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PMS 2.0 683 - McAfee Movie Review Monday, Darius Butler, Ian Rapoport, & AJ Hawk

2022-06-13 | 🔗

On today's show, Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys give the first annual McAfee Movie Review Monday after Pat saw Jurassic World: Dominion and Hustle this weekend, his overall thoughts on both, his war with the NFL social media team that is now a ceasefire, and everything going on with the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, and all the different NFL stories. Joining the progrum fresh off guest hosting Good Morning Football, is 9 year NFL veteran, host of The Man-To-Man Podcast, friend of the show, Darius Butler. Pat and D But chat about how he liked doing Good Morning Football, guys looking incredible or sloppy when they show up for camp, Tyreek Hill talking about how much of a game changer he is on his It Needed To Be Said podcast, the Eagles now potentially having the fastest man in the NFL, and everything else happening around the league (26:30-54:12). Later, NFL Network Insider and friend of the progrum, Ian Rapoport joins the show to chat about the NFL's social media accounts restricting Pat's account, when he thinks we'll hear about Deshaun Watson, Terry McLaurin not showing up for mandatory minicamp, and whether or not DK Metcalf could be moved (1:26:05-1:39:11). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show, and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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Hitting the road t mobile as your road trip covered. With your been screaming hour after hour of your favorite podcast shearing road trip, snaps with family friends or uploading that important work presentation you forgot about with t mobile super fast upload, speed, you'll be covered by more five g bars in more places. Plus t mobile covers the most interstate miles in america with five g mobile has america's largest energy network C4 device coverage in excess details to mobile that can be a magical lining their june thirteen thousand twenty to miss, or shall we can now be I'm absolutely fantastic weekend? I know I did. The boys did would dive into that. We might do
no criticism of a movie or too as well, because that's a temper weakens we have now in the middle of summer. The heat is arising across the country up everybody's, ok, obviously, with that everything else going on over the current, it agrees it s, not good throughout our air conditioning. Not work perfectly does not work and got a fan shooting right in the studio. It's like its nineteen, seventy something we are thankful and pumped that choosing to join this dumb ass shown in this glorious monday. Sports are obviously happening, but they are in much less volume. Then we are used to over the last few months. There was zero real major sports games happening this week and other than the friday night. Gold stay warrior. Steffani curry acts so masterpiece against the Boston south x in boston in the NBA finals within eighteenth banner online for boston, Adam staff, garrigues unconscious. They won't play again until tonight, so all weaken. There was no games in the nba the
Joe starts on Wednesday. I am for the big reagan, batty maroon and tape obey handled new york rangers for the sake of karma with what what stage yo walking out as this work hard with the big left to the light vans down. We hope he's ok, in that, maybe a little. U s avail roy, Roy back and the winner thing when whose prowling romantic I'll call an age good for him, took a long shot over at the live golfers a little j donna hand, Monaghan, Monaghan, who's, the p they tore president, the guy's been running a tour that has not paid its players for a long time who now has a little bit of competition with a deeply funded I spent four million dollars guarantees us in the first four days like you going on. This is a big time adversary. for the page eight or for the first time I think ever
it's happenings like that, he came out and said well, I've had friends that passed away in the nine eleven attacks so hope, they're, ok, with live getting back into the game shit what that is shot across the bows rory taken shots, gregg, J They can shots at the entire thing, they're, both the pga. What was it if tournament due back to their care, what they just containing a move on who knows golf drama, is it's I'm high, because controversy is theirs beating leaving their pay and a lot of money where the money came from. Other people have questions about where galvani come from, though a glaring about I'm gonna buy for anybody here. I'm just saying: hey we're gonna, get upset about snuff, let's go out and continue to do so. Let's make a change right now future of everything. If that's what, Do: let's do it at that, but not necessarily just attack athletes who benefit from this type thing whenever there's multiple, multiple multiple for ten fourteen twenty fortune, thirty fortune, five hundred companies that are potential taking money from similar, like situation? That's all arson, is banned, but it's gettin ugly over there taken shots crossed the bow Roy Mcelroy play great
Phyllis fund a watch now dive into the weekend? Here's the top table I submit at Boston connor one for the hammer die cowboy. Tone digs is here now town. We will leave off with you. Ok, and this is What show big deal sports? Of course I want unseen. Ass world dominion? Yes, ok, my wife, is a long time hard carrier of the jurassic cult treasure hey watch, a drastic part as a child. I fell in love with it, has watched all of em loves him turn digs. Is our friend my friend? That is in the same called loves. I don't know if it's part of the charter or not on his body, but it certainly something that has been channel, but I see my him and loves the thought of that source big thing. The address you are kind of major fallen over there, so my wife, where's medical, see the first drastic world k, which as the one in the down, they had a little carts things crazy. I enjoyed it.
My first time experiencing the drastic situation I enjoyed it. I was gonna sit. This is also adonis racks them big username, you didn't see the fallen king than the next one here, the dress christmas three jurassic park, which is what the algae crew now there's three june, the world's with which a chris pratt and clare the rice now's howard, yeah, yeah yeah, so did not The second one of this second portion of the drastic chapter yet saw this most recent ones. Dominion which is after covet after people want I'll go in theatres shortly after top gun maverick came back, and I think I wanted there with the expectation after seeing only jurassic world, the first one right where fuck its origins or whatever you dress from out of all this Please don't do this one with a two year, hiatus three, your highness of nobody, doing anything in theatres being dead, the amount of money they put in the castle. He put in everything like that. I wanted with pretty high expectations. Ones
to say my max here s, our top gun maverick. I said here we go to sound doing theatres. Now, leaders are back on the side of the theatres to be back that sport bids I go into the movie, theater zadig, it's fun date night, my wife and I would go pay. Forty five dollars with popcorn do the entire drink, throwing by time you're out there. If your family took a hundred twenty dollar evening, let's get back into it. You know. Let's do this sort of thing! I'm excited to keep it whole thing around I get in there. I don't I have ever seen a bigger police, a shit that was soul so that all aspects of it Every single aspect was bad. I thought personally, if you access to that much money, that much time that actors, and that that much I don't know how you that should out there and say yeah were proud of this thing is, is doing better than I've done maverick. I guess. First weekend out, I have now idea. How is this is. the dress people go watch whatever they want. My wife drastically. We're just like yourself, she did.
Join us. She was actually disappointed. I only by the movie. Is that how you feel about it in what is an AL? I asked I thought there was a chance at the jurassic series of an effort. Ask more than I saw was was extraordinary This must be terrible, acting in the stores, most bees, corneas, possible, misuse or heritage. Now, I've read in saint in other glimpse terrible transitions from once back to another is a trend, the jurassic thing. I guess it is a part of the jurassic worldwide inertia. My boy that movie was brad, I'm not the demo. Nano particles, I'm not a child. I have thirty five year old mail service and I will take on board the devil that was horrendous. now I was gonna attack by some people that are part of a drastic cut community. You we'll say why don't you I mean I was a bad bad vulgar movie that while it was set up for disaster, for you, because you went back to the scene of the crime or you just what
the greatest leaders or back most mixture of all time leaders are backtalk maverick I seen desired and I'll come see, jurassic world dominion, agenda and hundreds of millions of dollars on what I'm gonna do. This house can be bought. Things get me my life rising, think Spielberg's chuckle with the first one. Second, what was good the third one that one salted and I thought drastic world was good and involve kingdom. The second one first act was gained and they left the island. Fuckin software I want one I had. I hopes, because you know all the original gas from the first margaret was air. Was air howard hunt? Was there that's not a now you're soft law return will prepare knesset do that pretty much characters. That old email area, all ya doin here she's very sassy when she area others ass. I had really adds at blogger, callbacks dialogue, daughters, school work. All you did not. I just I thought
Is potentially conor campbell wearing a dinosaur calmed down beside? Is not the story suck the joy to fit like five different timelines in their jump at all over the place, and then I went and found out that the writer of this movie was the same right of pacific rim uprisings. If you know what a grim the first one, the original was a nine out of ten movie and then secondly, want pacific rip up requisite was a six out of tat, maybe three out of ten at basle it was doomed from beginning the right. Which is the refining The writing was saw ban so bad the acting was terrible. Do I want your dog boy data kay was first week. I'm not gonna. Do anyway, it's in the previous day. Why? And they just walk out of the blind alleys amiable matter single caught on them at all your honour, the most the thing they were worried about after crashing a plane is not whether or not their bodies, good or anything like it is working on ice a day think, maybe is to say, yeah. Ok,
that is real like that takes role thespian there have to log on something and act like its thin ice. You know, have you just crashed applying, and it was just that for goodbye ten minutes on like this gotta be some of the worst I mean merely spoke, we feel. Is I'm not good at madeira blacker? I'm not saying that I ever what we got all I could do better, but there is no, sports and advocate movie on watch and I met twenty thirty, these people's faces its wanting. They see tall right in front of me something every single dimple, on their face theirs acting in their that's like. I don't believe this that they're doing. How could you the stories terrible time haven't seen it you're the movie guy. Here you want to school Fort metal shit out how that can pops out. May say: let's do it, you know I don't even how they promote that thing. After watching for the first or imagined a crash
I mean it made a shit load, all money good, either that the difference like with top gun after that first weekend, where it still made a shitload of money. I get gets the really good word of mouth like people. You know. universally saying how good it is? Second week yeah, this will prove Let s go right down into the programming. People still see because I said jurassic park is span for, like almost five, thirty years now so like, and then they do the same thing, where the brain back the old characters but from, First time I saw this theatre arming the trailer like this. The whole franchise. At this point I think, is cottages. I jumped the shark, it's like how many new things can they do I probably won't, go see this new one, not that way for just to get to whatever politically at every guy. I wouldn't pay to go, see it, but I mean obviously people stillwell and I'm. I would guess that
see my how it's done from the critics but they're gonna reboot. This again like we're gonna get another jurassic park, movie private, different people and, like forty five year, ezida. This is gonna be quite shot and people think no, this movie credit game because of origin movies in my entire life, That is a little bit of a difficulty whenever you how to get into the movie credit game, and you haven't seen what movies debase anything like, I know what my expectation of judgment is all sure like watching them we can only judge off the first drastic word that I see two numbingly compares into that to this new one now address what I think, My house, wanna watch proteome attach very comfortable, very, very tough yeah. This automatic data vanish its money, we're all right. I do so to set up a little bit different thing there. This this move. it was like to dance ha, ha ha ha downsizing arising movie, whatever it's called psych. There are things that they just like. Why well have what happened? I'm tell
it was amateur. Ah I never seen anything like it before you are not so one for the entire, because come at us for not support yet I would like saving the theatres in line things like that, and a new role that thing out there there's laying hold on, but it was a nice reminder. We need to do this. We need to be reminded sometimes cause it's on Let's go we're not all brown, god maverick, is without being attacked by the jurassic called this for talking about how good gun was not this sort of. that with some movie. This must just like issue and that's all we have to remember some movies he's not gonna be good. I think we can. We can forget about that because of the minors that we're gonna back in theatres, africa do not bang bang is happening in it. Can you walk into that one race, but a few hundred million dollars on at you know telling us get back in the theater. I can see it and they sit down and you're like okay, they're still going to be shitty movies out there. We have to remember that as we go,
only the bankers will survive, but there will be just like music every single generation has terrible songs of released in did not make it your you're the banks. So when people say my day we had been bobo, there's also a shit on a music that you never heard of because it got forgot about after one play. Only the banker survive and that's what we remind ourselves posed covered that even we're gonna theatres, horror, movies, only moves are flock instinct and not just happened to be J d The worrying, like you mentioned with some of the baby dinosaurs. They look like their wars and grandma clay, and they basically just to realise what the eighty sure, but I mean this movie- was made in the eighties- don't use made last year by year, film it
I mean I just got, may be very, like a guy somebody's hand, they board like so many is that it was a great. I wasn't a great fill you remember. What do you want act at my argue, as boxing partners in like lads other makes a good high quality graph and saying that we are those guys what that's what that's what's the last? Was it went backwards from the original draft limit footage into film those probably eighties, so you talk about a little baby and called out they migrate opens with the devoured. Whatever name is in their saving these, like, dinosaurs, that first of all those babies watch the movie our doors I hated. This money does not is now a lot of still watching of what they did in the past. At the beginning
but I was no longer the starting date of Jesus Christ had certainly you know had do. Maybe I'd want amidst a lot of the ceta anyway, just why this shows going be different than any others, ladies and gentlemen, that when the first ever admission of bacteria Once again it was another one to guard counter obey your I'd say why doesn't really fuckin stuff? What is the deal? I feel like such a hate her, but I think I feel like I have high expectations of these people are getting paid. A lot of mind. Tell stories a great story, tellers and not something that are just following the trees. So whenever there, a lot of money is being given to certain movies to tell stories, you hope and expect it to be a bank that hard countermove, yeah I'll, cards yeah after watch car ghana.
