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Ep. 376: Game On, Suckers! MeatEater Trivia XXIX

2022-10-12 | 🔗

Spencer Neuharth hosts MeatEater Trivia with Steven RinellaNY Mets players Pete Alonso, Chris Bassitt, Tyler Naquin, Tommy Hunter, David Peterson, Stephen Nogosek, and Sean Weaver, Phil Taylor, and Corinne Schneider

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media part. Kid is welcome to mean either trivia guiana game show were conservation, always wins. I'm your house It's a new art than today were joined by stephen we're nell machine weaver, corinthe schneider in a whole bunch of special guess from the new york met fellas. Please go around the room and introduce yourselves tommy honour, pitcher and with the mets stephen ago, sick, pitcher, rhythm nets, Chris Bassett pitcher, the mets PETE Alonzo first basement for the mets Stephen I play in every other way. I'd my boy: Debo dropped out italian acorn outfielder for the met David Petersen, pitcherful Let's give us a better interior than that. Now we're going to go around the room again tell us some of your bona fides when it comes to the outdoors. What you like to do: hunting fishing things like that. again I just I just like
outside whether fishing go on offshore tyres, fishing tarpaulins, the tartans her. What we got our general. I grew up in indiana indianapolis, but my eyes and fishing. My parents live in port charlotte, so we go down there, get offshore loved, nah, but also I live in ohio now, and I've got a few acres backyard. I've got a few few deer that run back. So we do that and then being a baseball. It's pretty much. You know expose me to the hunting world with all these. As an just get now in the off season in visiting with guys and honour killings. now. That was a good introduction. Everyone needs to match that now are they going to go sick? girl. Waterfowl hunting in northern, a foreigner the oregon and started my big game journey and then get my ass kicked ever since
p was predicted it you might win trivia, theirs dance aware: where in northern california, just north Sacramento, so I grew up and then we did all of our hunting inclusive Winners got in a bike clamour. Oh, no, I actually live in climate. That's where I went to the organ. That's why I kill my first took me three years, but cottonwood now yeah and Elk get my absolute basket. Why? I can't have now been closed. But it's a snaky darkened area, though to man I mean an outbreak. Climate warming are the best way When I had an honour its it's my hat when we get water, but also love. Just like natural flood rivers, I'm not a big like sitting blind and her sealed. I grew up doing it, but now it's! I can't do it anymore. When I get older, I'm definitely having a tommy
blind they want, and what are you doing? How do you? What are they doing instead likes? So me, I'm a pass gotta DE I missed we do in that and that's a lot of fun. I get out on the river and yet much more like go out the day before fine, we're the ducks or add and put your boat close, and so I built like handmade law lines, In my language now, just I've put perigord tides slivers on their open to the decoys and then based on a sudden. What's a time your honor blind. How he's going have to explain that sign that white collar- it's a which you explained as a ritz carlton
titan propane, heater yeah we're we're not getting cold yeah. What you want is going to be a cooler there's going to be ice. I mean we're going to we're going to yeah, I'm not laughing yeah yeah. It's we're not doing this body doesn't walk too far, yeah so yeah. but when I get older I'll have that right now, it's I want to go and find it nice to Chris Basle. Mostly white tail hunting got in. waterfowl last last year. Film fell their love. It been out west
elk hunting mule deer hunting, but mostly mostly I just chase around whitetail, bear barrier a little bit just because we have a season, but for the most part whitetail where'd you go decan north carolina last year was was horrible. There were just weren't ducks at all there and that was kind of everywhere. We went like I'm where I live now. It's like forty five minutes from hyde county north carolina, so big time perhaps there, but they are for the most part. I guess I just wait till steve out just I'll. Let you know that strange creature on the on the trail cam, I asked you about that- was that was his proper AL so that on some sort of strange mythical later on his trail vip wanted me to sell my hot spot just because he has shown that a cheap macabre them on their knees and sell that thing right now, but I didn't I'm going with it.
on pete alonzo, I grew up tap afford. I grew up doing the holes. Great vision and trout in provision super easier to fishery. Super easy to get off. Shore still have not landed on top, and yet I know that's that's weird can start and seasons, always in Baseball season, but I've done my fair share foot then tom, but sucks landon one and also when I was younger. I single white till hunting a lot with my grandpa and because of baseball and not the season just being super long and I'm consuming. I haven't really had enough time really go out and explore like the big game, I didn't really give a chance to do it until today, night Jane. When stephen, I went in
Colorado is nice enough to take me out, and I mean I've. I went back to the hereafter and in colorado got a really nice elk and it's just been something that I'm itching continuing to doing just broadening my experience outdoors in and hopefully the off season, get to do some, your fishing some free, diving and go offshore. P, when you win your next homer under beer, you gonna make another request to go hunting with steve I could probably call now you what if I was you, I would make a request to go spear fishing with cameroon. Kirkwall are right, then that's it, I'm smart, because down in your neck of the woods or asia ways these fishes out of florida. Ok, you know I'd be easy, what part a weapon for where do we meet up or down our ok? So I'm an for like four expertise in local convenience that be the baby to call out make yeah.
