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PMS 2.0 685 - Brian Urlacher IN STUDIO, General Bob Carpenter, Trent Brown, & AJ Hawk

2022-06-15 | 🔗

On today's show, Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys chat about the new development that Gumpy could potentially be getting married to Lisa Ann, the Stanley Cup Finals tonight and what we should be looking for, loose news floating around in the NFL, and a US Open preview. Joining the progrum in studio is Hall of Famer, 2005 Defensive Player of the Year, 12x All-Pro, 8x Pro Bowler, member of the 2000's All Decade Team, Brian Urlacher to chat about his NFL career, his thoughts on the game today, if he's ever considered getting into commentary, what he's up to now, his new company Ludex, what sets apart the good and great players, and much more in an incredible convo (0:00-52:02). Next, The General, Bob Carpenter, joins Pat and AJ to chat about his debacle of a night at the Coldplay concert in Tampa Bay, the power being out in Columbus, and whether or not Ohio State's championship hopes rest on his shoulders (1:11:36-1:29:43). Later, Super Bowl Champion, Pro Bowler, Right Tackle for the New England Patriots, Trent Brown joins the show to chat about what makes New England different, his career path, if anyone on a football field has ever been bigger than him, his relationship with Mac Jones and Bill Belichick, and more (1:29:45-1:47:11). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show, and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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Whatever they're saying these days, do it for half the price at applebee's for a limited time dine in only price and participation may vary hello, beautiful people day this program's history. It is Wednesday june fifteenth and we show that we're not doing what we've been doing it for three years now. It's already worn out Russell Wilson stole it from us and obviously started doing it with the denver broncos, but nonetheless, today is a massive day, not just because we have general bob carpenter in the second hour or six foot, eight three hundred and eighty pound tackle from the new england patriots, trent brown join us in the third. Obviously, that's huge aj hawk will be here in about an hour or so, but joining myself in the toxic table at ty schmidt at Boston college. I am one half of the hammer that cowboys dad's cowboy hat looks good today we're talking yesterday. He took the hat off it.
Instantly shut off the flow a little bit. People haven't seen your face without a fucking hat on it for like a year or so. I dunno about this good to know. Yeah, you ain't good for speaking, a good flow, Okay? That was a long time, but this man was not known for that, but now, all of a sudden, his hair is impeccable, he's obviously a hall of famer or a fucking stud. Whatever your name is said around football communities, they say what a fucking freak show. That guy was now he's a five handicap usb two and cables. This guy fucking stinks ago, an absolute specimen, a former safety for the university of new mexico, the university of new mexico sorry about it. First ever hall of fame or in the studio, co, founders of that's one of the new political logic. Sorry not acts, sport cards thing that it's gotta, be, I think, very, very popular lunatics though. Well, let it. How do you like better pay rolodex? Is that why? it's probably why you did right and wrong. That's all that's cause. It's a logic of all your cards digitize much there weren't any
I buy and share and talk about would dive into it. Lays down the briner like that kurds were helping me and PA too. Hey. Thank you. For I a end. This is when you walked in your hazy. Those goes in yeah, oh yeah. We were talking to him. Zero talk, caruso last weekend. Now it's all grew across I'll kill. Grace now is anybody you take out for lack of any by trying to tackle crime in a while. I gotta outside homeless diatribes, given ryan at tat rate. Is nice at the airport? Vs tries to get right right chopped down ass with them. Anyway, thank you for your Yeah, that's wrong! I you making mean, I guess it's fun couple days for me was arizona. Ok, Do you know you're going to live there? How did you end up in arizona weather? I started in off seasons when you live in a cold ass place like Chicago. Yes, we try and find places to go warm. I grew up in new mexico and then about
In my third year I started figuring out: hey guys, leave in the offseason, so you don't have to be here all year round. So I went to arizona- and I was like I'm staying here face, but you still keep up with the game yeah like I'm a huge football fan the fun about football now is, I can bet on it. Yes, it a joke and great yeah it it's! How are you as again, but pretty good, definitely not good at it yeah who? Is it so hard? It is impossible to think like. I think I should know some shit. I don't when it comes to betting, it's impossible. Well, that's the thing like whenever I was in the league. You know: lot of italian france, uk, and I don't want to just paint with I brush here on the pythons. I do believe that has been part of their culture for a long time, possibly so like when I would hear what they were doing and gambling I'm like man. I don't think people in our locker room know what the fucks going to happen this week, I dunno how you guys are predicting it, and I think we experience that now that we're trying to bet on games like all I got good these teams, but That's what I'm fucking clue. Where no idea I played, I was there, be some other hager, your plus
This week I like what the fuck is that plus three young enough worse, that our retires look at his bedroom. I so you start out three points: and yes, I have no idea now. I gotta figure it out but figured out real good, but it's impossible to know and the the lines I don't understand how they make them so precise, yeah there's. Andres how tantrums every week controllers I don't want you, don't wanna be ahead of time for them yeah. Why this euro zone sunday, politics, amer indiana, vote that slowly yacht there? What do you need use only need for games. Do travel wearily! That's right! That's already that change in our seas and gary. That's it do you, the game now all the old heads do because I believe europe player that was in the helmet to helmet era. And I think you would be able to fit in just there looking for brine or lack of right now, the land back residual, big, now the fly there. That's what they are now the games built on speed, as did other running game, is not the saint. Now there were little bubble passes. The shore passes for the running game, maligned
There's no are also the investor all for five thousand four five guy for most of my career Sk oversight, may not a bet. There's no really big inside landowners and more about saigon, obviously replied my size, six four to fifty five, but the inside geyser sixty six one to twenty five or they can fly. It's all save these right, almost like a binding down, which is what you exactly what right be able to say to you in high school in college pirates are yes, not a good one, but I could catch the them. If I did, I did feel the ball and had a great move run straight every time. Well, how big were you in high school? Did you grow late in high school? I was skinny as I was. I graduated six four one. Ninety graduate six, forty two, forty four upside finnish colleagues, six, four yeah I wanted. I participated in the first six, four two, forty two, forty five, something like that. Where are you right now to fifty once I left home, I was to forty three good. We too sixty right now watching what five guys
yeah for sure I love you, I'm not going to change the way I eat until I have two other food. So what do you do to stay in shape? You start like roger I'd like that. Is it a right of mountain bike, my road by my gravel by and for lifting of major lifting pushups and inside us, unless it all day every day, I do so by come home do visa. We shall have any I'm eliminated as why do my first says like ninety, if I can get that far sandra straight through stricter six five, two for a little bit more, I do want an incline not all the ways awful it isn't just see. John doesn't want to decline equal to speak on the bench the other way I can do their knowledge of it seventy and then on bother he's got You got these got from all over europe, saying maybe one first, eighty to ninety put, not not not just by nasa good luck that you're crazy. You know you're the first set, and now
oops some abs in between you know some of the weird stuff crunches, whatever then you'll notice that try to get to eighty or ninety again and then I'll clean up some poop from the also the donkeys as much as the rest through some more abs and then we'll do one more set I'll, probably get to sixty five or seventy in the last one every day, not every other day I ride my five days a week if ago, maybe six, if I get that sixty in and then it was like a hobbyhorse far so through my goal. For the year I'm trying to, average five hundred miles a month, six thousand miles on the year. You I could take you, don't you think you had something? That's yes! So golfers, my competitor thing and biking dislike supper. Headphones on and just pedal. It's fucking great man, the mountains grey This is different than the road and I just goes like therapy. I got there pedal one is how to shit around arizona, so I lose like ten pounds. Hey I outside right now I can eat whatever. I want. Hey welcome back to humidity soc. I was just in florida too. I like florida committed cause the water, but I live in the west in the ocean, but this is different.
Also it just a sick sauna with no real. You dig up greatest warm in the mid west or we're happy we like you are you get the venture back to Chicago much obviously spent along. I should go back, though this wigan, ok- relationship like with the bears new staff? New GM knew everything the have not speak to didn't her couch eryphylus like him didn't want all you ve got hold of me. He doesn't call you pissed. No, I don't. The personal should give if I don't care man, you do do its work. Do the wind do that. That's what it will do that, It's gotta me great. If not don't give a shit about the reach out to me. Hey we're gonna! Do some good things like his lineage robber. Nellie comes from that that brain. For, by which I know them play hard issued on dogs, which is good, but there probably watch a lot of dirty saw them arizona. We don't go out get. In a situation where the bears where the burnt sakharov cowboys very realistic
I was games down there, yeah jere know each other pretty well or know elmo well, but I've met him a few times. I like him, he's great what a driver for the league knows what he's doing: seventy seven million every hunger, what vessels bread where we found that whenever covert happen, if anybody who is on vaccinated the reason for the spread of poverty, cancer, the game the team would have to pay other team, whatever amount is normally made on game day job the joneses, its top seventy seven million dollars every that's a lot of good for him, so much business, Annabel business right now and I like pump. The urine lot acts because I love your a businessman earlier. There are, but sports are only go like Israel to design a good training charges a kid. It's cool, you know, have a couple of trading cards, but I never knew how much those things were worth ever when someone tells you awesome, as far as worth eight hours and really I'm so rich- and I was a kid- a budget- always eight cents
he's don't know if this app will tell you exactly how much the cards worth, which is. I appreciate that now, but you have sports is on we will do and verify the cards. I believe it out that we're going through the less I may not be verified the card you can have. Your entire collection on their people are looking for. Tat can reach out, you'd even buy it. It's like a fucking. It is that you man, it is everything you could possibly want, organize your whole collection for you, but more points on which is worth. That's all you're sure about my car's worthy like this. This It is a weak, but it's bad ass. So entities were trying to come in a really it's out and then all of a sudden urban areas like wait a minute I dont know. If this is it at all. Thrusting actual cards. I think and this is just as somebody does not collect, I'm just looking from outside and have to have like a baseline shit. That's going on feels like with the downfall
after his summit. After not all enough these entity, people are fucking come after me. I understand I understand, but with the people that do tell me. Ninety nine percent of them are shit. One percent of them's good beer, but I think the actual cards regained like a lot of values through that entire process. Can people got interested in it? business. What's up, Oh here's. A business has been around for a long time in cards, so it's almost like perfect I mean for luddites. In cobra- I guess I was just out of trades nd trading cards over here. I don't know if it is just the name of the place we were just there and the guy was like during covert with the the industry took back off again. You said it went crazy. Because africa, there was gonna. U replacement address you play too. I got this right and catch up you sign august. The powers that, when that big deal of a deal for while I just took back off again now that we can get on do stuff again too Zita, which requires refer amazon now, apparently that that store had a jordan, the car that- worth over like two million dollars and shit. Yes, there was some bad asked jordan stuff in his whole career,
The top bar has over one thousand jordan cards trading cards on it, yeah, so you're doing a a break, a car in florida, Tom Brady, I've never done it dude. I just that's nor then we will have to do. Is at your dinner mediaeval back apart. How was I think, this whole entrepreneurial ism spirit that every young generation kid seems to have now, because everybody understands that they can be an entity of themselves, a social media which is great baby. This is very good news if you can employ yourself for yourself and work for yourself. I think its immediate accountability, but with kids learning about cards and then these well. If I hang onto this one now, you're almost learning like future earnings in like patients in like fight like, I think this is great for all. What's happening. What this generation you hear about the denials in college lawyer holy shit. The money you know like that, you're kids gonna get involved this. You might This, I think, is good. I think I was always advocate for the kids getting paid, because I've dealt with anti delay would make all the money, but
it's kind of this schools little money that we get the best players in the incomes of schools. Are they already do already, but now really gonna happen like this excellent around the ban was schools the house day, o o o o you two shots about saving and jimbo olympic shots at now, doesnt fight each other than would be the one of bernard. I thought it was great, but it's true, though I mean now it's just legally paying this guy was. They showed me getting paid the chaldean time because they make all the money for schools and for that answer, doubly the crooks or make him I've always gets you may feel. So? Where are we at no time here in our own had gone. A red button has all about. You seem like dinners therapy knocked the guys know that by don't go anywhere me neither. I am a homebody to home work and work and not so much the work part for me, but yeah definitely home around here, especially the couple of days. How do you do what his retirement
gonna children love it. So when I did, when I shouted down, I'm going government turning to do anything for as long as I can can't I get bored. And there are some days like what the fuck am I going to do today, because you can only ride your bike so far and golf. So much attention days off listen, there's on the couch, couches fumbling with the demo. Faced with the dogs but manage I don't know a good listener. Lottery amiss that my teammates. I miss the cultures. You're amazing you buy tuna test, as is the people in the building. If the players and other coaches swimming room and training training room equipment, guys the guys took care of the field, the video guys ate lunch in the video room every day my whole career I go on. I'll get my lunch. I go lycosa. Their me owen garza brad maynard patch. Remember, though, sidney launch indians, every day I did I'm that's your majesty, are on the same people all the time and that's what I mean retired le teammates, yeah yeah. But Who are you? What, for? I was thirteen years with the same people every night got
