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PMS 2.0 691 -Feel Good Thursday with Ice Cube, Quentin Richardson, Jordan Schultz & AJ Hawk

2022-06-23 | 🔗

On today’s show Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys talk about Ty Schmit starting his journey into fatherhood, Arch Manning’s commitment, Seahawks in talks with Baker Mayfield, DeAndre Hopkins speaking out about his PED suspension, and everything else going on in the sports world while fighting against the studio’s power outages. Joining the progrum in the first hour is the rapper, actor, producer legend, member of Mount Westormore, and founder of Big3, Ice Cube, to chat about his busy work schedule, his creativity, and his new projects until being interrupted by a power outage (0:21:03.153-0:28:46.136). Later in hour two, former 1st Round Draft pick, 13-year NBA veteran, Three-Point Shootout champion in 2005, host of Knuckleheads podcast, and Big3 Season 2 Champion, Quentin Richardson, chats with Pat, AJ, and the boys about the NBA Draft, what he thinks will happen, and past draft picks that stood out(0:55:53.469-1:13:42.367). In hour three, NFL Insider, Pull Up Pod with CJ McCollum, host of Game Day NFL and The Boardroom, and @Schultz_Report on Twitter, Jordan Schultz, comes on the show to chat with the boys about Gronk’s retirement he put out earlier this week, Starbucks and his connections, the Baker Mayfield situation and more (1:13:47.057-1:37:06.456). To end the show and wish everyone a wonderful weekend we had a stop in from our pal of the pals, Gumpy to chat with us about the soccer Lombardi world. Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all of you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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Hello, beautiful theme, thursday june twenty third, two thousand twenty two, a sports, show the energy source that now I try to step all over it. I cannot hear my voice at all in my ears, I'm realizing. I can't hear anything from the back. We had a power outage, all hell is breaking loose, but what I do know is that today show is going to be a big wow yeah, because not only do we have stanley cup championship action to react to because last night's game went into overtime and with too many men on the team can't get a simple line. Change in the biggest moments just so happen to win there. Game of a best of seven in a stanley cup championship series. It was an accident hockey game always and although the ice, a kind of garbage,
ban words of vigo score. The winning goals, for I think the nhl has to be happy with how this is going to out of the four games have in overtime thus far, and I take so much dazzle in so much majestic hockey- player- that it also brought into another factor that I think we all assumed could happen in hockey, both act we being alleged to be happening in hockey, and that is just like this I go, bears at soldier field grow that grass root, though to make people slow sure and just like how heinz field or never have turf, because that grass is to slow people down when you come play in pittsburgh It's going to be a sloppy track. last night, the entire world is alluding to the fact that, although Tampa bay two hundred degrees right now, at least one. One hundred and fifty percent humidity roasty toasty we lived down there for like
months like one day a week literally six months straight- and it was- winding, you landed in a sauna in the middle of summer, so maybe it's just the weather. I mean the air conditioning at my house can't keep up with his indiana heat that I have so maybe it's just weather down there getting to the ice, but it felt like a lot people are alleging, deserted the Tampa bay bucs Tampa bay, lightning wanted that to be a dragged to slow down that avalanche team, which leads me to It may maybe the boys are fox when it gets back to denver if they can't slow them down and are going to lose, but I got nothing but faith in the Tampa bay. lightning not only because big rigs wind around searching his fourth straight. Lord out, but because that's a lie, you stay and on his walk in head. Lastly, when everything- and that means good news is coming for the Tampa bay. Lightning, let's go the talks at table today that looks vastly different than what it normally looks like you. A boss encounters here with an incredible mullet. How we do you look for testing? Thank you, oh great to nice,
It's! I can hear myself in my ear now seats. Whatever you did, you did something that is good. That is good news. There is a that's tough to do by the way yeah I felt like the national anthem stadium right there or not, hear what I was saying, no winner or couldn't hear what your test settings it does not work. Oh thought we were back can't talk to the back, but I can't hear may, which is good for redress how white ass I was. I was gonna their sauntered it's just away regardless can't wait for that. Thank you for the compliment. We you're going into a three day weekend to go, but I think it couldn't come at a better time. this is no offense to our friend net. But if you look at the top there is obviously one very different, looking individual there their purse. Sitting at the table. The table is normally behind the audio. You know kind of figuring how loud, how soft, how
who did? We are different times that is kind of a role that he has bought into greatly, but today he has to try to fill the skates of I'll be in whose saddled the horse a toxic for some time. On a microphone because today is a day I believe in which the baby. Adventure will begin early gone up, sometimes is currently with his, lovely wife, I believe they are awaiting the baby to come on moment now, and I just want to say to tie that we are incredibly pumped for you and caitlin every single resource that this office has the ability to get you have. For your beautiful baby that is coming. I think, you're prepared, I think, you're going to be a great day, and we're going to miss you for the next few weeks. As the interpreter know, for that baby babies show
through on the minute to minute basis, because I've heard these little drunk things have a mind of their own tie. We will certainly miss you, Palin, congrats and good luck with that in his place. Nick brought a net great to see a happy to be out here can do my best not to cement out of my skates to filter shoes. I know I can't beat da I'm just going to be me I hear, though, yeah cause, if you're trying to be thai you'd, be trying to be somebody else, even you're, not if you're, not yourself, who are you fucking, nobody, fraud and that's what when they do you're, not know nobody you're currently in talks at the table, what everybody says, but I'm ok with that, they are a nobody now your country is gorgeous thanks for coming out. Yesterday was a pretty good round yeah that is going to rip up tahoe and surprise some people, some of those real gaffers out there are going to be in for What a shock we tell about this a little bit on the course I think. The last few weeks I have made an effort to play at least once a week, so I was trying to have
These four five rounds in before I got to tahoe now, with country club nick have an access, Maybe the nice course in Indiana and us having time to get on. This has become quite a tree, I might be able to get on more than four or five times, but we talked about this yesterday, these guys that are retired and their entire lives revolve around their golf game just golf and are waking up in the morning and they're on the putting green and then they're on the driving range and then they're having lunch, then they're watching film, then they're playing around then they're finishing on the putting green the motivation to live. That's what every day of their life. This this is it. I can't I was away. in my family, for like fifteen years whenever I was playing my sport and now I'm supposed to just drop back into being around them everyday. I can't do it, and also this kind of scratches the competitor it's the people app the game. Is you you're never going to be perfect, so there's always something to get better at and a lot of guys that are ultra competitive. An obsessive over that have turned to golf These guys are golfing in the tahoe thing motive.
which there is a chance. I think at this point you're that's going to be something that they will take with them into the driving range. Pot ingrained into their rounds literally for the next three hundred and sixty two days or whatever, and that's the goal I'm trying to go in there and beat one of the retired guys that plays every single fucking day of their life. I dunno possible gaff is a tough game. I find myself in a situation that I have no idea what the right answer is. I've never attempted this shot before. that sitting downhill sideways in some heather. Ok, what gulf it stole me the night was watching kind of stuff in high area that is going to turn to left. I think so. I gotta aim a little right. I think I need to choke down like the amount of that things that are going to be running through my head, while evolving out. There is going to be astronomical and I'm gonna look like I'm gonna have some bad shots, but I think I'm gonna play pretty good out there. Now we have to remember that.
and joins us in the second hour most days when he's not on vacation, which has become something yeah every other week. I mean, I think we are the only stooges that don't, though, in the middle of summer, for working people, I think people with jobs. Or champion again flirts security with a resource didn't not asked, and here I can actually we're back we're back, now some of them in It- will never compare. So I don't want to act like that. But you know that video, where like a baby who's like deaf or something else, dialogue on in the first time, hearing and insight, maybe the most like emotional stuff, all the so happy what an incredible reference. Thank you it's kind of what my brain just felt. Whenever I could hear me, because I was dipping in and out- and I couldn't really hear anything I was just talking- and that was annoying
he's got his knees, the foger distinctly heard. You call me just call I shot, All people help set it sound, gus, that's a there So there are the reigning on Thursday joint third sabellius, great news that guy that's with now, there's a big mike zipping might jake. Jake glided up jake, tell us Why it happens or won't happen in the future? No, I just something might have been the power outage mess it up, send it back to factory mode as we all program as fucking pills us, dude, hey that kills us, because it there's nothing you can do, because one, the power Let's do immediately shuts off and some of them reset back to factory mode immediately, exactly promises buildings on generators do it. Obviously gas is We got them over that anybody can ball around the corner. That's a real problem and we're supposed to have generators that, with the generators also do not know, don't work, they don't care
for a certain amount of time by that time that things already already reset our fucked So what now Many was at work I think you see it all the boise yeah. We will have the power thing on much better, protected, lock and key it's Or maybe starting started put up there, you know It makes no sense, it is a hallmark of what it is we sought to be here. another month or so so I don't want to pump this too loud. No, it's a fucking, hard to outside, on how you turn a building on and legitimate star wars. They build something that you could shoot something in the dead star and blows up. The whole building. Where is I don't know about that radical right. Why build that part of your lay on a regional drastic park where you get power, the port back on they had to run from the commands and to the other side of the park rat route. A jungle filled with dinosaurs,
It makes no sense. It is literally a switch that just you have to know where are the part of the building is that it is a little bit difficult to get to that part of the building. But if you happen to get to that part of the building, somehow there's just a switch, that's painted. Bright red that is like this, this size of bright. Basically, this ice and you'll be impossible if you happen to get to that part of building by the way. Probably it is the probably lost if you saw a big red switch that was like this and it said, like don't touch power to whole building. Like hundred percent chance, I I'll try this the whole building just before moving out it's like, oh, my god that was actually how this was designed. It's really the achilles heel of the of the building, there's. numerous witnesses, I assume bomb love or to your right and they're, just
I gotta pull that fucking thing right now, no way they would put this in same world. I live yet how they did it, was me like I say west virginia sure, having Yeah, a young bernie pitchers heavy pictures just in they shut down. You know everybody bathroom in the city at midnight and petty pinchers runs till midnight. So you know have to happen upon an alley you're something everyone's exactly. If I'm walking down that alec to go piss and hopefully read my roommate, it good friend, a man that was in my wedding, he says: he'll keep an eye out for me, for that alley, he doesn't have to go piss in another alley. You know like while that's happening so there you know, there's no cops coming down there. What you gonna, you saw me walk out of petty catchers. There's no bathrooms! You know jack down here, but
I was happening to walk down that alley like the way this is setup. One hundred percent chance. Oh yeah, please do not pull this ten foot long lever like they make it appear, as if you're launching nuclear weapon yourself, there's no way. This is really how this building is doing like and then the person one has to have a key in it. Talks are made like the nineteen eighties. Probably, how does that doesn't make any sense, because I know for a fact that sometimes, when you go out back there where, if you have to walk to, Gas station or throughout the tractors arby's on vacation that you you'll see the door wide open right there in any bomb can just walk in and at innocent sexual to where there are sleeping, do where james less and take it easy on the bombs and dumpsters, and everything like that. Indian apples, his fascinating place now and has been for a little bit, but that is that seems to me love our building. Anyways followed,
flaw our schedule in the incredible life that we get to live talking into a microphone so much all the time. It is not easy just got on of course, especially with all the other stuff going on, but I feel like we're getting real working in asia and what is that? Twenty five thousand dollars to the person and twenty five thousand a charity at fifty thousand dollar thing happening out, there taught me he's been there before he's done. The whole gulf in front of that many people who could potentially get sniped by a golf ball. I mean that is the biggest thing I'm thinking about, like stinks you're, actually good yeah, but I haven't been. I haven't been in a situation where there's a bundle, it better. There, though yeah and you've never warmed up. Should I got two questions. I think I should I tell him: things won't happen, the handle, I think that Caitlyn Gogh you're talking about being. and there and beyond the slope. Does love laugh right? Whatever? Does it first question? Does it comfort you, when you put your head down on the pillow at night, knowing that you have an experienced caddie that can give you these answers? colorado to me- answers no swat the course.
