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PMS 2.0 701 - Kyler Murray Agrees To 5-Year Extension With Cardinals, 49ers Grant Jimmy G Permission To Seek A Trade, & ESPY's Recap With AJ Hawk

2022-07-21 | 🔗

On today's show, Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys recap everything that happened last night on the ESPY's, the general consensus surrounding the show, and the breaking news that the Cardinals and Kyler Murray have officially agreed on a new 5 year extension that will pay him $160 guaranteed, and $230.5 million overall, what this means for guys like Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow, and Justin Herbert, as well as the news that the 49ers have officially given Jimmy G permission to seek a trade from the 49ers, where might be a likely landing destination for him, what the 49ers will end up doing, and a couple of potential surprise teams that would jump in the sweepstakes to get him. Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show, and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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Hello, beautiful is thursday July twenty first, two thousand twenty two agnes Shelby. That starts that's right. That's right! Let's ride into a sports show both on the internet at youtube, dot, com forward, slash the pat mcafee show and on the radio, sirius Xm generally do mad dog, sports radio. First, take, god is the phase one of the faces of first take. He looks and so many crushing it obviously- and our show, is in an interesting spot. Just like every other sport show is yesterday there was one game on, and obviously this garbage store where to go to the sky. Till last night was sbs and we'll talk about that. A little bit knowledge sport, I mean there was definitely sports there, but I could see once again: don't watch a lot of things outside of the sports. I sportsite my blinders on not necessarily like the best thing to do, but it's like
like my duty, you know to kind of keep my spirits up energy up live in my own little dumb world and cover people expect and hope for us to cover. Now. We've ve got chitchat about a couple of other things that have been alarming over the last week, what I've learned about the world and how it operates. I think we all are kind of doing that as we go, but it felt like last night's espys had you know some very very cool moments. Obviously the potomac toward that someone for combat s return. They talk about it. We go back. Look back into a story. His book was surely in the book club. I think everybody talks about. How greatly is how big of a judge chocolate? That's elmo cell, story of command sergeant major gretchen evans last night and her going deafen getting blown up and leading her crew and, story of her love with her dog rusty and then or I believe, was her first service dog that her husband has also in the services using so it was, I mean it was the most. It was like an emotional while watching this fucking
bad ass by the way. Like a last point, you'd, want to fuck with look like she's baby. This tall athletes, which are a little bit but salute bad as touching moment. Really very much really got in like the S. Bees have that right there, those moments. Those stories that have a dickie. Talking about the jimmy v foundation. How that all came to be I'm not I'm sure if I I've I'll light, dick hotel is much as I should have. I think, not a big college basketball. would much rather watch nba guys if I want to see a bunch of dudes miss shots. I go down the wives here, but I do know that people I college basketball anymore man is a gamble on it. Wall dive in doing it, but I'm not like a day to day week. The we college, basketball, follower have problems as anybody that does, but just not really mine
thing more of an mba france or the dick by tell world has never really been. My like so many speeches like bill or like another. Like I understand I know of him, but it lighting grow up in it are allowed. I didn't dick vital what a fucking legend that guy is after watching last night and I think, there's a lot of people that maybe I don't love If I tell anymore after, however long it is, I think that was though, a red on the internet every time he's on I I click on it. I think he's such an interesting character. Cuz he's been around for so long. These high energy seems go unscripted and beer do whatever he wants and he's been very for a long time, his house, we saw last night really nice, really nice house, he's earned it by the way. He's absolutely done that. So I think there's a lot of people that get the that people get like that with me. I completely, understand it, but after hearing story. Listening to him talk his family talk the way he chit chatting about the how the Jimmy v foundation came to be how much money the five million dollars he's raised for
the Jimmy v foundation, or five hundred million three hundred million the Jimmy v foundation has raised. I mean it is just stories and in one piece they were telling him to wrap up, as he was pouring his heart out after battling against cancer. Eighty two years old, getting this award. That was named in like one of his best friends who passed away his honor like obviously anybody, especially after watching it everybody time to expected that but there was one sorry sap that had to try to tell them. Like a wrap it up one day, and this is where he won me over. He said tommy to wrap it up on the term. Exactly what my Jimmy v, hey Fuck yourself in italian there was one pies on in the truck the new that that's going to say, but if you're gonna be a guy, that's gonna give an emotional except in speech in honour of your friend, we're going to learn about you. You're gonna keep fighting Yet his head, some put his head completely open at one point, so completely back
because of that, I think lymphoma and some other stuff in your back energy I can give you all day and tell him what suits that work. has been far from go. I've pocket, So I enjoyed that moment that got a little bit emotional as well nice to see some people get their accolades. incredible year, but god damn the whole the world's things were. sports. I learned a lot yeah. I learned a lot about a lot on there and obviously I'd heard of everything going on, but the amount of depth that it was dove into. I feel like the sbs feel like a true responsibility to publicly state id actually where they stand in the biggest mma, going to make sure people know that we are standing for this. We're standing for this we're standing for this we're standing for this. For this- and I can respect that and appreciate that, but that is
represent. Why there's a lot of people that are just like? I will watch us anymore right cause actually put a tweet last night we watch and yes, we question mark far. there are many ideas, whereas blah blah blah blah blah and I'm people so against yesterday's, and I think, because I haven't watched in a long time- I feel what bees are. You know allowing, The voices of the athletes to be heard when it comes to everything happening in the world and they feel like it's an open forum for that, and I think there's a lot of fans of sports their own shit that they're going through on a day to day basis are an escape for them and they, like hey, listen, love We are all trying to make the world a better place, but I can't fucking pay my bill next week, like I love that we got this going on, but, like my mom and grandma or brother like going through something super serious. I just
laid off. I just got fired, so I think there is. very valid points on both sides of it, but the espys. If anybody thinks it's just going to be sports talk, I don't think that's an accurate depiction of what the sbs will ever be, but also, I think, What should remember like a. or a lot of fucking shit and sports turn of the celebration in the escape. For all that, so you know Let's find a meeting place in the middle, because there is certainly reason to celebrate all the fucking great shit that happened last year and I think it started started without the eggs one of our stock hamburger, I think it started with hollywood rikers. Those award shows turned into this and maybe cretin sports. I don't know who started first, but it all. What shows now are, if you win something or you get up on that stage, you first he's and they have to feel like every wants to hear their thoughts on every.
Matter of the tap listen. We aren't how I will speak for me and once again the things that are said on the show by people in cowboy hats or with wallets or with the yankees caps or anything else. That is, that does not reflect the opinion of their employer or appears, you have to remember that horse and to be honest, I don't know how that people even expect that from some people like somebody who work at a network and say something and it'll be like. Oh so that means this person. How does this guy's idea this this whole thing? I don't even know, wouldn't you want a little bit of free speech and there's a lot of people that think exactly we honorable right. Like. I honestly think it's honorable when people go up there and they think that at that they're going to change the world yeah, I think so? I think there is good intentions behind those features thinking it is, but I'm not one hundred anything is
Every change from any awards show speech. Botz people get at least an opportunity to let the world know where they, stand, which hopefully maybe lead other people into doing and all that, but I just I don't you get for entertainment- and like nobody, entertaining and then like this thing. It's like, for sports, but also let's change the world while doing it, which I can respect, I get it that people want to do that. But there's a going to continue uganda push away the people that only wants to be like an escape because again. They got a lot of fucking shit going on in their lives as well that, although care about everything happening in the world. I also about like hey. What are we going to eat for dinner, tomorrow and like this particular, or event is the only thing that I have not saying that the s bees is the thing that somebody just like this is all I got. It's been ruined, but there's a lot if team support for players and four teams.
for awards? If you look on the internet, it's pretty clear. So, why I think it so polarizing every single sb, because there's always gonna be good moment see here I mean that command man. Command sergeant, major vs, gretchen Everything is awesome. relax, pretty comfortable, took them a little bit. I think to kind kinda go into his groove, but the guy's, the greatest basketball shooter of all time record breaker has a bunch of bullshit eyes, The producer, like five shows, we talk about like a second or two to get into his comforts. I thought he d, greater Travis, Chelsea Suda hosted a thing. Ass, kelsey, absolutely crush it. Or some other moments that people people talk about like all universally agreed upon being awesome awards being given up. I just Tucker awesome that a kick was up for a it that doesn't happen. Often I was pretty tough for him. He looks great too good suit. He was
behind. I believe draymond and the maquis, I believe we're doing the podcast. There he's right up on there a couple of good pops couple good hallows, like the justice, soccer represented for the brand out. There didn't think he was going to because it was against Detroit. My errand and also game, probably I do believe. Yes, please are forever going to be a massive polarizing thing strict. because just like sports were therefore for, and sports coverage still is almost in the networks. It's like people like this. Right, sports from sports, The big unifier, not that bad. not trying to win over any or that everything that is happening last night? Should b dividing anybody because I think a lot of things. Everybody was saying last night, like everybody fucking agrees with what you're saying, but I think what people think about sports is like hey like It has its own thing.
Board should have its own thing like nay do an award show like ok, let's go I'm not saying so. I feel I'm just telling you this how people feel and they will forever feel so it will always be a conversations about the sbs being king terrible award shell right for sports people cause it's not done seem like it's play for sports people, it's for, like the entire world. That's probably why a lot of people get so pissed off. the reactions to my we watch any aspects tweet or prick. I've been hearing. I do not expect that add on the holy fuck. I normally, I think I'd normally have pretty good grasp break. Feel for having to go that one. I do not expect people to be that, like passionate bob ds, it did seem like like five to seven years ago? It was kind of it had a little bit more like a comedy slant to it, and it was just like a straight 4in. Maybe it's just you know it probably I always have great moments. You know Stuart Scott had his a couple of years ago, Robin roberts like there are always going to have that kind of emotional thing that when there's a couple of those
people really enjoyed, but your point like if you're Looking for an escape last night, or show like an hour and a half to two hours. That was very heavy and again, like those man sergeant major like that stuff's heavy, but it's also cool because you'd never see that. But when you compound that stuff with everything, let's go out tomorrow to have me. I didn't expect us to get into this, but Ukraine was covered with other which in turn inspirational, brittany, grander writer, yes, sir you. Ve already was their energy bt q, which, by the way lotta athlete very right. I believe there was a lot of women progressive women. China was talking not even corners on top was destitute.
