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2018-02-11 | 🔗
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Through the whole year of pouring out to other people. I use this to come to get back into you. Don't just get one expert! You get many experts to learn what they want to teach us how to do it. It was just absolutely incredible. I really feel like they thought about every type of leader in some type of way, make plans to take your leadership to the next level by registering as pastors and leaders, dot org. We can't wait to see what god has in store for you in twenty eighteen Now I want you to ask your next to you a very important question and tell him they were about love. Are you all. But a certain man named animals Elias was a his wife, so
in possess and kept back part of the price and kept. part of the price, his wife also being privy to it. A certain part and leave it at the apostle see. But Peter said analyze. Why have say them feel them hard to lead to the holy ghost and too but part of the price of the man. Whilst it re money? Was it not bad at all. It was so what's it Oh yeah, Why has alcoves see this thing at heart, thou to name but two. burma is hearing these words failed, town and gave up the ghost great fear
all of them, that are these things and the young man rose. What a role go up and carry them out. Harry and it was about the space of three hours after where he is It's about knowing what was done. Every to her tell me whether you sold online for so much, as is a spy. As for that, So how is it that you have agreed together to tip the spirit of the lord behold, a feat of them which are husband. Door?
ferry least, then she fell down straightway at his feet and yielded up. The ghost they're tearing her thoughts Ugh now I see again. I.
are you all in the? How many of you have never heard a preacher preach, your adolescence afar? Oh, you have never heard a preacher preacher analyze. How many of you have seldom heard a preacher, preacher analyze it so far. Let me tell you why it's tough to explain this tex, this texas, this text is in trouble, because you just heard the story. Emma love isis far have had to Peter The bible says you have led to the holy ghost wouldn't have led to Peter they ve learned
Peter about this is what the deal was. was supposed to sell all this stuff I put them all together in florida and we will have all things in common and we will give with a certain equal fun economic equilibrium where we all had the same thing. We all had the same stuff and it was all homogenized together and and and so when they were making their reports and trying to get it together, analyze and so far had this little scheme going. So we all say we sold it all, and this is what we got, but we're going to had part of the money I will say that is all, but it's not going to be all in craziness that work. We still get some catch. Is that it cannot make sense is contingency plan. And then what what the reason, the texas hard drugs
Because they got killed. Ok, we're gonna scare. You. tat should be real good. This sunday. It kind of my god rebuke me. me chess, tacitly In spite is kill him thing. A brother of Michael come back from a killer the uk repaired or just dead that I care about. he that woman right behind. Three hours later, the exact Say black sheep in the stories straight
the same man that were hitting the back came and got her to the reason. The specs it's tough is because they lie about what the apostles were, trying to available. What the puzzles was trying to build with something that god did one So why does kill them for being committed to something. then he didn't even more. Because because you see, if that was what god woman it, if that was the purpose of god for the church, for us to be neutralised, and have all things in common sweetheart, this communism. That plan will be tried over and over again and fail we are looking at is Partial struggling. to find.
who they are in the changeup? This because, when god gives you an opportunity, the opportunity is often contain it by your history. Right now, their history is either a tangible expressions of god, feast of weeks and the feast of unleavened bread of things that touch the promised land was physical. We possess the layer, and so they really wanted Jesus to set up a kingdom on earth. He didn't set up a chain them on earth. Now there and leadership says Jesus if greater words these so you do. Maybe we should send is what he started. Shall we go up in spite of us being oppressed by rome, we're still gonna rise up and set up this kingdom, not knowing that the kingdom was not meat and drink, but
peace in the holy ghost that the great, watch warrant tangible things, but they can, From a tangible religion that expressed itself to tangible artifacts and now god is graduating them into a spiritual economy, And what do you take some up into a spiritual dimension there Standing still for for the qualities and we're trying to set up this kingdom, because after all that John the baptist said repent, the kingdom of Heaven is at hand and aren't we tired of being oppressed by the romans. Isn't it time for us to rise up and take over, maybe Finally, what Jesus started? We need to pull things together, and so they were trying to get. The disciples were hungry for tangible expression of of a faith I want I can see. I want to build something better use of the problem.
