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Ep. 299: Poppin' Heads with Evan Hafer


Steven Rinella talks with Evan Hafer, Dirt Myth, Seth Morris, Chester Floyd, and Samantha Bates. 

Topics discussed: Steve and Seth doing a bed-in; eating tranquilized bear meat vs. being tranq-ed yourself; skunk tail lift regulating skunk spray dispersion; the novelty trade driving skunk pelt prices; a hot tip on containing funky critter essence odors; the amazing scientific finding that California condors can procreate through parthenogenesis, when an egg develops into an embryo without fertilization; how every-damn-thing is a Pleistocene relic; more on the copper/lead argument; a 1,200-year-old canoe discovered in a Wisconsin lake; when a moose charges through a school window in Canada; how you shouldn't put your duck blind up on public land if you're gonna complain when someone uses it; it ain't etiquette, it's Chetiquette; defining an IPO and Black Rifle Coffee Company getting a ticker; blacktail breakdown; wandering around in the coastal rainforest; a certain kind of mental discipline; the physical tightening of a man who just saw a deer; a hot tip on making your own coffee rub; robusta vs. arabica; and more.

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The shirtless severely gasconade in severely bout, my gaze underwear cast, can predict anything presented by first light create proven versatile hunting apparel from marino base layers to technical outer. Where for every hunt burst like go farther, stay longer. Recording in ketchikan alaska means that they're the doing this one like you know, John Lennon, is right: yeah got shot beetles and everything you know his wife yoga honour. I don't know you not aware. There's do named John Lennon, where the wife's name yoga ono noise. You asked by newer
as there, no over and me and south are doing a. What was that Evan? Do you remember what that was called where they they wouldn't get out of bed where they wouldn't get out of bed yeah. They did like a bed in there. Remember yeah, you're, right, yeah yeah. I was being south right now in this hotel, but exactly it's exactly the same. John Lennon and yoko yeah and they wouldn't get out, They did everything in bed play means that yeah here Joint day by Evan hafer, now you don't know this. Probably, pandemic hit. You are our first remote, the first ever remote person. That's right! I did because you told me that when we are on the show said, I hate this. I don't like doing them like this and I can't wait to get back to doing them in person. Here you are- and here I am. How did you like the title that show roasting coffee in the cia? That was a good title was yeah, it was yeah
sure do not really arena. Where was because I was technically in this yea and roasting coffee, so I don't know, that's the the entire. of the show, but he was no, but I liked it. I thought the title was good is really good, but I had questions about whether that you might come to me and be like well. Actually I didn't do that then. No, no, I did excellent. And get scale as a common aft offers. Some were ass days will talk more about their hutton by till dear I'm prince wheels island turn that we get a couple as as per usual as usual, gasps got some a cover up on massive, my order orders dirt. Can you explain what happened your friend man, the bear? ear guy. Oh, he is a great story. This is a real. This is a real. You know happening, makes its own gravy yeah man. I dunno why? I think we're on the same page, the the the tranquilizer yeah, so my buddy Kevin Lederman,
Men knew how they knows that echo to friends, so that its a hard last name aways, which which one is here, don't you know wider win He was hunting up at her family. Cabin I was telling you about, will don't give away his no no dude, no oka. This will stay at that there and I shot a bear and at the check station F, w p said it had been that it had. It was collared and they they realized. They had been tranquilized twenty days prior and told them not to eat the meat gave up hope I wish you'd know you got to the point real quick, but I want to backup little bit did he knows coward know he couldn't tell, and he he told me that when I talked to him he's like couldn't tell
what color was the color. I dunno couldn't tell his collard or tag, maybe as an ear tag. I dunno, ok and then was it tranquilized and moved or tranquilized. It was the trouble shot a lost bear? It was relocated, and this this was all initially. When I texted you, it was a text with what I asked you and then I called him before a flight out here to get that just real, quick and that's all. I got was yeah. A man can tell was what they said. We tranquilizers bear twenty days ago. You shouldn't Edith, cosette tranquilizer drugs in there, yet they recommended thirty days to wait thirty days and before that? Not too
similar me and he he didn't want ten days that would have been ok to eat the tranquil as they are, and he he call he his his intuition was to eat meat, but sure he knew at rand was some folks that knew a lot about that type of stuff and he said, ask your buddies what they think and I asked you encounter. Both you get to like eat it. Dr steve yeah, you know, I don't want someone coming to ask me, I don't want now, you might want to meet shit and then come and ask me they held accountable. They feel sleepy or something no. What if he eats it and build sleepy, I dunno. Do you ever listen to the show the show you're on right now, yeah, you do yeah. So maybe you caught the episode where we talked about a guy that was shot by
wiser. I didn't listen that they were doing. They were doing mountain lion, research stuff and they wanted to track a mountain lion, but they didn't want to fall out of the tree and get hurt. So the guy was up in the tree with it like they'll put up nets as though they they know joke. Plot necessary earth mount lame. Yet somehow the line like the hit it and the line gets tangled up like falls asleep on the branch, so he's gotta go up there and try to finagle it down. Yeah, you know get it to the ground gets up there and if it's not asleep, well. He is hoot and holler and about getting the gun back up there because he wants to place the sharks in a place where they can't get at it either way, They come up with an idea to he's going to lower rope down the guy go to tie the tranquilizer gone to the rope I dont understand this, but into process share of him time,
Do the trigger guard tracks? guy in the tree? I need to listen to this. One They had a hall him out of the mountains on a mule, but he didn't, I didn't die and so their plebeian this for your friend with the bare here's, a man that took the full load, Of the track and was in himself and he's lived to tell about scenario, a bear. The has some amount of it for how many twenty days. terrible, rising. It is distributed throughout its carcass he's. Gonna presumably eat it in a piecemeal fashion. Now, like you sit down and eat a hundred pounds like in a certain area he's getting half pound here quarter pound. There is a big eater he's not going to eat at all, but you see my point. Leon like
like this, I always ask myself: this: am I will this be the thing that ends up killing me Native on animals, like they probably now, man it'll, probably be like the normal shit that kills everybody. What There may not be an answer, but why the the thirty days do you think know why they come up with that number. Don't know yep, that's probably how long it takes you out of the system, The brain out certain above all, our fuel well of carefully enough Kev laid our country. he hangs out your drawn. Yes, it does maybe maybe tranquilizer export or write him out so also auction houses bodies run auction group number four
