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Ep. 286: Alaska's Shack of Love


Steven Rinella talks with Andrew Radzialowski, Ryan Callaghan, Seth Morris, Kelsey Johnson, Chester Floyd, and Danielle Lopez

Topics discussed: The proper way to propose to your mate; the wolves of the Alexander Archipelago; Recovering America's Wildlife Act; Missouri's wildlife program as the envy of the nation; how conservation bills make folks in government feel good; Ryan "Ol Cal" Cal-iente Callaghan; citizen science and state-sponsored trail cams in Wisconsin; being force fed salmon as a kid; "eating fish your ass off"; breadcrumbs vs. batter; lots of firsts; tree bark sheds suffocating the sea floor; helicopter logging; taking a 99-year break; all the life in southeast Alaska; drunken men in bolo ties; lots of diving; the first son-mom trip for Cal; when you get uncomfortable not working; breaking up the band too soon; and more.

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The tonight show was severely wounded and, in my case, unaware of the meat eater podcast. You can't predict anything presented by first light, creating, proven versatile hunting apparel from marino base layers to technical outer. Where for every hunt burst like go farther stay, longer gaiters special alarm, love episode like love boat, well, we're in southeast alaska, at our at our family, a fish shack worth a whole bunch of people. Lot of you are familiar with, and seth has
alright, let's get big news when it gets my own. What when it gets my suggestion? No, I didn't know that I do at the waterfall know you had a couple of suggestions, one of them been at the lake and one of them banned the waterfall or did yeah some will happen, and I proposed to kelsey and I've. Thirty, eight, so the while he controls at the wildlife artist, kelsey Johnson, the fair, while their farms does artists, artists, painter western artists, global europe, s grand things like a look and k underscore re art works with raised spelled we are I e, they don't know another. Have you been Listen! If you run around your lifetime, people K, re they're, not there's, a demographic of people out there that have been looking for me this whole time. It's our a y yeah right, but now that Nobody gets K. Underscore re are eighty artworks within us. No western!
wildlife, painter, very, very beautiful stuff? Thank you and you have a you. Have a peace that year donating to our we have launched yet, but our auction house of oddities do oil painting of a bighorn ram kind of portrait style, in there, you should go check out her work by some but anyways. You said yes, I cried ugly cried when he gets mundane, but three years almost three years, what I told seth to do. We kicked around a handful things where he was going to stick. The ring explain that ring again. It's a white buffalo, which is like a people, aren't familiar. It's like a white turquoise, looking stone, which is my favorite and it's three rinks. It's surrounded by a setting made by adore and smithing co. Emerson graves is my favorite.
Cooler and it's really pretty it's just one of a kind custom made custom made. You know a lot of people want to get married or come out and they'll play that here comes the bride. You should be playing great white, buffalo, nugent I guess you got in your life. That ring papa that ring in their saddles, think about put now put net ring into a halibut stomach for a link. I'd start, yeah. Have you there and gotten it and then be like he's going to be like? Let's do it at eight yeah the answer, what do we have here? Well? Well, well, I told him: take you up to the waterfall and have that ring to set in in the gravel. There sounds dangerous and then he'd come out and be like well look that little shiny little
yeah. We yeah we threw around a bunch of ideas, but you took her up. The lake took her up to the lake, it was pouring rain and we paddled across the cove on an in a canoe and jet and danielle came with us. Danielle's, a wedding photographer. So you hid the bush. She hid in the bushes. The timing on this is pretty amazing, cause them a chance. I understand the right at the moment you found old bow and under their boat, was a fishing rod, and so he decided to take a poke yeah and I knew there are going to propose it. He was going to propose that you get bored, yeah. nobody wants to get our sesar pulled a chest or move turkey, ass. At that moment, I doubt made a cask anyone, Z, car and care
death is on one knee, quick railway and ran out why the group deal most you'll do privately; no, they don't we don't do privately. Do that, like baseball stadiums, yeah like a big splash, I saw a news story the other day about a dude who got down on one knee in front of that got out on the stadium. Cetus know it's horrible. so he gets his girlfriend around on the like pitchers mild, or something like out around the whole damn, what do you call it? A baseball game, stadium, canadian. and now dissolve cellphone videos of it. He gets down on one knee. It's her hands over her face and runs away. Oh Bruce I can't do that here because he was not not because use nerves. She didn't want Mary S, eye tracker. She had no to go, she said knows. I should like to you an awkward spot guy
call the floatplane kind of paddle back, I said boy he was going to do if you said no and then here you two are stuck up here. Yeah he said he's just going to fish yeah, which is why he didn't anyway. those like the same play. Name really exact same lamp here now. Ask them about one hundred times if he was serious. That was my reaction. While you will be married to cecil bed, let them know a local guy r, o y a more stuff about love, though I don't know. If I can talk about It's all just talk about it. If she gets married, she is mad me. Do you remember taylor, Thorne right? She taught me and yanni how to do the reader. Can we rigour, and now you are out of town or somewhere there. last month the ammo ammo shortage. Terror, thornton three gun. Video retards disregard
made made a video like brazilian people, watch the video of us doing three gun thing, including some fire man who took a shine you're made us eloped loped. Really she said that in some way she has give us credit ha. What's very such does not asked shoots. Fast gets married, fast was going to say it wasn't that wasn't that long ago, when you guys did that round, they eloped by credit me in the dowry well that fire man owes us junk. Just little chuck of his pension junk wireless johnny attention, some Oh there are they so yeah the cabinet does shack of love. Ah, if you want to get the details are handy Nope, probably not yeah, sure you do you want. You met on the shown forever and andrew of your cooks at the fish ip of the weekend,
may or may not have got lucky at the shack want how many, many years ago, decades ago, my brother and I got married here my met realize you had to break up warms girlfriend here I was, you, says, offsets the love vibe. I was Tellin Matt my plan for appear When the tell me all about the times he broke up with women and had bad things with women happened to him up here. They'll, his girl, wife, does Mother is allies. Only wife that is currently going on in urban mary to that Y know entered his ass your summer. It right they're like twenty feet away from here we decided that the year my brother Danny got married me. My wife stand right there next to the boat, decided to try out a baby Right right there now, like you, came to the decision. Max the rocks came to the decision.
