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PMS 2.0 688 - McAfee Movie Review Monday, Shams Charania, Darius Butler, Josina Anderson, & AJ Hawk

2022-06-20 | 🔗

On today's show, Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys chat about the US Open Championship this weekend, another McAfee Movie Review Monday, and everything going on in the sports world as we begin to officially enter the summer. Joining the program to chat about the news that Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets are at an impasse in negotiations and he could wind up somewhere else is NBA Insider for Stadium and The Athletic, Shams Charania (18:54-28:01). Next, 9 year NFL veteran, host of The Man-To-Man podcast, Darius Butler joins the show to chat about who players fear playing against more, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, his experience with Rookie dinners while in the league after Jets 1st round pick Garrett Wilson's comments on The Pivot, and more (1:05:51-1:20:56). Later, NFL Insider for CBS Sports and first time guest, Josina Anderson joins the progrum to chat about the Deshaun Watson situation, what she's hearing about Baker Mayfield, how she initially got into this role, when she thinks the Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray deals will get done, and much more (1:29:58-1:53:56). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show, and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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Hello. The date is Monday june twentieth, two thousand twenty two, and I hope your weekend was fantastic. This show starts now that ended last week. We are not carried into another one, but there is some things that we need a let's ride into. We have big yesterday, shops iranian will be joining us in about seventeen minutes. He the news that the kyler recovery, irving, and brooklyn nets conversations or at impulse. I m p s as which we all had to google what that meant. I guess there at a complete standstill, because one side would agree with the other side on something so Tiree to be going into the open market. What does that mean? Who now wash arms romanian about sixteen minutes. Dairies. Butter will join us in a second now or to talk about a lot of things, but most importantly, parts comments about
manning be a much more scared to defend them. Tom Brady. I watch this morning on get up Dominic. Foxworth on there to answer the question it's. What peyton changes the plays. You know what I mean TIM Hasselbeck, former nfl guy quarterback. He gives his entire answer on. Why? Probably what part scott just said makes a lot of sense and then Jeremy fowler said that reminds us. That was an interesting thing, but it has been quite a conversation because everybody knows that peyton manning Tom Brady. Obviously, for this era are the two votes, Tom Brady, as all the rings patent was able to catch up by going to denver when another one has all this hats, the way he plays vastly different. Now Tom Brady place conversations always gonna do well just like jordan and braun. So we will certainly ask areas butler and the question being phrase whose scary data. How bulgaria's bother respond, who knows aging hawk, also be with us and then the third, our four some ever on the shell cap reform guest first time ever
josie, nay and hung airways? Finally of the sba and now bs. Obviously, an insider resources to all the sources cannot wait to chat with her in sea. What's going on in the world today, thursday of actual summer for the entire nfl, where we headed, hopefully Josiana, will give us an update. Also we'll have incredible conversations with the talks table at Ty schmidt? How was the weekend is great weather was very nice, which you know. I mean that was nice, no rain. Anything like that. We had great gas units. Although the nfl is going away, the golf kinda at me, going through fathers. There is great week. Another complain about last fathers day for you. Yes, yeah, it was kinda. You know. Did you think about that? Yeah? Definitely I thought there was a chance. She was going to come on father's day and it'd be kind of like a you know, I'd be able to actually EL bravely, I it was what I've wild you wake up fathers day pages got murph
dog dad a happy fires that everybody else you go to sleep fathers day. Airbus start have largely meets. Gives me. That's a nice and alone at loggerheads, come back out of the great tail, but also happy that you know sugar and celebration on a train passing car soluble in some chemistry tobacco just couple weeks out from tahoe. How was your weekend? How did you get it did you? That's swings, sticks and all I didn't swing the stigma of those whose and kind of working on the walking to be honest with you really trying to get ready for I hope we are too bad go out on the down. On saturday, we had a great day together manoeuvres: fantastic weakness, Oh you're, full conversations with bag expecting a response by go yet the same thing that you mac, oh by the way, is the bag that will be using into her for the golf turning these generic etc championship carter
the caddy he's trying to learn as much about this bags boss. You know, bagger, doesn't respond juno verbally, but be we communicate in different ways. Is a big body, language guy, that's kind of more how he talks to me, but you know What did you get that? Because we have chemistry? I had no idea that bag gender identified as he has outlined nobly was going to go on for she had house years. You are taken this caddy role for tahoe. Now, let's go after seeing you know, the gulf is rico my dimension to its big world, more I'm hoping to be kissed. Now, like answer we are, hopefully you're not live in the same light as Billy foster. A man is growing forty years. Who is that one road? I incredible? Caddy existence ease and what a week and it was for all yamba methods, patrick the brick wall, beautiful, bought a beautiful or dive all the way into that at ten degs? I know you weren't in indianapolis this weekend I was a pal went back to pittsburgh for a wedding. Did breakfast with a coach this weekend, celebrate father's day is pretty good. It's pretty good
geez, I didn't notice what I think, like in the nba people, be like us again. ro as africa, of the other things that we say- listen Nobody says anymore, but are you ok, is everything all right, the first time the day at the gates, though you almost died on your own words live and out of, what's it called allergy medicine for like the last week, I normally take one every night so that it doesn't drain down my throat every single night, but that has not been the case as of recently so. I've been dealing with a lot of conjecture, well, you did have a little drip voice there at the beginning, this one thing, but how was the weekend? It was great, and I did notice that this table toxic table scumbag.
They are didn't. Ask you how you are weak. They give rise to date in this guy. It's what a guy we larger. We that is also raise it sort of its work that such a thing should have literally before we want. Don't ask me how I'm doing the smooth compensation to vary and asked me I'll do it uses it is. That is amazing feat. Weakened was great. Thank you for asking tone africa. We demonstrate the weather was perfect. Why wasn't too hot? Wasn't your code after humidity that came through and can above all of us last week I mean it a hundred five hundred and ten shoot would shoot. Temp was humanly on top of it, so I thought we I was going to be a full nightmare. Buddy was magical gotta.
See tat mcafee, and his domain on about ceremony was cruising like out there just him. His people can I get we a mega captains, hat lawyers. They obviously also no bright where that down here with his dress blues, and why he it. Just him on that boat is much more comfortable than he was a couple weeks ago. Whenever you just got into the boat and game, that's good food hasn't good stuff like that, fantastic. We can actually got a chance watch a movie, ITALY, which leads us to the second ever segment of I see movie review mine. The knower sports zone will definitely dive into that, especially in about ten minutes of shops. Rania, who broke the news about kyrie irving, probably not being with the brooklyn nets next year, and as other if our stuff, I guess that happen- boards are mostly which are seen in a couple hours that she has all the in southern asia, but the movie that was chosen this past weekend. For the reviews here was, to see don't wanna get yes didn't get
long ago you ever saw about it, did not get to a casino, though titanic length felt there diesel. I mean that is a long theirs. dams. Whenever I had deposit gazette go piss, my wife and I said how much times an hour and a half is left holy shit. This is a long one that, with we did a little bit of a battle. Both you got fifty still left in this whole thing. There is no more time for I thought I could buy a lot in probably get I get it, I get it, but I kept my tent. For three hours I mean I was brigham movie and everything that I would like to see us easily right off. The brutal orders, gas, just brutal, marked baseball bat, the faces not arrowroot, they're gonna at one point, Nicky actually shot. I think a woman and a had his nip went ahead and his arm and ahead. If it was a natural gun right by baboon gonna die man did the whole thing overall, like the move like movie.
The moment where he was sitting, I guess where he had both of his pinkies up by the washer and one of them had a ring on. I appreciated that. I really did appreciate that his wardrobe, his costumes, were ethical, Weinstein's costumes were epic nick was a little bit of a loose cannon. I think we all know what I was headed as soon as nikki moved out to the desert. I think we all are, especially in the beginning where he was talking, bout. You know you got a before you kill. Does, if not going to spend thirty forty five minutes out there digging before you even get there and who knows who's going to show up. So I think we kind of got it. We kind of got the points Obviously the beginning. You see the the thing blow up. That was a little bit. I thought he was dead yeah. I thought that was how it turns out was don hi. I dunno, but the whole ginger thing. Okay, it made me think this guy's stitch like on wedding day, that phone call with less than a guy like fuckin, need to end it. Now we are what we doing right now. Then
numerous other time from like ways. A still governs an entire hundred million dollar to see now he's back out there doing this whole thing. You don't have a license. I was boilers, esben go back by dignity and I have never guess by the way that if you had success that title well, the thing would really fuck you over, especially if you find one of the locals kids that can you gotta play ball with some people. It's just the way it has to get right. So one good movie. The dogs, just like, can have come on back and come on them. Tell me sancho store. They felt good side there in the middle of a trailer casting fascinating situation overall, the movie, not perfect movie, not bearings. Alice. Now there are actually not so a lot of people touch me. They're tweak may that they thought it was better than good fellows. I did not think that was the case, but I enjoy casino. It has, as it is some one movie on the list of for your point. Will oh nine percent point now
percent that you have the while one percent a year, the the good math there, the we're figured it out as actually get more telling, while you're talkin, yet this kind of what a part of the whole italians we're mafia people. We do. Mafia stuff all over the place, learn a lot about kansas city Detroit in other cities. I did not know kansas city on such a day. You know hi contingents answer so close get the bags work and arrested or whatever, and then I enjoyed him talking about how back at home, I'm gettin crucified for doing here. I'm gettin warts, given speeches. how I think a lot of potheads felt whenever there is an error in estate where legal gone. It's like they're scared to death, DR everywhere I go anywhere if they have anything autumn. Think in me, they towards legal. You got a little tesla porn up to area where the ban That's like leather, like here's. Your weight, It is just it's a it's a crazy part of the time there so I could relate to that. Was that critically acclaimed
like a movie people, think you're very, very gaze, very, very good scorsese on the floor, yeah exactly so yeah. It is critically acclaimed, but I wasn't, I mean dear point, like a kind of age in really do as good as it is. This was like three years after it fell came up. Maybe five years so that they can adjust ran away. A lot of the same characters wasn't as critically acclaimed, but I think in the long run like it's called classic sure, but as yet. Ninety five, ninety five yeah there's so as we sink that was from nineteen. Ninety five automatically seal now Michael make it through this one's going to put me to bed and I'm lucky. I didn't even look at the time, giving them over, who fifty seven almost we're doing that. I think that's for me away from a lot of movies. I feel like some of these movie reviews on these mondays before football starts are going to Have a lot of them be like I make their money. I could make through always redress that you did three ass. One long jamming, that's a testament to movie, because if, if it stinks by completely stinks, there's no way europe,
thrown away two hours and fifty seven one sky, latin ginger fucking come on back good, bye, good. I really wanted three years old. He said I want to go ahead and do this, don't you already waited forty some years? Did I make people wait? I guess the heart wants I can hatch fucking lester, though I know that guy that he does that guy, since he was a pedophile to, I believe them, since she was young yet real and blow in front of her kid. I mean: what do we do it Amy holiday? What does ace doing that? So it was hard. I think that's one of the things where it was just in that super duper sandy gems thing sure nothing! I couldn't. no feeling for the fucking guy is it numerous times it could cast out and tot up started the same thing with me watching holidays numerous times he could a fucking guy up in himself from everything. So it's hard for me to really fun. law unreasonably like
else thinks this has happened and vote on. It would also much like you, fuckers a pair of names, that's kind of a difficult feeling for me, I'm not sure I want to be able to have that, but if I would have cared about him, which I don't know if anybody does, which is tough by the way, only people who, like them most people, he was just giving money to right and people that are skimming. a scam and has quite a little operation the bad news, how nice would that suitcase just showing up? Also some of that stuff it's all about how like things used to go in vegas like when they find the guys counting cards and they go back and he breaks his hand with the hammer and like stuff like that that a thousand percent was happening back then like it is cool to see that what you do shuffle with and the guy said customer right here. You can't shuffle, with your left hand, only only my right hand yeah, that he thought was giving information away like romania, this sort of donor, not cheating, tat? It was a media,
How about the nerd that was actually doing the betting? Getting called back to you want to take the hammer and the money, or do you just want to walk out of here? No hammer, no hammer, it would be kind of cool our thousand hockney. I wonder what that other guy learn about that guy. You just let me get my hand busted for little zero dollars. Does you won't get uranium I share mrs aubert, followed between those two after they love they say to us, you shake you soon enjoy bob's before us, Deniro yeah. I think so he's asked. He is he's the right person to tat passion, hysterical fund. He's this tolerate vienna and he is the end. courser and every time he pretty much. He is that deleo shall choose no more yeah. Well, he ended up in a ditch and this one live. They buried him a lot yeah brother same grace, poole good, acting on the first guides itself into the slept in india. The here there was a great sally,
He was a little bit of a rim job around the hole he fell in there and then all of a sudden he was flat they're both alive while the bedroom overall, giving a nice dunno seven that the home alone, No, he had that rate so range you just another fuckin vanguard, yes, it still rheumatic a rumor has. It was actually very difficult for him to go from that before long. He kept saying thought. speedy? Kids? I thought everything you see. L Mcculloch, alchemy hackers release the law at an adverse always happen. I believe they did like a three minute club. Any was superfluity. If I remember correctly, he was. a little swinburne back. I had a little operation down all the boys went down. I guess! Yes, it is thinking in time how people could get away with whatever there were some things that took place in you think back. Like how could they have done that and then it was like, oh because there's no technology
at all. They could do whatever they want to have a whenever he was, unlike for five different course, six different cars and aid last summer, whatever nowadays, It would just have some tracker. Divers burnt areas is literally right here and now it's much by enjoyed it matter Another motor view Monday come to a complaint with the wife yeah, maybe Maybe I'm not all want our laws on actual landline like an hour and a half sweets bought for you. You see John wick How you like John way, would be a good one. In John wick, there you go, there's two there's numerous jobs right now, which one is the one in my watch that first one that's about ninety minutes, Keanu kills about one hundred eighty guys in his balls and walls from that's, that's john wick one. Yes just
on his words- and this is on prime, it's on one of the stream services forgotten. The double entire thing. Now I don't want to subscribe, starts casinos sk. I am I to do the same through ninety nine a month. Not now now is not a job. Work is on the terrorist networks. This country hbo, One work I saw Jerome it's definitely I wanted to. I will figure it out. Stars almost got me last night with a two. Ninety nine I'm like no actually not doing it, I'm not how about that cause. I'm only here for Can I just say that I am not here for anything else in there going to slip that ninety nine in every single moths better. I said not today how many three ninety nine too casino right, rock, analogous that's! The move is just going on apple and searching it, and you can just any of these older movies. You can rent them for two hundred and ninety nine one watch boom. You're done. Don't have to worry about ready,
in payments yeah, it was the right move. I spent four bucks to save myself one book next month, bank of smart. You can rent John wick currently on amazon for two ninety nine boom. That's what I'll do? Okay, you're, gonna love. It cause everybody's already, a prime member, because you know my wife has bought something from there every day that that company has Just out do well I'd taken advantage of every single everyday you for you, Bob say. I never go on. There seems like it's a never ending gold mine, though khazars just cardboard boxes at my house. We have become a cardboard box factory over there. It is I walk in him Jesus fucking, a second recycling but like from city. I had always a standard thing happening over there. You should donate their cardboard downtown the bombs above the house, out of it, probably maybe an umbrella to stay out of the heat they just stay in the brain.