Eighteen thousand times my brain me too, but that doesn't help with like. Shots like the abbot. Friends we met were you know we're locked in. We don't see anything, but the hall we don't the fans on the side of the on the side of the course What he was talking about is about it's when I'm on the side of a fucking kill. It's like what club shows. The good news is foxy will be exactly he's got in foxy will be with us as well. Nick nickleby, there's, a wealthy guy, I think, will be. I think, we're going to be updating all for every single. I like the tiger tracker yeah, I think be like that with videos and we found a trace. We found a ball tracing app that is been mickey mouse, mickey moss what their marketing as a golf tracing app, which gets you a bedroom while we're in shock. I don't I know how much we're going to try to change your account, Patrick or for that we know, but it's not just me though it'll be whoever's in my group. People can be happy
play care. Internet cares about anyone else in your group. I think we're a free to play uproar for how I do regard I used to be shipped on a money. I've wanted. How much is gonna be for that, by the way sitting in for nikki skin. On the audio with Anna credible, mustache right now and also fresh out of an eight thousand dollar hit last night on a parlay congrats we're just how much money we given away on that free to place up and discussed. Yet if we figured that out, I don't know it's been kneeled down where it. What are you taking me? The conjuring hundred three to fifty two. After a quarter of a million feels like that, feels like the right one. Should it be less tasty three rounds, seventy five, each that nope! That's not that doesn't add up to bid. I think it has to be total yeah, so people all, but maybe
each day could be to take birdie on day one birdie day to birdie day three, how many bogeys, how many double bogeys, how many pairs different people like? If you beat this person garrison like a hawk, for example? I think I'm golfing with him friday wreck. That was my understanding. That's the day, If you get paid with people, you know, and then you get groups saturday and sides. Four and thursday is fucking nightmare, hey we're out. There learn exactly what he's trying to get around and see where we're going to be anyways age of majority. In the next hour, he's gotta be shaken in his fucking ohio boots, yeah he's going to sock every video that we're putting out there. I do not expect the gulf to. I do not expect golf to have In the way it's been happening. Last few times I've gone out there, I'm looking at where I want to hit the ball too, and I'm putting the ball there. Will that continue we shall didn't, expect you to play this much either. If I knew I knew if you played this much,
I'm starting to enjoy all these fucking pro golfers have to have when they go onto the course and they're just looking and they're like? Oh I'm going to do that, in the last few times I've gone out. It is a blast. What a treat, what a train I would like, but she probably hit this one. Well, there seems like the little bit of an upslope on the green. For me. If I hit this all that pasta should come out when me clear out the oops. Let me clear out these grooves real pleasure at your caddy sponsors supposed to have a well. He was also las vegas that we did discuss the white towel and the tools that we will have to turn to you guys get filets at the country club instead of hotdogs We have not hit a turn yet the nine holes what I assume at nick's country club, there's twenty seven holes nobly deal through tat southerners. There's three nines could be to terms we wait on the same course every time and by the way, when I was a member same course every time I don't think I play the other eighteen holes that they have their. Why is that you think we date.
Why do I think we like to run a little later than most people? Think a lot of people out there early and the other courses are the early tee times we get the we're running with the night. Owls were going late night and that's only the one but I like that. I do I love it. I fucking love golf. We have some breaking news in the college football world all. Ladies and gentlemen, the only that is synonymous with incredible quarterback play. all the way from the new orleans saints archie change the whole game, then peyton and the mayor in cast the manning family business. Everything about them is synonymous with great football play we learned about this other manning dog, coming through the high school ranks. Gee manning son of cooper manning cooper manning. The most athletic adding allegedly by all of the mannings that you speak to had some injuries. Things happen didn't make to the nfl was wide receiver.
Man and his son has grown up in the manning football academy. more athletic than peyton and eli has been watching like nfl, film, syn, middle school is dominant, seven on seven's annan, high school can run, can dump can move might be the best man Every ever has been. Visual commitment for call wow He is going to do diversity. Attacks is how these holcomb more of them. that's the texas and sarkisian back for having another mac jones court, we're back. If you remember sark was running an nfl offense at alabama when he was having all his success. Obviously, post the other situations he had had in the past. It seems like you've gotten past them personally and professionally became it's gonna rather than they are running. Annabel plays motions in red. in everything like that. Mac jones is able to pick it up like this.
Dropped in the middle of nowhere had the best season he's ever had now he's having success in the nfl because of the comfort that he running an nfl style offense. He's been an nfl quarterback, since he was in seventh grade, saw it has to be super pump. The people of Texas have to be pumped I don't know what the and I'll deal was worth- obviously the mannings zone needed, but I assume it was something congrats too all parties. That's not great for the big or the us you see in the future, and this has led to a combination of us aim. I would not put it passed. Texas. To choose to join the scc because The manning family said hey these different down here. If you want archie, he ain't going to fucking big twelve aren't you go into the ssc against the best playing with the best
it's like fuck, alright, we'll go to that party. We look for a reason: anyways, oklahoma and texas, allegedly going next year Cincinnati and other teams going to the big twelve. What does that mean for the big twelve, who knows argue manning they'll congrats, the hamon congrats attack on watch? I do know that I'm in austin moms replaced can be palm oil. You he'll be in the sea, I believe a sophomore year and it is a question that the number one regroup when yours who went to have the courage and entranced from a high state visits as it. It probably just transfer more yeah this guy west virginia kid. Oh come on bring a man come on joining us. Now is a man who has found a home in the war. success in basically Everything he's ever try, oh yeah. Obviously movies use? Not only producing and writing and creating and everything you could potentially think of in the entertainment business moving into the world of sport, creating a new league in a new sport going in,
What's fits season just tipped off last week in the big three is fucking. crushing oh yeah, fine, seasons of this thing, nothing last five cs great pass and that's because the person that was behind it has a big old brain. Ladies and gentlemen, ice. What's up, y'all, hey! Sarah, hey! I appreciate you join us archie manning just signed with texas. We had to cover it real, quick, that's breaking news, but anytime ice cubes on we're fucking pump thanks for coming. How are you I'm good? man, you know, like you, said we're we fifth season we often rolling had a great week, one going week, two this weekend are you hands on with the weak, the the big three ice cube, I mean five seasons. Is The thing that is impossible, Everything gets cancelled, you know everything cancelled every it doesn't have a lasting effect.
