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PMS 2.0 790 - Thursday Night Football Recap, NFL Week 10 Preview/Picks With AJ Hawk LIVE From The ThunderDome

2022-11-11 | 🔗

On today’s show, Pat joins AJ Hawk and the boys LIVE from Austin, Texas from the GameDay set in the middle of some terrible weather ahead of tomorrow’s tilt between the Texas Longhorns and TCU Horned Frogs as they discuss last night’s Thursday Night Football game between the Falcons and the Panthers, what we know about both teams moving forward, and all the pertinent information we need to be aware of as we head into week 10 of the NFL season before they both make their picks against the spread. Make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/thepatmcafeeshow to watch the show. We appreciate the hell out of all you. See you on Overreaction Monday, cheers.

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Hello and welcome friday november eleventh, the pat mcafee show on AJ hawk sitting in for pack today, as I do here on friday. His wife had is down in texas for game day. Oh and we got close boys, we got close last night. We had another barn burner of a thursday night, prime video football game on amazon time with our kirk, an absolute born burner. There is a little bit of of whether that they dealt with some gusting wins. Didn't look as bad as I thought, as we heard going into the exhibit was it was a gust of forty. A deeply felt like constant presented somewhat, but here is that the media may have been built up this storm to get eyes on their, whether channels, thousands so we're saying this was not a joke in order to operate, and this is something else guys we're not accurately what of it discuss it. I mean It was when there was rain, but it wasn't what the severity we were told.
the panthers. Obviously go come away with the twenty five to fifteen victory over the arena. Falcons falcons come down. I think that what what it comes down to that, Can I run the ball? Panthers good about the anti dante the junta we automatically I Antioch wasn't apps. monster. I, like his store. Everything about him seems seems cooler seems to run with them both edge. himself in the falcons. I feel like never really defensively uganda rhythm model the game was weird, especially early. The game was slow moving. I felt like a couple authors and I so you see, I feel a little varieties are great what it was like, even and with the weather, it probably wasn't. Even when there was perfect weather like we talked about yesterday, probably wasn't going to be a great game, even though two weeks ago it was a great game, and I mean when the quarterbacks aren't great well and even not pj walker debt
It was considered a run right now. It's a beehive line. So what about a form of you to drop that thing? Obviously, but men? What at nice will run through Nobody was behind the screen here. I see other girl after the score here, I thought he was getting tackled for dog. I mean that guy on the falcons they basically ran into each you'll, see here yeah. They did run into each other. This dude right here but I have not heard of wars role and though he could adopt your heels but have been able to eighty two fallen into the end. Somebody the overall from top to bottom, would, if you guys, had a rank this game compared to the other thursday night games. Have you thought about? It are right in the middle, where it doesn't matter. They honestly just all blend together, because they are just stank. They really are you like every twenty five fifteen with, but that a wide you wasn't club like the falcons, look like shit all night. They scored. You know with what three minutes left put like. Mary couldn't do anything out of the falcons. It is hard to figure out. It's like, I think, We all want to be good and we kind of want em to canada. Take that next step
they're, just so inconsistent bulgaria, just they look great one week and then the next week they they look like they did last night there, just I do love ever mean, arthur smith gets so fuckin passed on the sidelines and they asked and they have no substance. They know any time. There's like a flag or anything. I gotta get close up any of that crazy, like he's got to, at crazy mouth movement like just so like I get it, I coach little kids. Sometimes do you like find yourself like we know what the hell am I doing. That's already smith is doing what he loved when mario to try to throw the ball thirty yards down the field from his back. I love that yeah. That was the best part of the game right here by I mean, defend this guy. That's a pretty athletic move. Now he is a heisman trophy winner, obviously, but that was that was a hell of an athletic move. Here I mean what, if he completes, then Our values go to figure this. So when does it? down? Officially, air bone when his cakes it he's down. There has basically what more in this robot goal is still through it.
It's thirty five yard yeah. It is kind of a sweet play. As you see he knows, he can't put the ball on the ground or hit the ball on the ground he's down. So he recognizes that the last second tuck it Is there any way. There's could have physically happen that he could not resolved without being down first aid, as if you were to hovered over. This is somehow high reviews marian Ratan. Maybe he could in this yeah, that's it the current gymnast she's going to eighty olympics. When will she? Yes, you are our goal of a broken leg. I am right, we're really written everything and carries drugs. You did the broken. We're thinking to carry through merrily red was a legend from like a seven year way of life either way. It was a of plays what you say: yeah. It was a hell of an athletic play guess how do you do you give you these games of chance? Now now, like you ass, we expect here where's this rank with the others.
Seems like those beyond question. I must take that. I am quite sure I haven't eyes right. They do they do all kind of merge together as one of the first one was good. These. We knew going users that the railing there's gonna be a shitty game. The chief charged, I mean shit box ravens just happen. Those good game I feel like there are yeah. It's expectations. No one expected much out of this game exactly where he was fun. It was a football game. It was in the nfl on Thursday night when there's no other games being played so yeah we're going to watch. I think they've gotten lucky like the first cheese charges, good, the steelers and browns. the JD better should be good dolphins and bengals. That was to a game. So it wasn't as good as it could have been, not great for colds. You thought were going to be good. Twelve bears commanders, I mean that was a baby. You know you're, not gonna get out of here and there I who cares like honestly sometimes for the broadcasters makes it more fun. If there is kind of a dud game, they can cannot just explore the space messroom. Don't have what they have I like.
In in the ausa relationship. Don't you I get the look it's growing on the air to where you can hear Kirk's little chuck some time. Oh yeah Kirk gives a kick out of what I was saying. I feel There is one point it might have been towards the end of the game. Last night. I think it was after the falcons, scored and encourage said something along lines like well. You think the falcons have another touchdown. How just like no benefit. It is disgusting. It was awesome, but I mean yeah. It is what it is, because every every team s play on Thursday night right. So it's like you, know, you're going to get a clunker here and there, and it's just been unfortunate- that some of these marquee matchups that we we're going to be really good before the year just haven't been worth the ship. It I mean, there's nothin do about that. Bulgaria has a whole there's what they mean. There's five or six good deems, and everyone else kind of thinks it seems. Especially this year with, what's been goin on, can could anyone have predicted what like
Who would be good? Who wouldn't be good? What might make a good game? We don't know week to week, you like aerial everyone's three and five, if you like, is everyone the league three five three and six thorns like where it is in everyone's chunk right in that little area mortars wait to see who separates either wegg z, eyed the wild card. I think on both sides more show in the aim of sea. So close, it's like a game or a half game between three of the four teams. Aside from who is buffalo San, diego, I dunno are l a chargers. Excuse me, but yeah I mean we looked at the slave for this weekend too. It's not as if Thursday game is the only aim this weekend. That's I get his game states. There are a lot of bad football games is weakened, but in a light I mentioned before this, in days like before the season when you're looking forward to some of these games, like you, would assume at least one or two of these would be good, but you know and I dont want to hammer home and Andy socks, but indeed
where's the raiders before the season. You will probably thought a that's going to be a great cat. It will just look like the whole third row there. You know the whole four o'clock slight before the season. People were probably thinking. You know like the rain, her sad all than I've gone into this year same with the court's car, Wolden ran like that before disease. Nude say absolutely this. Even in its attitude on this, and we even than even the second round like really all these get em, maybe that is just outbursts packer still, as does still have some like is still spent, I will not see cowboys packers helmet for twenty five. Ok, that should be a big reveals. I think so, and I think a big part of that is Mccarthy coming back to and I dunno I can Erin figure? Is they aren't going to figure it out against mccarthy, with how many guys show mccarthy how to bowl these guys been terrible? Six weeks, I gotta figure
at this hour into the game. It is going to be dark at lambeau to like at five or thirty. Now, it'll be dark at four thirty five central time. There is that's what made me quit and I think the packers have beat the cowboys like eight of their last ten so like they have like you know in recent history. They have dominated them and er. I mean at least for packers fans. You know mccarthy left a couple years ago. Like you know, you couldn't way. I get this guy the forgotten here and there You know few years later everything comes full circle and it's like you know I shit. I might get emotional and started crying on Sunday. I I miss that son of a bitch I'd do it but especially when their winning. When you get to see big mike open up a little bit with the press, it's good for the league is good for the cap. boys and his injuries like relationship how he talks about the older or popes grouper back there. They have very differing views on certain things. I feel I put the pricing.
Great frat boy, and because of how people feel about packed rogers like they're, going to watch that game strictly because you know they they kind of enjoy to see him fail. But if they do figure it out against the cowboys as the game the weekly and turn the season around doubt also being credible, and we get the first germany game sunday morning at I'm really ponds. That I guess it's seattle, verse boats using excuse I know that, like a man, are you hire me just repeated? Look. I don't know. Why is that? passengers are german, was that as for how is it tied, you're not resident smart, not fluent in german. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I figured cause is ni, no nine, I know is I know so I figured I was take out. I think you're right, I got the boat and, as you know, J wall, the annex, no smoking age wall, there's no way is pronounced, Joe does jaw,
its job is one of our friends who have didn't luggage wall. Do you want hey you, gonna get above in beard, the hopper out all those outside yeah boy The whole yeah yeah boy with tat doug, arousal, double use. I could ve in german able to evolve. They want more time to ask that we can get it so we can put a bone civil now. Ok, go firmly get right. You have always trying to get whose playing on ideas. Seattle, verse, the box. So that's a great game, even though the boxer, what foreign however, whatever the hell they're record is that is still gonna, be a pretty great match up, especially without genus methods. Did you see, I'm sorry guys did see the clap their china get gino, ask him what he did on a flight or our judges day loose on a flight of Juno smith, gino, smart man, I enjoy his person eyes. Are you trying to do so I think it is right to do so in their hearts were, however, he handed was perfect response and that he didn't didn't give it any more light. Now you
I kind of gave him the yeah. It was nice to get out on the field due the highly yeah yeah, so he ended up perfect little bit jab and was also very classy with it. So, okay, that's the team, everyone's rooting for in the year. Your I see- and I feel I everyone knew personally- that's told the seahawks. Why is it big is it because we all thought a Rebuilding year figure this out, they're not going to be good, is immoral. at present more of hay. All this stuff is come about. Russia, Wilson and people are happy to see, seattle doing well without Russell? Is that what it is I dunno some of it yeah. It feels like definitely, some people have turned on Russell wilson, but I think it's more so just because, like geno smith has been a career backup and no one really thought he was that good when he did get his chance to play whether it was in new york or anywhere Was it now that he has kind of replaced, the guy that just got two hundred and sixty million dollars extension like tyler, lockett detail it kenneth walker like it feels like there are a lot of good stories on there and you know from
jump. You know when it was seattle, vs denver on Sunday night football feels like from er monday night football or the hell. It was. It feels like from then everyone was kind of like ok, seahawks team. You know pretty good story. They just won. One gave another six in three and there, in the top of the divisions on believe, are the get one as it is. He knows contract situation like they talked to anything hey. What are you gonna do after this year, I dunno what he's going to he's been in seattle? Obviously you want something they can do probably work out what a couple of year, something to make them happy and keep them there and playing well, not going to give him a five year deal, I'm not a fan, but if they go to the playoffs this year, it's why Why would you you know? I mainly begot began his is on a one year three and in now, and that team should only on the team. Should I get better as a mature a little bit in good order as well? I think It's part of the reason why people like them too, because you can't really call them a band of misfits, because all these guys are in the nfl and they're good. But when you're getting this much production from rookies, who are
if the people who are a lot of the lot of football fans, don't really know many people on the seattle. Seahawks, especially I mean yeah. If you don't live on the west coast are not even the west coast. If you don't live on the upper west coast like there's a good chance, you're, not see in very many seahawks games on me now more so because their winning so though, no kind of get more national spotlight but like earlier. in the season like if you were in the peter seattle area, like the chances of you watching. A seahawks game were slim to none and, if they weren't on prime time. So you get all these guys who are here playing well and a bunch of these rookies who no one really knows that are have been like making massive impacts like they're. Just it's hard not to root for them, especially, and then you couple that with all the stuff you hear about russ with how much he had you know his preferential treatment and stuff like that. Nato wristband thing yes, daddy Mathieu, were he wouldn't?