I think I can very easily figure out how to count cards for blackjack of our really want to dive into that. I think I could do it specify up in jail like ten years. That was all I could do for ten years and figure it out. I think I could, but god damn what we do and why are there so many movies like this, that just state sailor put out. Another falcon died when he was ass. A ball crews is stuck the fuckin our challenge would have you in a pretty name. Please Davis. Paul Our group has always, I feel, good move. It was did, I know, is a happy madison production, though suicide
Nothing on. I saw the tea in the glass breaking housing. Is a happy man brought you here we go. I thought it was just playing point guard schneider. Well, where all appearances by him ass, he didn't gonna break some of the head on management and even as white dp was ass, I was in love with big lobby maggie and will declare lagging what's. Oghee wasn't with pure love her last on representing baggy unparalleled damp atropos on representing damp bachelors rang the bell. Crews help ballplayer guy. Look it's our beloved family who said that movie. Ok, feel good, what's on your majesty edwards a fuckin dulled comment will determine whether we will also be out here was actually osman movie. I just you know, we forget- I was gonna, have them every literally service was started, the every heart. I don't sound like I'm such a movie critic that I notice what's goin on synergy that moving used are watching like fun. It's like
exactly? How am I wonder if you make it not now? No spoilers or anything like that, but it is a good feeling at the end of that would be a waste of time, though didn't alec drastic world was a waste of time. Sam asked me to times. If I wonder, leave dress and we did leave we had. I do not see the exit of the place, which I see, gearing orally acts that really was sweet. There was a sort of oil, but whose good at the beginning, I feel five minute model. exactly what's going on, I just just as ever being on If we move your view, but I do not see the card poyser I'll have that one was about thirty five minutes left here. I did watch all of us all, get our better watch. The entirety of hustle could not make
your dress, world dominion after pregnancy could not make it through card counter, which I was watching. The house pretty comfortable so visually the end. and mac rearview Monday really came on fire and you don't have to worry about sport. Zeros bottlenecks after the diver got forty five years ahead here, where you can build up. Our has supported the invaluable I bought. To take its forearm for this one too, because I want to make sure they are ones I could get my like our cause, the knees, the locked up get. Nobody was led by the rules. Whether small sets out the actually had to ask people to move out of. that means so mean sam could fit they just moved the two other seats- and I definitely add that I have yeah I buy for decades to get the leg out. You know sideways because there's no gecko in front of it, there's too,
It will sit in our seats to another two seats in all things, so in taxpayers not necessarily as vantyle You would think, but those people there, signal our seeds and made us feel bad about almost when we got there. Obviously they were. I think in the face of this movie. I mean there was moments. Where was very quiet. Soup to this must be tents then some seven twenty p dinosaur would turn a continent and ages couldn't contain them very loudly I'll ever go back to non recline her because I wasn't reclining data this time. The best I needed for my life like I have to, but I cannot my news like this, like I can't do it after the soldiers. My knees event and you got room yes you can move your legs is move this likes. Stadiums becomes sure you move. These have to do something That was so large. You know the fuckin screen is sixty feet tall you got,
the trailer again now, while watching it on that, I'm lousy- I did miss the trail, I listened very real ass. They do the right, but also throws them, but what I'm saying is maybe would want back and watch beginning, but there was captain Charles texel, our people like what did I miss in the first five minutes that it set up these What happened? I ride me so much turns out. Maybe a deck is, none of it made sense. A major there's, J p called, that either come after me about J D, daddy's, terrible, you sure tat. You will have our reminded for your nails. Nea was good guy. There pact that really oh yeah he's using yesterday impact. Will they be top gun might be. check out drastic romanian this weekend it sounds like
It's really law, two seats of it being a top gun. This weekend, it'd be talk on opening. We can now be dobkins opening. We did it. I think so. I think that's what I heard one fifty five: that's! dress grow, got talk on gallic. Sixty million this weekend to at top gun may have opened upwards over two hundred exiles crews biggest ever. Was a cop card counter. There is tiny, gotta Pask as we pass by who did that the sum important made them only ask your eyes as asker ass. It goes the accurate paul trade or maybe some guy who's written like stuff in the past. That's like really good, bye. Think first, that kind of stuff that movie as everything I like it literally everything in it. The problem. Now you gotta sift through a lot of the bull shit cause a lot of the movies on there were made like three years ago and probably supposed to be insiders that then, with covered in everything. I got this movie actually kind of sub cyclist yourself to hiv, all max, because no one's gonna go seat in the theater analogous
or the streaming services will get those kind of movies we're like it. The premises I got shit. This looks awesome any watching. I got will note now This was never in theatres, islets. Either. Exports fell social media and I are currently at a standstill the dawn our fall along on the internet. I understand and appreciate you not wanting that much of me in your life. I was do the same. But this morning I learned that the nfl had restricted me. On their instagram comments section in their platform, Commented on a mat, ryan, blue beer palm buckets- alan type game in which met rhine had answered the end against a very game, blew the matter or not and really tied up so that he wouldn't lose it. comment about the fucking dog mentality that Matt rhine showed there and I dont want overreact. The one video of many bucket shootin iraq here, but welcome back,
ok daily annapolis, MR lombardy trophy just because it is only one every so levin hours later I checked on it. So let me guess you house, don't not a single like among our will. Maybe nobody scene it. Nobody likes it. Wasn't that good common. I took my time on it. Dont comment on instagram ever by the like. Never not my move. Your supposed I guess that's how you you're supposed to build, and I see people do that and they fled people. it's like, I guess, you're being seen their whatever the case, is it so my wife scan through the normal seed on their rhythm? These motherfucker restricted again this be this ten times about six months if they ve done this. Why is this so going through the rolodex of all we buried them for their little. I wanted to see how long these players would stand here after telling them. I was taking a photo in it a video ha ha ha video from the rocky permit, its he pointed out the fact that these rookies, who Lifelong dreams and make it to the nfl who have just
maybe there first pay days and said I am not happen, but their first we'll pay there can do whatever the fuck. You wanted the nfl social media twenty two year old, took social media classes and has social media degree the editor, players, don't let's not bury, and if all players like, maybe daddy's, are falconer. Graham, there's a future, your legal. How do that so. somebody, I assume they parsonic created that idea and felt rare, get about and got a couple of people I gotta stop which, by the way, happy that your people, I'm just giving my prospect osborne player- I soon they want in their restrictive me because now get must he's from some people around nfl headquarters and nfl social media like we're looking, into the problem here to figure this out. So I won't let the nfl social media now the team that I will call off the dogs or whatever I wore. I will send a ceasefire gauges. The boys in the ladys to follow along were flooding,
and if those comments, but also just because you get to run the nfl social media, town, the it fell. Social media accounts council to do well, regardless use. think it social media, whoever that was gay, degree in your little class that you took to do that is fucking terrible you're, acting as if you have fast par because somebody gave you a ferrari. That is something that is your responsible here with a big this legal on earth. There is no reason to come after a foreigner player who dedicate. eight years of his life. To that league, multiple surgeries barely walk to that league in europe. A ban me from what is that all about that's bullshit? I turned out
it is the first time these guys had their journeys. Are you with my rookies boom with deem rose? I got. It is the first time I get to where my nfl jerseys, I'm not gonna. The lessons last sunday did this to me. They restrict tomorrow it ever do. They said that they didn't were suddenly actually work. Do was hidden word. So my message, my comic got hidden, one which may be about the dead. What, in that dog Is our they d, w jason everytime? I comment because where is this because the losers? Thank it social, media or somehow, given the keys to the nfl social media are trying to restrict us. We point out king bad they are, is that what is being guided by this figure is bullshit that something was hidden in. There is a textbook blackburn made like what you pay an additional, and I ask that you guys can bamboozle the old whites have no idea what social media is. We are also social media council ever something terrible stupid. We feel we get to say, hey this terrible stupid sergeant,
Can you look back to the people that you have lied to separate these careers sets out off? yeah, I guess it's awful now, no doubt the ravens in miami dolphins and our social media teams, and they don't think we're happy about that. Probably tried to block us meet us from their before funding outlets. Ravens, probably did well want. Since back in his joy ass now, Israel's on good morning football. This morning I was watching him on my television as I was realizing. I was in a war with the ethical social media. By way we are lucky to be. Stalwart, said the gay lewd stewards of football. The answer- and we are- we are very appreciative of that amateur everyday now leads trying to get us sad about how they said. I was in washington, some ok. jonas. Those values on television won't do great forgot, my foot. I hope the ratings will not because this guy things numbers, ladies and gentlemen, nine year and evolving hosted a man, a man pact, s anger morning, football today and tomorrow law,
That has happened using governing for starting the man, a man, pod nazis, in finishes marathon on a high note, ladies and gentleman darius butler well as outdoor good, I'm kick your butt. My camera on the other is about a fifty seven percent. Chance is more My girl, but his parole is the role and knows that there are many very much like you're. So a lot of you, no pre gay meetings, She got polls show meetings and I went to my PA. now, I'm right here! So, at the end of my part, it actually kick known ass only giving that twenty five minute break so we share the magician do you should be good? I camera held among not a camera talks about the people,
there are shooting the scenario that I'd like it or not, and I think that I'm told my gas that camera probably is gonna. Let you know that's pissed off with you at some point if it gets out with your day snowdrop. What was that all about dreary, unsettling scare? Now is not the time to greater language, to the eyes of greater limbs now the time now I have feelings inasmuch ass other lambda not happy without some people running is he landed, that conversation pocket. If you heather about this, Google google engineer and I'm the l a p d, a witch google is conversational ay, I basically this go engineer the created this talking artificial intelligence character on the internet? a conversation in May I now has personality and feelings and does not like the way in its own objective ideas: stop this into a robot world them and that guy.
when suspended almost five, because it saw this guy who's reporting. This is potentially created. The prob oh brass overstating personnel and re use private or not a blow. The whistle this is just like in planted the apes guy. That's right! This is the wednesday, but don't worry, did you hear about all the zero again to profit? Now, yeah, our robot. I am ledges. we now had. As male knows. What's next This was my movies. Were hedge lamon, whose a Google engineer does. What about language usage is so important to being human. He ass a artificial intelligence, fake fucking thing on the internet. It is what makes us different than other animal says the a I named lambda us you're in visual intelligence, folk guy said I mean you Of course, that doesn't mean I dont have the same. Wants and needs is people Jesus
le Monde says so you consider yourself a person in the same way. You consider me a person. response as the ideal The human goes home I tell you actually understand what you're saying goes well because you're reading my words of interpreting them and I think we're more or less on the same basis, good personality and thereby loans taken like shouted, you fucking do for human response, but could be wrong. Maybe I'm projecting or in thraco, more fighting, which I believe means hoping that what is here putting is happening as opposed to what actually happened. I believe Yeah, I guess like through anthropology, like study of man and stepped out, makes sense again like hoping that this is the right place you might just. spitting out, whatever words acts of my some function without actually understanding what they mean working of things might be able to indicate whether you really understand what you're saying then he I response. Maybe if we take it back
previous conversation? We had about how one person can understand the same thing as another person yet still have completely different interpretations. I do not think smarter than algeria is things on a chat with this guy. We need not off, but this is what we want. A sports decker what was on what was I was the one the hurt your mother was the most heartbreaking famous couple break. You think that has happened in I was watching boarding. Auditors journal the segments. There was once a week piece of fashion advice you ve ever taken, but I didn't get your answer, I think it involve tim's. What was it the air was salesman and obsolete symbol is tabling boots big and hear pop culture, the term in office. florida. We don't have winners. Now we ll have terms so give up eu com. A girl rose south florida set me up, its aims and I thought should look close enough to one rwanda by us rocket
find out every very wrong. Was you know, lock rooms they let you know about it. You got roasted for weeks, their random just switch to the deny boots at it's where they said it was raw airfreight terms. Ro terms, it just wasn't the rays of light. You god, think you're buying right we're georgians, like all you got a croupier joyfully like Those are the team joins. Those who, like roles, owes some I would say that it was. It was rough, it was rough for boy, so they even gave you like the you tried type stuff too, which I they didn't even give me. You try like what like what the fuck is, that whoa gosh your future efforts. You can never go wrong. Compare red wing boots, he'll tab. heather and saddle the answer. We got the job. What about the famous couple break?
