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Todays show comes from you down in Tampa Florida as Pat Begins to prepare for Friday Night Smack DAHN. The boys have made the trip with him and jump right into the conversation surrounding the NFL Schedule release. Former NFL lineman, and current WWE superstar Baron Corbin joins the show in studio. Baron and Pat reminisce on their time as teammates as well as tell some legendary stories. AJ Hawk comes on to the show to Join pat in his conversation about the upcoming NFL season. Super Bowl Champion Julian Edelman joins the show to discuss his recent retirement and his time as a New England Patriots. Make sure to subscribe to YouTube.com/ThePatMcAfeeShow and listen every day on Mad Dog Sports Radio, Sirius XM Channel 82. We appreciate you all for listening, come laugh with us, cheers. 

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By the end of it, please be a pro democratic dodges actually can ever happen. Kyle. It's good to this thing. That's right, they invest schedule is visually released. Last night there was a bunch of leaks and we were a part of one of the leads. Yes stamp. Obey will have to travel, to los angeles, all the way back. The Tampa then up to new england for thee, Brady ballot, jack battle of weak force, that's a little bit of bullshit, but the patriots are also facing the most teams kevin off by weeks, and that's really all you can digest with the schedule release there's a lot of it mutations on who has the easiest schedule who has the hardest schedule? None of us know any of that. Ok, it is physically impossible to determine which teams next year I gotta be ass. We know it.
a couple of teams are going to be good? Okay, everybody kind of knows that there's going to be, teams are gonna, go out there, they're going to be in contention actually, coaches and gms in the winning organizations actually come out and have said, there's normally only about six seven of us, maybe eight of us that can really go on a run here now. Injuries are a real thing, both with teams getting them last year and maybe not playing anywhere near their best, so they are rank low and team sale is a terrible team planning. It's like well what? If, what? If scandal and Michael pitman come back and all the sun any that every fool arsenal of weapons for carson wentz to throw the ball, but well so what if they get hurt again when, of course, someone stinks, you have no idea what the colts can be. A lot of people are saying the colts now have an easy schedule. A lot of people are potentially saying they have a hard schedule, because the culture on them, I'm a colts fan paid to be one- was a part of the court schedule released last night. We have no idea what that team's going to be. They can be super bowl contenders for the next ten years or they could stink. We have. They want
because they have enough good players, but you understand what I'm saying: there's nothing. We can really get out of the schedule release except for excitement for some moments that are going to come now. We all knew that tom and bill were going to battle now we know it's week. Four. We all knew that postman's dad used to be a chef in a Dallas cowboys organization, but we had no idea that he and jerry Jones will be making it rain schedule cards on top of dak and zeke after putting a big ass chain on jerry jones in them playing beer pong. Okay, so there's some magical moments that came out of last night. That will definitely have to talk about we're down here at the vandal beach house in Tampa bay. Florida Tampa bay's history of a lot of these it's going into the val season, especially after schedule released, but now we have odds on quarter. is there some schedules that were released? They didn't pictures of the star players, hello and land on the lower lana, noble LEO jones, in the photo interesting. What's at me, is every polio johns on a move worth how's it going is
green bay? Is that aaron rodgers around? To that? I tell you what that'd be a good start? Is that what's going to happen? Is that what's going to happen? Who knows also raiders Derek Carr was not one of the schedule photos wow, they had to schedule photos that they tweeted out their car was not on either one of them. What does that mean? Is Derek carr, the guy, or is that just trying to give other people a little bit of shine? You tell me, I'm not sure, should we dig into it, or should we not I'm sure understands, don't want to do so. We want so far, but I am, I am excited for this season it I think last night kind of kindled the flame inside of me about excitement that Annabel season, although it seems like it's far far far away, it's right around the corner at boston connotation better. Here the top table boys how you doing corner the page,
It's in your eyes got flocked, but in my eyes the only game that matters early in the season is Belichick Brady and it seems like they're trying to fuck ready for that boy. I mean from first look: maybe, but then you go, and you see Jimmy Winston, you know box and with Jay glazer, and we got a jay glazer, Jimmy Winston and then a junior Tom Brady right after you kidding me interesting. You said Tom Brady, tom, Thomas Patrick, Edward Brady or thomas edward, Patrick, thomas, Patrick, edward Brady, thomas Patrick senior called in, so that would mean that somebody is a junior asian. How can we never talk about that? now he don't. You didn't like it after you as well. What, if that was whatever that was tb, junior twelve. That was the I guess it is a little bit then one of whatever my circle on the deuce, as in like the second, you know what I mean like changes, number of aw anyways, Thomas edward, Patrick Brady's senior called into a new england sports.
Well this morning. Yes, sir, was the name of the show I saw in bird trance, and that is on ninety eight five, the sports hub, okay in a we, assuming that this definitely is Thomas Brady senior calling into this, because this this clip that has made its way into our show. Potentially here in the next. Like thirty seconds stimulus into a we're saying. This is definitely him. I'm gonna say its staff, we him, but you know, as far as my recollection of how Tom Brady senior sounds I'm not a hundred percent politics. I blocked them out of my brain. Ok, so I think this is my favorite story coming out of the schedule releases Tom Brady senior colony, into a talk radio show in new england this morning to talk about a foxy go had rolled. I think your schedule come out last night and I started salivating while I saw that we play the patriots in the fourth game of season and but a monopoly or to make are arrested for now
after the fourth game of the pretty pretty fun, tai chi, hey. You got cowboys on it opening night and then I think it's atlanta, then you've gotta, you gotta tough west coast trip against the rams. That can be a wake up for your guy there to get ready, but you still it's more now coming out of the gate. Well, I don't know yeah. I actually I you know they're all tough, If you look at them and there there's, there are no walk, overs and and nfl, but you know coming back home to Boston first second home near and the patriots are ours. Second favorite team it's a game or we get to wage war against again stirred against nobody. We get to root or at the patriots end, but we are most may receive abortions buccaneers, and so expected to beat the patriots rather handily. I wonder if junior heard this clip and said dad c'mon calling it so it was called
one time in California. We don't know. If that's Tom Brady seen it, it would be a fascinating human call it and act as if he was tom, ready senior to call in there, but it does feel as if the patriots fans, you know, I've got to see tommy boy archie when another one for another team finally give him the risk option, he has deserved for all these years of service, and I assume given how you guys treat everybody else in that building when Tom taking a snap and when based on office, and he goes like this to you guys. Oh yeah right and you guys are all going to get quiet. No he's going to be he's. Gonna be up there like this is that the buccaneers scored a touchdown buccaneers might score a touchdown. I assume first player, something like that.
Grant our size drunk my grabbed the minute ments little gonna shoot that thing off and then all of a sudden drunk maybe go like this to the crowd and maybe he'll, go there as gras. Sad that no change she says, you're wicked hot dude, oh yeah, that's because you're going to have to do now. Was it vinegary? Yes, exactly the military, obviously living legend. I got a chance to shoot some content with him. He is absolutely yoked right now and out of our schedule. Release video that came out from the coats are incredible. Job thank you for letting us be a part of that. We had a record that a couple of weeks ago I had a beard. Then it was a nice trip back to the glory days back. It is, but it is yeah, but you see how weak it is like it take. everybody sees this first one. It's going
three more of those to grow and for it should be visible because I'm a on a red faced irish person, you don't you, let's get out of the hat. I think the hat distracts quite a bit yeah. Well, I don't have the chain right has a chance to distract when the phrase but anyways me over the very start that a couple weeks ago, voluntary set in the thing he's not here retired. He still kicks This kid is a fucking start. I guess his kids gonna go d want probably in vienna, falcon bomb balls. I've seen videos of it. I am vinnie, I'm like what with AJ like is, he is a he by the way there's a junior, I'm like how is how is AJ, you know he's like he's getting there. He works hard or whatever, and I was like yeah, but has he hidden balls? You know he's like yeah. He had some balls where I'm like. Okay, this is like felt I bomb again gives burn you ass, you look ass, yet also he's a gal. I don't get it do. You know, excited whatever might not gives we'll make a billion dollars. Like hey comes top guns.