wristband geno does that makes the offense easier more efficient, which makes sense but calm what you're saying he had said. I was going to say it feels like the opposite of what happened with Brady and belichick. It felt like when Brady left, everyone was kinda on his side and you were against how bill belichick kind of ran everything, and now that you know, when you look at the seattle situation, where everything's kind of turned out there feels like everybody's on the pete carroll side of things more so because of him. Turning the team around and obviously like I mentioned, like the rookie draft, picks in to be careless. I very energetic in you know all this hell, but still, but not yet somehow, action bald anyone right, yeah. Seventy one years still gives a lot of people. Hope yeah he's the man and then, when you look at russ's, just like all cases guy You know not only all the social media stuff, which is just you know in the commercials, that's a separate conversation, but just how he is on the field like he hasn't played. Well, so because of that, and because of the contract, he you know demanded, but you know who knows if he demanded it
If the contract he signed before playing it down for the craze yeah crazy, when you think now that they I remember when he signed, I'm like I, don't I'm not trying to MIKE. I knew anything or predict that he wouldn't be play do plain like this, but as it did, they have to pay They have to give him that big a deal when you started three thirty, four years old I. Why I really had to. If it was a quarterback, I mean the quarterbacks credit to him and his agent for getting like. I just do. I was surprised at the length in like how how long you locked up with russ well Denver started now. A part of it too, though, is I think, a lot of people just assumed last year the last two years have been an anomaly and you look at everything he did before. Then it's like. Oh that's, the rustle, wilson, we're getting, but he no end get kind of awe struck by Brady and rogers, and these guys who have that the older they ve gotten. They continue to be the same guy, maybe even played better. So you can't get like this false sense of all that. That's what's gonna happen with rusty taste
airbus body, the older that he gets. There is not going to be a drastic drop, often play like that's not the way it works. Well, the age. Typically you and your run is not a running quarterback, but he's a guy that absolutely uses his feet as a huge asset takes a lot of hits. It takes a bunch of hits and usually like look at Tom Brady's. Forty five you could say, slowing down this year, but Tom has been able to do it because running was never part of his gait. Now him we're always wanting to naturally slow down. If you can keep your arm strength up your decision making is going to get better with time so yet, when you're reliant on something like that's as fiscal as your legs yeah, it's comin an earlier than others yeah and it feels like they did it too. Because of you know you look at the how much success some of these teams. I mean the last two super bowl champions. Both were just quarterbacks who left you know. They're bad team went to a better team as a whole, and fewer born denver was always our conversation man. If I get that court where exactly is roster by day, were desperate and it might be, slowly, but I mean now they dreaded. Rather jobs are proud of changed radically
because of how they haven't had success, but it does seem like they were. It was just a desperate organization like denver, wanted a quarterback. They didn't want to wind up and do what they've done the past six years. Since I went to the super bowl and you kind of seen it with cleveland to Cleveland, they want to playoff game, then baker gets hurt. Shit for a year and then, instead of trying to run it back, maybe for one more year without the baker they almost panicked and paid. watson, while everything to charm watson and all those allegations were going on. So it was a quarter. Bashers have these teens by the balls I am played for yet, but you got Simon, do or two hundred sixty million dollar deal right now. If you value things, have you shown to be, and also I think, the teams are kind of worry that if we don't they this guy to go somewhere else. Someone else pays them and he becomes a martyred continues to be a man when's, the super bowl goes on iran and were terrible and don't have a quarterback, that's coming down on me. If I'm the gm owner of that team well and that's again, kind of going back to the patriots,
with Tom Brady inbuilt bill, then pay them or they didn't give them the guaranteed money that he wanted. He leaves anyone's the super bowl and then the patriots go. Seventy nine. Teams, don't want to do that and they don't wanna have to do that. Entire pr think is for people when that happened more pissed at you know the new england pages. Bilbil check because they ran Brady out of town and baghdad whole entire side of it, to which I don't know for a fact, but I know that people are upset about its easy to say it now to but it is kind of crazy that they hired Nathaniel. How like a guy who has no I'd, call kings and you can think about or air we're bringing rush in like let's get some. And who has been an osi, are called plays in this league for a long time or who has head coaching experience, so we don't have to like all the the game management and the bullshit that first time head coaches,
usually goes through like we can just eliminate all that stuff and that and that won't be an issue, because it clearly has been a massive part of why they've struggled to expose that in reference to the broncos you've never been on. A team obviously has done this. I assume I might have I dunno. I don't think so. were you traded away potential, your best defensive player? I have not like the progress incredible under undertaking, because you know that you knew they were going to dominate on defense and they are going to be terrible on offense. Is there a chance, like, I won't like the locker, like the defensive locker room like that there's there are players in the nfl, so they're still going to try like, but there's a chance that does that deep This is quite quickly become a quiet quitting the little that underlies going. I grab your goes on. I mean tat, you could not! Well you know. Many diverse great great defences was shooting up answers by the end of the year that the events become shady doing some guys gonna being gathered. Syria has already mentioned the game here, ass, the game. There was little injuries, things that you probably wouldn't normally keep you out. The other happens not that dumb term quite quitting. That's going around right, the witch
it means what I hear I go there. I just don't try hard verse. Yet. First, off quiet waiting has been a been a thing for Andrews years and raised I'm cubicles gag you go there. I immediately like your job right, yeah, pretty probably quiet quinton about your second week on the job, then you know you're just holding on for dear quit or six years, so it just means you're terrible, employ right now It is you news and he'll, be productive at the bare minimum odious. Do the bare minimum just get by just figured you hit your goals, you do very minimal with quiet quitting key taken. the term quite could hidden refers to employees who put they owe more effort into their job than absolutely natives. I've presented work, also scrubbs. You dont want to use a terrible employed exactly now. Now you do what you're asked to do great?
I still kick rocks bro. We need to bring someone who can be productive or soldier for the cause is an evil or higher who are trying to fucking show up everyday and you just wanted to show off. We want them to strive to take the bosses job. We want to hey you're sitting there you're in a cube. You need to get. You want the corner office right. That has not happened in corporate america. My friend, if you are a cube monkey, you are going to be a cute month for the rest of your career. Usually I heard in this business. This is a little unrelated to football, but I heard a lot of the open concepts of offices are being like debunked at those suck. Now that didn't work, you know, like wasn't facebook, and started it were hey. Have cubes rob was, as we have a bunch of tables with computers also on road rather to get under that? Hasn't works very well yeah, but it's weird the argument he'd like a man it it was the napster just and employed, and he was again because he wages that we work. I always do that. I forget what that was. Your letter was gerald that Zaga.
There's the research on open all looking you guys get young jamie, back, there's, etc, etc? The research on open infrastructures take faced so decrease productivity with one in three workers saying the distractions in general, sensory overload and open workspaces slows them down, makes a job dissatisfaction that causes thirteen percent of workers, decide to open offices as reason If also there's some babies in there that don't like their job and the one that offers part of it, but right now, grandma already to be stupid. I don't want to sit there. If I have to make eighty cold calls They do I want
Don't just sit there quiet quitting next minute, hello, mrs to buy some of this. Now I can't do that. If you have you, you want to have walls up so that you can. You know, hey, guess what I want to do absolutely nothing for the next two and a half hours. You can't do that if you're just sitting at a conference table sports calendar exactly that week, bobblehead posters, the chicks, are going to be here to make sure that you can see your boss walking up from behind yep and then, where do where do they place that button under your desk? Do you always wanted, or in your attic there's no doors on that there's no doors on cubes go outside in your corner, First, I do your middle management, doesna D, artagnan pvc actually was the one that broad bay whereby to us he said look. I would always do this whenever you're bored That would give the ears. Are you keep awake? You get around the fucking, safe search, surgeon in the bow, and they were speaking that
work is Mary Oda said. There's a comment. He said he play outside of himself last night, taiwan. You laugh with quick judges. It knows very well, that's somethin rose there. He said we cannot run, they couldn't run the ball. Evanna cannot run effectively, so he cannot place outside of himself. Is that comes in What he said miami do they get away from the game plan because it was raining out and they threw it for them the most times they've ever thrown it was it like to get higher? He was on national tv and he was like. Oh I need to. you guys. What does that I dunno? If we have, that quote, why didn't want to? I don't need it pulled up, sorry for the boys, but I was trying to put you on the spot, but I read that and I'm like. What do you mean he played out? I don't I don't stand. What even me in in fairness, if we're pulling up job research studies at sight, open offices in point three seconds, we should be able to that for your eminence. It's not a bad s, not a bad charming than what you know what, but I just I dunno what he meant. Maybe he meant a. I shouldn't have tried to throw the ball from my back. While I was doing a spinning three sixty kick flip situation, yeah that type stuff he was, he would I mean a lot of like cross body.
Goes down the field where it's just like hey, maybe I mean he should have thrown like six picks last night and it was so wet that you know I mean they keep. how can a relic intercepted passes but that were dropped, turnover worthy but yeah? That's a big argument. I know people on how they went It has all about it right here in there's, also applying gray. I think it is just shown, but didn't tony s, brow There is much more to my attention as of right. Marcus. Mariota was eight yards behind the largest scrimmage, and instead of throwing them What about you just ran out about it. Those eyes went out right. Nothing like what you do, I'm his name again here brown marla good? Is it I dont have you can run back foxy he threw he also lyman so partly through the opposite way to normal. You throw em, I think it's outside, whereas leverage to go on. He like went against the grain and toss them inside he ran out of. You ran out of fuel storage instantly ice, just what
toss exactly the ball, that's what he was. He looked like he at least knew what he did after he put his head up a girl, garment, but that's instagram. I thought what you're planning the ball now we're doing is like that's a big game for them because of the the bucks lose then you know they're in first place and now obviously not the case takes. You want to read this your reader At the top, this Marcus Mariota said after the game. I was playing a little bit outside of myself trying to make a play too many times and it hurt our team. They started loading up the box. Then I had to read all that to make sure that wasn't a cloak. They started loading up the box. Unfortunately, when you're not making any plays in the passing game, they can do that they can get you in third along and it's tough to convert those. We had to do a better job of staying in third and manageable doing it. their job on first and second down especially turn the football that way. We can keep things going course he started
box they're going to do that. All the time aren't they thought they could still. You know I feel like if this was going to be a ground and pound game, they had the advantage, but you know you just show derrick brown and it feels like ages, complicated boy now and then they did was colonel now what are they going to? What's carolina going to look like next year, who's going to be on the team who's like I have no clue, but if not it's tough to say too because like it seems that I mean that the deck is stacked against Steve wilks. He's probably not going to be back and then so you hire new coach. All the coordinators of propagating fired, like a completely different for, ass, if he and everyone is daddy- you if you're one of them like hot shot, had coaching candidates right as right now is carolina. One of the more appealing gig mean if you're an offensive guy and they have like a top whatever traffic and you get a chance to you know. Mold, a guy like cj route or something and somebody who wants what did what did I do? What did we get here's animal out. Nobody wants that. I'm saying no one's gonna turn turning round, but I'm insane. If you're like a if yours you gonna do
like a sean, payton type guy, what I think he has better options and he can coach. I believe we looked it up to twenty twenty four yeah, but they mentioned it during the broadcast and I was thinking about how terrible the situation makarov I'll, never get a real shot of feels like because you know he was a second or third round pick and now they're going to have a top five pick. They're gonna take a quarterback baker and SAM darnold. Probably, but crowd who was out for the year before the year even started. Well then, what kind of have his rookie year next year with a quarterback that they take in the top five like he actually there's a chance? He never has a chance to carolina, and then he kind of just goes through the cycle. Yeah, it's tiring. Could like you never know. If he could, you may never know if he could be one alike there of a jet start. You may never get the opportunity now is anywhere young halfway. Does we flash rang out of order? that's another reason by two: I people are ruined for this house, because mac gino This is in fact a mac. Caroused adjuration,
Gino, remember gino's, always out there for the coin toss in overtime and he was always there. They thought he was like the best at it right now. He gave him that role. He is is like seven or eight. No in those situations or something so josh out, george, I was on the feed it until the Joost, Why are you speaking joshua? What's the latest with him on his elbow, didn't practice yesterday, practice thursday, there say there too, the day by day, right hour by hour, arbour, we're our two, our situation here, to see how he progressive through today. Ok, so he hasn't progress up so yet today's rider he might practice a little, but today I don't see any chances do they. Why would he I wouldn't Why, when they get who is it who's, the backup in case kenya? That's what I'm saying you could offload can absolutely still win this game with the case of aggregate case keenum. Unfortunately, the waiters hurt. I know it's not going to play, pool
right borders outright, I thought and other things are dvd and whose out as well the russo. There is also a video of poor walking in his elbow, looks so does what is the injury? It looks nasty up an extra although, on top of an elbow, looks like his bone. Just is sticking out the backside of his elbow like it is actually discuss. It looks terrible. we are not but now, thereby in the van Yeah you can just rocky is its role case came about it. Many Miracle revenge game, two it, but what you think if you can find a way to run the ball thing consistently run the ball case. Keenan, concealing it, though, to like that's tough, is that Georgia, Is there a running game like he does everything for there I forget what this does bearing backslide. Some runs against the backers. Watch
no jobs in their in with also it helps having the threat of Josh. I want- and I tell you it's just like the more jack's locate someone's gotta conflict is due on the edge. There's always can be multiple peep defenders with eyes and court with minnesota too. Yes exactly, but also like they're they're. In the end, I see you know like if they lose is this game? It's not the end of the world granted. You know I mean seating matters and they want to get home field advantage and everything, but why would you if, if Josh Allen gets hurt, guess what they're not going to win the super bowl? you know I do outside out. There is ever the plan to play. Josh Alan, this we Josh Alan, maybe or not, open, pushing omits any I can do is I can do this in the coach ikea Josh we're gonna be smart, which makes sense like for him. Why will you know of course, wants on well, because I do not want the ease avenant envy, pcs- and you know you, you miss a game like that- greatly reduces the chances you're gonna win and BP, but it just I mean in the grand scheme of things, I don't think there's any way you can put him out there. They were the same last week when the llanos out, either and if I turn on your eyes, he still practice for
ok. Why did you say your main every day and be those people are born as normal vet rest wisely? instead of say, unspecified for for all, president I rise doesn't matter has come out of the sword. Who do you think is actually do no? Ok, I guess internet, Tremaine edmunds allies, don't practice on practice. Others are normally do they'll practice, wednesday thursday. You don't do some on friday, not playing fields. I just what admins allen poier in research into the air where that are up in the air. Kyrie led the vikings to the vikings, have any issues, injury, wise new issues. I do not know, I didn't think of it as big of a deal- yeah they're, dazzler and tomlinson- oh okay, just just them too, but I mean it feels like this is game to the point where it's like hey. This is an nfc team. Who cares why you know if he goes in and poison gets hurt more and then after your that division games to finish the seas and words I jets pats, pats dolphins, like there's no point to do that,
they might draw if they do lose this game and the dolphins when they won't be at the top of the division anymore. The jets and the ballots are on a bye week, but you know that you're playing the dolphins air in the season and if you beat him, then with you, healthy, Josh Allen, then they'll probably end up winning the division. They have to know that it also seems like he's the kind of guy like if he plays like they're, not get Josh Allen's, not going to throw it ten times because he's kind of like if he, if he's out there, plane like it's going to be forgo. You know what I mean: they're, not gonna, like reserve, I mean they're not going to limit what he does if he plays just wonder exact like what he feels like if he feels like you, can throw right now and be all right at the edges. For how much pay them on came VON came on Zan due to the address? Actually?