An the overpasses bind our cardboards from amazon, probably build birch lu, lu leaf, Furthermore, I was your age, I say what data that particular brandenburg hop. It does put together quite a fucking. Seventy stores the highest highs barge transparent was it burst, khalifa the f b. I J. I don't want to u r J. I think first pillar ties with zoological ever that I believe it delivers hats, Let us now with a beautiful, fade, honest hair in a line up on his beard. I'd assume I haven't seen him, but I will say a man. That's in the news breaking industry. He uses spoons for his scoops and for
As for his oatmeal and ba insider for the athletic and stadium. Ladies and gentlemen, shopped around so I'll, do my beard. Lineup can be better, but you know I just flew into new york, so I'm trying to trying to collect myself when I want. stop by jail and roses barber, india in new york. I seen him walking around new york. He is top of the line guy. He he's a fucking artist with their thing, I think, my barbara. I respect that ok I'll its dive into what you broke some news this morning, you the word that none of us knew what it meant to. We all looked it up, but it doesn't sound great. tiree in brooklyn nets are at impact in conversations about his future in brooklyn clearing for seven time all started- consider the open market lectures and mix expected to emerge, potential suitors? Okay? This is Obviously, top of the line conversation in every sport show because Tiree is obviously involves kevin, durrant and potentially
on james who he had been complementing on progress in the past where's kevin. What This man is this all leverage play by countries, people to have you like this information, or is this did it really happen? I thought even katy we're locked the hip now now this is there there's no large play! This is from multiple multiple sources. on the situation from every single angle you can think of, but harvey irving after the next season ended. He was very vocal as far as it is desire than desire being in a returning to brooklyn planning to in brooklyn, and he said I believe a month before the season ended that I don't plan on leaving cabin that's aeroplane. Leaving. Seven, I believe, is what meaning come into red and yellow those, though two guys that signed with Brooklyn together and twenty nineteen they ve been attached. As far as you are wanting to play with each other, and to minors that has not changed. Your sources tell me that that still
remains the goal at the end of the day. Is that Kyrie irving has wanted to stay with the nets and his goal has been to want to be with Kevin durant. In that goal has not changed, but as far as the conversations that have taken place so far in in the talks in kyrie in the nets and nets officials it and your head got a player option decision next week that he has to decide on. But these more conversations about in general right when you talking about life, when you talking, is this the right team for you moving forward in the future, whether that's one year to year, three or four, you is this: the right team and the boy size have reached an impasse in those conversations and and that has led the old multiple sources have told me that that has led a serious opening for him to hit the open market and possibly join a team such as the lakers, the next.
The clippers in and find a home attended, carbon irving isn't intent has been too and a home, and if he does not feel in and vote, Nothing could be, or we do not feel in their conversations that this it is home for him. He needs the EU is gonna, be created. and he will be moving on come on the indiana cairo that have now das. Obviously, the definition is a situation in which no progress is possible, especially because of disagreement or a deadlock, so this is like no progress is possible, which would mean you use that word on purpose, which you're an incredible intelligent guy. So your expecting next, the country will use, is player option b. A free agent will Brooklands Toby. the picture in the nba, if he does that they still have the opportunity and negotiate or is it just when bidding at that point in whatever the hell he wants to do in is gonna, be
korean leubronn. Back together a little bit like I said, napa gas he's If I knew what I knew now that in that way, and did much differently, and they would have had never ending supply of titles, or something like that is. all indications and all signs pointing to that may be happening because that would be splash of news in the nba worldwide shops? yeah? I mean, I think, kindly said it openly. As far as public comments knew about lebron and do you have any views? The barn- and I think a lot has been made about the relationship, especially the way curving left the nets. I mean not the nets that the cavaliers the way that covering left the calves as far as asking out and in ending up boss than there was a lot made about their relationship. But you know forces have told me that that was never a fractured relationship. That's always been a dialogue that has existed between two, and so that is of course, gonna be a factor in all of this But overall, I me when you look at carbureted, has until june twenty nine. So I believe, that's next wednesday
to make a decision on his thirty's seven million dollar player option I e could opt out and that the problem with opting out is that if you end up with the lakers the clippers a team like that they would not be able to do a sign in trade because of the hard caps others in the heart. in all hard cap is a collective bargaining, salary cap situation on makin a bore you guys with is actually the most likely path from the end up with the lakers or the clippers would likely have to be an opt in and trade and that obviously he would need the nets. Nuts they would like to work together on this often in trade, and that's what I received something back as well in all this, so that is the law. clear out the rob, could also be you know opting out and signing for less money in we're talking about a guy and carbon irving that did end up no heat I believe around eighteen and twenty two million dollars on the table this year, because the backseat mandate that I discuss than we have discussed on the show
over the course. The nba season had never closed, been improving browser of car. Making decisions based on was best what he feels is best for him on his back, using this mindset his family, his personal choices, you nothing nets are also delivered that message as far as and and they've seen it from him. As far as he's going to make decisions based on family based inclusion and clear. duchess It seemed like that's there right now. You know in these conversations final question here, and I can't take it off for joining us onto your incredibly busy. I saw you shoot off, like four calls, while you're giving us that answer. Is this cause the impasse because of like you know, in play and the narrative outside, especially if you listen like stephen, I and others that are very deep in be a world, I think very influential. There's gonna
While the work is what everybody says died, chooses not show up to work then show up to work in his mind, he's doing something vastly different, but at the end of the That is how it could be viewed by some people is out there that's are saying to carry irving is car revealing disrespected that's being said to him Is that why the impasse is taking place What show mark said after the net season ended that we want players that can be available. We want guys to be here full time that is of the utmost concern. I mean when you, when you think about the that the optics of of veal carry. You know, one that press conference was was done. You know it clear that, though there were some intended messages being thrown out there, not just the curry, but the entire roster, like the clothes we want on. This team have to be available all the time and obviously the one guy that there was proof of carry irving miss pretty much heart disease. More than half the season. Oddly plain twenty six
when the nine games are largely due to the inability to play at home, because he did not comply with the vaccine mandate, and that was a decision that he made and the nets had that one point sent him away until he is a full time. Player then brought him back and because of that, kyrie irving makes your basketball team better, and you have a better chance at winning basketball games with kyrie irving on the floor, I'm not on the floor, but there's no question on the fact that John market said that in the press conference that that is Undoubtedly been you know, part of all this is like availability. How much and be available all those there? Those all concerns from you know when you you look at any time that would want to bring in a player that has missed no way more games when he's play the last three reason that that is doubly conversational. I wonder you know I don't parry irving personally but budgets from watching as a fan I give he feels district by somebody I feel like it potentially a they want. You fuck off forever. You may
I'm not even sure. I can't wait to watch is unfair. If Heaven the brown get back together and have success, gone bailout be ass. We get there for joining us on this busy busy day in new york. Ladies and gentlemen juncture, I think he certainly at four they are the and ass whenever he uses the word impasse, and then we read the definition there's a reason. No progress is possible is the first sentence of the definition of impasse which we are aiming to pronounce now, but shams did situation. In which no progress is possible, so these out next week, yeah. This is gonna, go for us for us yeah, there's, there's people that cover sports on a daily basis, but that massive news where we end up who all countries like talking, EL I like you
I think everyone wants to just assume- and it sounds awesome, my god kyrie and lebron back together, but like what can they get outside of? I think we, it's very clear, like kyrie is not going to take he's not going to sign somewhere else and just like take less money like he's in his prime right now he just lost six thirty million dollars last year he's not just going to go somewhere and take less money like what can the lakers actually offer to like? Have that be a fair trade like maybe westbrook, but outside of that? It's like they don't have the pieces for cars, one the best like five ten bucks, players in the mba like how does that make sense? I like what you just did there by the way, because, as you said, the top five player in the mba I was like. Oh that's, gonna be somebody's going to have a conversational tie about it and he dropped it down to ten, and I don't think anybody can argue that right everybody views these top ten player in the plane right, just unbelievable. I do I do like the fact that we all just assume, though, that if he feels disrespected by somebody well Well, you can fuck off forever fucking I'll leave them out outta here bucket of outspent. Well, it is how it has been, but remember he spoke about the city
will like if I was ourselves more mature, I think I've handled differently now I say that did that piss off? carry and well. He in there just be like, I had to say, I'd, say right. Obviously, the whole thing oral cairo continue to do, which I love by the way. I would never it would turn off either ok no idea what I had seen. You actually torment contracts with you guys play in the away games. Not me. you guys there was there's time he wasn't even able to practise botz, but the over arching arguing, Arching arguing charging whatever Overarching factor is, if is if he do got the shot like all other teammates, numerous of them. That probably didn't want to do it. He would have enabled a practice can hold that over his head. Until literally until whenever and feel justified in. That's that's just the fact of the matter. of what they can do now
I mean that that's why it's soiled and soured, probably but man that would be awesome if he goes to Lebron broader point was broken westbrook and durant back together. Brooklyn will be pretty sweet and I do wonder like different. You think people in that in kind of see what Ben simmons and why he didn't play almost can carry like hey if you just felt employed James higher price they'll be here and we want to have. Deal with alianza, foller yeah, there's that we knew what this guy, that war play ever yeah we're pay him. A lot of money are taunt. Cairo Ben comes back next year. Just goes thou guy massive chance The EU is very, I feel like we hold on hope for people more than aim, but which I will I will say it might come back. Can just do it all. We say that about everyone felt in going into the seas and act as there is a chance that afore when team that has joy, borrow corbett. goes from. You know, irrelevancy all the way to the superbowl now building an indoor facility we catch up the rest of that can happen in the in, but one
we hold off hope on people like the first, religion. One last people are like a maybe maybe I was I know that is now the case at all, so many be Ben sermons comes back and learns how to shoot play in everything like that builds up, a little a callous, so he plays whenever things aren't necessarily as yours or we learn more but the injuries that he has. We don't just automatically judge for being self ass switching to everybody was doing so we're on that side, but god damn. I thought. The inquiry we're back all your next year and I was excited watch that their unbelievable together when they do play together. It's obviously they got swear by the celtic about philip fell like almost because the daddy to employ all your wireless dive into so manifest news here in this one comes from the pivot, so the pivot, their wilson rocky court, our water, seaver out of ohio state absolute thought of a player, one tenth.