was the tide going out or coming in. I can't remember. I could probably look back at the photography and look at the rocks and stuff and try tell if they'd looked like it was coming or going. I god that andrew chef, Andrew rachel, how's, keys, cooking prowess, is something to note, but it it goes far beyond just coming up here to the shack and cook guys out there. Martin halbert spot he's got day at a jacket stroke that strike fear any halibut out their squares off to official knows. And no one got a sticker on any more. You wanna say about yourself current situation or anything since things knuth since you've been on any wealth. Yeah, it's been a little bit. I Now stop work anywhere glad of ear. You know what I mean on the love. No, let's at least say like the only person I have ever met that has taken a polanski and carved trail, but
between lady friends, house and his own, he said? Oh, I love they moved into houses next to each other, correctly, keeps it keeps it fresh tuna, Then we'd have to worry about. When you see some laying on the floor, you just know it's yours, yet you know they deserve thirteen, oh, where we're sitting right now so ron prince wales, island- and this is interesting because- this is a is the long burning debate we're on prince well, also, if you, if you ve, gotta town catch, can and went due west gotta catch, you can catch not reveal a island and you went do ass. There you'd wine, about it prince of wales, island. If you went used to catch. Can you wind up kind of that in the panhandler that, like the sign of the panel you'd, want of british columbia sore down in that neck of the woods salaries, alaska The islands are here, have all that there's a wolf. The wolves of our here, somebody just say the regular wolves. Some people say there are special called the alexander archipelago: wolf
And they are edging closer to endangered species. Act protection is benefit, interesting, because you have wolves a very healthy population of wolves, There are others, island twenty miles from here, do you? Do they get to be separate? Like dude get to be regarded as her own thing, because their archipelago, wolves, rare there are their defining features. The lot of salmon- and I are yet yeah defining features and then defining habits that would separate them from mainland wolves. To put it simply, help of my brother who's, a barbell or danny, whose biologist in Alaska not referring to this, but he said of taxonomy. He said you have your lumbers and you have your splitters and then
hu there splitting like this in this case splitting so in this case saying hey. These are different. Wolf. Splitting is always splitting is often used as an environmental tool in the old toolbox for environmental battles right where. if you can point to aiding and say that and make an argument that its endemic or separate you can usually get protections for landscapes and you'll, find it industry is usually trying to be like tat different about that wolf. Sable. Wolf is bunch of here. Who cares about those ones said ongoing. Yes, might be cases where industry wants a separate by generally industry and commercial interests like to lump, and they want to be as long as there's a bunch of wolves somewhere who cares and I imagine out here this archipelago
region. The issue would be habitat destruction like timber. Timber harvest. I would imagine, would be the number one thing. I cannot imagine anybody sandler all the world was come in here and eat all the salmon and there's no real dance like livestock type of agriculture for for which can like the main yeah, the other may conflict is the main The conflict is competition for dear near so they did it all. They have around here they have very seasons and they they loosened. The wolf hunting season and people got a lot of wolves, recently kind of shocked people. How quickly they got so many wolves, she made people think there's more wolves than to railways. This been along simmering thing, but yeah if you have an island and islands, ten
the way from another island and that island ten miles away from the mainland or whatever the hell. Is it fair to say that the things that live there are their own species? Have these bulls always been on this island forever? Now swam out her? How real the guy here yeah you know an interesting deal. You know people used to there used to be theory about human migrations that that humans crossed the first humans. The first americans crossed the bering land bridge and then then approached that, what's now, the lower forty eight through the mid continent needs to have this idea that there's an ice free corridor and that humans must have emerged down to the great plains like south ad
in Alberta, now's, like the hot idea for a long time, the currently fashionable ideas that people crossed the bering land bridge and then island hopped in boats, oh down, because people now that we know How long ago, people arrive and new world the ice record or thing doesn't make sense later they were there. They were down and, like chile, Earlier than there were the better ice free route, so they must come down the coast and there's a lot of interest in these islands around here, meaning that you might fine plausible that the oldest new world human occupation sites are on design. Awesome really, even though the the shoreline that they were inhabiting is underwater
by a lot yells couple hundred feet under water that what would have been mountaintops then or mountaintops now you might find very old. There could be like somewhere around here. Very very old sites from like the real first people may be hard to find out everything government loss is what like tie about that, jobs right where humans who live things behind the either you can find other than just bones. Stone points may be smart work, maybe some structures here and there. And we still don't know how the hell they exactly ended up where they ended up, and then you have wolves that don't leave around the extra staff its it would just be. Bones, it's kind of like we learned so much new every year. It seems about how things get around it,
Is this archipelago wolf really different, just because we don't know for sure how I got from point a to point b is cannon Are you mad that that pops up to me, I mean we know like how far alaskan brown bears swim from they'll swim to islands that they, you cannot see? Ah jeez, and you know it's off of like a cent more than likely, but it blew people's minds when radioed. Collars, came out and are like. Oh, we are a bear swim from this island, this island and didn't think that was possible. They'll go back to that wall thing. So this is, primarily be being brought by petition from the centre for biological diversity and defenders of wildlife who door I self I d the fires, anti hunting organizations, but my god, you get the impression that their tied in to
a lot, a lot of stuff. That would, I think conservation minded hundreds would enjoy and a lot of things that conservation minded hunters would not like the others, like the shack of love, a man like it. The big fight out here, one time with one of our co owners will damp began. Meet him got a huge fight when I said that when I was describing the centres for biological diversity as out anti honey organization, you got Nor can I can rattle often get stuff. I got pissed all up. Guy bigger gave cow explained. The sender heinrich email me about this closer, explain: recovery, America's wildlife act, which is getting close. Okay, so.
Recovering america's wildlife actor raw is a big package. The word this kicked off, At least four or five years ago, big junk work done under the trumpet. Inspiration, and basically it is a bunch of federal funding for state wildlife and Given state, while I've managers the tools, they need tribal wildlife managers, the tools they need to protect sensitive species. Every state The tribes were ass to come up with species of concern and act that can be planned. Pollinators mammals in total, twelve thousand species in the united states
twelve thousand species- and there was a lot of back and forth on like what should make the list. But basically states were asked to like give me your top ten. I give me the most important and all the sudden we have the criteria to try to get this thing past. I've seen a lot of bipartisan support. We need everyone to contact their duly elected representatives and and tom dick it on board. Ideally, co sign on recovery africa's wildlife act, because if we act fast prior to the and august here, which is our current session. This could get incorporated.
