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PMS 2.0 697 - Tahoe Wednesday with AJ Hawk, Darius Butler, and Aaron Rodgers

2022-07-06 | 🔗

On today’s show Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys open up with a nice surprise story of AJ finding his long lost truck. Pat gets into some NFL and other sports news by bringing in former teammate and host of The Man To Man Pod, Darius Butler to talk about the latest news and rumors coming from the NFL (0:20:33.704 -0:42:51.362). Next Pat breaks DAHN the news break of Baker Mayfield being traded to the Carolina Panthers with live updates. Shortly after Pat receives a phone call from the back to back NFL MVP and friend of the Progrum, Aaron Rodgers joins the show via phone call to talk about his offseason and what to expect this coming fall from the Packers (1:20:53.607 - 1:31:00.797). Pat ends the day with some great phone calls and kicks the show into the extra long Tahoe Celebrity Golf Outing weekend, make sure to follow along on socials @ThePatMcAfeeShow on twitter and Instagram for the whole weekend. Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all of you. See you next week, cheers.

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Hello, beautiful great. It is Wednesday July six, two thousand twenty two, a the sports show on the internet and radio begins. Now try that sounds so today's big deck. because today is the day that we travel out to tahoe, and I do not bear. Is us our families? Our entire fan base me american century championship. The guy tournament of the stars, that's the first time I've been able to make it. I can't wait for traveling out there today. That is not why today is a big Hmm, Today is not a good day because just seen amazon tweeted yesterday to wash the baker mayfield timeline for today, because something might papa
just in anderson, unavailing centre was at the cleveland browns facility watching their programme on just a few weeks ago seems like she s lot more information, but also about the baker. Major, please embrowned situation, then she says watched a timeline for today shows something go to give what the baker mayfield situation to cleave and browse on this Wednesday July. Sixth, maybe but that's Not why today big day today, are the day, because talk today looks variant asked again. There were also at boston corner. Hey touch me congrats on a baby. We love! That's. Why today is a big day now today is not a big day because tone digs one half of the hammer cowboys want to oh and one on the diamond last night on his hands down public, but tell me it's congrats, you're, not why it's a big! No, never today's, not a big deal, because a big red truck was found. Today is a big date because
college football, national champion a super bowl champion, a ryder cup champion a covert survivor, a private plane survivor and grand theft, auto I, ladies and gentlemen, the face of why's that if line in sports The all time leading tackler for the green bay packers center ohio, yeah I appreciate you mentioning my truck being found. I like to think that the men and women of the police Department- they call me on my way here- might ok serves. It was an apartment complex somewhere, don't have keys, for it can't be. your dad is going to tell it then we'll figure it out later, but yeah. Thank you guys. For now we don't have to police or snooping around and they found the big red truck of AJ hawk that had the license plate that says, AJ hawk united states or somebody from twitter maybe saw it because
pms wares Aj struck has been fronting for twenty four yeah, it's no big deal and it's not because of our presence on the internet, it's strictly because the bots have not hold of it because we have cash at giveaways, which is what the house the mass where's age truck give way was then jays cash empty, involve a cash at the box. It picked up a narrow trying to win. Stop little. You know what a winning their centre motivational speeches same hashtag, pms, where's J struck, so that he's probably for the next twenty four hours. We need to palestine. We got word as we found it. god somebody on the internet, maybe told the police, your big red truck was or the cops aren't themselves this a good day you,
if that scrap of metal bats. Are you saying all bots aren't bad? Are these good boston? So these are bots that are deployed by super smart human beings to win contests and giveaways? Really that's the thing deploy, deploy the pawn sign, the human behind the bots, though, when you try to send the the prize you kind of can because, like there'll, be some bot entries into some of our twitter stuff and you can you can kind of track some back to who seems to be connected. Who seems to be doing stuff? That's only for doing giveaways like to three times a week in your kind of in the twitter. algorithm every single day, but yeah the boss, trying to get money for somebody at the end of the day. So maybe it's a good. What for the winner? I think everybody else hates them, though a lot of people think they're, cheaters and stuff like that asia is evil. Still bind twitter. Do we know, while you lot made quite a proclamation today in EU law, is buying toward her by the way that
in the past I believe by the board, congrats yeah, the same initial price or what nah. I think it has been bill off of that right, well, yeah, especially because all these bots and fake a lot more than they are giving off there, but you want made an announcement today, a proclamation that during our lifetime AJ yours mine. Next, probably corners, hopefully digs foxy. probably not your brother back there he's old as fuck that guy. You know what I mean writing back aramis and who knows how long bill will be live in Forza, but in our lifetime humanity will be on mars bmr series where humanity will reach mars in your lifetime. Elon musk tweets an elon, musk platform of twitter and that's awesome news, there's more, if I bouncing around the planet every single day, it's Blowing but aging ever going to fuck mars anyone on twitter, so
you talked to Jim mercer after hearing this news, because I would think he would be the most excited hearing this, the more he wants a flying car. They say the futures in my hand. I don't want to lose my hand, I'm not like this generation, I'm not going to spend seven hours on my phone was told of flying. Car was on the way. What, if Jim, gets like our anger at stake that thing: the mars airports on game for the union that was called the affair the theme of more lot actually how severe day in a press conference summer flankers he would never do it because there too loud People be scared above him I the other, already seen the electric lights out are super kleiner in our people like their one person they almost like Google air shot is rarely have those like the chair helicopters. You ever there like drone for humans, human sits, basically an elected drone of executing our sorting out easier, you're like how sets commerce or just the engineer, snipe, think it's it's coming.
like already have prototype, was that we ones standing on you stand on. That's not a backpack. I was I fucking ape shit over and over again you just continue yeah and then some people are really good at it. Were they able like dolphin and then they come back, I thought I, you know what I mean and it was I thought about coming back up, but then I realized I was just getting shot. You don't underwater drowning like what, if you backup your drown, I didn't necessarily enjoy it. I don't think I'd ever, do it again, but yeah. It's certainly one of those jetpacks jetpacks are there with the ones on the hands right. Those the ones you're talking about with the guy was flying away. Says yes, yeah wally can't drown, go ahead, before I I thought
and so you're going to about to move on before we do. I him to get out of this, but heat cause. He told us when he came in the amount of shit and semen was found in his truck was on biblical proportions. I see they jerked it off an elephant. Basically, in his clock, that's install, it was a zookeeper or a zoologist. Maybe one of your lips in one of those people that are like fucking animals weirdos sick for hours for block. Finally, yeah yeah you're sanctum bc out effects that your car oars at you think you the job.
he's still out, because the car has not been opened yet the police officer I talked to that they said a sniff seems that outside looks like one of their streets. Well, that was my first question for sap. Everybody said how many gallons do you see inside argosy, sir? I dunno right now looks to be two to three three gallons. It's a lot of kids. When I need a lot of that, the vacuum with the the fluid in it, you know when I'm cleaning carpet sure revive speaker I gallons of semen- Balco is all reported that the seahawks panthers, bucs and lions are all interested in, Baker Mayfield now but he seems to have a source and the baker mayfield situation. support yesterday just said seattle, a that didn't
but then just seeing that goes well. Maybe seattle is putting that information out, because if they don't land baker mayfield, they can say they've always been, and it doesn't dunk on drew lock or geno smith the current situation that they might end up having as their starting quarterback situation. So, there's a lot of bush if floating out there, I'm not saying Michael ball goes for shit at all. We like balco yeah, I only like Michael almighty balco and you could go hey mikey be clear. What's that cream and the clear right is that him, I think, the there were three in the clear that's what member that would any would run on them. Some colleagues screwball talk about different balko, same name there with the sea as group. This is insider balko mikey. to be exactly what you said that teams that he's our debt of interest in brown, scooby baker mayfield. Now
he beat does not explain who we heard this round. Never mike balko does not reveal his sources because might Balko, unlike that screwball is a professional balko, see locks, panthers, bucks, lions, all very fascinating answers. Rail sea, in panthers, thereby knows or in a corner back market allegedly now ouija is also going to be available. Everybody thinks it soon, as he gets healthy enough to become available in his interact, much more manageable them you're my field agent and a half million dollar guarantee contract that staring down right now, so I'm not saying, Faker. Jimmy g is better. I'm just saying most teams are going to look at the business side of this and understand the eighteen and a half million dollars going to come alongside baker mayfield and are basically no He's coming along side, Jimmy G, if you're design and after the san francisco forty manners release him. If there, I do so and save themselves twenty million dollars, which but they would do last year. They did not also, point: two trillion starting this year. Let's assume they're going to potentially cut Jimmy due to save twenty million dollars. If they,
trade, him, even though they said that's not the case. Let us assume with a brain that that's baby gonna happen when you. Think about the box in alliance entering the picture here, though AJ it makes sense for the box right, blaine, gabbert summer, who's maps, absolute dog, I love Blaine gabbert contrast, drafted out of florida he's also down, there could be a guy right I know that these guys could be guys, but if you look quarterback of the future and you get a baby sit behind Tom Brady for a year changes the immaturity thing for baker, mayfield that is being reported a bunch of we don't believe it by the way. We don't believe it we're just saying it's been reported. That could be a big benefit for baker. Don't you think the situation is this? The first we're hearing is the first I'm hearing bucks and lions writer mikey b broke the news. We said whoa lookie here well, mikey be ok. Teams, though that are under the radar we haven't thought of like now that make we think
thirteen that we haven't even met talking about, might jump up and trade for a guy like baker who, whatever the lyons Abby, what do? What do lions fans think all the money on their offense plan when we traded for golf was the ham for two years, he'd be our bridge quarterback and that we're going to stick so far. So good, we've done that let's take again and I will be able to draft quarterback next year, a highest. A guy alabama, there's no reason tat. Eighty million dollars and baker mayfield were all on vance baby, troy guy when he is granting everyone's doing a lot of people like you, do gritty baker greatly to be a great match matches. I works What do you need? I love you off. You win games, that's how it works. Well, yeah! If they win games, it doesn't matter, but just because your credit doesn't mean you win games. Well, I think Detroit despite the box. So does he want to go sit behind Tom? I didn't think at first then, when you mentioned that yeah, maybe it would maybe it'd be a nice. Little learning or maybe get some garbage time at the end. I know if you're going to sit behind somebody
everybody on earth are we like, but then, as he is he in line to take the gig? Let's say: ok tom, usually play two more years right. I think, Am I batman right now he's go on your left. Ok, so any is baker. Three hundred seventy five million already been announced if he doesn't move as long as they are such that million. U lucy bakers started there once Tom retires, yes, and I could see a crown and be better show a lot in those practices. I guess means running. The scout team card was anxious in the building. The whole thing I think, they'll know right. Tugboats. Privacy will now in tom, probably give a pretty good. Like I'm nervous. He could be okay if he knows he's performing for tom and they're going to ask Tom every decade, how's it going. What do you think once you're once you're getting paid eighty million a year by force, you think of this guy can run the franchise rethink, thomas tat? Will Tom say yes because he knows you won't be as good as with Tom have pure intentions, The answer he gets stone stern gave the quote. I forget who he's talking to
he was talking in somebody was in interviews. Fascinating in a person left wherever they left he said. How did you feel about them? You hate them or whatever, and like know. I wish them well and howard goes not be everywhere. I leave, I hope it blows up and goes back, and I was like yeah publicly said that, like I dunno how many people were thinking that inside because I honestly, had never heard that thought, but it makes sense that some people would feel that way. If howard still feels that way, I'm just telling you I heard this in a clip. I would bet howard still feels okay, and he might just make your metaphor I might have caught. Can the conversation out of context, but him saying that maybe go like oh there's, some other truckers that are, they feel like is the case, even though everybody has to recognize that once one person leaves there's people are it's completely new team every single year? So judging on past experience- I don't know, that's very short sighted view- not real, obviously well howard's made he's getting paid still I wait, doesn't how'd want to run for president or somethin
he really, I know, is get mad. He gives matter lot now at people in different situation. What's goin up, I thought you want to run for south widening thing. People do that. We do think that just get to the point they're, like we have two. I feel obligated. To give my point of view grandstand on people or what well see I dunno. What he's doing? I see I used to listen to interviews back in talking about. Are you talking about? Oh, are you talking about these horses that everybody seems to power? Their bar is definitely one of those guys right now is all what does it matter? He's upset like I've seen these things where he gets mad at people have like a get together or a party right. Oh yeah. I've seen that I've seen I don't, but he's not just mad about cobra there's a lot of things.
I thought when she came out, he just kind of decided to keep it down for a little and he has been granted. So I don't know about any of the stuff that you all are alluding to. It feels like there's a lot of innuendo happening here. I've kept up with it, and I just I know I've seen headlines pop up like howard, says something like hey: how did they? How dare they do this or say? But I think this is a thing that happens, and I think we see this in a lot of sports forbes and it happens even in a tame. Clearly. Obviously, people just feel obligated like pay. I have a platform. If I don't speak my mind, like I will have regrets forever, Zella people think or what he phoenix with the cows in the mill. I think I was glad to take him out from the text of a cow, and I think a lot of people are just like all people want to hear my opinion, while that, I'm talking about that gives that ever thought of times not an hour day under most people do to pander to people so that they get them on their side. If I say this, I know this whole group of people on my side here,
how're you doing that, but in situations that does happen ass, one particular person. I saw a lot of people saying that what howard said was taken out of context like you mentioned earlier, so people who are a clip of something he was saying that he would run for president at headlines, ran with italy all howitzer network, he talks like he did at least at one point for a long period of time, like four hours a day, so there is shit that he has probably said and done. If you take it out, I got Actor howard, stern way he's run his business and he's still making one hundred million a year. Is he really working like two or three days a week still make one hundred million? He figured it out man, so I got nothing but respect for that. Nothing, but respect for that. I do feel like all the people that end up getting super duper political which a lot of people do at the moment hanno he's jumped into he he's he's got his eye was with us. He will receive CNBC whenever he was yet a budget like political show, eyes wasn't sports and now I know is over.
