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And It Came To Pass

2019-01-27 | 🔗
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as on the potter's ted peter, had built of bullet that Jesus saw as a platform. God was your platform, whatever he gave you whatever influence whatever integrity, whatever gift he gave you. The green is my platform. Your ability is my platform. Your talent is my platform. Should I use about the hey everybody, I'm so glad you're joining me today. I've got a message for you that I hope will encourage you to keep holding on to your faith in the midst of trials and frustrations. It's called and it came to pass.
Gotta be looking at the gospel of cyclical chapter five or one three. Eleven. Are you ready for? The words well did hear ye. The word of the lord. The Bible says that he looked out and saw two boats two boats and then belong to peter and he said to peter a man. You're gonna watch the mets. Let me use your boat this where it gets to see because Peter long Jesus, his boat, he saw a boat. but Jesus all platform. Now the boat was, for his occupation. He ran off
Business, it must, fairly successful, because you don't have partners if, if do you not fairly successful euro, bring people don't partner with failure. So Peter was a businessman He had a ship that he had enough resources to follow Jesus for three years. How many you stop working. For three years ago. with Jesus lights. We all want to all Got the big billy so. from malnutrition. gotta, keep own. Did me, don't you Peter could go and spent three years with Jesus and its business toby impact. So all of you who say that, if you have any level of success, got get usually that's kind of weird, because Peter had built a boat.
That Jesus all as a platform who could stay on this day. God will give you anything if you will give it that gun was your platform. Today you think it's about you think it's a degree, you think it's a personality, you think it's a talent, you think it's a voice, you think, is You think is intellectual lives, you you, you think it's. If it's a cyber security, you think it's you think it's You think it's a job, god sees it as a plan. And it may be that you will never discover the power or of your boat. Until you see your both as a platform
The boat comes into the texts as a boat, but it passes through. As a platform, Peter is washing his metz just got off the boat. He thought he was finished with the boat. He had not caught anything It was TAT he was on his way home from work. Watson is met, Give her a chill out Jesus is your boat. Is my platform. I want you to Think this one, I want you to think about how your boat could be his platform. How, whatever he gave you whatever influence, whatever integrity, whatever gift he gave you Can you use it as a platform? He said It was never given to you to fish.
I didn't magnificent, but it was never given to you to fish and knew when you got it. I knew when you bought it that you were by my platform. You thought you were buying a boat, but it came to pass As my. I'll. Let you do that job, because I needed a platform right. There move you to Dallas, because I needed a platform right there, essentially at university, because I needed a platform right there, I'll. Let you be the first of your family to get a degree, because I need a plan for your degree is my plan for your ability is my platform. Your talent is my platform. Could I use a boat Three. Jesus payments, ashore, euro sure means mumbo.
Peter what to say no. he lost his entire purpose. He discovered his purpose arbiter. Early, just passing? Yes, just about generous just by being nice. It opens up. A border changes are made. we'll call some doors right, I'm telling you it will lock you our prosperity, opportunities, more doing refreshing sensitivity because god, damn always come got them all. Promised to come through people. You now know. I tell you evaluate character by watching.
When you treat people, you think you need. The press will treat big people good, because everybody sees that as an opportunity. I'd watch how you treat the bus boy the way to the janitor. That tells me how you would treat me if I ever got drafted peter. was the centre, It did not see Jesus as significant What does this have to do with fish You only become involved with people based on what they can do for you, but the comes when you The bullets are man. Can I use your boat? Look we just clean.
Well, I'm getting ready to go home, I have been working life. I had to pull a double shift. I don't have time to fool with you: go away. What a shut the door or what was about to come to pay
something is about to come to pass in your life. That is important enough. That god wants you to hear this message as your next few series of diseases will determine how it comes to pass in your life. There's one thing: you're going to say yes or no to you, that's going to open or close a door in your life, whatever the yes is. You have the power of it. You have control over it. You could say no, but if you say yes is going to set off a chain of events that will change the trajectory of your destiny. Here we will use about halfway through Jesus
Style a little from land so that so that he could, minister to the people, he got the boat for the people, not the people for the boat. You got the book because agree that a platform for him to effect change with people you, god sent you on that job to make money.
