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Ep. 304: The Fish Shack's Revenge - A Tiki Christmas Family Feud Extravaganza Blowout


Steven Rinella talks with Matt Rinella, Danny Rinella, Kevin Gillespie, Ryan Callaghan, Brody Henderson, Sean Weaver, Hunter Spencer, Phil Taylor, Corinne Schneider, and Janis Putelis

Topics discussed: Phil and Kevin's shared love of pop-up tiki bars; the incredible land masses that would open up if we could corner cross public lands; Danny Rinella on mule deer making the creep up into Alaska; Kevin's slammin' hot buttered rum and invasive iguana lard Christmas cookies; last chance to bid on prized 2021 Auction House of Oddities items; why you need MeatEater's low transfer rate Safflower Oil for your cooking; the importance of keeping tourniquets and trauma kits in your hunting packs; the cloacal kiss; the evolution of duck genitalia: penis hooks and dead end vaginal pouches; marinating deer in floral scented trash bags; a debate with Matt Rinella about hunting social media and influencers; R3, Covid, cameras, clicks, and overcrowding; writing notes on blank checks; rectal health; Matt's 2022 "no post" New Year's Resolution challenge; and more.

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The I welcome everyone. The mediator, tiki christmas, family viewed podcast blow out extravaganza saga. says later on draughtsman roger live. Our studios pop up, tiki bar vision. Revenge right Yonah burials. Do you own to cover stick around how butter Rob guano, lard christmas cookies in arresting facts. The evolution of dock genitalia, a big old prickly bite. We argument meant media beers practical help. Me your holiday argument: You only have a holiday party and in every someone says, don't you d like to
that's right, This christmas taking sisters. Mistake you stay This is what was going on great listen. billing address someone else's unkind of letting them arriving. I'll, be fine. Great. This is the second ever. Would it do the special ass because a covert nets rank. Record, or something like that. We had to remind me, and it was pre vaccines. It was still yeah. It was like it was not pack twelve people into a small pool well ventilated, realize what it was yeah. So this is our christmas two point. Oh the first christmas best we did was fantastic. We had a visit from MA. We had a visit from santa. This is a more substantive show, though much more substantive chris didn't go to Well, I do some first like that, just as the spirit of christmas kelly
friends, so this guy's been arm on and access initiative, auction site, we have had items up by kirkpatrick, he's been donating items yet riley, Kirkpatrick Kirkpatrick. George is his business. In holy shit, he sent me a really beautiful, a christmas gift, really beautiful trap, bed dagger and state pounder, which is called the beaver eater, which is like almost too Did you do anything with yes, but like there's a nice person present? want to give our guy a little horse ewing so were like, he makes shoes. He he does certain man like decorative stuff, you know, but we ve corresponded for many years now and has been really cool to see like him get his four off the ground. What was making at the beginning and some of them the knives that are you guys? Ok pay you to make make a knife
and the knife shows up and he's like hey man this is not at all what you asked for it got away from me. sorry, went above my own, no you're like no charge. Didn't like, but now he's like home to his craft in his skill and steavens. I've gotta see like the whole arc of him gettin gone and now you he makes very fine polish finished stuff, that's super corn and, like you can make gum. You know all the cool hand forged stuff like you'll make like a set of screws and hex bolts, fer a really couldn t together moscow yeah. Just just need this. I so, like I said, is good back him up, he's like that he's donated items for our for our access initiative, fund, razors, kirkpatrick, forge,
so this is this, is I t, handle instagram, kirk, Patrick forge and thanks for the christmas present very kind of you, a nice guy, support, thereby summah some heck some screws from some horseshoes mule shoes. Whatever k, all your need, one more thing to now here's the deal, you're gonna notice. How does not make it like either? If you subscribe to the show you guys get like the episodes drop? You gonna notice especial episode drop where we're doing a full on trivial, special, so gotta meet a boy bogged down a production details, the second we're done doing this. So just the two right now we're gonna role into a trivia special. Where as we do. Our arch outdoor trivia discuss with christmas, trivial mixed in, Watch your drop and you'll see the trivia special pop up down the road here in time for the holidays. In his eye
what we do an hour. Spencer's yeah he's dead, you again game already normal trivia top and then a new redirected style game data that hot core outdoor trivia host barbarity, special spencer, new hearth, common up. Just for you. Just like this guy gave me this hammer to meet as it were given to you for christmas time, they're gonna let loose ooh boatload of people here today we allow are going to cover off on currency as always callaghan my brother mantra, Noah hunter spencer. a lot of times when you name your kid hunter? It backfires doesn't work. Sometimes it doesn't but you got you pulled it off at one of you. don't I know about the euro on bannerman explain something fill the engineer. Phil? Can you while we're on you before we move on? Can you explain why, like the confluence of tv, like, I know your big tiki guy
yet you and I hit a tv bar nashville. That's right thanks for coming to explain the dignity or for me Well, then, there's not a lot of explanation man, it's just I like theatrics, the artifice is fun to me. A lot of people probably makes them a little nauseous. I think it's thrilling yeah I mean like I, it's just there's some fun you're not having fun right now, although I love it for people thing until you told me you like them- and I was like I didn't know- it was like a for not a phenomenon I will have you. I feel a grim like the third or fourth revival wave of tiki in this country, right now, if custard off in the thirties, came back in the sixties and seventies, and now it's Gotta happening again in a weird way, if you ever been in that body great falls? The ship and dip does not as yet you bar it's. It's tiki, it don t, J, and is that the one with the gal comes down to the mermaid suits swimming pool? That's pretty cool tiki adjacent! I like it
chemical ass, these! It's all. I really hate. I to say that John weaver, our dog? Mastery susie's a talk about doc reproduction today. So, if you kids here plug their ears it's a good story, games alone low while Sorry, it's like workers on the floor, the chart everything bad you mad he's got charts and graphs little bill, brodie henderson so chef Kevin given to our very own, so one jeff your people's choice, yeah yeah, fair. I think it's fan favorite fan favorite top chef. Dude is gonna, make us a drink How does the would tell me the drink? I know it's christmas, bauhaus tv, so hot butter. From so you know. Most tiki drinks are rum based cocktails. There's not a lot of christmassy tiki things. You know, theoretically, at the equator, it's kind of like some or all the time so, but
this is one of the few. It's my favorite awesome, my favorite like if you ve, been hunting in its super cold and you come back in and make it is it? Is it warms you up, sir? yeah. The zero additional forest yeah, we then one might metering how much each of you get, because these are. They might see like they are like pretty easy to drink, but there's two bottles a rum in. I don't know maybe fifty sixty ounces of of total drink settlers davies, oh yeah pressure. Yet these are sledgehammer. I'm not normally a day drinker in your address lawyers pretty early in the morning and during the day drinking this morning, drinking yes, yak fresh start. That's good legal player, so you do like a like tiki pop up bars, none yeah. We have one called loose cannon that is like our tv pop up that we run and in some of my restaurants, not a permanent thing. It's just something we do for fun and so Phil incorrect and I were talking about wealth first
talking about, should we do a loose cannon embarrassment and then it kind of turned into something different as film of body you I mean I've already been in love, tiki like, maybe you realize that you share a tiki, yeah yeah yeah, exactly that's what makes the commonality here and we just felt like we were going to affect really force it on the rest of you, guys, honor who's, your first I'm on the show on her spencer. Now this guy knows the heart and soul like. We're talking earlier. How well you capture the aesthetic of media. Over than some of that, what he creates it he's a casualty, makes it Are our cool art, yeah yeah? All the coup? Art comes from her spencer near I mean it. It's funny insight. I am from way the hell down. Where do you live in Virginia virginia beach, say I took the long flight out but yeah. I got a good sense of meat eater, but you know when it came into to doing the fish acts. Revenge
galileo tricky. So I had to have a man phil guide me in the right direction to make a logo so yeah current wanna. Do these commemorative marks were a drink. All these commemorative mugs. He made a thing. Could tiki theme logo their extra, in the fish I got the is gone in it. Yes, just as our their revenge yesterday, really happen if I were saying that we are, we are in a pop up, tiki bar right now, it's kind of what is going to feel made it a pop up to yeah. It is called the fish shacks revenge is the name of the book yet looks great? Who came up with the name now that was me cause that's the one with tiki. It has had like a like. A tiki bar has ever bowled crazy name, yeah, exactly the whole tiki, don't call it ralph's yeah. I mean unless it's about barking, maybe but then yeah. It's gotta always have some sort of crazy name. It's in there just thematic like that's the whole point. It's like a form of escapism love, love
we're job to talk about. This is all in keeping with the christmas theme to so we're something southern alaska like the land of the reindeer, but first I wanted I wanted to soften up. So my brother, dandy, up in alaska, is going to do a report here he's going to report for us on something that he was telling me about. I was in alaska do you also has dear, so as not far to extrapolate outdoor christmas, he was tell me about it, and then I was esther in him about who would be best to talk to about this wildlife issues like a while they disease issue in alaska involving dear. and at eventually magic to me that you. Throwing out names but of education. He'd be most are most suitable to talk about it, but I want to mention a couple. Our mentioned before you now, imagine operate, update on something like up. We does heather if you go back couple episodes we are the so called all up in your airspace result.
The coroner crossing issue. I want to fall back up with it with a one of our gas we had an attorney on talking about the legality of corner crossing this big cases, up in wyoming what that means. First, off everybody on here the air by listen because I did a post on instagram about the corner crossing. About this legal fund. For guys wyoming, who are up for criminal trespassing charges on corner crossing an ethical the response that really demonstrates what's it like over sixty seven thousand people like hit alike on this thing about quarter crossing an end you might know, put a post up get a couple hundred comets. Two thousand forty three comments about the coroner crossing thing: I fear that, in my view,
based on what we know now. The greatest the like the greatest threat to deer hunting is see w g, in my view now dialect nationally, like naturally the greatest threat see deputy the debt that disease or somehow mutate become what would pass into humans. It just be unbelievably catastrophic to everything, the greatest opportunity, but you gotta. Let go negative. Allow going positive the greatest opportunity. Is it somehow we get the sharpest legal minds on the planet to find a way around the corner, crossing I was sorry enough. I was talking to the crew at an extra day about a couple policy issues on the horizon They ve been running. Some numbers check this out. This is why arming alone, they too could keep pick, and I well me, but that's where this, whether these four do third target criminal trespassing charges for border crossing
If you could corner cross in wyoming. take a stab. How many acres federal state would open up for hunting publicly to examine? million, I do see a lower number. I really many, I do say like a million. Do you know how many acres of federal or in the country, six hundred and forty four yeah. I guess how many acres of state and federal land would open up in wyoming. If you could, corn across aren't curly accessible, you know what is used me on three million unaddressed superlative. I was honestly guessing. Ok, how dare Pack, a room full of educated people are educated, go go, we need money hidden. let me hear the thing that makes it seem impressive. Greater a greater landmass and yellowstone national park. Greater land that the ozone s apart. Two point: two million acres. If somehow and it's the end-
attorney. We had on laid out how difficult it would be like this. boys and wyoming. Now they gotta, like this guy told me that one when we hit it on instagram the though their legal fine tripled in twenty four hours the amount of money, greatly legal, but here's. The problem you'd think is great, but it's not. If they get off it doesn't change anything circuit court. It doesn't president. They would need to lose in appeal and go to the state supreme court, so either it'll get dropped because they will that cause. The people executed will drop it clean seas where it's going or they win. If when I get off that has no repercussions on the next guy that corner crosses it. Just a circuit court. It doesn't change everybody's, get like a big corrected, and so it has to too optimistic about what a victory would look like. A victory doesn't change policy, and even these be addressed by the feds. But we lay this all out. We have this turn on breathing These boys sit force on on legal for money now,
she with it is. It is a very welcome by the wrong state to do this in well, it's only going to happen state by state unless it's never going to go to the it wouldn't go to the federal supreme court. Ah yeah, but it's not it's not like my understanding is that it might not be the best day to try to set the precedent in. What my you know my the age ay consider doing the same thing last year, but they looked at the make up of the courts and said this is not the right time and I really hope that these guys thought about the kind of legislators they ever an excellent, but a little that it'll only go state by We had a whit, really ready, I all up in your airspace and we to attorney on the show, lay out the problem that you said something just now about maybe go into the fat. No, the only way
the only way you'd ever have something that would override states is somehow be some federal commerce issue. But I've seen these got like These boys lost the only way to do that. The state. A wyomings corner crossing issue would be ever be resolved with any clarity is if they went to the very states supreme court, but that in of itself is gonna, drive, federal policy in the way this guy explained it that issue the waves with the laws, isn't something that would be eligible for federal supreme court. There had to be some entirely different approach to. Ever. Have the federal government clarify airspace? Is you like they have with the airplane, with airplanes. It would do a better job at all been years, but I think it's important to throw in the excess legal fees because real what they needed was was about thirty grant that
a little bit of a buffer built into it already were there no last time I checked it was like fifty six or something hit hard on kells? We can review yeah I mean this nearer and nearer and nearer to me for sure, but the the excess fun we'll go to wyomings access, yes programme, which is like our block management programme here. So it's god, it's a public access private ground. I program in the state of wyoming, so that willing landowner can sign up for the programme and an get compensated for allowing access to private, their private ground yeah certain activities or parts of their is, are all their blazon someone uses, That's what I was about to start to save up money for if this ever becomes a things there They ve got money for a lot survey or fees, because fences don't count
having devices on your phone, I precise enough. You need these need to be surveyed corners. If your plan on actually happened, one of the other people gotta get sick at a time of the ship. Oh, you know some other. Thus EDA beady Be like the greatest threat to american deer hunting so that doctors place were to table this an extensive detail soon. But a dog, there's ways you see in guys with do they shot on their farmers wisconsin. So this is like harvested dear, not shit, land around dead harvested. Dear seven,
sixty five to seventy percent in some areas of off of deer. Coming off a specific farm testing, positive, foresee deputy rich, I put in christmas terms this. Would it be if dash her prey answer com. It donner, an rudolf, all had see deputy. She firkin thought santa gets out of his nine dear dash. Your parents are common donner, an rudolf rudolf it ain't. So see deputy deadened two years we ve been dead anyway in two years, always fatal, and I think that right there is is it an even greater threat to deer hunting them see w d, crossing over two people. It's the threat of cedar,
de crossing over to any sort of domestic livestock. That's why I can't figure out why U s D is, is so reluctant they're gonna get at hand to him now, because, though as house just passes Jesse than that of the house ass, a sea diabetes bill I have infolded. I'm not allowed to talk about yet about what will happen in the senate, but hope, it'll pass there and then the usda there's gonna be forced to stay. Cow towing was that we're kowtowing to the cap, the service industry. They just like old or take care of it, they're nice, but can you imagine So u s two years a great example right. You look at school bees and sheep. very similar to see their beauty and what happens if you the usda guidelines a single sheep in your flock were to get sick.