So we're keep running the auction elsewhere. While here go out, I am still so right. Now, archer group number four. We have signed copy, a ridge line by two time: podcast gas, Michael punk, that's! What's his new book signed, jason Phelps? I get this one. so phelps- has haunted the twenty twenty oxygen successfully. I watch him of my own two eyes. His. Oh so he's got a psc evo n x, T three five stripped of accessories, so you can, you can go by phelps's, actual l, cotton bow and the actual bugle tube he used all throughout the two thousand and twenty season well bloodied, bugle to up the prototype. So we worked with we. We have like skull mounts out like desk mounts wall mounts we worked with my favor
fabricator Travis barton barton fabrication near our hometown. There we worked with him to make these things and he came up with a prototype. We're auctioning off the prototype wall school mount one of a kind shit here, We also got a hand forged carvingknife by kirkpatrick, forge and shared and organ. This is one of a pair of knives. We had the other ones gone now. Design for carbon large hunks meet. Riley Kirkpatrick made this per callaghan to be used on special occasions, but cow says: they're tuna for how infrequently he has special occasions happened to him. So you want, someone that allow you put this into good use, also maggie smith, a beautiful target photograph of a bull moose rather called some serious side. I the bull, moose and velvet,
from our own videographer an editor maggie smith. She was due to river trip, ran into a bunch for five moose. This one struck her she folded. She snapped hundreds of photos of it. This is your favorite one moss, montana, moss, egg, hoop earring so spencer. There, a cow new hearth our very own who runs our trivia programme here. He found him. His wife turn them into beautiful pieces of jewelry. around the auction house and then continuing on the arch now's did something you're gonna buy ghosts. Not for a chance to win a boat, don't it's like dose boat! So it's the boat from DAS boat season. Two we already gave way the boat from DAS boat. One this is both: ass boat to it belonged to my childhood fishing mentor, John Gary, when he passed,
it came live at my house lived in my mom's pole barn. I moved away eleventh pole barn for twenty years. We got it out refurbished it put a new honda four stroke on it, got it a beautiful crazy as paint job. It's all tricked out with everything you could possibly want. Das boat does boat up for grabs right now, go sign up and get it speed the auction house. Ah, we had skunk essence. We gave away a bottle of skunk assets that are that me and Seth, and gesture pulled out of some skunks with a syringe and in his profit. A lot of people write in skunk stories. here's a skunk story? It's not a prank, but it's just a good skunk essence story has to do a skunk essence and in freedom mounts and furnaces. So this guy goes on to say, he's an iowa hunting shotgun season
and he finds a large white tail. Deadhead now you're dead heads, the like the dead right, then you're dead adds that are dead things dead things. This is a dead thing at it too, deadweight ill gotten. You find just a dead dead it hadn't just to degenerate? It's a just a deadhead be easy to find or color yeah yeah cause. If he was getting a school mount of a dead dead head, the phone Elio will probably notify notify the authorities cause. I don't want to be implicated, but this is a dead white tails head. So here's where he does, he doesn't make total sense. He he,
Takes the head of nailers and puts it in the garbage bag sure that makes sense, then he places it in the window well of his uncle's house, odd, keeping it safe. Why am I dunno? You find a dead go put in a bag. I'm with you any nine out of ten people are going to bag puts in his uncles window. Well, where it resides for some time. Ventilate. Uncle, but who owns the window? Well takes the bag with the dead head into the furnace room, unbeknownst to him a skunk is in the bag it there was a sam is lacking the rotten had the garden.
From the window, when he grabs the bag, okay, when the skunk gets in the house and starts cutting loose, it then gives his furnace a direct hit o two years later, when you come in the house, there's still the faintest skunk smell little with that He wanted to replace your whole furnace sure this or the wiles. It makes me extreme, but yeah makes me think that it might have been a dead head. They found the dead, Because the history crazy store could be thereby be Joe right dead heads huh? Didn't you hear about our heads that walk round the woods.
If the charm, then you follow what they do with the deadheads when they find out the window sales I was gonna question and it might be a better time that oil known as great I'm no time like the present workers laughter, my name his dog, but this rope for new mexico. Actually, I was going to bring it up, but didn't get chance and bit off the attacked, a skunk got sprayed and when they went out to figure out what was going on, this skunks tail was with pentland as the dog's name now. Does that does the tail? Can you backup I'm confused go ahead, dog attack the skunk looker and at the crime scene they found the skunks tail and its spread dog. The our group is going to tailor the my question as does the tale regulate that action like was it.
Loose cannon at that point. Yes, my honest eyes. Now I love this scope. Is I don't know that's probably wouldn't for half a finger but I'm gonna say, doesn't regulate regularly. That's not how he regulates. Ok, that tail is almost like. I want to think it's almost like a warning flag. Is so colorful, where you re that up. You know it's time to get the heck out of here in in fur trap and lore upset. You have your own thing about this in, for when I was a kid and infer trap and lore. When you have a skunk and in their gently like in the old days, he would traps thanks for the commercial markets. They still have value, but now they have value on how to go about what he called novelty trade year. Skunk prices are tied
market, so they're not tied to sorta, like all the international shit like oil prices and what the economy in south korea is like and what the russians are up to and like normal for that goes into for garments is sort of tied to all this. You know political global economic shit, so it's tied to like a company that could be making something specific like a jacket that ends up being really popular and I'll. Send the skunk prices might go. No, it's all novelty. I see the novelty the skunk for market is novelty. sounds like you're. Drunk uncle would think it's funny to have a skunk hat or people want a skunk wall. Hang it it's like it. It doesn't go
it's like the novelty trade drives, gaunt prices, so scant prices stay pretty stable, like I think, like I'm, like a put up skunks days, roundly not much what was at xbox box has curiouser. isn't that all but skunks are very common bycatch, fox and coyote trapping them. We caught a bunch of them coyote in a bunch of coyotes sets at seth, and I sat this year. Hence the bottle of skunk essence yep. Oh, I was always taught that if you shot it in the heart with a twenty two one, that's the best way to make it not spray. Nowadays, people do have a syringe and long stick: yup trinket! No,
we want to tell you what they partner. Oh, this is a family programme. My imagination is black. Rifle cough Is this going get real hundred b me David? We're done on outright I still can't get an answer on the tail, but maybe someone I'm telling you man, I don't think there's aiming to do with it. There's not a muslim. I'm sure that he's got like a I'm sure he's got like a she or a sphincter type, prostate type thing or another, that kind of muscle, yeah yeah, that's what I'm getting at okay is that is that skunk essence like drawing over someone when it.
