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2022-07-05 | 🔗

On today’s show Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys welcome you back from the July 4th holiday weekend. Pat kicks off the show jumping into the latest news and life updates as he had quite the weekend out west. As they get into some sports talk Pat brings on NBA insider Shams Charania as he has been breaking all the latest NBA news (0:14:16.352-0:27:38.561). Pat brings on NFL insider Ian Rapoport to talk about the news, or lack their of, from the NFL news breaking schedule (0:42:36.012-1:00:21.368). Pat brings us back with some Joey Chestnut chatter and gets into his 4th of July celebrations. Welcoming you back to the Progrum with bouncing around the NFL and the rest of the sports news world to close aht the show special guest appearance by 15 time World Champion hot dog eater, Joey Chestnut joins the program to talk about his massive win just yesterday (). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all of you. See you next week, cheers.

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Hello, beautiful people, it is Tuesday July fifth, two thousand twenty two, a new sports show on the internet and the radio traffic and, right now that's right. That's right! The boys are back in the stable hospital and opponents of sports talk, not a bad job. They're billed as the cubs run the audio. We are a bit shorthanded here today because, although we only are live for today and tomorrow, a lot of people potentially got ahead of their vacation next week, and that's because I we're may be taken two weeks off could never do that have to Iraq today, especially after the weekend that was help you out, potastic fourth of July weekend. I know we did. I think everybody in here did. I know that there was all that potentially for the July was not to be celebrated. This predict year. It was seven hundred maya celebrate everywhere, as it should have been by the way tat. We can find time to come together and celebrate something I hope we will concern. You. Do such a thing. I had a blast hope you did as well
well bit of a medical update on me last time. Some of you might have seen me. I was at u of c fight. That's right alongside MR h staff, vince Mcmahon, on also in the building to my direct left, two doors, curse pratt star of drastic, where media who I've said very positive things about orally ford, oars down miles teller who obviously, but we know each other out of the other way rooster yes to save the world couple where's down this way, Shaquille o neill naval do happy dad boys or any other no wiser in here. It was a maximum cosby was there. I mean it was a chancellor Joe in Barodia joey burrow. There said Do what MR rogan for the first time schedule for me, Mister Oliver, I mean it was a on why John white I made I contact with him tomato screw. It was great. It was a vulcan one time, but our body since my neck price, that was
a precaution, because a scumbag had attacked me a meeting. following money in the bank going off the air on peacock. Michael cole and I were just sitting there. Having are you Joe nightly wrap up like etas fuck good night good night in before we could even get her head sets off and get out of there as the entire world was celebrating some scumbag by the name of biomass. Carbon literally attacked me from behind the barricade, like a horror film. You watch me a fox at great behind us and the consultants right next to it. I actually kicked them both in the whole process that sara sara about it. I enjoy the value drags, the other I've, no idea what I'm doing just finished the evening light cashed in our money in the bank dream come true, one of the biggest nights of all time Bobby lashley new united states champion the also in st profits, and maybe one of the best matches I've ever seen, live and then
We wish the money in the bank with a nigerian giant end up going through a commentary table, and so many other hygiene and shit. It was a great night. Interesting then, all of a sudden, I know who I'm kind of swooped up by scumbag, I'm out there. I'm losing my bears, aren't getting wild punches ho HO rose me in over the started my head, on the side of the commentary stable. That was blown by almost got cut. on my head from that thing cause there's a metal where the obvious where the bolts go, but few enables literally, though bruised on my address now knows that both sides both sides, it s, so and I'm like trying to snag. In their there's big son bitch is about mass former golden gloves, boxer, obviously, incredibly tough former teammates, roommate. My man, who is completely become a terrible human, has me by the hand, my role work on my jacket, bosom and boom I all of a holy fuck
right into the ground. Alright thought wanting to close k. I was we're not your legs, but my life. It's potentially in trouble as well, though, and two hundred and forty pants gay, when your body's upside down and flipped around right on your face, there's going to be some bad outcomes, So there was a little precautionary there, because I could not move my neck afterwards, because it was an incredible pain. Any bud you hurt like Hell, turns out. No fractures in there. But I did, have a severe case of whiplash or I will still be rather stiff course. Instead, a happy corbett, biomass corbett has officially accepted my summer slant out some leaders on now. We got in once its neck was up one hundred percent only right, I'm bedecked as acid nashville, tennessee Saturday July alive call me big is born. We grant this point right. Share is gonna end up
they ass above ass, core megawatt emirate, whose fun weaken overboard said, bless them and made of embryos. kind of boring bio, but is he gonna win, which is all the matters we are there just to watch the you know get one over there had a good time. I was very proud of the company, which was hysterical very funny go over to the fight with them left with them watched with them. It was. It was kind of cool watching. You know, then, like just act like humans are for sorting out arrest. Just being a fan just be fan, have a good time, we're kind of watching it and He comes out to the undertaker. Style. Better comes out to the undertakers theme. No remakes of the undertakings that actually comes out with the undertakers entrance was anyone song sitting there and the obvious question is like because us been many zoo wages, so happy to be here. When one of these things, I don't think they knew it was coming now muscle
If they upset about it, I think they love that it was happening at one point actually adventure, you think about fucking doing this seems like a pretty a big I guess I'll benders is a big w fan, it'll over there got a chance to sit directly behind his corner. I mean I sent a picture into the group there where it is a shot during one of the in between there ass business intermission, I guess I'll break whatever he had his arms up on the thing he's right in front of me. I take a picture, and it's just like going up in sky and you want to sit out right between the rounds and the first and that guy didn't sit on Canada instead of I think second round, he didn't sit on. Third, well. The guy sat out the only thing I really said: daisy, the entire time was hey. The other son of a bitch is sick and thats. All you need to know mom you're, not sitting down that other guy sitting down these
it's war, incredible! The technical shouts of the you have seen the that's from my camera right there on drinking a johnny walker blew over those at a wanderer. Scotch dinner showed what downright smooth it was top this chocolate. I because the t one the potential broken neck You're situation arise right there before a shot camera man has, I think, just vincent Stephanie in shot. that moves. The other side has triple h, Stephanie and in short, so I call on the stand up and get the fuck out of ways. This is not because ten we're on top ursula sacramento, attracted especially my my You know my guy come a lot. I was just gonna in the middle of a spasm the german when your neck and an absolute guy or as we draw in it, might look as if triple ages pushing on my try, simple little bird. You know it might look like that in about saying that,
by acting in or on purpose, but he's not he's not doing licence or so be it gradually can help by. What I was me- and I shall do like rip was shot happened. Somebody goes into the camera persons ears, like Hey networks. I also supposed to be in shot or whatever. So then I kind of get a point like do. I want to get back in and I'm like. I guess yes the background and above and issues I sit down. If you watch the shot issues us in our work on camera nice. I see myself on a hundred tvs here we are we're. Not about pop out of the crowd for us good the I thought, there'd be a little bit more. You know his family, russia, an actor, but I think everybody at that point was already pretty tuned up when we walked in there. For the main event, oh yeah, it was a cool environment, cool atmosphere. Just like money in the bank, convince our lot. I mean I was a. I was a super fun weekend. Next, okay I want my daughter immediately upon landing back here in indianapolis on sunday straight to the neck doctor, hey doc, how you doing good, how you do not good
I'm going to fucking like em cmu. What do you think these happened run? Some scans were awful were run and hope. Everybody else had an incredible fourth of July weekend. things happening we got shops. Rania joining us here in about five minutes, does the nba breakdown it is for tail. In the nba right now trades and it's and then renegotiations for less money and then get me outta here then there's bitch and there's yelling. Their supermax is going to guys that we know the one hundred and ninety one million dollars guaranteed to zion I played the last couple of years from the atkins. I could go up to two thirty one. I mean there is the mba's on fire right now we will talk to shops in about four minutes. In an ian rapoport joins us on our alongside AJ hawk. Ok, who, I believe, had interesting fourth of July. Will let him tell it if you want to dive into the town, The table is here sing connor ethnic more out of time, makes they'll do one a the duty he and his.
Caitlin gave birth. Congratulations that cheap, absolutely crushing pal. We certainly monsieur nick you're back in pittsburgh. What you say, what seven italian fourth of July, pretty much got to hang out with my family, the sea, the old man and and my mom, and they took care of us- did a big cookout for a buddy invited the ladies family over kind of a mixing of the soon to be in laws. So did a little cook. Got poison gas will see if Phil who, as I know, you've been training hard seems, like he's, also been training potentially for some type of showdown here in the coming weeks, There's no have time to run a marathon train for golf teaching team have bunch davies. I mean that's. The first thing I heard by mayor. I'm sure he's able to figure it all out. I can't wait to see him som. Take a big hack at a ball on your instagram saw. the main say: that's road and it's great to see. Look I growing filters and prime condition cannot wait to get out there and play their police.
Well, everybody was settler william, and I assume you did whenever your balance, coursework, hey everybody, says hi I did meet one individual ought to cook out. I was that he was a big fan and he wanted to thank you personally for the donation to plum high school and he said hey when he went on that fifteen minute rant about the school board. Eyes, ministries, flock and caused some shit. I duly rack employ my poligized you're, trying to make it better, but also fuck you. You know you are passing connor's year, even claiming that you are from plum furlongs, I learned a lot about you this weekend. Pal I enjoyed it. You took a trip, arizona us The vegas with us flew back in at versace sunglasses were no, no, no, I don't know they're outside on the deck now. Maybe there is a scratch or two on there? Might be a chance, maybe, but this dude to box, to like two hundred and some bucks goes and buys these glasses vegas hey, I did it, I did it. I might never take them off. I said those things are broken or lost within a week we're already
half way their exactly, I knew that was going to now. You didn't you do we know about these ones, and I spent money on these. Normally my gas station ones, I wouldn't really care if they break or that these ones, those my biggest glass ease one for such a glass energetic on new it. Now there are not already have their. How do I have before there was great, for they had a man. For you know the whole entire day was fantastic arizona, as you mentioned. First, I'm out there, the deserts courts very hot out their vegas. You know it's kind of sweet of you heard, though I didn't noted, espresso shot was so as soon as we go to, though, to Europe was. I hate you and, in spite of china's, I guess you fuck it. Why not take is. Are we
Add the espresso shots. I hammer it right away, not knowing it's ten thousand degrees bored, my entire mouth burt, my esophagus, absolutely screwed, a guy who, like runs the hotel italian, looking man, great slicked, back hair every basically like a fucking idiot, just took this espresso shot after hearing that you know it's one thousand degrees, so it was a hard start to vegas. Don't think I'll be going back anytime soon, but you know I got the sunglasses for how we got it. We understood vegas. We stopped at planet, thirteen which is the biggest. We are america, okay, the future planet. Thirteen very nice, very cool. Looking that none of the weed I want it so as tough big, empty warehouse on the most part it had co ltd, boards and stuff, like that, everybody in there was nice just said. None of the way that I was looking for, but anyways can't travel with it. So probably for the benefit, anyways vegas was good time much better than I expected the lot. It was coming? Casinos as you hit the tables yeah a
it will block jack blackjack. I think I lost like six hundred whatever I was planning on winning a millionaire sure it just wasn't wasn't that'll Tom, I should this very difficult I was actually just rather vegas had their most winning month of all time. We I kept off. Actually I think they're in vegas will never walk away from me. Watertown decks. I was fourth of July. Great fourth of July was awesome. You know I watched the great independence day film. I do it every year on July. Third, I saw it was on that's well right, yeah, that as well you and your guy global, oh yeah, I seen him yep and president whitmore in there said something that really resonated me with that we cannot be consumed by our petty differences, anymore. Okay, we must be brought together by our common interests. That's right, and I just I just want to did you write that down in middle of it have to look down and read that cause it
It appears that I'm a little glad. How could we ever forget with those beautiful words that really touch your soul so much that they were ingrained in your brain, immediate veneer and let's get to the show, joining us now sr and ba insider for the athletic and stadium, a man who is absolutely slaughtering and on breaking news and information arising in the game or the insider world? Ladies and gentlemen, Shaun shaun, Shaun's, happy. Fourth hope it was fantastic, follow your work and how a lot of shit popping off in your league I hope you had a great one too. I saw your summer slam at facetime for a brief moment. On thursday night I dunno. If you're poolside, look like you might have been, you know having a having a good time, but it's Busy last week in mb, I saw an avoxi very excited get to get it all
Johns is breaking all the news and I you know, had a conversation with them about maybe him joining us on Friday morning, but we didn't have a show. So I had to facetime and say: hey sean, we ain't gonna show more, but I would love to be able to do it. We're thankful, for you continue to kill through the weekend. Legit on right in on all of it max deal from max pelican, one, the and hundred one guaranteed up to up to like and thirty something? How did this worked. Was this in the cards from the beginning? Was Zion pumped about this or the pelicans more pumped about this? How do you feel like the the attitude is around the zion max contract deal with not a lot of playing time for the balcones thus far? This is,
The Zion williamson show. So I will report on these islands and show that he was ecstatic to sign this contract. I think the big question this off season was going to be. If I wasn't a scientist max extension, will there be protection? Will there be no games played, there's been a lot of injury protections that you could think about, which are the match, contract joel and beat sign. I believe in two thousand and seventeen there are a lot of protections in those deal. Games played injured protections that if the team at that point the sixers, wanted to to get back the money that the that they owed them on the max deal that will be able to wave him and be able to get the money. It's very rare when you sign a player like a joy, would be a sound waves into that type of max extension and then waved him and basically make him a free agent. So you don't have to pay him, so that was going to be the big question and sources tell me that there are protections in xylem since max extension, but this is the deal that he wanted to get done, he's getting done as long as
he's healthy place in these games. He'll he's going to have no problems hitting these benchmarks and if he becomes it's all a big player next year, which he was very you know, he he's basically a historic m b, a player when he's on the floor and All sides show right now that he will be on the floor. Next season is going to play sixty to seventy games and if he does that make all and be a team We guarantee two hundred and thirty one million dollars. I think that was close eye on keep an eye out, for this he's been spending a lot of time in the community in new orleans. This luck this entire summer. I expect when he officially signs his contract this week, there's going to be some component of some kind of give back something with the, thirty, something with the kids in new Orleans zion doing it right over. There were thankful for that in cinemas. Deal K, hunter, anyone guaranteed, regardless of every becomes I'll, be a player healthy or whatever. Why would they fuck employment? Are they play him again like what what happened.
