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Ep. 349: Game On Suckers! MeatEater Trivia XVI

2022-07-13 | 🔗

Spencer Neuharth hosts MeatEater Trivia with Steven Rinella, Seth Kantner, Janis Putelis, Ryan Callaghan, Brody Henderson, Seth Morris, Hayden Sammak, Phil Taylor, and Corinne Schneider

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media palm welcomed mediator trivia. The only game shells were conservation, always wins. I'm your whole spent working today joined by special guest in photo journalists. Seth kanner, in addition is death. We also have steed, yon is called brody grin and the newly wed set more is now set kanner how feel about trivia can't stand it. I never know what you people are talking about. Really. What Oh my god. Generic trivial had been like jeopardy. You dig that not at all I bet you do better than what you'd area question spoken. Are you sure you're instagram pretty much? Okay? Now, if you're not for me
This is a ten round. Quiz show with questions born out of mediators for vertical, which are hunting, fishing conservation and cooking, and there is a prize mediator, will donate five hundred dollars to the conservation organization of the winners, now. Last time I told you were going to reveal a new trivia stat each time we play today we're going to look at each person's average score per game. Now before I reveal this data, who do you guys think averages the most right answers per round of trivia journalists for sure giannis brody, any other guesses off what you thought you kind of when you are like percentage of right questions. Last time we like last time we talked about the winning proceedings, so games are here, we go in first place is brody.
Brodie averages six point. Six three correct answers per gave him a fairly demanding led compared to everyone else. That's followed by steve at five point: eight eight janius at five point: eight zero hayden at five point: seven: five sean at five point: two hunter at five point: zero cow at four point: eight: six chester at four point: seven: nine seth morris at four point: two: five trivia guess which three point five three and come in at three point: two: three, so the top three yeah, the top three are the oldest steve and yannis yeah, but doesn't count in the win loss column. and yet you I owe you could consistently store score gave. It is never be a winner three brody's irregular season team. When you talk of professional sport, have regular season team play off teams you're always out there, but usually went on person with more winds than me. It's right now are we?
going to introduce a new trivia ring was well since ganem Steve. Also this we grew going to introduce a new trivia wrinkle for listeners. That starts right. Now. Here's what it is! Each episode I'm going to declare one listener question with a week which will win them a prize. This is to reward those folks who sending great tribute, Washington help keep this show going. If you want a chance to win or listener question of the week, send your question to trivia at the meat eater dot com. What do they win? this all we'll get to it. When we get to that question will have a different prize each week or less get the winner this week is very much going to like their prize. Is there anything, day about questions you screwed up last time.
tournament, song of the whale blubber and a chunk of his dried care of him. You think we you get that in the mail someone asks when it gets there it'll be fermented are now as fresh. Now on a previous episode, we talked about the world record flathead catfish that was caught in Kansas, the one hundred and twenty three pound cat was caught in nineteen. Ninety eight by KEN Pauly in Elk city reservoir can told field and stream that he I bought the flat head while crappie fishing with a bobber and minnow in that he was able to land the behemoth after it helplessly got caught in big waves that were rolling into shore, but sure we. After that episode aired, someone wrote in to tell me that
not actually what happened at all and what you're about to hear is this person's account of how that catfish was caught, which, if true, is a massive development, because it would likely disqualify this fish from counting in any record book now remind you again. This fish is currently recognized by the I g f, a as the world record and by the state of kansas, as the state record play the clip phil hi, my name's clayton krillin, and my dad used to work with KEN Pauly. The guy who caught the state record flathead and my dad got the real story about that fish that no one else knows. Apparently the flag was choking on a carp and dying on the surface of the water when the guy snagged it with. Copy rod. He didn't really catch it on a barber and a minnow like the others reported. He also told my day
