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Ep. 333: Enduring with Cameron Hanes

2022-05-16 | 🔗

Steven Rinella talks with Karl Malcolm, Rick Smith, Dirt Myth, Seth Morris, and Chester Floyd.

Topics discussed: Cam's new book, Endure, is out!; when an adult acts like an ass and accosts Steve's kid; the shit you find in turkeys; Jani's hens running into the house to nest their eggs on the kitchen counter; Chester catches the biggest walleye, ever; Sean's Duck Report on avian influenza sweeping the country and affecting the wild population; the symptoms of sick birds and the importance of public reporting; setting chokers; how Cam Hanes still keeps his day job; barely sleeping; when you lose your best friend way too soon; going for the most epic experience in the wilderness; coming within meters of that brown bear; living in the endurance world; how your body gives what you ask of it; just how badly the wind bothers Steve; prefering to be by yourself and loving the solo hunt; discipline and confidence; how tough it is to read aloud and record your own audiobook; memory words; and more.


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the meat eater podcast coming at you shirtless severely voted in in my case underwear list, a meat eater podcast. You can't predict anything presented by first light, create Proven versatile hunting apparel from marino base layers to technical outer, where for every hunt burst like go far, stay longer. I nobody joined by what I joined by what might perhaps be our most requested guest. If, if we looking at skimming sociability comments, known and zinni indicator campaigns,. bow hunter or endurance athlete. And now, where you, what you've always been. You been author for a hell of a long time for awhile and author again yet and an author again have a brand spanking new book. endure? How to work
hard outlast keep hammering which is available now it ships, like just it did not matter if you or do you order right now. You all know the difference. If you're in listening to this on the day like today, may succeed if you're listening now you moral difference that shit all pre orders ship may seventy right say goodbye like go to introduce very diplomatically sure I do is go to your local indy, bookseller gotta, viands ennoble And then there's one outfit that small, Wanda on ah starts with an a that's it yeah or go to amazon, and it will ship and you will get k means his new book endure. Do how's that going was phone working on our project is
they want of. I pay myself publish my other two books, and so this was the first time through I was sure, like you know any or the glossy as yeah, so It's a you know, you're me with the publishers, as you know, and they make a pitch for the advance in all and so make a decision and for some of us man. There was an easy decision I ask you this the jew. Here's did you know go with the highest bidder. Ask for more money from the highest boat and that's a tough negotiations right there. Now that I know you ve already won the bid, but I would like a little more yeah. I don't know if they I don't know. I don't know how, or so I had a book agent but anyway, just one with the person who, mostly that I fell best about it from the conversation We didn't interview- and I just I felt like they. They my story was resonated. Most of them got a guy,
as decision making. Where did they were going to get into we're going to get all into that? But we got to cover off on some other stuff up top per per use here. So oh here's big piece into you know my whole thing about how oh you know what's funny is I got ideas, stacking up on each other, my kid without ice fishing with his body and got accosted By some guy, my kid at a meter had on sousa goaded their start. casting my kid about how his how his dead, As the mega does you could hunt yellowstone yeah gb is like so what I'm like Jimmy the first of utah new guy, who doesn't know like a joke when he hears one and the fact that he's a costing an eleven year old on the ice about this
wow. That was his series because, oh he was mad. So he realized that that was your boy. Will he got to ask him a killer? What's up with her? You know, because eleven years old, my dad tells him what up and he's like. Well, I got something like. your dad but hunt yellowstone our idiots paranoid I've got other people however, I would look. I was trying to girl about who, where how and allowed to find this guy he's in town, but here's the forty part I basically now. I basically now get to hunt yellowstone because I drew montanans most coveted tag. The buffer zone tag in weight on all this, No you told me about should me that little bison triangle right right, north of the park,
There's an old border zone, rational round the northwest corner the buffer zone. It's like this hunting restricted ere. You can't do much anything in there, but there's five tag holders in it and I have a brazilian head. So you can create. So all you know, I don't have great lot all the people in our minds of invasion. Eighty five tags, so good luck drawn and if you go into that draw with no poland is points out that you have a point or a percent chance. Yon spot burning, yes bought burden, exactly spot where in the most grisly infested area in the state, you can't but never they give out five elk tags for that. What wraps round that? What that what rafts rollicked extreme northwest corner, has nothing to do korean or these quantities talkin about that's all his influence.
with lloyd lawmakers life may in homer national park, superintendent says it was therefore a bottle of own tags this year or next year. I don't like to draw any I barely I did like I apply for ever everywhere I dont have extraordinary like last year at you, nothing I just wanna do draw on. I like the delaware The nice thing about ass impression that tax for you is it that is patently like a five minute helicopter flight from your house into the year when I hung about you and I shall per into their on digital nonreligious sidewalk that very excited about that. Oh here is a good thing that when you talk about because someone dual someone said in a photo, whether claiming that they are claiming the strong word
they're saying that they found they shouted turkey and found their fathers shot gun wad in the turkeys crop. When I first saw a picture, I thought it was can be that are so close to. It will add up the walk right and we know, We also guide. You sent me a guide, sent me It was carried in one year now, the other in one eyeball out the other. He opened up a crop and there was a perfect copper bullet in its crop however, the hell it found that a up a monolithic boy. We had all kinds of things He stopped going on at the one I shot a few days ago, add a whore, a whole punch through the top of its breast. I assume from flying into a branch it wasn't the green and nasty yet do any and all I had to discard to brush off too. One time that came in that came into call goblin,
yeah that he had jabbed a stick must have been trying to land, and I pulled the big chunk a stick out of there and it was so infected nasty and stank so bad. I threw it through the. Sl, but that all went through his breast and into his crop. There is like a pine nuts like in his breast. You know what I mean fallen out of his real air and then south you eta here my my body is the underwood charlie turkey that had a like one of game, o air rifle pellets in the breast, camp. Secondly, you knows what is an xbox gutter now man Finally, after watching my enemies, they are, a curious and making a big things in one gulp, the other day we tore down and own old shed, and there were some mice ness underneath it didn't quite gulped down the adults. Banks
you what those hairless little babies that we're skirting around those we're goin down like no problem like it did their nose, there's no chew, you know it just gets down? Then it gets ground up or whatever. So you know to eat a shotgun wad went up, but did it eat that shotgun? What is that just the guys wide lodged into the beard? I think that had there had been some major trauma, will look at it yeah but pellets, every was adequate yon as saying that the wide made it all before pellets because you have already that the thing in his whole mecca for one year, let me just I gotta run one other crazy turkey thing about campaign but this man, I know turkeys, aren't your thing, but yeah he's actually vowed. He was explained to sporty side of the court. At this point you vow just to not shoot a turkey yeah. I can't stand.
What have we found? You like steve's, actually next week gone on a wilderness back country. yeah we're not ordered, walk eight miles for his our home near mean that sounds better. But still it would have always said this is like an inside joke back home, but the best thing that happened on the turkey. How is your killer? Turkey so like? Because people like to say well it's like Al Qaeda in you know, they're just gonna call a man might know cause a blessing agate happen. and l can kill big bull. The best thing I turkey and it's still just a turkey, turkey, so it's true, I also know that I know a number of Elk who are who hate, though the gas equivalent of how, like I only know, one other, rarely historically opposed to that yeah ever larger heard the grumblings the grumblings like there's grump, all dear, expect a can, but I think that the best thing that happens as you gonna kill a turkey is: that's it. That's a argument bore.
Yeah, great kilter and you're, not carrying all that honey the palace, but you might like, where our lab tat. You might not be aware of the areas of action. You oppose this, but you can score turkey's you can't the spurs like I've, seen him having got right away so how rare Then you gotta, like measured spurred times out by something beard yanza by certain. What is irregular minimum for turkey do now now. like I haven t really bad people be likewise gotta high scoring turkey legal measure by lank total length. Now too, Then I'm allowed an earth behind public dude started that this is we adding. I just can't is a joke- the long bird, they call, and I tell you what you think about this.