so that made me feel much better about these same jobs. As always, we will do his house after the game. All that I was like. Okay, that does make me feel better that hey this isn't like a soup. This isn't a long term like terrible. He needs Tommy John yeah, but ties point like he's. A tough son of a bet she's going to go out there and at some point you kind of have to be you've, got to protect a player himself right like you stay. Will you said that before I forget about what who it was or what situation it was but yeah? Sometimes you just gotta tell a guy like hey, we love you, you go percent, no matter what you're just a little banged up, and if someone were to hit you on the arm with a vikings team that has a darius smith and the new owner and get after the quarterback like do you really want to, and all it would take is like somebody's like just a guy to brush his hand, as he's throwing just could do it and just tear the whole thing straight straight away or if he just tries to hug it right like if he is sitting for the next month. Josh get that thing. Rest is week ten like what. Obviously you want to go to the superbowl, and you want to do
but if we get her and wait ten guess what positions may say, if you look, you never had a elbows brain. I simply that other sprains we ve had sprains are only well like three for weeks. If you let it depends what passed brain is. I've asked raise your joint, where, if you don't mind, I chose eyes when she don't. We say time. They see ya, know that all of us in time about what deal you wanted them. If you want to have to be fully ac joy, I added a sea joy to pry month five, six weeks until it didn't hurt like Hell everytime, I touch anybody private I mean you can't say that with I dunno what your elbow as compared to your ankle. Quartermaster, that yeah he's throwing the ball doesn't work. If someone has a thumb or finger yeah, it's going to affect throwing the ball and also running the ball. Eighteen times, yeah he's the best player. Our team. He she's go without he. Each town, hey guys I'll, play the game, but I promise to throw five or six passes left handed to this week today.
the little bit of pressure off this right elbow thinks maybe are ooh. Okay, he's got a little brace. It looks like a coach. That thing is awesome. If he played with the jj will operate. That would be awesome. Don joy of elbow braces that anywhere, that's what I read those more so What's your yeah, so didn't remiss like the last six seven we the season or so or the playoffs, and came back to the superbowl day? A torn bicep know he play during the playoffs, and the only reason I remember this so specifically is because Arthur jones is on the sideline crying when the ravens play the patriots in the playoffs, and I think everybody in new england knew like okay. This team is playing for something greater than us oh yeah, I was raised. Let's run everybody, everyone knew he was retiring. Joe flacket was surgical. of our went out at the superbowl riah superdome was. Was that come another half time
I look at that. Face mask in that elbow dang. That's a heck of a lot of people not want to see that guy in the a gap loop, especially when he first got in the league- and you are- to obliterate people coming across the sea. That phase mask you're learning You had hurled drawn a line had that phase moscow and member Chris can't see what we are doing. This someone sent me a picture of canada there was a get up yeah and they said how giant is no one, but it will help how big candy is. I remember one I think I played the first person I football game they did on its own network. If anyone knows when that happens, I believe two thousand seven bread for actually got hurt and again we traveled to Dallas played them on a thursday night, They beat us, it might have been the tee o popcorn game. I don't know it was later. I think that this is like twitter Two thousand seven probably forgot anyone in play where an that's one pounds worth job they have done.
Quarter, I got a very router just play meaningful snaps of backers or yeah, and it was like that was kind of when everyone rose. Oh okay, yeah this guy can do it. Yeah elbow injury actually got, maybe think of that brett an elbow into, because I remember him coming to practice next week. I think it was the first time I saw him miss a practice and he had like a little compression sleeve on his elbow and then he played the next game. Yeah, I didn't miss any time, but how did your? as in the so called, was a bright red with MR far out riding on every friday morning. Some of our varieties. Road. You talk, friday's. If I did, we supply record that for it and make it some content right when he would then you'd go secrets about how you screwed up for life, Dr Brett, on the phone I dunno. If I've ever talked to, I get a couple of months. Will you like, when you get a call us? As will you accept this call from mississippi state were you answer? Hiv ha regret? Did you guys do that with our collect cause were younger younger, have to pick up yeah yup
if you're, going to decline, the calls for some reason I ever like accepted a call. My parents are basically beat me Don't you guys are? We can always subpoenaed what AJ subpoenaed right? Oh yeah, he did to himself. He was on the telly comfort. All of our know. I would never I Hopefully it ever spoken with bread on the phone, because you wanted wiretap It's always use the right apps right. If your text that people can of our initial. You tell us. No, I don't. I wonder this because I see a high profile people get caught. What does it? What are you doing? Doesn't cubes evan up like that were what's app, cubes accuses up? No, he is another vanishing yale tat, though I thought you'd just use like a set of military sat phone every time you talk of bread here today. That thing in year called me out back earlier than usual, but reap down of a nuclear bomb. Now I don't know, I don't about cyber dust is still growing talk about that, a while back cyber cubes.
like change in the world of prescription. Met you have read a few times is that that seemed like a really good thing right there, causing like a fraction of what their hundreds. I don't have to be honest. The Ivan read into a bite overload why We can do it, don't you pay for it like the shipping is like the only that's a boy, So whatever his company does, he gets the medication for whatever you normally do. He just doesn't market up a billion per cent like everyone else so easily. Is this: a nonprofit situation he's got going on. It was trying to help you watch RT. You know, there's no such thing I nonprofit. When it comes to the shack. I know some of the most things are not profits to I've, seen people run and non profit making and a lot of money for private. That happens right back to your best for asking us. I far foundation now the private sources foundation caught up in everything like oh yeah, anything that has his hands on Michael, receiving money,
I've always has found day. One of the things in the article is that his foundation donated millions of dollars to the southern miss. volleyball program or whatever and like for what his foundation's actually supposed to be doing, which is, I think, like you know, breast cancer awareness and stuff like that, like they cut a check for ten grand or south america, the volleyball community. Now now volleyball was get my cornelia like for, like what is foundation, was actually supposed to be doing their cutting checks, rack, ten, grand good good, so there's website you can check what those big That is how much actually goes towards a charity right, I'm sure, there's I can't go around. We need dixon had ordered them when they are old life digs our conscience. I was a accounting major for a few years, but I switch so. Would you switch to book a bead sales, lied now need marking marking invited. It was a good one. Because a gary veer. Why? What was reason? Now
I just have one accounting class. I can't remember which accounting it was for as friends ignorant, I dunno, but it was terrible, and I said I can't do this anymore. So I went to, I said, give me finance and marketing entire. You major in fly fishing. it had been offered. I would have a revolutionary angler, makes an angry without your major big tat, pen, anger. I was your age or football asshole now I want to be a cop right yeah. I did How do they answer actually soccer? What was your major for real remit? I was dull major in communications and film and tv all. That's why you're it's a great some crazy. I guess
I'll bet, a lessening has in these more plot development in these more character, building right out of I've ever said that maybe our three will get it now, maybe some we, I actually my kids watch on one last night as our disagreement. Horizontal loss tonight is gonna. Be too when I get back. I asked here that in our world, great is to Lhasa near to suck bracket nice to school. He builds knows our favorite actors in which one donald trump trumps two yeah. Is this the gameboy one or the talkback talkback that trump's in that one sees them in the hotel in the lobby? Actually now, as far as the network, to what he's walking now he's walking down the newer street and he just puts his hand in the salvation army thing and then just grabs all that loose change, I didn't see that. But you know what, in light of what's been going on recently, that would that may take different meaning that was taken when the shooter we gave a twitter account. I will this involves every. I guess, he's partners. Take it, arms in farms in southern about areas grant Emily was such a good act. Remember again, what is there to exhaust? He? Don't you,
so tiny compared to bed still now the best is farms on on camera, you know, although or he's like football or something he is so big. Where is jersey? They go Brett farr of hands and forearms, like he's been baling hay for the last thirty years. Like that's what I love that scene and it's great movie as well, I mean Ben freaking. Stiller come on night at the museum yeah come on. A train freaking still arise because Jackie's ruby. As reserved his best movie, one of his best everywhere Why were you? Have you have now heavyweight logical? and we ve been still aggregated polly. He wrote the already directed their data more a prison joe severance know where they are escape. It was real thing happened somewhere, like upstate new york, prison break, oh yeah, that was different, apron data more like they filmed like he. They did a whole series I believe, on hiv or shows our heist.
Now he ain't done that one, this one's a little bit more dark and a bit more is not actually in. I think he certainly directs if he be made several days executive, oh yeah years here in an atom scott zones, gotta producer with I'm a writer at all is greater. I'm not area and he's the lead obvious out on the sound and also to shoot. I wasn't events still talk about it with somebody and apart guess, I believe, and he was saying how they made. It was the other guy, maybe with Adam Scott. They built the set like in the basement of wherein they filmed it during covert. It really was pretty isolated down there and looked because they had to do all these. Those long walks will take fifty turns out. We really had to kind of build this place. Yeah nah development secretary has not been sewers and abs, dog? Do you like that, move that show yeah? I mean some people just think. It's way too slow yeah. I dunno you got to kind of into the plot of the whole thing by, but as far as Ben career, work is right up there with the secret life,
it me the rights which, if everyone one every eye or dodge of course, heavyweights, of course, but I know you guys jochen about that movie, accordingly, the life way I love I saw that we would now is that- is that, like our benjamin button, somewhere store yeah exactly HU. I have only one because men off its later, which moves walter mitty know what else Ben Stiller is great in tropic thunder all meteorites meet the fockers movies had a lot, that's my favorite comedy, but which one tropicana is it who's your favorite average ma in that who's? Your favorite guy so many characters started at lincoln. As I remember yeah I mean jack black is in that as well. There's a lot of good character. Matt Mcconaughey says his agent tom cruise is dancing in a fat suit. Fat fingered suit, we're not doctors with sergeant lincoln osiris yells at jack black for trying to eat the water buffalo.
