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Ep. 405: Don't Believe Them

2023-01-16 | 🔗

Steve Rinella talks with Jesse Griffiths and Corinne Schneider

Topics include: "Almost everything is from around here"; Jesse driving 17 pounds of lemon from South Texas to Dai Due in Austin; burning money; ricks and cords as measurements of wood; when a guy in dreads shows up and wants to show you something in his car; pronouncing coyote; more Chettiquette questions; Steve opposing Michigan's unlimited take of turkeys in the fall; wrongly maligned critters; cooking in fat; how "dry brine" is oxymoronic; Chinese meat washing; the long window of doneness in slow cooking; rendered fat prices; achieving tenderness; the overabundance of BBQ sauce in the Rinella household; the merits of eating boiled meat; mostarda; how "The Hog Book" won a James Beard Award; you're either cooking it too long, or you're not cooking it long enough; and more.

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the meat eater podcast coming at you shirtless severely voted bitten in my case underwear list, the meat eater podcast. You can't predict anything presented by first light, creating proven versatile hunting apparel from merino base layers to technical outerwear for every hunt burst like golf ours, stay longer. The alright joint today by wild hard apologists jesse Griffiths perfect, I loved the title stuck dude, we didn't, have any wild hogy a restaurant there night, but when I took my my wife and daughter to restaurant in Austin Texas died the way holy shit. Was it good man? That's good to hear my wife said it was the best meal, I'm not getting unprompted. She said it was the best meal she had had
years and years, which are really pointed out, because I cook dinner every night. Sure sure restaurant middle man, it absolutely added, think about it. Now It is like a dig, she's, negative, dig, No, it wasn't build new outdo does not get me down that he realized. Now. I think, there's it's it's categories. You know, you got you at home meals and you ve got your dining at us and we must have excelled not altogether. while the dining out. Well, my brother, danny and he'll he'll often say that when he eats at someone's house or whatever he likes it, he says because it just doesn't taste like something I made right. Well, it's like the whole sandwich roll you know like if somebody else makes you a sandwich it's better than if you made yourself a senior percent. Now so good, we had your nilghai, we had the tatar. What does that exactly
what it is like hot. What what like tell people? The preparation is how it changes a lot light like like you gonna, do all the dear sunlight that a deer or whatever Yeah. Well I mean you mean it all pretty, but if you can eat it rots pretty interchangeable, I prefer the tenderloin or a muscle off the leg if it, if its territory, then we'll will finally die set and then we'll give it a nice hand chop with a real heavy, sharp knife and then sew. Each piece of meat is how big will they start off, like smaller, probably like a one centimeter dice, and then it gets hand chopped to get that perfect at not ground bird consistency, red brick. So ya you make a little cube slice. Look you correct in any what what? What? What? What will the noise it makes? Us no yeah yeah, that's what happened was exactly the sound of next year.
Yeah just go over until it's nice and fine, and then the skies limit their the you. Don't you get creative and add something else. You want to put something, maybe acidic in their something straw, whether that's a regular or a or an onion or a caper, or something like that. Something bright like lemon salt, obviously, and he needs a lot of salt. I always feel like it's one of those things like avocados potatoes, that's reliant on having the right amount of salt on it. Yup but I mean he can go traditional put the egg yolk hawaii. To tell me, I mean I know you weren't there, but why he taught me what I ate the other night honesty. I don't know what the current set is cause. She might have changed so that jane is the chef at the restaurant in and she is,
I recall correctly right now. It was a there's, a piece of grilled bread, you're, okay, a regular yup and it's okay and then a fermented sofrito vinaigrette that sound familiar and we're just going to we're just going to nod yet does it gives us a borderline, embarrassing that I don't know what's going on at the boy you like it at all over your there right, yeah. So what we ve got there is this the same component. You know you ve got texture, especially the girl, bread. In slightly warm, you know a little bit of smoke. So you get a nice texture there, a regular texture and then the fermented sofrito, which sounds kind of you know slightly. Fancy is basically just our way of preserving summertime, vegetables and sofrito form which be onion, garlic, tomato pepper and for using as a cooking.
I mean it's a very traditional way to like start a lot of dishes and since we're reliant on having stuff out of season, because we don't have source anything that is not available. What we'll do is we'll make a a a liquid out of that will puree that to a paste and then add salt ferment that, and so we have a year round and it's gonna only restaurants, correct yes, take my advice and arrogant: I know you're gonna, tell me what I you: ok, you When I read the last I was in there I gotta notice in that in the fine print at the bottom of the many right where some would normally right shit like parties Six or more we'll have an automatic fifteen percent gratuity or whatever it all share in the bottom of usher, menu and superfluous. ever in a million years would read, write
you have down there. The love. The wording is wonderful. You it says. Almost everything is from around here correct. They were to change that that caviar almost because used to be everything and then there's a couple ingredients kind of snuck in like what was not in vain but tat. We get organic potatoes from colorado for its almost cycle. Is this really funny? It's always comes the site, the restaurants, probably ninety nine percent locally source, but for some reason that one percent that have little bashful about our arises. because because because it does the because was like almost every design says alma. I would have then big ass letters at the top of the many right. What I think will first off, I think subtlety goes a long way in the servers. Job is to explain that you know when you do. If you are
about. You know a lemon address, unrest around it sure and one press in or out she was saying like well, there might be situation where we'd have somethin. I remember what it was. Something would be from new mexico where weak, for mexico, we get pistachios and we do a case resource one of our sparkling wines from there. That's tell me, robot and that's probably to my right. There the reason you guys don't have a cocktail programme is cause is too difficult to get it off texts right. This is this. The citrus and shit you tat, it would be, it wouldn't be impossible, but it would be a bee onerous in. I would it will be tough heavy easier. Now, there's more spirits coming out attacks to which has changed since we open eight years ago. That's been drastic, but
specifically is being citrus in it and we're down here. It's our taxes and I got the text. You know don't come back without seventy pounds of women. Because this is where they are like. If, if we want lemons, I have to like put them in my truck and bring them to Austin, and I just hope that everybody appreciates us I consecutive going to go on a ride. You know, but you know it's like almost everything is is that I felt like the best way to put that pass. So good man, I'm glad you liked it and to be clear too. We did have feral hog on the menu yeah and I didn't get it right. I got that big ass pork chop. I love our pork chop now, so the ranch, the that we do our classes at is actually a domestic pig,
farm, also to mean he's got many. Thousands of acres and part of it is an all outdoor operation. Where he's raising these just beautiful, gorgeous domestic pigs- and I think that's that's step. One is just having the best possible pork and it is just a gorgeous product- goes into a brine olive oil, honey after it comes out of Brian and then we grill it over post oak, and then we put salt from a padre island. So far, south texas, like the hyper saline bay down there, they they make salt, that's harvested salt, as we get some of arsenal for finishing steaks and pork chops and so forth, and then it just gets a sprinkle of that on top and that's it osgood mere. That's a good one. I like a lot. How much would re saying you guys go through there? Could you cook over wood yeah about a quarter post oak, every probably five days or so.
Now that blows my mind that we burn a lot in the smoker and then the two girls, you know those things are going. You know burning hot for many hours a day, because I remember you know when I said selwood might be typical for a family to buy four or five cords to heat their house for the winter, but there were some. I mean if you do the math. You know that you know a log. Is you know, maybe a dollar, maybe more, so he just you're literally burning money but yeah that a It tastes good, you know, and it's it's part of it. You know just that that heart, the heart of the hearth there you know and and so much of the the things that come out of that kitchen are cooked over that wood. So you know you're tired about the different like for cooking woods, talk what your favorite would:
well for cause. You look really post oak, that's true! Yes, what I mean in texas, too, it's very regional and as far as what to the predominant fuel, wood or afterward, but cooking would would be, and so in central texas, We have oaks and south texas where we're at right now, it's mesquite mesquite is king down here, but I mean, what's notable too. Is that that changes? A lot of cooking techniques so like like barbecue in central texas? Is this offset? like slow heat. Where, when you move south into mesquite country, it starts become a it's a hotter wood, and so things are grilled hotter, there's not as much smoking going on down here and that because of the world
You know so that that the slower burn on oak and central taxes makes barbecue, but the south texas mesquite fire, which has hotter canada, that's that makes for heaters, alien and so, I find that to be fascinating, but you know we're we're right on the border between the posts stokes in the mesquite, and we have plenty of mosquitoes in central texas as well, but I would give the edge in my preference for grilling to mesquite. I love it just it burns very hot. It has a very distinct flavor to it, but mostly what I enjoy is that that constant, he wants that thing burns down to calls like a nice cured, mesquite log, burns too, like red, hot coals. You've got it for a long time and it puts out a ton of heat for quick, cooking and searing for smoking. I don't love it as much.
