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PMS 2.0 677 - Feel Good Friday With General Bob Carpenter LIVE From The Memorial Golf Tournament, & AJ Hawk LIVE IN STUDIO

2022-06-03 | 🔗

On today's show, Pat and the boys are joined IN STUDIO by the man, the myth, the legend, AJ Hawk, as they cover everything that is happening in the sports world including Ryan Day saying that Ohio State needs at least $13 million to keep their current team at OSU, the Broncos' social media team throwing Russell Wilson under the bus, Tua responding to some of the heat he's taken on Twitter, and much more. Joining Pat, AJ, and the boys Live from The Memorial Golf Tournament is friend of the progrum, former 1st round draft pick of the Dallas Cowboys, The General, Bob Carpenter. Pat, AJ, and The General chat about all the NIL stuff that is surrounding Ohio State right now, what the Memorial Golf Tournament is all about and some stories of previous years of his exploits with AJ, as well as his love for Top Gun: Maverick (16:22-31:27). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show, and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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Hello, beautiful people feel good Friday june. Third, two thousand twenty two, a sports show with a little extra toxicity till it starts now. I would normally you know, give a nice preview. What this shows gonna be here, for probably a man, the two, maybe three you're just as people get realise that we're living kind of straw, enemy, normally just yelling nonsense about what we're potentially gonna talk about. Some things never gets off. again by the way after that, that's possess shows obviously incredibly scripted in blocked. Everything that needs to be talked about. Its talked about as soon as it is, We talked about your sweater. Show is done so well in one numerous awards hasta, but today there is no reason to do that. Now, the today in worth you know I have two minutes already under this. Today is a day that is
Never happened before in this project. History. Why? Although it is this something season, we do I know we're up to this until just a couple of days ago, and this is a monumental paramount to occasion, because all the top tables here attachment at boston corner great to see connor, congratulations on the celtics and a big fourth quarter. Thank you! So much bankruptcy. The fund has never doubt now. Never not even word, never to have sent you a lot of technical we're down because we were better heavily on the south. East is also shown its one half of the hammer cowboys dumbly who's up again said he rides with the celtic tiger and also give me the forum not grady. Although the record I believe, is forty. He too, and one for whoever wins also covers in the NBA play us ample. I love you think's gonna, win you back regardless. You just bought the money line. If you're getting points just take the money, that's going to work out so congrats, you did never doubt him.
Early. I was in a lot of shots, winners, air balls, hotline statutory, seem to be shooting into a bigger bucket. Then the second quarter at these core, Well points. Third quarter happens, then. All of a sudden one in the fourth quarter lights came on holy shit. The boys couldn't miss. Let's go boss, get pumped about it. Pat I'm juiced rates. Now we're going to win the whole thing: sweet congrats break box? The other half of the hammer da boys, ten degs, is your tone. How you doing? How are you we don't want that time, vari tone and bill bought the office donuts to the national done it like yours. Well, that's the thing Nobody else at a great national diana everybody had a great national downloading. The only done that's tie and I were the only they didn't show up on the he don't shout catering, accurate future water. Kind of similar yeah yeah.
example. Why are you guys all the pink once you now now we have battling? one strawberry ones very good and although I called sector its potential, allegedly I'm being accused of calling Zachary yesterday and until swine didn't know about the strawberry frosted doughnuts, I feel like that was a little bit harsh because he did buy one of them. He probably tried it and said damn actually they don't I'm not talking about that done. A deal because there's down on that, has captured the hearts of may enticement threat we What one every single day, like two weeks, because luckiest golfer on earth was sent, download from one particular place- and we appreciate him doing it by the way shouts use, and does the office. It was not than we necessarily wanted, but we did needed on certain that's right. There's this fuckin cinnamon apple filled top down at pisa. Heaven tat Joe want to in a box. This means I'm terrible national diner
Nobody else has had a great national donut technique. It looks like you're happy national donut that yeah it was nice of tony to do that for everybody, including tie after what I said about him last week, was that I agree. Now we've already put this debate that we're not doing this. This is now rare, for this is not what today's about national donut day to everybody. I never have any set being done. Why don't you get there? Don't you bought them? Why didn't you get the Don't because those are the regulators of what happened last week, yeah, I dunno how I got thrown into this. I got thrown in unbelief shut up, just can't lose. You can lose these last few days really. Yesterday we got a clue about you that are happy happy that that's time
I'll, be on your side. Now it's all right! I've, just three, two one big fireworks.
Shadow china shadows, know that this or that enjoy the polls? They're good for boston call me himself, that's not what today's about this is feel good for, not a car. That was not why the show is a monumental show because not a copy. I need to say that people always say no wait till my public. Oh my god, the zambo is probably also share the same sentiment because without the people who invented fireworks, then they would have never been able to revolutionize them in pittsburg. High court will agree to disagree and agree somewhere along the line. Today's a big day, not because he's
I'll, be right. Com. It's easy cries does dont. Why today's big day, day because normally, will you two hours of toxicity? Really, you know at full force on this particular shall write in north. It's coming from an attic in ohio failure for two hours. Fifty one minutes. I live in person, ladies and gentlemen, that the good my own sound growl men, also dude. You look great too. By the way I dunno, who wins in the thing of you guys the fat off but diggs looks great. Thank you. I agree. I think we all do settled who who want- and it was me because you guys are bad people now. Listen, don't have got that That's what age loves. Do you know passed with you been in stooge by the way way ahead.
At derby. I'm just trying to hear I'm good to go it's great, because you look amazing yeah. This is great. It's been a while, since I've been here I was, I was in the bathroom pee in with herbie innocent manner. You do they make you clean this bathroom and he said no, it's always it's been like this since I've been here, so you guys are doing something right side of weird. You share a toilet while being with herbie, but still there's like five of them. It's a public toilet. There's two different data bathroom tavano. Nonetheless,
I didn't even piss on the floor. Like lashes, I was at two times all good everything's been good man appreciate it appreciate. You have me here. I drove this morning. Didn't fall asleep, honestly felt really good. This whole drive here and then herbie came and picked me up because I dropped a rental car at the airport whole situation. So thanks for her, but he was actually waiting right there at the curb hey that a boy might not be around that much longer. But that's not the surveys. What happened to harvey's grade- I was joking he's. He wants to pick up you in fantastic fashion. He's got a good old chevy to that we will fly back to columbus afterwards, you and me yes, I smackdown tonight right are you coming to that or I actually am going to go straight to a baseball game, that's very close to the airport and I hope we're flying into that. I left my car yeah right airport right yeah, the last couple of hours and he told me a lot that I'm not sure I hope so, if not my cards at a hotel near an airport. Okay, we'll get you there, no problem at all. Thank you for coming out here. Let's dive right into the ohio state, big conversation piece right now: AJ, ok, my ryan, well great question!
Of what you're doing here with the rhine day has come out in ages, basically said her ears or the aisle deals the two million dollars for a good quarterback. Alright, you have any one million dollars for good edge, rusher you're, going to need about another million for a top tackle, let alone. If we get some corners, couldn't come around five hundred seven hundred fifty thousand dollars just get them to years this is had J book. Thirty seven, I believe lives in arizona covers the guys that guy nobler checkmark lot of followers seawater, though like a lot of ohioans, do interact with said mister walk thirty seven year gap anyways any eye to follow up and said it's gonna basically take ten million dollars to keep this team that they currently have in place. Day has put the bat signal out the fans and boosters per cleveland com days. Can do. A hundred local business said that the buckeyes when needed. Thirteen million dollars per year and then I'll funds just to keep current players on the roster intact.
