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PMS 2.0 671 - Sports Emmy Award Winner Peter Schrager, Arizona Cardinals GM Steve Keim, & AJ Hawk

2022-05-25 | 🔗

On today’s show Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys talk about all things NFL, the NBA Playoffs, and everything else in the sports world. Joining the progrum in the first hour is a part of the Emmy Award-winning show, Good Morning Football, Writer of a New York Times Best Seller, Writer for FoxSports.com, Peter Schrager, to chat about Emmys, the future of GMFB, and all the headlines in the NFL today (5:35-33:00). Later in hour three, the GM of the Arizona Cardinals and former LG of NC State, Steve Keim, joins the progrum to discuss the Hollywood Brown trade on Draft night, Kyler Murray, Hard Knocks, and the next steps the progrum needs to take this season and for the future (1:13:30-1:37:05). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all of you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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Hello, beautiful people, is wednesday. May twenty fifth, two thousand twenty two in this shell shock weekend now. Thank you enough for joining us, and although we are a sports show, we would be absolutely terrible, despicable humans if we did not address what is happened in uvalde texas just yesterday, what happened yesterday is despicable. What happened yesterday is incredibly sad. What happened yesterday credibly, tragic, and although I am not a person that has the answers and nobody in this studio is, we all are on the side of common sense happening in this, not becoming a reoccurring occurrence in the world that we currently live in it, which is what kind of feels like every once in a while. You know last week it was a grocery store. This week it's an elementary school nineteen. Children lost, is there, life in the country that we call home
studio. I know there's an international audience. We are obviously grieving with all the families and, although I know people get all very pissed off whenever you say nothing, but positive thoughts and prayers and good vibes in people say less on enough. That's not enough! They come after you. It's like. I don't know what else necessarily do from where we are. I hope it could be a distraction for some of the people that maybe going through some of terrible times, I'm not one hundred percent sure if that is our proper role on this day or not, but we will try to do everything we can like. We do every single day throughout a lot of things that we do not necessarily enjoy the fact that we are alive while they are happening, this show has always tried it'd, be the distraction on the screen, the mental vacation to get away, and that is what we will continue to try to do today. Although happened. Yesterday is incredibly sad and goes
everything I think this country is about who try to do our thing to distract into not struck from the main goal, but distract you from any grievance or negative thoughts. Indeed, hopefully a little bit of a getaway a little bit of a okay. There is sports that are still happening. Okay, there is a place where I'm allowed to laugh and be comfortable, although not necessarily everything is fantastic and perfect everywhere. That is what we try to do. Let him get a lot of great guests. Joining us, Emmy award, winning peter schrager will be here just won an emmy last night on real bad sting. At the time. General manager of the arizona cardinals will be here in the third hour ago. Are some big conversations we have with the arizona cardinals in our quarterback and everything they got going on.
is currently at league meetings or maybe on his way out of league meetings that are happening currently, where roger Goodell is saying things that are making headline news. For instance, Provo needs change, a thing stinks. We have dived into a couple of different ways. We think we can make it better how it could be better. I thought more about it. Last night on some vitamins travel to illinois legal team back on some vitamins start to think about the pro bowl think we have that figured out a lot of people do, but is he placing onus on the nfl or e S? P, n, I is the network home the pro bowl and they're the ones that run like the. I believe the show the the nearer? They are ones that created the quarterback carnival. The thing so in roger s, sake. What they're doing with Provo need to make better, or is that an nfl decision to say one during the game anymore. Just all skills sounds take it. However, you want because if he
creative people and you put up actual prizes in money to charity. I think you, king, garner and growing trade, some great content but they're going to say to that is the pro bowl game stinks I was playing football on earth. Yes,. gets more viewers than the golden state warriors and dallas mavericks interesting. Intelsat, writing, hey. It stinks. We all think it stinks. Actually it's maybe the only thing of the year that our our fans hate watch that they hate watch it just so you can tweet about how fucking bad it is. This isn't shit tv that people do that through reality, tv people watch along just to hate it and bash it online. There's content on the internet that people watch just so they can bash it online. The nfl is like yeah, we're are pro bowls, I'll have watched yeah and it gets a lot of viewers buried every single year and I'm going to come out here and say: god get better. You know it's got to get better and what are they actually going to do next year? probably something similar to what they ve done in the man we're all gonna watch. Kazanovitch knows that we love the.
For twitter. We love the program that they're running and if they do make changes to make it a more for filling experience not only for the players, but for the fans to celebrate the players that carry the league year in year out to the letter ratings at the rat. I think everybody would be pumped hopefully get del allows that to happen. Hopefully the nfl allow that to happen, and we can't wait. watch Showalter to shreds about then we'll talk to steve time about what he thinks about the rules, as only rose changing at the league meetings. Reggie mercer, coupled with the amount is like changes in our little sign. Connemara be taught to table is here at times she met at boston, planner. One half of the hammer cowboys turn dates. He's here, the boys in the back or hear turn us now, man that we do not have a happy medium area here. You will bring the good mood because this guy, Is now
We wonder why in gentlemen, those two good morning football, the early a word with good morning. Upon nfl network peters. and standing out from everyone, the Michael bay, the the navy's just a couple of years ago, put the show on air with no snow the. Now he is an award winning producer of good morning football, the may the shirts
Thank you guys all of your boots in last year's celebration. Last night we want the army's actor, We been nominated for time, We finally won for best daily show, listen to Listen to this now would be you. I think in the right areas. Tat are how they categories you guys, because I feel like going right now. Shrikes though this is about you, this is not about us this. Nobody by us about with here, so you and I said- is beat it's all subjective, rebate. Pity out this show that, like, I think, we're all kind of drifting off. That's like the show- and I all watched over like it. That's the debate, just not dead, Patrick rich eyes in down. That's the das car race up, which is good for our farmers like loss, a hundred, namely thousand, be resolving above the cello great led sport centre, which is like fucking sports centres. So I
that we want. It was really cool in all seriousness, I'm not getting, because I watched the start of your show. Pat and it's like yes It was one of the darkest days that I've had in a long time with what was going down and we get to that sports emmys and I don't think anyone in the room was like down to celebrate like high achievement in sports, editing or yours, great audio. It was a low low like mood. There are so many people work on our show every single day that putting so much work and like for a brief moment. it was cool to get recognized with like impelled in the room and MIKE tirico and Lesley Visser and everyone's clapping for forest owner. We don't want to take away from what's really at hand here, but you said it. show like yours is a brief. Does strachan poor, something of joy that you can show, your brain off? getting our little world we're silly or stupid have a blast. We talk ball, but at no point to think that
it's like the only thing going on but I bring a moment of joy to people on days like today, hell yeah, that's cool is recognized for it hell yeah, hell, yeah sry. I think that's why we liked your show so much, because it is just a distraction, and obviously this was everybody that was there last night and there's many others. I think you gave credit, for. I think fifty producers and everybody that's been around. You tried to share the love in behind the scenes. That's a massive deal right. Winning a sports Emmy like resume like on youtube like this is a It is fucking deal right. It's cool, I think. moment in the room was cool like no joke, like we got up there and it's like you, know, franca dele who produces sunday night football, and it's like oh, I guess he has to at least acknowledge that arya, Chris Collins, worth one right before us, tirico one after us, and it's like. the same conversation, so to be there in person and to get that like to me. That's the clothing reza resume and all that stuff make sure it's all subjective, I don't know if
spider man is winning off of like their oscars. But you know what I mean like it's cool to be recognized by like the school and also like the traditional like legit. Your rose in the room and we're winning, and it's like come on, like holly Rowe has to acknowledge that we exist like it's pretty cool yeah good morning football. I think you guys have tried to not be the traditional show, and I think that is why it has had some Success whenever you guys. One member leave and then you all go to your houses in just go rub. What what's going on? Is this all summer long? Are you going from four box all summer long? I think I think it's a couple more weeks. Basically, there were like: let's go remote, let's less shut it down for little bit, make it a little easier lift on everybody's supposed to the four, a dot m, wake up, and also, let's save some coffee cheaper to do the shows remote, and I know the nfl is hurting for money. So, let's, let's really save some costs and then is that elsewhere, but I'm not complaining, we it out out like two
in the morning yeah Usually I have to be up at four in the morning and today I kind of like rolled out of bed at five, a dot m to like alright. Are you confident, What am I gonna give a shit yeah. We are, though, by the way we are. We do love to we're very happy for do we're very happy for you, though, honestly we understand, you know how awesome that had to feel cow I cut a promo this morning, what you guys have revolutionized the morning sports conversation, and I think you do to be applauded so congrats to you, well yeah, no play and then like, like to all you guys and you guys, I've been there person. I've told you directly but Not only do we do we feed off your energy and you guys raise the bar for us, but I'll say the interview is that you're getting on a day to day stasis forget You know who got the content that you're creating that we can kind of
drift off of and we can react off of forget rogers, that's weekly will talk about your interviews with him, but all of the guests and whether such to or a brandon bean. Carry our next day show because it's so it's important in the off have content in you guys as a show, not just you pet because of the show asked questions Everybody asks and you get stuff at a guess that no one else does so. It's so appreciated. For us, just as concave and creators that have you guys doing what you're, not having I mind, not circulate. Ok, we get back we're thankful, we're very thankful. We, I appreciate that. Thank you for your love, shrek name's greg. You are lucky to add to the sports media world. We do feel that way and when things go, we feel as if we have, benefited everybody in the sports universe, when you think about the future of good morning. Last was a celebration of what the lashing out here on us. When you think
the future frags and I know you're an insider for fox on sundays, and you don't you don't necessarily love putting the insider cap on, but you are an insider. What's going have a look of mourning for law. We are or doubt to house right now they make last night last night, one. He won forty for best so now the yacht air, like you, one individual water, we were so excited celebrate with him, but he had already left by the time. We want thanks, nate prescience that was not morning shall big day. It was probable, actually all joke society. I brought it up. the first day he left good morning football. Anyone that morning show we had it on. It was his first. It was like, I think, terrorists were playing bumper pool airport, the like that's what he was talking about like holy, what a transition from to drag swag too the terrorists have taken over the couple airport, I hold shit what a move. The fact
it still does. Sports, I think, is good for us, obviously, but probably good for his sanity as well. If I had to guess except he's, got a lot of range and he's like he's the he's, a good dude, but like yesterday, the nickelodeon, so you get both of that stuff. He gets like this silly goofy, like I'm slime stuff, but we haven't filled that chair and we actually found it to be quite refreshing. To get a variety of players coming in and tipping their hand like today when we won the emmy, I'm like this isn't, they just that Michael Robinson, deangelo hall carter. Shaun O'Hara, like the list, goes on. We've had so many ex players, and I kind of like it because I riff off the x player a little bit and I get different stories. each week and I get different perspectives and not that neat stories got. But at the oh, no, no, no! No! No! No! He and I could finish each other's sentences. So now it's like you have. A guy who, I don't know the stories that this player, Can I tell where he's gonna take this and I think it's kind of cool for us, as for case chair,
going to be an interesting one to fill she's done. She's moving on and we got to find a host. That's yeah fulltime house, then I would think that there's going to be a long line of people who would want that those are massive shoes to fill but I don't know where they're going for that, and I don't play, your gm and I'm just gonna sit back and, if ass, my and I'll get it, but for now I trust the executives to hire someone who's, that who's going to take care of that hosting job. What if they're like the packers for it's seventeen years and are like shrugs and brandt's opinion does not matter at all. I mean they're, the ones that are going to have to have the conversations they're, the ones I have to throw the football to this person to hire with this person. We don't want your opinion, shut up, just play I hope that may help us not the case, and I mean that you just need to cover their that's happening. If you guys not us, if not the case, we'll tell you honestly like, I don't have a name for you that I could like break here all the time, but I'm excited to see just as you guys are.