Overall to the january, then new york football jets, who had an incredible first round, mostly because more picks and rice, so they d get better. What's up the josiana by the way who was in the jets camp? Actually, this weekend What she heard about all of this going Gary Wilson was just introduced to want a rookie dinner is, and he couldn't have came from a better group of dudes at the pivot. Did something about it. Then I got I gotta receivers to a dinner. That's what we call cited for not going bill like seventy five, all we are, even though the lui that thirteen you glad to buy at the restaurant name dome, if he's only five k they need, then, is all into pegana draft. They know you got twenty Geraghty way, which you say working dinners thanks it. Thanks. This is this is a lesson
That was awesome, yeah, absolutely awesome. Learning about what a rookie dinner is. I can't believe this hasn't happened before in his life. I get a chance with all the water savers and friends and everything that should actually go now difficulties that things will be terrible for. You are using they do enjoy and embrace was about to happen. That feels like that is the tradition. That's never gonna go away in any sport. The rule, at dinner. That happens, especially if you're number ten overall to their point your number ten. They know exactly how much you're getting guaranteed. They are going to run that up, especially some of the older guys, but who knows, what's who's all in the wide receiver, I guess barriers to run that thing up, but there numerous stories about things lui, the third. this type of whisky, a thinker, Berman or whatever the fuck. It is it is like Five, a shot, let alone like the bottle, and everything like that in there. Stories of people making their own bottles home. Monopolies are dull, can't openness, one taken us one home. Why
abusing it entirely, and it has to be it's a cognac. It has to be in. terribly uncomfortable night going into it. I had one: it was with Matt stover, just in snow and don't believe vegetarian is there and they try to buy bottles of wine or we're not tried. They bought a couple bottles of wine. It was only thousand dollars for me, I thought part as a gift get out of here, but there have been stories were guys. If you know talk people getting planes flying to various what doing dinner there for a night and then flying back. You know, like hundreds of thousands of dollars, some people have been forced, If you go with the I give your honor. Vision, group that has a lot of people, you're, fucked yeah, Are you a deal? I'm ngos top five. It is a show out there and then through that, hopefully does then. Maybe couple years, a work you have come and you can return favour, but with most hey seeing things turn of
drifting away entirely from the game. I've never really been around any hazing by the wages, think it was everywhere in the nfl. But Hazing continues to drift away from sport. These rookie dinners walmart These things will always be here and I love the girl, was just. There should be a fun time that ain't gonna get me for that. It's like well. They were just walk out of the restaurant. You'll just be stuck there. What are you that's a fact. Oh cried issues you are in a bad bad spot is urging it's not it's ilo core davis's, the outer statesmen in the wires room. He was a fifth overall picture for tennessee and everyone else is young there, so maybe they won't be back Maybe he won't go as bad because he wasn't that situation is a top. Ten pick like. I know what it was like. Normally thompson picks go the hardest on other people isn't that they had to do a little bit of a get back there, but it might be. We might be coming into an age where people stopped us
ruining people's bank accounts before she hasn't even starts. Maybe we are the gods either. I just looked others rush rot in new york. That's forty thousand dollars per bottle, a harder, at ST louis louis and thirteen say yeah, for how much did you say forty three thousand dollars per bottle: eight hundred dollars for the shot for yeah, so that has gone up. So that has gone out play people are just buying the bottles and just take them home yeah. Oh, I think that is a restaurant cause like you could buy it at the store for fourteen thousand yeah. So you know the businesses are going to get there class. Every bosworth my way, help I'll call! You look if you order a louis, the thirteenth waterfall grand when you can get. If you could have teeth is those version you get his foreground forbore to you, just pre, byron It's the restaurant that day smart to play garrett! That's the player right there. You just saved yourself twenty six thousand dollars new york, who was it soft gardner's contract that got leaked in, like half of it? Just gets taken away,
well that's from taxes. Then you talk about the db room be the internal gas. So that's all if these all corners and even some linebacker right now. If you re fears, It is like the only way guy you can look like the earn your stripes moment any more though right, if like people I mean outside of like actually playing like that, is something that probably isn't ever going to go away. I dunno I literally as we sorry talkin about whose in the room and everything I gotta, maybe we are in an era where they just feel a little after chilled it's more money, though hey congrats welcome the nfl. Needed by seven five aid granted the rockies like covered last year like two years ago, like they couldn't go. These restaurants and light brings many people. yes, it might be. You know, maybe these things did disappear for a couple of years. That's why Garrett Wilson was like. Oh, we get to go to dinner, that's cool, maybe in the last couple generations were like no, no, no, we are back in public, we're back in over priced restaurants.
Let alone just how much some from stakes, artisan god bout, some states in some places or are just absolutely insane, thereby live Kings walk into the nfl. I guess I'm happy. I was not in a room with a lot of people by what that the contract ways, in order to like, if somebody, the seventh rounder and they get drafted, to take a room out like thereby nose like people Jim with young, keep it whatever. But if you're a first round her, it's like you have done absolutely nothing Isn't that money that you just got so for those of us that have been around a little bit, we are going to go ahead and enjoy what who did in college. I congrats welcome them. as legates move on Sean mcdermott, no longer sleeping in his office had gone out, he was sleeping in his office. You know that's what a lot of nfl coaches do and have to do a head coach doing it this far in to the run, I think, is admirable. I think a lot of people enjoy that
he's trying to find a better balance in his life. A work life balance is trying to figure it out. We had our aaa on show couple years ago and he should work If balance is a bunch of bullshit, basically, those who talk about it have probably never act. experience any scent of success. I forget how we laid out he's. That's all. It's impossible to actually bounce amount, because one needs the other in the one. You're never gonna quit, because you feel like you're helping the other, so you just have to the in the moment as much as possible. Again so you're at home. You gotta be hot. When our working out the work, it's all bullshit, though trying to find about John Mcdermott set, I got me a little. They have a more balanced and what it has been, though, and you got this is why every time money goes on all famine, the football world, they thanked the significant there in a family, they always say like. I could have been much better at my job as a dad. I couldn't better as a husband, because the amount of sacrifice, it takes family insignificant others and we're not talking about like the military or anybody else come serious, but Jim the time invested in the family when it
comes to successful. People in the nfl is a lot sometimes invested in become successful in the nfl fell just because a lot of people that have the job it's a difficult job. It's a very competitive job in the games? Evolving? So there's a big paycheck there at the end of the day, which hopefully takes care of everybody better than they ever would have in the past, with maybe another potential, job in the house, as opposed to be in the nfl. But at some point every nfl guy gets four point. We're there like I've wasted my life in the film room and I've. Bruce arians, so yeah bruce arians said in his retirement press conference that his wife told him that his son Jacob turned forty, and he said forty. Where did the years go for is for decades affording is so long for brewster gulf forty years already Jesus Why don't I? Just yesterday, you were born or whatever that the amount of dedication, so I like this mcdermott's gonna go home a little bit. Could that be? Could that be
because the team is now has the culture that they were looking to build for all those years? Is that both where the buffalo bills are there now obsessive compulsion nature of having to watch? Every piece of film today gave every moment of his life to that team is at a point It is good for him. Good for the bills involves bar bills- mafia car, our guy finally feels like he can maybe say hello to his wife everywhere. Thousand, though, my big issues when he came in like they were? They were not great. They ve been dominated for twenty years by the patriots in the division and now that have their place. if he built it up to where he kind of trust, the players, maybe a little more kuching trusses, the like you, said the culture and stuff like that, where he doesn't have to be there, maybe eighteen nineteen hours a day watching film and stuff like that, where things kind of take care of themselves a little bit. I liked the fact, That is trying to find a little bit more balance. Because are you
because you win or you win because you're happy. I think you win because you're happy, but a lot of people think that happiness comes after the wind, and I think you have the wrong mindset, because, when you're happy doing something, you're actually fully committed to a much more so than whatever your miserable doing, something because nobody's gonna. They commit to something that's measurable unless you're full psychopath. So I think you win because you're happy and I think the wind more happiness and I think she's gonna help the bills in the long term. I they guessed god knows for everybody, slowly avant miller now brows think. Do you now you just gotta looks at the team. Is all one says. I judge our core back and is probably the best in the really great So I want to go home and take him. Apis obviously decided that we got a six. What five two hundred and forty five pound these an event that runs? I shows a quarterback who has us stronger on that everybody? Is the game better than everybody congrats family. That's coming!
echo. What's right, that's what what did you do that? Where do I sit? I don't wanna Jane subject but, as you were met just saying that word over and over and over again I figured like if you do call yourself happy, though you're a scumbag earlier, I greet your august is gun that guy got laughed out of minnesota. What is your You see that west point laugh and those even knew it came as appointed last time. I was at home a point in life that your screen you didn't have to, though all I was hoping is that you guys will get to see all of us in Minneapolis. We did. It was awesome. It was hard not to join it I am in the moment, people who don't know who this guy is just know that if you read into everything this duties down, you would hate this guy just before either had the night of their life watching him get laughed out of a town or there. all this got undeserved. He does he they absolute ass. He collect stores he's a freak does stumble. He's all those things you could think of an eye,
to know him well yeah and then I get over w w is all yours, a guy that completely fell in love with whole w w game step at all. People Stoughton doing everything for himself and become a scumbag Babar away those become a star. This ain't, it carbon. I know now that's what I'm saying all these months now I don't have. It does nobody else also I'm trying to remind him of like you know, sometimes it takes a friend to say you stink- this entire city will laugh you the fuck out of here right now. Is this what you want your life to be sometime? As you know, that's kind of where he said. then I would wish I was dead. That's almost any to those very nice It was very nice. I actually I've been getting a long weight, so you know whenever he said that I've been getting back after it, though you know the the
it feels really good. I wore the hookers this morning on the treadmill I will say I walked like two miles on the treadmill. Calves are locking up, I'm happy. I did that started now. I need to. I need a break in the cavs a little bit that I might be doing that much walking around the golf course, so I started getting back into it. Needless why you call me skinny, which is very nice, and I wish I was that I ain't never gonna wish. I was dead, I'm happy to be alive, wanna live forever. You don't know me. This is even more you don't know. I used to think what value. Now I will live forever, you all to whose more prime, to call this guy scumbag than you you'd known for a long time. You guys used to be friends of like you said you know you can notice, like eight you used to be. Your guy you're, acting like your pc shit scumbag now, so I should always be thanked. My I'm going to size after making a modest targets, culture, the culture of that city, the hot the head figurehead of that city- has got them rowan in the same direction, same time like they were very dynamically S. Estate but yeah they are, you said the pga flag is the bees, the mayor,
stay that stage zero. You ve got all medicines, the sky, you more vienna. I do not expect them to be with me on the biomass corbett. I don't know of as quick as I was saying, I said, oh hold on bomb scoreboard and I dont know what every do them just repeating it immediately and the same exact rhythm was one because things have experience in bringing us, and I did not know what they were gonna do they picked by right into battle if they could four or five different ways, and I was like yeah, that's probably the right place them going just in any fashion that quickly was fucking fantastic. I recommend you know Before I started that minnesota thing I did have it's a combat rouge, that little bit of oh no, I was an ally. What is this place Does he know the thing that I was told this place will definitely now so then they went right anyway. I did. a it was all
that was that was really sweet. I was very thankful for everybody and there it was a fun time. Hopefully get chance, go back and do the same. Damn thing was that feeling shot honourable members, you guys can't the backing about six table, let's ride in conversation with that, I schmidt rocking John, dear hat and beer, with the large herds. Why I shudder to jump me back in canada. I believe what progress I've lost in cornering date if there's wedding, day yeah, but I believe there is our dates or weekend getaway. I believe there is a potential yeah, it's absurd. It's insane! The life is a full simulation right now at last, and connor will be caddying at tahoe. In a few weeks he's been preparing. I can't wait to watch you out there pal. We even have our own custom signs something to look forward to yeah. What do you think
put it on tv now I going to have to I think they're gonna have to when you're sprint in that. well? Ok when you're, you know you're desperate after hit, not everyone I mean there. Might be might be a couple though, if it's a par three in the us open, they said picking up balls on the eighteenth hole. Massachusetts. Did you guys not have sun, it's fifty degrees in the middle of fucking june? Is this why you all are so miserable up there? Is this why the masl thing happens, because you guys don't sperience summer, air, buddy there by the way, maybe the softest people of all time that it wasn't that cold. I saw hoodies on with jackets on top of hoodies in the middle of june in massachusetts. Is that normal? What happened? I dunno? If it's normal, I think global warming might have something to do with it. Well, but I do this as though the weather is just messed up up there, but knows who's a windy day and that's a country club. That's what happens when you know the p g, a tour
in the: u s open, which is not the pda door, goes out to brooklyn employees at the country, club you're, trying to the programme for the country and realize you just see- and I forgot a little piece information that we have learned very recently with the abundance of a new league taken dude pga tore one by one. They ram answer don't ever live trying to combine our weaknesses. He could see our zella tourists. You know who's been an absolute guy stud and has put great golfer made a lot of clutch shots in our voices. I can't do it. You can't win no more shots on that sunday, he ass they had to stay in detention, is pots and have to be knocked down. If you don't think his ass is popped up placards that desire thing here if the I love the fact that he loves the wake forest demon deacons by the way congrats to Fitzpatrick. Obviously a big fan of this guy. If he was pretoria. You know how about one hundred million dollars, so you know when you go to these majors. It's a
