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PMS 2.0 698 - WE'RE BACK! American Century Championship Recap, Ian Rapoport, Drew League Star Dion Wright, & AJ Hawk

2022-07-18 | 🔗

On today's show, Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys are back from there week vacation and recap what everyone has been up to, and Pat chats about his experience playing in the American Century Championship in Tahoe, plus break down everything else that's going on in the sports world. Later, NFL Network Insider and friend of the progrum, Ian Rapoport joins the show to chat about what's going on in the NFL right now, when we can expect to hear some news about what the Deshaun Watson suspension will be, players who haven't signed franchise tags yet and what that means going forward, his golf game as of late, and JK Dobbins dunking on his reporting today on Twitter (1:11:34-1:42:21). Later, former St. Bonaventure basketball legend, and now Drew League legend after flying from Buffalo to LA to guard LeBron in a Drew League game over the weekend, Dion Wright joins the progrum to chat about his whirlwind experience this weekend (1:42:23-2:01:27). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show, and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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Hello, beautiful people. It is Monday July eighteenth, two thousand twenty two they show up. I start now guess I can't thank you enough for joining us. The boys have forgotten about the ride thing. That's, okay. Obviously, the last time you seen us we're heading in to a weekend in tahoe california, for the american century championship. That was awesome. That was an amazing time had no idea. going to be walking twenty eight miles a day. I should have wore better shoes for that. Although the jays, the golf shoes looked impeccable and incredible necessarily the ones you pick to walk the first four straight. Eighteen rounds. You ve ever walked in your entire life or in a big time, pain, big time problem, but the course was gorgeous the event. Was a man and Aaron. Rodgers is hospitality to me and the boys over there was unbelievable Stayed in a house that I
the Harrah's casino over there had built so that they can attract some acts some perform at the casino, so come stay at this spot, in this house, a full salt bath in this house, like seventeen thousand square feet, a bunch of different views and rooms right on the lake had jets which is impossible in the chop of the tahoe look around was on these cars. If you looked around face but none the that was out of anybody's control. I was afraid Ass the weekend out there can't I, everybody enough for saying. What's up to us, they came and visit us on their course for them. For inviting us in. Agent hawk fucking, sandbagging, sandridge, scumbag, shudder known by the way he ran a four four jumped to forty and vertical here was number five overall he's an incredibly athletic
figure out gulf which most on ethnic whites have ability to figure out that was on me for underestimating him. I did lose fifty. Thousand dollars, twenty five thousand to him. Twenty five thousand to charity. I'm excited to hear who he picks. For that said charity he was unbelievable, golf so good. He takes his mangled fingers around that club and he has the touch of honestly just a common but he had time such as on believe that put on eighteen o, my guy, you go off the green with the fucking opened the hundred and thirty eight at of course on the line he roles that thing up there. His parents had to be shaken like this. The thoughts it out of the going through his mind, the icy seems to never really get too high on the high too low and the was rose at thing up. The three fucking faint. Let me tell you about putting on those britain, those pages style greens are impossible, the green
Is it tahoe bullied me like? Let everybody know absolutely bullied me. First I do a programme with a great group from core bell. She, Hey. I was also got a chance to play around a golf with a guy who's been selling job. Daniels in tennessee for twenty seven wow doc since guys, basically in tennessee one of these faces jack. So they tried very. They were very good it off. These guys were very good a great time by the way asked me. If I wanted to drink, you know as well. We advise you get J, I'm getting! yeah I'll, take one that will take one of those sounds like hole: six, seven I apologize, but I walked through that whole thing. That was when it was a shamble. So you had to play out your all. Your ball That was when I realized ago these greens
don't make these brains in india show they do not have this type of paste. This type of break this type of everything in Indiana. I don't know how I could have prepared for that. But I'll tell you. After the programme, they won fraud. It was a shock that I could. I hit the ball tee. Well, There's like low necked thing over here par threes. I felt real good because part three were literally just hitting into the net. I think my skin, or over the weekend in par three, one under your nails, It's been one hundred on the par three through the entire weekend, mostly because it's just the net out here, but as soon as that ball get on the green and as we were walking to the green I'm having a good time, Maguire has a much longer walk than I could have ever fucking. Imagine, but once you get to the green and you see the ball and you see where it has to go to get to the hole in your seat, not peered out to do in its down here it out, do but much lower attitude and you gonna wind directly your face is that when going to help this ball slow down or not, and then you tie
in literally the people, you're golfing or like just touch tap just a touch, and what does that mean just to touch fucking forty five feet tall adult? You you hit this thing at all central alright. So there was a different times where I just meet, headed it right off the falcon, so friday when I got in there. I'm not gonna leave everything short madeira, gay. I might be a big dumb idiot, but I can only suggest a little bit because I was a field goal kicker at one point out, warner and I'm not the type of guy that says hey if I have a shank or if I have a slice our aim left If I am submitting left right, Yvonne, pulitzer mamma do this, putting output whizzing past and like all right, I'm aim shorter. So then I defied physics, I was like whoa eleven holds walk or something like that straight downhill. Obviously.
twenty yards off from where I should have been, because we didn't even know the origins of the clubs until when thursday brought made friday thursday we're trying to figure out the rgs, which I learned was a big disadvantage to everybody else. Actually they know exactly what it was. Somebody club off on this one particular hole up there down here Well, then, while we're completely fucked here, a double bogey is right. Insights, which is a minus two, which is a score killer and- I just tap it just tap Nobody around me, that's facile, that's where they keep calling squeeze no squeak. Now whatever they were saying something describe it I'd touch. It thing stops three feet in Let us not three feet in front of the house. I don't know how that have the most, but a dimple thing. They said you we do as I remember so now, I'm center of a ST paul, stop for it and find me again I never know how that happened. To be honest with you done It's sandra w fucking, eagle putt for eagle,
I spotted the second eagle, so we got to get better at the parts, but that event was a and I had a blast it was nice meeting nobody got a chance me miles, teller biggest star in the world. He and I did have a little bit of a thing mostly because he threw me under the bus in my eyes I thought he showed me under the bus after talking to him good dude, we threw him under the bus. If he knew about the original story being made up by whoever? Because I think he is kind of isolated, I don't think he's on. I don't think he is in the game ever since I don't think he's in the game, so that was a very good conversation. I'm happy happened because I watch the offer that he's amazing, obviously washing top gun. It's amazing feels like he's on trajectory like this good dude, also, jim during drink called long drink. I've never dry gentlemen. Entire life fucking delicious. He was awesome, rob it was awesome. Robert goes lady is a professional golfer style. She was on his bag and open out immensely. Obviously sandbagger, but a stud ryan hawk absolutes,
aaron rodgers, very nice person gaps loose play golf by the way. I don't think he's picked up a club months, from the conversations that we have had, I'm not sure he's been golfing along over the last few months, he's fucking ask your support is sunday rounds. Really he only got better. You know why you think about it. I think thursday, with earlier for some people call for a common gas like since the match problem. I honestly believe that case he is fucking great gulf who is dudes, though that's talk to him. Just alien. He is one of one sure any sport he could have been but just just what everybody needs to know this, and this is in obviously fifty executives, coaches and players voted on. Who is the best quarterbacks in the nfl, where now, through E s, p n, who are fifty executives. They were not to miss Nobody will ever know he's obviously number one and that's how everyone you ask any coach. You ask any player
from any sport. By the way, guy, who dog this guy errands the guy guy, and it's very much like that, whenever you're out and within by the way the people that you think are the big stars, which I agree big stars there. daring to be like man, I would like that is he added you could have been a fuck, throw in whatever the fuck you wanted bundling in after chatting about him. He does not If the mindset that most people have done most sports people like hey, I gotta, invest every single moment of my entire life he's more so I'd rather learn about me, learn about how I can be the best me so that whenever I play sport, I'm playing my best sport and also, I believe he is one of those gifted intelligent humor- is next up there. Now his caddie giorgio also way up at absolute dog A couple of moments in here where we will attempt to call georgia to get the answers because it seemed like he did- have a bigger brain everybody else out there, but it was an amazing weekend very thankful. Then we went on a break. Now we are back I have missed doing
immensely. I haven't seen love to vacation with my wife down to an island in the middle of nowhere actually in that's a little sketchy to be kind isolated and I isolated the the place. we get so nice and is so so nice gorge. Very They charge you for it, but there is a reward issue, but there's What time do the rain start coming in and we had like four straight no rain at all was like beautiful, perfect. Damn like this is really and then the rain comes in and it gets real dark out there and you're like I just the cabin in hawaii, I guess yesterday or two days ago, hawaii had this one big wave that is busted over buildings and into like people's weddings and stuff. Like that didn't do I don't think anybody dreaming. I got, but you do think about that. You're pretty high on some vitamins. Looking out there, you like we're one wave away from this, what hopeless well yeah cause it's it's an island all by itself. You have to actually take a boat to get to it. So, like that's the only way you can get there,
necessarily a fuckin sailor. I don't think I'm get out of there, so you have to think about that little bit, but it was amazing. I am very, very pumped to be back. We have a for joining us in a second hour, I believe and not out of censure. If it's been confirmed or not number twenty, one in the drooling the man took on the broad james and that the rose in this way he might we joining us in a third. Our aid has been interesting conversation with him. I think he's traveling from allay to somewhere else. Did in a weekend that he's going to talk about for the rest of his life. He would like to see how it wasn't potentially other side. Maybe some other guests as well. Aj hawk will join us in the second hour and it is time and I've talked too much to chit chat with the toxic table at boston corner. You look amazing, you are a fantastic carry out there. I proceed your vibes. I appreciate your I appreciate your hard work and I hope you had an incredible off week, though yeah it was an unbelievable, went back to baltimore, yeah tahoe, still surreal, so much fun out there and those par three is like the the seventeen on saturday that you hit. I mean a couple:
darts thou the best only actually start on that on thursday to sell the whole thought about. Getting birdie on seventeen on Saturday. I guess not conversation that happens amongst them american century championship, people whenever there are viewing how my weekend was because place. Is you know I'm not going into it you sure, why did we yelling at me to kick a ball into the thing, but I didn't I bring my own footballs. No, so, like I don't know, you don't owe me, if the goalposts out there on a boat like one of my stars, who also are going to pass for our next time. I think I think we got a packet you're supposed to bring a dozen with guys. You John there's no way, there's no way connor new either since we got there out such super papa might hey there it's been a lot of moments in this particular thing, not real, like we couldn't reach
I know that was tough. It was awful and there are so many people there and you know you saw Aaron, though, on Friday kind of a vet of tahoe, someone right in the front row threw him a ball, and then he hawk that, but I think the american century championship people gave him like one ball. Okay, I think they give him like one ball that he throws, but then cause. I should have late to that, because seeing as low but of a hall. All we get the seventeen and I was getting caught so I showed up a little bit late and aaron had like a clean ball in his hand, and I was like oh okay. This is kind of like all I'm sooner sausage year, a kind of rigour in this whole thing out and then he fucking hops. Here I mean indoor boat. I think at a guy on a boat. I dunno, though I think he hit another guy, almost sank like a stone that the guy did not catch it. He dropped it so
in an errand. I kind of walked off and they asked us for a walk up music on thursday or friday at they're, not on saturday, though, on friday asked for waka music saturday that they did not to friday, seven nation army would play sports, so it was pretty fuckin electric, but we literally, standing there and our staring at us and there's nothing I can do like. There's I shot a basketball five times missed all five second marriage. Not to do that anymore. Eminence standing there and somebody will throw a kid- will throw who's at a boat party very lit atmosphere, oh yeah super pumped for this kid and his life. In what he's going to go on to become and he's going to then one but he's sharp be tape too, ball. You not say to the ball through to you. So I get this ball. sign it. I'm like okay, so with this,