at the he wish he never caught the fish. Here's. Why, after word, got out about the giant flathead a photographer contacted him about getting some pictures of him and the catch can obliged and had a few foes was taken eventually feelin stream reached out to kin asking to use the photos and can gave them permission. But when they did the photographer sued for thousands of dollars for not getting his permission to use the photos can lost the law suit, the photographer and told my dad that in the end he felt like he lost more than what the fish was worth. steve you talk about stories making their own gravy. This one makes all kinds of gravy ass, good story or of that now I trade in lahti, males with Clayton, who you just heard on leave every word of it pretty convince that what he saying here,
some legitimacy. I've reach out to I a to see if they ve heard this claim before, but they haven't gone back to me. So this won't be the last time we talk. About this story, how you smoke out this guy's, I e g record mail. this guy, but this guy's like disease, I mean. I don't know, but me that's like third, information is third. Amateur aim is all man who heard from then and earn gathered, and then I have and if he did get sued by the photographer I'd rather him have a world record. After losing that lawsuit fired, heard cow cheap in his bed your melee yeah, that's bad information yeah, so I didn't catch it. Did you try reaching out to the actual angler to get his side of this? I tried to find. Can it wasn't able to track him down? I'm sure somebody's going to be giambi? Like oh he's he's my neighbor, I use the phone numbers you want,
I feel bad about you playing that story and not getting his side, as I did some other facebook sleuthing and found out people that are related to him saying similar things, but here's what gives me makes me a little bit hesitant. I also found other folks claiming that there was a snapping turtle in the stomach of this thing, that helped weighted down and give him the record. So so, there's a lot of things floating around out. There is a way bodily miller is gonna turn snapping term. You ve been newhart, deterred away at a couple, a dsl batteries. Before I got a guy. I think we're gonna hear from a lot of folks in the cat fishing community in kansas after this hollow advance, a headline maybe, a whole investigative journalists. He's like he's like more power, Who is it who happened to be a talk? Show holes in the eighties last time, seawater, torture in
that we are on the media. Trivia play the drop bill. Look, I need to know, I stand when everything You stand to win everything. Suckers question one? This will be multiple choice in the topic is gear, so they could see your boy body. Finish this nineteen thirty four quote from outdoor writer, nash, buckingham hot backup finish this nineteen thirty four quote from outdoor writer nash bucking got it
a blank in the hands of the unskilled is one of conservation greatest assets? Is it bow, duck call fly rod or turkey tag again, as they nineteen thirty four quote from outdoor writer nash, buckingham a blank in the hands of the unskilled is one of conservation greatest assets. Is it bo doc call fly, rod or turkey tag I'll, tell ya, NASH, buckingham was brought We also actors name in the seventies, gimme the four options, one more time ball duck. a fly, rod or turkey to Agnes Stevie said you knew it. Did you actually know this one, not joking belka, those forgive the crush a blank in the hands of the un the old is one of consarn. Almost I'm quite confident in my answer, I would know NASH buckingham few sittin in here right now. Does everybody Evan answer
Go and reveal your answers. We have europe saying duck cost eu saying, don't call whale set, saying, fly, rod, brodie, saying bow, causing duck call wall. I sat saying turkey tag incurring saying bow the correct. Answer is duck call. Of course it is. What he's saying is you're you're preventing ducks from getting killed? Would you write brody? I read a book cause, but I could also see that it could be turkey tag in the end. The unskilled, listen to me, don't already. Media category was hastily category I this year. This is where my mind was how it slipped in their trickier. Tricky buckingham road tat quote in his book, the shooting this gentleman? He was for his very important writing style and perspective on waterfowl conservation. That was the decades ahead of its time. If you like to hunt ducks and geese in the mississippi fly way than his books are,
Do you mind if I may, to do name buckingham are now. I would completely right him off the running right him off. The duke of ivy league home for other, quite do the japanese conservation this x, ray question? Comes you, as for mike step, in view of a question you think, is right for media trivia. You can send it to trivia at the media that come what ecological word describes the state or condition of having become locally or regionally extinct. What ecological word describes the state or condition of having become locally or regionally extinct. We, Some quick answers from brody and Steve broader neck merit row might write your handwriting started out. How does the spelling out beard and win