Well, yes, he get his ass out there on the I'm. That's why I don't have a child, and hopefully I will day, but it will probably a piece of shit get if I had to guess. Hopefully, my wife samuel will do that own thing, but vignette terry he's not officially retired k, I think you could go out and kick right now. If you had to it may be of his son points for a team. He'll come on technical like a rey mysterio Dominic mysterio, lebron, brawny situation, you know, maybe that's what affinity try to do, there's no reason he should be in as good a shape as he is and put them at random. So you got to see him. Does he he is young. He looked incredible. He looked oh good york right now fly backwards. The forty eight or forty nine, forty eight, maybe forty seven he's up there somewhere, whatever it costs. A fifth deserves a young core to do that, but vegetarian going back to new england, because at the beginning of my career with indianapolis we played knowing whenever you're Tom peyton anyway. can happen. It was just in for
ever reason, whenever I got there we're going anyway, literary now granted their set forth in not to at home yeah a bullet with the big tackle that was at home, but every other time like we're going up there playing up their lot. Vienna, terry walking, in the field for warmups everybody's, so nice, oh yeah, it was an believable how nice I was like you know what I've never really been up to. The ne much only place a couple of soccer tournament. Don't really know the people up here, everybody's like that. I am satisfied. Thank you for what you did. You know, then, as we go back in after warm ups, you know that as more people fell in and then getting the game time. We walked out before everybody to go, kick a little bit it walking out there for the game. It was a much it was a space a switch was flat: oh yeah, I've. Never it was the pole the opposite of shame, person ask in veni for autograph or a picture or or merger like a glove or somehow or anything.
It comes back out there. You fucking rat piece of shit. I was like, oh my god. I literally just saw this guy. So then the entire game, on the sideline, by the way, racism and on sidelined in that place and get anywhere near the amount of credit it gets for being a terrible placed the play. I mean the weather always stinks it's always windy in the fans. People hate your tyrians on the internet in real life you're, not a patriot. It is a rumpus environment. They are It seems like a working class fan base kata that has it mentality there. Still. Lot of grit, you'd still gotta, but also really good, so arrogant outside of it. So you can put the whole thing together. That is not an easy placed, a boy. What they did. Monetary for four stray quarters? Every time we went up there on the bench was ugly sousa games ever though, by the way.
the switches flipped once again to thank you for everything. You know mister village, where out of sight to see what they do for tom of their honestly, gave you you're in Our childhood area, Tom Brady, gave you your entire fuckin happiness or life parades. He gave you your fan, hood, probably New england can thank Tom Brady, not only because what I did on the field, because what He's doing in a locker room and in the meetings getting allowing bilbil object to chastise him in front of everybody else. Are we could do turbines taken pay cuts so that could continue to win, do and all this shit Johnny fox, junior Tom Brady senior is considered. Johnny fox borrow the first, but johnny foxfire up there behind the scenes at the end of it, he felt like used is respected. No way these patriots fans, though this quickly, will be able to flip this
it's just like: they did with vegetarian bury him up then yeah cause it's not it's not anymore, so bill belichick treats them like shit. You guys gotta treat them like shit, yeah, exactly fall in line act as the leader acts, but it's not as if it's you know new england, patriot legend Tom Brady forever. It's obey buccaneer legend operating enough go in for because you got that you valued added ill out is the new england its ever been when they competent you're telling me you don't think bilbil check should out of just gratitude for what and ground can even Antonio brown have done just let them scary apollonia now let their weak more week, for they should just let you know what Tom run one unlike the good old days in them whenever there can and goes often- and I think tat sounded channels with bogdan score- get a nice guy. Now, yes, now listen when Tom goes up. Are you there's probably what I went through Are you now
a couple blots mine's jimmy with senior says singers says I go into that game three now and there are plans to live without, haven't foreigner record. there's no way this guy loses this direct. You don't think that
guys going to possibly rest players week, three just to be fresh for this guy, no way, this guy, that guy isn't winning in this guy's. How this guy took a stand, walked out of the building, wins a superbowl. You think when he goes back into the house, he's going to lose this guy to just walk out of the building. He made a hulu commercial and mess with everybody in new england that the fans don't forget about daddy was out of that bucket, leaving the parking lot. So there's a lot of animosity from new england fans towards Tom Brady you're, going to hear what's interesting. I thought you guys were like claimant on there at the end of the playoff run last year were good for our ties that all people share. We bow down to the ones who won the whole thing and he won seven. It was pretty sweet to see hey. I like history show me you know. What do you want me? Okay, bow in that week, four game happens, belichick walking out with the boot. It's crazy! You like history, but you guys wall completely. Forget that the guy that made all of your history moments is coming back and you will refuse to show the respect in that. I appreciate
and also I think that's my people potentially call. that's got back into one only daphne rose and it's all I've been doing lovers, everybody and always will be now. It's actually detroiters, thereby they have that they had brought you a lot of people have almost been sued because they do just did not again, and sometimes the city detroit seizure, like we don't have much up here, we're not much. We do have that state. How did it? I think that a week for match up, though, is awesome? I'm sorry to see the patriots, France do its pages. Let's do just like one and came back to the indianapolis. came back in annapolis for the war of eighteen, twelve analysis. First, her back it. I do not know how is gonna work, because when peyton Was the indianapolis colts quarterback when We do this guy wasn't stadium, where there was a rca dome, I was out there for that, but lucas all stadium babies in hospitals stop crying just as they wanted payment to be able to do.