state is officially in the game, says J book thirty, seven, whose far, along with the buckeyes from afar there, so thirty million dollars just two, It does seem together that price is only going to go up just like with everything else in the world as it becomes sophisticated system, maybe the water will find its level, maybe we'll go down, but I feel like it. ever does normally things just only go up? Why are you not given rhine day? Thirteen million dollars right to keep our team together do our europe is our Take like wasn't okay. So what does that mean when you want to raise? Thirteen million? Is that these collectives arms a serious question, yet they put together these and I our collective sort ever are those Local businesses that come together are those this is at the school that gathers them. What is I dunno if it's local businesses or just money from the boosters, but then who controls that money while
is the head right would be the one that is katrina and that person can go to their school and say hey. Can you help this recruit this high school kid with his money or I'm have to try assume you go to the coach though and say hey? This is what we have you don't have to go directly to school. I assume the coach will be directly he's the head collector yeah, because he's the one recruiting I mean this is what we're doing now, because Sabin put the bat signal out to his guys right when he killed jimbo to to get the money gmo cat, though at least two lives excuses. Excuse was talking in front of businesses too. That's what this season this is fundraising season, it sounds, like has always been happening yeah. This is all this. These types of things have always been, but now it's here now he can, he can openly say hey. If you guys You guys pony up, we can win. football games, as amazon pay close enough attention college football. Obviously me these types Things have been happening. I should like roosters, like this sit down panel in front of all the money from her school. They do pay in front of these people, probably under this, has probably been happening at every big school for a long time. This
particular meeting, but these conferences have, change the two. Now now, it's like hey this It's like a strategy meeting as opposed to a hello meeting. it's called boosters, have have run college sports since the dawn of time, I'm guessing like boosters these powerful boosters. They have so much control with so much power. I've. I've listened to Just tell me that they were part coaching searches like they went with on that line, drawing airplanes actually the on going on there. It is exactly because you don't eight hours, I can hear it s. Party you're donation iowa, donated twenty five hours this year too, the athletic department of my jet and made us like these guys are telling me they're texting the head coaches after games, hey man, I think you should play below a little bit more in the third quarter or stuff like that, and that opened my eyes. I was like geez okay, I had no clue
This is really I don't know you were that in depth. I guess so almost nobody pay a pit to become the head coach entitle grosbeak. It prevents class, ninety, ninety, seven, ninety ninety seven class and I to fuck dog shit class. Ninety seven. Ninety eight care, even fuckin, think about touch it james again. That's why one and ninety seven in this grass we did what, if they did, what at the university of pittsburgh in class and ninety seven like created, some fucking life altering changing thing, and that's why he needed ninety seven. On that fucking thing what why do you think he insisted class and ninety seven on the under that just alumni not got enough. He wanted his cot. Suddenly I do have happened. I think that's like a next level like proud alumni move is, you know, cause you care when you're talking to these other brought no class in your class sixty seven last, ninety seven! So you knowledge of this is like isolate. Lawiya love,
hi? I love, maybe anyway, that's twenty million dollars that he was able to port. You would assume he's making some other decisions is what you are alluding to. It sounds like yeah. I mean how much you have to give to become like a donor like that or somebody? That's that important were head coach will take your texan respond. You big loss but it's not illegal work does not a legal right, a you. You don't mind, put your name on a building, not off bacon use that money. However, they want others always been ways to you know, but I before this system before it was used to hey you? Can our money and build these facilities donald awesome, stop to show recruits now you can take this money indirectly hand it to the recruits sounds like yeah you don't even have to fake act like we're, not making money. We don't even have to fake add our needed money, though, because we need to build these facilities and continue to build on really hate ice. Key players in money awaited by does not take away from what we ve been fucked, making these kids it only them their name. Thirteen gay! That's what let alone
hey I've always get to know just right. You know just gives item. I like your columbus, ohio, rondeau saint, let's not block and stop that particular avenue of cash. It's interesting what Bobby carpenter joining us here a couple minutes and he's still working out with the players that are making more money than he is now yeah. That's it would be funny to go back there and I'm like we should will ask him: hey Bob. Has your relationship changed these guys since they started getting paid? Have have you noticed a difference you to oh yeah? We got we got to want to talk about like okay. Let's get to a break, let's reset this, because we got a full combo with general bob carpenter live at the memorial and I believe he is going to be one hundred percent. Sober
I hope that you know what you know cause you said that launch on time and eleven o'clock he ordered an old fashioned. Wasn't that what he used to while he got off the air at nine o'clock this morning and, I think, started to say yeah, it was the weekend back. There are no yeah. This isn't ohio state buckeyes football home game weekend. What is the memorial? the house party slant smack great time that, as the other, you have some golfers there tonight, hopefully sunday, the falcon Can I go up through the loser ones while I want this is why I hope I saw what if I listen off fit nice, Maybe it would have been very wise words. the four minutes with general bob carpenter? Listen. Sir thomas and boys read the smack them come come on voice. Immigrants come our boy. You started out on fuel for the showed him like a great one.
Hope so we're in the middle of one stop helena cell two days from now we go out who's the headline or tonight. Why Why was that major hawk? Maybe isn't it uk violently right are, you are to me, don't go come back. Why bother I there. I will leave the baseball so tat we actually museum backstage, does bob battle and live in hope, I believe, the bob backlund yeah he's still alive- is doing. He was at a shell. Is what I'm saying he's still. I know he's like he's a nutrition freak. Yes, somebody and it was read for hours introduced before goes on tv. We have to make our way to the thing. Somebody is on the way back any I over outcome, eavesdropper. I guess I've got a funny solemnly walkin backstage now, but they somebody said that they had just cancer them and he was just a sperm. They say
I thought he bought the person who got bob. He lives in connecticut seventy two years and still gotta get this guy a match. Can you get him a match? I can't do it we'll get a program going with you. No, no we'll get Bob a program, Wait me and you as now a maiden needs to maybe get other. What the hocker here and route, of some funds, because the ohio stating that we knew it as of last year? If they don't get? Thirteen million bucks, they're going to be in conference usa, heard that yesterday, from ryan day, while he's addressing one hundred businesses, I e jayhawks has had a great face. They're thinking about ohio state may be into general ball. Cargan, god maverick how you do it.
Mary patrick methods, round me on your age, your lives before europe, the oda you're, feel this is stopping grounds major hot, so his wife is a native of dublin come here. We were young, didn't know anything better were running around this tournament. My man slight, always ripping off the wings of these cicadas like a giant locusts, the middle of a parking lot at these house parties. You got age grab a big bottle of three all about you, like the showpiece, they tell him say so: don't open that up He tells him yeah good five minutes later he's trying to cheat that thing down so they're. So this is all that this isn't a thousand for you guys living in the glory days aging. Why are you not there once, while I'm here low, lay great
Thank you! I might go, I might go. I might go there this weekend to cover my kids, maybe house parties. What does that mean that just people that live on the course bob? Where are you at a party? I get a house right now or is that one of the tents so Both parties were a little to wild. I want to make sure you guys can hear me. I got posts that one of the billions of on the seventeenth green right here, I'm in a perfect spot to be able to do this? We are yoda yesterday for talking about two guys report, and this is about to get along with loud and rowdy, because from the mid west. You understand this is like the first beautiful well weekend, we've had, and so when that's the case, man come out the zombie star walkin around in this things about you get lit. Ok, so the house parties do people on these houses, they rent them out in an corporations by them up, and then they hosts the parties throughout the day there on the course yet basically, what happens you own? A house, I'm gonna run it out. Someone's gonna pay me fifty grand through the week they're going to put that take your furniture out. They wrap that thing in shrink, wrap to keep the bodily fluids. In
the liquids off the wall. Smart is it freaking gets wild and trace ages laughing zenos. Exactly Have we ever made out the things that we ve done in some of these houses, so you guys are invited because you guys are buckeyes because you're heroes and local you're in every single party and every single house over there is a thing like going to your house. They may have been the greatest decision. I'd ever made because you don't we as you sort of oil or brittle football. Here is the greatest thing in the world. Then your friends with this guy everybody loves with the best part is like age, it doesn't talk, and so I just be set their within their talking to us aid. You just looks out of, and then I was kind of filled avoid. Conversely, we have agreed a grey wing. Man really good right. That's amazing! Let's talk about allows, they real, quick and I know a geo, probably as a tax on as well. But right and they said last night that you need to walk out the house over there with all that money are all the people that are running fit
thousand dollar houses that parties in columbus in dublin, ohio they needed. They need to send the money elsewhere and ass to the fuckin buckeyes cause. Any thirteen million Bobby is allegedly what they need you. the line they did, what he did and is that just somebody powder action for you in a J and stirs and thereby the fork up this cash, and we can continue to win because tables it's made. You guys decide what you want to be in this world and do you want to be draped? You want to be a lie. Everyone complains, if you don't beat bama, don't be clumsy and you're not reading the ga. If you can't get that done, then you know what you're not going to be successful surroundings. laid out their guys. So let me say this is a means for doing this together? This is when people are asking. What can you do for us I believe this like rise, a great coach and I think, ultimately wanna play for, but you gotta be in the game. As everybody knows this, there's guys in the weak and the other fellows. no what you might take a little bit less cash to all its member states
place you like, but it to be in the ball park. You gotta get close and I think that's ryan days, just like everybody, losin hang This is where we're at some cash out. It's gonna take thirty million. It's gonna take thirteen million per year you're ready to start greece in those checks. I've never looked better, thereby the like that, but Bob. What does that mean? Greece, those checks, so does a local should local businesses to send their money and who do they could talk? Did you have to say that this is specifically for the entire staff? Will you say the example you mentioned earlier Oh yeah bob, I think a riker on he went on twitter and he quotes. We did something about that when Ryan day said that and he said like well, the school isn't reaching out to us we're the ones who are trying to make these deals happen. Bob. Can you explain record the car dealership right
would be required is dad is family about the government as the world's largest cardio relation with an exact. That's why I got one more thing: everybody needs a car from right now, not isn't that I as a continent that guy, I think I'll good, yes he's trying to do, you know what like rejects it. There's a collective called cohesion and that's where this money work these ghosts. They can get this now that or I guess you could do the visual deals, the author nationwide, let's boot manning out there and get suggest shroud walkin around go the fans board. The road accidents at sea J real problem can do as good as patesville right now, but maybe in the future, maybe he says, needs Two million dollars like per year is Epochas players are getting poached aids go, how state as jets tender.