I wasn't excited about it only, but I mean, if you're talking fireworks. I'd give a hat for sure I that that was interesting one as it happened and Jonathan taylor was up for it. Breakthrough athlete of the year show, I have you, know an actual horse. I sit stallion the race or that one? I, but, as I saw it like no and then they said I goes up, and I was like wait. That's the had google, I'd give away. That is the scheme, are that's enough America that shows the sky, for china is cinema. She didn't win gold either. I don't know, did she metal, I think so. It'll lead to death, metal. she bring the world together. Maybe that's why she got breakthrough rest of the year die. I immediately went to the phone though, and it was like harlem check out how twitter's
Let let me see twitter shouted this year. That was a fascinating one. For me, that was a thousand until she's, probably an incredible violet, probably great person, but just The message that everybody, but this is the message- experiences that's happening in that probably was a little bit of a thing. on the internet. If I had to guess- and it was- I checked it out- it was pretty yeah pretty loud on there. You can chalk that up to corral once you know if the colts make the playoffs Jonathan taylor, probably gonna win that award. Unfortunately they did it, you know, but then you know they shipped out. He'll probably want to next year. How come she didn't compete for us she's, very good, write another. We have great years that she wasn't gonna be all to qualifying mademoiselle on. While she speed This is a freestyle at she does Where I don't remember, I think, back to my winter olympic brain, like oh yeah, I remember they were in the middle of that industrial park with the factory.
and everything was up- the small snacks yeah back and try to figure it out, but I think the sps will always be something Happens but it is literally nothing else going on sports are survey so that helped let's move on their some breaking news coming out of the unofficial in rapid work is now reporting that the area, the cardinals and calamari are in conversations that make him the highest paid player in the history of the nfl. So what does that mean? Deshawn watson had two hundred and thirty million dollar guarantee with the cleveland browns ian rapoport just tweeted moments ago it was on the court as a two time pro bowl quarterback kyler Murray, are working to close a monster extension that will make Murray one of the fails eyes paid player sources tell in Anton palace arrow. After an off season, a drama murray could be locked in as arizona quarterback for years to Tom. He followed up Both sides have been working nonstop for weeks and making a push to get it done. That appears within reach. Member Steve, I came on this show and said,
this isn't the time right before the combine is not the time for this type of deal. Ok, we got com a app that we got rather than we got the draft. Then we go. Rookie minicamp. Then then we can maybe dive into. This alright said that pretty everybody else like feels like, is deal done, maybe July, maybe august, for training camp. That's when quarterback deals go on in report deal slated lock through two thousand and twenty eight source says so five year deal now What those be voided ears at the end of the five year deal would be a seven year. There will be an eight year deal with five. Who knows how that a pan out its work, the nfl's highest paid players- I apologize for stating that he was going to become the highest nfl player expected yeah. This is great news for the arizona cardinals and for kyler Murray Eric Burkhart. The
I've got a merry who put out a big long memo on his twitter saying these cardinals bunch. A bitch he's not have obtained paying out. Remember for colleagues here they Josh rose in court before Josh rose, and you know they had now get out because they stop. There are terrible their bad carlo got here. They got good ever the court of accident, bade pay, fuck and gather they will not be shit without kyle. Basically put that aren't. We send it out two days before Steve guy sports forced to do an open press conference at the combine here in indianapolis indiana, forcing the arizona cardinals hands they ve been able to make up. Obviously, they ve been working on this deal. Kyler is he's shown flashes, oh yeah, when he has to step on people when he's made, throws that nobody else can make. When he's been on the run to his left and somehow his rocket arm that he has, he has it fucking can oil is able to just throw a dart twenty five thirty yards backwards? the field to whoever they bring in his college, roommate and friend in Hollywood
brown, the honorary hopkins, suspended six games. I believe, but he'll be able to get there for the back after the season, which last year he was not there for the back at his hands and when a football games matter they didn't have the number one weapon. They will have that this year, good for them, Zack it's still there all season, a ham, J, J Y later the car was ready, go together, gets quarterback situation, locked up good for the arizona, cardinals and good for the largest city in america, replace gorgeous phoenix yeah plays hockey hossa good for guys are getting to stay there for at least another five years yeah- and this probably says the market for all those other quarterbacks too cause. If he's going to be one of the highest paid is probably between forty and fifty million guaranteed, if we had to guess just on that based off the sheet of the other quarterbacks We are breaking news. They have a very good law while so they re conversations, arizona, carter's, quarterback connemara have now agreed to terms on. Is it tension says even rapport, so IRAN
what was scared? He was maybe going to get. You know scooped by somebody else. So earlier he just wanted to say: hey motherfuckers, I do yeah it's of a. I knew now, bang they do. the deal done, congrats, arizona, congrats to kyler Murray. You are now a very wealthy man, member, probably done this in another spores, while baseball stars are guaranteed contracts to everybody, and he was supposed to be a guy. They have turned pick topped mpeg absolute stud would have figured out was seen as outlined, a system which assume that gone to be a great mlb player. Now he gets wealthy from football and his team get built up around the city is coming a lot. There's cranes everywhere. Every body is trying to get their rezoning collars there for another five years, cliff kings just signed extensions extension of time just signed. An extension looks like the cardinals were a hell of a hell of a trajectory. right now in the nfc west, which is going to be a problem for years ago, absolute dogfight. What what do you expect, at least for for this I guaranteed yeah like five years to seventy five and then maybe forty or fifty guaranteed
your product to hunt. Cause they're, not going they're, not going, give it more sean, so they had a deadline. And the deadline was today. Cuz. Today is the day that I guess quarterbacks were going to report or something like that I was going to be a workout of some sort, so kyler said Erik burkhardt I got a tweet I will put out is asian. You think Alice this fucking shown up. Please get the fuck out it has to happen, and you want to get this deal done. You want to just maybe seven million more dollars. We get to think this tweet. How much is it worth shown up. How much is it worth drama going into a season that you cannot add drama to? First season post restrictions, post everything hollywood. You trade for hollywood on draft day and you're not going to have the core back there not wait. Let's get this deal done now and the earth the cardinal said: hey Bob we've been trying to get this deal done for a long time. Yeah, let's go fucking make some have to win some playoff games play have to win a super.
obviously that's goal for everybody and that's how fans will judge whether or not this was worth it or not, but I think it's a massive great move for the arizona cardinals did you have no idea? What's on the other side of the door? You have no clue. What's, on the other side of the fence, you'd get Josh rose and who is currently working out for the grave embrowned? What's right, I had turned exile. Would you look like you're ass, like what the guaranteed gonna be like Josh outrages hey. I've got a hundred million, guaranteed errand got a hundred million guaranteed, and then you double that plus someone top for discharge to earn thirty million guarantee. Somewhere between two hundred and two thirty polar gate. The agent for the shall wants it. Yeah yeah Josh, only two hundred guaranteed and you get double that more than delta. Some dishonours get more, what you sign for posts, taxes by that first contract? I think about that. That's that's it in anything and that's where, by the way, I'm happy that You got that much started guaranteed. Hopefully it does lift the scale.
For everybody else. That's why all the other owners in gm, the quietly and publicly were like what the fuck, what you we ve, figured out we'll give. We'll contracts at our body else got now. It gives anti money alone. We actually, like you, become I to alter the thirty million guaranteed to that guy situation, fuck and has some sites are about forty years last year, thereby aids baker and about it. So we gotta move. So what are you so decide it's twenty six and he got to thirty fully just Josh Allen's twenty five callers twenty five dash out and got one hundred, which one do you think it'll look more like Josh, Allen's or answer somewhere in middle, so there is now tweets coming out from schaeffer saying it's six years, but if it's a five year extension he had one year left without out was just different wording happening use the latest set tweet those stupid happening right now. That's my report was like common values. Schaeffer did
at the Jimmy g liners scope yesterday, which we should dive in congrats, carla collar congrats, cardinals yeah excited to see what you got: congrats, arizona, the great state that Jimmy G has been granted. Call wait. We have agreed with Chucky got the number seven gotta go let's go get it! given category five year, two hundred and thirty point five hilarious million dollar deal that includes one hundred and sixty seven. Million guaranteed per source? It gives murray the second highest paid quarterback average of forty six point. One million a year. Congratulations! Wow! Congratulations to the cardinals to thirty PA How about many burke, argon more, but to thrive, is the high. If guess what we're terrible people to the rest of the nfl, the rest.
