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PMS 2.0 670 - Ian Rapoport From The League Meetings, Tom E. Curran, & AJ Hawk

2022-05-24 | 🔗

On today’s show Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys talk about Indianapolis securing the combine for the next two years, various NFL storylines, the NHL playoffs, the NBA playoffs, and everything else happening in the sports world. Joining the progrum in the first hour is NFL Network Insider and friend of the show, Ian Rapoport, calling from the League Meetings to chat about what is going on at these meetings, Pro Bowl changes, Brady’s contract being confirmed with FOX, the Kroenke St Louis situation, and more (21:16-52:54). Later in hour two, Patriots Insider, NBC Sports Boston, and host of Tom Curran’s Patriot Talk Podcast, Tom E. Curran, joins the progrum to discuss Mac Jones, doubts about Patriots success, the Celtics in the Playoffs, and more (1:19:20-1:39:15). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all of you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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Hello, beautiful people shows pack, tuesday may twenty. Fourth, two thousand twenty two. We shall commence immediately following the speed trap of twine. Nowadays you can get up for watching or listening wherever the hell you may be. I hope your day is going glorious. The weather seems to be breaking again here in indianapolis. It feels like now we are officially in the summer and this weekend with the big race on Sunday better time than now to chit chat about all things. Sports, the nfl league meetings are happening, and there is a lot coming out of there, including the fact that indianapolis will be the home of the nfl combine for the next. To yeah to this beautiful city of indianapolis indiana, the perfect city for basically any event that you would like to have calling the combine its own for years and years will continue to do so for at least two more years there is other cities bidding on it because of how massively successful the combine has become as a television program they haven't.
in prime time with a lot of eyes in indianapolis gets a lot of attention during it, and we are very thankful that it will remain in this city that is literally built to host this. Stadium is connected to the convention centre, which is connected to all the hotels in bars and restaurants. Everything's walk a born again find area and everybody in town understands what the deal is when the eta fell comes in its time I dont believe anybody's ever said they haven't had a blast. Alot of people start not come because they have too much one right. That's what any that was like to be known for so congratulations that the owners back in a decision and indian apples for keeping to combine for no two year, bilbil eject, still awesome. There's a lot of things. Talk about wealth in rapid, for joining us and about fifteen minutes he's alive at the leaning back. There, days with him. Don't know how I feel about it on the fence:
he's boots on the ground is so pumped that he can boost in indy. Next year ago, yeah he's gonna be fun as an md. I wonder if his boson at his league meetings, trying to get more and more inside sources, because Roger goodell was down there chit chatting about the new diversity coach program they got going on and helping to hire more. If the players, I believe, and candidates of minorities and everything like that, so get down there, ownerships their gmc or their coaches are there hopefully and reports got more news and he's been tweeting a storm this morning about breaking news, can't wait to chat with them. Fifteen minutes Tom. He currently don't see. Sports Boston will join us in the second hour all good one all rankled time he's. Not all writer
when boots on the ground, deity, a's and allegedly mac jones of the vastly different than he did last year, he's yoked. He shred he's got a jawline one of the patriots up to this year, other than bill belichick setting ball pickup by collard months and months once Michael vehicle Jonathan, the third hour, there's rumors that he was going to go back to playing football for the fan, control fan craze football league, which has his last games this weekend before the playoffs not sure. That's the case can't wait to chat with him here. Life should be good, AJ hawk will be here in about an hour, and thoughts of the table is you're looking better than ever at ty schmidt. I do believe it is your time in a rotation for the shirt fifteen percent discount is correct. I love this shirt, it's what does it? The for the brand left chest collection, chess collection- I, which is different than the for the brand middle of the sternum collection- that's right, which is vastly different than the pat mcafee, show left chest.
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celtics without the defensive player of the year should be better than they've ever been what a blow out only winning by twenty last night. What a let down there was a point deep into the first quarter, where the miami heat had only scored. One point: it was eighteen to one in an mv, a playoff game lot of blowouts this year. I guess in the playoffs what the hell's going on or the celtics all the way back to miami just mail it in for a night I mean, I would love to say, the celtics are all the way back, but every single game of this series has been a blow out on either side. It really doesn't make that much. Sam ramsay has been trash. Garbage trade has been. I feel bad for people have to watch it warrants others or heat fans, because you're not really watching a good game. There hasn't been one where some teams, not up twenty or thirty points during the game, but yeah we're all the way back. We knew jayson tatum was going to put on a show. He had twenty four points in the first half for people that bet on him to score. Thirty five points: news, corp, seven in the second half kind of got a mess
DA boss just taken his over twenty seven and a half, which is the idea that it could have done that just put a flat big ass bet on that cause you're one hundred percent right. I think everything you were saying about tatum It is accurate. I think he was going to bounce back. He only had what seven points and ten turnover seven turner's ten points in the last game. Let's assume that he was going to bounce back. He did such a thing he covered over for me, and I got miami heat lie that plus twenty three and a half who I think it was the second quarter, gordon arrogant, telling three point up: thirty by the twenty
three and a half points you re about to get in an mba play off. Gamma blue in the second quarter. I'm like fucking give it to me. I guess I will take that they Annabel unwanted by twenty covered, their fate amity over. I hit the just and thomas thing: how all the way back re, aerial, gamblin, feel and good in my bones. Right now champion gambler angels, HANS book. What else tat they lightning swept the floor pains there's not over the nba, the energy kind of care and everything else that the imo b is happening. There is what is the current series for the Boston south ex miami here to what is the current series for the maths and rio so added in a hockey? There's a bunch still to one two games to serious tonight. We got keynes rangers. That's too one the plane.
In admitting that to one lightning closed it out, forgetting one dollar odd is up thirty one, the colorado one! Last night I johnson score last night for the avalanche, not our johnson blows attic johnson as opposed to jack Georgiana back in the lineup, not the bananas, not the banana war, its aachen jack Johnson age, any hawk brother in law place for the avalanche. So, if so, acto family of the show is on the avalanche. They want a stanley cup, we are bombarding the stanley cup day. The jack Johnson, former fat girl, yeah, he's definitely playing a copay wallet bank. He pants nick. Any job lay offs going. Well, you guys would say I think so I think it is about- is better Anyone could have expected. To be honest, I think at being on, he has been intensity, is massive for people just scrolling through a stumbling upon it again, because it's been electric? You didn't there and we are sorry about how much better the playoffs are. The regular season play.
the two regular season games. It's way too many you get in the playoffs. It's gone mile a minute. The pace is high, big hits goals, a lot of goals this year too, which is nice, which is great- I mean that battle of Alberta started. Nine six yeah, like that in I've, found this fascinating, because this is happening in two sports here both the nhl and the mba tnt. Any espionage competing because its every other day for every other sport so last night for the watching the pre show tonight's girls watching chuck common on a horse censor the whole thing. Last night I was watching molucca in jail in and stephen in my global right. I believe, write me to it Jalen jacoby jacoby does one of the banks. it's from the court as well? Ok, effort, okay,
I don't think they have like someone throw to. I think it's just those guys on the panel, I'm not sure, but they are competing. so it's hard not to just be like. Oh, this show is going against the other show, because its every other night and in the end a child, are doing the same thing. Turner's show versus where's wayne gretzky that great questionnaires chums carry out many. Cans of red board is based on a job that was a part of the entire coverage. I thought this guy was going to win an emmy, because right now turner is doing. It's thing and and in basketball, obviously what is it called? start the n b, a talk tv on t or whatever is fucking unbelievable. She doesn't even have a show cause. I don't know the name of the show, because it's like turner's chuck, shaq eg, turning gray unable to basically of studio them. kick off, shows yes,
he s been. There has to go against them literally the next night, by the way friend, what's turner, one Another company, it's going in there in this as they are on the sba and one can anything. Everything is there's no reason for us to talk about stronger. We help everybody does success. We hope that our partners, that more successor obviously is that's better for all parties included, including ours, but it is very clear that they are competing. It's just. I think turner had currently as clean sweep. You get green back out there. That brings the jew J erratic. Any judge eradicate they ship. I dont know if he has been voted that way. That's why greeny and stephen ay and will bought they have all their heavy hitters that all the heavier since the beginning. I guess the NBA players have mr daily shows like out averse to greet me out to get up like they're. All doing the nba kick off. Pre shows I world, that's about is strictly because what turned out just so you know
claimed notable and so goddamn good will, and they also have liked erasmus and where we talk about people who are busy way, Gretzky also shacks one of the best big men of all time. Kenny is d want to cheer preachers back to back. The transport would have allowed charitably. Gentlemen ever says that at its very all, you could say that jungle heat, I feel like there's always something between their conversations I get the last one was chuck. Tell him the guy in the crowd bike he she would have been a step farther. Why he's not argue mono fighter mamma tat? He said in a positive way by way wasn't a bridle. It was like a joke, you joking, but that show is just solidified and lily the next night he s been, has started, create their own and then you know alternating in same exact thing turner, then
spend in its turn than its. He has been fastened cause. You know, there's somebody out there. That is really they do they hey or show out before they showed our numbers, their debts, and our numbers did that I'm enjoying the playoffs of these do sports are, we would normally, you know, covers much gaza carrying us, but I think it's been electrifying ds, p, an answer and are having any jail is so much better for the sports were yet not there. everything he has been does everything. Turner does is great, but the fact It's back even in conversation of everybody is cool because whenever we are just talk to these microphones, nobody knew where talk about, because the average I'll try to its best to be impossible to find those orbit of dark days. Hockey feels like everything's going much better but, like I will watch aki if it's obvious be entered on the anti, like I'm not going out of my way to find it on an bees and bc sports northwestern like if, if you might say most houses do like you know,
spain is just on for a good portion of the day, so you will just by like, as most of you will watch this stuff and then when the product is actually good. Like said, I will talk enough analysis on I want to see on thursday. Tapirs are lagging related costs is something it three to four days rest to hear. I work with a clean sweep it really just what the france trophy winning florida panthers. The present trophy is given to the club with the best, regular season record and tape it was out there, arguably their best player. At least second best player for the entire series. Brayden point I got boy said that to be three: oh yeah, the first time Florida had been shut out all season first game first day, while on a series where they were shut out in a way that is shut out in the game to send
send them into the off season. They get shut out. That's a tough way to end, especially after you are the champion of the presidents cup, with the best regular season record. But now everybody's gonna call him the joker. Is it doesn't matter in big time, how's how's about Jesus. Do narrative he's ever pretty good players, ryan insanely good, he normally does it. he he has struggled a little bit. He he tends to put up points, but his team can't get out of the first or second round this time. It's all it's aaron rodgers situation. He kirk cousins situation floating around after yeah he's into dangles are ridiculous. They have blocks australia for all make Jesus. What teams at oilers the edmonton oilers,
people for tea in the matter later? That's worth paying with your, I reproach you stick out on our we're going here: Malcolm's all seasons on our bilateral. What if they blow the series part of my people, I'm somebody else real. So, let's go to those who are coming to pittsburgh to exit the pronounced wanted. A joint now means that lay offs only matters little bit before said dot tissue majesty crosbie images is I'm team on rising all going to charge. You know said because he is not going to fuck in detroit setting higher he'll say, submitted new fee, but love for. I would want to plan a line stone or now that I think about it as a blight wealth. Ass, the that's back next James a year,
thought you were done with the golden knights. I figure fuck and make Jesus I'm right back on board. Listen if make Jesus turns this thing into a mixed success up there for the oilers They'Re- probably going to stay there, but if it continues to be a mic disappointment mic Jesus coming to pittsburgh is something I have all I'd make would fit in great in Boston as well in pittsburgh as well. Here. What are you talking about? I dunno I just feel like David is more of a boston guy. You know that because he wants to play for an original six franchise that has been there from the beginning and, unfortunately, the penguins just aren't. One of those deals played his junior hockey in erie right up the road, and we actually created the skates that you mother, fucker ice skating, malcolm fucked, barrio, seattle dude, you like yeah. What are they skate on plastic made, an original six bobby or even fucking birth hockey we birth ice skating got to go to the page. You automatically get to fuck and live a mario for a year and who doesn't want to do that. Yeah learn from the best dango check, mate mother fucker really make David. I heard lows how David pastrnak plays now. It sounds like them too, on the same line pro bowl score, fifty goals a year, click follow up.