the spelling met or give you too? I don't give to winning line question why economical were described as a state or condition of having become local man? Peoples? Are you talk about hogs, spell and stuff and pronounce stuff? That's called tips year, but the spelling thing came from south It doesn't really say how long the word is, You have to spell every word, so I don't think it's a tip going forward everywhere gives its ever have. To spell correctly, unless I say you do, that is a tip. Zebedee have an answer. They're going to reveal your answers. We have Jani, saying extirpated still say extirpated whale as we all know, brodie, saying extirpated cow, saying: extirpation I say extirpated increase without an answer. The room got it. It is extirpation or extirpated, but is it
megan underscore about word, word, tents. What ecological word describes the state or a condition of having become locally again alexander outside you shut examples of extirpation include wolves in nebraska sage, grouse in new mexico, prong horn in minnesota, caribou in in panel fish in michigan and steve favorite example in the world economic and also include in moscow. Oxen northern internal ass an entire last. I couldn't remember the word, but I have a written in a boat. I find myself I find myself in a situation of and muskets reintroduce from greenland because of it. Yet while you're sorry picture how would they reintroduce muskegs captured him? I think it was in greenland. and brought him by ferry to the new yorker somewhere over their wherein would know, and then they ro by right, they rode by
train, I think, to the west coast and were brought to fair banks and then shipped Nuno back island in northwest alaska. I got it later white diagonally question for you with your work writer who happened to write a book called the snow. Leopard wrote a book about part of the reintroduction. Of moscow to alaska, no eighty, eight or medicine, then Peter matheson they get You didn't I logged on to trivialize dispensary. Nevertheless, we are, question three: the topic is cooking accordingly, anthony bore, dane you should never order, see food from a restaurant. On what day of the week According to anthony bourdain, you should never order see food from a restaurant on what day of the week again quick answers from brody and Steve
you boys, know this. Now. I think I've read it, but I don't know it again. You should never order seafood from a restaurant, They have the when clue. Long, John silver. any answer would work. You've. You ve gotta, be careful with these data. We questions is kallas here. So don't say like whatever your answer is christmas. for those itself. Does everybody ebeneezer jani? yeah, I'm gonna stick with it go ahead and reveal your answers. We have Jani, saying sunday saying sunday whale set, saying friday, brody saying sunday, counting sunday, While I says saying thursday, just therein they just picked noble got it the guys is monday. You know why, because they give
The old shit to make room for the new ship ordain gave this advice in his two thousand book kitchen confidential adventures in the colony airy underbelly, That most restaurants get there see food on thursday and friday in anticipation for the weekend. So by monday, it's already four or five days old europe serve cold stone wall I said, could stumbled into that one. Just right, I ran of days area, but on tuesday evening question. The topic is haunting this next great question comes to us from J mill. If you have a question, you think is right for me to trivia, you can send it to trivia at the meat eater dot com- as you can get it when something now yet I will I will. I will make a whole spectacle out of it when we get to our listener question of the week or did general punk gonna sitting over in the on the floor. I thought that we talked about this. I can't believe we have an open it up. You ah Christ, can't do an unboxing that he was in love. Ass, re smoking
Blue tick. Coon hound is the official mass got for this states biggest college. The blue, tint coon hound is also this state's official dog breed. What is it smoky? The blue tick coon how'd is the official mass got for this state biggest college. The blue, tint coon hound is also this states. It shall dog breed. What is it called the dog man? How you feel. put a lot of work, on. One word in your question: one more time smokey the blue, take coon hound is the official mass got out. Can you be blue? Take coon hound is also this states official dog total total gas is what it is ever give eg. You see you bitch about, her hands were granted
