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Ep. 320: Rut, The Dating App

2022-03-14 | 🔗

Steven Rinella talks with Janis Putelis, Kevin Gillespie, Sean Weaver, Maggie Hudlow, Phil Taylor, and Corinne Schneider.

Topics discussed: MeatEater's dating app idea called "Rut"; bison as livestock or wild game; when critters know damn well that hunting season is on and go hide; how Steve wants to use Covid masks to make a goose down quilt; mapping CWD across the United States; refunding wolf tags in WI; a scientific study demonstrating the association between eating meat and good health outcomes; Danielle's Copycat Chick-Fil-A Turkey Nuggets; getting a Warner-Bratzler shear force test machine for the office; the whole Putelis clan talking to turkeys; Kevin's wowza food videos and “Holiday Ham” feral hog; Jesse Griffith's Hog Book; celebrating Kevin's James Beard Award nomination; meat mold; Maggie Hudlow's investigation into Florida's Senate Bill 2508; mesopredators and nest depredation; a raven's massive cache of duck eggs; the snake that ate radios; and more. 

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gonna. Do this makes it that we have like? I like its copyrighted now in on Zan time stamp. This bill gay, This date we have claimed this came from a listener, but he's were caught him out of the loop? Dan. We get a hook. The end of this year is a free membership, go china via forgetting the idea, and we as five percent off the first month this one day and guess we're having a dating app called rut. You're lying and you know what would you do dans a dude based on the fact that he wants to call the dating app one hundred percent correct? What would you call it? I just don't have a whole lot of faith in dating apps
so you want is not a you'd want to call like breeding sees us right now. That's a far superior missile greetings, just chaser, probably gold rush in like a dating app, he said. Okay, this is the guy is burned out on dating apps. And he says that he sees that we have an interest in fixing people up. and he says there is real burned out endearing maps. He said farmers dot, com, miss! because every Farmers only farmers own via television. How do you like how much dating back and have you a new life it's been limited cause. I times I guess I haven't tried farmers only richard reason you know I have been having reached out. I've tried hinge in tinder in You know I'm pretty much. I download em a meet a couple folk Then I delete them.
Jesus. I don't think it's a great wave meetin peter, doesn't are very familiar motorway, as he's gonna. Try together that whole like download, delete, download debate cycle likes tangier. Let me ask you more: I want, as you series of yes or no questions it'll, be easier on you. So go on. Have you done this? Oh yeah, okay, if you both through the us, no objections, I know you have and I haven't. I missed out on my way of all time. if I could go back in time like normally I'd, want to go to the pleistocene. But if there was like a limit, I would go back in time. I will go back in time to like a little teeny while ago and do dating apps for one day, I'm like
But why did we was pointed at what I gave your life? Would you ve been using the dating sites like that with this have been steve with prior to everything? Would there would be a weird time machine, because every twenty two I got married before these became a thing right sought have to like the big weird time machine that. made. My life go back a certain number years. So when I was married but then make time. That's right when they go forwards, when there is dating a complex, actually know shit, and I got a fox you're gonna put us this better than the lorries Michael J fox. Is the lord had settings like this, and I would Date for one day, I would love to know what katie's reaction to this is Juno's. But I think she missed yeah, of course, is we're married same day miss so she never did it either. Yeah he's never done it, phil. You probably missed out I've been with my wife since two thousand and eleven. So it's going to write before all that kind of
but it creates a day next year, Can you be married too, I have I didn't it. My god came out. I met his guide ass, a series of you guys dating up questions. All three be yes or no like just like it. Have you gone on dates from dating S? Yes, yes, yes, have you developed a boyfriend, slash girlfriend through dating at meet up. Yes, yes, no! Sure theories, yes really do the boils raw disguise like he thinks farmers only useful opposers, but rut I'll be cause. You got an answer to get your profile up. You have to do a flash app. base session of mediator. Trivia. Yet, score, a certain threshold rate to be on wrought then, when hook up on right. You know that you're hook up with someone who like has some idea. What you're talking about
Well, there's one in that kind of fulfill would not be able to unite with not that I was going to say. There's one in kind of the celebrity sphere called a riaa where they have administrators that have to like approve you like. Are you famous enough or you go see, who'd be the administrator for rut In the mean time, I would get too jealous man. I'd be like. Oh, my god, this app is so good. I can't use everyone in bozeman, pretty much clean to be an avid outdoorsman seller, because that means anything nowadays. That means you go skiing down at your disposal, land, your disneyland up the road there like death outdoors. another knock on John is now so far out there I didn't even catch. I wonder what you saw could even are in the same boat. I actually posted something like that on social media the other day and it
taken down instagram told me that it was hate speech I was like. I can't make one of my fellow white people and their obsession with skiing, Joe megabyte good. I say it was like I just landed in both when I was going to tell you about white people, why people fuckin love sliding down a snowy hills, and I can't get enough of that shit and they were like hate speech like tat. They re the their police and that man. Yet How was I planned way that was just a slight lacked the like just so we're clear at it make that that is true what I said, because when people bring up that like, if you like a white male yours bolster like just take it now, you know broke up like, but I'm hearing from people that we always or press. That is that that sort yet so, I would like, if it sucks so bad, and you agree that so get. Why should I wanna go like you. Told me it sucks yeah, so I think you set me up did not want to do it now, yet so
He has no real quiet, now understand it I'll. Take it sending that I personally its each to fail to analyse what about what I have heard. The being stereotyped against is not good yeah. So yeah like go out of my way to get it. Back to run antigua, I mean dating app one of our favorite individual nerf, yeah I'd, say one of our favorite individuals, a pilot in Alaska, that I've been recently in contact with that is good. Take jordan bud nye caribou hunting yeah in august. When I caught up to him, he was on the family ski vacation. In girdwood alaska, and Stephen our texts and I said yeah we're going to go caribou hunting. He said love that guy man's real great guy said yeah avid skier tuning bullshit. I said now he was on a ski vacation he's like. Well, though What
I want to get into this right now. You can't give away the secrets are right, just yet that's, how you gonna and all the other thing is, you gotta have availed hunting license to join nice. That matter. What's it though gate yeah, could you have tears? Of that? I give you have five states. Yeah. You really are in this room. You get us was like superstars into everyone's profile of our chances are just the return. I know that people are probably real by, but was the app that yet first celebrities Riah Well, that's how celebrities find each other's on an app some of em yeah. I think you need it.
Although I think you just need to talk or sign up? Have their agents come up yeah just to let you go on there and there'd be like I dunno name a celebrity. I dunno, steve vanilla. You could probably get an riaa vessel, sure didn't say it'd be an alias yeah. I can see maybe even a d. Who knows you guys replay that bar game big buck hunter. Oh no, but you know what I'm talking about an ongoing dispute with my kid anyways. You know it's like you, you get enough matches and then it's like you're a hunter hero, yeah Jimmy Dore and he's have a pizza place in seattle, and I feel, like I've, tried, told the story how many jimmy Dore and matt anyhow. He had bought conor net pizza place, then we'd go in there and you give my kids rolled corridors and affect do too little
in that game be in there playing that game. He's just used to think it was funny to upset me. It kind of goes back to how you say when you're at a wedding, you always just kind of scope out the guy. That's like I'm going to find the hunter, and I'm going to talk him for awhile yeah. I think Riaz sort of that, because you know when, when you're a celebrity, I assume you just get a lot of very like inauthentic conversations and interactions of people just trying to settle up to- or you know Kiss your ass something right The kite got a it's like an agreement like I'm sorry, Famous you're sort, a famous, let's get to you. And do whatever we want as and I like about that, india moving on Your ears is interesting. So, we're little laid on his cause. It's already happened. Cholera apart, while this is an interesting issue, because this comes up and this this comes up in a lot of states will continue to come a lot of states so, named trevor.
Is what the nonprofit ag advocacy in restoration group called grasslands unlimited they they submitted a petition. The colorado Parks, while those seeking the legal reclassification of bison. That cross from utah into colorado. Here Well me redress thing any such animals right now regarded as livestock and are not pretend did by colorado parts while their regulations mean they get shot almost immediately rico Ass vacation would protect the animals, allow them not only safety once in colorado, but also potentially an opportunity to re populate their historic range throughout colorado. Epps even expand fair chase free range, bison, hunting opportunities. The present grasslands, grasslands, online bout www impacts from it. Every animal there, every native.
Land mammal in this Country. Can move from state to state and still be wildlife If a worrying cross state lines its wildlife l moves, Both grizzly bear blackburn You can move across geo political boundaries and still would be like everybody would agree its wildlife somehow. I get into this a bit in my buffle, but somehow it came to be that not buffalo. I think it was because at one time they were so whittled down and the only ones that were left. We urea like hunter of yeah, we're in captivity or or like closely guarded that people like instantly got used to them all being in one place in offence, and they ve never been welcomed back on the landscape, but. There was a time when new mexico had zero out like Elk were extirpated from new mexico right. There's economics go now
the crisis from arizona to new mexico? He doesn't cease being an oak, so it just a reared hiccup in wildlife law. What they're. So what does it mean that you could have? You gave a wild heard what this happens, we have the origin long time, bison leaving also national park they step into montana enemy? They would become the property The livestock departmental, I start So here you have some free roaming ones. In Utah, they crawl? Was they cross into colorado cholera doesn't have the capacity to manage their, not the capacity. they're not legally able to manage them as wildlife, so they fall into like errant livestock. How do they do away with all that stuff? Maybe do the real contentious? Do they become the poor, pretty of the landowner weather,
if you're, plying their land, if there would be my guess, it'd, be like the same way as if a donkey showed up on your land. That happens all the time. The air is we're deal like you could have I made this point for it like you could have elk go from yellowstone national park internet I should own one day if he's we do, is quite easily give me also so park into onto municipal property and say, gardener, aren't you, but do the land in gardener Onto national forest, onto estate, section. Aren't you were this, while they from part river access site into all the data in it and in in the wild bombing that be hard. What you say. there's, some bitch was the Elk all day, long,
we use a wild out all along, but we don't we. four butler. We don't have it so if that so, if, like all the buffalo thither outside of like the tea tonnes worked. way across into idaho, or something like that, their livestock in idaho, at all I don't know how I do who runs it, I'm not sure what they do in yan up, but think it has anything at all to do with that. They were not that they're not like pure blooded or whatever there's a lot of like Paul, There's a lot of like argument: there's a lot of insincere arguments that get thrown into it so. here for a long time it that bison were given a eurasian livestock disease called bruce losses, so cattle. Gave bruce losses to bison on
boys and have often are often gone down on you non public land under ass, was under the idea that they're gonna, Thirdly, to transmit bruce losses and saw the state. If a state has bruce losses free status, they don't have the task for bruce losses in cattle, but ones, the brucellosis infection interstate Some corner of the state, the whole damn state has to go back to brucellosis testing. That also is perfectly reasonable, except as a wrinkle in it. The we'll have bruce losses. the name we were, they want now Economic growth, cattle, a weirdo berthelot causes heifers too. board or feed system. So, like El Cabot endeavoured suggested that they gone down every out across the state lines, Because this chamber's losses so does that there's like the.