Somebody tell the world what make Jesus as connor MC midday. If you don't follow hockey, karmic david canadian kid supposed to be the next one right yeah, he is at this point. He is the next one he's the fastest guy on the ice on any given night he's got dangles for days. He can score how old were all boys, the mid twenties now one in five twenty six, something like that he's always been with the oilers yeah yeah a nice stink. So let's get him off of that team. Let's get him to pittsburgh for the bros twenty five years old houses, contract situation. This elegant he's max these make has probably eleven or twelve a year for the next four or five
your closet. Twelve a year, it's fucked give this guy has earned a million a year on the paris, perhaps martians, let alone the taxes in canada. I make a lot of these, but guys making a million bucks a year. Jesus America advocated a year or two over twenty seven, twenty twenty one articles that he was in his fourth year of his eight year hundred million dollar. Contrary fuck studied, are going to get there. We can
I cannot force you can from what I've heard by the way, Edmonton probably a great place. I heard blue collar rustbelt place. I've heard that about Alberta is that not a battle? The rust belt old Gumby just gave a nasty walk with his four chainsaw. Now, a very, very blue collar edmonton and Calgary locate those yeah that fucking hockey season due to lie to you that someone tried to snatch his giants were tin, whistle alleyway by my apart, but that bomb on a bike. Was it a bike, but I think it was that. Did you fuckin hit them when they left? I was walking past and I saw a look at the back of my neck. and I knew what was coming. I heard the footsteps and he was pretty frail, so I kind of just turf them
fuckin hit the road traffic friday night. One can be a corridor, so you're walking your shine in a couple of lights, back alley that are haden and glistening of the thing. Hadn't ten was about getting a little sing along now. This is britain. Was we going to have a little bit little dinner watch smack dab at the alcohol radio mod exactly that kind of do anything you're on your way. Over there are some bomb tries to come, get your for jane's! That is such so you you, you heisman, didn't just like a kind of sweep like he was pretty frail. I felt the ground I'd, never guess he felt the grab and I kind of just fucking, and then I was fucking. What was he going to do? You think he's gonna rip us off and go sell them immediately. There was a concern that there's bad news in downtown lately, so I I hit the dust,
with the clerk as soon as it will spill over once he's done some stuff going on downtown the cop cars lately, I look at shooting where he goes or I dunno the exact date that we're we're hanging out, but the cubs have been pretty busy the earning their keep. What a way to describe the city. Currently an unrest sounds like it's been pretty good. I don't think it's going to slow the others. Retake isn't going to be! Imagine if you had your headphones on, you didn't hear the foot forecast coming up. You could hear the footsteps. How could you feel the always only have one ear buddy, and even if I do it's just because I I always think about stuff like do you think about delivering a?
Stunner irony evocative tried to get him to the ground as quick as I could, and then I was shot out of again and I will call you ran for I was at stake and the needs of shit. Now I was gonna. Do you get this situation? A real life tolerated, diving car buyers. I mean there was somebody got today
I like what I paid godfather today, they were already in the tunnels or die for god, cars or Jesus Christ. It's tuesday, it's going through the tunnel. He was sweating by the time you go out with somebody almost ran for guy. Let's go get some espresso martinis that the hardware and the celery, though I didn't know this happened, he's going to bounce that guy's head off after the opportunity. I was, I always think the word, so I just got outta there anyways happy you're, okay change I to only have two on. I would not like people, judge the city of indianapolis off of that sure incident that a follow up.
It does seem to be some factory. That's happened to have gone on, to have shout out to the police, because they're they're, crushing it right, except for the guy who decided to shackle me. He doesn't work anymore because he was driving drunk crashing. Your car, okay, thats even more out there, every other police officer that I've met from the indianapolis metropolitan police department has been nothing it's very nice try take care of society. I obviously some situations. I don't know of that- have probably taken place where people like these but The person I just so happened to get a call. Goodbye at four a am on a fucken wednesday morning or tuesday morning. Is The biggest of all has gone mean when indianapolis marathon was on all those very cordial ship. Fr. I might apartment super, just been very busy all took place them to visit. You married,
He too busy tuesday joining us guy who tries to stay busy, but any business and forgets he's supposed to be tracy, and then he leave shows like ours, in the middle of a wasteland of not not, nothing right, bullshit senior, nfl insider for the nfl and the nfl network live boots on the ground at the league meetings. Right now in atlanta, I dunno, where they are, he might have been a layover in atlanta. I think he was in the delta club, so he was before he left the airport. He did this just yesterday for two days in a row. Ladies and gentlemen, Ian rapoport rap sheet. What's up I actually lied to you yesterday I didn't mean to, but I did I was not in atlanta. I was on my way to atlanta and then my flight.
Got delayed for five hours, and I was eventually there, but it's much later so I would never want to be not truthful with you. So I want to come clean on that. Well, that's very nice of you because we know you would never mislead anybody or give any misinformation had all the contracts or is interested in who or whoever that you would never do that. He is not you not to at least maybe other people, but not me. Nah. Well we're happy. You got on the flight, we're happy, you're safe. We happy you got to the league meetings. How's, the energy how's, the vibe is everybody there this in the middle of our days, it seems like a pretty poorly timed thing: our coaches, their gm there who's all they're in so- He's league meetings are usually like pretty sleepy rights, it's may and there's not a lot. That needs to happen right, because generally rules are kind of been placing would say sometimes there's like a couple different odds and ends. It needs to be handled, but usually these means is your perfunctory, in short,
this sort. Different and honestly, it's kind of awesome because of the nfl accelerator program with diverse minority, coach and gm candidates, there are more than forty more than one per club more than forty. You know. Minorities were a rising young coaches or gm candidates and they're all here and mingling with owners and the table sitting on the meetings we ask at the energy like pretty awesome. This is like it's been. elite Fassig, not for me, but for a lot of these young coaches and Jim Jim candidates, who get exposed to stuff. They don't usually get exposed to salty dark chocolate on good morning football. This morning seemed like he was optimistic about law. Now he's going to have to be because he represents the entire league, but it felt like the way he was speaking about it was like a good actually happened in that regard. They ve been trying to figure out how to do this. The proper way with the entire pipeline, I believe, is the conversation- is only so many jobs here.
Feels like this is something that is working and something that they're going to continue to do in the future is like a job fair, almost like a networking festival almost where people near Its cotton cataloging. Networking festival like there's something of speed dating, is not a great turn forward, because that sounds kind of lame There was a thing where, like an owner, sit at the table and then different, You know rising executives or coaches sibert, these owners and just talk and this is one of the criticisms of The way the owners hire is because a lot of times they just hire the people that they know people that they know have are familiar Well I'll exotic, a significant portion of candidates, a lot of times diverse or minority candidates, who now now has that any more now owners are meeting a whole new poor people, the realising that the pipeline is action. pretty strong lot of good young candidates- and I hope it What's the difference, It seems like the owners here are taking it very seriously, which is really kind of
We think the matter so they're, not it's not an interview, it's just a conversation and how has there been guidelines given on like how it's allowed to go? What it's supposed to do, or is everybody like a play called Dan Snyder's like nah, I'm gonna fuck it up shit like you know what I mean like how how how did the judges put everybody in a room and say to figure it out? Was there, like actual you know like X, annotations on what they should be or how I think, there's don't worry about. It was super like hey, he was. He thought there was a chance he'd, be like a dance where a lot of people be on one side of the room, people be on the other side of the room. He said that wasn't the case at all: it's a talent everywhere, and everybody talking and The answer is smashing, suggest now get down ass to say that, but they are they felt as if it wasn't, he would have found a way to talk around it, I kind of what took place in what was the expectation go in anything by everybody: okay, well,
well. Let's start with the second part, the there was from some of the really like top candidates. Some of the guys who'd been there, have either been head. Coaches have interviewed for jobs. I know there was some sort of eye rolling were among the candidates like. Why do we have to do this? So? Yes, there that, but it seems like at least ass. It is the people have spoken with our poisoning. Surprised about how good it's been. The conversation they've had the fact did the owners have sought them out. So I get to oh, then joined. roger get our mention the short middle school dance, part of it from the candidates have spoken with. It hasn't been like that, because owners have sought them out and then I want to hear I want to hear you and that's you, all the criticism about the way the owners of hired is like the only here from a certain population. So we see the same teams interview the same, my six candidates, for this year. It's not like that.
