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2022-07-22 | 🔗

On today's show, Pat, AJ Hawk, and the boys chat about the NFC West as a whole a day after Kyler Murray inked a new five year extension with the Cardinals, how the divisional odds have changed and what the bookmakers think of Trey Lance and the 49ers, and ultimately who they like to make the playoffs in both the NFC and AFC. Joining the progrum to chat about all things revolving around the NFL including his thoughts on the Quarterback ratings released by Madden 2023 today is 12 year NFL veteran at Quarterback, and ESPN NFL Analyst, Dan Orlovsky. They also discuss what Lamar Jackson's plans are moving forward, if he thinks missing last year will be detrimental to Deshaun Watson's play on the field, why he likes Tua to make a big jump this year, and whether or not he's worried about the Patriots not having defined Defensive and Offensive Coordinators (20:45-55:50). Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show, and listen on Sirius XM Channel 82, Mad Dog Radio. We appreciate the hell out of all you. See you tomorrow, cheers.

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Beautiful paper, it is feel good Friday July. Twenty second, two thousand twenty two and they scored show on radio begins. Now, that's right! That's right! Let's ride and feel good friday in which we will have Dan Orlovsky joining us in about seventeen minutes. Now he attempts. join us yesterday and he had no internet. He said it was a thunderstorm were saying it's potentially bad operating a human in Dan Orlovsky, but today he'll be on in today's a great day to have or schlocky on, because everybody knows the dane the voice of quarterbacks on he s been he's, become the quarterback do route through the world. Imagine has officially really their ratings for porter
axon. So we want to do those. Yet we will, like Dan Orlovsky, see those for the first time to have our conversation with him because there's a couple who, but once getting any time something like this happens, we have to judge the people making the decisions more so than judge the actual numbers. I think madden has some flaws you're more than so That's voice of madden community at Boston, ties made it to toxic table in tone digs easier, laugh with a hammer. Our boys and men does have some flaws, and those who have certainly been spotlighted over the years is the game has remained the damn near same for years and years and years right, dear, oh yeah, the ratings it if like by the madden community, have been gospel ben, you know the bible. Almost they have single annually determine some people, probably making it into the proba when real life, because others picked in a video game.
real. Is it not real? So, although we have to take these things seriously because narratives are being built about players through their score through mad- and we always after remember who the fuck do on the radio If you have somebody that knows more than everybody else, maybe there's somebody that has a little bit of a vendetta against the pittsburgh steelers. Maybe it's somebody who has no experience or no clue at one particular position but played another position. But find somebody doing this position so I'll pick up this position as well. I know football, but do I know what this position? That's? No, but I Sometimes I get a hundred percent right, but just like anything that happens in this world there's going to be errors, and I think a lot of people find a lot of them, especially whenever you're rating people for the first time from zero, up to one hundred contracts wherever those come up. That's really the only way you can judge people next to each other in the end, a feller and professional football. How much are they make it have they made? Is that friendly dear what they're actually work, and then you see every other player. Look all that's what I'm fuckin worth pizarro number is actually actually being put next to them.
It's been doing that all the time. That's everybody in the nfl, hi, my name is peter bumble, fuck and I'm cater. I was a high school. Jerry I know football born in and out the guy who's in the nfl, he's sixty two sixty two or making the nfl how everything like that is what we have to remember through it all exciting what donald loves gas to say about the ten quarterbacks that are rated at the top of the madden nfl game. There's some couple of scratch. I would never be the one who, say you know what I should be given: ratings for quarterbacks, sure Can you been around couple good? No couple good quarter. fame would not feel comfortable or confident enough put a number of right next. To every single one of them, so we have to give a little bit of respect. I guess to imagine adjudicator's that have enough confidence to go and put their names on a number on somebody. That's much more athletic than them are probably knows the sport much better than them, but with that being said,
I was backlash. Speaking of backlash, The nfc west is alive and well after the kyler Murray deal gets signed and inked yesterday, I have it on anonymous. Sources have told me that they're very happy that that is overwhelmed, that they are very happy to be through that particular chapter of the relationship business has to happen because somebody's making money, so the people that are working should be making money as well. Kyler Murray has done a great job for the arizona, cardinals, kyler Murray, a and b k. Ears on a cardinals became ok fork. Our. pretty trash blurb right I mean I don't want or unemployed had a good day after day and b, I had had a run along with Carson parliament around, but never really what you know and we never know like they did. But there was it are there where it was like what
on cardinal football. Are they fallen apart over there in the desert at city? Is so goddamn beautiful lorries so gorgeous. The stadium is immaculate. Everything is perfect out there is that team dead became. We're thinking, then piquet pk. Skyler, it's a whole different game? Now I'd say we should be in the playoffs which, being a super bowl. Superbowl wish been conversations for winning. big time games, because we're gonna quarterback we got known or that's going on in on the roster we just extensions on the gm and the head coach this should be. A crew that goes on in does a thing is to be a lot of excitement, but I I assume that, from my anonymous source says his sentence it is, echoing everybody else's that, thank god. This done and they can move forward in only think about football, as we are only forty, the days away. This whole tyler thing worked out exactly how Steve Kerr told us it was going to work out alright yeah. I think everybody just had an assumption. This was going to take place hundred.
The aims. Guaranteed is a lot of money. Just assume happened, but I'm happy it worked out. We are ultimately just seeing how much he was going to get paid right, because when you look at it it's like their hands were kind of tied granted. He he could have kept playing. You know through the rest of his deal, but it's like what you know. stop. Now. What's on the other side of that, like that, how can you let that guy go if you eat all your hope as I go? Well, maybe we'll we'll get a guy just like him in the draft like they really didn't, have a choice and it was kind of gifts. Hey. You know how If guaranteed money? Are they going to get him, and when is he gonna kinda cause? You know he had the thing where you unfollow them on instagram and all that kind of stuff, but it it felt like he was always going to come back. It was just about like a pay me what I'm worth. You know what they say about grass. They say apollo flame? Do it you feel good right they also say add said for a long time that greener. On the other side, cuz you didn't want to go down the road of not knowing who their quarterback is, which is so accurate at every employee Position in life basically, but in the nfl. They said,
it's greener on the other side, let's go see what it is: the grass greener where you water it, and when you pay them and you surround them with the team and you you know it feels like everybody rowan in the same direction, cardinals we didn't look out for now. Let's take a look at the nfc west odds after the signing happened here. So obviously the reigning defending and super bowl champions of the world. Are the favorites to win one, twenty five, the forty niners are Trey lancer quarterback man has never has he started no one game last year when Jimmy g was out with an injury okay, so he has started one game in the cardinals one game in the nfl there. Two hundred because our roster random kylam murray, just outside they dont, have de hot for six games. Thereupon three hundred win: the nfc west and then the seahawks, and we put geno smith on here. Just strictly I respect for gino and been there and now Could we drew luck there plus fifteen?
