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On today's show, Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys chat about everything going on in the sports world from the NFL, to LIV golf, the NBA Finals, and more. Joining the progrum to discuss where we can potentially gain a couple of edges gambling wise before the start of the NFL season is the Head Oddsmaker for FanDuel Sportsbook, John Sheeran (19:19-41:45). Later, Emmy Winning host of Good Morning Football and NFL Insider for FOX, friend of the program, Peter Schrager joins the show to chat about Sean McVay's wedding from this past weekend and all the different stars that were in attendance, when Good Morning Football is getting back in studio, and much more (59:17-1:17:23). Later, 13 year NBA veteran, 2005 NBA 3-Point Contest Champ, co-host of the Knuckleheads Podcast, Quentin Richardson joins the show to chat about the NBA Finals, if players are cognizant of the difference in refereeing in the Finals, if he thinks there's anyway a Kyrie-Russell Westbrook trade happens, why coaching is so important in the playoffs, and much more (1:17:25-1:37:35). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show, and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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huge united sates. Things are practically gives us cause like a fish whose back did it seems we are active girls that John shoe and head odds. Baker vandal will be joining us about seventeen minutes, or so we got a couple of things to ask him about. You know some lines are important now there also, how do they do all the futures batson with the long shot thing they have going on right now? How do we in the city to grow. That would make that even bigger, because with vandals cooking right now is fascinating, and now I can't wait. Show them an irish fella who was a smart ass last time he was on the show, buried indeed as vague time period jonas, fresh out of MC vase wedding weekend over long held him cliff kings bearing some others. Wherever there are celebrating the love that
exactly as whereas now wife and now these superbowl winning head coach and appears if the festivities we're fantastic. You look great time cliff kings, whereby we did look like the calls to it of all time. Yet again, of course, wearing a james bond ask talks with a picture with John mc vain shrugs in it, not even smiling, just a grin with his. I mean he just speak. He gets it either If he's a movie character, then the third hour we have quick richardson, join us to talk about hoops a lot of things happening in the golden state, boston, celtics game in the er- sorry finals around here, because the refs bass, we managed to plan a kind of cooking games last turn it off stable attachment. Aaron rodgers at camp maybe attract Harrigan spencer. I want a tortoise shell, but this one days there he's gonna have taught the press at some point. I'm sorry to hear his thoughts on that big potty just made the other day at the wind golf course in laws.
is to win the match and also have years what team? Now just made some of the younger Gaza's good weekend a good week fran rogers over there. What's good news was back his fancy I think he forgot body for ball at all. When I listen that's what the media, which are, of course, of course, I'm glad the drums overlook alien unknown bullshit. Last year, the bullshit a year before he's back with the boys, is ready to play ball. Everything's Ok, that's all talk about it. Then. Let's move onto celtics gonna stay warriors game last night gandhi or whatever the commentator bald headed one hour, Jeff Jeff because there's a stand, I believe ha their jeffrey gandhi, calling it with mark jackson and mike bree. Ok, entire. That's the abc grew. They have the entirety of the finals. It was split, we in turn in them for the whole place Firstly, mobile, abc garden. Get that thing stephen! I now in a well with studio tom versa. He looks on billina, but
gandhi asked about the situation, involve dream on green, in which he was kicking another guy. He had already had one technical brought in their rough person, Steve Draghi, java, jamie or whatever he's like the rest, from the nba in the way you explained it was pretty much like You already had one tech time left in the game score the game bride but tat, even our dream on green would have an objective for the rest of gaming out three more quarters. Does the outcome? Jake? maybe pathways bigtime player, but them openly saying that obviously led to a lot of fodder on the internet users. Thanks man after losing last night, with that situation happening to you If you guys are screwed and have you been screwed in the past, definitely been through in the past. I don't know if it was a technical foul like bass who had avenues. He fouled Jalen brown on a three point shot and then they, both land, dream on basely left his legs autumn, and then they got no scruff. Foresight on off at war did tat
he's gonna launched on the annual guidelines, are sold you wrong. Then you know he almost Paul jail, embrowns pants down, which I thought was, will overtake you ll only trying to get. I know, cheeks salaam people are watching their kids at all. Watch this game drain. Montoni Tom Brady, in balls out being jury is already. I g store, know things, but I mean him saying that on the broadcast on an old, why someone didn't jump in his ear immediately like walked out back, walked out back, don't think containing Adele yeah. I can't talk about it, kept talking about the entirety of how like and we talk to worm I shall refer twenty years, tempting aerial dim veil and he talked about how they feel like very import. To the game flow like yours for game, gotta call something early on this thing, maybe settle them down or make up call happen immediately afterwards in the jail in it kind of understood in the end cultural again, that's how it goes, I'll rests in the fights there. In there I mean it's a fool: interaction, banter. There are part of the game, just
it's, as are the rest, but even more so because are also part of the flow of it. The nba you know with the way ass to Paul. Has its rules set up decorated past. Wait till dawn the federal breast cooking games more in the way you see some games go in. thousand seen called and not called, and then out of nowhere, something that could be. I'm call is covered up I call on go: that's go call it's like not ever greater, there's gonna move along their costs We fighting that. I feel like the nba will constantly fight that is the way the game is set up, the way the rules are set up and what can don a had done? The pass and tim Doughty said that there's a lot of other rents out there potentially doing the same. Damn thing he even broke down some games in winter. Humbling and losing on games. It's very easy to go like oh, I just got fucked just got fuck you're doing that if it isn't even something, that seems to be pretty logic, so that
happening on air, led my guy roche's tweet here really sport its way out, and he said he said Steve J? We talk about referees using selective enforcement, basically proves invalidates fans who feel ten joy, jaded by rests thousand ruse williams williams- is the house of the noble and show remove bigger its houston rockets guide based out texas? I feel he feels like Iraq to invest in the past men james hardened down, to utilise the rest in the use of market organization for some time, but that was fascinating to watch. This basketball series is going to be good, though, because the refs are gonna, make it exactly it's going to go seven and I believe rouge probably is jaded, because there's that Chris Paul stat, when scott foster, I believe, revs a game. You know he's like. Oh fourteen and blew a few of those were with the rockets horror. Last night there was another one of those with somebody: ethics, the other childlike three and twelve straight up one one of the guys who was references reverend, but there is also did you see the gene, brown foul. They called where
pay in the second one up for a lay up. Mister John brown didn't even touch women. They call the vile and look at how confident there of their last hour and then they just want rate to the scores table or whatever and everybody bitches about every single call. So it's almost like the boy cried. What type situation with the players, because fires gonna be pissed about oh yeah, which bottle I can understand, because if you found him, if you fail, that's right, so I could see how the players could potentially get pissed in that thing, but referees, especially with these primetime games and its it is the championship and it's the finals, always jumbled up compensation, but last I could be right. You got just such ass is paid. What exactly I join. My natural has he's made life one day out excuses clicked on getting a cunning should a basketball last night they still beta. Why your fourteen points in the third quarter just like yesterday and then also Jordan, pool had a three point shot from thirty in feed out. Let me know
very well. I see your point. Warm us actually wish throw a ball shoot one catch it you one like one people bomb hit song agenda? Beer the wrong it s right and basically, with Jordan, pull did threw up a ball shot three caught the three shots at three daddy and show the full video you can really see it, but I believe he threw the ball up shot. The bar hit that bar that biogas in the hoop gets the ball back and then shoot three in its real. I believe: that's what that video was, but they didn't they each have that listen when he retires. That needs to be the quarter. Half time shall yeah yeah, just doin. Do ball tricks out to have somebody just like red panties to do what they should still kickin balls snakes? I think that, no matter what I'm telling you tat Just my humble opinion. I fear that we might have seen maybe I'll be as maybe she's more parttime performer,
but you know last you there's couple, mrs, and we haven't seen her miss for out fifteen twenty, your strategy when it now- and I think she is the kind of person whose I can find my fuckin fast. today, I'm not goin out their consummate, prevent exactly refresh right, so maybe become a new thing. Like somebody, you learns jordan post trick or throw a ball a throne and it goes in and keep him move, and I was out again whatever the basis this old white hustle. Somebody on three points you ve got really old white against. Somebody was owner nano that accurate description on holidays We talk lumbering light. about is this particular worldwide seem to be built more like like saying, I wanted a jolly a jolly out Y yeah, like he's, lost a lot of weight. He would be audit Michelin, man, a poker, your lesson It was like a. It was eight you ve yeah.
Yeah then he'd give me lots of flyby totally unsettled this on friday or I'm starting to see a pattern me there much for that comment about that right, even though he left that talking talking the dust that she was sleeping on the job yesterday, sleeping on the job that unbelieving thank, you is actually just talking shit about your shrugs on my igy story. Little just look at this. Are we sure that bastard does ass no idea nazis deal. Anyways some added drowsily, very gonna, know I'm a very bad, the old white. They said like obviously set up, rather than an incredibly like a toy a four year old that was randomly selected from the crowd had his group of friends at obviously, he had left and they put on sprang. You know these to have three points: shooting contest against each other, whose europe and then you know they obviously some
I am rather high watching his game. Oh my god. What is about to take place here, fuckin having twenty straight? Maybe seventeen twenty straight or seventeen lottery, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, his max effort was enacted. Three point red show as long as these throwing it. His heart is again it's going in every single time, we need more than they have done is chaos when he does the ball, thrown a ball off of it and then do our thing. We need more that if red pandas not going to be out every single week in every no game donor thing we need but more excitement does have done just quit. Change then passed away at its right out of all the right have time. Performances are the NBA games. All candidates, dispirited, weed I got it now. That's part of the whole thing. We need jordan port Teach somebody had do what the fuck you did yesterday warm an old to those big inflatable. Mascots take people bounce on their heads and each other they were. Those inflate
cautions barbara. The fox gonna be that's a different, but you gotta, remember hafta performance, eddie again. That's like america, tat means more explosive duty, but also yes, you do need symmetry tanker keeping people right. Fifteen minutes fifteen minutes rosati extreme. What's that asia to extreme bingo, it's basically what's gonna think when you suddenly gets absorbed by the nba. You got that while we talk a lot about to say, he's getting old, that's our sailors, there's only a few of them that are really there, because its uneasy gig, no three sixty eyes on you over sixty eyes flawless and you you're on your way. one every single night as if not somebody's, getting your camera on your phone saying this person's worse, that's what happened right, panelists, that's right! And if you're going and doing a pacers game, there's a good chance, you're doing like a bulls game in a bucks game. You know like you're, I mean those guys are probably on the rye high demand rock star lifestyle yeah for sure they should do like the professional dunker or like bring back like the one guy and do like a three on three
documentaries area for thirty the other day about right mix tape. everyone who was called but yeah that was last tuesday caught us restraining saint, their hearts. Ass was trending. There was a picture of It's also. Maybe the professor me the queen, I am talking about how swarms about, how big the end one mix tape toward got they wouldn't everywhere. I was everywhere. I want your game. since last year, but the on tv I absolutely loved the dvd was. Some of the hour and a half documentary pretty much we're just followed and stop it stop. It was great honour forget when I the ball under both my legs I thought I was the most yeah. Oh my god, I am the professor wait till and one comes down. I'm a play for that team and then escalates go romeo recipes. Let's go to some manifest news that happen over the weekend online it's happening today are a walmart air bob bob bob Walton
is binding. Raucous, let's roll out, I mean Adam Schaeffer reports that there's no final final, this year, but forbes is reporting bleach reports rewarding florio reporting. A lot of people reporting, bob Walton and heir to the walmart fortune, there's be somewhat won't. Have that is your title yeah they will have I'm fine, that's gotta, they get it. If you just buying the broncos reformat billion dollars in a blind bed, you put it up there and then, you're gonna, whenever whatever you, you now have a net affecting magic, the data is with an to the walmart fortune, azure title bob won't good god by law or has done basically anything whenever, however, for the entirety of his light after you want to that's case? This guy was able at such a young age, falk bob gone up. Thinking. There are now obviously bob is an accomplished. this ban himself. Some not saying this to me,
I went on a volcano is buying the brok, that's good business, so I feel, like he's, probably good business person, but being an heir to the walmart fortune. What a fuckin dick what a congrats to him and grasped his family for rate in store that I mean took over everything, amazon's gonna come in and dumped on about walmart trying to catch up to what aims on similar delivery service. But what amazon is now for those it don't understand. Walmart was for like thirty years Fgm. It didn't matter, it was recession, prove because it didn't matter if they were able to sell anything just sell the shelves like real estate to company, so like companies really good real estate did shelf for the woman, That's in every single town in america, basically has everything therefrom, early, drills and saws to pause. Add ons. I mean there's lotteries everything that you could possibly want there. They would just sell the space as opposed to the products
so, instead of having overhead the only ever had they had was the the isles, the more people pay so fuckin, masterclock business. Just before urbanists doesn't matter of your product will sell or not to yet is basically the shelf space anyway. Now, if you want, call if you want to sell it cool make deals. Do that thing in there's some part I know the own sum this up. There was in there as well, but they were just brilliant. The next level just like businesses that everything get the lever to your house, all the money in the world the ones have had for a long time, and now there is one in vienna fell. It looks like in that's good news we gotta get for sure and I believe, if I'm not mistaken, his sister is stand crises, wife to solidarity, and I think I don't mean I know rocky zambia has been very successful in terms of what he's done business, but I think his net worth large a lot. Comes from her as well. So it's ike mean more better, really for this cousins.