The more relaxed setting now follow up live report and have to do better and autonomy for anybody who take lived, tournaments, serious right, torture, so much like being viewed as the emma less right. Now anger. Take bunch vying money that that a game worth a damn right which is kind of what all these the the really good guys who are kind of up there in the leaderboard there? We come to these because you want to play against the best guys in the world every single week, because we all feel like we're the best in the world, and you know, shit fill up film. eleven over the cut dj. Never really in contention like again, I just didn't have any guys really make you think that, like all the live is gonna compete golf? Why with bt going gases awesome this new ones, and I do like the fact that the eu, the country clubs green poor guy one word, and we saw that motivational speech this morning by course, is playing against these like this course, but I shall feel like it was the four. Do us open there, some difficult shots at the usda known, for there are some great
Shots came out of nowhere. Everybody struggled a little bit on that wonderin everything would roll back down. It's almost like that's a staple. It feels like the country An absolute home run tone digs greatly. You browse hundreds of gambling over the weekend. I had a zau tourists and Scheffler Zola, yeah, that's gamble, and also, but I was happy formality, Fitzpatrick anyone there's a thirteen year old or what every rights gunned down. Every package he's ever ever made or whatever so gambling, not so good on the open, but it was so weak. I'm happy, you had a grey weaken the gambling we'll get a little bit better as well. The golf think, as we continue to roll into this gulf season, they're gonna carry some shit now and the end I want if this hockey's going to go. Obviously, seven games of at least six big rig least give us more for the golf is going to have to continue to carry a little bit joining us now is a man who probably saw zero golf shots because he's the father of ten so football national champion, superbowl champion covered
survivor. Aha, somehow, oh hi? How are you doing? hey, how was your weaken? Did you get to see the? U s open at all? It was fantastic feeling there. On sunday I was I got to see that the good parts the end to write towards when everything was was on the line and in due to our does he twenty three one open fits yeah, in there somewhere you that's. Why we're all points? Seven whirlpool infers outdoor delivering scotty scheffler these days, ornaments salvador still I mean zol tourism when one eventually be I was born. The watchword was held Striker man that two hundred yards in the bunker on eighteen shot, which he could have been is blessed by the gulf gods there, think two feet to the right. Fucked can't get out. that thing to free the head in that grass fucked. You can't get out. He got blessed by the gulf
therein. I loveless commentators the left is miles to the right. Your lot of free dropped to the right jack go left. That this research go and left it? Oh, no. we now have a little bit there I enjoyed the good Gas is awesome to watch and I think is something there. Was paying attention to. While I was like. Will I ever sit down and watch a live tournament like this? Probably not. You know I mean yeah, I mean right now. I don't see that happening anytime soon, especially when yeah it's going it. It will look much different. I guess a year from now than it does now, but still like what will it ever be? Will it ever compete, like their events, would ever compete with like Agency of video promos there are putting together for how important eu us open is through the the time and all the features like all the other, dr unhomelike, eight hours. matters over here. There is decades
decades and decades of legacy here being built upon every single golf shot. Was somebody be able to make the turn like nicholas was able to do that. I have outlined I got hot but like the whole inside, building it, it was like all lives gotta whatever some of these courses are playing on us as a result of these more like london course, we knew nothing about job, a piece about their course about whose played there how it's been played like with. I think is so then their missing out on that are. Even if you don't have history, I think it I find it because I did feel a little bit more of an affinity to the game for me, while watching those indian This is a massive fuckin ordeal. You know AJ, it is, but first, I don't know where where's their next turn, etc. Pumpkin, rigid, portland, oregon fur. Okay. So if this tournament happy events on upon the latter
It would hide from the real yeah he wants eighty sick yeah, I do believe packers pass to park, but I also that the comedian, who is super awkward fred, for an arms. Did he shot a seventy six on this course different times. That's a tough shit they start saying you know ever gonna portland wait. How do you know this Now that was a made up. Example. what made you think of fred federalism. Portlandia, I think that's a show, and then there in portland I was trying to figure out who's in portland. Dame dame dollar? He shot a seventy three here too, they need to search. You know what I mean you're going to have to What no of course a little but I think in the end the whole. So we can respect the scores that are being put up there. now the only then we can compare to is expectation, from pga types events cited, big ears, open a growth beer that will happen, but you're right are you
from now what will be the case? What big golf course in the united states will make a deal with live if these majors bounce around from course the course today I need in infinite agreement. but the pga that that's the only course or the only tournament. That's all the host on the golf course I didn't he's gonna have to plan the one. I think that's what I learned this weekend like courses matter there story matters. I think whenever judging it as an entirely of a fan base. You know Do you think so many people loved watching the masters, obviously like the the beauty of it and how it's so manicured and everything, but it's just that. It's like the history that so much goes into that tournament into the course really like, not even yeah the terminal, the course of people I mean, I'm sure you ran into people why people killed her own kids. Go play point augusta like how they talk about them. As our age dylan, actually put out a tweet, so they need like plus three on augusta, so my gun you're not gonna happen.
maybe not agreeably backers. Friends out there now, get in there. The sauce will be able to get in there, but it is that's what I learned most. We can watch great gulf is awesome to watch mobile drama. Also us awesome the watch in them the course matters the course matters and golf it is the opponent of nobody and that's why old buddy won that award. For the first time, like one hundred years, congrats of massachusetts, cold ass massachusetts put on a hell of attorney and yeah. Well, I mean the weather had to also you know, play a little bit of a part for the open, for the goat course be even harder and they're already putting over the british open course. I'm pretty sure we see in commercial offers. The death of Saint Andrew loves the caddy. Finally, when a major announced, billy faster boy and fostering both from the yorkshire area of england, ain't that right down on his right couple, yorkshire, champions, our hearing on us so long, foreigners when the? U s open the
regional, you are and I learned what only foreign competitors really was considered like the united states, open people come in and I think if I was listening to the the ceremony Thirdly, I might have misheard it, but they talked about history and how it is a big tournament for people in europe when everything to come over and when it's a big fuckin deal my china, the united states to odin low but a juice. like a one in our tournaments, a big fucking deal still just got assume going. Everyone in the british open for every american is awesome. It's like where one in it over here john daily. The british rise everyone. Did you ever hear? I think you think he did when the british cows, Gaza that's his pga. He was like he was like a friday. of ira related thousand area and one that I was here cargoes in indiana crooked snake, theirs, legendary tales about the crowd, how it grew like in a movie from day one, and formed a day to form
three year, the amount of indiana people that were followed him around watch drink everybody as a story about how beers. They saw him drink on every saturday, rounder on the sunday round. The whole thing the big deal. I think you did what british open. I believe that is ninety. Ninety five. Ninety, ninety five, hey those the european funds, are fucking, also held by the way yeah. They seem to be a little more spirited. I feel like at times, and we are the other use the board sport, so we are denying ourselves so I will put aren't you know what it is. I think personal itself personally, I came in like if we don't bring adduced. We know the players aren't can't do it from airline. We have to do the game? Naturally, in itself is a beautiful game. It's a patient game. It's a things are gonna happen, so I think a lot of them stop crowd, falsely we also vulcan a chant every four minutes there are we shan't new song. Well, crazy? And then, when the other, deem watches presenting another town, another town comes in our town based
do an airship and then what for ninety four. Ninety five honey twenty minutes straker, so that with some less won't, even those fucking game go on Togo feels like that's. Maybe what is in it carried into every other fora, of entertainment, like one w w goes the europe. It's fought banana land over there but Nana laid down. Some one foot goes over their bear the entire time their loud in the game that I was in it is. I like that fan base will ever be able to get it over. Here they never lose it over. There It is a weapon when the you see one over there, I'm pretty sure there's a bunch of fighters from england was that during the airway. He said something about scout the wolf he said liverpool stay. then there would be How do the body had take this?
going the stadium in liverpool so that whatever thing out on the field, he said this is too small. Is the auteurs e o two arena? I think they were n e o two arena. He said this is too small to outdoors. Let's go stadium. Liverpool saw the whole place out and by when I have been elected, employees to get let's talk about some things happening around the nfl J, the. and a phoney nfl ba are going to battle over watson's discipline. We Last friday with the rapporteur that the way this thing will go is the nfl representative representatives. The ba. Whatever representative or representatives, they will present there are cases for what the Sean watson's punishment should be. To a lady them sue, Al Robinson or richardson Robbins. robinson sue Robinson. She has been Nato is the independent party, the third party now do the hearings from the nfl ba. They ended up the obviously be pitching lesser punishment, then Vienna
the nfl allegedly pushing for an entire season being the punishment sue. Will rule on that case. Where lawyers will preside entire arguments to her. She will then have a recommendation for her rolling to run. adele on he should do in how many games he should punish on water makes a ruling from the first court between and nfl ba that ruling becomes a recommendation to roderick Adele? He makes final and decision of four watson's penalty. The interval yeah. He said AJ, and this is something that a lot of other players are absolutely going. Love, and I believe we have a tweet fortier part nobel is plan defensive watson, comparing why, whatever discipline the nfl proposes to how owners such as Dan Snyder have been punished when accused of misconduct, I believe there's also a tweet, says the nfl ba Getting what this on watson's discipline looming looming. Xenophobia is preparing a too age. A high powered battle versus
The bell: the union has already brought in Jeffrey kessler to defend the quarterback. this is another conversation j about the eta pierre spending, a lot of xenophobia, money to defend the sean watson and there's gonna be a lot of other and of all players, and this is where all of our fucking money goes here, just a little insight conversation that happens. But what are your thoughts on this a j? And how do you plans out here well when their prayers like when these the nfl lawyers are presenting. Like hey, this is look at what you didn't due to the owners right like when they presented to the judge, that's all behind closed doors, I'll, get to see that we now, I think, just soo right, yeah, that's a shame like tat would be fun to see. I would love to see that if there is cameras in the rooms, that's how they argue that how these defence lawyers go about it, but why I mean it is Europe that seems to be a good defence to me I mean we have talked a lawyer, but that's will you do well yeah and ensue would say why was never around with any of these things happened right. So that's it our argument like what has happened.
The past has nothing to do with what happens from this point forward. That's why you The job you know like that has to be exactly what the nfl argue is Jeffrey. or an outside lawyer being brought in by the anna I'll be here, so he represented Tom Brady and represented athletes. He represented athletes against the a I'm just reading about them right now. He yeah he's part of a law. Firm, he's a! I don't think he's with the PA. Can you what is hourly raided? Ok disorders, mariner wisdom and strong he's got pretty big retainer. I would imagine from what I saw. He also was the guy who basically argued to so that, like they instated free agency in the nfl as well way back yeah at reggie white yeah, I believe so damn he's been here a long time yet so these price only gone up by assume with all the successes he has had. What that is, a conversation around the nfl rooms right now, by the way? How money. Are we paying jeffrey kessler to represent the shot,
and then you're going to up the fees for the union probably next year to boast this fund that we might war chest that we might need in the future that always tends ago discernment adrian moroccans amos the award ass. They love use network back in the day before the lock out of what eleven. Whenever that happened, we're off season was how much do we have in the war chest, fifty million or so ok is that nodded lawyer for getting locked out boys they're, going to lock the doors guy so just be ready what repair it is happening in in lawyer fees by the way, we're always tossed in their lawyer fees. Lawyer fees, I'm like well, isn't that the fees were fucking paying to be in this thing, no, no well yeah, but that is accrued in there and enters representatives in all these cars everytime Somebody appeals something and Annabel p Some liver lawyer is with them right so that their case getting paid for that. Representation from the nfl pierre for the players. Whenever you hire somebody from the outside in iceland Jeffrey castors going quite a penny for man.
you think that's gonna, cause a whole another conversation behind closed doors, the ghost It's all parties in air and water, the first case easier and good luck. What europe, So I wonder for ever hear the arguments to be made, The epa will eventually leak out. I'm sure there are not legally big it even make it public to us, because this is what we presented. The other thought there's nothing wrong with that problem. the role that it on normally they felt they had never does that because they want zero leverage in the public perception. It seems like that is there. To move the fell was always the ones at least the information. For instance. They did last when I said the nfl we'll be for an entire season suspension. So what's he gonna I'm getting in front of the pr wise. This is what we are proposing so comes less than that that issue or roger goodell doing which is is does the nfl yeah works Adele in the end is through view. This wonder sue here. Both sides
joining us. Now is a man who might have more information, but probably knows just as much as all of us, because this is I'll bet Marcie as we try to dive into pay and who, in the zoo actually final say no, but you an appeal, sues rolling. I guess. But then, if the appeal When changes, then that is what presented two roderick adele dot flock roger. It makes the end up decision sues, deftly helping they'll can't with your turns out journalist. I hosted a man, a man podcast Guy knows everything there is to know about failed name. Your unevolved, drafted by the patriots also spend time with the panthers and ports theories it's davis fellows was a diva, we got Joe seen Anderson in the third hour and hopefully she'll be able to know more about the whole process. But this whole court thing for another thing is interesting. That kind of think about deeper. We jump, I just jump.