On society? It feels like these people get bored and move on R. U hands on day to day, and how proud of this whole thing are you could you think back five c is it going imagine this amount of success. man, I'm hands and feet on. Can it takes it takes everybody skill you know, working at a high level, fifteen hours the day to really get this The fifth season. You know it incredible league you know. The league is the biggest round league in the world. So at the end of the day you know We doing the work and the last five years right. You know most leagues, you know they fizzle out. They don't even last year so to be in, season. We strongly proud, but you well, is still a amount of work to do to really get to
we will we wanted to be in our world in the football world I mean literally. Finally, if fallen after one year in the last couple years I mean it's very difficult to start something new and sports business now lot of business he's trying to get into the sports world. You're currently do business with seed ass, a paramount plus via network and design. Everywhere, Roslin out there what's the next, I think, for the big three. What's? What are you guys looking to do next. I mean you know. We still grinding two bringing more sponsors more partners, you know more people who believe in the league long term, and you know, It's definitely an uphill battle. You know those other leagues coming and going didn't help does she know. You know we kind of wish they never would have spent friday. You know it's like you did. You know you got them
It is to make it work or you don't and we believe we got the ingredients and Here we are, you know we did get her by the pandemic. Twenty twenty, I think everybody, I had to figure out what they was going to do in the just, but we can I could twenty one here we go again and twenty two getting off to a great start, hell yeah. We can't wait to watch. We would like to get into some sponsorship for the big three, if possible, wouldn't mind doing that. What would it take come on? Hey? I will get into business with ice cubes. I feel like that's a successful business to get into and what's about? Maybe a new business venture, big big, big subwoofer in the like. What's a player in those at the frame, it's a party one up, all the big bang or dude fuck him back. How big are we going with that? Are you guys going to continue to go into the studio we get more albums more more everything on the was westmore. Without a doubt, Let's it
wait. You know to be able to hook up with three the legends like a too short slow, snoop, dogg and we've been friends for men. Twenty five thirty years. and be able to still do music together. You know, we've done songs with each other, but here we go with a whole project touring the country selling out arenas is just great time to be with those dudes I cherish every time I mean banger, though hey that a fucking banger, you know the sub. I mean that banger of a song. I oversized there's more the way we feel good. We got more bangers chamber right now with my west more without it You know we drop some in the empty world, but we got we hid it in a metaverse. We gonna drop it in a universe, and you know we got about fifty songs. Thanks cartoon loaded, already rail that it's unbelievable. How do you have time
make fifty songs with a new group MT west, more k run the big league in the five seasons you have two movies, currently in production, post production and pre production, two in each of those you for going on. Are you a robot? Eugene you'd, never sleep what powers! What is your because nobody ever That's about a! How does ice cube managed to fucking? Do everything? How do you manage to do everything and bless? You know to be able to to first of all do so many different things, and you know I got a great of people with me and we just do proper planning, you know you can get a lot of see. If you just play, everything out you know perfectly with get it up, we'll get a ride on every time, but at the end of the day you know we, it'll get a lot of great things done, and I appreciate it. I, have no other way. You know if I was just stuck in one thing: you, our prego, crazy yeah. What is
You dig it out of all of them. Does music music? Was your first love mount west westmore does? Do you feel better about that? If the movie that you may be acting but don't write, does good, you don't feel that good cuz you're wrong cuz. I cuz they're fulfillment and everything that you accomplished. Yeah you not just summer creative person, so I creating some new, you know, whether I do it solo, why do with a team of people? You know I feel good about it. If people enjoy it if it comes out good? Even if I just enjoy it, you know I feel good about it. So I think that's, It really gives me going to be able to yea some new take my time give people quality. And do it right and do it. You know in a in a class way. If you a bland white. You know many of these movies. Your writing would love
if you do from the I do have got to get somebody way. lander the news yeah. Well, let's go. Let's go full mad. As part of your question for ice cube ice cube, I saw you already expanded the big three league with more teams. Do you plan on doing that and then, as for creation goes? Do you kind of feel, like you created the three three sport that's now and the alleged picks well we definitely, you know, feel like we had a lot. do it, I wouldn't say create. No fever has been doing three on three for forty fifty years, but they just do the amateur version of w w. We is turning up the heat summer, slam witness the beast broccoli Asner challenged the head of the table. Roman reigns in a last man standing match for the undisputed w w we universal championship. It's going down at the
biggest party of the summer, which means all your favorite superstars will go head to head, including Becky lynch riddle, Seth rollins. Bobby Lashley, bianca bel air mac mcintyre live morgan. and many more summer. Slam streams live saturday July thirtieth at eight pm eastern exclusively on peacock seven minutes on thursday june twenty third, two thousand and two right. Let's go yeah, listen the horses one out of the barn. They came back born a storm game. That storm came in a search that surge became a power outage and even if some of the power to some of these things, cuz I mean, are you lot tweets from a lot of people gave us
smart. They. We are, of course, very valid all the time, but with some of the shit that we have to do their show on a daily basis, power goes out for even like power goes out, generator kicks on, but something to happen, for the generator kick honourably its power go down then generally realises it's on serving a brief moment, though, whether I heard before comes back. some of our shit gets completely foxed got just two computers are dead, or entire Russia goes out just for a second and then reset everything, so we want to extend our deepest apologies to ice cube, of course, big vanity, massive apologise or not. I'm not positive about the end, everybody the and listens. We apologize for that, just dropping out nowhere or forty, days away from the thundered. We got power back up on my back. We don't know in this building, so I'm not sure
to be able to just rewire and repower power, the building that we are in about forty is from now we do the thunder down there and we will hopefully have backups for backups by get all the electricians and carpenters that tweet me how much smarter they are. Then they thought about stuff. You haven't yeah exactly I'm, I'm not happy. This happens nah, but such is life. Let's move along. We missed out on the great ending of a conversation with ice cube. I'm not happy about. It is ethical. if you think that bruce brown's on the audios and then I know where hire the only way it could be without electricity, that mustache same thing with the electricity that mustache is acting potentially radiating to the rack back their server and shut everything down. Maybe who knows? Guy wins, eight thousand last nine, plus five thousand and some bad and suddenly electricity is just going through his body shuts down you know. I respected paid that same damn time as national, better conductor than copper goddamn right,
that's good science experiment about writer, I actually new last night, so with copper wire Well electricity in here today was a you know: I always tell this- I always test a lightly, make sure you test it before your bugs start to trickle. So, let's hear mrs kaufmann whose main was caught in a great promo humbling about what it feels like when you walk into the cage and in we get most of it we get in the end ending on it time the the bow on cuts out of nowhere bob not we must not just great promo massive fire was explosions. Ship was happening. Nothing. You don't want him to be angry. Halloween episode couple computers go back to factory mode, because power at outage again straight into it. Sets back to factory.
Only one camera worked. We prepared for that for four days. That's the most we've ever prepared for show in history, then complete churchill, and now with ice cube on going into season five of the big three out of nowhere. Power out in this part of the building, not the other part of the yeah. Ridiculous wasn't happened when we're talking about nothing in a js on here being toxic, Exactly actually damage washing, allow things, doesn't it torn one? unbelievable conversations have dive into another one. allegedly still in the running for baker mayfield our breeder told us in our prayer? Is the author of Monday morning quarterbacking, which comes out on mondays in the more? in muslim taps that one I really honestly didn't come out until like four o'clock? Yes, Is this monday after he might have had a power shortage when the kidding and it had to come on the afternoons there anyways Albert Briere told us look for these
many camps will take place and then teams get back into business or stay out of business. Everybody wants to see what they have, how the rookies look, how the team looks, how the quarterback, you're thinking about going into season. Look seattle currently recent geno smith trade. Drew lock within Russell wilson, trade in everybody's, assuming that that maybe is still an open competition. Who's going to be the quarterback Albert breyer said: look for after mandatory minicamp. Now Joe Anderson is based, tweeting that the seahawks still have a high level of interest in acquiring quarterback baker. Mayfield in behind the scenes are open it actually extending him. So that's a big deal. Hardly sources. I also know that the process of collecting information insights into mayfield is still ongoing, so them being open to actually extend him is telling them although maybe the bronze in asked them, want to pay you eighteen in a half million this year. We can. We do a contract here. Give you another two years on the back end of this thing, so you're, not a twenty million dollar cap it we can make it
but lower, and you still get guaranteed. Jeanne twenty million dollars over three years for years I dont have. exactly what it is, but that would make this year will see hawks or offering that up, because then that would go down be able to combat the thought that nobody wants to pay the 18th in the browns? They sounds like want to pay more than ten million or eleven million other eighteen and the half so no is to be made anywhere else to seattle, see off go on material gum, rockwork came just often. three or deal whole to your void in annex sent its entire thing, though not to worry about who's, paying what seems The right idea seems a good decision. Beggar if you're seattle could be fantastic, especially with you extra syria that crowd and wait be careless or it's right here. I got me a good match. It has to be complete. Let's have dared to want to go. We don't know how and why it happened. Wait happened in cleveland, maybe she had us rights bought. Maybe this the right way to get a deal done. I love. Whenever people go outside the box, get a deal done to make something happened and they think make them better will pay off. In the end, we should
I see that dry, some more sports talk. I can't believe that it survived in one the toxic tables joining me at boston, corner and nick marauders sitting in place of tae, who is currently on baby to come on now that Galen probably got to get them. Good luck! Congratulations! You can do it uncle pat's, sport. The shit out of this matter. Now they get so. Oh, my god. But I can imagine what they're going to rise by she had his beard five times doing a lot of that since I'd missing in my life, yeah, but it helps it's nice to take an explosive dump every once in a while once in a while, I guess yeah, but whenever it's starting to become like a a two, a three thirty that would read yeah I mean it is a real interesting thing: I've fallen in love willie, though, with the old ice composition two days with those two tail more, you got more gallia.
What are you talking about? One of the highest conor started calling her started with those big boys high copies, and then he switched to just a normal coffee, drinker yeah, I just been doing the normal coffee cuz. The one place I want to us just say it seem like they're watering down there. You know their products, so I kind of just into the morning kerrigan than one celsius for coffee. Why not just delightful- and I think it's supposed to cut out my appetite to a little brescia yeah and I think that's because when you go to the bathroom the explosions like well, I don't wanna eat too much, because I don't want to have to do that with actual things in my stomach. Is that what the appetite suppressant is from coffee? That's part of it, and it's just such a stimulant that your body's jones and so you're, basically just doing the luge all day And you you don't really have a need to eat, ready to go yeah, I'm jacked up man, it's great to be here. I'm so excited that it's thursday june twenty third and I'm so excited the two people in his office hit massa parlays huge we've chatted about the mustache, bruce brown and is currently sitting in for naked the audio. He wanted
thousand last night on a plus five thousand and about it rose. The boy grew turn digs one multiple thousands of dollars last night on a big parlay, and he did in a fashion that I didn't, existed a round robin sixers. Ah, so what is this? What were the odds you hit for for grandma's life, one hundred and twelve boxer. Thirty, eight hundred, that's a great turn out. As you guys know, I am a self handicapping son of a bitch. I also do that with my gambling as well. Ok, I'm not just going to coordinate leg parlay in there and expect that the hit- because I don't have that confidence in myself, so a round robin is a way to do now. It did it did it dead. By now, that's rare So I do something called round robin where you can pick anywhere from. If you do one slash eight like say like I did, you can pick anywhere from seven hundred and sixty five all the way down to two. Ok: do you don't have to go eight hundred and six into last night and that still would have one now? If I would have went five at three, I would have lost a little.
Well, not money, but you could add fox. Yes, I could talk about the payout. The payout is not as good like. We both had eight lagers. His payout was a lot better because I self handicapping myself, so the odds aren't as good. If you don't have to go, no, you go six and two and still make a still make It's a pretty decent paper. Thank you to fandom for that option and congrats to you that job done has gone down. He taught. Try will go much. How was how was he gambling how's life with him right? It's baseball! So he's always I mean he's he's about as sturdy as they come when it comes to the dumb guy that man can fucking bet that diamond footy ended up in the diamond yeah, so there's really two sweet spots as far as personal, like he's keeping it tight to the vest, though yeah me too he's got. trip to have a trip coming up. I think I heard about that and we won't hear about them until what's happening may possibly till it's over. I think the world or know when it's happening right. Don't you think,
Actually, I think they're just going to post one little sweet photo on. You know twitter instagram and then that's all we're going to hear until like webcam I've please. I hope I'm paying a facility for weapons of mass destruction were maybe I'm theseus handle and weapons of mass destruction. I don't enough Johnny is how is a man who say alley college football national champion a champion erotic cup champion a covert survivor, private plane, survivor, magnetics Vacations because he's earned them well agent. It's not me talking about connor was talking about. What do you mean when shooting I believe caught in the bear? I caught the very end, Wichita now you're there the whole time I heard he is he's talking about they're, going to a gun range mate, yeah, yeah, exactly firearms weapons. Maybe, like a you know, one of those big old cat was a kitten there. It is a rocket launcher. It microphones
the the thought of that weekend, though that He's going to have is absolutely magical you know. Is it going to take place? We don't know. Are they actually going fall in love? They already, and I think we ve seen the beginnings of a couple falling in love. and of course I don't give a take it a windsor till you're windsor. Get married right there you walk right across the bridge and detroit drive on the india. He regards got a new life. from what I've heard that potentially on peace gap, will you just mentioned there and congrats all parts we love love don't want. Too much we love love, though And I can't wait to see dumpy back as soon as possible. Just like time takes us. May god, for the next few weeks, manny we're on baby watch right now for time. So did he like have to go in like? Is she in labor? They are reducing today, oh what I dunno the due date was last week and today are
see, but I heard I looked into it. That might not mean it comes today, though it might cause some people will labor for like twenty four hours after clearest, that's a bad deal there, it's tough yeah, but it was due last week induce ads, you think they're just I mean I know nothing. I didn't think tat your health costs. You think I think radio I thought due date was kind of like a final thing or gave this is one tat. We all know that is not how it works. I guess I sounded ready to stay overnight so that's how he's been chatted in is expecting the you! Don't let you leave they don't induce you! Let you go what Why, if they do, sir, bring the baby I like it may take eighteen hours but you're not getting induce. I go go of it up all your Jos. abstract. As a ST joe's crab shack around anymore anywhere rest in peace. I think you've covered. I don't think you're allowed to eat crap when you're pregnant well, forget serious, forget I'm sorry. I forget crab were back on serious. How you doing serious great to see you we're sorry, we lost all power there.