Deal done means are on the same page but important felt like they weren't right this season, were they never not on the same page or did that all kind of get handled and settled, and then now still just like hey we're best friends forever. Now what what does this mean? I think it was obvious that these two sides weren't seeing that though they were on the same page when it comes going up to work on portland and coming back. Those expectation him wrapping up to try to play is clear. He in his step is that bother Lee one on the right and talked about how he believes I once it can play and that he should be played. This is right on the eve of the play offs and so the innovation, obviously made the decision in conjunction with thy on and the family to hold him out and not having played any those play off games which I think in the grand scheme was to protect him for the long term. It showed that one is extension comes around whereby they want to be able to play one hundred percent healthy- and I know
a lot of questions. You know why, if you dont king dont, windmills and hurry sixty widening rainy days, I think those difference between. Im doing windmills doing those dunks, then, like we've, talked about playing born for playing, followed by being able to clear those thresholds. Now you in one hundred percent, nothing having a full summer. They want if be one hundred percent for this five year, extension, not just in the playoffs okay. So at the moment I was at the time I was pissed. They weren't playing zion cuz. If you have enough explosion to jump it Seventy put the ball through your legs and donkey. You probably have explosion to get through at least a few minutes in a game and that's what the world would want, but hey pelicans did right by zion, so I got nothing but love for them. Let's hope he gets Cj Mccollum down there too. They got angry. They got a squad that maybe they going to run. I can't wait to watch it. Let's move on meeting, the same page calendar at torrey guy, Kevin durant,
get a piece on. I think yourselves watch him watching before the hot. Getting caught as an be a news? Yes, we and then we has to this guy. Is is shoving hotdogs on his face for america. We can't even get them onto here. Already I mean english tennis. What fourth of July have you ever devoured? Hotdogs like that ever know? Have you thought about it cause you? Could you enter that challenge now? So I'm a good jogger like a liquid jogger, I can make things disappear. Like badlands, I think I could get badlands a gallon of lemonade at some point. Maybe when I'm rude little bit more overweight, the eating, I can't do jobs, you love lunch. We all know that, and you remember the not I got I got one or two hot dogs in me. I don't think I can devour like like like joey chestnut, I'm sorry, I can't do that. I don't know what he came about. The fucking took down a protest or sixty three still one by twenty five July are: let's move on now, so
Colleagues, we are back into play. The cavern terrain. I watch its board centre thing. They're, like Kevin arranged, was it the nets because one is really close friend, kyrie irving was playing there. Obviously, all hell broke loose with the nets over the last couple of years because of mandates that are different than every other city in decisions that are made by kyrie irving in the biggest city, as opposed to everywhere else. Now give me the fuck out of here. Obviously not know that before. how did he not know that sinner That's still not going to be cool with any decision making. Trading that kyrie irving wants to have happen, so we are being. I think, knew and understood that this was a possibility even before he opted in. There were conversations that will go on on behind the scenes that listen, Kevin dread is really really really considering his future with the nets. And what does that mean? You jump warriors left on his deal. I reported on draft night.
If he's really considering and mulling over his future, there were serious concerns around the nets around everyone. In the roster that Kevin durant could eventually ask out and so carryover. He makes the decision to opt in. There was no clear cut, often in trade scenario there, a couple of teams that had some interest, the lakers being one of them. No one stepped up. No one, the the odyssey wasn't a deal done. The kyrie irving ops in his intention at that point is to play out the year of, but Kevin durant made a decision that only you know he can make in terms of going to the nets and requesting a trade out of brooklyn and, ah from everything untold that stance has not changed. He there's been no signal that he's going to back off of that. If anything, that stance is expected to continue throughout this off season in terms of Kevin durant, wanting a trade out of brooklyn but, on the other hand, the nets. You know that they pickup tj Warren today, they're making moves and they're doing things this offseason. What, in their mind, the preparation and opera
sure, as if they're bringing these two guys back next season and playing with these two guys now, I think they're open it in dialogue in the open, the teams like toronto phoenix money making offers, but until they get that product price threshold met which untold is also type flares. A bull load of draft pigs they're, not in a move. This is what they are: telling teams we're not going to move Kevin durant until the price is met, and so we'll see how this summer goes wanting to keep him my pet, these, these superstar trades, you think about cargo ring when he got traded to the celtics and twenty eighteen or I think, twenty eighty you think about
No, I think those twenty seventh united, you think about what happens on chemical when quite leonard get started to toronto. You think about eighty davis getting traded the lakers, all three, those traits two to three months to get done. Even a rude eagle bear trade when he got move after the season at it too. Now took tuna three months, so this process would come under. It could take a while, but there's no doubt want to trade out of brooklyn will see how this process, and so was thickly covered. Radio that will move to carry a lovely kevin, ran loved the raptors. as a kid growing up that was his favorite team, he's from washington chicago has a bunch of they can give up. The golden state warriors are stupid around here, or is there any truth to any of this? Or is this all just teams like saying hey? Maybe us in or the nets are they you know they can't and not just assume, plus the outside? Looking in the nba players control everything the nets? I would say no to govern terrain being traded and kyrie irving being they that just keep both of among theirs
situation where both those guys are playing for the nets. Actually, you think that, theoretically, they could. But again do you want that level of discipline right when you think about you, have a guy thirty, three going on thirty four that is mentally, not There is a good up if any peace, and if he doesn't want to play their, do want that situation on your hands You know we saw what I ben simmons in the sixers this past season. We saw with james harden using a to get out. So what would I have an ordeal lead to: I'm not sure those questions. and those are way down the line here, but I think overall, the the nets are open. They're open conversation, but there's no doubt that they're telling teams- this is a threshold that we want met and if this threshold isn't met, then we're going to just bring these guys back now, we'll see as the summer unfolds, how that process gold, but I think overall I, like every team in the league pat, has reached out the warriors. The heat, the sun's every team that you can think of. No more time I come into rang again, we'll have a team is results of, but which team,
put together the package to go, get a kevin. was I. When we landed in phoenix on thursday will we want the phoenix on thursday now today. This is all happening and we can write. It was, but we had run on cars right run on cars. I couldn't bluetooth connect to the car series. X was an existing charles listening to local radio. Every local radio channel was like Kevin. Durant is going to be a sun next year. Nick Jonas blah blah blah. Iran is going to be in the valley of the sun. Next year. Here's like some kind of like every station was like all Kevin durant's company, or What starts those rumors, just one the team reaching out or like Kevin. Is there any legitimacy behind any spot and where does shams charania Heaven doran begins to seize. Owners are not just a guess. nothing, nothing, nothing, vocational from
french arms around me on cabin IRAN's feature, so I think we're that comes from low task. As your first question is coming right, that's his prefer destination. The peanut songs from everything I've been told are his number one preferred destination. Has a great scene there's a there's, a desire to go play with them and booker to go play with Chris Paul? real hearts overall rating. Where do I think he ends up, I mean at the other day it's going to be about. Whoever puts in the best pack is not that's phoenix they've got the andrade and they've got me killed bridges. They've got all their first round draft picks. Could they put together a package now what What is the recent really wonder? One interests with the nets in the sun, deandre Wright
bridges and draft picks. I don't think that's a deal construct that we're going to see so can phoenix, go and take the andrade and and take these other players on the roster cam johnson Jae Crowder. Can they go trade them to other teams and go get another type of elite player that they could then use with a mikael bridges to ship the brooklyn? I think these are. This is why this is not and be a process that there's gonna play out this week. It will take multiple wish to see a phoenix if they really want to get this deal done to put together a package that can actually s broken, Okay, we got about a minute left here. So couple quick things: kyrie irving, getting traded, traded, the lakers or not, not, there's no traction on any of the lakers deal for kyrie irving. There's. There's nothing new on that, and I'm not quite sure we're going to see that okay and james R, nasa the with it by the end of the day or tomorrow, have to deal with the sixers to set up for. foster, remain management or what
What do you going back to philadelphia be what terms my been likely somewhere in the thirty million dollar range, whether that's thirty, seven? Thirty, eight less than that? Thirty thirty one, thirty two somewhere in the thirties, the first numerical value will be. Three. So we'll see what comes after that likely type the deal you you put yourself in the situation where he can end up a free agent next summer, and that gives them a chance to get back. Into the market and hopefully has good year shows backed out. They do something special over there and make magic. Just like you do everytime. You pick up your phone. We appreciate the hell out of you, ladies and gentlemen, shops around with sean's, not giving us any guess. I dunno cause, he wouldn't say Kevin durant I figured he would have had an inside track. Just pontificate upon the net. Yeah come on. Let's get to a break! Well, you know another insiders to get on the pundit train. It is
confusing on what and why they're saying what they're saying disclaimer. So maybe Sean was just trying to stay clean and assault. Why would the jazz do with their two you're talking about yeah hell, yeah, that's what I'm talking about. That was genius and he was right. I mean not muslim twenty four hours after rudy gobert That's the team I think round skip that. They think for first on paper was a team iraq yeah, that's right! They ever dispense render the average What's currently edwards on tv. Kevin direct down. There was let's walk and do a good package, a few things to say if they're, making all these moves teams are trying to how about him saying teams are going to try to acquire all stars, yeah, okay, so we're going to we're going to give up a shit ton to get really good players once we get those really good players on our team we're going to say: hey, listen,
one great player, rachel, you're, fucking out phoenix, right city right, yeah loving you, that's cool. What's a quick breath itself, now you're on plane, you're fucking with brooklyn. Congratulations, we've got kevin to write. It don't buy a house here, just get it are being be for a weekend and then you know you can buy us and we train, I fucking lousy alright back in four minutes. Wrapping up our one here, there's a lot chat about. Obviously Joey justin has done his thing. Titans general manager, Jon Robinson, has come out in a pretty firm stance against a and love it like that. Detroit has the most expensive offense in the nfl, the tired, if you think about the nfl, you got matthew, stafford, cooper, kupp and all the boys, the rams not less expense, waffen ss fell. You think about the green bay packers have an aaron rodgers. Now, the most expensive offense in the universe, speaking of Devonte Adams, getting side of the raiders with new price and Derek Carr, getting a new deal, not the most Today many innovations in the box
tom Brady and many other, not the most expensive for the Kansas city chiefs, batch bombs, Travis, kelsey, best team and whatever not the most expensive, dallas cowboys, dak, prescott, Zeke and cd cd lamb. Let's go to the browns browns quarterback. I guess only one million dollars that share, but a forty five million dollar signs I share. The bronze also have more cooper out there. tight end gioco offensive line across the board that they pay pay to running backs that they pay not the most expensive nfl denver broncos have Russell wilson, yeah and many other knots. It's expensive to fill the buffalo bills, have Josh barking out on phone to a brand new deal, that's bigger than anything industry, not
expensive, offense in the nfl, the most expensive weapons in the nfl, the detroit lions go. Alright, we're back in the other side talking about well that offense pay off when they get a r o. I on any of the good ol line, trenches nice we're going to find out and hard on each other. Look at. I saw the other team golf and wants, or just tied together how yet for protecting it you like that I could for actually show welcome back to that show an hour or two on this tuesday July. Fifth, two thousand twenty, two more sports chatter and hotdog clock shall begin no place in our two in beautiful fashioned talks tables here at nick Morado,
watson caught her new shirt hanging off the edge of the table. New addition of the football collection is just belichick being below taking snaps for mac jones and then obviously him. You know looking over the entire nfl. With the you know, the clock what's behind him. I don't. I don't know if you know this or not it's cool shirt, None of that makes it an era. I think, after just seeing the no, not ok move that sometimes it'll sneak in, but you know, usually it does just for you, though. I wonder if people people think. Oh, I wonder what you're hanging out there. Let me just go see if they got any new additions, like your desk or three ties on it's probably better that way too cause ty has all this John Wayne Gacy memorabilia over here. So we don't wanna show that off two months yeah, because we also don't need you to get linked to that, because please know we don't need anything about that. Cause right over your shoulder right now bill will me I've been feeling this process,
well that doesn't make my skin crawl back here. A bill you've been doing a great job. Now that I can't tell them anything else, though, because if we do kill us so Great job will have foxy exist here and joining us from inadequate ohio, a man who want to work today both ways. Ladies and gentlemen, college football super bowl champion ryder cup, Jim survivor private playing survivor a do. I didn't AJ walking here. It was touch and go for a minute, but I'm figuring things out. Did you hoover? Is that how did you get to? How did you get to the studio de paul? So I dunno. If you know much
was stolen, I already bought the ohio state legend license plate a rental license. Plate was not that by the way sure it was not a vanity plate, but anyways I'm happy. You brought it up. I've been alluding to it here for awhile for the first hour. I didn't If you want to make your business our business, but nowadays our business, what the fuck of operation you running over there, that car got that truck plucked right off in front of your house in Columbus, ohio yesterday homo yeah, so I'm kind of currently in between two spots were in the renovation situation, so we're back and forth different places, Yeah truck parked outside three thirty. Am I get up? Take a leak I see an amex. Want to learn, exxon mobil, multiple attempts and I walked.
