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Ep. 381: Game On, Suckers! MeatEater Trivia XXXI

2022-10-26 | 🔗

Spencer Neuharth hosts MeatEater Trivia with Evan Hafer of BRCC, Steven Rinella, Sean Weaver, Seth Morris, Chester Floyd, Cory Calkins, Phil Taylor, and Corinne Schneider

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The moorish chester floyd sean weaver cringe, schneider, curry, corkins in special guest in black rifle coffee company, founder Evan, Havre Evan. This is your first time playing. How do you feel about trivia fulfilled? what about it. Do yeah, yup, yeah yeah. I mean not necessarily this one trivia. In general, I have a positive general trivia on class yeah you're, someone who likes trivia and your soul icon in fish, and then I think you'll do okay, we'll see alright, if you ve got his thirty mile by now. How do you think it's gonna perform here? he's plan. It he's been tried You like that are really care was before so tribe downplay. Ah, I told bog thrown a bone. He seemed to should not like get thrown about occur to you may want to cut that out. Maybe it's a dip question so we're not really a bone, we'll see
is that a reality or you can downplaying like your passion about winning? No I'm very I sure about winner guides is not competent going to Gaza. I don't know about down pleasure and is more of a realist. familiar. This is a ten round quiz show with questions from media useful vertical, which are hunting fishing counts patient and cooking and there's a prize mediator will donate five hundred dollars to decline innovation organization of the winners. Choosing episode. We reveal a new trivia stand this week. We're looking at play your performance in the hunting category. most players get over half of their hunting questioned. Correct brody leads the group with a seventy nine percent average That's followed by hayden who get seventy seven percent of hunting questions right. Chest There were sixty three sean with fifty eight steve with fifty five in unison. With
It is true that there is no way that we have very famous down. Hunting is our second most popular category in trivia, only behind conservation, so that brody makes up his ground on you he's twenty percentage point better when it comes to hunting questions, the rest of you guys are all kind of even turns out. You don't know much about brody knows a lot. He dies now we have some housekeeping get you before we play trivia on episode, three five three of media your trivia? I asked what type of bird is a squab? The correct answer was pigeon but deep argued. I shouldn't accept any answer that isn't rocked of play. The clip phil Go out of your answers. We are still saying eurasian, rocked of andrew saying, pigeon Kevin's, angrily largest budget strike out of his career, saying quite shocking A pigeon environed saying pitting the correct answer: Aforehand, don't over think it that was europe
it's gonna correct answer is pigeon they're, the same birds? Is there the sailor? I gap will give it to you, but you can give it to them they get? Somebody had been dictionary says it's an immature pigeon, I'm now handing steve copy of his own new york times best where I have re mediator, fishing game. Cookbooks t please turn to page one. Sixty six and read the section I've highlighted it says also works with so this book yeah. I know okay in this book, here's the problem with wild game cooking. You could, you could say something like hey here's, a great way to cook a deer heart and impure be like. Would you have any way to cook at elkhart right, no difference. So. The also works with section would kind of give you a little heads up yup. So this recipe we're looking at here, is grilled grouse with cayenne butter, and I point out also works with any white fleshed game bird.
up to the size of a pheasant and also squab, then is apparent vertical case you're, wondering squab is a baby street pigeon strew So there you have it from my own, but no you arguing in the trivia that I shouldn't accept anything less than eurasian rock. Don't I was arguing that you can't get you don't know your arguments about I argued that you can't just say pigeon, so you'd have accepted street pigeon. Absolutely it's the same species, but not pigeon color bolivia, Is this lenny name? colombo, colombo, Bolivia is the eurasian, rocked of in your in Eurasia. It's the common street pigeon. In the? U s, I wouldn't, except, for instance, the ban. paled pigeon and if someone just rights pigeon, I don't know a pigeon. You talkin about.
