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Ep. 277: Driving Squirrels With the Hmong


Steven Rinella talks with Ya Yang, Brody Henderson, Seth Morris, Phil Taylor, and Corinne Schneider.

Topics discussed: pin bones and bet losing; is that a morel or a beehive?; Americans wanting Australia to ban their kangaroo hunting; wolves, hunters, and deer-vehicle collisions; eagles wiping out lambs; America's new New Gorge National Park; a "massive" fish poaching operation in Michigan; who are the Hmong?; hunting for sustenance; cooking up homemade ammo; recognizing your fellow Hmong in public, and what to do when that happens; a history lesson on Hmong involvement in the Vietnam war and the CIA's covert action; displaced indigenous peoples; losing your siblings and crossing the Mekong; getting guns from the CIA; a pot of stew and why Ya can't eat heart; stereotypes about Hmong hunters; reacclimating to hunting in the US; contributing to the gun and ammo shortage; the turkey hunting itch; what can change in a year; Steve's strategy to get kids managing recoil; and more.

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The tonight show was severely wounded and, in my case, unaware of the meat eater podcast. You can't predict anything presented by first light. Go farther stay. Long the kay rejoined today by ya gang ya. Yes, sir love that name man. Thank you. the kids on your name out when you were a kid Yang little bit little bill. I just time it's it's pretty minnesota my joke. Is there When we know when we came to the country to immigration they can that's my name when I made my name in long as I seizure,
No, they cannot pronounce it so Whoever was there was just like I did that do yeah. Why an be done with it? That's that's! While these nets, my story, that's true but it's not on those striving for equivalency here, but I would point out that there was in my face We know that on top of this recently there was this It and how they spelled it. The ai yeah, the in the number ends and everything and the I have an article where I pick some of this were my dad's uncle hit a cop hit a cop car. He was italian and the un in little lily, like in south irish cattle attire average guys like each other, but as that you simply could not go to the irish neighbour that kill you. His uncle hits irish carbonate fillip to me whose off do
to me goes home, it gets gonna comes back and kills my dad's uncle. I slept newspaper clipping. well in my doubt, show me the article his point being how their analysis feathered soul. The renault is where family members in the articles have different spell names of anything. with this aim like brothers. It's funny. I thought yes yeah, you so perfectly they're here, but when you- but you don't do that, does your fan? What does your dad call? You remember, mom or dad my family cause ouija. I see make it easier. Nobody nedda. Yes, yes, sir, I do that As to your credit, wars fills got erika scheduled night
It is and let's get down in his eyes, he had to do a little head, flick, yeah yeah. I was telling you before the podcast that I I judge. I judge when, when I get my haircut like the timing of it based on when you start making fun of me, I know that that's about the right time, so I like to keep it higher. Let's keep the hair high and tight you're in the studio. It's really strict. Yeah sets here interpret that you don't need to tell where you went but tell him where he bought your big fishing trip seth. I wouldn't call it If this will interest this will interest ya because and does it beat? These? Are the fish species he's familiar with as a minnesota yeah I was. I was fishing body water in montana this weekend, the fish before and in an impoundment on a large river? Yes, It really do well in the spring it was with small mouth in there, but
I hit it a little too late and they moved off their beds and deeper. I just haven't figured them out this time of year but you have the same time last year, no earlier last year, or you did yeah, oh okay, but the soccer's responding. The water was clear and I could see him I'm not talking about that fishing trip. I'm talking the! the big fish two. Oh all that one for back, not afraid del battle. that is our society no lawyer Moreover, we day weekend its hundreds of miles, long iron, thirty or more more shoreline, then california and- and I think now seriously look it up. you're here, get low fat like that. Prince of wales island. Has
ass, the land mass of the big island in hawaii, but something like four times or there's much shoreline really. Exiles, fjords and knows JAG india shorelines mere for pack, amazing fishery. While I fishing was tophet first slight, we pick up one or two during day, but we can figure it out in the evening. They were sliding upon those hard breaks side not there. Yet slide right up there in the evening. They are grown up shower. We we would catch in pretty good, when you guys doing that, what do you say: you're camping out fission. Yet what are you guys doing with euro with your fillets as they say in england, we just put them in a cooler keep monkey cool just gutted whole fish or your flying fish, now we're flying fish and putting them in a cooler, yup and, and then,
does come home and then deal with them all guess, fry and visual. You there We didn't we While we were there, what are they gonna species? Is you catch drawn catfish, you got freshwater drum thriller caught one. that's a robbery fish. I got one last year, play one of those I did I didn't this year. I did last year you fly when and you think you're in for a treat, they're beautiful, my dad used to cook them, but they're like gorgeous place yeah. They look like they taste good, Man, I find it a little springy, it's like they make that noise. When you tune them, they make the noise that, like the generally don't want your fish to grow. Great great, on youtube squeaks on your teeth, man, where I grew up that people are way more interest in the rock and their head there than eat them. Yeah there,
the they have a large verge wanted to come stay state, not the old yeah, oh yeah. Only if the word if it's just a souped up version of Ayodele, the three of you make little earrings of it for your wife and stuff, I dunno current epic loathing for you to get into man Hell yeah do like make an animal part jewelry you need to catch yourself, big drunk. I think I do, or are these like those kind of like little parts that mimic like or a shattered pasta like that, like a little thump, my exact thing you find upon the bbn times. Yet my brother had some because a yellow iraq fish have some begins. and my brother had some kind of jewelry made for his for his woman, his wife Juanita yeah nice, one of the many fish called cheap head. Did you did you fly it out? Now I put one back and we got some pipe. Would you do those flay them through some back, but remember we call out by words.
as you all? Why bones on your part? I shouldn't take any by place. Do you like that recording he recalled, I think, is based was thirty: five in quarter Big old fat got another big does he does he make pickled pike and he typically doesn't, but he I think, he's going to try to this year. He took back a bunch ya ever hear a pickled pike. Yes, I've had it because it dissolves the bones. There was one of the greatest discoveries ever made man, I'm not that I made. I mean you don't say Learned about there When I was a kid my would buy pickle down for christmas, While I am aware this is a thing pickle herring, whatever yeah yeah the creamed herring or something for christmas eastern european yep that, but then he learned how to make up. He learned how to make it out of pike
our cream and shit or on. He would make huge jars that now begun on it. You can't let linger in your fridge for a long time since the start, in cloudy in their. How do you play a pike Well, you ever see miles mache. Do it? No bouquet. Did you like the five note, the five filet method? No, I have. I don't like it so all through growing up. We were just fly unlike flay. It take to fly off load it loaded normal norfolk and then, put it into like a three. Then you cut the power or if it's a big pike, he caught it laterally and then the two big long strips yep and then we would take a fillet knife and cut about every cut through it almost all the way through it. read the same way like the carp way. The cart preparation, so you take a piece is like this
the size of like three of your fingers, put together new handling of the appeal, your pink in your thumb away. I got bigger like banana Yours but you're picking, you ve become aware that the three fingers and then every quarter third of an inch or so you cut almost through it. The tale pieces bone freeze always like any fried adam and in their little bones, cannot cook out. You know Now what I do that we use the now what I do take the fly off and I the tale: peace off and freeze the tale piece, it just regular fish and then I'll, take the bone in pieces and make fish cakes or pickled pike gotcha. miles machine. He can very quickly If it's chilled nice and easy to work with heat, is debo that some bitch. yeah I I could get that strip out pretty good.
It's like it's like a john mcfee when John. If was writing about cleaning american shaggy, does he he equated to fixing someone's watch it gone. It's like that kind of work to get the bone line that's my brother, does not bad as big ones the owsley watching videos on the five colliding exploding, art pilot rick. I thought I had no other. This is like the five either five boneless fillet is often like, and just you caught in the bag on the bag. My new damages didn't guinea strips. Now I would like you cope you'd like laid on its belly like going violence, come out ferrety, don't you take the tale peace off the bonus tail peace off this out is lost I'll bet spencer new heart, because we have the tale p, of a common carp and ass a detail pieces and have why bones he said, does not true that they go all the way, nothing illegal and we took a tale peace and cut into six pin six,
sounds like he's got. Why bones to the bitter end, but on a pike they peter out the at the dorsal fin yeah Do we want morel hunt last night and me and me my all my kids and brought in his kids and I were stopped around for awhile every finally find some and my little six year old, lucy gas? This it's a real, we find him reality goes. I saw those earlier yeah. He say after that, though, that was a b yeah. I think I got to see this beyond in earlier. He'd get tangled up in a little briar patch, and he was while the moaning Bobby and stocking briarpatch said, was it before Actually because document briarpatch these as
before that I go back there. Briar parents start kind of bag track and where he came from tourism rails yeah. I saw one of those earlier yeah, that's as impressive, yeah, but we ended up really good idea. Couple dozen I'd say we had. You know. Well, my wife's came up with a new hashtag from which is keep tinkering, but all we are which is ok, but we got back to the truck and there's like a place where the part in and went lookin. You wouldn't look because to give too much weight to say right by the door stood by the downstairs. It's too obvious that you would never look there like you park and you never will just like a weird little pocket.
And we got down and then does Canada got check, round. The dumpsters doubled are taken but ten MAO lindorms respond, but you know Is there like the grown typhus so yeah? It was like, what's what matters found right by the has no. I had all the attributes they these morales weren't keen on dumbstruck had had already the attributes it was like, like we're after the Adam. I think this is more rigid than it is, but dont morales yeah I dont think I, while mushrooms, no we say you'll like those in those different species that is more cello sql enter, which, like the translates like delicious marilla, every that has more cello. Conic is not, and I the world's very clean and is like all that's a this announced that I might be.