Yeah I get home yesterday. I got a bunch of stuff in my truck, so I gotta take multiple trips in and out of the house and leave the side door open after the first trip. Go back to the truck in the time that it takes me to go to the truck grabbed the stuff and come back in the house for five chickens and two turkeys. I entered my kitchen through that side, yeah they're curious. May you leave a door open and they're right in one of the turkeys in this. Very short. Amount of time has jumped up onto the countertop and right where we keep our basket of eggs is already got her beak in the eggs and is like coercing moving. not in the dark and egg the to turkey, eggs that are in this bucket that either she or the other hand laid issues working on this. in your kid. Andrea saw now, like I don't know man, but it makes me think that there's like some sort of shit, and they had gone on there that we don't know about, because how does she's never been in. That house goes a little baby. Turkey's alike.
Dude it clearly while could be because I think therefore lies close, telling you those, while Jake's bread, those hands of really the wild jake's or have sex with your turkey man, I gotta have a yellow himself very rich guys is now going to. I would think that after this bob gas, I'm going over to murdoch's and by nato incubator can show you yeah. I think the kids are going to have a blast with it. I mean I'm going to have fun with it yeah what else It is tragic, regional. All over the world. Are you a criminal of a wild? Turkey breeds you. Turkey and then you raise those turkey's. I don't know you steal and wildlife no, the alamo resident plead our hands and we can bleep outward aegis through this
a real, crazy grey area. It'll, find a l care. If you damn sure can't bring that home know the one hundred per cent right now are a couple. actually do good. That's great. If you had a dog that, like a coyote, the coyote bread, your dog and had puppies you'd, be fine yeah, I think you'd be fine right. This goes this gonna real stoner stoner landscape, but you know a few to a willow tree if Did you know this run? I said laughing I covered I guess he had to be a real big parts marker to appreciate this. If you play the sound of running water to a willow tree, the What we will send route tendrils in that direction. I've heard it before that's love, saying like some. Don't you like ability anything when they found now how what's going on out? There knows giovanni dating
yeah. The vegetarians will find out that their food has is talking to itself yeah. Where are they going to eat a couple corrections? And this is bad. I got about we're tom about top gun. Now saying how made a lot of people talk about tat, and in the air force, guys like the beach volleyball seen there Here's a wearing navy uniforms flying maybe aircraft or there our aboard navy aircraft carriers throughout the entire movie. I assume you may have some navy vets a bit upset with you. So apologies listen, a bunch of us were in that and I didn't catch it either. I, if you were to ask me I would have known that they weren't in the army with units that if there are the in the air force the navy, it'd, be I dunno. If I would have been answered correctly, it would have been a fifty fifty guess what
or correction. This is more substantive. We were talking to when we room he had the episode with Mr Nugent. We're talking about lighted knox in macao chemical, broad heads being illegal in ohio- and we particularly time about like reared arbitrary, a higher ida, I write so weird arbitrary, tackle archie tackle restrictions. As of february legislation, should be five or seven was past. According to I, F g. Idaho depend more efficient game, beginning July, first, two thousand twenty two, so commoner it up. It is legal to use mechanic
broad heads and lighted knox in the taken of wildlife during any archery season. Rejoice knows more about update that a correction right, technocrat yeah. I mean at the time that we recorded we weren't aware tat a great now as breaking news. There's more output, I'd breaking news, chester caught the privilege, the world's biggest wall apricot but before he doesn't need type I forgot to mention. We took done earlier that I am now ordained minister. Oh, I like and conducts a ceremony the summer you seem real excited about very excited by others that india there she sent me of what wall plaque in the mail. You're, you know like the like the or uniform trivia unaddressed go wild west preacher- oh that's be great. I can't wait. world's biggest walleye, I have time best. My
I've time best ass. They saw their picture originally made wall eyes like that, so cow and I were out fishing and there was no other boats out on this local lake. We were at not a single boat. The water was colder than you'd want, so it was like thirty five degrees and really still still pre spawn, but we're trolling. I never get to do that with Seth. He doesn't like drawn. I draw anyways. We were we and I like fish and eighty yeah, I'm not active. I only I do is get them that to give a dose the eighty de medicine is. If you like, stroll in more IRAN bush lighted, draw any.
as I, so we were trolling. We had planer boards out and we were trolling slow. Like one point, two to one point five miles an hour and we had marked a big pot of fish caught about a thirteen inch er, which is very, very common to be expected out there, and there's a lot of carp in this area, so we're drawn along and also that outside plainer board, the tattle flag goes back, so it's kind of like watching a tip up except the flag tips down rather than tippin up, and that that plainer, ward starts pulling towards the middle of the boat and cows. I got jet you're on your own. I grab it I immediately I'm like a snake. The carp cause. It was just a lot away. Behemoth, yeah, just a lot of eight and I'm sitting there marken away point trying to slow the boat down cause. I did not think on the other end. I did not act back what was, on the other end of that that line and anyways,
I am crank real and I get to the planer board and you disconnect the planer board from the line, and then you keep real and, and it's just heavy it's getting towards the boat. I'm expecting it to see a yellow carp come up, yeah and the fairy goals mass saw it gets to the surface, and I see white on the tail, which, while I fishermen knows that they got a little white spot on the tail and this is a little white spot. There's a big white spot and I didn't say anything first, because it really did register in the thing got to the surface and with the rift action in the water, it looked Eggers four feet long, I'm not kidding. I was just like. Oh my Gosh, like all legs looks like I'm illegal looks like it's four yeah, and he was my legs, their shaken cause like I couldn't believe it.
Anyway. I fishermen. We know that this fish was big. It was thirty three and a half inches whose twenty one inches around of girth and cows. I didn't even measured in the right spot, so could potentially men even bigger the monti An estate record is thirty two and a half inches with a twenty two inch girth. This had a twenty one in girth and it was thirty three and a half inches. don't. I know not how he knows that state record, because we didn't have a scale, and you know I don't really jester about a year ago. Not only those newsday record I don't really care to have
it doesn't make it up. The fortunate can be rich yeah I could just Johnny would have been knocking at your door. Yeah kabbalah replica yeah. We got a guy coming out of the podcast pursuit cause he shot the biggest archery whitetail ever. What crankbaits you get it on you've got to you've got a few of those for free blue chrome, flickr, shad member now he was out and we would have been a kick in the door down access data. The number look at least at a minimum. The number two state record- wally I mean we don't know that for sure, but it was. It was a big fish and I was I was a static. Just think: I could have said my man, you know what a body might stay record older than I can say: shit, some guy, just you know, cares you there. yeah that let it go yeah, that's mighty big of each yesterday
This four eggs just think how many eggs I know, but miles around nine out of ten nine out of ten americans I urge the vote taken. It is wholly. Nine with nine nine nine out of ten americans congrats on the fish, thank you that's a great one, yeah yeah, if you like fishing as much as I like fishing, it's like shooting a four hundred inch bowl. You know like if you were to compare hunting, so it was sweetness ass. So how big they record. While I how what is its weight. It was eight over eighty, pound, so I dont off is eighteen point two or eighteen point five, but its round, eighteen over and in that fish who knows you know I mean good is out, there could have been fifteen, it could have been nineteen, it could have been. Seventy do you think you might want to catch sulfonal scale south has one the late now like and have now you go fishing?
thirty years. Maybe catch fish like that challenge. scum turkey out with me that weekend the ditched steve gave me some for ten jails. You look at this as a good pause, if omen to the beginning of the year. While I do that's hard to say, can be inefficient guide. You know you if you catch up a fish on the first cas. It's bad luck, this isn't even same day same month. So I think we have some time to recuperate catch another when they make a documentary about a second chance. first year as Why is that like earlier but like a fictional eyes, version that that'll be in that that feeling It could play either way. It doesn't matter like he's going to put it in there and it'll be that it was either like a harbinger riot. It was like this big part of this whole story.
yeah, but so canneries desert these guys are becoming term wall. I fear there during the first year of the term ties. Does that count I wish it says and when is it tournaments me? so we get it right, but maize. Third, Yeah, let's make it count he would have had. He would have to keep it alive and then pass a lie. Detector one gets tough, you seem pretty what about that day, you're like I could another one that look like the one. I have also media and allowed crazy bay I could have been your signature yet that bay use could have been your signature signatures ears, but just just food. For your shadow said it gets big while I need to have a talent manager worthy to tell ya to handle the situation.