I don't see him and whoever it was ever. I mean you see them when you go back and stuff, but it is like a vastly different relationship like that. Yes, it changes overnight, you're like damn which I like those people they want to catch up with them. Just like you were right, you fall re back, it was, but they, the nfl, was so interesting, summoned w w we now yes, every level being w w e and you see. The way they operate. Work in, like they'll, do you know people get cut from the company and the reaction from the fans and from the company is like they do that? What is this all about? I'm just so numb to it, because I eat lunch with a guy for literally six months straight. This guy is covering a kick for me. We are very our businesses. Our lives depend on each other. We have lunch after lunch. I'll, never see that mother fucker again, he was cut just because somebody else got hurt, he's gone will get a text. A couple acts will run into each other. Hopefully it like a wedding or something I'll, never see him again. So I think we become kind of immunity that entire thing, but whenever,
done. Everybody's got arose as I realise how much of a business it really is on a day to day shit with the cuts you'll be back some of the guy one day, he'll be meeting room, and you like next day, different. But I haven't really sick. What was I just got his number two or three. I think I was you. Wanna go crazy. How fast to overturn is enduring seabed they even very season because now I got more buys on to each seem or that bigger squads, so they can. They can you know, maybe you can use them is more often, but it is. It is fascinating thing, because whenever everybody leaves the nfl normally and I want to go, your point of view on this. I've said this a lot, a lot of retired guys. Just talk to draw grievous about this fuckin use good Zena, having now terminology eligible either he's comin out the next two years, the as he's gonna gotta he's a fucking island, you with it
but you will vote on it, not we're not voting on a sigh, not all bad, the first time hall of famer in studio. Thank you for your wish. You weren't radical jacket, told me now that we didn't fucking know and the show was starting. We didn't know we were on request It places a somewhat requests that might bring in this we could never done it is humanity will call you back all the revolver. Let would work like out of your yea outlets majesty. Then. You walked in here. There's all stocks breakthrough that what we don't know you're, smart, that's not all families were the ones voting on that thing. That's not the way through are incorrect. It's the media, the sports writer, just like the n b, a and baseball as the sports writers, the guys who played their whole lives play the game high school college and I fell. They vote not going never play the game. Are the ones who vote on whether or not you should these guys who, you know, retired, Give me one guy like cannot this personnel zack tons,
fuck exactly. How often point is that with my right, any other linebacker lose even close to solving or being a hall he's right, with us, if not better, wisely vanities ignited men out of this- and I don't know I haven't order- I know I can get it its business. Every year I advocate for him to get in and he was a finalist but you don't put him, I don't understand it, so we can follow up with this. I guess I didn't expect to have this conversation are now underway. This good news people are learning things right. I just so awards that happened right. Big protectors of how many have lost. I think this is why I think it's because the amount of water engine like him back the high school I mean this is high school. This is a desire thing accumulation where I ve had to re frame awards. In my mind, it's almost like obviated by, but it's real like once it's an award, I think its awesome, I think, is warranted congratulations, but we should also immediately look at whose voting body, whose voting for the word, because that they're the ones deciding so do we give a fuck what there
in his or not like. That is something that I am not saying that we don't browsing one, but there is a lot of that that I think kind. Vat should be talked about more. That isn't talked of a sort of given a word every year, while the bright allowed on a bad guy said what aaron rodgers appear, he's not affairs guy, that's a hub argument in Chicago we're. Gonna bears guy told you said: Aaron rodgers was the when you say that sky are because, if we at sea as a and obviously but I think he has all framework, I'm a big guy, you're gonna get a huge register ambivalent due to bad us anyway, I see a man I we're talking about the voters are not words, all the various other right Brian piccolo award it's an internal ward guess we vote on it as a bit for me. I wanted I gotta twice as a big award, because your teammates vote on aghast at massa shit that married my teammates, my peers, not the coaches, not the sorry fans, but not the fans, the media. I love the fans, but the fans love you too. It's okay. I love them back, but I'm saying it's the ones that mean the most to the players, I believe, are the ones that your teammates vote on your peers vote on
because if we really want to re, evaluate yes and that's you wonder and their respect. When yours when you're corrected was at your decision or similar mostly mine, but it will come up. I thought I could who played memory was subject to art my knees of the year before muscles in twelve. I heard it played thirteen. I wouldn't have played out on the field season. Thirteen often that good, but do they fired lovey, as I thought I was afraid to work up Zaza agent. They fired him new staff, it will actually upper. If so, what I want to say is, I think, a lot of guys careers. They come in ITALY. There happen to be in I am happy to be in the other than business happens, you're jaded! Then you expect it's long enough in the nfl normal, except for some gas, some diversion the high salary, the highest contract at every single negotiation
good for them to grasp minka for smash by him? He just got to eighteen million per year- thirty, six million guaranteed. I think it's good, for it he's a bad ass. He is so good and he gets the ball. He's a ball hockey hits he targeted like that, congrats him by whenever you know how that was gonna go gotta, get you shoulda. They get jaded through their business than towards the end of their career. They see the end in sight or restart enjoying the day to day more in a normally how it ends with most guys in the end, a felt they played along time. It's not normally their decision, so for the first time in their football career. Somebody installing I'm, ok, you're, not that enough. You gotta get out of here, especially longest. So those guys, jaded towards lead towards the sport they disappear. Little sending normally come back. Did any of that happened within I in jail? You look out get cut, I can see if you are making a lot of money- and you know the last two or three years. A lot can happen to a lotta guys in that play somewhere else for a much less so much less money and the old place. Well, not because they might worry about it. Just doesn't work out the same. Maybe it's a different system, but luckily I didn't get caught.
It might. I was just a free in the new management, didn't bring me back and we couldn't work. The also it's not like beef or whatever there was nothing. I didn't really cared to go back, but the fire lobby else pests format, we are turning. Secondly, fire loves so mad, and then this ago sound terrible, the next four years after they fire lobby, they want is good. How about that didn't bother? Reason we go timing. Sexton they fire had coach, five or six years. They will win seven eight games a year, so there may be some two levies, coaching ability say you did enjoy that daily routine well wanting to lose us does not play for thirty years alone. To win by would allow more women a lot better if they want, with levies, echoed he's back He thought to himself, but I do is unbelievable- that teammates I shit. You not gonna, have some issues yeah, but they're going to play good defense and they're going to play fast and they're gonna. Take the ball away. I'll. Tell you that much guarantee What do you think is a separate or between Gaza? Make it don't make me?
I told you earlier ass, white, ass. Theirs, everybody seems, have the ability. Now you are four five six fourteen helps it helps when you're, when you give to the end There's a lot of us walk around the neck and neck and do that the issues I think the ability to me. It was a process information like that. Like one a ball snap. There was no, of anew exactly ross, was to do every single play, whereas wasn't if it were that that worthy was going. There is no thinking for me. It was all right. I think, if you, if you're out there, what are you you're thinking, you're, not gonna, play fast it's like when you're talking talk on pilot yeah. It's true, did you see maverick? Do you think your daughter yeah you that you saw it obviously know my boy bryson three times already? He goes every scene. We see bob carpenter carpenter,
generally, say football, but nonetheless sorry man? I guess I missed that or letters no claus on that general bob actually played in ohio state, then, with the cowboys. He was part of that linebacking crew with AJ hawk games are sung carpenter bob. Yes, yes, yeah! That's what we're talking about marty, carpenter, yeah! That is bob general, that I don't know him that well lobbying for football to come back the guy with the hair. Yes yeah! I remember him. He was good. Our state ohio state, yeah, he's yoked up, but he's seen it four times five times now. At this point, every movie, due to the way they brought the old movie back into the ice, wasn't very great man, who's, so good. But it wasn't seen before that, oh anyway, the ability to not after process information. Slowly, if you can just react, like I said and not think of, What you're doing I think it helps us. My first year on my guy, there are sometimes why wasn't react and I was thinking you're, not gonna, kill you. You're gonna be in the wrong guy, you're gonna screw and what you Fourthly, as you're gonna pissed,
the guy's around you. If you don't know what you're doing my first year precision, I got it's out my briar barbarism. That would do I watched with someone who I do wrong, but men you what those guys down around you either, but for me it was just reacting and it was so much easier game when you just react and not think ever doubt whenever you got to the nfl that it was not going to, it was going to be a lie. You couldn't keep up with it. There was athletically. No, I knew right away. I I fit in, but they had SAM my first training camp. Sounds all bad it SAM, almost down tied in every place jamming german here. If we down go spill? The associate myself is almost based player on its base in Unfortunately, very mentoring got hurt the second week of the season. And I started my every game after they buried gregg lashes. Going to Michael MIKE, I got never taken That might, I was the third down my client backer.
Early on starting to think that, because you're playing safety, safety in college or moved down to two I knew was going to be linebacker. I thought it was, but then he Greg goes go play mac I was like fuck. Well, he goes run. The ball will fix it whatever. So I just ran the ball for the first couple of games and I figure some shit out and I've made some say that currency north stack, dude, we're back it was initially, it was tabled, aims our division by world my prayers couple years. There was time, obey us minnesota, green europe must respect them in a sort of these people and their quota, but towards the end there that ensue north. I mean age abuse and was, in their usual there, with a green bang, wearily and middle visiting way. I would you played in school to guaranteeing the full about yahoo among you, old slashings, detroit member, that ngos have organisers down our young, but I know him remember action, Climb saucer mythology inclines us. Those too Now is how the diameter dear? That was exactly what you could hit the full backs actually lined up in the vacuum.
And they will run out. You hit you and not cut you it was amazing. How do you know about those rules? You think that is obvious. The brain is everything our margins are about time, on your show how I feel about the rules of the game, but I understand to say to you that you and I want the guys to play longer. I want to be safe, but there is a point. Football, weeding out his somebody. The point we're gonna get hurt that just as the nature of the game is who is going to happen, Is there? No, the head injuries are a big deal, but it's a big deal to know. You hurt yours playing golf the other day. It's a big deal, your knees, you need them to resist size like you, my army, there's no reason to talk about me hitting to do a net. Okay, I'm back though,
I know I have to do a backflip off the top rope right now atlanta, on your feet, though she stability might be an issue. Now is the time a week from now, of course, a world that we're owed while you are in your price. Nl, I should be reopened. Authorities is great. Should I retorted thirty four, I think ups at the end of my from now retired year years. Right now, though, believe it was all mental game. Look at you! How old are you at forty four old no you're not look at. You check your email five hundred miles of far right. Now you listen to my goal. Sixty for the roma. Do it yet or from seventy eight right now for this month. Halfway, what's Yet if we care about them all, I care I find it all now
Big sanderson desires on a radical forty forty got up and they will catch up next, we'll get it we can get you I e by do that are helping non eu backs are not for me now. I will help you now menial fifty probability, an easy way to get two hundred miles or do they know probably get to work out an broke. I'm looking at you buy good about eight years. Ok, fifty to operate an evil made was a membership in those maybe on a tour de france, severely, can doubt afraid of senior tour de france. Did you ever think about it? approach to do like some more accommodating like especially when you see what these guys are, making right now grandeur and a quarter back, we are one of the best line backers ever liked it did you ever think I got shit. This is really an absolute ice. Like slaves lots my first you're out of football. I wouldn't working studio sulphur and it was with jig laser rainy, more We had a gas,
randy bar was. It was born in the studio. The travel crush lecture, I retired, so I could be home. I want to be ill and plus no one another team, but Both these measures are by and then I found myself leaving everything tuesday or wednesday to go to go work in the studio. And it wasn't as enjoy was. I wanted to be so I never let me the money is gravely. I think they all deserve it most of them at least not all. Most of us it must not hide her sweet. Those tools are broken. Awesome, I go through all the names cause. Gay people aren't people get pissed. I right you're exactly to pop what I get into by the way. Why go like? Oh, this guy's good, this guy's good and then I'll get attention of somebody. What about I'm not gonna without yours are given their disrespect. The game, though in accommodating, I think, that's not my up. Some guys out the mute and they work with a guy. I really like moving away, because I can't hear the other guy talking borrowing,
thanks to them. If you start your thing now, yeah tv easel, it's a travel, a growing. Also, our calling your eye gregor digital age was my favorite herman herbie herbie uncalled for the best. Some of us- and I am always know, there's a nice great. What you did you play those limits Look, there's a nice hovering jupiters. Yesterday we get back, so you got you play sunday you're in you know work in my working monday. I greet recover and tuesday game plan was they walked through theirs. I play bands greatly you healthy, most, Syria. Those are my best games because usually play division opponent, there's not much aberration, gun down. Everything tat sounds like a we're like six play, calls on defence. It was great if you fuck up on those six like us. Damn ass because again gave them was so simple. You just go out there. And you know overdue overdue overtook over us. All. We did was great anybody.