conference usa avail get this money ball. conference? Usa is a bit of a stretch. I think the big tat kind of always written by besides a little bit with this. As he said, Probably always travel lived in this world a little bit or something this kind of alerting everybody's. You want to compete with these themes, if not worse, alabama At our door, dabble sweeney clemson your george, all these schools, whom we knock. You just saw what happened without a set of pittsburgh unhappy report. I, what do you see, got a couple million dollars What you want to see out with your leaf players that you can't afford to keep them there? That will also be the case, but I do not think it will be higher state playing with the thundering heard of martial conference. You I said ok, That's right analysis. We appreciate that the memorial have you had any drinks cocktails today yet Bobby you sound amazing. This might be prime bob right now so so I started off at about six this morning. Do in my local show how to couple a couple beverages out there
who knows how I, like the romans? really yeah. This is why one day the wife's coming out here to meet me, she said texting me. Where are you at I'm? Like hey, I gotta deal with your fat lazy man, I'm putting my life on hold. What the hell you guys you're, just like I helped you go, see top gun and convinced that it was the league movie that it was our debate. Shrike dedicated some time for the people. While we appreciate the hell out of that, and if you ve been drinking exotic us in six a m, you shot amazing, six and a half hours in one. Let you know that that's cause you're a fucking warrior powder. Just like pete maverick virtual, how the bob I told the story on the show after watching it in I don't have you know this. We got a feeder at eight thirty, a m the other day in watch it on. I max biggest scream in india, an actual biggest scream indiana, so wherein there never seen its opt out before would not I've done that if you didn't come on announced into my games on an interim story about
the vastly ethical gulf, we're gulf, whilst also dumpy. You come in major to see top gun. It is a leader whatever it's like you are looking at that screen. A meaning jump in your first was He knew tat the odd asylum, and I appreciate you do that. You're, a hundred percent right up pocket loved it bob loved it was submitted, I'm here to help you guys, I'm always available of always willing to help. It demonstrates that we talk about me started rickets, six Duma will show role and get the transfusions go on transition to a little alone which road and soda land is not the place. It's not. The plain tat is the pilot. Always remember that you know to be true. The boys have a couple questions. Can the leisure your time with your wife here for another moment or so? Let's do it? I had a very bob go ahead to bob so they're, just like a bunch of big time celebrities wandering around the grandstands at this event. Are you kind of the toast of the town down there?
I mean I guess it depends on what you call a celebrity. I would never defined myself as the toast of the town, I'm just trying to get it where I fit in. If you know what playing football ohio state greases up a couple, rebellion passes here or there I'm happy to slide in under the radar some drinks and have a good time hell. Yeah, you still work out with the guys that are going to be paid more money than you are being paid currently right now is that so happened and when he back in the gym a couple of weeks since I've been in there they were off, but I'm going to get in next. We try to get a couple of workouts. You thought you get older man. I got like this hot me now that doesn't feel great about that elbow, but occasionally you gotta go in there pop some ibuprofen. Although by resigning, showed the young lads. What's the anger and let the young last night, you still got it, but don't worry donna too much because did the other day I tweeted for like the last week dude it was swollen. Today I could put a little weight on it. I'm back. How do you tell him how he did it? While I was golf, and ensure that, on concrete near force, once smarten swaying a bang and its weight that thing it was this big boss.
This morning I woke up, I feel pretty good. I feel like an athlete again. You know Here's. What you gotta do, whatever tom cruise is doing ominous our stock, and am I think, it's placenta, burgers at night drinks like us there are some sort of your cord blood. whatever administered. She's out another laboratories sixty years old patios is forty years old. You tell me how a guy you're so well. Look better! In a movie five years later they then the first it doesn't make any sense law about their sassy like he had wrinkles. Do it's not like he had the big face. I can get a bunch of work done it like seem natural age. like asia as running former's perfect to Bob. I'm sure you love that a new needs also need drive, I mean he was here's the thing, but we're watching that together that I've watched. my wife Alyssa. While my wife, she started laughing at time. Periods is running forward through the woods, made me feel really good, though we consider both lies. I realize, like you, can
However, he was the look you can be as caught up and he can have the million dollar smile unless the man you care high. now running formats, all out there, that's a sixty zero duty was maybe moderately athletic, trying to run I hope perfect Bobby's running how you're exactly supposed to run as he's he's running exactly like they draw it up your knee at about ninety degrees ie the arm. At the same, I think his hands are a little bit too tight. I think people say lesser hands, but he ran out of the book you're saying not athletic, because it's such well. was it you know. The great thing is all about the improperly I I love a way, can get it all technically perfect. Then you can watch tiger woods the way, a golf, but all I know about I play with some pretty fast foods. They all have him that were similar, but it was all their own. It's a tom cruise and I'm trying to robot that thing like a dude running on a treadmill. Is that that that's not going to cut it for me running through the woods
caught that swing pass on the beach, though I was in a movie I built build team but iowa, it's all right. Let's get them posed up with the hard deck and they'll play a little dogfight football. Dogfight football player, who's offensive defense same time same time. That's a build team, fucking, asshole, Jon Hamm, says god. I hope you take some notes, your guys have sixteen building exercise, get em out there on the beach, we'll dogfight propose back and forth hair flow and tanks. Artists in the breeze restart your back. right there is the sun ceremony dinosaurs with you guys, John him sit there yell about you about what you're doing and b that that's the seeds that I want to see for the whole pms grew bobbio rough, that that's what I just said, your rest, that all rapid coach, yeah hondo sit there you're making because such down here and there
gotta question. Four hundred no blank arbiter verse vulgar to see you a great, the glasses or unbelievable, but with an eye l stuff, I believe it's too This was a thirteen person committee that basic just runs the team. Can you see that happening for all these teams now, especially the high and ones? So they kind of? control. Yet I owe money in Ghana understand what needs to get done. So basically, I think your text if that's a model, that a lot of people, would use they're going to get some powerful people that are connected to the university. You know what ohio state the one and I hope the other gotta couple former players on it and do not technically supposed to have any connection with the coaches and they're not supposed to direct dollars. But when you have people who have knowledge about the city, We should not always helps facilitate, were those dollars are supposed to get. So I think that that's a model could you're going to begin to see your kind of throughout college football, where it's not actually part of the university, but people who kind of know what's going on. I can
wait to see what you get into this weekend bob. I can't wait to hear the shenanigans albion Columbus tonight with with smack down we'll be fine. in their. If you're still stand and would love to see you go child. try to get out there for you. I know that I ran into one of the coordinator. Coordinators here at the memorial and they like listening worry male power we're going back and forth. They were to get some sort of thought whole celebrity went off with you, MR hogg, gray. Somehow for me in there with your birthday, I will throw them out the path to make sure that he knows he is welcome a jack's points. Let's go, let's go do this every year this happens every year, so they put it together. For you next year, Bob do shaken hands everywhere. Tat waited allow state you get all around over their lives in german, live from the memorial in state legend
hey roosters, damn good in a delicious. Are you with them that I guess I got not the will deal on right there. You know you see Mister rooster right. There call sign rooster You know rooster! is worse than rural life. More, like the rest, the beginning, a movie right What is he? How is he different beginning from the one you didn't see it, ladies and gentlemen, can't that kind of general ballpark for the howard was a great fight. While I didn't want forego go fast, tabling gaily engage now, I would say the miles like his character, gentlemen, like them this year are hey briggs dash you do I mean I mean why jive rob why they do have to do what he did to me miles when he got up this.
there were still they were back on that still still. Yes, I still nobody did ever show. You made a comment on smack them. Then he tweeted strike. You have not what happened. Basically, yeah yeah brow funny brow cause cause. Sometimes two people just need to get in the same room and talk it out. Maybe that's what you need to do cause. I don't want anything to do with any of this, and I want to let rooster. Now, after watching his performance, I'm a fucking big fan of your career, change it, but he did through We consider that denmark tabloids You know- and I was seven other languages attack me for for the starting. I made up a story of what happened and why our nicely to talk a lot was walking. You can work on Tom they'll be entitled. Yes, oh yeah, think when might be tough
I'll love me a rooster in the backyard of an awesome golf term. How amazing what if I was miles away? Ma'am, powerful dude, this guy's not come is there are bruisers about to be like one hundred movies a year to be the next rod, a new godfather series and another series with one of the hemsworth guys he's about to be after watching them in that movie. I was like this guy's about to be a fucking guy. yoke. Probably hangman too guy he was, he was. Get the seal of approval from TC you're fuckin gadget I enjoyed the next thirty years. I can't wait. It'll be good. If, if I didn't hate that guy, you know for what he did, debate with tat, maybe show up with hangman in tahoe ha You know how you feel, but can we get hey maids real name, clammy mouth oh yeah! What else is he in everybody wants so yeah there? It is! Oh, that's a movie!
cruz has tapped him as one of the next guys you nailed it. Carter said everything I knew by the way: no spoilers hang them pretty pretty big part. Yeah yeah, prove part of the whole thing he's a dog very big part. He is an absolute miles. Khalsa, not whiplash. yeah good work. As his debts name was goose girl. You wanna stay in family, but why it gives a router and a goose family on stand by me somewhat problematic connection. Somehow I thought what I was yard bird dog on earlier yard: hawk ha ornithological. You get his having studied bert. That zach would have been cooler than doctor goose you want to see a person. I will tell you I guess. Maybe if we stay with me at copenhagen, healthy area, may confused, as you told Bobby's for here,
I believe that ninety eight percent, now that I was able to do this just yesterday. How can you do? Can you stumble? Can you run out like big Ben? I just think Ben run out yeah, that's actually how I believe: that's how they move in the golf thing still pivoting on it. I dunno talk you put on that. That's in I was fucking just blow. Only doing area, and there you are reckless yes, exert innocent If russia, not to the society like you, that we even got further evidence of how destructive you could possibly meteor environment whenever you are behind the wheel of any type, if a vehicle, you know that that was alarming. To learn. Golf cart. I I've talked about on this, show that I asked them to drive here the bad guy. Now Oh my god! It's early in the morning, you put people's lives at risk. yeah. You want me driving home after the season, but driving here, I'm great gone uber. Maybe what maybe it's because you wait?