When Jesus was alive, there were a group of women that supported it. But Jesus is now dead. People support who they believe in. there is no guarantee that the people who support it Jesus will support them. So there is an economic factor here and here's some. I want you to see category of deeper with this here's some. I want you to see. but here we got the children of Israel. Egypt also brought them out with an economic strategy. He had them to borrow all the gold and silver from the egyptians. and so when they went to the red sea, the reason framework was chasing them. He wanted go visible sleigh. What the problem is to slay the slaves got the money.
how much money that later, when Moses got ready the bill of tabernacle in the wilderness and to make the golden artifact, he had to stop them from given. Because they have so much of an egyptian goal and the tabernacle was made out of the goal of Egypt You didn't hear that the tabernacle was made out of the goal of the egyptians here is where we first begin to understand that the wealth of the unjust is up. For the just say it again. The tabernacle was made out of the gold of the egyptians godhead, an economic system, to start the first kingdom. Now all he had to do was setup by laws. Ten commandments.
Judgments and ceremonial watson's cleansing, and they begin to understand that they were not just a family that they came out of egypt, admiration, okay, so now in the new testament. This is Again, we have been called out of targets we have been called out of, since we have been called into the marvelous light, but the difference. Moses has gone. and left the reins in the hands of the disciples, and so Like us, they have a kingdom to set up a no go. so it seemed to them that now is a good time to set up the system. This. I call it a good moment whereby they
it is a moment when it doesn't look like god did everything he was supposed to do, and you have to come up with a backup plan to cover, for god, because you've gone so long without a baby that maybe he's been for my nurse to have the baby as a hager moment I I'm trying to cover forgot, so they come up with take a moment of an idea and then we're going to make this work and we're going to do this thing, because we've got to have some kind of economy and they're still struggling to understand because they're trying to build something that they don't even really know what they're doing. It was about Jesus plan that you would take All you have move Of your individual wealth and uniqueness and turn them all over to the church,
his plan. His plan was sixty first, the kingdom of god in all his righteousness, and all these things shall bring come on. Go with me, edit added somebody to add it to you. So god, if you see the face, it's not that I'm not going to bless you. I just want you to know. I want you to express that. I have a priority. What you seek me, I'm going to seek your vision. If you have the right, what I'm going out on the right, what you're doing, if you got my back, I've got your back. If you try to blast me I'll, try on a few legitimate face, but only beer,
It's just the feeling is not an enemy is kind of like the shadow of death is a difference between fighting the shadow of death inviting death because nobody ever got killed by shadow, and nobody ever got stomped by fear. Unless you let it the art of being a winner, a warrior a champion, an entrepreneur, a successful business person is to feel the thief and do it anyway happy new year, everybody. Why don't you make this? The year? You launch your business. My new book is, for you saw addresses the prep power and planning for those who seek to soar in life in business and church leadership. I want to help you turn your dreams into reality. So pick up a copy of sword today and start your new year off right as they took part, they took part they took apart
And they had apart, this, if we. Can do this, For part of us. And not all of us It can be partially. Goodbye godchildren cos, you can't give got part. And expect all most people have never fully thrown them sales. Anything. The slag ball in their life. In politics, hidden at it. Than the devil.
Two half of your heart have for your commitment. Half of your focus you can't to sit. The people who gave hope you understand you It occurs to me that the peter.
While trying to discover what later Paul will pick up on and talk about, the hidden mysteries of god, they will eventually figure out that the kingdom is not meat and drink, but his joy and peace in the holy ghost and the kingdom that Jesus is talking about is not the kingdom of this world. But that is a progressive revelation that was hidden at that time later. The apostle Paul would combine begin to say behold, I show you a mystery. The whole actual mystery, therefore the mystery of godliness. You start talking about five different things that are mysteries, that the early church didn't understand until the apostle Paul unveiled so they're, seeing through a glass darkly and are trying to figure out god kind of like us. When god shows you something, but it also do everything like he pays you to go somewhere, but he doesn't say where to go, or he says when you get there, I'm going to show you what to do and you've got to kind of profanity kind of feel in it and you've got because that's what god is trying to increase your faith. If he explained it, it wouldn't require faith or faith. Don't let you see everything for you, what not by sight but by faith that will put your faith situation. So you don't see everything yet you've got to show you've got to throw everything at something.
You only see partially. Are you all in whose on the keyboard, some I get on the keyboard? Just just go to plan some four million large church, it just rifts classical so unity in this place. I can play the piano, but I can't play like that. And the only reason, I was thinking.
