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Ep. 368: Game On Suckers! MeatEater Trivia XXV

2022-09-14 | 🔗

Spencer Neuharth hosts MeatEater Trivia at the First Lite flagship store in Hailey, ID with Clay Newcomb, Clay Hayes, Thomas Krick, Jess Johnson, Ben Dettamanti, Tony Peterson, Sam Soholt, and Lydia Smith.

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The The media part kids, Welcome to meat eater tribute, the only game show we're conservation, always wins. I'm euro spent in new art than today were joined by eight special guess, which also happen to be people who have never played meaning trivia before I'm sorry, seven people plus we have cleaner. Who are generally play, but he's one try. no, this episode is being recorded at the first light, who nanny in the first light flagship store. So in honor of being here, I've grabbed eight of my favorite first light ambassadors to test him in a game of meat. Eater trivia join me: SAM soho, thomas crick, vendetta, money lydia's. If tony petersen clay haze, just johnson in clay newcomb. Now going to do this, since most of you folks, are new to the mediator. Podcast Weena go around the room on. Have you
Do you sell give little elevator pitch, but what you do? I'm thomas crick ironic, Draw with my brother Nate Nebraska were outdoor media company, so you can find us on youtube. Identical draw. His brother looks just like him. That's a good one I am just johnson and government affairs director for the. Why me wildlife, adoration, I'm the one hunting and angling lobbyists in the state of why I mean I am down in lander wyoming hunt all over the west and I'm one of the artemus sportswoman co founders. my name's vendetta monti, otherwise known as shed crazy and like to pick up on some party, it's about all I do. You can find me on youtube instagram under shed crazy, like to have a good time
I miss tony peterson and I am a full time. Meat eater employee now, who I think most of my job. Besides writing articles and filming some stuff is to keep the lights on for mark kenyon, so he could go fish every single day of his life and post pictures of cutthroat trout on instagram. I think that's my main gig I'm sam so hope I am a photographer videographer in hunting history, as well as the co owner of publicly panties. and anybody listening might know me better as a guy who drove a bus round for couple years talking about conservation, and what a smith and I'm a full time wildlife artist as well as a hunting guide in the fall a passionate about archery, accounting and kind of that's where I take my passion, mostly clay, become coon hunter. Do clay liaison, primarily a youtube content creator, folks non traditional artery. Irrational by running- and I also have when these native alone right now
yeah a better way to eyes. Some of these a folks is that they're, some of my favorite people to follow on instagram, so you should go, give them a follow because it's some of the best running content. You find on that at no clay, newcomb You ve played trivia before. What's your eye advice to these seven new? No, I think man? I really hope stephen brody, don't listen to this. What the bed news that all of us have stephen brody aren't here because they're really good so the mob best advice to you is: go with your gut. Usually that first instinct is right. Then try to be is secure as you possibly can, with spelling specificity and usually with a little bit of social tat, you can get spencer, two eggs. The answer- maybe you know, cover yourself in a mistake that was you didn't, really know, but you can't just relax, spies,
stag of daylight, that's a good red on the game. There s my advice now, if you're not familiar, this is a ten round quiz show with questions from media spore vertical, which are hunting, fishing conservation and cooking, and there is a price as meteor will don't eight five hundred dollars to the conservation organization of the winners choosing not a premium? game trivia. We have similar housekeeping to get too. We talked about how to find these our polaris, which is also known as the north star. So here's the Answer to that question, the north star is the last star in the handle of the little dipper or you can find pointer stars, which are the outer two stars in the bowl of the big deal. These two stars are called the pointers because they point at the star polaris staying out a fund that hey spencer, do you think like who's who, in this room the is like that
the candidate that you think the dark horse candidate who thinks you know when I think the newcomb? Well, now, aside thats a given at a given time- and I think this corner over here that the tony petersen, guys, Are they the old guy like all this guy? Isn't it you got more wisdom Peter I think, would would as that's who, as a lot of pressure, no disrespect. Anyone is it's probably tough, Also, on a previous game, a trivia, we had a question about what fish produces smurf meet. The answer was link cod, but a few folks rode into. Let me know that camp zone in greenland also sometimes have blue flesh The question that was specifically in the nickname, smurf me, which is almost exclusively used to describe link. I now understand why there be some confusion and if you did, the cap is on or the greenland, I would accept those answers, but no one in our show did
