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Ep. 308: The Crawfish Pond


Steven Rinella talks with Ronnie Collins, Jean Paul Bourgeois, Bud Guidry, Seth Morris, and Chester Floyd.

Topics discussed: A hand-built bayou cruise ship; when your first job was boiling crawfish and shrimp; Bud's personal crawfish pond; when you're the Frog Champion of the World; a roadkill-eating vegan; acknowledging probable cause vs. being chap-assed and anti-game warden in Pennsylvania; more on what's Chethical; harassment of hound hunters, hounds hurting humans, and domestic dogs hurting hounds; 26 inch bullfrogs; spillway crawfish as the real damn deal; boudin as Steve's favorite thing right now and his truck-mounted hot sauce invention; the soak, the purge, and the sucking of head fat; the duck cleaning technique; routeed; the third joint; the poudoux palooza; and more.

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The you show was severely wounded and, in my case, unaware of the meat eater podcast. You can't predict anything presented by first light created proven versatile hunting apparel from marino base layers to technical outer. Where for every hunt burst like go far. Stay longer. Hired by this is a special louisiana edition. In fact, radical Explain what we're on right now we're sit, not a hundred and two foot houseboat in the middle of vital foosh. That's right! Man! It's like a cruise ship. It is thick. How do you know how you guys want of this thing
so my grandpa actually built it from scratch, really really yeah. He and he got a good deal on some steel or took about a year. He built the barge He made it from the barge from the barge, so anytime. We had like it was kind of slow at work. He would take our to keep our welders busy. He would send them work on the houseboat, so he he built the board first, which took about a year and then he built the first store in the second story and then my mom lined up. carpenters to do the inside, and you guys can move this thing around depending on where you want to hang out correct. We we have four five tugboats and whenever we want to move it whenever one comes not on a job will move it. You bear explain your family business, so businesses, oilfields construction, marine construction, we actually build oil platforms out in the marsh, and in the by use and we
anvil tugs by another eight barges and then we have our our work crews, but do you guys pull this around a job sites to and stay on it? No, this is strictly just a the family, houseboat We don't do this house, but I want set see this house both as a christmas tree and it has blights a forecast. Decorations, multiple bathroom yeah bathrooms three to to appear in three upstairs so far by five g cipher bathrooms. This house would be a sweet house if it wasn't even on a boat yep, exactly you put it on a boat, the next level, the fish. walter porch dude. I'm going to steal this thing some night, I'm going to hotwire one of them, tugboat drag se. Alas, they got, they got one right there that could push it. Oh, it's two storey, two storeys right, two stores I'll, probably leave the christmas tree out on the deck.
On the dock cause. I really like add insult to injury. Butter now have the whole damn deal on top and then top it all. o connor rock you to sleep at night when those little when those shrimp boats or whatever boat passes, you get a little room. can millions s nice man we have been like immersed in the culture also sold. That that's ronnie collins do not a junior right, now, junior and John Paul get to give the proper booze jean Paul bourgeois sir good french name. Yet you have your learn and also from the state grey give give a little background yeah. So I'm from tebow louisiana, which is a little north of where we're at right now in galleon, oh and I grew up and. An assumption, and a foolish parish and was raise
again my mom and dad were great cooks. I kind of followed suit by their hip the whole time and when it, when I had to decide what to do with my life, one thing that I cannot get things my warm pretty good at cookin, so I went to college early school day, coronary schooling, been an ever since I've never had a job outside of the kitchen tone. What version was first job boy crawfish crab entrapment express seafood integrity. Louisiana now is my first job. I was fifteen years old man thing. I remember the most. Of course we bought a whole bunch of seafood, but you go home after that. Shift in your pours would be on fire with Jes. With some of that powdered seas. because when you put that in the water steams up- and I get on your skin- but it's a good man- it has a good memory, is like one of those things that only happens. If you do that job and then he went up and the chef you went up to the big city chef, the new york for a long time I did yeah. I was in new york from two thousand and nine to two thousand and two to two thousand and twenty one. Actually,
there was a if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere can thing yea I mean, I think so I was I was I'm I'm kind of a chameleon and in the sense that I like I liked the adaptability of being in new places and new york was one of those places. I'd never been. I didn't have a job, but in I didn't I went without a job and in my head. I was I will. Let me put myself in the most uncomfortable situation. I can that's how I know I'm going to learn them, learn the most and evolve the most and just change, and so do you boil any crayfish up there we did yeah. I I prowl oh man, I used a ball about five hundred pounds, a year for certain event. Every year, while I was up there Alice, you has a reality. actually has an alumni the gathering there that I've done a couple of times, even though I'm not an ls, you alone, momma, louisiana and boiled crawfish for them in different things. I mean people, love crawfish, no matter where you're at
country and especially love it if you have somebody authentically from louisiana doing it for him and then a bud. I don't even know your name, man, Guidry, said again good tree kay, but cadre gadgetry Gives you know why you're here, but not really, We we just met body yesterday cause the man Lucy buzz their prime. I favour person on the planet. He passed up, half a finger. He passed up, dern blue way, past south and chester. we met body us dacres. What's gonna give a dispatch about this? We I bought yesterday because we went this. I didn't know this existed until yesterday we went to buds private personal crawfish pond crawfish pond, like you know, some people have a garden that they take care of and everything he has a crawfish pond.
That puts up how many pounds three thousand pounds a year to an acre to wake. Our bar gay puts our three thousand pounds. Crawfish I went over their thinking that he was in the commercial crawfish business. No heat is aids and gives due friends. That's a legacy, cainy gardener, average is like the greatest thing on the planet. So we're going to hear all about hot air how to have your own crawfish pond. It's aha bids. We enjoy eating. It remains something for me to do. I was a commercial shrimp, all my life, where you were yeah, that's what I did all my life, the big trawler work in the gulf when I got out- and I had to find someone to do so- is there a carbon doc? While offering decoys
starring Alex salmond flaws and raised years. so renaissance men of ever yet in you what you want some competitions for d carbon than this quit the out. I've got boring, just then at once? Emily mama, I'm enough, it was always the same routine car. In painting I've been in our all my life that you didn't do it for me. I had to find a different form of or became my mind stem What do you want you right now the flies sailing tying allowing examined flowers for display.
Yes, everything is for this plan, and I ever fly, though, is one of a coin. It's framed collect. Does that by my work. And I d on hundred euro hooks the ten souls Jokes. I use data from around nineteen. Turning now yeah, that's how I have to are you the my name on Google, tell everybody out, because people all due. Do other foreign right now, strolled out google and carbon bergen, I was going to know how to do a guid re, goi d, R Y De b. U D there! It is gear, dress, armoury eyes, attention for images begin said what he's getting from one of these? Let me know I don't want to make you feel awkward. So, two hundred and fifty, eighteen, her knowledge of lie. Real I'll, see you later,
if the pollyanna crawfish farm, like if I have a fly of diamond it's been published, a lot higher. Work on display at the smithsonian institute know at all for national zoos when you walk in front. Of course, bastard exhibit that fly that soon. That big acrylic gives that's mine. Brill did word for the smithsonian. Yet may, when I still this both I don't take us getting along its aims. yeah. I read some love Joanna flogged tying because every piece, a deuce, unique you it's not the same routine, also stimulate small mine
keeps me at it. So I want to I want to cover off on this too, because I feel this is very like this is kind of like a test of the culture here where we're at one ronnie talk about how you and bud like you know, Your whole life here but a whole life. A minos everybody around here you guys wrong sort of editor been your life family, yeah, family and like unrelated, so the buds close cousins. Mr Christian and his own case mean Kate were best friends. Growin up so we're not. The first thing I did when I got home from school, was arab muffled, wheeler cut across the pasture decades house and then we'd go find bud and boy would bring us do all kinds of cool stuff: we'd go we'd, go frog and we'd go fishing, crawfish and when the people, what was gonna, that's how we wish. I appeal of the work already areas right here. You said next year, the project champion in the world axiom, oh yeah Oh my god,
the man is brought about by would put our heads, irrigate bag of the crop. We've got to do a couple things we're gonna get back in the crawfish bond. We got cover off on loeb he's gotta hang tight, but comment. If you feel like you need to comment. That's fine! We are a couple of news items. You've got to go through to those things only hack and on beacons. Man at all is that nothing to hack haggle, beacons. God bless him, but its guy. In with interesting picture where he's in Honolulu and he sees a restaurant called vague and city political vision, city plant based comfort, food, but above the bar it's a big tv and they're all watch mediator, so those cute, that unless there's unloved just ass
here's another one. This is good. This is like this guy's talking about the coolest vegan he knew and when this guy was in school, they were at the university of iowa. There's a class you can take at the university of iowa. I would have taken the shit out of this class called the history and culture of hunting in america. The instructor had a friend who has had Ben vegan but made it their thing ill ate roadkill, because it's like it's dead, it's dead by human cause would otherwise go to waste and they would eat a possum squirrel. Raccoon, coyote deer, didn't matter. Huh lived on, roadkill back in college have eaten delivered a roku, no air. A vision of the EU as they rolled over that ye any nay the moves provision
mirage was that my favorite vegetable is boiled crabs unworthy. Kind of a weird deal out of pennsylvania. Right now says from Pennsylvania, so he's going to talk about this yeah yomi lay the groundwork or you won't leave the ground man, okay, as people know, as people know. All of you know this or not, but it's interesting to know. Everybody's familiar with police have to do warrants. Yeah, okay, like for instance, right now, for Spain is driven by. He can't decide to come in here and see if we're in here doing illicit drugs right. You can't be like, oh, I dunno people in there, maybe I'm going to barge in and see what they're doing, and he can't sneak in here hide behind the christmas tree over there to see. If someone does something bad because, indeed, probably cause in all this
Gay Morton's in many states have long held like a special privilege where a game, gordon can go on to private property and do investigations do stake out sneak around Go to your tree stand check your license without problem, because without any kind of warrant fellers in pennsylvania bent out of shape. They got a hot and cold. and they had some wardens commander their hunting club in given some citations. They're, not challenging what the citations were about their challenging that that person. They got some libertarian attorney and challenging that its own constitutional for a war
the have the ability to go onto private property without a without due to do warrantless search. You lay out some of the cultural implications yourself Seth sounds thinks they sound whiny. Well, I I almost like I dunno, there's there's a whole lot. There's like once very much one side of the story here on the side of the people who are not happy cause. They got tickets, yeah yeah leave it doesn't. It doesn't say what they got: tickets for. it does. Your own on goes down goes. They got there's two citations honey without a licence having a loaded gun in your vehicle. Oh okay, I missed that part The hard won on enlargement is a big issue. Do so they're saying
that dude had no right to come on our land anyway. Why? I guess, while he did and case law that will not ok, they're they're challenging his right to do this? I don't know I like graham pennsylvania, there's so many people that were antigay commission right, o body and typically our I won't say everyone, but it's a ninety. Five percent of people were antigay commission because they are doing illegal shit, hm hm hm. They are strong words that most of the time award and the only anti game commission person I know in pennsylvania- is related to you closely. oddly enough more earlier, just sad most people that the like warns here is because they were called doing. Certainly legal are on a breaking.