and and voted on as part of the big infrastructure package, oil, which would be lightning fast and in fantastic. One super encouraging thing is senator blunt, Adam Missouri, Missouri folkestone like they have. Wild life programme in that state. That's like the envy of every single state. Yet as you when you register your car, like cart like driver's license plate, It's like every chuck junker. Its I gave point he ate is like an eighth of assent. Four goes directly to wildlife of all state associated sales tax or those that it's all sales tax, oh yeah, he must be the huge amount of money and it'll. It allows that agency to do all the things that all states want to do like all the education,
our reach. The Missouri conservation magazine goes out like everybody and ever couple years, some greedy state politician wants to reach into that bucket and take money out of it for some other programme and the the public the citizens of Missouri, are always smack it down. It's really cool to see, but do you not sky like a payment robertson tab at the or it's like, You brought it up today, would probably nowhere would pass, but since it got put in place, people really proud of it, and that, while I fail to see how in Missouri does does a great great job over there, so they were only those things that. We're so proud of that would we would never path that are overwhelmingly popular today. That would not have a prayer to pass capacity. Wilderness act, which had like
Now ninety nine ninety one vote in the senate. You could get that thing pass now but every soul. Like all good good gracious, we did the wilderness yeah, I forget it because this is not about the act itself. It's about what people can ok. Well, if I vote for this act that everybody knows a good idea now, then I get somethin right and it gets down in that in the in the bs, but. almost a billion dollars for tribes? state has input It really is supposed to be giving the tools to the states that they need to manage the wildlife Has a lotta bipartisan support, but we need need a lot more folks. What one point three billion and dedicated annual funding for proactive on the ground efforts across the country. Ninety seven point: five million annually to tribal nations
this version introduced by roy blunt from missouri centres, Roy blunt from Missouri and martin for new mexico markets on the show off and explain very things, passionate gap. yeah, so yeah really really get deal. You know I gotta lotta good stuff pastern the trump administration by you know, right man and and playing the game. You know contacting in duly elected and, and we need to make sure it gets done under the Biden administration as well, and a lot of this stuff got got built under the during the trump years. So if you remember, we had with vosper the president, ceo of theodore, roosevelt conservation partnership on, and he was saying that, paradoxically you'd, like that Use that word. I like how your lips are kind of swollen up from their chap different jellyfish bites, paradoxically,
when there is a lot of discord and discontent in fractious. Arguing in d c is a good time to come in and get conservation work done because there they can get anything done. All the contentious shit that You take care of, and everybody and insular looking to be like how would they were doing something? Yes, exactly was a good conservation bill. That has a lot. My party and support the environs like it hunters and anger, is like it some sign stuff and do stuff do feel good stuff. If not every cent babby only with the forty people do. That's that's that like you'd our ear, They are your representatives, so you you can as colleagues will agree. I see you're not getting any, past, like we ve, jeanne, therefore reason what's gonna. Yes, when there are like my over the girls over the culture wars and the who plays what sports and what not now
about, as they say these conservation yeah yeah. This is this a good one get one I've already been doing writing in and some some fun galling and you covered his uncles. We review blow by below. I have here, I started and then work and on an article four, the media accounts, prosperity out, or did you come up with that no son, you fly knife, it says cal made us a colleague enter. is that your idea that that was my idea, solid, That means spaniel yeah. I know, but hot ok- that's a casey hawks original from first light, casey ox gallienne data love them out. You know norton interesting news item. We covered this
arizona which is the most trail cannon state on the face of the planet recently banned trail cans for the purpose of taking your aiding in the taking of wildlife or locating wildlife for the purpose of taking your aiding us it s really somewhat could do a quick editorial pass on some of this now ourself lost up Our allowing them outlawing them quote for the purpose of tea. King or aiding in the take of wildlife or locating wildlife for the purpose of taking or eighty The take of wildlife fire like that, not the same thing, It boils down his case. Overhung rape me while wisconsin is stepping up on the trail came game, wisconsin started a thing called snapshot there,
in our so their narrow vision, while they ve agency encouraging people to get the trail came out and any make em on line. It has to do with monitoring wildlife and creating a resulting database of for management decisions. It a citizen monitoring, citizen monitoring, wildlife project, it citizen science. There are all sorts of awesome bird plant bug need a constellation apps egon get on your phone and folks of discovered species thought to be extinct, bud you, are downloading these apps and being like? Oh what? What is this? I wrote about a guy and I think, columbia who was going in to use the toilet and a weasel came out of his toilet and stood on the other and took a picture of it It is a real it. I got extinct. Yes, three readings
Rita species that they ve been extinct, which is super cool was every phone with you and you're going to the job. and then Remember me in the guy who got the big fight about centre for biological diversity, yeah. Well, I'd sure! Ok! said about the trail appear and his wife used. The rest used went p and he pulled my card. Never got that card back, a way. Yet it is. These cameras are fantastic tools. Are there very inexpensive? Alot of people haven't for a lot of reasons now, and it made definite, and add to this Also I go and we saw- I go out of this- come up during covert where people doing let's say like shark research new, but don't have the fun go out and do and actual yours
self assessment of fish stocks charge stocks and in this case they act like combed through they got like grabbed. Students come through twitter instead and like using hashtags. I pull up recent pictures and say like what through these ten thousand photos taken last x amount of time from these geo tagged areas? No, like his work we have a guy, so it is, it is valuable thanks. Everyone from was arizona whose bombed should mood wisconsin or she's, not here, and I'm looking at what she wrote or if you're in arizona you're bound about this whole thing going explained here. People about the data yeah insane I look. Man lukewarm is not our no chef gradually.
Sky is a take on moving a bunch of arizona folks up to wisconsin and what that would do to the palette up there, yeah that'd be a little spice. Will jet would be a good one, doctor the scars of data, but who brought on our role the bargain hard role no, they don't like space in wisconsin, where some people do pretty, cheese and sausage. Remember how we were covering off on that, whether that dude should be allowed to name his kid. His last name is fisher and he wants to name it hundred fisher yep. Some incentives in a newspaper being about a guy named hotter, same Honneur married a woman whose last amos fisher, no tyler fisher audrey peter, do named fisher married a woman last name hunter made a little luck. Uzi too, like commemorate the wedding
party or bass off or get the out fisher hunter fisher, Honneur rescue this more self unlove. This support castle love that just seems like you're setting yourself up or something yeah I'll, explain every single time somebody sees at dollar out. Maybe you want that little momentum from your wedding. What oh the hunter fisher and then the people of europe, I saw that so I want to follow, find out. She took his name or not. If I were her, I would just combine hyphenated, have kids right, name them Joe Joe fisher hunter, not joe. She'll hundred fresh letters. I wish my name is that Do you like angler forger, forge an fisher, startling scrambridge, as though we were your age authority, guess they will ask greece. Spain
gesture we register, I may times Daniel. Yes, you have told me about how little fishy beaten near Well, let's see it's pretty shit up creek to them and whose the uncle I can't I'm getting a my uncle although they are anti before you see those little show you know about it. I don't know, but the first of may fish was with him and I was actually five. He called us and caught a salmon and to give to give them a little salmon, but this is one of the five years old. How do you remember I m ready? I am memory, never forgets, never forgets to taste. Good anyway was not a good taste So when your five uncle dale and unofficial trip, you don't worry when no don't know, nothin motion, work in the river miles was you don't
I don't know I all I know is they had a fish and I had to clear my plate. I was like growing up. You had to clear your plate before your yeah. So he made me the whole thing and I was like cleaner, politically employed glad I was clean. The palanquin could actually employ club uncle deals, In addition, it took twenty years off yet was oh yeah. I ended up not eating salmon again for that, but was. I was ass, a young when you're like a kid yourself, picky kiss her sympathy with what the email I couldn't belike and like the tale at an earlier, but I just from then I was like I'm not trying out again until and came up here and had some of and examined it was delicious over there it also ruined you on television. I think I had this. I persona like everything is gonna takes fishy and I don't like that's the tears I dont like was the efficient tee so but I've had fish sticks and I've tried like wall, I
do you ever long, John silvers or anything like that, because often is last night can't say that I've done that nope of do you know, there's a place called long johns Others did not know that and explain how you could explain how you cook the salmon in order to win? Oh, no, quick question: why do they call you don? You know I got the nickname from a guy. Was it the way you hung out with a lot of friends? I don't know how it's it's just more fun to says D, a h and so nah. early and depends on you know the mood of the situation Diane Diane back to a fish thing, no Daniels, my wife, she doesn't give things a good shot, sometimes when it comes a game or fish, but I feel like coming up here: am superpower
so. Given it a shot. She's really knows your ass off. You have been those who, like me, I knew about was actually coming up here. Winchester. You know it tell me about this opportunity. I was a really excited for, like just did see everything out here and be out of my comfort zone, because at home I don't grow up in the woods doing stuff. All I did was sports growing up on my mom worked a lot I didn't go camping every weekend to work on your nine years old yeah, pretty much. My dad was never really in the picture. So I kind of just been- and you know I just worked and played sports, and that was my favorite thing to do. I learned I learned that the you know meaning of money at a young age and if I wanted to then I had to work for it. So if I wanted a hundred pair of dollar jeans in high school, I had to pay for it which wide nobody knows but I mean I guess I never group inga stuff and chester as everyone.