If you want to see a picture of the fish, I mean it's an impressive ass fish yup go to a mosque. He chat right, that's it underscores now that we are not now just at muskie chat. You can jeer these boys. Not the electronics in their new and their new tournament boat right now. Well, yeah we'd take a break for this, but we've been reagan last two days lot of wire and it's a sweet boat, yeah latest headline match and yeah. We've never done it before, and it's quite a process what goes into it. What are you in a man we don't. We have. You win brag, more rights for us, but you can win money and we're going to donate it back to like access, whether its fish cleaning station at the local lake, where fish on war, but ramp improvement or whatever's, needed some sort of project there else around a them
We're gonna be up they're, going to turn into philanthropists yeah. I want to thank steve thanks. Jester yeah, I'm gonna go pack for turkey. so now move now, we've got to do this. This is a we're going to jump into a shawn's darker port, real, quick because John's going to hit on something of international or national new significance, their day I had a body that I sense be articles and more I up. I read whenever he sends me. thirty, two bald eagles succumb to avian influenza, which is nothing compared to It has been doing on tens of thousands of docks right now dying from avian influenza, jargon break it of course yeah. So I got to talk to Andy raymie. He works for the. U s: gs, he's a research, wildlife geneticists any works in alaska on avian flu,
and what got me all interested in the hole avian influenza outbreak was I'd, gotta tech in january, about the first confirmed case of what we would call highly pathogenic avian influenza, bluing teal. I think firemen break, and it was like I, you know like that. Stuff kind happens, but The snow geese go backed to south dakota this year it was like holy cow sums, changed so figured. I should probably do a duck report on it, which this wasn't the doktor poor we'd originally planned to do, but it's it's that's for sure. So how how doktor raymie described, how the highly pathogenic avian influenza works is. Typically, there's avian influenza in all wild birds, but it's what they would call low path? It's you know not causing
symptoms are sickness, any kind of actual disease they just canvas can have a pool of viruses, always working through the popular. And every now and then what happens is. avian influenza well pour over from the wild birds into a domestic bird population, but it's not highly pathogenic when it that now once it gets into these domestic birds, that's where it can become highly pathogenic. That's where you get kind of the? U know, though, news articles and headlines every so often of all these poultry and domestic birds gettin killed off. Historically what one It becomes highly pathogenic in domestic populations. It just stays in domestic populations until twenty fourteen twenty fifteen never really worked its way back into wild birds. During that outbreak in north America. we had our first positive north
eric in wild bird cases and they had ninety eight of them this outbreak puts that to shame. It's not like anything. We ve never had before it is uncharted waters for sure, for example, this out We have over forty species that have been infected. The positive tests are in the thousands but frankly like they, they ve kind of quit. Testing The reports, for example, south dakota, is right now sitting. I think forty eight positive tests, but I've on one rocky bank on the side of a lake, counted like forty three dead birds. itself? So it's hard to know you now, while Birds are heartening. You can't really quantify nears easily because they die all over the place and they're all spread out. They're, not concentrated, but running through the wild population and it's pretty intense are they are
Is there any way that folks can they worry about? Moving default the way that you know, I mean the same way that that nineteen right jumped from an animal host to a human host. Is that a concern yeah? It is. There has been times since two thousand and three where bird flu does jump into humans. I think there's it's around eight hundred Sixty human infections and half those were fatal so like. If it does jumped the kind of animal human species barrier it can be.
Real bad news, so they're definitely worried about it. Now you know. Typically, you have to have a lot of exposure to the virus to see it jump that barrier, and you know when it has jumped the barrier in the past. It's domestic right to poultry, but the? U s, the aid does have a bunch of recommendations out on how to handle wild birds. and can to how to proceed with this going through. There's two reasons for that, One being that, I want you to transfer it to other bird populations and also then I want you to go, get sick what are they talking about wild birds? You just find laying around dead in your yard, or they mean like wild birds that you get when you're out hunting both yup just wild birds in general. You shouldn't be eating or drinking when you're in contact with them. You shouldn't have the carcasses around other birds use dedicated tools for cleaning those bird
and make sure they don't get near poultry or your pets are. To put I in and ninety five mask? I didn't see anything like what you got the burn all your day, a man. I want to make a big quilp alone. I saw you can't be like bright. Even too much around, but you can still edam yeah. That's that's wrong! Tom. I haven't has dedicated air of shoes that you were while cleaning bird really going to retain the bird then what about a dedicated, like you know, jacket, dedicated kitchen for cooking There is also a suitable you cook into doubt of the meat John, yes and yeah. You know they recommend you cook at two hundred sixty degrees, which is hard to fathom in snow. Goose, has been cooked that that law, but the shoes thing is about the the feces
that's where a lot and I got a dread comes from, is fecal matter. It was about what this were? The minnesota border, animal health band exhibitions of poultry yeah you quite an exhibition of poles, What they mean like even stuff like fares, or so barnes or stuff like that, but they really the ban on says that's right now. Yes, here and there's a lot of states doing doing even up until you know April fifteenth, they were hoping that the pacific flyaway was in the clear by now like idaho, idaho and utah and wyoming everything's get net. It's it's pretty much everywhere. It's rampant at this point, so there try The keep domestic populations from moving around too much and been sold and moved keep gprs is turkey's from having sex
the wild ones yeah yeah, daddy's rethink. Another had have letter is taken walk around in this creature, so when I what I said at the outset tee and, as I said, tens of thousands of dark deaths. I say that because of sea and pictures on social media and other places, where is it, pictures of shore lines, we're didn't dead dogs, but my number was prob, like my numbers, probably exaggerated. Right like this, probably not what I am. What I was saying: Well, I don't know because that that you just can't really get a tab on how many wild birds are dying from it. You know I personally have seen hundreds birds scattered around our local lakes. Here you know they
a lake in illinois that had two hundred some dead birds of a mean. There is a lot of brought out the no one's counted up right exactly you know they just then I'll have the personnel the go tests and sample all these books and then, when you get when there is an avian influenza outbreak, how long does it? How long does it play out? Do you believe that this still be a conversation. People are having next. You know one dark seas, stop at start back up next october, or will it have run its course by them yeah? I now the twenty fourteen. Twenty fifteen outbreak was seven months. You know we're three, and send to this one, but really it didn't get go on tell tale march. So yeah it's hard, it's hard to know. Definitely the spring migration was kind of how this spread so quickly, because it timed out perfect.