Clearly communicate with his office. Everybody in Indiana knew the deal and peyton was quarterback in one day, Do this a we need a little bit guess what Those babies are in the just popped out. You know what I mean: their nose will think they're staying on top of those little bubbles that they're in and they're, hitting the fucking shit that that's the type of control that peyton had over the entire because it was about gabon racing state in important showed up and the boys not just paid by the way, he's the one who gets. You know the statute We think there is an entire crew that or to whenever they do reducing the entire state knew it they get. Quite when he came back there. loudest I've ever heard stadium whenever he was on offensive, felt as if the colts fans were almost like a picnic what you taught us like now. We're going you what this I've never heard them in a game after that or before that, do what they did that night in trying to make payments like miss boat. When he came out there,
entire video montage, which I assume you guys will do as well like a you richard for drunk and for tom. I assume it'd be fans by the way standing ovation. It was kind of like it was almost like a chills moment because he he took his test. Peyton is a robot as well so like he his helmet off after he came out and did like a thank you like oh. Thank you thank you now and then how that goes back on and also he's, gonna go. I We do not know how is going to go, because I think I was you know us along. I mean this guy, this guy we're lived it. Ok. Are you outside Some of these go. Let him in bearing carbon will be joining, but whenever institute, but whenever one patent one out on offence, I didn't know what the I didn't know what cartoons were going to do. You know I thought they were going to like show respect or whatever they did not. It was very loud. It was walters. It was awesome, it was aus. I would assume the patriots fans who can do the exact same thing in grump
You know MIKE grant might be treated worse than Tom. I asked I would assume so, especially after some of the stuff coming out words, I caved gronk was thinking about coming back early. You know he was told not to by someone else who's coming back home for the first time junior, and so I do think all the former patriots coming back to new england will get a full day of scream that's weak for can't wait for that to happen. Tie the packers have one monday night football game and it's week two or something like or act against, the lions. How many prime time games five five primetime games, which is a lot of prime time games tied for the most parents, I'm getting side for the motion, I guess at me, everybody is assuming that Aaron's coming back andy red, came out and said something along the lines of can't wait to see patrick mahomes in aaron rodgers, but does Andy reid think that aaron rodgers in green bay packers are going to get something done? If there's anything that has happened with this agile release or any of the information we've heard that has been released in the last couple days. Make you believe
like Aaron, rodgers, definitely going to be back packer next year. Maybe a little bit I mean five primetime games is a lie. You hear me. it's. What does a seven phone calls while we're live over there? I know, don't have your time on the side, but I see point two. Those games, I think, can be flexed out of so they could move them down to three. It's hard to get excited because guess what you know, the teams, the the the the packers- will be one of the teams who could win the superbowl next year if they have rogers, if they don't know shot Jordan, no shot at blake bortles, they will be asked next year. That's one of the teams that could be asked exactly now: blake bortles congrats, on that we are married, a degree of course, saw many empty south decades job there. He actually
he punted a ball in celebration against us in london. I thought it was potentially a kick in the nuts to me while doing it. He did not get a penalty cause. The refs were against us. That day was fuckin, won't but hammered down boys back in indianapolis. Where are we going to say you guys got some stuff here? Well, and so on good morning for both during the two heads of the schedule making committee or whatever we're on today, and they start making the schedule literally the first day after the seasons over and then they finished a couple days for it is put out, so I a tool that we're working on that we've been working on this show what, since last, show ended yesterday we started working on this show yoga three thirty, four yeah. We used it together here right before we went, live that the digs come on. You don't believe it yet I do I do why. Wouldn't I this time baseball shit. You know that to earn and seventy games where we thought admiral.
Anyway, so what should we be about now? We have to get to a break here in like two minutes or so so that tom past stock, baron corbin king corbin can join us. He just I mean what he tried to try to take care of the show, but he wasn't in the room. He comes into the room, hammered down boy. Is there any bets we should be looking at in? Did you guys learn anything via this your release on how we can potentially take all offend those money with this entire thing, they did release the week to match up today are banned or you get that use minus one at the ravens dont? Do it I'll remember what we just talk about yesterday's voice that she has just underlined pick though chiefs own, the ravens? Ok, let's get a break gets or break bearing carbon king carbon is a massive density. She said So we'll talk to him about that people and chiefs, maybe never never make it back to the bullet that people are saying we weren't saying that a lot of people were saying they will talk to Tom who's been on or what should? I call you
What's I was What I call you, though, what am I love? which I think king, join us on the other side can always child them. He was humming teams to three two teams: been there done that small school undrafted free. agent I mean, and then now they call king yeah I see people goes where many changes ass. We get older nearer, never for men. One of the less fortunate changes is that testosterone production begins to naturally decrease in the bonn. Did you know this age? I I am aware.
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I was looking for that type of stuff, that's good or that's what I want now. We know a wrong with that. He learned, ladies and gentlemen, joining us now I don't know everything you've and that is a long list. King lot for yourself, I do like outwardly, arms and hate you our teammates rookie year, gay you had a much different body, then say mindset you in. I chatted a lot about if this doesn't work, when I really doubt upon a football You are not draft a free agent orange I do oregon I do Russell, that's what we're going to do. That was the plan. We talked a lot about it with a lockout too, because we are worried about the lockout a little bit we were like we need to. We need to plan our rookie year. They were telling us like hey this.
it's coming to you all, are fucked, save money, basic, say: you're, probably not going to be football next year, yeah. That was a big deal, so we had a smoker. We golfed a lot together. We went out a lot together. We are, but I feel like our common interests of wrestling was really what brought us together, because if you, if somebody's a wrestling fan growing up, you can talk to them a certain way. They understand like it's a guy. It's like one of those things like they get it in now. Here you are man before I get into just berating you and burying you for like an hour and a half or whatever and you're still mad about all those times. I beat you in golf that you have no idea at one o'clock whenever AJ gets on here. Okay now know, if you know AJ hawk, you two are very similar human beings. I assume you're going to get along very well. I dunno, if What deserves a twenty million dollar golf bet that I that I want a million. Well we'll wait for him to get on for you to really hear about that thing, but I want to let you know incredibly incorrect
of but I remember back in the day, you were scared to have any tattoos or maybe potentially gonna piss off the family. Now look at you ink your whole body covered covered. I was still worried. My mom still yells at me, I'm thirty. Six years old, my mom still yells at hammer you dont want, unlike the thigh thinker, chests merchiston in envy yeah, you had your chance. Does anyone have one on your thigh? I think it's time I believe I asked like what have all these fucking weird placements easter who's like wow, my mom gets yeah. That was a valid. Ok, I get it, but I want to let you know. Incredibly, proud of you, it is awesome now to what we have to get to hear cancer, Chiefs are playing the buccaneers. Yet again, right see that nothing in the seas of the also cancer jeeves. That's play aaron rodgers the pact, as I believe the cancer each, is for probably the next ten years are gonna have a tough schedule. This just like when the coats had the patent in the pain its or whatever. Now the
You guys are spotlight team I'm time team you didn't I play you against everybody. Are you not worried that Kansas city chiefs now we have of friends over there, so I have to really balance. How much I should. How can you add them at the same time to write? They don't deserve what I'm sending you but are chiefs ever going to make it back to the super bowl. You think, with how long have these roads I know you're just trying to ram you know, that's a real question. I just want to know why not okay, so what green bay are we going to see with their rogers with or without any these there is disgruntled. Does he want to play? Does he want to win what happens because he wanted out? You know after the draft I feel like last year round. so he went out and probable season to run nor faces of how good he is now he wants the timing was perfect, irritate him. So what do we get? What we may do we get one