peace has aroused agrarian shallow grave along if all of their bodies and if any other bodies happened to travel to another farm. You would track that down test that all facility, while its on lock down in, if anything there, the hints of gravy, you would then kill all them. would be no compensation to the landowner for any of this year. I can't figure out why I was looking at his grand here day. and I d our cp had opposed up. He was a kid doing, a griffin ground with a little dough and, unlike all that's gotta, go oh, but it was urging people to reach out to the? U s d a and try to get them to do something because they just don't seem to care? Ah, alright! So now,
dear issues, dank I re laid out yeah the ready when you why, like ok, talk about. What's going out with mule dear in alaska, you're sitting there. Thinking, like milder in alaska, already builder, in alaska, you're, right and wrong yeah. There are at at at at this moment the Arabia few they they they. They see the shit show for the eastern interior. In it you scattered place. Without the arm in the spring and summer, when they kind of get their roman, you know but there, but I I there's some rumors of even you're over whether here- and that is a matter of fact in parliament- got this conversation go between you and me steve. As I mentioned a rumour above somebody finding a shadow over an area where I do a little bit of hun, which, with the death of the euro, in some cases, they may be, you hear year
Oh, I got you know, maybe I maybe I'm like this is reoccurring to me, but yeah that that put the time stamp on its presence yeah. yeah and any others. There was a rumour over, I think, you'll your phone hey there, skagway like a northern therapies to so united. appear that we have a breeding population yet necessarily that they're even your year round, but on that sightings appeared become becoming more frequent and you know I I guess the back story is for this. Is that Your mule deer are kind of leading the way, but whitetail aren't horribly far behind them. They've been sort of expanding northward in western canada for several decades now, and they build your first seen in the u kind of like one hundred years ago, but they don't
time sort of become established there and I've never laid eyes on one. I haven't spent much time in the yukon, but then I haven't seen one in alaska too, but I I when look up on the cat had to go home dimension, the euro being out on the country when you area where they could be shown up now. Why a view it has not natural migration? Is it because it's because like a close in a clear issue of human activities and climate change. Or what is it? Yeah is it's it's it's headed by a warm and climate milder winners in and to some extent, also aided by roll call, where's. The agriculture, like that's kind of a primary. This bottom, you know in in the eastern interior of alaska and the yukon like agricultural fields and that sort of thing so yeah. If it wasn't, for you, know, climate change and human alteration of the landscape, they probably wouldn't be. You know as far along as they are
the expansion now in the state has kind of like a shoot on site, that's not how they put it, but they they they're, not welcome They want of debt. Do they want of Derek them? I was rather early one of the world's total. It's no. Not trying to keep them from becoming established. That's probably not realistic, but the they're they're their and just you know, the state wildlife managers at all alaska department of fish and game are very interested in getting their hands on some specimens arm is a very interesting and understanding with paper diseases and parasites. They could be carrying. You know like winner, taken brain worm. Seat of unity in hd in that sort of so I'm three had all been in. I think it's all the demands we use them. The border canada, minos now legal to shoot. Neil, dear em white tailed, dear you around the idea, effigy change this.
It's. It's been in effect for a couple of years now so no tag, nothing. If you're like a license hunter and you see a milder or whitetail year round, you could go, get it yeah yeah that's what they want. They want the animal the ideally they want the whole thing. You know but if you're in a remote the bar and get a packet of day, yeah. They want the whole had with the skull cap and tat. They want the heart with lungs attached to it. The deliver, the the hide her and a quarter, copper pellets, a quarter cup yeah, right through we gillick what their interests is. Looking at these dear to see if they're carrying into the state. So presumably these are things that are in alaska now the the disease, your naming. Yes, they can pretend to be transmitted to you, moose caribou, sheep, all that sort of thing here, but
at one, is, I think the big one is winter ticks, but you know I've I've, I've, I've kind of a list either picked up. This was in a me and a view with one of the eighty happen he biologist but does it who's gonna listen gave one or tax brain worms. If you D, e hd stomach worm lever, flew mange, might module, you shall sense what they're looking for, for sure you had to be colleague of like bring up what they want. They want the heart with the lungs attached. The idea. is bringing the whole thing but yeah yeah. do they. Where are the practical? You tell people Could you explain to me too? What are the primary avenues that these Dear taken to get into alaska? So if you can, picture land land like that. You know, boyfriend look at like wikipedia mule deer range Matt. You can see that they serve colonized you're, the southern, better half of you can't territory now in there.
there's a breeding population there, and I guess when we started there is even a hunting season. I reckon it hunting season than you can now. I looked up unless you they gave our having twelve tags last year for dear and you can rely on and then saw from there they're just sort? You know that the sort of banning out from there in the two right we're getting in alaska, going through some low mountain passes from the new cotonou organ b c that that led into like the haines and skagway area, an end to the northern solve these panhandle. You know and or the category of north of here lies range and for moving into the east central interior, like a lobby alaska highway. You know that I guess it would have been less aid. Road toll can, between token fair,
banks along alcan and is a fair bit of agriculture in their too. It probably dragged into the area you know you hear so much about the way that, as the climate warms here, so it's about the losers right, their inevitably and they cannot not poisonous out as a lobby awash. But inevitably you have winners. Oh yeah yeah, and it's a bit of a just, a testament to how adaptable beer or two I mean they already have this. you huge a lot- attitude nor age other well out into mexico and near the artist expanding forever northward slowly but surely now, yeah it. It adds in need a need extra sort element to be on the landscape. Here too, I am Die the seawater whenever that area more looking to track that everything either here yeah but open, someday, but if you saw what would you shoot at it personally for science,
yeah you get, the auto, yellow donna bear the somewhat forgotten break that down, as was kind of eager to talk about it really Yet, as danny ranal join us from remote from maghreb feel, free to hang out the calves go pork. Studies, we get anyone but he's gonna, make him anyway. Oh yeah, yeah, hey nice, talk with you. I see in the way they I got it boy schoolyard nice. Almost. You really appreciated thanks danny. I gave you re a poorest drinks. yeah right here. You got ready, oh yeah, and then we're there like a thing, but there's like a talking point in the form of a cooking So when are we could not have not weaker so I felt like, but we are talking about these drinks. drop like they're, not gonna seem strong with a really strong, so you're gonna get a little bit and you could talk yourself off later, like normal on
I am here to tell you how to live your life, but it felt like you needed something to eat, so current sent me a message a while back about a a listener who killed an iguana in his in florida in Tampa like one of those invasive iguanas, yeah yeah, and he butchered it and cooked. It first and then he rendered all the fat out of it and he just had jar and charted jar of gwan alarm at so he wrote us saying like. Can someone on your culinary teen? Tell me what to do with this and so I just said. Well, I dunno send me a couple of jars and I'll see like I, I can't say, I've cooked with iguana fat before so send them to it's so he me some jars and When I got home, I was shock, as I thought they were. Men take a like spanish style rendered pork, largely that's what it looked like. That's what it smelled like, and so I called grin and said: why do we make cookies out of this iguanas fat and feed it everybody who we dirty
the christmas german. So that's what we did. So we made these. It's a spanish style, cookie caught up over an era of manta keto. It's like It's a traditionally made with large it's christmas cookie, and we made a last night over a thousand years ago on affair. Well, so its traditional may report that we made it would be quantified and its awesome. So we're really, I mean You'll be the judge of that you decide. If you remember in florida put out the thing if they had to walk it back, but they're, basically telling people that shoot about exactly like? Well, this guy, like wow it'd, be like shoot about site. You know what I mean yeah, so this guy clearly took that approach and when we got him It experimenting with recipes, and I got it merely the first three things are made did not come out. I made some of the most horrific cookies. You her head in your reply. You gotta be gone. They didn't it wouldn't work like the recipe wouldn't work at so I emailed com,
and said I don't know what's going on with despair, but it has this weird ability to like Paul moisture out of the air, and so everything you make with it is as if you put a bunch of water in the recipe in its not working right. Now I don't understand, and so who is it that you messaged message by? breed? Who we have had on this podcast? All you ve got a job python, oh yeah, exactly red, and then bob breed talk to some of his other scientists, friends right in They came back and said, look here's the deal. Mgwana fat is almost identical to pork, lord. So that turns out that was kind of true, but it's it's more hydra, scott back, so it pulls. It pulls moisture from the air, and so I can do that the drawing board and did it like pulled out a super old school like medieval recipe literally and said, will see if this will work, and that came up. I can't so it took several scientists and an accomplice chef to bring you these these two areas thing once you right
down, then it's like, then all that work gets handed down to florida or iguana hunters there you get well. So that was the promise that we gave. This guy was send it to us if I can something out of it all sinew. The recipe back so that you can make it might for your family could see still has some. He kept a little bit of the one you want to get a crazy amount of railways and other scientists thinks this was like an escape pet, because there's I mean her do they really want to know is not one of the wild ones. I mean we don't know, but he's like it shouldn't have made that much very worthy of meda. Thirty, two ounces right: far from one guano. How big was the aguano a good question? We think it's like a six footer but a chubby eggs twitter at that deal, that includes tale Yeah yeah exactly, I would have never thought it would be like right? I want no idea. I gotta be frankly, made a lot of that little bit kind of six meal.
So I dunno why I'm going to eat it. So I made these at home and then I just gave them to my wife and did not tell her what they were though, and she was like. These are good they're, very satiating. Having remained you like, I don't know what the radiant is, but I only really want to eat one He's so may I ask where the animals that are dead, beheld, a lizard, greece, that's in it, which, needless to say it and go over super well, She actually ended up eating more of that they are good they're. Just going to fats, weird, you know. That's totally a weird thing: but as a all right, let's colors picture of it in our notes, heidi implored envisages a black click baker, because every year, when the temperature jobs are like a glorious falling from tree ass, ours go: that's u equality shots, yet we, we have even more it's almost like the textures, like a saw sure we tell him. I think it is
snicker doodle, gingerous now dangerous now, but the sophomore pms, good or no side if there are likely to develop them, fingers, but it's much drier in areas like others, ready like yeah for sure the traditional recipe uses Mart and the bitter on it. So it should be a crumbly kind of fairly dry, like most european or not, How does it leaves little oil in your mouth was a big demands, good, the other stellar the best. Isabel had a delish. I'm about to head to florida for some iguana attack as a pastor. I just like that rescue gentlemen, oh yeah, that's good! How many ounces of iguana fat using this recipe a lot- this is twelve cool ass. If it were, in fact, are cute little jars of god how to fight somebody, at the end of it. I didn't I do like that logo that's great, yeah! That's a swede mode! Thank you. Thank you. Heaven is pouring this habit of rum you
custom mug, listen! These customers, you speak of. We do we have a modest amount or a high amount of custom mugs. You can buy. Oh yeah, we've got a lot, not that's not a modest run like fucked up doomsday encounter That's filled, glass, ass. You ve got your big vacation so go yeah. If you, if you want to get, I got, I got to talk about a whole bunch, though so let's say, you're wandering over the auction house of oddities. While there over and check out where you get are go find the inaugural. Not the one and only fish acts; revenge, sweet ass, much what's on its own. It is like it like armor southeast alaska. North pole theme told him poles. It's got up.
told him pulled at the north pole, totem, north pole, santa stuff, beautiful maud, nice tape or to a black gorgeous it's gonna wanna, do you notice damage wonder now? Are you drink now? Is that they are dying. nor can I say anybody. Embryos, guy caught liked goody, that's a grey area, one very good. I go on another one. Man second backs I've got I've been replaced as good as during the same hagar. eat your heart, oh yeah, while it is a sniffy, I'm gonna put these cookies right in the middle. Anybody who needs needs. More? Is it cavernous almost got moray rang like you crack conk, not the moment was that, as is almost moraine. Why was that the current year
Oh, my god. This group are dry, it's airy, yeah, it's a it's an easy recipe. You whip the fat with confectioner's sugar and then and spices and flour and that's it and then you just have to work with the dough really cold, because it'll melt in your hands like even when you're trying to roll it into a ball it'll, just more pass off that you say you got a top chef. Does it. This is that's yours. I don't it's built for a straw, video game. You've got to kind of have to drink the corner of it. It's an arcade cabinet Oh So yeah check out the mugs, and I was talking about the one who talk a couple of things, so we're good I get thrown off getting a job, an economy already buzz. So yes, we're good yeah rules, a stiff drink that be able tell how strong it is.