it'll be a oh. Is that a core bachelor hey? We can't sign if it's not more than at least that okay fuck! Alright, here you go now are fully guaranteed to thirty point five yeah we ain't doing that, come on we'll give him more than him overall hundred and sixty guaranteed good for him. That's life. Changing generational wealth and tyler has work is absolute ass off being an athlete for his entire life to get my biologists digging into it, more guess, there's difference being guaranteed at signing and practical guaranteed practical guarantees. What they're reporting the one sixty that's Josh Allen, one fifty so guy, some practical guaranteed is like play at all the team. If you do anything like you're going to get this, if you're on the roster by roster bonus yet in there is incentive and practically soon the doubt take place, but the agents for actual aren because
stories can take place like that, like that that practically mahomes got one forty dhaka, one thirty staffer got one thirty air and got one fifty, so that's kind of like an I. John practically and actually got to two hundred and thirty yeah dude did so and he's not used. I thought there's a chance that he wasn't going to end up being just like an outlier almost because, like all these other guys are and there's such a gap, but like he's going to just end up The guy got ahead of it. First goes with kyler doing this like when boro comes back up your he'll be what two hundred harbour herbert vp The mars already got an mvp now he was important. top ten and so I know he was a which orlovsky was not happy about a lot of people weren't what a day it is because ducks table has reminded themselves of how great the let's ride is. Everytime. We start a new hour of sports conversation. There's a breaking news, there's some big conversation and we're doing that with talks table at Ty schmidt
now: bossing Connor, you boys, look fantastic we are in today. What's that It's changed, shimmer and a little water is it. I think it's because the tan that I got to change our jane pop in well. Not only that these tank tops are a different color block this week, then they got a little bit that just strictly because of the skin tone. Next to it makes it look same tank, new, look, Thank you. Dont have the hammer cowboys in joining us now from a hotel in a sailing community, a man who want to college football national champion a a super bowl championship, a writer cup championship, he has survived flying. in private planes a couple of times right impression, he's pilot, somehow
in survivor. Ladies and gentlemen, Aaron James hawk, hey whoa, whoa portrait mode on EU. I don't think it's for my daughter to turn it off turn it off wow. It sounds like we're not gonna, be able to hear you do you have it up and down this way, know what I want to use that rubber thing for the audio sounds terrible. I think you got to move to your left my wife's over here. Wow. The far left don't be dramatic loafers for the speaker the camera. For the rest, I think every three years is the spot. What do not move was not fell because he turned portrait yeah! Oh, that's because I think that is why I think that is why it doesn't follow you anymore, but you look like you're out of a fuck
it's why we like a this. Is your ak right now you like the dudes on on the superbowl or yeah. You look like right now. Do you have good power going to have a good day? it's. On my end, though, it looks horrendous for some reason on the split screen for face time. So I'm just glad as long as it's good myself to go, however, Murray will get him yazeed up ahead. What is that feed? We send him, it cuts it out for some reason: the macbook just cuts it out, but actually you look amazing, don't worry about it! You look for aunt ass. It were very thankful for you speak in a fantastic. Let's talk about Fantastic news out of the fifth largest city in america phoenix arizona, scottsdale beautiful relationship, kyler murray in the arizona cardinals has extended for another five years, calamari. Who is the quarterback that has led the arizona cardinals back to greatness after a couple of years of rough times coupled and maybe even Echo of rough times headquarter back name.
Josh Rosen after one year, kliff kingsbury becomes the head coach over there and says well. Sarah bio joshua is currently working out for the cleveland browns. Maybe for the backup role get the fuck outta. You were going to draft this guy. Who could go top ten in the mlb right now and we're going to make him our franchise player? the cardinals have only been on a trajectory upward, since kyler Murray has been their starting quarterback in thing in the team, doing their thing in well, they are able to strike a very stable very large contract with the quarterback be able to build a random cliff kings, bury it an extension steve time yet an extension now kyler murray gets an extension. They missed the andrea options for six games, but it feels like some special broke out there and congrats. So all parties involved regrets what we know dm told us like it, sounded like something was going to get done absolutely and we knew it had to before camp, but were you surprised off the whole contract wasn't guaranteed and just one hundred and sixty of the two hundred and thirty point five
was well. I think the two hundred and thirty point five was hilarious. As I was reading it. That made me laugh. It was like that was obviously a sticking point and in the conversation in that just out of the movie, you know that feels like that's out of our the movie, but I think, with reaction of everybody, this water, set the time for quarterbacks to attempt to guaranteed contracts, because the Sean watson and David more the gates were able to do what just as soon that the card america is we're honor, It's like everything has been held together by a life. It's all about the fall. Anxiety, five high. You seem very comfortable, you seem very comfortable with your face didn't say, like well I'd or time lay. What might happen
the virgin sea, on top of a pillow, I've been trying to get this hype city where you're sorry now now you're, okay, like I, by the way I as somebody who has had to do, shows from the hotels I can understand the real struggle of not the thing to stay up at the angle and if you have different heights of things Maybe he'll be a bible there. You put that thing up ones of a desk, maybe a chair. You can always they work. So I appreciate this but also, how is vacation, obray, pretty good, you guys have a good time. Vetture shit, many more boats serving Linda We have not been on any more sailboats to to let my kids take dumped in their little toilets, but it's been good. Man been fun with this place like flooded last night after the show port downtown where you go with my kids were walking, my kids were walking and the show- and they got stuck somewhere in a downtown area in the water- was legit waist high, like up as better them said it was past How old is better?
describing things spirits floods passes dog, drank beer, glee budweiser lord stanley cup last week that it might be a forty five year old man next year, but I getting back to that by the way. I hope you have a good time. There's always something by the way for the hawks man, yeah yeah, absolutely for kids, traveling doing their thing. The family's awesome, we appreciate you. I assume that burghardt aired Pardon categories are agent who base we push the envelope with this with a tweet memo talking about how fuckin car see to pay kyle. Basically, this is too before stay Time was scheduled to speak at the combine here in indianapolis in march or whatever the fuck that is acting in march. So then time Eric burghardt kliff kingsbury, very we're all and about this extension, bumper cliff and I'm both said that is,
find time, then we got fucking draft time that we get. The eighth time would do this later, set it to everybody that would listen. I there was some. just though that was setting the table for negotiations which they said the last couple weeks have been hammering it, and although this be the time that people in backs and agents could try to capitalize on the Haslam them watson deal with two to being guaranteed, which is something that Anna fell players have been seeking, since, beginning of the nfl. We every other league that does ratings that us that is much smaller than us. There guaranteed contracts in her contracting be vastly different than nfl. on drugs, which are the biggest show in tat in every tat, so that's up layers real, so what'd you! thirty million fully guaranteed deal happens. Its biggest contract answer must guarantee contract. I think every player ever It was a diagnosis time ago now, their time ago. We The ravens ownership come out and be like
don't think so. bengals ownership, who is now has five hundred million dollars in repairs needed for Paul brown stadium is thinking about getting a sponsor for the stadium there. Building an indoor facility. Let's go bang. They also came out because Joey borough is going to be appeased automated to a super actor. Let's not think that's going to happen, so I wonder how much of the you know. base conversation before the negotiation was aired. Burkhart, When Steve diamond the cardinals hey is where this is not our fault. This is not your fault. This is just the new way of doing business here in the nfl that in probably one word answers from nope nope we want that like this is a pretty big deal because now the mars deals, gonna going to look like now. We know We deals going to look like now now know what going to look like It's gate that comes back then
at two thirty and a half to forty guaranteed deal. It feels like the deals will get to that point at some point, but not just yet AJ, not just yet yeah. So this had to be like there's a big precedent. the teams now like the bengals ravens, had to be excited. I wonder if they had any communication with the corners I came and like whatever you do, do not guarantee this dude is on contract because we don't want to have to guarantee our guys can imagine hand written letters written letters, dearest, steve time, my name- is bushati or whatever owner of the ravens watching you from afar for so long. The way that followed ass head glimmers in the desert in the tea you been able to create nothing short of spectacular in great for the nfl, for one and I'm not the only one of those, many other owners that speak a very highly about you being a general manager and are an essential
What a joy for us to have you as a general manager in our league, and we will Carry you forever because of how good of a job you've done in the way you carry yourself. Your friend, bestiality, p, ps, we take back every good thing. We have ever said about you if you fought and give another fully guaranteed contract like that come bag, Jimmy Haslam and fucking andrew berry did in and was cleveland. ps as fuck you, if you do that, as as as as as you care about. Mail it out there, I even allowed to do that. Or is that not? Would that not be collude illusions, as I'm saying like cut the pudding, be a cloud they could say you don't they could communicate without saying it though has working on that you, okay, cool yeah, we're
what do you think maybe like sixty percent of a guaranteed seventy percent, not one hundred right? Okay. Here we go no more groundbreaking deals right, okay or not, though no no more mb ideas right, no more mlb deals right at the end, the conversation cheers hey. Here's to that four hundred and thirty was fucking crazy, huge deal, dude, here's the numbers on the deal he's getting a lotta, fucking money, two hundred and thirty million guaranteed is a lot. fucking money, What on I'll? Let you get to. I mean the fact that it wasn't two hundred and thirty point five guaranteed because feed it that that but he also screwed that one million percent yeah. This was a precedent set for everybody else. It's going to get to two hundred and thirty million guaranteed again, but it's going to take a little bit couple of years. Tom palace. Arrow is rapport kyler murray's five! at two hundred and thirty, and a half million dollar extension with the cardinals will pay him thirty million in the first year so that signing bonus in year, one salary- probably cash over
Let's go twenty nine million dollar signing bonus. One million dollars salary this particular year than that's one united- will spread out over the five years, so thou be like six millions who have liked to seven million dollar cap it. If we're doing the man quickly promptly, on arms and shore sixty nine million over the first two years so is making thirty nine year to anna, six point. Fifty one five million over the four, three years of this deal. Strong ashleigh on a deal negotiated by Eric Berne, car, nations sport year throughout the rock Eric burghardt. Didn't this deal done. I do appreciate the fact that the agents understand that how good they, negotiating is certainly there were in the world that they work in so Eric work, one in the numbers to get out. There is what we got, We did. I like a little bit of credit for that, because that is a lot of fucking money over the next three years.