when people just start fucking hung on and I've got people behind me yelling fuck too good to get, and I'm like well this kid literally. This kid is just staring at me, so I just throw the ball bedroom hazel. I was in the railways boat booing Asher, so we have to figure out how to operate. Seventy and other them we're doing on the course now. I felt very tough one metal, the advent of one or two, and I was first I made maybe in the entire trip that was very nice. Of that all tend to do that or people who are at these par threes, the better you perform like the bolthole on twelve, which is where those guys on thursday really hey man. I used to apple, because if you do was gorgeous boat. I mean purple why that was good. Already there like there was europe robert cannot bear you know I'm looking at that boat down on my it's a fucking good, but let's do sinhala boats in my backyard yeah. This boats fucking and I've never had a one before, but is there
better time than now to hit a hole in one got. Aaron rodgers here here lies fans of the show. Here we are in I hit it to three feet: the pot get apart, but it was coughing on then on the stream they are on the telecast. He said too bad he's out of this group, not normal. It's like what birdy auditors, lifelike method- I was down here by- we have always downhill fuckin ebay. Standing over that pot notes. The combinations are happening in here when you stand ever put the ball roles literally forty five yards, if you tat it is not good, I mean, is not good at all, but I felt like I knew what the boys are going through this weekend. I sort of that's why also impressive com smith or the fact that he is not on the green, but I guess that the whole thing is green growth like an old course. The whole thing is growing. If you really want to do, you could go potter potter, yes,
that modern break you, your potter, potter, putting on a whole numerous times at the old course. If you had touch the town to do so would not I would have been. I wouldn't ward, seven hundred on the old course that was, I I have no idea how they did it. A very thank you for your kind of you crush them. But you really did corner was van fan, favorite rapture. connor was hiking around this place with that bag on the back and it had to be so tiring. You had better the maid, but you have certainly had a lot more weight in your attitude throughout the entire thing was met immensely needed. Like you, you we're a home run, but I hope you know that, and I appreciate I appreciate that, and I mean in a cell for me. I appreciate you bringing me out there, because not only also an rogers rob Riggle. Also
we found out was a nineteen year. What lieutenant colonel I had no idea was that serious who is known their great guy- and you know when you get back off work. His fiance wife had because I think she was awesome chelsea out on one hole on a par three that read. We want to complete, we were Connor and I thought it was going to complete opposite direction. Grains no, I just assumed okay, the higher I get the better will radio that do not it's not up higher. I got it seemed like the more blurry vereen started to get with the rough almost because it was so nicely manicured. But there was numerous times on these greens. Caught on? I hundred hard left easy that joke sensual If she would happen to be walking by with rob and be like excuse me, what do you? What do you think on this probably four inches right to left up
really, fiji, ok and then she has this book because Conor actually tried her up. Don't like no way like that. Doesn't this I'm putting for we re now. This doesn't happen often like we see it left right shares his book come out in he's like bodily. very nice. Talk shit knows her shit like she was unreal. She brings this book out she's like look. You are right here here or here. Look at these errors like the video game. Yes, she has a book with the video game. Almost I fucking rimmed, so rimmed out or an edge would have gone in the santer. If what me in car thought was going to happen, happened I mean it was. We need one as next also need wanted a rangefinder haha. We didn't have a rangefinder that turned out to be a problem. Giorgio and Aaron have a they have. One kilometers meters out of yards so says the same, because the elevation are you going to hit it ten percent,
than you usually do, because the ball travels farther, though that that's smart yeah every time, that's what they're doing. Instead of what we were doing, we were eyeballing one, seventy! So what's that like actually one sixty, but it's uphill a little bit so one six! three, I was the one fifty to one, and I have five clubs do potter driver of bore ivory, seven in enabling those, although really likes you not say what The potter was used more anything and it was really let down everything else. The performed pretty well yeah. Absolutely. We just have to find greens out here that are glass and then I think we'll be good to go next year. I am afraid I've got some bad I'm not sure the weather out here will ever get the point where we can be up at I was nice hope. Your break was great, got back to boston, for the family, unbelievable had hung out with them and then you know came back ready to roll. You look good. I appreciate the hell out of you and it is time to celebrate, and this is far too far
and the show for this to happen. But because the shows obviously very routine. Very, educating in everything that is child about is talked about beforehand in certain fashion. That has stopped the incredibly rehearsed boot lays germany the dutchman. Thank you very much. You mentioned it. I mean I've been gone for three weeks and grandmom. One of them was our vacation week, but fuck I had this, you guys, if it really does feel like I've been gone for six months. I missed you pal, it's just that is so that is such a long time. We come in here every day spent so much time with you guys. I get it. It really is like culture shock, and it was just I'm. couldn't watch the show. Obviously, because I have a newborn and like there was so much and I had to do, but it also just it so weird, so I've, it's obviously hard leaving my wife and my kid, but I was was rear. Nego this morning rate comes. I couldn't wait to get in here. Greater powers, fatherhood, it's good, It's good, I mean I I think I I told you this on the phone the other day, I thought
their lot of people, gas up like how different what it is and all that kind of stuff. It's not. I mean it's very, very stressful. It's you know like, but it's sleeping yeah like I was. I was up at four thirty this morning, I'm usually like hey I'll set the alarm at eight fifteen shower get in here. Get you know, asked alarm available before I'm going to be late, but yeah, I mean not a whole lot of sleep and it just, but it's it's all worth it. You know baby's healthy. So I feel like that's really all you can ask for everything else is kind of just like a, which signed up for so you can't really bitch about it. You kind of just got to figure it out as you go and I feel like we're doing a pretty good job. So far I asked you offer you are doing a great job. Thank you. So scaling is killing it and I asked you offer they always say. Like you, don't love anything. You know you don't have anything until you what was it like to see like you in something like that was? Was it again? Was that an immediate game, oh yeah, for sure, and I think everyone
I don't know, but I feel like every parent. Maybe has that worry words like you're in the hospital and, like you kind of just don't really have kind of reaction when the baby comes. But I was an absolute. I was an absolute mess. Just weeping like crying uncontrollably, almost right away, I cut the umbilical cord, which was you know like that was great. came in that the day. Thank you good guy and I refer here, but I would also like I was. I was sitting there whole, not just like cry like I couldn't even talk to like it just its its wits. There is really no way to like actually describe it. Yeah for anyone who's like expecting to have a kid. You know it really is like a you know, because I wife was in late. We got in the hospital at eight a m. We didn't have her until one am the next the next morning and just in time, and it's like okay, what you know, whatever your you're, almost getting like a little annoyed like when is this going to happen, but then yeah she got there and it was. It was like an immediate like a holy shit like this. Is this is crazy
sadly, the grass you and caitlin, I believe now see. A thrill has right. You know I have children. I assume you can lean on him. If you have any questions same with AJ hawk, family round here, but this is the first office baby Yes, I'm office baby she's about gets boiled what I mean understand that other people problem. I spend more time with sloan chair probably show a lot more emotion? I'm just going to be the better to mail that shows up with a bunch of money would have bad. Why do people have graham in granada do not want to come, say a low on all right, but it is wonderful, honour, exact, exile zone cod. It's gonna be probably out somebody's gotta do by the way gets corners. I got nothing another nick probably going to be over there a lot, because, obviously you know Carl Kalen net. The whole thing I mean that is going to take place la z, don't go
or some of the most giving people of all time. Thou shalt do whatever they're gonna be I said sure I'll be around as much as everybody else, but just know sun will reap the benefits of old uncle, pat being her uncle. She already has you guys, even samson, a beautiful flower arrangement and an elephant that has her name embroidered on there, that this elephant birthday by them it's like eight feet tall. It's like an actual life size, baby elephant, so she's going to fucking love. I kinda wish that it said like from uncle pat, you know I'll, let her know we should embroider than their branded yeah yeah just session to know incredibly happy proud of you pumped for you great. Have you back now, instead to the man who had no an incredible performance. That's right in a celebrity softball game. Just a few days ago. Obviously he was representing team berg brought to you by aqua shirt and toned eggs- I'm so happy that you, softball game, then back out which private
you were thinking about doing a lot of different occasions. Look like you had fun coach. Exactly the family had a good time and it looked like a great event congrats to you on the big win. Thank you and how was the break pal yeah? It was it. It was a great time. It's awesome, it was awesome. Lasher is awesome. Again, every single endowment tell you what, after talking a lot of boys, I'm pretty sure seven's coming home also make sure you workers back the put your bosses. It was awesome, got to meet both of the pencils potential starting quarterbacks and they were rude office. meda regulation. Wasn't wow wait. That's all masons bodies from wash while caddying mitch, who couldn't have been fucking nicer people, everyone there is nice, it was awesome, but it was a I'll do that as long as they have as long as one
add me I'll. Do it I'm happy? Because there is always a little anxiety when you have to travel and go do something to do while you're. There, though yeah once you do it and you're done with it. It's like I'll enjoy that same thing with the american century championship but yeah. I was I mean, I'm sure who could sense it from the shows leading up to it I had a lot of anxiety going into that thing mostly because I haven't golfed enough, but also that's People to be around on a very the basis, and I am not a super like out about the public, the guy I much rather be a homebody at this. My life than ever, but getting to see people meet Do the whole thing like I'm in of do this type more You know I got to do this type of stuff more I enjoyed. It this similar thing happen you, I guess We gotta remember this next year. We gotta remember this. Whenever this comes up, there's going to be and I found an answer I know I should remember we wanted to do this last year. We to do this. We should remember to do that, but there's
I was be those moments. I think where you me both tower that that we ain't do it twenty eight miles of walking in phuket? He was hurt. Do you remember the autograph hounds around every single fucking hole man with no regards for anything other than getting all their shit signed at their auto? I signing superbowl. That is, american food. the only person by the way, because I have to deal with said type of people much more than everybody else I there's a couple moments where I was those who want to now: okay, you're, like actually to all body dinner fans were in there as well I want to sign for them, but I fucking hate I don't know how to tell fans of ours. They understand that. I feel that way. So I think the interaction actually got a couple of pops out of some people. That is something americans ensure damping ship should look into, I can't figure out you got a that's a real
you know maybe autographs after very mild orient, not door, and maybe I guess at pictures during autographs after whenever you're in there, and it's not just but that's this is me pointing out. One thing that I would potentially think of. next year, when I'm being super negative about lake tahoe, because the you gonna toto- and we need to remember that that is not enough to not go sparrin style. Just like what you nodded, traveling doing the whole thing, not enough to fucking nahko cuz you're awesome out there pal call the yahoo or beer so cool out there to beg you. And there is a lot of that. Luckily, for me I know someone asked me for my autographed at their of actual family show I have to worry about them selling for me for a long time and I felt so honored and privileged for an autograph like this is the coolest thing of all time. I had notebooks back in the day and a practicing monograph hoping one day that somebody
ass before and I still enjoy signing, but the motherfuckers are trying to rip off our france with seven hundred fifty fuckin box like that guy, and that it's not a good person, scum of the earth. That is a bad person right there. That person, trying not only you, know, take advice My kind this and make me feel bad and my work in our work in the sleep knights and everything that we try to do not harbour. but so a lot of work into that. The second course people votes on the tragic events of them back and a certain amount of money. This absurd that nobody should sign for any piece of marker on any let alone my eye we paying you to vulcan. Do that. So that's how I feel that what, when you get to the point I made here Continue big guy sign for everybody, but you can also take my angle doing just finally set up backing. It's a pretty freeing. It's a pretty freeing feeling to tell you what you know. One of my favorite people I got to see and talk to fellow pies on genes. Their tour was their open.