Yeah on why he gets so late. You can't talk about those ducks butter there will wake us together. yeah the meter. The vote That was it because of the meat dot you go there find the fish acts. Revenge marks. Also you can go pay a visit to. the house of oddities auction site. We got an update, though I don't think any of the people that were going to do this are here. We had three employees that were, plug this ready. They were auctioning off a that that the highest bidder would build a select
here too. The size of a quarter which they would get on their body, all policies that land access initiative, wonderful, gesture, chaster spencer, who runs the trivia programme. South rada, get these twenty five cent tattoos it turns out. We have to cancel this, We can't do it. I resisted it, just a lot of issues, a lot of there's a lot of legal from the cards. It tells you about legal problems. The minds are here, but we did. They they've got to think of something else to do, but you're going to have to just explain one of these problems. Just something give me something they are employees and there are certain issues
it's like an auctioning off employees, bodies and sandwiches like it just it got. It got a little thorny, but we've got plenty other ways to raise money. Gallo authority, I'm sure they're disappointed, aren't even talk that son's bitches about it, but we're not doing the tattoo thing. That's lame got shot down hard so I was totally on board that ideas that we people right now they want to send in like. Let me give an example. I can say that they want to be anything people want to send in like weird stuff that we ve had to reject. There's a lot of things we ve had to reject. There's a lot of things we ve to go to a lawyer like our attorney, and indeed his take on it like even like bachman juice, but we got the arctic. If a jar urine ox like it's all It is hard to auction. Stop off. There's a lot of complications, alot illegal, she's when your auction stuff off right now so doors. Also body's going gonna take a positive comeback swing and when we get it restart, here's the deal right now as we speak, my spear gun, which
all over the damn place. I would point out before was my spear gun as greg fought spear gun very well traveled speargun, a tour of Doug dern farm by Doug himself. You bid on the package you spend four hours driving around Doug turns farm, eaten cheese. Kurds talk about his concept, the programme and also the access. ram, he's trying to get on soda help. Other landowners navigate understand complexities around how to have a profitable farm that does good for wildlife We got a baseball bat signed by polar bear. Pete Alonzo, the new york mats to time where they call it thing here is home, run your time run. Derby, winner concert tickets travelled by turtles and meetings, with Dave Simon. At tracked, you gotta crept travel by turtles concert. You go backstage. You hang out with Dave seminary, similar still seminar well man. He might think it's there
without that have marked canyon signed tree saddle from the back forty project, an original brick and we covered is I'm not gonna recovered. It's just true and original brick from Jim bridgers general store in Missouri. I kept one of my personal oddities collection, spencer, kept one for his oddities collection. A third brick from Jim bridgers general store is up tons of artwork lion fish fin jewelry koreans crystal critter collection of squirrel feet, courts, silver, jewelry, brodie's, turkey, foot flipping the bird so bird, giving you the bird who doesn't like that and more on top of that. So that's all the auction house stuff.
What's the free thing in the auction house right now, like the just sign up for the win or the yeti, hopper, oh yeah, sign up, there's also the you go there for free and sign up to win that way, not the bid. If you don't want to bid on stuffiness, go win some free. We also got a bunch gift cards, downer so you get gift cards ranging honour. What the cap is a gift card range from ten bucks to fifteen hundred bucks review to check out there now. Here's the also Remember when we had our first wrote about this cavern top give a pitch unsafe oil, yeah. This is like one of the new items that we added to the mediator, store them actually super excited about. So we get asked all the time. My questions about like favorite, cooking whales, especially in our recipes where we say neutral oil, and so we have had a chance to work with this The cool farm in montana that is, producing organic sappho, our oil, for those people who don't know us after hours, all about planting
sat flower in lieu of like alfalfa, corn or something like that is an enormous boon for the environment, like the the volume of water that is saved, planting sapphire, which draw you health food folks, like you, ve seen the grain camped out in this doors like cam at safflower is the same thing so, and so this is oil is not only has no flavour, basically, which is great for I saw tat whatever the case may be, an enormously high smoke point, so it won't burning give that kind of bitter flavour. But my favorite thing is that it, It has a really low, what's called transfer rate, meaning that you can fry fish, deep fry fish and then fry french fries right behind it and you won't taste fish at all. It's too bad yeah, you like bomer, and we can throw something else in there. We can blend it with something with a high tree and fish oil. There you go yeah some omega threes in it, and it's also really good for you. You know it's soup hi in a lake acid, which is good for fur. Lowering bad cholesterol levels such as
of a super food in its made here in the united states, and so it's cool montana, sapphire for yeah, exactly yeah, it's pretty cool yeah, the safflower barn, those guys actually, SAM. the guy does all of our sort of merchandising knows them personally, and so I brought up wanted to use safflower oil for a recipe that we were doing, videos for and he was like. Oh, I know some guys and then put two and two together sounds awesome, that's cool as shit, whereas the price at like compared to just buying olive oil or avocado. While so you know, olive oil can be all over the board. super cheap because its crap and compete really expensive, it's good I've, gotta whales, pretty expensive. I would say that this lands comparably too Noah, sunflower, great seed, all those kind of oils is sapphire. The flour from The committee are exactly right right, exactly yep law school. Was on, I was on aeroplanes, catch can alaska and a guy
lager was getting out and he'd be like. How do you do his laundry? He had like every bought, the guys he had. A logging hit a timber products hat okay. He had a logger shirt. Those like stripe, lager, shirts right. with the sleeves cut off shore which they do like our asia logger he's get on the plane and enters a you that, like knows him on the plane ahead of him, the guy says the home. the first time I've seen you without suspenders. And he said I realized that suspenders dont make as good a tourniquet as about yeah. So I switch to a the guy then said? Well, why don't you just where both to which you refer I've common! I feel like a lot of those dues where both to which he replied too much rigging, The reference geeky magazine saying that you shouldn't do that that that's a thousand both eyelids rigging towards too much strategy, so risa brain
good similar circles there to both in a group of foresters I overheard the conversation. Never ass, the man who wears both the suspenders and got strap, because why. It seems like I, don't know whether their come undergone, others that are not there now they want and what they are eat. The wrong thing- and you know a lot of stuff do that, but about what he met with a lot of rigging If, in an emergency situation, when you are I am doing your pants as you had into the bath images like more. You got the suspenders under a jacket culture It was that you, the shared a story of me, calcium. You It's story where a guy now that was dirt- oh dirt, myth Gary smith, the story of a guide it all day, the future is a heavy equipment operator and all day
Smelling or what he feels that he's smelling human excrement all day, but he can't place it's not as boots can't place it be very sure. That's like a pre requisite the darkening is at some point. A waiter strap ends up without yet he eventually realises that his his suspender had gotten down in the bowl in cod load. So then, there it is like off inches from his chin all day. You can't figure out where the words emanating from Heroin tale. doktor. Animals are also a hundred episodes ago. Alan wouldn't you say, Adam see, man. But I did in the past very nigel episode with doktor alan joazar for michigan weed called bleeding out knows about,
we covered a lot of about medicine and in waters, motion and had an enormous amount of feedback. and we ve gotten multiple stories of people, including one in our camp stories tale of people who heard that podcast I would we got like three or four people now for who heard that pod asked and then said they would have never had thought to apply a tourniquet properly, but save people's lives. Including a guide it saved his father's life other got shot when a hunting exit. Org stepped on a gun blew his father in the arm. and he remembered here and a guy and some park ass. He couldn't remember where it was at a time describing how to properly apply tourniquet and they attributed this with saving two guys. Life.
We are no guy recently right in that this work out of this brings lazard. In this whole tourniquet thing together, lazard is published. A piece in was, I think, all current wilderness and environmental menacing journal yeah so Amazon com just published a piece, in the hit it brody? Oh it as well an environmental medicine journal about. She s our eyes, you maybe like what the hell did. He has our eye tree stand Injuries was fastened. And jackson, colony, michigan and he's a number. is the room doctor and he realized he's treating so many trieste and injuries he got interested in it. Anything. He found that what he had done, that ass. When he was looking at data around trieste injuries, he was only looking at admitted trauma patients.
Or not, people sent home, and you realize it was skewing what looking at so he started looking at non admitted like people that weren't that people that are treated and sent home and and came up with the pre, like surprising statistics around how much how many trieste and injuries there are. Five point. Seven three cases, there's five point: seven: three trieste and injuries in in one in a season. Five point: seven: three trieste and injuries per ten thousand hunters In his county, consistent with prior studies, he showed the most common trieste injuries sustained, were spinal column, fractures, lower extremity injuries. He found the alcohol use was low and its use and those that have fallen is low,
Last one is kind of a no duh, he says, but it's good dimension, since we know harnesses, aren't breaking a bunch, so low harness use, seeing high incidents of accidents and treestand injuries and he publishes whole thing up and just so happens. We'd also gotten his story from this dude. Recently, another guy apply to turn a kit based on Lazaro his description of tourniquets on the potty. ass, his friend was putting in a tree. Stan fell, was free following his arm got wedged in the crash of a tree which gave a compound fracture, he said Here's body, squalor and and when he ran under the tree. he had to move out of the way because of he said he couldn't. This is a quote I couldn't stand. Be me him. It was raining blood on me sweet now. This is a gruesome.
there's a gruesome store, literally the name of a slayers yeah. That's what I was zero gruesome tail, so We go around these guys north american rescue, like this, is largely based off that, like bit of education, we got about, How to deal with like arrow injuries, gunshot injuries major he's like that. So we were these guys at north american rescue to make like art like a like. It's a very costume kit. It doesn't exist but like a hunter. Is the mediator hunter series, acute trauma care kit, so it's all his life saving equipment for severe injuries, guns women's broken bones: major blood loss all in one thing and tourniquet stuff and how to use stuff. We also got that up.
Which I think is like a good thing, and I've been trying so hard be more diligent came up. Her can turn a command even carriers, his her harrowing stories. I think that, like the thing is, I think, a lot of people that that it's like to be prepared in the field to be prepared for for a gunshot in. I think you're sort of a lot of people maybe aren't comfortable with it, because you have cause then you're acknowledging that there could be a gunshot, injury, yeah you're. Admitting things could go wrong, You mean you're sort. I say I like that someone's not being safe and yeah your last week. If I do that, does that mean that I feel that there is some Dangerous about firearms like Who am I to run around? You know- and I think as pie, What's your job is like Can your kids out right and you said your wife like all any grab my quick clot in my big tourniquet,
the case someone get shot. he'd rabelais out no risk. The living in order to stuck in their leg and have lag and have severe bleeding ensure ever just sand. It's like a little- maybe I should say people in mice, personal psychology, I have felt that carrying like a gunshot kit, acknowledging the thing, but that wasn't like comfortable acknowledging Be lurking around the back, my brain, I guess being a guide, it's what you ve been forced to acknowledge that for a long time in what do it? resting is just even this year. all can away my kid out when its appropriate and be ok. Just so. You know like in this little blue kit. Here I have that's a good idea. These thanks. and I've never gotten host.