Didn't change the outcome of the game. with that we are onto mediator. Trivia play the drop phil. Oh look. I need to know what I stand when everything else is tend to win the game on suckers question one? The topic is woodsmen ship and this will be my What choice this first great question comes to us from John schlesinger, If you have a question you things right for media trivia, you can intended to trivia at the mediator: dot com, According to you, toss state university, what type of fire would burn the hottest. Is it box elder mobile? oh say george or white ash again, according to utah state university? What type of firewood burned the hottest. Is it box elder mobile,
oh, say george, white ash. We had some are quick answers in the room from are so good question crick and clay haze clay. You writing. Before I gave the choices eating. You know this one yeah, I'm pretty confident, very confident. Again you choices are box elder mulberry, osage agent, near the boy you as you can take cues from people based on anything. They say it's why, when you're in the court, they say, like- I don't say a word, they'll make I contact with people like clay, just confirmed his guy finance gave his holidays confirmed my confidence. Does anybody have an answer to go ahead and reveal your answers? We have thomas saying, oh say, George, just saying ash Ben saying oh say, george tony saying oh say: george sam saying box, elder lydia, saying box elder clay look, I'm saying oh say, george clay, hey saying oh, say, george.
The correct answer is osage. Orange right did pretty well on the boar baby, osage orange burns. Thirty two point: nine million bt use per cord of wood on Presently, it's also one of the heaviest types of wood in north america other words that burn nearly as hard as oh say: orange include apple beach, black locus honey, locusts and white oak now also makes a fine self bow. I tell you. I've had enough, like the middle finger Firewood I like in near in home, fireplace really earned in those areas. Origin like took it. A lot of people are burning. Osage orange, though no The only way I know what it is you know, A ton osage orange on my property in it makes incredible fence post, through them long arkansas, winners, island. Aren't I dont brad of route for four. He, if you going internet, you need to burn it sparingly with other wood because it will melt your fireplace wow, wow question to the topic is hunting. What
Nineteen. Eighty four videogame developed by nintendo allows players to shoot ducks clay pigeons and their own hunting dog. again what nineteen eighty four videogame developed by nintendo allows play there's to shoot ducks clay pigeons. and their own hunting dogs. quick answers in the room again clinic. Did you have a video game system grown up man there was one of my house, but I was not a video game out, as always the one that was mad. It, france and britain replace them it feels like it's in your wheelhouse. You know it yeah. I knew this one. Is everybody have an answer
go ahead and reveal your answers. We have tom, saying big buck hunter Jeff, saying I've never played a video game in my life that good answer. Japan, saying duck, hunt tony saying: duck: hunt sam, saying, duck, hunt lydia without an answer I was going to say, but cant been. I that duck, hunt, clay, newcomb, say duck hunter and clay. Hay says: duck hunter the correct answer is dark hunt, I'm not going to give it to you. Clay have the duck hunter that same guy shoulda went with what clay did and just kind of did like that. Scribble I had to erase the e r. I had it on there, but I got it hey! That's pretty tough! answer. I mean I would be voting to give it to him, but I I think we're gonna. I think we gotta keep with dog. Had doc. because it's old over twenty eight million copies worldwide the game doesn't
Equally have an ending, but it does stop. If you beat level ninety nine you'll old to level zero were the ducks cannot be shot and the dog you wanna loop, scribe as a glitch out nightmare that will eventually cause the system to restart, while fill the engineer. Euro awry gaming expert here. Did you ever get into duck on it all, a little before my time, but you know they were, but our more shots, its own air. I gotta, I gotta know, go well again, but but yeah. I play dumb before. Question three battalion fishing. This extra question comes: you must, via Anna go lightly. If you have a question, you think right for mediator. Trivia. You can send it to trivia at the mediator. Dot com. there are seven gar species in north America. Did you do name three of them again there are seven guard Species in north america, looking for you to name three.
