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PMS 2.0 690 - Chaos From The House Oversight Committee On The Washington Commanders Work Place Culture, Tom Pelissero, Kevin Weekes, & AJ Hawk

2022-06-22 | 🔗

On today's show, Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys chat about the side show that was the House Oversight Committee's hearing on the Washington Commanders work place culture, if that's politics in general, and what it all means. Joining the show to parse through everything that was said in the House Oversight Meeting and whether we'll ever get any real answers from the whole situation is the Neuralink, NFL Insider for the NFL Network, Tom Pelissero (17:02-48:02). Later, 13 year NHL veteran at Goalie, NHL Insider for NHL Network and ESPN, Kevin "Weekesy" Weekes joins the progrum to chat about tonight's Stanley Cup Finals Game 4, what we can expect, when a goalie knows whether or not he has it, how the ice conditions are in Tampa compared to Colorado, who he likes in tonight's game and ultimately the series, and he gives the boys a nice little tour of Amalie Arena (1:08:06-1:25:14). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show, and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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Hello, beautiful people. It is Wednesday june. Twenty. Second, two thousand twenty two in this sport, shell shocked me a pretty good one. That's right! That's right! Let's ride into the sports, though, because today there's a lot of litigation. There's memos, there's lawsuits, there's new deals, there's old deals, there's bs, there's drama and today is going to be absolutely packed. The neuro like the arrow, Tom palace, Sarah will be joining us in about seventeen minutes, give us an update on everything that is currently happening in the house oversight committee, trial of Roger Goodell, who's on a zoom call right. Now we have not watched a lot of these oversight. Committees, I will say c span is by far the worst
induction in the history of anything there, a high school production companies that could do vastly better job than whoever's running cspan, because we watch for the. U F, o conversation, we're going to hear any of the things are being said or seen, and things are being said in today they had roger goodell swearing in which would have been a good clip for us all to see him doing the whole high thing the right hand up the on the on the bottom. one tat sort. Finally, cuts they got his name tag right over his entire face stream. Nonetheless run adele is currently answering questions from quite conflicted group of people in a committee yeah, I was a some of the people in the house are recycled. Many not exactly throw to be doing this on this particular day with everything else going on the world. I think a lot of people obviously have some empathy for notion and then there is we want our house oversight when he heard not pocket happy with what areas that has been up do for the last twenty years. I will say it does bill. It gave sires about fucking dead because has been some admission of guilt, almost both on the nfl and Goodell m.
certain different papers that report out there. It feels like Snyder is on his way out. But that has been said no less than times in the past year. Dance niger. Is they consummate talk much? He will survive this one's going to be very difficult. What's talked to tom pelissero about this monumental over house committee oversight committee. See. I don't even know the shit that nothing's going to happen in there. The is fighting with each other more with guitar or whatever classic and government right in front of our eyes, hear us last time about what's going to take place, how this is going to go and it's dan Snyder was be pushed out. How does that happen, and when does the new ownership step in in what has the nfl done to make sure that type of shit doesn't happen again? the future. I think that's a big question from that, point that oversight committee that are When I get into the nuts and bolts of this They turned over sixty thousand things,
Canada, that's a lot of Kosovo's be paintings. They didn't turn over anything for sixty thousand documents. Now, who knows what size font that is at double spacing or that you know is sure, what's real, what scent area, but I've learned a little bit tom palliser will hopefully teach us more we'll talk about that in about sixteen minutes, forty minutes or so kevin weekes, a former nhl goalie. What you want to talk about tonight's game, four of the lord of stanley cup. Championship final. a very light when you look back, in colorado came all the way back last game. Will that be something that continue to happen? We should I talk to you about AJ. After the old tuesday vacation yeah can't with second hour, then maybe your phone calls and five hundred you phone line, one three, three four. If this our next hour or the one after that, there's you a, but not a lot of its positive, but hey this the off season of the nfl, to talk stables here at tyson, Boston, Connor, one for the hammer
If the cowboys turned texas, your turn beard looks good huge got cleaned up today. I appreciate a shout out to the back porch barbara jason, coming through doing his work during his magic times, you're the smart You are deemed the smartest in this operation. because you got accepted into harvard. So what you are able to accomplish from the ages of thirteen to seventeen and eighteen will warrant, you being the smartest person in this group for the rest of your life is that what the fucking government always is the ufo thing now they didn't tell us anything now get those sitting there and it still going on right now, but it's like there was a lot of fighting with at one point doctor so to excess, virginia virginia foxx, who I believe is banned. I mean this is just judging from book, but she's power for no less than seventy year has long tajima delays. Nosegay no gave the ash nickname short for virginia's jenny.
ok, Jimmy fox doktor, jenny foggy up! Please, games, she You're del at one point two, you think What we're doing right now is, a proper use of taxpayer money, and what goes around, What are you talking to me you're in yes, google- I am talking, I'm talking to you, gotta, take us I don't know. If I'm in a position to tell you what you should spending your time on or not, and then donald from florida to let the entire thing off Madam speaker, I, like some time gay times, warranted to blah blah blah inflation, price A crisis. Drugs that are killer, but why are we spending tom on the? in the nfl right now. That was how this thing started: yeah, hammer hammer hammer I would just like to know what the fuck are we doing here
Carolyn is the head of this? They have to add a twenty four year old, with a mask on next door. Who is very much pumping out will have a guy has guided the area, the cabinet, to tell him he is out of line outline idler you're on alone you're out of your adeline in a boat they get somebody else what this all about? Why are we even here remember this in january, and we will this inside jokes happening now. In this thing Joe. That is, if you are not country watching it. You have to think. Oh America is just one big clusterfuck over there yeah. Why is it like that, and is that how it always been since you got into harvard? I just assume you know see. I don't know if it's always been like that. To your point too, I mean no one is watching cspan but I do remember from like you know, just like those steroids like the baseball hearings and stuff, like that, it feels like When you used to see it, it is much less adversarial like they were. Actually there till it's like all the fire was gone at? Whoever was was in the hearing, and who was kind of standing up for whatever it happened. Now they just can't wait to pick each other
I mean, like you said: that's not hyperbole, you're, not being you know what I said is what they said: four consecutive people in a row again, I'd just like to reiterate what you know, council counsel and fox just said like they did it consecutive times in a row like sitting in a that talking to me They are probably smart, good old. We should have stayed out of this through the stacks, but it was wild to me they're not going to get any answers. I think the only thing we do know is that they that open sea for dancing- I was very nice to them even within, tag right, reptile from Florida, I even brought you have his fucking name that he said he wasn't going to come like a week ago. This is all for perform blah blah blah, which is all politics is how come the people and this is us diving into a world that we don't know enough about so fuck off.
for the next four minutes, or so it feels like there's always people that are, you know, advocates or speakers for political move. It's like this. What should happen this? What should happen? This is what's happening this. What should happen? Those people always have been around so then people give it into positions to make change and they think they're these people? Like hey know, these people are talking about what y'all motherfuckers need to do these people. give out it in Doha. Extend that hey you're, the ones that are supposed to be doing the things not talking about the like. I think there has to be to separate it. Like things you know this would be like if a jim gets in there and talks about what his team should do like what the pundits do about a thing like that. I get this thirty minutes get this and then gm comes out says you know, it'd be nice if we got what's fucking your job like. That is what you do. I dunno stay and how this is what politics have gotten to once again on a shit about fuck, but that world
feels like everybody is a political pundit, even the people that are in politics who either due to about you, you're, not to do what they do, you're supposed to change this shit and it feels like everything we dabble with: it's all, both and everybody is just talking about what should happen people that are in there to do stuff, don't do jack squat How is this? What we have got? I stand, what politics, by the way, because I know nothing about that world. I understand that everybody's pissed off at everybody, for everything and everybody's, a better person than the other people are, but watching. That is infuriating. If you are a human that has a brain at all and be like. How is this our country's best fucking offer here and it's not it's clearly not its door. It started with the represented from from kentucky, and they are basically everyone just been like what the fuck are. We doing here, we got All these things going on in the country wires best the washington. The right now
the private entities a couple people there as a private business, another private business. Why are we doing that? But they? They were doing it so how do we get to the point the priority it didn't? Somebody have the things turn these conversations. That happened, those beforehand wire, behind the buying bank, Where's converse happening public. It's, because everybody just wants clout right yeah. I think I mean so like this party wants clock because they want to be the one that investigated toxic workplace and we care about- people more than anybody else. Clearly. The publican are like now we're wasting our time doing this there's much bigger problems that we should be looking into that actually affect the world as opposed to what's going on the nfl and they both things I represent right and they are going to get the absolutely no one other than the fact that answer fucking dead long before this committee even came together today, and I would assume Roger Goodell knew exactly what he was getting at raj it comes from a judge family. He has been around. I think his dad was a politician. A lot of people settled
somebody wrote roger Goodell. His opening statement prepare saying he's. Just don't read it. Roger Goodell wrote that focus. He is the lawyer that wrote that statement. That's what he is he could go I wish you was live in person as I know these innocent car, whatever he was personnel. The way he would have just played that room would have been next level, will talk to impose discipline in seven minutes. I it's that was a shit show one your point like even the fucking shit, even the people who don't want to be there still understand, like. Oh I'm, going to cut a good promo right here because, like any average one of these like we're not talking about it, but it's the nfl so like there are a lot more eyes on it. So guys can act he cut promos and I think it just like. We say it every election cycle, but the parties are so far apart. Every single talk like every year gets worse and worse so, like How are they going to get anything done it just you know, like one side, thanks they're in the right. They won't budge the other side they're in the right, they won't budge, but then the people who you know who don't think we should be doing
there are still like. Oh, I want to take five minutes and cut of great falcon promo them Party's gonna love my party, but also my constituency is going to feel empowered. It's just that was a mockery of anything rates are reluctant Not that there was a thing that happened bad. We are not saying that that was a completely Two thousand and nine about. snyder in what happened with the cover. An investigation and a dossier, and in a private ghost in given that they hired from within and then try to sue the person that was doing it in came out and said: unprecedented. Ten million dollar fine was waged against and things do we know that. I think so. I remember that I don't. without those two thousand and one I was a rookie, so I dunno, if I would have looked into it or not, but like these Two things have happened to dance around, a housework die best, leading the world problem only going like this all eyes on this league, every right human now is looking to buy a team.