He likes to say dogs, which is great, and he does so. Let's go saves to check his twitter out, it's five trillion dog posts about trying to save dogs on my good for you as a dog. I love dogs too, but it feels like everybody gets to a point by the way channels can be. You can't be mad everyday guy, like hey you're, still going to be like what makes you happy bud. What do you like? What are you mad? What else you're right corner they might just I have been there. All the time makes him feel alive. Yeah, that's unbelievable to me. I I think I've encountered a couple of those humans throughout my life. I think I'd have a heart attack. I don't get it. while we know that a lot on the show unless we get it owed its awesome for some definite fuck and better, and you not years no questions that asia where they get you
if that's what you gotta deal with like if old, when it comes to me and tells me how much of a better person he is, I guess yorkie. Thank you for sure know. If obama does that, you certainly do that, and he tells you that every day, although I do not fall and it seems like you do, I know I check in every once in a while, though, but I want to light yeah, not a dog. You know how things are currently twitter, Luna. It's a lot of dogs. I dunno how ordinary got brought into this babies on politics, anymore, dogs are so It's kind of like pounding whatever that everybody gets into politics, it seems like nowadays this scale, everybody that grocers gets an apology. In their smart and everybody bare better, and I hope everybody like is there. We appreciate he gone the world. Hopefully one day we get to that point. I'll talk more about a little possibly can save unworthy. Analytic people did that, didn't they could you, magic. What football would be like without the internet, its people wanting to honestly it was quite a weapon there for a while, I think bill belgic. I was the founder of rising analytics with only what's his face, and I will say that I would be
look at analytics. Other teams have used analytic since beginning of time. Thirty five trends and all that shit, that's gonna, let you can you get commuters, would pursue It doesn't know what you're talking about. What is what would analytic speak? So it's all percentages of things that are going to happen and it becomes the main focus, try to predict what you should do in certain situations, right, yeah and although they are only using like fifty some percent or sixty some percent as absolutes, which is what inevitably happened with analytics. It started becoming a while if there's a little bit of a majority or if the percentage a little bit more like fifty five percent of the time is going to end up good and they were I on that motherfucker like it, was ninety five percent of the time there that thing it is one. I analyse got your crazy but billing. Began entire thing where they started looking into the averages and normal what is and it became like a part of their game plan, but they had football with it. What are you to have taken place over the last couple couple years and it might just be on media? I don't think to throw this in italy itself, but
every decision is scrutinised and judged by a group of people strictly off of what past numbers have set now passed comes, cannot predict future ones at all. Unless it's one hundred desire, oh there's, still a chance. ones common. So any If somebody thinks something's absolute can change anything, and The analytical work has certainly done very powerful, very very powerful, which is good for the game. John Rob Gm of the titans said, the abbots bar flock informal run. This thing where we are with analytics Is there a nice fine line on being on the front? End of the curve, in your mind, do you think That's your responsibility to make sure that you're open minded to and however you're still very cognizant of, not getting your scheme so to speak here and ask them in that's what that's one thing I was with social media, digital age and everything is so sometimes driving crazy. With all this
stop that gets set out there and everybody's an expert it you're right and in We incorporate some analytical data and does some of the decisions that we make, but I'd say ninety percent of the decisions we make as we we put the film on and we watch the guy play football because at the end of the day, that's what it's about like does it got played? football, pretty good, I mean play football, pretty we're talking like not look at a bunch of wouldn't players at all that there's a part of that situation, so I think my favorite part of that, as he used analytics to describe how much he uses analytics ninety percent of the time music, it is always a football temperature. Maybe a little stats data joining us now, not only age hawkins studio, but those who demand a man plot gas nine year and if all that,
is a german darius butler frozen. So hey, thank you for joining us d, but did you hear what John Robinson just said about analytics and saying watching football? You think there's going to be a downturn in the analytics conversation in the nfl. Since all we've really heard since getting evanna lennox becoming too felt. Put it up conversations like this. The future there's the future is the future. Thank it some now you know football guys and powerful positions like getting fat guy. Play football or what are your thoughts on it all, and what do you think the trend is going to look like in the future do, but not because I think, we'll still still use analytics. I think they'll continue to grow, unfortunately, for some fans. Fortunately for other fans, you can even see what some of them wires with GMO. Like you know, some of these guys is coming over with no football background, but they know the numbers and I actually talked to a gm last night, I sorry somebody in front office last season, like bases second or third, in charge, so you're, probably gm gym and a couple of years He told me like knowing footballers like a bonus for them. Like the posts
personnel, guys, which kind of shocked what the Yes, I suppose, like a dream, a moment is because he wanted me to work with him in all, be like a consultant teachers from the football thing, because the guys that do they came back and analytics and actually pass autos like even like Chris ballard, like he was a coach before you played the game? So he knows the game, and he also knows you know the front office part of it well. So I think, if you want to find a perfect balance, obviously that's hard to do, but I think analytics will continue to grow and be used more and more in game. de, but how do they use these analytics to evaluate these players? Like? U yours, value and a guy to combine. I would ever what other, comparing their numbers to other players numbers I'm thinkin analytics like hey
If the position where we are on the field, you should go for it here, that's how I'm talking to you yeah but like in the history of the game. There's somebody that's this tall. Oh, I don't care, I don't care about all that now, but that's what they do. I've never thought of analytics that way. I'd honestly never have they take out the brain, the heart, everything when it comes to evaluating players. I don't think of using analytics like using hate. This person was this high in this tour. I understand yeah, all of that matters yeah, but can the dude play? I guess I'm old school, like John roberts, sixty seven percent of the time, a player that is this fast, this toll this goes and become a good blockade artsy. I never. I honestly. I never thought of that, we're intellects to me as a third and thirty. we're backed up here. If we get in fourth and two here, we should go for just fifty four percent chance we'll get off the field shit. I completely agree that happens, but there's a lot to like with this build. This speed this size the success rate? And it's like how the fuck do you know like what the first you know what I mean. I feel I might be wrong because you guys
exactly different positions at me that were much more important and my position, but you watching like we have no fucking idea of guy was going to be a guy or an alec guy. Honestly, I think you have. No you have The clues like hey this guy seems to work already seems to be fast what if he gets injured fucking week. One is never the same. You know like take into account like attitude like deeper now, exhaustive, ok, now what happens every way did I ever think of you turn like the lock room meeting room analisa is a great tool. Even when you like breaking down film as a player, could you can't watch every game ever? What say you? Why story for games you get some formation, get some tendencies, and now you can look The dad and the numbers and say, okay, that can kind of filling in some blanks If I ever go into something, even even a game plan game time decisions like you say you know, thirty, four backed up, should we go for, should we go for two years like I think you should have the game, sometimes a player
got hurt. You may have lost your right wing on the punt team and that shit that's going to impact if you're the it's built. So that's what analytics can't factor it until the game is over and then it says: ok, This is what happened. This is good. This is bad, but I mean I'm no expert. I work with here. We have got a lot last year and they, tell you a lot of the flaws in it, but then You come out and you you put a product out there. You know people buy into it because it is that it is data. A data you know, dominates everything at this stats back up every we ve talked about this unity are importing the argument you want. You can find some steps back, absolutely idiotic. Stats are awesome because they are on every team of every argued Yup k. There's always some stat that every person on every side of every argument pulls out of their ass. That might be real, but does it matter? Is that the finisher is? That? Is that the vinegar? I don't think it is because you know what there's going to be one coming back on the other side, I hate to even have to talk about it, but I do like that
gm Jon robinson can open up a little bit more the football side because something If you watch on the coverage of football went to tell makes a decision appeal decision. It feels like I feel, a nineteen can go right now feels like we're hot right now or a little cold right now and it doesn't work out. Those numbers. Just gets woe dame these coaches faces. thrown in the quarterbacks races. I gave the percentage of these categories that gets like in the moment. As a top thing, the fuckin just calculate obvious. it's good to have good intel. Good brains and everything like that that It's combo is only going to continue to grow and grow and grow as we learn more and more and if it ain't absolute, I don't wanna fucking hear They might have solution for bobo, or is it that's? What does act that gets forgot about them? I think I was doing letting you know if you got a dog in them or not, although some guys, you know get nervous, and you know, shit shit happens if it's so tough to I mean f one baseball. well like that analytics. Okay, give me an the world of
It's still a level of violence in that, like the great mike tyson said, everybody got a plan to they get punched in the mouth. So that's it saying that those pretty good bits. Verdi's powder, my math there. Ok, let's move on mikey, be going Michael Balko, not know, like no relation screwball, but no relation screwball Boca, no relation to join. It's gone! It'll ignite, your testosterone boosters for this. At bat, and then we won't be able to fail a test literally immediately after this bad, not no relation that balco, we don't think, is Michael Balko. He said is that he is heard see Panthers we've all heard that thereby quarterback position. and lions are all interested in baker mayfield, so we have no dear, what might be bees connections. Our sources are but did start a new conversation just seen said, look out for the timeline today to be affected.
we use today, she seems be tight with the brown, so we'll see what we learn him to the axis fascinating d, but behind Tom Brady right, I don't know if they can take an eighteen and a half million dollars, but the future there are a quarter. I guess not sealed not signed going there. Does that open up another avenue teams that we have been missing that might be interested in baker, services, you think, but I mean the books me I mean who do you want want to know better gotta be behind Brady? You know what I mean, obviously baker's talented when we saw coming and a play that I never obviously thought about that scenario, but now topples. You know been in his second stint as a head having Brady on you know, maybe a year, maybe two more years. You know you got tv, wait for him on side. That could be a contingency plan. I mean that that would that would be awesome for baker. I think I see you knew that baker was not having to take a crapshoot in the draft. You know what you've got with baker and I said all the our baker. I think the more answers that baker
mayfield has pre snap, the better player That's why he was so great great in college like he it was it was spread out. He knew what he had to do. They just had to make accurate throws and I've seen you shall you can do it. Well, you think back roads. That job is back up to Tom Brady fuck, it's fuckin tom Brady. They examined exactly, I think, there's more to situations. Where are you I mean I would at least if I'm in issues you know you're getting eighteen million this year. Anyway. Maybe you get a little bridge deal and you have the opportunity. You know the kid who knows. For years, now he's playing well, he began making fifty million dollars a year down the line, and you know Brady at some point is going to have to rig it up, he's forty four this year, so threads so loud, harms eyes and is ready to take our strongly consider them deeper. We were taken. With the lions coming into the equation, I think what about green bay would if it was an option for four baker, major who knows how much longer are in place, but we very place to three more years. I guess you go
learn from him. Maybe go jump off somewhere else, one of those other guys that you would sit behind. Like yeah, it's fucking makes you would absolutely to sit in meeting rooms every single day with Aaron and just to watch him practice. I feel like would be unbelievable for him. It would be for anybody, but bacon. Could you ever see that happening I feel, like a rug, a lot more yeah, a I feel like and play another three years at random and it's I mean Brady had an mvp year last to raise? The oder. Absolutely no was was wait, form one of the site. You know tamper, green bay, Well, do you say you saying people what they would rather go to somewhere warm now a bad guy. You are a green bay, so small. By the way, it is time you they're idling there. Therefore, that last game, when I was calling the lions or packers and it
like your leaning on an order to write desire, is really nothing, there's, no collection of buildings that really breaks up the fathers, no real mountains eyes looked round. Yes, I got all applicants as their stuff. You ll stay apples, I'd much of their summer. Engrais may than tamper bathe, promoting one million, a resigned about football, but the other, a living among the life com and the other. Eleven months, though, probably that comment, I've got an area you up, they want to live there alone. I did. What do you mean? come back to ohio for like five weeks or so and then boom right back up. If you still got a house over the summer in green bay. What are you talking about? If I had to choose a place in June July and august? I would much rather go to green bay than Tampa. seventy five percent humidity down. Why did take five weeks off? I would never take was in the summer. I'm talking this is the winter like season ends, go home recharge. Your batteries come on back, okay, now you're back east ohio, ohio, trump Ohio, correct
he's just as he knows, he's real. All that I seek your this guy. Just fuck, no small he's always been like a smaller frame. The me has a life van. What's this all about the quarterback his whole life, I was, I was lost in the in the trenches. You know: grind of use, quarterboat salary, the quarterback for surveillance whenever he shut up in the capital, her three he was born. as always, but he said he I pay. You got a respectable cause like used when the offices and to go back home, that's stick
in a more for like ten fifty minutes, recharge falcon iron in your blood it back. Then what is the dominant? Why hollow you eat or its honour? The confluence is that's why I love you actually from a long answer, makes you hire color while guaranteeing upon I mean we hated deja upon. My word is as thank you Jesus knew their names, but most of them know me. Mr Smith was gay guy, but he's not that good of a MR smith. Sorry, Mister smith, edi you know, I tie your device that Yeah d, but Micah Parsons is saying him and trayvon days can be the next aaron Donald and jalen. Ramsey is trayvon digs at that. Well, because, obviously it was up, for you know defense part of the year and stuff as a rookie, but his digs at the ramsey level, or do you think he can get there? I mean he can definitely get there.
I still young. I was saying this quarter in his corner. Back back, ribby super skill, his boy prior, probably the best ball skills, is inefficient. player in the league whenever you can turn the ball over at a high rate like that Definitely separate yourself, obviously is everything else. Is you know it's kind of feast or famine out there friend, because it gives up a lot of big plays, gives up big. You know big yardage, so he as those back even you know, just a chunk. I do not want to because you can't be that same player if he doesn't take those type of risk where he turns the ball over I'm at the ready does so is he ramsay level? No, but I can do finally get there in my capacity is, no he's our. We can rush the passer as good as anyone in the league it was one sideline to sideline as good as what you wanted as well. So I you rarely see that combination of player on this level- that's something you've seen like
high school, maybe college, which you rarely see, that in the field of a deep, what I heard that Michael parsons across your fuckin asshole, I'm so hard and the other basketball court I saw I saw his clips most very, very impressive for a linebacker. I don't see many linebackers back like that. In my power rank, though they were down- you're right, probably right above the running back. what are micro? Don't have a chance in court yeah. What did you say? I forget it was hockey players. Then it was running backs as lines that are in there. You just did the football but yet you're saying they're all in the same sex him charges with shot put the basketball run around as hard as we can to man. Every bell picks play hard defense. No tall centres need those on your squad on, what's more likely for debts to. Will do better for as a defender covered defender or
drop off in here is right because he doesn't get when he not as much as probably the accolades as he had in the past, but if he becomes inner corner and gets like half the amount of picks? That's an upgrade right like a fool, upgraded in or knows you know, Want me to your mom is the vault, like the yard. How many lasher alone, to get a web if he got seven, he's not gonna get eleven again. The russians dummy saying goes way: Debo right into the crazy amount. Does that's correct, the amount thinking tide, tired of cowboys record out a. Maybe commodity like two thousand and seven, I think the last to get double exactly how they got cynical years ago, but eleven is, I mean, that's kind of like one in the library like I said his ball skills, receiver alabama for a couple years he's a punt returner, so his boss, gears seals skills are leading left,
seventeen games a year, A girl could be a seven six. Seven, eight pig is that a samuel did it for stretch. He can be that cal, we're corner, like I said he just has to limit on a big play, and he can do that. Do he has a great aunt. This is second year now. It is coordinator, as other good players around the maybe the other corner. Anthony brown is a good player. Cook hooker back there in his second year in a system as well dealers. They brought back Michael, we talked about so they have a good defense built around him to succeed, richard sherman was in his If is as well, he he was a guy, fifty probably career interception. So a lot of survive digs that the sky's the limit for digs like we, I don't think we've seen the best of him yet hey great, that too I fucking awesome that, his laden, fucking housing. Personnel, hilarious confidence or watches good good comedy. timing that fathers don't be a guy in future?