For post oak or pecan. Ah, are you familiar with the measurement like isis selwyn, this measurement, a rick? No, never heard of that. Have you ever heard of a face cord nope? So a court award is four by four by eight since one one hundred and twenty eight, a snows yeah real, well hundred and twenty eight cubic feet and sixteen and sorts it's in firewood is traditionally caught at sixteen inch length three logs stacked and the end is forty. Eight inches. The stat goes forty eight inches high and it's eight feet long and has a quarter wood, but we used to sell a rick, and that was a face cord, meaning one log wide sixteen inches wide.
Id four feet: high eight feet, long, a third of a court third of a court, a wreck, a third of a chord- is a rick, but you never heard that measurement. No, no! No. You need this much worse, you need. Why do you not does have a staff would chopper woodsman person that's it. That's a great question but thou delve into the kind of the boring topic of modern staffing issues. I'm sorry it's hard to find a lot align cook then. What did yeah there's resolved this child? What do you mean? You need to have add the paper says: wanted staff woods like dude, here's your job, yours, like a truck, Reports of beaver springs on it, we're going to build some sidewalls, it's going to be able to carry five thousand pounds and we're going to put a quarter, wouldn't air and your job. I want that some bits of talk here for three times.
ok, I do it. I'm gonna get the weirdest messages. I heard you look and I would like to send my resume and if you look at what can we say, it is fair to say if these, if someone's, accident and they live in austin and they have like a great would supply. They won't sell. Some would reverse it to be a whole you possibly when we try to try to foster, relate consistent relationship with with. Do you want to do this dropping off the stray loads? A word oh, no cause yeah. We need it when we need it and with what the the the goal is to have somebody that's out there, bringing you quality would consistently like a staffer.
right right. I mean it's kind of like the la grasp. It grass fed beef producers like a lot of times. You'll you'll will be contacted by someone who who raises grass fed beef nor say hey, we we can we'd love to supply the rest, it's like okay, then it's like well we'll have one cow available, every five weeks since like well that doesn't that doesn't help us like. We can't really do much with that, and then you know, like the thought of aggregating multiple vendors together to try to make that happen is, is it's just not get up and it would be, I might have told my wife lie not, as could tell everybody the lie now. Also we're sitting there I'll tell my wife. I said man, something people to show up with with people would show up of produce shit. These younger and he's gascons can by Serve it, yes, that ok, that's different now loads or my favorite was
sky knocks on the back door. Ancient ass for me, he's got dread and ease. He wants talk to me and he's got something in his car. To show me, I could not the power I take. It. I gotta, see what's in the car and it turns out it was like a A hot and the whole the whole back area like this, cargo area, the back just loaded, shan't rules, then I'll take it. Turkey and tell your friends are sometimes it does. Worker is the guy. That's like hey. Can I drop some some hogs off and you're like nah? I can't do that. That's not how we do it here, build up a mirror. I got. I got to talk about a couple things real, quick and it's not like a whore
well, it's a it. It won't be it'll seem like a rough segue to people who weren't privy to our conversation before we started recording, because we were talking about what making a lotta noise last night foxes, no owl, no can't yep. Oh, are coyotes. Coyotes will know that that that that that gets into the problem, not a problem. Guy, roared and he's got this question. He says he has a potential discussion. Point thou love to hear the opinion were guarding the pronunciation of the word kyle. Oh, how do you say jesse I'll, say coyote but remained down here. It would be just as up Are likely to hear quietly on these gases robin rural area. Kansas were the.
Kyle was pronounced in the two syllables form, coyoats. I would only here's. A three sobol pronunciation of coyote from tell or media. You know what he already has his answer. He already has, answer does does realise yet always made the inference that the three syllable pronunciation was used in urban areas by people who did not hunt, trap or otherwise interact with the animal in any way to be out internally discredit. Anyone who use the three sober pronunciation as a city slicker that new coyotes saturday morning, cartoons me a recent to question my previous dogma as an avid listener to the meat park has ever heard on several occasions, both the crew and guess, using both the two three syllable pronunciation, not me. Those me out at the outset, vittoria living. I said that we do
his are people that are much closer to the land and I spend more time outdoors, of whom I respect their opinions. He wants to know about the proper pronunciation. Can I address this beer, but I'm going to do it too? If you want to start, that's fine, I'm going to start okay, let's a spanish word like I said earlier: it's quailty, then I think that it just stuck in texas you're, going to have these mis pronunciations of spanish words, but you're, going to I see a sag way between the spanish word and then, where we're going to say coyote, which is where we're pronouncing that ie. But then, if you look at it from from an english language standpoint that you would be so make the heart a sound, so the to be coyote. So I think that in the closer you get to the origin of the word spanish down here in a with we gotta rodya euro. We
We need a burrito abet thou. These words are slight americanization are in our english pronunciation of spanish words, and I think the tv adding the e on there and then further north you get you probably gonna, get more into a linguistic version. That's reflective of of English now carry out. I have never heard. In my wife, someone who has killed a cairo called a coyote went about where you ve spent a lot of time, meaning those folks who all the employees can. Now we put this question, the damp lorries. Who is the author of what he would call coyote america? I would call Kyle america and I through to him.
And these basely either or he's like he says, the private first ngos He people than encountered that word would ban mountain men. Trapping around in new mexico in town- I think I'll, get this right about. What is history was they were hearing it from spanish speakers? There were english speakers, he said you know. you, could see how they would have run off of that various directions and from coillte that it would just travel it's own little path, but I think the person's right you do like in media, it's always coyote in like vernacular of people of the land, seems to me that's all. Kyle micro chases, the road runner
Sauntered wildly guile now contains now why Lee coyote where's, while cairo. Is it go ahead with a jacket caution, as advocate? Why did you college etiquette, because I got jester? Oh yeah, we were interested in pursuing a project, were checked gesture on jacket, gesture on etiquette, just short of each etiquette There's a guy self declared lay onset hunter. Recently, moved from the seattle area to richmond williamsburg area, virginia pink change that as a big change, they change. I run a small farm. That's talked about one quarter. Mile back off a rural wrote, disagree question
property on either side of the driveway is owned by a hunting clubs? Let's get this he's got a quarter mile, as she's got a quarter mile, driveway that and that his farm, as is going down his own driveway hunt club on either side. long story short. He says if there are turkey's said driveway, You feel that they will be fair game for me to shew as long as I'm respecting all other rules, including proximity to actual road and buildings, etc. I do haunt the actual for three acre farm property. As I like, the act in process of hunting and thoroughly miss going out the cascades four days chasing elk help both learn, wouldn't mind easy harvest from time to time. There's only one way: you're gonna get the right answer.
I'll tell you in my mind, like I'm, not stay in an area that are really. I can't see the lay of the land. In my mind, it would you it'll be a matter of like. Is it illegal or not right, it sounds legal to me and then there's what you call trespass with projectile two, so meaning that the rifle bullet or more likely a shotgun, Like not a single pilot could trespass over the difference like different states as such different attitudes toward that stuff, and you don't think about man. Let's say your hunt, squirrels, let's say: you've got twenty eight cars, your hunt, squirrels and you take a shot at a squirrel up in a tree. You just trespass and you miss them. I mean there's like, of course your projectile does trespassed sure, like no one. You know
I mean here. That's what the issue I think would be, but on your road, your turkey, while labs- and I mean I would I feel like its power, We okay, but there's only one way, you're ever going to really feel comfortable doing it if you like, or if you want to be like totally law buying, dude call your game. Warden just be like. I got a question, but then I would advise this is not a hack and game wardens. If you find someone who in indulged you. And they tell you no press them on why they're telling you know are they sing doesn't seem like a good idea, or is it acts? That's that's your decision to make Are they tell me it doesn't seem like a good idea. Are they telling you it is illegal? I've had I want time, ass, a game or in a question like this, and they
back to me like. Why do you feel that you would need to ask about. Like pressing me to see. If I somehow felt funny about the situation, it's sure but I'd be like that's not what I'm here to talk about what I'm here to talk about I break the law of trying or sent is another what it feels like. I'm saying breaking the law. Two hundred ricky on this road, not like it. Really the kind of haunt you are contact game warden, it's not a cop out, but the me with an hour thing, I don't know I haven't contacted me. I don't know anybody there has contacted michigan to find out. Why, in the world there doing this.