Confident that unites us as well a name of your bride, talked of kings bury this morning, and he calls made these like he's like this. Is I e guys It's a war but like he just you know. If anything that should motivate both you and kyle that you're still on that show- and you know, you'll win the award, but like there's going to be a next chapter and like let's kick ass next year, and it got me kind of fired up my current new challenge and I think we all need that profession a new challenge and were excited whatever it is, you guys just took a trip into the team meeting room there with the cardinals sounds like this is why cliff motivates hey here we got fired up, yeah, absolutely not run through a wall. I mean you've got two hours of sleep or whatever out there bows and celebrate and doing what you gotta do and then you don't care about two on the nfl network. Wow now don't get content. That's what kliff kingsbury said you do you. do care about it, come on now you've got to carry the torch of the emmy winning show. Now you do it, though I did have a good tick as best friend,
it was really good with quarterbacks I was trying to be cool earlier, like I had to do, was take you had that one locked in already yeah you got that one locked in that producer should have already known that was taking place were talking to steve time today. Third hour, that's my dude, that's my! I've never met him. I've only talked to him via text. I can't wait. He's the man couple of little things interview with climate. If you want a blake, Shelton are really tight and they've got great scores. Time spent time on the blake Shelton we're bus went onto your was shouting and they ve got some story. And I would say, gee kind of calm got some cool. stories about his playing days. Yes, he was a player briefly in nfl training camps and bounced around a little bit. But he's like the prada york pennsylvania is all good western pa, like the man thing. after that, the boys have some questions that ok,
You really want to talk, was singing with white shovel plainer mused the musical instrument at length with the band like roadie a little bit with ST. I don't think I understand what you're saying he had his own boss. He was driving with the team he was flying with. The band like Shelton, went on tour a couple of summers ago and said hang out with see a show like like over, like they went to like four different cities, and It was the crew weapons to be a good for a harris speaker. I dunno, if that's blake Shelton, You got some beach, is there anything now it may the bird each read all right great song, love got me in your love. Got me out how about that dog does want to make babies yeah, I know now, there's long hamburg? How in the south love got me in hearing,
got me or that is an absolute hater found Look I found my was another man made it I mean ninety nine, prison farm in georgia close to the that makes sense hey lies what you learn and fuckin kill them like the jail to him. A couple years worn this friend kay We sentence him to a life of ease. Take care although which was his dog. Should now read was the damnedest dog that he'd ever seen. he was a sudden hound how he was. four legged hunton machine, so people escape, but they can never outrun. Recent ran rodolfo. Regular always go get em, so blake in the song made the warden his friend took care of red dog got a friend to bring another dog
Already go fox said: dog have good time come back, did this numerous times so then one night blake set up. Dog to go that way with the to go fuck somebody want the opposite and ran his idea? Love got me. That's all red already: fuck dams, dog dounia, doubtless about worrisome like a rabbit car. What's a phrase that there's no executives here, you know so I can just kinda- suits the answer. Since we can do whatever we gotta do, but yeah it's a good song good song. Already, though you you can get through this in the wet sand? I think I forget all of it, but he, but he
quicksand, yeah it'll get. You anyways, tie your question for sure, I'm sure eggs any movement on flying coach season. Two I mean- I know you haven't really used said that that might just be kind of a one and done thing, but I gotta tell you man in these dog days of summer, a season two flying coach would be very nice. You know I I begged them and I won't do without mcvay, I begged them he's just out he's like I. He he's he's hit the wall from doing the interview thing. Change like I'm gonna enjoy. This often is getting married. This off season he's got his hunting ground he's like we'll pick it up another off season, but Sarah love doing it in a guy ronicky, like the guy that got hired would have been so good like mcdaniel. Such a character. You guys had a man like we both get along well with him both get on well without carnal, I'm happy to care during all these new coaches sean and I would add a good time with it and we talked about it, but it's
decision. He say no and dialogue asks whether I merely that total. How much you can have the petty on the house to show on smaller minor knows what he's value is potentially in the bows he's like a deaf. We do another spotify if the team really did it. He did it for free last year, didn't ain't again super bowl, champ, now you're good at it and he's great, though he's good he's got a he's, got something waiting on him. If he knows that, isn't that going to tempt him like three four years to every off season, it's going to tempt him, isn't it? Yes, I think it might tempt him in a month when he's bored and he's like wait. What am I do? I gotta do this all over again. Yeah now he's really good at it, and he liked it so he'll have opportunities. You see some of these numbers that these guys are getting get. Unlike trust me he's aware what he might offer him like fucking, fifty million dollars after that Brady contract and he's he's going to be like nah. I need to watch more film.
I gotta go drop is play. Well you thirty! Seven! You could technically do this for like fifteen years. If you wanted and guess what doka coach said I'd say I could tell you he was in new york. Last monday we got together at stafford. Was a town? I'd never hung with stafford and three of us Together briefly before they did stuff for, like the abc like the two of them it's like they were. The perfect average they get along so well and they we got together, and I thought like alright. Here we go like. Let's get this we're talking ball. And it was like stuff that, I rely on you know like roused rack, combinations and talent store. about like what cooper kupp did in this game in that game, and I'm like I don't know- is a better coach and quarterback bond. They speak the same language of the same age and it's like two as friends. in a battle every day, and then you add in all the other talent on that team, like they're not going away anytime soon as long as those two are together, do they do? Did they together or did staffordshire like now,
shut up together. They roylake other causes lies out after this topic of late years, show resolve them, but on the show- and we had lain color but where one of his closest friends, I guess pretty close nor visitor from two years, never then came on no big deal and also the pr person for the rams is a stooge. Nonetheless did yeah yeah, I Is that because you're on yeah you've had to hear that yeah? That's how we feel Democrat yeah anyways, don't need mcvay on the show we're done with it, but make very in stafford for that. You think into this into hard. You wanna see jump into the back into the whole thing what they they also, we're in this. Like top gun commercial, which I was cringing when they told me they were doing this, I was like it's going to be the funniest thing. Please please don't do that and then I saw it and I was like it's kind of cool. I'm like me to sabotage the love like how happy are they that they're? In l a right now that, for
it is so happy and against detroit. It's just like this is it's everything I simply wanted, and that happened in raising a young family, unlike they live and allay these happy, like he's called these good they might go back to detroit Kelly san Fran said that on the radio sushi or charity event they were doing in Detroit. It was in Detroit good pop good local posture. I love stafford's, I'm a big fan, I'm happy! It's all working out for him get gone, yeah p, you're, tied in with our gm in the nfl. Now that shanahan said Jimmy Jews getting traded once you know he recovers from his shoulder surgery, where is going cause. I know you know: If the team, I don't have a market for them and I think, like even kyle when he said that was like who get traded. Eventually, but the shoulder surgery, kind of put things on pause, think they knew that he was getting that shoulder surgery what he did, and it is right at the combine when sort of the trade start happening in that kind of stop the market It really puts them in a bind there too smart to savvy to trade. Him
twenty cents on the dollar. But right now there is no market at that. I know of of bang about the door for Jimmy G may be training camps, there's an injury or something but gosh your turn forget you haven't seen him throw a football and it is twenty. Nine dollars, payday pay day a price tag. So I don't. I don't know what part I've been saying saying since free agency, by the way we never like, I, you can't keep them both they're. Both still ever heading towards jude, when Is what you can be thrown again hope is by early July he's throwing again, but even then like what does that mean? I dunno instagram clip will get hooked up around them, probably be shirtless with his god. AL subways grandma, maybe throw the subway like happy. Gilmore with Yaf now throws sob into somebody's mouth. Thirty forty yards down the field who wants that
I have a goal to sign trades as long as it's great for sure. Thank you. I can honestly maybe do if they want to trade on it sounds like Shanahan. Does, though, right doesn't it well, they they've been pretty candid and john lectures on with me at that combine like we're gonna. Do it right for Jimmy and for us, but trade Jimmy garoppolo is a starting quarterback in the nfl. For two thousand twenty eight seventh round pick, I gotta get something back in return and I dunno. If you know you look at the look at carolina and that's a good fit right, because they its caroline does not offering anything right now, like they're, not going to trade over for twenty cents on the dollar, so caroline with whether they have them huh. Is that mackerel, get down there. Anyting Sam darnold the door on baker. Yet, though, really I think so you can just a little bit best men winter, but I think it's donalds for now and harassment or two
cleveland asked to pay the salary, though that's what I'm gonna send right. That's what I think would be the arrangement there are at least the majority of that, but carolina hasn't press any interest. The edges makes too much sense, therefore see out of a baker, autonoe seattle, would be happy with lock and geno smith at the moment, which I the question that, but it seems like baker european upgrade from both of those guys. Well, I well. I guess we kind of where baker I guess in ncs. We have a shot at drew's drew lock as we expect west virginia here. I know that much mad respect for geno smith help football player came in last year whenever you know that a mallet finger happened sunday night game played really well absolutely did his thing signed the rock and I hope they all get to for the job. We don't know who we were there he was like. The world sums are now well. You know that will have a great song back in the days ahead. Digs yes right now, that's a mark on is gonna, be the gm for the pittsburgh. Steelers like when you
little boost up last night, you just send text to new jobs like hey. If you ever need to shoulder to cry on or talk to some like that, you, so you get any of you every tax it no more yet. The attacks that have a good do. I've known him for years, he's been there for years that I had no relationship with cold or ever so. I have never got information or anything but like through the years. You go to these things and he's always been. such an awesome dude to speak with he's. Smart he's always been a guy that I'll ask questions asked he's in whatever, like salary cuts, have stuff in his pretty. Sadly, with that stuff, here's the deal with what they they went around the world and back again interviewing interviewing different gm candidates and they knew that they had a really good candidate running of their nose, but he out did all those it's in the guy that was in the building is who they hired but Omar. We all knew that wasn't right he's been doing this thing for seventeen years. I think in pittsburgh and he was as candidate, and they interviewed a lot of people a lot of people multiple times and he's still got.