Every single measure, more that's my fingers- are probably better suited for the keyboard them here that, but then we already me, would you an advantage when it comes to playing the piano. Only reason I can't play watch him
is it at all, and I met a man me. My lot even more gifted me, but definitely is that he's more committed than me, because, while I was a fool he was sitting at the keyboard, dormice may raise your not when it is london. Driven above is like that you're not enough, but it is only because you picked on yourself, you're gonna pay. I'm almost you get anything out of this drama gimme. Some! the
the way you could play, but he gave himself to the drums. The drums gave itself back to him what the bible says give and it shall be given back to your dad, a fresh style second run at all. Whatever you give yourself to that will give back to the You can just after levison medicine this after you, if you have not given yourself to medicine medicine, would have given that career to you. equally physician,
I dunno I've always got to straighten out everything, but have a bootleg this and I get paid like a bootleg for this. They just say thank you. This page, on the whole mother level,. Paid a lot more for her medical advice, and I do for man. I read her harvests with Investment, the talking about god, is not fair, is fair. That's what the problem is. You can't get to congregate with the committed, while you are taking part. You give pointing us after your marriage emerging as part of this afternoon, Putting yourself to the kids, the kids
Upon themselves to you, you're, putting yourself to your ministry, the ministry will give part of itself to you, The matter is, have you ever been all in? Have you ever been talent, heart, sweat, energy, All in all, have you always given part. Your harvest looks like you're seed, baby. The bible says, if you so sparingly, use will reap sparingly. If you saw bountifully. You sure about this. Are you want tangles cause tables? Are the same. Of animals and so far I want the title, but
what the work gimme, your ministry, don't gimme your misery. Jimmy his strategy? Don't give me your struggle. Analyze and so far, everything you could have been will die. If you're, not only everything, you could have been wonder who they could have been. They are only in the scriptures to us as a warning. They give us more revelation bigger. No consecration big, no contribution to our. Article understanding of god, except they warn us of what happens when you were not all Dennis
That is the reality, that is the problem. They hear what they should have given. They save some for themselves. Some people have never all of them sales to imitate not. Your own relationship, you also back in case you get. I love you, but I'm only well, maybe a little bit. colombo save some for me. In fact, for cement. Today they keep all for him. and everybody else comes after you, Selfish.
And is wrong. As you are selfish, you will never Be success You will never be successful because they considered self their future die. Because- and this is what peter tells them, wasn't it worse before. Wasn't yours when you sold it is you got to take your pass? Moreover, the trolls huge when It's a big brother said that our role. I stripped from my what she did. The best almost did a part will somersaults. Whenever I, in a fight, I don't fight data me from my legs,
so I've tried it from my storefront church in france. You don't know who you're the lonely like that you'll know we like and don't let this stuff fool you all the all this increased. Don't let him fool you strip, down thoughts related to their laughs, about a holiday, the whatever it takes to get this miracle, whatever it takes to be free, whatever it takes to be all whatever it takes to my desk today, somebody about the fact that hill got nervous. Would you fit. That theme is beginning to tremble when you said that all your haloes had to fall back on, because whenever you're, all in your latter day, will always be greater than your former day whenever you're all you're acting like Js have got all the qualities that the god so many pounds. We want bad. The mobile app allows without giving god our full commitment. We can't have all of god, while only giving him pieces of ourselves. We will
I challenge you to make up your mind. Why now to be all in whatever god is calling you to do it with all you ve got what every Is calling you from stop it leave it alone, whatever. Takes, make a radical commitment to god and watch. Bad respond with radical grace and radical blessings. Speaking of radical commitment, We want to take a moment and think our global partners system members, because of you, our partnership lives are being changed. All around the world? If you have not done so already, we love you too partner with us as well simply takes the letter, gps
it's the number two eight nine five zero or visit our website td J partners, dot org. We can't wait to connect with you. God is bigger than any mess you can make. He is in the second chance business. The fact that the judge made that that is when you get to the ministry of any size, you will receive bishop jakes restorative three message said: god of second chances on cd will always require the legit adult class, and when your gift is one hundred dollars or more, you will receive god of second chances on three cds, the restored collection, full of bishop jakes, uplifting messages and supportive restored promise guards that the restoration is yours. Take hold of your second chance today, Jesus Donald, that it will bring you to another level in your church and your ministry. You will have gone as far as your goal of what you're doing right now. Something has got to shift. It was life changing. I came there looking for something from god and I found it when you've got two different visits. You have that vision. All disappointment is controlled by expectations. What I have learned in a year, I can take back to my church something the average federal tax credit for a shift. This is a place where leaders get reloaded rejuvenated refocus. You are so inspirational make plans to take your leadership to the next level by registering at pastors and leaders, dot org. We can't wait to see what god has in store for you in twenty eighty.
Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the potter's debt. through the whole year pour out other people. I use this to come back and you just get one explain you get many experts to learn what they want to teach us how to do it. Just absolutely incredible. I really feel like I've thought about every type of leader had sent him away, make plans to take your leadership to the next level by registering pastors and leaders dock work. We can't wait to see what god has in store for you in twenty eighteen,
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