to win the annex ii west, so the cardinal just their quarterback. They have invested in their entire team. There been able to kind of put momentum in their favor there still a place in the odds they just their division, I mean it is going to be tough to get out of the nfc west and that's why you got to participate. That's why get guys. That's why you gotta get going Matthew, stand what forty million dollars a year good for him getting out of detroit dramatic troy, which he still calls home, still has a home yep still love He goes to l a immediately becomes much more likeable via the national media, wins the super bowl and gets paid more money than he's ever been paid, even though he got like fifty million guaranteed whenever he was drafted number one overall, trey lance making eight and a half million dollars a year. His number three overall pick, Kyler Murray is making forty six point. One million dollars per year, which is one one hundred thousand dollars more per year, then does your son wants it and then ginowan drew lock about three and a half million per year. So
Be it off nancy out all plays out these trailer a guy sports books, so late in sharing hand think so they think lynch thinks so they think they're rosters, good. The la rams still the big bad wolf, I gave in joining their celebrations, but you got a lot of that's over there that decide to run it back sure you run back to just lay an egg. The rams gonna be fuckin good again as well, who else they brought in some balin Robinson and no doubt back still out there potentially gonna end up back very crash on MC phase wedding. I can't wait to watch nfc west football this year are both the west. Divisions are going to be a prime time game like every week, but now, with the contract, especially what's the station like super bowl or bosnia, especially with those out, and what I want to play off game and altogether he has, but you After what? If you get paid, you have to have at least go to the conference championship right. Yes, trailer
its kind as those expectations to just because Jimmy G took on theirs. I think he's doing. I think trays got a few years, but it's interesting is that roster set up to go now. Yes, exacting its itself to go now, but I think expectation common would be. Jesus? I don't get a little, but he's got a year under his belt, like very, feasible for us to have a conversation one year from now saying? alright the niners Trey lance has a year under his belt got to experience nfl football at a high level. It was his team. they gonna do this year with basic museum like I could see that conversation happening, but what, if they were trillions is did more than just catch lightning in a bottle and a team, that's been so close, so close, so close, so close, finally breaks through on her new quarterback, it's going to it's not going to for the card was to make it no. It is not going to be easy to live up to the expectations of that deal, but I guess that's kind of play the game rams also added Bobby Wagner, but they did lose of o down robert woods. They both are injured in they're gone,
they lost Whitworth. So I soon was a leader there. Only orphans of why is head was sticking up into the camera. He asked like a shot where they thought they were over. The couch section of the theater and his big bald head was just sitting like ways in the middle of my big. His caddy was a team Is it the bangles at the american century championship big huge? He had worse than the whitworth tag, gone on his back and walking away from me and I walked up and just like, I hit the person in the back. I'm like. Are you another one? Like his every whitworth years of fucking bs ago, I was extra teammates with him in Cincinnati they by far with the largest american century championship muslim right there's so many records he broke for playing tackle tackled his age age, the amount of snaps he played. I think everything they're going to miss that, but I faith
I make vainly just needed says: fuck them picks out gimme the vets who know how to play over here if they go back to back back everything that John mc just decided, do turned down our much money. He turned out from amazon and air and donald goma, the planned whenever he was allegedly very comfortable with leaving. I mean I'll be worth it. Are they the next dynasty we set about the chiefs chiefs. The next dynasty, done well, but. any time they dont when a super bowl people say this ain't, what patriots we're done? Patriots would have been able to come back and do it. The patriot, dynasty, set an unrealistic expectation for a lot of people, but every chasing that everyone Go with that, but we never going to see that again ever lena racism, make it easier for them that they or in the nfc they're, in a tough division, but I could see three come out of the west because the rest of the nfc, obviously if the packers at the top of the north and then the east, who the fuck knows in the south, is probably the bucks
so you could probably get three out of the west one out of the north and south and then maybe two What are these or whatever, but who? I know you we're looking for odds the other day on three out of one fish. He was what he wanted. The nfc west. I think it's more likely. The nfc west gets three did three last year. Yeah they do Yes, so it wouldn't be like unprecedented now it has to be a bed. I assume it's pretty good odds on three making it in the big swing would just be whether or not the the vikings kind of take a step this year cause they could be the other team that kind of steals the spot. Saints too yeah, I'm not completely out of the woods would say neither the I was about the Jarvis land. Do that you that yeah, it deserves. What's on this until you ve been unable to perform this miss all last year? Obviously, at the rehab, the health then surgery decision to miss. The games. There is some difference I believe, between Michael Thomas and the organization, this off season he was in southern california ray
after missing a year, when he came back, and I guess now the saints doctors just have to clear him. I think, is the ST soccer's africa player. So maybe the saints doctors are just you know, doing thorough evaluation to make sure he is good what if he misses more games not just last year. He he only played in like five the year before that it's been all major sent that sixteen different tat made out of a man been allowed you you would hope, as a as the saints fan that he would have been cleared before this. Yes, I think I think she was. I read that he was still doing his rehab in California. I was like okay That's a that had a, but that was obviously discussed by the team and by me thomas in they're cool with it, but I think from a fan's perspective with the saints it's like do this. He did this. and you're right and then came back, and then we missed the whole thing and then now you're doing it again, and I think players
get rehab wherever they feel comfortable. I understand in a public perception. If he's the mist more, it's going to be like well, why wasn't he in the building every single day, with our doctors and everything, and I dunno who their doctors are, who their physical, Apis are down there in new orleans, but I know would certainly be a conversation around the building like this guy Still not I mean Although, after two years, even we need him he's a fucking guy, the cause of what we're talking about right now causes drama kind of injury and everything. I think people forget Michael F, Michael Thomas comes back as Michael thomas he's. A fucking yeah, like not just a little his fifty catches last full season that she is the guy down there, and then you got tomorrow as well. Taste some hill full time gadget. Guy Jarvis, Jamis winston Jarvis Landry you've got the honey badger on the different side of the ball figure out. The guy from the jets I believe mark is a very good safe.
Davis, Davis, marshall lot more c j g J they drafted all of so now Let's head to the odds. Act now, let know break it? Converts earthen just need down of, though green bay minnesota the north. Let's go through it. Here's is going to make the playoffs to green bay yup minnesota. I think so too. Really I like I do. What is it seven per side? Bucks. We just had a hell of a conversation, but center of the conversation is I mean I dunno saints, make it first year, koga Mcs east outlook, one of them us. Then only two for west. I guess it's what I'm saying it's okay. If I give it to the vikings then, I'm only saying two out of the nfc west- and
I give one to the saints you know, which make a lot of sense? Then You know there is. That is, she does seem giftable the amc, the casey gospel the bangles gonna, make it right he's gonna, make it. colts going to make it definitely you're fuckin navy seal blank quarterback bats through an astronaut and marvel superheroes common training and ratify drain against you might ask yourself: is it asked its ports and marvel havoc together on a partnership in agreement? You can take this off my the day. The whole coats, In marvel relationship was announced today via stuck dot, is a pocket a deal. You d on the internet, was called said: hey. How can we become open for business? How do we started tracking? You know
training care. How do we start really making money moves out here is about? eggs, franchising like every region, are those big deal them apples courts marvel now burgers. Let's go with got spiderman and captain america coming to training. Camp tom, holland and Chris evans are come into training camp. Oh shit, not not all mall and preserving Chris I won't be there either. Ok, the other from before yeah. tobey? Now? I don't know who's going to be the captain, america, I don't what who's going to be doing it, but did you get a chance to figure out which spiderman will become into training camp and all we got chance to catch up with I'm actually here spiderman coming to the coach training camp. Here
upcoming, fall with a partnership with Martha it can, right if that was a bad decision, you're going to regret that I regretted marry my first brother. That is that's what happened that wouldn't happen. Are you going? Are you the spiderman, making an appearance in fucking coach training camp this year? Did the coates hire you? after that performance in the phone room and said, listen. We need your training camp, take pictures with the kids mom, not so sure that was me because you know yeah that might have been dunno. If I was a super I could retire, because that would ruin the whole entire mass situation now they have going on but yeah. Maybe maybe I will I called training camp, but I know the colts don't want that, because if I am a cold training camp, I might be a little sabotage in the air. You know I might
Spidey someone's foot to the ground maybe heard somebody everyone sticking to the ground, all ask I don't know which spiderman is getting invited to coach training camp in which captain america, I'm assuming they're not going to have the feels, though, that I read, partnership excited about it, I it kenny more jude Kenny more turn into a superhero. Let's go and do it can you or the chinese or are you doing all the ngos, biceps zadok went nelson dick make him a superior help. Us it got my god. They make marvel movie about the colts. There's things like forest I mean can really do this. They turns eyes. I issues spiderman and captain america addressing books com. what the hell was. There might be some graphics made now that they've heard you to say what you said:
I feel like a minute long animation of the colts players being superheroes bus and shit, and maybe that's the open at the stadium yeah. It's a marvel, superheroes movie a minute and a half. Is that what it is that we read in the article that that's what it was. You could definitely be the guy that runs through the walls. the job of the angel, not joking, all the whole universe. Mark ruffle do yeah, but the houses mash. He could be that yeah right as its big and you like me when I make a better idea about we quit. Although tomfoolery we pay quit nelson and we pay, can you get these, I play football. I agree I mean that is I guess you abolish year. Two ten years is close to the test. Say says: fucking com, Call they are well, I'm not going to be calm until we saw earlier ginger. Somebody for the cause is what we have right now
johnny has now is a quarter back that one games for the indian atlas called how you, when you think of great indy annapolis, colts quarterbacks. You obviously to johnny you peyton manning dan or lost joining us. Now is the third person in that list of great quarterback set at one games while wearing the horse. You on the side of their head now this and is known as the quarterback authority on It's been tried yesterday he's gone bush league amateur hour internet set up that, obviously ruined it all, but lo and behold, today we get opportunity be blessed by this man's brain. Ladies and gentlemen, myself, I think my internet internet's going to be a little bit better today, great
If the tan yesterday we apologize for interrupting whatever you had going on, but it is fucking awesome to see you pal, we've missed you haven't. We should be back. You look good back. You know you were away for a little bit of golf. Some vacation which was very well earned. So thank you. It's gonna be how, in the show guy, why me like one week off for months, different things, but I do understand what you're talking about, you have been on tv want in a year that actions evie? I wonder, what's going on you drop annually, other everybody you leave, you go, do pushups any in yarn and come back. Are you gearing up for a big nfl season? Are we going to see you on it? it's beyond what nine hours a day. Every day for this fall. What's going on, we know you signed a new deal, let's celebrate a little bit
I appreciate yeah I'll, be on every everyday one hundred and eighty one straight days. I calculated it out so it'd be one hundred and eighty one straight days of tv for the most part and I'll keep doing my same. Stop dude like I'm, basically going to my same schedule as I did last year. I'll just have some of those espn Monday night bull game a sunday morning, no more than I do a lot of what you say Sunday want sunday morning what I think we gaiety weak, eight It is a sunday I think, it'll be a saturday like play off tat play up patient. Mr Saturday night, here long standing at all do provide. Better, be a lot of fun. We'll have a blast I'll, say a bunch of stuff. That's going to take people off yeah it'd be a busy fall? I got like another three weeks of light
more weeks of summer and then pandemonium picks up again. Listen. I know you have been on tv in a long time and even enjoy summer, somebody to stop by there. I was on tv tuesday. They it It has to be tonight. I saw people at airports maybe and like control bar, they saw nobody else on. Ok, we don't listen. We miss you. You need up that internet up there pal when you've been you've been kind of even skimping on the bill. There'll be saying just got knocked down our group too little bit for the kids. What are you going on? You want? You want the truth of the situation with this. Well, that's the reason why I live in westport In any case it does it at those big yup tons. Oh, it is, but it sucks to live there. Runes are obviously you know that has. I was just in devens mass to couple weeks go faster.