It doesn't look at the windows. I hope they got my truck to drive forty five and call the cops and the cops showed up and found reporting. Please report- and I was up for the day from then on. The fourth of July So what steps we have photos of old, though it is doing in each year on Israel of anything like date. I have to do with me pretty ballsy, like everybody has ring cans. There's houses is all over these. They don't care, they were mass police. And now and realise and there's a little were there's a little crew going around because it got a neighbor five hours down at his car stolen or just word. If the buddy, who was over last night had his car broken into and their wallet stolen, he and his wife hire waxy I will raise govern their budget, criminals, though you gotta, give them a little credit to the legit criminals. Give them credit, I believe a wallet license credit card everything I'm going in I'm leaving tomorrow morning to us at the time. It is not ideal that that's never ideology,
truck stolen. This is this, is a strawberry go. I love it when the fifties. I wish it was a ford ranger and I think it's not going to chance get anywhere. Well, that's the thing like what do you get from it? because it was no housing. Legend par are truck, so us from losing all the shit that you had inside of it. It's really not video right insurance that that you keep moving and do you think, there's a chance, because you are in the face of ohio that those guys bought in there with their mass on oh shit, we got to. We got a wallet, they open up. They see Aaron James hawker like oh. No, we got agent, we didn't want. We can't give it back now we're fucking, outta here and then they're out. Do you think there's any chance? I knew who you were or what do you think the chances are of them? Having How close are you are it at any any clodagh they try. What are you trying to buy drugs math? What's that when they try to buy, was the fraud? Oh, I just exxon, they go in and try to get a gift cards. I think it s on in different places. I've had a dive had my card stolen before
watch the first go: try to like amazon gift cards or visas at walgreens order, keep an eye out for red bucket truck? it's about ohio state legend in the back and that's a js. If you see it driving around cola called nine one one or that ain't that right ha yeah we we have no no tips Now I will let you know I don't know. We're coming back now is about its dual cartoon only thinks I'm like text there may be, Figure figured out, though I literally just watched john wick. You know they took that thing right in a chop. Shop made the fucking top draw me into. I don't think we're dealing with that kind of operation. I you don't think I dunno they walked right into your little hoity toity columbus, fucking, neighborhood and said. Give me that truck we'll. Take that truck we'll. Do that holding this is a they had.
I scouted AJ. They had you scold me. I mean yeah, who knows yeah that ballsy move man, it's a there's. A lot lotta bring cams a lot of different things, and these guys alluded most of everything, but usually the the the slip up somewhere. We'll get the etiquette greedy, though trying to steal carpenter, struck the morgue and Bob carpenter. We set out our shock. I've seen the carpenters and hawks had a little bit of a battle over for the july. Did you get the same? go down and enjoy the day and the holiday after losing your truck and over all your valuables inside of it oh yeah, I did. We walked there's like a parade here. We take little kids up there for a little bit. Luckily, one of my sons was very hot rating, a home thirty minutes in so I got to escort him back home, which is perfect for both of us and then out yet hung out all day outside its like a whole block party deal where we are and it was, crazy awesome, fireworks yeah, it was a good day at all, except for your truck thing on your truck. Would love that block that I hate I, I folding chairs in the back, I was going to sit by
Oh, let me go buy some more all my credit cards in there. No like buy some booze. I need. I don't want my ids and know all about. Oh dear bob carpenter take you see know at least after just so you know, turn the spirits around but I was it was Bob was awesome. Bob gave it tutorial on how to live, fireworks, wars and mortars with trees. Houses everywhere to my little kids, he was in, he was Bob ask me orders and rarely get you sent me a video I dunno if you've made it public yet or not, and if you ever will bob carpenter lighting off a mortar firework, a big one, very confined area, we're talking very, very, very confined area, as somebody who has done plenty of fireworks in the past with a the land can turn sideways. Actually real, quick, physically and metaphorically turn sideways on. You and it'll be game over daylight, very tight quarters. bob sends one up walks off in the screenshot that I sent back to AJ at the end of the video was the most proud
bob carpenter all because people are like bob, well goes up and he looks at the camera. Like a fool he did. It was amazing, gives absolute maze. You folks are deafening different speaking a this at the ufc fight. How was it I assume is awesome, brow, ok, so I saudis wearing, I didn't know yeah sorry about your neck man, I'm sorry. I didn't start off with that. Sorry, my car stolen, your fucking jack. Don't worry about it! It's ok, my neck only have whiplash. I thought I potentially had a fracture t. One t two one immediately to my neck doctor when I landed back here on sunday, because a doctor was trying to celebrate fourth of July. Told me I just don't keep that thing in all kinds of stable fear, just so if we do in any work, do you see what I got to me? Joey beryl? I did not know what he was wearing before I got because money in the bank had been happening, so we get there, I'm having a little. You do. Walker, blue myself,
it'd be an edible or two, and I got my potential broken neck at the time, so I'm on another planet. You know having a good time in between item between the holloway in Alexander the great fight and is, in canada near there's there downtime there so like people are come up majesty. We'll, do it in the nope boys, fucking legends, awesome meeting them get a chance to chat with all of them. obviously got a chance to chat with all miles. That was great offers. Conversation, real life feel we It's a real ground on the entire sag way situation. He seemed like Well, god, by the way, I will say good dap up to seeing Chris brad their sean white was there. Might chimeras angel procedure was not. I think it was at the fight. I do not see in there. I saw him at money in the bank but then, as we're about to sit down for the fight to happen, comes over with the best cheese enjoy that I've ever seen in my entire life big glasses, bucket cap day comes and says: hey
I wanted to say what's up or whatever and with the way the lights were, shooting all I saw was these perfect cheeks like the perfect cheeks, I'm like? Oh, that was fucking hot. One person spent a lot. I had no idea, it was so def up, hey how you doing good to see you, then the person with the bucket happened. Some guys you start speaking like I might almost mesmerized by the cheeks. It's gotta be one the most handsome dude well, then I realised that my call is a fucking jelly burn holy shit. This is Joey Farrell and MIKE nice to meet you here we go how you doing with a little bit about football. Then he walked away. Three minutes I'll, be noses. My mom in a blender like hole that was parker, joey burrow, I didn't even I do not have much time. I think that's what it was on purpose. I think he was generally lawyer, uncommonly those you have see. Events, though, are flocking which shack was puppet doors down, met, rogan rope quickly.
dc jocko, the the navy seal was. Was there gave him? One of these, it was a fucking was liver. I was there I dunno, I dunno run into them, but boy me, I mean as much as I can move cause. My crime. Trying to see everything that I was also folks on. The fight has fucking take was fight the undertaker jumbo joe thornton and auston matthews were there as well, probably didn't see them chatted with them. I would love to. We are only there for literally the last round of max and Alex and then the main event so there wasn't a lot of mingling in there Those events are fucking, pretty awesome, fight, pretty boring. But the the night was pretty awesome. Aj. Guess now is a man who hopefully has some inside information on stuff that we are going to have to talk about for the next few days next few weeks, next few months before the season starts in sixty five days. What wow yeah we're very, very close, joining us now from atleast a three day vacation, probably going to turn this thing into a ten to twenty day vacation senior.
If all insider, for the unofficial, the network and we get self Also the weekly wrap up with raptured and friends, austrian friends, he being rap sheet germany, and you haven't waded in three days now, the true that's yeah dude congrats to that andrew family. Congratulations, your family for having them, but it's just another how how long we are for Harry. And what do you think? Because this means that if I wasn't going to do anything for as long as your office, I wouldn't say I wouldn't say that I'm off I mean I'm, I am off, but if something happens, that kind of outjumped to it there's always a chance. I mean you're going to hear. We do this right words. It's just! I go play golf. I shot seventy seven by the way home walking. I was walking and carrying part of the entire back absolute. Your moment
I would say similar to your wrestlemania moment, but just a word that many people are watching, but it was pretty great. So that's why you have to tell her now that I I finish. I finish the round and was like how many people can I I texted so many Basically, everybody we ever do it again without ever happen again, I dunno now was fine, It's better! My my best like zero chance, never happen. those five strengths will be back last time: let's not get along, especially with Carmela you're living in it. Who'd you play with yourself: you're, probably kicking the ball rolling the ball, the ball over. I play a play with to read, goods An elder lady their primary fans of Ie- and I don't have a fifty knowledge- is not a power. the older ladies, like I saw six.