Yeah gareth, getting ready to ship it out. I wonder what you want to know: what cares what they're going to do with it? You want to know what the Joe beaver there the minnesota, what he does with it, how they store it so hot. The bridal store, like you stuck to the outside of your house. They don't know they don't staple to their outta, the house. they. He said what you do is get like. Coffee can't feel sand. All those things go and obsolete coffee cans evident bright day. All about that there might be a cool natural product funny. You say that I do care at all or you do the labour candied put worms them when you do or both we do a aluminum can on some of our limited offerings will you put your hands and air bold, sir Yasmine
casings, whatever people put guard against all that was part of the genesis cause. I was out clear. My grandfather's shop And he had all these kids coffee, like everywhere, nuts and bolts and those like once you in there all the soldiers. Cancer are read red, like this guy drank the same coffee for probably thirty years cause he liked his cavs garage organized. That's one of the reasons I was like man. I think this. This is might be kind of. Dickie, He reinventing the wheel always to store on scoggins and other very potent odors like foxier nor ever take can like that and philip of sand.
and then you put it in the you put the bottle in the middle of the sand and then packed sand on protects it from breaking the odori said the odor doesn't get out of that. It's packed in sand is a good tip. Oh here's an interesting deal. Grinned I can tell thinks a suit. Crisnet was right now, but I could tell she thinks Subaru interesting because of how much she really liked a lot like Chris really liked it. She couldn't find the interesting thing and she she'll highlight the part she likes holy smokes. She likes a lot of this article. It's about that california condors. Ninety know of other birds can do this too. He has ever heard of parthenogenesis. No one can bear with
At a time that we were down like very like cal, california, condors doodle, you know, poisoning and shooting and habitat destruction became you know, like they're they're, very famous, for how low their population got to be where they were saved from that they were saved through captive. Breeding programmes sorted in eighty two: there are only twenty two californy counters in existence it's hard to look at a condo or until you're. Looking at a boy or girl which drew a lot of birds, you got to kind of open their claw. Wake up and you'll find this little wormy thing in there anyhow, they developed the test and
To determine the sex of the condors ne split these birds up into these and into two captive breeding facilities. As this cat, the breeding thing went on over the years. They also began doing dna testing on these birds because they wanted to avoid breeding closely related individuals. Recently, now scientists decided to undertake a complete genetic analysis of the population, which is now your some nine hundred birds so from twenty two to nine hundred, and they have all these, like samples from condors right, They have blood, they have eggshell membranes, they have tissue from deceased birds and feathers from birds. So they're doing this now says birds and they find two birds out of the nine hundred, there's two birds that are missing genetic material.
From the male who shared the enclosure with the female that laid the eggs drag it's math. This is cool. You seriously think that yeah. This is awesome. They did multiple samples of these birds because they felt they were making a mistake. They were confident it wasn't a mistake. What they realize is that condors least a couple of times can reproduce through parthenogenesis a form of reproduction in which an egg can develop into an embryo with out being fertilized by a sperm seems like there is an air
somewhere no one believes will check this out. Condors can live into their fifties, but both of the male chicks born of a sexual reproduction were relatively small and died before becoming sexually mature. At one point, nine and seven point nine years old, then the article goes on to be annoying. Wait. How does a female have a male baby without any fertilization? You'll have to write these people and ask them. Ok. Does any other bird do that It does what was look up part of pulling up that word, here's where the article gets knowing this is the thing that everybody does. It's super annoying goes on to say he adds speaking them. One of the scientists.
The congo is a remarkable species that has survived from the place the scene era. Everything has survived. Why people like the mosque, ok, pleistocene, wrote. Why don't they say like humans, a pleistocene relic or rats seen relic chickadees places wrote the right special that no there's you can't name a creature. This places in relic. You can't, namely one name acrylic. From from from the from the pleistocene in housing transition what
brand new things. Are there got me, but why? Why is it always the mosque ox the pleistocene relic? No, ever like the whitetail deer place, the same road, it's like everything is, as should be. The next T. Shirt you'd have just like a bunch of pictures of dude it'd, be like a dude. It's a shirt with a dude pleistocene. It looks like, like a just a dude like me that says pleistocene relic yeah, that's what I used to have a teacher to sell like hotcakes Davis, face on a t, shirt says places yeah. I don't know if I want to be the person on it, but it could be a great shirt with the glass day last wisely, seeing the red light when I think most bad temper, he can see an ear and for you, a special fish egg addition where their own fault or car candour. Especial others can be in place to seen relics their special, but there's only twenty
if I'm left either off of the counters, also sit at the this? This sort of ties into thing, I'm not going to spend too much time on a little bit, argue right now it gets a little bit ago. So If you were to go and ask like see, I'm one will we get into the deep into the pool? your dirt that this is where I live. Biology meets politics that lead lead in
And hunters are often blame for continuing condor deaths. Other people point up other causes lead, but condors have a lot of problems with lead poisoning. Some people point to that they're, getting the lead from scavenging carcasses left over by hunters and they're ingesting lead in the fifty years and over the course of fifty years. If I have deer carcasses, gilad and now like, for it was in the The eighties. When the lead band came for waterfowl, everybody got pissed. People veggie got used to it, but like usually they'll shoot lead at ducks. Geese are people that quit hunting ducks and geese because they had to switch to steel non toxic shot. California had like the condor recovery zone and you couldn't you couldn't use lead ammunition in the camp. The the kind of recovery zone even like twenty twos and stuff yup copper.
This article, like, like a lot of articles like this, they always have they always take like a little pot shot at hunters, and so the article goes on and take a little pot shot at hunters about this thing and It's like I'm gonna, get it right now. There's people which we should have I have someone around to talk about it. There is some healthy debate about this case, whereas lead comes from and all this and then and then I and some people would some some people view that a. The cart the that that is not entirely to blame for the demise of the condo and all that of stuff, but it's it splits politically in some ways: yeah buddy, so ah pat durkin on our website recently wrote a thing about increase use of copper, ammo right in and what's going on in California, where it like.