There are so many good scenes, but that's underwater nick nolte, obviously shit probably won an oscar for it. He was supposedly now for daypack. He wrote a book I can watch. I haven't seen it in awhile. I got a quick question. Your guys at one o'clock we're supposed to have jordan spieth. Is that supposed to be a surprise? we spoke to announce it. Well, I mean either way we ride. Why should I know, that's why I asked it publicly here because, if it's a surprise output anew at all the either way. One in five stick around jordan speak with just a quick thing, or are we allowed to say why he's coming on just shut your water tea he's right about that mike florio getting MIKE Zimmer. Moving on, like, like I gave someone nuclear alternatives, as your paddle be here after one week, I do actually want to get them like florio situation. A second comment, but don't speak on board golfer texas guy, we'll be on our right, yeah!
want to fight you? Wouldn't you don't? You have a guest on a programme you're supposed to say when you come on, let's get with the cardinals, No! But I've seen the little clips with all the hop and cairo. I need you to watch the backlog. I saw that part. What you need me to watch the so I think they may cliff. Look like a fucking asshole. What I just we want you here. I thought you would you mean like a dubious or like no light. He just doesn't want to be. There said the whole crime like just oppressed, defeated yes, they showed his place. It was like big open concepts they had. Nothing is us radically I think that workers like, even though he seemed like he's our key, can dance in his handsome he's. Like all football. I think this is one of those football grinders that, made it look like he has a lot of other stuff. I don't think he does he. He like it's, live or die for him, Name was Joe Thomas, it doesn't sound like head. Coaches are out there outs at any point during the week anyway, so it makes sense, but that's also a terrible position that isn't
had to pay the. What did your thomas exactly made? A basically said that you now he live next door were rob translates key when he was there add cultured rounds yeah, and he said he saw as kids one day week and it was basically to pick them up from school. Take them get some ice cream drop their asses off and he's right back in the office his kids probably love me anytime. We see this guy get his ice cream. Oh that you're dead. What I dunno why that story was yeah. Why data? Because he was saying Jeff saturday- has no idea what he's in what, for he has wisely Joe Thomas said. What else yes would also just answer when I say that the whole of europe, although we did what we eat, he did say something about his asian. Rather nice, it was the moon. it's the greatest thing. I've ever seen the nfl. The fact that they are Jeff saturday was hired. Is that right next to the most egregious thing he can remember happening and what organization is he always represent? I think yeah, the cleveland browns
I mean that's the tough thing, Joe. I don't know if he thought that one through and it'll be a resist. It could be egregious that they hire Jeff, but there's a lot. things that have gone on in the nfl that continue that always wore go on better. Now I had better start. Nobody not good robot, none his mind, but I may add on earth at twenty five situations. I can think of you. That's why it's like nothing. Nothing gives you can't just throw concrete like this is the worst every second someone tells you head, ok funny story ever know, even if it was only wait too long and I promise you cannot live up to that. Would you tell me tell me how I got the worst story of all time and then am I stick around? Maybe Tell me a story. Tell me a story. Don't just tell me don't set up up four thousand, and understand that, because you said that all of its I well, maybe that wasn't the right move for just because he got broken chicken and after what are you? So it's like a guess what? Maybe they need to be our spending every
waking hours more ways to do so. Then we will go about. You spend more time with your kids catch steeps. You said that our universities burn all known, is the bulk of the guys known to enjoys enjoyment, This is we haven't done play golf whatever. He said he would be home for dinner every night I got it. You gotta get to play with him in tahoe multiple times in our we're asking them where it may and coach like. How do you do like every other coach thinks that to stay there are twenty hours a day and he's like you know. Coaches asked me I look over. I you see they would. Then woods are for fire football coaches. I wouldn't be there's some damn as well. I think you said I am on joint, I'm here. Something like you was you do whatever you want, but hey I'm I'm going to do it my way and my assistance I'm going to give them freedom, I think, to to kind of do their thing. Well, you also don't need to spend as much time in the office when you got fucking danny war. flying in the face for in one in high good morning same mac jones is well heating bills. Spend more time in all right now. Build does have a home, is home is joy. it was cool, though a bill has the boat right has left
is it raining? Is it where is it? Nantucket yep just got a place in nantucket, okay built. I it's a thing on bill during his bye week years ago, and he was out there playing golf with Linda on his bye week. I think he went to nantucket interesting so like bill I like that, he actually leaves, and he has activities like he has hobbes. Obviously as stuff derby goes to some horse races. I dunno how often he goes to the derby, because it's tough because he also is not don't hate. Is it yeah? No, it's photoshop. He also is the gm, so you would I think, okay yeah after the season he's, you know a coach and duties are over, but it feels like GM is the most important time for some of their entire you're. Never working is in arch yeah exactly like coming to never not learn every hour, yeah yeah, I know it's meant, but that's why for bill? There sure he goes and he takes a week or two. but I wonder you does anything really during the bible two or three weeks right after the seasons. The kind of relaxing
even though he's not for I bet he is every day he's talking to coaches he's talking to people he's looking thing he's watching film he's one of those guys. I mean the past. I dunno what five sixty years every year, some big part of the coaching staff leaves for another job like he has to continue to get new guys in now granted this year nobody from the staff might get hired elsewhere, which but he does have to also do all that bullshit in yemen, mac whirr at the facility, all during the entire off season. They go. That's right and look out turned out swimmingly right, so far, who would alone known drafted a quarterback in through real, quick us. Why you were talking Joe Tommy said Jeff. Saturday has no idea what he's getting into the kind of jeff salary paid for fourteen years nina fell yeah, but I say knows a coating schedule. He knows like that. He understands that part of it. It's like you. We are shocked to a system. There I mean listen. I did
say it. So I understand- and I am not really gonna- go to bat for what Joe Tom said, but he basically said I gave this is why I don't want to get into coaching, because the sheer about time requires would be a head coach in the end, a fellow like unless you have been those before or you are a coach. You have no idea. You know how much time it actually requires, and that's all Thus it was like I want to have a life outside of football. I want to see my kids in these coaches. That's why they all their friends other cultures and they don't really have hobbes outside of football. Because of the time requirement that you have to put in to actually be able to win. There's, there's plenty coaches that can do that. Can balance it and beard be a dad, be a husband and still like its know who they are, that there is plenty of room. The really good ones. I know out there, I've seen that can do it. It's just that's the thing that, like Jim irsay, was talking about, like the fear, coaches, get fear in him. Words like hey, I
I hold onto this thing tat. I won't be going back to the college gave and we could just updated team in Missouri. If you have young kids, I think I understand, but if your kids are in like high school or even like middle school like I think they probably they can bring them along a little bit and they understand- and I mean how many times like if your dad is a head coach in the nfl like there's a good chance you're going to get into coaching. It's like just as simple as that I mean if you have young kids and you want to watch them, grow up and spend time around, I'm like that makes a little bit more sense. But if you are like Jeff Saturday, I think he only has one kid that still at home, living with him like that kids old enough to understand how big of an opportunity this is. I don't. I don't think you can really use that as an excuse. No, not right. Now I mean yeah. The whole thing is like a it's a hope, eyes in situation. People feel very strong. with a jeff saturday hiring but we're going to the caribbean, so we can get to a quick five minute break guys right because we have pack coming up here at the top of our.
Surprise, guest, jordan, Spieth, so surprised anymore will be on with us for a little bit with a with pat and I and then pattern I will go through all of our picks eventually for the upcoming games. Diggs has a great stuff. I notice it kept slimy notes before them. I was trying to get to. If there is a surprise birthday party, would you go up to that person who the party was formed here? We have a surprise birthday party for you later, maybe one because that's exactly what you did with the guest. How to do that cause you hey. I got a question for you guys, but the rivers surprise, guess jordan's, be god designer. I will say once on my uncle. I tell my uncle consider our condition. I didn't why they want him to die. You had to warn him that if he dies was big, it was when you told him: hey, hey, hey price, but he gets so pissed. He has a heart attack right there, instead of dying in front of everybody, is busy. Thank you, nice. If you could hold his hand great now that you know jordan speed is
surprised that you kill surprise was surprised. It wasn't because it's not disposed to be surprised. You don't stop. I guessed unlike show shows. We have plenty of time we have more times. Sometimes maybe not shown today guys we're gonna beat around the bush. As we know, we never do on fridays. Let's bring in mr pat mcafee from arthur ice boys. Can you May I therefore I worry I'll get you called so there's? Ah so there's gonna cold from coming through here, a jade I'll, tell you what seems like there's going to be some fuckin storms down here in texas. I was talking to my man Marvin Marvin's, about a one two, three and intend to three earn twenty pound man operated security this week in france, abandoning indiana, originally big wrestling fan down here for the weekend up bah. I lives down here
I bet he just moved down here, working for a college, gameday security- and I said I know you're new to texas, but it's the type of rain that must come today, norman, he said, hail tornado. No. This is not normal, so it was like a once in a generation storm. That's potentially gonna pop off right by me here at dkr, texas, memorial stadium, the site of tomorrow's massive texas, You see you match up. Well, though, I must say, is a breeze. It's a little chile had not expected came down, excess assumed its beyond his balls. That is not the case. What is it you're a J and you look fantastic, annette opening eureka thing pope the timing, oh it's friday, and then Thrawn book All was not beat around the bush, your humble, boy that looks like honestly that kind of looks like a green screen. It looks so perfect behind. You doesn't even look real. I dunno what it looks like in person, but it looks awesome from here.
Jeez, then, oh, it does look like a fake is that from and that they said that about looks awesome tom hanks. At one point they thought he was doing a greenscreen thing. Not one of those situations I am not. You're talking about. What's our backs, I've got a lot more than just a green scream is what you are referring to la. What do you got a problem? I went for a pretty basic back wall, the inner It's certainly a portion of the internet certainly went on a little bit of a buzz to talk about it. I'm not that status alive. Yet what people are making up would show everyone here. What are you doing? Well, you obviously fuckin windy, we're still taxed yeah, I get the bus out, go put one up and try to get some reading the cow where's. The get her up? There read some of those wind radiance, another cow
we're all your genome thriller back then archeo that is our whether gonna be there tomorrow for the game. It s, I believe, just today, I don't know what's going to happen for tomorrow, but I see you doubt and some others see that electricity, Robbie scoundrel and hunger he's very breezy out of your appreciative of the crew The deuce said the likely audio the camera and everything same two guys all around the country pocket great at what they do their bit, things, the way down the lights, fear they just want to grab truth. It smacks of water to get these things way down a little bit more. it was stolen or lost in that regard. Basketball going on down at I dunno Joe logan tobacco road down here, but whatever the case lanes are garnered from the doorways. We're writing did a fucking western worried at all around here. That is, it has subsided. It feels like we're back in a good way.
That is why our desire glass deal better J, but It has it's. Much more entertaining morning than a gay last night, Jesus korea. Wouldn't we all wrong, I mean it We should have known, I guess, but how would you? How do you know? I didn't know that, Let us not do anything events we now can be around the ball. the carolina was pound the ball on these deeds and it just Overall? I mean nodded, so have fun games watch I would guess, but still like I don't know Would you mind There was terrible. I think everything though the red we had on the weather was accurate. You know did seem to be a bit slickin. It's a turkey or dates about andrew Whitworth, talked about that in the free game. He said you know I used to be grass rio doubts turfy, also, maybe that I'll handle it a little bit better a guy ended. There well but you don't I was. I was an advocate for markets, marietta, there's a couple runs last night now that one can have a carson wants to take. Why marcus,
because Marianna Carl whence here can't be happening, obviously was down, didn't call it, but the idea that You can just save pocket, so we Don't be happening out of our quarterback do their work. couple runs, though I thought impregnate along a j where Mary overlook fast looked like he was gonna break it. the tripped up, but it's like in the past, is he not done that in all our quarter? Baxter? written through those because there's a couple of times where it looked like he got tripped up or other guys, maybe don't, and he would have been out for, like fifty, twenty without fast it looked, but panthers made other place, congrats them in. Congrats, pga walker, continuing to lead that squad. Amidst all the question marks of what the future looks like yeah. I think early onto there's a few place from quarter out cordial patterson who he was likely to happen to have you like us, are shoestring away from breaking a couple. Long runs I feel like I could have a kind of the whole momentum of the gay. What the hell happened,
and a uniform and scores for the kind of both christian aid back there's like seven minutes laughter whatever we appreciate form and get me in there at the end of the third. Given us so we have to come to stay awake for the rest of the party gave. You know, that's gonna, one average, but we wanted but a patterson eurozone it already fraught. They feel like they didn't already smith's after the game we got beat up for both front, often detail. We won't even on a few. I touch it is: Why are you saying that something happened? We do definitely is a braindead because he was returning kicks in. He added there's no way they're pissed at them, they're not pissed at them, lined up at slot to sign up a slot a bunch of times wherever they're running the other guys- and I know I know chuck Pagano thing was like, A four headed monster, gunnar lana, Mary oda lies why why? What I'm the guy is but light cordell pattern?