The team, like every teams in their right. You said because if you have an opening every ownership, if you have an opening five years from now the two years from now three years and now the whole obviously is off fuck. I remember. What's his face or her face that I met in, atlanta the place that he and rapport was five hours late for sure, and then I got the chance to chat like that's the the spark right. That's how you know you've the networking old part of it is gallery right, yeah or you just remember like you, I was starting to one of the young guys about this now like to. cuz you just like maybe the owner members, just you the one meaningful converse like use. Truck something with him. When he's I got, this is a dynamic and I, if I have to hire someone This is going to be my guy and there's that then there's other what say, there's certain teams were people think that you know be? A coach is on the hot seat or maybe, like you know that might be the last year like that people are interested in talking to those
sure, whoever that might be centres- interesting dynamics. Here fascinating to watch all those who thought of this idea. Well, anybody ever get the credit because it feels like they were probably trying to figure out the right answer, how they can change the entire thing. This feels like a proper next step. I mean, I guess results will tell us in the future, but it's this in roger goodell, once again, one of the greatest torres that we have there, it literally one of the best because if we wanted to, you would have been able to get into politics because he can say nothing while saying fifteen minutes of shit he's very, very talented he's. Obviously the best commission announced compliment. No doubt and he knows it too- that's why he is who he is. I've seen him firing squad in a team meeting room right before lockout like right before lockout came in and we're supposed to answer, questions that anybody has interesting yeah and I saw him working out. I'm like fuck these guys unbelievable cause ever some heated questions that we're like. How can we
he's tell the owners like like us, keep keep fucking work in. You know the way he went about answering it. I was like that's a good question. Came from a very intimidating purse in roughly dowagers like maestro throwed, as we like it makes sense, and then we got fucking locked out and it was like Adele had to you could answer why I've never seen it was one of the most impressive things. I've ever seen, just a room control the way it goes. I think every press conference he does. He does an incredible job guiding any the shield, for
The thirty one billionaires who have the biggest league on earth you're going to have to be talented. That's why everytime we see Manfred said like how is that guys? I'm fucking, commissioner of that league or whatever detail dunks on them, but the way he spoke about it. It feels like they're, very proud of it. Hopefully the results will come and we show the only time we'll be able to tell now. Let's move on other interesting decision combine stays in nd two more years. I know you're happy and all the bartenders around town are happy and all the bottles in indianapolis are scared, because the nfl spring break will continue to be an indie for the next two years. Was this something that was going to happen? And do you think, two years from now, there's actual shot that this could move? Because I know Dallas is building an entire like what jerry world type complex down there? probably going to be built up a little bit other places going to want this right here I mean I was sitting on the cover things vs, citing everyone. Everyone seems happy that it's gone back to end it. You like you can add this yesterday, a little bit
I get the feeling understand. Yeah, we have some source. We have the resources around some sort of yeah. We think you were serious you are kind on it, but it was No you so much like sitting nervousness, you know before the combine last year by the moving was going to be in Dallas whatever, and it felt like. Public really rallied around indy in a way like it can do so- should be that surprising, but I didn't think the public I cared where they combine actually was, but they do they do. They wanted to be an end to the people. Our people media people teams like they like which familiar, and he does a good job. I thought was a good move. I think it was right could it move in the future? I would a possible yo. Dallas would be one of the top candidates for a spot because they got great complex of the medical Medical will be hard, but I think they take figure it out, especially if they have medical facilities really close by
dollar should be the spot. I'm just I don't know somebody would have to do a very, very good job to rest on away from india. What else is coming out of these meetings? Voting for danced article no longer be an owner didn't seem like that's coming these meetings. We thought that was really that's real, that's fake, I mean The investigation is not over congress thing about all the potential financial improprieties are still hard for need to see any It is see any conclusion before like the investigations over in congress sort of announces their findings so maybe but not going to be? I don't unless there's something that I just literally a missing possible. It's going to be today or anytime in the near future,
the proposal still procedures thing. Did you like us about how you don't think you picture seven on seven, our flag footballer sent my guardian of us, discuss rebel, weaken ways improve it, including possibly eliminating the traditional game and using the sunday to showcase players in a centrally? What are the alternatives in I have gone on record. Numerous times about alternatives, and what I think would be better is somebody that played in it experienced. It was let down by the entire thing and now a fan and hate watching it. So I think, there's a lot of ideas, a lot of big time brains. I think it should become a skills challenge, then I think that should happen and there should be actual prizes in awards match to donations. Get paid back to the long ball back. Did the quarter So back did the kicker kicked against each other pointers bonnet against each other. Have the whole tat it be a celebration of talent with act, prizes and a charity side on south africa diction happen. I think that
we might see similar that everybody really likes the skills challenge, and I mean so do I I think it's like really fun to watch we might see some of that. I think seven and sevens possible better question. For me as like, what are the lyman gonna? Do I mentioned not the name. When cares? What my opinion I mentioned is making them up and having the mike There may be having a water in a coffin commenting on the seventeen. Seventy endowed be fun, dodge well. Can you dodgeball with alignment, kicked ball so I like that the linemen go sit at a bar, yeah free tat. I mean I wasn't going to say it, but like yeah, don't work,
mike I'm up at a bar with MIKE about let him watch the game like em up just name use them to their set into a box descent and then not be edited covers the tat. Yes, give him a nice room, give a tab. Had the come robbery, celebrated yonder, some celebrate the fact that their pro bowlers, like hey you're at the top of your thing, may have some legends come and dine mingle, deirdre Whitcomb, just let the just let the alignment drink the fact that they gonna think act like there. They had to be so mad now that I'm thinking about the office alive and have to fucking hate the probable so model. I'm gonna put this whole fuckin thing back on again and get into a goddamn marking to try and then an asshole max crosbie, yes, gonna trotting. It is defensible empty peer, one of which is what max did in his city in his town. You do what you're gonna do let em just Eric have a good time. Ass. Others have a good time to celebrate the fact that the proposal is that the best of all time, let's go your counter.
Yeah I feel like they should have some sort of like smoking, competition or like grilling competition lyman like two grill right like out, I would like all guys were also have also good at eating, like I think that would be obliged to. I should also have a smoking politician. I think, like not food on socks, Like me, I don't condone, while europe booze answer. I of course out another really take your point. Hypocrisy in your statement is vast. but we won't talk about that. It would be nice to see may see who perform the best at club, fifty zero individual case race. Maybe yeah learning gets a case. Our today are we going to be spent on. It means that a sea keg firstly, annesley there s
happy. We can do this pamphlet broke will be dull. Sign off on these are not a matter which will get what it getting your living where there are living with envy, Haggerty's, Batavia, often alignment or not to grant. I want to watch the probable or do we want to continue to be what it is no use. It could be it like one of those things where they have like the main thing, which will be the seven and seven on one channel and then you go to like the main cast during analogy like barrel and criminals for several seconds going to stay too. Are you thinking about bringing back old players the quarterback into play, like you said, a mix of like legends and current players, or is it just the current players? No seven on seven school I mean that's, not when they do not, I dunno. I don't watch a lot of the foot I know you're going to get some people to try some people that don't, I still think, you're falling into the situation where nobody wants to get hurt that that's a good point, I think that's kind of a thing they're figuring out like if everyone was at the same speed on the same page. I think that would be fine and, unlike
all these guys train in the off season. So if a receiver in your training that basically seven on seven remedies some more I dunno. I think they could take yeah, but the timing of when the season ends and when the pro bowl is in people, some people's training regimens. You know some people take like a month off some people, don't some people don't take any time off? Some people are always on is a fascinating thing, because the nfl was the only all star or pro that happens at the end of season. At it dell, saying there's no fucking keg gracie and but it was some idiot always me we I'm on your show. Nine to like closing I told her anyway. mexico hanging out. Is he really meetings, often unplugged anyway, well get down
he tweeted about it, I think there's some sort of anniversary situation and his wife ten years wow class. Oh nearly he's been what called set. Every somehow he's been separatists being Tom palace era is the walking embodiment of the show severed. Okay and these we in the factory on their rules on now. Ok, yeah, maybe is a sea. Isn't it I mean I've, never seen a picture of it. He sent me a picture, but it was like Palm trees are in pool whatever, but he wasn't in it. There? He is again enjoy your anniversary, dude you're unplugged, currently from the narrowly oman you don't have to be here: geez Louise any rules, changes or anything else happening here This is like minor, but they're going to discuss when, like are the
for cut down day. Does it go to ninety to fifty three, or does it go from fifty five? Or does it go from ninety to eighty five? if I that's another thing, it's going to be deserves kind of a minor deal. Now it's not that's huge for players. The multiple cuts is big for players, because when everybody gets cut at the same time, mostly the guys kind of fall through the wayside, because you're trying to collect players when there's multiple cuts, other teams can pick up guys that have already been released. Like okay, we need to do this. There's more opportunity, I think, to make teams personally with multiple cutouts that's right because adopted thing about alike. Teams will do, is let's say, there's a veteran who you respect, but you have to like you, caught him early. Yes, let's say you know that eighty five cut down to give him a better chance of latching on somewhere like I could see that an we did that latin plan. If we did that last year at you worked out fine, so I guess would be that's back, but why
I think it's going to be voted on seven years ago. That was just the normal. It's like one hundred, then it was down to this amount. You had to get to this number then he had to get to this number than he had all these different like tears, yeah and then they kind of just an encode. I think kobe change it where there's like get everyone as many people as possible because, We have no idea is, will be able to practice and then there's always the numbers game. You know you lose a tight end. While we gotta cut a corner then to bring in over it's not it's us literally numbers game, but with that being said, you're just for the record, nothing to do with you not being good enough. It's just a numbers game sucks. We lost that he rolled his ankle because he wasn't prepared enough. He was here. porthos hamstring till he was a warmed up your dreams fucked with us, and we are the only people who know about you, but we will try to bring it back. The practice squatted sample its ancient dyke. There bottom half the Gaza have under torture, counselor instagram right now. nfl player for the blah blah blah, and then, when there's just one cut, all that that
I felt brutal to me, but I assume teams enjoyed it, get more players to choose from go ahead, talk rap sheet, will they discuss the new washington stadium land deal or is all of that stuff kind of contingent upon what happens with Dan Snyder? no, the dazzling to discuss- and I imagine this going to be a topic here and and there's a lot to discuss so a couple things. It was, forty v, one hundred million was a lot more than that. I'm not sure how much, but it was. I was told well over one hundred million, it is in not dc. Is in virginia and I believe it was forty five minutes away, but thurston traffic there so might be more than that, seems significant and if you know, if viewer d c, and you want to stay here like was this done, make you notice that, like there's some there's a lot of things, thus there. So I would imagine this will be presented. Their going forward as a league is against another, we'll be here, and that is going to be the case until and unless something ends up.
I just saw something on the internet. There, the end the entire fell, helped cranky pay the bill back to saint Louis I don't have great details on this, but I believe that, as they are figuring this out, some the bills have been paid, and I believe that is the case. believe that they come around or how that whole thing didn't. Why is this super quiet because literally just saw a link was like well? I haven't heard about that since last league meeting yeah, I mean I don't I believe it's fully resolved yet I just think something needed to get paid yeah. I don't I don't think we're totally there as far as that being resolved, but again like these are the issues when you know to, some team presidency here there, some other people who obviously the young executives and coaches could get one out of the room that
they talk about the real stop them. I would imagine that comes up in conversation, larger get in their wants to try to get in I would like to get them soon. I would probably not want me- and that would be my the hope is though they come out and weak. Everything to me after, but fortunately, sometimes when the owners go and have these private discussion they do not lead to the media. Was that all about loose lives in ships? They send you the only insider on the ground through now. Now, there's a bunch of reporters, not not a lot, but I would say like ten or two Reporters here from all networks yeah, so we we got a couple of because a little e S, p n will what I do see bs launchers are mere other.
You guys, get their flag stated home now it s, not a shot. Wearing analyses are shot you're wearing yours is a shot. Army was also on drought, while you're. Here we are, fifteen minutes ahead of you guys on tv. Some points on the the spectacular. You know that one where you are on inside, because it was too windy outside the notebooks, couldn't tip You didn't- I was very I I was very annoyed about sitting in about who I wanted to view outside with an awesome about. Josh is being able to fix their live on our thing and you not being able to live on the nfl network
We all have limitations with places we work. You know that I'm against picked up just let people magnet in your. You know your marble. Suite meetings was actually yeah yeah, with ari mirrors. Just trying to cut his teeth used to do fucking, realistic, yeah, I don't want to do real estate anymore- is out of my camry selling these little apartments of people I want to be the nfl is inside telling them out of the back of this trunk, or you don't know,
I don't think he had a pamphlet and everything I heard go ahead. Connor arrived. She dares report that next year, there's going to be no games. That kind of are on each network. Do you understand? You know how like the flexing and the schedule is going to work? If that's the case for the tv like, are they going to know before they follow up? Yes, I was about to explain CBS as a fc games fox as nfc games right, that's like notoriously what it is, and next year they're all free agents. I guess, if you learn anything more about this than what we know apparently not. Apparently I cant wait till the real world for you to wake up, but so sorry blanche come on. The show more we'll tell you more stuff is happening in the sport to hear the insider of I mean I learned a lot about that combine in india. Yesterday I was informative.
That's what you're saying like it's starting to become a little bit of us telling you what's going on. You know what I mean and that's not how it's built. I mean, now assume a I don't know. If that's going be. The case, but let's assume, for the sake that of this discussion, that it is we're kind of going there anyway right, I mean I dunno it I'll say this later. The fox gets the like. You know please games, and I will Something would have to be very something went up the chain for them to relinquish control apple will see him, and if that is the case, that would be streamlined interesting. We had some news here on the business front lock, murdoch. I'm not sure if this is romulus or kendall. Roy share notes, kendall, so long when's. Kendall I isin called him kendall on the rich eisen show I from what I hear. So I will.
