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Ep. 344: That Ringing In Your Ears That Drives You Nuts

2022-06-27 | 🔗

Steven Rinella talks with Grace Sturdivant, Janis Putelis, Sean Weaver, Garrett Long, Seth Morris, Chester Floyd, and Phil Taylor.

Topics discussed: Being an Elvis fan; from radio DJ to audiologist to OtoPro founder; creating a new hearing test with various nature sounds, animal calls, and turkey gobbles; Yellowstone's floods; Seth and Chester kick ass on the amateur walleye tournament scene; Grace as a former Miss America pageant Top 15; ducks flying incredibly long distances during their lifetime; the snow goose that traveled 870 miles in 24 hours; Polar Bear Pete's high ass, his dinger-hitting talent, and his message to all of you; MeatEater’s article about hearing loss; what happens when a gun goes bang by your head?; sound pressure; how to pronounce "tinnitus"; the link between hearing loss and dementia; sticking a caulk gun way up into your ear where it has no business being; how to properly insert those little foamies; Jani and Garrett’s poor hearing; and more. 

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We're talking about soothed up scooped up hearing per and what happens to your ears and you a lifetime, a gun, shootin or a few weekends of being in a dark vine. And then your body rips one cross your ear and for them it's couple days he's a good man. I probably did something, but I don't know, I wanted to do. you want that now no word liquor umpteen it up, I'll. Do the graces tell him she's, no stranger to microfinance is used to do what now as did the midday, motown and Sixtys classic show and start only two point, three of them grenada, nice lloyd. In down in mississippi. also not where noriega now, okay, ninety miles south of say, was that are paid get oh yeah
and it was also because I sold ads for the radio stations I go around. All my friends. Parents had small businesses in grenada, we'd put together some cheese, Fine commercials form, and then I got residuals off that check in the mail for like next year, where you, where you want to be or where you want to be a media like a like a media professional I've always been into music and growing up? I was around like old music, I'm an Elvis fan, so I mean that was kind of when I heard about this. gig at the radio station, I'm like that sounds pretty cool. And I just never been a stranger to the microphone- did, Are you duffy, no stranger to the headphones, less right, yeah, so you been Elvis families are free. Is there like a connection between your name being grace, grace land, how every right, whereas I learned it and on the other side of my family, my eye was named after a woman of my dad's high, the family, my mom side, the family. My grandmother who still living is a huge Elvis span and would take me to grace Landon.
She actually met Elvis once in his driveway Zurich. What was the moon or your ear? So you doing you're like a radio dj like not, I'm gonna go to med school or wherever they call it. What do they call it audiology school medical center at vanderbilt, but what was that? What was It says that ah ha moment. Well, honestly, like you know, I do want to make some money. The radio gig was when I was in school at the college of charleston, which my dad still calls my two year, beach vacation. That was all I didn't know what I wanted to do. At one point I was biology at one point. I was communications. I did some music classes. and then I, as I got curious about my life. What I wanted to do, I thought I wanted to be each pathologists, my mom is a speech language pathologist and I've always liked just the way she's. What a balance her you know being a mom and working in different capacities? And I thought well, I could do that and then, through those classes, I watched a documentary about a kid that received a cochlear implant
who'd been born deaf and this little girl. She was war, with the ADI Allah, just after about two weeks after her surgery, you meet with the audio just to programmes and activates and turns on the implant for the first time in this little girl, who had now for heard sound before had never experience sound the adi, I just got everything all programmes and then Little girls mom was standing behind her and the audiologist goes. Okay, everybody be really be really quite and turn it on Mamma. You say her name and The kid had no meaning initiated with that sound as a mother now think about that and like it still gives me chills, because the ages lit up mom says the kid's name in the kid's head, just like whips around and a mom of course is like homer barrier, but I mean: can you imagine and then, that that just triggered it and as in my anatomy and physiology classes like I'm still, I will nerd out about
the neuroscience of how we hear men. How you here with your brain and this parliament that hangs off the edge of europe per head is just the transducer you gotta have it and the brain and of content in a Signal that has good integrity and in your brain has to process it, or else it's useless as a home. these efforts to come on a lay out are just for our I just to protect our ip grace grew. Scott develop. we're we're just doing the hearing test he's gonna develop a thing called, which I think we should call. the work is the word in the gathered round the girl time I think you're still now from parker all I stole that didn't either way she's develop a hearing test thing where you have five six people. Are you all european headphones
and then she's gonna. Instead of doing the normal hearing, tat like being being pertains, she's gonna Unlike other political you'll, hear a pilot, woodpecker you'll hear creek you here, onto peepers you're, here Fraud ribbon ever so faintly right and little you'd be other measure in tears to whose best it here and gobbles they get into like a game. Show we made it a new game. So what are you win?. It's request, maybe someone else. A jar of rochester's, the forest floor foods, pickled, baby corn, there you go, or maybe maybe the winter to go hunting with you to help. You hear the birds, oh yeah that'd be great way for me to find good assets. That's right! My kid was, will move on real quick, but my kid was getting good in your gobbles like a son of a bitch,
james. You know him out here you're book they can all your gobbles. He gave but he got draw on the arm. Accolade got drunk on the more with woman dresser drunk on the praise So now he's off in the other direction of everything's gonna, because he likes the guy, the herd, the gavel so nice trigger happy. So in our training tethering, you worry about your like clearly a palliative. The there's one there's one I am thinking how man now you're like like everybody else now so now, when we're doing our auditory training further the gobbler and noise test or whatever you call it if, if he's in the roman, but when you press the button and there wasn't really gobbler there- you get like a shock. That's a great idea. The iphone I get asia reinforce may put on a shock. Bracelet too.
you say you heard what you said earlier one for that year. Next, kids, burger trains, great kids, with all this kind of equipment man, then I do not have a negative impact, though, because if you really think you're going one note, you shot him you play a real one and he doesn't tag it. He get shocked. He had shot for false alarm. Homemade you'd have great turkey on the sounds like dog training. Where is the money later when he gets older unison therapy and he goes bought of business? Can current zaire, but she has no. There is talk about the flooding No, she ass those as a question I answered. Yes, it is now, but will be one you're listening to this funding. It's the impasse on the yellowstone right now, the highest its ever been recorded, is era
last year was a wonder. Fifty thousand in last year is one of the lowest years on record crazy. Like last year, the upper missouri flows was like the low aus member, we're drive and over it, and we are looking up The flow of last year lives like zero. The fish when, from like spring run off to like no water drought to to no water and rocks not everywhere, if you're, if you're in gardiner montana right now, there's currently not a road that you can leave the town. Speaking of that, my on the water started dry, like you either have to fly out there and a helicopter walk. You cannot do the carving out a toast, my onto this clause on our common downright the guy think it fell for early but yeah the. So I'm looking at it right now on the: u s: g s, sight, in nineteen. Ninety six, it was the max norway, thirty one, thousand those young on your mood. Munting thirty one
thousand one hundred cubic feet per second, and, as of yesterday, I'm just looking at livingston. So was a little higher upstream at corwin which doesn't really make any sense, but in things in right. Now, it's a scam, it's like right around thirty thousand cubic feet per second in yesterday in livingston, and got up to forty thousand cubic feet per second, which is just. hard for people to understand, but it naugatuck when those explain stand, understand its unreal. Here's one hears what it is. I figure this out when I was working on a boat one time, just other express it. What does it again see of us? right. Now it's close to thirty thousand yesterday when it peaked, it was around forty thousand booker. That would be that in this my time between a meagre on this. In this this in this.
Thirty thousand soccer ball rolled past. That is crazy, thirty thousand soccer balls in there, inside waters. I've cheesy heavier than a soccer ball said be like a soccer. Ball filled with the water roy bath, but it's down. Ok, so I didn't work at this point like this, won't come out in this lobby over, but he doesn't mind when, when you like, if we got our fill, don't like it, but our interest dial right the collective audience interest dial is just plummeting. because the words over what was the highest, I have a vested interest. You become very worried about our little property being accessible. What was the highest this year in an honest, and you know it crashed it at what in livingston in living sinnott crescent around forty thousand at what time is yesterday evening. So
probably right before us, The cool off at night, it was the highest, and it was due to all this water. On the yellowstone is due to we had a very cold. spring late spring and a lot of snow pack late. Snow? It a lot this spring, but not their bahrain and like day and yet so, like a combination of that cold spring, and then all sudden warm weather and rain and run off from the in an snow pack all hit at one big bang in it, good fur red lodge in certain areas yellowstone this summer, we very impacted, tourism fishing on the yellowstone. Could be really interesting cause these boat ramps
Install ram gonna be gone or destroyed up, and I always say my father liked to say: don't curse the darkness light a candle song, a point: Well, does my note here reappoint out yanis note that did you have Spence your likes garage counting I'd like to find crazy bones roared. Now the river banks tone, you ought Sonny boy. Gimme some new shit shown up water drops and he carried out. I find some of my stuff, a preference a moment that I left up by my little property somewhere down river, spencer of fabricators areas, shovels, shovel yeah. Currently, these reservoirs- that are you, know, twenty his feet, lowering our start and fill up, which is good,
You gotta look, there's some positives version here, but also some big negative You evacuate the hospital nonexistent yesterday, like half of red lodges underwater, you know its people are getting hurt so dead only evacuated hospital. Here we are again stopped going up trail creek by the sheriff there the close to any non essential that you didn't live. They aren't ya you can't go through surcharges, keep to the traffic data case. They had evacuate through traffickers, this only other way out. If eighty nine shuts down in the alps Folks are ok Why I have I haven't heard of it. I haven't heard every town casualties are now speaking of water as a good transition. Here's your kitchen answered the wall. I term. Just like you, anyone parole walling. How much money did you in this time
for your thorough was this time, but were our total right now, as at nineteen hundred dollars she's. The reasoning I need work anymore. Well, we can't we're not we're not keeping these winnings. We're done. Oh yeah, you don't! I know you won't go. We gotta, like legit You on the show just give people but low background here often chester are aspiring. a mature, were aspiring amateur wall. I turn him anglers fair. Yet and they decided to start out their tournament career by participants. Sitting in the montana leg of the wall I to her, so Montana has for summer turns and they roll into one negative in the meantime as well? How do you put that yeah sets the Montana asserted that montana is more than just for tournaments throughout the year by yoga, there's like a fort peck circuit, where all
or I think, for tournaments, some like that are on just for peck, There's the montana surrogate witches fresno can vary for peck and tiber. cs enrolled in montana circuit, but not any particular. Reservoir circuit correct the hour. The montana circuit we fished. It's the crooked creek. term that was at fort pact this year, because the waters too low to fish out of and on their wondering why I went out to get more background I'll back where you're a aspiring, yeah we're aspiring wall, I turner tournament fishermen, the promise about what on car, take some guy Not me, but can the show take some credit will I am quite happy to do that, to get you guys backing it about. an aluminum craft hook this up where awesome competitor. Sixteen
a legion of eighteen and have footer with one fifty mercury on the back seat. Oh yeah got of sponsorship pack, they got backed backing from illumine craft. Humming bird, acting from hummingbird Minto to gather boat fitted out went to their first tournaments at four pack and finished day, one in eight number eight yet number They won out how many boats seventy three in the three seventy four or something like that yeah just a little bit over seventy and infinite the term overall at seventeen, you were hoping to come in. I figure open your saying it be great if we could land in the top twenty did this I can tourney fresno here finish day one at. Can I start with that
back up a little bit lawyer, owner and are you go all back to when it wasn't there now This is the place to see now just when we just just set denies thinking on this tournaments, potentially gran ma am Anyways now I go back bag up as far as you want yeah, you guys are all decked out in your fort peck land as always get the yellow, uniform yeah. We have the same clothes all the time and anyways The people that work here that you could tell dress off the free table plate which includes me, I mean Remember nowheres, free clothes, screen, because by all those shirts, You know we bottom they're nice. Then the new guide jelly. He said that there has been a long do the talking the adoption of the free love it like form
It can supply t shirts So we had an amazing tournament. I'm going to start out with that and we were just. Everything aligned but backing up to this fresno tournament. looking at waits prior as far as the the total weight of if people are catching for this tournament was around too a pounds would be right up there in the top five, and that is but explain its because like that, because you're bound by the bag limit right right, okay, so every day in these tournaments, you can weigh in on your way card five fish so to anglers. This way, confused me early on that relies two anglers are only fish. For one like state limit right? Five fish between seven I we can only way and five Why is it not? Why is that?