Got out so enlivening right. Crafts, wife right was one that all the money Myra. So in the book the dynasty actually explained it. Bob craftily bought myers fathers company, which was also like packaging company. I think it might the seventies and eighties, and then he bought the team. The nineties rarely has a raft, started his own company and then that comes got so big. He ended up buying Myra crafts families company the way these people accomplish. Whilst these very fast office, if you just happened a pop out of the right. You know birth canal, her I says, as one there's a lot of worries that those people never have to have their entire life, that they will never understand. Now, there's hold different worlds comes about it right as whole. Another set of you know that comes with abrogated the lifestyle, but the ability to get day to day never have to worry about. A thing must be very fucking,
and also just by developed for donkeys garlic. Sixteen zero iraq is not even a jealous how's. That of team. The premier league and the amity so It's thanksgiving bob's, like I'm fucking, sick and yeah. Listen. What is bob is bob, a direct descendant cousin. What is yes, he is a direct cause descended. t is, the order of fort children of Saint Martin, who founded walmart, the outer while miss hazel reject the poorest con me yes, is actually samuel robson. He goes by rob sam sam sounds like it, sam samuel on languages, Dan, Sammy, so robson, you know they cause, I'm bob because that's what robert amyl rossen bob's includes robbed where they so Bobby one by one
welcome the nfl party. A party feels luckily this undertone pollio four and a half billion is allegedly what it will cost him by the day. Broncos and it goes to the bowling trust. So Insiders all talked about how this wine- this airports at in this is awesome and we all remember the rapport works. The nfl report said now for the brothers. They have to take the highest bid because it's going to a trust so that trust to take the highest better, whatever it's like On the other hand, we have to take the one who offers the most about money. It's like that's all. Every one of them said the girl nafta. That's how busy because in this entire thing, but they expected multiple and a half billion dollar offers on this particular monday, in which it was we saw today, and maybe that was just andromeda bullshit made those the ball. Trust or whatever saint or multiple people going to be doing so, maybe bit a little bit more allegedly Robson Walton comes in four and a half a billion dollars and gets it king.
hats and work of the week. I can't wait to see what new money does the unifil get counter mentioned too, we talked about like off air a little bit like it behind for sure thought that it was gonna, go for more than forty Do you like that is kind of like a bargain? get a won't play. Maybe from this man who is the head odds? Mcnerney fan those sports book the number one sports book, america and although we are constant competition, with this lad. Who is hilarious and very big brained he's good conversation. We appreciate him for that. Ladies and gentlemen, John sheer on how do you do Look, I join you really good, thanks to think you got the wrong sure. There's somebody else on letter or something what happened to clay yesterday, you guys knew clay was going to have a bad day. That's why everybody's parlays we're just going to be fucked yeah. I won't for ten will not get a tone from
Thompson, the guys actually a little bit down on their don't think that he's been is also the season oversee shown glimpses of it, particularly in some of the gains in the last series, but our alone but down on him versus the rest of the market. For sure john, whenever you hear something like the Van Dundee Steve Jamie conversation on espn, our ABC last night about how there wasn't a technical but vain gandhi, that won't any other game, is really a technical and then J we came on and say well with the hell time was left. The score is the final decisions are being made in the cause, and all that do you have to take them. No account whenever you're trying to predict the nba. You know, in nods everything I get because of the history, the past, how reps of so much controls at something you guys dive into or no yeah. I think considering a pot really when you talk about the totals, and you see the suppressed all it was that we see from the regular season in the pool season. We know the rest, let them play a decent people, we're in the files, and particularly that's always seen so far, but you definitely seed
contraction in the total points, which is all of that information. Like you alluded to the we have considered all the historic in terms of how it spread out in the past, or at least something we spend a lot of You guys focus on the rascals like, for instance, in the nfl. Whenever we find out the rest, I think it's friday or thursday each week. Maybe Sarah had, I don't remember exactly which day of the week, but there's all a run through what the raft like this raft likes to do this these like to do this. This is a big thing. You guys asking close tab on all of that right, because the celtic sir three and foreign twelve, three and twelve, with one particular rough call in their games. You got that whenever you're sentinel lines where everything or are you just try to stay away from it It's a good question. Actually, we ve had some conversations in the past about the impact of referees when their announced what you said, and you definitely what see some sharp money plain to Adam maybe not just necessarily when sport into the market price in general, when russia renounce others, certainly an age to be heard
if you go and actually do the other way johnny giraffe and their propensity to call files are no, that's, obviously the easiest way to assess it, but there is certainly an impact, and we don't really spend a whole lot of time. It would take a lot of work for us to go and kind of tag. Each ref, try and watch the video get the analysis of it all is done through actual video review and the people that are betting, because the referees on totals. We find that we don't we get hit in the mornings when the rest are announcing than the market kind of corrects itself. So I plenty about people, they're doing the short work for us. How many people on the nba team, putting together odds for the final here pretty much all of them to be honest, they all, and some of them are celtics funds, also fine, we're alone the biased towards boss.
oh yeah hell yeah, how many? How many people is that do we is you don't have to give me an exact? Is it tends not to there's? Probably ten of the guys, obviously the senior guys the guys have been trading, like I said before, on the show for ten fifteen years, they'll take ownership of the finals in particular and express their opinions were where they think that they make a difference and that's unfortunately, on the celtics time around. Ah that's fast, so it is people we are battling against. Whenever I try to make these bats, it felt like for a while. You guys report. Not that we're heading like a lot. The both rumors Maybe the most shore bet you guys had on the entire book. Therefore, a bit you got real hot how'd. You pick what's boosted and You try to stay away from that Actually, I think it depends on the day what what's on, what bearing all we certainly try to boost the most topical you're you're, not boosting. You know loony these points in the game.
Example. It's always tatum. It's always carry their the pick things that people want to bet on. It try an appeal to watch topical and your people are focused on them at all try offer better value than the hey. Let's just get right into it. Last night's boost jap title: staff, the boat score. Thirty. How many did step up to three quarters? Twenty nine point, how many to tell them about the three quarters? Twenty eight, how many minutes they play in the fourth quarter: combined: zero how'd! You now John I have direct line. Staff said be over after three quarters and you wouldn't see him again. Really that's what has now about whenever you see something like that happened, I assume you guys are ecstatic. You would have to be whenever death forth, starting in its like? Neither replied and all is that we perfectly put this- is the perfect burst. There are thirty, that's dream for the book right for that to happen,
it is, but like that's not the way that we think about we're not sitting there looking to try and win all these boots the boots offered honestly? genuine good faith who all people have a good experience want to give them a bit evaluate it wasn't a curious nice labours to us was whether bruce John, I didn't see it corner. What was the other there's a klay thompson to have five three pointers that was it yeah. I believe that what was it made? Fiber attempts definitely wasn't it ten. What's your deal and also Horford? What's the use of gunshot for the guy that shot twenty six, that's your fucking god every other game, but he's going to have a huge one on one. Let's move on to other sports under the boys who have questions for you. Maybe dabbled in the nba. But I want to ask you this. You might answer this in the past and I apologise Whenever you guys do futures bets on that site,
and it fell teams, windows or their odds, to win the superbowl or anything like that in something happens like for instance, though, families about the by the broncos desertion if anything for you, do you think the broncos ass? You know the commander sign parson once zero movement at all one? broncos side, Russell wilson movement, how you doin keep em over what, How do you guys pick and choose what matters and what does it add, to a team and winning and in moving on and moving the numbers honestly. I just think it's it's the upgrade right, Russell wilson's, an incredible glare, incredible of great and done for they ve got a lot of the supporting pieces around him, really good deed it's probably under achieved in the last couple of years and when you go get Russell wilson? It's not just Russell Wilson, the two ass, the old really. I was going to be attracted by playing with them, and I think it's also the end mention of the team that you can read into as well. So for that reason,
muscles, an easy one for us to make a big of great a bigger jumping ratings on quarterback play expected from the denver broncos. Thank you saw that reflected in the movement Carson whence a shot rising In that guy deal fairly. Impossible and envy she's. Now you see him very good. Guy is trying his best, but he's not going to make a difference. So therefore, Washington's they were there he's a good lad. Tries his best if it is a bit like ufa the fate of the wrestlemania fuck off, but is there anything that could potentially happen off the field that would change the way like the browns right now every withdrawn there- and I don't know of you- has even avenue win totals, I think further. I don't think you guys have released windows with brown, yet Does John watson situation is continuing to grow and get bigger? I think than we could ever imagined, maybe a month ago, when we thought this was over his lawyer. Rusty heart goes on the air and is now being quoted in more peoples.
Allegations against Sean watson from his radio clip indiana? leslie concluded its investigation, but we don't know what it's gonna do. There's a lot to take in their. How do you judge that, and how do you not just get it can, really wrong in a shit ton of money for fanduel whenever you, I think something like that. I think we do sometimes right. We can't be across the union. Things are what's happening with the sean two to one joint favorites now for the division that clearly with him a quarter back. There would not be in a position without him, I'm so there. Opportunity there. If you think to shun watson is not going to be a full participant the season. I would strongly suggest having look at the fc north I'll write betting as quickly as you can because he's not there and he's not a quarterback. Then there I no longer two to one shot to the short answer. Is we get these things wrong all the time we only have the infirmary, that you haven't it's available in the public domain. We don't have any inside information like you're able to get you in your nfl MA am
ST. We we just can't get that information, so everybody knows more than ours. We will you you, you you, you were the mom with the with the ball in the superbowl. You made a big change to how we think about pricing that you had that inside information, for example wow that was that has been good to us, the coin. Toss has been pretty fucking ruthless towards me at that super boy. You know I get that year. End review of my bats things and feels that superbowl heads, calm, heads tails thing, rarely shows up there, every damn you. How do you price that you do guys? Do you flip a coin down to the office and just figure it out. Yeah, there's two of standing here:
the coins at that figure, it'll be heads or tails question for you. Thanks John, over the last few days, I've been starting to look at some of the cricket lines because the games are happening so early in the morning, and I kind of want to know is this: like a wake up ping pong yeah very similar? Is there any value in that? Because there's so little volume I'm assuming being placed on these games or is it the kind of thing where you guys are actually you've got a couple of cricket sharps over there? I don't really understand any of its. I dont know about hydro better, but like do think there's any type of advantage. There are spoke about your record tie when MIKE was on your record. I'm betting of funding gone so far. Not bad air, so cricket. I wouldn't bet on cricket. If your record is good, I mean I don't even know, what's happening, the crickets four minutes. The lines are pretty sharp right. There is actually a lot of international volume that goes into those markets. Will you find that their pretty efficient, so I dont
You'll find their priorities. You have to understand the golan heights methods. For all of us here in america. That are waking up in the morning. Just got a little bit of an issue put ten bucks on something we have never heard of our hob plus three twenty point: scorer stabbed yeah the guy's got a yeah. He might be a picture. Boston, WC! It's your boy! I dunno! If you guys, could track this or saw this. There was a appointed uptake. I assume in a ping pong in the boy those there was like a one month. Rod brows waken up in the morning and I spreading handsomely on these ping pong. Just as I want to wake up with a positive one, begun make this bad baby Five ten points left. I'm gonna go was one: seventy, let's Please go away line, serve nag bed on that. I'm gonna take a shit, a shower come out of the things you to be over last, get those tomorrow again every cent for like two weeks straight? I was just betting on shit. I didn't know it sounds like
It is you guys sitting in the poker room in vegas, three I am when all the drugs come into the poker room and all the people actually understand burgers sitting there waiting did you take the money from other drugs is our bullshit sports are unfair and offer you guys, like you did you say, come on come on put it. This is fine, come on I'll pay, boy. You know the person is come on. We don't either that's what I think. try to give away, but that's not the case at all. Right now. That's one hundred percent, not the case, but it's an opportunity for someone to have a bass. As you said, it's always on. I have plenty content there for people to bet on designed to be complete, recreational somebody command of a small where's your watch, the game is over in ten minutes after the next one. That's really all that's behind us! Yes, I like, when you got completely defeated, it suddenly obviously have to blame the person.