But my understanding now that it's like you can't run around declaring this morale that I'm going to ask you if, like the ones, we are fine and kind of a light tan In my own area like and burn areas, do they look their coat yeah? Then you go to the burns. Sometimes some though, you do get those those rights on topped big, yellow, bastards and burns, but my standing I could be wrong is like it's like more shall ask Yolanda. Maybe is that big, ass, yellow river bottom rural that associates with dad I and damaged whacked out cottonwoods enters like you see kind of wet ground kinder right around now, for here the peasant elevation everything In the same on islands, ease he's picking morales march so
then robert Abernathy in south carolina gets into marge anyhow big messed up, cottonwoods. And then kind of get through the grass is. What would you know just start to look morality and add yeah debt that death, sunlight twelve inch grass, which made it you could been walk and re buying without seeing them. And the last little dumpster kloster was at us. stone dead, cottonwood, ok, ok, stone dead, Got a blackberry there, a night been awhile since she shot a bear on it. Man been awhile, have seen some good seen some good shots of them, but I haven't saw a bear long time. Ah, I saw both clay had hardly any fat on their bare. Well weak, yeah,
like in worried, find it didn't have much, but then I guess When we come yesterday morning in package at all on bringing some grand, I got all packaging here. I cut off and offer a banal. I cut off enough off of the off the hi hindquarters I cut off enough to render a cup of oil. no, not fatty, but really nice hide on it very soon oh well, muscled not is not allowed fat on. What do you do with the feet? Keep it I'm gonna get ten. Our doubt say I feel what now I had that ok net are now just if you're right. We are going to do a whole rug with claws and everything on them. Yeah I got a couple AL. That's one of the problems, not a prop like one of the things about bears, is how many bear hides. Do you need right and you're not going to waste it? I may just like brown back into it.
I mean we used to hot bears so heavily like really would devoted long time to it, and then I just come from got sick of those sell. These bears a tastes like fish that these authorities, alaska, bears. The tastes like Yes, yeah, but now oh yeah. We had a great time. Why don't you make like a like a coat cape kind of situation or I dunno? Why don't do that? You know it's hard to pull the. I love ronnie baines rule to never wear a hat. That has more personality, you don't know. What do you think about having a cape that has more personality yeah? ro in error. The bare came out pants generally see him starting it was now there was ninety degrees in higher, the brutal here was like you. It was give felt bury till eight during the morning and the day we got one. So we went up
in this area. A couple miles in. Hotter hill gathered cool and important big burn had like it was like a mosaic burn from a long time ago and are still nice old timber patches, just kind of glass and those timber patches first night boom. There's a bear. put the moves on and gave us the slip. In the morning. We are like set up to glasses this west facing exposure so that we are looking east and there's so much haze in the air that, like we kind of the morning, was shot just like it was like looking into a blue smoke almost. sat. There were twelve hours in the blaze and hot some of these air grow ants. There were fired up about the heat I think are you trying to take a nap dispute answer. Your is misery. That's a long day they set up a shade. Tat gives me about. Eight It starts veal and burying there's no amber and we got that one sweet mouse good. There is good.
You ain't in area, I'm I'm don't go anywhere. Regarded ass network begins in hard core history in a minute. Here, man oh dear dear, said, colonel no the terrorists as rina article about prince Harry the prince, Harry and Oprah are launching a tv show about mental health, and I said to corinne, if, via Some of the effect of divide list free program ever made in the history of the planet, order in which I would watch it. I would start with that. Are the bottom. then I would fill everything else. It was like a weekend and I get a text from Steve news like remind me to talk about how this is the thing I would at least I'd be least likely to ever watch and I'm like
Okay, this came on the heels like our very own american to like the royal family. It's it's like here, I'm breaking my own rule by talking about them, but super an america. We had a whole war. to get out from under the monarchy. People select like it's cool. I read out The times or some guys, like I'm home, when, as one is his is his wife like other mean right, the royal family arrest I gotta be like comment: you're surprised, there's a problem with a monarch, and this is the shock to everybody like globally. The whole world is moved away from monarchies because of the abuse of nepotism, democratic everything like eager to lead, because your dad, like you're, born into a certain family, and you get to be in charge because of your dad was your mom some points out, like all their mean, like no shit, I mean it
the whole point It's not like the world's going to monarchies. I don't no food ingesting from that for hundreds of europe's there? without their all super nice. Really nice, kings and queens what does marilla is so good that look Steve there much nicer now cause they don't exactly do off at their head. So we know now they read also my kids. They ride around low carriages and I know you don't like listen to pull up pictures. I got my kids haven amount yet, you, kids, love and early I'd I'd like a chubby rapist, and teach him certain hate I try to teach them to really despise the royal family, I'm good, I'm getting somewhere with it. I is like holy cow man. Colleagues,
I urge you to try to not like burden listeners, Opinions of mine have nothing to do with what we, with our set of things, that we like with our world I, like the world, the brain the promise of what we talk about. and every now and I've blaze kangaroos, that's all it's all in the princess, his owl. So I need to apologize for having brought up something. That's out there, I'm not going to like yeah apologies, just a quick weekend text to current I think most will agree. Here's I've got of interesting where there is. this report, an ample places, there's a bill. There's that there's some folks pushing the ban, like they gotta gripe, with kangaroo hunting in australia, which is like a break. Only regulated industry in Australia, where they want to ban the import of.
any and all kangaroo products into the EU s it and it has a couple, weird histories. I didn't realise this barbaric. In the seventies, kangaroo numbers were whose or down and herman I don't like wildly in other wildly. There. and in seventy one, california ban the import, a kangaroo parts so just into that state right there's a commercial kangaroo industry in Australia, so they have. kinds of theirs all kinds of non native wildlife. There. That's, that's. Less regulated there, the rain other, trying to exterminate what how many cast it turned to exterminate fair cats. Oliver Do they ETA got a goal to shoot off two million cats or something and australia
there was there's a lot of non native stuff, it's more liberal and unregulated hunting, but they have a tightly regulated kangaroo industry, whereas basically raw it's late date. They they harvested, like you would imagine, harvesting livestock, but it's a wild animal soldiers markets, and people come in and establish you got to get to know these commercial licences. You have the power, task to become a sharpshooter. In a long time ago. California ban parts as for, while their service followed suit and banned Port of three commercially shot. Kangaroo species are worried about declining rule population, even though many australians felt that was not a concern, Eventually they were removed from the: u s: wisdom in danger, threatened wildlife and nights. Ninety five so apparently deemed recovered. Ninety five.
But the california ban lingered until the mid two thousands and people who pay much attention to Then a vegetarian activists group suited deed for selling. Or shoes that reusing imp did kangaroo skins. This. We think about. When I was little kid I want. a pair of shoes called ruse the head I was one of their made out a kangaroo high, but they had a little zippered pocket but my mom, wouldn't I thought it was or with my modest, wasn't dumb mama we endorse, maybe think we were poor cosu. Let us have any name brand stuff. We can get while a real doritos be happy like store, bran, potato chips in our he wanted it in a bag? So you go to school to be like a bag of doritos, but it'd be like a little sandwich bag for like store brand ones yeah, and not at all.
Ever less happy the cool we wanted, like nike sneakers you bring up. Indeed, as am I a huge sacrifices and played soccer grown up, I think I need is most popular. Shoe is kangaroo. they're still today? Is it? I wonder if it was the somber member that black and white Ones- and I were somebody but It'S- the de called the copper moon dials I had appear- played an m in a most most more. It grown up, so he kicked some goals and did that. Does that ball bounce off the kangaroo leather, nice? It's super leathers supersoft! So I mean you know it. It was more, I would say I played in the midfield It was one of those like more like passing table shoes, I would say hum sawyer, very popular issue to do it, and I didn't have like psychological ramifications where you felt and also bring you in importance, as I do that I needed to leather that we, like you, you had by this oral with it. They
It took me a bit like whether waterproof, subject matter so. They sued, buddy yeah. This vegetarian activists group suited, It is for selling soccer shoes using imported kangaroo skins. Now they're trying to five. This whole thing international activists groups and a member of the? U s house of representatives and Australia politician, who is the loan elected representative of the animal justice party,. So if you get sell, some kangaroo chops, Governance needs a smarting to do it right now, big data's mans by a bunch of those shoes me yeah and then, and then valentine gambling and by a wall. I both innocent pictures that wall about chester, say, socrates,
say I was able to do with kangaroo shoes, but you're never able to do with bitcoin yeah here's a great here's, a grating. Now that a new story comes out of a million people, a million people tax it to me in a million people tax on me this one that there is article in the atlantic. which is likes, oftentimes a reasonable publication. I feel it is not their fault but somebody's published this peace. Arguing that in in in the great saga of wolves being magical, magical creatures. And you get my head travel there like what I see him here and I'm lookin out of everything, like if you want to stop high, vehicle collisions, you need to get yourself bunch, wolves. And it was pointing out that
pointing out that in and I got to look into this War and this like the whole issue of causation, was that thing chris, cause? I know: there's a correlations that equal, causing arguing that in counties in wisconsin. Yep in counties in wisconsin that had wolves come in. There is doctrine in highway vehicle collisions with dear with dear. sand that their walls or saving is so much more money in avoiding car crashes. And there are costing people in livestock death. say no. I owe you have all the now sudden, but see rules have been around for quite a long time and was saw. A b is like all the sun is like none and you put some there and in that, the causation thing comes up because there is better Doctrine in
Car collisions and colleagues have wolves and I pointed out to create I'll, say: hey if you're good at math, we can figure out how many Dear car collisions that hunters prevent which is imperfect, but brings up point so you have just just for the sake of just set. This whole thing up. This is a credible number. Nineteen thousand seven hundred and fifty seven were nights collide with dear every year. on bananas, various like none, male and female many a night so was a twenty. Thousand dear car, collisions and wisconsin every year equals this prize, we do have a few doubts that it's the four hundred and seventy seven human injuries and only eight deaths, I think six of those were motorcyclists seem Like the percentage of vehicles on the road compare them,
You don't sound like what percentage of highway. Passengers are in a vehicle verses on a motorcycle. It's like an overwhelmingly vehicle car, yet that makes it seem like I did it. We could pull those numbers two, but the fact that aid that six of eight fatalities are dudes hit them on motorcycles is pretty crazy. That is crazy. It makes you think that, like that's another thing in your head, when you ride a motorcycle, so if a wolf kills twenty dear per year, there was governor, probably kill em about twenty four thousand two hundred dear year. hunters understand that these wolves, led to a twenty four percent reduction dear car collisions, and the crew or how need tommy dear car. since the hunters prison prevent because walls kill in wisconsin about twenty, four thousand dear hunters kill hundred eighty eight thousand would basically round up
kill a hundred and eighty nine thousand dear in last year as a priority. Gods knights killed one hundred eighty nine thousand year, so that would be. the real article I was pointing out. The real article would be holy, cow, do hunter, prevent a lot of death. and then, when you go, hunting people are like. Why do you hunt I'd be like what I mean: saving lives, saving lives, saving american lives. In that way, hunters should get discount on car insurance, but current was light. Look at it, More pointed out that pointed out to me that they were saying that the effects of war, and saving human lives on the highway is being On the dear, they actually kill, but it says, wolves, unlike people out this, why don't get wolves create like a landscape of fear which we had a park as episode name, landscape after create a landscape of fear in move dear,
away from heavily trafficked areas. But if you look at a map of where dear car collisions occur, they occur along the interstate system so there's sort of saying that wars like the hunt, the interstate. Walls reality in the inner stay on dear in them away: From the interstate. end of the remote areas where the wolves don't wanna go kind of. My name is right. Maybe I mean I think it gets complicated. I went down a research hole, so I think we'll have to come back to this, but Steve your. I, your thought was that and that most of the deer car Collisions happen in urban areas, most of my recurring right, and that is Absolutely the leaders deem counting so yet right yet and the top
We are, I mean Dana's, half a million people while quichua. If that's the way, the right way to pronounce about four hundred thousand in a man, Washington county is a hundred and thirty six hundred thousand, and this is all data from twenty nineteen. So those are all urban counties and may have about seven to eight hundred dear crashes per year from twenty nineteen, but then number four and there are among the top ten counties. There are three want, therefore, rural counties but number four. With a population of about forty one thousand people show wanna county had seven hundred twenty five dear car collisions. So there are a couple of data points in here that you no kind of poke holes are not poke holes, but it gets a little.