so he's earned every single way and he's going to be picking right up from Kevin for every user immediately upon this job, opening right said they're going to hire from within the building the kind of the end meet. The immediate thought is always with the steelers is coming from their university. If that is how the pittsburgh steelers have always operated, it was omar who is kind of on the finance side and then brandon hunt, who is kind of on the scout side. went with omar and then they brought in from the side a guy from the eagles, so great a people out of the house we roseman factory. Now they gave andrew bury credit for that. Our emir of and andrew Barry, obviously from the courts, but it does feel like a lot of the eagles staff, get gigs lot of high respect for how is that what that is? Or what do you think, I did a segment on it too weak to go because of diversity that is paid out. Catherine ratios. She gets a job in cleveland she's, one of the highest ranking females in all of us for media it don't sports, executives and any tunnel. In cunningham and britain brown and over the years
newberry. Of course, then you add in circles and Andy vital who's going go now and enjoy pittsburgh, but also Joe Douglas the gm of of the jets, was with four year and in philadelphia said that really are couple years only helped him got how we get lost. yeah, but one thing they do really good. It's like almost like an incubator there for young talent and if I was to tell anyone trying to get into the nfl, like send your resumes out because it could happen, and that philadelphia is one of those places that not only braces it, but they helped I you and help you grow and then, of course, how he always is is good with the numbers too. So you learn the full thing where you learn the football, but you also learn the business other side, wow congrats to howe becoming a front office factory or whatever yeah congrats to you on winning a day
am emi. Now. Thank you for the information on Steve time. We just looked up the photos from him on tour with blake Shelton. He looks awesome on tour. Can't wait to chat about that with him and the kyler Murray. Would it take to get you guys on good morning football this off season. Even if it's remotely like a pop on is that gonna have to think like a big favor or you don't do that. I understand I mean you guys haven't had me on the first three years of your existence. You know it's basically everybody on the show I've never never been on. I was actually on set a couple of deaths. Right next door was never invited on. I think it's because Michael Davies is so embarrassed by the fact he put me on camera for thirty minutes with no that's quickly. What does that story that another story? It was just one of the greatest produce shows of all time, let's go was it bar still tailgate show me import noise entrenched. I believe that particular down of jasper was with us. Yet we're in iowa live on location from a house prey on people in the front yard of this house. Their pre electoral power we are best show
probably the best show we did frown front. The background was wild caught. The crowd was insane. It was great weekend a college football is to kick off. You know the ilo game thirty some minutes we did. A shell got off the front porch that we were doing the show looking around like we did great right. Hopped in the car were hopping on a private plane cause. I had a stand up thing to do that night in Purdue and portnoy was coming with and we were in the car and my wife's texts come through comes through green and I realized. I didn't have any service or whatever it said, no sound and then like
want more text? Messages came through from her and other people that are like there's no sound, there's, no sound, there's no sound, and importantly, I actually hear his phone started vibrating because none of us at service, because how many people were in the confined area that we are in in iowa, so we didn't even know until, like thirty, like literally twenty minutes after the show ended that we were completely muted for thirty five minutes or whatever Michael davies production. Now he's one in sports NBC never got an apology, I think ever never explain to me. Never intimated that show got cancelled and the show got cancelled about that me importantly, in front of hundreds of people in all. College towns show got cancelled, never really What show should have been, and it still is, they still pack out parking, what's and everything, but we all thought- and I thought, as returned doing like this show- is going to become answer. No sound one week where nobody will get cancer is three and I say something besides it through all these things over, it all works out does davies, got gun emmi for
we've got an emmy and you're hosting smackdown in my my little slot at five and a half years old, like this guy's crazy. I love this dude. So I go range. You know what I mean like arrange. The article davies didn't need to iowa were good pay. Davies Davies is the man it's interesting is only one british seem a great guy greater got one as I have the from that because I didn't know muted. Obviously, this conversation different me so everything we did was being psycho analyzed. Every every movement we made- you know what I mean, so it was quite a Why shows what you before that show you? Don't you guys davidson was shrikes, enjoy a nap or to enjoy some water, continue carrying flag of the Emmy winning good morning football pal you deserve it. We appreciate you, thank you guess
land without its language version, w w. We is turning up the heated summer, slam witness the beast. Brok lesson are challenged. The head of the table, roman reigns in, alas, band stating match for the undisputed w w we universal championship. It's going down at the biggest party of the summer, which means all your favorite superstars, we'll go head to head, including Becky lynch riddle, seth wound Bobby Lashley, bianca, bel air, drew. I can tire liv morgan and many more summer, slam streams live saturday July thirtieth at eight pm, eastern exclusively on peacock would say he's the face of ohio, not just because space time resembles the shape of the state of ohio answer, but because He is no ohio guy. If, you're too literally, put together a mom ohio. Yes,
concussions, while being the all time leading tattler for the green bay packers in the middle of the concussion lead. With your head era, so, what's at me, was skull incredibly think poem toothpick tough yeah, hey mouth guards, because the science he says cause as opposed to the other? So much so on one tackle that didn't cause a concussion. He actually, made. His tooth vanish in the dust because he hit somebody shows where that is John cracked. In their truth, spitting dust like when people eat salteena crap he's fucking canine this guy spit did not cause a concussion fuckin lost the hardest part of your body. The fucking tooth The thing that is literally just bone on the outside cows vanished, vaporized brain, didn't bobble. What he's
toxic as hell very hello. college football national championship with the ohio state buckeyes still lives in ohio from ohio. Ohio is greatest football player ever and super bowl champion Your cup champion covered survivor a jail. Nature. We appreciate the great intro, obviously took your own liberties with what may be truthful, but you know what I appreciate your passion rebuttal to what I said what you mean That's not what there's too many things we just want to everything. What what did I say that was wrong. What is happening all like my tooth? Wasn't vapor
prize, the majority of it did, but I've found a few flecks that I was tired of. Maybe we could rebuild that I get to tell on ice. I can't claim to be ohio boy, but there are so many that came before me and that will come at you. That's when you started your intro. I thought it was Herbie. I was like oh sweet herpes on. I can watch watch. You talked to her. Now herbie has picked against ohio state once in the past, Kirby was potentially on the adds, while because he picked against ohio, maybe one time in the history of college gameday and he's a trick move that came out of the state. This fucking traitor, I think, the thing that you get to represent state of ohio dont, you agent, I'm from here. I ve been all over and I enjoyed here no highlight used to live here so get one. you and dave Chappelle
should be the godless springs area, not too far away from where I grew up in dayton, yeah. Well, yeah. I would like to potentially you know, see a chapelle hawk campaign, go whether it's local canny, senator whatever or governor. Just is to turn ohio into what it can gloriously become, not that it isn't already. There was a full scouting report by DR prof doughnut on all this was about all this build up yeah, so you could show this thing. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, still a top five pick in life, if you were to go through the AJ hawk scouting report that was put together by a third party and independent evaluator that we did not hire or no put together a full scouting report on the man that is ohio, the man that is ha ha all this does is just encourage people to continue to do things like no swimming I mean people are very creative, though so hey. I appreciate appreciate the passionate like I said, for you, let's go through the strikes
that was laid out by somebody once again. We do not know no idea. He's is faster rate. A four four napkin stronger torres pact. Still max pension for our some thoughts in tat her once again zero concussions had a tooth turn into vapor in the middle of the game. Brain didn't move know that most human beings. I think that's an accurate scouting reports error to begin. Don't you mean no way to ever judge toughness but find you can move on, but there is how many games did you miss? I mean in the year in the leg. I guess one really Can you hold up your hand, real, quick, your fingers know yeah, let's see those from the wondering you just keep moving. I will see what the next one or two shows the good has money and connections with people with even more money, definitely strauss as central memory narrowed down at the masters. You're doing your thing. You're at that emmy party, you are hi
and to the round the shrimp cocktail- yeah. Oh, that's, not rogers is best friend he's gonna, be a billion urgent at the party that he's been short walked into looking for fucking snowflake yeah, SAM s. He was at that. Was that sam s response What was the name of the border? Yes, that was at a party that AJ hawk, is usually at and turns and throws all the time carnal was back here accurate still, I mean sure. Thank you. Thank you responsible, adult
okay, now loses a little bit of legitimacy here, yeah more than a little bit little bit I mean you gotta, look past that, though every evaluator is going to have a flaw, this might been the one that is on this entire she'd fallen asleep, while driving with your kids in the car. You just can't because that does get addressed. You get a chair at the car. They are very active in the car, so you could not fall asleep with them, but not like him. Getting his kids, ready and stuff like that response, cheesecake factory every single day super bowl week, making sure we are all fed and ready to for the actual worth of groceries too yeah, I agree always has water, cannot be really swayed stubborn as fuck. I do believe this is the only thing on this higher sheet here that also have
he can't drive like a normal human being sunsets, really fuck a mob jumping. I have one other issue with Israel or explain later that day, one of the one you might have one having breaking noses thinks that obviously he does have breaking news bright, but actually breaking breaking. This is definitely a weakness in there's other great things on there. This was the only thing He commented on my post about the only thing. None of these other things were a problem falling asleep while driving within sunsets. During this entire thing, you know having news, not breaking it being just not being of news on this show? Never he was mad that people caught him stubborn that this independent, but that this whole thing Stubborn was the one that you were like nope, not fucking having it. Why is that you believe stubborn people are bad people. That was what cross the line for you, no, I believe all different levels. I guess it is good to be stubborn on things that you believe in and things that you think,
I know you'll work, your balls off for new go try, but I am not stubborn on stupid things that don't matter like, I don't sit there and do that. I know people that are stubborn just to be. Because they want to be right to stay away from being that, first, don't become: that's it festival or grow, if when you're wrong. You can't acknowledge it. Forgive yourself and move on my god. I think you have to do the being able to do. That is a weapon. I honestly believe that, because things about the situations and I used to not be able to do it. Obviously you could tell like when I was a teenager and shit. I was a fucking asshole of a kid to my parents. I can't even imagine what it was like but when you get humbled numerous times in, like you're flaws just get display, I think sports do this. I mean sports and cause you to almost like one that those death threats- okay and my life ended. I let down my teammates and the entire city and everything boy, that's a new like well. I was obviously wrong way of going about things wasn't right, because this is where I'm at so you'd have to like
open what you like realize that what a game changer just for life ay, I don't you get too serious in if the conversation here have a very accurate scouting report, even the stubborn one. I made that even the stubborn one for sure refuses to fix the internet in ohio right ever to ever. Do it, but I think that's a weapon of yours and I think, that's cool that we actually talk about it. Aj, it's real humanized, the view Is that a yes, this funny how this show can weave in between, like things like this in all of a sudden like real situation so yeah, I guess and I don't have a big issue with. stubborn, as I thought I did last night when the only thing that really caught your eye, this fucking thing hashtag one other thing I disagree with. So yeah we're not going to throw out good people. a few messages. When I checked about this people,
and the claim I didn't beat my shellfish allergy, that's an absolute joke, it is gone. I can eat as much. Yeah absolutely read it. I will prove it. However, you want me to do it, but I'm just one. I absolutely that's a clip. I love that you're out there beating it off the shelf myself. Oh yeah, he didn't. He did that shellfish, letting you beat that guy's name. All right off of him, and by the way he did change it on social media. We talked about the internet, about how that's a smart decision to do that. Whoever congrats as a grass on his arms, his name all his title is your commitment to microdosing yourself, so you can hobnob with the high society is something that was that's not why I did it. How many children are going to tell you? That's not why I did it man, you did. You said the shrimp cocktail at the black tie affair, where Sammy's came in looking for a dolphin found a shark that is where you have to break out. Yet hives couldn't breathe. You look like a fool in front all these super rich people. You said this
I ain't happen ever again. The next black tie affair honey when's the next black tie affair. Six months, Let me google this thing you go in there, you might not google it. This was before microdosing was a thing that does not at all. I did not really think there holly shit, but in the strike added to the list. Although dosing was a thing, but it wasn't like as common as it is now. Okay, start you're gonna lose out because I don't want to go to them, it had nothing to do with those events. You know that it's because shrimp cocktail looks very good. I didn't care about that care about hot shrimp, warm anything. actual meal. I just wanted cold. Shrimp cocktails are like a dip in the old red sauce. Taste was good, the first time you had it like the first time. Seeing tell us oh yeah, I mean it after I finally got there to where I could eat one whole shrimp. It was awesome.
I still eat it to this day or night. You just have that grilled, chicken and plain rice right now I'll get it, but the only time I get it is if we do like you were at a nice restaurant in someone's shrimp cocktail arcade, where you eat shrimp, northwest absolutely Oh, so you think that's potentially why I say that, because the only place that shrimp cocktail is is at one of those events that I laid out. Well all mainly because I'm not big into having like see food in my house. I just love, but it also do said nobody I'd, never see, I'm not walk into somebody's house in their been shrimp cocktail just sitting there. Always events shrimp. I tell always an event or at a restaurant, I don't think people just that's, why automatically assume that?