dune was lined up at slot and they were running the ball like what the fuck this guy. Isn't he the guy like? What are we even doing? I wonder, would he run the scepter and then all of a sudden, his started to get the ball at what that was mind, ugly corner. I showed you were thinking the same thing: the man who space was attacked at this last night that was frustrating like what is already doing what sort of deal you think yeah I was absolutely living is not as if they were lining them up in the slot and then like having them, run a slant or get in a match up and now feeding the boy you just out there to basically, during those and I'm not sure if you saw, but I believe, a nos thirteen to three towards the end of the third quarter, maybe half way through quarter, actions are actually wide open, coming out of the bag field You know the ten yard line would have been a walk in touchdown form. Instead sales. It you overhead, outside the battery enzo next play drake london touchdown. So It was there, I am bombed the fact that artists
it decided hey, since you had two we're just not going to give you the falcon ball. That would at least makes no that Then why didn't? I thought? Maybe you guys it heard something that I hadn't heard to like me. some news came out after the game are what already had to say there, but that was a mine flock for me. I was a mind vote for me like why clearly wasn't her now because you're talking about, but you're, not doing anything on the slots for blocking there's got to you, I didn't clockwork. power must end up under his feet. Like you almost got hurt again: oh my order. We, why is that guy who's, the guy? What are we they go through an online journal. That's panthers better, Elizabeth. How do we like? Whatever panther like world panthers fans, think like what do they care of this year? Are they just saying hey? Let's learn a high draft pick what they do not want to be winning these games. In writing? I and all wins. Lana windsor number one, the energy south last night Elaine,
the carolina carolinas gun some wins now that I've christian mccaffrey, though, have Robbie Anderson. There live like their friends that we show confused like. If we keep up play makers are we and more games gets started start right per hour. Abdominal wall or raindrop work, regular, roof roof above you or what? What? What do you have? The right moment has arrived for sure, but there is one there you could see it on the on. The glass arabia has yeah Jesus, oh boy. I have you spot a macabre here, yet. Alright, alright, alright, maybe his ass will get blown in here by this wind. You know if we see mcconaughey and flying through the sky. Somebody give me a heads up for the fucking dude fly around. It started to rain. it's like, oh my god, god, if you, if you do see machado, make sure you ask him if you can get in on the wash think manders bidding group no snow wendy
nobody ever rosy around here? I believe now we're may dismiss ab somebody like five minutes ago. But you don't have to do that. Yeah AJ blow it like not dunno. I dunno. If you heard me, it's actually me, I don't see that You mean you, don't you ever microphones, europe, yes or no, tabloid out, are not a j already spoiled that he was coming yeah. I did support but what I asked the boys I said I didn't see any reason. What are you might be promoting wherever I said, hey guys, is it a secret jordan speech is supposed to come on and one in five. You said that live on air live on yeah you're, like a very that's very much at all our conversation. I think that if you like you had enough, didn't you? Don't you think you are? because I was reading, can't she and it didn't say, surprise, guest on theirs. I thought I'd ask among the where the conversation about people like to bind the scene stuff a jail.
well said we never have. You said we never had a surprise. Yes, I said you know we had my call yesterday as a surprise, yeah, okay a sabrina unesco that was cool, surprise, surprise, riotous, yeah. I got a couple of other surprise guests here, but I don't you want me to mention them or should know. Should I leave them out those you bet I would like to hear you do you bought one of its it's visa, fuck obama, I don't think that's happening to sleep on burial- will probably die. I think we can for him coming on this show, but you're right on it. He was a little bit more ooh nosy as hell with that guy. Not very outside those attacks disease. Thousands data sent me attacks. I was called in fact, as you know, like there's somebody lots of our respect for you.
president of the united, all of you to burn out that bury our impersonate. So much is that's probably it happened? I guess I would assume that this goes that, though it's tough to get a hold of it. Everybody's asking people are busy man yeah. yeah. We forgot always in swaddling people do not feel private china wire voice, what are they doing? Stretching the legs and getting loose some big fluctus jug? Why? I think that guys in alignment gotta be what's up, love your work, the guided wow anyways We get through our picks, so I'd get out here. It feels like storm razor and you might get hit by lightning man. Hopefully taking a little bit from the elements
but a top on that real do right, bring a guitar. Their eventual banister turf, o s territory It serves our fuel, I think the sun come out so maybe that'll dry out there. Carolina surfer think handed the rain, while at yesterday hurricane call, be it a little bit of a bitch don't through charlotte. like other crazy, but the term family. Well, the boys said this whole thing up short sleeves: they got the chilly it's cold front. Coming through who called normally hot, Joe narwhale. Obviously I wish I was everyone Jesus every doppler person obviously wishes there were joe, nor has it ever will be sorry. Bout are about yo created a doppler actually but cold our common aim. Reciprocity where's your job love you without Jos, memorial pic. I simply press. The argo, obviously club light, I think
cold airs come an enormously normally hot air is there. I haven't done much science or doppler and other guys tension is set up for some right. Oh yeah lacks at all. Why are lax, and that is all breezy united if an ex booked or nato, whether it actually ornate making you catch up draft to water drafts afforded earlier. I tasted of cities What cost racist raises made upon it? running through mail. These days I might have to back off the consumption aberdeen needed as a day. Hey scrapping, yet it does twice you are picks up, is probably the loose power at all those guys. Let's problem up, I can run to it, so we both lost last night. Obviously I mean come on how these pakistan, it doesn't count as a game. Antennas gave it s because you re right or wrong. We're all right. Here's your
seahawks are trotted out, we're both one in our voting a week in your right at my better we're both wanna see, I was going to germany to take on Tom Brady in the books. What debates to an apple favorite. Ok, you got your pat. I think it's like so simple, but the seahawks here, because a how they ve been playing without good neighbour, implying and other buccaneers of luck when you go back a couple leads, Kevin White said that he was reminded that not everybody makes the nfl July I should like, I think, that's a big these but once upset about him made him wake up a little bit on at big time when he said that was awesome. That was fucking awesome, Tom's first time in germany, and we said this a little bit about air and go in england like hey, you know once a girl heads overseas? It's going to be like their performance. That did not happen for the packers. I think it happens for the Tampa bay buccaneers. I, like the bucks minus two and a half.
I still like the seahawks going forward, though, as a team as a squad, and I love watching them dance on the field yesterday, Lugar to key their starting guard in Russell gauge are both not playing. They did not made for tampa germany for Tampa yep see was originally leading tamper on this, because I'm like every I'm like every other mark artists assumed hombre, he's gonna figured out right, but I would have to go see see. Ought I did not notice to deeds are given. Talks will be to an about turn out, bind and so on, that we go trust in gino that what he has been doing, no fluke so far our dance and attract J, anvil in bruce. Irvin was not dancing, and I thought it was awesome when he was telling the twenty twenty yards away from the cruisers washington lemon one walk through starts guys. Jacksonville heads to kansas city jackson was what nine and a half point dogs against padma homes and the chiefs. What do you think yeah I'm feels like it so high you're supposed to pick the jagged like work tone is outright like I'm supposed to pick the jagged. You think here, yeah,
I will be no way, but most of the money and bats are seventy percent on cases of no one zone, as not I'd up said no matter. What the line was ever win by the hand is not that much you went by and again alright, it's ok! It's not! We didn't bomb out his chief six six at the end to a turnover field. Goal can kind of lock it up. Give me the chiefs, minus nine and a half at one o'clock at the kingdom the she had not covered at home all years, other do for one at arrowhead. that's right. You are you or those you may achieve. As you know, I gotta get yes, I mean I don't like here and now, but I'll take a chiefs and moving on the jack easter the less texans travel to new york to take on Brian Daboll and the new york giants. What do you think say? Kwon, obviously having a heck of a year, danny Jones, who you like here
so I took the slight to crystal lake this morning because how bad the slate looks a lot us, what official I'm just doing everything fell and as soon as we got to this day, I sit all texans, plus five and app on the road at the giants is like a crystal felicia bear special like that is barely was the texans. I was right on that. He, absolutely love some. So it's hard for me to everybody and on the directions I love bear. I trust bear. I just saw Dave all. Do the white me down practice today, let me be a mark in just continue. The rod was sick, one bartley, who my dream, says, is the only non quarterback that you when the gpa the nfl their ship, and see our I'm texans here I need to. I just I don't know a bear they're, written on tone. Isn't that, like a bear pick through and through a one thousand percent, because people see the record of the of the giants and they're like holy shit, they're only five and a half point favorites against this team. That's
on its ever want to write whatever the fuck texans are so yeah. That is an absolute special, ok I'll, take the texans there Why a posts, five and half gambler a chance. If it wins it's a good gambling move will see detroit travels to chicago to take on zeitz squad over there. What do we think? Detroit? What detroit three point: dogs whip? okay? What do you think ever you go you're offended that you're you're an underdog here? No, I think justin fields will run for two hundred yards. I think that Ahmad ra ST brown will have a good game because he's playing against his brother who's on the two thousand dollars between them. Yes, who winds about between you, two zero thousand. I thanked internet, let's go through it thousand bucks victories, take them out. Special national victory stake bad. I like that. You are no doubt the loser. folks, the others the person staked out is that happen. Any office is happening, the office will bring like a form in berlin. I wouldn't do it. Ok, you should
our back their boys did their shape bone. I should very much like to know why Mine's bears nine three point: dogs are the waters collect article? also. I want this like this game will come down to a field like guarantee ere, they say about taxes weather, but if it all you just wait? Fifty say everything stay I recently and is still at the most true and probably allowed you for our flattened boring that state is when a driver across it indiana same damn thing soon with iowa, so the weather easy Come easy, go just like money on new on the crafts. You're not gonna. Give me, The bears just because I m CDC said we need leaders were moran on exhaust. No one have a beer. What he's? Not the only one it sink in that you know, superbowl victory last week for the lions airs or build some special gimme. The bears minus three
yeah me to take the bears minus three right now. A lot of positive energy, positive things going on in Chicago seems like behind just in fields out I'll take the bears minus three namely move onto saints, steers, digs. Wouldn't we're off the wagon. You don't even care of this deal. That's not true, I said that'll be seven and two after the bye week. Tj watch back is completely different. Team. Fucking saints think. Oh we're back okay, saints or what one half point favorites here against the pittsburgh steelers. That's agriculture is that eight damage its? It's sure who's. Your to defence introduced defense is governor out last diva. Getting barcelona along My worry is a dog zani I or which worries me a little bit about a close gay but trace Boswell yeah, whose kickin Matthew, where I fuck
If you write to my baby like but he's not bad, he is from like fifty something a couple of weeks ago with the chiefs. Yeah he's a good kicker yeah, that's a good kicker. Give him the teacher was bad act. Changing the entire EU defence changing the entirely. If what have we got to deepens of envy, be getting home every single play last year I think, dig said the stats. Were there were the number one sacking team informal this year there, the number thirty two team in football. That's J. Why difference writer, steel There's plus one have in agriculture at one o clock he answers are going to be person. They are going to be trying to speak french to the saints fans that come in there. It's going to sound a lot like wa gimme, the steelers Botswana, with fabian, Then I'll take the steelers as well minus one and a half. I don't know all the activities going on inside agriculture budget. sounds like Robert here, and I saw you we can happen only they stood at the trust in the bathrooms and gas we jump in.
the swan dives through the tribes when they are when that game. It's always always right. immigration over people. What is this? The brown taken on the dolphins browser three and a half point ogs down in miami. What do you think it seems like it should be more to me. Ha I'm gonna take the dolphins miami thick weather, especially with that storm come through humility. Can it be high their high powered? Often something is going to be too much for the brown stop gimme the dolphins at home monastery in a half hour. Dolphins, minus three and a half at home as well, and then we come to Minnesota vikings against the buffalo bills. No word our our on Josh Allen. I don't see any way that he plays. He hasn't practiced. Yet, unless he throws a bunch of balls today, I dunno that like be done to put a man, but what do I know? Bills are three have point favorites at home against the vikings. all yours out as well right, yeah yeah, miller still play, and I love on love on voluntary. My
the quarterback shit, but for me will recognise glare, huge manaos, pioneering thinks of twenty three hats. If touchdowns not plan for the buffalo, a lot gimme, the vote, kings. Who played very well. You know people say they squeaked by teams they ve. Like three hundred yards in the first half on multiple teams and maybe not been able to put it away for whatever reason, plus two and a half hours, This will be a close game at the bills when I left because I love the bills. If the vikings governance it is for this pick three and a half feels like a good number for the vikings to cover them. I gotta go vikings. Three have obviously Josh. I will not their accounts, so much in the running game to sound like the vikings there too, to cover that when cheese, somebody's game where's. Your pic everything I penalty, that's why I'm that's why I was lies, a deal that has fallen through. I am probably wrong. I don't want to. I don't like to grow like to pick separate from you, but it just hard at certain games this week. I feel like we agree unto mail if it means anything with media was just a lot in the field as after pray.
It's Josh Allen ran off the field in his practice. Jersey, first time this, We ve seen him wearing it okay, that J anything it might have doing as gamesmanship the vikings on their toes, the game. The player, though case keenum, was a good player, but he doesn't have the money he can't run like Josh Allen run, but he's case keenum cutthroat. How many times have you guys are like? Do they say a players hurt like this or whatever not hurt. While they keep him off during the media portion of the and then the media leaves it depends. we're game like when rock was going through it all shoulder thing. They were hide them from the meda, but then he was playing Does anyone giving a video of them throw in or do anything, but then, whatever has been times where a guy's gonna play is questionable, say: keep away from the media its most ways there you always their debts The media is only their usual like what the first fifteen one,
minutes of practice during like walk through and a little bit of individual period. Maybe I dunno. Every team is different. Yeah we mentioned katie in them too, because minneapolis miracle revenge game if case keenum does More buffaloes other is kind of that two sides to that he's got them. Look at the G8. From case that the nobody's he's done. Josh Allen, impersonation, okay, he's going to have to twenty three per twenty five touchdowns. I still think it's very possible for the bills to win no matter. What's going on because I think the bills are good culture, a good team and everything like that sort of the vikings zone, and I think that is one of the things that you know is kind of alarmed people this season, and You know it's almost like seahawks, complex yorkshire, good team command of the season ever thought. They're gonna stick like right. Now we can vikings very good, do their job, at the end of sea north right now nobody expected accommodate new coach new gm, so I think maybe the narrative about them is just a little bit different. So I liked the vikings arrived
Yeah like I look at the web, app as good as a good numbers. Well yeah, so too, and I mean look at that buffalo at least the last few weeks like dalvin cook, could have a massive game. So I I think the vikings are there's hard to pick against right now: yeah, no poorer for offense, with justin, jefferson and now tj atkinson and dealing who. was it for Davis wiper. They activated the pop it. I know if they said that he is actually playing yet or not. They didn't say is a guarantee, though, right now it doesn't mean that he's playing I dunno. If there has been an update since then I dunno. Nonetheless, I like the vikings nonetheless, I have the vikings here as well, and now we have Russell Wilson. The squad team three travels the tennessee to take out of tennessee titans raves. crew. Do we know TAT the whole situation? What is I believe he was practice, he's gonna go. We should be starting up. Ok, would you got here pat logic? They should. If ten ales gonna play, they should continue to utilise what everybody was scared to death of one militia.