That's probably what we're going! Ok, so laughlin is a guy. You can wrap good. Ok, I've had some action I don't know I planned on five june. Yeah fell to the g do here. I can like I barely watch, he is amazing, but it is so cringey I want to cover my eyes and crawl to hold a lot of the things he does very cringey. The wrap, though, was much better than any of us could have expected. I think oh yeah, honestly watching it had to, but these are like your friends, though I'm learning about your people watching that show like that's why I'm watching the show. So I can learn about your vein of people. Ivy league, like that those people how weird everybody seems to be. It's been a nice education course on who I'm doing business with in that is not my people. If the idea, I have known some people like that, but I would not say that's my group. My my
people are much more down to earth people, but the people on my golf trip who are the same people. Those are our people that I was doing anyways so Kendall Roy has come out and said to Sarah fisher. That his ten year. Three hundred and seventy five million dollar deal. Those figures are directionally right, so it's an overall financing for him to be a steward of the game or whatever, or what do they call him a bastard or an ambassador of the game and also calling games. So this the fox saying, even if he stinks on tv, we're still going to have him doing a bunch of stuff that is going to be worth a lot more than that is out. Your feelings are, and thoughts are on. There's no, First of all, there is no way you can be bad anti. They cause Brady hurried he and be when he I have, I have a feeling, it'll be like rome or where you feel like you're, just shown watching a game with them sitting on the couch. and I think Brady will be good.
Thing to me- is blacked out heart bottles what I walk around a town around a town made some statements at a charity event in time and change everything about the view of the office on tony romo. Not me, appears. In this. I did not hear the desire on this and we don't want to. I don't want you to know, because there's no reason freedom now a personal thing with this office in rather attorney tony romo. If you were to do a overall, drawing I think of his liked this. in the nfl audience world beginning real big you I'll show you rama if you know you got the superbowl big payday in a lot of people said he got a little comfortable kind of mailed it in. I think not me, I'm just telling you the internet. What I'm reading and hearing now Tom Brady, I feel like he's going to come in and probably just take over like that
thing he does right. I mean he took over nutrition. Just started opening facilities everywhere. If their eating I've got a laser, whom I think he's gonna be Graeuben him just being associated with the legal with fox. Is wars way more than thirty seven, the half million dollars a year in my eyes person I mean It's like, we always say with quarterbacks like every eight people, about Brady being like underpaid for years. The patrons like they're all underpaid, like you could like how much patrick mahomes, work to the chiefs like I twenty million dollars whatever you pay, not so front office leaning. I I cannot take a two hundred that is worth for the chiefs. The produce at Brady quinn, thrown picks against my team. Whatever I was playing against the chiefs just five six years ago now, they're on prime to know Freddy Quinn. The team was bad around. You know caught a like
his couch watching this show on the internet and being like what did I do to the friend who is probably working out right now, he's not watching this show. When I was there, I actually saw it. I was on the field when it happened. They were not in a great place. Just not that long ago, now it's mohamed and Andy reid and Travis kelsey and everybody there on prime time television every single week I mean everybody wants to be a part of the chiefs kingdom. Now and two hundred million dollars per year can't I am no like whatever. It is like he's worth exponentially more funny about that Lachlan murdoch thing is fox It came out and denied andrew martians report when he said three hundred seventy five million and now they're saying like adds basically right. That's gonna, write,
I like to see you go to bat for marshawn there huh, that's like the insider. When you're you know team. That is all you just get a little sense of gratification. There was fraud andrew marshawn, new york post. I think the reason why they were able to say it wasn't accurate is because it wasn't exit actually reported exactly how they view him in in the boots was worth verse, how much being a in the bathroom area That's me I'm one of troy grows like I would, if I condemn vassar, two thousand here of unita whatever you need to do, if you want to add another twenty onto this thing, last question free and we appreciate your time or you're very busy down there and alarming that its own system of bigger name. Why else left on the market holier than thou wilt for voice always seen any action on these guys think. We are not right. Now, teams you're talking about it, we ve talked
I don't know, maybe I'd, say a team like the packers, like you know, ravens both of them. I could see adding a veteran receiver You know those Those names, the rams might add a better and that might be end up being. No doubt I would imagine teams it get through odious and see if they can lock up one of these guys before Too many came just to get a little tasted, the playbook senator. for the summer and kind of close it out from there other. Like you're, probably talking both these guys may be signing before camp. Or what happens sometime. during the years one of these guys waiting for an injury and being like if someone gets injured, I will force it to pay me what I want, because I see more, The sign that you'll be a couple Some of these guys will be signed late and then become key parts of the team, but only because the team lost someone and half to pay a better and cheaper.
L, the to the we appreciate your man. That was a I mean I thought it was much better than anybody could have expected one that it it took up dawson, awesome the john sooner wrestle mania summer. Slam types, you watch that show you love that show how you, like all my people, finally get spotlight. I do like the show, but yes, There are some parts when I I just can't it's there. So bad. it's terrible yeah! That's your yeah! That's what saying your people against all that by saying
on the record against drag this guy's great yeah such a hero, because we appreciate the hell out of and thank you for journalists back to back days. Let's you know I dunno if you're gonna break any more news today for maybe a third appearance in three days this week. But how long has this little shading? For how long has this? For through today and I leave head back home tomorrow.
safe travels enjoy the booze down there, Atlanta all atlanta watch out for the snow snow down there and blizzard common law Snowden or you venture outside of that hotel right there you're going to have forty five people with a whole blizzard in their block, a careful look and see if you want a little sunshine to your skiing. Yeah, hey want to go ahead and take a little trip to la ville. Yeah me neither it's not my thing, but I am the type of guy where people pitcher to me all the time. I guess, especially in atlanta, where you are now enjoy yourself, be safely procedure. Ladies and gentlemen, ian rapoport, w w we as turning up the heat at summer, slam witness the beast brock lesnar challenge the head of the table. Roman reigns in a last man standing match for the undisputed wwf universal championship. It's going down at the biggest party of the summer, which means all your favorite superstars will go head to head, including Becky lynch riddle, Seth wound Bobby Lashley, bianca bel air drew, I can tire liv morgan
in many more summer, slam streams live saturday July thirty, if any pm eastern exclusively on peacock on this now is a man who never met. It does. He know- and I don't remember yesterday, took the opportunity to go ahead and make fun of one of his closest friends and his immunized status, and everything like that, a guy who is not only college football national champion a super bowl champion a ryder cup champion twelve! It survivor! Wow! I just gets thrown in there at the end, but that's almost the main events yeah. What ladies and gentleman AJ hawk doing their great what I didn't never heard about goop getting rolled by a messed up bum. What happened just heard about this in the first hours? Well, we spent the first fifteen to twenty minutes chatting about poor chains on heading to the oakmont, which is a local establishment here, great bar
great food, I believe quite a walk there for had to go through an ally of somebody. She ran upon him. Try to grab these for change. Dumpy hit him with the heisman. He the guy hits the ground gump. He runs away out of fear of his life, doesn't tell him to fuck off. Don't do anything else, just classic champion of being hospitable. These people were puppies. Okay, did you think your life was in danger? At any point, there was a thought: yeah yeah, what's been happening, downtown floods, a lot of police activity here, downtown indianapolis in different houses and such AJ hawk. I'm learning from the downtown boys that maybe downtown right now is not the safest place to be. But I digress. It's only in certain areas, I would say: yeah we're yeah we're all good orange bias, but that's another scary situation. Goop I mean if you're, where, if you're wearing those for change like you're wearing right now, you're almost asking for work, but did they work for touchdown? And I don't I don't let them out. When I go out there tucked in enough to make you feel threatened, They walked past me and then
background yeah, I heard the footsteps age, activated badly may well. What do you talk about age? this is an opportunity to fuck a guy. You don't realize his baby face gets a punch. Somebody in public baby face doesn't have now. I guess you could think maybe he's going to grab his poop with his and shove it in your face, give you some sort of disease or stab you or shoot you or something which I guess does happen around indianapolis on a regular basis. But I'll tell you why? Don't you have a heisman on a false the straight to not even be like that. That is amazing to me that attracted a fault that he fell. Though, when you just hit him with the heisman, then you would think okay. This is this is a target rich environment. I can jump on the ground that going to get the fuck outta there dude. That's all hey. We gotta respect that it does feel like a lot of the rocks rains. People around here are having the same thought, though, like
Oh, this guy just attacked me and Cosby tried to rob for me on the street now in a precarious situation. You're going to learn today is probably why a lot of us potentially immediately think but on the situation you've got out of their safe got to want food was amazing. Unbelievable food is basically life dripping sweat. I guess I'm dripping. Sweat. He'd just been attacked by a meltdown one percent chance. If this is the same that homeless, man that I know is going to be hit him in the face once he be could have died. I think because he was very very for a while. We would never want that, of course, exact, not somebody that is going around trying to rob people in our streets and poop all over the place not dead, but I doubt lesson should have been sent. Dumpy did that with the highest price? broke his feet. There's not a lot of situations that, where you're you know clearly the right, free free it yeah. Well, I mean there's whether things go through going must have as well
He could have had some buddies hanging around the corner, ready to jump goop, though it's good thing, gotta go now. We've got a ten piece cover and a bunch of metal bulbs to see your iD so he's thinking. What are you talking about? Why you have a toxic look to your face right now? The timing was that person wearing a mask around the corner. You know, let me see your id yeah, I mean he talks to the cops. What I do it here. Mr Canady have to go through the entire visa situation with the local office right: okay, yeah yeah. Well, you see I'm in the process. There's a whole filed goodman. On the show, I do have some bad news and I mean
there's no better time than now. I guess he wants to do is go. Oh, no! The is going to go back to canada for a little bit. Oh no correlation to the bump know. By the way we don't know he he yeah what you made. It is true that, as part of the whole process he's going to go back for like a month or two or whatever and then come back, it's a whole thing right now, but believe me, it's a whole thing that is going on right now he's he is legal. He is one hundred percent okay to be where he's at, but we were told probably had back within the next two weeks, so that we can continue this process or whatever, while isn't it going to take him three weeks just to get back into the country with all the quarantines and stuff now you're allowed to go, make sure your vacs are good. Gao can hop on truck driver hop in a truck driver back in the gala. Here we go here, we go massive is going to be back next week, he's going to spend a summer in canada
which is good. Summers in canada are great, argues that using summertime in northern victoria of the fucking song anyways, but going back to canada for a few weeks. We will miss grumpy, obviously but excited for the future, where dumpy, potentially american, Just do it. It's all brought hey! I dunno know man. I know from other people like. I can't believe how, like the the hoops you to jump through. There's a lot going on and honestly, as I was told by everybody on the internet, that now is just like yeah no prob come on in, but I guess, if you want to get through the entire procedure of it and I've been see seed on a lot of these emails? It I mean.