Some bad going to happen it's always more of a calming factor of like oh that's going, prepared soldier acute trauma care kit. Like the hunter's care kit we put together, you could go like you could. If you look at the damn thing you can see the list like you could go, assemble it or it could be kind of a pain in the ass to assemble it. You go make your own, but we have this. One is like packet. Agatha outrageous. Europe ship shrink wrapped in. If you go to the product, descriptions can read what's in it and like make your own kit so that year covered for this kind of thing, but manny monasteries it. We ve got from people that have dealt with like very serious accidents in the field. I do think that people. should take this seriously and be open to have and like a few more ounces and your thing, a man has become like very apparent to me. After all of the feedback we ve got from people who dealt with just some harrowing accidents at the very least, to keep it under the back seat of the truck type.
yeah and, if you're not going to pack it around tell folks where it's at learn how to apply that brick tourniquet man. by showing you ready, yet you they are now in progress should be at a time. About this, though you know in Hemingway's novels, in what they call being drunk in tight, tight yep in farewell to arms were like, I feel, a little tight. Not let you tight realize your nautilus. He looks good can't be tight. he lay. It offers sean as a recurring waterfall segment, yeah fresh new, he spoke come on every month, has a waterfall judgments As a result, waterfall expert, this kind, one of them hitters. Why doesn't This is the request I made yeah yeah, because it's out of this world flowed same yet. In my view, the two most interesting thing about dogs is how complicated
is when you're moving dots you shot how hard it is to be legal right once you read what you're supposed to do. No one is legal right and have, or has only one shot, shod weavers, the only person I know when you read about. you're supposed to do, and it's like no, he s a agent or anyone- has ever sat there and been like ok. Does this tag? Have Your name, your address, your hunting license number one species you shot like where it was shot. The date you shot the day, I'm shot and no one moves ducks legally accept regime. We were Now, no one more is more about dark penises ok. So this is a thing I have actually been enamoured with the funding when you're you know, haven't some drinks to like random
amelie bring up, is that birds in general, like most birds, don't have penises and ninety seven percent of birds. Don't have penises and there's like a lot of discussion among researchers have like why that is what like, why did they evolve to not have penises one of the people that has done like more research into ducks and waterfowl on. Like Joe, Tell your side than anyone is this guy named patty brennan and She can, as a theory of that, like the evolution of birds not having penises is like female choice. Evolution who explained owes me so pretty much for birds with no penises.
they have. Why would they would call the clerical kiss right were like oh shit, there's no penis, so they have to zat a slayer song yeah, that's actually the name of my new band and for like the clerical kiss to work, the female has to be receptive to the male girl and she pretty much has to do for better lack of terms like prolapse and like push out her cloaca to allow him to pretty much just spray and pray god and then like accept it back in and then thus she's fertilized. That that I, that I tell you about seen a snapping turtle with a prolapse cloak of the spring know there was lost. It was copulating really. I just saw One- and I said to my boy watch this and I snuck over and jack that turtle up by the tail two came up
Oh really took him up heavy as shit. I got a picture of an instagram home, the turtle up, yeah nine is the other. One fell down, yeah you ruined it. Why did and then my kids like he wanted to keep it and I felt bad put it back but it's I use the word engorged the clock. The one I was holding, which would have been the one on top, was like I'd, never seen that was pushed out pushed out an inverted near which I dunno. I'm scared me. Well that out, but so that's how, like most birds, go through the whole process. But then you have like three per cent of birds, a lot of which are like ducks geese. The
strange like that, like ducks and geese, and our lives is like a random set of herds that have like maintained keeping a penis. So they do, went that way like that. The flow over time- went away from not toward right now, but ducks specifically went like full arms race and so kind of what's happened with docks, is ducks are naturally very aggressive. Breeders you go hang out in any park in the spring and mallory are jason had around and you should probably shield some kids eyes like biodiversity are they'll, kill, em out yeah, I mean it's, it's it's full fledged like gang.
and they often drowned the hands and does necrophilia that goes on Hu Jia, all sorts of stuff, and so the dregs of like developed, especially in certain species within ducks, the drakes. Have you no develop like longer penises an like a saw it in some specifics. For example, the drakes have I believe, its corkscrew, or maybe it's counterclockwise corkscrew penis care member, which way which one gathers there was a limerick about this after to the shore, to and so as like, evolution of this like arms, race of drakes and hands. pretty much having to try to like work it out of drinks are being too aggressive and hands are trying to find a way to stop digging
yeah and like slow down the aggression and actually be able to pick who there may is, like hens, have evolved to have a reverse corkscrewed vagina, the opposite direction. of the dregs leftenant bread, cracky yeah yeah. Mr radwan always and see and begin to wonder like how reproduction even happened? You think that would be like throwing it back in the face of you know what biology spoke. do which is reduce yeah? You think, like all that would lend itself towards ease of reproduction right yeah, but it gets like way way crazier than that the drakes have developed like hooks on the ends of their Penis and they have like an explosive erection to where they can get too, like full erection and a third of a second,
like aids is the amount of flu little slow, her believe woman and instantaneous instantaneous and then like in addition to that, they have abnormally low. Urge penises, like the argentine ruddy dog, is like the average penises ten inches or something like that and this the dockets, yeah yeah. I know it's as long as the body, so all goes to say that, like the drakes have evolved, all these Really bizarre, like genitalia fun, chance to try to be able to continue forcing themselves upon hens, it's an arms race. It's an arms race and the hens have justice well evolve to like be able to still
two warded off toward it off and have made selection and part of that is dead. End pouches in the vagina, which is one of the most bizarre things that, as you like, look at. As you look at there's this graph here, just mine, allowing is your first graph blank yeah but relationships between male phallus length in female vagina, and it's a graph showing phallus length, verses, number of valuable pouches fellas length, verses, number of valuable spirals laid out in a point system. Yeah and its is this an intra species graph or an inter species graph, so you have some species that it's. This is inter species, but so yes, some species that haven't now generally evolved this way, the one that's like the best case.
like the one that's easiest to refer to all the time is the mallard right, because we know how aggressive they are as breeders america's duck, and then you have like bluebells there. Much more innocent than not near is zile, yeah oda, who so but what you really find is like these ducks the longer the penises they have the more the hands have like developed dead ends within the vagina to thwart. You know work resume they control there. Like I'm going all see. That's where it gets crazy is, you would think it would fly. the face of like their ability to reproduce, but there is a different researcher, his name slipping. He did a study on fertilisation rates, pretty much when the hens are receptive and actual. Allow mating they can relax the walls of the vagina
and allow the wrong threaded corkscrew to actually get home where it needs do and when they don't allow like when they I want the drake to be breeding when they don't want to make further Nation success is only like three percent and then it was like is in the seventies percent when they do except mating so today, as an effective deterrent. Yet like actually, but fires were out is just a while he arose and the little a little confused. So if this is to prevent aggressive breeding. Why not just let the first one bridger, It doesn't like the other ones, not still breed like birds like when birds have a nest. They have a nest full of many males eggs in it or yeah. But what am I I'm gay? I don't see how that, like detours, aggressive breeding.
I get your question. Why did I didn't it doesn't deter the actual aggression right? What it deters is an act now, fertilisation. Yellow here is that ok, so I was under the impression that these pouches were playing some role in deterring aggressive mail. hey. You know what it sounds like. What you are saying is the pouches are so the female doesn't allow insemination seminars she's right, so rag prettiest These exact mates, latches. She ultimately like gets. Bread and raped, but the penis doesn't find its way home to actual insemination. They don't call rape and not duck biology, probably not use like court, what it will do this, what do they say? Forced population or scale, are the hands doing anything to prevent the mass talking about? Is it like reverse or while one demand? No, so what they do to prevent it
it is all the things you see during a courtship flight and sprang where you watch his hands like flying through. these flying through telephone wires, doing everything they can to like shake off. You know, that's that's what you get to watch every mark trays like there'll, be twelve mallard drake. On one one hand chastened around and she's doing every. she kanda random in defence is run an amended trees like run into it other- the more horrific videos of his on natures, metal, yeah? They ve got some pretty wild. He does somewhere well, I mean he's hiding our natures. Now they gotta wear the dregs kill. Then yeah, that's like its. Unfortunately, pretty common especial In the water, because you'll get five six drakes all trying to pile on and what they do, as you watching videos as you watch how they breed they, you know grab her by the back door
add to like force her under them. While they end up forcing her hand under the water and drowning, the young ducks are not exactly the most polite, especially manner Ruddy ducks a gipsy, a ruddy ducks swimming around. They seem like prettiness innocent bernardo little borders. You go yeah man. What are you work on next video doc report. Man, how? How might the follows been unlike how you see this shifting of the like people's doc seasons and success in the duck season back or like you, that kind of the delay of the migration every year. I think we'll talk about that. Cause can be your next dog reborn warm yannick us, which migration has. Unfortunately, I've had like tackled tackle that myself this year, sherman last month, array We vandam conversation with my with my seat me on my flight coming back in
The ball is better than I am there is great, was visible. lady Mary, who was just like talking about birds and wind currents and, and things like that and choose was telling casual observations of the lack of sand hill cranes on their property this year compared to years past and she believes due to smoke, Yeah well, there's minarets well, studies out there interesting studies smote there that smoke changing photo periods, so there's not to like what will have to talk about this one as well. delta waterfowl and that their kind of like one of their main biologist, DR chris nickolay. He is done
or they have a study of the smoke impact in california, washington or again on the truly geese, which is like a kind of sub species of spackle belly. They have a super compelling research on how the smoke has completely altered, how those special These migrate real, like the last few years specific. Are you put that in your dark report? It sounds like a shed, please We may now we can review. Obviously, your few few have salisbury. yeah,
it's it's worth worth hitting again to get one I want to hear about it. I want to hear about it, but don't do that part. Do the other part, okay, confer with cal yeah John's duck report zone is called. Should we call that sure we can call it that jaws, docker port time coming up? Add like a quacking, sound effect, man, yeah dude? What we are talking about man is my funniest story. I know like the the the funniest story. I know the punchline is boring. Why remembered by thumper god someday I'll tell it yeah just leave that hanging city. The lead up is beautiful, great story. A couple of quick questions that are gonna move on a guy wrote it this. I know about these things. You ever came up with floral sent to trash bags, I'm not
I man, I like a laptop bad about people. I think they should find that person and do something real bad yak. My wife buys those things and I have always made the same mistake. A couple nuthin smells worse, the nets now our planet and then you combine it with trash What eliminates the multipurpose part of that thing. I don't use and trash bags period on the loose trade. guy, because I don't know why somebody would manufacturer something specifically for trash sibilant rival I'd, take all these natural resources and combined to make this thing that we just put in the garbage and that need. I gotta be. We should share grade like a real drive with christmas wrapping paper. I say Our presence in our pillow cases because serve the same purpose. It hides what's in it yeah, I'm serious does she feel about it. She laughed about now she started doing mine and my close so happened
I am aware of that morning. I take the pillow out of the pillar case. I stick the present in the pillar case role it up and put it under the tree, and then it's like a hides. What it is. You have the joy of discovery. I put the pillow back in the pillow case, but dick, but by a thing, Two like put on a thing to hide what something is in and take the thing and put the garbage strikes me as strange what if he reuse paper, or like mushrooms, save the paper that graham you rat rival, have uganda around the whole area. Would take her five minutes to open a present because she's trying to save the piano and tear the rapidly having got kids you're, not reacting reality turner, nozzle, excruciating, ozma, grandma coral. Do my mom member, grandmother. She had a fake treat that she left decorated and shit like a giant garbage very that one over it and every year that choose the same. She would at the under christmas. She'd put the garbage beg over the tree carry it down into her seller down the stairs.
Over plan down there like there is the tree at christmas time. She just carry all back up and plug it in. I, like it very, very, like efficient use of mystery space, so this guy rodya so use out at a ranch do in some hunton in there guys you gotta dear the ranch, guys packaged it in floral, sent a trash bags when he's eating meat. He can't figure out what it was in his wife put together its whatever that garbage is on those banks. Guys like ours. Neither it's on the meat yeah. It's all. I want to come. What would this but he doesn't want throw it away, but its very off putting to him yeah I well I mean There is an argument it. Maybe you should away that suffers really toxic. that I mean there's been significant conversation in this country about outlawing this floor, trash bags, because the industrial fragrances that they're using legs
Imagine this like how in the world would you gets a fragrance to adhere to the peace plan, It's like it's been engineered to to not go away like it sticks on purpose. I mean like glad bags, for example, it's it's a piece of plastic, a sheet of fragrance in another piece of plastic and they're all lamin to each other at so it so it won't go away, and so what he is eating is is truly just industrial camel you ever there's no killops, tell nice negative tone. I fix it up. I mean the answer to fixing it up is like the same thing you would do with no. When you look like treating cuisines that that, frankly, use a lot of meat is like pushing the edge of ran shirt that it's its despising. Its aggressive lee spices only read him and evil recipes. How exactly tons of like may write mace exact, not mad, cinnamon, nutmeg allspice. If you look it like such one cuisine like in mainland china, the reason for this an aggressive amount of spicing. Is that just real, realistically it they're using meet that serve pass? That freshness point. So that's his only option at this point
is to sort of engineer round sophie's like what is that I wonder I dunno I'll go with making mix in provence, all dishes were lavender is already an ingredient. I cast an eye out. You know I will take another I'll just be make like a like several spicy s off. Yet that's what I mean, like, I just add a lot of stuff to it in any kind of mascot. That being said, the way they accomplished the scent a trash bag. If it's like a glad bag, that's one version. There aren't like that natural ones and they basically use like human, great, perfume mixed into banking sector? And then or does it with circular ethel roles puddles in yeah. That sounds cheap yeah, there's no there's no combat no server is interesting story. A guy was gotten a deer disguise in my home state of Michigan got a deer and was like messing around with the stomach contents check. This out got real bad poison. Ivy realized that it had been eaten poison
I believe according to him, been eaten, poison ivy leaves and he got a bad reactions. The first time he ever got a reaction to poison ivy I'd like to I'd like to challenge, but I didn't see the gop. While I wasn't there, I have gotten poison ivy from I got bad bad, bad poison, ivy from a wild pig from just touching it,
because they they like bed, net stuff and roll nets, though so our challenge and be like. Are you sure it was? He says: deer cattle, goats all like to eat poison. Ivy I'd be curious. If that deer wasn't just have the oils on its hair and in the handling. That's why your arms broke out, he's attributing it to the fresh greens that were on his wrist and forearm. Oh, I know what it was: ok screw this up shot with the crossbow when he dispatched it shot it again, a second time to cut the esophagus and that caused some, A of stomach contents and he's he's saying he's they he got it off the poison. I hear some who is dear, is so rights any shoots. Adele. The drilgoes he just sit in a state of his blind and is watching the door while the field.