were right as it entered the north american population was right as the spring migration was starting. So it's a perfect storm of timing. Vs, the twenty fourteen twenty fifteen outbreak was over the wind. Or so it was so spring migration, just meaning that there's a lot of birds on the move, carrying and passing along to other populations of birds. Yes, yup Asia is there anything that you can? You know observe have verily or in physical appearance, to tell whether a birds got influenza? yeah, definitely one of the symptoms. I've seen a lot around here is like a bobbing head. What kind of be sitting there and just almost like someone nodding off on a one day, their churches, their head is sitting there flop inside decide. They'll be flapping their wings, real goofy and slow. Definitely
in a lot of them does not scared of people. They set their right in front of you. Don't don't move as far as you know any time you see there or dead birds in general. The one thing that doctor Aimee had said is like please report. It Whether it's too, if you're on private land, like to the person that wonder, manages the land fear on public what her agency, it would be because most places have protocol for how they're supposed to handle Whether it's you know through the ass, the air, fish and wildlife service, whatever it may be, and the other thing is there, now recommending take down bird feeders, which there is a lot of sense, yeah talking to everybody and my boy there is a war amber bored time and do you think,
John doe as anybody guessing. This could have population level impacts on waterfowl species, or is it too early to say yet hoping now it's too early to say about it. They definitely are paying more attention to it now than they have ever had to before. You know before it was a purely domestic poultry problem and now you're really seeing easy to observe wild bird impacts, so they're they're worried, but not to the point of maybe like you would be with sea dvd god, you may will keep us posted yeah. What's next duck report on, I think off now finally get to the the gps tracking one. The domino one leg, how many miles dark puts on young man the scan of all. They got me all worried about dogs don't think I dont think wild turkey's jumper
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it. Certainly this when I just I just like it will rule is I don't know why I just like I'm not good with any business, and so finally, I talk to this book agent, esther and she was super fired up and says, like a huge, I think you should do this. This would be huge this that mouselike, whatever I mean, I don't I'm good. If I die good. If I do not that big a deal, and so then it's as we said, we'll see what the publishers think and so then everybody's fired up, so we just did it and what did you had to do like a you had to start collecting your thoughts yeah yeah, I mean as s mostly just the book. I think in general shares it doesn't matter. How you come up, what you bringing is it if you like,
Oh, your passion, whatever that is, you can have whatever success you dream of essentially, and so it's it's that's the story and I thought that might be useful to shared a to have other pick. Maybe him at other people, so I thought: okay, let's do it if you had to, if you're, going to take that line of thinking and look at your own eye your own up, bring in decisions may ever young do Look, I know you like surprise, you landed where you are. Oh yeah yeah now mean that I had no. you know what I say is I never let anybody down, because nobody expected anything of me it's not like. I'm like oh yeah, Let me down or you handle this. You know you tell I get home, I kids, yet so much potential. Nobody said I had potential to do anything. You know, so I wasn't not living up to it. So yeah, I'm not
I figured what I did come. Not a high school try to play. Football wasn't really that into it. I went to school on an offer, two years after high school, but then I thought well I'll get a job send jokers as ike back home. That's what people did you worked in? goods and I like being in the world ass, he was that jokers is yeah. Just you know lot lou, can log in sight so go down thereafter landing they set jokers on the on the logs and the the followers come in. They fall the trees and then you search a gets drugs to the landing and in cleaned up and then it's like half inch, three quarter inch, cable, yeah, yeah, you're, just dragging around it's usually pretty steep country cause that's timber country and back home that paid pretty good. I mean it started like thirteen bucks an hour, so I'm like god, I could you know thirteen bucks an hour, I'm good to go, that'd be awesome, and so I thought I was going to get a job
login and same day I was offered the job login for ass. He login was at this job at a decisive eugene workin summer help than just work and picking up dead animals. Basically got hit, they people would call in a dead dog or of a possum or up something. Deer got hit and I'd go pick it up and if Don't do that and we need along the right path and saw might well I work for the city, that's always a good good career. So that's rousing. I do it's safe, secure, you know like people like me? Thou is like this is as good as its gonna get. So that was Michael so the if you'd gone path of least resistance. There is where you would wander the outbreak, pretty might yeah. I guess so I mean, but you like, but I want to give us more suffer this jump ahead of it, but you furled, like you at this point, a state
bush, like you have a very established career as A bow bonner as an insurance aptly like you're, like a well known, figure you do a lot of media projects right. You have allowed us sponsorships the people, but you captain. You got the regular job for a long time. I still haven't. You still have the regulars yet I must supervise tend in. the water in power company, but you still have your data. I knew you dear brother. No, you still did not net I used, but he waited for pity o today to come here. That's because yeah, I think, if you type in like I'm, trying to think what the google search would have to start with, but it will auto fill. Does
hey! I still have a real job. People are always wondering like ethos of every time. I get surprise all overdue yeah. I do. I go to work every day. Cept of today's vacation seriously yeah to me, hunting, like I said, I'm not good at business. I don't care about business, I have value, so I'm I'm not stupid. So I take advantage of the value I have. But hunting to me means more than any business. So if I d I have to rely on it. I can just tell whoever I want I'm not doing that and you're not me how I won't get a heart well, I'm gonna heart what I'm gonna do I'll do. What I want is it all goes away. I have this job, if he's with one of these I mean like you, do lotta raises itself, and these are too
im consuming things in the training. Is time consuming yeah the train is hard, yeah yeah, so I mean I I mostly by get of movement pain for two hundred mile race. I want to run a marathon a day. I want to be able to do that, for you know weeks at a time and get in those miles to do that. I have to get up before work. I'll try to get in at least ten or thirteen the morning run at launch and then whatever the balances, to get that twenty six after work and so I'll just Oh, I work at around. Basically, my life and and I still want to hang out with a family in the evening, so I do that they go to bed then I'll get those miles. and I get up early before work and get those miles in so that the fount you know, I'm still away from work all day, but I still eat dinner and watch a little tv and then go back to training whatever you have in the world
Depends on what my goal is. I mean if some something You don't want to do a marathon before work and if I do that, that would be like tour to or to thirty, and they have to be worth seven geese Yeah, it's not, I mean I don't. instead of calling that book is dirty article or tired, that will be good yeah. But what are you worried about? I want to get back into your biography behind. Are you worried, like with all the emerging. With all the emerging research about like law, long term effects of like chronic yeah sleep, lack of sleep reagan worry no, no, I'm people say that about knees and about you know what I was is tomorrow's, not guaranteed so I would I be worried about from sixty seventy or eighty years old when I might be dead tomorrow. How old are you fifty four
And how long have you been doing? This kind of regimen irony my first marathon when I was thirty two, so I have plenty it's yeah, yeah decades, yeah Do you see or do you not even think this way like? Do you see like that lifestyle coming to an end at some point, or are you just going to keep going until you drop dead? I mean keep I feel I just did a amount marathon. I got forth. So I mean I'm not I'm banged up discuss them old and I've got a lot of miles, but I still feel pretty good right, it's something you enjoy. You want to keep doing it. I like push myself, I mean I like. I don't feel right, for me as been away for me to say just a pretty just I'm putting in work and I feel like I can't be in the mountains every day I can't hunt every day can scout every day, but I can put in work every day.