knows: he's allergic to it. We haven't covered off on. Oh ok, well he's my my husband's old fishing guide, who cannot eat fish and he's allergic to it, so we don't cook it at home. He's been going gangbusters. Shellfish he's been gone, so explain you salmon cookin, so any lives, and san Juan island causality but because it all kinds of fish get rich and seafood over there, but that salmon the other night actually had quite a bit of a journey to get to to get to the dinner table. What we're gonna severs francs, inflate em up, came by and oh yeah. They fired up the grill outside, had all intentions to get a nice little
crispy skin on that on IRAN, on the girl and as we throw it on we'll propane malfunction, girl kano went down to a little whimper of of a flame, so quick, brought it inside and threw it in a hot pan and then went to finish it oven and the pilot light without the oven circle we had it start back over, but all said and done time Atomic got their political honey. Two glaze on it, virtually printing gets out, died out slowly. We overcame you to do so inside down where's, lamb and if the girl now, I'm sorry, I'm sorry not skins. I'd washed, I don't want you know you have a ribbon hot gruel or what I prefer eleven year gives them
cooking one on one. Why have I have a couple of girls at my house, but my favorite way to do is I've got a flattop grills, a big cast iron? You don't flattop and get that thing, smoking hot little bit of oil and flesh side season generously and then flesh side down until that thing just tells you when it's ready and just starts to curl in that cast irons. If it's seasoned right, you just get up under there, flip flip the whole filet over, and it just got that perfect little crust on there finish it with skin down. You get a little bit of crisp on that skin in itself money, and you can do that on a on just a regular bbq, grill too sure sure, if, if you're coughing
in your grill, not stickin. You know it's it's all about the heat. If you get that he died enough and you have a good season season. Grill surface, it shouldn't be a problem, but in the same know you can do that kind of stuff in a cast iron pan inside you know who the what was I was explaining about the flat top grill. The only downfall is, that is, if you don't have a good hood system houses stinking like fish for a couple of days. Yeah do you know if you really seer and fish, where it's like white hot, with just that oil starting to smoke? That's where you wanted to put that flesh side down, but then yeah your house is going to single it with my wife used to get mad at me when the bath towels smelled like fish yeah. You know three days lingo here in cookeville, a tulsa asked about cooking. Oh talk about high fry,
well there's a lot of just good ass right. So I prefer breeding of opposed to a batter dip and we'd better get good for some applications, but I just find it gets that some people get not too heavy with the batter got a half inch of batter batter breading, the like a a when you get like traditional fish and chips. That's usually have a beer batter yeah! You don't like that, but like a lot of restaurants or home cooks, do it where there's just like a half inch thick breading before you get to the fish and buy it's not cooked, probably by the time it gets into the center. You kind of have that so soggy breading in there and it just kind of bushes the fish owl. Oh yeah, you give that your kids in the winds of being they eat all that and then the middles, like some little chunk of fish yeah cause they picked all that garbage off the outside of it. So I prefer do more of
a breading on there, where I would take usually dry breadcrumbs mixed with a little bit of flour and some seasoning. Sometimes I even throw a little bit of cornstarch in there because or a lot like a rice flour or something that's going to give it that real nice christmas and are usually the three into the flour into the egg wash and then press it hard into the into the breadcrumbs and key that is, is hot oil. You know if your oil temperature, too low three, seventy five or below three fifty or below you're going to get soggy fish. Do you aim? I I'd? Typically fifty yeah cause your oil is good. The the temperature is going to plunge once you put all that cold fish in. So you aim for three. Seventy five vi it's got a little hot and then it comes down and then another trick is if you're doing rounds, let that let the oil recoup and then get back up to temp, because a lot of times you're rushing the right back in there, but that oils plummeted so far down that everything's going to get
soggy in there for big groups like this, though, do you have like? What's your trick when you're doing rounds like multiple rounds of fried fish, and this would be applicable at your house to Steve and getting your first batch and your second batch to like match up by the time it hits the table in one round yeah, it's tricky. We run into friars the other night, which is nice. We had actual electric for hour. That kind of you know maintain. Attempt you're pretty well than we had and flirt with light burning. This whole place down the movies Debbie caterpillars to that, but I get I get a dutchman little paper, towels YAP. Take a load off dump it near. Don't put lit all the way I want steam to get away the vacuum,
and here's keeping that outside you're, not throwing it back near the road. Next. To that, I think the other trick to good fried fish is while there's a couple of couple of things is the thickness that you cut it, and I've been working on this for, for the last couple of years, just really trying to dial it in to thin, and that fish is overdone by the time your your b reading's gonna, get that nice color on it. Oh too, thick and you're not going to achieve you're going to still have little raw fish before that bread starts to get too dark So it's it's! You got here right that sweet spot on you. I can see heads out back my head ones it got hit on the rod yeah. Even on other boats. It's like a curse. Man I see every hit. Did you see our heck? I could even I could probably feel it. You can probably hear mine. Oh yeah, anyways
Fry in fish, I somehow does like the sound like the vice, like I just can tell when it's done or you need all your answers to I know it's it's bubbling. yeah, I'm saying, as the other trick is to hold it a it's a a you almost have to lead it right. You want to pull it when you get a lead, you gotta our ha when you think it's still a little bit raw there when you pull it and let it sit for two minutes and then it's moments right there. You should be that nice translucent, like flaky, cause, there's nothing worse than overcooked fish. I mean I was off at a gun range in washington state. One time I got are going to do next to me at the gun range and he learned where I was from four michigan and somehow you felt basically those from wisconsin