It had to be so bad at that. First, big event: what you're faced all my god was it a karate dojo for nice steak, restaurant and it was a place that was going to teach them the original. You know chick thing that he had on the internet or maybe that cyber mile yeah, whatever the hell that powermac he was yeah. They were going to close the deal after his big workout they're, going to dinner, they're gonna close the deal on him owning a percentage of the fucking powermax, and then he had one shrimp talked to this guy. He can't even handle this guy's deal his face. He couldn't breathe. That is not not how I became aware that I was allergic to shellfish. No, how do how'd you learn. Did you just have guessed? I was still people right, then all you here. I was somewhere else down on it's spring break, I believe, may be sought junior year in high school sophomore year. I don't hear know, and somebody we are going to try lobster at seems cool tried. It then, like twenty minutes
later people asked me what's up in my eyes: basically swelled shut and whatever nass and hitch yeah. What a shame he was really. You know what I said, though I've told you that sounds like that. Absolutely is not worth the hype like lobsters not worth like what had once not cocktail not either in fifty seven claws of lobster to get enough meat to get for your heck. Yes and crab. Legs too, you might as well get four thousand holiday. Dates are fun time a fun time there takes. It sounds like you'd eat, shrimp cocktail every single night at the house. Okay, so that's why I said: did you hear that yeah you got? You were talking about the events and not having a house or whatever, when I was a single guy and I will go grocery shopping like once a month or whatever, and you stop by, like the the freezer aisles sometimes at nice. some places? They do have shrimp cocktail platter in there and I would just grab that for for dinner or whatever that is awesome. Toys are shrimp cocktail, If I'm, We are hosting at the house straight to the grocery
given this ball, yeah yeah give him a plastic container that has the dip arguing that it's always always always gets eat cause. It's a celebration feels like shrimp cocktail. Sundays, then not during the football season. I will have a fucking shrimp cocktail for the game, no way. Oh yeah, oh yeah, what a sophisticated you know I feel like in my eyes, I'm like god, damn that's next level stuff getting in. There Chicken dip shows up. There's an animal fats foreign few between, but because you can just run down to the local soup marketing grab them. in the platter of shrimp cocktail. Absolute. Can you still do those are shrimp shortage right now you can get a deliberate on doordash. What do you mean what well yeah? He gets it from cheesecake factory, I don't get. I don't get shrimp cocktail at the house, but that does that you know I've been to what usually cookouts or something they may have a tray of shrimp cocktail inside hi. Let's move all sports players,
see age it off. I beg static report. I would like you have you on the show, a j you pay how many more he's a familiar resistant. How many years has been here We well since we've been officially doing stuff consistently was like the day. Covert, shut. Everything down in march was how many years gaskins hits are twenty six twenty seven months right now, rodney J sucking run because you have come pretty quick. I can never imagine us talking to you every fucking day. Basically, ha I was not ever planning on and boy? I dunno bright, was that man
that was so long ago, but not at all. Do we still have that song remember when we did the putting contest, or whatever I mean you guys. I got rocketed to the clouds in the video. The office new guys can't even hear the whole video, though you are one of the only voices heard on the video worked out well worked out better than we could have ever imagined. What an idea that I remember I ran up to do that. It was like at nighttime. You've got to commutate offers also whatever he likes place got home, and I up here to do it, we're doing it whenever I got done, I don't know who my wife, or someone's account of yours, looks really good it was like it was like two hours. How many kids do you have and so he appreciate the fact that you should end your day with us very appreciative of it. Let's dive into football steve times during this one hour from now AJ, I can't there's like big shit to talk about with him
seems like there's a time to talk about them right, former player to former offence alignment feels like he very much is appreciative of the players they ve gone all in over there in arizona feels like around kyler now will cause a remain. Who knows, but J J want a murmur of other people brought into the desert. To get a team off and running. I would wonder how nice it feels first we have time to be empowered. It feels like by the new ownership by the son, took over the team or whatever, and it feels like they're going all in more and more here, as to be that's a dream job right. If you have an owner that goes all in in your office alarm, and you know football damn well. All the access to do whatever the fuck you need to do to get a winner you bringing cliff things by which a lot of people judged whenever it happened here, office coordinator for usc, for like three weeks, heard from texas tech and they lost their last game to baylor pretty bad in the that's a shoe that doubt in Dallas. Arlington texas, on the call
Sean Kelly AJ hawk in myself. While we watch his last college football game, conversation was our cliffs. Getting fired. Remember we are like are we breaking this on the air during this happens that he's getting fired because it was kind of up in the air, I guess you see becomes a head coach in a fuckin anna fell. That's a massive decision that I guess this bone very well. You just signed a new deal over there. it seems to be set up perfectly, especially for steam or steve my bad. I bet I do want ask him like yeah everything set up. Everything was great. Obviously, tyler is a guy that things? We never seen anybody do before that. Also, lot added pressure. I you better when you better win right now: yeah, some coaches, that I've heard speak off out of the building live. Like they're, probably going to want to win, but not too much. You know you in ten games this year and then you win nine games next year, like the natural thing is like well who's.
While this same team is able to win ten games, you guys were nine, it has to be on the coaches or whatever I'm like nah nah. We should be trying to win fucking. sixty years we'll be trying to win sixteen fucking games at the time. Sixteen games are seventeen games every single year. What are we even doing is yeah yeah, yeah yeah sure one teams been able to do it in the history of the nfl, but yeah, I'm sure my guy wants to go get fired after one year after the team gets worse or whatever you know, that's a those things really happened, because people were thinking. One hundred percent professionally does I feel like steve doing that or cliff, which is why I'm pumped feels like, they know the nfc west is fucking. Murderer's row. It's only going continue to get better because of the guys, I mean the rams they're going all in for at least another two three years there go, the niners are they got a debo samuel situation to figure out and feels like Trey lance is going to be their quarterback with Jimmy, maybe
it traded after. He comes back healthy here in a few weeks, allegedly early July manner of sin. How that will pan out, but the nfc west is a problem and they know it and they're investing and they're going all in. I love. I can't wait to chat with a major. I can't wait to see what it's like to be like how you you traded for hollywood brown draft night and nobody heard about it, how the fuck did that happen. You know with agents. Yeah I mean there. Wasn't they obviously kept the circle small who knew about it, but still it's almost so for anyone to keep secrets now so that I think that is, impressive? I dunno. If we'll see something like that happen again he's we're player. So I think he takes it for more, like a locker room type feel start, a limited coward. Another move bodies downer paralyse the the whole thought, though, that I I tell you I'm doing this and we're not tell anybody else like This needs to stay in this room like it's very much a locker room thing. I think right, like hey. This needs to stay in this fucking locker. This is not good for anybody. If this gets out, not a single person wins from this.
by this I mean like what somebody thinking about a coach what somebody's thinking about a game plans I hate this day fucking in this locker room- okay, this cannot be. what you see say in here here stays here. Whatever is like, literally as you walk out of a locker room, so I think him- and being a former player as well right, They are definitely tied together. It seems like how they do. Like there'll, be viewed together. How that team does whether they win or lose, and it feels like everybody always wants a pat on the back for what they're doing so, that's, why nothing ever It already doesn't get late I really must be yet look what I did look over here and over this holy shit. This happened so then being able to just probably in the room like I with the ownership here, you go with the ravens, probably what g over there I and harbour, probably in the the gm it's like this days on this conference call they said I a couple of weeks right yeah a couple of weeks. They were saying that was for how twenty two
to somebody would be pillow talk and you think you would think and what is the there's, a cool, a quorum sure somebody there might know who said what are its amazing What can be done if people don't care about? Who gets the credit and something like that answer proper aristotle, maybe gear? He might have been Gary I'd, say, city, but How dare usually wants the credit, though? No, no he's got a good team. J rock iraq, the boys, what iraq rock J was Harry S, truman. How harry you can I send harry tramp, not turns out on some thinking about the think. Piles, let's go the fence, let's go to five range from. I am a very
excited for our conversation. With time I mean we, we just dedicated twenty minutes to a conversation. We're having now from now is whether she shouldn't be trying to steal somebody else's sheldon. Thirty, two ghz the shows, thanks to it yeah. There is only thirty two gl when one comes on. It is big deal and they're having success and they're fun yeah. I think that's a fun team roof that instagram post. I can't wait taking the photos office yeah, probably sucked, oh, no, what's going on? Do you immediately have to get on the horn there? How about when Erik burkhardt, then he put the pull entire letter out to the world. Yeah chose he publicly heap Obviously leverage to the car You remember that there was a very long ago that for the harm by most before the combine right It felt like a very big deal at the time two days before the combine, because steve and cliff are going to have to speak at the combine. So everybody was saying: oh, this was a leverage play because you know just coming two days at the combine or whatever it was into
it was interesting business, that's how they described by the way our business business has been done for a long time, we'll get it figured out we're going to figure it out, Kyler working out with j dot j watt back in the building tyler putting There is a kind of stuff back on instagram nodded out years. Does he live in arizona full time? about forty minutes. News that wanted away deal done. Before the draft and obviously that didn't happen. They picked up his you're off? What do we know about reported news anymore, cairo report news, is very fast in our world, I'm not getting into the real world ice m there people that have their own thoughts on that. I am not right person to do that. For sure. My understanding we cover this day data, so we have done literally at everything and anything which is am consuming, but also a lot of fun and we're lucky to have this job, but we're stupid around. It sounded like the dan Snyder vote was actually happening, and this came a couple of weeks after papa John got on the goddamn podcast and was like hey
berry. Greensburg preacher less the time for the boss, that's the next player next time. You know that. That's basically what he said and then he went on to say that yeah Jahren dan Snyder. They call me with the pepsi company's president in a year or two biggest sponsors you guys gog, you guys gift out of here okay get him absolutely out of here. We need to fire him immediately. I was just saying this about podcast and everybody takes everything. The papa says with, like a papa john's it's december with roberts Bob John. Does he ever the IL gruppo that still follow him? I dunno he's getting sb on podcasts. I dunno. If you don't own one, worked out? Who he's got a dollars? I assume he just decided to have a vote. Do we know? yet, while he would be as the one person who's bringing who could call it? Who can call us and okay we're going to vote to boot this, so watching succession
There is a lot of different ways that those votes of no confidence in other things can happen right because they can technically be outside the room, but those can be glass walls and they could just be staring directly over the shoulder of everything that's going on, because if it's in the one per club meeting where it's only the you know, decision makers in Roger Goodell reported yesterday at the league meetings at and he has heard nothing about the dan Snyder vote out or whatever he he said asked about the possibility owners would remove commanders owner dan Snyder from the nfl roger Goodell said. I'm not aware of that at all roger Goodell knows that he can play something that contradicts himself two months from now, because that is certainly happen in the future and the past, because this. Could change in the future I don't know if you would go that strong on that answer. If it was actually happening, a lot of people are saying that he's lying. probably is happening? like with the way rodgers been known to speak in the past. He would have
danced around that a little bit more? Don't you think ha yeah, maybe but first off he's not under oath he's allowed to lie and say whatever he wants like can absolutely happened, but nobody does if he said he said, I'm not aware of those boats happening. Is it possible that he says like he was what liability? Hey don't tell me like, don't tell me about certain things and it's only the owners votes anyways. It's not commissioners vote. So maybe, after the vote is finished, it would be better for him yeah. It's way easier for him to not know until I guess something's final yeah, because you can just plead ignorance literally if he can go under oath? He can say I had no idea, you know I had no clue this was happening and he is a rep. We always say it he's reckless thirty one billion, as in this case you would be doing just that. Hey here's! What we did now you go tell people why I here's what happened. Good luck, you're, taking all boy you're you're, taking all of the hate in the,
the absolute flames that are about to come from all of us good luck out. There will pay sixty million dollars, though, and you'll get free, peanut m and m's every draft night. Ok, no problem at all you'll get to do that so you're one hundred percent right. That definitely can be the case, and that could be happening right now. I guess right figure and man yeah, I just would have kids. Someone have a follow up. Question say: well, okay, you're, not aware of it, but have you heard any? Have you talked to any owners about? Okay? Have you heard anyone bring this up as a possibility? Have you investigated how that would actually work since it hasn't happened in the past. Can you lay out the process of what would have to happen for that to take place, What happened? We ve never voted and when I like that, I don't think so. Now how they get all they got carolina carolinas resigned ray I deem it could be. I mean I guess what would happen if they would just have forced resignation. Right that'd be like what I heard other schools used to do, If they wanted a guy who's on scholarship, not on the team,
more so they get a scholarship back when they don't want to be the people that I taught the scholarship they would just run them. For six, seven or so what you want to keep going or why leave me please. I wonder if that one per club meeting there like a debt we're gonna go around the room and we're going to say every piece of information that we have about you that we will leak okay. Well, who are that'd, be tough yeah. Then I think he does alright thanks guys. Do you want to do you want to sell the team, or what do you want to That's what we thought have ago and that's just like running a guy until he says I'm out of here. It's like Is that happening? That would be banana land, but are you have to assume with that much money with how big the league is without it's bigger they want to get like probably some pretty ruthless conversations happening in their ages, so too much money to many lawyers. So many gigantic.
