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2022-06-29 | 🔗

On today’s show Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys talk about Deshaun Watson’s latest, Plum High School accepting Pat’s donation, the UFC, and everything else going on in the sports world. Joining the progrum in the first hour is NFL Network and FOX sportscaster, Host of Good Morning Football, Emmy winner, Peter Schrager, to chat about Bum Ass Corbin, the Packers offense, the 49ers situation, Baker Mayfield, more on Watson, news about GMFB, and the effect of the Terry McLaurin deal on future deals (0:21:16.606-0:52:36.360). Later in hour two, UFC Bantamweight stud, twitch streamer, Fortnite Champ Pro-AM 2018, and Complexity member, Suga Sean O’Malley, chats with Pat, AJ, and the boys about his upcoming fight at UFC 276 Saturday night against Pedro Munhoz, how he performs at such a high level, how he deals with success, his take on oculus boxing, and how he celebrates (1:17:04.179- 1:32:23.774). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all of you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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How long for it is winter, Wednesday june, twenty ninth, two thousand twenty two, a new sports show on the bus ride. That's writing some sports sock showered there's a lot going on in the world of sport, and by that I mean everything that we talked about yesterday is still looming overhead hell yeah. Will we get an answer to one question which is of the games? John watson going to be suspended, which would then lead to the baker mayfield conversation, which will then lead to the Jimmy g conversation, which will then lead to the entirety of the offseason and every single nfl team? There are some interviews from other podcasts that will definitely have to dive into because George Kittle spoke some gospel to the boston. What the boys boys down there nashville george Kittle, obviously has a house in nashville heads, side and university down there. Boston went to. Was crushed during titan university, a lot of good content coming out of there. We have to talk about it. Some seasons still brew EU might not just be for me
that might be for other people in this office. Up to some season has lingered into others. Do Jos and other aspects of the office. It's a beautiful time to be alive, and we can't thank you enough for all your support, both watching tweeting tax following life, living laughing and eventually moving on from us, and we completely understand We'Ll- have some phone calls and a five hundred phone line. One eight three three four max: We can't wait to chat with you peter schrager of good morning football with Jonathan about sixteen minutes. I believe he had a dunno if it's public, I don't want to be the leader I think he had a pretty similar bout with a cover that I had on the show as like eleven days, he had a damn wage, which is what I I he it sounds like. He found
He wanted. The song do nook and cranny somewhere and he found the o g nineteen. Well, it sounds like he found. He was out that wedding, obviously, and I don't want to put two and two together a lot of money out there. Maybe some people did had the o g nineteen strain in the back pocket and wash rags was dancing like LEO in in the wolf of wall street. They slipped that thing into his drink and he just drank down the original nineteen out of commission for eleven days. Back on the other side, I assume he has a full new perspective on life. Appreciation enjoy on freedom, can't wait to talk to him about all this stuff going on good morning football. The fellows a whole shook a shadow. Miley will join us for the first time in a year in the next hour. He obviously has a massive fight coming up this weekend against is fighting Pedro moon hose.
There's no way, that's how it's spelled. Yeah, it's moon, yours Pedro munoz, have your mood Saturday night at u of c two holy six. This is international fight week, this the biggest card of the year ally being on it makes a lot of sense. We can't wait to chat with him again hope life is good. I haven't, we haven't talked to him in a long time. I can't wait to catch up and see how he's feeling he is a. performer well, he views his fights as a performance he wants to display. He wants to have cool knockouts. He actually in our introduction to him. Had a guy knocked out with his left hand, let off of him. So he could. Come out with his right hand, because it said another right hand from sugar land on his march that he wanted to sell. Immediately after, like that type of confidence, he's a hustler is a business man. He understands the fight game. He has a lot of big time. Famous friends, I can't wait Dennis Sean O'Malley here, just a few days before his you have see to seventy six. Not
we are Sally. I had to talk to the table at nick marauder rock in a python shirt. Is that the shea tree sace else saturday at a little place to conduct business download the port store. It's a pork store, The finest italian meat support store does just going to go over there in new jersey, where the social club meets yeah guys. It doesn't saturate oils that are, you know, get a little pork and beans down or we'll go we'll figure out the goddamn issues at hand, thankful you're here, not only because the seat would be empty because ty Schmidt, hey, we love you tat. We have all. I assume tried to spoil their baby as much as possible to become the favourite uncle in the in the club house com.
At the early lead, because he had gone to the hospital numerous times long before nyc, even thought about whether nicht bad friend, connor great friend at boston, Connor, how you feeling pal, I feel fantastic how's. It feel to be a terrible thing. I didn't want to put this out there, but I did go see the baby on Monday night and got to hold baby. So Connor had already been in the hospital three times. Why didn't help Conor actually gave birth? He was there. Let that mutant freak anywhere near the other babies babies under a year how's, the family, doing good yeah everybody's, that's. When you wrote, I hear a family which we assume that nick was wet. I until we learned that he was not very little corner was invited. I also heard that it was a self invite. Now the would sell can invite self
but that's also a good, and I appreciate all nick was going to get to the bottom of that by the way. As soon as I heard you say, I actually went to the hospital I saw nick's face. Go oh really, you're you're trying to be a better human than me all of a sudden, and actually I went the next day I delivered food mix makes just like oh what the fuck is going on here. So I'm happy you did get to the bottom of it. How is thai caitlin and sloan everybody good everybody's, doing great yeah picture we got last night with that little baby is going to be beautiful, oh yeah definitely times baby, though same same shape of head. No doubt about that same hair to same hair, same shape of head, let's hope same misery as we and comedy and same brain intelligence, not caitlin. I think smarter than all of us. is going to be awesome and that is officially. The first baby in this office has ten kids he's back in plum,
at ten kids he's in ohio, slowness, the first baby of the office so happy is going ahead red dickie spoiled, as this is all of ours, first time with new toys and options of buying for these things, and it's just going to become I got a life size. Elephants said to that house. We go yeah, stuffed you're half day also saw a rather large large very nice bouquet of flowers that was sent from the magazine, fair, cordial? It's not you yourselves short of cordial process, I'm trying to make sure that baby nose like hey, although I will not be around you. Ok, and I will not invest a lot of time in your life until you're. A little bit older know that I'm here and I'm appreciative of your existence, because from what I've heard, when you have a baby immediately, better person ties is going to stop
Bro Chu and he's going to stop working already nah three days in thai. We miss you pal at boston corners here, no conversation about the patriots at all this off season. He loved that I mean they're done real conversation. Is you know, Orlowski being worried about? You know, there's a week so worried about it and I mean schrager. Actually I do kind of have a bone to pick with him because he said you know him bill simmons, bill, simmons, nephew and also majority are the only guys in MAC jones camp right now it's like what the what are we even talking about. I thought we know that mac jones is good he's going to those industry babies there. You know, I don't want to say, take our texts and then act like they created them, but there's a lot of people put onto a platform given a platform and think that and think it diversity I woke up on third base. Think I hit a triple take stay vacations back to back to back to back to back
is. There is a lot of that with the industry babies happening on tv as well and shreds yeah what a straight transfer out of the shell. He knows. We exist, yeah, hey pal! We want just plucked input on the tv in a suit police, have a little respect for the conversations we've had about people in this nfl sports media media around we are are stewards, the game, that's that's, and we we about you know, know verbal every day for three hours and I know it's very difficult for a lot of people to do that. You know I understand specially, the day to day words really just lawsuits in and a lot of tomfoolery, but I come on we ve, been talking about the pages we have actually talked about our mac jones is actually a second year, quarterback he's been there for fifteen years. It feels like already, but now I feel that, just because I wear a tank top and the other face and mall yeah. I know that's just part of the game, I guess and because we have too many fucking italians in here will def I think I'm not saying another paper samuel will hold you back in some respects. Scared about this room is becoming mostly plumber. Brill the palm boys in here you are,
image mustangs hanging out talking sports, you gotta love, it feel like we're back in the cafeteria boy tries it is even as terrible as plum was we didn't quit on. It yeah, you are totally out of luck. Did your school, I love blah. What do you mean bullied out of blowback every year? The family? You actually do go back for more than most people had a problem, so I I got theirs. or about me by was for what is at tea for I don t care to gag is too So, deputy last night, I guess the plum school board had to accept our donations. To teams are nice, so there That's a very nice wow! Thank you. It's decision, thank you for it. I our donations that have already been given to all the teams, but since they did that in a public thing Then WMD ay and upright in an article eight,
there's. No, you know. I was the punter for that soon. Not even a mention of like a entrepreneur sure you know, has a show that does okay, I just former plum mustang former colts kicker, giving back the community, which I am very fond of you to wrestle mania in sanction match is, as a person at rustlers cannot I sank to the match clearly so vince sanctioning imagine which he was in while he was standing in the ring. That's not right That's just now that was our mind defeated in the photo they chose me as at the white freeze, ring of honor. I believe when I went out there, I am to ninety in their photo too one hundred and ninety pounds in that photo, so I do appreciate the write up, I'm very lucky to be in a position that a man, but please know that I'm not doing it for the fucking plum school board. I'm not for the news, I'm not doing it for the fucking teachers, I'm not doing it for the fucking school I'm doing it
strictly for the kids of plum, potentially been actually robbed from the parent teacher treasure organization, treasure or other decisions that have been made by people in power plum over the years that a potentially undertook attorneys, where a lot of plum kids why I'm giving the money to, and although they ok, two hundred and fifty like don't be an ever a never ending total that she's going to go forever, hopefully to take care of, maybe the next me or the town or the Ex neck or the next or are you me the next year, we are going to try to make sure they get fucked like old school days. Sure I mean that's where we're from and make sense, I'm just glad he wants a mustang, always a mustang and you're still giving it back. That's how we say mustangs ride forever. Now that it's here is what we say: we're all mustangs here, that's right! We are but akin to the mustangs for a long time is kind of breaking
break a little bit here on this. Has been run by people that don't have plums best interest for a long long time. Our town, I believe, preyed on by people that were from outside. Looking at I'm not saying that that is what happening now? I'm just saying that's why I've, given none of the people, an opportunity that are in positions of powers, because that is the parents, and I had in plum growing up what the beer. Crossing the powers that be in the people making decisions in who it's what and how it goes about happening. That is why this bond strictly for the players in the coach is directly and I'll. Let you know plum town It was not necessarily thrilled that we will go ahead and taken there the hands out of the pot completely. entire scene, so them giving quotes for w on the whole thing. I certainly appreciate- and I enjoy and hopefully we'll be able to come together, but I do not have any trust in the people that run plum at all. never will, but I would never give up hope on the kids open a saint, the same fucking streets that we did don't ask
one thing that we did and hopefully If we can provide an opportunity through athletics, that make people more interested in sport, around in sport as opposed to getting into drugs or any of the other shit that a lot of people in plum get into. I hope in ten years from now. This we're all mustangs year fund will be do something big and have a legacy. That's much larger than all of bad shit. That seems to get talked about and plum because the people plum fantastic, even though the people you hear about from plum are normal people in positions of power that abuse? power. Fuck it up. So we're trying to cut that entire thing out with the world things here, fund and I'll. Let you It has been quite a battle to do so, and I didn't ask to do that, one you offer up two million dollars to have to be like nah fuck you now fuck you, that's not how that's going I'll pull the fun about that I didn't have to. I didn't think I had to do that, but now that I'm in the position. I'm in I, can do that with these people and there's nothing they could do and they can to me the way that maybe they talk to me when I was in high school or how it
the other people, it's just not like that anymore. Once again, now the people are now that are running plum Klute, I haven't met any of them. I am reach out any of them, I do know that I have no trust in any of them and when a clown subaru is driving up to a bank in there the treasurer the p t o in their robin the kids blind just a couple of months ago, probably not it'll be something that makes me go yeah, I'd love to work together with you guys, even though you're getting quotes at the fucking local news, and you try to stop this at literally every single turn. What The big hold up for them waiting to accept it was Saturday money was it was, was a two blood money like I don't understand. What's Why not? I think it was just a procedural. but believe me remember. They sent an email out three weeks ago was that email or three weeks ago about how we need to approve everything that you ask now you don't you don't need to do a damn thing you just need to stay out of the way in?
give them my directly to boasters directly to the team directly to the students and then day said procedural wise. We have to have everything in there that we have a lot in received her thing, I'm understandable, and I once again. Hopefully our relationship will build up of these powers. A bay, but whenever they got their pity already needs, are no stone from kids. I don't know if it's gonna be as easy the conversation for me and hopefully future of is vastly different than the past If the plump not passive, plum, has been bad, but it's been riddled with what the fuck. How is that happening? And I think, as we grow older and we look back on plumber? Oh there's no town that was like, there's no reason that boom boom that all that I hated me why oh now is in jail for having sex with syndrome. Our strategy cannot make sense all another. What others when trying to cover issues? one of those things where there isn't one I trust I don't think, We should try to change that, but until we that point on will not let them fuck it up either is gonna how I feel- and I do not expect talk about this report.