And the reason the enemy attacks you on that job and gets on your nerves. That wants you to act out like eden is because he use it as a job, the enemy, Moses, a platform and he's trying to destroy the platform. He wants you off the platform and will you succumb and act like the people god sent you to serve? You have lost your platform for having done all to stand. Stand therefore, with your loins girt about what to put on the whole armor of god, because god gave you the job not for the money, but for the platform, god that you graduate not for the degree but for the planet, for god to find favor, not so that you could be important, but for the platform god gave you influence. Not so you can stick your chest out for the plat for as long as you understand that this is really is you can edit, oh god, so good as long as you understand that this is really is, you can have it, but if you try to hold it, you will leave it because it is really. He is all the while and got to be open enough for it to come. The
mama barbarian said yes, I wouldn't be here today. Burma is was, does for,
Oh boy, I can see what you're looking at me cause. I can see you looking at me goodbye to your life with all the things that you might not have been looking at, that correctly, that all you saw was a boat, but god wants you to rethink it at this moment, because your boat is his plan for your suffering is his platform. Your wedding is the platform. Fluids is his platform. Oh my god Hallelujah. He sees that as a platform. The kids would have somebody to talk to you on. Why is the oh, my god? Oh my god, oh my god. Oh my god. The. so listen. So let me go again. I got.
It thus have a little bit from land. The princess. This is also about this text. The text never tells us what we preach: The. can you imagine if you or reporter, covering Jesus. You're a reporter. Can you imagine covering Jesus, not tell us what he say. Didn't see what he said is important, How could you not tell me what Jesus said that was what the boat was all about
He writes about everything except the sermon. Gimme is no sound, I'm a preacher! Don't you know what I hear, what do the priests about. Moreover, bloggers is mooted I share this message. They don't tell us what he said. They tell us what he did.
because what he said is in what he did. He is a word made flesh. He has a voice walking through the cool of the garden. Oh, my god, it really doesn't matter what you say. The mind is what you do the rejuvenated and restored to tackle the world the? What better way than relaxing voyage to the caribbean, the t d, jakes, two thousand and nineteen faith in family cruises be vacation. You can afford a mess, bring your spouse or romantic week on the atlantic, these friends for a long overdue trip all the family for a getaway to reconnect we're not having like a person next year, because we're going on a cruise joys of reading about november right through the sixteen twenty nineteen as we set sail from fort lauderdale to the bahamas, jamaica, the grand cayman islands at key west. We have an itinerary filled with fun events created with you in mind. We take over our boat reserve your spot today, the two thousand and nineteen td jakes patent family, caribbean cruise, the
various regions covered about what we preach Become a bag. And he says. Hey man, by away thank you for the boat. You ought to launch out into the deep. oh god, I'm good to have. I wish I was as good at the guitar when he gave it to me. I had a good time. I had a good time as Peter did not. In any way have in his man, try again Do you hear me, do you? Do you hear what I said? He did not have tried again
The guy says he was lost, his. That global she die. He thought it was our people, It was finish. Go good mother was wanted The at all my let that happen. He had decided. I quit I'm getting a divorce, Written a job I'm through with it is not working up done. Watson laments the law What's it me here to tell somebody about to give up on something
God said, do not give all opponents, yet he is about to do a new thing. Your life is shot dead. Oh my god, I don't know who I'm talking to stop watching your nets you it's over, but and over until god says it's over. Not only is it not over, not only does he want you to go back, but he wants you to go deeper laughs out for the day that the
I tried everything I did with this child that child claimed that as lava that losses, the this faith at a apex.
to go deeper in some work. It was the time when I got to the add on my door. Deeper one is going to want to go deeper. One is not going to read it. Does that maastricht does that it did not have to do the business deal with my group. I wish you want me to do. What god has for you,
the what god has for. You is in the deep touch your neighbors say what god has for. You is in the deep. He is not a shallow god. He is not going to try this and say the words. God is not a god who just sticks to see. What's going to happen, these are the people that I have for you. You gotta be on a slap somebody say about laughter whatever that at it. I brought admit that at it, though, that a lot the he's here I can preach in shallow water.