Michigan allowed this pass for speaking to turkey's. michigan allowed the on limited, take and fall turkey's this pass. All you could shoot a turk, Google nor tag shoot another and so on until the renault tags left. Meanwhile, the only allow one time in the spring. that's but the guys who killed multiple gamblers. This fall legally knots, How many hands oh hands as well yeah. I think it's like I haven't heard the logic on it. That shit is ridiculous. Is that statewide yeah? Well, it's in his in his in his zone in the south I haven't heard the reasoning, but let me tell you like, like there are so many places that you got good turkey numbers and they take that shit for granted, and then you don't write drawers though
go on all the other shit you can hunt in the fall right. It will be hard pressed to think of a of an instance where you just have too many turkeys know some of them. I think they do right, but a hunter's. I don't understand, like you get a tom turkey in the spring and turkeys for spring hunting right, it's like if, if, if god and avoid on turkey's in the spring, he wouldn't made spring and to have it be that. You're just way laying like you get one In the spring sees a of the fall, you pile up, hens, it's like your ear ear. You taken you taken you situation for granted. I wonder how many hunters like took advantage of that like folks who typically pursue in the spring we like, while
just back. I'm all, or you know, did in are respected like the. How much is a tag that is very cheap residence, probably eight or ten box. You know I would like bear. I mean. I I is having some level of fall hunting like that you could get a turk in the fall ida. Okay, like I'd I'd like I really think. I would really think that states would would not regard having good turkey numbers as just a given. Right after the all the reintroductions that were, you, know, starting a lot of places, but in in that area in the upper midwest, all those turkey reintroductions that really took off in the nineties, like that's, not going to last but haven't, is knocking, alas, in if you just take for if you just shoot and shit
the hands off. All I don't it's just not smart man does not that much to hunt and spring so protect the spring hunt or just increase the tag number that go. Let a ready shoot for in the spring well to do as a great number. Turkey's is great when you get more but like two is a great number for turkey's I'd. Think of a steak. It sit there and say man. We, like our residents, can across the board, get a couple of turkeys, a piece in the spring. I would view that as a wonderful turkey policy and protect the spring hunts go on something different in the fall. Savior save your turkeys for spring I wonder when they'll have population data next year, you know turkeys or not. You know, I'm sure someone will write in and I look forward to here and I look forward to hearing what she does for a person
Road and we're not going to cover his letter right now, but his name is Anders chippendale refuse the original. Tells a dogma riding in the abstract got the straggling saw there. Oh. I'm sure some of the writer and explain why they think it's a good idea to kill to let people this way lay tons of hands in the fall, and that begs the question. should we start way, lay in tonnes ahead in the spring. Yeah, what's whatever their laying eggs, that where's the eggs in general is like the hands you kill him whenever you want, you still prevent it. You were removing your reproductive females like killing at the fall, isn't
It's a little more round about you could be like Y know suited enliven the spring, but like. I'm normally all for if there's like a species, There's a human desire to harvest it and it's a sustainable species of sound like let people harvest resource if sustainable, but I don't think places should be doing this. This innovation would be that that if it is over abundance of them, they have to have some sort of negative impact what that Brian know. I mean that's what I'm asking what could possibly be the negative impact of too many turkeys on the ground? What are they eating? It's not crop depredation, I mean maybe slightly, barely scratched toronto, just playing it say
If I say poop at my house, they chase my dog. Well, I mean here in texas. The major criticism I hear about turkeys is they'll eat all the corn at a feeder they'll come in and hoover it all up and that's about as bad as they get as like impactful, as as an abundance of turkeys can be here. To my recollection, I can't remember of anybody ever saying anything otherwise and in that instance, doesn't even exist in most of the states, and so what could it possibly have been for them to decide that other than like? Oh we're going to provide our hunters with something more that I mean. What could the impact be to make them make that choice? Yeah, I dunno of we'll find out if I was doing a good job over to fund up for brought about a here's. My thing like Ninety percent sure ninety percent sure
When I hear the rationalization for it I'll say I'll say, does not a good idea saviours spring protoplasm have they ever done this before well, a lot of places have A lot of states have fall, turkey, hans and one states too. You numbers look like the going down as have the first thing you do is you is when turkey numbers are good. One of the first things seem states do as a start, kill them and for what do you know you're goin down they tender not want to kill him in the fall. But the idea of having that an individual
could just keep renewing and renewing and renewing until they consume up a certain pool of tags, you're going to create like fall, turkey, killing specialists and the potential waste that would come from the people that might just enjoy the hunting of them and the breasting of the mouth and hines I mean cause- then you also your yield- is forty fifty sixty percent of what it would be on a tom and Sarah, just like even even worse. But then the impact of killing a dozen at a time everytime you take out a hand, and that's just for the next season, the potential turkey's at its stunning. That's done,
Be another thing that happens like in some states in montana: in the fall you can kill them with a rifle to kill him here with a rifle. Get here, kill them with a rifle in the spring. Here yup one wyoming kimmel the rifle spring. I know a guy that day hunting scope in this day haunt springs. turkey's they hunt sprain turkey's or they are on a bypass, which is isn't that kind blown to smithereens. The letters showed you could produce a mean things. Drug precision showed him in the hedge the guy shot, return, some sort of of starting with the rifle and because at that time. I valued turkey me more than the spring but now I am fully on board with the spring huh
yeah. I want our be extra. Careful here, explain where I'm at on this. It's like hate the game, not the player. guy and I don't even hate, like I don't I'm not saying I hate the game. If I thought that you could always have shit loads, turkey's ability I was one hundred and spring home in the fall or whatever right up to make. My point clear. I think that people are making the mistake of Of thinking that there in a static situation with turkey numbers, but then. you'll, look what's happening in arkansas. What's happened in Missouri was havin a smaller place that, whereas, like those the good old days of the nineties,. The good old days. The early two thousands ain't here anymore. The turkey numbers
and then every sitting around amending the law to turkey's questioning the loss. Turkey's what happened to turkey's it's the me. It's like mid, mid size, predators, its avian and when's it's killing it loads in the fall. It just isn't the I think you're like most of trying to figure out what you'd say: it's not cutting off your nose to spite your face. You're digging yourself over dicking yourself over prove me wrong. The future albert I told you.
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don't be all wishy washy like with the with the charter. we will get an air like you're talking to a five year old? Ok, I, like you, I knew a five year, although ten year old, utah new ten year old, here's how to cook you ducks here's. How I cook the ducks here today, we shot, we were. We were really knocking down some, hence boonies. For some reason. Not even as a single drake in the bunch, it was a. I think we had six sassoon build five or six. I wasn't part of this, but one wigeon know yeah. Well, it doesn't really matter. we plucked them me dry, blocked him eyebrows. I think you'd better get in and talk about the north Shuffler minority tumblr is about wind, dark are in my life. Often malign duck me back up and we did it. We did a private class years ago,
well and what we we we aligned it on this weekend, where turkey is fall season at quail, dove and doc were all in season, and we kind of did this almost scavenger hunt for the clients where they would just go out and on a certain day would be like. Today is duck day. You guys go out, shoot some ducks, and then we would do a little class, and then we cook them. We did a blind tasting between a model duck, which is, I would say, pretty close to a mallard as far as flavor, they're, smaller, probably less fat and and also a spoon ie a shoveler, and we we blind taste and we brined them and then grilled them medium, rare sliced them put them on a plate label to a and b and between probably about the ten people that tried them that universally preferred the shoveler over the model duck and both for good. But I think that it's one of those things
I could probably talk for hours about all the things that are maligned or where you've been told, they're, not good. You know wild pigs being one of them. Everything on the every wild game item, with a couple exceptions right someone's going to tell you hells, no good, bye and a shovel. But that's I've had a before where they were pretty strong, so we we drive block them instead of where our I will. I want to take up more things about cooks, spoonbill the northern shovels, where we're its that's, were targeted towards the same thing, but they have a beer mean their bill. Look is shaped like a spoon brad goes out, narrow has his wide sort of thing. If you ever watch and feeding they sit on the surface and they pay.