Absolutely I'm I'm down write that down my dear you don't make it into the playoffs play often shit one more Ok, now played one baby. A lot of people will say light we better when this whole damned thing or we better lose really fast, our earnest ass. It says that I want. I want to go home or I wonder when the whole damn thing of youth taken. Second, that sucks. I guess we waste no time in cuban off. We gotta do something different teller naked come from texas and, as far as I can remember, I've been. been white. Tell hunting many many years my family has grown up and waterfowl hunting as well. We actually my dad and brother, flew up here when
day night and we flew in early yesterday and we went to prodigy down here in jasper, georgia, it's a duck hunting and they make all those custom boats out there, and so we went over a couple cunning, builds and stuff like that. But after yesterday- and I am just extremely might my fur- They would promise extremely addicted to bow hunting like white tell and getting up in the tree in- and you know just like how to track these animals and learn how they work and see where they bed and things like that and getting the two your own bow and build. Are your own arrows and and just every little aspect of that and goes a long way for me, and probably my favorite would probably be l, cunning and stuff. I've watched, countless youtube videos and hours of you guys doing all the
stuff, and I just but we were always playing. So it's probably that would probably be my number one. As you know, the big game stuff, but mine has always been whitetail and and ducks to to this point grip: David petersen from in colorado, sam problem, the new guy in terms of hunting grope fishing a little bit in florida. And then always love being outdoors and I've never really how nobody close to me, who is an influence, hunting, lies and then friends, no going. I went to school together an organ he kind of started to plant this, a little bit with another team made of ours and then had a body one of my best friends from back home.
Got me into started, started with small game and thereby bunch pheasant and then add another friend from Texas who took me out of my first dear archery, hunt so kind of similar to what pete said looking forward to on getting some time outside of baseball season one. We're done and get out there a little more. So you guys you guys, went to college together. Then one with the same team, that's cool yeah! We we spent two years and organ together now go get drafted, red sox, I got drafted by the mats and then he ended up gettin traded over yeah. So I was drafted in sixteen he's after seventeen and then right because the draft was in june of sex. And then I was traded august, seventeen over and and so he, the young book.
this little guy. Even though, is not very little birdie idea. We came I kind of was talking about- and with one of our catchers who we were from the same area, hunted the same area and then he started it. I found a little worm out there and he started taking a little by little on now. Now excited over when citizens over. We can start gong hans a lot and we're sitting in Atlanta right now about to watch. You guys play the braves tonight. I saw on E s p n headline this morning that called this the biggest regular These are serious in decades Obviously really important games tell folks what's on the line here tonight. Well, What's on the line is so both teams have have clinched to play off spot, so both teams are in it's just a matter of
whoever basically ones. This series gets to win the division and winning the division. europe. We are rewarded by five or six off days before before play indeed divisional series and the loser. if we lose, I mean we still have games after this, but basically the loser of this are you still goes supply ups, but we only have one off day and we playing a three game series, as opposed to a five year series with five off day so off days are very, very rare in the in the baseball world and take him all get em, and especially now going into the policies in getting guys see you getting guys back ready to go and full power forest. That's gonna be huge, so we will also need to have a hell of a campaign shower? Yet you are describing. This is the playoffs before the playoffs right I mean essential, yeah yeah I, but for now
I focus on the meteor trivia, who do you guys think is going to win pete already predicted that steve is going to be the the match champion? How does everyone else feel that folks are going to do? I never claim that I'm going to say that I got to not the sharpest tool in the shed. I just like to read and learn, but I never said I could remember it on the spot. I got naik winter. If I had to pick, I think I got nato is kind of a sleeper, but another sort of get now the hype right now he could run away with this thing. I wouldn't be surprised. What are we it's gonna be a healthy way casually before. But what are we It was the cause of this is all random fellows very, like disney movies impede my way out of a million. This is at ten round quiz show with questions from media use for vertical, which are hunting fishing conservation in cooking, and there is a price as mediator, would donate five hundred dollars to the conservation organization of the winners choosing so this
testing, your knowledge of hunting fishing conservation, coatings that change anyone's answer now about who's gonna win our double down, make one Now every episode here and mediator trivia. We reveal a new stats this week, we're looking at our only trivia advance stat, which will refer to as war. This was inspired by baseball's advance dad called more. So one of you guys, please explain to Steve what war means steve. Be honest with you? No one knows what the fuck number is a made up number, so they could make us not that expensive, that's what it is or if your war is low, you become expensive, it's crazy and they use it opposite. So if you have a high war, they try to pay you less. You have a low war, they try, they give you a little more it in person. Isn't it crazy when they involve replacement, is supposed to be there's a set.
dollar figure until you get about what they think you should be making basically steve, there's a step out there, I'll put it in the hunting or like they say you do in two guys who are on alcohol right and you kill bigger bull and you do a smooth, clean air is perfect, but the other guy and the other side of the mountain. Does it a little bit quicker, they're going to be like well, yeah Steve was a little bit slower, so we have to knock them down rob his they, even though you are better you're, just not as good you're, just slower like there's their staff and stuff like that, so the war just poking? Holding a little complicated does not give you what you need
now we need to operate as a war, no love. This number was generated by taking a players ever score and dividing it by the average point needed to win this. They levelling factor that takes into consideration how difficult rounds of trivia are and how different players compete in them. So. But the higher the number, the stronger the player, so our leader in war is brody with seven point: two that's followed by sea with six point three yonder I point eight callin hayden with five point: five and rick with five point: no, those are our only competitors with they wore above five How do you feel about our advance tat, a boy they get in the dog on you know? I don't mean to criticize these guys, criticisms, whatever war means no world but war in the treaty. World is pre reflective of performance in general, see you support our war stat. It seems reasonable to me.