For dangerous too. You know, though, known and kills off the no kill a horse or whatever. they go through fences which is legit. They just walk through fences and at his people Any grass an app is that people are. those are the legitimate ones, but people are often like actually get something else that their mad about gotcha. If I had they like it, if I had to do the, if I had a crystal ball, it. I would crystal ball that in twenty years they have They have greater acceptance. Here's my prediction like if I've got to do time, capsule I'd, put a note in the time That's what I said there are more bison and your hunting them more often put them. The time to get it shouldn't? mean colorado's addressing them Right now, but do you see it
being addressed on a federal level in the future. They became the national mammal, but now I don't think this can be state by state there's a lot more like it. It's all really the here in this state. There's a lot of conversation about trying to restore of of free roaming heard in charles m Russell right in the sea among right in the refuge, lotta people, It really is off a lot of people for the reason of the fencing and grass comic And people are looking like wow. I leave some of that and I run my cattle on it now you want to put like now you're hoping to have like eight nine thousand bison running around on it. Was that got me for my long term, the long term viability, my grazing program and so then you get people were. Does I our tax? It sounds like something different in. doing good under the current system, but my my time capsule, is that
be hunting, you'll have more opportunity to draw bison tags in the future, and it would be more likely that you live in a state where the state regards them as wildlife and not livestock. I wonder if somewhere like texas, where you know even Elk or considered products like? I wonder if you end up with bison there, if they're gonna become this non native and beat you know honey hunted under it an exotic where you can just hundred year round no bag limit. All that kind of stuff. I'd like to know what tag how texas handles it. The health thing in texas is crazy to me. Cause then you're talking about a native animal and you're damned you're talking about a native animal with with bison, but I would be shocked if texas regards boys as livestock or regards bison as wildlife, yet even the some of the biggest the awesome. The big hide on is that some of the biggest. Hide hunter slaughters run the texas painting I mean right now: texas claims them as an exotic. They do that but it has no have a more like these big hunting ranges and another
their fair game. Just like anything else, if you don't have to have a specific tag for you to have your general, hunting license and that's it. You can I find unfortunate about that is it was some players down in the texas panhandle that were most instrumental. In saving them from extinction. Yeah. there's, the irony of the buffaloes this you'd buffalo jones and unlike was that that probably like good night, yet goodnight ranch. he was real instrumental, and so they had caught a had this legacy of your life reformed hide hunters trying to save him. he's like you would honour that legacy with like regard and was native wildlife. Here's your the algarve, clodagh utah, that's interesting, I mean kind, tells me what they already know when its Elk season out leave public land and rwanda private land debts,
restoring its I want. Those articles realize you know, say yeah about it, but it does put it put some numbers round it in the journal. Wildlife management Then you talk can Elk reduced? by the middle of right by the middle of a firearm season outcome reduce their use of public lands by thirty percent on the private land. the harbour turned a public land almost immediately after the season ended, but they know. This is based on the patterns of four hundred and forty five elk of tracking collars in the wahsatch range monseigneur, ryan. the their collars had ping every thirteen hours wondered why thirteen hours I decided at twelve.
Nah. Maybe that extra hour saves a lot of battery out of out of felt. Like I dunno man, twelve lucky number in danger. It's not a set of renewing and midnight. Assign gear longs dad the other day and he was out hunting late season, cows, which you can only and on private land in on top of another. Few units have public land, lay season cow hans, but these are going well in february, mostly on private land, and they were dealing with the exact opposite he's like I've hunted this spot during rifle season and those damn Elk are always on the public. Now I heard there always on the private. I have access to the public now and the algarve like lily three days in a row hanging out like fifty two hundred yards on the onto the PA,
the land and not on a private where they can see their smart man death mile man. He saw about like these, the hunt geese bearing the word like energies in the fifties they'd hunt, geese and southern illinois innate harmonies ravages that you couldn't are surprised us on this way. You can only you till noon yet or whatever the hell. I was all that way. Yeah yeah. He said that and he says at noon your package, your stuff and their pouring in it was a slow. When would they would normally due to different how data was pouring in as you're picking yourself up when I was down in arkansas with clay this january we're hutton public big fan public area that closes at noon and at like too he at twelve o one, the refuge. All up in the air pouring in Public timber, like ten, of thousands of ducks at well. One are like ok,
It's time to go to timber, cause the hunters you're gonna nail it's unbelievable and as we talk about that. You have banded birds that are like seventeen eighteen years old, because I'm a cop a year put together. Will you gotta think that they do. You know that thing that was interesting to me about these elk the day after season moving, Back onto it, you Most wonder if that becomes ingrained in and that they do understand the dates to some level is it because they're like aware, there's not pressure there today, I guess it. There No human activity there today or is it because they ve learned over time as roughly receives and dates by two weeks, and they would see Lang wait until the trucks leave Diana there's like indicators mass what my favorite donor and stories as when he killed the standard. Did he
turkey is the skids. Dear solomon, owl already turk, and they entered is a giant biggest ever bought killed on the dirt form. What is I don't know that in a saw, an area. and when he went in there he took his tractor in there and law this tragic run, and while he hung his sign her, why highnesses day and rounded like it isn't here? Why didn't you any little like thing or the like shit? That's why you're drunk I think. That's a hundred percent you'd, like we see that on my like hunting property in georgia, that they a completely different reaction to the sound of your truck than they do to even like you know, you're like side by side, like the sound of the engineer like snow, do a slightly different reactions. Snug is hardly bad nigh the truck driver bible that trucks for tat and they all gone, quiet, lucy, prong or like them, lie out o my car's room real fast as slow, I have some hanging out the window joy today by magri headlong burial, you not up your understanding,
between injunctions cavern. The last me fills here korean sean, we're in the flesh. Hey you know how many oem- I should ask you this question Canada, goose near that parker company, how many geese had gone one of those jackets I've been and a figure that out there's theirs, company in california doing there sourced down. Which is real cool. It is, but because part. Miss me about canada, geese is a goose or whatever the park is because anderson cooper s on his damn thing's worthy. canada, goose they could they may this big thing out how they're not potent real kyle for around the thirst Like this year, there, basing our all fur, ok and ass, a body motives of furrier us how many, how many fur
how many roughs could Canada goose get off one coyote. He said three to five, but I can tell this twelve damn geese inside the jack, how it's, probably even more than that Probably even more now I spent some time on it. I put someone else on the question and she's like man, it's really hard to figure out the answer, but I think about a dozen. So I got a dozen dead things in your coat and a fifth of dead thing on the outside your coat. And they get rid of the deadlock on the outside of the goat I need do I'm gonna call up that. I feel like the guys like mad about her next, come on I'll. Have that I'm going to call out In california, cassettes an interesting question, they're doing it with so they ve got all those rip refugees. in the valley out there and hunt or when they're done with their birds. They offer a plucking service so that they can have a coup. Double dip gone on, where burt that, where hunters can bring the birds them to get plucked they charge them for the plug
Then they also get to keep the feathers and work together. Make pillows in your mile, mainly in sleep bag, with his own feathers these that it was a pain in the ass thou yeah, he had bags and bags and bags of them. Then they had like shampoo and you get rid of the big feathers right and just try to keep the down yeah. He didn't suggest that he had Trash bags, full feathers. Why he's trying to russia would like my own co filth? down, I harvested myself, you'd Elsie dead man have do it. He added never like in the seventies he'd, where, like a business coat, may not allow other was like a bell on ship. he had his own. It saved all zone dear skins and had his own buckskin business coat aspect.
Died black that seems like a year later, Syria. How would you like a great european metallic the bell bilateral, not local, bill run? It would have a lot more personality, and I have also had this jacket if I don't know how to do less, almost almost ratify and how be awesome. Guy wrote in receipt of vd like this guy's interests in brain ten. the really good segue. There am surprised that, oh speaker, that buckskin jacket come on. Let's get out of that, It is. So chronic wasting disease right and trades and nervous systems of animals, spy in brain he's a man.
well brain tan and are you are you worried about? I mean I don't brain tin or body sand. Should a feller be worried about brain tannin was cwd are so prevalent in america's deer herds hm I just can't right. I mean. have a finger. I dont think its eyes I don't think so. Now, if you said to me, let's say you sat me down you put a gun to my head. you said: listen, Sonny,. ruin. Steve little finger stagger value. Yes, you either that sea eat that. In fact, dear me,. Or. Brain tat. His hide. I would put my latex gloves on a brain drain that ten times over ten times over.