The three Noah's ark objects like helmsman, on the show. Yesterday, by the We haven't units roving directly area. Yet I was method. Believe me, I am not ashamed of it any that you should be good european apsley due for codifying golf cart and upon equal or see. Some may say that I mean that moment I may have been. That is ok, but that's a different level of those around. This is a lot of course. I was the levels of sobriety and they somehow made was very, very reckless. I used to be very reckless was: where are you depart golf course? I will not deny that. Well, and driving also a pro gamer and she was talking about it yesterday, on his show that I mean you can tip a golf carpet to actually put it in the pot. That's prob! Thank you. congrats AJ, easy to tip on I'm sure plenty of people tip. That's, what's really dangerous, your you tip and you put your arm out and then it just snaps right off with losses. No golf cart things in jackass doing right now. I think knoxville damn near
I beheaded a couple of years ago, that I think is that was that was like twenty years ago, but that was one of the first ones that really propelled them into the atmosphere. I think when they jumped that at the mini golf place, there was a video recently of a guy getting beheaded in a golf cart. Well, we survived that. We have to say that I think right. I don't. If you should. I mentioned it. Maybe in this project, What do you really died? I think you survived. Ok, thank you. We don't have time never have the most recently the reason Yeah he's. Never welcome back to the court. Your muslin assholes were just well yeah, of course, he's not just like. Was he being reckless or do something just happened and jayhawks ball handlers got cut off? I think that's enough of a punishment. You don't have to ban them from the course too. Many of them still lights, go up behind the wheel. Oh he's, canadian. Now Well, I never know if the accidents people throw around here, all you think that's like a blues clues like what they are
oh yeah, I try to jersey, we're talking about a topic that I get a year. How about the other guy is lousy that just as we had, we didn't think that's possible. What we are saying, never three major surgeries. He lived exactly that's the truth. It was up or whatever assholes were just driving people over with a golf course. well yeah that was terrible, and that was bad worse, promote net as if it was good like this one, wait before driving and golf courses just running, but I did not arisen that actually share like this. I need you to kill somebody yap where people are doing. I wasn't really worried about dying. I was more so worried about you're, not going me. I'd like to know if they hit Was the right spot, your head or snap may not? I would get up and chase that cart that that's a lot of people doing that people are making fun of the people that are getting run over. It's like I don't want to make fun of them was that was the Internet does need to go check it out. It's all. It's all sideways
eggs on the guys from rank zero was look at their own video. We don't know that original. still members aren't we say they one guy. They died when are you gonna do now. That goes with those guys dying twice. Thank you turn. Sorry, I apologise for being the first person on this gentle bring up someone who was their potential Well I mean the sons of the book recognize that christianity wasn't the capital by golf cart. We don't think you're right and there might not another one for him that way. Anyways in science that guy, if he did die, k moments past. I hope he didn't, though yeah no, but there's too many golf cart accidents that are near death. If he's getting the wrong, research on golf cart. Nearly people chill the fuck. That starts with you one of the ones on the out the guy was riding on the back of it. Like a jack s. So
Ok? Well, that's we're talking of the care of illicit kendall. Roy with your gun. Cardono, the water. Can you hear me all his car when the water Spoiler. a passenger too Why is he has her? I could get wasn't. Her where china despots through people off first, you or directly on their that's what you were with golf cart, let's be safe on these off play. I still enjoy a fact that we get to drive around in miniature cars. They are awesome to keep the sun off here, you're able to get this much quicker. You have a drink in there somewhere, It gets artless, don't fuck around. It agrees. People We've seen those ones that are like scooters or the bike one's my favorite yeah. Those are going to change the game. Yeah. The bike was awesome. He said.
Yeah they're not gonna change. They ve been around for a little while I used to see those at the old charity outings like five or six years ago. There often, but no one can actually use that. Yes, yes, what he talking about, where you put your bag right here and you you'd I've, so there's a bag and two if we get a picture of it and I can make a judgement on acting like a street bite on my mac and, as you know, the old school office chairs Riyadh, put your knee, that is how it is actually set up. If I don't think I've seen this thing, this sounds a little different than what I'm thinking and then your clubs are obviously right off the top of that you get up and it's it's. so there's another one that you ride like scooter, that you're like almost sideways with it, but I believe we are nixon dates. We haven't felt like a subway, it's all I like it. I like a long board, say yeah or we with its it's this gulf boards. You ve seen him before school, get when you talk about play off ready to go.
It's like kind of similar to that? But it's longer like a skateboard on the middle, a new kind of ride it sideways like this. Let you bring light to all the seven country clubs. You belong to, probably don't let you bring your own things changed the cartier gather all fucking yeah. I get that a lot of imagine there. I mean I'm, assuming that they are going to be mad. That I did, I think, we'd send emails like hey your card is no longer blah blah blah. They sent me emails like two months and I didn't respond, and then I think it's over. I think that should tell you you take the key and check out the hotel, like it's like unsubscribing from stuff yeah. Yes You see that has a yes. Those sweet had not separator. I've never seen. And they make, to see I've wrote those that that's cool, but I don't think that's going to take. I don't I don't get that stinks yeah, I don't let that go on, because you're you're, so you're leaning forward to right, yes, you're kind of like a it's almost like in the cooler
did your class are right. There's you pop out. You grab my walk round the back. Yes and it's easy. It puts club If all for, if you have one, then it's cool you get out of school. Three guys and then you would just that apply not playing with that Gaza, because plaid la think, like you guys, You are right when you, if you had one will YAP, will you shut up and I didn't have one? please let us not play, we haven't, you have for sure rupture the person driving like when you're waiting at the like you, probably still doing a lot of weight and if no one, I always think yeah that that me We don't you play golf, so you can hang out and talk with your body in the cart, you bring, do belong and you have done in a place. I mean that a bit off for a community of golf is certainly true that takes away the meaning of your individual. Behold me boxing green yeah, but you could come what more fellowship if you're together, I agree, but then your game is take along
you'll, never use the borrowers. Listen is a big conversation. We should get this after the break. You're right. This is to do what we got three minutes plenty of time, because it's not something. That's really. Let's unpack this here, I would like to because when people say that dead series it freaks me out while homey unpacked at four well, let's get through high viewers, codependent various circle back, I mean there's all those things that data they tried drop in there. because I do enjoy like watching everybody shot to like. I feel it is a good moments like ok, let's put ten on this, you I gotta have aiming then drive off afterwards, but then, like I think, looking on every run, you could have been much more efficient. we could have had all these conversations on the green or waiting to wire on a tee box. What kind of round you're planning for playing a Michael Jordan round, and you guys, are playing for money and are just trying to be fast three hours, eighteen holes, the bikes will make that ten times fast or some people will take solo.
We'd like eight different people, it's a jordan does yet. We know that our role through wine, that, by the way, are verbose, Inga roll over somebody, it's written to you, don't I oughta! Do you realize what we should do this past week and we actually we're out every shot at the thing? I just don't think course going to let you bring it on yet, while of course need to figure to get the fuck I'm buying I am though we found it like. If you pay inequality I wish I would but used to like into so. I don't ever walk a golf course in tahoe. You walk that I guess what the decent things got walking about. If you was to work as it makes me play because I'm thinking about my shot, him walk into which now this gives you more time to think about how terrible original, what saving a three year old, walking heart so It's called a fellowship. I've been time you're walking year, three guys together, andrew caddies, so you all walked down the fairly together hopeful, usually on far left far right, but at least I have. a hundred yards with before I split off yeah. That's when you can talk the gulf community is the community aspect. Golfing is its the best
Getting out outbreak was a beers sunday play with stray hand and champagne. I didn't know either of them really and they were both awesome. Did we get to walk eighteen holes like we get? We spent a lot of time with them in their caddies. Let you get to know. I spent more time with you today that I've spent with I the people that I'm very close to we just walked for four hours together. Yeah, that's real! That's an interesting thing either! you play better when you're walking. Could you dont want to have to walk and extra six miles? That's what What made me about a government I walked like. I would like to stay on track with that hold there. You are also, though, sometimes worse, because if you're like hitting from way back in there's a hill and the greens are there and can't see it, I'm not running up their walk had been a little way, but people do your daddy's. The idea of a cat it'll do my brother online video format as they need.