I can't use lead anymore and like that certain ammo is hard to find right now, as you know, like exacerbates the problem, and people are very frustrated. All this kind of stuff gets in the you know dirk as he gets into that little bit, but it got me thinking when you say like a when you're watching a western, the film will lead yeah garrett long. Our colleague has a quote when there's lead in the air there's hope in the heart. Ooh, that's a good one. The we we in the future will you be like. I fill them full of copper yeah when there's copper, neared his hold on the heart, the domain, hard transition, man, yeah and what's copper going to do to you know, while this this one
feller cringe thought it was interesting, but I don't think it's that interesting. As one fellow wrote in about all the trouble with copper, yup and as endless, you know why cause I'm not totally prepared to talk about it, cause there's like studies, for instance, every point. There's there's lots of people like. I don't want to use like move away from birds for a minute. Now it's not even debatable point waterfowl a lot of waterfowl got killed by lead shot. It got killed by lead shot for this reason, and you have areas where you have a lot of hunters in a concentrated fashion, putting a lot of pellets in the air until you have marshlands wetlands crop fields where guys are shooting boxes of shells
right all the time and those birds pick up grit for their gizzard and so you're in areas where there is like, oh led pellet of a size very attractive to the bird as digestive grit, now not make sense, and you have concentrations of it in areas where birds concentrate, and so they were accumulate lead in their gizzard and or gizzard grinds that lead up and it was causing bird death yep. But then you, a lot of things, cause birth death, cars, kill, birds, house cats, kill a billion birds a year in the country, and people aren't like. We should ban housecat, though I'd be right. Yep wind turbines kill birds airlines, skyscrapers, kill, birds, glass windows, kill, birds and people aren't like. We should ban glass windows, no more windows, so needles. people look like why of all the things that kill birds. Why is it that the the reality bar thing up, you dont give you not
your house get up. You know now was cast up allocated. Is there a part of that? There is real, like we should almost have a be where we have like a. We should have a debate to be good idea, get like a one person from one side, the most informed person on one side of this and the most informed person on one side and they go toe to toe friendly. Though with time allotment or you will like a debate mayor, they already are encumber now other the button pushing because there's things like free Some people will cite one to some people say like, while I quit hunting with lead, because I don't want my family exposed to lead, but then no one can find and supporters having elevated lead. In fact they found there one study, I think it in the decoders hunters,
well less than average because they live in rural environments I got some when you're in an urban environment like if you go and second, your an urban environment where you have huge concentrations. Automobiles were burning, leaded fuel and it's like in the soil and in an old housing areas that had lead paint that you can't point blank hunters are at risk of lead. You billy brooklyn nights or at least are at risk of elevated levels of blood sold. there's all these argues that human health, wildlife, health, it's a richer, rich field in. In no matter what answer you come up with? Something could be pissed.
greater as left handers, you mean you minuet enough energy. Are you left normal? No just gonna check the three of us The room be left handed normal, maybe ruth remember when they use the right stuff on paper. That does it have any more but the left hand, aid or know what there left handers drag, you don't have kids now, but they are on ipads and laptops was a man, I'm telling you. I have three of them. They write on paper with pencils lead pencil or any of em lefthand united graphite they're mine was old, pencil wet, but this margin like the mouse, but does not lead to graduate ok underwent disregard that I was excited. We
yet there are those in which, when you start talking to mars written form, a more is always a good piece of work on the good man he's graphite day, while they didn't could have their wild land enhancing their lad. Has you have been re? Think about as young child right in their message is getting image on your hand, absorbing that maybe left handers or have a higher percentage leaden of graphite boys. iran's like living off the irene. It knowledge is motion was so will you do to it now? Look at the hall
explains a lot gesture. Here's a good one for your body, ready some wisconsin. You were for something from scotty yeah hit it a diver. This is great but divers going to test out some scuba equipment, Kay picks a nondescript spot to test his scuba equipment. What does he find? In thirty feet of water, a one thousand was in two hundred year old fishing, canoe lake, Mendoza wisconsin lakes, while right near madison, which is kind of you think about popular, that lake is dry
madison and they still aren't finding stuff like this picture. Here they had fishing weights on it and some other equipment really well. That is crazy. One thousand two! So from eight hundred eighty, what was it made out? I may miss it lead graphite. The wooden canoe would wonder if they talked about- fishing canoes like we talk about fishing boats. Is this. It looks like it's lashed linking together with somebody mother to see that year they might Add the whole. I think what you're looking at there hold it together shudder as they they didn't want to fall apart, and it makes that is crazy. It is cool, though one thousand two hundred year old, canoe lake mendota, some kids in saskatoon saskatchewan, has pictures of the citizens.
Girls, bigger, look at school bam, amuse busted the window, a of the moon in the classroom. What here, right out into school. Anybody hurt me, that's a messianic classroom. Saskatoon. That easy. It looks like a lot of blood on the ground most, that's I dunno water bottles sanitizer. It looks like there's a hand, sanitizer bottle there there was a bear that got into the bozeman high school a few years. Regular gauge esther gets to stop on check it you're over this. Oh sure, a lot of people write in with delicate questions for gesture. I love it too. I a kind of want to read this letter, but it's so I'll laden I'll, read it, but I'm in it do Evan.
We are already, not you, oh, how do you want to read it? So let me let me lay the groundwork. Burbank washington. This has happened october, twenty seventh, three youth hunters. Got up in the morning and beat what looked like an older gentlemen to his dont blind, so there gay good to get there. The guy that wanted to get there to the blind first but didn't get their goals and touches off four rounds, knew the kids, storms off. They got scared, but what was going to happen so then they packed up their decoys and went back to their chart and what awaits them on their truck window. Chester there's a letter.