Archer anybody you watch on a field that may be applied against or films on me. You said that dude appears to be different. Dinner by us drew his papers was different, Billy six, seven, three hundred thousand. He could just watch it the knock on whom which really pissed me off, and we can't when again, she was here in practice. Argued and play hard bull shit. This was a machine like you get it. I do show up on the bullshit thing to say: people should be a two mb. They don't play defense. It's like they're x. Seven go trot score here. That's exactly one score of yachting, but pep pebbles different guy. I mean the unit price you just glided mean for past got a scream wendy. And now he was run. Those island and pep raises the angles But you don't know. Separation between hester impact have a quarterback They quarterbacks your mum plot against her. Like others, persons nights the boy enemy without paying twice a year. We could not beetles fuckers. We ve been
one time in two thousand to entirely said how you can hear that was quite he's. The recent yeah he's the reason there to see where you could put we're receivers. You want to an anchor who does he's gonna make them better. I won't I hate. Why wasn't my hate enron discussed before he came and started doing our conversations, I don't know shit about other ants are honestly. I didn't know. I love is now these on your show and just basely start to talk to you this morning we think we are very lucky for their love it because the media hates you even more for and despise them grand won't talk to them. Given information, they want is so great that it has been like forever. Thou errand has been bash like before. I think you're like when I met him the first time I think it was in the bahamas. At the golf there and we'd arraign delay source it not like the bar. Whatever it covers We're there's like an hour and a half a major. So have we just eleven said the same table or whatever?
drinks rams some drinks and, as I was like twenty thirty minutes into the conversation with them, I'm like I know nothing about this fucking guy and I feel, like I keep up with the internet a lot. The only thing I know about him is this: guy's, a selfish fucking asshole. As I was talking to him, I'm like he seems to be. Thank you, love him essays, very witty. Sport needs are applicable intolerably times a witty dude smart, ass jabs like more jobs. You know we had a bad, shall you don't? You know? Just says something: smart ass to piss you off, but yet competitive, but I hardly know what separate lives you knew so number one. We got a great arm grey, very accurate smart. Said Tom is like paper: they all know exactly what you're doing before the boss. This there's no key to so They all know what's going on just his abilities, the ball sore is picks those poor pics lecture
How do you do that? Six? Seventy names, I purpose CBS sports, but that's there's some staff. You know is this: if the internet- and we get a tat by everybody about gis, we just slob on air rogers. This answer here, half an hour, but it's not just us by the way stats seem to fuckin yeah slaughter of all days. Do the work look his single digit picks are so speak. From a guy who's, never play the quarterback. Who did that it's amazing. How good of opposition position puts these team in visited internal wherever there's gonna be times with guys make great place over, but he doesn't know don't happen because he makes a bad decision. Even when he's failure liner, like you, gonna fuck, you talk about. That's a people write your own ba as a vigorous educators and having played against them, maybe tent. I just want to seem face to face with them across large scrimmage. The guy's humbly will put the ball on the money pressure
it also just you're not going to fall. It's just frustrating this new style of play. Would you have liked it or hated it? The whole be a thing with often suleiman being able to basically go down field which read, write it here in Europe we are different keys were public ridicule, user beautiful. We figured out same thing with obvious trend that we figured out play action rpf. Doesn't matter the nurse a key wearied, archy architects. Livable battles There was nothing on even read your key. Every playing I have a key. If you read your key, you can be wrong if you go where your key tells you to go, you can be wrong. Also, lot asked me to read: yeah yeah it at all. Yeah read your keys. That's all we used to do a key journal every fucking day in practice, coach babich would be do keto for ten minutes, me, alas, and I got case that rights that left step right go the big I gotta get evidence or would it so when you are We knew where the balls taken us off there
your climbing, whose good andrea as five guys cocktail right there, what he got on to pervert agreed in wanting to greatly sweetie doktor pepper. Yellow Gatorade. Does it see you, but you eat like shit I still eat like shit yeah. I love food man, as I told myself as long as I can keep beaten or not. I didn't want When I got through plan I haven't yet. I want to be able to eat wherever the Pizarro. I love snacks area like snack, which warrant chocolate. Reason doughnuts twilight like twitter, like cats like snickers. We gave their trend there chocolates now you're what why cause like chocolate, gotta withdrawal, texture inside correct, also, like doughnuts alike, glazed that night time. So before going to bed of a glass of milk, no little circle. Little like hostess ones have now they have the the chocolate powder was a good to go, but they have the crunch ones now and the others.
Robert shocking ones to smaller squirrel before, but I don't think anybody would have expected the freak specimen rag forty miles a day on his bite, five hundred every single month. That's why right! Ok, that's why you're inspiration from eagle eye? Can you what I want? I won't you your inspiration for me. I appreciate that I will go on my legs. You'd, like just a tulip avatar sustained in so actually not. I would say I wanted to explain what I mean all, namely on the concrete their govern that I have done I was thousand get getting the biking, thereby loves it. I think it is What why weren't healthy? We may come in That's your they're, not close but not yellow, swelling in there's no Pierre area has not got marianna, got more mri again ready game, changer cute, Even after a get my recovery, yours after so I pose,
the photo on it. My story, I'm like, if you know you know this thing, is that thing right there just the best device of a multinational game ready for your whole body. I know they have the sleeves. Instead, what magic famines like asleep, let him everybody was slipping. We gotta go Why hyperbaric chamber is guys right back a game ready your whole. Body just vehicles. I guess I believe, that's cool. Personally, I do not want to hear a clear due to hope it's got a hundred thousand. They took out here according to how everybody gets into your hotel garden. You played yes twice a day for me. Major love it. I enjoy
trying to get in budgetary terms, they dont season is one way of putting all day long. You got me so tired, hammas, punting, our why liberals throwing around tackling and what he s doing: you're you're, so tired link between against yours, you're, watching the guy snapped the you're holding the thing was that the voting order, Lycophron your heads and which are you just do this, because you really care for success or to our, let you know the amount of food energy used to bring into you get to do. They do their homework here I enjoyed a bitch. Now it's different you, the railways to today's down right away back, and we had two days mouse which does gotta play along times is a practice which was a good day longer play a lot more and you play longer play long alone, the same as much as they can when everyone gets paid. I love it. I think it's great. How can I pay them all? because they are the number one pat in order to make it so much money, that's nice! It was that
these players, all the money they will. I think it's great that there are getting paid the more the merrier, the always make plenty of money. Plenty plenty of money Linda, go around. The commission makes plenty money, planet, ass, those nice players or find the catching up to would not get. You know they're getting closer to where they should be about a logical I'll, be in the greatest peter of all time. He can speak for forty five minutes. It's can say a thing. Sixty one million, the sixty one or other gear sixty at that, a lot of brass, almost like much as you make a lot of cake. Sixty one yeah it felt like when you came in the league, everyone kind of hated each other. As far as team goes now, you know, there's jersey swap buddy buddy exactly when you were in the lido where there are other linebacker from different teams can like tight to. You owe online summit where you gotta pick each other's brains. In the off season. Was just cannot you alliance working together? You go to chicago If we saw guys we would we only talk about along with the other guys is usually protocols are golf termination like that, but
Last night we we didn't. I didn't pick their brains about hey if everyone and I sold a week. What do you do with the journal? The scheme that every scheme is pretty much different, so you don't you can made ass techniques. Above all things are we didn't pick their brains and ask it to tighten stuff when they they go, but Joe is a killer that I asked you to. See? I think like us about all g reg. If you re goals in Iraq and a third less than the figure is that we use hurt, what's your name g, wait what you do get hey, how you do it for you, as I've heard this song many a time that she had read for a little bit. I like you, I do, but mine is getting investigated right now. The team then investigated for the nfl stuff, well, they're, not paying them enough.
Where are the under paying their wares? What our reaction, the are? They disrespecting the what they mean a pleasurable habits, are in the end of last month and look after the plays bus interest. Only knocking paid, not daring to do more than you can pay more. Neither looking into the yard just paying people can play a guess. It was not the byline. That's that's why I'm saving in Juba was a mandate to think I know the problem is doubly was reviewing their cut from and I on my other players we're going. I am a bit we're not given them enough percentage, that's what it was yeah gambled away. There don't find it just like iris old, They are not fond of saying. Yes, yes, You said I mean our results but iris, meaning that I try to my flower, the re grant under the radar. Thank you. So much for all the taxes of you are actually meet the work they do thou about. When I got my first big checking, I fell. Oh yeah was why he the same sound like men, tend to look ten. Oh, oh okay! I got four or five million or whatever I got.
Does. My boss was tennis, xenophobia. The tax or federal o states date. Me already. Well, alright, there you go thanks for disappointing here for not four o one k wasn't an nfl match that was fucking awesome, but that tended to the one hundred and twenty I played. He was ten to twenty five thirty. Seventy! When you play thirty to ninety days, they just turned twenty. That was a hell of a fucking deal is great. You can put in twelve the the more you got. You could put twelve, they only put in twenty, no matter what yeah they took it out, everybody's account, What did your job? I owe you a long way from that mining. Forty five planetary was like almost playing until he was getting a three raised order, pretty, might we got dratted senior and he's some I can draw next year. On my I won't, but my oh, my if our own cakes oaken he egg a party of some sort of year budget? Would you can take and put it out into an irony? ok, one hundred trawl where you're mine is being invested in the control of for you.
I have percent fee that they charge you to invest your money for you, which you cannot touch because they control it all. Oh yeah, instead of lazing it I mean it's fascinating thing. Really weird do not get over that period? I was getting along, they did. They do so The thing I just don't think deals are as good as other sports. How about that? For our players like the way this probably the most dangerous sport of our verdict. These per se, was. I want a bird flying a team fighting in russia via somebody cravat,
I'm talking about like that's, gets more days what this catch gathering, wherever you want just one of a war ass, say north west of about a love it, I think, he's watch its everyone on the last one man. He was about to have a kid unless one almost yet are not grass. If you look so based on doc and baseball hockey, basketball and football, the forming sports, I would think money than we are. I mean mls but signed a deal with apple for two hundred and fifty mil a year. Okay, anyway, so did, I feel, like the nfl has not not the best PA kapernaumovs. Where would the guarantee money that other sports are getting compared to what our cars end why the insurance benefits, I think it after their done compared to what I'm out of this my last year, now you're going to do not often that I gotta die. That's what's that you do not
How often does does the fun you get your nobody dared. I did nothing but the end of healthy. I will go there and worst nightmare we'll pay your insurance, for you said you himself went on. I have two years after three years after my shadow financial goods, so that you should have a funny, I'm pretty sure you got it two thousand lover. I think they started you're still in a league, so you should get it. Make sure you find out for europe? No, I was not a rip, something No, why should I dont all our should be? Do we not dearer wish or like It obviously wasn't gonna happen, but do you wish that you could have stayed at safety instead of going to lie back, or did you learn to think about that? All the time dude imagined six, four, two, forty three safety! I couldn't cover anybody, but it would have been a lot of fun hitting people I'm just kidding I could have covered today is probably because I covered I like about you would be the person are looking for right now to cover these die. That's all, different I'll, get it.
Your sites yearbook, but they run and they catch data really good kelsey. Yet all the student waller, aerosol good. I like in MILAN oliver story to but yeah I luck out. I thought about that, and you know Tampa, as you talked about drafting me and putting me in and playing me at safety, but they had lynch swimming lessons would imagine that two big ass white states It's planes that are crazy. Number. Forty, six number, forty seven, the would have different number. As you know, your question for all I started last time I think on. I think anybody here: okay, just the What's your opinion. Just fields just feels so I haven't watch the bears play a whole lot. So I don't really know it's hard to tell if your rookie year, if you know they didn't, have a good season. Last year he had easter egg. It offers a better soda the more you run the football in nfl or any you re more successful. I think a lot of pressure on the quarterback. We run the football unless you
Brady you gotta rogers, or when those guys they can handle it, because they're gonna get rid of all really fast. So I will Digg is a talented got great on athletic as hell, obviously, but we shall see you just a quite a shot at all like ours Like others we mean you said Overall, this is a good play in cold weather. Above all what we do. When did you first started around run? Take them all away, runabout round of wonderful achievement, everything for assortment, wonderful, it changes. Everything really does. It slows the game mountains. We got a record of arguments, Jordan, a game I would think and not just Mr president, last year I should say that they have a date literally had a game where they want with two completely to other bills: game right now you have seven hundred galleries and the wind was known to order miles an hour and bill was passed at even through three times ass, a company that one that game, because I love the bills. Josh owns a beast: He saw one iota he's a friggin muster.
One of your court about random on ice are still in power, yet they do that's more like enron, scary for me, when he has the longest running, doesn't want to get hurt because it doesn't it. It's always takes more love, it tough guy or squeezed. We go through this one time here. If you don't know by now- their trading card collect the world market is booming. How are you struggling to identify what cards you have the opportunity to help with pricing your cards yeah? Do you wish there was an easier way to track and organise all your car do want a quicker way. Wisdom, monitors your collection yeah. I noted the only possible solution. It's platform spelled it it's like, but it's like you're bad and the bad rolodex rolodex yeah, l, u d e x, ladakh slot x, brand new company you're a great reader. Well,
you can read some shit where a lot it's about this platform to change. It gave her all levels: collectors using a high tech how is this exciting, careful existing sentient reserved roadrunner now allow using a high technology can identify in sports training cards in your collection from there you can easily organize your collection, interactive value of your portfolio letter. Also offers a quick and efficient way to list the monetize. Your cards get a lot of stuff I believe, value the sucker. You read it Is it a read? I didn't write that the good red, oh by the way, which I don't like. How have I got off your head? sailors, cupboard I screwed up around the room for a couple of days, so I can't get a cut life because when I get home but I'm doing, today. Eggs, your hair all know no jail, no, nothing just full, already natural after the procedures, naturally after they put their from the back to the front. Yes, is that the greatest hair thing of all time is pretty?
well and other people. You have got a great set of hair by the way that is phenomena every time I see them. I look at the flip up top of course, I wear one of the big ones with tat hat with this. Had you me, Is it keeps on off yeah we're that hadn't all the big yeah, I think so, really scary, yet referred. The weakness is all about how long term loans at all about raising her. I gotta stop Oh yeah, we can fill. You are restored outcome. We're gonna, put you right as a kind of customers in here you just got. There's a lot of time was, is all that what was using? I should whereat how'd. You used to reduce your cover in your face, you wanna bc. Whatever you had. If I had hair like you, I would never wear a hat while you do from restored our congress, so it really works as it hurt like hell whenever it happened, holiday, they're, numb it up. I wasn't too excited about getting it, but you know once the hair started growing it's going to drive through to articulate, cannot this is increasing,
the girl, Defranco Bobby nineteen, craving zachary misuse? Overrating just now, something like you're alive Zaza, you keep it. It follows that I've got good her staying on. How long were you about four So I started lamborn college due to our debates. The desert. You know you, I see them, and then we get If everyone makes fun of you in the locker room, you know how it is that you have one little thing wrong with your body or We're here outer funny you so I got made fun of about much to shape it, but I was ball back to here for in that hair. Jordan said come on the air jordan, air jordan come on. We seen all the billboards on your face with hair all over. Isn't it yeah I'm going yeah, you can't leave any direction in the airport without seeing those billboards. It's amazing. Your hair looks unbelievable in person and on those billboards, a lot of people are going to do that. Our two on the other side, with AJ, hawk hit that
you guys, never sombre right, a fact that every square turned out like golden dated four port angels, lefties last one to four three or something like that with a double one and our beyond a sonnet. Ah, now he's planes like frontier league baseball, unite the move from football baseball Where are you also bananas? Debray, I see savannah banana? Is it burns used? Is Eric burns I forced by the agri ear he good guy form, but We will, however, about the stilts pitching guy half a little dance I do in the guy prehistoric tomorrow. You will know that I am a best sit down. That's irreverent! Fine, but you're. Not and definitely not standing up. No not once a week at vault is probably the guy who gets you. The guy with the feet and the arms and the other parts, not good your hair, looks amazing. What's the afterwards like a week, you can't move, you can't sweat Can we go through them brilliant roger bike government like for three days speakers from where you floppy after three days either
southern worthy sunrise had either now marriages in that many days now allows like about a hundred when you're doing it now when you're like hard, not to those girls? You began your assigns out everyday there's almost half of their outsiders. Psycho thou! Yes, like not normal humans, not me may I call you three days for town he gets its problems arise. That's me restored dhaka. That is your hair done me or are hair dhaka period, com While I was there, I shall lennox now com. Torres marques, my lunatics workers, elena, like delude ex those sounds, but ourselves more lewd to be honest. When I was reading through this and learn about the business, I think it's great business, great idea. I merely thought eluder, you know. So I got a crystal songs, but my first thought was rolodex.