What am I be? The same reason people create a police automobile the same all over. I think I think yeah we're kids driving around. He saw a policeman turned the radio down and everything and everybody sat up real straight and saw you just felt like you were doing something bad Let me give a cut more details. What does call is open fields, doctrine, the game, words ability to like a prison. that game more we're time your game where one time- and he was albania- that this is interesting story. He was explaining why he was leary about suppresses because he was sand I rely on the sound of gunshots yeah. Then he went on to say it's hot for him to finish a night about running on a day off. He said it download. My trees then said there
around dark, I hear anything, Since the on the timing, everything I'm out of my trina had that way now a gunshot would knock You sure got off for all manner reasons, but here I knew he would hear that and head off under the neighbors place right, open fields, doctrine but high courts in new york, montana, Oregon, vermont, washington, state appeals, courts have begun to strip wildlife agencies of these special powers, arguing that the state constitutions grant greater protection to citizens. We got an email from a guy, a civil engineering pennsylvania who just unrelated this a big law
I got a big long, very well articulated email about what he feels has become a very aggressive in his tea. In his mind, a very aggressive approach to some game warning in his state, but again he had violations his addresses the store yeah we're out the door. The officer has been to read the ladder cause, I'd have to go on in a letter from the officer about what happened. I adding so that its. Oh, it's like a moot point, but he points to that. There is a lot of tension. He feels is an increasing amount of tension in pennsylvania. Around enforced
women approach and tactics yeah and he went on to say on how he feels that hunting is going to go away in the state. Because of that, I don't think that. That's probably true, I don't think that's true either. I think that's a far stretch, but if a game warden wants to come on my property, it reads like: if he's suspicious, that something's going on for me, I'd be like by all means, go, do what you have to do. I mean you're, acting like you're, not going to find anything. All I'm gonna do is prove to you that there's like nothing for you to worry about here. You know you know and the gay more ned they're talking about the I dunno I dunno. If we want to mention his name but I've that guys checked me two different times and turkey season had great encounters with them, for you did oh yeah that we had someone poaching turkeys on
property, call the game commission. He showed up that guy. He sat in our camp at the table that we'd all sat around wall and tell the big oak story. Yeah this guy speaking of gunshots, the same guy there's a a boy elk. He ended up scoring like four sixty round for sixty something that doesnt make sense. I know pennsylvania grows massive Elk anyway. This guy, I we had trail cam pictures of that bull on our property and he one night there. I think he was like suspicious.
of some elk poaching going on anyway and one night he went up close to our property just at night in september and and just sat up there in the dark, listen listening had a listening post and all of a sudden just heard gunshot pouch and went over there and found that the hits actually hit a kid that went to my high school graduate. I think, a year or two ahead of me. I had killed this bull, was cutting antlers off of it when he showed up no they're all on private property. I I promote yeah most likely cause all it's all private around there caught him red handed
so you ve got a lot of jason and and interactions this individual, and it has not been your finding that he's coming around Boston. Your balls unnecessary now he's been nothing but helped us pot. The thickens so plot dickens I feel like I know like I don't know, I real. Well, I just I've talked to him. You know handful of times in all my interactions with them have been great. I feel like he's not going around harassing people for no reason I feel like if he has probable cause- or you know whatever you think something's going on he's going to do something about it. Yup so. I know the idea I think you're taking these guys got little chap ass because they got some tickets here. Are you there We do in illegal shit and they got caught doing so their bitter about again. Commission sounds like it. Thanks report.
I think I don't have a problem with a game. Warden come now my honour, like our families property, you always there That's one of these hours, vast lay down. Man is member one when they had It was a there's, some domestic terrorists and they wanted to get their phone real bad yeah and they couldn't get it took them forever. Apple, wouldn't let him into the guy's phone guy's wife's phone. Empower my minds like how a may have someone take a look at my phone I'd just be like here. Yeah it'd be boring, shit yeah, I just I don't I don't I dunno. I guess I'm just playing devil's advocate but I have no problem with the eye I see, but, like I, I see the civil yeah. I definitely see the similarity, the start, the civil liberties end of it yeah.
I also see that the down I'm a man- I guess I'm comparable with the distinction between between of someone's like a war, and right to rome across the landscape, Ali they're, coming into houses in the house and down doors like their right to rome across the landscape. Doing that sort of work is different to me than then saying. Ok, so then, if that's true, please can just into your home when they want for no reason yeah like I I just don't. I don't feel that there's the probability of a ton of confusion there, I'm curious about what the optics would be if they didn't have any citations. Like they did have eliza. They didn't have the gun with. They still have the same opinion about the game. Warden coming on their property. Here they prouder forgot about a very quick.
I can see if a game warden was like had a strong feeling that, for instance, I'll put myself in the situation, it's sort of a game, warden thought I was doing something wrong on on on my property. It was constantly harassing me sure, but constantly not like not finding anything. But still. I constantly harassed me like first day opening day of deer season. He like at first light, shows up my treestand, like I could see getting pretty irritated about that yeah. That's a good point nothing's turning up, but the owners making your life hell because of some unfold
with suspicion yeah. I could see that being very frustrating, but I I just I've never experienced anything like that. I I have a hard time a hard time like believing that a lot of that goes on if they're not finding anything they. You know, I I feel like they're, just gonna move on to other shit. You try to go write some tickets somewhere Yeah yeah, I feel like if if that would go through, and they would not allow game wardens to go without a warrant. I feel like that'd, be a huge loss for wildlife, because I feel, like a lot of people with private languages. Take advantage figure that out. I can make my own rules now. They ain't warning coming over unless I guess, I guess they get reported but are do the hunt. Public land is targeting hell for tickets yeah. I feel like dude. The pressures on us now. Ok, we got a couple of jacket.
are you I will I can you quickly tackle all three of these jester? Yes, I was actually come up with plan how to tackling real, quick so I etiquette will or limiting him up. Ok. So this is a tragic, its action and we find out whether the you're chapel or not. Do I give you who came up with that checks? Yeah the first want their three of them here first ones about year, your honey holes or young fish spots. One guy was hung with his ex wife and his father in law, or he was hundreds at the time, why is then wife and his then father, then father in law took out, is spot in his wife shot a book of a lifetime and he must not have liked his ex father unlock. Has he the throw in their my father. In my wounded. I notice that yeah
There was a. I learned. You are my wife the other day. I think that that's called a micro aggression yeah just a little he's like what what what he one hundred telling the human psyche segment has a little little jab jab, seldom ex father in law wounded one and bought. It must have been a pretty good spot cause. That four years later guy goes in the spot and very seizes exe file? and we'd have thought that they had a divorce. Yes, well ex father in law, okay, yeah, yeah, I guess that's your picture- is this guy's in their high vanessa, kindness by now. We ve covered this before spots in my take on this in his real, simple, If some do Josie you a spot divorce,
daughter, spare us like a smaller spot. Well, just in regards to anything and like any spot situation like is always good to ask. If you're gonna go in there, that's like a very simple way using gone the dog wanted number two, but I got something to say about number one. All of these things have a bunch of gray area. There too, like I dunno how big this spot is. It could be a giant public land spot and I got to go off, go for it you're right. I agree with you in general yep. If you have a spot and you take your father in law out,
and then you get a divorce and he stops being your father in law. I feel the father in law needs to move on and find a new spot cause. The divorce ended that relationship sure, but I don't know the details of the divorce. If this guy that wrote in was a flanger help in that behavior led to the divorce, and there was some other ugly factors involved in the divorce. This fall in law might not even like hutton yeah. He just doing anything you can you ever see a movie in the bedroom is two in every bite lobster fisherman but I wouldn't have guessed that, while the title was it's a part of a lobster trap gotcha in the bedroom par lobster. Anyways this father in law kills his wife's ex husband. It kind of ruined the movie it's in the end, but spoiler, so it might be that he was sticking to the guy. She african it to him
it's true over something that we don't know about you, but you don't you, but here's the thing in your position as the jeddak. It man, You can't be bogged down by all the unknowns. Yes Here's another lesson on that for this guy who took the father in law out, it sounds like he didn't quite really like him. If you're going to take someone out to your good hunting spot, make sure you really like them make sure they, like you good buddy, you know which can you know again, things can change. Things can change down the road, but just do your do your best to have a good good buddy, if you don't you're a married man gesture of marital help along renew, in that situation it might not be that he could. It might not be that he could or he he gotta, be like a there's about there's some politics involved and being Mary
ban, yeah she's like we're. How can we don't take my deadline? Unwelcome macleod, Oh, I know what you're saying big time there might be. Like is someone. You know. Your wife asked you to do something you just do yeah. So that's why a b and c spots yeah there you go I got just a spot where you put him in the guard of poor girl in the guy who break break and bring him to the monk. And another one here, the next, whether or not the next year etiquette question. So this is a a property thing. This guy bought forty acres of land. I to have his own little chunk to hunt one on thirty acres of land and and the back thirty, the back thirty, and he is got a little confrontation, maybe or not confrontation, but his neighbors have
Stand set up right on the property line and a all ground blind set up right on the property line even mentions that its potentially on their probably just a little bit, but he's not quite sure and ways and he's like. Should I confront these guys? that wrong my being wrong, since they were their first? What should I do? We grew up on our property in wisconsin. That is pretty good hunting, lotta dear she drew box to big backs. Run all over the place Anyways, our neighbours definitely no and they set up right around outside of our property in it there on our property, but it definitely is kind of like. It's a little annoying yellow because it's like, if that I saw that big
walking on our property in line. Just inside would the guy be able to hold out and not shoot that deer. You know it just depends on the person, but there's really nothing. You can do they're there if they're on their property- and you know that they have every right to set that plan. I would recommend. If you have that situation, we don't have any any tree stands rob right on our property lines, distant avoid that conflict, but you know potentially so but helpless. Guy out with this question,
I know that he does. He probably knows that he doesn't have any authority to make that move, but he's trying to figure out. How should I feel about them? He sure yeah, and I mean that that's like depends on what kind of people are to like if he gets the nose and his neighbors and they're kind of shady like. If they could shoot a deer, then I would feel low worried and you know I don't think you should go talk to them Does it like this say that he knows them while it's his neighbors, he says. Should I confront them about it? Should I suck it up? Nan avoided or bring it up to them, and I thank you. they're your neighbors. You might as well go over there and have a chat with him because you're living right next to them regardless I would go there and be like listen see. You gotta stand close to the property line. Does he have a stand close closer there too? You know he's he. It sounds like he's
the stock property lines I was gonna, say I'd, go over there and be like listen to the view like we communicate a little bit you. Let me know when you're hunting that stand. I know it's close to the property line. Let me know when you're hot man that part of different spot, or vice versa, to what I think, maybe I don't know another. No little more about the neighbors. You could also go over and propose a solution. You could say you know what. really. I could put a stand up and we could sit back to back right. You look your place me they're gonna, my place. That normally was that. Would you want to agree. To a little gentlemen's agreement, there we don't put stands within a hundred yards. That. border on that they will go up there
I like now? I know you're gonna want to tell you. I don't want to say where this is cause. I don't wanna embarrass anybody, but I know some folks with a with a property taxes. Low fence is not a high fence property and they have very tightly managed oh ran on their property, and they that allow two problems with these neighbours have a parcel the borders and they don't have a tightly man's dear papa. I am in the all. Their stands were on there. because they knew that they had. They were that they had big box and they eventually made a. They eventually put a deer fence on one edge of their property huh. I had a buddy do the same thing: putting a fence just on one.