Obviously we were expecting like her not to still be pregnant after induced in leaving the hospital. I think what we were chatting about it and hey the baby's gonna come baby go car. You know what I mean in ties just expecting the worst can be there for numerous days. It still be there night. If the baby come right, either a baby stock in pregnancy messy. To go home friday. Two, a dot m Real, that's like the take, while might be another twelve sure. What's up with science, we can't that's what I'm just a crock of shit like everything else, they gave the green light. But I still gotta. Let it come down the road, that's why I put towson, it's called potosi and they give them. What thank you None of my kids were induced, but yes out, the ongoing hopkins out in the protection and watches were duisburg. Here's what you say? Luckily they yeah everyone's different. Now yeah
example was in the ongoing locking, petrossian petrossian some mental health was the old clemson thing was startled: oh, It was a lot caitlin. Psychological good luck will Michel, obviously at all that, but we can, with the spoil the fuck out of that baby. come out with the honorary hopkins Hannah now this is coming from the andrea hopkins have yet he admitted it. You have announced the nfl ever publicly state. What's in those tests right so guys for a long time are like if the previous grow and stuff I was taken. I didn't know I was in there and then cosmic it was adderall. I was having a long weekend or something in the will never actually broadcast Why asked during her austria, astronaut, astronaut heroes, trine players had an issue before their bowl game. However many years ago, I remember this and he wants right. This is something hopefully before the season starts. Maybe we can get the game down a little bit too short
watson said it wasn't on me: I'm pretty much a natural pathak person. What it is was, is it austrian, o s, t a r, I n E. There was point: one percent hey found in my system. If you but that is you know it's contamination, not something directly taken. I don't take any supplements, I've! Never taking supplements. I barely take vitamins so for something like that to happen to me. Obviously I was shocked, but my team worse still, trying to figure out. Why, What's going on, goes on and says austrian attaches to proteins in a body known as andrew djinn receptors when Austria. Binds to these receptors. It tells muscles, probably to grow or repair it is a type of drug that is called a selective, androgen receptor modulator and is often used for athletic performance, as well as involuntary weight loss due to illness. Breast cancer in many other conditions, are this broad principles up? So this is where this report.
This I don't think you're reading here, just paste, in the format they use different sports. sports dot com. We cannot have a love for you, man, you just you cover football vastly different. Then we cover football nuts about love. The picture was which was an accurate report, Pisano don't you get it? We appreciate the hell out of here, reporting there, but the andre I can say on this point: one percent: do you get information from me and I fell, and how do we know at all that? Listen, I love the ongoing hopkins. I understand everything he sang but little everybody that has failed. A test has come out and said something contaminated or I was taking matters? Nobody really comes out and says yeah. I was just trying to get faster, quick recover faster and beat everybody else like that. Never happens even though Deandre hopkins never done anything that we shouldn't believe what he says. The
I will never released that information right age area and will we ever now know the answer. Now. I know in the I think in the cb a it says like if someone test positive for they they'll either say farmers and answer or like the street substance of abuse. They don't say whatever you tested positive for that. If you want to let people know yes, you're obviously allowed, but it sounds like he has a good case appeal like if out assume. If you say I was point one percent or whatever porno one that during the appeal pro, Has he got all that information relocate show? We want to see the a sample, the beast Will you have all your people look at it like. You have a good appeal, but I don't know I really dont the appeal process. The one club was yet there is no our appeals right. It's already over the one thing ears when he said if you know, if you know what that is, you know contamination, not something directly taken. If it's point one percent, so income. That's not something! That's in the cb either like if, contamination.
We can only take what the andrea like I If he had a small amounts of traces of amounts of something it could mean, you took it all a while ago, too I want my saying he's guilty at anything understood something. reason, that's what if the lawyers and the drug people would probably see already done, though, isn't he already don't the appeal process? I thought whenever it came out yeah this is finalists and he withdrew his appeal. I, though, cause he got. He got in november he was made aware, and so they been the appeal process for a while. So maybe he's just publicly stating so public opinion is vastly different than everybody. Just assuming this guy's eating tremble and sandwiches and shit, you know why? Wouldn't he retest to if it was that small of a number like, does he not become aware of what gets to for that, you suck about the beast ample and everything else like that. He probably had numerous test since this motor you have it do you have a supplement? You could go and test all of them and see what may have that Austria and that's what you want to do. But not only that. How do you smell of chess? How do you prove that that was?
what you talk to at the time like? Is there a picture of you to it's the and rules on sub our knots of performance enhancing drugs have been, long say unfair, but kind of fucking unfair as a supplement game in the mare united states of america is the wild wild west. So a very even tells you that, like will. Every meeting is what you you are responsible for what goes in your body question what if I don't know, what's going in because it's not an fda, approved none of the supplements so what they say on the side of it could not be real at all. While you gotta know the comp You don't even know how the fuck am. I suppose you gotta know that's gonna fuck that sorry about it. Basically is what fell, says right. Am I not accurate and saying that that's kind of how every conversation what training came about enhancing drugs has gone, that I've have witnessed you're your percent right, but they tell you you are responsible for whatever is in your body whether that's a tainted submit whatever it is
but they do have a bunch of resources now where, if you want to take something they have a website, you can test to see. If anything, any banned substances wherever I manufactured in that lab all of these different things and pepper, burst or He was in green bay for a long time. He said he got a bit works. We back the air hold on us, not to say same thing, going through the cold friendly room as well. I like right. Something in my I I need to start hidden awaits a a little bit was. Was season work workout am I the shit I'm going get on? the one of the guys, just like casual, smart ass in the training. Train trainer? Does it not take that? I was like what why what you talking about I feel like this is something that everybody takes. It is what does it work like? I think so, seizure band What do you? What do you mean said? There's good rule to live by pat while you're here in the nfl, if it works, It helps you lose weight, gives little bit more of a pump? You get a little. warm feeling inside your body ninety nine percent chance that it is banned on the day
everybody get better faster, stronger and everything like that very shit. It's me will you pizza turn your fat fuck, but yes, that that I do feel like the nfl testing policies for performance, enhancing drugs has he's been very solid? Now I don't not always because back in the day, their stories of guys eating steroids in the locker room and everything like that in the modern era. I think the nfl is pretty solid at tesla. finding out what the next thing is that everybody's using to cheat, Getting that on. There is every year there was a new then getting attitude that you ve never heard of that has an insane name and then it I also found in la like, for instance, antler, shit yeah. When the deer antlers shit popped off, it wasn't an illegal banned substance at the time, then it all becomes lichens, what that's walk and boom that ones. now on the whole bands of. I remember where you are deer, antler, fucking band you're not doing
same thing he's got them venison meat, shocking, vastly different that during this magical stuff, but yeah, at the next meeting where they said The bands, absence least whatever the scientific term is for that deer differences, ass bright and going out. What's was dear, spread out Who knows how many of you have been using? Oh fuck, who has the intel? What is not in the thing and what could be but is always a constant game. I think the nfl is pretty good honestly. I believe that as somebody that one was in there it from day. One on this shown. Anyone had ever asked me because people assume everyone's taking steroids in the nfl and I've said I dunno how anyone gets away with taking like legit anything is on the way and substances have anyone's injecting themselves with anything. I don't know how to get away with it. I'm sure there are some guys doing it is created. ways of nice, the guys that are ahead of the system, but man. I just think that the performance enhancing part of it like they test you a lot like I dunno how you get around, I think,
the age that different story. It would do matter. Whoa boy. Are they still drawing blood? We know and has anybody ever failed for it without just saying yeah, I'm taking it? Probably not they they might I'm too somebody's you're human growth levels, what's higher than ever, else. Is there we ve ever got will have cause to produce at her side. Do you have any scientific proof that says I don't know fuck off now. If somebody goes how you got me, I'm so sorry, I think they got it leave the hd age. Testing has not been full proof, yet I believe there was a big deal for a couple of years. Like oh they're, going to draw blood, you don't want it to take blood from these dudes all of it. I think it was three years fighting that yeah, because there are How do we find a baseline? These numbers, you ok with six saying we're number. This guy has a future levels. Eight hundred, I dunno, if that's how they were labeled or whatever, and this guy's is three hundred well, what's your based on. What do you start? member of the big fight was while some base,
guess normal fucking doctor humans got something you would think that Jg Watts is probably high you just now I by the name, human growth, Hormone Jg J j and you are you there was time what the interval p. I said. Entirety and I believe the nfl and the nfl, and this is an assumption, not an accurate, and I don't want this to be. Slander or liable to anybody, but I believe the nfl once have helped. We got fucking the whole world is looking at it nobody's going to fail because we don't have a baseline, but we have to fucking put it in and beer was like that can draw blot. I guess You guys are paying for the nurse, that's wrong, edison s as well. Yeah! Ok, you got do. That's felt like their negotiating that's kind of what it felt like when it was kind of rolling into the nfl towards the tail end of our careers.