Everybody Evan answer now leads us to turn off the right one The word gallows at college. This girl, I want to make clear what I did have before, AL get me off and I want you know this is smallest. Hmm. Does everybody have an answer? No, no! No! That's awful! It's awful! Alright!. Perhaps not at brody how many words on the state have how, it is, is washing brodie rights in go real europeans is we have yawning saying georgia, Steve's ain't, tennessee whales, saying no idea? Bro saying north carolina, calcium tennessee, while I said say Kentucky Karin saying, west virginia the correct answer:
if ten carols multi mountains do give it away it's me in the least. There are ten statues of smoky on the university of tennessee pierre baseless, I'm fine for that. Burma venture back a long time now, your mouth. I got that because of it because of a hot to someone gave accident, Shut your mind. I am I really about getting good on. You, though, count for picking up on the smoky, just you announce smoky register in ten years old and instead to retire this year's smoky eggs. I has already been selected he's a one year old, blue, take from the same bloodline, his predecessor had north carolina written down until he opened his trap again. Whether we should is void that question that no
No because that I, at this stage like I can't do it on principle, because I live in a society that, because I like it, there's nothing I can do people need to shut you'll notice. I am never like. Is it with the axure like? I never do that stuff, while using island killer, they call me area. I ran blackberries and in idaho, with a hound man from smoky mountain national park. actually I'm in holding he, his wife there born and reared is less than half a mile away from each other in a holler smoking on national park, tenancy name, auditor. good. Let's get housman name areas in his long lanky mountain man. You were here occur dogs. He had what kind of no idea. He had a lot of them. He didn't want that kind of convenience. He had a staple gun, he just go run, go down,
why and dogs I a dining and stable everybody back together, rhonda question. Five. Each topic is public lanes into wild is based on a nineteen year old who leaves a privileged life to live in the last wilderness where he died of starvation. What was that man's name into the war it is based on a nineteen year old who leaves a privileged life to live in the alaskan wilderness where he dies of starvation? What was that man's name? Does the bone thrown to walk to a whale stuff? is that you're gonna ask whether he's eating that killed him, but Why should answer everything with the sons of bitches name again into the wind The book and movie is based on nineteen year old, who leaves a privileged life to live in the alaskan wilderness where he died of starvation. What was that man's name? All? Can I give the name he went by
I'm gonna do that now, no way I'm going to give what he wanted his name to be. There is totally acceptable, loggerheads, oh yeah still, everyone else does I do not have an answer go and reveal your answers? We ever Jani saying chris mc candlish, still saying Alex sounds anderson ever trail was chosen name uganda's brodie, saying Chris. something Cason christopher. While I I saying shining korean saying I forget, I forget actually of sean pen who directed that movie. I think the correct answer is chris MC handling alexander superstructure. I want a clear clearly not accepting Alexander I've. I vote. No. There was this that was his chosen name. Are you telling people
what bathroom to go into now to get the fuck yeah he identified and that's where he identified classic film of two thousand and twenty two has taught you anything. What you identify with is where you're at spencer, our youngest was the only one who got them in correct rate. We're here: oh you're, accepting christopher candle and he also had whale shawn. Okay get it. I think I should get a list of if you don't accept what either there's a previous examples of people getting half an answer and getting. If you don't accept what I wrote I'm going to be so pissed, that's what he had. If I'd as alexander super tramp, I would actually lean towards giving in to see yes What is our guess, what it? What do you think would? Would you take that answer? No way I was impressed, but no he's not in charge of the show About I'm going to say no was asked first I don't get you anything in jeopardy. Do you have,
the abolition on this show a long history and withdrawing cormick. No, not mccormick mecca. The mecca we're gonna go with a lumber, odeon cow. Ok, can you tell me standing I grant s name. the name of what he wanted to be called. He changed his name too, that we always it was ok. well, you know, because you forgot what you believe me fill army. Knave me a famous athletes who was once on the weeds box what are you doing there lay now. Please please talk to me the individual, namely to be legally changed it Michael Jordan. Oh so it has illegal you and accepted it. wasn't legal. Are you sure tell me the name phil What is the individual's name, or will it lay in real entire? Our share with me the individual's name. I think I think, of the armor athlete who is wheaties box, please.