this. Guy has survived. I'd, know, ideologies June second came out in all. He's headlines that they were fine: ten million the washington football team time june second of this year but that's thirteen years handing out right. The one representative also, I just asked godot- why they fort noise is banned from an affair, gives great question, aside we're going to get an answer for the digital days. That he's not aware of that issue, the good ol answer now he said. I'm not aware of that issue, see that if they don't listen. If president, in some games. Congratulations a happy something happen out of this. But how is that a lot of the people's point? How is that? What's going on right now, with people that are elected official, then there are some war stokoe and on big war going in there deals being made now with terror countries for oil, everything like isn't there inflation and an all time high, where people were given money to do stuff and all of guess what that money is not a survive, and it's.
It s broken, go away! That's right! go where the market brilliant is anything I feel like to people on that side. That's why I love this. wanna committee decided to it, but the fact that this evil took place. Is the problem is everything right. If you're going to do it, let's at least get something out of it as opposed to a bunch of bullshit I broke, it feels like system rock. They did subpoena Dan Snyder right outside their lunch, I can do that last week and get him here today so that, like he had to be there, it just isn't france right now, honest resorting air resort in said that one of the reps, the woman, I believe, yeah: u s rep, Carolyn be maloney. Who is the head of this oversight? Yet it is terrible. She's democrat from new york gap, she wielded the gaff. Oh yes, personally, MR nighters in france, where he has dot. Luxury yacht near nearer resort town. That's you just how much respect he has for women in the workplace. That's right,
I'll tell you what they there's some alarming stuff coming out, though the thirteen years it took it for us to hear about that which It would be nice to hear how that was For so long how come nobody knew about it with The fans investigations insiders. How do we find out until june in how's this guy kept his jaw how's. This guy kept his position as an owner. Those are all great questions. well. That was good. None of those rats that are asked, I dunno all the sql, and he just told them- you know the ten million dollar fine in the earthen, but when tiber ease up the baseball, I that's why we're not getting anything because It was roger clemens and Barry bonds, and the guys who were in the report were there and they could ask them. Questions like this is all about snyder, obviously, Goodell kind of is the castle being a bit naive here. If Dan Snyder was there, if Roger Goodell is there, these mother fuckers will still make it about themselves. You don't think I dive into snyder. These people would make it about it. The literally everybody is just anytime. Profound the phone is in front of one of these in this,
from limited knowledge. So I apologize. It's just feels like cover everything's a promo. Everything's, a commercial everything is trying to get more votes. Seeing and sick wrapper and do absolutely nothing for the rest, your life and still get paid for it feels like that. Is what politics is grass when they just said they wanted the report out and then good dose. They did it, and then one of the ladies who's in the report said that they would redact their names. Is that what's going to happen? so Roger Goodell said and will talk to an officer in like two minutes, Roger Goodell said that the reason why they didn't put out the entire report is because some of the people that cooperated for their report I want anybody. Another name so for their privacy I decided not to make it all public now it was an oral breakdown the report was. It was never put on and I'm sure that is That is certainly because he's a much better the audio learner than a reader right. I'm sure that is what roger Goodell say, but there's a lot of things that are like. Well, that's fishy, that's fishy some for thirteen years- that's vision
how does that happen? All those answers could get answer today and they they then then gone tomorrow. something else and everybody's pissed off about it. They'll tell the politicians you should do something. Then the politicians be like yeah what they said. We should do something granted yeah and then another thing will come on. It won't another thing, we're gonna unites, should do some good ideas lobby or for I'm under, so they want next thing will happen in then it's just never. They think, then, when campaigns come around its uses, jail bad disperse in great. I and look what I'll do they want and then it just continuing cycle is our politics. this kind of you squeeze the congressional Ballgame in there somewhere, then let outside of that and the cycle continues. Member that we are so far away. I am lot out there. Fact has been for awhile. It feels
joining us. Now is a man probably lot more than we do this guy. Can read a memo quicker than anybody. Can He reads, remo so quick and puts them out on the earth. We actually believe that he potentially is hooked up to a neural link in the back of his head, where they just me the information into his brain, so that he doesn't have to read it just goes right out. We don't know if he can read three or four lines at a time or for it literally, is just awful. put into his brain immediately upon release joining sally arrow that is always pointing up from the nfl network, those who ass a boy, I'd I'd, never in my life had a more perfect had chat with Tom fellow Sarah, though today you'd hear me today is the neural links day. You did. a big member day. Isn't it throws a big memo data? We ve got a lot of things going on right now that I have very low
to do with actual football. So yes to the extent that that's my wheel house, I'm active today as equally, I took nearly out shake it slow on and plug it back in it's a little bit more clear. It's probably are not yours taken buds off guard, take them off. Yeah speak. Can That time, I will call you back, so I'm gonna call you back about the nfl network as an airport happens with rep yeah cause. I think people I to do that to cancel out all outside noise happens on the other side. Is the airports are good for any, but the speakers that you have ceremony so to speak, pops and blows out without thinking, because they're not thinking that when they're making the airpods now they're saying hey, we'll, cancel out all the noise. The sound will be good, but you try. After the way, knock em be good enough. Steve jobs, but that's the modern,
The modern apple are little more rural. He has back, you said: Tom pelissero, what's going on pal, do you want him in or out and out you hear that to J'Onn out all Are we all of us? I understand what you are trying to do. The cancel out all outside noise at everything like that, but the airports, speakers aren't good enough to handle how great your voice is it pops it does like that- and we like to hear the arrow Tom palace arrow on this monumental, dairy for the nfl roderick Adele house oversight committee. Now we're all we're all given his opening remarks or whenever he repeated word for word there, and then there was a big battle in the oversight of too many about whether or not they should even be doing this is our become anything from this and how come it's a thirteen years for us to find out about the two thousand and nine dan Snyder ten million dollar fine, and everything like that. That seems to be a bit fishy in
well. The dell is going to have to answer for most in this entire thing. well. The million dollar fine was just a couple of years ago, but it was with regard to a variety of different conduct issues and allegations that had arisen that were part of the beth wilkins. An investigation that had taken place and led to an oral. all that was given to the commissioner, but not a written report, which is where a lot of the eggs from us of the various women who had had different accusations. Hence members, the organizational insider himself that had been appointed for us. That is a big part of the having reason that we are having the congressional hearing today. No, you know, what's come out since then have been built women accusing Daniel Snyder himself of sexual harassment and in the case of the isle listen to come on, watch the post story last night in two thousand and nine of sexual assault, and these are team employees former team employs
in serious allegations. Mary Jo White has been in studying the allegation made by a miss johnson that came out about a year or so ago? You have an additional allegation. You would certainly imagine, because there was settlement, and there was money exchange that the nfl, be aware of that. At this point, the marriage white would be aware of that, but this is just all part of the pattern of frankly embarrassment. The third commanders organization has produced for the nfl, not to the extent that brought the dell in his statement makes a point of saying: yes, it was announced people there was billina is resident, but your views- it now bears little resemblance to that in terms of a culture. Certain stop short of indica in the end. A fail here was: wrestling going to push for data to lose the team or additional sanctions, but again, that's all subject to the additional investigation. still ongoing by mary, JO white, and when we get the result,
that she's also investigating stephen ross and the dolphins right now, whenever those come to light there'll, be I'm sure, more more debate about the findings. What should be done about it? The time we appreciate you breaking things down to make it easier for us to understand. We appreciate your information. How come Dan Snyder he's just cockroach out this guy, like it just seems like You know when the Washington post first couple exposes came out back to back, but was at last year two years ago came out. It was at the narrative coming from the Daniel slater camp is all this is somebody like business wants me out, so you can buy the t like now. Kind of the narrative. I feel that was being pushed like all. This is a hit. This is an attack on the insider. There cancel us. Then now even has rocketed. I spoke about how terrible it was in that everything it feels this is just been one of the worst play. Is to work in the world for like underneath,
Dan Snyder's leadership for so long. What would somebody have to do to get kicked out of biggest league on earth, the best legal, north and absolute cash cow forever, the nfl. What what somebody has to do with this wasn't it and how much other stories that we have heard have been wrong? I think any of everything we have heard is basically been accurate on on that up, and how does he stick around so he must have got on everybody. Is that what it is all the more? from the house oversight committee backs up a lot of the reporting it has been done and additionally ads The shadow investigation that the committee says Dan cider was running. Building cs on the reporters from the washington post and elsewhere, getting their private phone records. and their social media activity everything else, it's difficult, it is possible, donors have the right there,
can remove and own, but think about it. This way, there's thirty two of those franchises that are available which means you have thirty. Two people ultimately controlling who is We too end up in those seats and our checks and balances, even though teams can be solved, this ought to be approved, there's various channels by which approved at a league level. Obviously, the membership eventually ass do you know approve as well, but you have owners who are ensnared in the allegations might be, and certainly there have been a number of in recent years have been accused of various things, not identical. What did your site or has been accused of elites in terms of the breath, but certainly other things The moment you remove one owner that opens the door to potentially will now what's the standard for removing other owners got, and so I think that there is a natural element of protection within the group, but let's make no mistake here:
plenty of people within the league who are embarrassed. I just the non stop stuff. The reports in the the geisha everything else surround. the commanders I mean, think about it. Just in the past year. Okay, you have the a number of women cheerleaders talking about Daniel Snyder had their pictures given to him. You have other former employees talking about being bullied and harassed on the job in the multiple cases, sexually harassed, directly or sexually assaulted by Daniel Snyder. You have on you have to Jon Gruden, email scandal that involves bruce Allen and the nexus of that and who leaked it. That's an entire story. Life on the field have players punching each other on the sidelines: we have pipes burst the obviously getting fined one hundred thousand dollars recently for comments.
