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Ep. 383: Gear Talk - Episode 2

2022-11-03 | 🔗

This week on Gear Talk, Janis and Jordan discuss their side by sides; Mark Boardman with Vortex Optics joins the discussion to explain adjusting your binocular diopter correctly; Jordan on pitching and using tarps; Janis and the Kifaru Gnargali backpack.

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I will tell us, are going to do you guessed it talk about year? Anything everything about gear, what we like about it. Don't like about it. What's new, what's old, how we use it. Learn started dont know about gear and how its main you name it we're going to have segments where gear experts call in and or help us. You know, learn things about gear and understand gear, and when I say gear to, I want to clarify that it's going to be everything from clothing: hats to boots. You know hunting gear from guns to archery equipment, tents that you might use you know, backpacking or sleeping in you know, nuys it using to cut up your animals. We might get even
in the fishing gear. Sometimes, if we get a wild hair up, our asses are endless yeah. I think we should talk about trying. We should talk about trucks, sometimes too. I think so you say that you that's I could zag. I can't I'm gone yeah. I'm gone after this, I'm literally going to sign the paperwork on my can am sick, which ones you go with. Yeah, got a defender, hd, nine next tee and then put a but doors when showed the heater in it, so you'll be pretty. This way did I do heater and mine because I went with it with the single banks with the six foot bed and it just doesn't come standard with it. didn't think to add on and thou, as my one mistake in mine is actually at the shop right now getting a heat or put in because you will realise that when you're working in it in cold temps
If you don't have heat in there, there's two things you can do, one you can keep knows all rolled up and basically frost yourself inside there and you can't see anything or keep the windows town and be like running arrivals and whatever so that you can keep. You know the same, your tip in it out so that you, don't you know, frost over your windshield agenda, aways, yeah, good, move on get the heater, but is that it is that version you guys out with that to benches? No is just with the single yes, I can I've got a trailer that I use now for like hunting and camping in, but part of the reason I did it is so I could put side by side in it and two benches, well fit. So just a single bench and it's just nicer to get in and out of tight spots. I think yes, definitely there's a lot to be said for that, I'm so impressed by those things. Man like they when there is this
were where it really does behoove you to be in a side by side. It like it makes they excel so hard and make the hot so much easier, it is mostly just comes down to like this there's axiomatic day hours in a day and you they use them as efficiently as possible and we are ripping around travelin doesn't matter what view call your inner on you're, not hunting, and if it takes me an hour to get to the spot and my truck or twenty minutes in here. I am then, by golly, I'm gettin more sleep, I'm getting more hunting and neo less essential time, which is absolutely great, but again it's like sometimes you can get their faster and attract. Gregg is maybe you're on the highway.
for twenty miles, but in places where you're going to have to rip like a bumpy rocky dirt road, it's not in good condition, wear wear with your in your truck you're, just like. Oh, my god, I can't believe I'm doing this to my truck. Ah, that is where those can am just excel and you can just jam down and I get her done and I mean there's. Obviously, all the other benefits too, like he talked about getting in and out of tight spots, and where do you mostly going to use it for hunting for sure. So I think it is better The late season. There's a lot of these hunts, we're doing it's like roadside camp. once and a the access could be on your side by side trails, and man I've seen people. You're just on four wheelers or even other side by side, so I dont have doors and stuff that I, after a couple
as of grinding now in the super cold weather it you don't really want to go out and hunt anymore. So that's that was so. My reasoning for I went the extra mile through cabin and because I know that it's to add the level of comfort. Well I'm going to want to go in it. Then that's just going to let you be in the field longer. You know one hundred percent, we used to when I got it a little bit dynamic scope for J Scott and that in those days the side by side that he had and the one that door had both deny have windshields or doors or whatever. You know, I might add, like a roof, but. you will bring down a whole, even though I hear it honey in mexico, Jane Eyre, which it can get old kind of cold, you know maybe in the thirties, but you will bring a whole anxious set of clothes just for travelling in the side by side,
we I mean yeah, big, warm hat, big puffy jacket over you know insulated. You know overall bev's or goggles, you know facemasks giant, mittens or gloves to keep yourself warm because yeah, you know you're going for like a twenty to sixty minute rip. Sometimes in that open air it you know thirty five degrees and man. It can just show you to the bone. Yeah before you even get to where you're supposed to start hunting, yeah exactly and then you're like. Oh, this is a nice way to start this freezing cold here. Thy, we we ve diverse, but there you go. That is a little like snippet of what you can expect jordan. I talk in gear all kinds of gear and everything you know about. It needed a place at top to bottom, how it's made, how to make it better speaking to making it better.