and I feel like running, is like I can go to bed. No one cat did. I did move the needle in the right direction today. So that's that's. What running does I want to backup from it, though, At what ages start you know at what age did you start boning and started hunting at fifteen? I killed my first deer, a spike mule deer. When I was fifteen with a rifle and my stepdad got me into but I didn't I didn't we didn't get along because he wasn't my dad. Never really like him. He saw around the ice dora yeah. It was. that part out, but no? No, no! No he's! Actually hey! I talk about it in the book I mean I hated them. It's sister, he could got done about it because it wasn't your dad, that's pretty much. He wasn't
at the lower, took their nose like then you he had a hard job too. So you'd come home. He, who is a roller operator on the construction you know, and hot miserable work, get comes home. Here's this kid who doesn't like em, so I'd always have it wasn't a grey situation. So, but and I give them a lot of credit because he did take me hunting, even though I'm sure he didn't want to took me and my brother hunting and that kind of started it. Then I killed a spike buck and then I you know hunting I'm like hey. I got some positive feedback that I killed a buck and psych as a kid that feels good to get some you know, and as like man, this is I like this. I, like I don't know I like, can like the challenge of addressing it was hard, but I got at dawn. I got positive affirmation, so
now just kind of progressed and then my buddy Roy got me a you know as eighteen. I think, and he he was year ahead of me in school, he's nineteen he was a. He had a trap line and all this he was like always known in our little school was like, as like. The authority on hunting cause. He just hit was always out there trapping and doing things, and so he said, hey. We, we played football together on what will work best friends and anna. He said you needs turbot hunting. He grocers whales, people way more animals, its awesome, miko S, sons doesn't sweet. So I started about hunting and then have never evelyn it sent there right now. Is it? What age is that that was twenty by the time I got my first biotech, so you like yours, a thing you had to be that you're just gonna, that's it you're. How are the bow that was
yeah I just didn't have I don't know why I didn't have any interest in rife. I still way with people. I still took my little brother idol of a little brothers ten years younger than me. I guess first, three dear, I took him and he killed at the rifle my kids, they ve all rifle, haunted. I just it's all. I have only just been a boner, it's like I, when a lotta hans words any weapon and are not. Most high pressure, one that most people kind of falter on if they say their boat owners, but then it says she part Yes, I, like you, know, that's ms bauer, nothing. I tell you the tag soldiers this. What I do. That's a good one discipline. What do you think it is about bowl home? Because I think that there's you're always the only one that sort of identifies that way, you can play a people that do allow above me, including you now I did, makes it up and with wrathful caesar how with a book
but hunt with a rifle, but I mean do you have any like thoughts on like what is it about like the bow hunting that really just IX people were there like yeah, don't even have an interest to go out with a rifle anymore. Man? I don't know? I mean I ve I've always ones it started it was just like in then Roy was the same way who got me started now, he's not talk about him in the book. He died in two thousand and fifteen. He fell sheep hunting and weirdest bow hunters. That was it. I mean people now, though, thou meet me that my nanometers, I saw you you're the bow hunter as ike that's all I wanted to be set
animals have you killed with a rifle like before you started, bowline, be like three or four deer nuts at fifteen till when I started bowhunting that I couldn't afford era elk tags are twenty five bucks. So as a deer tag was, I think, nine fifty or ten fifty. So I could get into a black tail deer tag yup, but that the elk tags were too much. So I just ear I killed. I killed a buck every year. Nice did you. What was the blows? The first boy, you're shooting a golden eagle super hawk turbo, can occur come in on re, curves and now boner discount warehouse, Have you ever thought about tip and back and traditional artery? No, I mean messed around with them, but Roy. Actually, he went back. He had target panic so bad with his compound. the best hunter have ever been around. That's woodmans woodsman I've ever been around, but he had to
your panic so bad. He went to re curve and he he said he thank you so much of a disadvantage he said. Seemed it's easier in some ways, because it's like more instinct in you, don't have to pay it off to level up and full draw in ankara the same every time and you know kisser button and all this she just shoot and he kill never nothing, never age. His success stayed exactly the same. He killed no matter what not always say he did. She said hey you gotta use this to go, kill a you know a carrot. He moved to alaska about. Ah in ninety three, I think I said he could go and get it done with whatever he. He told him up was so you hold the pen, yeah hold a pen yeah, I mean it. Wouldn't matter he's just fig would figure out a way to get it down. He's the guy that he he fell sheep on both the war, the circumstances there so there
This mountain range well right out of wa Silla, which is where he live. His wife still lives, but you can see pioneer peak nope and it's ah. So that's that that's the tag it's in it's it's a kootenay lake tag and I put in for it in two thousand and eight cause as a non resident. If you go for the late haunt, which is ok, the first of the tenth it's a terrible hot, but she ponting I've, never unnerve. She peninsulas. He said he put it for this tat. You have twenty five percent chance of getting his non resident, so I put in one time got it and he goes its its ard, it's dangerous. Its unity Others may still have the guiding requirement, though, yet he was here a signed off. He was an assistant guide and he could guide me also does who hang out Yeah, I got you so we went on that hunt two thousand eight and I killed a ram. The the the hot says says any sheep, and so I killed this.
like probably have four and a half year old ram. Wasn't anything is my first sheep, so that is the same hunt he drew in into twenty fifteen and he he'd killed nine dollars ship with his bow. So he but he killed rams up there too. He knew he was like. I said we we done that harm. We ve been a country like that a lot, but he was up there. She panting and Does it done the starkey actually, mrs ram, and he was gonna head back up the hill to fund a camp and spot a little flour bought up? Maybe towards the top of the ridge and then happen iraq, rotary, he stepped back and fell off and seven hundred feedin died. The man.
so should also use gonna call one day, his regions subject.
Yeah I know I was in colorado, deer hunting and my wife called and said: do you know Roy had an accident called jill, so I said okay, so I called jalen as it hey. What's up and she just said Roy's not coming home. He fell through man, so yeah, but so it's hard just because, ah it's it's art everytime. I talk about her buddy and we came up together. Highschool same you know, twenty four kids in our class here
was mike, making this name for himself in alaska and just just just a stud in his finally all happening then ago, and it was a marriage to man. The fact that it was like that what it was like haunting held, you guys the gather and then to have that be the thing that ends up taking his life. It's just a whole different expert. It's right? Yeah I mean we knew what we love to. Do we always wanted the biggest adventure? We knew, there's risk Just we knew that was always is always there, but we loved gone for the biggest most epic trips. The big the brown bear. Grizzly bear doll, sheep. We love cardiac prince of wales, which
well. You know we did big blackbird there. All the time we just loved, I mean I, I hundred alaska, probably thirty times with them, cause we just loved that adventure, and I you know We're not down, we know that shit happens. People die all the time, especially up there And then I know just firm of I read a lot anna, mostly adventure hunting, but anybody whose spend a lot of times and in the mountains out of them die. I mean that that country a lot of them die. We can't have big adventure risk though so yeah we just heart is Roy was he was. he was the only one. You know people talk about haters and you know you kill, I kill a spike bull and people are
and oh, I heard a shot of the rifle. I kill a five point: thirty shouted the cross bow roy is only one who always believed in me so when he died, as I said was he on your mind, lot working on this book yeah cause it gets because it has a lot of personal history in it. Yeah I mean I wouldn't I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be talking to you. If it wasn't for Roy. He start me bohan come when you're going for like the biggest adventure or the biggest. What what do you hope to like experience in that experience like what is? What is that? What are you reaching for in that?