He sent me he sent me a selfie with gene steratore and he said he's got fucking flags In an index gloried area area grandma, the proper did. I love tee. He asked It was the eaves electrifying passive in his company stare, tore sanitation or what he's got a big advertised in only I feel wall he's going down there, Why should a gene stared or I think I told you we would like genes Therefore, on once away, I thought for the upcoming sees it yes and digs told him and geese algae figured. I love that guy in the interval, mrs, it yeah uniform, missis hamley degree in the back of the flag. Only by deserted you should go toss out. Where you are
it kicked out a celebrity softball game. It's good motion there's another move to avoid the autograph. How sure I mean that's a great move. Get out of there he's got kick some dirt get kicked around. Look at how excited we are outta. There are there. You know there's fishing brought everywhere other that's right Fields got nfl dog at university, world championships A thousandth of a second, too a reaction. What the fuck did that mean our guy get screwed like Del s house to watch tractors. There's nothing else on actually enjoyed. It didn't naturally enjoyed watch everything about watch the open, so calm, commissar job gas, fucking love comes passionate because every, but he was here,
for healing everybody wanted war, roll was pj war or is guy roars going to reuters? certain shots with the weekend. I was like oh this guy's gonna fucking win this dudes chipping it to a half foot away whenever he's in rough or whatever it feels like the gulf. God like hey Rory here you go, we're we're taking a stand for the good of golf and everything that here we are back overseas, we're always going to do it and then concert nothing and that's the dunno. If you know about me and my putter pal, I'm gonna fucking do my thing. That guy is a fucking lie lowest total at one hundred. fifty year, history, the open guy has led to this or whatever the saying was love a score and history of the tournament chuck It was out of the clear we learned today. not too, is that he answered at this morning, while looking incredibly hung over at an airport to beers, fit into the glare job. Now we know now. By knows, he shot before twice in this tournament, while round two and the final round lowest round,
are lowest back nine in major history. It mattered. The most, the back nine on sunday in contention com played his best. championship, and it was all because there, god, damn potter was an absolute magic stake. He put once he wouldn't power lies. He had nine less potter than rory macklewain. Now originally report is nineteen, but digs Anna, and I heard this from the container said like nineteen less pots and rory over the weekend. That's an astounding number and we're literally almost one didn't, we had this conversation this morning. We both want the tweet holy fuck. That is so many go to segment? They come back because he didn't correct himself. He just instead nine it makes a lot more sense, but that's a real thing. Com was unbelievable in the big that he's called by the fuck code.
Dude standing over some of the most tedious touchy operations in golf with the opa. old course, which I later a from the golf community. So. I apologize for not knowing In fact, as games vs, where the game started, that's why tiger had that whole moment that was on he said yeah he'll never get to do this again, he's been doing it since he was nineteen in nineteen. Ninety five, probably his last I'm walking up in that moment is something that he'll remember forever, and they talked about the old course being won't be back until like I guess lahti, but he You know winning that at the course they created gulf, the hundred and fifty of it and just having What appear to be no feelings at all enemy hostile territory in Roy I for one will that do a fuckin? yeah, I love camps, but the about it was two. Cars
the melt down on twelve or whatever the masters yep so like that was kind of his ammo for this year. Even though he's one and he's great butter, but you talked about the putt on eighteen for eagle, but also the put on, it's up around the falcon to save and then the part, but was not sure partners are to save. There was like an eight nine footer. Then he buried yeah cause that put fucking center cut, at least You might have been ten to fifteen that put all round again just no problem. And then com young gets an eagle right after tom, young abso player. He had ever be on his pocket. The afghans opium major peaceable little answer this guy. We hope very run down these that I know, but that was That was incredible to watch. It was honestly ass. I wanted to see you know now. There's rumors, obviously about a lot of people, in the tour going over. to live in more, I want to see
asked and johnson gunnar shake it up. Just you know still here, because he was kind go. It doesn't. Johns was kind of blame for a little bit and I saw a walk I think, he's scheffler and I just thought to myself: like did if you ask ever like, what's it like to have fun, what's it like to have two hundred million dollars now Scottie scheffler, obviously uber religious person and has a different mindset about life. I think the most people and even competitive people he's his own guy, but watching and Johnson have success at a major. Why being able to collect one hundred and twenty five million dollar signing bonus. I wonder if there isn't more players that are like okay, so I get some we were I'm exempt to these majors and then, when I'm examining these majors, I need to go and All of the money in the world and stand that the money's coming from a place that a lot of people say like can't take money from those types of people.
but the peach areas like twenty sponsor see, that is to have saudi money a part of their company, so the pda is actually receiving the benefit of some sort money, but now the whole would stop at all. We right now is not a large army also natasha no, probably shouldn't a terrible person. I mean that's a billboard. I mean idol it's on a record period. I didn't see the whole thing. I feel like there's a lot of hypocrisy about taking money from people when it's certain people as opposed to businesses- and I didn't like the fact beginning of this, that the only people attacked and ridiculed and scolded for this. Our athletes involve Obviously, I'm talking about. I don't like that. The athletes are the only people that are getting ridiculed for this when business Do it may fun at whenever we have funds. skype dinosaur this guy. So I will talk about there's only one and stated blame for sad day
anyways. The amount of businesses that have also benefited from the same money pool in our celebrated as like great This moves and congratulations. I just don't first and why the athletes are the only ones that are getting fucking buried for this now, I guess, I'm too big of a doofus to understand, but I would like Ferrety just announced he's gonna Dave, ferrie, is going over the Charles barkley's meeting with live stenson the captain of the ryder cup, it's gone where there is Tom Smith rumors, said my team will deal with play golf he's. its cup standing, such as the beauty. I think what you like- twenty million dollars- I guess specially after you win the open. You probably get even more points, that's an interesting time in coming. You, girls or not. There is a lot of momentum. Heading live in The reason is
a hundred and some million dollars just getting handed over the guys that had been here having the world, making no guaranteed tash other than the cat They have made, and I would like to let the pg. reporters, though in the gulf reporters. Now that, like I respect what you're doing I respect you go into battle In the defecting, in the way you talk about it because you are taking a stand for something that feel his are in a by the way. We respect that like shit, but where were you when the PJ wasn't paying anybody anything like how come back? turn on something that's worthy of a conversation. smith flying home on ryanair over there, the south west and then the live guys from portland to scotland have a plan. if plane, that is all first class, rounded body how come you're, not worrying about how pga has treated the, offers over the last forty years or whatever, when they had no competition,
you guys were talking a lot about that. How come we're just learning about this? Now There was really no guaranteed money. No guarantee benefits really know nothing for any these are in there, but if they go play anywhere else we sewed, inevitably around again, it's just like I feel like some things that maybe were missed in the coverage, but I do like now a cover for the right. You know how for standing up for the world's XL, its This is an interesting place right now and I will tell you I've fucked of watching every single weekend. I will watch it and here's my thing. I don't care. If they're playing for the PJ or the live, I don't give a shit either way. I just want everyone to be on one tour so that all the best as you're planning it. So that's all the major is going to be exact. The majors like this is- and I guess it's like every kind of guess- every kind of sport growing up. I dont know enough about the aid you worlds plainly a sports, so I don't really know that. But, like you, in your thing and unlike the big tournaments have begun,
like everybody else, tributes yardage charlestown italy selling. I didn't majors right, yes still be over. All the big write, it Is that every weekend which we watch muddling where one of the only people it now has a lot of people watch always watch your bingo the reason why we do it, but I think, like the weekly events, going to hit from this? Whenever there's a couple good guys here, a couple good guys here, who's playing who's, not playing, but I think them it will continue to be fucking in the summer from lives going to have to fucking. Do, though, like someone's got shot, but these major schemes You know what I mean if they want it continue to be all that be late to be late to be late, but I don't think live. Gives a fuck and I think, alternately away. It is going to come down to the masters next year because I feel, like a lot of guys, are waiting to seek as a gust. Obviously is so you know like old guy.
Of history, traditional like if they come out and make a stand and say you know what fuck you guys, we don't care if you've won a green jacket. You can't come play here that, I actually encourage you. Imagine the pr. That will come from the bingo bingo, so say it's a slippery slope, hard money. That the masters are going to let anybody, way that has been exempt to play in the matter have to watch that they have fast ever body does to gases- is quite infamous, of course, Good call, I'm just saying that it is. It does feel as if there's a lot of like you on like sand. oh yeah. What swing in heart foundation foundation- isn't real strong you're swinging, but like there's some information that can just get dropped out of nowhere that that takes you
wheatley outlets, and while I still feel this way, though, like I appreciate the fact that the golfer's lives are going to get me better. definitely come smith line on that commercial flight hilarious. I guess, but that's also like that's a direct words like look how this company is treating their people and look at this company has treated their people because they had no competition for thirty four. Forty years day, these people, no competition, this, what they ve been able to get away with. Here's nuke petition this. What are willing to do? so. That'll automatically raise what this now calm, trying to fit. The where job into a ready, overtaken idea that they did not do not getting to know they didn't get him a ticket, but I didn't get glared jug ticket on the plane. it doesn't have to fit underneath the seat know is that it's actually happening. This is something that is making this up. This is a real thing. Two hundred and fifty years yeah the biggest
Hotaru originated all shoving, this claret jug into the overhead. You shitting me in there fucker some flight attendant, probably walks by police it out yeah. They always have like some magical touch. They really they're just figure out a way to like balance it in there they'll show that's all you had to do. Thank you, Jesus the way to large to be that we actually have checked your final destination are whatever the case, the light. I think you don't ya, hear this list I didn't fit in there, no, not a chance. I mean we all see it. Just like the physics of that pot that I had on whatever fucking twelve twelve that stopped. While I was going downhill, which never happened at that gore since or has ever happened that thing ain't fit, but it will lift. You know everything will hopefully lift. You would hope that players with theirs more guarantee money which a listen, The businesses have enough, I getting money like thing about common, his dad was what he as a conch construction. I forget
very blue collar john constructs, like you, think, about what com, washed. Australia, blue collar worked his dick. got a grew, unbelievable yeah I just buying completely into like a on the guy yeah right, fuck off attack. I like that so much, but think about that. those people making more money is good for everybody, and I just think We should remember that, no matter how you feel about where money is coming from we're telling you looking look where other companies have got money, then if you We allowed names the companies on this year's going to be like well he's everywhere. Can't I can't go there. I can't do that. Oh my god, I can't do that. I can't do that, but these athletes fuck them sons of bitches ease don't watch the pga tour there and just is essentially things to
well? He wrong, though I mean every everybody yeah. You want to like ridicule these guys because they have better laws. They get paid more. They don't have to golf as much and they still get to play in the majors like in see the play golf. The gulf reporters on twitter, though. ridiculous everything you just said right there. It is magic. You said that in their suffering, it again so which extends because all them very much employed by the tv. So it is their job to to back the pierre DE I can fuck live it's bullshit. These guys can't do this. What are they going to do in David, ferrety, strength, martinis and some of them were able ferreting and shock good comrades? Could they wit this is just like: the n b, a finals or the m b, a playoffs when it was the ntsb and they they do have to figure out the coverage. Not that youtube isn't a place that you can cover. I think youtube can be a home to sports. I should be home to sports, it's accessible everybody through basically every new, smart tv old school,
cable. I understand it's going to be tough to figure out, but every phone has. Two in every fucking. Smart tv has youtube, so I think it is possible, but you it's all been in the mickey mouse mickey mouse for making me, but it's early got to plan something and I understand, live fifty four move that friday, though right jack have that be friday, saturday, sunday, if you're, going to get better ratings on a sunday than a thursday yeah, but you know what no I mean anytime, the olympics or the world cup w w e is over in saudi. It's like the daytime surf. We will walk as you yeah you watch. oh buddy, shoulder pop that Take us. That was a nod. I didn't enjoy that at all that that can going to be a good fight. I was going be for allies way or take operates. Why, like that, like com psmith, I mean smith, get you she'll guy. He tapped guys about the fire
is throw bombs knock your fucking teeth out. He was just eating punches to me. He was just eating a handsome guy, very chill eating punches fucking That's why I put him on a besides yeah, I saw Dana gave some guy a bunch of money for his birthday people. Yeah. How dare he if the friend as partners in galilee in world everybody's, going to fix everything. That's up in the back neck great I'll bet. You prosaic appreciate you man, honestly as la to walk and do your best with the The service being kind of touchy there for a bit. I think we got the great clips. I feel like we very well, and we Weren'T- I guess our group, on t much which, by the way, all good there's a lot of big names. At that fucking thing. I I a lot of tweets from people appreciating the coverage on twitter, so I Get the hell out of you naked man. Thank you for the opportunity that was a once in a lifetime. Experience was incredible once in a lifetime up
because if we get invited we're doing it again, but we gotta remember we're doing it again or what is there are one hundred per cent chance of students that invite comes that? What is my first reaction? I can't commit to anything right. Guy, there's no way for days, though I'll think about rattling, where it's beautiful cod It is so gorgeous. It is a different country because we were the run that we want on was arizona vegas in the tahoe indy, then I went to the island I saw, six different planets yeah like tahoe, was a completely different guy. That's your! It felt like we're in europe. One of one over there demands are so vent in the house. We're in I mean the house was be created for the view. Joint. What they are doing is outrageous and I was on a jet ski. us water mouth
the wish so now, etc. I showed you don't let it was actually do water, fiji, wise calls. You bastard no, I didn't know we off where we are not lost because beta legend, whose own right it s just like we're off is every morning, though, we want, like he's like six, degrees fast, seven, That's how I woke up literally had too different morning, I'm I'm getting. About right here, just with nature honestly felt like oh yeah it, but bunch different, know yeah. Exactly I mean I think lake tahoe is probably the mecca of California. I dunno why it's never talked about never ever end. It's a year round thing like if you ski you can go there in the winter and then obviously deliver a lot of hike, saw a lot of
walking step on trash or going through town you'll see a lot of like brown shoes that have the full thing and the hiking and backpacking hiking through patagonia. The hope is, no, I don't think they respect the hookers were talking like limit minimalist style. I think, like that type of stuff, that one volunteer mitch, he was a dog who had hoke, is on, I believe on. I think it was six or seven told my guy said: there's a lot of conversations out here: that he got out of the hospital come see us involve dear they're, just cs I work in the event to it was awesome, mere those was really cool, there's a lot of those conversations that I never get to have with anybody, because I never leave my house they're really put everything in perspective. I can thank you all enough for allowing us to live this life, w w. We as turning up the heat summer, slam witness the beast brock, less challenge the head of the table. Roman reigns in Alaska and standing match for the undisputed w w E universal championship it's going down
biggest party of the summer, which means all your favorite superstars we'll go head to head, including Becky lynch riddle, south rawlins bobby lashly, bianca bel air drew mac tire, liv, morgan and many more summer slam streams live saturday July thirtieth at eight pm eastern exclusively on peacock July, two thousand twenty two sports show back off to begin. That's right, a lot of know what turn it down turn the music down there. Thank you moment of silence for the let's ride on this starts a shell. not survive the hiatus, no quarterback who threw it came in like a lion, broncos country, broncos coach.