there was tell me about when he lived in the and above europe actually from now. The matter is very much like the same region. Wisconsin nature. If you think someone's from wisconsin there's like an immediate like bonding that you have you're like a you're from us nonsense. I can see why Monsieur knows you're wrong. Washington, oh really met I tell them I'm from michigan, and then he proceeded to talk to me as though I'm from wisconsin and his head is no difference here. Right anyhow, he was tell me how he almost using them, terry, I came up with all was: was he met a girl almost got married. but then changes. My the last minute move back to washington and he said the defining part of the decision is. He said one night I said to myself: Do. I really feel like sitting around here: eating fried fish every friday. The kid
gimme that lady's number will we. All groups Worse, I mean that's a while you myself, a chester, but that's a that's a staple on a friday night, all the fisher. I love fried fish man. Then people apologize bought it now, but I don't know why would you eddie how'd, you do your sauce that home, yet it harder sources so good. Yeah. That was just the guy. What was that? I threw some pickles in there. I think a little trick to that, as I always spill a little pickle juice into the into the mail, give it a little zing, but that had some chopped up capers and garlic and thinking man starter sauce, yeah same hungry, yet good though pickle juice, inner yeah gives it that get little lemon juice too yeah kind of thins it down and it kind of gives it that little o, briny, goodness kells tell me your biggest but biggest impression: salaries, alaska,
oh, my god, the biggest three whatever the face is looking better. Thank you got a little puffy this morning, yeah. He thought I was all depressed this morning, because I woke up with a little congestion and that I was crying about engagement, she's Steve asked. If we broke it off, there's going to be awkward, isn't it they broke off. I know I've been here for five days and I'm puffy, and this has been the best trip ever I mean it's like come on for me, never been to alaska. I love the scenery. The wildlife fishing, like just the experience of your call it and experience, but but like got engaged had all my friends here, my dog we had so much fun. Calling for his elbow comment. I mean caught my first halibut caught my first salmon caught my first green ling like kilt, Greenland yep.
At first, what would you say, your biggest strength and weakness at biggest strengths and weaknesses as a halibut? Fishermen are the weaknesses, the railing for sure rail and that sucker up I'm like this is one hundred pounder tough, get it up. I dunno what was my biggest one like twenty five pounds, which is so deserves. We never waited, but it was twenty five or thirty taft again in the boat, and that's probably I dunno string. My napping. Skills are party, and I am very that's important so that real include loosen the drag. I drew the line over your between your toes or something pretty wide, so yeah there's a good picture of us all, pretty much laid out in the boat nap around I pulled up. You guys worked out how we can lay the national action plans,
you're generally and generally enjoyed it? I enjoyed the hell out of it yeah scenario time and the benefits will last. We have a lot fish yeah we're gonna lie, read the love I love issued, so I'm gonna be measuring this one for a long time. So this me the south must slowdown on all our vision, right now. make similar ready. We were its ogden. We told you this morning where up you know. I've been here for five days and we ve just been fishing are ass off and it has been amazing and I were going home today, but chester and says you know saying good night, everybody last night blessing they said was set. They can chester go fishing on sunday Today we are debating data already, a cute
cause you guys have become a tournament walleye fisherman next year. Now we're hitting the montana circuit we're going to sponsor you guys yup we're going to try and do something super cool with our winnings too When we take them all yeah fluid yeah has to explain. With all your boots with your winnings. We don't really know yet we're going to consult with the uncle cow over their cause, he's good with that kind of stuff conservation, we'd like to maybe do some fishing access stuff. Maybe some fish cleaning facility is we are. We are imposing access year for the lake that you dear, if you gave the purse money to the leading issue that the lake you
one the person has around access, hammett enhancement facilities, Improvement above ramp fish cleaning stations, whatever porter parties who knows whatever of or figure out from someone who knows what the what area We might not. We met not win anything right now. That's a bad attitude! I'll! Tell you what buddy mine. Is there a ranger in an area pretty affluent ariane and people are always lookin to make donations ted get the trail heads up to what they think is the shape? They should be anything like that. But everybody wants like some. Grand beautiful trailer, something with their name on it, but really what they need our houses and no was there name on a shudder, sire and if you guys do
I still take off on a on a on a tear on the walleye circuit and have a shit are named after he had every boat ramp, I'd be on the go, take a chester yeah David donated shooter I would probably use it yeah what he'd cut in line all the time you can work in that quality control is part of the deal yeah. True yeah similarly bickersdyke legs out these last impressions. I mean you ve been here before, but still I ve been here before man, the I was just so I was hooked on how the efficient this time round. Last time it was a site called see everything but especially
I struggled I caught like one hell but the first day and then, when a couple of days struggling so that just made me want to, we broke your fishing reel yeah I broke. I broke my fishing reel on the first day brand spanking new brand spanking new and which made me struggle the rest of the trip fishing with a broken real, but. Just about everything. There's so much life appear like everything that you can do, we're out of frank. cat salmon in chester, discovered David, vertical jig, spinners, furred, fur flounder and and sculpture?
major www fish wall yeah, you considered very genuine look down. You can like five five, whatever fifteen p. However, you know too, he can't see anymore biggest vertical jig. It looks like nothing's down there, but all of a sudden is you put that spinner on the bottom and jig it up and download lobby and like these little flounder, just come out of nowhere. Thou school all shrimp, the crab bears everywhere Dear make running around I dunno out of all the media trips we've ever done. This is still my favorite, like the meteor trip we did up. Here was my favorite one out of everything, those era yep. Now I just liked this area yeah, there's ot were largely surrounded by thomas national forest and desires. A lot of back and forth
right there. I do. The here lots of thomas ruled this rule on their eyes debate whether to cut a bunch of more rode up here to access more old growth timber. Yet- and it seems like that's gonna- be all again. These till the next presidential election rank is what rosier like person all experience with the facts of life, Some of the logging practices, none is there logging in general, but the logging practices here out in your area well. Store. Ugly. There was a fax to land and effects of the water they would so Here's there's a lot of was called marine based logging, where you're coming.