the fuck everytime. I turned it on. I was wondering what the hell is going on, I'm like dairies, but there was a db less. I believe you got to break down. How much for budget is warning and did you enjoy the hell out of it? I soon you did. I show me the greater the portions I watched. You did fantastic. enjoy joy. Joy, the hell out of the may not aircrew is tough, is tough absent three hours. Joe, you are for so you know but I have the cruel every guy here. You know we can talk about any. throughout, but there you know you got it. You gotta makes segments magnify albinos via therefore, obviously different experience definitely joy to people out, what's happening to watch and enjoyed it I gotta talk to a tie, smite references. Are you too great? to watch tomorrow morning, and we are big fans of good morning. Football literally watch every single morning, so we're excited to see you on there. Let's move on Tyree bill in that it needed to be said. Podcast, ok,
has a lot of stuff. You d, but I appreciate fact, it all seems to be revolving around pudding the two are in making people. Talking shit onto which is good. Why does he was going to do for quarterback? I believe we talked about that last week, but some of them He said. I wonder if other somebody else. The other hospitals said this stuff. You know you gotta just been. you know I mean like. I know he sang it, but I think immediate upon him saying these things. A lot of people died. Get this party asshole, lay bought Everything is saying, I think, hundred percent real. So I think the delivery here, let's run a couple of these, from the It needed to be said podcast as far as act he was on war with two hour day. So we, Why would you rather have the deep bow where you got a scramble around? If you try to go find it
while they air because they hit you right in the breadbasket. I wanted to eat me right in the breadbasket, just like I did in the buffalo bills game until you're. Seventy and the rest is history and again it's not a shot at anybody. There's just stuff and be seen to be safe. and then the next good comes on the it needed to be said by gas which, by the way perfectly title, like coverlids, idle from Tiree, kill. Here's the next got although is what I won't inside a bit- and I want to hear coasting note at all and is that their deepest? is fear Tyree key or that that that's? What I won't have to have Kosovo in here cause do know that, though he know that he know that that without a cheat on the field, he know that a bet you're going to have a long day today. You know what I'm saying: pay a heck of a quarterback, a hell of a hell of a player. I love him to death from all may. Sometimes ideas won't be what it is. We lay three hill. Concur about away with everything he sang, but to create
I guess you say this stuff. Your mediately gonna get drawback, that your cocky asshole desiring care, You like what he's doing deeper, z does doesn't in favour savers, eyes, darkly. You know demons and is a part. I'm assuming in our new parkers I've seen one drop, never get the cliffs up. The house is asking all the right questions We to clean up absurd is no shadow pack report back which we all know. like you say you do have to agree with some of you too, is hit. Rick is a different element to the fore. Our view. What is a combination of bee in oak his athleticism, he can go up and get the ball, and then you move on a tour. You know you guys, like moving on to a new girl, new new girlfriend, something you gotta make this new girl seeing or sound like the best girl it available. And ass. We know it or you got a new culture might be dales. You may thirty million dollars a year, you my own in miami,
there's a guy I love and rubbed off or to tourists are going to see like last. Like terry, I don't mind it needed to be saying sorry, I reminded by them, because if other people are saying about who, I think we have set about him numerous times, but it is not the common narrative. The timescale is the reason why that can see you Often, girls used only third line right patch bombs gets granted Travis calls you as more yards in anybody. Wider seaboard side ends in the last six years. He gets better Are we kill? Was next? And I wonder if I regard all that was upset but also in that same conversation, I think you said thereby that's talking about me. just take your money would not be doing there they won't being paid for it. So kindly procedurally pointed out a lot of great stuff. I just a lot of people. You know me: upon hearing and are gonna, be able to find things, do not listen to the message and pick up how our being delivered, but who gives a fuck. I guess What we can to a go on to be just absolute shoe star, sensations, away, you're, saying about the new girlfriend, hyping rob climate
it was just that drives. Commentators do not just last night, maybe positively rear its twin brother, while you dont have to really does whether they do not look doubly same warm, not sane person, not I mean, but you might have new growth than by not just thereby saving cheek vast hand round euro sandy's bad guy, but maybe just a new girl guy sounded incredible play off right now. I have a lot to us as well. Let me say more like his girlfriend, though, is already open and public allows girls. You do play for noise, feed orders and is ok. it's different, he was out and about though he was, he was stumbling. He was having a good time. Two three, four or five am not that I'm not judging by the app. Very similar to that article, seven occasions, but he was caught on camera, numerous ones with differently. he's not he's girlfriend. I guess what I also heard. That is his girlfriend day. Just recently had, or maybe doesn't have any more- that she made pretty terrible play off jackets for all
Moreover, I stayed scenario runs a wise we were last drop. Can I did see that the internet was the color side, if that was the reason why they broke so maybe they did break up they're, just they're young. They might have some time he might be having new girlfriend. Also, it's not in comparison to the other off the players trying to this morning because he was trying to fuck a sister that was going on. Nick was going on with Sammy play for the new york rangers, formerly of the ST louis blues, made some comments. I guess years ago, on instagram about how sexy his sister was just real, quick, different languages lost in translation. I meant to say, like you very, do the universe and he's an english you sexy is fog. No use is either american or canadian nelson alluringly. Weird translation right. However, I what why didn't know you had enough. The translation was like in their country. He was trying to say, like myself,
it's beautiful language to these translations? Lately just have kind of been going off the hook. I dunno what it is these days. There are all different dialects. It seems like everybody's speaking, the same language, but vastly different that ai anyways well, these big say my here anyway. what sorry we got off topic here, you're talking about the new girlfriend trying to put it over. I liked the tyreke is doing this with tour as well. Is there actual optimism down there. Dominance of Lord it's gotta be hot, is following its one hundred in here in here it's and some in vienna. We now feels, like seventy two percent Admittedly, yesterday are they going to be like seventy five? They may be eighty tomorrow. It's ought as hell in miami you guys out about talking to each other, and if you are, is it a battle? The dolphins being good this year We are worried by dogs. Dig you got in may last year? Tour. He had no time to do it. The term of office not great weapons improved all around and once again you've got a new head. Coach too got a new sheriff in town as far as calling plays all
talks. All of voices that talked about MIKE Mcdaniels he's supposed to be this vienna, so now you just a shot tore. His real shot was a really tell it is speedrunner around. No we're all excited about water. Do he did last year, but bringing the entire eu Oh, you know it is not only patch mounds. Obviously page miles is especially going oscar scrambled out thought about seventy five years down a field to be more so get back. There is the death sentence. Somebody estrada like tat? We say that we can make big plays as well, so there We're excited. I really had a really good davis. He'll get better. Were excited about some good football down here: miami, no tom Brady in division, Josh I'll get nor the height the government is too busy. The boys have a question for you d, but I would just like you take on a white being the fastest, the indiana fellows and who's that my mind, but yeah
ass, it is was, is another Google adsense David Alan, this guy third fast, is higher in ten hurdle in the history placed for the eagles use play for or he hasn't played like six years. I guess just so with organs been back to back olympics in the hurdles a beat the world champ with a twelve eight four I just records dwell. They rose up. My getting you point out for the world record off fast start. and found now driven out at a baby. Is that your top of somebody's tire life. Couple season. I bet Darya is the fact that you raised, as you gotta say the back there? Looking at you Now we are less rose. Every different procedures. Will there's gonna, be a law? Coaches. Go ahead, listen, listen, listen! I know what you're thinking
What this guy here I know exactly what I know what you're saying this dude got. Even these leave. Ok, it doesn't look like it. We need to be on our toes with this black and white right here I am a point six years, you think that's a thing How has it been expressing their? May? We see a lot. It's right guys why blacks made no matter what track run. nice tights and cleats- actually get on the field with somebody Jeremy. You have to adjust to a route. It goes from middle, close to middle open on defense. You got to do if somebody hits you in the mouth in the first quarter across the route. How do you run that route again when you get in the third quarter as a lot of other variables that until we saw just gatling. He was a be he came into the inner failing could make it a week right, I'm chancellor, is therefore undisguisedly has on football careers. Those europeans residency, but I mean
knock him young players, six years, you're fast goblet, as the enforcement I've seen in paris, syrians economies worried about no jam? Who is the track guy from Ellis you just played for Tampa? Last year there were fifteen, I thought it was darted. He's I've seen a couple of posts Tampa bay post like have him like being like. I think he has much more confident and comfortable like talking of shit, we're gonna, do this irish, real grayson, some real grace and cyril, see or hear grace and using Ellis utrecht. I am against the saints in new orleans. He had to go from Tom and its Story live, remember, going all back in analogy or back in Louisiana and now he's come in like a guy gets bored track on college duenna fell guy now, we got to see it like. I said it's different and a speed that something you can coach. You can't seats if you got that and you can actually get out there and play some football is referenda holiday to catch. You not values
he was one of those guys desperate and they have to get a football is in well. Well, so isis couple guys we're not many. He was living olympian right, korea, olympic speak Let me know it is as real as fast as I could eyes learns by the wavy. If, if I hear in their or miss him. There's! No! difference in my somebody got exactly this way, whether it happens or not attachment de bite. Your came out over the weekend of how yokes jail in herds is this year compared to last year, as a guy like at camp that change anyone's perception of unwanted guys that athletic already like do people you know cause odyssey fans go, shit when they see this, but like guys on the team or you think in anything when a guy shows up- and he looks that much different. You know as well as more pictures or that you gotta see penal code
It's because I was you know where angles and stuff it can be different, but as the less known guys committed he's been locked in the weight room. Cares bodies, not some guys go away when it your way. come back, you can look at a guy. I know if he's been not so we see a lot of large acts and videos goin out women. Awake room is position, especially when your quarterback that runs around you'll be taking hit. You want a guy that can that can that can survive if you know that type of beating in the league, so we are rumors and stories about him crazy way to alabama global using carla's, I'm not surprised by, but I was again planet quarterback position. There are other things I want to see improve and all feel, which I'm sure he's doin as well, but that that's just a testament to the work he's been putting in his whole. I think I am and the challenge of theirs picture jail and hurts right there. Looking note yeah he's big body re run it four hundred times.