How modalities you know why you can't do it, you won't do it! That's why right now, I can't say bruce general. I think this, I think they say what you can't say. Chris bacchanals he was alexander, supervised This carries a lot of land read from his bio. It says Christopher Johnson, candlish, also known by a pseudonym alexander super trap. I think I would give it Thank you boy I want. I want a trivial super vanity to just go through and come up for our host, who would want to know just just a general guideline to what is a correct answer if he heads If you mean higher varies a famous athlete. There was on a way box,
I thought you were going gonna mohammed Ali, unlike his aim, is cash is clearer now yet, if you said who's, the boxer that blanketed blank blank- and I was like mohammed ali- ah, its cash clay, bullshit dude,. I think, we'll give it he had that been given in a multiple choice. I mean that's. All I'm saying is like there's the correct answer. It is in quotations which isn't you're asking way to play a one way too, you know we were trying to keep this game tight, and here we are billion scoreboard. Outdated,
it has zero seth's and brody. Have one cal and jonas have three and steve? Oh, my god, he has four coins in the job. The silent killer that benefited from a hill fills the killer. Not so silent teeth are coming out at. Rhonda question sixty tabbies conservation, now is only that question in the week, which was won by josie public for sending this. good question: Joe, is going to get a copy of the mediator fish in game, cookbook autograph by steve. If you want a chance to win the listener question the weak. Send your question to trivia at the mediator to come this bird, which can be hunted
forty. Two states is involved in more aircraft collisions than any other animal and I'll give you a hint. It is not a canada. Goose shit Raise worse, you wanna gave a hand to hand be hunted in forty two states, this bird, which can be hunted in force two states is in involved in more aircraft collisions than any other animal and I'll give you a hint. It is not a candidate use notice, I'm writing very reluctantly slowly, but as road costs, Wait a minute ago, this is like before I even finished question steve was writing down canada, goose, which we would have as well. Isn't that the that's the bird that you know the miracle on the hudson valley. Again. This is our listener questions weak! That's how much I like this damn question. Nine months ago on gotta say it was growing canada guph
or, as you always do now, only because it's solely my wheel- that I think, is what he said. No my aircraft he took, he took the control. He sees the controls from the copilot saying my aircraft. Does everybody an answer I go and reveal your answers. We have Jani same morning. Job seizing crow whale set, saying, pin tail grow you saying snow, goose, cow, saying dove while I said saying, snow, goose and corinne saying what is it? What is it was mallard, but I trust that smokers snow. smaller the correct answer, which somebody got his morning, dove very ill can I call any honest weight as those girls yes what are we will come back and how we are going to give you dumb. Kinds of doves we're going to give
down, I was writing morning dove, but I don't know from brody on previous gang generally bag. According to the federal aviation administration, a lead percent of birds struck by aircraft are mourning dogs and, although now these seven percent of aircraft collisions are with birds strikes with other animals do occur. the most commonly struck non bird species are whitetail, deer and coyotes. Was crow anywhere on that list. Maybe because I just put dogs is like not, you know, does he know? One cares why I put it down bff a then give much detail. They say morning. Dove is the most struck bird and then it's something we that, although only like five percent of collisions happen with waterfowl, they make up like fifty percent of damage to air, have you seen there? You see the video clip of that pitcher famous many jobs landed morning, double the baseball played for the diamond backs. What mariners
first, like ninety nine our pay. I am had hair like south used to that's right right, I shouldn't seven. The topic is gear, one of the top five states, with the highest rate of gun ownership. This number is calculated how many people own guns tracked against the total population, so name, the top five states, with the highest rate of gun ownership, its quick answers in the room, how you feeling she's not given any hint will yet five choose from everybody haven't answered. Yes, you re ass. He lived attitude, we have deanna, saying idaho, seizing alaska whale, said, saying, alaska, brodie, saying texas, cal saying so the killing a wall. I sat saying texas in korea. Already we that's balls, the right of those choices on your part and brought this weird choice. Wolf
not one. I have nothing to lose. I can't win this game because it's got so many like. If you get like Dallas, you got Houston, you know what you mean. It's like going places where not a lot of people, the five states. Our montana wyoming alaska, idaho, and where virginia! Oh, very! Well, your choices around man. You got F, though, data was compiled by out in your mouth,
I mean I knew a lot of was on the list. I knew wyoming was on the list, so you just put one that you didn't know that was pretty common that game you people want to win that actual information know your year. The repetitiveness of the conversation alert- or you came here to argue gender politics apparently do have to talk about how things are scored, that the percentage who is going to get an answer. That's not really the point you might need to bring in you fine, and I reiterate our emo marshall person on the planet. Can it be that everyone agrees that person calls it, and you can't argue it? That's the truth. This data was compiled by would all your research centre. Montana is number one with a sixty six point. Three percent
ownership rate, the bottom five in gun ownership rate or mass. to use its new jersey, rhode, island, hawaii and new york. We have phil as the impartial party I had overruling now on the nodding marshall bills got little access to grind man upsets over there. I sit across rooms. I've seen that little girl he's got little hatchets to grind or steel sellers will be reactions. On the question of aid, we will get a scoreboard updates from impartial phil. After this, that's not gonna call me how big is silent, killer and impartial bill? What animal lays the biggest egg in the world?
