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Ep. 408: Game On, Suckers! MeatEater Trivia XLIV

2023-01-25 | 🔗

Spencer Neuharth hosts MeatEater Trivia with Steven Rinella, Janis Putelis, Brody Henderson, Hayden Sammak, Seth Morris, Chest Floyd, Maggie Smith, and Max Barta.

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hey y'all i'm tyler jones and i'm casey smith we host the element podcast we are a couple of native texans that love to push the limits in all our outdoor pursuits from elk whitetails and everything in between we share in the stories tactics and even some failures that have help us continue to do what we love if you can't get enough of the outdoors in your car absolutely trying to learn more about the game you pursue usually the only podcast it's on the radio on on part yes bore wherever you get your blog
in the media podcast welcome to meat eater trivia the only game show where conservation always wins i'm your host spencer neuharth and today we're joined by yannis tell us brodie henderson seth morris chester floyd hayden sammich marge smith and max barda this is a ten round quiz show with questions from meat eaters forward which are hunting fishing conservation and cooking and there is a prize mediator will donate five hundred dollars to the conservation organization of the winners choosing now this week we have a bit of it waste because i'm so damn excited about set in chess use new show montana while i to her every question this game is tied to fishing and we have a lot of very fishy folks in the room had you guys feel about an entire game that's dedicated to fishing really i think you could give me a heads up what would have changed if i gave you had gone beyond it
no matter what is it why should last began to video about fish and policies in europe our almost eyes as now i would have to dig deep your guy three fishermen like full time fishermen and their well being who seth gesture what do you mean like food is more than a game broadcast a host of fishing part is less than half finished legally allowed ice vision sunday ok i fear i came it's gonna be a threat of relax i'll shut up beyond this don't you have some fishing bona fide to know what does that mean exactly audrey cred yeah credit yeah oh my gosh reza guided trout decade radford decade max's account was lessing fished
i don't think i haven't fished through the ice yet this year and honestly i don't know if i strung abroad all last summer or spring break when we yeah that's right we're in miles you have to edit that over spring break or somewhere in montana we did operation max max just trying to set us up for a let down to many fishy folks in the room now then chester tell us a bit about the show which had the first episodes on youtube yesterday kick it offsets so it's a montana while i where chester in i travel across the great state of montana two three different term it's for observers but we had three different wall i tournaments and compete and with this pretty exciting moment so i recommend to then what's he actually episode then
see while the first absurd is chat nigh drive into minnesota pick up our term boat at heirloom craft and then we rig it with all electronic strolling motor that kind of stuff and from there we had to four pack where we spent two days of pre fishing and it's a totally smooth process right like everything you guys envision happening with about happens no no issues along the way and one yes exact not only on a long drive back from minnesota did you guys get an argument about who's the cap and the boat i said yeah i said i the captain nor is it was a blast like we had a lot of fun it was its challenging tina producer the show when you're in these tournaments but yeah it's basically like which guys are going to see is like two goofballs
just figuring it out along the way this is our first you know tournaments we ever fished and yeah it was it was it was great any guys do well you don't go out there and get shall act every time the last one competing at the top of the leaderboard board every time right not every time no our first determined were worth pretty good and in my opinion our last one we we got our asses into us can still get grandma i dont like watching a sporting event fired you know the outcome this is different now i'm very excited she d montana while two now max marge you guys spent a lot of time making this come together behind the scenes what were some of your favorite moments from the show during the gophers well i would say had less of in hand to be honest i really did the graphical elements and worked on the wonderful fun intro that your will be treated to getting the sea
it is always great margin all the graphics for pardon my plate and she killed it every time so i'm looking for crushes the graph montana quality or well thank you guys appreciate that my favorite those from fresno window the rod get sucked out of the back the boat there is no radio yap cider i won't say anything more to that but stay tuned for a missing rod inaction and then i think i had a big portion of a cause i was actually on a couple the fishing trips to as well and film in driving the chase but see i think i went on the maiden voyage at can vary with you guys for peck and then tiber here and which you are like it was very nice to have you