Located here, because there are some really low population. Rural areas, long live with a lot, a car crash and wonder what you use your things you gotta look at. You could look at par nation, but that doesn't attest to highway traffic interstate system It is logical that both our new, but I thought it be like when I first saw. I thought I was the dumbest thing in the world, look! There's like oh there's more to it. You can't be like easily not easily torn apart, but there's some suggest is there like the idea that war, push dear from the is that they hunt and areas they don't want would mean like they hunt highway system which arabic, that's yeah accurate. But the Mary pointed out. We should they won't come on all of them on the primary point, as I feel that they is, those kind of things you read in the sense that they knew what they wanted. to show before they showed our definite terrorism point
from where I was at school wells in that were hardly went, was land wisely in a totally Clinton school. I don't think so. Maybe this list, the counties also doesn't say where, like if there's wolves, they're, not which right, you know an appropriate. Here's are direct call. Now she went to wellesley the all women's collar daughter, whose direct quote from the from the person. Most of their influence arises through dread, not deaf there very poor. since creates a landscape of fear, but where the people want dear to be so afraid, their very presence creates a landscape is like People want there to be afraid, creates a land gave a fear which pushes dear away from roads and other heavily prowled areas. This makes Tremendous sense the net said. Actually That is, I think, she's a biologist to us
minting commonly article but wasn't actually the person who conducted the the study. When I think there was a fair amount of doubt or just wanting to see causation wanting to see this study replicated cause right now. The conclusions are, you know: hazing nea, but what would credit I talk about this one or two about its more about is more about sociology. Then ecology cause more about like what we want to see ya and if you have a heavily pro wolf bias, you'll like all the sudden, acting like you care about highway vehicle collisions german
If this was coming from? If this article- and I don't know enough about the person if the article is coming from someone like- let's say the the the government like tasked someone to be like what can we do about highway vehicle deer collisions right in this person's like well, we could advance headlight technology right, which we've done a lot of headlight technology is very important and better signage in high traffic areas. We can do Wildlife crossings improved to you, know, collision sensors, all of that sensors and increasing the when you cut brush away and cut trees ways. So motors can see more with less you have a bigger window to see on the sides of the road won't be common little tricks, little tricks and stuff like that. Some things. they make sense of this person had look at everything. They said. You know what man, though
and then you're after really getting into this man. I finally get into this. I think here's the answer. We bring a bunch of wolves to madison turn him loose. You'll, see we'll put an end to dear, Crashes then I'd like tell me more, but that's not words covered rome movies, into this. You should ask the somewhat I dunno man, maybe someone someone should come on and explain it. Okay, can you do that current I'll I'll I'll see if I can find the the lead researcher can, I have one last thing that really good hard core and also to quick, less thinks. There's three dodged: we can skip some of the things care interesting though so a california part ranger, he's out doing outdoing patrols in the california is east bay, municipal utility district.
he's in the sierra nevada, foothills. Sorry, north and all kind of petrified trees, nor know about it, finds bunch petrified trees finds a much more petrified. freeze and eventually realise this, like this giant debris pile of stuff from what from what year, eight million years- but eight million year old debris pile of trees, and in here they find once they get the dignan. an eight million euro mastodon school with both toss intact. Six foot schools on this thing, a rhino skeleton For back we had rhine auspices, the giant tortoise, there's a horse, there's a tape here. Here's the one year the remains of an ancestral four hundred pounds salmon, with with sharp teeth with yeah.
Don't worry that shark salmon that ways for four hundred, on salmon, run and out of the rivers run out of the oceans are gone for, fear, which I didn't know about It was an ancient elephant ahead for tusks plus six hundred petrified trees. That is so neat. one of the most significant fossil discoveries in california history. They suspect floods and volcanic debris flows carried all this jumped to the spot. That is cool yet anymore chamber where it is some guy like me, maybe so hard, as someone said earlier in their final, is crazy shit. There you go I know it's eve, alright, quick, look up there do we know if this was like one event or is it layers of I didn't read them
yeah. I think everything they found there. It's best to be a from them maya scene, which is twenty million tough five point three million years ago, so there I think they were kind of layers and stuff scattered across an entire air, and it's funny like the the ranger found one petrified tree, and then walking around and found some others and then over. I think it was a couple of weeks like kept going. He jumps in marine riyadh and is like you know. I need to call someone a little bit Larry. If I was that ranger they really. What did you see? Other nathan know that your next instagram post through the wheelbarrow your next instagram, might have some tusk in the back yeah. Why not? No great? I you do that this great, that's, that's cool fund
think about all the cool animals to hear long time ago. I imagine we're not going around forever. Like you, just whatever I mean when you can t geologic time right these event. Whatever the hell would destroy ourselves like now species gets to be here forever, except the cockroach cockroaches. If you could come here like fast instead of going back in time like I'm, like. I wanna go back in time to see all that crazy stuff. If you could go in time and go back and come back to the earth in a billion years, there'd be a bunch of crazy shit run around oh yeah, and what do you mean? We look like do this for top down, be interesting. This guy and this guy in idaho, where we have about ravens, killin, livestock and dear and stuff. This is reported us prize winners. Report, as reported in the hill yeah right of all publication.
in idaho farm he's always had bald eagles nest on his property. Is this your some weird happened? He thinks it because it was such a cool spring that these boy, the eagles came the nasa, but the the the fishery wasn't kicking ass, yet animal he's gonna because he's got a lake and he said took a while. The warm up means one and if their normal food source in the lake was an available when they showed up. ass, they say they killed. Fifty four lambs too the eighty pound lamps he watched? One kill he watched eager kill, seven lambs and one day report on the hill last little note here. hunters west virginia morning the loss of one of their hot spots, rolled? Was this place called new river gorge national part? Yet
be new river gore job, whatever preserve was preserved, ere they he seven thousand acres, of land out of the core of this thing. To make a national part so so one thousand acres, in the heart of the gorge, very rough terrain, local sales, some of the areas best hunt, grounds. they rule, that out there still sick five thousand acres, that you cannot they remove seven thousand and then gave a little bonus where they added about three hundred and seventy acres of newly opened hunting lands, but yeah stole seven park service and was a stole strong. Language, I'd hate to see like I hate to see that kind of thing happen. I mean if it's already good and protected. as scenic river
Wilderness area, whatever I hate to see it, be that they lay in this, like you can't haunt it like, I like to see ground protected from industrial exploitation and development, but it's a bummer to see that to get it pulled. Has anyone ever into that area and I've been there. Yeah yeah rivers got great small mouth fishing, really hm yeah, and you know it's fairly close to a lot of pretty big metro metropolitan areas. So you know I'm sure, visits at this place will be. You know that there'll be a lot of people going, but yeah it's a bummer that land gut because I believe their promise, that they could always yeah undergoes a part of the deal previous designation and then they change a tune, our nearest nash, park, how open arms people about it by her like locals.
Wonder well, I'm not I mean I can't I mean I didn't live near there enough to to know how upset people are, but you gotta, imagine that you know you get your hunt. Your quote. Your hunting spot taken. I can be too pleased you know on. We, when I was living in new york, risa flow, the upper delaware near callicoon, and they had gone under while the scene it river designation man. You saw a lot assigns up and down the river people pissed about it, because a regulation like use regulations, change, he were pissed and this thing became under as a national river under protection, and seventy eight and people were sure to hunt entire property, but then it than it is lost. Ten percent prohibited yeah, I mean I'd. Imagine some hunters are really kind of pissed about it and based on just some of the articles I have read, but you know
I guess some of the other local sir, are, you know, excited about potential economic prosperity we might bring to the area. I mean it's. I guess it'll put west virginia on the map a bit more So I guess it depends on what your priority is. All of, if you like go run. The canoe livery up, price is I'll get. I am all those non outdoors in all those non cheer is found guilty of players and migrants. Hydras bikers are required Let last little the year will touch on our. I want to touch orphanages. It's from my home state of michigan lake. There's golly. I need to know more to the story, so a man what what is written here them in this come on grant a massive fish poaching will now look at all those laid out guys, you know bags,
You know my size, but I know it. I need your borders galley, more story. If you find a good guess, get this guy, I'm guessing disability target about currents, massive fish poaching outrage. I dont know what happened here on county two guys find eighth in five hundred dollars combined fork poaching, hundreds of wall, I pampasian perch, but papers over, they meet Google's because Perjure, like a pan, either way bunch fish disguise freeze or got rated. And then a game or does the weird thing just like he does not understand. They thought out all the guys fish, they laid out later on tarps. He hath, as if it bricks of cocaine and lying on a late hour of bus as though at like in classic drug free fashion.