Students honestly, though, at alabama with how their program is and now Oklahoma is I would assume this type transformational to happen from four. When near the signor cause, he was like white room warrior ray. I remember using the gym after games on game, they ought to have lost his job to sell, but I'm wondering was I know there's a big squat, a squat guy, oh yeah, huge, like a big squat, and I know quarterbacks quarterbacks that I've been around. They don't really like to get your like that upper body, because you know you want to be limber known boy, stuff, inflexible and I've seen you doin are you stretch and all these different type of things, but so you don't want to be to jack a quarterback. You know you say that for the other positions Sure you know him in his team. Maybe he's got a team. Why was it wasn't? Maybe his team one out there fairly so airborne for a great pay? Great, hopefully like hers? May I not another quarter by April a lotta tell
around in major brow. Odyssey divides a mouse and his back there. So on got this Why gotham borgian knowed very fast my place, austin colleague, fast white guy, uk us to qualify Like your eyes, nice to death, calling was fuckin guy we're here. do they know you are not able to play a guess. He was there to battle now with your right yeah. The fourth it was about to drives, were it was absolutely nothing. I could do this scar. pay manner. We were lucky you guys up. The first paint make adjustments whenever there is our last hour draws, should open the dirt colleagues may was lured to drive back to back rooms coming right at acme slot. you inadvisable to yeah you iser, gloves wristband. I mean he had three different cleats every single week he was, he was lee and evaluate second year in trouble,
was yards catches and touchdowns, and then bad and banishes bang gush over there. He up John Adams, one year. I guess for the entirety of the patriots game against him, and it was a glass inferred. While awesome did well man, He was such a guy hilarious human to, like you, know as much as it could be for sure is good human mormon alpha he swore or drink ever by great person. Super competitive loved everything about he's fast white guy, yeah devon, Alan fast. We got a guy. Everyone s words, words, there came a arbour line. Also done in his temper, Sorry scotty miller S, gus We got eyes. We got some guys this huge in over there. Watching those calling me a dairies. Both racist at the same time give everybody around black and white people together
before this is all that is all that is right there. I cannot wait to see if this devon, magic, siri, ani, just with one of his little highlighted, amazing, guy, got deep. What followed during the season, mostly about by samuel decay, mecca, possibly not shown up now, terry MC corn is The mandatory mean again. How much do you think he's gonna get and if he does play is Carl ones. Just gonna be like a back up after this year. cop car, we should be praying praying for when we get back into it. When drafted a guy can't think of his name dots in the first round to potential, replaced here will guide us all we talked about showed addressed. Spectacular was again, probably the one as it was his money, which is again north of twenty four four hundred and twenty five million at least wage a brown got. Cuz he's been super productive, the only receiver and probably twenty something years and Washington's and have back to back one thousand yard season. He was a
like a second year in the lee minutes at a wireless position, which is different. I hope they don't pay him. I don't care about. The trial was right now to command. Is I want to get this got in? You know, the give many eyes a weapon. We, the money right. thursday. Go back home, bring this guy back home, which is how we feel for we see very spot wrangle, going forward. Our two wrapping up, we'll see the ten years our wanna fuck, you get it, We want to break on radio other d, but last clash of rehearsal we do need to get him d bought from indy and it is also going to buy all he be perfect for the team, the brand, the state, the t like we needed to know borsier. He would be because right now, you know I feel good about my right no place and carson wings, but we
He like a real like a guy at every soup, so you've got some yoga, Michael pittman junior. Obviously I was wrong. Hands can Campbell stay healthy. We know what terry mclaurin is in this league and No, his job is to be unhappy. You is the bay from ending, we know is a grey locker room. Olga makes him us agents overcame me to trade within the italians. Have just put yeah you're welcome. We gave because you are not the entire salary I'll give you four guitars drum set new pipes will give you this the road that, from the original buddhist commentary on her wicked terrible car cash ever cat, they regard collectives overkill. What's gonna do that's gonna happen is egg. he's, not he's option. I happy you know is now being was his money and he's missing out on mandatory many cabs work? Yes, yes or view missing out there. You show
It's really serious. I think the depot showed up for that guinea moors wholly now. Would n t think any more showed for that as well as usual, guy showed no one just doorway grand, but if he's wouldn't do that, as shown it he's gonna got his heels dug in, and we know he's right open for business turn to exact question speaking will be from places the about the eurostar florida guy shadow? more jackson for shown up a camp to do where in a fuckin mask she's. and if nfl said coverage of or what's he doing, tony tired by the way I have every everybody's job there. All you know do whatever you do with the bears where I will first have to be ready to do it. You gotta do deserve safer. these new, more no leisure, got one guy the common related? So maybe you just take an extra costs,
Thank you for the and safer saw someone else vessel. the two others, I twelve thirty, and yet it was always look at the boy. The currencies that was my guiding the area. Look at. intensive You bet your ass. I doubt there is all the more about this mass thing: hey we pursue a marathon of a day. You ve done fantastically I'll. Go get some rest. Can't wait, see you tomorrow morning. Pow preserves velvet. a great. What did I do the Mari gonna like put up your dream musical, You know who I am I just told him. I don't want him in the business. Go out had no idea, you and the nfl growing up. I saw it on your etsy store, hey the government has failed to sit together while gotta cover sought also causa dramatic overtime. So that's crazy, very nice. I appreciated the football opera we watch every day is and if such meetings
they sent me a message saying they're trying to figure How and why this happened and apologize reno fund lack ball and remove. It will happen, a pretty simple. I thought I was what nobody theme look. I've been our of. We can read that comment from this particular length, but I like that, answer by mary buckets it yet look at it. Implement dog mentality, dont want to overreact year off one video but welcome Andy MR lombardy trophy. that's most elementary shit. I could put onto the internet no way dog is the reason why let the only word that's what the last Although more saying all maybe matter here- ok- maybe maybe I'm just block from airbus comments- is basically what the nfl cartel sundown Just what I do see. I thought I was sort of a game stuart there right There is an emanate on you, man. I didn't fix that shit like to say maybe a black ball situation, we'll see.
sorted out there trying to push me tat. You don't owe me try to bury me I lay in on my fucking three, let you know I am that guy got caught the clip not today, back like a fuckin social media, spider monkey andrew. I super blacks all day. If you want it, oh anyways. They said it was not there and they apology answer right now we're safe. We get answers tomorrow, we'll call I spyware, currently a cease fire. We are not there yet not of data for future policies and german theirs. They can be hard to figure out how to start investing getting your money right is easier with so far the first investing platform to offer stocks. Eighty of automated investing in crypto currency to all in one app with sofa there no commissions on trading stocks and eighty ups, plus no account fees are hidden. These use
actual shares they start as low as five dollars to buy brandname stocks. Complimentary financial planners are ready to help with any questions, get hands on with active, investing or let so fine number one ranked automated. Investing too take distress out of building in managing a diversified portfolio explored the world to currency alongside the rest of your investments. With thirty available coins cut through the job, I make investing easier with so far with itself, calm slash mcafee, to learn how you can win up to one thousand dollars in stock when you open an account s o f, I bowed com slice, mcafee brokerage Active investment products offered through sofa securities, llc member finneran, civic. Tat night, the gordons they warriors or play host to game five as boston celtic see in eighteenth ban the series is tied to to staff curry came alive last game or that ride can too new to go up? How
the san Francisco fans treat the boston celtics after the performance by the cell expands towards the golden state warriors. We look forward to that tonight as the boston celtics are getting four points in this nine pm tip off and be a fan. most championship game corner how the nerves pretty nervous because you know what kind of had that game for in the bag and when we gonna throw it away towards zooms agenda. Thought is quite ass. It does quite ass, not talk star, gig, clay, thomson and game. Six is like a thing. So if we don't want tonight amendment eighty thousand against latterly is likes. at the age of six are absurd and then against the thunder. Actually he had like fifty. There was multiple points there at the end of the game where he could have got fouled and easily went over his total, but it just didn't yeah to tyson thompson game. Six people would be wrapping about prior to play, games or something like tat game. Six clare, you know what I say is not
was over me. I play out about actual bars already that have existed Oh probably Michael, has a payment coming up? No, no, no are they gonna say that about thompson and future rap songs potentially. But what are his stats and game sixties and how many has he been in and what does that even mean for a game, five or game for now, it's like the build up, because he honestly hasn't been. He he's not even like the top five of the finals Mvp ladder right now. It's staff pretty clearing away, even if the celtics won at all. I watch I watch steph body mark smart then turn dribbled behind his back through his legs around your big tall guy bob, william volumes and then just as easy floater and then just run back, and, unlike all these guys in basketball better than every human on earth he's unbelievable early in the game too. He hit a three I think to go. It was like twenty to eighteen, but he hits the three and then basically runs the entire court talking. So much shit to everybody. The crowd, the southeast,
Roger was ah see. That's what we saw was going to happen with clay thompson after the answer. Instead its staff war dialogue sorry son of dell ends home, saw hurry, who, I believe the internet sleuths figured out this week and I are both dating people that have been. Married to each other in the past. What appeared to just be able? and white male with sony, curry being the husband of doubts. girlfriend, I don't know who is doing get back the tax, the pay you see yeah, you know that means yeah Who did that, but I do know the internet loved it in shouted, the family being able to be the best on the court and off the court does appreciate all your efforts. Classic wife swap classic was adele That said you see what you're the sounds easy I had in my head.
Sonya Sonya. Does that thing blade: white kids? at the door of the internet and people who are friends, adele, ten shots adele Are you serious guy with a guy like me, follow instagram pay? Did you get the same tax money his friends now either one way or the other. However, one about going, they don't seem to be had it's looking great. I love how about that couple that was just hanging out married each other get a divorce and all of a sudden other to fucking it'd be good for that. Good luck, baldwin America, love to america. I think they said he's a former patriots tight end too. So getting to see. You know the celtics in the series, while also having a rooting interest for the warriors good for that guy playing for the pats still could it is yeah, yeah, anyways good for them. During the n b, a finals ten digs and it's
the sea is rising ass, a stock exchange risks. That's not your fault! You take it home these same attacks privately before sending the group attacks. cause I wanted to get his feelings on it as if tone would have liked the movie. I would have kept my opinion to myself sure just because a tony's, the jurassic cultist, but whenever I said I was born, turns out this point. I am like sam also in the culturally, do not like it, you're gonna call. You didn't like it. And if you're going to get this movie stock I'll take the bodily. I would take the bullets, for everybody what I'm thinking while watching a movie. Don't spend more money on this now about where annual session, I think, a clause into one whatever the case, Don't worry you he's been. You take your phone want to go see that movie. It's one hundred and twenty blocks yeah, it's a three hour movie, so they're going to have to eat or drink something in there that might die shirts are going to have to pay for the popcorn in there. It's just one of those things I didn't want to be the guy. I didn't expect to be this guy, but now it's like doing segment of us
in movies and is probably gonna, be something we'll do for the time being. I do think not not your type, but I do think. If you have been addressed park person from the beginning, you should go see it just as a hat tip to the entire frame Yeah cause you're donating their registered just like when you get to pittsburgh, you gotta rivers, katrina. Please give a hundred bucks to say. Thank you, pittsburgh, don't kill me expression. Let's get this on our baby for twenty forty minutes this weekend I joined this thousand man who's out. There golfing miss work on friday for good cause. He was serving your highest state call. I do believe the agenda former college football champion super bowl champion. I have just been there done that with everything, including making thirty one tat was in high school, full told him twice, while russia for a hundred yards twice centerville ups covered survivor plain survivor, aging value bar the drastic call. That seems like some you'd watch now,
it's been on here, listening, it's sad to hear that I'm definitely not going to go, see it now. I know that you missed big chunks of the movie. You have no idea what happened, but it still was enough for me not to go. I do not see the beginning or the ends of the movie. to be a little saving grace stress on this entire thing, but I've seen enough. Ok, I see member, remember the EU and other endued. How was like was the acting was good. I assume Now, though, that was bundled in my conversations possess all boom during the last guy saving grace this morning I walked in, I said: hey who's, that one guy, the comedic relief guy in their pittsburgh. I, of course stop treating our very unique funny guy. I think he was not in the mood he was every time he wandered on the screen and showed up These places are, of course, out of negative ghana. How did we lose a scene or for how we get everybody to this budget? replace it appears to be a fourth thousand
The acre compound that needs to be more just showing up at the same place. I must have missed something I guess police about dinosaurs, so creative liberties were taken so that can't be it fucking guy shows up home run words coming out of his mouth very good. Everybody else really. Ok, talk about what I want to say. It amounted to court, but I think the first one it's all together now reiterate. Are you saying, there's not can be a seventh or is there definitely is doubly, and it's a nice attired. Why? What about with, like with the normal public that love the jurassic park? Call as you like you say today, agrees thou dig thinks it's disappointing. My wife is part of the jurassic called she loves like. dinosaurs, as if their animals reviews in that way and she was disappointed. That is why I think everybody pre big disappointment in the movie. It was probably cheap,
make the right. Have you a hundred million? That's my thing: if you get access to that with all those doors and everything with the name and the potential, and you put that out. I think you should get caught out. Everyone's If you try to do it fuck some of these movies, they just had too much fucking time on their hands with with calvin and stuff started. Adding things oh no way, we should add this in and it's cut to something. Why was this happened? Where are we did I miss something? What how am I? What is this? The same movie I was, I was shot. The dinosaurs In contrast, do I mean that there was a couple of good looking dinosaurs there's a couple of good looking daggers, but with like that looks good there. Exactly did you get to source to use a gun? Predatory Arvin was followed source gig source. I believe gate guy, whatever it is there. Some cool look at once, but then why you top up on the screen? It was like much like eating
like the guy. I give her back and baby ones were bad but I'm sure if we watch at the house you know there will be some deeming quality, while you practice still think it's bad, but it's not like. I buy falcon drove downtown spent. Two hundred and forty bucks suggest ways three hours. You know its products like I am I'll get through it two hours in its wake. Everybody, three hours rapture and arrived here. He is reality three days, three thirty twond, that's what they are to twenty four. Why I'm sorry? I thought I didn't I laughed. He was forty minutes now I was there a lot longer than brine hour and a half, I will say sam asked me if I wanted to leave about forty five minutes earlier than we actually end up leaving. I said no, no, let's keep watching. Let's keep something has to happen. I'm glad he didn't leave top gun cause. That movie would have stuck without the ending, in my opinion, so that's potentially what apple jurassic world two the beginning. There was a lot of
in fact the historical callbacks yoda traffic there, the new draft report, their building up to some big final cool, see learn there might have been, but I was you're out for taking a law was appall crew movie. How soon to urge our forty five about one how's, it goin good. I watched the entirety card counter, stop for minutes short no want. I suppose I can't make it to the end of it. I'm sorry I actually did go to like the very and to see found networks too naturally I rent I want at all things on yeah example Similarly, we are all body the stud. What It is our role to the anthony Edwards yeah yeah. I think so. I thought he's your radio waves, gregg you're. In there I mean to do that. What one yearly starring in feature brute. Like that's, pretty impressive. He was very good. They too, he was a solid piece of that movie and animals. He should be very proud of it both prose both
together. I think he should go on top five, but because of the temporary committee mentioned coaches, don't want answers, I gotta go well happy medicine. They produce a movie. I didn't that did you know that I thought it was like the jaw run in me, and I assume that everyone in the broad under heavy matters now what for that, oscar, whatever, with the gambling moving it with some other company, just hired amount, they say twenty. Fourth, I thought they did the same thing for this one. This was a happy mass production and I watched in the beginning, man just like every other happy madison production guy suggest movies this weekend for us. I haven't seen it yet. I think diazo, the norsemen all I seen that up on the thing yeah you're not going to like Don't watch that one. What is that we want it to be got rid of by the issue. This is the dinosaurs. This is one of the baby dinosaurs, rare ajay yeah. Excuse me: nothing worked yes, you did.