It's a pretty deep thing: hey! We need that's what he does when he does pay us this. We need you to pay us this. Do this? Do this? Do this? Okay, our can go on hold for little bed as we ve put this together, give go back and then come back. I mean it's a whole. It's been a nightmare. Move right doesn't goop have to prove that he brings value to america or something that that was like four or five steps ago, a long time. They did not believe it by the way that took a couple of steps and proving that a bunch of clips are what what do you do. I tried to take something up actually, and I was told that that is too much. They don't care about. All that. I'm like mistake, acts were made on phuket. I think we should have sent my letter, but yeah I mean we to out this, but we got absolutely screwed the lawyers that we were told. I wrote what does that for? Well, that was a part of it. I wrote a fucking, a like what he means. The company right yeah era like a shakespeare in the lawyers that are currently fucking with us. We don't know enough about it
yeah worse, they said we don't. We don't need that. Okay, just tell us bamba, though like is a human making this decision, or is it a robot in there like Well, it's humans, but also we don't need all that stuff and I'm, like I just penned a fucking. Two thousand word thing about how awesome this dude is and his life could change whenever the fuck you who donated now, we also need our ten grade and then we're going to move on guys after seeing the file that they sent in I mean yeah. It was rather mickey mouse still happen, which is forging forward, but should have been done from what been told I a few months ago, and it has not been so happens happen whenever goop goop spends the summer back there with this is meat.
Albite he comes back. He weighs like two eighty five, just absolutely jacked the amount of trenbolone sandwiches he's about to eat back in canada. Are you married because you're going to be working out all day, and it's just going to have five chains on that? First, one is going to be able to fit because it's neck is going to be so fucking big gambling too, because it's always going to do is look at gambling. There too. This is like he's in the canadian cave or near she'll, be even better it'll, probably do an internship with a with our buddies who morenci they're all out of w once worked full time for sports grade. That is a week you'd pop on yeah, maybe I mean a red headed good guys gone through enough copy, both ramsey too much time, anyways job.
We can't wait for your return that the sphere will stop months. Maybe with that one homeless guy doesn't live in your condo, while you're gone napoli that canadian homeless people aren't a little bit more abrupt. You know I dunno. If a canadian homeless who had bear through all that winner every single year is going to just take a heisman and fall like they're to be a little bit more sturdy than this bitch made fuck barbier in india just try to run up on grab for change and get stiff arm due to his death, They can even bombs use like freeze to death in the winter than that's, not a lot of bombs and when it we're ass usual in my hometown, I'm just set up tents everywhere. Downtown chase scratched kid.
kamaz and I understand everybody has choices and everybody's three or four choices away from being a bomber or whatever, but don't be trying to rob the guys already gone through enough yeah, my god, somebody send this message to the bomb community. We are fucking done with it. Our bill belichick was asked about who is going to be as offensive coordinator yesterday at ot as we'll be talking to Tom E current In about sixteen minutes. He is alive on location and represent a very busy sports boston. This was his answer about the highly debate it offered a coordinator play collar position for the newest patriots of mac jones, going into a second year in the interval we asked those two guys was the this: we of camp
that? Maybe I dunno the shit eating, grin or stupid fucking question yeah, I'm smarter than you. I got better football knowledge into one of the top minute. You look at the space so happy to say that been thinking about it by the way he knows everybody's chatting about who's going to be the play caller who's going to be offense coordinator. He has had numerous conversations, I'd assume within his circle like. Why do we need a play, call or write and wiser, but I think we need a fucking play caller right now we don't need to play caller first question who's going to be the play clock for what he's just sitting there lob it out. There call plays minneapolis boob dunk bill, belichick greatest gm and coach of all time. I assume that he better than us right age. A bill knows when their needs we play call a bill, noses staff, he noses players. Who knows this operation better than anybody else, and he is built Bela check,
easy to just say, he'll figure it out, but why does everybody seem to have such a big problem with this? Because it's never happened like this. In the past, you think agent, People have an issue with it because he he's not giving them all. The information like people will feel like hey. Isn't it easy just to tell us what's going to like, what's going to get happen in the seas like who's, gonna call plays options that we do went away and when he a vase of any is bilbil. Czech people want to know more. I think that's what makes it a bigger store. Do you I don't know. I think the story was a big before even gave this communities because of his residence because of what he has done and all that he used in the past. I think you, What you are thinking very similar demand MIKE well bill The plan is that it is not his job to tell us. This quality should not have to tell us this plant, but also go This comment: I love how he handed it, but yet they are commonplace descriptive. All in there doing, There is every day and are doing all that individual case they are. it plays, but yeah. It's not like someone. In the moment? Okay. First
okay. Now we got second and seven. What are we going to call? It's? Not that, like bam, bam, yeah, and I think at this phase two, it is literally scripted everything ones. Do it tuesday at threes, do the same exact plays just shorter, so great answer. He felt like he had checkmate to the question. He had to feel good about it. What youth do you think he's leaning towards somebody is an actual open competition for Patricia Joe judge and whoever else is on the offensive staff call place or, is it going to be like how darius butler towards the defense or caravan neu told us how the defense or negative it shows our defenses? How literally weekly there's a different play caller almost on the defensive side of the ball, because of a different feel a different scheme, a different strategy against a different team? Some people are better at stopping the run. Vs pass. Is that what he's thinking is there any
information we have other than us all speculating on what bill belichick is due. I don't think there'll be a decision anytime soon, no way. Yesterday he was the one telling mac deploys for the practice. I don't think that'll continue to happen, but I assume it's probably going to be preseason games will go every other, so maybe Joe judge does one maybe Patricia does one. I still think bill could be the guy call in the place. I really do bossy and its also who mac likes right, because I gotta think is the biggest part of this whole thing is that he is going into a second ear. The oh see that he work with Mc Dana's was a stable and new england for a law.
At the time, and now he has to kind of switch who the OSI is. I don't think it's going to be a problem, but I mean we're going to find out pretty quick if it is a problem, because we'll get blown out by miami when Matt Jones looks incredible, he's got the jaw line seeming to become an adult there either. I believe it was born said he's like a pro's pro. Now he was in the weight room, the entire offseason. It looks really good and his stomach is gone he's in the best shape of his life. That's via NBC sports boston patriots beat report which will talk to tommy current here in like twelve minutes, so he got after it he's changed his body. He knows what the nfl takes now, what the nfl season is, like everybody calls him an incredibly intelligent player, a high football, I q buzz in the meeting room and on the practice field. I'm excited to see where mac goes as it continues to become the best version of himself just an hour, but not to our forty five. Six, six to forty five, a photo income, if a photo has surfaced of him. Looking like a fucking avatar,
Is everybody saying he's jacked in these yoked shawne Merriman said herbert might be able to take a couple of reps for bowser. He might standing next to somebody is the same size as romulus roy, but tat looks like an infant next adjusting herbert who's got his hair. All the way back and has been hidden await room all off season. I like seeing these body transformations once guys understand what the nfl calls for what the unified takes. How do I become better? Just an urban set boom? Let me go and pocket eat as many protein bars as bryce, indecent bo and because freak, I'm happy for herbert I'm happy for the chargers here I might be too, because it's something that, like you, can work on your your durability, it's something you can do you gotta maximize whatever it is. I get to I say all the time it gets. A skill like durability is a skill that you can work on and you can hone, there's obviously things. You are out of control in crazy fluke, injuries. it's day to day like if you're consistent with you build up enough muscle to where you can lasted all season tickets. Awesome
looks like what a quarter nl should look like he looks. Oh there we go. There's our movie character if we were going to cast a guy to play the quarterback vertical off into a little cap that america drop in and to be the quarterback of chargers with incredible hair, and you know I think my big takeaway from this and the one hundred born when he talk about mac jones, the loss of stomach when I would come back after the offseason and training camp airbus, no immediately whether or not I've been working or care at all, about football right I mean everybody. If I come in at two hundred and fifty, if I come in at two hundred and thirty, it's too very so I'm almost trying to get in shape so that when I come back, people are like This guy was obviously attentive cares about himself and thinks about the team in the off season. It's a massive deal that his teammates seeing machina like art.
obviously doubt in the diet the work out fully focus on us being the best we could possibly be in herbert is obviously doing the same exact thing: that's great leadership, age, a great leadership without being around or talking being able to see what leadership is. What this standard is is massive for both of these cultures. Wouldn't you school seen herbert I we talk about like leadership and how those different types of leadership. We all know that there's raw our guys, there's quite like lead by example, people that might poor people aside. I don't exact. What leader herbert is, but herbert does he is so secured himself. He doesn't feel yes to be fake in my car in fake huddles and bring the camera, and I like it at the. I think his teammates probably like and respect at the most. He feels like he's authentic kiki sit there and try to get it right, if the camera and show the oh, no, I'm not like this quiet, guy and people. Think I'm not a great leader, I'm going to go, show the camera and make some weird dance in them. Say. Oh, this guy really has control the team like nah he's just being him, I feel like he's.
teammates coaches, absolutely respond, they both love and if you win by the way, everybody loves matters, airbus is ready, foot six quarterback, I fell. Look like whenever you wanna look like. If you can win games, people do not care. This can be hard to get a job for for sure, don't feel battle, but once you get in there once you get in there, you start winning some games, hey that the four foot, five quarterback is going to say: you're a six guy was able to do it I'll, be able to do it. That's all it takes, but if the chargers, how long chargers have You know before they got a win that people have to win it all. Now I don't think they're going to win it all right. I mean it's gonna be tough, especially in the nfc west, with how good a team is, but they're going to have to go right, and I know staley at his first year last year and the year before that they had like six games, they could have won, they fucked up, they just fucked it up at the end that was herbert's rookie year now he's in his second year today staff today, operations
all these high hopes. I mean Peter kings, I'm the number to tunisia. Any Annabel bond above low builds a lot of people view on that way and are now in the top. What eight or ten six odds to win the superbowl. I mean that's huge for a team that hasn't made the playoffs right couple of years in a row I dunno when the title turned, but I'm loving the chargers right now and with how much steam they have going into this year. I would assume like it. It's not may maybe not super bowl, maybe not a f c championship, but if they don't make it, you know at least like the divisional round. Her hat get one of those buys and in the first round of the playoffs I think people would be massively disappointed. we still gonna go for you know, is he still gonna be the no risk doing so I don't think so I don't think so. I think he's gonna change. I don't I uh. He seems like a guy that yeah, I dunno I mean. Doesn't he even say, though, about like situations or situation like he decides in the moment, for every single, like they don t just going off a book. He is trust
instincts to. At the same time, I think yeah. He said I come from the bruce and Linda Staley coaching tree. So that's where I make my decision. His dad was a high school football coach. I think for a long time and he said he wants to have an exciting brand of football. To like he wants her fans to know. We are an exciting brand of football that that's an actual that's marketing and strategy being in the in the same vein, which is good for especially if a new city it's that he has a team that won the fucking superbowl in that city last year. That is going to be tougher. If you, when you were in win over fans, especially in l, a band wagoner is everywhere, but I hope he's still exciting, but there are some decisions he made were everybody. That knows the nfl was like. Was was the juice worth the I mean was it was the was the upside anywhere near Inevitably the path and deserves like forty five
a terrible for them. There is three to four that we're great for them, but there's four to five. There are terrible almost sucks the entire juice, not only out of your team, but every fake punt is a great fake punt if it works, feel goal is a great thing feel go if it works gadget place same exact thing. If they work it's per, if they dont, why you do it all that, that's what I fell last year a lot, so I think you'll dial it back, maybe be a little bit more calculated in what he goes warrant when he doesn't go for, but that exciting brain of football is something they're aiming to do so. I don't think it's going anywhere for a while, and you know what else is exciting. Is you know scoring points and winning games and, as we've talked about on this show three points it is more than zero. Points is not more than six or seven, potentially even eight, sometimes yeah always be three will always be less than six or seven or eight, which is prob, but always more than zero.