Is worthy sean as an emerging threatened and make it in their he's he's under five right around and with that we are on the mediator. Trivia play the drought requesting its employees drop. Can you walk with you like you like to throw a ball and gas? How are you are you approaching? That question two you'll know pretty quick, so jolly only thought on one bone. Do you want, it didn't flavour. The whole thing we we also have a question about the thou, which I realise these guys don't play football but I think it will give them a leg of laborers is the did the the the the gas occupations flavour the entire suite of questions, not the entire thing now I would say labour eight. I would say flavoured all ten, but not in a significant way, the the
two other pinch that's right. One of them will have illegal labour them for being and I'll be players, but the rest they can after it. Because I've, u aiding favours them as being not favoured me. that's very true need to know what stand when everything You stand the game. Suckers question juan de topic is fishing in. This is multiple choice, which these invasive species was the last time rise in america. Is a lion fish, common carp, zebra muscles or northern snake. It which of these invasive species was last to arrive in america.
Your choices are lion fish, common carp, zebra muscles or northern snake had steve. I feel like this one, I got, and I know I got it down to two. Okay: does the rest of the room feel cabinet that you get it down to open up for more time choice. There lie in fish common carbs, zebra muscles in northern snake had our yo, MR right out. Like d already d: u right out died. The whole answers. Are you? its line fish radar line. He doesn't he won't bony on spelling here Does everybody, even though some one hears requested it before these everybody have an answer go ahead and reveal your answers. We got Tommy tommy saying northern snake head stevens, stake head chris saying snake had pizza use those useful right away.
Yeah? He was. He was wrong. It's a long saturday, on their day. It's a long answer. We got pete, saying zebra, mussels, steve, saying snake Its current saying line fish on saying snake had tyler sayings naked david thanks naked, the room did very well. The correct answer is northern snake had already I unwind common carb arrived on America's east coast. There same. Thank you re there, though those great common I'm a writer america's east coast in eighteen, thirty, one. The first line fish here was spotted in florida in nineteen, eighty, five, the first Ebay muzzle showed up in a lake saint clair cargo ship in nineteen, eighty six and the country's first northern snake head was caught from California pond in nice. In ninety. It was california, California. A lot of people think it would be maryland with the potomac, but it was actually California started the invasion. Ninety ninety seven,
so that's eleven years after he bought. So what are the? What are the fish that jump like with like a boat moored, a silver car? That's what I was. I was like alright mate another new those are new randy right newish. Are they the whole carp invasion? Sort? It happened at once and finding like firm dates on win all now, common carving, we're labour. Not I mean the the age edit carp having a wanderer well, but the problem is like when you look at a literature. There's like the asian carp open up into a black grass so big head gas you'll find data like asian carp arrived now, but then silver car brenna it she's. Like too hard. I am incorporeal firmly in eighteenth april, one on purpose: oh yeah, they were just like throwing them off a trains to stalk him in every pawn. The government was giving them away. They wanted them in every body of water. They thought everybody would just loving it quite never caught on question. The topic is haunting this state.
whose m l b team has a moose for mass, got, has the fourth highest population in america. This state, whose they'll be team? Has a moose for a mass got? Has the fourth highest moose population in america? Most of our baseball player seem like they have it. Pete looks dumped hey, you guys are ridiculous right now I'll get it wrong perplexed as high as in the forest or otherwise in the country to which the way their faces exhilarating right. Now, what are you make of world in time as a move? Why should one more time this state mailed rates?