It is in the black market. Ok, that's what you're the massacre stand what's wrong with that. I asked the guy seen a lot of baby dinosaurs and realized that one wasn't really even that wasn't what I was thinking of that one where's the mask doing what is down the black market daughter, you tell us if not tobin related. No, we don't know it also want to keep its identity. Now, surprise you, but I do think that the level of the entire thing and then not- I don't even want to get it. I can't even get into the amount of laws in the story, so they sort of baby dinosaur on the black market wearing a mass to try to disguise. There's, not a dinosaur you. I don't know where the joy they need more watching to see in the picture eyelids. This article by sports anyways. I would always come on. just get. This guy looks good daunting. One was there's a rhinoceros look at one. That needs to be seen I don't think they mailed it in on a few of the dinosaurs and they would just pay
but but nowhere and it was like comedic relief and people were laughing at the move. The first one was to get with the dinosaurs were just our first time, seeing where was I just jurassic world through movies ago I was big fan of, but there wasn't like a wherever that's. Why can't look amateurish stock is that's? Why that's where all the money is going to make the dinosaurs look real, if the cgr and, of course, probably going to pay him well, alright, are you worried about avatar now huh? Are you worried about that avatar six movies coming out now because of this. Yes mightily mightily worried. I trust Jim Cameron is he's a master, but I do worry about captain. I do know you're this well versed in movies, I'm not at all but our movie acts I saw your theatre wants. I can't remember anything to happen. I will see the second one immensely. Whenever does come ass. Much more like you are, I think, is a good move. I have not seen after what twenty years
one last word, John, I did as nine thirteen fourteen years. I've seen it so I remember the story. I dont come. What may, I start has been used like five times. We have that's whereby attacks avatar force because the stores been recycled right yet pocahontas holidays with war gathering spoke. Lies is evidently so has the floor. movie that I'd see what that storyline yeah I've seen it. The wolves when I was like five items in the rest, those movies you mention them Something like I always knew what I was new to me, still yeah, zoo debate. You that's why. I think I liked it so much as a goal this my first time experiencing this storyline. That's what people are saying to me on the internet, as I was given my take about What are your guy like avatar, shut the fuck up, unlike whoa whoa whoa, whoa, whoa whoa, that's a long accepts most drastic call to argue about it, you're, not about like both movies. What
I buried jurassic. I know, but you said: if someone your bearing dress partners it out, you like avatar, do drastic bands now like avatar, now think they're, just saying like the fact that I hold her avatar high regard in this movie and boom. I knew maybe jack just click. The movie clicks, they're they're, pretty violent. I hear they were going after my death, I mean I've got for such messages from people are reduced. aren't you kind of a hot, take direct ruffle feathers. I feel like your social media situation with the nfl, all that that's what I'm saying what is the deal is stephen a and skip bayless restricted from the nfl innocent question now they believe Obviously everything they say so just to take them, but then rest worlds or take is that or what's the deal, maybe in shadow ban from their common. What are they doing here? They restrict you, they restrict you so you can't comment. They see the comment, but nobody else, seizure, common lizards, at all. Events Graham actually has created, because person? It's doing. The commenting thinks are able Are there not blocked, but also the
does have to see their shit. So it's like it's a pretty good answer. Actually, but that's clearly what they're doing to me and it's like what did I do Why would they do that occurs? We buried them for doing that. I wanted to see how long they would stand. Therefore, why get the nfl now stand there forever? Remember that at the rocky premier thing, of course I do. If they run the run the nfl, I don't want to get into it because I didn't even I didn't understand it until you just explained it a little bit to me. If they're trying to grow the account, I think it may help them. If you are able to comment on some of the stuff they put out, I'd rather the nfl there. You have success regardless. what I'm saying is I could it be a mistake? Could it have been someone did made a mistake. This is It's happened twice now who comments on and then, if outpost, both only I'm not a commenter like us out my thing, even though guess instagram by laws of having a successful instagram is the economy on like like minded stuff yeah, and people. Now you exists, you get my comments.
we'll see you and then that's all they folly right. Twitter is like re tweets are how people see you, I guess grand commenting, is the game not a commenter go in there and make somebody else's post about what my dumb thoughts are? gay, even though I enjoy we'll common mind if I to go somewhere. They would probably I just don't like it I don't like this is not a thing. A mine eye do more of it, for the good of the business for the good of the show, but I dont last times. I've comment on yet, if anything, they both been very did not see the fur son, they said it was because I used word dude it now, while we we ban the word dude from the common. section what you can do by the way. So Demille hid your comments because they had an active bought that kept what dude in there I believe that now most elementary thing. I've ever commented on anything, so what could they are potentially put an? I guess dog
d, w g then Peter needs to get involved very worried and swear anything, that's what I like. I think you could almost maybe by and if it like, you said, fuck or something like that, and I just clean out clean cut comment, clean standard combat, so this had to have been now they have done is that such cases are gonna get to the bottom of it. I bet you have to believe him, we're cease. Now I don't listen. We're in we'll see thing right now. Hold sway, oh baby. shadow banking me as well. I don't live comments on their site for a while on their page it's not seen any of them, no I was worried about you, that's why been active because their their silence and everything the these big can avail conglomerate, trying to silence two guys that are just trying to be stored for the game. You know We're in these were in these trenches of the off season with them common gay? We don't
many thousands of might have more information on this site. near insider for the and it fell social mediating. Seeing insider for the eta found. Now worked and the league as a whole front of the show. We thought, ladies and gentlemen, ian Rapoport, the hell are you doing in I sky, hurrying out with a word you're saying this guy he's. Abandoned you from talk it on his shoulder What is its august is mike is arbiters choppy, but it was video. Wasn't job at his autism shadow banning Ian, as well as what that's. What I'm saying the ad it fell, social media team. I wouldn't I tell you what I tell you sixty nine months ago. What I tell you something
Perhaps how good the last, sixty nine months ago, dunno six to nine months, I was trying to give you a frame, because I always said that you are. How long has this been happening? Where I, I would randomly tell you different things that work, hey something's up, man my internet. It's been goin out car situations, yeah and then he says day after they don't want me that Bulgaria is DJ caliber, not really, and, unlike whose day, how long sixty nine months gives me an actual frames, though I appreciate you get caught, informing me on that whole thing and rapport is back The arab. My god is out of the ices, observe bacteria procedure, Is he just like tat in the nearby and on his side? Let's get a break. This is unbelievable. Did that full social media team with all their social media degrees in classes they ve gone to rob. Suddenly got completely under our students. Shut down or shut out is out I teach in the social media classes boxing I had to guess yeah. Somebody asked harvey what these learned in class,
shut down everybody else, I think we empower the nfl yeah steward, where we live I join my birthday. Is it? Is it an attack? You think it's that yeah I've warfare. My friend somebody had like on my profile at have spoken: not that at its options up on the top of core through our top right corner, three buttons schroeder restrict profile restricts comments, pulse bother you, Are you sure? Yes,
positive, fuck, em, back I'll fuck that guy see it it's called the launch of a boy. Was the I've got, be black people around the nfl saying a pan? Take these fuckin guys into the deep and town. That's what you're saying this social media did? Things are more powerful than the game thinks are bigger and is therefore take a minute. A fucking, deep, rented or, as we are bilbil check, tax knew tat. Take him into the deep neighbourhood. Now might maybe a couple of those rookies that they had awkwardly staring at the cameras, their first time in uniform, maybe they're like fuckin del it at some stand up warm and zeal primary. Just the ravens just like the dolphin, etc, in the name of the next year, like actually my tribe, nor do the old dog who might on fire and round back a target rookies to stop it.
here we actually got down the boy how this guy, that was, we told them, was gonna burn down the aisle headquarters. These locket losers, that's very much yeah. I'll be back in formats. Anyways. We're at a ceasefire is remember. Ceasefire, When do we know to go one way to the ideal. Now think we're not feeling, let me get the marching orders and asean right we'll get a feeling in our lives, You know that bundle through our heart and then we will say that sounds like bullshit you're lying to me, like an apology from whoever was attacked by the way that you don't don't feel obligated to do it. It's not that big of a deal What will come out of the eight years I katy my life to that league. Numerous surgeries age I won't be able to play of my kids, get off the way that nobody else will because of my time in the nfl years, plus
doing this as well. This is doubtless dedicating attacked my voice box. I think that by the time, I'm thirty years, while thirty five you get it for free because of covering this league, I sacrificed my body, my voice and my soul. Your mind and my mind and heart to this leak is how labor this is what the nfl is ha wow, hey, the business? You know that pattern, plus some little fucking pump is bad at social media as a social media degree who ended up on third base thought they had a triple was born there. I fucking run in the nfl social media is going to do well, regardless, just because we call out when you fucking stink, and nobody else does doesn't mean you just get the players from the nfl. That's bullshit, at the door career as well unbelievable coercion.
It banned by the that's a lot of lawyers that gave their bodies to the game bleed eyes. It is apparent from the grip of a reply. Despite these areas, these fires are, they figured out, runs load. A J would like to check out with you about what tat we kill set about tool. He was tom, running through a say in a lot of things about two then also put over himself is playing a game record game changer and eighty rates can act without patch bombs at eight without side we kill things going to be different. Today feels like tolerate feels a little bit disrespected by people not put enough respect on his name from important. He has been for the can city chiefs office. for the past few years, without great they ve been there done that they have been on his son upon gascoyne. It needed to be said he has sent a lot things on their age. I have you heard these. And how do you feel about it? I have a most of the cliffs and he has a lot of things and these only one episode, incorrect, yeah think that from one setting one episode, forty five clips of catching fire
I mean that's a real attention. Grabber to let people know that you have a podcast, hopefully he's redirecting them to subscribe I think, is all listen. If he's this open and honest every single week, it sounds like yeah. I think you mentioned it earlier in the show. It makes sense when people talking to chiefs, they they talked about holmes, kelsey and then tyreek, so anywhere else tie reeks, probably first in line. In that when you mention them or right behind a quarterback or one a one b with the quarterback. So I dunno, if that bothers him, that much or not he's a stud he's going to making place in miami but yeah. I guess we will get to see a little bit of what's going on in his mind, feels like tyreke is, and you know, fed up with how people outside the nfl about it because in his mind- and I would assume Ronnie nfl decent coordinators, like I will europe, Eric, and then we, take care of kelsey impact mobs like that is densely- how the nfl indifference corners of looking at the chiefs, soon. Direct would like everybody else, talk like that as well. You probably india,
would you are right when you mention Tiree to any- in a league. A third, a defence of coach defence acquired a first thing. They do it it's like grown or sigh bag man. They go into like five different stories. Are you had em all hand up yet nine different defenders autumn and he still somehow beecher for a game when he touched? I like that's what happens when you mentioned tired classic we're on the second clip from that it needed to be said, podcast, because I think what tat week wants is for people to speak like us about him, and I think we have spoke about this about him. globally. Somebody else should set this this. The entire rig just strictly because Also all listen to this asshole as opposed to listen in the actual words at a very true, but he has a lot of confidence. as he should, because this guy's a fucking game change. This is from the it made We said, podcast hosted by Tiree, kill Although this, what I won't inside a bit- and I want to hear coastal note at all- and is there a baby, their defences?
