn't sleep for over ten days comes back to to la Silla goes to the hospital they give him some some steroids prednisone think he just has a who knows what they think he has terrible insomnia. This keeps getting worse. His parents bring him back to providence. Medical bring back to the doctor, eventually makes it to province medical. He goes through a psychotic break, psychotic episode
But last month's, where I read a five hundred page legal document of discovery from all of the all the doctors and nurses at treated grip on, he goes through o insane ordeal over six or so months where he is he does know where he is, he thinks all the doctors are. Fbi agents, there's there's reports in these medical documents. I read where he's in the shower with his clothes on defecating in his own pants, he has a prolonged psychological battle where they are giving him heavy doses of steroids and other drugs. His parents that his his mom Lorraine, Phillips his dad that are Jehovah's witnesses, and so they don't believe in medicine. They believe the medicine is the problem, so they have a battle with the providence medical team. Over this,
Eventually, the providence medical team bans the apparent from the visiting their son. They only give him like a couple hours a week, articulate medical custody. He had it so eventual This goes into the courts, they take mental cut. I am skipping ever so much, but the hard to say, there's some serious foundation laid for them to not want to deal with providence medicals. Where do you see their yelp review of that map of that great, so they so I'll just say that it is the point eventually, Lorraine, philips, brats mother. They they go to a different hospital. Well, the rain is a nurse is after me, and I can't this is going to bed after there's a legal battle. The state of alaska gets medical custody of rep on because they feel like his family,
lee is threatening to allow him to die rather than have him take medicine. This whole thing. Eventually, this battle gets so intense. A nurse is wheeling brett bond into an elevator in a hospital. According to court documents, Lorraine phillips comes in pushes pushes the nurse takes. Brandon brett in the wheelchair pushes him away, takes him to a rehab clinic Kidnaps kidnaps, given ass her own kid- that's all there is such a thing is getting you didn't hit list This was in the national spotlight international violate. If you brute google free, brett Bonn, this pre. Berytus Zol way prepare deck. So I say its own grave? This is it. It's makes its own graveyards civil liberties case had been making its own areas at the gravy. Is that's three Three ladys gravy is already thistlewood and I apologise red glow in lorraine. I just butchered that, but you guys get the idea that there is a net.
full story. They are still telling the abbreviated version under duress see under the risks. I am asking for the bria, because there's no way this would be just hours and hours and Infoq said that they're going to be able to explore this whole yeah yeah we're going to we are. I have a podcast where I talk to Glen and we went through this, but we're going to do more, because I think this this needs. These more I've talked to brits lawyer mario bird up there, and he just he laid it only pretty heavy that this is a civil liberties case. There's a term called psychological rights. That's now involved, there's all these other things that we could get into another time anyhow. This is why Breton glenn do not want to go to providence. Brett told me his eye the reason why I didn't want to go cause. I spent seven the way he puts it. I spent seven months behind the walls at providence. He describes like a prison, basically in the court that he gave me.
So anyway they get getting the they get in the helicopter. They decide they're going to go to mat su general, which is a hospital closer. You know probably less suited to take on. This gets his name from the mat news goons who sit in the rivers. That's why it could be on here and here's another point therein that the helicopter they're flying down some random valley on the way to match the general Glenn bond starts directing the pilots on which is the quicker out what the quickest ways to get to the hospital. Here's a male in the face it's ours now, since he was brutally attacked by a grizzly bear, and he is cogent enough, can't drink water, but still courage enough to be like take a left here had over this were so there's another point now I gotta get to and urban legend during this for years. Where no one knew about this. There is a point in time
they were posted. I read where someone said I heard: Glenn Bonn never took any pain. Killers are narcotics and medicine. During this ordeal, I believe I believe it is true, so I talk to doktor susan dean, the surgeon who put his face back now,
This. Is the gravies you're aware the gravy at this point? This is even more stave. It's bubbling death. This is even more gravy for you. This is a big pot. Dr Susan dean is awesome. People that work for her. I talked to people in her office. They she's like a god to them. They love her she's, a bubbly effervescent person. When we first talked to her, she said I love the gore of plastic surgery and I love bears in her office, hangs a sign on the front door that says bare feet. Welcome be a our feet. Welcome scott bair signs the floor. Mats have grizzly bears on her business card. Has a grizzly bear on it? The logo of her practice is a grizzly bear. There's grizzly bear pictures, there's cartoon girls.
bears everywhere in her office, and she describes itself has loving the gore of plastic surgery. So she happens to be at the hospital that day when, when Glenn lands and need some help, so she is she's called upon to go. Take a look at the sky chagos in their she's talking to him. He is he baseless as just do it here.