the who's mlb had regime had a moose for a mass guy has the fourth highest moose population. In picture. I'm trying to picture on the no answer on there, don't change it. coaching going on from tommy here. It requires in america, fourth highest moose privileged looking for these state, you need to tell me what state this is and therein beat what losing romantic gatt. I'm just what I'll stay or what like, what all states dont have team don't tell him I'll be Blair's. This is your back to pull out all the northern states have very limited we're. Both right down? That's, don't you help him. This is your chance to get it media thou, helping our analyses,
does everybody have an answer is looking for these state whose m l b team has a moose mass got in the fourth highest moose population in america. Steve is stopped. I love you. I just stopped all the other bullshit out said poor highest moose population, america, the stone and looking forward, and this state spell right kiss my. I think, as the american way in question yeah was right with that either you guys are talking in riddles right now to say that listen, I don't think I got it pretty close. Is everybody Ivan answered? That's what I do go ahead and reveal your answers. We got tommy, saying washington, stones, tang washington, saying Washington, washington
Are you saying many, though their life and an apparent sang, wisconsin's sean sang with scant, was how'd? You, like oil sands, washington, has the wrong rag to answer is washing the seattle moose due to seattle, every move, I've never played, and ngos that that's dug out their mass gallows, marian gb toward odious. Mariner believes it make any sense. I mean I better their game. Seattle matters have the coolest camera in the big links, the tracks of the surrounding the things that feel the sick too. I don't know it: yeah I've been there man, my my kids thought it was a cause. They like the fireworks after area homer. You know my kids, economic was of fireworks, show that played out very. Well, when you got a very low price for five years ago, because
sound like crickets and all that stuff at them at the ballpark eden crooked, ain t yeah, I got chocolate I got married or moved so it's a moose dress up like a mariner. Yes, exactly sure nashville, I'm from one of the diehard mariners fan for a while I just want to. Let you guys know that this question is completely unfair to those who did not play in the american league. only a nationally guy and I had went over my fucking head. Why do you have a right there, though, because I was my best educated guess, Washington? Oh, he just had to use the fourth highest moose population, still Alright, we'll say where he. Why does it seem? Like he's your complaint, even though you won his heart, because chris gets fucked
Give me a hard time over here. Alaska has two hundred thousand moose, which is followed by main, with sixty five thousand idaho, with ten thousand washington, with five thousand and minnesota, with forty seven hundred the seattle mariners, who have The only moose mascot in baseball has been proudly represented by mariner moose, since nineteen and he saw me how made is washington? Have Washington s, five thousand hermes minnesota? Have forty seven hundred solve only I hired lying about the twins mass got his bare yet a mammal question. the topic is wildlife. This next great question comes to us via kodi row. If you have a question, you think is right for meat, eater trivia, you can send it to trivia at the meat eater dot com. Now this is a visual. Question: if you want to see what the room is seeing then go to ensue, m and check out at spencer, new hearth I'll make it my most recent post. This famous bear
Georgia died in nineteen eighty five after eating seventy six pounds of what around you need to see the photo. This is the taxidermy bear again. This famous book from Georgia died in nineteen. Eighty five after eating seventy six pounds of what some quick answers: you want his neighbor or- and here I want to know what he ate this famous area may order was that I'd know is named I didn't know you tell me where I there's copper, quick answers before the question was even was he laid seventy six pounds of what. How'd, you guys even know that's what he was going to ask Why are you here? I contacted see the picture. You got it
While we're going with a name- and I the only bear name, I know a smokey- the bear the what he wears it. Can we see the picture again see the picture. why she wore more time this famous bear from georgia died in nineteen. Eighty five after eating seventy six pounds, What will you accept his name now and not, He you tell me what this bear. Eight zinni body besides steve, think they know it John. You know it yeah, I'm ninety six point: seven percent: like they're, not smelter. On the o. And if you trust that he has the right anthea backdrop that really tells me he was like. No one knows what
at ninety. What ninety six point, seven! So there's that high of a chance that it's a hard word to spell spell like a four year old Yeah but we have an answer looking for what this buried, seventy six pounds of that killed him, I'm good. Go ahead and real your answers tommy, saying pablo, escalating cocaine. Chris saying beef, jerky p, what's your answer, pete saying spoiled foods, deep, saying, cocaine, korean saying hot tito's?
sean saying: cocaine, tyler, the whatever no go said it's tough. To spell, I was like where's. The invasive plant is due to either his whole plane. I was like Steve and pete texted and he said make us about kudzu at some point or pete loves kudzu. So the new york metropolitan love kudzu, it's our it's our favorite time in the form of ivy David, saying tobacco. The correct answer is cocaine. Oh, my god I think you should have said the bears, namely those pablo Escobar. It is mortal names. This critter, who eight fourteen million dollars worth of blow, is known, The co kane bear or pablo Escobar. He stumbled on a duffel bag of coke that fell from the smugglers plain over. The chatter hoochie national forest, the cocaine bear was taxidermy, is now on displayed at the kentucky for kentucky fun mall in life
washington cause? I remember, reading an article about that and they mentioned that he was the most apex predator on planet earth that I imagine running into that. Bear it's amazing I it would it be just so bluntly quickly toxic or would it be that he was? did he had some hours yeah. I was just like you just like so much did you does dead. There's also theories: there is somebody who did need crops. on this barren! They only found like four milligrams of coke in its system, sis. Now people actually suspect that somebody luckily just showed up on this duffel bag of coke took it with them in the bare died anyway, from only like, you know, a sniff. Ah, I gotcha, by That's not near respond around seventy six, how bad credit, but some dude ran off lots of them right
but with his name in the display, a where he's taxidermy did says he ate seventy six pounds of cocaine good for that bear. Brand new house mansion right up the hill of local derelict answers, this liver, the life you why lottery, but no one ever saw the ticket question for the topic is cooking. The flintstone steak is a nickname for what cut of meat the flintstone steak is a nickname for what cut of meat some quick answers. You noticed one tommy! No, how about you p yeah this one. What the flintstone steak is. I think I have a strong educated guess, probably not says question four again, the topic is cooking. The flintstone steak is