absolutely that was, it was like a big thing. It really was between the PA and the nfl, and all this stuff, then I don't know how it ends up. I don't know We get asked current players. What's the deal with that? Are you when's the last time you to give your using any this current players on any the shit that was potentially being used in the past? I feel like nowadays, the natural passing what did Andrew? I said. I think that is much more mainstream for, like everybody like all use, I wonder if toward all usage toradol it's going to be people that take it and our im don't care about what goes in, but I feel like now. Is the modern athlete is much more like a count. Your card to sugar. everything going into your body. I like there's a lot of people that but the vaccine in the baltic. Is there like everything I put it. My body is calculated from the doktor with. When I was ten years old. Okay drew my blood. I guess what I'm allergic to this, but this is the optimum amount, of calories I'm supposed to take my metabolic resting rate. Is this going to hang out with this guy there's a lot of those people
If there's a healthy mix, you've got to have a healthy balance. I feel like I've been instinctual and a real person as well as a little bit of that, there's going to be dogs everywhere. Like me? Oh, yes, I should be the baseline for alter players on each year, something if anyone has any shades levels in their body above age. A hawk ban them immediately because they are too, That's all I need to get my test yours, tested the credits, everything to avert people give their blood and then the doktor comes back and tell them. What they should eat, what they shouldn't eat, what their bodies? it's like guys swear by. Have you done that? Yeah I did. I went to one of those guys I dunno four or five years ago and he said you're heavy, We have a large toward the eggs chicken eggs at you. as equality like fifteen of my day, and he said: okay well, you're, very He said where you are united, stop eaten them and I said: is it going to change my life and
It's like he paused, and he said I don't know. Actually he said it. It basically like he said you're allergic as in like is your dating flames I see no man, I can't read out of my nose. You said it inflammation like in my head now that so you say this thought I kind of eggs will say I this doctor to run a test. Then this doctor gives you his findings. Are her findings and you say I fucking listen to what is when I know it. I asked him. He said: it's like when it was all mothers to this right. I can't have gluten. Oh we are, or is it a intolerance or is just upset you little baby top, which one is Are you hurt or you're injured, yeah, and so that's what I asked with my existing allergic, but why? It's still big goal about my life What is it going to change my life, and he said you know what probably not that I just said all right. Thank you very much. So you've been going through your life thriving. Why did you even fucking give your blood to the person? What's the point, because I wanted to know if there was something else he tested for, like five billion different foods and different yeah people change?
life. That joining us now is a man who was in the nba for long times. I wonder if the nba It has the same type of bullshit that nfl players go through to try to keep their bodies on day to day much longer season lot of running lot of traveling I'd be we do here is not slaves and gentlemen. Cost of the knuckles heads pot guest. richard gone what's going on: hey q, sorry y'all, you caught us in the tail end of that conversation. There allegedly Deandre hopkins was on ostarine with we just learned about zero point, one percent of something that happened. The nba. Do you guys there's not a lot of performance enhancing drugs in the nba right ever? Has there ever been not to my knowledge, I mean.
I just go home and I have that I haven't heard I've. Never even I don't even know what austrian is whatever that is. That's that's that's my first time I think ever hearing that word so yeah I didn't know what it was either. Obviously AJ did he as a picture performance enhancing drugs over there. He never failed the test, never or someday yeah me too. Hopefully, if we find the right shit, maybe need austria in a little bit the long ass season and with the sleep deprivation in the travel in the joint is their due Is there any thoughts? All that or is it just will eat will we'll move on to the next city is at feels like a much more nonchalant when it comes to all that stuff, yeah man, I mean from my knowledge I mean the teams and a lot of the organizations. I've been doing a lot of a lot of different things as far as like staying over at the games, trying to make sure players get the extra wear arrest, but
but that's about the extent of it at I know I think doc rivers might have been one of the first guys it when he had boston. You have them stay over after the game instead of getting out of there unless it was a back to back. Obviously, I mean other than that I haven't. I haven't heard too much the craziest I mean obviously like you guys, talked about nutritionists and different things like that, but any any. I I hadn't ran across any performance, enhancing guys that hadn't even really heard a lot of stories about them and yeah. Okay, so awesome, I saw guys on or trenbolone. Sandwiches will go over and fucking wreck shop built their thoughts, our thoughts attitude. Where do you see what a half man half horse can do? That's what the nfl had there for like fighting fifteenth one years they to make a lot of rules. let's dive into this, the draft is tonight huge night for the Everybody knows the lottery selection and how this all comes about as the most exciting an electrifying way.
determine the order of a draft. I think, out of all sports. Now everybody assumes it's rigged, because it's the m b, a and everybody thinks everything is rigged, but the orlando magic have the first pick then thunder rockets kings, pistons pacers at number. Six there's been a lot of jump on whose favorite to be the number one overall pick. Just yesterday, I think buncher out of duke ran up to the top of all the sports books to be the favorite. Morning, right now, Jabari smith is minus four eight fanned or to go number one overall, third locked in with Chet Holmgren thrown in there. Is there any surprises in this thing. Should we look for that it happened in? Are these guys that are projected to go top overall? Are they just locks to do well? In the b, a.
I don't I mean as far as skill wise. I think all of these guys have the skill and talent, so you know to be be able to do well in PA, but I think we all know it it. Just depends on what's inside of them that was driving and how hard they wouldn't work and how bad they want. You know a great career in endgame, because I don't care how much time you got if you don't put that work in us going to be outta your sitting on the bench already. So what's the the biggest for these young guys coming into the our top five pick and they come in are they all have to instantly become better shooters. I feel like everybody, MBA is lights out wherever you go at. What's the biggest adjustment,
I think the biggest adjustment is just a talent level. I think you know when you're, when you're in college or wherever you come from a you know, a top five pick. You used to being like a lot better than most of the guys around you and you come here, everybody's done what you already did and they they got. You know they got years and this they looking at you like okay young buck, what you're going to do- and it's you know, obviously some guys- can translate in and hit all right away. But that's not! You know realistic for everybody, but why do you think there's been so much jump? the sports books on who's gonna get one overall it like the anna fell draft. We try to the gm that's making the pic. We try read the situation then obvious see the hype is the yeah the same way when figuring out who's going to get drafted. Or is it always like the best players going to go before the other best? because in basketball you can kind of build around superstars.
yeah, I mean it's usually, unless you have some type of you know crazy gap from the you know, the top guy to the next guy. If it's, if it's guys, are kind of similar talent, you would look at what team has the number one pick and what their need is, and then you can kind of gauge of that. I think that's why a lot of people are are saying that Jamar smith is going to go number one overall to to orlando, because they he fits a knee because they got a lot of big guys and he he too was a sixteen big guy, but he's seen as more of a wing player- and you know he has a kevin durant comparison. So that's that's extremely intriguing, and I mean I could share minute. I would think if they didn't have some of the bigger guys they had, he will be absent, but they got a big guy. So I don't know how realistic that is been hilarious. Looking person,
right. I mean that is he's a one on one doesn't feel like he's a one of one and that one is actually not. I was actually at dinner last night and I saw him and his family and literally has two sisters, the mother to everybody you'll, see tomorrow at the drabs. You not be sad that he doesn't want anyone to drive you'll be seeing tonight at the draft. Is he is whole families tom? I d like to say that we were all look like this is crazy, like seriously they all footers. If it was, it was amazing if voters that that is the women that six footers. But you know that still, though it was, it was crazy, hey, that's hilarious, basketball, lingo, yeah, he's a photo or whatever yeah. By the way, the future of the basketball is all footers. I do tat. I am jeeves like seven foot force on these. Teen road and it seems like he's got handles in now. they're learning earlier how to take care of the body and they're. Getting more
dexterity. Somehow back in the day, when somebody had a growth spurt, they couldn't walk. like a draft for, like the maybe it's two three years of their life. Nowadays it feels like the seven foot, guys six foot, ten guys have or handle, and shall why is that it is that the future, the game just big eyes. I can do everything
I mean yeah. I think that's the evolution of even you see these guys. Like you said at a much younger age at a you know being taller, they they they figuring out their coordination and they trying different things. I mean, I think, when you've got guys like Joel and b yolk, it's you know, Kevin durant being as tall as he is, and those guys have changed the game mode. You see the big guys growing up. They look at that and they say that I want to do what I want to be able to handle the ball and shoot jumper. So they start trying it at such a young age that they, they realistically have a good chance to be good at it, and some of them are really. You know, you see the brand new england's and you know the titans, and these guys are legit six. Nine six ten am able to do everything the guards cause of the problem. These guys coming performed, hey six, nine extend, looks a lot different. These days doesn't absolutely, I mean six, nine, six, ten back in the day used to be point guard This is yeah like you couldn't even really people even wrongly, looked uncomfortable it off the joints dead.
Here we can make an login back then down the core. You know I've been watching backpedal, huge. Human a body has evolved into the incredible athlete that some people become nowadays, I think, it's because of science and the more we learn the better it gets. But I feel like the ambiance is going to benefit from that type of shit immensely going forward, especially if everybody in experiment. A bunch of folders bring them in go ahead. Corner yeah q, rich for dudes, like yo kitchen LUCA, who are coming from overseas, who have already played pro. Is there a more kind of advantage to drafting guys like that, because they're already in the culture of professional basketball, vs guys that are coming a college.
I think all of this is situational type deal because there's been some guys has come over from overseas, has been playing pro one slash. Eight, they didn't really hit off as good as those two. I think those two are extreme scenarios where you looking and you know. Obviously, yolk is being a back to back mvp and luca being the conversation? Now so I mean, I think those two guys were. I think luke is a super super rare situation where he came over. He was a hundred percent pro ready yet played, however, many years in the pros and had one mvps and one championship. So he was a really rare situation where he came over and he feels like the mba. Is you know it's not as visible as overseas in a league to eat later? So I think he came in a different type of situation. I don't take everything back to check he's going to get fucking body, though. wait, who listen the
yeah I mean I'm, I'm I'm gonna, I'm gonna reserve that pain until I see him get out there because it is it, it's not the same mba. It was ten years ago. Ten, ten fifteen years ago, I would absolutely say: he's gonna get crane been crushed down and inside, but I mean it's a lotta guys at slim and trim and they move in and they figuring it out. So I think if he, if he I figure out a way his body is he got that? Why are we strong thing going we'll see? Definitely man that he has the lane he's going to be a threat at the rim on offense and defensive, no matter what he's got that library strength going on worry absolutely fucking love leather tone own. Can you please explain to us how John wall? Why no guaranteed contracts Forty games, or the last three years has he's gotten forty seven million this year does is houston and not a reply What's the situation, if you, if you could just explain that to us, please, I think last year, was absolutely a situation where he wanted to play. He came out a couple times. I think you know you take your hat off to him because he he.