But I'll only bless you in the deep sea did you see that he is tossing out a little from the lamb or do as britain, but he said, hey Peter, Go out into the deep. what god s for you is in deep water. My only regret in my life, my biggest regret is that I didn't go deep. That's my biggest regret. That's my biggest grit that I didn't believe in me enough. To go deeper, my only regret is that I was many times to cure.
I. When my daughter wrote those settle for safe, that's what. This text is all about what I have for you. Launch into the deep the costs of the case. Somebody said: how could you say. this year, only regret look at her. God bless you. What I left in the deep bless me to the level of my investment into the d, If struck harder
if you strike on you'll go further You watch your nets and a time that god is calling you into the deep. And the payments When people launched out into the deep he dropped, is met. are doing it. Because Jesus said so, can I Can I have he's a fisherman he knows the waters
he was raised in the waters he was trained in the waters. He wouldn't be watching his nets. If all of his experience didn't say it's not gonna happen today in order to go out into the deep, he had to do everything that his experience. Fair about that situation, god is about to give you some for which you have no point of reference, is gonna. Go against everything in your background is not going to make any sense to you. Everything in your experience is that work that way, but he's gonna come to pass in your life. That, based on joint sphere is not based on your back were not based on what showed that it all you, but nevertheless, at the word at last, word nevertheless work. I was thirty seconds crazy, all about a! U can reach and tell him stop wash your that's. Why should stop wash your let's stop wash your net is not with you is that that is what the EU is. That there will be. A review is not will raise a view as that bilbil them, where you are about to pass a matter. Well, what I'm trying to tell him
god is going to use what you have put away. Did you that's back out, gets a big black. Gets a fight, gets back its strength back to the other. You have had a give up spare a guess. Every given spirit has ever do it spare time against the spread of failure than ever lie about caesar. You got that woman, aloof man. I love somebody and this house, my son of a bitch. You were blessed by the word today. Some of you have simply presages asking why god shows you too. Dear crushing pain or to receive the most amazing,
blessing god? Allow you to express what you have said. because he wants to use your life as his platform. if you love it, he will use you your life as a stage to display his power. It grace to the world the vultures to being used as gods platform, and he will put you on display in ways that will literally your man and, more importantly, change. Your life While we go I'd like to invite you to connect with me by joining the global, our new system, gps, allows us to bring the gospel into your homes. Communities and prisons around the world We are in the army, and the world is a battlefield. to join is simple just texts or letters, gps.
giving them out to the numbers to eight nine five zero. You can also visit us at tv, J partners dialogue before
We closed. Thank you for your support, I'm only here because of you. God bless you and may Heaven's battle, plus sign restoration, renewal and divine direction through the foundational teachings and manifest his glory. Your faith makes up the difference between why you are and why you want to be recited for your gift to the ministry of any amount. You will receive bishop jakes revelatory, three methods series manifest his glory on CD as well as this beautiful two thousand and nineteen wall calendar rather tolerate. That way. Stop so you got a bigger house, but ain't. Nobody happy in obeying one word from god can manifest. Is that fair to structure the goods to stop him from focusing on what god has called you to do? But I drive that spirit out of the way that even Canada visit us online or call to order your digital downloads. Today
The voting will fall not with you, sir. I experience has been lying. There was an extremely rapidly was absolutely phenomenal. My pen right back up, I'm gonna, write that nobody knows, though, not set out some fresh moment. Just an exchange that you can explain saw I will go back, never the same stuff. If international pastors and leadership conference, two thousand nineteen april twenty threerd through the twenty seventh in temper florida registered today pastors and leaders battle.
Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on. The part of the the.
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