Well, how about? Yes, that's true it also, though it also gives your opponents a little more to think about, and work work on too, because you're deep Can't you ok, when I will so I guess third and medium package we may have a third and fourth down like we're gonna work on four. down, plays we're gonna work on all these different thing. Special teams obviously highly alert for the points, and maybe they won't nearly as much better for that potter all kinds things I think, over the course of the year may help like where their opponents down get any time. The other team thinks or scared to death, you're gonna, wanna, fuck you're, a good sport He had it all week, though, but you know all week when you play those teams losing their mind every single day of the week and taking time out of the film started, taking time out of practice taking time out of meetings when it could be focusing on something else, not just special teams. Defense now wasting time this week, thing that a ghost you're you're chasing a ghost down, they're gonna, run something you know. People are forced,
well. What does that mean? Well I'd, be the guy emotionally or they could do this star thing. There's always that you're one hundred percent right energy. The time taken away from the other preparation when they think foppery is potential is it is awesome, it's good for everybody. But I see that started finish saying I'm sorry was going to say the defense don't get one fucking. Fourth down stop the game. Changes like this, like, while you're calling that huddle, while you're breaking down the play, calling that fourth in for whatever it's like the fifty it's like hey, we get a stop on this buck. I don't care what happened on last play. We can stop on this play. This entire game is flipped on its head. Like that's a big moment, that's a huge, huge Flip side, though you, if you, if they get tat fourth down and also the deepest, isn't used to stay on the field for that for down to sew it states in the middle of a long drive and feel, ok, we're gonna wearing these guys down. We are absolutely gonna, go for it if its fourth and third, in anything, less met in the defence
normally your kind of rhythm, you make a big stop on third out at celebrates and they run off the field. The pot returned comes on now, can't do that anymore. Those players alike programme, thereby fiscal up. They just look it's daily with our partner. Not with that I to do that. To your point too, though, like it seemed like multiple times last year. It was one of those situations where they would go for it early in, like their own territory, not get it and we've seen them like they will come back, but it's okay, you Let the sails out like that, and it's like dead until the very end of the game, where they have to score on four consecutive possessions. Just it closed like it really was like big chunks of time or it's ago you just took them out of the game. As somebody who called my own fake, with the ball being snapped from our own nineteen. On the first drive, not too pleading the passage in them
scoring immediately and then putting up another fifty on top of it through a swing the game in the first quarter, let's get through a break here, we'll be back in four minutes top each turn of NBC sports Boston. We can that, though, I think we win the game, anther yeah. I think we complete that we wouldn't have lost by fifty, though the incompletion got the ball in the nineteen risk reward, but it didn't matter, we don't know the first drive I did drive is gonna, be so mad, not as bad as me, it's dry out, but I would have been super pissed if I realized. If I look at the special teams, coach, parker re series of articles, that's on him. If I saw you run off the back of it, yeah hi, I'm surprised I didn't get punishment at that point. I was more pissed than that, because you know it's I get a lot of nerve, its glory, their exact. What happened when I play the rights they were down
I ain't nothing going into the second quarter, but two weeks before they beat the chiefs cause, they went for. They went such a gamble. Cigar boy, that chicago bulls, that's right, yeah, that's what everybody needs upper back and for what's army colonel see that today's video is sponsored by the best ticket app on planet earth, and this is your weekly reminder that listeners of this show get ten percent off at the lincoln. Our description, we're getting close to the n b, a finals. The age of playoffs are in full swing. Baseball's baseball are going to be concerts all summer, get tickets to it all on seat. Geek, there's seating chart will make sure you're getting the best value
If possible, every time red means it's not a great deal. Green means hammered because it's a great deal just remember to hit the link in the description. Next time you buy some tickets database cards, the version that journalists now AJ hawk to my left, your right AJ. This company was saying how long black shirt, yeah three quarter. Yeah, I see the three core. Is it tight on the arm or is it loose this one's not tight on your arms loose, although as little baseball? If you only get out there and take max like tom, brady and gronk that video just hit the internet tom Brady hitting some bombs as gronkowski out in the outfield, I believe Alex barrera was there as well tb, twelve getting some work and some good hip rotation, bats, lefty, golf's variety, best port!
Back of all time, righty tom Brady, taking over the internet, continuing to do so before he takes over the network world joining us. Now a man who laughs his wagon to Tom Brady, throw whatever you left new england and might have caught a couple ricochet shots through doing so now has cemented himself as the greatest patriots coverage in the history of patriots coverage from NBC sports Boston Tom. the hey, what's going on it all. I miss you too. This is nice the blue post brady? You never know what you're going to get a call. That could be hey, we're happy to have your post brady how's life in new england, you finding good footing was mac and the boys as everybody like tommy current. Are you still on the outs with the patriots, because you did very clearly saddle the tom Brady horse on the way out of town down to tampa? Is that right, or am I misreading it
no, I mean I call it as I saw it, we had a little bit of dysfunction from twenty seventeen, while we're young quarterbacks getting benched in super bowls. We had two thousand and nineteen happened and, called. I saw, don't think I'm too badly on the we transitioning football team. didn't close twenty twenty one, it a real good clip, and now we have lot of questions around the sense, which there trying to figure out, is clear, it's okay. So before we dive into who is the offensive coordinator and bill burying somebody yesterday at the press conference, it was awesome to see bill back with a smile on his face, the fulfillment that he felt when he was able to deliver the line that he's been waiting for exclude that question that come for the last couple of months as the outside world has socked about who's going to call plays mack Jones in the best shape of his life? Good jaw line ready to be there he's been around town the entire off season? That's what's being said by the players. Have you witnessed the same and what are your expectations for him?
what good you're thicker and the shoulders that was. One thing had stood out when I showed up last year and looked at him first time live naked eyes on him, boy doesn't look that thick now he's redistributed a little bit bigger in the bud bigger on the shoulders. I think it's gonna help me skype plenty of arms and rifle me standing still. Certainly moving around I did. I have to give a full you here. Four head, yes appraisal, and there I saw nothing of what is good tom, it's good to know it it to work. Much do much weight you think he may have gained. How much muscle do you put on? Also all this about who the objects coordinator, there is You tell me: is there anyone on their staff right now that has called plays for an offense in a game in the nfl? Yes, huh Philly bella check. We talk, we talk about size, difference, I'm not sure, I'm not sure how much different sizes is no point in the whig a lot players want to get up to
certain amount understand move in a loose for five, even six pounds throughout the course of the year. I know Brady like to get to thirty, two thirty two and then he would lose as the season went along. So I'm not sure what he is in terms of of of weight, but he definitely redistributed as for the play, calling It was interesting because belichick did indeed not just retweeted a story about making ninety one village. Yet plays in his first year with the cleveland browns. and would we watch their rodya yesterday? If I had to pin it down, and now Joe judge, is passing game coordinator. Quarterbacks coach matt Patricia it's a blind coach running coordinator and build just one of tenth in may was serving his office of coordinator. Well, that's temporary or until further notice we don't know Do you think it's an audition process for judge mm aperture show right now for bill. Do you think bill knows what's going to happen and just doesn't want the outside noise or pressure, or anybody to really give a fuck about it? Here's the thing
Betty s leanings. Pat Betty has weaning spare part of not in, and he has said this, which is, while borrow it somehow I'm the best decision is making no decision, and I think that that could be the decision I'll make it when I have to make it is, is disappointed which I have to say it I'm going to do it, I don't feel as if matter job are going to do it better than me now. In the case, but I really think that it is an audition. you do want to have one or the other of those guys be the main play color to me. Having serve both guys? They both can be very verbose, you need somebody succinct who is quick and to point with a the quarterback boys re boiled million thoughts boys that well Matt brain we've heard is like
incredible one. How much do you think it is because of our smart in the level of a bike you, the mac jones, has that bills able to do this, like, I think, that's a massive compliment, the mac by the way, only in his fuckin second year Tom. No doubt imagine if it was that wilson or training ass or even justin fields. You know trying it to me stir the way the eighty its office is run all day. Spirits, and he got an alabama under next. Even at bill of under sarkisian absolutely translated and put him in a position to succeed here and even to an extent It was judge, the board coach, Aspartame I'd rather do it this way, I wonder, and ass does really was interesting. We should get to that is below you guys how much what will mac have in saying how he wants the offense to be run, or at least set up.
it was only in his second year or two like last year, whenever we recovered in the season, it felt as if, when we're talking about rookie quarterbacks we're not talking about mac, we just felt like mac was like a ninety year old, like the way mac is kind of carried himself. The way he played, I mean the way he acted. It just felt like okay. This is a polished veteran, almost and he's not at all. I think we all forget about that. I assume mac is appreciative of that. Have you noticed anything with him off the field? First, one he got to foxborough. First, now, aside from the larger pooper in the larger, broader shoulders, is there any different way he's carrying himself now that he has a season under his belt it came in here came right out of the room is a guy who is completely comfortable in his own skin and with teammates and I've seen that even more, I think behind the scenes, stuff he's been more involved off the field been more of you're in the community is taken the thing we see with a young quarterback, whether it still borrowers blitz or Tom Brady, or anybody whose drafted
your place go ahead, nova city. Go ahead and be the guy who feels as if he's going to run that franchise cuz. That's the quickest way to get yourself forty five or fifty million dollar a year contract is to go ahead, and make yourself invest, invest, invest in the city, be the city yeah. I think that's the case as well, especially you know for the newer guys that are getting in there and try to cement themselves, learn about the people that you're about to represent every single sunday. I think that is a very, very real thing and Matt Jones. He came in. It's preseason game. place. One was, I feel like that. Love is continue, which is tom, the deep and threw it we're. Not here and as much about the defects are no othello checks. Involvement with the all fancies usually heavily handed with the d. Do we have any idea? The balance he's gonna have das really a key question aj, because when you look at
the situation where the patriots close the season losing forty seven of seventeen and not forcing a punt with the bills, often the same thing. They didn't force upon their last regular season meeting. So there's that far behind right, so they took care of jacksonville rocard while we didn't we fuck I was just like yeah, we Tom, please back to what you're saying and fifty to ten the patriots beat them, and you guys talk about the defense you guys on buffalo cannot complete bree. figure in the defence there doing away with the big two hundred fifty by alive backers, even though the lives of productive guy? Last year, and hightower our columns were there they're kind of fumigating, the linebacker room they want to get faster. They need to get faster If your main competition is time, I jaylen waddle in miami Josh Allen, stefon diggs, you can't be,
hey. We have one hundred and eighty, but not very fast, iq defense, and that's the vision of steve going to run that thing I know he asked and he said he doesn't care what his job is, what his title as he is obviously direct descendant from the we don't fucking tell the media anything tree, but if you see him get a more prominent role from watching these ot a's, and can you really learn anything from these first couple of practices? I couldn't learn anything from watching the defensive stuff and I actually walked in on the office to see where bill was bill was real the coordinator for that. But I think it is a combined thing with him and enjoy rights, not steve as the data supplied on, but I think you are I dont dread mail does more of the law. in planning and designing then then we really are giving him credit for that's. Why he's getting a lot of these opportunities to be ahead again it's wild because bill when he came here twenty years ago said look, I learned my lesson. I'm not. be trying to all the hats. delegate with no twenty two,
later every and the building on yeah yeah he's like bill O'Brien, Dana and Houston. Literally, you know down there and he didn't work out for bill, obviously but O'Brien, but it has worked out for bill belichick and before connor. Obviously can't wait to chat with you y'know. Whenever you'd like to start, wicked. Masl should start doing there, how inside of new england. Do you guys view at the same way? We do, which is like
it's bill. Belichick like bill belichick will figure it out bill belichick, greatest coach and gm of all time. Bill belichick will figure it out. I I in conor's like that right corner is all in bill. Figured out bill figured out, but that's kind of. Like the same, I think view on this whole offensive coordinator thing: it's like you think you are smarter than bill belichick and football call it a ganar lawsky. You think you know the quarterback position better than bill. Belichick are sweet. Good luck! I'd like to see you both sit down and do that someday. But it's hard not to think like that. How long do you think the world will think like that, and is that how everybody views it in new england, That's not how everybody views it and conor can absolutely tell you that there's plenty of us in the media who are covering it. We watch them and say: okay. Well, we are stable bills accomplished. But if you look at the draft, since twenty thirteen on you would have done better. If you went off the media brass in the playoffs of patriots crafting, if you look at the dismount from Tom Brady Jesus no good clan involved you chase
We, the greatest player of all time your plan was to have Jimmy garoppolo in and Jimmy Garoppolo, probably listening answer either last year in which bilbil jack had kind of work, trade defence now supposed to be a strong symbol. Juicy Jackson's, the hawk. Your walk in there can't force their division, rivals apart, let's say in the bill: Belichick's, not the first ballot hall of fame biggest brain of all time, I mean. Does it sacrilege, my bad corner, to corner your turns that you're not a bedtime, but you go to twenty third team. We won three super bowls since twenty thirty, I dunno. If the draft writers that doing that those guys won, super bowl who drafted the chunks, the males, the the jones, all those guys coterie of players thousand eight, two thousand and twelve from thirteen on they
Add enough tell the player of the year that yeah, but who cares? Have you seen the superbowl? What do you mean? Who cares? That's all that matter tommy. I could not wait for you to get on now. I didn't know this was going to be a fucking. You know like a memorial for a profitable choice.