I'm excited when he does that digs family, pretty good after the snuff on reality shattered using a good guide on dates. De, but can we a little bit yesterday about how we just we cease two teams with the laws similar they're going all in they added weapons and their quarterback. so really the only question now these quarterbacks are Jalen hurts and to who he's too. Would you rather have which team you see me more successful now we, you are This guy is going to hurt me, but I gotta say, or I gotta say it hurts because he's. on any given sunday, he can be the best run on the field with his legs, but he's a smart guy, great leader. He has a great arm, got great weapons around He is just a mechanical stuff when he gets mechanics right. It is all efforts are taking in that division. Think that division is therefore taking. These were in an era. Is you got to pay there's a lot of always a patriot in
the bills age ass alley play in easily be the best quarterback in a league next year, so I'm gonna enough enough cds, a thing, jailer herds and at what would they do this off season? nobody had them in playoffs last year, like absolut, Nobody had a nervous embassy, they got the brakes, beat our phone, but even getting that experience is good for young quarterback young head coach, young team, billing, redraft like they did this year. Free agency go get AJ brown the sky literally. The limit for jalen hurts, and I think, he's a great quarterback great player to have in that city. So our ball energy, large, deeper I asked her about curing. I wanted to see about to what kind of year do you think he has? He has plenty of weapons, tyreek hill, new coach. What kind of year it to happen. Is this make or break. Well, unfortunately, it may be a make or break year for him, but the first year here I think, a first year play called it too. We might miss Daniels and down with water on a hill. It is I,
over in philly, you have people who have their like AJ brown, devonta smith. Those are two completely different, wide receiver going to give me different things than you have hertz in his legs with I'm interested to see how they make their office makes it a lot ton of speed. But you know, we need you know third and seven or too many drive. Are you going to be able a move that ball down the field? We, I I'm not fully as, as I am it into right now, as I jalen hurts, but I like to form, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's a little struggle this year to get going early. But if you give two I'll say two years with my mic days as well as the first year is a lot it takes all grounds year. Let's twenty twenty four will be fifty year is low wage deep up before electric vehicle to mars fast rush. It move in japan,
it's the last couple of months and are eighteen. Poland geez how bout that fucking thing just gone and complete control chilling and then fucking see you later. Mit is ten years older and we're just seeing it for the first time I dunno, I don't think so. I dunno, I didn't think this was a role. I didn't see an alien though so this thing yeah just fucking, showing up in the screen. It was this one sweet, alien spacecraft, noon and say they showed you did you as an alien that means of the law. That's been you it's something physically put? No unidentified aerial phenomena that thing right there, but yeah you might not be able to get close to invisible or worst stock traded at your me who trained at your head is not either one sees it as a round shaped violent herbert or is this for me national space you're talking about the earth? Yeah yeah, it is
as I was watching on a phone smaller borrowed from dayton it, may station right now call for you. I say I guess and higher get in this space reality in the arms from bud white. But you know why I don't know he's reviled deathly alone, but can enter the pride walker John Glenn. Also from about the my cousins, I want to tell you. I've never seen somebody more sick on a flight. Today we're going to see the mountains around us you're going to come in and fall asleep for sure absolutely do. But question your day. and I agree that was you ip for sure looks like we're going to have
terrestrial interaction, precipice governments watching what the fuck is going. Could you what the fuck are you guys? Don't we watch and we do not? We can have a good time watch you fuck it assholes. Do your thing now, watching us trying to kill you. Do we find calm down here. What, if that was one of those voice of god, like actual everybody at a phone call, through the sky, is just a bunch of these pocket things and, above all you all the children for god's sake in annexes will be zero what they football, the just to watch football play, though they I take a lot of people's jobs in people who I baker, mayfield playing next season darius on this july? Sixth, two thousand and twenty two darius butler, says baker. Mayfield will be a ceop alright.
once it happened, and soon you think Joe santa said or tomorrow today? address, trust. She started with wood. That organization to tomorrow today ladies and gentlemen, nine year, nfl that makes his prediction on where baker mayfield will go last it was Aaron. Rodgers watch trio ooh this year. It's baker watch jimmy what a difference and judge robinson get caught end up, It makes sense to me that wouldn't be too bad for sigma. I can stay healthy. A one year deal cleveland go away have a great team around, I think Michael embody. I heard him say this somewhere. Why not Jimmy Jean here. You know he can absolutely captain that ship they, the grating If boeing signed a big deal somewhere else after that year? Oh my god that helps us niners that helps the bronze, the bronze. Don't have to have the baker thing happen. They get will embody so fuckin, smart, all time low.
There's just thank you. Man! No way, we don't know things can emulate. This off season was crazed lessons of fuckin bronco. We having really talk about them. Russell wilson, is a denver bronco drew walking, geno Smith and the the seahawks right. Now that isn't just like a o Russell's hurt. He has a mallet finger. out geno smith and drew lock locker the quarterback, actual quarterbacks rang out Russell wilson? Is a denver bronco? that settled in because, aside from the broncos, rocco. That's right don't look at me: you need to be welcomed. Bronco country. gay.
Aside from that, we have a really even talk about. Russia was being a fucking denver, bronco, so you're right. What? What happened on Miller is on the buffalo bills, jack. How weird is haven't even seen. The ideal two photo number. Is he wearing employee thought was forty four gets outbreak, I'm not sure figure that out during the break. That's also because, like the chargers added Colleagues, mac, you in your little machine chargers, remove antlers, we haven't thought about the three years: the raiders drought, chandler jones, timid mistakes, crosbie. Now we only got about there. I thought I saw match, transmit the usa that he locked us. James. I got his chained opportunity. He said now when I walked by mrs jackson, for six white, chocolate, jersey and sixty five big white chocolate, jersey, Yeah, I'm chandler johnson, who they have sent somebody else as well in the secondary on the back. Didn't they, though
in the case of fuckin writers like devoted to Lhasa, lillian's, aachen, he's writer, yeah he's receiver to use at the back end like a safety, though I know, but then you seen the brain gift, one hundred renfro, still there too, they extended hundred rounds that are obviously waller and Josh Jacobs, see like how many days away from the nfl sixty four days away about sixty four days of work, max crosby and chandler jones. I remember we talked about that he's not like those two guys. Bookend are you kidding me or what cuz Crosby can then chandler and the chandler. It's always good. If you have one guy bull, another guy, like you run the hoop almost and then you can wrote yeah, they could do so much with those guys at mcdonalds. Terrible country doesn't know football at all. The rocky send trade. You were thinking. Oh that's an inoculated, the colts they got rocket, sent Bam How are we go in the second out there? better than Jonathan eighty better than english part was that answer that here is one of good times left back back left
where the bad times live, they got any ideas. They go. They go away personality, This is why the fuck you throw personalities or the planet digress were heard nearest urgency, that's right, so I dont really do anything just their back. I want to know, personality and your drive and everything it's about pretty fucking important. How do we stop quit? Stop treating that sounds like it's nothing that feels like it's a bigger part to than ever in the history of humans. I were back in four minutes. I wasn't phone calls up about one on this july? Six good football conversation yeah good football combos today? It's because you know why why manslaughter truck
I was that game four minutes worth of alleged. What did I know welcome back to the show I work on this Wednesday July six and two thousand twenty two shall begin immediately following the speed drop from the climbed. Much go. Let ride our community com. welcome nothing sacred around here. You know. People. Usually my rejoinder time from the attic so This is normal. First joint one.
As today you you in the middle of this right now you you carve up for the marathon. I do. I do sometimes get tired, so I feel good high energy. So far, oh and how's the dry. I picked up my brother, so he was with me the last two hours kept me awake was nice. Did your wife both foot the whole way Amir drove drove here? was there any moments where you're like you know, maybe just drive with one foot like most humans, do they don't have to drive stick now, but my colleague cars, stupid. Now, you know their spaceships, so I spy partners to your spaceship actually, which is also my honda spaceship rental, is not located little thing pops. Of every two seconds? It's like every ten minutes. I took a picture actually says you might want to take a break, It shows a coffee, so I guess, if you're swerving at all, it tells you that tells you to pour told me that fifty smart, so that's because your phone isn't needed because it's reading your heart rate. So whenever it's reading your heart rate, when it senses that you are about sleep, what you have done in the past and did this morning with you
robert in the car all. But if you a coffee, it's feel your heart rate. Analytics. You need to take everything into account. Oozed up, maybe If you're hammered go, take a thirty minute shower cold shower or a little graphic on offer. You have now that we have somebody that came from the same place. You did literally and figuratively. I have a question ryan. I hopefully we'll have your mic. Do you drive with it's great as well or is, is just an AJ. That is just an asia tide, so you think he's a climb for doing this right or no I mean I don't have the knee pain that he's in which I know is tough but yeah. I think it's just at him. He kind of invented it and I'm wondering if it's others now do it, because he's done right only only elite race car drivers can do it. Now. All I do not raise our drivers have to do it, not candy I have to do what, these. But I know because I too
I started it because of injuries and then said this is a much more efficient way to drive on doing this forever. Now or proud of making it out here. I'm happy your car, though, knows you, that's the problem with ai right. is a rental cars as other truck got stolen, which has since been found, but a car knows him better than I have for years. This fuckin big guys, vans and begin a low, but to have your own israel, as is bobbing off the back that probably got a sensor on the back. Isn't that big, is breaking the centre as its balance and up and down you have brought What are your manners, but we thank you for driving up If you in studio is Then you not in studio chicago mayor lightfoot, who has not been a news for anything at all, is considering putting a dome on soldier field bears rounds. Cargo glance older people might be done up in I've, been talking about this for a long time. Every state you should have done every stadium should have turf ever
stadium and environment should be seventy five degrees, sunny no winded all let those points fly through the study with the greatest of these. There is no need for a little sidewinder head wind or a nightmare twisting circular, nor made it when in any stadium let the Yours live a little bit like the porters, live a little bit and what your friends now and they show up contact. Did off enjoy the moment a little bit the life I'll be better with the roof. On this thing, one experience so much better a boy j off your thoughts. Every single stadium being done, every single stadium being seventy degrees, every single stadium have wifi hunted up hundred order you thought on the ground was alive, asking about an hundred what that's what you put to dominate the guy? What are you a bumper? It has fibre fibre runs through all soldier field, so they did it
maize. Think about how much better it has. No, yes, that's what is it a dome or is it retractable roof? That's a big different life. It's gonna, be a dumb bitch. Retractable cool so we are taking the railways thousands seats in their twenty digging to build on and right yeah, so they would have to probably build I will just make them all bleachers. That would add, like thirty thousand people, if it's seventy and sunny every time the bleachers are great. Great football people are going to hate this they're gonna be so mad about this, because soldier field is like one of those history. Please let me know what sort of cut you off wimbledon as retractable roofs now, that is like the most historic history, I can say is locked up and snooty and they have two of my thinking. The main cordials hair will win the falcon. just work work that motivated great rich history. I have levelled that I have tabled and because we well, then, was on E s, p, n and e S. P, n two, while Joey chestnut took out a pro
stir in eight sixty three hot dogs and bonds in ten minutes was on he s being knows what are we doing? Comply hate bored and even though I know the alluring respect of it, you're saying is the old have the ability to adapt you're saying with modern technology can still keep the greatness of the open roof things are happening in nature happens, but at least have the option for the games be cancelled or a game can we had like a super bowl or a massive game so that there is an actual field the play on as opposed to letting whether dictate who wins, who loses? Who, as the ball, on one side of the field more than the other, just because the wind is going a certain way that buffalo new england game. Although awesome, imagine if that's an nfc championship game or an nfc championship game nobody's going to be happy everybody's going to be pissed about it. I think that is the dome or the retractable roof is going to grow popular to go forward, but there's going to be, Many people pissed off about it. There's going to be showman, that's all is that soft ass football in the making that's been happening over
years, there's no more contact. You can't go but the helmet very little king touches analogous roads every soldier fuckin for you I mean I can already hear it happening. If non hartsfield, nadal I'd fucking puke, not just lambo nope, not not not in July, not, but if you put a retractable dome on there that then it's a twelve months a year facility and if the county wants to have a listening party in February, you can
So it also will make them a lot more money. Don't care don't want to get yeah? Don't, but maybe the people of chicago doozy? What do they say? Mayor life? I wanted them in chicago their life with a goddamn scumbag. Oh, I could run for mayor to be in Chicago. I would do in a heartbeat when we want to share with you all: listen yeah bushes, so we don't know the cutler. I just assume mayor lightfoot was speaking for all chicago too it's the mayor. Now I can. I get a city and our mayor and whether or not he speaks for everybody and not one hundred sure, but oh well, but I mean there ass, we a businesses, accede. People like the mayor there. Now hatred Why is that real? Or is that as your friends, is that lots of real thing everybody is against mayer like football? Is this a heel play this? Is this a heel move by her saying
put it down on a stadium, accusations are buying and everybody aided she shrugged superbowl. For the land, they barley, I'm thirty, three years or so. That's why that's? Why she's doing this? Does she wants to keep the bears in? So that brings the fancy you because we can't take the bears out of soldier, feel so she's bringing back on her side, which is darlington, bears the gravel, retractable if you're in a hotel and the shopping mall, has bring money to the city yeah exactly all of it yeah they agreed to Arlington purchase in twenty twenty three, so the purchase hasn't gone through. Yet there's an agreement to do in adelaide, What's that mean? Is this like a tap and that one city and carolina like that type of deal It's hey will pay for this in the future. Together right, oh, you stop for well we're not coming. Here I filed bankruptcy on Ebay and anybody get the fuck out here someone's going to clean up that building we partially built. I yeah agreed terms but have not signed the paperwork or the of money involved.