So my desire, the nfl, found the Unifil Pierre, going to court with a judge, names shoe robinson, who has been appointed as an independent, our party judge or whatever. Then she will make a ruling. It can be appealed by both parties. Then once it's, Finally roared. She will then If that is a recommendation to logic adele for the actual punishment, I advocate that will put in their the nfl. Pierre has Some high powered lawyer named jeffrey kessler for defence and they'll be talking about previous rulings against owners whenever something like this has happened, and then the FAO has already said their pitching for a full year suspension in the trial. Talks about how people can be very happy that the nfl was spending money on this high powered lawyer De Sean watson has done because pissed off about a year, some pissed off regard that, as in cars are obviously some serious allegations. We know criminally. They couldn't find enough evidence to charge him criminally.
In our current window. The public thing: is sixty six cases not ass? Obviously, fat. Look but, as we know, twenties, we ve been aroused a lot of weird adults. Better. It's weird shit so on the amount of cases doesn't necessarily say, is guilty or not, but I'll just this is You know either way, you know. What's this all we know what they are. Everyday chips fall where they may twenty six inches sixty six allegations in the new york times. So when a lot of therapies. That's a lot of this issue. Robinson's first case, I think, as the nfl third party independent arbitrator whenever they all eyes are on this, would dive into something departs got said, though dairies buttercup think this'll be interesting, because you got to play against both of these men. He said it. What's more scared to take on paint man and yet format for lombard, Scott admitted that was more nerve racking, the phrase peyton manning is quarterback, then
Brady, this particular dwiggins sports illustrated, but everybody was following this. Why is that d? But indeed say that is a lot of you those thoughts in the that's it in secondary you eggs, probably be price split down the middle or closed. Be sixty forty one way split hairs, whenever you get to talk about these all time, great quarterback pas brady- and I grew up watching that that that that robbery, obviously, but a broad different things. It again pay and was more of that you know, share. I had the line of scrimmage, you knew where his guys are going to be. You know a regime are going to be. You know across an originally going to be He would get to the line and change routes. Up change plays up, adjust, allow a flop. and Brady did he did it kind of differently? He will. He will kind of you know, fuck your personnel, you know he may have thirteen and one hundred twenty two in a huddle and come out and hippie said he would change. The temple LEO gets a lot of scrimmage quick, sometimes sometimes we get there and just so
different things are different players, but if you eggs, a thousand defenders. It'll, probably be split right down a minute. May I be talking about it this morning? On the plot, obviously, but it's why he played here's italy, a bunch of those years of paying, beat ready to go to those who are bow Ebay. He said the same thing he did pick. Brady Dorothy had to pick one just because he did that to go to school bow. And now you all, I will go paying. I am more success. It is paying auditing individual. Do so a thing the rags, definitive, deprives bent down and the red kind of preposterous Sadly, every defender we're safe, a rather play tom and paying corner but there were other you're right debo. I think you're right there's not if there's a crazy, crazy, like style of play when I think pate many more, wc like where you have to defend them much differently, but I wanted to ask you at the quarterbacks about peyton and tom. Are we going to think we're going to see many guys like him as the quarterback position, as we will continue to?
I fell these like old school kind of stand. There take your drop, get rid of them. quarterbacks, even the younger guys that are big can move, like can't. We know that, like are these guys gonna be able to continue to play about So, I think, is always a place for quarterback that can sit in a pocket block. You know just ass, a decent is enough because all about matter, like speaking, a bar sky, armor Monday night football game, two thousand syn Angela stating we beat the jets? Forty five to three He didn't target rivers, one time a picky barely target cromartie, so it was all about finding a match. They did end up, beating us in the divisional playoffs that year and may want to ask jabez you're, what I a, I think is always a place for pocket quarterback. And then you know be able to being able to use your legs when you can your guys like no trevor lawrence like he can be a pocket guy, hogan or dissect things
market, but also run and run for a twenty yard scramble saying what Herbert burrows, not as fast as those guys, but I think it'll always be a place for those pocket. Quarterback mac, I think, is the most recent success story, but he's only a rookie and I guess he did greedy at the pro boy, fearsome ran home. I will be able to move a little bit reinforce its how bout you. Thank you have to be able to dissect difference to want to superbowl. That's life like, thing. You have to have that level so agencies. I hear these people that exists great question because max to be the only real one right now joy, but kind of similar. Do you but those are really the guys that are one insuperable. Are the dye sectors of the defence is it. You have to have that ability to women. You do who's got to ducas differences in a washing, especially once get at the later part sees it. You know deep. It is therefore with you, you know you just have to three be to to prepare for opponents in the year.
culture is already kind of half way prepare for the next opponent in the middle of that week in the playoffs late in the season. You know it's all hands on deck, to win that one game, so defenses are going to throw their best going through. All different looks they're going to take that the things and try to make you beat. You left handed so to court text. Ice Brady! I like man in, like you, know Montana, from the super bowl winners over the years. They did the best at adjusting and stuff up in the most difficult situation. So I think somebody's guys, you know that can beat you would have legs will have the billy Lamar jackson, column murray. You know guys like that. Have the waste your both. But in a day. You know that two most games come down to two minutes buchanan has a lot of dissecting. That goes into two minutes. A lot of coach coaches put their game plan in, but the quarterback kind of got to take that off about a horse and get it done. So I beg you. You gotta be able to do that. You gotta, be it does get a body of law makers and make up your point rose. I think it's
The people we see succeed seem to have common trends in other teams. I mean that we see succeed seem to have common trends right now, lot ass, ours lot of power logic, a quarterback that can throw the ball all over the yard, and although the games continuing to change still seattle in school gabby able to stop the run gotta be able to run the ball at certain times. It's always going to it's always air. You know it's always there go ahead attachment device. Do you think there are any guys right now? I mean like we always hear about rodgers in ma homes and some of the the guys who are kind of in that next tier in terms of like I losing sleep over forty private, even like my homes kind a decent amount of interceptions, or at least he has the last couple of years. Like do you think, there's that same kind of mythology around anyone now that there is peyton and Brady are not really,
I may pay their window just so consistent lie year in year out, like you, saw, judge our salary in a bar sentencing, I mean tat patch mahomet, his bank assisted so far, but the damn thing. Herbert borrowed, owes Gaza right there. They d like they can be no too to the best, young, give better every year, surrounded by a bunch of talent with God all those guys right, their herbert burrow I am still very residency. Lamar mar is developed this year and I've seen it can be a conscience a year and he's led the league in passing before I've seen him be able to dissect and re blitzes or read matchups, but I think like all the great roman china has to evolve as well and put more all his plate. You know to spread You got it. You gotta gray, run in the great defensive, but you gotta be passed their ball and make all throws, make all the reason I think the mark and do it. I just thinking these more weapons and
doesn't involve. Playbook is world to show those two gregg round. I'll, be owners wild enough as normal there were they weren't won't. Allow me everybody does just come in. We pay in pain often these policies, says Lamar wins. I have a lot great roller, worn waves. San francisco battles will bow. So I bought a cage. Is a lot of things have to go right to win in the playoffs Not surprisingly, rome is still been there, but, like I say he definitely to evolve as soldiers, Lamar Lamar as they evolve. There's a lot of public shots had been taken about his play, calling abilities normally in the common error that we're in right now, if someone's public and then success doesn't happen in theirs. It feeds the narrative normally that guy's dot the only gonna move on them, Mother was fascinating, especially after the hollywood trade. Here we go they got him down in the last year of a deal to all. still got corner got agricultural room, I think so. I honestly do believe. I think they do, even though the marble
therefore, the voluntary self nobody made that a big deal so as to get back into It felt, like everybody, was all the way back. I I am enjoying what it's more ravens are becoming and I think last year was an anomaly I think they're back, I think they're going to be good again and that amc north is WU that upset as well. I pick the window or room is one edit. Oh, that's pretty good odds right I mean that's like plus two something too remaining plus two twice last few weeks back, that's good! I just don't get them elsie north ravens Thus one sixty now bangles, plus two hundred brands, plus two fifty steelers plus eight. Fifty, still haven't seen a single thing out of pittsburgh and made no movers odds for the last two months. They just way and literature. if you blame the green bay, packers and chicago bear this morning, look for those odds, change even more go ahead! Garner yeah depot we saw on the pivot podcast kara Wilson find out about what the rookie dinners actually are like. Do you have any
stories when you were in the week- and you have to do that yourself- the first one I was larry, loader parkers and his face was price. As a rookie. There ought to be cool, have fun. No, it's not yeah yeah, I gotta. Remember, is actually fred taylor brought it up in that park, as he talked about Brady showing up to the dinner. or a few bottles was that you never heard of taken a few sips. Not an ear nepalese dissolve yeah we had a great player. We had a pre set me you are. We had a big class me, Patrick rob raise garza so sebastian wrong with our forests. Iran is reality, lemon pigs, animals in class warrior, and now we had a precept. May you switch still had a variety. sorry, we know you're going to get hit with the liquor, but will be. I in the Brady came in there and just just fucked it up for us. We did it as a team to most teams. They do it. It's position group, so the dbs they got
maybe he's alive, quarterbacks, etc, but an patriotism, patriot fashion There was a whole team in there and it is good that you know you take. It is all a fire, the vets, because a good bit, they don't take advantage of you too much speaking of the jets they gotta know, reform overall pig. Number ten overall pig and then I think maybe twenty sums are made the three first rounders I think, they're gonna have a blast. It might be one in eleven at the time, but they're gonna have a blast when they go out and whenever we first talked about this in the first hour, hazing is kind of disappearing from the sport as a whole. I believe, as society moves on. I dunno if those dinner's, whoever disappear, allow that like example, that will live on forever as long as there's some oji, in rooms that will continue to take place. I've heard places, making people get planes and plot fly and places it there two yet to first rounders in the same position group or whatever. Oh yes, we were taken
point vegas? Let's go we're having a good time it's like couple of hundred thousand, but how? How was there for you to do? I haven't had too many conversations about with specialist rookie, nothing couple of times another deal I'll, see you later as poker game. It was How do we do tat? Five? Also, who It was in green bay set menu. Like you said, debate, the defense showed up and it was like a it was tuesday. Big practice on wednesday, guys didn't want to get too wild bill. Was it was nice nice, no liquor, proudest, no louie magnetic It's green bay man. I don't think they serve that the apple to esata, devin mccourty. I got it back. I got a bag of blood next year. I still got a bottle of louis fourteen thousand at the latest or forty thousand at some restaurants do give by you depart
last question. You do, but it's only about a guy that has dominated Lamar jackson. Make a fitzpatrick just got paid, never once paid safety in the nfl. Is he not? this money wisely, the top guy on the field. You think that their position she went on We know for sure mediation thought about a base, their top three. Definitely do you. Sam is you got about. You got a lot of guys out there but maker in ITALY, you could do everything corner, and covered slot kind of. Why wanted to get out of my me ma? Am you want to do too much, but he got his bird? they put him in a position, so I think he's gonna continue flourish. Ball, production can fly around make oughta plays ox. Ok, that's the idea saddam bigger, may well well deserved glad you got me. Freeman Sergio pops I believe us all melvin on there s a great line of pictures, great work in the bad air. You ask all service d, but you currently,
nervous. But it's perfect timing. We proceed, stop apply, maybe take that louis, the thirteenth bottle Internet fobs even get you back for next time. We appreciate how are you man, first john over the four grab so there's bar hey the tea rocky dinner is, good move, never heard of that before. Obviously, the patriots do things the page It's way tom in and just give me that, how many years that one or a sign of commitment, fifty yeah, that one that one alright, that I like that, they're, the only guarantee you can get another one of these boys yep, that's twelve thousand dollars worth of one hundred and like any of them I remind you personally: don't allow yeah, that's really how goes in watching watching their wilson learn that what is known, auto house take us until these does the truth.