Blast, very even our roster deafens across what is the best. Thereby rio was disprove, feels nominal and it was not caused by this a ban in this area. Is it's not a we're area. I'll say that in the people of the area refuse to, put in a cell phone tower because they think it looks not appropriate for the area? You told me that I was in its annual. the balkans, with unbelievable you all these areas, cellphones our path, there's areas in my house were my cell phone doesn't get service? I don't you. Get cell service listen, two thousand and twenty two most of us abroad, born into families that had a shit ton of money to begin with We are really earned a dollar a thing
but since we all need a modern technology world in which money can buy you access and technology, we're choosing not to because it's optically and I saw fuck off all our day. give me a cell phone tower dude? ups or awesome did the ups of not believe they are the best yourself they were. Was up a pretty girl. How are you doing I have been with your dad What did you ask her? she got up, and then I got a good to see you make me sick, yes he's the one she wow yeah, nah nah. You want to be right back over here, too cute not to get into the family how summer been how summer, but because you're
some of my god I'll go. You have great tendency of the danube and watches back. You see that I might have led to fuck off large whenever she said she didn't. Remember me, I didn't mean it. I didn't mean it deserves. We forgive you call you I'll, see you there s cyprus, good. How old is she she six? Ok, so full sentences right tissue right. The attitude she sick he's not to what's the difference I get yours found. You got three older brothers now so like every younger kids does things faster because the elder brothers dog? Ok, So what age do? Does she start speaking like full sentences and understanding things that are happening around her and legally for years old. It started happening for her, but I think the older brother's factor that in a little bit being around so many older, kids and stuff,
earmuffs earmuffs you have to get the like hundred better, Are they in earshot right now? Now, you're, good so like time, just not a baby for the night, for years. I can just drop as many fuck bonds. I want around round sayin, it won't be a thing once she, become a sponge at the age of four or five, yeah, I mean three you could start to like pick some stuff up, but you know like I don't they're not going to comprehend what it actually is. They've got friends who I often let it fly that you have to bundle up until three. I think you're clean, okay get married because they're, not That's no offense! Every that's right! What's up
I just had to grass thought not actually do that from now on low hanging fruit one hundred persons, a say: jay use that as well so congrats dan, you know hey he saying hack, joke base I never claimed to be creative that's all What about you being creative or being upset or something like that? Yes, when did a interview of fifty executives, coaches and players in the nfl to rank the top ten quarterbacks. You got all pissed off, obviously,
everybody got this off, bought it for one reason or another anytime. You do a ranking system of fucking, great athletes and great quarterbacks, there's always going be a little bit of tension with the decisions. Now it's always anonymous. It's always bulshit, but madden. as of this morning put out their top ten and I'm intrigued to hear your thoughts on this. Have you seen this yet of the top ten? racks for madden ratings. Just came out this morning, here we go, missing dangerous last day at last, came to the maiden quarterback writing for the first time. I'm excited to get your take on this because the top of the executive. At the top table. No Lamar jackson on their deshawn watson was on. There are many others run there. You obviously and many others are upset about it. Wait till you see this one, please put it up onto the screen. Please
full screen on a thing. This is a greedy patrick, Josh, Joe det Jack Herbert, so I would absolutely put I mean these are madden ratings, hey, that's what we said yesterday as well. We have to judge the people doing the judging and making the decisions madden ratings. I assume get some very right, but they shape a lot of people's opinions about players strictly because they played everyday. They get people in approvals by the way, and there has long been people pissed off about the ratings. How about that stafford raining, defending super bowl champion and triple crown Why wide receiver in yeah given year or so he had top four stats and one wide receiver cooper kupp. One super he's down at eighty five? in ninety seven or believe this is a tip of the cap to go for being the goat and aaron rodgers up there. How do you feel about Lamar jackson, how low he is dak prescott how
He here's? What are your thoughts dan as you kind of digest this for the last couple of moments yeah? So I think, first of all I would put rodgers at one brady two that's right splitting hairs. I think that I obviously would not have Dac the top ten. I had herbert at six I have Lamar at seven. I have Russell at eight or you know what I'm scuse me I would be have herbert at six stafford at seven and then Lamar eight russell nine number ten were probably be I mature married I chose nah, not matt ryan, certainly not mac, just yet probably carson to sean as a player. Just on the field. I dunno, if doing that and they're just real quick there and do we know that. Do we know what I mean guy
listen. I understand and dishonest plan you could take that down now met one d. Sean was blind, simply beers. The idea play. My two years he's been through a lot too. I mean like that, has to be wearing and everything you think that'll, you think you'll come act just as good as he was now. Who knows how many games is he's going to be suspended? Who knows how long the honorable sue robinson will decide for him to be suspended, but youth everybody's, just assuming he's, going to be all the way back his ex particular. Is it like riding a bike? I have no idea. I don't fully think I comprehend that position enough to know the situation reminds me of one: remember one Michael vick went away to jail for two years right and he was playing at eight incredibly high level, and then he came back and we were all like two years older hasn't played and all of a sudden he went to philadelphia and it was almost like he revitalized. His career got another huge contract and played really well. So I don't want to minimize it as it's just like riding a bike, but I don't think it's going to be he's going to go from the guy who had one of the historically
passing seasons ever to you know he's playing back back level, but also, I think, John. After a couple games of getting back on the field playing lyzets is going to be. I get an incredibly high level again, and everybody knows that we were on the matthew, stafford train before literally anybody else, and then you hopped on later and he goes on to win the superbowl, and I know who I'd have to have on there. Derek Carr, Derek Carr would have to be in my top. Ten enjoy? Before we get to Matthew stafford's do deck art car, saying that everyone counting them out. Is that an actual thing that's happening in your hallways over thirty year span, because I don't think channel. Brought in their spend a bunch of money, mcdonald's is there their cars there hunter renfrewshire sunday about Adam just gonna. Do I think expectations are very high. I think for the raiders for the first time, long tat right, I mean we're in a like the fact that derek is somehow maybe You know, he's just.
Trying to be like everybody thinks we're going to stink. Everybody thinks we're going to stink, then he goes out with balls and he win games, but it feels like the you're, almost they've gotten the most love. Don't you think and is Derek carr going to get to Okay, so he's the guy this year. You think not that he has in the past, but like international prominence, because when the cold The writers, miss Derek carr quarterback. Here going to be mvp, the raiders were going, then an unfortunate sack in which derek's leg was literally twisted off we're almost at the thing he gets injured kind of disappears. Then the raiders leave oakland to go to las vegas. They have a lot of drama around it. Do you think is word: cars name is back in the national limelight in the national spotlight conversation. That's happened in, unlike your show, and other shows yeah well has to be he's no longer allowed to be good. He with now divine? Do he's? Gotta go be great. I think the year that they gotten the most appreciation that division, as everyone knows, just brutal and and
the first year that we can legitimately say teams other than the chiefs. We feel confident. During that at least give the chiefs everything they can to win the division all three the teams it is about. Dear dear. It's been really good. He's got for street years aboard thousand yards, but the thing is in that four year span of four thousand yards and playing good football. He averages like twenty three touchdowns and ten interceptions those seasons right, good numbers certainly not great numbers. I think he's been really clutch certain moments, but dude like you, can't go. For twenty six touchdowns and nine interceptions this year, because you got three of the best you have the best. If not one if not the best one receivers, Dante hunter love one of the. If not the best slot wine receivers into one run fro, and then you have one of the. If not the best pass catching tied end in football waller, so you got there the best offensive line, specifically on the right side, going to be the big issue, but with
the money that they given Derek. It's that he's at that these past point now of okay, really good. You've got gotta be so great that you win games because of him, and then you cover, some of the other deficient seize on your office roster down quickly to follow up on the point you just made. There I think it was you you've said it a few times. I don't know where it started, but you basically said Hence, corners are being irresponsible if they're not utilizing every single yard on the field, because the way the rules or set up in the way schemes are set up these days with what you can do. You think dangles, gonna, fuckin field day with the voluntary huh. And darren I mean that is space everywhere there right. That's all that's all he could ever ask for you and I, that those were deceived. Anita vantage job is going to be. I don't the EU it's easier than ever, but I'll throw another name out there for people to pay attention to, and it's foster morrow shout out to will compton for the proper pronunciation of that. But you know the the
the breakers have a really good, multiple tight end packaged as well, and I think that that's going to put binds defenses and devonshire is going to get a tunnel one on ones and really good matchups. In the same with hunter, so I mean just Daniels has for fifteen years been a a guy that his either grew up or or ran the office that was all about creating mismatch I'm going to take a better player, get them on a lesser player in more area and let that guy b we more than he should, and I think that's going to be beat that offers the chance to be top five top six in the league traders will be all about if their defense doesn't stink or not. Stafford to get back to that, but by the way I'm pumped for the raiders yeah me too. Let's go yeah yeah! No doubt las vegas is also a alive