They got so tense between them in the neighbours, and I know- and I know from just from hearing from the people I knows perspective- that they did share with the neighbors here, like here's. What we're trying to accomplish here with like a deer management programme on you, know, let's try to work together on it, but they just felt there being le, but taken advantage of, That was your solution. Hmm interesting, I had a buddy and they have a ranch over in the kings ranch in texas and they have the same issue that their neighbor on the boring side, where it was putting up, stands and guiding hunts to shoot the bucks coming off of
the bow only ranch, so they were real strict on their management. You know certain only cert, or one hundred one hundred fifty plus and d are being shot with a bow and that guy was putting a hunter, a different hunter every day in that stand on the border, and they did the same thing. They put up a deer fence and cut them off at the colossal nana, just a high game fence on one side, the border just to keep those deer from going to that dude guide him just kill them all. Now. Go check. Number three chair kit number three, this guy lives in California's sacramento valley between two mountain ranges. He says it's, let's just say it's not san francisco bear hunting was out ten years ago with dogs. You can't run, bears with dogs out there anymore, and
this. Guy was out, bear hunting one day and he ran across a couple of pickup trucks with some guys with dogs and the guy said: they made it clear that they weren't hunting. They weren't after bears with these dogs, but sounds like their pride clearly hounds men training dogs, training dogs, which I I have to do some research on this. Like I don't know what the laws are for running dogs. You know for training purposes during bear season in California. It sounds like There could be some illegal activity going on there already, but I'm not a hundred percent sure on that anyways. These guys are, you know let their hounds out in this other guys
trying to bear. Hunt legally and- and you know, dart, it's can obviously blown his haunt cause. Dogs are barking three ridges over and he he just feels. You know that it's not not right or not ethical, to be doing that during bear season He says he hates to report people, but laws or large laws are laws and I dont by bs. So it sounds like this guy thought these guys were running bears is what what I gather from this when he obvious, He is illegal, so I mean I'd have to just research this one more because I don't know can you run? Do you think you could run dogs during bear season just for training purposes I don't know the answer to that yeah. If it is that you can, it brings up this question that we've had people
in about four they member one kevin murphy, got harassed by archery, dear hunters, yeah for hunting squirrels because they felt that their activity they felt it archery hunting. Do the third archery hunting of deer was more and in his hunting of squirrel, is actually in michigan, so he got harassed by boat owners. Who were mad, he had the audacity to be out hunting squirrels during the white till run, and he thought that was some Shit yeah young every everybody has right right to do. Legal value use the landscape like other our fine law do you not go do certain things because out of you do certain things. I point out that recently. When I was home visiting my mom, I was taken the kids I'll squirrel hunting.
I was aware and cognizant of the fact that it was firearm deer, and didn't want like go in the places where a truck was part, because some guy was hung dear felt like me coming through with all my kids huh Girls would been a little fellow ruined me. Yeah yeah, I would, I kind of like start to stuff real, close Road and one that I want to blossom do dear hunt was, I allowed to do it sure I think communication like if guys, our legal and able to run dogs turn dern bear season. I think gum communication would be huge there, so these bear these you know hounds men are ruining the skies. Bear hunt train Send him another way in the actual bear hunter had the other way.
Can know a little more about. What's was gone. Got more things on house hunting because you know the whole vermont thing right like we covered that dude in vermont yup, I think he's gonna come on the show, I think we're working on the gold shaw, farm dude yep, and he made a very good youtube video. I saw a bottle. We came after pretty hard he made a whole. You two were bottle the guy's driving this petition to and pound haunting europe change on running, someone wrote in like a little bit of the story that that I didn't know about is. Theirs is very publicized case from two thousand nineteen in vermont, above the tension between how and hunters in the non hunting public, a third the thing out of town retention.
we're a pack of how and hunters dogs apparently attacked this couple at work and in the woods and attack their dog pretty good, and it went a long time. The people got bit their dog bit and that cause a lot of consternation about. To what degree are these hounds under control?. because these people, the sounds like fully understand it. It sounds like this attack on them in their dogs, went on Ninety minutes, while greece. In the end, the heroine hunter walked away. With five points, I dunno what the how the points system works, walked away with five points on his license in a couple of hundred bucks and fine, and people are pointing out that if you were in a county park here in a city park and your dog came up in bits and people,
dog for ninety minutes, your dog be euthanize, but people felt this dude walked with a slap on the rest and certainly did not have his dogs under any kind of control for them to be held a chase these people round for ninety minutes, it is bizarre again man, two sides in store: I think man, I love hound, hunting, absolutely love it. I want hounds of my own someday and there's always conflicts with house hunters and the general public. I just need to be like very responsible about it. Yeah. I think it would end a lot of problems. Here's northern just happen in vermont kind of years. Out of the coin,.
we always saw about the right to hunt laws, yup and whatever happens? Well, somehow hunters were out of groton state forest camp, there they're tracking a black bear, and the bear goes on a private pretty guy, the hunters legally enter the woods from buzzes road com and they retrieve there. So they're in their within law because they go to get their dogs but don't kill a bear out of the tree. Leave the bear and the tree get their heart. Their dogs get back, Truck and there's two ladys they're letting all air out of their tyres. Then one of these ladys releases, a german shepherd her. Let her german shepherd out- Then gets into a fight with the bare hunters hound. It beats the the.
dog up bad enough where it needed veterinary care. The women got find found guilty in court. The baron is ragging lawfully. She was acting unlawfully, chancellor, Jim, to me, she's gonna turn those dogs lose the chapel. Schindler there are other tires. Well, no, I mean if, if the junta, following the law. She had no right to do it. You did now. I can see, went a court I mean we're all sailing here and probably will all agree. She was wrong. Alex oh yeah, I dunno about that state, but in some states they, the the hounds min bri, could illegally killed her dog hm yeah. That's gotta be some kind of form of animal cruelty to to make your dog attack somebody else's dog I mean yeah. I dunno I dunno I'll, have my profit in mrs shepherd. Were we there
when it was still hot only, but we have neighbors that home hunt yup. It's a constant problem. You guys get a lot of disputes. The odd tried to avoid it, but though others around knows that it's gotten serious nor rouge, the rats. I can be certain that at midnight, a bunch of homes, jason to do am, I probably know under dogs in the evening, and ozma run off and a hot dog retrieved their homes, the sort of dogs. Then the words all my long and they're all around my problem is its I think the swallow win you know, you're dead It is still holding you you're, trying to manage your problem
four still look, it's pounds. We see them in the morning with their call is the continent we feed them. You can tell some of em a storm and they all have call as with almost names on its constant, don't stop, constant. If I was the one hundred I'd, take a two pronged approach. Man, I would be fighting like like fighting like hell to protect my rights as a hound hunter, and I would be fighting like hell to like to have a that programme and avoid conflict with other hunters. You have to the style of dog. He doesn't know frances I'm is he can't really keep I'll join you minutes in his nature, ruin heal ass property loans in and
can understand all grown in five. Ten malls, it's hard for a man on foot to keep up with adored running through hilly territory I can. I can deal with the occasional home running around my place at night, but its constant, it don't stop. Does a problem was the benefit of of running hounds aside from actually.
What what did they get out of it? Besides the exhilaration of actually owning a hound and hearing that and and changing a lot areas, that's the only way to effectively hunt bears the hater hounds lions mountain. It's like a traditional use. Practice man, you go, but I mean people were people were. You know like this is a little known thing. You go back like Daniel boone k, that's how they hunted bears yup they're there. If you go reader, a even open to the eighteen. Hundreds like the the cherokee choctaw. I mean the one hundred bears dogs going back. It's a it's a traditional and I'm asking the question- is somebody who has very little insight into how awning like this is all very new information media has been kind of. Really interesting to hear this conversation go on goes there we were recently rather easter. Rabbits would beagles, sir data.