One of the things that we're going to do is not exactly clear. How we're going to do it's going to be a work in progress, but weird bring you a long on the rhine. I guess you could call it. Some people may not consider ride, but you're gonna get to hear how first light product is made and what it made like, what's been, may that you have any of you, don't even know that even exists in first lie in the in the creators room. You know where the where the designs first come up the stuff it we ve been talking about because it takes years from when a product comes. Like is someone thinks about a new job. Get in, so that new jagged can actually be sold to somebody literally years two to three years on most products. So We bring your long in that process. Couple reasons one
being the jordan, I already do it. We participate in this process with first light and it makes us. Ah, you know it's just get gets us involved in our input. Helps you know, make this gear hopefully better and be the gear that we want to use when it's done so we're already talking about it. We figure, we should be talking about it with you, and we also want to let you guys bring your ah knowledge and expertise, ideas to us to help that gear better, so we're going to have second and quite be a forum and at the minimum we're going to start off with basically an email address that you can write into us. If you have questions about first, like gear or ideas for first light to you know, use free gear, whatever it might be man we want to all the good, the bad and the ugly and we're going to address it, we're going to take it to first light and have the experts there ah address it. Whatever
might be in the. Lastly, we're going to do all this as sort of a way to hopefully make everybody okay with the fact that we're not going to be probably discussing too much or reviewing or whatever selecting gear that is made by a competitors like kiryu sitka. You know cabela's wherever else it might be out there right. It's no surprise that the company, the jordan I work for meat eater owns first light. They own f, H, f. They one phelps game calls so in the id in the name of just trying to make it fun for everybody cause. I don't want to just do a part
guess where we're basically doing a commercial for first lie all the time I want to make it where you're learning something about. You know how gears made this is going to be from probably a a person that is making first like year and you're, going to learn about the process of a jacket. That's you know coming down the pike from first light, but again you're going to learn about the process and you're going to be able to be involved, you're going to hear what's happening, it's a big step for first light to kind of do this because it opens you up to those vulnerabilities associated they're. A competitors can see what you're doing and can copier they can. Try to. You know, beat you to the release of a certain product that you're doing they can maybe just take an idea or like a certain
one detail of an idea and you know use that in their you know, version of said thing of anyways. I think it's going to be fun. I think, like I'm, going to learn a lot. Your lot, Jordan and hopefully the listeners, are going to learn a lot and it'll be interesting. You know- and I hope you all feel like in sit in it and, like I said, a long process, so I don't think this. Is europe it is tomorrow- and you say man really I'd like to see a hood that you can see out of the back and the front- don't think that, like next year, you're going to see a jacket, the that you know that has holes out. You know people holes out the the back of the hood, it's a long process, but we're going to kind of the updated you of with what's common, what we're work and what we ve been tested in. What we like this that in the other. During your add anything to that,
yeah. I mean it's going to be it's going to be so much fun. I geek out on this stuff. I love hearing about it and I think what I'm most looking forward to is like the ankara view of a lot of things we decide. Magda rogers on talking about seem tape. Little. he's like that. How jackets are put together? How any like think of any gear thing we can dive into it and talk about what the parts of that and how they all work together? That's not a mean. every company does a little bit different, but that's not like very companyspecific. That's just how like we can provide value to the listeners, just given them the knowledge to know what they're looking out when they go into store when they're looking at something or here in about a piece, a gear and they can better make a decision based on the knowledge that we can provide for them,
yeah yeah, we want to help you make good decisions about the gear you buy. Obviously we hope you buy some first light, but if you choose to go with another company's gear, that's okay, too, but hopefully you feel that, like because what you learned from Jordan or what you learned from Matt de rogers about seam tape. Next time you go into the store, you're gonna flip a jacket inside out and go oh yeah. That's what they were talking about. Look they you know, did or do not do that thing that Matt was talking about and just make you more educated You're, which is cool now, ok, so that's what we're doing with first lights in his pipe gas.