Then what is the little option we ve seen in jail and hurts? We saw with Molly that was able to open things up for Derek Henry, even more. The question on this one's denver, stephenses really fucked in good. How did it tightens move now? None of us if any faith in the denver, broncos, Russell wilson era and they've been very boring, but how did the tennessee titans move in this? You think what did I do that cause? The broncos defense is legit right, ha Is there a fucking? I mean how legit is what I'll be at tennessee titans game? Are they going to try to wear him down and wear him down? Hopefully you know towards the end of the third quarter. Derrick Henry starts breaking those for your runs into make some twelve and then he breaks one big one and they find a way to win by like six points. Your point did I ever look. I remember thinking that this weekend and when I looked up the match up, sat or whatever denver. Actually,
as the twenty seventh ranked in yards per rushdie. Events in twenty four argument: tightness twenty first in yards per game, rushing defend so they have a really good defence. Their past events is number one, but if they are susceptible anything is the running, and then the playoffs came off of that with the titans loves the titans defense over the last several weeks. As forcing a lot of turnovers and getting a lot of pressure at home it was. They got raves their the line. I think they're going to they're going to do whatever they can to make ross have a long long long day, their d line is powerful. Strong they're mean they're fun to watch. They really are got the tenancy here. Three and a half it's really taken the identity of their coach or you want, and what more than eighteen we ve ever seen before right. That's what that's! What you're trying to do when you become a head coach charmed set your culture than you hope, Take your on your identity, somehow I shall turn I see a tea was taken. The identity of ohio falk, so we will take it.
One, is doing ok here we go. I think that we game in the week right here. I don't know who's gonna be broadcast in this one, but colts raiders do we know who's on who has Jeff Saturday's? Firstly, it had time Joe thomas Joe Thomas is called europe Joe Thomas and Kevin kugler. I think you're right job relax, brow Jesus did you know I don't know I've always can have such strong takes. I guess I think I think yeah yeah. Remember, I think, just couple of days ago, where I was like it's only a matter of time before people start blaming Jeff or even accepting the job. Remember. I said that then lo and behold, the and gravy train where its things gets. All go born in football. Does a format monologue about Al Jeff segregation shouldn't even accepted a job here, Jeff wants to be a code She has probably reiterated the fact they want a coach gets hired gets asked if you the coach, the team in which he is a ring of honour and consulted on
aids wrong per se, jack. What you think about the bigger picture Jeff! I just saw the shut the fuck up. What what I said, rob I'd say about this dollars. Does reform of let anybody else, but if we're being honest, like saying could be said about the The Joe thomas has right out him accepting that job where's thy within it we're on gita. That's the only thing. I really wonder what you know: what's on Joe towns would be singing of Joe Saturday may be: went from nfl network to head coach of the colts instead of e S, p, n coach you say he bribery offer. I was it. I respect your thomas's razumihin is career and what the body has said about him as a global player and as it teammate, he heads, hard dams in cleveland gang? In our times it was an absolute doll. Gonna start that soap box he got on this morning was one of the biggest
ever seen in my life. I appreciate or respect it I'm sure, there's a lot of people hype and about the euro area. I fucking give me the courts we have seems to be a one way street for everybody's money to be on the raiders, which would make sense brand new head coach. Who is right, billy. You know and his strike a coating rights as any to become a head coach. Now they ve blown. Seventeen point its numerous times this season. Who knows what culture? Is that he's been able senator, but he has earned it as a coach to become a argentina fell so have accepting that job is ok, you now and again accepting that job. It's ahead, voting job, any anna fellows is only thirty two of them. The pay is very good, and you have actual say in our teams outcome in, especially if you happen to, really love that potential programme in a prison everything about it, but you know for sure
that judgment Daniels. I appreciate that for the raiders, but I'm going to bet coach to strictly because it's twenty twenty two and offences, and if you ve heard all signs out of courts building have been like new energy, fresh energy field If there's accountability, Jeff Saturday and the first practice, Madame repeat Sutton this again is do that shit. The first time now, like I think, Jeff, has all the traits to be a good head coach. They have no play collar. Jeff, acknowledge that he said we're really up against. We have less people more work, nobody really knows you often she's gonna, laying out all the things in the very often and transparent, which I appreciate and Jeff was a friend of mine. So whenever people that dont know him get on their fuckin grandstand box of very amplifier, ok, if you are very jim understandable because this is left field but to take a shot at Jeff. I think I was out of line out of pocket now follow a gesture.
those boys ready to fly iran on sunday, in sin city, a sea for decision. I gm or say he's gonna pay off. I think they cover four and a half, I hope to god. It might appear about raising raiders might win by fifty parts. Frazier might be the worst. White collar and history, there's a is the best, though there's jeers he's the best, so chemicals also know waller or hunter rent for us or see if they can protect, though you got candour in chandler jones, common off the air. So if jaffa shored up the offensive line. I think there is a very good chance. The colts will know, like martinez retired, to so shack, Leonard Deion, jackson or gilani woods for the colts, that's right, shaq Lahti words dating back joy woods it. Otherwise what happened not sure just came up on the injury report is up there.
What do we know shocked when I was gonna, be out this game known always yet this sunday set us back on Wednesday. What part? What body part? What is that, mangled Dana furnace man, I'll be right back that's going on for a long time has been a bit what they thought it was his ankle, but I was his back that was back in his ankle and he came out covenant sideways saturday, hiring mike tomlin yeah. I didn't pick. I got the coach as well, I plus four and a half AJ how come how come just because everybody's railing against you? If someone, why would you blame Jeff Saturday for accepting the job and if I because if he didn't want to coach in the end fell, he should still exe this job just do as a maybe I do want, and I thought this is a great expert like you can't I don't Are you blame the person for accepting the job? Like you said, if you wanna quest, whether it was this right. If we, if we make, is hiring not go through the process. Whatever for the interim job cool but like no like, you would have said yes to anyone would have said yes to you, guys is
If, like it's kind of surprising, I figured all former players unanimously would have been like hey. This is awesome. You know you're gonna get realize I have, except for the people on some networks. I think it is talk about Jimmy group text, messages that are happening with anything if our players, the way? It's me: it's about. I think in the age of you can correct me if I'm wrong from the people you ve talked with revives, ought to airbus, like let's fuckin go Jeff like let's go so the guys that have an interest in coaching or maybe high school coaching cause they feel like they can impact the team in the game differently. If this opens up an avenue for guys to get ahead. Ocean opportunity or a coordinator position as opposed it like we ve been hammering since we. everybody that I've talked to you seem to be on board with it, but everybody I've talked. You also know saturday I guess it's a little bit buys that maybe this does prototype I don't know, though, like as I played one year with Jeff's, I know Jeff in I'm sure I'm buys because of that. But if I didn't I'm trying to think of this with some other guy that I never played with, but I knew
while him, whatever I'm I'm out tender I would think the same thing I do not good go. Let's see what happens? I don't know it seems a bit spit out of the box, but- That was why not when I give it a chance, le really does seem like at least the players who are outspoken against this, like you mentioned, are the ones who are in positions on tv, where it's almost like. That's the expected shit. You know, because everyone else that's on those panels is are up in arms and pissed off about those guys feel like all live to be too, do you get some like social equity by being up in arms? Like do? Does it help hurry and say what is it? No? No. france and I think, there's people that legitimately care about the future of the nfl when it comes to minority had coaching candidates, and I think we all should feel it. Way, because I think it is right to open up the minority. Can it that's what I'm saying. I don't understand the argument we true, true yeah, that that's our thing since the beginning like. I think this is good for that, even though Jeff
is getting wider by the day with ways hair curls he's wearing the three, but I think long term if we are to zoom out of it, but I'll bet. You know, I think it is potentially gonna, be a plus you're that particular we would all like to see fixing by that's ever been in vienna. Will we would like to see that happen, because we understand the importance of everybody locked room like anybody's, been an nfl locker room appreciates the fact of learning about people in a in situations that are different than where you came from it's a it's. It's own planet in a locker room, so many different backgrounds and getting the learn about everybody is incredible and having friends that are from different backgrounds, which is what the end, if a locker and opens up. So I think that would be a beautiful displayed in the world that the biggest league on earth has the ability to half of you know not this
station about whether or not a black guy is going to get a head coaching gig like I think there is more than that the people that I know personally, I know probably eight black dots that want to be coaches. That would be great had cultures. who would probably never get an opportunity because they wouldn't be willing or have the capability of getting author for people and fuckin drawn a place for people in doing all the great work that you do whenever you're twenty two, because our thirty five and eight just play the fucking very successful and avail career it jack. that success. I think all these dudes now have a say in an example to be like a boom. This is worked. It can work. I wanted to get have for some other fucker. That's been doing this for fifteen years had been pointed out to fell like I'm so confused and baffled by it. But I guess that's the immediate reaction world that we
Then, right now you know what I mean asia and I agree with what you're saying like. I think it opens up the door. Jeff does well. It opens up the door to a lot of our buddies. That we know would be great great coaches, but they're. Not jump in an age? Thirty, five, and start the bottom, just at the hope of eventually becoming ahead code, or even like a coordinator for a united position code, usually for a couple years, so I think it gives him in faster and was What happens man I mean like, have said he knows how to lead men, see if you have enough ass. It's enough town on that roster to actually get some wind should be, should be fun to see how it plays out. I dunno what are you was to see, though, once again that was a right. What he's that out of doubt on that tv, star, Jake you're at the fence, good to know no offense to president obama, no offense to the roster by those disease that I was ass, was barium online. They said ottawa about
I'll. Take you code word. First, president obama coach our coats, lebanon around Bobby too much closer buddy coats. Cardinals are taken on the rams, this, a that's, not the sun, and I came. And then I gandia yes, who was the one right below that right below larger thine reply. We games, you guys put ira mandate, I diaspora pleasures la block and weak. Whether germany games is nine. Thirty p m everything's continues me on this chart. I don't know: what's the embryo, what sunday football So did I usually at Sunday night air is sunday and this chart with these dumb rose icon on monday and keep our where's the by we last week we had the by weeks and see where the by we stop it a project same spot. By these same spar knows red hair. I don't care, I erythroniums might have sworn to you. What are you have I don't take the cardinal just because that would make sense, I'll just functional over there. I'll take your car doesn't believe in either of these dance. That's it
shared challenges, namely that, like each other in the andrea clerk and all those sideline antics brow Who knows who cares about these things, and I supported all thus giving the cardinals plus one just so we're on the opposite side of each other yahoo knows of the rams like each other, either after those alien anti comments. After the bombing of animosity and my locker room, I feel I believe, ass late ass. You guys really two games that are so but they address the giant hears us up than this is third knows that This is a fact that alone I see this struggling with an excellent that we got cowboys big, my extra evelyn back to lambeau cowboys are four and a half point favorites against green bay. Green bay has a bunch of injuries. How many guys are out this week. So many a cowboy should be seventeen point favorites this weekend. When was it ass time, cowper the package in the steelers ball home dogs that's a great instead that sad that at that loss,
the first time in thirty years that a cab rose in pakistan, the steelers burgstead that further than that who you think when this one all costs it's all over again. My report has taken. I was minus four and a half years, and I guess I d s m. I could do. That is always the last. I am. I pick the bills to cover the packers, the backers backdoor. That thing it was ten opening up its at once. But so maybe this will be good. The package for me do this again, big by common. I in a big, warm reception. Him eat not the same, France has used a slaughter back in the day when we get a chance to see the house that he lied to Tom pelisse era that whose work it out with a big bike motivational on back in town, bitch game cowboys, sport, a half on the road we agreed on a lot of different games. I was leaning green bay early here. Tat gave me some news and I learned on the way up that tragically gallagher,
passed and we know that big mike. smashes watermelons for big game, so big mike, not revenge aim but memoriam in memoriam game for Gallagher. I gotta go cowboys here. My sport have today replace he's dead plo alone. I'm an ass? The way? Yes, he died. No, no. I said today like that he thought he was in hospice. Care he's been on, he's been sick for a little while, let's say a little agent but in the that he was still hammering. That is not brevity that that's not happening. I know that was jocularity market and marketing with death. I'm mocking the roadie that is nick Morado and his phobic forget respected gallagher you're, a piece of shit Gallagher went up on the shield. It wasn't for me, so Gallagher's family think I would have brought it up. What are you talking about living as soon as I soon as I sat down on his microphone? I see the texts come through the the chat room that you
but it is a pity that I see the czechs terms Gallagher, debt at seventy- eight, all my oh, my god, then a couple ivory are you don't want it all tornado? I would have brought up gal. I love Gallagher. I used to watch Gallagher all the time splash zone where people are the tarps just ability. Why are they bore gorner, dr drywall, about on a about what I Gallagher was out the electorate, but he's electrifying rest in peace to mister, gallagher. Thank you for your years, a service to the society and entertaining and educating the amount of energy tat. He would I use on a stage is worthy of conversation so age I know you say, is dialogue has passed away and he's in Heaven right now. clouds for everybody else, it's up there, or so. Some peace, the gallagher. We appreciate your service, I'm sorry, the guy to my left, your right right. Now
is a is a menace to society and doesn't appreciated that love you guys don't only by gout and also I feel bad Gallagher twin brother took big time advantage of him and was torn his act as gallagher candy I couldn't get him to stop. I think back in the day they don't. I don't think they have a relationship, but he was trying to steal his act. That's bullshit! So I'm so I'm hoping by. I mean pass that they made up and out who still live. Gallagher too, I believe so he probably now is brings inaction. I don't know how I do not know install he stole Others there's or is he carried on known and no calvin? No calgary sued got a lot of other things. When after me, I do is a bad situation. We there thank you, I'm not sure how ugly I did settle it up in a hospice or whatever, but thank you Thank you. People have seen Gallagher, young kids all round the big difference. Conscious dropped a bowling ball would have our doubts over the witch
I phone, I was trying to look up on the last time. The backers and the steelers were home underdogs. I tried looking to upsize that you can even pick it up probably doesn't exist. Yeah might have. This might be the first time ever to unprecedented unprecedented truly, without gonna put the three dots circles which portrait readout pop that slate? again see what other games we have worked to pick years that we both want. Do you want gardens, I want rams, would both way? our boys. Now we got we're not gonna go george art I've not, and I football, which is happening, crazy, the monopoly and opposes a sunday propel. It was happening at first off the water those charges. I have no clue how to ever pick a game they ever plan. I dont know what I mean. I don't know what they are. Beat the falcons? Does the falcons beat themselves? Basically what they have? The ability to win, eclairs touchdown scorn machine herbert can make every single thrill.