We serve out they sieve stuff off the surface other parts. Then they catch a lotta larva in sick larva, other invertebrates and a general things, like speaking very joy, early a general thing. Is it things that a lot of aunt docks and waterfowl the lot of animal matter? They don't tastes, It was a lot of plant matter brought with the pinnacle of Universal accept ability being docks that are feeding on grain right would be, if you, if you'd like? What's a great dark? We like a mallard feed, barley, a goose uncle or mallard feeding on corn right, like lots of fat mild flavour, a mallard in estuary, insanities, alaska, feed, none invertebrates,
I've seen your night tastes like the loch ness monster, but if you could get a stake off him in spoonies have that that that, like Animal mattered ducky care We have that animal matter, taste, which is how would you describe mud ma musty. I mean, obviously I'm going avoid the the the game, because it's just a routine. it was term forget, it is gradual game it worth funny, as we used to describe like any like of that kind of muddy flavour, maybe like a big, bore ways to describe it as spoony, yeah you're using the spoon bill as being. Sometimes they can be pretty soon you I want to going to be really clear that I dont think that my preparation conquered that. I think that these also
happened to be on the good. You say there and good opportunities. I think they were good spoonies but I will say that the first first doc clean was the religion and cleaning. It holding it in my hand, opening up and having the the organs in my hands was different than when we cleaned the spoon each day. I was like that spoon. like that I get down and mellow like they were. They smell stronger, their got, smelled, stronger everything, crops, flew bogs, right and so I might separation of cooking moments like well this you know, I'm gonna, do it I don't know how well it's going to turn out, but I do think that if we're ready to move on to that first step is the the pre seasoning step and that's they're gonna be a maid right now you hate yourself now cause you talk, but you didn't explain how you cleaned them. Oh, I'm sorry yeah we drive,
I brought some wax down, but I feel like for it was six or seven birds. I wasn't gonna fire up the waxing pot for that and it would have taken to its time. So we just I don't mean dry plucked and they worked really well, I mean you walk out into field and pocket correct milk in a way we plucked them all the way to spend a lotta time, and then we saved all the hearts and livers to clean the gizzards They were pretty good. You know there's some pen feathers on there, but you know a lot of times. I just ignore those like I'm, not super like a fastidious about getting in there and getting those little pin, feathers off, sometimes or just barnum off and the waxworks great, though, if you have the time, if you've ever seen, deep black ducks I have but, like you said it's gotta be a Elam yeah before it's just so much like got there's so much goes into it, the sometimes by time
Burton and clean up, you could just done it sure are like naughty. You could have done it by the time you get it going, do it clean up your like out. I would have had them done in a third of my time. It's like making sausage it's better with an organization and a team so like if you're on your way back from a duck hunt like we are at some of these at the classes that we're doing like all be back at the processing shed and the guy that took the clients out to duck out that morning. calls me forty five minutes and I turn the burner on and I'm waiting there with three pairs of bird shares when they show up and they just start going into the into the wax, and I think that's obviously that's especially in your disease. Paraffin, a specific blend, my friend Jonathan, from black deck revival. He turned me onto this. This specific blend wax. I cannot remember the brand of it right now. I would I would well, I think it's traub
t a you be supply? I think that's the one he recommended that I'd have to go back and look and see what he specifically recommended, because that was the best duck wax. There was a blend of paraffin and another type of wax not familiar with the waxes, so we blocked him. We let them pool in the refrigerator uncovered down a little dry, and then I have to them by taking the brass bands out and come down on either side of the brass bone, cracked through it with a heavy knife. So then you ve got a half duck and a lot of time you like to cut the breast off and the leg gives a little feedback about that. Yeah. Oh just still having the rib bones on there, yeah yeah a little unsightly unsightly I'll. Take that
I the reason I do that as I need that structure. Otherwise, they're going to fall apart during the process that I'm gonna talk about next tinker. So I need those I need those ribbons in there to to keep them now mean they can be removed after cooking, but if it was just the boneless breast attached to the bone in leg quarter, which is your preference, I do believe they would have fallen apart are the potential for fallen apart could have been there. So next up would be a disagree. Okay, if there's a good layer of fat and skin it holds everything gather if it's a lift the skins real thin, and I agree with what you said when you just taking these when you, when you're cooking, like that you're, typically tis taking them from raw straight to the girl or the broiler norms, and if you got a good heavy hide on it. come on. You can slow cook it. You can do that
what you are talking about, an wind up with an intact peace. If it's gotta, good heavy heart, we're going to that that there is neither here nor there soon ex up would be that the pre seasoning and I feel like this- it's probably where you're massaging some of that, that more intense flavor out of these ducks and that's going to either be in a brine or a dry cure, which is these days known as a euphemistically known as a dry brine, which I think is pretty funny Because O'Brien brightness a liquid, oh well, you know where I use that term would be like, let's say, you're doing fish and you just pack it in salt sugar. In a couple of minutes or a couple of hours, you have a liquid run because it's executed. Well, that's known, as I mean
the technical either to cure noteworthy. But I think that that's why I think of it, because in the end, when you dig him out of there were no more is needed. there is a liquid, certainly but you're right as a phoney term, dr bright eyed. I just felt like it. It euphemistically came about a few years back. I can remember the first few times I heard it and like dr dry brine, that sounds almost exactly like dry, water pre, seasoning or or a dry rub or a cure there's a we already had all of that, these terms for it. But either way. I chose the chose. The dry brian technique for these like here yet, and I just do not going through the the cabinet- and I found some of our coffee cure- that we saw the restaurant.
here, and I is that I was like I mean why not so I hit him with a little bit of that which has got some coffee, salt, sugar, few spices in there and season on both sides and let them sit for about four hours which for that size duck. I thought It's appropriate and then they went into pork. Fat like rendered lard, over very low heat, melted, melted, large and put him in there to make this issue. This is a concrete all processes can't be where you adding salt light hearing it and then slowly and gently cooking it. In fact, I want people to understand what I'm saying. he just said slowly and gently cooking it in fat and covered, in fact, so a copious amounts of fat some affair,
people are going to be like hear it and are going to be like. Oh, that sounds as it's not reuse, the fat as well, and so even the from a cost perspective. It's not as as bad as as I take it and if you're yeah and also people are still on the thing that, like fats, bad is going to do something bad to them. It's not it's! Not! It's not absorbing so many, traditionally, a coffee with a preservative. So you would, you would use more salt and you would salt it for longer so, was the salt was preserving it and then he would create this indelible layer of cooled fat on top. So even the word larder is a cool place where law
it would be. Congealed you make an anaerobic environment in fat exactly so it's salt, your body, full of your larder, was full of meat packed in large, correct and if it was cool enough, just where the the lard would congeal and sat, which probably would happen and I'd say that maybe the fifty degree mark you know it just as cool enough to where it was becomes a solid, then you're protecting that meat under there. So it's a it's a very old preservation, protecting it from oxygen and it's also an incredibly useful technique for cooking game, because it is a very slow gentle.
