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The MeatEater Podcast Presents: Cal's Week in Review, Episode 2

2019-05-20 | 🔗

The MeatEater Podcast introduces the best thing to hit the internet--our network's new podcast, "Cal's Week in Review." This week, our very own Ryan "Cal" Callaghan brings you cool facts about old poop, fish, birds, ticks, poachers, snakes and a bunch of other cliff notes from the world of wildlife and conservation.


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hey if you're why this episode of cows week in review has been served up to you when you thought you were just subscribing to the meat eater podcast it's because we're playing dirty pool in the past care space i promising avenues to you again for the next year what say mass six months you i won't do it again all i'm doing is we're serving servants in here even though you don't subscribe because i i honestly believe that you will be glad to find out about it so i'm violating some trust by wedge and in a show you don't subscribe to india here but i'm doing it with your own best interest because i think you're going to come out thinking like man cowes week in review is the perfect complement to the meat eater podcast
being ryan cow callaghan whose always meet your pockets anyway so if you like me to your park as you know one probably like hell reich l i also he sit right here plain dirty pool with me so tell me what they ought to do go let you go into the show it'll start a minute you'll know it starts like a newsy sound intro and then you listen to the show on your bill i wholly smokes this is the great sure i've ever listened to you will you will track that show down wherever podcasts are available to be streamed or downloaded same way you track down the meat eater podcast you're going to subscribe and leave me a review yeah
click the right most star that read and write whatever the hell you want just make sure you click the right mostar and then say whatever you feel extent that we don't care about that part of zit enjoy cowes week in review ladies gentlemen thank you for listening the meat eaters world news headquarters in bozeman montana this is called we can review with ryan cow gel and now here's cal this week we're talking about other things copper light a compromise as a classy name role boot fossilized feces if you the issuer the layer downer of a compromise you are its author by all is an anthropologist
are interested in top relates because they are evidence of the animals behaviour rather than morphology as in you can t what it's been eating which is telling in addition to old dried up dumb to damage touch on fish birds poachers snakes tex getting drowned and general outdoors goings ons for we get into the news from big wide world first i'm going tell you about my as it turns out no recovering from my turkey on spring green hills outside in nashville ten the other morning with the tennessee tech hitchhiker if you will embedded in my armpit miss was travelling for a number of reasons one is being
mid thirties it just doesn't feel great to question your ability to clean yourself and then there's the simple creepy feeling of discovering parasites on yourself on my way home from tennessee to nashville airport this is where it gets real exciting hacking away at my emails in the delta lounge feel any action find tick embedded on the back my arm but man that's acts that i felt another drop out of my rapidly receding airline on my shoulder this was enough tick activity to get me fully grow stout bottoms in the action so there have completely strip nay given answering the delta lounge performing a full on dick check where i ve tear embedded in my skirt and only bring this because i am big on honesty in quite sincerely
when a man finds a disease carrying parasite and what the old timers would call your soft parts it's a real sinking feeling ticks attach themselves to hosts by questing which is climbing to a vantage point now allow them to either grab or drop onto an animal as they pass by ticks can carry a number of diseases most notable being lyme disease and rocky mountain spotted fever which are both bacterial infections that are introduced to humans through contact with the offending tick ticks need to be attached twenty four hours or longer in order to transmit so catch merlin brevity subject born illnesses is steadily increasing in the u s for instance there's been an over three increase and confirmed limes cases since team ninety seven now to fish for those of you waiting on the minnesota whitefish record to be broken it's been a long time ago a quick facts about the lake white fish is
it is the most commercially valuable freshwater fish and canned here states sometimes regarded as a trash page but europeans are met about the row commercial white fishermen who harvest the fish trip with trap net and make as much or more from exporting caviar as they do so delays anyhow it's a whitefish record from ninety ninety nine has been busted by first time eyes angler his third in pound nine point one ounce whitefish came and almost thirty inches in length and twenty two winches ungirt lie in montana we got a big whitey while the angler was new to vision he's hey i'm new doing for flathead cabotage needling or tickling is winning flathead by inserting a hand into their mouth and allow them right down on your aunt when the cat bites you how it from the war
fish newly record is eighty five pounds two ounces there all time flathead record for reg fishing would you say not all drowned unreal set up is over twenty three pounds that fish from kansas if you think pulling fish through the ice or grabbing them by the mile sounds cruel or if you think who cares it's just a fish take a look at the case of michael re handsome not to be confused with the wonderful taxes musician make a p hansen or a was charged with one count of abandonment of an animal and three mr meaner cruelty to animals anson was did from his home in new hanover county north carolina and left behind and neglected six inch oscar fish authorities found the oscar in deplorable conditions with parasitic hole in the head disease yes who in the head disease apparent a common problem encountered by aquarium enthusiasts good thing for handsome
new hanover county district attorney ben david determine that animal cruelty statutes don't apply to fish de stated we take a very in view of anyone who would abuse any creature great or small think about the next time you see a bunch goldfish plastic bags at the fair or heaven forbid in the bottom of your fish bucket speaking protections for fish check this wanna it brown it goes without saying that fish in the desert are rare but would you guess that death valley is home to the rarest known fish on earth the devil's hole located not all that far from las vegas command is part of the ash meadows complex which is in turn part of the death valley national park complex is comprised of seeps springs that bring fossil water which is water that seeped into the ark for millennia go to the service or could be more tempting the water in the desert right right devils hole is seriously protected place ten foot fancy highly controlled highly monarch