Only thing I ever really want is like I just I just hope. Release finished around there like man like you, is really If that's all you think that or no do you think they said that er, no, no, no, they probably just thought I got really lucky bay like so like we talk about, Well, you know this is the time of year. We're like the same thing says I should scratch and then it's fucking cheating the entire time yeah exactly. Do you hate the game of golf that might have a little off? I respect the game of. Alright, you would hate rules, don't make sense great know so like there's, always there's always going to be something that happens in the summer: who's gotten random contract extension. The chair in the current thing, happened last week like there's every time we do this, where it's like. Oh there's, there's vacation, it's sleepy like something jars, us out of it and got the franchise tag. Deadline coming up
sweet like something will happen to entertain the balls. I browse ok. So let's chat about the one thing that seems to be the prevalent conversation on the internet baker field. Seattle, seahawks this is happening and is a death. of the seattle seahawks, because Jimmy g not going to go to seattle and he's going to be the other quarterback. That's going to be up so Seattle seahawks only have one v in quarterback option available at this moment, aside from drew lock, who got better yeah I was opened, but then he came back looking back good internet between those two. I appreciate those two a lot. Baker to Seattle seems like a foregone conclusion on the internet. Is that right or not right? It is not right, Oh, what do I know? why don't you get up and see outside him also see I'm still like any other friends. Don't like seahawks seahawks fans do not like knowledge, even rapporteur, why not he's going to my colleagues that it's not me. I might even, though visit there can't they jumped you in my view, and I can't chore logistics. I may even surprised because they
Thank you so much wow. Well, you don't think that's happening, though. Why do you think that's the case? I just you know just there's a couple of times a year. when this happens regulation in a room with a kind of takes on a life of its own, and me like. I always check, and I have heard nothing to corroborate. Bigger did see out at all and, like I don't know, what's going to happen at the end of all this, I maybe this guy now says he's trawlers polite It seems crazy to me, but they have never really been that interested in baker like what they have wanted is a drew lock, be geno smith battle and like to buy training camp like training camps can be a grind and like sometimes not that exciting, despite football being back, that is going to be fascinating train again because we are going to see them like literally battle it out on the field, and I dunno, which way it's going to go. It seems like geno has a little bit of a leg up now, but that's gonna have fun battle
do we know what baker wants to do like what his preference would be where he would like to play. I mean it. It seems like he wants to be gone, which I know it sounds dumb, obviously, but like No, we don't know who the starting quarterback for week one is going to be for the browns so like in a different universe. Baker could be like our awhile I'll just stay here and start for. However, many games and we'll see what happens with the show I'll watch, but he doesn't want that. He still wants to be out, and you know. Obviously it's been the carolina. and there's that had been most aggressive under some people thought a deal might happen by the end and many can't it did not so we'll see. If, as we get closer to camp things, pick back up like if a trade is going to happen, it's probably going to happen before training camp at some point. That seems the most likely if he's traded. We still just don't know if he's going to betray. Okay. So, let's talk about the essen, whether he'll play with the browns or not have to play with the browns or who the browns will have to show.
watson's hearing with the nfl. The nfl pa and judge Robinson has concluded When shall we look for a ruling from her in what are the next steps? You think? Ok, so its July fifth now post trial brief surgery. I do in a week of July last so next week, and then presumably she would have to read all of them and sort of process all that right. So What I mean I would assume, unless you have someone read a forum just like yours. What cares what they say? That's what I would do cliff notes, like whatever kids have nowadays. I I mean I read all the books, but I'm just saying yeah yeah of course, of course, yeah you're, a nerd of course yeah right. I would imagine a week here. You'd know you tell us. There was every age about my book report. Juries ridden all the books, the needed, they just want sustainable right into the brain will be
If there is no general ones, page two hundred and forty two calculating into my brain right now his hold while I get a better breakdown of what this memo says, make teeth whiter, open, twitter, app. I have figured it out. That is what Tom palliser does every member that is awesome. It's unbelievable! You guys got that guy what a fucking weapon one What I mean an- and you know, covered a lot of things and pretty bad, but man that generated a lot of memos and that was yeah. He was in his heyday. Man was like it was his time is one of the ombudsman. Is you wanted as readers of our times. You think. If you call it reading, I would say: processing, yeah Whilst racing was the thing. Have you ever seen the speed reading infomercial remember that my grown up you can make your machine ago known at the microbes sheen's god I respected that guy.
I was also scholars weren't, just pop up So We got anyway, so probably the week after next week, worthily someone's can round the week after next week, so, like your it'll, be probably after the franchise tied windows, you're, probably looking at the weaker by july, eighteen, nineteen twenty, which aspire to drink and starts Basically that week everyone involved has basically said like we're know before training, at least the plan and see what one. Well, that leads everything beggars deal. What's going to happen with him, Jimmy G, what's going to happen to him, then training camp comes. We just got it's the week after next week, which feels like we're one day away wave of tat.
Born girl who are given due at all, what you can do, we ve been in here bad day and we ve been battling inherent sounds like we might just long. Your golf course videos as well by the way hey, you are also on the go training. and yeah I at the phoenician, and you know what the phoenicians and it was a it's a resort golf course It's a little bit easier. I guess I, I love the way it was set up by billion billionaires golf. I guess out there in phoenix. I did not know that found the butter found. If I stole part I usually I've missed with it yet literally, have not missed. Have you thought, with a young man, accuse shipley at your guy When he got destroyed on the internet himself there he made it out. Okay! Well, that's because people in your world, like hey, you should play clearly, is the one that said this is like well. Why? Because you want the car the guy twelve years ago. How can make you he can take. It he's from pittsburgh
You could say: he's got those broad, Michelin, man shoulders. If you know what I mean sweet, I just I when is the child golf tournament? This starts on friday and you're heading out. There yeah tomorrow we're heading out. There are the gauges driving out here with a car that hopefully won't get stolen. Hey. Did you break news that a jayhawks car was stolen on fourth of July? Has truck was stolen from right in front of his house now hold on? I am sorry for your loss. dramatic thing, but this wasn't one of those things where you left the key in the car and then someone just touch it right kind of sounds absolutely What happened? Yes, I'd give to the irish too trusting I gifted it so yeah. I can't be too upset that his wallet was in Mary's college football and that it was a fourth of July America and I'm thinking your daughter's birthday is not in ohio. Last July, in college football national champion all time leading tackler for the green bay packers super bowl, remember the nfl media AJ hawk
has red truck stolen on fourth of July with all of his personal items in there. I think that would be a great tweet. I tweeted if anybody could find it that'd be fantastic. I yeah. I feel like that tweet of light source, the truck has been recovered, will be I mean that'd, be awesome, we're never getting back to the fucking cut the top off change the vin number. That thing already it's gone and they used this guard to pay for all those changes. What a time to your question for you and report it, how come? No one was reporting especially you that Odell was playing on no eight sales last year? That is a very good question. I was wondering the same thing, but I would say this like Odell is very good saudi dude. I I would like to know more and I'm not sure of the accuracy on that cause. I feel like
media. Biases What will be just as this is my show that mean I agree with what that guy in that corner, diner said dirtbag. Alright, I will make that clear from time to time, sometimes in very high profile fashion. True true yeah big show, so what I think what I think Odell means- let's assume, for the sake of this Then it's not one thousand percent you. What I believe to turn loose is that he is good is a acl wasn't right and when the rams signed sign we're going to get a lot of money to working again by a molten. Your deal is a sea, a l didn't kill properly after his first surgeon.
So when he tours a cl in the super bowl, it was actually really good fortune because it probably extended his career. Is, he went in the allow just gotta done. It went very well he's gonna be full strength at some point season, but last year it was not at full strength. He did all of that. Knowing is a cr was probably going to go at some point, so what type of mental toughness to be able to just go ha. Think about that, knowing that your shit is going to pop at something that's like the guys who have they have something Sarah. They feel like they're achilles, like I feel something in there like just there's a bruiser feel something, but they still go. Oh, go and then said what's out of nowhere boom horses horse them in the back, it's gone bill richard you that yet another dire sanch guarantor of the mental toughness to go While your shit about the blow out, is that's! That's it.
Impressive. I don't like to call it Odell beckham Jr a liar, but I would like to say: oh was absolute bad houses, three million in ohio by the way, lock your trucks up over there in ohio, whoever bought Obi Js house AJ hawk's, getting all his shit stolen. Your question in the corner for rappaport yeah rap sheet? How many geyser you know? Where are we going to expect to sign with the team after training camp starts like Julio jones, going to sign before any of these veteran guys, probably going to wait till like mid august? No, I think we'll we'll probably see we'll see a couple of before camp. It's usually like a generate some of these deals. So yeah, Julio you know, would be a candidate to sign before cabinet we talked about. Potentially the packers will see if that ends up happening, but like you're right like when you get to that point in your career and Julio Julio, and I think it's
week, three, thirty, two or thirty three. He is fine. Without trying again, he keeps himself in good shape like he knows. They'll pick up the playbook like he will be fine, so he'd probably be a candidate to sign early in camp maybe before, why didn't work in tenancy? Why didn't work intensively with oil in what? Why should the next fan base, and only a jones arrive, still be excited if he was a call, I'd be fucking part but then I know immediately following that on the internet would be like wow. Did you see what he did last year, georgia atlanta? Why wasn't you thinking in nashville? It was. It was nothing like personal, it's not like he was a bad guy or it's not like block room issues or anything like that. It was agreed in practice along and when you shot to get the often going china get flow each on it get timing. You know those some hamster, things like those risotto lingered for a while but, like you just didn't practice lot and the way it was explained to me
whenever he signs with a new team now, and I do think he will sign that You're gonna, get more short of the old who will like it sounds like last year was a little bit of a wake up call for him. By, like you, need to practice its important line, We need to be with you because remember here, it is is something hamstrings or something in camp and then he just didn't practice for the rest of camp and everyone's. Like he's, fine he's fine he's fine. He was not I find that hurt the ability to say and eat the team want him to practice more and his body just wasn't able to do that and that's why he wasn't able to play as many reps as they thought yeah. I think that's probably right and like you know how it goes veteran, like you, know your body by this point. So it's think we talked about roger, is not throwing in the spring like aaron rodgers knows he'll be fine coolio. I know my body
is what I need. I'm not healthy enough to to know train but I'll be okay, and then it just wasn't what the team hoped. I think this time around You know everything goes okay, it'll you'll, see him practice more. I think that will help whichever robinson, Well, I can't wait for him to join the colts right or the packers. I seen some odds repose place by some random oddsmaker on the internet internet, car mods maker, Adam Thompson has the pack the third one cowboys plus five, fifty so for I was there. I saw its backers what you think of it out. I mean it's? The cowboys generally don't make big splash signs and that you would help what and the guy was on mental, probably find, regardless of what I mean what that the Julio jones cavalry jersey, would sell. Quite a at five
yeah the whole wheel, jones culture, jersey. What two ana julio jones packers? What do you get a lean? You get a lean any way with this one rap. Has there been any conversations any workouts any beginning of negotiations at all with any teams? No workouts there's just a lot of linking to the packers. I just you know to take on a really really big name. Guy be a lot of money, but to take on a big name guy who has a first analogy and generate a lot of headlines like it has to work on the wise approach. The tv and the tigers have a lot of young receives? I think they want to play. That's the only thing, that's hard as you want to develop those guys to really play so, and they had something Are we appreciate you giving us nothing? Good luck on the golf course, thanks for all the tweets, the last couple days, are you going to get back to tweeting or no yeah what my goal over the next, let's seventy two hours to come up with something enough to tweet.
Hopefully I delivered. I need the twenty four twenty four hour off thursday friday. Soon. Twenty four: I got you I'll do what I can appreciate that also find a struck. Could you please, AJ text me when the truck gets returned I'll break it on the internet? numbers, rap. Remember that runs me over kills me that'll be historic break, but I don't think it's a storage is recovering the truck that be not just your truck and stolen. In the fourth of July, in Ohio I mean his story for sure all your goods, all your shit inside both championship rings that he sees everyday god, let alone let alone that. But what about All the guns are going to be purchased with your fucking credit card and everything like that. My tough I had like
fifteen guns in the truck to that, that's the breaking news they're taking ages to get through yeah- I guess they would have the person walking by the truck could sniff it out lot of guns in here and fucking open it up credit card give me that or that let's take the truck and all those guns. Let's get outta here, Jesus Christ. I will be back in about four minutes with some phone calls and basically, Sarah shit happening until two weeks yeah. This is kind of a time when most people out of the office I do want to suck. It's not still go. Look at us, though we did this last of all seasons? We have not done. As we have said that in the pocket sat upon during these days is wage hours into saturn, I started hating everything every day, Now we go, tat this weekend and laughed next week and I will be back. I want cited for this agency. Goodness knows all season like once we get back on its purpose is pretty much. Maybe we have big celebration gains.