Corporations involved. I love that all this and you get so juiced because you watched the show succession. I can see your brain just like you just putting each owner as a different character in the show kendall, Roy coming out and saying yeah three hundred and seventy five fucking million, just like I said on the quarterly earnings, call that everybody tried to report and refute, and whatever not three hundred set up a million dollars, invest in fox now. What are we, the Tom Brady Tom Brady's, coming on board, just like I fucking said. That is the right thing. I just think about that with everything now yeah, just that so family, because all the owners of the nfl, at their buildings. They are now they are elsewhere, the urgency with billion dollars, ambition billions and billions of dollars in business? Hundred million dollar deals with numerous people that have to be negotiated and have to be. stadium contracts or local government have to be free. I mean there is some real likes. You
for business shit that has to take place from that. Then they go to a meeting where all of those people and they're supposed to work with each other on who has the best ideas for the greatest league of all time. I couldn't even fathom how contentious it gets it though there has to be some people that just aren't eager to imagine the egos that are in that room. Imagine if you do have the best idea. What about it? If you do have the best idea, like hindsight, will tell us that my idea would be the best idea, I'm one of the owners and I go in there, then like five people this absolutely margaret in it's like I believe in It- I've had a lot of success in my business I this would work fuck. You know, fuck, you bury do something else. Does it work? or not to go back in there. While we listen to this motherfucker like how does it end, they always are so tight. I don't understand, I honestly wonder how hopelessly don't you think they I'm sure they talk about delegate we can do we can say and do whatever we want in here no hard
and would ever it's all business. But we leave this room. We have to show like a united front because the play I'm sure they say: hey. Two players would love for us to split up and start fight makeup start fighting other owners, then things get players would, find a way to wedge their way and it gets more power. So I'm sure they have to do that. That's why I like mark Davis for sitting down in a starter jacket with a backpack on on a chair. Yep said something that was different than what two other owner said it was like, Maybe there are they about spread nope. They want rebecca back in the room like like and up the next time they fuck the shut up. Go ahead, don't you think owners, probably before the one per club? If they do have an idea, run it by like other owners before they go into the meeting to gauge the temperature after I'd have a little fun group like they go into the meeting known like oh ten guys, or at least on my side, I could probably sway another tenant, and you always see what we'll see how he copes politics, yeah, that's what politics are while you are shared in raw romulus, normally
I said yeah like house of cards even though like to go to that, show that's kind of how they do what they do it all behind the scenes, the commander succession is really blowing my mind, I'm like how allahu, if I talk to like sharpies on like I think I talked to somebody that had like that role and job, I fucking know crows and greg got cycle time. I've met three of those warms games, ram different businesses. It's like! Okay, all right is this. I met her you're, not at no. This is must like wanting time. I'm kind of you in this thing is all this is definitely how it all goes. It makes too much sense, which is why the movie or the show so goddamn good, but now that we are actually in that business kind of, and I have to talk to those people- it's like hard, not to view you is fucking can the rule so size hard not to do it, I'm sure you're, better, wrapper and others it, but it is it's! It's wild how these big businesses have to operate because they're all
There's a girl come from saying same neighborhoods and communities they've known each other, basically their entire lives. If using like for a lot of people. you money come in and really rather shit right, new money comes in and normally the normally a problem and allow these continents architecture, but so many of these people have known each other since they were children, I think in it. like they get so pissed off at each other, but they a kind of inundated with it. All the others just gonna of how you do business. This is we fought over and then that's wake way will fuck over that person screw that person next time I'll get fucked and my opinions, but it feels like that is what happens at that upper echelon of people and now that I'm watching it, I feel, like I'm, learning a lot more and probably going to be better business. With those I mean
the courts in the patriots like I assume, Jonathan craft who's gonna take the team over after bob craft is on has probably know jammer say since they have known the court's this entire time, like those families really do kind of come up with each and every hour, say, say, daughters that you would think all the ruining everybody much the rooney's yeah the morrow maras. This isn't how your father would have done business. I remember your dad sat down right there and pitch think about that with the old school owners. But what school owners, I think, are the ones who are getting most of the shit done right. Isn't jerry jones, like not as being one of the most influential owners in that entire build? Oh yeah, that's another fam like again, jerry jones and east even shows that there are so many of them have feels like in the inner fell. So when you do want succession and have it, it sees into our seas and three when the train- The buyer with the other family was basically just the exact same as the roy's like that is out fields
I at least it works by the way I don't look I just hope it embeds- really hurt no in their own back, I saw johnny was on. I rarely yeah today, I dunno, I think it was live. Yeah, there's gadget, weird mouse stuff on the ambers psychological doctor. This for her. It's one hundred and fifty million dollar thing right yeah. What are the lawyer fees going to be? Are you kidding me? This is a long trial, six weeks, they're saying they had a last week at a recess in it a little break. This is the longest public thing that we've seen since one oj maybe I don't know, I casey anthony Arias's casey hall casey anthony. I remember that yeah she was the Ohio lady right. I think right florida as an ordain fan. Remember that
she's alone or them she allegedly yes. But everyone he her baby held her baby who's, your lawyer, whose thereby ass ever then she blamed her dad at the trial years, remember that will strengthen rises right down like a year ago. Our he gives a lot of those clients, like you, people that, like you, that will no doubt defend some of those people, I guess, but I Columbus defending a guy here some just recently. We now Columbus river, oh yeah, I'm gonna name is second member. I thought he was coming out of jail back in the eta felt it should have on. Is it There was a moment there were a h this time? He turn called him we might see the second coming of age on the field
tommy. What I thought he's gonna be back in the article I there was a chance back in the I remember being a time I don't know was I playing at the time. Yes, the access to just forget the first model. Conviction not he's gonna get. I thought Can appeal all then get out. You go. You wouldn't the plan to go onto the next one right in that. I think human you're talking about what's his name, sighs yeah. I think people were telling me. I didn't do my own research. This is terrible. I shouldn't do it. This is what would go on to be the problem on the internet. This happened in real life. People are telling me that this guy got like yeah casey Anthony often got this wrong and just got a one Hernandez off. I'm like. Oh, this guy gets everybody off. He must know the cheat code on getting people off whatever it is. If aaron gets off his mistress, I think training room conversation with this was I was probably rehabbing something, and this was all taking place. you're, telling me that some owner some where Aaron Hernandez gets all
these things reversed has zero bodies on his record. You don't think some outer it'll be like fucking guy still guy I mean his knees are probably better than they have been. I'm thinking, they're going to manifest will not allow that to happen. They will not allow that to happen, I'm like if he has zero guilty charges, which I I thought that Jose guy would end up doing, because that's kind of how I was being laid out. I think he I think he would have got a job somewhere if he was that good at football be who you can afford to be literally innocent? former guilty murderer would have been then he killed himself everybody's, like you feel like an idiot. Now he had so much guilt that he killed these people that he did at your fucking savings. Come back the film like. well? I didn't. I never met a initial. What do you want from me? I got kind of attack, that's how I remember the something that guy gets. Everybody off. The right seems like yeah. It seems that that's why they keep hiring him. Is he what johnny right now or no? I don't think now that he's john, this isn't criminal. This assembly johnny him outside deadlier. this shit's long, this
it's been an era, it feels like I mean, especially in internet years, has it work. This is not a work. This is not going to get the money that he's trying to get I have not articles to restore reputation. He want to be known as like And abuser, so that's, why he's doing it still do? I did see that Johnny's trying to get amber's reverse where called lawsuit, dropped to seven, and I don't think that, like it, my internet, my algorithm, it will now because you were talking about it and we're giving so much information. So my phone, it's probably can't you, I can only feel real it going to do today is gonna law to show you stay out of my algorithm, pretty good at it. It is not out there because I do know it has taken over your life. All bus passengers show I'm watching Zita Z, though it's gonna take zeros all went on this thing. There's a new theory to the giant updating is one of the source of eels. That's for sure
That's really getting me that's what have they add that this is why your generations will not take our generation as syria. That's reich's this is very nice. It's a real thing said saying that's a real thing. I think tmz asked her while they were leaving the courthouse one day and she was just like giggled and kept ball cause. She said I'll call mentally. No, she didn't even say no comment just laughed and eighty millimeter dinner thanks to are you kidding me? It's Johnny tat. These slain obviously means not just taking early dinner, there's no way if something's half correct as irish sea now not animals is christ than a mega primary. Countless laura, thou, amazing lawyer, Well, yeah I mean this is have come here. I mean it's one, hundred million dollar lawsuit, so you really are following their song. Oh yeah, that when I walked by them all the time when he's watching like a fifteen minute video, I ought to keep walking I'm watching something, that's real! large failed. I could have been for a long time. It has six weeks,
that forever, which is good, entertainment. Six weeks is four years on a hundred exactly like a six week event, I'm surprised that people have just said that guy fucked, like it's, been going on season fifteen. We are a little bit smug. I just checked. I see every once in a while the highlight clips that she is still going, though those clips are still raw. He has a neck. I was going to say: does interpretation of what is actually going on always deserves a little double check, your own research? What people say and what people here always two different things joining us now, This feels like a charity donation to us. However, only thirty two, these jobs- in the world. Biggest league on the planet? highest rated league on the planet.
Always growing and getting bigger? Only thirty two people get to decide who is on a team who is not on a team who gets a chance to chase a super bowl, and this guy's been doing it in the desert for some time at a very high level, with a roster that stacked in what seems to be an owner. That's ready to go all in. Ladies and gentlemen, the general manager of the arizona cardinals steve southern fellows was shaken. Hey. Thank you for joining us. This is awesome. I mean I know, you're in the middle of a lot of shit ot. A league meetings that he's not by. You were very appreciative. Man, gaps lulli, always been a big fan of the programme and excited, one. Do you think the fact that you played football is like a massive advantage at the gm position, we're talking about you last hour and obviously there ain't shit to talk about? May twenty fifth, two thousand and twenty two in the sports world, the nfl world, but just thinking about you being a player and clip being a player, and it seems like you, two have been kind of attached at the
if you feel like that, is affected and helped you in your role of gm sometimes pattern, and I would say it's more so in the locker room, dynamic play player valuation side of it. I was sort of equated a boxer like how can you describe what it feels like to be punished. If you never been punished, you know mean if you've been in the trenches and you've? You know play with combination, blocks and and and went to the second level one and got you ass kicked from time to time. You know what it feels like and up it helps you a little bit in the evaluation process it'd, be a row guys are hard on players and I think too hard where there's these guys playing in the nfl, and you have to find something you like about their skill set, wow Do you think's get like when somebody's scouting people like say you? You send your scouts outdo reports on so many players, you think are you trying to encourage a guy's. Eight show me like what what's good.
these guys? What I can do, what we can bring in these guys could have a good value, our teams that have just knock em. I feel like I've gotta of course all we do is try to figure out what someone's weaknesses are Yeah! That's what I to scouts all the time. Those fast and the age of hops are gone by the fifteen, so you have to add, as you get Second and third round guys have holes and you got to find what you like about those players, whether it's their mentality, their toughness space. Whatever be you gotta, hang your hat on something and to me. That's where the really good evaluators in our business in
we make their hay is his nose middle of the later rounds where they can find those gems. I think you also because you're a former player you're, okay with the hey, let me go, get an established player like I'm already getting established player, because I think a lot of players I have seen you know. There's a lot of guys are trying to make the nfl and it doesn't work, there's a lotta hype that comes with a lot of guys, for whatever reason it doesn't work in the nfl, whether it's the money playing against grown men, whatever the case being a full time job. Some people just don't transition. You guys have been in the veteran market a little bit here over the last couple of years, how much fun has that been, and I assume the owner of this are the sun Charlie now Michael yeah, I might like, like yeah Michael, did well now the new order it feels like he's like hey whatever you need to do. However, you want to do it. This has to be like a dream situation right, especially with your football. I q, in your knowledge over there. no doubt I mean ideals. Workfare guided exists, passionate. He group on the game. I mean he was god it was. You know
in the jock straps in training camp. When he was a kid and father bill was the owner and I just get it and he extremely aggressive. When we talk, back to get players. He obviously you seen the the videos before he'll your flies and go get up. and if it's great to have that kind of passion again in the guy who comes to the office every day, so it's been fun plus I live in Paradise. I mean it'll, be an appeal being a PA guy, a lot of friends back home are like you, you like it out there, not arizona. Might like it, Should I haven't sucked shoveled snow in twenty five yeah? You know that round mound a q, shipley says the same thing. You know I'm like you're soft you're living out there in the desert or whatever he says call me this fucking place is the best place on earth he's the reason why I went out there few times. I love How much of that are you selling two players when you're trying to get them to join?