yeah it was probably one of my favorite things that i did this last time it was just like hanging out with these two and driving around a boat and with the camera in my hand so but i think my favorite trip was the four pack the wind the waves and big fish great episode one on youtube right now now in honour of this fishy episode of trivia our stand of the week this week is looking at player performance in the fishing category the person who is best at fishing questions is ryan el hand he gets fifty nine percent of fishing questions right that's closely followed by steeper and now look at fifty eight percent brody henderson at fifty seven percent an honest patel us at fifty two percent they are our only competitors who get over half of their fishing quite
genes correct those are bona fides on us scenario we don't have an advantage i might not even get a single one of the nato or teacher cal even poked his head in the room said he got too many trivia players and then docked out despite him having be the best score when it comes to getting fishing questions i feel like i was a little too intimidating we part in the door i shall let you see and then start applying the pressure how do you know this he had been pretty good about being here right now now but instead we have brody henderson fifty seven percent indiana pretend less and fifty two percent now i'm way more nervous when steve aaron it's me in your task is ok yeah yeah illnesses the guy that scares me we have somehow
keeping to get too in a previous game of trivia we had a question about the yiddish term termed forward duck that the correct answer was schmaltz but janius said schmaltz now janius didn't get that right but shlomo franklin rode into say that yannick deserves some credit because schmaltz is actually a yiddish term that means dirt in the same episode we also had steve trying to remember the yiddish term for sex which shlomo wanted to let us know is stupid so there you go schmaltz is duck fat schmuck is dirt and shut up in a six thousand good fun language law which must finish laugh any sleep in the day and i turned out to be a shlomo aim in name only safe say those words fast for tens did me doc schmaltz
i already messed also in a previous game of trivia when trying to describe what a pangolin looks like i told phil it resembles a pokemon well a few listeners wrote in to say that pokemon at number twenty seven censure is actually based on a pangolin the appearance is so similar that in twenty seventeen the singapore zoo rescued a six week old pango in which they named censure so phil for the second time and mediator trivia history and coming to you for some poky mine wisdom what can you tell us about censure oh man well century is one of the oh jeez part of the first original one hundred and fifty it evolves into a santa slasher and it's got like a bunch of needles on its back and these big sharp claws i don't think real pain when's do that though when they have level twenty two for a ground programme was morbid dig let guy yes
guys really i was a cuban austria dangling guy is why should we put him on a three hundred and fifty porcupine work there one fifty one ought to include mew spencer but some people dont use cocaine can we move right you're stuck in a room with a lot of actually i grew up in the nineties just naturally have nothing to do with europe and with the nineties underline litigation in every language to make tangley isn't the main one called pokemon maoist it is going to ask and i dont know set there was such a good take heed almost thank you a satirical so please now these i'll be index for this game of trivia is a three but i'm expecting our winner to get about eight correct answers because my wife hasn't caught a fish since two thousand and sixteen with that we're out of the game of trivia play the drop will need to know
i stand with everything else you stand to win everything the game on suckers question what the topic is cooking which of these raw foods has the most calories is it octopus scallops lobster or swordfish which of these raw foods has the most calories octopus scallops lobster or swordfish quick answer for max rest the room not so much the honest you think he got this one year it's an educated guess spoke can now if i the wording is question i would say calories per ounce its per three out serving their ego because a sword
fish damn sure mortality mcmillan scott that's right three ounce serving did you eliminate a few yeah you know it's like not these two for no no candle if you are you can be a real tricky answer you know maybe because one of them lives in some certain environment it has to be super super densely packed with calories octopus scallops lobster swordfish does everybody have an answer brody i'm changing mine okay what changed your mind i think a lot of it changed seemed no good reason we're all changing go ahead and reveal your answers good wisdom head hayden saying swordfish set saying scallon brodie sang scallops more saying lobster max thanks swordfish chester saying lobster janius saying scallops be correct answer