Well, I think people who, in its always like it's always you know, so you got people to do one thing I feel we have told the story hundred times a negative again. People tend to think that would they have always done is dead balls right in there. What everybody else does is bad, so yeah, guys the hunt, birds with dogs and that's that's the kind of stuff you make paintings about. Hang in your house, but the guy the handsome then also the dog. That's the savage you know it's like you shouldn't be able to trap, because what, if something happens to the dog that I use to kill stuff that I like to kill it just you know, people are there's a ton of tribalism. There's a ton of tribalism
And before like before, I had such a before, I had the luxury of being around traveling around throughout the country, so much and being exposed to all the different hunting cultures that exist in the country. I was guilty of the same stuff. I was like what I do is very right. You know I we hunt deer the right way and everyone else does it the wrong way? It's just this very, like provincial attitude,. think it's gonna love to do what you are raised, then too sure two generations you nor the grandparents brought the kids are certain. In particular, where the ground learn how to find out where, I said that this is the way to do it. I think the only like
When went away and all these things out, I have found this is after this, we were. I've arrived after spending Many many many days and hours likes her like looking at these controversies, I feel that their there's two things that that there's like to sort of aspects of all. It often needs to be considered. I put an enormous amount way and traditional use practices and I put a lot of weight on resource allocation, meaning if you could come and say that a certain activity like hound, hunting for bears is as conducted, is detrimental to black bear populations in the long term, like you're, an unsustainable
enough, then that's a conversation needs to be had. How are you going to read? How are you going to rectify that? So you have a traditional use. Practice like how hunting with bears is something that people have always done so we're going to honor that traditional use up to the point where someone can look and say you're on a bad path from sustainability, yeah and the way that's usually the way that's usually handled is through resource alec. Patients like what what what part of the pool of black mare tags are going to go to that user group. Emerging technologies have different attitude. Baltic is emerging technologies, they haven't, they haven't yet entered traditionally use practice. So someone's going to come and make the case that, like like using thermal night vision stuff and what are the implications for game management? I think that that's
Much more fair question to ask: is an emerging technology without a culture built around. It is not a traditional use practice. Let's wait on its merits. as it emerges rather than going back and telling people that have been involved in some activity for three hundred years. Need now decided that what they ve been doing for three hundred years sustainable It is no good anymore, agreed, no images that it's like one of proche of many, but it's kind of how I tend to look at stuff. I want to talk about this damn crayfish panel. Let's talk about it took, as you said, it was yours laws. Lay out like like layer. For me, one like the process of making a personal crawfish part under try to say crawfish out of debt, bulldozer the mask of aid. If there pomp and water into it, so he dug their whole what the needy.
what we did. We brought ellen s career and dug a key set about six feet down with edward. We dug up takes readers down a bucket wide to create debris. The soil. but avenues than the water can see through because here we have a lot of top of soil. We have yeah, but you're you run into veins of water. I see running just a few feet deep, so we got a break that we have to cut that. So we kind of key way sakes aid feed the bucket why the dimensions of the upon you gonna, build organdy at a perimeter Look you in the hope that in yards tell people what the dimensions of this crawfish ponderous to work as its five hundred father of twenty.
Feed long, a hundred fifty four a ago shall we build a key. Were you just deregulated, join him the bulk of the role of doping and ride back dublin deterrent right back into the queue. If you just want to break that, if there is any chance, that water drawn it ok, cause you're, gonna, lose war, then a bolder It comes in removes about a foot of tops. While the older grass is growing, you're gonna get are we then keep pushing dirt to build your lab, is have any grass. That's why you remove that topsoil Put that grass and eleven because then the grass decays former little channels or the water can start see, but true, I'm an elite away, you Larry!
get rid of start push dirt with a bulldozer billion levy and cracked company upon and it I build upon and five days hold it ah awaited in a week and then a dump crawfish planning in one week after the water but how'd you get the rice going in there. I had to wait before during spring, so you put crawfish in before you start even grown rice, a house because I had to get crawfish in to to drill into the ground That was my crop for exactly that what we do and how their lifecycle works and may our drain my pawn upon me and our force of foursome pull the plug in twelve hours, our job drain, all the water borne well provision.
Then stay to survive is to drill into the ground. So one up when they feel that water drop in their star drilling and a drill all on the inside, deliver their drill into the ground, and then I'll leave on dry. Also summer cut the grass around me chapter about plant mri seed. So the pond confuse now. Why do you? Why do you need the crawfish? drill into the ground, because they go into the ground and then they ve been brad. They have an exam, they go into the ground And this ban to treatment- in the ground, then, when the females come out, carrying Is under their tail and went up filled a poem they start coming out,
feel that let's build a timeline so like randy's ray his raisins and go around so so what the whole point of the conflict by the flood and the draining is to is to simulate the river so natural. Recurring, the river would flood in the spring and the crawfish would come out their holes and then, when the river would go back low again. The crawfish would would drill So then I got tired of their life cycle and sort of life. History is to deal with this flood, the flooding in dry periods and print, and then I gotcha we can. officially control so you're mimicking the natural cycle of. Why unaware? What's what Monti drain our dream up? in may. In may so they breed prior to that. their breathing all some argon profits that are trailing right now and the reason drilling and
They came out at our rules two months ago, release them is yup they're. Understand too I kinda ground towards them. cycle of having their bread in this, so you drain in may the update they do. They start to drill and their bread. Already there drill before or during the pollen ogled upon is full of water. You'll see built there so their drilling prior to me, yeah, you started seeing chimneys all and then you drained in its all spring in like when you start to fill the pond again September september. So all summer, The passenger aligns dry. I noted in urging down in the mud that down in their own home and gone Then, in that time period. That's when you play your rice, the olives dry la plant upon dry. I plant my rights. When there
I guess about eighteen inches high start flirting, we eat, you said they breed all summer, The alarm fishing, the provision, breeding underground underground, no and upon their minds, gonna water in it? During the summer and me up but tell me you're not break there. Not breeding in the hole in the whole of their action was like hibernating there that, but are they breeding all summer No water up until may so If you we call the summer march, I think I think, by decided at a tongue the us they breed when there were no water and once you drain the pond, they're gonna, hibernate and they're gonna does incubators eggs and hibernate in them. I'm gonna want parliament and when they feel monitor ground with the baby zone, that eighty once they filled with water table, comes back the coffers they stand to get out
I gotta come out and, and they release their eggs, so yeah they will leave breed in the spring and then once the water table drops, they drill made those babies staying in their whole larcom back up, they come out and they still there in the dry time that the rice gets gets planted the september. It starts to grow the rights of september you flawed again when I get somebody ten inches high. I start flirting. Ok, I followed arise and then in a late they come out release their eggs, correct and then that's when the lifecycle then that's, then, ninety days from the time they come out and their release their babies. Biologists figure about ninety days for baby crawfish to reach maturity, to behave the harvested and then all winter long there in their feed on the rice well
The ban is actually feed on the microorganisms that grow to algae, on the I stalks and feed on data as long as possible. When dad food sources depleted, then they'll start eating vegetation like rice and whatever the grass is growing in gotcha of vegetation is not our crawfish as main diet. There they'll feed on tiny organisms, whenever whatever, if you, ro storks. All you see, it's it's awful algae in that's what they feeding on gotcha this damage ear. And being there the pawns, so shallow of you, I mean you theoretically could keep it flooded longer, but the water does get so hot. You start Killing your grocery store. Loser is wrong, but baking a test. One time we we we ran in my palm. We had what kept the water to it.