Thank you for back in the sub, with my own okay, you got a new heart. The same page, new hires got new heart, I'm so screwed yeah. We haven't even started now the I'll be index through this episode is a three. So it's a tougher raoul questions and with we're onto the guy. You have go ahead. The spencer tries to questions out with his wife, whose not a gigolo connoisseur of the subject matter and he'll do an index. shelby index of three is usually the winner will get about twice. What shall be gets. And six would be on the lower end of a winning zuckerberg when seven worry about average eight, you did well, six means it's a tough around and with that The game of trivia play the drop, phil, nature,
What I stand with everything you stand the game. Suckers. Question one: the topic is cooking and as always, this will be multiple choice. We, of these measurements is biggest a quarter cup for tablespoons, twelve teaspoons or forward fluid ounces, which of these measurements its biggest a quarter cup for tablespoons twelve teaspoons. Or forward fluid ounces sean with a quick answer. You think you know this. One sean note, my gut Jesse you run out of time. Are you doing get an answer?
go ahead and reveal your answers. We have corey cocking, saying a quarter cup, sean saying four ounces sat saying four ounces Evan, seeing a quarter cup, Steve, saying four ounces, corinne saying four ounces and chester saying a quarter cup correct answer is for flew down. In fact, the top three or all synonyms. They are you you're exactly right. forward. Allowances is twice as big as all of those other measurements when converted two tablespoons quarter cup and twelve teaspoons are for tablespoons, but for fluid ounces is the equivalent of eight tablespoons. That's a good question get on thanking her for games or file, rear body quest, into the topic is fishing. This next great question. Cum zoo is via nate bunker. If you have a question, you think is right for meat, eater trivia, you can send it to attribute the meat eater dot com.
or you can be like nate and write me a letter? This is the only tribute who yes, snail mail, they roquat who's, that It's all bent out of shape is email everywhere, In their brother about on correction, what we'll get to it out another episode and we only do so much housekeeping in episode. What do you call The distinct layer in a lake that separates warm surface water from cool, deep water topic is fishing. What do you call the distinct layer in a lake that separates warm surface water from cool, deep water seth? You know this one yep steve, you look like you knew it. If I'm not mistake, I think she just whispered. The answer didn't know you didn't, Did she whispered the ants? And yes, you are. I do a lot of things I didn't hear Gaza males in my head.
But he had in his ear and things now and trivial. This is going to be hard that had just whispers to now glass. Go ahead and reveal your answers. We have corey sang, sub sean, saying, thermopylae and says saying: thermo klein heaven without an answer: steve, saying: thermo, client green. Without an answer and chest you're saying thermo klein they got it. The correct answer is thermal. fine. According to fisheries biologists, dave drabs. These are important areas for anguish to focus on during the heat of the summer. Above the thermal klein is often water, while below it usually lacks oxygen, so the thermal klein represents a region where fish can benefit from dissolved oxygen levels near the surface, but also be comfortable and cool waters. Yes, pencil cub weakens yours. While I vision decide now you and the wall. I wish I were sitting right on that
well Klein really, and you can market on an electronics a lot of times. You can see that thermal climate on the graph and do you think they were there out of like comfort or because the bait fish were they're, probably convert, because the bait were was higher in the mccall other day, slide not been evenings at nice Britain time a year that thermal klein whence it hits a certain temple split inverts, that's called turnover as right question. Three. The topic is haunting: what is the only state that has a white tail and turkey season in July? What is the only state that has a white will and turkey season in July, quick answer from showing the rest. The room has yet to come up with anything, I'm actually fairly complex, knock on wood, only state, I think in July. In July
There's no trick duration. Here, it's not like some urban depredation haunt you just like a real season for tight white tail real season for turkey in July. I have an answer. Well, here's the deal yeah, it's pretty cool. I remember something I still know what That's the thing! So there's no whisper this time coming from current somebody, answer, go out and reveal your answers. We have corey, saying texas, sean saying florida staff saying taxes, Evan, saying georgia, Steve saying Indiana was indiana I can corinne saying georgia and chest you're, saying texas: we have a correct answer in the room. It Order in twenty twond