Who who wants to do the beep when I point at them, so you know what? Let's just do this man just read it and then because there's it's it's somethin every line has a mass and there must be a does, not mean there, some of whom he doubles. Ok read it will do it? Ok, philip, make it more. This is the letter and later on, the truck was literally all may this. The whole man's this artemis have his mouth washed out me watery. Just this drives me nuts, but I'm reading This is my spot asshole. My grandpa built all the blinds on this shore line next time. I see, truck here. The truck is mine as watch yourself boy in the out of burbank. You are very lucky
slash these tyres. Right now I think I ever heard you say that word before a test that was all really chinese We obviously in etiquette standards, downright rude wretches, lean, old nasty and you're. Talking about the kids taken the boy I know yeah, just like these kids need that these days, take it all guys by no, I mean like there's a couple of questions like I'm sure this is public land. You know if it's we're glad people have to listen. You see this all over. You know
I've gotten letters from people still being like get the hell away from the spot and what not? But if it's possible, and it's everyone's right to hunt it and the other day. Speaking of just duck hunting because these guys were hunting Seth and I drove to a spot near bozeman and we got to the spot and there was a dude who is parked there and he left a duck decoy under his tire, and I think that guy left that duck decoy there. So people would know he was duck hunting to spot small little spot and. You just her home. I'm sorry I'll read something what now so Seth I drove darkening spot the other day. There was a guy parked in that spot on. He had a decoy, I'm here I was ever greater. You laughter doctor mccoy under his tire, so people with no use darkening. I think that's why he left it. There
he couldn't just forgot it, but it is a good idea so like several showed up at that spot in the morning its public land. You see a guy park there. You know it's a small spot, given you just give some space like they'll go somewhere else in that Take your area, it was like a one little pond, you know you can't hunt No, they are you guys, slashes tyres, lesson. We worked very similar photocopy there now and then leave in blank words as burbank What means does he feel? Who did you think that man, the the kids, spanish, though that is as a racial slasher, who's, that what then yeah he needed twas the knife a little bit there give it like it sounds that that's what I can tell the hell member, that's what he means. Yeah I mean
definitely ease man, it's people just gonna, stop being such assholes really like any one. You read the name, get the head like a little racial were to finish her off. you don't want some someone hunting your duck. Blind, don't put it on public land here and if you're gonna get that bent out of shape from something like that. why are you even hunting? The odd enjoyable for you, I wouldn't bands and holding it on law and stable? I think This is a very large we base our people wait until I do find arms back kiss the most riled up. I've seen em the entire trip he take static, it very seriously someone's can the veins in his warhead skinner angry. It was clear, though, and that that it was public land. I wasn't it is not clear, but
If it is a matter of course, it is I mean, and if it is, there could be this guy who wrote this note He could be doing something illegal by building blinds and behind them there. So we d You know that. But why is be in violation, because all states have one he's in violation of his hunter harassment, law, yeah and, me. That's not even like an eta kit thing, it's just kind of like etiquette. That's a good report and the inadequate suggested. anyways. Are you gonna put like a blind etiquette session, a very for section, yeah, yup sean weaver is helping me out. He said he would like to help me out with the duck hunting stuff, that's great and he could bring shed some light on. That is great in there
I think you boys ought to put in there a little bit about op skyblock docks at her work in someone else's spread. Oh yeah, that's gotta! Go in there. That's that's! Not very good etiquette check it, but there's a there's a part of it, not that you're not crafty little finger, there's a part of it. This can be it's almost like that There is a sort of magic to it of the eunuch ovule spell out. Clearly oh yeah, I, for instance, I spend the opening day dark season in the skin marsh as little wad of his big marsh similar like all the work on sure we grew up, but all those people that it may the dark on good, like you got limits, right there pushing his words were just fly and all day, because people come and gone forever, but you'd go out and he'd still have to find an appropriate space.
Based on the idea of of the the density of people that were in the marsh yep. If you went later in the year- and it was an opening day, you would never and there weren't that many people out you would never hunt as close to another party, as was acceptable unopened day because of how many people are out. It's hard to explain this stuff and it's hard to articulate that it's like a big part of this is like trying to use some common sense and be respectable, and that's like one of the only very hard to explain. Yeah, I'm sure it's probably regional, too yeah, but I think you know what would be a good way to do. That is talk to dot com. Is that we know in different states and can get an average of canada
they're all saying and and how to say it and I feel like he could get something in there. Do you think you shouldn't put in the boat, what cause it wouldn't be applicable to enough people, but there used to be a thing in muskrat trapping where, this was a you haven't november, one muskrat, opener public lan guy. Would go out ahead a season and starts taking their set as a way to claim. So you go to a feed bed. Yeah put you state, go to a house, put state, a priests it and in their mind their claiming it there, but there will be nothing prevents. you from commoner wired. After that steak
tell your your specific story to that. I remember you're, saying where it caved in on on his trap. That was there. Oh, that nut I'll talk guy to beat my ass, and I was in high school So they re what has happened, I'm not gonna say was, but they were em highway, called them on twenty. If you look on the map, find two in lake michigan and find a whole michigan and one twenty between twin lake horton crosses a thing called cedar. Creek there is a undercut bank which is like mink like the run undercut banks they like they like to they don't want. They want to protect themselves from raptors and and stuff lives under their frogs and crayfish itself was unearthed, so they're always running under cutbacks.
The common mink that is just bed your traps that are as a half inch or an inch of water over the pan right up tight against the wall. The undercut bank, because he's going to be running long swimming running long there I go. nice, lookin undercut bank and I'm digging out a trap bed and find a trap not recently died, waxed nor tag on it. I think it's it's a trap from years passed, I put it in my pack back, and I make my own set, their thinking. I've at all in the fit filled maginnis it sprung and it was like down deep sprung so
The bank had caved in whatever law old trap. I place my own tagged trap in the exact spot, so these two make travers thinking like I place. My own tag trap right there. I can refuse that day or the next day matters of a mad spot. Megan Fox, said Then up wars like this like dr and like he's in the bar, how one thousand up to me doesn't go to me, though, goes to my truck I'm across the field and he's really really through my truck. Fines is trapped on tagged and then wants to be my ass for Heaven. Stole his trap and put minor there- this guy's huge
I say and I'll be you know, and I'm like the dude, don't you think I appreciate wife enough to where I wouldn't do the to you yeah, but you didn't know was whether you're in leaving your fo there too yeah. Then I leave like my business card there, yeah holy god. and put their that jacket, but yeah, that's it. then you'd be like take your gun. Am trap, cassettes away, should do. It certainly go away a story. I m: the greedy feel they taught lucky volor, when the new people are sent me like news articles about biograph for coffee company. we'll talk about whatever you want. I mean I know: do you feel like talking about the tour, your eyes on the news. While I do my hands on vehicle
eureka, legs news, deuce, yeah our work private, then an ip. So we did. explain to me what elements initial pub gaffer error, I appeal is taken a couple company public. Doing it through special purpose acquisition, which is a sbac. So we in it's it there's a couple of different ways. You can do it, you can do a direct listing or you can do, is back and we went with a sbac. It was a timing issue So we will prepare for this. For about three years. No nokia, for years horrors. So there's a lot of preparation. It goes into this started four years ago, well, rewind, seven years ago, started the copy seven years ago. I can help you, I met your wife gay. I met her coffee shops. Who knows you speak
either in a coffee shop, spider in a coffee shop and then found or online stock or level torrenting consumers buying espresso machine and realise that the copy leaning realised in chattered her up and ass soon ass, they were out new. She sport in some guns, it turned into wholesome shots and that espresso machine ladys gets some vascularity and he probably likes to run a bit. More is right. was before I started the company, but When I started it, it was you know, building a big big company was never necessarily something that was. I was goal driven for smore have given the circumstance of this size would be great to be able to share the success of the company with my car.