He that adds in a little bit of fat, but then once you achieve that tenderness, so let me go back and say I came up short on lard too. I brought a court have rendered lard with me and for those ten halves of ducks. I guess it was five by my math and I was barely able to get them covered. So I threw a couple of sticks of butter in there because I had two nets and it worked. Of course I just have a question about the salt in there. Is there any kind of in this cooking process like at pulling out the mucky flavor or is it that the slow cook is having, with the saw the coffee, the sugar, the spices permeating the fat in the flesh of the birds,
that kind of a going in verses, pulling out effort, if were eliminating or reducing the monkey flavour wrote. That is an excellent question. I think Well, I will be real honest and say I don't know how the magic really works, but what I, what I do know is in the whole spice trade hundreds of years ago is based on covering the flavour of rancid right or smiled meets pre refrigeration, and so you know you ve got people travelling to china, mainly to bring pack these things that are going help their food tasty little right right, not necessarily because they were refining their palette. So the clothes in the sentiment in the star agnes and all these things are always save in the context of a fairer hogs, a voice at it. This way
the game in us of a fairer hog when he put it into a bride, and we use a we as a star, an aspirin put very specifically salt sugar bay and star agnes in water for fair hogs. Although that said, it works great for ducks as well, but the star agnes would be like if, if the page if a big bore kind of stinky and a little bit musky and gamey was a piece of plywood. The the star anise is a fine grit, sandpaper that comes in and just rubs it down a little bit and there's something about that flavor. Where round it meets that gaming, us and massages it to where its way more power for summaries kind of somewhere on, if you were like looking at a chart and the spectrum of flavors sister agnes are the clover, the sentiment inhabits the same.
spectral area, I think, as these body flavors, and so the truly hope for in that way, and as a side, no have you heard of like the chinese and on off. It's really tackle a technical term, but my friend, whose chinese chef mentioned to me this, like chinese, meet washing technique which, which does use actually all of our most of these spices. So I add old elk in the freezer from a friend. Maybe it was like three years old and I'm not really sure how well process it was to begin with but I didn't want to waste it, and she told me that I should ah in a pot, ginger cloves star, nice and cinnamon, a kind of I guess, brown brown, the meat and then
Water and bring it to a slow boil ah and then dump everything out. You know that the blood, if it hasn't lead well that, like phoned me kind of bubbly Yeah impurities come said atop, instead of skimming it dump everything out and then do that process again, and you can do that process as many times as you want and that The the impurities are, I guess, sucked out and you and you're just dumping that out you're not really using the flavour of that brought to start with when was the last piece of meat and then you braise, oh. Andy I'll device, and you you now and I'm telling you it didn't taste it tasted fresh. She would not have known cause about me had a funk to it. When it was drafted.
well do and she'll she'll do that with a lot of meat that she feels. Even you know, meat from the grocery store like if it just hasn't bled out enough and with wild game, and often cases. You know the blood is still in there. Few field dress, cut apart and then kind of package or freeze instantly. Maybe it hasn't dried out. It hasn't hung for long enough. There's the blood still in the flesh. So I'd like to hear of a remedy for when you get when you left fish in your freezer, for too long like a fairy. Fish gets that kind of skanky. Ah, I just eat it cause I'm like we gotta eat, know fat going, rancid happens on feral hogs as well, because they sit in the freezer for too long the fat starts to it. They could be way stronger. You can make a sausage and then he like a year later, it's totally
changed in the freezer. Is it's the fad, yeah? Here's, a red alert for people who have had bad bear me. Bear me you if you want to freeze baron You gotta get all the fat off the bear me. The fat comes off the bed. You are make large, render it now large good put new free. doing can or whatever, but don't freeze, issue of vat on it, because the fat spoils same with pigs in the freezer. I will get back to these dark people. I want people to really understand this is Jesse has taken his spooner years, his plot them caught him and have improperly cut them in half but he caught him in a and sticking out, rebounds just job out everywhere. What a coffee cure on them. They could have been anything it could have been. So I know what I would call component. I would
We want to have in there would be a little bit of sugar into the the cure or the dry brine or a little bit of sweetness in there and then some sort of spice. But in this case I just saw the coffee care up there and I'm like coffee duck sure it was from your restaurant it out yeah. Then he put it in the fridge for hours for hours. In the fridge, then he took it out, did not rinse it correct now not with without going off on a tangent too far, but traditionally current fee would be a heavier salting like a very heavy salting, and so when it comes out of the cure and it's about to go into the fat oftentimes you're going to want to rinse the excess for a short term cure for a non, preserving.
Cure for coffee season. Two quote: unquote: taste like season it like you would if you were about to throw it on the grill or go edward yeah, so you just you're applying the amount of seasoning that you actually want yup. Now, if you're going to go for something where you want to come back to it in four months, I would go a little bit. Heavier cure it very well and then possibly remove some of that excess salt once it has absorbed into the meat. But in this case we were were going straight into the pot, so I just seasoned it. taste and then put it in the melted, lard and butter, and if you're, if you're, intimidated by this whole large thing, I'm talking to listeners that you are just doing this as a little research project listening intently. But while, while listening, I did a research project and the innocent mean. If you know, if you can't find it are you kind of intimidated by holding me out, is tat. I went to amazon and typed in
I mean you can buy the shit on amazon, their pork lard, but beef lard pork lard, like it's not hard to find, but people often ask about the measures guys celebrate restaurant at which we should do It's probably. If you're it ass, it is go by just try there. We saw tallow and large tat, I would say lard and duck fat pretty and interchangeable for current making a country with dark we're using large, because that's what we got so right now, Forty two ounces of forty two pounds is a hard wired. Twenty five bucks, while there's another place where its one per se usda organic port, learn fourteen ounces
Twenty three bucks I'll say we're going to beat those prices down there at died. Do a twenty four of six manor road in austin Texas. You can go down there and get a. I don't remember what the volume is now, but it's going to be cheaper. That way ago beef tell forty two ounces. So two and a half pounds. Thirty box wagon beef to. Go on okay, so then in a low or it can get hit with one more deal one more deal: it's beef, tallow Let me know this: beat your prices just get twenty four pounds. twenty four pounds- beef, tallow hunter, nine box- I I can't do that math, I'm so well, ass! Think it through
I must say it was twenty five pounds for a hundred bucks. I got that at about four box, a pound, that's chief, to scream and do what you say is not as good as Its deaf went out of school, so head out, Jesse's restaurant buys lard right. Well, you can often fine large in mexican and central american specialty running, especially specialty buy tours yep only got into that the little man take note. yes, so I personally, I would advise. Have you avoid shell, stable lard at all costs, because its hydrogenated here and it is as bad as shortening is for you and get the firstly rendered stuff. That's at d at the meat market, which will typically be room, tempt
sitting on top of the counter? But I will say also that the rendering process is really important with lard and a lot of times. I find that the lard there might be a little hard cooked and the more brown that you when you cook it, the more you actually fry it and the more color that comes out. The stronger the pork flavour is, and so when were rendering lard where our goal is, new reality we really wanted to be, as a mildly flavoured as possible and so were not taking it to a deep golden brow or taking it very gently. Until it's what I always tell people, it's like a straw colour, it looks like a light beer. It's got tiny bubbles in it and it looks like you poured a miller light into a glass. It should be kind of that yeller with the the tiny bubbles in there indicating the the. Although oysters cooked out, I want to point out that, while these products on look at our non hygiene hydrogenated the other way round
you read so yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and say just do not get shelf stable, large. It is hydrogenated at it. Is it's quite bad for you, sir hoop Johar one last thing: let's do it is killing me it's killing me. I didn't know you go on amazon for fifty to ninety nine by nine pound bucket of bacon grease, which would work great, also throw it out there bacon grease due to these people thrown into a bucket and sell it for fifty three bucks that bacon fat would work would work equally. Well, it's just a bucket that says: bacon up, bacon, grease
it's a great man, all right, we're going into the oven now so yeah at home, backup he's plucked the ducks. Oh, my fuck, the ducks will have them, though there have been seasons, they've fought for four hours now they're in there he went on amazon and he bought that I bought the fat. I layered, the have ducks into the fat made sure they're covered and then put that into a pretty low oven. I put it in at two seventy five just so that they very gently cook. So you know, if you're going to slow cook, something typically it's going to be browned and slow cooked. So there's going to be like two distinct phases. Like the the chris, being phase and then the slow cooking face, and you can do that in either order you can sloka and then brown or you can brown and slow cook, which is typically a brave or you can cook something until it.
