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PMS 2.0 675 - Top Gun Maverick Review, Ian Rapoport, Dan Rapaport, JJ Watt & AJ Hawk

2022-06-01 | 🔗

On today’s show Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys talk about their opinions of the new Top Gun Maverick after watching this morning at an IMAX theater, the top NFL storylines, The Match, the LIV golf league, and everything else going on in the sports world. Joining the progrum in the first hour is NFL insider and host of the Weekly Wrap Up with RapSheet & Friends, Ian Rapoport, to chat about upcoming contracts that are being finalized, Aaron Donald’s possible retirement, Roger Goodell, Deshaun Watson, and more (20:42-50:36). Later in hour two, PGA Tour insider, Golf Digest, Writer, and Northwestern Alumni, Dan Rapaport, chats with Pat, AJ, and the boys about the money situation in professional golf, the LIV league, issues with the PGA Tour and potential changes, Phil Mickelson, and more (1:03:30-1:25:55). In hour three, 3x DPOY, 5x Pro Bowler, 5x First Team All-Pro, 2010s All-Decade Team member, Walter Peyton Man of the Year, and 11th overall pick from Wisconsin, Cardinals DE JJ Watt, comes on the show to chat with the boys about his hosting and analysis for The Match tonight, the upcoming football season with the Cardinals, his social media antics, and more (1:27:20-1:55:06). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all of you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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stated indiana state museum. Unbelievable got james to pay an exorbitant amount of money to thirty, eight, I'm showing for the entire office in their significant others. If they wanted to come in Tell you what I never seen the first top gun, and anytime? The entire world is telling you to do something, and I think we talked about this yesterday when the entire world and I've had a history this and it's not right gay and I'm not a motion that, if I'm ever lucky enough to have a child, that I will probably hate at some point because how big of an asshole it'll be I hope you know that it does not have the same. Wait did I have that, as everybody is telling me to do something, there is about a hundred per cent chance, I'm not going to do it. That's just it They have been away my entire life. It's not great it's a pain in the ass, its causal trouble for problem. Parents and for everybody,
that's ever been in my life, but it is literally been that way. Since I was this big now I I got a little bit more mature I've handled things differently, obviously got the thing. That's right cause I was being told by the entire world. If it was any other time in my life, Everybody on earth, especially on tv and everything, was only do some nowhere. Do it I've got to go because I had to for the w w we basically to make life feasible. For the safety of everybody? You know I bought in that ok. So I did. That we move on now. I made a promise to myself we're going back to our old ways, arrogant her throat everybody on earth. You do some, you fuck it getting you. Are you knocker? Forget it you? Why are you can fuck endured. Are you not to do it like the old pal? You know the strain, on the go? Pat, you know that, are you gonna do that so whatever? top gun things started getting rave reviews from every fucking human. In my life, every human I sit. There was. Bonds to this box.
This record breaking memorial day weaken movie that saved the theatres, probably if everybody on earth and sonya, because it all what the fuck I'm not doing it, I'm done with it can't do it. Don't I mean what to do alright, that's this goes I so. Incredibly thanks. I once saw how yeah hey pal This thing was fucking awesome. I felt like I mean felt feelings in there and once again to wars movie made me do that for the first time since free fuck and willie way back in the day and John you walk. Learning like area on street ends in a most gone. Oh god, it's almost because I think about it, but I sighed, I started feeling feelings it gotta movies, because after all Thank you. I made the decision not watching movies that those feelings anymore life is filled with that type of stuff. I would This entertainment to make me laugh feel good. Inspire me do whatever got due to a talker hypocrites a little better than having laugh and wabash haven't really run through a fuckin wall here and there
story seem to make sense all the way through it in ireland probably fortunate that I once saw the movie on very thankful that in may movie, and I remember Tom cruise who's that. It is happening, I'm happy! They got through that little awkwardness because I assume the next few days were not comfortable around that set. I assume that some things said to each other that were not great on the set of that movie was being made and somehow they were able to be as professional as bach in movie was incredible- can grow tom cruise doesn't seem to age now, congrats the miles teller for, although he get jumped at a wine bar, something like on vacation after one jump off waterfalls and stuff Fucking bad lessen, the movie is definitely worth a watch. Let's go to the top table. A tie, made. Obviously you want in there with Tom cruise boner area, that I
actually requested the mission possible trailer, and these are the movie eddie, I'm acting without just pick the trail of. If we wanted travellers or not now it was a thirty in the morning, so airbus thinking as clearly as they had does my first on being in public. Can I thirty eight I'm in here on time you haven't had to do it in a long long time. It's it's been pretty. It was actually more mona getting in there in need. The man had sent us up over their largely paid by the way we did at the pace, as our area was giving it to us, but neo is a fucking. Incredibly human be was made. Everything very easy for us was awesome. He goes You guys want the avatar trailer, the mission impossible, trailer around warrior erasmus world trailer and titles and just defiling got a new mission impossible. What this guy was asking me a question. I stopped with popcorn and is an eight thirty am going to need mission impossible then tie continues to walk
I guide mission impossible seems to be one of those. How many trailers is this? Normally he goes. I probably three or whatever If I'd need, avatar, ok and guess what feel in there somewhere in that data. One. Why did I love avatar? We jurassic world that seems really taking ass. Yet I woke up we'll get a trailer, the dinosaur people's feathers in their whenever watching it in a mission impossible, trailer right into top don t like it was really a tom cruise want in celebration area that was me I am not a big tom cruise god gave you are now I've seen you a mission impossible. I've never seen top gun before field. I? This is. I go a lot to catch up on what a fucking animal this guy is yeah yeah I mean you said animal like Tom. Crucially, you say what you why is out and he has five want yeah exactly as the bad weather for ad hoc around only riser what aid it again worthy set brok lester. What are you tom cruise but
bruce. What brought wasn't would actually get ripped them a break into it and potentially yet not even the amount. The geese cannibal culture employed. If he was there bruce bad ass mother, how about it what sixty yeah should perfect new drive. I swing multiple tied up in like full four, with a parachute on its back. How is sixty nine? I believe you face. It doesn't have like the aged, you don't know, It's a terrible! No! No! He has like wrinkles and shit motogp, but he looks very young. She does every single stunt that you see he has never had a stump mere one time. That is all him. That's. Why is that because he is a certified maniac, my keys cycle paths that was fucking oil imports does by introduction basically tankers opera jumper on account exactly what they want is like this all its parts. We take this guy's years because you got a dozen goes right. Let's or whatever and he's getting there.
By people you're doing this. I got there the bad guy we got in movie. I will end by us, but the answer. I hope, if I'm going to any type of war the deck of it? I would like Ambrose right there's. My little tagged exaggerate give me falcon pete, maverick mitchell, and that's why you so good, because he is not tom cruise me he's part of eat like he really thinks he's. Ethan Hon really fly in these planes like this guy. In commits his life. When one of his movies comes out, he commits his entire being to it. No matter what like mission impossible, he'll go fucking, skydive and he'll run up beside berkeley, facebooking maniac, but he always delivers tc always delivers sound you? You have to watch watched mission impossible, yet call those If your father was right, I thought you'd have Minnesota tonight. That's right. I think I'm right a girl but It was on what you said. There was another type of horsemen retirement and mission impossible. Trailer DE our answer is this
trained everything that the eyes and was guy has a stage where these are now exactly four yeah, that's stages for the first six million apostles of athens edgier. Your thoughts on top gun we will, we and this thing without boston, conor statues in the back with a laptop open during the entirety of the movie turn their say said, be what you didn't need to see. The first sees what you did, but it did deftly make it better. If you saw the first one, because it check every single box on what people loved about the first one, there is definitely some like hidden references. In their get sprites mad goose does some day. Yes, I don't know goes I wanna do is at all. You lie guardy lud goose, the things that you want to grant a good host aboriginal. Very here's one forgets sire chinese wranglers yogurt the expectations were to legacy lives on gives us negotiations were too low. Level is actually
ninety seven right now around mayors, the ninety nine audience score. I mean that it has been a hundred guy. Well, let's say, Boston, connor your thoughts. I couldn't agree to disagree more authority because I do not think it was a hundred percent. I'm sorry, I understand tc absolute uri superstar him. You know planning the flight plans that all the actors are to go through. The actually did that unbelievable. We talked about his stance in the mist. Impossible Tralee, bland is flight. What do you like them through? Like actual top countries? I know you have to put our you're doing everything he did it all you fly, and that is made
yeah like six months afloat, tc, regret lie in that aircraft live now was now, is a double cargo known somebody else? Why did we not we other actors? Absolutely they try to deceive, as I thought up. Ok, just straight phrase like you, and I are plenty of dives- were tc- was in the cockpit alone operating a positive climate. Yet that's that's nor thought your dairy. Now I didn't hear anything in the lives of other permit you fuck it later patchy. All the vulgar got well
Maybe you need to have a little bit, maybe this one hundred, I think I think my problem is. I love the first one so much that the second one was a little too close. I mean don't get me wrong that they had. I noticed, take back there. This isn't a hotel near covering the fights that I knew right away. When I said I've never seen an adult disgrace: everybody's ears, okay, the first one was so good. I also love goose, has never seen the first one. I've I've seen the first now his eyes like mad, but who it was great in the forties that they have obviously is much better than you know what the first one had, but in those I'm sorry I'm like the original, I thought the second one was still a good movie and ninety seven percent on rod. Tomatoes is unheard of, and I do not know if it deserves a doubling the nineties pilots just a father. I love them move incredible. I mean, I think, maybe conner.
They are not torn off yet really I love you. I mean, I don't think that's what it wasn't me should I dyson foxy have this movie actually might have to click, follow up for the last hour, fifteen minutes I've a vastly different feeling about move our fifty ecosystem, amateur there's some amateur lines earlier work like right. I think I think, I got him santa wrote. This thus far goes wrong lies in others, Ok, actors! I don't watch that, but I'll tell you when it starts getting pain to get yeah. It does not let off the If does it just go dog fighting zone? Believe the last dog fighting the training is absurd. Do the whole thing I mean you can't support, but like really the last, like thirty mins, still like it was made in its top on a mission impossible mixed together. Thirty saved it saved.
We'll see these two, these two young bucks. They don't appreciate the training and the build up of the bikes to get to that point by the way. Anyone that tells you that you have this or you don't have to see the first one, that's alive, cause there's a lot of references. Sam, no fucking, my wife has given me a lot of heads up on a lot of things but yeah the first hour, I'm like I'm going to have to be a hater I'd have to walk into the studio and I'm going to have to be a hater. And then I get a text from Connor. Does this movie stinks watched most of the text as well and go to the bathroom a couple different times. So there was a couple of times for me to kind of clear my thoughts taking in the chapter that I just watched the first two bathroom, like the only two, I'm going to the bathroom movie. Started yet but he was out of business. So there was a lot of that yeah. I think I'd have a lot of people that maybe hadn't seen the first one that didn't have the nostalgia or in connection with the characters or everything like known in their cold. I got no connections, but I didn't pc will chase.
This lady, for do your fuckin taught me. I really like what are you? Are you drew identity mitchell? That's what it does they had to do. The tears? In fact, it plugging the jewel box turn some had all you Tom thought that was stopped for me to get to give by my wife told me, it's all better. I guess a throwback there, so you know he's he's struggling with everything he he you need that first I mean it really. Is that it's like the nostalgia of like wow you're, watching top gun, sequel kind of carried on by exactly year when he comes, you know, when he's driving down he's watched the planes take off like it's just like a lot of that shit. We'll be your right once you get into like that, like this portion of the movie and not just like that nostalgia of lodging, it is, does not work. Throughout its unbelievable. I guess
watch the first one, so I can understand it first hour and a half minute ovation at the Cannes film scene, the first one did the first hour and a half and foxy weren't bad at all. The first one, I'm just saying it just wanted to balloon. The order is to make a good sequel thirty years later. Well, there's a lot of people that have tried- let's go back and they all breadbasket. Let's go back into the well. Let's try to tap into the magic that we had. One is only half when we had creative juice. You know back when we had it. Let's go ahead and reinvigorate that. Let's reimagine! Imagine that because There was a buyer bodies if we just china, dress and upload burden It'll be love to get in that technique is fair in the movie upstream anytime entire time. Time and time again sounds like it. Fail this time now. If that was the first time first movie like I guess, Impossible is it's the first one
This is the first occasion and bought out like number now. That's I want to try to tell me they live on water now part one argument of our greek impart store. Also he's already telling you hey, they're, only other guess whether one billion dollar movie covered up. It was in that one, what a good marketing boy whatever it is, deeply genius, and yet I naturally to be actually does right that motor by you're. Whatever thou is off that cliff
it was the shoot himself, that's actually real. He he does do that stuff. That was sick, yeah yeah, oh yeah. It was incredible. I almost got up and left after that I was like. I don't even need to watch top gun. I did that. That's all I need are unhappy state yeah me too. I'm ecstatic that I stayed low, double climax situation before eleven, a humble evil. How many times do you get that things happen? It doesn't happen very often is so mission impossible that any of them still hold up. Oh yeah, I love mission and they're awesome love nation. Probably watching those three, these dog days of summer tom cruise, getting through the summer together the last four or five of those blue top dear this- has been movie reviews with bareback here on top gun was real good.