It ain't two hundred thirty million guaranteed, though how the fuck did they get? That done, you think in the guy that they paid had all these allegations the two souls like what are we doing like hell? I don't know I. I can't wait wash them Our committee, as you like to say, I can find ten years rather see the document. I have all the front office people and the agents involved in doing the Mola gaiters. Pretty simple, just laying out athens are desperate. They desperate around they're, desperate. might it sounds, are desperately therein the conversation every valid anything in those getting anywhere, not desperate enough to guarantee to earn thirty. One may cause I soon the falcons if they would have done. It vfl, oh yeah, one thousand it in blank was like I'm not going be the one that stands as you may as well, will do that here. We have given us and bodily has enough money to do it. Could you have to put that you are and thirty million in s girl, rights or nothing goes into a fund that
I'd assume they're able to get some points on the nfl in ha yeah yeah. I assume they're able to invest in utilize, but it just has to be present at any point and then that not every owner has the capability of doing that. I guess is what we've been told right now, while we've been totally not definitely not if you're, if your money is your team and not from hey? I was a billionaire businessman. I bought this, I think it was much harder on those people, and that's the separation of the cash ever cap teams verse other cash strapped teams. You know cause lot of people our billion hours, which they rich month, sawyer wealthy mother, yes, but a lot of its four gaze through a lot of its assets. So like yes, it is technically property and value of the person, but it's impossible to give that be. Was drum, set as compensation in advance. You know like the way in stuff
investments in liquid have that money, liquid yeah, that's before you, invest it or spend it on something that you still own. That is part of your value, but nearly able to be used as actual compensation in the nfl. That's why that Walton family getting involved in the cranky, what the rams were shooting out, cashier yelled rob Walton go to the broncos were shit now cash here we go, if are down in carolina, I just got the runs and it happens to be. everywhere. It's like the. The owners are the ones that are able to make these types place and good, for I guess what we get out in nature hundred and some million guaranteed over the next he's got to put one hundred and sixty million dollars into a thing right, yeah. But if, as long as Andrew brandt explained it to us right yeah, you have to put it in escrow Well, I guess the nfl, so he's got, have one hundred thirty million rate first
it's thirty yeah, so it'll be twenty nine on signing day that money's gone. If it's twenty nine, we don't know what it is. If it's twenty assuming we assume it's twenty nine that money's gone. So then one million dollar, salaries, definition or seven hundred and thirty million dollars would then have to be put into s grove in old cause. You they flew the plane to with constant a pick up J J. What has changed? I guess a team is operated since his dad had passed away rest in peace, he can doing things differently. He's got the money what happened good for him good for the cardinals good for kinds of man, it even there wasn't as much as deshaun watson. Do you think, there's anything? from the browns and she wants a motorway there's two young quarterback in our derision, like we kind almost put those teams in a spot. If we do just now would be closed, I gotta be taken no solution agenda and staring at the ceiling and then go anyway just animals that are there, yeah, oh yeah. Let's all these broke motherfuckers in our division got bunch of broke motherfuckers, rich
if the team, but these fuckers can't hang with us now, like me, aren't in the division, we will at the new standard on what's guaranteed and we want. Flung out to their agents is worth gases. This is what is the more if we would end up doing in the more that's three hundred problem least three hundred that's what he deserves, and there's owners out there that have a good eg joey burrow. He got five hundred million in repairs indoor facility you deserve at least What three hundred and four hundred to a super bowl there's there's owners out there, there's others out there that you can go what if that is a next level ass boy, the fucking, playing online site or second alex no white guy you're playing online? emotions their law. That's like next level. Emotion play I had a logical. Yes, I guess psychological play against your own, because you're trying to get the quarterback
it's very good to get pissed off at their place so that they will leave. That's a that's like three steps ahead: psychological play right there. If that is what the fuck castle, mr andor, bearing Jimmy, asked margaret draft gentleman's ill after homeless man told him so, but in generic you marry my angel very awkward quarterback very very intelligent to think about this. He goes to dry erase board. Has them sitting down hazards like give me all your id as I need. I need to ivy league people here. I need more more brains around me and andrew bears. I got so. This is the move. It's gonna cost you a lot of brunt but sustained success here. Thinking about this thing that pisses off vainly daily, they got rookie quarterbacks for the next fifteen years. They could never afford what we have. If we do this and we're they're going to have
after us. Hey it's going to be bad pr! Press conference is going to be awkward and there's going to be some public statements from other owners. They're not going to be happy. But what praying for in the front, we are getting massive massive return on the back end playing a bunch of fucking nobody, so it's, how many germs are we going to do or non Jimmy has like fuck, you're right? Add ten more million onto the guarantee to him. Fuck, these guys without the weather, the storm, everyone hates my guts already. Who cares? I don't care if they continue to the bangles when, like that legitimately does make sense like hey these guys are fucking cheapskates. Okay. If we jump this up big time, there's no way they're going to be able to do that for Joe burrow. They just went to a super bowl, get his ass out of the division. Let's do that right now, wow AJ thinking that that was all this is a I'm kind of mentally fox is how conspiracies are begun, writing something that could potentially happen but you're putting a lot of respect on somebody's brain to come up with that. Third fourth level
thinking. You know what I mean I mean even if the browns, even if that wasn't their plan to start with Why not jump on the bandwagon? Now after they see this clip? I would Jimmy hasn't gone. We yeah, we know, that's exactly what I mean owners earth complain again still it's that's? What I'm? You don't just pay, you know, play you actually cancer is an event it, sets a veritable that's an advantage. If about let's monopoly like every other team's roster, by what we do and how we pay certain superstars eight and maybe that maybe you're onto something hey, it's a real advantage. Walton cranky tap. I guess hasn't got for decades the super rich. Now this would be in the one Club meeting where right war would take I mean it would be a four cuz. They fellow members have always operate like this. Always everything unified hundred percent, vote on every decision that is made from the nfl, the owners
and I say, like one per the bears might be out or I like one other owner like while he's always against the group. Everybody else is it's a hundred percent unity. Every decision that is made and then stories that come up from the one precourt club meeting where people are like actually ready to kill. Somebody like that's why I ve been able to do such good business for so long, but new owners coming in with more cake than everybody else, and if your team stinks I can see like an obvious, you know hey. It seems like there's a little bit of a move to the top quickly. What does that? Well, we just kind of fucking. Don't got everybody with our money and then there's only us that have money that gets good quarterbacks. Nobody else really gets them. holy shit that could have. from the porters perspective for the amount of young few bees in the area of sea verses them out. A young good cuba's in the embassy is pretty drastic. There's like eight or nine guys in the agency and there's like two or three I mean that's not, including like rodgers and Brady and stafford and the older guys, but just looking at like a contract that my
be six years or seven or eight years at some of the young guys are signing. You might be even more inclined to go to the annex. hey we're going to find out which owners got it AJ's right and it's going to directly affect a lot of things. I think I know it, who is it? The the one people are the new broncos owner, what I would imagine they will be very aggressive and trying to win football game. Yeah. I just say Russell Wilson is already there Russell wilson, would have been on a plane there as soon as he gets a new deal too. By the way you wanna make another video embed with sierra. Would go hawks, let's ride or whatever hey rusty a job last night him and year present war. at present, where I saw the only person I saw was the the hammer condo honest. I turned around and saw him talking about dickie v, Jimmy valve bhavana. That was, it was also so that was a great moment It will not happen in the votes on board to the king producers. That was awesome hustle, and no, so they have to believe that right, Jonah has not. I do not like
You like I'm wondering if anybody there didn't. I don't think anybody in the back knew somebody new. I had to have known such they're supposed to circuses, it's cable, but if you don't it only really comes down to. If your sponsors care, I'm happy that they didn't I'm happy that they let that thing fly, because I had massive more respect for vital. Obviously, I think everybody, after seeing a faulty It's about him and everything he's been through. He had his head cut, open ha his head was like sliced open. I had no idea that was happening. he's doing pretty, damn good. For what he's been? It's crazy. he's blind and one I had no idea like half blind in one eye stab by a pencil, and he was a kid and his mouth cheese, and his mom said big deal. Who cares? Homicide, who cares? Let's go that you imagine his mama motivating? She was now you thought about her. Whenever he was battling is Answer is lymphoma and everything it was like I got nothing but love for this guy in his house was not a
He's worked his ass off on nice house. I gave a shout out to the doctor who worked on his vocal chords, like that dude worked on lionel richie needed in the and all these other people, like it's pretty incredible. I bet gas got some story, I would assume- and he saved a lot of you- no ears in everything like what's at age. I. Why is that? I have some stories some legit, where a dell were unable me somewhat, some greatest vocal cords, vocal. All who else cord bohemian off the charts. What's well Freddie, mercury's, Freddie, mercury stage presence is he's been apex. I concur. Mick Jagger is another one that people about still got it in that by absolutely knew the song, but
world well enough to know like what, like nothing, that fuckin festival wembley that shot at it looked like they wanted the amount or the immense came out like literally the entire world was star. or is that a fucking performance where forty billion people? What a moment there, that crowd control I'd, feel so cool there for freddie mercury? What a moment man when he's holding the he had like the half might have might stay, I figure, like a how much of his performance was kind of like thought through beforehand how much just instincts and co he's, I think, he's feeling They talk about it in that, in that movie, like those dudes were super tight. Had everything rehearse perfectly like their timing was down. Pat looks like you're. Just Willy nilly, hey, we're just having fun, but they like they were super detailed, I guess, and how wherever so, I don't want to. I don't want to like get off topic too much here, but when Jeremy
Kevin told us that the argo character was script, word for word on the script that surprise make my blown they kind of what europe talking about their with some friday and how the operated your you're said. Diligent like that did you. I still don't know. do you believe ago and wrote it yeah a lot of people different lot, different people but I had no idea remy watching it used assume that it's a lot of it is an ad labour that humanitarian mould. Now that the greatest acting in the history of acting very good, acting but very very right about what they have done get right. Have you have lulli? What's our region, some of the things that they said? It's like they even have said it makes them it's they're uncomfortable now they wouldn't have put that in the script back then so that's also for pippa. He doesn't you don't want to be live in stuff that you can get cancelled for That's a lot of shit. You're thinking that in time are you are you a butter actor if you add live or just follow script I think if you follow the script, the whole way- and it looks like your ad libbing you're, a great actor and I think
if AG ad libbing the whole thing I think, you're great out, I think, there's a probably a lot of ways to go bankrupt. for you, I think add living is more kind of like comedy related, like people here, brown who, like comedic actors, can add, live a lot better than someone who's, like mostly a dramatic actor yeah office a lot of the lines that they do. I give I played up yeah they'll change the line just a little bit with their ones and also people not knowing in a comedy setting. What's coming yeah much better for everybody, you know much much better for everybody. Outta show a mild was fucking good dude miles, teller urged in at all ruth, we are like I felt like he was the guy in there and what's his name, bob evans full a guy right. Who is that that's matthew, good and anguish, I two. If you listen to him, really talk it's he I haven't. I haven't the amount of speaking to
erect, laugh ratio for me for a character has been since ARI. I think, for the bob evans thing that bob evans. Doesn't it I like edges, everything was so dramatic and ridiculous. I laughed every time that for even when he was going through some terrible shit, the way he went about saying it was like hilarious. I guess it's other guys. Anyways, let's get back to except for calamari dan Orlovsky was supposed to join us, but I guess he's got terrible internet service as he is just terrible internet service. So they've been battling in my right ear for some time here as we're just talking about nonsense, trying to figure it out. Ladies and gentlemen, joining us now the face of espaa coming today in all shot go in. Your house