The french euro, yeah yeah, know he's not calling the celtics carnival talk. Celtics come on now. Let's stick with the bats graham enjoying this kind of connor is everything that you say to us on air and off? Every fucking lie absolutely not not even a little bit. The pats are going to be fine and bill's, probably going to have the number one offense this year, but Tom. Can you at least tell me something about the offense? Now, there's no fallback iacuc Johnson just said: hey we're not they. They don't need my services because they're not going to use a fullback just all spread and mac Jones just spit in the pill, and then please just tell me something good about cole strange because all that's been on the internet is him at the god, damn senior in tourist torch it. If you
well a little bit longer. He did have a couple of reps where he stood up: fine yeah, that's what worries an interesting way. This does add to the fact that baby bill was probably involved with the offense. Coincidentally, if he's really involved with the offense, he went on offense with two picks right out of the chute. To that but divide the hypocrisy. wide receiver room is good to me con If you want to look at it, Johnny Smith missed a ton of time in the off season. Last year he had a baby he hamstring blew off he's there. Now Patriots want to make him there. age to point all without the off your stuff, they want to have. He won't say his name. He won't say his name
What do you guys get a snippet put it out there like that word around, but what we still can using age. Two boys will get even more like wise football yeah on the field and on the field he's. I didn't know you, Mr Oda, is you don't build a go fuck himself? After bill pay them a bunch of money, a lot of people said we spend over nfl because they were not happy with the kobe rules last year you remember so long ago. because they didn't think the nfl had a good plan in place. There was a lot of them. Go ahead. Tom What do you think? The patriots record will be this year, night.
You ve got me they look. I said a few weeks ago. I think the dolphins winton game, so mine is that crush all cases or low. Seventy said, and I turned do this does not mean literacy sounds like doom and gloom right now. You gotta be realistically who my we didn't get bodily just getting near the bottom up and not be totally wrong with corner charter on which we were in may re. Now, look will see what happens when the times Denver comes around. I'm not saying we're. Deaf we go on a night like Tom is to Tom. You can admit your page repairs amused me tat. He always have meant that some he's been further lands on you and your friends like I'll fuckin time again is that what you're view is that you're viewed around town, it's a scatter moved into that that's ass, be pretty negative existence I used walk or on the streets talkin cheer up. What am I supposed to? Do you get the best life? It's one nature of this generation go. Someplace else is not replaced by anybody, but to culture suggested fire elsewhere. For not do
great job it also to say these guys are gonna, be terrific. You king, you can't do it. I mean I have to go reputation of the con. You would think not on What kind of fast I don't have a reputation. I just kind of stupid thing. So what about his journalism? They gotta you're, doing it for journalism. So what you're saying journalism's dead old ring is just what we One of these rights in the and whether it's you Carter AJ anybody. We just want to be right, Isn't there you're? All sports fans would like to see the team do better than worse. but in the end, when you watching them play and if you say something's not going to work, it works oh shit, ok good affiliations off act as if europe predicting gloom and doom, and some good happens. It's like you that you'd have pessimists. Why did you alive or john or side, but
something negative happens, then you'll get more readers, anyways everybody. The time was right. Last question for you here mister car and we can't take it. I've got tone. Tommy mentioned them, is Devonte parker. Is he going to be the guy in the wide receiver room and potentially that the wide receiver that they've been missing for a few years yeah. I think you should be and could be the difference between him and nelson. Add more because it's really playing the same position as Aguilar is always just stronger play, anglers, a great field stretcher, but not really what the patriots offense does. So I would I would see. Parker is probably waiting here they have more than enough. Why receivers cod Their office should be more than fine with a decent level of talent. They have and a good play caller they got up like all right. I know that's what I'm saying exactly how to get one of those that they have a good what yeah they need. One hour
I don't think bell's gonna play carter because he's ninety one season wasn't good. Is that what you're saying Christ six and ten, the team July to like last last question from tiger ahead tommy mentioned the celtics are one of my favorite things on twitter is seeing you post those videos, youth that explosive first step towards pocket elbow jumper? How are the celtics kind of the the team in boston now? Are you sense in that? Is there more excitement around them than there is? patriots in how's, the basketball game. People came isabel. We do transition of the gulf a little bit once April. Comes the golf games type right now: real tight with the subjects. Are you? What are you? What are you were trying to get a point? Eight a guy's got instead the celtic speak or on the celtics, but it's funny because people watching ashore after ninety games in rendering all these impressed
the second best player on the celtics, the second most impactful player on the celtics is rob Williams and it ain't that close both sides of the floor, the number of plays and trips agreement that he is there a second best and most important player. Somebody's. there. The skies, so you super positive on the celtics all the time, Tom most players Just why he's want them to be better now I just want the product to look what I wanted to. I watched every single celtics do and when I it down. I want to see a competent product. Gasket right, forget you the white Friday night was a disaster last good. Terrific, terrific was it friday night saturday, saturday, night, Malta, basketball. City kind of I mean we We don't have a lot going on here, sometimes in terms of weather, whatever this plan, which open up
moreover, I think right, broods fields are day stank red on the up and up. You know that's out of practice, watching a team develope see that's the thing with the low matthew and say I don't care if they. in seven and nine I just want to see him getting better pretty stuff was going to. We were all lucky enough to watch twenty years of the greatest experience nfl history of journalists, stands whatever you tie our fans right. So I mean, brutal. But I mean that's why you have not included all those parades wednesday night on how the brain lies outside our kids all somewhat to childhood, but it did make every other kid from every other city. They grew up anywhere, though I would have been a fucking great time, you're saying those days, long, gonna, it's gotta be a bit.
It's going to be all gloom and doom from new england from our favorite new englander that joins us every once in a while need to get you back on your more. I know you got time on. Of course you get an eight nate. Let's get that thing to seven hundred million. We appreciate your ladies and gentlemen from NBC sports. Boston, tommy, curry, yeah. They want everybody to be in there forever. They don't want any like It doesn't look good for any league to have any player tests positive for street drugs. Don't want to they, they would love to get rid of it. I would imagine yeah. They also don't want to like you to miss a game. You know
it's because they've seen who potentially has tested positive they're like wow, so we can take their money, they still have to play and they could smoke. That's fucking best of all worlds. That's fucking great! That's exactly what we want. You know the mba getting rid of it. There had to be some sort of negotiation with the mbp. There had to be some give and take you there. No business is going to Chris Paul right, yeah, he's going to say like that. Isn't the mvp like some of like their most high profile players, are the ones who are the president. Vice president guys, I can't listen. I smoke are not going to fucking dealt with the tested for it. While what are you going to get what you can do already, though the mba it took like six positive test a bit for it to be made public back into debt The nfl was what three positive test for marijuana for two three Thank you. I want you to the program two, maybe and two can make us two or three too, was a fine, maybe than the third one was you lose gazed yours again and right menace, public right, the ethics so
That's why you just gotta smoke like a peppery spice yup. That stuff seems to be pretty stable, yeah it's real safe for my people still doing it. I don't think so. I myself feels like I was back in the day. Savvy that stuff scary to how easily findable that is. If I don't read that iran, so there is a lot of mushrooms I'm. How do we go? not me. Obviously yeah. people, friends of mine, that one other places there was a lot of mushrooms for awhile whenever the addressing a real, strict and tight, because I guess that's a spinal tap is the only way you find that or whatever so I'm gonna shut one thing down. Another thing is obviously going to happen. I think most cases, do most do like the majority of people don't want to do mushrooms every day, though, do they, I mean some people, micro dose, all that my some blog get out here, I'm not getting married
will tell you there are like chocolates. They have now that people each day the micro does people usually empty, vape pens like what yeah, where I don't know. I know I've heard people that have them, though, I dunno, that was the case. Obviously, houses yeah getting better. We appreciate you all hammered dans in about fifteen minutes, then he goes recording an episode of the pod, which is going to be electrifying that will come out tomorrow and ages, editing who edits at mit yeah. that got passed down right and After that, what you I thought who's a who one the interns is doing something with the potter, though yeah he's is editing the daily. So our show that is live every single day gets caught up as a pod test every day as well. Tat, make sure to point out is the pod gas that is cut up every single day. Tie
is done that since beginning a time over, a thousand podcast tie has caught up and donald think, maybe one of the greatest progress producers of what have we ever talk about. It never was all the time we proceed, but it did feel as if I was excited too can have yet you can fuckin do it and on friday we had a little bit of a mess up where an apple- from a month ago was cut into the friday episode as well, and Know herb is going to hang with those this book. It is good, is a good if you just put the whole show on and didn't cut it up. We can't we started to do that. You started didn't we cut it up, and I seek shows that each day really every hour. You know you can't do that and they took that. May then they
I love shit like this, where they say we have amassed more than twelve million live news daily, yeah, yeah yeah, so we're very thankful for the people that listen to the podcast. We it's not This sounds bad, but it's not a business focal point for us at all. Or conversation point for us at all, but no ty has done an incredible job with that people still listen to it, which were very thankful for and now herpes doing it then, hopefully we'll be able to adjust forever, will do with just forever was kind of some people. That's the only way they consumer, I'm mike nugent news. big fan is shown, loves, dig, he always wants me to take so much love them new jersey, I don't even know what you guys look like he's. A guy have no idea what it looks like I just listen to the park. Yes like he has no clear. Yes, whenever I was going through all the numbers of our company over the last few months for different conversations that are potentially happening myself, I guess numbers and I was
blown away real as oh, my god, what we and for that we do anything. just don't gotta, dounia and one up there another day okay. Well, let's let them know. We appreciate them at least there's a lot in there. You know it's a lot and we're very, very, very thankful for it. We don't game it either, which We can see that being so, we will have our show seems to be This is one of the most egregious things. I've ever seen in my life, what did they just meant to say twelve million impressions Well, they go on to say fifty million impressions, so landforms woods, what's an impression who knows and how can they? How can you prove them wrong? Well, we could I mean, is thirteen views on a youtube video. I mean there is a way that we could but I have to get back and information from twitch peak, at NBC Alex and his one, which is literally impossible, which they know so
you can say find out your team they have over there. Andrew marshawn has just tweeted some breaking news. Al Michaels will call a playoff game. And hadn't back then swan song, one more tractor, another. We like this old friends back together with DC I dunno, I must chapter rico's have to have two different camps: yeah. It has to be something like saturday, monday or sunday, saturday or saturday afternoon and sunday, something we could do them both. Makes it as they set out. Michael's can fuckin. Do things do certainly won't do some amazon has now play off games, ailing if there's an eye for Paul rise available, maybe so herbie or get for compliance. Yes. Well, I can get your pass. Our blessing people unemployed,
just like rats just like the dreams just get the best in sports media in the play us move with growing booth is already kind of full, but of herbie were to jump up there with Joe buck and troy aikman. Have you got to lose? I don't know if anybody in that booth that true Three people doing the same job. Well, just kind of right, Joe and try have been doing a thing long time in her It's been what the main yeah and not that harvey would say he doesn't want to do it or Joe buck would say that he doesn't wanna, do a trego and do it, but I think whenever you get to that level of hey, this is how things go. I dunno if that'd, just be an easy thing to draw it almost distracting yeah I'll drop her being there. It's also kind of around the national championship in one project be doing might be too friendly to each other. It might be a troy I'll? Let you are like that. That happens a lot whenever I have to and every once in a while for those premium live events it's me corey and cole, according korean much, your tenure than me like they have they vavasor work together so
I find myself a lot like just kind of like. Let me see is anybody gonna say what I'm about to say right now and I'll take like a couple of hits like moment coming in from that and then I'll be okay, so it's always like you know, even though I feel it I'm pretty comfortable in the roads always like. I too want to step on by also, I also believe is incredibly talented, you're, not a minute out of it. and herbie would feel that way he was like. I don't want to come in to to troy space like that and Joe. He probably doesn't want to do that. I try on earth, he does give it a fucking. Tell us we're outta. Here everybody have an incredible day. I feel like we really did. The fans didn't notice and six was at four was good thought. We did a full slate now for one of them didn't pick up on. Just let's go to our brendan in ohio brand new three calls from Ohio today, shoney stop. What's going on Brendan age, a boys boycott. Doing give me mode country boys, after seeing wwe where pat is still on,
you didn't think you're of wrestlemania recommending as positive change noticed but he has the difference in production that you had brought here your then such a global enterprise, in what they're doing brennan. Thank you for that question and acknowledgement acknowledge me Could you imagine that being your cash for his so off roman, just watching every single city get you out of his mind. The freshest jays of all time, throbs most had subdued in the city, is well aware that its text grand rapids, well, let me know what a moment I mean. That is what a thing to kind of build to now. I assume he is.