Wednesday june first two thousand twenty, let's get in sports, I'm happy. We did two thousand irregular situation I can only or by the way in any state. They say. Oh god, it's not good that I found at the exact price of that. How we go about doing then does seem like a good move I just yeah. It fills out their piss. He tried not to enjoy the movie he's open. Everybody would think it was terrible. So we don't have to do it. Probably every single big movie that comes out, we will be doing bad best way to watch movie ever seen that that fucking theater was so that the three was the size of a fuckin bill at last. He wrapped around. It's very nice. It was and the seats have been updated since I was in there last like it I'll tell you what I I was expecting something much different going in was that nick you just gave us found out the price yeah. We were told something much different we have much to everyone that was that eighty cedar now zero
they said there was a sexy cedar yesterday. So I think that, eighty sooner than a hundred see I mean who now there's a little wine we got was launched. The big ones are used now, but I also don't think that they could put. Sixty cedar fiat data now allows gray now and crews did tell us in the pre in the trailer like why, this on the biggest screen possible is a big. That's right, actually, the biggest screen in the entire state. We just felt like we were at the box, six doors high, it was pretty sweet man that was avatar is going to be unbelievable in that goblet it's always one who had no ties that Rosa yeah without just cause it wasn't mission, at that point. You know you're just really yeah. Exactly enough. Add the avatar. For the moment. You had spoken out a lot about git, add to add too well, but I don't think I've I understand what they want with with avatar the wait twenty years
this one. That's all I'm saying that trailer start gave me a school bus drivers, sing job drop wording, innovation, same choppers, that's a pajama! So what happened if solid gets earned. They just have no more innovation. Well, they don't build that type of stuff because they are their avatars that are needed. They fly their their bored. The humans were the ones that brought new choppers and then they kicked them off. Humans were defeated. I can't yeah, that's what I mean you have to back off back to back as avatars they weren't bringing engineers are bringing soldiers to take down that goddamn tree. That's what they were doing these soldiers, don't how to build soldiers, aren't the ones building the fucking tanks are in right now either. I don't think, while some of them are no fence, you are soldiers if you're building things, that's a different apartment, but the engineers must just let down everybody. That's going to be fighting tarzan the same exact technology they had last sunday lost, seems
all he was flying to phuket or was flying a flying dolphin creature that that's is fucked in his beard was different. Now yeah they get, they gave up its election. He wanted a store, picked up, a fucking phone for that yeah start and just went in there bored. Still, though, still during the chopper shit, I don't think this is avatar for human avatar. Two I mean this is a much different avatar for his avatar type of movie. Okay, figure. Maybe a margaret now you'll see I can certainly drive whatever you know, united until that last movie, you don't think, there's a few, the the human stuff and then bingo join us out, maybe hey, maybe they can't run it back with humans. Vs avatar actually kicked them out of their plants. So you're saying this was just the stuff that was left around that other charge of picking up to take down Jacob saale and the team. Yes, maybe. Call your more had eyes still
join us now. Maybe I dunno we've only seen the two minute trailer we saw on the internet was better than the one we saw on the imac it was. It was the same one both have a little different. Wasn't it. I know I don't think the same exact one yeah cause I saw before I thought I saw more shit in the one on the internet. I saw on this. One I might have been bigger screen bright, look how it more or less all wait and transaction and regular. I wasn't saying I was: u for sure, gets issue shows called to wrap ports at a wide variety of unilateral joining us in a moment. Damn right, import. Who is a pj tour insider for golf digest talk to us about what's going on with Dustin Johnson and the boys had never to live in then Jj, who had two or five chitchat about the match this evening, here's the pregame show pre match, show and then he'll be an analyst during the gulf. Then came a chow jj watt and only about the match, but also what's going on his life joining us now. Ladies and gentlemen, a man the insides in the outsides of the nfl, because you senior unavailing started for the nfl nfl network. Ladies and gentlemen,
radical, wrapped up The golf gave us want and value. I d off what seven thirty a m: at about. Eight thirty played real, fast, go and bad in the night. Birdie. Eighteen and life is good, so it's amazing how much better that makes your days armor. Yeah, just walking off the course with big time pot. I assume is that what it is or as an approach shot know it now, like a twenty five footer looked around to see who was watching nobody, so I was like alright grab the ball. Such tricks. A man's walked off. That was it great them while doubles. Roundish expands When I mean there was no, I you know you make a big play. You'd like people cannot there's a pie, in green around and there's people being offered free, like people to feel like great. But there was no one size, it's unbelievable? So you point eighteen holes this morning by yourself, I play with another guy. He bailed like two holes with tools to go
some other people kind of round, but no one reacted in my main point. But yes, please. We played fast as great car walk walk what's good for you wrap. I got mad respect for that man. That's you have we had better go for them. We all assume you are to walk and get through quickly, because, if you're a bad golfer, those watched or longer than knows? Well golf cart? There were For those the main thing is I don't mind taken a cardinal some courses I play where I do it that where I play now, everyone walks, including like the old due to always at likes seven thirty in the morning on the week day, and I can't roll up in a cart when they're all walkin or walking with a push card. So I got to carry to you. Could I respect that I appreciate it and I love your commitment to gulf feels like you do, love the gulf. I I love. The gulf Yes, I like watching it. I like playing it. It is like I would force myself to get out their real real early, like seven o three
last saturday. Last Saturday morning, just cuz once you get out there, it's just the greatest, areas of imo yards gobs I well we're going to talk golf with another rapoport in the next hour, Dan rap. But do you know him as family, not family? I feel like we should get to know each other, since we of course, have the same name. He seems like he's- got a great job and probably has a lot of fun doing it, but I've never actually met him. Well, just I ear that the names are spelled differently, So you know one is not relatives sounds same there may be some ages, Lhasa, Alice island thing yeah around the boat, where you from Deutschland germany echo heard. Is that happened that happened over there is wide assume. Some names could potentially be spelled wrong throughout oh process? We made some mistakes. We are trying get better. Let's move on, in the nfl aaron. Donald talking about you know, I'm being
peace if he was to be done with full boy. One entity nfl thinking once eight years to play he's got there. He's got a super bowl. Now that feeling wants him to run it back. On the I am athlete pod guess he said, he'd be a peace if they can't figure out the car that situation pay him. I mean they're gonna have to figure that out. There's no way anybody wants arundel, just walk away, let alone as an ineffective. And but the l a rams organization as well right. When do you expect that to be finished yeah I mean generally big deals happen in the summer, so like we're kind of get into that wheelhouse of now. People are starting to pig into the counter and be like aright summers about to happen. Should we try to wrap this option? We push you to training killers, there is a window here were some deals, can get done. You know it's always about deadlines and if the rams decide that You know this is a deadline, and maybe it gets done. Here's my thing. Like I dont want errand donalds retire easily awesome football player, parliament, the birthplace of the guests, made,
the whole season this year centrally winning the silly sealing the superbowl for the rams. He is an awesome player. I don't want him to retire, because I like watching him the rams, don't want him to retire. I know they would like to pay him to a certain point. The use my thing I've learned in my esteemed wisdom or whatever that when a player starts talking about whatever where's, that on that retirement. I shouldn't shrug off because he's thirty he is maybe the greatest position ever play he's got a ring. He's a hundred million dollars if he walked away now. I would kind of understands like I don't want him to, but I don't think it's like nonsense slashed. Contract leverage well and by the have to pay him. That's good drag leverage regardless, because there are some. You know like hey. This is. Is it actual value. In then hurried. This is what is going to take to get this done. You know in air and answer like this.
What is going to take, I think, to get me back and get me fully committed to football again and going into double teams every single week in the amount of work I got to do with the one hundred million dollars. What the ring has. Presented by dawn to sports. Let's go on denying about that cotonou directly or they did they buy some agencies, like people have done in the past outdoor sports work. Anything I'm still trying to figure out what that is. It may a marketing thing not in field thing as I know, you're his errand downs represented by athletes. First, double so he's got an unfilled representational believed that changed. So I think it could be a marketing thing. They ve got some nice photos, in their down there, looking like a ball and they just did they just brought in someone else to occur, jail and brown yeah? It's all. I feel that that is what we just told me in the ear. So I guess that has not to do with it, but lady someone. Actually in your ear. I thought you were joking all this time. Mozilla is in my area. Z saw right back,
that geyser my area, pretty good you'll end up in a little stack stat or factoid every once in a while or correct something that has come out of my mouth and say I probably need to fix this. It seems like you are wrong on this, which is all welcome. I welcome in my life I can't stop act on them So that's a problem. You know like that something we gotta get fixed for the next thirty that we don't currently have this studio, because you will say something, and I hear him- I will hear him, but I want to acknowledge it says: zero guess what he's comin in again and like I want be ever like gotcha gotcha got you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You feel like You can see you right just be like yeah, but I'm on camera. Most of the time. Most of this is happening while I'm talking or while something's happening or in the middle of transitioning. You know something: Still, I shall I respect Z. Those like he's courteous. Like you, I see him like waiting,
It's a come into. My ear was the all waiting to drop into my ear with something you know and he's waiting for a sentence that I'm speaking to stop and then I'll jump in anything, you'll sit back, and oh my god. Here we go here, we go here. We go. It's been a good read on that. It comes in real hey. This just happened to blah blah blah, but thank you for your incredible what you do power. We need a two way street of communication. In the next studio, I hope that'll come into thunderdome, which is just sixty days away. Oh wait. Sixty days away sixty some days away, though hey it is obnoxiously large. Well. I got a cold straining camp like early on it won't be done yet or will be yeah. I think so, first of weeks, while you're in the first week of camp or second week of camp, I mean if, if I get to check out new digs. I may I may you know, fiddle with the schedule a little bit. Second, second,
ok, because what now you're gonna come on over the lines are here, you want or you're gonna, come on our doubts this year for sure to say you can get your little Can we see that we are you an uneasy? I got back when I do may cameos on hard knocks. It is a a great moment and I assume for damage its great day great too. They ve never anything, but that is always a lot. Alternative available, very thankful for you, you know stop and by the hard knocks camp digs as an updated is the second week I believe highest later lines at call does not allow August twenty of the priests and gave them only led up to it. So come in the middle of august, or you can what's that all about your your busy hard knocks this year or do my chores early on in camp, whatever dude but I'll I'll I'll come by if you'll open doors. For me. How come I mean on vital? Not it. Let's move on you're, not invited cost sometimes, but not in august on nine august nokia, beer before place opens. Why do you this need big,
because he's an insider doping softer, ok for rap import levies. After open for senior nfl insider Ian rapoport, take your photos. Do your whole thing so whenever it actually opens your kids, I was in their two weeks ago and this is what I saw, and this is how far they ve come out- like you to report, though that are it's our electrician or I try to stay out of this because I think I'll get upset with a lot of things that are going on cars budgets why things are quoted and then are we going? this on this on in this on socio. Fill in autumn been done. A fantastic job. Cha boys, somebody just cut cord out to our fucking place, setting stuff up how's. That use me that yeah that says back a little bit. I'd do a whole new thing. Yeah somebody accidentally cut the cord to the entire things out. What are we doing? Are we on the same page here? Is this sabotage early in the contracting? I don't know he and his website so middle. You come on back, we'll be done quarterly back of like that's, where hope of boredom?
I like this now I can you keep a keeper level had with decent, don't get involved in the minutiae bingo here, because if I do, it'll just everyday wake up, like how are they fucking us today? You know what they're not its supply demand. I don't stand the entire process. I guess anyway, it's common, ok, new contract. You said summers downloads on public contracts, column. We deal obviously something people are going to continue to talk about our breyer, followed up there nelson mink, Fitzpatrick darwin James and many other big name players year, either coming into their last year. Their contracts or are africans- What are? We must see any movement. You expect that do not expect that with anybody. They all those three you mentioned Quinn and Darwin James or all you know, potential contract extension guys and I would say for the further teams that is very, very firmly on the radar could
do they get it done. I dont know they don't always right, especially for quick nelson's deal, I'm. He is not only to tell you what he is. The us and russia is also the kind of guy as a guard, the might get paid like eight, not gone right, he's so good that he might get paid leave. Maybe you know among the top often sublime and not just talking about guards that might be a deal that takes a while to get done if it gets done, he obviously deserves. I think you know darwin similar to like he's a safety, but is obviously a lot more mink a kind of similar. So I think all those three could actually get deals. It's just you know those field to me like maybe early. Mining camp type situations, I think with steelers in manka they generally there negotiate during the sea isn't at all.
We know now is under the old regime. No still, though, do we know that we do not have the same omar current lands crazy, that It is crazy that the steelers have a new gm that it has been twenty years. New regime same method. Is the old regime no negotiations during the season, so those usually happen kind of the week before okay and kyler Murray. Is that already happening? We talked to Steve time was that two weeks ago wow. Last week I just seem pretty confident he did right and he gave a timeline. Even he said a July to august. Is that what you're expecting and what you're hearing as well yeah, I mean there's going to be usually a little push right before training camp, because you know if you're kyler, obviously he's going to show up, they always show up because you don't want to mess with your guaranteed money. But if it's not done, let's say by the start of training camp, does he participate? Does he risk injury? Does he sort of sit in and say I'm going to
I myself until it deals down like all that gets on the table and nobody likes that. What's outnumber look unlucky and you think for him you know it's gonna be in the forties and the quarterback market is actually pretty well defined right. She got rogers at fifty on an extension you got to show. At forty six, but it's a new deal so depending on your match, those guys are either. One of those guys is the highest paid, whether you consider the extension Just the overall deal for depends on how you reported Oh, you know, they're changing ways, one particular publicly Of course the staff just signed right. What stafford signed for the effort got? I believe, if I remember correctly forty three over the first three, so that's kind of what his deal is. So it's basically averages forty three on the extension, your jacket, forty he's going to be above that, so that's that's like a pretty good.
There's there's another that I'm I'm missing, but that's a pretty good barometer is at fifty a year and he he signed a ten year deal worth half a billion dollars. Is that not here's? Forty? If I remember correctly forty for the first five fifty for the next five, so it averages forty five so as it flies around, It is, and it is a hard deal, do sort of acquaintance figure out what he's got. Why do you lie about the money, while you guys do that? What he has lima money, the initial report and how you look at ten years? Half a billion dollars is what was being talked about for patch moms right when they. What it was fifty is true, is forty. Four fifty three I think, is the overall number which is forty seven million less than five yeah. Right, you're, the best Okay, you are the best now The guaranteed money, a thing because of the gene watson deal right. I feel, like a lot of people got upset with the browns.
Because they gave to earn thirty million dollars guaranteed. I remember if it was report. Blinds out of the meeting or six I stood lines from the bangles in the ravens who have to pay we borrow in the modern there like excuse me, You guys do this with quarterback. With this much guaranteed money, That was a mean that our rhetoric, actuality, there's. A lot of people are about that uncertainty. Is that what colors expecting and what quarterbacks are expecting going forward? Or you don't think so. That's going to be the battle, and I think colors really a perfect test case, because you know, if you're the cardinals, you could probably maybe even get a little bit of a lower overall number, with a much much much higher full don t write like if you want the card is wanted to fully guarantee the deal. Maybe he would accept a little less overall, like the yearly average to get fully guaranteed to view the cartels, and you know he is going to be your quarterback. You might want to do it if your kyler, like
Would you like that? Probably? But you may also say you know what I believe in myself that'll be fine. I'm gonna take the higher higher overall number, but that's the first major quarterback test case. Deceived. Sean watson set a precedent or if it was more like the cur cousins deal, which is fully guaranteed who is at five years whenever he was afraid, I think it was five years ago and it sort of didn't real. It was a great deal for him, but didn't the needle as far as other quarterback, so so why the mars, getting jews and awaken, I think the Lamar picking and choosing awaiting, because he would like to be what her cousins has been like if he plays out this year and place well, and last year was kind of like an ok. Good for him and he still had some amazing moments like if he stays healthy. His injuries are bad heathers. That was a that was a bad year. Dear for Lamar homelike is that's and everything still gonna be great, is Lamar fuckin jackson, but what does mean those
twelve it out the gate and allowing both round with a couple illnesses are on the way to and then ankle thing which he'll grade you know It is fine now but but probably took a little longer than they thought during the season, but you know if he, if he plays it out and continues to play well, let's say they make the playoffs and do what as they ve done. Yeah he's looking at an unbelievably massive number when he's a free agents Paul three years from now because the two franchise tax back to back is a fifth year option. Franchise tag franchise to geez. I mean that of. Could he be sixty, I mean we're talking. Sixty million
What could that be, though? That's a lot of money at the franchise that grows to write. I mean what a bump in the second year that you get at work right. What is a bump up? Fifteen percent twenty percent? What is it hundred and ten percent? I think it is percent of the top five will be north of forty of color gets paid more than forty Josh Allen and aaron rodgers and stafford back right now are all over forty top five, the average of that, probably around forty five million I ll be the first one was now at this point to popular but higher by the forty seven is herbert in them both make it a deal. Joy borrow my kid in the borough herbert communism. There's some young corn acts are really make a lot of money. I get is they deserve it, but we can everybody's going to be making a lot of money. I think I saw the goes is up with quarterback market is only going to continue to grow, especially for guys that are good, but if we start doing matter he's And blame that he's going to get at least one one hundred million over the next three years right, I don't this contract is for next year, but then forty, seven and obama, ten percent that's pretty one for the next year or whatever. So that's a hunter,
and probably what fifteen million he's betting the next three years, something like that yeah which, like you know, let's say he loses- which he's not going to become bad injury, would be the only thing which hopefully that doesn't happen, but he's not going to become bad, so even if he just was with that. Like that's, you know you end up with one hundred million, like he's still doing. Ok, but you know that maybe he's never publicly said this, but this has always been my feel that he wants the absolute big record setting pay day and mrs Doyle coffee, if he bought, calls for another three years and on and fifty million dollars and he's an unrestricted free agent and islam jackson thought temper, narrowing I'll get alot of magical tempoed fuckin pay if Lamar jackson. Was a free agent to come, save the panthers franchise, let alone a new owner. That's going to be somewhere else or something I mean so he's like. I'm just going to get this hundred and some mill and then we're going to go for four hundred million guaranteed.