Julie down and when I went to pull the plug that water Listen at this time of year, otto auto, even Only ever run my pop. You gotta have a lot of oxygen and tests margin levels. Water schools, right holes, oxygen spring when that water is going to start warm and are not a pomp every day. keep my oxygen levels above four or five, or your crawfish the die or you'll see them crawling out journal it there who are denied, run
the dog and they'll be all along the water's edge growling that they were bailing out so that to that to the water source of you pump into the palm. We have these a there's a they know. Things are getting hard, yeah, there's a large drainage canal that runs in the back of our property. We call it that the forty acre canal and in like bud and myself, we we on our property. You dig a large ditch going all the way to the front and the nest used to get your water into your part. Got you I got more questions the to haven't. Do this whole drain cycle deal? Do you have to drain its plant rice. You came out, so you can't so rising in in eighteen into the water No, but I have a friend across the buy and it has upon he told me he draws the dry seed and three or four inches of water. I work in eighteen inches of water. No ok, so there's that and then let's say
You never drained your part, but you kept it at a stable eighteen inches year round it go to hell right most largely like the crayfish production, would go to her. Now we ice the partner one. Cons. I had was a one hundred acre one and it was actually more of a swampy or style pawn. It was pond that was not well taken. Care of it was just left to to before and flooded. They did have a fish in it, but it will yet was not nearly as productive as theirs. They birds pond, because the fish get to it. The fit the small goggle eyes and the butter size, the perch they. All your baby, crawfish delta, plead your baby and groundless, and in that case also we, the bullfrog, took in and the bullfrogs a crawfish you could ask, but in that pond, upon hatton had no one had done it kind of anything to it in about five years when we took it over and then
so many bullfrog in there that we couldn't lily could not make crawfish possible I'm talking twenty six age plus no the first time we decide to go for organ and respond, but by got there first and he was taxonomy, he says man, the frogs are so big it here they not going to fit. In the case of my seventy five frogs filled, seventy quart ice gen who couldn't kill a you, couldn't you rob em. They learn rob around the edge and we'd have to log on a paddle. You couldn't, go and grab one of those for all the cool thing about frogs, though, when you hit it with a paddle and knock them out, they have a mechanism that they, they inflate their their lungs or something
the stones bad as they roll over and there they just float in there to grab throw him over your shoulder. Watch this my pawn flood and champion, and our dream in me that short amount of time. When our dream that born, you will not believe Stop, that's that's living on growing in their fish. I'm talking wide brim big enough to eat, blue he'll eels. car fish rattled plant any of that in there. Despite this land area, as I resign accelerate when you pick up a trap and they got a big com in there, which is- which is what it's ok, it's ok, We got little legs, it's it's like. I said, giant salamander all those levant side like a hell, bender you're,
better is non negotiable obiang. All honourable members with our long gone, but so how's that stuff get in there. I have no idea- every year. When our dream that Paul, you would not believe. What's in there deficient, in coming through the harps brim and bullfrog. We catch them in the trap. We are you pick up the tragedy in their good I want you to explain the harbours process now, because you tom of the traps, what's a good sideways airbus process and well. We we'll saleable we're horrors, them a need and now about target the greatest use. You travel. Upon god, a pyramid, apps that we use. We use an artificial bait pallets yup forbade because we were not big on that. A lot of a lot of crawfish fishermen use fish, menhaden or
all his forbade. One of the reasons I build mob pawn. My wife, We need crawfish that and you can smell it. You can tell from fears that there has been issues for bait, and we didn't like that saw one of the reasons I built map on. We use a ballot form forbade crawfish. I clean your crawfish are bass. We enjoy more about that first mot them to meet. This. Has a sweden do it later on when you want to start with warm and the flash changes, and even case there from it, the texture and as you,
professor get older when the crawfish are real yawned and when the saw saw our under every every everyday life, and I hear what we can and we give the rest away. So you give him away all bagged up. You don't make your neighbours and friends come and pull their own traps. The lot of em, Someone like ronnie likes to bring his son Well, I guess I'll tell ronnie your comment: it's more of a staff have em an all living with free engine or job in the balkans, go, will render tribesmen. Whenever crawfish we pick up. I give it to him, like the kids, to bring kids man? You wouldn't believe how many kids I'm having a pawn and they did you made their market. You know you bring. two three four five year in there and its own you terry,
I met a means, just see the small on their faces and their eyes later, watch and big enough. All them grow fears. That is one It's about thing I mean I love doing. That saw cap lay a little just a little bit of antagonism kind of and this conversation no, can I come off on. You could say some better haven't crawfish bomb. So what does this malt in this small town communing. This is what were at this the community gathering place that allows people to get this wonderful resource of louisiana. And I love that about this part- but what I want to actually asked, but about in the crew hears about commercial rice, veal, fishermen out west, who have hundreds and thousands of acres Crawfish ponds right, you know our fact, namely they may go, make a great in fact, Ronnie said now the other day,
that may be, the main source of their income is off that commercial, fishing and righteous pays the bills right. Then you take the old school fishermen in the chaff, lie basin and the spill ways that are that our fishing for crawfish wild, a chaff lie basin crawfish then I'll drop for naturally they go through the natural life cycle of the swamp and its feet as no pops going in and out of it. Their use in into thereby gripe is that the rice field forming crawfish, killing their killing their business because the majority of people buy from the rice fields. Now, because of what a lot of much is said about aids, a damn good, taste differently, cleanliness from the thing now. Lot of people will say: what's the difference between farming duck and wild duck, you get a different, cleaner, more mild, mellow, take out a form, raise known and wild duck and then in the sanctions
so what are you make its own gravy? Don't somewhere, above all, others casual workers? So why did you go war? Can, in my upon its horror, like bats, on the floor, So I guess I guess my old thing is: is that his his pines indifferent beast? Because it's it's something He does a hobby, it's not a commercial thing done, make money. It's a clearly. There is a difference between a garden and industrialized farm landscape exact and I'm not condemn, and there is a big difference between a garden industrialized, Also, if you talk to these base and crop, is these spill way crow? fishermen who, while by the wild awhile crawfish Crawford, while cravats guys their sand. about eyes, because these guys out west have thousands of acres of controlled farm land that their pump in water in and out plant natural seed, and then
percent of louisiana ends and all over the country. Now, where you can get you can get crawfish express ship to you in the next day, are all cross. Our all are all right, we'll crawfish in these no way guys like oh shit, our commercial fisheries are gone down. The drain does no. We can't harvest near as much as the is right. We do know what it's all about news, because in burn it You ready made the little money symbol where that arise feel start producing, causa it's it's inside. It's gonna search for about a month, the price charged robin and applause draws no every year to come storm about six dollars and power. There and I'm not gonna wind up the thing with is gonna drop down under dollar. it render rice fields are going to start putting it, but the point now so much volume tat they can sell it. That dollars is still bring him in bringing about my
What's the trouble, I forgot all about this, Although our guns themselves work in trying to catch the wild ones, I am a good product there anymore and a lot of pe and you're gonna hear people say no doubt is that there is a difference in flame. Or psi show consistency between and there there are trains, though it's just a wild crawfish, now to budge point using that pellet you're, not using decaying fish matter and poly, that's going to change the the dynamic of what that crawfish taste like, but I wouldn't say in it like binds buying spill way. Crawfish is a bad thing and they're gonna taste bad. You just have to do a little bit more work to purge them to clean them, to make sure they nice and rent so that they do taste good, because there is something about that wildness personally, that does make that crawfish its own.
thing, I'm not going to say more special or less different. Now reflect a union uniqueness, yad that person how they come from love fish from their job for lion tastes different in the crawfish are rains my bonnet, I personally loves billy. It's like, I I like to change up, you know cause a lot of times you're going to get your arise, pawn, crawfish first, because you know the river hasn't done a thing yet the spillway crawfish aren't or out there, because it's rice crawfish ponds, going to come up. First, as your six dollar pound crawfish that you get right out and I'm not gonna gets berwick offers in the winter time, and I find that when the spit way kicks out now the spill way it's where the mississippi conway are the chaff alive. When, when, when the river comes up, it is some overflows and the lower nelson, where you are one and by your boss, far from floods, the swamps, anita floods, as does the swap crawfish, so that no one is built.
offers when I was still where they go, though, in the middle every day and they make us billy No, you know they re, they don't make it they leave it there they built gone, so Yeah I find like what will actually when the spillway crawfish kicking, that's actually, who actually does bring the price down, which, which means the cost sucks with the spillway guys, because yeah they don't get that six dollar pound crawfish to sell. They are selling at three dollars a pound when they, when the when the spillway comes That price is going to dropped about three now, because then the original dudes are kicking in their their their plans. So much crawfish coming to rice, forests to the rice, farmers for crawfish, just it's more and more. Where are the warmer again, the more they catch people search out spill way. Crawfish, they can always gave rise vehicle crawfish. They search out this bill way like this either rose there. I feel your way crawfish here. What about a man. Nelson. Although he was killed me yesterday. It was killed me
with the science thing, I'm just china drop a little dry little knowledge, like you know it's great knowledge by pay, thing on the planet. Right now is bhutan. Yeah turns me too, like gas station boot in europe, where you going ass they should get booty and wrapped up buddha and is like a rice arrogance it blows. This is all information all next level, cold information. People need give me an on biased what boot. In his boot, as rice, sausage, tit traditional may, with pork rice in pork, livers period, ronnie These guys rise, walk around the morning. ronnie last summer down your spear vision narrowed walking around in the morning where you might be eating a breakfast, burrito or or a bacon sausage and egg thing, you walk around the world
also of soft sausage. foil, made out like meat and rice three in the morning. oh, did you put some hot sauce on it and I'm going to rig up a thing when I moved down here and start my restaurant called I'm going to start a restaurant called the real cajun and I'm gonna have a thing that sits. I explains yesterday. can be a reservoir. A hot saw, the bolts, the top with drip line, comes down hangs right by your steering wheel, and it's got a little squeeze bonnet The thing you use the prime gas in your boat. And as your new booty and drive and around you can just because the only neatly each drop you gonna get a bite So you gotta see. You can see the whole damn thing yet season each bite so that horse coming down for outsource, take a bite.
With that reservoir. In any set I am a is a syringe with the long needle and germany in long ways without can squeeze it as your porn out. everybody's any reason right now is a rather everybody. Families are right now. How are these guys do important hot cells on boot? If you don't. It is actually make crawfish buddha had good. This is it that this is where the story is good, Ronnie last summer. Turns me on he's, like god, it was that town golden meadow go to go. Metal goatee pops deep can see basely three things: gas bull, rehab buddha yonder, and they got you guys, they work crawfish. Now we smith patronized last summer or merger, eight, the lit dickens out of it
Trip all been top want to go back, that damn place and get more the boot in so I want to get the boot an we out there ahead of John Paul. We go and get some eat tat, so I can give more some guy come some guy get another bottle of sauce. Some guy comes in while we're in our second run and walks in there he goes y'all. Firstly, our red ball right. Now, that's what I've got a couple of days ago, dormant. We did Bob right now, Why are there so? I then want to deposit buddha go and buy it. We buy the boot in. More and had a bottle hearts us with them. Eight! one on the one hand to his bottle, has lost chester, went back in to give or in to get a new bottle? Hearts us John Paul pulls up. He goes in. and he's like going in there and he's the share with people in there, and he comes out
says, I don't mean to be the antagonists like we just heard him say a second ago. He said there's that booting is it our turn to comment here to take it away. You can do for yourself now I don't need to defend myself or the buddha all over this state. I make it a point to go to eat buddha at all. He pointed out that he said and I bought, two of them to two of them too, and I it is delicious that buddha quota air quotes is delicious, but the people working. There would say it's more like they actually told me this. The people there, when you tear, gave them out because I want to know where I was from, which is from taxes, which explains a lot It's real and they said it's more like a rice, dress, indiana traditional buddha and asset its open. Now it is
delicious link of sausage, because that's what it is, but a reboot as us, ass chief, you put the hearts of us on their, especially so, I am never ever seen anybody would hot cell somebody so a bunch of yankees sitting in a railway, suburban with a bottle of hot that the real cajun over here, the real cage and with his reservoir idea, and I will promise you that any louisa and listen to this podcast right now. Sand nymphs on budget has never been out west when without the wazoo at south west illusion and there's all kind of different social. I, like alike I like and I'll call the buddha because that's what they call it and I'm just Andrew personally sang for the fat literally. Thousands of different brands and types of bhutan and have eaten.