Minutes by the thought of me being two hundred and ninety pounds on the cover of this photo and then school board giving quotes. I'm like That's very very, very mighty of you, because there's been a lot, they try to the clause whenever I launch thing from nineteen eighty, four something about that cow no donation over five hundred dollars is allowed without us approving accepting it's like what I need a fucking forty thousand dollar weight room just a few years ago. I don't remember hearing the thing from you guys, it's just it's an interesting thing and I have always been somebody who hates authority so in kind of see this, maybe continuing, but also might be, because I'm from plum why. I feel the way that I feel could be what fix it. All we have I appreciate the news talking about it. I do There is not, and I'd rather watch this spoken go ahead and do it. And I hope maybe we can you know, maybe become a little bit closer with the school board and the powers that be in the school and all that stuff.
But I must have message can happen. If I had to guess it was turned dicks must ensure that we are here how about it How about our high school teacher but have alternate uniforms- in football squadron entire rap, the volley, Well, the team has the sickest uniforms on earth. They looked like the olympic squad walking out and our soccer teams go into a couple of different camps. They got a whole new kit, new sweats, new cleats, new everything. It's like here go and are women's soccer gonna going to create an olympian within the next year or two, I think they are. unbelievable and they're reaching out and asking for more stuff, I'm like yeah. This is what is. This is what we are doing here. Ten years from now we'll look back on the world. Mustangs your fun and say put another hundred million in a plum yeah, that's awesome. They keep their grit. Okay, would like them not to get softer, but I do believe being from plum. You just have a natural grit in their because you have to deal with pity or people. Stealing your money right off a modern asia, while him the clown, knows on their fuckin car. How did a part
the clown nose on a subaru become the treasure of the pd over the entire place. None of us now that's plum, baby that is, you, know, that'll keep the grit gentle water it'll, be fine. Absolutely speaking in the water, you think sue Robinson is going to come out, say six to eight games because now there's a tweet or report coming out saying it might be. Sixty games in the nfl doesn't want to get ugly and marquee with the appeals. Rob Marty, says. I'm also told the nfl, despite insisting on an indefinite suspension, wants to avoid the appeals process. Source said a terrible situation for everyone involved. So league is more likely to abide by sue robinson's and if she came, was sixty games and the end of opium in vienna fell currently sitting in a court that suit robinson, former federal judge retardant. Two thousand seventeen is presiding. She we'll make. She will make a decision. She then send that decision, raw goodell roscoe Goodell will and make his full decision there.
A chance to appeal ensue, Robinson's nfl courts, and they are saying that the inefficient doesn't want to get ugly appeal appeal, appeal, public, more public, more public saying that sixty games or whenever would be okay that goes infidel, does Roger Goodell, come out and say sue, robinson and big. Thank you to sue robinson taking time out of her the time in her life to do the honourable move beyond our judge I recommended sixty eight games after the quarterly and felt the and the nfl, and we thank everybody for doing that. Now, that being said insert under full season, I'm here, I'm going to do that, have a good one, keep it moving. It went from people same it'll, just be a fine. Indefinite suspension at least a year. Now weed seems like it's kind of setting the table for him. Maybe it's just the amount of games for the season, but ultimately, in the end, it's wherever the fuck, roger goodell, with roger's main concern. Is the shield correct and how people perceive the league and how people look at the league and backlash for the league
So when rogers making his decision, I feel like if it's six to eight games, there's going to be quite a bit of backlash. On the league, I feel like if he does, if she does recommend that now he would be quite a baby family if he said I wasn't going to tell you guys what she was wanting to roll, but. These are a games is what they decided on route. That's cute, so Seventeen games plus play off roger detail when he gets a vague idea too big a plot, a probably ends up on the sixty under sixty lesser. Seventy percent of the euro is a thousand resolve like baby faces in the world. If it does that, that's why age it keeps asking like he s in he s Andrew Brandt. Yes, but we was. Are we gonna hear what sue action I, because if we don't here. What's your recommends, we'll just assume that whatever roderick Adele says issue, but if not, I think the only way we hear about as if roger makes an adjustment to it or goes directly by which would be any situation. I guess I see I liked him David
I have on your side, like, I think, we're going to know what the recommendation was too. Are they were no there, one day she was an were. Obviously you know. What's vice enough? First time, sue has come into the unfair world for timely. In this situation, roger I going to have to try to protect the the I think that would be. would be interesting, and I guess that's what the nfl wants to do and there's gonna be people that are going to be pissed forever regardless. I guess there are other way to look at it. Maybe is that although they'll look at it, there's also the idea of something like this being leaked or floated out to gauge reaction to say: okay, if it was sixty games, how are people going to react? You think rob maadi. There was doing a job or doing a task for somebody. I can't rule it out, especially a name. is that an italian name eastern europe? What. It is. Is it named rob madini
a possibility joining us now is not an italian but a man in my own, and then we do about it all. We have certainly miss them, and these are covered survivors well we're in trouble. proud of him for his eleven day. Five, with the o g. Nineteen Plugged, in obviously, is an Emmy winner winner as a host of good morning football, and soon they were. They were outer back. Not he looked, looks sweet today on unbelief here that white zipper. I a huge tv buying, ladies and gentlemen, Peter shrank sobbed, it cold Kick my ass. I miss couple weeks with you guys, I'm back on my toes. I go to Kansas city as a guest of couple committee. And rob Riggle and Eric stonestreet and paul rudd. They asked me to take part in their charity. Weekend can wait around man shit do. Can I can I take you guys by the scenes.
what went down and and I go in there and we get into the to the area where we're going to get the field, it's cool, it's like sheryl, crow James Vanderbeek, and this guy, and unlike almonds, marking to say, hi, to disguise, I'm in automatic vacuum of their like? What's up man of a friendly, mcafee I'll, tell you what even break a smile he didn't like embrace me once I said the word mcafee. He was like okay cool and he, like turn out like we get a photo just like the goof and he like to take a photo with you, but like it wasn't like warm and fuzzy. I don't think that guy you Deanna photo. Isn't that give he's the go from the photo? It's not about whether or not he likes me. It's ok, probably doesn't is insufferable, as you got to experience. Probably this awful thing. He is completely change and become this person. That is just terrible and I'm one of the only people, literally one the only people that have known him since before He became this person and then what
become through now on a week to basis, and if I have the guy that tells them like K, you're fucking up dude like this is theirs not how you should be as a human, with a platform that you have. I guess, so be it on a means, rights sober. But you did You put your arm round a little time. That's my dream is gonna tell wrapped in a truly. He was up eu that ass, but all he was walking around. He was change alive. You still getting valley theater, yeah. I think he has it way down inside he's a good guy, because that's the guy I knew from way back. He was like three. Twenty he was fresh out of college was offered the alignment he was just trying to make it undrafted free agent, humble hard working only like one or two tattoos at a time you could have a combo with rose hair, have a beer with them yeah. Well as a good hair. At the time I mean it was just then
know. Yes, he has stopped with the colts the cardinals wwe, and I'm telling you that disgusting airs as ensuring this guy. If this guy can keep this thing going on a rocket ship summer I dunno where I dunno, who I'm picking before you and I love you or thank you shirts, shrugs what a fool scared to a break believe corbin just pulled corbies, you know over his eyes exact, bigger more russia is back in four minutes. So if he is realised, he's been bamboozled. Peter mark shrieks you've been hoodwinked. Pal, okay, bye ass gore, but Jesus Christ, in four minutes. Maybe with shrinks we'll see, he's got to answer some text messages. I don't want to talk to leah. It's unbelievable! That he's not sure he kidding me shouted. A poem
board for approving the trades on that board now well sound I have none at all because that board is right. I've been through- and I can't judge this board off of previous boards or anything like that. That's what I've been told numerous times and that clunker shut up and made them in Tokyo box out of their like ten straight times and robbed from the fucking elementary school kids trades took that the car and put it on his own face sounds like it was that's what that sounded like I in clown time. Okay, John Wayne Gacy shrugs yeah seriously, we're back in four we're going to ask him about real nfl stuff freaking mark dude. we almost had a A moment of silence for a friendship that is come and gone to, but instead. I believe we let bygones by guys people can say stupid. Stuff apologize truly, can move on
the us again. the man who, when asked who's the most. The ball at a foul players of all time said MIKE. Stray hands. You're mad is your relationship with course. burleson, who has great relationship with, and I believe a guy was Who was right? Manager said that by summer slam we call for the guy if he says what that I will be fighting. In tennessee, but a man that we continue to bring on the shelves because of how good he is in football talk. So good it's actually emmy worthy yeah. Ladies and gentlemen, Peter schrager right great great guy trades. I do up near the bed authoritarian abruptly. Stay in my own way in the two minutes, when I was appointed, thought that I wrote our relationship to the scariest, but it's my life well,
we're still on the fence that don't listen while widget, let's talk stay out of sports entertainment. Because that's where not good at it, it's a real bummer that we talk through rentzer, that I can't I can't chew. I wish I could I'd be much cooler if I could do that. The only drug that my body does not handle well probably math and others that you're. Thus there is tobacco, I get you you said this morning about aaron rodgers. one point three at the time, maybe eleven and two they might say nine and four give an entire speech about how the entire world we are going to crumble, and we didn't and he's of the raw meat and over the hammer of a dip in thing that he got wrong and that entire thing and tell him. I appreciate the hell out of him, and I wish you well. Maybe
take a little bit of a page out of his book and be a little respectful of what we got going on from the brand bible. You know what I mean: srecs kiowa councillors. He said that that that rides, like rogers, will have it I run it like funny teacher on back. We will have the white collar black tanks of odd. Would you do that? He was gonna, be sitting there and rodgers is going to be in that slow voice and he's going to say you know everyone's so worried about us in june. Meanwhile, on the next one up, I'm like I don't know think you can get the are pretty big losses of long with about they out of them. Trying to export of algeria right. Do honestly feel that I can imagine the opposite, be as good without the voluntary there oh see other quarterbacks coat, but I don't think you're going under five hundred team, but I think that have some hiccups, I think it was a big deal and not haven't hack it in his ears. Gonna matter, I agree, hey listen, there might be some ups, I think arm. I think yet
petitions of that offense for the first time in a long time, aren't like hey you're, going to be the best offense in the nfl, a failure and be the most well oiled machine, because they don't t as many deep shots he doesn't have as many deep walls he's yardage is. Is it necessarily more than anybody else? They are just a machine and he is picking things apart. Making the right decisions methodically moving down the field touchdown now with defence, get a stop. Hopefully they get more, but then he goes right back out answer entity, even you pass it either score on every drive. It was like prima donna gone. I am I think, this year at the first tat, though I think this the first you're going into the season, though, where that office has uses, and I think they have public expectation levels a little bit lower, which is right. Where right, don't you like Aaron, like in the fact he was around you know when it was required to be around, like, I think, he's like he's, gonna galvanize his team and he's gonna say alright, they're picking against us like, let's go, but they get jerry,
gender back. They get David bacteria back through that. we not of you're never goes to those two rookies. They got out of georgia, the big boy in the middle wyatt and inquiry walker like play your one and they're, really good and and their two first round picks who drought is going to throw. Do you know going gonna, be the question and it's lazard and sammy watkins and watson, and maybe a married roger steps up like they're, going to I have to find a guy on third and seven that rodgers feels comfortable enough, throw it because, I'm not so sure, outside of Devonte last season. There was that guy, okay, so we didn't want to bring it up whenever it happened, but it was said that both gr was not in injuries doorn otiose, you too said he'll be back. Is that I hope I don't know I mean the expectation. Is you missed a whole season? Last year there been another five months lying. at the contract that he will be back. I should not speak out of school as if I've got breaking news that he's going to be starting a left tackle week, one but the expectations,
as far as I know is that he is going to heal up and he will be ready to go all right. So, let's get past all your bullshit here right, you're, feeding your getting your given air and a lot of things to talk about whenever he does his cow brand speech, and he just gave you literally, without hack it without the whole thing the whole, corbett thing. Let's move past, and now it's all about your bread basket. The second your bread and butter, the nine it's debo Samuel. He is back, but there was no rescission of the trade request. Jimmy G allegedly going to be able to throw within the next week or two in a thought. I forget somebody for the niners beat I up. well jazz for not remembering the name that Jimmy G will be able to make all the throws in rehab is coming back very very together. What are you hearing on that situation? Does the Jimmy g trade the depot samuel payment and his does do all parties know that I don't think two things are intertwined. They two separate things I think depot there they're still having an open dialogue, and the hope is that the agent tory dandy and John lynch
is there some sort of agreement where, if it's not an extension at this point, at least we can understand that we want people to be a part of this and he will get paid and the jimmy thing fascinating because back in february, the combine. I was talking everyone there like will look at trade on tree than the surgery completely through. A corkscrew in this whole thing. No one wanted to trade for a quarterback coming off of surgery without having their eyes on them, and then winners don't want to trade him for twenty cents on the dollar, which is what essentially, they would have to do now. We're at the point where okay jimmy needs to start throwing. He has not been with the team he has been for the most part. What has been training he has been in southern california. Trillanes has been with the team. Freelance has been leading it says has been leading guys. Trillions has been throwing with wide receivers. I don't if the trigger but the station. As far as I who are you wanted to battle with weak one trillion grew. leaps and bounds the past few months from what I'm told as far as playbook, but also as far as voice in and with Jimmy being gone
ray, is really taken that and then I got on the dude like follow me and a lot of the guys are starting to follow and say: okay is that our future leader fascinating? What they do Jimmy Garoppolo, because I still think a team would want, trade for him, at least for the one year or he's making twenty five million. But if this guy's arm is right, I feel like he's a better option than some of these quarterbacks. Your senior such rights, Zadig eluded the fact it maybe Jimmy and trainers gonna be competing for a job at san friend this year after Jim, didn't entire goodbye press conference last year to everybody, including the reporters and media handlers, professional, and if you look in cleveland now, there's mixed reports on baker might be playing for the fucking browns. So both quarterbacks and we just assume we're gone jimmy and There are two very different goodbyes from the teams: one possible that ain't gonna work and Jimmy was like hey appreciate everything you guys have done I'll be on my way. Now they both both might be heading back. Is that what you're hearing and thinking I could see Jimmy being back in san francisco and then