is swordfish how i think it was the only one who got it right because it is bad that's what i had numbers are here the u s department of agriculture and are based on a three hour serving swordfish has one hundred twenty two calories octopus has eighty two calories lobster has sixty five calories and scallops have fifty nine calories the fda recommends eating about ten ounces of fish or shellfish per week seth abrogate net tingle in my hands started to think about mercury poisoning yeah it's real dude did you see the the statistic that where he'd say it's kind of convoluted but a report recently came out that eating a serving of freshwater fish from like a lot of bodies of water is the equivalent like in p f a's those are like the forever chemicals of drinking dirty water for a month
to her question one another yeah warm announce mars was built educator by the topic is conservation american rivers dot org declared this the most endangered river in america which starts in the rocky mountains and ends at the gulf of california american rivers dot org declared this the most endangered river in america which starts in the aki mountains in ends at the gulf of california they do that every year so like was it a certain year twenty twenty two alright there you go twenty twenty two when they made this list and this river was number one to hammock
i already got this one i can tell you that or do you agree oregon is i'm pretty sure american rivers american hunters dot org sas back of your board says socket seth hey you're innocent brody got this one chester you got this one now i don't fish live in river spencer but could have been a little bit more fishing while i questions you're not gonna love is rather but you still go watch montana while i do a hidden how we do it not so good gap is everybody else avenues and destroyed it think of the river that flowed west there your chest patient give you an answer on come on now sorry
you problem brody you don't like the changing the time axis as an answer ok er degrading loves to take his time when he doesn't know that everything alright show him but you have to go out and reveal your answers we have hayden saying snake seth saying colorado brodie saying colorado marge saying sacramento max saying colombia chester saying salmon janius saying colorado jani gotta be correct answer is
colorado as well as brody in colorado like you're gonna be calling rattle river flows through seven states and two countries and is these six longest river in america american rivers dot org says its greatest threat is climate change and outdated water management they estimate that unless we take action the rivers flow will be reduced by another ten to thirty percent by the year twenty fifty question three the topic is biology this next great question comes you will be a john silver back if you have a question you think is right for mediator trivia
send into trivia at the media that come loaded loader is the scientific name for north america is only fresh water cod what is it load a lotta is the scientific name for north america is only freshwater cod what is it hayden with the quickest answer in the room other folks coming up with him now every jani done he's got a blackboard i know it biota load i little he must give us not telling me load a low daisy scientific name from north america is only freshwater cod agents coffins actually made gave us and causes an answer easy i hope to facilities one day that's what i'm asking you hard won do better next time what's that i think you can do better don't listen to our large side check
we has have now i don't i don't i don't even one motive load a load a el origami j com alchemy allowed allowed right through my forehead town in fact my like scientific names that go on back to back say more is bison dyson one among the right man lying is facing that's gonna current starts right now is but by supplies is feeling lines who knows looking for a way to turn well turned him over we got folks folks coming over there does anybody have an answer i answered right the gold mining water housing bourbon marginal mansard raising his aunts before it bears chauvelin
is saying bourbon they got it the correct answer would you for max bourbon bhutto no i put flounder i got that without lula cod in from would you have accepted eelpout other names for bourbon include fresh water ling lawyer fish and eelpout indiana just had their burbage state record broken twice in the span of two weeks prior to that the record had stood for thirty two years all three of those fish came from lake michigan with the most recent record wing eleven point four pounds side note the canadian angle where jay fishes for bourbon as an amazing underwater berber footage are they spawning like are they right up and tight on the ice post spawn but they're they're just there's a lot of them
it'll hold up in store yeah that so cool you should check it out sweet broadcast spawning man my girlfriends give you so mad at me their family she comes fishing family her honor that's her nickname is eelpout out oh now is this if i may make the zebra back i would admitted that yeah the story at the wedding the topic is fish camp this is an audio question i'm going to play one minute of a famous fishing song you need to tell me the artist play the song phil spring is almost over and remains a bad name the band or the artist you didn't even have to play the song that max is going to be on the board here so with seth and chest i think so