polio, mac, obviously a guy- and I just watch a video. The calvary annoy was learning of cameroon, dickers name, while cameron dicker was kicking a game winner for them just a week ago, ticker, the kicker is obviously electrifying used to stop on this field. Re by me, at the k, our taxes memorial stadium, in which dc you will be here to morrow. I like dicker. I liked the chargers. I also love that niners teams, Evan points on prime time, is a lot that away J the terms that aren't completely inept. But at that I'm saying the charges on a completely ineffective, they have figured out ways to lose over the years Only this year that trade is continued, they ve had injuries. They ve got a battle against seven. which is a lot mismatch, abiding personally a J. What are your thoughts? I agree, seven Seven does worry me a bit, but I I think I'm lean and niners. Here I don't. I think I have like a weird blind trust in cairo Shanahan that ok they're when there and on in the really really good- and I love fred warner. You see, I picked a book called jack that do this
as you can see this picture here, there's awesome. Clipper him, like flying through the air. I'm sure you guys have all seen it like this dude. He needs to be done throughout more. He is so so good and christian mccaffrey, who doesn't wanna, watch christian mccaffrey on prime time. This is the first prime time real action at the niners would deny that, and this will probably be the first real game where him and Debo are really parts of the offense, because when he had that also It also had twenty sarkar he's a twenty days now in their playbook yeah age, who, just What are the achilles, though, for the niners jason barrette man? I heard that was a big, the rest of the team took it tough too yeah. I said they basically had to stop rat torn achilles. That's that's brutal yeah george kittle, so he's never been on a field where it was just like dead salary and it was. It sounds like when Teddy B he heard his hat on Saturday. Did that nose like nasty and people are scared and crime I make this old man was one of those shows how much that means that team that he just came back from a big and big tear another sounds like you're gonna play for hours,
I admire my seven as well. We have any go now that it is a little boy and remember after sunday for bosnia money, therefore about you guys, brains are so linear. I'm trying to think outside the box that I have to go through rose. Colleagues, just like you might read, I put myself my present. What's up tat, you do an account either yet lion, he's got if a game there? I also raised the director culture there. Is he running for when he running for office or is going through? He was a dissident good at it, yeah that everyone wants him to, but now he has whose everyone everyone tat memory What do you mean? I don't know if you're gonna taxes on offer on its axis one sunday I mean this politics hook about dr weir. Are that goes but I do remember him after was it. You ve, followed or another one where he was at the white house. we already there and he made that podium is
yeah he's like a a very presidential speech that was very well received from everybody? I think he's one of the greatest speakers we have or tours, I think, he's a great writer too. I think when Mcconaughey really puts the Ah, my dear this ain't in the queer honey leaves or coastal who holds a sad, but when mechanic does that it's normally very profound. I've never met him. I hope I get to see him tomorrow will, and I assume I I assume I will he's a good guy, I'm a big fan of Mcconaughey. I think bad thing at all kirk and mccann even france forever. I feel like amateur hedge funds, with everybody yeah. Like actual, you're right now legs out, cause I'll, say I stinks or something. Why you're gonna, like a meeting May I go about others. Does no, no joke! Germany's awesome really gets issue us what they say now not outside Why are normally go alone? I don't know personally obviously sounds like you do
but and then I'll rattle off, like a barber undergoes think, and then you have obviously a rebuttal to stick up for his friend, which is what we're doing for Jeff sire they. What I'm doing you have just said in this whole thing, even though that could get ugliest weekend, but yet corrections that everybody. I sermon him contagious, probably have whiskeys than I angel world a little bit and jordan space. I was a student. The guest picker tomorrow he was going to come on. This show, there's a surprise I didn't spoil. I didn't say he was going to be the guest picker on the show ruined it. You have a name. You saying you see, surprise or not kind of alludes to it being a surprise that we apologise in for not being able to connect with him the weather, bananas, its low chile, all these people back here to sit here because of me, so I'm would get out of here. I can't they call you all enough, have an incredible. no good friday, happy veterans day. I'd like to take this moment to say so all the women and men
that have signed a lime turn or retired or in the future. I guess. If you're thinking about internet users, we were made up their decision that they're going to serve our country, those letters currently in the noses of you now spent, maybe today at a vfw hammering twenty five said beers. Why addressing remedies about. You know what you ve been through, what you're gone through now that we are very appreciative of your service, and I say this: almost every single time we had about the military became is somehow the military became in this very politically divisive thing in every single military person that I have met has only it'll make the world a better place, made the country a better place, I'm sure at higher positions, the ones who are pulling the strings for a lot of these decisions. There is political agenda and political motive, but those who are strapping up the boots- I don't think anybody I've ever encountered had any of those types of things you don't have to be pro war to be pro warrior. I think today's a great day to remind yourself of that- and it's a great day to maybe say thank you every once in a while by buying a coffee,
or a meal or just adapt, apply. Five saying, thank you, because, even if they didn't go into a war zone, they saw and a letter saying they would if they had to we veterans day, everybody you so much everybody that signed up for us- and I hope we whenever we talk about this we get an honorable very well said thanks. Man appreciate your time. Good luck tomorrow, down there too many to make sure everyone watches pad on game day. Texas burst tc, you what's up man, at nine a m, Tomorrow s fear fan, live, there's gonna, be a fuckin cow here, name bevo out here you gotta ride to right it I dunno. If they're on the back of that particular steer, but maybe I found a texas Longhorns saddle this evening. You know I'm sayin downer for Y yeah, but this could be a fun. It's can be morning to borrow from what I've heard in things I've done through, like paper wise and this may grow weaker? I can't thank you enough getting dog to that.
governments have enjoy sunday morning. Can't wait to watch Tom Brady. Hopefully do is thing because I put them, but it's great aren't. We five years of the nicest somebody goodbye or suppressed presented. We already have borne down there. These guys also try to learn in the break I read this once you guys make you guys are trying to get me to china. On burgundy and get me to read things that generates among the leading like I read it word for word. What he's got nothing and then I get into it, but you guys want me to read things they call myself yeah. You just want me to read things that, and you add things on the end that may be a bit My answer to slander myself: deprecating usual! U turn. now is not exactly self deprecating broken. You'd like quitting. There might be emma acquired. When I don't know I might be see, but I am what I
What I do is try to transition into con man. Let us know what this awesome giveaways gonna be: what's the what's, the hashtag was to give way. Would we do? I all baron, take your advice in euro as grab deceit and his havin fun at home. I should like to give away as we ve done last couple. We too will be hashtag pms and it fell week ten for this, and I regret in and end of our please job, every dog fashion. pierre mass and have w e k one zero, the numbers, not the letters. Obviously, and then you know pick one Well, let's see who you think, I'm glad they're popular, so why the things you do in this regard, I think the titans are going to win in a blowout, because I think the broncos season is over and they barely beat the jags. So I'm ok, I was Russell wilson at the helm and great as that is, in the past that he has had a lot of greatness coming in the future. You'd think the broncos season is over. I absolutely do I don't think that they'll catch the
chargers in the division there sure zone I catch and achieves charges. Good, though, do we know if they're get their better than broncos, because they were sellers at the trade deadline turning away there has welcomed by IRAN deepens yet I'm hammer and rapes and italians they bounce back after a tough loss. casey overtime game. You know, I can't be too happy. Just one reminded, though, that tony right before we came back to the time of this, everyone in their mother on the annual report, but no matter the matter too favorite team doesn't matter what the old digs, as you must have a lock. No simmons is out about the praise out. Ok it's similar outliers, I didn't know This may not pick about every simmons is what let me look at what happened? and that's top that changes things a little, and that is not going to be my lock. Then let me live. chiefs yeah. I don't want to take any spread over five There is now no it's just you know: you're, making money lots of things uptake seattle that
I think I just sermons mining, hooker, bud, prozac, cunningham and Josh thomson anderson. that's not good time, you open it when it was a lock, you feel good bye. Pakistan I've learned. The miami dolphins will be my locker. This we loved dolphins, proud. They went to shun watson coming back and actually we know, but I'm wondering what's going to happen when diagnostics and are taking place probably sure yeah. There they'll be way out of the house, and he also keeps retweet and people saying like dog to Sean comes back, it's going to be a movie. Where are you serious, yes, he's and like fans of his that are doing that? Yes, I should probably I believe December second is when he comes back visually married. What is that in a month as it gets houston. We can't say that again, of course, and in houston in Houston, yes man, how was that real? Well? Is that a real situation? You know you can assume that somehow some way the schedule makers could have seen
this coming, but sometimes nfl, that's our works. Storylines has happened later, dicks, look. I know you're the gambling master, obviously hunter hammered. It is ever to hang onto their three ten pretend hammer down because he's like would see this slightly odd. I called you think. Maybe longline just say do. I would love to just go against. What's that guy's name programmes, thomas? I love to go against Joseph divers. Yeah fuck in pittsburgh. Steelers I address you never do that, and I will do that ever do what the ideals. Now he really never does t J wide is black. Saints is anti. Doping still started four cents. I don't know what's jane, is healthy. Yes, he was a Poverty is a super healthy! What's happened last week he was off the enterprise with fingers, Gordon Adam.