He too large is right. Now I know that in twenty twenty two parts of florida head dear and turkey, seasons open on july- thirty, four! floored ass, some of the longest hunting seasons in the country dear, can be hunted there from July two february, while the only months without a turkey season or may and june Don't tell me what the hell are you some here, which I am I am arguing contesting. I thought had yet bianca plain: No was the state that started that, like velvet season, What can I see? You will easily to give people a chance to shoot a deer and velvet tennessee recently adopted one. I think the next closest early opener south carolina there like August fifteen tennessee- is also in august as recently, but only in certain areas becoming more sexy for states to take. Give haunters enchanted velvet boxes, landy even articulated it, as though are people want to shoot a buck in velvet, therefore, will create
the velvet buck season. Tennessee was a recent one. North Dakota also has one of the earliest. They open like some years. It's like ok august thirtieth, so there's a handful of states. Now that open all the way in Do I what you're talking about they wouldn't even be they'd, be headed, have half grown antlers where they had ever very diverse group of rotting herds in florida, all disobey, that's what you got on yeah, it's a whole different kind. Under that those dear on, and I only know that cause a guy that guy that HANS black bellied whistle dogs down their him and I were gone back and forth em. You send me pictures these dear. He was gonna behind the next morning. It is I who hang he turned in florida, dear there's, a handful of states in the very south that have rotting dear at any point between like July in February.
some heard I will nodding. I would not want to go down to florida in July. An ear be hot. Fertile skittles, gaiters question for the topic is foraging. This next great question comes. You is vs, Stephen higgs. If you have a question, you think is right for mediator. Trivia, you can send it to trivia at the mediator, dot com. What branch of the military teaches avers around? You use your phone What brand of the military? Teaches a foraging class at the basic school in quantico virginia a quick answer from Heaven. You know this one no doubt button. I you can see it. I dont mind, oh sure, of your answer, I gave my answer. I think you should, while you had Evan, just real desire to have the room, what happens if I thought you eddie right answer? No. Yes regarding right! Yet you can.
Why are these go on? You can write anything, but what you saw you do whatever you're our tell us. You trust your. I would say there is it like at seventy five now, fifty per And chance I would have got their right and a gas ok. So suddenly change, my granada, but I wouldn't have chance flip a coin jesse, whatever your heart cells, one correct answer and I would say it was yellow I will write what Evan wrote that he's slipping in a racer right now, one side's black one side's yellow the flim yeah. She has to go ahead and write down your answer. You really want to know what again the question is: what branch of the military teaches a foraging class at the basic school in quantico virginia? Everybody have an answer:
go out and reveal your answer. Is we have corey, saying marine sean, saying navy south saying army, Evan, saying marine steve, saying airforce rinsing course we're in saying marines and gesture saying marines. The correct answer is marie. I should know the basics What things have started teaching this class in twenty twenty one, the course in want one hour lecture on foraging, followed by for our seminar where students butcher pigs, fillet fish and cook meat Do you have anything like that in your training? Evan were reacts talked about what would be an exam? I mean I went through three different survival school so and then in based training. They do like a little. You now plan identification, so you not like sleeping and poison ivy, but
it is it whether or not you're paying attention or not? Really is it comes out later, a couple months if you can identify poison, ivy or not, but survival school, that they go through a lot of that so survival escape resistance and evasion that that was like. In depth, the superfund to giving its beneficial for marine to be learned. How to like butcher, pigs and yeah you. I think I do because I think it there's at this. level of confidence that you get from being able to to have those skills. Whether or not you utilize them or not. There still is a significant amount of confidence that comes from knowing that you can if you have to, but most people never use. Those skulls, though forget about him in fifteen minutes after they take the course and they'll. Probably never