yeah, obviously that stadium they sold that they made the most amount of money on ticket sales this year the las vegas for that stadium is off the charts I haven't been to it, even though, like the draft is out there and in the pro bowl, but I heard heard that stadium is just yeah. I mean. I was in there like the second week, thirdly, it was open for summer slim last year Garth Brooks, I think, was the only one that had done a concert in there and tire, p s pos system, the first ones, but I think they got that out of the way it is. Nothing but glowing reviews, because when you look at it it's beautiful his attitude, beautiful its huge in the way they have it set up is very vague. You see it's like a good time. I hope they have not about sex. Over there. Good luck to the raiders, I'm excited for where the boys have their questions for you, Dan Matthew, stafford. Why do you think now I know Derek Carr says he. Everything of matthew stafford. Just
that he was with the lions and they stopped for so bad. Why he doesn't really get chatted about much his cell, so fucking good at the football I think there are many people that give him any credit at all for it. I think he's dead partly, but I think it's just his persona is so quiet. His personality is so Why I mean the eighty and t commercial that a t and t has run four hundred and fifty four million times was like the the most publicity he's ever had. He doesn't have social media he's not like You know a guy that in interviews is going to give some great quotes. I think If you look at the top ten, that top ten list is probably him and herbert are two of the most reserved guys on that list. So I think that's a little bit a part of it as well, and I know he went to a place that was for talented, not a brainy. I guess it had come so maybe that minimizes, what people think is impact
truly was, but I've said it for years now and so have other people in the league like just watch. If you bought it played with or play against. You know as this is as good as anybody that's coming to the end of the town lies, I know but errants why they thought of as the most talented thrower of the football or one of the Matthew staff working both drover throw their dumping the deck and don't be stupid, so hagen goes be overthrow with them. Aaron would tell you that he it's not he's. Well, I mean who knows after the whole, you know me thing that happened between the two but yeah. Cod. Is you saw it? You sought to mind, you saw none other, I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about really there's a meme with the two of them
there's a meme with if a port that wasn't a real which yesterday on the internet by a that wasn't actually a quote from somebody that somebody thought was quote from somebody responded to quote. somebody kind of somebody la pudding over husband whose also very good you remember this whole situation, I don't remember it, but I know you're talking about, and you know if you remember yeah, because listen I'm a fan of stafford's as well. You and I both I'm a fan of the stafford's kelly. a quote that wasn't real quote for Mary. Probably in costa rica sometime when this quote came out from aaron rodgers about being the best back in any division in the nfc north history, basically like not a real eric? What why would Eren say? She said maybe in chicago and minnesota, not detroit or whatever, and it caused like an uproar on the internet. Remember cuz, you like,
for now rogers or bhavan, and I would assume aaron didn't even have a phone on him, though he came back to it. Maybe a week or two later was like what happens going to and that one thing that you remember that I don't think either of those guys care about that stuff, though I think those guys like yeah. Whatever know I can jerk completely, but you just acting, I mean it's tough, you think throve, you, throw throw ya go back to the real don't let the highlights a cabinet level. I mean the commonest, are the courtiers welcomes lions throw I mean there is just so many that is just like to paint in the biggest moments since the african do all that and more. Why yet not anymore, any more, don't remember any engines, don't read people on the radar for top and I think it was third in a letter. Fourth quarter Now I can bring
The training camp net- you think staff are, and we will soon this bag sixty why is that stuff. Isn't that hard dude, Okay, then, where are we going to put you in a net at it? gets you under due in the book in a thunder need you to come to us under download. It opens up and we will do what we have article, but that's out for you to go. Did you think? What are you talking? it's, not that hard, that's like a fucking. It's this beg the fucking net. no it's not that net that he strode into his like three feet: minimize it while unbelievable when you watch when you watch the college kids from the fifty yards I hit the cross border. Is that like? Oh, my gosh impressive? Now, because they are throwing it probably is hard as they can't. So it's just like setting up a trick shouting, which you put a ball or a whole somewhere, and then you
broad as hard as you can. How far is that go boom? It goes right there not that impressed, whatever they touch is touch accuracy and bong dab yeah like saying it's not really good throw. But it's not like. the only human being in the world like on planet earth, making a thrill guy. Now I understand, but first time every time it seems like this. That requires a practice. Everything yes pit, vipers on wine training, gambling services themselves. All roadway can be spent this fucking thing around. by trying to act for the first time, walk out and in drink it status, bearing on talking when you don't. I was he's taken twenty red, in one of them went down. You know why they're, you know why why the guy, whether you like him or not. Is the most talented, fucking ball thrower of all time or not? Don't
or phrasing stuff, like that, whether I like them or not, saying a lot. You almost have that quote from that meme that Kelly and almost satellite there. I could hear it now. I understand what you're saying, though, and he said the same thing in watching stafford like the shit. Does I'm so happy? He got out of detroit in snow I think, there's a team to beat this year and the nfc the rams. I mean not that that's a crazy statement, but the rams, the team to beat for sure about the f c, let's guarded Lamar jackson, because your big fan as our we by the way and I Maybe he was just waiting for the tyler deal to get done so that there be, little bit more study of the market. What's the market going to do what's the expectation because he does rep himself? Who knows if a deal get done or not. Last year lot first day with calvin injuries and now lose hollywood brown. What are you that is the modern or they in the running. You think of me. I see the bangles or in their obviously right next storm the bills. The favorites, for, I think the entire nfl the still exist chiefs. Does this matter
I came to indianapolis everybody can suck it and MIKE Vrabel was is still the head coach of the tennessee titans. What do you think of the I see, and what do you think about Lamar jackson's bounced back you're after last year? Maybe didn't work out perfectly for them I can give you a legitimate teams in that conference that are real like real super bowl contenders, eight, which is obviously have a conference which is insane I would tell you this with in regards to Lamar in baltimore. They were through week. Twelve after a week, thirteen were the number one seed in the. See and he was the envy of the national football league, and that was with historic. injury laws on their football team, so to think that they are It's going to be equally as good or as dangerous as anybody in the afc and he's not going to be in the be. Conversation is outrageous. I think Lamar is going to come into this leap into this year and
a giant middle finger? to prove a lot of people who, I said a lot of stuff about him, this off season incorrectly, I think we going to go back to Do a little bit of that two thousand and eighteen, two thousand and nineteen offense with multiple tight ends. And be less dependent on the wide receivers and I like when I think of Lamar, I think of two things that when he sat down, I think it was with on the bronze show he said he's motivated by two things: to win a super bowl and he wants to be a billionaire, and I think that he doesn't feels that he is capable of becoming that billionaire, it now until he goes and went to super book is when she does that he goes to say you gotta pay me for two million dollars
is, I think, he's a crazy, confident kid I as he should be. You think that it cause remember in high school. He was doing what he's doing and are like yeah, we'll work college louisville, his team We think it will work here. Then it does. Obviously has great success and everybody's like Well, who's your agent me and my mom going to handle it or whatever they're, giving me bad advice. You should be a wide receiver. It should a slot wide receiver. You should work out at wide receiver know I'm a quarterback. You won't be able to do what you did Louisville You won't be able to do what you do level in the men's like us on how does vast think it's in a league say, look at them his entire life he's been able to shake the shit out of whoever, and I think he should be crazy, confident you think that he's being patient with the contract, because If he wins again, if they they already won I can't write these one number be they want to play off game dignity at step. The value only goes up and up and he's just betting on himself. You think yeah, and I would imagine, he's sitting there gone.
to my initial point of. Do we were the ones see last year with four or five games to go with all those injuries. If our team states healthy, wait, there's nobody in the nfl that we can't be, and I think it's the way he's looking at his go look out there. We are what we were with all other bad stuff, and I think it if they stay healthy and he plays remotely close to the way he did with the supporting cast around him like yeah, they very much so can win the whole thing. I think there that good, I think, he's that talented and I think, he's that competitive. So in fact the ams guaranteed the season is billion dollars, guaranteed I'll go into was he needed a quick of core The first guy conor yeah dan, now that the roles for the patriots head coaches have been announced. Do they mean anything? One does give you any more confidence in Matt Jones or no, my confidence in Matt jones's.
As as high as it can be, I'm just not confident in the situation. I I I don't no! I tried you sit here and figure out. Okay, how come there's no titles for anybody essentially is no operates according to those defensive coordinator debate which have notoriously been. Position lists in many ways in football, so it seems like they're going some ways: position. Opposition listener, coaching staff. I just do I I sit here and I go in that conference given the fact that the athens, is counted but not overly talented year to have a quarterback that I think world of and they got less. Or they got worse when it came to one of their strengths, and that was Josh Mcdaniels and I look division. If we just look at really good at the play calling into division. I have more, think KEN dorsey then I have whatever situation is into new england, certainly mike mcdaniel in miami, then, whatever is in new england
he was really good. The last may games there for the jets officer, Is there so much? If I don't know, I don't know if I've ever seen it before so my confidence in Mackey sky high. I just do it. I will go over the quarterbacks called quarterback. sneak on one and ten last year, like I don't know what to take from that yeah. I have anything bill, belichick sure, but it wasn't bilbil objective. This was of what we have here is what the heck are. We doing. We set out those wanting years, though time and time again, rhine adult just always seems work out. Maybe we are at a time when a dozen No, no no bull could happen. I'd love to know the reasoning, the the the reason that they're doing it. You know they'll probably want to bring anybody new into a shit. At this stage thing you know what I mean they don't want teens to be prepared for the third intensity if they named Joe judge and call calling a third.