cause they don't give a shit about the bag on which is like it's a five fish tournament and has nothing to do with like the legal bag limit set by the state kind of standard for tournament? Okay, so that they don't like it. If you were allowed twenty wall eyes on some lake, it be five for the term right fry for about a god and there's two days. So you can, at the end of those two days, there's ten fish and usually the top five in this tournament that we just got done with, will win it with money around twenty pounds, sir, submitting ten there they're submitting fish at a to pound average yep, roughly that strikes me as not impressive, Well, it's it's not a it's! Not a lake where there is a ton of big fish, the front leg of the fort peck tournament of of last I feel this year was ninety six pounds. Further over all was over offer for peck. Not ninety six was it.
It was a lot. I thought it was nice. Some pounds. some do came in with ten nine plus pounders yeah. I thought it was eighty pounds. but a lot more on their. But anyway lashes fish girl last year was ninety. Some pounds want, therefore bet packard. This this year was murmured this year was out. I was up there in the nineties to any I'll go Just so yeah we we're going into this tournament. at fresno being like if we can get double digits. Stay. We're gonna be real happy, but the problem with this year's the water is so low. There. There there are still in a drought, It's not a very big lake, so we were not going up there expecting there to be over fifty boats in a small body of water and he was gonna, be bumper boats. So
Can it be meaning there is going boats close to you, the whole tournaments and historically, her stay people catch fish. I can day of the turn him in. It gets a little tougher because here's your burned out fisher little burn out from people practicing. Before the derby and that first tournament day they really hammer so so, before pounds wanted this year, which is at fort patent reform package? I am sitting you and I'm getting confused, ok for packing Seventy four pounds for pack with seventy four pounds, yoga so what I'm talking about fresno here so we're goin up. There think He's gonna, be bumper boats were thinking we gotta catch just in double digits and we're gonna be happy we show up and we pre fish practice for two days and we realised that there is a lot of fish in the lake. We found some spots. We didn't
billy catch any big ones, but what we did find was a unique bite it meaning We headed north farther than anybody in we for fishing in the mud, meaning you, wrap your leech down in it disappears after about two inches, so there is about two inches of visibility in this little spot that we found and which it's great. We are catching some fish in there and there is no one around us and our. I can handed how many, how many boats are there Fifty six boats come tournaments day. Now I ended up said he can over use of beer. So turn him a day. Are we draw number thirteen and they started? daily, randomly pick a number of areas. That means where they so You get a signed up about number come and its one through? Where am I, however, many boats are so one to fifty six. We happened to draw thirteen.
And then out of those numbers they randomly draw a where to start so not a shotgun start. Now it's like a single file line. Start us so boat number fourteen got drawn to start. First. So goes fourteen fifteen. Sixteen seventeen I'll see you get lower, yo r day. We were the last bow and you'll get the stay longer than Now it is you do on this one. Half an hour long half an hour longer yet have half the field checked in at four on the first day in checked in at four thirty when you re in that line, when you at the end of a fifty six boat line up palazzo, take whereby you like, like four from if it's a seven, a m star. When are you actually throttle enough? Maybe fifteen minutes, if that? Ok, I got here so yeah we're last both to go out and we are like
Well, all of its small small lake. Our spots that were like mid lake in the in the clear water we're like there's, definitely gonna be boats autumn and There is this sweet point right next to the boat ramp right there That was throwing a mud line when the wind would pick up and guidelines and while I fission are like like when you see mud, that it's like a good place, our fishing, because those visuals like south and Kehl they utilise that my line to, like you, know, Hunton hill, what not, but obviously to see it yeah. You can see you router with you. You know right. You can see it in the water and so. everyone takes off all the boat start headed up like mid lake. We just gonna go up loop around, go right to the boat ramp and where there is people, there's like kids right, the boat ramp.
a warlike catch, a nice. While I often off the dark, basically brill, so we're like well we're just going to hit that since all of our spots up like further north, where we're going to be taken, I was etiquette on that with spots being taken, my heart, one determined like that. If it's, you know it's going to be bumper, both everybody's expert in bumper boats. How close can you get in till the dudes going to give you scarecrow? Basically casting distance would say they will get pretty close, but it is That's good! That's that's!. I had thought about it that way, but yeah like that europe, you can't blocks women's ability to work the water around them, as will hi guys go by yeah, it's kind of like the one handed on the lake depending on the lake, it's kind of like a, I would say it's like an unspoken type role, but just like salt like like fresno was pretty like boats were close Now, let me ask you another ethics question. You Tom, our kids vision the dark. Ah, you don't,
the crowd bag. Fishermen right. Would you keep that mining lawyer and a big money? Tournaments, yeah, Faye, adrienne, inveighing fishermen, just like there in a boat, got it. But anyway we we We pass the star boat, we loop around and just head right back to the ramp and fish that for little, and there wasn't at that time. The day the wind was picked up. There wasn't a mud line right there. We fish a check, one. First that bears barely measured. It was like point eight pounds caught that fish. random different spot We think we might have codfish there. I remember it was a wasn't good. So, finally, we're like you know, let's head up north to them. Body spot try that out. We could see on side imaging. There is a bunch fish their decision. Drop. The meg lie, there's fischler replace it was just bait year. You could see bait
It was just tough because you had to get that leech where fish drop shot then leads and slip barbara leach. You just had to get that bait within two inches of that all eyes face for them. I do see the debate and eat it, which tough and the only way you could do that basically was with using meg alive or live imaging because you didn't using live imaging. You can see the fish you can see your bake go down to the fish and like, if I may, as to efficient, don't see, my bake go right down and land like literally inches from that fish. I would reel in and cast again cause there's no point letting it sit out there and you got spooked the shit out of it doing that. No in that mod they're, not that spooky so. We decide to head up north that muddy spot and we just start vision. We can see fish and said start
hammered, and I just kind of got it came on fire. I just got it a little dialed where, like like, I just said, I would cast these fish and if I do see my bait land right in front of them. I would just reel again I'm gonna go this text It died in an air, just started hammering on fish, and we were got our five fish pretty early and then spend the rest of the day calling, and want to go back to one thing with that the mud putting that date, two inches from the fishes face like it takes a tremendous amount of focus to be do that all they long in one of the things that I think helped us We got two guys in the boat, making those perfect cason. If it's not perfect, were real and in and where Dan. I all day cast after cast after cast, so being able to have set doing that
Myself doing that, like it's hard, it was hard to do and say focus, but that's one of the things that helped us in the way we're kind do, and it was like, like the first day, I was on the meg alive. In that, the mega lies mounted to uphold its hanging over the side of our boat and it comes up to like an arm that set a ninety degree angle from the pole, unlike wherever that arm is pointed. That's where the transducers pointing so like I would. It was basically flippin dogs for bass fishing dislike underhand cast to these fish. And then chester would like basically mimic. He I tried land, his back right, where lay the mine, because he knew was cast into like of a fish right there and we would communicate like all that was too far I'd leg. If I saw they go over the fish I'd better, go too far. Real and tried lay tried again.
And yet we end if you too far, you can't is dragging in front of us there you can. You can and if we did that, but we found your mom Successful, if you just immediately landed debate right on the fish, those fisher move in a little here So we did that first day in the nice thing was there was not a single boat anywhere close to us Think those guys, like the guys don't have that live imaging, make what had never been able to reach those to those fish like we were. The catch, and they will just been like kind of blind casting the areas where they knew their fashion? You just had they get it so close to him. If you have it live imaging, you can really festoons it's as we like, Jt Van Zandt puts it. You gotta put a mustache on you. Do yeah had to put a mustache on, so we are at the end of the day, one we went into wanes with ten point, o six pounds within in our minds and our minds we're like shit. We
double digits. Were we sit and real good for thirty two, go away, ends, find that we're sitting and seventeenth place- and we say at sea and waits- come an insect somewhere, teen pounds. Sixteen pounds, one guy caught twenty pounds, the first day yeah, so we're like shit. You know like we have some like we gotta make up. Some sums what's tomorrow, but we're pretty excited, because everyone was saying that, with fresno being so packed with boats, on day one those fish get pretty sore leaped in there. It's a tougher bite the next day and we're again our minds there, the single boat around us there. All these fish around us that never even sol hook that day. So our fist up north workin, bizarrely it like day it is time for us to make up some ground and gill.
Get a little bit ahead of these guys. That argument vision to the more finicky fish so day to first First, both were the first boat to go out there. The clock hits we haul ass up to our spot again, not a single boat there. today, there is a couple dude that would like troll past us with plainer boards, but other than that there was no one would get. The water was that you were fish up there in the mud anywhere from like forty eight feet and the wind played. The wind was huge because it would pick up, though the wind would pick up the bite would pick up. The wind lay down the bite would lay down so like. It got pretty hot and heavy when the wind would like When would lay down it, be like several hours where we would like, maybe not catch fish, and it was also a morning by so we knew we had a better morning bite for bigger fish. We knew we had to show up and take full advantage.
