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2019-09-15 | 🔗
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Coming up on the matters, If you push all your enemies away, you push your destiny away because every day, but needs a goliath, the bridge to your destiny is,
I didn't come through your enemy, if you're up for god's will to love because of your degree, but because are after his heart, your heart is toward god. He will make your the headline past record jake's comment, and this is the potter's touch this month. My father has been teaching a theories called the pacemaker. This third instalments begins with at chapter retain, as you will learn today. In order to get to your destiny, you need a bridge check it out.
I don't believe that David was out there. Here she said You now have a business out here. I should be k evaded. they. They think knowledge who I am. They need to recognise that it was not self promotion, it was not suffering grand dies, but he had no idea. That is just
It was going to be what it ended up being I could be honest. I would have been shocked to know that I would end up here. I didn't plan to be here. I didn't expect to be here. I didn't feel like I deserve to be here. I would would low, but a rock and a rhythm rock, at a rid of a rock rhythm. I'm telling you this because some of the things you thought were going to happen in your life or not, but a habit in your life, because it was witchcraft with your life trying to control the outcome of your life and some of the things that you'd never expected to receive it. All of your life, god has in store for you. Let me get down cause. I gotta prove it. I you're trying to listen to me. I will break it all down. God said your eyes have not see your ears have not heard neither have entered into the heart of man, the things that god has in store for you. So it's not what you conjured up is not what you try to make happen is not why you try to manipulate people and trying to get your daughter to marry. My son and your son are buried my door. Stop the witchcraft get out the way have to see your ears. That heard neither to your heart the things that god has in store for them. That love him is just going to happen because you're, the son of jesse, because your number one providence because you're the son of jesse, I didn't just start working on this when you got here as your great great grandmother, naomi to moab,
I design all me to lose her son for her to lose her son, both of them. And her husband so that bitterness she would give up on mobile air and move back it's bethlehem and her great, daughter in law would follow her home or but didn't go because she what men, the plane, oh preach breach of EU produce. Did you get it so quick? You understand that all that lets you could,
stay the oldest. This could lead the because god doesn't just start setting when you start prayer book for you, I have any, what is going on Oh god, where we had no idea that she was being blessed she was very broken. grieving world, give a hard at the better her spirit was a part of a greater thing they got. good for her to be heard. He meant for her to give up a boy he meant for her to move out of her house. He meant for her to feel dejected, rejected a goal he meant for all
but let's say I'm not going with you. He meant for roof to fall. So in love with her that she couldn't Lieber ever said that god should be my god that people should be by people without dwellers. I will dwell aware about diet. Soda. That kind of love doesn't just happen. It's a setup. Oh god, it's about the strategy, let's as well. This is a crime to but Cain solicit: you are the son of jesse. I've been just, this would do this? It began with you this.
did before you got here. This started before your grandmother met your grandfather. God was getting you ready for what's about to happen in your life. Do you understand what I'm saying it didn't just start with you number two. He says I found a man that is, after my heart that she handed over I found a man that is after my heart now there has been a lot of confusion about this scripture because people say how could David be after god's hard, because David has some issues, I mean I'm not trying to castigate him or run his name down, but David has some issues and and and and church people don't understand. Is that everybody who's who?
I ever met. Who was greatly gifted or greatly annoying. It was also greatly conflicted. The people don't take stuff like that, because that don't sound good, but that's how it is the greatly conflict is never a straight line. In writing longbows about character development. They teach you to never write a character. That's all good are all bad, because it's not a reflection of reality. Good people have bad issues bet you have I dont understand she could stay with. Him is good, the there are good people and bad people are just people, the people, the people that just people are just people with god, where the gods is a proud man. After my own heart people freak out, because the man that he without results are ended up sleep. It was you
That is why the murder was because all the hard slip was you rise. While the man was after gloves, all hard kill. You right, Furthermore, we have murdered and adjust. religious ears, to hear that big love somebody's. So last. but I dont know why bernajoux years because I love you know so I don't know why you need to believe in the greek people why you got grace for your situated ways for the standard. Just confuses me, stop Belinda, god gob searched about who
after tomorrow that, besides the text, does it mean that David is a pattern of god's hard. First of all, it implies us that David, his guts rhythm, he got a big like man, he's passionate like me, found layer who is, after my heart, his choice of my heart, a man whose rightly poetry
and singing me songs on a mountaintop. I've found a man who's dating me and then slowly heal the bay, but will be up in the hills and about to bow on my goal of your lord blair saw the gossip, though he's after me he's chasing me. He's wooing me he's flirting with me the sweet stuff to be found, a man who is after my heart, I'm going to make him king because he praises me. He won't stop lesson monday. He won't stop lifting me up. He won't stop giving me the glory of the bad who is after my heart. That's why you don't want to be a stiff neck brother who won't open his mouth or his praise, the lord, because, if you're after god's heart, he will vote for you because of your degree, but because you're after his heart, the the guy says he will do.