Our hundreds. If perch filets yeah, cocaine like when you lie. I have budget a case and bags of sunlight cartel rate perch valise hundreds of perch, plays laid out on giant tarps and an is empty, ziploc baggies, so his freezer got rated. in a conservation. Offs are found. Eighty five bags of frozen wall. I quote pan vision, happy with that term in perch place in his house The guy was ordered to pay seven thousand nine hundred and thirty box, where the fines and his friend was fine. Six hundred per taken over the limit approach taken over the limit approach is one thing, but there is a need to know more is like. Was this dude? I don't know me be that they were onto him for something else, and that led to this
There are a lot of people. I know in Michigan did if, at the end of a good vision, spell you went to their house and start on other shit out. You find had over their possession limit. What What is including my old man back when he was alive even with following possession? Rules, if you ve got say for five people in your household. You can have a lotta, damn perch in your freeze, but ok, let's say you're in cause. It varies because, like the big, it's a different, let's say you're does her arguments acre lest they were he's he's allowed fifty perch per day and the possession limit is too davy limits. so he can have in his home freezer two hundred perch voice. But let's say you like have anderson no one thinks about it. Your turn. It up and you're gonna have big fish for I don't know and you catch fire. Six limits approach to you: saving up for big church, fundraiser, fish, fry
they are very modest garden on their radar. Some know, what's thinking about it after they go in the freezer, not like there, the bees probably do you know I think, about with doc, he's probably cassettes, federal like crazy by someone Nitrate, maybe not, but I imagine he's like following like the daily limit, what and this one guy got not but here's the other thing is what they can do with all. Those personally is another gun thought out, beat him into the ball. The eagles hole I know a j d five bags perch place in their nice scaled skin on well put up later care. It's not like that cardamon didn't take care like they took care that this dude was proud. I don't know if you sell em like What we found the pass: a targeted conservation, guys, game organs and on that have happened on this game or add on all the story, but lots I like best of comes out of that there and you about some like
done. Something there aren't you about, and that leads is neither does like Bang and on digging through free, it's gotta, be something has sure they weren't like em Please stop intuitive galleons freezer lakes, happen. Maybe said another article, and I it it. It doesn't point out kind of like the back story. But the main guy with you know those eighty five bags, zip lock freezer bags and Ok, that's! Why get a barrel corn meal, I put it up, put it in a spreader to drive that over that big, she done safety. Five gallon drama, this guy. He had thirty. while I, the daily limit, is a comment in what it is freezer, yeah,
Among the mena within the eighty five taken that day, eighty five bags taken it thirty five while I the daily limit, is eight and anglers may possess an additional two days. Bit of while I learned their process with the total possession limit of twenty four? That's a lot of wall or do not have a lot of war and your freezer. The two hundred and forty five pan fish, the daily limit, is twenty five The use of a blue gills there. Ok, they re like blue, is, I believe, a blue gale. I can see it all with their total possession limit of seventy five and he was over by three hundred and ninety three additional hurts daily limit is twenty five and you can possess an additional two days limit as long as they're processed with a total possession, Seventy five! I just like we're Tom a lot of things here. We don't really know about, but my
here is the advice lanes? My I think when I see all those perch filets it's like I've known this guy, all my life yeah, I mean I've like maybe it's pretty, sting upper unkivered dozens of year extended friends and family, my, those like mile of man in the old man he hung out with like I feel like I'm staring into their freezer. Okay, yeah, but folks are sixty eight and fifty three. I gotta I gotta scroll scroll gay and re mighta had aside hustler gonna, sell anything would remember that big sting. We reported that there was like. We were a long time ago, yankee doodle We are part of this long time ago. It was a big stick. Operation even had a name like like north star, and you read this. the port you ring in you read the the there all the time It is on these guys like rats.
A tearing wire fraud, but it was and I'm not excuse it, but it had these names where you look when you think, like all the mafia, like they broke up a mafia organization because racketeering and wire fraud, but the wire fraud was like you, had to do a call in to register your dear. So adieu she was too dear. Has his girlfriend claim one on hurt? so she calls in to report to to report the deer. Dear harbours hotline, that's why or fraud right Racketeering would be a guy goes. He brings a bog down whose taxes earnest to get it stopped pays, taxidermy than smokey is small snakes, I don't pay The tax there was an snack sticks, Had a deal worked out where they got like reduce taxidermy too then get extra staff,
sticks than they had some guy who give sharp and he Sellen snacks dared that made off their dear smoky. another guy he's not he's not a thing. There's big roll up, there's a there's, another fraud. Because, while I derby. guy goes ahead of the durban goes: the catches wall and a different state kay. Criminals lie well and drives over and sign up for the derby at a gas station like the guy If the hold the wall, I derby in wine the prize with wall. I he caught in another state. Had amateurs lie well livewell a bit like this. Like interstate fraud, thing so on paper is like holy shit over these guys doing. You're gonna do once a leg hillbilly applause of these, I would, but I would like a lot of guys would think about. You know. You, like. Oh yeah, were you hundred bucks and brings from smoking
I the. Are you? Are you start monk, your mom? Yes, her h, m o Energy will start from the beginning of the who, are the mom, so don't worry from first, where is that I'm I'm in the twin cities, nap assyria, eleven blaine, which is a city rights, I'm right outside of minneapolis, in your hunter, newly hunter yeah, yeah yeah and your mom. Yes- and you were born I was wearing louse. Why Stu who, among mung, how how.
So the among are an ethnic minority group originally from the southern part of china, and they at some point were fighting with the chinese, because the Chinese wanted them to her. basically it become chinese and allowed among, were like now where the dirt a nomadic tribe, They have their own language, they have their own. religion. We did not want to be chinese, and so they were driven south into the south east asian area. So vietnam, louse Cambodia, and that's where, if you as a person here in the? U s, if you mean among person there from south east asia centrally and a lot of us have the same story, is we were here because of our involvement in the vienna? More more specific,
the secret worn mouse. What I have probably the same level of exposure to mom culture is, is a lot of people to haunt were I'd? Is like No I've always known very loosely that this lot along in the? U s, kindness, Do the vietnam war and you like the hautala so break down like how how the mom got tangled up with the the? U s like how they became on the: u S, radar so back in the fifties sixtys when it was it was around the spread of communism
in in that area, so the the idea was, we had to stop the spread of communism and in in that region. So you had north vietnam, vietnam, which was then trying to take over the country. You have the communist forces, so I'm not trying to talk about one particular group, but it was. It was and that essentially stopping communism, and so the reason why it's called the secret war in Laos is like the your, the: u S, we're not supposed to be be there in, and they were there to be advisers and in that region to use- and I advise the like- the local governments there to fight against
the spread of communism yeah cause didn't like portions of the ho chi minh ho chi minh trail came through Laos right yeah. Basically, most of it did a movie that was essentially what it was. It was a a supply line and it occupied the stern parts of Laos, my former neighbour, at our fish in alaska was a door gunnar. And helicopter vietnam. He now talks about freely, but for a long time, not least about his. He spent his entire tour. Ace in vietnam, but he said all their stock was in louse job and people are picking a mob. hitting hitting our transportation lines all allows event in earlier ones.
In nineteen sixty one early sixties. It was that they got D, the authorization from by that time jfk who said yes, look into working with the ethnic minority group in that area to help with legs, stopping the spread and really Where among people came in were they knew The terrain mung people throughout history have they do actually fighting before the vietnam war. They they actually. Oddly enough, they were fighting with the french, because you'd been view Now, don't you remember the kind of like the french colonization, the first, the influence there, An alien up they'd always been fighting for their freedom. If, if, if you look at some other some, there has the publications there, they ve, always one to kind of be left alone. We want to be our own people and we were, we are fighting against evil forces is, is Canada
what they would say in their minds. The outside communist influence is more of a threat to them the naming else correct to their autonomy, erect right. So that's we walden. They were essentially use too because they can just get places quicker rate near. The only thing that in have were didn't have firearms be no, which, which eventually came from working. the cia they're one of the most traditionally hunt with they have like these crossbows. So it's like a wooden stock and then like the the cross would be like it could be wood or it was like it can be bamboo and then they use for the strings they for for the strings or use like a material called hemp. I don't think I've heard that it's like a fabric.
And they use hemp and like hemp, they use for like clothing as well, and so you know that thing doesn't shoot really far right, and so it was like mostly for small game birds, my my dad's and my grandfather own one. If he had a blacksmith in the village who could like forge parts- and you built your, woodstock. I know you get said episode about flint style of a while ago. Flintlock often locked up- and you know you- it would be made out of wood, and then you had to had had different parts and then they cooked up there one ammunition- and I learned this recently too, as they went, got back down from the caves and use that to lake, reduce it to some liquid and then cooked it up with. Hemp as well and it might ass. It is in no like the exact process,
make gunpowder yeah. They were talking about on here. We talk about the process by which boon and other frontiers me were making. They were saying: they'd go to caves where the guano, okay, yeah and then somehow they would use a yet to have yeah they'd get salt. Peter ash. It took an willow ash. Your own piss They were getting doubt piss in a year. is salt. Saltpeter back guano document railways sees like up weight, I note with a product. It wasn't entirely as and I knew I knew there because we We had a very prominent member and our clan who recent passed away, and I learned that he had been badly burned because he was cooking up his own ammo what we really recovered a story or to discuss a story in taiwan. Were the taiwanese government passing answer,
regulations that are impacting indigenous taiwanese now talk about the It is time when he's still their hunting with homemade guns and they want to switch to modern guns, I want them to switch to modern guns and their pointing out the danger, the danger to the of hunting with homemade firearms and they want to have some safer, but they don't want they're they're afraid of the efficacy that would come from, and so there is a desire to keep them hunting with with homemade weapons. But in the americans, give em like yeah, my my dad's his first. His first gun was an n one carbines. So thirty is like a thirty cal, and I you know I I recently I just kind of really got into hunting, and so you know again I'm going back and kind of just learning about the first guns that they came. They came across what was your dad born? Ah, fifty two
Yup so was he did he does he have recollection like of the mon getting tangled up with the americans, yeah yeah and actually fast forward a little bit, the kind of like montana connection in all this news, a those smoke jumper by name of jerry Daniels right out of here, Adam zula. I think it was born in california but lived in missoula. That's why there's mung people in missoula farming and other there's a community there fast forward battle bit and my dad was telling me the story that to come to america I'm in distant, jerry, Daniels thousand were really close with the man and he was a guy that validated my dad's picture. Oh really here yet You were in fact a soldier in and because it was because he was this
as a force, the age, why we have so much of what everybody was, the nominee, the guy, the the the guy, the guy that was instrumental in bringing yet monta. Yes, you know when I lived in missoula for under there for quite a few years, the farmers market there as it is dominated by mung truck farmers the american laws with my body, as my body clay now shown around there and they still have like out in certain areas: missoula irrigation diversion, it's sort of like semi, urban, suburban farms. The traditional hats and my my labour turns out being sharing. Our from Mozilla bears the name: b being be more in shame on there and they lived in a muslim, pretty much most of their lives and they just moved into our neighborhood and we we moved into the neighborhood the same time. We we live in. There come a newer development and we saw them at like our kids' school
it was, and we you know you know you can just kind of tell their mung rates are gone up and if you're, among do when you see a mon dude, you don't know at a non hmong function. You go sky high, like talk with you, like the land dinner, taught use wave, it's it's now that it's cool to go up there and say: hey you know a year by year, among how you do when you know that you're you're just curious, we're that's how you do it yeah, ok! So let I'll get this straight. They come in in let's phil's mom, you, never seen him never heard of him. You walk in his room and fills mon you say are human yeah? I would. I would because Can't we just not do you like already could They will tell you. Knowing not. I mean it's I didn't ask him I would have you know what I mean. I I I actually saw a family on my flight here yesterday and media.
