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2022-06-02 | 🔗

On today’s show Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys talk about the NFL, The Match, the NBA finals kicking off tonight, the NHL playoffs, and everything else going on in the sports world. Joining the progrum in the first hour is 2x Super Bowl Champion, 12 years with the Steelers, and stud cornerback, Ike Taylor, to chat about his son, NIL, the Steelers, the importance of a veteran in position rooms, and more (20:13-41:53). Later in hour two, former NHL goaltender, NHL insider, ESPN analyst, and NHL ambassador, Kevin Weekes, chats with Pat, AJ, and the boys about who going to hoist Lordo and his analysis on the teams left in the fight for the Cup (57:24-1:13:13). In hour three, AJ Hawk’s Brother-in-Law, Notre Dame Legend, NFL quarterback for 7 years, and NFL/College Football Analyst, Brady Quinn, comes on the show to chat with the boys about a few AJ Hawk stories, Notre Dame Football, covering both the NFL and CFB, and more(1:13:30-1:46:17). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all of you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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Experience. The power of five g with t mobile with faster five g speeds nationwide. You can upload your favorite video, superfast or game on the go plus t mobile has more five g bars in more places, so you can stay connected to what matters most from almost anywhere switched to t mobile. Today, the leader in five g, the mobile has america's largest wifi network fastest, based on the median overall combined by tsp, according to analysis of speedtest intelligence data fight for twenty twenty one to see. If I can devise coverage and access details at t, mobile dot com, hello, beautiful people, it is thursday june. Second, two thousand and twenty two sports show shall begin right now. Thank you for joining us. There's a lot going on the sports world. Obviously the mba is happening at a gel is happening. Football is always going to happen. Soccer happened. Last night I were going to win the soccer lombardi there's a lot of takes from take vil bots come out about the soccer world in the state of soccer, not only in the world which we now run, but in the united states yeah, so
but I don't know about the big news of the day: aaron rodgers, Bodies in Marty's out wins the match last night for he and Tom Brady over Josh Alan impact ma homes, and I will say I watched that I want the area of ten hours in detail late evening last night I was the match in its entirety. At any time you have broadcasters from CBS turner and it found network the four probably most prominent and best quarter bats in the game, including the two back to back m BP and the greatest of all time than that. Generation and quarterback conversation. It was What J J want dvd player the year in there is well charles barkley, obviously giving great It's almost like. They know that people are just going to watch it regardless riah. Dead entire thing
thoughts on a lot of it, but I do know that it was great greatly and patch mom sling some beers around. That's love became america sweetheart again, just yesterday playing golf valley was at the beginning of his career as you so much funny like catch up. I don't easily incredible football player. Grew up. Baseball family was making things and doing things on a football field that we have seen a long time from a young quarterback and haven't success. Here we go, everybody loves, Patrick bombs. Is the next generation.
Ampatuan bombs wanes signs, a half, a billion dollar deal wow. Sorry, four hundred and fifty three right million dollar deal. We just learned yesterday from rapoport, even though that wasn't what was reported the beginning, they lose okay. A couple of times here his brother and his now wife and wife. Yeah somebody's creative family was start, taking a lot of the attention away from what Patrick mahomes is then, just yesterday on twelve holes of golf, Patrick mahomes, being the incredibly clever funny upbeat bowser on the incredible shots became america's sweetheart. Yet again, congratulations to patrick mahomes that writes the patch behind just as patrick mahomes. I guess he played on that course, fifteen times his off season. That should have told us that he was a stick. Also he's great at baseball and he's an incredible athlete should have new known that he was going to be a good golfer. He fucking played really well. It was him. Verse aired a lot of air and a lot of it now. So I'm at a couple of good shots. Maybe a couple of pots of fell. Josh Allen was able to find a stick every once in a while, but it was pat verse. Eric and jake from state farm was there, whose name is actually Kevin, that kind of sentence all for a loop cafe, Jake your name's fucking Jake.
Even if a dark and charles barkley trawls barclays, ask you what your name is in fact a jake yeah Heaven. I was partly clean J j F, our fantastic, whether we gotta go Acting will talk, obviously about the match in further regard throughout the entire show, but I can't wait to get to the talks table. Aaron rodgers really put on a show. He the first hole for the old guys to win plus two hundred because either go by thought. They split. Ty or whatever, for the old deeds. Oh geez to win Two hundred I hammered that aaron was way too confident going into this thing. Taking shots. A lot of people he comes out makes his natural beard on hole, and it was like. Oh my god, are they gonna run away with us they go up to here. We go errands ball, then they're going to do this, acquired in the middle of that whole thing, couple of hours quieter and then, towards the end. Whenever it started to matter the gulf shots really started coming out guys started making plays. It was fantastic to see these high level motherfuckers in a atmosphere that do not used to there obviously
plot in humans in the crash had a way to they need to give helmets out alright men's match. If you get a ticket, you also get a helmet because there's a lot of people getting taken out. We even seen the instagram video somebody, those filming right next to a guy that got hit in the head. He got hit in the head and something we're calling him a little bit over dramatic. I could not imagine getting hit in the head with a fucking golf ball and the ball speeds on the T. V hundred and seventy eight miles an hour. One hundred and eighty three miles an hour ball speed people get hit right in the head right hand right in the chest: yeah there's a lot of bodies being hit yesterday and follow up on the fence. There. He's gonna milliner around around ass. You might. There was not a lot of control or security or people where they should stand for this entire thing. They were there. They were standing in every landing zone. At the balls were going to almost on every single hole and it kind of became a thing like. Oh, is somebody going to get hit on this hole which I would expect more out of golf amateur golfers just happen. Asking for autographs in the middle of the thing like the uk. Can
I have been on and yeah there might have. We are listening to them and probably trying to witness there's a lot of money on the line. So there's a couple of things I think they're going to have to kind of toy was to make it the better it's production and could possibly be, but I enjoyed it. I watch the entire time in our guided fucking great, so I enjoyed it a lot last night at Ty schmidt, one half of the toxic table your thoughts on watching air and play golf all last night and actually give a couple of jokes yesterday what ROTC never heard of niamey it's like you, you mentioned, like you, put that kind of cast and crew together like what what else are we going to watch like, of course, you're going to watch the whole thing, and then everything else is just kind of bonus, but yeah raj, slamming into Josh Allen's golf cart early there and just kind of joking around. I did kind of like fade out in the middle when he he just gonna stop talking when they weren't plan as well for a while there, but I mean is it it's fun. Watch. I think you have a it's cool, it's a maid for tv events. I don't like when you
in vegas, not course was awesome, it was, I believe, credible would not grant was that there was a waterfall yeah that was maybe the biggest dances, but that their mouths you order. That was following very waterfall unbelievable course, good for that course hosting it smart, but I think it with the fact that it is like a maid for tee. I think I can just takes away from it a little bit when you have fans and spectators their cause. Then that's just like another thing that those guys have to deal with, like the pretty, Stu ones when it was covered, but when no one's there like those guys are kind of more focused on that yeah they because they have to carry the event then, like their shit, talking one another and like maybe a few people, but that felt like a you know. The way it was set up. It was like almost like it was a friday or saturday at like a pj tour event like people yelling on every tee, shot and stuff, like that, like, I think, that's was too much for what this, because we want to hear. We want Then we don't give a shit about The san surrounding enjoyed that's the homes of the mighty. I enjoy it
company, bears you think about the five five problematic is easy going on before when he asked Josh like area, but I need to get in course lighter too, because his mike also stop working. So you didn't say I trust you will hear any good in uranium Josh at all a jot bows bills. Mafia was the biggest crowd that was out there by the who just airlines right yeah yeah, party, and I think your phone is following each person's might, does you saw them doing? change of ahead phone, the couple different times in the back there I enjoyed I enjoy it. I appreciate that they do it. I obviously, alongside our body us goods, I'm gonna say that guy could do this better? Could do this better? The whole thing like the press conference was not needed. No, no. I don't think the press conferences dated the quarterback conversation afterwards attorney, though awesome near janet about, maybe you know, retirement at some point in somebody were passed
media, so they were placed at aaron, rodgers, thirty, seven, thirty, eight years old I can about himself with it shows what can be based on your ball legitimized himself as the greatest in the at the end of the greatest football players of all time. I mean he's done all that. I think we've all learned that he may be interested in some other shit. To you know what I mean like outside of football seems to be a very deep thinker, loves reading, loves experiencing loves travelling like there's a lot of reasons why you would think. Oh, the guy, who has more for hundreds of millions of dollars just on the field, let alone off the field. Maybe he doesn't want to commit his entire being to throw in a football anymore if you've listened to him chat at all. This is me, don't you frere, but I just think it's hilarious that this guy thirty eight years old, thirty, seven years old is thinking about retirement and they are married. Of course I was like. Oh that's a little piece of information that I don't think he has said publicly yet he's actually address it felt like he was actually talking in that room felt comfortable in that room, as was tom, pat and Josh. I think that
sit down with only was awesome. There is obviously some soundbites throughout the game incredible, there's a great lots of ngos some shit, the batch mom stone in the middle of that that I didn't expect them to be able to do now, and I should have, though I should have yeah like? Why did we not expect patch bombs to be a fucking stick? I dunno why we even thought that was the case. He was shaping shots, especially on, of course, he's played that often this guy was fucking, shaping shots out there to hit that par three and he was like I'll get the kick get the kick and it went around the side of the green and basically rolled you know a ten from the whole use very impressive boston corner. Obviously the celtic start tonight last night you're watching the rangers and a damp obey your watch in that's hockey talk your watch in a match, or you do have to match. I mean I was pretty walked in on the matter that saki too, who are not bouncing back rooms, are dead, exactly hockey, heart disease native. For me, you know months ago. It's it's been bass. Policies in here for
four or five months prior bad guy know how I was I added yours can get whoa whoa hey. I don't think I have the vehicle as well as management to think about that now. Yes, now you said you said I was, I said, didn't watch that talk. The talk does watch this, as you said, and I watched the match was entirely. I watched the match. I didn't garage entirely. That argued in error by the way nick they told me I'm I pop in I don't know if it'll be a double standard, but that's okay, don't worry about whether it's devastated here obviously cause. I am the person that said yeah I popped in to I talk. You talk. If you watch that song, your dog, you say if I only watch half of the match, I watch all hog dog is that that's hockey talk, but I only watch,
if that's all you target of the match. So I watched the mirrors watch all the corporate pissy bullshit already me. We all yeah, it was interesting though we should have got to. We should have done a sponsor in that. Maybe I sure, don't say anything like that's the only thing that would've been awesome, if the par three rolls around this is sponsored by the pat mcafee show five million dollars for one fucking, because I would do the big mattress, mack yeah I'll, do on the other end, I would just do a bet against clothes on any avenue yeah. They might I mean who knows next time, concert didn't make any sense, golfing or elder. I turned eggs are not impressed. Obviously, with the gulf that have another is a you I would like our way watches video of this man getting plucked in the head yeah. He was one of many by the way one does in the cameras kind of scattered, because a person loses the ball
do the sun just listen to the sound? This is and then turn will get your take on said. Guy go ahead, run the video places from yesterday as the match. Josh Allen nails a fan standing next to me, it's a par three. He searching for the ball. Ass, the sun, so bright and focus on the desert. Cant find it where's, my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god, oh my guy's gonna. Do we fuck you love part? I smile you really. This is what it was like a mad for another. Why so Obviously
The way that video was, to me by somebody in this office. I will not put a name on it right, but the way that videos puts me before I watch it by somebody in this office. I will not put a name Did you see that soft ass by a check out here? Did you see the angle from the fan of that guy who tried to basically make a million dollar insurance claims on the fucking cord acted like you got shot like it was norm. India now I watch a video back couple times that guy smiling after getting pointing the head with a fucking golf ball from one hundred and sixty yards away, one hundred and seventy yards away. That would hurt so bad noise that ball hitting his. That would hurt so bad. Is that what it was yet?
why not say which person said all of those things, but today I would like to take this logic guys what's wrong with america, like guy said he was acted like he got. Fucking shrapnel through his fucking juggler, like a ufo, put out the second time that I've watched, I think he may have fucking smacked his arm. First off, it's a seven iron. So, while you're at one hundred and fifty yards away, this guy's everyone saying heads up and he's just fucking staring into the sun wavered, and then he the way he reaction. That is all I remove it. It my neck or my head, or my necklace, this guy, rather, I was there a bad just part of him in the ribs, like.