Whatever I want him to do the chosen because they won't fight me a chosen, because you won't find me a chosen because yellow begged me chosen because we will submit to me. He will do whatever I want him to do. I can send him anywhere. I can do anything in his life. I chose him because he's pliable in my hands. I chose him because he's clay and the potter he's the clay average shape him. I can break him? He will do whatever. I want him to do
I tell ya I'll. Do the call me to preach? I told him I said lord. You can find people that are more able, but you will find nobody more willing. The I told him that forty years ago, as an unwilling, I'm just willing, I'm not I'm willing, I don't know why you want me, but I'm willing to qualify but I'm really positive view give you. If you give me your able I'll give you my willing, it is better to be stubborn. You must opportunities to be stubborn? You get past overbear stubborn. Why she got Russell with you figure
do some that she will just go there. You become I hate or, of course, he's doin what you could have done, but through a tooth covered, you are strong woman. No, you was a stupid woman. You missed an opportunity to step into your destiny, so tat there is not a blessing, sometimes is not unless we set out by David king because the old baby, the collaboration with the palace symphony orchestra, the parish house proudly gives the gift of a musical night of compassion. I wanna personally about you, two walls. Your way to the potter's house
with dallas. On Friday september, the twenty four special celebration, R and b singer anthony hamilton, is confirmed to join the musical extravaganza literally still free I'd, get my phone out right now and go the bit bright for rsvps in response to kids. What do you think we should get your mom from or what about breakfast in bed? How about another suggestion that flowers and chocolate one the she wants to cruise give mom what she really wants to bring the whole game on the faith and family cruise november. Ninth to the sixteenth, the four I'm because he's got. Jesus is
legacy when this is what I want you to get. When I move David from the shameful to the palace move Jesus, C c Jesus is day was great, great, great, great great great grandchildren. And even though Jesus was born in a barn, his destiny wasn't to be sheep. They that move from the sheep feel into the palace, so that with, Please said I of the sort of David it would
Have a lawyer ring to it? He made the whole family to the throne, just started down dynasty voyage. David had never met. You know me now. I want you to see this, you, you cannot bridge where you are into where you're supposed to be without finding your battle, Your battle is your bridge. In one day attended. The right parties would wasn't edna wright, business cars, it wouldn't anyone. a brioni suit that he couldn't pay. Fortunately, look like some anyone. What got him promote? It was his battle.
Your battle is your bridge. The. It's not your freeze bless your haters Israel's bliss. Why was David? Go I have created a platform for it backwards. Got ready to rebuild David he's, Galileo. goliath is ever me: the babe, it's best, we have been waiting.
some big enough to try some bad enough to fight some jab fight in front of everybody visit the secret battle this of a public. Why? This is a fight that everybody is talking about? Everybody could see you laugh, they would have never been talking about David for what for goliar before the day was over. Everybody was talk about David because of goliath. God will use your enemies that's true! if you put all your enemies away, you personally This debate away because every day but needs to go out of the room, to your destiny is going to come. Through your enemy.
You know you're ready for the next stage when the of come goliath is usher to the next. You find your goliath, you're gonna, step in to your kingdom. and here comes down to the battlefield within added. Where did equipment? He didn't have everything he needs because goliath, Does. All David here was a rock needed a sword. He didn't have a sword.