I hear the same thing with a you know: will treat f, H, F and and phelps game calls. The same way as much as we can sometimes with it seems like with game, causes a lot of patents that I'm always hearing about, and so sometimes the we just will have to stay mum about a certain subject, because jason's waiting on a patent to be I'm fulfilled yet, but you'll be the first to know here for a lot of cool stuff yeah, it's so exciting, yeah. Anything else you want to say just general about our fancy new gear by gas. man, I don't think so. I think the air, The are endless as far as what we can talk about everything and anything that's involved in going on a hot or being on a hot. We can talk about so unexcited for it.
Why now for are gear expert segment? Where Jordan, I have folks call in better in the industry the know a lot more about certain pieces of gear or groups of gear, then we you do and I'll have him explain something to us. We can learn something. Maybe our gear works better, how to take care of it better where it might be. Today we have mark boardman from vortex optics here to talk diameters mark tell me what you do in over a vortex these days, how you're doing and then would jump, ended diameters, so yeah,
now appreciate appreciate you you haven't beyond so I am and marked boardman vortex optics been in the marketing department, various capacities for going on fourteen years now so we known each other for a long time. Yes and mediator, crusoe supercool YAP. I focused primarily on our podcast, now. So that's that's right. That's what I spend a lot of a european year prior cares both now. That's that's why we got all the fancy equipment. Now, eyes, not about it. No I'm your long time listener then I take it listen! You! you're mad at me for knowledge and because I listen to any pike ass that I personally produce. I don't know if you list that's a question for you: do you listen to the pike ass? You please for editing purposes and things like none. Yes, but once asked that to Joe rogan, he said no,
I have two are generally. I remember like pretty good, but like now sometimes go back and listen like if we haven't written like the copy for the description like I'm gonna go back and scan through, but I don't I don't like I'm not fully like you know, I'm not that I myself am like I'd better, go, listen myself, some more! Today! I do so seriously. I just don't. Have I don't like to listen to stuff when I run, which would be a great time to listen to podcasts and music, but I like to listen to the wind and the birds. So, ah you know Fuck, but listen, I'm telling you I'm driving in michigan here in a couple of weeks and will listen to the vortex podcast man. I appreciate that that's the time to crush podcast man. My commute is about an hour both ways. So I I crush a fair amount of podcasts, so so yeah I can. I can. I can clean up pretty it's alright, but jaunty diopters are supposed to must be talking about the topic He knows the should know that there's a
after dial or two, which I think mark's going to explain. Hopefully, forests on your binoculars and you're supposed to dial them and set them to make the binoculars work better for your eyes. That's but my sort of taken understanding on it and it, but I'm always unsure when I set it, if I'm doing it properly, Jordan, whereby eureka the same board. You feel like when you dial die out, your dialed, I feel like I'm pretty dialed. Sometimes I feel like I've to adjust it like from one to hunt. I feel like all readjusted or even from day to day or age, must it be yeah, just like an individual focus for each eye that I think allowed people actually over I don't even know about it. Yeah I mean I think I mean you guys stole my thunder, But here I mean you know
but I mean essentially would a obdurate dealing its adjusting for variants in your eyes. You have two eyes there going to be a little bit different right, so it's it's adjusting and making sure that binocular is focused to accommodate. You know, essentially the vision in both of your eyes in general, a most commonly here, you're right, I die after so it's gonna be a ring. That's located on the right. I piece of your binocular with.