Referencing the surgery just to adhere to therein like an iar area. This is, as you imagine, a pretty pretty complicated surgery. He's like just do some do some local anesthetics and do it here. She has to explain to him. Hey, we kind of we have to clean this up. She makes a joke that the bear pride in brush his teeth before he ripped her face off, and they have this conversation where she trying to convince him to take some sort of narcotics, some sort of painkiller, something to help dull the pain of what is going to be an incredibly invasive surgery, because they must clean his face out been to this such long long to him to try and heal and take a break. It is a reagan. This linear, yeah
so they have this. They developed this report, which remains today years later he's a hard man. She is she guns and roses. I wasn't commenting and I was coming on healing the pain. Oh yeah, not coming on the length of the heel like a meat guns and roses media shirt on singing that song never seen that before that on sale. I believe it is soon what color is meter dot com thumb either taco, not yeah I'll make it a pain, a pain, but reference good. They sent me the so he does indeed refuse. He refuses lace It may have been the local anesthetic there's some local anaesthetic involved, because I don't think it's impossible. It would be impossible to do with it, because it's against his religious convictions to take medicaid take like heavy medication hesitant to say that, but that would be the assumption, hesitant to sakes. I've never talk to him. He's never spoken publicly on this, his wife, you told me you'd interviewed his kit his kid. His wife talked about him. A lot.
I'm hesitant to say that's what it is, but all intents and purposes as likely. What led him to refuse the that treatment- and they sent me the the medical board in his hospital room, that says you know no loco, no narcotics, no, nothing! No blood transfusions, no, nothing like that, and so he goes through cameras like one surgery that lasted three or four hours, and if you go back to the time when you first saw that photo. If I told you that the dude's face was put back together in a couple of hours by one surgery, he had two other surgeries months later to to fix his ear and I believe his eye or nose, but these are
months later, so this is one surgery with no painkillers. He gets another piece of gravy. They had most of the the rooms in the hospital were full that showed so they had to bring him to the children's section of the hospital lucky kid to recover. He goes into his recovery room. It's a children's room, it's full of cartoon pairs, the wallpaper start in person, and so he becomes I've been offered the bears already not worth it come on people with the bears, so he recovers again. If you
into the relationship that lorraine, philips, his wife had with the doctors of providence during the free, Brett Bonn incident. This very combative relationship is ridiculously combative and it gets its its mix up and religious ideologies and all kinds of things. You know civil liberties, but then you have the relationship between glenn Bonn and this doctor sues dean, which is all about respect all about talking to each other listening to each other and they get through this. as clean as humanly possible. Nine days he's walkin around didn't dagger, didn't visit, silencer shop, visiting all shop and so she listened to him and all that's eva, that's really not really about the end of the story, even then, but labelling is alive, because there is a lot of what would be the motivation.