think this is going to be dependent on if you grew up or living gar country, which are they good portion of our room does not? Where were we by god country. I mean anything, that's not the rocky mountains. Bravo can you get seven to choose from I'm just looking for three, only right down three. If you write down for you, gonna get it wrong I wouldn't say I grew up in gar country, but I shot a whole bunch of em on the river growing up as gar khatri yeah that counts yep. Alright,. Does anybody know that they have this right? I feel real, confident idea. old man, tony I want to come even oldest one here screen Does everybody have three answers written down?
nervous about go ahead and reveal your answers? We at tom, saying long, nose, alligator silver, just saying gar, one or two or three ben zhang, alligator, blue and needle nose. Tony saying short knows long nose, alligator sam saying alligator Lydia, saying alligator and eastern clay Look I'm saying long nose, alligator, spotted gar clay, hey, saying long, nose, alligator, snake, tooth. What's that one say exactly the same: species are alligator long nose short knows spotted florida, tropical and cuban wait, a couple. People get it right for them, so that I didn't we did tony peter saint Clair newcomb got it make an argument for this negative cousin will, unless we're going latin names and pretty much make up a common aim. This is that snag.
That's a very common name in milton florida. You hear people coms, negative snag, of course, once now, just where up nicknames make up nickname the largest of the seven gar species is the alligator. Although there are now only found in the deep south in mexico, their historic range extends all the way to states like ohio, indiana illinois in Kentucky they ve also Introduced to water bodies in California, I was at the wonders of wildlife museum in springfield Missouri couple weeks ago, and they have this like world class aquarium system, but you through in your like in the water feels like it, and I have I get a car, that's I may I bet it's long and sport lawn teenage. in inches diameter amended their incredible animals, dinosaurs, yeah, for those things to live in like indiana again a guard before
for this topic is foraging. What common leaf Bridged plant was declared the king of vegetables by king louis, the fourteenth. then what commonly foraged plant was declared the king of vegetables, king louis, the fourteenth Nobody knew this wanted, appears roses and be taking an educated guess. gang or king louis, the fourteenth declare vest commonly foraged plant be king of vegetables, as per usual a straight gas xenia the competent they got this one good. go ahead and reveal may have tommy, saying asparagus, jesting, asparagus ben, saying, mushrooms, tony saying asparagus, say I'm so hold saying: wild onion, Lydia, saying radish clay newcomb,
saying, mushrooms, clay haze. Without an answer, the rapporteur, vegetable, a mushroom yeah, I don't know a king louis you broke you answer is: asparagus ooh, while stinky bees, the ranch, brought the first asparagus to america. Sometime around the sixteen fifties escaped. Innovation here some time in the early eighteen hundreds and became commercially grown in the eighteen sixties King, we love that stop. There is even a rumor he had an asparagus fleet. it send out like around europe. Did you say they asparagus, while it so much you liked it. The king of vegetable, clay you gonna asparagus grown at home. We are, we do misty grows asparagus, she does its corky little plant, but is good we're just pick it up. Above beside the road where I live really areas while narrow ditches, wyomings asparagus. Well, some hot tips here for
urging the fast as well I gotta hey. I didn't realize that it could be forged Oh wildly foraged, I didn't know that this is news to me where you think it came from. I don't know mangrove. Where does everything come from growth while those the basement asparagus called where it grows out of that a crown, a crown is that why all the crampton but I like it around the question five we'll get a scoreboard update from feel after this. The topic is gear. What you called the measurement that's taken between a bowstring in the deep is part of the grip. Again, what do you call? The measurement that's taken between aid oh string and the deep is part of the grip. Few folks knew this one right off? The bat still have some people thinking. Get into the measurement taken between a bowstring in the deepest part of the grip
The glazed look like they know it. Both you looked at his arkansas, the answer right off. Tony petersen knew it Ben looks like you. I'm second guessing big time now, everybody haven't answered: registers on killing drop a network go and reveal your answers. We have thomas that an answer just saying draw length. Ben say embrace height tony saying brace, I say I'm saying brace site lydia without an answer. Diagram in clay, eying brace high they got at the answer, is bray site. So my argument here is: is that not also at full draw a measurement from bowstring too middle. Now now that's what I said. Guest on when the question re read, but