stats don't go ahead since yesterday he didn't pander to ourselves in the heat of the nah baby get ready who's a better singer this is not some trying to figure out music i know senior prom like walk out what year two thousand and eleven that is why you played the girls hated you guys they re those revision and you artists world
georgia has already made not the chest regime too there will be right no put me like a big if the person cause everybody have an answer i'm guessing i know it wasn't johnny cash yeah brody you're going to get this i know a guy you with my mother does everybody have an answer is going to come up with one figure everything or brody go ahead and inside our animals we ve got hayden saying kenny rogers set saying nitty gritty man protein without an answer i we needed reader are saying zac brown band max and chester saying nitty gritty dirt band janis saying what does a while love it layla and love lyle lovett who the correct answer is nitty gritty
it dirt man do they have any other hits other than that of meda maria under other biggest he was just a cover of mr bowe jungles which will guide us in our one had wondered again he could call now that it's great the nitty gritty dirt band released that song on their nineteen eighty seven album hold on it hit number one on the charts in the united states and canada becoming the band's best selling single of all time the song has since been covered by artists like john party garth brooks and mediator trivia is number one fan luke brown question five that's a joke leader either thirty your old song that mentions fishing want exactly will that's right that's what any
he is like a thing it's like dear camp or fish camp it something like tangentially related how you ve caught on zan community set of opium legal well rounded individual bearing a lot to the table here a media area apparently question by the topic is a gear this next great question comes you would be a christian thompson if you have a question you think is right for mediator trivia you can send it to trivia the media that come this nymph pattern which was created in wisconsin shares its name with an alcohol a drink that has ice cream in it what is it this nymph pattern which was created in wisconsin shares its name with an alcoholic drink that has ice cream in it what is it just
why do you know this one because you're from wisconsin that's how i still i dont have i'm not a hundred percent down my answer but it's the best thing gotta this new pattern which was created in wisconsin shares its name with an alcoholic drink that has ice cream in it nervous why would i hear of various there sir in minnesota ice cream seldom has long alcohol ice cream she also much more i don't know i've ever had and now garlic drink with ice cream can you know abroad i do i don't think so yeah apparently twenty years of fly fishing gotten didn't really pay off this new pattern which was created in wisconsin shares it's name with an alcoholic drink that has ice cream in it i think chester is the only one with an answer right now i don't even know
it as ice cream yeah i'm like doing a chicken or the egg thing i don't know whether to like go through nymphs categorically or go through alcoholic drinks categorically i think i can think of the one list that would be shorter other yonder is how you feel about this guy you guess ok one of the few folks it's come up with an answer besides gesture i think i invented and you need not only tell no eyes media trillion him i know i know to flies with alcoholic drink names on him if i give you both of those girl no no no he's everybody have an answer it come on this seems like we ve been about part gas topic it would have been a changing his aunts
parliament something now go ahead and reveal your answers we have hayden sang what's it say mickey thin making men sat without an answer road he sang mudslide more saying root beer float max sang three dollar dip chest you're saying pink squirrel janius sang mudslide much as we got it it's the pink squirrel nice work chester and asia maggie ingredients for a pink squirrel cocktail are crammed a cow krim they know you and ice cream the ingredients for a pink squirreled nymph or a brass bead strands of pearl crystal flash red wire squirrel dubbing and pink dubbing it's considered the most popular fly pattern in the drift list
yeah very cool yeah that's the only reason i put that answer down was i fished in the driftless area a lot you'd go into a fly shop you'd be like you know what you know what some good stuff you guys have that's been working they'd all be like oh you gotta get some pink squirrels you know nor do i two former fishing guides have you ever use your heard of it i've her now i've heard of attica maya but what chester didn't know back then as they did that a shit load of those going on tour and you can get rid of them right yeah but i would say that just as simple like they're similar to like a beaded hairs here i would say i have a hair's ear with some you know ribbing on it works just as well as the like scud better now general sir you can i get more of a cat s tail thing but it's got that pink on it so it's obviously visages like using a pink square we worm