like you're a caricature right now. What's going on? What are you doing? I'm you take this video It's been happening for eight minutes and I've literally been hearing it. What has been going on are you? Where are you at. I am very impressed, render right near my house, sky if he's in a flooded city, two doors down, look at him, he looks like he's on an ak camera. Then I saw. Are you outside Caleb's adrian free? He looks great for you look thirty years old. Oh a thank you. He does thank you Daniel. What? If I say that I was here as a dandy, we're going back, there was, call you back for the go to you, because ages are going real, good right now, yeah, I'm in like the best shape. I've been great, which called then that's great, but I'm proud of you guys great thank you, you you're, for
W w we as turning up the heat summer, slam witness the beast ass, not challenge the head of the table. Roman reigns in, alas, and standing match for the undisputed w w we universal championship. It's going down biggest party of the summer, which means all your favorite superstars will go head to head, including Becky lynch riddle, Seth rollins. Bobby Lashley bianca bel air. Drew mcintyre, liv morgan. in many more summer, slam streams live saturday July thirty, if any pm eastern exclusively on peacock paid a baby age right on time live from a state that is flooded. Yesterday, he's a college of about actual japanese bulgarian he's in a k to day he looks for aunt ass. They can the face of ohio, not know how a J hawk is up
it J, a man who drives a golf ball. Four hundred yards Dan orlovsky was about to compliment you on that. By the way, did you hear that as his terrible service was kind of breaking up no where do you see me, hit a golf ball? it's on stable his years time made our passing. Spain have unit football, we don't know is blind regime. Not is all this time what has just been above above about what might be, but. Didn't put you on unemployment, even put him on it Well, I'm you see, what's it all about, if you think it puts you on the coverage NBC for what for the american central championship. Oh, I don't do that now. what was the cost of weather they did with that. That is what he saw. That is exactly what is its hard to imagine this guy get in the club around his body, intimidating force. Did you change your costume matter? No, that was
You looked You have the shades. I think the word task as you never wore those during any of the three rounds. Reply can offer sunglasses allowing I need to see that they might fall. I can't drive with big definite, followed my facebook to drive a wedge there. if are so violent wedge one seven, seven sixty one sixty three was the yeah. What was seventeen is that one sixty three year wedge was different, better now that p s attack, which one is better fitted for the sandwich sandwich. Fifty six, I think, whereas fifty four, I don't have- and you hit that anywhere my one hundred and twenty yards to two hundred and twenty hours? Now my wits don't go there. out there. I could hear elsie disguise this guy it's strange. You know what a normal human hits a fucking wedge. It sounds like you have now. It is back you just something or what no I was looking at the Colin coward. The tv was on mute. Someone had an it's, oh just seen it
Right, there's radiates. I was wondering what was more rankings. What are they I get one of their anger and I'll talk to inquire about according to call it oh wow, let's do this live, which, where are they right now? What number and who is it? Well? They have to top ten, You know you guys know the top tonight Ok number one party, my home, say that they gotta congratulations. Now christians is on the screens. I can't see the waste by no number two. I don't remember tuna We got. What's this all about come on, AJ sims now they're talking to christians, they took the list, though so Chris is that Chris simms list or calling cards list it says according to kang, but I think he's interviewing chris, so he's throwing Do we talk about Chris hymns, real quick son of Phil simms, former quarterback for the bucs and some other things backup quarterback used me with pleasure. Port now is within bc. Forebore night in America. He
what he got as a doofus is goofball sounds something like that at one point, so we I think, he's a bugle somebody else, but you Add something and we had a fake. You know beef with him for about a week and a half two weeks, but I think we need quarterback rankings, the tom common conversation around media Chris simms releases, his quarterback rankings is every talking about how accurate he normally is with his quarterback I think he's got a couple wrong. I don't you like Josh Rosen at all. I think there's like a couple that he is, but chris simms is ranking of quarterbacks is one that people actually, pretty serious either has the last year is this Chris simms is lester Colin cowherd collins list: okay, perfect calling top ten patrick mahomes number one Josh. Alan number, two he's a lot of people's favoured for the envy p Josh aren't, as he has won in the buffalo bills, tom Brady
in fl number four aaron rodgers. That's ride! Number five russell wilson, Matthew, stafford six, Joe burrow, What seven bear at eight carla, Marie nine derek carr ten, so we're trying to indicate where he thought. Kyler words was after the kyler deal was announced of him getting two hundred and thirty point: five million dollar total contract with a hundred and sixty million dollars. Guaranteed of that are there reports coming out now from pro football talk mike florio that the owner not having enough money to guarantee more money, which is what we started chatting about with potentially has them doing to the bengals who have borough and ADI who has jackson he's? Scully, saying that the owners for The cardinals bidwell family
not have had enough money to put into escrow that you have to hold one of you guarantee a care a deal so into Sean watson, got to thirty million dollars guaranteed. I forget maybe whatever it was the first year, the rest of the money has to go in has to be cash has to be liquid, have to have it so de Sean, knows he's getting at the end of our knows, you're, giving it and there's no factory now I believe they still invest that money and it still making money and are getting points off that money, but I have go and ask grow. So this is why the sure owners have an absolute advantage in a cash ever cap or you can sign, assigning deal can be huge and he can program that over the entirety of the contracts or your salary cap it each year is much less than one it'd be in the old school traditional way of setting up a contract florio. Saying that maybe that was a part of this whole thing, and maybe it was in. It goes even more so to our point that go back home our stopped in there. So if you go off
on coward sub ten, which is pretty similar to a lot of people's top ten. You got, our at nine burrow above him herbert above him, he doesn't lamar jackson on there, but Lamar jackson up for a deal? How will the guaranteed cash flow thing come play with these nuts contracts for these quarterbacks in result in players having to leave teams to go hunt, your cash from the riches owners. Any anna fell age medical, and if you got a job or wanted to, he could be a guy that does it right. The bank was, we know, there's no chance. They have two million dollars to sit in escrow. That's the bank was arthur, swore that's their business I know. Maybe they could find a way to get creative and hold that money, but I don't see it happening with the guy joe burrow, but that's the kind of guy that could do it, but he had to play out. Your whole country franchise tag, twice, yeah branches, franchise bet on yourself, but understand and then go hit the free market which, is very tough to do when it comes to health and comes to bearing on the future of the team. How will you play in
turn turned down, hundred million dollars guaranteed, knowing that, if you play for a couple more years on the franchise tag, there's a chance three hundred and three fifty guaranteed somewhere. That's a the decision. If Joey was looking around Change is dollar play radius changes. Thousands are play over the first couple years of his career. Let's assume I continue to not want to get killed every game and they're stacking up the offensive line joey. Tom playing so he's forty, whatever sees aaron playing until whatever sees all guys playing a long long time. It's like Joe burrow able to break down defences the money? going to go up. You bet on yourself and say it guaranteed contract, two thousand three hundred and fifty four million. Whenever he's up after two franchise tag, or do you do hey, I'm ohio kid? This has been cincinnati, that's what the bengals going to hope for right. That's what they're going to hope for an assault thing they gotta be laying the groundwork for that already. Don't you think, with Joe's agent in
and was like yeah yeah, I know we're not there. It's not right now today, but let's just let's just get creative and start things what we're going to do with Joe, when it is time for him to sign this to you, I you're able to give up a percentage of the team. Do their salary cap stuff? No, no saga like I say of asylum- is becoming law more bill do like that just adds to it franchise tag. You errands fifty tyler Forty six point, one. There Sean forty six one of the next year, stafford, probably or Josh Alan homes. This year's and be like this is like the first year that contract, where actually getting a lot of money. The franchise tag is not top five of worth its top five: a salary salary. that is on annual worth having its actual salary. That's why the bonuses are not involved in the franchise tax, or this might actually fuck the franchise dec he allowed yet shall wants, is making one million this year,
Parliament is right to make one million this year might actually falk cap cap it for this year, teenagers. Thirty, eight mobs, thirty, five cousins, thirty one is thirty one. Something else just fell in a flooded city of age, a hawk sitting there off his desk. Probably it is a nightmare I think he drinks every day. Remember me, tastes like inside, is ass. That's okay! Okay! Why did you ask me If you come back to it like seven times three times because I was way too high and I was trying to get a little energy and I was told that Every time I took a ship out of it, I just assumed you didn't deluded enough I got it just put too much patterns thing. Maybe they know me, I've ice nobody's ice and everything out there. You know where we're just wait I'm very impressive. You care about your body enough to drink that all day. Every data that thing does not always good address. How do you like it
I told you when I was out there I need I could change that was different. It tasted different out there, but especially when you're when you're smoking cigars. It's something every once in a while. Those sweet everyone's want. What mix it up? Okay, I got it so maybe I'll just beat down my mouth a little bit with some cigar taste. May I have a similar things with the dope nodded. Tastes like lemons It's all that stuff. It's good! It's spoke about how to do it. It was awesome anyway, the top five salaries the position that you're in average and then that becomes the franchise tax. So it's still a lotta fucking money, let's not get crazy and then it bumps up what twenty percent or twenty five percent for year two think of soviet salary, average, salary, errands and fifty calories. Forty six, John forty, six, no that's average! That's not salary rights, as average seller. Really, errands getting fifty million dollars as a contract, as yourself regard your average seller. That's a sally cap. It
fifty million dollar twenty eight has a it yeah. I think that involves a signing bonus ashes, the average of the entirety of the thing. I think I might be wrong small track, might already updated the franchise tags of that. If that deal affected it at all too, I guess I stag not necessarily pumped about but again millionaire, so fucking, There are no bonus. What's up, how dared money that's guarantee guaranteed cash. I was young. I was dumb, but leaves out all the bonus money that people signed for just strictly I think it s a changed since I got fringes dag so like people kickers will sign with like signing bonuses and like a guaranteed money. It's like yeah, well, there's imbalance doesn't matter he's actually making one point: five million this year, it's like what the fuck knows like insects, but yeah he's a bear. I'm fuckin burden that when we talk about I'm not doing it Well you this guaranteed money. I forget
is the pen I'm going to canada celebrate would neck. There was great time, but some of us more news, call rude off as signed a one year deal with the buccaneers a minnesota legend, he was at smackdown in minnesota. There was a rudolph chant the crowd obviously played great for the vikings for a long time. I don't know if he's from Minnesota. Originally I'm not. what the giants didn't work out. Now is what the temp buccaneers who lost rob Gronkowski. I think they still have bright and they have all their weapons Tom Brady reloading as this is final season, and are you happy for all rude down, Aaron chop, a bay where you think it's terms season, but I mean I would probably not I dunno debate with a windsor. He finds a way to get close and not win it all. I still could see Tom coming back if he stays healthy, but ruled out what a good sign that I'm learning of this is the first time. I think it's awesome First of all, like I'm a fan of rudolph and our oceans. Well, a giant freak athlete, though
for people that don't know I've never seen this guy played against? Who I played against him like what is he six six? Maybe big, guy great tat, super jack super smart, very athletic, great feet, great hands! perfect signing for camp. Why not? I mean I I love it for him. I hoping it'd get a wreck and I'm not he'll be splitting wraps right. So that's probably better for him at it. At this stage a career enjoy himself and if he gets a ring, let's fucking go. Rudolph is still guy cameron brate. Who can is more so the reason tat any sooner with now, with rudolf kind of being like a road greater cause, he's unbelievable run. Gave too, I think yeah use him try to right can be not saying that those parties, I think, but that That makes me believe the crank is done, see now it's going to say like that, doesn't necessarily mean the doors closed on that. Do you think it is like? I mean just because they him right now who's to say that There has even or what our reality much significant, let's bring ground back to.