figures amount and trying to treat him during training camp once he starts getting those terms that I'd be shocked if baker mayfield is a brown. Why I do know something that we don't know where this year saw the public's yeah. I just the way that thing ended. It really crumbled and I think those bridges have been burnt. I think I think, the way that it all went down the way that they were went out. is required to sean watson in and go out and do the way they did it aggressively and then the back in the way baker spoke to the team via instagram and demanding trades and still not exactly being warm embrace for the brand. I think they've got too much. The franchise and he's got too much prized quarterback and everyone says yeah, but it's the million dollar store your product. The windows have ball out, go and have a great season go and then earn that contract. The next place. I don't think baker wants to for the browns. I don't think he wants to give them his is. His body again, and does he have a joy ship it all out again. I think he'd like to be traded days at the jacoby brissett. They still think the watson going to play quarterback if can make them anymore either. Okay, so does
baker of a choice you can just answer quickly. Move on, I has the choice now, but if he came to them it was like you know what level of biogas the bygones. Please I'd, love to play for you this year. Can you keep me like? Maybe that common recent changes, but that's not a baker mayfield demo, that's not that's not in stock. Maybe we never know. I mean once again h and a half million dollars in may. It's the only place. It will be able to start if the carolina panthers gettin a Jimmy G game as opposed to that mayfield game in the seattle seahawks baby would be the only destinations for baker's anthers. two teams I would circle but see seahawks ongoing going for jimmy grappled with niners would never trade him in the division. So for me, baker still makes a lot of sense in carolina or seattle. pg, I'm not sure the landing spot you're talking about a guy for one year as a vet, and if there's an injury somewhere else or if there's a team that wants to say hey, let's give our young guy another guy in the room that I think can actually compete and win the job
that would be. That involves sensitive. Ok, let's move the watson. This thing is fascinating, shrugs about you, you been running along time. I've been around. And I guess for a long time as well more than a decade- another, oh, how about covering the nfl for more than a decade? But I've been around the nfl on the inside of it for a little bit and I I feel like I had it a position where I can be perspective of everything going on? You know I could kind of look around and see things and have a little bit more of a dial. on how the day to day works deshaun watson in taiwan, couple of negotiations in listen to all the people that are pissed off about everything I had my own deals with the nfl PA, because when I was in the substance abuse program, they were nowhere to be found as I was getting the beers and then they sold my rights for pennies on the dollar, like you said, so, I'm not necessarily the biggest nfl PA fan either, but I do know that they're going to back for John watson. Currently this sir robin in court room that is happening within the anna fell bubble. There was a potential,
settlement that almost came about, but they couldn't agree on a term in the now they're in court. The last two days, deshawn watson has been there. This is happening in the state of delaware. I believe okay is that, where it's at it's in delaware- think yeah still happening today, sue give her ruling. Then she tells there's appeals, but the nfl said they don't want to get into appeal game, because that's We for everybody, then that'll and roger godot rotch grow makes a decision. Today it fell. Like from a tweet from Ghana, Mr Monti rob Mahdi em, a d m a I. He said that nfl if sue robinson came back and they are pushing for an indefinite suspension at least a year If the PA is obviously pushing for nothing. So if you do just classic negotiation and meet in the middle that'd be what eight and a half games cause. Now it's a seventeen game season, so allegedly what rob models reporting and we don't know who ramadi is or who his sources are. He says at the zoo robinson wants to roll back six to eight game suspension. The nfl wouldn't want to get ugly with it and they say: okay sue
take that the rodger Goodell rodger goodell make his own decision on whether or not that's good enough or battery. I assumed it was going to be at least two seasoned with how everything is gone, how public this is been. It sounding, like maybe there's a little bit of a a foundation being laid like eight, maybe not a full seasons. Go to what are you enough about the whole process in one think it ends in. How do you think it is? I can't I can't project on this because it is fluid things were going one way and then you you get more women coming out in saying. Actually, hey, no there's more women come in that door is left open, so those numbers and continue to add up when you talk about them, the you ve nailed it pat, where it's here's the recommendation from the judge Those are held in very high regard and then Goodell will make a a ruling on that, then the end Pierre will appeal that than that, and I felt an appeal: the nfl. He s ability to appeal that which we have with the break. And it goes all the way up the court and you miss games in the guise when and then go back. I think the nfl from their sample
would like to have a decision on this in the next couple of weeks before we head into training, camp and I believe watson scanned would obviously be hopeful that he can get on the field of the brown, of course, would be happy to get him. The field I think the public relations, partly what you guys were discussing before an I'm, not so sure, that's gonna dictate how this goes. It's gonna be from the fact that they have and from the recommendations that that misery robinson has all the justice rods has on this thing, because you start in a game where you're trying to please one group versus the other and there's no way to know and hey there's going to be people that are pissed regardless. I mean he doesn't know in regards to say they give him a here. Will then there's going to be a case of pa saying the there's no person giving me year based on the evidence that we have no necessarily that the fact that they haven't They believe that on this one layer guy- I I I think I may be the most player- show player friendly play pushing player promoting, show player app would you show maybe
never existed right because I feel, like I see, in things from their perspective, there is precedent burger Roethlisberger. Cases that did not go to court. They both both got settled he got suspended ex games for that that can appeal down to four. That's true. Now guess it's not fair, just to do math and just do I don't thing, but I appreciate that Nflpa is saying publicly a precedent with this robert kraft or dangerous jerry jones, which there isn't, but we also understand that their owners of the league in which you are currently go to court at right. There is president in the past and I sure that's it. With the end of our saying justice just assumed robinson whenever the nfl, jeffrey guessers, incredible lawyer, here free agency. I think of numerous other things. I I know he's player, but the public them saying. There's no precedent, there's no precedent, there's no precedent.
The guy was a pittsburgh or no, I wasn't I was in the cold. It was oh six when it went down and then I was starting to cover again, and that was good like as a new commissioner. One of the think that he like lay the hammer down and people are like damn like won't, okay and here, we are all these years later and gazelles. You know this long, tenured, commissioner, and This might be one of the trickiest cases, yet that he's had to rule on. I think he's, go to lean on what the justice says, but not public relations ii, I like this is gonna, be what the facts are and what they have and know to just throw the book at the sean watson because they feel like that's the right thing to do, and that's going to be a win publicly. The copia is powerful. Jeffrey kessler is not going to take that and just go down without a fight agreed. I can't wait to watch it's fascinating because there's so much other shit. I think, with this penalty than the baker stuff and how's the Ankara stuff affected Jimmy g stuff hazards,
major stuff effect, debo stuff, what you're saying things, but it feels like there is, as I said, I thought people around the league region to me because you know I've got the nfl network connection like do you? Have it eight we're gonna know what it's like a doll. The times? I do I hear things and it's like alright expected around. The draft expect this around it. Is one where the nfl, almost by design intentionally deliberately and in this case rightfully, is like we're not putting a date on this, we're not doing it. I do a favor to Shawn watson or to the browns. We are leaving this door open until we have as many facts as we can and do a thorough job because we want a good hour face on the back end. Up with the timetable that everyone's putting on this- and I even said it unlikely like it before training camp. That comes from the teens, and the players, the pay and watson and all the stopping of that's nice and clean. I don't think, EL the thoroughly worried about that stuff as much as maybe we This force sports media, our shrugs, these off seasons, man There's no off season row therein.
Is this off season? We're talking about this right now, we're done with litigation and figure. Now with the whole thing is this? Is you know what I mean? It's not a. We need for but how many days corner somebody wonder someone days too awful bolsheviks. Seventy one day, let us draw dude how we can make it we can get through all this stuff, can't we shrikes like a little taste of it this weekend in Kansas city, seeing the chiefs fans- and I was hanging out with colquitt great potter, great dude- we're kicking it then just a little taste of it and it gets me going and I'm like. I can't believe we got bills rams in a couple months on thursday night, like let's go ten weeks from tomorrow, beautiful set up and I guess, went back to the digital,
Is it going to be kind of halftime at halftime out now for do a little bit of jumping back and forth and then by training camp will be fully back in studio, and I was just in new faces joining the cast and the crew are putting together: hey, that's official right, Jamie's official, now dunno, what's official publicly press release wise, but I've I've chatted with her a few times. This is she's the real deal she's a jamie ertel, her name. She was a sideline reporter with the nfl. Then, of course, with the scc doing the number one games, she's real deal alliance been really cool to know herself, the she'll be, but I don't see anything especially because I don't know how the contracts and all that work well, congrats. Are you guys going out in the woods doing some trust falls and everything I'm out here in the wilderness? It a little time off, and you know what we're doing the show remotely. I said, let's get out. the city, let's get into the sticks, so we rented a little small spot out here in the woods and go for
a journey afterwards and find myself. We were, I listen, foster daddy and supports the peace. You could potentially one another emmi and maybe get that show back to where it was just like two three months ago. That's right! It's been a while hey, let's go good morning and that's on you and brandt, that's one of your shoulders. You know we're embracing it like. Let's go, I feel, like you know it's funny. I was talking to the impractical, jokers Maybe not, but those guys loss was air one of them. John with top fur and cuba, and there, like you, know ancient happens like let's go, let's put on a great show for people and show that this can still be brought in that. I feel that the more if I love the dance, and I'm not going to let this thing die so called feel the same way. Robot ending it just like you guys, everyday pleasure and it's a joy and I just can't wait to
the great yeah I don't leave out salvo con yeah come on shelves are huge. It is absolutely I I was an impractical joker fan for maybe all day. Eight months I was in there with them, and then I went to a live show I gave him some my money, hey. I appreciate what you've done then. I watch it, but then I was gonna have experiences, but they are brilliant, I think that is an absolutely brilliant concept. The microphones in the cops just the whole genius the amount of hours too, that they got to sit in there to get the the the patients I'm a I'm, a big fan of them. I didn't know your best friends works, because the same exact match If you have in that room in indianapolis that I got to see in person, if they're, both there boys they're real boys, they're not puts Am I an executive or muster I'm sure there were mustangs were not boys, not not the cowboys. You did not go to the plum mustangs babies. Now you do not think everybody in this room now, because ty is out with his baby for the next few rats
so nick is moved into the room. So me and nick and tony went to the same high school, so Connor, The for the last few days has been like. Oh it's like plum high school mustangs sitting around the cafeteria. You know, shooting the shit. Ask your question: who is the best student? How do you guys like- and I know the athlete about the most girls who was the best student, led the best grades nick yeah right? call scholastic. Let's not you went to. Why was I notice eighties? Gpa arrogantly? Do as they please. Would you guys get me ass, a kid I love that are easy to use, and now, as I got twelve eighty on it, it was back really really yeah, but my gpa was very low, so a lot of people Guy doesn't dry basics lotta vines and made I gotta talk. Ten twelve aid is amazing: the anna thinking of a greater take her always have been wondering at very high as well. I just
apply myself in class normally because I didn't like the teachers, Therefore, one of those guys what you get you that twelve them both and where'd you go to school emory in atlanta, woe was as. There is good at what I was all verbal aga like seven, eighty verbal, a perfect grove labelling of two hundred on man, gee ba was so bad. In my s, eighty score was good, so they get and was rejected. I knew what I had to get essay t why's. That really good, though- and I thank you- I pretty always been a test. I was pretty. I took it as well. No nobody would have thought that yeah. I know the reason why I guess I'll still kind of both up- I guess, is already a hangover high school locked in good time. I think I'd score above an eight hundred or nine under somewhat tone. Yet so what did you live? Daisy, that's good, that's good score! I graduate three five I could be.
is that ok in a in a fashion brand new? No, I hadn't eleven hundred bars, but I have three six. He got me that looks like a baby who is nick also want to like nine years of school college. You do I was retiring from the nfl and taken another class. It was like what are like every area of my life, though, except for that, yes, I have rapidly declined. I think everyone. If we were to think tat, I m really split school every letter good school. Why should you be a pie? Three or four, oh this guy, he ate her just ass, a brain it all. The extra curricular calls that kid played sports, but through sport, like was was ready to go as a great candidate. They didn't have anyone from new jersey, so I was like I'm the guy in schools in atlanta, so they want
my guess. Is that conor your question for the genius here yeah sure. Is there any thought that all the other law suits are going to come into effect when they add, when they kind of rule on the watson, because they got gruden? They got on me now. Camera the snyder thing they have the floor as suit like there's. Obviously a lot of you know things around in surrounding the nfl right now, so are they going to try and just get this done, and maybe it is eight or ten or twelve games? I dunno I don't think the I timetable based on those other things, but those things are still around their lingering and obviously the thinnest nighter thing is: is related to the nfl PA, but it's something that everyone's watching like this. This is the time to get that stuff done, but I don't think the nfl is putting on a hard deadline, let's just put out a ruling and put out a ruling, I honestly feel this case is at their I take their time with and they'll decide they decide when they feel like they already decided, right now that terry terry mclaurin has got his deal. Is there like? Have you heard anything? about seattle
the anti johnson debo? I forgot the apples viruses. dk. You care mega mcafee along those lines naughty. There is the one that I keep my on, though, because mcclaren was, next up on the list in, and his agent got that down, but debo and decay AJ brown all represented by the same guy, got his devoted- still have the conversation but decay. fascinating one in it If I'm a might want to get that done before I have a season without Russell wilson with the numbers may be there, for maybe the productions down today. They love him up there in seattle and they could have traded him during the draft and sure there were many calls and it really wasn't up for debate. They were looking to shopping ray through the heart out and I was on fault, not yours But I was Could I say our tools on the other side, but what your answer, thereby decay mac address so real because he felt like he was leaving in the now As for my hey, this is one of the pillars. Now
Bobby's out and ross is out. Is that fact that they are going to get that deal done with the gate, but it sounded like that was the case I would expect them to, get a deal done before letting him walk out or trade him like his college buddy age, a brow straight at a twenty five, no permanent guy could play a great deal fifty soon guaranteed oh this one. Seventy six point: eight percent of his money has been guaranteed. Did you see how that was reported? Yesterday, scary, scary, terry's deal, it said highest, signing bonus amongst active wide receivers and is ten inches, seventy six point, eight percent guaranteed or something like that was like alright. Here we go we're diving into the numbers of contract. I respected. I liked it and I, like its rates, you guys are great no terry mclaurin percentage of guarantee, but I can talk, tell and unloved talking about the heart out not all our hearing on we're just on youtube right now, does the right the listeners be happy so sex.