Your prob, it's hard to find a ball. This fucking, clear skies vegas, looks like a great tournament concept. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my Oh, my god, where the borgo notice, you really don't turn which holds you probably cost. Regular progress reward a full paisley shirk too by the collar ski the. Obviously you talked about other there's balls hague going at these,
we'll all day long, everyone, you see everyone else in the video put arms and topics like they're, the middle of a lightning storm. What you're supposed to put your ass up in the air- and I assume this asshole fucking- I think he purposely aided wherever you that you think is looking for a lawsuit or some like that. I mean he's looking for an easy ride. He thought If I get hit like this, I won't have to work anymore I'll, be a millionaire about that in the past exact year. You're telling me, though, that everybody knows if you're on a golf term at the universal move, you did, what does it want to end in five? One handed back is like this: does the move for tar were the handle thought you remember when we created what you do for plane crash basically saves diagram, your last step, which are left arm on the wall. Right here on the ceiling in April once
on the chair on ITALY's gonna, lock, my lawyer, those things while snap like pixie stakes, that's what I'm saying needle Do you have a better answer? He just lay there and you have a better answer now: seal the seal holes in the ceiling of your window, employee side, because I don't on every plane crash movie, someone always gets a piece of metal from the seat through their ribs, and I don't want that. I wanted to try to go. I think you're supposed to make yourself the smallest possible eu jets are paid. Now you are wrong and I will keep it everything off. That's what you passed rapidly to getting asking yet
Then, whenever you, what you say tc told us, it was right answer that use that should have known that is like is no plane. Tc is and is ethical and down. Why would you say that what would I have eight hundred thousand hours of film and research that tells me otherwise. I saw implied that james corden guy yeah, pretty pretty amazing cause. It looks like all ty was in favor yesterday when he says he sees ribbon and ride leaves at forty, but in top gun he was. Flying those no game yeah. He was after watching James corn, video. I don't know so sure he fucking flew that some bitch upside down James corbin, was literally suspended in his seat. His entire body is passionate thing, oh my god, and they got. I think they used the. Top gun camera to film. Oh yeah, the finest this
fucking gods is flying upside down in a fighter plane, it's tom cruise flying, laugh and smile, and doing this thing the more I learn about this guy, the more I should have been respected him a long time. That's right! I never too late. I'm glad that you've finally come around. While everybody seems to say that the one the one thing you know about on your mobile go where What are you? What are you referring to the one thing about all? What always we well, yeah I mean I'm not, I don't want to get the youtube channel taken down. We know was we ve talked him. This before every year, because there is that one bright in san francisco. That we have jargon is that what you're talking about that two four six blocks matter. They were gone manner that
everybody thinks they're going to get this brain you're. Not all your idea was a spittle for the boy brand flag up and walk around. Look around this place. Can you imagine if it wasn't just some sloppy guy? We saw fucking tc form running behind you like you're dead. I mean you you're. There he's so high, though that he doesn't do anything know. I know I know I'm gay, ga and metaphorically speaking here, I'm just telling you. I got a lot of tweets about this particular religion. This guy believes that I was putting them over. So what see him on fucking top gun, maverick, save the marriage and save the world need to worry about. I likes physics and chemistry. What's what's the problem with that, but that would just be science. I believe this is different thing. Scientology is the study of sciences, someone else not sure. If that is what it is I to be honest, I tried to go into one of the churches. Ty would not let me walk in there going to someone else. I actually heisman out of the church. It looked real nice, I'm like I'm gonna snoop around. I will walk into a church going there. It's just a bunch of beakers, bunsen, burners and stuff. I know how to work them. They get to use those little things that flame that urban meyer plastic cleaner. I washer right there I dunno why it's such a big deal. If that's all it's going on there, I think you're wrong. I dunno!
I guess I'm sure he we combat there was, no yahoo is pretty big headline. News is also known that religion is that will teach bosman it's a wreck worry said everything tat. We talk about this thing because we all know enough, no doubt All we know is what we ve been told: what we the torres. What are you guys been told what we were told that there their religious, very powerful one, indifferent Please don't can't be wrong. I'm in Well, I think that's what they do. They do. A lot of that yeah now is one of the house or the believe in steelers podcast, an absolute stud, a super bowl champion, a man whose beloved around pittsburgh and the nfl worldwide. Ladies and gentlemen, I tailor that someday It was a pretty bad bro Joachim.
Oh god, I'm talking about private plane up a private plane as new deal new deal. We go from the p max three men, resolute in our resolution we do the kentucky derby, where you were hot hot? Well, I appreciate that I gotta thank you for following along and I need to take a nap at some point. Low tide. I mean we are we're really going, but we are very lucky to do it and when people like you join our show, we get offers to do even more shit, because our electrifying, you are known ip may. Here with me? You wake up you big time, evade nah, nah, nah yeah, Hillary say no. No! No. I appreciate you like. That means a lot. Thank you for joining us. We miss you over here this morning we were chit chatting and if all like, whoever we talked to in awhile and as soon as your name popped up, everybody was like fucking, I guess neither
So we apologise. It's been so long. We miss you. We hope life is good as the family how's that son. That was right in like two miles every morning before school didn't have social media. Is he still go on and what's the and I'll look like we didn't bade for this thing enough. May we, I think you'll say we drive at the same time, even though the stadia, We gotta get out last night. Will we get a wireless usb, hey numbers out more, scooby places, so you were permitted to Michelin. Stay Now: u s c! So the low marriage is drawn is fang, but when I say he put the work able to work it just like that plus moso, he just to get it right. Now, the age of fifty he met. He it, what a veto, whether to be a professional, what it has asked for the gate, but he put a lot of work is all very proud that if I'm a touch or gm or anything and there's a chance, As for the son of
professional athletes, dudley madly in nfl, guy, just sort of professional athletes. The advantage to them. Is it cannot be counted? I don't think I can be measured. I think it's a big deal, seeing somebody accomplish something. What takes to accomplish something and then hopefully being able to apply it. I think that is a real weapon. I'd assume that's what a lot of these schools are thinking about your son, who is obviously incredibly talented and works his ass off, but he's also seen it done it and knows what it's going to take. You know for the gm. If I was your mom always go for the blue line, I keep messing around and you must have a boy. I'm gonna go look for four for the american people or kick the la la land. That is what it is a gea. Now it takes my son overtime period. You gotta hawk you. Anytime, you boy the man had been received about. In a minute. I'll show you I got a locomotive, a difficulty. Like he's, gonna turn it here.
It gives some israeli back debate in early about that trader care will go real last days. You know what so will back never days so be got to see that you did indeed my dear mamma debo, got by normal terrorism It was like when you Our mission You take the out and kids. Yeah. He still remember that day and that exactly what a young married you do. That's like an old school thought. You know that's being passed down and he's in his very new generation, as the nih think krypton crept into his life at all. Are you thinking about that because lane Kevin. Two days ago, yeah laying given to these three days ago said everybody is making their decisions now on how much money they can make its not about the size of the state. Aid was not about the past. This is not about your facilities, duff, Georgia announced an eighty million dollar facility after it literally the next day, and I think those photos are helpful
approved as well. Maybe bowling given said how could you blame I'm not just taken the money? Is that crept into your life at all? nah we straight over. The entire deal is not for everybody, though you gotta, you gotta, be the top dog universities p mac, only it's all dollars and certainties. You say the big money, so you realize what you got. Your gavel, honorof account only about three somebody get big money. You need it appears all who you're the fears on new stars? You guys appears on how to watch. You know musician, I feel about you were dead. We know the music, you gotta understand everybody in big money, the same with nfl. You have to be that guy to get that big government hey. I heard that's like potentially fucking with kids my god. I do want to say jaded, but, like obvious, we had seventeen years old. If you think you're better than somebody in getting a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in you're, getting nothing that can effectively. I think
there's a lot of like potential. Psychology, ship it that could fall, and all this is well where you, yeah baptized by the business at seventeen now as opposed to for your first, the yoni unavowed, normally like what twenty five twenty five twenty six doubts happened like nine years later earlier, it's a dick! thing I think it's a much different world, You gotta run its course. I mean just look at it like baseball been bottom outcome at school. If what he needs is a big lead, they say in big bucks and some of them generously know that some of them just don't make it to the big race. But what's almost seventy years getting paid two million dollars a baseball is the same way when it's about to be a college football and that's just what it is. But he's got a little bit more mature baseball because they play baseball year round when it comes down to the college, guys it's not about be everybody. You know what a female so that these that's what his kids and his mom for the best, because you've got to understand everybody, but get them big bucks for it
to understand business, especially if you're family doesn't come from like business. Backwards? I dropping it. It's a tough thing. How do you not It personal. I wasn't good at it early like. I would take everything like. Oh fuck, you, okay, that's how that's going to be it'd be hard, I think, as a high school or even more, on top of the It's gonna be adopting the watch damper on fought on pomp, though they kids and absolute dow, it sounds like I've. Always yeah! I know about your article most of them I wrote I wrote a human being, a late bloom, Flame, our so okay, you know you better delete. You probably came in with a few stars better than you, but you know by the end of the day, you won't walk them down to them all the time. It's a marathon, not a sprint, sudden which drove so I had to do and see if he will get mad at me and I'm like no, not in the woman through right help, but I understood america all part of the business. Now, why not walk and everybody dance?
hey, that's very mature of you very, very much more of you and I, The reason why you have such a good relationship with steelers, is because of that mindset that you can understood that the overall brand new gm hired from within. Do you see them changing anything at all, or is the steeler way going to be the steal away forever? You think Furthermore, omar from the city. There was so much from the city, omar, been with pittsburgh twenty years plus organization, so Not only did he bring a gm standpoint and what it is to be a steeler and with you what I say what it is there still is: we all the guys. Had this be do you care about the kid ourselves. During my smash it even in the face separately,
that's what it is to be filled and that's another thing: oh marble kind of get back to it used to be the financial guy. So not only you got to you. You also got a jeep gm who nodded to the money part. Would it come down to these contracts so may alma come with a lot of tools in the tool box. He just so happened to be the gm, tom and probably also scouting? It is always help the scouting you think in. That is that's. Why he's at every prodi feels like he's Do you gonna process were poverty? That's what he's looking for the guy you just described is exactly what tom and wants to do. Because he learned agent laugh about a lot of pressure. Coaches below Scully healed. But he loved traveling golden gate, kids and trying to find the best deal is very rare to find a coach there. Truly Julian is passionate about football. He I decided to leave this meeting as well you know, I think everyone only active players who
I sat in a meeting on rare or even one pair of draft picks. Now when it was time for them to try to replace me, though, of course they told me get my ass out for somebody cheaper than yeah yeah yeah. I understand yeah slide out the words, so you can make this call, but I understand the business side of it. So you think about the future. The steelers and I know tomlin when there is allegations of him go into you, I see hee, he came out and cut a promo about the basically the chair that he sits it. This is the best coaching jar in bon you're at last, get if I'm gonna go coach. It's basically felt very disrespected with colbert. Gonna leaving all more coming it you'd assume. Now. What does is like How much do you think Tom one's going to go and do this in the passion of football? I mean Belichick's coaching until he's eighty he's going to feel phillies. Eighty tomlin is only getting better. I think because he said he connects with this younger generation, because
kids are that age. Like up tom, and maybe it feels like he's in his prime like right now, as is his best time. What do you for his future. Have each other with him about that at all, The idea that I could go to the shop mericotheria could you you might try opening people there? security policy by you. Ninety, ninety million calls a day and they're going to continue the gear coast cause you can't you can't replace them There is one of the guys who, who is Just overall in general, he can put in one go at all. He coach he understands is innovation. Come in an apartment for me to help skies rob grass in enough here he behaved Like you The problem is rapidly. This is closed. So he's another hollow coach donna be whenever he wasn't. There
for life is worded then cause go. Not every game like a two or three year extension. So I'm sure this they want to get to the super bowl. Or is she a bright future in a young guys? I don't want to resign and get it. He gonna hit one hundred the east, good for you, by the way I want everybody gets, or at least a hundred million in the digital brazilian, wherever you want help, everybody gets to touchy, obviously beloved in pittsburgh. Done did your question. I do you think, every room or every position room needs to have a veteran in it now like, for example, on talk about the steelers. Why receive a room here, another there very talented but they're, all very, very young and likely if the cult of the cold bring tee. Why back like they have a very townsend but very young? Why receiver room I do? every room should have a vat in it. Are they erika ii should have on these forever? to be able to operate It doesn't necessarily have to be in a row we could. Four vasco low everybody account
you gotta, go. You gotta gotta go by degeneration. What are they? the only way, I'm lucia world. I will love right? We nomes are, and he holds everybody accountable. He's like a coach on the field he's like that on the field do you guys? who is in the next generation, and we all wish you would. He do hope everybody pay his home. Are you guys doing around he's a little bit younger the air dancer. You got a lot of guys who got a lot of guys. You got three different generation in the area to you, should have a lease. You know when it comes down to dogs on a t. You gotta gospel hold each other accountable, but they also come to work everyday, which you're going to wish you going to away. You know you can't tell with too much because you ve been unable to go down, We see what he doing all his take his all season mode magazine, more serious note during but we see why you don't worry. I mean dismay idea if you want
It's our right. Now he going to go to the hall of fame tomorrow. That's just what is a morality that they acquire. The generals in one hour you gonna go through the whole thing tomorrow, mars, you just gotta, find out you waiting we'll talk about coach, Sean Mcvay, so highly get with the l, a rams tornado in the perfect situation on god, we had asserted to the races, so guys can relate to different guys coming in come upon racy or whether you guys better regard you gotta have a man. I think the way you described generations like second generation third generation nfl, guys or any other sport. The bloodline, like I think, The blood line in Annabel teams is you hope that those bets? You know Try to speed up the a process of making a better browser. Like your grateful ballplayer. Now we get you a pro
I think that is something that I think a lot of teams look at is so vital that so I thought you said you wanted. It is huge because it doesn't get utility gets. You write like that's what everybody says, but, like those the things that have been happening all season, maybe you're too talented, get by that. Maybe if you had no gee, that would just say yeah. We can't be doing that or whatever then in a playoff game and fucking get you whatever. It is somebody's late to a meeting. Somebody misses something: something happens, that's maybe been taking place. So vital. Like honestly, I think that's why the steelers I think have been. Impressive result long because it's like a college alumni come back. It's like you are welcomed in the building generation welcome its I'd like a fraternity, basically we're ok, come back. That is so big such a weapon. I think such a flock and weapon dear culture. We had, we had in pittsburgh, you hit it on the head. He met me hasn't been bored. We had went out for a walk in the in the building, We we're button,
jerome live, so he me more how to be a professional all feel how to network all of you they looked at it. Then you go with your chase. We probably will quiet from the jets first round draft pick from the jets. He told me what it was to be on and off the field. Then I had to change our renewed opposition. Come from alabama stable, it's like the third generation, because I was like whoa he's a third generation. He gave me his for expedition he'd, even done as soon as I stepped off the plane. Looking book on the duty keys to the milica get lost via gps, and you can have this all for expeditious for the whole you So let us do so. I get exactly what you saying then like they just broke everything down with with unfair off the field, and they won't worried about monitoring their position. No, I mean that we will ever buy. You know you issue most everybody you pay.