both in the night. There were sitting there and he had a real yeah. Why you knew because there were no size Ok, hey how you guys doing in early april or hate vienna. What why in my town said: oh yeah, I'm just going to go meet some friends. He said so yeah I mean there were just so. You feel obligated to go chat. Yeah, oh yeah, yeah. Alright, that's cool yeah I want to get back to asia ferment. Yet I was in there, but then I wanna we gotta. then do stereotypes about long hunters again, a bunch of hake here, the in hunting land in hutton there's two groups that everyone knows just worth on the planet there? So breathing earlier bottoms, it's the amish and among our They look like us, but they like to hunt which makes me not. Will they come here about so.
Of our fast world, but through the vietnam war, so amiss sorry to pull out. And you guys got a big balls on your back here, because we abandoned it and people like it's those like thereafter now outright exact. The communist come down hard exactly lay our kind like with your family. Has you what that won't? Look like view guys, while the americans left yeah, so I always tanker in this. You know in in the u s in some states they are recognized like may fourteenth as among american day, and that was like the last day of that. Essentially all the key advisers and some of the key mung our military personnel, were evacuated out of Laos. What the nineteen, seventy five, simplify and so, even even before then ninety seventy three. They had already signed a cease fire in paris so when they signed at sea
fire, a it essentially turned laos into a civil war country, because you had the group or the military. That's, I think, supports the the royal family, which Laos was an a monarchy at some point, and then you had the group that is supported by the communists, so essentially they're still fighting to take over the the the country. At that point, and so nineteen twenty five everybody leaves, and
It's essentially to your point. Among people have a bull's eye on their on them and my family between nineteen, seventy, five and nineteen. Seventy nine were essentially in the jungles of laos, hiding trying to go places where we, where you could find relatives, family and food if you will- and there are still kind of groups that were hoping- that those who were airlifted out would come back and take back. The country is kind of what got, though right so for four years. My family were. We were basically just run around in the jungle if you, if you will just like in hiding living off the land, trying to avoid communists exactly exactly, and I get credit for being the oldest in our family, but actually it like. I lost two siblings in that time as well.
To all that happen, I had a six year old brother and the way that it was explained to me was again their walkin yo in this particular instance walking through the night and they had come under heavy fire and we we had some relatives with us, my mom takes him. He's six gives him to a relative. Who is a a gentleman because he can actually carry them right and then my mom had me and then my mom had grandma, and so she gives him to our relative and they make a dad Four for the other side of this road from from minor standing well, my mom and I make it across with other people and as this relative and my butler come in through the he says that heaped he thinks my brother gets.
Get shot so when you, when you carry somebody in your back like like a child, they pray have some sort of tension I have a grip on you sorta, while he says that he claims that as they were running through when they beat they came under heavy fire and at some point my brother let go, and so at that point he said that he made the decision to essentially le brother where he was and like kept running, so they get to the other side. And you know my mom's, like hey, you know, where's your words. My brother was rose, then name tang, and so the erotic goes well in. I had been shot. I left him in their general area, so my mom is herself up. Kate you don't my mom's, like I'm a woman there. I do anything to me. They don't care, I'm just going to give myself album Nichols trying to find you know my brother. She gives us up up she's capture
she comes around and for she says she calls kasparov and no answer ray and she's like well. Maybe he really is is gone because he would have answered at that point the other thing was she's. Actually, I'm calling I'm calling to ask If anybody knows your, if it may perhaps maybe he's next nexus, he next to somebody who's still alive, though, if he would share like where you are, while people don't want to give himself up right cause. If you give yourself a deal, then there's a chance. He dies well right, Oh there's that so that's highlights my older brother, no resolution, no, no resolution. no idea where is buried! No idea is equally he lost sister. I lost to sit at the same time, her innocent I period, and so my my my sister was lost in kind of this weird situation where they,
again they were, he knew it is really to hunting. You know they get to this village and yo. There's light biggest are starving, I m here you're running around you're hiding and you you don't really have much to eat, and so the story is my dad goes and traps this squirrel lookin animal and me he can't find the like the english equivalent or the american equivalent of it. I was able to find a: u tucson, acidity, guess, vs interested bodies. He finds this this type a squirrel at eleven. Burrows itself into next, a tree stumps into the ground. You know, and in when I was in vietnam, as with a guy that had killed a you wrote about that in your book. Yeah He had killed a squirrel light creature. There was some kind of like It goes like an arboreal marsupial of some sort. Okay, but a look like oh look, a lot like a squirrel and he killed it up. He was taught me show me Three we got it
kept the air I may yeah. Maybe it was like. I had never seen one in my life. I wish I'd. I didn't see it till he'd already burn the hair off it, but it was. It was the the Women will be, like you know, like a squirrel sized yeah ground, so the story is that he goes and gets trapped, one of those they come back in a cook it and she somehow got sick from that and like passed within like a half a day or something like rally. So again, I I get credit. We know this, but I do not us who siblings and then essentially they will be in. You were alive. That point does very little yeah yeah, I mean you're a long months months old montoya, how much wear them pissed at the americans for leaving? I wouldn't say that no, No, I mean, I think, from every body that I've talked to it. If anything, having mombi will have more resentment against the monk who left
if anything, but more resentment against the man who left earlier, who left? I like you left who left the country in general so they have resentment against europea oil. For sweden force button now, like I'll, be honest, eight blouse pray, isn't the first please, I travel to know you so long and allows would regard you guys, like traders yeah, you can see. I would it. I would agree with that. Same yeah, exactly I like, as a young person I don't know the laotian language If I knew the language I I probably think about hey ma am I went to my mom. Was its bits pretty country but my wife and I don't think we have like blouses and our you don't like the first place, we'd visit, simply because I think they would have more resentment against. Like me versus americans, there are people who didn't make it to refugee camps, who didn't make it out of the
country and are essentially a kind of stayed behind? Anyone are still in the jungle all these years later, like living right, I invite all tobin. You knows innocence like persecuted by by no people, this point. Is you hear I it's funny, but you so often here in turn, into in china. seeing the race relation to taiwan other places where you hear about the persecution of ethnic minorities it's. I it's hard for americans to get like that colleague jean. political sense I understand that even in those places you had like indigenous peoples right who had is distinct, cold yours in so that the same way you might have the sense of like, like you, might have the sense of in america You have this euro american culture. We all well if his euro american culture, that
laboratory with ward with indigenous peoples and their still like it, did indigenous Autonomy and places- this summer, the halves all around the world displays indigenous individuals, it in some way live now. Oftentimes sweaty there live much closer to land than in our places are that ethnic minorities did not attain their. Nation states like the majority of china, is han chinese. There are many many ethnic groups that just didn't get their own country. they are in power and specific to the hmong, and it was really because, as an ethnic minority we occupied, you know in em in our case, like Laos, the hillsides allows you know I mean. I think this happens everywhere too, is like you just don't like your ethnic minorities. Occupying that don't have a country. Occupy yeah, your land. You walk through how you what was the but what you guys ended up in the? U s,
why did you? Why do so? Many mongolia minnesota yeah. I guess that all time like is the years like the cold or somethin. Why me think about it. If we occupied the hillsides the hill, the altitude higher so we're because they were were used. Called the reason why we ended up in the swallows written was purely by chance. So if you agree, If you mean among person here in the: u s there, story is fairly similar. You got a target on you. When you know everybody pulls out. You essentially had to make your way to one of these refugee camps, the biggest one being in entire. and so also you had to get out of the corner. You had it. You had to get our country on foot through the jungles, you know whatever it is that you took the men and I I get story alzheimer the men. You know when people started pouring out the
and would like go and buy tubes for themselves like, like your inner tubes curve, and I mean You are in a crossing river crossing the river for crossing the mekong because they knew that at some point they would come to the river and they would need across it huh, and so you know my parents get like separated. They get back together, gets separated through various reasons, while they make it to the river together. Thankfully, you know, and some people didn't make it. Well, together, there was like separate the whole time had a meet up back in thailand. The me calling for is the is the border between Laos and correct. Yes all the into vietnam. Yet so, if you cross the river you like you make it to, thailand is ongoing. I think it's a river. My dad puts my I can't swim puts in the tube and with the way my mom explains it is like she basically thought he was going to drown, cause can't swim can't swim. He has only has
tube, because they're up in the mountains, yeah you go to the other unmount I mean, I think the fish, but I mean there's really not. I am from my understand. Isn't it really not places for you go like the swing learn how to swim. I had a friend who grew up on a ranch at nine thousand feet in wyoming, and she says no. It was not yeah after the it's cold. So yeah. He tosses in turns, and me my my mom says: he's he's gonna be theirs. I lend my people died crossing that river For some reason he makes the cross and you know the way explains it, but what about the kids, while the state? On the other side of you, you did. The idea was, if he makes it across, he can maybe find tie official. or saw with you that can
coming to send one person or gas and exact about border at ever yak ends, or he goes by himself nos one cell, not with your mom. No not now. With now with the my mom I grant mine wherever else. My aunt with those is whole slew, a people there and you guys just like living off the land at this point, yeah exactly and I'll I'll get to this, but he he tosses and turns gets across and he like sits down to rest and he the way he describes it is this thing comes out of the water and he thinks it's like some among people believe in like like water, dragons, or something something like that. Right like mister, like some mystical, an animal he's like this thing comes out of the water, I'm like he said, I'm done for it's that it's it's price! Some! You know animal! That's like coming to eat me right. I guess I guess it creates a wave or some what turns out that it was a thai boat that saw him cross and came
I get him, and so they wrote a boat yeah, so he was kind of tripping from yeah yeah yeah. He was a rough shape yeah he was in. He didn't know what it was in the army and from his description. He thought with some dragon Oh boy, I did this. Is it now? This is a cross server. This is it. Turns out. It was like to type of officials with their boat, and so they go. grab him, go the other side and grab the rest of the family and anne and very them across. So that's how we may in thailand, so there has been tension between thailand and Laos. Well, at that point
cause their help and they're like taking it and assisting in the escape of of people that they're trying to catch. Why bat point in kind of the history of this you know, I think even the us government coined it like the domino theory. You know they they're like. Basically, if one of these countries fall, the rest in that region is going to fall, and so at that point you know, atlanta wasn't at war. Oh didn't didn't have any. I had gone yeah, so I- and I I guess- do whatever political treaties that they had at that time as well. You know the thai camp was the big refugee camp that everybody had to get to right So they go the refugee camp and essentially he goes and meets up with his commanding officer by chance. For days later, the guy he'd serve with during the war guy that you served it with the the commanding officer had heard that my dad was. they all in las, essentially running right.