I'm imagining this person with the gun in that buckskin shirt as well. This is all about yeah. I want to understand why you think that way, though, because you're directly handling the nerve, this will not adjusting em and I got my latex gloves on. no, not ingesting em. I'll put like like like when you have a little kid and they have a pacifier and it's got that lip guard around it or put one of those in
Yeah to prevent stuff from getting in around my lips looking super pimp and I'll put around these days cause I was gonna. Do with all my awesome. What was going to do with all my socks? Instead, these immediately like I need to get one of those adult like rave pacifiers that I can, that government has short memory. It is like what are people going to do with those mass? I think it'd be sweet to make a goose down quilt on all your covert mass, like so the little things together old school appalachian style are due season in two thousand and twenty two. Let me tell you, oh so durant points out the he don't eat deer meat that is cw positive, okay, half a finger grinned brought it to help a finger, half full finger. James l finger
do. We have that health fingers on conservation ring He says he wouldn't do it. If it positive, or if it was untasted, but he had the deer, it's tested negative, which you should do anyway, like if you have testing available to you. I don't care if you decide to eat it, I should say I don't care. Even if you care and are going to eat, see w de positive me and I'll point out, no human the caught anything from dear yet yet. People have eaten hundreds of thousands of pounds of infected dear me, no one's gotten it yet. So, if you like what are the chances lobby? The first in your eaten it I would still encourage you to get tested just so they can use it for, like
getting it tested, doesn't mean you gonna pitch, it is getting it tat just so they can track infection rates. Yeah, rightly wonder which is a great site into the next time. Point. see the reedy mapping info, or should I say they have a finger says if he got a tacit and it was negative, you'd be maintained, weather. I mean that's what I meant by the common sense part right deal, but so we're hearken back. You do episode three o seven talk about things that are not sex you to talk about in some was mentioned in power. There should be a cwd, a single database, single database reagan, see all see stuff. I'm ushers Gabby million of em, matt done dunphy of the wildlife management institute. who's been workin on the software behind w w w dot, see w deed dash Info dot, org went public the other week. They don't like public on wall street.
they made available to the public the other week. Have helpful finger that thing all over again: phil he's. It's long been the best source of cwd info. these new apps and maps on the website allow you to visualize a lot of great cwd information in a useful way. When there is a new state define see diabetes. It shows up here within twenty four hours or so so good at the sight. Bookmark that's interesting. If you live in wisconsin. In looking forward to your tax return this year house,
it's been out like a nightly news program. There you go yeah wisconsinites, looking forward to their tax return sitting next to Jimmy fallon, for you might get an extra ten bucks, if you got a warfield, because those sons of bitches, Ah, put walls in the lower forty eight but I'm back on the usa list believable outside of the northern rockies, Unbelievable that they were done this, but I did it. You can't when man now article climate today now everyone, Scrooge in some way or another. So was guards and has a give back everybody's application fee so view them was causing you apply for a twenty twenty one, falworth wolf harvest, permit or preference point why the mail does your ten box has come back to you said and you get, though, restore all your wolf preference points,
when does get sorted out and they get so sweet, Yeah. That's two whole preference points. Thank you so much interest when they get sorted out. You'll still have your preference points, What a mess! I I hate to be that guy, but I'd love to know how many. I'd love to know this change like how much money has to be spent in all this to refund everybody there exactly that's what I was I was how it should have ten bucks. Are we spending to refund the ten thirteen yeah eggs and of your levels does, and it was a joy, they're, gonna, literally mail. You Ten dollars wake which then you'll be like. Oh, that is great thanks. I know that guy who has to physically go to the bank and be alert to Kersh much in dollar chip. Please. on this document. Hooch put that more titillating headline up there. I did. Crimson spin doctors, do there's the article
Starting with surprise the shit out of me, meat consumption is positively associated with life expectancy too she grins headline is vegetarianism, might shorten your lifespan yeah, it's like. In other words, this surprised me because all you ever do is read about all that stuff's killing you even though, people. I know it's like he guess, locality, people I know who are more like the people. I know who are like most strong. You know I would like physically stronger me just like people who, like do crazy shit, yet eat burgers and stuff yeah. A boy is eyes. I thought there I'll tell you how bad it is: A team of scientists from australia, italy, poland and switzerland, so good mix. Examine the association between me and taken life expectancy at a population level based on ecological data.
by the united nations agencies. It is estimated that twenty to thirty percent of human life expectancy is determined by genetic factors, and seventy to eighty percent is determined by environmental factors. over the last fifty years, although the associations between me eating an illness are circumstantial uncontroversial to some extent, they have proud. The spread of vegetarianism inveigled ism basin. It's something that non meet diets, provide more health benefits and dies. That include me If you do, you sell favouring read some of the morningstar: ok, he talks about what happened. The battle little bighorn in Compared to the cavalry soldiers, the euro, Eric, unlike the white, cavalry soldier right just
the diet thereon woman. It came up against these people who lived off bison me. They were astounded like the sue the ago all and on policy and the northern giant he Scribes those people going through the cavalry soldiers like a wolf through sheep, I mean there's huge. There's a titan people here, there's a ton of information at their that he'd have various aspects of you know: a balanced clinical diet, like grains, for example, like that they have huge health, related issues like all of these arguments. There's a counter argument for every single one of them. and john scientist decide his name to the bottom of say. Bye It might be articles. My daughter, It also made up pretty
In our common goals they had its good beware couple other view ass. She took the little doktor chilton, tell everybody what she told you Jani. just overall everything. Oh you say: yeah that dino for forty year old for four year old idea, a banner health, so yeah. I saw Jani eaten liver, patty and bread, but he might laid down a very generous quarter. I got yeah below is pegana private in a straight answer: Ariadne, neither man I gotta straight from the high and doctor you're not my daughter blackened, does do what I'm doing something better. It goes on to say, moreover, it has been argued that vegetarianism and veganism form a part of trendy western consumers lifestyles only accessible to privileged white people.
vegetarian that has been prevalent, western countries has been subject to prejudice los angeles. What's this all know that terrorism, it has been prevalent in western countries. Has been subject to. prejudice, low self esteem and low psychological adjustment? I have no idea. I think we just need a. I gotta get ripped up on our anti up. Why do you think the next paragraph is worth saying that a lot of the studies that have been done? They come out the results of vegetarians vegetarian. lifestyle and die is good for you there they are there. Is a lot population representative in this affair, Here to remove the influence of life's down these studies, if they want to see a statistic, embarrassing a statistic that pet ownership makes you live longer Well, per ownership is associated with with
being stationary and and financially well off, like thou, know shit, that's my click baby title, unlike those very highly what were met and was again in terms of science journalists, cigarettes out of a cycle mansions or associate with long life pepper. These guys examined the overall health effects of of total meat consumption in a hundred and seventy five countries. They did it They did their work out. That's it that's pretty exhaustive and Think that common bad guys around the socio economic thing like if you will allow me, you probably have you, probably have vendible income and you probably seek healthcare or yet you're more likely to have money for healthcare, theoretically, but by the same token, what they're saying is that in sort of western society, especially if you consider united states like
A vegetarian diet can be very cost prohibitive because, like the venus, because right, that's what I mean like there, and so I get the whole like low self esteem or that kind of stuff. I think you're just making social commentary on the idea that it comes just another form of leaders on that that we want to try to do it, but then it escapes them cause. I don't quite have the right: didn't live, right down. There will have enough money, they can't shop at the grocery Where did you know that in that draw like they can't because it it just drives people to all the other stuff like. I can't kill you right their spillage I gotta by this, but he's dead like I just. I think it's slippery slope, it's kind of a big broad brush stroke to say that. But I also understand that in our current society accounting for vegetarianism, also comes with a pretty, loud, and what's the term that they, use like that you're, basically pat yourself on the back for it too, you know in condemning the was yet not
It too far into the weeds, but that's always been one of the things I like to talk about and bring up one when people are against you know, everyone using me is our source protein play was Places that's their only source. Protein break. they do not have access to Why has the world most? The world did go right like they don't have access to There's a lot of misconceptions about the idea that we can just convert range, land and farmland, like that's a whole other conversation that everybody What are we display of vegetable there? Instead of cattle wig can't plant anything there's just a bunch of fuckin roy like the only the academy, their cattle save only point out the inefficiency obliged again it's like. I insist: it's it's a He stood argument and I think it's unfortunately now, instead of it being an argument, is based purely on you what's best for the environment or what's best for youth health, wise now we ve all like traded into this world of what's best for you
our ability to sort of Commend yourself for doing the right thing. All the time like. Well, think. It's also important to note that it's like, I don't think that thirty. He sent. You know like these folks earning their, not eaten sausage. For breakfast, a hamburger for lunch, restate for dinner. You know, I think, like optimal, how is like an omnivores kind of way of eating. It's like balanced and eating like intelligently like what you have available like you said somebody goat. Some people eat whatever they have. I think a lot of media is like feeding you. This idea that, like you're a good person, a fear of vague in the exact- and if you you know, you're a bad person- and I think it's important to have studies like this that are like hey, you know: eating meat is healthy, like having I like plate is healthy and I think I think that's kind of like a big take away as I like,
Eating begin: it's not gonna eating vegetarian. It's not gonna, prolong your life anymore than than eating meat. you're, the guy we add on the claim that the only thing he ate his meat. I wonder what he won't know. Yet maybe he is like knows had to what is it had to tell no no idea. Let's at yale, I gave my ligaments and He says that he the eat, but was it no DR media only exist yet fish paul, I value happiness. I love fried me and I was his claim. He sat right where you're sitting right now, I hope, may laid out the claim alien and I'm following islands. Graham, he point now that when they see these things, like the consumption of meat being associated with all this, in that, Our disease is like. Well, that's not the meat's. It's like how you go about it. on a mcdonald's right, get like the like
Cripple cheeseburger large fry in a milkshake So then, when someone comes the looks at the fact like how often near eating that diet, and then they find those things is not untangling. It did not He pointed to number studies that it doesn't do a good job of untangling all these other, like lifestyle choices. ancillary dietary choices by people, or eating me with high frequency, meaning like the breakfast sausage. berger stake fry. As cream spinach crowd. Here. and if you were just eating like boiled squirrel you might not have the same right. Want me, that's yet exactly it's like not all meat is created equal, like nutritionally speaking lake, the various species are completely different and even then, when you get to the difference between It's kind of modern practices of raising animals for meat consumption
nutritionally there very different today than they were even fifty sixty seventy years ago, because it can our demand for particular texture, particular flavour particular tenderness, while these kind of things and what goes along with that is in a stood sort of nature No value in some some positively in some negatively spina fast food max Genes are tight, tight colleague, here the hour day was the arm. He was taken, his wild turkey tenders, bacon an exact replica a virus that restaurant you be went at one time for the first time, the With chicken place, chick chick chick. He made his makes an exact chick flay replica they polly Brian, pickle juice or crack or something that we've got the recipe website yeah he does he makes, but he had
He had his own bottle and he like somehow came into a bottle a chick fillet like signature, chick fil, a sauce, but everything else he's making themselves. Then you don't watch meet two of them that somebody never even said something like hey wanna bite. That was for me to make the whole time he's eating them. Ask them questions about it and stuff. Yeah finish: two fingers back upstairs walked out of the room and gave you the middle finger. Sumptuously licked his middle finger and walked away, but that's because he looked at you like socio economic place in the world and he thought yeah he's like. I know where that dudes freezer looks like fourteen species in there.