challenge just that being on the edge, and you don't know you don't know what you're happen and you know his last year we hunted together twenty fifteen we went out and in this one area went up in July, actually can start kiln brown bear anna in this area. There are so many brown bear they're, hammering the moose and you can kill two brown bear and a three black bear, and so, unlike roy, was working for Jonah steward. At that time I called Jonah, and I said: can I said Did I do I read this right? You can kill. Two brown bear is a yeah. I sent three blackbird, he said Jana said well, I said: can I can I get to brown bear? Would I have to pay to get to brown bear opportunities, and so we went up there in psych. The first ones stocked in anna
this bore was his cousin and its long, the water there, so he was laying down and I got in and so creek bear the wind windows good, and I got forty yards from many got up and he looked at me and that's all we live for the forty yards and what what's gonna? What are you gonna do you make that shot. So I pull back in a frontal just pen, wheeldon couldn't have been. It was maybe or an inch to the right, but smoked him. That's what we live for d. Do you think that something like you always had in you, or did you find that through, like the craving for that through hunting? I don't know if you really know you have it if you have it until you actually start getting those challenges. So, like I said I didn't have a son black tell dear. He walked from my house in up into the login country,
And then then we started. We went to the three sisters- wilderness and confine so I Hey, I think my my uncle had bended eagle cap owners before which is organs largess wilson mean roadrunner, and I said I think my uncle had been there before they. They may be hunted back in there and we can find out in the three sisters which has cascades. And so I call them, and I said I said he'd do not placed to l cannon the evil cap, and he said he said yeah, he was yours up this road fire watch tower. You go up, there's a tree and I just like I didn't now. So we get up their words like what this is thirty thirty mile, sixty my wilderness and were looked up here and by his tree in words. Like sewed, no, not a map one but anyway that, So then we're like well that gotta start as a start in the wilderness it in his leg. So we looked at the back of the wilderness reich. How can we get this
our away from anybody is possible? So you go to the middle Werner's boom right there as a vassal, we wanted to go biggest adventure. In our little I mean that was an eight hour drive for us. We didn't have gas money row had to cela a thirty thirty. His grandpa gave them to get gas money to go over there, but we were living now. So at that time, that was it and then it was like. Well, he moved to alaskans. I too will now. What could we do? Oh kodiak island, that's, that's! Pretty crazy! Get dropped off on kodiak in november and hunt deer and how much is awesome deer tags, one hundred and sixty eight boxen. We could do this, not so, then it just progresses and then all of a sudden you're hunting brown bear. So I dunno, if it's I dunno, if it was in me it took, Took time to find out. when you order a light beer. Are you
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you're. Not my haunting based stuff, but I just competitive right Are you really have any? I mean I mean I did I do the ten k back home, the beauty viewed in eugene every fourth of July and so then half marathon one coburg, which is the tenth town outside of eugene, and that seemed like a lot in the thirteen point one miles then, as I got, I wonder if I could do a marathon. So on two thousand and two or three iran in the along the columbia river, their hood, the dallas to hood river, was the gorge marathon and I got third and I'm like well. You know. The eagle cap is thirty miles by sixty miles,
Roy had moved to alaska so as honey by myself. I could talk somebody into going. They'd go one time and they're like this sucks we're not gone back, so I would be by myself, but I'm like man if I could run five, on twenty six miles. I can get out of the wilderness and a couple hours they have to do so then that huge wilderness didn't seem that big and then that progress progressed up my first fifty k into them, five and I was running this fifty k, and am I gotta? This is cool Is he a you know it's thirty miles in the mounds, and nobody ever does this now city, Runners come up come on now, again about a mile from the finnish, their running back towards me and I get to finish. I'm exhausted. I heard- and I said it I said I I saw these guys but he's for guys run
back back up the trail- and I said oh yeah they're getting ready for western states, and I said what what's western states and they go the western states. One hundred I said Your miles, I said they go together, run in the course twice today to prepare. Am I I thought that I have done. That's crazy thing ever in their turn? in doing it twice so am I swear from state so I did. They horn, what one hundred my first hundred and in an arm and why I mean the hard hundred took me. Twenty nine hours is terrible. The next year I did the western states eraser preparing for and there the goes. Let's get this break twenty four hours, you get the silver buckles, so I did in twenty to forty one. So I got my buckle, so thou hast is and just like hunting is like an evolution, and then I was like god I want to narrow in on that race, the the one, so you spent how many hours, which one
where's closer to one. If you break twenty four eight eleven twenty to forty one and out of those displaced, you don't question, but out of those hours, how many those hours we actually on the move like did you stop it all? Now it you? Never you never stop took a twenty minute power. Not now now I may need so now. I've done a two hundred and thirty eight mile race and even in those on the best of the best tonight is hard that third night people, the best the best can go to night and finish took me for that race took me. Seventy eight hours and I slept two hours so you want, you want to go through with no sleep, you won't always move your body will reset- and you know a girl
by train with is one of the best. The world's shit she's done this before, and I did this in that race, but you'll like dozed off, four minute, your body resets. It's almost like a control delete for your computer and you wait I was with my brother and I was like he was pacing me and not enough, it came back as like, as you know, how long was I sleep he's like a minute, I'm like let's go, and so it weird on this, while you're running as slit now to adopt stopped another thing tat you re. He was pacing, you don't Almost salutary harms law, your own, that yeah that's gotta. Some version has to happen or like lose your lucidity now and then from it. Yeah, probably I mean if we're there. Let's talk about hallucinations when you're go, haven't you nothing ever Courtney. Does
Real horny, who I train with she, does show she has a t shirt that she made with a leopard in a hammock cause. She was running and saw this leopard in a hammock, really cheshire cat yeah So are there anyone, so you go single their law without, but but what you'd? If, if you take that one, and the thing in your body resets one up. Why not capitalize on that and do a bunch of resets, or is that not how it works? So it doesn't always work, doesn't always work. I mean if you can get like, if you can get an hour say are after that second night, that's a that's a lot. An hour would be a lot. Sometimes, though you you pop right back in your like, and it seemed like. I was sleep for hours, worse, but you weren't. You can't do that, for you know you're, like tricking your body, but pretty soon your bodies like ok, we're, then what
that's your version of recovering from those raises. Like do you go home? hmm milkshake and lay on the couch or it takes awhile for your body, I mean it takes you're, not one hundred per cent I mean for a month for sure I can tell my legs are but you are you continuing to run afterwards or do you give yourself appeared a time off, yeah I'd say a few days after two hunter: does that tell your feet up, yeah, yeah yeah, a body in yeah. Definitely home affairs are running shoes. You run a year what? What's? U, You have one of those. who I'd been sponsor underarm up until this year's I've been working under armor on this? trace. I wore a new balance so but So what I found out is my feet: don't get torn up,
used to because now the as secret as you like, vaseline all over your toes and then put your socks on and then put your shoe on and what what your toes rubbing together and getting dirt and grime and stuff in there. That's what's causing blisters from most bear, so that that I, like. I just did that marathon, which is no big deal, but I mean I I do have one spot on my feet. You know so the last hundred I did. I didn't really have anything as I did that some may gotta just be like shoe by now. Right yeah, I mean I train with no socks just running shoes. Am I just to toughen on my feet: yeah yeah wow. So by your see your feet still are pretty sensitive. They're taking on a marathon, it's fifty thousand steps. So you know it's there. Ten pounds do you have anything that is like starting to wear out as far as like knees and ankles are like. I don't put any energy into that.
Yeah I mean I, I feel it takes a little bit to warmed up but yeah, I'm at relatively speaking in I got. I got some I'm banged up a little bit. But the maddest run, your manager of a chronic pain not right now, but run with that said pains my yeah. I know you've avoided like major injury and certain stuff like that yeah. Never so I mean part of it, I'm sure is genetic. I have good good joints. I eat, you know I don't drink. I haven't drank for awhile. Ah, I eat pretty clean wild game side. You know other than asleep. I do a lot of I do the hot tub cold. Do massage saw me my bodies, pretty good brief. It knows what they. I wonder. I look at the the racing you do in the the endurance stuff
is when you do. This may be hard advocacy, madeira and so on, but when you look at just like the nuts and bolts hunting stuff right, like you're just hunting, do you feel that that that that the endurance world Translates in any kind of direct way, one hundred percent really so you start thinking of distance, just very differently in like getting up. Certain time to get to a certain place. To start now have like is not an issue not distances but but challenges. I dont. I used it Have the same challenges everybody else I like I gotta, get out of the way up over this ridge you ve done two hundred miles. You're not work in a ridge is nobody here you know what I mean. So it's like it's just like you look at things differently so when you look at things differently, you, u internalize them differently. So if you, it up over the ridge and a lot of
I'm saying oh you're nervous system currently stand so much stimulus, so you think about It's rage and climbing up that's kind of you making your nervous system fire, like all my gotta, get to do this in a body, language type, stuff. and so by the time you get over there. Maybe you work in. Maybe it's into the day. Maybe you ve had have had an of calories in your nervous systems. Think about all this challenge and you getting back to the truck so you're. Thinking about that You get that opportunity. You can't be at your best to me. don't put any energy and getting over the ridge. Weren't begin back nothing. So when I nervous system isn't gettin taxed. It's all dedicated to me. in the perfect shot. When that happens, when you say nervous system just mean your mental state yeah, it's like so it's your body and I I don't. I think I like athletes, that's why they try to stay so calm like before the olympics or a fighter
He had before a fight because just being wound up you're, not at your best cause, your sister can only operate optimally. First, a certain amount time and then you get tired, so say, for example, an insurance race. if you dont have sunglasses on in your squinting at the end of a long run. That can make a difference where on you, you and have all you want sunscreen one of sunglasses, you wanna be as comfortable and relax as possible, because then you put more energy and do whatever endeavour you're doing hunting no different? So if I'm not thinking about all these distractions and challenges, all my energy in and focuses on what I'm their deduce kill you. So it's.