it rained you're, going to see a scale right, so you're going to see like a kind of like a zero reference mark and then a plus or minus, and then kind of some, like some adjustment graduations to kind of you know be able to take note of where you've adjusted. That and oftentimes it'll be a locking diopters, so that ring will pop up to to unlock it and make those adjustments once you've made that adjustment pop. It back down lock it in. You definitely want to unlock it, though, before you make that adjustment, because I do you could damage the binocular. So we get, we get that you know some people, the I still believe that the damn diameter stock it's like now just need unlock it, but we'll fix that for you but yeah. So like said this, and then outside of you know, adjust yet to accommodate. For for the you know, this discrepancy here. Variance between our two eyes,
You can also use it to make sure I guess it's kind of doing two things at once when it set properly is going to make sure that things are coming in and out of focus at exactly the same time when you're using just the centre focus, will write. So there is kind of a check that you can do like after you ve set your diameter to confirm that everything is working properly. If that makes sense that we can come to go into how to set your diagnosis. You know it's own process that does make sense now come most binoculars are only one eye for the diameter meant now you're now you're asking that taught the tough questions yon ass. I never asked why I still. I just learn how to use the darn thing, so I can have him for both eyes right. I was going to say yeah in in some in some instances, I'd say: you'd see it largely or I'd say more commonly, at least in my experience on like a porro prism style, binocular
where you have individual, I focus. I think that can be an asset for people that maybe have a high degree of variants. You know between the vision, and their eyes, but yeah most most commonly you're, going to see just just the single right. I die after summer and as in really ever knock your and our lineup is going to have that I'd say an exception to that would be our fury. Hd range, finding binocular, which has the radical focus on the right I peace and then the diameter It's on the left eyepiece, but as that's the one exception in our lineup. I know if you step outside the vortex lineups of the lineup of binoculars, sometimes you'll see a center diopter, that's actually kind of like integrated into the focus wheel and but the process for setting it will be the same, as you know, just a standard right eye, diopter. Okay! So, let's talk about setting it and tell me real quick,
if you don't set it by what you losing what what's going wrong with when you're using your binoculars, I mean you know if, if you dont have it set properly, you know depending on your personal vision, like you know, you might just have a just a less desirable optical experience overall, like just stuff like isn't, isn't going to be in focus for, like you know, bo have your eyes it's easy to set it. It's definitely I'd say most, you know all of our binoculars, you know have have a diopter and in this it is something you're going to want to pay attention to and for me, I'm pretty lucky personally and you know I can essentially just set it on the zero mark- and you know my division above both my eyes is like pretty similar site. I'd be the girl, but I still set it, though, because you're gonna find that you're, no one shade generally, you know either little bit the right or left that zero mark and setting in,
it's so easy. It's just something that that you want to do and if you haven't been paying attention to it, you might find that your. You know your overall view. Experience is enhanced once you do, bigtime guy tell us out at it. So to set your diopter, you know- and this is like said we got in I've- got one in front of me right now. It's it's a it's a binocular razor! U h! D! Ten by forty two one of my favorites has got a locking right eye. Diopter, like we talked about before, but you're growing, to want to close your eyes. I see that are going to close your ride I or cover cover the cover, the the ocular there. I always just close my right eye some some people can. I have a problem with that makes him squint a little bit, so you can just cover it in some capacity but you're so you're going to cover the the right killer or close your right eye and then you're. Focus on an object, I'd say an object. Will you
if your high level of detail, you know twenty five, thirty five yards away with your left eye and your row role. The centre focused we'll until that object is in sharp yes and then, once you do, that unlock the die after if it's a walking die after closure left eye and then use the diameter too. just the focus and tell us a sharp is possible on that same object once you get that lock it back down in and I mean essentially you're diameter set. I see so your basic. We that's how your matching the two guys. You focus the left, and then you're focusing the right one with the diameter and yet are matching the two. So there you know, I do most of the time is I don't do the left part I just skip to the right are, which is why mine is probably never dial the hate they still
by the latvian eagle sums working right back, I check mine after its I check my like open both eyes and still leave the diameter unlocked, and I confess in an hour a little bit in jest and then You can tell definitely when it clears up and when it does it, and then I like check it, make a couple of adjustments and unlocked back down or just leave it if its not locking yup you up and then that other check that I was talked about earlier, that you can do is you know you can pick that same object again? I'd I'd, take something universes. Once you ve done those two things in the end you ve got your diameter set pick an object with high level of detail. well, you know, whatever you know, thirty forty yards away, some like that and then just kind of like consciously look through the binocular at that adopt the at that object. It has like, maybe almost like two sides to it.