Hiding, running and fortys address getting to the refugees. gee camp. He goes into the room, the commanding officer there and A gentleman I mentioned earlier from Mozilla jerry Daniels's in the room. He says that wine, I knew who jerry was, and you know was. All those guys. He was like an adviser, but he was a guy who lake train buddy and guns or or top people. I would like the type of guns like he would come to a head. You know what and one is, do you know what this m16, as you know, did you do know these things goes in the room and by this time my dad was the way describe. He was so then then neither those guys recognise who my dad was, and they say, hey What are you guys doing here and he you my dad goes my destiny. We do also my dad's goes.
You know I'm door and I serve under you and like basically, they had this big group hug right and I said there was just like hey we. You know we I thought you were, you were gone or you are still running around, and so I know I I just ride for days four days earlier. So essentially the the journey to here was so. They they get. Their jury confirms, hey, you are a soldier and that's when the process starts to come to america. My dad wanted to go to california first, because there had already been some people here in california on some relatives and they gave him two choices: california or minnesota. And my dessert I'm going to go to California, where they did the paperwork, and it's like well, the the people in California that you say are your they're. Only your clan's people is not meat, immediate family. I see yeah. So there's like we're looking for immediate family, while
even though in among culture, your clansmen are actually much more important, and say lake, your sister, even roca, your clansmen is really you know what what we we will you talk about among families is all about the clan. So part of a clan do those guys aren't you do your clan, but do not like your first cousins or anything, but not your brothers. So we can't saying you to California, so they get stuck there for seven months in refugee camps for a month, and then my mom had a brother and we are all also had other klansmen end up in minnesota at around that time. The there's a couple christian organizations in groups and people in rochester minnesota is at the actually where we ended up was in rochester minnesota, and I we we still keep in contact with those folks. Today
and we hunt on their land, and I had a conversation with them a few weeks ago, and the story from them was, you know, was just two couples, James and very and then bill and sandy who like they were friends and they got together in this a hey. We want to do something. We want a sponsor family. And the reason was it was just right thing to do now. They knew them on board on the war. Alongside the u s, and they just wanted to do something out of the kindness of your heart. So We talk to some folks in the they get together with their respective churches. and they did. They say we want sponsor family, their family and it'll be an us so We end up in rochester minnesota and we had an uncle in my mom's half brother as well as some other clansmen morale up in the twin cities, and so we end up in rochester for two years and then we moved up to,
cities. Basically, what your! So? What year did you later? Nineteen eighty? So you what I always use old yet night, why? I was one and a half, I brother of oz from a zombie I wrong here. Yes, oh so soon, I have the seventy nine I was born in seventy nine were you know we make it to and we we make it to the refugee camp at night. Ninety, seventy nine gotcha Essentially, your passes in a window in russia, the till What about the prohibition on em eating animal hearts. So
well, yeah, you're, you're gonna like this, so mung people before the introduction to christianity. So we know we talked a little bit about earlier about french influence in southeast asia and the like some, the very first non monk people that non asians. That mung people came contact with were like french missionaries and priests that introduced among people to christianity. I grew up catholic stoned greenness and for the longest time I didn't know why. But I grew up catholic and so the traditional religion is, you know they. They call it animistic, shamanism the belief in in ancestral spirits, raid and
oh, if you were sick, we do believe that it was like physically you're sick. He don't. We believe that there is a year. Your spirit was sick. There is some sort of spiritual imbalance, so you and employ the the service of a sham, and he would come in here. You know he was that he somebody who can go into spirit world and and and and and fix your spirit or are in or bow the spirit or the evil, spirits and war. Where did off right, and I will make you better well, the story or under the heart is: there was a curse, that's laid on very specific clan group and I'm a part of that okay, yeah, so your group is under a curse, yeah and- and this is legit, this is a legitimate curse so and the and the the curse goes as follows.
So the religion, animists chauvinism, The story is that there was a lie and where there is, there was ceremony going on, and so this was a traditional share more. in that ceremony that view there were cooking up the stew. Stu in their there's. Different versions of this deepening would tells it, but there was a acts, harder cow heart and The sharman or that the group of people there had asked a young man or a boy that was near by two washed astute measure our message yet nation way, messes with it and the only significant detailed. I remember from what would this
this young man or young boy was that and he had a mental disability. So I it's so you know to be you not to be like politically incorrect, but he was He was like the end among worthy, they said, like he's, he was slow writer and so he is, his task was wash, Stu, so these guys go off and do the thing come back and when they come back to grab the heart is nowhere to be found. God and they can find it in the stool at all and so they talk it over and the conclusion that they came up with was well. We need to use his heart church we need it is because he can't wait a wave, a adding. He can defend himself, they will the slow boy area so they're like now he that, but I think the idea was away.
They were asking him like. Where was it? He like? You could explain right so there they looked all over a can't, find the heart he must eat yet, so he must have eaten it, and so at this point, if he is, he must have eaten it. Then, in order to to make things right, while we to use his and so are they in of dune? Was they end up killing the boy using his heart? So they do that and as the story goes, they they they find the boy you know dead. And at the end of the ceremony and cleaning up. They come back in their cleaning. This part war hell. The heart was stuck at the bottom of this, this pop right and so now a big A big cover up and in Sudan jumps wild, lose his zeller along yeah, so their elder daughter, conspiring amongst themselves, like we gotta cover this right.
there's a and I don't know this- I don't know the significance of the lady- she might have been like a relative of the boy my day, oh man, while she overhears what they done, so she lays the curse. Was it a doozy rate? Basically, the curses. from this day forth. None of the men in this clan. What does the name of your clan will? My last name is Yang sama part of the Yang clan okay, right so in in hmong culture, there's eighteen clans. So if you, if you're among you- but you belong in one of these eighteen- you recognized by the last name, scott of the person, the curses from this day forth. Anybody in this clan.
Any of the men in the sky. If you eat heart, you will go blind and yet every heart and I'm never in heart, now to to be fair. You know there's eighteen clans and then in those clans, their sub clans right, so we're not all related cause. You know, depending on where you're from in parts of the country, even though I'm a I'm part of the Yang clan, this curse doesn't actually affect all the yang's it effects like CERN, sub plans, to observe it god? Yes, so as among person, you grew up on for sure you can't marry or date somebody of the same last name, and that applies to the entire. Like clan, so you have to go out of your clan. You have to go to a clan. Did you oh yeah? Yes, yes, but your wife's mom, my wife's mom yeah, but article and out of class she's a yeah, and so it is. She hang onto their name? Oh yes, she hang onto it my
yeah. Are you sure you know very good reason to have a good reason like that, just as you don't want to have to like update all of her stuff yeah you beyond, mostly among women hold onto their term, to the meda names and now and then harris was another clan that placed the curse on your clan, like who d It's a good question. I actually don't know again. I mentioned I dunno the significant yeah the woman yeah like where it was from yeah, so the the this woman lays the curse and it only affects the men of very specific sub clans rate, so gone back to learning the things you were up with number one thing you learn as among person de mer, your client tat you can't marry. Could there can see your sibyl? There can see your brother's sister god for me, number two is you can never and you have- I haven't like any hard.
any animal. No heart. We have these beef heart, regional rail, delighted. You know I've never tried, but I'm hoping you I'm hoping that you know like if I were to either by accident unlike the spirits algeria, overlay, major how so Every time you eat heart and were on the series of my day can do and my you're my buddies are in other. Like yeah, you know. Once we are, we We ever shoot a deer. Whatever it is, we're just we're gonna need in front of you and you there's nothing you can do about it. You know and I'm like yeah, that's true and then you know at family gatherings. You know all the women would eat heart as you or your wife, either, but which he would yeah, but on all night we were again, earrings in all the women be like just make fun of the men, because there's just sitting there and you guys can touch it.