two thousand sixteen small group of or drunk and arm desert dwellers decided for reasons unknown to go for a swamp the boys through the fence and in short order we've gotten the illegal skinny dipper in devils hole the skinny dipper is a convicted felon in possession of a shotgun during swim he manages to step onto the small shelf of rock that is the epicenter of life at devil's hole when the national large service crews made aware of this violation they should to investigate as it turns out it looks as though the disturbance of the pool and devils whole resulted in the death of a rare pup fish when i say rare i mean the devil's hole a finnish you wanna be rearrest fish on the plan is tiny shimmering blue fish is only found back in the waters of devils home the devil's hold up fish has been
the endangered species list since the list was created while we don't know for absolute certain that this fellow killed the pop fish circumstantial evidence is pointing very decidedly in that direction so what's the punishment fewer in anything here let it be this don't go drinking amazing with the endangered species act are skinny dipper was finally sentenced recently and got nine months in the clink for the essay violation four months for the trespassing and destruction of property and has to pay fourteen thousand in restitution to the national park service and to top it all off the queen mother of all punishments pound release the devil's whole skinny dipper we'll be forbidden to enter fed public lands for the rest of his life and this is where i start feel bad for a deeper this guy is
he's made a really bad decisions deplorable when you think about wiping species off the face of the earth for the sake of drunken dumb ass three things are likely regret for the rest of their lives and should mind you but imagine you live in nevada and you ve been for life from eighty four point percent of your home state eighty four point nine is the percentage of federally managed land in the bad you ve based great and sends to live in las vegas and that sounds cruel and unusual to me and the spirit reform i'd rather see deeper sense cleaning up the desert as opposed to being banned from let's go from lille blue fish to the big to the alligator guard a couple of years and brazos river landed a seven foot seven inch alligator gar weighing in at one hundred and ninety eight pounds the head alone weighed twenty five now this sounds like a beast but the world record came out of texas and went two hundred and seventy nine pounds these creatures date back to the patients barium mean
alligator garabin swimming for at least sixty six million years if you watch movie jurassic world the diner the jumps out of the water needs that wretch hybrid a damn moses or the moses or and the garter swam at the same time obviously garnish though around and moses organism we get the term living thousand some of our favour living fossils horseshoe crabs snapping turtles sums and the days diaz devolve the american brown hair and analyse here's a few more fun facts about the guard scales stretch old allows more scales scales that don't ghana scales gar have ganoids or scales making had serious bite without effect one reason gar may have stood the test of time is it dish and regular old fish gills the guy has a specialised swim bladder that acts like along this specialised swim bladder allows the guard sip air from the surface because of this
darkening habit low oxygen water other fish can i just for it few flies another guy species the spot a guard down in texas few weeks ago on the lionel river really need fish he should devil fuck em up like public life as i was saying nevada matter how good junk of them but soon the sheep range mountain that is what you can see from airplane window when you're landing in vegas may soon it closed after the public ouch right now the u s military is asking for an additional two hundred and twenty five thousand acres of the mountain range for bombing practice that's the size of two thousand two hundred and fifty disneyland's if you include the new star wars expansion there are a few problems with this one being that these mountains happened to be some of the best desert bighorn sheep habitat in the world once time and time it's estimated that we have around two million bighorn sheep as both rocky am desert big aren't thanks to unregulated market hunting
but our laws and disease the latter of which remains the primary threat to sheep that number was whittled down to roughly fifteen thousand by nineteen hundred now we're back up around seventy thousand sure not perfect we're out of the big worn dark ages and getting there any keep that still on the mountain is there because we fought for it that certain through the sheep range big horned for decades inspiration organizations such as while chief foundation have work ass is off to conserving range and it's six hundred desert bighorn habitat movements water improvements in peace about their heart sweaty work jargon hundreds of regular folks dawning time and money on behalf of wildlife let's not is that away get off your but and act now call your electorate officials if you care about desert big horns and public access of wild places i understand the needs of national defence but let's
the long game here what's wild should stay wild or i going to run out of degraded landscapes so don't worry about that and the war on wild cheap now we're gonna talk about things that should be things that shouldn't be nearer northern border with canada superior is i'll royal national park i'll royal his remit island chain in the northwest corner of the lake a car free michigan wilderness where at least nowadays moose jerome somewhat seriously first showed up on the island in the early nineteen hundred either they watch cross the eyes to get there or someone brought them out there and cut them loose wolves showed up and nineteen forty eight having crossed an ice bridge between mainland ontario and the island things have been up and down since then the wolf population got as high as fifty reason we drop to just two inbred