Then what are you, nuts iii? Will you go crazy? where you want a suitable everybody. I want to know Why what is feasible and why romania is all about. The bird colonies have accountable, we had in Pittsburgh for you? If you want I'll, tell you when there's enough to go around as what they say and then the next scientists do not here maybe but there'll be enough to go round because they would like a taste of either come come bring whatever you had enough building and hopefully it will spread the mara ball won a super bowl he's a guy who got one hundred ps obama. Yeah they date they wanted. They want them. Cap guys- if the locker room, because they understand and know what it takes. That's why and I say this so much. It's gettin annoying but, like people that said Tom Brady's free agency was not going to be that, like you,
I think, every fucking team is going to want Tom Brady in their building like I am intellectually it was allegedly there wasn't a lot of teams on it made no sense to me. I might give Tom Brady comes your building equipment managers. Are your training rooms better, your chefs, better everybody's, better, because they don't want to fuck it up, got a guy. I don't want to fuck it up. It's like that type of stuff, I think, are obviously something is some places dancing places when some places, while I'm not sure how goes it gonna be, Tom do appear, do During the pandemic, came in the temple. Really couldn't fires or anything because he came to me when I tell you there, during a period in the year after the quarterback enough money Are you prepared james with your out with love, came in during a pandemic
the wrong and what its value. Yeah? This may hold nothing, they say: he'd go. I said. No! No! No he's back Oh there, you if they need to go to put a statue of this man in the stadium? That's all weekly bill heaters fashion with everybody he plays so statue a little a one step above goat although I do want to pursue It froze up there. It was great line. Two is great bar that you had that experience, not a goatee statutory shirt. It's a great book, I'm going to use it as taylor would say to just fucking statute, god he's he's, managed a statue right out here stated by others as theirs. Manning statue out here that people come flocked to today. Pictures in front of every time they come to a game. It's like that makes
exactly right change the entire world last question for you like we can't thank you enough. You're gonna be with all the money that wide receivers have been getting this off season. Do you think corners are kind of the next time they get those thirty million dollars a year contracts. Those are due corners or private. The exposition up to get those massive contracts like the wide wide receive again this year the issue of the boy did men and boys get out for four ninety mother, your boyfriend gray, they got an open, ended thirty million a year on. That's what you're saying it's gonna get to. Men miss. You our boy out, both its EU tour Let the boy come up and copper. Here too, there is a lot any boy, but I guess it. There are no more open body and more money basketball dear. Nobody be
corner. Why receives? Can we get allocated it? That's a review you got a nice idea. Behaviour surpassed, device. He added. Would you saw my young boy from green bay get a new deal in the next one coming up and we who are going to get the next one where he can get thirty five? You, if you that guy so yeah, three, my fellows obvious. Why algorithm? Why alcohol I had a little bit more patients a decade or so it's everywhere these numbers are going up like the nfl zany incredible I mean in a day or in a very good spot re another some shit. That's go on off the field that bring some light to some things at the end of our doesn't want, but as soon as bills rams kicks on. On that thursday night to start to season, the nfl is king. They know it. They know it with all these platforms and sports books, everybody that has all the money- everybody, asthma platforms in sports books. Ok they're the dominant,
performer on the platforms and this word sports I'll make money off there. I mean there is just a never ending they're only going to keep making money, which means the players will make money, but the nfl is only going to grow. I think financially massively for every year beyond the garden, the home team discount memo like when I came with a little home team discount and I'm glad I do feel bored when I'm on the radio. Make sure they have enough money to produce a minute if a raincoat or rico. But you know what they're wearing a pair of my boots this contract a little bit generational, well, I've seen a lot of people, try to sell their rings later. I never seen anybody try to sell the money that the grapheme we appreciate you for joining us. Icao is new orleans you down there right now. No I'm in I'm in orlando, I'm going. Oh, oh yeah, yeah we've been back to new orleans. I think yeah. They almost unanimously
girl. How is like we were there literally the week before covered I was in new orleans pelicans game. I announced zion and the boys. I ain't, damn you, then we halt on a plane back to india and I think TAT it was like epicenter in new orleans and lawyers regulator haven't been back as new orleans back. Do you know? Is it all the way back? nana, I need them once a month slide down the slide to have greek town on the yellow tie, breaker, okay, let's ok, we will do that gentleman. I taylor that it can be hard to figure out how to start investing getting your money right is easier with so far the first investing platform to offer stocks. Eighty of automated investing in crypto currency to all in one app with Sophie there are no commissions on trading stocks and eighty ups, plus no account fees, are hidden. These use
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I have a cup champion. You just think about that resume right. There you'd think wow what a haul of things you have. No idea! This guy is the face of ohio as well. Ladies and gentlemen, toads survivor ha ha yeah, it's going on to the oh. Here we go free goop at driveway to fill hooked me up and switch it to the driveway. Oh, that's a thank you for buying that by the way, it's really nice. Thank you for supporting our friend group yeah, because I could have sent you we could well. I wouldn't have been made, probably would have been fill in them, but they could have sent you one for free, but they're not gonna gone the groups. In canada, fuck! That's right! You know what I mean, so it's very nice of you to do that for a guy goop, how you doing pal I'm doing you'd pow watch the match last night. I'm sure you guys already won over it, but I thought it was what exciting times yeah
let's and also gives the it gives any one in the field of just the format is just kind of awkward. At times up, ok, let's expand upon that. What do you mean? Do you think it should be shorter? Do you think it should be a little bit more lively? Do you think it should be different players? Do you think it should be frozen amateurs? What are your thoughts on? It's not that exciting all the time. Well, I don't really have a whole lot of solutions for that's the thing like I'm not sitting here complaining about it. Staying like this was garbage. I love it. I hope they continue to do it, but I'm saying like for the fall tour, I have holes it's hard to keep everybody dialed in, I think cetera, there's definitely a law which I think happens with regular golf, but the golf shots kind of carry the program and we kind of know where expecting in this particular case we're all. You know looking for an entertainment, right, entertainment, maritime and entertainment, and if it's over five fucking hours, I mean there's gonna be a lot there, but the castle urges that they bring together in a symbol for the match is met
Ass, I mean artisan. All store grew agent. You have three different networks, put people on their little j J. What the greatest of all time back and they d aaron rodgers, who is just aaron rodgers and everything aaron rodgers does we'll get talked about by anybody, as bonds, you became america's sweetheart again yesterday hosted some beers and Josh Allen. It might be what the nicest friendly what's up yeah of all the time. I do feel in this, it might be a misread here Brady mass. Van Josh, georgia. Gay honestly I've been Tom. Brady looks at Josh Alan. Taught him like. Chunky viewed as an item out, looks georgetown ngos why the fuck are you not like You know why are you not eating avocado ice cream right now doing everything you possibly can because you could what you right now. First, what I did Tom legitimately sees that Josh. I think, because my wife obviously is a answer.