Broncos country, less country better, the top the hour hmm because everytime an hour started. All I could think about was riding into health. Show like Russell Wilson would ride in monica with the shoulder pads and his helmet and put on a workout that those fuckers have never seen before. So they throw a ball football side of the cliff he's down with it. He looks around us visa ride. Whenever russia was in this raw ross, sierra, the white house, their complete passes, Shown here or. washington, has seen a long time and goes speaks of capital in front of all the
center dissenters, congress, people, politicians represent, has represent ribs. He says the sport of sorts of sought. Where is. That's what I think about every time. We said it. Therefore, a couple weeks and just like all things, That issue has. it unfortunately ended quickly with zero celebration or heads up took, was one government one week off and now we will no longer ride in two hours, and I am all those sad that it is gone. I am happy, it even happened in the first place, so Let's ride into a new chapter, mozilla last ride in new time. Last ride it into a new era of this show, which be seeking a new beginning to the hour every single hour
We find. Whatever's home is the beginning of the hour. That's right, talent, eggs, that's a fucking! Shame that that's over, especially with your cowboy had it felt like it was the perfect match, shirt felt so good. It felt so right. You know so so so good, but you so good things. Feel silence. I didn't expect you know this thing. First time it really has come up, but I want the longest field goal in field history. At one point help somebody else when an s be from what they did Yeah on hinesville shirt, I got shook to shit by internal, your brand in
rest in peace I believe I won punt pass and kick sean's heinz field Three rivers has certainly heinz field, but now it's good that you're allowed to watch pay per view, saying that pigskin sure why it was guy don actually stay in Iraq. Sure obviously and insurance company that utilizes artificial intelligence and other stuff gang or a kind of cutting edge. I tried to tell you not enable and empower this artificial and they wanted to touch upon the niece they did catch of, took its blocking self. now. There is an argument to be made. That is more than likes the that I'm sticking. We should in that's our motions. Are, should look at it because heinz had not particularly to make
the presiding sponsor I have heinz field, they chose not to now They might say that didn't make sense with how much acrisure the gave by aperture. We should view them caring more about the steelers and then Instead at the decision being made with that being said, however, on one of the pittsburgh paints pony up, they already paying for say why not double dan p, p g, obviously heinz lot of people think Primanti's manager. Amc did anybody even knows available democracy come crypt? this thing and say staples back crypto dot, com arena. Here we are, is
I sure did. Did they just call and say what timespan will pay quadruple? That is that what was up in two thousand and nineteen- and they had just been doing a year to year extension, the guyana got him a handshake agreement until would have thought that they would turn the back on the city that they were fucking found that HJ heinz has turned it over in his grave right now because I looked at the board of directors of finecraft right now, was, the price up there, though, though it's been there longer than fucking two thousand and nineteen, they got no loyalties to hide in the city of pittsburgh. It so whoever from fucking hide so did the heinz kraft murdered their fucking. We all know. We are too high, auto hans, there's so much better than that. Other guy, I thought all ass a superior product of. Fortunately still so, we have to stick with the catch of blood, not fucking, happy, zita. Please show the picture of the bottle that we,
definitely going to be trying to purchase Photo front of bell and for that matter yeah build on IRAN fucking last time is going to be seen dire backing. ok, we want to my boy What guy has a hand to we gotta by that we also have to buy cancer bottles. We'd like one of the catch of bottles in, actually. I don't think we do anymore hines. It's a good point. The company writer Hynes right now, ain't hindy, right though he put it on top of the thunder that would put on top, has done nobody going to represent them. It sounds like they don't even give a fuck about being from pittsburgh. It's not the company that HJ built why? Why Rudy the game? Rudy's
although last year at least chip job, hey rudy, sub stadium, I don't know how much money we have or how much money it would have taken. But like. I would have been able to scrounge it up if I could have just called that mother fucker user field. I imagine that, like that would have been amazing, now this is, how long this deal, probably fifty or fifty years fifteen of fifteen years. This is like the four hundred and forty million dollar offer on that side. So joining us now is a man who celebrated with florida this weekend, and that was a very pittsburgh conversation, so I didn't want to bring this guy into it, because people honestly don Roy and bill take a photo with that. Heinz bottle was one of the saddest day since they blew up the igloo. What a day, what a day journalist now has a man who's incredibly good at golf yeah, which none of us could have expected: worship while we should have actually
genuinely said, I have no idea what's coming out of his mouth ever whenever we're around each other. There is an endless amount of shit that could come out of his mouth that you would know, numerous times where we're just having a time in tahoe, and he says something I have to stop what I'm doing and go how did How did that come from that fuckin brain through that thick skull through the mouth out there and laugh Derek largely because it somebody with one of the most interesting humans of all time, a man who has done budweiser, why lord stanley cup, just after ice cream, had college football national championship bowl champion?
cup champion and winner of fifty thousand dollars from me at the american century, championship licensure. Major do you guys don't eight congrats? What bill bills engage seats and gauge tie had a baby men about stuff? let's go a hell of a month a When I say this, I mean this you're one of the most impressive beings the humans have ever had, and you know that you do you do to that african to hang out with you a lot. I'm happy we got, why, together every single day, I'm not sure if they heard my this about hating, basically being around people, and if that it brought us together, because our scores were kind of other they put us together. It was an honor sir, and your friend Aaron, our friend aaron, was so kind that was a fucking awesome tournament AJ and thank you for helping get me into that thing. I've been telling you for a few years, yet you I think you would really enjoy it
I'm glad at all the boys enjoyed and had a good time and there's obviously yet the physical well, then it takes on you that you don't realize that I've seem to forget every year or two we've never been doing it for a long time. it easier as you get older. That's for sure. When I what hole was it when I started mother fucking you basically about it by the third hole yeah. How come you didn't tell me about? Like? I know you didn't know you have to respect that cause, you do what you gotta do eight next year. You are what you gotta do, because you want to look sweet in your js. You've got to wear some old sketches. I saw some of the stud golfer at the no sweet like you've got to get those ramos wearing skechers golf shoes high suits, though he's a sketchy guy or guys where they have super phones on, didn't look like hokosa, but they I don't know what tony's looked like that. I saw some other guys we're some sketches that looked like something that pistol with words I think I would stay away. It was an awesome tournament and there was a couple of times where I did say like you are a fucking piece shit for not telling me
but I didn't even think about walk in their course being a prob unproven, shape feel pretty good right now that I'm one hundred floors on stairmaster, I'm going for five rounds in the oculus, I'm feeling very good like shape, was very good the feet. Nothing you can do about those in what your feet are by the way: you're fucking up your hips, because the way you have to walk with it so now you're hipsters, what's at my absence or like twenty, miles. I what twenty eight miles we walked up and down I think that, It's been something I should have thought about. I just assumed after watching golf course here in town people walk in it some nine year old fat rain. Unlike our that person to do it, then I want pj, I'm like there, isn't that many physical specimens just walking around. can pga or the lifting. So it's like this can't be that if there was a couple thoughts like walking
one thousand percent was hose. What cassettes, lonely. I may holes. I play on a card and only pick up for at least one someplace, eight, always normally I'd like five. Times about eight holes, each do the math forty one forty slash one I played so from like kohl's, eight thousand two hundred and fifteen each day at power. Three twelve, I was gone. I was sore mentally. Exhausted the feet were dead, It was something that I couldn't, I didn't think about going in, that I should have paid much more respect in hindsight, though, was there anything you would have been able to do prepare for that, like you would have had to play four four times a week and knocked eighteen hole. He figured it out. So that's what we're doing AJ was there. Whenever the idea came about putting bonus to the net or you go so hit ball or utopia. I forget retail and wriggled that I believe on saturday next year is going to be different and I think you told them that your whole setup This may wriggle, no, the dog I simulator new office stop or where we want to
treadmill, rednecks innocent drive in we're playing and right on that thing, who's the client and put walking boots on like carson, wentz yeah. So it's as uncomfortable as possible. stonewalk I'm a walking till my next shot and then I'm going to do with that. Then I got it all figured out. The only issue is going to be the punic there no green in Indiana that is anywhere near what the fuck that was, that was scary. Age are scary thoughts in my head, while I was lining up the a anywhere between a seventy four to a ten foreigner. It's the same conversation like theirs. No chance. This is that that was the part of the game that I did not you know into enough before heading out there. I think his greens were lightning fast and there was like levels to it. So it's easy to put off the green. I mean you try to claim the armor a sandbagger first off my first hole of the tournament first shot Well, how about in the water, okay, cool, I'm dropping, I gotta get up and down for bogey or I skip. I scold my
shot one hundred and eighty yards over water skipped it hit rock, went to the fringe up and down bogey. Let's keep it moving rambling all day. well, that's how you play golf though, if I don't get bored, if you don't his first two shots of the tournament fuckin in the water. Okay, first two shots hit water. He ends up with no no points there, because. bogey is just not a bogies. No blood double bogey, minus two par one point: bogey no points poor one birdy. Thirty three points up a couple: I said a couple of equal parts delivers six points and would have been huge if that was going. Those guys that win have to just make it they make those spots, I guess but anyways AJ will be you know, so far ahead of us presupposed rod and I'll hit some shit fuck into the tree. Somehow in any old banged, is
coop around and end up at like six feet, Daniel button, I'm like what was a buggy, I'm like what haha you run four holes over how julia you are the greatest scrambler in the history of golf. I do believe it. It was. It was electrifying watching you go you got unstring to. I was very lucky that I got the golf with you first these trade rounds. Whenever matter you were talking, bombing balls literally blind shot, can't see anything hitting it through bouncing off another one, and I don't like six is that how it is all the time is that how you got all the time is up. We're looks like the urban we don't play as well as I did. I normally would have like a day in there, where I shoot minus fifteen one day or something. That's usually the case. today, but I can't believe you see just lying anytime. Ok, our daughter con man You will remember the works. We played sunday me you and wriggle. My first he shot.