Only now more sunday, we sure that's don't say that way. Not that I disagree wondering this there's football every month from now until fucking february? That's right! What's at the end of this, with some portray that you're talking about the birmingham science, because its congrats for the Birmingham style lettuces pointing the inaugural. U s s our championship share versions: I saw they filled that place up, though, for the final ohio, filled up in there with bunch people to steal cars and shit, entire pro football hall of fame stadium was lit up well sound like there was good environment. EL, jerseys and shirts in the stands, but people are picking their sides, Scooby Wright gets a picture. the fucking, when that thanks his first big six of the season I mean it was it was beautiful to watch skip
what's a great coaching moment where he told his quarterback. After a pick, that was a deflection with five minutes left three minutes left or whatever hey we're, gonna win this game, don't you worry about it and it's all miked up and they do come back and win the game it was. It was a cool thing I enjoyed watching that championship game. Actually, I enjoyed it a lot, for them that when does the extra start the next year, twenty three next spring yeah, spray. Are they going head to head? Are they teaming up with yourself that they're they're different than the? U s fl. I believe those are two different yeah. It can be tough, it's the rock verse fox. Fox earns you ass. I felt I think the raw obviously owns the xfl good luck, fox sports, take it on the fucking roccat? What's that off the tv deal yet on? Yet and disney BBC eighty twenty twenty three is allegedly the kick off date for the excess one week after your boy made a delicious logan terrible spurts. This way again dies I ask you for
Can't dwayne take a few wraps duennas get back in his four point: taketh europe's there do you use that combine over there in hawaii, where fifty four does he was always the fifty fourth on the roster felt like Is that why yes seven looked. I mean yeah he's huge you have the rock ever got if he was ever out of shape. I think one just lose hope in america if he I wonder if he knows that I wonder if a lot of pressure man, I wonder if every time he steps in that iron, paradise and drinks are so energy, but then he starts in applying and him banging the hardest worker in the room, even though he is in that room all by himself, it seems like he's still the hardest motherfucker worker in there. If it was there that are in Paradise or europe Paradise, he's gonna. Are doing. I wonder if you thanks, like I have to get bigger, because if I don't, everybody will think we're all shit yup and he somehow finds a way to get. Look at that fucking thing,
How old is he now fifty something fifty one if he goes to his high school reunions and just looks at people yeah you look, he is he's. Fifty sees how awesome would that be to be that at fifty thousand six, six, six five and you guys have the same birthday for ye. May. Second him and the queen and David, and back of it just while george one in europe. That is I see we're back in four minutes, with some phone calls on a vibrant phone line. What are you doing reformat. We cannot wait to hear what everybody wants to chat about c w w we as turning up the heat at summer, slam witness the beast brock lesnar challenge the head of the table. Roman reigns in a last man standing match for the undisputed w w ii universal championship. It's going down at the biggest party of the summer, which means all your favorite superstars we'll go head to head, including Becky lynch riddle, south
rollins Bobby lashley be The bell air drew I can t bear morgan and many more summer? Slam streams live saturday July thirtieth at eight p m eastern exclusively on peacock tomorrow morning are a c c free to play golf tournament. The hunt k, tahoe, tahoe, take dab will go, live on fend off one hundred k in total prizes, overtime to heart that largest free play. Ever I don't think it's the largest, but it's close hundred gay free to play and you don't have to be in a state where gambling is legalized. Nope all you'll be able to enter this free to play words. I think it's a bait it doesn't, the questions were putting up there and you'll fill out all the questions it's about eagles aliveni, birdies, who's, going to score better me or AJ who's, going to do anything else
the thousand dollars in prizes up for grabs, yeah, pretty awesome. Some of the other questions too, will AJ hawk scores combined for a stableford score above zero points. AJ ended with a negative ten last year: I have to get above ten, obviously to get more than zero but had having exactly zero walls it'll be an option yeah, and you can't you know, AJ can't sabotage this or anything she's got a play. He's got to play howard by the way, the respects, of course, there's the answers that age aged and upon if somebody wins, one hundred thousand or a piece, one hundred thousand dollars or not yeah will AJ finish with a positive or negative final score. If AJ Are you going to finish with a negative or positive I don't think I ever have finished with a positive score, but this year I plan on winning that tournament. So that means okay. Thanks for helping people out for this, the only be able to answer once- and this is the information you're giving them going in for one hundred thousand dollars in prize on the line you want think drinking water
it's pretty easy to get a negative score out there, I'm just going to let that shape it a little bit better there. Maybe I end up with a negative score. Well I dunno about that. You found your butter management and what are we talking about? Hey I hope I hope you join everything out there. I'm I'm not what a rising tide lifts all ships right. I hope if we get to play together friday, we all just light it up. I hope so too, probably going to do that right? When you meet, we argued: do we well getting on the hundred dollar hundred k free to play tahoe take and only available fans starting tomorrow morning, starting tomorrow morning, not on fanduel sportsbook just banned. Yes, because it we're not allowed because it's not regulated so like are not able to put actual bets in there for us because it's not regulate because we're not professionals. Although some books can very book it here, as you can place both on the ass, though that is at that book there and I think, there's one and now there is too that they'll take on that risk or whatever it is. It's not regulated draw on the other. so
it's all, rules and regulations and gloomy. We bid to fend off for not having bets on it, but the four to play. They said the best bet we got. This acceptance sounds good. Do a bunch of money hundred gary let's go and enjoy the hell out of the weekend will be live from the course a few different times. I believe Ok yeah sticks will be running the the phone and everything fox you'll be out there. Filming everything and connor will have the caddy back so look a bunch of content from us, and you can get involved with the one hundred k free to play, though they take down a Jayhawk should be I don't know. I have no clue how I'll play but we'll see there you go bell a good job. A job on the audio bill bell is doing a great job yeah. I know I'm trying to tell him good job, but you gotta just tear them down and call them he's talking about. Why do you call you? I know right The guy lives in a neighborhood where cars are getting jacked every single day and he's taking shots at you that wild bill can't even take care of his own house. yeah wow. If I could do.
Can I pay bill money to sit in my front yard in a lawn chair for the next month? I wouldn't be surprised if we went through bill's backpack right now. The ages, while it wasn't in there are chances it's only three hour drive and I'm not sure if you've seen a on the new red truck out, there yeah sure if you've seen gone in sixty seconds, but they cross off the list and the number one car is Elinor. I assume in Columbus, they're doing a similar thing and the number one Our was rather vague, richer and so jack jack Johnson's back in. You came over user. Yet you know what men the cage has had on the list of number. Why had come here to help you janet stanley cup charmingly changes super arrogant, prick now, or what nobody. Hopefully his cup party is coming here, not to far from it he doesn't know a date yet, but hopefully it comes in the month of July. Now, he's awesome, so Bob was let off all those fireworks jack comes in out of nowhere from the indoors he's like hey Bob, you know you get a lot of fireworks off when it's dark, because bob started like seven forty, five very late dark
arizona as soon as the sun goes over the money it's over oil was seven thirty. Seven. Forty five pitch black out here in Indiana it'll be pitch black nine. Forty five! Nine thirty far we started ten here yet the same year, actin like there's a thirty five minutes. I would show I watched eyesight thirty five members we were, it was always borne away. Honestly. I do we not also jeez. They went above and beyond. Yeah me and sam mean sitting there watching it. We like story, you now we're watching a little romantic and then we're like fifty minutes- men, similar god, damn like sit out. Don't electricity, and we saw forty from five different grand finale. In this thing it was very impressive. and this is all you can see the macy's. Yes, I was around our fourth of July celebration. That was on last night. I thought people celebrate a fourth july, really the internet
Well, there was a lot of people that were like nah, not gonna, celebrate the birth of this country with the way things are going. It's like! Oh, hey, look. I didn't hear all that. I didn't get all that really! That's the internet, though you're not on the internet. Much. You know you're actually out there in the real world, not keeping an eye on your truck, but the whole the whole. There was a lot of drama about whether or not america should be celebrated at all, and I'm like. Well, there's a lot to celebrate the good that this country we've had people, then, are we terrible people if we celebrate fourth of July now that well that's what I was saying like. I was interested to see the celebration and where I live in indiana and you're in ohio, my people ramp it up a little bit and I watched macy's worthy draws our attention on tv. That was ramped up a. I don't think, allegedly people things before you got the memo that still a lot to celebrate the greatest spoken tree. Only just cause, there's assholes make a bad decisions which is going to happen forever, doesn't mean that the the great good, is still very prevalent here amongst majority. We have to remember that It's in celebrate the things that we have and, let's
make the world a better place as the world continues to turn and we move forward cuz? Who knows how many days we got left on his fucking earth? Let's try to make this big. Why did the united states of america better and better, and I thought about that yesterday? As those you know all these people let's say like I'm gonna leave, I'm gonna leave, I'm like. Why are you going to go? Every country has it's fucking faults, and I know you go to a third world country and sit on a resort for a week and you think that's out country is it's not they have their problems as well. We need to become a better society as a whole and if you just want to leave what the fuck you If you stay you make us better or automate. That's why? Let's try and make this place as good as possible. can because in some people's eyes this trees. The only place where there's any hope so bottom line do there are all of these fuckin stooges and ass also make bad decisions that represent Is a power terrorists. All apart, not with that lets balkan enjoy this place like it supposed to be. Had re jake, I think, which the people are need to hear. This probably won't hear them well
I need to hear. This will tell me y'all, you don't understand, you are no, not in what it's like. You know, Bob. You have no clue what's happening. Look you're white face you a chain on you. If you don't know anything about jack you're, not zsa, Zsa, Zsa, zsa know how they sound. Is that how they all say yeah, I in fact, the guy that Joey chestnut took out to charge her that he broke his neck or honestly think he was trying to Joseph what the fuck are you doing? I'm trying to save america right now, you're out here with your darth vader mask on and if you did that person and very easily sleep. probably on the internet, very tough. This person we amongst group text messages very tough jelly. that's not helpful. dogs in his left hand to bond. his right hand and just broke this dude in half with the quickness, I think that is a
I tell him about a lot of people. Tell you what that was an act against the? U s a, and he should go to guantanamo about that, as I've, been learning what was the protest lace? That's a food processor, yeah, it's hot dogs. I would like to say that I do not Necessarily want to witness how animals gm burgers cosmic, burgers and hot and sausages, and everything like that. But unless we're all just going to become vegan and just get her neck snapped by guy holding for hot dogs all the time I don't know like you know what I mean. I know now: yeah, let's go to the phones. Are we if that person trying to save the world just like Peter king AJ, we donated. Did you hear this in the first hour,
I see a little bit what he he's upset that people are doing this yeah wasting food when one in five go hungry and we did not know that hotdogs are going to run out right now that are going to run out, but a lot of things would get into if we're going to start that our horse was actually up on a horse. That's what I love that she has pretty high horse. I was riding on there alongside peter, but we we donated ten thousand hotdogs the homeless shelters around the Country and peters then do we have no idea how we're going to go about doing that. No no, but we will do it in Peter king's name, because he rosa a great point in the world that we currently live in. also chatted about Gatorade being dumped out of the thing on the coaches. What are we doing way? So? What are we doing all that sugar just on the ground? Well, water to the southern water, at least. If I do have one fighters, yeah I'd, take a little spritz of water and and spit it out. It's like. Are you kidding we're trying to get the blood out of their mouth, though right
I want a water shortage, walk and swallow the blood and the water. What are we even doing about being watering their lawns? Right, though, actually don't do that care? Actually don't do that? Well, I've just done some solidly, don't have to now. You can't because we're fucking drought, by god, body greater than grass the bob. What the law down before is letting fireworks offered you do you want to start forest letting was the brown is grass I've ever seen forgeries hanging over top an offence, keep it all the kids in close and long it was one of the poorest. things I've ever seen, and we must admit, have voted no in your neighbours can be so cool out abroad. Actually, like a lot of my fireworks, at least twenty five workers and had a grand finale deal that shot up forty or fifty alley the see the way if and I ran by firework store last night about six hundred and thirty seven at night, because we didn't have anything is the first year we didn't but we're. oh the, where we're at now and the like that we stay the K. There's a lot of fireworks out here, so don't need the big fireworks, although I normally do buy them answer