We don't have any of them around at answer so worthless thing. I shouldn't is gone out of their shares in the clock, especially in a focused except you're on a glock. waller thought he went to emory in fucking bodies. We just looked at up. Emory is not an ivy league school bullies on par with the education of an ivy league school. It says on the internet and that's ok, that's ten degs want to they say the same thing. I assume the ones telling the truth that the yours in one is lying and that'd be to know. If there was more grass at duquesne university, it would have been. An ivy league school Legally is Adam resist. She was too much concrete reason emeralds, wonderful, too little parity, atlanta, we, we down for a visit. It was sunny and like the middle of january- and I looked at my dad- and I'm like this- is where I'm going and that's where I ended up. The universe has told me here the sunshine in atlanta, unless pat this was like peak atlanta, like
outkast, ludacris usher just getting started at atlanta like tity boi, boy. Not around is still around playing basketball. Biogas rapidly rapping, Lord John east side, boys that are having a whisper song, probably down there from the window to the wall. Only nineteen percent of people are accepted every xo seventeenth, while the school in north America. Seventy let's go through K. I let alone money, that's where it comes from Woodruff from the huge daughter, so all this coca cola money does no more than an hour. It was just like living in Paradise. It was great well, better person can could have to shreds special you came in here. and corbyn's yeah how's. It been a part of the storyline that I thought you were actually mad at me. Like I'm, never talking again about anything I dunno. Actually, I it is argued mark actually was a command jeez wasted. We proceed
the shrinks have a go. My man enjoy the sticks. The you guys are awesome, gonna go for a walk and talk to myself, hell yeah. It's obvious to yourself about what you said earlier, the bad you should jean pier schrager w w, we is turning up the heat at summer, slam witness the beast brock. Lesnar challenge the head of the table. Roman reigns in a last man standing match for the undisputed w w ii universal championship. it's going down at the biggest party of the summer, which means all your favorite superstars we'll go head to head, including Becky lynch riddle south. rollins Bobby Lashley, Gabelle air drew I can t, bear morgan, and many more summer, slam streams live saturday July thirtieth at eight pm eastern exclusively on peacock last ride our two on this Wednesday june, twenty ninth, two thousand wanting to Sports talk obviously continues here on the internet and the radio. The top,
table is here at nick Morado, half boston corner. One half of the hammer cowboys ten to tone. I know you had a three one. Four high school five holy hell. How were you able to accomplish that? Congratulations, good on ya, yeah, a nick! You are a water three six year olds. I had no idea. God you guys are all important. It is to is very important conversation. Three eight, doria very that that's all. It's all right! I would say, though, like I only took one a p classes are people that took five ab classes? Had college credit data the idea, tat, all those modest. Do. I appreciate the fact the salient and want to be do well. I did I pray three scary low three, something just showing up a directive, but also I was on the road like four days a week, so I Sally and tim timber very understanding like hey. There might be homework that
never done in your entire life is like yeah, never done it actually in retrograde, every everyone in special some teachers that just want to give you the hay, did you bring me just give me tests. I don't need a homework. Just you verse me. Let's figure it out that always got me You guys being that good of students is very surprising. Also. I did the thing where you would do the homework for the next class and the class before and then I was very good at cheating, see I was irritated oh yeah team salaries, you get you get that dixon ticonderoga and it has like the four or five sides, and you can etch like a lot of people, would write, notes and then slip them into the mechanical pencil. So you can see through the mechanical pens Sophia, I did I could etching I could do as solid move was the bottle back when they had the wrap yeah people would have it on the wrapping and then you'd be able to unwrap and fully wrap, and then we weren't allowed to carry water boils at school because one kid filled up with vodka and they took them away from everybody from baby yeah
johnny's now somebody that would fit in just fine aplomb, probably would have had more accent, Joe Hadley, which is a tackles than a tone deaf for sure, football national champion. A super bowl champion world champion a covert survivor. Private plane survivor, a manager got a fresh haircut just couple days ago, Won't, you are very good and school. I soon set of religious gave you, Asia is its high. Oh you do your age hawk. We're just gives a hawk for what it was. I never had any that at any level your college and want to class. I d try, nor am I gonna, get a graduate with the three point, probably just above college or high school high school college about the no. I dig out her dig that was on when dig said what I did was: ok in first I'm doing my homework here, like the baseline.
Work, I'm getting it done like. So I didn't really ever hear what the teachers are saying, because I was busy doing the homework from the previous class because I absolutely despised homework. see. I was pretty attentive in class. I wanted to catch the teacher up in some stuff I enjoy. You know what I mean like I I enjoy. Let's finish my work, so I care I don't care about the work like is this purpose? I don't think there's a point to this year is That was always my explanation to most stuff. Just give me the test just give me the tests, I'm listening, what you're saying, but I was like nick cannon drumline movie. I can't I'm not really read good. I didn't say that so you re the goodness of its grave of voyage authority. I ve talked about here. You can't read it, but it can put, but you can hear and then he can mimic and repeated that's gonna. My brain operates is why our red good, but I cannot I hear or visualize and see things so classes were very important to me, so I would have to pay attention the glasses and there wasn't really anything else to do so would show up at the glasses, but the
poor. Guy was always just kind of melded it on my entire life. I, like mozart, well in the care of drumline. I don't know but he's like Mozart, They can in July, so I'm like nick cannon who's like mozart in drumline, though I'm not like nick in real life he's just trying to impregnate everybody. I think he hates white people too. I really think he has been on the I can see how they can and I think it does not like us, white I didn't know that because he slaughtered america's got talent for awhile too yeah. He was the host of america's got talent when he gave a speech about how terrible white people are, and then I think he wanted to a full thing where he was trying to build his own net What was an outer still show, I think yeah I dunno. Maybe he just had he's just have another baby. That's all I know about him. I think he's trying to build his own, like that says network in a commercial about that actually does he have white people- I don't remember, I remember watching some warts on the shore, like oh there's, a headline that says nick cannon fired after calling white people and I can't read what the rest of it says, but so he called them something
while the us we keep saying, then they get it. Think are white, but I think he he's talked about how bad he hated by the way there's the people that hate us right now and I was like let her by now I understand. Okay, I have a lot of old whites as well yeah. I can pull years now. I would like maybe a little bit of an exception, because. I know some of us necessarily get born into the beautiful beautiful lives of a lot of whites. Whites have come before, but I do understand. There's differences in life. What he says you can say it into the microphone. I wasn't a light. It was about the jewish community. Now, how neck can sorry. What recently like within the last year and a half I mean, I remember cause I was making that kind of fan love. While now love the one thing he was the host he was incredibly intelligent was a hustler
comedy It's about how you know, guy hates, separates me: immediately. Definitely whatever the case he's back those producing babies, a a little bit of sport, chalet george Kittle, the debo same situation and a little bit more the bus with the boys and we, former players. So we completely understand why and how he is saying what we're about the show, but I think a lot of fans of the niners might not have expected George Kittle, to say what he has said here, we are in an ever evolving education system of what the nfl actually is the business as opposed to what it was in the past when players who made any decisions for themselves or lay terrible, not good for the team is from Boston with the boys joy,
KEDO joined taylor. Now we'll compton, I believe in a conversation about debo samuel. Do everyone loves Debo people I mean and like? I also think, the Unifil go, get what you deserved and like the able deserves to get paid a lot of money and if they don't, I bet you a lot of money. Do you need to do dog like your lockers here? If you wanna leave a it's? Okay like there's, no bad blood with me, the the wind I play nfl football and get paid a lot of money is like this big there. Your whole life you've got to be incredibly selfish. You just have to and I go into contract negotiations is incredibly difficult because you don't I've. Never like. I try my hardest, not be selfish ever and so, when you have to be selfish. In that moment, It's really hard for a lot of guys. Like yeah, I mean there's just there's a lot that goes to the contract, negotiates it's not a lotta fun. The best thing I ever heard richard sherman told me: it's like braces. It's It's the entire time. This used to get them off. You forget that you ever had them very real and that's the bygones be bygones that conversation that we're all chatting about with baker and anybody else that has a dispute with a team, normally business related feels like for baker. It's all been more personal related, but
Business issue can be settled with the right in maybe you don't get everything you want. They don't get everything they want, but you may a deal you get to move forward to get a move on the floor. Time. You are the item in power stars that is being debated from the bald fuck in the x. The danger is that down the road. It is comfortable decision. I don't know if you have read that being a top five pick I soon as you got order that happen, but business, I'd can jade the shit out of you in the nfl and I respect then appreciate the fact that coming out common offers, teammates ain't, a man, you gotta, do what you gonna do cause he's, not the only one. That's basically the mindset of every nfl locker room across the league, all they care about, is what do you do when you're here when you are in the facility when we engage like really you do and games. We don't care what you do in practice anything off season. It really does it matter. If you can play on sundays and thursdays and saturdays and monday's every day we play now. Then it doesn't matter lucky they don't! No one cares. Whatever happens off the field and with contracts
first in a league. I always thought about that, especially in college that was back and guys actually held out for two three weeks: alignment, hold out and try to get some more money or just try to miss camp and all that stuff. I always thought like men when they back as it can be weird with the coaches and everybody is ever going to be pissed at him. Now it's like santa claus comes and everyone hugs daisy just miss three weeks. They came in. It's like the president, united states shows up in the lock and there's a lotus to the coaches. All excited too there's a lot of coaches that talk shit about how you're going to puke. Today, hey you are going to be out of shape. There's a lot of you know taken about what they miss, what they didn't miss, but this soon, as somebody comes back, if it's a business dispute and not what's the reason as soon as they come back everybody's loud about it, everybody's a rich man like that is a full thing and he try to get past that awkwardness as fast as possible and make it seem like we're right back in this. That wasn't a deal
inside locker rooms and people that understand the business of the nfl and maybe have been fired before got fucked over in a deal before and that's why the locker rooms are the way they are. This is, It's been understood, fans and I'll ask you nick fans. Think of always never really viewed this way, but now with the modern media in the more. But we know and you to learn about players. We either social media in there what they give back as opposed to what they dont get back, it's hard to say: if the person's a fucking asshole. When there's a lot of evidence that says like no, the guy is actually not an asshole he's just trying to handle his business. It feels like it's been a little bit of turn of the tide on the viewership. business in the end, a fellow players now that we as fans are exposed to all the news in terms of the financial situations, all the billions, the organization and the league is bringing it it's a little more. I open it says. Ok, these players want their fair share too, and they're gonna do what they need to do to get it and its business. You view it more as a business than it is I'm from pittsburgh. I like the steelers
fuck everybody you get to play the steelers because you might have played in high school and you're, like this person has a job that I dreamed of and now he's going to act like he's not making enough money. It's like well, if you're in that position, pal that have you dreamed of. We would all want you to make the most amount of money that you could possibly make but different than your high school, when you're selling tickets and maybe raising a little bit money for your ethnic department in supposed to billions and billions and billions of dollars being online. The can affect your future brain and body in high school. You certainly can, but in the If you see a lot of the future, injuries and bodies of players. It's like api that we're at a point where feels like people. much more understanding that this is a business decision high school game that you played or that the guys played. this is a vastly it's the same game, different world, hey Jane, I'm happy, but it's not all bad like the fact that it is a business it. Everyone instantly wants to jump and say always terrible it's the love of the game! That's why they started point yeah, of course,