Of that morning by the up, so show up on the second day and have our food. Fish limit by eight o clock, within an it with an hour, and decent decent fish too start from there. We just start catching fish. Hey grinding large volumes of meat fast is no problem with the new western pro series number twenty, two in number: thirty to meet grinders he's a commercial grade, grinders powerful one point five and to horse power motors that are air, cooled and per minutely, lubricated to continuously grind, without stopping with a rifle the head, design and long tapered throws that eliminate the need for a tray guard. They grimy as fast as you can feed. It check this out from four
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talk about being catch capture release. No, so this term. It is all always term answered catch. capture and release, which means you catch the fish you laid on board, take a picture of it and then really that fish farms do not hold back for the big way and no shit. No, you turn your card in your sd Deckard. You have, I've only five fish on their, but throughout the day we might catch thirty fish, see it constantly keep going through in the leading those fish, which is the most stressful thing. I've ever done. My life because, if you buy actually delete one of your big fish, you're screwed but he slipped out your hand. Here you gotta be making a copy or somethin villages. Snap it sure and didn't exactly like that they give you the camera. Now
we it's our camera. They issue units Deckard, though no our s, Deckard too, it out, I'm assuming they get all kinds awaited, They give you a bump board in you, don't know what number you're gonna get that bump board has a number. I let saves number ten, so it next day you might get number fifteen We start con at one point I throw slit, barbaric and the slit, but we had to slip bobbers out there just cause visual tap into run into you know we weren't like specifically casting the slip barbours to like certain fish. It was just like a bonus that thing and we were catching a few fish on real, quick, explanation of a slit, barber rig, a slit, barbaric is so start from the hook. You have a hook that goes up to a swivel right. Above that's. Where was away too to drop,
I now fast and we are using bear hawks. We we found out that we are running the slip away with a little light, jig jig head and the leech. We another those fish would not eat it. Unless it was a bare hook, like when that leech free floats in those leeches were real lively, the dwindling oil snakes in the water so hook, goat, there's like depends on what you want arousing twelve inch leader up to a swivel about. this levels away and then while that weight is a barber that your line runs through like your line, runs from the path to the bottom of the barbarous and that barbara slide on your lines and inland barber ya. Like barber that concern, I'd freely on your line above the barber is a little bit bead and then about that, is a barber stop. a nylon, not scenario, nine. You got just the depth of that.
And that that not real real up into your real yup? You you're going to have a barber set at twenty feet, but that means that that doesn't leave you trying to cast used to able to with forty feet of shit hanging off the india exactly we'll fund with a fish. I found out about slip bobbers it like the ripe age of like forty one or somethin and boy game changer. Where does it plan to the flatfish unseen sliver? No, That sounds like a south dakota by I mean that's textbook like glacial legs. Forty eight for a water slit, barbara leeches, brings its mouth one We are one point out my throat slit barber and I said that down on the edge of the bow- and I pick up- I dropped shot reagan, I'm puttin a leech on it and I start to hear the I'd sliding against the gun or the boat, and
I look over to see that rod just going over the boat into the water, and it's gone like to the bottom fish permitting here, and you didn't have to drag satellite enough, that it could just poor Now I have like this. I have the bail opener anything where just it just I that we're legs rarely catching fish consulate barbours theirs breaking out through out there, once while we look over just to make sure the bar wasn't down or whether so I'm like trying to like take the rod that I have in my hand, and like hook it just now. doing whatever I candle. I try to get this rod before it hits the adam- and I didn't see it happen, so I'm like what the heck is going on that didn't see it happen, everyone didn't see it happen. So they're like what in the hell is this guy doing like in his rod down the water trend, so us
patient units figure ask. So I tell him what happened and we're like going over the whole scenario look over in that ten yards away, its hunting yards away. That's let barber pops up to the surface and it's moving. So will I get get rods reeled in its shit show, and all of this is on camera, for you guys to watch. We only have two issues that were already has got to call your wall. I show oh I see in the mustache somebody thought anyway, we gave our thinking on. We ask that you think about that. We get rods reality and we get the trolling motor and start hustling over to their where the barber is By the time we over it goes back down. So I'm like mark away points on the lad on a hummingbird. We're like
I spot we saw the barber go down again in all over with my eyes just looking shortly after it pops back up like another fifteen yards away, and I take the ride. I have my handle on like casting overtime like snagged, the line and what, we're trying to get over to it sure enough we get close to it goes back down again. Finally, it pops up and we get overdue in it and able to get the barber with the net and I reach down, grab a hold of the barber and I could feel a fish on the end of the line and I start hand lining in this fish and ends up being. Only in a half inch wall. I owe my gun, which is our visions, violate turning the rules by hand lining it now know. Every week caught the fish yeah with the rod and reel yeah? It just wasn't convinced that the biggest fish of the tournament at the at at that point in time it was our biggest fish, so
just imagine if we get it in. I pulled the rest of the ride up at the bottom. And he had been dragging their ride around on the bottom sewage sludge, Kate, full of mud and stuff. Rather, when I Abu. The halibut stole my harpoon buoy, oh yeah, but have be seen it up there So we get that vision is crazy. Like the way it can set up on the boat like that, rod slip right past of oh programme was rolling votes guerrilla best foliage. yeah, I was crazy mind. If I tell her I'll tear up a little bit, we that that Eight slows down because of the wind eyes gets pre flight com. I the chat, let's run across the Is a war here and trial in the mud stolen the mindless run across where we had fish a little bit the day before and caught some fish.
I was, let's just go over there and try. It goes right like at that point. We were catching fish. We were so so we roll over there and this spot. is a little different. There's a few more weeds, there still eight moving around we're still see fish, so it's perfect, actually more so than the day before we starvation and we immediately start calling some more fish, meaning replace in smaller ones, on our card with similar ones. and were happy. We're price said in a little over eleven pounds, and it was our goal just be consistent in keeping those double digits and we knew we probably weren't gonna place- ten, but we would probably upgrade from seventeenth were warehouse, b with how we executed it at this point, so we can fish in and said may I just want to say some self was on it. He was catching fish to the point where sometimes I'm like I do.
quite? Have it figured out like set, does so just let him do his thing. This is a team. You know doesn't matter who's catching the failure to be like hey, sir, can you make me a sandwich right now? Can you help me on my line? This is like very much a team effort and it was actually really cool and I was catching fish, but he had it dialed and so you know I'm happy. I also want to contribute to like This is well right. So we roll over there. We start calling those fish and we had to be back by three p m to stay as partner for next year to write like we have five tournaments like this in a row. Next year's s going well,
I never thought about that my death by fire, he might become friends and finally, a new partner. Now I caught some big ones on fort pack, two it'll be like a tv show and they replace one of the actors in between seasons. It's like westchester. This season will be played by Jonas yeah. No, I mean it, it. Communication is very key, and like trying not to it. Just like goes a long way in the boat, so anyways Seth the two days he's loading the basis. in a baseball analysis is just loading the basis you Gimme differ criminality, this this award of biogas is good because we talk about the rights of the polar bear, p p. Hee hee bats in the middle of the line when the the job, the guy's ahead of him at the top of the evening, is just to get on the basis. So within
pete shows up. He drives them all is called bat and cleanup yup hit and singles doubles yeah. This gigs we gotta talk about baseball a minute, so central what'd the bases- and it was the bottom of the night in So the last sitting of the game we had to be in at three and we were happy with our weight and we set our last cast is gonna, be at two thirty, five p m and Seth was jokingly, saying the camera we are, gonna just quick catch bigger fish here to call out our seventeen ensure- and this is at two thirds Five p m and then we're gonna head right in a race to the way ends and I see a fish in the weeds unmake alive, and I flip it out there and not seconds after set said that WHAM Roy, it goes down in it, happen to be the biggest fish. Anyone caught out of any boat the whole tournaments, damn
twenty five, three quarter inches, which is a big one, upgrade as five pounds. no shit pointed out like six to over sixty pounds for the gave us another eight hundred and seventy five dollars towards our little fund when towards something wanted and is. Or what did you finish? Do that? I know that goes by how you finish for the term. You punish seven for the tournament we spent ass it, but what it is for the day or don't fifth further day we ended up with sixteen some pounds, I kid you not. I was haven't been more excited about a fish eye, like so this is all on camera. Chris Gill is film in this in he's trying to hold back his excitement behind the cameron. He's he ridgepole logs version. Yes, he said I was one of the most fun things he's ever filmed and
Those turn my wall eyes hit different too may not just a one way street for day to day boy? That leads you to how I learned to do it during the days when you're just having fun when you're just having fun fishing and catch a twenty inch. While I, like that's a real nice walleye, like love la wallet, you catch even a twenty inch or when you're fishing tournament and you're just shaking in your boots yeah, I would see a fish on mega live and I would make a cast to it and my hand would be shaken. It sounds like waiting like the anticipation, yeah you get exhausted from it to all day, just amped the whole time. What twenty six inch wall. I way those like a six point, something pounds now that twenty six might be closer to seven, emma years beyond that yeah? What exactly? But
they have on these bump boards. They have a scale that is like, relatively cup close after they spawn so if we are laying length to weight ratio, thirteen inch- Fourteen and fish is gonna, be around point eight pounds to a pound right, so that's how they measure these wait stern, these tournaments, but ways. I was unbelievably happy it was. It was incredible. This fund turn my property guys, man, yes, guys are making everybody you make every proud get. You guys got seventeenth ray and right in the first tournament, seven If the competition is gotta, know that there's a up and coming team yeah people are people mean you guys, because you guys are like newcomers in you in your film. It and everything know everyone's great, and that tournament was run really smooth it is a lot. So I appreciate people live.
Let's do this It's a lie mean you a chase ball. We got cameras around some people. Probably don't love it. You know, but I Pritchett the montana, while I circuit lenny as do this, because I think it can be some really cool at the end of it when we get this far apart series out I'll say this about that, though man is, if, while I fission has ever had a negative about it from the tournament standpoint is it's never had the cool videos and publicity that the bass side has had, and while I guys like the old paean w c reason, all those that Even the end, vt, it's like that's the thing. I've always missed the act ability to watch jail and says you know as well I myself, I liked the gonna. Do it one of the prime It concerns east. You had as if they were caught, cheating
The boy thought they ve been able to keep it under a bottle hooligan their bare ireland. When are we going to create question? How many of those thirty six boats had all the technology that you guys have in the boat it's hard to say any, probably a quarter. Twenty five percent of them had it all, maybe more more dignity on yeah, I'm in being conservative for sure twenty five, probably fifty year, The guys that want it had their own life imaging, nay, they found it. spot that had weeds and they bait fish were in the weeds and today have longer here the needed. No, no, they do not johnny jacked up.