Also, the bargain comes out starts, eaten the dough. The guy doesn't is probably permitted to kill bobcat but kills the bobcat, because he says that you can shoot a predator if its attacking your property game warden had a different opinion and find the guy, guy thinks that it was not fair, but if you just asking my opinion on it, I would go with what the game warden says in his case is as if you'd have walked out there. Yet you get out of your standard. Bobcat was from here to there It feels a little dubious man. I mean with all due respect. It's like, I feel like you could have like hey yeah, I mean bobcats, are pretty scary I shot it and got fined for shooting the thing which, like no disrespect, but I mean I, I feel that that I would have had have done. The same thing is awarded it
Yeah, only the guys is very familiar with the habits of the bar of bobcat. Yet I think he's like probably actually got like a legal argument to be made, but the thing is you just gotta get out of the trees and the other sure got find another dude. This guy wrote in his blood trail and the deer hits deer in his blood trail on it and it keeps he keeps bumping it. So he decides to give it some time and then the DA vinci crosses a neighbor's property and bone. Here's a shot his property turns out twelve year old kid sitting there and also the buck runs up beds down right in front of him. The twelve year old kid gets it and his and, of course, like whose deer is that be saying in this guy's case he's like he didn't really care, it's a little kid. I let him have it, but he talks, One good turn do in another, because then this guy's attacks in earnest got the business await their children. Twenty five dollars gathers no argument that
kid, that it wasn't. The kids deal radically, not man but the kids, came round and did a two hundred twenty five dollar freed amount with jack service. A brilliant holiday goodyear cows freed amounts have gotten exe. ass. If or maybe it always been expenditure, not acceptance of. If you see me or they are much where they No, I don't know that's the thing. I think I myself has long. There was a as involved even but I know they charge a lot of money to boil school. Now man yeah it's one hundred and fifty bucks, I'm doing a skunk school right now for excited about This will take you back out a holiday cheer, this guy roads, this guy drowsy out tag in pennsylvania. He gets a once in a lifetime. Archery boiled tag, So he says the letter written with all the landowners around there. Guess I'm permission so he can hunt pennsylvania Elk our views that want to sets.
You know right. There's a ramp has Andy alchymist his property. Sends a letter out and it gives us return. So he says let her out seeking permission. Dear Joe thanks release asking about hunting on my part, over the last twenty years, most hunters have just shown up uninvited trespassing, and ignoring the no hunting signs. I went to all the trouble to put up I'm replying courteously, because in twenty years you are the very first hunter who has actually been arsed to ask. I don't know what that means. Arsed, I think that's just some kind of typo it's gotta, be I mean I thought like arsed. Arts like ours is what the breadth but yeah right, you've been, but to put even budded to
was asked to ask. The answer is no news. Where takes a sour turn, since she was going good? When I was reading the letter, I thought he got the permission for certain tastes, sour turn. The answer is no, I do not allow hunting on my land under most circumstances. I do not approve people entertaining themselves by killing stupid animals. This this is like This is one more interesting debates you would back reading that sentence for it to go killing innocent animals. He does not approve people entertain themselves by killing if they were smart, stupid and it'd. Ok you take. Can I bought in guide has had to go to marian Webster ours. Does an adjective concerned? Bothered Oh, this is simply a reddish slang cell. I get this guy at the park. You're gonna get a good book handling. Maybe this guy's british them we
gotta go on show with the with the roma, as there was reason is that it will all commercial Where was he oh, he doesn't approve approval entertain themselves that kills tube animals. If you told me, you wanted to shoot some humans you'd have to provide them. There would be ok as long as you're all fully vaccinated and pick up the mess after yourself. that's a real dark turned asking for hunting. In the meantime, I suggest you revisit your assumptions as to what constitutes worthwhile game. What's that book sincerely, what's that, the guy hunt, most dangerous, get out there. I was that this area they advocate further, as it does a new argument lake is this guy prompting his own murder is he's like suggesting
this guy show up and kill, brought wherever, when grinned as a pre interview, we're gonna find out. Okay, all the answers that takes tour that takes the holiday thing for sure there was move on to a final word and move on to a debates action here where we talk about in social media and all kinds of stuff. That's my brother mass join us here, since they all kinds of stuff redouble social media hunting, ah but romance here. He has very odd, does not like social media. Not as I don't know, I don't want hunting social doesn't like hunting social. I don't I don't. That's not even true cause. There's a lot of good that can be done through social media, like grip grants. I I dont like showing strangers what you shoot. So, unlike hunting tv as you, but you re at you, you you're here,
someone could go like if you want to get a very full like full, fleshed out idea of mass perspective and black black rifle of all. Oddly black rifle coffee company- and has a full opinion: peace by matt going up on their website. It's there. Their publication is wild free range american? Here I used to get all my news and opinion from folgers dot com, but you can go over to a free range american and check it out. It's weird, like I thought as weird for them, because you're saying a free range american was that has some new things. Last land owner hunting philosophy. What's that. Free range american come on. I'm hurry range american girl get what aroused aim because my stay in your free range. American was the incentive was too like and because we have like a suicide epidemic among vat.
And the intention was to inspire veterans to explore opportunities in the outdoors. it was weird to that that they had interest in publishing a peace that was in some ways ex expressing let alone concerned with new people going out of doors just got away. I felt bold both of them to do something that seem to be. decidedly at odds with their with their mission. But I what lay off some of their research and things you did for the for the peace, because people go read the peace, the research I did not. I I guess I I interviewed some people that, show strangers what they shoot near in them and their motivations fur for doing it. What the debt, Yeah I was I was now. I like the argument that that europe is about interview process also saw that I think,
very surprised box we ve covered that did a surprised by the The research around that hunting tv, actually drove than increasing leasing idle You were that well know there has been no rationalism, that's just speculation! On my mind. Do any kind of like they didn't do any kind of checking that it. No I I mean, I think, that it's it's pretty clear. I mean before. We had hunting social media and knows how to another. You can get whatever anyone do like. I guess, Well, let me let me answer what I want. I want to do the double question I just got: got I'm confusing two things I like, I said the inner like like you're sort of the interview process you conducted to find out what motivates people who post about social media just how that went
I ended up just to jacket and say I don't see this as opposed to black rifle coffee's mission to get people with ptsd or other mental disorders have served in the middle of military at our hunting. I I don't think it's opposed to that at all, as opposed to what I believe is a corruption in our motivations for hunting that are caused by a hunting social media. I think it's very it's become so that a major driver in people going hunting now is not. Let me just define what I call a traditional sportsmen and and and and these are the people I see I stand with- and I by defining this will just make it. The conversation go more smoothly. If we have this vocabulary word mind, because I wanted to keep repeating myself, but I
I define a traditional sportsmen as their sports person as traditional hunter as someone that goes. A field for meat hide horns, personal enjoyment and self reliance, sense of self reliance that comes from providing for oneself, and I make a distinction between that. Those folks and people that show strangers
what they shoot and lazy they're mute. Those are mutually exclusive people. Well, I am not. I I don't see any good in showing strangers what you shoot so on, and I I do think that a fair number of people that show people the issue I mean they're out, therefore, because they want to I mean on social media- is because they're interested in ah getting likes getting fame law cases. Getting corporate sponsors. And I don't think there is a legitimate reason to go hunting. It's it's. How pervasive do you think that is very, very I would say so I mean it's anybody's guess, but I'd say that, maybe you know if, if it wasn't for the the allure of that one, I dunno I'm open to maybe a quarter less trucks at the trail head. How can how can anybody say with any
definitive definitively, but it doesn't matter really at the end of the day. I want all those people to go away because huntings, overcrowded now and public lands, and it's important that people are out there for the right. since a corset according to the north american model of wildlife management, one of the tenants of that is that the EU should go for a field for legitimate reasons, and I dont see ah fame and and money and likes as a college, admit reason to be afield. So I guess at about I do I'd be I struggled to understand a little bit about it so globally, I, like your age, demographic globally. You guys make up four percent. Four percent of people in your age group, demographic or on social media they get in the country has like twelve per cent
your age, demographic ground, social media, but what's weird, is you land right in, like demographically, you land right in who hans, okay, so you're, like other, just like it old someone, like late, forties, early fifties, white male is predominantly honours, but the people in your age, grandma, graphic poorly represented on social media. Also, meat is primarily made up of people and eighteen to twenty four use, just look at like yesterday. I was curious, how pervasive do you think? The problem is how many individuals do you think are out there who don't want the meat I would say that door. Why don't? I should limit, and I would say at the outset I would say it's. I don't know how pervasive it is, how we appeal ninety who wouldn't be there. I sat like I say, quarter so twenty five I mean it's anybody's gets it could be higher. I don't I don't know.
But I don't like cocaine when people show show people what they shoot two thousands and hundreds or thousands of strangers, and they all boy. That's great. I think that is major impetus. Let me ask you a question. Let me ask you a question. Okay, have you ever be honest with me here? Have you ever had to go on? A hunting trip were for work when you're in a film and you'd you'd rather be at home with your wife in your kids. That's true whether our fishermen are not ok and when you were out hunting that time, because I was and is not that, rather what are you gonna? Where are we when europe, when euro hunting, but Would you rather be homeward your kids, your hunting, because you're out there
the fame and money you're not you'd, rather be home with your kids. So that's what I'm saying by making content out of it. It bastardized the whole thing. Those times that you were out there with your hunting, when you'd rather be home with your wife in your kids are times you were hunting for terrible reasons, Yesterday I went to check a martin trap. We were all getting christmas trees, but I wanted to go check. Martin trap and my wife is real annoyed with me, because we had her parents with us and I had to cross a river and everybody couldn't go and I brought a pack raft. I pulled my kids across and they are, there is real steep slopes. I dragged across the paragraph they played on the bank and I up in the woods I was really feeling, Like our view of my wife and kids, not check my mart trap and I wasn't gettin famous or rich, The german martin trial- you just admitted to me that you sometimes rather be you're out hunting but you'd rather beyond what your kids but you're gonna be out there because you're looking for the famous money- and I'm saying you said how prevail
If it doesn't visit, you do it so I'm so, but I wanted like in the prevail, This issue like, if we consider the percent of. What elderly, white males butter, Why are we focused on that demographic? I'm? Just looking at who I'm trying to understand, I said to become social media hunters. This is only gonna get worse and worse are more concerned about or teaching our kids. With this with this this this model there start there starting out as social media hunters and so there's stuff, out with this whole new incentive structure that I find grows. If and I'm really opposed to using it in the way that you know folks, like yourselves, use it where it's like, showing people what you killed in hopes that they buy something, but you by all kinds, outdoor products.
I don't know man, social media, bonobo. I've been my I've been by this purely military assets. What the social media thing is like they, they forget how new it is. It's only within the time I know, but but that's that's I I didn't I didn't. I never bought my products based on social media and I still don't but social a way to understand social me. The way that I think about social media is that the This representational aren't, we know about, is perhaps fifty sixty thousand years old, where people are drawing hunting pictures on the walls of caves. In Europe that negative so completely different and I'm still talking and other than his fish memories wrap up my my point out our life field stream spy the field. Those magazines had their ascendancy in the polar world war two years and they published images of people with dead dear. With down game to sell products in animals.