we gotta get like with. Like I looked at my does not jerusalem but like, but if you think about I feel that still web would want to say, like oh, it's not heeded that didn't happen its fake. What what's to gain? I thought about this a lot, because I thought about my own proclivities bullshit when I first saw it now. You remember spencer. There was a very fake. situation. It was only maybe six or eight months before we learned about those army. The mud guy. Who was buried alive. The russian guy was buried alive by a bare and then discovers the hashed cached by a bare and there's this video online. Yo have a guy that looks looks so real like a moment like a mummy, and so that's what amelia kingdom, a mile zones ice it at hand that generated a lot of clicks. Yes, I see start to think of what is going on here. Some people are just price, or some people want to get click. Some people, like them a cobb who know
there's no way to really know, but that that came into my mind is like this. That story cause it was completely debunked, but it looked very real is very compelling. We all I remember when it happened. We were actually in the office. We were all walking around. Go won't see this see this see this and the the origin of that video was like a motive you wouldn't even think of. It was for, like the set of some low budget film, that they were just like messing around trying to figure out the makeup and then got out on the internet like when you ask about a motive right like there's motives, you can't even comprehend that it doesn't that doesn't even necessarily just like a motive, but it's like just the the way people want to put out of the world here, and so you know. Maybe this is a real photo and it got distorted, which was the actual truth. Maybe this is we. I had people read articles of full articles of people debunking this as highly with special effects, as people saying it was completely fake, obviously fake, obviously a hoax I honour push for yet who
is the guy that the the the photo was described to west perkins. What's old west have to say about this, I have I'm kind of close to getting one west but but he's not active about being like that's not me, I'm I am not positive. If even knows that's what really go and also so you might not give a whole big. He may not give a big shit about all this, and is another thing this when, when this happened, most bear attacks like this special like this, I reported on somewhere in detail. Now then All national news, or not I mean, is that we cannot tell you eve within twenty four hours you almost always almost all If you hang out the right sort of folks, like all someone got scratched the know, that yesterday, in wyoming or whatever- and so that's what you know all this stuff is kind of come back to me where a guy attacked by or goes right, is break up and big guy got the brain into a grizzly bear turns out. This is earlier this year, most of the woman
They know this error you Mary, is again. There was a guy. I heard just look around town about thirteen different versions of that story before I've actually read a version that he told were gets out. Where did so, and so that's what happened here? The west perkins story verily, said very similar to bread. Brain gland. Bonn, it was covered me was written about, it was covered.
In multiples, multiple real actual news sources covered that story. Breath though this one didn't get picked up, they made sure it did when Brett Bonn called it in he, he didn't even name himself. He said a hunting partner. So if you go back and look you'll see reports, this report got buried underneath another attack at an ugly. The teacher was attacked and same area within a couple of days of of glenn's attack, so it gets buried and some of the more national stories can hit you with a quick verdict. Ya covered story go my brother has gone up a river in alaska, mohan moose, and they stop and talk to your dude for awhile and there are dragging canoes up river and a bullshit with a guy for awhile. They go about their business, they go on up the river and hunt moose they get home and every song about a guy that got mauled on the river. There has been no gods interesting and when they finally see the picture, it's I d just start to who got all the day. They talk to him after
they shot the sheer with god, the river he gets mall and then like ten. His later they come home and here, but I gotta get more local like nor do they have and rapid with serbia tobin you're gonna, say he moaned forgot to mention it now before us after a butterfly, the red it's like, had we not taken up so much of his time this dude stumbled on a gut pile of another moose hunter that had been claimed by a bear and the bear scratched him up, maybe or keeper of the dude lived or died, but he'd get scratched up pretty good. Anyhow gets out there. I mean there's so much that it goes into this and let you if you try to really draw some conclusions from at their summit, of them, but one of them is gimme one. Well, one of them is the way that we treat this. The way that we talk about bear attacks the way that we want to then, why are we so drawn to bear sensationalism wire? these are sensational. These are life and death sensational stories that were drawn to and that because we're drawn to them way that we are, we tend to embellish them or we tend to a guy told me
That's it that's one element of this, I think also. Happily, I think that there is something be said for knowing that there is still like real danger. Wild animals out there and that we harbour a little bit of nostalgia for that ship. Absolutely there's add quote about enough fighting against the wilderness until we could become civilised and then once you're civilized, fought against. Saying: yeah yearn for the wilderness. I talked to a narrow on my show. Recently, guy works amount sinai and he did some studies on the predators brain. They studied nice and then there's a in the central migdal. Others like a pocket of neurons that they can, they can mess with. Don't ask me to really get technical. They mess with turn it up or turn it down and see what happens? The mice and their predatory instinct He was telling me like based on psychology that, based on our brain works, we have this there's a duality of respect. We have for predators,
and you can see this in our own culture, where we we both want to be them and their efficiency for killing. That's part of what have we got to be where we are. And we also respect their beauty in their place in the ecosystem. So we have a saying dull, respect for them, the kind of least- and maybe it's level. What we see in our culture, where's protectionism and the hate and the vilification of predators. That's happened through the decades passed, the turn of the century and even before that, and so that's something that, after this whole Brett bond thing that I've been looking at horror, we've talked to hilarious geist. We talked to this guy Ivan de rojo, who's a who's that neuroscientists and just try to figure out. What is this thing, and why do we have these opinions about predators and somewhere deep down in theirs? Why we're so drawn to this stuff and why we turn it around and make it so.