you lie. But if you go on and find yourself in a situation, you'll be at least a little bit more comfortable question. Five. The topic is haunting: what famous six foot two inch hunter admitted in a twenty twenty two facebook post that he used to be an underwear model. What name? Six foot two inch hunter admitted in a twenty Twenty two facebook post that he used to be an underwear model, a quick answer from Seth. You know this one. I know one hundred percent he's sixty two inches tall. What famous hunter admitted in a twenty twenty two facebook post that he used to be an underwear model? Does anybody besides seth know this one? I think I do, but I'm not sure I just can't remember his first name. I can you ask questions about the six foot, six, only known for hunting
you're, not going to say any more snow. Guy stay doesn't like people ass required and that's it do It's that Jani, not everybody have an answer I didn't feel your answer. Is we have corey, saying Janius brutalities, sean Jim Shockey says thank Jim shock even without an answer you're, saying Shockey current without an answer and travellers saying just in bowman, the correct answer is: shock brow. on July, seven Shockey posted a picture on facebook of his nineteen. Eighty were modeling headshot he got paid fifty dollars an hour for regular jobs or seventy. Five dollars an hour for underwear, modeling shockey, said quote needless to say with that for I got a lot of underwear. Jobs
there's a lot of ways that could go the great Jim Shockey used to be an underwear model, Here we are halfway through the game. Trivia give us a scoreboard update. Everyone is on the board tied up in the fourth place lot. We have an inquiry with one chester incur in third place with two points stephen ranelagh and surf have three points: a peace and in first place with formal it's it's john. We I'll tell you why I won the last time I was on you. Do my reward with chester finally gave me some barrack you to me. That is all of I have one last time you stated that I do have to bear in mind. How did you find good? Actually, how did you
I had it the whole time Steve told me to get back to you, so I took it and put it in my own case. One mystery solved I have already stated that on the latter's debts, that what's that's not the mystery, ok, there's a heist here, this ice. The fish great media, at the beginning of our brain, an apology and yet in your minds. What do you think happens to them someone stole it. Like like I'm, going to mess with steve and steal this fish. In the not admit you do you think that's what happened. That is what happened how do you know all the version they haven't admitted to it? In in my head. Someone like didn't know what they were grabbing and then grabbed it and now You don't even know that they, like all my bad. I thought that was Of my group, I thought there was all my cobia. I thought those from
I cobia trip. I was ass. The sun rose. What ails you forgot that I also got a nose triple tail they added at alba, and they got all that yeah like high grade fish, dude man, maybe there's like a black market of July. Look at facebook marketplace! No, Question six that polygraph find out. I have one I'll bring it up when do yeah. I got it for me. it's just that somebody in this kind of extra their children's. There is also a hologram. the new two thousand twenty two silverado tells the world your story and it begins as soon as you take the wheel from off road adventures and the first ever silverado Z, our two to just navid,
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new order when you shot better hydrogen today using promo code meat eater at liquid ivy dot com. Question six: the topic is gear, this neck. If a question comes to us via steve dopo, if you have a question, you think is right for me, deed or trivia, you can send it to trivia at the meat eater dot com, the two forty three winchester, to sixty remington and seven m m away. Remington are offspring of what popular parent case the two forty three winchester. To sixty remington and seven m m await remington are offspring of what popular parent case. I'm looking for you to name the cartridge that those came from no quick answers in room. Just your high feel about this one: ok
got it, that's really confusing man, but these are more right, but that's really confusing all three are against the two forty three winchester to sixty rare in in seven m m, o eight remington are offspring of what popular parent case when those were developed. They were developed using the case of this other cartridge, and that is called the parent case. Ebony know this one nope galleries and will guess I mean I have gas whether or not it's reasonable good, deep and thought over there in struggle man. It's how you're classifying the definition of parent case. I don't. I dunno go ahead and reveal your answers. We have corey saying three o eight sean saying to seventy cent saying twenty two to fifty have been saying: thirty now Steve saying this their bagley grand. I answer to seventy,