you're competing against for cheating, and it sounds like with what you just said about cricket yeah. That was a catch, don't bet on ping pong either john. How closely are you guys monitoring like trade or free agency kind of scenarios like, for instance, when AJ brown got traded during the draft? You immediately go and change their odds to win the division, the super bowl and all things and then even with the nba free agency the andre and the guy that you actually fucked us all over with with is over and points. If you remember correctly yeah, it was pretty messed up. He also missed it by half a point, but like are you watching that, especially now that the rumors are he's not going to phoenix and you're kinda as soon as he signs you, gotta change the odds for that team as well? I yeah we're certainly monitoring all that super closely. Like you said, the key players, key skill positions in the fall well, obviously see what's happening in the NBA B. A where these We are going to end up, makes a decent demanded difference, going would say that in general, people tend to overvalue outside a quart of acts and footballist
the overvalue white receivers and running back you'll use should see very little movement in those lines from our side once those people change, the andrea it s kind of the sami not going to make a huge difference: the phoenix trances next season. They obviously need to Let all and can they fill that with somebody has talented as him the suit the system be better. It might actually be positive for the sun's eyelids drafting. You guys just have a group text when AJ brown gets trailer. Are you in the office or you just say, fuck it I'm changing it myself, how's that go. yeah, I mean most of the time, is the guy's honestly like I'm watching all that stuff, but the vast majority, the guy guy here in the office you're waiting for that break news understanding what the implications of all the trades are. Your train trade that in real time, is really difficult right. Every pick. trade in live here in new jersey were allowed to offer to pigs down the line. So after the first pick went we weren't picked for and so on.
Trying to understand the implications of each pick on what was going to happen two or three weeks later, with a lot of fun and one that was really different. for us to make any money? We actually lost a lot of money on drafted yeah. That's right! That's one of the reasons why it's such a big night for all of us go ahead. Turn to John. How much do people love bitten, streaks, like isis Did you guys make up what was hockey, but did you guys make a bunch when the lightnings one thousand nine hundred after a loss streak came to an end like anal a girl, Levin game losing shrieked, like you see my more money come in when people start here about these streaks yeah really go since spot anton like turning her there's, a phone fine forever the rugs John Jeez Christ. I'm sorry The chinese exonerated narratives are huge in america. Earnestly I've never seen it not really the same in europe, you say to a certain extent, but people
they get on hot run. They wanna bet the teams that are winning in your exactly right, the likes the angels we'll get opposed. Until they do something to change us? would say it's harder and hockey, because we just see so much money for the rangers round here to kind of understand what the impact of You know winning is off the back of a loss in the policy aging off the back of a loss in the policies and really meant just because we saw Money for the range is, but I would say, your honor percent rights ranger, up to one over the Tampa bay, lightning, the back to back stanley cup champions last night. three to forty eight seconds left. Barely one hundred home huge in the home of the storm delighting downtown to read what arena? What's ironical, Emily Emily armilly. Hey. I just seen a guy walk in the back there. While you were talking shorts, sure. Is that data they operations over there? The dots as a german water tank tops over their hoodies everybody in suits, what's a day to day life. For somebody, that's an odd maker for randall,
yeah a lot of shorts this time of year. It gets so humid and in jersey city, where we're all based here thought that yeah lots of shorts and t shirts. What I would say is if you could send your maybe smaller than wonder what than the one you have? What, if you could maybe sand like ten or twelve of those times I'm sure we could do it for a special on one day. No problem at all I'll. Send you guys the link? You can buy them off amazon enough. What about the chains? Can we get them as well? This particular one a little bit more than one that I've been want rocket in the past, but yeah I'll. Send you the link for this one as well follow up what is what do they have to bet? Do fire anybody? How does that girl, if you, if they just stink, if you, if you're, the odds were us and you can t, really stink. We just the ability to get ready. You have the contracts, work, jaffa, continued above sixty five percent, seventy percent, or is it a tea thing used offered on the team. How do you go about Town are losing out. Knowing if you lose, somebody come on for your ass right? That person is coming to?
against you now forever I'd assume yeah. It's a question Look the truth of the matter is needed before you're allowed express your opinion, you gotta be able approve the you're good at what you're doing it's not like taking you in here and now you get a hot street a pick and for winners in a row and then all of a sudden where letting you less europe text, on the closing line value how you perform against where the market closes, We do that and build their confidence in and expertise of overtime, and once they have kind of illustrate, that they've shown the propensity to be able to do it? Then they get the opportunity to express their opinion and as an odds maker. From my perspective, that's all I ever wanted part was the opportunity to be able to express my opinion in our pricing and make a difference positively to our company from that We want people to look at the line and everybody else is for on the game. Why are they a three and a half and that's kind of where we want to get to in the end. So there's that to become a very I mean not the visit now, but that's gonna become a job that people are desiring to have here as,
family, gets bigger and bigger. Being the oddsmaker is a massive title. I think that people will it is a massive badge of honor. Will you guys can too the growl or is it would just remain the certain group you think, like four every casino, that's been talkin, knocking sites, it's negative, but for every casino that's been making odds, is there are only a certain amount of people that have been doing it for a whole time? How many people, you think, can actually be professionals at this as we go forward or are they are huge? trees in the space pardon me were like growing so fast, the businesses just on an incredible trajectory we're only in fifteen states right now. I mean think about this in ten years time business, will be multiples size that it is right now and everyone. Small decisions, be it a half a point out on a total on a spread is just going to make such a big difference. That you're right is a huge opportunity. I would say the team will expand.
Absolutely we already have when I came back here in two thousand and eighteen, there was two of us sitting in a broom covered, cupboard upstairs and others You guys on the ground here and there will continue to go over time. Undoubtedly, car you're, never that job, maybe you that I never if you stay away from fucking trigger sounds like come on over to that. Don't do it now, John, and I think the last ten times you have given us a recommended that if all they ve asked about that, you don't want shrieks here, and we ask that we ask where half a point on the andrea who went over important. Neither side of our work was our first word after the way there Lastly, lies far longer want want pictures on the scorecards, I guess that's exactly. I just show me, the god, damn sausage at the outset. I want to know how close how it came about gimme the sausage. What
a winner earlier, not john de winter. Liberals or not, I don't have anything. This guy common body as such, Parliament is in short over there. I live in a time. Tell us not! I don't fucking go wandering into the buggy error that has gone into it. You don't know anything. That's that's all world! Basically, just don't do it now we thought We get a winner because turn. John had been just l, l, l, l, l Oh, you know doesn't seem to happen that way for the sports books. Single day, there's when when when when when and how does that work John seems like you're against us or you're against us one hundred percent. Honestly, it's of interest to me are you someone's got to someone's gotta fall, the fuck AJ hawk, someone's gonna die. So it's going to be. I didn't want
take it that bar ages from dramatic elizabeth. He is now less today, maybe next sunday, let's get a winner yeah under percent. I I do like the warriors out right. I'm surprised at how it it says, pick him up, where obviously biased, towards boston to come to the guys behind me. gonna start? Throwing things out me now, but I'm going with the warriors. I I think the signs are about robust today's augsburg he's been overcome We learned things in america with Boston's david. The most american place has ever been right. I mean that's the news. No, it's also one of the most irish places to I dunno what y'all doing a lot of irish upper a lot of harsh you don't like the the whole leprechaun thing, yeah sure yeah I love leprechauns shamrocks like shamrocks, and then beer, this sort of thing here: yeah, you hate arnold,
I do what they want. Is this descending into do you actually, Israel know, of course they don't are the most patriotic person. room, I guess not my place. Gentlemen, let's go with John terry. Did you Did you can invest them? Crypto currencies through your retirement account. That's right with. I trust you can buy and sell crypto currencies from a crypto ira and get all the same tax advantages as a traditional ira. I trust cap allows you to invest in over two dozen of the most popular crypto currencies and, unlike the stock market, you can buy and sell twenty four hours a day. Setting up an ira is free and I trust has no account opening fees and no monthly fees, but I trust capital. You can get all the tax benefits of a retirement account, while investing in crypto sign up today, and receive a one hundred dollar funding bonus. When you open and fund an account. Does it
as capital dot com to start investing today, taxes and conditions apply. These apply currencies or speculative investment would risk of loss. I trust capital, it does not provide legal investment or tax advice, consult with a qualified legal investment or tax professional, the out his nose, the grindstone his to the ground his eyes, peeled because this guy. No soccer inside now called football national champion super bowl champion ryder cup champion covered survivor, ha ha yeah. What did you learn from the united states soccer team yesterday? That made you go you don't want them boys go when the soccer lauda. So ninety four minutes, so we had four minutes of overtime play while was just in the second half that might have been ninety eight, depending upon how many minutes were added in the first half of the way. They are do they put him on towards the daily they packed marked the end first half has extra time is well only Is forty five in the box. Second,
does the same thing so could have been for the first time for a second half. Ninety eight in total, zero gulls, three shots against united states of america. I have shown Johnson looks like he's. Guy came like he's an absolute god, loves confidence. It's a big balls off of his foot, he's thirty something years old has got a chance to play. A lot he's ready three, shut up cheese three quite in it, quite a cage match. I guess that is that would soccer people like to see I don't harris, I got attacked for saint hashtag soccer near zero zero, but had an vow passed out. You know who made up the word sakharov to describe sport or not it was us was somebody back in england. back in the day was not interested I was actually soccer was called soccer before it even came over here. I believe I think not and John's right that stuff get into that wherever that happens is talk a little bit about the nfl aaron rodgers mental
many campaign about it. I didn't want to give find a certain amount of money. Who knows what it is he thought restoring. The draft spectacular he'd, be there for the mandatory many camp eyes can take his time for yourself out make it. A story gets himself right here. And win a match. Obviously, his arms look like Tom Brady's here, but he to be an incredible shale gas at the match. What examining its main torment again for an rogers in rio. surprised by this age a hawk well Didn't he tell us that he's going back for many camp? Yes, but writing or somebody uses breaking. This is what we know what my question would be. I know a lot of what coaches had done in the past. This is pre covert and everything I don't love you experience this or not. I think at least two or three times are many can't be We've got so much work done, no, as we would do maybe one day of mini camp and then they would call off the last two days or so or even the last day. I wonder if they had that scheduled now,
errands there, okay, we gotta, we gotta make all the we gotta make the best up and get all the reps high. So I wonder if all the guy's going to stay an extra day and a half because they're incapable rookie, wide receiver, christian watson, This was why receiver stone Christian who's wide receiver do now. African christian I would urge you to remember what we worked on. This. What the wide receiver see regatta stone christian, please fucking! God! When you run that stick what this is for all those gouges I bet you have. Come in and he knows exactly how the place both to be. He broke design it alongside the floor. This has been, the floor in the coach is time to get the young guys up to like where there, at a judgment, almost before training camp on how much they know how much I don't know remember these Algeria's you're there I got. No ball was allowed on the fields like two weeks, you're not allowed to have a jog your step like there's. No pep step allowed has to be actual walk through It is only with offsets,
you. Do another meeting and then there's a little bit of a ramp up here where you're allowed to jog at this particular point ball was allowed to be in there. So it is like green paper. There's orphans, one o one? green bay backers. Friends, one to one point one then green bay, backers off and then now many camp happens. I would assume that the coaches words hoping to god that their code was good enough for errand to come in and be like work. You know what I'm saying That's some actually thinking about! I bet you too you think, those coaches year running the receivers titans even the running back to ever like anyone, we offered, you want your position to be squared away. When the big guy give I counted one hundred percent legit air going in there making a check or whatever running back, not know what the fuck knows, what the fuck here dollars. Guy, look at the plenary just looked at his coat. Do we not teach them?