now, why use the fish? While I turn my mom from being jacked up machines, doc report, I am thinking about the flag for bulgaria. When we had the chance to do what I want to go back again and say you guys great job man thanks, When you came on like when you came on and said you wanted to land top twenty Rita. Think you wouldn't, but as they are using, regional thing, but on that your execute non it hard. fuck it- I mean like she said two guys really trying to break it down and understand why? Why are these fish doing this. How do we catch change, also also quickly grown into fresno. We had never finished it before. I'd never even laid eyes on it, so we had completely spend two days. breaking down for you out and trust Electronic! That's all I can say is that's what that's? What helped us
great man get one more to go. Can't do the fourth as borne out the fourth cassettes get married and in more won't not go spencer, new arthur's putnam a bug. I commend you. I commend you guys fishes. I could, but I don't know if that's what you want to go to his his. What ya gonna go at the guy's wedding after partner, performance like that. I fresno heck lord man, I can't wait to get on that sweet boat. Now that all the rivers are going so much If for a while, and have to go fishing you guys on the on the boat, I cannot wait all you guys. Let's go fishing or John's dark report So I feel sure make like an interloper shown tat report. Then I have to say I might mean fire genre. We ve been too much
But on the right up now yeah bet on the app takes p t o to go on dates like their high stakes, states. That's the first time I've ever taken pizza in my life for a date, our assent now either. Please, my first day when my wife has three days long. Because we were living in, I was living in alaska. She was in new york. We met and went to la brea tar pits. So why don't you understand while that is unusual, Why do you think a fellow it and its ways and to go on a day. Why would you have to take pity of what I mean? It is personal time right. Let's go borne by different by the way and bade the horizontal five one less may well, you know but button in your line of working over the just take. Can you like take her debt cunning and then call it and it was fission mommy. I would think, maybe that he could tie that into
work, he has no. We offer unlimited peaty, oh here now, but that's all somehow kind of because, like go away. When you come back there, how much shit do like someone else? It's just. I was just loneliness yeah, there's always under the overall shines out his day and do the stuff you supposed to do in your comeback, build chill so use bag outskirt nea Reentry is always hard, but I want you to do by employers. Are you using a dating app or not using? No, not at all. meaning the old fashioned way which It would be a bar instigate now he's our guy, you social dared This is not there. Just give me out: ok, yonder inequalities, you're. Looking for I'll find you a good middle earlier girl, I think, I think I think I'm gonna play the
on this one that's not how I expected this to go out and widespread less one another grace you're married Jackie atomic, a giant theory? I m- going or else married twelve years how'd you meet girls blind dates. It's actually money story? I don't I don't know if you're listener will be and how it has been, but it was blind date a lot of friends joke that with an arranged marriages, are mothers set us up in a bind eight while yeah it's pretty old school you're blind date's, not something you hear about too often now and we had both had some really bad blind dates, leading up to our blind date, which you know so we didn't have high ex patients and annual line date. However, I was a blind date and it was at its actually I'll tell you it is gimme the short version, so this was why all I was. It was a unique chapter of my life. I can't leave em up
It is on your pike ass, but I was miss tennessee and miss merrick passionate, and so I took a year off of gradual. I do it all the way to miss tennessee to miss america. If you want to take it to the highest level. I want you and minimise heeded missus Merrick, I did, I sure, did do you want my autograph yeah? Now you run the miss america thing I was. What was your deal, the fifteen? What was your sorta like you're, like you're, special to your? What does your I sang, which is how I met my husband? I was singing the national anthem at a memphis, grizzlies and ba game and It's our moms set us up. They had talked and they knew that I was going to be there singing and neither one of us obviously were dating anyone and in mississippi, if you're not married by the time you're like twenty five people get concerned, especially if you're miss mississippi tennessee.
Since I was in school at Vandy, so miss tennessee right here in the studio yeah as you live and breathe yeah. So so I was singing the anthem, and so I was not at all concerned about whoever this dude was. I was about to sit with and watch the basketball game and I had never sung in an arena that big before so I had at the time. This is how long ago it was, I had my little ipod, shuffle threaded, underneath my dress, tucked in my tights, so that at centre court when I'm surrounded by all the seven foot, tall, basketball players and the lights go down spotlight on me. I was terrified that I was going to accidentally change keys in the middle of. Doc capella song, which sounds bad when you do that by the way. So I was gonna, hear the accompaniment music and my ear, but no one else could hear, but it would keep me in touch me, but when I press that play button, it just happens that Nora Jones is right after national anthem, on my ipod at this time,
I did not hear my accompaniment track. I heard come away with me. I was like a whole world, so I work it out of my ear and just pick a note saying it: it was pre iphone days, so there's no proof otherwise, so I will say it was the best. It's ever been sung story and I'm sticking to it the same night that you met your husband, yes and he almost missed it. He came rushing it. He thought he knew. I was singing the anthem, but he thought it was going to be as part of some big like mission group. Ensemble. That was then gonna go work. The concession stand. He really did not know that it was just going be made singing and so he Like russia, then and he's like tat- that's my date. And so then I finish singing and of course, I'm a little rattled from the whole. Like debacle, there goes my company mature. I know what you mean I have, but I looked down at my then blackberry because that's the we were in on it, like I'm the guy in the blue, sweater,
and I'm goin, the fedex form like our you're gonna, have to get me a little bit more than that. But anyway we sat together watch the game He went, he was living in jackson, mississippi. He had, he had lived in Boston for school and then came back to jackson. I was in nashville so We dated long distance and now we're it was written. Was you like mr universe or anything like that, like anything now now he had enough no I mean he's really great god, I'm so sorry, honey. Now he isley only this morning. I warn you over the girl very now. He impressed me so much because he's so humble and he's really a pretty awesome person with a lot that he could brag about and he did it grew, and so we sat in his great conversation. There is a lot that I learned about him after the fact that he didn't come right out with like trying to impress me- and I should have made it alone- ass, just trying to impress you. I guess he held off, but you know what it's funny tightened up.
miss marketing, so we met in november miss america, the finale. What there was in reality show that year, but the finale was in january and he showed up las vegas, unlike Hung, My family, we ve, been on three dates at this point. That's when it was like. Ok he's into me. I think yeah sprinkle, that is, as is this the first time for you to have a washed up former. I think, queen in your studio- These guys are some chester asthma tones, listen to the statute of limitations. Only think they're really can't use that anymore, but yeah. That's the backstory. So back challenged a secular good, so really, ok,. They don't you you be like a little time left to be like term at wall. I. Gonna do your day all is, and I mean, but it's like its new enough- that no, no, I don't want to change in I'm with you. That's that's
The walleye fish or check back later when I was leading towards his arm. Would you call it what you get one guy bad news nor guy over practicing on deck, a shrine you, ve got more people on deck for you. Yet and probably worked very well. What? Maybe? No, if you dad play harder, yak old report on that report. So Trying to remember how long ago that was that we talked about the age demographics of ducks. It was a couple of pot coupled duck reports ago, but what we have talked about like how long ducks live you had said you know we had talked about that day. You have some get to be I twenties mouth lives, be twenty seven years old, blue goose, that lived be thirty years old. And you had requested an odometer how how far they travel in their life well their southern feud.
Different conservation, orgzild doing this now ducks and limited delta and then arkansas. You have the osborne lab and five oaks egg research centre doings ps, trackers, on ducks? And Man, it's crazy, how good that tech has come along compared to like the radio telemetry. Because they know every single I mean down to the cornfield. These ducks her hanging out in all way up and down the fly way but anyway, had guy named ryan askern from the osborne lab gimme, some add appoints. They ve got forty five ducks gps trackers and that that's a look, their glue and that in the feathers crack what's bets on their on their back, like backpack order, rack pack order, ok, number, some, turkey or somebody little thing- maybe they weren't, maybe wasn't a sophisticated, but they were just glued this little device up
in their fathers, you when you see it, Now you can see that here you can see it looks like their flying around with back back on. So anyway, he sent me data points for the average is of all the forty five ducks, but then he also sent me just like a random draken hand, mallard god and drake now on average. On average flies Eight point: seven miles a day for or a total of three thousand one hundred and seventy two I was a year and the hand flies eleven point six miles a day for a total of Four thousand two hundred and thirty four miles ear, which. You know it's kind of crazy when you think about that most, in the spring and fall there. Idle. That does include migration. Because they're pretty idle the exit, the annual average right bill, yep
you're gonna hit us with some extraordinary days. Yes yep! So so much under such a good doctor port well- and I did I did do a total of like based on the average of all their forty five ducks that they have, though they ve an average of eleven point two miles a day. and if you remember the oldest mallard ever shot with a band. It was twenty seven year, seven months, Apply and the average to that dark he would flow, a hundred and twelve thousand seven hundred and fifty miles in its life. It's pretty good for a duck but ok anyway, the and then What's really wild is like the spring. all migration of how far these ducks or go in one day, spring in April they had one mallard that flew six hundred forty two miles in a single day from Bismarck north Dakota, too low.
Minster Alberta no way here, in one day How many times have you stop see? It only kicks information back every twenty four hours. So they don't know exactly what you did yeah, but you'd have to think these cover net. This is, he couldn't be doing more. Six apply in rice, go north I wonder I added tailing, that's what's crazy, too! Like you see these ducks migrate into the wind, sometimes to snow, geese I'll. Do it all the time where they migrate into the wind in your like? Why You know they'll like wait for north wind and make a big push or something, or it just happens to be, that just kind of. Like I've, seen the heart some of the hardest snow, goose migration days going north into a north wind, which doesn't make sense and then other times. You know they have a great south, wind and they're using it button, though my a more based on, and this is a dead
doc report will do some time about how much the migration happens. we stand. Moon men like A be great one word why icy snow geese fly in the night yep, yet because they're doing some work and research on like luminous to and how much doc movement is happening based on moonlight. I think I think, as much of its based around that even more than wind is like swarm out that They ve got the right moon stuff like that, but that's credit six hundred forty two miles. Then you get on one day and ass. I got you know what you're out and in doktor kind of giving you the snub, and also to some dark comes just like foam bombs or data. That's him you just got a another hundred mile trek you, I resign their necks doc. I see ammo and yeah, I'm ready for some food some chill, but the You know the ones that are real crazies, the snow, goose migration. I mean.
doc. Migration is impressive. Don't get me wrong, but it doesn't hold a candle to what the snow geese are doing so. There's a group called the Alberta conservation association, doing gps work on snow geese and they have won tracker that, for whatever reason, has acid longer than are supposed to lasted three years now, so they ve been given. Info on this one snow, goose for three years, over from jean very twenty twenty two january: twenty twenty two, this snow goose as an average twenty point, one five miles per day of flying, which I ok, so its double mallard average, and it makes sense when you see how snow geese fly around and feed, they fly a long ways every day to feed, but then, on top of that, the snow, goose flu, eight hundred and seventy miles twenty four hours.
And landed on like this little mountain creed Up in the yukon rule yeah, and That's so this goose, this exact abuses wintering in california,. then fly in over Boise, and hang out down in the snake river bottom spill, then lying to freeze out lake Montana, then over Edmonton, Alberta and now Ending on the north slope of alaska, my first, no goose at freeze out really like the biggest chip shot. there were just decorator passing over LEO. If you don't know about a mile and our houses to close this whatever so, just for The sake Diana. I applied that twenty mile a day average to the
this blue goose ever which, in our same things, a snug use and that So what have flown two hundred twenty? five thousand five hundred thirty nine miles and its life, which theirs pickups die in well before that you're not going to get that much out of your toyota tundra. I mean that's impressive, yeah, that's great! So many miles the. Hey grinding large volumes of meat fast, is no problem with the new western pro series number twenty, two in number: thirty to meet grinders he's a commercial grade, grinders powerful one point five and to horse power motors that are air. Cooled per permanently lubricated to continuously grind without stopping with a rifle the head, design and long tapered throws that eliminate the need for a tray guard. They grimy as fast as you can feed it check this out from four
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They re numbers on the lower end like when it slow golf course dark, no, I don't have anything like that, but I was. I was thinkin bout that these these ducks the gps units on in arkansas. You know they those ducks in arkansas are what kind of within easy feeding distance of like where, where they roosten, where they feed, is always pretty Maybe a mile two miles at most then you get some of these. tat, a wyoming nebraska kansas ducks that, Have to fly a long way to get to a cornfield in Sure Nebraska, one time I followed flock ducks forty five miles to their feed their flying. Every day and so yeah, he's german ninety miles a day. I would think that this average of arkansas ducks is actually you know me. compared to some of the sea,
drove lie where docks and rocky mountain ducks, maybe the low side hit me again with how far that snow goose went one day, eight hundred and seventy miles in one day, twenty four hour he's blown by whole entire states yeah. Flying north south. Your passing states yeah a bunch of heat. He started in He started and Alberta and ended like well into the yukon. That day at unwary was in its it's real, What's really cool the look out on this gps and all I can post the website for this. Two. You can look at the gps and see that this bird sat around Edmonton Alberta fur solid month, just feeding and getting ready to cross cause. That's. Why I mean? Is it there's no food form as an overall the burial.