And then roll your center focus and just make sure that almost like both sides of that object with high detail are coming in and out of focus at the same rate and if they're doing those things at the same time like I said, that's kind of like that that, after check your like cool, I'm good to go everything set and- and the other nice thing about. This is like it's definitely something that you can check overtime, but it's not necessarily critical like every I made my bionic binoculars. I better go check my diameter. Unless your vision is changing, you know dramatically or or whatever What have you got? Some? You really have to do all the time, so Do you know why? Why is it that you want to do it like that close range? Why do some in its five hundred yards away, So am I thought there is you know as you entered introduce. You know those extended range
You are also introducing additional variables that could be in our high pollen count. Day could be a hot day what you're dealing with heat waves, any kind of might get like like a, in essence like a false reading, or something like that. You know what those closer distances you're in it can be able to see that finer detail and and make you're that everything you know you're just in the focus you might as well do not make sure that everything that you're looking at is you know, has a high level of detail while you're due on that So as I, if you could hold and super steady- and you know all conditions were absolutely perfect- you could technically pull it off at five hundred yards. I imagine so yeah I've. Never I've never tried, as he is. He is, is easier. If thirty cause your dislike, it's easier for your eyes to see those small details right yep. That makes sense. Anything else. We need to know about diameters resettlement man. I mean I'd like to see there's more to it but
in a lot of ways. I'm glad that there isn't, I mean cause there. Just really isn't a whole lot to it like we talked about earlier. Definitely something you want to pay attention to and of once once you adjust it, no shit y'all be good, go and enjoy your optics to their fullest potential. Oh there's no doubt in my mind that the average hunter will glass up more game if their die after set properly the. Not so Thanks for the reminder is needed that, because I gotta remember to do the left, I first instead of just jump and right over to the diameter dial you're gonna be gauges. to the chase men you're going to you're going to be on like a glassing tear here pretty soon you're like oh, my gosh, do this diopters changed my life hm I always joke bothers like lasers. Comrade am I buy knows in there is burning up the hill sides when I'm glass, and so I don't know what this is going to change for me. I hope we will all start any forest fires yeah exactly exactly mark.
thanks for taken its. I may we appreciate it and will be calling you up soon for a a nother gear experts segment. So I feel free to tell me but you would like tech here experts that is absurd. I'm sure we're gonna need ideas and I'm being serious, Now, that's awesome, you not push I appreciate you have me on guys always always great chat and then we'll stay in touch for sure. Fyi, here's a word from one of my one of my favorite things in the world, which is my deck system. The deck drawer system that goes into your truck ray and your truck bed helps you seize the day with two full bed length drawers keep your stuff organized and give you access to all your tools and gear, a kind of swap the stuff that I keep in my desk drawer.
without cecily right now, I've got a lotta like emergency, cold weather, close cold weather. Here. I keep to a warmer as my eyes, cleats all that kind of stuff that I want to have with me. Extra hats gloves for the kids snacks everything's in there. Just always in there in the summer, maybe I'll pull that stuff out, and I got extra sunscreen I got the little kids little minnow nets, they're, always wanting to know what happened to their mental nets and we'd go down to the creek to play. I keep my fishing gear in there in the fall my heart and you're in there in the winter I got various trap, a gear and ice fishing gear, so great system to keep you stop in your truck, safe and secure, So there were you want and not bouncing around the back. I dont struggle with plastic bands and tubs that are bound and all over the place. never worry about my stuff being stolen or ruined by whether everything I use every day
he rolls out to me at waist height the back of my truck. I roll it out. Oh plus, it's still got the deck bed right, so you have the deck drawers and then there's the bed of the truck which can hold two thousand pound payload. You are not losing the use of your truck. You still put two thousand pounds of stuff in the back of your truck, which sits on top of the decked bed, which supports the drawers. My wife and I put our sleeping bags out and sleep back there. That is waterproof. Secure hunter percent maiden usa is back by. Lifetime no has warranty second to none customer service team ready to answer any and all questions keep all your stuff safe, secure and protected. In your truck like I do, grab your decked drawer system at deck, dot com, slash meat, eater with free shipping, just your nails with a body mount for ice fishing. We drove my truck. I opened it up had my stuff from the thing he's like dude, I finally got one a lovett, decked dot com. Slash me
peter for free shipping on your decked drawer system, decked, dot com, slash me either. If you always run around doing stuff in your truck man, do yourself a favor, decked, dotcom com, slash meter! What do you get when you combine a three times azure of the year at a three time national sports writer of the year. Well, you get the most illuminating and interesting podcast in baseball. It's the book of job podcast, I am Tom verducci of sports illustrated fox and mlb