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start with this table below yeah I'm starting with a marshmallow yeah. There you go just to calibrate I'm going to do a marshmallow they're going to do a hunk of oded shoulder and then we'll explore every gay me in between yeah. That's a pretty wide gamut. I would say between the two of those dude I can't I don't know how the ladder of you do. Marshmallow the electric girdles is gonna melt. The marshmallow, though just punch it without cooking. Ok, I got you just for uniformity when they do as the spectre, yet like these? They put like a digital thermometer in peace and right, yet they don't season re there. Yet Could the visa me till I, whatever ever your testing, so yet all the one ran thirty wherever it l. you make up your mind what you want to be and then went pungent. We roger, but it was you punch, could now punch, cut completely, but the marshmallow just to be like, for instance, everybody knows or marshmallows like, and what hit with the machine Like a five or they'll, probably probably a one year ago, one click, ok, there's a one and then like your hand, would you cheap
of bread, that's even more tender than a marsh. My white and the wrote a little chunk out of the fatty, a little chunk out of the fatty part of your hand, to presence within me right within me, the whitetail doe backstrap yeah. Most likely everybody will agree that, yes, this is tender. Also we got to get to a uniform thickness Can you please there's gotta users manual when you aunt haven't got it. I could only right here I order made. This is right. This is like me right in my real house level, namely manhattan cans are going to guys contact. I believe everything our european org. You there take you'll, hear more you'll hear more about this task. Is this going to be the scope it returns yes, I'm lab coats, yeah
you haven't? Probably badges tease out where we look. You know like we're serious. Can we can wait, is fairly kit? Can we go with salt and pepper so that we can, even after this salt, pepper too, There we got because it has not. Yet we gotta be armed with salt and pepper, because it'll adjust the tenderness was was season, will seize an acid jessica season? Will test? Ok, let's go. Slice season to step in our hop yes, yeah yeah, guy. A thing is the test of the six areas yet now, I got the guy when a really good digital scale, because we want to have each of these pieces scaled the same sigh and are to have a good care will know it's. You got a caliber, but I have a good calibre digital gallagher we can do a magic, then it will seem like really so yet more of course, at science you know I only met yanina. The omens are exercising tat way hours like like a man.
I'll, buy that although two miles and I got bouquet now, we're going to tire kilometers. Unlike damned somebody's mary measured at night in preparation for a mile in Latvia, I'm now shooting all my creditors and set the pace may I give given me someone gives cooler off the table. Let's try to anyone, but again a different in that we, like we yeah. What's in the cooling off for cabin secret can't tell you: directly actually to a wild turkey check fillet sandwiches, there is wild turkey. maggie smith asked me that she, we shall yet on email. Kevin needs a wild turkey. Breast.
And may I gotta say I hesitate, or I saw that I know that's why I get there, but that we favour. So you understand what a big ass tat I can return it just I need like another month. Lake our season is an open, yet we don't have a spring in policies and we need to return at years. You're lucky that now I am. I a good turkey hunter when my wife is getting to be pretty good too, and so we ve got like we're, still We always get really close, double digits and in the freezer, and there was I'll sittin in there I felt like I could you know. I wanna hear the guy at a different time, owing to hear more about the experiment of what raising these turkey's has made you a better turkey honour like we, about all my guys out. to everybody in the house or everybody? My at my house right now called turkey links, but only with turkey, because your stories are gullible
because I haven't gotten to that yet, because the the major pitfall with having birds around the house is that if you let them run around there's bird whether it's chickens or turkey, shit everywhere, though yeah and the turkeys are much more insidious. Dropping too yeah yeah, you don't know it's there, but then it's zona il yeah and you think that, just like all, you just take the hose to it, but it doesn't just like disappear at the hose. It always leaves like a little mark and you gotta deck brush it. You know so, they ve been cairo locked up, but even then, when you out of our house there right there. Looking at you forty yards away in every time you walk out there like. So what do you do? You go right back at him and it's like
everybody does it without even thinking about it and my kids walk out the door. The turkeys go there, like the wife do it. This morning, I'm in the house like getting ready. The kids allergy ran out to do something that I can hear out there yeah. So, yes, I think it is even though we haven't by actually played with calls in the turkeys, yeah right, China, com across a yard or anything. I feel that people were listening to cadence The upturned page, you know number of notes that they're doing right. So, let's we are never so long ago. I think the episodes called the bronze back in the whiff of all bad And it was about this guy guys up buddy bars, he grew With turkeys- and he he's to be competition, turkey, color natural, where they call like no call right natural voice- oh yeah, just voice calling ya when he was a kid he had turkeys and he would
hide with that we're football bat, that came about, because the time the time became too easy to call in. So he would so here. all that time in hit with a bat. Would become wears, a child would become like less likely to want to come in. and so he was ears like making like a high pressure tom, yeah this guy's good call dude this dude, He also beyond the one time, and then we get up on this burning dance like like this, the old oak forest it's real sandy soil. We go about his high spot. the day right and he gets up there and set her call just don t know- and I am not nothing, nothing but that do just new, like he new that he would get an answer.
And eventually just like squeezed out of a turkey. He went at wait longer than more. If you just do like a sound check yet. He's so cute he's, like he's, you know just gimme a minute or whatever I dunno. Six seven minutes endure years of turkey. So turkey is like not gonna. Do it, then I can answer not going to answer not going to answer not going to Israel's. I was like yeah, you just couldn't hold it in man. That's great love home with an idea already have plans for that. Turkey breast we do yeah we're do well, so we had we're. Gonna do two different issues with it, but I So if we have enough so one is called a as the commission itself, gets a german dish. And then the other is. Maggie not maggie hadleigh. Maggie smith is filming. These marge marge at marge, and I wanted to gonna, give her a midwestern tribute so we're doing turkey tetris xeni, like the the old school mom dish, no dice, it's going to be good, just done a little bit better,
I like it and now beyond upcoming episode as this one is it for me to coax it just sort of art. You know we do these like stand and stir videos, mostly it started with just trying to help people decipher space like you, you quickly learn that people can reader espy all day long. still not quite diet. And so even just a short video, five minutes or less the goes over some of the points that maybe your foggy for people like changes, their success rate and so What I've learned over the years is that people If you make them more successful with the recipes that you're providing them, then they kind of will they'll be they'll, come back a lot more to come back and look for other stuff, and so we've kind of exhausted our like top twenty five recipe list. So now these are all brand new recipes and we just you know filming them for the We can filming them so we're going to make reassure everybody how to make a holiday ham are feral hog and we're going to do this this additional or that touches, was back up the harder him out of her heart
so like not like three lay at three in the fat on it's own bitch, but like a completely like almost completely fat free when you, unlike a wet reiner driver, wet right. Yet yet, like ten, a wet brine, What we use in my restaurants like to make em they cannot out awesome, the really good at every holidays Knowledge dry, none- and I, like you, know we're on from like there's: did we call it city him? I don't know why that's the case, but the difference between country him, and yet I am so city him. You know like honey, bigtime, honestly like it that sit down on about a. U turn on your dad and allow others yet it's from some pigs, it I killed last week of the week before so I had my wife ship them out your to me, so they should be I'll, be here right now, like we just got yours, I just got an email from a friend of mine who's, a little torn up because she had gone She's really know much about on, but she got
taxes with some guys that go shoot. Pigs, yes ditched all those pigs, man, man, it's kind of bummed, because she wanted to keep some, but none wanted to help her keep it's. It's really bad. Actually, we we just finished filming the first ep say or do the varnish show. Em pigs is like the species that we heighten the beginning of it. We talk about that alot did like there's a lot of others. a bad information at their about how they're not but to eat, which is could be further from the truth at its work, as you have on one hand, yeah like award winning restaurants right, you know you look like, like our mutual friend jesse Griffith right right, he's run a damn restaurant right, the like gets always like re reviews, dude not like. Oh yeah got, did it didn't? He went a beard, ward for a book or suddenly did I mean he's been not only beate for his for his books off while pigs right. but then you got some guy five, the o five feet away therein edible.
Yeah was like well. Let me tell that this damn restaurant I mean I literally I mean I was listening to hunters. Say it to me the other weekend. We were hunting together, the right guy. You don't wanna eat that, and I'm like him all the time I would rather eat them than whitetail deer. I mean personally, I think there are a hell of a lot more delicious than that so yeah and they make we make tons of cool stuff out of it. So and it just about understanding and jesse's newest book. He doesn't. Some job a break in the harbor, yet the hot book, it ass, good, ass bodies, the vessel in mind it is, the best single subjects book I've seen in the last decade, but yeah. I don't have like the hog experience. You have. I mean I I have like you know here, narrow handful of that I've dealt with yet I dealt with like like you guys do with like tons of all time. So I can say with you. I can't be like a hawk. expert, but I mean I can't imagine, there's something out there that even remotely compares that book.
Not at all I mean it's it's seriously unbelievably well done, and attitudes develop like indisputable subject matter: expertise where you really you proud We can't. I mean, maybe somewhere or someone. That knows more. I dunno man, I mean I text jesse about it, like I've, killed a ton of hogs and know how to and no I mean I wrote a book on on pork. You know cookbook on it, but And I take jesse sometimes with questions about just you know, one that was really big, and I was curious because it did have a ton of fat if we could scald it and in a scrape the hair and actually keep the skin intact, We tried that once Emma was right. oh dear, I can remember, we have new zealand. There were good author would deal with that. How we got in florida, We can that big. Do we scrape you're right there? Oh yeah, we made our own the up to date, yet we may judge our own. Is we hear you. What else we did downer. We made our own sausage casings,
oh yeah, cool, easy. Now some work. We took all that hard got out because a hell of a night at night Indeed, you wanna talk about a fight between some dogs in Iraq, yeah. The two thousand and four, the fight with the dog in the haug real, quick, just give recap. You say about a lot of time with there was talk. Rosanna talk, till roquat recap this night on. Turkey hung for ass. He always Would you still gotta get right and if we ran these guys is the guy the owned, we're on a place. Where there's I could do that lease. The turkey hunting rights on a place But in the actual gathered on the place we run into him and their porn up some big stiff drinks head now.