what is this next week or so, and then they're done, and then they leave in a day and a half, and that coach has to sit there for the next six weeks. So listen text messages that guy did you see the look I gotta find where they live out. Next omen that pistol. That's a real thing like training camp. I remember raw whose do and buffalo. He was part of thirty four thirty j mac. the kid the came in and shot in lit up. Allow point you remember him: he was bought. Buffalo highschool quit the manager for his best. Body then see no night. He got to go J mac and put up thirty, you just got inflation. From three point he became Friends was like tony dungy through an event, so then he was at our training camp for like the first couple of years, I was there and he had electrifying peyton manning impression, the electrifying payment. but it was also in war. If the things was that was in his impression was like come over here: austin, basically, which was austin collie and it was painting just based
disappointed with acid, like graduating here, like like now you're over over, like a larger europe, It's probably what these many camp is right now we're there everybody welcome back he's not only only quarterback by the way there, It adheres for the first time now, although it'll be about more than anybody else. Customer is back in the building. Lamar jackson, we assume he's going to be for the mandatory stuff tom, he's going to be there for the mandatory stuff. Now football like its even closer than ever, regarding how many days or we ninety four days, pat right, their return, My days until camp opens tomorrow, fucking a road map of our security. How many days is it before then seventeen days is the team? I don't. When is the hall of fame game August august? Fourth, two months They all examiner ten before that gathered there why every team has a certain amount of days or a lot before the game right. That's why the hall of fame game stinks because that game has extended. Your days are extended three
before everybody else. First, your head coaches. Don't those team a week earlier ass arrears, much algiers, not character! Yet that's! I don't think you can that's a whole nation. Well didn't they want to make like the first day of camp like a midnight. Madness type thing was not a conversation. Last year I dunno it wouldn't be for the thursday night game, though it'd be for everybody on Sunday right. He heard because that's what do you mean like midnight madness for private use up they wanted. It is at the heart of my high school. Does high schoolers brought it I'd like to add some time to do at midnight, regional highly? That's all thereby playing on Sunday. those days three days before us from those teams are go in three days before anybody else's than hall of fame game as how many days before the first game of teams ladder report. I appreciate there's an actual day. I remember this because we did the hall of fame game. Then we ended up recording dates, can't you they're not out yet all we can do the math right now, and they would do ass yours, so we at hall of fame game, thanksgiving day, game christmas eve,
and new year's day again the same season for that kind of thing I got on alright here longer every single day. Surgery, guy hates me, I can working for. I hate them to give me. The fuck seems like the universe is telling me not to do it. So it's a certain amount of days, though, but as thursday night games obviously reporting before then like we're close a jointly It goes like this michalik mandatory many camp crept up on me. I feel I get it does has seem like this off season has at times these two dragged along, but now that there are going to mentor. Many can't like ok, like is esparza play players mind you're right, the countdown pretty much begins right after yeah, you gotta, be in shape. Now, like now, you gotta get into you know a little bit of shade or go back and get I'm going back. I'm not going back protease, I'm going back to strap it up and cracked skulls percent what yeah and then you have this reality is thing a man so many camp. This has come
station, Aaron, rodgers had come and other covert. Now think he was the only one without them it's all many came in there. month off and then training camp you go from out years, which is walk, walk, walk. I kind of go Then you go in a man sorted many camp, which is, you know, a little bit more high impact and then you off, a month and a half, back into training camp, and it's just here. We are we're way back in there the order. Does, I think, said their bodies. You know don't The act necessarily well to the month and a half off after going, we'll go and then down and then back up. That's why the I have it ramp up where they extended training camp like what three weeks oh Js was right into training camp and then training camp one in the season. You are like a lot of the older players that we like this a lot more they're talking about this one happening right now. How many days three days. Yeah, you gotta three practised as I thought I was too weak
what's happening on monday, tuesday, wednesday. I think it was always wasn't always a weekend when I first got in the league. I think it was on the weekend and then it kind of changed it's moved to regular weeks. It does. I think I went because it was always a short week, monday, tuesday wednesday, and then the coach sometimes will let you go tuesday. After practice meetings. Reverend you get a full data, have actually the awesome We had chuck cut off the last day many camp once I'm because we had ninety nine point. Nine percent attendance through voluntary. Many cambodia is and everything unemployment, a the only person we're waiting on was heart and Is there an event such as a guy? The only reason why we're going to do this for this guy I gave a run right now, so we were out of here. That's why you just gotta whereby shows up in health in good shape. Errand looks good yeah. He looked absolutely gorgeous things. You normally throw the ball around events I'm going to camp. I think so, but it's been a couple of years since he's been there I feel like so I had to go through at this age. Yeah I mean I would imagine with you guys title. You think he flew back into town to sit there and just
and all tat, prime, not at all. But didn't you say he never throws a ball and he answers like in the off season as in, I think like when he's on his free time when he goes I agree that they gave her sister has acknowledged, throwing days, maybe don't care be, does others What can we do about the net, provided that shot is set up and run with no right now to move but I will not that sucker right there do not dance when drains is first for everybody, keep your eye out for a ball traveling fifty to sixty yards into a net. That is the size of a basketball hoop! That's right on the backboard. Do you know I can't wait Yes, father unexcited! Now I can't wait it's what many that's all Training can't becomes basically with him. So I got how my balls from his throne and that's how far away and then last euros is jordan, love, good attempt to throw
yeah football and the same that no, he does not get him dirty very early last year where he rolled out and you know, missed the entire target and then we didn't see a whole lot. Jordan love clips for the rest of the which reminds us. Let's make sure the social media teams are attempting to make the players that they represent, look as good as possible, officers. Miami dolphins to a situation which The king has elaborated on with some pro football focused stats, and everything like that. That was our conversation to ask answered they put out another very on which he loves. Vet he did ya chip diamond right here. this press conference or joyfully love. Then Four broncos put outline scenes of the so we a grades. Everybody thinks its awesome. That's why we talked about it. That's why it's been quoted in articles and we're getting texts from people around the fucking league, talking
not because of how sweet it was all right. That's obviously, some the nfl K, nfl bronco country, Annabel Kay the league. the fucking league, roger godot. Guess is something this weekend about what they did to the rockies at this rookie showcase that every rockies kind of forced to go to, and they just chief, their dream, I'm any nfl. Now somebody who's acting as if they are the nfl says I only a photo of you. Then it turns out, it's a video survive. This looks like a bunch of workers have to extend their. You don't owe me, but the way was worded from the end of all. Can I ask these players to stand here for a phone then tell him. It was a video just to see how long they would stand for will. blocking anna boundaries. These desert stand forever. There you're barking showcase I love this whole anything
its content these days. Look in some making some people potentially look like this or a stitch. I don't love, and I do not love him. I mean get so. This is like their attempt to being very funny. I don't know Some of them are still posing in the way it was set up was lucky. These guys have good personalities. Then they they, meanwhile, are either like this is dumb why they just kept blowing it's like. Alright, and I felt no fucking shit. You don't understand the power you we owed when you say we are the actual, do whatever you want. What ever you want their burden on earth tat? Yes, I'm in their white beard, wherein there there nfl uniform their dream. There can stand there for three days. If you tell me whatever the fuck you look there dressing up in the middle. The stadium travelled to do this in their full gear. doing whatever mackerel of super cool and a very agitated margins in his head, but jake if I may say triple x, l helmet I've that margins in here bring the wood, but they would stand there forever beneficial Show me the person
As we know this one man, Sorry man, social dame put out for twenty p I what the next madden is going to look like and they're like ooh. It is obviously immediately buried. This had to be a new social person that has never won. It was madame before then didn't understand all of the things that are set about man. I honestly I used to watch my brother and his friends by bad this like the same game. They played like fifteen years of kendo. It looks like a super nintendo back when I play yeah, so obviously this cano texted me to get cut. It is a fact and use your hard cash here and not to get you out of there. That's three sixty that you are able to do, but it looks. that same or whatever and couple missed apples which people isn't very realistic, but actually many ngos. We need trials Davis on the show this week, so we can ask the logs videos like because some social member decided opposed to cope with this
Charles Davis has to get buried for it. I don't think so. I don't want to bury Charles Davis, but I want to ask like who's a dip shit who thought he reinvented the wheel and just put out the same exact game that they've been doing for the social media degree prob. Yes, we are We in the middle of it sounds like we would never be the people, though, without because we are internet people by that. Think, that's why we are calling it out, like a knot, Something has to be content like you like the very people for your content. You can do it in different fashion. It's your fault, foxy, ok, hey! Actually, I had the opportunity to get a social media degree. I said no, no! No! That has to be absolutely pointless and to this day I'm pretty One way to guess what it really twitter yeah he's got. You gotta go. We offer things are happening to somewhat teach you the top to teach like. where this that's kind of what your teacher? That's the nfl one posting that deal yeah we did and then with the widow on the thing. I waited we're okay, let me wait for it and then he says. Oh, is this a video, oh okay,
somebody put in there. I think it was another account like daddy, like no shit, yeah you're, the fucking asset, though you're dealing with the best athletes on the world, and that's what you come up with like you could do some. awesome stuff retro try, no eight may at least they tried they did the cry face. That's that's it does hence the crimea, stalled or yeah. That's layers ran very good, feel grateful for what you are followed up with what they did put together. face filter on people. They put your face after called you fat. I didn't do that. Everybody know that's the new filter that was used to do to actually apologize yet will tony actually already send in the first hours Yeah he took think about it. You were fucking up there on a fake lake. You know no one in an all black suit or outdoor wedding middle of the summer. That's right, diggs was thinking about and he was like. He did come
that fucking guy was actually no. I brought a bake you ship or they'll, move you out to the bottom of that a q shipley was actually be in the dirt bags and then doing shrugs right and you know, on friday, did say that both you and apologies sounds like you guys. Doesn't I never said a kind of data. did the whole thing forbade give. I never said I wanted an apology, at the time it was in the comic it just like. He said in the vein of broken down bodies there, an apology conversation. I was happening where you pointed Buenos aires value guys. I respect anyone involved us rather than the purse. Respect dwayne, johnson shirt geologic opting out. It is what you dig. Seven anna fell. They should apologise, because this is going to lead to hazing if they think wigand, hazel, eyes, level. Kids going to begin fervent swear allegiance, the worst math effect gather your job. a thousand men who had never haze anybody,
Not only does this create good content, this man has won a fucking emmy before holy shit, fresh out of Sean Mcvay. His wedding this weekend congrats to the to to the lot very very sure mrs mcveigh didn't take a guess what her name was, and you saw my brain shot. globally was. Congrats may raise this name. The tendency to want to numb is going to weddings now he's joining us we're so thankful. Ladies and gentlemen, Peter for guns, John MC, very tight, not this weekend, us rags. How was it you nailed it? It was incredible: yoda you'd have enjoyed by in this thing, so I go and I'll brandt joke that animals told them from the gradual. We bang on the window like no cause. I didn't want to marry sean other than myself, but he ends up marrying a woman named Veronica. It was lovely, it's kind of been crappy for them that last three times they they're supposed to have this wedding,
postponed because a cobra. So here we are- and we finally have this wedding into his great, but I'd like in the catbird seat. It was a whose who, in the end a valid at my table wines hilarious wanted kings, burying his day in me and my wife erika, and then you have colt mccoy and his wife, who are awesome sitting at the table. Also court was with washington redskins when Sean was coaching there, each other, but it's like it's like the floor. Stale lis. khan. All you name it. It was a coaching convention, but also the players are there that the rule was from him captains. Only so there was like a hard cut off, so it could been the whole team, so donald cup, stafford, Jordan, fuller and a bunch of old player like a lot like Eric what'll, was an house along love party and with well. He was awesome, Conor darwin, good do does a great great night, where you know like, because kings baron, I were just soaking into