and this is Joe madden amenity partnership with Tom. We could talk about possibly the most recent play, a game that you change whatever we can move back in time to the nineteen. Eighty one had a chance to work the gene mark in the dugout yeah. This is gonna, be so much fine. We're gonna take people inside the dugout what goes into decision making what goes on behind the scenes- and you know my job- maybe we'll make sent a little bit of rock and roll some cars and some food. Yet listen. I've really gets a great white shipment lately. It I'd like to share exactly what I've been drinkin, my car's all over the place right now, but I really too that there is a whole variety different subjects: the world. There are no boundaries right, so listen to the book of Joe podcast twice a week on the ice heart radioactive on apple pod casts or wherever you get your part cas. This is thieves exit because of the park as all the smoke or production of
black affect our media in partnership with showtime each week my brother Matt Barnes and I to NBC champions, sit down with the biggest names in sports and culture, the great dmx. How special was he as an artist at his height? He was as big as any rapper out there, I mean he's one of the greatest to ever touched my joy madden not every week for all the smoke, see interviews, you won't get anywhere else scrabbling, radio, apple pie, gas or wherever you get your park is. I last but not least, the servant doesn't have a name by its basic. We a segment where door and I are gonna each ree cap, a recent hunt that we went on and for a pick out, a piece of gear that probably like during the hunt. Something happened with it for some reason it was highlighted for some reason it was in our heads. It might be that we tried some.
we knew it might be something like really excelled. Just whatever couple of reasons for that is like I want. I want it to be known that the two of us are always out there hunting a lot joined hunts more than I do. She ain't got no kids and your dog, though, I slows you down a little bit, although I see pictures of your dog going on all year or so says, that's not slowing you down yeah, you see us hunting and you see us trying using new new gear old year, either way out there, just you know getting after it, and I- and I think people like to hear hunting stories so and I like to tell hunting stories. So it's a good opportunity for both of those things. It's a good app change like really like talk about recent gear in action. Yet where do you got? What's the most recent haunt you went on? No, I can't ask
actually cause. Obviously you haven't. You did something before you went since you went cheap on a yeah yeah I have so. I would say I take it back to a rifle elk hunt that we did and it was cold and super windy, there's a storm system common in we decide to go up and sit on a ridge and just glasses wholesale Four Elk and her was it that was a wyoming, those in wyoming, so he was like october. I'm trusting the day the day is like There were fifteen prior right when that general opener was gonna start. and so we go up. On this ridge, more glass in storm system starts. Coming and start snow on. Just a little bit starts really taken up in the wind, and I put my tar bow and set the tar bob like a lean to behind us, which the wind was come
from behind us, so just use it as a wine blocker, plus you as like just so why shouldn't get honesty. I you big, lay rain shade basically, and I we sat there for probably three hours, maybe a little more than that and can I watch and whether go into now we are seeing elk moving around people were pushing them around he's, trying to find a good bull. And when it was started to. it started to really sock in well again, like yeah we're gonna drop down out of here. When I go, Out from behind that tarp I was like holy cow. It is cold and and that thing it had do a let us stay up their fur mean at least an extra couple of hours, I'm just carrying view that little nine ounce tarp to block the wind. So that's
it's my big one, and that one was a that was that kfar, sheep tarp as well. I've had it for a long time and it's one of the since I carry it on a ton of hans like blocked, wind, provide a shade. Get the rain off here, he's a lot things very versatile, so thou was a that's, always been a noteworthy one. In my mind, nice yeah I've had experiences like that too, where you like man, if we didn't have this tarp, it would really suck right now. Yeah, I yeah. What a what pitch did you use like? What do you have a way to classify the pitch the e It's true that when you set up that tarp I mean I would almost say like lean to what I did as I staked like the back two corners down. actually I'm married to the ground. You write to the ground, and yeah is good like trading seal right to the ground, And then I used tricking poles in pitch it to the corners and actually pitch dumb, put the tracking paul,
like not right on the corners, but one loop in from the corners, so there and when you put the core, earth that have guidelines on him down to the ground, he guidelines it out like that, gives you like a little bit of side, protection to an seems like it. Like the water rolling off the sides, instead of like ever getting down into the front of us, that's really tough, to explain via audio but yeah, basically like pitched like a lean to the back stake right to the ground, use trekking poles to prop the front up guidelines in each corner, going to the ground and worked pretty good. So was it like the the upper front edge that was curved over a little bit or the two sides, and the two sides that were curved over got it so the check in polls like war in a islet or anything they were just kind of in from the yeah me and ass was yet a specific.