Tender and then put it on the grill or put it under a broiler or something like that at the end after it's tender and that's what we're doing here. So we cook those ducks until they were tender but not falling apart, but I wanted them to be intact intact. You know and that's why I left as ribbons on there yeah. I want to point out. This is a tricky part for people. Cooking right is his slow cooking can like when you're doing this, it can feel like. Oh it doesn't really matter, I can let it go for a bazillion years right there a long window of dungeness, but it's not an infinite window of done this that so well put. This is it's. Ok, I always feel about about going off an attendant, but you did I talk to you later tat s worth ten. You know I I I do it do a kind of a challenge for my employees every month and it's it's. I send them but a column, a mission
this year. There, this month being go this december at the time the recording my my my project, for them all. The saw the back the house employs a threshold was to come up with three. The girl like food ghosts so as president future, and so it was like a memory, something they're excited we're about now and a goal for the future, and I I kicked it off by telling them my stories and I'm not going to go into depth here. But what you just said is very appropriate because my my current focus and what I'm really trying to do is in slow cooking nail, the texture of something that's been slow, cooked, the attention that I would give a stake. All you remained like. I want to have come out perfect
the words not shredding and falling apart, but its current quote fork tender where you were it just right. I screwed up stop all the time very easy because of what you just said, but the thing is is when it goes too far, especially a braise or stew, or something like that, and it's just like. Well, that's okay, but if it's not far enough, obviously it's tough, you know so absolutely because these ducks, I would say about four hours, four hours to seventy five year and it would be the intact enough. You can grab the end of a drumstick in hoist the dark out lightly, with gently tenderly, where you it they would pay hoist might be. The voice now is definitely implies like porn.
Trackers! Yes, I think you will just go in and with a knife and if it goes through with with no resistance, Wiggling that that leg and seeing that it's starting to to be its its tender, but it's not falling apart, but knowing also that there, still a little bit of a cooking process. I in this case I called the ducks in fact, which I think really helps them, because it gives them kind of asia they kind of coast. Out of that heat, and the fat congealed all around them, and I put them in the refrigerator and let them sit overnight now. You could pull them out immediately and go onto this next process, but my preference and but timing wise. I wasn't serving it that day. I was serving it the next day. I just threw the pot, let it cool down a little bit and threw it in the refrigerator where it covered them in congealed and fat the next
they come back and very gently because you don't want to fry them. You know very gently, melted the fat and remove the ducks and let them kind of drain most of their fat off. And then let's address the fat, because we've gone extensively into rendered fat prices and it's not cheap right, and so we don't want to discard this fat, and so here's what you do with that and oh, I will say I'll make note something that I've never done before. I took two heads of garlic, cut them in half and threw them in the fat and essentially made like garlic coffee along with it, and that was awesome. I mean you could just smell just as beautiful, like really slow, cooked garlic, infusing into them as well, and so now my fat,
this infused with that garlic, so a strain, the fat out not boil and heart, but you know let it cool off a little bit were still liquid and strain it in to know how to put this a container that one could easily scoop the congealed fat out of but don't put it in a mason jar that has a neck on it, put it in something that either straight sided or kong backs the tax I think, yeah that that you can now a lab beaker, but the other was like the lip is wider than the base correct and- and then I put that in the refrigerator. So what's your I have now is here, your fats can, if your peer facts straight at your peer fats, gonna rights, the service, congeal,
and then at the bottom. You are gonna have a bit of this kind of seasoned gelatinous liquid. That has come off the ducks and then, at some point after it's been
totally cooled you're going to want to go in and scoop the whole thing out and scrape the that gelatinous liquid off the bottom, and that will at that point, that fat is good for years and then you could take that little bit of liquid that it's like a highly concentrated gelatinous stock. It's highly seasoned also- and you can use that in small amounts in a soup or something like that you could. You could add that into something there would be probably from this project. We probably would yield about a half a cup of this gelatinous liquid at the bottom. That is going to be like kind of concentrated cured duck. Flavor note I have a little witch's hat with those filters that you can port through. Yes to pull a bunch the shit out of this. We still get the layer yet you're going to have it no matter what
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you doc halves have been hoped for. Four hours emerged in pork, lard at two hundred: seventy five degrees, The listener has pulled his dogs out and he finding here, sheer finding that their intact, you can gently lift the half. The dock has not fallen upon, or it's not like how my mother used to cook squirrels in a crock pot and cream of mushroom soup were when she was done. There was a layer of bones in the bottom there and and everything else floating on top right there intact in here. here, we are put them on a little. She treasure baking sheet and then I started a very gentle muskie fire. As I don't want to who grilled them over really high he, but what I just want to do is just I want alarm kind of cool off a little, and then I just want to cook them skin side down on a grill.
Oh, and only on the skin side, never gonna flipper, the two that cuts never never never, and I just wanted gently crisp up the skin and to give them a little bit of smoke and the nice beautiful, like charcoal burning wood flavour, so that process should take about twenty minutes, stick the fires that gentle under him or there's that much space. However you're going to achieve that, just a few calls you put him down gonna make just a little bit of a sizzling sound. He wanted a kind of gently brown up from there and just get that skin crisp and I did a little glaze just because the brad, the guy that owns this place, he was clean, it had cabinet and he was like her, some pepper jelly and others like perfect,
that shit was good, so a little bit of something sweet. I just like brushed that on the skin after the fact, and does it hamper jelly pepper jelly and it could be anything it could be a mix of vinegar and honey, which is classically my favorite, like literally just a fifty fifty mix of any vinegar and honey, and that'll, be it could be rice, wine, vinegar, balsamic, apple, cider, right that shit Y one hundred it doesn't really matter sherry, vinegar, very good, something. If you read that what you need to heat that together, here. I refer to. Their liability are going through dot glaze at a good glaze, that's good! I dont have a lot of available things or really just anything. Sweet
in anything like. Oh all, I've got is the juice out of a jar of pickled all and some blackberry jam, ok I am not advocating that specifically assain is my favorite, but if that's what you got, you probably going to make that work, and it is probably going to get it sweet and sour. You know just fine, something I've got a lime Add coconut you ve got a lime and some molasses I mean again I'm not advocating that specifically, but that's the that's. The general idea and then a little bit of a glaze on vinegar and honey, vinegar and honey is beautiful, and you could embellish that you know like a garlic, is very good in there and then you could put spices in there.
I prefer brush net on dogs, birds quail, yeah yeah. I mean I think I can't remember which book I have. Oh, that's in it's in my in a field, there's a glaze and fifty fifty honey and vinegar, the little bit of aniseed and in garlic, and it's it's a wonderful glace that sounds so good, really well especially sherry vinegar for some reason, and that was it and it may serve the ducks and you know it: I was a little like. You can be in the night. I cheated and tore off and as kind of nail that was
I thought it was good, it was good you nail everything man, I'm good now. I don't well, that's that's super kind of you, but I don't know, there's there's failures out there, but I think that just I like to try to make spoons taste good, I like to give them a chance. You know you're going to kill them. You know, let's just let's just treat him with with an I. deal that they're going to be great now and then it just comes down to tricks and then, when we draw out the cooking process over forty minutes, hope people aren't intimidated, but it's really not that hard. If you distill this down, let me do a quick version there. You can pluck your dog Cut them to half the puts some seasoning on them. Let them sit few hours get a big pot of lard pork lard. Stick.
Docs in their put in europe for a few hours to seventy five four hours to seventy five pull him out smoke them for awhile, while a glaze on how that I love it. That's perfect signals into that: it lists and everything else. We start we're just death row. my voice over and over. They turned grey and it would apply to other ducks. You can do the same process. We we use this count fee and grill process extensively at the restaurant. We do chicken hearts. That way, I mean I've. I've stole that from you Let me just to look at idle for doc. Arts right How useful it is like the two main things that we do in that manner at rest: the chicken hearts and beef ribs so like a three or four pound full cut beef rib that is cured and then slowly cooked in this case in be fat and
it's tender and then grilled at the end and that's our way of achieving tenderness. And then, when the order comes in, we can cook the beef rib over the grill and it can get that you're, you're you're getting at tender first and then you're coming back later and getting the smoke. The char and the sure. Now that's my favorite venison rib preparation bought done it in the ward. It would be Quite good, you do it in water or water or of the thing. Is this and be curious to get your take on this part of what I'm trying to do and I do and water is I'm trying if it's a real fatty? Dear that's great lot more me I'm trying to get all that dear fat out of the meat right. So I slow cook it right.