nickname for what kind of meat lotta writing from Steve over there does everybody have asked John a picture. I think that's that won't help. does anybody have an answer? These guys are shown each go ahead and we are your answers. We got Tommy tomahawk stephen saying ribeye chris saying about pete, saying bone in ribby Steve sang with its aim. barber job and then I got there is the line and the upper rooms. I show it I don't know why aren't what little chance ain't bone in ham, tire, santa maria and David saying tomahawk the correct answer- ray by or tomahawk macedon did? Why are they well? suddenly roused the acceptable. I would say I would give that you there Of course, named actor fred Flintstone, it's basically a ribeye stake that wasn't cut off the ribbon
want to learn how to remove one of them from a deer, then go to the mediator, dot, com and watch ryan callaghan. Video called how to cut a tomahawk steak I shouldn't five. The topic is haunting this next week. Question comes to us via call and connor. If you have a question, you think is right for meat, eater trivia: you can send it to trivia to meat eater dot com. There are five animals you can have in the nineteen eighty five video game, the organ trail name, three of those animals. Three of them. There are five animals you can hunt in the nineteen eighty five video game. The organ trail named three
of those animals. Tommy's got this one, and this is actually hilarious cause I just downloaded oregon trail that he had the chance to dig in. I grinded it all. Yesterday yeah, it's been like twenty versions of the oregon trail. The eighty five is kind of one of the o g versions. I have to have the modern version I was at every animal disc is only list three only list three of them. Having to shock and out answers. There are five animals can haunted the nineteen if I video game the organ trail name, three of those animals stew Did you ever play the organ trail? Do you know what it is yep, it's a a video game Does everybody have an looking for three of the five animals? They? U can haunt waitin on David David and come up with third one. You went to school there
No, it buddy yeah go ahead and reveal your answers. We got tommy, saying buffalo Elk, moose stephen, saying moose deer bison chris saying Elk, bison deer pete, saying deer fox, bear steve, saying: bison, deer turkey, corinne saying turkey bison deer sean. dang, dear squirrel, bear tyler, saying dear rabbit, beaver since a barbaric bear dear rabbit. Bear David saying: bear dear squirrel, be five animals, you can haunt are squirrels rabbits. Bison dear and bear the room did fairly well, down a word that turkey may, I think, came from a man like also, to my mind, the more modern version I added to the politics of like did there like? Well?
can't be a bear because people will think it's me. Eighty five version. I brought too much into the table man. Eighty five and one is like the old days right. I died of dysentery, we are popular hunting. Many game players had to type bang to fire their gun at the five different animals. The oregon trail entered the world video game hall of fame in two thousand, and sixteen it was the only educational video game to receive such an honor until where in the world is carmen, sandiego was inducted in twenty twenty one bass. This was not what I was thinking you picked me to win in this. cooking in stepbrother. Now I'm bringing it I'm gonna bring it in, but I ain't cooking it all the way through the game of trivia, give us a scoreboard, update phil yeah, we'll do in last place, but still on the ball, We have courage, nighter, with one points covered up next to two points: he's gotta high ass high, get pete alonzo tied for going to
wait. I for the next spot. Here we got tommy hunter stephen or noah sean weaver chris bass at all, with three points and then tat. First place of four points of peace. We ve got tyler naked, Dave, petersen and even a gothic. While I was really hoping I used usually leader. I now know now: pizza beats got to. Alas, okay, so homer, who is a reverse order, then he's almost in place. Yeah exactly who's up who's in the lead, tyler, steve and dave are annoying nah nah they're, okay. I was hoping because, usually when we do this and someone's got a perfect score, we say they're, throwing a perfect game would have been a perfect metaphor, but unfortunately, you've got the wrong version of oregon trail, so it can can throw that out, you screwed up organ trail,
I went with a modern version that I've been issued early loose, but the nineteen eighty five version down as a tricky question. I don't remember the squirrels at all. Shame in organ through swear, Members may be there buddy. It was a very poor yield from me. You can only take a hundred pound will meet at a time on a haunts you're wasting your time if you were shooting bullets at all in our rules also have its votes are expensive He had a really plan out and they take up a lot of room and I'm not sooner damn squirrel. When I have seven hours shoot out good sweden? The. the new two thousand twenty two silverado tells the world your story and it begins as soon as you take the wheel from off road adventures and the first ever silverado Z, our two to just navid aiding the city. This drug has the strength to take out. What's next, the payment can take you to
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Account for twenty percent off your purchase and your first coffee club order question six. The topic is conservation. although this marsupial wasn't declared extinct until nineteen eighty to the law, as no one. One of these died at the zoo in nineteen thirty six. What is it. Although this marsupial wasn't declared extinct until nineteen eighty, two, the last known one of these died at the zoo in nineteen thirty six. What is it? Steve as expressed in the air. He analysis. One as the room, not as competent. I think there's a good bit of. Sure wondering what marsupial is, namely a kangaroo, but not a kangaroo illegal, Joe Jeff,
he's a flying. Squirrels squirrels, our marsupials, I can't even remember, was entering exactly call them, marsupials. This is his phone extinct in nineteen. Thirty six again. The topic is conservation. Although this marsupial wasn't declared extinct until nineteen eighty two but alas, no one one of the died at the zoo. In nineteen thirty, six, Think you should go a little more n. What what their detailed, would you add, I think that you could go so far as to arm narrow, like maybe x, multiple choice. Here's now like like willing origin could help geographically I'll tell you what to do with died at it was an australian. You were Does he know their conservation efforts made to try to save this too late. I would say very minimal, like
It was too late or not extend a middle Michael, not existed. Ok, that doesn't help me. Do you know any marsupials sides of flying squirrel I think you could even say something like. I didn't even know where it's from, but I can't remember what the actual name of I think you could even say Here's here's why? I feel ok about it or there is hardly any marsupials in the world, cries out to figure out which one went extinct. The short list cleared extinct. Nineteen eighty two, but the last known one died at the zoo in nineteen thirty honour. Given her yeah. I know the hand I think you gonna willem the fall I don't get that ended. I was always bore language. I have been in front of me and they didn't help me everybody have an answer is going to come up with an answer.