And snake. I don't think they know belgic over his shoulder and come down. Hey bilbil checks out, love partners, and I understand I love bombing but no import a quarterback in a position, get fucked up to go ahead and technically did bring someone new, and I mean Joe Judge- was not there last year. I know he has a pass there, but so does bill O'Brien Well, I know he's hey. He also was at practice. He was at practice trying to help him and he's he's trying to remodel his entire thing. Coach again, yeah I mean there's plenty of coaches who have new england ties throughout the nfl. I dunno, maybe bill said, never got an opportunity to showcase an incredible place. I'm not fooled. You like it. I knew you had told me that bill. O'brien was there or a guy from new. Was passed, I had called placed before I'd be much more bullets on the new england, all novel,
noble. I'm I'm super hazards in annette often suggests I think play calling is a completely different experience than people give credit for cash. You listen and experienced some decisions that have either pissed off the starting quarterback and when everybody in the quarterback rooms going. Why are we doing this time and time again and you but on a play when a play on the field. When All comes in a yugo, doing this? You think that is not something has appreciated. Do not and I've. I've been on the headset either. You know, with with guys calling directly to me or you're in the place of the starter of guys, like MIKE martz, one of the great offensive minds in the league. Kubiak, kyle, Shanahan I've been on the headset for Sean Mcvay, and now I've been on the headset for guys run like yo what what you do and it just because When do football? Does it mean you can call plays, and I've been around simcoe? ever really good and we got to the game. It became a complete
the different world for them, a little bit of a situation. It's just hard man dude think about it. I try to tell people all the time dude you got like eight seconds to get the right color. For that the rapporteur, we never talk about it. This is complete everything whenever think about, like are the poachers gamers and then next day, are these reft gamers kick in this rough handle the mouth can this coach handle this happening with a lot of pain, if the passion on those headsets do from what I've heard from mod support everything you just kind of got to figure it out and play madden live and in person sound and bus hypothetically say that you agree with me that you think the finns, the eagles in the forty nine hours, have a play off worthy roster, which quarterback of those three teams. are you most confident jalen Jalen right now, just cause I've I've seen J would do nothing but develop get better and better, and I
because of the work. Get you hear about the young man, the character and the leadership and kind of is a bridging. in his past. It alabama, I just think, he's going to take another step forward. We watched jay Lynn go the last year from the first month, be like ok and then months too in three were pretty good and then he finished strong, and I think that, just because of that development I lost san francisco, I think Trey lance has gotta be really good. Back duty as is he hasn't, played football in a year and he's got the least amount of passing attempts ever for a first round. Quarterback so it's who's gotta play and that offense is not easy, Matt ryan. Tell you there's so much original offence and they talked like ass, not an easy often. So I think two
Well, you know what I'm really bullish on too. I'm really high end to it as well. I think he's in the ideal place to go thrive. I never say quarterback should fit into a place. You should thrive, and you know what I take that back to put two over jailing. That's big night. I I that was in the world, and I this, and I know people like I said is one that the move was made. My began you as the head coach for the dolphins comes the cairo shanahan clay action pass world and to our when he was kind of about his best at bama was under steve, Sarkisian who's, the head coach at texas, who learned a little bit of offense two years in atlanta, under kyle Shanahan. So I think that just a
the understanding, the familiarity of that scheme. What the goal is it, into are in really good places. Obviously the talent is really good down there in miami as well. So I think she was prime for a big, big, big big third season. I think you and Jay Lynn, two guys that are really really high on young quarterbacks. That can carry the league for the next ten years, possibly or on their way out. That's the reality of what the nfl is healthy, succeed, hope everything ones, the superbowl, hope every person makes a billion dollars. That's our reality, except for for our man who's this they saw the sba and for the next two honoured and twenty days. Ladies and gentlemen, former fell quarterback. Now he s been pondered money and I fully the commentator Saturday afternoon commentator an absolute stallion champion laser jump dinner last w w. We is turning up the heat at summer, slam witness the beast:
brok lesson are challenged. The head of the table, roman reigns in. Alas, man standing match for the undisputed w w we universal championship. It's going down biggest party of the summer, which means all your favorite superstars we'll go head to head, including Becky lynch riddle, south rawlins. Bobby Lashley, be The bell air drew I can tyre live morgan in many more summer. Slam streams live saturday July thirty, if any pm eastern exclusively on peacock, have you learned about people down in taxes, a J since your closely affiliated with a texas tech, legend, Graham Harold, Oh man, I feel, like wit, I just saw something walking to the airport. Jimbo said no ill will toward nick, and so they kind squash it easy media days are happening and they all had to speak lane kiffin. He speaks rick his cadence and rhythm very similar to save it? go any sounded a lot like saving, as he was talking to know. Noah grew up in. Football world for saving himself.
At the end, I am from the ssc has come up where he basically just said: hey you ever most monies gonna when recruiting like that, just how we I kind of saw this coming from a mile away finland, given that was a good clip that came out of their beamer culture. south carolina sneakily one as immediate aid. He hopped about a bed turn the swag on. In the mere said. What would I also press conference? He said, I'm not you all now remember soldier boy, and then he also channel about south carolina, the school. State, and what's that a genuine and authenticity of him and his coaching staff, which is winning over there. Jimbo same. Doesn't hate nick saban came out of there. What else I think? What's the name still has such
in Louisiana accent can tell he loves family food football and got rid of left that day for food? I said all that says: you've got down here. A lot lot earlier should now y'all know, there's only three f's down here, there's three of us and every other place. I've been, but this one place and faithful food, and I can get behind that Amir food football and family Brian said on the throat and males, so this is something, though, didn't you say that hey if they want me to do I've got a dance, then you say that. Well, I think that his college go check out yeah, but he admitted like he's. They asked them. I think why you? What are you doing so? I'm like hey lean into it, but I I get it yeah. What does he just started doing? He should just go full. Go all I just go I could never be a college football coach. I got a lot of respect for those that could, but there was, Seventeen year old is telling me I can apply to his house. You know dance. Make him food Senate weed out, for
I go to my school, I care about my school being good enough at that point, do a chance of me giving a single fuck about that seventeen year old. So I got a lot of respect for those coaches that really want to transition these boys to men, but they were boys. The man and, like you know, change lives in areas one. volumes football games but process. They dedicate a lot of their life to transitioning for all their players. I respect that. I don't got enough care, I just ain't got it and that's that's why an easier hey think about it right now it could be easier with you and I ll. Do you really have to If you bring in the most money and you can offer the most money to these players so that could kind of take a little bit of that off your shoulders started. Singing justin bieber baby I've got sent through the darkness. Do you remember that? Do you remember when we found it was that Tom and I thank her way,
We must go and he says, but what we're saying as an adult having to do that? You don't have to guess. I don't know. I would be here said what I'm guessing luke fickell's not doing that, but it's a different thing at Cincinnati than yes to other places, but I don't I didn't like able. I do I favour line dancin, yes, and obviously saving is the cold. Shoulder hard ass game day in them was soon do interviews in what kind of similar, but then we recruiting stories- and it's like sayings- boat tat having a good time and was sleeping over in the weekend as a kick arousing Norton goin away when nor deals. Asia now Well, a lot of praise on the practice squad. Actually, could you imagine what AJ would have made the coach? Do? He probably would have made me like two hundred shrimp, or should I hire you or me or eat hard boiled eggs until if you stick your hand and piranha tanks? Oh that's awesome.
That is absolutely awesome. What do you think pickle is do You said that ohio, simple ink, He ain't sing and dance and for aid these recruits and if he has two doesn't want to marry a fuckin bear cat If that's what he does, though he recruits like his kind of guys. I feel like there are athletes that are going to stick with it and he developed some. I'm sure luke can be very, very charming. So I'm sure when he goes in those living rooms, he is he's a four polite like person so, but also We could kill you easily rip you're, ripley You know your lan out just walk out the front door rebel in fickle. The gave her like best friends. Store like let's say they just happened to have hundred? kill or be killed, actual death on the line. Yes actual death on the lure, I think braves and luke will take luke. I was just having this conversation with somebody, not against luke, but I was paying like luke I'd put luka
I guess, no matter what happens holy shit I was meant to be. Is the greatest human alive he's? Also this the toughest and could be the scariest same time? So I wouldn't know wrestler in high school drink, two cases of beer and smoke, four packs of cigarettes or three din tons of depth to vapes yeah and still win all of the gases and sprints and lead the team in tackles, and everything like that. The next more get luke is one of those guys that he's he's just he's too tough for his own good, like he would just I don't know how to describe how about that you what you the way. You said that he is a brave sort, agree with you. I think next time you see braves and tries to put his big meat paw on your shoulder and you you bow up and you pass that test. Ask
sure to be pissed at me. Maybe, but you know what I got a ride with luke cuz. I know luke, no matter what he will never ever. If, if you killed Luke what you couldn't do he'll find a way to come back alive and get you perhaps that you add, whenever the wheel, when they, ties and peace tank, rockies and he lived for nine hours, a letter or teen our, I think, fourteen hours he was on the tried to get himself to think. Maybe dog rebels hand was this, but what my support, gave his farm hit me right in the pack and then his? I damn thank. You was over here just grabbing my shoulder blade. It was unbelievable like what the fuck Jesus wait you way I did that in and I did that interview that end the internet. posted so they'll be here I'd bottlenecks, for I don't know who was talking to any other site, because I was just staring at a camera and theirs. No tv. No, nothing! and I have a earpiece on I'm sitting on a patio.