At them and maybe I'm not explain right, but I mean I explained it perfectly well and he I hear you're mine can think your body into stress and then you have physical signs that stress take energy. The f is cool, it's like it. Piedmontese? You know I'm in its yes, you're, not. What I would say to is like if the hard on it, at that time is the hardest thing you ve done. There's no way you can expect. Your best, you can can't be. The heart is legally that's the hardest thing. You ve done your it. There's no you're gonna bill, you might make the shot. You probably won't. You know a good omen said: that's what got me into starting to actually run more and more consecutive days cause. I realized that, even though I was getting great running shape, unlike when I on the wide times. It's like a one week back country Alka and that's going to my week of alchymy, most likely like one hot. I really want to do just live out the back back and go bow hutton but
That seven days in a row of going ridge, after ridge, after edge after ridge and on level, and so I started thinking like well, I got a train that way. You do as I started like. Ok, you might not do ten miles every day, but I should like at least go every day in my bodies is like when it gets there. It's like, oh yeah. This isn't a big deal to just My goal is always like. I just want to strong. Mountains comfortably for me days in a row yeah. You know I feel like if I can get to the end of the week and be like. Oh, I still feel like. I can go another day than I did probably did well. I didn't like that. You're saying like be halfway through dislike icon. ridge among most people are given good effort, the first day or two and then is like.
to get the wind right? You should go all the way around the top they get here and there like this, probably good enough. The wins kind of courtroom, but it's going to go over. So you kind of take these little shortcuts because you're just because you're tired, just because you're like don't, even if you're, not in many to yourself, you're, tired, you're, looking for short cuts, So to me am I I need to get all it backs to the raging. Come all the way over the top This is how you have to do it. I don't it's not Zeman do any good to think about some other short cut so and really on along the way? I look at it is by day ten Avc balls on nine and in a way we deepen the hunt you should be better than you aren't. They won because your more in tune with mounds your life, It should be low, tougher cause you're like it's hard to be tough. All the I'm in regular world we have, you can get. take a drink whenever you want in the mountains. You, like
shit, I'm out of water, I gotta whatever so, but by day ten. You should be tougher, you should know that animals should know the terrain. You should know he cut out. Have this thing pattern? and in so we have more various in that setting the of one her hunting and you should be so. You better than you are on day one instead of worse, you know, if you go in here. Is it physically you're still a hundred percent with all those other factors? You should be better? Do you think that everybody has the capability to like? You know, to improve mental state somewhat where'd, you find people that are never gonna, learn to deal with these. These, like stressors,
or, like the nervous system override. I know I think I think people are capable of a lot more than what they think at. I think they they they give up mentally their body doesn't need to give up So if they could, you know what I've learned in and train with these people. Or near these olympians is that the body. And even what I've done in my training, even though I'm not at that level, but the day after day after day, what I say is your body gives it you ask of it. If you don't, if you don't ask much, it's not going to give you. If you ask a lot over give you lie so with that comes confidence and I think yeah it. Everybody is capable of Not going to say greatness, but man when you're talking hunting, there's capable of doing some cable, getting it done on a hunt for sure, but more than you might
You can hear when you talk about that nervous that you use your. U turn about the nervous system, that's it I think that I struggle with is I find it. Super high wind, cold temperatures, and you know when it gets like below tanner below zero, because harder concentrate. Nea problems seem bigger problems things you would normally think of seem like a big deal, they're sending your ten. all of a sudden seems like red deer. The is because, like everything, requires a bunch of thought, You know that I have often picture. I got you just get through that is there Sure I tell my kids, situations of otto pullman like stressful situations, but in situations it today I'm as young people, yes, I'd, stressful yeah, a traveller just cause now, don't get like even willing liquor. lands on their drink or sometime. I just don't do that they use
it's jumpy like that, like people don't want to be around jumpy people like just now down nobody likes that you just said, but at the same time I realize like I'll, even find like or whether high winds breathing differently. We humans that it's not like indefinitely. We think differently I urge you. Are you? U realistic, why? Why am I its windy and it's cold. Why am I contracting all my muscles right now, yeah like this has nothing to do with when they call. But I really kasparov relies you like your jaw, much either mines and I'm actually like, acts that from where you muttering curse words, dear self, that I ask, as you need any more fat on your body. You need in the wind of the windows, though the wind,
in like a high, deafening wind makes me look clearly still one things complains about consistently is wind doesn't complaint a lot, but when makes him win, Does a thing my body reacts to air their they get there like it like it like us. That makes me look clinch my teeth. hi waiting game. You got another point like for me on lake it a bad country like tough terrain, it's always easier till I maintain that leg positive outlook with when there's someone else around, maybe a couple, their people around like have you gotten to the point where you can just stay tough, when you're by yourself or or do you still find it easier with other people? No, I I mean I like to be by my really. Definitely because with somebody else, you have a lot of time. You have to motivate We have have to like this whole thing, and sometimes I mean I'd prefer to be by myself Roy.
They had the same minds at one thing about Roy is that he was always in a good mood. It didn't matter what the situation was always confident and, as I remember when I killed a doll she bought with him, I screwed up on the shot actually hit the doll sheep in the ankle like front like cut its risk. Basically, I gives except to him- and I was just like- oh my god- and he goes he was nice shot. I said yeah I he I said well, he goes well. Baleen. He is we'll get it should. I know in my view, we are now, but so is always whatever it we're just gonna get it done is whatever it didn't matter. It was never we weren't gonna, get it done, and so that that's hard to find in another place. You know they say a hunting part- is hard to find that a wife and a site.