I'll, probably be doing a lot of running. It feels great it's a glorious day, because not only is the talks table here at taj made at boston corner one half of the hammer time cowboys digs is here, you look fantastic. Do you look so good? Thank you to tie what do you think about tony look great today? You really do that. It's a very good outfit is making up for something. Nobody goes going over the top nope who's. You guys use in the oh. Are you turn to do a communist act right now. What about a common sign that in an open economy as the culprit joining in the studio? Sorry, I shouldn't quicker. I know you should learn that nonsense. Conversation. I don't need to be reintroduced. It was probably a lot of people that literally just turned on or were potentially not here at the beginning. Whenever we said holy shit, day that will go down in the annals of history of this programme, well yeah. Let's see man, whenever you think about football all day every day, obviously
it's the best sport on earth. Is it I mean honest. Absolutely I've been I've been in the trenches with the soccer folks, you know lot it's coming from overseas about you know what I will donate to something and then they'll call it soccer for a year these particular fans from overseas. entrenched and there like it's football, it's football! It's what like it. Been a one point. I'm sorry we made it but aversion, okay and where we have a history, change names, don't stuff like that. We drew up guys and I don't understand how we did take the exact same name, the houses that happen. I dont know I they don't pull. Brown basically invented football who led the term football, brown just say what they call soccer. He can't change, but boy did, but I don't like winded. When did the term football get inventive when it as far as our football and not soccer pointed this out, Turkey has to be a long long ago before football. Gad there's like some story, on Netflix there's some sort documentary. Now
theory star document here talking about how way back in the day like towns and even factories had turned. in eighteen. Seventy coming origins like way back way. Back. Soccer comes from my warming, there, a bunch of towns in armenia and mass, chooses the whole entire new england area that are just towns that were in england at the time. But now, since I moreover, it through now moors. Why did we not change the name of that? There should have been released. Maybe a buyer process it s, because the whole thought of them. You know calling at football is like a first versions of it in america. You couldn't pick it up, but when they did eventually change it, they pray to change. The name is now a. Why did we call it the same? thing that the different sport the code. I wonder I'd like to know why that to rob, and why am I getting hassled by europeans were thing that I don't know the actual answer to I'm guessing. It was just at all who cares
guess what Sixty years, I ve no one's gonna be referred to that fuckin footballer gimme referred to while still battle in that I could never guess where rates as it came from rugby football union and ages to football and dropped the rugby miss still should have chose something that war. When I think we should have called it thing out one was it ever hear football and then actually we're gonna? Do we started time that sought when american sarcoma soccer deutschland, germany, I think, that's probably similar time for by soccer now, what yeah we're starting points of the high socks soccer, what is it? I don't know, but I love our sports agents. I honestly do football so much and I I think it's the growing, and it's only gonna get more more popular with the games going to do. countries in everything I'd. I wonder how long it will take for our sport overtake their sport in if it ever
even has a chance is after watching me, some of these soccer things, the amount of passion and that its actual blood, I don't think, will ever be able to overtake soccer in some places, even though in the past clearly stated that once somebody's tansy, our sports they're gonna, be american football fans and set a european football fans. I don't know what Actually, I haven't been over and seen a soccer game. Oh I'm sure you have right like have you gone and seen liverpool player, manchester, united or psg play against, like I had a buddy sent me a picture. Couple was insane. Yes, he was there a couple of weeks ago at one of the huge game that was happening, and he is not a big soccer fan. He was like this is pretty sweet man, like the fans, are unbelievable flares was flares singing you'll. Never get to that point now. Pop up football fans won't be they're. Gonna think we're already programme different, like I don't know, AJ's wwe's, gonna whales. First time in a stadium, I think it's in august september, a first I'm a stadium in europe or uk and I'd
I have always made devastate copper couple times. I dont know I apologize honor, which ones europe which ones uk I dont know move, but I guess I don't Are you got really closer than in some people on smacked at one time or I was about to whatever the case? First time Opera, you gain a stadium, show that the european fancy w w E. They are maniacs absolute made their law the entire show they are poverty and up the hill Like you said, the talks stand up the whole game right singing and all that stuff. You got from those perverts pretty closely yeah, but but even like with football. It's different because, like you're not like when peyton would be on offense, he would quiet everybody down and then obviously, when your defense goes out, you know that's when their stadiums are too comfortable man backward like that's what college stadiums can see seats so many their bleacher seats? When you start
in the armrest and backs in it the same style stadium almost, but you just take away more space. So here's a good follow up to that, the commanders allegedly with their new stadium, the projections, fifty five thousand seats, fedex field used to have like ninety or one hundred thousand so they're going. Sweets, they're, gonna, more expensive seeds, fifty five thousand, It is the nicest most convenient place possible that feels like the wave future alec, so fyi is sweets. How many weeks can we fit in the stadium? That's all that matters yeah, because people are going to want to watch other shit and you're going to have to give them good internet too, and the experience has to be somewhat similar to at home. As you know, the gender oceans unfold over here, but I would assume european fans us in your skull. What we just went. place to stand here are some met. We have all those most like margie boxes over there. They as big a deal, I guess I'll abroad and want or Brady, was in one but are failing in their owners box. I correct quick I'll go.
They placed much longer? I need our gump. That's all new england, adding thirsty, adding like basically another site, like you know, when your point doing one that area rightist either here doing renovation stare, foxfire fyodor wherever hell it's going at. What is actually flotilla stadium? He said all we get a suitable writers, the rules is, if you build a new stadium, a super bowl come like to say thank you since they're renovating gillette stadium he's like oh. We should do this as twenty five and we're going to be absolutely gorgeous, but, like I was saying like they're, not having that open little tunnel where death row for plane wise, but I think it looks cool. It looks at clouds. This thing opened to look out here, lock that you can just run straight out of David. What's terrible is a wind indicator nightmare I dunno how gostkowski in them are able to be so good going into that for all those years that one What that open and had my number
that one that had my dog yeah. It's awesome for folk to because he's great kicking in like the ailments or whatever, but yeah, there's adding they're, basically closing it off. So it's a full stadium. I believe just adding like shit donaghmore, sweets joining us now live from. It is canadian covered cave. a man who has spent runs through us, every single state for you. These gentlemen, bubblegum pay me those soccer stadiums. Over there we saw the broad and this week how many swedes are. There is the rest of it just bleachers. That's why you're buddies insane and do you think that whoever change like what's happening here in amerika? Now? It's just ass. They like it there were they love it that way. I don't even know when my brother went to an arsenal game. You couldn't drink at your seats, though Nobody said the same thing you couldn't bring a drink down and the ball whatever. That means. Yes, so they have to stand in the fog in that area. Just get boost up where they go back to their sea. Azerbaijan, chugging yeah.
We get with the atmosphere in your little bit out. Well, let's go a job to happen, with all the boost that we have one we do that we are only. Drink in this part that you can't see the game in south go on but afraid of. do you think? I guess you know just told me, there's nine different sweets itself by nine different levels. I'm so we wait. Nine are you serious, gathers patio sweets, terrorist swedes, perch swedes, Google cloud swedes field cabanas bungalows war, thing swedes, who I mean yeah. That's that's absolutely The future, like not naughty, like gigantic stadium, who don't want to get away from the atmosphere. We don't want more people, we need the right people, that's what they're trying to say and the right people or the people that pay a million dollars for a sweet. So I think, like I got, we put any socrates is we can now
there's like the nations league, its international player. Right now, I saw christiana play yesterday. You let me go who says: that's not a big deal that. Why is this one not count group? What you're, because you can't you be taking over the years of talk about probably right a day, but I've taken a stance that have to die on our group. I do but I mean I don't. Why is this one garbage compared to the other six hundred we ve seen like? U S, powers, yeah. When nobody affairs, the piano, is playing. You guys have these big time players playing these games that you call garbage yeah yeah, but your broiler came out like de bruyn is one of the best players in the corals. He's like the nations league is a fucking waste of time like we just finished the season. The premier league, like I, don't need to play in this thing for belgium right now, belgium's upset, Portugal's got christiania. Yes, your answer. I use ball lace by they tied s, paying your eye, belief, brass prior to respond in spain.
I guess we pursue everybody. Looked like socket, making sense for me I know you think, I'm John writers there's a tournament every four days that is that one there had been? No one. Can you tell me the soccer lombardy? I legit dont know what that is well It's actually a soccer laura and that's happened in future in their joint return was that will soon you take it all this maxim of luxury reason: we're down columbus, blue Jackie has never been hoist one of these ever that's. What I thought was a good look at it. never to hear one here to hear whether I love, I love Columbus, I love the ohio and people, but there's doesnt beloved sloppy people facing I, how do you mean sloppy slobs?
the bomb through you know or dark, and that's not now. What are you lose? That's, not that's our talkative guide, this out of a car with god, damn what I'm talkin do we have the glad to have the clip. Do we have the clip don't need it will get a later, but I know that some again, but just get hamlet. Is a memorial just a massive party on that's what I mean. I don't know, Well, the crossover is people that attend the memorial people that go to smackdown is wouldn't really. I would imagine, there's definitely some that are going to make their way its nationwide arena downtown columbus, it's kind of a four ride, firefox However, for some those people won't show some people make it higher sex and phone calls. Here I mean you, I hear you craig static, we're probably for Ro law is at liberty that general bob was talking about. Maybe does that right, fiji golfer zone cabin where they walrus he's crag stadler, is from Columbus.