majority those guys out their plane, absolutely love football, but there's a lot of the field that happens and I think what school was watching old school coaches, surprise me when I was when I was young italy s pretty naive to that. I assumed like when I come from. If you make any waves outside the locker room like they're, going to kill you everyone's going to hate you when you get back like that's what I soon like a year, you're a trader whatever. It's not case at all. Even like the most, school die hard football coaches, but you can't even have a real conversation with. They only know how to talk football and three technique and shade and where this going to be even person. Eugenic I've come across where, due to a man of tissue Business. Do do what you gotta. Do we get it if you need to get outta here, like I've watched them? Tell people that and I'm like? Okay, it's pretty how there is kind of a good little balances into the town, one point: it's almost like a couch israel. I get your end, your business when you get back it's on me, make sure you catch up like it is
a cool, it's cold. What are called coach and not scared. A coach like tom when a lot like he's ate up. That's what we're here- what did Aaron rodgers, say: cool profession, top business or good profession top business? I forget how he described playing in the nfl but that's that's castle, the guys that makes any info and I reiterate this fact a lot, but it's why the business becomes. Opera are like a pretence oh jaded spot or a not so favorite part, as george Kittle described in german sherman, described as braces most guys for high school are being tapped as nfl guys. This isn't nfl evolving, this guy The best in his school is guys the breast in his tea. in surrounding area. He has a lot of articles being baron about in college charter This is an unofficial guy on campus is another focus, is another volga manifesto got then it gets only filled with all the guys that had the same exact thing and you being told the you're not worth the amount that this person's worth
or why are you asking for what this person's work when you entire life, not everybody. Obviously, but most guys, your entire life you've been told you're, the guy you're, the guy you're, the guy. Then he, It goes like and they're. currently a guy, but the guy is worth it you're worth this and that's just a direct punch. Right through the knots of bright for a lot of guys and now when you see people get like a fuck, you everything I've done for you, I pack and broke and ankle. I sprained fucking me by a sea joint for this team and now you're gonna, tell me that this guy, that's never gonna think team is worth more then what are worth and what I'm asking like. What I'm asking for is a fuckin problem. That's how it spot I'm not saying that bottling, I position I'm fucking butter, I'm just saying: I view this new times with no steam aids. One guy from outside would come and get paid. Then gotta guys will be like hey, I'm off this. What I'm? Looking for my gavel, can't that's like mother fucker,
when you were literally sitting in a corner in philadelphia losing playing the superbowl for this fucking team. I was doing this all day like that is the business becomes. You know a sore subject for a lot of guys that ship on the shoulder mentality works very, very well in all pro sport, because only at business into something that is very personal and egos and everything that's who drives a lot of people. I mean- In that scenario, you laid out, I could see being be pissed if you're, that dude- and you know what you've done for the team- the little stuff you've done behind the scenes, a relationship you have in then the gm roner- decides to do something that probably the coaches might not even like it. goes that you have to. I don't like it. You can be you can be mad whatever, like give it ninety seconds, women is due you, everyone, you move on eventually yeah, because if you play bad everything that your bitch
about, they are going to hold against you and say: that's what's fun about football. I don't want to catch you up, but like other sports I'd say or a quarterback punter are a little different quarterbacks you get all juiced before the game. It's probably bad. because we can overthrow people whatever you got to somehow harness that both you're pissed off as a football player, is by far the greatest to play. If you hate everybody, you ain't coaches, this team that front office, whoever you just fly around and don't and don't care, and sometimes that's the best way to play thomas mann used to so something would happen rise, probably a tweet. and I get some sort of letter and I'd be like fuck, this like what are we have some. More journeys and fuck and everybody in this goddamn locker room for this place. I am water a man of the year for this fucking place and I'm getting shit for a goddamn tweet, so outside in, like I'm, obviously a little bit pissed off in time. man's office had a window right to the practice field. You know is right next to it, and you would he goes. I can tell you're pissed off today that fucking boom coming off the floor. How do we,
Who did? How do we do see more? Did you hear what this guy, like fuck off I literally as upon her you're, like a gulf right you're done I, like much like it'd be as cool as possible at all times, but a little bit of fucking, you know a little anger, not that I didn't think about a big meathead linebacker though just pissed off like hey, could you fucking get it today, Andrew bright fucking said to me earlier: let's go, we gonna go on big Michael fucking. People might not like what you said too. I said that the chump, once if chunk and I say, fuck you I heard you are a part of the autopsy yeah. I would what prior to the next day. I do like overseer couch guts. Well, then, I'd love to smack feel, like I shouldn't have just said: fuck you to you. But in the moment you know in the moment he's like Alisha. Irish, too shy. She just explain to me why I'm being told to fuck off first before Jackie
I just got carnival and those the contracts of I dunno if it ap, when you guys were in the lead, but like now, there's guys who get drafted and they like hold down, in both the bowser brothers. As soon as I got drafted, they had always had yet contracts that actually happened way more now. They can't really Well, that's because everything slaughtered, except for the guarantees and when you get the guarantees rights or the bowser brothers, are trying to work when the guarantees were coming. When other guys, I think, just slotted, take it keep it moving. I respect it. I like it, but I soon lotta be what the chargers and the niners wherever they came back like that, is talk to you in a little bit. We that we respect I too, because both those guys, I feel it came in right away and were unbelievable for that, like I feel, like players, like you guys, were saying they kind of know their value more so immediately, because they are slotted with everybody else. How do you feel schrager said this about a dream begun to Georgia, guys he said these guys are studs. We don't know, they were still in college, absolutely
so they should be studs the next level I get so mad whenever that happens, gonna, go on to do blah, blah blah. It's like who says that, while in high school he had fifty thousand yards, just like god, he was playing against fucking Colin. high school graduate using the scc. It's like I understand I understand, is yesterday great players, but not, but just able to pick it up in the nfl two different right and you will be able to test. It is a lot more. Why vastly different than college in water. think some guys making some guys, don't it all because of the amount of time you have to put. Aaron study and everything like that. I mean that's it huge part of it, but there's still people out there still guys that can play off this raw athletic ability and there they can just shut people down in what they there I mean the biggest difference. Probably, is that everybody is good in college. You play a team and if they have even see even any us, you see yeah like if they have
we have four guys that are going to get drafted. I can say: I'm percent playing defense in college and the offense I'm facing has maybe three guys drafted: there's not a whole lot of teams that have three offensive players drafted like I played texas. yeah my senior year. They have all these guys in these studies, but the majority aren't going to the nfl they're done playing after college, so it's just another level of, but you know just weeded out and it's crazy. How obviously the speed? everything is gigantic, but also circumstances. What's the like a round you what your coach, like it's a coach, a mess. If you have a good scheme alderman I think that's why I have to whenever people say this guy's not going to be a good pro. It's like how the fuck to you know you have you know like darius Leonard. The worst traffic in history, the nfl somebody's bleach. How can you say that, exactly that's my issue. That's that It's the same on the other way around when people say that this rookie going to be an all pro. It's like bleach, You do not know that you, you have no idea if that is how this is going to end up or not,
that's why the draft was such a joke. Cuz, we don't know any of their names or how they're going to do, and we say that after every single thing, guys guys. Could it be good but I think real like? I hope that what should be set, although somebody's getting drafted and everything we have his numerous guys that have what a lot expectation and then they have never mind- and I just think on the flip side, there's a people that had zero fanfare, zero occasions, then completely it's like a scratch off the intervals like a fucking scratch off If you have the ability you have an opportunity, but other than that, I don't know if anybody's ever going to be able to figure out how or why, except for the they're there and they'll their own version of how or why go as far as the contracts and the fans and an understanding and stuff like that, I think I dunno, if it's so much as as a general thing. As far as it's like case by case, like I think
obviously certain fan bases are going to be rougher on players for holding out, like steelers fans, going to be worse than say, chargers, fans or like that, but also like when TJ watt held out are held in France. very, very understanding, but when Dante Johnson didn't go to manage man or optional many camp, this weekend, fans weren't as standing. So I feel like it's definitely like a player by player basis, so For the anti europe what are our only watch? Savers, your young and you have not want anything yet so get your fuckin ass. is that what everybody was saying up its pretty much jaunty needs keeps blinders here, anthony's, keep his blinders on as soon as he makes one catch some wheel route, whatever he does everybody, upon his side, this is how they can come back inside. It didn't happen, though. The braces analogy is perfectly correct in the come back if they make place, people completely forget about the whole ass genius, by the way from it yeah, I'm going to act like I,
if guaranteed money, changes things from the fans perspective too cause? I don't think a lot of people put that into into their brains like these guys need the guaranteed money cause at any given point the hurts arms over, so you could Oh yeah, he's got always got two years. Leftovers contracts must make thirty million dollars, but any given point back on our conscience have disappeared and also they could cut you and they it's not a contract like people think of new contracts, normal. Plus when you sign with a company. It's like hey this. What we're going to do in this war we're going to pay you in the nfl. It's like, hey here's! tension. If we decide to keep you around what you will make, but there's also a lot of factory that happens if you're after fourth year, I believe, if your voice, the player in your honor, part of the fifty three the ross on day, one york on, This guarantees guaranteed for the rest it. So you see a lot of guys get tut literally, day before the first game, move it on the team. They just kind of hit then their signed on Wednesday the team that guarantee in the entire season a contract, but they can pay them wait the wig and its again the your business it's like yeah, but also
fireside. You see why they want guaranteed money I was having control over get all ha absolute back the situation you are talking about getting cut right before the the opening day and then coming back. I believe Kuhn did that in with the with the saints for a year or where he would come by, he would pop up and down throughout the season multiple times. I think you still did very well, but I was like man. They need to give you some stability. I feel like griff Whalen was cut. I eight times in one season, measure seven times on wednesday having a folk this year and he had like one of his best years, nick folk, yeah nick, I believe he got brain and Brian Hoyer right before the season they were on If ross get arrested, yeah yeah, I can promise you that darcy is definitely going miss a couple of extra legal and I cannot be committing this amount of money to europe. Awake comes back week. Two Well so much for the contracts to like
They got raised right, but instead of vez make more money, they just cut more vets and hung onto more rookies rookies quarterbacks got paid yeah, it's crazy, how it all works out. It's a business though, and I like cattle, go to bat for debo haven't. german over here has to fight since december the twenty first, two thousand twenty one all the way back in the game, an absolute stallion man, on the faded in this weekend. He will be another man quickly and an epic way, ladies and gentlemen, future of the company, the term. Of see shelter, shawna shellfish. Are you bob? We getting a little zen situation going. Little manifestation happened in sugar, I didn't even know you were calling. I was just meditating brother. Oh, you are manifesting in that moment. What are we meditating about? What are we manifesting? Are we trying to lose weight right now.
Yeah, we're we're we're getting there. You know, or friday with there's a wednesday got a couple more pounds, a cup but spirit, how do you feel shown? We have talked you in a while. It looks like from afar. You ve been enjoying your life, it's been a while, since you ve had a fight or you cited to get back in their gas. we're excited last, but I fractured my job. So have let that bad boy up- and you know it's just It's been going on for days because it's so perfect and you know I think it's it just add the beautiful performance. Saturday night you mention, that at like. Are you? How long did it take before you felt pretty confident thrown that thing I get it wasn't. A bad fracture was like a. It was a just. A little fracture had a cast on for, like eight weeks took it off. If they forgot about it, feels one hundred percent.