Its goal of martial law got their more got. There were forty, it's all your question for MR rap apart rapture does what happens with errand donald have any bearing on Obi jeers, artie kind of a foregone conclusion that he's not gonna be a ram next year and have you heard of his like injury prognosis here or any teams that are potentially interested in him? I don't and the money will see what I can get he such an interesting case because he's probably not gonna play yell of safe for several games might be half the season The timing of the injury was so bad for a guy that looked like he was like, probably playing as well as he played. Maybe senses like first or second year with the giants are used by angry the timing was terrible. So I dont know that the money he's gonna command. The first sheer would matters that much like I'll think would like. Let's say I donno gets a deal. Another cooper cup
potential contract extension guy. Maybe that happens, but it's not like Odell is going to be, fifteen million in year. I don't think because he's probably not get a place for a little bit so like for him, he'd be more the second and third year money. So I don't think the donald contract would would affect him, and I I do think him being with the rams- is still a possibility. They liked everything they saw last year and he will them to follow up on and dynamic, and so yes use, box kind of moving on from shoe and signing a came hicks yesterday was, I would say, like a little bit surprised We are surprised with surprise what they bring indaba can sue backs. Tell you think without or no I don't think he's going back to the bar back then our aims it.
Maybe, but I don't think so, but his mare of their spending a lot on Donald. You spend a lot of that position. Some people say you know what with allocated enough money to this position, some other teams interested, but obviously like calls that was a blow he's, not chemicals. I dunno they might do a couple of the places she's going to go. If you shot down the colts that much harder to you know, I've heard raiders would be one of those can't shoot, but it s. The problem is thirty. Five, and he is One year deals every time and he is he believes very strongly in his value like very strongly. So Does he get the money he wants, or does he say all right, a thirty five I've made god. I don't even know how much he's made so much That's still bad for gompa he's out there when michigan, Michigan p, but yeah that dolphins deal. I remember was groundbreaking writing and they would shoot one hundred million dollar deal or something like that yeah.
Like the dangerous Albert hands was dear with remember what the german, with the accurate with the actual numbers, you guys never reporting. Now where's. That was a free agent. I was probably the biggest rigid deal, would seamen while guaranteed to other right? Because our, but maybe it was a large guaranteed? I know that sixty million guaranteed or something like that is what's either just dropped in my ear and Warren Buffett is like his and his adviser, or something like that. One hundred and fourteen million over sixty million guaranteed warren buffets adviser, is looking to become a billionaire like business, superman stocks. I think in business. The eggs. Yes, bunch stores idea Why should you be surrounded himself bunch of like top notch investor hedge funds or like after football you'll, probably be fine, walking, ingress adults,
I complied with the gospel writers to write people can register on Yeah regime. Is there any update on the Dan Snyder front and also, if they're, building a new stadium? Will the price of that franchise? If he does have to sell it'd be less, the new owner would have to pay if the new stadium, or would it be more because their upgrading their entire facility actual in question think they build a new state like this, well, I don't know the dancing. I was gonna sell, voluptuous based on the question, which is assumed that at some point is the case the more valuable because you'd either the land and the stadium. So if you, and if the owner and you own all that that is extremely lucrative, like the guy, the teams that have that set up- and that's why you know, I think, would with the bears were they bought some land in Arlington hides. I think it is known that makes a franchise more valuable than she put a stating their theoretically, and then you can develop the land like in your more or a concert, something
what else is patriot ice casino hold back, I mean that's dead right, we're talkin real money, not that it's not real money but chuckled roma, other really mean There is a update on dance, nine or so coming from congress. Today they requested roderick Adele and in snyder sit with them and answer questions. I believe the hearing is june twenty seconds. This right here and the nfl responded by saying that to base the deep submissive from congress was, the nfl has blocked everything. It has not cooperated in centres, blocked everything not cooperated. We must talk to bow to them. The nfl responded with this saying that we've actually cooperated and we will respond when we do, but we've also turned over almost half a million documents per se,
You just saw around half of the four hundred and sixty thousand anymore to them a homes. Ghana, that's what I'm referring to show they. What they want is the bath wilkinson document that came from the intervals. Investigation into workplace, prank it with the commanders. It seems the document was never maiden doesn't exist. So with congress wants its fun of everything they canada that situation and they are also looking into the finances member couple weeks. Those news about about potential ticket scheme looking into that is well. They want good dalen snyder to sit with them and answer questions which I see would be under oath and we'll see you know? Was you they decide that I'm not could be some high drama. Juno ok, so snyder and dollar gonna have to answer questions get fidel by the way. I know their politicians. Good luck, Adele Goodell is a master deflector one
the greatest would be able to take any other job. If you want to do just strictly because of how we can see the amount of money as the fund itself and everything like that, and later, though, from what we have heard. Not before, while putting pressure on that. This is not gonna. Go great, it's gonna be a fifth eyes implied. A lot wants games like Well, that's what that's what I'm wonder, but you taught you? U compounds that with the group in Annabel they go on. This is, are we can potentially the last couple months year of Roderick Adele's rain, as the commissioner, the nfl, with how public this can all potentially get? I don't think so either it sounded like there were some reports coming out of the owners meeting or the and the what he called spring meeting ago two weeks ago that some owners are looking at potentially extending him.
So you know we'll see if that happens, but I don't. I don't believe this would have a negative effect on him. You know, depending on what congress finds it might have a negative effect on Dan Snyder very possible. If you're the las vegas raiders are so interesting, but his on field? They look good like they look like they are going to be, maybe very good and off the field in the front office. It's been the opposite and like we're not talking like gm, we're talking like a couple, presidents. Allegations are get home are needed to know immunization. The articles gonna look into it so we'll see what comes of that affect us public I mean I would be interested to hear what always gonna come off through discussion. If that's potentially thing forever and sixty thousand emails, is a lot of emails that they said they ve turned over to them, but was it Six hundred fifty thousand or something important number at the beginning, that this could all a very loud off season for the nfl, I'm sure they can't wait for What in rooms bill was this?
It's a rams bills, please, I'm excited see what takes place bony at the top I mean you know, gonna, be this type of situation. Town dates question for you. I think it's because you ve you been the answer to everything you could potentially for us aside from one thing- and this will be the last one we have to let go on and we thank you for joining us. On this incredible ones. They would probably try to get twenty seven holes in. Why were we became? We still be still of the game, are always happy and distorting the game around here sean watson, twenty third and I think florio's reporting a twenty fourth on the way fell suddenly concluded their investigation like two weeks ago. This all seems only be growing right. This isn't slowing down. What are you expecting from because I think at one point the thought is that the Sean watson's penalty from the nfl would come like, maybe last week or this week now, more, accusations coming is that only I mean this is probably going to last a few years right if he's going to court with twenty four people. Well, first of all this. This is why
the nfl really takes its time, and- and everybody wants a decision like yesterday, but there's a couple days. But we ve learned from the twenty third and we'll see maybe twenty fourth allegation, get allegation and rusty hardened sean's lawyer. I came out extreme we strongly against this as you at the twenty third, as you would expect. This is why the Unifil takes its time. But does it want, is to issue a ruling and then have come out show I would assume. I believe that they will look at this. Twenty. Third, like devoted the rest of them, see if there is something new tiggle the veracity and examined it before making any sort of decision. The other thing is, you are going to see the savage happens. Every time there is a big display matter. People say that they think these suspend be be escapes whatever it is. Nobody knows, unlike that's, ok, because We don't know the shaun's, people doesn't know the browns, don't know, and I'm not even sure I
leave that roderick, Adele or the third party arbitrator knows either, because they don't even know hundred hundred hundred percent. What Look I got so. The hope would be to have something decided before training camp. I believe that is probably going to happen, but I see it this twenty third kind of delays, things of that. You still believe there will be some sort of suspension handed out before trying to camp begins. I believe, the way some sort of disciplinary ruling fire eyes like a double jeopardy, potentially what this, what the other powers at the final ruling, you think from the nfl, what they will say, I believe is what they have said in the past, which is we issue this ruling we reserve the right if there's more to add to it, are come back and alter it, but the ruling- or I feel very final and probably probably won't very serious allegations. We will watch along as we hoped, justices served. Whichever way, justice
shall be rightfully served as a lot allegations tones. Alright anyways get back to. Of course we appreciate the hell out of you in. Please. Are you What the little bits keep us up there and what's goin on favouring vigorously, we appreciate how are you you're, the man? Ladies and gentlemen, in red Did you know, did you can invest them? Crypto currencies through your retirement account that's right without, capital. You can buy and sell crypto currencies from a crypto irate and get all the same tax advantages as a traditional irey. I trust cap allows you to invest in over two dozen of the most popular crypto currencies and, unlike the stock market, you can buy and sell twenty four hours a day. Setting up an ira is free and I trust has no account opening fees and no monthly fees, but I trust Capital, you can get all the tax benefits of a retirement account, while investing in crypto sign up. Today,
and receive a one hundred dollar funding bonus. When you open and fund an account visit, I trust capital dot com to start investing today. Taxes in conditions apply, these apply, crypto currencies or speculative investment would risk of loss. I trust capital. Ain't does not provide legal investment or tax advice. Consult with a qualified legal investment or tax professional a thousand man said he s loved his favorite movie image Bob carpenter of each unit two times already won't go check stop for a second time as well. Whoa now I'm not on so I'll wait till it comes to the house because you don't need to see it on the biggest theater imaginable, like we did biggest theater in state rate over there. No certainly helps certainly felt like I was in the cockpit a couple of times. It was magical, ladies and gentleman joining us down Tom cruise. To prevent top down super fan. Whereby national champions yearbook champion ryder cup champion covered survivor, a very hot jailer, different costume that I got home. You know
yeah? I got a hoodie, I'm glad you saw the movie man you liked it loved it like loved it. I loved it. I mean They made me feel feelings in their little bit. You know like many different times right like it wasn't like hey there. This part is kind of like emotional or whatever it's like hey. They just keep hitting him with you. I guess that's We and also whoever scored it. The mute really adds to the emotional feel long zimmer naga was big boy. I was there at the end of a gradual, exhausted home the staple the franchise. The first soundtrack is like iconic harold, My wireless unbelievable out the feel something one part of the movie, and I was like this- not suffrage personal life and I saw this on my own- I feel you get what happened. Feel like all like a sort of like sorry for the city like I'm starting to feel like emotional, for it all there's no way is most minamoto at this point. I want to feel this way and then I heard-
strings? In the background of the fact? That is why they literally just forced me the feeling like this. They got me it's like. I guess, I'm all the way I loved it age quite next, I understand why you and Bobby opener reaching twice now. What five twice I've seen it wants job. Tommy, say three times more time now I saw general bob twice. I thought that you both saw it twice I'll watch it I'll have to watch it like at my house at some time with general bob that will be. Their incomes him responding to one of my g stores, there's nothin about movies military aircraft, Tom cruise saying you need He taught me how to get it. I saw my story I care for them. Gaga see talk if he gets you about game thrones. It's over. I told you he'll. He built like a hundred pages of an outline that you could watch game. Thrones wit
follow through to try to figure out where you going on right now. This is what this person general bob carpenter. He built a full outline, you can use that guarantees, because I told him the same always amy. I can understand that so many accidents, whatever it is worthwhile story like the goat, rob I built this big outlines you can, you can sit and watch you as you go through the whole showed explains. What's going on yeah, I no idea he was as committed to different types of entertainment. That's magical. We always just assumed the general bob was football lifting testosterone. Father hall, lifting as our own honestly boy, I was his life, turns out he's a movie buff he's a film critic, elsie stuff. I the one? I don't think if Bob carpenter don't send me an unannounced dm, basically out You need to go, see it. I What the hell, I'm a movie, a jet, you saw the original oh yeah, the originals, my favorite movie at all times barrier to no one
yeah, I mean I, I don't. I don't like to rank things, but no I'm not going to say that the sequel is better. Thank you, whoa, That's what I'm saying, farms and also making each stand alone, be awesome, and I have no idea how they did it, but they made a sequel. That was great. Software each awesome and the other one's your favorite movie of all time. That means more awesome than the other I dunno, maybe not. Maybe it just depends on what mine like how I feel when I watch each one when he saw the first one, what stage of life you're in and yeah? Maybe that was I I know when I went and saw top gun on memorial day like I was in the right frame of mind to see it like I felt like I was in, I wasn't distracted. I wasn't whatever like, even though I was with all my kids, never get lost and go to the bathroom three minutes. I still was able to lock in and like stay with the movie. You're nice thing guy, that's the credit from the back asking. If that's why the movie will be different
and I've always liked iceman. I think how they worked him in was beautiful. I thought so too. I don't know spoilers no spoilers, you know, but You guys were of all What is more there I'm feelin hit some fuckin bob's last night. He got you made it to the final other home herman darby. We do. I know if he won, but our prediction embalming balls. He bombs. Golf balls was percent accurate, this video at the internet last night. It is him tapping into matters bottom, verve, a good amount of people by raising put money everywhere minnesota and hit the ball that we cannot see any more. That balls dont know they weren't went justin jefferson, also you gonna third baseline, reassure me an absolute bomb out their love. This type of time a year whenever there Cyprus should happens as opposed to all the
the conversations we had with rapt board about the nfl so it's happening in the off season. Both philanthropic way, come rotary everything that absenting about rarely gets talked about. I love the fact we got up. Johnny chuck dylan beforehand. He calls you shot, hits a bomb raise a bunch of money, good guys, the other girls good advice, the nfl, largely, is full of great people. Honestly, the the majority of all players honestly are are good, dudes, that's what people, I think, sometimes have a weird like how they see it Outside. They got to actually know people's its call to see how awesome people really are with you, and I think or something where he said. But in a way really does with what he's doing with its foundation is ten times more important. Anything ever does on the field. You accuse he's all into line. Do you think about this guy when he's done playing football you go is thinking about de minnesota stay in minnesota, just dominate like beer league softball got basque johnny now sit him he's johnny nelson of minnesota. Whoosh can imagine
he and Jordi put a team together what team together and faced each other here we go tj watt on that squad too he'll be joining us and our jj wide will be joining us in about an hour. Put him on a squad right. Here's a home, run derby every single year. That means he gets bumped. You only host home run derbies. If you yourself, can hit her, not that's right, so, J J, I will ask him about an hour, or so he asked it bonds, what they put together a alumni and if it is a judge or so plain or not saying he's anywhere near by and done, but you get it works. It wasn't alumni nfl team that to travel around the charity sapo games, let's be maybe a pretty good idea. I say yeah, I would imagine, would you want Russell? Wilson? Is russ a home run hitters you just second base like slap hitter he's playing, but when he retires, I think he could probably he's practically. I feel in software right yeah
kitten lasers into the gap too yeah. I think outfield thought he might been a few times. Please listen to another beer league softball is very real. Rhonda, plum, like they used to hang out at big dogs. They travel around their dead suit. Every bar's gonna do yeah, that's a fucking real thing there is, There's a home run limit right. You're only leave you have plus for home loans or something like that. It's an If you had another home run, are their balls, in theatres, every ball going to the outfielders. Mostly I fell, but I mean meltwater slap on the ground. Through I mean you go still good player. If short. For short, yeah. You have to your third and short have to be like them. I think coach, diggs and the boys after one of their softball games down there at bar was saying right, very nice way and software you used to have a bike shorts on it needs to travel around like pistol used to play in a team that they're doing that really well yo. Why, like we are still remember going to like the park and what he did like a tournament on the weekends he was lefty lead off slap hitter himself, also, not a lot of fun. To watch him. Try to beat out little slap shots.