well we are half way through our game of trivia scale little man all right we ve got maggie with zero points my any honest am hayden oh well an brody i'll have to points of peace and tied for first place with three points are gesture and so i have a question about what you guys roses there's gonna be a fishing episode yeah but that's why how would i baby inside the largest donor to bonn fishing on youtube gestures softball wisconsin fleming you do realize think i was going to have to get her you're living greedy terrapin question the living pound wandered out into the knitting
i said i drank pink squirrels plus about in this world endangered rivers and what i mean they are tyler joe and i'm cases and we hope the element i guess we're a couple native texans of love the push the limits in all our procedures we are also a couple a long time friends started stop and around our local creek bottles but found ourselves blessed with the opportunity to hunt over the country from ill wagtails all that even fish we share a hundred stories tactics we'll tell your head of hair she has with rights also had a peg a little help pass door put it on a forty i cannot tell you what will even talk about some of our failure long way that help us learn how to do what we love we ve also
i recently joined the media so look forward to even more tense moments and crazy adventures with those fellers maybe we can even teach them those jokers a little something batman you can't get enough the outdoors and want to learn more about how to get closer to the game you pursue listen to the elements i guess while the iheart radio app on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts question six the topic is cooking what type of meat is in a california sushi roll what type of meat is in a california sushi roll haven with the quickest answer and marge and chester now i'm second guessing myself jonathan
roadie are to best folks and efficient category are behind in the game and have yet to come up with an answer those because none of these questions have anything to do with fish and what type of meat a california sushi role not thinking this is brody's favor tribute whenever it is quiet i love and oh banter disguised advertising with a knife everybody have an answer to answers just scratched one out i fear that you ready go ahead and reveal your answer is we have a hidden saying what's it say imitation but sometimes real crab grisettes saying shrimp brodie sang salmon marge saying imitation crab max saying tuna chester saying crab janius sang pollack be correct answer is crab
imitation crab pollack previously worthy we learned that pollack is the most common fish used in imitation crab while i swear california rule is not your i'd give it you should imitation grab me when in a previous game that was an answer that we had the caliph or neural is an inside out sushi role that usually made of sushi rice cucumber avocado and crab it was invented in the nineteenth sick these by each row machina in the little tokyo area of la los angeles is now considered one of the most popular sushi rolls in america do you know he made that specifically to cater to western tastes soon so yeah cause they leave out the seaweed most times the visa imitation crammed me which americans love very disappointed over there are buried question serving the topic is conservation pie right
which is a mineral that drains from minds and turns waterways orange is better known by this nickname candy topic is conservation pyrite which is a mineral that drains from minds and turns waterways orange is better known by this nickname come on os pa boys better know this one coy yeah we grew up with the shit lot of quick answers and earn nothing from janis yet i think cheddar is going to win man we just talked about this seth yeah that as well don't you have any and all i don't think i can remember i wrote down some mouse but i think it might be some different now this is the one time that studying for tribute has actually helped me how did do this what i did was i went online that genetic that i don't care what you think i'm gonna get this answer right you might not
i have a bunch of outdoor trivia questions on the internet and there was like a list of like five hundred of them okay well what would it tell me the question i write which is a mineral that drains from mines in turns waterways orange is better known by this nickname i really hope him right now lobby there is a large not so much throw down we always called it grown up which hopefully now you may god said johnny you can come up with anything chester might lose years everybody ready the go ahead and reveal your answers we have hating and brodie saying food gold sat him saying acid mine drainage marge without an answer max saying copper chess you're saying fools gold pianist saying orange slush be corrected
there is fools go get you get have got it wrong then i got it wrong exposed to water and oxygen pyrite can react to form sulphuric acid this contaminates drinking water disrupts reproduction of aquatic plants and animals and corrodes infrastructure trout unlimited has a mine reclamation program that tries to address this problem across the country and when i was researching this topic you guys are right it's all over in pennsylvania as well as the rocky mountains that i remember growing up swimming in susquehanna river you come out my swim trunks will be red really yup but they've said