Several years ago for putting up. I don't know how it is that a random golf and I try to think you might get you use a gulf. I thought stadler, that's what your brain does. What was the music popa fingernail will hear. My do have endeavoured to watch that back. Yet I will not. I listen to the song two days ago, the kids there still on it. They trying to find more like it then you're getting. Secondly, I would still make some chuckle I, what he's age a hawk superfine area together made that songs, age hawks and maritime yeah? That's what are you gonna get on another weird you two song from twenty eleven guy is thirty six hundred songs, which might allow no no he's a bit user packer superfluities. Not not all these matters of fact or you are the automobile tackling for the packers. Any love tackling well He can come out of the sequel, like top gun. Seek water. Put my finger, nails we're all in paris. In my view, your girl,
just kids you to everyone. What what she said in a big problem. What wipes now? What lifestyle moisture waking? The other day, which I know you know flush the output and said to you in tat, even the pipes for soldiers brutal, why gamble you made me think about an irish and the time because I gotta wait and I want to say that, if possible, there have been other neighbours are blown up in ohio, no, like people have set, which I have subjects I know you can't be set to take, but if you're on city, they don't want, you do know either natal care No, you don't hear because a scrape go watch. Go I don't care, you can still use them or thank you, but I think everytime. I go to use it when you have your own fucking sewage facility in your backyard. Maybe don't do it, but you can fucking wipe your ass with wet wipes, flushed down the toilet, you'll be just fine. Thank you decide to be a bad member of the neighborhood kill the turtles kill the earth find a good school or septic blown
The tunnels? Why? Why are the tunnels? Are those wraparound the turtles straws go? There knows those wrapped around the neck. What's a wet wipes, I do not like now acts biodegradable, I get my seems hundreds at you understand. I did read into spots. Why does it expect to divert source? dude ever, maybe you could say that's a pretty much a confirmation. Well, a lot of people would need less to say it was a confirmation in the world we live in. I appreciate you trying to scoop it out somewhere else Two, never maims told you the chance, that's bad for the others. internals that that's crazy, make the meme. What did you bring it up? Why did you ask me that question right now, because literally I thought about this morning I took a class and, like I was sitting there and I was thinking to myself, I'm this problem, one that needs what light. Now this volume be a little bit of a clean up and I open it and clearly, as I'm gonna pull up, it was dry one on top cosette, opening a bit, and I got that is pretty thick-
through that went away and then the second one, half half forever. So I wonder why then a third one I needed I lifted. I thought this one's gonna fuck and those on the neighbouring. I live in a neighborhood now, since I gun lobby world blown up somebody else, I can do that. I think when it gets down to like the main area, will treat the one that's wanted to prepare as well. It I've, probably a forty five. Back into a minute long conversation myself about that on what I should do and whether or not a bad neighbour not now I didn't have convinced and myself that might be. I deserved I'm actually double down just how you do every time you before pocket. Yo gives their walk. Dreamy, though figured out there. I fired a great poet says if you ve got the phones. There is some things happening around the nfl kelvin testing of players and staff is no longer required for the nfl the way might florio reported. This was the I've always saying that covers over, although it may not be my god, I don't have the word. It profit
what talk's mike florio, who we have a lot of respect for do. You know that I up some down in the middle of fifty thousand oh hi ones. Tonight I'm my five and every one of them. So if you know something, you know that is life would like to be told this, but it does feel This is now becoming a thing amongst all the and the world you know you are, must obviously put out that thing hey if you're going to be an out of office work or your fucking coming in for forty hours, coming into the office in your cubicle sit right next to somebody and guess what we don't have as much hand sanitizer as we once had either you are going to have to wash your own hands high five. Whoever you've got to do that led to other things happening and obviously now well says exactly the Tom Polisario, the era of the man who is a mere linked. Someone remember, goes out. Poseur reports, the end of our management council, inform clubs, and I to tell that surveillance, testing of players and staff is no longer required. Garlic, seven individuals, vaccination cents per sources- that is the metal.
the sources that he's right here, just one source. It's the mental from typewriter palace era: bright, that's right and I know step back towards normalcy after nfl nfl PA protocols were suspended in march and obviously we decided shout admit, I believe or foxy aaron rodgers, celebrating there this in chicago money, said I fucking, you he's an email celebrating there This would indicate the biggest league in the world. People who have you know. I think government currently looking at and looking into everything they got going on and they always well because how much money they bring in how spotlighted they are saying tat words over a j c, o j official I position to be in person for the three hundredth is dead celebration say the word, but what words lots couple words. You know I can't say,
I say it's three words, I'm not saying that one exclamation point and say: don't let that fear monger doctor Florio get your head. So you're sitting here telling me that cobit is dead or says. Let's say three words, it'll be a mark. Tell me the other three words we are we using its weeping The EU takes office. Ok, did, we really be covered for three We have to be covered. Let's go video by the word you celebrating with there with you
crowd was awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Fancy the great work there, and that is how the crowds feel right now is basically get dal said I've got a big brain. I've got a bunch of degrees. You got a lot of money, not upon tat. We ve got is a? U dont know why we have suspended all totally unrelated shared by the girl said we go to we lost a people already, it was sad change or world dressed. dawn never to be spoken of again right. You say your legs allows us worsted actual now in our hearts age we ve, We did it baby warner two years ago, we lock in detail the do well,
yeah it. Tasted good was maybe the most delicious drink tea sip I've ever taken in my life of drinks rocks out of there yesterday wow. That was tough. I was getting my teeth on the shift today, while drinking this thing, which we don't even think about glass bottle. Is we followed that, there's no covered in here right they test recovered. If someone incentives, gout sounds like it on your own page. You got flow, would honour. You are covered, Yes, don't go around for answer. If you like stay home, we're just gonna what it's been since the beginning. although age, I give that look, because if was never miss work, as you didn't feel good. He would feel like it here how did before you went to the facility and they're? Basically, just like dollhouse go home yeah yeah cause. I had the flu wait, maybe a little bit more of the flu when, I forget what year was all they taught yeah. If you come in superset, you get sent home later, yeah they they would not. Even let me they're like a turn around.
I wish to speak of it. This is maybe I third year the nfl decorated in a vehicle they're like hey, listen, we don't need whatever the fuck. As you look in the way you you look terrible like that you either you're gonna shit saw thank you for that but the question is move forward when somebody is sick and mrs practice or they miss a game for illness are they? Are we still going to say, of related illness, did you get back? because of the now. I was one of the biggest parts of our shared history there and you just laugh right middle of it. It was an official hey with pop think, that's operation for along behind armed gangs he's gone don't go right can be and of an hour we is growth ex our my bladder can I answer. I did have the first, I, we're here, for we will start as I understand why europe, but I I won't, have you got you're. Not we did officially celebrate we big I stayed for it. Did you
and answers over issues or are we a couple after we are telling victor laszlo subtract or not around? I I've been celebrated ever months. Also we, but I guess it is official now at this point, but yet would have as miss games or just be what the announced still ask. Of it or flu or food boys from this was the straps roll call. They casablanca, pilgrim staff you know wants to, hopefully not that happened. Wrestlers now didn't somebody's having a box. Log players have had some issues with staff, at least to cleveland and Tampa bay, and I assume happened in green bay, where somebody would tell a story about our guy. Got staff ensued, the whole thing that was like that was always. I know guys that missed a year miss seasons because they got staff and money you get that throughout the top like the ice. Vassar bacteria and you got to keep surfaces clean and obviously like nasty sweaty athletes around a trainer just have to make sure you clean everything up and I do believe the trainer took it as a shot at them right. If you got it,
because it was a big deal. I gave the established where I was point brochure. Big thing, because, while the Charles bentleys career was entities, preventive and a high state went to cleveland was grey and then got staff in his knee and just kept eaten away. It is needed if you don't get it right away. Is the same with ass. My wife. in saying a wider agenda? Well, trunk dovers got that There is a right anything near the beats governed has had it while the broncos social media team needs can tighten. I am so just a J I got. I had twelve If people send me that that russ pump up so it doesn't, people say that why they all send it to like hey, you're, a broncos fan. Now. Obviously, yes, is that what all twelve people that I feel so bad for us and that too, within the lady and I've been there when she said, let's go goes or wherever he goes. Let's ride, because ethnic different stadium like how you do it like either way. Ok, Do fans like whenever it
So the videos are kids It's down guys get up. Yes, the best part of the game. It's good. I stand corrected my bad now, but every team does it every team. Does it right? It's all for kids yeah cause my kids yeah, my kids would probably whoa cool. Here we go yeah and I think it's also trying to teach fans how you're supposed to act in certain times like. I think it is for kids, like a third down right this guy third down the other trying to educate the ground yet, but, unlike angus, must make noisier. Listen, I think that's what it all is. War for in house entertainment in four invite They control, if you will, but a posted, We all agree that was and make you think russ one or two posts. Now those that were already think rutledge. It's ok. You killed him now Did you hear what he was asked to do? He was asked to do some new to very tat. We have videos and tiktok Whatever do we have to see of rice, and you don't think that this was all his idea when I say that
billion that raises. Very, I don't think this is you eat you meet area. Doing three saw that was so kind ass to do with me with a green green background, so people can put me in any situation in the world do in the lobby. Ana takes up. Do you need to do drop? Let's was shut up by the way that should be. We should have Russell watson dawn broke his nation less well off his days. He has set out for that, there was no all in it would only supposed to be one click bump bump, bump bump bump to everybody and then show seven different variations. S is that being a thespian yeah and buy it in and trying to make the broncos better than that social media teams always will get good interaction anytime? although tweets are tenants, retweets, not great yeah, we know from the past or no experience that person is getting fired and whoever the team three guy is. He is the new social media guy of the broncos or girl, that's the honest,
though I think, like every team is higher social media people pay. Everything knows that this is the thing I do believe there should be some sort of here's what the internet russ our team for. Let's try not to feed you known as to how to talk about this too. What about the law? Just yesterday? oppressor and and who is maybe dolphins beyond it was here shut up there with us with courage, became a shot out and she was actually reference in it because it out listing thing, because when the miami dolphins post, the video, that's the team being like art Here's what we have here is what we are, but you get a good shot has slow on it. Your immediately just dropping it right into the up involving all just goes. Ngos goes in, and you have to answer questions
as to what actually had to speak about it yesterday at a press conference in the middle of votes. Yes, yeah, if you've seen the third to the last play, we had I dunno. If I could throw the ball down field, by my again, I think that might have been a dutch down the diary, if not then scored two boys after that. Very soon You wanna write down that social media outlets, Gaza, with He will talk about your timing overall, attire or play outside of life and stuff. Also, you think you guys are shows your time yeah. Well, I mean yeah, it's it's pretty, we're having a dialogue Tiree, but you have guys that are know extremely talented, very fast as well. They're kind of help out with with pirate bay, open lotto? You have no, the city,
No one has to cover every part of the feud in no. It should be a lot easier to get these guys, the ball of those fine against our defence, sweatshirts and whatnot communicate and then even the music. Can you let you guys pick the music of you know the player that day talk about the yes wagging that's that's what I gotta say about coach MIKE Allah, mystic mac, just like macgregor this day like he loves the predicts stuff. Call a mystic. You by the the respect that he as in the locker room, is meant to you mentioned earlier about the narrative about armstrong. You think about it every every time he talks about. You is a key throaty like us. all the bad news I hear from man.