You know that the largest is bigger question for spencer's tribute pursuit, show boreal forest is the largest biome on earth. Really the law just expanse of habitat type on the plan is the boreal forest. because, like all that shit across all right, yeah all that, like huge banned across eurasia, huge band across north america now, game, poor, environment, yeah and food. Why snow goose would eat wheat for my unhappily replies grassy in two days, help doc support fun, one gunnar yandah, so I think that, just through just your shown. A couple ideas. I think this about them. Moving at night would be very interesting when you guys anything. Grace. What does thing you wonder most about dogs, you, don't you haven't burning I don't, I don't wonder a lot about ducks. To be quite honest, I'm asked I'm an ears girl. You know what I mean when you come back that turkey, tester, ok,
Maybe by then you have worked up a question for shaw question for shine yeah. I got a couple requests I think there is an emerging understanding about the role of iridescence and birds. what they see when they see here dozens right. That could be interesting. Yet that's a good one. What else have you done like? Mortality stuff like as for like during the migration, I should say to narrow it down like hidden lighten hit back as there is there like spot map words like holy shit, a bunch of ducks diatribes, like the bermuda triangle, forgot that meeting, how long did that that that that goose live after the super long day? You know, then does it disposed up for awhile? Is that, though, is? Is that the last hurrah? now they I mean they. they do their migration real fast and they
take advantage of it and then they spend a lot of time resting in putting the fast sores back on organic another one. For you, predator swamping. You, don't I'm out there like a river active strategy where, above Furthermore, bird or any kind of thing- vulnerable species will synchronize birthing I saw that rather than staggering it out where predators can just like whittle away, whittle away, whittle away, whittle away. It just all happens at once by him right, yeah Then you cannot overwhelm the predator base nurse examples of with with snow geese where they now asked that the fact that our foxes and what not always whittle away at the edge. But it is too What should the ground all at once and they don't ever get em all, but if you'd spread
that faint same thing out over months right. The adders just be like He did not constantly costly doing it. That could be interesting near now would be, and another thing that could be interesting is like why what factors led to the great explosion in snow, geese once again what were the agricultural practices, the change that led to the eggs, though snow, goose, explosion and why did that become a thing of such concern to while wildlife managers in the arctic Ivan so I ve been in touch with the guy that was way even the flag. I did or I called him for an article. I wrote on the website about snow, that. He was the guy waving the flag same hey snow, his populations are about to explode, there's a lot environmental differences get ready and he he he said,
at twenty five years before the conservation order actually got created. Yeah, that's a good one. Talking snow geese, busy the dayton goes. I enjoy sing the national anthem. We should have kicked the show off that I didn't warm up. Okay, I'm a little rusty, I'm out of practice. You wanna talk about pete, really quick before we get. Oh yeah for pete's sake, professor, so our friend pete, alonzo speaking, a baseball our friend pete alonzo voyages. here he hits dinners Hey heck of a baseball, polar bear repeat plays with amounts. These are these. Did you hit the official baseball player of this podcast yeah? He d no positioning place for that year. Place first base now, asiana here and now, dna naming me very loyal friend man,
airspace I read and I'll read what I see in article pop up Bobby. I read it and I'll send it to As you know, my grandmother's no beat you had a good game. Last night, my grandmother sends meek articles cut out the newspaper about people. Just read it up. serbia is well. Own. For a couple home run. Derby wins he can't million bucks pop popular that I can hit the ball when he gets a wary wants it. He hits Well, he tells me that to be a good hitter, you have to have a high ass and if you look at the he has a high, which means is a strong buttocks year, his ass, his position, hi, I'm his body and it's big is a lot of power in in their rarely like about why to him in the home run derby. I've mentioned this before is like. the Van space
You can see that he then dispossessed shell in and smiling, and just swing in a way is calm, as can be, everybody else looks like they're just a smash. The bat in their hands are home, so tight and their got beat well come on down there face in they're just in pieces mozilla yards away off, bugle Any loves the hunt and fish. maybe that has something to do with it. Maybe ok, So what what is worse than that peat has an I ask of everybody. Is it just about the all start? Voting now? Yes, oh yeah,
putting is open for the the also gave a guy's what's up pete alonzo here, I just want to say thank you so much for all the love that you guys have been giving us, especially the all start voting and as it. Thank you, your truly I'm gonna be giving away jerseys helmets had to take it. Send us, and BP passes, take a picture of your vote in time stamp. It somehow may shortages click the link in my bile it'll. Take you write to the site. I loved you what they'll gm mean. Phil land. but my mets met doughderas naughty Mr Evans, I saw two seasons yeah, so do that, because peace, great steve, baby corn, come in your way Did you really corn? I did it ever it's! It's like a cousin of the pickled okra, These come in
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ready bloody Mary were digging enough already. Why happens? We try to have seven explained before they didn't satisfied either of us now, The stakes are high or I will do a better job eurogroup paint a picture. You're in a dark blind kay and someone shoots their shock on six, it's from your ear. What just happened to you? While a lot so Gun bangs that loud, ok, you you'd think it. But if you think about a talked about this a little bit in the generous article that sam put on maybe they're not come here recently of you ve had a chance to peruse it, I would like to hear from scratch sure ok. So when you, when you think about decibels here, you hear decibel list. I spoke out, while you think think about in terms of sound pressure level and on pressure is entering your ear at different.
Cities right, so a gun shot. Last I haven't thought up for while there you go it really is. It is a sound pressure level and so on we'll take it from physiology standpoint, so the acoustic way that a sound whatever spout some pressure level, energy air canal hits your ear drum vibrate your eardrums, which then vibrates the tiniest bones of your body to articles the smallest, which to stay peas. was in and out of what we call the the window into your cochlea, which is your hearing nerve, which is that little snail shell suck two and a half turn That houses. Your hearing nerve, where there's these delicate hearing fibres now. I think this is pretty, If you were to unroll that snl shell, foregoing ano keyboard. So but the little hare cells they get hit first in the hardest or coated for the highest pitch. Is that you here and then, as you move down toward the other, If they quickly inside the coil inside the coil, then you start getting down to the base towns. So it's a tone tat.
an organization like that, while our ethical, If I inquired about the fresher. early bird joke about turkey gobbles way off. that's creating a sound pressure with me, weaving through the amateur level, moving through the atmosphere in the form of a sound wave. I guess I just never thought about what sound is, but I never thought about. It makes total sense, but never thought about it. Being that when you think about the soundwaves like when we're at the lake, you can hear converse issues that are being handed a campsite across the lake, because the water there's nothing to impede the flow of those sound waves moving across the water as a If you're in the woods- and you got all these different- false from the trees in the vegetation. That's can interfere with how well that Don't wave travels to your ear. The last morning of my turkey hunting season, I was on the edge of a lake it about. drove me nuts because they were turks,
he's goblin on all sides that lake, because the sound was traveling so well. I could not tell me why you reside there like they remember trying to pinpoint bluegrass like oh yeah yeah. We walked to the other side and lay still sound across the way through these back where we work. well- and I am also thinking from your hearing test we took if one is better than the other you're going to have even more trouble pinpointing where that sounds coming from, so that was also cheer disadvantage. I'm sorry I just but your hearing not as a warrior for so it's cool to me that the hearing nerve is coated like that for pitch, because then I have said before. We here with our brains, but As it doesn't matter, if, if those hair fibres, what has to have it's been that day and they'd have to transduce the sounds in that all the way up to your brain, where it is then processed by your auditory cortex, it is then each temporal lobe, an auditory cortex, is
also organised on topically. So there's surface area of your brain that is dedicated to processing and interpreting all these pitches so for that gun, shot it's coming in hard and fast and its black, assisting those really high pitches first depending on how loud it as its it's getting the pair cells farther. Farther down the cochlea that's why we see that high pitch hearing loss happened first, as a result of noise exposure must typically in nurse will see. I'm just a little bit of the pressure that the highly damaging to the thing. If you picture at like like the little, what is that They are mature at thirty five, you look at those. That's a very cool turkey. Further photo you agenda, but as you please make it our duties. Ivory do very detailed. Look at the end of turkey pay almost fuck solicit grass yeah, but so you have these sillier stereo silly. These tiny hairs that are like this
and they're waiting on a sound to hit em so that than that activates an action potential that, with the announced that, since the sound to your brain? Well You know it's inner s about all that the outlet wiring in your brain is on, and then it's like, then Then that is somehow lining up learned experience yeah, where you assign a right is doing all this and instantly aside memory where the minute someone talks, your brains are like other over there. It's bob right, he's irritated absolutely, and so, when you blast those herself iverson, eight gonna kill over a little bed. and so you know sometimes you'll leave a concert. Your ears are ringing or in this situation the pit plans, you might walk out, your ears might be ringing and if you're lucky after a few days these are a few hours. This hair cells will recovery and you're here come back. I think on great both zooming burke overdue. Yes, it's called temporary threshold sharing and so those hit those hair cells. What kind of stand back up again, but you ve, undoubtedly weaken them, but wonder
and over one is the ringing. That's a great question, so Because our our brains are programmed to be looking for this. stimulation, that's coming into the auditory system. So when you have a very discreet pitch like from a gunshot, that's been damn even temporarily, the brain in is receiving great input from the herself. I burst right next door to the ones that have been damaged, it's getting all this great stimulation and its searching for a signal, that's not coming in. a this ringing? The bell do I know, to provide an analogy to this is like a phantom limb syndrome. Someone loses a limb and they perceive pain in a limb that is no longer there. Your your brain is searching for sensory input. That is not coming. Which is why, whenever written about we gotta go content as some kind of proud of it, but in that article
it talks about how sometimes in ideology and ideologists will work to programme into whatever your level devices you're wearing at ground noise, that's pitch matched and loud mismatch to your ringing. If it's a pervasive problem and that provide It's the stimulation, its missing right at that pitch tells you and calm down till it. is is is a fascinating topic and we could spend a lot of alternatives. Other than tonight, is tomato tomorrow, and nor is it is it or it is ok most I was its nighters by doctors, opportunities like ourselves tonight. As you all know, it is the academic medical community, like it I'm at continuing lectures that sort of thing a re talks about tinnitus by for whatever reason in the public realm george tonight is for a lot of which you know either way either way, but I am but anyway you're. The limburg system is very involved in regulating ringing. If you have it, pervasively. You know you'll notice,
that stress, caffeine, salts lack of sleep. What's the limburg system, the limit system is, you can kind of, but quite it's almost like a nervous system or an emotional regulating system. It's this is that like when you're cortisol levels are apt and in your really stressed there an internal gating system that you're your brain is working to try to overcome those things and Not system is taxed because of stress because of lack of leap, anxiety too much caffeine. That's when you might notice that that ringing hits like a fever pitch and at some he bore like oh, that sounds like voodoo, whatever I don't believe in meditation, but that's why some of the psychological side of tinnitus is the best management, because once you learn that that their these coping, strategies and you you're gonna pay attention to stay in tune with what's happening with your body and kind of where you are in life, that sometimes, if you are able
in a few really good night sleep and just drink a bunch of water and maybe lay off the alcohol in caffeine. It you'll get some relief in that. you know what I now that I've started to struggle with the island has been bad for months wherever reason on it: a perpetuating anyway, because get real quiet, it is the year out. Hunting arrive, listen for gobbles right! you're like oh wow there. It is man and quiet play and then that should then your brains. Likewise it there wasn't, there was there and then it becomes deafening yeah and you like home. It wasn't deafening a minute ago. It's only daffing now become so like fixated ass. If you hadn't and a nightmare for day. Yes, You tune into it mean truly the focus in the attention, and so, if you can like mentally get yours into a mental space where you can distract yourself from it with either
masking noise or or play some soft music. In the background, something to get your mind off of it, it truly does help that roma and I scientifically t really nice. Where now I have like in mobile memory. Bag of places ends in on tax? I know where I can be in, and I know it won't be there yeah like you, get in the car and go DR it's not there. We think about it, you're, not just the noise from the road and the truth is a bad enough. You god I'm in here right now, but will you ever go? Take a step to make a go away? No I was never as bad enough you're like I'm going to go for a drive. Now you can you pass the the little pickled corners, so I've had some people that are so debilitated by it. I mean they. They are they're, not sleeping. I mean it's really affecting their lives. So these friends, you knew earpieces you gotta, so yeah They got that little a crown noise. The ground sounds I'd, not because this particular product I've got you trying it
it may by hearing in company, and so it's using a hearing a chip, you noticed we connected through the hearing aids settings, not the bluetooth settings, and so in the hearing aid world we often use those settings to programme in that background noise so it might just help me with focus yo if, if you dont have ringing, if you just want to go into asean space in your office and like not only have that year, among them a block out, but you If you have ring in the ears, it can be a tool, that's exactly what its. Therefore, it's on the hearing, a chip. What does auto bromine your company oda. oh, is that medical prefix for ear an autologous isn't! Your doctor, I am pro, is professional protection, the ultra airport, yeah it came to me when I was in church. So I decided it was divinely inspired. I get questions about ordinary they more paying attention in church.