I bought everybody around gronk, saying he's coming back by the way. What's that all about? What's that all about you think what if gronk went to green bay, we came to indianapolis how fucking awesome would that can see going to buffalo before any of those places? Now we'll kick them out. I remember he had to be a graduate from a western pennsylvania high school buffalo, so we don't even want you here go to pittsburgh bow and he did so. Why not? You know why not want to never go to buffalo. Hey, I agree. Could you imagine him going to buffalo? Josh Allen gets all my tossing on him and oxy and oj howard. Now. tom. Brady is his quarterback in one interview and then he said, who's made that Joe burrow guy, like that Joe burrow guys had it, but I think Josh Allen is somebody. You would also go the whole fame yup they're in buffalo, so you won't go wrong. Come on help us our bills, mafia, all, they would lose there shit
Rob Gronkowski was a buffalo bill and he plays well in the cold, even though you might not want to anymore, but I think should take round at his word. He doesn't work planing play anymore. You know I got in also the biggest the grand going back to buffalo drunk with five year plan or pick up one of the builders and spiky of course touched that around would acknowledge the build l out there. Definitely he he probably point of view back in spike, one maybe yeah. Maybe he has two of them just like throne, unlike grenade I brought him back. Why is he taking them so hard because they are shaky? Is on because, although he is like a bowflex, some of those builders were like a bowflex. You know the one Randy johnson trained with when he took the birds ahead of you. Those things come down there and it's like you, never know where the armadillo, those headed and it's like they live in grumps It is out of here. I got a block somebody.
We the covert, build. I was no longer a worry. You haven't got any of us, it's a moment of silence for them for the time which we had to worry about. your Biden got covered is not a thing. Are you gotta? while forgetting that in the face of the bill, though, hopefully I don't think it was around like that documented. How many documented cases came from a builder two effects. Well, we were just once we're really the only ones looking out for it, thinking that it be a problem, because the build up one point. I was on cardboard boxes that you can look at each other cover now, so we just assume the next step was, if a bill, This short into the field There is obviously called something new era field. it's in there in a player accidentally grabs bilbil, because our roller angle on ball is part of it always far right in a grab. It didn't work. Gloves are old school, you know
maybe even with gloves you never know. Cuz people like the fact that the glass covered could elected covered buildout could have killed an nfl player and we're really the only people that were talking about it for some time it feels like that is no longer something that needs to be changed about. So I'd like to give us a fucking way to give us an animal for looking out for things that nobody else is looking out for just Obviously We're called a lot of the names by people who don't necessarily enjoy the show. We are the only ones in every time somebody got over. We said they survive and when are they going to be back? Everybody else is breaking news out for twelve days fire camp play next game, isn't with due care. If they see I've, always issues become and like a protocol tweet on us, a field like you're thinking that there is no chance of death or no chance of something terrible happened. What are you minimalist way? What are you doing the code? Also, we never do.
major did we come from the job I give you. Our tragedy has its true everyone else reported as like a football, for a sports thing like an injury, always your upper body is going to be out. Twelve days like now like coverage, is about covert not about how long the person's going to be out of the the reason why not playing is because there's a chance could spread to kill somebody how come around even talking about that, and now we get these starts to it all and when we look back on I think we'll have a much greater respect for how we covered it all. I think so. You know what I mean. We probably have a pretty healthy respect for how we covered it right now, but even more so you know yours and I like the way you healthy there, because I feel like with these. social distancing that we did and after the numbers more anybody else us within fucking How do we not one of them, especially after watching some award, show with the way we covered?
I was thinking since you said, could just be Tom's. Last year, okay, there's been a there's a guy out there. Who's available for trade has been Tom's backup before who would provide some insurance is here in case Tom, hurt and then provide for the future. Blaine Gabbert is a dog bruce that whole crew Lala Blaine gabbert. Maybe Jimmy g to tampa bay is what digs wants to pivot into a conversation for because the san francisco, forty, nine and jimmy Jeez representation have formally re announced, situation that we thought has been happening for some time that maybe just called off. He can see a trade partner. We started putting up some. Retail trade that could take place. What did the job straight for Jimmy g and traded Daniel Jones over the niners there'll be no issue at the locker room expecting day no jones start over trade lance. You have a good back up that isn't nor anywhere near as expensive as Jimmy g and Trey lance the locker room and the team- maybe the pants
those men, forty five million dollars and quarterback contracts. Maybe Jimmy GI could be the guy for there's a lot of different, it's cleveland brands. Maybe they make a play, but all signs and roads lead to them. In the cottage image you I don't know they have any leverage other than people, thinking that they want and before the seattle, seahawks steel, Jimmy g, but maybe tampa bay is a place that if he does get released, they kind of get a ball game and say this. While we got, we like have work is our future is in doubt that Jimmy situation is very fascinating and I want to ask or loves these thoughts on it. What do you think happens? AJ, because I don't think the niners have any leverage at this point at especially since they come out and says I hate trailer, the guy so You know mean I I don't know. I don't know what the level Is there a J, I don't think they have much. I don't think they're going to be able to trade like how I dunno what you do.
as far as his health and his arm and everything and then figured out, that's why I think seattle was an opera is, is a possibility? Isn't it because he gets cut? Seattle could pick them up. They obviously won't trade him seattle in the division, but the Tampa bay thing. If Jimmy has options, let's say he could possibly go to seattle. He could go to Tampa bay he would have. I dunno don't think he wants to play right away. I doubt Jimmy would choose to sit a year, but he would have to know that have a really good feeling that Tom may be gone after a year if he doesn't, Jimmy could only be a backup quarterback by the way to what, like tom, the heron yeah if the saints you think the saints are going to get into the game for Jimmy g know, you're already have to make quarterbacks. Don't they do I do agree with my take about the niners not being able to bring Jimmy g back now. because of the way everything is gone because team building, basically like the guys, have, with a guy, is in its tracks It has a bad first quarter of the season. How stop the players in the locker room who know like just from going hey, I dunno how many years I got left this guy,
while doing it, we got a guy in the building that were fucking pain. That's here every single day that everybody likes put them in the eye. That's a real thing, a guy. I believe it's real thing. I might be wrong you, I think you're a hundred percent right in Also, referring with account you stop, you know, coaches have their choices to him, what they do they want in the game. So I guarantee you d corner, dig deeper scotch like they say prisoner trade like they were couple game, the sick of three thousand and looking over the guys, like you, don't say anything like that: doing how come we can't put in this go. Is this happening courts not its quarterback position, which is obviously the most important position on team, but a running back a boom, herron, fuckin, fucking, loved boom law, we had we have another running back that I'm forget only such a fucking plaza due to man. I like Google, I fucking love, but Eric still up the heart. very hard we traded for trent Richardson, we try
trent Richardson. I was situation, I'd say first round we train of random. Our team was good too boom was still boom, was moving like the wise is north specialty and, like my making great place for offense. Richardson one overall. So can understand what that means. Boom understood what that meant, but then, like four or six seven games go by in a recent, much like happening because he's getting dropped, a new, no playbook whenever the reasoning is in everybody knew what the fuck can we not just go back this guy. I understand it in drafting or give up like that happens, that happens every position it happening at the court that position would divide in entire squad we divide an entire team and I John lynch knows that to write and china and they know that they know that So I guess if we do seem to me to go back to prison. they're, the only ones that have been there,
every day- and they know that those guys have the personalities to possibly handle it too. True, that is going to be tough there for a human. Just any human in the building quit mandarin. What trainer chef like no just like a little I'll always take is what one sly like hey. You should be in there and that Jimmy just saying yeah. I should find somebody that is like a tray guy and then all of a sudden you got a little. You got like a spark, so there it is just easy as that it just happens because everybody has egos feelings and egi is the transmit professional has felt like through this whole process land it's been handled it perfectly in maybe after everything we've heard, maybe we're wrong. Maybe when she jane animal commands a actually. gimme another year, trailers will have another year of learning buying Jimmy g in their often running. I dont think that able to just switch hey? It's not the starter, Jimmy juice, getting paid more, much longer better resume
going to be sitting behind him in a locker room that he is already had to win over as a starter in the past I just don't know how you pull it off and I'm maybe I'm too mentally weak and too dumb to figure ten gb go back to the matters disciplined. in his mind, you think yeah. You know if they've already pretty much said we're done with you. Go daddy still. I kid always come out and kills a huge jimmy g who has come out and said like one. He has shades of you know our supper to also the only way you can find out as if he actually plays a goddamn game ets. It's a fasting situation with twenty four point: two million dollars out there I mean he's jimmy- wants to start Hopefully, his arm is ok, but who is trailing his backup? Jimmy is not there. Well, that's why the need sun filled, that's why which he did that's right. side falcons filling the wrong and I assume Shanahan don't give a fuck a veto. Of and guess we're. Don't you see what we did with Jimmy jean when the black games member through basic aachen times better?