I feel like those are when you go to like a seven eleven big gulp yeah, a big gulp sized cocktails and they're going out in a swamp buggy to go, hunt pigs in disguise rain, which his cattle ranch a botz, preserve. like a a br, a preserved that is dedicated to certain species of bird. I can't remember, would think so, but the no hunting on the preserve yeah. And were his care were his place has been like this. berkeley, grazed by cattle, is like those hammocks. You know so like its gratis flat grassland, with a hammer like Paul meadow and you go to this fence where it goes from traditional cattle country to preserve its like. The jungle starts. I mean if you look wonder action, you think you're in one like state or contrary to every looked the address. You figure another country
this border of catalan man and he's got a fence doors cut into the fence. What he's fixing to go hard on? They offer those doors yeah, yeah yeah and the pigs invade his ranch yeah. So the first step is to go and close all the doors. Then during the dodgers yet and guess what Pigs get caught, yep man had right. I was gonna get yet yet they had a dog it caught real bad by a pig. and I asked him: what does your vat think about you? Bringing in all these dogs that are cut up by pigs, and he said they record. I reset you gotta get a vet who likes the hawks. We lost that we lost a dog on this last time on the sabre. Do the opposite: Oh really, I might get gourd and you'll buy a pig yet wendy fight died with boots on yet is pretty north. there's a big is the biggest hawk. I've ever kill them. That property like
for I killed dog. What was nobody was every upset about dog man? Imagine and it happened so fast like I saw him get cut right, as I like jumped under the pig to stab him, but I didn't realise that he got hit that bad maize blood out did I don't know what it is it? Maybe you can answer this since you done so much more hung on. I just did like I web host intact. Couple we're going to my first ever like real personal hog hunting round, not watch and Steve daughter. Why someone else do it? Every time I'd see him at one hundred yards and be like. Oh shit, that's a giant yeah! I'm looking at chris, the gamer guy, like things gotta, be over one hundred for sure, and that's where we're looking at, like the plus or minus one hundred range, yellow and we're like okay, sweet. Let's forget about no guy, let's go tried again this hog and like It gets. Seventy, oh yeah, still pretty big get two fifty unlike food. But smaller. when I met like thirty yards, unlike man, that hundred powdered turned into like forty,
fifty again like. Why is it because it about to say. Why does everything every bears big correct in? What are they think? Every mountain line is the two hundred pounds hum yeah. It's that either the dimensionality of of hogs, like even little hogs, are shaped. The same is pick up on some of the most far short of light point like this one that we killed your I pulled up, but ass, you could see it liking, get a sense of how big it was this one had a ton of russian bore in law, and so it was those are there's no now board in the wild yeah. Does not one of those hawksbill israel raise it up, and it says the wellbeing exactly know, but I mean honestly on our property. You'll see a lot of ones that are clearly their old domesticated hawksbill ended. It's pretty obvious, sinclair completely different shape, that's a different strain.
altogether. Remember that guy that turned up and he's got some eleven hundred lb wild hog and it's all over social media he was like hey. I just saw that guy that I know that I was actually he's one of my buddies and we were hog hunting together and we were talking about. I sold that guy the hog the week before very here's a picture of it in my truck yeah yeah this body a mine he's the only person in georgia who has a licence for like live captive like pharaoh hogs like it, so he does all that got hatred, Before I move on. Until we have mentioned all things happen at night Ok, now, please take the pig, the head, the castrate, they caught a pig and castrated it and turned it back out which made the pig go from, makes his mind off. He became a bard hog yep, eggs, his mind off ass and puts on grass. Explained to us
They caught another pig that they had castrated years gone by and kept that one oh and we go to the pig and cleaned all of it's intestines out and an inverted them and scraped them and made our own sausage. Casings was labor intensive. yeah and made our own g drones. Also about burnham. Do you remember reader in new zealand, when we had a, we got a big ripper going in through the whole pig in there and dunked in the creek and scraped all the tied off know of it's hair off. But I always talk about that episode. When I tell people that it is possible to film a whole meter episode in one by eleven, now. You guys were. Maybe the hunting was down there. I love them alone. What what
it's about the what's? What's up with you being a oh go ahead, I just was real: quick was going to plug Jesse Griffiths, one more time and say if you're in Austin definitely try to go to die, do a job and then, if you're interested in the hog book go to the hog book, dot, com, yeah and even if you're, if you don't think you're interested in the hog book, go buy it its unreal like it. So well done, and I mean this is coming from professional chef like it is I just think it's one of the most well written. Oh, look right here, I'm on the front pages as praise for the hog book easily one of the best cookbooks that I have seen in years. Chef Kevin gillespie Their meagre he's not line, I mean jobs. I have multiple copies I'll, give them out his gifts to people like I just bought like a case of him from jesse like anytime somebody's gotta, really know what to do with all of my colleagues I like, and they just have a copy of this book. Filler you go down its axis. What does mcgovern on taxes presume Diana we gotta get a reservation there yet a very large guy there risk
told him. Have you got us a reservation starting So too, while this whole semifinalists restaurant tour, restaurant tour as a hard word, yet restaurant tour, restaurant tour and the james beard foundation. So it's like the easiest way I can describe it is that it is the it's like the academy awards for the food and beverage hospitality industry. It's a really big deal and I've been nominated. I think this is my. Hence nomination, unlike the susan Luigi of of the james beer, but we have a deal I can't ever win. I just get nominated a tonne. like I mean, but your message with yeah yeah yeah, an idle not like a really good loser. So I have a tendency when I dont want to show my ass pretty much immediately following the so this year. I was very much not expecting this to be honest with, because the the two most difficult ones to even been nominated for our
drawn tour and then another one called outstanding chef because there are national award. So it's not regionalized. It's like you cut through, lotta, chaffed awake make it. and I was shocked at night Interestingly enough. I think that a letter that I wrote to thee. Foundation this year might have been the reason that I made the list could you were given gives I read him a letter, and just said you say that you care I have seen because you are things like what they there very vocal about social still in social aspects and like rats, bronze, having an obligation to improve you know in their hiring practice all these things, but then like they reciprocate that with who they hand the awards. Up to, as I wrote him a letter and said you know my struck group, is owned. By By a minority as well as myself lake, we are our own charity that that feeds by
hundred families a day in Atlanta. We dedicate almost half of our profits every year to that lake, and yet Somehow, some way like you seemingly overlook that kind of stuff and then give the awards out to people who, six months from now end up having a new york times article written about how they have this horrible culture inside their business. So, like you, put your money where your mouth- and I know who you're thinking oh yeah and so and also doing little subterfuge, yeah yeah sourcing, yeah doing a lot of things you're not supposed to be doing and that I ate the I at the place were talking about and I was one night saying my wife, like I just smell of fish smell of this rate, mean it's it's like anyhow. I just was maybe An inappropriate thing to do, but I felt compelled to do this, and so Somehow some way, I think, maybe that lake. That's. What got me Unalaska certainly was not expecting it by any. Moreover, that I mean that's not your own goal, but hopefully that
I'm glad you get on their behalf. We that helps this in the future to get other yet will that are actually be met? be there yet because I was like you know, especially that award like. What makes you an outstanding restaurant or is all about your culture and what you do as a company and how you support your team and all that kind of stuff. It doesn't sure this isn't like flash in the pan. It really should be an award this given out to people who are making like a substantial difference in their localised food in beverage community, but are also like kind of setting the tone for what you would want people to do future, and it's really easy to talk about doing it. I can tell you it's very hard and expensive to actually do it, and so, hopefully that encourages people to do that in the future. Congratulations basement apprehend semifinalist either and it may be teen, or something like that in the country, Five finalist week after next, something like that two weeks,
people should go there with this resource of media campaign. I wish it that's the way it works like that, how you ever they let you that kind of stuff with the oscars man pressure, I e with Debbie huge. I mean I don't don't think anybody really understands how you. Who is who is shortening the list or even then, once the list is shorten? a fine was a nun We have time to different categories like wide it's person wins, and this and these other folks don't like. I have no idea how that works. To be honest with you, we've been nominated for those sons, a bitches and went down to the ceremony and everything anyone yeah I was like. I wouldn't call. If I knew I was going to win, I literally it's not a great story about me, but the last time I was there. I thought for sure I was going to win oh really, and when I did just sitting there like going over your notes for your speech and stuff I don't know what I was really fucking. I was like ants, you shit and then
when they announced somebody else's name. This is in such poor taste. I literally just stood up and said fuck this and walked out and then got like blackout drunk off of all the freebies to do yeah as good kevin gillespie like hi carol. Your story there in a very proud moment, for my wife and my team as they are, we then I think that they would then never a word. You any was pretty sure I was blacklisted or for some stuff like yeah, I mean I'm definitely apologize. I was I was just so wound up like there's so much anxiety, leading into that like just blew up sucker man, ah spigot restaurants. This isn't the restaurant ok. I told I shared a story about mile manta about how these guys used to hang dear until their coded and more oh yeah does I writes in, and I must set some I dunno at leaves. That's my dad said I wasn't there and he wrote in to say like
He wants to substantiate the story basins. Something happened him when he's worked at an avatar, a country. A which here yet Is that a meeting or is and like what you say you want help held an album is abbot, bars, blues net cave. helena. So should the second part so these hang cattle twenty one to twenty eight days. humidity control. Large coolers is, they are grow old, said the building was really old. The cow start growing, graham old, similar to hair or the entire carcass day twenty one. It was thickly covering any area with protein or meat exposed from fat. Today, twenty eight some cows had grown by at green mould long as two inch strands or two inch strands of mould.
He goes on to say this was a this: was a government inspected building in ontario all kinds of protocols, When they were working on self, the had what was deemed the bad mould, the inspector either all data watch and cut the beef. It had to have super hot water tanks that drip almost boiling water into stainless steel tanks The tanks slowly drain between every cut the required sterilised the knife blade in the tank, when their work on bad mould? They were required to cut from underneath toward out. So do not drag them all into the meat when they're doing the not so bad mould they trim. A considerable layer underneath to give more of a buffer. It was a very tender dry aged Never had able to get sick never had any complaints. The coolers revenge you up great, but mould is really hard to avoid these old buildings here
a lot of force in the country eat mouldy beef. It was called every abattoir in that country. That did have a building built nearer the nineteen ninety part of the process. The dry aging process is such that that mould is, critical, do it actually working like that's how it takes place so like that mould on the surfaces. It's not only is it not dangerous, it's actually like preventing it from being dangerous, like it's like putting a jacket on it, so that the meat that is You know he points out that, like it was it's in areas where the protein was exposed from the fat, the fat doesn't really grow. in a lot away like it doesn't have the same effect on the on the fat component of it, but that white mould Is what it would be called the great he's referring to is called white mould firm. I won't go down the list of like its actual scientific names. Is it it'll just abuse? We will at white mould is a very safe, very helpful.