sounds like we had achieved were here and cheese. We beat the package there's one of a hot saying it's it's gonna be interesting to see what green bay we have up to now. As a former player in the nfl and a man who now is, I mean whenever he endeavoured to believe it's not a business start to like you, gonna handle your business. There's no off season. You figure out what you're gonna do body was everything like that: you see how Erin could, incredibly pissed off with what the bags to do with what can be achieved had done for batch. Perhaps now patch mountain have the ability to make all those plays and he has to be a guy. He was a guy. They sent Alex smith out of town after out smith's best season and to read and beat you like a let's load, this team up in the sky. We can do that. Do you not think you been in the fell? Obviously you know nfl guys, you friends with nfl guys. Do you not if your let's say or even russ, when is she happens again city, you should entail debate, don't you think could see even as on drafted free,
Jimmy as upon her so low and a total of the entire lifing. You could see how corbett could potentially be fuckin pissed off about did. I would believe it when we say we will not get us last week. It was like we're. Two thousand one was the last time the first round drafted you too, but I mean come on how you? How are you not gonna help the guy he can we carry so much weight right now in green bay, so you gotta get help or they did it with my homes. They do candidate and they didn't hear and tape obey when Tom Brady came they brought in some help. You have to help me a lot of energy eight years now, seven years now, you think about coming back in your family, nodded energy, and I heard you did not know not where absolutely I accept your neighbor, no neighbour cinema there and we talked about this morning. I will never commit to the buccaneers they bought it to win the superbowl, that's what they did
if everybody who scored in the superbowl wasn't on the team the year before they bought a team home hairs hotel that doesn't earn me as a fan of city classic mom's, five hundred million dollars a day earned it, though, did he not earn it did. I mean fuck, you re did his thing, I'm all about everybody gets, hopefully a billion dollars right as we want to really make as much as far as much as possible. That's gonna how every player in the history of players is always felt. That's why you're not gonna hear letter players ever barry other players wherever there are, we not business, use our money everybody's from acting Greg in a locker room. good for you, man. I know some drama. Do your thing you not and talk about the exact money, but if what let's say there is a public dispute that happens, business wise, no, like it's our job, teammates not too like came out fuck you don't like it
not. That is not what three minutes you're gonna do it all about. Is the complete opposite? Actually it's like. Ok, hopefully you get your money. Man good line as conference of lime into your corbett's farmer may go man. I bet he's gonna get us a nice present. The lecture golf gonna take us. Why do you mean when I was in arizona I think it was it was dark. Anderson took the whole starting line to hawaii on vacation. Like The Erika Anderson didn't cause was taken. The boys hog hutton like it's correct figures. Are figures paid every gets off alison christmas is a little bit better again city there for the big, your voices, yet how long he we regard one here right, yeah come on macro, Kansas city, so it s often suleiman you Mary, which one northwest was arrested west missouri state whenever you go from an was a spy it is impossible. It is to listen to you want just Moscow they missed by lay all the big schools missed
incorporates. I had some offers her. I had Missouri k you and why homing were big school offers, but they were all like two and ten t I am then wyomings one hey. We have tunnels to you, know, get the congo what tunnels for what and they're like well, you get like four or five feet of snow. I go, I'm I'm going like no thank you, I'm not trying to free to do. I mean, obviously, you didn't end up being an all pro in the nfl, but you were around a lot longer than a lot of people in the nfl. How hard was it going from like north missouri state to the men's leg as an offer you the stigma. You have, I think, that's the hardest part because towel wise? I think there's a lot of guys who are equivalent from small schools to major schools. I think the difference between the two. one school I ve seen division to? Is they eleven guys plus backups that are playing at that level where the premium division. Two school has two or three guys that I hang at major division. One schools
and trey. Lance like trailer is coming out of nowhere getting dropped into the san francisco. Forty niners, like you, don't think that type of like oh this is the lights now you don't think that's a big of a deal not now. I don't because the talk to your players they play when if the lights are on, regardless of where they're at, and I think the hardest part is getting over the stigma of being from a division two school cause. I had scouts there every week talking to me, my senior year, I'm talkin every single week and they go man. you just a big big school, be a third round pick an going. What's the difference it see you play against other yeah. That's it too, and you know I played against division guys in texas, fascination game kind of thing and you're gonna can play with these dude I'm same size, europe stronger, yet the competition every week is not there because their dues we play schools like fort Scott or not for
got, but at fort Hayes was given to school like to me that that was shooting fish in a barrel. I was just murdering people that know beer in my opinion, yeah he wanted to it. Does it does, because you get big schools that want to play lower in your hand, landy ended someplace else, but I am fight fire. Ah, yes, absolutely but you just you face a stigma. Your whole career, we look at the nfl is a paper lee, in my opinion, to some extent where they could take to go. it's the exact same ability and go well this guys from ohio state this guys from northwest missouri state we're going to go with this guy, because it's going to help us not only on the he'll, but with coaches with bring in other things. Look a team I mean does not set. I haven't seen robbing it sorted out before you get that robin into which, who I texted, I said, hey you I wanted to become on. He said to green zone offers on greening radio show or get up. He said, but I'll leave for whatever I got puts in pads on
ro around the table is not something that happens or whatever the nfl. I guess I'll find out. You hate that they sign them or no I mean again, I'm not eaten anybody for four gonna get peyote inopportune play, but is he take an opportunity way from a kid and potentially could do better? Yes, I think so and it from an orange, less anxiety state run from anywhere to me. You know he is going in there because of the coach, and you want to marry diseases lock room leader, a good guy, whatever it is, but to me you taking an opportunity away from a twenty two year old kid that I think could potentially be four five six year player that doesn't have the recognition or the connections that TIM Tebow has. So many is really about three zog new king corbin, which you what you want the andre, the giant.
Battle of the inaugural one, the first one no snow? I was the third who and the first one bizarro all ballet big weekend for right. You can be important, we'll see if he steps up to the plate. You give guys opportunities. Sometimes inaccurate park, sometimes Fourthly, I wasn't me so in your gus business. What what does it mean knocking at our door? We get the registered now here. That's all you sick ceremony What did you way in the nfl arms? Three, thirty in arizona cheese. He bade the photos are not good. Why would you have to be offered so long? You have to be big, not good, but I was happy because I was eating whatever I do. I was eating peanut butter milk shakes or mozzarella sticks? That had to be that, maybe they wanted me like three fifteen three. Eighteen that I got to arizona, they moved me inside the guard because they had a lot of pulling plays and zones and screens, and I I could get out and run they wanted a little bigger between tweet, Twenty five in three
five and, as I click ok there's a convenience store by my house. I had hot dog mozzarella states because you know when you're in the lake, but but your work now so hard. All the time expressing there's only a john lot who he was awesome. He was crazy, as could be strikeout yeah and we would go out and it felt like we were running for hours in one hundred and ten degree heat and it's hard to keep that weight on. So I couldn't eat now to sixty five, I'm trying to get under two sixty right now. You look good, you make sure you know the world's eyes by the way, yeah, you did rain for the roads as a hair thing pretty pumped for you to yeah that felt good yeah we're pumped. You moved on from that to me too, that was rough sleeping with it and then theresa with it. Dude you gotta, put having gowns conditioner in it or you're. Going to choke on it. Just want to say, is not on
and so the guy I scumbag. I wrestled. You know my first match. Oh you're, the little guy right, yeah, yeah shit had little feature, though wow mistake- and you did not help me that you did not say hey when he puts his head right in front of the stairs. Don't do it he's going to try to get you to kick the stairs break your foot, you didn't. You didn't tell me that you're a little bit smart for that's my bad bad frame, but anyways. You know cause I'd, never been in there really before yeah. So, for the time he rustled in overalls or jeans, sports or whatever it was warping yeah w, not a good look for you. That was a w yeah at that time. You know they were telling me to put on some weight joking, but so I go in arizona the motor heat, I believe is the exact term or whatever there's a moment there where I grab his head in that at a grandmother hand and then I'm thrown into the corner, and I'm just doing up and over.