may the rider various edward distraction to the team. It just seems like there's always something going on and you can certainly save all these are all different people. These are all different areas. Dangle cider accord roger you down to the best of his knowledge is not involved in the day to day right now, but it still all comes under dance, nighters leadership and for two decades there been sort of one thing after another. It all seems to be coming to a head here in a way that is unusual within nfl ownership and depending in particular on what comes of allegations of sexual assault. That certainly will be one of the guiding forces and exactly what direction this goes from here. I can see how the other business people are in business together would say: well if we set a precedent of getting rid of one over one owner that could if you're me happens and somebody in a restaurant gonna be like, and put a fuckin danced eider closet bliss to this. Guy has done more than he could ever need
I do to get run out of doing business with us, which leads me. This he's getting subpoenaed, I guess next week are out of his in france next to a resort time as the gavel. Swinger representative carolyn maloney, maloney said he's getting subpoenaed for next week, so well just plead the fifth in their will they fight each other, the entire time like we watch today and while they bring up all these cases, plus the that he was allegedly running a separate book not telling the rest of the annex to the amount of money he was making off a college games, and is that a part of this whole thing is well in to a lot of the people's point in there I can the oversight committee do other than just bring attention to this publicly, because I saw that was a lot of the reps in there said what the fuck are. We doing the sport we've got a lot of other broad, like that was a very real thing. I dunno much about politics. That was a shit show there, but is that going to get brought up the dan schneider as well, and will they make a ruling or what? What is the endgame for this entire thing?
or first ball? Daniels, Daniel Snyder's, entire history is a very litigious one. I would anticipate that he would fight the subpoena like he is fought Virtually everything else, including the league, including his own business partners, including other owners, variety of issues. So it's not a slam. Dunk there could be a pussy you're here that takes a little bit, but will see the audience multiple opportunities he turned them down. To talk to the committee saying that the timing was bad because he was in france and also that they had not turned over the investigative info that he wanted to testify. So there's still some things that need to fall in place to the point of. What's actually going to come of. This are multiple pieces of legit, asian that the chairwoman maloney has put forward regarding harassment and retaliation in the workplace, those are. significant societal issues that are not limited to the nfl. This feels like this is the touchstone by which she and the people
her side of the aisle would like to advance us. It was issues. I also watch the same thing you did pat I was. I was kind of glad that you guys call me when you did, because the guy just brought out bar graphs- and I feel like whenever you get to the bar af portion of the hearing like you're you're, officially off the rails, everybody's gonna clinical life is over. It's I mean I, I didn't think we would get unless this is not a political statement. I take sides on nothing here I didn't think we're going to get seven minutes of ranting about Joe Biden annihilating america. We even commissioner, like that was not done by being, how about how about DR fox, going. MR goto, as you saying that this is a good use of taxpayers, money and roger going are you working to me a year either that are used in yes, our it?
Well, I am not the person that should be indicating what you guys should be spending your time on an odd time. It was like that was a general, and I should you be using at a time like this, where a lot of stuff's messed up in the country? Where should you be using your resources It's congress. What should you be trying to have oversight over again? This is part of a makeover issue. That's really important! It's the treatment of women, it's about grasping in the workplace, but yes, the the back forth, Fourth- and the point I was going to make to is this: this is just the scrutiny for me personally. If you're going to go on a rant about the first, amendment as if congress person you,
probably should be properly explaining what the first amendment is. It is not about the guy from barstool. It's not about that. I feel real. What he says publicly is cleansed by his employer. It literally says congress cannot Make laws restricting religion and the right to assembly and freedom of speech and freedom of press. That's what it is. So grilling roderick adele, but whether he believes in the first amendment, because somebody got five for something they said by their private employer is the microcosm of what's wrong with every debate that we have in this country right now, we can't even agree what the letter of the rules are, that we are arguing about, and it's just that backing for thinking. This is a good idea. the I don't get into politics much I, I want have a happy life I would like to have an eye
I confident or comfortable in my knowledge, to utilize my platform to tell people how they should think or how they should vote. Look. I think a lot of people should maybe take a little self awareness on whether or not they're in a position to be telling other people how they should feel. Okay. That does that whole thing, but we went off with this it feels like, as an outsider, looking into the political world and us having to dive into it here and also the you fo hearing couple of headlines have had to dive into that. There is people that yell about what needs to change right today. What is that political advocate whatever abundant hundred yeah, hey whatever the whatever like those people that speak and rally for people in the political world, then did you voted in and They become those people as well its it's like now. There's another factor to talk talking to you. You know we don't need everybody to be a bullet. Pundit, especially if you're in if you're voted in to make the chain. I said this would be like a general manager going from tv saying
This team needs that this this and this and then a gm getting on tv as well. Our team needs to do this. This is what motherfucker you're the one making the decision. It's like that, kind of. I think the problem with all of this and follow well anything come from Dan snyder sitting there? Absolutely not right like we're not going to get anything from this entire thing and will the nfl ever? Let us know everything it's happening, and how does everybody else view dan slaughter with any respect at all? At this you know rarely speaks publicly so having him in any the public speaking setting much less one as contentious as what we saw today and being asked about things like sexual harassment, sexual assault, would be compelling just to see how he would react again. There's steps here in terms of the subpoena. that's what you surely will fight and what actually ends up sitting there, whether he says anything of substance
You know in terms of what comes out of him, what we end up finding out about the additional investigations. Are they get fair to say that the women I have gone public with their stories and have tried, with some degrees tests. On hearing today to get the best well considered. or release certainly have created environment in which, if the nfl does not put out the findings of mary, Jo White's investigation What is now multiple allegations against Daniel cider himself? You know going to be consequences for that publicly, so you know the in writing it. I reiterate, reiterated the point today, even though some of the women have come forward, the stance! Well, there's other people who spoke, including current team employees, who, if we put the end I report with all the investigative findings out there. Then those can be.
The identified they can be retaliated against. I'm not saying that the correct interpretation of the appropriate prosper, that's what the nfl has been saved. Does that change now that everything is pointing at one person with allegations that have been ready, become public, we'll see in that way, take a little time here to tall role of red barn and donald's from Florida. He said: may purse I'm a cowboy spent. So if the product of the commission It's not good on the field. That's good for me personally, would love to keep Dan Snyder is this. Is this is huge? Why does it have to be this way? Tom you're? What representative. Donald's is the same guy this again. I don't follow this closely enough. I don't have. then out of my house seem to be is moment. He also was gettin gavel. Likeness me long time get you back and he goes man you,
Bang that gavel all you want. I don't really care that your life is like what the founding fathers had in mind. This is what it's to look like. I know what parliament looks like here like. I don't think that sports fans I don't often just click into these types of hearings and then you do and you're like No wonder we're not getting anything done yet! That's exactly where we are. I never death with all those people judge the sports world. You know they all think they're smarter than sports folks, like I've. Obviously accidentally ended up at a happy hour where some of these fucks are, and these type of people are in the way they talked to like athletes and people that are in the world. Like we're, the biggest idiots and dip shits on earth. You fucking suck at your job. I dunno what your job is, but it's you suck everybody over there. It is in city. span producer who export at to go. That's like a junior high television broadcasts. Is it not
This will be like okay, so you got three man booths on t v right, you got that you have to play by play. Guy will be like sheer woman here, and then you got the two color analyse and hate one person on each the outright, but it will be if there are watching the game and on every play they didn't I agree with like. Oh, that was a good play bad play. You should have this like the disagree with what just happened. It was boy in half, thereby Brady fifteen yard gain the other guy went nope, that's a four yard. that was every single way. That's where we are right now, that's not against the political sphere, but it's just like it's not productive. Maybe you can turn on same sex fact Tom Tom is different factors are all other things turn today is really been. I opened her for me, you know I. I have lived my life with blinders john away from metal thing like I'm going to be through life, without it I can see People watch it and think that himself there to be better people than these mother fuckers get into the political world
but I believe, if it just that's our system, that's just how it's going go forever. I guess what tom, where you get, did you get accept, school boston college. That's pretty write the name stadium after you to write. I show I lasted one class in taking econ and then dropped out of my finance major to go to communications twenty years later. Here I am a communications major, no offense to you, but I think we could all get through our communications disregard everything else. I just said yeah I saw a picture of you with from high school on good morning football and my god the bot was on there. You looked awesome dude. I think that was, the one You're a puka shell, necklace, spiky hair, face hell, yeah something for the Is there a blue those one of those great off season topics? I know you love tat. What's the fashion state man, I regret that my answer was everything I,
I call yeah. I got so mad watching that show because our guy, and he is work on knowledge is honouring, we ve also hilarious stood cliff king. Mary gives its entire, like sound bite press conference about what he's trying to do make vase wedding, don't even follow up with what he said in bryant wearing a hat and like, what's the word, passion of wasted on my guide. There's didn't shot, we fuck it shall. Can you not have in Britain What to do? But I understand, say, good morning football good time, good time you enjoy, that show there in the middle, quite a makeover right now, Tom yeah, it's a lot of fun. It is great, but anything beyond the butter out there next month in new york and studio together, zimmer that he got, he got the call no remote show this time, you'll be in person yeah, it's funny and honestly, like the producers, do a phenomenal job. Listen, you guys can talk about.