How would you that you're doing this at the right, temp begun only grows at a very particular tim and only grows at a very particular humidity level, and that's it side that range of something that very safe, not green, moldova. Through its long dream. All that's us dicey, and it's really not you gotta be really really care for with it on surprised that they were allowed to cut it out. He was a name: place. No yeah. I think that under most circumstances with modern lighting. If dry aging, that in factor that he's referring to will will reclaim that meat and it all just get thrown away like that allowed him to actually trim it off. To Is that's the stuff that will make you really sick the, yet we really care for it, and so that Make that he's talking about makes perfect sense to throw the only path out of that, as you gotta start somewhere, underneath the white mould and then kind of get inside the animal and cannot come back out and take off that whole junkets? You get huge amounts of meat loss and in a god now, with wild game
Oh it's completely different, because there's really know no particular benefit to you. dry aging, something like a dog your because and somebody I'm sure to make ride it and milk you're wrong kevin. You lost I'm not talking about hanging in animal. I'm talking about dry aging, an animal like without a lot of stir muscular and inter muscular fat, dry aging effects are pretty limited. like the dry asian component breaks down natural enzymes in the meat that are paid then along the connection points of the protein in the fat, and so if there is not any fat, doesn't really do the same thing and you will end up which is tremendous loss. And so that's. Why really hanging a deer less than at twenty one days is problem your best bet, because what you do want is some of backward. You know sort of loss of moisture, because that will that did just that.
But itself blood is very acidic, and so the blood will break down the muscle protein, make it more tender and concentrate its flavour, because you you're losing water, but. if it shifts in that dry aging, realm you're, probably not doing much too to tender eyes it that much further and you're running a really serious risk of just having tremendous loss on animal. When you got a butcher, it god. We had some had been dried for eight. Some does an odd ad eighteen months, dryads eighteen months, and is it we got into the shoulder and If you do that, shoulder and cross action, the only thing that was left that what you're in there was rind was like sizeable walnut rang like in diameter. I says like the size of a white tales tenderloin like it, Dog almost in the center running over the centre- and it was all right- I imagined another six months- the rind would have become rind
I said it, tasted, like blue cheese, a hundred percent it tastes like because I was interesting I would like eat at every night blows. It was like, while, like that but now I thought out this or that white mould the same mould that is growing on cave, aged Jesus. That's why they taste that way, diminish the exact same stuff, and so you know ever we have different opinions on how long you should take dragging you know, and it really is a matter of personal preference and taste. The science behind it says that there's the tender, rising effects of stop at a certain point and then from that point forward, you're really just aging for flavour sake. Like do you when it to be much much stronger tasting, but it is front with game species bits different, but everything I mean we're talking about and when everybody stock image raging. What he's talking about is cattle? and it is the whole different bugging. You know that you can try to me. We dried ducks in my restaurants but it has taken so long to dry. It does so you know, and that really is just to content.
Rate that pull some waster out, concentrate the density of the flesh, but were really not tender, rising it we're not leaving it long enough that happen. Have you ever heard of a contraption called a warner brunner, Your force test, no, not at all it's how they measure meet tenderness, ok, you, take like. Ah you certain thickness and it's machine that point just three, centimeter diameter biggest centimeter diameter holes through me. And measures resistance on the meat I think that all talk about all this like dry age and is not near thing. These days, what I want. So it's a long study where I want someone to do. I want someone to take charge. You help me. And I don't give a shit how long age it would take a chunk out me and hit it with a sheer force test and then Freeze a bunch of that right, and six months later hid it with a sheer force test. The sheer force tested twelve months had it with you
forest ass eighteen, twenty four, I can't you June twelve rick cause- I forget how it goes. Thirty six you- have no you're forty forty eight, these seventy two ice norway up to twelve times wealth, so forty four and then they don't teach you beyond that. That's why you're committed or when you're like, I would have chosen twelve instead of thirteen. That's the reason: we've just gotten to the root of it, because I feel like totally anatoly, but so many other people agree that you get the morrow danny he runs, is moose programme here on the move programme or he's all he starts eating a moose at a year. He's, he's gotta move programme and his freeze, or so that its offset by a year he kills a bull in september, twenty one
The heel begin consuming that ball september. Twenty two, introduce offset freezer age, For that reason, he's like due to see can't it's like it just gets its different. When you put its tender, then it's not when I put it under yet theirs. I mean what's what's taking places for the twofold, so there's the reform of aging is wet aging. That's where you back something rap something in its sitting in its own blood and again, blood is acidic, so it has its own tender rising effects, but it's in there always that's, but anyway, what huh? bends. Is that freezing and then defrosting ruptures the cells. The group where's, the cell walls of the protein, and so it does have a natural tenderizing effects of you really wanted to get after you'd unplug your fridge now and then you unplug the freezer. Now I mean actually there's a method, and it's I can't I can't saying this on mediator, because it's a method for tofu like to change. The texture of tofu and so you'll marinate. It frees it defrost, it frees defrost.
freeze it defrost it in, and every extra mush every sink. No, it actually does the exact opposite. Does it dense? It makes it much more dense and after the sixth or seventh time you end up with something that has the texture of a chicken something really like losing water losing water, and that, in this case, since its vegetable based The rigid cell walls of the are actually are rupturing completely here. And its malleable is meat. Proteins. So engineer, bearer, buddy, Steve Jones, wrote in to tell us see jones from mozilla they'll believe because we always talk about how like oh, it doesn't make a difference. If you, you know, though it's meat killer, killer gnomes is is, is is like what you say. Well, it does because of what you just explained. Where is breaking down the cell walls so like? If you, let's just say you did that with the Elk backstrap four times Do you think that our backs job is gonna, be better or worse
for I do it sheds of outer yet get a shot of water at any run, into a risk of like your ted you're, into that territory being really worried about freezer burner or homeless, freeze drying, something because your I get the inner that's the method of, actually freeze drying? As that your user will be dryer when you cook it could very well be you gotta, be careful with that. For sure Our back upon the hard thing maybe fulfil fills got time. You can just go insert this backward belongs I understand the guys are doing damage, control and shooting all kinds of hogs yeah. I totally get their shoot all kinds of hard and they don't have the time or whatever yet like they're doing like a job to like do, poor control I'm not saying there that you're like bad, not eat em. so you can't you to correct right now: two percent ceiling to shoot a shitload, a hog because, as a hog and prestige, united than spin it's like eighty degrees out. The right of course, like I get right, that's going to happen, but
it does mean. Can someone wants one? I feel you can't tell they that you can't eat yeah under president we're not gonna. Do a bit of genuine vacation area were shooting two hundred m. I made it doesn't like me. Nobody wants to clean that many of them, that's what it comes down to a meeting at the end of the day and don't you wrong. They very tremendously from This is clearly a domesticated bloodline that is now feral too. This is a truly wild, bloodline, drastic difference and flavour age sex. All that kind of stuff. Like changes it tremendously- and so I can understand- though you know you mentioned- is about castrating the pig like one of the tricks that I'd always that I'd learned like earlier. My life is that if you do kill one of these big bores, if you can I if you can like, within the first five minutes of having killed it, cut its nuts off The meat is significantly better tasting room. Yet oh- and I am mike- I don't even know how that's possible, like its heart, not beating anymore, but it seems to make a difference in maybe it supplies
ebay, but I don't think so. I think it makes a pretty drastic difference in the influx of it. Yet when we look do the property them that I have in georgia we're doing both damage control, trying to keep populations and check because erratic drama we killed three hundred last year, and it did nothing so and so there are days that you just sit. You just go down in the morning and you sit in stand all day. Long pack luncheon, I mean I literally to sit there and, like you know what you did, so my phone and then you just shoot every big that comes out. You know, and I mean you don't get out your stand, you stay so that more will come and more will come and because they come to their own dead. The pigs will come to check out the dead, pig and eat it. So it's pretty good chance. It will be more, and in that case yet those ones that you killed early in the day are probably not a very good idea for you to be eating, but the here that you can't eat them, is complete fallacy and in reality like specially certain size ones, not only can you eat them
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which therapists any time when you to be a problem. Solver therapy. Can get you their visit better help, dotcom, slash meat eater today to get ten percent off your first month? That's better help dot com, slash meat, eater. speaking of our no hogs and corner your. We're gonna go on a mediator investigates not so we did our first ever meteor investigates a couple episodes ago. and Katy hill reported on arm go on amazon, a fine, all kinds of endangered species, horns for sale. Right now we can hear my very own, maggie hod low. Amidst you actually went down, you went forward a dead you. I won't tell happy and what's gonna tell why what's gonna? Yes, so it was a rally. It was a lot of fishing guides truckers traffic,
yeah fishing guides folks from the outdoor industry, and it was a rally protesting senate bill, two: five: zero. Eight. and this is kind of zion snake. Politics is what was going on and that's why folks were all fired up and Folks, don't know. Florida has got some serious water issues, I mean, last year alone, millions of fish, stop on shore from toxic red algae blooms, and the same kind of about ford as water management issues hours it falls around okeechobee lake okeechobee and so it use to the water used flow north south through okeechobee down through the everglades, do what they called the sea of grass. Acted, acted as this natural filtration system, but
if they turned that into egg land developed it when they had that flood that killed thousand people yeah in the twenties right. It's many thousands people how many bills help hell before gone? Look that up so they you know now that now the waters re routed and now now they use kennedys dams. In these, Things is as little political ponds too to kind of desert where, they want things to go and so they ve been trying to figure out for years now to deal with okeechobee because it collects everything that comes down. So it's basically a holding tank and it has the super phosphorus rich water. And people still need access to this water they needed for eg. They need it just for water. Ended and oh apparently, almost
thousand people died in the nineteen twenty eight flood of oak toby. You shot twenty twenty five hundred people too heard it, and now that inspired. Oh, what like a radical over correction earlier or help justify yet- and it was this- it was a huge feet in what they did their, but but then they realise that they have this water, and they don't really know what to do with it, because when it goes to, east and west. It's just this. Super nutrient, rich water, that's flowing into these very fragile aquatic ecosystems. And they can't handle that? So that's what causes these blue green algal blooms these and that's- fresh water in the red, algal blooms and sickly. It just kind of eats up all of the
Of the oxygen in the water kind of suffocate some kills jewish little more for really director pictures you they like it. I mean it's the beach carpeted yeah in add fish and in huge, not just small feeder manatee, wash up once or multiple manatees like it's, it's a massive killer so they ve been working on addressing this. They ve got the on the lake good. Showbiz systems, operation value all, is something they ve been working on and that's what, south florida, water management district, the army core of engineers, have been working on this the best solution they ve come up with. Currently is this year a reservoir that they're trying to build So this has been like years into making an cap. As for clean waters, this nonprofit built by fishing captains out of being affected by this. They ve all been working together to come up with a plan to deal with the water and then on February. Fourth sb.