I hadn't failure answers we yet tommy, saying caviar. There was bad, I trying to figure out some type of kangaroo. I've got an answer: pete saying giant, wombat, Steve, saying tasmanian tiger grinned, saying some kind of slot sean saying, As many and tiger david saying albino kangaroo Do you gotta and Sean gotta, its eight? It's a tasmanian tiger. There's a wheel! the fall movie. They came out not too long ago about a guy these, the ets. These guys are these. scientists. What our government, the term called lazarus species. As we all know in the old testament, lazarus noisy. Yes, we're old testament. Lazarus in the bible beyond the bible, lazarus dies and he's brought back to life. So lot of endangered species. We have like certain lazarus species and deferred the most noteworthy and our continent is the the blackfooted ferret every thought it went extinct.
Then I'll sudden aranjuez dog is stand. There were the dead, worn his mouth, they realize a holy shit. Theirs is population imitates you while mean that no one knew about the As main entire has as long its people there's people that just do not sad that it's gone or sightings every year, the forwarded a movie where these evil bio engineers we're gonna they found, thought about a last one and an hues. the hired to go, get it. They can make an evil medicine in the anti kills it burns it. Why tasmania lacked as main entire. It's like a light like they find out that the theirs instill still run rattlers every gap. But we're like us all on cross narrowed. Most biologists The tasmanian tigers went extinct sometime in the nineteen fifties, while their think they are if held on into the twenty first century. What are the most optimistic? Researchers is bury brook a man
the college's from the university of tasmania, he believes is a ten percent chance that it has many and tiger is still alive, but is ready to admit their extinct. If a clear photograph is produced by the year, twenty thirty one today become over that day. He said, if I don't see a clear photographed. The next decade, misery cody at last YA, eyes and their extent and there's no chance. He said photographs or too easy to take anymore. If they're out there we're gonna know sounds like you, like spit born in ten years from now viral, see a good picture, so academic right, like all kinds of other shit, could emerge like Hell, Sample ready, like tat, the kind of thing about tasmanian tigers. Anybody could be an expert because they dislike don't exist question. Seventy topic is per bears mistakes. Great question it comes. You will be a colton winkler. If you have a question, you think is right for me to trivia, you can send it to trivia to meat eater dot com. Two
learn states list the raccoon as an official state mammal name, one of those states. to southern states list the raccoon as an official state mammal name, one of those two states did you safe a far better, a fur bearer Her bearer gone trash pandas in texas. There, like I like animals, for there is no new sales anomaly bearer There is even a miserly baseball team right that is, it anaheim the rocket city trash pandas, that's cool! It's great to southern states that have the raccoon is an official state mammal. You need to name one of those states, this big in the worst southern state.
Everybody have any too seldom They all tie yeah go ahead and reveal your answers. Well, yeah, tommy, saying the worst southern state alabama, Stevens dang alabama chris saying mississippi, pete, saying arkansas, steve, saying georgia green, saying south carolina sean saying mississippi, tyler, saying texas in David saying alabama note got it. What the answers answers are oklahoma and tennessee. guy's name since about, since I was a great s, cereal, that's more like the planes nuts one. When you say I really that I voted the year, the who s bureau of maps and they identify that as the south anything below the mason dixon as far west. it is not.
personally, don't leave them as the worse. I just like other people, think that's why I said it needed a relay worldwide boys tat declared the rack who, in their official, stayed mammal in nineteen. Seventy one in Oklahoma declared the raccoon, their official state fur, bearing mammal in nineteen. Eighty nine Oklahoma is the only state with an official state fur bearer question. Eight. The topic is cooking, What midi monstrosity was popularized in america by nfl commentator John madden? What What midi monstrosity was popular, I used in america by nfl commentator. Chris knows a villain is laughable. Chris thinks he knows. The answer. A media monstrosity was popular.
eyes than america by a hundred percent by nfl commentator John mad I've seen some answer sharing being down here, but chris keeping this onto himself. He put it or on the grounds that this is question a we'll get a scoreboard update from phil. After this I don't even have like someone to write down media monstrosity was popularized in america by nfl fell commentary Your john madden. Do you know who John Madden is yeah yeah yeah? But this is a sort of it's a food to food. It's a meaty monster. Why given hits We're gonna have a its gus single, big idle in There's an and I'll tell you this. It's a media monstrous, whatever you think that means that popularized arguable.