and on small islands or in areas where there's no road system. It's like you have to establish a beachhead like they they blasted one in over, not far from us for five years ago, that was on tribal land and they still they're quitting now, but the the tribal corporations up here so se alaska, the tribal corporation here that represents coastal tribes, they own the very expansive landholdings and they up until very recently have been dreamily aggressive around old growth, old girl, logging, all girls, rain forest logging, and they did a monster cut not far from us, their rapid that cut up earlier than expected. I guess they weren't, they yield off. They thought they would, but they come in. Am dynamite in a landing and in there on all timber out, and they raft the timber
and they water over the other floated the they created. Mass of I mean we're talkin bout. Many, you know hundreds of acres of raft logs with all send on the weirdest thing about that in these cuts up there is a lot of their incentive. The log comes from the death of the mill towns in that industry this logging project, when you do you here that stuff goes from the woods, into the water. It goes on. Barges ended, shift in the round directly. The asia it never set foot in american town no way yeah. They're all goes in the round to asia to be milled in asia. It goes on ships out the out to sea, not milton they make shit with it over there than we bring it by a barrier. So. The land effects are obvious
they're, not all negative right, like the clear gutter maison dear, if you, if you like, to hunt dear friend, fresh growth, it comes in their because this is true rain forest right. So, when you sit near any look, I was looking at likes, possibly some trees to cut. trying to imagine what kind of headaches that would cause like you have this, dark undergrowth, that that is really open. But if you were to cut trees out, and allow a lot more direct sunlight in it's not like that, just remain open with more sunlight. That would then get a bunch of growth responding to that direct sunlight, jungle and all of a sudden, the kid would be able to run back and forth daddy. I read so the other think about that stuff about I've, gotta avenues that gives it a job to the kids we have clear that out yet is worse than like is not worth looking at. A fresh, clear cut to me. Age is ugly, just
Isn't that like they're? Not you, I'm not even like I'm, not even getting into the. I know the economic stuff and all that it's jobs are just saying like very personally, very subjectively to look at a clear cut of old growth, hemlock and cedar and sitka spruce as his home, the ugly to me, but man. Is that stuff a few years and it loads up with dear yeah and then and then it kind of enters along like not very productive cycle. In fact, we first started coming up here. We used to hunt a clear cut at the time was like seven or eight years old is spectacular, and then now it's got to the point where it often gets too high to too high too thick to hunt up. So does that advantage, but one of the the on foreseen things and when we had that clear cut coming in where we're at now. This is a big debate is when you raf those logs, they shed their bark and
and there was a cove near here- let me very cold. You could see it from here that they ran. The lumber and when they did the crocodiles talkin about- and it turned out the large cove network, it is a completely sterile environment, now use build cravat like thing lives. There just come from all the crab parts in the world and their cove nothing lives there and it is it being many many feet of bark, the just suffocate C4 when they put the clear cut in near here. They had term in an area where they were. They came here. What they do, they determine an area they felt was non sensitive and some local people pushed back on it, but in the end, they they raftered logs area. They felt those viable place raft logs and complete
anecdotally, like completely anecdotally, take for grandmama you're, not much right we're were in and out over a month every year, and I can't point to like we shrimp near there and stuff. I can't point to any obvious impact from that, but I dunno that it's not there, but there might be more careful, the selection now, but it's a strange process and the Lord earthen you do here is helicopter logging, which is great cause. Then you just slack caught from a from a hunting perspective. The only thing that when they helicopter login area man you cannot get through, it is tough, navigating our tour. Steve dropped me off there. One day he's like oh yeah, just walk up here, it'll be some deer in there. I think it just got a should be easy walking and it's like you are crawling underneath trees. Do then get up on top of
raised then go underneath trees, never topography so broken. If you like climate as some deadlock in the job on in our deadlocked nazi, daddy. Let you twenty feet off the you're, so twenty view not only grow up and so slippery log. Oh, that's a rotten in your aim, but rather like that Get me in here ever This is my first time driving up here, a dual little snark lenin in free dialogue. And it's absolutely mind blowing how much life there is when you're, looking like just looking at the sea floor here, may it is true, it is a living C4 as now
sand and in some turtle grass and the occasional crab ever it's like everyone into the ground out here. these barriers is is alive. Your point. You put your hand down anywhere, you be laying her hand on a living organism. Absolutely nah, not like silica. Now, there's like sand or rock or whatever you put your hand down. It's like your hand, is laying on living organisms with without doubt so that it would be like another great example of of steve's, like lumbermen and sweaters thing and like how the usa can be used to protect areas. You are you you, very well go in like if you really want to do a survey of one of these bays that they're gonna, potentially rafter bunch logs and I'm sure you can go through there with the right people and really cover it well and find some tiny see stars or something where you're like. Oh,
now. These left yale, not here, but here often you're, dealing with in this area are often dealing with some of the most effective tool against and male degradation is the subsistence community, and you it's very. If your impacting subsistence, hunters and fishermen who say that you do not say who's whose food in sustenance comes from those resources that is of but that's a force to be reckoned with, an insult There's like you like. A little push like that's shrimp ground, that's crab ground to flexible, but recently this corporation here, this tribal corporation, owns most of the coastline. Here They're gonna do a nineteen, thirty they're, gonna phase right now
again. Ninety nine year break from old grove logging, while wonder what is in it, which is the like major decision. Oh yeah, I mean it's, it's an entire tire lifetime of work for a lot of people and a ninety nine, your highness, I guess I'll, reassess and ninety nine years yet credible. The thinking about the subsistence living up here, two psyche, the weak. The fish shack is like a crash course in logistics. Unlike you see those cup of sugar where this cup sugar come from. You not Andy's do under the food spreadsheets for this place, and you got your talking this morning about the kids, grandam grab and random packs oatmeal,
when I came, that's somebody's breakfast here, not just eight theirs. They break was up on tuesday at essen. At actually. One of my favorite part of this coming up here is is the logistics of get everything out here and in making our work it's it's. It's definitely has to be fairly fine tuned to make it all workers. they'll give shuffle motorola what's so funny because we're not in the middle of nowhere like really, if you zoomed out a little bit there, people everywhere there's a commercial planes flying into a place not very far from here as the crow flies, and it's still Yet it really have you thinkin cap on if you're gonna have fuel, your groceries, your all your stuff dialed for a week. You know yeah, F, hardware, stuff big time, I'm going to skip ahead. I was going to
when it hit everybody's a primary impression, but no, no, I'm skipping ahead to me cause you just brought up one of the things I was going to mention. First, one thing I like the most is the way when a good halibut shows up in town. He never gets caught the first time like how bad at aiming they are yummy. We will be like bolt had a bump bump had another bump, someone else like just had a bomb like you just romance downer he's got around everybody out, sometimes five or six times before some unbuttoned syndrome and I ve been one shows up he's generally gonna get caught yeah. You know start getting like a yo yo hit three times forget himself hooked. It makes you wonder how they get by irish. I would love to just have like birds, ivy
what's goin on lorries, vision, camera down the baby because we're out there, for you know some of these days, the four eight hours and not knowing what's goin on they're gonna want shows are like up. Are you and then you're, just quiet and just seem over fifty powder on it. Yeah andy. I think your biggest one right that you were so like had him on like, Three or four we had no idea, and then he got off. You sent it back down the column again yeah? He I had him on for a minute and then said just like stephen saying, then all of a sudden he came back around and I was going to miss the second time, but the whole time you were just cool as a cucumber yeah the hand in our boat. The late twenties vote for something of it was just chaos. Child birth going look at me,
we had kelsey made this comment and worry. ok. I know how much longer should we be here? I gotta give a twenty minutes and I hear kelsey go we. In here six hour like we, but with that who got the last minute Ninety minutes into that twenty minutes, I got oversee out yeah. It's curriculum, the body other pressure we can imagine that was based on the one you did is is annoying It's like. I have my three kids up here: it's hard to say this is hard. So a lot of people and, as all calls all wet stealing snare, prostrate me like I want strangle, but I do like them too. I think it's valuable for them to see like what goes into utilities.