get up there, I'm using your three wood again that I started using day two. I was on the course spot. I, the sun, is glaring off the ball. I can't see the ball club was MR ball. I topped at ten feet as a guard. Let's just keep this three with my hand. I topped it again. I just picked up- and I was done before we got off the tee box first torrents and I know that you still some are what you wanna, plus or something still in the scramble, my ass off It's called gordon rg, three out yeah I thought, how could you miss them? I didn't know, I didn't see him golfing. I didn't see him golfing, but he was dressed hilariously. He looked. He was wrestle area sli and I guess he wasn't a good golfer. We once so about what ms tramell with a male merrier. We did you pay them about it here. walk
the family, so he he started on a different nine than us, so we saw where he was doing a lot of posing and shit, and this was already when he was at negative sixty. It had already been known by everybody that he was a terrible golfer. I guess Charles barkley, was tune them out of a plane, too fucking slow, Anthony Anderson cut some promos on him at the par three thing for playing too slow because mace move I ever have only golfer. Then why do you look pretty dumb? What if you see him dressed? He looks love this a pro golfer, his swing books very very as well, but it just doesn't score so he has watched other people who are good, golfers or his shot. He will you'll like look he'll. Take too big swings, but you gotta do the arm thing. That's my failure too big. Actually look, then he winds over and he has. He puts his the the club down in one hand here: okay, other hand, is back here doing this
actually doing. This He goes to the club, then this one's going. a trip bennydeck that man, it's a full on my picture. Perfect swain picture perfect, like hold on a par with them and then apparently, allegedly the ball just like every other way, but where but every time it's a fool. You know he's kind like negative. Eighty at this point guy hurry the farm ass about john bargain, thereby now I think he's got a tireless, normally pretty slow golfer it does it wasn't that good for a long time. So another he's saying: hey, come off
on. I think it became a a pretty big show and then what Anthony Anderson said on one of the answers there, I'm at the par three thing that you did it I was sitting next to me. Is that the the little close to the pin contests and I'd never seen ms address the ball? So I see this arm thing. I thought he was just playing it up for effect like it was. He was miked up and everything he had at. The interstate apparently was his or that day and he was like here we go the longest setup ever here. We go hit the ball and continue to say stuff too, but he didn't sound like he didn't sound real happy. Well, Ms, though I will say I didn't have to go I think I would love to offer you. Could you imagine him with us good you make. It was asking to see him on the other hole for five seconds break out written, so he did it's all set up. We saw him for. I have become a massive fan of the mess over the last like month and a half two months, just because I've got to experience the maze a little bit more, he is hysterical very talented, mother fucker he tees off
last one did full set watching it all happen, We wanted to like a fucking tree. It was. It was not good and he walked he watched down. The very way was staring at us. Then just stares at us for, like a good ten seconds, it sounds like this guy, twenty thirty one into the he's already negative. Ninety eight he's two people in his group I'd be like this fucking guy. That way, and when you are on the second on he was on the eleventh hole he happened. You know you guys happen to walk by each other. Do yeah. He goes those this long fair way, tat. He was on our firm and he disease and never he was awesome. I enjoy am I enjoyed rob miles. Digiorno and aaron rossum, and
Your brother fuckin super cool. Do man, I didn't actually set a little bit more reinhardt cool guy, I'll fix you have these, and he's been out there every year with me so yeah he absolutely loves. you. You heard him slopping around the lake every morning, just to help you wake up. That's why that's what I was about to say, Scott, buckeye water every morning: My room might not have how many houses have air out there. It's weird gigantic house. We stayed in a few other ones that I've been searching frantically for argue for condition you somewhere in the bowels of the house. I can find some cheap the doors it's beautiful, if the wind is great? It's perfect the reason why they don't have any architecture, because it's fucking perfect outside a lot basically year round, yeah. Well, I guess in the winter you just shut it whatever your cases, so I had my door open right there behind my room, fucking five, what what time was honestly. I don't even know what time the hawks were in the water. Like I don't know when I started, I dont worry time. It was my
wanna tell your brother. This in person cause. I think he would have felt bad or whatever. Maybe not, I dunno he sucked it was the one it woke me up. Every single one of you said like odd and wake up that I've known all my horse. My arm, obviously he's fucking. What that water did to him that no, he had to have been just slapping as hard as he possibly could with his these, were also go on my twenty thirty minutes, though lol yeah, he is cold. That's the thing! When you swim in that cold water, it is tough to breathe so yeah. I think he is. He doesn't have the most efficient stroke. They're not up. I enjoyed super cool guy. I really war Nobody. We met out there joining us now, is a man who is also a professional golfer. I don't think I shot the eighties deny one of those other. You ever everyday, probably not think at ninety one of those days, moon, navies, anyways, I feel pretty good about it, never got. It can tell
was about his golf camp as he did just get off like what a four month golf drives urgently. Re has really worked over the pay, as you work, and I think so. Ok let's get an update from this guy and also to channel little bit about his life. Insider for the nfl network and the league itself. obviously the host of the weekly wrap up with rapture and friends has been friends. He be Ladies and gentlemen, the ever handsome ian rapoport subdued. So you know I I do like golf as you alluded to. I have not too much yet been able to play in the tahoe golf tournament. You know, maybe one of these years, just it was bad right. You didn't have a good time, If this was a trio going out the american century championship it honestly,
have no idea how those seven hours on the course of this necessary on the back. We as it was great I that I didn't. I didn't. I didn't plan of gold and you know you always walk, and I think I make fun of you every time like who has enough time to fucking walk. I should have walked one time in my life before this tournament for straight rounds. Twenty miles my feet were: fucking, daddy and dead dead dead. Yet, just how good gosh you get some g force or something really likes you like pillows. You know I do. you're, absolutely right. I was even think about that. Would like these look awesome jordan two main very nice to them to do that as well. Now I Michael knows I gone I don't know if he knows, but I did get them. They were very from me and see about your weren't samuel, and so you are, I see fuckin manner
yo, dawg yeah, very good he's. He is Johnson's super jock that there's a lot of those chants by the way, a lot of hammered down chance on a lot of fuck. You boston corner. I don't think people even said rap. She never says anything on your show, even though it is true Did anyone ask where I was because I feel like that would be a would have been a good question. People have been asking that for three months: where have you been since the superbowl? That is a real question handed turn that around on me. I wasn't expecting that alright, but I haven't been on air in a while. I've got a lot of pent up energy already, so you can feel that through the microphone we do you by the way toxic table at its- his dog. Actually, he may The five. videos that we put out last week on our shelf Channel one of them was ian rapoport getting by us base it s very different. Was there are different video, because what I thought, those
that I saw that accidents really funny. It was about me being held curious, because I was so funny. I did not even appreciate how funny I wasn't I the yeah. I understand that yeah, especially with how funny you are. We get to experience that every time you do so you got to do it for the first time. Last week the shuttle to talk to the table at it's been away that you killed it. I assume will be doing business again. I hope he did a great job. He always very professional with us, Stealing our shit right. but then we had a conversation. the guy. Now there's two was two. One guy was like hey sorry like actually that was another guy tried to make me look terrible. So I was like alright, We will never work together and then this guy it was like. Alright, hey here's, a pretty good amount of money. I think, would you rather just do that yup crushed it cared about it. passionate about it, he's one that laid out ideas in the one. There's there's other people getting buried? Sorry being funny,
on the on the list of videos. Potentially you on there, I'm like we gotta, go relationship with a fucking, go ahead and eat that it ain't. So we appreciate you and we appreciate you pal. Thank you. I appreciate you guys and I I clicked it a couple of extra times, just to make sure that that kind of jack up the advertised as smart as you want those numbers to be too much, that's good! Now he and you always do AJ. I had a blast, hopefully you'll, be there. Next year ha I got me into it, so a jay sunday, sunday earn a taxi and it'll get you your sod. There's no transfer that, oh, my god, even think about that. You got no chance. Remember that little stand you took when you decided to redo how you actually report stuff. You remember that seemed vague brings about our guys better, a teen stray graduates, favorite stout judge, blues and in rome. I got you in love with
some other later in the rapid. Now you might do I'm doing my training camp troops. Now, I'm gonna get ready and I'll be on the road for like three week straight starting next week. Yes, maybe I should go to green major. I get a halo marriage talk among on record that Iraq, Diana jean sleaze record, the first interaction we with its, but we would all like to do here. for go now. That's all just realized. That's all believe road agent was that all about you think he's got a shot no way got a. Let him know you want to play, and I think they'll put you in their monitor, makes them are highlight videos of yourself playing golf. I think that there's a spot open up break is the mizzen well yeah seriously We do got any the events I feel like the biggest of all time. First time invited quentin, none of the events feel like a bad guy honestly feel like it.
who who went to none of the events made. You will tell the meetings where's made an error that we share. fifteen minutes, like obviously me, Jay and aaron showed up fifteen minutes sitting in the back of the room caused. A big ruckus You know what I mean cause AJ part did wrong. Building That's why we're late and that thing, but I mean what it's a shame, you'll never be invited because away or stuff, but we appreciate the fact you're on the show with us. What have we missed obviously sing the really happened. While we are alive baker, mayfield went to the panthers. That was a big fat. deal because we assume Jimmy Jimmy done the panthers, because the seattle seahawks, also looking for a quarter back, will never be able to. Jimmy gene from San fran, so we just that happened deshaun watson case that is going to wrap up beginning a training camp allegedly report simply messy and have you have you been keeping If anything, since you're just call for them both and all of them,
well. I mean I was keeping up pretty good with the baker mayfield trade on the sixteenth hole of a congressional last week, oh actually on the fifteenth it was. If I was in the bunker on fifteen, when I hit send that tweet and then ended up doubling the whatever I just wanna miles scorbutic, doesn't I just wanna get our right now, my sunday night? bladed it out of the sand and hit about fifty yards past, the green after hitting send on that tweet, but whatever. Jeez, that's good! I know it's a nightmare show the fray try tag window came and went now is something that happened last week. and it was you know it's. What it is is the deadline for players are received. The franchise tag to get long term deals and if they don't get a long term deal by this past friday at four pm. They cannot get one till next off season and there have been players who got deals on the franchise tag. This year, Devonte Adams was one obviously went to a different team. David and yoga was another. There's been several chris godwin, but there were four left.