the largest commenting on everything or not in the room and my kind of like watching it all go down and you would have indeed the commentary cause a lot was going down on how cool dig kings. My look by the way he looks like he's james bond, and I noticed he doesn't opened his mouth when he smiles smile levels we gotta grins a little bit. You look so fucking call all the times that what everybody says at the touching mention that wedding there was. Is it like walk with? Why do you pull all the time. Is that how everybody talks to him? He was laid back, he had the right suit on. He didn't wear any socks, it I thought was interesting for a black tie wedding, I also thought this was cool and I'm not mister John actually graceful, but mcveigh was wearing a black tuxedo. for the entirety of the night, then at the end he comes back and he had a white tuxedo. We will a groom a groom with a costume change, had never seen that before that he didn't you don't want me to go and expand on that much. He kind of wandering
should offer phenomenon. Hollywood is that it is, and he says, yeah got another across europe in the second half of the moment. for all that labs leeway. Soprano changes at the wedding. Also, the delays of gas have covered wedding. He had a lot of costume out had a chance to use both of them got AJ shrinks. How long did the party go like? Did you? Did you close it down and who was with you? Maybe it did I was one of the last ones on the dance floor, because there is some delicious, it's going down, and I was not denying that, but I will not, therefore, from most of it I'll tell you what he a morris was the star of the dance floor either defensive coordinator, breathe. I was here in the coach, the buccaneers, this guy, knock it off the dance for encouraging everyone to get on. I don't think lawful or set foot on the dance floor. Ass kind, disappointed I was talking to her. Like there's a floor, not dancer like now he's kind of a laid back guy he's not a big dancer, a little discouraged by that. Maybe you could talk to rogers. What's up with that, but yeah the dance, oregon, it's all about one I am and then those
after after party then I I could not make. I was not a part of that, but I was there for most of it was beyond the point at the after party. She might have been. She might have how to get that invite. I was only possible, but there was good crew, I mean Al Michaels was in the house, I mean, I don't know AL michaels a stretch goal he was there. I was talking to him for a little bit and, of course lot of the ram staffers their front office guys their order like it was a cool cool. And she was gone her her friends of her bridesmaids at first it's better, but I dunno, if any of those folks, but they were incredible and brought the energy cells An amazing waiting outside us just watching how like stafford, hangs with mcveigh and now Donald was in a good place for them I d like to announce that the rams they're pretty pretty cool spot. They feel pretty good about each other. I don't think they're gone anywhere anytime soon, congrats to everybody? It sounds like a fantastic weekend out. There was in los angeles yeah. Of course he lost angeles in beverly hills. I
yeah they're on thursday night, but I made sure funding morning to sit in the sun and coming glowing. I like the most impeccable tanned going in and it turned us when it turned this on burned and it wasn't such a great. When I got you Yeah that happens to me too. Don't worry about that color! That's all that matters. You didn't look like an out of towner. You looked fantastic. Let's talk about the floor, I'll boost up lizzie, a mentor many camp by talking about here, and you do not believe that the voluntary odious head coach that their bosom with black and ruddy more noise until one, I am at least lay just two days before mandatory many kid. What is this John mcveigh trying to take down every team in the val have in these right before mandatory many camps. It's funny. You say that because, because La Florida is a friday night event, La Flor wasn't there. I thought I was like. Well, that's that's kind of messed up. I know they're very good friends and he's like we had practice yesterday, bro like we actually had practice on friday and I took a flight and I'm like oh a private flight and, of course, like no no joe barry defensive coordinator, we connected through
Try to be here so we should be happy. I'm here am I gotta headings. Are there the great place there I had a warlike talk. They were talking about these two new humanity. Rookies, guess this, why in this walker that they got in their initial thoughts on them. So I don't know so the weeds, but you this floor has spoken with rogers in recent weeks, because He said he had yet spoken on there and great place, and- This fired up floors fired up. I think they're they're kind of thriving on the fact that everyone thinks he's team cant do anything without Avanti atoms, what do you think every single coach is happy with their rookie class remote t a's at that wedding, and if they weren't, would they tell everybody that they're happy with their rookie class at this wedding through ot nice, it's funny. Everyone was very positive brain and tail. Yeah, all this stuff off the record, of course, but I was like we got this great new first round pick he comes in, he wants to play foot and I'm like waiting for one of these guys me like we ve invested lemme, get up like yours. Guy walked in the room and socks like two hasn't happened yet
I've been doing this long time about mountain induced by august animal, but by june no everyone the best thing ever Is it ever hard from your perspective when you're trying to talk to different front offices and coaches on who may have the power? fat like make that final pic. I know some had. Coaches have more power than others when it comes to drafting players in bringing a man like you said something that are they pretty open about that The fact you know like years after you're tellin ya say like, for example, you'll get one where it's like. You know a superstar. Comes into the league in the coach. On the back end, I like we could could atom, but you know the gm wanted this. and usually that coaches no longer coach him there, but for the most part, there's no value in telling me that, like hey, we wanted him, but the other guy wanted him, because not only do you not that. Dirty laundry out there what age Last thing you want is your yeah, but I wanted him in the butt I wanted. Him ends up sucking and the guy the gm took that was actually better off anyway. Everybody
western shit. That makes them look better at all times. I would assume with Emmy nominee or emmy winning yeah right walking in their law differently. Now that you want to fuck em, you know these cultures can talk all they want urine and we wonder now the boy tribunal media It's true? I got off the airport, I got the plain and allay and, and there was again now, you may go it alone, you got that I praise dragging my body lois you're, my anyway sorry about it. Didn't searchingly differently was their celebration for you wouldn't mammy over. There are not there.
Tat was kind of great. Like I get in there, I was waiting for the paparazzi Adela acting happened and I get to the wedding nonsense, at the ceremony at the ceremony, Kevin O'Connell comes over and like brings me and his new coach for the vikings and I've known him for years. Like brings me in close and is like we sincerely like hey, you guys are now, and I know when they left like people. I wrote you guys off, you guys put it together and you guys still got the emmy and you know ks leaving and maybe you'll get another one, but I respect the hell out of you guys and I'm like gosh. Now I understand, like us, the wall for this deal like I get it wouldn't geyser benefits. Just like, I was amalgamating but even knew. That was great. So, given o connell noticed, that's all I care about. You know their forced to washington on our can every nfl bill once they got electric electric shocks that they don't have it on. I, but you have been a welcomed addition to every single nfl building for you to think about for a long time or do as we have to we have to and then all of a sudden go more
really you. Every morning we get to watch employing football team, you for that tyres for sure I speak in a gm f b. Is the kind of honeymoon phase? Champagne poppin bottles ceremony done you guys going to get back to work in the studio. What the fuck is going on are the worst well we're still remote look. I wish it was champagne phase. I would I'd be off right now and I'd be in the south of france at a They must all be hard, but it's not that it's not the case now, we're on air whereon, rambo we're still doing, shows and we'll be back in studio. I think for the start of training camp, but for now were desirous of money. Tat were doing. Is it covert made tat decision knock over it. I think it's more a let's let's er, I dunno cost saving or its energy saving, but it's
It's easier! Everyone cannot at the recent meeting in new york when there's no one knows what to do the best possible and what they are showing stupid even on remote. Up again, we agree, we agree, we love your show. We love you shall binding. The reason why we want to see goes back to see us as we want dates on who's, going to be the next cat that guys, like Saturday night live over there. You know coming in davidson's out who's coming to go David. he's out I'll mooney love that food is Alberta. You have not found orban, told hours. I've said this reform, I so respected gay item. and all the other major, except that we ve done together. Those are massive shoes to fill and I have not been, I am not wait in I'm going to be a player in like a bandage. Mention coach, and gm. This thing and I'll tell us who they had in mind when they have someone, but for now there's been some temper every house here and there, but there has been no replacement named and I'm askin
since you guys, as far as what management gonna their management, always a good person to blame wherever the boy am. I trust them. I don't want to be the one to blame in credit. Incorrect, blame Elizabeth. I regret I didn't mean that to be as negative, but good luck. The management measures What is on here for thirty minutes with no success. Only wanting to me whenever you think about metal floor flying coach on spirit through detroit from green bay. To I like was he the only coach he did that or is that just kind of common practice around the nfl, a lot of blue collar guys traveling make a lot of blue cards. I dunno. If there were any, probably I know, o'connell was telling me he was flying back to minneapolis cause. He had practice this morning. He was back early on sunday, these guys they are men of the peace, they are, ladies of the people and their wives, some of that I think, were floors. Wife brie actually came in earlier than sean because she's as good a friend earlier than max gotta friends. What we're gonna Veronica matters in there.
Model be here shall be here. You can't trust the airline You know layovers in detroit. It's a tough Yeah I'm happy a ready made this celebration, we're happy, that's be there and tell us what it was like you know. Let us down with what experiences amongst the stars of beverly hills. There is a question for each correct, yeah sure. As you said, raheem morris kind of lit up the dance floor as a coach. What players were out there kind of doing their thing? His staff are better than cop is donald. You know the clear favorite I mean colt, mccoy I could see him avenue. You know a snake in his boot here and there at any at boats on call us like now. all calls were hoping for, like full attire. Now court was draped. Isn't it succeeded like a gentleman like he was going out on a chair in new york or l. I also prefer that texas law he didn't bring that one up. As far as players go. I saw one player who wasn't turn it up, like I love that he was out there and all my jordan fuller as a safe. These are captain is a third. Your guy, whereas the other players we're gonna why in low a whitworth big, where he was out there hard to miss him, he was dancing hard, but I do not see
much erudite caring about so much effort bar the dance floor? All those guys were by the bar in the bag and there's a lot of thought from its layered latency as much. They have also been a while what would come out or something, but nothing of the sort of another. Lord Erin Donald mcveigh negotiated deal. One reason is white talks that the other than I hear the book when you throw the blackhawks early, the James bond like no the looser they got it. I didn't see them talking to money, but I definitely saw a few embraces, we'll see what happens as far as him and that maybe super couple of dollars that all those guys were there. I thought that was a good sign, hold on a tick or maybe drop down. There saw it in the white sox for the black ducks, but that was years in the black oxford for the early conflict as a white tuxedo, I think he's done with not limiting ready with white tops mcveigh do deals with cooper. Kupp, just jacket
Zira we have inside those just jacket wasn't for talks are subject to change. Reflection that was of haven't, found that the chemo on them guide agent. Shrugs. Are there you get a sense that the rams are pissed off, that everyone is saying the buffalo bills. Gonna win the super bowl. I don't think a system arms. I think you go down to like king who city grandma. I don't think there. I don't think there are concerned too much about that so far, bigger in their honeymoon face too what I'm talking nationally like it as far as like the weeks and the months of the off season has not been a rams off season. As far as when we talk about this thing, isn't more about Josh Allen and the bills and what they've got going for them and how it's going to be like you know, I did a whole thing about. I thought Josh. I wanted more pressure than anybody because of all the expectations and I gotta check from someone in cincinnati like did we not go to which you have all. Did we not do what we did?
We are voting in indoor facilities are not actually bigoted over thirty, like intolerance that all these other genes are being overlooked, because I want to build. David and a loss of provisional round. So I could get a talking point and if those buffalo guys at all they enjoy the target on their bag. It is unfortunate that in our hands, it's kinda I want to say that we bought it. They did some kind of like done it based on expectations, but I'd be shocked if Josh Allen. When the season starts, it's not like number one. Dp and if the bills aren't the top team, as far as like who's gonna win the super bowl as far as dogs go and you the you're offend a lot like gonna, be curious to see em august. If the bills of a gene in our own science still and then you go bills ran following for, it's kind of crazy. Isn't it? Yes, it is, while we don't know, what's happening over there, Donald obviously, the best player in football. You alluded to a cooper kupp deal potentially happening are the chiefs and box. The said Tom Brady background they weren't even in timber.