Definitely what this is hundred x. I didn't think about the old exe either. I didn't think about that either, but we appreciate the hell out of you for supper. Thank you for having the owners aren't safe, travels. Gentlemen. Yeah can't wait, see you in tahoe We should make a wager now that your first you're too great. Let me just say little girl about It- lays a jumble of payment, overcoming the studio, absolute superstar, vande of luddite stuck on well, you d ex dot com. If you, if the cards and you're not on there, what are you doing? I believe it's coming to the app store soon. I believe in the article now now I don't think it's unnecessary. I have no idea yeah sure does needlework website to sign up it's worth it. It's great. Ladies and gentlemen, Brian are like that. Nothing brings a smile to your face like hearing that good old cash register. Ching, you know the sound of yet another say a longshot defy it's music. Everyone's ears move over.
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Do I watch a video of us explain the age, what we're doing, how long we were doing and how long he's most of care for last night for five times. I remember anything we do in here. That was by far the Thus it would use as the damage that we have ever done last planet. Yet we get we had to it before you get the wanted nl. We go back running around again to the far down the shovel time. Thank you. So much watching can't think we're lacquer enough for travelling around Deanna at what back then we brigitte, if he did literally just he body some. Have, I was recording it as soon as I get time like diversity. Probably botting. Somebody's that didn't exist, turn off pivot foot why MBA three deprived us marilla or does the forty four years all eaten hostess doughnuts when a country, no euro, five,
as you walked through three burgers and a large, dr pepper, six thousand miles on a bike a year. Five hundred a month needs ketchup because the last couple of days he's on the road what a fucking stallion, just like the talks table at Ty schmidt at boston corner. If the hammer don cowboys turn is here in joining us fanatic in ohio, and I can for here him to hear the news that we found out during the break. There are just a few moments and between our lacquer step up good by division, starting a college football national champions, insuperable champion former life back, for the green batteries, bring linebacker a j hidell subdued I mean this sucks. I have to miss the one o five, let's ride, so I can't I'm in order to, but you I've missed it for three years now. That's what we're saying I know believe me: I've started to re, evaluate I'm not to go back and watch the chosen realise. How did I miss at every single day from asked what seven hundred and some days, I would recommend everybody not to go back and watch our vote
if you weren't, you might find that we have been saying: let's ride for a long time have nonetheless lids. Let's ride onto a new subject you there's a man I mean that was he was like riding loggia. Actually his point of view by late, I'm in your hearing, grocer did everything every summer days does eaten hostess done it's every single night with a cup of milk, and he looks blocking is idiotic. Freak, yes, I use them is the most like nor more just do like any other a famous absolutist like he is he's off ion just don't do this retirement thing, so I get bored and then one day, you're boring fucking. So go watch tv, so everybody else yeah what a human that guy! Like he's a movie. You know what I mean or lacquer as a movie character, he's bigger, stronger faster than you are hits harder than your eyes
the ability to be a five handicap golfer this guy. He goes on a fucking stink right now, a five handicap or something like these, which make wager on tahoe get the fuck this guy. What what a specimen briner is. Oh he's an absolute specimen, and I think god listen to him. Talk about football spun out Jim he an errand togethers quarter because he is so much respect for animals He's done. Errand has tons of respect for our electorate what he does. I guess a player, but also just how he uses a person to. I think they, First now these are funding. Those do just lock in ice before snap will you do practicable after each other guarantee, Aaron's thinking, you might know what you're doing, but that guy right next year so sorry about it pal. But how about him saying? What do I know about air when I called them only play them like ten times or something like that on the other side is all the fame linebacker. I learned that I thought other hall of famers had votes for who gets in the hall of fame. That's not the case, I guess
I don't know I'm. It would make sense that the people that are already and get a vote, but I guess that's. So that's not the case, as he said. Yeah. He said now it's the media, and why is that columnist on in here, because he's five foot ten he said is that the issue that people who have never played before holding out against them, who knows every award, is obviously up for conversation. And speaking of award Nobly might have awarded himself I citizenship here in the united states is here while because it might become wow. This big things have happened on twitter it's a conversation with our lacquer started and stopped in our one started. An hour and our two did he go out famed actress lisa Ann has tweeted this is a movement I can. Get behind wearing the free gump grants to dump okay, your europe
banishment from the united states of america has been noticed and respected by an award. Winning actress is an event of this happen. We don't know we have no idea, but we do know gump. Are you married lisa and become an american? You tell me pal that was designed to send flyers again chocolates job, whatever patty bear Emily's attach really want, gives you back you dont america via a nice marital status. Pledge lisa, and I know she is a fan of the show cause it's big day for some of us in the office when she followed us was the talk of the town. For some of us. I do not see as fair the shown were. He works for serious, yeah, evasive football, Joe, I believe. Well, thank you for following along LISA and and also thank you supporting this big time. You know import deports.
Rob we go and age with our die gump. He were taken steps forward I think he's close to coming back, but its is and I do right. I this is as simple as you can get. I think we can skip all these hoops if the company just says okay I'll try my best to marry least in new york, saying I assume she's I dunno she's married. Is she already married not married to the game Well here we go. We appreciate respect the hell out of that I actually but made on a proposal from her I have to say, and it seems like she has opened the door for conversation, gob right, copies old fashion or he would want to ask for her hand in marriage and rulers have
er hat? No, no, no! That's just plain old hat! That is what do you normally wears, but he also wears those monster truck firms in sketches that keep you up whenever you're potentially boost up on all ronis called tiny on a toronto hotline going on a road sweeper home the other day, hocus compromise like max homer. The idea That's I'm unbelievable what you did hi guys, gonna wanna tournament, the other directives on women and the opposition airbus distinctive. They made the course impossible. I guess they made the fair ways like greens, so people isn't the ball on the fairway. Somebody did a little roll test of the ball as seen on the internet. I think it was the no laying up folks they did a little roll. The ball in the fairway, like you, would hit a drive in that thing, from the middle of the fair way, all the way off into the water the: u s gnp, which is united states. Golf association runs: u s open every single year. They purposely
hey we're gonna make you look like all the slapping to play on the. Ganz once a month, we're gonna make this a top Of course, in some people love it I'd rather soon got fifty underne, definitely but usda is always something different every single year in. U s opens right around the corner, a jail where what is great is that the usda, continues to mess up the eu open. I feel like a different times and the guy who's been very vocal is fill mickelson who have set out, terrible they are and how they mess up these courses. So wonderful was gonna feel comfortable this week. To, then we are pressing early work very well yeah, one very obvious to all these things are very well and then people tweet about which is obviously an immediate hypocrisy, but that's neither here nor there. The athletes can't do up every other. Business can be celebrated for doing stuff, and I understand, if we're gonna make a stop to it was put stop. Do it now time, let's put a stop to it, but I don't think it's just stop. I do not anytime, you hear somebody's for another round of funding or something everything like that, I hope we all
that of celebrating every time. I hope we decide look into where the money is coming from europe, because there is a chance that there's gonna be a lot of these conversations are happening around lived. For those I'm not saying: hey, listen saying that amount that said, I'm just saying: if we're going to do it, let's walk and make sure we do it not just against the athletes, let's make sure we're attacking the business people as well. There are also doing as opposed to celebrating one thing and then in trying to ruin other people for one. I just think that's a little hypocritical, sure is bethlehem. Critical I want to say, let's go and do that we feel is not talking that much. I don't think sorry that much allegedly the door is growing. By the europeans or deregulatory just outright, thereby deplete or which, I believe is the area that we also the day about your tour wars born. I tore right, not neither those errant ye. The european fed ex cop is worth bruce said so
by that out. Right, I guess, or then it's gonna be the live in the dp. Pathetic gnp will and it's a lot of things, and I know where you had just what we do know that european tour, that, with the european tour fed ex cop, is that the whole every event that just a series of events agent. We obviously do not do enough research because our lacquer was in the office. So we started talking to him about everything. He's electrifying here to fade away three, but the gulf thing with us, ga in the: u s, open, they're, saying Rory Mcilroy doubt in that if there are new england. Connor has boots on the ground up there with the source. What's going on at boots on the ground, rory is still locked in from last week. Also. I think it plays into phil's hand that it's in Boston, because Boston loves a good heel and bass. Everyone was loving. What phil mickelson was doing boston, but yeah Roy right now kind of the front runner very nervous. That more account after his warm up round is what boots on the ground told so on matters like their practice round now more talent, as he's dorothy irons, that's why you always pointed out is a tree line.