I think, you'd, better half an hour. I want somebody wanted like braun stroman observes the edward them fit. That's I guess he's a home run hitting ideology and the entire world he's got a? U to highlight video worth a watch at bronze, tremens, dad yan. He hits lays yeah and in the field to like has an absolute fucking hall. We stillwell. Yes, yes, which is dead. Adam sure senior? I do so. I am not our censure. Adam sure is the name braun stroman on in the room, and I seen him on his instagram hit a softball quarter mile in capture he was talking is like nothing like my dad, but I try or something like that, bonds I looked up. Is that rick sure his name, ball are so the water by this guy is crusher. They should have the ethnic groups from different level. It's like you, see ball hitters in the that guy steps in there- and it's like perfect,
contact on the screws swing fights yet watching them how they load up, unlike the depend on how much back spin the deuce put on those pictures, the slope agents like a bolt used to have a really good team. The travel around the country, so Michael Bolton did it's terrible that made you mention him and he was like he was like a legit singer, so it got. People were big fans of, but he was also great softball player for a couple of Michael, he seems there is no you do. I, like I told you, I was not a one time. It was ass through life too. I don't remember that I apologize. The fact that you play with Michael boldness, legend area- but I just assume because came out of that math on this- show that you're saying something for us to go off and software. You know my brain farm like a bull in a news. For example, speedy J hawk, let's keep it move and let's go into the next topic: hey this gulf things abroad, no problem, I mean problems, be J, sorry,
this. Saudi league called live arriv, I don't know roman numerals, I don't know if that's pronounced live on sunday. King diamonds, Monday sway just dumb call it We bundy no offense, but that was the character that was playing a show that mixed will watches every single week, married with children, yet love it anyways. The live league was announced last night for it's first event in london and then Johnson's honour LAO just a hundred days removed from Dustin Johnson and the pga. Putting out I asked basically talking about how great the is and our three j players are and how you never leave the league. A hundred days later, it is announced that dust in johnson sergio garcia importer, Kevin gnarly westward louis, was david Martin kamer, Charles Schwartz, all graham thou taylor, dirge, not
did not going phil mercosur. The reason why this is such a big deal, because pga torres at zero competition, I believe, is now everybody feels about it. Since the beginning, the pga tor and we learn from just in time, is just two weeks ago about three weeks ago, two weeks before he won the pga championship in which he pocketed like two point: seven million dollars. The dj has no contracts for any Golfers. The money you make is literally the monies you have to go and win in every single week, another sponsorship money, but I'll just partnership, money come while you gotta play well, you gotta get on tv, so the first there. They tore any league that doesn't have any contracts or benefits really for the professional golfers, I this kennedy for another league has been sitting there for very very long time. In saudi, this lively is taking advantage of that. I would assume their paying appearance fees, which it says, johnson and garcia, receiving, have the appearance, fees or even contracts to compete in a specified number of events on top the prize money. This is vs sports illustrated outcome as I'd dot, com total.
Twenty five million, with twenty million earmarked for the individual portion of evil four million go to the winner, the winner, the entire purse, for like the? U s open or something is twelve and a half million dollars, or something like that last year was with two and a half to the winner. I believe so. This purse is bigger than most all of almost all, but one tournament I think, for the pg and the closest one was the players which happened last week in that total purses twenty million, and I think, what's in our two weeks ago, and I think data like three million or so from the southern offer. An up appearance views, contracts ambition purses, the procedure has been so the one stop shop for gulf for all these years and they had no, appearances, no contracts in smaller purses. If you think business just natural You would assume that this would have happened a long time ago. This, like the first legitimate wanna, maybe there's been other attempts at another league joining us now The second part of this
to wrap reports on a wide topic on Wednesday, PJ tour insider for golf digest northwestern alumni. Ladies and gentleman, Dan rappaport. Thank you. I appreciate that. I didn't know. Thank you for making time for us today. We appreciate the hell out of because we have questions. We don't know your world as well as you. We hope at least how has this not happened a lot sooner with the fact that PJ tour has, the contracts, no appearance, fees and players have to earn every single dollar that they make out there. We just learned that a couple of weeks ago that made no sense to any of us. I assume once you got your card, you've got a certain amount of money and then money totals and bonuses happen. That's not the case house does not happen earlier, or has there been attempts in this you just the first one, with massive financial backing I think it's more, the second one that you said. I think people have realized that this is a sort of vulnerability on the pj towards model that that could be exposed by the right people, but look what money it's taking right.
It didn't you do. The rumours are like a hundred or a hundred, fifty million dollars before prize money. That's just a guarantee sorts! that anyone can can show up and do this. They need the backing something like the pr which is the public debt, and found the saudi entity. Its funding, this thing and they aren't profit motivated. And that makes some very, very dangerous because they can afford to spend all this money up front and lose all of this money because their goal, not to make money there goal is to Often their image in the world are going to present a new face of saudi arabia, so what are some other upstart and you say: okay, I'm gonna throw two hundred million dollars on all these offers. Yeah they might play, but you won't be everyone? Universal cash they have a body paypal, cash, so very, very, very dangerous adversary for the mediator so what? What all options? Does the commissioner of the fiji to have? What can I do to these players or what can he not well he's water. Very hard line
credit. He hasn't wavered from that, the entire time he said. Look. If you go play these things, you will be punished and punishment might include a suspension and might include an explosion. I don't think anyone's gonna get. How can you do that? There is now going threatens, there's a drill. Well, there's no contract, but there is a player handbook, but these guys sign, here which has got guiding the rules in the it says very, very clearly. If you can apply, lay in three events every year. That or puget were that's what happened the same weakest, Egypt, where events, usually this is like a technicality that never has never becomes that's not relevant this you're. Obviously it is relevant so can give those and allow you to play, but they also cannot allow you to deny those release. So all These guys were playing this event. Didn't wanna get kicked off the fiji tour, I could eat releases, they were told no and it's not a breach. Of conducting. So you actually stick a tea in the ground, so you'll see that the period
the of saying we're going to do this. We're gonna do this. We're gonna, punish you, but they haven't actually done anything because no one's actually against the rules until actually t it up in that tournaments. So that's what I wanted to see so that there is a contract. They signed a contract, basically with bt, tore every single year and its because it it's the only game in town. I assume that's why you're body signs that egg you're not pay me any money and guarantee me anything, but I can to you- that I will do all these things They were the guarantee myself very interesting, because the big endorsement deals with guaranteed money right, like you have now happens, then only happens if they play gardener on tv right back then only happens the best players, but look in the last few years. I think it's telling they found a lot of money to give these guys. I didn't have performed there's a new thing. If you played fifteen events on the pg tour, you get fifty grand just for playing fifteen degree, oven, which is not crazy money, but for some guys, that's a nice. Fifty grand now they have the comcast talk
and I think it's all aware at the end of the regular season, for the text of the top ten guys get a significant amount of money and when it gets multiple million dollars and have this new player impact programme which but you're. The one who's gonna be tiger again, probably is gonna get ten million dollars for exacerbates frigate attention at the pda torso, so the guy's notice, the guy's noticed that there finding this money, but he didn't have before I met you naturally occurring now that there's a competitor, yes, that's the thing I would assume it. I mean this back to what sergio Garcia said to the official. I can't wait I'll fuck and get out of here like that players. In time. In this friends in every league happens at every workplace. Be motor work, not necessarily thrilled with every decision or thing that happens up. Them inability ever get happens in the nfl I'll make it up it's probably in the imo. I, as happens in the nba indefinitely- happens in a p pot specially they're, not didn't pay, I mean that's it. Thing like all
his guys have been talking about doing something like this for a long time. I assume players, not all players, but a lot of players in a pj probably been talking about something like this, where we got to band together and we got to go somewhere and then they ve all backed out this done like what the unsuitable for a long time. Let an unsuitable players like eight. We need to come together and we need If I could change or difference for everything in the future, never ever happened. Is that what has happened kind of amongst PJ players for a long time, and is this the first one where I mean DJ's, a big name yeah sergio garcia, is a big name. I mean towards the end of their shift, but still big name dj, not write his prime. It's not it's not that Simon, gregg, norman. The guy is actually in charge of this Lee. I do it in nineteen. Eighty four, he tried to it was called? The world goes to earn. You try to sign at the beginning of each year. Every debts is this is this? Is it is a pity, because what was he had. He was moving in the right direction and TIM Fincher, who was the commissioner at the time when full politics
He was an old lawyer and he had a lot of connections and a quarter administration and you capital Helen. You basically leaned on these lawyers and they gotta go favourable ruling ruling beastly upheld a ban for I want to do this and I m sort of successfully fund about allocating another reason, a wise, because Greg norman was behind it and grandma. Was not most popular guy, whereas you had jack and gary player and calmer, we're on the pga tour side. So that's why now we are having. This is not a new idea, it's the only real. I guessed the sort of tomorrow is the only real major american sport, where you don't have a guarantee You know what I'm doing hardly plays like shit he's slogan, were five hundred years. Whatever for the game, It doesnt johnson, miss said the cut, and this is the other part. Not only he not getting money but like what's It's a guy, mrs caught at the masters. Okay and he's got a house for his boy. Things got a house for his family. If I shut up he's my ticket with fifty K walks on our weaknesses. Can pile up really quickly, and I think you know people think that offers
all this money and it's like the other- do what they have way more experiment. You know this pilot and developers and gave us don't give a shit notepaper food People go tell them the goldfish are paying for all of their stuff, so their expenses are way higher than other athletes and you're going to tip out the caddy. I assume that's an entire thing and all the staff I mean this feels like this has been a right. So before a competitor. For a long time now the PJ's gonna, have to back it up. You said, may not expulsion, so what would the punishment be? And how does everybody not look! thus in johnson getting a hundred and some million dollars guaranteed, plus up eyes, bullets bigger than all, but one tournament. The bee J has in the first London then, there's event portland then there's an event somewhere like new jersey, there's an event. Some are actually got three weeks in between them. You can go. Come home, go come home, make more money there. How do
how does a pga plan to combat that you gave the punishments or I don't know that's about that- gives that the best way? I don't think so there we're to do that. It's gonna get challenge in the court's immediate, we, I mean they're, going to eat what Dustin place going to suspend him, probably from the fedexcup, which is where a big part of their bonuses come from number to the guy who the verdict, stop fifteen million dollars for the grand rise not only go and up and up so they can trying to enter from map enough that it was this. Counting on like legacy and loyalty, which is really a dangerous place to be sending out the dragon and our well listen has gone off his office or sentimental on this line on irish I'm fine, I resent I'm trying to get rid of these tournaments or old. Like them. This week the memorial yo jack built the golf course, and this is jack's turn a man and it benefits jackson, charity and they have all this goodwill on their side and they have the record. But great, like you know you, a break tigers records. You want to break jack's record. That's on the tv detour. Today, that's a big thing they have undersides is history and legacy. I think
telling J monaghan inserted one of his first press conferences. Afterward said the PJ's or is it after nicholson made his comments about leverage, basely sampling leverage by and J monuments are at the mediator, we're about legacy not about what rich so they're, really leaning into this like you're good goodwill route, sure, I don't know man in a capitalist world, the more money tends to speak. Very, very loudly in live, doesn't isn't necessarily the last one right I mean, there's lots now, there's a lot of people. There were a lot of money, the ass theirs. There's numerous was another. There was another who called rain capital that was involved that didn't have saudi money in the saudis. Gonna pull them out. But, like I mean That is an interesting thought experiment. What if this week was run by mark cuba, the saudi arabian government. That's what I mean like in what would you have me? Would you yeah I mean it would be really really thought I mean Where does has like a log in there? I don't want to. I don't wanna be highway their strength, but you know it's.
There's a vulnerability therein and maybe the egypt former they ought to do is real. We look at the way that their structure needs. They should sort of deploying players. Eighty there should be contracts, but I know that you're? So so watch leverage right now. I would love to be a pj tour player around my age right now. Yeah we'd like to just be able to put like them to japan with the hands around the green. Carter you have a question for MR rapporteur, is filmmakers and play in this lake as you wasn't on the list, but he can't seem like the first big big name that wasn't really turnin live down. I think I think the only thing I fit, though, as missing. I think so a lot, so this boy players we're gonna plans are back, there were forty two names on that list. There's five spots open for a different event like the qualifying thing this week and then there's one more spot. I mean if you,
it fills apology bright after the vote on is the is the silhouette of a left. One spot is that what you're basically saying, is what its leading up to russia? It would be surprised that there wasn't gonna. Look at his apology offer that energy came out. It was like he was apologizing to the saudis, wouldn t detour. I slipped off investments, you didn't use the puget, whereby name He gave a steaming representatives a couple weeks ago, where they said no fills is has clyde for release he's never back I'll honest he was involved. Founding it. I mean here. He believes in it. I would be really surprising. In any event, you maybe you won't play at this point, but you claim is. Thank you. Golf is more popular than ever. I believe right now, and it might just be because everybody I'm around is playing a lot of it, but with the match happening today- and I assume you know more people getting in the gulf than ever before at the top of it also can have spanish, because it was something people to do in their house, but all being outside one
being around a lot of people is something that is desirable. More people found. I assume that live is just the beginning of this year. There's gonna be others right there. You know the price they just found out. This with breasts at one hundred twenty five million guys you Dustin Johnson, twenty five million dollar entire prize pool for your first one, four million dollars it. It's already been laid out a here's, a price that has already got bj. I deal right with any these there's directly with. Dusting johnsing airplane, another league isn't here and I think live, would would that's one of their selling point life is not asking you to commit to lead they're, not saying? Oh, you can play and live, and you can't play anything else. They're saying we're just we're giving you an opportunity to play for more money than you're playing in for and if you want to, play in you. No poet
guy on the period for next visa walls and fucking great golf courses in I'll. That's a goddamn gianduja classic transact johnny, that's called cities. That is a big, but you know that you're not dare not say squandered on making youtube's there's languages word is providing options. The independent contractors- and I spoke with their lawyers. They are talking at the bed. They they think there are in the right here in the pga tour thinks they are on the right as well The thing is going to court. You bet your ass I saw where James Nicholson. Reportedly, someone said that he was offered a hundred mill to have kind of the great norman role in live Think gregg normal got anywhere near a hundred to have that role, probably yeah- I mean I don't know the numbers, but it was deafening was wasn't lesson fifty everything would have. Unfortunately, now
I know rbc came out and said they made they may drop just they did. They did officially we're talking here. Yeah royal bank of Canada has dropped Dustin Johnson as a sort of he's he's really you're saying he may be getting the dust in like one hundred one hundred and twenty five mil garage. The contract from we have to play in a certain amount of events that probably what's out there. I think, maybe for a couple years, but in that the already see deal is significant, but it's not it's not that You knew that was coming in it. It was coming when you want to play in saudi arabia, we already see the big sponsor of repeated towards two events: they ve argosy herded an odyssey canadian, open sponsor a bunch of offers us an went? Doesn't when dusting went to go play in saudi international couple years ago they took their speed, took their patch off his sleep dont whereby in saudi Arabia severe clearly and in Firstly, then what is the period? What events against already seek, maybe an open which has its royal data. Canada hasn't been canada for two years because of a pandemic their swords I'll? Have it back, and he says a lot.