His top five weapons in the nfc teams right Chris Evans, Chris Godwin, MIKE Evans, everybody's, alluding to gronk going back there got roaches. Now he's gone now. Just when I read those guys, you learn these back Giovanni bernardo believes burke. Without your love, love they weren't gonna came x. I like him What's that mean versu shrugs I don't know about, suits future intent tampa. I would love to see them until I got one year deal for some but I'm not sure when they get when they signed eggs are much is enough declared in light of the cliff stop it all worse. Yet he was back by the bar. I assume the whole time good lean, good, shoulder link with clipboard. doing the macarena with me I'll. That, in order to hear hear, was young and he was drinking and I know they've gotten pregnant this morning and one hundred and ten degree heat I love and see what he's sweating out can I get imagine do not offer the nigerian rates on
Thank you. I think high now puget a huge still go soon still goes you talk about gathered. All feels like that's no words for anybody. I know that's what he said all along, like it'll figure itself out that he loves kotler and colt mccoy, the at my table. He loves kyler. How does not ban within Europe? we appreciate you. Thank you. I very good for allowing some time with us on a regular basis. We know you work hard. We can't wait to see you back. in studio, ladies and gentlemen friend of the shell peter schwaiger, their whereabouts, our conversation with a guy who is an absolute superstar.
Former first round pick three point champion athlete sharpshooter. So the knock gas. We see the money, espionage, nba gee. Ladies and gentlemen, somehow as you said you have now, that's not a true statement right cause. What's his face got banned from the building? Was it last year or two years ago, whew Charles', OCO ocoee? yeah. Sorry, it's great to see you sorry about that, but literally all I could see there was the once a knick. Always the next thing I didn't know. If that was still a thing, is that still a thing yeah, yeah man, that's true, that's always true. Once a knick, always a neat guess I forget, I started on I'm sure my bad thats awesome. Thank you for joining us. I know your spin.
with the nba files and play off you, but all over the place, crushing for everybody, so congrats on a hell of a play off clive year. Here we oblige you, let's talk about last night the conversation we wanted to have early about? It was basically gandhian, steve, Jamie, your job whoever's is the EU s funeral disease ref expert talking about the potential second, technical, that re mongering good have received, but he didn't receive and then Steve David gets on there and he says well when you look at the time, it's too finals game to the school or why would you want draymond to get ejected after that? For that, after getting a tech which, by the way all sounds great, but I think a lot people took the number like see rest pick and choose when they're going to do what they're going to do. Is that always going to be a conversation around the mba and how players deal with that type of stuff
we as players, we've known that we we know which, which which referees how they call games. I mean the smart players know these things. They know you know they will be first unit and as the referees by name. That is one of the first and the oh geez and you're vegetarian, when you're going to lie, you know you learn the referees by name. You talk to them and speak to them when you want at the beginning of the games and things like that, but I mean over time you you kind of get a feel for the different referees, how they call things how they call you know as far as texting and physicality, you get a feel for that as players so whenever you hear a guide say that Picking and choosing. Basically, one things happen like air by just knows in the play, offsets are different breed a basketball than during the regular season and especially in the final. The rest are just going to be a little bit more loose until they're, not by the way until they're, not right. This situation? Where were you knew you? Obviously you? You know, I think, first of all you'd be an honest here. What's what
I think you should have been a technical. I loved her mind and I know the that's our people it's not and I respect the way he plays and I respect what he brings to the table and by the way I think him playing that way. Is what gave them their game last night. He came in there and he can he can he put his fingerprints all over their game? I don't care what any statistics say about him. The way he played the mentality the way he told their land and possibly could have won over, but I think that even everyone that being his identity, he's smart enough to know when he's smart enough to know that he's cost his team in the finals before by being, you know, eliminated a pool from action and stuff like this, I mean just to that that one wasting would zone around which the person is seventy net, that little baby? You know you have a technical. He had These modern enable got out of bed. He gets. There was levant Boston in a crowded born a reactor. He may not get their sancho,
courage when you watch and staff play like when I watch it play our hero. Commentators ever talk about how much attention he draws, how many and which, like the defence have to always be aware, and we know step never stops moving real or that overblown like how much attention really even have to pay the stuff not I mean, does a real thing. I mean, I think you know that the biggest can look at me. Look at how much he's worked on his body. He came in. He was a skinny little guy. You know get burned not me, you really see any person he's got bigger, like notice stronger bigger odds alike, listening is. Second to none. He he flies around run around the court. The whole game, like that's, what makes them so deadly as a shooter is that there's I would be somebody who can who can shoot the ball as great as he can off the dribble, but then you can take the ball out of his hand and he,
as it's a ray allen or or rip hamilton type running off, screens, reggie miller type stuff gone and stopping in, and so I mean he he can do it in so many different ways and by the way, that's that's incredibly hard to defend as a defender to have to run around and chase that ain't, easy so he hasn't a whole nother career waiting forum, basically right as re alan and media It does I mean that's, I think, that's the uniqueness. That is what makes them so unique, and that puts them at the top of the shooters list. Of all time I mean he does every love would he I mean from shooting free, ribroaster. Surely three the shoe mammals have called trees to shew, not dribble. Tonight in the words of being able to run and literally become a radio or reggie miller type player. He can do that he can run off screens. He can do all those bathed with there.
It can also drive to the hole and shoot the mid range. He can shoot he can get to the hole and finish through context. So that's what makes stuff you know especially see is what was at the end of the first, maybe or the end of this, I think, was the end of the first when he just went behind his back like four or five times and then I'd like a little maid raindrop, the glass with a half a second, it's like whole. This does maybe one now what right was point guard. Does it mean this entire? You don't have to give a top whatever, but he's well the top point guards in the game as well. Right, like his handles, are among the top in the game. I'd assume right him and kyrie absolutely right. It does the best. I have is that the inquiry nos three must consider the bed promised, as is the EU no snapped whatsoever he's right up there with the best of Helen burns. creative into another day making people fall, and you know baby people that silly, I daresay he got out of it now, Obviously, the rapture gonna make this go to. Seven right feels like going to make it go to seven I mean you.
Yeah. I'd say that maybe you can I'm not sure but outside looking in that's how we view it. I feel like especially with the donnie situation, then last light happening and it's like. Ok, so these rest will be like like we can keep this thing got in there. They were able to win by twenty plus. The nigerian zaire, but last shot. I guess there are able to win by twenty without clay. Even play. Basketball well at all is number two for them. Now The guy wiggans is a guy of his dream on this thing, the other. There's no windows or are the celtics more set up. You think with the entire. Many of the way their team place was I don't know, I don't know definitely looking at it, going back and forth, going seven game series and then seven game. You know anything could happen. I think all bets are off when you get the game. Seven, you got to throw everything out the window, but I literally like men,
yeah, the Matthew just going back and forth, but I don't know who's going to win. I would like to end it. I have a personal connection with jason tight enough. Like I love bro, we got the same age and I know his dad. I played against their cause. We work kind of planning, as you well know, their use godfather. We are like family, so I have in my heart, I won't say them to win, but I can't say that I have a great feel for which team is going to prevail, because I think it's going to be back and forth to the seven gun. Guy conor yeah q, rich in a doka, got a technical foul yesterday during the game. How rare is that? Because he really doesn't ever do that and also brown or play an unbelievable, but you cannot rely on whore for discord. Twenty six points, every gun shot, yeah or shoot to guide the employer. How do you think they actually make it all? The way like is tatum and John brown, or eighty points combined every game at em
I said definitely the outset of this series. I say that I do believe for boston. To have a legitimate chance to win is that they did tatum and brown are going to have to be outstanding and that I still believe that I still believe they're going to have to score between twenty five and thirty each like some. Each of the twenty five or thirty a peace. So I think they d We need to do that for them to really be able to get a chance to win this as far as he man that type of glass. I saw that I love that technically. I felt like at that moment did he say marcus, Marvin, gonna technical and I was, I found it a great deal to do, and I see the team or even just ran his barriers. They brought their labour markets more if he be maybe get that tend to them. It is not my head coach, you may. What does Don't it's different and bread Stevens right this requisition just one hand. Over one year same exact, team Stevens goes into the president's role, I think or whatever. And you may takes over the team, and I know
at the beginning of the seas, thereby sought by them not been great, because you want to dance to some difference of shit. Is that what it is it more disciplined more accountability? Is a team just ground? What do you think it is that a separate stevens I'd celtics to another country may, lead celtics I think it's a little bit of all. Of that I mean it. Is it's difficult sometimes to just give you know the new guy, all the credit. I, although I think he Nate, has done an outstanding outstanding job, but I think you know they takes that grow from the from the players to know they hate It wasn't working in the past in like trying to bite that you know it was a. It was a rough patch in the beginning, but eventually they brought in. So you got to get a team. A lot of credit got to give coach Brad Stevens. Managing the emails person for the job and he can be arrived at brown. Absolute. They just as you know, is too pedigree I mean he may was a player. He was, you know he was a no nonsense. Business type player, he handled his business and he was where you're supposed to be. Did things the right way he played for as far as he coached under pop? He's got their pedigree of discipline in
doing things the right way, and I think you now, you noted it be heeded today saying that It is labor day bought in and they see that easy. He had a great plan and a great strategy and it's been working for them and I think he has a great great relationship with those players because he's challenged down in the that he knows how to play what about the other side was Steve Kerr in the warriors, I've seen a lot of like miked up behind the scenes stuff and it's pretty cool to watch how curl empowers his guys of step is on a slump whatever a rookie. He pumps him up and must know to keep going to keep shooting like whatever it seems like. He got, breeds confidence. his team I'd have you seen that since he's been there absolutely I mean the the tale sign is this is just trying to like I I liken it to when I played for close down time and he's he's assembled the type of coach who empowers his players and and and and and gives them the confidence? I mean you just look at the guys that come through the warrior system and you look at them at other teams and you
the average you look unification percentages they all are in as because of coaches, give you confidence now I can t speak to me. Because our eyes boosting sizing watching Dan Tommy everybody- the candidate, shoot the barber because his ears, something about. As a player, you had their freedom to go out and explore your game. You could take different sides and try different bathed not going to get yanked out of the game where you not going to have a coach yelling at you telling you? What are you doing and different things like that and I think Steve that's a fine job of light, says bathing baby? Did you know you crazy? You say Stephen son: I get fired up a yell at the girl by means of a man, he does it is necessary and he and those guys understand it. If he's doing it, then we really trip and right now we need to reel it in. So I think that that's what makes you got a really grateful to pick and choose your times. I think is more valuable than if you just run it out. The time is that fill jackson style as somebody that's not in the nba we
it's as much as I probably should be to have this conversation with you, because your incredible, like lay know that, but I wash I did. I bet on them when I'm in states that illegal, but for both those things, but our own up is Steve kershaw, more similar to what phil Jackson's star was because already was like big hippie writing a guy like big hippie type thing is that the is the similar fashion that steve cultures. He was on those balls themes. Obviously, I haven't I've, never played fulfill and I've never played for the neck anymore. By the way, I don't think I said, I don't know that shirt works for him or charles oakley yeah, I'm not one hundred percent sure. But you know you go on goal. yeah, but I think I think I think definitely just from the outside. Looking in what I've seen, I think you know you aren't even hers. These mentioned in some of his interviews, w yeah. He takes some of his coaching style from from from from field It's not me! Why would he want championships on romania's wanna? Do you know probably the greatest winning
in the nba. Yes, yes, why that goes on me. I think he does. I mean such as you will see. You know when's with ron's and things are happening, he'll, let his pain. He won't call that time out to some coaches will call you let them play through certain things, and then you know whether it's going so. I think he does draw a little bit from close to you Are they run in that trunk? Was a triangle off how strategy and scheme is their coaching in their like every single play. Everything one quarter like when is the rio if Europe? it takes somebody inside an mba huddle there. How often Cultures like redesigning ree, steaming redoing. Everything like that, I think How big is really wanna play out. Like me, you know you got these serious a year in the EU and us having game seriousness and right now, at this point to caesar everybody knows everybody's play. So this is what you are you are you have cultures there you know right, they say plays night high up,