It is an old school course. It's real like narrow, too that's up in, ask your statement you. He doesn't like, because the various, because how the fair ways arcs, if you don't really hit that spot and fair way, roles all in fiddled, is known to drive the ball everywhere in the world. Rough right. Isn't there a lead on a horse? if a live, golfer wins the us open this weekend who anemone Harrison. Because there was that hoping that is. Yes, I, like forty five ever sunlight, gotta mediately upon entering a? U s, J run course that time his game is not built for the. U s open. I do not think you saw her, but there was that thing about speed were cavenaugh billy horseshoer. Both warm up speed, walked up to Billy. Horseshit Actually it on his way and then do even knowledge. Governors other definitely is low, but of camps area already happening in the one Camp is like you're broke, yeah other cap Josiana were morally stand for something, and then about takes wings of the ball and its
Alright yeah go back there to see rory, though justin Thomas Jordan, Spieth yesterday rom, who has similar swing to me. Low short stroker concerning the closure of the little explosive there they are, thirteen be jades or heavy. Yes, then, you can fill dj na. Reed Patrick raid arise andreasen. And who knows I've louis, you probably did rickyard ego yeah yeah, I did ricky's with live qualifies for what I think you do qualify. Ok, what have I love Ricky? He was really urgent where he came in top five for every single, major and then cottages and always look cool there is still took over. We put it basically papoose on them I starts lot of stick with him if it goes live. I dunno who I assume, southern european,
He's got away from all the crazy colors, though not as much as interesting. All these companies at a drop in these people are like look where their money came from, but they don't you're capitalist that are fighting for they make in their studies, be a lot like standing on sand foundations. Yelling a thing slaughter was, I called our glass cause, I don't throw round, stands together. They when they do not like anything, you say, is inevitably gonna be. The truth is always gonna win at some point. At some nothing nothing. Anybody says matters I was saying the playoffs. I was saying, like you might get a good pop right now, but you might get a good pop out of this, but inevitably at some point, it'll all come back and get outside by that's yelling about stuff, especially these golfers. What if it's, two hundred and fifty million dollars offered to rorschach next year, Is roy going say no again or is there a chance that rory at some point in his career ends up in this gulf? To it's all conversation about like. Ah now or even more because of at the beginning, he was so again
and now he changes a complete like. I just feel. Like it's a very We don't know how this is going to end up. I don't think any of his golfers know how it's going to end up. I appreciate the fact some are standing up for the mediator like a we're. I see, and this is what we have done and they have. How do I switch is what Phyllis said, but who knows where money's going to come from what next year, two years from now or entering a recession allegedly so the people have deep pockets are probably going to buy up a lot of shit. Gonna how the world works. I think, if you learned anything from two thousand eight, I would assume back in the day. Whenever it happen, the people have it's on the money which probably necessarily cleanest forms of getting money, they're gonna I have everything like that: is going to happen in the middle of this recession. So clearly the house's people were and are probably gonna, be funded at some point by people. Are necessarily great people, so I this would always put a stop to it so what do we do with all their money some might live as the tour live by superior tour. I'm saying like these live people. Are the pj people grant donna hand Diana hand Monaghan james
and gave his speech, and it's like what happened they got a dj torrents able by you for fucking three billion dollars in fiji. La right has actually will do that. Then. What does it do yes, it can happen or won't happen is what everybody's assuming but money over. When you see that money like it's one thing, if you're a player on tour, probably say already come on now a guy the pg tour. I want to win majors. I want to do all this, but then when, if the live, people actually contact you and his ages, I came in just one. Let you know I get at least show you. This offer their willing to give you a hundred fifty male guarantee. If you play the first two years, wasn't coming to morrow and that by That was different when you have that sitting in front of you that checked. Our bouncing either there is showing up right there for a year. Now I know life is good. You might be able to win a million one point, two million this weekend. If you beat the other one hundred guys that are gulf and there might be, but Your family would never have to pay for a single thing like ever again as you,
You will be good for ever. Starvation generation after generation. Just for this deal, let alone the next steel if they continue to do well in it it's just a signing bonus. I don't even think these are contracts that these guys are is uncle sam, getting a piece of that. Of course, oh, so it's good for the economy, were greatly as living. Our tax is good for the economy. I mean I want a diamond s, even our, but I guess if we have two oh yeah, but that tax money is dirty work, then america's taken, what the fuck is america can have that shut it down, they're, not doing roads. I don't think should they are in india, fuckin for everything, god when eating european style trains is so badly needed. You can't tax and then right merit
are they not going to be allowed to tax these guys? Because then it's dirty tax money? I would like to see what they do. That's interesting. I would like to see that decision made. They do not care why they will take Murray utah, why they don't care that stand right in front of microphones, broad, shoulder she's up this is despicable. I care, if is disgusting, what's going on you're telling me that those same people, probably and will at some point no, the one or the other way around their neck as law. Is that jack is going to the government to government doesn't mind. What's Your lie, nor I weren't you dont get really shit no conspiracies. This is real that's what our entire angle is, though, by the way like we are, we don't support. What has happened, in that country in the past and other countries in the past and in the war a lot of places in the world in the past, but taken a grey
stan morally on money, because something it's like who, you think, has all the good money, usually its people that our great usually takes a crew their wealthier by Things are unnecessary, fantastic show, we're gonna get into this wedlock. Andella lifestyles, violets. Let's this can happen. Ah I don't they you got this going to be a successful thing for you. If you re tired out by breaking out between befallen dusted and Kevin. I deeply regret until we do about it. Namely tat same way older Jeez line book, is gonna, come out to what words that will she wants to be transferred or latin. It's our hats nicer jail in uk of her, but that has nothing to do with what we are talking about a bath. Maybe does not tariffs and shore. I guess that's entirely the conversation, but you know ever you tweet on twitter. It bill, the value of twitter, which helps investors, which one is it this one's. I think the biggest one in longest, one, saudi arabia,
so literally when people are looking to get retweets on on twitter off tweets pissed off about all them are doing your directly acting the pockets of saudi arabia potential. Now I want to be the part. I hate that on the person points out, I'm not economic major anything, leisure do you believe that is also happening dizzy movies I mean I can't do that you open a nobody, give five star. Guess what you don't? You gonna five start about lift I don't think good might be good. Guess: there's an entire series about the funding If there is, I watched the first couple of episodes pretty interesting show I watched the first episode. I hate that dude Joseph gordon Levitt yeah. I just can't get into his shot to stick around for coach taylor. He kind of gives him all the money he's good. What show it's called super pumped. I think it's because
is his message around the office is supposed to be super pumped about it. Yeah oh yeah yeah. I saw some of that yeah go ahead. Tie though it's about the uber founding yeah, it's about like getting the seed money and how it went like the battle that they went through with like the cab companies in like new york and san francisco, because that was like a the I b public transport yeah, exactly like that of men were familiar exactly your taxi right, yeah, my wife s are watching a nicer watch and whether I can't you I'm everywhere. I never finished it, but the attic somebody's got the supporting characters who were like major players entity or very interesting, and why do I don't like ice? Well what I mean that the guidelines are you the real work, one watch that they are we now I see that when I was watching that nato is good and that in your letter and areas of acts and write your enemy s like little facial prosthetics in an hathaway play, she is a very good at her because she is very capable wholesomely. Yeah I've watched at that. We often I never heard of that seem like a brilliant concept. Genius we
Would you like coadjutor around? I didn't know those existed in the form of He did, and I did NOS fifty billion dollar, valuations, lisa holdings, kind of liability and thus boilers place. I've watched you made out. Ok. Joe now, is not very s eyes ass. What he's doing me he's going to set about sports is bob common icy thinks of the apple bob He really out into a last night with coal play folks. Well, that's what you get for not using seeking that he's gonna a we ve had a big time rowing blackouts. Here, too, he's gone after the local. Power companies as well. Is right? We slept in the basement last night, no power. I like all what that's, no nine hundred agreeing all ordinary, allegedly a so called. We have no power of anything to adjust its grey
bad worst, so we lost in my house the other day more by tvs or internet based tvs, not no longer hooked up through the cable. That will stop yeah. I dunno I felt like I was amish because obviously it was in air conditioning day. I was able to have lights and I was coughing and everything like that. I could use my phone, but it had five g, but at night You may well have a tv though just play. Ah I could do it. I'm fuckin mentally weak did bob I'll be able to bob just text me and said he might might be patchy with it, because the power, okay, kate power, came back on now and they turned it back off. So Jesus, it's it's. Jesus funds hobbes phone, that he is Where are you so we're? bob lives for some reason: cell service what you would call them, definitely for sure, I'm just saying it might be chomping zilla says I was going to them right now, it is, I mean what you just said too, with like how your tvs are an internet based. That's where we estimated the decision. Do I hotspot my phone and not be able to use my phone or do I
just ride it out and watch it on your phone. That's such a difficult, even though the hotspot would even power that, in your hotspot, better have good service in that area, because it won't I've never used my phone as a hotspot. It works. Maxwell people are doing. I see I'm whenever pops up what I'm looking for wifi is somebody's house, while Jos Oswald, It's over here joining us now in ohio, with no service, no power, a man who got bamboozled by stop up. I abroad the plane for a fiftieth birthday party to go down to see coldplay in Tampa bay. She gets on a flight down to Tampa bay. It's thick it's hot. It's tampa! It's tampa! Oh my god. I'm gonna go see coldplay in a suite that we purchase for this fifty birthday party. Gets down there stop I'd, say sorry about the fake tickets. You don't have any tickets anymore. We can't help you. We can get you in the fucking building, though, if you want bob says we wanted as one way we bought a sweet other right. We're good friends not tell
friends, walk on private planes to sit in the fucking, nosebleed opposite jar about in immediately everybody all they thought was unity is seeking to forego in writing. That involves ticketing, not stop governing these other places. In that the lesson was learned by this man in action start. Superstar morning, radio show hosting columbus Ohio still works out. What the buckeyes former member of the state linebacker corps that just wreck shop on everybody vows cowboy. Ladies and gentlemen, the joint Bobby carton subdued a moment of my first mistake I didn't realize, and I was charge. I simply tried to deal with the problem. You know like that. Your job is the best the team out there, maybe forth and eighteen when you're standing your own endzone, they tell you have flipped the field. I do not care. If the wind in your face, I don't care. If they've got a ten man rush, just get the ball out of there and bang nothing that's what I came in and around the world
it's like yeah. I don't think we're going to get the sweet like what what do you mean? Well, we paid for it and then there's some stuff club, the other day the need issues, these seeds and six were not near what we had hoped. It's a party. You know european sweet hanging out with friend socket it was. It was brutal. It was actually brutal and I think, a set of out of an inch. To this end. I would have been on seagate from the beginning. Thanks to you and your fine fine group of fellow that. Let me know man that's where it should have been. I will let you know that you had to experience that for us all to get to experience this thing and I'm sorry the way your night went down there with code boy years, yours cars. How was it goes? Ransom, drugs and shit loosened june's. What a flag no I'm not really much more drug, I'm a big drake. Your eye could serve to tie the media was there for me,
If you know your full sweat going on, but I'm gonna be honest man like getting down there getting in by my my good friend, who is pregnancy, the other acute talk he actually talked his way into greece. Apple poems, I'm not sure how much he spent to some of the good folks that were working at raymond. James at least got us like into the club level. So we can get out of that just now. I did agree, sweat box, yet some drinks be able to count enjoy the night a little bit. So that was good. The honest man. We would send your witnesses. Please me, I'm running down there, I'm lookin, Moreover, the boy you feel the wall getting set up in the next thing you know, can I look in but the sky scientists getting blindsided terrible. Yet you did sign a sign up for a ninety six degree hundred posts. Humidity, called cancer, the roman jane stadium and damp bay bay. You go I signed up for was that sweet life with air conditioning and especially to call play innocent flags if you ve ever seen their got. There's like a fool festival. I think I am actually very jolliest that you one at the time
josie your experience, but thankful that you, at your experience, not terrible, was because the fine people seek said bob to supper. Everybody else gets the benefit want that right now. You click the link in the description right here: youtube dot, com forward, slash the pat mcafee show they are giving Swann. Percent of all parts concert tickets and use the code. Thank you bought age and k why w b, me no spaces thank you bob twenty percent of all concert tickets, seek a great now linked in the Bible also used to code. Thank you. J j k. Why d, w b I'll be given A friend, twenty percent up they're gonna lose money, offer their right. There goes my body, stout on air conditioning last night because top up for them six dollars money on this contradicts deal right now. Thank you.
Ooh bob twenty percent off all concert tickets. Bob. We appreciate you going through that. That's that's a real, I mean I feel like maximus at the end, a gladiator for me to row worth one. It's like you know who helped me courier garza LISA carry off. Forgive me out your nose burial. Always smokes come back to this age, so We don't even have air conditioning in my house the I go outside. It's it's a mess. Do we get generators everywhere? I mean this is absolutely quit. Laughing bro is slept on the floor of a radio studio. Last I got it free or five and like I'll walk him up. Peters is like what are you doing? I'm like dude, if I go to sleep, I got nothing to wake me up. I got no way to charge my phone at my house. We have no power. We have no air conditioning
what more colleagues heads or fallen off if they were seriously britain, the guy. We absolutely do this all about that was like. There's never there's a never ending string of things that we need you to fight born. I slept the basement with all my kids. No sound, though now, go, and I was nineteen. In degrees. Like am I going to do that again tonight, because then the power came put your boots on bob power came back on Bob and then I heard they shut us back of what's going on. Is this a political deal? That's what I that's! What I tell you I feel like we live in a third world country. Now I mean this isn't says the guy who didn't work at all. I got some good buddies work at hp and it's not the folks outside those dudes are out there busting their butts hundred degree, but I mean the facts:
We we had zero game play like oh wait. It's ninety six degrees, our power grid, isn't very good everybody's, a caesar going to kick on all through the midwest. I know it's hot in indy inside and west Virginia saw it in illinois and it's not known how everywhere man it is insane right now and this is the best way we have to go over to ohio state. To get a little bit of a workout in in the ac was so stinking hot at my house. Don't you have an h, vac company. What I mean this is bad news as a carpenter over there. Well, listen, we We can put it in. We can't, I got. I don't have a way to generate like I'm not going to ride a bicycle out there beside it to make sure they have the juice to be able to get that thing going I will let you know, I'm not laughing at you laughing with you. It sounds like your life is a movie right now. This is you go a concert in camp, a bay, humidity hall. We are down, therefore, a lot. We are like a spanish six months. Every single week hall
It is a it's a soldier mass. Wherever is a sign, especially the water right. There's another talks into the air, even more chicken feed. When you down there but called biology, forget about that. Don't worry! we get to your bed, the amateur I got to sleep, it offers no power. No no, not bob. If it We remain one be ever come on. The show right now, in fact, put on this report on and that's the difference, as it says, right, you're on your shirt, bob Obiang, my neighbors gotta generator go, and I was so that for he has his wife, I locked it was so I was literally about to walk down there that this wasn't going to work hop on his stuff get out. Yeah I'll pull in the background it would have been, and what about you, sit there and enjoy, but that's what I was willing to do for you guys Make sure that I can help you out just like ages taken the sleeping with the kids? I mean
think you put the kids somewhere else. I mean can't you and lord go slide slide over. There means nice and hot and steamy I mean that's a it's kind of how you like it, man, yeah yeah, just tonight, Bob will come over to your house I'll, be with you, that's what will bring everybody over we've learned a lot about the corporate team. Already you drop, the kids. Are you if you want to drop the kids off? Do we get that nice break based? portable in there you and lower can have a little night yourself mean get some coldplay playing. I mean it helps set the mood of your really nice atmosphere. Tight. Last question for you here we understand you're in the middle of your entrance in battle right now. How is that a much stronger than you and even the power back on? Please, please get the power back on for all the people of ohio. It's fantastic agencies have no problem with that good and his powers good. I appreciate you aj fun, right generator really power your house, but everybody else needs it as well. You find it, and we want to ask you about this before, but I feel like we pull india spear said I am I what about it more
when you were not working out with your hands stating have they did they win a national championship? They have won a national championship, since Bob stopped working out with them. Do Does he have any? said, you had a little workout in air conditioning. Do we need to make this a regular thing? Do we need to get the ohio state standard back to where it needs to be? I understand they're out. Thirteen million already Adrian was talking to ryan day the other day at a whistle around his neck or dropping off his kid that guy's trying to coach his ass off is ohio state's still ohio staters in iowa about to take this place out, and what are you getting back in the gym with the boys they'll? Let them know we don't fucking lose the issue, get It's all yours. I want over there. I was just right came straight away from me and I was getting a little work out. The guys are working hard to be ready to go at the steam box at the sweatbox. Whenever little, I can contribute to try to help bring that state. Make sure getting great players. Brian days, cochin is balls of ohio state is going to be fine. I promise you that lebanon, the last few days. It's got out, get myself right to make love
where she might have. We gotta bring your boy J and though he has asked the proud, like come round much. We want him around like the recruits want to see this guy. They want to see the ledge and the dude. It's got them a majority of need all the help that he has why I mean this dude when, when he doubt pal. You left the lombardy in his college. Basement too cannot leave on for the next group? Let me they had to go. Take it back to the law, linebacker coach fickle and he had a cause did you anymore: chores got even care about the trophies edge is just so Waiter ball age. It wants. You got. You hang on state aid, very bad. It's not an award from ohio state pat, but I dunno. If that's true, I dunno. If I really left at the base, I think maybe I was moving out and I was like. Oh no, I should grab it it's down there Sure! That's not how work is because I had to call pistol sergeant, go pick it up. The list goes on gradually britain
two dads so use the sewer line. It's got the heisman and the b in his closet for clothes. Aj got the lombardi and was like yeah yeah, just putting all your concussions. You don't have to sacrifice that much. For this thing, I don't need to sort of imposter syndrome. Fucking get this away from me agent, he'll. Do you like allows date? You never round you hate lombardy. I mean I'm sorry state. I am around more and I'm gonna be around where I would do. I I told you on here before pat Bob a couple years ago been how many years ago this was, I don't know I was there with james learn. We're doing little serious show and we're sit back watching camp and we're talking in all of a sudden. I forget we might ask someone is bob here and you're james had not think so, and then three minutes later Bob came france and by running likely, Bob's classic prince, as you know, is ass, is halfway up his back and he's jogging by doesn't even see me and james ages. Cruises by.