none of them did deals so now you have two players who have not signed the tag of orlando brown and Jessie bates and we'll see when we see those guys because they are not signed. If they don't show up for training camp they're not going to get fined because they're not under contract so there's situation. I would say a little more tenuous in a little more wait and see what their currencies even guys that haven't signed their franchise tender or whatever at the deadline where they would have to come back or the team has to do something they have to make some kind of decision. So we all kind of thought that there was like several years ago. And then lay beyond now and, like you know, I remember at the time I was reading about. I was talking, Sarah was all in on this and what and ended up. Finding out was theirs. Showing no headline so way beyond just never signed didn't make any of his money. I think I since dramatically regretted it, but just never played
if we're going to see that again by any player ever but I'll generally. Would players do is they wait until the end of training camp? They cannot get fined again, cuz they're, not under contract. not a hold out Usually these guys show up before week, one or least early in the season, because member there in game checks, so if they make, The games they get. All the money also if you are in your five in iran, the roster what week one your whole salaries guaranteed but or lay brown is the big conversation you're right cause actually hold out. Has a scientist franchise tag? No, he is so he can ordinance our entire season will that year just will, they still be able franchise tag team next season, because he didn't play at this year's splendid suspended year, can franchising nurse next. Remember he won't get paid. So that's like what is the almost twenty million? Sixteen sixteen thirty million sixty gaps that's a lot of money. To give up, so I mean anything, is possible bates
as he bade same thing, I'm going play on the franchise tag, but rarely do see players given up well or sixty million dollars generally what happens if you show up at some point play like the really where you are and then get paid after the season by someone yeah, I orlando brown, remember he was right tackle for the ravens somebody got hurt you his left tackle for an entire season, ronnie stanley, then his family says he's left tackle interact. because this is generational legacy type stuff now time for him to get paid for the first time I feel like they know business they respect business over there excited she's handled especially cause you know, tyreek hill, just you
wait for a lot of money. They don't want patch behind scramble for his life again. Don't want that happening again. Let's figure that out. We like good football, go ahead corner you a question for you yeah rap sheet. Over a last week, Lamar jackson changed his twitter head to the fucking knee. I need tara yeah. So, what's that about? Is he going to get his cash or, what's that deal looking like yeah. That was that was an because he changed the change. The twitter header and I believe, instagram headers well and came out and said it's not about the contract, which I guess makes sense because in life I am completely missing everything I haven't heard of any substance. Contract talks at all So maybe he's right. Maybe he just means in the general sense he needs money eventually because like You know the ravens. The ravens are not like the steelers, where they have deadlines for doing a deal like if you're steal and you don't get a contract by the start.
The season like it is not happening until after the season. Ravens could do a deal. whenever so. It's never dead hold on is, it hasn't had always been, in my view, the bottle, I beg the margin oh check I gotta say great. I got receipts big Lamar, Jacksonville, he's great hasn't the narrative publicly then- and I think we ve heard the march out about this, but Didn'T- are you shouldn't rich eyes, and I think he said it's hard to get a content. when the marvell come and also, I think then harbaugh did like uh. If we want to by you asking your boss for more money, we can certainly do that as well. So it was an interesting thing to talk about, but In my understanding, it's been Lamar has chosen not to negotiate as opposed to the ravens right. That is my understanding. The ravens would like to do a deal because they there's a couple reasons: one Lamar's great. He is the franchise quarterback and when you know you
Have one when you know you have one you want to get this person paid one, because it's nice to reward really good players, but to the price only goes up. I mean, if you think about like the way the quarterback market has really exploded. Over the last several months, including your friend, aaron rodgers, during a really really nice deal, it has got up and up to the price tag is only going ravens, you know, Lamar jackson is your guy. You want to pay him, he just hasn't seemed like. Really is engaged I need or need. Money is an interesting thing. More swap can also make a patrol when everybody right now, including the ravens he's Can I do I see them sleep all around the yard guilds. He looks big yeah. He looks not unlike fan worries what they'll do, especially after last season a lot of shit like a lot lately, he told in germany sect, and it was this that little thing I mean that is obvious. the sea Lamar all the way back without all the brown. You know him and bernard Paul
we gotta do it right there a little bit about number one love mar put capital is burned Just look are like with his group like, doesn't it here, I was bottling, another respect for bawler gonna, but a lot more defend himself. I was what Lamar wants to defend himself. That's when morgan doomsday see how they handle that business there, because that's enough of your collar burrow, I bought a couple years here: Lamar I mean there's a lot of money coming to a lot of money coming democratically. I've gotta we get quarterbacks. What's what's going on with deshawn watson, with everything going on? Is he going to sue the nfl? Is that real? And what does that mean? Okay, so, first of all we're talking about the timeline. The post strawberries were due last tuesday show a week from tomorrow? We are a week ago from tomorrow. Basically, so now judge robinson has to read them in process and come up with some sort of decision. There is a chance we get one this week. Perhaps later
I would say most people involved believe that it will happen before training can put sure when is not in anyone's timeline of she is not ready. She is just not it'll be ready in tucson will show up for camp he'll just track said everything will be as it is until she comes up with some sort of decision. If there is less aid, season that he does not agree with. If he is suspended a year or something like that, I could shoo yeah it could take him to federal court. I just don't know for sure that that's going to happen, I have not definitively confirmed that, but I do know kind of going outside the nfl this mary process is possible, it rarely happens, but it it would be a consideration if he gets a ruling that he can't that he does not
four thousand two hundred and twelve games for season eight games. Ten games is everybody just full of shit right now, like how hot wire all these reports happening with different? You know what I mean is that the thing just make should open and throw it out there, and if it is it is it. If not, we got information from any law source. What the fuck I don't know that anyone's making anything up. I just know when your deal with something like this, and it is one person deciding. I don't know who anyone stalking you, but unless you are talking to sue Robinson herself, unless she is saying hey, I'm about to file this. It's this many games, so we have no idea you're saying nobody has glow medicines fan right, my neighbour, we don't. I was soon to make any at all for those.
Maybe she was why maybe she's part of a club, maybe she's, maybe she's a boxer sparring. Those are the only people you think that have any idea, so we need to just stop listening to all the reports of what the potential penalty could, because I've I've seen ten different, honestly have little tender for once this boy, yeah and I've seen I have seen some of them too, and I would just say like what some of these reports are. Like you know this, I dunno. What's a team source thinks this many games, this person close to the sean things this many games. I don't know how any of that really matters that much like what people think in this situation, isn't relevant event. You think it I order. Only thing relevant is when she says- and I simply do not know- and I think I don't than any one else. Besides her nose. Ok, last question for me for phone? I have questions typed by the way trinidad. If you want to
congratulations and thank you. Awesome how's, how's it, offer early, you can still getting the hang of things, but it's good talking points ty and caitlin. Second, third, fourth quarter team or maybe those probably go figure that out in detail up. We are worried that the best thing about the first quarter united: remember any of it, so you could do a schoolboy one and you have no recollection of it suppose. That's right as comforting as a my last. Well, I'm not going to do that. I did did you know? I didn't know how much time is going to change with this baby came, I thought maybe sees himself in a beautiful girl. You know you start to eat kale do you know about happier. I don't see it Let us not written immediately on having a baby was One of the most impressive things I've ever seen was just like boom he's done completely. He wanted shows best version of himself to his kids had so much respect for that so much while yet
awesome. That's why she a fucking bad ass. You know he has yes ability now he has, since let's not here since dabbled back into the divine a couple weeks he gave it or would we cannot use what years like? He would say, aberrations you would have like a couple of buddy used to go down why we used to go, and then he was like. I'm not ease anymore the ball is awesome. I thought maybe faced on them the day, lily actual outside that were one bears out. Why, last for me, the boys. Where do you live again? You live in new york city area, right
in the suburbs yeah near city suburbs, zach, wilson, fuck, his mom's friend, I'm out. I saw his social media posts, which I believe one hundred percent, that he turned off his phone had no service and really truly did not know what was going on. I saw his mom has taken to social media, to ask people to stop discussing this issue with her friends with which is fair. What I want is for your hat, which might not you friends, was that Wilson's mafia dog is ours in your sectors. There is the law I news that I trying to break get to the bottom of. I feel pretty comfortable, leaving this one on the table. what we are trying to work here and I figured they did and they were right anyway then, and I did that they could figure it out. They will figure it out. They do
figure out, and now it's very much figured out. Then it sounds like Zach. Wilson's got a lot more fans in count me in that. I had no idea because the only thing I've seen him remember that photo from drought so awkward, oh, my god and embedded football, obviously with the jet, not him, but the jets bad at football. It's like this guy, I'm never going to need him in my life ever this guy's. Just look at this. Oh look! This too except milk. I know very little bland white post over there, just a mormon guy super good gaga gone. I heard this I'm like is that most bars. That was not exactly what I thought it was. I've should be pumped about this. Obviously, the ex girlfriend is not, but who knows what the truth is, and obviously he will never find out for us go ahead down. Did hides even give a fuck David. Try what happened to help them out in no and what is the price that akershem paid it was. It was a lie. Oh I can I remember when I write. gone right because I crypto dot com. They just came in and said what staples and no longer company will give you ten
then all crypto on mobile don't write off the other side, but it's going come back from it now I dunno pay attention, but I dunno the pi are not, as many people have tweeted about it recently. I've noticed, but I haven't why everybody was experts there for a bit and I'm too dumb to be one. I wish I could, but the atmosphere just come in and say hey what is that company that has no pittsburgh ties anymore, used to pay you and then they just doubled. It is that kind of how this whole thing goes or what does the business sense behind it? First of all, you guys are you? The I mean. Do you miss? Are you going to miss the name? What Do we look at what is obviously fuckin city catch? You, a lot of stuff happens. Catch up. You use catch up, a huge tat. You fuck you I just like on fridays, but I mean more like a barbecue software like swings good swedes, source the return of don't wake up
those who want to saying things. Now I mean, can you buy fries? That's about it. we do not manage to catch him, see, that's it. we just want a lot about you and that's why the thoughts of table at its thing happened. Like you, just saying that, on a catch up guy, we just learned a lot coming: just locking up lots, romano gags actually, but don't you say just a name. I want point, that's a good one. There boy as boy the only way the maccabees get in there is. If I want, It's a kicking, the and then dunked on the uprights as like a fourteen year old upright, was a heel watch throughout the show, like the Andy reid, video yeah, but I wasn't, as the others were taller than me, not the pittsburgh one, but the national one others were bigger than me a call and get the ball. before I was not lose at all think, but has been most of my life like as heinz field now, three rivers, obviously once all parts play down, I think I went to one steelers game there. That was obviously a legacy
Think heinz field, though in heinz in general, have just been synonymous with pittsburgh yourself. So long, so you say what is it why you're here university is when I was. I do have a good answer and it's not exactly how much money they paid, because I read about by our secure member here's what has tabled a foreigner, here's, what a team should do, get as much money as possible. but what is possible because more money they get the more they get me. Guys the more they can keep guys like minka, who is ass a go. You know if, if they found a rookie quarterback, you they're gonna pay in three years. This will give the money to do it. I think I can say nothing say about the the packers. You know stock thing. Whatever it's like yeah, it's kind of I mean it's whatever it is but like. Why had them in hell
then, what are you talking about a week or call me a mark I'll, combined you'd, smack you across the face? Are you saying this mark? Did that whenever he does they rounded up? Eighty three million a piece to pay. I mean he's, got the paper on the theory, you're saying like a degree, your base wow degree. You are this one! I just know but didn't how one aaron rodgers contract, Ok, I got it. I am by the way we agree with that completely heinz we looked up. Not a single member of the board at times has been around since before two thousand nineteen. Now they operate and by our didn't I mean it's not even so, like a lot of or pissed off at for coming in, but also there's more about steals reality than heinz. Does in that's, honestly, how you just have to view it
no heinz's ketchup is superior in. There are some people that just don't. I I I'm disgusted heels are a brand name k, call it fucking, red magic, green magic call whatever Well, it's goddamn pittsburgh steelers ten million a year fifteen years hundred fifty million Don't if we would have been able to get given that race, but next time, when it's up we're going as much as we have to make sure that you user your field, we're keeping at the indians are like the answer. Field tie your question after he buried you being for being a mark yeah speaking to the packers rap sheet. Do we have any timeline on guys like Julio jones or odell like and are the packers potentially going to stop pussyfooting around and sign one of these guys well, first of all about odell, a team could sign him. It's just hard to imagine they would sign him before he, really ready to go, he's not be
some time now, so the rams could do it. They have like in depth knowledge of his. Neither doctor did the knee surgery, but I don't if it seemed like the packers to do now, because it's still it would still we considered a risk right as far as julio you know. If the packers are going to sign a veteran before camp you'd, probably think would be in the day or so before. canvas, probably not going to be now the like, but we see a lot of times is veterans who want to make actual you'll want to make more than the minimum might significantly more the minimum. They will wait until into training camps. Maybe someone you know what you say, but you say who we all want: the packers, but the market hasn't developed like he thought. If someone else receiver. Injury, then If his market suddenly develops and the packers have to pay things get going so if it's not in the day or so before, camp, I imagine he'll, probably wait for some sort of injury or maybe someone's traffic, doesn't materialize like they thought
we have been developing story happening on the internet. and the perfect? I have on your Darwin she's dunked on you so hard J K, dobbins in response to even rapport being on ETA found network in rapid port, Nfl now on nfl network currently happening today, ravens running back jk k. There is no shore thing for weak one. He has adding setbacks, but his knee injury was a serious one and It's more has no incentive to rush him back. They protected themselves, the veteran MIKE Davis, regardless jake I will quote tweets this video format, if that were to be rapporteur, is a day of time quiet for your source rap sheet, because I might not even go on pay. You pay physically unable to perform list because that's how good my rehab is going and I'm damn sure, don't be
for weak one sex rejected all budgets. Did that's crazy right now, with a better place. Please put there by government What time is this rama? We don't have the time on. It's like one, thirty, something that's like fifteen minutes ago now. Are you even still alive? That's unbelievable! Eighty four wow you're leaving yeah. I mean I dunno. If that's what that you're you're in the paint like this you're jumping like this jk dogs are good yeah right on top, you just happened on the internet. Wow last played for laughs. He had sources. Those sources were wrong. Ian rapoport was insider for the nfl
nah. What caused the passing Jk dobbins dropped it on your face. How do you feel about that bob? How do you feel about what I hope for JK dobbins said that he is ready for week, one that would be great for him. I will stick with the person who I'm very, very, very, very comfortable with the source of this this guy. Here we go I'll, be if a weak one, because that would be great did say, is not going to be. You said it's no sure thing in the ravens protected themselves, but you know, I hope that he ends up being work. They'll, be great outcome, for all sides, and I hope that they don't rush him, because that was a very, very serious, knee and dragons.