I don't know how he does know that, honestly, I wrote maybe covert they ve been all and shelter for the last two or three years we're on a video of real roquat just to showcase what we are talking about here. Here's gear wilson learning about what a dinner is any the nfl, especially if you're fuckin top ten brick and its people and then I got take gotta receivers to a dinner? That's be cool call in for africa, legal bill. I like that. Oh yeah, eventually like the the the louis, the thirteenth you're gonna, have to buy at the restaurant and then do them. If you're seventy five, then it's all you can say pick of the draft. They know you've got twenty guarantee, which you say rookie dinner. If he thinks that things this is this is a lesson? that's gonna. How do you not know that our states are preparing these guys? Were the nfl age Bobby carpenters not run and laugh so them anymore? but I would imagine Bobby.
I had plenty of conversations with him bobbed I dunno. Why didn't mention this to him? He should have taught man Gordon. Was he doesn't living columbus right now, but nick in the Brca shall ferguson we're both first round picks his year? I think they had. I think they took him to enlighten us or vegas like he took the hollow minds, yeah, that's that's! Why are the ones that are prior that I heard about like you, should see what they did to fuck in these two guys? I've got a chance, get a plane and fly to vegas. Do the whole thing in a plane, yeah that'd, be a big point to a lot of big guys can't be one of those small planes has to be a big plane. That's insanity it's your house state leads are the entire legal and I'll stuff, though, look at all stay for sports, which you now love hate relationship with a break. A lot of moves, ohio, state athletes have suppressed one thousand, and I ll deals in your one per. I wish you- and I owe the book every person and I owe compensation and number of athletes with at least
one, and I shall deal look at you guys over there in colombia is gonna be the way it's always been. If your player for the old house, they buckeyes, there's gonna be money for you to find around awhile because Nobody in ohio, fucking loves the ohio. Buckeyes browns Van Bangles fan floppy could be a fan, anything in ohio? But if you were born in the state that creates a similar type humans. At a rapid rate. You love the ohio state guys age you been getting paid by these guys for a long time. Are you prompted state has a real chance of competing with a lot of these big time. It comes down the south in all the wrong day, came out and said we didn't like thirteen million dollars, everybody in Columbus was like you, fucking got a power. All you gotta do is just put a lot of bercow out there. Columbus is the real deal AJ the fucking real deal. Yeah I mean we, Talk about this before pat, where I assumed every school was the same way were when we would get done
what you're game to senior year to go out. You can sign autographs once or twice a week around the state, and you can make a great show money doing that. I am not so much like what you mean. How much great John carter sign you're just like over Let's say one off season after you're done being a senior at our house. They going into the draft one off season before draft. How much money you think us commit son, and I just it depends how many you would want to do and what position and all of that, but I mean the range ok just for one like one to our signing easily when you're dying ran the the was then probably gets what two grand up to fifty forty. For two hours. Thirty, like five of those fifty course. I don't know it's not like I'm saying the range can be crazy, I know- and if you want your bowl game, but your season, your whole thing was that has been how you get paid while you're playing that's the thing. Now you get that, while you're on the team, pretty cool,
cool guy verhofstadt. Honestly, that's don't be one of the only programmes in the country that can keep up with some of these others goals that have been done. for a long time, mostly it's already built into feels like the cult, already there right, they spent every week and want to remember we read that tweet died. Cargo ship is tweeting at ryan days, tweets a we were looking to give money away. Call just fuckin. Tell us, Jeez. We just saw fifteen tars worries and all that money right to the programme. You let us know who needs it suggests, rob no problem about ants. You fuck, you guys want that's. When some games up here
the all age got your told tongue you'd like needed What we do come on, we place a motor car. Was it MIKE steve who was the collar? I'll minnesota spell out the entire state. The other night on friday said their name, three, four taunt dont. Let recruit see that guy
They see the minnesota in doing that, and then they see this fucking guy ohio state legend, refusing the buying a hundred programme. All these spots are given all this money and they got you the face of ohio state every single day. Refusing by under the programme, do you think you're, maybe one this team in a fucking grand? Do you think about that age? I might have to pay that now. Thank you for bringing it to my attention now bra Yeah, you don't give leaned unflagging care has been getting fuckin money hand over fist, the last fifty years living in that god, damn gimme back to Columbus, I'll, get always money, and I gave the io back to all of them every one of them. Well, not the recruits. yeah every single day, give it out and there might not have recruits. Yet when I see recruits and their parents yell at me, I obey their ego. High five boom boo, boo it's not. Rather you said you sit here everyday, it's not real soon, as you graduate, he won't say anything to you back, but follow up the o h. I o will be wonderful in the national championship again. If we get there
The town says we're gonna how we want to be a part of this and that the type of ambitious you are hoping for. Every single sport, just like the boston folks retard the ingest eyes for being too aggressive and saying things: that's a band you want what's goin on, allow state has been going on there last week, maladies especially legal, every who was looking for that in that bites, There is massive recruiting tolerate done wrong. It's more striking out massive rate, derision three other eighty in college sports is gonna, be like. If you look, they look at some of these big time. Schools that have all these donors that are already kind of built in been doing it for years, and it's what they do. The whole family, like just continues that I'm sure they're very jealous when they see like at ohio state when other schools, like you, gotta, go, probably beat the streets. Cold call get all these new donors involved at all times. Like it's always a battle. Believe me, they are working their balls off at the
our state to try to bring in more money every single day. I know that, but either way men it would be pretty nice. I like having age you now a small connection to the beautiful people of all age. What about this guy scatter? Why would I knew not? What is it? What do you think? You must continue to be a beggar, my grandma lie or the recover our highly recruits. Now no, they are more. They have enough to no longer sarcastic, to me: it s people coming out of our age, doing what I owe that not even What a fuckin rocky dinner is noise right? I'm worried that the self awareness at a later stage in that it doesn't look up and we'll just focus on board a number of recent days, but with oil,
yeah. Could you imagine if he wants to put you in the middle while you're chopping my feet in a hallway the bathroom? Oh god, I don't know how or why Ronda gets the entire city of columbus to do up downs and that's why he wears the whistle fucking walks into the grocery store, because, while the milk were out about black fucking job mm yeah, that would be fucking amazing, I guarantee you he could get a full kroger's oh yeah. That's all it allows data's congrats all of them. I wish there was A representative showers in me to joining us now is a first get your mind. And an incentive for the in the fell for a long time. Formerly, the sba now was CBS Emmy award win
just seen. As you said, raising a rope. I rely on a road at all. I were very safe here. How are you I'm good? I'm thankful for y'all bringing on the black girl. Swirl on the show? That's what we're doing and listen cuz. I don't know because that a cuban link necklace you have cuz. If I got to fit in you know I can I can do a big change than I could put my hip hop chain on to now. I'm just saying I am I am I am I good yeah? You made us immediately much better. I mean I cannot tell I don't know if we have any conversation of substance, you have already made our show better. We a percentage, we know you're very busy. Thank you for it. in time out, we can't wait to chat with you there's something poking in the nfl with this summer. Kicking off. What do you it, is the next big story to break, and how do you feel I mean you're? It was the war started Cleveland you were just there is the
your news gonna be the next big knows. You think the de sean news seems cleave. One is the focal point of lot of these off season, converse Josiana. We know you were just there well, we know that the lead right now prefers to try to get this thing resolve with design watson prior to train. You can't, I mean I think, that's just fair for the browns to have an idea of who their quarterback is everybody in the lead to just move on from this, because this has just been going on for some time, and I also say that, because I got a text, you know, league source around the panther situation, Friday was telling me that nothing was coming down eminently, but I did here going into the weekend. I tweeted about this her. My understanding, you know there are people from organizational just leave it at that kind of looking into baker situation, still asking questions relative to the football side, and the personal sign of what I mean by that is obviously things that don't have to just do with axes and o's.
Just seen it how much like izzard estimate of how much they're going to have to pick up of his salary for the the browns to actually let him go so Last thing I heard you know in my understanding is that the browns are willing to do whatever is fair, and obviously you know whatever the interpretation of bare his gonna differs between Do the one thing I would say in asia? Is that like and also patent, everybody else is that they for me, is not really a money thing right, because the browser forty, two million in cap space, the panthers had twenty five. When you're looking at baker, salary and eighteen. This is not like something that the panthers can afford to. This is about principle and about philosophy, and what both teams feels like should happen per this city said so is not really about. Affordability is about what do. I think I should pay, because I know. Eventually, you have to get rid of it
and from their side is what should we not pay because We know that he's coming there to be a starter and writing You have quarterback started making operator forty million in this league. So when you think about it, action about at eighty? That's not really any thing tat! I mean us, that's not really nothing, so this is all about to me pride and philosophy of what should happen, but look at this is easy to back off of this right in may jill when we're all get ready to do our knapsack vacations. I'm sorry, I'm going to the mob visa bees wherever they have won right one's job in is that by what stan is where we get to september august or whatever is a little harder to play at off. Ok, do you think because be on the move for sure you're. You think that's a done deal they're gonna end up having to figure it out well aware actually you have to do it, but I really think a lot of this also comes down to baker. Like I said I know for
guys that the grounds are willing to do was fair, obviously right, but you have some kind of mitigating circumstances, wit besought situation and per what I was hearing you know, We will, I all all well, well, you know they gotta cut him, because eventually he asked the girl one, not necessarily one, because every the thing that I've heard is that: why are we going to cut baker when we have to pay him anyways, so we might as well get something out of it and that's not just to sit out home with your ball in the sand boss about I'm not I'm play. So the dish on water knows you're saying everybody wants it. Everybody wants the noose around the nfl that we have. I learned about the process of out or go the editorial in the nfl. Ba will present there the zoo robinson, whose a former federal judge who has been hired for the first time here as an dependent arbitrator because Roderick Adele was John. Jury and executioner on that of previously ba
Nobody hated now they added a layer of protection to that narrative by having shoe Robinson here the case, and then present a recommendation to get down get down credibly, makes a decision and yet do they Adele already knows what he wants to punish. Indeed, sue already knows what she wants to punish. These have to go through the entire process, and what is everybody expecting here? Just so and I saw a few questions there you're absolutely right as far as sue robinson, right and jointly appointed by both sides, and she is going to listen to the recommendation from the league. Obviously LISA, It has been leading that investigation schoemaker detour, there's. No one thing I do want to say is that issue determines there's no violation, there's nothing. That happens after that. If she determine that there is a violation either side can appeal. Roderick Adele, actually will come down? He can go up or down with that determination. We expect her, I would say, based on the things that I hear and that what is another party or question which is
the thing that I've heard is Joe. You know you have to listen to the history of reckon dacians. What do I mean by that in terms of prior suspensions that have had Now that doesn't mean that every case that has happened in the past, whether it be Ben Rothberg, deal elliot cream. High antonio brown is apples, apples situation, but there are some president there as far as discipline of current is not apples to apples. The person is saying to me that when you look at that, that lay some sort of groundwork, does it mean that I'm, like you, know, basically trying to enter a prejudice with regard to decide, but if you're listening to some the things that you here is a little bit harder to believe that something will happen. But it is what is basically what will it be you don't thank you something's happened, I feel like we are for me and rob report that the thought of it it just being a fine is really no more, and I think we on the outside of vultures assume that it's definitely going to be a suspension. How many
they soon job. I guess to give the recommendation rock adele, who thank can do whatever the hell he wants. Let's talk about another cleveland brown situation. That has happened right. It feels like Cleveland bought all this oda item senior it's not a video about Odell beckham jr getting fucked over in cleveland back to oh now we go back to lbj, you don't have to have to get out of cleveland. He goes to the rams. Immediately becomes a ship star again immediately ones the superbowl. What one a m p p- maybe he stays opium healthy, don't go out there, s no question! Yes, I feel he was on his way. The way he was borne out in the forests have to me it was no question, but that kings are completely so now is a free age and he's coming back from a surgery he's obviously healing fastening buddy ask as he's oda backroom junior. We ve heard about him going to make vase wedding crashing it. Being invited with we ve heard miles, dared, say pick up. The phone slime go back to cleveland what
the market for ob J and you tweeted, seven million ain't, gonna cut it. I ain't getting it done, hashtag allegedly now I mean I might have had a few conversations yeah. But what is the market right now for lbj has to be everybody wants him, or is everybody expecting them not to play for half a season? So they're a little bit gun shy? Well, let's just make clear and I'm not obi jays asian right. But if I were, and if I were obi, J and teams are trying to figure out what happening with mice yell, what doing well ago, all I'm doing is taken out the tape of the first half of the superbowl plan. In an hang it up, something answer me an idea. You tell me what you think dot. If, if you see what, contribution Obi J may in the superbowl Is that not worth I'm asking, is that not worth ten million plus just that, if you, if your new policies and what is I weren't, you getting if he can do what he did their absolute