When he goes in and gets his hands in his like hands on his knees, he starts. Watch like the D line go through individual and I was like I think it's coaching these words you do at that age, the more brains, a better loosen the issue again now eggs was a while ago. What bothers but you'd, entrench, thereby bits its impressive did the impact popular O'connor your question for general bob yeah general- I dunno- if you know this, but pad, is out actually stepping into the movie critic movie review business, and this weekend is casino and armageddon any thoughts on those movies and do you have any recommendations, possibly going forward like casino? I think it's really good. I like armageddon it's kind of a suckers movie. Obviously it's a little bit far fetched kind of ridiculous but ill for sheer entertainment purposes. It's it's, not Sarah
Well, what I'm really disappointed that you're going to tell me this, because I was juiced about jurassic park, and then I saw your review on that that'll be honest. Dude I was shook like I was crushed what it just just not not like, if top guns at ten, what do we put in the new jurassic park at actual two, five guys come on I can't do that to listen. Tone is a part of the jurassic coast. I didn't watch it grown up, so I don't have the nostalgia love for it as a kid like whenever you watch something, I'm like Darwin dumber, I think, like volcanic ash, it again, if you like, but dumb and dumber is terrible. So I've never read any of the movies that I've watched as a kid that have had sequels, never good like never good, because I don't watch any good movies, never seen it so I'll. Have thousand from as a child watch undress part for the first time, so it just gone, and there is a blank canvas tone, though superman This drastic world also, supporting mightily by the movie yeah give five out of them.
It's bad bob really storylines was just all over the place. Callbacks work good so like you, do get some enjoyment out of that. If you are a fan of the the the program, but other than that are your movie credit. I love Well, maybe not until he is young and I love game of thrones been too easy out onto his yacht movies. Actually I have a hard time being ultra critical of them. You're, going to tell me that light, that's like saint of football game is good, You honoured, like the soup, poultry inference turn you to go at half time like that, doesn't make it our day by just bring a call back used. He had dropped asleep. When I say this is gonna, make situation better you're here. Mr plot lines: development, barbaric in all oldest great Bobby? They wrote bonfield, they thought they were just gonna, be able to throw the ball infield and it is not good general. I'm telling you I didn't want to. I didn't want it to be that way. I want to become fan. Bigger fan. Crisper ties Chris Brandt one. The biggest
actors on earth, a superstar needle mover, I go in my car and I'm get a chance to watch Chris Pratt. Do his thing cause. I I've seen a couple: software is low, overweight, offs, church, dull, gleam idea. Parties idea ass. I see now think now he's bona fide superstar tied talked him up three times a week at the kitchen: excited learn about this guy. Here we go is now homeless servant. Why can't you ve got to rely very expensive to get there, so we protest, but his money, poorly none, the less was homeless guy got in thing, I was excited see this guy movement in front of an actor No, he's gonna optional mission impossible, wasn't really James all day. Hurt me because he's so good and guardians of the galaxy man. It is one of like the avengers stuff Chris Pratt. It's funny he's like he's like a legit funny action star which is really hard to can straddle that line. It must not have I'm a good strategy rather than you gotta, give your guy some good places to be able to put this thing to go you're right, you're out of some right. I should of I won't judge branches, offer that movie about that are like
it's a good thought me revolve I got it. I just like, good luck out there. What's the difference is that the ohio state motto this year be the difference. That's actually your boy, it any slayer which we might need to have him on some time to see is like a wild like wild animal that you allow the cage. This is little company for a striking machine that he has. Get those going for football. All I know is urban Meyer's, guy or Meyer needs to turn jacksonville jaguars around. He said there is only one person, Give me right now gave me schlegel. I go down over work that I dunno slingo slots are all situations, but is he still there? Is he still around jack's motorcycle done number is, trees down over the fire of everything they were trying to get an accurate that wine cellar he's got which is the right can be high school and stuff? Lots of you guys got no power ya, dumb internet. I think it's gonna be a tough sell right now, jacksonville at least as hot as balls, but we appreciate your leg was a sacrifice to the cause. As saying what you, ladies and gentlemen, the man who saved football movie, critic
while the brown joining us here any moment. I believe, obviously, of tackle for the new england patriots sixty two, hundred eighty parts. Absolute start, the tb. Seventy seven cares foundations taking care of the world and also a man I gotta go to duke of we're going to college for making it into the nfl. We'll store that has become an incredible football player, loves the outdoors, thus mooted body. About champion member of the new england patriots just signed a new two year extension with the new england, patriots, lady, gentlemen, tramp. So a man Nobody from the back you're just walking around that massive how'd. You because you're a massive human without massive roof over your head back, maybe
rats on everything by the way they receive. No problem. I looked in your story a little bit duco to florida. Obviously the seventh round pick what the niners and the patriots raiders back to the patriot. Your story is one that a lot of people learn from an watch beings sport a three hundred and eighty pounds. It was it was working against you there for a little bit. People thought you were too big. You aren't going to be able to handle it. Now, there's allegedly a deal in there. You can't go over three hundred and eighty one pounds how much of that is bullshit. How much of it is genuine conversation, tb, a lot of was it. Obviously, there are I think I think, from from the gate. Our about ways, canada in sheer myself and my abilities, perform at a high level steadily after my rookie year is being able to start it like last these gangs and share pretty well. I guess I'll talk to your past, russia's
at the time and others. I think that what like really came over me back, I really do this and I do it for his eye was I wanted and here we are when, in the year, eight back with a patriot, hopefully this fema, my final on their backs. Hatreds. I think, obviously, you there's always a ton of attention on what you you're doing there like what's out what's mac jones like in new york, you been around him he's like you're such a polarizing figure. That seems to be all right. Positive, always doing in saying the right things? Is that like what he's really like now he's really like that mac is always the first one in the building last year now he's in and for him to be set and and have a lot of weight on resources will? Would you like the way, carries if he's a fine gap keeps them from time to time, but he handles his greatness day in and day out. So I respect the key as much as anyone else in the locker
you drive a great relationship. Obviously washers brows exiles thing. What has it been like up? There are new england. Obviously you been around now you're what the patriots is. Two different stance. What are you what is the difference with new england versus other places you have been? Is it that big of a difference of everybody talks about all the new england way, the new england way or is it just accountability? Is that a little bit higher standard, accountability that at a higher standard and address access believed as you guys know and in doing business with in any business, especially desolate, you can you can the bolsheviki speaking yankee to you. I can pull your yankee around and you know what I'm saying not necessarily tell you the truth here. I just respect the It's because I know what I'm gonna do day in day out alone will be the truth, in a day out from top to bottom, update that what matters most, where were we It is good that there is a need and
we lead as near as well so magic. I can state most about this. Map atrocious little off its align told she was with you. Obviously in your first and there has been what's our peoples medically was my first year. It's about eighteen. Everything was the vehicles in detroit so you ve never been with mapping before? What's he like, I've been around them as a person awesome awesome human? I enjoy helping people you enjoy and what are you learning in the year? Eight anything from him. I think I think just his perspective. On the other side of the ball. Do less aware ladder at a high level. For so long that perspective you. You have to give us. The first Why did the who? What winwin, while department, I think that'll help us take strides this year, Hugh strauss this year.
Bilbil jack said we don't fall back, is in a position in our offices. Have you realize any changes? Is off season? Been more in learning a new orphans or anything like that you're just kind of adjusting, but they were credible. Existing the girl they they, I think, we're staying We still gonna like knowing full well that in a debate with this was true a few days here and there a way. I think lotta people be pleased with what level what they put together. What look it up we ve been ever put together. This are seated and going into this far have you ever played against somebody stepped onto the fields that damn that dude is huge anywhere? You ever thought somebody's big love baby you're, like a baby you're, just like all ip, we football heist, junior high school jus co college. You ve always been the biggest mother fucker field when most, where you how's that
Less feel good aspects in a position where it was our power people when I first got junior college. Again, a dynamic colors. Those who deals with the steelers- alarm master of his release. And we also had a gun, needs marcus perry so we'll all around the same size how's, your knees great really, so you just bill. Different than everybody else. Huh yeah. How nice is that, have you ever been able to knock on Woot? Have you always been able to move, though there was never like the gross part where you got an awkward or are you just have always been a big mobile, athletic guy yeah? I have something I think we can get credit to my dad without one I've, always replay with my age group grown up so out of always play? I always had a place gear positions without undersized, because I did play with my group's out my first positioning.
While I was running back quarterback, I played everything I did company airlines and I got to high school. So I think that's that's where the feet romanian and even invested boilerplate god. I've got to say you're, hoping you gotta, be hope have still got it, In this I ran about what have you you ve ever gotten to. Like three. Eighty, seven, It's three anywhere the body. Naturally, you think this is like your natural waiter. It it depends on. I guess I guess it depends on how I'm eating now all season or whatever, but not right. Now, I'm at three seventy Oh, is that on purpose is arrogant. You're gonna do not end up in a bigger. Maybe what money, plywood, there's longevity in my career in this affair the challenge and be grateful mass or myself, my family, my matthew and marilla
and had been heavily properly off his level and as normal, you can't leave here not doing everything that you can do so on the fear week in week out bell taught you about that night. This offer effective some people, You know you you can you can look at the way, fathers and another I haven't done enough already to earn money, money or look at it ass. She is this opportunity. It can t be great. I caught her massive patriot fan yeah trend, this team kind of feels- and I kind of got this vibe last year as a very close team. Is that something you can attest to and do you guys hang out outside of the building and kind of just shoot the shit? evidently ibm. We had a great I'll season programme and I can't I'm I'm excited about this far. Honestly. We, We we work off together. We measure we hunger outside of the burdens and we just did
when you thought o reilly, whatever it is, it's got individually has one ourself, I'm really sorry but will be have wonderful and come it's coming into this far enough really truly believe that I love one. Another has grown tremendously. What I took it down in the land I'm reading about this right now, just gotta sent over you gotta have a gym performance centre, the greatest underdog performance facility, then studio and there were jimmy foulon. Chris brown young thought, Her luck, lacheneur young zog, future a little dark and many other have recorded an EU breakdown businessman off the field. That's incredible! This good news. Let's blow tb homeward, spammer expand my portfolio, but I think I think, with content, be so heavily sought after these days, I think with have the train facility in the studio in in an does, contain the strata breeze the gap between
entertainers in athletes, I think, We will be able to do a lot with with god. You never trade and give the cuts in at the same time. Being all under one roof. Anything you want a trade agreement. Another study I am You know me rather record of a sound. What are you gonna go? Have a family photos who read you know you do whatever the outcome is a list that s book intimate grace underdog? It's amazing it's right in the middle of atlanta, hey I like that you're, a businessman too, I think, did you negotiate your own deal with doing? Go dunno not be okay. That was a rumor of mine. That? That's the golden mind officer. Always in the business world does just kind of creep in over the last few years are really the one creeping in over the last few years older over the course of my career. I really just been holding on to a lot of cash, just trying to really see what,
really interested in outside of ball. Then I know I'm interested in the outdoors and all I'm interested in working out, which is a lifestyle in the sale. So I think I just was able to unlucky to be a part of such a great thirdly, and hopefully been presented to the rest of the world in his aunt? Is whenever spend my own house yeah house is nice. You deserve it. Hey. You worked your ass off man, you absolutely deserve. It. Go ahead, tone direct threat, as has anyone ever You were. The boar ushered is de villiers Niven track so really are likely to occur, that's how to play. My gains aware that I give gas absolutely do because I'm so be A lot of moves may not really moved me. I must pass so they have to come through me. They play the game. I mean it s from there's just how work for them. What was whenever you know,
break. The huddle bye, bye, bye, ready when you get up there and then build College explains center, you know and he's out there point is there anything you've got to think about, while he's snapping the ball versus andrews or anybody else, and what did you think of his form out there with mac jones in ot as well? I think I saw Dave Some about little was the upon a snap at it. But other than that I beg you pretty good. Everybody has this image a bill. Bela check that he's like this. Obviously intimidating figure in he's obviously the best gm and coach in the history of the nfl, the biggest league of all time. What's your relationship like with him it'd be cool to see, honestly, I think I think a lot of people have is his personality misconstrued. Just because he's he won't eat and that's another thing I like I love about we keep hearing with the pages we kicks in house nor mean in the end, whatever whatever people speculate on ass added as well
regulator there never really any troops from inside the building, something, I think, that's a decisive part of his personality and how unhappy plays the mediaeval inside the building is cool that super cool eye glasses. I can see ajay phrase you want to know: does bill have any of the same tattoos issue or Have you want aid is bill squatting there we saw a picture bill squander but like maybe three, seventy five or more, as he always never seen picture is limited. About two hours a day Watch me my honour. How's your film study, anybody give you probably somebody like the out of nowhere, give your problem or do you have basically figured out this point like for me.