or all get out meanwhile moose kickin acts at occur estimated population of around fifteen hundred the national our service recently released for grey wolves to help the wolf population now and we are preparing to do we're twenty or thirty more over the next five years at a cost of two million dollars you might wonder why we'd be flying animals back and forth to a national park parks are supposed to be places where nature is allowed to run of course unimpeded by man granted it sounds a little bit like zoo keeping well this case it s be with ice in cold weather ice bridges between the mainland neo royal we're more when in past decades which some sporadic coming and going of craters but times have changed now it seldom freezes good enough for nineteen ninety eight until two thousand and eleven a solid ice formed only once in two thousand eight from two thousand third in two thousand seventeen
i our royal was connected to the mainland only twice in those instances only for a few days somewhat ironically one of the wolves that was flown out to save the wolves that can't get replenished due to a lack of ice promptly left the island on you guessed it an ice bridge it's re complicated out there on oil you want know something that's also pretty interesting up until the twin he's in the thirties violence was home the wings in cariboo all its banished without any restocking efforts from us humans are we are now we're just different on the floor to a two thousand and study twenty six per all mammals birds reptiles amphibians in fish in southern florida or non native we'll talk iguanas snake adds to lapierre parakeet four hundred and fifty other species florida even has feral monkeys climate around at the non
digital species capital of the united states allowed that florida means land flowers in spanish so that's nice returning to now natives they ve got the burmese people living down there the biggest is better over twenty three feet in length and two hundred pounds in their native range of southeast asia they didn't think they can get that big in florida at least until now in big cyprus national preserve researchers captured a seventeen foot female python that weight over a hundred and forty pounds seventy three eggs they caught at using the judas method in the bible judas betrays jesus in florida judas was a male python with tracking device that they release so he could go out and do a male pie sounds want to do which is fine females some time tracking back down see who he's hang him once in this case it was the hundred and forty pound girlfriend confirming beyond doubt that florida can grow big snake big snakes can only get big by eating well
according to studies by the u s geological survey in everglades national park there has been a ninety nine point three percent decrease in raccoon observation and ninety eight point nine percent decrease in a possum operations observations eighty seven and a half percent decrease in can't observations the most recent surveys have shown that marsh rabbits cottontail rabbits and foxes have quote effectively disappear of course not natives caused as more than just native wildlife according to the nature conservancy invasive species caused the united states about one hundred billion dollars per year over west forward a few states me got texas send their proud and beautiful rattlesnakes oil rigs shit load of daggers if you don't what i'm talkin about dimension daggers you listen to last week's episode of this year also poachers
doing it for the grams instagram that is deeds for the gram my leader poacher to time behind bars recently the texas operation game thief wildlife crime stoppers hotline started worrying about illegally taken wild turkey perpetrators spotted the bird rolled the wind down squeezed out for shale vouch and ended the life of the spring turk apparently this sort of multitasking caught at all on video and loaded for his eye followers common sense what did that you first off shore roll down the window of your honey reg to blast turkey or any i am all for that matter in most states waiting for the roadway in if action is illegal secondly don't you're illegal activity that instagram and share with the world i appreciate easy job you are making for the game morton's bud i want to be associated with you as part of the hunting communal
more from taxes remember that opening bit about compromise here's why that is in the lead eighteen sixties archaeologists collection four thousand samples of human produced copper light can my whole sheltered himself was taxes just recently these apples were re examined by an archaeological team from texas ain't now in one of the samples they found a small rodent apparently hole which for the people around can enhance shelter was not abnormal waves in the desert as it's challenges in another sample the team did get a as a surprise in what appeared to be a whole rattlesnake including snakes hide head one centimeter long fact according to the authors of the report quote propose that a likely explanation for the engine jim huntington snake is that the individual did so for ages
please ceremonial or ritualistic purpose end quote you know there's a joke in the archaeological community is something he dug up doesn't make sense caught rich where's that were or ceremonial and move on thing is i think the few things i've ingested there were certainly not ceremonial or ritualistic though they still make tat for anyone to propose a likely explanation for my behaviour from our attack ology desk engineers coronel airborne lab you ornithology have created at the request of professor in the department of evolution and ecology at the university of california davis a sage grouse femme ba as for these lovely robotic ladys of the sage was inspired and the desire to understand sage grouse breeding habits specifically
how manmade disturbances effect breeding efforts on and around lex which are communal breeding areas where male sage grouse compete for females through elaborate sexual displays science it's remotely drive these robotic bird renditions which sport an external frame that's wrapped with female sage grouse skin and feathers and further fitted with all train wheels the mechanized lovebirds are fitted with the camera to capture male behaviour up close and personal sometimes too close strutting males have repeatedly mounted and attempted to breathe he's female robots then again they have also been reported to mount an old dried up calvin tough times for sage grouse love making and lastly a word wonderful texas musician i mentioned earlier might be handsome again don't confuse ham michael re handsome the guy
if neglected his pet fish grandpa was born on a cold summer's day the tanks and tune in next week find out more about all this fascinating information of meat eater dot com email me ask cal the meat eater darker
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