Well the n b, a playoffs. You talk baseball. We gotta find a way for three hours in the morning to like connect everything. Somebody's football fashion statement thing was slightly out of the box, but continuing till until I get that you're going for three hours and find new ways into it. Thing in the off season, so they don't really the job of just like finding ways to connected and yeah the thing or things to change change, their kyle still around peter of courses It's still around to make sure it's doing the reports that I can't comment on on the new host of the show, but if that is true, they've made a fantastic choice. With someone I've known for a very long time, great that it's a great hurry to really well run job losses, emmy winner over there yeah, that's the car. The boys have a couple questions for you is that our item yeah go for it good talk.
The nfl PA I in the deshawn watson situation was saying that they're going to kind of use Daniel Snyder and how he hasn't been punished. Maybe in like their argument, do you think what happens to Dan Snyder has any bearing on what punishment on watson, more vengefully, get there can certainly make the argument, and in particular, because he was not charged what was not charged with any crime, sir to grand its decline, declined to indict him. Having said there's other players that have not been charged. independent up facing this. Now, certainly I mean you can make a logical connections to, in particular, robert kraft, and what he had It went through several years ago, but it's still a different disciplinary process and it's one that's so the issue is not merely fairness. It's also about what is being. We bargain ended it's a new process. Think this is the part that, like is not enough. Attention is not me,
Nfl handed down discipline now it's the nfl and the nfl PA both making the argument or what, but what the discipline should be and then, as a former fan, judge who is going to make that initial disciplinary decision. Both sides can appeal the initial disciplinary decision the first time, it's happened in a in a high profile case before my sense would be that it unlikely that you're going to see substantive change upon an appeal that the display is probably going to be the displayed in this case, but it's also outside the scope of anything that we've seen so far, the twenty civil settlements that they reached in the past. Several days here that were really were done, last fall and they just finally are getting finalized now, and you know, certainly would advance the ball. In terms of them having their arms wrapped around this thing a little bit more, but it doesn't necessarily change? The timeline of when this is going to be adjudicated? I still believe we're going to know. to the sort of training camps, but no getting that before fourth July holiday, which can always been the target, may be less likely than it was before
the house oversight committee ain't going to be on the same page before fourth of July. They do. Will? They all fourth of July even a thing they all agree on, they all agree on. Even for the july. The thing I doubt it, what do agree on you think of their song anything martens I mean based on it. hearing it doesn't seem like a great deal here got all the gold? and to get away from like just so. Nobody thinks this is like a planet like this. This valid points made okay on the opposite side of the house, where the chairwoman is about like a lot of bad stuff right now, the country there's like crises and stuff you shouldn't it doesn't diminish. The most recent get done over here. Pat voluntary was on the stuff that we're not talking about, but apparently we are now I dont know that a great deal gets done to the extent that there is real legislation that could have helped real people real women across the country. To that extent it would further
That goal, then I would say that, yes, something can actually get accomplished. Congress and pat phelan just went through a list of nicknames for Tom Brady, including the real slim brady, as he took his point to the flight gate for roger Goodell. Okay, no well yeah! This is going well tom scratching his head job. This is a joke Is you know how like people embarrassed around the but having the commanders in there and by the way us as words are the game we are as well as we have talked about it every single time. This did fuck up comes in the past we have to talk about it. So it's a little bit embarrassing. I'm it's by what I've seen over there, yeah yeah by the adults that act like they're, smarter and higher and mightier than all of us in the way they're handling themselves over there. They need horses, horses are doing, fucking shit, you just wasting your question
compel. Sarah, yet on between this commanders investigation and the group, an investigation is there, anything that can actually happened to get dollars is mostly based on the teams wall if some point. The owners decide. The rodger Goodell has mishandled things, then, when it comes time to negotiate, snoop fact is far away that naked make a choice to go another direction. Now, that's the that's. The logical thing in terms of your actual discipline Who would discipline him or or sanction him? It proper It'd be more so you know if at some point there's Some type of revelation that comes to light. That oversight is no return. You know the maybe potentially back at impact, get l future, but you think about some of the past crises that ratification has navigated, probably most notably in twenty fourteen with ray rice and adrian peterson and greg hardy and everything that played out through the course of that season? It else derive that it remained the commissioner and I
that there is a lot of good will to that's been built up ferrajo del over the past two years through covert, play every game too. to be able to retain your revenue to a large degree, keep the thing on track, even though you know there are many people who had a hand in them get l along with you know his relationship with the more nfl players association two sides work together to keep the thing on track with every other sports was losing games and guys not showing up and everything else. That's that's something that you can. You know the more you can put a price on it. I guess it'll be the precipice. I, but if something that's really really valuable for the owners. and the only way that you would not you be mission or any more as if the owners, none of them decide. We've got to go I see they're trying to find Amore smith successor for the nflpa. Details, maybe next contract. I thought he was up before the next sepia he's, not thinking about retiring, and I think why would I get sixty billion dollars or the head of
the biggest league on earth? There's no thought of! Maybe If the commissioner or somebody new coming in there is roger going to run this till the wheels fall off. You think, or the next seep into cb eight expires. I think after that thirty one season. So yes, I wanted to say that there is new commissioner before that, could help com though, is a prior to that sort of sea. Take more term. Is there a yell, some type of The transition process- it I dont all the ins and outs of it. I would tell you, there's not a clear candidate that people within the league believe has been identified, that this is the guy, the Adam silver, who just going to step in and he's going to run it and boomer rolling. I don't know exactly what the process is going to be an is it going to be. Somebody from the outside there's a lot of big decisions that need to be made. Regard in terms of the the nflpa. Yes, they re elected, amore smith. Steer, but they did it with a new. clause in their their document. Their collective, not like bargaining, grew up there
yeah document that says now: it's not an automatic set number of years. They agree that the could get as little as one more year. On his turn, now he's already served that out outs at this point it's a little bit nebulous and what direction that goes with there's process of the executive committee will go through what have the new one and yes, in all likelihood like twenty thirty, twenty thirty one whatever. I see the egg is reopened and we certainly go soon on the new one unit has been committed. People at the forefront of that can't wait. does go ahead. Tom Tom and mike talk about omar khan and the steelers had a great signing yesterday and Larry hogan joby, who famously threw mason rudolph to the ground in the myles garrett incident if there's any way they do a fight to the death in the winter, maybe gets traded before training camp and we know who's gonna win that one, a chance mason gets traded before training camp, There is a possibility. Mason rudolph gets traded before training camp and not because of any perceived
the russian on behalf of or in turn to Larry, okeechobee obviously could pick up is good player dies but good player? the teams he had the injuries it's got red flag by the bears. That's why his deal fell through there, the exact, where's. Yet, on the organ jovi deal, the unit has paid the steelers got a potential bargain. If and when he's cleared, it is unique. situation? But it's not the first time that we seen two guys who had some type of your past issue between them and up on the same team This one a little bit higher stakes regarding the allegations of the racial epithet and everything else that went into it, but It's certainly not anticipate that mason rudolph is all that concerned about control becoming locker room, or vice versa. Hey Tom, we appreciate you there. Man today was a lot to sort through. It sounds like you're trying to do the same thing. We are and you're just much smarter and better at it than we are. If any of these memos come into that brain, please let us know please. I will
and thanks for having me happy to do, I appreciate you taking those airpods off. Wait till you hear this back sounds so much better. Yeah anytime, send me something different to accommodate all of a sudden july to Tom will hit you good? Maybe send you one of those necklaces you had on from college Ucc yeah there. It is you're one of those around your neck nfl network, insider, the neuro linker sirius, Xm, nfl, radio host Tom palliser that w w we is turning up the heat at summer. Slam witnessed the beast brock lesnar challenge: the head of the table. Roman reigns in a last man standing match for the undisputed w w we universal championship it's going down at the biggest party of the summer, which means all your favorite superstars will go head to head, including Becky lynch riddle, south balance Bobby Lashley, gabelle air drew I can tire liv morgan
and many more summer. Slam streams live saturday July thirtieth at eight pm eastern exclusively on peacock, less raw power to hear is going to see the return of a great cause. Although the toxic table attachment that Boston Connor been here every single day, we've been live over the last few weeks. Obviously, in that tone digs one half of the hammer that cowboys here. been here and all the boys in the back of a sovereign gump. You ve got to port it. Alright, you only have his love source going to join us now. Making a rare appearance here in the middle of the summer is a former college football national champion. A super bowl champion a rider cup champion covid, survivor, private private plane, survivor in a man the breakdown the house oversight committee hearing today on Adele. Ladies and gentlemen, the face of ohio, ohio state just got the trade for ohio state. That is an actual thing that happened in the world. Today
ha ha welcome back wow good to be here. How you guys do god it's good to see managers I haven't seen in forever. So much has happened. How are you doing? How was yesterday I was good about a hundred agrees, but out of those light breeze in a bar, with a few drives and hit many out of balance so yeah it was. It was a gulf, the first time, picking up the clubs in some time. How do you feel going into tahoe just a few weeks away I feel, like my game- is really rounded into form, trying to really bring it out of a pocket like you've been teaching me like watching your film, but I did watch your guy's little highlight film you put together. are there during the break after a zero brought me and you guys all have good swags nick Ebby, you guys all look like golfer next country club gotten out his country, is so not he's real, so I helped build it with my money here. Next money has got him in their idea. No problem. I was a member there for a few years, never want they did a full up great. I guess on everything there, including the course it was gorgeous the inefficient
become a member again. I'll never go, though I ha whatever the case. Welcome editor nixed, the only italian there ethic. I think this is the first italian stinks hit, while it is, but breaking barriers stone days, regular while this this city states- because it doesn't mean science- I'm not surprised, while nick got really gonna golf. it is from a few months ago. So down make is a much better golfer foxy soprano a technical. We gotta remember that for the coach in high school, if he gets something for you ever ever been to a concert up until I went to next never had a swing coach, my whole life, the gulf coast, the gulf coast literally said: oh, you have a slice we'll be more, let myself watson, whatever they know, foxy gregg offer fancies
very good golfer. He plays like a ninety year old man, but it's how he puts up great score either like one ninety down the middle, every shot he used to ward off the deck he wasn't even use driver. He did pass out the driver latent around. It did the same exact things to I dunno. Why we haven't just tried to work on that, but he's just a steady golfer. You know stanley golfer here we do that's how you spoke above I take it. You know that I mean sure you can me one. I guess is ITALY set upon his landlady know me: can you not eighty five years old man come on well, a more modern hit. Ferries that hit greens tupac, get pars, then searching for balls hitting out of the everything like that, like a typo, we'll get a. This round. What that thursday pro amd yeah. I can see the course and play it, why do you want him lobby with they are now now it'll be with a group project for other people who play at shamble. They call it fuck. I love that that sounds fun.