magazines, they're they're all done now. But they had a hundred year run of doing that in the seventies. there were hunting shows when he beckoned heads abc CBS bs NBC in the seventies there were hunting. shows on mainstream tv served to abroad or I'm gonna end up hospice. I'm going to end up dismissing the pra the bonus of an end up dismissing the premise, because we've also always killed each other okay. So it's like it's like a Then we ve done it a long time. Isn't gonna get you anywhere with me, but but you not the little problem you're running into. Is you not, and you don't know what I'm gonna say it yeah you're gonna say this is something we've always done. So it's good! No! Okay, let's see it. Let's hear it then, and in fact, what you're saying
into my point. I could go on and on and on, but I'm just establishing the fact that for a long time, people have engaged in taking photos of publishing books about publishing magazines about publishing television shows about. brag boards and sporting stores all the packaging for all the high get it I get. How are you doing here? would view social media as it. continuation of something that's always gone out now. If it's always been evil, then I would think that that one would not have a problem with social media per se but we have a problem with a hundreds of years old tendency to talk about hunting products and fishing products. In the were, showing people in the act of being successful, die of a problem with that,
so it almost. These, I believe, and I believe in using wildlife- does to sell products that s leg, it's like when, on those two like those it's like in my mind, it's like that like when you're out hunting. When you wrote me with your family at that point, it's like market Harding, which is banned in nineteen eighteen, I think of like using animal daddy animals to sell products as a form of market hunting, but a but here's like what war, whose like what worthy implications for you like. How does it affect your behavior out is if it affects not only like you would buy, but, like you, buy hunting gear and there's no way you buy any, am or any hunting gear that doesn't market with the use of showing the product's efficacy. Does that does that that create trouble for you as a consumer? Just don't have the don't, have the dead animal in it. That's your message circuit to manufacturers. That's my message to everyone
so like if you buy a box of shell, is just too much of a chance that I mean it's. It's inspiring people to go a field for terrible reasons, and you know. Are we like on a board that, like crowding as a major issue, do we have to do to make. Haste. That's I mean sure hunters for hunters point yeah hunters point to crowding as an issue that has doesn't about all out a big time. Less crowded over eighty percent of hunters
Let me say: LOL picked picked her where they are going to haunt not based on anything else, but how many other hunters they think they're going to be out there over half of hunters report and abandoning hunting locations due due to pressure and the stats are from the practitioner's guide to a recruitment retention and reactivation of hunters. So these that this is a group, that's it's that sa and that's trying to overcome obstacles to recruiting new one there's. So if anyone would give the elder structure their questionnaires in a way that would make crowding not come out as an issue, it be them. It is the dominant issue Say I love you. I love you. Let me let me lay a little groundwork about some crowding issues and Earl, increase interest issues and, and an end again, I'd like to talk in the sort of
how we derive what what leads them Is there really interesting for these? create covered that I'm talkin about whatever their from two thousand. Sixteen not one we're just the same year that the fish, while I've service based on some hokey survey, was trying to say on our numbers, a dip, calvet. We ve seen a thirty four in percent, increasing increase, purchasing just kind of surprised, I would rather just stay away from covert because it's like it's going to a presumably a go away. If it doesn't. It's like. I don't want to make this about that, like the covert hunting as I think that it's like, I say it was crowded too crowded before that. It's it's so crowded that, even now, like I wrote an article that was critical of the hour three move in a year ago, and and now a in you know, people were like call like calling heresy,
like and we're jumping all over me about it? And now, a year later, just now, and just last week, montana, backcountry hunters and anglers voted. The board voted to a cease and desist all our three actions. As great so I you think so, because I see you guys meat eater as if several I love the pockets and I learned a lot today, but with with with long years wishes because a lot of people is the park ass, the inner as we are, with, with what the least I'm glad you admit that year, crop causing crowding, that's good Bear in mind that if, by talking about something that interest you in a way that passionate and then people here that may become curious about it like guilty. Well, I elsie is chart. I would say that maintains. Don't don't want more hunters and you
you're doing for profit our three showing you talkin about crowded, you're speaking specifically to money. no, no, that these were national data that I'm talking about her, but there are states in this in our country where there's a prolific amount. animals and their asking are eating the leader near should move there. I mean where thing to. I would say that our spread in increasing and increasing people on our staff is in fact to try to bring more of the movement to the states that we have had our time. Speaking too,. Like my own state and others. With another thing I
A problem I have with hunting social media and in in hunting tv is the means by which influencers, like yourselves, go about tracking people to hunting and are blatantly dishonest. I have well a young I'm getting to that. I know more all of you in this room that have not shown something that you ve, shot and wounded that You would have shot was shown head. You killed if he's not there, how to shoot, show the blood trail, how knowing you born when you go on a hunting trip and you post about it, you're saying to you I tell me that that's not one of the most consequential things that happened on the hunt. That is that you wounded something yeah good times like we on you have no way of you. At times you haven't noisily if you're going to attract people to huntington's to sell their products, but
incumbent on you, but that's not what I draw the consequences of every shot, and you know you don't, but what harm it, but what so you- and I were god- you know because you now in hunting for the rest of us, the dont show any of it so like I, just startled by mid july and let us go from there. I dont think that I do we Now the biggest the boys whaley wait. When you have been doing, I would reach an audio wait, wait the middle way out what I wanna get. How is that not lying? Ok, here's the thing, then here's like we're its limit where it is. I think we probably know a tremendous mount about other end could all day long arm, like even just restock, stuck to like things that have happened around hunting we could probably like all day long, do things to each other that right, which must be now you could say anything. That's happened in my hunting past I mean I, I don't try to portray an affair
verbal light than honest. I leave it off line and I don't care what you say about. Yes, I've lots of animals in my life listening audience, I've did Lawiya reanimated. My asked another thing: there s a thing we talk about and cover fair bit. We ve had on line you white. What are you sometimes not show it? sometimes do I get a lot if they also get a lot of things I dont show and if, at least let me finish my sentence, we ve done but like the biggest waded out, have never reach an audience. Is to reach an audience like by putting shows our networks. We have chosen netflix all about wounding, losing stuff. There's not going to happens in it is moving losing something, though I would other apostolic, where you go to great lengths to hide the fact that you ve earned it lost something I would die, don't think that that's accurate knowing their elude? Can we talk about it, then that we can have this discussion though I've gone to great lengths to hire something this happy. Yes, you go into it. Now I you know, I am talking about the below the tell me later. Police nightgown map error
like a huge I will acquire shooting animal and you play I'm putting it up if it goes good you are lying. If you don't put it up and it goes bad, I mean Some places where there's some Raising the law, where you can, you can go to prison for lines by emission if you harbour a fugitive you know we others point. I mean where oil high day, why your show is under documentaries on netflix, when I don't win honoured is categorized october because its its reality tv once you start do they have I can call reality, and I don't know I don't know what you're entertainment. I don't know where you put it, but but you just say that in this is because I strive for honesty and in my life I wrote a big law article about a bull that I shot and lost in new mexico and got it. Feedback on that right and it was a very
nothing to me because it that some as a hunter and general I'd I'd really tried. The van freedom, have any of the way you said. Show it every time and destroy hunting or or threaten it for drivers it is going to fire dogs, or maybe you guys have painted yourselves into a corner either, show very little of it or like every third time it happens or whatever and then you're lying or you show it all, and you compromise and risk the future of hunting for people like myself, that don't show any of it. I don't understand how you. to me there's the always been this paradox of people who are like. Oh god, don't talk about that in hunting right because then you do paint self into a corner right and the lets you say: leg bring up bogeyman with big anti hunting crowd right, make the. Ah
here, are the wound law stat, that no, but he talks about, whereas if we do talk about them that somehow alienates us from other hunters like that that that's ridiculous. We europe bring up the north american model of gay management. It's like. This is all part of it. It's all dirty just seen by rising you creating the skeleton laws, anything and not put it on social media. I wrote an entire area by ever wounded, something in that political and social media that you would have otherwise put on social media. have you ever children s he regarded. It cannot put us also meet him, but I have. I have talked about it, I'm just saying which, we are doing is not the full picture.
Let me ask, I could resort to specific examples, but I'm trying to not. Let me ask you this about new hunter recruitment and pressure if what, if, what, if you never show pictures of the dead animals at all like what? If what, if your social media feed, is entirely about hunting- and it's you in the field- it's you with your friends, it's a it's! Maybe the end products that you've made the dishes that you've, cooked and stuff like that. Does that change the the ethical issue? In your mind, I'm curious, oh okay, so I think the that would help born, took as I dont like I am, I have and never have. I think that I think that would help a bunch, but I mean, like I don't know if it gets you completely out of the woods ethically, because, like social media influencers in hunting, here's what they kind of do for, like hey, we decided, we decided
We are going to make more hunters and sell them products and they don't consort with the rest of us. They dont. Let us consult with what the rest of us that don't do that. Want they dont say: is it ok? They don't. You know, I think that I dont know anybody that doesn't think that influences are recent crowding and there's a lot of oh I've peer review. No, I agree with zero, so it's like you guys have decided we it's so top down like we have decided, we will increase your crowding onto so that we can. We sell our products and, and to me, that's just like that. So I maybe it could out that it definitely helps if you, if you're like it shows like you are
well. I'm going to ask you is in wildlife in this gross way was sure, and what, if I mean what an old your reputation as a harder I gotta kara building my reputation as a hunter. I care, I very much doubt about building. I care very much about building people's confidence with making very, but I would consider to be better choices with the food that they feed themselves in their family. Like people in the field, because I would rather them harvest their own dear, have to process it go through the reality of taking something's life to feed and- and you know, bolster the life of yourself in your family over buying up get something out of a grocery store and intel. That's all well and good, but, like you, ve decided I'm going to make more hunters there's a whole heck of a lot of us, because you're not profit and state. That's like you know, my friends got huntin in eastern montana, and was now probably state or one of the biggest net profits in the state. Montana beeches decided no man, that's where the biggest now
within the state. Well, hunting nonprofits in the state- yes yeah, but they're still going to do social media there is not going to do. Concerted are three. We that it's an acknowledgment that we have enough hunters yesterday by and you guy, what do you guys in the rest of the influences are still going for more like yours, like I don't care I was the one that also arrest you wonder what do they will still do? No doubt events. They will still social media, they will still What are they? now they have a concern that they have a concerted apparent. Had a concerted effort, which was like spending money with the idea that you would recruit and create more hunters like, My like my notion of that is that that's the thing now, if they still are if they still go and put up pictures of people out hunting and they put up picture, people enjoying food and they put up any kind
grip grins. They would still be as equal, so we'll see of montana deejay is so serious that they stop in any kind of social media around hunting if they think that that's the blame since they got their quitting, are losing the influencers, don't in the increase hunting pressure. I think that it would probably I think that it's a overwhelmed trying to get in that. You didn't like it, but was. While you talked about some things that I think do How just how huge in attributable the numbers are like if you look at something like the global pandemic, I was trying to link near win of trying to get a sense of like if you remove year, So it has youtube less, also media. So you take you to go, I consider I forget about light f and like it. Let's say you remove publishing and any remove its like latest manifestation through social media in you be remove video platforms like youtube? I dont
it's hard to say, because here's the interesting thing about with crowding the most hunters we ve ever seen were in the past world war two years, pre you to pre social media pre hunting tv. You at the hall just percentage. In fact, I know it's hard to count, but by most academic measure since you had as many hunters in nineteen fifty is you do today, not breaker. I didn't say what it doesn't matter, how you guys are them influences have made hunting so attractive? Who not only do we get to me? I'd horns, personal satisfaction, sense of self reliance, but we we'll get payment likes and money, so now we're theirs, people are more in sent our artificially incentivize to hunt so, madam
different than the magazines were doing pre social me yeah? I feel that you could be. I don't I don't I don't. I wouldn't some support those either, but now it's become appoint were ever it's like a garden industry where everybody gets too like. Oh, I get to chase that stuff now to find any. I know many many many many many hunters best hunters, I know by far our online and what you guys with the influencers do is decide zombie will we will all four more hundreds but Don'T- and there are lots of people that dont want that. But what do you like it is? Here's another thing: let's do another topic because, like I don't know, leave me much time and I need things that I need to be able to ask like it's kind of. I have to be able to like esquire, you know regulations for hours and want to make sure I get to some other stuff. No we're gonna.
radio, moral I oughta get to do more. Like routers legged like to ask a question was interesting to me: trying to sort out, as I can see. Finding I understand pointing to social media influence and not liking. It which, I think is demonstrated by like rates of people. If we care about demographics, like rates of people We actually just even engage in source made like there's a seventy five percent chance Another do hunting is it does a seven. Five percent chance. As a fifty year old american mail is a seventy five percent chance you're offline anyway. so I can see light. I see it all trying to fix my sense. I endeavored You see like in that when I try to understand, as is the how we know what, when you're sleeping tracking it, how we know that this, like that, social media platforms. Not magazines, not products in fact go about something.
When we first moved out to montana kind of took over kells on spot, his state crops are grown up his day, as Michigan do is moving out west. Blowing it up for everybody else, is I think you got more incumbent on you. We are lagging well you why he was talking about you. I like ireland, something I never sitting on my anna at least some quite back and those about. We don't really here and then try to blow it up for everyone we really into in its way Like a I'll just say I was. I bought a book by dawn, Dunlop b, lobo, a harder like on outright and I use that word as as a way to kind of like learn in get out and do stuff and don law bows bored parlor gave it its traction. as you like. Mass somebody's kills, a lot of big out. Some looking at us, but I see that he's effective, give it credence
And I buy a gas it here, which is a map book which is meant to get all that stuff is for people that already hunt use you know just I had. I just knew higher hunted for years people all. There is a saying influencers if social media hunting. Influencers are influencing people to hunt, then what the hell are they influencing do. and you look at the relevant look at the relevant scientific research on the effects of influencers. There's concrete, a concrete evidence that these across the board, there's cut you are not marry me here, is about what you're saying you finish. you're. Trying to florence is have a minor, is geared on and does work if you like Party you a little curious about some things. Are we going to say so long to
You do like make your point so If you, you seem to be toying with the notion that influences have a trivial impact on hunting knobbed I've toying with the notion of how you measured obscure away. I am too because I say I don't know how how a person even find let em you're not into hunting we there are. There are concrete data on all kinds of other variables. The influencers effect steroids use its very well established the influencers increase? Steroids, use its very well established influencers were instrumental in costs the january six riots. It's very established that their bit e cigarette use. Marijuana use on this trend of people going state and federal wildlife officials in taking selfies cod
to wild game and holding wild animals that that is their scientific studies on that being a by product of influencing. So you guys can argue that all, but not with hunting, which it was other You were arguing that, on the grounds that never finish the point, goddamn. You never really would, though Margo had finished the point. The learning how to like start when I moved to Montana and the learner aunt montana: I used all kinds of resources. By a new equipment I bought, Or media I can see where milder me. The other day I had a, I put a post on instagram of the first piece of outdoor media I ever bought, which I bought nineteen. Eighty five and eighty six knows Tom miranda's production line water, trapping the tom right, I mean instructional, dvd about how to water trap
and I use this dvd and I was quite by the amount of feedback people know that same series are used dvd to go. and learn how to do shit that I didn't previously know how to do so. I took a piece of media use it to educate myself, I found a massive amounts of interest When you george about the sort of thing his series is, trapping series was, I I'm standing at a covert with a mink he caught and dude. That spoke to me the same way Do trapper, predator collar magazine and I'd see like guys of big barn photos of lot of furs, and I would say, like man, I would like to know how to do that. I wish I could do that tat a more dialogue. Last thursday, like I have for a long time, I guess death things that inspired me found information to learn how to do stuff in so it's a lie.