be hard right that came in there and jacksonville bastard. See James injects. Nick is that what, if jack, what This is the stage of his career there. Where he's going back to being a back up again, even those led the team deepening the black scientists, Yeahs thing annesley championship, lasher simple. What to three years ago to address it We a couple years ago, two It does make any sense for him to be a guy. You know it just went to the nfc championship. I want to be a backup are they just have reinforced the sale it's going on it by the way, still able to negotiate trade. If anybody is out there We thought maybe Houston, but doug emails they're, going to give him an opportunity without well, he performed the says you want to go. Is it If they trade is it his choice It's not! I can't really do much about it, but they said they want to take. No, they want to do right by right you're sorry was up in new england. To syria was a part of drafting Jimmy? Maybe just areas like I we can get
jimmy g, we will do that, but then that kind of against all conversations about dougie Davis mills. You impressed everybody right I mean impressed fucking everybody you're, cutting from your guy, potentially becoming a guy by taking Jimmy. the important men there does Jimmy? is a may. Man at this point is what the voters are made. Man he comes in, or building he's gonna start why the niners Trey lance Jimmy situation is so infusing and all roads lead to them, just cutting him. All roads seem to lead to that I try to honestly, I think someone said the same earlier, but the saints would make sense to just because they we're all that cap space, so they have it cause they almost there in the running for deshaun watson and then, if into a situation like last year that just happened where they had a great james once he gets hurt in their whole season goes to shit a any dawns
he's got that new uniforms too. They got the fotolia the deep v, the florida lee black helmets, oh yeah, gonna buy you drew brees starting to pick a bali style air drew brees. Maybe he made an investment into a professional pickleball program, see commentary important to a ball rack, it's a pretty pumped. This is a new global stage, a livelier pick up all stages in new stage of life. You gotta inside the country club stage, but more it's like a real where we went on vacation, there was like six courts and it looks like an awesome and are also point six courts in a park right by my house. I am of a pickle. in writing? Ro much? No! No! No! It's that you stand on this. And then pong kinda tennis kind of small tennis, which nice paper the biggest pakistan on the court you're, not you stand on the table, to get a move. Much united move, much tat was a lot of old. The cock shuttle court admit what shuttlecock
car you car shuttle, though Imagine what one through your brain when he said that he saw what do you have Cox just come in? I was the cock show Well, that's! I share your imagining one right now because he said shuttlecock backwards, but did you just in your head forty five penises standing on a train that was just kind of door was opening and going back and forth. Is our era? Is that a bus did they hop, I bus like a shuttle to get from one what did you think immediately upon hearing cock shuttle because he hate after himself, and you still What was that you guys? I think your brain was still piecing together, the train of penises that was going through from one year to the other. Well, I may at first nodded. I have this in my brain of all the trade of peace is going from where right? But, as you know, when you re evaluated at then you absolutely faint fixing my ma. Am you get on a cock shuttle they go.
So it is a very I dunno, this smart. You could hill walls and stuff had a long racket bracket by patent there's a game just like that court paddle. I thought it was the same thing under plate, pickle, blot way that parable game. What's really is very small, paddle girl is tennis court, but fence then right. of all who suggest it's. Just though, all europe's I myself said my record lateral about what they are adult? I thought pickleball was palatable, I think in my head. I thought they were the same thing and then there's paddle, credible I played once I assumed was the same. There was like a hard rubber ball. You played it at in the winter outdoors. chain chain walls and everything hit off the wall. That picture back so they're using tennis racket, looking things mixed with ping pong paddles like a wiffle ball kind of
tennis ball yeah. What is it? It's like a wiffle ball classic, then football a little heavier than a wiffle ball here. So can you just blast that guy right in front of oh yeah, oh yeah, you want to be up at the net volley and when you're playing pickleball is bounce, no bounce yeah. What is it I mean there's not a lot of bouncing happening, it's on ground, because we are ground knows it's a fucking awesome flash due on amazon goodnight on ideology and took advantage of ours watching these, and where do you serve? You serve from the back there. The backline I believe you serve from like where you want on, like a tennis court to go across court. Ah yeah, it looks like the light. Blue is a non volley zone, papa yeah, so you can't play the net right up there, but you can still oh, so you can't step in that little. Oh really! Well, it looks like so in volleyball. That would be like the ten foot line, which is where you're trying to go you're trying to go early there that that'd be dropped, shot city, then I'm taking that thing straight cross court.
Short side right there right now is that, That's right of jack: that's the not spread their that that shot right there. That would be the looks like that's the shot that was being tried over here that she's returning. It was just not enough those sites, but you said you get all video of it. You said it. You can put a spin on that thing. That's what I what I see people play they in that boat I know I would that you wanted. I can think on nice having it just like a ping pong ball pickle boy, drew brees is fucking. Owning in is league right here. So often it has. The bots is that it's is there pickleball courts in a is just like a field hockey. Lacrosse thing like This is getting very popular right now, like very, very popular who put it at the thought of the eu
just put it within the court right yeah! Oh yeah, you could do that yeah. I was even thinking hey. I did that pack. I aren't currently right now doing a sport court at my house, full sport court. it was the jordan logo on the front, and I have it lined for pickleball, but I've never played, but I was like I feel like I'll, eventually want to place like nice outside or I think, like our knees. Pickleball is good sport for us yeah, my oldest brother, Why lot and he loves it- he's obsessed I've never played by. I think it's something that I could. If I were going to get in a pickleball just like drew brees throw a break. Thirty four minutes in our three ryan boys, but about my oldest broke, ryan middle brother yeah. Youngest yup ryan beat the fuck out of it was it was vicious every morning he won
in twelve rounds. It's all health and he won. I mean the inside of his entourage of bleed and after he went swimming people are talking about. Sahil. Being low, you know why, because ryan not yeah was fucking splashing water out of the lay everywhere, as he was beating the shit out of that thing, what alleged he's good guy dude good dude. If appreciate yeah? Hey my? I was the youngest of three, so I chase them around my whole life. It doesn't kill, be killed, where'd you speak out you and tell you get along the beggar, and when my now my eldest brother still never message, since your skull is become thicker than everybody else. You know his hand or like their paws and he's just quiet doesn't care
if one thought, when he punched him in the arm, it's like tossing back twelve feet. How about when braves hey, how about braves have raves? Try me on that day. That was an awesome moment. We should tell this story here before we get to break so in the tent. After rounds. Its american central championship you know I'm lumbering around, because my feet hurt so bad food trying to figure out when we're leaving how we're leaving where but he's going there are some women and men on the driving range after the round next to the tent, while we I hitting more shots trying to get better for tomorrow. It's like What are you do I? So it ended up with me standing a lot near like where the water was in, where the poppy was because I, wanted to see other people make decisions and then I'll go if we're going to sit down and go that way, it's pretty far walk. If we're going to leave, I'm going that way, it's pretty far walk. So this was a pretty good spot.
Just a kind of hang in there is a lot of people in talking to me. It was nice raid comes flying in his head and neck are straight up straight up fucking ray I've ever it is. king wholly out of a movie? What would you ohio I'll I blow up like while you just we just put his head neck on top of his shoulders and it would just be like a fucking bucket is on there yeah, that's raves as a bucket on the top of his head. He can flying it afterwards and he just got done. Golfing looks like bottle just. Gay yogurt, absolutely stack may or may not had a dip in. So that adds a little extra hilarious. You no kind of feeling it comes up for some trap with them. I think in real life ever maybe maybe games now he's never cultural. first time. Maybe ever I think I ever talked to him great conversation talk about golf a little bit.