done a lot of work to clean that up and it's actually good fishery now yeah the same where you honest and i used to guide the eagle river got hit real hard by that and it's it's doing really well now those cleanups work they're expensive though question eight the topic is biology that's next great question comes to us via annie mick turner if you have a question you think is right for me to trivia you can send it to trivia at the meat eater dot com on a catfish what is the name of the fin that is located between the dorsal fin and caudal fin on a catfish what is the name of the fin that's located between the dorsal fin and caudal fin couple of quick answers in the room cheshire our guy in the lead though is yet to come up with anything says question eight on a catfish what is the name of the fame that's located
when the dorsal fin and caudal fin says you got this one right i'm going to i'm going to be kicking myself i think i can't think of i can picture it i just don't know the name can you can you say that again on a catfish what is the name of the fin that is located between the dorsal fin and caudal fin not a very confident room brody you think you're going to get this one maybe i just don't know if they have catfish have mr turner you don't know what i just said i know i know what you're thinking and i'm wondering that exact same thing also wondering leg out forget is everybody i have no not yet i'm going to write the same thing that a bunch of brody wrote down gesture you're going to keep we'd on this one are not now i don't have an answer in a napkin pray come up with everybody ready
go ahead and veal your answers we have hayden saying adipose sack saying adipose brodie saying oppose marge saying idaho's max sang it is argued that an answer leon is saying back then the crag dancer is adipose as for on the right track because other fish with an ad oppose fan include salmon and trout got this name because biologists originally thought the fin had adipose tissue in it which is a type of fat that has since been disproven in our best guess is that it acts as a flow sensor for fish to better maneuver turbulent waters
you know they clip those things are clear yes documents perhaps refilling by what i said trout would have you got new ice counterfeiting and i thought there would be no really i swallowed out had catfish it threw me off our i kept thinking about like we do this nothing there where you can count the rays distinguished like a blue carefully i gave trial cat as but they're all my questions left give us a scoreboard update i think it just got interesting yeah did technically everyone except for maggie story maggie still in the game we ve got max and scientists with three points seven brody four and hayden and gesture with i've hayden chester esther you could be run away with it right now
i don't know why i met down by any question nine topic is fishing what is the deepest great lake what is the deepest great lake this room is full of folks who grew up in a great lake state max where'd you grow up north dakota okay not you everyone will everyone else grow up in his state what is the deepest great blake damnit awful mega guess so yup you know the great lakes if you gotta i know at least one of them you should have his name all that looking for the deepest i can only think three hayden how you feel about this
what i'm doing that thing where i'm like kind of trying to play into how much i think you're trying to trick us both out one in five shot chester and i'm kind of and in the same boat as haden well i think i got it i think i've got a little better shot than one in five does everybody have an answer looking for the deepest great lake one in three shot brody i can't tell if you're frustrated at this game for austria question restrain himself myself right now because i can actually only think a fuller about five exile now which is just what we get a bonus plan for your name them all know you it wrong put more than a great lake everybody ready and crossing
go ahead and reveal your answers we have hidden sang superior to settle sank superior brodie saying here severe is the one i can remember more period max and gesture and janius sang superior they got it the great answer is lake superior the deepest lake superior is about forty miles north of munising michigan and is one thousand three hundred thirty three feet deep the deepest part of lake michigan is nine hundred twenty five feet the deepest part of lake ontario is eight hundred four feet the deepest part of lake huron is seven hundred forty eight feet and the deepest part of lake
theory is two hundred ten feet fail we have one question left give us a scoreboard update stab three players we have sat with five points and tied for first place are hayden salmon and chester with six question and the topic is gear and this is our annex listener question of the week which was won by steven tyler for sending this great question steven is going to get a one year premium subscription to annex if you want a chance to win our listener question of the week then send it trivia at the meat eater dot com this fishing magazine which has a note on the cover that says seven bucks fourteen dollars for bait fishermen is named after a large may fly what is it amerika you knows question done name is fishing magazine