I didn't know I mean honestly, though, luckily all the groups that come out to play in that are cool like they like to party like to have fun they like to play well Did you say that everybody is always the funniest person? You know whenever I'm around, you know thought you had to go late on thursday, though didn't you have something on thursday and you can opt out, you don't have to yeah, but I've never seen the course before the for profit do need to play ones out there Monday tuesday, wednesday yeah, We do that play by yourself. You go play practice rounds with whoever you want monday, tuesday, Wednesday AJ there's nothing. I hate more. That may be import with random group golfer like I'll tell you I I is the amount of money I've had to donate to people's charities, because I've opted out of doing their gulf tournaments because I want to be four and a half five hours with some. group that is obviously hysterical. They are the funniest people of all time and they amount of
kicker jokes that all these people have- and I did not know the thing I need is heartening. That's why I mean I thought which can arrest you don't have to play like a lot of people want to watch it because you have friday sorrowing sunday trying to win the goddamn thing. You know- and I therefore next year thursday, we know that You can't play thursday than men, alot of guys wanna play thursday the go. I know guys that go off site and play different course on thursday. Because they want to play on. They want to play there in the programme and there's only like thirty guys. I think forty guys at play it also. I'm taking somebody's spot if you're taking somebody's spot, but there's not there's not enough spots rare, but it sounds like you're taking somebody's spot in the first year there what a fucking asshole- and I don't want to do that unless I don't play that posters well, how do you plan on thursday have not ever replace what you say? Can I the course without playing in this thing on thursday,
I don't know if you're playing thursday you've got there's like an eight, a m shotgun start in a noon. Shotgun start, so you can play the eight am group you have to be done at noon. That's the good thing! Ok, is good actually get in. Then we go out in the lake all afternoon. That's why you like to be the eight am group at spawn. Okay and that's all they blow a horn, and you have to run off the course. Basically they don't want it to be a six hour round. Hey! That's eleven am tee time. Our time when we get over there, that's fucking, perfect. absolutely and it gives you the whole afternoon to go swimming the leg. Do whatever you want. Do they need more sponsors to get in that thing on thursday, more companies to buy spots? Oh you want to at your own spot, so you just play solo, no, no! No! No, no yeah everything's for sale! You know that I think seeking once true, early eight a they want to be a part of that thing for sure for pay For for them, they'll reimburse us, because we have the connection, that's my picture nightmare marriage
I mean I understand what you're saying, but if is your biggest nightmare you're going to be okay. Well, if you choose your knee to I'm pretty fearless human man, I think I now you think I am pretty fearless human at this point. I agree put myself into just death. Just to see? If I can, let you see how, in this great opportunity for you to grow back, you know what I mean like preconceived: no, what this may be, what these people, maybe maybe I need to give him a chance. I hope this is expensive to this group of people that I'm going to be with her and the super europe's that get opportunities by god. I'm excited, I'm still excited. I've been training for work. We get out of my country club tonight we get back out there like yeah, not that I'm after, at the club tonight start talking to more people, so I can
I friend for the fucking four hours with these people as well, so I'll I'll start getting that old thing done. Let's move along! Did you watching this oversight committee and did you did you know that our government is completely fucked forever? I didn't know that I just found that out. I mean the oversight I've seen could from the oversight committee. I watched a little bit of the shoulder in here. You guys talk about. I wanted to know. First up is it happening is what whatever is going on, is exactly what we thought. Nothing has been said, nothing This being said, I fell, goes brow we were talking about this day being a massive day like these, so these oversight committees are put in place to try to hold people and companies accountable right. Isn't that why they're there now there's yelling at each other where's the elevator they once were happy or yesterday, and I think donald's from florida in from new york. Damon I a disagreement over a yesterday we had as before even got started. There were yelling at each other and nordic adele and then some
I came in from texas somebody I mean it was that was a shitshow and the deal I thought might like stay up for them. like this might be a worry he fucking knew he was going to walk right through that thing. Right I mean he knew he was just going to I'm smarter than all you. You are a bunch of idiots everything's for show, and this is all bullshit, basically If it did, you sign her husband, subpoenaed, correct yes, for next week off his yacht in new york, near or in france nearer resort time, fuckin ass. So if he can plead the fifth right kenny in this committee. one pellissier basically said: he'll figure out a loophole not to go nuts he'll have like coven next week and then the week after he'll have something else like monkey pox. Yet a tie was talking, though I was, monkey pox is that still happening that made an appearance in Indiana headless dogs, though no no, don't fucking. Look at me. I think it goes through as though you were saying earlier, though pat when earlier in the show, I was watching, ty say like what isn't dangerous not to just sell the squad and and kind of
often the sunset not to worry about people killed him over time. Greatness. we re doesn't want to write. He wants to be. A party wants to be have that now being and I felt seem very exclusive club. I think he is obviously with all the stuff that has come surrounding him. He he really values that he like, I feel, like wouldn't have a purpose if he didn't have that he wants to be able to do the celebrity golf scramble yeah the field and what they say. What do you do? How do you have a couple billion dollars or to own the washington football team. I go, but you don't any more. We don't care about you! That's why you always say relative: when people say you have money Well, I do. I've started a couple dinners where I was I'll be absolutely broke, have zero dollars all billionaires like hanging around other billionaires. What you're saying you just gotta think about he is a human and that person. Since it's a flex to the other billionaires that he hangs around and who's his friend there's no way he has any friends right now right now.
I mean he has yes, yes, people probably surrounded him. I would guess right like what does this family situation like this? How many kids, what's his wife Why cause she supposedly is running the team right of the kids. I think we saw that at superbowl right he probably wants to. He wants the kids to take the team over too. That's another reason not to sell or the thirteen four What is the legal age being able to handle tat s? All eighty wonders for I was one of the big reasons why he redrafted doin haskins, I believe, is because the wind haskins went to high school with his son. So I got a little bit older. The data by now, ends billionaire thing, remember John, mar talking about the giants lose and second tire tired, an urban. Why are team stinks billionaire events? I go to whatever room that's gonna come from this. We all want next year we been duped. Somebody tell sherry to tell us whenever the next one comes that I share. From there. We we got
in a u, we can gate. We know more on the internet than what these fucking people know who are it's in charge of it, so we got to and I think we weren't as merely as a show or as c span watchers at the time sure it's on c span go forward. It ain't worth a flop, pay no mind. Okay, with without doubt, asia will remind us whenever you're back every intermittently like a day or two. You know what I mean. During another oversight committee thing on. I will absolutely try to remind you nor can be because of all found in russia that my biggest nightmares, the thing that he signs about it we can offer all forty five of those as they're a good time and fun. I can't wait to enjoy those things. I honestly did not expect that from you. That has to be well I have also highlights hours over the years was out of that you gonna do I have to go. releases over the years with certain people that run a couple of these events. I know where we're doing a painting to you. I think here and early monday night manager, sorry to do that.
I I miss a day and I can't figure it out. That's like I literally was thinking I don't know where the man in castle yeah that, because that's a good show the train is there also they honesty are awesome. What they do three mercies, They gotta figure it out with the guests, though they gotta tell them. Okay, tell man, you gotta, come in, you gotta, go! You know what I mean go and then you gotta, you gotta, get Yes, that have actually done dooms and face times and stop before them. Don't you guess or no pain, what during gas or just like like somebody should know. Paint like. I think no way you shame the page. Lot that latte hand rob you like no payment you know, cause some people get in the scared, I think, to talk to peyton, but I think Peyton would like to hear.