I'm not really being assumed steady ass? I watched the watchman together as a group and with the team, but for me I feel like, we go out and work on take any day in and day out. So if, as these days, like our rather allow my technique technique in. What's assuming a spade, move here further down at half time, indeed c mon, you move it don't come in Looking like you know what I mean that allow must take making what I'll, what I do this is work this war so I'll see what's either you try to get to a spot, or what are you trying to do? Everything was that workers, Joe Tom, was Joe Thomas's technique was a I'm. Do my technique. I'm want to get to a spot, and now, when I was doing, I think peters was a little bit different right. What are you? What are you kind of the balance? Is there any other jack? Was it you look out for film? You argued, Lastly, an already what watch any other tackles either just because he knows
for a while the early on a mockery, a mere lanes and counts, as in the past it, but I think there's? Nobody must ass natural and and really kind of place. I guess the way I do nobody is to attracted the Duma. They tried to respond was that the key to every tackle most definitely you got what you get to a spot in the spot in league spot is wherever you decide to start a fight. You know what I mean, so I think I'm just gives, must back the pin non arrested opinion on his. This will allow men, lousy blue lights, go from there, We must be aware that industry is an interesting point used between him and the quarterback s words: Limos are right there in the middle there's a photo of you and Aaron Donald from the superbowl. I'm sure you've seen it before, but everybody has nightmares about aaron Donald and it's like your best game best performance, and I assume he saying the same thing about you. Is there guys out there that keep you up at night
for the game, or are you just like they're keeping up their stand up for you not to We aren't. I don't, I wouldn't say anybody's end up being a dancer and have nobody else, but at the end of the day we all gotta gotta gotta tattoos and strap the same way and go out there and play for sixty minutes yeah. But we ain't all six, eight three yeah, he gets higher shoes. Some just have a longer reach. A fucking go ahead. Tie last question here to try. We appreciate your trent in the playoffs last year the forty niners had a play where they sent trent Williams in motion and he can serve as like the lead blocker. There are any, and we also know the patriots, like you know, a lot of tackles catch. Ouch, downs and stuff, like that in the past thirty plants, like maybe get you out in space with a full steam this year, not at the moment I'm looking to do hands track, you gotta, have you any collisions? all around athlete
a throne, you rock right. There ask why little go line. If I do care the third better. Last dollar, I will be ducking it on the go but getting fined write down. What do you mean turns out? The goal is shitting. It's pants, thinking that you might then get in there. We appreciate your man. Good luck with the age, a youtube carded, something age I got eight age in the middle of a land where people are to come through workin out, I love, you're grown your business. I hope it continues to grow and keep dominate, not a field man. We appreciate how are you, and you still have that of war you're, not going anywhere, you're coming into the nfl vienna feller teams like so let's talk about what you got When I was a dream, is at your life. What is going on here? I think I think for me up just just look at is this. The whole army is a sleeve of
Well, you were on board were come from it's. I think if I look at it as a mirror of europe, not not necessarily as a bad thing, it's definitely not a slight to women or anything said. We don't think it's bad together, saying it. It has hit the internet. Thank god, and I appreciate the fact that nope I'm not changing. I absolutely love it. Congrats on all the success keep going man. We appreciate. You appreciate your lasers. The tramp round was devon. Fuck in your question, please look will become a part of that John. I look the longest calling it say that nobody in this area- to say that the body to combat really, I am any entire narrative about plum, always areas shift this ship bag. Things happen to you David. You bought. You bore durban, ecology.
I call him the other night, so he's still going to watch the game. Kevin doesn't know what mochi is. Devin has no idea that definitely do a blotches. I know I dunno shit about basketball. You're, damn right, I'm a positive one of us is like Jimmy jeez. Now this angie, I could look pretty having ridiculous. I definitely what's up that man's get to an already all right? I'm renewal is watching, doesn't cycle, you're happy ending their cleveland. This whole Gabby sort of top ten. It's for that buried in the comments for a long time and then totally redeems speaking of reggie wayne is going to be an incredible coach. I think a fellow more closely the receivers coach there? Yes in eighty he's
I should at ease in other key genuinely has obviously has a lot of game to teach anybody you be able to help him out specialists. Entire career they evolved is why does she from being. You know jacket with Marvin there, then the guy, then the teacher to t Y, I mean- and he seems I mean he is going to fucking- be a great coach. I think, just by looking miked up that is based just lit up. I can't briggs news is too big. I can't can't do with his face some toxic just in time, As far as the chief medical adviser to president Biden has positive work over nineteen, the action institutes of health has have announced not going to be good cause. It is the first time- oh my god, I would hardly be the first time that guy was living in coven for awhile right well. Yeah in the lab,
tony's. I sure why not on his part yakima. And I thought what is right and what is totally insane lies face. Whenever he reads it over there. I honestly think, like maybe something happened in the nfl, like maybe grumpy and got married, I thought yeah. I thought there was an update as well and then lo and behold as soon as I opened the group text, of course, that the fash see okay, we'll go, Also, I don't know how it is. You are practised, volunteer statistics tell said: daisy completely boasted I would ask for it. I got it completely. Bessy said, thank god fatch. I think thats falls into the point. O o o o o o o o one bracket, so is now not that's what I think he said so far. What does fully boosted me now? How many is that a five? Is it really? I dunno I've, no idea. I have no clue
I think there's going to be a tough sell there. After a couple yeah, we were still getting them. You know what I mean I. I still think it was it also there for a while If people got the vaccine, then still ended up testing positive. I think a lot of people. I get a lot of people, exactly how you feel you little piece of shit you gonna, perhaps and settle down it s, getting I just got flocking murdered for the wise involves get a lot of the sitting, here today on the partisan fascism, peak physical condition, he's gonna be fine, can throw, but you can buy I think for sure, and if we are to get seem, take BP different story there by doing there's all right. You like gold, tasted, a natural barriers, sprain it
so people will call you that we got the same bashes bill berm. You know bill burr said about it. Do you recall? I do not recall his most recent stand, a special, not including the the funny friends or whatever night with friends I called friends I kill. Now I don't I don't so what do you say I just need you said I believe, dish browsers to save you back at what are you try say car loudly in your reply? You, I thought, maybe you knew the special I saw you living in a tunnel that is only like minded thoughts either on. I consume everything here from everybody on all fronts. Looked at all the beams! That's right! That's all! you're going to have the right the middle? I wonder if that is the new thing, We have to ask our biogas. It is like can't use wikipedia be our thing now I cant use, maybe,
doubtless very like a research papers and studies. We want a lady's wikipedia thoughts. Were you ever use with video? Now really How about your gy use? I mean me and vaccine. I used what I got in trouble for using it. We learned a lot, but we are not allowed to source the thing that made everybody's sourcing much easier. So you had to find it from there and then go find the actual thing, which is the game that we all had to play. Yeah see we changed the game. I think, because all you do, is you get that from Wikipedia you copy and paste? Probably three words from the sentence. Google, then real article from like dot, everybody just said: dot eu south, and then you don't you use. Wikipedia since its other shot me, you took a shot of ages generation as well. Asia just said boy, we fuck and did that way before us we could use Wikipedia right behind you. I saw you had to go down to the bottom majesty via the references some now they're lobbies, wikipedia propaganda is just starting out in really would they
Have you any one can like edit that right who beginners looking anybody about like if I wanted to? How would I do there's enough in the top right corner that, just as at it and if you have like an account even go in and add, ever you want. I think you have to donate operator is what we have withdrawn our power. I thought and hate. When wikipedia comes, and handling. I now have a billion people on your website. You can figure out how to make money off that fuck off ok, the banner ads thing. That's bingo! you have everybody usage or whatever, but if you're going bankrupt, that's all you don't tell me to fuck it. Don't I get out of here. I read the captain. I do appreciate what they bring us, but I would like them to figured out fuckin mom. Won't they Wikipedia one. A flock of business Yeah page will tell them how to do their thing. What's that, oh, I forgot. I forgot to defend myself. I didn't bring up the fouch thing because I didn't want to be toxic or I forgot to defend myself
This guy. I did want to bring up the like it's up to this and I want to take up there. I mean you know that I won't. Bringing sovereignty back football because conveniently Fouche is both testify tomorrow before the senate about the pandemic. So it's convenient that it can do that now, but maybe we adopt round so don Snyder. Also isn't gonna fucking go in front of the committee's so outside it back to you dude, I waited defend yourself really began software thanks down yet die. Snyder utter champion of misleading people with everything has talked about the government, not dirt. You call me in the house oversight committee for conversation, meaning Adele concerns about the due process of it all. I'm actually not when a girl. So I believe what can happen because this isn't a trial, its kind.
Like when people show up at your car, your house and they go, we like to Search- and you quote- Jay z like well you're, going to need a warrant for that and they're like alright whole time. Wait will give here for a second, smelled. Some way I can. You are just tell us that warrant roadway gap is fuck off. I believe they can take there's a subpoena. That's I'm saying I believe they can take it to a level where do they forced to go in there, but I soon You just do the fifth amendment thing I Do you, like you, say no terrorism, betty zone as desires. Doing in there. Does a lot of things that we have no ideas, legal, I think other guys don't mean is known, for I can understand him trying to get out of this. I mean: do you think he really wants to sit up there and have people pepper him with questions next to del to who is a master class speaker, you know who it's tough, not to not like to sit there not say something to mess. Whatever's goin on what you like to stick to the swift and not get knocked off your little scripts. That's an
I do not think roderick Adele was master yeah, you're, gonna, implicate yourself, somehow, no matter what your answers and if you please the butler somebody else to maybe it like you might screw on your buddies whilst bigger embodies I mean Snyder called John is that we give up in detail. How do you get out slide or sit right next to each other, the house oversight committee, where they all have. What minutes on the use, my time bomb in get that will be able to I'll give his answer. You can ask him back wash conveniently a minute. Thirty left not go ahead of papa job, You're, a god, give them your answer dan. So I should did, I won't say no right but we can't propriety, wouldn't you dont? Does bad of roger get else's. No, I think so, but del figure out a way. Let us all know why roger will do that, so other owners donor to get up there and, like you said today,
it's. Probably not that worried cause like yeah I'll be able to handle this like this. Is that everyone hates this asshole. That's the reason they're there here is. They want to burn him at the stake. I said this the last time and I will say it again: I could always sit in that room. Looking at a room of people that he could take every one of their jobs if he wanted to, I could take your job for one at your job, your job, your job, oh great, question, you're, lucky! I don't live in connecticut with that being said, move there and run next year in weight to you. The bullshit I see on the campaign is immaculate mac you let it speaking without saying anything. That's why get sixty million a year when, from the unworthy owners, love em? They only quite like people, question rod and what roger is doing in a they largely seemed like stay away from the owners and myself. Something crazy out was. Is that a judge so we can establish a judge or chinese I'd, say yes and he for the league for twenty years or so he was it to be position that he's and make the money he's make an n. He stopped
just a regular guys in these later boy requiring pinata, Madame's watchmen, eventful, exactly rent non college, football no, never bought icicle football nope, not european all national, not nfl. Football is the only thing comes honest television where I fucking here I sit here. Normally they had changed for lights, now even them and ems I'll watch, nfl football- and I hear you think he's eaten- has been a meme and I'm still with that I fuckin did a shoulder bump with the three hundred sixty point twenty one year old in Where these, like sixty some years old, he's he's ingrate shape as well, so policy are still to be done. He might be on some of that. Sixty million a year science was a senator saying. How old is he brought his dad was a senator you hear that he's been in this game. He knows the game he's going in there like. I was born for the. I was born in the dark, steed curs dad was assassinated back when using college. Yes assassinated. Suddenly out of his, he was like a diplomat anywhere.
I can't remember where it was but yeah. He was assassinated overseas, like at the american consulate or something like the whole fuck. I did not know he was a person sir, something more than just think so severe professed, Are you assassinated murmured, where he was diplomat for the? U s over somewhere. I don't know He was doing how it works were size. That fascinated psychic is a professor. I believe so not yet. I do not know that. Yes, the multicultural arizona that right yeah any one of our aims at the american university of Beirut. These, where stevedores father was last night? He was working as a diplomat, slash professor. He was the president of the american university of Beirut, so you can be assassinated. I guess as president of university, without doing any political affiliate how's that work. That's interesting. I just didn't know how to classify murders.
And I'm happy I'm not that guy who does shit submersed of the murder game, while the game that would revolve around murder sort of possibly being murdered at any time. Yeah just ugly and I think, a lot of people that get into that business know like why don't get murdered here, a ruffle feathers, I'm not talking mentally tough enough. For that. I am not mentally tough enough without ever seeing what I want I sleep now. I gotta play block trail and focus on my sleep every night. That's right! I'm three days into this thing. Since tom score, a body guru told me about to sleep, I'm feeling better. Better age? What are you doing different, I'm just like at eight thirty, nine o clock and like tonight, Levin p m. I gonna bet down will it be like I'm consciously reminding myself, To bed at eleven olympia waken up this one so early. We didn't live animals in room last night, you shut the door had it and our cats play ball,
It was on the doris. She was on her single hind leg with both of the front ones. Plane bats on the five fifteen am okay and in a big way, get a little dog door, get a little dog and a cat door that can go in and out like that was the purpose keep them out. What they do not have your room of the outside? They can let themselves out there today, article outside or what I dunno. I was guzzi out there. We got fucking these hawks for all their cats or you don't put the cats outside yeah yeah. The cats just wanted to be fed gotcha. They awaken sam, mostly because she's the one, but I happened to be sleeping right next to sam, so I heard the same noise. The automatic feeders who know they but have them pull on amazon there's there's a million of them for cats. We'd have to get for feeders because they can't be eaten on the same
It's a lot repair the assets, there's four thing anytime sham go somewhere and I gotta do it. It is a problem. It is a real arise: ok, jake, ways and then, if I put a little bit more and another one that offers italian over two orders are gonna tom. You're, not gonna, just swat somebody out of their bowling? Then it goes to know it's a whole thing. Even if I gotta Its personalities walked round, it may have they stay alive whenever I'm fuckin onboard. That's all trying to do the entire time here that ceausescu there also It's a great they're cool, they're cool. They scared the hell out of me wet food or dry food, so above the per se relaxed, says abashing. Where food is disgusting, that net I hate it eyes any where food is horrible was that What smelling it always smells, terrible that it looks terrible you never get rid of it. I mean get rid of it, but just give it to them.