Tom Brady persons, who grew up in indianapolis, colts patriots. I mean that just the amount of things that Tom Brady happiness in moments of Tom Brady kind of took out of this city and a lot of different cities there's a reason for, but as he was like continuing to go, Josh Allen, you know see you fuckin asshole, basically non like. I think he actually I think that's like a form of I absolutely know, if you don't like him, you probably just ignore the dude and have nothing to say. That's what I'm thinking too right, as I was listening to it, I'm like I feel like tom, is looking at josh like hey josh, like you have bill avoided altogether, you gotta capability to be a flocking, absolute tank, you down in that the quarterback conversation with only johnson which was great enjoyed. It Did I miss the first ten minutes I dunno running it. There were getting. I thought for the bleach report. At it,
if the guide it said it was playing the guardians of the galaxy volume two something like that. So I somehow didn't know that it was happening. So I missed the first ten minutes, but listen Josh Allen talk about Tom Brady and aaron rodgers commitment to staying in shape for as long as they are in. Like that, I was like I related to Josh. I was like joshua line do like the amount of discipline to continue to be a professional athletes. Have your body be able to perform? ages is not just out of here. That's off the veal is one that your entire life, so I Tom was like saying to Josh like hey, let's fucking go, but he was hard on all Josh Josh Josh lavin, on having a good time. Okay found the driver about ten holes too late. Josh was like maybe the coolest guy out there having a good time, but Tom and Josh interaction made me believe, that's all suggestion is like a I see that how old is Josh Allen twenty six. I mean he saw it
like taking the different stages of life, he's twenty six tom Brady's, forty four, which is not to think of A great Tom looks to buy was Tom doing all of this. When he was twenty six, I don't think he had found this whole plan yet. Well, that's what I think happened, though. I think at some point, if we watched, if we remember the last dance for Tom Brady, the man in the arena- paradise Guy, I'm a bad guy. Wasn't there it felt like he found is routine you now in the transformation of the face from being baseball, into a big! Now it s about, but their diet and buying incompletely was something that happened through career? That is what he was trying to say to Charles yeah. It is. It is time for you to start doing this whole thing, and I, I honestly believe it's because of what he thinks Josh could potentially become more and I assume Brady to when he looks back at it. He thinks like man, if I were to start doing all the shit I did in my thirties with guerrero when I
Twenty six like Josh out, I could have, as you know, ten civil wars like, even though we still has seven and obvious That's why he came back unfinished business like you. You know that he still thinks about those times. Were there close enough, but maybe his body was, you know completely still held. The towards the end of the season, and he knows that, if Josh and were to do that, they could easily be the guide for the next twenty years. Josh's, a freak show athletes will be able to get away with doing things a very long time because of how athletic he is, you know like he'll, be able to get away with he promised to jump over people. Not even work on here is like exploiting I dunno what he does. He works his ass off. I'm not saying that, but Josh is able to get away with a lot, I think, is what tom is saying whenever he saying this to him. If you were to really fucking go, that's just my take. I could be wrong because that did seem to be a constant entire chevaux. You know, so I think that is definitely not the arrogant. Dead, quiet for three out gently. Why out of it I mean I I feel like I predicted this problem
We may then we guess what, when it so we require little bit, which we all know anyway. Employed on. We don't all know, went nowhere, If you're, if you're playing good golf, it's a lot easier to bounce around the fairways and channel a little more yeah. You notice, like air, may, have went quiet for a little bit when they were up to cool things are going great here we go up Jatin and then they start lose. They even it up, You may get a little bit quiet, but if you notice, when aaron made that he made a birdie putt, I believe- or you made a putt to to take it they were only down one. I believe instantly started talking again call nine. Are all tat yeah whenever that was that only eat eat makes output and then he smiled and turns around and says some I go catch his breath. Here we go yeah. He ran up the hill when he came back for something they said he was going to change his potter or something like that. I have no idea what he did. He came back Does there was a moment where he was. You know that
didn't think stop. Working today did he know they were talking dammit certain different options. They said I gay aaron rightif was clearly just not answering them, which is fantastic the way that started in way that ended headaches The iron drew up. Gonna come in body, thing with a fifteen for part on a body out my own party and we're going to die, and when I mean what, if working night for aaron rodgers agent, say? I mean yeah how you start and how you finish. That's what people will remember. We don't know what happened in between that, but I mean it was a very competitive match too, and they would have gone one and done at close to the pin if he didn't make this, which he had one by the way I did I was thinking about people talking about him, not winning the costs. To the pin back again like just things are potentially gonna be set about. Through that entire thing I was thinking about disease, a fascinating gonna get attacked. You know cause well the only people that say like good stuff about aaron rodgers. I think the back to back
They pay sorry about it! Sorry about it! Sorry, sorry, everybody else was very minor standards. I could do no harm he's nothing like any human I've ever encountered. I don't think I'm not sure, but is actually a human. Are there any just his own person? alluding to the fact that he was the thinking about retirement, which I dont think is, for some reason. I publicly right I don't know on here s a little bit right thanks. I don't know that's worth trying to figure out whether those conversations are happening off or on air. If he had chanted about retired being a thought he's lying. Thirty, seven, thirty, eight thirty, eight thirty nine is thirty. Eight years old, talking about contemplating retirement in it make conversation with three other fucking, in early johnson. Morning, yours irons? Well, you know about free or corporate regarded these birds, or did it actually bring that up, but the retirement at the age of thirty eight and he mentioned that he was like Tom
he's gonna? Buys expectations are like you actually said to him like mutations at this is crazy. You know it's about life after football. Do you think you'll do you think you'll sail under the sunset with ease like your friends or them? it feels like he's into so much shit as refers will definitely says he's gonna, be fine, stepping with the spotlight and doing whatever that he wants to do. He loves to travel and do all of that I mean I would imagine seeing Tom Brady's fox deal. It gets him a little bit interested hey. Maybe I could try t v I dunno like. I would think that would be the case. Hey great calves yesterday and he's very proud of that Yaya was he. Does he just didn't step up? His calves are genetic man. You know that I drawn a voice to what's going on each day. Everyone just brought up the Tom Brady deal. Does him being an alien and being very super corny
They worry about him. Been there one broadcast, sir we're just go where what is on the body of developments on this matter? We did you, I really was I thought and almost shit myself and I did pay my pay the little bed when he said there has been well marty on a golf ball, I say Josh, you ever see one of these, and just I had jobs that yeah man I have seen the lombardi have one one man at the prison staff. There there's there's amounts at a press conference or a very tough, the brent tom couldn't hear J J wants questions that he was reading from the internet? J J tried is absolute best by J J d behaviour is absolute best, not prescott our law, that was the press conference. What they chose to go with you got. You got tom, eddie aaron rodgers J J, what patchett, mom joshua our know, how their press conferences the decision of what their we're gonna do. Just their red from an ipad, asked a question from the internet, whatever the cost, every time we can hear these do speak awesome. Absolutely love it too.
Could not hear the questions from J J or Tom hated J, J, timely, so diode into the gulf that he didn't want to fuck and tom I depend tom was getting piercingly talking this back swing when it throws here. Why would do that when you yeah? I always wondered what we're dead, so I tried ask your and after the last one like it, what is it like? Where an airport? Ok kid? What can you do sometimes I would imagine they shut their airport off when they stand over the balkans. Didn't early say that what we were under the assumption, here's winner of the bottom blood- that's gets tom, said hey, whose work in the coms- I think he said something like that, because that's all important thing, I believe. If yeah, oh yeah and I don't know how they shut them off cinema. And can you all yeah, I don't know how so maybe the person holding the phone just turns on the volume and that's in control with your airpods. So you have that person who holds the phone next to you. So that's what they're doing. I think you have somebody with a phone, and then you saw the person coming with the satellite to there is somebody that came in with like a little backpack thing that was we service, I think, for all those funds and everything out on the course because there's,
a break. This guy is broken up or whatever. I think that was a connection issue, so I would assume it's maybe look at us just figuring this out on air. Probably should talk about the software or maybe ask them algos, but it's much more fun. You can just mute it. You don't have to hit the mute button. The only other way I hear you'd have to turn it. I think that person would have to turn it down completely in that probably happens as soon as you get over the rock as soon as you step up because I don't think I would be. Somebody was have a conversation with me and I'm sit over there. The balls work in tiny and then you're trying to get a spot. That big level. If the conversation happening, I think that's why people get so mad that may help me. I may help me, though, in that, in that match, like I'd, be you're, worried about that, not thinking as much about your sweat, I didn't constant sound, maybe jumping out of nowhere in the middle of your backswing yeah. But if they're talking as your or your approach and reverend, you have a little you get up there and you don't sit there and waggle nine times you take for practice wings, yet you hit fast, then about. I can have a conversation with somebody while golfing, but if you're doing this thing for them, it there's like what the fuel
two thousand dollars on malaria like there's a lot of shit going on if you're not talking constantly and just like a little time and like I did. That would be more like right, especially when you have all those people line but it's like. If that sorrows you and you fuckin skull, wandered off the nose and hit some guy recognise a word about the were high J. We agree here. Allow that thing it right back. We run that one's I'm rope, workplace run the sound, and then we got a guest at or join us. Who is? No, stranger to wear helmets, which I think they should hand out the next match. If you're going to be a fan because they were just plucking folks, this happened on the par three lost their sons to hurt so bad.
Oh my god, oh my god, yeah show us a bone. Today we are bad at smiling a surrogate or the joining us was a hard hey. Is all that mecca barbier ball near I gotta go If any help should have a home. That's they should just make our baseball helmet like by how much yeah that's what they both ears. They need both from both young lady h element, which spirit sport place.
Imagine them having a standard. Those helmets be unbelievable, yeah! Well, yeah, good luck out there they're just milling around too there's no real control over the fans, I don't know nobody tell them where to stand when they would park their cart and then the fans whenever dick tom would come back to this card. The feds are all over the middle of something. What are we doing? It? I've seen anyways joining us now. Ladies and gentlemen, a man you could see on E s, p n. He was on Scott Van pelt last night, had an absolutely legendary champion performance which reminded me this morning. All I think we have a connection to said person can't wait to chat with. Eastern conference, western conference finals currently happening for the nhl joining us former nhl goalie nhl insider ladies and gentlemen weeks, we saw a man, but to tell you all about really just talking about elements that I just there you right we're trying to forget this match, you didn't it,
smart. Maybe we do by luck. It's the next block design. We yes brought back with cross, but go weeks but listen, let's dive right into it. I have one question for you and I ups as well pal, it's good who's gonna be horse, horns baby order, o lord all who's gonna be authorised in baby war. As far as I am a and obviously the rangers in the lightning last night blow everybody's exe stations are the water and goals be scored. Us must be bullied battle. Sixty two
I was being sport over there than in the west was what seventy six. At one point I mean the well. Playoffs are electrifying, but if you're a goaltender, you hate, it is water going to find its level here or do you think this is what we're in for? For the rest of this thing, I think it'd eastern conference final with the ranges the chapel the water's, going to find this level, because both those teams are great offensively but they're, good defensive teams as well. They have two of the best goalies in the had it been vassal ascii whose future all famer and, of course not The young girl, she's jerky. What the rangers has been money for them so to others, goes in league face not had to head. I think, yes, It was a little bit of of having albatross. Yesterday I don't see this. In a sixty six three series. Every game at this point and if I do the over under I'd, probably set it at about five and a half or six, and that's your spot in the west in the last man The way it's going right now. It's like you guys, playing back yard football
play streethawk use, kids. So the scoreboard, I think, if I'd take the over, I told spp. Last night I probably be picking like eight hundred and eighty two four hundred and thirty the over in that series. You? Are your curly, driven out of the brilliant at lord I'll. Thank goodness, as I tried to smoothly take a sip. I got there's just things that me and the team are so sorry we'd see that's on me. Didn't chancellor baby all my life here? You don't owe me, though, you're drinking lord of dust and what else
Then there was the beverage the overall retain the championship. Grit you got over here week, see whatever you. What do you think about the nhl playoffs? The rangers were the unexpected team year. Everybody think the rangers were going to get here or is it the oilers who's who's really unexpected to be in the finals right now, and what does it tell about the future of the nhl? You think alright the rangers being in the east, but I'll so had the before the panthers and arrange playing at this conference final now. That being said, the ranges had a schedule right now. They're superstars advantages really, of course, greater transparency. The come alive in their goalie igor, says jerk and Adam Fox. All those guys have gotten better if the player as a class has gone on, but Also there young players, you, the kid line, has been really good for them in saying that there, is that home at the world's most famous arena, the garden? I'm not surprised it, I was there because tat was still the standard. The conference repeat: nobody sport scoffer three feet right now in the west. My surprise to be admitted, I thought
Calgary was gonna, come all the way through it and which have been great fellas who played exceptionally well we see what is in mckinnon? What does this guy do so special? When I watch em, I feel like every how I see the guy. He can do it thing, but he's goin coastal coast in between thirteen defenders in some crazy of go like what kind of skills there's this guy. Have skill set is fire is very similar to that economic david, omnipotent, in in terms of his brain is able to process what he sees in sync, with his speed, which is supersonic, it's like he has a veto avenging wash his hands rights of all those things. I think it's like what we see from David is so difficult to defend it. I hear you guys are for talk about yards after the capture yards after the carrier, weeks, yeah, yeah right and I'm tellin. You make me it has that ability with every stride like you gains for five yards with every single stride. So like a gallops, he doesn't like state the psyche gal
So every time he get one of those is just operational separation separation. So that's what made to the most are entertained if the players in our league, but two of the most entertaining players in all sports to watch week, see whenever you think about good going and bad going. What is it seeing the puck some nights you're just not doing it cause. It feels like like, for instance, the the vessel ascii, the future hall of famer, given the a bunch of us I just off what does it mean to be off when you're not saying that you're reacting slow, you liked what what is in office virgo. We feel like yeah we single boy that that place very the her. That day day a day you always that you're gonna stop every shot that comes towards you does your mentality. It starts in practice. You want to stop everything. If does it coming to you want to stop it all the time. Every time that's the way were programme. Now saying that sometimes you reads could be a little bit off, sometimes your time and could be a little bit off. Sometimes your butt This might be a hair off in the market.