Used to hag young draft picks and young players and basically went totally young and they told him. You know that he could. He could have bucked the system and said nah, but he agree with them that he would stay away from the chain to allow those guys to you know find a way and do that thing and having a having a figure like that, could kind of you know kind of be intimidating, even if he's not trying to it. Sometimes I think he he did a that, as far from player standpoint, but then it came to a point where he was like out I agreed to go away because I thought you know you guys are going to make a move for me and I was going to get to go somewhere like I'm, I'm ready to play. I was injured before, but like this past season from everything I've heard and know he was ready to play games available to play, but they weren't able to make a move for them. So I mean you look at now. What's going to come on up on this year, they can't make a move, for them is going to be the same situation because he doesn't want to sit out again this year. I mean usually anybody who follows him on instagram, you see mean he's been working extremely hard. He looks like he's in great shape and looking like he's got his athleticism and things back so he's right.
The place- or somebody have accounts here with that rockets, dumb, what. How is this even healthy? Hey? We don't want this. If he's healthy, still got still guy yeah he's a guy to me. I think so But then he saw me before you know before setting it down when they asked another plane what he looked like. He was back and everything I've seen from you know social media of him working out. He lives. I mean I don't take much account. Instead, I look at how his body is how his explosion and how his how he wanted things like that. So I don't try and look and see like what type of highlights of being the production value like yeah. He looks like he's back physically, where he needs to be, and if that's true, I think John wall play in this league right now and be impacts production. I very high made forty seven million to deregulation. Some play games with aids live during an interview, crossing look like he still had his competitive edge, which I respect what the rockets think their culture. So fucking that John wall the forty seven million not
to be around our team, what what that I've incompetency only happen in vienna felt some places like Detroit. Not now obviously mcdc detroit lions, tight situation there, what the rockets are known for and how did this come to be a I think they're known for that. I think it's just the situation. This is why this is why, when when, when I hear fans and different people talk about, you know try and be critical to pro athletes. It's like this is the prime situation. why you know that they told him like it now, but she was on the other foot and he was unhappy and you would say I want to be away from the saying that be telling him he's a he's. A painkiller he's this with like I'm a good we're the greed. They said, we don't want you around, go home and be away alight,
it played forty seven million. I could totally sell. I belong here. I don't want to go anywhere, but you know he'd be at that. I make a leap. What if the shoe was on the other foot, where he's feeling like diva, so it was killing me maine, forty, seven million. They will be killing them and It's just how it goes. That's why I feel like he's in a great situation where he was hurt in all of those things going on, but he's getting paid a ton of money, no matter what happens so he does win in that situation. But it's like everybody, isn't that fortunate you get guys that get sent home and stuff they ain't got no guaranteed deal is just over with for them rich? Can the warriors keep this up? Can they continue to dominate in when shaping ships not going to be able to keep his team together? Yes, the everything's, a laker, but there he sold a piece of the. I think he sold a piece of the arena or the team, or something to give himself like five or six hundred million to be able to cover the run I mean when you win a championship when you do things like that, like that,
pays war, like you know, like the whole everybody's. By about the rams have another never rain. They came had assumed there and wanted they got all that money back the only way to getting it back and then it all back. So it's like for the warriors, they were if they were being smart and tactful annoying like trying to calculate how many more years that Stefan and damon and clay had together and they want to close that run out and not do with my. My chicago bulls did and ran into reality and ruin the damn dynasty weekend. So I will go later on with root for instead of standing with these guys through and through like cause. They went through a lot of injuries and stuff. Where people will say you should trade klay. You should do this, she brought up and they hail from and they they they they reaping the benefits of it. Now they watched the last dancer like we will not be portrayed had jerry crack.
jerry, krause after appreciate your time hosting just going to sneak in here and we're not going to know who exists and then probably become somebody tonight is I couple guys is there. Anybody on on the look out here that we should keep an eye for I'm here and it's the current wanna, don't want to say his name is close to yoke is just like Nikola jovial, Joel, Is that a dovish sound like that? It's like he's he's he's from one of them yeah he used to he's gonna, be that somebody's gonna sneak up and kind of surprised people haven't the same, but that's what I'm being told is that boa? Is that bell cruise I don't know, have you. Oh no! That's
I haven't watched the movie, that's no! That's not him! No, that's not! That's! Not! The girls want one to the reverse is nice. Papers from this point for twenty two you haven't seen. Also, though, did you did? busy running around between the pike as the finals and then doing stuff. With the coming up to the draft. Now I have not had a chance to be honest. What's the community's thoughts on hustle overwhelmingly positive, yeah? I think everybody. I talked to everybody loved it. Like all the players. I talked to a lot of the you know, candy and all the guys excited about it. I mean everybody. I talked to like okay, Anthony edwards I might win an oscar crushed hurry. I heard I heard he was really. He was really good and everybody was a lot of people talking about him saying he really did good. He might be able to accurate at war, that's just who he is, and it just wasn't easy raw natural talent, asshole shit, talker, which I think he could be
he might be a method actor procedure. Good luck today, bar. Thanks guys precise. If I have ladies and gentleman Quentin Richardson did he play the big three see she's still on. huge quite a the big three, yeah. I want championship season to power. Me again, see no love weekly, baby Davis. Nancy yeah the you took even we game on that. Yet We lost that thing one once or twice. Maybe once enlargement one get, did you love it? Oh yeah, we got ours at the time. It was a cool time and every weekend we get to get together and like we kicked them out at that time, and that was my first time long time and type your show. So you know it would sleep going into his fifth season right now, take three: it's fucking incredible, there's not a lot of leagues that last five seasons, and that's because
Former top of the big joining us now is the insider for the insiders he owns the ad short report twitter which we have referenced numerous times on this particular has I did a thousand no, Has any insider bandit thousand no scenes As of like two motherfuckers at nine, nine percent had grants retirement before everybody else. He also pull up. Podcast was see James column, he's a host of the game. Diana fell and also works for the boardroom is to expand done that with everything? fell insider jordan No? It is great to have you I didn't know this type of electricity was coming through through. Where are we right now? Are you in a log cabin out in the middle of the woods? in the middle of the woods baby, but hey. I always got time for the pat mcafee show with asia.
Hey? Let's go. We appreciate you finding a little bit of service in there is that a log cabin is that of an accident yeah. We got. We got a low level wifi, but in this case I was able to prop it up and you know basically throw away my spots of this- would work ok well plugged, I think back in afterwards, because it's much more important than this combo with us, but we appreciate you taken time out here, It's vacation you're, always working every insiders working. How did you the gronk information before anybody else, you obviously have chosen. The nba was siege Emma column and you work for the boardroom and everything are you both yeah you're, an nfl guy, and should we be treating you as such a little bit more? I really appreciate the love, so I've actually kind of shifted more toward the nfl over these past six months to a year. Because, patsy your point, I think it's going to fuse,
I think sometimes when people ask me, why are you and I don't really know because I've kind of down vote, so I would say I've shifted more towards the nfl. I've talked to your good friend, our good friend ian rapoport. About the same, you know it's better to be really good at one than just pretty decent at three or four things. I love you PA. I play basketball in college for four years. I was terrified, but I can still shoot it shoot it, but I would say that in the case of rob, that was one of those things where we've been really good friends for a few years now- and I had put a bug in his ear about six months ago- and I said: hey- I don't know what you're going to do next offseason, but whatever it is, whatever you decide, will you feel comfortable? Sharing information with me and he's he did it and he was a man of his word. He told me when the time comes I'll, take care of you and that's I don't know how well you know rob, but he is one of the really good dude and he has his. Like persona being
Crazy kind of you know bigger than life personality, but did you spend time with him? He was like a very low key she'll duties he's been great gronk jordan. How confident are you that he stays retired? I know drew rosenhaus already has made comments that he thinks he might come back in
the shooting who knows what's going on, but wait. What are your feelings on that when I talked to him right after he? We basically talked for fifteen minutes. Before I put the news down, I said: are you sure this is what you want and everything and this is it, and he said he really does feel content, and I asked him what does that mean, and he said basically look over the last ten years he's been through a lot from a health standpoint. When he came out of college, he had a broken back out of arizona. He slipped in the draft. He had a basically a plate in his back, but he's still, there he's been injured. Multiple times he's had a ton of issues with head and head injuries, and I think he really does feel content he's going to pursue other opportunities outside of football. Investing career, the money, I that he can pretty much do whatever he wants, but I got the sense that right now he just wants to be key, and I finally asked him like look at Tom falls week ten and says rock: I need you baby come back
like what are you? What do you say to that end? I got this asset. The answer remains now with thirty three years old, but he has other afore. I wouldn't be shocked per se. It became backward in terms of great refer to you, know tom in him a bend in the mountains of numerous times together. What are you? it took so long and do you think he is decision up whatever Tom announces retirement they went on, came back. He d like contemplate dessert. video of governor the barbershop intact a baby's, they said I wouldn't know I thought we lost service in the woods, If they said hey rob, what are you doing? Are you going to come back? He was like wait for a little bit longer and we all kind
I thought, oh he's just going to come back training camp he's going to miss all those years. Smart move enjoy a summer. Do his thing: do you think he was tons of money or do you think he's done this for a little bit of time? No, I think you've got to play because when the season started coming back, I was with him when the season ended and I said how you feeling physically- and he said I'm tired, but I have to think about this. I won't know for a couple of months and we had I checked in with him over the last few months and I didn't get a definitive answer to me. That was either he's leaning towards either he doesn't know or maybe leaning towards coming back, and I was with Tom about six weeks ago and I asked him have you talked to and he was like. I don't really know it's still pretty early. So to me, the answer is It probably made the decision over the last few days. Maybe the last week made sure it was right and then just ultimately decided that's what he was going to go with. Congrats gras caliber on the payment date with the best idea. Ever I mean it has to be right
In my eyes he is, but everybody calls me like dishes, backwater, the old generations it up now and wines loaves of the world. Yes, you more Js Gonzales, it's been dollars sure yeah, there's like that whole conversation, sharp dallas, shannon yeah hell a hell of a player, the dallas clark. It was a teammate of mine, he's unbeliever, While there has been great title, in the past, but I think if you picked, grow up and put them in any era, he would have done well, there was back in the hay tighter. Just another left tackle or right tackle? I didn't cry been all pro that drop them, and now what is much more pass heavy to the title? gotta be able to get open he's.
obviously was at the top here. I think that is why, in my eyes, gronk is the best tight end of all time, but people attack me for not having respect for the pass. All the time you know what I mean you could have respect for all those great players, but his first five, six seven years through your point that you would know this better than me as well, but wasn't it wasn't robbed like a premier blocker, who was very willing as well, and that made a massive Not only is new england passing game where the running game as well, absolutely any had a buddy on the opposite side to play tight, end wisdom. That was a freak athlete to do so Hernandez the guy was a man, I don't know. If you've ever watched him play, the guy could fly elk player paid him before the playground. What do you get information on the draft tonight? Is that what the calls are right now something yeah a couple of calls in a drafty you saw some trades, Jeremy grant was traded to portland, but I am fired up with a strap. This is a sneaky good draft. I dunno how much
It takes its overdressed deployed on a shit about fucking and we talk to your rich and now the last hour, and he told me about a young, a nickel java who is present on the other, the as yet the magic. If it was your get your bits, oh yeah, rich in your kids, that would be the council make, as there are the twenty or twenty one. They could take them and they could have yoga yoga's, okay, so you're still in the embedded world, even though you're trying to change because more people care little attention to it. You know making sure I know what's going on, but not not reporting anything, I'm just making sure one first, a where did you play college at again? I don't think I heard you when you said that I was in seattle. You went for two years there now in the wac and then I transfer down to a degree school called occidental very small. I was, I was a very an athlete under sized to guard the too bad things right too bad arms.