two five away comes through, which is a bigger budget. A budget conforming bill, Or federal state, okay, so this bill has so much stuff crammed into it. I mean it. They have like planning on. Changing who owns a certain park, you know about right. It's their cramming, all this after just push it through its it. Kind of fast, tracking and Getting all of these changes made where the exchange is with oak. It showed me have been like six years in the making in this is like three to four weeks with one period for public input and all these guides came up for the one period, public input and there like hey, we're concern, we don't really like what you're doing with this bill it's time all this money. We have four everglades restoration, it's basically putting us back to it. Nineteen forties standpoint of where, where we're at with okeechobee management and
They are trying to raise their voices and the senators basically told them they were misled. They shouldn't be there there. it was like no reason to be concerned I'm! So that's why the rally happened, because that was there one point raise our voices and money. Then europe hours through the night, and they had two minutes to talk and they cut him off it. Thirty, seconds or whatever and were like. Now you don't need be here. Don't worry about this. Oh, they organise the rally kind of behind the scenes, and, and added to pull pulse gifts in boats into the front door, the capital so It was great, it was. It was quite the ordeal and it was really cool Really cool to see all these individuals coming together and, like you know, if you're gonna have backdoor politics, we're gonna parker damp on your frontline liking. and there are arrests made know you didn't know. It was wasn't that big of a deal it was pretty pretty well behaved than it was
It was funny when I wrote about this. We are all like, Everyone was wearing a hat like people had suit it's on and stuff, like everybody had a hat on, so we were in the capitol building, and you know everyone's that you can tell spends a lot of time in theirs clicking around in their high heels shoes they got their suits on its staff, and plus, you know I I was so excited to be warm, I'm wearing like Chakotay everyone's got the fish and shirts on. We all got hats and were piling into these elevators that gather, the stupid is elevators. They really the one who made that they're like yeah, I'm glad our state spent like fifteen million dollars on this damn elevator system, some lady, I know enter this whole group of us in our and our hats she's I thought she's like yeah, it's just really busy at the capitol day, I'm like ten minutes late I'll, be there soon got out it's like yeah, she's citizen. All these damn have capital. The make me lay you know so one working out of office
so the night before the rally they put an amendment on the bill, and that amendment took some of the best language out, which was it was a huge. It was a huge movement they on they can really they heard the call that on that captains for clean water had kind of put out there and they made some changes, but it man sitting in that senate building, it really just made me realize how important conservation through legislation is because If they had no raised their voices, no one would have and that bill would just slip through without any changes made and there still, there still needs to be some changes made to that bill. It's going on be debated between the house in the senate. Any I'm between tomorrow and friday? It's not it's not totally solidified yet, but Lay there still on
The entire everglades restoration budget is basically booby trapped and its dependent on the passing of this bill like if, if this bill villas impasse don't get that money and it's like three hundred million dollars, but the build the language in the building, that is still troublesome to peoples, that codified and to state law. a prioritization of industrial egg, water supply south lake over all the users yet meaning over fishermen, and that's that big shagging getting that money and that's kind of his entertain, any don't sign it. Then you don't get any funding yet And, as you know, what I want to get I wanna get governor dissent is on the show to talk about the everglades. What he's but he's fixing to sign this bill so This bill honestly goes against what the Santer stands for you're, just like he's taken like some political heat to be I'm he described itself as a roosevelt conservationists.
taken, some he about a stance on the everglades, that's what I want to have monitored about it, but I'm curious is like where's. He had on this so he's that in that's the whole tricky thing is that he's kind of tied he's got hands tied because they put all that everyone, its restoration money, because it's a budget bill. It's tied up in this that if this bill doesn't get past the everglades restoration fund. Doesn't get that like three hundred million dollars and the other show. it still has to go be debate it between the house in the senate this week and its because its. such aid. Controversial and complicated topic? It's likely that it's gonna go to the speaker of the house and the president of the senate, but that's too
decided, and that's also kind of a tricky situation, because the president of the Senate is backing this bill, so I just being down there and seeing how orchestrated the whole send, it is really. I mean they were debating things like what the state dessert should be that point of concern did they lay low key lime power? That is what it was. Apparently, someone wanted strawberry short cake trees and ruin and a good thing goodness. Eighty dude outweigh beaufort I'd philip Mr Ferreira, strawberries, They got strawberries and green plant city, big strawberry, growing regions to a girl autumn, but I mean that
I'm kind of grazing a single place see this is why the debate no one wants. I talk about no longer talk about water management. No one wants to deal with the serious issues like which isn't about dessert. So so we were they go. So if you will do your article Ah, yes, the article is up on mediator, dot com. It's. I mean. Do you want me to read the title of this book as a hundred plus florida fishing guides rally at the capitol to protest, bad everglades legislation and and there's a link at the bottom. You can find fear or you can just go to, captains for clean water. If you wanna, you know, harassed some senators there one guy spoke up and he was like god. I got all these ye males night. They all seem to become and from the same place- and I don't know what you guys are also upset about. This is a great bill. So it's like you know. We gotta keep her ass, an em, they're gonna, pull stuff like this and try to sneak things that that really deserve
completion and public input and just keep her ass in your senators. Every chance you get. especially on water, has, it seems like water is the thing that always goes bad. It's always the you know everywhere, There's a fight over water seems absolutely it's. It's a hot commodity these days and always has been. Russia has the darker port agenda, Then I have to say I mean fire. Sean's assignment was an assignment wild or did you notice is an expansion of talking about last time last time we had talked about age, demographics and sex ratios? And part of the sex ratios is that Hence our gettin whacked on this and that
there's just less hands than there is drakes and they have a lower they talked about how long they live were hands have assured lifespan comes active? That's a predator story. So to talk a little bit about predators got it. Can we got into the skewed ratios yeah yeah, you know a hand. Mallard might live a year in ten months and or you know, year, nine months and drake mallard would live two years and over time The nineteen eighties that's led to a divergence of that there are just way more drakes than hands. Why that is is well. as delta waterfowl talks about and has researched. It's that there are just more predators. Now and that since the nineteen eightys, we ve seen this kind of growth of predator populations.
and a increase in the divergence this declaration, because law for prices brought loafer prices yep. And like I want to start off with saying that this is not just are really popular. Parker company then put into health docks yap put like fur trim on the collar. There were good, I mean imagine. We can may be here that, as part of our like first light, Suddenly there are jobs, will you pack, hotter sore star, ended this idea, so I want wanna like preface with this isn't just wipe out all predators. Of course, you, but we ve had this we had to, diver. We ve had over time a change of the landscape of what the predator population looks like you know, before. before agriculture before settlement, we had wolves and bears and no egg. And, as you know,
We did two things really. We came through, we wiped out, bears and wolves and then we brought agriculture and grain everywhere and that's the meat so predators the mid size, predators like raccoons and skunks possums, grantors, yep grins. We we, We ve came through end. disproportionately enabled those populations really and Up until the nineteen eighties, really sad, trapping too can keep. These numbers down and since then, what less trappers and a even more prominent growth of those populations, actually. Talk about. like how much we ve influence those populations. North D up until the nineteen fifty's. didn't even recognize or, like a
there was no written record of raccoons, being a north dakota animal and then now they're dispersed all across prairie when delta waterfowl you know, in those old trapping records. There is there percent catch. There is no trap sketching raccoons on the north, cut a prairie now delta waterfowl, depending on the year there either their number one catch or their there. Second, most sketch from the north dakota prairie. So you That, like really puts a button on how these points There are spreading into areas that they want traditionally dealt waterfalls trappers. Eighty percent of what they catch are skunks interactions, and those are kind of public enemy number one so to speak on doc, eggs, its inner to you see we have looked at maps of the spread of raccoons and opossums.
Oh, I haven't seen actual map but yeah. I am all I can imagine. No, I mean they. I mean the possum used to be like a southeastern us animal and coon's just a riparian animal yoda. spread that you wouldn't expect dissolve the have alina really expanding. Spain north have leaders have been expanding northward in historic times is it? Is it agriculture? I don't There are things linked to the possums raccoons is like climate egg, the nation of big predators. Yeah yeah, there's there is definitely no big predators. Keep them in check. You know, sir, What kyle's can a little bit but even like you even like. He did so much damage to gray, great owls and other things. It would kill him yeah yeah. the actually put into place active how many of those animals are on the landscape
six mile by six miles block for a delta trapper, their catching three hundred of these muso predators, ear which just yeah for a township yeah, which that's incredible it's hard to comprehend how there's egg? in an area that ever hatches were they doing there like. How are they determining where to do their work? doubts. That's a really interesting thing. Delta waterfowl is there. we are focusing their trapping, so they've got contract, trappers and that's part of their misery just cause it'd be held for me for everybody. So you just tell me what is delta waterfowl? Yes, sir delta waterfowl is one of the two major duck conservation organizations right dachshund That being the one everyone yup historical, is recognised. Ducks, unlimited and delta are both very important yeah. You hear more and more about delta waterfowl, all the time more and more work yeah for,
or, as I remember like it, it seems like you know, do you just grow up with right yeah? I remember it being like why don't marvel was thinking you don't go a week now without hearing about something delta, waterfowl does yeah and And part of that is that they just have they have the same and go right, but they have different mission. to get their ducks and limited is more habitat focused yeah. And they preserve shit load. The wetlands yes and ducks on limited like is absolutely fundamentally important. You know. keeping a lot of wetlands intact for a hundred years. Two hundred years, yes like take they they like raise more yeah money by wetlands preserve it usually turn it over. The usual becomes public underground, yep, yet phenomenal group of for sure delta, author fowl, Their mission is ok. We have some wetlands out there and some grasslands out there that we ve on an preserved but they're not producing duck.