and without bearing all my I couldn't ever known. It was. It was in front of they drove me in my hands conditions are all over the ok cause, his hair or whatever to keeps it where we keep it back in out of the eyes. I guess and everything like that, go run into the corner. Do the other my and slip. I do that thing off my like both policies. Could you that's early in the match by the way, I thought there was a chance at face rate, the term butler, I've, never been more scared in my life, when I grabbed that thing, it was like, oh my god and then a little things. You don't think and then, when I jump up onto the top, if you watch every blake, both my shoes or completely down on on the other side of that, if there was any conditions,
those things. I'm fuckin right down to worry about, commissioner tanning coca via the audience spillane drinks out. You know where I go inside out around the post. Somebody had spilled a drink in the audience. One time and I had to go and do my face was the first thing goes: every bosman yeah rubber about from de watch old phil. I do I mean a group watching it weeds talked about the minutes. Wanna connections, it's funny his expression, times grown man. When you bring a wrestling, you can look and see who looks at you like. How are they going to judge you that you love wrestling and so what we are they can? of watching over the older can get as it is by the way people I urge you see it's like dying. I put it in right bucket. Okay, that's not that different! That's a different! You like the movie expendables. Are you trying to watch? Know let's go hey. You were a golden gloves boxer back in the day, you got beat up a lot of people who legit by the way, like legit,
yeah when toxins you start boxing? I know I loved it and I I miss it too. I I miss there's this and this is like now's a good time to get back into it. Dude there's so much more and Paul or his brother, yo, hey, you want some come get it I'm happy to to break one of your faces for a nice payday, six foot, seven, but yeah we've made you give up a little weight, maybe like fight both of them. At the same time there we go. I do but yeah. No, I mean there are some special about boxing and hitting somebody square in the face hard enough that you feel like their face through your, love and then they go down, and you know it's over. You mean like watch him. Follow you like this to be done is cheap, just tat, despite many sit back, they get thirty somethin fights at that summit draw to fight yeah, that's a lie: five, I mean I thought my gloves three times a foreigner ringside worlds. You know had an amazing trainer, kansas city, and it was a lot of funding
its there's some about that competition most of the cardio. I'm surprised you haven't just brought it back for the cardio purpose, Are you saying there's is I can't find a good jim here in Tampa that that I would be out on a regular basis, but, as I would I'd go back and harvey, I seem somebody's gonna send a be awesome. Something smells good boxing Jim in temper bay. Let me know so. I've been thinking about potential again in the decided, oculist box, maybe jack you're not not ever seen some videos, you put it uneasy, and now that you're not really looks like it's on he's. Ok, because these Why won't you have to stand up for them now? Juno shortens yeah ass. I thought. Let me look down on me right. What can we look? It bother you right now, We need to have an oculist box, offer them for our lab at my house. Ok, so they have created the ilo, the physics yet, but they said it's getting there. I like you, but if it does you
I'll go one combo and it works on every level with every fighter and it's a knockout every time I don't know how it's going to carry into the real world, and maybe I want to test it out, but whenever there's zero fear of getting punched in the actual face you'll to oh yeah, sure not a neighbor shirt. So when you go to these boxing gibbs- and you haven't done this for a while- I soon- but what what. am I just going in there and just fighting somebody like if I was to walk into an actual body gym man? It really does and that's what you got to be careful with a lot of gems from mixed martial arts gyms to boxing gyms, you go in there and some the new guy. Some guys, just one try to hurt you to prove a point, one other you're, mad ass or at a bit I mean I've. Had that happened. I was in arizona when ass plain for the cardinals I went was trained, outlines in Jim at the time appears only to use to play off into line for the carnival It says in one day boxing and it's got one in there and this this guy kept bothering me to have made you want to spar, and I was like guy.
You know I don't need to spar, I'm just here hitting the bag having fun and he kept going in his boxing coaches there and he's like dude just come on just a few rounds. We never get big guys. Let's just go I don't have heard year mouthpiece of how we can give you both and as I find most let's do it. This is just boring. We're gonna chill like this. Isn't you know? get out of our way and he's like nano yet will just spar friendly spar as you Oh yeah, that's off the grand do that's jim in texas,. That is a random gym. We went into and he's going to get in and hit admits in years. But what happened to that guy in arizona you beat the fuck as well. So it's a good story. So what happened? He didn't have head gear on and I was like. Do you want to put headgear he's ignore, be alright? We're just gonna go light as like okay cool, so they ring and we're doing a two minute rounds or something in the first round sauce, I'm just playing with them a little bit just sparring and he takes like three killer swings. As I came in chill I'm telling you we're just have I know man, I'm just going light, I'm going light
it's another big screen swing at me, and so now I'm kind of getting irritated and then second round I was like hey dude like slow it down a little bit because we're just playing like he knows, I'm a professional football player at the time, and and he takes another big swing at me and I split that dudes. I bet, and it was just a straight right hand. It was like I just countered it and I hit him with a straight right into. It was like he was like you put a firecracker under his eye and it just a of blood everywhere it just it was bad you follow. Did you follow up? No because it was kind of like I told you so like I just let them know, but I mean he immediately looked bleeding all over the map as coach, graham and then Scott told me, he never came back to the gym. Did you yeah, Yes, my dear what it's like come like what you get that all over expressly, maybe in a big guy due to want to test you, and so you sometimes you gonna hurt him. So when I was,
talking about this yesterday and it's not boxing and that while I m thankful, I haven't gone into boxing actual boxing class or whatever, because you can do boxer size me start start there, I'm not doing that shit. I've seen that yeah. That's got your name all over now. No well, let's say that. That is what it is. The overhand right is a problem I certainly know, but whenever you are Don't say somebody, but you are somebody right in spain there is an eu partners by I sumo by say this guy's off its I'm for cardinals former golden gloves boxer. it's just like a bars too big, guys like people always especially if the harrier in the nfl they're, like those are the ones you just gotta, choke out. That way, it's quite it's quite like when they start stuff. You can't hit a kid in the bar because you're going to end up getting in trouble or arrested or sued now you just choke them out quietly in the corner. By the way you should socially distance yourself from this, be I do I don't go to the bars. Have you seen my liquor collection at home?
I don't have to leave the house. I do love british government meaning to talk to you about that. Dude. Take it easy on the fucking liver. Did my livers good? Do everything I drink, taste, goods, fantastic! You have become like dislike. You know like super adult, which I find interesting That's not fun! You gotta be responsible or even trouble there. Yeah, I'm a fucking thing. Does my over here right, shot by your these. What did you guys have any question? I said yeah the boys are very excited to have. You said your golden gloves boxer. How do you is that that's tournament, and then you say they do like they do regionals. They do states, regionals and then nationals. Okay, so sure I went to nationals was awesome. I think floyd mayweather actually paid for the entire event, all the boxer's hotel rooms in a in a hotel in grand rapids michigan, and that one was awesome going back to what you just said: priests like when you first got into the w w E. I assume you guys obviously know about the boxing in that you were in the nfl. Like did. Did you get tat?