how long have you known your going to fight pedro, munoz, ammonia, munoz and when or you go into the top? When are we having sugar shawn main event? This thing we we tried to as Dana the other day when he was on any kind of you know he has to do that. Business purposes. Are Are you early in the car? Why you late the guard, and when do we get the sugar sean experience where you're the headline, because we know the array it's going to go fucking berserk when you walk out there, they go fuck. if the Zerg, when I walk on, I open up the main card, seven pm, I I fight that's kind of where I've been out for the last couple of fights and that's kind of you know I've asked you'll, see hey. Can I open up the main card? What I like to do, I go knock them out, or medium that I gotta watch the call made a major that Michael. A card when I'm going to get. paid a million dollars. So I think we're just we're a couple of fights away from a couple of fights away from the I think you see an hour, you, no great business partners. work really well together. And
we're on the same path, so I got to go out there finish pedro, maybe go out there, not one more person out and then were made of anything but Honestly, I command of anti car right now by myself. So it's just. Do you know it's so far the game it all. You don't trust in the process you see. That's what they're doing and I just gonna go out there and win days. very complimentary of you when we chat about them. It's nice to hear that your partnership, alongside of him, is also a good one. On the up and up and hearing you say that, by the way, vastly different, the one most fighter say about the relay whenever they're done you in the middle of an epic run rate and not just I was going through your last rites doesn't like when the fact that this guy fight last, I was trying to look it up in it's december, 11th, two thousand and twenty one, and it's chaos chico go round one for forty, two last fight before that remember you broke both your hands because you punched in the face so many times. Oh gee, your fight before that coyotes we're introduced to you
gale with an incredible promo afterwards and you ve actually alluded to like putting on a beautiful form and suddenly this compensation, but in the past, how Is it just you or extreme confidence? Is that why you're able to do this cuz, some other guys they get in there and it looks like they're, you know likes. locked in your present in yours? casual, but have you always been like that, and what do you attribute that to you think yeah, I think even looking back when I was your sixteen seventeen to take part in Macedonia, more style, and I was just really say that would make sense to people's just been flow stay I set off the hook, like I said I just really feel like I'm in their performing. I'm not thinking about anything, I'm just I'm in there performing and I swear I it's where I belong? I love I love being in there and I love the preparation for fights like it's been a long really. Twelve weeks since I've known I had this fight and it's been a very disciplined twelve weeks so far
Saturday July. Second, I get to go in there and just show the world what I've been working on and how our discipline dedicated I've been to. I spy so for me, it's just going to go in there and having fun. I just you know really really enjoy performing in millions of people, t mobile arena. I think this is thanks. Go on their flow. Just do what I know. I'm capable doing its honest hard not to be confident. I try not to be not so many people out of my life is it'd hard not to be confident. So I try to stay humble, but pads hard you always have. That was like tat from from a jump when you started fight and I looked back- must cease seven years ago, I started fighting number kind of where my mind was that, but I remember I was knocking people out
you're. The arm, like almost sixteen seventeen arena, scared you, mother, being scared that your first couple fighter now, I remember thinking like my later amateur career I so much my pro career, but later in my amateur career, I had fourteen fights like. Why do I do this? I do not like this feeling standing in the back. in my in great falls Montana understanding the back being like. I don't have to feel this feeling. If I don't book a fight, it's such I didn't like that feeling I wanted you didn't know in a cage, is black out like a wine, is only gets blackout learn how to enjoy that and you never know how many more fights you you're going to get. You know how more fight with your going to get some showing all of this in ten years from now, I'm not going to be able to do this and that. That kind sucks I just not, thinking about not being able to perform like how. I am right now is kind of scary, but got into a fight. I'm I'm! Definitely
scared or nervous Finally, you said he got a twelve we camp here, you ve known for a long time, as is the longest. What's nor more, have you added anything to your training differently than what you ve done in the past It was different. You know some guys get short notice fights three weeks. Two weeks, four weeks, I I have. I dunno. I think I've been lucky enough to where I've always had like a full six. Seven, eight week, camp I want to fight patriots the next like six weeks ago, but he was for whatever reason, either injured or scared not scams getting, but he didn't so I've known others. Five rely on I didn't remember what the question was. Have you added anything your training for being twelve weeks as opposed to six is at the same camp just longer. They can't discipline diet, same training. Thank you, shut up, same guy, same group, same team around me,
it does not brutal fix it haven't lost yet so I'll continue to do what I do see. It beat the fuck out of timber, other yeah I'd fuck crack on his job and his whole myths about. two, what's that about you miss the matter he was holding it wrong. So fast it happens. You feel good. It's this. The best you've felt going into a fight, I'd, say probably yeah. I mean I feel yeah. I feel It's the fastest. I've ever felt for sure most confident I've ever I've ever been with skills. You know, definitely have gotten worse. In the last couple of years, I've been proved in between each fight camp. My weight, perfect right on were supposed to be faster than ever see at one hundred percent as his bride. The best I've ever felt gonna do. If I were you at right now, you're in the middle of a weight cut, do you have any other shit going on how many weight army lbs? Do you have to lose here in the next two days that we should look out, for about ten eleven pounds? I start the cut, and today is
media all day. Yesterday was you know Is this cause and media day media start to today's for their media for next price. For five hours we got media taking pictures doing stuff like that, and then I work out later this afternoon, so super busy wednesday pretty busy. Thursday friday, all we gotta do is win, and then we got the the way in the afternoon which I, which I really look forward to cause. I gotta look at pedro and and sigh it's you try to look through so if I can use fucking five six, I'm five seventeen, so I can look yeah six five and this mother fucker I'm going to try to look at his eyes, but I dunno we'll see a bar. I get my neck down
It hurts. I don't strain your neck. You feel good, no gargano, yeah shaun! Obviously you don't know if you're going to you know, break your hands on somebody's face against routine yo, but you are like ever have an idea of how many times you want to fight during a year because it usually too like a july and then december, have you thought of squeezing in maybe three fights a year. Usually they I've been fighting on every that wealth depends last year. I think I thought three times march june in december of this year. I had that fractured thoughts I able to fight at the beginning is only two to this year. It's so hard to say you just don't know how the fight is gonna play out you know to be to be good. Three would be good as long as I can get well not be enough so or three year seems like a perfect number. You get not ok, yet oculus and do any of that box, and getting that I do did good at actually pretty good little workout. Isn't that bad? I was maybe more.
Why were you are able to do in their case so that, having carried over five organ in slavery, boxing in like five years from now, do you think the awful carry over in a real life? I think, if you'd solely train on the oculus did a full six weeks like camping, that thing you'd be one hundred percent prepared mentally physically emotionally, and it wouldn't feel any It feels like you're, maybe lying to me, but my confidence just went through the fucking shit, AJ guy I fuck off AJ go ahead, sound sure you talked about leading off the main event How did you talk about? watching the the co main event fights after you knock him out like is is being in vegas like you're, going to go out and party are going to go out and eat like what, what's your after, when routine yeah after wrath or not I'll, go get my check and then do a magnet for our probably head back to the hotel shower up to an outfit and my
princess she's, one of the half is going to be at the hotel. She'll be sleeping at that time, so I'll probably go and stumbling there after shot couple shots of tequila give her a couple kisses. daddy, did it do after parties at resorts world at zoup- that's where I'm having the after party and should be a good I so we'll see. I gotta watch comment made of that, but sometimes I get so excited just start running around doing shit. How is the resort world nice place? Fucking beautiful love it and always take care of me which the red rock, whether you have see official tat was any just stop so red rocks, far yad, as will the rooms. I hit my boys, the resorts world said yo. I need to take care of my team. The tours are sweet and- and it's just so much more comfortable there. So yeah resorts for me
It's very nice. I tried to get a room those weekend. They said you have to be on the vip list to get the suite you're asking for sir. I was like okay, who do we have to call to get a piece you won't be able to? vip suite sorry about it. I can read a book is sweet, but I get a route via friar saturday. Sunday. Let me know that I need to sway. Did I'm fuckin rich now Well, Obviously you're big time advocate of smoking and your smoke and we love that. Do you take that off for the fight? camp and then do jump back in immediately afterwards, yeah three weeks, I'll pretty much be three weeks sober. I can you tell him eyes, yeah, actually, well, yeah, that's pretty bad, because you got some fucking eyes. That's a nice fucking fish fuckin eyes right there. You ain't, got good eyes or three weeks off about three weeks, I'll, be completely yeah sober and you always feel really good, taking a break
You know it reminds me to. I can go back and use marijuana and enjoy it more after by taking a break. but usually saturday night. I don't like being drunk time, not my favorite offer agrees? Oh I'm usually get pretty buzzed up with the boys happy dad. So go get buzzed up with the boys, You are still spar. I know different people are talking about like they may spar a little bit less as they get older. I dunno some people may not do it at all. Where were you with that?. I only sparred camp. So I started sparring when I was eight weeks out from this fight and I'll just gradually get into it. I'll do one round on saturday, one round on Wednesday one round on saturday and one on wednesday, then two the two than three than three and gradually it up the rounds until I'm doing three five min around with a fresh partner each round, and also to camp like whispering couple years ago,
it's just not worth is too many too many. The hit my head is obviously beautiful, I'm so smart on continue to be so smart of course laugh. The piece as well as contract people he's dumb. Ass too, though I mean you wear helmet for that helmet bought it pads for your sparring or are they trying? did you like actual fights and how? How does that play out? It's tough because obviously want to take care of your training partners, but it's also like you get smoked. You want to smoke them backwards, but you ideally to train party. You can really trust you wear the puffy gloves shin pads some people wear. Headgear, I never really wear had your headgear you're, so you get hit more with it goes thicker. can't you just try to miss your policy for constant stuff, but yeah I don't want to knock your opponent or your your sparring partners, though you want to take care of them. They're, your friends they're, trying to help you get ready for a fight
so you knocking them out, doesn't do anything, but I will try to take care of each other. What's next, This was outside of the cage and you're. Always you got a great brain. You just alluded to it. We all understand it. The pod fantastic. Obviously, the content is great. What's next for you sighed, the gauger. You just focus on doing what you do in right now. we're a little bit yeah I mean, since the the all the work started been put in for the fight. So now you know fight we lot. A lot of deals are coming around I'm sure you're familiar with happy dad nelk boys things with them. say those motherfuckers under your friends with them other there and genius sister yeah yeah yeah. They are yeah. I'm excited, we are we ass, a big things are ruined out soon with their fucking love, guys they're going to be there front row at the the fight they're going to be at the after party to celebrate, and so yeah big big things coming. I definitely want to get into the investments.
in chandrapur newer? So I got to I got to make that money outside of the? U of c two sugars entrepreneur. Man is going to walk into a cage this weekend and do what he's always done, which is put on a performance and knock them over fucker out, we appreciate the hell out of your time. Good luck with the weight cut and the media. Yes, sir, thank you guys appreciate you, taught her laughter, you being smart, that's kind of fucked those fucked about that a bunch of yeah he'll punch right. That's why he hung up right there and that's fine. How do you feel you feel good about yourself, you're loading articles about what you said about your dad is true. Is you see this? Do he was quoted yeah? That was true. He has to be the worst looking quarterback in an nfl uniform ever or something quote, pat If we show that small co, so armed yeah, I don't there has there's been a worse looking quarterback in a uniform before patent we show, Carl house reactors up yet tweets like somebody to either this morning, germany,
god be very bad macro to bury course once every time they get some like why people saying that and as we all because what's come into your mouth, these being directly linked to me, which I understand is this is my programme. This is our plan, one armani or the shows named after me, but I would like to. I think we are melting pot of ideas and some ideas and opinions come with the services massachusetts, and I would like him to get credit for that. I was the only one that said that I dunno why you know you had to be thrown into that at all and it's the same thing with them when that little fokker called from connecticut or one I do not have in your twitter profile that your thoughts and opinions don't reflect the show yeah. Let me check it, I no. It doesn't say that, oh and that's, why are you serious yeah, I'm seriously looking at it says the pat mcafee show monday through friday, at noon on youtube pod on wednesdays him
thou monday to friday any applicant nea, not a single. Whenever I bury Carson went to stop a surly, pat or the entire city. Even now, we are not endorse that too. That's a lie. You did your line when you put that on her. We know what you do the photo just me. So I think, whenever the tweakers I was just kneeling, photo so happy, okay I say in its he let fucking your head thing is ahead, or was it that's from too Years ago yeah I haven't had I haven't gotten a new one. We have set numerous updates yeah. We can. I get one of those that grew numerous times numerous times, numerous,
yeah just cause. You guys are scanning through looking for landon fucking, flashlight jokes in there I dunno, who else has one that isn't that foxy does? I do I believe Zita does would if Connor says. Why would they choose that because Carson wentz his new starting quarterback in washington, which is a pretty big market and a pretty big fanbase that doesn't know him yet so they're going to bat for him I was going to bad for him. came to indianapolis last year year. I shall text from walleye. Why you doing that carson? Sorry, sorry about it, get to break it. Wasn't me: everybody's always been like that. Now your shit is getting I'm getting, but you know what I'll stand by it: This program is for everybody speaking there they're tourists it's to get us in denmark tablets. Aha, even if it's going to you know, do whatever I'd like.
Cool without the conversation unless you're an ai for humans, only not at a future give I'm back we'd like their lambs, trying take every dollar randall a lamp, listen up. We just need one better week for the football season, in the nfl season begins in seventy one days. Lambda already knew that I saw the clip, I was going out to get a little sip of coffee or something that we put out shanafelt by the way and it. The tweeter says this show stinks and then it is a two minute clip of me doing three fake magic tricks and then it ends with Chris angel. Do in halves, hoddan the money in the bank with asean, your climbing goal, for the gaze on ever get show possible. Dregs started off terribly What would you do if I can deal say orbit size he's like you play? Your data is boiling water,
I will ever person and passed. You have always good men. I met Adam cool and is but whose guys are very nice. They were not now not ever root the plant here I mean I know you have a program running with corbyn. I don't care about that. I'm waiting for the secondary program where vince runs out. You get to rematch that guy you need to get a victory over Alex and that was not a sanctioned match. That was just an exhibition, so friendly soccer Well, it was soccer cars, we're fiscal energy, see what he fucking did to me. What he did, pull the eighty five miles an hour into your ribs. Watch long still, don't you! I can't wait, The story of all that thirty years from now cannot wait. well. When I feel like it's the right time, I don't like, about the wrestling business nowadays. What part? Let's go for shoot here, I can't you're in the business like, let's, let's be respectful for the business you in our name like Obviously, there's people that
opinions and ideas. Another business goes, but they don't fucking need to know you people I need to know that the pencil was behind my ear there, Then, if they believe that I didn't like you know like, I just think there's be a time limit for that type of shit to happen, as opposed to like. Right now, but I'm right now loam right now, you know, I think, there's ages of one stuff! You come out the rest at this is just my opinion, I'm a fucking stooge. I've been a fan forever, but personally, I feel that I feel that that is the case. Yeah I mean, is it worse now than before they like is more stuff getting that all the time you obviously internet social media changes that but our actual wrestlers putting out stuff that should but not everybody, I think there's a lot of people that feel the same way I do, but there is some that get out and just start like the pop that you're about to get. We understand and but like everybody in the history of the business, could have done that at any moment. and one out of the w b now there yet I do that, while in kenya I think people,
or you can afford to be. I think people were and then maybe not so much anymore, I'm not sure, but I just don't like as soon as something happens- and you know my god or by relax the whole laundry for the fucking business- to have a little respect, but will cook it also later you're going to need some shipper yeah? I think that goes with everything. Even our business, I'm not going to tell a story. That's happened behind the scenes here. Until later on cause it's pretty epic and do it now, just for a pop like that, who knows how it's going to end by the way, if you were to tell said story, would do well yeah, exactly which understand why you would want to, but also like much better later on, like wine. you know what I mean ha. Of course man. What's the saying, the toothpaste back in the tip, two something about the something about the something comes to those who wait. Grass is always greener.