What you are saying so that he can respond, but then it becomes a full thing and he likes to sit and chill in the bottom. He is ever going to figures the fuck out also. I think they need to stick to guys who played football, because otherwise he just turns into a podcast and the guy like Peyton, either is completely painted. and in the game and doesn't give a shit about whose or they try to like go back in Fourth, and you missed up that's going on the game. the great concept, it'll do wealth and extra years excited about it, but we were speaking over each other, let's be cover each other about something that is happening in the end. If L, currently jailing ramsay surgery on his shoulder yesterday should be ready before the season. I guess he played all last year with tears in both shoulders, so that it'll be a warning to everybody that jalen ramsey is going to be healthier than he's ever been this just like darius leonard going to be healthier than ever, because they found that pinched nerve in his back? That was effect, anything else. no jaylen was hurt and do you hate or love these late surgeries that have been happening over the last few years. I think
guys think they can rehab it without having to do the intrusive. The process, a surgery surgery, is not fun need some surgery happens, obviously getting knocked out and nobody It's doing that. Aren't you enjoys first A lot like Michael Jackson that were needed every night, but I did enjoy the me trying to the you the from ten. You at the seven. Oh, is that right is life slots and then loan bored. I don't think I've made a right they control when they want to put you out there, but there. Feeling of your entire body. Just shutting down is fascinating. it. It's only one way to experience. It emits through that coming out you're a little out of it. You something we'll get sick, but then at rehab process, is terrible, and I think there's a lot of with modern medicine and the more things we learn about food and dieting and work out a lotta, I feel as if they can heal injuries that it been
surgery needed in the past. Is that up in here you think because, like Michael Thomas, he missed the entire season right because he thought he could heal his ankle all the way back. Somebody just couple of weeks ago got another late surgery. I think- becoming a thing, and I wonder what the cut off point will be. Now, I'm not saying jalen made a bad decision. Jones could do whatever the fuck general wants to do. Jones, like top five player in the nfl and he's super bowl champion, can do that. But This is why the surgery is happening so late ha yeah. They Imagine that's what it is. There's always like a different different opinions, okay, hey fix this right away, or if you have it, good chance to not need if you can rehab haven't, and everything goes well. I of my so that the date was probably we're we're looking at right. One did the surgery happen. A couple days ago, yesterday, too, has got some said, hey. If it doesn't feel like you wanted to buy this point, then we'll go ahead, get the surgery, so you have, time to recover in time for the season in camp whatever, but the fact that jalen ramsey was playing on to whatever the torn leg,
so whatever was happening, shoulders he's a super physical corner too. corners dont tackle and they don't want to tackle jameson likes to bully people and make huge collisions like jailer takes on blockers he's asleep. for physical do, which is very rare, to be as physical as he is and also be a shut down guy. That's not always the case, one think about one of any We just had a jalen ramsey, what you're describing those employing somebody up or flying and using his arms. The back like even, motion if you have torn rotator cuff recover labour or anything, and it hurts like fucking how, like All of that hurts now. I have pointed out all the negatives of people that try to heal it without surgery in there inevitably having to get surgery and being fucked on the road? because of your shit on their cells, by building up the little muscles around things in life, The body naturally do it. So I'm not saying the jalen made a bad decision in doing so, but these
it surgeries are surprising to me, because in the past the conversation about healing it without surgery, I don't think it was a real. It was normally like hey you're, getting surgery tomorrow we just booked your surgery, it's happening tomorrow. You should be back by one the data is now it feels like it's a much more fluid and I think that's because, what's its second, not second, What did they put it in the new cbd that you have to get a second opinion? Second yeah, you get a second opinion from somebody outside the building. Now that is become like mandatory. I think, as opposed to just a wreck station! In the past, I think we're going to continue to see the evolving, decisions in the fluid ness of how people are going to go about recovering. If he's If by the season, nobody cares, what if Jalen misses some games like jail is going to take heat for this, and it's not jalen. I dunno, if it's jalen small, because Jalen wasn't the one that was decided, yeah I'll, be able to heal this without getting you know somebody much smarter than he in the doktor feel probably help them
well this whole thing? So let's not hold this against damon if he doesn't make it back yeah no way, because even if he does miss his game, he'll be unbelievable as soon as he comes back but june is just kind of late right, like isn't even April, almost jeff related it's gotta be like it. It can't be. For, like. I doubt if, like the full pin down like rotator cuff It's gotta be a labral tear clean that out. Some people can play with it. I'm supposed to bad it may be or how about a paint thought is, but are they say he could forego and with five or six weeks africa's! Like guys. I know big, full rotating up everything. Your shoulder. That's like a six month pride tat right six weeks to camp. They said regular season. That's a four to ten weeks! That's a long time for a long. His career, though, hang out and camp rehab shoulder, get your legs right and come in the seas and rode slowly one there's a guy that if he doesn't want to play corner, he could transition to safely. Pretty sight is still hit. That's how you
I'm just trying to figure out how the fuck he played last year. The way he played both arms from what I've been told, toradol he must, he must have just been it's been shot up so much in there. does in the sacrifices guys make the play every single weaken whenever by just talks about them avenue. Mrs Simon, your terrible, terrible mother fucker can feel have my bought yeah. I am trying to do my best and want to super bowl, shouted the jail, also, never even like at all. He he bloodied looks like he's hurt like when he's playing like he just he always report. Look like he was healthy, what if it like the nhl upper body injury but was he on the injury report? Because people are going to try to come after him or he they were hiding this year, but he never missed a snap or if it's not on the injury report, it can affect the game if you're, if on the injury report, your lotta get poured from the game. Right, I don't know, has our eyes That's that's what they always have like everything some have everybody on the list, because I think that clears them. Or if they want to do something game day wise. If they're, not on the report
play every snap. I don't think it's. I don't think it's a thing. I don't, though, so I just googled jalen ramsey injury report, but it came up that he was on the pivot in march. He said that in the middle of the year, in the middle of the rams run in to the post season, he sprained both of his ac joint, so also was, in the day, wasn't a season and this and ac joint, like AJ, said, like I'm sure he and said to cause I've had one too you just try to We have an if you d super painful yeah. Has it can't be? super painful. Joining us now is a man from a different sport hill might be projecting a super painful collapse. Probably over there city, who who Johnny is our former on its own golly, unequal network, parliament and he s been pandit friend of the show. Ladies and gentlemen,
the water off. What's going on fellas, ladies gents boys, girls, everyone else looks at hey. How are you you, cats, yeah? You look incredibly fly right now. Are you in the building? Are you dress like this all day, all the way up until puck drop? You look amazing. First of all, thank you think you're rockin they are rocking in the pink panther the other day. It was a mint chocolate chip. Now at the mid wasn't you know the chocolate chip was but today to think that their here, so I'm coming to you live from Amalie arena. We just had a couple of hits on sports center I'll, be back on max kellerman and, more importantly, among the few great books right now yeah live inside the building. Here we love it. We appreciate you that place is going to be rocking this evening we had elliott friedman on yesterday. Are you trying to do his best by the way insider dropping news doing all the magic or you guys have a good relationship we go way back to toronto, ST,
in the town and I've known him from when he first got on the beat cause. I think I don't think a lot of the people know was first on the mba be before you once the nhl side, so If you are on the spirit of team, I I shared some of my rolodex, but he's worked exceptionally hard. He does a great job. I think For me, man is just to be a swiss army knife. I do games color do studio, do on location break, news, you name it. I loved you and it also just like you. I mean we just try to keep it movement, the you're, a hustler. We appreciate it, I'm happy you have come into my life in the sports. Word were thankful. You joined us now what Did you see from the Tampa bay lightning in game three? That was obviously very different from the games. Wanting to two his vassal levski going to be back in or the bolts going to run away with this, or is that an anomaly you think no good, That's one thing I know is from the bolts and game one. They started the game. I type that's the for its first thing. You guys know that's for rattling coaches, always they fell Lady's got to start on time. They did that there
It's better from the outset of the game. They also are able to get out of their ds, one a lot quicker. They weren't hemmed in, they were able to get exit status. defensive zone by way their passing move in the park and also Andre best left his ability to handle the like a bird in this. Is that Basle, It was dirty in game. Three he was outstanding. He was excellent, I think they credit him with thirty nine saves that math was off. I had about yeah I had about forty five or forty six, that guy jump on us all actually exactly so he was great and all things being equal fellows. They just look much faster colorado, blue, pass them and games. One or two chapters are little clattering game So what are you predicted night, especially from the goalie play as well? It can you when a little bit, how much like confidence has to play a role when it comes to being an initial go with everything everything Everything honestly, like I literally felt that seven, eight years old, bro like when I six when I
Plan, that confidence to makes, is no longer on the brain, stage man's delicate final. Everyone in the world is watching, and even if europe a great like vassals, or if you're down at the other end like darcy, that but it's a soul so important and that's less. He certainly was feeling in game. Three is teammates in a much better job to their credit in front of him defensively, but com. it's as everything for gold centre. You know that their skills are one thing techniques and other thing gots, but you need that confidence. Otherwise none of those things come to the fore for you when you're in the the other question hawker on hockey. Ask you is how do you think is going to go? I think we're all wondering that when it comes to a game that we all want to I'm all in on tap Tampa this one. I think they tied up. I think up tonight, I said all along. I felt this is going to go seven. These are two amazing team to stack teams. The good news for tampa Chris rob's going to be in my understanding you playing if your bull snake