John asked me where I was from, I said pittsburgh. I took a Iraq shot at ohio. You know I I mean I said: are you like this ohio fuck in? I ask you a question: you know what I saw like. Maybe his ears perk up a little bit about me, burying ohio he found out. I was from pittsburgh, so we're just I having a combo it outta nowhere. I see this fucking if you're going a bear, be a grizzly bear well, fucking and from his like pocket, to check me on check. Now this order, obviously at a altitude that is higher than everybody else, but since you'll stand? I saw said left bare plot coming in In the moment it was like time is standing still like trying me right now, this guy is this going to be so I what's in lean in and he wrapped his fucking arm from tip toe around my Try tried to see like like if I was just going to get bodied by him stuck in there
no stuck in a didn't punch. I may be a little bit of a rock You know like a full one of those in india conversation continued, I'm all he would have he would Judge me forever for what happened. If I fucking why I four fall down there, If we're ever getting braids on this show, I felt that in the moment might have been wrong might have been right. You were there right for that. He fucking joke that thing. It was like. getting off of like a he's trying to shed a block, and I could we're talking about it. Fighting a practice and everything, and then he was like this. It felt like he was like. like I was my auditioned for whether or not Brady lacerated its autonomy to the most no higher thing about I was. I was reading the situation right or not. I feel like I pass the test there. Aren't they
I definitely would pass. I don't think he looked at it as like a test. I think it's just kind of what he does at you. You also did your you gotten your stance as left, tackle and showed his son who's going to be a rookie for the atlanta falcons. your kicks slide, multiple, like hey. Listen. I've been around oh, but I know you dad's unaware, offense and defense are boys, a coach and he's a technician, everything if if smoking chef, I I got. I gotcha. If you need it I think very told me pause coming interior, your sternum right there, and then just what cam heyward did to make. You just walk me right into a brick wall that emergency and I gotta get up fifteen twenty yards on a notch or two you want to download and we're fucking come ringside there pal. I dunno what to tell you sorry about it. You learn a league someday you'll earn a league some day, my kik, my kik slide. I broke in full. I do what we already see holes or I think you a great kickstarter. Thank you. I get made fun of by
we office alignment, I do fifty four brave son, though ripe sounds a big fucking guy at six six, whatever big one. It was on and played at Boston college, and I know you you're staring out of your the ice are people and look at braves. In all of them and see from ohio he grumbled. Harlem braves is born and bred either because he wants boss college. In my there was new england. You know where's I born and raised I'd like to just before I speak to this guy. I would like to know exactly who I'm talking to I got more reallocate, says gus, Don't why did you sign them? You know what I mean: hey verbs. What happened? I already got him. Instead, he's a big fuck god is bad guy and he's an ohio guy. I assume he's going to have a fifteen year career. I just assume that probably it's crazy. Seeing him there I used to work out with rage when his kids were like my kids' age. So that's how I remember them, and then I see them now, but she's you're, not only a grownup you're, going nfl. I don't want to say it, but people are saying it so I'll say it is
from sources not from my director. I'm. There is a chance at some point at the american century championship very dip in was spoken, cigarette and hid away from what I know is the child national level are so vital to see it. I didn't see it is obvious telling you what the stories that were lingering to argue had made it this guy dip in sick and then, for some reason, after shot put a vapor out of his pocket and even like almost at the same time, that's topic is awesome. This is if guy through and through It kind of thunder on being like hey. You know fred's good fucking, coach coach of the year as good as the If the falcon here, allegedly after each round, he would throw out an empty pack of marlboro lights, cigarettes that were bundled up. That was fresh back at the beginning of the round. But again
and costly. I heard that that was the first packets back, not that stores are scanned around yeah. So as you get around reds going to have to clear the air. At some point I would like to let other show hosts know that you know I dunno if you're gonna pass the owners in past the big met. Is this guy better not to test this actually delivered to me and his paws yeah luck ready my dream: the waves now ian rapoport. we did at the way on this day, right racked is get em off the fuck. What he spat novi occasion like because miserable donors are some good times everything you describe: flood poop on a boat, call them. Do you think this does, At home I mean it's all the same stuff that happens at home. It's just different spot, but yeah
while so you just pick it up and take it on the road? Hey. Let's take the hawk out on a row, hell yeah yeah, but yeah, it's cool. You know, anytime, you could take the kids to some garbage small four minutes away. If there's a pool there, that's a best vacation or the like, they don't care. Charles, and why did you go always south carolina or what could cause other stuff to do too, like I ate through it is my choice: there's a who we could just sneak into the marriage and not pay any money, whoa marriott's on the hot seat, okay, what they do, I believe they're taking money from this nah. Unless it's a different spelling of marriott hotels, all world there's? A lot of that conversation happening in my mentions, and obviously I directly called for it. I guess what the high horse and segment that thing going to continue to go. I said what, if What if saudi arabia wants to start another football league nfl be in trouble? It's like
I just gave the guy six million dollars guaranteed as guarantee contracts. Seems like a little bit of a different situation than what was going on the pgr, where they weren't paying anybody any guaranteed money and they weren't paying for travel or anything but hey. Maybe if saudi arabia wants to bring over like fifty billion dollars and just start paying a bunch of guys do a football league, I will not buy the wait. Won't love the zapping, the nfl love football, the golf peers feeling it, but if a player gets, a billion dollars to go play a kid's game I really get mad at him to be hard for me to get about anime Jayhawk. What, if If saudi who wants to start another basketball league or something they can recruit some stars away, how what about college basketball But then I work yeah cause have to be one year. we gotta go one year out of high school right. They could. What are they courageous around with a g league that they can create that they could create? Yes, that age it because all those agencies were having. Those leads. Remember that w m e, whatever florida league for kids, that don't want to go to college, come here
two hundred and fifty thousand dollars- and nike deal, and then you go in the n b, a draft afterwards. That was starting to happen like relatively quickly. There's like two or three of them. That would be a write, something that seems gable if Europe That is an actually you know, worried a situation where the players. benefiting from it. That is something that that part could definitely go into and change the game completely overtime. Start, a league I believe in it was like eight or ten teams and every player got. You know five hundred thousand or something up to that, and then The june list is already taken gas from college passport. There's like four five do is drafted in this year's draft, who are duly punished at stake. It just come out that these teams that are forming you know live golf as the team sports event, the ears are getting like twenty five percent ownership of these teams as well. What do you mean? How so I create team, so darius butler. I think it was, but who was the sawhorse that
the internet on this one he said his sources from live are telling him I just like f one, this five plan for live where the teams will actually become meaningful in, like that. Contests happening at the same time as the individual contest, with sponsored seventeen names and everything is, plan over the next five years for these golf teams to be created, There'll be a drafter, be a selection process in that players that, in live are scheduled get twenty five percent of each individual team that they start in there, the captains of so teams can summon, become a profitable venture, we're talking about ownership in teams in a in golf. If golf can ever become an actual team sport that seems like quite inside for a lot of guys as well long term as opposed to just short term signing bonuses that they're getting as well. I don't we can blame any of these guys for taking these deals that are being offered to them. Honestly,
have any of any of those guys we talked about yesterday. I think have any of them become official that they're going over like com, chomp and Henrik stenson. it's official, but it is official. I know he's officially removed from the writer cause he's a fit. It's official says he's over there. no status are called ski gravy comes with slices. Hmm, I didn't ask him this, and it was a miss on my part, but he's saying you know these. These guys are tearing apart the pj or wherever jerry was the one who said play there. You play here right, yeah yeah, they banned when Greg norman from the jump has said. This is a supplement to the pj. I want you to better play both in the pjs like nah, really not sure about that article. I missed at three am open started today to three am.
what do they sell? Lotta, fucking saudis, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa dead center. On that graphic we pulled off the other day. Here it was. I did. I do remember it's interesting, I don't think it was dead set not as lower left lower right by the area, but you know you get it. How many movies that we have watched have some saudi money and the backing of too many don't even faster variable. Filmer doll I mean desert every disney movie ever see, let's not bring it up. I haven't seen the disney movies were okay there, but the other troops there. I love those people, that's publicly. It is far more we you want these companies to do. There are getting exact cash from its stocks. It's an investment to see how we'll do in the future. It's like Oh so they're not benefiting from that at all. So you're telling me these companies aren't benefit the people that are working at the company or the companies themselves aren't. from a one point: one billion dollar investment into
istock, you don't think bonuses that are taking place and access to things and run a fund of money and everything that's going out. You don't think. Oh in only those people are the ones are allowed to take the money right. Oh, that sounds pretty convenient because since beginning of time, if those were the only people that had money so you're going to for them ok, bob, it's just never modernity we everybody knows everybody knows or get out of here. We gotta. friday coming hey about this week back after vacation. It was good. Mages are another one. Obviously, but like the week back off vacations felt very good house drink air searching. We are, we are there, we made it, how many days fourteen days. Actually seven weeks now will be in front of them before their debts we're is smackdown tomorrow, That was a callback.
reader I watch that last night. First time since it happening live, I just watch back up and do not a little bit normally. I try not to watch anything from the show, because I'm with me I don't want to fucking, hear any more of it and it's like in the moment of family. good time, I want to go back and judge anything we got going on. That in that shown, keep a moment these lines. Few weeks know I've gone back and looked at some clips on my ge says: grice hey I'd fucking I mean Jesus I had a little bit of a volley in my head like it. Should I like this one, Is there actual reason behind it like, I think we all thought we getting an actual answer from me. That's why, whenever you come in I was trying to think of an actual one and then baked beans. Yeah boston baked, of course It's we thought
wait so we'll be in boston, baked, flick and beans by tomorrow night. That's a haul dude! That's a haul over there flying over there's a long way. Yeah yeah wait today that, we can't you have NASH friday night smackdown atlanta, the ladder Atlanta friday, night, smackdown Nashville saturday, somerset. All roads lead to nashville tennessee. Let's go, brought my when you're matches ha. and yet, when your matches in the night now, I don't even know how that's decided recited night at wrestlemania. We were at a much different like a day before and we were supposed to go, I think, was different than what it ended up being unless wasn't paying attention cause enough, but I thought
at a much different time than what we ended up going. So I dunno I have no idea. I'm excited to walk out there, though hell yeah, I believe I'll, be doing nissan stadium. It's going to be a long walk in that stadium yeah. It is goddamn right, it's going to be nice longer the better nice draw kind of get myself ready. You know death for bring going to die down his size spray. It's going to be in your corner, how are you two comments are being attacked by suck botz right now, because we're and about fucking hell yeah, hey good, to have yes. Now, it's not it's not good. To have guys get out get out get out. Just like you need to get out of my instagram comments is why you suck bots good at finding get over your partner, and what's that, they'll probably find a nice partner of the checkbox, whatever the case, don't click on any links or something as I suck bots, are about to suck the life out of your bank account you can stay away. Lambda Land is our satellite.
Like lambdas like a hug bug lamps really get relief. Somehow thing lamb does just when he's getting sucked off by the softbox army of suck balls yeah, that's unbelievable! Why can't I should put gender on land? That's all you did gender assigned. That was crazy day. a prodigal set off by some folks. Land dolly supports using land. Slater and all these shock watcher just in the now, all roads lead back to getting both debrands Do you think land is running all this aquabots just crash Would it sought by the lamb? the veterans, yeah boom boo, but holy shit.
This show sucks so much you're. The best friend work back there midnight your job to do all that without depicting the h a c auto market by your grade, people see thank you
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