Weird meta, then come around the idea that that the one word can that, then it's like a condemn illegal act. pity to do my own, the men to educate, but the we might also look lad and want to emulate the while your increasing crowding for people than have been here longer than you and you bought you to a large extent. You don't have to deal with that because you go up to alaska or you hunt. Special draw. Two eggs were may only allowed to tags or whatever you know. So, if yours, if, if, if, if you If we think we need more hunters how many more the are you are you thinkin? We need bud but we need anymore me. Well, then, why don't? Why are used Zella? Why, you being an influence. Are then why are you influencing people to hunt is more about the quality
yeah, I don't have any, I don't have any like you're saying like for me personally. Do I have a number of hunters I'm trying to achieve? I don't have I never even thought about it in those terms, I know that, like I speak to a very very, very small a fraction of the people who buy hunted like like. If you look at like what they are, this is the audience is a very, very, very small fraction of people who are already engaged in hunting like I've. Never, data be like I, I need more, I I I don't think about it. I really don't think about there's. No! It's like. If you look at from if you look at it from a business standpoint like if you like, may conning gear I've, never in any conversation around or like around customers around audience where's. Would take such a round about approach as to think that like or the first thing you do, is you try to make a new? two hundred and one that new hundredths made. Then you try to like get them. Do you like our way in interested in in the products of one's actions in instead of what the intent of them
and I dont know anybody that doesn't think I dont know a single person that doesn't think that outfits like yours are increasing crowding, I imagine tat, it was just there are places this. You say you don't want more hunting, but your action. I didn't say I don't? U. What must I do not? I dont. You asked me why we had rewind the tape. What you just said, Mary Did anyone today how many more the are you are you thinking we need they will need anymore me. Well, then, why don't? Why are you selling why you being an influence or then why are you influencing people to hunt is more about. The quality yeah, I don't have any. I don't have any like you're saying like for me personally. Do I have a number of hunters I'm trying to achieve? I don't have I never even thought about it in those terms, I I know that, like I speak to a very, very, very small fraction of the people who buy hunting like like, if you look at the
what the audiences the audience is, a very, very, very small fraction of people who are already engaged in hunting like I've, never That'd be like art, more? I don't think about it for years. The tape I dont have a so we re right. You there's no reply. Have a number not chasing a number like it? I like I'm completely ambivalent authority with how the with with, if, if anything's impact, you're you're concerned the biggest Well known and hundreds in the in the country that whose well I just here at various places as a don junior has to be what eight an that wasn't matters. I don't? U Julia doesn't matter Steve it doesnt matter, you're, one of the influence show hunters in the country. I can't believe you ever asked the question. I was a nugget of rogan, oh god, sorry come on lot of fish or that you haven't taken the time to come. I mean you guys are
Well, you gotta, I'm just a guy, and I have my number what I'd like to see. What would you like to see but about half half as many yeah? No, that put a sweet, still be above new zealand in terms of per capita where's. That put you with funding, while I think the biggest and I think the biggest problem with with, with their habitat. Is too many hunters so right. But if he's all, I think that, though I would have. I think that wild life would be better off if we, if we forfeited the funding and and had an end If you were hunters and like I'm, the only way I can see that's legitimate to reduce hunters is by taking out what I consider to be. We now the bad eggs people that they put their crap out too.
no strangers, which is like qana grouse day. I do think that the put do you think the places that are spending money with the does the concerted effort to recruit like state agencies and nonprofits. Do you think that their less effective than people who run social media, like you think, they're there. The like do feel that there's like curbing those efforts would be helpful to achieve what you like to see a chief. No, I are three it to me as a secondary issue. I think that the that that the influencers that are like selling products are probably more affect more effective at our era. An outsider role and in in the crowding you think, they're doing more than like then stuff and pitman robertson fond going. state agencies to promote, as you marcia, on more influence. I I can't speak to overcome. And because I don't have like hunting spots that are precious to me, but I can speak from a place where I feel like I'm. The one of the only people in this room who did not grow up with hunting did not grow up with firearms,
had not heard of steve or mediator before I applied for this job I was I was eating vegetarian during my first interview for this job. I was out spoken about my the second amendment being exposed to this kind of to what media speaks about and talks about as at a profit, an impact on the way I think about this entire world and the way I vote no way? I spend my money and I think, now we all probably of issues with some wave, some things that that influencers work, but I'd say mediator. Overall is a net positive, because the fact the matter is that I even term coastal leads you guys, like hunters, are looked down upon and the number of hunting hunting is shrinking. The attitude towards her is getting more and more negative and, I think calving. Like is steve, mention some other influential hunter
that I will personally not name that I would prefer to not be the spokespeople and faces. Of hunting. I've been mediator in what steve does you know? It's really good, to have a voice like that out in front of the people for the first time this year I bought several hunting license depends largely on your on your threat assessment. I'm somewhere. I want more than anybody. I know yeah. You know I devote my life to it when I'm not hunting. It's not hunting season, I'm tending to my pack la muscle and go hunting the next year, and what I see, what what they always and stay close you mike is what what is all this has all has in ice cream ice cream. What what? What has always been the deterrent to good hunting is pressure, and it's got to point were no people, night and worth it in a lot of places that you feel. How do you feel they have? No one there. If you feel the hunting is arm bad for the environment,
bad for while we all know I influencers artificially in inflating the number of people to go field, but an adding new incentives for hunting such as spain, money and likes. Is for where are you never thought of their very like activities on the land or like more damaging than than a non, then offline person on the land? No, oh, How do you view like in the last few years I have mentored corinne, a body whose now, like a die, hard honour, mentored. My son, this here I am an opt out. Is that, like the land on bringing new people in the last sentence of my our three article last year, let friends and families recruit the next generations of hunters? Is they ve done for thousands of years, but I have a question as I because to answer guy support, I support that when I dont support is But how are you like, but you also want as many hunters on the landscape
I want. I want whatever there are no in. I wouldn't I want what are okay, so I'd say: fifty percent would be a good balance in terms of maintaining a presence and and fighting for things that we believe in his hunters and hunt? Quality? Ok would be about fifty percent, but- and I also have another number and that would be. However many there are now minus how many there are or because of these gross and said I think you get you dont give quarter of credit to a lot of these, New hunters that they would actually just get into it because they're good that was the picture of a dead animal they're gonna get likes it Add dopamine hit like that. That somehow is actually like when they're like I'm thinking about getting undoubting here, my top even five right.
since one of those five is going to be like, I need more likes on my our minds to you that you have a different view on human nature. Then then- you, I mean obviously here's another piece of ass, a lotta. Even you can just go around wearing bikinis and give more light, If that's what you allow everybody to be running around in a bikini hunting. You know I mean you, can just go and do stupid shit in front of your your phone and like get like so Wong, is a very hard thing to go and do a lot of lot of these guys as qualities influencers are killing for content. So, like a lot guys are killing way more than they need completely agree with you. There I think people killing me we're in this goes same thing for food, for hot what subservient, hunting and invite times harder than you would because you gotta, keep the feed rolling. Then I would say that that shows.
How strongly incentivize dinner I m in money parties year compared iranian idea. When I don't look like at some of these influence, our deeds man, I gotta, I wanted. my game go and buy you a little about. Hungary were about duessa, used to shoot all kinds of buffalo out the train window. Man I mean they were opposed to net shit, like a thing like I filling over, like you know, over harvested in people eat of his? Not eat if you could support if it wines that being that supports habitat and support, while they ve issues that african you gotta go. I collected thirty some head. I think that this is the, for like What some people might look at me like guys over harvest and if they want, targets use whatever, but I think that that's like a sort of human characteristic that's gone on for funding. for a long time. I would look at overharvesting me would be that I'm not targeting overharvesting there's a lot of areas where harvest bowl. I think we'd harvest more. If there was fewer hunters, because all the hunters just there are just drive crap
private. I don't understand what the reluctance is in the room to admit that crowding is a huge problem and why if it's not a problem, why do you guys not deal with it, I'm not like I got I could write or who hear your hundred on public. I owe you because you paid you're doing a couple times but you also won out a bunch of other. I've only didn't require that you want I've only idea. Let's run it sees as hunt plan for mediator next year. If you send you, some areas are similar, but you knew fish. Till I don't like you did this new there, but I will try to resort to rather people just assume, I'm a scoundrel and a racketeer. It's like. I want people to consider my viewpoints on about, but here's his thing lord of the bahamas, to fish you fish in louisiana. Efficient alaska. Does that mean like a just in the last year- are not born up funding for the rest of everybody, but nano
I say, if the prophet, are you curious about what I was going to ask? Go ahead, you're, curious, dude, I was gonna say yeah, okay is the fact that you go to other locations to fish is that a testament to how crowded fishing spots our regret, because other things are interesting too. Are you going to the bahamas to spearfish this winter, because it's too crowded here? I think that you went down to where'd. You go inch with your prot, with your tag with your. Where did you go? You draw with your special tag this year, new mexico. I think you would have had a very similar experience here, except for the crowding not have been way different
I was just a completely different place. I I have an honest question about that. It's not even like Montana is a very specific example. When you start talking about public lands and crowding onto public lands in montana, but I'll give a, there I feel like there has to be some way given to that there's also. A positive impact has to be done with like how we maybe can educate people on certain things that they otherwise wouldn't have been educated on. That has created crowding, for example, in south dakota, like most the water fouling. That's done in eastern south code is done on private land. It's knock on doors, freelance hunting, like There's got to be some leasing, it's not outfitters, it's not influencers its peak with more money than other people that don't work. Knock on doors. I want to spend the time under knocking on doors there, leasing up like
high volume. Good possible duck hunting ground anyway, that's a little beside it point: nine million light. The the point is is like there are eight ton of landowners in south Dakota that say no to hunting, not because of- the influence her was out there, shooting too many dogs or the He was, you know, taken up if bikini, with a pilot of birds there they're saying no to hunting because of bad ethics, because people. Know how to treat the land, because people do not, treat the landowner and if I can in any way myself like teach people how to Behind the landowners how to properly scout, how did not I'm guilty of like having read it up? actually maintain road as a dumb ass college. Kid that didn't realize farmer had spent money to go read that road and then I go driving down it after a fresh rain
Now, our son, he probably doesn't let people hunt when he, because he at least has it out now know he doesn't lisa just as allowing lot out no hunting and there's a lot of people that let people hunt ten years ago nine years ago, eight years ago, that now like they've had enough with it and then the few that still let people hunt and aren't leasing their land. Now, all of a sudden, they get the overcrowding issue flooding to their front or because it's like a systematic die. Down of like lesson, less private land available to hunt? And it's not a It's not influence or problem. It's not a leasing problem its a like ethical problem of people not treating the landowners right, people not treating the land right and now a sudden you are creating a crowding issued that I personally feel like
So you say to be worse: if we didn't show strangers what issue what I already know, what I'm saying we then haunt the few places we can still haunt that are owned by private land hurdles, that only cause we shall create strangers. What wish you know what I'm saying so that I can have any message to people about, like I wrote an hour what discussing these topics, I have, I have openly discussed the problems that water fowlers have with. They should be shooting tighter patterns and tighter loads which, by the way, I found a champion of that. Because of sudden now you have lower wound rates right, like because there's a lot of statistics. There are very much in favour of protein warrior with all ok. My point is is like I can do. Message gets out there. More because I have the platform of this because I have the platform of aid either, because I have what
I believe I was drawing on the real, but do not show them what you shoot strangers were issue. You really know if you go through my instagram, I really I've lost my dog. I like looking at what people got all always I've. it is argued Ben o Brien, whose eyes down on agrippa grids yoga on their own. Our group agrees like I when I see him with friends tax it to me. I see him if I see a friend Let us also made amazon like looking at it. I'm excited to see out there always put em up. It's like maybe like was looking I think maybe like one in every twenty five posts, might have sunlight Your honor, I own, I believe advent about admitting been changed his mind about gray. Did he was always like this thing of like this thing. Like you hunters are naughty it all well show them how naughty are, and I used to kind of like get onto that little bit like oh yeah man, you should hide your back your truck, but I don't think that
nah. I don't think that the anti hunting community would be like there. By such, like the dream by such as they are like radicalized educated element. That is so strategically good eye. they give dues and drive around with a dead dear on on the back there in the bag, retard with a gate open. I don't think the like anti hunting sentiment would go away, so I've kind of arrived at a place where I'm like. You know what I I I There are no feeling hide lay out of I guess I don't get. The orange guns themselves are bigger, roadblock Van den, seeing the dead. it is our absolute. None of my concerns are based, or I mean I think that is concerned but my answer with anti hunters is being way overblown. much begun as you re a hundred wash our much or are much bigger concern.
