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Believing Matters Part 1

2023-04-16 | 🔗
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the leaving. Is our all take away. The guy he's not make it pass, is not pregnant tabs and came by. It is not singing that requires not preaching the word not intellectualism. Believing is our only way to go. The enemy comes with gifts. What you believe and watching know about god, because say that knows it is with the man that we serve them. So, if that's how sin entered into the world through an etiology, an idea idea becomes against what god, then, in order to pigs, what fix what I've seen the world we have to go from ITALY to be leaving your fate has to be built on some of the solid rock the. What you see see that believing is pivotal point of what the eu, as a christian as a believer as a person of fate as a child with a key, and so, if there's anything that the enemy was to attack, he wants to attack what you really now intellectual is extremely important. Research should.
Never be discounted. You wanna be a smart ass. You can be learnt all you can read all you can develop all you can evolve. All you can that's very important. Believing is our only way the god mounted actually I've been leaving is our only is only is not It is not present. it's okay. It's not sing in inquiries about preacher. The word believing is only take away the guy in the first place in the book of genesis starts with I The original sin in Israel I believe at the root of the forbidden fruit is unbelief.
That does not believe have gods questioning what god says is an attempt to tear down the belief system that was constructed that allow them. They had the guard so that, even with other products, physically move them out of the garden, he tries to move them away. What they believe. If we move away from what they believe been, will automatically moved about the guard. I don't know what I'm saying. So he comes against what you know about god, prime, oh, you should eat either, because if you eat you gonna be just, my blood, you would know, as god now he's questioning girls. Integrity, like god, is trying to stop him from doing something, because god is intimidated by you. What arrogance, what utter arrogance, what others Maybe
if he is tackling, he is attacking not their bodies. He is attacking their belief system. The enemy is not your body he's Your belief system, now you might think tat your body, but all we are talking your body to break down, your belief system, so how soon entered into the world through an ideology idea they come. guess what god said been in order to pit what how system in the world we have to go from I believe, to be leaving so princess. So simple, but don't we- Be a wavering man, he could still
very so that the present, whether their bright or not bright, with the school of didn't go to school, like some of the leg, so it doesn't make you a different, whether their three or three hundred god, it's fixed it, but we all must become like children and have childlike dared to believe him while knowing is important and learning, is important and growing is important. You don't want me to your own understanding. You you, you, don't want to lean on what you know, because what you know it's always involving comments about. for simple very when I went to school Peter was the nice planet, this rather than one planet at all. It was just because they know more knowledge is always changing ideas. Always changing. Your belief system has to be built,
I think and something this table and something that's prove it had something this true and something that should trust in your belief system has to be built. Oh god not church not done in a nascent. What I'm saying creatures. telly not tele knots, alter express to make a difference. People make gods out all kinds of stuff they make gods out of their children. You make gods. Out of all of these, things will shake. All of these. Things will crumble, but your hope has to be built on nothing less than Jesus cries gives rights, nor was he is about yours, but he is not yours, but he is not man, but he is not a bombers, but he is right. not your grandfather's, but he is right in europe.
It has to be built on some. That solid adds a rock so that you become a big baptism. If it is presbyterian church of god, Christ, church of god prophecy, church of god, got it going on in Jesus' name incorporate above whatever you might call yourself. If you ain't nothing else at the very minimum, you must be what they first called us a believer What about you, son of a believer. If I am a believer, what does a believer do Labour been williams, so it has to start with. Believes that you can come up here. To accept cries Slain in the flame of other people burst into tears, and some people get goose principles. So big feel nothing at all. It is not any emotion you're looking for it is a change to your belief, system, debate, It is all a repentance with many tears and found. Not this is not about emotions, you can turn
and the tear faucet and move god. If you're between people that could just cry wheel and anytime, they wanted attention, they start crying gossip, I'm not gonna, be psyched out cause you crack, I'm not looking at how you cry. I've looked at how you believe is also a repentance with many tears and found it not the reason he couldn't find it. He was seeking change through his emotions and repentance is to change your mind. Told you change your mind, so you can change your emotions all day long. But if you don't change, no matter how many of you have a handsome, I promise you. I will never do it. No more I'm never go. Do is double zero biblical good about it. Really we're broke budget bearded again. They they headed bosses. They might even felt both emotions, but they didn't chaise. There.