at JK. His adult dog law object, I love being dumped on youtube. I mean look. I can, can I just say one thing about this: yes, he should like. If I'm able to you can come, you know where I stand on stuff right like if I'm able to say what I believe from a very good source publicly You should be able to rely react without me like going into a corner and crying like it's. Ok, it's good. That's why we say that's why that's why we it the it did I dunno how many other dunno, how many other insiders we can be like? Ooh ha. I'm sorry go ahead, ball, india! So what do you do now? Bo character comes back at us as everyone saying dunked all over you respond on twitter. What do you do? Do you reach out to your sources to say how you're done I'm not talking to anymore cause dangling now? I very much trust my source on this one, and so I will retweet them as I should well
respectful right, like every light, echo endorsements or no question in this case. I hope that he is ready, for we want it, Grady seems like a nice guy, my source, stood a little more down on this. I know that we are going to russian. Did that makes sense for anyone to be out there less than two percent all right. What are you are? What you point We know that these not ready for weak warrant, darling the chamber and tell them. You saw something to jog ass nick. You don't think I'm a doll. You don't think is that what jk is going to have to do until he gets to the source you're interested? I can tell the guy I mean yes, I now see what also is funny everybody's texting me about this, oh yeah, but anyway to answer your question. If he is not ready for week, one I'm not going to tweet anything because
to say whatever it is. You know, because I'm sure dobbins is feeling some sort of way now, but it's like the personal like it means, to me personally, whether not he's ready for week one. This is just what I believe Son- really get information that I've got an your duty to serve and fell fans appreciate you can't wait to see K dobbins week. One green bay, packers training, camp I'll see you in town come the a man that had a can that he will chat about for the rest of his life, his family, his friends go his team which, out about the day what I told tall with the king
braun James those gentlemen, saint ST bonaventure, former Bonnie member? drooling number twenty. Why do you want Something was yeah. I appreciate you guys behind me on the sofa. This means a lot. I just really can't even believe it like know. I've been a I follow you guys, and I know a lot of people have been on here. You know his desire to be on this bag it's a yes, no, the honor is all ours. Thank you for making time. I know you were traveling. This is fantastic. Let's dive right in! Thank you for joining us. Thank you for the love too. I was very nice to you. So let's talk about it, you found out via the tweets that lebron was coming to play against you in the drew league. Is that what happened and enjoy immediately go? Oh fuck We, the guy, that's, got lebron tomorrow turns out. I mean this all went down, will tell you everything that happened
so I had already originally flew out to buffalo getting ready for the tvt, so I already have plans to chilling buffalo for a night with my boiler. I haven't seen him in a long time, but he went to saint bonaventure with me after that we were going to go to toronto and go see one of my other boys that are mexican food or that I haven't seen in a long time. I played at ST bonaventure with me too. So let's go. Let's go Bonnie the well, the I was sleep as I was asleep at the time. I got a phone call from one of my teammates on my phone to Wabasha I want a mayfair high school with him, he's my teammate on the julie team. So he's calling me as I yo bro. You won't believe this. I like you. I was like what he was like. Lebron is coming tomorrow at two: the julie,
all I know, you're lying bro, stop stop playing around I stop playing around. I didn't even believe I, like my yarbrough, your like your like by a Click it didn't register until I see The rosen tweeted he had tweeted deleted the crown xd bo julie, tomorrow with the eyes This is serious, though this series, like my friends all told me that was just by your dion. You have enough time. to to go catch, a flight. I saw how I wake up. My boy run I'll, tell him to school. Take me to the airport. I don't like I'm about to buy this fight, Also, although I I really have good friends, though cause I wasn't really even going to go at first, I was really thinking about like not even going to like you can't. You know you can do.
You might go away yeah you have to go like you have to go like my freezer, like you know like basic, we talking you know about me- why you can't run away from this brown worldwide. You gotta go to them. A lot of people will never be on the same court, where you know brought like that. It's just not going to happen this really got me one. My friends he I got it in my phone right now. He he said a quote. He was like. Oh, don't worry opportunity, you don't start. Nokia just goes to the next person dollars like I've, gotta go. I've heard enough. I gotta go so mobility jobs be off Gary deal at the dairy, the textual and Zella hey, let's head,
until he knocks go in the next person. That's a hell of a motivational text to receive one of my boys texting you that he told me that the exit he told me that he had told me that I read that on my dog gotta go like this once in a lifetime opportunity like that's bra like I used to why I watch them all the time on tv, like you know, like it's crazy, like you know, like a lot of people would never ever get ever, though and I you know, I'm glad that I went along really glad that all my so I the flight buffalo, I'm at the airport, probably like four for talking one in my face at see inside often buffalo too. I think I do. From buffalo to maybe chicago or straight shot, I actually got in my phone I'll, look at it right now. Travels easy right now to orient surrounding right now, so it's not a problem at all this day off the game you go buffalo should the day of the game so, like I know from ago
buffalo! chicago chicago, to lax to atlanta lax at one thousand and thirty five. I think it was like four twenty eight I pay for a right away. I land there, and so I have enough time to get a game. I want to say I forgave my mom adapted yeah for whatever you know I'll go to my house and get ready for the game. Why? If the line is mom out the door like ridiculous to let the dryness so long like a color or an act, is sitting in line right there yeah it's it's Paco, like you know like it's only a couple of players that could really just shut down the city like that, though, like so many of you, I call we did it Brian katy s, only some, let's new life, I can barely set the whole city down. It was merely crazy life. I download
julie, garland song, I've been playing there for years. I couldn't I pull up in the back parking lot because you know so many people there at all. I I tell my africa jean I tell my parents are y'all. Let me off right here, and I'll. Let me get in the gym worried that they couldn't get in the gym. So I told one of the suite security guards. I was like oh he's, my appearance like they gotta get in disdain, like they have to so alive. I get in they get into everything works out like as soon as I get in on his pack, though, life is like. Standing room only am I, our game hasn't even started, yet our game hasn't even started yet at all, though so nah, I see all my teenage stuff there, the old man, you really came back like you, really have room for this outside and I was like we're fighting for a reason, all that I'm not going to leave you guys getting, and I don't care if I was all the way across the crunchy. it's coming, I'm coming for lamb. I literally have to.
with the dollar. I'm lilia over. All I it doesn't matter at all. I was trying to you know like The time we're like does it mattered alive? explain that thought. You know I've been around these guys for a long time. Allow that I bowed in that light were five. You know like I don't want. My I don't want to. may get blown out. When I know I'm not saying I'm the best player in the world, but, like you know, I'm a big piece to the puzzle. Live you know our five hundred now. Did you know that you're going to be the guy that was going to be tasked with garden braun? As soon as that happened, I told them. I told them, I'm garren braun, and whatever happens after that happens after that, I largely is no going back by nobody argued you all nobody, nobody. They didn't I then there wasn't my own. I got my at some stage are brought down by
you talk to the brought it all was ready. She talking there was he respect me. Use is really a cool. Do dollar eight hours that he knows he's on another that, but you know he really did not say much like users out again, but that's it allows you to say a word or life. the only thing I really sad. When I'm at the inner game, I was like YO critics, I get more freethought. I sit by your life that's all I said, and after the game I had asked for like picture in it. He gave me a picture. He was just like yo. You could really shoot that that meant a lot. He recalls and rovner got a number one my garden and was it you expected was the I imagine it's like garden. do that, suddenly, god I'm so it so why I'd see him in person? it's like. Okay, that's really, like you know that's really really like called the washington person, but to actually play it assuming the games are a whole different level. Might you
in against lebron. James, though, like laura of the hall is different in the game, though isn't a you know, life is just life it's the only player to actually live felt his president stolen when he was on the court for thought it was just so different. Still in our life. It was just a different feeling like being on the stand quartet cause. I I've been around it'd, be a guy. You scared, you aren't scared right ever I wasn't scared, but you know just how did you know settled down a little bit like it was called. I've only sooner because I'm flying all away from both, alas, alas, all night I get it, I get it ass. He now jack outside the person. You can't make his case that you gotta figure it out whatever you going through in life. You gotta figure it out. You know, like you, know a you know,. I have some. I have some adversity a little bit like trying to get
I'm guessing. You know it was early in the morning, but you know I'm just going to figure it out there. Like that. You know I have to make the most of my opportunities and you know a lot. I would probably like sure, like my grandma, she just ass away. july. Like shit, yeah. She saw always tell me, like being all at keep going like keep going your day is gonna comet just keep going like. We worked so hard for basketball, Oh, what does that have admit? Would you do that? This guy was talking about grandma welcomes, disconnected we have to do with us I have no idea what to expect there. I enjoyed that a lot how bout them fuckin wake it up for a chart beast the chance to play against lebron. I'm gonna do that one hundred percent day of the game not scared at all, but do how to shit my pants now granted. That's why I'm me and dion's hate whenever that freight train gets going through the paint, though, how do you stop it?