with tie break which has a note on the cover that says seven bucks fourteen dollars for bait fisherman is named after a large mayfly i remember when that magazine was cool what is it it's not cool anymore i dunno maybe chester either you got this one hundred percent hayden you got this one is everybody ready chester am i right go ahead and reveal your answers we have hated and set brodie oriented upside down hayden said brody sang the drake are you saying salmon fly max saying green drake chest you're saying drake janius saying drake be correct answer is the drake they not of the they don't get a ripe growing ass grandma not green drank that sounds like a deeper magazine for water followers
national may jackson whole wyoming in ninety ninety eight he said he created the publication because every magazine that covered fly fishing was cater to those who hired guides his goal was to make a magazine for guides and those who already knew how to fish phil it's gonna wait if we're going to a tie breaker play the drop yeah but that doesn't make any sense at all very lead you can be sick and you can be thirty four going to a tie breaker we have chester and hating the thai breaking topic
fishing anybody want to bet on who's going to calcutta calcutta a core dishing thing according to a twenty sixteen survey by the us fish and wildlife service what percentage of hunters had also fished within the last year according to a twenty sixteen survey by the us fish and wildlife service what percentage of hunters had also fished within the last year down to chester and hating this is making foreign exciting fisheries always gotta go to a decimal point yes go to a decimal point for your answer thank you brody joyce or fine when it's now one of the old heads like janis brody taken a victory there i it's not fun for gesture how you feel about this you look like you do in some math or tell us about it
well i don't know if i want to know tears out it s an earl just guessing hang on skimming jimmy just a little bit aka just everyone else can come up with an answer but the only ones that matter are chester in hayden just test was going to rescue people mad at chester get it right now for the rest of the day i got an accent so important to say what maxi yet some advice for him jester let me know when you're ready i'm writing to thank you again it's according to a two thousand and sixteen survey what percentage of hunters had also fished within the last year you boys ready go ahead and veal your answers the rest the room we have large sang was that say marge ninety
ninety point two mac sang thirty three point three janius thanks seventy five set saying sixty four point seven brodie saying seventy nine point three and our two competitors left in the game we have hidden saying sixty eight point five gesture saying fifty one one of you is within half a percentage point correct answer be correct answer sixty seven percent hayden or winter wasn't a half percent five percentage points damn near nailing it on well well done to everybody what happens next is hayden gets to choose where a five hundred dollar donation from mediator goes so what's it going to be maybe some in fishing in mine over their keep it real i would like to american hot hot
ok american rivers i'd like to donate to american router and what do you like about them hayden that brody do you like about american rivers there there are very good conservation org that like their watchdog for pollution and rivers they made this do a bunch of great work ever here they left the ten most endangered rivers in the country and i was like i like i've been thinking about donated to these guys like at some point anyway so i was gonna do sheep weak or while she foundation but sheep we just happen so i figured they probably have an influx of donations like brown suggestion i also like conservation organizations that reach folks who aren't just endemic what we did was right there helping folks who use drinking water who have to water their lawns who recreate these rivers good choice america
rivers the montana while i too or is on mediators youtube channel right now new episodes dropping every tuesday over the next three weeks go check it out me that's for this game of meat eater tribute join its next time for more of the only game show were conservation always win the the hey y'all i'm tyler jones and i'm casey smith we host the element podcast we are a couple of native texans that love to push the limits and all our outdoor pursuits from elk whitetails and everything in between we share
the stories tagging and even some failures in helpless continue to do what if you can't get enough the outdoors constantly trying to learn more about the game you pursue usually some of the old forecast it's on the iheart radio app on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts
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