The costs will be and is designed to give you a new belief system. in which you build your life around, not just your habits, not just going to church on sunday, but you build your life around. You make your diseases around it. You make your choices, the rabbit you get married around it. I decide what I'm going to do, what I'm going to be based on that belief system. That's sovereign, absolute belief system. The bahamas. You have london as sovereign, even though they were Worried about mouse wheel, water way of law in the bahamas if they were drowned, the left in london. They were driving on the left in the bahamas because they were given Maybe there are sovereign, the wheel the blood and be done in the bahamas. Now we be dog on earth
As it is, and so with Heaven becomes sovereign, you want to imitate. What's going on in Heaven in your life, I want you to believe him. Tag where they want your believe. I believe him is to embrace god's integrity. my integrity. Abraham became we're. Gonna talk about more about him and emitted by Abraham became the friend of because they believe, god he believe guards integrity. do you believe gods, integrity, godsend,
It's not a bad that I should allow the summer bad that astrid rupert has not spoken. I shall not perform it. How about not said it should not make it good. This is god's word is not contemporary. Etiology is not about embracing. The culture is not about the latest prayer. They have going on it's about embracing what god has done and believing that his integrity is absolute. I think Jesus perform more miracles. That he'd be messages. Is did the miracles that you buy billy. The miracle mean anything to god. It was the mechanism to get you to believe. Oh yeah you're. What lesson? let us, for example, was a sick gene wait. I have met him. Why?
Jesus raise leather from the dead in John chapter eleven. When he knows that, no matter How many times raises lead from the dead letters is still go. No one would lose your word and stop or from tagging freely The fact that the problem from vienna hungry again We a miracle so that you might know you're here what I'm saying so that you might believe so wait? Let's ladders let's buried them shows up at the house when they even chicken Even waves with them cry. as is shown, we weren't you laden down now. Does knows, but rather to be absolutely the body is to be present
the lord Jesus. It's not fair because level bad dreams using levers. Death as an Illustrated he learned, Jesus had been worried about levels that he didn't. go raise him up. He could have spoken, word only laughed and what a bit risen from the dead man was set up. I merely gold rises from the bed. Now knows that man die even marian barber. Do they would fear, but given the resurrection, so Did he let levers tat he left, live or came and woke lazarus up gotta go This happened in the governance. I don't have to eleven but pagoda goswell saint John chapter,
Well, all his promise happen that eleven, the crime, the land The tool mary run, Al Hartmann at Jesus, thereby freaking out the families going crazy? Jesus rose, stowed away, lands raises from the dead now in John chapter twelve, as has been raised from the big he sitting at the peace with Jesus here comes the unbelievers around I will say that John toil, worse man. Meanwhile, a large crowd of Jews, found out that Jesus was bare kay only because, not only because of him, but all to see lazarus whom he had raised. Probably did our good, so the cheap, he's my plans to kill labourers as well lazarus. What's the problem,
Of many of the jewels were going over to Jesus. So let the whole purpose of love we're about the only purpose but one of them, is a raising levels from the bed was that they might believe the purpose of the miracle it's not the miracle if he gives you bread, you're going to get hungry again. If he keeps you alive, you are going to die again if he heals your body is not going to stop death. All of this is just so that you might be le so? I sat up a believer of the word: worship, maize, worth worship. We we think of worship. We always think it raises. I have a copy of the late prostrated floor. That's an aspect of worship, but is rooted in the lead. The word that means worth ship How much you work for me
norma, offering all put together by him to my bank. Account could really fully express how much you worth but I refuse to turn my back only opportunity, like fear that thing in my life like yours, a worry about life. everything I guess who gave it took about. This must stop my breath my energy strength, activity above limbs, my fitness, my heart really. Well, I'm sleep he supply at all about leaves what shall I up unto the lord for all of its benefits toward me, if I'm john fourteen put a pretty bad
Let's go. You have heard how I see it up for you go away and come again to you. If he loves me, ye would rejoice because I see it go onto the father, for my father is greater than that and now I have told you before I come to pass Whether it is called the pass, my belief, I'm telling you before it happens. It's it I've given you proposition so that when the prophecy come surpass, your faith will be