europe has islets all the way around it there's probably on each edge, probably six islets built in so You can really like pitch harry. You want. You can put guideline, wherever you want autumn. In that way, it's like that loop eyelet lets. You put it over the top of like the end of a trekking pole. She could write yeah, but how did you get it? So? How did you get that, like extra fabric, to be able to make the edge come down if the eyelids right on the edge and is used on there was ready edge, yeah just on the corners of the front so like imagine where those tracking poles would be, and so it was just like you know, god is wasn't on water. Right is in from the corner, making that for just a little bit on the ends. God Keep it all the more stable too narrowly sure why that would be but seem like. is more stable. I started them the corners and movement alike.
Man, amanda, pitch and tarps, and like the the the technique of it and like to do all the different variations, because a well pitched tarp is like a very, very good nice, comfy, shelter and then a shitty pitched tarp is a you my soldiers stand next to a thirty. Second, you think it would be easier to to really pitch it while, but is there becomes lot of variables out there? The night I recently whence baron what my buddy pete Munich. Ah, we here we'd hit a western montana. It was ah like first week of june and and very very wet haunts that doesn't have anything to do with the gearing to talk about, but it was wet and we saw bears
saw ten bears in like four day for five days. I think- and I just didn't see like a mature boar and the only we saw a bear that weighed over one hundred and twenty pounds. Probably you know four cubs out of the four of the four out of the sand were cubs and the rest were obviously the souls with the cubs or just you know, very small. in their single bears, but still grey. Aren't they wildlife watch and had a great time didn't put like mega miles carrying camp we, but we did switch locations. Maritime we'd sweated go back. The truck drive a few miles
all login roads and then sort of work out other different ridge systems that where we could get good advantages over country without we could see where we thought we would see, bears, but enough. You know backpacking light. We slept, never slept suffered the truck. So every time we let the truck we had NEO camp with us. We were. We are sleeping nano usually somewhere. Three, three to four miles from the truck by the gear I want to highlight is the far you nor golly pack, which very first time using it literally. I had not. Ever had it on my back or other than just seen. A very quickly tried it on my house and I am very familiar with sea gas side packs with exo packs, stone, glacier packs had never mess around with a far back
One of the things I have always thought about them, and it turned to hold true- is like the amount of straps and bottles man they pack of honor. You run some far duff. You agree with that, but you have you got you cereal? I am not that marrying either by a purpose for all of em I think, can change all of em around so That's what I like about a is like you could take those those straps off, depending on the back some were sown in, but on the frame side you can take all the straps often move around. So I kind of like I like that part about it It saved me a couple of times with like some weird weird, odds, are like trying to get extra gear on when your pack now me and like the bag is full of stuff
saved me there being able to add straps, which I think is kind of different than some companies, but they do get strappy. I agree, and there are a lot of straps on most of those are most of the bags, the bag itself without the framed comes in just while it comes in a two and a half pounds I don't know, the freeways off the top of my head. Its total volume is five thousand cubic ages,
but they have a like a a version where you can. Basically fold the lid down and drop it by, like a thousand, which I really liked that, like I appreciate a pack that I can carry a whole camp into the woods with into the mountains and then drop camp drop food and then and the bases turn that you know backpacking hunting pack into a day, hunting pack- and I appreciate that when they can get nice and slim and so on. Besides it having a lot of straps, which again first time using it as probably just like IL unaware how to use them all properly. But a couple of things are really light. Is I feel like out of all the packs of use. They had the best like side pocket that not the one that you can like attached to your hip belt, but the one that's actually like download inside the pack. It's like half stretchy, half tough material,