Saul, tried to give him a sword. He wouldn't Saul sword, he ran down, there would not be but a rock What do you even know what them up it was about to get started? You might not have enough money to pay at all. You gotta be a little bit crazy to kiss the rhythm and got to get it is paid to what I had in this building. To what I had this building it. Wouldn't enough. No banks will give us more money. when I have a few million That would have been a we dug out the foundation. Everything really,
banks that we're talking to a said no I pass it, everyone told got. I worry about it Ro ro right but listen, I don't need the building. I don't have a fucking. I believe that building, so you won't have to pay for it. If you don't pay for it, I'm going to turn it into a swimming pool, the I'm not going to worry about it. The battle the laws to god do what I do want to do. What I heard. I got on the phone and I start call in some four. The man it pleases and they I call on the president of the banks,
the same goliar. The thing I could make the money now they all fight over who's gonna give me the money, so I was able to real freebies building. I remember what does whether by eighty three million dollar bill with somebody else's money you go. Somebody else's saw to go with. You don't realize baby knocked down with the rock but he cut his head with his sword. He could go lives at all goliath sore view, though your rock you can finish it.
with your aramis, saw the one absurd to represent the love is holding your sword start run from it start run a problem. You gonna kill your enemy with his own sore. Ok, can I go nobody vertical? men. That's point I want to show you is theocracy: trumps, democracy, the accuracy, trumps, democracy, Nobody believed them David. Nobody supported David, nobody voted for David. Nobody. Suspected that he was the one
need everybody's consensus to underwrite your next move. Stop calling me everybody to get them all your sad to do. What you're trying to do, the accuracy always trumps democracy God says you can do it. You can do it a goldfish, you can have it, you can have it. If god says you can build it, you can build it. It god says you can make it you can make it. It doesn't matter what your mama said. What aunt Chris said, what uncle richie said? What bricet? What this is, what your neighbor said, you don't need. Democracy did they are pursuing. God, before you he's more than the world heads the only person who believed that David was gone, Stop running around trying to get people to believe you,
You fighting the wrong battle. You don't need to convince them that you able this is between you and god now want you to get this, because this is important, the soul. Didn't believe in it the key. I believe in it. His brothers did believe him Father baby molecular so strong, sorry for yourself and say said my father liked me that my mother was subordinated for webmasters to do a gd attributes of a shut up the excuse. They have nothing to do with it. I can't tell you How many people got successful with mastery bombers?
I can't tell you how many people that successful with drunk berries, I think how many people was abused or molested had still became king get rid of your excuse. That is not the problem. You don't need democracy, you know you don't need everything lad and up in order for you to win the people in this room. That succeeded, though they were eight it
Every person who has succeeded in some areas of your life, though you worth aided college boy, rights of these people are testimonies, odds can be agreed, but if you feel that way, you will be received this way from the loi today. Sometimes when you are being crushed by life, it's happening because of what She did wrong it's because of what You are doing right, the bible causing pruning it's a process. God uses to prepare his people to do greater things for
if you were destined to make a minimal impact, he wouldn't need to do it, but the guy has in store, for you is so he asked the cut some stuff off of you first. So key praying and believing in that dream and induce season. God will bring it to fruition. I'd like to quickly thing Ah, my global partners is the members. Big you're, giving people here at home and all over the world are being evangelizing receiving a thick gps, change lives. If you would like to be I'm a gps member connect with that's just takes the letters ps than any amount to two eight five zero. Thank you and guidelines
the records designed to take a hard lot of rhythm and get it back in rhythm, again get your life back in rhythm. Today, with Bishop Jakes new pacemaker series, if you're up for god's heart or any give to the ministry, you will receive bridges to destiny on cd and romans, eight, twenty eight aren't. You gotta, see the hardship of understand that
that wouldn't be fighting. What about capitalists when you gift is ninety dollars or more? We will add the pacemaker series on cd and dvd. Whenever you play all the celtic symbols, you're giving praise to god. It was just an amazing time and I thank god for his glory, god, what your for your gift of one hundred and forty dollars or more will add the praying the sounds book and the hope and peace, monks and even canada. Products are only available in the m p, three and m p four format: the bishop
I love you- and I appreciate you for pouring into us and being that past made three or four people that's up as he has never even met. Thank you, re thinking about people like us why they were big or small and is having the desired teach us and make us better. Thank you for trusting god. Trusting gotta, pushing forward.
Feel free to reach out to us on social media and share your story of how god is impacting your life. We look forward to seeing you next time on the part of the the.
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