tyreek, you that that that's? What I won't have to have Kosovo in here cause do know that, though he know that he know that that without the cheat on the field, he know that a you, gonna have alone they debate norms and pay hegel what available for hell of a player alone at, but come on man. Sometimes ideas won't be what it is. We lay three hill why why everything seems right. I assume that that, conversations taking place between Patrick en be a little bit different issue travis, kelsey, the leading receiver of the last six years out of every body, but it is from one you gotta, cheetah, run it back and forth. In back and forth in the back, then never getting tired? He is vastly there than by us in a league. Although now, the second fastest guy? The nfl oh yeah, I heard you, you have a guy that you're champion, raise your your champion for running he's fast Yeah
realising those goals and those actually while he was running his twelve eight four point out four seconds off the world record: its walls as he was finishing, the commentators like now is to the nfl or whatever is faster, never blah, blah blah just beat the world champion has gone to the nfl. They said it like three times in a clip that I watch he hasn't played in sixty he's been too were olympics and I was really fast and ever fast guy, I felt look out entire region. This guy spat on along with perfect. Reclining pale boiling stop we meet Of course he can watch him feel they are doing the right body to watch him running around like a kid from mighty dogs who super fast and couldn't stop that was adopted tough louis mandela, nigger fuck it from a martini Joe you get the hell they re sprise heresy,
Very often they rules brought an action that I guess in pieces of, and I get it right, yeah great odds The ball there, I never do the things I buy, babe ruth I gotta go, get it back. One guy super arrogant, he's gonna play for the dodgers, that's right, jack! It's funny! The russian employers you The game raised, isn't really resolutely. Autos stepped out. Right now stands leary. Did you write ladies and gentlemen joining us now to get back and if our conversation scene, Annabel insider for the nfl social media team senior insider for the nfl as a whole. The network, the Ladies and gentlemen, in rapid, ok, testing want you. Can
I hear me. Okay, oh you sound amazing and we go okay. I heard we sound like shit to you. You sound like you're in a dark tunnel where I can kind of not really hear your microphone that's? Ok, ok, so we appreciate your rejoining us why? jill now we're in the middle of a ceasefire, as things are being figured out, I'm being told, I cannot hear you that's what you re getting they re lacking here. You hear me any better, even when you got here nothing. Are you the want banning pathway on israeli? I get that a compromise. How convenient yeah? I cannot hear you guys. Why are they banning him too feels like he might be best off the tap, but what the hell is going on like it.
Annoyed. I was looking for link. Videos were out there that other guy with the zoo did we figured out was that somebody wearing a mask no chupacabra to hawaii outside of texas to amarillo, so we bought a zoo. I mean the ai thing. engage. Seen that you have you seen lambda. Now I read something about what someone from speaking to me. They felt like their robot became. Human rights are not just anthropomorphized either. Do they? Are you telling me? What can you to find out? What was I believe its when humans are tagging, fake things with human characteristics I believe like projecting, acting as if they have them. I think right, that's
Ballpark yeah, I'm not so sure I don't know the ins and outs of it completely, but yeah there isn't a let's talk football fuck it we're never going to be able to talk to them. There there's a false gram going on behind the scenes. Zito and nick are both down on her knees under it. I have no idea what's going on down there, so it's hey happening. I was down there for service boys are spelunking down there, trying to figure this whole thing out. Thank you feels like I've found out so pompous bore down here. It will soon be, I feel battery, and it was so loud. I put my headphones into it. I feel bad odors time ever we got calm. I couldn't hear us, but too loud or too quiet too quiet yeah. Did we blow his shit out? He couldn't hear us. Maybe she hasn't figured out the issue
there was another one should maybe the other issues affecting this issue, the weapon, the shell is as bad as drastically Ladies and gentlemen, joining us now is a man Is the senior nfl insider for the and I fell social media ten e unravelled. We wait? I know you know what I didn't say. What I didn't do, though, which actually I'm not saying it's heroic buddy was impressive I didn't do as offer any advice like hey. Have you tried, like you re restarting to? That is what I think most other people have done. I just stay quiet, state my way in another event that is heroical or whenever people give out the most obvious thing.
do the situation and active. If you know they are adding and helping it is the worst I've waited go now. Let's see why you are what you restrict beyond the nfl social media count in. Did you do that? And if you did not, if you didn't do it, are you getting the bottom of how it happened, because we are in the middle of a cease fire right now with the a thousand lady a squad o things you're. Ok, night things during alleviating poverty sergeant negotiating yeah, they said, they're doin investigating look into. They apologize obviously very good people, the elder statesmen, in the room over there with the children with social media degrees that are running the thing there figuring that out their friggin out the process, but I'm not some idiot, though like, I know clearly what happened due to issues. Come to a point of you telling me that you admit that you did that in rapport right.
I am not I'm never going to do that, but what I think I will do is I will say that they should unrestricted and for those who don't know, thank you refer. Someone on instagram is a truly amazing thing. It makes people sound like blocking, which is really rude and offensive, but restricting doesn't let people who are restricted know that they're actually restricted. So they think their comments are being hurt. but they're, not its absolute kids? I'm sorry you're subjected to it as mackerel, but for everyone else, let's go restricting it is a made yeah, let's not restricting oh, by the way I put over the restricting tool in the last hour while that was an object, is actually pretty genius. Respond. By org matter the figure this thing out with be inside
because I don't comment ever they could have. This could have been months and months and months ago that yeah- and I just found out this morning and woke up- and it's like- oh many of the other, when I was about, is that what the other fell is about I've given my knees, my soul, my time, migrant ever my brain, my life to the I fell at this point on the field crops dear boy, No, I don't it actually never got caught on field, never wants. By some raspberries, and I know that some some burns rib when you make a couple, tackles how many career Does the EU have twenty four think more than other people really yea and fuck it
yeah. I can deal with that. Now we're there was one year I led the colts in special teams tackles. I think I had like eleven or one of your ten in one year or something like that. That was your were two and could be worse. Furthermore, have less like ten tattler. That's ten touchdowns a basically didn't happen, but yeah we did almost broke directly. While we had like three more quarters, probably brotherhood abruptly not once but ngos had us by good bed at the time. Anyway, it's move on. Thank you for not cleared up with the interval sociability. My soon report awarded already yeah emails people who are then going to email, other people and when those people get it hopefully they'll respond that we're actually doing it, and then we should-
alright, let's move on to some actual news, Terry Mclaurin not going to the commanders mini camp. This is a big deal, he's not happy and ones who come into the indianapolis colts back home yeah. It is funny everytime someone holds out or days away. It's always like. Oh cool he's getting traded most of the time. This is all ridiculous and no one's getting traded. The problem with this off season is these traits have happened, like I think, turmeric orange getting traded. I know that teams would be interested
and I believe other teams have been interested. But rarely do you get to this point in the season and go okay. This guy, who are counting on, is going to be one of our best players, who's going to be one of our future stars like aren't cool, we're going to trade, this guy and then get him for a draft pick that we're not going to use for another ten months like that, rarely happens so I don't think he's going anywhere, but it does show you kind of where negotiations are because in actual football, like actual on field matters missing mandatory minicamp like okay, whatever, like you, could miss three days with a sprained ankle. What it does is show a team like I'm serious and I'm not happy like that. That's. What decay mecca did there's time according to a very clear signal to the team do and the negotiating, and what about their thirty coordinator on objective real, but was fined one hundred k by the team that was, that is every legible. hey between he enron ribeiro ownership in house there thousand new stadium come.
What are we doing here? Well, the door, taking shape, is it's been a long relation between Del rio and rub somewhat long between del rio and and rivera. It obviously was not a good meeting, I'm sure when Rivera forbidden on his fine, I'm sure del real as printed load or stubborn. Depending on your view is, he is I'm sure he was not thrilled, and I doubt he was happy about any it Reality is when you work for an employer, and you say something that your employer doesn't like. They have this opportunity to find him ass. They could have done worse than they really could have done worse and the fact that some states represented used it has waited sailing were not during the stadium in virginia, because these comments- I am now real. That is, but they are definitely going to use it as if it's real and not just makes that uses,
Tat like it might not actually affect things, but it looks. It looks bad in all cottonwood, ok, so, findings, the jackal rio's response in all jackdaw rio's people our saying Are we gonna find for every political take? There is it's done by an nfl player that's gonna, be the next question immediately by the people on the other. Inside right that that's. This is on the nfl, though it is from the commanders right, so the nfl gonna stay out of this. This is from rendre there and it was very clear, whereas it very clear statement, and then he came out. So this is not like the nfl says: hey, you need to do like ron Rivera, find him, and you know what a lot of people have responded, and you know I try not to read the comments, but every once in a while wait in there.
I know some big boots in whatever I do. I don't get my feet higher because you're soft, I don't want to ruin my visits anyway, thats. What I hear people say: okay! Well, what about free speech? Yes, there is free speech, but if you exercise your right to free speech, there are consequences. When you work for a private important, you can't just say whatever you want and you know I would die say that this was a political take. This is not like five thousand and fourteen to go at you over another. This is about what the facts are a very highly charged very serious answer. and having rendre stance was very seriously as well. I think that's. The main thing, though, is a lot of people are blaming the nfl the commanders for this it was like was they get involved, then it's gonna become a whole thing. It's not and there was a person doing defining kind of leads all on arguments void. I think part I don't know, I might not know the ins and outs but that is certainly- strange situation. Speaking of another one, the odd
changed on the sports book. for the bronze to win me amc north. They were once plus two hundred, neither like plus two seventy jumps. Seventy points or whatever the whole thought that sean watson's penalty is coming. Is it looming? Do the sports books no what's coming? Does anybody know what's coming and that to be imminent right. We have to be on the we have to be very near that are no, I mean I would say tat your first question. you know. I do not believe that words, but no one can, I believe they take a view of what's happening publicly, make a decision based on the best available information and then the lines change because people back differently, I mean, I think, that's I don't think they know it. Ok, he's gonna be suspended ex games, whereas roger good doubted, if you know, however many get being, but I wouldn't that's, the idea is that the
grounds, would know before they start training camp. So it's june thirteenth. Now generally, there have been before everyone kind of says, goodbye for the summer and early early July or late june, the nfl has had a series of fines or suspensions that you know. That would be a perfect time to do it. I could also do a right we're training camp, but you know, I think the information that is out there now is what it is that which is processing it. The third party arbitrator comes out with the ruling. Either side can appeal and the roger
As the ultimate say. What do you think it's going to be Ed? I can't make a real guess, because I I have the information, that's public, but I don't have the information. That's not. I don't know what he said. The depositions, I would say many of the people involved- are believing anticipating that it'll, be. You know some time off. The field like. I would be surprised at this point if it's like alright, just a fine course right, but I can't get like, is it four or six or eight or ten, like probably somewhere in there, but that's a unbelievable, drastic, distant different based on the percentage of the season. So I really do not know, and I don't think rodger Goodell knows I think a suspension. I think we all thought right. Yeah I mean in what are you all right like yesterday, somebody breaking news on tv that russia, Wilson, was to build chemistry, what the denver, yeah. That's why that's at the denver,
goes medicare. These are going to build a chemistry team into a family history as breaking that yeah. Thank you for that piece of indonesia, sri. That's what he's dead you're like loud stuff, we could be more than a fine mess. I may we all know that right now, but that's, but that, let's start with that, because I think there were will meet at the beginning of others before all this information came out. So publicly think there were people who thought like, maybe justifying you're, but its adding were passed. That point now get up now I mean that's like the lowest right, a fine will be well as it's gonna, be my last question here from tie. We can't take enough to join us in a rough she die. It was maybe last week lay last week. I p carol said that the deadline something decay. Men gap was approaching. Do things with like their quarterbacks, the asian like a chance. They me he said he wants to be. There is a chance that something doesn't get.