jimmy like this again to get a better understanding of stuff house. The functions water. How to fix everything oh yeah, I'll, be all mouldy in everything. All wet mouldy all time about away by your kids- and I am proud of you like gotta- get your feet so they got trench for their task. Two thousand twenty one million, those kids they're out there in the poor and rain plan, with like one didn't have a swim raincoat on it's just it was like cold and they'd just gone for it. Like nothing phases, center ass, the other one people turn and babies, but nothing phases. They went out there by themselves in a canoe and came back with three fish and we like home. Why had ass good, a driving us? Why do you like them to be exposed to stop? Because I got I mean look at our normal house. Together: gravy gravy
hmm, their mom like? Oh, you need the extra snack you know like it is all the time and that what she sounds like, but you get I'm saying totally may be. I hear it's like you have to ration those products that are not going to get any more than I say. Life is served them on local planning. Think rosy liked our boat. She went to Jimmy when we switch kids and Jimmy was like yeah. She was too I mean how many rules you guys have on your boat, who are all like everytime like it was we'd, get out there like eight forty five and about nine fifteen she said. Can I have a snack like we have the whole day to save this, the spoon That makes it you know that is open and she's him. You had the late twenties but all we have experience with his dogs, so we were like targets airline with our other shudder, just hit me with your impression- solve these alaska. In a nutshell,
yes, no ill in an outcast. Nutshell, that's gonna be difficult, but first I want to pay I'm like sitting here next to my wife in little tiny shack in its a shack. We call a cab and by wives like is not a cab, buddies, there's something less gathers with age posters. Hang it on the wall books. I got coffee sit next to me, I'm looking through a window and whoever painted that wind, I didn't know how to cut very well when their painting of those that painting a frame like their job, but in a child in a way I like it. So there's me on the window looking into like amid tied, not a low tide tells mother was out on the beach
picking weapon rocks ass. Roxanne digging around four shells, and not thirty, now prior hundred yards, pass that the kids were catching salmon not too long ago, and there's boats parked out on a little float, knock that we take out every morning in two into the ocean, basically into other coves and fish, for how a bit and there's die currency did diving like there's just no firm scallops in there just so much like
And it's hard for me to put it in a chestnut shell, but I'm the kind of guy that likes to experience like I want to fish for salmon. I want to dive. I want to do all this stuff and I wish we had more time it's all here, but we never got the dog never got to dive, and so I mean it's amazing place. I could see myself like spending some serious time I'll pick up here and not getting bored yeah. I just wish wish we didn't have to leave. We gotta got a wedding which will be good.
yeah potato listening yeah, but I wish we had more time, but I mean I appreciate you having us up here. I was almost like bummed yesterday, a little bit that it was winding down yeah and I ran out of queue starting to shake. You rather do good, but that was always magnetic governor used bodies like it as the body watching choose so bad, not really, but as a second piece, since we've done that nicotine gum now tried, it are down impressions. I write I've already been thinking about this. First of all, I will say I'm so excited to try the food they. Finally, I came up here, like I said earlier, gesture warned me like hey. You have to try this food that
we're gonna eat and I at home. You know, I don't really practice the palette of different foods. and so coming up here. I already knew I mentally was ok. I'm gonna try some food, but now you just try it's like we literally caught it just as afternoon, and we are packing it where she you know. I just love the working I like. I love waking up We got finally getting into a rhythm pack in the boats, what needed to go in the boat. Coolers and getting everyone assembled getting all the kids dressed and you know who's gonna, wet boat. It finally felt like really good to have an order and like go out and really fish and not going to those stupid wedding, a catching. My first fish was really cool and so I think you might have heard it by a hundred yards away. I get regard your boat was thinking. I get really excited, even catching like a little. You know this bigger affair sell out here. I knew it is going to be a different experience, so that fishing was great. The halibut
incredible, I will say another one. Actually I really enjoyed was when you took julie, kelsey and I to shrimp. For the first time it was just a perfect setting. It was cool that you taught us like what to do like you didn't just like. You really just told us what to do, and I felt like it was cool cuz. Sometimes people will show you physically, but you, like literally just told us you needed listening to that go for it, and obviously we looked kelsey and I look to you to oh. She got to pull it together and it was really cool to watch the process and then on our way, back seen that killer whale. That was one thing I really wanted to see on this trip. I was like just the marine. in the bio. The wildlife is just so different than what I've seen, because also you know I'm scared of everything, and now here I feel like I got some acclimation, I'm not scared of bears anymore. I saw a lot of bar bears those scared killer, whales I will I ITALY was so excited about the you fools by free willie.
yeah, yeah yeah. I I guess when I watch that a lot when I was a kid and I just love that whale, and I just think that they're just like a boss of the ocean, I dunno they're, just something different. I mean you see blue, I feel like you would see. I see I've seen different types of whales in california, like the pumper. I just never really seen a killer whale unless you know unfortunately went to seaworld once, but I will say, Danielle approached this trip with the way that she approaches everything in her life, which is like feverish enthusiasm
Fun and it was really cool to watch you do that now has pretty excited. You guys were fishing off the boat and I was like theres, a yellow tier. I got really close to here and it's really there was I dunno I just felt like. I really want yeah and then my last impression is for photography I just visually like so I obviously photograph weddings and people a lot, and I knew I really wanted to grow. My visual and artistic abilities out here- and I really wanted to you- know, look at life in a different way and versus just when you photograph people. It's such a different, it's so different than photographing stuff like this and to be able to go home and show my experience like through documenting it and like not just like. Oh here's, a pretty picture like really documenting what like how we fish like the pretty picture, and anyway it was really exciting. What what's your range like to applaud your wedding photography, business, oh yeah,
was Daniel. My wedding photography business is danielle lopez photo on instagram, we mean, what's my range of RT travel to photograph a wedding, and I am actually wanting to travel like that's. My whole goal is to get out in trouble cause. I I guess, because I love being a visual learner and visual artist, I would say: bozeman is getting saturated like I'm in the same venue same areas and I really flourish when I'm in new places, and I see different because I feel, like I see things differently than others hard to explain it. But that's also why I feel like I am to do this job because I see things differently than other so being out here, I was like, oh you know constantly, and so, and so people, if they want to see your wedding, do you post your wedding photography on that yeah it's on instagram, yet so it's danielle lopez photo on instagram that people can hire you to come photograph, but you kind of filled up now next year is getting there this year, I've I'm at twenty.