It's a massive effort, though massive slightly flawed. You know what it was like. I was like a hetty hetty player, coaches and yeah first warning last, one out hard worker, fundamentally sound We did some research. I do believe your family is yes. My problem yeah, I every time I watch the show which is then there every day for actually I'm wondering what what is the drink? we're consuming okay, so I've made a change here lately. I used to be a green tea guy to splendors no liquid cane sugar, there's kind fuck. The starbucks boxer where they would slip. The liquid cane sugar show any kind of you very making fix that starbucks, do believe pretty big part right. That's your dad! My fault! How did I not know that? Okay, all right cause- I don't I don't talk about it. I don't publicize it. I just try to stay away from it, but in this case obviously, yes,
bring it up yeah! That's why the show states, so I do apologize for doing that. But can you do research yeah yeah you. Please have them him, though What cane sugar thing like that's a real problem, I think, especially in like a health drink in, places it's an option, some places it's not an option, some places. It shows up some places. It doesn't I get healthy and then for like the first two weeks, I was drinking that green tea. I went on it like oh shit, I'll drinking more calories than a goddamn diet. Coke right now like what out categories the real problem. What's that bell, sugars out of control no streets so no sugar, no liquid cane sugar, to split? this is. What I used to do give me the biggest bring to you got that as of one I've learned, I could live forever if I drink coffee, so I'd move right over to give me rice or blondie, or something like that I need to. What does a splash of almond milk, more last year, maybe
Is that what is this? Is this taste delicious disdain? Delicious breakdown argue that that might as well. I I want their eyes Bobby, but a little laugh, the mary you gonna low calorie by europe to get a copy what so you you were a part of the entire I mean starbucks became the most popular franchise in the world right very quickly. That kind of happened. It was that guy, you know I'm thirty six. They went public in ninety one. When I was five- and I say by the late nineties, when they went to asia and europe, it really exploded dad dude, yeah, then again, dad remained a cool guy like I feel like we got successful of a company very, very chill, dude. We actually just went back about three months ago and he couldn't stay out. You know just when they pull me back in. He got he got pulled back in, but no he yeah, I mean honestly, the the worst was the worst, for me at least was going on
road and high school college and the opposing fans that was like I am I may require as well and and will use the joke in the car rice, almost pressing high school, you know they're getting more and more creative you're gonna have to come up with some new stuff rhymes with a lost. My favorite, my favorite was frappuccino boy. That was Hey, frappuccino boy now would be very popular. I believe, because our popular starbucks has become the back in the day was probably barton ridiculed now, everybody on earth live in dies with your dad's brought, hey congrats, explained our congrats bob- and I also like the fact they are not big backing on their journey, to make your own way. That is life King enjoy that and lot of respect for that, the ivory For me it was always about sports. Always you know, and once I realized, I wasn't good enough to hope anymore. This was the only thing I ever wanted to do and I I listen. I appreciate you guys. Amjad I've been a lot a long time fan aids that you're playing days way back
yeah you're playing days to fuck off data by telling us got brims? Maybe the greatest banking use guy arab, thank you yeah. Why? Don't you tell your dad by team? Is that's something he's ever looked into or sports, or what do you think he just wants to disappear? I think that windows is firmly close, especially for me like I, I never let that happen. Why because I try to do this The team with him, then I got to downtown happen. What what age or pappy potentially interested in a in a in a gm If I can do it from Ohio as a consulting role, yes is offered a general manager judeo, like some there be the year when a bottle. If you want to buy anything that we potentially enjoy, would take the whole operation, water boy. We get of free everyday? Yes, absolutely! Alright,
at the angels? Send the contract over this thing has made me shit, my pants. Does your dad talk about that copies, a natural diuretic, so you're drinking too much of it?
Okay, alright I'll, remember that after I slowed down to good your dad sent me up there, I had gone yeah, shorty, josie and Anderson reported about the seahawks, still have an interest in baker. Have you heard anything about that, and would they take the entire contract from cleveland yeah? I'm glad you asked, because I was just talking to an assistant gm about this and basically the bottom line with mayfield. Is it all about eighteen point? Seven one cleveland take an abortion or a considerable chunk of that. The answer, potentially, is yes. Seattle. Now has Geno smith and drew lock. I don't think either. One is the future per se. Both are while interest case still a pretty young player, but I wouldn't be surprised. Ultimately, though fellas if seattle wins the baker mayfield route, I feel like they would have done it already and I I know carolina has been rumored. Obviously, sam is still there, but to me the the brown still need to figure out, what's going to happen with sean watson and ultimately, if they, I know jacoby percents there, but do they
baker may feel as a contingency plan should decide. These splendid break, aims and games all season, but the axe requested in the back you, I won't be very surprised to see. I don't want to make Europe the. What do you know about? It may feel situation in cleveland. How that end so bad? Why? When did it get that way, and should we have seen this indifferent, ams during the season last year. No, I think I figured it progressively, has gotten to this point. You know two years ago he had a really good season and he was healthy and the last season. Everything went essentially into the dumps he cratered the offensive line, didn't necessarily protect them, solve the problems he played through it. It was just a nightmare, but I think bigger than that fellows is the leadership or lack there of as that's what I've heard and talking to not only players but coaches gms. There is a stance around the
Baker. Mayfield is still a really immature guy, and even, if he's healthy, do you really want to deal with that in your locker room and from my perspective, you know he has not been able. T has not been the face, the leader of that locker room really since day. One he's never been able to get to that point which at the number one pick you if you hope that that happens, AJ is immature. A the same labeling is distraction, but can be right. He's fought that labour, you get labour is a distraction or anything like that around the felt its over even grow up, though, can grow up. I don't know you think he could go if you got the right opportunity they get any had a good year. Obvious When things are going well, guys, usually behaving things seem to go pretty well in the locker room. Do you think revamp his career and his image. Well, maybe this humbled him to you know I think, oh scam. I asked I asked a couple of guys like: is he a bad dude or if you just immature, and it was more the latter?
bad guy, but he's just young. Are there any examples, jordan and went back and you go to the college football playoff and all these extra real progressive commercials? He was the kind of the face of the league before he was ready for it. You know in the case of hammer home she was a super. Mature guy was not a number one overall pick. You know he had time to learn under Alex smith. I think in baker's case, in his mid twenties, yeah they're still in argued to be made that he's a talented guy and he could still be a really good nfl player. You could win with baker if he's solid, like he was two years ago, but the distraction point to your path to your point. Pat is a pain in the ass to deal with, especially when you're thinking about extending a guy long term and getting
a hundred, but no you dollar see he has not shown him ending up back at the bronze would be the most bronze thing of all tat everybody in pittsburgh. We'll get. This is clear. I second money. We we knew he would it be a bitter camp, but like the longer this goes on, you could easily argue that claimant loses more leverage and it becomes more unhappy and ultimately, if he is there any starting week, one for example, but that we have just one I don't want that'd be that'd, be pretty indicative of the jimmy. Has an origin lesson. It's only awkward, if you make it awkward, that is, every situation in since the beginning of time. Somebody told me that when I was in high school, I believe it was rhine lawman as well, about to walked into a situation in which everybody in the party were walking into hated us we know the longer there, the wild duck law that has great guy right arm in great depth and when he was very nicely growing up, but we in some situation where everybody in their hated as we know it any little,
looked me right before I walked in a couple years younger than it is What, if you make it awkward like kid almost and then we just walked in there and bubbly hey like we're supposed to be. There John everybody else settled down, and then what where we had to go and then we're just gonna want through it, and I've carried that with me. however, because I think I was pretty scared to go into where we are headed. I'm like this. it's gonna end terribly like this is this is not good for me, not good for my future. I don't think it's good. For my my face to get beat up? I think I think, there's a good chance. Only operate Make it ok, we go in there and it was just like a quick easy thing. I've carried it forever because that moment should not have ended like what we're walking into was a bizarre and then how we approached it changed everything. Baker could do with the browns, just like the browns could do that if they were to get back in there like a bygone by Humbled got humbled through entire thing, the browns into exactly what we should have done in kind of move on, but that's going to be alive
going to have to happen here in a short amount of time when we don't even know how many days or games to shun wants is going to be suspended and it turns out that not going to come out for a little bit either at that? Just feels like a lot has to happen there and we're running out of time. I think for everything. Don't you then jolts? One hundred percent I want away from guys reporting I mean a month in preseason game, starting five, six weeks six weeks, so it's a very short period of time and to your point I guess I would say, with baker if he can find a way, let's say hypothetically stays in cleveland to not make it awkward. As you said, and just pony up and say, I made my my share of mistakes. I know I'm not the quarterback of the future, but I'm gonna do everything. I can right now to help us win games and get ready for the season. That would be a big testament to him and ultimately would probably help his trade value like to me to your point earlier. Ha he's still, a very young guy
and if you could somehow have the self awareness- and I think he has lacked that's self awareness of where he's at that would be huge for him. I I hope he does, that I really do that video that always gets played of him walking down that sideline, and I I hate to mention this because I'm a baker guy, I like baker It has he's been through a lot I enjoy watching them play. season was fascinating, interesting, looking along whatever Somebody shows it from somebody. That's been on the a lot. in my position was to be on the sidelines to watch the quarterback in a situation. Walk down. the entire silent and nobody even look at him. Nobody even look at him or talk to him. It's like! Oh, we should have known then like something something it's going on you and then the ob ob stuff about obi J, and none of the two it really came out to bat for baker. They're almost like anonymous sources were like yeah like
The way, obviously speaking, is like how a lot of us feels like shit like what. How did we get here hopefully they'll, be able to fix that if they have to for the good of baker a bit of brown, but the brown paint the brown, the bronze is no longer the browns, but it feels like the browns is doing a lot of brown. Shit right now. Go ahead tone in short, they're, going to get your thoughts and you were a big help to the draft spectacular because you don't work for any of the networks and you did not give a shit about tweeting out the draft picks as who's. They happened. Dyke did you get any better