I applaud ninety and time you do a couple of years. You got it the gacha option. Are you going to Chicago located near Chicago? Hey just get right into the interview. I mean there wasn't even like hey how you doing. I couldn't see anything and felt road school in the his numerous sons. I forgot that I was on camera. I thought, there's a Maybe it's radio, maybe it's a I on chemicals, I'm not time and I'll. Tell you what I did. Try to mars at all its entire thing. Sunny out there too, it was super right off. The light was behind me in jail, lie, reflected whereby running you though they can rely on so many it was a big production, of course, human. Tony romo is austin in size when his superstardom, like astronaut yeah. I had a guy, say anything to you when you first popped on, like hey, oh hey: what's up pat how's it going that there was a quick one of those and then right I mean each one. I did and sorry separate Amal now at this point to be honest, but why just like right into it? Writing it right into it
supposed to do the nfl network on total access that would have been It would have been that would have been pretty awesome, but who knows how that would have gone, but we can get the connection to work. It here hear them. They couldn't hear me we're trying to walk it for like ninety? seconds or so you know, and then the guy says sorry about it. Hangs up on me. Alright I asked- who was that just so? I know I get a name for your life. sure you thank you. Thank you. I would. I would like to know who just said: fuck out to have a bad time makes his work for you about. I want internal access legend, dear, which I think it does right, yeah, rich eisen, no longer than a phone. I work that did you hear this, did not hear that was his contract up or something happen. They said he said to be a free agents, so that would mean. Is Tom tracks up is up in legitimize or reception room you're, not law, rumours and sports media world, as we have to take his name. Sometimes new obligatory report,
as fact that he was a free asian on twitter and august sign for your deal in two thousand eight teens eat out. You said in my ears and he's a free age, a rich eyes on the move to read for more readily fell game day on nauseated. I do ray. I don't live. right now am rather certain rich eisen will not. I am rather certain are rich eisen. Is you never know? Richie say: hey to richards read it all the time like I do the right thing guy feels like honestly, like all the time always like that, and I don't know if he would in I guess we have to do. Search on what he has said in the past about live mature. He knows where he's going, yeah even more to know it the way it was. The news wouldn't network trying to reopen him saying I'm good. I got something in the line. Maybe, but you We know anybody AJ,
for them. A J I'm not saying anything, I work on what's in it and if I work specifically because I do not know this particular situation. I have no idea. I haven't been in the nfl network studios in probably ten years at this point, actually have no idea who's over there who's running, no clue. There's. Eighty eight, parking everywhere agent? Will you I mean? What do you mean? What do you mean that the dutch people make in terrible decisions every single day? And if you keep rich, a great decision. A lot of people will say. Yes, we would say yes because we're friends, and if you get rid of them some people will be pumped about it. But who knows? What's on the other side, there's idiots everywhere, AJ in powerful positions, I'm not saying that's happening in nfl network. I'm just saying everywhere. We have no idea what should be expected and what's not expected, because there's bad decisions happening on a regular basis. In the it is field profession of ports media age. I met you you're correct. I am probably was a dumb question to even ask I knew the answer, but Are we seeing something? Like is rapporteur
I would take more of a hosting gig. Not only insider piece can be host caught driving the ship till we get a little bit more real housewives on the behind the scenes of. What's going on nfl network right now, who's trying to step on whose throats get to the top of the whole thing Advertising is on the record as saying live. Golf is tearing apart gulf and destroying gulf okay, so he's not going to live down that market off I people wait said things about its charles barkley publicly negotiating right now about his situation with live. This is getting interesting because He was asked about it on the PJ's series Xm channel. Like pga radio, on serious ex come was ever more obvious. at a golf term, he loves golf. I think they're just kind of I don't even know the interview is still the old monahan want, charles, you're talking lived off on the pigeon network. I have no idea how or what the plan was, but it everybody had to know was going to come up, twelve ratings are up by the way believe it or not.
golf ratings are up with all this, because there is little intrigue, I think in the sport. So all the golf purists saying this is going to ruin. Golf golf might be more. popular now than it has been since the tiger run whenever he was kind of doing his own thing. So is this good forgot. I guess we will still team Charles Barkley negotiations kind of through this entire thing, is a great he's a business happening here, William, but live? We have no idea, but him saying in interviews in conversations about if we want to go to live a problem I have to leave tnt, that's a big salary. A lot of my endorsements are probably going to go away. That's a big salary, so they are going to have to put together a. Pretty large number for me to potentially go there, but I'd be an idiot. Take the meeting is basically what charles barkley saying and I think he's a hundred percent accurate with that could t tea for you, the tnt. This be interesting anti, unlike if you go with them, you can't work with us
just a match. Things easier easier to their there. I think I have one major at least one major. They have within the past few years, so they have a relationship of the beijing that for sure, so, if they do, they travel current relationship with the look pga I didn't think that I know the PJ championship was on. T n t was on turner at at least within the last I've read was ably pressure, though, like with certainly one of the aims. Russia them to say you gonna, get rid of chalk. There's no chuck, is the most popular that show is. I know that's Well, that's. Why are pissed off now chats even taking the meeting his there's a chance that at its we're going to lose fucking tell him, you paste the ten t available role so that in this reading, a situation I think you are I think you're misreading the situation. I I don't know like. Is he yes or how he even said. Oh yes, he retorted the anti about this, and I know you said he might just a might have to.
then there is a report that he and you wonder what amount of his there's a chance. He doesn't errors, conversely, open dialogue. Can from that statement to like he could just say? No, we won't let you do that and then the first article of the veto just saw in the back. He has been replaced. Turner two thousand eighty assets, I told her ten twenty eight and it was announced that he has piano, replace gnp as the pda championship, cable partner, beginning in twenty twenty. so that's what for two years, then I guess they haven't how to deal with pga wapiti. Come back. Its owner is probably what turn or trying to figure out in droves. They may be just saying that, because that's like the pigeon tour operator like can you go there? You can Come here, you do You can't do this, it's all. Well, this is. He said he might have to resign right in that article that you popped up and what, if they don't he can resigning, but they're going to force them to work until you can't go to live, does even have. Is that a non compete with live The idea is was that it's because the match,
Ouch is owned by phil. Isn't it is anti inciting he's one of the founders area? Still question he's dub his book came out, I'm listening to it. Actually now is he talking now tat book came up started. I guess the off the record comments or Allen ship nick, I wrote it. I guess I dunno how long kim I just don't I've been listening, just started- sounds like pretty good a lot of stories from different golfer or yeah just seems pretty. ask your juicy your big book guy audiobook, I listen. The books like that. Have you listened to all of these books? I read in a most of those you actually, red with models read the threat. instead of with your ear holes, yes, apparently the topsy girl book on audiobook is unbelievable, because just him, so it's just that there there's a great brain not ass. A can you stand up in spanish and english. Has the work
message that you would need to become whatever blue collar job you can need an stories are all I. I guess I'm seeing the tail end of his like here, now, but think he's ever not fucking hit a really gets one has always funny. Always armscor always want him doing like full blown spanish speaking comedy shows to tour the entire. in central america and south america to the spanish speaking community. That only listens to spanish speaking. You know that they're judging him, verse them and he just yeah. I grew up in a spanish it was no problem yeah, I can be the biggest damage, radiant, spanish and english, now big w. If I want it's, it's amazing. I like to Kevin Hart's getting back out there he's doing arenas and theaters again feels like he's going to take some time off. Yeah,
you did all those movies. It was known as much data member last stand up for some day was and is based, but I think you had a netflix one is based, but I, like, I saw some of this document or was a documentary series. Earrings him work out in the whole is all life basically it'd, be on a new stand up on netflix too. I think it's like one of his guys and the executive produces the entire pr which everything the red red solo cup yes, yes, I believe is one of them got his own special on that folks, and he is the eu because he has heart to heart now, which is that interview series on peacock, he has a comedy network is that still going Ella. Well, I think, with sirius Xm me has a deal and with other kevin Hart is a fucking galleries. Is this your heartbeat actions or productions? You have a bunch of shows like that and he's getting back into standup. That's good yeah, unbelievable! It's probably nice for him to just kind of like. Let me just get back into writing another great hour. There was a couple he had there when he was say with chest.