the cardinals, because, right now it feels like we're entering an era where it's almost free agency for some of these vets phoenix feels like a desirable place for a lot of guys. You have to know that, in the knowledge that right no question that's a built in Well, the advantage that we have, I mean we know some of these cities have to pay guys to say. Yes, we don't have to. We can get some of the guys, your deals that are trying to make it and try to prove that what they're worth is. Yesterday we signed daryl Williams, a running back from kansas city where he died and then I know guys, like jj watt, just go down the list of the players that have come out here who have fallen in love with the bally again, the tremendous place to live. I may from PA man. I feel like I'm on vacation everyday wow. You got a good team. Have the head looks good in the hands of a good tan on there you got a good boston connor while it is true that you ve got the opposite. I think right. Could you right now you can go here. It would be the case.
these are. Let's talk about the roster that you have You guys were able to make a trade on draft night that nobody knew about. That was allegedly in the works for a couple weeks, How did that play out? How did nobody find out about that and was it accurate that deal would have not worked anybody if it what everybody got public? How many people knew, and why did you say we need hollywood on our squad? Yes, as I knew it was meat myself at the cost of the gm of the ravens their owner and our owner I think it goes back to the less people that know the less chance it has to get out in today's day and age. That's pretty rare, as you know, so you know it's. The trade made a lot of sense for, for a number of reasons, for us obviously just wanted to get another deep threat, a guy who can take the top off the defense one thousand yard receiver and an obviously the built in chemistry. It already has well quarterback Gimme your quarterback stew, it there
I recalled two days before you got to hit a press conference. It's combine releases a great he's, a contact, not a screen shot of the note section, actually had a head her and everything in their laid out. What color has done for the cardinals, what their acts acting for the cardinals, what the cardinals can do to make said. Let her head go away, then you answer and cliff answers is a business will figure it out, instagram politics off everything he took off fucking everything he had and the cardinals we had to cover day to day. Conversation were like, oh well. This is obviously becoming something he's not, and oda is now so now. The full conversation is that kyler Murray, led arizona, cardinals have been very successful. Obviously, you've been leader of the cardinals at the same exact time. You guys have said he's our future quarterback he's our future quarterback he's in our plans he's electrifying. We all know that. Where does I stand and you just assume that that'll get figured out business businesses in the nfl. Yeah. I I just think it's a timing, thing! Pat, it's it's! You know every quarterback, it's done!
where is done it from anywhere from July to september and no different for us, I mean I have to get prepared for the nfl draft requires a lot of hours of tape watching free agency at the same time, and it's it's not easy. So your time is really taken up in a lot of different directions and you have to prioritize it. we know that he's under contract for another year and also the fifth year option, and he is our future. We feel that way strongly and I feel like we'll, be able to get something done the summer I think I know I am. I am not aware of how often people can talk. comes you being a gm and someone's agent first, when my colleague who set is your future is something where, when you are in a situation like this, you guys talk daily weekly like you go along chunks of time, how does it work yeah, I think, whenever the conversations- and I would say the negotiations ramp up, you talk on a daily basis back and forth.
I have a good relationship with with his agent era. He also represents cliff, which is a little unusual. I know that guys can do but tat is being is a wrestling fan as I am if gradual wrestlemania- I was thinking. Maybe you set a cage match between me and burkhardt Hey, listen! I don't know what the letter will look like that he'll write afterwards from the hospital, but I got a feeling you will good luck with that negotiation. I think everybody in the nfl was looking on because he is obviously a phenomenal talent. How do you guys take the next step? You think, is the nfc west pay for and problematic. I guess the nfl you're always going to have to beat the best daddy, yadda yadda the nfc west is loaded, though you guys have to know that what do you think it's going to take to take the next step? And what have you seen from the team? That's like yeah we're going to get there. I think it's just. in the second half of the season together, not playing with complacency. You know
I play consistent football throughout the season. Last year we started off seven and knows everybody knows, and down the stretch. We we we didn't play well, and it was a number of reasons, but there was penalties errors guys that we missed being hurt, but you can't again to excuse. So I would just say this that we have to continue to put it together, Carlos continue to grow utters a quarter back and I would expect anything different, cliff kings very seems. Like a g man, I mean he's the coolest guy on earth. He has an incredible house because at hard knocks coming to town, I assume he's gonna become all. Could you imagine how big over our cliff kings wary about? Guy he's about to become this whole thing? Why are you guys a perfect fit and when you hired him, I remember everybody burying you for hiring the? U s often coordinator for three weeks ago, just got fired after losing the battle in the texas shootout right cliff is easy, goin, sharp. It's obviously great play caller. You know.
It's tough for me because I have to stand beside the guy and obvious, and I People bought a time when Bruce arians was my coach. I look much better for kliff kingsbury doesn't know what a filter looks like never never had to slide any there's coffee fox has never ever had to figure out the filter attachment good steve. Obviously it looks Tyler's going to be around. He is your quarterback of the future, but I can't remember the last time a guy was picked in the first round in both sports. Was there ever any sort of concern like hey? If this doesn't? If this isn't a smashing success right away, this guy might go play baseball, Well, I mean I obviously he has that opportunity because of skill set, but you don't want it I am What's a norman oklahoma, we visited with tyler, made it pretty clear football. Action is love and as well as you know, when you do these things and it was so important get his contract done before we drafted him at the first step is to make sure you have some language in there for texture self, from the baseball
but there's a number of different reasons why I think you'll continue to play football. I don't know that you'd, be really excited to get on the single way bus driving from harrisburg. Shamokin yeah he's great video gamer, though he ever played any video games against them. What is your relationship like with the players? Are you in there? Are you in the locker room? Are you working now do? Are you that's right, you haven't, you know, gravitate towards the whole deal with more generally. The gate use of the world and just the abuse and those kind of guys, but no, I I I love to have a relationship with them all, and I like to ask questions because my thing as I see things through certain lens and pat be in a hawk, sees it differently and I. I appreciate that and I can learn from it. You know that you guys see things differently and and and see it different from a player's perspective. So I like to take off, especially the guys I respect I like to take a lot of that information and use it to my advantage. Hater lot of hard knocks come, and we just talked about kliff kingsbury become the superstar hate or love it.
I hate it from the standpoint. I'm going to have to get an elliptical a lot yeah, I'm gonna have to cut the pizza down after I'm going to have to get in shape. To do this throughout that season, too, I mean it's only thanksgiving, then there's I mean, there's a lotta. I know yeah yeah. I know that they do such a great job of telling the story like last year with the colts I was watching along. It was great to be back in the building, but obviously the colts don't have success and there's that hard knocks purse in in school football people, there aren't how it's already hard enough to win games. I think it's great for the brand or the cardinals which I feel like you guys do conscientiously think about. I think it's obviously great for the brand. I think it's great, story about our players and different staff members that I think are so gifted and talented, and I don't think it ever hurts to put a account extra cameron somebody's face to try to get the best out of them could they feel obligated you don't like it
It's no different from of an nfl scout walks soccer practice. The pace in the temple might be a little bit better. You know what I mean like you guys want to look good yeah you're going to do what is right like, for instance, there is not a single time or I'm at a public bathroom where I don't do a full walk. Because there's somebody's watching me at all times, and, unlike I be that as the guy just goes and pisses and wash its hands have to. I act like a better human, because I the person that was pacing next to me is watching me, that's what you're saying with horror. Not you're gonna get the perfect versions of people us. How did they lose the clumsy last year that you can have Sorry about me, that's the path less accountability, helps accountability, I think so, and what is the culture over there? He feels like got a lot of cool dudes, and I remember yeah is that something nice, a nice mixture of veterans, young guys and I've enjoyed that because generally, and bruce arians told me this when you haven't,
if young guys around the real veterans that can really play those guys early Career learn how to be pros, usually by thanksgiving of the rookie year, because they want while the other guys lead and work and how they prepare so that's why? Having jj water around and bringing him out of the frozen lake, he was in wisconsin last season, where there was no leaks at all, like that's a great pick, a pickup for everybody right, not just unbelievable cause, he grabs everybody and he makes them go work with them. I mean the guys in your life five thirty in the morning and spends basically the full day here. Jj j, everyday hotch, J watt he's also golfing out there, which you guys can also sell. I mean his god. Those are pretty on feel like he's in four different, like planet,
there's like the game? Is grass and there's a goddamn mountain that he's playing in the middle of a desert? It's like. Where are all this? Does arizona I'm like fuck that place seems amazing, go ahead, Connor yeah steve! Do you feel as though your gm style has kind of changed since when you first started doing it? Just because you know you add a new gay J green urge during the season last year. Now hollywood brown is a way less building through the draft than it is today. You think that's very question: I think that a baby or having a private parley, adding the veterans and making some some trades that you feel like our impact trades. Or something probably that I've I've gotten. I would just say more excited about because of the fact that drafting players is always forecasting. you don't have to forecast with j dot, J watt, hopkins or deandre jones or carson Hu. I tried it for my first year. You know, they can do in the field
it doesn't mean it makes you a team. I obviously you develop talent and you put a roster good players in a in a locker room, but chemistry is a big part. You guys know that an will you come together as a team as one it really doesn't matter, out of those big trade start like you mentioned, Carson palmer out. Imagine you just you make a call. Do you send it? like you said not months in advance. How does all that work you saw the whisper start AJ and you call the and see if it would be. You know we available a lot of times. Agents will give you heads up, the team is is willing to trade. A guy for the right, playstation, so bill, o brien and I worked on the under hopkins deal during the pandemic, which was low unusual, but there the fun conversations to have gees. Thank you. That whenever the entire universe, gus It's not the opera bag. A ball like that has that has to be the ultimate compliment. As Jia, oh yeah, like that's the the best,
compliment as a gm that you could potentially have in d op. Obviously- and it digs just text me about this literally right now- I apologize for doing this digs. I wanted to bring it up, but it's a great conversationally now he chain, your team immediately, like that. great, find what a great deal. What a great addition to your team felt like he fit culturally shifted everything, look over almost games or just like that, the largest hands in football will go get the ball kind of okay, All team look different vat look different there on the field of different. I soon behind the scenes felt different now in the most important on football that you ve. I travel about you miss them now, because the suspension is a two parter. Surprised by the suspension that it came or did you know about? Does dizzily like keep general managers in such informed? In and why the hollywood brown trade is such a big deal because you, as soon as you lost the your team, are completely different. We are,
You know the process of indian suspended at something it. It was in fact to be done. am until about a week after the draft, but the hollywood brown, the hollywood brown trade, really at the end of the day, we What we wanted, another game changer, another guy- you can take the top off a defence and I think the one bang about hollywood brown again? Haven't that relations with kyler from me getting a guy under two years of control. Strategies, salaries about to be two million this year we have is that your option it? Maybe like thirty million, so you ve two years control causing these receiver? you getting out of whack, as you can see again, We have to be we'll get a guy under control. Costs for two years is extremely beneficial for us. As you said, we lost reaching kirk to the jaguar, so where to find another guy that can be dynamic and play inside and out dark ones? You should weren't? You think about our bid in the jagged hide everley. That sort of every fishing track should feel very good about what he did for
the business a wide receiver artists that became a X. That is a christian kirk, is a great guy like really one of the best guys around. He is not only from arizona which was hard to lose a guy like that. That's from your hometown, but he It's a quality, human, a great player and the jags were like hey. We need you in here to reestablish whatever the hell we're going to do and that's a good deal, but it did set in motion all the advantageous, Tyreek and now debo an agent jaime. There has been a fall, it has happened with the the water seems you're going to have to deal with that and you're going to have to ride. The flows of the market is at every position right because it feels like salary. up is only going. This way I've got something on this way with, maybe apple. Getting involved knows who getting involved to be a lot of money. I feel like every position is going to go. Do you guys just have to ride the market and ride the waves, or how do you set that I would say this to the one thing we can still be pride on talk about enough. Is you acting trends and I said
I think about when you're drafting players in you're building your board putting more an emphasis on those positions that are almost impossible to sign a second contracts, the corners the left tackles the you know what I mean couldn't more away on emphasis on those spots just because they are so hard to not only cheap but to pay that kind of money. It feels like the last few years, the water she was coming into, the unofficial have been more and if all ready than they ever happened in the past seven on driving in all the years of content, you think that is going to be a condition new trend here, any question. I mean what was it this year we were at three and we sort of a two speed. It bore gonna, get that goes five receivers taken before twenty their debt, and if you do you think I d, I think so I do The one thing about it is and here's my opinion about this is: there's there is such a limited amount of talent corners. The now son you have three or four why receiver teams and have explosive misinterpret like I feel like we do when you does your third and fourth corner it's a complete mismatch
I have like six corners in this. Are you going to say yeah, you gotta have six members in the secondary that can really lock down, especially in the important games. So that's what you're saying about the draft emphasis on corners and wide receivers and left it's a transition in it and has been an old need head, like the game, is wide open. Is it cyclical or do you think this is going to be the game now, with the way the rules are It's constantly evolving and changing. I would say the rules are good for the athletes because it protects them a little more now. The odd thing is just being a guy to play in the offensive line took to see a player, went to college for four years and never once gotten a three point stance. That's pretty odd that you get past that you get an absolutely furious. It doesn't make me happy, god ha stephen Hughes. think back back before you drafted a how early on did you know pay one hundred percent? This is the guy Oh you, obviously making that decision after having coach for one year quarterback for one year and taken up in the top ten, it was given
because you know your ego gets in the way and you don't want to admit a mistake. Same time. opportunities in life when you have to take some risk and one anybody ever become rich, not taking rests. You know what I mean you gotta be were put him out. There took to get something going on em I just I was watching nick bosa left and right and I felt with him and next thing. You know I didn't even watch kyler Watch against alabama in the second happy like one. Sixty five office left foot and like a shortstop, throwing somebody out at home and just perfect pass touchdown and only cost are going to take a scale that humans can do. This particular move right here and then there's always been the flashes of like. Oh, this guy is the next guy this guy who's, the next guy. I would assume, as you chat here? it'd be like he taking massive steps, as does he know that he can be the fucking god, like I've, never chatted with him really more year.