We all don't tell my pastor. Hey. It's gone really! Well, I'm here with you now, so maybe you know so maybe it wasn't meant to be. Maybe it was a. You went allawi. We deserve more. You want to say about like what goes on, because that was my diet. As my number one dying question, I'm satisfied with the explanation now. But what is it when you get like the wham yeah? But that's part, two there's a part to them. Accommodate later you like all anyway but but eventually it kind of creep up, but eventually it kind of didn't write like you do that enough times throughout your life or you shoot a suppressor and you not being careful or your little kid and you're now turning you mean a brain of zaire, break break or your lower kid in your mom and dad give you those little milk cartons for twenty two cells. just like incessant all
twenty two shooting. Until you run out, we never wore hearing protection sham twenty twos claim it was like as unheard of as having a bike helmet. Why would you do yeah is about the future of where we're going with hearing health, because all of us sitting around this table did not grow up with hearing protection, but were thinking about it and we're sure as heck thinking about it, for our kids we're going to the range today. This is how trained people are we're going to the range today and we got flooded out yeah my kid, I was gonna, bring him with my older boy with me as a green, yellow ones, but they are still sleeping. He arm, he said or do you have my headphones? not a sentence out ever said to hold good for him. I'm a point because noise damage is cumulative. I like to equate it to sun exposure. Like I wish, I could go back to my I hate to even admit this now, but like my time I spent in the early nineties in a tanning bed.
The amount of money, I'm spending now to try to reverse that damage with all the potions and lotions and facials and all that stuff. You know he begins to cut off yourself. now. I just know like you know, trying to smooth out the wrinkles in order, but it'll askin, clear and all that stuff goes Alice. Sun spots and sun damage from baking in the sun. But you know at the time I'm I might get a little sunburn, but then it goes away anything. Oh, it's fine, but its damaging. Its damage that might not shop until later in your hearing is a lot the same. You know our hour, regulatory systems you've got niosh and you've got osha. I don't know how much you want to get into that, but Niosh does the research makes the recommendations and then OSHA is what enforces the workplace guidelines? Okay and so you note with both of those systems, the there's a Problem because their assuming that all of your noise exposure is during an eight hour working day, so you they give you these doses and like time allowances for certain noise levels, but they don't into account that you may go home and move the grass or go here
live music or just blast the radio in your car, you know and shall order or sleep with a sound machine on blasting like you're in the rain forest cafe or some the inner, and so all of this is a lie more bad enough to do something: oh yeah yeah. Sure it depends on the lawn mower I mean my dad was cutting grass with the big tractor Don't try to tractor idling like nothing in your ears. We'd blowers gotta be up there. Oh yeah yeah and that's I like that that noise is calico, gets deal right, a chainsaw, gets to mining it'll, get to you more and more, as your hearing gets worse and worse, because an interest of really interesting bank wanted to talk about this earlier. The or hearing loss. You have the less tolerance you have. Four loud sounds really like. I used to be able to stand front centre at my favorite shows in nashville, and I mean I was just enjoying it. Nothing ever sounded distorted or I didn't get that buzzy raw. lee feeling- but I get that now
so I wear my little accustomed. Media law exists so surprising that it makes you could you think you'd just below zoned out you when I was there, and that is why, when you are ready to seek hearing aids or hearing technology, aren't gonna hear com, hearing aids anymore that come so far with what they can do. But that's it's really important to not just walk into like a cost coerce sam's. You need to find a qualified credential person to help you with us, not only in an ongoing relationship that require some tuning and it's just not a one. Size fits all, but it gets really tricky cause you're dynamic range. Your tolerable range of hearing gets smile. Are in smaller and we're trying to make things sound. Naturally, while using a lot of compression to fit everything in that window and that's tricky too we moved into a house the first how's, my wife and I bought it was like the whole ground floor was, there's, no walls no divisions they like, open. What I always will be a man stress level with the kids
echoing what you been trying to cook dinner and yes, the music on, and there like fighting about something banging around thrown balls round yeah me, go mad about and the people around me we're going mad People like us, like slicker coffee, you know why. you like for me personally. I've also lost some tolerance, not no, not necessarily only of just really loud sounds but of being able to because, in the midst of a lot of noisy chaos, going on around me, like I used to be able to study with friends in the apartment, music and people do this, and I could zone in focus and now my ability to focus in the midst of a lot of that K ice has really decrease steel, which is interesting. You got some like
in a low executive function and on and on it is that does that necessarily related to hearing loss? Or is that just related like your brain changes over time? And I think it's both? What gives you like? Grumpy people, right, grumpy, old people, grumpy old people, my dad jokes, his hearing aids out the grandkids come around. I've got three kids. My sisters got three kids they're running around and he loves them, but man I mean he jerks those hearing aids out and puts them on the table. I'm like dad come on come on, We give because he feels like it's easier for him to to deal without the aids cause. He just wants them to be quiet and instead of asking them to be quiet, not gonna work. He just takes his hearing aids off or mute. Some start streaming, a ballgame through them. Instead of listening to than children survival mechanism.
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What else you want to know why you're just going to lower our export like what the long term damage looks like I mean if This is our physical structures, rights and even presumably, you could. You could do we call someone dies. You turn on come apart. You do an autopsy. What I say. Presumably, I know the answer to this could you do an autopsy on a on a dead person who had just was exposed like outrageous levels of loud noise and had hearing damage. Could you an autopsy in say like through a microscope board every black o this person, Suffered damage from loud noise or is it the EU? because you can see the inner workings of the brain. Well, I think there could be even a more interesting way to look at it, and that gives me a great segue, this kind of ties into how I why I started Oprah to begin with, so I was working clinically and
Clinical knee should kind of evolved to become an area where I was working with a lot of people who had dementia and hearing loss, and I was think how there was this negative synergy between the two. There is not a good research coming out from Johns hopkins university colorado at the time. Looking at happening in your brain with auditory deprivation and untreated hearing loss? This you we're seeing is this negative synergy, so when I about I heard about that just recently area the link between hearing, loss and dementia hearing loss of dementia, so I started kind of writing and putting together some articles for other audiologists, taking basically a lit review of what we know right now in research and how you can apply this to your clinical practice, and so then when our university medical center in mississippi was chosen as a data collection site for this study ata johns hopkins. Looking at this topic, it was like I was the prime person work on a study. So did that we're. Looking at it were were
this particular study was looking at whether hearing aid intervention could delay the onset or slow the rate of decline for dementia and for example, I'll tell you like and its corollary, both of those things were positively positively correlated with the. greed of untreated hearing loss, though, with a severe untreated hearing loss. We were saying a onset of dementia. That was three point two years earlier than it would have been otherwise and five times faster rate of decline, then compare to the normal control. Is it like? Maybe you gotta get to this, but is it just? because your brains not like that level of activity is occurring in your brain, while there's two things to primary processes that really stuck stuck out to me. Why was pod cross modal plasticity, the other was cortical resource reallocation, while I'll write that down quickly so One thing is: when you are struggling to hear because you're not getting that auditory signal, think about yourself, like out of wedding at at sets upcoming letting reception so you're.
trying to talk to somebody. There's a ban plain, there's music. You are focusing in so hard to try to understand what person sang in the moment that there's less cognitive reserve left over to recall that information later so you're, much more likely to remember my name. If I introduce to you during this quiet, room, podcast and it's easy listening environment than you. are when you are go stand and just trying to know in that moment said: there's less room for later recall of information. So that's one thing that's playing and when people are struggling to here they have- harder time, remembering what they heard our energies goin to other energy sources, wanted that, but Your point of how could we look at the the physical aspect of what's happening it was the university or colorado started. Looking at this- and this was the the cross modal plasticity thing. So we it put. Somebody multi a functional mri that had a bunch of hearing loss or even with mild, immoderate hearing loss play. auditory signal?
and then give some visual stimuli, and we start to see that the areas of the brain more specifically what what does the audio? What does a visual I have to look back at the study to tell you exactly what the audio was. I don't know if they were playing like their favorite music or if they were playing click, clicks and beeps, but Indonesia will be It's not you like watching a movie you to seeing something you're, just saying something like images of some but the, but the the moral is we're starting to see where the. If, if the area of the brain, its coated to process sound, is not being used to process sound, it's gonna get recruited by other sensory systems to process that input, so we start to see your auditory cortex light up in response to a visual stimulus Think about how people who have lost their vision, have a higher alertness for their hearing or people who deaf. My have a higher visual acuity or you think.
the ability to read braille, you know and its because the brain is able to devote more surface area to those processes cause it's not being used for what was intended said that the neural connection start to reorganise, and so we, but look at that and say: ok, how much is your brain reorganized because of this century deprivation, and so anyway, I could go on for, but hit me with why that might lead to why the hearing loss could with dementia. Like you you, you explained it with the term that like you're working hard to hear day you're, not time rang, but what
the what does the other one? What does? How does that relate to hear that reorganization relate to like your rob, like parts of your brain or robbing from other part parts of your brain or robbing from other parts? And that's part of what they're still trying to distinguish is exactly how those changes in neural processes are relating to that breakdown long term. Some thing that you need might be like neglected or reallocated. That's right, that's right, and so, and those are just two of the of the main points that I find really cool about how your brain is responding to that lack of input and that's why, when, if you have a really a big hearing loss and you put on these amplified, earplugs or hearing for the first time at all, just might sound like noise, and you have give your brain time almost like physical therapy, for your brain. It's like auditory training just like the blood duck column. You got it. You gotta give your brain time to readjust. So that thing can start to sell normal again. On it are we met. Please deal.