and the reason there not producing ducks. Is you know? One of the reasons is predation and so delta. Waterfowl has a really cool, method to the madness on how they pay Where are they where they trap so they have to have their looking for high volume areas, meaning there's a lot of ducks. But low, grassland percentage so their ideal place to go trap is place that has sixty two hundred nesting pairs of ducks using their area using a square mile, but then That area is less than ten percent grass and you find a lot of that. Across our quota north dakota right where you have a c r, p patch. next to a wetland. That's
productive ground and it's surrounded on all sides by agriculture, although docks really will keep on that like low lying non productive ground to a farmer and you end up with high density of breeding is there. But their surrounded on all sides by you know Are we or whatever and so you end up with this area of, the ducks are on an island of grassland, so to speak, and they end up with a bunch of predators coming in and rating those ness to kind of put into perspective how bad that predation is on those nes El. The waterfowl did a four year study and manitoba that over four years. Those areas that were not trapped. Had a two percent nest success in this: success is not like or the whole nest hatched. One egg
cat counts, his nest. Six, oh really, and oh one dark as a successful next year, so only two percent even had a duck is wild. And then the areas are trapped were twenty four percent surrealist well yeah, so it like it helps it matters and they did a similar study in north dakota north Dakota, why have the same. predator problem like that area of manitoba does but twelve percent non trap net success. But thirty four percent success on trap, sir, few can key and on those areas the earth in iran on like a really can impact doc. You know doc production for sure And you know it's not just that these predators killed ducks, I mean, there's everything likes the duck and doc eggs, but
the another population of animals that has exploded- that's really interesting, is the core of it. An ravens really crows yeah, so there's more of those room. Not does more a six hundred percent increase. In thirty years,. now yeah and they say the growing attributed to what. When I asked a question is seemed more like yours, conjecture, expert conjecture, but also like more access to roadkill grain fields like all No, I mean think of the amount of stuff that we just kill that lays everywhere, but but you're, saying, here's a weird, the we're part about his yet like you, over thirty years. So if you look at the big, the great fur boom of like seventy eight eighty, two or forward ever one like everyone, measle predator on the planet would encounter a steel trap every night between November pherson december thirty first those days,
we need that you're like there's like an event, there's an event. It had a sort of like concrete end to it. If you can do by their you not coming out of that. You could be like there's more stuff the scavenge perhaps, but then like will, since what was since we lost our like large scavengers right. you lose bears whatever you lose lions and stuff. There are raptors whatever, but, like I don't get like the lake Why would I don't get like what could have happened in thirty years? I mean I know people there used to be like I have a book in my library or hunting books and that it's like lamborn it is. I have a shelf with some old ass hunting books. I have a book like how to hunt crows yeah hard oh yeah people where people were waging war on corbett's for while there I mean they do. That's gonna, be what the word that lycian burn down the magpie in the crow and the raven violations. So I wonder It's just like seeing the rebound from that young. You can't
Canada, yourself, I think, allowed to at least in parts of canada that they kind of still waging war on ravens. But not you know not the? U s, and doktor nickolay was talking about how the great basin over in nevada like that whole. Base in march area. Its like they don't even have a number for the increase of corporate body. Isn't there it's way more than six hundred percent and my kids and I like to set out our prayers called put on profiling, whose pulled out the art you're too much you gonna do oh yeah. They figured out pretty quick and We turned it yesterday and they are getting It was the holy shit. Magpies rail, they only firefight, oh, my god a fire and cruel fight. they were riled up. Will you know we we protect dollars,
populations right now have anything wiping them out. What what? What percent increase of six hundred percent increase in thirty years and credit yeah. I had job rise from delta, hee hee, when they. When those ravens really get on doc, eggs, They are hell on him and he sent a picture that is unbelief. It's gotta, be a hundred eggs that. A raven had cast on top of a bunch of old rare, oh those yup, that's a bunch on road and the picture in order looking at That's a ravens cache of eggs. He yet. And just sits on those railroad ties goes and picks duck eggs. So here we you know every carrier back. There is a gap, pretty impressive really, when you think about how many eggs they can eat. And in others everything else do that eat some snakes in whatever
I was pretty much everything wants, eat, ducks and ducks eggs, but yeah we're looking at a picture here. There's a mink on a nest: a raccoon out and asked Really cute picture of cairo just sniffing around like of outdated fixin to obviate ass, yet and theirs They have so much more to this whole. To all the research they ve done, and what they're doing to try to. I guess bring people like it. the fold on understanding how we can make how We can make more use of the land we have right We want more see our be, but we would also like to be more productive to see our pete. We have and you, ve, seen it, and I tell people this all the time like git an electronic call with acute fight sound on it, and
february march, when you're not sure what else you should be out doing like that's about as much for you to set it on a country now or or you know, culvert or a brush pile like this railroad tie pile here, That's good heretics. My work yeah hit people what their stance on snakes, man, yeah, so doktor, nicholls same guy from dealt waterfowl. He was working on the mississippi river in ninety. four pool eight. They were but an rate thereupon radios on doc, that right as a hatch, dade, slip a radio under their skin and then put I'm back with mamma and They had caught and killed a snake that when they cut it, open eight radio, It had wiped out a whole nest of ducklings My kid was tell me the other day he in schools in six great theirs. Stu teacher
He says really old man the old man said. I'm just gonna tell stories of mecca teach. This is like when they could get you d. I gotta go and my kid for me the story, the old man told him that he is all the story that when using the kid he went out into the hen house inertia, megan there and big bulges in his body so he took his machete cut the snake in half. Squeeze the eggs back out of it and put back in the nest, and they all have successfully that's better education. I nonetheless think that guy I want you to tell me a story is now: let's see well you know luxury shore, like I think, I hope the whole predator thing is it be nice, people's kills more that's for sure,
you know what I could just picture the cat. I may I agree. I picture the counter argument. Well, I, u prioritizing lots, adopts over lots, reckons its that you're. Just prioritizing lots ducks overlords raccoons, it's that we ourselves had the unnatural impact you like these not what music predator populations should look like these are out of whack and they're. Not It's not because, all of a sudden, a raccoon became so much more of a productive animal. Because we had a you know: also influence the anthropocene to speak on these populations. Can I plug Inside kids, in an outdoor outdoor kids in another world aids. which releases in may reorder nano ship owners, Phil Phil back me up on this. I d spent three days right here and in the whole audio. But now Yet all bag of lozenges and all
brought cote d laws and Julia. How do you honey? How do you keep your that's the track. The first day was hard and I all feel not good night than I Like the same way, you build up muscles like build up six back I built up like a throat? So I don't know, I'm not sure, but I think I built up its expanded my throat and by the end of the thing I could have kept going either way in it. I like splore with will work with how did like with kids round nature. I must say that I, like, I, am experience now I like em, right or wrong everything by her. I have like three kids, the old ones. Eleventh I've been added. Well, I've been around lotta kids, a somewhat like the pair. Those with kids of like looking down at nature. That's grouse by digging you And the perils of like looking up at it too much that their sort of like that they shouldn't touch nature,
The one were grouse like were the bad ones and going near it is like, is best look at it out the window and the yellowstone right, like don't go into it. You spoil it when you're into it. Ah- and I thought. The justice concept of like. but humans are in this game. There is no now. pretending they were not in this thing like We have created conservation, dependent species yeah for sure, like we create like. We have created a situation where a lot of the things that we enjoy and want to have around there now route, but not around, in spite of us like that, round because of us at this point because of although we did, but it be paint see, docks, get to a point where their conservation dependent right, where, if you just walked away and let the whole thing take care of itself, considering what we ve done, that Do they blink out.
I mean that they would blink out, but it might not wouldn't look anywhere nearly as good as it does, if you're in volume for sure and you see you see that separation, even I fly way in north America. Right where you have the atlantic flyaway I'd. Really in a kind of struggling with bird populations and other areas doing better and other species doing better, and you realize just how much were affecting that and influencing that, like Snow geese in the mid continent, population are doing so well wired. doing so well. Well it very much so human influence, and it is very much as providing he's calorie, rich grains along their flower, and yet you can't like you just can't deny that we have a major influence on population their food, their predation like the whole the whole bit that we might influence ducks as much as any other
at least as much as white tailed. Dear. Are these guys that are doing these things? Are they there obviously not shy about talking about it? pray of catching and share with animal rights. People now for my understanding, like learning that I also they always your Maureen resident dogs in the army are yeah, I also think that they, like it, can make that sound argument like this is not This is not a natural either to do that you could talk to these values with ever let someone come along with him: oh yeah yeah. They want, they want to stay join up and they have specific way they liked a trap. For now success will rule in like in comparison to fur trap, and so you could write it. Anything. You do go run around in north Dakota de la trappin paternal current.
I right going produce and writer I'd like to know one of them trappers makes annually. You know cases gig doesn't work. Yeah I feel like. Is there it'd be like you know, I'm really making a difference every day in case that does not just hollywood around out werner blade thing doesn't pan out into big an investment. and a big brother mediator between that Israel is here. There were set upon going in the wrong word dough John S, good, dark import webs necks I gotta think on now and I'm not sure what I'm radiant sex I faded. I think and the next one. I want to go talk to the boys at osborne, labs and they're the ones doing a lot of that gps. Backpack work- and we had mentioned last time about what are the. What is the odometer on these ducks? Look like
although the situation so that that be pretty cool There are then, was after that. I got a story for you for the duck report. Cap Dirty and typing position: I gotcha you ready yet What led up to the lead ban in what were the results? That's a good one! very good yeah. I liked like that, like down here to again one people that I was, people? I came. I started darken Like became a legal darker in the aftermath of that there were people who quit honey. You they pray. Like die hard anyway, there are people like out of protest. Quit hunting dogs, oh yeah,. When the lead bank up its victims, and go dig through the forms from my ten feet. Ten years ago, when you know when you're, not forms or big deal and there
Those guys that care help themselves or like I'm, a hundred duck since nineteen, eighty whatever by their thereon water forum. The idea was that we really like dogs ya tomorrow. If they are like. Ok, you can't you steal your daddy's bismuth fbi, I'm quitting I never ever request. It was one of clay's episodes. I can't remember what The green timber reservoir stuff everson than about migration cause he's trying to an orange thalamus. Explaining about how some of the docks and I'll never forget this town, current and washed out, because I heard us on krim wishes- heavenward pathologist on this show but about how he thinks it's. Some of these dogs. There are flying down the centre of our continent, heading south then in one ear making here the pacific. and then in the left ear. They can hear the atlantic and and then on their horizon the stuff.
they they're looking at are not moving. Because of that, it the world spain's amongst the stars stars above them move, but the ones on the horizon that they're, looking too don't move and just all that was like that. He feels it, they are slowly sensing oceans on either side of them and they which one it is and that's how they get from point eight maybe there I dunno about that, but I like the idea that I liked the idea of her darker report. How do they know where they're at there's some really good stuff on that I've already done some of the leisure you got for doctor or holy cow, or you got the odometer yep osborne labs then got the what led up a lead band and what happened after yep. You got. the yanis thing about how they could feel the ocean yeah we're set for a few months here, doc special power. How often do we do Shaun's dark report? We're doing them once a month right now, she's, there's, like thirty years done. The best idea for a little musical bit for the darker part
tales about. go go priority, outdoor, kids and inside world. If you have kids are you know, someone who's fixin to already does. Gary questions answered: how would you like it before I get a gun kids, these dear die, he's real little. All those questions.
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