all the time or like kind of earnest does it is that kind of atmosphere not really like that the earn your snowy. It's definitely like that a little bit not to the same extent it used to be. Where guys would you know, show up in wrestling gyms and get beat up and, like you know, I think somebody tried to break hogan's leg went like there, companies because they want guys we're gonna stick around. Where I get it, you don't, we your time of someone's gonna come in and cry about it in a week later leads you know it's just one of those things, but I was tested more on like when I came in. I come from the unifil and I was coming into FC w, which was hearing tampa originally before inequality, and it was all guys glenn across my yeah. Sure donor world right now and then tell bad money showed up in but I'm just say an answer. I was just saying that sets so
It was more like these guys from the independence and they just instantly hated me, because I was getting an opportunity handed to me that they felt, like you didn't necessarily because you know they. They worked in these gymnasiums and when I was in annex ii, that was kind of a character trick for me has gone hey all these fans love these independent wrestlers because they work for hot dogs, potato chips for that's true, like the guys, the wanna, become deputy superstars, their work and in low. gems and back yards and parking doing shows where their given their opportunity, in about a royal by setting up the ring taking the ring down. You know that kind of thing their pain do they're driving six hours and I used to ride with tyler breeze all the time he was driving six seven hours across Canada to do these little shows for twenty people, and that was paying the dues for them. You know things. The nfl, like guys, come from college, come from cool, like you're, paying your dues to get to that level, and so I think a lot of guys felt like I hadn't paid any dues and they'd heard the
I was making all this money coming in, which was not true. My first contractors megan like seven hundred bucks a week when I signed with every two weeks to go, if she w- and that was like the second tier at that time, so they were irritated. But of course I blew it all. Out of her Oh, my god, I'm gettin thousands of dollars like I think there was one there is a promo class work because I was getting tired of those. I do like to these guys think that I've never wants. A thing I dont want to be here. Of course, I'm not going to go. Hey man. Look I called WB I want to be here like I wasn't going to play that game. It was a locker room and you kind of got to stand your ground, but I think there were promo. Where you I made some money play, Also, all these other dudes kind of hadn't ever been on that level. So I was like I'm going to go. Get twenty five grand out of my account, bring it to promo class and with a couple of judges and put it on the table and b. I get it I'm rich in your last by here, so that didn't help my cause and a lot of things, but I you know I was gonna ruffle some feathers E. U have to write everybody. Business that I think is six
four has a little bit of ad. Sweden and self confidence in and ego because you have you gonna walk out front. people watching and portrayed larger than life. Four hero or, and my case Try to be the most irritating and hated person in the entire world, like you have to have an ego to do that. Yet in I think it's what other people expect? You have to have an ego because you're going to get a lot of terrible things said for sure yeah there's gonna be a lot of like I. I got some terrible things said to me. Whenever I was just doing, kickoff shows from the wrestling community about how there is bloggers who blogger suitor angriest people in the world price. So there are no reasons but wait. When I got a chance, though you don't get a microphone, There were like ok. What do you think here you talk about like I got some fuckin debts the internet wrestling early that when I came into this, kick off show by the way kick off Which is such a for annex ii, which, by the way
thirty minute long show it's a small. If it's cool, it's an awesome opportunity. I felt like a dream come true when Michael Cole called me to do that, I think I probably image immediately afterwards. Yours, like hey. This is awesome. I'm getting to do this whole thing as soon as I get together again yeah. We weren't, though, because I was in the same building same umbrella, but it's the first time I sat down at that. Kick off show thing. the amount of hate I got Jim loss. I think buried me at one point: all the bloggers were like this guy doesn't even talk about wrestling. He gets a chance to be in this whole thing and I'm like Their sighing modern arise so angry, so that market it's, probably because they live in their mother's basement. That's why they're angry and classic. We should do like what is it jay and silent bob where we get the paper Are you jack seven, forty, seven foreign? Did you say this and then I'll punch him in the face. You kick him and we would go to the next house. That'd be a long list now to be clear, though, with those people all over with the now, not a day,
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chicken pox journalist, now legend did a legend. Super bowl envy p about that. Helen game on ethical issues, back when you play college through these throw touchdowns in the nfl as well. Shit, yeah, absolute animal stud, superbowl champion from kent state university. Ladies and gentlemen, julian dear me, yeah, can you hear me yeah my ear buzzer work, it's good to see you guys who sat on the larger butts work is this? Is it to stand now? You sound good. You willie, fuckin call right now through to be honest with you. What's up
What are you been up to man? Are you in an art gallery or is that your house, I'm at coast, studios or coast productions office at Kobi Karp in miami is so quarters were azeri stranded. Collaborative make some cool these books would even up to thanks? You made that documentary usa, your production company, which I should know, is in jail that guy africa, coastal, ok This is your. Ought this so that documentary cases south location with open arms? give us a little like area that we use why hey, you're, doing big business. So this is not easy, obviously, as an nfl player, especially for the patriots with the drouet way at the level. You replied that memory that I feel like a lot of us got a chance actually learn. Who you are, I guess a fan of your game in watching you play
documentary to learn your story, your family, everything like that I mean it was. It was incredible. Who created that you sold that so many tyrant, say I want to continue to create stuff for blah blah blah. I assume when you had success with that document. Did that help you lead to think like? Ok, I will be able to have a successful pose career. Did you know that all along berger time was awesome. So it all started with me. My partner software, who we just started, creating stupid digital content like to give ourselves boys because, as you know like in new england, there is a certain standard anyway, you speak in you in trouble the media everything's about football. So you really can't show your personality in any way and We started making these youtube videos, and then we started to transfer everything instagram twitter and we were the first
generation as you are in a locker room that basically had softened media so another. Mr Lange, play with our creativity I was a single what we want scrutinise your hands on your talking about how europe visionary. Basically I made it deserves a full screen, their jaws. You know to make your career, you are so fucking and I remember I was on the phone network in the asked me a long time ago. I was maybe six years ago on the wet year would have been, for you may be seven years got remember exactly. We the rank at three a dot m their time. Cuz they're, run in the morning, show east coast time in l, dot a so that was absurd. in that, but it was like three. I am allay time. doing a show for now working there like! Can you please rank the top five hardest returners you face did my list or whatever, and at that time the erika was.
returning the ball and I had not kicked antonio brown. Yet I think, or maybe antonio brown was on there, but you were a nightmare. You are an absolute nightmare. It made no sense, you had no fear, you were shifty, you have good vision and it felt like, Replay was like your last play? Is that like, whenever you returning, you got one army which is bullshit? I almost got two on me, which is still bullshit, but I had pretty good. He bought talking about, like it'd, be hard on that junk inside joking. I did. I know where to go and spine busting respond better. I don't mind bus wrongdoing by the way. If you do what should we, I never said I had you by the way our body else. Does I actually just gonna fall actually it's a very an athletic, looking move or whatever, but everybody puts it over, so I'm not going to stop them. But with that being said, ah the only in your way did you feel Returner was where you're going to get on the field and then there's that video now with west, wealthier and bill go unlike way to compete. Basically, is like
what kind of bill told you early like hey you're going to have to you can earn it. You can be whatever you want here. Is that just kind of ally always been I think it honestly was when I got drafted in two thousand and nine, we had joy, galloway, randy, mars wastewater, the treaty for great blue. It's the at a special teams, captain max later so late. You either had to be really good at one thing or you had to be. very versatile. So There is a saying around doing. When always everyone always says the more you can do. There's someone needs warhead anymore. You could do all these things clean in the room, Well, that's doing that because obviously, honestly, making yourself more valuable, there's only fifty three spots on the team and the other. Dress. Forty six, as you know so ass to imagine my head with back of the holder, I can be return kicks return cover. Kicks you know do is it is. I can, and also
that gadget guy on offense, whatever just to get the ball in his hands early in my career, then I was I cut up a bunch of people making myself valuable. So I was just thinking like that. You know the more I can do. I love playing ball. I just wanted to make the team I just wanted to make the team, you know that's what it was when you retire, which, by the way, was really cool, really cool. I mean the amount of pressure, the amount of pressure on you to deliver that monologue by the way after the entire know. I guess I was watching a video saying. Oh shit, okay, here we go like this is going to the be is going to have to be in with the emotions of it all like. I thought it was a really cool thing, but then Bela jack releases, a statement about you retiring in how we feel about you. Is that something you knew he felt like that way. You or when you re That was something I was like man, that's really fucking courtier, but he basically said you, pity miser football player, you epitomize, the new england, pay it's in is that
but then you knew your entire time there, or is it like to hate me now, love me later type thing situation with bill for me personally would do he gives love you? Don't you know he's not going to compliment you always he's. He expects you to do your job. And do your job consistently. That's what it is. That's how it is there. You know in retrospect you didn't do some right now and let you know that for sure, everyone was on the table for that it didn't matter who you were What are you? May you know you screwed up that you were gonna, be on bill. Two were low lights, her whatever they can be. A practice can be traded kept. It could be the game. I mean that's just his personality in I loved, because I feel that I have my father and our relationship was very similar to similar. You know we're very late.