in general. This is where, if you're steve or brody it through a new element and spencer's answers, get it usually bend been in general, these shorter, the brace height, be faster, the bow and the less for giving it is, but the lung the brace height the slower, the bow and the more for giving it is most longbows. Enricos have a brace site around eight inches, while most flagship compounds are typically closer to six we are halfway through the game of trivia. Fill the engineer. Give us a scoreboard update. We'll do yet to make it appears on the board zero points we have lydia. with one point: Jes with two points: Yes, we have clay h, sam and thomas And Ben has three points: clay newcomb has four points in first place: I'm not gonna, go
I'm old man, because he, since we have tony peterson five pitching a perfect game, tilney loud pressures on well done a certain eu that score? I thought me tony we're tired you gotta spared I didn't they missed one that I got no do you. You can get it doesnt miss now canyon, I could be added.
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right for mediator? Trivia, you can send it to trivia at the media that come my Vic is this college most famous alumni whose mass got is a male turkey, Michael Big? Is this college most famous alumni whose mass got is a male turkey? famous or infamous, given both Nobody knew this one right off the bat again we're looking for where Michael Vick went to college because their mass, is a male turkey. I don't even know whom I back That's not going to help you very much, and I do not have that. Is there a male turkey, A male, too, must be an obscure call. It yeah, What region of the country is in
mr not giving any hence their mass gatt, though, is a male turkey. Clay? You know an ecologist, I mean I'm trying to even just guess. I don't even have an educated guess. everybody has an answer is going to come up with one. This might break the perfect game. go envy rancid! We had tommy, saying screen Jes without an answer: benzene, west virginia tony in auburn, sam saying, what's that say, cloaca acre you lydia without an answer and the clays without an answer that was a rough one. The answer is virginia tech, who I was close. I was on the wrong virginia virginia tech's. Current mascot is the hokey, but they used to be known as the gobblers in the early nineteen hundreds, the university actually had a live tom. Turkey, as it's mascot, he was trained. Gobble on command and at once, the fight with another teams, bull dog,
what's the command that makes it goggle on our door slamming or some kind of like yeah exactly a hand in rome on command trained best trained to large. So now Now there the whole keys, but their mass gather they haven't sidelines, is still a big male. Turkey. question? Seven d topic is public lands. africa's largest native american reservation consists of sixteen million acres letters, across arizona, new mexico utah. What is it the topic- is public lands. America's largest native american reservation consists of sixteen million acres letters. but across arizona new The and in Utah what is it he's gonna get on board, yes, answered seem like the quick gas. The right to have an answer Go ahead, will be your answers. We have tom, saying cherokee
jesting nebo Ben saying nebo tony saying apache same without an answer lit. lydia saying never ho you come saying: neighbourhood, nation and hey, saying nebo. Greg is the neighbourhood nation reservation feed. You said, never hello, give it to you, the boy demi, pretty well retired Lastly, we I also went like so at last, multiple many years we ve been at these must someplace ask about. In the biggest A piece of my life is like people basketball, score keepers, Like I watched my aim because they get it wrong, I mean it's like we just or three points, and you gave it to the other team untrustworthy. Our keepers,
like I'll watch, n b, a games and I'm like watching the lay like score, and I'm like watching the t v like they didn't, give him the point and then being it pops up like okay, they didn't know what. What does this have to do with the I don't know now, the navigation is four times larger than the next biggest reservation. Its total acreage is even bigger than ten. U s states in Like most reservations, it's actually grown significantly over the last one hundred fifty years. Question. I will get another scoreboard update after this. The topic is cooking, be fine basic taste of food are sweet, sour, salty bitter and blank jenny. Five basic taste of food are sweet, sour, salty bitter and blank looking for the fifth basis.