Do you get a sense of kyler knows that he can be the fuckin jack. Has everybody on earth. I think believes that right now in asia, football junkie, that's the one thing about it. He loves watching film of players and he'll show text before the draft will talk about guys if he likes and its exciting, because to me, the great one. The guys who really bought in really I have that mindset that they want, they want to have other good players around. They want to build something special, and I give api keys. That kind of guy great leadership. I'm excited to see what you guys do with them long term. Last question here steve: we can't thank you enough for your time. God tells me, there's been a lot of new gm hires in the last year too. Do you already know those guys like building relationships because they've been in the league for a while and and you, have to like immediately call them to gradually them cause. You may be doing business with them so soon that you know we generally, I do know most of them they're having a couple of last few years that I wasn't a familiar with, but you get it It's pretty quickly the owners, meetings and and those sort of things, but
It's it's interesting because it's a business. It's constantly moving parts and it's like a style for genes and it's getting harder and harder, because people's petitions are so high that they don't want to hear about rebuild. They don't want to hear so you have to make it happen now and if you do out of a job feels like you guys have taken that run with that and you're ready to go, can't wait to watch your team. Thank you for Your time at all, you are! You are at the league meetings where you over there you back in arizona, not I got back last night, so I'm an arizona man Paradise over there huh so tomorrow, oh hell, yeah good for you, man plays the cardinals, Steve gone, sort of dan Patrick, get an emmy. Now I actually had we had schrager on and there
It's a little bit of an internet thing going about Dan Patrick show, still not winning an emmy after all these years and they definitely deserve are on their side now. Also, a fan of rich eisen and the rich eisen show, and for tough shows pick from, talk about the massive audio issues they had to him, wait, there's an ex there's an award show where they do it may or may not, shut up on Google, their re carbon earth. Recent hoboes like I did. People were stunting. Look at that as to the mind, everybody's there. He said everybody was there that he they were in front of accepting the award. Giving a speech for cats I can really imagine call traveling, Aj Aj
is a prestigious fuckin award. You know, I know that there will never be juice, is building you know that bro you You didn't hear shrugs in a first hours. You have no idea. He was out. Till we hear party is a big parties. You have it If producers does not work that they're not going to air this more shrikes is a fucking gamer. He was on air, for him woke up with people who he was he was in a mood to on the show is kind of nice. I enjoyed it. Our show, I mean I'm happy. They won, though I'm happy. that I think that show is Obviously revolutionized everything. Aren't there. Other categories too, though, were Dan Patrick, could have won or whatever the Dan Patrick show, so damn Patrick has won in the past. I do believe the Dan Patrick show has never won, and I think we can all say They have said a hell of a standard on daily show operation. You know what I mean, I mean the whole day and that's chris even though yeah he's now maggie. Stop still putting a lot they become.
Football has two. So who would we be to judge the winner and not the other, so hope our bywords, that's right next year or even be a nominee, is a true honor and that getting to be in that building at that thing wandering along right, yeah, I'm sure I mean we would fit right, and so I can wait till next year. getting nominated, which I think you have to submit yourself for while the network's after summit, which we are not part of one. So we would I, We'd have to basically submit us into win an award about ourselves and everybody. Here's how they talk about this shuttle. There's no way I'm going to say this should win an award. Georgia should not win an award but if we were nominated okay, if we we're normally think about, how pissed? I would be that we would have to fall to go to that. Oh mine show up probably like daybreak, hey the show starts at eight we're going to need you there at three fifteen. To do
I would love to wash your face to talk to who if blah blah blah as a person. No I'm not talking to that person to why we need it major here all day for the press beforehand as well. It's like who are we what's going on here? Are we definitely winning or we potential? Well, we can't give away the winners I'll tell you what you make me. Do this whole song and dance, and I don't when we come back, I am I'm not doing. The question is, though, I want to what I want to see. So whatever say you, everyone submitted of sector based submit clips network is then is the shows themselves. I don't think that maybe some of the others on the show cut the clips, but it's the networks that submitted all yeah. Okay, I would like to compare the quips we would send in peered through the other courts. That's what would be the show us electing which clips we should send. It is a full, that's a fourth thing in itself I mean: how do you do that? I think. Obviously we have to chat about you announcing that aaron rodgers vaccinated the other day
they're going to be on board with that. I that's it's. That's good yeah. It's also the hardest part, because, as soon as the show ends, we have no idea what the hell. We were just talking about zone for three hours about everything, so I dunno how, if it's even feasible, because we wouldn't know what we just talked about wild times, whenever we want Orban now, so everybody that these dominant congrats enjoy will never be there now. Maybe Maybe you don't really like it tricks, and it was a good time that NATO is probably pray good out. Guess what dressed up, as song and dance yeah sure looks like treated like the met. I'm out, we dislike the met? Gala you get are met, go oh, is it an old fashioned fit off that was happening up sounds about right to me that dinosaur dinosaur will next year I'll try to at least I would also say chance of good night
I go the clown now full garb like you're John Wayne Gacy I guess, iowa though I am a Waterloo client call me jay dub gee, I dunno. I don't think I'm going to do that now and why not? I thought that's what you were doing while yes, when you, when the first thought is John wayne Gacy, I usually just say: okay, I just won't do that then. Will you use a clan yeah the cloud was my. The first want wait balloons why thank John Gacy did the blog? That's why I guess I'm mad, because I was thinking about John wayne with animals yet hey. How would you get confronted by a gm of the cardinals after the bucket nah? That was pretty cool? This looks awesome. I think he watches the show. Goop looks great today he does as hair. Did you know that line up goop that high line up on your cheek last cutting america? Thank you go to try and look as good cause. The next few days he's trying back you look as american as you can to
I dunno? What that means, but there's nobody knows what the fuck is going on. I got an email last night, I'm more confused than skies in a blender emailed me. I was also in a blender who was the exact opposite of what we were fucking told last week. It just feels these lawyers I like to gossip with each other. These things are and what do you mean? one lawyer has obviously just babo. The entire thing is I'm tired have been admitted it No, nor are you talking about no, but we played them mightily not as much as the incident was make it off our shit, but we had paid them I paid them. Pretty mightily, okay, They send us, update on what was supposed to happen, something got lost in their files for two months, so there was a deadline that was missed by them. But what
this data to be done like two months ago, while you didn't send it usually in there's a whole trail of the email, sir of when they were set dates. Deadlines, everything like that, so they completely fought this up, weekly and I should just say their name. You know I want to do I'm not going to the good vibes. I want a beer because who knows who's fault? This was maybe they had a lot of situations going on and they just fucked up whatever the case they have screwed. Our guy here So, then we got you a new like hey, we feel like we're in the middle of this. We do this. What do you think we should do you might at this point? the deadline once a deadline like next week, they're saying like it it's next week, maybe go back, restart the process or whatever it's like. Well, that's from the beginning. Is this going to be a whole thing and now it'd be much more efficient this time than last night an email comes and goes. We don't know that we know for sure
the new, the new I said, maybe finish what you started with the old decode, see what happens which, by the way deadline coming very soon, so we are sticking with the old, the old ones, but there's a very good chance that nothing's going to happen that deadlines going to come in now. These what a fugitive on the run the love that I know you don't like that at all. What's that all about gum he's become he's been a champion gambler for one he's been a champion working for us if he becomes an international fugitive too, and you get fucking interpol on his ass. agents from berlin over here to take them out. So I think next wednesday is, by the time he has to be home. If this thing doesn't work or whatever work, I mean, I think they just have to file it with a brain thinking so there's a chance he won't have to leave by one. Yes, good If history tells us anything about this particular
you're telling me there's a chance, there's chance occurred, served if you saw the file that was sent in the application for the visa, you would know that there is no hope that this thing goes through like the box, it on purpose here While that's the thing they put his legal name as pino, I name is kyle gump on the application. Will you not even faster? So maybe I don't have to suggest a follow up? That's not real! I can find out about that until the email said says: kyle gov, I literally emailed him. I said my name is Carl kafka and they say yeah yeah yeah, and then we don't see. We didn't see the thing. The central months later, like you, actually filed that yet yeah, it's kind of you that, while it is getting a full comedy of errors like
I bet alone. That alone will mess whole process up. I know yeah funny name. My full name on my license is aaron. If someone puts me in for one I like, if I don't make them for some reason they put in AJ, it throws a whole wrench. I almost don't get on any flight, so they got the wrong name. They have no idea what the deadlines are and then they just say yeah, we'll accept your check. Though it's been a fucking fool. Work we got works, I mean the wrong name. It that's a bit concerning and then ass now, finding out until like way. What is going to name by the way I got to say. He likes monster energy drinks and ride dirt bike. I don't ever call me legal everything after I sent them my fuck your passport do this. Started, the file is like that's worth: six look, fucking may rather the application says gov regularly the fact it is the most yes, bridge I ve ever seen him unless they are Kyle
in short, a waiter with fucking ads on it. I am a nurse for what reason does he have to show that I am working so now? Not only is this company these lawyers not able to get his name right, we find out months later. They also have no idea what our businesses- and I don't think anybody in this particular field understands his business. So it's like whining The modern world too said well who then have to go pitch it to people that definitely don't know, and then they just you know it gets lost in the fire. Somehow it's like this has been a shit yoga trainer, so I think it. This is terrible, and I dont want this to happen. We will miss you. What I think you going back and restarting this whole process almost might be worth it with these fucking idiot tat. We ve been dealing with this entire time and tat, which is a shame. Long running
It makes a lot to say it sounds like if be stay with these guys, all you're basically doing is prolonging them being like absolutely not because you can get an extent that we could probably didn't extend to two next week. If we really wanted to I'd, assume that's kind of how everything works in that world, but also I like how much longer we just kicking the can down the road get charged, because if the application stinks the application that toxic relationship they ask for more information, but like forty you're gonna need to get my name right place in in my phone. He is kyle Why, Canada, it would be easy, yeah, never forget it snowed in fairness. I dunno anybody's name on this whole show true, dump iowa to it's in your phone different now what you say: don't be doing a mom. Confident with is yours, but I know this We know your name.