Worse, that's what I want to do from the very beginning so have always built at around when I call itself licking ice cream, cone, so A euro books about me looking out of the air with the subscription. who is always about delivering, give fresh the freshest roasted coffee to people like straight out of the roaster, as I talked about earlier with you, but was that a coffee has about seventy two hours, for it would do it's called off gas, so it's expanding through the roasting.
Process, then it stops and then you bag it, and then you ship it out to your customer and has a couple of weeks in there that it it really tastes good in. So I wanted people to have that and wanted to the customers to see what I saw in coffee. Have this like great experience, fresh, roasted coffee that was through the subscription nineteen dup with companies early on to get discounts for their gear in a lot of it was all built around the lifestyle. So a lot of it was, you know, shooting and hunting, and things like that with these other brands. So You join the subscription. You could get a discount with these other companies as like, well shoot. If, if I you know federal was one of our early companies, we we did business with, so he took a discount from federal.
There's a lotta guys who spend a lot of money on ammo. Could theoretically pay for your coffee through the entire year. So with that subscription as my original intent and then the the second layer that was to be able to share the profits with the customers as well. So if we grew stock goes up, theoretically speaking between your disk, anson stock price, you should be able to pay for your coffee. So that's what I've always wanted. I've always wanted to build it. That way, I didn't understand how complex it was well being naive well being dumb when you, when you really start, we start to build these things like. Oh, you have to go in and build basically these these financial institutions within the company that audit your financials it's it's. we complex and robust robust process. Is there a thing that
their regulatory measure that that the company has to hit a certain size in revenue to go public. Could someone radically. Take we take a one hundred dollar company public it blocked. You know, that's a good question. I don't know. I know that what we when we very early on. They wanted us to be bigger because they didn't feel the stock price would perform wealth. It was not a bigger size. Company. So they wanted us to hit a gross revenue number before they would. They would do a direct listing or even entertain the idea, but I dont know if there's a if there's a regulation that says that you have to meet acts because there's a lot of companies. It'll go public based on a future possibility of profit, so they don't necessarily even have always graciosa so probably not
But that's a good question slams, you know ah well in the next couple months, will get a ticker. It's all based on. on the fed and when they, when they approve it and then release it back and then from that point you know people be able to purchase it. They can't right now it's under a different ticker through the sbac yup, but then ah then we'll get one ticker probably february march, depending I dunno it's all based on federal timing and when they're going to sign off on it. So when you're sitting there watching business news and all the stuff going across the bottom, you'll see br cc run across the bottom. Yes, sir yeah yeah have watched it every day since we've announced it, but-
it's not everyday gas or every other day or whenever I was looking at my phone trying to figure it out the we were deer hunting use. A lot of this was that a welcome distraction or where you, where you kind of wish you were like back at command central? There were only maybe a couple seconds I was wishing. I was back at command central. This is a great distraction and it's not a distraction. It's a focus right, it's a it's a it was. I was thinking a lot about that today, where being quiet and then moving through the woods after back tail was something I was only focused on that. So not thinking about business.
You know every minute, we're talking about it or having meetings or something like that is. That is a really good opportunity to make. The announcement then come out here, because it was out here that I think the day after I think it was a. It was really good to get away from all of it, because you can be completely absorbed and quite literally, a little bit useless to the the entire endeavor. It takes you months, if not years, for this stuff to mature and then move forward, there's so much work, you're never going to get it done so five days six days. That's it it's not going to mean anything oregon, ischia yeah, it's like green. It's like a grain of sand and a beach right. It's a can of all absorbs. It's not. It feels like it's really important at the time and I knew that cause the other guys were like whoa Why do you wanna go out there now like? Because I want to go out there and go home can now
Now. That's why you start you do this doves chain to it the time it was here, you dont passive, opportunity to come hunting with steve, renault and mediator. You don't do that It doesn't really matter. I would have had to have had some significant family issues that would have had to trump that opportunity. You know you think about their tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people. That would probably you know from a limb to do that, like an individual matter, arm yeah, so you And squander an opportunity unless it's just absolutely something you know traumatic, that is happening in your life, because that's disrespectful to the opportunity. Ultimately, oh man, thank you. That's kind of, let me lay a little groundwork for you. A little talks like your impressions.
Specifically, we years ago, filmed we vote, we feel a few books, blackmail on southeast alaska, Lascaux, solid, sitka blackmail we colombia, black tails, which live in California, Oregon washington, you gotta be seen they bc and they switch him till they like it. There are different creature. The minute they resemble one other, but the other. They have more logical differences, some behavioral differences, and we film honey, I'm in this basic the summer so august early september, when they tend to be found a pie, can of have a reddish coat they're, pretty easy to find any things have a way of vanishing down into them into the coastal reinforced and we feel the hot years go. Retried hit the wrought but went earlier. Desgas scheduling problems and had a really tough
and then I came away blame in timing. Ah man we're too eagerly right. But it turns out that wasn't as tough as we had now and then and I picked if you to talk, really good blackmail honours there. Is adamant, as our wait till dear hunters in the midwest say about like first we nov like if you're going to want any week first week, nov it could vary because whatever, but that's like, if you're gonna, like go by calendar dates a year in advance first week of november, is when you want to be there. But There is a substantiated change in law,
Where deer numbers right now samantha, you are informed of this by the tongass national forest. They warned you some low dear numbers and you get all kinds of opinions about it. It seems that that one of the more popular opinions about it is ah whoops and too many wolves nominee. Around and even places like where I've, just just in my knock and around over the years, places where I know there to be trails that are generally like pretty beat down. Trails struck me as being mossy not beat down, and it was just. It seemed like just low amounts, assign and and and and precipitation
but we had like the great opportunity to wander around in virgin old growth coastal rainforest, which is something I am what I think of just I mean that that whole candid dripping mossy. Seen there which a totally foreign to you, because you grew up in in the northwest yeah, I think we talked a little bit about it because it was stationed at fort Lewis and we did a lot of training in washington state. So it reminded me of those years, but it's a it's it's beautiful when, when you're looking at it in you're experiencing it- and I think, there's combination of things there, which you know to go out and experience the elements the way they are in this. This is, you know it's cold and it's wet, and it's green and everything's. What
but to become part of that environment where you get to just experience everything about it in what I truly love those opportunities. I dont think. It is if you're, if you're, not enjoying the environment because of the moisture you're you're, not enjoying the the entire immersive experience for a lack of a better definition. So it's hard to get into you know lamenting about what you're doing when you're in such a wonderful and beautiful place, where everything about it is giving you this. This experience that you should be soaking up for a lack of a better term like a sponge deal and instead of wishing it were otherwise. Oh I didn't wish for a second. It would be otherwise that said, that would be like they're guilty that a little bit now and then yeah. Just wishing it wasn't raining, oh,
I like I do, but then I instantly catch myself, unlike what without would take away from the experience of the funny thing, is bought as as I'm wishing is not raining. How do I always described the people? Its coastal, reinforce, right, yeah it's like temperate rainforest, it's beautiful, it's beautiful and then you go there and it rains all day at work. Yeah I was wasting, it was otherwise. you're the rain? I was wishing that you guys had seen more deer, oh for sure, I don't know even that now I still say
Colleagues, I made this story better eventually, cosmology honestly, I will look like you know: we're dead well out of cell people. Also ours. We hunted for full days, dark too dark saw to those in n and that's moving nonstop yeah move and call on the move and home Like, like pot, hunting hunted up high down low in between those two men use, but it must have a military and I always late. We, maybe that's. Your bows match the military that the people whose excel, The military have like and develop legged level discipline that have mental mental discipline. That
by notice that you would just be like against year, upbringing to have complained Brought up that we weren't seeing things you absolutely yeah, just not something you're going to do now. Never! I started after a few days, I'm like you're, going to do that, I know I'm glad it's not going to do it and I don't think he's going to do that now. Now it goes back to the whole thing like this is a this is an incredible opportunity right and I was explaining this. I think it was yesterday or something like that, like you're you're part of american history, at this point you in in the brand and the people that you bring in your part of american.