If can just some er Katt Williams, old stuff, I mean even our cat Williams has them on yours reference sample, Paulo tainting well, let's get to the phone cb Kevin hart and will do the espy's now that they are up forty two percent for the ratings up. So That's misinformation, a correct something that has been said on this program, and I don't like to do this because normally we like to be one hundred percent factual the time always, but we are have accused of misinformation. worldwide on a regular basis. It is like at this point now what you just says, not sure the sps were down forty two percent. Oh I that down forty Read that wrong. Forty two, that's that's a large number wait. What was last year's espys? Was it a covert assamese? What was I don't remember we are talking about it for the us besotted. We we all realised we had. Was she s been numerous social europe, but now as to rehash relating mainly of the marking the
remember: we have the same ease that conversation online stage. As we said, we fuck. We haven't why a second it's down forty percent from last year's s means yes,. Did people know. Last year's espys happened. Well, that's what we so just back to what we were talking about sort of the problem. What we should have paid more attention, that's exactly well that on wednesday we said that we can we're gassing up the ass, remember Wednesday, starting to gas up the one that is always one of those moments, and then oh, you know Russell sooner last year who two years ago and was like why do even watch how rust we didn't wash out one either. We realized quickly that we were kind of definitely a part of the problem because
I had known that it existed, but then we all clearly did not want to stay down. I thought I'd set up. I also read, and you know I'll kick was not happy to report this theft auto. I also saw somewhere that they said they were stuffing ballot boxes, so certain people would win so they get on stage and push their political messages Jesus, I cite why. Well, let's get to our let's get break digs, really watched. It start to finish. I actually did shoot because there's nothing else on should have watched blackbird, hindsight yeah, unbelievable is very good. Blackbird is very, very good. great for indiana but greater, oh sure, it's great show when I watch shows as we from front to back, and all I could think of was just like somebody that I know from home. Just being like, I got my shit out here, and it's like this is what people talk about whenever they talk about like don't it
but those aren't very important, all very, very, very important things, but sports You know for a long time, and I understand it's a big platform and we should make the world a better place. Sports for a long time was an escape from all that, and I think when the award show celebrating sports is just very, very serious and very hey you're back what you don't help? This is on track pay my right either just think it's forty two percent is quite a fucking dropping yeah. I could probably guess that, though, based on the replies to your tweet, if we watch we watch him, please oh fuck, go look at the people are very angry about not watching. I didn't know that was the case all those next year, though, it's going to be better, it's going to be everything. Everybody wants it to be that the AJ back in the attic their super bowl champion is college football national. This ryder cup champ
I hope it survivor- is back in ohio for this beautiful friday to talk staples your attachment at boston corner, one half of the hammer dad called please turn. Degs is here. Obviously got Mitzi Zito nyc in the back. I liked the fact that mitt didn't even attempt to run the horn there. Nope, that is smart bet, you've been doing fantastic on the ones and twos this congrats. Do you already read dirty bruce bill everybody in the back. We can't thank you enough, some some breaking news, international relations, the nfl growth into europe, been a success? I think by all accounts wrong. I I guess at one point during his tenure laid out through the nfl owners, how they get to a certain I forget what billion It was an annual revenue, is how we get to this number that everybody wants and they said cool. We got you'll be able to do it rodger.
failing the game into europe into other continents. It started with london and then a bill with more in london, then around england. Now, for the first time ever there go into germany and let It's how you about this massive failure, the nfl had in germany. Only three million requests were made for tickets and spoken game between a sea ox. In the consumers, through a million requests for tickets for wine Annabel game. The first it's in ex of tempers are november thirteenth in germany. One point: there was eight hundred thousand people simultaneously trying to get one ticket. What up what success for the nfl, what a person business move- and
paternity for the anna- fell to showcase again that we all love to even more people and keep grow in this game. That is brought so many different people together from so many different backgrounds. I absolutely love this duty in talk more games in germany next year. We'd all assume j the nfl was expecting like? They know that king we a big deal and we can. We can make some things happen, but you'd think they had any idea that this kind of response in germany now there's a lot of you know second hand: ticket brokers, that's right to get their hands on a stick in his well anytime. You see that many people requesting something there. Some people try take advantage of the situation, and you would hope that the nfl has some certain way to you know legitimize. Whoever is buying it. That comedians have had to do. Musicians have had to do because the second hand, and what is that margaret bengal fucking
bengal cars second hand, market is so absurd, tickled, the eight hundred and fifty bucks, and then there are some guy who has bots that's able to get in and buy these tickets are eight hundred and fifty bucks hangs on to him and is able to sell theirs for like seven thousand or eight thousand dollars, and it's a full business and you'd have to those people's hustle, but a the artists, and everybody else is getting fucked out of this whole thing and is doing all the work. They were not necessarily throat with it as well. I tickets and you confirm your tickets or everything, but there were some shit, don't like thirty grand a ticket. Eighty grand a ticket in this work and gay I deleted it. Yeah lodge the prices were fucking, servants, because three milk, People would, one thousand tickets, that's pretty good why demand, if you're the person the end, what the the cash in your hand, the basel but what does that say? Ok, they have so much success here they can play all I mean the opportunities are endless. Really when you think about where we get a fellows margin.
is barely been anywhere, but the united states now they're starting to branch off man. I mean this is so every team every year is going to have at least one game somewhere all over the place. Who knows how many games this ten years from now and the players and coaches are going to hate, it add an extra bye week. One of them will be immediately following your international game and then I'll be another by in there. They'll get that thing up. Eighteen games in the international market will just be a weekly thing. We're in the morning. We wake up and there's an early game, then there's a one game for game and thirty game in that'll just become the standard operating procedure. They will be raking in so much money. Think about the tv deals. They add another time slot. They add another time slot right the early time slot yeah everyone loves it because an east coaster. I can wake up game on what did Dan said morning. Didn't he he said sunday morning, then he said saturday was happening. anti on Saturday morning will probably do,
I do it earlier in the season, and I assume just like how, when you guys are playing, you would look at the schedule and look when your bye week is and now it'll be you'll. Get As you will see, when you're international game isn't that it's good business for the question for you, though, that this question may have been posed on other like morning, talks maybe on tv, but when programmes do we find when do when is the the first super bowl hosted international? What else do you want to have to get a team? there are going to have to know now you have to be home. Do I think so, because the way its current set up is if you believe that if they turn over all the stadiums each year, it seems like there's new. You think it will ever happen. Though, do you think we'll ever see a super bowl outside of the? U s yeah it would. I have one. You even need a team will have one for sure. Don't you think They just built the stadium? They would have to have it. You have to
even if they were like- hey we're going to build the stadium strictly for nfl games because they're going to be coming over and they just use that one nfl stadium, as opposed to using like oh yeah chelsea, have a football culture. Has a bunch of extra want those Actually, just those are sovereign states know they're, not rates are actually just crazy. Their distributing creates. Yes, I begin to intercept as yeah sure So I guess that could go. Those could go anywhere. I wonder and if I will attempt to buy their own land and build their own stadium out there, I wanted there. but you know we launched, makes what applies in their cacena, how they would have their own. My journeys harold these countries. I will not guarantee appeal to you: just pay the and fell to horses. So what we're saying is we think that there has to be ownership of stadium if I were to go there so year round, just be like a concert venue all the animals so much money comprise still hostaqua games and that europe's
we can painting and then aren't the current soccer stadiums? Are they all like we're going to have to keep up with their state their stadiums over there are nice heh those scientists. How are they different, all of them have the fucking grass it just walks outside and sons. It's right that this weeds in the the lower entrances like soccer stadiums over there. I guess I'm just don't feel like honestly compared to like what I'm curious cause. I've seen my buddies. That could garner said it's awesome. What how was the seating different of you in better I'd? Have you ever do it just feels like a little bit in the nice? It just feels like it. It just higher yeah. It feels very high end. That's a great way to this. It feels like high end winners that, like it was the one place where I saw people getting curb stomped on the way in or the way out, so that was in two thousand and mexico so on, but we talked about. I think it was
and had a new stadium. Maybe there lies the year before we looked at it. It was state of the art, unbelievable seats. Were they had our monies taught him. I don't know that decidedly tony arafat and do not believe there. On by. Is it three? I know I think it's. What's the name of god, oh no guidelines. as is a cranky cranky that would really or in one cranky head. How nice would that be? I guess to just be able to buy what you wanna. Do you wanna go to europe where have a team there right if we're going to go for a week or two might as well have at least a horse? grace whereby summer yeah you're right, stadium around swayed down. A hell After landing thing, helipad on top israel inside the stadium, some people's another drunk he's arsenal learner and that is here god for like to like european leagues. We own a like capacity by like
Three thousand manchester united? or just didn't, say. They're. All seats, though, can say the nfl yeah, it's all comfortable. I think they all stand. They'll stand to the the nfl is going to go, build one hundred thousand capacity, it's even more of a reason. They're going to do it is that I wonder how far because, if Well, dumb asses are only thinking of this right now. That means the nfl has already thought about, or already have in it dirty one land, I'm sure all over, because there farmland over there. We drove We are staying of golf course and we drove through a bunch of it to get to the city. You know I just those countries have their small tiny. They are small. So none of the english stadiums are indoor. They'd have to build an indoor one, because england has winter also actual roof you're welcome, introduce at that's. What's animals gonna do howling and feel about it. I mean I think they be If it's just one, I guess granted, you eager probably do a lot more. The international games at that stadium year round, which
and make it more. If I can event, ok, we never get to go to the stay of football in town. Let's go check out the new state of the art and bell informed me that by two thousand and twenty nine united is planning on debut on a supersonic, I think plane the car Current come back, I don't have it starts concord. I think it's a different companies trying to do. You do the same thing. So if they stadium. This is how we think one gets ship that's how we got to this point right. They built stadium over there and it takes three hours to get there on a flight from new york. I think again, super bowl in madden we continue to grow into euro? there are three hours they get a team quicker than than they were before us for sure have simply actually members. I mentioned that didn't mention that they would get a team, but mentioned how america algarve are supposed to make a flight for three hours. I was like, oh, that came up in the conversation at some point, probably with nfl teams like at the for club meeting. So if we are able to get to london more definite, given them a team who we given up jack spock
on the jobs, have jack. I over there, then, whenever technology makes it possible from these points companies for us, japanese, back and forth now. We're in europe now are utilizing all of germany that fucking loves football. Here we go, we are off and running united airlines. Our hearts went behold, the all new bow arrow, sonic design coming to the skies in two thousand and twenty nine, and that a long dynamic in going to go really fast and will have a lot of other people on it for the first couple of hours flights than us, but boy, a video save it proves that it works in three and hours, they're alleging new york to london for and a half tokyo to seattle and eight from allay to sydney It is just like social media, the world's getting smaller as I got world's getting smaller, making them squeeze out now two weeks of super bowl stuff cause. Usually it's just the one super bowl week, but if they do it in london, I assume teams will want to go over there. The week before the pro
ah sir you're saying like media exactly they can use to expand their entire thing that, where pro bowl be over there as well, has to be only draw more fans. The players would like to go to london. I think right. Yes, we just steal, some of these technology reverse boom or twelve seconds Well, I dunno. If our bodies can handle the heat, I was gonna say that they have some kind of technology that shields your body from, or maybe the technology has thinks shielding it. But, according to one of my sources who sent a a new ip you a p, an unidentified aerial phenomena, the pilot person, what the pilot he said and said that that things have to be borne like a hundred thousand genes or something like ten thousand gee. So we cannot allow xilai what
is doing a free yeah. We don't have even craft that can pull those kind of humor. He actually said I watched it and obviously the first thing I thought was what is that and then second, oh, the person inside has to be just most. I think we must blown up. or by the can tc handle it you see that we will find mach ten speed. Tanzania tenet ready After for the engine blew as face matthews convention, actually going well, you gotta ahead to get a speed record, obviously how to get us out to read it. Let's go to the phones before I get the fuck outta here in town right, hell, yeah, yeah, flickered on: let's go for those beans baby.