I try to. I assume, that's what I thought but was like. Is there something I don't know about? I don't understand it chuck said when they'd had that thursday night game against the cardinals that they had what thirty one points a game with Dalton at the helm and that's pretty unbelievable, but also you know Michael thomas's, season as an authority was raised, lay our kind of a no man's land because they fucking stinking. They turn their first round pick tv I do not like washing the saints nothing against the bare does not wanting the water, which is tat. say because for so long they were very fun speaking big enough teams wash of lines, there's going to be a fair, and I can't wait waiting issued its gonna be waiting for the final scorecard man body eight to forty five, oh I'll, these hardest, sixty two goals not around you and cargoes, are any whether we do. I know like a for codes of road building on raising the rainy weather dot com ground,
pod and I've seen nor for Bob twenty four twenty more could be. The bears could be the lines. You cannot only thirty, five in clear our good denmark, our wits, pharisees crazy. If he thinks that the berlin scorn before it's gonna be called in some places, as we again, but no real precipitation Some terrible, ok, good! Maybe snow and buffalo, as you say above lawmaking, pretty pretty chill for case keen em, just look at when I look at. I look at their here, four o five pm. I know it's a CBS game colts at raiders and I'm still Jeff saturday's. The head coach of the indianapolis colts So I think it so amazed when he's got an update from a rap sheet, shack leonard is not just business game is being placed on. I am just terrible for this. Dear sashes, I didn't think you got hurt during the patriots, no one's a practice, which is a setback in practice on sound, at the surgery he had wasn't as success. Is that the one he had like in July yeah, I think so, more tough news for the colts, all pro linebackers.
when are you gonna set back with his back in practice, it sucks what happens in practice. He's headed You're reserve sources say he's out at least an export games and his evaluations will dictate how much more and if there are, I don't feel good room come back at all. In a reason, yeah. Why? Why come back? You know they lose a few more than those games. How often does that has to know in the nfl practice? Yeah guys actually have serious injuries. In practice I mean it's. Teddy Bridgewater still have the most serious injury of all time. That was in training. I feel like dislocated need, cannot online rises areas they almost needed to amputate raising its if rare practice for guys that like have like season enders it sucks, though, because when it happens, you know, like I bet a few guys, get some neck injuries and practice, and that's what sucks when the ambulance comes. I've had that a few times, that's terrible! but usually not? I don't think I've ever seen a dude like popping achilles or anything as like that jason brett one that'd be tunnel. If you wanted to read the the but jason read one from latest, that is
really serious? Forty, nine just read tourists achilles in practice. Ok, yeah! That's what Is there more of the story but there's more to store it. I mean the players were very upset invisibly shaken by this kind of stuff, like this deeper seems as if the ninety struggled to finish wednesday's practice. After jason, there would down the end took a massive emotional toll on the team because he's coming off an achilles right, he just getting back from another guy who just activated the same one or two. Now, I'm not sure if yours is harboring, the other one analogy rural because he knows what he knows. Recovery takes till you have area that, I can say is not as if we have any experience with that, but I am sure you can speak you guys. Anyone can can put themselves now choose like. If you imagine nike, you love, don't certain this march, your play If a ball when is taken away from you and you're hurt its we it's awful, it's weird you would just like And thirdly, because you want to be with you, do you wanna be plan and then all of a sudden you finally get
this autumn almost forgot what it's like into. Do it right, then that would be a tough. A similar situation when you burn the top your mouth eating pizza and then you shall go back and impedes in your life, can the rest, the pi z like have this detail. You you away from these obviously, but now I would. The next piece is still going to be equally as hot in four seconds, so you probably should not bite the next piece, not even that no fucking tasteless or if you have just like a hot cup of Joe. When you burn the shit out your tongue, and now you just can't say anything, I've seen as a very days like starbucks, they give it. You sit down agrees. I've watched someone drink it and they were so weak data was so hot and poured all over their face that they just floated everywhere and they have third degree burns friends for life now yeah it's crazy having a macdonald dude yeah that lady, that was a whole there's something weird behind that: that's not real, either Now she was truly widget loudly dazzling. Earnest look at the picture was badly burned right. Oh yes, he wasn't trying to take advantage of that
so when these want. I think the lady was taken and what was that any say. There's a mouse and my there was also the anger anger. Yet there was a real carpet jelly. it was well, it wasn't really. Was it really human finger, though now she bought one unlike their fingers at you. Get it like. Spencer's guess your honour today, the history. If she cut someone's finger off and put in her chile that'd be a story now I'll, probably get some money ask bill about that. It'll tell you the calculator below a certain dollar bills or buying fingers offs as simple ass. A ass you commission, too good. we are last week- is support circle, where I was under twenty seven hours or body salt right arm in arm off. That shows. Franco, that guy goes round it gives gives peg. It might give speeches now tat, I think, is very inspirational story. could you go? You run off good idea? Why would I, if you needed to let your rock I mean your spelunkers through the desert caves. Am I dad
actually only going to live. If I cut my arm, you don't know for sure, but the only way you're definitely going to die sitting there or buried alive. If you do not cut your arm off see the thing that I have trouble thinking about is. If I were to cut my arm off, I would probably pass out and then something will come along and eat me yep, that's better! today that way than to sit there and just to get even worse, okay, you want to either a camera die of, because I have no water like is that what to want to die you'll, be there for six days yeah. But if I cut my arm off you talk about that bill. Wow a visit by little thing he's off. I don't know about that, but I actually, when you get trained at mcdonald, they tell you not supposed to hand the coffee anyone anymore. You have to set it on the counter or if your game, it to them through the drive there. We have to explicitly say like hey. This is very odd. Please be careful In that light I was wearing like a sweat sue, so it held note and lighter, probably like Now I see brought in Why z? Why trying to people look at pictures?
oh no, I dunno what he's talking above the one. I saw it slipped into our lady parts. It was also slept. Yes, leaped into our lady parts. What x to classify me what little randal, sleepy and flapped threaded sleepy things So the hot coffee slept into her lady part of how much money should have kitten from millionaire or egg. She better The budget gave us like ten million. I thought if coffee sleeps right into your eighty parts, I'm going to get some money, a person working the drive. Thru went to jail for, like fifteen years, do I think, cause they didn't say, fucking hot Mohammad? That's why we always do yup who's. Speaking of how shy pms nfl week, ten, the number one zero people winner from this weekend- tweeted outbreak include your cash tagging there. Maybe J someone I somewhat expire, always has to go a little thing to do. People speak as regards this weekend,
well, veterans', day holiday season coming on holidays and it's going to get cold people don't see a lot of people, don't like the cold, so maybe say: hey don't forget about well, knows dismal, it's warm out or the calls that that ok we'll get us out of our way. Title has pms and if our week ten number ten real quickly, Will you get out here just watch this visa documentary now serious now, yet I've seen a little bit of soda per. the latter, which I don't know anything about him. Have you heard of today's shit turns intermediate throughout the which is a good thing. He never went to jail or anything so on earth. He I see honest on a deal. He says the choice of of color was a mistake. He said that yesterday he chose the idea. and the document the little bit I've seen. He said he never spoke. If said, like, our, why he chose cut her. Why had, but instead like to politics behind these, are to put the politics and, like the step behind, in that you don't know about was a big part of Iraq has given.
derives zaki, Greece's bombs, that's out, I got it and that's does when fever for awhile right there, just like the olympic. A meteorite didn't start out that way from what the documentary sounds like they started out from it's like a nonprofit like not even whatever, and then I think Sepp blatter came in and started helping and he'd really monetize. He brought in coca cola right huge brand because it used to be alexi, lalas and kobe Jones were running it together and then you know when us soccer was at the fucking. like you, I was to cower back there, our back and cobra georgia. Global challenges let's see lousy, go, we correct none age boy told him. He told him. He already knew all tony me old, Alexi lalas had eighteen goals in two weeks for the team yesterday he was playing here, play soccer national states when you are two years old com,
if I can remember it like it was yesterday. He used to be, though, he's a he. He has a great rant where he's just killing a whole team that still lives on the internet, where he is a world cup team or who's going to play our way. Our world cup team was just selected, and I heard some guys some people get left off. There was only add. I can't fucking pick everybody a j m o look at this got a lot of their. He also was in the show biting We wanted the algae yeah? He was also a commanding officer in the red army in the world war, two for russia, That's a lark, seeing lotta guys, look just like that. Iran it whether at all, and russia was not insane november is everything's supposed to start right when one of the first gags sunday, sunday yeah the twentieth- and I saw some early- looks at us The accommodations looks amazing that five or six star,
at six and the other shipping container, they have like a whole island or containers. It is lined up next to those aren't asleep, and those are just part of like the fan experience. But oh, what does that mean pop up shop. I your bio to smell, like a place where you like and kind of like, if were like. Let's say a world cup games were being held in Chicago there, not because they're not, but all that, instead of like an experienced park or like people, will be parks and they'd hang out like kick balls in the nets and stuff like that. Knowing that, so that's all that I saw She looked round was sleeping. I built, I think, a michelin, rated restaurant right there, where you can get like buckets of poop and slough. You know which I assume is the amenities that people are going to be eating over there and looks great, though it's only like two hundred three hundred bucks a night to you, If it does anyone, if there is anyone travelling there to go I to go what we can't drink bows, I don't think I can't really have fun dawn dates,
we do anything, we'd watch, world class soccer yeah. You can do that. I would imagine, though, a lot of those like the rich people that go to the world cup wherever it is like a big part of it is the hobnob and dinner and meeting with people and networking is any of that happening. Well, that's like the big draw about it is. When you go. You can be reminded why your country is awesome. oh yeah. You don't waving gutter. Ok, utter was of an interesting situation that they were chosen for still its yeah you're just talk matter how army look at the lasers there! Well, that's different. I luminary like Jake laser shows up there. I was rolling out the red carpet. What is J do instead for the world of ours, he s going out with others, cutter like dubai, where words like supersaver nice, they have their areas. I'm sure It's really not like everywhere. There's nice areas, those areas that aren't so nice right yeah, but they do have they have no booze. Is that kfc now
as usa, I know they go down. They they have like designated areas. Wait. Is this a hotel fits that red? It's probably a kenny rogers says that hotel room view. I believe they have areas like where you can drink and stuff, but you just don't want to like take a wrong turn because you might run into like a firing squad and then that'll ruin your day places like the kid from Ohio that Spray painted cars in singapore and got caned he's from cattle branford circle? We talk about getting earlier You're doing him again give occasionally they collar caning. I believe, like flogged, whatever was a huge long. Stick me. freedom with it and we we came in and she had not. We we as an americans, I guess you and over it novels I was youngster ring this boy back, catherine dimona viana do wonder who stepped in because they opposing armoury. I came to see. I think he just spray paying some cars, but there are very, very strict on certain things and they're gonna kane, I'm like fifteen times. I think, whoever happy and he got caned like six times they they negotiated down for him, but he still got hit em.
Nor I saw the same man gain tommy dreamer, like fifteen times. There is no negotiate. Go at all. As you point racing aborting, they include ease will go over and save that you went east what you might be right. I don't think so. What are you saying you have something? Moral of the story is, if you're going to a different country, don't act like an asshole, because everyone hates america both drugs and you don't know the laws over there and you don't yeah. You may think you can just spit on the sidewalk and be a stooge, but you can't. Can you just need to be okay with maybe getting your head sliced off going to pay the price was that real the video you pay, the price. Maybe have you seen the documentary with one, a journalist who got to Kapital If by isis, I have to end the show on a on a down, know what you do, but I felt terrible that I was an absolute warrior. If you guys watched it, I think it's. What's it called it's a document. I don't know no one else other than you know, because I don't want him to die in vain time. Workflow for his family. Everybody said he's lying: I don't either that's why he died for you tone
somebody allowed is that to my dear miss, well we tend to pick a winter that they say, I'm nice to maybe maybe thirty. I shall give their maybe watch this. The favourite doc you seriously sure value our most room. Serious these. This is political awful place another as arriving. There are more like they serve. I wanna go to vegas and by like manna, go and other guys like tomorrow, world or see that's, but that is a rendering. That's not even really is only too I have read your battery, otherwise might be go back to everyone. The other one is the shipping containers there are talking about, are not penalised aiding their bill in the whole penalizes ada there they do have a stadium with the shipping and look at the four too is put terrible, artificial tartar over dirt. Look as love those white. The white containers look a little nicer back there, though I wonder if they set it up by country because they have those flags of theirs. But I dont know what it and where do you there's no way? Those
so they are harmless mask. How must meet? I believe meal almost combo meal. I bet that's fucked, so are their community showers and bathrooms too. Probably like there's no way those little containers are all plump. No, they just, I think, at the center of the camp. They just have a massive poop bucket in everyone. Just if you turn around they're going to empty this day? Oh, I thought there was one big hole and everyone just hangzhou cakes over the side. So there's like one hundred people at a time. Just rounding. The perimeter of this hole is actually a good idea. Then somebody has to push higher at night to power the fire, and that was really really good. Have you seen all quiet on the western front? Yet or no I have not how you should it's really really good. Did us talking open in a big hole bring out. I actually did remind me there's a scene where they poop in there just sit in a little wooden bench. Can we not often what subjects of see what you have said laser. Just now that you have a retirement ideas hammered out here. Three to ankara hammered out, can't wait.
boys thanks for having me in again another friday, I'm going to get out of here we're going to make sure we watch pat tomorrow right nine to twelve a threat college gameday dc you vs, texas, not sure. If Matt Mcconaughey will be there, he will he will. He has three huge game and has shy payments nfl week. Ten hashtag pm nfl week, ten pick a winner right. Maybe your cash tags, cash show you someone nice to somebody and yeah, make sure you don't pick the losing team. They don't take a losing team. That's very easy to do these, in the current still take the job, and you never know the jobs can do their car now. You know their lives are none. The less please take you guys are borne by the glass everyone here. Thank you. I'll be join you guys Monday for overreacts monday from the attic pat will be back here in the fan. Do under dome. Thank you, boys preacher, Everybody see monday,
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