if you're a lightning fan. If you're you found your like that, but if you're an avalanche van nazism catching was their best but are all year, it's gonna be back in the lineup or the avalanche as huge news coming to light from mornings gate and then Darcy campers going to be back in the net. Although we got game he's starting to steam again patty maroon out there working on his dangles like the sicko he had last year. Of course he is ST louis mad patty maroon. I already joined the show by the way Robert told me, daddy, daddy, cable guys. So that's good, paddies, good people mad, is great how many people, the world right now, you guys know. What's the global, population. Today anybody know eight billion. I know who's. The only person on planet earth are those eight billion that has a chance for a forty stanley cup for the fourth consecutive ring admiral on planet earth. I didn't know I didn't earth the only person in the world of life that as an opportunity for for a kit kat
I call that we'd say you didn't give us a chance to brainstorm there. Now you can give us the answer before we even thought about that. He'd be the greatest hockey player of all time. He wednesdays for right, I'll, say this, the greatest one out of ST louis missouri wow. He is the greatest one of the ST louis Missouri nyc your question for weeks, ie weeks, the question for you, you mentioned campus, probably going to go tonight. Do you agree with that? Is that the right move? Is he up for it? We haven't really seen him face a ton of adversity other than the injury he had to come back from Francis looked pretty good. Would you roll scamper again? If it was your call, greg, yeah, yeah yeah question man! I would roll with with camper, let it be a short leash on him snow knocked him just just based on the urgency of where the series lands right. Now I promise a tool, a probability ghali's. If you know he looks clause, I fifty fifty
I think it's the right move. I would have started him, a five yard bed and our head coach. I would have started I'll. Tell you why number one he's the guy that brought you here! Number two. He's a reason you did not go into the trade market and acquire bullion trade deadline could replace along the season Game was his best game, but part of that he had a shut out. I would them a tubo leash, see where we go from there. But France souls is ready The postseason. ready on the bench in the event that he gets, that call wake up in the morning of one of these games. Are you to see in the pot bettered you know like in why, at what point do no morning state shewed ram warm up. One. Do you know like arms in the park the night better than I win? Maybe was two nights ago: crazy, there's some games where it the day before. It doesn't matter what happens? I knew I was on. Doesn't matter Then there were some days where it was kind of, depending on how you felt like the morning state. Are you feeling escape it kind of what would happen an impact
damn guys to be honest, there are some games where you're just allergic to the puck just know: you're just allergic to that point. You didn't know if it had at on it? You don't know how to write in on it you're, just like your best, despite your best efforts right like but there's just something that would feel a hair off in certain games. No matter your prep is always done up, but some and you just didn't habit man and, as we say, the other players get played out, get paid on the first and fifty two That's right! Just gotta, be there on scholarship as well. Over there scaly too yeah yeah totally, it's only go ahead die. We used the fridge, told us yesterday that he thinks nate began is going to be big. You know, canada, on the back end of this series. As a layman, you know mackinnon is kind of a goatee Gotta see shrinking the play officer on another order, so part of my view, so bridle ass game they had. I think this fifth highest points
in percentage and begin play in playoff history in the nhl history, One always three something points bulgaria. Now but much by way of ass, much barons and aces. Sorry, dollars what the fuck are you talking about vacated the files yet have we know party goals in the in the semi finals? I'm talking about the stanley calls that issue that's jammed up at the line of scrimmage right there you're damn right, it's a little bit of a scrum on the park right now, you're, not talking about neva, clinically clinical top five, all time top laptop laptop laptop laptop that what a title just one tree tie us right. You just can't go into the orange groves out here, afforded grab one now, but honestly might think about this because it is there. When I love about him, a lot of people kind of was I, but don't fully notice boys, with sidney crosby their boys.
the same area back canada, nova, scotia there boys, I didn't have time you have to know yeah. You have to know that mates. Form with Sid. I talked to sit by tax party, the last game. Really, if you could go, golden forget. Please rate. We simply want season tune it. It was all the cupboards because he's a sports bees sports junkie in general. It is very important. can he somewhere he's working and watch and small tosses mousqueton everyday hostage company the peasants to hear about a dream? did I hear you say positive offensive here that would be to see if so now Will you take out your here and now I haven't heard that one. Yet I said: donate using calm down, relax just enjoy yourself. What do you think he's telling him all the above yeah just to just told him to just continue to do what he does play? strengths, not not because psychological part of the game, especially for those players, you know, notice the league players that perform that are hyper players expect some
themselves and sometimes but you much pressure on themselves right. So maybe just with five again and for me we can see possession I know in that area because that's what happens when you disrespect sidney crosby, playboy or I'll back off badly. I am back in the saddle. Saddle up. Let's write off rene, I think the biggest thing for nate right now is to get to the net more yet to the net. More, you don't say these making one move to move there as well, for three fucking make one or two shoot it and yet some men a lot more often, doesn't it I earlier you mentioned, possibly you know putting a guy in giving given a two goal lease now what head coach tended? EL the goal we that hey, you have like a short, is or to three go lisa out of here. Every cultures different. Some coaches might be that for You guys know what it is. Some coaches will be like hey I'm coming to you. I'm coming you early. However,
Some coaches will give it to you like that, and then If, coaches to your point into your question earlier about the above ecology and metals. Some cultures will say it. but you'll know it. You know what I mean like, for example, Well, Bassi could let, in one hundred and seventy five goals, he stayed in the net that improved knows that, because is the best in the world with my matched jerking york. Why aren't the business will be to last night by the way it works at its words where you weren't, you weren t the mink joplin. That's we use it on all. Last night, last night I was in a black and white beard strike lottery, lifespans right globe. Gangster styles my god you don't you
the formalised it for a word, you don't save the formalised vision of a speech before the about these drinks award. Shout out. No doubt you got what you ask that so keen thompson, brother, cute, its opposite from satellite live was opening. He was great by the He was actually so no. I just had my scripted stuff, which you know, people like us, we're not really into the script and stuff. For the purpose of the league, I had to do it. That's people. or not. I dunno how you did. I think I I've been asked potentially to do something. You had a similar type situation last night and it has been a real thought like. Is it really going to be a one, invite thing yeah, probably yeah, yeah yeah, absolutely yeah, but but at the same time it depends on the checkbook for you folks to know what I mean like if cake acres right, I make it work. You read that yeah yeah, the only
guy gardner yeah. We see how long it's going to take cause you to really get back into the flow of things, and is there a chance he's kind of like brayden point and he plays. game then kind of gets reinjured nasa said the rest of the I had that injury is as I played through, that three toward all. You guys were talking about. I'm shot up lucky bastard, my god, totally, total, with terrible term from what I've heard of a long time and when we're on a date with some merry Joe S, amazing asked totally so I had that bump surgery. It was like my thumb, ligament and I think that's what nasa had. I I think he's going to be nice tonight. like. I was just watching him here in pregame skate. He had his legs, he got his conditioning, He was shooting he was deflecting fox too, so I don't think taken that long to be honest with you, I think he's gonna be effective and for all the great players mechanic Joe Mccarthy won the norris defense on the year last last night to the car
for all great players? They have rented and nothing catches their best player this year he dirty He was thirty. What about jack Johnson he's been playing pretty good question very well exact johnson. A real, solid manual is good on that third year, veteran still mobile, you've been very good. I think two. I agree, your question nikki skates weeks, the how's the ice down there we saw in colorado the avalanche were flying around you to crisp tape. To tape passes seemed to be a little bit stickier down there in Tampa. Is it heat getting to the ice how's it holding up? They grow in the grass like the bears and steelers yeah exactly it's I'll. Take you guys down there. If you guys have time I'll see how serious you guys are about this, you know what I mean like we're in the animals down there Kevin we actually hop. I see hawkers mouth is open producer. still on the hungry bay and green bay, how the person sisters fucked
tat. At first tell you, you pay lama rats. He no doubts are about sealer. Better Not only this all states that they through the ice last year, neither idle sand in britain is what was that what was thrown into the ice? Some little ping pong paddle things that they that they had never throw them onto the ice. Last game was abusing the booze yeah yeah exactly. This is why we can't have nice things fizzled. I'm saying guys. I can't bring you guys any closer tonight. but like Barbara greece, moser plate of moment, briggs compliance there's nobody boy was right, so tat. The ice capriciously I'd like a weather, reporter seed ice conditions. So yes, Now the round, I tell you, though, of course,
So it is that I can tell you how many eyes I noted that they have all these stupid configurations now that that block you even here come have blocked you and all of it is the way it is the very exact knocking the day that you dead, over here and just go out here I play for lightning too. so I would just be able to just out on let's see audio weeks on top man bedding what a totally so nope last game. I could sorry the ice was a little slower and I I spoke to some players. I'm on colorado, who were kind of whining about it, but I understand why, because there's such a fast supersonic team, but the ice looks a lot better to me. Today: applause, hey, that's! The ambani driver, one hundred percent. The reason why the ice will be slower right that that person right there is in the game right now right
tat. We ve been that you over there sat up and ice guy news waving over there on trying to get this ambiguity. Drivers attention again got about now. I look like one of those fans that just slap it slap it up the glass that pink suit. Damn good about that weeks. We appreciate the hell out of you, man, I feel like. We just learned a lot right there, it's going to be good track and I are flying around the things triple, but I do know this is mandela churchill downs for the derby right there. the galloping I will for appreciate you. So much good luck on tv man, we like Tampa yell. Absolutely I like them for this, well. What about series? I got them in seven but I would rather be forever govern it