Me, as you know, if you heard about this, but they say them like. Why would you want to go gotta. She brings it up. Just just I'm aware with the questions that you guys are going to ask me for me, it's just someone that out we come out to practise everyone else warriors. What warriors whenever you want to call them. They're not if your bag sing with us working hard, so As they say in a month. I love you guys reported that last month verified in the past year, but now look like money, I dunno about you, but look like money. How come they're, not posting that that's the cups that we need to see posted by the dolphins twitter account. I think they are, and I think Please understand that neither the ravens that a situation was sent me walk into the more jobs and a similar thing. I just you know Forty immediately upon this conversation happening such shaking his because he is a editor and I can't
carson everything like that it, when you get these jobs, big jobs teams need them. Content is good, you have access and nobody else has, but also ass, we loss of one so what's potentially being set Russell Wilson got Margaret for gas let's lad and do a got martyr. for the throw it should be. From your own team. I think, is what we're all saying and I think it's just people feeling content like. Oh, I did my job today. I put a video out today and it makes them look terrier it does not even a thought that age we want. This Russell Wilson want just to hear full thoughts on it are nos twelve people's. Why do you If twelve people sent this video to you think age, because they know I like inspirational videos, we can run it. Let's run, let's run less best, one, probably right, that's the one the time broncos country, let's ride,
broncos country less raw wrong. Less rotten, Ziad, ruggles, modulation, less life ruggles, let's run to check to teach say very impressive, but you feeding the fodder of russia wasn't is talked about, buys haters on the internet should become a from team. If somebody else wanted post that all her if its carbon from the table. Ok, but did it did, posted from the team I guess they think hey. This is cool behind the scenes. Look at what we do about other thought. He didn't do a good job as the majority. I actually think you know that's why I am very early on other video is fully up and you just tagging it at the end, you don't reconstruction
yeah exactly one more online. We need to learn to modulate like heated, high and fucking flop, so just use the first one that enough without a single flop, fucking send that I understand, but he had to do six different once you do the first one. You don't have to do a sixth he was now they will have one of those ones. Where he's like going to be on the big jumbotron in front of the state. That's what it is like a real quickly. That's what yeah that's what it is, and I think it's a gift- and I don't think are in the audio in any this. In order to put a title over him say: broncos country, let's ride and they're not use any that's why it's on the scoreboard, usually I'm pretty or I mean, there's the sounds going to happen. I think it has to write so many different impressions of it. What if it's team three making this an n f t that he could sell okay are the broncos religious behind the scenes hey? This is real because Bronx we're at more money and of tee to let's get up.
We just look out for the fucking players on the team. If I love you, I have, I don't see anything rami day. The tea can't be putting this out their rushes and given on the blessing badges fearing it was like a. We got, fuckin six different ways: you guys we're not the united states, which one you like the best. So it's the second yell brothels carton. Let's rock That's the one you like most, I dont think you gotta is approaching. Aren't you at the most hunting, the fifth broncos catherine? Let's rock that's. My browser was ivory, which one do you like. That as my area. Let's see, if you can, which almost the last of which was at brothers country puts it it's very sincere right. He was running through all the emotions that you have to do and you're acting class. Exactly, let's see this one confident broncos country was right. The body language is the best part MIKE lauer it'd be super sweet. Have you tried in one of them to them cry aloud last one he was close he has raised.
Lucrative acting career. We that now I was in the entourage some of the other guy got that right both of em they're wrong. like. He loves ass, those he had me. They have to okay, it think with italy, somebody in team, but the jackson. I was gonna, say lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky thing lush to be the one okay and it resolutely not, but I or whoever is posting for a lie about god. I can't have a dallas fire, that's what they should have them do actually agree. for the jumbotron half cigarette projects, then let's ride after they fucking, came out to get good less raw tito break. right right? That's why If that's what he should have got, we should. We should actually send that to the broncos like age prior. We do it this way. I mean diggs, didn't it What is your favorite ties
I didn't do it. I was rather do not want to modulate He was godfrey, let's run What will you please tell us what one area where we could run that I can break down each one problem? How are you an actor like you know how I feel about like each one like he while we don't have the thing for you to sit on this little small camera side. I don't need it why? Well, you should come to the office more bo. It's great to see you that's right, one more minute! That's right! Well, that's why she cut him off yeah. I know that was his best when he was part of the country. Let's ride. Broncos country, let's rock it takes instruction, wrong. Let's run council stuff, that's right! That's it for lasting! he's gonna. Do somebody that's right. That last was your fire at one blow your lives at last. My eyes get your.
What social media teams would appreciate your work are giving us access that nobody else has you making content? It's not easy. We appreciate it, but also have a little tiny bit of awareness on in what could potentially get buried in what could check with the people that you're putting out there first. Well, maybe russ, okay, that that's what we're saying and rustle up that every second and more than that, it's killing me cut it out less raw ride right. What is he quotes? We did it with a selfie video. Are we sure that hasn't happened? You're right we'll keep an eye on it during a break cause, he might say broncos country, but he could have also said. Like bronco social, might use of revenue by bronco chef raw? responses? I started my tweet saying: well: tat one. What's with you, there was a lot of them Let's ride is done with any broncos fan, since I guess they all say something saddle knock them off. Don't they do the horse, they do
something else. I guess that is like broncos countrymen, it, I don't know mount up daddy's, did your mother was the alcove country? What are we really do and I hope there watching? nothing can change the entire market. We have time to go mount up. Do you not much money? Nfl teams. Wait right is what rust went from Doha. Two. Let's ride the correct angle, I dunno, if he created it or if the broncos clearly and told him he created. There's no no way anyone creates his taglines like he creates his tagline, so I feel go hawks was created before yeah iowa pal. He made it what it is, though we should, you know how I read your boy. German Gacy may kill people of different state, but your state is what groomed your town Waterloo now not avoid oxy made about ass. He was you dare say, fuck it, but the morass go hawks Now do you mean who else is heard it? I know it from
major now and I wasn't always moby. What's a chance, Doublet gone Ataguju. He knows what our ministers what's witnesses, who hates iowa we hey iowa. As mrs, I was unaware, losers. go hawk song let the amount of money they pay marketing companies to come up with their campaigns for the year obnoxious and about the who decide they'll be Opposition of these social media people. Ok, we'll we'll gunshot opposed anything like ours. There's gonna be super accordion terrible or is this can be awesome? you can't figure. You should be able to figure out kind. I don't know if that's not me can learn the social media school, which is is there a thing that teenagers and they're getting jobs from all who's teaching, like some eight year old person versus a very v they just scroll through it might be just vehicle, probably on repeat but the the old
that know nothing about it are getting. duped into hiring these social media majors And then the people, the olds, have no clue if something's good or not, they don't even know what twitter is, let alone what their post and then the way he can make numbers with impressions old, seen in practice. Chalmers ten million impressions. Oh my god, that's more than your right as more local tv, your talent! Thank you. So much hire a team go ahead. All that tells you is the people that are in that social media world that are actually good. You have there's a lot of value. Your prices should be very, very high if you're, actually legit and you can grow the brand and make it not corner. Yet Yes, the issue invaluable. The issue the people that are good at it? Don't you? they're, not gonna, be don't worry about it. I don't want reserved for the scope of him. I thought that's gonna, the balance that you have to find in their whatever the case. There are great nfl social media teams, and they, I feel like they look out for
team's best interests at all times, with their posts, chargers gotta be on gabions synergy are going to be the same thing: we're not trying to make our brand new quarterback in the face of our team. Look like a a great actor yeah. I'm excited about his postal football career me too, dominate he's going to get Seventy five million dollars all year, one probably yeah about answering the time. I thought they asked bottoms tv deal in that quarterback, Gordon sit down thing and unexpected continued soggily this, but in a court of law nothing with only johnson talked about three. Some five million hours and tv you know it was brought up in time talked about. You know how he stole he's done with game, you must be able to get back to the game. That's given him! So much! You noted the coaches. Got to learn from compliment, bilbil check and complemented everybody, and he said so just being able to give back to The aim would be amazing, an errand said: have you been
it's so much to give back? Then next question happened. You know it was. It offers a good here why such media, its errors, besides errand. Just listening to everything is an honest nice here. This is really good. There's a valid question: has a four hundred million dollar price tag on the other side of the plane? I do appreciate that that is real Tom Brady, probably does feel like he's going to be given back to us Lord in somebody has to take in their somebody's we'll make money off this to you. But era cars with maybe one of the perfectly timed blindsided by the past couple weeks, and they all knew it couldn't be true. So thank you, Tom wow. What he's talking about is drew brees. Why the tv next year, thanks for the news I haven't heard about the jason garrett is going to slaughter. Jc guys are gonna, do great for another day, we'll talk about that. On the other side, I'm only saying for fubo tv by the way, great great,