I got a bunch of sprinklers and some roman candles and stuff like that. Just do a couple of things. Sam mom set me on fire. What yet almost my entire body on fire game that was very nice of her one of the sprinklers or what yeah sprinklers it was this sword sprinkler that was just fucking like dumping out sprinkles, you know, look like Goldberg's entrance with a fucking fire shooting in the wind was pretty heavy coming off the lake. You know and we're reading the wind with your your the shit. You know and she wanted to do a twirl. You know with it. This is fine and that thing just dumped right onto me. I mean you're talking, look at us. watch it it's all good time, wind blowing hard towards me, as you say, but that is what happened right there. Oh my god. She says I am sorry, then she says, watch your tip. While she comes towards me, I'm like Paul. Are you just trying to burn my feet down and fill you It felt like Goldberg entrance on present my feet. There I mean that's one of my fate,
introduced in all of sports or sports entertainment, so yeah good night for burn burn, burn burn. You were like how slippers I know I got these new rubber foam, then I dunno SAM bought them for me. They're super fashionable, but you got them off. Amazon they're. Only like fifteen bucks feels The fact is that a barge signify guess at the house across the street, or that a lot of across the pond. A lot of these houses they're, just like this our first time, fourth of July, on this lake we had heard all the you know. Shit talked about the amount of fireworks, but were fireworks. Couple like we and I've been going to the fireworks store. for a long time by not everything is in pittsburgh. You can't do it as soon as I got some money and I got to a state where you could do it. I'd buy out whole. In stores on July fifth July, except for the next year, and do the whole thing you know like very much into fireworks. So then, whenever we heard all the shit talked about all these, the best fireworks in state blah blah like what we don't have to do with them. So it's getting darker like nine fifteen, nine, thirty we're watching,
the little ones go off from always hauser were like next year, we're fucking doing fireworks, and so we can keep up with this and then was ten o clock it their respect, seo fifteen major productions happening. All within our view. As I go now, we don't have to violence ever again. It's so it was great night was great fourth of july, but I almost got burnt the fucking crisp. I'm glad you're here that you want to go. And with burns legs I do have whiplash in my neck, though my doctor, my neck doctor, has told me that I gotta try to keep this as stable as boss. When did you see that next sunday, sunday soon as I got home, he didn't want to work on fourth of July, is when there's an emergency appointments that patents, nick other similar, Where is where's your walgreens brace though, it's all right cells given to me by the social value, because it gonna potentially had a fracture gay If you don't see my body go all the way up. The others was a violent move. They really want yeah. Two hundred and fifty
plans go from full, fast, zero and obviously a lesser man probably does have rapture. I just got a couple strain muscles in my neck from whiplash pout, great hope here Now that you've experienced it granted, it was outside on the concrete. Do you think you could have kicked out yeah? I want to see that know how, to I mean that's the best he's worried about you. My shoulders on in three seconds. After that, I don't think so probably was going to tell the ref it's fucking? Sometimes, though, the ref can sometimes you get out of it. That would be so much parents gave very stiff. What the fuck is the neck in a perfect line, throw it up, but the issue sometimes when the ref is the bat it makes it sound. So like
I'm commentating, I'm like wait- is that one or two because the ref hitting the mat because they're so quick and it's like. Oh that's actually, two like. I need to keep that in mind at summerslam or industry browse one has to do another second break here are not strict. I do have quite a grip. His shoulders blade seem to be up nothing. A rafter do our threes. On the other side, it's going to stink, but we'll see that home run. Looking at it right on this brutal j, let's go to the phone challis, let's Josh in Albany Josh. What's going on power and five hundred you phone, I'm gonna wanna, three, three: four: We get a five mg dot. Com use, promo code mac fee to receive ten percent off your order, a five hour energies. What's going on Josh and albany the cap, new york. happy birthday America boys how we don't have the best year. Yet all I far I hope so. I was originally going to call and ask about joey chestnut, but you guys covered that. So I guess I'll settle as if you're in the march madness
wait a minute. You guys said that somebody could come shadow tone digs didn't seem to happen. Her call these. Josh was they, let us see who the top ten were in our bracket, but it didn't give us the last place in our bracket. So We could just randomly select somebody or would just give it to Josh from Albany. maybe you follow. for next week, You that's a good idea. Like a whole, we noticed that jost extra gall Josh grass Josh they ve got where to go, and that's where do you has done a lot? Josh shop at the office or senior about when next I know this isn't nine, though at nine thing or whatever it was yeah for happy gilmore you're, not doing that that our friend josh in south carolina. If he wants to go, see okay, down where big state good luck. Take it it's probably the water you'll be able to sense it wherever the italians are scan the coast. It's got a toddler in tennessee. What's going on, tyler
god- bless you soon. I do with my neck they're doin a state that is a big thing. My doctor, tormented too name. You heard me you like client, well just to please what would you like to talk hip, bro, J R. Well, now call for the item day, job shadow in there, but the say that we've been hearing a lot about all these other quarterbacks. The this offseason they won't talk about this coming year than Bp J, with her I mean we know, he's a doll. You ve done warm the father path, new frock, eighty brown, trade to the team. We know how we saw what he did its canopy, whatever here a ten year old arbour. Nowhere near that task quick, follow up you're an eagles, absolutely
so you know just like. We know that this is just a test year for lynn right he's either going to be the guy or he's not going to be the guy. None of us, though I mean there's no greater test than winning the super bowl okay, so he doesn't want the super. You guys are moving on that. Yeah I respect that eagles fan being pump, but we all kind of understand that, and I think even people in Philly it's a challenge here now in turmoil in the past there's been. shit in the past their bill that's him up there, though, when all in both on a defence aside and on the opposite side here a year and the often were seriously it does feel. Like he's a doll but not everybody's going to be an nfl is general, It's going be that guy AJ, your prediction I mean, I think everything he's done so far. It looks like he. He will be that guy. I dunno. If he's that guy this season like how quickly does he have to become that guy, another team around them is is pretty damn
when you look at it obviously has proven that he can coach so everything's kind of set up. I mean it also gives you a lot of pressure. At the same time, it gives you a lot of options, a lot of things you can do and dudes athletic, but yeah we'll see like. I wonder what the majority of philly fans they probably aren't there like you. I was like okay yeah. We liked this guy a lot. We really hope he's the guy, but we're not one hundred percent sure that he's the future, That's probably why we don't talk about them. We have no idea the future. Not. I think he has one year like try out here and it stinks that that's the nfl, but that's where it kind of feels like similar to yeah yeah, exactly The guy is not we're going to find out we're pop from both know. Just like For this, our three can be the best, the best we've ever done or back in about it was found, calls and breaking news and more life. This is the pat mcafee show tuesday. Come back to the path mcafee show here. On Tuesday july, fifth, to my left, you write a j hawk at a baby joining us in seven minutes.
A man who just won his fifteenth championship, joey jaws chestnut we'll be joining us in about six minutes to chat about all things that happened yesterday at coney island, Nathan's, hot dog, eating contest where he snapped the protests. Neck, while Hoss and for hot dogs and bonds at the same damn dog. What a fucking dog, hot dog doll chop. Usually george s not shall join the most major championships out of any athlete in the history of athletes. I mean an absolute stallion age. I can't wait to chat with them. Would it step up security. Didn't someone get paint thrown at them a couple years ago, yeah it it gets a little loose goes a little wild west. Nobody, the mc, had to get in there and tried to strangle that guy george, shea and jelly jars how to get them, but how that person get up onto the stage is the first question, because that's probably where the security they might have been taken back to watching Joey, just not work. How often
you get to see it go prayer. What's it called when you're out to pasture, grey areas fuck, You can see a pasture and do what it does the best. That's that's security were doing? You know what I mean it. matters w w events around some security in some things that will happen like when roman comes out. Every security guard is supposed to be looking at. The crowd turns around and they're just looking Regular roman reigns! It's like this is the moment when somebody It's like the arena, security they're all and you can't blame them when something drops off it's hard, not to turn around and pick your head captivating, but also in the world that we're now nature. There's there's going to be somebody who's going to come. Try imagine that guy was able to super glue his hand on to Joey It's not cops where the waters are like the person in minnesota and Milwaukee would have been over. I would've changed the entire course of history. Aj hawk
you're right I mean this could have gone really really bad joey chestnut doesn't snap that dude's neck and he does something to would it be knocked off his hotdogs off the table? He falls way behind, knocks all the hotdogs. That's what if he breaks his for the gas yeah in l, a on that, because that was on the casted foot side. I believe At the end twist I mean it's there's so much go into, and hopefully you know that protester in other protesters, future saw what happened when you fuck around and find eating hot dogs. Which of the young young guy got to a guy, got like a forty yard. Headstart run at Seth rollins, because, obviously a fake account on twitter This person believe he was in some sort of friendship, relationship with Seth rollins and a bunch of this guy's money from them and this person seth rollins screwed them over america's. Obviously seth rollins- would have time To do that to ran random person in new york guy full speed, sprint
around on down the stage and set doesn't fall. It touches him in a fucking guillotine in a he, and then the guy gets bodied on the way out like that needs to happen more to protest, there is need to get buckled I've. her. Yes, I can't be fun. It's gonna hurt now english legs scared it when you say protein people to jump on you alive game or on some kind of event like that in trying to derail every yeah. Something needs to happen to that. I appreciate that they feel like they're, taking a stand for something it's very important to them, but there's a lot of we're going to work at something, it's very important fact in them too, and their families and their lot yeah. I just feel like, it'll. They don't know that they don't know if you're up with a knife or a gun, scariest part yeah, a lot of people are like jelly once you hard, it's like how does Joey know what the fuck, this person who's wearing a mask,
interrupted a something that is live on television. That is historic happening. How do you know what this person has? No idea? What this person dont go on, especially, is what we see maniacs do now. That's why schlegel watch like why that guy, what food rock bottom, oh yeah, right you gotta yea, took a guy what two thousand twelve, maybe a lamb and is to be the right on the public's. I feel them you got a chance to be. maybe face your happened to professional wrestlers. I think there are now t- and I don't know what there the problem there, and so I apologise there on a flight, a male rest or female wrestler there. A couple. Flying her purse, that's stolen off the off the plane in Tampa bay. I think She had her airpods in her purse, so they tracked. where the purse was? It was at a walmart like forty minutes away. two wrestlers walk in. They see the person from the fight that they recognize why I want him as he was trying to buy something with her credit cards, get out of there. They have it all on camera, walk up
tat, say: hey you fucked up I tries to run. Or die we're talking full blown. head had dumped into the ground, taught him like clause one from behind head in the ground and I assumed there was a little ground and pound walmart. Other workers spreading obstinate. They get their shit back and it all ends up in a good story, but there's not a lot of those moments where your baby face. If you do, you know what I mean Joey chestnut We face like in this worse now. Wrestle doubt that walmart them back the great thing that process we have to continue to do that think we have to pay publicly punished some of these people, so that can see what could potentially take place, if they were to follow in their footsteps. James Harrison did it years ago in an nfl game, some cleveland fans ran onto the field and harrison was he wasn't starting at the time he was on the sidelines and he just or the rock
Adam the hell out of the guy yeah. That's what we have to do, We should do that more often. I think it's now, I'm not. actually writing any type of law, but like saying dusky, for instance, sure for all of us that heard about that and found. that was happening they should have took. want to city the city right? in town. Here's twenty five box, to a foundation or something that does I get to punch him in the face? You know we just we show that to everybody and then hopefully, in the future, they'll be less creeps. You that's all it's boy, I guess who brought school, but I think if Everybody knows this person. Did it found percent guilty and ruin lives, it took about situations, one approach, drop it and get a little public. You know That sort of other people say it out people need to know that there's consequences for your actions. That's all it is yeah states on Larry, Nassar for him to boot, four morant, miranda spike twenty.