I appreciate you, ladies and gentlemen, former nhl goalie, now pundit on espaa on nhl network and live all the lights category. Second, most guys have tried different ways last longer, but thinking about how many lower does patty maroon is one doesn't always work. Three. It's pretty. I mean there's a lot of lourdes, but also great quite think. Before soon, that's why the folks at roman and online men's health company are changing the game with roman swipes, the secret to longer lasting sex. Roman swipes are clinically proven way to last longer in bed, they're, effective, easy to use and fast acting. Most importantly, they don't require prescription, go to get rowman dot com, slash, pat and get ten dollars off your first order of swipes plus free too,
they ship and get roma dot com. Slash phd doesn't love ball as much the age as saying something everybody else to say it's already hard enough to get through seventeen weeks, make it eight weeks now seventeen seventeen games- if I heard an extra for days, is not going to make me me get. Do you think the recharge period, there you no recharge, you come back and you feel like garbage. For me in the rhythm, stay and rhythm. With what you been doing, I actually had to pont in all the places that I went through like on a regular basis, because I thought I would forget how to kick the bower. I lose my rhythm a little bit so I've gratefully back in me launching balls in la in the bahamas places in people just walking by like I'm having a whole fucking eighty yards in front of their faces, and we were like it. fuck out of the way, please god, nobody a fuck about punting but shows on a beach
I will stay on the strain on the the cement part in their frankly, either I'll think so into the water. In l, like fucking, like two hundred long or so there's like six people out there. I guess there's some locals, but there's like the ice in the in the sands I'd like month, abolish get like. literally sixty five seventy yards, because it where I punt the ball from you know: minus the snap is like another ten yards thing you see on tv. If a forty five yard punt was a fifty five yard punt from location? That's? Why, those videos from workouts and combines or what the five yards it was like that, if it's five, your point that some people's average read some of the year, but nonetheless I'm happy we're all learning that that's a bunch of bullshit that kickers get every yard that they kick the partners. Do not it's bullshit, I don't like it. I hate it, but yeah
if people fucking jumping over top of shoulders and like landed in the santos and then running the ball back, it was all like this. Did you know these people a couple of them? I thought I honestly thought you were there nigga? I guess not. I think trip was one of the I want my college roommates, when you go play like an ultimate frisbee game on the beach somewhere, the sand is awesome. I mean it's a great workout, tiring as hell tiring as hell, but I mean whatever you're just landed on people died and huge, this great bollworm retriever and then just Hundreds of people just walking around me like not even a thought that did an explosion just leave. Please get out of the way, sir. Sorry about it. Starbucks sorry about the gotta catch, your fucking. surfboard thing. I wanted to move to her most of there for awhile. In my life, I'm, like I'm gonna, get enough money to get a house here most on the strands, beach, volleyball right there, the bars are off, it's very baikonur, its that's a beautiful place, but
then I got past the age of like twenty three- and I was like. Oh I'm, a senior citizen here everybody. There is twenty one or twenty two years old, it's like! Oh, I can't when I finally get enough money to move this place, I will be in artifact. Compared to everybody else. That's a beautiful place. I don't know how it is now, but it was back in the day enjoy the hell out. yeah wouldn't move out there for the soup granted it was l a, but I assume, there's a plethora amount of poop poop That's a city ass, a city, and you say I'm sure, they're everywhere, and there are some beach towns that are much more lenient for the bombs and such like that her, what's the big peer huntington cinema santa Monica pier there's, I think, there's some good bombs on that and then Huntington, I think anything beach, mainly as one more down find your daddy says now. We have had a very open, very council for, but there's some beautiful swat over there. now. Not that venice is nice. But they had a lot of people move in there though they go.
like across the street, from like five million dollar mansions, they had like full ten community setup. I think they took it down. I don't think that's ever going to I pray that I go somewhere. The town gets mad, they could come out. They go somewhere else, italian mad that kicked them out from the homeless. I'm trying to get there too yeah exactly smart, I'm going to Aaron's house in malibu sleeping on the beach there are all the beaches are public. Why would you say that What do you mean? Everyone knows the beach republicans. Now it's like your bird calling people to think they can get to where he is. He systematically got to good location, systematically aaron rodgers how's. He doing problem I don't know we'll see machado, can't, wait, cable channels and there's there's been a lot of headlines about him Lately I was in the last week or two which one are you read I feel like it's been kind of quiet compared to normal stuff with their bread. Last year I mean which guy are we talking about
you know it's always lie it feels like it is. It's kind of spells out like that whenever talk about some guys inside which guy are we talking about, and it's almost like the remedy- the potion four dollars just to lay low and do your thing. But it's some people just can't live that life and if I which one I'd want to live? I think I drink I want all by myself, but some people just don't get that opportunity to the little yellow mix. Reveries potions. though yeah sometimes you just like to throw random stuff in the bot and the bot in the pot cast iron bar, you know like a which is bought.
on top of that, I pictured. What are you doing here? Remedies I hear post. Are you admitting or get a pot? You know what I'm saying. Maybe once in a blue moon, you get a fucking read for a situation, easy you guys. I assume right away like a harry potter, okay and that's what That's what a lot of the wizards and what would do you're terrible at this. What are you talking on just talking about harry potter, yeah harry, thank you. The ranch blue cheese go ranch yeah. What about you cheese is gross? Thank you describe. These crumbles get those off yeah. Thank you. I agree beach yesterday and they're horrendous blue cheese over anything, but on earth. On earth. I do normally like to go with blue cheese.
I see what we're doing here is magical. That range is the best. Let's get outta here did alright. We need to get out of here. The show has gotten to a point. It needs not to be just jump on our broomsticks to get out that by else anybody else They would give zero potter matters. Do you guys know z, crack the golden rule of golf door huge. Let me hear this. I never knew last night out of nowhere from Zito. Anybody else was weird that it's called live golf, and that is actually the roman numerals for fifty four and they only play fifty four holes. Is that what it is, and everybody literally read it? I think it was like holy shit? So, I just had a see their basic of a responds with yes,
I told me that the other day I didn't because thought Zita practical. it turns out. This is something other people I've chatted about. Is that something oh yeah, we've yeah, yeah kinda remember. I thought everyone knew that I have not no way so spelled and we were laughing because we thought everybody already knew that we'd talk about it. We we there was two different laughs in the group chat that totally foxy that stole this information from somewhere and got the heart. I do not know have we talked about on this show now we must show our in the office. We have This is one of those that your patient say Who knows what other fifty four conversations happened, exact andre there? You know prize that brooks has gone now, it that's too. It has two different meanings: fifty four holes
And fifty four is the lowest score. You could shoot if you were bury every hole on a par. Seventy two course: Jim Kong, sean. Eighteen, that's right in that. I believe norman said: what do you win? Fifty four million dollars, fifty four yeah yeah, also a bunch of fifty force, no one's going to shoot of it Jim Vieira officiate ross I was going to shoot a fit for good luck brooks probably got a how gig that one if he one twenty five at least dustin and hasn't come out one. Fifty. People are still mad at him aligning surprise is brothers and I believe patsy, as soon as he saw his brother. Oh guys are broke just going over their tests. I didn't know he had a brother I was like. Is that that relate the brooks? That's his brother
So there you yes, says people acted surprised it into a mean. What about all the people trying to qualified there's? Only forty people feel there's a lot of people trying to get in there because they say I'll. Take forty places. One hundred twenty five k yeah. What about korn, ferry, tour, dudes or college guys or guys that you know ten top just kind of bounce around? Are they able to sign up and say hey? I would like to compete for spot over here and, as it is all the guys, they give the big signing contractor bonuses to their exemptions for everything. So this is how many spots we have open. How is that all coming to because they might be buying the european tour or something like that. Remember, yep and then would they just run it like a qualify somehow I know that, would they just because the fact that the pj tour just announced the eight tournaments with your past, where they just raise the pot and then just make it available to more people. I dunno we shall say hey
golf is a big time and see I was with you. I didn't. I never heard that before now. You start for somebody else, but I was rather guy. Damn where it goes put that together and then three four minutes later yeah. Somebody told me about. that somebody was you guys, I swear. We talk about. That's why we're deals. said very goods, That is a very good seat. Like I thought we were in the like. Never do. Was like. Oh no. No. I I understood what nick was saying that way. It was like everyone knew, but I was like I didn't know, but I didn't I didn't know I didn't I didn't know is AJ. Thank you. You guys are usually thinking about roman numerals too often my love of numerals. yeah they were good, got a little bit. Fucking Absurd assembled the next super bowl, the live super bowl, or did that just happen? I think it happened already happening while you're alive. He has to go right now, except which one was
This last do all better what it sislovesme because pms it matters say something nice to somebody. What is beto's e? If you have to ask you never on the right path, but pms it matters say something nice. Somebody put your cash, I get in there, we'll get him people, five hundred and ninety nine bucks a week, Thank you enough. You can screenshot right now,. You see you tomorrow matters, but does. Zero. Just told me that this is a pretty. This is a pretty There's a pole run in the youtube comments are now over. Seventy six percent of people did not know that I live
so you guys with jokes inside you that you keep away from hanf comments like. Let's not maybe It's always be on our high. How about share your good ideas? Everyone's got! It's not just fucking. Leave it out. Here's you guys' labyrinth, we're a team I was just I told Jay cutler. I wish we could bottle what we have yeah it turns out. You guys are secretive about information. I don't want to bottle that up. I swear we've had from that. Maybe it was the first time not now with me pal now either. I wasn't here when you're on vacation. I didn't see that coming yeah, maybe america's tomorrow, you all the best marshes, big huge cars daily renault mba tramp. That's wrong! What
yeah ball lives will change tomorrow. The story of hustle begins. That's right. Where will bow cruz go talk to somebody for the basketball row tomorrow and more. We can't thank you. One, epic thanks Tom Pela serra the arrow kevin weeks and the house oversight committee today to chat about how we'll see tomorrow, good luck to the bolts tonight. Hammer. That is in fifteen minutes a youtube account for such hammer dumb and that's how He talk well beyond. Wait for a little walk along during the stanley cup. Can't wait to watch game with you, Nicky skates, kmp and rapper shout out. Thank you. Let's see how are ya
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