taste canary those requires a certain views, and now this will happen here. Aren't more of the five basic taste sweet, sour salty bitter. So I'm looking for the fifth one, quick, if there's some non answer so far. I second guessing mine, now meeting real confidence about two seconds their body have an answer. Go envy your answers. We are time saying you mommy, Just saying acid Ben saying bland tony saying so lazy, sam saying, spicy, lydia, saying savory, newcomb, saying savory and hey saying: what's it say good, good. I could be
The answer is savory or mommy. Catch is either as an on going ok test. My thing here, what flavors, every word is foods that are said to have a savory or who mommy flavour include seafood red meat, age, cheese, sea, weed, soybeans. Mushrooms tomatoes came chee and green tea, but in a twenty, seventeen ted talk, doktor, nickel or gar now argue that there actually be a sixth basic flavour which would be fat, so savory or mommy's things like mushrooms clay, where would spicy I thought a good answer. Turning I had two minutes.
That's the guy had a you now that you're right, I don't even know, if he's, if he's winning he's, really courteous to become lebaron. Think about I actually thinking on this, my allotted vices and flavour: it's an army in translation. A lot of things can be sweden, spicy or savareen spacey. So don't think. Spicy is more of a type of bad. What every corner demonstrators? Nobody lydia? Nobody asked you catch up in all our sweet, sour, salty, bitter and savory, or who mommy fail. Give us a scoreboard update. We have two questions left that's right, everyone's on the board now, which is great congratulations, but their only three players left in the game. We have been with four points, tony Peter Five and in first place, as he just reminded us, clay newcomb with six
question nine. The topic is wildlife. This is our listener question of the week, which was won by coltan soggy stead for sending great question: Courtney is going to get a one hundred dollar first, like gift card. If you want, Hence the winner listener question a week. You can send your question to trivia the mediator. Dot com. born between march and may the bay, he's from this mammal are often referred to as red dogs born between march and may the baby he's from this mammal, are often referred to as red dogs. yes knew this one right away, but ass, the room not as fast clay. I feel about this yes m tony petersen, I feel lies not good as is certainty. Helped me. Ok, gave some
way. Who else is in the game? We have clean tony who then, how you feel about this one very confident in my complete guess? Okay, everybody have an answer: go ahead and reveal your answer? Is we are tom, saying fox jets bison then saying beavers tony saying uttered minds and without any answers, lydia saying some mammal bore, naked newcomb, saying prairie, dog and hazing squirrel be correct. Answer is bison, while some young workers, red dogs get their name from their oranges, red color and size them you're no longer applies after a few months, because that's when their hair starts to change to a dark brown in their character, six, shoulder hump in horned, begin to grow dishonest. I didn't! So much away. Did I well while meme prairie, dog As you know, I was wrong for
poker you're. The one we are onto our last question gives, scoreboard update, fill out only getting change. Did it nothing changed, but Ben has lost his opportunity to catch up. Let's do a two point, final question that is between tony and clay, who have five and six points respectively. Tony last question. The topic is fishing and I don't think this either. One of your last question is: is the final question sophie It's it wrong. I get wrong. I still when that's right tell their works. And for a time. Oh, I don't know either. One of you have an advantage here, though name too of the top five states with the most shark attacks. again, I am looking for two of the top five states.