I know don't want to hold onto this one who knows it could put you in lira, alright, give me ok. Can we ask if it's an animal or like not giving any hints the meter? Meaty monster steve. Do you have an answer yeah, but is not. That is not the right answer. Okay, I'm drawing a total blank man. I just wrote down something I think of as a meaty months. again go ahead and reveal your answers. We got tommy, saying alligator stephen saying meeting milkshake Chris thanked her ducking pete, saying big buford burger. Steve guy? You dream, sloppy deal tyler, saying ribs David Chang JY. turkey legs chris guarded The correct answer? Is a term duck and also Steve Austin's got it.
turkey, they the big, bring turkey a duck in turkey in the chicken in the dark It's like one big meatball, all boned out there. Madame was introduced, madam president, your days and then to dock in at a ram saints game in nineteen. Ninety six, a few weeks, later during the nfl thanksgiving game, matting, gave the meal national attention by calling at one of the best things he'd ever eaten one Docking seller from Louisiana said that the following year, his sales went from two hundred to six thousand because manning evangelize about the unusual dish, Madden reportedly ate one every year for thanksgiving and christmas. Well, we have two questions left. Give us a scoreboard update our a career still. One point b, alonzo still as two points and unfair Finally, they are out of the running buds.
Still in the running with two questions left, we have tommy hunter with three points and all with four points you get Tyler stephen go section weaver David pearson increase Chris Bassett and in first place Paul D, I pointed out or another. the questions of life yok or don't blow I'm going to throw the game question nine, the topic is gear. This next very question comes, you is be a band. Roadie fear. The question you think is right. For me, need a trivial. You can send it attributed mediator. Dotcom beast: I'm a blade named two of the three tools that the first swiss army knife had. Besides a blade named two of the three tools that the first swiss army knife had lots of thinking going on. I just hate that you through that out there.
That is a good guess. I don't know what to I don't know one another option would be. I guess I was I was as the thing I was gonna, be some super stacked burger. That's, like you know, a bunch of bacon and now an exile my size- and I have to name two of the three tools that the first swiss army knife had. It's really not surprising. John man was a big ter darkened ban. There is another time on Monday night for bowery ate one with his bare hands and then but he came in to the like press booth where he was, and I think it was like somebody very important, saint owner, something and they said that he does when shook his handful agrees. Looking for two of the three tools from me: first, swiss army knife. Besides the blade are, you would say how many how many tools were on it told us what they were
three tools. I am unable to of those three bought colonizers for counting the knife. There were before, besides blade named two of the three tools at the first swiss army knife had IP allow this wednesday We strongly to keep in the lead now, while I feel strong, okay,. I really need the last question to be busy these guys just flat out conferring For yeah both are not being whisper or consulting. Is everybody have an antique go ahead and reveal the answers to get tommy, saying spoon and flathead stephen saying scrooge ever saw Chris same way and be time corkscrew and file, pete, saying corkscrew and screwdriver steve, saying corkscrew end scissors crean sank, screw however, in file a shy self interest in the question time
You realize the main screwdriver and, what's it say, said about thirty: china either was screw, picked a corkscrew digging and david saying scissors and bottle opener. I don't want anybody got it. The correct answers are rimmer screwdriver and an oar bottle. Opener. They gave the allies these guys like how very people need other wine I'll, think corkscrews restore calm and on those things not not on the first one, the first swiss army knife was produced for soldiers and eighteen. Ninety one, the officers, mayors version came out six years later, which included a second Knife blade and corkscrew more now said the that corkscrew parallel, but that is a great division in the rain. more modern iterations include saws, pliers scissors, compasses, light tweezers, whistles fish, scalers, piles, pens and wire cutters.
They just had their launch eaten so bad. I led a man during disaster, oh just like blue. The boy. Did anybody get their rightful? So we have no change too scoreboard, we're onto our final question, question ten. The topic is conservation. Five of america's ten tallest dams are found in this state west of the mississippi river. five of america's ten tallest dams are found in this state west of the mississippi river feel how many people we have left in the game, everyone, except for pete, corinne and tommy, while can tie it up right now. If steve gets this wrong good game or more time, five of america's ten tallest dams are found in this state west of the mississippi river love to see a map right now.