So the reason grace sitting here is I know who arranged this out. you came into due account very wide. You came here to do a company wide fitting yeah, and I don't like someone who told me some of the pay of you- I get some custom, You go to the downstairs I like new, nor ever know some interesting, some down and you'd. I got to shoot the shit about hearing protection in like two hours later come on the podcast, and you should come on the podcast to worry about what happens when this happens yeah so, but back to how we met we met like how did it come to be that you came to do like forever like how who invited you to come? Do that this business has been so relational driven for me, and so I
because of all this research I was looking out. I want my own family to have good hearing protection, so started going to people's houses that you're gonna yeah. I was like I want my own dad to be wearing good hearing protection, but he would not come into the medical clinic to do it. So I sat wild go to you and then work started spreading and then This was never part of the business by and I never set out to create this national network of archaeologist and beyond this crusade for you, protection but its organically gone to that point, and it is it has been. wild and amazing to to just be in this journey, but I'm we met through chef John Paul, your guy, that does duct tape, dinners. The show great and I was introduced to him through the sky, josh ratio lives down in my neck of the woods ratio, custom calls as his like duck call like these couture duck calls are like art. amazing? Let's go ass. I may was ever use that word on this bokkis. I've never even heard that word which wire couture it's late.
You'd be like arm what would be to her brain I don't know like a like a giant designer who make their lives by regimes beautiful boozy, one of a kind you'd be lying or late for you custom. Could you, during your daughter I think, idly in my mind. I feel it will be applied to like handbags here. I ve very expensive hasn't handbag quantity, and this is usually called you're right, there's juicy cohesion, which is why I would like to spell out what is so. You owe you t you yeah, what it has always equal to or being not couture right, does being juicy trash. You said nothing what's funny, about you make him a comparison to handbags is her and I were talking barrage custom calls earlier, and I said there:
or like handbags for dudes that I met ratio at a ducks. Unlimited banquet back when I was first getting started and I'm like hey I'll, just stop a table and go talk to people about hearing protection at this diet. You banquet on the back of cars. Is this still how we met Ok, so that's got tightened. The call So, although I may not the floor, I met the duck. Call guy at the do you banquet, and how do you want with a diabetic because I started this whole odo pro business and people were interested ass like while discuss set up of a little table and talk to people that come to the deck from limited banquet in allowing you to bring your little squirt going to their due in the absolutely, and I did it right there in the middle of bank wet and settle what should our logics caught gone. Yeah sticks that thing
where has no business going? It's like I am. I really wanted to put a picture upward. Someone took a video been happening to me and I'm going to make a screen grab of the point where it got to where she wants it to be the start: villany earful, a cock Like it, I'm proud of your, I don't people too to come to me that worries celebratory something I a while ago, and one name names though well go yawning. I but the opportunity gets going to name a name. No, I mean I can your name, you ever area. They didn't do that. I didn't do the deep dive under here since, like the covert tests for your ear, you had one of the early covert tests were fellow there are times when your brain, through your nose
that's great slogan. This is similar to that, but the inner ear. Now she said, she's taken a diet. She puts in a lot or does that shit? What what are you putting in there? It's like a two part, epoxy type goes in soft way. To cut minutes pulls like makes a impassioned makes a very detailed, brushing right, but she likes to the impression is its deep and it's to go past the bend of your of the second bend of your ear canal, because I want to make sure we're not shooting the sound right into your ear canal wall. I want to. I want to point that sound right to your eardrum, fully and is actually more comfortable and if you ll run around it stays runners. Anyone explain that more. Thank you, too said something that may, since the media. We even have this conversation there, someone with those things like going on, I what were they talk? What what are you saying when you say I want to shoot that sound? does that you're at your ear canal law, so the most human errors have two bins: there's a first bend where curves around in then there's a second bend, which is why you don't wanna. Put q tips and networks are you're pushing stuff around the second
and that's where it builds up in some people have that's where I give up all users You did me the higher better lobby. Kid you'd, do people be up on youtube, but there's still cuter snare, silky tips. I use them with my two put to me upon my word about using hydrogen peroxide, and that's okay, that's good! As long as you don't have a hole in your eardrum or anything, I could get that work painful, no, it works. Have you ever done announced that you want it? But, in proximity, ear bubbles up just. basically lunatics range its modern there and flashes everything now man I gotta be down here I go down periodically. Have these youngsters shit looks like the end of an earlier pencil erasing bob hard and mauritania, ah
it wasn't but to yawn at this point yeah. So do you know if, if I don't accommodate the bins of your ear canal by by making a really deep impression and getting that full picture and the sound is gonna. Come through the air plugged me, the solemn. You want to come right, it's gonna come through the air plug and then, if, if the air plug dead ends and your ear canal wall? That's not gonna sound it's like putting a speaker and facing it toward the wall back up backups. I thought you might be confused. You were feeding us first hearing protection there Is it like it is Its first year, eared ones, that what are these call that I have, those are the sound gear phantom girl, the mole but they're like little headphones gap, but earplugs earplugs? When you say the sound you tom about that, you can turn it on a control with your phone and turn the volume up
oh you can convert scibili, hey your come some, but try dogs at ten o clock and there's lots of different products. That may one thing I deeply want your listener ship to now is that I am by no means bound to one brand or manufacture the big backpack full of full. Luke abroad, for you guys there were like four different companies represented in that bag. So I'm not doing like a big push for one product. specifically in fact, I want a bunch of guys to try this product and then, if it's not doing everything you want it to do, let's swap it out and try something else mean. Odo pro is basically like an expert brokerage and customer service agency for your hearing long term, so it like you, have the sound your phantom somethin breaks I have to call that eight hundred number, you shoot me a text or an email and my
el for maybe jennifer somebody else on the team is going to reach out, be like what's goin on I'll email, you, a prepaid, gps label will get it turned round ASAP route, so its own opera was built on a customer service basis where I am researching the globe for the coolest best product. I brought a couple of things for you as a try that aren't even rated in the: u s system for noise reduction yet, but I think there pretty promising, and you might really like them. How often do you go do like he did for our for us here. Haven't you go to a place? There have been some cool places, I'm reading your book! I kept thinking about this one really cool place where parents are raising their kids like ideal but anyway, I've traveled, some of the coolest, on club, shooting clubs group
will call me and of course I do some quick back of the napkin math and I'm like hey. Do you have at least this many people interested you? I need a minimum sales amount to justify. Travel is all gone. People are other people to know it's, it's guns at shooting, but it's also motorcycles music. I work with a lot of musicians because of my training in nashville. I've got a lot of experience with in ear monitors and I can build out def cool products like four one of your camera, guys I built out basically a dual driver in your monitor that can plug into his camera then all the ring Matt. Gagner under swedish stay all night. I didn't say right now: you're so, I also you have because that's what the easy drug camera does not go into the woods with our the wires yeah so handler edward three, all their bushes. Back, that's an like this other product I made for you. It has this federal. She filter and I put that into his product as well, so that he can hear what you're saying in rome. I think in your leaves rustling, but then he's also plugged into his camera to make protocol the camera. Do the let's call
the camera did- and I am just working without whittemore manufacturer- to just custom, build cool thing, I was complaining in unearthing, deprived because they have become on talk about your services is I was saying how I had just gone too order: a good swim, europe. What about jerusalem? Anyone that suffers from work? Are you you spent time in water and any of water and it drives you little bonkers or I've had doubts about the people, but someone like fix a finn, close, your head or does affair movement, close your head and pushes a wall, a water painful. Well, your ear canals are quite bendy as we found out if you're emerald, impression on us, so water can get apt back there, the harder for it to run out so one on line and bought some kind like Joe blow
nineteen dollar thing and it made a big difference, but every time I got the water a missing one or both of em, I would just tie him to the back of my mask. So I'd usually like recover him somehow, but they were never where they were when I started yeah, but I was having positive like I was recalling body Therefore, my kids. Writing. I had him in an arm. the big difference cause. I'm always scared to do that kind of stuff because of that sort of thing gets warmer years, but you may we assume up one of those yeah and their coordination, and now that I've got your ears molded in a digital file of that? If Heaven forbid you lose them. You just shoot me a message and I'll get you another set made. I don't have to mold your ears again. So that's nice, it's good stuff but you know one thing: these custom, products. I'm a big believer in custom for hearing protection, not just for comfort, but to achieve that perfect acoustic seal has any airline Each! The sound waves can travel through so Oh two really protect you. I want you and custom ideally, but I also recognise that an entry price point of a couple of hundred bucks is not accessible to a lot of people
one thing that are really took into account after meeting with you guys back here in march a start Really thinking like how do I create something that can be more accessible? We said my job is to give you the most realistic tools that you'll actually, where I'm not convince you did not shooter hot. Nor do I want to and you're not gonna, where full body armor to like Have ideal hearing protection, so started thinking, and I decided I can put these filters that are in this product I made for you or you can hear soft medium sounds great net blocks, the blast, the gun, but they're out the door. Three hundred thirty, some odd bucks, I'm gonna! Take that exact. Elsewhere. This is gonna be available beginning next month on my website. I'm putting those into multiple size, triple flange, sleeves, to make a universal fit version. That's just fifty bucks and then their big plus they are grateful to custom later so you could go to my website and you could order accustomed fit sleeve later. If you,
two. If you want to save up so how do you have any idea? How do you get it moulded, the so I'm gonna kick the male! No! Now because you can't do it yourself, like I did it on you now would so I've got this growing network right now we're up to about a hundred and sixty providers across the country and we're sourcing new clinics daily. Where I work with local ideologists to you down the street from wherever you live and not I talk, damn developer relationship so that they know exactly how I want that moulding process done so we communicate. You can check out on the website and then I send you the european label and facilitate that whole appointment locally free to get years more than one of the big reasons I wanted to get nice customs yeah, which I now have own for two hours, yeah. extremely lazy. I've got to the point where I go to the range and bring headphones, but I just won't
do it putting maybe darkening if I know ischemia stellar day I'll, do it, but it still drives me nuts napo headphones on I've never found something that inspires me to do it. In my body, cow got some mrs once he had em and he's like man all ass on doping. Aware now, like that his leg, some pragmatic, like I d, motivating factor yet now he now anytime. You do anything with care he's gotta things hang around his neck, any stick cement and I just won't. Do it and last year garrett there. rang. I, who am I didn't bring your bowels got a little was
While the big you had a big bastard at bastard break on their fat bastard break on shot three times I kept thinking, he was done, shooting and he kept shooting. We were like wheat free too. I think it ain't echoed off that pine tree on I'll sit too close to god, and I didn't want to plug my ears because, looking through my binoculars, we both had our produce sitting on our backpacks typical thing. You're, like oh we've, got to move now like we don't have time to put this in and and you know, as I'm as I'm like I consider myself your personal hearing coach, so you're oscar here we go by, am, as I'm talking to you guys. I'm really gonna encourage you to try to wear these as much as you can just to get used to them so that when you put them on and you're in the moment and you're in the hunt- and you need to focus- I don't want you to have to remember in that moment. Oh I got to put my ears in before I shoot because you're not going to remember, because when I do I've done two hearing tests each I do a hearing test the person. conducting the hearing test.