Let me tell you started her and retire story of union heard. Missouri. Ok,. Guy cells, there's no squirrels around right now, you're going we also works the monkey. My big, roving bands of mung came down four minnesota, darted a massive squirrel drive. but I do know that thing. They got tree climbing gear why they conducted a massive squirrel, DR guy killed off all the squirrels in order to sell em there are some who do they sell into the other man as the hornet. so bottom one came down Minnesota drove to Missouri conducted a massive squirrel, DR killed all the squirrels
drove back minnesota and sold them to other mom correct got Do you hear a lot of this kind of stuff yeah? I I I I I I I I certainly know oh mom, loving squirrels, I mean squirrels king among the mung people right, even even more so than dear. that right yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, the jib read the article there's an article in harper's magazine decades ago called squirrel hunting with the moon. I might I might have a bit. Yes, yes, but I'm not going
I mom do love the squirrels and because they you know, if you think about it, a small game was really what they were able to hunt back and mouse dot, and so you know call it now. Just having d the do. The love for the taste of squirrel and my my dad today I know he would hate him and I go scrawny are the only hunting we might go together is score hunting and because that's just what they love to do. I think they like to chase I'll, be honest and say from a lotta people have talked about to their real? They like just some, how really good at hunting squirrels and There's a squirrel called out there. I because of her heard that they use lemon grass to to calm the squirrels are not yet here you're here Robert, you quarters the other. I I'm not, but I've just been taught to tee, like
to blow on lemongrass early in the season make a little distress call. I wish we had basically Lemongrass yeah, basically you're, creating the stress call of of of babies. Yeah like works when it works. When there's still young squirrels around september. It brings them all out wonder what the hell's happening, like a hawk, got one of them or whatever, now. We see how to I don't know. Like I dont see people sunny squirrels I dunno I've ever gone down the missouri for big squirrel, DR I'm know this url the great missouri squirrel round up and yeah I yeah I they they love squirrels. I dunno about the selling part I mean in minnesota. I I, if you told me where I go by scores, I would I can tell you yeah. I like I should be clear about The point I was tryin like the point getting at is this idea that, on that it's like
in you're. Here is often you heard is frequently like I hear frequently is that their these kind of like we, like in areas where euro american hunters in they were, they were used. Peering now like hell, like they're all hunters together, but like just like you, the yearly competing against this other entity. This other group you competing against among, the our kind of arm like. Sort of supernaturally good hunters, but also don't know what they're doing they get to be. Both things like to get the non oda doing, but also their super to have like supernatural prowess, and they are. Zero regard for hunting rules Kill everything didn't weird ways: the weird thing dont use here all the time it I heard of a guy or was it was I heard of a guy that analysis
from a guy last year, complaining about he has not squirrels he's a deer honour. Dozens rules, complain about the mom. Kills growth will be your hunt, squirrels women, they kill all squirrels whining if he was hearing about a dude. Look like him on squirrels he'd, be like I got the Elvis girl honey. Whatever the monitor is like he's killing all the squirrels didn't mean it's just like a thing I mention the amish earlier and I'm sure Third it? I heard it in pennsylvania- also grow up with it all just more flooded with emails. starting like the second, this drowsy afloat yield me like yeah, but seriously the obvious that what's a palm remington rifle this in sixty one. Sixty ever growing up around that the amish machine goes yeah. If it wasn't that it was a lever, action or dirty yeah. What how much
Do you have any insights into how I'm from your angle give in? sites into how like where that that's stereo tight like why that's appealing to people, The are. Are you are you subject that do people Why do you mean you out hunting and they know you ve been up to no good dummies is. Is this like a thing you live with, or am I telling you things you've never heard before? No, no! No, I don't think that's that's new news, it's not new news. You know, and I and I in fact have you know of a few weeks ago. I talked to a liaison from the dnr who he was among liaison okay, long time among these on retired now, but
he said those same things and so like he. He said the saying things in what way and that you know hmong people. Would that mean they hunt in in in groups? It's it's. We just go together that one! That's and that's that's something! We brought over from laos- is that people like that. Why does I guess that you like? one body go with more people are having to Helen camp wanna, go dear camp under sixteen viva dear, can that's cool or affairs and dry, where thirty guys and outlaws monitors motors and what the others that right and then so that would be that the groups of people groups- and then we are talking about this month. We will go early,
man, we we yeah. Ok, we were talking like you know it's it's that whole public private land. You know kind of conversation rate and on public land. We I mean, I, I the turkey season just wrapped up, in on the thirty first of may and my buddies, and I went out at four in the morning and which we were there. We in windows nobody around and did so to answer your question around, you know been subject to it. Well I mean I've. I've heard I am full aware of it and then I haven't been hunting long enough to like maybe experienced that, but in talking to this liaison
you know. He says that mung relations with you know in this case, love will just say say you know. The the whites in minnesota are over. The years have just have become a lot better have become better, have become better. It's like he's like it's it's ten times much better than you know he he's for. He first started hunting in minnesota in nineteen, seventy seven. So he was he They very early early on and he he had his he's yeah. This though you may that we have a in the twin cities used to be. Whoa squirrels and now there are the scores- are all gone because you know he shared it with people. And then you know all the monks when they kill all the squirrels yeah yeah I mean I'm going tonight. We got onto it. You guys got one hundred hit up early, get all this to Oregon. Where know how
so you knew the euro. May I come here and in autumn adequate hunter. Did he not hunt when it came? Why not not right away. Okay and I talked about bill and sandy selwyn who live in rochester today they are eighty acres and I think it's considered like the drifter late, just driftless area of of the of minnesota south. western minnesota and they actually introduce my dad to hunting in like eighty one, I think, is what he said so shortly after they arrived his monkey were or farmers as one she was. She was timey sandy was taught me that We got your mom plot of land, so she could farm and then that's kind of what they did for a little bit before they came to the
cities, and then I remember my dad hanging a buck in an hour basement tragedies shot. like early eighties, so he didn't haunt right away until you know like bill and sandy and then some of the people that we were that brought us over here and and mastered us like, took him hunting. It s very hard to get used to like if you are from systems hunting in the dinner like lawless, civil wars, acne region, of the cover of a war torn sound east asia and also it's like. Oh no, you go down. You buy this permanent and then you follow these rules, the candidates to get new love. This man, you day pilot huh,
there's a lot of that right and and and again in talking to you about the art of the liaison EDA. He said that there was a lot of that. There was no pump mom people came here, didn't know the language right now had no concept of wildlife management and in Laos there there was none like you haunted because you were hungry and you know you just you hunted anything that you could see so coming here. You know yeah. There are some for some for the for people coming over here. It was something that they you know had to get used to, and you know some other issues he said early on were just language barrier right and you know it and- and you know you meet somebody on the woods if you don't understand language and sometimes there's issues, but one thing he did tell me was early. I mentioned about it,
way better. He said the young hunters now understand laws, understand public versus private, understand shooting light understand, possession limited understand all these but they know the rules and regulations as well, and so it's almost like now did we all understand each other. It's like it's. It's almost eight again. It's gonna do way better like a generation removed from the lawlessness that charisma and northern kersey about the the situation you're describing that your family was in and all those years is one, if you imagine just this concept of private and public, you are a nation lists, we get your nationalist person right now, we across a landscape where- You don't own property, you have no government, you know what you say: you're alive, for you now supposed to be tits according to some was definition
but I'm, as is probably also hard to show up and get like. Oh, I see like that fence their great. Don't you know when you're sort of whole existence has been. Going we needed a l while people shot it yeah yeah, exactly he's egg and neo. He also mentioned you know, and this makes no sense to me. early on. We, we didn't have anything in so you know you were too busy trying to ask to a new country you're too busy. Establishing maybe a career going to school, or are we not just make a living here, and so we mostly hunted public lands rate
nope and he said no more, no money to buy land, yet no money to buy land, and he said as through the years when people started buying boats right start buying land and over the years you know at least what he's seen in minnesota is that we've kind of just become a part of the hunting community. It's like yes, like hmong people are just there to like us. Essentially go, it's got it. He says just you know, through the years. It has gotten way better, especially the he credits, the young hunters, for again understanding the laws, the rules and and and and abiding by those yeah you so you're interested like you got to, on you have you. You bought a gun for personal protection before he bought a hunting gun. Yes, how did that go but what are they come back here? and you were brought up around answer. No,
was, and I was not, and so you know going back to like my relations with my dad. I mean you know it's kind of like you know you want to call it like. I kind of like the asian relationship is like it's respectable rate and again going back to growing up here. My dad spent a lot of his,
just providing for us. He worked second shift, so you didn't really have the interaction, so he never took us hunting, and so it was gone back to the whole gun. Think, like my my wife, ass, she had better off sir. She carries a machine. She has she hat with issued one, but she just choose not to turn to carry it with her. But my my feet why I didn't get into hunting and toll like a year ago rate was ignorance of I didn't. I didn't want to handle firearm because I equated hunting with firearms right down to hide. The other piece was well. You need private land at least the way. I was
was unique. Private land in in minnesota to to be able to hunt so like it was like those two barriers to to entry. Almost right. I saw a year ago this week I have some a buddy somebody's and my cousin and a couple buddies decide to go fishing in south dakota, and you know, if you think about a year ago this week and there's a lot of unrest in in minnesota. You had the murder of george floyd by four officers. You had a pandemic going on, you had asian heat going on, and so here the former us were a let's go fishing the quota and enjoy some time and one first question that came out of that was which was? Has a gun for for personal protection, not not that we would ever hopefully would never use are needed, but like that bag bows when they came up for peace of mind, somalia for peace of mind, and so
Was a seven hour drive from where we were. We went fishing south dakota, so we cannot I just talked about it and the one guy who did have conceal carry he. You know he basically gave us the lowdown right. Neil seven hour drive. You know you of course talked about and he lived in an area where there was actually looting like in his backyard right he's like I I I have this because legitimately I we should be protecting ourselves, because Anthony is going on, so it was kind of like this perfect storm of things, and so I came back and was like aussies like gung ho and hey. You know I. I need to go, get myself and I'm a leader and we contributed to so what were millions of people that bought gun for sorry yeah? Yes, I contributed that yeah yeah. So that was your first
I remember that was that was my first firearm purchase. Did you go get a concealed carry permit? Yes, I did so right away. It came back, got a permit to go purchase and then you know took the class and got the license to carry, and so I got that so know. If you saw I got it so I may, in in my my brother, is actually a state trooper and save minnesota. Oh so he's been hunting along tat s heavy load force here, is that unusual There did a lot of mongol law enforcement, or you kind of an anomaly that your wife and brother in law enforcement- I I don't there's did not many there, sir I will first cousin for the law enforcement. So I may, I think I think, there's there's theirs well there, but it is not known, is like a like an industry all info or something no, and you know, there's there's those people who are involved with the community, and you know we had like the first among states senator a few years back.