Forget it plays out a different points that you might say my way back in october. Is that once a gadget like, what's a gadget play that we want to recognize like a double screen, a little look. Do all that stuff does. What is it a gadget play for doesn't know best what we look for yesterday in a game, I'm gonna, say, was started. A third quarter maybe go to stay in the end they bade. They ran a pulse play for joy. He was on the opposite side of the floor and that as as, posted him up. They can on the backside of the opposite side of the floor, and they were setting what they, what you, what we call a hammer spring and that's why the guy in the corner, he go. Set the back screen for the goddess sitting up on the elbow, which was andrew wiggins. In the end, what happens is wiggins it supposed to come all the way down to the corner and he's wide open for the corner three butts I sold j martens baseline. He does like a hook pass to the baseline, the corn, all young, prince Andrew wigan, stopped
It didn't go all the way through to the corner and so mom threw it out of bounds and it was a turnover and he was standing there looking into like why you stopped so that was that like there's gotta hem of late? That's a play right there, though, that entire, like there was one yesterday. I think somebody drove all the way and kicked it smart. Great bear smart? I think it all the way back like maybe John Bruton, that he is a great new paths he made up. The nose is that, with this outrage penetration he made a great drive. A person can have you sounded out just like all just play: basketball players on tambos life straight out of his first, What did I do that outcome? Nodded have turned the black sea. That's so interesting because I've never said you'll see some shit happening off the ball and it's like well. It feels like there has to be a rhyme or reason to that and then once in a while go down. It feels like everyone's just standing there. It's like okay. There has to be a reason for this as well. It's a it's kind of like a I can choose when you're running or set plays, or is there times or immoral or sometimes like it is like certain certain sometimes
I played was gonna lie. We had called played again This is like this is kind of like a structure to dolphins, but you just run you can you know you got different kurds, indifferent? Paying did you do offer, but it's not really its assent. What is not really a certain play guys like like I handled players that haven't played like I said it's kind of like the flow of the game, type know what I'm saying deal and- and you can just you can flow out of their but because service says, doesn't you'll see the gas in certain areas and dna moving in certain times and they doing things and they all on a string to go. Those are those are the plays, is being drawn up and that's a separation of cultures they're used to also, I think the really the really great ones are the ones that are able to in those clutch moments come out of the eighty years after time now plays those are huge. I think those are the coaches that you know like cause. Like I say at this point, everybody we've got it thanks to the nauseum. Both teams know everything that the other teams do so then it comes down to in those big time moments who can come up with a play and if that team,
use the railway, then Is it a thousand times like? Did they said and be up there because they they ve got those plays? No, they ve got the discipline of their training to execute that late. I have gone over it enough that when they do bring it up, they're not going to let they're not going to blow I'd, kill you a teahouse. What about our halftime adjustments? We hear about football coaches, making these great halftime adjustments when in reality, you have twelve minutes enough time for guys to take a leak and the coach to yell at you for a little bit and get back out there able to actually get some stopped on in an mba locker room for hat on. I think seller, I think, but I think more so you know an mba more so than like x's and o's it. Sometimes there may be something standing out there that you know that there needs to be fixed, but I think for the most Why those have these about? getting there is inspiring, and group, however, happens where this you know whether his yellow, where this you know
this ban, with whatever whether a player within I like me, do not be having enough in his byron and that that those things are mostly bears detachment you're rich, there was a report from an anonymous nba executive who basically said that the nets are kind of done with the cairo irving experience in the lakers are basically done with the rustle westbrook experience and he could see them trying to work out. Some sort- dried, you think that's plausible at all, and would that would that be anything that could can push the lakers over as a kind of more of the same thing. We're just gonna have labelling and carry irving, potentially in just a bunch of other guys like do you see that actually potentially happened is actually happened? Maybe lots of this morning, adults happened, burgundy and secondly, I hate inanimate sources, life it's your name on it without up agreeable hey by the way I've said this in the past, and then people have people from the real world come and go. I was not saying people lose their lives like I'm talking about sports. Alright, here
we're out there in the real world of day. We understand that there has been enormous sources in the real world, but sports, anonymous sources of change. Everything changing everything going. Does this does is like I could act makes out my right now, the anonymous source baby. You know the boss, who said Jane Jason, taken before going three evolve. It was Wright who do yeah. It can make no sense that somebody's going to say were anonymous source, and somebody said it like nah come on. The way where we met. We laugh at an own sources in the real lack room until our aid it was somebody to of some type of substantial. Billina would move less. We hear from men like that, doesn't mean anything. I want you break your nose and we now it's real right yeah. my name or anything I gotta have you
Well, are you a news? Breaker? Have you ever dabbled in the insider game in the mba, I tried in the nfl a little, but I don't like the waters. I don't like the waters. I I have been in positions where I've known some pretty good things, and I just didn't. Like the I don't like that position, I don't even want to be that guy, I'm not trying to be. You know no disrespect to anybody who does that, but I don't want to be that guy. They say it takes a special person to be a coach. I think it takes a special person being inside or two yeah It's an assurance of. Why, then you gotta be mad. If you don't get credit for everything you dead and then your back on the funds immediately after that we'd is sent out welcome for the next one, that's a never ending! Next to me, that's the best! That's my thing: I'm not going to keep chasing me down like that. Like the times, I've gotten my little inside because I'm cool with people, and we just chopping it up, so
that they betrayed that anyways. So that's why I'm just that's! Not the move. Ian rapoport told AJ hawk that you're looking at your friends wrong your friends or sources, that's what he meant, but that's him he's an insider he's chasing the ghost at all times he's chasing a ghost because somebody elses and we got nothing but respect for it just like We can't thank you enough for joining us. Q rich, yes, If there is any other man today show, is presented by cash YAP cash app is the only finance at that you need. It is the easiest way to send money to your buddies and you can buy pieces of bitcoin or stocks with as little as one dollar low o also keep an eye out for another winter wednesday this week, with the winners of last week's giveaways, if you or non cash out yet goat use code mcafee. Fifteen dollars as soon as you sign up that's code mcafee for a free Fifteen dollars terms and conditions do apply. Now you do have to have a cash tag. To win one of our giveaways in which there are many
congrats all the winters that have been announced and can't wait to see who wins a thousand bucks from this guy getting buckets the other day, it's right in the office, a fan of Kevin or want me to, or the washer or thirty, two bit each person was reading. It is one person gonna wanna, say to people over. They say the stair to speak in public. It's like every person, has two years, though, like I get there's more than one person sitting in the area, but anyways listening to you as just one person in army, just one I want to make fresh makes a lot of sense. the new version of picture them in their underwear would evidently still kids that made no sense to me. Do you know what I want to see a bunch doll? yeah that's right about what jack as long as you like, but I I never really understood why people got say puppies oran routine, I believe it is more than empty musical. I did it
bees, whereas the peruvian authorities is always going to go over your word mtv movie. What's what about this? Music awards, who s! Cheeks does gale programmes. The puppies are not taken him, take anything away from the supervisors. Thirty five years old was on Steve us part gas. I guess in we had one person, listen to it, now's belma calmness. I guess names. because both the public and I rested for pretty good, for you know, congrats priority five great story: what do you mean? Ha it's thirty five years old. Why did you say like catcher jason checks, the puppies bra? Is he thirty five yup yeah? That was the takeaway from there steve up castle? steven Forty five
thirty five years old my group is born same year. Faggot love that guy you're welcome, that's a we were we brought in the world how obviate the one with the extra footage? That's all netflix for to have one user, yeah jaska horsemen copious, I bid wait nike, allegedly he stands on a step ladder, guess and peace shit out of himself here. I think his actual words are purposes and alma teach me a lesson that latter helpmates it's two seconds of judges pure chaos and violence and thence it's up and see because you really taught you and then it just next seen that is thrown away and that four and a half jackass won't have good there were a lot of dogs. Are we saw that god don loris owes logarithms? Let's get show Michael pitman says: he's can be
definite receiver number one thereby talks about? Are let's go bob I fucked up so yeah. That happened. I hope so too I mean he had one thousand yards of coral gotta be confident he's good he's is another one, those guys flashes justly oh shit, this guy's a guy this as a guy. Now was a carson was TAT was at the office. Was it ever I don't know, will find out the pavement. It could be a fucking guy soak. A straw hat There's a bunch of young guys. I've increase bout has a lot of faith in for the internet, causes weapons, even though guys like make it France and others like forty five veteran want receivers Potentially, you know add to the offer- and I know that you have to over pay that much money. good price for the young guys, I think he is right, instead fast on the fact that they have a lot of faith in their young, wide receivers being talented and they have shown that the definitely are and what
entail in the back for yoda thinkers and get a lot of good coverages for a lot of the water savers because of the way they're gonna have to stacked box, and it pitman becomes it's great for everybody gets for indianapolis for sure. What's usually I mean: do you think the costs, if everyone, if they stay somewhat healthy, at least like their prime time. Guy stay healthy. The culture can be good football to like it either Wow can only go up, then make the playoffs last year or the year one, and it feels like even mo alie cox might have his best year, because Matt Ryan, I mean some of the titans hooper, who profess rob, drunk ascii, still free age. I would be, Yet all we ought to have we can't be I'm good guys. Let's do it outside yeah, I'm in shape. I've been running all summer because we're in the same exact coffins you're running last year, the same on the toms around for twenty years, yeah, ok, okay, I think I got it in a couple of russia. Oh is everybody talking about you, miss naughty age or volunteer stuff. Now, I'm a free agent. Actually people are talking about me going to their team. They love it it's much better. Maybe
reagent they're, not gonna, do you have my word about where the fuck I am grants gone all figured out? What grand can only do it? he's drunk on top one hundred m for the first hundred years. The nfl, and he stopped very high level here also, the big time receivers out there still odo becum junior still available. Antonio Jones, correct, sound a funny thing about tobacco junior is the fact that miles garret, said: Hayley come back the fellows monsieur something on an instagram post. Ices come home. The fellows miss you back in june it does I've induce law. What does this thing with the thing out of the head where's? Lotta people then use the law to salute. That's a saloon. Look a distant try, sir it's an awesome salute yet look and advise member. This guy was Duncan basketballs all ass off season. Oh yeah, listen Often shit, just fuckin showcasing the fact that not all men are created, equal law scarcity and flash miles. Characters phone emerge. It's time we go he's I'll, be jake. I'm
their brands and o b s is a gay. we'll go back. I guess, since governor died rid of that guy stone roster, not What about those that were also play I guess we got jacobi here for that. No perfect we'll take fuckin jacobus over that other guy. That's what happens. That's what they're saying right! I guess the past? He said he had no comment: whether baker would be there not romania torment account does nowhere blood red headline, Jimmy Jeez excused. They might need em over there. He sounds like it, and so I suppose you know used as well then baker. Why don't I'll? Because this too sean so go a beggar going to make it really weird or just go play football. Yeah? That's what I mean go in and play football and just keep his head down and see what happens to school play football. He got nineteen million dollars coming to you or whatever, there's a chance to sean with a twenty fourth allegation on the way and the nfl
who knows how long this suspension is gonna be in his is anywhere near done off the field. I don't think so. I think so doesn't feel that It does its very very, I feel, like in their sports media world is being reported about, as, like others, things have shown duper serious allegations. Like very, very, very even in the u like criminal world bad, these are very serious. Allegations to grandeur is not died. It does not mean that can't be more? Those as well right No, it's a wild! That's it just think situation. Beggar could potentially be started quarterback if you If this is handled differently, this is like? yeah I'm statements because they would you don't have to, but just any other position. This happens. How it would go is like you go in there. You work trappers. Keeper had done it ninety million dollars coming next year, fuck everybody. I would give my money on the keep moving but boats,