The most shark attacks- and this is looking at data taken over the last decade to the top five states newcomer you feelin. You know fair tony I echo that sentiment. I don't feel that great about this, and I thought I like these when, as I give you some of the top of the annual sum reasoning, skills summit Does anybody have an answer? Looking for two states, We are your answers. We are tom, saying Florida in north carolina jesse in California? In florida Ben, saying south carolina in florida. Tony in florida in south carolina sam in hawaii in florida, Lydia saying hawaii in florida newcomers in california and florida in hastening californian florida, the top five or laura hawaii, south carolina north carolina in California.
everyone had he got well done. SAM and I were the best on that and look as we got. The first who answered s right to Florida overwhelmingly leads a nation in shark attacks with two hundred thirty six in the last decade, The next closest is a why you, with seventy three south carolina with forty three north carolina with thirty two in california, with twenty nine, show, Skill one person in america each year which has happened. Many people who die because of vending machine falls on them I know what one's more likely to happen, clay newcomers are winner- coming in seven logo and played good performance by everybody testing the mushroom vegetable can have any doubt about this. It was the best answer now what happens. Next clay as the winner gets to choose worthy five hundred dollar donation goes so what's going on
I'm goin! How for wildlife, what you like about the man? I think those guys have given a it is not full solution, but they put egg a good solution to influencing legislation? honey legislation all over the world, They do a good job of rallying people to get. emails into important peoples in boxes we seen that work and it is one of the most its is. I think that such a common answer for how to combat, anti hunting legislation in this country, but how for awhile I've taken a good swing at it. I like him just as somebody who traffics in that space. You agree you like how. Yes, I've. I say yes and because this is what how does where actually do think that you have to do more than just the howl
as the lobbyists are very rarely ever see. Petitions ever actually work if they're, not income, like accompanied by real life stories from people that are on the ground. So a lot of legislators will get these Petitions in their inbox, although get seven hundred email saying all the same thing and that all goes one folder and then it goes into the trash can, but the email them get that has a subject line. That says, please vote! No because subject line, you say vote now on how spill forty three or whatever it is, and in your piece to give a two or three sons: don't write a whole book, but a two or three sentences. I'm of course, I'm your constituents, I care very deeply that shit changes votes. So what do you do if you're, not a parlous state? You can't write that email. I mean. swear. How is good, if you're not out of the state, its good, that they see that there is a lot of eyes on them from outside. I was for being a bill this last year that
seven hundred and fifty emails in each of their in boxes. It didn't change anything until twelve people physically. She, nothin talked and we still lost it, but they weren't listening until people showed up in person. Hunters needed it your asses to the capital and be there in person. So how does a good job, but it's not the whole job yeah. It does a great job. Getting the information out there, fantastic job do that. it's our end of the game of trivia, but I'm so stoked on. Like the first light story, I don't think I did a good enough job last episode of of talking about how cool is so. as our guest, throw some superlatives around about what you like about this place. How needed is why you'd swing in fewer than like an hour. He had come up and see this place. I, like that I love it just as soon as you walk in there's a wall tent set up. I mean this, just Did the cool building nice vibes, falling
Decorations duckling resonate with you a lot more like verses, regular shops, year round you're. Looking at things that you do, that you arrogance pretty We, in my opinion, great colors great set up its organised fossil, Just the advantage of having every peace here to be able to touch and feel and try on is is a big when it's pretty s very cool store specially for the women out there that are looking to see how things fat like this is a pretty long. Is it it literally. Every piece like everything that is sold by first lies in here that Awesome, I didn't need be able fitted all he has done it
yeah. It's one thing to look at it all on a website, but then, when you can actually walk around and feel the fabrics and stuff I have a feeling. A lot of people are going to get a lot of value out of that. Well done stoke that it'll be open by the time you hear this episode and that's it for meteor trivia. The only game show where conservation always wins. The.
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