so in its toll, so is tall enough. That you're, like nalgene, gets all the way in there where, like it's literally just the cap kind of sticking out of the top- and you think well, isn't it We have to get out there, but because it's got light is stretching panel. It's not in its actually was even better. Like a lotta packs. You can get the now jean right out easily, but the trick is like getting on back in like went and when you're, if you have a pack where you to ask your body every time hey, can you put this analogy back in the pocket like yet in pack makers you gotta do better than that. Right, like this is kind of annoying anyways. That pocket is like really really dialed and it's a small thing, but man, someone thought it through and got it right. This pack is my style too, because it's minimalist and simple
like it's a top loader only and if you don't have the lead, which I run, the lid like the attachment lid. It's basically just like a version of like a roll top, almost like theirs is too but kind of essential together, you kind of roll it over and then there's buckles that come from know where your back is over the top, and you can really lock it down like that. But it's you can only access it from the top which, if you're just a smart packer and you don't put stuff in the bottom that you're gonna need in an hour. It's like not a big deal. You gotta kind of think it through right. Some people I hate that and they want to be able to get to everything all the time and they like more pockets and like we want to get super organised. I like to keep myself simple, its lighter that way. So, even though it
not a zipper that runs down the whole side. You know to give you access to the whole pack again, if you just compact, smart and it's not a big deal which I, which again, I just think your weight savings there's less stuff to break whatever, like it yeah trying to think there's nothing really else. I really didn't like about it, and one other thing that was a plus out of all attacks have been used lately this one. By far, I can't say it was the most comfortable. It's close. But it has definitely the biggest lumbar pad and one of the more crusher waste belts, and I believe I went with other small or medium islamic, thirty, four and there
It just came around my hamster and there was going to be plenty of room to cinch down if I needed it, but, like my body shape, I think it's pretty calm and body shape as like. There's not a lot of curve between my hamstring and my lower back. If you know what I mean, and so packs tend to slide down, there's like no shelf to hold them up and that big lumbar pad really seems to kind of like dig in so to speak. Digging sounds wrong because it sounds like it's going to hurt, but it just seems to like grab and like really hold. You know that whole waste system- you know up up on your hips and not let it sag and even though there's you know your pressure, because you know that's the weight of your pack is riding you know onto
hip belt? He didn't feel. A lot of pressure like there was no digging is, is very comfortable riding pack, even when it was paid for and because we weren't going too far. We are deaf and running a little bit on the heavier side like I bet she does. You know with food and water stuff software to pack and water everywhere, which that always adds a lot of weight. So I betcha I was going fifty fifty five on the way in and very, very comfortable, also, and it it like a lot of other packs packs me, like your xo, like yours, stone glacier where you're going to you know, pull the pack off and there's a load shelf unit, get your meat there, and then put it all back together? Is that how I know that there's two ways to do it? Air was actually telling me that he'll actually just sometimes run me right in the main bag. What do you do that's usually what I do is run the me right in the main bag. Unless I just don't have a big bag,
I don't have that much stuff in the bag. usually. If I have like it, if you have camper lot stuff inside your bag in there just not room for it, then there's just no room for it. But if I don't have much stuff in the bag and I have room Like to run the me just in sight the main bag just keep it keep all the way. Certain my back it seems like, if you put like me load shelf in. If you have a lot of stuff in your bag in you, especially its having you stand away from your back years, like moving all the way out backwards. It cannot feels like there's like a monkey. Ought poland on your back like trying to pull over backwards so that's where I see like benefit in putting weight. Putting the meat inside the bag as if you're trying to keep it all close to your back and it's more important. If you're packing me a long ways, vs a short. Does
Dense, it'll, just ride better, you can carry more and I feel better afterwards, so is used to be kind of purse? Preference honestly, Alright, everyone knows a rapid spread this week. Episode of gear talk big, thank you to mark boardman for hopping what is through dioxins, are we now season is kicked off for a lot of you out there. So good luck on the field. If you, the question that you would like to ask us here on the pied cast email gear talk at the meter, eater dot com,
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