but it's not remind tell folks who of the people you to talk to that they can go in here. The story stray from the old stray from the was the horses mile stray from the mouth straight from the mouth. Well, I mean from your pot from from from hunting collect from one hundred collective right, so I can pull it up and give you numbers, but you can hear brett bond tell his story. I think it's one. Twenty six episode, one twenty second, twenty six! We then talk to that narrow scientists and absurd one. Thirty eight just talk to doktor geiss last week and actually had asked they asked the eagle debuted tac, we're brought it come resuscitate a little bit. Freon would yes was the jasmine? Does he think the pictures drew
oh shit, is that yeah who shit yeah I like it, but yeah I mean there's a lot of stuff in there. We also went to. I also went to yellowstone to bring it all back spencer and and went out with a predator biologist, DR dance taylor and tracked a mountain lion talked to him about his. You know he spent his entire life. Studying these predators. Wolves grizzlies talked to him about that talked to him about what he thinks their place in the landscape are to why we believe why we kind of ascribe these you know personalities to them. While we have this immense respect for them on one side and the mess this immense hatred on the other. So all that is kind of rare, Dublin or was inspired in some way by this broadband story. We were picking huckleberries on saturday to MIKE, took our kids. What was the outburst? Jani wasn't with canada and russia. We were we we weren't going to the designer death. Okay, do you go to my spot? No, but my goodness did we get a lot of them.
Well good. I heard good year for us and saying man we got, we picked twin berries, we picked thimble berries, we picked huckleberries, we picked and dwarf Wardle Barry. We picked mormonism gooseberry and in current, which are hard until part anyhow shallow to huckleberries, but I couldn't not mentioned the bear situation to my kids, so I said, but I want to spin it right, so I said if you're lucky enough to encounter a bear, that's how I opened it up yeah like well what if it and then I was like we'll cross that bridge when it when we get to it, then no one that I mentioned it at least, let's go pick out with their every because that's at least bring up fact that you might be lucky enough to encounter one
probably won't happen, but you could get so engrossed staring little tiny berries rustling through the brush on your own, that making little squeals of joy, SARA lee yeah we myself, the orange bear spray. Canister is as a thing that I'm not happy that he saw a curious about but walsh's, Iheart, yeah yeah. I that's the funny thing about kids of bear spray is like I'm like there's like sort of remote chance of needing to spray a bear with this hairspray there's the very real chance of my kids ring each other. Yet this is orange. Can you take it? I do that kid begged to be shot at your sibling is making its way that string stuff it that these score. That's what it looks like So as I do, if I could only squirt data myself, I put him in
well pack and we pack around treachery games or whatever and its. I got the bare spare my hippies always looked ill feel I feel a little hand go under review thing, man, good stuff but failure theory. What was going to get one last thing gone. You know the feeling you described like are why we're interested in bear tax and like how it's just like that amount of dangerous, exciting read when a child. When I was talking to Brian caught the person who found this legal loophole in the zone of death, I was trying to verbalize at him, and I was telling him you know from where we're sitting we're eighty five miles from that zone of death. As telling me it's like kind of liberating knowing that exists. It's like. Strangely,
exciting, knowing that, just like I dunno mountain away, rope just lure someone over there yeah and I'll, tell you they're an hour and a half. I was telling him that and he did not feel the same way. His last words to me is that he said I just stay. The hell away. Hm hm stay the hell away What do you feel like? Maybe there's somebody will work out their wanting to pitch Spill garabin alive. He respects the zone of death so much that he would discourage anybody from going there. Real. There's just some people out there who hate a legal loophole. count him among the class in that revealing that you're describing with hunting among grizzly, bears on all around
I don't feel nervous. I mean I've heard of it. I've had other you've had other bear attack victims, as have I on my show, I feel more alert. I feel like there's a more visceral knowledge of what might happen if I get jumped, but still out there. As my brother said man when the time comes, and these common at you, you get him one hand on the bottom jaw one hand on top jobs, it is rare that all LAO latvian story about large read the jaws. Apart till you tired out, and then you three stew germane eyes. It's two fingers to make the three stages: noise he's light. He listened no fear no, and that he's got that trick up. Sleeve, which Josh read, which handy you do the poland with now you italy sufficiently tired then you pull your hand away from the lower jaw, zap them in the eyes and then back down to the bottom jaw to continue. The jaw spread, bear safety perfect
the the.
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