And then, when you said that when you get it up said, let it cool all that fat, its tallow right. Why doesn't taster it's it's soup waxy unpleasant, so I'm trying to get all that waxy fat out of there and it floats up to the surface of water- a thing I might be afraid of- or maybe it wouldn't matter- is about, took my little dear ribs and imagine you got like just listers like magic, gotta, dear stand in air. yet all of its ribs. In the end, I like cut the ribs off. I take it. all running into slip, strip cut him into strips. So I got chunks of three inch. Rib going against the grain of the ribs with all Anonymous cut
the ribbed slab into three strips and then I take a few bones caught it few bones caught it and I got like if you went to a restaurant and ordered pork ribs, two or three ribs per piece. The ribs are not three. Maybe the ribs are four or five inches tall a cook until tender and water. Are you feeling the water? No, I season after I'm done where'd. You get it at an hour. I want all that. Dear fat to look Fine go away. I do a dry rub, then I grill them, but here's my question to you. Let's say I cooked them down I tend to rise the men, pork lard. It would probably
diffuse, carry away the dear fat waxing us? My feeling is yes, it probably would probably serve the same exact purposes the water, but it would incorporate, but it could incorporate some less waxy fat back in its but he's a hundred would then have wax your other men would have wagon in agreed to. It is my theory that is also true, but probably such trace amounts. It doesn't matter to full full disclosure. I also cook the venison ribs like this in water, but what I like to do is highly season. The water said, I'm getting because my what I've always found is it when you, when he cook him you ve got you ve got the outside seasoned. Only in the insides tend to be run a little bland, so out of season it with a bailiff
garlic and onion and of the recent salt in the water or, if you do have time before they go into the water season them at that point, like so dry brian yup and then go into the water instead of that that there's they're fully seasoned and then when they come out, you don't have just like that outer layer, that's got the nice seasoning on it, but the guy threw up, and then you grill grilled, correct, ot, so good and that's and that's my fifty fifty honey, vinegar, glaze says we. We we do. This very often just make venice, venice and ribs, like that, exactly like you're saying you par cook and then based on the girl with that vinegar and honey mix, monetize offers real getting prior to know about is what I like it without my girl, fifty percent,
cider vinegar, fifty percent mastered oh mustard. You and I slop a minute, my kids, it's so weird, I mean they'd love it that they like to have a little dip in bowls of it too. Oh cider, vinegar and mustard brushed on the ribs nice. You could brush Barbecue saucepan. It tastes like every damn thing: embarked, bbq sauce. We we we no shortage, bark, he saw smiles, it is like such a delay, The hell we gonna do with these leftovers wow I'm going to mash them up and put bbq sauce and put rat sandwiches right. Have we made for thanksgiving this year? We made a big italian mixed boil. which leads to the belittle me stone. In the end, I we just got so sick of the leftovers. In the end, I just want a ball bomb bbq sauce on sandwiches
all the shakes and everything you what went into what do? I do believe that bleed on me, so I did A friend of mine who raises cattle, gave me some beef tongue, nice, my kid's body, his family, racist chickens. So I had a chicken and then I realized I needed another chicken so that I had to buy a chicken. I had a moose bridge This is a classic composition right here, brisket to head asia can piglet a wild piglet shoulder from why so the whole pig shoulder I had a couple antelope shoulders They corned rod sars old, a whole analogue leg into three pieces and corn. I have
prong horn shanks? There were just braised put And then like route a bag is turnips, white beats taters. Could then? How can we talk about this, like for a minute you, don't like it? No, I I I really. I really enjoy this topic The coupled of I'm gonna, ask you questions now and going back to the well start here poster while it says it's it's a mixed boil This will translate its a mixed boys boiled its poached. Well,. Yes, you're, not you know, I'm having it. The process had a ribbon boil cracked. If I had the, if I had really devoted my brain to it,
and had the large in a vessel in we sat and looked at everything and thought about. I could have been like: ok, I'm we're going to eat at sex on pudding then at nine, a m I'm putting them. at in at ten a m Did it like that and at five pm right, but I didn't do it that way cause I was too lazy to think about it all because I wanted I was going to get there in a second, but I had a few things going right. I had a few things going. The all got combined in the end. Ok, okay, because the the staging was going to be. My second question, my first being more, not really a question, but more of an observation is that, like watched, meets that are slow, cooked in water, not widely accepted here like we. We really crave thinking in this country and many other countries, the texture of a seer from grill or or being
fried or put under a broiler yeah? They weren't getting out of my houses. You know, but I love things like that, like a poached chicken or at all poached, shank or a tongue, or something like that, I think there's a lot of value to it. How? How do we go about normalizing that as a preparation, because it's really cool? I think you need a feed it to your kids when their young everybody, did there in a generation or to the problem, will be over the left here and an adult and you're like boil meat who eats that one, I don't even care. It's like. I don't care isis! I used to years ago, care by all the stuff. You know care of so can and want to hear about it. But if we do not want to hear about impose my retracted we're trying to convince people to eat mixed boils I just kind of like you know kid. I don't need to hear about what you don't want to eat, just like. Don't don't come over. So if you were
Next question will let me with a quote from front: ok, so my wife for meeting new people, my wife or often, if there you're coming over? My wife will often just so you know We have guns in the house, they're locked up, but we have guns in the house. You know she just feels. This is a courtesy because there's some you know whatever she doesn't apologize about it she's. Let them know I think she's been asked enough. Maybe, but A firmer like, if they don't like it, don't call miles just a little bit like what what I came. I just can't all the people
Money all the stuff- I just some- I can't argue with them anymore- I'm right there, but I do think that advocate we educating and opening some minds, but there's still time people listen. They listen to what you have to say. They left their interests in the fact that you had the mixed boil for thanksgiving such up. the times I mean I think it's. I think it's amazing. I love that my wife was a little miffed, but in the end she can seated that it was better than what you normally Edith thanksgiving. If you were to, can I get onto my technical question, please, if you were to stage it, did you cook it in this aim brought in the end. No, I had a few things going on. Kind of parts, so I had to ask your questions unless you want me to elaborate. Let's say: hypothetically you've got a big pot where you're going to cook everything. How would you have? How would you have staged it
What order with you? I won't have woke up in the morning and out of gotten, my own cleared roy ass, shanks inner, would say I'm eating. Let's say on we're gonna eat at six. I would have I would have gotten my part because I wouldn't want to sit there, keep an eye out or, to put it mildly. At a certain time and put my shanks inner. Then I d gone my corned meets. We also put in her forgot about this a made a bunch of venison garlic. Sausages, and write a dozen of them in their day outside the sausages ago and in this oh, I forgot my big what all was in there, that was in there. They went in late I've done my roy s on cured shanks. Then
there are to put my corned in my car, and I call on my moose brisket corn, some of the bone in venice and peace. I would have awhile my tongue was already knows that raw tom, my tongue, it already been smoked oak and his soldiers, exiled. I made it a made three saved one for thanksgiving in a back bag. Slits like recipe ready. It is these we warmed up like you, could just ready, sir, now sought awaited and then ad probably like. four, a clock: may we put my tongue and their five o clock out of my harder to like big beats, big white beats,
turnips and radishes out. I got them in there to make sure that they were ready. Radishes, no I'm sorry route about using got it at five. Thirty. Five fifteen out to divert chicken in my sausages about other browsers. Just is phenomenal I do not want. I was all down the next day except strain it off although the next day I jarred at all, like pressure kanner, I got that shit. I myself and canning jars nice. So the meter coming out they're getting sliced a little bit part of the appeal. Is it some cave? Man look in business yeah. I bought two giant platters on amazon with pumpkins and stuff on them, because, like
none turkeys and pumpkins and shit because we're not having any of that stuff. And so I was like it was a little throw to people that were all miffed little jazz, certain unnamed family members that were like where the turkey stuffing it's right there around the corner, copes you'll notice. All trade there on the edge of my giant platters you nor are important. thanks giving and I made to mountains mountains of boys, a sordid meets in route. Vegetables all in all: a lot of care, uncut. Carrots, oh just hope, whole air, with the biggest net do you care to confine whole ass, carrots got it and then what what is did you do condiments
Bully or move starter, which I just bought fewer like full on traditional with yeah. Well, I'm twenty three percent italian agar, two percent north african and then a whole bunch of western europe. Okay, I was digging into my twenty three percent italian vega, Bottom, who started and and then we made too red, solves and greens also like a Our green herb, austere phenomenal song- and I had a couple of little salt tubs, laid out in a special salt adjust to some kerslake lake sea salt, flaky sea salt. Then, if you really want to know, then I made a horseradish sauce
creamy yeah, you nailed this yeah. I got. I got my own horse, radish patch, to l point out, oh so, which is frozen and locked under dirt, but I had cured. You know I had made some the vinegar and all that, and that was for the corned meats, phenomenal yeah that answer your question they did. It did. I'm really glad we took a turn down life- is the food up. So ok yeah good We also need no. Now, though we can, we can wah, but I I like I said I think that this is. This is a topic that really needs normalizing. We had a guest on top of boiled meat. We had a guest on Seth Kantner. He was raised. outside a car to be you brought up in a sad igloo living off the land dirt.