glass from that, or no because you're, independent and you're going to be doing that tonight as well tremendous tremendous question I I I did get some backlash, I mean I was in the spm for three years and you know this year. I've been you're essentially on my own, as you said, and I did hear from the league office and they weren't thrill- and I made sure I was asking my sources is what I'm doing. Okay is after the first round and all of them said yeah you're fine, so I just said: okay, let's just let's go with it, I mean fuck off by the way. Basically, my eye I didn't like the thing was, I was hearing from players who second, third fourth run out now we're now saying hey what are you here? Can you give me? and so- and that was good because I felt like I could at least provide a service to them, and I was able to tell guys you're going to go into pics. You know you're going to go out and fuck the kids fuck driving
lost out immensely like it's, not your fault that you're getting that information in the network People who handed a connects are upset about Don't you worry about any of that shots the thing we appreciate you for. I was thinking I really appreciate your fellow than I was thinking about what you said. Member who drafted with both callaghan. Nobody comes with birthday party, yes, and I was the browser to use all I don't know. I just thought for some reason: I bought it. baker, nobody argue its wild. You gotta especially deposition that position adequately automatically the leader to the things that have happened, especially because they ve got a little but a succession of air for the first time in forever. All the entry to find out who keep our eyes on your twitter account. Please diet that about the liquid. Shouldn't. We all have a guy, I well last. What for me is out of the two use the best offer, of course, I'm like programme what do you know body me? Don't you think you're donor,
I got out yeah athleticism if your knees are so bad, though, like my knee also bad but hey like death, I'm staying out and drain three zone cause I'm gonna cut. That is not a point guard. That's what I'm saying, though, like one on one you're not gonna, be able to move. I can move a little bit. I mean I can yeah. I would I'm not going to play you one on one, but you can't dribble. Walk like frank rebel. Okay, you look at your hands. How would you do that would be tough if you able to drop come on? That is unbelievable. the thing about age, a rare for for having a forty eight hour, your great athlete greater. If this guy you see to go the moment, if he glued his hand to it a counter starbucks, would you know He's got off the milk You're, a barrack lumbar up our athletes are usually point
which brass boy you're stuck. Actually man has the seattle. You do. Let's go go right off. They sought him barely where work were barely yeah. Well, you left, you said I'm going down day, three out of necessity, because I wasn't playing oh okay. I respect that. I love the hustle love the grind. We thank you for what you do on the internet you're the best. Ladies and gentlemen, Jordan, I would say that, though, are we even allowed to talk about fee, because the amount of terrible money they have definitely taken in their pockets? people still around all day spoil Janusz sons of bitches? Of course they are yet another president said watch out over twenty six will be number one. That is not the case.
Not in america, but then we'd be we'd dog, lock mexico and were ranked below them in the fifa world rankings, because FIFA just takes money from everybody and just pays gets paid off denmark sucks at soccer. How are we not top five people, like the n c, double a? What are they? Yes, exactly! That's a great comparison of who fifa is. Ok, what they run. Do they just run the world cup? That's it. They run soccer it's called up. They call they run like all soccer. When I was growing up it was fifa regulated, like the rest, were certified through fifa like that Why was the organization I was support of? They were a thief organizations of fifa has the federal now international footballs, something whatever so do they have any say in like what ronaldo is doing on his normal team? I don't know that this is not by the lead. The club, Lee but the leagues are probably sanctioned by five. If I Don'T- but I was really
I thought that he was doing if they're doing united states like regions, Things are usually exerts a fee for my just run, the usually about their lives The fourth offers a big corner. I can tell you that an association of what you say about soccer is an absolute caught. It can be a young age. It is all encompassing that soccer and I was on the road for fucking, like five six year straight over reverence all facets of the game regulating rules of play, overseeing the transfers of players, internationally organizing international competitions. dirty money at all yeah. They don't care about. Suddenly in jail, the other, the sap ladder, the previous president at a press conference and somebody walked in and just starts rolling. Hundreds on you remember that no I saw pictures of it. Yeah yeah,
in the new guy. I assume it's just a disciple joining us as our soccer expert straight out of the fifa academy of soccer smarts, currently being trained in canada cause he was deported from america, but love might bring him back. Our friend, you'll be subdued, I applaud hey, how's everything going on as well. My friend. Oh yeah, you got a little glow to your right now. That goes, fixes camera other way, all right, you're right, you're, right, you're right, I doing where you stand, there were several got it has. short was. He was out of the bushes you're out in the canadian bush. We had a couple bush caused today. The bushmeat crisis- arrogance towards us look at you live in or you have any guess, but
oh well, I will have to in. You think why'd. You come to beers, bud loads funds via look, that's good news, other an abortion founded by lights. It somebody should it from here. I found a nice little spot. Few bars have had them. Just not very many. There are many dolly by law I do one you have. The dump train is coming through. Congratulations on a real, quick fifa. Everything is like those eyes, premier league in all that are they involved in that as well or is it just international play when it gets to adults just international as you for but the thing is us move us anyway. So what you say: let's go back to the graph at us as champions league. Fifa is all national. So that's the difference.
International sort, ok, so fever runs all international shit like when I was growing up fee for certified rats I think we're our rafts are league was people certified, they do youth shit. and then the international stuff yeah, but us moved up, so I don't know how? How is mexico ahead of them no fuck yeah. It's full of shit, denmark, they stink even a candidate academy, the world cup. There, forty third so where's that I staked out like that is imposed on Apply yeah, that's pride that he has our neighbour a plan. Thank because you're on your government decide not to pay them. Those drew you make available. I leave us like the most drop. The most corrupt right, oh yeah, this blockade and how this world cup is even happening is the most absurd thing of all time. Like I don't know how the live shit like everyone like fascist, golfers, taken heritage, the fucking world cup has never been indecision.
Burke ever like why? How did this happen? How did we get here, but you can do? Is there the group, who is there to hold of who is there to hold them accountable, is running one oversee and visa oversight me. After those that bladder I'd like a fake heart attack when he was supposed to fucking, take the stand him snyder, what The fucking same school that my mom sent me a text earlier and she was like you know. Five years ago, a lot of people attacked you for not taking a guaranteed money. Another attack and athletes were taking guaranteed money. Isn't that kind of fascinating? I'm like what is interesting, how everybody picks and chooses things but fifa like long known as a very corrupt organization. Oh yeah, the works like I said. The the world cup in qatar is tells you everything you need to know. all about like let's, the other numbers are to their numbers might not be as good because summertime there's nothing going on. Well, we are just meat heads cuz, it's football season
and, like the final like us sunday afternoon, I won't be Sunday. They'll have to do that middle the week that yet the time, the time a fuckin be here, because I think it'll be during the days of the numbers of still be all right, but don't like hold on words, don't like their numbers are going be real too. Don't underestimate their arrogance. They might roll a championship game out on Sunday. That us overestimating, I should like it was. I think, the lose america than what networks carries a sunday at ten. A m must be It's perfect to pray before and after that day, right there boy is down that smart, semper, eighteenth December eighteenth. That is so insane that the world cup is in December man. We could add it this summer with nothing. What's going on two hundred all right, the They understood the weather of qatar when they awarded them the world cup. Correct, I don't think they did, I don't think, took a single they just
for the amount of money they going to get the movie tickets are all in favour. I I oppose that's what shut the fuck up? Nobody, let's move on what about the bodies without having to afterward yeah, who cares that happened afterwards, we'll just move back four months who can either use or c cans for the stadiums, because that's all they sent all the fucking money, That makes sense. We thought that was the case. We're happy that you know a lot more about this and you're right on the same page as us. How did you feel about Goodall's performance yesterday? Well, what do you want from the guy good old. You know what I did like what the fuck with the app but it's privacy. Soon, as I saw a c span, I knew we were in a terrible squad. Is that okay not rights, do one wandered shit show up there. I mean there's some stuff coming out now about goods produced. to those driving. I like a diver.
I asked marks marksman already all that you all right when we run whitney did what one american former hockey blurred did the entire parliament say tat. You might think this is what let me set her heart. All parliaments are always joke. Yeah he's trying to step in, and so the media. Well, I'm gonna, give you said yourself from there. Is this what and you have had to face over the top aren't enjoy yourself? We measure can't wait. get listen to hammered down a couple of big power lies in the office in last night, balkan boys, revising fuckin, bruising mustache back giveaway here. Tms. pms c span now we lost power, power, pms or pms.
The obvious rebel The tall you you know I can't border is out of sight, I fucking happy em as gonna be boating those years. Apostrophe s start working. Yes, guppies back to america, the pms big brain the most power do we'll get that when I get back to america now is not the time to have his penis all over the place I haven't fox or shoot fifty friedrich, tat you should fifty free throws How many will he make use hashtag pms our, have I didn't your cash drag in there and
something nice to somebody and you will automatically enter to win and if you get it right out of fifty We will then randomly select from their ten winners of five hundred dollars. Let's per day say some nice to somebody else. AJ, all the time you look great. I love what you're doing up there. I can't wait to get you back in the states, like I tweeted you're, doing great that you're going to kill it this weekend friday in Austin, keep up the good work. Let's go. You nice, how many? If these eager to make our every talking to me, don't only have I got a lot of faith in Abby he's make forty two of guess. We will the video announced the winner use, hashtag pms power are. w e r. H o? U- and I have a great- We weekend we will miss the hell out of you, and tomorrow night
down in our thou art manning's knew tat, go austin, Texas can't wait to be down there. We'll see Monday have a great weekend. T remember MR boys get this. enjoy weekend to you too, hammered dancing like fifteen minutes at youtube. Dot com forward, slash hammer down, can't wait for more winters. I hope you guys are taking quite a victory lap today, big thanks to ice cube to cube or cube. We just shut it off right. In the middle of that conversation ha, What happened to reno thanks for your time, jordan time. Thank you for your time and time monday on have the of show of all time. See goodbye,
the The aw Ooh hmm
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