Yeah. So I think among people are really into like serving, I think serving. Is the right word as a we we like to serve, and- and so you know, my my brother started like showing me how to use it and In short, I got my nine know me, I'm a binding. Our fifteen any down to two three five, six and I'm I like so so that was like my first dear right how dare you wanna dear I have. Yes, so why, when you in any case wagon to hunting some shootings, nine millimeter. Unlike as One point I realized, you know what I hope I never get to use this or have to use this right. But shooting is one lake near the act of shooting and go to arrange for my brother him showing me how to you know, take it apart. This is going to fun rate, I'd like to shoot more and so that's kind of like what spurred the whole
thing like itch now: did you put a scope on your? Are like a red dot on put a red dot on it? Yeah yeah so put her in at an inn. I wrote this in the email to you guys to is around the same time I my body but forty acres of north, and he said you know he was he just bought it. He said he bought for hunting, though one got over the fear of firearms. To say we have forty acres, we have had time and now it's really what kind of like push me over the edge was it? What was it something since your dad it hunt where you interested in it. I again urged in you ve never had the opportunity. I is exactly that it was my brother, my dad, when all the time, I've just like you'd, never given at the time of day but like you are philosophically opposed to owning a firearm and are just didn't not opposed to owning it. I just like I was just scared of like physically heinous.
if you want to say right well, once I got over that and then I pay there's forty acres land. We can hunt on right. And so on. These are more. Do you? Oh yeah yeah, my my best friends here exactly and so dislike, can have gotten to this and like hey, let's, let's, let's do this right and this this was like august ish rate, so the the the rifle deer rifle season was november, and so we like we started buying all the gear and- and you know in in Minnesota- there's a north in the south region. So in the south you can do shotgun only there's the northern region we can do like rifle so I'd like I, I was gonna, go with my our fifteen two to three and they were going was shot guns, and so we got all geared up and, some say you're in the rifle area, the shaggy, an area where the rifle known eradicate so you can do
Do I, as a euro area where you could do it and you can chew yeah you, but they already had shot guns. They are renewed sharia as the usa, rooney usury are correct, correct and how to go. Then tag didn't dint. Yeah we re about to get one know nobody else. Nobody gets cecil. We saw yes well, here's a story we saw and so we saw, but they were so. I mean two to three. I think. for me- was, I think, seventy five yards and under does is kind of what meal. Through our research rate, shot guns is the same thing: sixty yards and under utilised clothes were you all you had to the otherwise you again We wouldn't shoot right while we started seeing dear and there like a hundred fifty yards overheat when I hear the way. So
If there's a week of hunting and after the after the weak and a half, we saw dear, that was way too far away right and we actually went on a separate property, private property that backed up to state land and so we were seen dear lake hundred yards twenty yards away war. I'm sinner like I never don't have a shot. I don't I'll, never what a shoot? If have you know this a r and monogamy hours? But The next day I go and I buy six five creedmoor cause, I'm like I gotta go if you need to go along ray yeah and so out again,
I went from like no guns in june of last year to having two semi arid to semi, arid cartridges. Yeah, I got two to three naga by a big bulbous or by like three hundred. I know that you're going to choose, I know how were you guys? Were you guys posted up and stands or how he like all hunting together? You know inexperienced rate, so we tried to do a squirrel drive to school drive. We we we be I have been blinds, okay and so, and then we had the one buddy who I who had a stand, treestand and we didn't really after the few hundred the couple that we saw were like a few hundred years,
way. We wouldn't see anything and then and then the season ended, and then my brother and I did go down to rochester cause they. They had some heavy cwd and areas down there, so they were trying to get rid of all the deer. So him- and I did go to rochester couple of days it's to see if we can find some, but we we didn't run across any if any, the I I I spoke, probably more dear than I could count for you. This follow you're goin out oil at is. The answer lies in this force. Is, is when our tree, so I started, knows during our born arrow and then yeah we're we're counting on the days of the rifle season did you did you and that first season, just like an attic of pretty much? yeah yeah. I know I was telling you guys. The turkey season just ended and I am totally hooked. We're total
Why hope you get a turkey? We didn't get, or you know close, we have back on the thing. That's awesome right like he, you know didn't do any of this. I mean that's. Why I kind of love. The story like you aren't doing any of this, and I know you've told me that you know you've gone back to reread meat, eater articles on the website and gone back to We watch seasons of the netflix yugoslavia that other people to believe you get anything guys, don't know it. I know what I mean like it's not, you know. These are a bunch of guys, they have it in their blood and it's probably a re reawakening writer but you're, just like you keep on getting out there in your china like their teaching themselves. They all it's like. I always like brody, took me out last last season. You know I've got everyone in this office to help show me the ropes and they're just
add on their own? I was telling you I know the turkey season in minnesota is is that there are six seasons. So if you do archery, you can hunt the entire six weeks or the basically middle of April ten anime anime gotcha if you're doing shagun, which was what I was doing. You had to pick one. So I pick season two, which is six days. If you don't tag, you can actually come back that last week, which is actually thirteen days and you can use your take there. So I hunted up six plus- essentially, I think ten eleven days and the last in this last season has just ended. I was going almost every day and I did like I'd get up at you know we were talking about getting there damn early, so yeah. So
and as we get there at four, because the we kind of got it down to that, the gobbles will start around five tennis and five o clock shooting light at five. the shooting night. So you are around five ten. You knew that there was going to be gaba. We we stumbled onto this like field by luck on and it's w m a, and you just knew that the gobbles were going to Come out. I liked, by by fifteen, you guys run in any other hunters in there now We did, and I think that you know what we we get there at you know I I'd wake him. You can ask my wife: did I get up at three? Thirty right got ready drove to the spot by four, so the spot. You know the field you had to field and you had the pocket
and so what I already have a car and then my buddy, so that there's two cars there and no one My rules with are in our bodies, for safety. Is that vw driving to somewhere and there's one or two cars you busy just go find a different world wait so we're we're. So we kind of went out the size that you got your license: plate vanity plate back, also yeah, so yeah yeah. So so I did so I'd wake up at four hunt. You know try to try to catch a gobbler up until, like eight go to work org all day and then go to tennis and then, after tennis I'd go. You know there was. You know there was still a I mean I'd, go back and I did that for like ten days my friend Robert Abernathy, he likes to get out, there's what I would sleep for an hour just wait for the birds ago
Yeah? I was just sitting out the swap, but I dunno. Why we're all here basically last night is what it feels korean. You know, I'm so much more pg for wildlife, but like for crows, you know cause I'd, had the crow call with me, but the crows like You shall go with the guy. You're entered absolve the items like man. This is this is a core how they they work off each other, do criminals earlier like like an awakening whenever do ok as you learn to hunt in america You feel that your joining in
oregon tradition, or do you feel like you're, joining among tradition? I I'd have to say it's. It's a little bit of both. I think hunting is in my blood, and you know when I rode in I like. I act like it's always been a part of me, but I love everything about the american, the american hunter and and what will we have here? I just needed they took Ali like they uncover that I felt like I did a global pandemic example nor yeah yeah. I blame a lot of stuff on the pandemic. and re racial tens is handed out and not like that guy on actually is actually being only a year ago? This time I didn't own a truck in abode, I didn't hunt,
been on a camper, and I have all those things that you know that a lot of I mean you're, not alone, like a lot of people, rediscovered the outdoors. What kind of What kind of boat yeah? Oh I got! I got this is it's a seventeen foot, they call it like a ball writer. So it's not like a fishing boat or anything. It's really. So I could pack a lot. People in there we just go! Oh nice, you know boy pleasurable yeah yeah. She found it on Craig's list or facebook that was on craig's list saturday, sigh yeah no never been bought. They were been bought like like crazy am I remember looking at this one like it came and in that minute I say how I'll take it, but I want to see it first and the guy just like sold like you don't but like there were gone, yeah, so you mentioned, I got that fish trip with your buddies. The add you always fished, wouldn't like from the time. You were a kid.
Yeah often on you know, I will take the kids about three kids I do, however, are fourteen ten and six united. Of course, my daughter, malaria, my daughter, Mc Killop, makes it. I know one maize one Make sure that I say to you that she says high, oh because she's, actually, you gonna be probably that be my hunting buddy, I already got this month. I bought her. I have a youth, a youth shotgun and we went out once because the the range where we we live. We live close to our range and it's free youth, tuesday, So when I went out, shouted once pry my fall, but she can take the risk. With all here, there's a trick you you probably know this. Like the first time my daughter ever shouted. Turkey load was when she soon at a turkey,
I'd logo, target loads clay loads. and it is our job as their bad and Elinor axis- you do so. They don't know I just had her shoot and we like fake carpet a red dot on a break open for ten for an aunt jackie's with everyone. You know cited it in the red dot for on a turkey silhouette. Then I was like. Oh, let me shoot a couple of times My particular dinner and make sure we are good on the pattern. and never had her. She won as she shot at a jerk. He never brought it up. Oh yeah, the fact that it's like the recalls, like five times that was that was my fault because I should have realized get her. Something like low brass gets some low brass target. Lone shadow wants to to like data out there, although you can do it this season. So I'm like okay, okay, will you know, but so yeah If people are gonna want to get up, people are going to get a hold of you a lot. It's going to get hold of. This is the thing that happens of oil and gas come on. You can chew
I to lay out. I want to hear about it. Organs, everybody how they might drop you a line or find it on social media and your dm or whatever you can ignore or not. I have my own facebook page and I am an email. People want to email me, yeah. They can send it to us that people are like this, too people will be like people believe he can help my place. I'm telling you man, I'm telling you Colleagues, I never get that. No, you won't! You he'll get it because his stories touching, broke out yet use boys. I was born in a very I think a lot of funding opportunities and grew up on it. as if we were like screw that out coming out of, I was here well yeah area, while ya, two hundred and thirty billion a lot of their tone. I realise their email ass for the info. I figure come on turkey's willis next spring.
yeah. I I you know I'd I'd love to. I think I'm like I said I think I'm hooked and I you know during that gobble every morning, What is it you realize? It's, it's it's a dating that's briggs either I went like ten days, hurt I know that when you're fishing and you've got your, you got tension on your line and the wind blows and it makes sense in on their day, I'll sell my we get where it was real when he hit woo in on the win. As the man you hear that you'll never be able quit fishing I hate that so dave. Maybe we need you to do a squirrel dry you. Can you teach us to do a big external drive, so we kill every school Missouri hit. Teach you how to what you gotta get turkey's now.
isn't allowed to have it. You should come on hunter because we have a good time. I I'll I'll. Take you up on that. I will. I will, or you know what we can do to is cause you cause. You call sandwich, will go, hunt turkeys dug dirt how would you kid she's, ten here's what we're gonna do. Here's the plan do not make plans for wisconsin's youth, turkey season a gap to understand a million. yes, don't tell dad that I invite you We're going to organise our neighbors. You know a neighbouring states. We love each other, we're gonna Hon, my your daughter and my daughter and my boy are gonna cause dogs to behold. You see all of you as if we got his place locked up for you locked up. He knows not. Let anybody harm your daughter and your daughter, kids are, gives you gonna hammer for you these. That sounds great, we'll be there.
We'll be squirrels. These borders grow too vague. I appreciate it. Thank you very much for having me. It was a pleasure that was good history. Lesson london, the.
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