That is the most unlike of buddha. I've ever had. It is big as doesn't go home and say when I go home and tell people that I've developed the real love rice dressing in sudan, those zella, gazing, gotten really pop awful numbered at that are now like a real booty and man Are these strategies in the hands of all you say so if it doesn't have livers now buddha or about crawfish buddha? Isn't that not buddha either? I don't like probably black our shrimp boo there. I like that. I mean I like it, but it's like, but is it not buddha now at some point? Is it okay? Let me actually they make cauliflower buddha. Place. The rice would cauliflower is abu, no Why is it that booting? I guess I've got a boot because you don't have rice in a dry. Look like a vague as well still no boy pork in it,
because they want the car hire answer. Our police is not a budgeting. Thing it's a kido thing now, cauliflower there. Cauliflower rice on, I think, Let us show that there is every shrilly they're gonna go back home. If this is your buddha here, this is yellows decision, buena, then I'm sure you can run across the street and it may have been the more traditional liver boot at. But I mean to me in my in my opinion of of buddha, as is so so so many sausage sausage, just no no cauliflower known rice, just me in less than in case of buddha it and then then into me. Buddha is just meat and rice. If, if there's rice in and encasing that
lieutenant in a mob. In there I was there right about. The rice is what makes the boot rises. Rice art, if, if you want to use cauliflower evasively antony, is what makes it boot antony I appreciate that govern. All I know is I am going to tee pops in get that their booty and in sleep easy car boot in listening, a very hard time gone home, sand, lousy failure to do this is why am I do now door, you weren't, being deceived. all three all y'all going to sin, we all get a ball and I'm going to sr three different boot ants from three different places in three different, distinct sections of southwest. Louise anna, and I don't want to hear if it's better or worse. I just want you to try it. You don't have to give me feedback. I like teapots, better. I like this wetter. I don't care, that what you like, as what you like, I don't give a damn would like
aren't you say and was a man I'm interested? I'm not only here, I'm hack, another jimmy rallied around I've. My enemy higher interested in knowing a variant, arrests and all this gap, but from an outsider perspective. ok go down on. You know this whole thing. Are you because your ear you're pretty familiar with, like all the cuisines in the country? Right? I am they do all this. Garbage about. Chile in the southwest ourselves: lose southwestern! U s this whole like outrage of it's got this an outrage. It's got that in it. wait. So when you live in an area you get you get like vested in that stuff, but when you're not it seems a little akkad, it starts to feel a little academic. Like I would like my mom is to make chilean she put any beans in
Some guy, wherever hell, we're part of the country, did then go like every it's got beans in it. It's not. Will you it about hunting. It's where you grow up me. Some people exemplars, where I grew up. You think this is the right way new right, but as you go out and expand your world of hunting or buddha Or of any other thing it becomes to evolve say. Oh away, my way is not only the right way. There's the right ways in nobody is right or wrong in this conversation, but I'll watch a larger and was arranged and our own everybody abroad over to venice with us rabbit o several of them in the house, but as there is in our life redundancy, why my favorite ravening there's back
or buddha. I thought that stuff was not my fate. I want to move off booting cause. I want to get into cooking the crawfish cause. We left out the cooking and I want you to tackle jump all, but just just out of fairness, I'm endorsing tea pops. What would you like to endorse if you? If, if you want It- let's say let's say a listener out there- wants to experience sort of like what you would regard as a sort of like the, baseline definition of buddhism. You would suggest that they buy some from who, if lord travelling, I ten wes in your going through scott louisiana. Are anywhere in those parishes out west on I can stop it. Billy's are stop, at best go mad.
I knew. Where are you? Are you? What are you gonna or best? Stop is great, but there are literally place was over program on tv one fits buddha. There's literally hundreds of places, I ten once you get west of Latvia, where you can pick up buddha in every gas station, every little meech and so Billy's is one of my favorites best up is different, but also good dawns is good rabbit s. Good news is good. Long yawns is good, gina meat market. It goes on and on and on, but I would say this: I love you teapots endorsement I'll. Tell you why? Because if you are, I'm in the southeast louisiana you're travelling down vile effusion, you're gonna efficient import, who saw a grand now stop a teapot said that alsatian danger of them right, addressing
I you some buddha like because this is buddha here- are the hearts of ourselves. No one on the t with that right now, something so good, so good, so good right in the the bottom right, they got a chest like a thing door opened from the outside, serve yourself bottom right, corner the top stupid stuff. Bottom left. The bottom left his crayfish boot in without again bottom right's, port and you try the crayfish one reality that balance may homer asked crossly his main homer, the port sudan's as payment lay for me now. How did you crawfish boil as we ate last night? That's what I mean then, because of the massive overhead wild and I'm not saying, there's not eighty ways of doing it runs about like last night. You did we're, so
I took a little bit of how I grew up doing it in a little bit how how but our button I spent fifteen minutes tops while doing it outside the crawfish bond. Yesterday So what I did is basically filled out my power water and made a vegetable stock with a laugh onions, salary, garlic, mushrooms, and a lot of citrus and oranges like twenty four lemons cut in half and like ten orange can have squeezed my hand, put him in thing role that to a boil and I had just a little bit of seasoning dry seas in the in the water and some liquid, A boy reign was Europe what you preferred brand ma. there's there's a couple different ones at a really good loco. May good crab boil check bases and it makes a good crabs. Sloppy ma makes a good ones that IRAN's is what I grew up with and is what we use last night because ass we had- and I use a little bit of the powder little bit of the liquid.
I started rolling that, to a boil add in my potatoes and sausage, and I like to get my potatoes about three quarters: the way there before ama crawfish and what was that sausage partner that was smoke, ryszard smoked, sausage, yep and am denmark crawfish going now loud like these are early in the seas and the crawfish hadn't gotten to therefore maturity so there on the smaller side, so you got a boiling for a little less time. We did once you drunk dumpy crawfish in it, knocks that watered down to you know down there getting the down below the boy. Was you wouldn't forty pounds a year oh yeah witches cauldron and that in that part, will That's why you gotta haggard that a high that high berne and propane burner to really keep that recovery short because once at crawfish goes in, it lowers the temporary it's gotta come back up to boil, like I say we ball for three minutes
at three minutes. I dump a little small bowl of ice in it and I just let it soak for I'll soak for thirty minutes and that's where this is like the part that this is the part controversial, yeah. Well, the silk is a little controversial and so what I did want, I put it in the cooler I took over in this kind of work. Bud came eggs. I wanted. Sometimes those crawfish provisions can be overly salty a lot of times. It can go so I'll use less powdered seasoning more liquid boiled and I usually use because liquid unhappy, so there was a crawfish, went into the cooler or ice chess I sprinkled em with extra and little bit actual powdered crawfish evening inland. Let them sit and steam in kind of do their own thing. It's not enough to get all over your hands, like a lot of places, do es louisiana. You know via body. It lets that crawfish really speak for itself without overpowering it with a whole bunch.
Seasoning and spice, and when you talked about ideas for people to love the flavour of crawfish I just never understood why from seasoning that'd mask the flavour of your is you know, I can't see myself eating crawfish and mars, drawing near because it is just those wisely and now I'm not you understand what I'm saying you represent and mail, and maybe it's that maybe maybe we got used to an so much seasoning because it was on point. We were There may be spill way, crawfish fishing zone it where people in person, really good cause us at once, getting those while croatia after purge in so mainly on workers, wild crawfish, because we pull the muddy zalm sign the nerve gas out.