Or saudi glue, sled dogs, I'm off caribou, he's author. He wrote shopping for pork euro ordinary wolves, he wrote a thousand trails home bought caribou. reading his bookmark caribou, like they eat a lot of arm lot of boiled like that style, a cooking witches like very influenced by new, pierre cultures up, but they eat a lot of just like a moose knees. You bet you remove, get them big chance off the big mazo groups off. Then they like take the knee joint and they just boil it. In a ye all that tend in July
this stuff marrow, yeah lotta boiled me you'd have people over and it would just be like the like, the pelvis. Ok, it's a butcher. Caribou you take that whole pelvis. Whatever. It is any chance of anything that, like you'd nor be like K, it's clean like let's say you butcher note Elk out in the mountains, Should this land there, when you walk away with your backpack full of meat, bones meat or court. Resort ever areas, land air? It would saw and boil and serve that, and you go in there. Go to the party grab out a moose knee and you sit down and picket. everything down the ep. Everything down to the bone makes sense in red. That is like man, you know, looks salt boiled joints.
So they they have it very much so have an appreciation for just that boil meat. I think many cultures too, and I mean just soups and alpha or you know, and france has it's own version of of that in italy famously so, but I I I particularly enjoy it, especially when he he play with all the condiments and it's like a choose. Your own adventure over there and you've got these like sharp, bright condiments that are going with this kind of, like stodgy, almost unidimensional, preparation This delicious, but still, and then you get it there are resources really make right there I'll start a fruit, fun yeah and at jelly, and so when we started the year. All that stuff really makes it mister. He could probably explain the mustard fruit, but has no mustard in it or
the mustard seeds and okay yeah sorry, yes, the mustard being like one of the most preservative of the spices. I mean it, it lasts almost indefinitely and so must start a is an italian like sweet condiment that Forget the bed of spies to picture a mayor. She no cherry down because it will have some of those in. But you ve made picture that you ve made mare. She, no cherries out of kiwis. cherries. Orange is pair slices. That sounds condensed acting. Oh, how do you describe what has backed and it's the to jelly, ok or a syrup, expensive machine? yeah and it can be made with any fruit. It's kind of it's. I would say it's in the chutney family and I don't work. I got to point out man, I got no, I don't work at amazon. I put my of amazon because you get it from italian. I mean if it like,
we live montana is hard find some start sure. If you were in new york, you just go down and priority like eighty. Stores blocks and let me start a fruit but I would in order to begin I disorder in it, comes from its like all made in italy by the jars on amazon probably a better way to do it. That's how I do it too. He could make it it'd, be a fun it'll, be a project akin to making jam or jelly anything that or or a chutney where you could can it yup and he could use whatever fruit it is I mean you could make a choke cherry most starter or something like that. Apple must start to feel they're being dumb asses, but my kids do not like it. They do not like they, like the look of it sure you'll, like white claw. A kid can look at it can away claw across the room and they are in Everything about the key, are the can decide, so the can bubble design it's like
See there and they think I would like that beverage from hundred yards away. They know they're gonna, they lead they. Like everything about the presentation you bring a job, and we started in the home in their fired up like work it you know Jumping like swat can be more exciting than what's in that jar and then they taste they're just out. It's like they're, like somewhat ruin that spice, but it's a great our game accompaniment across the board, men on doc,. Phenomenon, doesn't have a kind. vinegar in it, as well as their a sour element, reserve fruit that sour that's in it. Hang as it is. They are always a tanker, it's not quite as german direction of fruit and that a copious amounts to muster ok, us tee already a little be like router
in an italian it'll, be fruitful, must start to try wendy There cannot be fat users of jar that each self jar had never prepared to pay for it right, dramatic chatting. it's too, or you know again, a universal condiment and like there's a I put a chutney recipe in the hog book and I feel, like you, can put anything in there from an apple to a zucchini is going to come out great. It's just it's it's a method which is always appealing to me. It's just to like that method, rather than strict recipe answer, but were at the end of the day when it is it's that its sweet and its sour, unlike those that those two flavors go so far with like enlivening game, because it's just that rich
It sits there. The old e q on the radio, where you've got too much bass, and you need to bring in a little bit of treble and that's exactly what what those flavors are with that like acidic punch and mustard seed, ginger things like that I close with a. I want you to I'll. Do mine first, I get to do three b. Only you only get to do one, what your best, like your best message like you could have a message to wild game. Cooks, brow, cast in the outer space all life would here it would be I go first and I got want none and offers I get three. Ok one is going to do. restaurant too is get if you like, a hot while pigs get Jesse's hard work was a calm. The haug book
new software or something I don't have a company about that both parents, people they are exposed to pigs and they are all the stupid shit like a candy. this guy, the uk, the boers you can you can eat this house or whatever the hell year at all it's available on the mediator, store phenomenal You can call me all the time about how blown away they are about that, but we want james beer toward. Since I saw you last. I do know that that one at the james beer or didn't. Really. Yes, sir, you shit me tell for the single subject? Category hog book is the winner no way, I think that's a win for I'm not trying to be. I dunno what the word, but, when the just
Getting that recognition for a book about hunting and specifically about pigs- that's hyper graphic there's where we saw published it. So we could put whatever pictures we wanted in there there's a lot of I mean, there's guts, there's blood, there's, there's death, there's dead, piglets all that stuff. I think that the recognition from the culinary community about a book like that was really navigate to to me and I'm not trying to be her said said something like it's a win for us all, but it's a went for us all. I felt like that was was very cool too, see that today I didn't hear I didn't know awesome son of a bitch. It was pretty cool. I got to go to chicago too, and here my name is cool. That's great. My daughter said that my nose was sweating yeah
so here is my final two souls gaudy restaurant git, your heart book about it, I've said, is, for you're, either cooking it too long or you're, not cooking it long in the app. You know now that you know that all of mine, mine is don't believe what they say Believe what they say, because when they our tell you to darken the gaff if catfish is not edible or that an odd ad is not available or edible, or you can eat a pig over pick your weight. Ninety one hundred one twenty one, forty whatever it is, can't eat them from february to august or whatever don't believe him, don't believe him, he can't eat a shoveler. You can't you know boiled meat is not good. Just don't believe him. That's that's a that's my advice. Thank you. Thank you. Lions sons,
your heart, all they ve never tried it pages, heard it it's just that generation or misinformation, see we, we gotta, remember to call the cream. We gotta remember to call the episode, don't believe them and love it. We come up with a lot. Titles and we kind of forget them. It's best to just record that just wear your workshop and record it. It was something different. Rather, we ought to call this episode. Then we'd like that then gets a different name than the list, but this really could be this one by god is going to be, don't believe them check my work by going look at what it's called thank you very much. Jesse grip thinking die due way in Austin texas, sir Yea, ideally yeah, he should have named something different. Surely now it's way too late, that ship sailed
My daughter amounting to tell you no use remit as its died. You die that's an italian parameter. You you just ethically knew how to pronounce the islamic. Thank you. hey guys. Through my family, I've been exposed to people investing in storing money and precious metals for a long time, but I've only recently gotten into it myself a little bit and I'm a I'm, a joy and a man. It's fun to listen, many people,
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Hey y'all, I'm tyler Jones and I'm casey smith. We host the element podcast. We are a couple of native texans that love to push the limits in all our outdoor pursuits from Elk, whitetails and everything in between. We share one hundred stories, tactics and even some failures that have helped us continue to do what we love. If you can't get enough of the outdoors constantly trying to learn more about the game you pursue. You should listen to the only forecast it's on the radio app on podcast poor, wherever wherever you made. Your point.
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