What animal, what animal lays the biggest egg in the world? Not many quick answers. Well, I got a cup of coffee quick outside, because I thought you were saying earlier how you never talk before question answered axiom. Why is? Does it What is an animal? I reside and call a little conference like when they have a good thing in your like in based While the manager goes out and talks to the picture, the coach or whatever use a sports reference go. Go ahead, says that had an actual question. Oh no! I don't am too nervous. Yeah too nervous he's within arms reach of steve to get pilots that everybody have an answer. I do
It's good. one of them. I didn't know their questions. What animal The big worry is that in the world, johnny good. go ahead and reveal we have yana, saying emu c emu whales without an answer. Brodie saying whale sharks like it's over covering ostrich, while I sat saying ostrich and korean thing ostrich, or their sharks that weighs eggs and on their sharks that why, beyond the person over vigorous I, the answer is ostrich can't be better than the moves eg. Oh that's what I had a racer, because I thought you'd tell him a bird, although it's the biggest egg in the world, it's actually the smallest, egg. In relation to the size of the bird The ostrich age egg is about three point: five pounds, which is the equivalent in volume to two dozen of Jani chicken eggs. I see brodie picked up.
Bone. I think he's googling whales legs eyes now tell you do what are you doing Well, you know what I saw can believably cute is only the second time I've ever seen. It is a little hummingbird nest where we were camping and he'd come and sit near and just kind of relax and they're the cutest thing on the planet. whoever he shall not. I own. I only looked up like do. They share necessary I will end on this matter, this mass so small that the hummingbirds hadn't taylor areas ago did you see the eggs? No, I try to get my kid decline. They don't have load for they didn't want to disturb it. Did you you'd have to get right up in its business? To kind of look, you know would have been If you could have seen him lang, one
yeah the throne film for real I'm. Looking at the scoreboard right now, and I feel like I've made a mistake, but I'm going to read this out loud. Just to hear steve's response in last place with one point is brody Henderson wow, the guy, with the most average right I now about Steve catch up alone, nice? coming up tied for second place with two points of peace. We have that es whale and, while I and korean and then tied for first place, each with five points are cows. Listen steve? I remember going into the last two questions, though their bitch and his little face off and he's sitting there in the number one slot We have not had overtime in a while, so today minimise modelled and christopher ontonagon Christopher. Does I wouldn't this room feel
like an alternative reality like I what it might be, the whale lover, have labelling we're has question. Ninety topic is mountain men. This next great question comes. It will be a robber Davis. If you have a question, you think is right, Eighty two trivia, you can send it to trivia at the mediator dhaka. Does he wins the now we had our back in question six gallantly win if you want, I signed a book by you. Boys are talking about you have yearnings umpires with we declare that they re marks. You're kidding me out Are they work that I need you sign after this for him? Here's the question: making was a popular food for mountain man because its lightweight, stable and nutritious named two of them three primary ingredients used to make. Pemmican pemmican was a popular food for mountain men because
lightweight, stable and nutritious. I need you to name two of the three pillars: very ingredients used to make pemmican. Don't worry, Why do I care about rodeo series like? Are you done cal, but I do feel like this mount man. Category is like totally skewed towards your your you know. Your jam being american and all you should build every question as if they're going to be about your bone now something he may have carried would been pemmican their body of an answer. For two or three ingredients go ahead and reveal your answers. We have yadda saying berries in meat steve, saying, dry meat and fat whales. saying, dried meat and fat brodie saying will turn out of a threat to out of the
Everybody knows all three got kale. In fact, you have only says bad law license and and meat corinne saying meat and berries, the it did well for the people who wrote down to answer this. A subject that has made me the three ingredients are meat, fat and fruit or nuts, so the room did mary rooney grown up and my dad. We learned panic in every single year by every single teacher Meanwhile, you down in anyhow any man pemmican was invented by native american bottles and widely adopted our travellers and explores across the continent to know me, but right now he's out of re. No, no he's not If you want a great part of the wider circle, yeah there's been a winter serbia.
If you want a great recipe for this super food check out, brody Henderson's, twenty eighteen article on the meeting you not waver, called pemmican regional hunters embroidery was just salty that this question was written for Steve. Despite having about that article and is had a lot to say about in ten the game is still up for grabs. The topic is fishing. This state has world records for cobia roanoke bass, northern snake had white bass and blue catfish. What is it this state has world records for cobia, roanoke bass, northern snake had white bass and blue catfish? What is it we are down to cow, Steve.