Box parent raise the money, would still that's all it's along. You think, seen duskier laskin punch in the face for going city, the city we have to make it out of pennsylvania? Of annual review was happen, his way into the midwife. I soon there's some big ten towns love to stop by here, the columbus. You got, slaves Bobby carpenter lined up one another penn state fuck. Wwe hall of fame. That is exactly what they did when that one guy fuck it can't do it Why do these people feel like there's no consequences? You know they just get famous. They put over the thing they get a little pop on the internet for being a hero, their friends say their a hero which, by the way, maybe Maybe you are, but also the people that are at work or at fucking work to like they have focused and committed their entire life. It is even eat hot dogs- there. Getting a bit of their entire lives, it is and you're gonna.
step up there and you might fuck around and find out, especially when you're talking about a fifth team time champion what you're talking about a goat grazing, the pasture all the hot dogs at coney island year after year after year he was risen in a lift up. Above all, the people that made the mecca. The pilgrimage took tony island to watch him work. He had a cast on his foot and crutches under his shoulders, but to be deterred. The greatest of all time, Linz, yet again on fourteen july, for all of america, every american. Ladies and gentlemen, the brightest eater of all time joey, jaws chestnut. you, but no thank you for joining us man. You deserve it. Obviously you've been very busy. There's your fix
title over your shoulder. Congratulations, body feel how's, it feel you know, you've got gotta fucked up what you had to take a guy's head off. You had to eat sixty three hotdogs and buns. How are you feeling right now? You feel good or your whole body saw a little bit. I really feel like and we're shit I'm off to it. I go into in order to feel like garbage for a couple of days later, but not now. I can start to but the lake, but I was not taken before contest, but damn I got it done. There was a okay. Well, congratulations! You broke up there a little, but I think you said painkillers you didn't want taking the painkillers before because it stuffs you up, you won't be able to poop. Anything out all this shit. You know exactly that's exactly why don't you ask appear like Hell? Would you take bankers And I accept that I was also taken at it, but I am availing until the better now get the herd areas
I'm just happy, I'm happy it that guy didn't screw anything up, get similar reconnecting with and assume call here. Oh my god. Did he break his foot or ankle how to do that? How whereabouts breaker? What's an award for journalism? What's it called nobel peace prize pools or whereabouts get that right? Now, though, if this connection gets a little bit better, we're diving into this thing. Obviously you'd never take painkillers if you're about the pounds, sixty three hotdogs and bonds, because that thing will be in you for the rest of your life and it's either coming out the top or it's never coming out. Lol anybody's ever had surgery and has been forced to take painkillers, know: you're, I does not open for anything in that particular case. It is no fun to be I don't know how people it's problem in america and I hope people stop doing it. I think that. one thing I can never get over a jail, dive into it more and more people that get deep in pills. Do they take laxatives?
it makes the two, they say: hey, listen! I'm gonna have to put up at some point, even though I have been able to for the last seventy two days. I'm eating ITALY's a little shit out of me. What have the case? Don't I've been? Are joining us now, Jelly Josh s, nine joe, you back sorry about that you're still breaking up this a shitty connection. No, no! No! We care you! You sound good. Let's, let's get a couple of things in here: real quick as we have you. We know you're very busy debt. Now, when that you know protester shows up? What's the first the pops in your mind, and how did you know that copper, moon is hot, still left and right in holding bonds. I believe. Go John bottle protester then go right back into. Was it just natural reaction for you to handle business there? Is you and george Shea take this point, chester the fuck out He had a big role in it, but yeah it was. It was reaction, just mastered natural instincts, but
I thought somebody fell into me at first. I didn't know his protester. Until I saw weird master, the joys of masked men are the judges. I want to get back into eating how about after you just absolutely that did you feel it was he behind your legs where they try to carry the dude out like? Was he still messing with you? I would imagine it'd be hard to focus. Whose use is on the ground not too far away you. He didn't he just curled up into a ball youth west cause grabbed him. I he was a kid That is a good, and if you do you really media big, and so he really skinny, Did he give you follow the ground and crawled up back into it? hey trying to save the world. Have you had protesters at any er events? In the past we saw some people take to twitter, both in the sports media world in regular world kind of a And this now I know that Nathan's donates, a hundred thousand hot dogs to new york city homeless shelter is, I believe, we're gonna, throw in a
ten thousand hot dogs and peter king's name homeless shelters across the united states of america, but it feels like is a certain group of people that target this professional eating. I soon you ve seen this before now. If this before this isn't the first times up like this, has happened, is attacked us before and I think last time they actually threw red paint on a couple of years with like blood. But it was a it's it's it's a bummer and it's yea component, meaning there is there is a limit awaits but you'd like you, like you said it usually draws more attention. We are that don't even tons and tons of brutal to a great railway stations, and I think that we should. Live in a world where everybody should have enough be enough food to eat as much as they want we agree completely. We appreciate you saying that now we also added in there
it'll be no more gatorade dumps no more data dumps at the end? Let's not waste the Gatorade. We don't need any extra clothes ever in any situation, because there's a lot of people that need clothes whatever. The point people can grandstand and high horse can a real change its great news. Let's talk about the success story here, fifty In times you been champion on fourth of July, as you were getting lifted into the sky over coney island. I think I saw the moment where you got jacked up knows I came this, sparking doubts on. I know you at injuries. What's your foot or your tending and add new injuries and everything how nice was it to get back out there and just do your thing, get focus in your thing and see all the people that are their literally to see you Joey just that. There was. It was awesome. It was not. I mean I never imagined, would be what it is, but if there are thousands Do you know about our pumped up? I really, feel the pain in my direction mandan in my leg and
they will it was those are, was walking on it and putting weight on it. Even though it it does not, and I that has already agreed males those hundred ok, so at last question for us before you go. We all know that when you travel or eat sodium or anything like that, your body swells up with us with hot dogs a lot of swelling happen, especially in the old foot howard the cast how's the foot in the cast and how much longer do we have that cast on, for for weeks in the dock, erle we'll get it the ever. I will see if I was looking see if we need surgery. And it's still swollen and that's that's tight and which isn't back the the tightness makes it. It's actually nice that it's it's I dunno it's comfortable, but it's a little bit sticky about sweating like a madman yesterday, so it's a little little bit sticky and itchy, but just weeks and then I'll figure out what what what's next, while we approach,
age. You what's next jelly anything sweet! What sweetwater you we next No, it was being the chicken fingers raising paints in vegas on twenty seven, so well people, hopefully breaking a record twenty two days, the body going to be ready. I'm hoping is, I feel, pretty see what the doctor says and I'm ok, I'm gonna last plaster record Let's call we appreciate you congrats on another title. Thank you for your time. Good luck with the foot, the luck with the poop and good luck with any protesters to show up in the future. Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest What time jelly jaws jack you Joey he's, what's got so our sixty three dogs decades to any non up their sweating for how many hours he was there to the juicy. The intro. Did you get to see it? I didn't see the intro. Now he was standing on a lift guy. Everybody was injured from the other side standing. They walk up
upstairs. They walk across the stage to get down to their spawn a george Js doing his thing, not as much as he had in the past, but he's still doing his thing great with the microphone ga I am a big fan, love the way he speaks the where the words he puts together and it lives in front of peoples are different ball game. So I got respect. George re, then it gets time right for the last everybody and introduce more one person that persons Light is right in the middle of all these tables, obviously, and now of a sudden, the cat, we'll go to the other side of the stage and as a lift. It rose the bravo off the lift, as he's been sitting in there in the lift, in the sun was just cooking them, so they gave an umbrella, throws it off stage. up on this thing, and then I rises to the sky. While George Shea is cutting this pro here. It is just rises and then there's like a moment where you see him time to look around you like it's like a fox, yeah, like almost like it's time to kind of go
they put his hands up, like he's a fucking chip, I mean it was in a let year this let's go. He's good, how does he get to the stage? Let's go then they they they various he's a scrape here, we find go, they lower that's a mac down, then he wobbles over with his projects to the middle, and it's on joey, just not wins the goddamn thing with no problem at all I love the event. I enjoy it, a lot, I'm a big fan of it. Disgusting to watch as people puke and shit like that, but I'll I'll watch every single year, age every fucking year. It's awesome, I just wonder, is that? Is there anybody out there that could possibly beat this guy he transfer this is for some thought, but didn't we think kobayashi causing only be kobayashi and then all joey comes here. and pat deep dish. Letty mortality. Lady was back out of chicago first time in a few years were in a big
in the deep dishes. Back in the event, it was good to see him who did the worst, who had the who ate the least the massive hi there, how many there's a heel, a guy who is a heel? He was here to read three of them called some red. I think he puked early. He pizza, like thirty Forty coach area on his pick dominate the woman challenge. I, how allentown didn't hot the best lemonade sugar in the world and, I believe, he's the best tucker in the world. Badlands booker. He can really put some shit down if he goes to penny pitchers and makes them disappear. Quick he's run through fifty cents before y'all motherfuckers even started pouring a pitcher. These women he's a stud jogger, I'm a big fan of that guy That's my votes. I think I can get him later in life. In the limited jug gap my stomach ache and about to be old fat little animals rather do hot dogs and choking lemon say. I'm. A better charter, though than I am yeah but like how many times can each account. I would imagine that dude pushed out a lot of money. I was yet it take all shit, takes real training
in other. Nobody really really was back. I mean these people are true in training, I'm going to add that. The thing one day my guide chugging. I would like to get into the professional chugging league we're not so different than the training you're doing for Tyler Caldwell county. As he's a good sugar will yeah very good. good garrick dragging its would signal and I love it, him squaring off, like randoms them thing as it those we were thinking campus a finger hits this, but he puts a finger up by the camera. Out too, though, like hey, this guy's, a fucking guy, you know One gallon of lemonade and thirty seven seconds is the record with the current, was a gallon where's. The girl use words that we really can be twelve, that sort of guarantee smell Ghana. This is again yeah. It's probably
five hundred milliliters, let's see five hundred m l. Thirty. Maybe this is thirty. Five, a m. appear thirty. Five hundred andrew became flickr thirties. Thirty, seven hundred in a gallon says, you eager probably squeeze in another all the way to the top Jesus. This thing lemonade thirty seven seconds, so it's just one continuous chug of that Well then yeah he was struggling there towards the end, which how could you not it's a fucking gal? I don't think the opening is big enough. I think he's got a bigger open, so you don't have to deal with the liquid not coming out fast enough that that's a puke waiting to happen. right now. I think that's the whole yeah. What for you, gotta understand as the soda. How much would you say to leaders of point four five seconds to leaders and I get that what's a leader what? What caught? What you drinking two hours is like a standard, big
it's just coke! He does like mountain dew and all that, like the brand new mountain dew flavors to later does a jog is youtube's electric. That's! I would you that yeah think about how much work to get to that point. for ten minutes after. piss after What's going on and all of puke, what's the rules for the puking like thirty minutes, or something like that, I think in the threshold. That's crazy. Those motherfuckers train, though I am a little bit more respect. I think the eu be on news, were saving come on, that's ridiculous. Playboy do an a b Y? U Why? What was that he has been a wimbledon wimbledon was on E s, p, n n e s, p, n, two! Okay, you can't move it for fuck. ten minutes ten minutes. We we can't get put on got more go and jordan and brilliant when what then on Ebay Are they doing that It happened soon. Maybe there was nothing on a b c. I want checked every serious shit on nothing just replace like we don't soap operas fuck
if there's a report on a b c, then all the people saying we have too much waste is going to come up with, would say, they're trying to hide it or not. Proud of that. Maybe that's fucked up. You should be proud of Joey chestnut. We all should hard working guy stretches stretch stomach he's back, get the raising cane's chicken finger thing in July, twenty seventh as well. spock income for every record. That's what we need are people trying to break records, change world it the right age, a hawk! That's right! Absolutely! Chris, my dog russo, shows on after this one it's much better than ours. We promise you that we'll see in twenty one hours cheers the assume not. Because people was the worst It could happen. Is it's not hammer linda exactly so?