And are literally like razor raisonably, then, between being split second late or a split second on time early and all of that to say sometimes the players on the other team get paid on the first in fifty two sometimes just have to tip your hat to them every once in a while, but it's not as older leaky goals by bass. Lucky the rangers hit perfectly placed shots. Last night they were just fire offensively and it happens, even the best lay best less so veslovsky she's move impasse it because I've always much like pitchers much like kicker is much like tollivers there. Isolated position. Here your own worst enemy in their area, all the feeling. You know that before the seventy two the people at your end, your game or twenty thousand people MR gardiner, like you suck before that happens. You feel like, for I thought you're, not a guy like that That's the way to the world that you put on your shoulders to be there for your tea based and a b. But to deliver for yours glide. After for the fact, in your family and stuff, so that man
no game that you just pointed out that support, but there's one thing: the tab, lightning about lusty are eighteen at all following the last that's good answer to hang that's good site. That's good american goblin rigour ripe fruit, you guys tomorrow, night see better, get your shackles ready and get a mouth yeah. Which you killed last night on ass, we pay up another. I was watching. I was up after the you know, shit, intense golf match. I watched in trying to catch up with the rangers Tampa game because I missed it and I don't know which way was: don't you cry on their man, are you get more that what are you going out with espn right now? Thank you you man? I love the iran on anything, I'd love to a color, but that if for games ellen its studio? sports centres, tough, break news. You
I admit that I like to be a swiss army knife and do it all so I had a lot of fun with Msp pizza man he's awesome your news breaking strategy and invest. I touchable in the insider game live from a plane, I think, with a mascot from a plane, one time from a tornado that was happening. I remember that when a windstorm could even the words he was saying about fucking, open the brick and broken in is right. There I mean you: are we I appreciate your commitment to the game which the go ahead to week, see how much does it come down to like a goalie just having a bad night or being on a team that has like a shitty defense like in soccer? We always see whenever there is a goal scored the goalie is always bitching at you know whoever's on the team like it's their fault, they met but the energy out like when I wanna guy gets pipes like he's just put his head down. It's kind of assumed, like are you talking to the defence, constantly included like asking
this guy's a raise their game and can one of these teams who scorn seven eight goals, a game? I guess that can be translated. The the finals, ok, as far as far as like your natural inclination. First things like what what could I have done to make that freaking stayed like? What did I not do there right? That's the first thing: how did I miss that god? I just read that mistplay it whatever but then, on top of that you have that pressure that talking about, but The challenges like any smart quarter out there in in football they're always really express what you feel as players, your teammates get rushing, so you can't always say like yo, can somebody missin some help? gimme some help. Can I get a little support with a lowercase s? help me out around. If you can't do that because you know You know your teammates they're gonna get sour. Now this If that's the less, he has the credit to be able to flex his chest and put it up in the air, but you can't necessarily do it now in terms of like the phantom stuff,
and even your teammates bad you other times, I've been on the bench and there's a guy black holes in it doesn't matter if it's like a future lefebvre like long or luck whatsoever play with guys will come back to me that what they do it what he you doing back there understand why this is so you always that kind of possible without concern and then as far as the west yeah, I think one of those two teams, clearly we'll get to the stanley cup final plan that high octane game that their play that all off it's a game? I dont know they can win that weigh them why not? What did they will always annoyances eighteen weeks, dried I'll, be? Europe may put it that way, so so hocker. If you're going but gates opposite. It's either vast less circuit right. Up against either those guys. What are the odds? Are you notwithstanding a piece on those guys are by now Very good. Now dna generate augur, You gotta, be in like a dog.
Really in your favour for that with all due respect, those amazing office, players on cohesion, colorado, rabbits itself, I don't see a plan out that way this is. Why would you ask me problem? Eleven minutes. You'll, do I say: come out who's gonna win the cup I think it's eastern comparability and right now I think it's raiders arranged immortal. The ad right now, the way the wages are roller right now fellows, listen for all my tap of people out there took that play for battisti, something tat puzzled along tat, bright bear the standard. Champ obey stamp, calls stamp tom tv, twelve top obey week. All that is this factual. But the way the rangers are going right now I wouldn't be so at the end of winning. In short, Whoever comes out of the east as when it got forty should be the chevalier
once honestly, because connor go ahead. Well, yeah, we'll see, I mean the first game of the oilers avalanche was eight six like how the hell does a goalie go back out on the ice and not just be a complete. Rats in his brain, because I mean the baltic just goin at well right now, first of all european away, gretzky or john agronomic helmet backyard pseudo, which some days higher it of maize, by the way to go by this abides totally a bucket while not right there, their home, all morgiana locker, most bad, suit, but I would say: did you just obviously guys, but I go back to play it. Like you thought you had wrought owes an eight year old and the same people react when you let it goes at eight is the same. The way they react when you're plan in the shop than the national literally and you know that's gonna, be the case in europe
negotiations are that this or that high of yourself so- gotta just reset and think about dares to say less a man we are- right now for when's away from plants, stanley cup to play for lord o four winds, that's what it takes now to get their think of all the jobs, all the dry, lad, training, all the stairs, protein creatine apple, cider, vinegar, had to go through to just get in this position. So that's the way you gotta reset mentally is he's. She made me run through a wall here I wanted. I wanted big war that last question for you here, we've seen, we can't take enough for joining us. We know you are the type really its eyebrow come on any time and its only needs and thanks to my point number, this guy Adele sorry kennicott you now represents. Eighty four can best do think, however, that nickel pal we see
If the goaltending question I'm going to kind of laid out in a scenario- and I want you to all I like this- if this is true or not, I have a theory when I play golf with an individual in the office will call him bruce. He is terrible golf and it makes I game worse. I feel like this can happen with goaltenders when you go into a series and you're playing against MIKE. Smith, who is not a terrible per se. Carbon areas things a little bit unconventional and he has little guph venus to his game. I feel like that's kind of infectious, and I feel like it can in fact the other guys always do you get that same sense. Is that a real thing, the funny that you asked me that is Michael Michael. My personal goalie coach that I had when I played, we certainly mirage he's been at times glucose for years. Now, that's my man such he always used to say that gullies sucks if they unconsciously, will mirror people that they play against or they play with, and it's so true
And if you watch players in you watch gully, specifically golly, I ll give you watches jerkin, for example, he has. A lot of luck with traits in his gait right That was the guy. You got vitalizing now's, the guy he saw new york dusk I played with so eager idolizing him and kind of emulating, I'm somebody games in his game. I think same thing when you're watching down at the other end of you see, we are playing games there when things in your position do something like you like all should I could do this, but my smith is a great book amber right, he's a great black legally totally so that so you see have down there. You like, I could go there do that next thing. You know you got there, you drop you throw give away the pizza We call it like a pizza giveaway, every right up to the other, the team. Do you know the stick and it's in the back yard, start, trying shit that you know, that's really happen, europe back so yeah. Definitely I think that that that's something that's That makes a lot of sense
is something there with that. Well, hey: how about your neck, maybe hockey talk he. She may not be that taught him thoughts. What's that all there are always do we appreciate downloading. I can't wait to watch you. The rest away on a european we will definitely make a call again because you remember getting by you want one pow. We appreciate that appreciate Dixon Back at you guys, you gotta do a great stuff and keep up the awesome. Work and you're breaking the mold? So thanks for having me, let's go johnny thousand man who got to experience that at notre dom that experience in the nfl now he's on tv he's, expands brother in law he's obviously incredibly handsome. Ladies and gentlemen, Brady claims that holy hell geez. Do that all the time. I don't know if you can see. What's behind me, I think age. They might be more familiar with this picture, so
over asia, can elaborate or out of context all these chopper upper arbour. How I don't want you to enter background really so well. This is yes. This is a golf, cart submerged why are you fully dressed underwater radio? Ok, ready? If you are you gonna do I guess we're conventional ready it? This is about you know what this golf cart, the e break. Just I can work on me. I was parking close to the green on the phone, because this was like twelve years ago I jumped in and instantly oz is the other guy. Looking for his cigs helping tupperware in my group, they came about ten seconds later. They both just dove in instantly and started helping.
No one finish around yeah, you drove this car directly to this bond. Fucking madness, AJ, upload speed. He has to sleep your hands around the forum because your broken fingers, you're driving golf carts into bonds straight or how I am or you blacked out drunk in his know. I wish I was that's the problem. I was not sober, oh my god, this guy, I was, I was trying to get their daughter, marry your sister or your sister or Brady. Let me add some more context. All this ok this is at rattlesnake ridge. This is the first year our first fundraiser
I foundation to the third and goal foundation which helps support, wounded. Vets was kind enough to come out and obviously support the cost. Now I guarantee you, he was not sober for this because we actually took a party plus two rattlesnake sober at this thing. What I'm saying is I played, at times with many more drinks in me and didn't record cart is all I'm saying: ok, you're, alright chopper hopping in there, though, is he a scuba dive jump a lot of grab some clubs that he said all you do is open your eyes, the murky water. You can find whatever you need to down there. All those eyes were burning afterwards. Charter chopper wanted to take our car cause. That was rough, a chopper agios with eyes, and he wanted. He want us to take our belts, tie them together to actually like Pullao, swung the
What's one choice, do you have a car but there's no chance we're going to get it out once it was submerged the steep. So so what are the names? Chopper, aws, Brady and h, eggs golfing at horse rattlesnake course, jason, rattlesnake ridge, yeah, hey. I appreciate you trying to give back to the vets and everything like that and obviously AJ has gotta, make it about himself and make everything I I have the money yeah, you don't say they asked us not to come back. That was the last year we had our fundraiser there, so we paid back, I call upon the obvious need to pay for just now. I bring a trailer and we're getting this joker. We took I honestly the course was really cool about it. They were just trying to make sure everyone was ok, maybe it's because of weber's in the water but, as AJ said, oz, who's right there. He did at one point. We all got out realized. We weren't saving the golf cart. He back in ticket
A pack of I can't remember what it was Margaret has that was probably yes floating somewhere. He like swam across this just to go, get it hey! Brady! Are you from ohio this ok, so you are this incredibly handsome tv guide any richer in ohio, yeah you're, of course, yeah absolutely through and through notre dame ohio state. Was there ever thoughts, go to ohio state as an ohio guy? Of course, They not only real did you ever ferko recruited me. They they kept recruiting. Even after I committed it just ass, it was the right fit for me. You I think you know I've seen you didn't know a J through the years We fight like a little bit about it, but no day by day, just gonna fitted what I was looking for, academic weave, a football perspective stuff and then not
I like the hoosiers to it. I feel like I'm personally, a hoosier after after being in the state of indiana for this formative years. Okay, so whenever you've got another game- and you become this massive- I mean- if what you became like your own city, almost on E s, p, n and everybody. You know everybody talks about the tebow years on E s, p, n and obviously the lebron years is as dirty. Labelling there? That's the broad, but you were also somebody that did media immediately loved, because, Obviously, I note a game team very, very, very good you're. This well spoken very attractive, do that they could put out there whenever you find out your sister dating a J and then she has that split jersey. It was at the moment. You were granted a lot of things or did it and if you did, you feel good about it already like we approved a J back and we were really young wherein travel football league,
and there are too many a beating us back. Then I play for centerville, but we produce and stick em, but that's neither here nor there, but I cannot see a gay you have grown through those thirty years and then obviously, when my sister, I told me at that point, you know who she was getting all that it was called we'd, eventually a similar ballgame nazis, and but I think I first interaction was around. Like a fair, christmas, which with family are extended. Family can be a little bit crazy, but ages not a cry, but he handed it pretty were who can survive? So I fear at the point he was. He was probably in it for the long haul. Alright, let's talk about football now and I know AJ has some questions because when talking of you got another show for the last two years. You know that you will not manage our gold centre. Can a week's EU knowledge you want to talk about the fact that his brother in law is coming on show. So we can't wait
dive into this. You think notre dame is going to be back ever you think they got it. You didn't know the names of school that can win a national championship because I know Brian Crowley went down. I wish you a lot of the time especially by geyser, and yes, I see they say well You'Ll- be able to to national championship now, because the guy's even get it as he sees call for cigars get the cold notre dame school vastly Different need the south. Sickly. So when I married you they nodded, I'm gonna be able to do, and how do you feel about markets being the couch now martis, you know, obviously had the opportunity to get to know him last year when he was the defensive coordinator. And you could see like the biggest thing about him ass, he was genuine, which kind of becomes a stark contrast right, which we may be how Brian crowley transition nellis you in basketball, game accent and all that stuff and just even you know how he left, and I was also critical about a back then and still am because could have waited. If you wanted to leave service team at a shot applying for a national champions of the college will laugh, but he did
but that's all hindsight and get think getting back to marcus this thing about it is. You could tell when the announcement was made, the genuine emotion from a lot of the players who believed in him who can have. Different sense of energy. Around the universal right now. The programme- and the other thing I say, is that's different. Some asked me the daylight. How is this? different when you add a culture change when you were there any one from tonawanda, Charlie you're it different when you haven't had the same type of success that you're looking for when you bring someone in and then they they can bring that success right. Like I was very successful. The coarseness create ordain one more games than any head coach. That's been there. Greater without a national championship is still still a lot of credit. For what he was able to do so too, but he left on his own, will and there is obviously more of that story in and now you know you can tell that story that's our toxic there
yeah what ninety million dollars, or we weren't rich on and no one's going to go shaven for getting offered ninety million dollars and going down to l s? U but I think the reality is. This. Like people fell wronged but there was a much more emotional and visceral reaction to then getting to those landmarks having such consisted. Success and then choosing to leave like you. Do I mean you just it's not a job that you go to and then you leave it's like a job that you eventually get fired from or he'll retire at. So I, I think that bother people! I think it's actually motivated people around the programme, even more so to help out Marcus freeman and to build this thing back up, but margaret. What does a young bride budding stars? I love the fact that his defeat, of guy, you don't like all the office of guys, tend to get all the credit in other parts of the world. Like he's
events of god. I love that everything is done so far, so there is no doubt in my mind: they can it. Just comes around two key building off of the foundation has been sarah now brodie important question here, Brian Kelly, why didn't any like assistance really go with him, to l s? U and to jimbo fisher nick saban, who wins that ultimate the door, and how do you think it plays out throughout the season fall, or does he call you brodie or did they did? We miss hear that now. He calls me brodie here. It's the southern pronunciation for Brady. The guys are proud. Yeah Russell that's right: yeah yeah, indigo, yeah, yeah it'd be nick saban all day. That's just It's the same as going to win that battle of iwo Jima fish. I'm sorry, are you surprised to see that, though cl personally got no I mean I, I thought this a lot of talk about, what's been happening in college football over, you know, the past couple of decades and how big savings gonna build up? What is built up inside I think there is
your honor amongst these. I guess what you'd call it where are recruiting. You know everyone's pushing the boundaries in some ways and know they don't want it there or call each other out for it. But this is an instance where someone kind of did- and it was illegal like that- and I else out there now it's legal and it wasn't even being about as far as our can affect inducement, for I swore kreutz or transfer portal guys and saw all that was legal and any other. Even next even said that is like saying, there's anything wrong with it using speak those boosters like hey what? If we want to be successful and stands up, we're gonna have to start doing this to sell nick saban will still went out this this when it's all said and done but know now the question by Brian Crowley there, nor those of assistance that went down there with them. One point in particular: you went down with it too it's done a great job, recruiting and obviously build points on who I'm sure pats are familiar with. Oh yeah and you know, there's, I think, there's a couple of our coach from the staff who went down with them, but no, I think a lot of people looked at.