for sure. I know nothing about a great platform, but the way people are talking about drew brees having no chance ever do tv again. Unless he does it. This year is four months to make a decision or he's done for forever. It's like that is insane to think about. His records are only going to get more impressive. More years ago by I mean what's that tunnel, or will they won't? They I'll just get dumped in left in the past, they're. I mean they're gone and there's more days now that they aren't going to get poor breads. Because so did you hear what we said about marino? The other day was the touchdown were like he was able to do it whenever it was boone sure, but that's what they'll say about drew there's what five six quarterbacks, who are probably going to have more yards and more touch the agent will you touch, drew and just ask him if he wants to be on t v or not like. What's the deal yeah? Well, I dunno. If you notice, I don't really have a. I don't know drew like that. What do you mean
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I believe that was right in the falcon bombed one off like a monster type thing care of darfur. Right in the hand, he looked like an absolute duty Trying to plough additives are trying to find a fund is ground out. Ass. It is not good empty by recognising the game backed by tied at a threat, and that was workin out either gonna block I'm trying to learn if a good mcgann blocked the dude. good, good yeah yeah. I was in seven or seven that first practice that one in the and hey I got some pretty good blocks and seven and seventeen. A dream. What I did you and some other funds somebody. I imagine you during like because it yet goes unpunished, don't do might watch and just listen to you. Chirp everybody from asylum supervised event. Some say would be. I would design. I would go out of my way to hustle
want to run super fast out of bounds. I would try to knock into you and knock you down multiple times. He was certainly okay. I got hailed out, I'm not going to hit you from behind a golf cart like those. I can't do that, but we would have to do that actually throw the ball at your wasn't all the timeless. I have good feel for things when something needs to be said. One energy feels like it needs to be good fun, though all in fun, I have a couple catches. You don't have complications on the sideline for sure I remember I had a punch out probably got to cut that one is when I had dial it back. I felt terrible if I really saw the repercussions of my actions take place, that guy lost his job, because I punched that guy alive now, we don't know, works at home depot naw man we hopefully still around down who I will soon there's other things he did wrong. They made him get caught, but whatever a film and they saw my left hand just pontic straight out there, like art, its higher sentence got how many other
ethical standing leg over other commissioner helmet. In the sand. You know, I think I even like tossed helmet. The other hand calls out ball on the ground and everybody scream it's a beer, you know, and then I was in the. I got break a pop to me like you did yourself earlier. Lucky, that's good! That's properly placed, but I gets pretty good ball right there and then you saw the kid's face, no solid reaction and this fly pockets. When was that, and then you know, I don't even know, if he's getting ass playing If there be any tough one of the key told you like his parents are bad cancer is homeless. On the fucking ball. Spoken like it's your coat but also I need to work on that. I have one forced fumble in my yeah. We all do yeah that should have a darius leonard doing that now
become like a face, change the game, changing the game, I mean peanut used to do it obviously peanut butter but changed how people talk, but I don't care. I am such a savage. I'm not worried about ever missing a tackle. First, I'm doing this thing about punching the hell out of that boy. I don't care if I get run over doing it like it's awesome, arms yeah. He ate it he's a special guy to be able to do that. He works on boxing. He says he's actually trying that there's actual talent where you get a punch, because if you have no bow, that's has great accuracy. It's like it's like fighters like Conor mcgregor. His great accuracy. I think he was with that any developed over time to that's what you like with areas like he has. She's unbelief hand, speed Gatepost, be do come: anatomy, gonna, romeo, ok, cool! Let me pause a beat, find a robust. punch that guy in wrap you at the same time, all cool. We regret. Let me find the angle to get in which could be like, as you are also in in slow mo. It looks awesome I might like that in in real time. It's unbelievable. What that is. Russ
raising it sits. Sudden leaders have not liked. He of course, chastened guys down reached what he does: guys running right at me here we go. Are cool bohme like my ass mine? Was the basketball yeah, don't get oh yeah. We know yeah yeah, but immediately could have been elbow, broken yeah that happened to like he. I think it was against the jets, the game that we were at. He actually like, basically tapped the face mass little then got the form and then got the ball. I was fine as he's only hunch. It he's punch line in the sand, lab atherton parotid kid is due to them thing: isn't it Have you ever see gloves on Where am I bet, because a lot of the veto deal I'm in lebanon, patchy, I'm sure you could tell us asking busy six ounces? I think you have to be white nike under armour yeah. You just have to slap a proper logo that put swoosh on that day, but maybe you may be honest, something let it rather there
why you were prepared. One will have to put a low water to reduce state aid. Is not your men that should go now. I mean I think that's a real thing feels when a tape? I can't write giving judgments if you're like a deal on. Why not where these If I d line o line, maybe lie back to yes was it takes away from you grab and which it does. I wouldn't want to play in fingerless gloves like that. But while your fingers are disgusting, they couldn't get figures be cold man oh yeah, that's just send a pattern well yeah, but it gets worse too. If you need to make quarterbacks work for sure who now work or break your hand, pay pay pay, throw the ball great. I would still like a mortgage solely with these.
boss library, maybe total if he's going to wear all black as night. Let me back that ass up in the fascist march. Usually he responded to a technical writer. I think it was running him over yes ran his ass over the net compact car. The caption said looking for that, ref did back then get up on the on Monday night. Then all of a sudden found yup. It was a good joke, but also pretty deep yeah. That's pretty deep cut their diary, the fuck out of him against next I gotta go. I gotta go to columbus ohio. I can't fathom how much toxicity is about the ones most of my body, heart of ohio, good luck! a quick way accept thirty. Forty minutes before we get out of here, I do feel like there has to be some sort of presentation, because of What we are experiencing right now is not normal,
to an james, hawk the wikipedia legitimize college football national champions, superbowl champion erica, have been covered, survivor, have been displayed on the table here on the desperate on time, because your busted in nice does after the game, which is what you do is you are ohio, you, god not yet you the boss. It seems, but Now what is no way
I figure it's two hundred years old. Why is that like faded and we're only talking about where did you get? This is AJ hawk jersey fits perfect adulation to all of us for getting a chance to have this. I mean I don't even know it'd be possible to leave that you gotta leave it in case you're, actually worth one hundred k, especially because it's to scale everything is the only thing that's different is there's no busted fingers the chophouse hands. You know kind of four. Folks, dando lilies. Lastly, the untied the flood, the cost. I mean what is on my neck. That's privately our colleague everywhere one. Maybe I didn't high school, What color I work out what color through my sophomore year in college. I believe that's right there oh, my god, unbelievable
for your services. Exclaimed close by the software you weren't, where'd you get every day who centre, Brad Taylor said to us, and you never brought him up, which is weird said: hey ass family function. I was at sea to the beaten. Ajay get yes, Socrates, Brian! You said you were hard to believing that Today we are your fair with that jobs and telecom assigned. It is well known of gdp. While we know he does that Family there are brothers on the show they were. Why have you not told us a brad? It's a players. I had a brother, yes, we're! Ok I'll, be there. The car questions that you ask damages are so full of everything spouse. But you I owe you one Yes, your children frowsy to be, as he has called himself back in the day you,
to you. I just don't know. That's always been you remember. He is like my wife's he's family with my wife's family into she's, known for J t, t and Zita became her elementary school. It ground when in the prime of homophobic she's, like it was like always, of course, persons like Elvis, was here basically so and he came to our wedding- So why, while we're brag about improving, why did my wife's my cousin, you see, The show greater is greater this. Finally, just get your family member sentences. I don't think sent that but cool it big tommy's, excellent, first care really into the sea his said the guy had. Actually, he was getting like seven fast, seven furious tokyo drift. He was the big football player in the opening scenes. Is he going to be in ten fast and furious, or no that might have been my favorite thing of the week? Favorite fast food didn't get as big of a popper yourself whenever you said that because that's the name, what do you mean, as I've said nine past ninety years last year, when they were on that one, while ten fast and furious his new one
next year will be eleventh ass? These daggers get thirteen though have to judge no school makes sense, but what does that she had read like one go directly their stream? They will be given our waters, I want your reader. I always go right away. That works. I think you can. If you want to get out of here earlier yeah I just got. I got p first and then we'll go hi, I'm gonna do the same. Then we're going to go. Everybody you guys are the best thing so much the date, giveaway hasta, pms self pop up here, ass a J self pop. Say something nice to somebody The picture you re a christmas tree. You still, why take a picture right now take a bit? zoom in on this thing. Ps zoom in on this thing here is good. Whose sole lifelike nor to find on the internet. Cycling sell only right now take a screen,
not right. Now, I'm sorry too fast. Pms age a self pop, and you will win. one of these one one glance job in war. When one of the us and ten other people, s father and ninety nine bucks passion pms ain't J self pop up. We there's a lot more that guinea josiana digits, faster we saw this one. The one were given away, we you have another loud arena with a thousand bucks, at last they can grow Jesus good accuracy, so I took five k off that thing. Taken the tat s all right now, thanks a lot safer? We I didn't want the singing its shaded, yellow axis one citizen, it's an almost amazement. Smoking six was well. I wish I wish,
while I assume- and so we can still his autograph check them. Thank you. You cited a j fifty every time, someone personal whenever my last name: first of all, in this ten people in five hundred nine nine, but he's hashtag pms age, a self pop you could be A glorious shopping. Going into the weekend. We gather Jonah,
they were downs. Next year's goodbye have agreed has a grace. We can adults I bought.
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