ready to answer in the room. It's three o eight winchester, so dont worry, so they that's. So that's. My point is like the three await us what parent case. So if it's a three away specific round and if we're developing it specifically from thirty cow well, which is when I was generalizing- oh they're, necking down that can understand that. So that's what I'm saying are we doing it from thirty aught six? Are we doing it from three away? Do we doing it from seven six to buy? What's the parent? Is it the thirty cal, sensor, now three away its size immediately, three, we re always case is totally different. I understand that I'm saying are we would I got it wrong. Thirty cow is like parrot, cal cow, that's it. I'm saying is that the parrot k. I would give that's why I'm saying parent case as I was general. But when you look at the birth of these cartridges, they were all birth. From the three await case, I would give it to you
you're getting you that you're looking at their work here, give you like it or not the case with three hundred when man. I think that is a fourth place right now. So why the correct logo, I'm saying thirty cow is at the parent case and not like thirty cow and general, like that's all, I'm saying general, like thirty cow, thirty caliber, who or your or create or a cock, gone right or wrong spoke described. The relay at winchester as one of the hardest working most versatile parent cases with bullet wait spanning from forty grains two, two hundred fifty range. The three away at winchester family haunts everything from prairie dogs to moose. Question seven. The topic is cooking. the american version of hungary's national dish is made with ground meet, elbow. Macaroni and tomato paste, what is it. the american version of hung
these national dish is made. with ground me elbow macaroni and tomato paste? What is it quick answers from everybody? I think except Evan. You know this one even sure he keeps yourself thereby come on man. yes, you're, still thinking green, you notice go out and reveal your answers corey. And goulash shall around goulash
that saying hamburger, helper hungry, helper, rinsing goulash, chests, you're, saying hamburger helper, he raised the correct or the hungry dude gets three of us. Remember the hungarian casual yeah helper. That is, Are you hungarian, goulash or stew of meat in vegetables that are heavily seasoned with paprika the amount conversion usually leaves out the benches but adds pasta and cheese if wanna try. The american version go to the media that come in check out. Jenny Wheatley recipe for venison goulash,
or go to all margarets member burger help for hungary. Helper makes sense. Is that a stable and your house do you know? It's on the subject I actually have on my phone. I could prove it felt like a thing called like op's things, to make my kids alike and everytime goulash comes up. I think I'm going to put it in there because I think they've had it did love it did I like you, I held I've got one in their right now. I know why you're lucky garriga, hiring higher thing- and I feel like it's like my german family- ate, aligning whom she was like a ground meet staple run, What's in here right now. Yes, on the list of things, I need to wait for my kids, homemade donuts, which I have made him in a long time. A biscuits and gravy which I have made them they've, never had that
interact supreme more ass, much pressure? And I just add a goulash. You know it's great is everything you describe in get a recipe for on our website, except for donors, and on that we have done it all. by one. I would you know you buy by those are tubes of that. No you cycle it makes that stuff pills for the wagon on the corner and unravel it, just take those caught a hole in them and then deep fry them and then put powdered sugar on them. Lock is love. I swear. I think the reason why didn't get goulash is cause. Everyone in wisconsin would classify that dish under a casserole or a hot dish and bright this evening you guys in wisconsin, do you say casserole or hot dish, most time what you say casserole now? What's the point dish.
Definitely like everything they make is a variation of goulash, totally question. Eighty, the topic is public lands. This is our listener question of the week, which was won by PJ's your jani for sending this great why shouldn t J is going to get a signed copy of mediator adventures from the life of an american hunter. If you want chance to win the lesser question of the week. Then send your question to trivia meat, eater, dot com. What are public lands called in Canada? What our public lands called in Canada? This question: eight, we will get.