I find the salt water kills them I like to just so. This is my my purging method and I think of ice chest or big bucket and I'll put them in a champagne or a basket for the crawfish basket in the water, and I put a hosepipe in there running mad to circulate that water. Until that water becomes clear, humming homey hours ethic, If you mail in it I mean rice caught with those crawfish doesn't take. That takes, I mean bright one or two fill ups and it it make like I'll I'll fill it up. The first omelet over a little bit, pull the crawfish out dumped the water and that water is going to be dirty logo. Dump it put him back in a backup. At that point. Wars can be a little bit clear, certainly clear, and then one more time and that water is crystal clear negatives, and at that point, that's when I'll feel microfiche are ready to go in the pot and as for the wild crawfish rice, a rice plant, crawfish too, don't get me wrong. I've gotten fishy rye from crawfish Is that a spit way crawfish artificially, because owing to spill way their fish, because they're using fish forbade the show
Let us beware: geyser use pellets rebate and there's no fishing is too. I mean it s more about what you're using for bait people use fish early in the year because those those pellets take out in the cold war or take a lot longer to dissolve so fish brings us crawfish fast. I come good friday when I used to sell crawfish, I would use I use fish are, or beef mail with the palate forget that fast. I could run much drops twice a day. Vernal! Aren't you a lot of luck office on good friday, Oh you tried a is delight. The pinnacle of growth No one ever by eaten everyone around airs is. Is this catholic over most part are catholic? It's very, very prominent religion around here. So don't Is you don't need me euralia notoriety gallagher, it's become barbara tradition to have that that they, like I've got good friday is like the dated everybody gets together with their families and boils seafood, eat, seafood and another
Mere crawfish are in the height of their seeing as I e the pinnacle of prophecies and they're. Not there still that do not fully mature where their red hoard and hard to eaten. You know, but they are not that little baby conflict or just right, perfect in the Middle EAST that perfect crawfish. That yeah and you got spillway. You got rise and look spillway crawfish, some obscene dirty rice palm crawfish. I've seen clean spillway, crawfish, spillway crawfish tend to be a little more muddy or sometimes just because they they've been in that swampy mud. So you may have to give them one additional rinse down, but I, like the purge boat, crawfish more for what they're eating, because a crawfish has been eating fish when you go to suck that the headphones Now you get that got that fishy oof. You know you'll smell it kick or jump off quick hit like the soak what's happening during the soap, so the the soak it's the crawfish are going to float when they
why, when they're done, they they're they're going to be sitting at the top of the water and the soak is when you add that ice and let them sit, they start to absorb all that liquid and become they're not buying anymore, that water goes into the head cavity into the tail cavity in they sink and it like an equilibrium, we're brine loud and I like alike juicy crawfish the head. I want to get all that interior, fat and juice from the broth, which makes purging crawfish down much more important because they're sitting in all the water and boiled in four thirty, energy soaking all an answer. If you don't purge it, you're gonna be doping and dirty nasty season, in salty water, but not clean gaf. I and you'll get a grittiness to them too, like if you don't alec, if you don't perjury, that implies that there'll be that will be so ready when you soak the headless the soul
will make them. Juicer will also make them more seasoned because they're taking in that liquid, you know from that soak god and nothing to that. With a shock. I find the shock helps with appealing when you hit him with that. It makes that that that of the tail meat separate from the shell got it and the soaked? Nothing. So do the same thing as well. If you had done I've record salt in the water that you balder meant, I put a load. You see, I don't put salt at all. Has, unfortunately, solved, a wanted, an appeal as good as you put a little bit of that at the powder I'm not any eyes just india bulk We wish to remain lets them. That's what he did not do so yeah, but for about thirty seconds to mail it and they are just take the basket wade about a mail it just outside cool down I'll, take that basket and put it back in the same bought and there
sank. The every one of them will saying that when they do not discuss this sector, they got there was shot and theirs. the seasonings that are in your water I'll leave a man about that. Second, dear the champions, are male and pull a mountain anti, it and we all we cook a lot with crawfish me sore. we'd all over solved in our offices in them, because when I make an example, my wife makes crawfish frequency I don't want to sit there their need and tears means out around scrabble Well all wanted point. I want to eat the crawfish and taste the flavor of those crawfish crawfish and to fear another. Then look at a fancy. Restaurant in the city. You can walk into an auto crawfish at
You know that you're you're not going to walk in one of em and eat and it case sat around scrabble or whatever. When you walk into a grocery store and by a pact one pound pack of crawfish tails and you can buy louisiana, crawfish tails, but you can so by Chinese. You bother louisiana, crawfish dales when you open it and gave them the no side there's no seasoning, it's just a natural crawfish gm and you use that to cook together you understand, so when I, when I got crawfish, we all for me and my wife, you could you confirm secondary used, not just the boy, I'm eating them for me alive, but then I got twenty rules are not appeal and I haven't
where's your volume machine, how machine you the married a hundred twenty three years next year reincarnated watch out what european freezing the fat? How do you do we're going to affect the fact, though, the yellow, As much as I cannot keep ya do about oil find it gets got when you, when you're gonna, messing around aware yea kelly, you gotta use them within three or four months. Okay, I I'm not going to leave crawfish in my freezer for a year we eat, we eat it to twelve months of the year, we'd cook and read reviews saw it done. It doesn't stay long enough in my freezer to get rancid okay, so in order to just you got to if you're, if you're planning on keeping some longer,
You pulled a gun line, that's what we do with rats on a long, ransom, good refresh water and then packham, and you can keep on my wall gay riding. You ready yet which got good move on last. They were in the coverage is potentially my new february ducks walks through the routine that the routine. Routine. Geiger dont bother you down on it as to where we were. We were raised on that. My grand ma grandmother, mass and death, gonna blow your mind. Wilson recently a fighter. The building got knocked down. I can go short term hurricane ida, five dad was My grandmother's building should clean, dug in. Up until autumn knocked down she died.
Nineteen? Seventy six you'd want door, no still doug values, spiderwebs in the ceiling. I want your cool, not a lot of people thought that. it's, what we know so much about their gunning. Emma found a lot of people not molecule haunting ended in the third is the my grandmother was still gleaming ducks in the seventies from margo Three four five hundred dogs do no shit like market, my god, what I'm telling you and the game was knew about it and not once where she have a bonded than ever care. they're. Gonna came there and not once the manager She did that all her life. She would. If all the brass feathers and in the summer time my grandfather would put
in some long tubes dry it into your and then enough. Morocco windmill bills down still got down below from my grandmother, does spoonbill your hair and a bill I still have. I guess sub Doug here well in the pillow and they never found it and you can feel it It's an honored saint John, sixth avenue at all levels mob. Does what's your door? Grandmotherly thousands villain bill with a spoon in she liked occurred to the router If that were to get ads, then there was no way the height, but was the disk called a dish of media rudy? French word ants edge of french word for roasting arose and that just slow cooking, your brown. It
A little water comes back. Damage greece, add a little water and you just called for hours had a little water, bring it back. a little water and a black bought girl motive, but black our manual ipods, you can really scrape the buyer, recalled routine, we'll do it out with dirt The rules for a bit for all, went on board rose, rule deed, the real negative say about the jumble. Why
Am I being portrayed so I'm just giving some perspective, so that was in vietnam. I love that rooty to the dirty duck. Traditionally, like buzz said, you you're going to you're going to brown it. I liked the I liked the backup, okay, because here's the this is very important for people to know. Okay, I've got a dead duck. Leonor. Alright, dump the ghetto to get the threesome. Your three stage, plucking method, just shot it yep, it's okay, it's still flopping, alright, nope, just a flop and just fish. Regular neck ring is size. So I got that got a fresh guild to get back to that account. What I'm going to do. First thing: I'm gonna cut the wings off either joint.
I don't, like you, don't first joint though at first I did, I cut it off at the body will be addressed in a variety of our joint out, so that that I sent his elbow. He added that is our boy cut. Em Adele boat, like the cut him at the joint, because I can't stand when I got those sharp when spoken in theory, but I'm all pellets add to it so academic wing joints and I'm a given rough pull up on that focus a lot on those wing feathers through there really hard to get on with it the rest fell off backgrounds off, but those are our most of the lake feathers off. Then what does ninety five percent blocked? When we hear about ninety five? Ninety, ninety five percent plucked and I'm gonna- get get my water a rolling boiled! We get a small small crawfish bought while the water once again at water boiling. I'm gonna take that duck and with dip him for ten to fifteen seconds and once once, I'm done dipping a pool I'm out and I'm going to dry them with an old towel, get them nice and dry and then I'm going to then remove
the rest of those big fat jaguars come right eyes or you can just said that the brilliant your hand and they'll come all. Yet. The boiling is gonna open up those borders and allow those especially like, in particular, the wing feathers really everything that would have been a pain in the area as a whole. You decide their maintain ass, comes off very little where the plug a chicken farmers, How water rub it off so and in what we do? I'm gonna. So if the house and I don't have to keep a header ahead. The head one, I'm a go straight to the deepening process. More you burn out. You got me an hour. They must also create those boiling process. One should guide dogs, our nice and pretty. You can agree the hot water off and use that burner and behold the bay in the leg and I'm going to pass that that through the far this refusal,
and each vernal voltaire about all those low hairs off any other right, maybe feather miss or something? I don't know. The hills were hairs on a darker com yeah, but I don't like that. So I know what I saw. The pen feather the pinpointed as another thing, but it's really good about boiling is the pin feather comes out real easy and I'll take a knife and my thumb, and through it all around and I agree with others that we can't see between your knife blade and your thumb. We call we call it the pin, feather pusan pusan that didn't it wasn't cage grandmother, they used her and her nickname was pusan because she used to pull all the pusan pew. Okay, you can't say grandma's nickname was puke because she used to shoot her. Dad was the pull of a pin, feathers out So yes, so once you got the pimples outline agreed at the two and then once you create
We're just gonna give me low slap plop around pat off those, those that that burnt hair off then like us. So, and at this point it looks like a beautiful you, you ain't and you're, not ever going to see a more beautiful dog. That's been just been boiled and create. I mean that's just Yeah you put that shit on the front of better homes and gardens man, one of the ten or so so, if I said if I'm at my house, I'm gonna go straight to the boning process and that way I gotta stick my hand up in the cavity to pull the guts out. Oh yeah. So what I do is I'm gonna take the duck like I showed you and will split right down the brass. malcolm around the wing joint around the back of the duck to the leg joint, and then you get the those half the ducks like we had and then once I've got the two has you got that that body core the boneless breast full wing folded? Is that correct? Every edible thing is off that dock area. There is not a piece of meat left on that duck. So now I haven't got it
yet. So what do we do now and will make a slit under the breastplate am appalled that breastplate up? yup, like an opening the hatch opening, a hatch, the heart, the liver and the gizzards going to be sitting right there and you just pull them out, put them to the side, and I will do all my ducks like that and then come back to it to the gizzard, which we call the gj and I'm a cut on each side of that silt sack and two pieces too low nut gives her nuggets that no trick. I learned from you, then try to go through all the hassle opened, the sun's bitches up, scraping them and scraping them. Then wind the exactly what you wind up with just cut off. Just stupid. I had no idea. I was wasted so much time same here, man I was like. I wound up with exactly the same thing yet one hundred days and you lose no meat. No, you wanna with with eleanor of doing. There as much as I liked, I liked her or like to reward my dog when we'd have a good hunt of a you know: she's she's, she doesn't
more than any of us out there. So I to give her, I'm not a big liver after the livers, and I give her that the giza gorse anna and The tramp tramp. This common and dogs have you're an article in the air run on pollution some shots and gallant knew? What would you do the same? gal, the galileo, which mean mean that same process or is it knows so the galileo I like to start by cutting the wings off and I'm gonna slit their throat just there's a what, where their crops at a lot of skin. I gave it a low slit peel that skin a little bit off the brass and I'm going to stick. My finger down the I guess we're the wishbone. Is I'm going to pull the head and pull the wishbone, and for that Brazzaville come out nice and poverty and lighted it from my house ought only to leave a wing so by cutting those wings of this
and just peels right off and you get a perfect brass. No feathers, no cleaner with us tat in a bucket of water and in legislate with handed to chester the Breast her huh, I will say about those gal into who lee cow yeah. It's good all right- all right how ready to cool down at the end to buy that are girls, does for a job talking to a ball when you sand a ride. Poodle. All y'all read that article to the american coup de do do do yeah very similar, so and another thing back to the pool. I saw that way. Just like the duck. It's like when you open that hatch, there's the gizzard the heart and deliver to sit and right on time, no having to dig through through apps and internet clips,
I love that nasty lip so yeah. So then there you are got your duck. Go on, keep keep making the dish. Also, okay, so you got your half now now I've got my to have some adult. I'm gonna go and get a mind like pot or black pot and we'll put a little bit of olive oil a little degrees just enough to wet the bottom, that we don't get a hard stick when a throw it at her and I'm gonna. Take those I'm gonna, take those duck halves and a malayan fat down on a medium heat, and I'm going to start to cook that skin down and get as much fat out of that skin. To make my grease a whole people are listened to what you're saying right now, so that I get that get that that duck like out of ampule understand something.
yeah, like your ten commandments k, get like the constitution. You got like the declaration independence and then you got this recipe. That shit is all sorta like you know what I mean so listen up, so I get those ducks half down fat down and I'm going to brown them down till the just the tops of them start to cook and the big thing is you do not want to over brown them cause, then those ducks are gonna. Get real in horde and they're not going to get tinted so as as they get to where I like them, brown, I'm a pull them out and put them in a metal, a metal bowl and get them all at once of brown to all my ducks, I'm gonna take my maternity, my my my my onions bell, peppers him my my celery diced bell. Okay, so it's diced diced! bell, pepper and jump org there give the official rat ratio. yeah made. I would like to read.