Is there a mere one hundred new jersey, much bigger concern as people hunting for the wrong reasons, and I think that's why my my issues are aid. I I don't think this argument that it that social meet ups are ending with non hunters, is implausible came by december, two thousand living honours daylight message like. And the wireless space look at where that's world. That's where the aunties get their material is from social. yeah, I'm not hold. I may, by around something like a type in something like social. Hunting social media controversy, you will. Four stop reading because there's more content, the contest being, really quick little kay by my own money that sideline messenger. Give it one of the biggest anti hunting gains happen: pre social media over the idea that they had every us also media the biggest game. The biggest gaze, anti honey move ahead legislatively were pre sociable. There's a lot more there's a lot longer time period, pre social media,
play. A social music usually been around for ten years. I just There are so many things you can point that are like crowding. problems. Also, like I just don't feel like that. Some overwhelming amount of people message in maybe, unlike I'm, only hunting, because I get you send you an invite photo of like my pile of birds, but I feel like there's plenty of crowding problems that relate back to like I mentioned before, like landowner problems, funding problems I mean We have so many like popping up, walk in area programmes that have opened up access. people in places like south coating, kansas that that wouldn't happen if were focused on less hunters. Well most, so you see you guys. Disagree with me. J stance, then I'm just now. I if I were to be
about. The sales are montana ba jays board and there like in looking at what their mission statement is about, like you know, defending public lands, knowledge, and they had a thing like. Are we gonna spend money like? Are we gonna take money out of a bud? That would normally go to legal defence, wouldn't only go to whatever. I would probably I would remove all I would remove our three marnie I'd. Probably I might remove some of that money list. I could look at the efficacy of it, but I found a bit on that board. I would have said yes the same way pitman robertson when they collect when they clarified that stuff. It could use pr matching dollars to market hunting. I would have said I don't. I think that that's not quite on mark. what those funds were originally intended for, I would have had them not do and I would also have a thousand the board of various wildlife groups that are dedicated to like certain species wildlife
I would say to them. I think that we have a lot more to gain by looking at current practitioners in affecting their behaviour than this. Very like inefficient round about approach of trying to get like new people into it. and hopes that then those new people becomes supporters. The mission like friends of people already done my point. All that is already tons of people to do it. That's what my? Why would we not focused on all the people in montana Biagi, all the people? vienna of innocence. Appointment. All of you until that. Don't belong wasn't alone, all belong, not because they haven't heard, but they don't belong because are adversarial to the mission of sure, but like educating them instead of thinking like you're going to go, gets guy. Perhaps who's, never haunted here, start hunting and uneasy become like a conservation warrior when, in fact, we ve that most of most active affected. conservation warriors repeat We ve been hiding their whole life so, like I just think it's it's misspent so I disagree with the HIV virus. Do I
We were then move me. I was in the room but base What I understand. I would do it now. Matt you had some clarion calls calls action for the audio yeah. Can you do the two calls to action? The us and we're see here meet them, consult my notes here momentarily. I do want to point out that dad some of matt's notes seem to be written, and some checks that have been sent his way from her real, and I just want to make all obliged organ Well, you might want to hang on the czechs metal as a problem of buying paper. So I went over the checks from their prey from my credit card company. so in order to ease man right of u S, army checks culminated is talking to them. I gather
We recall a few okay future of preliminaries before I can get into this okay. So a couple of things I didn't get to that part of my clarion call or I wouldn't I'd- encourage people to look into the role of the kind of content that influencers are putting up and there's a there's, very good evidence from clinical psychology that I like content. That makes you, envious of somebody else's lifestyle and I'd say putting up big box on social media like like at malay, envious, shit when I later lammert glamorizing year, lifestyle
Oh, how exciting my only lifestyle is. That sort of thing leads to the envy. The envy from that ah is very strongly associated with depression and from that depression of that depression leads to more social media. I use to try to like try to like scratch. The itch Yeah, so I mean I, I that's an another problem I have with the inherited, but not like a deep server, and generals poverty- I dont welding area, though, is not us. There's a lot of sick people out there in that and again you're you're you're america's mental health top minor, where you'd be in position, because there is also an overwhelming evidence to getting outside is give your mental health life here, look your phone at social media outside area.
gauge for, in my view, that you might see that another thing is her per per free range. Americans, as explained to me, was like encouraging people to get all sides of the two step thing. So that's right. Good, for your mental health is getting outside How do people know? I thought this was my clarion call. I thought we were wrapping. I know about the end of the day. Is my fuckin show, but go I've got this so fucking of knox. I just have to do what I gotta say. A couple of eggs and another thing I'd say, is like his rectal health and what health wreck rectal health- oh, it was great, so I you know, I'm I'm absolutely convinced that a lot of people are looking at this stuff on the shit her friend of mine told me was like: oh did you see that bebe bebe the big bowl, so when so shot this year, it said: were you looking at that trash? He said it was looking delicate, something
shudder and I'm sure lobby will do. If you ask any proctologist. That really is a dangerous thing for hemorrhoids on it being. There are two lawyer login looking at stuff. It's like Our long and also hurriedly advises, lay our position. Time spent Erlich. Looking at stake is the times six years, labours of the editor of readers digest fifty years. So I do not bad. I spent listening audience. You know, I'm pretty convinced that you guys are probably secretly sponsored by preparation. Each I was listening on listening eyes. Why are you following people? They have zero concern for your rectal health I'll. Just that is
we're talk, probably zero four year. In many cases, your concern for your mental health, both on social media off. So if I would say like here's something you could do if you're, if you're concerned about your rectal health, it's kind of hard hike, the hills for dear now, with the procuring anus one seems like something you should be concerned cause a pro You you're you're you're concerned with incentivize in a system that that inspires beheld hunt for the wrong reasons, diminishes your draw odds because we ve all agreed here. I think pretty much. The influencers increase hunting the number of hunters still there, their increasing and our people are playing for tags, crowds publicly and hunters ethic, with established here that hunting me social media increases the number of people hunting a bit best
jace, I can't in that respect and if you're concerned about habitat and not having land so overcrowded with hunters that the that it's detrimental to mix a wild lands uninhabitable for wildlife. Pays all landowners to let lock out the public. This is one I think that to social media influences or free advertising to private landowners. It ups the value of an pressured hunting to a point where our landowners can't resist paying, for it The greater reputation among non hunters degrades our mental health. If you hunt private and you dont want that to become so valuable that it becomes leased out. If you have a hunting lisa, what the price to go up. If you want to avoid all those things, here we have a better shot and be a better shop, put the fucking phone down and go shoot. Your ball
that's clearing call number one clarion call call number two: is I'm inviting all hunters in two thousand twenty two to take my no post challenge when new year's no post channel- If you already did it. No that wasn't it. There was no. I'm saying you became a no polls guy years ago. Yes, when you close your shift, he has metal account details, so I are the dad that had dead animals in it. I talk about this in my heart. I realize you several years ago The only though I only know in asia is metal. If you read my article, ok, I don't get it said in say when you ended shifty metal, all I I didn't start shifty metal roulette. No, so how they get your pictures, weiser potent isn't, I don't understand, is hashtag and all that stuff. I don't get all that stuff. I don't do it, but you did in and you shouldn't you shouldn't either
So I would challenge all corners and in two thousand twenty to go out there and haunt enjoy it. You know, but I want you want to prove to us once you prove to the rest of the us that that you ve move past the attention, starved toddler phase of hunting and can go, do it still form without alike? So now anything in two thousand twenty two. I have serious policy, not just ready road that animals, but you are you You do not have a love. Do disapprove awhile game. Photos, wife and all you don't feel follows where people have a thing they could meet yeah, that's it. At I. I thought I might as well try and do a trick. I mean. Do you oppose the level or levels of this the things I oppose. I I that
I might lee, oppose that phone calls because I just think that anybody that's doing that sort of stuff or any kind of hyping of hunting is, is just really unconcerned with what other people might think about. The number of hunters you're like work just going, charge ahead and do our thing you know and there's a lot a lot, a lot of people coming socially acceptable, I believe to say we have a problem with too many hunters, because You know the reason it wasn't before, because nobody, if everybody that has a voice and hunting, they all make money off hunting and all I want to give us a a shot to my boys at blood origins. I guess because they'll let you aren't even like the let they allowed blood, diverse perspectives. They, let me add a couple times I really, it. Let's give us a shout alien, yeah thanks, thanks to you guys, also for for having having me on, but I think that by and large everything that we believe about hunting and what what what why we think what we think
because I'm the only people who have a voice or people that make money off of it and and and they drive the narrative in the narrative is we need more hunters because that's more they ve got. As long as we need more, we want more proper lotta, that's government, I mean even to your own. You work for the federal government and even the federal government has doing stuff to promote awning on sir, and also state agencies are doing a lot of our not having enough in as much as they may money off. So they're like taking taxpayer, I don't like the government encouraging people to hunt either I appoint you know. You said the only people doing are making money, but then you look at like they're very like all the state agencies that market today they because they take people by hunting lay. So you think, there's like seaport hunting licences that, like us, for their sound. It really go. I mean yes, it does about now problem, I've loved you and about nonprofit downward go down to half its think. I think it's like us.
we're leaving me that montana Phd did what they did. I heard a guy at a nonprofit once say to me on cause, I'm like. Why are you doing this arthur your thing when things are so frickin overcrowded already, he says to me our corporate sponsors wouldn't like it very much if we backed off our three, so they just showed you words like the nonprofits. Like who do they serve this onwards, a lotta there's allowed, or do they serve their corporate spotless you can look and see where the monies go and you can look at their budget. You can look at and w t if you can look at aria, math man flake allow money is going back in the leg over army of like an already the order desiring me, I've have like our three and business. Yes, they do like Oh dear said he doesn't have a good dedicated our through an automobile levity outrage and you could find out what they spent. You could find out what they spend on why they spend on it. But then, if you look like you have said
It agencies that are spending money to market hunting and say, like all they're doing it, because they're making money out it'd be like it'd, be like if you were, our government and you vote Democrat. Because in the back your head, the Democrats spend a whole lot more money on the federal government, then you'd be like you're. Does voting your voting just to make money, because you know The republicans and look at a lot of stuff. We do around the federal government acts that shit. So when you get it, you like federal employees like you're using your most cause, you're using your greatest constitutional liberty, your vote, just pack, your paycheck and keep your place and business like no shit, dude, I'm a dose of there's an element of it. Like I started, I wrote my first book and write about hunting for twenty five years, one of the first piece of The first thing I ever sold. I sold the trapper predator collar. The second thing I ever saw the outside magazine. How does I mean by make magazine make money they sell subscriptions. I wrote books, I went hunting to write books about hunting,
and I in why, because they sell the books is like the last. I do is sit and act like it was naughty to have written a book about hunting because the book is for sale. It's like you're, just writing that to make. I hope I hope you're not saying this, because you think I'm opposed to any of that. I don't. Okay, I wrote books about hunting. He used if people use the points of Michael pollens omnivores dilemma as being like the four years, those like The driver of interest in hunting was Michael pollens dilemma I got all these schaffner honey and causes wholly pro hunting movement. Whatever look and be like that, son of a bitch. It's just that I do that with your boy rogan all the time. I think I think that I hate thinking that Joe rogan is the worst thing that happened done in the ever since he started. I was invited on his first hunt and didn't go. Thank god. I couldn't live with
the guilt. But here you have a guy called wrote about this. I have I I hear you have a guy that is contributing he he he never shuts up about elk meat in in. Like I, first of all, like I say my article, I nothing got a couple points about him: nothing screams! Let them eat cake to me like an inundating traditional public land hunters with throngs of aspiring hunting celebrities seeking to be like him, then frickin blowing up hunting for on public lands for people. While you haunt your pay it like pay to hunt private ranches. Another thing is
that he like he likes to act like he is concerned about public access and is like. Why are you are using your dollars, your by paying for licenses that that are contributing to the contribute to the privatization of wildlife? Although he I I like he's a friend of mine, I know pretty well I see these, I I don't think like sorted out these interested in a wide wide host of activities from like science, health diet. All fighting what how and I imagine I am just like getting. It is mine. I dont think he think he like gets into resident things It is hard on the horizon and shut up, and do I just don't know that I don't think that he would not. The good occur to be like all, but like I'll handle my interest here.
Differently? I just got it all wrong, that's what's so that's the problem and not being rude honour by merry christmas, very Chris go check out the trauma. Kids at the thing save a body. The auction house online action house and as they to because we're gonna role right from this not stay tuned is now thinking morality. Our big christmas tree block things. I've join it.
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