Scoreboard update from phil after this how sean looked? Ok not like seeing him be that have a very confidence there. You have wrote it down, slammed his board and then looked in the eyes of shit to let him know I've already changed all my socket priorities, the soccer shop or more time what our public lands called in canada So if you look like you knew this man, I recently heard it, but I don't know from just recently hurried on a podcast or from some. Is anybody here? Hunted candid? I see you have steve Sean, I assume you quite a bit of time up there on waterfowl stuff. That's all private land man there, but he had an answer. what movie am I doing right now, he's tribute question, for you I fine I'm not come.
go ahead and reveal your answers. We have corey without an answer. Sean saying queensland is so sang royal lands, evincing, loose crown land, allotment and chest you're, saying parks. I knew somebody got it for the earth right there, you go, yeah royal live on something like the eighty. Nine canada is crown land. This is common. This is a commonly used moniker in countries with a monarch. Other places with crown land include: australia, Austria, France, poland, spain, vietnam, hong kong and even hawaii, just like in america. These spaces serve a very Eighty purposes like hunting, fishing, hiking mining logging, grazing and more failure the scoreboard update, we have two questions: left That's right ray! I everyone, except for Evan chester, are still in the game.
egyptologists avenant gesture of two point. Two peace, korean corrie and surf I'll have three points and then steve and sean are tied with five points in first place like. After shall be index, get there would be a six soon get two questions left. Question. Nine. The topic is fishing. What rocky mountain state has a fishing blade named after it. That's commonly used on worm harnesses in spinner bates. What rocky mountain state has a fishing blade named after it that's commonly used on worm harnesses in spinner, bates chester. You, you have to know that a quick answer said, and sean chester. His jaws on the floor ring. I can't think of the answer. Steve.
you feel about this one, just trolling. Anyone in this room, I'm going to what I tell people. My approach- I don't know. Okay, I don't know I'm working through it, though. Looking for a rocky mountain state has fishing blade named after tshirt. I know you know it's in that brand new years. It's in there listen for the whisper, it sounds like you're in the gray rocky mountain state of minnesota, Everybody have an answer. What the heck I'm no one We really are you you better his right down estate. If you in gaol and well it would you think if I knew it images Stevie get an answer. You know. If why I wrote one down, but now not feel cocky. What are you? Are you out of this wrong? John got it yeah about ninety percent, which were down I'm trying to say our heart strings
here go ahead and reveal your answers. We corey saying colorado. Sean ST colorado says Saint Colorado, Evan, saying colorado, steve, saying colorado, flower rinsing, everyone says colorado and they got it correctly. Answer is while the digester, Adele blair, seeing more and more stout than other types of spinners, creating a slower rotation and heavier vibration. According to while I spied out com, colorado blades are their number one selling type of spinner there also idaho blades, which are created by placing a colorado blade on an elongated snappily, you know what I'd do you know why? Why did you messed up? What's up just to be frank,. I think that you're, the reason you got the as you did is because you said rocky mountain state, because this is the thing that people say unless they're like John Denver fans,
everybody is how it is working and cholera is. Why says, like oh ah idaho, a rocky mountain state. Colorado. that's, a really branded that shit man, but he hears wine to be specific. Indiana has a blade named as well the rival aimed ok. I could easily solve those do for you, west of the mississippi west the great bend in the Missouri spencer. Everything steve often about never entered my mind for a second, it did too Because you knew it zella new rocky mountain to rocky man, what is the only ask a technical question with you, because so the idaho
Would you gaiters? Nobody said I'd, ok, look eyes because the mine, I don't think it only by around there's only one thing: it's yakima supply cells, idaho, blades ogre since I've not very well known, but if you did know, then you said idaho. I'd give it to you. when I read about tally, colorado yeah when he said I'm going to tell you my approach. I was like he's putting colorado because it makes sense with rocky mountain. So this all comes down to the final question. One more time feel John. Did he die crash? confuse him in saudi bone or die, and one on died. Scheming one died fly whose in an experimental is full shit. I mean it's down to sean and steve who have six points. Apiece. Nobody has five. Nobody has five okay, shawn and steve will do we could go to a tiebreaker. I gave you a good tiebreaker the other day trial. We haven't had a tiber acre. Why would long time question ten database is dear camp.