So that was all a plan to norman industrial. Like you know what actually, let's Is there any chance of put around here? That's using stop once it feels like. I think it actually is a coincidence, but down those that you knew what was coming into what was coming in said, okay, but before we knew that this water, it was gonna be over, but This is more money than this, and it's like really that simple advertising sponsorship sponsorships just cash and I get a lot more in this other place. I will see you later relationships all thought about. It is over the conversation guides all day today today to day time this in a way or you shot like DJ, didn't weight to play this first event in this after the? U s open here in a couple weeks like was there any any thought amongst people? I careless? Let's wait till the majors over and then maybe we gotta do it or there's a hand. What ornaments, after the after that the open ever
over the uk, like it was our thoughts wait till after the majors absolutely- and I think a lot of guys are waiting until after the majors ices. What's that mean follow up? I mean this is not finished. I mean I think, All of these guys are waiting to see what happens to dust and johnson there's a lot of other big name players who we know have been contacted by live multiple times straight bryson dechambeau is one of them. Phil. Obviously it's a bit of a different case, but somebody european guys, you know like or non american how to start as another one whose we said that he's been approached. Getting a lot of these guys- are waiting to see your barely actually gonna, suspend egypt and if they do When will there be some sort of cord engines where they can suspend them into works its way through the courts or will he be suspended until it works its way through the courts a lot of guys, were really thankful for gdp in the kind of guinea. On this, seeing what happens and then I wouldn't be surprised if
more and more jaunt after the majors, because but also the majors haven't come out and and really they've said some things that they're sticking with the pj tour but they're being really careful with their wording, because the majors aren't the pj to work, I thought the same thing. I had. A lot of people have a hard time wrapping their head around that but they're separate entities. Their mission is not to promote peter towards our mission, is to be the biggest golfer elements in the world, and so some Most players aren't playing on the pj tour they're going to have to change their rules. It's just that simple said: pj tourists even paying these players wherever they went, it's every golf course and tournament, that's paying them. Well, no one saying that the major championships themselves are different, so them like at the us. Open is run by the. U s run mobilise ways the water usda. Did you ever hear of the majors the masters them outrage. Every dollar one is PJ's, although no doubt the pda put, the pda pays off their normal events non major championship. Events like this weekend in our eyes, please go ahead. Well. I mean there is a price book by then the dead, the pda pesos,
policies, which are significant like the player impact programme and like the fedex stop battle. From Egypt? Prosecuting authorities like no adopt I can't wait last year. He won the most. Is he won the fat acts they want, Twenty seven million on course, which again as a lot of money, how many men anthony majors now- you one zero majors it's all from the beach eight orator. Here, that's that's from you. Regular period tournaments and effort mean that fedex cup bonus. You won the fedex cup, which is like a season long race, and he got fifteen million from the pj tour. For that, if you're a player in that league and I'm just starting to think as somebody that would be in that league thinking the amount of eyes on gulf for what three straight days, basically for most people, sponsorship money, the amount of power. Our ships that you have everything and they all. Do we have to pay out the biggest prize balls? You could see how these players, we, like you, fuck these beer, I don't think I could see other how's that not happened before will continue to be my question that live.
The first one. I guess I'm all let us not be managed with it the tv deal that? Yes, it s right, CBS Nbc, as you have pointed out, on whether tutor to live I know they don't have a tv deal, they don't have a tv deal because the the patriots were as like long standing relationships with CBS and NBC and Skin designs, massa deal with egypt or take. Was it repeated for life, which is the early round coverage before it goes to eat something It was really did in a really important tv deal. Couple years, but I wanted to effect and the kind of that in before this happened, so molly is lawyers to hide the mediator. You know that the aid and then have to I didn't some of them are obviously are not happy, but there's a big divide on the pg tour. When you guys think about Detroit, you think of tj, you think of brooks you think of but there's probably one of those guys. Those want a briefing and there's no matter,
smith, then there's saw you think, I'm alive, Does that mean you don't care about? That's that's more of the page. You can t do any shit. They say give me you're. Gonna have to go literally goers. Forty how's yourselves to what's at age aims are so am I but those guys think about that. The prize paused five million there's only forty eight people, india, that there's so much more money to have so much less leastways last place in these he's gonna be around a hundred and twenty grand. I mean that there is a lot of guys on this list to play on the asian toward or the sun shines war, and they would legitimately need to win like for events a road make honour in twenty minutes over those guys, it's a absolute fucking know. Brennan was no, no, no brian. If you get a hundred and twenty five million dollars guaranteed, doesn't johnson, it's like listen I wish it wasn't how was coming- I wish- was different, which might happen this might open. I
me learning about other pga is no money, basically is even greater business right, our business, what they ve been able to do. Tat it, just like the ones you have low was for a long time to get other people are doing a base day, we're not going. His bonuses, you told me that twenty seven million in bonuses and part of the part of the prize money from the pj torture that sort of- but that use the tv deals, the partnerships sponsorships, the I mean it is the tickets right. Six by the major go to those big now Tell you this is wild to me. Is this? Is it? a pretty pivotal timing, golfer feels like that you're really really lucky to be. I mean that sounds self serving, but yesterday's a very crazy, dramatic time. I have people texting me who couldn't give less of a fuck about golf and now they're like what we're not what's. These lay still go on still going to be its dramatic, it's really drama, but it changes the course of everything, almost one future right,
it's once in a generation, stop it happened twenty seven years ago the tickets were escaped mostly unscathed and we'll see what happens here. Tie your question. We can't thank you enough for your time right now. Download reports in terms of the coverage. Is there any scenario where cause it seems like a lot of people are interested in this and will definitely watch this first event. Even if it's on youtube is there any way that they're going to potentially get this on t v or get some sort of now dealers and, ultimately, just because the saudis don't give a shit how it does is it kind of progress on the just gonna stay on youtube and, if you find it that's great, but who yeah. No, I think their goal definitely get a tv deal, because, while the saudis might not give a shit, I mean the guy that the saudis hired to run the business. Probably it's a shit right. There are still people in there who want this to be successful so right, there right now, they're in the proof of concept, things where they need to show that they can run a golf tournament that people are going to get paid that they say we're gonna get paid and that the world we're gonna end and once that,
happens. Then those torture- and this is what they want- is viewed as we want to keep our feet under them through the revival products and that's why I need you to pull the plug, So basically they don't want to let this thing get off the ground and they said okay, make a choice. Now make a choice. Name: choose all: you choose this youtube platform in this unproven bit, so it was a strategic. We have an idiot or well unproven. Still as hundred and twenty five million dollars, John Dustin Johnson was like, besides, like oil, money bro, it's that there's no bottom dude. I think each tournament is paying out twenty five million per tournament correct. All seven I've read it is. It is in for forty eight guys. It's a cheese and apparently he's probably for any guy that wants to go over and planet, that's worth the notable name at all exam. We anybody that you guys know it's getting significant. I mean I know they're, paying guys to end the saudi international was the second european towards agent whereby there came guys you guys. I never heard of any grant my final vote Finally, I voices, while we do we
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Ladies and gentlemen, J J war, we don't ever bigger. It's an honor to have your obviously wheels up is paid for you to be a part of this. The match, then I've ever seen a more perfectly. I did not expect that. I appreciate the hell out of you for joining us very busy, you're hosting the pre show and you're. Analysts for the match. Are you walking on the porch? What should we expect here today using know I'm sitting right next to the truck so hopefully going gonna, just throw it down with shock and we're going to two guys with terrible golf games, analyzing professional athletes?
golf games, it's just going to be a beautiful thing that have you been doing your research cause. There's been a lot of shit talk. I mean Tom Brady's, been burying Josh, Allen, errands kind of gone after patch mahomes that the young guys have shot back at the older guys. The older guys, I think, are going to be a bit more savage. Have you been doing your research? Are you going to be talking shit? Are you lifting the boys up? You think darnell thing I have been doing my research. I think the shots had been fired, pretty hot heavy early on various to see. What's left in the tank in terms of shots, I mean on one hand, it's difficult. I don't have superbowl these guys rhythm got Superboss very difficult to talk shit when three I suppose you don't have one, but I know that Eminem myself right out of the gate, I'll eat mile myself and I'm gonna tell him listen I'll have suitable, I get it, been passed around to get hurt, got it all three, and now I start taking shots at your old asses and jobs could be made.
So there was. This is gonna, be magical economic zone. I think a j is about a fire with more should talk question. He implored Josh Alan too splore this space and the shit target to aaron rodgers. I believe because they will be ready agent, thoughts for J J want. Then what did she talk will be today, PA right? I think the talk is gonna, be amazing. We will see how our serious. It gives a judge. I want to ask you: are you there for two reasons, one obviously to host the show and to make great content, but I, like? You may be there in case like a protest or try to glue their heads, the green or something you got take somebody out, like maybe a heckler comes under the robes. Are you going to really jack somebody up step outline new plant that can you plant one for us out the ratings I'll, see what I can do. He does at tahoe all the time I need to come in your rodgers insider. You gotta, give me something to go with your you gotta give me something. The pope to bear something going around up or I need something region, man, that's it
I mean that's a good there's a lot of different avenues. You can take with them and I guess depends on how we point. If he's playing great he's, gonna come back your, but these plain terrible. That's when it's gonna be fine tv to see. You stated jovian keep coming back adam and see how much you respond now using history, protests Is there any way like if their team starts playing bad You think there will be any chirping back and forth like him Tom. You think that, If anything there. I hope. So that would be. You need to a play it up. You should do that they're playing bad, that kick them an arab towns out here and just wait. What What are your man is? Try to get to know what you did last year, hey tom and am where the conversational, whose romania vp right now they're teammates. I mean Eric, took my mvp in two thousand and fourteen, so I'm definitely bringing that up getting the official title in here jj. What was the bleacher report? Apps hot seat press conference at two point oh presented by but one which will precede the live event covered simulcast onto anti tv and
headline news? Saying Johnny depp amber her dying, sobbing the match, beginning its six thirty p m east time. How is the gulf game I've seen you out in arizona feels like the watts, the entire families golfing everyday out there. It's beautiful! I eighty nine the other day and was thrilled, and then this as we can. I shot a one eighteen, so we are all over the map? That's gough, J J. That's: got off on earth, then practically been re, fertile again I tradesmen, age area as one airforces on cement taken all swings off the mat into the net and twisted on left knee twinkling things and swollen for two weeks. So I have really been able getting worked on, but I do have some fresh jays that are gulf shoes that look great out there. I think that's really I got are you? Are you weren't george? in tahoe or how we're doing it? Well, that's interesting cause. I think I gotta wear fucking paint. I think I have these places that you guys you to hang out and I gotta wear pants and stuff your pat mcafee wear whatever you want
What these bad boys, regular testa swing, remedies but turn in those doubts that america's what they need to see you are right, of course, is love Denham also, I mean I can't I have to wear black shorts, though, because the sweat that'll be coming out of my ass crew will be so disgusting. America doesn't need to see that, let's talk about you, though judges isn't about me, Jesus k. Arizona cardinals team ever since that owner the son of the late there s no away from to your house in wisconsin, landed on that lake, remember like magic economy and that one wrong com everywhere land playing on the water. Is. Guidelines is playing on your frozen lake pick. You up flies you down the phoenix arizona. At that moment, I was like Damn this team is go and all in all in it feels like that. Is in the case throughout your entire time there, a new seed, a new like pillar of the programme, is it
it got inside and outside looking at. It feels like one of the best seems to be a part of now in the entire nfl busy. It's a jewish man. I can't lie me: we've got a great team. Obviously we started out seven and o. Last year I had a great opportunity and an unfortunate squandered done stretch, but we lieutenant town, and we have a good makes a young guys and that's who can lead the way obviously a very talented quarter, backing it's a good organisation on the cliff, cliff is a players for sure he runs the often spans Joseph runs defence. It's very similar early in my career when Gary cooper, I ran the office in weight, philips round the defence. I think it's great when you have two guys with that level of experience and knowledge and its and they're putting pieces together? I mean I mean you look at what we've done yet hollywood and that offensive core I mean who the hell. Do you double team? I mean you got sachar, it's got hollywood. You got hop when
it's back. He got run down more. You got James conrad backyard man. You gotta worry about kyler running like how you how to stop them. It would. You really know Franz Josef your d corner. You have some history with him in use. Didn't I that's a little bit heed years ago. All we did was talk you up how great you where he was in cincinnati when I was there as the dp coach was at all, The reason why you decide to go out there. No doubt I love ants, the great out user does an early days that little without wait, philip style. Three four, I think we're gonna get even more. With the here as we go and I think comfort level being back in it near to here is gonna, be gonna be great, and is it is a he was a head coach in Denver. Obviously didn't didn't go the way you wanted to, but I think he'll be a head coach again soon. He's he's built for it he's got the right mindset, the mentality in the knowledge base and amazon corner I enjoy when you start stern, a pot with the internet, and I the way you here view, sports media,
data day sports conversations, bessie, you know what the heat on kyler yourself a video of him work and I'll go but but but but everybody is talking about him not be unhappy- is a great piece of content, especially come from you and what kind of Carlos backing building today from what I've been told you not are you hold now right now ties tyler game, but what a joy joy it urged the donuts I will come back. I mean I'm not saying that those problems, but There could be problem. Collar was an building. Yesterday I saw tat. He was there are media guy up to me and said: hey wednesday These are only been media session. Protease, will you speak out words. I said you know what I'm driving at be there lol.