You are a pathetic representation, wo moss and by the way, Michael pretty sure, a lot of people says why they call being well. It was the first thing that came to your mind relatively quickly, so I assume that is just your friend group doing the thing I'm very pumped to get up to your area, though, and breathe the air that created you and your friends and people that are similar to you, Well, for you too, it's going to be nice up there and, like I said I really do think the crowd is going to deliver, for I am excited for it. I'm excited for tonight AJ where, where the program the pain tat The gardener I mean, I think so the bank north carolina is it. So that's what I thought pretty sure yakuza is either in you've already been to worcester, and I mean those are really the two places that it will be hard. I can't wait to get up there. Let's get to the fans, it's got a big low in tucson, arizona, big loan of five hundred and ninety five original commies program, accuracy, ten percent off your order, however, in a big father of
little, how you doing keep it moving boys louis. Let's go half your big big, how big big roma briefly. Three three hundred pounds, sherry jagged egg. What's going on about, you are talking about big lou. bro! I wanted to talk about how the cowboys are going to fucking suck again bro, I'm over here. Thinking about all the money to cardinal just pay, kyler much money, we just fucking second attack, waistband, I'm getting excited they're, getting ready to go to california, but bro we're going to fucking suck again. Aren't we why? Why do you think I think you're, six foot, three three hundred pounds of negativity right now: big live Hey bro. Don't give me that shit not all cowboys fans just had these delusions of grandeur winning the superbowl every single year, big lou does not fit. The mood at all is big lou mean? What is it? What does he mean by? Is he still on the like what
bad sees it for him. There still not bad there? Still, ok or defence should be legit still dak kova, it's better! zeke our now are we as bigger you win. six! Seven games go to the playoffs and nfc east to true. They need to go to the superbowl. I guess they need to win the super bowl. Really, that's all this year, not as much cowboys hyper. Are we just not paying attention anybody else, a little less cause. You know they. They lost some weapons, they lost some linemen and they made statements, That is down all the images. I can tell we wanted they look good in the first week of the season, we'll be right back into it. Dax gonna win mvp. This team's gonna win super bowl. That's what I did last year against a boat on thursday. Remember we all hammered them nine and the bucks minus nine and a half. Then the cowboys came out. We were like, oh god, oh good doctors teacher this year, big mike those out a way, but there will ultimately come down to some. game management decision and No it then some
thing will happen in the it's like cowboys as it. again, but let's get a neck in Indiana indiana, what's going on power, think he has something to add to this conversation sure do how you do hey keep moving that great. First of all my guy gub friga free her again, but I do have something to add. I mean don't get me wrong. I don't think they're going to win the super bull we gotta be, but we gotta be then the eagles, even though they got a little better. What are we thinking? We've never met you. Whose way is we the cowboys? You're right? I said we said we them that's them. I don't want to play for MIKE we are focusing so who are you talking about them? Are these cowboy cowboy cowboy. The cowboys players on the team
Are you a cowboys fan neck? fuck the big might do big MIKE guardy Lud. Now he took too much time and No he's. Does it gains pass them why we need somebody a little better. I'm thinking like, maybe you know, lincoln riley. I that's why I was hooked on lincoln for sure. Maybe sean payton, he said hey Don't rule me up from being back on the sideline. Remember whenever it's hard to have no work as potential gonna team. and I to tried to do this home thing a little bed in the game? This problem on call me this season on numerous occasions he's workin for fox. Yes, I believe so you can be around the aim in the game, so our time before it. We're comes from the game and will shine paying get back out there and call place without successfully has been. We also yes, just like airbus talking about bronco back week, ten weeks, thirteen, if the
I need a titan and maybe get over the hump and win a superbowl. I'll say this about the cowboys. One positive that I have seen Zeke looks looks fit. It looks like he's. Rep Zinke looks like it's ready to go but he's begun to his current events. You guys got over there, ohio state, oh age, I seen him in a little a little while on the cruise yeah he's doing well as exit dog, the old man. Extinct are funded time, I going to get out of here cds awesome by the way. That is the reason why I'm I do always have hope for the cowboys c d is so fun to watch and it's just fun to see him just interact. He just seems like a do. Do you want to be on his team? It's got great wiggle dupont. Yeah, I mean he's tough he's. I think he's tough too. I think so he's been through a lot already. which is huge in a majority? the people ranking dec, hi there then Christine.
If he comes out and says he's the number one most overrated player in the nfl. It's like holy shit. Does anybody know if anybody's good in the nfl anymore? Nobody in the eagles, I think, is buy the most interesting team with AJ brand now advantage like they have weapons all over to a jail and a guy is jail and the guy all on Jalen everybody says Jalen is a guy jay. I assume has been working like a gag. As you say, work ethic is unbelievable. Philadelphia because back in the next one. It yeah in person wants what the commanders they're gonna science has now. Jordan Davis also should have been the rule. Pickings they're ready goes to post the commanders. What do you think Where are the overarching aim argues for third fortune? thirteen fourteen three.
in fourteen, maybe they might have c j stroud next to Zito just dropped a little fun fact in my ear and madden has plays carson wentz as the most injury prone quarterback in the game. Okay, so maybe mountains back then, but madden doesn't understand that, even if he gets injured, it's still playing so does an injury even math or you hurt the injured carson's like doesn't what what It shouldn't have pain in both legs either way you have to leave it. If he's there, because he's going to stay in the Greg jennings cuz? If the game real or not it's in the game, it's also in business sorry! Well all you it's a bonus. Why doesn't it aren't gonna get out of here a j? I appreciate the hell. Are you pal pritchett? You guys have fun. I boss. Demand should be fine way to travel around this. We can make it work with all the kids dump it on sailboats and such We figured it out had a great time we do figure it out. Only it's canal
It's kind of you should view life really figure. It out lucky to figure it out alongside all you, fine fine, gentlemen, here here happy. Irritated my lovely wife for life, wife, can be agreed, Would you get her express, You want to ruin it, for wait- and I am sure you understand here I am with just get off an island for a week and tell us on Monday sure I mean g wagons, brain eyes, but yeah absolutely well, I can't wait for this weekend. smack down, and I have another week a sports talk. How, after and again next week, training camps started for a lotta teams, actually everybody all ever all those back, there's gonna be quotes and highly takes and thoughts for us. The chat about as this week I want to be honest
the wells or dry last week. This is it till february, next year, back yeah. Thank you, people that watch the show and listen to the show. So much for sticking with us through all the shit. It's been a lot of shit. We've been waiting shit It should cease of sports. thanks and talk through the off season next week, also being stopped, or your meetings are being held, tried motivational speeches about winning the super bowl. Everybody else is at the same place we are, who will survive a magnet to the mountain top? That is bow that starts next week. We can taste it smoke, feel it here it we're here it's time have the greatest. We get your life, the boys wrap up the show and have a giveaway being smack ban the night
pm eastern time on fox, live from td garden, began, form, pasta. Well, no former best friend back I'm out here, everybody. Thank you. So much for hard work cheers get good bye
and the
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