Then he proves that he's he's back about two percent of what is, what do you think he's potential deal may look Why could it be multi year deal like what? What could it have turned the incentive base isn't interesting. Don't you think that makes that makes sense? Go ahead. Go ahead, pat! No, I was gonna say: don't you think every team is going to want it to be incentive based just because of the injury in the super bowl they're going to want high side and then you'll just have to go out there and prove it and will obey J. Think that's disrespectful. I can see that makes sense. Rights include the incentives, but when you get down to the time around, maybe when were expecting that acl to be hill weatherby November december, ok, everything is pop. policies and, as you know, come in line and we have patrician happening now we ve got a few teams that might need a wide receiver is the same thing like with the design situations. People might be like the five two thirty is not fair, but when you have competition, where your service days is about what people are willing to pay, so we can
talk about what we think the market is until we get there and he's healed and we have some attrition happening, then it is what it is. I mean me personally, that said on planes take on turning off the phone. Your call me back and think now, because if you try to get this wing ring by the way our richie already has there tell me what you think that work is needed, and let me tell you, ok, I know pat knows how to negotiate. That knows that, and in those days opec you about your lamp. People know what time it is ok and and then let them come back and let you know, but the raiders, if the ravens, if the packers, if the rams elaborate all call in and we can get that number up. So are those people that are calling you think in your mind, or is it all the teams that need water sievers, you think, are any lbj business he's just not ready to make a decision. Yet I think that this is fair to say because J put it on his own twitter. I think it's fair to wonder if that amount,
is meeting all be jays expectation, one because he's still a free agent, because they brought on Ellen Robinson and three, because he intimated eight it to a certain degree. He on his own twitter aids as I try to remain staved there right. I think that that kind of that I think that kind of lets. You know you know may or may not be the case. Now I will say this: I was that super bowl. I was in the tunnel right after the game when he was sitting on the card. I saw less me come we gave him a dad, gave him a hub whispered in his ear, and I felt like I saw this as per my observation. You know that's reassuring, Obi J that he was gonna be taken care of whatever that met. Now obviously nothing been assign yet, but Obi J still has is why june he still has a while ago, in terms here, that acl show enacted the teams, find him I'm not trying to sign that any ways on the lead, stub bubble up percolate and let everybody call me, come
the court's obey jerry, you're clean, and yet I'm just saying you know, but I gotta, I got a quick question for you tonight. If your bed, may god- and I think this is one of the topics that we haven't talked about already, because I was having a conversation about this- would leave sources out there and I'm curious what you guys think on the shelf if you're a baker may feel- and you know that you have eighteen point- five, whatever it is. Eight million come into guaranteed often this option, but the brow they're sitting on you because you're like we're paying you anyway, they say, but a team like the pan there's a like. Well, we want the browser paid, this ratio do you accept pay cuts or some cider restructure to lessen the cap? Meanwhile, whatever her for this year in order to make sure that you get it going or do you risk possibly having to sit out a year or better? Yet you know come back to the browser cause this before you just ask
per what my understanding is. People understand that there is a perception out there on on baker. Ok, if he sets out and holding his ball in the sandbox that it could look like even more and nasa leverage point. So I'm asking you what so, if you know you gonna think about bakers, confidence in himself. So if I'm baker incredibly confident this next year's money isn't going to be my wealth money? My money is going to come from the deal that I play afterwards. So would I we're tell somebody to say now you don't you're gonna, eighteen laugh billion guaranteed regardless do you want to renegotiate down, would be terrible business, but if he thinks the guy. That's gonna, be the only one to give my starting option somewhere. You could see how maybe he would negotiate that, but there's nobody, that's gonna! Let him do that. Josiana nobody's gonna. Let him take less demand million, which is already guaranteed, don't you think, while I'm definitely wouldn't do it better?
I know cause, I like that, you know. I want all my money that everybody buys. Everybody wants all their money right, but what the other factor here is play a bit when are you playing and does that hurt him to sit or l n n? And you know because here here's the other thing I understand like as far as the brown situation, if we're paying We gonna get something out of you. In fact, people keep her all to play for the brass and lit listen to your girl. If they're gonna pay, if they, if they're gonna, pay baker, mayfield integral just sit at home and not get nothing out of it, so what I'm saying is if it were me. Yes, I want. I want my money, but if it affects me playing and we gotta go on the tape from last year and I'm not plan, Is that how does that impact market? Do you think it impacts seems wanting I'm next year at the sandwiches, I'm so completely what you're so near? There's a lot of the beggar move
situations, become quite a pretzel too, because you we saw clips the obi s. Thing our job outcome, senior partner, clip out in a nobody. Nobody really fighting it by the way. Have nobody really like nobody in the locker room was like he's lying or anything like that and then there's clips a beggar? walk and I'm a sideline after some bad happened in nobody, oxfam night, like the kicker, the partner gives starting quarter like hey it's our or something. I do have gone completely toxic there in india, what you're labelled somebody that toxic or distraction that shit is with you forever, like literally for ever, solvent beg. Rather I'm trying to play and get that taste people's mouth as soon as possible to your boy, even better laws taken a beggar do an apple beggar, thy her question virgins josie! You ve been established insider for several years now. I'm curious like when you first became
or was that always the goal was here. I want to be- and I fell insider and also like was there ever am a moment that kind of solidified, like oh shit, I actually amand inside because we know how connected you are with so many people, so it s a really great questions. First of all, I was ba insider before I was Annabel, but that's going away way back amount about aid myself and a nominee joam about ass. My five years, we're gonna live man. I gotta women in your life. Thank bank stated that all the Your question is when I used to work in denver for facts. I got a tap on ricky williams being out for the EU here when he was the running back for the dolphins, but at the time I was working for fox in denver and back in that area You know it was kind of out of the round to report on a market that was in short, so initially the station and act like a guitar baltimore.
Now Robert outdated increases that data and data, what dead story initially in that we had a card, then lab retarded, and you know cause you in miami at the time working for the hero must boris director asked him and said you are that this girl, she said, what about the story and thanks to elaborate sorry, he what about it, gave me credit and their day. Yes, pierre ended up putting me on a call piece of this was a long time ago. Obviously you said not us enough and asked what started sounds like you're gonna like this. I annabel insider thing. So let me go and then I think, after that it was Larry Johnston's foot, injury, keeping an amount of the cheese for the whole year term. Edwards was the coach at that time. we're trying to denied and played off like she got a wrong. Who is this low check in Denver? while she noticed Dobbin she'll know nothing about their work that ended up being true. What so they so then it just stacked room there so that that, basically, I gaspari that's what
Do you ever sit back and say man? I got myself in way too deep. I wish I wasn't insider anymore because it such a seems, like it's too for seven, you are on call at all times, well let me tell you, I mean you know the way Adam sector an embryo about it. As far as being all call all the time I mean you know, I gotta leave time tat noses from my god, my hair, my nails are: let us why won't you boys are more allied swanny. You know what I buy, but yet is definitely not a commitment? I would say that both for, like when I was in denver, you will have a lotta anxiety about when you first like major major story mean I've done them, start caps and pitch in all these types of major thing: but now we can develop, makes it s nothing Coloma, you may sure that there is right there. I am expecting this one for the fact that right whereby, but what I'm saying
and is now you don't have, is as much anxiety because you develop this repertoire of filters and terms. You know deciding if someone's credible, if you're gonna put some out, you know you know what your relationships are. So is a network, but I will tell you it doesn't happened overnight. You can't just parachute into it, so there you go. Yours are a lot of hard work. We appreciate you for the nfl. What are your sources telling you about Lamar tyler, so Lamar jackson? Obviously it is here. choice not to renegotiate what the baltimore ravens entering the last year of this rookie deal. He can solve your franchise tag twice so that three years would like a hundred and ten or one hundred and fifty million dollars basically and guarantees that they're, to hit the market if they chose the franchise second twice and who knows what guarantees will be three years from now. Is betting on himself, or is there a little bit of these there in the future? What do you expect to happen from situation, since the tyler situation affects all the,
quarterback conversations currently potentially happening. So, as I told you before, I keep things relatively simple. I must say what I would do. A quick upon Lamar I just put dijon watson's cod. That want to table? You say: do about ten more men and ass far more mechanism were good and we could just sites or that's just what I would do favors naval, ok, but Lamar when he recently came back to mandatory to. I believe I did say that he was, you know talking to the cost of their in, baltimore haven't conversations that he wanted to be able to have his respite away from the team and just concentrate on getting ready. He had let people know behind the sea that he was going to show up so an end and John hall by the head coach and the team is, but I was down there at the yom at the meetings and our wes poppies, where they were continuously telling the media? That, No, they are ready to engage so from everything that obviously heard on the record. Is that baltimore been willing, we'll see something can get.
I believe that is in the mars best interests to go ahead and knock it out on necessarily try to go the cart, cousin drought or what have you just to protect yourself, but I dont have those specifics. I would say that Lamar is very, very good and trust me dialogue but is off. The record is very, very, very small. You know, and I respect his privacy. I think that he just has his way that he wants to get don. I think the agents around the lead know that that have tried. So you know who represent him. Reporters will try to get at him. or what have you, got a respect that process and eventually able trickle out, but I do think it makes sense for him to secure the multi year. Contract extension now play around with any injury or what have you worked out for court because you get no major injury, but you can't a sore that that will happen for you, Lamar soap is me. I was just going to knock out. Drops forty million. Maybe I mean just because I am you can you can go to put your reasons alpha that you want to talk about? You know that
situation clearly want to talk about inflation. You want to talk about where you see the cab one you want to do. The franchise tag. Averages on the years coming up here is all types of reasons why you could you could start there, but I basically would just put dijon watson's contract now stay glad an increase on his hang up in common it wouldn't be. So what do you think about color Murray than kyler Murray is allegedly that deal is about to get done here in the next two months. Steve guy came on the show. He chatted about the timing of the schedule when the conversations normally take place as a whole. Stu draft prep Eric worked hard to put its weed out about causes. The only get done before the draft or whatever do you see finishing? What do you think the numbers you're gonna be for that, because obviously gather has had success. He hasn't one of them. They d, like Lamar, has they want a play off game since he's got there, so what you think that's gonna be and how does that deal get done josiana? While I think the fact that you seen the tone
change relative to when I was affording about it back a superpower, there are things missing. Social media, your things come and statements common What have you the fact that you seen the tone change? You said you had. The gentle manages to come on show that lets. You know that there is some sort of amicability there that has at least improve with regard to at least talking about it. The other thing when it comes to backs always say is just like. If you got a girlfriend if you want to move on to another girl as good but issue looking better or worse than what you already get, you always gotta secure and make sure that, if you, if you need to us of the wood kyler new solid tie back around, who else will be your quarterback is all he's going to talk about what we didn't you, what we're gonna do away what we're not gonna do. But what else is the ash here? I think the action is obviously to get it done. You don't want that type of distraction going into the season. I remember going back to the job were innocent, not necessarily apples out. Two thousand fitzpatrick does not that you know to me apples, apples to kyler, but I'll bring this point up to say
that when you allow things to linger after they were ten and six with fitzpatrick, I feel like not getting. That done. Basically just ruin the jets after that for todd Bowles. Ten year, I don't think you want to have. I do If you want to have the same being kind of melted into this team, especially with the pressure put on that you know organization relative to the amount of talent and the type of talent that they have one that team. So I think that it they'll get done. I think that the tone shows that their own tracks and get it done and as far as, you know the amount and stuff like that. You know
I don't I don't know. I don't have a specific amount on our now that I always like to say what I know and I have to talk to let a bit more people behind the scenes of why truthfully gave you a number one. I was spread to appreciate you stop him by we would you would you soon learn the train? Thank you not come in through the beads, your words at his sunday, my god you're going out and get it on a slow start. Ladies and gentlemen, justly matters that they operate. Faded beg you guys today show is presented by cash. App cash app is the only finance app you need and it's the easiest way to send money to your buddies and you can buy pieces of bitcoin or stocks with as little as our right. For now keep an eye out for another winter wednesday this week, with the winners of her ass, we giveaways, plus cash app, is working on something big for next week. What they do,
you organize cassia, yet go use code mcafee for fifteen dollars as soon as you sign up that's code, mcafee for a free fifteen dollars terms apply rather gotta be more careful about voices of microfinance. I say these: it please when the husband was a radio or nor has it that was. I think, fake. What's what I mean? What was that What yeah looking back on it feels like one, big marketing point. When the crystal trophy we deny such average ball guy's face on it. Then they sell tickets to the thing I'm primate that crystal ball take money back quickly, friends, ass! It was there pope, those national do you have a latter day on only care Bobby number one in the ratings at the fan.
twenty nine years in a row through spring session, is still broadcasting. He retired he's got a podcast. Now, oh, it doesn't yeah not on hit not on the mics on at his own network, but he's just he's got a podcast. Now I think, with Bobby valentine. Really therefore a gm. The mets, he's not on his own platform anymore. I don't think so. People are on that, but for now I don't believe it. I think all the performers dog guided moments. Silence. We feel that is, resources was a call. Mike's on my skin in that silence for right now, eggs tiger anything to say about it, you think he's doing. Okay cause, I listen. I got a lot of money for the new podcast, okay, a laughable amount of money. Mike's on was my introduction to the sports, but ass for his eyes had ever heard of came at any man sodium quick. What obama is passed?