Damn. I got my home media session five. Forty five bleacher report app. I got pressed on how bout it so you're saying caller. Was there yesterday? Have you sense that all that we talked to Steve time Steve times like it's going to get worked out cliff kings Mary Ann is business, is gonna, get worked up, bringing in hollywood the outside converse agencies be a lot louder than it feels like anybody inside of it, and we get you read with that. There's no thought about tat are not being a partner for ever right. I mean I don't I definitely don't have the feeling. I mean. I think that you know how all this yes, where's, now that this generally, it always takes right up until the end of training camps. The season so nobody's fretting any of it, because we all understand. How goes on me, my brother, just it is the last year, took until the last week of racism in its just the way these things go. So none of us are worried about it. None of us are are fretting I'm sure to log. You worked out and I look forward ever collar other. What do you think about tolerance? Damning? Your brother kicked his agents
where, with one like today, agents out away with the other, like kick the fucking door open. What about you pay me always cited. I gotta go work out exactly good, you tell me you don't want to get out of the way suits they pay me too much. Work. That sounds like something you doing her shortly in its europe the something season I feel like you're gonna be chickened out. Don't deal done, let's go, maybe a lot of details to figure out with a lot of different people right now, but figuring out we're getting there? You know I'm not reading, but it takes me some time directly from so, I know that you are signing with amazon you're, also signing with banned all your also decide to Heaven shows a week and it's gonna be humbly dallas. Unless there's already too much of me, we need to figure out how to make it less a mayor that whole thing, but are let's go do you chat about kyler there? What's person? Is he I think, because that's all such a terrible question. But the damp
african of your right from superbowl week before he was drafted, I think maybe people think like all this guy is vastly different than any other quarterback. Maybe we ve ever seen, but then Gonna see them with a face. Clan, and other people can open up and show is personality in without electrifying is and how Grady a baseball potentially what's if the guy is he on day to day that we don't get to see because it feels like he's, maybe one of the coolest dudes of all time and also the most athletic human that we've maybe ever seen. Is unbelievably athletic mean the guy. Does things that issues unbelievable and you you watch her by trying chase them around out there and I'm happy. I don't have to do it, but this is a different different quarterback. He knows that he's here. The traditional quarterback that you look at either from personality, a media standpoint or from the way he plays the game, and I think he has he knows that and he's accepted it and he embraces that and he's going to do it his way and that's what he's committed to and that's the way that he's going to go about things and obviously, at the
school level under the college always been very success with it. Now is doing it in a fella vaughan, he's, gonna be success with it there as well or are he and cliff tight? I know quips even said like hey, I I try to get carol to talk more to speak more. I guess because he does seem to be somewhat quiet, at least at least in front of the can but it seems, like he inclusive, are on the same page with everything yeah, yeah they're very much. On the same page, I mean it's very clear that our offense is built around Kyler Murray, skillset, and we're adding pieces left and right to enhance that skills are obviously bringing a guy like hollywood. I was known forever and whose best friends with an everybody knows that. That's what it takes to Anderson. Because you have to put the pieces roger quarterback exercise their talents and that's what cliff is doing. Kyler did you fly in the wheels of plain wherever you are right now I'll absent? how's experience. Brigham fantastic wheels up does an unbelievable job with there, fanciers customer service they put group there. I felt like mcafee on the way,
wrestle mania wound of our get treated like a wide, but it was a fantastic feeling. We we can. I see you on a plane somewhere and then you fly back in your floatin above the plane as you go at somebody threw the attitudes up. There are five. Forty five is when you can The pre show that this man will be hosting on the beach report up couple the boys out. Some questions very judges that all right, let's go are you napping before this? Have you are you storing energy from the taking a nap right after this call, I'm pretty jacked about it. I wanted the casino last night, so I'm just going to take a nap instead of giving it all back that smart, you are allowed to leave with chips. You're allowed to leave a lot of people. Forget that learn and slowly learning that slow? If, even if you hit huge on one hand of wine or beer,
for two three hours: drink some free drinks but fuck. It there's a lot to go off, so you're allowed to do that. People forget good talk. Jj, there's been a lot of talk about how the pro bowl stinks and has a guy who's been there like one hundred times. Is there anything they can do to make it better for the players outside of cancelling the game, and would you also tentatively commit to being the like a home, run derby, softball home, run derby at set event. But what a great question Yes, I do believe that it can be enhanced and can be made. Very fun there's so much on the line for guys with contracts and with everything that it's tough for the game to truly become but I believe it is. If you do it right and you make it right, the guy's, a love being up, like I remember my first ever probable paid man and getting up and giving a speech had the whole. I'm dying laughing, and then you go down by the poor in every.
Is hanging around the bar at the boy. Are you just shoot in the breeze of talking with Adrian petersen you're talking with all these guys that you watch on tv and looked up to and your share stories in its acts. You never get because it's just the guys and you can actually hang out with just the guys, So you don't want to lose that you want guys to want to go the problem, and I think, like you, said you do some sort of skills, competition. You do a baseball home derby, you tossed like some some other types of, competitions in there I mean I remember watching Larry I throw up to twenty five seven hundred fifty reps on a bench you know I mean it was those those types of things are cool and I think that you can find a way to make fun without having to put the guys at risk. Health was say they mounted on the bravo, my first probe, always in arizona. You remember that didn't we're not the whole fuckin hotel That was a very interesting decision. Like I've worked my entire life, I watched it and why I watch all the events. It looks like a great time. Airbus have the blast
there is on after losing by fifty four compatriots. Today for that? The hotel is not reserve. Just ran a velvet, so J J watts please and drew breaches of the world are getting attacked by autograph pounds. Basically, the lobby bar is not just any couplers. Although there was it about we're going pretty fucked up there, there's a lot of people that we're not about people their enemy to drive through out into the desert the practice two hours back. Anyone does work laundry in the middle of a playground or something in the middle of the desert. All like this is the bravo prove I've never been more confused in my entire life Jg. I like what the mail did. Anyone under those practices? Why did you even have to attend the practice? There is zero time to put a ball. There is zero place and nobody out here knows who the hell. You are anyways but come on. Boss. Where do the boss was the best part I mean I was like tat was all for part was in there. You were in there who at more tell us bennet was in us on stories.
Had me dying on the bus and then start talking about his video I'm completely was creating and production company with, like the kids chosen out like this guy, is brilliant. This is this guy's got a lot going out of her mind and it is impressive, those bus rides met those with that's it all happened by away from motivating like he created for animal everything he sang like was happening was a god damn, I feel like I've got a firmer suited brain there, but it was quite spirits, the probable. I really thought the melted it. I would be nice if they got what you wanted to be Firstly, what you said, but ass the and you can't say this does you're in it and you may then paid a lot of money in everything. Like that's a you sound like a pretentious ass. All of you to say this, I think, as a fan and as a weren't thought, appear brainstorm, either just to be actual prizes up again. If you offer up like fire, thousand hours that a winner or something and by the way, father thousand hours, that person's charity or thought like you're gonna do
what more effort you guys actually go in there. Buzz saying: why can't tweak hamstring for toys thousand hours are thirty thousand dollars like fire. Thousand hours, maybe a little bit more effort, will be more enthusiasm plus, charity aspect of it? I think you can really do some shit. I mean I back when my very first, although the game was actually still somewhat of a game. I mean it was not anywhere near true nfl game, but there was legitimate tackling in there were stuck going on. I mean you that strong taylor, video in your like those they are always gonna, be advocating but beyond the field anymore separate play matthews strident blog there's got some saw mill round there. I agree with you and it's you want the guys the plate, like you, want the guys to want to play. I think that's another Let's have a nowadays is so many guys are dropping out. They got the fifth six alternate in the game.
And then they're putting on there is the bio pro bowler and you're like alright, I'm six, six, all trackless yeah, just like the people in the off season that there's one hundred people on the team they're in the nfl, though right now in their bio. You know in a couple of months I think I'll take that offer not because they're, probably gonna be selling insurance. It's interesting times way whenever it connects it to the instagram reels and tick or got picked off the fourth stringer in practice and it's over instagram like he's, like he's all a favor still happening. I assume it's only growing. I mean that the thursday all prose or friday. Eyebrows are now we have access to public. You don't give a shit. There a kind of market that one thing it's must be a different time. You've been in the league a long time now, jj fucking long time, you've seen a lot of changes in sport. I was thinking about this morning. You know that I'm gonna do your twelve get right, called imagined, son. Looking up the guy's, everything tat has been league. For eleven years more than I have? That is I'm bodily?
aaron through errands old, like nobody, will talks inadequacies in great shape and he's playing great football he's what thirty thirty eight? Sure I think no end in sight. J, J, No! I don't cycle that guy. If he wants to adjust it, we're we're, throw the ball forever how's, your body feel you feel good. I feel great man really the arizona weather has been unbelievably retraining down there all off season in the heat on them. Actual grass body are shrank coated new, an unbelievable job. The body really does your great. It's been great up an enjoying it and I'm lookin Really looking forward to working with the guys have not have fun and I'm leavin. Do you think our bodies, pissed off about dunnet selection from seconds to have been cut a phenomenon? did that you know he had no problem. Getting the exact on its body, wanted he hadn t ones, but he wanted and zack earth sounded like he had never heard of a strawberry from. Don't act in his life? He was mine, blown that a pink frosted don't exist and
If we haven't settled we haven't unless it is two seconds. Vanity sounds like an uncultured swine monuments. Strawberry, lays down, fell a little bit, but afterwards, because Iraq came pretty hard, I don't know, familiar with the internet with your show and everything, but the internet can be a little psychotic and people. His roasted at another guy, that's he brought donuts So now I want to say that I I try to go It's like those particular that I was fondly and your your corner, and this particular one. If somebody was to tell me, hey donuts, are coming tomorrow morning and I dunno. If you Don't it's on a regular basis. I assume you don't. While you wait,
I going in there to work out. Oh, my god, I forgot fucking good buddies that are bringing mcdonald's in this thing, I'm going to bush's thing, and then he opens his everybody gets done it's about yupo I mean fuck. What is that? I changed my breakfast that morning exactly based on the fact I was going to be having donuts episode Zack I says, won't talk about that it doesnt work. He has won what will happen. I'm explained some time. One followed twitter and you can explain it There really is what a nice us humans on the planet, but he's he's on the list straighten up yeah. Well, what the role that europe? that's the thing, we're all wonder and I guess time will tell Conor your clash of a judge, dad J J. We love the quarterbacks, but is there any thought of doing a match with de Lyman, maybe even like the watts versus the bosses? Perhaps many old family feud actual powder here here's what I want to do and here's what I
am. I taught it about there to talk today dare to somebody today we had these guys were obviously good, golfers the great athletes they were there they play. Maybe they take a shot here there, but for the most part, their plant, pretty good golf I want a match where we drink beer, why might play real golf lad? Dark in the woods we are. We are on different, fair ways. Reply as you Well, how good you are kind of terrible, but if me and my brothers are going out to play and we're shooting one ten and we're drinking beers, I wanna watch that and I wanted to be miked up. I want to hear you know I want the club slams I want to We have fifty six, the greek thrown into a party. I want the passing in the trash talking. I wanna watch that yes, Yes, we do. You have to feel like five six hours tonight on air. You got another time. Oh I'm talking these are left the right time as three hundred fifty million dollar media deal. Trust me this is mine. Three. Seventy five percent
If ever it is. Why does he need it? What how much money does he need? What what is he trying to do? They're trying to buy team jj? I think honestly, hey, hey, there's no question that peyton's old record like you said, approval the mannings we're trying to get an ownership from what it sounds like a legit reports, tom he's trying to get the ownership is J, J Why why we get an ownership? Is I won t J can gauge it's out of the way. Laddie, the amount we need to get on the right track by god. Damned like a game. I need to go scientists. The media is our future thoughts. Are you owning a team ginger? I mean not the one that flying around with her say on his jet, in that is constantly at the colts, and you know I mean one of us does seem to be looking at ownership. Here is not the guy in the wheels up tour. All you're talking about the guy that guy got picked up in the in the gold chain. How cool would it be to fucking be an nfl owner? That money is only going like this jj? You hear me go on like this ursa golf.
Right next to the course right by my house down in arizona. He is there all the time and it doesn't look like bad life. Do you talk to him I, we we literally just missed each other. The last time that we were out his. I was talking to one of his. I think it was his number two we were out there, but I just MR, but his plan, but real time. Gus guy was a good life place, it seems, but right seems do ownership proper, Yes, he has a museum, the travels around with him. While he plays the guitar with legendary louisiana around place. You give no combo, J J grab a chair day, bachelor there is about to be too three hours of the most legendary stories that you ve ever heard, be metaphors, questions come an azure might be rhetorical. Might one day the real haven't always at home in the situations, hillside but question soon.
It is not one of them. That's what I mean he is. He is what the congo j J last question here: guide turned its judge. I just wanna. Thank you first for motivating t J to try to get to those three defensive em. If you were to thank you for that, we appreciate it also. Why do you hate your brothers and why didn't you go play with them lashes? tone that is as a conversation for another day, free agency in itself is a full. Conversation for another day in theirs deftly stories from it that I will tell I thought you were tied the stuff at some point. There is there some interesting things their budgets. Or you ain't going for three hundred and seventy five million dollars from somebody right there I mean you gotta, like you, gotta, look at what that situation was at the time to TJ was up for a contract extension and he hadn't gotten there yet in in we're talking there and I'm always gonna want. I want him to gets in character
Wasn't there was a situation about how I want him can take caravan. Also, he loves, brought good rather up grown two brothers. Can you jake I mean really. I mean I hang out with them like fifty to one hundred days a year. We text and talk every single day I mean do we need to be in the locker together really a lot. We would have liked it Yeah pittsburgh would have loved it. Three wives, why aren't as solid that defense is fun? I love watching the steelers level, my keys done and everything that teachers told me about my tea and in the way that he does. Things seems like it is just everything you look I hope for as a player, obviously stools organizations when the best in history- and it seemed like they do- First class, the right way up there, and so is It- does look like a special place. I'm lucky the ball, my brothers of their days, they the extraordinary about making the whole place. I get better
What you say my whole fuckin thing, just birthplace, york echo and offer their son. I have your views on a greater that's what I'm fucking with around listening and my guess is glories place. I apologise for this and professionalism got a J police at last month. For me, you can you give a pick, and I know you are due to say who you think when the match minus one, eighty isaacs right now, the blue. If there are rules slide Maybe I'm not supposed to I'll take a pic, I'm going with ce, and I think that they're going to win. I think from what I hear I think Aaron is the best of the crew. I think Tom also has he's got another. You know hundred and eighty article out in his bag at some point just cause. He always does something spectacular on the course I think pat has played this course a ton. I played this course.