like in these negotiations of people, have they'll say yeah. our own one yard line. We know some are some goal. Differences are fucking really good. Oh yeah, you know now compress the fuel it's tough to score. It's not the score down there, especially with the way officers are wide open right now. So in that one yard three feet, you know Six inches hot there's a lot of things that you normally have to get through, and normally very small and they're very difficult. So terms, good news, but it feels like my go online yard line when people grid terms like yeah. The overall is good, but we We get into the finer details of this thing and you might fazio has been. I think at this point, but you might if AJ hawk on the other side playing golf de, I mean what happens when a big ohio white with the long hair paul mall flips up over to celebrity offensive line you're on the one yard line, but you might not want to be on the one yard line you rather be on a seven or the eight, maybe because dead
what the nitty gritty. At this point I want to emphasise forth and go in. I have made three stops and then that same guy you know he has passed interference and you know it into the running back instead of blocking it and then all of a sudden we got you know first and go on one yard line that he got four more down. Sometimes it turns into an eight dow, bad there's, no time left on the o'clock. There's no time left on the clock, though I think so, but I mean there's still one time down so excuse me face to face and wait, and you jumped over all thank you for bringing that up. We went through the package so willing to work with you to celebrate it all. You are too big eyes down there. S still was dead wrong, vinos valley, he's gonna who illustrate what was really amount, wasn't put those granted. You start run out of here. I went back at thing for china now, the next by anyone seen age, I jumped over alignment in eight somebody in the hall,
well that's what AJ hawk does and that's what I'm talking about goal line is not necessarily the easiest way to strain a lot of strain. Everybody coaches say that strange strain through the rep. You know. That's the thing that that registered with me, line drilled day, everybody is mad, everybody hates it The coach is super pissed. If the defense does well and stop head coaches livid so as the o line can keep going, ok, coach cool, so we're going to run until the his score. I thought this is a drill right. This isn't a competitive cool article, I'm killing everybody that and everybody just started some read it into the offer, as he was getting very upset on both sides. Normally, when a fight will begin go lines road day you she starts dealer encroach on coastal zone and each other times they are determined what does not hold there and then there's one little pop off. There's one little line one and then an extra after the whistle one little off I want to push and then well here we go
Entire team is so tired too by that point that everyone is fighting super tired and then a adrenaline dump after the fight, and then you have multiple reps that are just death. After that there's yelling they're screaming, there's hands slapping helmets and then there's like fifteen whistles going off. Is full pandemonium in that at line drill, bring which leads us back to our our point. But you don't want your lawn, isn't necessarily guilty scored before then you should have should have got in. So is this a message to Lori Lightfoot? Okay, she and the one you know they agreed terms or in the field the ashes of the island to park is they might be in the high read so there They agreed to terms they ve gotten into high ready s, room the work take a shot at the track, the ballroom lady novels, it gonna die what about park and how much would it be like if you want to put a retractable roof on soldiers? What does it cost? Five billion dollar? Not your bike.
The one hundred mil is such that just massive amount of engineer. How much was this stadium at one point, eight billion, I think yeah and I believe the city paid for one point: seven, five cheap compared to everything else yeah, but we have the retractable roof and they started from ground zero. So I would assume, if you're just adding a retractable roof, I don't think it would maybe five hundred mil yeah. Probably a few hundred yeah twenty five to fifty million dollars. What's either just retractable roof no way yeah. That's that's a dome stadium project not retractable. Now that you are I'm thinking about the foundation that they have to build office soldier filled the air that some say it's way more than fifty I say a hundred million dollars because I was so hundred and twenty people have one hundred million dollar houses, two thousand and eight seven hundred twenty million. That's it yeah and they've got to build it. Yeah I'll, see if avery, seven hundred We've also what they're trying to get to is yeah learn a lot about a lot of taxes, the to pay for it. We get two super bowls. I want to, you know, take it in the whole entire thing out front
stadium. Would you want to stay here and when awesome here, I didn't go to the game, but I was in the parking lot the weather, was perfect so that that weather has yet to happen. Since then, in the superbowl it was really nice sixty five degrees. Everything was in new york, no rain. No it was a company with a sweet buster. It was like a marketing thing I was doing so. I got to hang out and tailgate outside the stadium and yeah. I was thinking looking back. It was where he was also. They had a sip line through the city. We now six it. If that's a blind is an actual indianapolis when it normally is that's twenty five degree it's an ad zip lines, you can go ahead and knock off at least fifteen degrees, because when you're on a motorcycle they say knock off like twenty degrees that zip line not going as fast as most the is suspended up in the sky. A little bit more, so take off like fifteen years would probably about ten degrees ain't, nobody getting on that fucking, zip, number minnesota so cold.
So. I don't think they should have cold weather super bowls, while that's enticement, a building, a stadium. That's why you can get tat, players to give us two bulls about everything surrounding the game for the week leading up to it all the money, all the parties, all the people that spend over cash that support the nfl for you as a fan and as a former player, that's the case, but the nfl is like hey. If you will get tax play payer money to make our stadiums better, we'll give you a super bowl, the nfl figures. well, they got. Raj has officially lately figured oh and that's where our park has happened, because we've talked about how, like all this money like jerry world, makes and like patriots place, like every team probably wants to, have their own little. community around their stadium, where they can have people and for the entire day week in those owners meetings whenever going through the amount of money that would be fine to the other team is a non vaccinated. Player starts a spread of covered in the game. Gets cancelled. Jerry Jones, like fuck, have permitted seventy seven fucking a millionaire. Seventy seven million here, you're fucked part
in casino, fucking, stadium, hotel, gogo, dangerous, getting tips. What do you think does uncle jerry? You fucking guy, you got it and then the patriots are like yeah we're like fifty. I'd million, not examine, and you got these teams that don't on the property around the stadium, don't own the stadium in all their look at these owners go you're, making how the other owners are laughing at him for sure, wait? You don't have this you'd, better figure out a way to start this process and that's exactly what everybody's doing right now everybody is trying to fly was when I was ended in green bay like twenty fourteen or fifteen whatever it was, they were starting that whole deal of data a lot of atlanta. Now it's awesome they are, they are they they own what's it to london readily, but here is a win: win, win win for the fans and them there. I mean who know some
money to undermine here, that's what they had violent. We know I mean it, but you know that I was open up some stocks there. He regards nor eighty mill cache of fusion beyond that happened just two weeks ago, the hills of paper, and then you take that and you build new sweets and the one enzo ok here we go and no owners taken to us and it pretty great spot. So you have the. ability to pay anybody anything you want to pay yeah. That's why I always wondered like what they offer: Davante Adams, more I was more longevity out right now, the isn't that what how come they never gets talked about. Whatever tannenbaum goes on says: Aaron rodgers is prima donna, selfish fucking prick took a big paycheck, and now he doesn't have to what I am sir border, as within about summit, does he really still say that those doesn't make ass well yeah salaries basement last week we are literally eames, like we ve had confirmation that that's not the case. Yes, where were you
and then? What do you say, though, like about if you're a player hey, I'm sorry that this team tried to pay wanted to pay me a bunch of money? And I said okay, so we do like a tailor. I'm saying here is taken with money, leaving I understand your none of the matter is a struggle for still are structured, so you could help you didn't you bring other teammates on you. Don't, like you not need ask. I take a bite. Well long, that's why whenever it was announced the way it was announced, you know how proper like what the actual contract was, as opposed to normally I'm kind of laid out as all this, Secure deal five year deal, his was as what it actually was, as opposed to the years that had taken off money from salary. add to the salary again kind of area a rehearsed I believe feels like it was a rehearsed attack on all this. supreme, darn, selfish, prick yeah. I mean we talked about how stats play for both teams like they're, angry or at least denim bombs has been instead of talking about how, like the packers, have never drafted in the first round like wide receiver. Anybody for aaron- they just talk
the guys that they dropped in the second and third round and how their unbelief what game skill positions like the wanting george? You know which we agreed by the way they are as it has a great but there's a reason. People go in the top ten, it's normally or top whatever from some cause. They're fucking physical fruits of our life or force with massive heads and can do everything like a number five overall pick here. That's why whenever you hear oh no, first round Let's have been used on green bay, packer waters If we have to think yourself oh so like who she's going to be a dog who is going to be a dog, but it You know the physical specimen is why somebody goes in the first round, like the other, this human out there right now. The wide receiver position and I'd say the last: what for six years, probably going back farther? There are absolute answers coming out every year. That day was like eight yeah they step in day one and they are like the number one receiver of that team and they are all programmed like gees or is every receiver from from
big time schools just a stud right away when there's like seven or eight of them, going in the first one and they're all bone yeah pick it up. Put them in a heartbeat, you don't have to be great with aaron you'd, be good at arundel great you owners wharf? Where does he wore latians ball? Absolutely my big ball. I got to watch him first hand, throw the bali talking my brother, wash their and balls as well? I went on I wash. I wash the same borders guns and I'm talking when it comes to football raised about layer of autonomous. I think, like the release is greatly. I think that's what separate mommy's brain everything is arbitrary, but his release is so quick, and so we could change. I don't know, that's why I think we would watch other guys what sticks out to me. Ok, so
Two about his release to how he does it anyway, I couldn't. Even while he goes like this throws up a dark voting takes like he's literally, doesn't mean it all back hills he's explain that carry doesn't have any throws a dart like when he's rose at its literally, like he's just throwing light. Let s just throwing dart looks effortless. It is somebody bodies ever put. That's why I think I'm such a big fat cats, you don't give up he adds nothing like the person that you would think is the greatest football thrower I the time would act right. How would you think someone without box stereotypes. Work. I need to do this every single day. I need to work on this in Arrington. and just you know in my free, the flow state are doing my thing. You know how many balls have you thrown around a couple. I mean. Let's say we got time for that or whatever then it comes back, gets the ball. sixty yards away autonomy, just I still got, Another fucking mvp with
I know you're talks about by yeah. I could retire whatever he absolutely loves it. He loves dominating people he loves competing, was fighting practice like if a guy picks them in practice. He yeah. So like he's a kid yeah, that was a good pick with that kid. He should say that clip don't say that ball to get beside him, I'm sure I will be happy to sign a big dong on here, yeah. Well, this would be the best defense he's probably had right. I mean and from having energy hockey in the middle. But this is probably one of the best defenses. Yes, they should shape, or they look amazing the last time that a top twenty they want to surf bullshit. Hours of what he said well and then there's that statue words like the worst five brady defences, we're all still in between ten and twenty errands, worse five or like thirty to thirty two hundred and thirty one, three thousand one hundred and thirty five, that's why, since we said that gets order wash Of course she was holding.
In order for, jeez oughta stops love this guy, you fucking shows you started roars, show what we got. The nfl is back to back. Mvp comes our show every single week during the watch, a I assume. Every shows talking about him by the way don't know if you know we have a little different take on all day on which we like it The guy seems like a lot of other people that do sports do not well, a lot of people get didn't. Why clips you know why? Because it because it gets clicks cuz, he doesn't do what they expect or hope that person would do and he doesn't give a fuck breaks the mold completely Well, if you need to know what we said and we ve been washes balls for twenty minutes now, but just talk to other players in the lake and other I think it's rather larger than like you here, like I know a guy picked a big basketball. my wife was doing this house. He lives down my image into his house. He is like at mount rushmore into mere. He was putting up pictures of people, Okay, who do you want
jordan tiger like Rinaldo and he's error and she's like Iraq is either give course when it just in that's our. I would you I don't know what the foreign products are now to be, but errand was it was on that list and I get that's how most athletes what they would in its because I think we all it has a far I was ever. I pray I think that he's his own person like he is just price them out, don't give. I love that I love anybody that does that thing continues to show up like all right. Both are the reason. Other people you know talk differently is because, like some of these marks have websites and they get a lot of clicks when they write about stuff, you know about ericsson's. You feel saying that I'm pretty and I thought about twenty five minutes before we nailed it: that the delivery know is idiot it's like AJ hawk mark for what
get before. So I got a memorial for certain things in certain cases be completely, I guess you could be we'd be complete. More can be a marked for like bad. Dr weir mark of case ass, you know, I'm not giving you the power to put a negative connotation on me back in four minutes. We got aaron rodgers on the other side, after all, that washing of the balls. Ninety five six minute conversation as he's on his road to tahoe. Can we chat with him and asked him his thoughts on how we do our team w w. We as turning up the heat at summer, slam witness the beast brock lesnar challenge the head of the table. Roman reigns in a last man standing match for the undisputed w w e universal championship. it's going down at the biggest party of the summer, which means all your favorite superstars we'll go head to head, including Becky lynch riddle, south rollins, Bobby Lashley Gabelle air drew. I can t, bear morgan,
and many more summer, slam streams live Saturday July, thirty at eight pm eastern exclusively on peacock. Welcome back to this. That's probably smart, it's big brain is interesting. The universal your plan anyway. what offer that the either listening. Even the people are in the back. Room could not hurt. So that was one of the combat that only five of us bitter then continued onto the show, and that's why this show stinks. So we do apologize. I didn't get it we're heading out to tile well, because, if you're doing meters, if it's already going to account for the ten percent difference that are the ten yard fix, no difference, that's all who have you right leg. It doesnt makes duly you're just planet, as the meters just played as if you're not adopted grounds. Here,
because the yards- you know what I mean. It's. Okay, they shot if it's one hundred fifty yards in their goal. The ball goes farther back. Okay, I'll hit it I would hit a, I will hit fifty four now yes club. Instead of I need to challenge and go to meters and use a different metric yeah, but he's just playing different game that you always point ass. We know that they can why just playing a game. There's a hundred k frida to play. about us it down tahoe this. We can that's right. The hundred gay tahoe take don is now live on fanduel, both the fantasy area and the sports book area in the free to play tab. So it's not just states that have legal sports gambling? This is open for life. Forty eight out of the fifty states? Let's go hundred thousand dollars in total prizes are up for grabs, mostly cash. It's available on anything even when sports betting isn't legal, get in action for the one k in prizes in follow along as we take down.
tom here's some questions that are included your fill out Why should our basically thirteen them, then ever, has the most points. After the questioners figured out done with the weekend. You and fall into a place, win prizes, well me or a j finnish irony, leaderboard eyes out, is that question is it would have wait? What if we tie through that's an option? AJ will win, pat will win, they will tie will aaron rodgers finish in the top twenty on the lw? Yes, now he will finish at twenty, so it's always an option. Will I finish in the top fifty why in the finnish and there's another nine ten questions that I think are should enjoy it stable for school. It's not actual scoring. So the way this will go is an arbitrary ass, a ten points day. That's all one on a par for us.
yeah? I have no one, one at all: hold water in a par three. Eight points, albatross hole in one on a par for ten points to an apart, which you can do there's a couple. There's definitely one needed. driven the ball over the green on a par four? You can get a one, okay, eagle, six points, birdie three points as par one point: bogey, no blood, zero points double bogey or worse, you'll lose two points so that its scoring system age, a last year's tournament within it is terrible, the winner had a plus eighty nine or something like that. Maybe seventy or sixty five sixty nine per that. To my tell you, it can look different to your scores. Minus ten looks different with somebody who I shot like first day bad. I think it was ninety like eighty, eight, eighty, seven or something that was my for scores, don't matter knowing the latter, untrammelled, hey, what that's! What that equated to that minus ten! That's what I shot! So you want! You want bulky. Gulf is good.