There are some phone calls to get the fuck. It's got em pennsylvania. What's going on it? Ok, What you are I don't give a movement maybe I don't know what parliament's venue harrisburg Ah, of course, the hershey capital capital yet I twenty minute. I've never been. Yeah nice stable, did you what for, thirty three harrisburg love. It was nice ice shouts, the harrisburg guide, the capital they get their own all the time capital. That's very filled up now pity her now hope get how harrisburg, what an answer or other states have the stupid
I don't know, I knew your champagne right springfield, I think springfield yeah what Abraham Alberto hey. There was a song that people were taught in elementary school, but the states and the capitals we didn't have that at our school. What's that all about just fucking, use your brain and memorize the fort. I was going to be stupid capital yeah. It does accurate nope club in cairo right in the heart of physic. The right move, what it I would have guessed Columbus, because it is right in the middle of the state but you'd call it stupid, maybe go right through there yesterday, they finally got their eight year. Construction done. It was actually very straight through yeah cause. Normally, you have come down away. Our regrets and ideals. Construction wrap up it out the capital voyage russian. Ever wraps asking how he had the eye on our coasts, how do you want-
about our hairs borg native ed so I shut out the pms store. I bought a couple of shirts and a baby duke, and I already got it and I ordered it a week ago, so shut up yeah, whatever their score, make an example. We appreciate them now. We got an order the office and was something that we don't even offer in the store do after they ordered from the store, but I mean that's going to happen every once in a while good to know it's operating at peak performance. right now. That's right what you said it was that I yeah you said they got cleaned up last week. I think I'll see if I felt was working in clean up and to make it work and all that stuff we gotta as billy ankara hat now. I m not sell that showed up. What's that when a hat from a website. You don't sell their Why would you do a cold order here at the office of the store just to see how the stores operating- and I think it's
on one for seven. Maybe I was ordering from sources that might be why I'm so low on the store. So it's great to hear ed events have any say no problem gone in less than a week. That's great news for a microscope, my shirts, that I ordered and all like, I got five of my billy- they came in probably within a week. Scott S, nose over the wall and is that's really. what we can say about bill. You one more question for I want to see if I might needed, send bill a few bucks. I think. I opened up my own site with a store selling baby belts. I think there's a big market for that honestly. What the fuck would build do what bill would set it up for me and do it all Ah builders, youtube that doesn't manages builds websites. You can do anything, I concur, I can curb right he is in a go to arise in a future. These already plugged out here Can europe link like don browser? I write any answer, but if you need some more, what is I acts
I I you are in your store. I think we can look at you either this of course graphic designers. We gotta tell you because I believe the baby belts are. I mean these things are made. I swear. I would go daddy dot com swore to create a website, yeah yeah yeah, but then to claim your website. Isn't it they give you an engine to make it online, it's very limited what you can do, though they give you the tools to be your own boss. Yes, they do, but also the website: do they do that, for you I think about the internet, though, is people just bought up all the names so even It's your own idea. You're gonna have to buy that from somebody else. Go daddy, helps, negotiate and our process. I do assholes are going to take advantage, of course, whenever they can patent for sure I had somebody that took pat mcafee dot com and they were like. We can obviously make a deal, and I was like nah fuck. You knock on.
it'll be problematic. We showed our karma, see you later see a lighter, bow, client don't be holding over my head. You thought you got me, I did not enter somebody else have pat mcafee dotcom, still its inactive but yeah. Somebody had therefore is somebody that I know bought it from the person who had done was trying to get it to me, and I was stubborn. I was like nah don't want alternatives, are about it, so it would it give it to you. Yeah, but it's going to be a whole thing in africa, and I didn't want to do the whole thing so reimburse first afford, and then we just think we just kept it just sat there and it worked out that person who stole it from the beginning still alive. I don't want them to see. You know what I mean. I don't want them thinking. I don't want them the benefit of anything we've ever done the point which takes me back to aunt slant growth. I was going to rj and wyoming Rj. What's going on the cowboys up there, roman wild yeah, there you go poke,
I hope yo pirate go go just a lot. You know you're, not a question just kind of telling his story. Yesterday I took the nephew to what is it summer, summer's daughter in billings montana songs and that bob looking you walked out of the arena and I was like? Oh he was just that he looks really familiar looking at him and it was often theory I was like. Oh, I recognized the fake alright, so I got my buddy and his kid and then my nephew and we all started chanting. Pat mcafee own view, nice and I even got it up on my phone put it on my snapchat got the letter sick, raise it up to you, and I don't want to be that guy. That's like oh he's the army in the crowd, but I definitely think he saw the signs now and I just thought it was really cool and just but you know I appreciate you and boys ever there are generally let him know these peace shit. Please track
usa champion there so, yes make sure we respect ill. I mean steadily, we're getting better and better tsars early, get bigger to bigger and by soon happened tonight, loss of flexible tonight they actualize his back tonight with Ezekiel yeah, as he kills a little brother Monona together. That should be awesome. Yeah, we don't know if they're, together or don't Why wouldn't that be? They should be heard. How look there together here? Well, that's a photo! Yes that's by promoting hey these guys. Tacky much do a concert of a lifetime. Let's, go to think about, w w E stands for their first long. Why? Yes he's gonna, be so large tat. All my it's gonna get have allies back? Isn't it asia? It is. Their role is on usa, smack donors on fox correct. It's interesting how they work all that and premium live events are on peacock,
yeah, it's not usa, obviously earned by the peacock folkestone. So that's much more maligned that fox which is prior smack down only in old age. I'm curious to see how this goes tonight on eight seven central usa network, how they're gonna work this out of both brothers in the ring together. If they playing answered yeah? Maybe they fight each other? We manage money. I write seven central on you. As a matter of fact, us, let's get out of here, hammered back or burn. What's up He could still go. Darn goes killing it by the were absent. Always well. I think I retired we mean Dont go retires. Anyone retired Yes, Absolutely I did see him. He was wrestling, I believe, last weekend or two against I mean what is he not Dagoes always guys
I I heard he already made half a bill: flipping houses and cars contractor like Jesus Christ, be baron Jesus Christ, so wow what yeah four contractor has gone to all of you. Of her. Have you heard of anything that Jesus Christ created in the contracting world now? I should have liked Jesus Christ shelf now this crisis anything trouser carpet. By events. May I built stuff glossary? What do you think a carpet? I honestly don't know There are three carpenter at a contractor: congrats foxy, you just move that the blue collar. The kings in the office, yeah, rowdy or hamburger time in ten fifteen minutes or youtube dot, com forward, slash or down. You thought he liked the car,
yeah, he was laid rose at an end. You thought Jesus was doing carpet back in the day they had. It would be most likely to coordinate a common misconception that airport, how'd you get in here right Joe, showed the way wrong. That's right! That's why I that's others, not moreover, the shares our tyler in kansas girl, wilson sassy. in Canada actually lets you ask: there was an saskatoon what's going on pal, yo it up. I'm gonna show goes partners in internal just one, and yeah, or you know just wanted a little a feel good moment here. Man been a jets fan for fifteen years. They fucking they drafted derrick wilson this year.
one day just dreams come true by superbowl: hey, that's good news. He had no idea about. You know no worries right yeah, he didn't know little little jets. Fucking ball. The old man. I reckon dinner with me to the list by its current boise. His aims gear Wilson drafted. There was a week's pomp and they re very. I don't seem like. The aim is that whenever he was delivered his line, but I think he was just assuming that we would obviously put that together we did our boy. I thank you for calling dirt bags for the rookie dinner, the cfl a couple of loonies and yeah. How about the us fl? While I seen a pot this weekend from a guy named brock miller to one seventy five, or eighty five, your doubts by alexander eighty five ball. Yes, absolutely market. They play off start next week there not as the last weekend in an egg living a boy of their employers are those round robin the entire she's dead. Then they go to cannibalism
playoffs I could be wrong- could be Michael cole red on Friday night, the last weekend of the. U s iphone. I said already oh yeah, because you know it is a fox products, of course on barrier, but brock brothers saw the weekend with a fucking bomb. How you doing keep it moving? There's twenty four people live it's odd, but I think a couple of hundred thousand people saw it on the internet and that's good hopefully, some of these guys get up to give job right. That's all go this spring, like Hopefully some of them are well. Some of them definitely will get into a camp yeah. Hopefully, some of them make the team and actually make an impact that we can talk about. Oh hey, this dude was just in the us fl couple months ago. How many guys are the sfl that'd, be a number hockey town ooh like number was delighted. The world wars like ten is he hated fleeting yards way back you talkin about the most an xxl the most recent one? How many games do they play less than four five? It was yeah very few and then cover it. Hit the nacho stand in seattle. That's right! It was only
backs right. He was just that one db, four from west virginia and I think he heading into the final weekend of the regular season. There are fifteen players who played in X, fell in two thousand and twenty that were active enough, our fifty three more on in reserve. Eighteen rigour. did you not always gets a lot more success than yours, I fell. Did I believe, so maybe maybe another fifty, want to guys get an opportunity, the live therein. Dreams in life and continue to play football for profession. So U s, I fell to impose their editor. Doing so a more football is always good. I tell you, I'm not saying I've watched any, but I'm just saying more footballs tinker it's better than watch another bow and when there's nothin else on tv, u s eye, fell on we'll watch as sport for petroleum good. So thank you for your service. In the heat, Birmingham alabama playing all the footballs, so maybe one day,
get into the nfl and we can wait for the playoffs can I ask our show up for the borrowing employers right, no question debris there would have. What's it see, eighty thousand k cantons like thirty, I think, isn't it actually get? cookie. I play high school there, yet thirty, three being facetious, what that is why Albania to high school stadium now a thousand cobbler. What was that now? I mean: what is it? Thirty? Are you gone? When is it again june, twenty friends always come that's right around the corner and run wanted. Three thousand people go. Watch ain't that so you can just one through the year Bobby. General bob might be going on. They got hit europe that I suppose in every week. He is everywhere. I've never seen Halsey forty. What these thirty, eight thirty nine to thirty eight
Wheatley yokes right four percent body fat both in every week an anomaly that guy is unbelievable, oblivion, vicarious, he drew him some of these days now Bobby's. He is awesome. I saw Bob a few days ago. He's the man he's, probably thou a day. Three of them go, and he is Stop is engine and competitive when it comes to good times, is untouchable. I believe agent is actually real good before never get out. Here are shouting. I gotta take off I can be here to morrow, but Bob closely. We were We met him up. We met him for a quick dinner. Basically, an before bob had some weird like what are some specially drink it to have on the menu that all I got. Try this course and then his there's, a gardener back. Oh, you want another one he's like gimme, sauvignon blanc, the orders, the heterosexual. what did he do it bob and then it is. He goes through the different kinds of microbes. Pino war and then you gonna go to bail a key. He has no.
doesn't care about anything he wants to mix all of those booze together in the stomach and feel great about. I dunno how he does terror lying about hanging over seven stopped him from continuing to drink, but I think this person It is one that all of us say bob hammered downs intensity means will be back tomorrow with a much better show the guests. memorial to the brain. Thank you to sean for stopping by d, but just saying that AJ, all the boys in the back great show see you guys tomorrow. Goodbye
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