patients is a virtue. Grass is not always greener. That's definitely something people need was never to hold plants actually used in that fashion. I think now has raina and the has it rained in a month, grass is greener, where you water it to your I don't know how knew I was getting work done. Aj, and then I got eyes on a good time. Thus far, think net. You talked about it or you were put videos out months ago of you doing some work in the backyard or something his backyard is a Paradise suite. You have to pull right doable. That means a lot coming from you whose backyard is, Now it's mount olympus nowadays, but the your backyard is he's gotta shipping area, putting area pool big space for a wall, cutter bunnies from the fuckin chase and snap the next.
nelson room you're, doing it dude we just got bullied or two boys need to get a roof closer to bull working on it. Jumbo need to jump off of nature and the boy haven't before we do I put a high dive up. Yeah, that's that'd, be cool like I like the red bull that dive yeah yeah, so add something on your house. That is just a plank that are later. That goes straight up like another thirty forty feet and then put a platform upper. Yes, you can do the goat and talk and talk. Now the flute talk is the rocket the ret, the the things red bull has The desk diving thing when all the divers at the bottom splash, so that they can see where they're landing yeah when they jump off the cliffs. All the if the people with the with tanks on the splash, that's pretty cool. It's fucking absurd they'll go off like hundred one hundred and twenty foot yeah. No thanks.
Doing flips and twists and everything they've gotta be on drugs. Those people gotta be on drugs. They gotta have drugs in her system. Fear that Alex honnold yeah. It's a fear thing, that's what those people are doing. Don't have it You catch me in my amygdala you can you just remove that go and check it out. You have unwanted consequences, but, like one, try going to get it back in time on your back, totters rivah, you catch! We each one is, though, pretty tuned up. lose that, oh yes, you could have probably got me to jump off one of those things but like how high, though I mean there's a big difference between like fifty feet and one hundred and fifty I agree It's worked, though. There was like a fifty foot, pier or whatever into the river that we would jump off of in pitch black. I mean that was stupid, stupid, but I guess the pitch black held. this could really do you had no idea what was you think you still would if the right person challenged you if we're going on content- and I know
it depends how close to the mountain it like depends. If you could really feel comfort about jumping out and getting away from the wall too. I think if it's like a It was K you better, get a good push, you're going to come right back and smack this ball yeah. How much is on the line? I guess second part is a big one. What you said I won't die. Yes, I have pretty good confidence, I'm not going to die I'll. Do what you got that year, though you got your jump, you can certainly Yeah. Of course, good luck. When you lose control in mid air, though control is the whole thing. That's the only that's why I would price I'd. Probably one time bomb. Beanie We can we move the high dive to your lake, the lady to shut it down at the house. What's her deal friday, it's a deal. That's the kemal up. digital pay for the insurance yeah. I didn't think we'd need insurance, maybe just a nurse or a lifeguard I'll be a lifeguard. We don't territories shortage and left guys. gets, hurt, fixed shortage on pilot for now it s too short on every issue, yet definite swords on pilots
Is that why this whole things happen where people getting delayed? One thousand one hundred and twelve I saw hard by was in the airport for eleven hours yesterday I searched part of it. Yeah he's got new deal michigan offline, private. What the fuck is going on. I'm has hours built into his contract. He was sleeping in the airport I seen didn't want tiktok today, recruiting recruiting to fifteen passports. Probably traveling passports for the family? seems like a guy that would hold all the stuff for the family, but even more so why are we flying and you how many hours you get to the airport before your family travel seventh eight I know we try to cut it as close as we possibly can. Why do I love that too? Mcafee was trying to get me there as a kid. We had to travel a couple of times via plane. It was like a big deal to him actually read somewhere right it's gotta, be there three and a half hours beforehand, I'm fucking spending my whole life and I don't wanna fly just like here the whole thing, but that now
days, I guess that is you're going to be at the airport, as a long time regardless, and they won't tell you until like four minutes before scheduled takeoff. I guess why is that and how? How is it How's it continued for this long as there no like adapt changing like half the book fewer flights at as opposed to just overbooking ever flight is getting their money so fiercely. They're booking, and fights and on they're, hoping that one flight is at the airport in time. For those pilots to switch to, next flight will have a stewardess and stuff like that, not show up and then you're not allowed to fly. If you don't have a certain amount, stewardess and stuff like that, so then the flight over cancelled the model for toilet breaks, one. Well, one stewardess sleeps in the whole flight gets canceled. They can't find a replacement. That's delayed an hour as a chain of events. there are seven hundred cancelled flights. She does have an hundred in the united states of america
What that tells you how many flights are taking off every single fucking day? So when you hop on a plane, you you feel much more comfortable than you probably do because of what you've heard whenever you're a kid there's thousand, I think it's like forty four hundred or forty four thousand I forgot, the number was I watch this. It was on it. Air travel is hundred forty four fighting the remainder of the six hundred passenger flights daily dave so for you asked martian warriors the friday before father's day mad that I was talking about twenty percent of those flights arkansas the precise side column canoe makes only Ivan hunch, I guess deltas really having an issue. Yeah tat deltas booking if they have no like workforce problems, when they brought back some of their fights, that they had to get rid of during covid. Back to their regular schedule and because of that yeah they're booking as if they don't have a work, ridiculous they're just like yep, oh just a cargo. I was at last For that the gulf deal walgreens in that was
his while the airport, and it felt like it, was just directors, back, so I didn't have any issues. Luckily, it fell. To see an airport, the airport airport's actually open? I hated going through any airport during kobe when it just felt like dead. It was depressing. I walked through detroit, a few times yeah during the heat it. It was terrible, even when it's a good airport, nothing is open either. Detroit airport is very nice airport, but that is fountains. You know you walk where there's fountain, shooting the water yeah, how bout the? How about the rooflight thing all day. psychedelic that was on yeah, but I was like climb myself. I'm walking through solo Ok, here's really trip in there then cause that birds whistle too. Whenever you get past one part into the next part, you turn around there's like a little bush. There's some it's like. If people pop out
from the ceiling every once in a while, like a haunted, walk I've ever experienced that I feel like a floater to try to laugh only a few times I have see this is from the other day, not sure you said that you know yeah. I know I said it because it was true see. Have it with us dry monotone, guys, that's on us age it we have learned to flip our voice, a little bit. What you're saying something? That's not serious!. maybe I am serious or not, I honestly I popped out of the sky. The detroit airport is scary, not the sky, the ceiling, the pub who maybe it was halloween time, maybe was a special thing that is painted like the sky. Isn't it that whole thing yeah, but there's is a drop ceiling, so they could pop out all over the place they could to It kind, be caribbean or something so you actually as you're on that escalator. You thought yourself drop ceiling. They could have a guy just pop down right here. That's what happened What are you can travel through their lot of that great airport?
best things, Detroit has right the city yeah for sure, now. I do understand me jerry happy, which I wait: much greater choice on the show. How can would you know about appear, but I'm sorry, I don't know it's got logan in Michigan. What's going on logan and boys? Are we doing you're in detroit, give him one sorry about it. You did great there to start the thing we kind of derailed. Joe. Are you in Detroit? Where are you in michigan western michigan, where all the ups are you, p, where you know terminals nor the way up north. Summertime It's for Logan. What do you want to talk about brother to do to me? one, the brand, especially because the fifty percent off those shirts. I don't have want to but I did at what might day, but luckily for me had no cancer problems you, his life, so
contribute back to the brand by buying a for the next four, the brain about us on this point I love you and we appreciate the house. Sorry, you had to do that with your dog, I'm sure you will celebrate the good times and the love that you guys had together. Obviously the worst part of it all, especially with the living breathing creature You know Valerie our dog half people have our pay? She ended in cancer. A few years back and we wanted obviously this the first dog that I've really connected with and sam introduced dog, my life, she saved it from the pain or whatever you know, and the dog does that. I like she's, she was adopted. Valerie knows that she has the tattoo with a stripe. Today, like one more week, she was probably going to get put down SAM after she's, very thankful. I love this talk. I fucking love valerie, she's, very first that is, you know, got me like hooked, emotional ones,
so couple years back whenever she got cancer for the first time it was is devastating, was very scared and a k. Here's a procedure that can happen, and there's much costs it. Eight dollars was a couple thousand bucks holy fuck. How much money- and I do think that like my mom and dad However, I was growing up if this were to happen to a dog that we had had. There's no fucking Shot that that would happen. There's no chance that they'd be able to spend that my sam, her mom and dad same exact situation. So SAM started further brand, basically help people pay for cancer treat so it's and happiness with their families and for dogs. Fifty five, for dogs across, like thirty states, she's already helped then she's. can guarantee news. She was on Fuck knows yesterday amounts to impose something also brought over man on the news donor thing. it's really really cool and I feel like she's getting true fulfilled, but there's a lot of sad dog stories that are coming through to and it's like whoa. heavy shit. You know what I
yeah. We go look at dogs all the time over at the pound. Take our kids there and it's hard not to take like fifteen home every single time. We go so yeah, it's cool man, everyone I mean, I would assume some people aren't dog people, everyone. I would assume as like enjoyed being around a dog at some point in life right. He would help there's something I don't like dogs, though, and then you know I never didn't like dogs. Always Dogs just never had like a like, or months us with dogs. You know like, or I had a dog I was. busy, never really in the house. I'm out running so my parents are, but it wasn't like a super, but all the butt dog people say that if you don't like dogs like, were we just learned a lot about like we learned a lot about, How could I honestly don't know the figures serial killer, you don't like dogs ass, an his bill was bill? Stamps has six cats, no dogs so wish. I wish I was I should not have asked,
wish built bill wish we were joking, six cats. What was that a whole box might to be. I was hoping was joking hold on. While I will wait for bill to catch up to the show with a thirty second delay and call my answer for himself. The smoke is building so get a lot a lot man, that's tough, It's a lot of xp like litter boxes, no dog Well, no dogs now well duh. I am a dog guy. Actually, I've had dogs. My entire life actually have been allergic to cats. My entire life. Okay. Now Probably the next gas extends age. Eight is that the problem is that you know he. Aj is not the only person who thinks that's a problem, but you know it's kind of one of those things you just get subjected to. Eventually I have forecasts and the forty of other animals to the extent we have other forecast to dogs. Here I raccoons possum
I know those things are dead, that the other way way a nail gun sick of that shit. I'm tired of building around these toys fruit loops night. None of that happened nobody. Last night there was like four families of canadian geese, though down by our doc, sam puts, rather that we get to work together. That does the terrors of the scots and gets under dogs down to run him off. So that is the thing chuck. go ever the geese. I do not think he'll go after the ducks they might had his ass flanked last night, we're talking mom. canadian geese terrorist for kid today these terrorist mom dad canadian gazed at like they had a that starts traffic the other day. In the way I see that they already of, though, that a cop, yet behind him and left lame. Yeah yeah marched across the street days
fucking lily do what they gonna fly too. They don't care car keys until there is getting engagement fuck. No back in the day, and that we are the people, while people definitely still do wherever different parts of the world in this country, but when they would put it all down, the dad would take him out the back, shoot him, that's what they used to do ass, wild people still do that. I think the foreign foreign farms for sure haven't gross yeah and of mice and men. Let's go to georgia in missouri literary reference, love you, ladies, that rabbits lennie was a big guy and then there's a little one. George there's a tree either. If I recall reading a tree yeah george put him down right think been awhile somebody's run on someone else's shoulders at one point
Well, yeah, probably georgia, the movie or fuck, was, I think, Lenny, add some shoulder honey yeah. He was big and strong, but george, couldn't you know, make it without down at the riverbed with them? his high school book rate had to read yeah yeah, so literally all those books he had to read in high school. My only is the conversation that people had before each chapter that we have to talk about. So I just have to try to piece those. there's a movie George clooney Is it to other? Isn't malcolm bitch, uniting their mouth phenomenal role? You know what he was grapes wrath. Let's go george in Missouri in Missouri. What's going on the five hundred front and last call the day the last moment of today show thank god, what a boy, let's ride We have the name right, georgia, your link between paper, I wanna go
If you fall the you about over san diego last night for like for an hour you're, damn right. I did ga lot of well well well, tweets from me. Last night, everybody telling me there were flares in weather balloons. Georgia, you all in on these things as well, and what were your thoughts I'm all in all. I think that there is trouble. Our job no harm georgia. Do you do find it interesting that the thing that foxy saw is literally the exact same thing that's been seen in Houston, san, diego and over the air. gee I honour to judge when we send a plain up their send a drone up there and see what these are there there for an hour to be a suicide mission,
ga ga- I think she just got- I think her phone just aliens shot out, but me and foxy saw these things yep that is sweet, sweet. I believe that you thought I would have built it. Tony What is that about little shaky, so it's latina, the one we saw there's got to be closer video. There has to be somebody closer filming, his numerous videos from this last night. Numerous lot of people talking about hey, that's been here for an hour, just spinning right, underneath the law and I'll hopefully I think it was out on the water there, san diego right, yeah, it's a beach town. I think it was out there and it could about. This- could be a bunch of drones by the way. For an hour or whatever for no reason, nobody knew about it, but I don't think that has been. announced anybody, but everything that we have since then me and fox, who saw they look exactly levine foxy saw and you all I have to say where the fuckin first, what's up,
AJ laughing at you. I just want to say that it's a movie that doesn't do anything for me. I need more, I need more info and we all want asia, but it's not going to have to automate. It wasn't good, I'm not going to make a change in the world everytime one of these videos, pops up- and we say: oh this is from seven years ago ourselves yeah we're close, because they are, they don't care if they get spotted any like they're close to being we cannot only that's why the governments like hey, we need to give a heads up as these people get a little bit more aggressive. Yes, they're just reckless and willy about there flying around the other day was a. It was a ship. Going back and forth on the water and then right. and then there was being recorded by, I think the navy or the air force. Who was trying to say what the fuck is. This is an artist may see you later right into the water made. A splash doesn't normally make a splash you're, saying that there potential alien bases underneath water and deep in the ocean What allude to the point that nick at
nerves and trying to make. We know more about space to going over the ocean or about the set daft I'd, be awesome, they will reveal themselves at the world cup final in qatar. and don't forget about that air show movie. We need to see home and the jet can't shoot down down ha what an intergalactic war come on. Wake up idiot, primitive weaponry. Did, will smith absolutely well spent Tom cruise. All of them. We have some breaking just one day after maxwell was sentenced to twenty years for sex trafficking. Nobody right that right! That's what come out as nobody to R Kelly has been sentenced to thirty years in prison for what he has done and what grooming and, the june and sexually assaulted? Yes, is what is being accused
music for superstardom to subject young fans to systemic sexual abuse has been sentenced. To Thirty years in prison. phil lewis came out on the surviving r kelly doc, I believe a lifetime. It kind open. of our eyes. Then you do. remember the interview, where said, they're trying take my Robert sit down and that whole years in jail or kelly for what it did here on earth that that was alarming. The shit we're hearing about it's like how this go on for so damn long. You know Im of the internet to right, where a lot of it was going on with cell phones and everything, and he basically is holding people hostage and keep from their parent like it's that whole deals. It was like a five part series was terrible. Yes, was one that makes you think also about like just lying maxwell stuff in Epstein stuff happen. While we had the internet in everything like that, I don't stand. Some people can get away with the things that they do on. Some people can sleep at night. I won't be able to sleep tonight. Cuz
at this show was today, but I hope tomorrow we get back in the batter's box and we take big I'll be better when it does make. You wonder how people can sleep at night when they see something like that happening like maybe they have served our kelly ice cream, yeah and didn't say anything to do anything didn't raise any red floor. Or question mark, and because person was working at ice cream shop there waiting in the framework of the saying whenever a tip comes in our colleague rocket money thing for me, see, though you some, we did say yes, I operate a guy that said, sorry to him and the people. You said, sorry to god, everybody! Let's go repent! I repented. Do you forgive him I eighty hours, I've I always have always will he know our culture. Africa, we'd, none of us and forgiven it didn't get cancelled though, or they continue to play. We all forget they're, still playing Michael.