your terrible. If you play old man golf and you hit the ball, you can only the baltic. Hundred and thirty yards it never goes, but then he he there's some people out there that their swing looks terrible. You would say There are terrible golfer and there are score in the positive points because they don't hit the ball far enough to get in trouble ever and it is bogus bogey buggy everyone's monster apart, there's question in there that is gonna involve somebody typing in an answer. I believe cassettes can be the typewriter if people get a lot of questions right now and that it'll be how much cause of the differences there between my score in your score. Ooh, you know, so you can guess that in a type in either starting questions, that's one of them will myself, AJ aaron Steph curry justin timberlake timber, our clear somebody else recording eat. Or better is one of the questions, easy questions, but we fund as a hundred k they give away. We everybody gets involved. We will be updating as the We can goes along through our with old Nicky tweets
Kevin fox and obviously connor will be on the back, correct, whatsapp, Hell, vandal app as opposed to the sports booker. Both spoke, I believe both are actually in there. Now we have some breaking new law. We did not expect this to happen, but just like just see the andersson report yesterday, look for the baker timeline to happen today Now we didn't know if it was going to be the seattle seahawks Ian rapoport yesterday said he had not heard anything really materializing with the seattle seahawks. Now here we are Wednesday July sixth, two thousand and twenty two baker. Maybe he's going to the cap. A petty number one overall pet beggar, maid field has been acquired by the panthers for eight twenty twenty four conditional fits round drastic source Tell Ian rapoport Tom palliser deal is obvious. depending a physical, all parties put the financials to make this happen so point, seven, five, no nine point: two: five:
I didn't want to five million from each team. The brown have been steadfast, that they would pay ten million dollars. Basically through it. The carolina answers, wanted to go through the years and are many camp intellectually they'd been chatting a little bit, but they want to see what they had with SAM darnold, still being down on their roster being owed. Nineteen million dollars this year cause they picked up his fifth year option before last season: baker field is a carolina, panther congrats, who gets out of cleveland congrats the clue who wanted out of the baker, mayfield business and congrats to the carolina panthers for another season or taking a shot on? Who is going to be our franchise quarterback and we will focus, or on the carousel into find our guy. Maybe it's baker shouted acquaint city. They go uptown there downtown in charlotte. How do you feel about this move? Ha ha. I what other options to carolina? Have maybe maybe, if he's healthy, so yeah
it completely makes sense. What does conditional mean a conditional fifth round? What's that means is how much he plays, how much they win. It couldn't move up, they could move down. This is what happened with carson wentz yeah. If he played eighty five percent of the snaps, I became a first round pick as opposed to one. third round pick, of course, with two sprains. Okay. He missed no games course on Wednesday, so fucking, tough, alright! So it's probably something along that the lines of that particular thing playing time: nine, five million for your starting quarterback! If for the carolina panthers, you got to be pretty pumped up about this don't believe. In a quarter past we have on your roster right now, yeah and after he throws a huge wrench into the Jimmy g train, because obviously he can't go to cleveland. I'm telling you sign up for a year, Michael lombardi. I agree with him. It makes sense him going to cleveland for one year if anyone to set up everywhere, but the quarterback position, they have so much talent that right now, man. I think he would be great. I love that the browns will be like yes give us Jimmy g. I dunno. If they would, I'm just.
spit now the box, I think, make more sense for Jimmy g Why would I kinda don bodies can stimulate? Are they generally yeah. But would you rather plane? I mean he's not going to seattle. You can just rule that out somewhere else. What other navy cleveland makes a lot of sense for Jimmy g and I think, there's some italians up there in cleveland tony baker, barons and sandler. Well, that's Is baker the genesee starter or are they going to say? This? Is a competition nine point, two five million they're paying sam nineteen cents or you can say, hey we're going to disagree a little bit of the competition rule. Do we know that rule might not operate this way, but as an nfl owner since Tepper has been come, the owner rule is that anybody can fucking get it. I don't care you! Ten million dollars come on and we got coming back. We will ass. We picked up his entire thing: there's breaking breaker, mayfair is taking a pagan, baker makes it is taking a three and a half million dollar pay cut to make the two Did the carolina possible. The browns will pay ten point: five million
per dare follow. Carolina takes five million dollars, baker gets his. New team and took a pay cut to make. happened josina it's that Josiana said we'll baker take less money If you want to go somewhere else and be a dark, as that might be what it takes, he goes two and a half million guaranteed next year down fifteen and guaranteed next year. What the bronze take ten and a half in a panthers getting a five million dollar baker mayfield. What amount by the carolina payment of value deal with anchors, restarting quarterback in any event, any serviceable and you're only pay of live military. It's like you, have a guy on as rookie contract, but actually but cheaper liquor away. round rookie contract. Always act lesser there? Can you imagine who panthers browns? Where there is much less right? It's listeners, panthers brands sounds like that's in cleveland cleaver
I just use the verse carolina brown pants. Why does he give a rousing ovation he's going to run out? Can you imagine after you eat baker made punch in the face editors, his first touchdown he's going to it'll be fun to watch me, I'm excited for him. He have gone down that side. Then we've seen him walk down the sideline before and nobody say anything to him. He'll run that sidelined, just like cam newton used to in carolina with celebration and maybe she's just if the fans gave andrew barry how you move and whoever else is going to be there- that he didn't like from the past boom boom boom socket socket, socket we're keeping it moving happy for baker happy for the browns happy for the carolina panthers! now you have to start thinking about Jimmy G who's going to be the quarterback for the browns as in what other moves does this mean are going to take place in the near future? But if they lot of people are gonna assume he has to start a week one do they moved Donald now I said we're trying. do or because they got drafted crown they got PJ walk. I guess what seattle come after sam how's that same donald now in a new home going to seattle. Who knows we will
keep our eye on it speaking to keep an eye on something we ve gotta go watch all afternoon. you know we don't really do phone calls on this show, but we've had our eyes on the phone line that we had put in studio, just in case a day like today. That's right, Johnny now from the part, is road to talk about the backed up back creepy of the nfl lady and a gentleman I have aaron rodgers, tuesday, aaron rodgers or something alright. I can't believe I get to see you guys pretty soon. outside of man. We could see right now, but since you're driving had to do the old school phone call, we miss you over here. Powell want to let you know that how's the off season been, it's been fantastic. It's been incredible. I just got back from
crossed the pond at a nice time over there, I got to see my friends dennis switzerland, aw switzerland over there. Although a little watched trip for aaron, didn't you see instagram Oh yes, I do remember that you had your your hair looks fantastic by the way you're walking around saying hello, good, captions, zenith or Xenith that xenophobia and I saw the music zenith it steadily. Isn't it The cultural factor Edith knows why would I paid him twenty million to go? Do the commercial come? Did you know that it was then, as I did okay, so from the beginning What you doing did you stay over there? Did you do a little european tour? What you are, what you eat yeah? They had a lot of events for me over there and then I bounced around a couple of other places and I'm a history buff. You guys know that, so I got to see
in a different part, stop by ukraine. No! I did not spread to sport, but I was actually in a country that borders ukraine, oh yeah. That little place called hungary. The hungarians are good people, I've heard they are. They are fantastic day. They'd, have some nice food over there too, So let's say you ve always loved the travel I think, last year or before covered. We heard your on the first thing out of a country admin on. Nowhere is at your biggest thing. Is that what you
I spend the majority of your time on kind of seeing the world shit yeah I mean, while I'm while I'm playing, I got a pretty good off season spot that feels like a vacation, but I do enjoy traveling and anytime. You get a chance to kind of see the world changes. Your perspective, I think a lot of times in this media. You know driven opinion circle. We can have until we get out there and see different places. It can be domestically where actually the you realize that there's actually a lot of great people out there, a lot of people that donate each other and that do get along and and that are friendly and loving and conscious, and that's what I I really enjoy about the chance
the traveling domestically or internationally but internationally, you get to kind of see some some more history than the united states been around as a country since, while you can say the declaration of independence, which was you know, almost a two hundred and fifty years ago now, but some of these other countries have been around for thousands and thousands of years with the dynasties and generations of culture and leadership and there's a lot of great architect sure and and stories to be told, and I love getting over there and and and seen some of those places hell. Yeah, hey, how's, the how's. Your arm feel we didn't see you post any videos of you throwing overseas or do you take a ball? Have you been thrown at all? What was it like at mini camp? You know how's how's, your body physically yeah. Thank you for asking asia. You can watch my little video because in the video I am on of venus you no kind of a mountain area, mountainous area and I'm playing catch with
at barry, fucking money. I was sticking her finger said yeah and the pressure is on him, though, because if you're throwing a bad one, the would have gone gone over the cliff and wouldn't be like the dalai lama hit the drive two thousand for cross that's exactly what I was thinking too, but yeah. No, I definitely got throws in the attic of the girls in the in the inside that kind of made every little bit nervous and said that, because there was a tiny little always clearly seen on the video but julian the ceos on one side and there's this like plexiglass on both sides. That was you know the throw was a little bit tight and there are a lot of people. Look at the like. Are you going to be able do this here? We go the fucking, Aaron, rodgers yeah you make you make watches for a living and they're off. I throw footballs for a living
I'll, be fine. How cold did you feel right there and then, whenever you made the pass and it didn't break anything, did you feel like in credit? You had to feel so cool dude, so cool, really really cool, show off the front of your zionist friends. I mean that is a beautiful thing. Let's talk about oda, is you obviously got the building judge. I was, people, and I know our it look the tahoe here. But what did you? think of the young water savour. What did you think a watson? What you think is sammy. What do you think about? going into the season. Any thoughts on what you're going to have to
the zone or anything like that. You know deep breath. It's important for everybody involved deep, deep breaths, there's a lot of people in football nuts. It can't just be our team that love to crown or obliterate players without pads on this guy is going to be the greatest thing ever in shorts and out. But this guy sucks can't play at all is terrible, I'll make the team every year the opinion that start coming out about players and in helmets and shorts- and I would just say, let's just everybody- take a nice deep long breath and
trust the training camp time that we have trust the coaching staff trust the relationships that will be formed and continue to be formed, trust the guys in the room like Al Azhar and a randall cobb and sammy watkins to help these young guys out? Physically, though they definitely look the part, it definitely looked the part, all three of them or three of the guys who drafted ala, you know, have have physical gifts. Obviously the top two picks are all bigger and dobbs and watson, but but the seventh round pick a lot of stuff to him, and so am I I think, he's going to be great. There, there's, no better teacher for them on what nfl balls can be like than going against our three corners, our top three corners gyre, Eric stokes and odyssey were soul. So those guys are real, quick initiation to the nfl- and I was joking with that.
With a couple of my buddies, I'm on the squad and and a and in the personnel department and and training room, and, I said, could be a long training camp for the offense. I like the way our defenses is looking at plan and and just on paper, it looks like they're going to be pretty formidable, so it could be to be some growing pains for the offense, which would be great for us. It'd be nice to take our lumps from time to time, and I think could help us. You know get better and we are facing a really good defense, like a hazard off came, I know, fan has different props out there that people can get. Or you can get in the top twentieth out there. I talked to you the other day, and I know you said you weren't real happy with where your swing was a moment. Last time you won the match, though yeah you're coming off a big victory on national television for everybody, a clutch put you hit how you feel going into are going to win this thing, I don't think that's a safe bet. I really don't think you have to say that
to make for some head to head stuff. You know, I usually prefer feel pretty good about my head to head matchups top twenty is it's kind of a benchmark for me, I feel like it's a the field is always seems like it's getting. better, but if I go out and put the ball in the fairway, then I think I should it'll, be top twenty, because I know the greens and I'm good- and I played out here this will be. My eat the beer which was travelling europe than in the league. I changed. The girl is like delivery. Very thankful for that and listen just gotta keep an affair. I have no idea what you're talking about, probably a giant shit the answer is get some jerk very story is now worth saving qatar, for you said that europe delivery over the phone you sound like tromp was what he said actually on the phone, This is interesting what you do more! This is a little bit more.
If it was old, school intermittent areas, we have to listen to every single word. You know normally one big watch your mouth what's coming out and how you're here, but listening to every single word, it sounds like you're saying some good shit by the way. Aren't you in a good spot right now, yeah, I'm in a great spot. Are you? Are you admitting you're kind of a mouth breather or just a mouth reader, while both actually has I busted my nose is a child. I rode my bicycle into to side of a truck zone. If those things- and they are my people- but I haven't messed with electromagnetic You'Re- still a good looking guy, fuckin roger sing, some handsome huge worrying to say the authorities I like so much but jeez I picture of naked. What's what you get? You showed the world bank well and enjoy the ride path. We appreciate you, we pumped it. It ended this way. The conversation kimono sage.