I that I, when I go children in general, one to one so more onion to two parts: annual import belt. Everyone, ports we ve already possess completely avoid the lottery. Bikers you quick question: one word answers, fine to three word answer: what ratio do you cook rice? First joint, the first joint that it is that's how I've done a lot of I can cook pot arise. I thought that for my dad, workin offshore, tolerant, argued cook anything my dad summit. Would you do I'm cooking rise or was it Y Y you stick your friend, Madame withdraws, you're, putting their imagine a water
joy way, dudgeon arrive, there's gonna come out perfect. Every time I've been doing it for sixty from fifty five years comes out. Perfect everything. Well there's your three word answer: yeah yeah yeah, so back to the bag to the trinity, onions bell, two part, one onion, one part bell pepper one part celery diced up and throw in the pope set, which is a little bit of garlic, a little chop, garlic, so throw that in to my duck fat grease that I've just made, but Now, those ducks, and also with my trinity, I'm gonna, throw in my gizzard and my heart and bread. around our brown that down get them among in Sweden.
alan down to the consistency I like, which you know with any anything you just get it brown down and thickened and then, once onto the browning process alike, I'm gonna take those ducks, I'm going to dump them back in to the onions and give them a little more of a brown. Down in there, and I'm going to take that bowl to the doctor sitting in a lot of lot, more grease and blood's going to have leaked out those ducks and I'm going to put some water and air. Throw that around dump it and I'm going fail. The pot up just above worth, where everything sitting in in some chicken stop and some chicken broth with a little bit of water and bring adjust to where it's above that one there and some and then I'm gonna bring what get get that boylan now this, so most people would just continued as the water would drop or the startled? that out of the water. What are the water? I have three and I like to do it. I do it that way: we just atwater every time it drops down or I'll put, in the autumn, burner
burn your ad and when it's on the burn, I'm adding water runs on the burner or I'll put it in the oven for a couple hours is my second way. I do it and in my third way I do it like. If awesome, I'll, just sit there I'll throw it? If I, if I don't really have a lot of time to cook or if I want to eat the next day, I'm gonna take those ducks and throw them in a slow cooker overnight, and then then so the next step is once you either way you do it you're going to so you can do the with amd processor. You just boil it down. Add water boil down our to the ducks are tender and then it's ready, so ronnie released yesterday when we made the recipe for this, we have we had an extra ingredient that we got from the buys oh yeah, so Well, you don't always have that. You don't always have a lot of times. I'd I'll, add mushrooms whenever I don't have gizzards and hearts just to kind of imitate that they don't that feeling, but we we actually went out and got those those oyster motion,
Homes beyond shalt be all the while most of the while the and up yours, and we- we did add that in there too, so that came out really good. Yesterday, I used the oven method because we went out crawfish, and so it was easy. I just I got it. I got the water hot, took it off the stove, stuck it in the oven for two hours. While we were crawfish and came back so with the ball down process, once you're done once, you've got it the ducks tender and the gravy to the consistency you like it is done. It's ready to pour over some rice and now with the slow cooker and the oven method. Once I've got the ducks at the tenderness, I want I'm going to put it back on the stove. And finish off with the ball down method to ball down and get that gravy due to the consistency in the darkness that I like syringes, let it rip and boil that water cook it down brown it a little bit get it. You know, get that get if it's not efficient, because a lot of times when you use a slow cooker in the oven,
if your grave isn't below lighter last, neither grey was low, a lighter than so in life. Use role boil it author yeah robot, no monster to heavy, especially in the dutch or fall apart. So you just want to tie up brown just make sure that the stick and dynamic Oh god, I wish I had left the word routine. We cook everything like that just a few days ago. While we were upon a mention to you, we had a campsite where we go. tutoring orders coyotes annoy, we talked a rabbit. the same way, but when all the trinity, just rounded combating overcome. Far in a blackboard little water, salt and and when the rabbit got tenders, We doubt over rice me and my friend and I was there we could go to a couple of times we know the rabbit swamp rabbits
no raise three. Reform. Robert jason raises rabbits, got? U California, something a new zealand, their huge. We will drive it guy, spurning that that cleaning method outstanding about that there are put those and the ducks ass she came from, but but in their family that I was attracted. They showed me, though I used my dad when I just used to just give them a a real good pluck, and then we create that boy. Actually I liked that boiling unless something I'm taking away and I'm taken when anything that would drop, who those that that that process a lot of times like we go, do these coot shoots where we go out, we'll go out there with a whole bunch of a solution by was occurred. To me and he was on his shoulders to shoot. You too, and I always do about their high school in the blindest iraq I pretty sure that I got one. I got them all. I don't know. If I gag, I got one, you gave them their couture poodle pollute
I am also tee shirts lake birth. igbo Jude blues- have but yeah there there's many time we had enough people. We we came back with over one hundred poodles because it allowed fifteen to dec fifteen. Person per day. We would go out there with a big grew heads when he told you oughta pulled a branch. The whole breaths of we'd said there three or four We regularly putin, darting email me with we sit, there remain an assembly line like one guy was kind wings. Now, one guy one or two guys, poem brass, the nation was pulling gizzard and hearts. I was an assembly and, like you said, we would weekly a hundred poodles thirty, strangely dom we would like, but we had to have top of assembly line the rogues europe
yeah we read of an assembly line we go to, we go to law shed, the lawn shed was was the cleaning factory? Was the cleaning factory same thing with doctor? It was like an assembly line. We had some people plucking where a guy cut and wings are by plucking. So on. Oil and someone robin and did the process would be hammered their persona, mississippi windows, no boozer that was allowing all year. A fair those when we got to look like it adds nor in the europe we are what I was Wendy, where we were again. We were with colonel feathers over the of snow geese, skin and the snows and blackened the yeah like it had in that whole field feel behind, there was all the fish, this from those wish and dark had charlotte. Where we had ten of us women, we shot one man who shall like sixty dogs and, like ninety geese, I reckon
our boma sheriff, you guys, are rescued. I think you'd be interested in our little John Paul. I wrote it now: three like it because it involves docks, involves rice from a northern and The joint of a fellow I didn't know about that man, my race sucks, compared to you guys, race, the back of mine price bag has been lying to me, my whole life and the back of the bag. What I told you, I'm not joke and try it this man, I'm going to have the tip of your finger, touches arise if the waters at this first joint is going to come out. Have you seen this man's paws, though every single time that knuckles high got a high local guy or girl, or one of us should do it it'll be perfect everytime I have been when you don't know. If you have read the back of a rice bag, would they tell you to do as they say to do two to one. So you put on board,
I used two cups water yeah, you put the rice in there. You put the water in air, bring it to a boil cook it until the water is gone. I cook until the water is gone and it's just kind of looks right now, let it sit, then I fluff it, but my rice sucks compared to you guys, write your character. Can fluff it I could get in a pot to when we camp in an all right bought defender, and when the water is gone down. Fluff your eyes spread their curve and turned on fire just barely like You tried to mimic what the rice cookers doing Here he knows what I'm talking about you. Lois! I can go. What are you just turn it down low or no? I live in a few minutes when you
open. That rice pot is going to be perfect. Let me tell you real quick, though what I what I made the day, that thought was good. Like phenomenally good, as I cook the I cook my ducks in a row, you guys call a black pot catherine skill asked are so I got my halves. I serum skins, This is the way I eat. Ninety nine percent of the ducks' eight I sear the half, just like ryan described by steer the half skin side down on a on a stovetop. I flip it skin side up and put in a four hundred degree oven for a few minutes item very rare when you pull them out. You get all that duck fat that rendered out in that skillet. Then I took old rice the head cook the day before and make like a fried ride. Rice duck fat fried rice towns. I'm a try. Me I'll try is come
tom into a real occasion, restaurant near you when I come back get my restaurant, the real cajun. I guess I had that rice dressings round. We do not have that fraud rise, buddha and every table is going to have a tank with all it's all screaming that there's nothing you'll be assigned you'll notice, the right restaurant. When you see a reservoir of bolted to the root, it's like a water in the galley and water lots of little holes to get an eighteen wheeler coming from Avery all in every week, bringing a lot of hot soles. I got that this has been a rate trip man. I so much about cooking down here loud about cooking, a really appreciate it. And bought. I appreciate your generosity yesterday. Let us go overboard. our resolve, your parliament? Actually, it was an honour for me to have you here. Maritime smiles on your face is in
we're had a good time shroud. I mean that's all that matters now is greater in ronnie counts. Thanks for everything zone is all around John Paul, all the great cook and stuff all the hanging out, all the corrections, I was waiting for some sort of mega, listen man it made it have, the you know, all the context. The the culinary context was very helpful. I'm only teasing about the like the agonizing yeah learned about Sudan. What isn't it isn't I appreciated? Thank you. They do till next episode exert the
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