This logger, which calls itself the official beer of the american sportsmen logger allies gee I log, which calls itself the official beer of the american sportsmen usually comes in red cans that feature wildlife on them. This logger, which calls itself the official beer of the american sportsmen, usually comes in red cap, is that feature wildlife on them fairly, confident Steve sean has yet to write anything down, though Steve you think you got it fine, you don't think you gotta, there's two different red cans and I just just think to yourself what no one else has a shot. Mr gone, they call themselves. The official beer of the american sportsmen deserve buddy
Answer go ahead and reveal your answers, react corey, saying budweiser, John saying ham, sat saying old Milwaukee have been saying, but I was steve, saying old mill Saying: rainier, chess, you're, saying old, Milwaukee forty reveal the earth I funny story. I funny heard of the beer old mill. I like Comes and bore the blue Andrews libraries aid on the edges, receipts whose Oh the role, jabberwock, you think a famous pole. Call me real high school lewis. Carroll. So when I was in high school and MR heaton class and tenth grade, you had to write a poem sat to jabberwock She had to take the same rhymes scheme and contaminate cap, and I did we called bonfire, berne and walkie. Now, god
The thing I most jealous of life is the kid that came up with the idea to do old. Milwaukee, let's get good, So that's how you know this won't know that I think it's all milk, because, if that's how you knew this. I would be pissed. That's age thing cause. They have branded themselves this way, but I think this is unreal and bench it was a reinvention of the brand. If I'm not mistaken, the tension is built either on thursday. The correct answer its schmidt, smits, kids, have featured throughout pheasants white tailed, grizzlies, blackbeard Elk, antelope, geese, muskie, bison pike and more the beer. Changed ownership multiple times since its creation in eighteen, forty four, but today its brood by perhaps brewing in blue ribbon exam brewed in San Antonio varies
the you only that has live on it. So what collecting a camel cantering dear sees a bush alot of people he's down used to do it bush? Does it pushes liked Oji camel Ghana right now in her in college. We toys go after the keystone of. We are such suckers for these gimmicks that he's beers same way. They would have the mounted thing in the box to get there. The golden can have the trout on. that then you then like put on your wall, and that was your decoration, young, ordinary. Then your house would have I have library set of cans. You go about the current thing they did. Those remember I got, I got a gold can one time and I was like I'm going to save this forever and then the next time we ran a beer. I drank it,
I lost my gold bush. Can I took it with me through one move from vermillion, south dakota sioux falls loosely held conviction that going from south dakota to Montana I lost it. I had it for a good long time we're going to overtime play the drop, fill that tie breaker, but that doesn't make any sense at all very few lead you can be. Second, you can be third for now: the thai breaker will be a numerical question. Whoever is closest between Stephen sean will be declared. The winner be topic is gear. What is the average price for a twenty two long rifle round in august of twenty twenty two. I got this number by taking the average of over ninety listings online from some of the world's biggest ammo dealers? So looking for the average price of
twenty two long rifle round in august and write it with a decimal place just one round, just one singular twenty two bullet: what does that cost right it to a decimal place? Again? I got this number by looking at ninety listings over ninety listings on mine. From some of the biggest ammo dealers in the world stephen ladder right and how I feel about this over the bar this question on over splitting hairs on this one we even going to overtime and so long that this was about to be not relevant question for oh how long ago did you collect this now august? Twenty two thousand and ten year sorry got an answer, don't knock it. I did. I did like some math, but I dont within the look. I don't like her
the rest of the room was to play along. You can also write. Something will hear your answers to you to see. You dig it because I think I saving grace here might be that iceland the marriage episode and sound like your pay bad mental math low down. He did delete the conversion. On the first question of tablespoons teaspoons, good honesty for one that all of those were the same. Everybody have an answer. go ahead and reveal your answers will look dad in non competitors. First all has appeared spoke to me in sharm, which is great. We have set You saying not even. We are already in his thirty eight sense that we have eight errands say eleven point: three cents, corey saying: sixty nine cents, nice esther saying: seventy five cents and then are two competitors left. We have shown saying eight cents and steve saying twenty five