as it peers, have said, like god's too far gone at this point. It's like is it I dunno yeah, but what if he gets suspended eight games for the season before the trials are done, cause it ain't game's going to be, I think it's going to be cs yeah. I went from going to think that there would be nothing this year because some kind of was just wrapped up and they closed the book on it. It'd be maybe like a down. The road of this stuff keeps popping up the next year, like here because they gave him all that money, but now, I am sorry to think like now, he's he's gonna get suspended this tire season. I think it feels like its growing and growing and grow yeah you're right. I we we do covered ever single. We around don't think browns expected this too be happening right now in the june. I don't know I've known you Yet we weren't yeah guess what was there? How did they think? it all play out. I guess that's that maybe twenty years now will learn about. There. We wall just like the twenty twenty and twenty twenty one. Won't you talk about twenty years from now I mean we're just gonna just move along. We always do just the fact
like new information. It seems like is coming out every single week about like a potential new person accusing him of something like that. Just add I mean it seemed like He signed that massive dealing, we're done with this, and it was I've. Okay, well, justice. I have been served and may have been served, but this is kinda in the rearview now and like what three weeks later, it's like that's not the case anymore, all the way back, allegedly the nfl dot with investors and they're, going to come out with their decision? But how could they have more information? The grandeur there, I'm sure they're banking on you, said two grand juries right, not just one yep yeah to happen. If two grand jury, came back and didn't violently charges criminally. I guess the other fellows is going off of that right, but it's I don't. Such a weird deal would never dealt with anything like this before I remember rusty said it seems a few struggle, but I was seagoing interviews right now. If he wants, the best regime met the bodily, maybe Rossi, like
years of being a defence attorney, and they really goes. I need a clear gorgeous, Where do they go on this thing while it's not really against the law. Do what he did right and then boom that's used immediately against them in the next allegation. It's like is this. Why lawyers don't want their clients speaking because they can mess things up when they speaking? This is what the lawyer in it I'll being used against him in an actual allegation. Now, through the lights, I don't know shit about fucking the law world other than the fact that I've been in court and in jail, dec. Okay, I defend myself in court court that this is sport. New song from lupe fiasco who auto bato fucking still gotta go yeah yeah. I just heard it for the first time weekend? Pretty solid yeah, yeah pretty solid, so I don't know shit about fucking that whole thing we we thought he was going to get indicted because they can indict a ham sandwich, doesn't get indicted twice and then almost
I do want to say like it felt like we were like. I love it and given that it does mean aiming and then now what rusty was saying in their basically on why? and getting died in wide something it's like, I don't know, that's not now the whole world is, I don't know that's what are their sports, like lawyer, people saying about what do they think when everybody has different responses. Usa, today, sports, the Shawn watson's lead counsel, believes there's a good possibility. The nfl will make a decision he won't like, but calls it a hell of a detailed investigation by He says USA today, sports hell, detailed investigation, the EU two thousand and four times is that another. I guess I've got to run values and in I think he was multiple Instead, they told her users I believe, a few of them they reached out to the nfl, did a mushroom. They ineffectual tell us I've shown wherever they make this announcement after PA. Talking to doing this. Looking into there's going to this. That's what the nfl do. So they don t with their pants down
they did. You know it Previous where a video came out two months. after the made, the decision is like you, fucking idiot. What we have been doing Why does the grounds for at least a little bit, but maybe not prepared for that We're still going on and more allegations are happening, but didn't they structures contractual that this entire years, just one million dollars, so even if he is suspended the entire denied that, though, what Neither two million dollars was because it could possibly have suspended and it's a lot here to lose four hundred two thousand dollars and is the worst twenty four million compared to when you get suspended. And you can say that there are tremendous sailor cap gymnastics, but we all immediately upon seeing it being one million dollars salary for next year, one the shock to John has an agent and as agents smart, Who is here we gotta plants and unusual fields. It will again david Mala, gator athletes, viruses
I think he's a one is it I dunno. Alright, let's get out of here pretty good day and all I'll talk about I couldn't imagine a more couple of months- yeah, oh yeah, we gotta, read the silent coming down tomorrow. Sweet in june will give us some how about that? What's he up to I don't I will find out. I know just got you don't under the yoke of all, are the mere jets is ring of honor with me go to into british. Yes, yes, the british isles. First, I think during the season, then mangled than grievous is going last, the three of us is that normal? That feels like a lot yeah there's a lot with the jets winning a bunch of games and it's a fun atmosphere that won't happen. Wow very bread is brother in law, so their season is going to be over by Lena Sarah Brady said a lot of good things. Ready had some good analysis danny it's gonna work.
does one. When you look at gaining time, he talks you're right what you're about say any time he talks that just like orlov ski it immediately. He just has to see his nfl record shoved in his face. Every time that's rise. It with but out a couple different tweets out, and then people tagging me in What's that were happening like some jets blogs put up some tweets in all There was a shit on Brady, Quinn's, nfl record. This. Guy knows these five and nineteen, as are flocking course. So what does he know more than you do? But what how many ones you have any other fell. None so Maybe we dont, maybe if I think he other he expects that he understands the psychosocial landscape, of any worries about what you mean over seven years. you're, not all seven, but he knows like one teams are, you know, maybe structured the way that they should be like it was in cleveland. News, air or kansas city when he was exactly
against a fair basis? Wait for him throw burke, and he did he was there knows tat. They want knots for it, it was our other warn. You like the fourth quarterback they played that year. there romeo cornell, the head coach, at times congrats on retirement age. we could make sure your contributions. Sport, love your own browsed loved him. Guys, absolutely love point for everybody It felt like they didn't win much whenever he was the head guy, though they did love him and I think everybody else's coach, alongside of them loved him as well, what a dude can. That's right I'm out here. We're out here, see you later, good luck with your diet, That's what I got some wings coming on either: side, headlong bacon and eggs. This morning, minister, you just keep you not doing kido and internet fasting. Are you now just cato? But most I gotta figure a party
think. As these last two weeks, something of the courtiers real about bike you can't you carry with their needs, are bad lara than me. When I was on the point, the need space below impact lower rates raise the cedar, so don't abandons much gotta catch in the pool, hardship to summon all yup do some laps have conor hold the cord I'm going to do pushups or have I fuck off That was a mistake on persons pushups imports a toy, Can we talk about? No one of the gods? is performances. I've ever seen. What was this exact really you said no, and that now I've picture interests because a man last night one into hell, sal with torn tit I saw the picture quality roads one in there and I don't know this tv gets here? When did he do this? Do you know when you tore it? Also they're kind of the in vague about that? There is a saying in a previous brower and work out, or something happened. Nobody knows, but a lot of people thought that was make up like
that's what your body actually does when you tear you shit, I had that. I too, am I right back just like that I'd I had that very similar mind blood down my form a little bit more, not as much in my pack like uses, but if he he wrestled with this was when I did mine. I would put a bracelet and I couldn't even do a little. Let's go because like that little bouncing hurt so bad with your pet yeah. He early it look like he was in a shit on a pain and there is a monster. He as you do that here, some sort. I don't give a fuck. I think, because unless they shot that thing up with everything you could pass me shoot up, which would hurt so bad by linking the shooting up a part of it were not so bad. Full, I want to sell matt data mail iD either this it was like a fool. Full match here? Look one grad, Seth rollins lost to a guy with one fucking day. So was he taking a break now? I hope I assume he's going to have to get surgery yeah. I do not know all the ins and outs I wish I did. I was not an ad hell in a cell smacked. Only had one match
all parties agreed the probably not worth the trip to Chicago back for that for it'll be like a thirty minute match or something madcap got a big way the cap, but as soon as he took his jacket off, because there was reports in the internet about somebody's injured, somebody's injured, then it was like. Oh cody, rhodes is injured, cody rhodes is injured and I thought it was all work. That was our work, especially gonna, nail and sell that it was some like to set up something and then, when he took his jack off here, walk in there without his jacket did lift his left arm lived the right arm. He left his left arm up times and then, when he took his jacket off, It was just like us ass to hurt so bad rate. They they talk about it. Oh yeah, ok had to admit that they look at tat shut up, congrats that'll be eight toughness. Conversation fodder forever right there that evening. First, so
it's from Seth. Rollins was guy going to be tough sleep tonight for his wife, Becky also lost no toughness. The rollins's is this just a sham. I write here will be back mara, hopefully with better, shall we gotta alber brewer. the real rivers and maybe surprisingly later today, The big groups oilers air I've learned at oil or soilers trying to avoid these weep jack at some point- nine how's he feeling has escaped. I don't know if yours or not, I hope so feeling good though I've talked to him. Okay, did you ask them if they win the cup? Maybe we probably already told them? Ok, yeah. I mean I don't like. I did murder his family members that, it may be an extra like thirteen to twenty people that come in for a cup celebration. If they will cause that's awesome. Tell them we'll pay for whatever extra space needs to be added. Yes, having your house at the at the called party,
The price will be as worry healers right there too, and I want to state what- there he he doesn't get to set when he would get it? We will get a were put in a cart from or so are we here fellows nuts three every hour and terrorism is going back to me we're just trying to set ourselves up for best possibility to drink from lord the firstly and you're doing a lot. I talk down either Not all remain. We is the hot We we we, we We will leave ass. We believe that wrong. We morally right, you are acting like us, always bring right away that you are acting like ourselves for a great half way. You are, I liked your form this show sucks, and you said we like when I was in studio the other day and said: oh, it's like nine on one and I heard Connor, someone said what we were
altogether together and then this just happened like I said that's because you said I know what I am trying to eleven you talkin about lord own jack Johnson. We are trying to join you. So why can't you just say I know we're trying to do, boys were trying to get in this thing. Instead, you said that seems like a you problem. I drink it from bordeaux, yeah you. I think you might be right. We are a big teeth, so yeah. That was how I shouldn't use. I'd come had spent when talking about I think age. I don't need to be a selfish prick. All the time. Yeah there we go. We we believe we believe ass we are as always bring right now, The balkans gainsay it's impossible, are you. A soccer gave Jesus Christ, no grey areas. Back and watch it a dvr to watch a couple of good months like seventeen minutes in, and I missed the net.
when almost had a shot, almost there's the ball. Possession there's gub gub barbary goes would have been good if there was no go ways in either So Uruguay would add three, I believe they may because guys get in there and kick him away, though, defenders to fill out great save late, great, save late, let's go by sean Johnson. He like on the doorstep by last second shot. Johnson was a gymnast too long. Snapper he's not ordered, but he was good ezra now they're talking about him, it being his thought. Making IRAN, I heard him say, does tappin zack staffing him combined, ass. He gavrilovs loves both. Will I know that I was tired or say timely. All it needs to be the one who makes a decision. I trust all the cultural united states seem holden beard and clearing place. That's not burchell way,
tat. He hated america, who is the closer I was given fake. Twelve, s. The barometer scrape bar a luxury, wrangler, halter, gregg, burgled, goat final answer. goat colleagues, our need to get out there fuck import specially. Whale. Sorry ass, one down to ukraine, unbelievable teach him a lesson. England fuck and see other we'd, better sort. Because otherwise I'm not gonna watch any those fuckin games officially go, and I always tell the first world cup game: I'm not gonna watch whatever families. Next can't do it. Can't do it in austin, texas terminal. Do it I eat on there. I hope there's a fucking bass masters on that day with Kevin Van damme. I'd rather watch that than the fucking men's soccer show, though hell yeah what you see Kevin vandam angle, the whole body with a blonde hair. You said the show bill bill that Jimmy used outdoors used to be efficient
yeah yeah, it's probably very similar to bill dance fight, guess where's that these are midwestern shows. I don't remember any of these fulfil dance was a tennessee guy who'd go out there and, like always like accidentally He films shown it always accidental, like back his boat in the water, to go hungry snap fishing, poles all the time I clearly to stage you have very big time, stooge, very funny salaries and more. I used to watch a neutral and convention on a man. We're gonna go nudo and lakes and rivers in oakland month of nine zero that fish and show. I don't know enough about fish stocks there there's HU I park outside my house on more like you're sure they part that's my house. These factors don't catch it I have two hours of launching people just sit there. Maybe one look away at something I come back but jeez.
There is not a lot of success on a lot of these boats for an efficient drew out. It's a golf right that catch it catches for catching fish. Much thrown out of gas crawford couple cason after about three I would know bites shoot that last year, the cigar unsurprising, although you discuss big tat angler here, which is why the council can vandams on my screen. I rather seymour age, agriculture about picnic, shreds Shirin goin represent said I events in oilers, try to avoid asleep, we'll talk about that hammer is in five minutes. I think there's a redirect still avails. I've only go check. It out, can't wait to watch you and the lad, and Canada obviously met you're. The best will see tomorrow by
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