Where whether live in another name have families and yeah. Fertility and they probably look at that and say I'd rather hang around here, I'd rather kind of see. What's that next step here, instead of trying to build back up that ellis, your programme? Everybody cares about the families. In reality, the I think noon kickoff show is that main focus in your life during the fall is college football like your bread and butter. Is the sport that you love most. You do a lot of nfl talk. What is it it's both I mean honestly its both up again. It follows you guys know drives ratings. Are you guys have air every single week and everyone's gonna sit around waiting for what we say and how it's gonna, of hitting a b? And then you know cannon and stretched import and in working off what our angle that cannot back the media nowadays. So, That's it. That's a book. That's the large balk at weekends is always college for bobo. So that's a telephone but yet now be at its outdoor. Both honestly, like I think, What what job interested Y gotta broadcasting about trying to do, both
was really grant here like, I grew up in a huge grant, he'll fan and washing of do mba within singin during march madness, our stop myself. Why can you don't blow football broadcasters, do both I'm a curse is a hell of a job calling games for you. Now is not the amazon package you see during draft time. Everyone relies on all the guys coin college football gamesters they have them. Into the knowledge of these kids from high school to college college. To the fell, so you don't want porn guys? You ve watched some these guys play from the time they're in high school all the way up through college and then into the nfl. It makes complete sense to be able to help out whatever network, in whatever capacity you can't. So, whenever you think about that big noon, kickoff show! Yes, are you stop us planning on take it out on the road again and oh yeah would be on the road very like telling people way we
What brings you will be aware, will promote that always long ago the bars, the chop house, all that's all you're, going we hear about the deaths, more dance forever, you do have to be made will be there you're, the best you enjoy that show, is taking a step each year. You think it is going to continue to grow in if urban back on that show. Are you guys he's gonna higher forty five people to run through the crowd and take out signs that are definitely can be created. I can't the area that I mean I. If coaches back he'll continue to help us continue, keep building this thing yeah it was a ton of fun back when he was with us before. Aj knows I I'd try to tell us in Columbus, which it seemed like when coach Meyer was with us. We were there like every other week
but usually I try to get asia to come down and though they're they're good buds. You know there are different charity events. You know laugh at it. I've had a few drinks and cigars together. Further job ass, its awesome. Therefore, our fingertips, like cigars, We do not like energy use, in my case the boys questions very Brady's that are sure well the first one. I guess I should ask before we get out of the way. Can you send us the original copy of that photo, so we can put on a t, shirt and then raise money for your third and goal foundation thing. While this might surprise you guys, but it's obviously not my original copy because clearly as a right there in the water, so I've got to get it from someone else I'll try to find the original capital. We don't need the original sentence that one for days and you can figure out how to pay them back, but all money will go obviously to the third and goal foundation. Hopefully, we'll put you back, the good graces with that golf course, at age, little off the fucking what's put off for a second
I mean. Can we get you guys to come out this year? It's our twelfth annual gala, going on paddling back out of us. This is this: like I'm, a buddy into my wedding, you send a nice gift instead of actually still bringing present gift is going to be good. I'll. Tell you why I haven't signed up for a couple of different charity events out of nowhere that I definitely did not commit to and then they put on like they put out flyers and stuff that I was going and normally owed me, and this is me, become a little bit of a fucking asshole. I guess only would have felt obligated to go. Know me said: can't do it sorry, I honestly can't quit then can I it gets you to do this. We might need you because I've seen you at the different various wrestling events. Do you get your tremendous job with that? Thank you. Can we at least get you to pump up the guys pump up the crew for the mets? Yes, all right I'll give them another one. Is it? What is this thing happening? August fifteenth as rival, removed.
It's on Monday, our right to make a brief word on the call for the hats day, where's that where's that the golf club, it's our fields in dublin, ohio, Brady's. Perhaps you can help us move to, I wish I could help intonation thing going on his wealth, dumont, author and dissent. We can't we can't move or of that, but I can try. Hopefully you guys out whatever why you are you still meticulously yoga you in on that body, fat percentage battle with a J about carpenter and that by your garage, jumbo your garage ready as an emperor sauna. He has called top everything this whole situation, every first the the its grey. Don't get me wrong, but my buddy you I'd play with another day and then went on played like, but the juniors nedda fell he's getting me because he beat you gotta do our real estate is broken out, so you get into a gave it as a gift, and so I
put a thing together to find a spot were withdrawn because they would like. A choice and shut up my house ass, a guide. I gotta get to build this thing, so, yes, there is a sign in there that I try to use daily. The cold plunge now I got one of those, We need to inform your morning work up. I know you're on radio the morning which is insane congrats anti grass. You ask me off, I don't know you guys we're talking about. Laval are taken a big swing. It old drew breeze yourself was. It was at the livered as a shot, which is read the words we didn't hear the words thousands you think so you don't you set on our show. I used my death threats out of nowhere from all these huge drew reese bands and I remember us talking about this. I think it was like three weeks all oh, I guess someone picked up, maybe for the podcast and ran it and and I cannot I don't czech social media, then I started to check the rose like oh, like people are really set about this. And the reality was it was meant to be a shot. It was more talking about that.
Tom Brady side and then talking about how the fact that, like he's not is desired by networks, as fox is going to sign Tom Brady three and seventy five million dollar deal and he's started. Done yet. I mean brees did that to a degree with NBC, but it wasn't anything of this magnitude and obviously right now, it's it's not really to that magnitude, so it wasn't meant to be a shot. It was more kind of just talking about the whole situation, but It really escalated, got out of hand pretty quickly, and we were talking about it. We actually read it as a shock yeah. We said the entire time. We don't know if this was the way. I hoped it was like in the collateral damage here like why even say anything about it, but they put my face next to lars. I had people rough, the ripe, you're like. Why do you say this about drew brees? I didn't say that they're going to put your face on a lot of things. You know that through your entire life, I mean look at this. You have a lotion routine. What the fuck do you do? You look younger than you when, when are right, notre dame Brady,
yeah, I don't know, I just did that exhaust shop or that guy right right there over that guy. I don't know how old he is he's doing down under. Why he's holding his breath he's in he's opening his eyes- and god knows what's in that water just to get up some of ozzy's cigarettes and probably a jazz club to those his back to and then AJ's phone until you about He was so panicked because, obviously his phone was ruined at that point, but bulgaria Zawoiski, all genetics reunited. Did you see what I see at the time of this photo nobody's doing it, but one opera, one underwater to get that the clubs, the stuff he plug is not did he plug is knows absolutely not. Last time I was at home, but chocolate I would shooting he doesn't. We may your protection protection, nothing, nothing! The guy! We will have to shoot the shoe trap and
The guy was so irate with chopper for just walking from spot the spot, like reloading everything, you're not supposed to do, and he was like look son he's like I've been through nam. He's like I'm good, alright, because everybody chopra. This is your dad. That is now a js of his father in law, and are these legendary tales? The first time I saw him was at one of those ohio state called events that asiana laura have at their house or whatever, I was gonna, try to go back into the house at the end of the night and we're walk the front steps, and there was one light on a rocking chair on the front porch that is, two hundred yards long as AJ hawk, was the fifth overall pick or whatever not to be a. This awesome first round pick younger and he was just rocking on his chair or whatever, and he goes
at chopper and I'm like oh shit. This is the moment. This is the moment I've got to meet this guy. What a legend in in seeing your stupid diving year is just that a knee replacement and my mom calls me say: well, your dad was out on the motorcycle like three months later. I don't think he can walk properly, but that's- opera. Like you, just these, though my wife do you think your family and extended families most interesting one in america? I just read the apparatus of improvements in your family generic twice I mean it. It's probably remove. It will be a great reality. Tv show. I don't have that they could pay us enough to get educated. Do it, but maybe I'll see that loggers sure Well, I'm just save asylum shopping. My grandmother is Ok, I guess we collar
it may have been some taggers at her house and she would go to florida for the back to grandma jag tires his questions. I Brady are the best man. Thank you for joining us, your guide to speaking of not checking social media. You, you kind of, kicked up a little bit of a firestorm that it was a quote attributed to you. That basically said that you think Zack Wilson is going to fucking stink. This year was misappropriated, or did you really say that yeah that wasn't exactly how I worded it well look at what I what I said that got a lot of jets fans really upset was that their season's going to be over before the bye week this year, but. Still you guys are being opened up. Our first nine games and tell me who you think they should be favoured against stuff? they play the entire air sea north their first for games they play, miami which is probably most winnable game, we'd five, I think and looked Zawoiski assuming that machine watson is, is for the brown switch them
information comes out about that. That's probably not going to be the case. Writing that shit's, while that's very serious, very, very, very, very serious allegations and what the nfl is better in the past, with the like. Let there I'm very interested to see how that plays out ready, I think we all are. There have been in the nfl and I've been watching the nfl. This is a very fascinating thing, because it's so serious was it serious and I think that the tough part is is is he's like adamant that there was nothing wrong that was done. Two hundred and thirty million guaranteed to I mean there's like a lot there's layers to this, about how it's kind of all unfolded and what could happen could change at all? I think very quickly. That was the thing is for the Unifil perspective is they obviously didn't do anything. Last year like they could have put on the exempt list where he still would have been paid while they're investigating or trying to figure out the civil suits, all twenty two of them. Now, twenty three. Maybe before
but did didn't do, and so now it looks like if they don't do anything now They let him off the hook and there's been other players who have had less brought up against them. Who have been suspended more than this executor. He got what six games and he was supposedly repeat offender, but there's you can go through the history, of different players in a punishment I mean and there are serious thing like this before nothing will ever say like it again, so I don't know how you go about trying to judge what wrong doing took place, but then- from from his first. Active it's interesting to me that he would now want to just settle move on from this thirty million dollars for guaranteed obviously dirty to want to big chunk of that. But still like move with your and and go through this because clearly, this wrongdoers devalued admitted to some of the aspects. Could sexual that's great, but if you pay
for those acts and you're going through social media to hit all these different, massage therapists and they study that will one hundred massages a year I mean it's. It's yours when you think about it like clearly, there's something off there in the trend, there seems to be a trend right with every single, so endless is bringing us one towel I mean who brings their own title of a star stuff, asking that question a lot in a quiet but follow up like plus it's one of the biggest conspiracies in the history right, because this would take people from all over the country to have similar stories interconnect in stay on the same page in go public. What Is that all thing there's just so many trends? Do it all in the vienna let's do in their own investigation. They have to be hearing what's going on. I just I don't your stand. How or why then they're talking about there's no end in sight than there, like our investigations. Wrapping up now. There's another accusation: it's like how I play in that the
japan and what one million dollar salary this year citing the browns, and maybe his representatives we're thinking this year. Was that because assigning bonuses didn't updates, recap at the way the contract stoppages. Man. It's why any vote doesn't want this shit like you, don't they had of others want this to be a representation of the league like that. I do not have makes sense to me how it's been handled. How we've gotten to this point might all there's gives it goes back to like Chris, I think there's a good. I mean the burden of proof, obviously, and none of the sierra lawyers, but the burden of proof would have to be higher to prove that it, but there's always the chance that could happen. That's a solid line, their burden of proof is that what's been going on or somebody went to notre dame not rocket ohio state. What you said, that's what you said earlier, like wow the education I was looking for academics in football. I went to notre dame instead of ohio state in ages. I didn't talk for fuck hocker
It's crazy, though, I'm very interested to see it, but I think we have the jets schedule, not a harrison sure. I think we have the jet schedule and whenever you said that, I think a lot of people looked into it and its ravens, let's assume Lamar's all the way back up. Bangles steelers. Dolphins too, by the way he's talking shit we'll get to that in a little bit that was awesome. Packers broncos will russ new england and buffalo so bye. Bye week week, ten yea they have faced some incredible teams, which is what you are alluding to. I think right and I just said, look after this year, yet cheers and was Zack Wilson It's it's after to overcome the position they may be in to take the court of acts that are coming out next year and that's siege. I started a high state who age I knows you know what its price younger. I love it alabama highs and trophy winter it kid at my enemies: you're not gonna, raised eyebrows this year, tyler vandyke, we'll, let us add, Kentucky he'll, be another guy offer. Those guys could go
after next year and the jets will be in a position to take one of them. So that again. That has nothing to do with Zack wilson in particular the fact that there be a position to take one- and they might have I drafted on the guy and they might say, look we were Cardinals, move on from Josh Rosen after one year- kind of very noble, but overall it were that's working up pretty well so far, so you know, maybe we look to implement something similar or even look. It's Robert sallow came from the forty nine years and therefore they just did geographical got the finance your superbowl still wasn't enough. They go up trade up to take trey, lance number, three overall and now they're kind of seems like they're moving on from for Jimmy g. So if organizations, don't take those sort of rest when they feel like they get a guy's a game changer off. Those guys are imagined, I think, are going to make a really good case for themselves this year to be a top ten pick in next year's draft and jets, because this schedule will probably still be their way to pick such good analysis. Spreading what about the bangles are waiting to be able to continue to to make a run year after year.