eight. He sent a very sound like for you. aids and hiv aids and steve What's your I'm high, but but it's it's high right now and our winner of mediator trivia steve. The decision to close the correct answer was in ten point six cents see. Yes, we're wives. I warn you on by a penny prior glamour, a seventh. You know I really me off. As I had ten cents. A man who is closer savers, closer, yes, thieves. Is it about nine in some sense, between Charles answer, in the curriculum? Anyway, seven billion seventeen point: six yeah he's a servant seven point four percent. What our rules on who we donated
Because in honour of having been here, I want to donate to evans, favorite veterans organization, but we have rules about how it needs be like a conservation based, non profit, and they do something. That's anywhere in close to our universe of hunting. Fishing conservation, cooking, go hidden, donate to you gets on what it is all it's called hunter seven, which is about an organisation that we donate to all the time. They don't do anything hunting related, but it s a hunter seven in it, which is related to better and toxicity and exposure to heavy metals and come was overseas, has nothing to do with hunting yep I like it. We've got the word hundred and the hunters seven. Is it ok or seven does whatever you want, so if it has hunter in it right? One hundred I want to do I'm going to donate two in honor of enjoying the shit in his in his advocacy for veterans. I am going to vote for a organization. I put my money to have organization that you guys put backing into which it is right and will match it was on this elegant hunter
seven, so servants gathered hundreds and veterans organisation, nothing, I'm giving you a lot agree work huge percentage there as well Overwhelmed way, a percentage goes back to screening for every medical, heavy metals, chemicals and things like that. That veterans have been exposed to and deployments in either. I rocker of Ghana stand directly related to burn pits which leads to over three hundred and twenty five percent increase in cancers. in veterans related to their peer group. So it's a big issue for guys like me that have been overseas a lot. It's something that's on the forefront of our mind. All the time, which is am I going to come up with a random cancer because based on, would have been exposed to in combat. So it's not just combat they'll kill you
be a bunch of other shit to la liga. Now, even before we get outta, is there anything new and exciting happening, a black rifle coffee that our listeners should know about? There's always tons of really cool stuff. That's going on in black rifle coffee, but we're doing the episode which er I did episode of steve. He can talk about So doing this collapse. Doing a lab coffee between biography, coffee, mediator pack out coffee, which is deserve well. The design is awesome, difficult, again, gonna, know it and read the new paragraph uniquity gas cook, it eight its awesome bag design, it's a great coffee. So it's a south american! Well, I can go into this business, shove it. But it's a colombian, rebecca bein nuts, its single origin, colombian rebecca. So it's a medium roast for steve specifications. It's not too dark! to the middle right in the Middle EAST.
They told me his be good driven crushed for it does light roles. Are dark rules have more caffeine. Leirus know that he told me for further so were launching so that the first episode of our most recent season immediately were features Evan hay for runt blackmail, dear insulting last and for a window of time. On that sure, how long are first window. We're gonna put our new episodes on our website. So the first answer wrap in the first place. be able to see him as free on our website, so go check it out at the meat eater dot com, new season episodes. What do you? What do you cringe gesticulating? Today, if we had a folks get this copy, that what is right, it s gesticulate today same it eater dot com and you can buy it right there, they'll meat, eater, dot com, eating we're selling this on our website. Awesome great packaging.
Thank you that aid for latest round of meat, eater, trivia joyous next time for more of the only game show where conservation always wins. Sean longing eyes had passed off. the the want to stop engine problems before they start thing of again C4. motor treatment
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