Gotta drive a long way to get to the place we're heading to tonight. Huh. I did not know that was on the back end of this flight yeah bring your bring your your aunt game comedy. They might ask you to do some stand up. You don't know if you put a mic in my hand with the people that are going to be in that room, I think I'll be able to figure it out. Hopefully, but I'm very excited, I'm thankful. I believe you are probably, As a part of me getting invited this thing, so thank you and we'll see in a few hours, pal hey safe travels to you and the boys and you're ready we're going to have some fun. the best back to back mvp aaron rodgers. Thank you, buddy, coming down to work yeah. That was the only one still AJ hawk situation with eggs in there in there. You guys weren't doing it. Well, I mean we kind of buried you too, without cold. We took your statement but We were all uncomfortable. What he said there to directly to offer, saying that may be,
but to make. Are you trying to you like the thing worry? If you give a speech, you should picture people naked sooner nervous know how I feel like his errand cecil. Imagine is like a buddhist guy down on his couch close a lot driving naked. Let's get what we already took a break to the phones. Yeah, let's go for it that's good conduct a lot of things but packers pakistan speaks he liked the receiving room. All the receivers sounds like seventh rounder. I'm excited to that seventh rounder. Whoever was was useless around every fucking. Let's go tell what's going on, but I guess that's a life changing that is an absolute life changing out that he say that so that may be. You know guns and avoids. Also I came. I like this guy You know around sweats yeah. He has written some thing. Maybe he was testing to see if it happens again and the lsc. Is this the same old same old situation or not? Let's go to the fence, scott adamant to Adam in ohio, Adam how's, it going pal, I fuck off Adam
hi, let's go to hobby here in Houston, what's going on Javier Adam dunno, I wouldn't at a boy javier. What's going on it's a winner right, yeah, it's going on a hobby there I mean I mean it. Amazing to be on the phone line today, because a grade there, because AJ hawk, is in studio yeah. Oh yeah, that sounds like cherry. Well, that's good! I mean, since we started off the show, you know with an excellent quote from the aliens that are coming by just want to let you know. Since we are on the news,
on the tech talks, since we are getting the news from there that tomorrow july, seventh, according to a time traveler to calculate gray, says that tomorrow we're supposed to have first contact with alien, ok happier. That's awesome does that time, travelling tik tok pick games or Just doing this reviews views hey, I don't know about the source, I just know That's what the news comes, Javier. It listen. That's right here that time travelling tat soccer is utilizing it's time travelling abilities to beg tik tok this just like mac groaning making simply as opposed to taking advantage of it. Betting on things that you know it's gonna play this. getting along in the I'm game to be around for a long time. Tomorrow the first time travel aliens out there to alaska were really pretty close. To top made me hop on a berg to say: what's up as well, maybe they come on down to tahoe to be like. Oh there's a nice little place
The lake is very deep in certain part of the lake down there. Where else, would they rather be exactly it's beautiful, gorgeous yeah come on cap mountains in the wind in the distant mossy snow. Katmandu the wooden legs hallways fast colony, it's good for you. I can see forever in water like the water's very clear or open up your eyes to it drink, drink, What I will actually, I think, bathroom I'd, take a bar soap out there, the shower after every shower, pass, poop and drinking. Honestly, I would be pretty much any any body of water. I will pee and I'm not going to be in lake tahoe. It's too sacred pristine, as you're sharing spected allay our stand out in the ashore I'll catch you if you're on the shorts like what do you mean like stand above tahoes down by your knees and pee on your shore, I lower
it's down to the water the urine will get in the water. I mean your dingle berries going to be floating around. I told her to fuck, you think you're gonna dump in the lake know that everybody's kind of farting at some point- that's all poop particles, you're drinking water. What happens if you're, deep in the lake and you gotta poop or if you get a little mud but because you're drinking right now, I I've never been that situation stuck out like sure there was telling me you haven't just all overtime, never dump into a group While I am not a big dumper in public either, but when you little particles, poop is floating. That's is so different. I mean so when in the morning pushing by far my body, naturally a get the just don't be drinking it a real I'll keep like thirty feet from we're back in six years now that fucking guy,
and what what time are you getting off? So I know what time so, I'm on pencil time to time it is very early. I would like you to wake up, though trying to get the works. I want you to lumbered down the thing I want you to look outside by the like it. It's me I would I would guess so. How do we dark its can meet it's freezing in the morning at fifty degrees? The good thing is that we go, we do real whim off well, we'll contracts will go in the lake in every there's, a hotter there to warn rushing about shower garters you'd, sixty two area. Me up or left, the show is going to all eyes are on tahoe, so phone callers, you need to If any a perfect time judging from all the boys, you win a free, this the phone it in Wednesday. Good luck the last hours going to be all phone calls. If there's more breaking news, like you know, me or debo, who
wouldn't sign that were of a while at that camp with seven thousand kids there. You saying one thing therefore, the next two days signing- and I assume some There was a signing or a picture opportunity. you see? autograph hand with his kid trying to take advantage of situations like depot. The fact that debuffs deal is still this whole thing is a bunch of bullshit discuss I mean middle of a campaign. Come on we're in middle of something you're trying to do something I get that you want your football sign, take him can maybe sell. It is dead. and this kid over by the way. Not just the kid and everybody says you know I'll, be nice to the kid I think we're all genuinely nice to kids, but there's a lot of these kids that are being used as pawns by their scum that scumbag father I this situation, I'm not saying that this situation. I came out that every kid. Camp got assigned photo from debo anna photo off
daddy's videotaping son? Obviously you know, in in deposit on the fifth try he got he recorded, so the guy did it on purpose to make them look bad, autograph, biggest fucking scumbags on earth day. I have zero if you're a fan of debo. Why would you want to put that out there making them look bad? Not like you got a depot autograph already yeah. It doesn't matter as that's what context map yeah the red fox. They are for they come spurning up to see good amount of this weekend to a small. I'm already got my answer for you. They are used and not be or haven't you watch this year. I use yahoo chat on these issues. The percentage of logan ryanair, like the I used to feel bad form. and then I realized you're selling that you're trying to sell this. To my face binder of eighty five
I have no idea. If I ever wanted, you I'll sign something for you and take a picture with you, but these autograph hounds are the worst people on fucking earth that I once I got to that point mentally by the way, much better interact, especially the ones that use little kids, whether it's their own kid or other kids that they pay like five bucks to to do it. That's what freaks me out when they send the kid and you see the person's dinner and the kid has no idea who anyone is ago. So here's the way to debunk that hey Katie got a phone yep. Let's take a photo and tell your dad to fuck off, or you asked me what who should I sign it to Just sign it. Please no yeoman put a name on it for now and they re the white out. I buy anything I ever saw and game room, except for w w hasn't sick, poor so those are met,
You never know to have something of yours and might just say peyton manning on it. Jabs have to get back for our three here in about three and a half minutes good phone calls fun, corresponded and can't wait for it. Let's live life what's enjoy this fuckin wednesday chairs might be At night, the welcome back to that shell, our three illness Wednesday July six, two thousand twenty two shall begin immediately following this pizza from twine. Now we just saw you hit the mute Keep forgetting in person I forget to ride. almost easier than remember ride, for somebody to major strategy. Now I'm gonna eighty deal Let us not go, and I don't know how you sit in that. I said
cigars, but don't smoke cigars. I think I'd go crazy. Gives me something to do how come you haven't done any here we're usually if I smoke cigars, I'm showering insulin. I don't like to smell, like cigars, around people in a close situation like a plane. I do like the fact We get to see you in your little baseball shirt. Clearly we must gradually oh yeah few days earlier, this major hocker rigid. They are have you any studios got it was your neck brought up ass, the car turned exists after two hours, one night on the diamond with hammer down we bet on tonight. Little wimbledon little tennis, what's going on more diamond wimbledon, is dying down. I believe, and no I believe america now is pushing rafa the fists that right now whoa. What was that guy fits it all I saw fits cover in a hot dog, eaten contest, jason yeah, I think there's not a fixation fits the former fiddler for the roof ban, parry
is now the sba, and I always works with the goal of junior now go just I fit. Was calling the a hot dog eat contests, thought I'd done some serious stuff with him in the past, and I was going to show them once and use it. Well. I was actually in a band in any told me. I was like yeah. Of course, I know who that is like yeah he's, big and grammy guy. He just decided to bail or what are you gonna get a sports, I think he's doing. Sports are free, has been living jamie's at all fishermen, daphne, I don't you walked into a dueling piano situation, grab the fiddle off the side of the wall and say somebody play devil, went down to georgia, place and that he's fucking both the devil and John. You don't mean in other years abilities. Don't do that he's a fuck. Grammy winning fiddler. What do you think this is? Did it I underestimated what are using. and in the he sought out up there then perry had played in the horse and he led an o h. I o and the horseshoe you're, probably there. I don't think I will
for that is out of date. Be firing. Your foot is really Thank you. Yes, it's a stage. So this is your tb, twelve jug. never filled up if that is gary v jug. What is that this one, I think, was off amazon? I'm not. This is actually from the time that one is from Tom amazon supposed to keep you motivated to drink, an entire gallon,
feeling water a day. Seven am you should be down here good morning and I'll take a good little golf start the day than by nine. Am you should be hydrating yourself? A reminder. Eleven am remember your goal. This thing is an instagram motivational count by itself keep jogging by one pm: don't slow down, you're feeling awesome, archer, don't give up almost finished. You didn't go to bed now you're going to piss all night. So then you're going to get back into it and it's good morning. Hydrate yourself remember your goal and then you just put that on repeat three: six: five, the healthier you you fucking asshole sounds great. then you just you put plastic sheets on your back, because you just swim away by pissing your bed every night. While so you don't drink a gallon of water every single day, I try to drink a lot of water. I really do, but I try not to pee the bed. I pass two or three times a night routine. In the ip all day, but I can usually go to night without peer ip all the time. I think I got a problem with bladder
baker. Mayfield's carolina panthers, now congrats egress, all parties involved asia. Your thoughts on the carolina panthers are now going to win the energy self we have to solve, but a winning christianity for to be healthy right season. That would be awesome and man. I've come excited for bake. I really am, and carolina gives a starting quarterback for Five million dollars, a guy that is pissed off a lot of people and we know he plays his best when that's the case, so as weapons around them have scheme. Who knows what can happen situations back to back to back situations where, the question has been: is it quarterback or is it the situation, the quarterback spinning, teddy Bridgewater. Remember way back in the with minnesota, vikings used means being talked about as being an empty beacon. Has tear injury around league ends up with the saints he's going to be the guy for the panel remember they pay them like sixty million or thirty million? I forget it was a lot of money. They paid him he's going to be starting
back for whatever reason I say not this ain't, it Andy fire, the Ellis. You often corner there, Joe real radiation. Already I get him out of there. God we need another one. Sam darnold! Is it's quarterback or is it the jets in general? Remember what we saw happen with tannehill once he got out from underneath the Adam Gase umbrella, SAM darnold be able to come down here. Is it him or is that situation? same dial has not I done what everybody expected them to do. He's gotten hurt he's never had really healthy christian mccaffrey either, which is game, changer ever be thing. That's a great question with the way he has carson once it is willing to die on every single point. Every play is home, run or its no large at all in one year. Throwing yourself into these collisions at maximum speed. exploding through contact, which I think you're talk to. Do it's awesome. Do you want to see your running back. Do there's a lot the potential get hurt. If he's not playing next year, doesn't matter what quarterback it has probably not, but now find out yet again: baker, mayfield or the browns caroline,
Others are willing to give it a go yet the fact so. Baker too Three and a half million dollar pay cut right, so that was What how long has carolina been hanging out waiting for them? the numbers, don't look right. They are they've had a ton of leverage they probably just spent hanging out. Okay, you guys come back to us when you have something that will actually entertain me, so just seeing that those two weeks ago, right that is, baker willing to take a pay cut to go, be a starter somewhere else, because it came out that the bronzer one, pay ten or eleven million dollars. Then one rep Wharton palace are reportedly, he said fifty fifty that it was followed up not if at all, actually ten and a half million, which is exactly where the browns have publicly been all the way Five million is what the pan are our paying. So I assume this just now to be baker waiting say that he would take less money or where the browser fielding offers from the seahawks and the panthers, and this is one of the best. They found not armstrong. sure. But now, if you look back at it two, eighteen number, one overall pick picasso donald that next year, number three overall sam darnold,
both in the same room, simpler, lack, reacted, as has Matt rules that anything like oh we're going to have an open competition five million dollars and ninety million dollars sam's starter, allegedly begun. can make that three and a half mil up in incentives. A half million dollars for nineteen million dollars. that route on care he's trying to keep his gig yeah. That's not going to happen if they don't Well, there has a very very has a very, very you're. nobody has ever played quarterback for the carolina. Panthers under tappers leadership has a very, very, very short leash. They just drafted you're right. They drive macro down there as well, so maybe bakers, baker. Still rehab and right from surgery on his off is not growing. Shoulder, maybe maybe same it's a game, you let him go get in there and you know what does work the kings argument about weak foreign, take the shit yeah, maybe I'm sure, bakers, a gal backup, sam thorn older than sham darnel by places ardor sam, don't it's probably saying I'm up back in a bag
or mayfield is making eight and a half million, I'm making nineteen million. That is a situation they are going to have to handle. It wasn't healthy to Whoa baker because he has to pass the fiscal rate. You don't have to be a hundred cent healthy to pass physical, but he does have to be able to play able just people Sourdough interferes goes at an extra two things. I can you physically can't don't want to hurt. You knock unheard of and this the most pain you've ever been your life. When you put your shoulder behind your back, feels great well see, that's AJ lined every mac carson. That's why you don't you're an absolute idiot if you don't love working out by the way, the fifth overall pick, forty fifty million dollar, whatever that one really hurts. You should take me in the seventh round. Doc. Why would you ever selves habitats, yours ever now, can't do both? Instead, you are lying directly from an owner of a team. Do I want you get oh yeah. My ankle hurts a little bit coach. Oh yeah, my knee hurts too. Oh, my elbow, hurts okay, get this guy for less hurt or injured yeah. Like don't tell me it's good to go
for baker, though it seems like a win win yeah. It's awesome and dj moore. I mean they just extended him and they got Robbie Anderson who might retire, but he also wouldn't have good baker when Baker first came in for cleveland. I remember seen him at the kentucky derby. I believe he was the guy that started the race. He was like the main guys aggressive monopoly, and it's all is at all from his injury. I wouldn't think it's all from how it anyway cleveland here today, there is I one year or they were. You know a chat, heavy forethought away from people on the right of people. Think that your people hate you. I think it changes and it was a perfect storm baker cleveland in the history of all what is going on with the quarterbacks in any of those progressive commercials that rambling every monday night game, not every monday night, every fucking cycle, all the time and when you're, even if
when you're doing well. People get annoyed by that, if you're losing and not playing well, people get pissed and it's coming out to your teammates. Maybe don't like you as much as everything I mean that is, it was a lot the acres gotta be so mad right now she said every hole of the world yeah the hotel situation like Odell leaving and having all this success and I'm winning the super bowl and all the teammates of baker, basically being like obey. Is right. welcome senior put together quite a clip. I mean we've saying that this whole time it's Well, that's why, as we are covering it live, I think there's a lot of us going to like what the fuck is going on. there. We didn't really dive into it until it came out later, like bakers Probably this this relationship is not mandible, it's like patients with ninety million dollars next year is amendable. What the fuck are you, immature, well see that's yeah, I did everybody say I love to use it. Do you give me an example of his immaturity is real. We haven't heard any of it. It's all just kind of shit. There's parking lot behind a cheesecake factory
luxury exactly what happened? you think you're actually really good chicken a lot yeah, because many on the planet- yeah, oh I'll, check, doordash for tahoe, see if we can get it delivered, international software, they do their change the location, I'll get. My girl chicken conky measure were always this coup. I've got you advertising saying yours, keep delivering food to sam at your house and I'll. Tell you what I have done that multiple times in other cities when I was starving and something took place, but I have grown in my technological advances, everybody's done. That don't feel though. Yes, that's good! That's good! I just never do any of this stuff. You know, so I can figure it out if I had to to just keep carrying their bodies. Water right wash and balls was apple. What do you mean? Are you alright? What's the pop for I'm just chuckling what you said watching balls last, what you've been doing all day rodgers he was on a phone call. I ap he's very, very good at football he's very, very good.