The just and symbolic jimmy found thing a couple weeks ago and they were like yet pets. But I hear like fifteen times this year, tumble able so he knows, of course, well Josh and told his dialed in from a hundred fifty yards in little erratic off the tea box. So I'm going with the old for guys with shakespeare That's right think in maybe I just got myself kicked off the broadcasts. I don't know that five forty five the whole show starts and oblige report out with the last press conference. This man will be hosting before the six thirty blast on treaty. Eighty auntie em headline news: ooh can't wait to watch jj you're the best buddy. I appreciate you guys. I love it everytime and I hope to talk to you again. Good luck on the map to you know because downstairs, there's a casino call. It adds and vague is no no, no, no, no no monopoly. In the basement, it's going
more minor. Where do assumes you put your head down in that city? Maybe maybe just a little baby, this little baby, couplings ujiji what you always webcam, watch on the bleacher bored. I can't wait to watch the matched night. Six, thirty you're the man. Ladies and gentlemen, J J pop up and wasn't tom movie started. Ok, guys have put a lot of heart and soul bro. I keep basically had a little promo with me and want to shut down neil neil. What now It comes on just one shot tom sitting in a chair talking like legit. So have you think I'm gonna fuck that would have you better use, ie fool and are you joy? I have not food and tie a promise. Mission impossible ended tom speaking directly to us right into that top gun.
It has never been hotter nails, audio, slash, Niels tyres right. That's new. Ask him why we didn't get the with tom cruise before what the fuck is that There are forty five seconds. Maybe three send that's who, as you know, this is real safely avenues, anyone negative you have it. I guess I was a fool, nobblers same theatre, so it could still. We knew I don't. I saw I'll you regard january. First, two thousand and twenty three legalized sports betting. What's the effect fan doors common at times january, first, two thousand and twenty three- your bets actually mean something now so when you're just going all willy nilly, I put one thousand on detroit lions. Do this now we're going to find out welcome to the game ohio we are pumped to have you. It is going to be a blast. Five months their rights motionless and what's so, it goes into effect or you can start. Gambling distort the new year asked: that's what you're saying that, because since
Bangles have again the next day, I believe one and I football against the bills real. On january. Secondly, the play off. Let's go. We something you're missing out on a very large portion of the longest seasons the nfl has ever had to gamble upon, but legislators don't care about that Actually, no, but you will be able to get massive Monday night football game right into the playoffs when it matters to do all your research all season. So you know that whenever the football that matters comes around your doubt and in order to be taking vandals money at an even bigger level when ohio joins the party- and we thought you take him for all- they got age from its right of men. I honestly I it's night through you guys and through say, and do I've started to get into it, pay more attention everything, but the fact that I can actually do it, I thought this day will never come ass, regulated safe. I soon, First cup. We first couple weeks in every state legislators like are not that open.
For like both and that they have to have control over everything. I believe from what I've known like that, couple weeks are always the toughest. Get things through, because you know bureaucracy of the government, wants to make sure hey. We will make sure it's being run like a right, which is what we mean, as we all make sure we're getting a proper cut of all this stuff. So sometimes bonuses and so perverse, not necessarily the widest margin. Does that help our state or does that? What does that? What are we doing here so for the first couple of weeks it seems maybe I will be different. I hope ohio is different. There have been some states that have just operate in and been just like everybody else, but it does feel like sometimes when new states come in the first the whole, which is not as easy to get Those are in some states, not all states like the new state or such like, like there is always those the things that happen, but in the long term, it will be amazing and I'm so excited for a while, and I am thankful that got it passed? Him was his gonzo's last
this is last arrived. We did it again sounds I get cancer of obliged to his legacy. For every every bad thing would set about the and I'll deal also his legacy, because he was one of those spearheading the potential gathering and steady who can never quite get ahead tantric ten years from now on, I would all be set about gods, his political career, but I would like those data maybe exist. Remember that he no woman brought sports gamble. Yeah, that's measures. Member here was the item or some other person, its very best that we just said that What that guy to a guy or labels or lonely, balsam? Altruism, did either robbing the people reservation. I can't get it Do you know how closely.
These John Sharon's and wizards that set the lines linzer at vandal woody looking at your house, they puckers along those lines, will be lost. I didn't realize week one ohio state notre dame vandal will be here now, but just in the future, everybody in ohio is analyzed epoch. I've been based. I mean that he's gonna, if you're not up north north michigan, some of us The youngest people are missing advanced by the way. Yeah there are, I mean, there's plenty of yeah. There's people, it's fine, not a chophouse. I mean wow, that's how you dance, that's all that matters go new job. What do you do me it's like. Can you eat steak here? We don't know. How can he dance? I keep back it up. The zeppelin
it'll go and he's already working for fox or what does that happen? The official? That's what I keep saying it, but he's not signed. Is he whoever's leaking? It needs to stop, because we have to react the same exact way. Every time like we have to are they checking this show you think, to gauge a reaction of what the general public will feel not this, nobody cares about their show, but the internet reaction is the exact. Basically I don't. Pretty basic dudes on the show. If we are doing it is probably a good chance, there's a lot of people that are reacting the same way. But how could you not and how could you not after the disaster that was last season for him as another, I'll catch us. First, I'm back and sidelines like act. Making decisions as busby outside with a sort of suit a measures, a wild seen, especially when you're tryin replicate game day and in those sets for kind of smaller, but they packed people in their like.
The normally signs are going to be on tv they're, just going to keep rifle in those things through with your fingers going in bungles and stuff, like that, there's there's no way their top engineer Eric yeah. This is funny, though, it's funny that you say that, but that would be a real worry of mine. If I was a producer, no kidding do what every week we the entire time the shows on on the air who, like ours so damn creating? They got time got time for those signs, especially if it's gonna be It's gone for ten seconds on tv that that's all imperial ripped posts. This one I did hilarious. Let's go out tonight, celebrate this. Let's do that. I mean no mind. No, it's free pub for the show. Maybe they don't care? Okay. Well, I can lean into it. I mean they did tebow bad and he didn't do anything nearly as terrible as a reminder going to destroy him what they say about tebow. All that take that science he was doing
I take live from yeah right over his shoulder. There was four people standing four feet behind: develop, holding signs that were not nice to tier table block. What do you mean yeah, like just elementary level startled nothin supercilious, but taken shots them as football player, and everything like that. There was one literally right there. You are right there, like you, standing back here. This, the sign of you, That's like where the person was then they come back in the last shot Why get me down? Honor see. I wouldn't do that. I've got you. Right. But tebow is doing a hit on the first take like raking in this person was holding a sign right there. Those are tebow's terrible or football or whatever, and we literally walked in. I was watching it, and I was like Zella there like promoting gap in every single time. People goes live from all campus or whatever
he came back on the other side that sons gone. Nobody was their dinner. Again it was, I gotta get they told the same, a person or with tebow's all by himself a desert. Gonna have to go on the right. Now is one person through now to tell two hundred and fifty people today through signs down with brows gonna fly. That today is as it is, is the tv sign he looked upon the tv censier timber to twenty six five people standing too bad? Sorry, that's all I'm saying I give way was elementary level stop, but it was still like. That's my medium, usually silk here, One thing I don't want you to try to play both gavin saying the first two lines: ok, Then last two lines is the burial. I believe I'm not. I dunno baseball well enough, but I think that is the case. Yeah same guy stinks of baseball. Of course I was twenty. Six is a non singular. It's not great simply because like us, isn't gonna put you probably
couple. Those guys, probably from first page. I seen proud none some by contact, if I'm doing it A car bomb spoke out, so I guess the determine the rent and that's all they threw at diva already. They just threw a curve. Balls again, alright yeah these people are here to see you get your cameras out Jesus. Well, It's a curveball fastball. They wanted to see if he could. Maybe get a chance on one of them. Well, that was the whenever I was going to play my game they're like if pictures as anything other than gas. He will be marked and ridiculed by everybody in baseball for the rest of his life. Then he doesn't. Think that his passport was good enough to be somebody that is never step. Foot into a battered by sea did the first day, everybody told me hey the first pitch going to be the best pitch you see all night like so I mean a big conversation with the fuck it up and how things companies like iron swing. In at this, I felt
It hurt the hell out of my hands, but I could see in that moment how people enjoyed the activity of baseball. Oh yeah find out lefty yeah right. That was oppo. Also the fact that you're just learning that at thirty three or whatever it is, my baseball, not for me, Normally you're gulf swing is the same as your baseball's now. That's, not your is Tom Brady bats lefty, gulfs ready. Throw such answers right hand is welcome. Veal, injures came on said actually play baseball, hurts because of this gulf to even swellings, not insane. He doesn't want to messapus gulfs right now. I was at a usually that similar swing to wear if you do one right, you can the other one right. Icy legit show potential to dwindle I think so, like you, ve feeling absolutely can shoot under poor so, like I think tat, he could do it I myself will both be paid out from the shelf work. Aloes call Williams fuckin play
I would go round one lasher shockingly. That was my last round I play with David he's, got up to stop the charts they once winner, shootin everyday J like even par. I don't know their exact score because of that stableford thing yeah I mean or even poorer under yeah. I would think that's pretty neat, definitely get even point. Every single shot matters to every shot. We are a few years out from ever competing in that it sounds like you, gotta get this part five. You gotta hit eagle yeah right, yeah I yeah it'd, be nice yeah. Believe me, I say it every time. Every year my brother is like you should like you can hit the ball far. We should really take advantage of these poor folks, like yeah I'll, try it, but every comic keep your eighth and ninth on these suckers. What about you do hit the hell out of a golf ball? I don't understand how you're not a great golfer. I had bought a balance that that's what every once in a while I'll get a case. The old tops off the tee and go skipping yeah
I scramble like a madman though, but can't you get your dial that isn't just a tiny bit. You've got a point, a diary and don't worry, I'm still waiting to get out from my first round this year, you're at the range two weeks ago. What oh he loved it and is a friday that I'm going to have to miss it's one of my it's a deal. I gotta go make your play a scramble to tell which is next friday. Jeez. What those deals deals I signed up for you. I told you I get got one about a week or two after that to the nails my guide, I hope me up with the ryder cup those on definitely going to that network and our work week or two after the tenth to in the front. Think before time. Earlier, oh well, not if it's the friday before tata, that's good news, because I think we're going to be live from somewhere. I think ok, things coming
The other thing, let's call will be off that we could talk, how I think, and then maybe the week following and on how we feel about progeny There are unfounded was about how that need doing as it You keep moving beyond my shrieking movement. Now I got sit out. You know that I found out how to get safe. Those tat now I gotta keep. Swelling the dog shit, america. We get rid of that it'll go away. What does that pass, but is it blood? What is it cartilage now harvard lingeringly and fluid another. What is the fluid in there? I got drained ones. I got took kinda thing: protect you what your body sends out flew to. Try protect your joy. They act as a tweet somethin, whereas girlfriend airforces on cement,
That idea, I mean what was I even doing there and I was really laying into it too. I was starting to feel it, and then I hop on a bike and just fucking hit it with a ten piece. Real quick so it. There's no structural, because I can perform laid on you know, so I can do like full. It is dealing with the swelling whenever this is this thing drink. My right me, I got drained wanting to Sweden, We all know this lacework compression fleet. You should sleep now. I can personally that would help copper fit. I'm not saying where it around public and where to smack them with shorts on, but you can sleep in a b, not a not the prohibit you see. You know this leaves that you get from the train. I mean I've, those laying around We were sure you got me if the copper fit at walgreens, but I feel much better lay than I did yesterday and yesterday I felt a lot better than I did two days ago. So it's going away yeah! I'm going to be good, I think I'm gonna be good, drink some water. While a lot have a drink park and advice- smart,
Here's to the naked but how are you going to have the it's going to be more of a mental hurdle that first time you try to get back and really go after one? I've done that like four times surgeries, I have had to do that. First I'm going to, let some fuckin break it. If I have to because? That's always the question: is there any more damage? I can do this thing right now. If I swing any more damage? I can do now. You're gonna use hearts to strike back, aren't you said, I'm fuckin swinging his arms against. It hurts so bad, yet stood fills a gap. Something that now you just saw, let's go work on or whatever teaching your body how to do stuff after surgery in that's, I think we are one of the shows that doubts about it reacts thanks from surgeries its thinks it is no fun. It is
its painful, very painful it's time, consuming its isolating or buy yourself a lot, the trainers out to be not only top the job and also they have to lift morale. A lot is no fun at all your items and rights up. We have for this one, though how does a pocket give it up if the dog is swing as hard, as I can tell you you're not I mean, hopefully, you don't need surgery on that. If you do you'll wait till after your big golf match and tell her about the match, having a walk to a part of this type can outgoing carling efficacy toward all shots. Yeah. I know they got a letter army that they have everything else. I want. I wouldn't be shocking. If you went into some trailer and I go on court tornado a quarter ago, everything else yeah the lease crisis mean they have like a trailer chiropractors and people stretch into it. Although I don't that you can, walk right up to them. Just like I did calls doctors, It bore all ways
you should do the aid this year. You could do it, but they're going to they already know, don't even say anything just go in there pull your pants down turn around I'm on jackass lot of dick and ass, and I think I saw a little bit of four point. Five puppies blindfold race I have not yet not gets Purvis s baby the line of the year I mean I just it's not gonna logger lines and john dogs you're talking about the one seen when he was the old man oversight in these other old chap covered lord. How do you get those guys think fifteen sixteen dot, bikes sixty years and up. I think that's the only people that would do it right. That feels like that's all the nudist colonies is all those olds that are just like kinda creepy, don't care they just gave one into a nursing home and were like hey, we'll give you guys a hundred bucks. We come here just dump your dong out zimbabwe? We know tones, do it, regarding our bullshit.
Another go around what we got bigger and I guess I lost derek along with dick outside their fifteen months. I beg you. Fifty I felt like their overexcited. Have their dogs outside its showed awkward, so we get it when Lord stanley lord have arrived yesterday. There was maybe fourteen or fifteen dogs on one of the screens here, because we're watching that and then the movies thing just happened. Then Lord kames everybody got a dish. This company, the worst this when you know things we paid? We didn't get the full movie, we didn't get a promo from fucking tc before they got their move. That's bullshit find it on your ass. I think AJ is full of shit. That happened. People are somehow make up it. Does
fine on youtube or on twitter. I'm sure somebody screen confined donated maybe he's just a screening. I got to see Allow me also: has diesel? Will you fucking? buckeye alumni hall of fame club movie theater. I went online boys, wiser, taxis, I'd, six front row: tickets power. So five other Jesus. You ever been to a movie before front yeah front row, how's your nashville, a lot of talk about a baby like you guys I went to. I was trying to schedule it. Obviously it's a big movie, it's sold out and played seventy five times, and that was the only seatbelt repeal crazy that you watch topped up front rapid software family to irish laughed it found around or you it wasn't. I back sir No, I'm not I'm. Actually it was a big old leader, you're right in dear oh yeah. Like me up there.