In a very vocal in very like nothing, was ever good enough? This is why you're not gonna make it type softening train drafted two new england end. It was kind of like you know, there's an expectation like we're locked in a slap on the boat for doing your job. That's what you're supposed to do so you learn quicken. You know, to hear him say that a lot in ochres autumn, we coach, Bela checking my opportunity has been missed craft and everyone whose in their scouting farmer, whatever you know him, I'm a loyal guy, I'll I'll love him to the day he dies for that because he believed in me, and you know, for When I was a nobody and the vision for me in. I appreciate him for that. So you get your mother. Can you swear, whereas the same mickey mouse shit or just making sure well, you know he can mother fuck, you I appreciate you know, my first years use out sitting there in length
say cannibal woody job, not somewhere like very like low sense of humor type stuff in dry, but, like I wouldn't too share too late. can I laugh. You know you get Lena like a been there for sixty seven years, and then you going on being the older guy, the vet. You know now, I'm sitting back just like getting a doctorate and how to get the best out of your people, like I met eg. Oh he's about to get. You know what I mean so yeah, that's just his way and I you know he evolves and he changes the treat different players differently, but he also everyone's on the table, and I think that motivation right, like the or you can motivate and you just said, sit back and watch him get the best out of his all. That's so interesting, because I think you have to coach to the play like what is what makes this player the absolute best they could be in that Why? I think, whenever he came out, who is talking about can last year the way you talking about especially after the all the tom stuff happens.
The stories and he who knows what Who knows what? Is you probably do not like recital? I guess it public as a party or you would never asked you but light. Drawing points listed by I'm, not gonna like you, you don't have to tell a separate from the outside. Who knows what true, what isn't true, but whenever you're talkin about two, like Tom Brady bill, belgic you're talkin, the two greatest of all time in internet at twenty years together, there's gonna be something that potentially happens, edges its natural to happens and pay this is going to happen in football, that old thing, but then, whenever you start talking about camp in the way you stuck unlike airbus, Can he lights up a room is enormous. This isn't what bill does bit? Do you That is a fair assessment like bill was acting dick, last year towards cam or maybe towards other people they weren't? Do you think that's how bill was like? Ok, this is eventually how I get the best can possible. Is that kind of how it's always been, think, there's that's a loaded quest
because everyone knew those things about Tom it. Ok, what kind of coming in aid. It's a way to kind of others to be our guide, so we had arrived we gotta get our guy right and you know it. thank you said about came, was completely true. That works his tail off. He knows just What is it the tough situation is going to, but back to the other side. With Tom I mean the top those things in use. That for twenty years so, like you know, Like you said it's like a marriage. Twenty, your marriage is a long time that's a long time in other, both the goats, the goat once go, call a coach and once again quarterback so like. now. That's that's what it is. Sometimes just moving on is always the best for everyone and it doesn't have to friction related, just type tyrants. extraordinarily you love. You know
I want to get married. He didn't know where you were at your life but, like you guys saw he didn't find too much like it. seems like hey. Maybe it's posts that we're friends and we move on. You know person wrong time, time and timing, I mean when we talk about it, it's like full circle. You know it just comes all the way back around just like time fifteen years you down, the private appear, I hope, sounded yeah How goes me they're both very competitive people, so you, I believe, though, that Tom bill and I this is why just from the outside, not looking at you know this situation a lot better. I assume there's gonna be a day. Were they going to sit down together, they'll be an entire, maybe you'll be done by postproduction state italy, an entire it'll be an entire situation where they go back and real live, and we have to be in partnership with nfl films, especially with
much it seems like your building was might up and at cameras in there, in only some shit got out everyone's. Why? Which is insane? I don't know that worked in there, but I would be you think there's a mamma where those two are going to be like good friends again. Ah I mean, would you be in respect of these guys were for each other? They know each other other side. Now I can't speak for them like first forbid we're going to do this cause, I don't know, but you know like. I know that they both love each other deep down in their hearts. But you know it's taught some times tat we're talking to Julian adamant. Superbowl envy pay three times, superbowl champ just retiree recently, or did he so now immediately upon you retiring and you talk to me, I going anywhere. Bob's is what you said to me after the draft a thought situation with you and Tom, where it's all made a joke. front kevin heart and numerous others. Dionne Sanders K. Adams raise it. Listen.
julian. Just scared to tell Billy's coming down to it. We ve all been there, and obviously you and Tom are very close friends. We ve learned that over the years so that all these costs and ways like wait, a second grown caskey. He had her back. He retires he gets into a cd company he's a white tiger he's doing all these other things and time goes on There is a body feels gotta get you down. Obviously Antonio brown get signed to Tampa bay, whose want to tom's guys, body assumes and gronk just came out again it you know, maybe you'll be healthy, again come down there. but I assume that that's what you were going to do so when Tom makes that joke everybody runs with it. It including us, you're injury. Your mindset in your just said your loyal to bill because bill gave your opportunity when you're a nobody. Do you see future at all playing again. I appreciate there's always gotta, be easily offended that he yeah that'd be awesome I do.
in recital inciting others many teams for their truly junior right everything I can for that new team. Now you'll be performing with so No, it's it's one of those things like I said, I have to work I put time and energy Everything I do wish that's what I do and I usually get this level The production of your body, output, I know I know as one of those things were here here you, sir you say you are to lose a fifteen percent just through the crazy in the season. You know what I mean. You are a ghost sixty three. I don't want to put that product out there. That's not on me. I respect the game too much. I don't want to look like a
an old guide. It is because I know the level I played out for a long time they just where those things were I don't feel like doing that, you know and it's going to be a hassle. I can't practice every day me I'm a practice player you game, confidence through practice. I always do need type practice. Are always I'm fine. Now we're talking shit in practice all day long, If I can't do that I'll feel those awful vibes, one alarms and drills and start to look like I'm not you know the guy. I can do it like the baptist. Now he do That's very interesting because you know I have a lot of respect for you in a lot of the way, guys view things right, there's some guys that run until the wheels literally fall off in they don't even know they're, not even anywhere near what they were in their potentially ruining, both long lasting thoughts about how they're playing now, I'm not saying anybody thought that about you, but when
was thinking about retiring. I was like I, I put this much amount of work in to be this good in this four more times, knowing that there's surgeries that are going to come, because my knees are going to be able to keep up and if wanna, be you know. I feel I should be invested in Vienna fell in. If I want a big, I want people, think I'm fucked great too, I want people to think like that. Gabon, the amount of time that I have to invest in that I'm past the point of that, like I am past the point of wanting to do I'm very before my time, but I am past entire entire life revolving around kicking a ball on down. I'm thankful appreciative. The love the game. It's stay here that you potentially I thought two words like this. Did you lost it by the way? You might be too hard on yourself? I assume you be able to still do what you gonna do, but you're out, daddy. I can do I think I can go. open on one leg. I don't want you saying that can be like that time. I have I've, seen every episode everything I've seen. I know what they're doing before there. That much is saying that to say that, but light is gonna, be a lot harder in these guys.