Talking about the world's history to do here. I'm my big history buff. So you know I love history, two hundred and fifty years old, but other countries are thousands and thousands. I guess you could use the declaration of independence. He said as a buffer. It's like yeah. Whatever we just had holiday, it is yeah, everybody else views, but I can't wait to hear why you would not what do we do that why it's awesome that he is because I think, being weird is the best. I tell my kids that all the time he should be weird- I don't do that- should be a compliment, both the ones that don't fit in are the ones that normally do it. I have a quote on my wall when he be we're just to try to weirdo then we can see that two cousins genuine actual different you just trying to get on trying to be a non conformist, but by doing that, you're actually conformity. To what everybody else thinks it looks the exact same way you do right now, yeah you're, a hipster, we're really breaking it down,
we are, but I think that's why I like aaron so much cause he does. He does not, especially in his high profile position. I talked about on the show before kobe later, in his career memories in kobe didn't care at all guess he was so open and honest. I remember I talked about brother, but after we both saw one of an interview way back like man. Kobe is awesome like he doesn't care at all, and I've told aaron that, like he's feels like he's in that phase, he just it would have this is this is who I am, and I happened. Throat barbara, nobody, and just because people that happens, or football are nothing like me, there's nobody like me when you oh matt, I enjoy it. I when you own, whatever you are it's you always should by the way, because there's people try to be other people, and they don't even know that the other people that you're trying to be are trying to be some other mother fucker. So now, you're third generation not give a fuck wow I figured that out. You know what's being offensive, but that's part of the most important thing: do you dude Other funds go to sean in baltimore. Why be less a j when you can be more while on the phone
we found a couple know that did not work. I did this thing. What's at first, I watched the siren goes on Syria and what do you actually I was back to back right cuz, or defend the health system. Just crashed yeah that one nobo computer from Walmart Walmart This walmart sells everything. You know why walmart cuz, they're great cuz they're we own sports teams in every single fucking, while half all over I think just saying it's from Walmart is necessarily a knock. It's not a knock at all, but I'm saying you can get the jack johnson from fucking walmart. Today, stanley cup walmart doesn't sell that sweet custom, fucking tahoe hat that you're going to get that age is wearing on his fucking lot and oh, I hope I dunno. If they're gonna give this these again though what am I going to get them one of these nascar caps for this american century championship where you didn't, you didn't have to wear this. They gave them to us a couple of years ago to wear. If you wanted mozilla, strive traps mass,
oh yeah stretchy feels good matthew right, that's how he spells it out, Travis Matthew. How do you spell that th on to think yeah once he okay right? Isn't one t Yeah, you yeah right a tyrant. Yeah like you, walter from grumpy old men, walter methyl well, but he added. One is not, though, I think it's matt. We do not actually think so. You don t have spot wanted ice dummy, t aid We met you it's matthew, I want to buy a bunch of shit the other day, and I said I ain't wearing long sleeves long sleeved we are Ex leaves Let me go. You can wear that or you know where certain wrong. I think I'm a governess, I'm sure you do to me If you, let me go home duly rules like pants europeans, our future good, bad honestly know what I was thinking about it before I understand
you everywhere, passing a closer bodies, call buddies cool you better shoot sixty by out here you're wearing pants like? If you feel professional okay, cool. This is something this is a big deal. I saw a picture of Travis kelsey yesterday with pants on and a sweep of pants on Wednesday. I think yeah he looks really cool and they were shaking hands and I'm like in. it's now. It is stretchy too. So it's fine gets a or lacquer like he took a picture with somebody posted it and he's wearing like a good golf costume, like all people probably dress in super professional. So I actually I you know the wife and picked up some golf balls I actually don't have any. You will get a bag of some stuff to have american century and NBC stuff. So if you need a shirt, lol, you'll want to wear that for sure yeah. That's probably what seems like your thing. They absolutely I'm working stickers dig in the dirt item matters in the daylight. That was an automatic such a championship. Housing are you qualify, so do it ever as back? Maybe you may reply or not yet do people in time,
this plan really tunnel, riddick favorite, two windows on you- withdraw all get Debbie do Asher yak us! No. I don't think that he's only done that once or twice because he was too blacked out or not think because he had risked injury. There are too many coronas massive chance was the wrist injury guys from shotgun and beers know as a wrist injury from golf and probably years of football, cause, he's, probably in basketball, he's fucking great athlete. True, he Tony's pickup basketball master. He played the mba preseason, yeah? Oh you're right, so I remember the lay up mavericks yeah, he looked sweet. He has like a good cross over well, yeah played out like when, let's ride plays for the rockies now does he play play for the yankees before France now is repainted rock: scott sean in baltimore, why be legit pretty easy in the middle of doing cat here so perfect? What's this guy thinking
We makes a pot hopefully to keep down the background and more cat came on. My back agrees with states us about the people working on two from the middle of a fairer roma of europe. Will really you always or five years ago, in a fair way to three hundred yards carbine. Think disguise? How far, by way from the guy on all fours one? Seventy, however, from the pin one sixty five I was showing the guy on all fours. I would aim. I can't blame them, because that I feel I might be doing that out. There britney spears music, video, oh Jesus weapon, the head around. Stick. Somebody wanted to kill him, though, by posting this video- and I want to let you know my respect for him- grew tired. I don't give a fuck your the camera right there on the green and I'm going to do it friday hope we were playing together friday year to you, have an eagle putt, I'm just cat and can, when three inches from the hole.
Typepad in many respects its funds scarce in baltimore wipe us know ask them safely. Marshall is not on. Hello, sean. What's going on be more a band aid, you boys, how are we doing today, keep it moving at Jimmy's, diner famous spot is the shit man who doesn't so good. I only terrorists don't go, but I didn't like doing with the what what parade they have. With this account it is over lover. They re Jimmy's, famous romania he'll turn when they decide to celebrate this fuckin cicadas of give me up all night for, like three months was at two o yeah. There's also was unbelievable, smuggle weave. We ve made up because the So their food is so good great to at all place either. it's a bar in the so you recommend cakes are the assholes,
level. It was what he wants out about sean, you're good one day, big, shot out the thai real quick fucking go with just one Was a js a little nervous over there once you guys get up to tahoe once you get warmed up if you're going to sneak onto this in your toilet, sooner than later, you know, may have to pay up that money and make as an addition to your houses. Look nice there! Thank you sean! So what if I make a live gulf of the top fifty, whereas only forty eight Well for now, are you boys? A great moment, can go? It has no evil. Once he sees a swing at their chance of, but I'm saying the bed for the champion store, but now Where can I slating just be J there, there's multiple leagues out there now. The way I mean we'd have to rethink and I don't come in last To conclude, I bet you're not last year s
so that is added into the tires little except the money that saudi money, getting gas anymore. So you know what I mean electric vehicle. So that's why you got twenty nine vehicles, I'm guessing one of them takes gas, two of them don't currently driving around. There is more news coming out other the carolina panthers as you in recall, mcadoo was the orphans corner of those hired by the panthers to turn that whole ship around on the often of the ball nfl, I'm sorry in It's that new Ben mcadoo had to say it's about mayfield when he was prospect magazine Josh, Allen, Lamar, jackson, SAM darnold, Josh, rosen and mason rudolph I, when he was head coach of the giants, at the time when ever bigger, made uniform and out. But you know bygones. Can be highlighted. How do we know where we re these guys check marcus coaches due to put out the rankings?
was on tv little directv like you know as well as scroll down and nfl film study, would never fucking. great athlete. Mac do said, is guys kind of like a pocket, quarterback short with small hands. As our about mac do said, nerve you about big may view, do never would go on to go under one overall. So that's what made its initial mechanism. Mitchell thoughts were of may feel coming out of college. Now, how many unofficial hands It don't matter and says so as always go matter, gas quarterback position figured out. Your fuckin drew breeze and other shorter quarterbacks have had success. Looking at the bottom of your helmet through the holes and pockets, understand everything or you don't your bob swatted every single time. We throw the ball like what kind of happen to baker at the end of his not necessarily the beginning of his career when he's with cleveland bygones be bygones browns We change and evolve second opinions and thoughts. Just like mcadoo has, I mean, there's a lot of guys trying to turn the career around Ben Mcadoo is doing.
thing. Is you see each for carolina? We know like that may be his last chance of become like. If he's gay does good job as operates according we may get a head coaching opportunity eventually in the future again, can we go back and see if mayfield said yeah max do fuck instincts? Can we get some of those? I feel like that's kind of also tweet as it makes it almost try to get people feel. Like Ben just said this. We just probation You just said time. He did have some positive things to say about him too. He said he's got an edge to them. I like that, he's going to lead they're going to follow him. I did see a lot of pro pro style football, his college tape and he was sure to make up for it. There are some nfl plays in the tape. That's all there's a revaluation. But what does the end? What excites that'll be? What we judge it off. Nobody can say turn looks like you're putting together, Zack owls enact is fuckin gear. How should I think if, if bans initial breakdown was wrong, I think all those corvettes besides mason might actually be bad rose in the still throws wonder
rose in stock was no offense rose amount. If you watch us, I think there's a chance. He watches. For whatever reason he was not a great, and if our core back was at him was its situations. Who knows it never worked with josh as you know, DR some of the top down and the next year they took out number one overall, everybody on tv was mine, but about it The dolphins implied all right, a bit surprising. For me, the whole rose. I thought rosen would be better me too. it may be a situation who knows when it comes to conservation that he was dropped into it didn't work out, but he stunk technically as an nfl porter baker, mayfield wins a playoff game for the browns syria, he revitalize the whole city wholly he brought about. city cleveland wasn't able to drink beer but lights. They had an in sixteen parade the year before he got in a beggar alongside other Lead that team to win a playoff game against the pittsburgh steelers in pittsburgh, pittsburgh city, that they fucking hate and division rival, now they're moving on while the football gods. Due to this
donor analogous, yet, as does it say the thing that the browns- just Let him go now in the deliberations ended last week that they might have a better idea of how long to shout, watson might be out well, the more and more we talked about it more and more. I thought about it. I changed my idea like fourteen fifteen times, so I do apologize for those that have followed along every single day and had to watch this, but as more information was revealed, I think I had to change the way I thought about it. I think the browns and baker We're never gonna make up, even though I am a big proponent of anybody can get past their bullshit anybody. Better bush, especially whenever those nineteen twenty million on line people can get basketball, you can have a conversation with somebody and be like I fucked up you fucked up, we fucked up. Let's move on, specially in sports, because it happens all the time. Every single point, If this is just will play somebody fucked up in there in somebody have to forgive themselves and other people have to forgive that person and you have to move that's nature of sport right? That's that's Some major sports, this one
Whatever reason, I wasn't catching the hints that like not we never we never getting along. and I feel like that this it'll be a move made, regardless of what that suit judge you made a decision, I think just looking back. If you I dunno. If they have any special information, I'm sure I don't. For whatever reason, I refuse to believe that this was just dead dead, but it feels like it was. What could a fucking happen that made them dead dead and that really, it doesn't seem like. It was one thing. I obviously it sounds of yours a build up, but if you like areas gives a number one guy that doesn't like beggar didn't feel like they are mostly between them to those who beef unease it. How you ever gonna figured out. I dont know that, like air in the package, cato pretty public, pretty big, pretty huge work, of happening with the disrespect that I was potential happening there as opposed to nowhere else with any other mount rushmore quarterback in the history of the nfl in those a people. I think-
bon tv, even over, like all this relationships, dead, this relationships that it's like now think a common. Nation can happen and like people can you now get past, especially it's business involved and sports? We can do that, so I never really understood why the baker Cleveland was never coming back. The other thing was happening and I don't think I ever I didn't do it ass. It was long time I I was this was a decision that was made long time, who's going take a basically extreme, you're had a super bowl ring and he had some more success than they may have been able to work it out. Air, as good as there was. They may not have worked out yeah well, every city might not even happen, though, if he wasn't who he was it. What yeah like the whole thing, but it's a lot easier to make up when one
the team knows hey. We really need this. Why pointed out the errand situation strictly because, like this is an abnormal for players, all nothing not get along egos. People embodies no violent sport with tons of money. Young people- oh people, ones, pay alpha guys like alpha. They ve been told her the man their whole life, like you, can have it there's a lot of times were a player in their organization, a programme don't get along fuck. I don't get along with our fucker renovation for numerous times throughout my time as a coat still up goddamn, you can get past the winning cures, everything it cures, everything which they did, though, but you also go along with all your teammates, that we haven't heard a lot of teammates come out in baker's defense, that's crazy to me too, that is wild to me. Cause damage thing Is it Jim only talk to gm, especially young, guys now gm europe front offices or coaches, their big, like hey. What's this dude like is a good room do is good for our team there. Of course the films go short, but it's a big day really do pay attend
the culture and they don't want to bring uttered in like it's. I I love that they actually look at that. It's good deal, it's a big deal now. Yeah, not as much in the past like dude, can ruin a locker room because you get a couple of the young guys on your side and a couple of young guys start leaking a little information. Why do why are everytime? We have an open, locker room when we're sitting here after we shower up we're half naked. We have to talk to the media. Why, Were they asking half of our team about this one player. So it's like a it's a big thing. Everybody has to deal with and like man, I'm so sick of talking about this. Yes, in a way that she could spread, especially. im just taken else, here's a little bit of drama. As you point fingers, quick like hey this, isn't our fault right no way this? This mother, fuckers, by the way the team has given him this amount of money he's doing sms to this whole thing and that grows and grows and grows. it's already hard enough to win a game, but if you guys aren't getting along with their kind of separated? That's why the x factor of camaraderie the biggest do, I think on whether or not a team is going to win or lose team building aspect of that has to be taken into account
on whether or not going to like mother fucker, and I think that's what you and I are both saying. It's nice that this becoming something at some gems are thinking about. the james we're ever think about it, though it now be fuckin stupid ever honestly devil. Why don't we way? And what do we want to have a body me like an organ of the same patient around the feudal if they disagreed hate each other in a locker room that an exact you get paid a lot of money fought to give me twenty million due to walk with. You know, trolls moves and I could do it. What people think that cost or you provider, would man now you problem? I know con man has all the music. I would never do Charles manson has music, oh yeah beach, boys, everything you see he would no! I wouldn't! Actually. I didn't live with the beach boys yeah. What is your fear? I had read one of the books by Muna that mama and really I dunno man It's a! I don't know about that.
these attached to artists. He's helpers tellers himself, anger, I believe your hats gradually you'd call writers at him, probably That's it! I have. You know more about the nasty I'm just fuckin learners, we're brain summary now, maybe a bunch of shows evidently really in ensuring, like he's ugly motherfucker. These debt write down a little bit of yeah, but everybody thinks like oh this, handsome guy. They always describe him. As I see it. Bundy they say. Ted Bundy was handsome because Zac Efron played him that movie boy and the TED Bundy tapes to show him the car room. Everyone like you're right there, I've actually reviving overlay. But that's why I was able to do that. You could look. Carrying out and sounder said. Would you show up in her house middle of the night, but he only to take people opens cora. Think too, that taken out to a date it was an invite. Her hit him with a tire them out in florida state that would hurt Florida state. He broke into a dorm in the middle of the night killed a couple people.
when you talk about where he started in washington, and then I went to the town Over nobody will even know it jumped out of the window of a courtroom. I saw that movie in the movie at least, I think I've seen the actual real life yeah. They show that he lived for a couple of weeks right after that weeks. We are out there that was early on in the bondi that was upper left of the world. Yeah he's there or going all the way down yonder. I take a train, I hope, there's none, there's no serial killers out there around us it's a you know. They always do like stats, say in every thousand people is a serial killer or whatever it has to be a little different. Now that everything's on camera right, even though you just got your truck stolen from your front yard, you would hope yeah you I don't think so. I don't know Where are you going on vacation? Let's go trackside bar their bill? You didn't deserve that you do I draw.