The Addis steed may have had the quickest answer in the room, how you feeling seventy percent a guy, put a percent on it for you cow, plain without money right now, a thousand a thousand or zero jani where's. Your confidence at very low, very low I was at a map of the united states. Yeah cobia, roanoke bass, northern snake had white bass and blue catfish. Now my com shake and finally got reaction that which they did. You say you said records world record world record world record. Those are the real, once yes, it's like I'm glad can't fish in Kansas. I don't know where the reckless Are you saw on competing brody? Oh, I want to
the answer right yeah does everybody have an answer, no one, but man, I might change my answer. That's painful Well yeah. I guess I'm just focused on the overlap of species, not the world records, which I know absolutely nothing about. That's more than I think we have a show landing, say, shaken three leaders. Room here does monkey lists have anything to say my homunculus as last year is a physical. More time we have cobia roanoke bass, northern snake had white bass and blue catfish, Everybody ready or council go ahead and reveal your answers. We have Jani, saying maryland steep saying north carolina whale seth, saying Minnesota, brody, saying Virginia calcium virgin, while I said saying north carolina in korean saying merely occupies a good year, we do have correct answer in the room.
It is virginia on makes this go to a three way: tiber acres! I right! That's why you and you know what roanoke is in virginia and us on those two obvious well role. now hold my humiliated joy. In virginia- and I think roanoke colony, where the the famous thing happen, I think, is in north carolina, so two states should a narrowly north carolina like so well known for cobia. What's a collage virginia them because the Roanoke deal I was late and virginia roanoke Virginia is just a state or a world record fishy place. Just this morning, I wrote this question last I just this morning, the new world record for fish was caught, which also came from four. This has always been. My heard of this was my quite like an in regards to so You can go in fish. You know six miles north virginia in maryland waters, and
a hundred miles off shore and if you return to your virginia harbour, It is a virginia world record yeah. No I'm like a lot of that stuff is just. I think, how you'd departments and natural resources can scrape together some more efficient dollars. We are onto the thai breaker I dunno. If he has noodles. But we now have a tie. Breaker sounder. only related knows it here. I sit on this timeframe for months and it has been a while and if you haven't heard, fills tiber eggers? It's very but I always common. I ask bill for like a five dollar piece of audio and then fill gives us like a thousand dollar piece of audio, so good. Every time we need something got. If I would again too. Three pemmican material mixing materials, yo yo spencer, you specifically asked for hip hop air horns. I had at those in the hip, hop
it's a hip hop air horn, but that doesn't make any sense at all. First, your lead, you can be sick. You can be thirty, four, The thai breaker topic is fishing. What is the average com asked of an annual resident fishing licence in america in twenty twenty two. What is the average cost of an annual resident fishing licence in america and twenty twenty two? This is a numeric question, which means the closest between Steve. Janius and cow will be declared our winner, and none of that, like over under bullshit just clauses euro need a second time breaker. I have four of them.
But is this the disease to afghan? Although so I know what I know a little, but I don't remember, is gonna write cow? How you feeling I mean we're all gonna be in the ball fired. You really think so, yes good to know. Let's see if you're right are you three? you're going to reveal your answers. We have yours, thinks seventeen dollars steve, twenty dollars in cash. Saying sixteen dollars the answer is twenty five by land border sense were silent? Killer comes in and winds Otherwise I will kill. Everyone else goes silent. Good.
The words everybody is aware. There man, you know what I saw an email that was too spencer. The other week goes like please more mountain man related questions. Please now? What do you want for that? Hit the you hate, so much there's one five hundred dollar donation set: there's your publisher. Actually a nonprofit like a legitimate private was ago. Mountaineers books in seattle I want my that answered the conservation group. jerkily publishing a lot of them. Tell us about it. They always they publish environmental work. Absolutely
but they do want to sell books think they started the years ago. Publishing mountaineering guiding books, but, but now I m not ever looks as the pre eminent nonprofit, publisher, mountaineering histories, biographies conservation, adventure, narratives, natural history and other guy right there dugouts I like it. I want my five dollars: the go to cells polisher, because I appreciate that they pay south, but it's important, but these important rider. No wonder I want them to have the money. These are showing you that's a good use of the victory but they re much says name even said. Thank you for playing you had borne join its next week for more mediator, trivia, Yonah games. We're conservation, always wins
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