Endorsement history, so for me just to sit out here and get the opportunity gotten hunt with you, I would be foolish if not like really remiss to to you know, cherish this opportunity and say man, I am I get the hunt with steve, like how many other people in america, like a goin back that importers making want to do that. Not internationally. So I get to watch you in your environment is an american outdoor. I on and then get a share several days with you in this, you know incredible place where guard lists of how much it rained or you know if you're cold or whatever it might be like that's part of it like I I get to you know, live those five days like what a what a what an incredible game and so, if I would have liked to have seen a lot of dear. That's not why here
I am not here to say, yeah no shit. I was like whoa, you wish you were seeing more yet the master of the obvious you'd be like yeah, no shit you're, not seeing any deer. So it's you know it is it's! It's hunt, it's the it's! It's hunting and I've. I've had a lot of really cool life. Experiences that you know and this this will live up there with those these experiences you know so for me, it was just like yeah, hey we're hunting. This is great, so dark too dark great and extend the daylight was walk. A little bit more roads have, you know, have a little bit more time the field, because it wouldn't be the same if it wasn't really respect it. So that's one thing that is truly thankful for- and I thank you guess for really inviting me, because it was incredible time in a really can't think
enough for for for allowing me that opportunity, because it's incredible, you know I I can sit here and say that the more I think about it. I, if you don't count a dead one. Yet I never did see a buck now. We were set up, colin and dirt said he saw the flick of a tale. yeah. Three hundred yards are stopped and I tell by like you're televised leader that it was true and their attention Focus in the way that I couldn't see and I could its funding as I get I kinda like see you, you evan, and I could read by you're liked whatever posture I could read you seeing it. I could read you own, knowing that there were soon
tensely be a shot opportunity. I could. see through year posture the shot opportunity presented itself never saw the deer until he walked up on it, but it's like it was like. I was watching it just by watching sort of like the the muscle tension or something in like I'm like that is the the the physical tightening of a man who, just how do you go back something which is like you said: there's like a level of discipline right where you're talking about like level of discipline that you know some guys in the military get if they're there they're professional soldiers. I think you know any any person that comes to that, I would say fractions of a percentile within their profession. It takes
a significant amount of discipline, it just does and you're, seeing you out there and then seeing you like I've been around a ton of guys that are masters of their profession, and you can see it you're you're part of that, like really small fraction of people have a ton of discipline. So I think that that's. That was one thing I was I was. I was very In awe of his like just looking at how you're working the entire scenarios throughout those days of hunting and then looking at insane, oh yeah, like. I I thought about it. Multiple times it's like. If Steve was in the army, he would have been adult force guy. Like if he in the earlier he don't force more derby, like that,
the force yeah there would have been with me dragging our knuckles, that you would have been a machine gunner. Thirty yeah either the little dip booth the workers gets so laser focused in the pursuit of what you're going for it was. It was really it it. It's not doesn't pray that the right respect the term. but it is now really interesting. But manna give me a whole new level of kind. What you do as a profession does like it gives me an entirely totally different perspective. thank you. Man touch on a real quick before a wrap up touch on shrimp and those things are delicious, they're, incredibly delicious,
The the the experience of going out on the water I haven't been out on on the water time spent a little bit of time the ocean, but going out we ve built up rivers lot of time on rivers. They're, not ocean, or you know going out in in you know, experiencing the ocean with you understand that you have much more confidence in the boat and your skills than I do. What confidence in your bow in your skills The joke vases me saying: I know he has confidence that everybody has a net big water. I know it's a it's work too. I can in you know, dumping those pots, and then I kept thinking about the manual process of dragging those things up after you dumped them cause you're talking about those guys as old shrimpers pulling those pots up. Do it with
that assist marries a hand, Paul smaller ones and it was really knows, is like creation of a little a gas or of a glimpse. It gives you a glimpse into the commercial life. Right. You get worn out train a coil. Is there in my arms got tired just trying to throw the rope into a perpich circle? You took her to the first eleven, but just filming you guys the shrimp and when you guys were an action together. It was like after the first part, porn. It was like they were like bubba gump yeah. Iraq was that's what I like about him because he's like. Oh that's how you do it. Justice explains it and then expects you to know it like you've, been
for ten years around here through this and around that? And then you just stay at the switch good? Okay, we're going for yeah? What did you say? You know the woods. Are we on the water? I don't even know where the hell were outright know that that tire process was so so cool. Do you know the the the shrimping itself a rip? Those things apart? That's probably one of them a satisfying things outside of like you're, pushing and bubble rap in turn, shrimp, heads apart and it is almost- is all schools papa, said. We're talking about is like man. I could do this for a couple of hours before I get sick of it playing game. I want to get all of it and then you're thinking about how delicious those things are. I don't care how hard it is to live. That is called popping heads, yeah why not tell you one thing that we did for cooking and allows cool,
Then I had never thought I'd honestly, never seen it. I didn't know, that's how it worked, but you had what you call the beans, green yeah, they're, green yeah, so they're green beans, green coffee bean yeah from a ethiopia and over like a we. We have a boiler we use outside the boil. You know it's like a people, use them deep, fried turkeys and we used to boil crabs and big propane fired burner, revert blaster the blaster blaster hat the blaster, and I took the beans which look like they're, like khaki colored I'll, get in your tail. They have you and look at you'd. Look at and figure look it s like When you look at the look at all you're like a like a lentil yeah, that's a good way up where you think you're looking at atlanta, but it's coffee bean yup and then in a cab iron pan over that outdoor burner