at the time he says it has to feel like true fulfillment, getting a chance to watch the ww rework as we tried to venture into live shows. I think I've learned a lot yeah. I think I've learned a lot and why would you not go try to watch and see how things go with a company? That's been on the road for like thirty years, if you're thinking about taking your show on the road, that's probably the I place, especially if you're allowed to kind of get in there in meat. Even the road it's like. The roadies are such good dudes. The amount of work that it takes to do everything that they do over there. All the people behind the scenes getting chat about the camera. Folks, the production votes, the audio folks, the door, the it's like almost a university in itself. If you want to do a live, show every single fucking week, which I have done for like decades and decades so yeah I feel as if I'm very lucky to be there to learn from those the people that have done it at such? I love for a long time and
I mean the conversations I get to have with people and ask them questions about what they've got going on over. There is absurd, so I enjoy there's a lot that I get to learn from over. There and I'm very thankful, for it ha very, very thankful for what it feels like. It feels like a pretty natural position for you to be in when I, when I watch you on smackdown and doing anything out there and you and cole two seem to have a great report. I feel like back and forth. So it's fun honestly. I don't know a whole lot about wrestling. Obviously you guys can tell that I have my favor is out there. No question about old school wrestlers about a new school record, still waiting for old dongo to get back in the w w E. Hopefully they bring him back soon, but yeah. I think you're awesome yeah! Well! Thank you. I appreciate that it means a lot and you know it's. It does feel like I'm back in the like. locker and though our college locker room like my fake enthusiasm and fake energy in pointing out things that are obviously terrible but have to happen and gas them up like
wait. That was something I really did whenever I was with the colts. It was something I really did when I was at west virginia and now being there in the building with everything else, everybody's got going on yeah yeah, I'd like to wear. We got the biggest smackdown of all time, though. called grand. Rapids warehouse had to drive three hours to get here. Where the fucking deal let's go and then there's always a go fuck off it's a god, then I'm just gonna run. It's very you know it's cool to kinda I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I do not that I agree with everything that happens over there now I think everything is amazing that happens over there. God, damn everybody's gonna make mistakes some bigger than others and I believe they have, but I am very, very fortunate to go over the you know who else and he gets oh my people and even their lot- Kevin Dunn, does get enough respect in the fucking great tv game here
well people say cuts so much and does others he's been covering the same shit for thirty years, so he might get bored every once in a while with the way things are being covered, especially when you're doing it two three times whatever, but the way he communicates to me and Michael pull through our had set in the smooth. He runs stuff things off that we don't know are happening and he doesn't know are happening like five minutes before they happen. I think he is somebody that going into the w w E, I could have never expected being like man I fuckin watching this dude work and listening this guy work is in honor almost because the internet feels complete opposite way about it, because the what's in the way he goes about doing things, but if could hear and see the way he does shit, it's like this mother fucker is a guy and then I have to, spirits it somewhere else with somebody else. In my head, whether it's whatever whatever and I'm, listen this person's me I'm, like god, damn kind of
kind of like I'd anything I do, I'm fucking bring kevin done. That's gonna! How I feel it's been its a lot of percent like just so nice like have to be as to me but they're. Just like f, I can do whatever you want. They literally do. Let me do whatever I want, but to your point about Kevin Dunn, and cutting to you when cold is doing his thing at wrestlemania and you're on. floor jargon, Your great awareness by him and the camera guideline is unbelievably grow at a camera thing. Marty was part of that cut as well in the truck. I've heard the back story that like that, though, there also I think, a lot of them watch a show everyday to shut a lot of people during the producer director. What is it? I have no idea what his title is. I just know he's fucking a part of everything. If I, if I the question about something about something. I'm normally getting directed straight to Kevin Dunn. it's kind of we're lucky to have that truck. It was really cool. The audience was so cool man, it's okay what you said about the w w e,
a lot of things were said about the w w e and if you're in the spotlight for that long, things are gonna, be said about you, the fucking, its in the paper. It's will mark a border watch unfold. It's like a family environment. There too, that's like the best part of it. yeah and if you end up on the the it's easy outside, everybody's very cool to us. thankfully lucky to be their enlarged and yeah. I don't always allow the port there's some things where I'm watching unfold, because they don't tell me what's going on I'm like so what the fuck is the goal like as a watch, I'm like what cause I'm trying to tell the story to you know like I'm trying to have a talkback button. Can you talk back to him yeah, but there's so much going on like they don't know me, there's five different people in our it. I mean what are occurring
I like comedy, I dunno how many cameras they have. There has to have a ton of cameras out there and he's gotta to be boom boom boom boom, the whole time, graphics, camera, audio, pyro, pyro, everything yeah I mean there is no worry about butch and where he's at, but If the had to stay on his head magic, that's butchers, magical beast over there, I'm very thankful to work over there, but I'm always trying to learn. I think that is something that never gets chatted about its my favorite hobby learning about stuff. I don't know about you- I don't fucking need to hear it about whatever should they wanted to teach in class If it's going to help me do it's better for me and my people. I would like to check it out, I'd like to know about it and let me watch the people that donate a high love for a long time. all that makes sense. That's smart! I got Steve in a terry. Do it like that was,
Wake me up for the first few years, it's like I used to watch that person work. It's like I feel very fortunate forgetting to do that, but I think people, not a lot of people people forget about that. Whenever they're around some people, it's like hey you're, allowed to like watching just you. Ask questions. You don't have to do anything you can just kind of see how they go about doing stuff and I might shake the way you view what you should be doing as well. Some people are just gonna, miss all that I don't treat in your own world, don't be stuck in your own head, look around and I wouldn't be scared to questions either. People like that are scared. Ask like exacts are: time people questions those people, probably love it, because a lot of those people that are in those high positions, if some It's genuinely curious about what they're doing they would love to give feedback, I'm sure yeah. He does not sound like a human. I was just simply referring to the people that are like introverts, and you know what I mean like like just watch. You just learn a lot from just watch her mother fucker, like yeah. What
because don't run right now I mean I'm not mentoring. This fucking guy. If he wants to watch me, work, fucked and watch me work is how I do it. God dammit. I was in a dark place for two months: fucking egg off my answer. We're back tomorrow hammered down about fifteen. Twenty minutes can't wait to watch it. Boys are on winter street grid and high school boys beat up a bomb once a bet's. How you feel good this guy went undefeated on the ice last night. Life is good like everyone, they don't have a good shot at MR burger a few more days. Wow wherever you're, going go and do the with all the yeah. You gotta do what you gotta do about that. He won't miss ya, supposed to stay. What, if we didn't, have a place I guess I'll just be about door?
it's very reasonably priced back there right now he told me he wanted to go a since when I go home and go stay in somebody's house, I'm like fuck get a nice enough time like fucking, get it, and you know what I mean the ocean in panama. Let me see that shipyard use after work it getting advocate building right above that thing great internet on there? You got to do so. We can get you here for forever? this has been a lot more implicated in longer than any of us could have imagined, I assume covert of threw a fucking wrenching song show maybe to fucking Brandon. you're a fucking idiot we've been working with I do think we did think that it was going to be much easier. I think it is
for a couple of weeks. Hopefully of which, hopefully, this whole process. They get dolly s, go back we're supposed to be done a couple of months ago, but now it's because it's happened. He has to get like little gift because you have to do a bunch of stuff in person or one now, timing of this fucking face. We are in big by the way people, a lot of fucking money, a lot to handle this, and then we get an email. Well, this next process at this time has to happen by this time and if not where this is like. Well, that time was a month and a half ago did you did you the date that you sent that to us and what wait, you just said all lost in our final. So true, okay, I guess you're gonna play this weekend that yeah you gotta go home like this was the I think next Wednesday is like the exploration that so it's like. He told him your tell him the check got lost in the mail, then, when they were trying to send it to we already fucking there. He found that that up front and that retainer back yeah that didn't happen and we're fucking our money, but yeah. We got
extend on it if they said this. They should nine pm. Please have somebody home at all times a couple weeks. Maybe I saw places stay out like that's gonna occasion here, can, if not do fucking nine pm police at somebody's home at all times it's a wednesday. It's like I am at a loss. Well, that's kind of! What's going on here, it also it will get copied back. We invent the only back. You kill me today, your heart yeah. I saw the places to stay at like cars going on vacation in yeah can, if not, if it doesn't work out, have beard and back in the our country, yeah everything
It's a wise, guppies, gobio ratty regards margie ears,
call wife mobile.
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