Sell, em left attitude or someone out there in your right ear, which makes sense as the one tipp toward the muzzle yeah that I have hearing damage at my right ear. That is the type of hearing damage associated with like loud noises. yet so I know what I've whacked out my own ear yeah. Absolutely. And I know that other people here gobbles better now do a lot better, While our joint quantity like you're on a throne this this really high and technology, you guys to try as a starting point, but you might find that if you don't want to have to remember to charge something, then That's something we're gonna be talking about like how these different features work for you, because I may need to swap it out for a simpler battery operator version or yours. It's not a one size fits at like you know I don't these lessons to be like. Oh, I want whatever chester heather I want whatever steve has, because for people that are going to have different adoption rates for different technologies, or rather the apology to make to you. Okay,
I want mine red on the right demur and I said because it'll be like I'm about ready. Returning jaws wrong right, it's red right from the person looking at it. Ah It's not right, verses, yeah! So your boat, if I'm the boat, the red be my left and then you're looking at me and you think right yeah. That's what my suggestions- where's ignorance, display, Steve crisco with red re, read, write and I want to buy his red ones. Blue. I look at my red right. I put then my dear, and I know of your with red right to order do now. I want you guys get right below a lot of them. Did orange Is there was nothing to right? I think, physically put the right one in the left. Here I mean you can just science holler source due heed about red youth.
I'll tell you. Why goes never could figure it out. Tell you why I lose things a lot, and I just wanted to things that I could see I feel, like the red sticks out a little more than the blue, while you're gonna be fiddled around by the time you get. Those in the animal's gonna be gone. You can just look, You like all islands right, downs left them it'd be a product. You want to work into your the fifty dollar version cause when I used to use a law as a guide, as I had those howard light and the bank and there would the on my neck, and they're just as off armies? And then in the moment you you no problem in real quick, nor do we know nobody has the reforms that are on the cord the ties and into a sunglasses, better is always wearing them. Curious, isn't a big and little forms.
No, I mean that's all you can protect. You really well, but it's just nobody wears them correctly. If I see someone wearing foam used correctly, it's like I want to go, give them a high. Five is an oven for preaching and carrying on your message about foamy. Since we last hung out. I bet you have at least a dozen people how to properly insert a foamy. Now I love that because, truly at the end of the day, when people contact made them our website or social whatever, and if, if they're, just not going to purchase anything else. Then you know what I'll at least show you how to wear foam earplugs correctly and then eventually, when you're ready, you're going to come back and and we'll we'll work something out, but like my job, Is to help people protect their hearing and give everybody a hot tip right now, help them out there and you're going to roll up that foam earplug to be just as narrow and skinny as you can got tight, tight you're going to pull back on. The on the back of your ear to straighten out your ear canal.
then put it, and just as far as you can stand it you should like coffee loaded, an attack like a rat. You too, like our own eye, because you would never did. I would argue that both sides are wandering like will. I be odor grab the tipp of interpol about yeah. Well, you while, but the in my hand on my thinking about what you gotta be patient. You can't just like a rock like you, gotta hold it in that position to let it fully expand a little stay put cause was foamy ease as you move your jaw around as you mount you're gone, you're moving your head around. It's going to wiggle its way out, it's constantly kind of moving in there. It's amazing the difference! If you do it right how I use the tuition yeah yeah yeah, I always do it in a way that says I take one step. It's gone, the only the only problem with that is. You do not have enough time to put those in in most applications in hunting unless you're like duck hunting. You can like plan and plan ahead, but you don't want to blow a duck. Call in solid air plugs right,
I mean John's, like knows that he can't tell what's going on well yeah. You want to be able to hear your duck call, and so, even with these electronics, where I get the, I get the best response from my duck hunters with these electronics because they get so here because they can still hear, but you still have to practice like some of my best duck calling clients have coached people to record themselves. falling within without the hearing protection in because we talk about this little bit earlier. It's almost like a musical instrument, I can play my eighth grade piano recital peace from just muscle memory, but if I'm learning a new song, its auditory, you know you're really paying attention to how it sounds and with a lot of duck, callers it- mix of those two things, and so your you really need to get the muscle memory part down. Me, while you're still gonna hear it through the earplugs, it's not it's, never gonna sound the same, and that's it. mean that something that those way that I got to be not just like a tolerable or diesel. that collar, but to get to be a real advance, the collar is to record yourself and hear yourself from a different path
active. It's never the same. Sounds right here. Save thing with play. Music yeah yeah yeah record yourself back and by by debt. Calls can get up to two hundred twenty decibels, so when you talk about the damage years, world arkell absolute later, I have I mean I think, duck. Hunters are some of the most at risk because you are you're down in those sometimes like a metal pit blind your blowing duck calls and then your shooting a lot and invited all of a sudden shooting of your men close to somebody yeah yeah, please tell us: how will it tell us how bad my hearing is and how good seth's hearing alright you're hearing we did a quick test before the podcast started, I'm not going to say I was surprised by your hearing test results, though honestly I mean, you ve, you guys are forty four year old mail it, done some shootin rise and construction. I also everyone I this is the honest, his hearing
I feel that its way low wow we're just going to assume that you signed all the hyper releases and I can talk about your medical here think honour on biogas, but you want everything to be above that black horizontal line you see there. This was ill. This is an audio graham, its arranged from left to right base to trouble like a piano keyboard top grab has really soft sounds and then it gets louder and louder as you move down the graph. So these are your hearing thresholds. The softest sounds that you could detect were present, and so you can see in your left here, which is blue but these higher pitches on his shoot nears way down his shooting areas way down And those are the higher yet and we would call this a noise notch from shooting where, like, though, the those are the hare cells that we talk about earlier, that have been the most damage known as romania. Last december,
so you might have the added that now is the wrong. Not even try to be politically correct in earnest and going out goes back up like it Now that's the notch component, so a lot of times with with a with a last year I give a musician has like a big feedback exposure it'll present as a notch, rare yeah, yeah and you'll see a little butter recklessly myself little brazil love one is worse than the right. The left his words I barely breaks lives should be way where you could prove how much shoot me do This is a sad. nor in eight years old, gobbles, beautified, there's right here. The gobbles were well, one goes up Why are you asking me gobble, like you wouldn't believe me? He has excellent hearing. Is that job? So he doesn't do false alarms, Is he younger than everybody young ass answers, youngest, but there's gonna sell users. Can you will you be I'll? Send us pressure, vials energy for sure
you're, damn pretty good too everything's above align, left and right here about the same just good here. While I was I the closest to sir I was probably here is a wall. I take landing and hope you have signed sean you're. Good too, I mean you're here, look at the others. Never I replied. Yes, you know, I'm really such high priority is ours acknowledging onslaught of dogs, but why did he honest go lower than I did then Well, I guess I got a bad shooting the let me see here hold on a sec oh years, is pretty bad and receive. There's garret left left here and my body, This was lower than a three gun shooter for you, yeah, that's a that's a good ad yeah! That's an ad for muzzle brakes! Man, your riders, is really good and you just want to make sure you protect what you've got. You know like you. Can you can hold this steady if you can
really intentional yeah, but that shouldn't be only directed at gary, and I just because we're already at a sad point, though, those that have great hearing should be even more about like I want to prevent and delay the problems that I spent so many years treating clinically because it is so preventable, and so much of the medical community is like oh treat early with hearing aids hearing aids earlier. Well, I mean the hearing aid industry is what it is. I say, move away, get out from under the dollar. Signs of the hearing aid industry. If we want to be the hearing healthcare experts, we gotta, go to where people are get out in front of the problems, start the relationship with an audiologist and hearing care professional before the problem starts, as I was saying, where is your graph? Here's the thing jfk, the test he had allegedly geysers good. I think. cheated the system that this visit. because I did better on that. Then I did, on my other, to hearing to us
which your other to hearing test. It sounds like we're in the village, it sound boot the full diagnostic caring test, but there were a lot of this is the reason you have some. What I brought you guys is a hearing screening tool that spilt into a headset. and while it does a very good job and I've seen some good, consistent results, it's not as good as definitive as what's gonna be in a sound booth, just as you say, you can't trust a skinny chef. you can trust like someone in the hunting industry that doesn't have some hearing. One I'll leave believe that your then you're very trustworthy has also you're never going to invite me back as is no? No? No! No! You come back the minute you make the journey the asian out on me now, outsmart Jani, you ve been great. You can make the turk gobble thing. I want to clarify a point I like nothing in the game here, trail You came to provide a service to equip us with.
hearing protection friend of and have a friend introduced yeah. I learned so much alike liked. I have concern for other shooters. I know how frustrating is not here. Gobbles on other people can hear the gobbles, or else the goals we have you and I I feel like people should, because you're a you, know, you're fun to hang out with you know all the terminology you got the product line. People should call up and get some frickin earplugs. Thank you. I appreciate that. But all pro odo protect analogies, dot, com grace something or another. grace stirred abed stirred of duke start of an event. Just call me great score. My parents will appreciate it may was great gore. I made no great score. A great start event. You can call me odo pro grace. Grace
I'll, go I'll, be like share or just call me grace c. Nineteen. Ninety six, hey not that long ago, two thousand and seven seven. Oh sorry, someone said that we retired how old you think. I don't answer. No we're talking about ninety six. It was one of the yellowstone piqued all need to up my skincare regime to say it with authority yeah. You know I. I really appreciate you guys having me. Never did I dream when I started this little business at my kitchen table in two thousand and eighteen that I'd be sitting here with a national audience in this big network, and actually I truly believe that I'm helping to change the conversation about hearing protection. So thank you, to close jani hidden with the far off bugle the problem here that gets me your blogs. Yet
plot. Can I give you something to read on the air? No, I think The great close at home is very short, nashville. the fact that five point phil will all right. This is jennifer who works without Oprah she's. Our client coordinator, her son, nearly hard when those gonna pay now rob first sign is establishing a huge survey and of all of you guys. He knows all your names he was so just I mean he couldn't believe that I was coming here and he went by their house to pick up something. He handed me this to give to you, and I thought it was so well written, Game reading from one of these peace, the papers isolated, sam, Stuart, the piece of paper Let's get where it's got all the lines that you can make your penmanship perfect. Dear mister, Steele Alex got ready, I love your tv shows my favorite shows about both fishing, I have never done that, but I hope I guess
to do that. One day, I liked the hunt in fish. so I can be like my dad and grandfather. Listen to miss grace, so you keep tee gimme, a few things. Ye keep teach me new things that's great from limbs, age, seven included. address my case. You're, a cinema both lied about about to miss gray, so you can keep teach me as the political right. I think that's pretty sweet guys. Thank you for tuning in. Thank you.
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