Slowly and methodically over payments they could takes thou took his while it took his twenty five it's give or take the classic cast iron skillet turned them into like those glossy dark. Coffee beans may or may not turn them into, but roasted roasted him yeah roll, smaller fire, and then I immediately and oh you said it like. Ideally let him sit few days. We did that we didn't immediately ground him yet and then made like a coffee rub. That was just some brown salt, coffee, pepper, pepper and a lot of you, don't you like me
tom, dick and harry, and the planet sell. Some kind of coffee rub yeah, but you run into, but man that tasted like coffee yeah, that was a good coffee rub. I would suggest people to do that, get like really like make it from scratch. Yeah and not with your old ground up shit. You got the cupboard while you gotta make it. If I have one suggestion for guys making coffee rubs out there which have made several? Is he get a light? wellbeing, coffee and you grind it. You gotta use. What was the reason I say a light roasted coffee is because whatever you're going to put it in whether it's a pattern, oven or wherever you're going to go, it's going to it will cook coffee more. So it's already a really dark for interested coffee or something like that and its where you been ground you're, not getting the additional layers of taste that you would from a lighter coffee that you have to grind and then put in to your coffee rub that also continues to roast on the meat, because you wanted to have a little bit of time on the meat
while it's roasting and not burning it into char deals that makes sense and if you're already on the cusp of burnt yeah, it just turns more burt and that's why? I think a lot of people don't use a lot of coffee in their coffee rubs because they haven't been able to put enough coffee in there where it doesn't turn into just really burnt acidic char. It just doesn't taste very good. most of the coffee rubs that use a lot of coffee. They don't appeal to me, but if I use a really lightly roasted coffee freshly grind it before I put it in the rub: that's when it always gets better because you can taste your point. You can taste the coffee in the rub. Yeah it was. There was those nice light, tasted, light coffee and a very nice way on deer tenderloin. Although there's one last hot coffee tip of what you'd give people a.
When someone ass, if you want light medium or dark for thou, had on their giving you escalating caffeine level right, that's not true. Splay, there smith. Raise your hand if you in this room raise your hand, You thought, like I did in until when you not caffeine levels that light medium, dark like increasing caffeine. This knowing how is all the same caffeine, I just thought like a dark rose, is like you're, real, like bitter strong, avi view they had. I do how much coffee was in. There are no figures.
measurement of caffeine. I just assumed that, like the darker, it got the more of it was in there and the more of everything right and that's not it's not true. So your your lightest, coffee and there's some wait. There's a there's, a white coffee which has it's barely roasted, and that has the most caffeine per gram and then, if you go light medium dark, it has the most caffeine. If you're in a light, coffee, vs a dark coffee, because as you roast, the coffee you're burning it. So you have less of the intact coffee bean. So your deacons
acting the caffeine as you're burning it and you're making smoke and carbon yea. I know yeah exactly so. If you want more caffeine, you need to have a lighter coffee in it's interesting because a lot of people they think that they're like I want a dark, roasted coffee with lots and which ones have been really strong. Well, it's a strong flavor, but it doesn't have the much caffeine. I drink really like coffees now, because I like caffeine, it's because I like to taste the coffee itself and not just bert who, once One thing that I have noticed is when I go to my normal coffee spot. I usually get a dark rose from that and then almost every little cafe that I go to you know some mom and pop ups greasy spoon say it always seems like a lighter rose coffee at these places. People like him super dark
It seems like I always get way more jittery, unlike feel more calf and aided at these mom and pop stores, provacatzia drinking more cops, not While it can be two things because there's a new guy that owns a coffee company, there's two well I'll. Tell you something about shattuck it I'll be like. I don't know what I drank and I would just say no because I don't know his highness I'll, tell ya reason. So, here's the reason. Why is less expensive coffee is a robust. It's it's a different strain. There's two main street. I see their general robust and radically. So if you look at the two main branches, erotica has we'll call it thirty to forty percent last calf. and then the robust her, but the iraq has more expensive. So the revised hit me again. I wanna make your memory ass. She a team in strains of of coffee, rebecca and robust robust. There is less expensive.
It has more caffeine, it's a smaller rain, it's less expensive and it has more caffeine. Rebecca is typically more expensive and has less caffeine, but a rebecca you can get better t out of it. So you can increase the profile so you're, better coffee shops are typically get a servant. Rebecca your diners are good, typically server. Because a robust- and so that's why you feel more jittery is because or using a different, caffeine or indifferent being beat you that, I think that's pretty cool cause. I've always wondered why, just like that's three because you can buy it in bulk and a lot of the the less expensive coffees that are out there. You're going to buy him in like five pound bags and a lot of the diners are going to go for the less expensive option through a food vendor, and you know that's what they're going to use in there and they're, not using proper water to coffee ratios,
which is totally different conversation but sure we don't need to. We just lost half your podcast after after jester does the jacket vote yet which we still haven't. Okayed he's gotta go through all the channels right. This guy get his project greenlit yep. We have greenlit it, but let's say he gets greenlit. Okay, it's gonna do that it's going to go on to have all of his other adventures in life and he's going to open a place called chester's egg factory yep, and it's going to be a breakfast coffee place. You have you learned black rise media robust on a horse black rifle and then you guys will show up more because he gave you guys. We are free to tell people about, because people don't want people breaking into my house to take token math right that that's a lifetime token Isaiah lifetime. I going to see two when the the rub you made was when we had coffee this morning
wrapping up. There was no ha moment of how good that was. It's a really good. Rare just because it was so freshly roasted and one more thing yet something special about the black tail deer. Please pleistocene, relic and we regret ways german, Nor is there to serve on the mean, thereby gatherings, thereby, the.
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