You know what I mean it is it's a whole. Other lab but you have to be added, you gotta be in azhar like for maybe place, a game if you're gonna serbian disutility guy is the guy that comes in on third down and like I need to be you're my gold blocked for something to go with you, about ready to do so and over the middle, because that stuff like got me go. You know what I mean that that's what that's what made me like? I get fired up and let's go play. Let's go dance like let's do this, Ruby are all night And if I can't do it all like what is it about incredibly. Honourable early now, that's like g shit right out of such very, very, very, very well up. They know it's real the visa like the five plays or like the gadget guy. If you were to go in because you can it open on one leg, so you would think third downs red zones will be a massive bonus
we all know enjoy hold on. I will say this: I will say this: the offer you guys ran up there for you and I think what might. I started maybe tom our know how they all came, lose it toy brows. Were you guys read like you are literally it's like basketball, most and tom nose like ok. If you, wherever you're supposed to dupe the parson grew wailing on our team play you further, where's my splintering, he had said one thousand yards okay, so I was like. I was like why why? Why don't we have drift? Do this? Why don't we have drift through this, but also griff was only able to do it because he was just mimicking exactly what you were doing right in in the the whole thing you would people, so you saying you could get open with one foot, especially with you for like you, I don't think. That's embellishing too much we're ridiculous. I know it was a joke, but with the thought of how play with tom third downs red zone, which is where
the game is paramount. People say like ok, One point: is it a hairline fracture you have in your knee? What like, is it not curable because everybody just like most guys that have the problems of spoke yeah, so issues medial side is like just worn out because, I told my plea: I tore peace yo years ago and you don't repair those so then you can get this lag in your tip is babe and then I'm bowlegged, so you just going over years years years of grinding and that bad boy, You know then. Last year I bought my the root of partly so the whole deal. Scientists can alike The pool, like I hated that I don't like that. hell of a run, however, because I dunno until that point right there,
Have we celebrated your entire career, because I think everybody just assumed? Ok, he's gonna go down. The Tampa. Customs point, though, is and fifty you know somebody you feel there, but I was the mindset of flipping slip switch your pretty nice. The humidity too, how hard it is aiming for a year now? die soon. I started you know, get waiting to them he's all right far too big. Yeah. What did you see, but does the sequel to the fox burn forever shirk the maid Tampa bay, good, how fuckin handsome you are by the way? Dude! That's unbelievable! That's like you have a you turn the march game better than any player in the history, the nfl. You are an incredible businessman, a thicker than have massive success. Obviously, in this productions which already have inside you,
Brandon Marshall Marshall played an hosted. That shows that you could do both, but we will follow up because your focus is to make that show Andrew shit, which we appreciate rats on a hell of a career. Now boys, I we're two questions to question superfluous. Boston corner here. Massive patriots fan. What are your biggest fancy? If I, if I don't let him talk to you, he would probably against me for the rest of my life, so Connor woody, I'm very proud. I probably would choose. Let me just say it's an honor to be talking to a first ballot hall of famer that boy clothes were there ever. Was there ever a time in the building where guy be trying to sneak out before bill left, because I didn't want to be seen you know leave. While he was still working and also a fox foxboro, forever love him. Thank you. One first thing You bright, I've heard you, you ve been always huge, moil issue guy, so it's an honor to meet you. he's been blown up in existence.
of herself? Second off everyone, everyone didn't never wanted to be seen by bill or their she's little guy. It said the little man, two seconds whatever, but never wanted to be seen by him airlines. I would look in run it now. I mean it It was you because he's their lives there, like those coaches lived there I mean it is I thought you know maybe early my career, in the cold chain you know, and then I've started watching these guys. They got blow up mattresses in there. All that I put in fourteen hours a day. These guys been here for twenty, like their children in their family completed a parking lot already worked to say hi before they go to bed like it is is crazy.
and if I go to another place- and I know like mentally that someone else is doing it like that. I can. Then I have to do that. So it's ruined me I'll, never be able to couch, because I want to have a life, so everyone never wanted to be seen by coach, you left Bruce arians was initially bruce arrogance. The first time He retired, you know when he retired, he said in press conference that he will up one morning in Wife said Jake. His son had turned forty and he said already that in the restaurant, where do like forty? during the years hedges. Coaches are a whole different human. I mean snarly man. You know it, but that's that's that's what bill is
It's what they used to do back in, like the seventies when he started with the baltimore colts in length. He like loves, enhance it's it's pretty. It's pretty impressive. To see, first hand like the dedication length, the discipline and the lack of complacency that comes in when you watch him. You know be honest, treadmill leg, being a traveller at ten at night with the the playbook walking you know about yoga. What do you think about this and he'll bounce back? you get on like these. Dudes are its. It's chess is chess Well, I'm about taking king this quick as possible, so I'm a check is going to be here before we let you go, and I can't you been very cool with your time here. So I appreciate that pressure on you any time
you know: anti semitic situation, pops up or right now with what's going on with Israel and palestine like do you, pressure pride that you get a chance to kind of put voice behind a because I thought you have done an incredible. I, like piecing things together for people who we have no clue about. What's going on, do is that something that you have you no kind of learn, You can be a pretty cool voice for another thing like that, but now it's definitely a pride in our responsibility for me and my culture it's it's the sense of culture, that's that's where the jewish people are about and if something's going to happen and go towards er, do you know I have to use my platform to get to it? You know that sucks. Just like you said it's a frightful mess that you have you know, but also in a manner were, you know, creates a conversation. Nuts gone out on cancelling someone, not just goin out saying screw this.
No, I'm super entitled. Everyone makes stupid mistakes all the time all the time. You know why? Don't we just open up this conversation? Let's talk about. It said something you didn't notice. I've heard a lot of people's feelings better part of my community. Let why don't we only talk about this? Is let's get it? I feel like you know if you know, what's educate each other. What are you? What are you with your background? Lurk teach me about you, you know, that's that's what I always grub around and ask you sound was brought up. You know so much how I feel about all that. Incredibly dope. I assume you're going to make a lot of you know. Probably riveting insightful and educational, documentaries through a lot of these situations, whatever your brain time, it is yeah
get your ass good ass in furious move. You need right now this punter ahead. This hunter ideas, he borrows a hundred dollar parker. You regard this casino illegally now's underground gm territory, gambles it not a clatter, I gotta find out. I got a better. I got all our miami like brody, crowded and that all studied pipes did he gets a full scholarship field. junior and then all of a sudden. I'm here their zoo brainstorm, MR brainstorms out whenever you talk but that particular story I think like instead of a casino or such like, it should be like in the basement of an italian restaurant. You know what I mean like you could go into like a seedy basement of an italian restaurant goes down in my. Maybe he kicks like sixty five yard field goal, misses a seventy yard field goal wide right. the west virginia that have pickets nfl points to this quarter.
I can stay in, he shakes the shit out of them on primetime television. That's all that thing irons, ladies and gentlemen. The man who ends that story in a sad way, absolutes that julian out of character again opportunism, listen to the show the fact that you spend days with us, we are eternally grateful for it. There's a lot of They can begin penetrate your the fact you allow us to do so. We are forever thankful, hashtag pod squad I've gone through still given away money. We can't thank you enough for listening this long. Once again, Enjoy this tell somebody about it. If not just act like it. Never fucking tie please place of independence. propelled. These be born a beautiful thursday night. show tomorrow, a big show was either the the and
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