haven't somebody with the same mindset. If you have this mindset we'll do it take find somebody that it's hard to do right? I went through a lot of people, and so, If you can have it on your own, dns does simplifies the definitely er. That was my one. I take away that really stuck me stuck with me from back country bow hunting after I read that I think I can Montana, first time with a body in like oh six or oh seven, and I think that's right, a book came out re sexier, so much. A year or two after that and when it came back and oh nine and we doing a fair amount of hunting like that working out of our backpacks already. So like a lot of the stuff in the book I was like familiar with, but the one thing that stuck with me was about hunting partners. it's going to bring the book, but I realize I gave it to that dude and never got it back. So now I'm stuck. I get my book signed but, like
in there somewhere you you talk about, haven't like make decisions about who you're gonna hot with, because some people want to have more a good time here and there in a way that, against like her, your heart and being successful, and I remember thinking about the guy that out hunting with at that time. We, like you, know here it's that first thing alive and like likes and nothing wrong with that? If that's your style of hunting great, but I had that drive at that time. Rolls like you know, next time we hunt together. I might just take off for a few days. If that's ok, You know, and I. yeah that real that influential impact and makes us, like you know, you're just gonna- have to maybe go home by yourself, and that's. It is like then get somebody on the exact same pager you as you is difficult as, but, if you're at that that, because his for us, it didn't matter how miserable we were did had nothing to do
very first time we're in the eagle cap wilderness, I did kill spike ball on a hot but he got down in la grand which is down off the mound. It was eight degrees, and up there, and I had a talk about this in that book. But I'd like to sleeping bag with the pheasants flannel on the inside of it I was like had the these will pass that were too big for me. They got action surplus in know, military supply, and I had I was sleeping with my boots on everything so cold and, unlike I go at ass rise, it are you haven't fun and he goes he is now but what, if want, to kill something and we get home and we get to tell everybody about this trip. We're gonna have fun, he goes we're not, I was gonna have fun on a hot now, just like those like the first I am because, as my first wildernesses like, it's not always be fun, but what's your goal as your goal to be comfortable and have fun or your goal,
kill, and so the noise like ever since then, which is it your early nineties, dislike comfor, means nothing there to kill. Have you what was a time when you'd do live up to your own? Ideal right I get you kind of haunted by some ties and you're like shit man. I didn't do the thing I said people ought to do and I'll probably let's see it have to be something about. You know discipline. About. You know I made I've made a lot of mistakes coming up about. I'm a lot better now about being disappointed with the shot with might sometimes it isn't
as a new, not a new bowhunter cause. I've been doing it for thirty some years now, so it's been a while, since I've been a new bow hunter, but you take of the first decent shot instead of a high percentage shot. You know what I mean is like when When I first had it was going to be like I might I dunno if I'm going to get how many shots I'm going to get. This might be the best I get, and so just being disciplined and waiting. You know it for Elk is pre, I'm I'm hard however, its quartering away or broadside m hardly ever force and stuff like that after it say this, I just forced one on myers, aha lasher and kill the bull, but it's it's like being discipline when even thinking about this thing, for maybe your whole life, it's if it's like your tag words. Yet in a five tags and you get to hunt the buffer, down so been probably thinking about this for a long time and then that that crunch time has there been disciplined right, then, is very difficult
and I've. Let myself down but by taken shots now by not taken taking shot, I'm always german, always too aggressive or air in the two aggressive side, as opposed to two passive, so it's just forcing shots yeah. So I have a mullah b I mean, Last ball, I missed two thousand nine, so it's like I'm pretty pretty discipline on the shot, while other browsers have missed one since then now method That's really count that is counting shots and trying to you know it's yeah I mean I have had, has some follow up shots and Jordan, one arrows, but yeah. Do you I did it and described your book to people. Is it more? Do you vip picture it more like an depict,
you're more, like people would read it to inform. how they live their life already picture people read it just to hear like of good story about an american life. You know oh no, no, it's not it. It's a hopefully to help people to to be cause. So if you look at us, like you know, divorced parents, my dad was an alcoholic. My stepdad is an alcoholic and. Ah, moved out, there lived on my own account when I seventeen no expectations, so it's a site you can. It doesn't matter. None of that shit matters, it doesn't matter, I never that everybody has these challenges and just how you overcome a moon, how you say yourself up or how you look at your perspective at its, and so I hope that my story will help people like dream. Big,
You know what a chief more type me night. I had that america back entry book and We were just like No, I don't. I don't want people to play it safe and want people they're not here. This is this. The circumstance I mean now that doesn't mean that going to warm going so that hopefully does that. I mean I appreciate you guys having me here and getting this opportunity. I mean we were returning to work on this year, ago. Right, never happen. Rihanna help me make this happened this time, and so I I you know, I am a big fan of a big fan of mediator. What you ve, but here you're guises role in all this. You come and opposite from. is come out west and in making your markets its inspiring to me. So I'm I'm, I'm or to be here to appreciate it, and I think that doing a book is something to celebrate. So I'm glad to hear thank for that.
red or something else, and you did audio version. terrible slipper debated like that process is so hard I did not realise how hard I was gonna, be I didn't know read it. You know it's another reason you go into a room and read the damn book yeah. I know I have an energy, and you know I I you realize how many words I skip when I read you know all you know like when you actually reading. So I don't know shit you're not reading loud and, I might say, said a YA back and neck that line whatever you missed. Whatever word, unlike what I didn't, I didn't know: I've missed scheme over words, you they call it because by I have we have a young boys, who's read those are memory words Oh really so funny is he is assigned memory. Words is funny. Has you'll see these words? Like everybody knows like? Oh and but the have em encounter it and have to
every time. I get the same. I'm glad that we have to see what you you need to say it. it's the end. Why you're, rediscovering and all the time and just never mind, network? That is that. Is that like translating you speed reading like when you know when people would read to themselves like being able to speed, read and then Having to verbal I round the brand new yeah yeah, as I read fat, ought to myself. I read fast. I can get through book very quickly, but reading it I'll just say: oh my god, was there ever the option for someone else to do the right now it is never a good does it's never as had done just it's just horrible man, so you insisted on doing yeah that I ask you to do it you said I was gonna, do it then I said
designed to snow like with goggins. He had somebody out. He did like this and between the chapters type. thing, but he had somebody else. Read it and here somebody else, I would love to have heard him say what he is doing a wet he's going through, but a mean at that time in I've listened other books too. I think trying to think who's. Who else is, but it's always better than the other. Does it but the the finished product, you're selling that real strong to tell listeners what the finished product is cool right, I mean you happy with the the the audio oh yeah. I guess I mean it's cool because Joe does a forward and goggins does the what's called the afterward. So that's cool that your readers, ford yeah. He did on the audio yeah yeah, it's the I killed it That's great you so good at that stuff, but he's so yeah. Is you know he's very supportive of his friends and just for him, you know I mean
I said I go you doing the forward, probably just on this fans probably made me two hundred thousand dollars. Yeah, there's like oh well, Joe Joe rogan is going to read the forward they're like oh yeah, okay, well, yeah. due to bugs for us yeah? I saw you had a six book deal or something right. You have to pump out some more book yeah we had a big. We had a big is more. We have. We have a lie like we have a lot of boats lined up those books come along. I wrote that I was going to say when you asked that question look over and we did that we got a book we got to do. We got like an activity book for kids we're doing nothing a book about raising outdoor years. We got activity both Kosovo and we got kind like we're gonna. We have really got role, not of a we're, do a sort of like an atlas of the americans, doors like shit. Don't look at me
As far as early as April, I carryin likely anywhere while on the one part, and I want to have everywhere- every mountain man died. And got fiber I like we got shot, you won't have to travel far for some of those know, so you can go and be like to the best of our knowledge. If you want to stand where hugh glass got mauled by a grizzly, I'd go stand right about here, yeah. So then, we've got a outdoor cooking cookbook Ok, yeah he's been we're gonna. What is too closely brody again, oh yeah. That's good now like manna like books, man, like I'm a lot so this obviously everywhere everywhere, books result in the book every good listener book. So if go on your phone germany guy I'll help you get lahti. Gotta ruined here's, gotta android, you gotta, I follow right. you're. The native books, up its orange, looks like a book click that type and endure pop shed. I guess
yeah trust me: okay, yeah. I know the audiobook selling a lot more than is like the audio book is they're pretty happy with how it went how good at selling already that's great, that's great and so again, everywhere books are sold, audio version print verge is Cavolo, it's a very attractive, large format, print version. It's got a ton of photographs in it and you know I'd and this one over the audio arose is likely that a beautifully done large, somewhat large format book endure how to work hard at last and keep hammering by cameron haines for by june. rogan. Valuable. Now, if you wish good run farther shoot straighter. Yeah yeah, this poses for you, and then who of us does not apply to so we share common on our way stay tune, came
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