Steve? How you feel about this one rubbing his head? One of those ones where I feel like I should know, but it's like I just don't know. No, it's not like that too doc and shit. How does pull it out of my head? but this feels like it should be right there right, but I am trying to like fig figure it out, but it seems like I should it would just be you just know we need steve to get it wrong and the rest of the room to get it right. Does everybody have an answer? I hope everyone wrong. I'm right, latin america's ten dollars dams are found in this state west of the mississippi river. Go out and will be your answers? We get tommy, saying nevada, I've been saying California, Chris saying Utah pete saying no. steve saying wash korean saying south dakota sean, saying washington, tyler, saying Oklahoma and David saying California. We have a correct answer in the room,
California three way tie going to overtime. What would he was? There was it it was cologne. California has the first fifty six, eighth and ninth taller, dams in the country you name detail is damn. Is the orville dam on the feather river at seven hundred seventy feet tall its forty four feet higher than hoover dam, which is in second place at another form. you see, you see my line of reasoning, though right all those big dams on colombia. I think everybody had a reasonable, called the whole thing with california's. Is it's constantly in a drought, so I was like they gotta, have it in it's biggest state, You mean like, as they need to retain more water, yeah now so Philly, something who do we have going to over time in these three Eight ty yet the two steve's and david pearson
peters and how this works now explained how overtime orderly per we have. One final, the weighty or- and this is a numerical question- whoever is closest to the right answer- will be declared our winner, it's pretty obviously just those three and it's like none of this like without going over bullshit, just like close the closest everyone else wants to play along you're welcome. The guy that doesn't make sense at all for your lead? You can be second, you can be third or maybe then the topic is innovation. According to the: u s, d, how many states have confirmed populations a federal hogs as of twenty twenty one,
According to the, u s d, how many states have confirmed populations of federal hogs as of twenty twenty one? Are you count on your fingers over their steve. Don't run down nokia, confer wanna mayhap locks and on the rights of ship courting to the usda. How many states have confirmed population to feral hogs? As of twenty twenty one, stephen, I feel about this one, I'm not gonna lights. Thirty, eight percent chance. Ok, thirty, eight percent chance that work. You re actually gonna feel thirty, eight percent competent. steve how you doing over there? I don't want. I really want to distract I'm not feeling I'm not feeling terrible okay, but I'm not going to I'm guessing theories about whether I'd want to go right. I pack a box of yorkshire,
Now David, you declared yourself the newest hunter in the room, and now here you're the typewriter, how you feel about this one, you think you're doing ok I mean I got a gas, but I don't. I don't know why many tears, now you basically competing about three of your teammates on this couch competing against them. They're all cheering answer. you got an answer. We're gonna reveal here soon of your ready already, but have not Mrs Ahern, dame redeem data at an answer. Then scratch Lastly, we have an answer the uk ready go ahead and feel your answers get stevenson. Thirty, two steve saying thirty, five and david saying twelve one of you got it on the nose gotta be swell. The correct answer is thirty
These are very humble winter great to see. He gave us too much time and I was able to make a little american mad. First guess forty because here is a deal. It's like its there's like some real sleeper wild pig population, You know that illegal in my lab now and then I had thirty want and I've gotta hawaii or her baby inside at it, and they are still ass, greatly He's the gear in areas where it is wrong to donate an honour and honour my friend beat on donate captains for clean water and air, I sat in or give peace in florida fishes in florida, human sketch of carbon, now she landed.
And so I think that every wade's, restoration and water quality around florida will continue to matter for pete's, ongoing hams for clean water and like it are you guys worried it all that tonight you gonna be too bad and just like bead messing with you in your head, they eating at tat moment, egerton and he's gonna be out. Here is bucks. walter going to be okay with this, I hope I'm a tasmanian tiger in the fucking box today yeah it's hard to get a better nickname than polar bear, but tasmanian tiger would be right up there. That's pretty sick I don't want you extinct in the matter asked I mean the polar bear. No, it's mom's any bombs. The beginning game comes back, he'll, be lazarus, p man, that's right! Pete, Chris Dave, Tommy steve. Tyler. Thank you for joining us. There's a lot of fun. Look forward to the game tonight, I'm vanunu,
it'll be game in a minute. It's going to be fun. Steve hasn't been to one in a while either stevie excited. I am very much excited, especially. We have good enough seats rock and while I can see some of the intricate interplay, the intricate interplay. You don't understand, there always goes there I'll have to catch the like the the glances and steely eyes like rub elbows with people and be like hey. We play trivia with them as morning, so who are you about the tasmanian tiger green, for I know that not put you on the spot, armored for you guess I'll, just flat out cause you guys are talking with Austin Austin rally tomorrow, really good guy avid outdoorsman. Where am I? If you guys get me a some some like a hat or something aware when I do that, fucking, hey? Are you guys coming to BP or batting practice? Are we sick, awesome I'll root for you, guys, man,
Alright, let's go tell anybody yeah again, thanks for playing join us next time for more meat, eater trivia, the only game show where conservation always wins. The The. You ve heard there was a firearm in a bowl, but have you hunt with air? That's right. The arrogance of your youth have grown up as well and are now capable of ethical harvest on game. Species
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And tell who owns the land around you? They got new features coming up way, point folders that you can share with your body. They have updated crop and tree layers to identify key habitat, wind calendars and optimal wind for tree stand. Blind locations. Use called me either to receive twenty percent off your first premium or elite membership at on x maps. Dotcom, slash on.
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