is that you might believe he said the only reason I'm telling you what's going to happen before it happens, so that when it happens and I get up from the dead and I rise again, that your faith might be strengthened, that we might believe not so you can dance not so you can beat your tambourine not so you can start acquire lots. Are you going to sell to your makeup grips on your faith? No god says what I want from you above everything else is believed that at dancing and praising him and beat tambourines a knife, but if it doesn't lead you to believe you might as well drop your tannery on the floor where the faith fight win, a fight fight were in a parade, fight, we're in a great fight right back, we're in afraid fight and what you believe matter, not how you feel about how you hurt not how your emotions are not what you'd like to hear, not what you'd like to blab about. What's like the libya, what matters most is what you believe. I believe god, I believe his word, I believe what he said. I believe that he's able, I believe that he loves me. I believe that he knows what's best for me and if I heard that I heard know that, if you allowed me to hurt, it must go work for my good. Therefore, we glory in tribulation, tribulation, worketh, patience, patience, experience and experience, hope and hope make this a lotta say. Look at somebody say believing matters
Hebrews eleven one to six tells us again now. Faith is confidence in what we hope for an assurance about what we do not see. Women. Let's go back to that faith. Is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about. What we do I don't pay for what I can see at be faithful pay for what I can do. The faith when I don't have any other evidence. Is the bible, servant, kingly phrases and substance of things are poor the evidence of things not see it is evident. What is your habit is admissible in court? I believe I believe,
believe it. This is what the ancients work commended for bad faith. We understand that the universe was formed at gods coming so that what is c was thought made out of what is feasible so what you're worried about is what is visible or gone back on most of what you pray about is what is visible. But what to stand. What may, what is visible is invisible. I saw it we will break the spirit you can very good in the flesh you know what I'm saying you see
I found a woman that was bowled over for eighteen years and could not lift up herself and he did not heal or he just gave her a new belief system. He said woman, thou art ruched from that a permanently at the moment she heard that she was news. She immediately changed her behavior at stripe, know what you think about yourself has got you bowed over. What you've got going on in your head has got your trip, but the moment you get, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. I don't know who I'm talking to the day, but somebody's going to get a break breakthrough. I don't care what you see. What do I care what you believe in your heart? of what their elbows work amid the boy, not that bad, only by play valuable brought a belarus the bomb bay. He was committed as righteous with god
well of his offerings about by able steel speaks, even though he is dead he does about by praising was taken from this life so that not experienced that he could not be? because god had taken away for before he was tat. He was committed as one please got everybody knew what to please god. If we want to please god makes a boy's books about type. I don't know I want to please god I want to please god I want to please god be with you. I want to please god Oh please, god I want to please god I want to please god I want to please god the
I love that song said take it out of me. He is not pleasing to you. Lord take it out of me. I want to please god I haven't always, please god. I have disappointed him. I have let it down, but I want to please god you have to have the desire to please god he that hunger thirst after righteous his job. He feel not. He that is righteous. He that hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be pure. You have to want it. How many people water, please go hebrews. Eleven six says without faith. It is a. It is a.
It is impossible to please god without faith. I don't care what you give. I don't care, how talented you are. I don't care how you could breach. I don't care, how of your church, how don't care, how big the check is? You're right, the bible says. Oh my god, I better quit appeals about album sales over the other. Both apple said without pay. Impossible, please god, because anyone who comes figure must Bryn that rewards those who sleep. from your heart seek him sick. I tell you, I think you are, life to see him the must go.
pursuit of god. I haven't such fully his top above his way above my way, but I came to see you freak. I fly every sobered, gibbered knock at the door will be opened on the other. The gods. Sequels live the. I see the crowd seekers see the state secrets, see the money seekers, but are there any god seekers left the church today? I can't find god seekers people that live out on the face of what is new
you have to earnestly seek after him? Can I go a little bit further now? All of is my setup. I don't even know whether to gone through the somebody just south. I the more we start talking about. This Now these being pushed out of the role it beer, the start of your mind, is being pushed out of your spirit is big pushed out of your behavior. I believe said again let the people to believe papa The roads,
when we saw it, we might believe that god has been working overtime, trying to get back together. God wants to get your belief system together. That was the ghetto that Australia was to get you away from shaolin. That said, being upset the ticket to our covenant church getting drug deal with. Why was it gets up to the plate that it ought to be the the how about it operates? Where do you want the role played by the wallpaper rule? Would you cover the hospital pray about a common? Will you got me? They ve got a problem, but leave contribution that
What's that mean the bears haven't heard that it is a hot bath? What god has in store for me, but it has been revealed to be his spirit, the spirit not only convicts me. The spirit convinces me. this created me what's this for me what's possible have you received relieve you padlock and see what you know
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