name's turn cottage, I am calling on the ground tie nick frank, zero, zero, nobody, no you're, not say that's it italy. If z was trying to get into town from canada. You know, and we had to great on. Gravel. That story. I feel like we'd be rather fuck. This one this type painted ships for sixteen years in the same town that grew up in this. Where he's rob in this world that gentleman of an avenue just let him it with. let the parliament I is simple ro michigan viable globally as a connection to trudeau anyone up their heights in that area. We did something about. The timing. Was it's not? there was a kid because it's not football season, sounds like if it was done. Probably from the beginning, you should be able to be back
for policies of this. One is taken, I have two years nationalist, pointing I did logjam everything, though, to that hope I said yeah big time I told him typewriter, typewriters brom is there's a bullet, lose it we'll miss. You did you hear me, go miss you good run. Love you have you It's a necessity, though sorry and shit. We could do a bus or you're. Just gonna have to make the most of it, though, That is our and shameful in shambles, was. Given to us by much more reputable human. I believe I I don't think that person that got us this first one has been taking the task
quite a not all gump has been licking his chops. To do so, I mean I hit load. Let's say the word all that I'm just like emma: no, no, no that sent me a text you already well er. I mean that's. Ok, we just can't get in. I can do it right. Well, no, I dunno man, you can do whatever you want. You're part of the show. You know just steal our shit Don't the thing for shit thing for today, active. What do we do? the cave in your life to what are you thinking about? What is the future Look like you know, shape stuff. Would I have stopped stealing our ship show. I think, italian AJ, give a motivational speech to give, or are you just guessing by by buying a mere like you were in college? I mean, I know it so if I was in the weight room euro in in the middle of a performance of bye, bye, bye and a beer,
group of recruits walked in. I will definitely continue my pursuit. Okay, that's what he was saying. It did happen, like I said great song Didn't happen? Wasn't me, but hey it was a blob. Was a bob could have been a very well could have been yeah so you do both as long as I was deadlifting two at a time yeah I mean I do I don't deadlift too often, I'm just saying there's just not that just didn't happen. Aj didn't even put his hands up for wiz khalifa five feet there's video proof. Now, a final ring grab now yeah, that's what there is there's a photo of you going, stop fuckin! That's all! That's all you did it because we're like a lift. Your fine come on ways. Khalifa has told you directly. put your hands up. do it won't do it? I did it
Without morality, it was going to take a swing at what he gave and so aggressively. Js react. Js, complement the jacket, forty five to evil, knievel hammered dans and fifteen minutes youtube dot. Com forward, slash hammer that puts one last phone call here on the phones, let's get to jake in Arizona jake. What's going on five hundred development, boys how's it going I now have to say your name is great to see you man great, to hear from you over there in arizona we were singing the state's praises just a little bit ago. I hope you heard that what time is awesome. I don't know if your cardinals fan feels like everybody that calls into this show is our place in their not a fan of the team that there are part of so I they they've been given their takes for a long time against their friends that are fans of teams. That's why they're more confident to call collins shows and give their taxes are used to the then. natural, given
make it are you a cardinals fan and I was on our or are you not only now. I am not that's actually why I'm calling into that up. My boy don't be back there. I feel bad about the situation going on. Have you represent the fish down in miami baby. Here we go on to agree. Super bowl champions coming up here, you like the dolphins, you're, happy where they are. I'm happy with this grocery seen the past few years and acquisitions. We will make them less offshooting. How could I not be happy with it? especially after that? it's of the death of the patriots. I mean it's it's and like smooth sailing, we got here coming up bullets that may be jagged in arizona talking about time. He turned boots on the ground in new england, st eight nine, eight nine does that mean the dolphins are going to go. Tyreek hill was talking about to his passes. Yesterday. I believe that ot is great quote great clip
he turned back off again because did in a sound like a lot about ascribe entirely goes. I love the guy who sought about this. What Paul is given in football here Tyreek hill said about to remember the reason why he's talking about this is because one of the first videos the internet from the dolphins was too. hearing to under throat, I recall in practice they could have been working on their timing. There could have strong headwind? There could have been a lot of things. I went wrong, but the internet reacted exist actually how the internet would always react in this situation, two haters came out loud now tyreek hill talkin about his relationship with two to this. What he had to say about his ball What would you think if we waited balkan lefty instead of writing the patchwork? I mean it's nothing, it's not the where you know at first. I thought I was gonna, be something crazy to ball gone all over the place, but to actually has
probably one of the prettiest balls I've ever caught in my life so is very capable. I don't want to concede because the more I talk, the more sounds weird so the boss in real time, favorite book so too, is a lefty as opposed to behind being a righty. So the ball turns over the opposite direction. Tyreek hill, though, was a punt returner, so he's very used to this type of thing, with a lefty punter in Iraq, if honor, I assume the only thing they got to get used to the timing of where the ball has to go. I see no reason why two and tyreek hill can't just continue to have the same success, the patch moms and we go, especially if Mcdonough is going to be creative as fuck
offense, like Andy Reid, did with Tyreek hill. You add water. When there are you guys going to be a waxy cal, exciting the second great player. Obviously, are you going? Are you guys going to be a fucking wagon in miami it's time to go? I'm most excited. I've ever been about a team in my my life here, hey tone. How did you feel about him saying it's the most catchable ball he's ever seen. He might be number two because napier Women throws the most casual ball in the history of the nfl. So let's get fucking crazy was at six pick sixes in one half. No, it was five interceptions and a half. I don't think back to the half or went back to the house, but also I'm not going to disagree with Tyreek hill, because you fucking yo. right now, I'm not going to Yes, we should look at impetuous on internet yesterday. Fuck and look like tea, but when he shouted for guys look there's our vision of a united europe has always thought he has always been.
You're, either young or even put a tweet out about it like he was pumped about how he's all hey I'm shredded right now is, I think he said. Do I look thick or did I put on? I I can't remember, I think, the most impressive thing about Tyreek hill and it's going to be tough to do because he's the most explosive player to ever play in the nfl. I believe that I might be wrong right people talk, my rainy moss, rainy mosque game change. My frame player grown up, absolutes, four wide receiver of all time. He inside you vastly different football players. Time of can literally get of a phone if he had to not Irena, must couldn't, but he just didn't do it whenever he was playing, was mostly him taking the top off defences time It kills ability for the mid range jumper to the way down to the go routes to the things he's just he's. Incredibly impossible to keep up with his ability within explosive he is without quickie- is how fast is how many times he gets the ball. His ability to miss hits how often he has you know, play
I think, is very impressive me every once everyone's while you'll see him like come lemon, it's like, while with somebody that that that's that fast, that explosive style of running that is that has has to be has to be a quad has to be something He is somehow maintained health intending to dominate in the style that he place. I think that is one of the most impressive things in my eyes person. I think its awesome, like here Our ability, when it is someone is that explosive you'd think I got isn't have like hamstring growing. Like all these, all these I have tissue things also, like your ligaments, sometimes like when you're that explosive. A lot of the time humans are meant to move like that, like he can't move, so your boss, you know, falls apart. This dude obviously, is super tough and works. His balls off. Shows. I think I love it. I think it's fun to see a guy as talented as the watches in, but also has that mentality. Ok, I'm not coming out in ominously. Every retouched every time I touch, the ball
We put our way for some reason here, so we put on muscle for some reason he had to think of something, as is generally gay. I might be the fourtou guy anymore, but before three there's gonna be maybe some different things I'm due here or maybe you just want to get back in shredded here, which I respect and I love both of em. I wish I could look like I recall I wish I could run How can that be I can't really imagine other professional athletes like the best athletes on on earth, corners, yeah, yeah the hardest position. You have to be the most athletic and everything like that. and he literally has gloves that is just a peace sign, hey, I'm a run rate fucking by EU history. Fourthly, is peaches, so what a life that had to be growing up, especially in the world that we understand football is always racist, yeah. The person vast esteem, by the way, immediately popular immediately the most pressure on as well, because at any given moment could get He's one them all throws entire career about.
literally pop warner junior high high school college? the nfl anybody can fucking get it. He asked I love practice. Love can sitting situations just an absolute stud for miami man, I'm happy for you. I mean leclere, who kicked balls to the fastest people on the planet for twenty years said not as this guy, though, is much different. Have you ipad, you pointed out. If I can t shirt? U s place, you know that different back there now you take the snap. You right to sideline, and you point that ball into the fucking stands. Pat. You hear me that guy's different that guy upon the ball maybe one or best walls of the year right on the on fix over there on the sidelong The time I jog five yards downfield that that fuckers on the other sideline coming the other way fuck.
that guy kick the ball directly out of bounds with him he's different. That was when I think you know the ai over, like oh everybody respects this. Does everyone he's still been able to do it, nothing but risk for his villiana field, AJ it's about people that are sudden like he is so sudden, but he also has that straight line. Speed thing about him: runs by deeds, but he can running full speed feels like absolutely come to a complete. Stop as run by him and then he's like playing games with them, and then there are many restarts again and he's at full speed within a half a step. Then he just runs out of bounds, and then he likes rows of all the ref while looking at the people and then he just gets tired. It looks like a jogs all the way back to the huddle. He listens for like three seconds and then he jogs and then he's in motion. Then he does it again. Then he stops saying just like everybody he's just jogging by and it's it's,
vacuous the athlete that he is and that's why I don't know if even like the deep ball stuff really matters would do it like if you get them in mismatches anywhere like he he's the kind of guy who anytime he catches like a slant, he could go score to. Is the rpr right right? Isn't that like to always get the ball to your playmakers in space, like that's? What mcdaniel wants to do shots of water and water? he's still got some prime time game games, helping the front's ideas for miami know Monday nighters, I think, a sunday and thursday In time to time we have been at a monday night or last year was going to broad Tyreek hill, only two times that doesn't santa, maybe the maybe I'll, get especially later on just to run into you ain't, nobody, gonna watch the fucking dolphins game national know like nobody's like going on the sunday ticket like all good fuck off its bills and passports have five. what if the pats are not good
the boy you're thinking it's like start up again and we ll use anarchists tommy, current That's the only reason, I'm even asking me nathan, straight bill, nasa. That's it was awesome, that's the about. The dolphins is like, I definitely do, think they're good, but like for five to seven years. The superbowl per favoured in the mvp favorite are the other team. The bells like you're, not really looking to my because our good buffalo is to pry unlike bombs. the Tyree co. He gets to prime time game they're going to get foxed, there'll there'll be a map, but it's a record isn't yeah, but you gotta, assume with the defense, do have a tough schedule. Everyone at of cities, the boy north and the nfc than the energies watching I got play football.
let's go, let's get flexor come on monday or sunday. They were all right, amazons and fifteen twenty minutes at youtube. Dot com forward, slash hammer that will see you tomorrow. We appreciate you so much. I believe we announce all the winners from last week's giveaways. Yep we'll have another giveaway tomorrow and you don't think about life enjoy it. Let's try to because we have no idea what the fuck is going to happen. so, let's run enjoy our our being our existence here and I can Thank you all enough see you tomorrow,
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