Three michael do get convicted, though fast you're gonna get fucked differently, just ass, a different in both documents. yeah Michael trial- that didn't get found guilty are clear. They make a dubious they ve already removed a lot is misguided, like spotify in all those other ones, like the other at all, really were still so place. Their shares pear shaped, that's a shame and how the waterfall, now I gotta What yeah? Well, who knows the I dunno? I don't understand people when people are and the people that aren't into them like what makes you If someone is not into you, I understand that I don't I don't I'll, never get that yeah like why you keep pushing are some weirdoes out there did. We need stay away from them exactly.
Exactly now he's locked up, where's he going to jail. Do we know Vienna actually was to trial new york brooklyn bikers thirty years, the directors thirty years, or is that one of those it's a thirty year record to the ground and I think you go to upstate after after the trial. I don't know the whole thing and how come some people get sent out to like the middle of the country to different those? That's like You see all the florence, the one in colorado, that's the main one biggest remarks. there's like you're gonna, isn't any anodyne than the other have one of those I believe they used to have one thing: it's to paypal. Is it now? because we can high boots. Currently, there's a? U s. Penitentiary, inter hate maxim, security you have as yet about radical prison for major power, colorado and other photos in colorado, other those the sexual assault.
you're, not putting Fogo out there colorado. One has every single like major bomb. I think, I remember there. Jr obama wasn't indiana indiana, something there's some people here in Indiana. I know that, like it's gotta be if prisoners big prison in ohio to milk, the shots shall Shawshank, auto oil programme. What town is that? I don't know it's concept: sam lives, it is for a couple years because we drove through there to get somewhere and sam. You could you she liked the kid wasn't saw the the jail hell yeah? It was like a big deal. Come check out the jail cell in the middle. No red was her really well. Alright. Here, that's on me show you wearing khaki shorts know these. I want to dick's the other day. There's this company called first or something ve. Oh yeah
I have seen it or asked the stretchy yeah they're like yoga pants, but the eu. They have a bunch of yeah. It was a game changer that they have like everytime I go to dicks sporting goods. I want to buy the whole store yeah out of that this weekend, and that's where I got the question which we just got twelve boxes here for their office. I saw those today I was at walgreens with my kids. I saw them. I almost bought a box. I did. you don't wait, are the right that they have a lot of calories now it eat em out I guess I think that's a good idea. I don't want a huge like peanut butter cup person, but I wouldn't outright, so that has been my favorite forever my entire life, so that makes me feel good that, since I have liked them for like three decades now at this point I will have. I continue to carry that on forever and if I have found my favorite suite is in in form and sweet tooth being the only drawback to my keto diet. I minutes That's a big fucking moment, AJ! Think about how happy I was when I took that light was like
All I think, you'll find more stuff that you, like, probably in that same day, I think it's been its isn't it evolve because just a couple of years ago it was all cardboard tasting shit cause. You can't do in sugar coat now all the intermittent fasting. It's all coke, so yeah, all that stuff will cancel rich coming from you. Yeah you'd have fucking cult leader over there in the course of like brownies, so most of what's happening, though quest has like cookies and brownies tried still graduating, he's a good there great they're not going to be chocolate. Chip cookies at your your wife makes, but they're are going to be okay. Now my wife has a great baker, but the the peanut butter costume quest in comparison to the races close enough. And I'm like who good the cookies They ve gone to the point where. Couldn't you, okay, those quest little peanut butter cups.
You could easily sit down your sweet tooth. You just sit down a fifteen of those right, yes I'll, be there be a corpse, I'm good for you. That he does. You should seen all the calculations running him. I had only I gonna fucking twenty of these health and I had ten tarps. That's ten, that cars that amazing trying to stay under fifty each day under ten each day, and it's like at night, I can have two of those when my normal sweeter will kick in and I'm out I like seven or eight. I should become don't know, maybe miles teller and fucking talk on maverick in like a week or so doing this you it's good, I haven't been on a scale. I don't get on the scale. I don't want the numbers to deter me if I feel like I'm having success visually and physically so I'll get on the scale at some point been doing cardio morning and night really yeah nice armor. Yet the stairs and then a box or even the argo too. I am back in the art. Fuckin took out a plan to let the chain
If fucking you are restricting yourself by the way. I just looked it up. You only have the standard fifty a day for keto yeah, so probably four or five days I'll be fucking, apac know. But what I'm saying Look at me ha look at you, man figured it all out. What am I just do this forever or if this is the new, yeah sure. Why not? Why not? Who says no? Who says I can't she says, no, who says it are you happening right now, yeah that good energy area but feel like I'm losing weight? The tan is awesome because that's what's always been super hot. So here we go, I'm excited man. I can't wait to get to the stage of life where I'm just getting a bunch of fake shit done to my face in the transitional phase, changes and wait till I come back and I'm just fucking why the long face. What are you talking about yeah? This is my new face. Brady, look exactly. like well that transformation photo thing is yeah very long, trying to keep that off the internet as much as possible. Like whenever Why is everybody saying he's burying him by the way?
and everybody saying he's like a robot shit, that's like to go to his social media is very good, very good yeah. If he ran it, that'd be now, but he has to ok it right. He probably looks at me or maybe He definitely does because he sends the videos to them like the father's day, one I got a promo every once in a while she'll get a promo with a bit of human life wiser, but I just think he's just roboto career at adler era. Why do people think that honest legitimately Any ideas like the routine like you evolve? I ever wake up at five and go to bed at eight, no matter what I came in the gym. Grab the tv tb, twelve ice cream, probably did it. What was that break the huddle? What was the show Well, they did say nothing every monday night at six pm on sirius Xm. That was the name of the show can we go? We did not, like that name: back for another season. I sure hope so I fucking hope so and let's get some things out, north carolina, reapers gerald on cause. I was pinched and I dunno. I do believe the larry gets the tail end of the episode
can we tell siri or alexa or whoever's listening to lambda this year we listen to this first show on tuesday wednesday and thursday think it didn't. It just happened to be on the car in the on the radio in the car. On my drive home, so I would catch it, you won't have to ever air does not the biggest thing he said was before the patriots bucks game and when Tom Brady sr came out and said something he had to? it almost dad thing all your time. Patrick Brady senior does not speak for tom bullshit, dad that's basically what he said there surely is at some point. We should give away something for people that stuck to this one bms, twenty five thousand people. Do pms sweet blake?
land heavy, making a call to bigger through true. Hasta PMS sleep like. I think it has to be palm he deserves a screenshot. Asia is about I'm in august, all dog the dogs we blake screenshot says something nice to somebody put your cash tag in there There has to be a most sweet, blake. You can be one ten winners of five hundred and ninety nine dollars. We can't, for watching. We have no idea why up to something seasons brewing, who it is back off the ragu, not just
One thing ruin a J or some sticks in a fire, wo lot of sticks in the fire. That's right lines are down or some whoppers biting at the pay. You know what I mean ha yup. This reminds me of yesterday, when I ask bruce about a you said: you swing, a pocket money by way every gulf tear by water on every ma'am all the time, Did you to do is come in the pocket. What does that mean? You come come out of the pocket dude I feel I says but tied to your body, yet tighter boy. In that you come Although google is tv and then forget it's not come out of the pocket. Dopa tracked them out of the pocket. You know what I mean inside out maybe I'll make that swing change? When I get off the tahoe, he should I'll give you a look, the gulf or six guys out there. I guess Michael really, ledbetter,
No ages going to be doing that juju swing into There's nowhere he's been thinking about it way too much easier, subconsciously start doing michael breed. It's not him. That is not the gulf, it's not anymore who's gulf fixed! Now I I I googled gulf fix guy, says Michael breed gulf. Fixed. Now is what your took office, twenty twenty two. British dunno. I have no idea the original person I watched. Two am three am with pool noodles in his pocket. They have fared. No, that was never fixed police, have little respect for fucking gulf x gulf. It was awesome. Oh the new look, the golf fix. I can only find Michael breed yeah. Let's look at what bruce was trying to here's. The juju swing age always called the juju yeah. That's too, we see it, but nothing.
How is that a weird swaying? That's a standard gulf, swaying labors didn't replicator right. Well, you try it we'll verse, real into right, vs, real bad. I just wanted to stop eating fat. I was eating fat every single time, so I was like. Oh maybe this fall. Blade, everyone then been went simple Elsa standard swing done I get wrong. Just the hands are just a his hands are a little weird yeah his hands go super like yeah, you next drake, the the risks are huge than at all on any other swing, or on this way I mean, let's get real. Nobody swings going to look like that, though the war is six seven people I mean in this. I moved out of the people on this program. No one swing is going to look that good. Now, matthew, wolf swings and I concur. I can't touch my toes, I'm not flexible enough for golf. I don't think they sends me tips and stuff on what I should do yeah here. It's this that The ruse that right wrist, what are you doing? Look at that
What if you may contact on that phone, that Mr Balboa lie that the club had should never be ahead of your hands, and so that's what that's doing so. I dunno how that makes any sense. Maybe it's more for people that you're super slicing instead of trying to get ahead of it, so they can hook. Yeah, you gotta get steve to get shallow. I probably don't know the problem. Hi we're back tomorrow, hashtag pms sweep like take a screenshot earlier today. where's father and I never got four back more than were off friday, then we're back tuesday, wednesday, If there were live, on social media I dunno the show will be like this thursday. Friday from tahoe next week and then we're off that next week and then we're back,
as football season hell yeah, I'm right there, let's go dude at thunderdome, but yeah yeah, when very soon. After that, I think it's time to stop looking damn good by Yu Ji. It is hey yuji! What's up august, oh alright! If lv.
It stands for pounds. What's l b j stand for I dunno the ones that show the.
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