Yeah, there's always just slop. Yet the hard through dismal so valerie. Now is become a hilariously picky eater, so I mean she knows to georgia's. Have you no starvation whole doubts basically on food like give her what she would is thinking she is wanting. Then we gonna be like I fuckin and she knows we got sebastian same waste ashland ill or starving, because we didn't let him sleep in the house this morning wouldn't eat his food he's like well I'll fall die then. So, economically, these these animals I don't give what fruit loops or what what is now can that leg in the normans the wet for they, like the white paper, I want to get some get some little to go by the widow. What are the little mice you can buy that feed snakes to give them some of those that keep happening. So actually the little bands, like you, know the wristbands- that the lipstick bans dunham. What would what would jack
just do what would those bands couple of our cats love it makes them feel like their haunts. They'll pick it up and throw it and then they'll go catch. It shit like that Those things are, and then they rip it in half and then just leave it around then chuck the dumb cord. You will come eat it then he's got the its whole literally its own. That guy is always are thousands of ecosystem. Well, the laser works for all of them. So therefore works for none of them right now, because you're doing laser with one of them. In somebody else, even hence that there's a laser you literally have for cats to dogs. Jason one lays reporter in get another one out, but then all of a sudden you got for tat too on two ways: report not to save up somewhat. It's a full fuckin scene. I get very I get high anxiety whenever sales are on the whole thing. On my guy Giuliano can't swim our cats, indoor cats, but do not declared they are still lots of them. Out there we ever survive, I think, but their indoor gets
Do any cats swim? I don't I dunno. There is a breed. I saw on instagram the other day that does from. I can't remember the name. So that's the thing like we don't allow memes and research studies like that's kind of what you just said, but could be another idea given preserve all cats, those big look at once. Oh yes, and try to get one is jungle. Cats in our house One tat s off I've been very against their. Asimo, like the rest of the cats, probably not are sick. I dunno. I think you're, maybe I dunno I Haven'T- had a cat, cactus juice will kill yet now I want to kill your or the same tree by adding that thing will jump around here. You want that sam same seemed tree. There's the animals that have their babies and eat em right away, like what you mean same tree, does is doing that. There's animals do that, about, does bears on golf courses. This sort of get a little gather bears global anti on these golf course Dona golfers. Comfortable aside, I think hardly any nhl player
notre dame hockey, maybe blair, t off, lefty, bio, somebody's, prominent and then bear turns from words looks like baby cup. Is their start sprinting at the tea box and obviously the cannon everybody put scammer now northern ended as you don't know how that ended. This man was yesterday and I thought I'm trying to play for the french another course on oil, so try to put from the french and the bear is starts off in in the words of sorts out in the rough cover other rough up over the fair way he's on the fringe ida. With that think up a practice. Drugs look back that bears much closer than a bear, stand up. Changes, its path towards guy. Putting in you just want what amount. Go to start run away and that's another camera that out we're audio feel the bears may come out of it, excited to humans, unwise to get there, you know, cause he's gone,
It used to be their thing. Don't tell me they did. This base was their space. Nobody was out in public now feels like the bears getting a little bit more comfortable, just something to think about, especially as though they got bears out there. Oh yeah. They were like that Saudi gotta, put your lock your treasure soda periods right. You know what the menstrual cycle Iraq's airs thinking what a day by using the lack of any sondra jersey circle joyfulness leaf a broader point, bixler sure things, let's get out of here, Laura starts at night net kyar you're way as we sail offer this show it. That's right in a hammer down, and then that's hockey talk tonight when people here that the stanley cup is underlined this evening. A best of seven series starts in Denver colorado the night watch
keep in mind, we're watching the best hockey on the planet with the best teams on the planet starts tonight. I can't wait for what should people be thinking about nyc about something people need to think about, as there are two groups of men going out there tonight to put their blood sweat and tears and spilled out all over the ice for a chance, a moment to hoist that beautiful piece of silverware right there in some ice cold beers? Out of that thing, if there's a team that is looking to build and finish a dynasty here, wow and there's another team, the colorado avalanche, looking to start a legacy, they're looking to make their own path, wow they've got the old man, the grizzled, the bad, the bad hardened vets in their way.
In front of the show big rig, paver patio room left, fucking funny cause there's been in my way. That won't happen. The next on the other side, do you have the young stars, nathan Mackinnon, kill the car, kill the next one. So to speak, can they get it done? Can they teach these old men are less wow. We shall see a die fuck avalanche global over us. Our societies are waves, schreiber sound like that. Look like that. We can see like can see the I already have the face that was speaking there, but the portion I saw I didn't see leisha now, but he's not behind a poll last one could be that guy was reading propaganda this is. I was not happy with some of the lines that he recited. While give the ball to running back against good defense when Carson wentz got a hot hand or spock and Jonathan taylor sounds like frank:
might have been right in those days writers, setting great actors up for fucking failure, hey how about those penn state? Kids are showing the behind the scenes clips of starting become a thing now. Did see. I saw the headline. I did not click on twitter, video, I'm not doing it personally, the have also made it back on It has been a good battle. Good scrap death grab, hopefully get some tonight, I'm sure you put it past year. I won't remember it the next time. It happens. The next time I comment on something they did in the magic just a glitch. We ve also seen other examples of burying people. Try to bury Lamar jackson You need a thing: what team did now with a match? Processing.
Oh yeah, I think you could catch match our thank you. Maxx Crosby cannot run you and then I saw RG three say angles are a real thing or what are we even talking about he's a fashion? Lamar jackson matched crosby was moving, and that was that was max, probably very fast enough for you. You could bore you He's got fire, but there ain't, no age, no chance crosbie knew that and get back to the edge run flat. Run a genuine flat to catch him. Yet put the ground in bam, ran like this. You know he knows Lamar's there. I know what soccer helped me a lot in my angle to have angles: yeah yeah, it would yeah really dead. Yeah. I used to be pretty good slide tackle and I was big so when I was dominance slide on the ground. People were not bad. There was not a
is not a other team. Favorite move up, and in a couple of guys and I'm coming in full speed to I mean no, I'm not going to spice up I'm trying to get the ball, but if I'm not going to get the ball you're not going to just run away like I got stopped to play here, so I guess we gotta fucking, sharks I buy yell. Not for me, I saw, but that helped immensely workers with soccer embrace driveling as is kicking the ball to where they're trying to get everybody's, trying to guess on how to get there and ended up paying off huge. Whenever I got to the nfl, because everybody's was much faster than me, I just need to pick a spot. Where do I think he spent about twenty two miles an hour.
That's much better than me, I'm going to use the sideline sideline has never missed a tackle ever younger. I used to act like I was hurt to you know: smart look at the ins like white there, I'm just gonna run right bomb yeah, you are yeah, you are, I say: ok, gotcha you're, not great move made me look much more athletic than I actually was embarrassing for four chances sideline to start out. Let's get the fuck out of your neck. Thank you for that vote Whatever about the wardha, no no thank you hope you guys are because watch night hope you enjoy. It can't wait times. Game start a pm, much better than mba yeah. That is why be able to get to bed by There are reasons why day not old way, no still do, and that shows that gun yes, I can only see the entire finals, Israel, india, paternal I'll, get it next this just have em in in studio. Could they do have time for game post game show still They could guarantee,
there. They would you say, hey like where the puppy bowl like this year I can watch us in between international drop. You ass before yeah, but is that part of the deal is I'm sure can't gazeta and with them the aid mba tv can do that. Shall I did reach out to charles barkley bodily sir Charles to come on or showed talk about? Basketball got one response, nothing, jacques almost ready photographer, we'll see why just alarm excited I'm very excited for our electors like super everybody that goes a super pumped over, but nobody goes out their superbowl about. I can't wait to experiences with recipe it's because the pi- and I know it- I'm sure it gets old people. Hearing people talk about it, but if you're a douche, you don't get invited back. That's why it's awesome like everyone. There is
very cool. It also sounds like we got one time for this boy. Yeah sounds like people who are very good at golf. Are the ones who are most excited to go? agent lawson. I'm excited super excited super party spear guy, some random yeah. That's right, live on that glory days, when AJ hawk used to strap it up for the packers slow reason we did shoulder pads for you and the way I do not want to take it. I do not want any helmet to helmet. Hardly had galbraith: yeah go to earn a helmet owed his also he doesn't get out. Now I mean he if we to him. I'm sure he would accept, but I don't know if that's affair is the same guy he's jack. Yes, I'm sure he's, I'm sure I'll be there are actually someone sent me a picture like yeah, something that they like reach out to me. Different people do, in the said, the other guy thursday, there always so liver, king, the guy No, it's not liver kid, this guy with before liberty, you are aware bare feet like our products.
I got been played out, you're, not working out, not just want back in awful randall. It'll be like a once. Every three months thing I'll go dive in and just watch all this shit from last year, macquarie go on. There is jackson, you know his testosterone gets built up cause he eats liver, it's rare! That's why he's more as capability? That's, I think, all buddy Elias that were ezekiel. They are built like carrying a little bit. Oh yeah guppies about to be. A last word Zeke. You will see it, I'll be all yet a family you mean will see if companies able Maintain that work on schedule, whatever is made major Angelo chain- might hold him back. Right Your point honeymoon that is actually that's not gonna happen. I mean, I think, they're upwards of sixty percent chance. It does, I think so, do I was just like ours. See stars aerospace. Now, how big could you imagine this being a part of our story? Secondly, the walls and guppies court showing here are your hammer, dance, that's going with you,
That's gamma. Can we could hear the updates from got a nice guy came to hear what it goes back on. We will do shit. There's fifty thousand There's a there's, a fifty thousand dollars free, but winner gonna be given out today, and ass. The finish line We were unable to announce the names were able to announce the odds in the top ten of it all in everything like that. So last weak on the wednesday were the file. Dollars and gain parlay or same game parlay plus big bonanza, where the longest odds would win fit thousand dont longest odds that hit would win. Two thousand dollars and free bats, and then there was another. Fifty thousand dollars and free bats, given absolute top ten and the place was plus sixteen thousand one hour of fifty five first place was plus hundred and sixty five thousand man, it was twelve leg. So
not one another. Like thirty grand or sought. My judgment was in their day, I'm the baltic in fifty grand on top of that five dollars same game, parlay or same game parlay plus, which means at least that's on one game and then the games can be balanced, singing, partly plus whoever the longest, odd parlay that wins everybody that opt in to do this winds. Fifty thousand That's I mean I've. Only got to three bats in recent times, their plus sixty five thousand wanted, plus six thousand came intent. They still one some free bets from vandal Yes, there is over sixty eight thousand people last year, fifty thousand dollars for our part as well go for magic. Nothing up and jesse, and not only what you want from the long odds, but also another fifty kay. We had a bad anyhow. What a jury sure you opt in and have thought of it put it all in,
with all that fifty k on one thing. Absolutely that's that would not be along are the same game. Parlay. Are you saying after you I ask you when you take that fifty bouquet I wanna be cannonballs here, celtics money by then you could cash it out. Can't yeah, of course, does it's free, but so you can bet, two thousand hours after you win it. Then you could take the winnings in cash that You will not be of a cash out the free bets, fifty thousand rightly so. If you were to put fifty grand on a super heavy favorite in win. For that you weren't, with the cash out, which you know it takes a little bit, but also remember the iris, probably looking at us think about that as much as we can watch us, aren't at work become. Later the ira's yeah all seems like online gambling. Hey that's digitally tracked. Now, right, you know yeah, I didn't know if they do it real time. Somehow, if somehow fanduel takes, I dunno now I don't think fans don't taxes for people not on you, I'm sure you have
yeah, I don't know it is easy to use obviously easy to keep track of your and mosses, though yes, very easy on there, and also it's really nice of them. You know the tax revenue losses nerve, it's very nice of them, I get to gamble to get the win. It's treasure and I get to pay you because I happen to do it in a state that was belong. Contrary to what are you my pay, their fish and entire energy right, we're all bad? or backed words. Good can aware that, when he's married, I think he's got her ice revolve around, but she's got a pretty nice apartment in new york. I think she's new york based yes One allay ten times out of ten just what he programme was years working headquarters, series, yeah, ok, so dumpy I mean congrats group, new city, the bags how we act
especially when you're married weekends in new york, days in any, let's stop this: let's listen to him down, so he never got me thinking it'll be back tomorrow, big time guess, but dumb conversations can't. Thank you enough good, bye, thanks Brian Urlacher, for stopping by good luck, dot com. If you want to get in the collectible card game, they have everything you could we need to make sure you know how much its price, We can find others that you're looking for it just Thirdly, where your entire collection, rights amongst the general, while carpenter obviously battling through the lack of power living like an amish man after getting fucked over by coldplay and stubhub seek, he came through twenty percent off all concert tickets at the link in the description at youtube. Dot com forward, slash the mac video. I do not believe that you bob promo code is work again. You gotta use, lincoln inscription focus now. Davy glare Dreyer, here lawyer, amish
yeah there's a deal that was done while we're alive so events miscommunication, unless twenty percent off concert tickets with the lincoln description for thanks to our friends are seeking, so you don't get Bob carpenter and trent brown was awesome. Go check out his gym down. Atlanta sounds like a fantastic place, ha what a show by you today, pal and one time today, looking forward to watching the somebody in your kitchen making bacon underwear with your mom yeah. I have no idea alright J J of the bessie automobile hammer, Is that what you do look on for such ever done? Your best buy.
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