What is this show going to be next thursday friday? What's can be played on this channel? Ah, so there's somebody that filled them and for me yesterday I've noticed aid is the path that we show, I'm whoever the add on love. After I do not love linda filled and yes, format, dogs. if she's doing it again, I'd rather Linda fill in for us. I love you notice. When does your awesome but I wish they would just whoever's hosting, and I wish they'd say their name as the show well yeah. I guess that'd be weird, though it's not they will have to shoulder. Somebody soccer that some very serious I think doorn or hours there was. I guess we. Let me stay with us with the programme because we're always that we do less from saying that he should be acting like your ass down like out, which these people clearly are not ideal. we're clearly not? Well, you know what I mean, and I do so weird. There is a weird deal. This is a yeah, it's kind of a unique one. On the intro roma I think so. I think it's a fool do say: let's ride,
Ah, they might not have caught up to the let's ride. Nonetheless, I don't think these people listen to our show. They do our show they're just kind of other. as for mad dog, so they can get subbed in it's gotta be fun for them when they take callers and stuff. If people don't really know that you're not here, I think the serious callers know you know. I think I think they are We're not here, I have seen a couple towards from serious listeners air like when maggie shows not bad. When pat max you, the guys, aren't on dark. maybe start leasing the name out to these other. Yeah siri is a huge franchise, the name out to people. Okay, it's a terrible name. Don't do that, go to the phones. It's got, but you're right. It is weird cause I see tweets like hosting at or the at pat mcafee show today blah blah blah and I'm like put on it, but for those people that are hosts know, I would assume they think hey. If I don't say this is the pat mcafee show paddle
piston, really, I think that's how they would view yeah we got honor or of him know. I can't we respect this spot and that's why we're doing I think they should know immediately that I would like them to name it after them, because it's empowering them hey! It's your show. You gotta tell them that now what serious Keep it the same way know people I seem to guy filled in for us yesterday. He left a vacation. Gilfillan for us took a photo of the beach. Was there that said, leaving those for you to go fill in for at that mcafee show like who wasn't funny right now. I feel kind of bad for a second. I was looking up. I think some guy from nature. She was your name. What's a mad dog show Is it like the Jared stillman cause that the guy yesterday probably really good? All these people are probably really tweeted one. Fifty nine yesterday says coach. Rick neuheisel joins us now, so I assume it's probably
good show. I think it was a good show yeah for the july, just don't just to call your show yeah the what's his name, the rick church, the church soldier yeah. He has stillman and cohen nashville. Twenty five cancel, get that guy on war. Have him use his own name? Let's go do it, who what what's already opened studio, the tank up, the sweet shades money what money smith do. let alone a big shown away, but he can jump on earth is the best I fought love that guy what energy? that guy has served every morning. Right now said: five, am it's how he wakes up? You know it's how he does. His thing goes out catches the wave like, or it's peer him and dancers, getting the lab. Then they start fucking power ranking hey power rankings coming out soon AJ. I can't
yup me, neither so how many days until the nfl season sixty five days, not long. I'm going to answer three calls and hammered down the on the other side and we're getting the fuck outta. Here it's go to Zachary in san antone. What's going on zach hey: what's going on man, what you want to talk about it's a while ago, you got a call from somebody talking about the spurs and you called Antonio, the future home of the detroit lions, and I just wanna know what are the chances of an nfl team coloring? In your opinion, what do you think? So? How hard is it there? Real, quick, three texas team, that bow is absurd right now. It is ninety six at two fourth gonna be not the river walk. In san antonio riverwalk as dirty as oh, that's, my lines are never going. Go there. Well, they're, never going Well, what's the lions have their nodded? Good wines are goin anywhere taken anyway, there's but
Most money on offense in the entire nfl. This upcoming common sense should huh in twenty three million dollars shall on the mozart to go to at goff. Obviously the offensive line lines great. I think they're counting mc DC because he's probably playing tight end or whatever they're paying him eg shark antwaan Randle EL they'll be playing daily. One you're talking about or bad dose was the best. It is crazy how these top five draft picks, though how expensive they are. Acuteness three on the list she said, was right there williams is right. There, the case lines seem to be fucked? I dunno. If San antonio wants him, he should be praying for an expansion on it was hot supposed to be Gary Gerald, never got in texas, okay, so what you say as a general. Never let a thirteen in texas loud the dallas cowboys, remember they set their open for business for another two candidates mayor who will not get reelected. I know
I think, but they're talking it'd, be like the hottest day in indianapolis since two thousand and twelve today, really, in this is going to sound wild, but, like arizona, one hundred and seven hundred and eight vegas. Like one hundred and ten one hundred and nine. We get accurate indiana. My call this feels good. This is nice I at my neighbors yesterday. They're like this is so hot is like ninety something I got that desert three I draw, I feel like I'm, not Arizona was so fucking high. You couldn't walk around the pool because of how hot the tie is so fucking. They say it's a dry heat, it was so fucking hundred and seven one hundred and one hundred and seventy is still one hundred percent vegas, so fucking hot. So so we get back to indiana. It's like ninety two. Ninety three and I understand human. This thing didn't even feel hot. Now today, though,
It's like ninety seven bucks get up to one hundred and something is going to have humility as well. It's going to be a fucking scorcher era in indiana standards by us, but it hasn't rained here in thirty days, either literally everything in its pouring here now. All that is good right now, right now it hasn't rained in a long time. It's point it was pouring started. Probably eight am we need to. Right now. It's ninety nine feels like a hundred and ten, but as MR reign in here and now to three hour, we re really makes corn and makes waste which may risk a system afternoon of risk- If what was I supposed to be knee high by the fourth of July? It is what the rain hasn't. Fucking done, it's job! Now, these far
was no work in her ass, his eyes of a northern india and its nita organ super driver like a bear. The random alex it's dry of their left very left at super dry, the country mean like arizona, lakes of arizona. The whole thing super dragging its does hostile watering. Well, then, that's becoming a thing I guess to fucking selfish swimmers. Swimming in these bulls are so much water bullshit the I'm sick of it. Special people don't cannonballs drain the poles people, cannonballs, just robin it in how irresponsible we got some can snow openness, half the amount of water out of the poor people. I seen people don't cared about over these pause wherever we're in the middle of a drop. watching all over the place. Okay We in there like an olympian, though
Instead water, you want swim, fine ornament! I would draw. Don't you be fucking cannon ball. Do a lot of cannonballs weekend, you're not going to like whoa joey hundred du jour are some who want to find her water. Though some people haven't watched the all time sack leader at the club, yeah he's a menace. He fucking was playing a deck hockey game to a spritz water. Not only his mouth on his forehead can't do he's also an asshole because he cleans windows and it gives people Tom's a chance to look inside windows of boobs there, because, if there's dirt on a window, pre Joe cleaned, what can't see a little blurry he's like an old army, cleanest right up with extra water? wanna doing the whole thing it's unbelievable because you ever use it. You better, not use a power washer! That's a lot of water now he's hands on. He has a power washroom so hold too much. Maybe he needs his conserve. Some water, I believe,
Madame had tweet about joey under this morning, only one man could be joey. Just not that's joey hondo cause, he kill him if he had to that's. That we're talking about here. Average fuel to do a cannibal to going forward. Take your ass to saudi arabia and do it there see occurs. We won't stand for it here, hannibal's cannibals only allowed saudi arabia- the hell out of this country take your ass to the middle east I do love. How upset we get about just hypocritical grandstand. I do enjoy how we everywhere. It is everywhere the best, nobody wanting the world to be a better place. I honestly do because we all do but also we can really get into this game. Every single step of the way we had to. You know like literally every single step of the way. I don't like it I'll fuckin like you know, but I wouldn't it will be the best
people to do it. Speaking of saudi arabia, I tried to watch some of that live golf like that. It's just tough, how they it looks, it's just it doesn't feel, doesn't feel fun to watch who want Dustin I think he's here. One right didn't has raised making news. It's like nine hundred and fifty grace why any great serratus way to go, but DJ's team did the aces and eights how about they put like. I will get a scoreboard. people talk about the scoreboard, it's hard to put like their logo of what team they're on just put a picture of the players, so you know kind of next to their name the love of it. They obviously have not listen to any of our no water. if get a little longer on the scoreboard. Okay, that's good news, but we have tried to be like hey. You can't put team logos on a screen without any mention them, because none of us know the fucking team names so you're, just your thing a spot on their or even other team format works are their different, Do the same team names carry over to every event for the different names
and team names teams. I thank you names in teens, though, Unless they're treating it, how the treated a year from now, when everybody's a little bit more comfortable, there's a there's a transition yeah, I think that they've kind of forgot about it absolutely has to end on Sunday. It can't be Saturday has to end on Sunday people only watch. Golf casuals, like us, only watch golf back nine sunday about when the weekend's over that's when it needs to be. Friday saturday, sunday, then no matter what twice teams the last throughout the entire seasons, says yeah season.
congrats, three minutes as he names or a nice hole. They got a bomber snake or the crushers are out there. Have they fucking go the high flyers, so you should see the jumbos on they're bringing their irons in from way up in the sky. Then the iron heads wall see them they get in a good position: they're fucking pain seeking the majestic. That's all they play golf. It is like a royal majesty of the world and the punch team. Of course I mean they're going to punch in a math writer and, of course, and then the cork squad says whoa where's his real name and in the smash squad day, just just like the smash bros they're coming out to fucking get it now. They haven't found the course that has made smash team, the best team, but this thing squad, not bad. When you talk about all those deemed you're talking about one turn in which everybody completely understands how work trying to combine score direct aid
I can't wait to see what looks like a year from now. It's green is programme. Look out looks right now, but they they. I just haven't done. There's there's an educational process, yeah think that has to take place that dangerous. fuck helpless. I was now we ve called we ve done gulf for fifty years ago. We understand order. What happened here so, just like we thought players, and teams. Each week ago, each tournaments, because there's no way to live a draft, a new disease? We was that yes, what he say, draft lavendera like that. I regard as I think, full information. That is good happening back there. I appreciate that yeah, the a get gets draft man welcome to the ices johnson said? Did you see, as he was because he's like eighty or eighty, two, whatever finish whatever, but still made like nine on the
Yeah Dustin Johnson said all of us played good, but pat was his quote. I think that was the case. A pat with the big check, dramatic gilmore right to the bank. Don't care, don't care, sue me next time, I'm rich! Now I don't like the pj people attacking some of these gophers. You know what I mean. The media won't stop all this. This media is supposed to be stand up for. What's right, how'd you let these players just knock it fucking years and their little morality more more. They let's play remember you don't play, the pizza doesn't make sure you're paying, but he's one of our guys that are important to them. Like Dan. Have a brain come on. Please have a brain. I will see what happens our I don't. I don't know how it plays out. So, our opinion to a right that was alleged. Live was going to buy. They ve now in their relationship with the beijing even more and then Well, he wanted he sued something or bodies.
Sewed something and poulter irish open, which is this weekend I buy scottish. Scottish open. They said he wasn't a velocities blend in a different. got a lot of answers before have an actual answers It shows how week going to know that cause. That's all the guys are playing in it and prep for deal the next week scots and the irish both open at same time. The irish open was specially cap. I gotta anyway We don't know shit about fuck, obviously, and will continue to do such thing tomorrow into right, eg that is gross. I we have to get out of here. We are currently ruining twenty eight thousand people We missed you immensely pms jj's struck. jack, pms w are the s age
play struck. Pms, where's, age drop centre motivates no message to this man right here. AJ hawk. Make sure he knows that life will go on in life, will get better without this red truck that he was gifted by dealership because he is an alarming state legend its origin the truck its prey. The car is, I d. All of it is you got all gone. Is dryers. Everything's gonna move on, though that's what the tweets are going to say: official agent, hawk hashtag pms wears a jays truck, so something nice.
Screenshot. No, no, don't care about canada have that kid have that that can't have that. We do have that wow. Oh no, you broke on my guard. Baby lardo
and sad day. Oh my god holy shit. What a huge blunder! How did my god broke? The top off of the slow pan is nice by me. God damned mind would ever break. Is your fault? Asia? Well, the thing is solid. As rock too much of a champion destruction, the whole avalanche, my god, dude that'll be a nice little bowl, that's the show I wish I was. That's a show fuck will give five hundred bucks to fifteen people, make it sixteen people now one in honor of maybe
if you only bring mine I'll, need your shit, I was going to do it anyway, but yours is fake or just fake. Mine is intact. Actually yeah, let's fake, dropping the lines rail, because tiffany amber thiessen, not quite reach there. I'm talking about the jewelry company can didn't know about Kevin Allen's just broke down yeah, he's a mark. Anyways, not gonna, be happy about that Kevin Owens isn't mark he's a good guy come on. Why does diggs always take shots at him because he takes shots at zeke, okay and xix? My favorite there's my little brother. What am I gonna? Do this a bad start,
New year, superglue man- alright, alright, that's I will be. I canals is done for the show. Sixteen people and five hundred bucks, hashtag pms, whereas AJ struck, say something positive to me too. Now, maybe because I lost my baby, laura has bad balance. What happened on a bad bad idea? I should have done I was trying to raise lord at a high to lord, has never seen before. Just like everything else, at baseball touches thread, that's right thread bunch your cash dragon there as well. Good luck. rest in peace. Laura fuck was unavoidable. Nothing to your phone eg happy the iberian happy. Why each other from my truck drivers, troxell plastic, pms,
Where's AJ truck a dodge ram for anyone out there. Looking around can't hear you that's actually another big santa barbara ca to fuck me by so I got caught Glue- and I can't hear me- tumblr gluing- says The sultan is made of pure platinum. What am I going to put some fucking elmers on this thing? No gorilla glue come on. We've got the welded grill, I'm gonna get a fig water. Yeah come in with a tigon fig, and I'm gonna make this thing back together. What was that all the welding redemption, I'm gonna, put up the whole thing: there's gonna be a little puddle to the gotta, be an artist to this party to use it is. I just don't want college back, who am I
I just said the topic was easy. Oh my gosh laura is back. This is bad. That. Nor I just back, hey, Js back that I had blurry guy, who is back you're the lord o back in the hope, you're, happy plastic, dms, where's, AJ, strap, take screenshot right now says in positive day. Jake he's been all depressed about jumpy, being stolen right out from his house
because their city, so I saw you son of a bitch you ate memorial. Look at this thing did what, Even in my answer, when you called back. our those speaking too loud, its back and hear claude Hey agent find your truck with this tweet, just it well,
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