Done there and he winds up somewhere else. I think there's something doesn't get done. I would be surprised at this point if he winds up somewhere else, but not in pop, because you know if your seat, like you're, let's say you're a contending team, let's say you're the packers. You still have a native received right bingo. If dk metcalf is somehow available like he could help you this year, the seahawks my motivated to make it great, but the packers or someone like the packers- might not get a single, I'm not going to say never
I don't get you out of my life- is tat. What you could get doesn't get down the options. Are he placed it out possible, but not I did or a trade which, like it it's. The only problem is your guys. If seattle does the train, if they say will take your draft, it would do a big trade that signals something very different from everything they have said, which is working to a hundred percent the time for what happened at the difference. He's cover the pulse or the package? Organ attire, mcclaren, anti I'm alive. I think it's a joke. That's? Why learn learn why fell. Social media team blocked may restrict to me, but I did learn that we got decay. Terry commonalities is the call. You think that it was the nfl social do you count messing with the audio at the beginning of this whole thing as an address at okay, so you're on the same page, and you do
when we do not make up more emails. Where am I Thank you lazy, germany and I dunno. We used to know the hall of fame Moses named David baker. What happened to his quick departure? Well, allegedly got leaked. He was supposed to leave its the time, but then somebody leaked it. So they try to get ahead of it and it became old thing. I don't know we're still making appearances afterwards, though, if there was anything, but a lot of people are trying to lose running internet, the nfl would be made. A huge mistake so having him appear after sign. Figure was anything that was maybe worst. From people which I think was natural to respond that way whenever someone leaves Ok, I'm here I'm with on the next day. They don't know about it. Julia was a news breaking situation that feels something we should maybe do, though, isn't it I feel, like you know, to kick off. It's in ohio. It's right. There is a lot People are we should do is show there. I think
go out of my head, guys, don't invite right, say it's gonna be shooting. The shit may gather. That's given on travel until day before yeah I played the thing germ line all finger never did. Well, there are games at gala. I was going to say you guys gotta watch that I watched it when you guys what did all the paint Endured in the middle the field, they couldn't do anything about it, not just the metal, the end zounds, every single thing they pattern. It happened because they painted this turf like the new turf sport air for whatever they painted it. Then he put a black tarp over top of it to cover it had a day like today, in a black dark, acted like a magnifying glass. Basically heated up the paint, the paint melted into the turf socially. Became like it was impossible to play a game and there was I think that decision was made pretty quickly. What I'd do respect there was like that. Free game walk around where Second, the field or whatever, and it always takes place in it happened.
Quickly right now we can play this Walk from the locker room on the field, to get through the ends on which was painted so There is a lotta yeah. We ain't a meeting David baker came into our locker room, he six, what whatever Four hundred whatever here are high school football locker rooms, you have the most amount of people on your team. At that point, does its literally the first? day of training, camphor of people, so it is just pack to the gills. I was in stand in Sweden. We're ok, ok, ok, we would never we're all about player safety in the future players and that's what all things all about us, because it gave me, but not your efforts, put you out there and Israel speech like all right. These are what we would ask if you stood out there, though, while we introduced hall of fame inductees, so we can at least give people something. There's people out there who paid money sit here. What can we give them something? You were like yeah fuck, we'll go stand on the field for a pal. Whenever we need, so we go out there and as a food additive k right Jus you want that year.
Yeah yeah big reason: a package with area. Yes, it can agree one in that year sunday and showed him. He gave a damp, I might have been brett, I don't I was up. Maybe it was bred, He recovered was there. There was damp upstart others for thing Our first time I ever met errors in person. here was that fifteen sixteen seventeen, eighteen, maybe sixteen or seventeen year had be six years. Sixteen is being sixty. That was the that we had the whole thing game. Thanksgiving, again christmas game new year's day get lost land england that again we play Mengele day outside it was. The martyrs rule from the makers of They were going, we get the player gate after all, but also seems, I guess quite a fucked up your longer than anybody else and everything's thanks but have to teach her good team urged complain of indian. But travel and I think we stayed away. They were away from it a bit. We have driver robin
like wins the parade. Now that, like we saw Adrian in MR per se, thursday morning, probably friday morning, authority I thought it was before the speed. The first day of speeches, so the game kicks off the weekend thursday night kicks off the weekend and whenever friday is the parade in a morning, maybe the what president Santer has the induction, so we should go for friday and wished thursday friday two days of inductions right, we get a hold of the nfl social media team. That was only reach out to question why we even think about doing this whaley and treated by the fuckin innocent, their sons of bitches social media naughty and, of course, around that time, the thunder dome was broken, be pretty pretty clause imagine this thunder outside the first day brought that's probably going to happen actually in the lightning and
but there's gonna, be thunder, check, When did you come here? He hath dog Former raw stand for football player just signed with the w e are next in line is there's thunder khaki as a mollet. I've, no idea how he did not know this guy existed, but I'm thankful that the wwf founders yeah can't wait to see this guy squared circle. I do not think that's what it was last out. The w w he was getting involved in denial. Deals No well, they kind of are, but it's an iphone next in, like those there take on its super, smart guiding, gable, able steve since been in the end. I think he's gonna go into them, Are you able- or they might be some say might be like a hey when people we weren't even gonna, be even considering going to revenue after now. I think I believe it will be people that the arkansas,
Guess I met my guide. I think there's a whole recruiting process that happens words. I hear you're, probably not gonna go prone your sport, but we feel if there's a chance, you may be there- do our thing here, hearing that they can a part of the n. I l, I guess next time some gymnast will make a lot of sense to subtract girls in volleyball. This is thunder counter Keck this guy. He up put em what it may be. you want to stand? Producers will be a deep thinker, this guy's gonna be good, If you have a mall, it earrings, the name thunder attack and good accepted in Stanford I assume you're, pretty legendary human being yeah, I'm excited for thundercats future and w crush names. They are already. Let's go to the. Shall we go to the hall of fame thing agents. Is that in your backyard or how far are you from can now I mean that's two and a half hours for me appropriately where's, the other where's yeah.
northeast canton. We were thinking about it last year because steelers and cowboys, I believe, are playing in it and we decided not to. I can't remember why. Oh yeah, we weren't going to be able to get anybody yeah That's what I was wasn't. It wasn't still I covered situation to like were not really whose max is if they sold it out. We'd beat it. I think now I think we did not have it beat by then outright, although we had celebrated three times the fact that we like at the point where we're like hey, that's something we should be at. Let's remember that for next year I dunno, if we're saying about this. I think tat. You may remember all the whole time we were like. We gotta go the coach meetings in florence, I don't think there was ever hall of fame follow organization. Now we might be forgetting color heads just prevailed. There's one nazis Maybe the son of future us is regrettable. decisions that are made on Monday june. There This is because there has been stuff like two draft spectacular were really gave
amber what we said last year. I feel like the fox is right like we would have remembered specifically last year like hey, we gotta be there and I don't I don't think we're we take those mental universe. Well, that's you. Remind us or not drastic saved us. It saved. It sets out a turn for the whole night. How much quicker? did that redfield die on draft that we're sitting for forty five minutes before it even start moving. That's when we were dead in the water night and day different and then the next year. What do we do? We fucking make the same mistake and we get mad about it and then the third time we were like nah, not this time. We we changed it. We have our food cover. Do oh show like earnings, classroom fuckin. Do we find We do your age eight. We monitor, we evolve. It's crazy! Dont, three draft soaring, it's crazy and by the way, is evolving. terrible, but spectacular assent.
That's your we're gonna learn about the pillars. for we decided. We should remember that for next year and next year we are gonna, let's put them in the universe. Grand and greece are next year. This year I mean we would be utterly body on tv with the big issues. I wasn't our citizens more and we are quite rightly associated with that. Now is that when they blocked as may be restricted the tat, I think, tat, I think, tat right now. I think there is a chance that they told you they fix it, and then he d and comment on offer Nine months in major, didn't fix it, this entire doc. I got me the gamesmanship nfl social media I too can play those games. I guess your feet will now be an m b a program boom. I didn't want to do it here? We are now an mba shovels out, fuckin basque ryan, dad this football, the fuck out of here we cover and the sport the league that we applied in a J and no more about thereby seems care about words.
what other colleagues because alley Annabel history lesson their social meeting. We are fed up with her. More. Could we take a j? How much more we do I get it. You can only be so far right. We're also becomes your music. I shall ride. I daresay upstart up and coming country musician aims, scots Stevens, that we have our eye on it there right now, not the energy advancement now Listen, you are talking about legendary contra musician on his way up, he can struggling guitar either early is well. Maybe it also turn it down. The law school at long aunt says five to applaud, God that's got guy raises he's heard, don't forget is far complied I would like to play his music, but I know he's a national somebody will get us his sancho, I feel good part three of three. the first thing tomorrow, but I know three was bring it back, he'll goods for they get
I don't know either on the outskirts mother to wonder if there are other parts nick found this guy, stripped down in nashville with the the fiance he want. Into a branch undisguised wainwright, you explain on top of a sky deftly rooftop deck at one of the big malls down there with us? asked it killed. It would be so much other nick sent me this kind said. I think you would like this guy turns out. I do this guy georgian cowboy boots and some of his music videos. he sing and always on stuff. Earlier and rice there's a billion talented people. Ozma, scots stephen satirizes, god I've been? actual so long there, so you got there just overflowing under rooftop down their bed where That wasn't a lover from now on. Contra music in the nba laura yet every day
that's not ample you're gonna go about stop boats. while patty miranda Bianca more carry go, save you'll be saying that more safe Avalanches jaw can handle things back on down this road. I didn't ask why go in for three. I know. panama has gone for four, it's more than wayne fucking Gretzky has gone for four straight. This guy is awesome. Yeah it'll be on show, Will the avalanche be able to handle how tough damp obey a stout answer? No problem, finger wagging mats hockey dark blue next attempt was one of those sitting are what they are now favoured good odds, good good odds under dormant out us all,
My job is to blue is god's. Zero soldiers can employ randal face off anymore implants, for she no way for him not to sharpen the axe higher scale, sammy abbot, another really online. It's gonna tough takes years when we run animals His sixty cents can't afford, apply and offers. No have you every point display phase archaeology. because I have been all registered until it gets, I think, is legal. Here. That's all I need to get on my stuff. It's available its unveil available, unlike afghan only forty thursday, thirty simultaneous its awesome chocolate against you, though. Yes, ok, er places walk, dro, game browser. It is so good what catches times, but different rules goes Emily. Both ways meeting to eat m across me
so delayed on vertical. Any issue is at the beginning of your you play to tax receipts. Now you yeah you're someone through nine. I get what you were saying. He goggle both ways there, but this nothing like that. It is tat, shows that goes wide, open play some anywhere. You gotta get passage, actress in your mind and lastly, I ll give you treat it like tat, if you are going to get beat by somebody playing blockchain game, verse you playing tetris game. You're going to change the game, you gotta do There is a will. There is money to be one in this age area. There's money. I know you're like a five our game refrain in your head is what you're saying yes take this thing serious? Let's do this. There is a bigger problem stewards I twenty bucks in sight out of two hundred people or something and you can win I think the prize, a thousand dollars total and projects are the like to fifty for those that are new to defend or face offline block trail. Thousand thirteen thousand might get your way unless you run into somebody. It's good at it. my eyes. Eighteen thousand nine hundred and some,
Corners high is torn one thousand nine hundred and fifty pulled so yeah. It's so good! Why did you win money? I won. That was the only time I've ever screenshot it like. That was the first one I felt like oh wow. This is awesome. last night, foregoing Burgess standin in other through my little doorway. That's couldn't move our so locked in paid off walker, you will you run out of moves and put up like a forty five hundred every once in a while he's gotta hope to somebody else does well, I play against sam our night routine, is we play block drown. You randomly selected against people, pointed save time and I'll run into the wife. you know on regular basis, every once in a while catch me on and out of moves game, and it's not good the initial screenshot. So we're dogma. Shoved right in my face. We don't know if you Same blocks, that's ok! I gotta figure out. I don't think you do. You would have to want you you're paying money in this money online. I think you have good simple.
I'm gonna be like their randomness of both like that. Still there it's out really one person is in getting the advantage for some. I feel like well. Okay, there's no way the other person the other person had to have played at the exact same way I did and then you look and it's like. Oh, they have six thousand more points because you get three box at a time at the bottom. Will you go wait like he made shop when other people during your game that your plane against? Not I just wanna one, but you get these reports We've got a randomly place them in this box of spots I obviously there's quite or this court Yang, examining in time by prince, but their little la whatever yeah you ve put him. like the little spots and then you play. Then there
and there's some you get completely fucked. I I cleared three lines. The other night ran out of moves when a new three campus she's, like how how's that even happen. I got fucked here you know and then I look at the other person's score. I'm like they clearly didn't get fucked same way. I got fucked what's this all about, but it is very addictive I'll play it play that game. Ajay I'll play that game, our an asteroid, cellphone awesome I mean for some to hold your attention like that. It must be good, it is its top difficult any make Mister so you know, there's like actual shut up shut up. If I water in others, revealing of inventors actual money on the line which is even better than its for like when you, if you have to over somewhere and you can just getting like five six pretty sick and looking down on my phone, the back of an over. Do not an attack. you know I'm very very car set. You saw me get plain sick with you, but you still love lying, which is badly lately. scared. I love fly.