I think so I think job euros. A stud honestly like if you're looking at If you want to go back to the shop, was in contract, tort or thirty million guaranteed, when I was Joe burrow or justin Herbert or Lamar jackson like tyler, okay, kyler I didn't miss last season due to twenty two separate allegations are civil lawsuits, I've done? Arguably, I think you get you, you might say they ve done more than to shun watson's, just statistically but all those guys are blind eye tracker, Joe bro you can make the case is one area of sea championship. It's not like that's been the case in a silly for de sean watson, what they Houston texas during his time there so You can literally make the case that they all would be justified in wanting to have more than that. I I don't know anyone who is going to sign these quarterback store contract assuming fully guaranteed. Is that desperate and I guess Haslam hasn't cleaver browser that desperate that point, but
boy be a guy who comes to mind for that deal. Herbert would be a guy. Lamar jackson would be a guy. You know caliber you'd think, but I dunno. I was kind of odd how things have have played on the saucy. They were awakened hesitation, I don't know I wish it would be killed. Exciting daddy, a good spot form, but the odd light like he was drafted over one overall. Dora was just over three. The same draft Baker shows up their newly guy. It's up to you now that draft, terrible. You still think about it now, cause. I mean our backlog. I didn't mean age. It was therefore for some that we, so he can talk about it. I think we're I was in the crowd. I watch the whole thing. So I want while appeal realize, like we stuck up roderick, it else green room because we go bunch of chipotle like we were so hungry, cuz everyone's, like sitting there forever, and I remember at one point: rodger came over as, like a you know what time to look at your face on on tv. Do you want to come to the green room,
I kept thinking about. You know chopper and like yeah, I haven't been with my mom and everyone else like you didn't really sign up for this, so maybe we should bounce over there, and We were sitting in their about hungry, so we order, the a triple way and then all of a sudden, like that, the way the browns ended up trading up the twenty two to take me it'll have pretty quick. And so I got like rush out on the stage I kept thinking like I need some gum. Feel really bad about the the smell of the green group. Now them eye tracker family just so I bought that place of roger to figure it out. You can figure it out. You shouldn't feel that was even know. That was your was his first draft as commissioner. So I do thinking to figure it out. I don't think he knew what he was in for, like I don't fit.
Offered that same thing to any player being drafted since that, because because of the cupola once chopper comes into your office, you don't open it up. You know what I mean it wants to. Chopper comes through guy conor, yeah Brady, when you guys were like family events, you and asia say it's thanksgiving, and maybe there's like a seven on seven game. Has everyone just trying to have fun in hawkers years out there trying to take people's heads off or how does that work? harbour samuel. If there's a couple, if there's any sort of competition, a try to hurt someone. The thing is all material sack issue. It's hard to keep track of all the kids that everybody knows he's got godfrey I've got three. My little sister has three. Then you bring over like the cousins. They are foolish, just a bunch of kids everywhere, and so it's just hard to keep track of everyone like at this point you're trying to like her chats so there's not too many seven and seven games, but usually there's someone ends up getting hurt. Someone starts crying at some point. Brady. We appreciate the hell out of you: man, who's gonna, win the superbowl this year. You thinking who's, going to win a national championship in college football,
well, Josh, it probably would grant hill would have been able to do this. I just want to know so. Let's go ahead, let's make sure. If you look at recent history, it's pretty much alabama right because, like every other for the other three, employers of college football, bryce young and will anderson their deanne that can put away. Can someone start talking about that kid? He should win the heisman last year. High he's absolutely ridiculous, and no one talks about because his D n it's so still. Georgia had seven on their decline that just one the first round, so this time maybe get silo. But I love this year. I've I feel of the georgian. What's his name really understand that albania conor right and then we'd like to talk about an honest, I would say the packers, how radiates one I hope he gets one. I think this is the year
I know they moved on from Devonte Adams, but I like what they did to replace that lost their assault on what he was caught. We just saw the match. We just saw the mass, never a doubt baby. Did you watch that he says, like? Oh yeah, you gotta hammer as a camera the vets these guys have been here before they were minus one. Eighty six going in then, obviously it flopped live. You could have got some really good money on heroin and tom live there plus one. Thirty Well, it wasn't one thirty with like to deploy yeah that was gonna, get him in Cambodia, Now we are I'm sorry we bring it down to our level. I handed them to win. The first hold you by the way it was very pleasant. One eighty six or something like that. Earlier yeah, I think I got a plus two hundred for them win the first one because everybody assumed they were going to tie and then, when Aaron just starts stroking a little bit here we go a starter question is: what do you think Tom Brady was doing why he was late to the team first device? changes. Batteries, prided
It's possible? That's it! We appreciate your brady. Thank you. So much where are the gentlemen were required that our software expert gump yourself to the gump so jorge from mexico, while texas mexico just called in said tex mex I guess to actually answer that proper, jorge called and said that mexico is going to win the world cup. Is there any chance at all that mexico wins world cup Sylt it's the worst mexico team in years we do not reach a cheer for us iterator as play for years real. What team is wrong to junk? authorities on Sweden, the asiatic daddy is employed international, a long time to come in brom of ich ogilvy renovate centre right, parker, you
I respect and did you see wakes you an earlier, he said against, we all can yeah. He put a dip. Put a nice thing on his head. I love week, see Paul he's my jaw that thing in the trash that what they were talking about. When we could pill, oil reserves, doing this through a wide power all whose when you said that its other backyard. Here Can't you get back to the state is acknowledged. It was I use that. Is that a I companies, the figure it's the be her large executed, ice, cold, bod life. Why these back anyhow? Who were you talking to do? People are why are you on the show without a mask on?
I've told you what I was the only one in the airport. I didn't do it. I know issues on the stock over companies body. That's great, had two on the plane you had to play, but through the airport is it? What is it when you like for real that when you go into canadian airspace or how does it work? as soon as I landed from minnesota to Calgary. They said as soon as you get off the plane. It's fucking down. That's an american thing with the airlines don't have to wear yeah yeah, ok, on the canada. You still you start where one like the only country, australia ok while data they don't know something that we don't know you don't media. Because on aids they don t, I don't know shit
nothing against them. They don't even have any state bar bites at a restaurant, they don't know shit most inspired a vet, a sum that you like enough to give them slew. Now they invented fucking lacrosse, I love lacrosse. Don't worry, when a bathroom international sports, not amr. No, it's not. Was only the winners. Are those Carl right now to some rocks around. Do you ever do that you're going to go curl tonight? Maybe tremble and sandwiches and curl. You know currently maybe a little maple however, setting out- and I beg you like job- not only give waiting here, we're down bets. Have you been hot since gone back to cattle? Are now? yesterday I got smacks first surfers. My bare tuesday was good for.
There's a stat that, if, basically, if the team covers the spread, they win in the n b, a finals, that's kind of forty one, two into the winning team, he has covered the spread, so whoever he thinks coherent yeah and I won't sway either side mostly stayed had that team of death and they beat the cavs like for one. I think they We should have lost game one, but j dot, R smith thought they were winning and they were tied and he didn't put the shop back up at the end. So what he says So I say: look out, I won't say how I feel, but I will say if you're gonna bet on final vp now that we're talking about the fucking game, which his stats, oh okay! Well, then, yeah saw this morning. What are we talking about? There was one forty, four plus four right. Now, too, the odds are going to go down, it'll probably be plus three and a half plus three the time the game starts. So I would definitely
taste, even a's out there and sand from his games in golden state doesn't go state you're in a bigger hoops whenever they're at home they never lose sometimes, but I believe we have the best record against golden state this year, because we play the best defense in their big thing. Is that you know they are always running around in open for three and picks. You can't switch most teams cells. Can switch on every page because, basically, all five, the guys in the cork and guard anyone on the programme An analysis resides. Did you really like yourself? You like results as while it sounds like the alto before, though, I'm not ready. I take them online line. I am greeted with gump: are you taking them to win the whole thing? The the championship? Yeah, the celtics? They took him a couple rounds. You oughta be honest. Once they beat the nets of a hot dog The oysters tonight actually colorado's backups in their starters out at the. U get oilers at a really good, like MIKE Psmith pop
Love might smith at all, but I just got back of joy for colorado oilers or they should deal with steel. Want dont, be fuckin hates MIKE smith, well not only one weighty, joan theses blacksmith, does take it on the shelves eyes in the fuckin car. Finally zero pads on missions, others, he does big. Just make sure right position implies right, sports added on the sand and last month, smart servant. Pizzas, Has he thinks he's got things he doesn't have the livery, wretched foes wakes canadian tv slot icon I don't remember, to beyond fine for awhile before your prime ever jack to accurate admin was on this score. I remember her and then she went to any child that way wait seeds out espn was yet an internet work before I think, he's still at any time. Networking works with rubber. He does both he was on it.