I was doing this all that different scenes, firefly freezer, why fireball that to look that up on the throttle itself, yeah appetite next gen fifth gen was sick. That's it movie, came to united aerial phenomenon, the actual over your ip. I want! surprise the falcon I was actually crews. Flying stonework further was exactly said: fuck it gimme in their evaluation, That is why it would set a celebration: as of today. Major listen to this Michael coal has officially been on the air for w w. We first one five straight years in those twenty five years working at least one show a week. For numerous years. Twenty five, I think, like maybe a decade of work,
two shows a week only missed two shows twenty five years for commercially layovers staying in best westerns driving hours and hours. You get two shows husband. Two shows in twenty five years, trap, in all the world for the w w e, never taking a break, never keeping away now taking like to leave and coming back in feeling anything that you may be left on the table. Twenty I've straight fucking years change, so many people's lives change. So many stories has honoured. We ve been a masterpiece of why I work for the w w we if they're very lucky, to work alongside them. In my eyes, the goat congrats on twenty five years, Michael cole, AJ think about that one of the greatest workers in the industry and workers is used in wrestling as somebody in the ring, and I don't mean it is that I'm talking about somebody that Britain, Five years show
to his job did it. Exactly what he was supposed to do. Performed at a very high level. Only Stu, shows for twenty five fucking years unbelievable run can grow stay here, man, the thanks, for everything else, What he my one I want. My coat is used to say, like he's a soldier for the cause, and I feel who cause absolute soldier for the debit Ebby, like twenty five years missing too shows, especially in that car. Is the world that the ww is especially so he's been there through. All the weird was that, with all the w c w, and all that back and forth with everybody else, oh yeah from the attitude era, all the way through the Monday night wars through the entire of the His throne, as already ruthless aggression era through You seen the rock enforced forms with the w w e and gone on there he stood Austin the into I mean programme. A few eugene matches
I would assume yeah. Probably I were certainly yes, he's wrestler wrestle mania. Obviously I mean he is the soundtrack to a lot about twenty five years and by the way it has been stuff, he's had to say your nose as a lot of things that he's been forced to say on air as the voice of the wwf, which is what he was literally titled for a long time through a lot of years have a lot of ideas and he's just gone out. There showed back up the next show gave. It is all I mean, fuckin bra interesting, interesting career, huh, yeah he's a mass of booze beyond. Maybe the liver takes a break everyone's amongst Michael. Does it a guy you get and jack Daniels, while in some people are twenty five years where the stores and w w we think about that drink haven't a drink with that guy I mean yes,
awesome in the stores it looks like you still look so good, though, like he could go another twenty years got new haircut series kind of change. The way his hair has been losing weight he's getting into shape, he's having fun. I think, on air I think he's enjoying the approach he's setting up a program, poe dunno, if Michael calls ever getting back in the ring for wrestlemania. We need him back. While I appreciate Michael cole, in twenty five years, traded doing something in showing especially with the travel they travel goes the delays, the amount of time he has spent both running through an airport in at an airport and absurd, the amount of miles he has on every airline forever. A billion miles. Probably a couple different airlines has like somebody Anybody else. That's ever been on the road for twenty five years straight every single week, cages about on the road for twenty five years straight, he must do on the road. Fifty two weeks a year,
one in five years. Straight still why commercial on real what like? That is the thing that gets everybody, the travelers. What gets everybody everybody hates the travel? That's what people? If you look at it profession, that involves travelling the travel ban is a masterpiece of the conversation because I'll exhausting it is how annoying it is how fucking impossible. It is to get the some places that you have to get you to be able to do things. He has Why to point twenty five years in this guy, flying to blame getting a rental car driving two and a half hours to show then doing the same thing flying all the way. Back I mean it is blocking. Competitive stamina of Michael call in the witness in the level that he's been able to perform for this long. I have not but respect for I am. It is awesome to be a part of his little tiny, little tiny part of his massive story? Agent blow you guys
awesome together, and you were from day one. I think it's it's fun to watch cool, to see like Think about what's going on and Michael calls like what could this gabby thinking right, one he's what sixty percent deaf or whatever to guess he sixty percent africa's. He said headphones. Fifty two weeks, five year strategy set headphones, there's conversations going on in there, including his own, I assume, but think of before you gotta doubly to be used here, covering a war in bosnia, he was the first want to talk to David caress. Journalism, career covered some river fire, where he almost dieting stuck in the middle of a fire in the middle of a river man, oil fire. Whatever I mean he's I think you covered a cup of presidential campaign in any one into the w w e and for twenty five you strange shows up. Does his job like he's professional I hate this. Why do this? What I gotta go and I feel like I've enjoyed his commentary lately.
Because I've been there. So I'm listening to every single word. I didn't always listen to every single word. He said back in the past when I was watching the visa waivers on now like I feel we're getting. It is actually the human behind the Michael, characters common, although basilicas below them more comfortable. I hope and should be because I'll fuckin good he is but absolute a champion of the road in his eyes and very good to us like he is actually the man, even as a lot of people, think he's gonna break like he's very, very nice dresses like jack, absolutely at some any of those fuckin sandals, and that day you look good. They got a cosy comfortable. No car. He going you weren't a full jumpsuit with it I don't if he had the full jump, simply definite sweats in prague. Some terrible baseball sure he loves baseball nets. Acceptance we're in dallas to wrestle maybe like a jack ass machine, therefore, settlement of super every time you see me what's right now, he's problem
right here, cause not only zone. The area is also does been shit off air, so he's in calls all day everyday I mean it is nonstop, this guy on, I does it and his wife, incredibly coyly cooper whilst jobs both our way. I don't know. If he's going to go another twenty five years would assume he's on his back nine, but we might be wrong. You want to go. He didn't wanna start going back to bosnia and reporting from torn areas as it I mean I would assume at this boy, twenty five years on the road he pledges hopefully retire off into the sunset or he'd be bored man? Yes, he would have to be on the road he would have to stay on the road, because after fifty two years of being on the road, every single move there's no way he's able to get that he's on autopilot. I bet he's just straight autopilot when he's traveling, don't even look at where he's going he got larvae he's got our view. That feels like the right answer. Travel right position besides I've, That's right answer: they want to get out of it. He still gonna have to be on the move, because this
psychology of him getting out of that life? Probably not, anytime soon, and I am not suggesting that at all. I hope he works for at least as long as I'm work. How old is he? I don't know He doesn't seem old enough to have been there for twenty five years. I feel that I thought he was fifty seven or something yeah. Fifty five is what it was in my head just get a man, he does. He looks good he's doing well still got energies. Fifty three ably looks like he's there early forties thirty sir looks good tax governance. Which is surprising because the traffic on the amount of food the monitor rather than he can. Poland, where anything lahti are you're. My saying go out I'll know anything about his drinking and allow tv people love booze hard. Well he's gonna here this evening. I say all copper nights a week: sancho it is evident that from here nobody does during the week like tat. I well as he always as is here
apple watch, which he speaks into you now using, is always in his poor drinking jack. Wherever such well call it a night. I am there, while today off that's right. Never tourism enjoy this than the ones that romania is tuned up, a news, not even Dana clock. Yet we have some breaking news, which is a complete change. Its object ain't. I think I said this in my ear- in a very excited fashion: nice because Zito has committed his entire life to this over. What we all believe has been an entirely too long of a process to public the process. We have learned a lot of things about two very notable celebrities through a court appearance that has taken place there been a rolling johnny has won the Jonathan Lamar, fairfax, virginia jury roles in favour of johnny depp and live a lawsuit against ex wife, amber heard, who had accused him of abuse. So he gets.
Fifty million dollars, I believe, is what are you doing hopefully is name cleared, is what is needed for the actual other jersey. They picked up the money. The money ends up in serbia. For him, it's his legacy of like hey. This is all for gays. This, I'm not going to stand for this go ahead and do it as we are watching them for publicly. I didn't really talk about it. Much because I've Fifteen million Fifteen million was rolling. I guess from the jury in Johnny depp and I assume johnny depp is obviously popular. Fifty million, probably in jobs that potentially loss relief. Not does she have fifteen owing to pay him, though, Well, I dunno how that'll get sicker it'd, probably be a bankruptcy situation and future there'll be some deal struck, I assume, but for him it's legacy right. I know he wants to clear his name like he doesn't wanna, be known as an abuser. Yes, yeah by the way, grants to him by the way for getting his name, cleared. Congrats him for going through with this, because guys in girls. I guess it does happen in that particular fashion as well, where women beat up
in our spouse. I think we saw it. I'm not going to hurt anybody, but there was former soccer player where it happened in Canada took place. It always it's kind of buried away in a just tunnel lingers around you now forever for these people. Nothing a lot bore I have obviously done in a terrible people, but flip side, because somebody words like this is quite a misunderstanding that I dont want to use public with, indeed, with all the potential backlash lacking from this. That thing publicly shown what Johnny deaths best case right hunting in the closing the pub opinion after they're, watching that sway, the fashion, I think any of us could have expected because of the previous events that have taken place with this serious of an accusation Well, yeah. I remember early on we I know nick or somebody else might know like the timeline. Zero is johnny. Depp was so
There was accusations of him of abuse or whatever, and he didn't say anything didn't say anything and then it came out later like no. He was accusing her of abuse. I'm like oh, this could get interesting where Johnny depp was a terrible person and he was trending. I think, and then it came out now now he is accusing the other way and then everybody was like. Oh, so this is a very toxic relationship and then, like now, they're going to court, it was like oh shit here we go in for six seven weeks here. The internet has obviously watched every single second of this entire thing in I guess he was in the uk, ireland. Some drinks celebrate this entire thing here, one more stage while, as announced he was removed when the jury was deliberate. He flew to london and was part of a cancer he was shredding guitars hold of her life for Johnny depp, completely scared to go to the public lost a lot of friends, probably for things that were said about him in downey studies and given a movie coming up soon to get them back on screen in play drunk part here. How A lot of money not allow us make blow to
who was it about that im sitting at that table. At the very end of that day, more they all just drift away, yeah. Quite a mother- oh no fault! I knew it. You fucker at best boss, georgia. She got out recently Georgians are absolutely still alive. Started on a set of low room. Mercer. I hope, but he's just trying to make life easier for him. Is love. Whoa like better than the rest of the piece by the way, georgia and he the best way day, twenty twenty one and ray liotta played georgia's dad in the movie he passed waiter recipe. Israeli I'll, miss you read
forgot about that role by whereby some developed under the movie good fellows is blow great movie, dad gray character ass? He fucking you all along I am still stop. While he did. Three point: three million people watch live as the verdict was remedies. I want you to do. I saw like over a hundred thousand on twitter we're fowl at most in need of them. For that That means that many people saw them say he didn't happier ass, real, pretty good reminder for us to get the fuck out of here. You talk tonight Hammer dad about fifteen, maybe I'll, get to see the lad from Canada came to see him and catch up with them and now watch him continue his heater from his covered katie Canada, which, by the way his bag, did not pass covetous. That's why do was behind explain know. He said they laugh last up there in canada by the way, love mass, oh yeah,
How far is he from where trudeau is located? nine centurion s question, but I'm sure they'll be something you can send him in the text. I would do that here shortly. Why didn't you check your groups here is don't go. I think he's gonna be good to say, attacks a goop last friday, I text them because I was pumped for group. I was dropped. My wife, our walking down near like not done Columbus urged walking down the street going somewhere. In the car started, blaring his horn honking at me, driving by a dude, hangs out the window and says free golf and yeah. It was like three hours after we just finished the show up when he was leaving okay, so a lot of love for gump and he he deserves. It can't wait to get him back as soon as possible. That process is already thinking. Kick him back off, so here we go ricardo. Let's go Complex, get you back power. We measure lad. I wear out here thanks conquerors kicking off the morning like you to see it as very weak,
get time on it on the show santa policy. Don't you think you look down on affording a fucking. Tom come if we put it out of IRAN and yeah do that through reach out hawk. I'm doing right here on out Tom. We Tom Tom, listen, I never seen one of your movies only none from the couch incident on Oprah or cocktail great movie, a great movie yeah now, but I they got a place called chasers, which I believe was named after their right, o chasers at pictures on wednesdays, morgantown know you're, not a place and always Tom. I know you I just saw assume was his forgave actin. Like? Is this thing for? top gun maverick this morning to pull it changed my opinion to watch all your movies. I appreciate you for existing in for representing our country. Sir, thank you for everything. Like you, I love you. If you like to have a human conversation with us, we'd love to have you tat, he might be an alien
oh yeah, big transit visas tall, Now that shit he's a fucking bone fide movie star zambia dishes absolute star yeah. I do, They still stands in the milk rates for some of those scenes I don't think that's right now: cows, bullshit I'll bet, you're never done up on Cyprus. He's sick with three really run seventy five miles an hour. That's no job did perfect, knee drive arm swing. Ajax knee drive all the way it is. It is class, it is a guy. I bet you Tom is that guy, where he wanted to look good running and film, and I bet he hired someone to teach him like a proper form. Stu. Unaids gives a beast gives every before everything I need perfect his arms. Time has a very in depth. Long like not routine before he doesn't he those actions absolutely at his age. You would have to the fact that he still doing all that committing all that. So we enjoy the hell out of that two hours and twenty minutes. Whatever I'm very grateful,
If you're coming to talk to some humans, promote hell, yeah, hell yeah, we have we love aliens around here, yeah. Do you love watching them mission impossible, like what you ask, which ones best one to ghost protocol go and start with. The first couple are good, though, even though they are but they're, not I mean you can dive right in. You know what you're getting with dlc now just dive right now edge of tomorrow So very good. That's good to see these bad ass mother fucker this year to see him right along in a firefly gipsy job done lex. Rotor he's good! that I've seen a little bit of tropic thunder for sure, he's, awesome and trump has a cameo at the end. Pretty much right. I know you love now thunder is my favorite comedy movie of all time. Jack reacher filmed in pittsburgh are saying yeah, but I'm sure it's great that he gets a plumber know they sound like dallas, and he was there at mario's film there.
Real or drink. They other we'll thing they have a wheelchair was after hours they would go. They would feel more like what I am on. We rock of ages of unit musicals ease, is you can name every fucking move in tcs library, if you'd like it's just as good in every movie, that is already report greatest actor of all time. Yeah. What are the terms of just like box office, appeal being star known exactly what you're getting out of every tc movie yeah tell you what you go through resigned to it's hard to find a bad. Watch, your age, those alleged that's about. What's going on Allegedly, I've heard about that movie eyes wide shut, it's always thrown by people that are trying to take a shot at the situation that we're either going to share or leaving or what this potentially eyes watch out such was just keep your head builder. Words like was everybody's banging everybody. I don't know. With mass on? Is that what they do they fucker irritably
orgy of mashed mass part is a fairy conventions that Moscow where you live, on what those five zero them lie. What wives were do him these days where people died in us in isolation the sum of them. Maybe where are the dying monkey box situation casually rain man? Another girl remains classes. Are all that's. What I'm saying Where's, your team seeks a fuckin legend. He founded this one yes, allegedly what we learned. He funded a lot of top gun here, really the egg. It's like seventy five percent, and yet there is one of the biggest one. Yet all you american made, I did was great, you know, do you have, I'll tell you, could sleep, but I don t see why tat is. I believe, however, that our body took off today, was very oil remedies ways in america through he's one of light before we got off
I came with one more bottle, fell back it's a hammer, downs in fifteen minutes or so on- youtube dot, com for sledgehammer that and the nick. That's why you talk tonight should regret any guest tonight I dunno actually I'm waiting to hear from Robert,
surprise guess, eureka maybe see a more viable.
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