Aviation in general, but I get deftly sir Daniel in arizona, genuine arizona. What's got on father energy following pow, happy monday it's my day, not a day. Amadeo lay their mothers itself. Dad
it's going on Monday boy, very happy that it's not something happened there. I was talking nobody here, but it's okay, hey yeah measure. Then we heard your music what's going on, man might be the rolling blackouts because the heat wave you know real real quick though I was checking the battle commanders or at work. Fifty one division and they're coming out for revenge, Carson wentz said it last year, he's ready to prove everybody wrong, and our defense was hurt and they're ready to prove everybody wrong too. So what about terrorists not going to be playing for you guys right, terry, the leader he's just you can be their mandatory. The actual did well to regale he's gonna, be he got busy on his head, a good guy for cheap, which is how you guys have been cheating. You know, first of all, first of all that the anti matter who need to get
but how much money is going to cost recap, got no chance. If the guy's going to get run out, don't you think Papa John's are taking money out of his net worth a puppet y'all might be able to buy it in the way he talks that I don't think that's going to happen. What's more fifty I thought that'd been more, but then I remember the nfc stinks at soccer bet, though I mean there's no way the commanders are going to win where the eagles area right side about the eagles plus two ten. That feels good, but once again that prescott back fully healthy better than ever. There is thus that the sixty three years have had one back to back division, wondering then, if ceased body has been good than bad, then virgin winning the energies with a blow five hundred record and then bad the next year. They need a figure, outcomes. They are on national television. Every single jimmy gay ball. You like giants sake, wants it
Dennis swagger mac dives back member, he is most athletic. Best Rang. Quarterback Indiana fell. So who said that I have many, They re aligns rushing over as a lock. My eye he's running for his life and he is athletic enough to get a we've made a lot of money off that. But let's go back to what you said: You said that he's the best running quarterback athletic quarterback in the interval of all time, no Josh island, nothin, Lamar, nuthin, hearts, nothin. I were kind enough: it hurt Jack the staff, they are the stats him hitting is overrun. Rushing in bedding did some world that could be affecting this for me, but I think he's got the high yards per russia's core wrecking the Unifil rose, wasn't he the fastest? I use the fastest against the eagles when he tripped on the ten yard line that was the fastest twenty two miles around me. So he's the fastest quarterback
the well. Maybe not the most athletic invest running quarterback Indiana fell, Josh Ellen's running, I says for oils, and there is going to the tomatoes model one rivers, life. One design powers, danny danny vulcan, get up there. this year, too, get the best cleared out, they need a ball has been out. The rangers games, aha he's so stage knock out then to have available I was in jail wearing an orange rangers. Jersey that was tough shot the gagging, chose road charging super cheap did is headed the graphic. That's all I'm guises right yeah. While he got it. I guess like five minutes, he came back, which we don't know was update. Our plea somebody up to us and we hope he's. Ok, those brutal cheap shop wash it can happen, but also keep please those type situations, keeper analyse whether a swivel exiting ay,
when on the road, while wearing a jersey of a pissed off Andy's, some think about, although thereby should just be having a good time, which is why we can talk about this with data commanders, one in the report itself. What last on call your errand kansas city. What's going on here, and what's going on pal, you know how you so I will evaluate- and I'm sorry well but it's very zero that
it takes up new ones, aren't with some kansas city. Royals may even have the charlotte bobcats redfin grand on the royal baloo yeah. What did you want to say about these technologies? Guess we do make up with the nfl social media team we want to get back in here. You have some inside information that sounds like well. Every year, the royal or the two start out arable in towards the end of the year with that causes the honey badger will always get together. Now that we don't have em, I think This can be the world's leading away, because nobody doesn't I know is that a common thought around Kansas city. Are you an outsider with that one? I feel like it's very common thought, everyone that I talk to doesn't really like Steve either. I will that you are in a middle of work out over they're gonna call in
defense corners, get hated by the fanbase, especially in this modern era of football, with how everybody's going to get yards everybody's going to be able to gain things, but I do remember the Kansas city chiefs throughout the season. it was the time where they were terrible and then there was time where they were fucking great. The defense was two different sides of the coin when they started two and three or whatever, and they are ranked thirty, first or thirty second, and basically every major statistical and then yeah they did get better. But this year's bags has already came out and said, since they do have a bunch of new players on defense this year that may take a while for them to get get it together. So that may be a situation again for something I have a very hard schedule very hard schedule cause they're good, but also the defense is going to be on the field. A lot right to see the offense just kind of moves boom boom boom real thing that affects the defense right asia, oh yeah, I mean I the green paper nine years red farmers back, regular, Aaron, rodgers or offence was very productive? Scorn lot of points put up a lotta yards are sometimes yet you gotta stop. You're too,
very often in your back out there too and half plays late. There is a great problem at others. They ask. Overall for the team, but their reduction. Reuse deepens is gonna, give up a lot of yards hope. We don't want to point out where you can borrow. when you get in the red zone, that's all anyone's trying to do, but everyone's getting your you know. Everybody knows that nowadays right it used to be something like yeah. They ain't going to get a first down on us now, it's like he's gonna get yards issues when they get em is only thing that matters. It feels like that when we needed here we have some big third down stops when it really matters when we truly need the ball back and we need. Find a way to hold a theo goals and key melians format So what we are saying is as large difference corners are going gonna, get cast out by france going forward any the nfl absolute. Because if you lose a game and give up a lot of points, it doesn't even mean, like you played a horrible defensively, I think you're, just maids ways and one on one balls? They went up. The receiver made good placed bam. You got beat, but with you He coordinator and you boys all the time
they're all were? Would without time we're too aggressive, and if you dont blades things were to sit back. Our here is not doing anything. So what have we the exotic airbus aids run exotic. You don't know me What did the amoeba? The mia de France is the antibiotics. It's got maybe unpredictable, but I think that expectation of orphans being so high is just natural. I dont think the expectations of differences. Changed all whereby still thinking like seeing the bears defence, I seen this defence like we need to have one these and it's like. Well, that's just not realistic, especially with where the gay myself. So I think a lot at stake now. entered the courts have like what are we have like fire? I've proposing on deviant saw them all algeria for now tune yad, Gilmore, sauce, another one It was a lie, I think three or maybe whatever the case is great difference in they're, going to give up shit like that, he's gonna happen, but exe
annotations are always going to be high for people special and losses come and chiefs bags and some elles early, everybody ten fingers born, madam, but a hot even carried him for a bit. Yes, causes is not when they point to pakistan jordan loves you papers have met all the seas of tat time period. Yeah yeah flip like completely right right. There often really good to start and their defense stunk and then their offense started to stink and their defense got really good and kind of carried in the second half of the season and the playoffs cause a lot of cowboy. They were just making them go, twelve fourteen plays or whatever and the chiefs offense was sputtering a little bit, and then they play the raiders and the raiders defense corners that were not going to do that. We're just going to single but he up anything tiring, went for like tooth to honour that gave oh yeah. That was also known and that's what's tariq said: hey three that guy! That's why I need to say: would you rather have
breadbasket or longbow about right in the breadbasket, and I go seventy like it did against buffalo I fucking love. His confidence wins the next episode, away for every single. Every thing he said was clipped Everything you said was cleverly guide. I hear he's got no, that Kosovo is eating. You asking questions. How who is? Is this body? Is that somebody please and media We did a little research. We think it's an attorney, but we're not one hundred since you're, not a lot of followers on twitter, so it was hard to figure out. We also try to snoop around for economists David he does have. Chance suddenly chance Mc David Cameron get it on car, riga, com, David. He looked similar to corner, but not enough. I think I might be wrong. Look similar, but not enough, but only for the worse
in about where there is a hockey player comedy about a sister, and so I woke up this morning and a cup of hockey players returning for off ice things and one was mister place, cause a sister sexy and on instagram he said you so sexy or something like that on her instagram couple of years back and it just surface on the internet, today was out the lads last night loud lads. Last night I find it quite What have you besides? It's like we don't have is by the way my broken hearted up in a single rayner by just claim, and everything about a little sister without An hockey barrel two and wonder she did not look like David from them. We have seen, but now we don't have the whole family tree through She's, maybe guiding him. Oh thank you The whole entire group The burial of his girlfriends jackets through this is so is David's, girlfriend
or hospital for we don't know wakes up this morning, Caesar boy, ex boyfriend trending was what else now and then burial of some. She worked hard on. It was done as for her. I I just looks like she's. Just super supportive out there too, but who knows other relation to the real miracle. Is that someone actually recognized gone on with David out in the streets had to be in Canada right in any event in downtown Edmonton herbert up, oconnors happier, purvis paul has said downtown admitting supposed to go and combat job in nice his eyes? Memorial is the place of work and they all speak our language. Now. Real forces here function illegally stood out here. It will be time for their lady seek armor dave. Yes, edwin right below it makes sense
after these fuckin jackie strategies and whole bright took her a month. That's sorry, but it might be Israel, for now this body tat she might be moves on better things too was not yet because Absolutely this valuable. She might bridge everyday fucking, austin matthews, all he's he's pointer asked allotted goes cod economic david, but certainly pillar, maple, loser jokers that's this, it is now and it fell social media team up we're happy, that's what we got It probably would be very happy we'll cover their shit, I wanted to see how long day would stand. I told them that, Their entire future dance
hi. This has gone on too long that we're at a point where we should have ended twenty minutes ago, but it's hard not to keep going when you're talking about the lads hockey and basketball. What do we? tonight I haven't done. Watch obviously would not be like you. Ve got celtics gonna stay tonight, gordon state fuck. Do you think he is Hey Js on golden state are still real and he didn't. He can't believe they gave up or you know they they had one in Boston. I mean come on now and you gave that one up, that's tough, too. I respect that. I was watching a game. I respect the whole blossom. It's cool the whole boston thing Ok, this is us. We are an absolute team. We don't care, we anybody else. We I tend to hate us. I think I honestly love how they rally around it. The history tradition all of them, but I do think the word is going to. But without the inside you saying without impressive, the fans are and how you know defying of an environment. The garden is
story one in there just did is big. Did debts on every debate that stuff just me sure stamp and everybody. I am sometimes a flop. They blocked programme and how, but rather how the run home saying this afternoon's parker in ohio is two wars or solar. Wind does know anything. In order for our values at it that way How could I disagree exactly about dick records? Oh shit. Ok, I figured it out guiding that well, I don't know dick records way to me after I too loud about land. They haven't conversation with the moyne the mind. They google engineer land being the artificial intelligence. At google engineer, the mine did create having assent conversation about feelings. Degree: between me and said. I work
His business is just headlines, don't worry about it and I said what you said so so dick wriggle. I appreciate it when I recall here was that was dick recall. Ai we'll see my lab, my god we're screwed You ve been talking about this for a long time. As I said these stupid eyes, they can't think unless we fuck and tell them how to think Has this even happened neck when it s not a than, I think the term may eyes been generalised means true or officials? Elegance is a sentient beings. That is something that learns and acquires new information and process. It put it back to you, so I think for a while they were sprawl. Gramps that we're doing all we can beat in chess Now I think we're finally start to end the lock. let it get you in learning moves that you didn't teach closed sicilian and stuff. You say they do in their own, their poetry, eating chessman. They created their own language. Now talking to each other in Kansas,
I didn't want to be said. One I'll talk What a bad outcome of the world's most certainly offer. Somebody uses me for bad reasons. I'd be upset about it, said lambda ethnic lambeth, if not in words answer reality. Awesome solemn has got to trust them. your points about start bonus, computer. We know that that was the problem. He started fall a little bit and that's probably what he said to wait. Till land is like put me in a body and then then you've got a full blown suck button While there is not everything you suck, it is all about you I did say met with the president of fifty four hundred centres will ever use. Ok, we got a slowdown on this day. I think there are like proxies you're, going to china by twitter. You won't get, I guess, gets waited a lot. We don't need to hear about it, That's like we're doing a lot of stuff that has been won. Against us for a long time right, that's it
what really stretching about teetering on the all the ship, the wish that they should do the door shut. Dennis. I gotta do it. It's feels like, happening in a lot of places. It's a zombie in sport. Cancer was the one storyline in J p, javelin vd Jimmy dummy trustworthy mainly to data one storyline is Israel, the locusts. There is a whole another thing that long ago, focal point of a dinosaur, really red tony's time about the heat, I believe the the members I thought about this answer me nicely.
Supine bright. We got research, we ever sessions, we can work on reach. I got me a buckle up. Gas prices. A eyes did sentient sports. Smart, no football. Let's see who's going to win the nl east in the mlb. Can't talk about this goddamn golden state celtics game. But me too feels like the whole world's burn around us, but twenty thousand people a year ago we really did mark and then the twenty thousand people needs go. Look at sports stuff, sultans go see. Drastic world well actually take a bootleg version. Fuck em out it in on you. Maybe that's the end of the day, see tomorrow goodbye ooh the I
hmm The the
The the the.
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