If he was not a couple of different times. I fall asleep after his first one. I woke up he's back on here, prop sweat rag. Is he going to use that I was waiting for him to fucking wipe himself off He was holding onto that thing, for dear life was just prop all he brought it down to is that these he's been happening since the beginning of time. I bet rags nod fucking. Early. By exerting already said, lucian waivers there's some logged as work really type brought his own ragged jerk off into. Ah ha ha? You suntan lotion, either low? Well, that's what you use youtube. That's a fact in wild see the child who did then what
Someone brought a rag that they just pulled their meat into that I'm not gonna get out of here. Death nodded sides, that's been very outside stuff, which is why it's uncomfortable just talk about it with your brother. In law's terrible help, we hope justice is served with, like thereby now where are you sit, we're going back to? Ok, my but I didn't know about bringing zone Tao and then he said bring his own rag that didn't. I didn't put it to get right. Did you see the support, AJ shirt, shorter accident? Thank you. I mean it's a sweet shirt who designed this John doe mitch remit, which is I shall be back and ask against dumping, Do you say we got another another week or two. What do you do? Their job losses? what do you do? I know you're you're joined the shows and doing everything what else to do nothing:
driving? I once saw my mom and dad for the first time, the two years, thus persuade housing. Double rallies, kids, double hug! Have you always had this giant beard yeah? Ok, so wasn't! Ok! You went to america group his beard. Here's How can our cars he's good. There is another way was kyle gump. Now he swore gub gub. Now bar We procedure we miss, you can watch em down pal. I love Are you two man? Let each other? good lad. With due to get him back. What a stupid doing stupid her. Do we not just get like one of those. Secondly, I got for care of her dad we're birthday party hologram, I am hungry, Mcgrath autograph get dumpy all grow. Ryanair, girly cool
see fulfils on fire dumb a little pricey, but for left I think so yeah I didn't have that either what the hell or one thirty flight. So I assume he's gone so he left before the show. I think you might as well, who must display, is probably guy for flights. One thirties, Brian Lotos gone lilacs later about your boys club, Don't worry, I'm nazi employed ass. He did so The choice like out push back to go to, It was the actual connecting yeah. That's why it stinks by two hours. Indiana has zero flights to anywhere, except for hub cities. So in years hey there's it's gift and the cursor yeah very hospitable, downtown restaurants. God is good for spanish, living is very
very good. Here there is chicken. Sandwiches are very often what're, you doin still of gaza. But yeah. The outta here is impossible. It is absolutely impossible which makes no sense, because a lot of people who travel here for conventions, but you it takes you eight hours at least to get to Indiana, which is in the middle of everything crossroads of america. Yeah that drive it Fiona flooded lana, though we're locked about forty five flights day going their joy. She Detroit lay in the choice of argo, although very similar to the congress airport save an airport, you guess what awards we want. This is airport winds in order every single month. It's like
Cleanest is likewise nobody here, there's no flights the most easily accessible. It's like once again, not a lot of eyes out of this place. So it's like it not. It is beautiful, though very nice to our citizens could handle? lot more flights if they were potentially to pick them. Resolute, which would be great for grave whereby miss room, but I guess probably not direct pestering me often They had the thin day for low, but there they brought back the direct flight boss and actually work you're lucky I better indiana trials, manson driver, Michael Jackson, to health scare. Here, Manson grew up in indianapolis. Alongside the gallows once poverty seamen and airborne rum since without either poker,
The father thought our father father from efforts to see that oh, I see the doctor that has five thousand kids it s still so the previous a good I didn't watch. I don't want to watch it because I felt like I'd, know everybody in it. Basically, if you have blonde hair and blue eyes and from the indianapolis area, you might be this guy's kid Where are you from ohio area you might divided? I had. I am white blonde here as a kid better, do twenty three: may I have one we're not here is just as well by the way, but I'm pittsburgh something does seem and made it in a very similar turn sally? Can you imagine doing twenty three main having forty six like siblings? way more starbucks out of nowhere yeah and it's still just growing and growing and guiding the documentary ends. It says ninety one, I never james
it wasn't too lazy to get seamen from other people who do not want now they said there was. I got for motive behind. He had it. He had all the other people, seamen frozen and everything, but the different room, roman, just one little That's the show. Is it a little too far? so my silence for the fucking sanctity of the show. Now now thousands, other madrina, laura there's might become a new mug. They should make that today maverick mug, that's great. I have a little subscribe button. That kind inscribed from names on that I have a little too is their names inscribed on it now, but I'm happy to hear that there is an ability to do that. They sent us a bunch of stickers and I would never do that to laura bill. So the name in early. Let me say thank you for the gifts man. I should have cleaned it up. I'm only get one of those trevor
guarantees, bout, ford, big ford, big forever for Javert big ford. The icy k- that's the name of the documentary, clever, breathing takeovers, pickford trevor Bedford. We pursued thanks for baby order, you put a seaman and everyone. Now, that's our father trevor, bedford, big ford, was the guy. Our fathers doktor klein starch decline trevor big for scams designed by any lower ever sent. This baby that wasn't made by our father and indianapolis. This is created by the fine men and women. Strap of their states, hit the ice and put their life on the long for attainment as a baby. Lord, I was so the same case. Pronounced silver. I don't well that sounds presented to be a believe. It's big for big ford, big ford there. It is I'll get you a big thousands of someone who s soccer tournament.
Well, there s well organised argue, embody call guffey that doesn't know what is it? There's three sock lombardies before that. Now, obviously one soccer lord opel yeah, that's coming up and Why should I theatre is actually final for a sovereign turned off over now? beginning the premier league daylight, taken off with some sort of fine they fuckin better. I mean what are we doing? I don't have a soccer terminals for five days and nights zone Some titles arise in arizona soccer lord or that we need a doctor while scampered I answered, I put, you might be too he's out gub gub tonight, after four years,
He has his. He has the show behind a ride out pretty do all we can to fighting pretty far behind him. He said. Are the camera nice again, I will say the way is Joe streams did put a mask on immediately upon getting in the canadian airways, unlike our by honest whites, concerns on the bridge gump, Does it all right now, he's fixing something but a camera around. That's not Jesus Christ. Software ammonia think already noticed your during an hour, the baby cup whoa whoa. I hear the camera off areas clearly saw him do ass number here. You know its baby, lord, oh, by the way, are you you fuckin son of a bitch. Now that's your mom obviously big montana family show more areas. I would not be more. Maybe it's armand small volume,
I'm sure, there's three or four, while the emma lesson of the portland timbers doubt there had at their heating up revolution, also hearing on us colorado rapids. I think our top the tape, cars, crew or start a real lay, a good good body shall see ousted by the gate. Dynamo today I dare not nevertheless, either tat. There were the rats there thirteen the refund watch. All the experts extinguished back in the day, I can read the dynamo bismarck. Stingers order ran the fuckin dynamo out of the arena. Gay writer right through the basher boards right up the arena outside kick them like this about their kicking in the indoor soccer thing right into the river. That's right! That's what the singers sorry about I'm gonna wasn't around to see that. Well, that's what is glad to they. Don't wanna have homicides on their record. They just had a bunch of dub spell they were going to river? Hauser S, l. I believe your hats,
same as in the eleven. So what everley? That is we'll find out more where we have. For me, what was that? Why you ok hold on record before we drop off you you guys come at me all the time all you shoot, orderly in germany or toxic references, yours excited you remember the last named duggar for the kid and went to jail, and so you parted in there with brady- and you are so projects was nineteen kids, that's it! You guys would be fuckin like over their nineteen professional athletes. All married him of the same family here is there called party a christmas. I other great fewer amendments taken during much. The same thing. Party loved. Do, The idea we're going to get that shirt for sale too, by the way we're going to raise some money. As opposed to you costing that foundation money and almost knocking, of course immediately by driving a car into a pond at a golf course literally. So I tried to save guy thing. I bet but by driving it in or Judas keep your after you broke it
I told you many times I don't want. My mistake- was I've part a little too close to the green, so I put up around the fringe area and green hit the emergency brake as an ipod data that and then somehow it the break didn't go the right, we'll turned into started. Make an old turn inserted movement on human adjusted in my part of the brain, and I wrote that thing in a discussion on was the That was a pretty good shot when the thing hit the water, you know cause water will slow you down a whiplash, but should we be more worried about your whiplash that you suffered as opposed to driving a golf cart into a pond at a golf course, I didn't drive it in exactly. I did a little bit eroded because it was a steep hill, but then no, I instantly thought of art, I'm not about problems and solutions, so I jumped out and tried to lifted up from the muck in nothing just sunk into that like ten feet of muck, real quick. Thank you. Gary we're taking up their more john taffir, well
it's not a problems. Guy he's a solutions guy, but he will yell about the problems. Show yeah. Oh yeah, there was a. There was a pretty good, portion of our life, where I wanted to be one of the test customers and on belarus because me walkin in their work. This people treat me like shit dat If you want to know us terrible service happens, get em. We walk in there, probably I'll get it tat. I love the to release these young people's face allowed mother fucking failure, nothing better, I notice were apparent lie it has arrived. Now? I was greatly I am a great role is still high on go on. I believe yes, I think so I used to. In the bars and talent taffir would not be happy about Austria. First thing we look at a menu the manager, this place. John taffir would not have what the fuck you got going on here say. Thank you. He's cool competition on going on right now with a british guy who also saved restaurants,
restaurant possible guy all of our original chef, robert area, that was a good show out about, but I do know government he's got some oilseeds gotcha. As big as errands arms and I won photo afterwards. Were Tom Brady look like a twig, he did near. He looked tiny returned saw ass, an irishman throw for sixty five persons issue those care those biceps that part. Look out, look for mvp three times in a row kevin weeks and nobody is looking to win three championships in a row. It's like aaron rodgers sitting on one. I think Liverpool just tried one waiting, careful sorry about it. Good luck with soccer florida, so where'd you get that one there's one should they fought for travel, bedford, Tracy, one of the guys that brought the cup. Now like a man.
By the way, all over somebody's tiktok, I see it so I didn't know we could have used him in different fashions. We never know if scripted mike, we could have given him some wind. He would have acted out in proper fashion. With that great hair. I didn't know that did you know where he was going next. Now, but he did not go immediately upon us, saying: hey it's out of your their legs, I clock god Oh, I don't know them, and we were there Listen! The more we've learned about this whole thing: the whole process. We have a lot of questions. He told me there's like a secret task force in Canada that comes down the mountain. Those who say you'll get it back my lunch contest you don't do anything against the cup. No not answer for I we're that tomorrow we have on a more general carpenters, life and the government right general. Here we go where they used to not allow phones. I think you can address one there now. Yet what yep? So I hope you're at the fucking masters. Local there's a time I think when all tournaments you can go ahead.
Yeah, but I'm gonna make about, should deal to see that he was The tiger was sitting offer jolly ass, a thing off in the entire crowd. Had their phones out analysis and want to do and hold a michelob ultra just sit there. Taking it in. There was like That was the thing like this is what's wrong with the world today. This guy is the only one live, an amount which, by the way I agree, we live on the internet on my phone all the time, but one something's happening. I think you we remind ourselves like hey. We live in is we're, like other people will be recording this week. Live in this maria It's got to the left. Everybody else has the camera is the only one who doesn't have his camera out that guy It made the guy behind him to canada. Fact why these two handed a big gay became a lot. Zero looks like the rangers version of those iphone case. Whatever? Would you do thou site? case all gain this whole thing in the autumn,
It is a shame that airbus trionel courts up that's already being recorded near there, but yeah. I agree. I saw jerry cycle not a bit on that. A well give you ve, seen it when he says, like in their simple braden these guys we're going off the plane and or whatever their film on us not now. Someone you you do enjoy, but It is good footage, good, Claudia you're, all right there, you you have the shot. This is your life because I am firm believer in, like you should document, your memories wasn't always wasn't always used to hate pics actually, I think, my family's big picture family either. But now it's like you should document where you rat, but There is no law I urge portion of our society these days. It don't enjoy anything you now and it's like There has to be some moment of. Like I'm gonna be here. In our view, are your freedom b, where you're gonna be here for a second, Is our boys in a hurry to get things done. Gave me.
Here. I should rush until the last now soldier. No, no. No. I don't know, Why that's only to exalt on the stand? Joy stuff, like hammered down to fifty minutes Michaud tomorrow with general bognor, live on the golf course, and maybe some other deaths that we will have support, Appearances by it'll be a feel good friday going into the grid. We get about time out then be Columbus hi o work tomorrow night from running lights, back down can wait. But on the how the grounds of the bad and give out a nice. Don't give about you for sure,
Why don't you tell me where you come on? kind of thing is you send out? There is bizarre, you're gonna be there, The girl is gonna, be there did you guys have one of those like chop house, both crews, things going on call crews going on in colombia? Wasn't didn't weak watch you in romania, so he may be there sake mica George KEDO, why lane giants, and why is Brazil boys of the cliff kins, whereas others were ivy? Presumably it was good. It was our no is eagerly will be earmarked What about life? His brother lies Yarborough dvd You never know absolutely us whereby lies arizona, that'd be that'd, be while the fi channel, I can't vessel had seen on time whose back, what's what were
It is a a musical elias, his younger brother, that's what it is right. Yes, okay, it's not the other way around. I mean what what your father you, literally just ass residual and arrogant act like you, don't know, secures he's your line. Sometimes get the brothers mixed up. They look very similar, We certainly do not all white guys every one has a beard, huge beer, ready to seem serious when you do stuff like that. It's pretty impressive, fuck off sea area while well, that's. Got a chance to watch. We work a couple does now to make. Anyways. I meant that we were back tomorrow. Thank you also much you're. The best people on earth was still give away pms. Yeah, there's all signed by yet bail order payments. Yes, baby order, goods.
A screenshot right now, Say some nice somebody usually tag in there. Could be one of Taiwan is a five hundred dollars together. We're watching all have a good way to morrow. We can't thank you for it we're losing afternoons alongside of us every single day. This shows the dumbest up to something season. Is still in wake up. Hey you of those are here thereby doesn't answer fulfils our years, probably done some something's papa also see if it was out here for the last couple of days, the middle of the show without saying about any of us, which is fascinating, hip, don't let that lead you straight on thinking that something has gone back up? Some sisco forgotten were excited, but everything to see I feel that europe means up some seasons, really how you here we are love that right now, the girl, but how
Ralph, ok, we're cooking with gas and far in life. Why happiness? Why greg? Why the baby laura? Why see everybody by the the
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