it was you can't do an mba, I'm not drooling drillings. Be able to do that. it's there was like he was. He was going, Full effort, maximum effort of potential exp sure there is a harder you go. The more It can get exposed. So like the fact that he was going like pickup basketball, I can make know why someone can of effort to get gotten almost daily or fraud and put a hand up, but europe has Trying to you know do that thing because, easy shake your past. Him go. all in, I fucking loved it, and then he puts a tweet and they got Lebron James. We lost by two Kind of when I feel about it now he's back in buffalo, I think for getting ready for the throwback tournament or whatever. I liked this guy a lot. Hopefully, the bonnies have a good squad in tbt, they're, going to lose the w you squat, obviously that's how it's going to go, but diana is a story for the rest of his life and it sounds like he's the guy who's like perfect. For that the situation feels like
he flew in specifically to guard lebron, so yeah Another braun had a sweet, stat line that we didn't see. Although MRS roth, had we like any clips it put together, were brought tyler. I was an mba dot com right off of somebody's cell phone with no sound for a bit. I was more worried about lebron getting hurt from one of the dudes, the photographer that was always on the court dodge duck and everybody like me, someone's going to step on your foot and roller ache. I was looking. I don't think he had his ankles taped either. The fadeaway baker's kind of worried about that, like this dudes playing forego five on five with fans everywhere. So I dunno the culture well enough that basketball, culture or I like culture enough, but I believe that was pretty vital to lebron in l, a 's relationship for him to finally go to that. That's good I for one have been sold like art, the waiters, you're scared. You get hurt the whole time now. I think the letters very thankful that he one did this press probably better for the entire, probably like an unwritten rule to in this type of legal. You have shows up you're, not
trying to block every single one of his shots. I think he was. I think he was like. That's the that's. The issue like I didn't like. now. This ass, more guys have to play there that they play picker games. Vibrant, like that rapid right on Kennedy. when the latter, when tell me what the rocker in their don't you there's people on the core gametes era was plain. A record while their landing, though these guys, you are worth Interesting theory, part hundreds of millions of dollars duncan. and then all of a sudden, a crowd is right there and I just think of one time coming down and just rolling right. Well, yeah! That's how I think cause I'm soft. You know, that's that's how I think Oh, I think, is, I think, a football players plaintive pick a bath what games, how many of them have gotten hurt and how, like the team, Rucker park too, Katie just hit four threes in a row, and then everyone ran onto the court and the game was over. I want to tell the caveats- and I think kobe dunked it at Rucker, I'm not so sure I think he, It really is well back, only that's a big thing johnny
now again lays down the deal right last question: you're gonna die thought that one of my friends was call them sorry that everybody's gonna be calling you you Try to walk down broad! This weekend, you asked you said: hello. How can I get to south central los angeles compton to play against the braun you're an incredible story, by one year from we're. Thankfully, you came back so we can give you your props. We I have nothing but respect for you, sir. I really appreciate that means a lot though. Like you know, I really had to work. You know my all my life, I never really had it easy in a you know. I don't want the easy route, though, like you know, you feel better, though. Like me, you know you. You put in vain and crying over years. Like me, I want to make their only have one division. One scholarship made the most of that. No, I don't figure it out a lot. I just really love food, though, like you know like it's just it just brings me so much joy at all. I just
It was just really a surreal moment. Just so you know beyond the same core were wrong: yeah that at that crazy to lie still doesn't even feel real life. I'm a guy, you know always get the short end of the stick. College of satellite. I sent a meta all eighteen conference. He never made that You know never made to the dilates tournament light with. You know like sometimes you just got to wait your time, you're not going to get everything that you want. It's not it's not going to come. It's not going to be like that. I've got to wait your time and you know keep one in the work. Might you know like I still can't believe I was on the court will hit the and then, on top of that we almost. Why am I almost had a chance to win? People really don't understand why we don't have any nba guys at all. I if lebron James and Demar derozan I do is in a league. We almost won.
I felt like we should have won the game, but you know the turnovers? You know some of us take a little bashar Assad and that's ok to do, but we were right there, though, like you know, everybody you know down in the south are like some I thought we were just going to get blown out by like sixty know like we competed, though we were right there, though, I would like to know if on the internet. Honestly, you would have thought you guys did lose by one hundred I didn't know, to live by known. So your tweet, where you said like because everybody was you know it's aachen about. the fear in your eyes- and everything like that is, I was back in the braun first ball, but you also said we lost by two We could have won that game. If we may about you, but I just I just don't like how the media you know portrays different, If that's not true the light yellow light. If you want to show the bronze buckets, that's cool, that's cool! I get it. I understand, but like show other people that, like you know, I actually like play well, no two, this charming restaurant and make a you know a name for themselves,
I dont know disposal of the browser lies. I get a life this day and age lie it's all about likes, and you know idea of all that type of stuff views and stuff like that. I get it though, but if somebody like actually deserves that platform, they should get it of espresso. If they put in the work they should get it get it. We hope that the platform continues to build for you, good luck into tv. the west virginia going. Gonna win it all sorry about it, but do We don't know who's on that team. I really wish my wheel light. our guys are going to figure it out. We were blessed to have the guys that we have, though, but I pray we could just get one summer where we have used to enjoy jaylen Adams. Andrew Nicholson. That's going to be really scary if that ever happening this year. I was sorry about it.
He's gonna win. You get those guys next year, maybe or when it was she's got whether she saw about it we'll see I appreciate the hell out of you. Man, good luck with everything. Instead, appreciate you guys thanks so much. I really appreciate this a lot, though this is really cool. Now, fuckin really cause. The fact that you gave maximum effort in you could have suppose a lot of times and obviously lebron. Going to get buckets on the bron James place basket I love how hard you want. I love the story of you. Waken up the fly over there. You are brave men, keep talking goat, I appreciate that I'm yeah it'll be nice to lie on my fucking to at least like get it. You know ten and or mini many? was something like fifty now be really cool with a life. I'm not good. If you could just get rid of me, I at least want a chance, though I'd always wanted cheers just to show what I can. I know I know I could you know
I can be a services that you know some team in a lie lie a garage small launch. As I said, though, just my chance, you never know when it's coming. I can't wait years. We will watch on as big fans. I appreciate the hell out of you. Man I appreciate you guys thanks. So much is really cool, though not as this is really cool, and this doesn't even feel real eat it all day. I don't want to get into it, but what israel? You know. Start diving into an appeal in the onions back good, but a lot of people there know me. We have really conversations, I told them like one day. I was going to go viral though I dunno, if they believed it or not, like I have posts and stuff on my social media like you trying to do like funny stuff, like you know, like I'm kind of busy with basketball, so it's kind of hard life posted. I told people that are in my circle. I want today, I'm going to go viral.
It happened to lie. I really like speak these into existence. A lot I didn't have a scholarship in like high school. Like I found a way I was like yeah I'm going to be one of my. I need that lifestyle I need it. I need it yeah? I went viral. It's really crazy, though, right it's crazy that it doesn't even feel real or you aren't. You earned every opportunity just like you're going to continue to do so. We appreciate the hell out of you. Man. let us they all right. Thank you today show is presented by cash cash. I was the only finance abbe need is the easiest way to send money to your buddies and you can buy. Peace is a bit corn or starts with as little as one dollar keep an eye out for a huge winter windsor this week with the winners from before the break the war on cash app yet use code mcafee for fifteen dollars off. As soon as you sign up code, mcafee for free
fifteen dollars terms, apply Gregory, we have talked about it. Was it more oh yeah that feels like it was a month ago as well and was just a couple of days. What was it like? You and jack Johnson drinking budweiser days of white hot lord out all day. All I saw the general chugging out of that thing: Jack Johnson's jersey, the general, was wearing it. It sounds like all of columbus got to experience, lauderdale and that's What lord supposed to do? I, although little jealous was super pumped for you in your saturday pal. awesome yeah. That was so. I went to jack brought back. He did the ice cream thing with the kids and everything right up the road. This morning I was on sports center this morning. Oh it was okay, sweet yeah, and then he brought it back to his house and that's when I came over with my bud.
So here we go jack. We want the porch and it was a big hit. Everyone wanted wanted drink drink out of there and then at night he had the big like cup party situation, where Fifty three people maybe showed up everyone. My my six year old it'll be out of the cup. Everything happens, our character so her six year old. Why columbus? Ah ha ha ha? Oh kids, some booze! I love that AJ. I fucking love it. Seems like an incredible human honestly. He these party or family. Have you got to experience at was MIKE what the good hair. There was at the other guy both of them. I owe you I talked to MIKE a bunch mike mike is a. He is an absolute celebrity people asking him at the ice cream shop for selfies like he's the star like he really is that has been around lord of Twenty he was awesome, everyone just bugs them peppers, those guys with questions the whole time, and I was no different,
I love know, it's pretty pretty squared away did you drink a baby or my my other. No, brought baby logo to the big celebration at night and maybe probably fifty different kids drunk out a baby lorna with priced water to water and whatever they didn't drink booze out of it. Now only your kid drinks days off why he was. He was very one of my kids, my sexual came late, so he can get a chance earlier, so here we go around the patio general bob was trying to drink. I try to poor forbears at a time and in finish it in the thousands game, jersey to we're, leaving games. My pals game is over. games wins. The stanley cup, I think, is a part of the record books. The fact that your kid didn't get kidding ice cream sundae out of that, but he these diesel, my that's, that's a pretty. Can
where are the least I'll jack we pursued is wrong. We appreciate is championed. Ship is champion this next. I will those so that we can do everything. That's what we know about the danger roca maybe next year, if he wins it, they win again. Then you guys come down while come over. He got for the pens. no, I don't know, I don't know what he's going to do Patty maroon, I don't know It is you started right, so that was brought back with tang, malcolm and crosbie made some it's how you doing to open the pentagon be separate from order next year are known one that team, that I sporting. No, nobody on that team, pure nope, when basically every other team, I haven't a fucking clue. Anybody on the for my soul, not knock of my liver because I won't be able to drink from at all costs moves europe connections. Follow me on twitter. Why
It was really what penguins patty maroon goes pittsburgh need it yeah dream scenario here and we need patty murray and we need jack Johnson there. You know what have let's forget, put the general on the goddamn pittsburgh penguins, because this image this video right here is something that all of pittsburgh will want. sperience that general a mortar, a tad team that nobody could have seen coming lecture fine bars in cities all over the place. What a night for Bob carpenter who, instead of poor in the bay, does to the beer. You should open lap and, like a dog use, a doll bath who give harbours the cry for I saw he was it's because multiple times I told you tried to put four beers in there and finish it. It's got tough out of order, you're kind of spill a little bit of it
oh that sounds, he was a college sweater than a video either. I think my favorite did. I think my favorite thing there's a video that comes out bob's in the back burping he's about to puke use I heard somebody else is doing something and Bobby's clearly in the bath. I think he just got done. Maybe attempting four beers and then somebody else is coming in looks like there were some kids around two in the general was not. I dunno, if you snuck out at that point, to go puke, but it felt like he was pretty close I don't think he puked, I don't think end up. You can at all he's probably still upset that I even thought or you know alleged that you can close to puking, but he was certainly fighting. Some demons. Certainly find some damon's individualised magic figure said. Wasn't because I thought he sees it every sunday. Did he take longer to top jack. I got an idea,
explorer, ecstasy, the most american game or movie of all time. You know what I mean that would be imagined bob in florida, fuckin front row. Top gun you should have seen him at jack. Had his three kids baptized out of florida Sunday more, your dad is awesome. I was I was godparents to his oldest get his daughter, so we're standing there or there you know Duncan, and on Saturday baptized on sunday while that's alive. Credit are awesome, appreciate, just see you tomorrow, AJ you're, the best tell jack congrats once again, look like a great celebration. Maybe will be cold enough to get invite next time, maybe you, were this time, but you know a lot going on. Yeah ass many times my touch, you wisely hygiene
I told you that I told you you know that you're, come on you, you don't do that both up- and I said sunday j- he no solid here. Don't you you hear me. If a flock of her was pretty good, you know so little that was great weekend. I'm happy! We got to do that, builds chemistry amongst boys. Learn little bit more about the world and it ended with you in drinking out of lord of what a break, what a what a trip, very thankfully back, see back seawater goodbye, I bought a new pay, let's ride Less has as let's one and a half hours we'll see again goodbye.
at the.
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