Weddings entangling next next year. It's not even le I'm like ten so and I have like eight emails. Answer so coming greener, I'm thinking capping at twenty, but I really wanted to trigger more like that intimate like smaller weddings cuz. I feel like that's just where it is it's not about. Like all the glamour and like of the details, I just love the capturing connections and actually genuine photographs. In my jar Some people off the list are you don't? Even while everybody called down mere harbouring optimum, although the one thing- and one was the one thing about this trip that I mean that down only downfall is we ran out a boo yeah. We had no sign up fish like how can we make a cocktail around here? I drink a lot. We used to buy cases of vodka leave it up here. Cases are handled.
it's really crazy with the liquor, but we ran out of beer. Oh yeah, thank you so much for having me up here in chester up it, just the invite was incredibly special yeah. Thank you great chef, Andy impressions. Well, your business. You are you're still dune catering. Now I ve long and hard away made slow down with creative little table for people. I've been fortunate enough to come this by thirteen straight you're coming up here. So are you serious thirteen three years, two up your very, very lucky to be part of this in our recent Debbie
I have made a lifetime of memories over those thirteen years and that's kind of the obvious is is the company up. Here is just great group of people and over the years we've got to beat so many different people, because, like here it is like the table for people. I've never met before and it over the years. It's been. It's been that way. There's always you guys are always bringing in quality people here. So it's it's been. It's been a pleasure getting to know so many different people through the course of last decade, plus up here and then that being said, being able to be a big part of this in and put my corner spin on things and and be able to cope with people which tends to bring some sort of joy and people. I guess when you're, when you have good food in a setting like this kidding, my wife is like one he's planning on coming here, she's very interested overlapping. Is she checked my schedule? Ass though she was no any schedules, brain
Let me say a word One of the biggest things for me is I I catch myself a lot just kind of laugh and just like that here, like spoils of this place like any given night I'll, be staring down the barrel, literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars of of seafood like on the mark. like in I've got just all of it at my disposal to to play with it. Sometimes it's just mind boggling like when I'm looking at all this fresh, dungeness and and prawns and and halibut- and I mean just it's- sometimes look overwhelming and the fact that it's it's so direct cause ye I mean you go to the grocery store and you're, seeing that nice little packet of cellophane salmon and you think about the the fishermen, the deck hands, the the processing ship, then it goes to the you know to the canneries, then to the
truck driver to you think about how many and then to the grocery store hamley like how many people have their hands in that we hear it your waken up in the morning, you're gonna, get that personally process and taking great care of that product, only to then turn around and like be able to share with people not only right now but then down the line, we take the care package it in a rent. Everything really well get home, That's no way! You know December night when your crack in that package how but open in its, I exaggerate their yeah. That's. What am, I fear, farces whole places like? and then I take that and then share it. I mean I could you know dozens and dozens and dozens of people have experienced this space from this cabin through the years that I you know. I just give stuff away a lot.
Like hey. You guys need albert for your dinner night ego like, as I love being able to take this experience and then pass along. So that's cool. This places yeah this place, keeps on giving all your years all year round. This place keeps on giving yeah yeah. Well, that's great man, yeah. I know looking forward to many more gadget your impressions, yet the rabbit cassettes guy get on your airplane. Go that the wedding it'll be fun wedding. Has to get your speech done now. Oh yeah, your previous speech, robot gesture. Yet just as the best man that's like we have to go now this guy's, I was what he's great eagerness sales and I sat by her demeanour idea. about her. The bride, beautiful, beautiful ashley, usually good for bill, since I'm the best man here at this wedding I don't know why you're not marrying me
very large scale, talk about I'm going to have some talking points: when I write down and just come weighing it in a way but have some structure to it,. A thousand jokes him yeah, probably those began badge not going to say something nice about her, say something nice about him. Tell a story in there about how he was so drunk. Yup, no yup- and you know tv mentioned- that chicken pilot petition to get one oh yeah, they started a petition. Grace chicken petition that they started so that'll, be some other chicken crusaders to try to be allowed to have chickens in their yards in belgrade they're going hard on it. Okay, when you see Seth when he's got his shirt, buttoned unbuttoned down to his belt smoke.
The cigar he's gonna die tat around that easy that picture animal. That's my favorites cinema. Look them thousand necktie around his head as a headband. We know that translating because we were bolo ties that was part of it. So he's got a bolo tie around his head, like a headband cinema copy called oh dirty, do years, nah yeah yeah, Do we want a life? Can we give us out signals mom yeah? I got caswall crushed. She crash always awesome I never got to meet callahan alarm. That was his date. Yup sack of love. So I mean that's, that's the the coolest thing. You know I'm on thirty eight these days and and that's the first trip that my mom's or my mom and I have ever done and really yeah yup and she I mean she loves this this stuff and I knew she'd.
Take off out here and and she's she she's very comfortable working, uncomfortable, not working, so she loves little jobs and stuff like that, and so I was it's nice just being when the first float. Plan takes off and get your mama and Steve ramallah, like you know that they're gonna get along just fine guys are going to have plenty things there to work on. It showing your absence. Who is it? air So those are a really really cool deal and we shall be talking about this for ever she's cheese in Heaven out here in our man, I'd I haven't been appear. I came up a lot after my first stay because we did ended up coming back here for a show. Some also got like a lot in the first year year, two years, and then I have been up here in my five years and has just like
It's just like another's spot on that list places that you're, just like a can become back to before we actually leave, which makes it hard I hope you just wanna: to be like the best day, riven put in big days, this killer crew takes take seventy two hours up here for folksteads, settle in getting a rhythm from from what I saw. This trip. And how to draw their socks. you know all the things that drier and you're breaking up the ban too soon. Moorside lays german special edition check Thank you. Thank you, not live jack of love, but we'll catch fish was through it. Actually,
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