But we're sorry bill. I'm going to florida. Congrats will be far I just played a bit, but do not bet yeah, give it a bit bill bill. I fucking. have you spell- has shattered the expectations on the music on the ones and twos back. There was great what he does he uploaded to youtube awesome. Well I'll, do it they'll do good at everything he does that's. What build does that's why if he was like you guys allude to our killer, he would be great and we ever now we would- and I don't think bills killed anybody, but if he had to, I think bill be very efficient, So that's a compliment, not absolutely we like having Come on get celebrity off, keeping and toes, I would say that is the case in my breaks in here. Do you guys serial killer it'd be hard yeah? a stable and everything's outcome of these days. They track everything not everywhere.
Small town, america. I came in a very small time: workers, people together and hands and ocean city. Where'd, you go. He get ocean city That's a mac isn't good our banks, north carolina our desire on urban mail address here about and sees obscene some stickers lately. car he be acts Obviously I never been. They love it. However, the people get out of the little biagi score still not but like, Where do you slam bags middle east coast, cape cod, nantucket, Martha's vineyard? Well, that's all what you guys already live. Isn't it you guys go to Boston, no, not really during the winter? Absolutely but like
during the summer, there's no point getting lost a cesspool, it's to just stick in there and read together. Why leave? It's got everything it's kind of the fence. Let's go up to that area. We don't have a call from there, thank god it's gonna. Do this name bout interest to have go d will I a as doris dorie, Some california, remember you get a ten year here when in some merge dorias. What's going on, I don't remember you, I will say spell it: how do you spell the name Xenta, o r? I s is this: your musket hilarious accent e n t h what are. I am it's from next mexican. My parents named me after a mexican cannot demigod thirty?
like chili's, Zen saurians centre is what he wants off about how a today The second one are probably more interesting. The first please, going to be the target for miseries want to know how likely schedule I mean we don't know about golf, but is that, like a knockout being where you know the first thing, I can make the second and the second you know whoever is there goes to the third our enemies like the times for everybody that we can look up, cuts? The second highest? Is your answer, the second law by alien? This is not an arm and I dunno. If it's something that we could, we should talk about on air. To be honest, it's something that matters it has in possession that we found in mexico and if I honestly think, if the us government found out that we had these things, I know it'd probably be
walking to the door and dude hang on the men in black? What are you talking about god? What do you have the cops? It's so basically, it was in the state of michoacan and mexico, and my dad found these artifacts are pure jade, one hundred percent pure gold, and about ninety five percent of them depict what we would see as aliens. You know, big head big eyes we found skeletons of being an end. If somebody was telling me out to believe it, where do you have these level an eye when an exception the majority of them. The majority of them are in mexico, the bigger one boat that my dad can bring. You smuggled smug over to california, but just work week on centurions wearing what was on tourism oxides, real quick order, there's a lot of fuckin questions. You enjoy You guys are just been sitting on this. What are you a judgment been sitting a waiting on what time and to make a call into a genre in the shed, where are they to learn
No, no! No, and I'm not trying to do this for clout or rent the vinyl you're interested in this stuff. So I thought I'm telling you super duper. My dad involved some of the pieces he sold. I'm not going to name, but from sons of anarchy, one of the actors on there. He sold it to them sure hell does a long story short anyway to look up. If you look at the crown jewel of beliefs about ten pounds, it's like a prized possession of the country believe just mind you, my dad pulled one out with a crane that weighed about two thousand pounds off your jade. It's like an inch. It's like a lion sitting chris As I said, I was a big head, dress would survive. We was his bare hundreds of years here said he found a kind of country underneath the dry like bad. Some of his friends were cabin out there
And excavator kind of just gave way it caved in and they woke up. They were inside of a like or look like ruins, but again about interesting, because it is jade and pure gold, but the more more interesting thing is it should they depict alien know your foes living among people that have a big tablet with your photos, overhead, their city underneath and like aliens and people walking around together. the one where the lady giving birth to an alien and the guy standing behind her as an extra terrestrial, like you know, consoling her telling her it's going to be okay at night. Interesting, there's a lot more, but I wanted to take a bite out of it again grand and I can tell you about the off air, I'm not like sweet, bebe or whatever and sounds I mean I'm sure we can legitimize that over overthrew, blake Sweden have you had any bodies about their sad news? Worse,
two thousand pounds. Gold skeleton was underneath yeah. They found skeletons so like what do you do you put them in formaldehyde? What do you do with those I dunno that wasn't a ten, but it was certainly a texture. So wrong structure may not be the same, so it may not deteriorate at the same pace. The big thing, is the tablets that depict that aliens were just like very standard. Can the day, that's like a lot of the alien stuff that I get tweeted. Now that we have chatted about this, it's all old, Cool things like drawings, with clear, like like others, hieroglyphics like I'm. The guy key paintings show alien seen, even if you live our lives and stuff like that. From way back in the day, whenever there wasn't like technology to tell you hey this, what it looks like they were like drawing suffer, got me stroll back pain. I guess even in the model model lose about it. I I mean the that might affect me and they might have an a lot.
and well hold on one of the most mean facts are pretty well. That's the issue yeah. I started diving into the corner with a web of what the fuck is. It's fat. You know it's a meme. What's going on with the Mona LISA, I saw that I was over there, so I think there's a link or something in the background. That's come on now, what What's in the background of Mona LISA, I wouldn't someone's say that they see aliens in the background. Now, maybe it's not, but at least I might be wrong. Well the pyramid stuff, that's why the egypt says let us cause that how to do that yeah and, like you, couldn't really remake that without technology, known at least as that lady yeah yeah. What's the last supper, I suppose that Jesus before he died, as is always the sistine chapel stuff on there that's pinnable ceiling as another. Does I don't I don't know about the mona lisa pricasso. That wasn't what I saw. What see here I dunno.
the amount of waste and what are we circle circled I'll put up the bullet the last supper. I think I seen that I think I've seen on a man there's like some shit in the back. I'm sure you can find anything in anything well. Well, true, very true and especially any picture we cooperate out. Do we know if it's real or photoshopped? No, we have no idea. Was it the nf t, bird wow. that's a whole nother, I heard that's struggling. Maybe the only thing is which last opera, the one is, the vinci, the one he did, the famous famous that one is that's a famous only get a window in the back, my ensuring noakes other last supper people make a bunch of different there's, a bunch of people, do it with their own facebook search original sure. If this division or not, is this the venture one? I google that I just that kind of zoom. I don't know that the windows in the back, that what happened? I dunno, what this is, how the lack of religion,
then either. I don't really know if that's the last one. So if it's manali sure that one is there any is just like. Oh individual person like the mona LISA or something in the background with the fucking alien thing, but it was a meme. So now it's that stuff, sorry, I'm telling. That's is dead, unfortunately, is whoever just heard that call who is isn't sons of anarchy that is clearly and aliens that definitely bought this from Xanthan. I thought you Jim irsay, bought it. I will act like he said. Well, we actually sold it and you know, as I know, Jim Irsay bought. This is part of the Jimmer cycle engine for sure if they got alien porn. I'd like to get my hands on problematical cages, definitely call in that. Guy, if it gives no real by something clear cage speaks to I can see that new movie preserve it's strictly scientific research, just Google, the alien artifacts from mexico. This is what popped up. Sweet Jesus yup that checks out with a headdress, that's so you're saying the humans back then sculpted that to depict what was happening I or not,
in aliens made that Now you saying that they had to have the picture of something, though, that they did this for their, how we dont look like that, How do you do you know? I don't who looks like that you I've never seen anything like the other than some think aliens local happen, everybody from all these different fucking cultures. They ve never seen the same thing draw the same thing as they think it's as time grows. Our brain grows in our body gets week because we need our bodies much. We do your brain to get bigger, but I'm saying like how did the who's in mexico? That's the mines in the ass aztecs and mayans, and then over in greece I'm saying is very interesting. I want some answers. Ted Bundy could go from one down to the nexus like five decades ago. Nobody knew about it. I know how the mayans and the aztecs know that, just like the richard Gere thing before the internet, like how did the whole world know about, for real traveled before the internet was cross country. It international,
Egyptian hieroglyphics? No! Yes, They all seem look the same, but I don't I need to see a bean again I bear punch your mouth I hug him a hug. Definitely author I'll, come back, especially if they're fucking, they might be slimy and shit, to say besides, why everyone swing Can I be liquid moral while the guy some sort of advancement in technology you'd think they'd shout out, though they may be way behind us, the fuck they get ha. Maybe there's different like different needs of aliens and those of the super scientific, real, advanced ones. Like myself, You're, not gonna, signing a mark. I ever more for the crucifix Christ. Painting is apparently the one that everyone says. There's ufos uploading around, What's there to write up at the ring with that's most to be doing exactly, that's the question the sun moon. Can we talk to them?
or this aliens challenge the right. All the great artists are italian to know the people that took them out as pontius pilate, and it was and much of the report are the things in this anyway. None of us, but it doesn't using certain fears by what does somebody no that's around about? Does somebody no and how, what are they known and how they kept a secret for this long and do they fucking just freak out every night when they go to bed like all tomorrow might be the day where shows up and we're just all dead yeah. I definitely know- and I think that's why when MIKE Alger came on- and he was like a lot of people- think there's a chance that this is just us from the future coming back I try opening a pillow all that shit. That also theories and other dynamic to it, or you don't mean foxy did see whatever it is, saw the portal yeah. I love that theory and what, if that's actually just a roma from the future, but from another alien planet where these aliens are just go entirely actual, while yeah just came out yesterday, they just are in the cern which does park ORNL idea.
Inside the great black holes news europe where we're creating and we don't need to create slam. These added together, super high speed to try to create create, yeah they created elements by we doing that because you want to find the portal spin off for like four years. They just turned it on and they've said it's going to fuck. All this shit has been turned on right by the powers. That be I mean something's coming right. I mean yeah that I thought they were shaking hands unless it was send brock right out there. One way exactly fucking, brock's, ready, go gets very frank. Isn't gone is right behind them, though. Good luck getting the rock we present of the entire world, yet wayne oh go out there with what is one of the superbowl intro deal that everybody here's more artifacts from mexico who a skeleton leave that is a human skeleton, see that one head looks weird little though big citing old school neanderthal, comrade split those teeth. Isn't real was the question well and nothing is on IRAN, especially if we don't
believe. It's not real until you cayenne livescience. little gerardo right on that urgent, that's all you want, so that thing puts thing on you, you're dead things got going around half the train I can tell the cranium is so nothing will crack institute out straight jaw. To bring you all good luck with that. Having that Joe last buddy yeah one punch from a small person, what does that mean like that? Is yeah yeah? We just said what, if that is what combat becomes all these little aliens land in every ex football player says they got. went on. Talking starts spear and people will feel good about if you to back in the day. Tat goes to you got fuck it s red flyin. Troy, polamalu leading with the head. Everybody.
I'm coming through with the head thought it hits that saved the universe could be the case, especially if we're looking at jaws like that ain't, that right agent, I mean the future looks bright for us humans, hey! Let's go with that, though I think you're right for the fucking jaw get your own bed as a football right now. Ron right now, I dunno. Let's go to the phones, marshawn they're, all yeah, oh yeah, Jim beast quake it in a fucking alien who's got a little soft as they leave know by events is going out in Indiana. What's going on out, just out what want to talk about Paul. hey. So my brother has tickets to summer slam. Nice, let's go. Nashville tennessee and
I want to know. Should I cancel my wedding plans to come with us. Are you getting married. I'm not getting married now, but tending wedding, but whose why is wanting in by sweet. I'm not even really close to them. It's my wife's friends, see it's almost watch your ass. Their sounds like it you just your dick in coming on the top of their despair, but not done. Let my tweet earthquake
What is wrong with you cause it done. Yeah man we're talking about the sistine chapel singable drawn down to the first thought. Let me finish throughout two balls and dick lets say something about the edge, though don't show your work is not done. Your work, your progress thanks to believe. What's this guy's fault, literally what you want your computer to your nervous? I was looking at my desk. All I heard was: did you hear how loud you dragged it across the desk for block dick? If you gotta know, I need those. Those are the fuel chambers for the fuel. Okay, they don't use fielders goes spress! Stop already in orbit brothel. Our guy sway thanks man
We see your rocket just in case when I'm done, you can see it man, what's your deal, let you see it before then guess, I'm last phone the day nobody's gonna answer about sorry about it, matthew in michigan matthew. What's going on five hundred, you sound like your father. Is you dot com he's probably come back for to receive ten percent off? What's going on, hey, hey, hey, hey my own, that pretty good as you are you pal period. go kneecaps well no hell yeah expensive offense in the nfl toy line. What do you want to talk about Matthew? We got one minute well now that bakers gone to south carolina. Maybe Detroit will go pick up sam darnold for back. As you can actually went again and said: o blower oil, it got donated trying to do a triple flip with pets.
It really set us off on a high note. I dropped it, and now it's back blow and boil just got varied, but what a week it has been. We apologise overall for the next couple of days. I'm sure the seriousness and fill in hopes will be just as great, if not better.
James things at a serious before we get out of your firm adored. What wednesdays does usually birthday cause he's come from Stephen. They rightly asked of the first day of staying out of figures offers take today seems that people take it off wimbledon this when we are doing as well as were bunch lazy box will happen, is that when we come back, it's all be mass east, all be big, boy might be the biggest shall we have ever done, or might just be. Average was seen about ten days.
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